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Q Research General #5644: A beautiful brave new world lies ahead Edition

Q Research General #5644: A beautiful brave new world lies ahead Edition Anonymous ID: ea5308 2018-12-22 19:07:40Z No. 4426720

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Friday 12/21/18

>>4409412 ————————————–——– What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?

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Thursday 12/20/18

>>4401036 ————————————–——– History will not repeat itself this time

>>4400956 ————————————–——– Notice a pattern?

>>4393668 ————————————–——– ALICE & MAD HATTER. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4393450 ————————————–——– The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392683 rt >>4392645 -————————– Old news. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392646 ————————————–——– You have the keystone. ( Cap: >>4393888 )

>>4392356 ————————————–——– Completed this week.

>>4392305 ————————————–——– Anons know why.

>>4392219 ————————————–——– None left by choice.

Wednesday 12/19/18

>>4381420 ————————————–——– [D] Day, Patriots.

>>4381317 ————————————–——– Power returned to the people.

>>4381184 ————————————–——– Logical Thinking Always Wins.

>>4381127 ————————————–——– The Clock is Ticking.

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Thursday 12/13/18

>>4282164 ————————————–——– Stress test failed.

>>4282020 rt >>4281684 -————————– 'Guardians' of intelligence.

>>4281837 rt >>4281583 -————————– (3) detention centers being prepped.

>>4281568 rt >>4281479 -————————– No.

>>4281478 rt >>4281387 -————————– "Watch CA" was deliberate.

>>4281410 rt >>4281121 -————————– Senate to investigate 2019.

>>4281049 rt >>4280876 -————————– Gold shall destroy FED.

>>4280936 rt >>4280653 -————————– Only her beauty and love of country.

>>4280831 rt >>4280746 -————————– NSA ability to overreach hosts possible.

>>4280779 rt >>4280688 -————————– Separated by 2.

>>4280699 rt >>4280617 -————————– While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.

>>4280615 rt >>4280575 -————————– Added server(s)/bandwidth improved performance.

>>4280592 rt >>4280423 -————————– No.

>>4280554 rt >>4280453 -————————– Mission to harm NSA.

>>4280455 rt >>4280260 -————————– No.

>>4280331 rt >>4280236 -————————– 2020+ safeguarded.

>>4280247 rt >>4280228 -————————– Yes.

>>4280231 rt >>4280212 -————————– Our promise to 'counter'.

>>4280213 rt >>4280193 -————————– No.

>>4280202 rt >>4280192 -————————– Control.

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Wednesday 12.12.18

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>>4308334 List of meme-friendly news sites for spreading the truth.

>>4282761 Anon's recap of Q's 12/12 Q&A


>>4426051 Pedofriendly Bill Nye: CP ice cream cartoon

>>4426064 Q-9 Drone possibly gets backup

>>4426111, >>4426229 Emergency transponder code: Hijack

>>4426145 Study: Mass Deportations Deter MS-13 Gang Expansion in U.S.

>>4426192 Partial Government Shutdown Cliffs Notes

>>4426245 FBI criticizes GOP chairman for Christmas Eve document deadline

>>4426387 Priest Admits Urinating in Sacrificial Wine, Calls Himself 'Sick Puppy' During Child Porn Sentencing

>>4426403 Pediatric leukemia 'super drug' could be developed in the coming years

>>4426540 FBI pushes back at House Judiciary chairman over transcripts

>>4426603 Russian fighter jets land in Crimea amid Ukraine tensions

>>4426750 #5643


>>4425281 Clinton Team Accuses Alan Dershowitz of being a pedo

>>4425291 Trump Is Considering Firing Fed Chair Powell

>>4425300 Video: Heavy clashes ongoing between #GiletsJaunes protesters and police in Paris

>>4425343 Two more indicted in alleged cocaine smuggling by 7th Special Forces Group soldier

>>4425379 'Bloodletting': young Liberal powerbroker steps down after derogatory texts

>>4425393 ISIS beheading image was sent to victim's MOTHER

>>4425403 DJT Border Security lunch

>>4425408 Hedge fund Latimer Light says it is shutting down

>>4425484 British Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen discovered possible pedophile ring while taping comedy series

>>4425346, >>4425424 Brett McGurk quits, worked at CFR, news outlets = talking head

>>4425635 Happenings Calendar Update

>>4425809 In the event of a government shutdown, NORAD will still Track Santa

>>4425282, >>4425637, >>4425918 eyes on Q-9 Drone

>>4425922, >>4425933 Fire destroys Haiti radio station, leaving its future uncertain

>>4426011 #5642


>>4424704 Plane departing Norfolk International grounded after nose gear problems

>>4424741 DOJ Contingency Plan For A Government Shutdown

>>4424784 Planefag: Q-9 Drone flying a bee-line along the border.

>>4424905 Florida man sentenced to 30 years for sex crimes against children

>>4424984 New DJ T.

>>4425052 High maintenance Michelle

>>4425124 The Fed and Jerome Powell Have Increased Annual US Debt by HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS

>>4425134, >>4425155 Trump Syria pullout quitter

>>4425147 How arrest of Chinese ‘princess’ exposes regime’s world domination plot

>>4425166 US carrier enters Persian Gulf for 1st time since Iran deal withdrawal

>>4425200 #5641


>>4423783 Dig on Sam Vinograd CNN

>>4423817 Supreme Court rejects Trump administration's Asylum Ban

>>4423818, >>4423835 MSM Wives

>>4423897 Human thoughts 'watchable on TV screens' says AI expert

>>4424116 U1 graphs

>>4424082 Odd flight

>>4424291 Justice Department Recovers Over $2.8 Billion from False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2018

>>4424324 Turkey says nearly 300,000 Syrians return home after military operations

>>4424353 US aircraft carrier arrives in Persian Gulf, shadowed by Iranian boats

>>4425130 #5640

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Anonymous ID: 4dd594 2018-12-22 19:16:54Z No. 4426810

Q team members??

Logical thinking.

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:17:05Z No. 4426816

Thank Q Baker

Anonymous ID: ea5308 2018-12-22 19:17:10Z No. 4426817

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:17:23Z No. 4426819


NOW: Raleigh, NC Target filled with holiday shoppers being evacuated due to bomb threat - WRAL

Anonymous ID: a70e02 2018-12-22 19:17:28Z No. 4426820


Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:17:42Z No. 4426821

Q wanted us to listen very closely to this video, that he has posted many times previously. I'm gonna re-post for the sake of workfag anons who may not have seen this.

The relevant crumb is this:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381317 📁

Dec 19 2018 18:19:27 (EST)📁

This is not another 4-year election….

Listen very carefully.

Power returned to the people.

Long term solutions.



Can repost any of the screenshots fullsize if anon requests.

Anonymous ID: 340ca7 2018-12-22 19:17:56Z No. 4426824

POTUS lunch today re: Money Laundering Threats from US Treasury Reports this wk

US Treasury released 4 reports on Terrorist Funding this week and POTUS tweeted…

"We are negotiating with the Democrats on desperately needed Border Security (Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking & more) but it could be a long stay. "


"Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking and more" are all of the THREATS in the Money Laundering Risk Assessment that US Treasury just released!

Anonymous ID: 0eb387 2018-12-22 19:17:59Z No. 4426825


Anonymous ID: 166905 2018-12-22 19:18:09Z No. 4426826



WOW. such a shame to shit two breads in a row. Something's fishy!

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:18:11Z No. 4426827

Anonymous ID: e69cc9 2018-12-22 19:18:12Z No. 4426828


Nice work baker. I've got a couple breads in me if you want a break.


Anonymous ID: 490407 2018-12-22 19:18:20Z No. 4426829



Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:18:21Z No. 4426830


Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:18:28Z No. 4426831


part 2

Anonymous ID: 0881bc 2018-12-22 19:18:48Z No. 4426832

TY Baker

Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:18:56Z No. 4426833



if you need any help just let me know

thanks for baking, baker

Anonymous ID: 8290f0 2018-12-22 19:19:05Z No. 4426834


Someone got fucked off because the toaster they wanted was sold out

Anonymous ID: c46985 2018-12-22 19:19:11Z No. 4426835

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:19:15Z No. 4426836



part 3


Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 19:19:17Z No. 4426837

Why are Democrats speaking on the floor of the senate? Each one who speaks reads from the same script almost word-for-word.

Anonymous ID: f11274 2018-12-22 19:19:22Z No. 4426838


No, or we would've hashed it out when it dropped.

What do these creatures have in common?

Could it be 41 - GHWB?

Anonymous ID: b0b931 2018-12-22 19:19:34Z No. 4426840


Says a guy who as fired.

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:20:08Z No. 4426841

US anti-ISIS coalition envoy quits amid apparent split in Trump admin over Syria pullout

Days after calling the idea of the defeat of Islamic State in Syria “reckless,” Brett McGurk, the American envoy to the US-led coalition, has resigned. AP says he did so in protest of Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria.

The resignation, which is reportedly effective as of December 31, comes in wake of the high-profile quitting of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, also highly critical of the Syria pullout. While the idea is not laid out in the open, the general’s resignation letter contains hints that he wasn’t satisfied with the supposed lack of respect to US’ allies, of which he notably mentions NATO and the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) coalition. The ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was also left unhappy with the not-tough-enough stance the Trump administration has on China and Russia.

McGurk has been the special presidential envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition since 2015, becoming one of the few Obama appointees to stay in office under Trump. He has openly supported a prolonged and indefinite stay of the US military in Syria. Last week, he stated that “it would be reckless if we were just to say, ‘Well, the physical caliphate is defeated, so we can just leave now.’”“I think anyone who’s looked at a conflict like this would agree with that,” he added.

Before Trump’s abrupt decision, McGurk was reportedly considering leaving his post in February. The recent developments, however, apparently forced him to do so immediately.

The news coincided with a fresh tweet from Trump – who previously boasted that “we have defeated ISIS in Syria.” He wrote that the terrorist group is “largely” defeated, and that other countries, such as Turkey, “should be able to easily take care of whatever remains.”

Addressing the criticism, Trump added that the US troops were originally “going to be there [in Syria] for three months.”

While Trump had already voiced his intent to withdraw US troops from the country, the actual announcement has caused an apparent split in his administration. The move was bemoaned by war hungry media and officials, who slammed it as a “gift” to Russia and Iran and an “Obama-like mistake.”

Anonymous ID: 84a462 2018-12-22 19:20:08Z No. 4426842


Goes to show Comey thinks treason is ethical

Anonymous ID: f2ae36 2018-12-22 19:20:11Z No. 4426843

From LA to Kalispell Mt and back,… on a weekend before holidays… during a .gov shutdown…in an unmarked aircraft.. "flying above 40,000 ft…?

Anonymous ID: e564ce 2018-12-22 19:20:15Z No. 4426844


>>4426792 lb

Little advice new Baker, don’t post this until almost the end. Faggots think this green lights them to start posting there without filling current bread.

Doing a great job, thank you for stepping up.

Anonymous ID: ca94f6 2018-12-22 19:20:16Z No. 4426845

Well said

Anonymous ID: 9ee2ed 2018-12-22 19:20:17Z No. 4426846

Saudi kings brother passes away

The 87-year-old prince was a brother of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia. He was also the father of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:20:27Z No. 4426847

>>4426798 lb

at present yes. Things will change rather quickly.

VP going to lock it all down.


Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:20:32Z No. 4426848


they were all there 'round the beginning of the GEOTUSency?

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:20:36Z No. 4426849


ThanQ for doing this, anon.


Anonymous ID: 68a73d 2018-12-22 19:20:41Z No. 4426850

>>4426807 (lb)

Top kek :D

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:20:52Z No. 4426851


The "pattern" is qualified personnel are tired of not being consulted w/ regard to decisions pertaining to their office.

Love how POTUS looks out for us, but the guy is an idiot.

Proof that ANY ASSHOLE with a few million can get even richer.

Anonymous ID: d697eb 2018-12-22 19:20:52Z No. 4426852

>A beautiful brave new world lies ahead

Anonymous ID: 798581 2018-12-22 19:21:02Z No. 4426854


Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption

Anonymous ID: 8c1ba4 2018-12-22 19:21:07Z No. 4426855


Ty Baker for your work!

Anonymous ID: fd64b3 2018-12-22 19:21:07Z No. 4426856

Reposting from last bread

>>4426634 lb

Millennium Papers 2

by J. Gary Lawrence

Link to pdf and pics related.

I’ve been using this pdf of a speech in the UK as a red pill for Agenda 21 (Local Agenda 21) for over a decade.

Where is J. Gary Lawrence today?

Check Tony Blair’s Quote from 1997 -

Anonymous ID: 80c6e6 2018-12-22 19:21:12Z No. 4426857

>>4426815. Lb

Of course they are. My point is that they are not the only ones. I don't see the point of laying it all at their feet.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 19:21:13Z No. 4426858


Anonymous ID: f11274 2018-12-22 19:21:17Z No. 4426859


Was thinking about this and the earlier bread where there was discussion as to the WALL not really being a wall.


Schumer and China?

The Senate and China?

Are these discussions about China?

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:21:19Z No. 4426860


Does it go without saying that

All Breadshitting Rules Have Been Temporarily Suspended


Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:21:24Z No. 4426861


Doubtful. It would be incredibly risky to have any 'public' spotlight on actual Q members.

Closest I can see someone in public being Q is general dunford, and we know from Q+ that POTUS nominally is not part of the [less than 10].

Whoever they are, I hope they remain anonymous forever.

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:21:28Z No. 4426862


what's on the other side of flat earth?

Anonymous ID: 2be56f 2018-12-22 19:21:35Z No. 4426863

Israel is empowered by camping out in the consciousness of the world.

Focus/attention = energy = POWER. How many times have you heard/read/thought/spoke/typed "israel" daily? In a lifetime?

It is also phonetically anchoring "IS REAL" in your consciousness, further reinforcing ILLUSIONS/SPELLS like dominion, 'money', religion, etc…

The power of focused intent is the MOST powerful DEW there is. Raw power = human life force energy.

Why not stop saying/thinking "IS REAL"?

Anonymous ID: 772e86 2018-12-22 19:21:36Z No. 4426865

Shot around the World? Double meanings? Holy crap. DOW top on 10/3. POTUS text alert 10/3.

Anonymous ID: 4e6fb0 2018-12-22 19:21:37Z No. 4426864


more like "establishment" globalists used to having their way don't know how to handle a real POTUS with 2 balls and a spine.

Anonymous ID: d01a20 2018-12-22 19:21:42Z No. 4426866

Since U1 is going to be addressed soon, NRC transfer receipt for UF6 to be moved from Honeywell. For anons who don't have it.

Anonymous ID: 1163b9 2018-12-22 19:21:48Z No. 4426867

Anonymous ID: 6026b6 2018-12-22 19:22:03Z No. 4426868–finance.html

Elon Musk's SpaceX scrapped Saturday's launch of a long-delayed navigation satellite for the U.S. military due to strong upper level winds.

The next launch attempt will be on Sunday at 8:51 a.m. EST/ 13:51 UTC, according to Space X officials.

The launch, SpaceX's fourth attempt in a week after technical and weather delays, would have been the rocket firm's first national security space mission for the United States. Musk's rocket company has spent years trying to break into the lucrative market for military space launches long-dominated by Lockheed and Boeing Co .

SpaceX sued the U.S. Air Force in 2014 in protest over the military's award of a multibillion-dollar, non-compete contract for 36 rocket launches to United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Boeing and Lockheed. It dropped the lawsuit in 2015 after the Air Force agreed to open up competition.

The next year, SpaceX won an $83 million Air Force contract to launch the GPS III satellite, which will have a lifespan of 15 years.

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:22:03Z No. 4426869

UN fn

Anonymous ID: cf22c0 2018-12-22 19:22:09Z No. 4426870



Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 19:22:14Z No. 4426871


>Kalispell Mt

a lot of notable people from this town of 20,000. which one is it? brad bird?

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:22:17Z No. 4426872


>what's on the other side of flat earth?


Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:22:17Z No. 4426873


Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:22:25Z No. 4426875



(((msm))) shill is obvious.

Anonymous ID: d697eb 2018-12-22 19:22:39Z No. 4426876


We can only guess. The govt wont tell us yet.

Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:22:41Z No. 4426877


Nope (and I posted after the dough)

it shouldn't be too hard to have some self control and patience to wait for the baker to finish

but then again, it seems like it is for some

Anonymous ID: 2be56f 2018-12-22 19:22:45Z No. 4426878



Anonymous ID: 811689 2018-12-22 19:22:52Z No. 4426879

David Wilcock Predicts A Beautiful Brave New World Lies Ahead in 2019

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:22:53Z No. 4426880

>>4426846 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's father dies


Anonymous ID: f11274 2018-12-22 19:22:55Z No. 4426881


Well there it is.

Anonymous ID: 590ad4 2018-12-22 19:23:16Z No. 4426882

>>4426688 (lb)

> US companies announced over $400bn in

stock buybacks

Is this faggot implying stock buybacks are Trump's fault? Buybacks historically have

been a sign of a strong company

Buybacks were a big part of Obama's fake

recovery. Large companies were getting

interest free loans from the Fed to buy back

their stock which increased the value of

the stock (which they personally owned).

Shitthead's tweet makes no sense. I'm

guessing the faggot has no clue how markets work

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 19:23:21Z No. 4426883

>>4426110 LB

I just finished a movie and have enlightenment to how we were all lulled into this idea of gentiles being gullible and gay and stupid. Joos portray gentiles in Hollywood the way they want us to believe we all are.

Brady Bunch was a wholesome tv show. Betty Thomas made it into a stupid overtly sexual , suggestively lesbian stupid movie many years later.

Shameful that she turned our favorite kids into a a lampoon of gentiles directed by a person who does not share her past.

Betty Neinhauser Thomas was a 6'1" comedian who broke barriers in gross joking. Her enthicity is off the records, her marriage, children. She hid them online. I suspect she is joooooos.

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:23:33Z No. 4426884


Pic Related


Not gonna cut it.

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:23:36Z No. 4426885


Here we go. Correct on all accounts.


one less sandnigger in the world.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:23:44Z No. 4426886



Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:23:48Z No. 4426887


YW. To me, the most salient part was Trump's direct accusation against the Clintons.

She should be locked up

"They will do whatever is necessary. The Clintons are criminals; remember that. This is well documented."

And talking about the establishment that protects them, widespread criminal activity at the State Department and Clinton Foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power.

Hillary and Clinton Foundation never sued Trump for defamation. Meaning the allegations are true and cannot be defended.

Anons knew that from before the election, of course.

But the general public should also know it now.

It can be pointed out to normies.

Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:23:48Z No. 4426888



shut up dumbass, go slide some other board with your fake and gay nonsense

Anonymous ID: 56f1d2 2018-12-22 19:23:54Z No. 4426889


Thank you baker!

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:23:59Z No. 4426890

Missouri - Pedophile Given 265 Years For Brutally Molesting 1-year-old Boy

Those people walking among us who are capable of harming innocent children are the lowest of the low and when it comes to punishing them they are often among those to receive the highest penalties, even higher than many murderers. That is the reality that a 28-year-old man from Kansas City has found himself in after he was caught sexually abusing an infant and making child pornography of the abuse.

Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel White confirmed that 28-year-old Jayson Newlun was charged with multiple felonies stemming from the sexual abuse and production of child pornography. By the time police arrived at the residence where he was caught abusing an infant, the child's father had already used force to restrain him.

Newlun finally pleaded guilty on September 6 of this year to three counts of statutory sodomy and seven counts of sexual exploitation of a minor for making child pornography of the assaults. The judge threw the book at Newlun slamming him with life in prison for each of the sodomy counts and 25 years in prison for each of the sexual exploitation counts to be run consecutively.

Prosecuting Attorney Daniel While also explained that a life sentence is generally considered to be 30 years making the total sentence handed down by the judge 265 years in prison. Prosecutors pained a picture of the heinous sexual abuse that Newlun committed which occurred during a visit to the baby's parents' house on June 30, 2017.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:24:01Z No. 4426891


Where's the dough don't see it?

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:24:02Z No. 4426892


There is an EO that enables Nuremberg style military tribunals as of Jan 1st 2019.

The Judges are a team of 5.

Imo these 4 + maybe Flynn or McMaster or….

Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:24:10Z No. 4426893


You guys seemed scared last bread too. All of you kikes are done.

