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Q Research General #7840: Lights on Nightshift Edition

Q Research General #7840: Lights on Nightshift Edition Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:31:44Z No. 6130324

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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>>5967516 ————————————–——– Define ‘Bait’.

>>5967079 ————————————–——– On the move.

>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

>>5966375 ————————————–——– Data streams accessible?

>>5966027 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party. (Cap: >>5981933)

Thursday 03.28.2019

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>>6129610 New DJT -what the Ds doing with border is TREASONOUS

>>6129737 New DJT rt DHS -McAleenan sworn in

>>6129812 New DJT -Too bad EU being tough on UK… gonna have to get tough on EU (paraphrase)

>>6129824, >>6129890 more Wyss digs

>>6129762 Apple Music Censors Songs about Tiananmen Square Massacre for Chinese Gov

>>6129885 58 arrested 28 rescued - Minnestota sting

>>6130302 #7839

#7838 baker change

>>6128990, >>6129218 FBI and DHS says election in all 50 states were targeted.

>>6128864 Mexico Arrests Leading Los Zetas Cartel Figure in Drug Raid

>>6128961 Michael Scheuer on Trump and America's enemies (as he sees them)

>>6129087 CNN oTwatter meltdown

>>6128867 [PP] sues to stop new Utah law banning 4+ month abortions

>>6129029 Vancouver man faces new money laundering charge in college admissions scandal (Epoch)

>>6128997 GOOG updating email security

>>6128993 WATCH: Gaetz discusses Schiff and PENCIL Act on Fox

>>6129406, >>6129386, >>6128926 PENCIL Act. -Gaetz files for removal of Schiff

>>6128879 Contd Hansjörg Wyss Dig

>>6129276 Ken Starr claims Hillary casused Vince Fosters suicide (dressing down of Foster)

>>6129021 notable side by side of Clapper

>>6128861 fresh new Pepe News broadcast

>>6129034 New DJT - congrats Eric and Laura

>>6129849 #7838


>>6128487 Hansjörg Wyss Dig

>>6128449, >>6128461 Hannity using phrase "Over The Target" on radio and TV today

>>6128414 @45_Schedule SK meeting, Pompeo, Pence…

>>6128344 Twitter and Facebook deny "shadow-banning" in Senate hearing (Breitbart)

>>6128316 Denver Int'l Airport dig

>>6128213 Jihadi training camp disarmed, 30 killed or captured near Mali's border

>>6128205 Q reading patriot running for Congress in Florida

>>6128175 Thomas Massie And John Kerry Square Off Over Climate Testimony

>>6128158 Mad Lad Italian Interior Minister Salvini doesnt want Turkey in EU

>>6128154, >>6128430 Rep Gaetz (R-FL) files to remove Schiff from House Intel Committee and revoke clearance (PENCIL Act, KEK!)

>>6128134 Enemy Recruitment website

>>6128133, >>6128237 58 arrests in Minnesota child-sex sting (MSN via Reuters)

>>6128093, >>6128127, >>6128273, >>6128590 Greg Craig, former Hussein WH counsel, expected to be indicted soon re Ukraine/Manafort

>>6128109 Kushner, Kansas expect POTUS to release middle east Peace Plan (IsraelNationalNews)

>>6128746 #7837

#7836 baker change

>>6127976 Twitter AI algorithm "Glitch" redirects "Enemy of the people" to NYT

>>6127586 alware Analysis Report: North Korean Trojan HOPLIGHT

>>6127883 High Energy: POTUS signs Executive Orders to fast track Oil+Gas (DailyCaller)

>>6127840, >>6127859 some highlights from Baker transcript

>>6127860, >>6127921, >>6127782, >>6127978 Greg Craig, former Hussein WH counsel, expects to be indicted re Ukraine/Manafort

>>6127792 Prominent Minnesota businessman, ex CEO, and wife found dead in apparent murder-suicide

>>6127784 Judicial Watch uncovers 'Cover-Up' discussions in latest HRC Email docs

>>6127717, >>6127697 Amazon Employees, Alexa listening to your conversations

>>6127677 New HuffPo conspiracy theory: Barr harming people with Obamacare lawsuit

>>6127528 I'm the boss! Trump gracefully reminds us of Stephen Miller's place (DCExaminer)

>>>6127519 [Removed by popular request]

>>6127498 David Rothschild twitter poll (kek) Who is more credible: A Jones or Barr?

>>6127448 Panic In DC: Pelosi says Barr is "off the rails" (CNN)

>>6127346 Fake News salty tears, crying over Barr using the term "spying"

>>6128002 #7836

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Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 03:34:02Z No. 6130341

I'm trying to picture POTUS in his PJs on his laptop on 8ch after a long days work of saving the world.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:34:03Z No. 6130342


Anonymous ID: 310d20 2019-04-11 03:34:09Z No. 6130344

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.



Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:34:16Z No. 6130345


handoff requested

Anonymous ID: 310d20 2019-04-11 03:34:21Z No. 6130347


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion

Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well

Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood

The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)

Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City

New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:34:35Z No. 6130353


check out this faggot

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 03:35:06Z No. 6130361

tick tock

Anonymous ID: 310d20 2019-04-11 03:35:12Z No. 6130362



The Protocols of Zion Full Documentary

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:35:32Z No. 6130371


Doug is a drunk loser

Anonymous ID: ad77fc 2019-04-11 03:35:39Z No. 6130373

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 03:35:44Z No. 6130375

Congratulations Trump family on your public announcement today <3

Anonymous ID: 310d20 2019-04-11 03:35:58Z No. 6130381




The Protocols of Zion Full Text

Anonymous ID: 94bf8b 2019-04-11 03:36:19Z No. 6130384





Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 03:36:20Z No. 6130385


bread shitters meh

Anonymous ID: 310d20 2019-04-11 03:36:27Z No. 6130390





Anonymous ID: 38ae76 2019-04-11 03:36:28Z No. 6130391

Magic Power

- Triumph

To the Anon who knows who they are…


Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:37:00Z No. 6130397


Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:37:06Z No. 6130398

Anonymous ID: 46c6cf 2019-04-11 03:37:35Z No. 6130403

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:37:56Z No. 6130405


picture just a little longer next time

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:37:57Z No. 6130406






We know…..

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:38:10Z No. 6130407

Hannity said, after a long rang,


Anonymous ID: 46c6cf 2019-04-11 03:38:17Z No. 6130408

Anonymous ID: d939f1 2019-04-11 03:38:18Z No. 6130409

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:38:23Z No. 6130410




Anonymous ID: 87f91e 2019-04-11 03:38:26Z No. 6130411

>>6130352 pb

i'm taklking about Pamp, the BO of the storm board who was going on youtube shows, etc.

Q said he did not like the direction of the board with them in charge, and BO made new board.

I was not saying our BO from Q research was doing that, but previous BO

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 03:38:26Z No. 6130412


agreed. habbenin. aiding and comforting the enemy

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 03:38:35Z No. 6130413

Jimmy Fallon going after Biden. Lol!

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:38:35Z No. 6130414



Anonymous ID: 125ee7 2019-04-11 03:38:52Z No. 6130415

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen lash out at Trump at Dem retreat

Anonymous ID: 3387f4 2019-04-11 03:38:52Z No. 6130416

recommend filtering…. shits turning into a chat room again.

Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 03:38:54Z No. 6130417

Anonymous ID: 125efc 2019-04-11 03:38:57Z No. 6130418






Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:39:01Z No. 6130419


Top fucking kek

great meme

Anonymous ID: 5c0c55 2019-04-11 03:39:14Z No. 6130420



CHAR(17) = DC1




Anonymous ID: 8ab307 2019-04-11 03:39:25Z No. 6130421

I fuck'n love you guise (no homo)

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:39:25Z No. 6130422

Anonymous ID: 87f91e 2019-04-11 03:39:31Z No. 6130423


Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:39:32Z No. 6130424

Anonymous ID: f733e0 2019-04-11 03:39:32Z No. 6130425


Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:39:41Z No. 6130426

Thank you Q and team for giving this cynical anon hope.

Love you guys/gals

Anonymous ID: 46c6cf 2019-04-11 03:39:59Z No. 6130427




Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 03:40:06Z No. 6130428

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 03:40:20Z No. 6130429


picture not shitting the bread next time

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:40:23Z No. 6130430


hit a nerve Doug?

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:40:27Z No. 6130431

Ty, baker

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:40:30Z No. 6130432









Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 03:40:35Z No. 6130433



Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:40:46Z No. 6130434


its lit

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:40:49Z No. 6130435


hahaha omfg

Anonymous ID: f1a9dd 2019-04-11 03:40:57Z No. 6130436


All their polls are belong to us now,kek

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 03:41:04Z No. 6130437



Anonymous ID: aa9828 2019-04-11 03:41:05Z No. 6130438

>>6130243 all lb




Can't find a Trump for New Zealand T-shirt for sale anywhere. Of course, someone could easily have a few made pretty easily.

Is he gonna be on the ballot there or something?

Anonymous ID: 46c6cf 2019-04-11 03:41:16Z No. 6130439


Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 03:41:20Z No. 6130440

Anonymous ID: ec6503 2019-04-11 03:41:20Z No. 6130441


Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:41:23Z No. 6130442


Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:41:33Z No. 6130443


love you. too

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 03:41:36Z No. 6130444

>>6130389 lb

here's the BO's podcast. idk when the last one was. i just googled his twitter handle + podcast and this was the first result.

Anonymous ID: 4dee91 2019-04-11 03:41:36Z No. 6130445


what? oh, it's a gif

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:41:36Z No. 6130446

Anonymous ID: 87f91e 2019-04-11 03:41:39Z No. 6130447


i know who he reminds me of now,

Tom Bosley the dad from happy days.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:41:44Z No. 6130448

>>6023671 lb


There are countless attacks by the media in an orchestrated campaign. We are at war with the corrupt establishment, and they are fighting back with vengeance. There are millions spent shaping these narratives, much like Fusion GPS, ShareBlue and others. At least 20% of posts are not related to our research and are various forms of subversion or fake news narrative shaping.

The NOTABLES section will help you cut through the chaos and noise.

Notables aren‘t endorsements. Discern for yourself. This board is not much different from any comment section on a site, and yes they pay to “shape” opinion there too. The