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 19:24:15Z No. 4426894


Anonymous ID: 70b837 2018-12-22 19:24:18Z No. 4426895


He’s trying to save his ass, or he was asked to resign. He wasn’t replaced when Trump took office so as not to alert the McCain-Isis establishment. I’m sure they inserted new staffers however to grab intel. They have him on treason most definitely. He resigned to get his things in order.

Don't feed the trolls.... Anonymous ID: 791627 2018-12-22 19:24:22Z No. 4426896

Reply to post in previous bread… >>4426787 don't bother arguing with the idiot. He's a typical Mason hating shill, a brand of division-shill sent here to disrupt the room and divide anons who are Masons from those who are not. I am a Mason, and I am also a Trump supporter, and a U. S. Navy Vietnam vet who takes his obligation to "uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States" very seriously. I have learned to ignore this kind of ignorance, and concentrate on working to defend our constitutional republic.

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:24:29Z No. 4426897


stfu, we have the WW on our side

keep trying to set us up ur fucked

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:24:34Z No. 4426898


'The Others'

As above, So below.

Anonymous ID: b89401 2018-12-22 19:24:42Z No. 4426899

what's the latest on the she squak 7500 posted on last bread?

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:24:42Z No. 4426900


(((you))) fucking wish jew KEK

Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:24:58Z No. 4426901


see: >>4426817

just wasn't any "Dough:" in it


I think that is the definition of projection

Anonymous ID: 290cfc 2018-12-22 19:25:05Z No. 4426902


TRUTH 💣💣💣💣

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:25:11Z No. 4426903


And how do they not fall off?

Anonymous ID: a3eff4 2018-12-22 19:25:13Z No. 4426904


What's with his face? Why do all these people have goblin-like features? He's like..bulging..

Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:25:15Z No. 4426905


go back to reddit

Anonymous ID: 490407 2018-12-22 19:25:16Z No. 4426906


Our movement is about replacing

A failed and corrupt political establishment

With a new government controlled by you, the American people.

The Washington establishment

And the financial and media corporations that fund it,

Exist for only one reason,

To protect and enrich itself.

The establishment has trillions of dollars

At stake in this election.

For those who control

The levers of power in Washington

And for the global special interests,

They partner with these people who don’t have your good in mind.

Our campaign represents a true existential threat

Like they haven’t seen before.

This is not simply another 4 year election;

This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization

That will determine whether or not,

We the people reclaim control over our government.

The political establishment that is trying to stop us,

Is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals,

Massive illegal immigration,

And economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.

The political establishment has brought about

The destruction of our factories

And our jobs

As they flee to Mexico, China

And other countries all around the world.

It’s a global power structure

That is responsible for the economic decisions

That have robbed our working class,

Stripped our country of its wealth,

And put that money into the pockets

Of a handful of large corporations and political entities.

This is a struggle for the survival of our nation

And this will be our last chance to save it.

This election will determine whether we are free nation

Or whether we have only the illusion of democracy,

But are in fact controlled by a small handful

Of globalist special interests rigging the system,

And our system is rigged. This is reality;

You know it, they know it, I know it,

And pretty much the whole world knows it.

The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure.

We’ve seen this first hand in the Wikileaks documents,

In which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks

To plot the destruction of US sovereignty

In order to enrich these global financial powers,

Her special interest friends, and her donors.

Honestly, she should be locked up.

The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons

Is the corporate media; the press.

Let’s be clear on one thing- the corporate media in our country

Is no longer involved in journalism.

They’re a political special interest,

No different than any lobbyist or other financial entity,

With a total political agenda,

And the agenda is not for you, it’s for themselves.

Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist.

A racist. A xenophobe. They will lie, lie, lie,

And then again, they will do worse than that.

They will do whatever is necessary.

The Clintons are criminals, remember that.

This is well-documented.

And the establishment that protects them

Has engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity

At the state department and the Clinton Foundation

In order to keep the Clintons in power.

They knew they would throw every lie they could at me

And my family and my loved ones.

They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me.

Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you.

I take them for our movement,

So that we could have our country back.

I knew this day would arrive;

It was only a question of when.

And I knew the American people would rise above it

And vote for the future they deserve.

The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you.

The only force strong enough to save our country is us.

The only people brave enough

To vote out this corrupt establishment is you,

The American people.

Our great civilization has come upon a moment of reckoning.

I didn’t need to do this folks, believe me.

I built a great company and I had a wonderful life.

I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits

Of years of successful business deals and businesses

For myself and my family instead of going through

This absolute horror show of lies, deceptions,

Malicious attacks; who would have thought.

I’m doing it because this country has given me so much,

And I feel, so strongly, that it’s my turn to give back

To the country that I love.

I’m doing this for the people and for the Movement,

And we will take back this country for you,

And we will Make America Great Again.

Anonymous ID: 70b837 2018-12-22 19:25:18Z No. 4426907


Is that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!?!?

Anonymous ID: 34b277 2018-12-22 19:25:20Z No. 4426908



Anonymous ID: f2ae36 2018-12-22 19:25:21Z No. 4426909


The Governor?

Anonymous ID: 7800c9 2018-12-22 19:25:21Z No. 4426910


lol, do they hang upside down?!?!? Hahahaha

Anonymous ID: 22e431 2018-12-22 19:25:32Z No. 4426911

>>4426804 pb

>>4426813 pb

Heres some more pics, and the meme Pic i made and put in a beaded patriotic frame.

I added Trumps name, 45th, etc and then the Q American flag, The presidential seal and JFK'S WWG1WGA bell.

I should take updated pics, since i've added more ornaments to the tree's.

I also made a Be Best teddy bear, with plaid scarf that matches the cape Melania wore when the WH Christmas tree arrived.

Anonymous ID: ea2144 2018-12-22 19:25:35Z No. 4426912

Dershowitz responds

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:25:40Z No. 4426913

Naval officer death in Bahrain … related?


Anonymous ID: c9760c 2018-12-22 19:25:41Z No. 4426914


Amen to that, I'm thankful for Q team and POTUS, not sure if any actual good would come from exposing the team members, besides putting bullseyes on the backs of patriots.

Anonymous ID: 31cbe9 2018-12-22 19:25:45Z No. 4426915


Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister on the decline in oil prices.

The collapse in oil prices, now hovering around $45 per barrel in the U.S., is terrifying, according to former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister.

“It’s getting to a scary point,” he said during an interview on FOX Business’ Varney & Co Opens a New Window. . “If we get below $40 we’ll see rapid stopping of drilling because the companies simply can’t afford it.”

The drop in oil is also a warning sign for the global economy. Viable prices, according to Hofmeister, range from $50 to $60 a barrel. . . . prices sunk to a 17-month low on Friday, down about 24 percent this year . . .

Anonymous ID: 12bfe7 2018-12-22 19:25:46Z No. 4426916

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:25:50Z No. 4426917


Vereran, American, Father.

I have my own mind, and even though Q leads sheep, I follow because there is INFO here.

Moar info here than ANY MSM outlet.

I dig this movement, I dig POTUS, but the guy is a total IDIOT.

"MOAR flies with honey than vinegar"

Anonymous ID: 811689 2018-12-22 19:25:58Z No. 4426918


it would be a propeller accelerating the earth at 9.8m/s^2 so that you experience gravity.

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:26:04Z No. 4426919

Memes: military oath to defend constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:26:05Z No. 4426920


For posterity: "Because you'd be in JAIL."


Love our POTUS.

Anonymous ID: 45970e 2018-12-22 19:26:07Z No. 4426921


Anonymous ID: 951c1c 2018-12-22 19:26:08Z No. 4426922


something about his dad and agent orange. he was born without some teeth.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:26:11Z No. 4426923

Re-made with added Q post

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 19:26:15Z No. 4426924


Cheked on FE tard.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:26:15Z No. 4426925


I see it now

That's what fucked up Muh Evelyn Wood

Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 19:26:16Z No. 4426926



Anonymous ID: ea2144 2018-12-22 19:26:29Z No. 4426927

We are reaching end game, folks.

Anonymous ID: 70b837 2018-12-22 19:26:34Z No. 4426928


And there’s another movie about orphan kids in cages. Holy shit, they’ve been telling a for ages.

Anonymous ID: cf22c0 2018-12-22 19:26:45Z No. 4426929


Happening! kek!

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:26:49Z No. 4426930


Go Back.

The numbers are thinning.

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:26:50Z No. 4426931





>can't stereotype for shit

try harder, (((son))). We can pick out frauds since we are so used to seeing useful idiot posts KEK

Anonymous ID: 77cc9e 2018-12-22 19:27:22Z No. 4426932


Thank you.

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:27:25Z No. 4426933

Even moar flies with horseshit. Bazinga.


Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:27:37Z No. 4426934


Who knows.. As soon as I see someone post their stupid kike bs, all I think is "well, I guess an anon posted something sensitive again".. and wait for non-copypasta sauce for whatever's coming next.

Pattern's been the same for a while now.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 19:27:39Z No. 4426935


No one is laying it at their feet, certainly not their fault

There is a problem of subversion, first step is to identify the problem

No one wants to identify the problem.

South Park lays it out perfectly with the Jonas Brothers and Mickey Mouse

Anonymous ID: 4e6fb0 2018-12-22 19:27:40Z No. 4426936


why not another time…oh right Christmas. Anti Christian lefty perchance?

Anonymous ID: fdddcf 2018-12-22 19:27:42Z No. 4426937

Franklin had a lock on liberal failings.

Anonymous ID: 80c6e6 2018-12-22 19:27:47Z No. 4426938


Newfag, we don't lol. We kek.

Please learn our comms.

Anonymous ID: 32f9b0 2018-12-22 19:27:47Z No. 4426939


Patriots protect patriots.

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 19:27:48Z No. 4426940


Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 19:27:48Z No. 4426941


Anonymous ID: 45970e 2018-12-22 19:27:49Z No. 4426942


Do people seriously have these types of arguments on TWITTER these days?

Anonymous ID: 1b66aa 2018-12-22 19:27:50Z No. 4426943

The Devil lives through the Tongue

and the mind. who can learn the skills to deceive?

anybody can craft this skill by its practice.

politics in a nut shell.

Schumer is one of the best.

Anonymous ID: fa4463 2018-12-22 19:28:01Z No. 4426944

In 1981, Trumbull points out, $15 million was a lot of money to a movie studio. “I had to get this movie made against the will of the studio,” he says. “I was hated at the studio. I had deprived them of their $15 million and MGM tried to get Richard Yuricich, my cinematographer, to sign legal documents. Hello, what’s that about it? We didn’t sign them. When this document came for me, if I signed it, MGM would be the heir to an insurance claim on my life, which would have made it impossible to finish the film, maybe. And I say, well, um. My lawyer’s calling me saying don’t get on the plane that MGM just booked for you. So I’m worried about my life. I’m standing between them and their coveted $15 million insurance claim. I’m totally the bad guy. I was a basket case.”

Anonymous ID: d697eb 2018-12-22 19:28:05Z No. 4426945


Anonymous ID: 68a73d 2018-12-22 19:28:09Z No. 4426946


Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous ID: 70b837 2018-12-22 19:28:16Z No. 4426947


We’re at war.

Anonymous ID: 7800c9 2018-12-22 19:28:28Z No. 4426948


Not new

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:28:29Z No. 4426950

>>4426906 Thank you, anon!

>>4426919 More Memes: military oath to defend constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:28:30Z No. 4426949

(Reuters) - U.S. National Parks will be left with just a skeleton staff during the federal government shutdown, and several states are using their own funds to make sure public restrooms get cleaned and visitor centers stay open.

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:28:34Z No. 4426951



Dead or GITMO'd?

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:28:38Z No. 4426952


Weeeeee aaaaaall liiiiive in a Flat Earth Submarine….

Moving through the Firmament, I imagine?

What's the resistance that "The Waters" or whatever (if the firmament's the glass part of God's SeaLab Dome)?

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:28:43Z No. 4426953


That is not going to be rec'd very well…


Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 19:28:46Z No. 4426954


It means missions accomplished asshead.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:28:48Z No. 4426955







According to the criminal complaint filed in this case, Douglas started making threats online on August 23, 2018, using the alias LiamXmaiLRevolutionX. The criminal complaint alleges that Douglas posted a series of tweets that included language such as, “I would kill the 100 YouTube employees,” “you want a bigger mass casualty aka shooting let’s see what I can do,” and “return my channel you low life Sholes before someone else comes and shoots more of your employees.” On September 17, 2018, LiamXmaiLRevolutionX posted a message to @SusanWojcicki: “Susan I'm coming for you today #pray.” Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube.

Anonymous ID: a3eff4 2018-12-22 19:28:52Z No. 4426956


The TGA board had ~4,000 viewers average online after like a month of being created, overtook the main conspiracy board in 2. And theeeen it got the ban hammer as expected.

Anonymous ID: 340ca7 2018-12-22 19:28:53Z No. 4426957


POTUS tweet…

"We are negotiating with the Democrats on desperately needed Border Security (Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking & more) but it could be a long stay. "

it could be a long stay

it could be a long stay

it could be a long stay

it could be a long stay


I've linked this tweet to the US Treasury Reports released this week on Terrorist Financing…

it could be a long stay…… could be legal ease for a motion to stay a court case

Last Friday 12/14/18 recall that the entire 5th Floor of the Federal DC court was cleared for a top secret court case…. only known as In Re: Subpoena 18-3071

That case this weak had a sealed motion and a sealed decision came out yesterday….theory based on the normal legal framework says it was a request for rehearing that was denied so next step?

Go to SCOTUS and they could be asking for a stay in the case.

The case has been very


The case could easily be involved in terrorist financing since the issue seems to be over an entity owned by ("Country A").



Anonymous ID: f1bded 2018-12-22 19:29:03Z No. 4426958


Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:29:08Z No. 4426959


You're so creative, anon!

I love it. Hope our POTUS sees these pics.


Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:29:17Z No. 4426960


it was a sneaky dough post

but even when a baker is experiencing lag, it's nice to wait for them to finish baking

it's just a courtesy though, you clearly don't have to, it's just nice to


they're comped liberal scientists, and you're an irrelevant FEfaggot

both are true

Anonymous ID: 811689 2018-12-22 19:29:24Z No. 4426961


i feel like this conversation has happened before….

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:29:25Z No. 4426962


Notable seconded

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:29:34Z No. 4426963


>being this obvious

juden, your time has run its course. We will kill you, your shill team, etc whenever we want.

Take that to your 'bosses' LOL

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:29:37Z No. 4426964

>>4426950 MOAR memes: military oath to defend constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.

Anonymous ID: 771ac9 2018-12-22 19:29:38Z No. 4426965

McConnel: No vote until POTUS & Dems reach an agreement

Anonymous ID: 1e0df7 2018-12-22 19:29:46Z No. 4426966


Must be cheese. Like the moon.

Anonymous ID: c37351 2018-12-22 19:29:50Z No. 4426967


That one and the one from last year are truly spectacular! I salute you!

Anonymous ID: bb612c 2018-12-22 19:29:54Z No. 4426968




Enjoy the show anons

Anonymous ID: 264abe 2018-12-22 19:29:57Z No. 4426969


Anonymous ID: ddbf8c 2018-12-22 19:30:00Z No. 4426970

"Smart Fence" funded in 2006. And it was a profound success?

Loopholes in immigration law provide for entitlement to "rights" by getting your foot on US soil. Physical barrier is required to prevent this, plain and simple, or fix immigration laws (Sure, congress would actually do something for the tax-payers interest).

Might have made notables late yesterday, not sure.

Anonymous ID: a3eff4 2018-12-22 19:30:01Z No. 4426971


The only thing that Obama, Alex Jones, and shills all agree on!

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:30:05Z No. 4426972

Greece: Massive increase of attacks on Christian symbols and Orthodox churches

Each year there are more attacks on churches, chapels, atypical places of religious worship, religious monuments, synagogues and even cemeteries, Greek newspaper Eleftheros Typos reports.

Specifically, according to the Greek Aggressional Secretariat of Religions, last year the attacks on religious buildings (includes vandalism, burglaries, thefts, sacrifices, fires, etc.) rose by 159 per cent, while the primary target appears to be the Orthodox Church.

A significant increase is also seen in the number of attacks to several religious communities, with four of them registered in 2016, whilst last year that number was eight.

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2017 a total of 556 incidents were recorded against place of religious worship, 536 of those attacks made in Christian places.

In particular, according to the relevant report of the General Secretariat of Religions, 525 cases against the Orthodox Church (94 per cent of the total incidents), many of which bear religious intolerance causing intense reflection within the Greek Church.

“Evidence shows that the primary target of the attacks in our homeland is the Orthodox Church. This fact can not be overlooked. We owe the State and the Church to seek ways of cooperation so that this profane reality that affects our history and identity is eliminated,” says Secretary General of Religions, Giorgos Kalantzis.

Greece has experienced an unprecedented wave of migrants from the Middle East, of which several are ISIS members and completely intolerable against people or symbols of other beliefs.

At the same time the leftish government seems unable (or unwilling) to to deal effectively with the Anarchist criminality in Greece, which is responsible for most of the attacks on Orthodox churches.

Anonymous ID: 8fdc87 2018-12-22 19:30:06Z No. 4426973


None of them were Q team members IMO. They were all great men, in Particular Adm. Rodgers who of them all is probably the Father of Q team.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:30:13Z No. 4426974



Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:30:14Z No. 4426975


Merry Christmas to you, as well.

I think all convicted traitors deserve long prison sentences, if they don't get the needle.

Including Jews if they've broken these laws.

Good day.

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:30:28Z No. 4426976


Anonymous ID: 6026b6 2018-12-22 19:30:48Z No. 4426977


That father had more restraint than I would have had.

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:31:15Z No. 4426978


FBI is tracking (((your))) ass 24/7….as long as they get off their asses and actually work.

It's US vs (((you))), jew.

ID: fad71f 2018-12-22 19:31:20Z No. 4426979



28 out before Jan 3rd?

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 19:31:21Z No. 4426980


More masonic lies and pilpul of course

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:31:28Z No. 4426981


whatever you say.

This guy was supposed to come to my door in June…..


Anonymous ID: ddbf8c 2018-12-22 19:31:33Z No. 4426982


Unfortunately, McConnel is as inspiring as a leader as milk toast is mouthwatering sitting on a plate.

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:31:33Z No. 4426983

>>4426964 even MOAR memes: military oath to defend constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:31:41Z No. 4426984


Get fucked kid. You wouldn't know a clown if you saw one fucking your mom. But maybe that's because EVERYONE is fucking your mom.

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:31:46Z No. 4426985



B: I notice a propulsion system moving foward, so it's artificial gravity.

C: But that's seriously one of the coolest "Spaceship Earth" concepts I've seen in a hot minute.

D: Totally stealing that.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:31:49Z No. 4426986


>don't have to, it's just nice to

Very important rule

Gives the timid an easy target for shitpost practice

Missed the good ole days of the Parrot (sniff)

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:31:56Z No. 4426987

Putin Goads Anti-Brexiteers: ‘Someone Disliked the Result, so Repeat It over and over? Is this Democracy?’

Russian president Vladimir Putin goaded British anti-Brexiteers campaigning for a re-run of EU referendum at his annual press conference in Moscow, asking: “Is this democracy?”

The 66-year-old strongman’s marathon televised press conferences have taken on a carnival atmosphere as they have become something of a yearly tradition, with dozens of journalists in attendance, some wearing flamboyant outfits or carrying eye-catching signs to capture their host’s attention.

It was likely inevitable that he would make some statement on Brexit, having been fingered as the chief culprit behind the 2016 vote to Leave the European Union by conspiracy theorists such as Damian Collins, Ben Bradshaw, and Guardian/Observer journalist Carole “Codswallop” Cadwalladr, infamously described as a “mad cat woman” by BBC interrogator-in-chief Andrew Neil.

Some Remainers, such as neocon New Cold War author Edward Lucas, have even alluded to wild tales “floating round the shadowier corners of Whitehall” that Brexit campaign donations from businessman Arron Banks may have been provided by Putin in the form of precious stones, with the Leave.EU’s founder’s own diamond mines in South Africa and Lesotho being “clapped-out” front enterprises.

President Putin’s pronouncement on the anti-democratic nature of the anti-Brexiteers, when it came, seemed to be crafted with the intent of causing maximum aggravation, given his own less than permissive attitude to opposition politics.

“The referendum was held,” he stated bluntly. “What can [Prime Minister Theresa May] do? She has to fulfil the will of the people expressed in the referendum.”

Turning to the subject of the campaign for a so-called “People’s Vote”, which began life as a movement for a vote on the terms of Brexit but is now pushing openly for it to be overturned, he asked: “Was it not a referendum? Someone disliked the result, so repeat it over and over? Is this democracy? What then would be the point of the referendum in the first place and what is the sense of direct democracy?”

Naturally this incensed establishment Remainers such as former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, who spluttered that it was “an insult to the United Kingdom that he should be lecturing us our democratic process” in a lengthy Twitter thread.

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 19:31:59Z No. 4426988



Anonymous ID: db69d6 2018-12-22 19:32:01Z No. 4426989


Hope this dude gets shanked the first chance someone gets. Looks like the father did a number on him, but he deserves so much more.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:32:02Z No. 4426990


Baker, still think this is notable.

and (you) rolled a 23


Anonymous ID: 2be56f 2018-12-22 19:32:05Z No. 4426991


The 'muh joo' shills have no idea their actions are part of larger SORCERY cast upon the world.

Anonymous ID: ca94f6 2018-12-22 19:32:11Z No. 4426992


2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

Sec. 3. (a) Pursuant to section 5542 of the Military

Justice Act of 2016 (MJA), division E of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, Public Law 114-328, 130 Stat. 2000, 2967 (2016), except as otherwise provided by the MJA or this order, the MJA shall take effect on January 1, 2019.

Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012

National Defense Resources Preparedness

Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 19:32:15Z No. 4426993



Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:32:29Z No. 4426994

Significantly disappointed to find out the Nope button just removes picture files and blacklists them, I always thought it was inst-filter ID.

Anonymous ID: 6a5b24 2018-12-22 19:32:44Z No. 4426995

They never thought they'd be hunted.


This is MUCH BIGGER than even AUTISTS can imagine (MUCH BIGGER!).


What does FEAR look like?

What does PANIC look like?

What does CONTROL look like?

What does COORDINATION look like?

What does FAKE NEWS look like?




Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:32:46Z No. 4426996


Not a single (((threat))) from them was effective in deterring anons.

We remember when they said they killed [three] that was supposed to be Q team back in July…KEK

Anonymous ID: ea5308 2018-12-22 19:33:03Z No. 4426997


Yeah ik it was early got a bit stressed Id forget sth I was like fuuug right after

Trying to get a rythm so I guess I'll bake a few more then handoff

Thank you all backup masterbakers and anons



Anonymous ID: 45c1f1 2018-12-22 19:33:10Z No. 4426998

>>4426051 (lb)

I was to the point that I thought nothing would surprise me, but now…unbelievable.

Anonymous ID: f1bded 2018-12-22 19:33:16Z No. 4426999


Onedoes not flyon the Lolita Expressfor free ;)

Anonymous ID: 1e0df7 2018-12-22 19:33:29Z No. 4427000


Trust the Plan, yo.

Anonymous ID: 8fdc87 2018-12-22 19:33:54Z No. 4427001


Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:33:59Z No. 4427002


Like… written on little strips of flesh and placed into a top hat?



(fuck how it actually works, just roll with it)





Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 19:34:10Z No. 4427003


Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:34:14Z No. 4427004



Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:34:16Z No. 4427005


>kike with no experience in (((shilling)))

fucking kike conscript kiddies LOL

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:34:24Z No. 4427006

Concur and at it end soon. >>4426947

Anonymous ID: 4b9fef 2018-12-22 19:34:24Z No. 4427007

Save the Kids

(numbers have grown hugely I'm sure)

In prison, fellow inmates derisively call pedophiles "chesters," "tree jumpers" and "short eyes."

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 19:34:32Z No. 4427008


Anonymous ID: e1ecdc 2018-12-22 19:34:39Z No. 4427009

>>4426184 (lb)

>who's wall?

Vlad's wall

Anonymous ID: ca94f6 2018-12-22 19:34:53Z No. 4427010


was there any part of the Constitution he didn't malign?

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:34:55Z No. 4427011


<Trust the Plan, yo.

That's what sheep say before being slaughtered.

Don't think we're sheep?? Watch this shit show when Q posts.

Anonymous ID: 80c6e6 2018-12-22 19:34:56Z No. 4427012


Then you should know.

Anonymous ID: 68a73d 2018-12-22 19:34:59Z No. 4427013


By that logic, then we should all stop looking into any type of crime and subversion.

Saddest attempt at pilpul I ever seen, and I have seen A LOT :D

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:35:07Z No. 4427014



Anonymous ID: 9fea75 2018-12-22 19:35:09Z No. 4427015



Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:35:14Z No. 4427016

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:35:15Z No. 4427017

Real Deal Pissed Off Frenchies


Lets Burn Shit In Yellow Vests (wink wink)

Anonymous ID: 8fdc87 2018-12-22 19:35:44Z No. 4427018

Not Able

>>4426987 England gets schooled on Democracy by Putin

Anonymous ID: e1ecdc 2018-12-22 19:35:50Z No. 4427019


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:35:56Z No. 4427020

Q is about as much use as a shell to wipe your ass.

Anonymous ID: c35ea5 2018-12-22 19:35:56Z No. 4427021


Damn, you got that right!

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:35:59Z No. 4427022


Kek, I always forget to check my own digits

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:36:00Z No. 4427023


impaling and raping muzzies need to be legal.

There are those who only respond to violence, force, and threats/actions that include violation, destruction of their people, etc.

If it's us vs them, we need to understand that we are at war.

I hope Patriots are up to the task.

Ground level clean up in 2019.

Anonymous ID: 45c1f1 2018-12-22 19:36:02Z No. 4427024

The info must about to start coming hard and fast. Just the notables from last bread: WOW!!

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:36:16Z No. 4427025

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:36:17Z No. 4427026



Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:36:21Z No. 4427027

Anons: There ARE domestic enemies.

I know it, you know it, POTUS knows it, and /badguys/ also know they are domestic enemies.

Re_read the speech that will get Donald Trump elected >>4426906 and view the pictures.

>>4426821, >>4426831, >>4426836

I have a feeling that the military oath to defend our Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC will come into play soon. Might be a good idea to gather these memes.





because how do we explain this to our families, friends, loved ones, normies?

MOAR memes: military oath to defend constitution against all enemies, foreign & domestic.


Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 19:36:22Z No. 4427028



no problem, thanks for baking



you can't 'trust the plan' if you don't know it

if you don't know it, you're just 'believing or having faith in the plan'

Anonymous ID: 9fd96e 2018-12-22 19:36:26Z No. 4427029


At first glance he looks like he had a stroke.

Anonymous ID: 7800c9 2018-12-22 19:36:37Z No. 4427030


Look the very thought that the earth is flat is ludicrous, anyone who says it , Im gonna make fun of.

Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 19:36:39Z No. 4427031


Oh yea, BHO completely fukked the Constitution several times, moar than we can count. Hell, he bombed Syria every single day he was in office.

Was just making the connection that POTUS also accepted that glorified necklace and touched the orb, both he said he wouldn't do.

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:36:41Z No. 4427032


You are a stupid kid in an "adults" body.

My guess is you're one of them SOY BOY fags that get on TV every time there's a FF.

Get fucked you little bitch.

Anonymous ID: 363ded 2018-12-22 19:36:44Z No. 4427033


She may be the only woman I would ever punch in the teeth.

Anonymous ID: 7b0b2d 2018-12-22 19:36:53Z No. 4427034


Said the blind Anon to his deaf wife!

Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:36:57Z No. 4427035


some of the shills are here outside of their normal time slots also.

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 19:37:05Z No. 4427036


Evil is pissed!

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:37:07Z No. 4427037

Boom week? Oh yeah never happened

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:37:11Z No. 4427038


Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:37:12Z No. 4427039


Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:37:14Z No. 4427040



toldja i was stealing CLAMSHIP EARTH

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:37:20Z No. 4427041


Dafuq is that anyways

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 19:37:22Z No. 4427042





Who was the longest serving republican speaker of the house and only speaker to spend time in a federal prison?

Anonymous ID: feddd8 2018-12-22 19:37:35Z No. 4427043


Anonymous ID: 733ec4 2018-12-22 19:37:40Z No. 4427044


not code, just her stupid christmas presents.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:37:42Z No. 4427045


Anon, filter shills and move, your responses is what he's paid to collect.

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:37:49Z No. 4427046

Canadian Study Gives More Evidence Cancer Is A Lifestyle Disease Largely Caused By Food

Cancer is a terrible, unwanted illness that affects far too many of the world’s population today. One of the scariest things about this deadly foe, however, is that doctors today attest to having little idea about what causes cancer cases. We’ve assumed that sunlight is the culprit, but also medications and sunscreens. We’ve accused certain jobs, specific fumes, and lifestyle choices, but a recent Canadian study sheds more light on the subject, suggesting that cancer actually is a lifestyle disease that is hugely influenced by the foods we eat. (1)

Current Cancer Facts

However shockingly, it’s believed that the worldwide cancer rate is only going to rise in future years. Some have predicted that by 2020, 1 out of every 2 women and 1 out of every 3 men will be diagnosed at some point in their lives with some form of cancer. Cancer is so incredibly common already that it’s more likely for someone to contract cancer than to get married or have a baby. These types of statistics are insane, especially considering the millions of dollars worth of research being poured into science and study meant to help combat cancer and reduce the disease in the future. (1, 2, 3, 4)

To make matters even worse, it appears that the cancer industrial complex is negligent at warning patients that chemotherapy, a treatment often used to fight and kill cancer, is currently understood to make some cancers spread and worsen, making certain tumors even more aggressive than they were before treatment. The government and other regulatory agencies have been working hard to access safe, natural, or otherwise alternative cancer treatments since chemotherapy has revealed itself to be such a deadly treatment, but all the while doctors and mainstream media are giving off the impression that cancer’s root cause is an utter and total mystery. (1, 5)

Even though many doctors strongly attest to the elusiveness of cancer, claiming not to understand it or its cause, the reality is that a person can significantly reduce their risk of getting cancer if they simply make a few lifestyle changes. According to a study that was published in Canada, the total proportion of cancer rates attributed directly to general lifestyle and environmental factors is exceptionally high. Per the study, 41% of cancer cases are due to lifestyle decisions or the environment, meaning that 41% of cancer cases could possibly be eliminated. (1, 6)

Anonymous ID: df390d 2018-12-22 19:37:50Z No. 4427047



Anonymous ID: f10f78 2018-12-22 19:37:56Z No. 4427048


Or how about the one shill who kept posting about our doom using that one pic of Pennywise the Dancing Clown?

Chumps. The whole lot of them.

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:38:17Z No. 4427049


Shells work in the future.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:38:18Z No. 4427050


Hi Ebot

Anonymous ID: a0d422 2018-12-22 19:38:26Z No. 4427051




See if this is something that would benefit the bread. Your call.

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:38:30Z No. 4427052

muh jew shills on duty


Look here → joooos

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary&Hussein&Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

Hussein, moslem from kenya, cabal scum?

J Kushner, jew, fine guy working hard to destroy cabal?

Maybe not that easy as shills would like it to be?

Anonymous ID: 9fea75 2018-12-22 19:38:36Z No. 4427053

Anonymous ID: c35ea5 2018-12-22 19:38:50Z No. 4427054


>Moar info here than ANY MSM outlet.

Anonymous ID: 5770a5 2018-12-22 19:38:52Z No. 4427055

Trust the Plan… WWG1WGA QArmy God Bless America TicToc DeepStateInPanic


Anonymous ID: 340ca7 2018-12-22 19:38:55Z No. 4427056


>discussion as to the WALL not really being a wall.

I missed that discussion but agreed….everything seems to be in code right now

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:39:03Z No. 4427058


It's not ebot.

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:39:07Z No. 4427059


Seriously (((they))) are fucking stupid:

1 post support ip hop:


Fucking kikes.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:39:15Z No. 4427060


Anonymous ID: d93b6d 2018-12-22 19:39:17Z No. 4427061

It the time of the year when THIS THING (pic related) comes to our village in Germany again.. it is pretty unique to this village.

It is some kind shoo away evil spirits thing ..

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:39:20Z No. 4427062

Democrat Financier GEORGE SOROS Found Guilty in France for Insider Trading

It’s been quite a week for Democrat financier George Soros.

Earlier in the week The Financial Times of Great Britain named Soros their man of the year for funding open borders fanatics and anti-Western causes around the globe.

And, now this…

George Soros was found guilty this week of insider trading in France.

He will be fined $2.3 million for his crime.

The New York Times reported:

After a 14-year investigation, a French court today convicted the American financier George Soros of insider trading and fined him 2.2 million euros ($2.3 million), the amount prosecutors said he had profited from the trading. Mr. Soros, who was not present in the courtroom, called the verdict unfounded and said he would appeal.

Mr. Soros, chairman and president of Soros Fund Management, is one of the world’s richest fund managers, and probably its most famous. He is best known for making huge and very successful speculative bets in currency markets, and for his extensive philanthropy, most notably in countries of Eastern Europe.

Prosecutors accused Mr. Soros of buying stakes in four formerly state-owned companies in France, including one of the country’s leading banks, Société Générale, for his Quantum Endowment Fund in 1988 based on confidential information. The stakes were worth a total of about $50 million at the time.

Anonymous ID: d1c6d9 2018-12-22 19:39:21Z No. 4427063


Phony Ambassador Running Obama’s Anti-Islamic State Diplomacy

After scandal prevented confirmation, McGurk confirmed himself and took title anyway

BY: Adam Kredo

September 30, 2015 12:00 pm

The Obama administration official most likely in line to become the next U.S. envoy to the Coalition to Counter the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) has falsely presented himself as an official U.S. ambassador by the administration for the last five months, according to documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Brett McGurk, a deputy special presidential envoy to the Global Coalition who serves under General John Allen, was temporarily appointed by the administration as an ambassador on Oct. 18, 2014.

He was conferred this rank through a little-known legal loophole that allows the administration to bypass congressional confirmation of an individual for a period of no longer than six months. Ambassadors confirmed by the Senate have the title for life.

McGurk’s temporary ambassadorship, which cannot be extended under U.S. law, ended in April of this year. Yet McGurk has continued to use the honorific when defending the administration’s Syria policy on television and print media.

… There is more …

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 19:39:22Z No. 4427064


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:39:24Z No. 4427065



Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:39:27Z No. 4427066


you are the fire…it's out

Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 19:39:31Z No. 4427067


Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 19:39:35Z No. 4427068


Not sure if this is a Notable, but it is a good collection of Hive Mind.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:39:38Z No. 4427069



Anonymous ID: 3463f4 2018-12-22 19:39:54Z No. 4427070

[D] Day coming?

Anonymous ID: 3a5394 2018-12-22 19:40:03Z No. 4427071


>>4425634 (pb)

>AI = Beast


“Much suffering has always been man-made: history is the record of enslavement and exploitation. It tells of war, and of the pillage, famine, and pestilence which come in its wake. War between commonwealths and classes has so far been the main planned agency of man-made misery. Thus, man is the only animal whose evolution has been conditioned by adaptation on two fronts. If he did not succumb to the elements, he had to cope with use and abuse by others of his kind. He replaced instincts by character and culture, to be capable of this struggle on two frontiers. A third frontier of possible doom has been recognized since Homer; but common mortals were considered immune to its threat. Nemesis, the Greek name for the awe which loomed from this third direction, was the fate of a few heroes who had fallen prey to the envy of the gods. The common man grew up and perished in a struggle with Nature and neighbor. Only the élite would challenge the thresholds set by Nature for man.

Prometheus was not Everyman, but a deviant. Driven by Pleonexia, or radical greed, he trespassed the boundaries of the human condition. In hubris or measureless presumption, he brought fire from heaven, and thereby brought Nemesis on himself. He was put into irons on a Caucasian rock. A vulture preys at his innards, and heartlessly healing gods keep him alive by regrafting his liver each night. The encounter with Nemesis made the classical hero an immortal reminder of inescapable cosmic retaliation. He becomes a subject for epic tragedy, but certainly not a model for everyday aspiration. Now Nemesis has become endemic; it is the backlash of progress. Paradoxically, it has spread as far and as wide as the franchise, schooling, mechanical acceleration, and medical care. Everyman has fallen prey to the envy of the gods. If the species is to survive it can do so only by learning to cope in this third group.”

~Ivan Illich (1974)

Anonymous ID: 72e79b 2018-12-22 19:40:17Z No. 4427072

>>4426409 lb

Less govt, less problem. The problems of society are mostly govt-created. Sick from chemtrails and other toxins approved by the FDA? Have some Soeterocare.

The fed govt is institutionalized Hegelian Dialectic.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:40:19Z No. 4427073



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:40:35Z No. 4427074


Yep he fucked up big time again, but the Qtards defend him.

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 19:40:38Z No. 4427075


Even though he's nominally on our side, Dersh is one of (((them))).

Chances are, he diddled kiddies.

Thinks he can use pilpul and the courts to worm out of it.

I'm with Claude on this one.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:40:46Z No. 4427076

>>4427022 (22) lol

I try to watch them.. KeK speaks if you pay attention. Most assuredly!

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 19:40:48Z No. 4427077

Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:40:49Z No. 4427078


>you can't 'trust the plan' if you don't know it

>if you don't know it, you're just 'believing or having faith in the plan'


This is the difference between trusting in and believing in… everything.

Knowledge is power for this reason. Thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous ID: 3463f4 2018-12-22 19:40:54Z No. 4427079


Anonymous ID: b17446 2018-12-22 19:40:56Z No. 4427080


That toilet paper would make your ass dirtier after wiping.

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:40:57Z No. 4427081


POTUS will also be at Mar-a-lago for some days. Insulated…

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:41:03Z No. 4427082


"Honey, you take the youngin' and git on outta here. Go out to the country. There's a Storm a comin' and I won't need you two gittin' wrapped up in all that. Love you, too, sweetie."

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:41:07Z No. 4427083

Somebody grab him an adult diaper

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:41:10Z No. 4427084



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 7ae378 2018-12-22 19:41:24Z No. 4427085



Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:41:25Z No. 4427086


>The fed govt is institutionalized Hegelian Dialectic.

Tru dat, up until now.

What is this movement about?

A brave beautiful new world.

Anonymous ID: 40dcf0 2018-12-22 19:41:31Z No. 4427087


Here is a picture of all of the flags from August 2017. All branches of the military are present.

Many people have already mentioned that the military flags represent the fact that we are at war. While that is probably one meaning, it doesn't explain the use of 3 US flags and 3 presidential flags. Total of 10 flags.

Could these flags represent the Q Team?

POTUS + less than 10; only 3 non-military. Drops 60 and 1788.

Presidential flags = 3 non-military members (including POTUS)

Marine flag = 1 high level Marine member

Army flag = 1 high level Army member

Navy flag = 1 high level Navy member

Air Force flag = 1 high level Air Force member

US flags = 3 members of Military Intelligence (NSA, DoD, etc.), or lower level military members

"The director of the NSA is a military officer of flag rank (i.e., a general or an admiral) with a minimum of three stars."

First post.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:41:37Z No. 4427088


They insinuatin Divorce

Cat lady audience DGAF about D-Day

Anonymous ID: ab3c8b 2018-12-22 19:41:41Z No. 4427089


President Obama spied on Trump and James Comey as FBI Director did not resign in protest. Comey, just where are your principles ??? Maybe someone could tweet that to Comey. I don't have twitter.

Anonymous ID: e7ab35 2018-12-22 19:41:45Z No. 4427090


stinkeye at Pence intensifies

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:41:47Z No. 4427091


Trying to go around POTUS to the PLANT?

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:41:50Z No. 4427092


a pattern of nothing happening.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:41:51Z No. 4427093

I bet you are craveing donuts

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:41:58Z No. 4427094

"Think for yourself"

"Trust Yourself"

Yet MOST of you SHEEP (yeah I'm calling you sheep) spend the majority of your time finding "clues" in the time of, misspellings of, capital letters of POTUS' twats.


This movement is bigger than an extra "i" or "e" in a twat.

This shit is about AMERICAN'S taking back AMERICA.

Stop digging on a twat, and dig on LAW BOOKS instead. HISTORY books instead. The ART OF WAR instead.


Anonymous ID: e881b3 2018-12-22 19:42:05Z No. 4427095


This was a 2002 NYT article

Not sure what gateway pundit is trying to do here, apart from clickbait

Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 19:42:15Z No. 4427096


Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:42:26Z No. 4427097


I look at other peoples, I just never remember to look at my own.

Anonymous ID: ef03c4 2018-12-22 19:42:51Z No. 4427098


Anonymous ID: f5b02b 2018-12-22 19:43:06Z No. 4427099

Some black lady, looks like a dude, on MSNBC talking about Trump lashing out at whittacker.

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:43:09Z No. 4427100


>nothing happening on street level


try harder, much harder.

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 19:43:15Z No. 4427101


>It the time of the year when THIS THING (pic related) comes to our village in Germany again.. it is pretty unique to this village.

>It is some kind shoo away evil spirits thing ..

>Merry Christmas!

Us too, German anon, us too

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:43:18Z No. 4427102


Nope, fake Q, it's just a shill with a name close to ebots name…

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 19:43:25Z No. 4427103


wtf they need to redress that

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:43:35Z No. 4427104


Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:43:40Z No. 4427105



Anonymous ID: 4e7187 2018-12-22 19:43:40Z No. 4427106


Nice catch on the (pb) anon. Glad you dug a little deeper. My apologies on that slip up on posting it in (pb)

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:43:46Z No. 4427107


I count 10 flags in that pic.

Anonymous ID: 135855 2018-12-22 19:43:46Z No. 4427108


Qpost Decode Graphic: Updated

notice-a-pattern-v4. Change log:

Improved Formatting

Removed weaker ideas

Improved text content analysis

Moved Pepe for better Optics

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The decode supports a few of the key ideas mentioned in the 12/12 Q&A, while providing further clarification on Wizards and Warlocks role. This Q post deals with key individuals leaving because the threat nature has changed from high to low. If the previous phase was about overcoming the Darkness, symbolized by Dec 21 as the darkest day, as well as being the target date to achieve that goal, this would also suggest that the movement towards LIGHT is the next phase of The Plan, which should be achieved by June 21. This means there is still work for Anons to accomplish, the Fight is NOT over.

As Anons of Research, we see the potential of what is presented to us. I have 4 digs in various stages of readiness which will require several hours more of basic research plus some time to put the graphics together. I am a writer by nature, but Q has mentioned the importance of 'Painting the Picture', in other words presenting the research in a graphic form. I stumble with my basic graphic tools and my limited skills in producing the content in a pleasing yet informative presentation. I do it because it is the preferred form promoted, but also I've realised that building the graphic protects it from the majority of scanning tech that would seek to identify and destroy the textual content. Putting the info in to graphic form turns it into a Stealth Bomber, keeping it off of the RADAR, catching them unawares.

As 'Guardians' of Intelligence, the Wizards and Warlocks are those who interact with us on this board as well as provide guidance in our research. Q is not the 'lone' operator some envision, but is an active participant, who provides a timely ambassadors role in conjunction with the Wizards and Warlocks. They have been letting us know they are here, reminding us through imagery, whether it be in pics of patches or pins, key image ideas to direct us, funny memes to make us laugh, or defending us when the threat level is extreme. Through it all they are here.

Thank you Wizards and Warlocks

Anonymous ID: a3eff4 2018-12-22 19:43:51Z No. 4427109


Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 19:43:52Z No. 4427110

Schumer and Pelosi don't give a damn about the border or not. It is just a power game to them. It could have been anything else that POTUS believes in. To Schumer and co. the issue is about control and dominance. They want to control the agenda by being obstructive and calling the shots.

Don't get sucked into believing anything Schumer/Pelosi say about what they believe or want. The only thing they want is control to implement their longer term goals. The 16 year plan is on ice, but they will still want to continue the moment they have an ounce of power or ability. One straw at at time.

Here is the rub though. POTUS is no ordinary politician. He understands the dynamics of the power game and is certainly a grand master at it. Schumer and Pelosi are good at the game, but they have the mistaken idea that POTUS cares what people think about him (since popularity is the bread and butter of normal politicians). They are projecting their own insecurities on POTUS.

They will lose this time and every time they try to grandstand.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:43:58Z No. 4427111


I wonder if they write this dumb shit themselves or if someone writes it for them. Also, nice digits

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 19:44:00Z No. 4427112


Well, I became a Mason and they didn't run me away from my God. And by my God, I mean the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most were good dudes from what I could tell. Though there were a handful of fags and a couple of Muzzies. Regardless, I did not find it to be of great value, nor did I find it to be sinister. They held a lot of meat-raffles, held charitable-events and attended a lot of funerals. I was a MM (Master Mason). And though a younger Mason, I was what many in Lodge would consider to be a model-Mason. I was encouraged to speak at Lodge and engage Apprentice Masons, often. And, I took it seriously. I studied it thoroughly and explored it's many degrees. (Though, perhaps not all.) You'd be surprised what you find online. After going through a few degrees, I realized I almost knew more about how the degree was supposed to go than those putting it on. So… The internet is your friend. The only secrets a Mason would be asked to keep would be certain modes of recognition, which would allow one to gain admittance to a Lodge. Not so sinister. If they are the bad guys, they sure don't know it… And although I find Freemasonry to be rather benign today, and not exciting or substantiative enough for me to really sink my teeth into, I'd never tell you those secrets either. Because why? Why would I go back on my word, because some people are curious and assumptive about things they don't know?

You know what I'd rather say to them?


Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:44:00Z No. 4427113


not even worth it, Pence shilling on display

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 19:44:03Z No. 4427114

>>4426817, >>4426828, >>4426833

Doing great, baker

Really glad to get some new bakers stepping up.

Also grateful for the Night Watch Baker

who's been so steady over graveyards lately.

And of course all our solid regulars. Respect.

A deep bench of bakers keeps QR comfy indeed.

And must surely be a good Christmas prezzie

for Q team and our beloved Prez

who put so much into the plan

and into our research group.

Godspeed frens.

Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:44:03Z No. 4427115

Incitement to violence benefits no person that is patriot anon.

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:44:10Z No. 4427116


it only matters on street level.

Anonymous ID: 3a59bb 2018-12-22 19:44:11Z No. 4427117


Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 19:44:12Z No. 4427118


Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 19:44:16Z No. 4427119


Actually 11 flags.

Anonymous ID: feddd8 2018-12-22 19:44:33Z No. 4427120

In August of 2017, Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart, in which he revealed that his Senate Judiciary Committee had been shown some highly classified documents by current DIA personnel back on May 25.

In his letter, Grassley specifically requested that Mattis and Stewart declassify at least one particular piece of information in these documents out of fairness to Flynn. He wrote:

“Based on representations made by the DIA personnel, it appears the public release of this information would not pose any ongoing risk to national security. Moreover, the declassification would be in the public interest, and is in the interest of fairness to Lt. General Flynn.”

Anonymous ID: f2ae36 2018-12-22 19:44:41Z No. 4427121

The Q9 drone added a call sign


Anonymous ID: e984f9 2018-12-22 19:45:06Z No. 4427122


I can only say that I'm Pissed that Mrs. Silverman

never used the Safest most common form of


Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 19:45:18Z No. 4427123


he governs the way they all would if we had term limits.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:45:18Z No. 4427124


Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 19:45:19Z No. 4427125

Anonymous ID: c9d806 2018-12-22 19:45:20Z No. 4427126

Dershowitz is the "friendly American Jewish face" of Zionism. He's part of the DS machine…just with a "Constitution lover" veil. That's his gig….the Constitution.

Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 19:45:20Z No. 4427129



Hahaha! the mother fukkers got BTFO to day shift. Wondering where you cock suckers went.

Night shift destroys you.

Let's see…you can trace pretty much all evil/corruption to jews. So when you tell people(narrative controlling piece of shit, go back to MSM Mockingbird) you're leading them away from ALL the major problems.

==KYS==you jidf assholes are in for a long week.

Anonymous ID: 733ec4 2018-12-22 19:45:22Z No. 4427127


So they have a Shill "Boss" whose job it is to monitor the boards, and count responses to employee posts. Kek

What a job……

probably wrote special software to do that. Shills log into software to use as access to board.

Anonymous ID: 93414e 2018-12-22 19:45:23Z No. 4427128


Pedophile Patrol

Anonymous ID: 2be56f 2018-12-22 19:45:26Z No. 4427130

Anonymous ID: d93b6d 2018-12-22 19:45:31Z No. 4427131


Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:45:41Z No. 4427132




Anonymous ID: 29f2cd 2018-12-22 19:45:44Z No. 4427133


Get out John Brennan, you don't belong here.

Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 19:45:45Z No. 4427134

Every generation, these words find their context:

Look here, you rich (Elites), WEEP and GROAN with ANGUISH because of the TERRIBLE TROUBLES ahead of you. Your wealth is rotting away and your fine clothes are moth-eaten rags. Your gold and silver are corroded. The very wealth YOU WERE COUNTING ON will eat away your flesh like fire. This corroded treasure YOU WERE COUNTING ON will TESTIFY AGAINST YOU on the day of judgment. For listen! hear the cries of the field workers whom you have cheated of their pay… You have spent your years on earth in luxury, SATISFYING YOUR EVERY DESIRE. You have fattened yourself for THE DAY OF SLAUGHTER. You have CONDEMNED AND KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE, who did not resist you. James 5:1-6

It's coming. Therefore, be patient…

Anonymous ID: e980cc 2018-12-22 19:45:47Z No. 4427135

Twas the shutdown before Christmas and all through the Senate; we have no spending bill because some are agin it.

The Senators are gathered, standing tall,

trying to come up with another bill that won't again fall.

It seems pretty simple to one and all,

we just need some money to build a wall.

2020 will be here very soon, you need to know,

Then the ones that don't do we the people's bidding will have to go.

Anonymous ID: f2d98b 2018-12-22 19:46:03Z No. 4427136


>Also, nice digits

You ain't doing too bad yourself.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:46:06Z No. 4427137


yes, his name is David Brock, and the company is called ShareBlue.

Anonymous ID: f5b02b 2018-12-22 19:46:08Z No. 4427138


That was CNN.

They all look alike.

Her name is Fred.

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:46:10Z No. 4427139


It is MUCH easier to prosecute that in non-US courts. it has to be 100% without any doubt guilty with SEC law(s). The SEC has done NOTHING after shrub put in Chris Cox.

Didn't do much before that but it was made ineffective by that appointment.




Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:46:14Z No. 4427140


People often forget the sheer importance of this event.

>thank you, xi.

Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 19:46:14Z No. 4427141


Anonymous ID: 8290f0 2018-12-22 19:46:20Z No. 4427142



Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:46:25Z No. 4427143


Less than 30 days away Jan.19 2019



Anonymous ID: 340ca7 2018-12-22 19:46:32Z No. 4427144


Top KEK!

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:46:45Z No. 4427145


So you're for abortion

as long as it's an

Argument against abortion


Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 19:46:47Z No. 4427146

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:46:50Z No. 4427147


KEK you beautiful motherfucker.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:46:51Z No. 4427148

Anonymous ID: 736e07 2018-12-22 19:46:52Z No. 4427149


Fuck her.

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:46:58Z No. 4427150


Given the fact that 99.9% of abortions are from Liberal women, I am 100% pro-choice.

Nits make lice!

Anonymous ID: c35ea5 2018-12-22 19:47:08Z No. 4427151

((November 20, 2017))

FBI/MI currently have open investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Why didn't Comey drop this?

Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis?

How many kids disappeared?

How much money was sent to Clinton Foundation under disguise of Haiti relief?

How many kids disappeared?

How much money actually went to Haiti?

How many kids disappeared?

What countries donated big money to Clinton Foundation?


Anonymous ID: e980cc 2018-12-22 19:47:11Z No. 4427152


Fuck Ho Chi Minh.

Anonymous ID: 36904c 2018-12-22 19:47:17Z No. 4427153

Tim May, co-founder of the influential Cypherpunks mailing list and a significant influence on both bitcoin and WikiLeaks, passed away in mid-December at his home in Corralitos, California. The news was announced last Saturday on a Facebook post written by his friend Lucky Green. Long-time Slashdot reader SonicSpike quotes Reason:

In his influential 1988 essay, "The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto," May predicted that advances in computer technology would eventually allow "individuals and groups to communicate and interact with each other" anonymously and without government intrusion. "These developments will alter completely the nature of government regulation [and] the ability to tax and control economic interactions," he wrote… Running 497 words, it was his most influential piece of writing… May became convinced that public-key cryptography combined with networked computing would break apart social power structures…

In September 1992, May and his friends Eric Hughes and Hugh Daniels came up with the idea of setting up an online mailing list to discuss their ideas. Within a few days of its launch, a hundred people had signed up for the Cypherpunks mailing list. (The group's name was coined by Hughes' girlfriend as a play on the "cyberpunk" genre of fiction.) By 1997, it averaged 30 messages daily with about 2,000 subscribers. May was its most prolific contributor. May and Hughes, along with free speech activist John Gilmore, wore masks on the cover of the second issue of Wired magazine accompanying a profile by journalist Steven Levy, who described the Cypherpunks as "more a gathering of those who share a predilection for codes, a passion for privacy, and the gumption to do something about it…."

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was an active reader and participant on the list, contributing his first posts in 1995 under the name "Proff."

The article notes that May "recently expressed disgust with the current state of the cryptocurrency community, citing its overpriced conferences and the advent of 'bitcoin exchanges that have draconian rules about KYC, AML, passports, freezes on accounts and laws about reporting 'suspicious activity' to the local secret police.'"

In his last published interview he told CoinDesk "I think Satoshi would barf."

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:47:18Z No. 4427154

Schumer not giving the USA a wall doesn't add up to how Q talks about these guys.

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 19:47:23Z No. 4427155


Truman waking up, from Jim Carey in Truman.

Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 19:47:33Z No. 4427156


Let's talk again when you go to a higher degree.

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 19:47:37Z No. 4427157


Different levels of masons are given different levels of knowledge.

The outer levels are there for the appearance of legitimacy in the public eye

and recruitment for higher levels.

If you made this apparent to them

either in word or by your moral compass:

>And by my God, I mean the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You did not make the cut to advance.

Good for you.

Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 19:47:46Z No. 4427158


It's always the same assholes, they leave the bread ~ 650 posts and wait for the baker to open the new bread, just to post shite.

At least we know who to auto-filter.

Anonymous ID: e1ecdc 2018-12-22 19:47:51Z No. 4427159


>impaling and raping muzzies need to be legal.

The reason Vlad the Impaler was successful at turning back the ottomans was because he was able to effectively communicate in a language the shitheads understood that he was displeased with their behavior; ie. nailing their turbans to there heads when they refused to remove their hats in his humble abode and by hoisting 20,000 of the motherfuckers ass first on pikes and created a forest as a death and suffering when they ignored the No Tresspassing signs. We seem to have since lost how to effectively communicate with muslims nowadays and is why we have the problems we do.

Anonymous ID: 07d1ea 2018-12-22 19:48:00Z No. 4427160

>>4426176 (pb)

This is the answer to Q#1137.

Anonymous ID: f1bded 2018-12-22 19:48:02Z No. 4427161


Well then opeining the Government back up is not acceptable….

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:48:05Z No. 4427162


Mason shill, that is a pretty pathetic attemp.

Lucifer is the god of Freemasonry

A mason with access to internet can clearly find out what masonry worships in higher degrees.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:48:11Z No. 4427163



Chicks dig bad boys

Anonymous ID: f37864 2018-12-22 19:48:17Z No. 4427164

Member Muh BLACK EYES, so many of them.

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:48:21Z No. 4427165



Anonymous ID: 7218c3 2018-12-22 19:48:34Z No. 4427166


we aint catching flies shitferbrainz

were eradicating generational criminal outfits.

Anonymous ID: 4e6fb0 2018-12-22 19:48:38Z No. 4427167


Is "foreign interference" the shiny shiny object used to distract from any domestic interference?

US report finds no direct foreign interference in 2018 vote

Anonymous ID: 1fba07 2018-12-22 19:48:39Z No. 4427168


>I just finished a movie and have enlightenment to how we were all lulled into this idea of gentiles being gullible and gay and stupid. Joos portray gentiles in Hollywood the way they want us to believe we all are.

this pertains heavily to pornography, how they portray women of other races, etc.

in reality kike women are some of the easiest, more fervent coal burners on the face of the planet.

denials only make it sweeter.

Anonymous ID: fd64b3 2018-12-22 19:48:55Z No. 4427169


I could watch this ALL day. Thanks for the reminder Anon.

Anonymous ID: d88875 2018-12-22 19:49:04Z No. 4427170


That's gibberish, but at least it's pretty gibberish. Carry on.

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:49:14Z No. 4427171


But Q said Schumer shit his pants in the Oval Office.

Q keeps telling us they have everything on these scum….

Why the hell doesn't it look like we are winning. Oh, I know, BECAUSE WE ARN'T WINNING

Anonymous ID: 45970e 2018-12-22 19:49:35Z No. 4427172


Anonymous ID: e984f9 2018-12-22 19:49:35Z No. 4427173


That's the Game!


Anonymous ID: e735e3 2018-12-22 19:49:42Z No. 4427174

One Dead in Plane Crash at Florida's Lakeland Linder Airport

Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:49:43Z No. 4427175


I guess it's a good thing the site admin put this at the bottom of every page.

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 19:49:46Z No. 4427176


Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:49:48Z No. 4427177


>>4275482 pb

Q calling out Freemasons again.

>masonic pillars in video (sketch, pillar with cube at bottom, ball on top)

>pillars have both a loop (potential meaning: masonry owned, strangled…)

>pepe chef pointing at right pillar, symbolising 'strenght' and 'rising of god'

>two empty 'mason jars' (potential meaning: masonry lost / no masons in Q team)

Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 19:49:48Z No. 4427178

France’s ‘yellow vests’ block borders ahead of Christmas

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 19:49:50Z No. 4427179

Re: FBI Push-back on Docs:

Does it matter?

Huber HAS IT ALL, yes?

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 19:49:56Z No. 4427180


What are the chances that she is legit kid of mrs Silverman. Stolen or adopted from another cabal member?

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:50:04Z No. 4427181


<we aint catching flies shitferbrainz

We ain't winning seats either kiddo.

There's a better way to win, someone told POTUS the better way and POTUS said, "FUCK YOU I'M RICH"

Anonymous ID: 70b837 2018-12-22 19:50:07Z No. 4427182


Who’s “we”? You got a rat in your pocket.

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 19:50:10Z No. 4427183


"We just want to remind the audience not to applaud. You're just wasting time."

- Anderson Pooper

Every one of these old clips gets better with age.

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:50:15Z No. 4427184


> I'd never tell you those secrets either.

Anonymous ID: fd5073 2018-12-22 19:50:15Z No. 4427185


Q does not IP hop.

Q team is making no effort to hide.

If the FBI was after Q it would to minutes to find them.

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:50:17Z No. 4427186


They had started telling anons how much they made per bread.

One phrase: Clawback(s)

clawback (redirected from clawbacks)

Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Financial.

claw·back (klô′băk′)


The recovery of money that has been disbursed, as by a government, pension, or company.

Shut that shit down permanently.

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 19:50:21Z No. 4427187


Most are shills, but the asshats that call themselves anon and do this do exist.

Attention-hungry forever-children.

Wish they'd exist elsewhere.

Anonymous ID: 82d6ea 2018-12-22 19:50:22Z No. 4427188



Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:50:34Z No. 4427189



Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 19:50:40Z No. 4427190

Is dark lord Soros running out of young blood. He looks like crap lately.

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 19:50:41Z No. 4427191


Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 19:50:45Z No. 4427192


No… That very well may have been Albert Pike's God, at one point, Idk. But no… There is simply no "God of Freemasonry", because men of many different faiths and beliefs are Masons. And as a Christian with a back-bone who carries a metaphorical "whip", I would never have tolerated such a crowd.

I think its pretty apparent you don't know what you're talking about here.

Anonymous ID: 003f70 2018-12-22 19:51:03Z No. 4427193


Medfag – what if she were given a total blood replacement, as in a more advanced procedure than chelation as we know it? If she had access to advanced alien technology, such as their virile sticks, which is how she overcame the first two bouts with cancer – then that would make the story a decent cover for the media, and not a word of truth to it. What if she smoked a pipe full of the good bud every night, and her whole blood replacement was done to stave off the effects of late stage Kuru? I do certainly like your prognosis, and I concur that she ain't got 5 years. It's desperately needed that she cross that great divide – sooner the better. I think they're propping up a corpse anyway. Her soul's already burning.

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:51:06Z No. 4427194


Are we winning?

any arrest? any wall? any peso's in DC locked up yet?

Anonymous ID: c35ea5 2018-12-22 19:51:06Z No. 4427195


Please ask James Comey about this. "Remember Whitewater? 20 years ago James Comey as an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation was looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.The investigation was to determine whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of Arkansas (in the 1980s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill and Hillary's business partner in Whitewater. Several people involved in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the cards for Bill and Hillary. Remember James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation….In Christopher Anderson's book, American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Rise to Power, Anderson gives details of the New Square offenders pardon by Bill Clinton (who had been convicted of bilking the government of $30 million dollars). Christopher Anderson relates that at Hillary's urging Bill gave clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who took the lives of 16 Americans and wounded many others. Anderson tells us that Hillary admired the Marxist Carl Oglesby and Saul Alinsky. It is from her admiration for Saul Alinsky that she formed her belief that "the only way to make a real difference is to acquire power." The pardon of billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America's enemies including Iran) by President Bill Clinton was something that everyone knew reeked of impropriety after learning that Rich's wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library. Again, James Comey oversaw investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably, James Comey did not recommend charging the Clintons in any of these matters. Wouldn't it be fair and balanced to give news coverage to these facts?"

Anonymous ID: 1c58ae 2018-12-22 19:51:09Z No. 4427196

GOLD shall destroy FED (1 of 3)

Gold & silver have been manipulated for decades. The great “mouse trap” of the FED is a complex system of corridors, all leading to the same end [TRAP]. Think of the corridors as your employer-matched, pre-tax 401k, IRA, stock-market investments, savings bonds, fractional-reserve bank accounts (where you are an “unsecured lender”) and the like. Additionally, you can’t forget about the various “paper” pathways the big boys play with (using your money, of course), like futures contracts and derivatives (which are “bets” based on underlying assets).

The “mouse trap” is an engineered system of individually created components designed to attract your money. Shiny objects that excite us consumers enough to “invest” our fiat dollars in. After all, how could anyone pass up the “free-money” their employer offers in the 401k-matching program?

A good mouse trap is void of escape routes. All paths lead to capture, death. As such, we are conditioned as consumers to follow the heard, trust our “financial planners” and “save for retirement”. Side note—I always laugh internally when someone says “we have a diversified portfolio”. Translation: my barely-educated financial planner (who took night classes to get her “license” to sell “financial instruments”) made a few smaller commissions when pressed, by spreading a portion of the client’s life-savings into “safer” bond-related instruments offered by their institution of slavery.

The truth is, real diversification is the great unknown to 99% of people. It requires people to, as an example, buy physical gold or silver—and store them securely. This, to most people, is more terrifying than the notion of being a real-life landlord. liquidating their mouse-trap investments to buy an apartment building—to rent out to others is the stuff of nightmares (which Hollywood reminds us of via movies like “Pacific Heights”). These concepts scare people to death. It is unheard of in our society (just ask any licensed financial planner).

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:51:11Z No. 4427197

Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 19:51:12Z No. 4427198


Anonymous ID: df390d 2018-12-22 19:51:14Z No. 4427199


Nice sauce faggot… wasting my time.. and energy that i don't have …

Anonymous ID: 40dcf0 2018-12-22 19:51:16Z No. 4427200


Yes. 10 flags. POTUS + 9 = 10.

9 is "Less Than 10"

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 19:51:40Z No. 4427201


Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:51:53Z No. 4427202


Anonymous ID: 1d4a60 2018-12-22 19:51:54Z No. 4427203


Dershowitz is a spy for criminal elements of Israel. He improperly represented Epstein while being a witness (a lawyer no-no). He's dirty AF.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:51:56Z No. 4427204






Anonymous ID: 1c58ae 2018-12-22 19:52:05Z No. 4427205

GOLD shall destroy FED (2 OF 3)

The Baby Boomer generation offered the cabal a perfect crescendo of financial harvest near the inevitable end of the fiat-money life cycle (typically around 50 years, give or take). A great cherry on top of the fiat sundae—75 million boomers socking as much as they possibly can into the mouse trap the last ten years of their careers, in order to fund comfortable retirements.

BUT—all good things must come to an end. The trap is sprung with the requisite market crash, typically followed by a good old-fashioned war. In a perfect scenario, a well-timed war could even prolong the inevitable crash—providing yet another scapegoat (“Those damn Iranians cost me my retirement!”).


Q has informed us that the FED is in the killbox. Also, that “GOLD shall destroy FED”. We have learned that a handful of families control the money globally. Forgive me mixing my metaphors, but the FED is the beating heart that sends an endless supply of bloodmoney through the global cabal’s circulatory system.

Trump knows how to kill the enemy; cut out the heart. No more FED = no more cabal. Knowing this, we can ponder potential outcomes.

The cabal has suppressed the true value of gold—so it never becomes an escape from the trap (since they can’t control what they don’t have access to). They FEAR the public ever waking up to the little-known fact that gold is true money (not fiat currency).

In order for gold to destroy the FED, its true value must be realized. No more price suppression (another topic worth the dive), means gold will find its true, free-market value. In order to take a stab at the mechanics, I offer the following strawman.

$1,245 Current spot price for gold (currently takes 1,245 fiat dollars to buy an ounce of gold at the long- suppressed price)

$10,000 Real value of gold (assume 8X increase)

$1.00 NEW GOLD-BACKED US DOLLAR is secured by gold held by the US Treasury.


What happens to our ~$20T in (known) debt?

60% EVAPORATES overnight when the new USD is denominated in GOLD (at gold’s new free-market, 8X price level)

Remainder of US National Debt is retired via 1) current gold holdings and/or 2) new, untapped gold mining on US soil (see Bix Weir’s for info on Grand Canyon deposits)

US Trade Deficits are balanced. Any future president who allows a deficit to grow, does not get re-elected, as the publicly visible draining of our GOLD RESERVES (and national wealth) will not go unpunished. Hence, Trump’s efforts to hammer-out trade deals before the restructuring.

INFLATION ENDS. Over 100 years of unconstitutional theft of American’s wealth through increasing the money supply, without adding underlying value, ends. No more theft of 2% per year of our dollar’s purchasing power.

The gold-backed, USD will be the strongest in history, preserving our wealth—individually and nationally. Russia and China are prepared to follow closely behind—then the entire world.

Anonymous ID: 25fd7b 2018-12-22 19:52:08Z No. 4427206


Anonymous ID: 490407 2018-12-22 19:52:10Z No. 4427207


Google for

Gundry MD

To get good advice on healthy diet. Another doctor who has good advice is

Joel Fuhrman

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:52:16Z No. 4427208


>energy that i don't have

Settle down, Jeb

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:52:16Z No. 4427209

Top hats and gold cuffs: the curious case of California's fake masonic police force

Masons as policemen, judges, doctors, …

That is really bad for a free society.

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 19:52:21Z No. 4427210


Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 19:52:24Z No. 4427211


POTUS is probably negotiating away from DEMS the Corp of Engineers using the money saved by getting out of Syria to fund this other National Security issue. He will let the Dems show their evil hand to the full extend then get a excellent deal out of the Dems (without wall funding) tehn announce his funding plan.

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 19:52:28Z No. 4427212


Freddy says Q / 8chan are on a list!


Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 19:52:34Z No. 4427213


They would mean nothing to you… It would be like me giving you my wifi-password. What are you going to do with that?

It's not about keeping a SECRET… It's about keeping your WORD.

Something you clearly don't understand.

Anonymous ID: 82d6ea 2018-12-22 19:52:34Z No. 4427214




"We" and concern

Mixed with the ol

reddit spacing

Next time put the all

caps in red text so

you can match the rest

of the clown d-bags

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:52:35Z No. 4427215

Anonymous ID: 1c58ae 2018-12-22 19:52:41Z No. 4427216

GOLD shall destroy FED (3 of 3)

CRYPTOS will be allowed to exist, outside of the USD. This provides a healthy competition for the new, strong gold-backed dollar. Once the cabal is dismantled, these too have a better chance of finding true, free-market values.

Steve Bannon (who may well be involved behind the scenes in the Q movement), praises the virtues of cryptos. So much so, that Bannon often speaks of his “3 pillars” of future liberty; 1) citizenship and its inherent values, 2) personal ownership and control of an individual’s “data” and 3) the rise of cryptocurrencies as a means around the banks, supporting true peer-to-peer commerce and trade.

Central banks as well as their supporting major banks have long criticized the ownership of cryptos, which is an indication of both their fear and its true potential. A world that embraces cryptos, is a world that no longer needs banking institutions.

As such—I am personally suspect of ALL CRITICISMS of crypto as a concept (our board included). If it is a LARP—why bother criticize it? If it is truly transformative—shouldn’t we expect paid shills and all banks to go out of their way to publicly hate on crypto?

Crypto eliminates the middle-man and finally enables a (potentially) decentralized, peer-to-peer means of commerce. NO MORE BANKS—no more controlling, skimming off the top and financial slavery to the wealthy elite.

I just wonder if President Trump’s new gold-backed US Dollar, has a future as a gold-backed crypto-dollar…

Either way—2018 has been GLORIOUS!

Thank God for POTUS & Q+!


Anonymous ID: 798581 2018-12-22 19:52:51Z No. 4427217

Brett McGurk, top U.S. envoy in ISIS fight, resigns

Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, had been planning to exit his post in February 2019. But sources tell CBS News that he informed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he will accelerate his departure due to a strong disagreement with President Trump's snap decision to withdraw 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, effectively abandoning U.S. allies in the region.

McGurk submitted his resignation on Friday, just one day after Defense Secretary James Mattis quit his post citing fundamental disagreements with the commander-in-chief – including one over the importance of honoring U.S. alliances.

The special envoy was publicly left in the lurch by the president's sudden declaration on Wednesday that he was pulling U.S. forces out of Syria, against the advice of his top national security advisers and without consulting U.S. allies.

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 19:53:04Z No. 4427218

>>4426990, >>4426923

>Baker, still think this is notable.

Disagree. Not notable.

Connections way too loose.

Even if popcorn day had fallen on the same day as the noteworthy death, would be a stretch.

To fall on the day after is def too far.

Anonymous ID: 4e6fb0 2018-12-22 19:53:07Z No. 4427220


Schumer is a legend in his own mind.

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:53:14Z No. 4427222

Anonymous ID: 29f2cd 2018-12-22 19:53:19Z No. 4427221


Maybe Schumer is holding this up trying to negotiate out of DECLAS / ELECTIN FRAUD / DEM ARRESTS activities coming up!

THAT is my wish anyway…

To which our POTUS simply replies…

Sorry Chuck, NO DEALS.

Anonymous ID: 18ab56 2018-12-22 19:53:31Z No. 4427223


Looks Haycist


Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 19:53:43Z No. 4427224


Vinny Gambini is the only clean lawyer ever! Fact!

Anonymous ID: 3e9f2e 2018-12-22 19:53:49Z No. 4427225

Well anons, it appears this Gov "Shut Down" is a "High Noon" (Game of Chicken) [Showdown] → Moves & Counter Moves

Question is: What is this going to (Catapult) us into?

Not asking for date-naming or telegraphed moves.

Just a rhetorical question for pondering the position of all the pieces & analysis of "the chatter".

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 19:53:55Z No. 4427226


Let's not… I no longer attend Lodge. And I dislike "know it all", smart-asses.

Anonymous ID: feddd8 2018-12-22 19:53:58Z No. 4427227


Anonymous ID: 31cbe9 2018-12-22 19:53:59Z No. 4427228

Anonymous ID: 5ca1a5 2018-12-22 19:54:03Z No. 4427229

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 19:54:22Z No. 4427230



Then you stuck with us now going down too

We'll have to kick-it w/ Toots

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:54:24Z No. 4427231


I'm getting called a shill bc I'm calling POTUS out for being a shite leader, but you are a complete faggot kiddo!

Anyone who knows anything about the legal process (you don't, nor I) knows shit takes time.

My suggestion, quit being an ignorant fuck and learn something from somewhere. Even if it's from the fake ass MSM. At least you'll have a starting point.

But you just GLOW right now as a fake. I hope they pay you for working weekends fag.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:54:26Z No. 4427232


Key unlocks hole

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 19:54:39Z No. 4427233


Why did (((you))) use the word secret then?

JFK said it better that I. keep drinking the coolaid.

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 19:54:39Z No. 4427234


Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 19:54:43Z No. 4427235


>energy that i don't have






Gold shall destroy FED, bundled.

(You) decide if notable.

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 19:54:51Z No. 4427236


Anonymous ID: e984f9 2018-12-22 19:55:14Z No. 4427237


Anonymous ID: 8ecf4a 2018-12-22 19:55:29Z No. 4427238


Multiple meanings of Q post? "Trump can't do anything right - we don't need troops in Syria", the date Apr 19 (yr?), the author Max Boot … why are these elements cobbled together?

-Max Booth (WaPo/clown author)…his writings about Syria appear to be be about "protecting Israel" from the Arabs and he changes his position of what Trump should do very often

- Max Boot writing is typical MSM, most everything he spouts is anti-Trump

- The article he wrote on Dec 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) included part of the title "Trump can't do anything right…"

That article said Nixon was never proven to have ordered the crime, Bill Clinton impeached trying to cover up his indiscretion, and more importantly:

Mueller has no evidence of a POTUS crime, and is unlikely to get any evidence of a crime…but (((they))) will nail him with "obstruction of justice"

Is this one of the things Q wanted us to see? The Demon-crat narrative going forward? Look for this deep state theme after the holidays: Nixon-Clinton-Trump comparison?

The other thing I've taken away from this is that Israel is the prime benefactor of the US being in Syria and may be pulling the behind-the-scenes fuckery to keep us there

IMO: 1) Khashoggi, 2) MBS, 3) Yemen, 4)Lindsey Graham, 5) Syria are all one big DS move [1-4] - POTUS countermove [5]

IMO: DS trying to drive wedge between US-Saudi (Khashoggi/MBS & Yemen), Trump responds with pulling US troops from Syria and replace with MBS/Saudi troops (to protect Israel from the Kurds?) See what POTUS did there? I'm sure Israel got the message 5:5

Any thoughts?

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:55:29Z No. 4427239


but she's not in jail.

there is a serious problem here that no-one likes to talk about.

I love Q, Trump and MAGA, but no arrest in 2 yrs. NOTHING really to hang our hats on.

not winning is not fun. I ain't playing this "game" just to play. I want to win. PERIOD!

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:55:37Z No. 4427240



Anonymous ID: 74e608 2018-12-22 19:55:38Z No. 4427241

Welp, FEMA Camp meet up Q style. We know risks.


[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 19:55:39Z No. 4427242


Queer as donuts

Anonymous ID: df390d 2018-12-22 19:55:48Z No. 4427243


I would cut down Jeb while sitting on my couch with a scowled-look on my face… i was up almost all night with my kids and at it all day. Fuck off faggot.

Anonymous ID: 0b31d4 2018-12-22 19:55:50Z No. 4427244

jumpmaster doing an equipment check

saying muh prayers

screwing up muh courage

loading bird

10 min warnin incoming

thanks for muh patience.


Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:55:53Z No. 4427245

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 19:56:24Z No. 4427246


The kid put a BANE mask on a cat's face, on Batman's body.

You drew "fag" and a shitty arrow.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 19:56:50Z No. 4427247


Robert Langdon - Symbols

Sometimes i think there was a group placing little nuggets of truth in hollywood

Anonymous ID: 5fcf0a 2018-12-22 19:57:20Z No. 4427248


No more baby blood and Pineal glands. bin Talal father must have been a real sordid vile scum.

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 19:57:34Z No. 4427249



Not any different than any other end the fed post BUT- it starts out BOOMERS.

If it's ok for Anons to start dividing Anons and call each other generational names, then sure.

Isn't this name-calling and grouping what we're trying to get away from?


Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:57:40Z No. 4427250


Mason shill,

You are not the first one to claim that bs. And also not the smartest shill.

In higher degrees masonry clearly worships lucifer, including all evil pizza and blood sacrifice stuff. There is plenty of evidence.

A 33rd degree mason, who consideres the lower blue lodge masons profane, just like any other sheep writes that:

Albert Pike: "The Masonic Religion should be,

by all of us initates of the high degrees,

maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine."

Masonry is the base organization for other masonic orders (jesuits, kniths templar and such). The upper degrees in masonry are in fact templar degrees.

The Baphomet images in the masonic bible are not a coinkidink as well.

Need more proof?

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 19:57:45Z No. 4427251


Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 19:57:48Z No. 4427252



Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 19:57:57Z No. 4427254



>Disagree. Not notable.


>Connections way too loose.


>Even if popcorn day had fallen on the same day as the noteworthy death, would be a stretch.


>To fall on the day after is def too far.

Friday and Saturday will deliver the MAGA promise - Saturday January 19th

Get the Popcorn - National Popcorn Day, Saturday January 19th

Remember THIS DAY - January 19th, 2018

Trump stands in front of infinity headstone who's DOD was January 19th

You're right anon, just more coincidences. Thanks for clearing it up.

Anonymous ID: 490407 2018-12-22 19:58:01Z No. 4427253


This sounds like wild assed guessing to me.

For one he did not say GOLD shall destroy the Fed.

He did say GOLD shall destroy FED.

FED stands for Foreign Exchange Department

And if the three countries who have been building massive gold reserves (Russia, China, USA) all go to a gold-backed currency, there will be no more FED because the exchange rates wont fluctuate. No more arbitraging on currency fluctuations.

As for the Fed, this doesn't mean much.

But maybe there is another meaning for GOLD?

Maybe Global Operational Loss Database?

Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 19:58:16Z No. 4427255


L. Ron Hubbard, author and founder of Scientology

Anonymous ID: 1149b4 2018-12-22 19:58:29Z No. 4427256


Virgin detected.

Anonymous ID: f44ec9 2018-12-22 19:58:43Z No. 4427258


Yeah, we need a few answers today, anon

Anonymous ID: cf22c0 2018-12-22 19:58:44Z No. 4427259


Chad Pergram

Verified account



Follow @ChadPergram


Pence/Mulvaney arrive to talk to Schumer about shutdown. WH asked for meeting with Schumer

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 19:59:03Z No. 4427260


well if he IS dirty, and we all know he is, then Trump should show him his card on him. Schumer will crap his pants again in Oval Office. Unless Q lied about that too.

Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 19:59:08Z No. 4427261


Obv ded but interdasting all the notable peeps

Anonymous ID: cbb547 2018-12-22 19:59:19Z No. 4427262


I like it.

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 19:59:23Z No. 4427263


been dead since '86….supposedly…

Anonymous ID: f44ec9 2018-12-22 19:59:26Z No. 4427264



Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 19:59:47Z No. 4427265

>>4369272 pb POTUS TWEET

>my job is to fight for ALL citizens,

>even those who have made mistakes.

>provide hope and a second chance, to those who earn it.


Thos is adressed at you.

Take this chance. Save yourselves.

Anonymous ID: 3f4097 2018-12-22 20:00:09Z No. 4427266

The plan

RV/GCR release = Indictments unsealed = mass arrests= martial law enforced = US Space command active = Military Tribunals held = Republic restored = GESARA law implemented = new elections held = fair tax system for all.

Dec. 7 President Trump, aboard AF1 changed traffic call sign to Q0 indicating Dec. 7 was day one of a count down to Martial Law.

Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 20:00:14Z No. 4427267


The military will divert the money saved by backing out of Syria to the Corp of Engineers to use for the National Security issue at the border. POTUS will get the best deal he can from the dirty Dems. (sans wall money), and then accept the deal while the military announces it's border plans.

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:00:16Z No. 4427268



Read part 3 now- applauding crypto!

THIS is not only a cabal scam but BAD ADVICE let alone a piece that needs to be here.

Recommending crypto? GTFO

Anonymous ID: 490407 2018-12-22 20:00:24Z No. 4427269


Albert Pike was one of the Cabal who had infiltrated freemasonry. I would not trust any info in his books other than to show how the Cabal were thinking at that point in time.

The Cabal knew that Freemasonry, the movement that created the American Republic, was the biggest threat to monarchy and thus to the Cabal of monarchs.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 20:00:33Z No. 4427270




Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 20:00:40Z No. 4427271


Gotcha MomAnon

We cool

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 20:00:42Z No. 4427272


>>4275482 pb

Q calling out Freemasons again.

>masonic pillars in video (sketch, pillar with cube at bottom, ball on top)

>pillars have both a loop (potential meaning: masonry owned, strangled…)

>pepe chef pointing at right pillar, symbolising 'strenght' and 'rising of god'

>two empty 'mason jars' (potential meaning: masonry lost / no masons in Q team)

Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 20:00:49Z No. 4427273


mebbe cloned somewhere, or cryogenics - kek!

Anonymous ID: 49aaa1 2018-12-22 20:00:52Z No. 4427274

We thinking Postgraduate Program, anons?

Anonymous ID: 89d3d1 2018-12-22 20:01:05Z No. 4427275

someone noticed the reflection (not sure who)

i said hey that looks like dotcom, he said "i win"

someone else said hey, the date of his raid matches up with the date on the headstone at Arlington.


Anonymous ID: 51dbe3 2018-12-22 20:01:06Z No. 4427276

Meme makers take note (I'm no artist):

We need a meme that attacks planned parenthood because it's funded and the wall is not.

Something showing the wall, with words saying "No money for this?"

In the second part showing Planned Parenthood, with text saying "Then there should be no government money for this either!"

If it gets to the President, and he uses it, it is POWERFUL leverage to withhold PP money.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:01:15Z No. 4427277

Anonymous ID: 68c28b 2018-12-22 20:01:17Z No. 4427278


They missed the 'President' & 'Donald' off, that pisses me off…. they have no respect.

Anonymous ID: 798581 2018-12-22 20:01:22Z No. 4427279

Revealed: The military grade tech police used to defeat Gatwick drone culprits

1. Drone detection device

2. Drone tracker

3. Drone jamming device

supplied by the British military

Anonymous ID: 5a5ac4 2018-12-22 20:01:27Z No. 4427280


Anonymous ID: c9d806 2018-12-22 20:01:30Z No. 4427281

Go after dual citizenship in Congress and see what a Constitutionalist Dershowitz is.

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 20:01:50Z No. 4427282


I wondered about something similar fren.

I'm no financial fag but

'What do you want for XMAS' - looked odd to me.

I checked and Q has always used 'Christmas' previously.

… for Xmas

for X


Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:01:56Z No. 4427283


>Albert Pike was one of the Cabal who had infiltrated freemasonry


He's the damn father of it! Least in his time- did more to advance the evil than most. GTFO with that shit and LURK MOAR

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 20:02:28Z No. 4427284

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 20:02:28Z No. 4427285

US to give Ukraine extra $10mn for naval buildup in response to Kerch Strait incident

The US will provide $10 million extra in military aid to help Ukraine beef up its naval capabilities, the State Department has announced, days after a Senate resolution called for such aid in response to the Kerch Strait incident.

Russia was ordered to "immediately return to Ukraine the seized vessels and detained Ukrainian crews" involved in last month's naval provocation and to allow Ukrainian ships to freely navigate the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov in Friday's statement from deputy State Department spokesperson Robert Palladino. The financial decision was made "in solidarity with" Lithuania and the UK, which also plan to step up their funding of the Ukrainian military, he added.

The State Department's announcement follows hints from Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council head Alexander Turchinov that the country might send more ships through the Kerch Strait soon, despite the tension. If Ukraine doesn't flex its muscles in the Azov, Turchinov told the BBC, Russia might "legitimize the occupation of Crimea."

Not wishing to lose three more ships, Turchinov invited NATO along for the ride this time, explaining "It would be very logical if NATO ships which we invited [to visit] the Azov Sea ports make sure that Russia complies with international law."

US senators introduced a resolution on Wednesday in support of the idea, calling for President Trump to retaliate against so-called "Russian aggression" by leading a "robust multinational freedom of navigation operation" in the Black Sea to counter "excessive Russian Federation claims of sovereignty." The resolution requested additional military assistance to Ukraine, a wish the State Department has granted in record time (subject to Congressional approval).

The resolution also calls for the cancellation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the imposition of yet more sanctions on Russia, even requesting European countries deny Russian Navy ships access to their ports for refueling and resupply purposes.

Anonymous ID: e735e3 2018-12-22 20:02:29Z No. 4427286

Plane departing Norfolk International grounded after nose gear problems

Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 20:02:30Z No. 4427287


That's why I'm leaving it to others for notables.

We know the current paper system will go down, lots of big countries are getting rid of the USD and buying tons of gold.

There's a lot of talk about GESARA/NESARA as well and even Q said in the Q & A that Gold will destroy the FED.

Either way, what we know now and use now will be no moar, soon.

Anonymous ID: e8a2d4 2018-12-22 20:02:41Z No. 4427288


Such a nice girl. I'm sure her parents are still proud.

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:02:50Z No. 4427289


I never acknowledge the pussy hat Freddy.

Why the double IP's?? You seem like a smart kid, obviously young, you should be with the girls Freddy.

Get out there bub, I know you're "insecure" but you're a BOSS here.

Translate that shit. Own dem bitches, or dudes, whatever you're into… not judging.

But FREDDY… you're here WAY too often.

Someone out there wants your companionship.

Anonymous ID: 14b71f 2018-12-22 20:02:52Z No. 4427291

>>4424116 U1 Graphs

Anonymous ID: 5a7aa5 2018-12-22 20:02:53Z No. 4427290


David S Pumpkins + (plus) +

Two skeletons

= Equals =

Tom napkins

Any questions?

Anonymous ID: 4b9fef 2018-12-22 20:03:00Z No. 4427292

On the lookout….

Anonymous ID: 3f920b 2018-12-22 20:03:03Z No. 4427293


Yep we’ll be stuck seeing this faggot for a loooong time. His daddy works for Cubic.

Anonymous ID: 2a2635 2018-12-22 20:03:14Z No. 4427294

Godspeed, Patriots (you know who you are).

Fuck everyone else.

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 20:03:15Z No. 4427295


Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 20:03:19Z No. 4427296

>>4427143, >>4426923, >>4427254, >>4427262

Predicting habbenings on certain dates makes up look ridiculous.

Future-proves-past means to create proofs AFTER events prove Q's signaling was legit.

It's for purposes of building credibility.

The more we project into the future and miss

the more we erode that credibility

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:03:20Z No. 4427297





Truth is, I could care less if it is in the notables, as long as anons see my work I'm happy with it.

I realized notables were comped when they refused to put my Pain.png pic into notables.

Anonymous ID: f2d98b 2018-12-22 20:03:46Z No. 4427298


Anyone have footage of the drones? have not found anywhere.

Anonymous ID: cc4199 2018-12-22 20:03:46Z No. 4427299


Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:04:05Z No. 4427300


This may very well be the case, though I saw little evidence of this. Opportunity for it, sure. But no more than any organization that brings people together. I simply saw no political ideology being pushed except for the idea of DIE-versity through Freemasonry. (Ya know, the whole, you could be on the other side of the planet and welcomed as a brother at Lodge, stuff.) I saw this as a bit of a stepping-stone toward Balkanization/DIE-versity, which I personally am against, so I gradually stopped attending Lodge for this and several other reasons. And, I personally viewed must of the symbolism to be Zoroastrian/Kabbalic in nature, which I considered off-putting. In retrospect, I recall the guys that were really into it and "higher up", were not all Jewish, maybe a few. Lot of Italians, but I joined in NY. So… Anything else you guys wanna know?

Also, how is it you think you are correct in what you think you know about "higher levels" of Freemasonry? Were you there?

Anonymous ID: b93ac9 2018-12-22 20:04:05Z No. 4427301

‘ACT OF TERROR’: WARNING Graphic VIDEO showing female tourists ‘beheaded’ in Morocco, 3 jihadis ARRESTED, ‘It’s Allah’s will’

Anonymous ID: ae5c39 2018-12-22 20:04:07Z No. 4427302

I have been contemplating troop withdrawals. This is more the key than the Wall and close down distraction. Two administration officials have resigned due to abandoning allies (Kurds?); but why now and are other personnel in other areas returning as well?

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 20:04:11Z No. 4427303



Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:04:12Z No. 4427304


>There's a lot of talk


Crypto = microchips

Don't let this in notables

Anonymous ID: 963d6b 2018-12-22 20:04:24Z No. 4427305

The reason that Q is propping up the FBI recently is because he needs someone to make arrests. He knows the FBI is shady as fuck. He's intentionally deceiving Anons, but maybe it's necessary.

The FBI has been the private police force of the Cabal for a very long time. Plus, the FBI had (and has) illegal programs & helped carry out evil acts like the Las Vegas shooting last year.

Believe Q for the sake of the plan if you want……but don't forget how shady the FBI really is.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:04:31Z No. 4427306


I didn't predict anything, I just pointed out that January 19th seems to be popping up left and right. Take from it what you will.

Anonymous ID: 274586 2018-12-22 20:04:35Z No. 4427307




memeanons we need your skillz

Anonymous ID: 92c0e9 2018-12-22 20:04:38Z No. 4427308


I think HRC is being used as bait

to the lure in the "head" snake

Anonymous ID: 68c28b 2018-12-22 20:04:40Z No. 4427309


Message from 45 to Chuck, Merry Christmas & and a Happy Shut Down!

Anonymous ID: e1ecdc 2018-12-22 20:04:40Z No. 4427310

Anonymous ID: 34ac9c 2018-12-22 20:04:50Z No. 4427311


I am not a shill, nor do I post on Reddit.

Questions that I have are real.

Been here since last Jan. just asking questions that nag at me.

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 20:04:50Z No. 4427312

Mitch back on the floor

Anonymous ID: e735e3 2018-12-22 20:04:54Z No. 4427313

Anonymous ID: 5a7aa5 2018-12-22 20:05:27Z No. 4427314


Darn maybe i should have put “handkerchief” instead?

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:05:29Z No. 4427315

The Nuclear Option

POTUS tweet to McConnell yesterday. Literally means changing to a cloture vote of true majority vs 2/3's to pass. But double meanings exist.

Why is the [i] missing?

We already know that the i=iridium for nuclear guidance cap /_\ as it relates to NK/Iran tech but double meanings exist.

The O and B have been added back to FBI and DOJ…

Why is the [i] in C_A still missing?

What if Title [i] of the FISA is exactly what the whitehats have and are using on the MSM/C_A?

"If the agent of a foreign power is a U.S.

person, the government must show that the U.S. person is engaging in espionage, terrorism, or

sabotage by or on behalf of a foreign power that involves a violation of a criminal statute."

Re-Read drops from 8/6


Think WL list of journalists who colluded w/ HRC/DNC…

You are witnessing a FULL PANIC ATTACK by the FAKE NEWS ==MEDIA & COVERT ALT MEDIA AFFILIATES (foreign gov't)==

Q2635 12/20

The [D] party will cease to exist once it's all exposed. FAKE NEWS can no longer [dampen] public awareness of the truth.


MATTIS' RESIGNATION had 2 phrases that stood out:

"clear-eyed' and Around-the-clock



It's what we don't know. Is POTUS signalling of the nuclear option opening the flood gates? #RELEASEITALL

Anonymous ID: 49aaa1 2018-12-22 20:05:35Z No. 4427316


interdasting…what a coincidence!

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 20:05:47Z No. 4427317

Anonymous ID: 1ca404 2018-12-22 20:05:55Z No. 4427318


Anonymous ID: 21c3b9 2018-12-22 20:05:56Z No. 4427319


Steel Barrier OR Wall? Are they not the same thing?

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:06:03Z No. 4427320


I like this… How would you define "Faith" (Pistis, in Greek)?

Anonymous ID: 513d0e 2018-12-22 20:06:11Z No. 4427321


Could this be a way (attempt) for France to protect him from a worse fate elsewhere?

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:06:22Z No. 4427322


Reading Albert Pike's 'Morals and Dogma' now. Mason's (not one myself) seem to be good guys who want to be better guys.

Sorry if I interrupted you while you vomit words supersmartfag

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 20:06:30Z No. 4427323

Coal burners.. slang for?.


Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 20:06:35Z No. 4427324

Ocasio-Cortez calls for congressional salaries to be furloughed during next shutdown

“It’s completely unacceptable that members of Congress can force a government shutdown on partisan lines & then have Congressional salaries exempt from that decision,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

“Have some integrity,” she added, calling for salaries to be furloughed for the next shutdown.

Anonymous ID: 07d1ea 2018-12-22 20:06:41Z No. 4427325


Is this The Plan? If it's common knowledge, please excuse.

Anonymous ID: d8860e 2018-12-22 20:06:47Z No. 4427326

Every day we bathe in this sea of lies hoping to find one grain of truth to make sense of it all while we drown. Help us Lord

Anonymous ID: 3f4097 2018-12-22 20:06:53Z No. 4427327

>>4427266 Because of pending arrests of at least 1/3 of Congress involved with the Cabal, few are expected to return on Jan. 3. Arrests of prominent elites could cause chaos.

Anonymous ID: 963d6b 2018-12-22 20:07:01Z No. 4427328


The fed is more than gold. Do you know the mechanism in the legislation that allows the banksters to rob the American people? It's independent of gold.

Anonymous ID: 274586 2018-12-22 20:07:02Z No. 4427329


I think I dreamed seeing a short POTUS video clip where he distinctly said the word NESARA. I'm not a "muh dreams" anon, either.

Anonymous ID: b90048 2018-12-22 20:07:20Z No. 4427331

astrology fags: Just saw this and thought of you https: //

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 20:07:21Z No. 4427332




Anonymous ID: 6620fc 2018-12-22 20:07:23Z No. 4427333


It's one of the most notable things ever posted IMO. Anyone who disagrees is smoking crack, comped or both.

Anonymous ID: 92c0e9 2018-12-22 20:07:31Z No. 4427334


and I am agreeing with


Anonymous ID: 3f920b 2018-12-22 20:07:32Z No. 4427335


Women that love black cock

Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 20:07:43Z No. 4427336


Trust WRAY

Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 20:07:45Z No. 4427337


Ok, now I see you are the templar / mason shill who was stupid enough to selfdoxx with fingerprints. Was it bread #5551 or #5552?

You did not say anything on the Baphomet in the masonic bible. Not that easy to find a shilly argument? That's ok, take your time. Kek.

The fact you are here, shilling pro masonry, makes it obvious anons are over the target.

Have some more quotes from other high deegree masons:

>When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.

>First Conjuration Addressed to Emperor Lucifer. Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious Spirits, I adjure thee to leave thine abode, in whatsoever quarter of the world it may be situated and come hither to communicate with me…I command and adjure thee, Emperor Lucifer, as the representative of the mighty living God, and by the power of Emanuel, His only Son…

Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 20:07:45Z No. 4427338


Memes are NEVER notable. Deal with it.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 20:07:49Z No. 4427339


>slang for?


Anonymous ID: 93414e 2018-12-22 20:07:53Z No. 4427340


Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 20:08:14Z No. 4427341


Such a gross breed of earth dwellers.

Anonymous ID: bdf159 2018-12-22 20:08:15Z No. 4427342


makes this anon wonder why you attack a POTENTIAL platform that KILLS BANKS…

was it worth the payday??

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 20:08:16Z No. 4427343


Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:08:22Z No. 4427344


nice digits anon

Anonymous ID: fa4463 2018-12-22 20:08:37Z No. 4427345

Spirit Guides are real anons. Follow your intuition and BE BEST!

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:08:39Z No. 4427346


Who'd have ever thunk OC would be smart enough to put enough words together to actually HELP us? It's a fuking Christmas Miracle!

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 20:08:42Z No. 4427347

'Good' masons.


*sharp intake of breath*


(((They))) must be new.

Anonymous ID: ea3b33 2018-12-22 20:08:43Z No. 4427348

30 more days to the 2 year anniversary.

1-21-2017 Greatest speech ever.

Understood, Mr. President.

You had me that day with "No Columns."

Let us make it so.

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 20:08:44Z No. 4427349

RAW: Belgian #YellowVests scuffle with police

Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 20:08:47Z No. 4427350



Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:08:54Z No. 4427351


Can't locate this new great illustration of george that's absolutely horrifying in its realness…will have to settle with francis (pic related).

Anonymous ID: 274586 2018-12-22 20:08:57Z No. 4427352

Anonymous ID: 74e4e8 2018-12-22 20:08:59Z No. 4427353




Oh i see youre back to manual posting mr bot operator faggot :)

I am glad my bot research got you faggots panicking… Time to earn the $$ the hard way :)

The attached q post exposed you chatbot op a year ago.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:09:05Z No. 4427354


that's not a meme, It ls an info-graphic, deal with it.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 20:09:06Z No. 4427355



Found 1 Q drop with SB

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 20:09:06Z No. 4427356


Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 20:09:07Z No. 4427357

Anonymous ID: 93414e 2018-12-22 20:09:08Z No. 4427358


Noticed that!

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:09:08Z No. 4427359


Because… It's a secret, like a wifi-password, to keep wack-job nutsos like you from sneaking your ass inside a lodge and harming some kind, old, Christian, man who was encouraged to come there to do some good for his community by a friend, or family member… Is that clear enough?

Anonymous ID: 6178ef 2018-12-22 20:09:13Z No. 4427360

Anonymous ID: b4fef3 2018-12-22 20:09:14Z No. 4427361

So, the gyst is First Call to Santa was a Typo. Haha. Kek.

Anonymous ID: 6620fc 2018-12-22 20:09:15Z No. 4427362


Right. Because if something "borderline" ends up in notables, the sky will fall right? YOU GLOW.

Anonymous ID: 49aaa1 2018-12-22 20:09:21Z No. 4427363



Anonymous ID: e735e3 2018-12-22 20:09:23Z No. 4427364

Philippine lawmaker shot dead at Christmas event

Anonymous ID: d88875 2018-12-22 20:09:25Z No. 4427365


I fail to see the benefit of equating the Wall and Planned Parenthood.

Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 20:09:28Z No. 4427366

It's on!

Anonymous ID: 03512c 2018-12-22 20:09:34Z No. 4427367

Fellow Anons, I have been pondering POTUS tweet regarding "capitalize the word Country" (pic related)

I am including the definition obtained through Webster's and also

Please forgive my delayed dig if already deciphered

What is Capitalize

To capitalize is to record a cost/expense on the balance sheet for

Definition of capitalize

transitive verb

1 : to write or print with an initial capital or in capitals Capitalize the names of cities and states.

2a : to convert into capital capitalize the company's reserve fund

b : to treat as an amortizable investment in long-term capital assets rather than as an ordinary operating expense to be charged against revenue for the period in which it is incurred capitalize development costs

3a : to compute the present value of (an income extended over a period of time)

b : to convert (a periodic payment) into an equivalent capital sum capitalized annuities

4 : to supply capital for

intransitive verb

: to gain by turning something to advantage capitalize on an opponent's mistake

the purposes of delaying full recognition of the expense. In general, capitalizing expenses is beneficial as companies acquiring new assets with long-term lifespans can amortize the costs.

Anonymous ID: fd5073 2018-12-22 20:09:35Z No. 4427368



Shocking but I totally agree with that air head too.

Anonymous ID: a452b2 2018-12-22 20:09:35Z No. 4427369

I hope she dies in a car fire with the windows open so she doesn’t pass out from smoke asphyxiation and has to burn slow. [] []

Anonymous ID: 5a7aa5 2018-12-22 20:09:38Z No. 4427370


Anonymous ID: aded23 2018-12-22 20:09:48Z No. 4427371–Piven_strategy

This was part of the Clinton’s 16 year strategy.

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 20:09:59Z No. 4427373

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 20:10:03Z No. 4427374



sound advice

SB has some stinky connections to account for ala the gamer accusations and banking connections. It's never been fully explained or all the information made available so anon reserves a final call on him until we get all the facts.

Have also said this about LG as he has 20 years of accounting to spill.

Came through on Justice K hearings.

(that was heroic imo…anon stood up and clapped enthusiastically at the time).

using this as example of past optical issues only

Everyone has some skeletons to answer for imo.

The crypto situation needs to have all of the bad actors removed. The entire situation that was allowed to develop in puerto rico has much more to do with crypto's as well as the hurricane. Look into EOS, Tether, Noble bank and Brock Pierce and Marc Rector (handy photo included)

That entire crap with the mayor imo was done because she was promised some cushy job fawning over hilbags in her new,(ha ha!) admin.

ma or whatever you call me

Anonymous ID: 86a993 2018-12-22 20:10:08Z No. 4427375


Wray the guy who allows the shitshow in LV

Trust is earned. Wray has not earned

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:10:14Z No. 4427377

Anonymous ID: cf22c0 2018-12-22 20:10:19Z No. 4427376


She's been speaking truth since she moved to DC…trust the plan??

Anonymous ID: 71988c 2018-12-22 20:10:21Z No. 4427378

>>4425408 (PB)

Tourbillion fund mentioned is one of the host of cult controlled naked short sellers which for last several decades have ravaged to baby biotech markets. The tactical use of economic forces is SOP and no news.

The operators, the crooked hedge funds and "financial Journalists" whose coordinated kayfabe was combined with well orchestrated shill campaigns on social media patronised by day traders.

The biotech strategy was extremely lucrative, a subversive double banger. It blocked innovation and propped up profitable dinosaurs and prevented innovative companies competing in the market place and potentially threatening the dinosaurs themselves.

Cult operated naked short selling was self funding subversion.

The scale of their operations is so vast it can never be exposed. Prosecution would mean an audit of DTCC and the DTCC is the e blackhole of liability the cult naked shorting created. Nobody knows how much - hundreds of trillions ? - an unmeetable liability that would initiate a market apocalypse and rat panic well worth the extra price of heirloom popcorn.

FOIA how many times the Jim Cramer/Adam "Foulmouth" Feurstein cartel has been reported to SEC, FDA, DEA, FBI, and DOJ in SDNY hah pathetic cargo cult regulatory agencies.

One mo' thing, every financial journalist knew about this. And "the bastion of Journalistic Ethics, Columbia Review Journalism took a seven million dollar donation-of-love from Tourbillion not to publish an article furnishing names dates and details, written by one of their own editors.

These crooks, the crooked journalist and bloggers, the hedge fund operators, these are high value pedovores and they've done inestimable harm to the United States.

They believe they will get away with it.

Anonymous ID: 07d1ea 2018-12-22 20:10:25Z No. 4427379


After binge watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" first season, I've concluded that's what the show is really doing.

Anonymous ID: 331c85 2018-12-22 20:10:26Z No. 4427380

It's a little surprising no one has mentioned DJT's tweet regarding (((DARK WINTER))).

I guess the Prez's specific mention of it was lost on most of (((you))).

I'm sure the scenario in the book has no relevance to the current Syria pullout or the prez's mention of it. (/sarc)

WTF?!?! Where's the autism on here when you need it???

"General Anthony Tata, author, “Dark Winter.” I think the President is making the exact right move in Syria. All the geniuses who are protesting the withdrawal of troops from Syria are the same geniuses who cooked the books on ISIS intelligence and gave rise to ISIS.”

9:50 AM · Dec 21, 2018 ·



"In a blistering scenario almost too close to the headlines, former Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata delivers a chillingly authentic glimpse of tomorrow’s wars—and the anonymous hackers who hold the fate of the world at their fingertips . . .

By the time anyone realizes what’s happening, it is too late. A dark network of hackers has infiltrated the computers of the U.S. military, unleashing chaos across the globe. U.S. missiles strike the wrong targets. Defense systems fail. Power grids shut down. Within hours, America’s enemies move in. Russian tanks plow through northern Europe. Iranian troops invade Iraq. North Korean destroys Seoul and fires missiles at Japan.

Phase 1 of ComWar is complete.

Enter Jake Mahegan and his team of highly trained operatives. Their mission is to locate the nerve center of ComWar—aka Computer Optimized Warfare—and to shut down the operation through any means necessary. Mahegan knows it’s a virtual suicide mission. There are three ComWar headquarters, each hidden deep underground in Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Each contains a human biometric nuclear key that the team must capture to shut down the imminent nuclear strikes. Splitting up the team is Mahegan’s only chance to prevent the next wave of cyber attacks. But even that won’t stop the sleeper cell agents—here in the United States . . .

When Phase 2 ends, World War III begins…."

Anonymous ID: bdf159 2018-12-22 20:10:31Z No. 4427381


that "anon" [shill] is projecting…

the anon posting didn't divide–just pointed out 75M boomers saving for retirement their last 10 years of working (lots of us fall in that bucket)


Anonymous ID: 7218c3 2018-12-22 20:10:36Z No. 4427382


i AM everything you claimed to be and probably older & wiser. Heres the problem with your opinion. No matter what you say it will be tainted by "but the guy is a total IDIOT"

That right there mahes you ignorant and all your other opinions VOID.

Tell me again how an idiot becomes a billionaire, President, and moves world leaders into joining him to make peace?

How does an idiot keep winning biggly"

Maybe he doesnt think in and act in the same manner you do and maybe we are all better off he doesnt

Anonymous ID: ae5c39 2018-12-22 20:10:38Z No. 4427383

This bread needs some Spirograph.

Anonymous ID: 6620fc 2018-12-22 20:10:47Z No. 4427384


They can lobby to keep certain things out of Notables, but they can't keep us from archiving and reposting things everywhere we can think of.

Anonymous ID: f79d26 2018-12-22 20:10:51Z No. 4427385


POTUS is negotiating the Democrats surrender and incarceration.

Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 20:10:53Z No. 4427386


No it isn't.

Anonymous ID: 317d3a 2018-12-22 20:11:01Z No. 4427387


Holy fuck you are a God damn retartd.

Keep being a God damn sheep.

You should take your faggot ass back to Facebook where you belong.

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 20:11:10Z No. 4427388




Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:11:11Z No. 4427389


You're seriously considering too, otherwise you would have typed "Stalp" instead of "stop"

Freddy, the real happiness isn't here making dope ass memes about Toots (God rest his soul), it's out THERE… in real life!

Somewhere out there, there's a nerd like you wanting your companionship.

Can't find them here being anonymous Freddy.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 20:11:13Z No. 4427390


My monies are on Gawker

They can't keep losing these lawsuits forever

Anonymous ID: 68c28b 2018-12-22 20:11:14Z No. 4427391


Pehaps he got his foreskin stuck in his zipper!

Anonymous ID: 2a2635 2018-12-22 20:11:16Z No. 4427392


this is


Anonymous ID: cbb547 2018-12-22 20:11:20Z No. 4427393


Look at the last drop signed by Q+

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 20:11:30Z No. 4427394


Anonymous ID: b4fef3 2018-12-22 20:11:37Z No. 4427395

>>4427361 forgot the screen cap

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 20:11:42Z No. 4427396

Anonymous ID: cfb5cd 2018-12-22 20:11:47Z No. 4427397

Doom boner

props to GSD/LTD of geelpee

Anonymous ID: 115c1a 2018-12-22 20:11:47Z No. 4427398


I think he is trying to define the wall that he promised as the steel barrier. TBH, I like the spiked steel better than concrete.

Additionally, he helps the steel industry instead of the "concrete" industry (Cemex)

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:11:50Z No. 4427399


exactly, if it is posted here and the anons think it's relevant it will spread. All that matters to me is helping the great awakening.

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:11:51Z No. 4427400


It's like a lock on a door… Same as decent folks like myself have to keep people like (((you))) out. Except when you come to lodge, you cannot pick my lock. And if you try, my Tyler puts a sword (or a slug) through your chest. (In theory. But, no one ever tries).

Anonymous ID: b89401 2018-12-22 20:12:02Z No. 4427401

Awwww France is so lovable with their investigating of corporations and protests.

typical reddit, giving sections higher weighted ratios over others to make it appear more important.

Anonymous ID: 30f643 2018-12-22 20:12:05Z No. 4427402

>>4425052 pb

It looks like a tranny, dresses like a tranny, so it might actually BE a tranny!

Anonymous ID: 1ca404 2018-12-22 20:12:08Z No. 4427403



Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 20:12:26Z No. 4427404


The motto is 'make good people better'.

→ selfishness and wisdom (light, lucifer) over charity and love (God)

Masons swear secret oaths. They are not allowed to name fellow brothers or talk about masonic stuff outside of the lodge.

They have to help brothers whatsoever….also as policemen, judge, …

In higher degrees: lucifer, blood sacrifice.

You think Chelsea Clinton is wearing the satanic cross for fun? Rothschild wearing baphomet for fun?

Anonymous ID: b90048 2018-12-22 20:12:27Z No. 4427405



Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 20:12:28Z No. 4427406


Seriously considering she may be a well placed Pied Piper to lead Bernie Bro socialists to The Light.


Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:12:30Z No. 4427407


You are a clueless moron.

Kill the banks for a currency that no one but a shadow figure controls?

Who's in charge there?

What's it backed by? Nothing? Then it's no dif than the fiat we've got now, eh?

And have ya heard the one about how peeps keep getting their accounts wiped?

Yeah it's a special kind of stoopid that drools on crypto

Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 20:12:35Z No. 4427408


Faith = taking God at His Word.

Anonymous ID: fb9465 2018-12-22 20:12:42Z No. 4427409


Cemex turned down the contract to build the wall.

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 20:12:46Z No. 4427410

Anonymous ID: b89401 2018-12-22 20:12:53Z No. 4427411


picture, forgot to attach.

Anonymous ID: 2a2635 2018-12-22 20:12:55Z No. 4427412


Anonymous ID: 329d7d 2018-12-22 20:12:57Z No. 4427413


Strange, of the two I briefly looked at it seemed gesara was the moar stable option. Would need that video of POTUS if true.


noticed that as well, tracked their posts..bitching about Huber then triggered by ending the FED.

haven't had my covfefe yet so not in BTFO mood, nailed the don't look at mason/jew nigger earlier.

agreed, pointing out labels isn't dividing. POTUS calls a spade a spade as well.

Anonymous ID: 39024b 2018-12-22 20:13:01Z No. 4427414


time 33

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:13:01Z No. 4427415









Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 20:13:01Z No. 4427416









Anonymous ID: 7b0b2d 2018-12-22 20:13:04Z No. 4427417


Anonymous ID: 8fdc87 2018-12-22 20:13:10Z No. 4427418

Rio to Field Fully Licensed Death Squads (Licensed to Kill)

As many as 120 sharpshooters will accompany police incursions into the slums of Brazil’s postcard city to exterminate gun-toting criminals, according to Flavio Pacca, a longtime associate of Witzel who the governor-elect’s press office said will join the administration. The shooters will work in pairs – one to pull the trigger, one to monitor conditions and videotape deaths.

This was what they had planned for us, they never thought she would loose.

Anonymous ID: 5e8bcb 2018-12-22 20:13:35Z No. 4427419

AOC - this will not go down too well with her boss Pelosi.

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:13:47Z No. 4427420


See what, dummy?

You are just a nuisance and a trouble-maker. I believe they call that a "LARPing-faggot" around here.

Anonymous ID: 115c1a 2018-12-22 20:13:49Z No. 4427421


Thanks anon. Did not know that. Even better.

Anonymous ID: acb14c 2018-12-22 20:13:50Z No. 4427422

Anonymous ID: 37e934 2018-12-22 20:13:51Z No. 4427423


Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump


The crisis of illegal activity at our Southern Border is real and will not stop until we build a great Steel Barrier or Wall. Let work begin!

3:03 PM · Dec 22, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone


Time to start the wall

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:13:59Z No. 4427424

Not to cause a slide but can any anon link to a GOOD (as in well researched or high production value) boobtube video on crop circles. I'm taking a break from my regular research and I've always been utterly fascinated by the complexities of some the design.

If they've been debunked, fine. If you give me a video claiming it's all alien technology, fine. Just a worthwhile movie/documentary to watch.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

Anonymous ID: a0b831 2018-12-22 20:14:16Z No. 4427425


Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 20:14:31Z No. 4427426


1 = George Washington Portrait in oval

2 = Whoever is taking the picture (Q team perhaps?)

3 = SS agents, or miller

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:14:36Z No. 4427428

Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 20:14:40Z No. 4427427


And you are a fucking slide. KYS.

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 20:14:59Z No. 4427429


this same thing happened to someone else yesterday. killed by a 'stray' bullet.

Anonymous ID: 166905 2018-12-22 20:15:03Z No. 4427430



Anonymous ID: 03512c 2018-12-22 20:15:11Z No. 4427431


My Apologies Anons. Attempt 2 without the posting errors/jumbling

Fellow Anons, I have been pondering POTUS tweet regarding "capitalize the word Country" (pic related)

I am including the definition obtained through Webster's and also

Please forgive my delayed dig if already deciphered

Definition of capitalize

transitive verb

1 : to write or print with an initial capital or in capitals Capitalize the names of cities and states.

2a : to convert into capital capitalize the company's reserve fund

b : to treat as an amortizable investment in long-term capital assets rather than as an ordinary operating expense to be charged against revenue for the period in which it is incurred capitalize development costs

3a : to compute the present value of (an income extended over a period of time)

b : to convert (a periodic payment) into an equivalent capital sum capitalized annuities

4 : to supply capital for

intransitive verb

: to gain by turning something to advantage capitalize on an opponent's mistake

What is Capitalize

To capitalize is to record a cost/expense on the balance sheet for the purposes of delaying full recognition of the expense. In general, capitalizing expenses is beneficial as companies acquiring new assets with long-term lifespans can amortize the costs.

Anonymous ID: b3a8a3 2018-12-22 20:15:13Z No. 4427432


Maybe something like this?

Anonymous ID: 5bc462 2018-12-22 20:15:15Z No. 4427433



Anonymous ID: b0b931 2018-12-22 20:15:22Z No. 4427434

Yo Chuckie. You think this thru?

Anonymous ID: 6620fc 2018-12-22 20:15:26Z No. 4427435


Generally speaking, real Anons will provide positive affirmation when something is good and ignore when something is flimsy. The only entities who go out of their way to declare things "NOT NOTABLE" or "FAKE AND GAY" are the shills. I make sure to spread and pay attention to whatever triggers the shills.

Anonymous ID: 9829b1 2018-12-22 20:15:27Z No. 4427436

New senate majority in Jan 2019 to vote on the wall

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 20:15:27Z No. 4427437

Roman soldiers carried shields made of thick wood soaked in water. The flames of the enemies literally snuffed out.


Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 20:15:49Z No. 4427438


>great Steel Barrier or Wall



Anonymous ID: 54303d 2018-12-22 20:15:57Z No. 4427439

Yellow Vests going for a surprise 'Act VI' down in France.

They seem as vital as ever, they smell victory, they won't budge, they represent such a big majority of the population aaannnd they know their history and the precedents therein.

One said 'Macron only cares for his comfort and his Brigitte, well we want to see Brigitte naked on top of a woodpile', or something to that effect.

Lots of videolinks in link below.

Anonymous ID: 3f920b 2018-12-22 20:15:57Z No. 4427440



Anonymous ID: 93414e 2018-12-22 20:16:01Z No. 4427441






11 Nov 2018 - 9:58:18 AM

Let the unsealing begin.

Let the DEC[L]AS begin.

Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.

We, the PEOPLE.



Anonymous ID: 30f643 2018-12-22 20:16:08Z No. 4427442


Congress excuses themselves a lot from the shit they hand down to the people, obamacare, SS (they have their very own retirement plan separate from the sheeple), unpaid furlongs, etc. bout time that shit stopped.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:16:09Z No. 4427443

Anonymous ID: c35ea5 2018-12-22 20:16:10Z No. 4427444


Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:16:17Z No. 4427445


"They're everywhere… Arrrrggghhhh" - (You)

There are millions of members around the world… You saw a few on television a few times…


Anonymous ID: 51dbe3 2018-12-22 20:16:28Z No. 4427446


If Trump withholds PP money, they will give him the wall to stop that.

If they don't, PP is no longer government funded.

It's a win either way.

Anonymous ID: 21c3b9 2018-12-22 20:16:47Z No. 4427447


Consider Steel Barrier to possibly mean something else. A Christopher Steele Barrier

Anonymous ID: cf22c0 2018-12-22 20:16:48Z No. 4427448


IF the Dem controlled house approves a bill to fund the WALL. Catch 22?

Anonymous ID: bdf159 2018-12-22 20:16:52Z No. 4427449


but the Q&A question was "do we have the gold?"

Q answer in context was "yes–gold will destroy FED"

Matches prior Q&A answer from Q on FED (Federal Reserve) in saying the STRUCTURE of the FED will change.

That probably means he will nationalize the FED and move the USD from a "Federal Reserve Note" [FIAT currency] to true money–GOLD-BACKED USD

Anonymous ID: a84320 2018-12-22 20:16:52Z No. 4427450



Anonymous ID: 390a5b 2018-12-22 20:16:59Z No. 4427451


<(1) late bread

<don't call out masons, masons are fine guys


Anonymous ID: 2be56f 2018-12-22 20:17:01Z No. 4427452

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:17:03Z No. 4427453


Another with a partially bricked wall covering the PP logo- with a trowel and mud.

Anonymous ID: 07d1ea 2018-12-22 20:17:08Z No. 4427454


THIS is the sort of stuff I come here for. Would've gone right over my head. Congrats, Anon!

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:17:09Z No. 4427455



[10] delta between Comey resignation Tweet and POTUS Southern Border build Steel Barrier

Are we talking about the FIREWALLS from previous Q

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 20:17:15Z No. 4427456

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 20:17:17Z No. 4427457


Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:17:22Z No. 4427458



Anonymous ID: 4e6fb0 2018-12-22 20:17:22Z No. 4427459


almost like she knows it will never happen but wants the cred anyway

Anonymous ID: 1109fa 2018-12-22 20:17:22Z No. 4427460

Was shopping at the local Dollar Tree & guess what they are selling….YELLOW VESTS! So, of course, this Anon had to get one…just to support our French Patriots who are fighting against the NWO Cabal!

Anonymous ID: b0f8ab 2018-12-22 20:17:27Z No. 4427461


Anonymous ID: 21a0cf 2018-12-22 20:17:29Z No. 4427462


Compartmentalised. You work for Satan.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 20:17:50Z No. 4427463


Try again

Anonymous ID: b1c110 2018-12-22 20:17:53Z No. 4427464

Anonymous ID: 9829b1 2018-12-22 20:18:03Z No. 4427465


house approved bill to be passed by new Senate in Jan 2019 …. shutdown will occur until new senate

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:18:04Z No. 4427466


Again, any help would be most appreciated.

Anonymous ID: a5c20b 2018-12-22 20:18:10Z No. 4427467

The Senate is adjourning and going into Executive Session for the rest of the day and won't reconvene until 11am on Monday.

Anonymous ID: 135855 2018-12-22 20:18:10Z No. 4427468


Bitcoin for instance has some scaling problems, the more people use it, the bigger the blockchain gets, the harder it is to manage.

Anonymous ID: e980cc 2018-12-22 20:18:18Z No. 4427469


Christopher STEELE and BARRY(ER) Soetoro

Anonymous ID: 0b31d4 2018-12-22 20:18:20Z No. 4427470


A sharing.

Martin Luther King. One of the greatest men produced by this country; this world. Not a perfect man. That's the point (who is?). His fundamental msg was that we're all individuals. That what we look like matters not at all in comparison to what we are on the inside. What we think. What we feel. What we STAND for. What are we willing to sacrifice for?

A farm boy from a desert planet.

A farm girl from Kansas.

A couple tin men.

A couple furry monsters.

A couple magical advisers.

A couple charming idiots.

What do they have in common? They found themselves in a world not of their making. Faced with a choice. Bury their heads and pretend that the world was lacking the WRONG, or STAND and do what little they could.

They chose to STAND. They chose to be the Heroes of their own Story. To put what little weight they had onto the back of the WRONG; trying to drag it down. A grain of sand is little; light; almost nothing. Those grains add up, though. Don't want a beach to fall on ones head, yeah?

What if the fate of the World rested on the decisions that each of us make? What if the fate of every single person living and yet to live rested on the decisions made now. Today. Will/Can one STAND?

It's hard grained into our biology to be discriminating; based on looks. Tall/short. Skinny/fat. Hairy/not. Black/white. Male/female. For the purpose of reproduction. Can't have kids with a tree…no goat fucker is going to pass his genes down that way…

Does it matter what one looks like for the purpose of friendship? For partnership in the fight for FREEDOM? Of course not. "WWG1WGA" isn't just some slick marketing slogan. We're all in this together. Rise or Fall TOGETHER.

If Santa looked like Krampus, would we send those gifts back? Not the kids in this house…

If the battle buddy in the foxhole next to (you) was a spaghetti monster, would we refuse their help? Not anyone with a brain in their head… It's all about what one is willing to STAND for; SACRIFICE for.

What if…Our Freedom, our Lives, our CHILDREN depended on being better than we've been? What if we have a Choice to make? What if…the President can't move onto the next step Until. Until one were to STAND. We are each that ONE. The fate of the world. It's up to (you).

Many are capable. Which Ones will?

STAND. Be the Hero of your own story.

What's in a name, My'Anon?

Be Worthy.



Anonymous ID: 1ca404 2018-12-22 20:18:29Z No. 4427471


There is no where more compartmentalized than Hell.

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:18:31Z No. 4427472



build = destroy

Steele Barrier = One of the Firewalls

Anonymous ID: 5a5ac4 2018-12-22 20:18:32Z No. 4427473


Not many people have guns in Brazil, so this new legislation specifically targets the fight against cartels in the favelas.

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 20:18:36Z No. 4427474


>Truth is, I could care less if it is in the notables,

Fair enough. You didn't self-nom.

My "not notable" reply is for those that do.

Notables are not endorsements, but there is an understanding that they've gone through baker/anon screening. Our detractors have this understanding, and so do newcomers. If we lower our standards of "sure, why not" to appease feelz w/easy trophies, that's exactly how we appear. If the world can't take our work seriously it makes it difficult to take the Q movement seriously.

As a rule, we should be very stringent and conservative regarding dated predictions. If the prediction is an analysis based on real events – e.g. expected out comes on upcoming hearings. But to make dated predictions based on number play and cryptic signals should not. Fun to play and get your idea out there in case it proves true, but spit-balling should never be notable.

>>4427362, >>4427435

>The only entities who go out of their way to declare things "NOT NOTABLE" or "FAKE AND GAY" are the shills.


Many anons call out "fake & gay" when shills or newbs try to get bs or fluff in notables. We're just trying to make our standards transparent, so that we can uphold those standards together.

Not saying "sky will fall" – that's a strawman.

Could as easily go the other way:

will the sky fall if something ''doesn't" get noted?

To pathologize a desire to do good work as you just did is an (((Alinsky))) tactic.

So is using someone's rules against them.


But by their projection will we know them.

Anonymous ID: 42f7cd 2018-12-22 20:18:37Z No. 4427475


well, it is a target….

Anonymous ID: d3ea16 2018-12-22 20:18:37Z No. 4427476

Trump calling attention to SB2?

Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 20:18:48Z No. 4427477



Anonymous ID: edf2fb 2018-12-22 20:18:59Z No. 4427478


Anonymous ID: 9ae5fb 2018-12-22 20:19:04Z No. 4427479


Anonymous ID: 78d25c 2018-12-22 20:19:22Z No. 4427480


Call me a fucking faggot if you like.. you are still being a God damn brainwashed retard.

Be wrong I don't fucking care.

But you are acting like a dumb nigger

Anonymous ID: 1ca404 2018-12-22 20:19:33Z No. 4427482



Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 20:19:37Z No. 4427483


That Spiked Steel Barrier sounds pretty cool you can even see through it

Plus, you can still buy coke through the slats.

Everybody wins

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:19:37Z No. 4427484


Shit yeah Toots (God rest his soul) is in my head.

Sometimes I call my own cat "Toots" in honor of teh lil fighter.

You're too cool for this place Freddy, this is a forum of Sheep now.

It is time you find your "other".

May the faggot be with you on your travels.

Anonymous ID: ae5c39 2018-12-22 20:19:46Z No. 4427485

When the winning is redefined to winning in action not just some fanciful theory - I will completely re-endorse until then - I am here to support anons and bring up nuances.

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:19:51Z No. 4427486


They didn't add it to notables because IT WAS NOT NOTABLE

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 20:20:00Z No. 4427488


Who is the #1 in blockchain patents?

The crypto shit is the BANKS

Anonymous ID: 274586 2018-12-22 20:20:01Z No. 4427489



Or is she really that naive?

Anonymous ID: 1e7dda 2018-12-22 20:20:29Z No. 4427490


Pray for these guys, they are in the belly of the beast, in Brussels.

Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:20:30Z No. 4427491


>"capitalize the word Country"

Weird dichotomy as I believe the united states of America (lower case) is what the Country original drafted as.

Anonymous ID: b0b931 2018-12-22 20:20:36Z No. 4427492


Still requires 60 votes. 7 short

Anonymous ID: 325e72 2018-12-22 20:20:43Z No. 4427493

Anonymous ID: b1c110 2018-12-22 20:20:46Z No. 4427494


At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we shall forget them.

Anonymous ID: 399f06 2018-12-22 20:20:48Z No. 4427495

"Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light." – Bruce Lee

Anonymous ID: d155cb 2018-12-22 20:20:57Z No. 4427496

Anonymous ID: ee5047 2018-12-22 20:20:58Z No. 4427497


Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:21:02Z No. 4427498


Damn… she's got legs just like I like 'em.

Feet on one end, pussy on the other.

Anonymous ID: d94222 2018-12-22 20:21:04Z No. 4427499


I saved that one too, anon. Great work.

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:21:10Z No. 4427500


Your argument is moot when things that are much less noteworthy than all the connections to January 19th are put into notables all the time, but I'm done arguing, the information is out, mission accomplished.

Anonymous ID: 00b29f 2018-12-22 20:21:17Z No. 4427501


This is great. Thank you.

Anonymous ID: 51dbe3 2018-12-22 20:21:18Z No. 4427502


Those are good!

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 20:21:21Z No. 4427503

Anonymous ID: 5a7aa5 2018-12-22 20:21:24Z No. 4427504


If you follow the white rabbit and watch the water,the faithless will be replenished, seriously.

Ever looked closely at the first two pictures. Where would this go on a clockface?

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 20:21:31Z No. 4427505


Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:21:32Z No. 4427506


Thank you Anon

Anonymous ID: 7ad5fd 2018-12-22 20:21:32Z No. 4427507


unless they go with the nuclear option (potus tweets yesterday) and they change the Senate pass to a straight majority of 51

Anonymous ID: 37e934 2018-12-22 20:21:37Z No. 4427508


Baker notable

Anonymous ID: 34c4d4 2018-12-22 20:21:45Z No. 4427509


No… I don't.

But I completely understand how you newfags here would think this. You literally understand nothing and are paranoid about everything.

It's okay… The good ex-Mason is here to talk you through your tough times, anon. ;)

Hey, have you ever read, "Mein Kampf'?

Anonymous ID: d2130c 2018-12-22 20:21:45Z No. 4427510

orange man bad.

Anonymous ID: c371cd 2018-12-22 20:21:47Z No. 4427511



Anonymous ID: fd5073 2018-12-22 20:21:49Z No. 4427512


Close but not a match.

Can you find the image that does match?

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:21:57Z No. 4427513


Couldn't find my stash of Vanderbilt imagery, so let's go with toned legs and killer eyes….and slick willie.

Anonymous ID: 00b29f 2018-12-22 20:22:07Z No. 4427514


School's out, had to threaten holiday shoppers.

Anonymous ID: f381e1 2018-12-22 20:22:10Z No. 4427515

Looks like they never stopped building it, while the spectacular spectacle within the movie continues

Anonymous ID: 4ff58f 2018-12-22 20:22:13Z No. 4427516


Anonymous ID: a90288 2018-12-22 20:22:17Z No. 4427517


Notable Police.

Anonymous ID: b0b931 2018-12-22 20:22:17Z No. 4427518


They could have done that now.

Anonymous ID: 7218c3 2018-12-22 20:22:32Z No. 4427519


NO, none of those can be done to a word. You are either overthinking, high or a slider


Did you realy read & comrehend in under 2 mins or are you working as a team?

Anonymous ID: 9829b1 2018-12-22 20:22:33Z No. 4427520


nuke option enabled

Anonymous ID: ea5308 2018-12-22 20:22:39Z No. 4427521


>>4426824, >>4426957 POTUS lunch today re: Money Laundering Threats from US Treasury Reports this wk

>>4426825 POTUS 12min Δ message

>>4426827 Comey thinks treason is ethical

>>4426819 FF @Raleigh, NC

>>4426821, >>4426831, >>4426836 Analysis; This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

>>4426841 US anti-ISIS coalition envoy quits amid apparent split in Trump admin over Syria pullout

>>4426843 Another curious flight

>>4426846 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's father dies

>>4426856 pdf useful for redpill on Agenda 21

>>4426866 graph on receipt for U1 transaction by the NRC

>>4426890 Missouri - Pedophile BTFO'd (265 yrs)

>>4426912 Dershowitz responds to pedo accusation

>>4426915 Oil prices are getting scary: Former Shell Oil president

>>4426972 Greece: Massive increase of attacks on Christian symbols and Orthodox churches

>>4426987 England gets schooled on Democracy by Putin

>>4427070, >>4427079 Melania and Barron head to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas, without Trump

>>4427083 Schumer-VP meeting

>>4427279 Revealed: The military grade tech police used to defeat Gatwick drone culprits

>>4427313 New DJT

>>4427324 Ocasio-Cortez calls for congressional salaries to be furloughed during next shutdown

>>4427364 Philippine lawmaker shot dead at Christmas event

>>4427297 old envelope meme

Anonymous ID: 798581 2018-12-22 20:22:44Z No. 4427522


Anonymous ID: 029c10 2018-12-22 20:22:45Z No. 4427523


OLD news

Anonymous ID: 7102e4 2018-12-22 20:22:46Z No. 4427524

Merry Christmas, Q!

Anonymous ID: d88875 2018-12-22 20:22:51Z No. 4427525


Why make withholding PP money dependent on what happens with the Wall? Because the Wall IS GOING TO GET BUILT. You want PP funded? Dumb idea.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 20:22:51Z No. 4427526


Anonymous ID: d2130c 2018-12-22 20:22:56Z No. 4427527


orange man bad

Anonymous ID: 38db01 2018-12-22 20:23:03Z No. 4427528


Hmmmmm, short illness.

What's up wit dat?

Heart attacks can be deadly?

Anonymous ID: 4444b3 2018-12-22 20:23:10Z No. 4427529


>Buybacks were a big part of Obama's fake recovery.

Enormous. Schitt's banking on that the general public is ignorant of that fact.

When he gets called out on it, he'll just move on to another lie.

Anonymous ID: 0d4566 2018-12-22 20:23:14Z No. 4427530


>Reading Albert Pike's 'Morals and Dogma' now. >Mason's (not one myself) seem to be good guys >who want to be better guys.

Yup, you're just a normal 'non-mason' anon like us who just happens to be reading an Albert Pike book and on-balance thinks they're good people.

That totally passes the fucking sniff test.

How fucken dumb do you think we are?

You're like bugs bunny in a dress, not fooling anyone except Elmer Fudd and he's a fucking idiot.

Fuck you cunts are duuuuumb.

Anonymous ID: 6026b6 2018-12-22 20:23:17Z No. 4427531


Is that DC?

Anonymous ID: a452b2 2018-12-22 20:23:25Z No. 4427532



That is SS

Sloppy Steve

Anonymous ID: 1d58ce 2018-12-22 20:23:36Z No. 4427533


Ooh yeah. Shale drilling in No Dak, Bakken and Three Forks and etc is stopping now for many operators.

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 20:23:39Z No. 4427534


Anonymous ID: d8860e 2018-12-22 20:23:43Z No. 4427535

>>4427345 think mirror

Anonymous ID: ae5c39 2018-12-22 20:23:46Z No. 4427536


lol weiner will take you the cloud 9

Anonymous ID: 00b29f 2018-12-22 20:23:55Z No. 4427537


This is what I don't get. Ann Coulter & friends getTing so angry saying nothing is happening while the WALL IS BEING BUILT

Anonymous ID: d2130c 2018-12-22 20:23:57Z No. 4427538


orange man bad

Anonymous ID: 27e1d8 2018-12-22 20:24:02Z No. 4427539


Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

see: Hebrews 11

Anonymous ID: 9dc989 2018-12-22 20:24:08Z No. 4427540


Again, wasn't criticizing you.

Was criticizing elevating it to notable.


>Your argument is moot when things that are much less noteworthy than all the connections to January 19th are put into notables

This is also a bullshit argument.

>ME: Let's apply standards

>YOU: "But if you can't always apply them you should never apply them!"

We're here to use logic, not feelz

Anonymous ID: 772e86 2018-12-22 20:24:08Z No. 4427542

BOOM! I believe ware in Q’s 10 days of darkness NOW…during SHUTDOWN. 12/22-12/27 is 6 days. 4 after that to 12/31?

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:24:09Z No. 4427541


Nice meme. Grabbed it. I'm surrounded by negative lefties so I've been working on just that advice. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous ID: 3f920b 2018-12-22 20:24:10Z No. 4427543


True enough to be sure.

But im thinking no.

Even conservative women get abortions cuz they like fucking but dont want a baby to stop their career aspirations.

Guilting them into supporting the wall is off.

Two divisive issues at once is too much and you know lefty bitches hate it.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:24:14Z No. 4427544

Anonymous ID: fa4463 2018-12-22 20:24:35Z No. 4427547

n 2012, the coroner’s office amended its original 1981 report, officially raising the possibility of Wood being struck and killed before she entered the water: “…this Medical Examiner is unable to exclude non-volitional, unplanned entry into the water…The location of the bruises, the multiplicity of the bruises, lack of head trauma, or facial bruising support bruising having occurred prior to the entry into the water. Since there are many unanswered questions and limited additional evidence available for evaluation, it is opined by this Medical Examiner that the manner of death should be left as undetermined.”

Why was this article written about a movie 35 years old and an actress who died 37 years ago? Why would one insane anon be beating the "Brainstorm" drum for 8 months?

The Great Awakening is the toughest fight in our history. And destroying a 6000 year old death cult is not easy.

"Brainstorm" was a declaration of war. See if you can see what characters are OUR guys.

Anonymous ID: 644e7a 2018-12-22 20:24:37Z No. 4427548


Or pneumonia

Anonymous ID: 274586 2018-12-22 20:24:38Z No. 4427549


No, it's just to compare the illogic of funding one yet not funding the other.

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 20:24:41Z No. 4427550

Anonymous ID: b90048 2018-12-22 20:24:43Z No. 4427551


Anonymous ID: 5855c5 2018-12-22 20:24:44Z No. 4427552


If you don't know the plan, you can't trust it

the plan is in the crumbs

Anonymous ID: 63f8f5 2018-12-22 20:24:48Z No. 4427553




=> 2x SB or SB2

Anonymous ID: e14cbb 2018-12-22 20:24:51Z No. 4427555


>>4427297 (You) old envelope meme

fucking kek, now it's notable. I'm gonna go kill zombies. Have a great day anons.

Anonymous ID: 1908ba 2018-12-22 20:24:58Z No. 4427557


senate vote on the 27th then? damn it….

Anonymous ID: 51dbe3 2018-12-22 20:24:58Z No. 4427558


You do know that your tax dollars are currently funding PP right???????

And no one is doing anything to stop that right?

So it serves to bring it to the forefront.

Anonymous ID: 561638 2018-12-22 20:25:16Z No. 4427560


I think it's easier to capture them, line them up bring out a bucket of pigs blood, dip the tips of the bullets in the blood and shoot all but one of the muzzies. Send him back to his village to tell them how they are being killed.

*If pigs blood enters a muzzie they don't go to heaven.

Anonymous ID: ae5c39 2018-12-22 20:25:21Z No. 4427561


No That is physics graphed - kinda thing - E=mc2 and the tensors that cross the 4 acknowledged dimensions.

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:25:25Z No. 4427562


Die nigger

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 20:25:32Z No. 4427563

Anonymous ID: d2130c 2018-12-22 20:25:34Z No. 4427565


orange man really bad.

Anonymous ID: 5cb707 2018-12-22 20:25:35Z No. 4427564


That nigger not even in prison yet

And they already beatin his ass for baby rapin

He be fucked now and we be happy

Anonymous ID: 0cdb9a 2018-12-22 20:25:38Z No. 4427566

In a recent article at the Columbia Law Review a few of the crimes of the Obama Administration were discussed –

The Obama Administration’s efforts to sign and implement a nuclear agreement with Iran with limited if any congressional input, and at times in violation of federal law, is a particularly important example of Democratic constitu­tional hardball. This particular example failed to make it into books and essays critical of the Obama Administration, including Lawless, because it played out toward the end of the Administration, and many of the details of the Administration’s hardball tactics became matters of public knowledge and controversy only after President Obama had left office.

The far-left Columbia Review continued by reciting Obama’s lies to push the Iran deal –

To sell the deal, the Administration found it necessary to lie to the American public about its origins. The Administration began secret negoti­a­tions with Iran in mid-2012.

When reporter James Rosen asked at a press conference about rumors regarding these negotiations, the State Department spokesperson lied and denied that “government-to-government” talks were underway. (Obama’s State Department Deliberately Cut Embarrassing Questions from Press Briefing Video, Wash. Post (June 1, 2016) – Remarkably, someone in the Administration later had a staff member delete a portion of a video of a news conference showing Rosen asking a spokesperson whether the Administration had lied about the Iran negotiations.) Administration officials told the public that engagement with Iran began in 2013. The Administration claimed that it was “tak[ing] advantage of a new political reality in Iran, which came about because of elections that brought moderates to power in that country.”

As David Samuels reported in the New York Times Magazine, this story of nascent moderation in the Iranian government “was largely manufactured for the purpose for selling the deal.”

The Obama administration reportedly participated in many illegal activities to push the Iran deal, as noted by the Columbia Law Review, but one piece of information laid out was that –

The Obama Administration also spied on U.S. opponents of the Iran deal, both in Congress and in private pro-Israel organizations.

Pro-Israel activists reported that the Administration seemed to know exactly what they were saying and doing, and acted accordingly.

There have also been serious allegations that the Obama Administration undermined federal law enforcement efforts against the Hezbollah terrorist group to placate Hezbollah’s Iranian backers.

One of the countries that Obama spied on was Israel –

The US spied on the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, because of concerns he would derail the Iran nuclear deal, according to a new account of surveillance operations.

Despite Barack Obama’s promise to curtail eavesdropping on allies in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations about the scale and scope of US activities, the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance included phone conversations between top Israeli officials, US congressmen and American-Jewish groups, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Obama hated Netanyahu and Israel and the Iran deal itself supported this –

This year the Mainstream Media reported through “a source” that the Trump team hired an Israeli outfit to find dirt on the Obama Administration related to the Iran deal. The outfit by the name of Black Cube denied that the Trump team had anything to do with their work in this matter.

Also, Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos reported that he was handed $10,000 in 2017 in Israel and he now believes that this may have been a setup where the Deep State tried to implicate the Trump team, through him, to Israel in illegal activities. After being handed the money in Israel, when Papadopoulos landed in the US, he was held against his will before he passed through customs and all his belongings were searched for what he now believes was the $10,000. Fortunately for Papadopoulos, he left the money with an attorney in Europe.


Anonymous ID: 9829b1 2018-12-22 20:25:41Z No. 4427567

Let the unsealing begin !!!

Anonymous ID: 1ca404 2018-12-22 20:25:47Z No. 4427568


Droning. The new form of terrorism.

Just shutdown any major airport with a coordinated group of menacing drone flyovers.

Anonymous ID: d8860e 2018-12-22 20:25:50Z No. 4427569


So if one Seargeant in army is dope dealer, whole army is dope dealing?

Anonymous ID: ed0600 2018-12-22 20:25:53Z No. 4427570


Not into dudes, unless they're my size (6'3" and 260) for clothing reezins

Freddy, don't stop coming here and making DOPE ASS MEMES, your talents are YUGELY desired.

But what if you transferred your talents to the GOOD side?

We already have fake news, MSM and shills.

Your voice is muted among your own competition.

A guy with your skills, and you're obviously a Patriot, could do a lot of good for this movement. As gake and fay as it currently is.

Something to consider.

Anonymous ID: e37e29 2018-12-22 20:26:03Z No. 4427571


Cheers anon. On my way now. Thanks a million for taking the time to share.

Anonymous ID: 6c33d1 2018-12-22 20:26:14Z No. 4427572


Anonymous ID: 166905 2018-12-22 20:26:14Z No. 4427573


Muh sides are split asunder

[m3hb0t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]****,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: 3faba9 2018-12-22 20:26:24Z No. 4427574


That's a lotta homo expansion from a bot

Anonymous ID: b0306b 2018-12-22 20:26:26Z No. 4427576

Anonymous ID: 3cb441 2018-12-22 20:26:28Z No. 4427577



Anonymous ID: 340ca7 2018-12-22 20:26:40Z No. 4427579



Nov 11 2018 12:58:18 (EST)

Let the unsealing begin.

Let the DEC[L]AS begin.

Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.

We, the PEOPLE.



Anonymous ID: 31dcd9 2018-12-22 20:26:45Z No. 4427580

Guess the reason they donn't want the wall is that they will find themselves lined up against it!

Anonymous ID: d2130c 2018-12-22 20:26:46Z No. 4427581


orange man bad.

Anonymous ID: ea5308 2018-12-22 20:26:56Z No. 4427583

Neos Artos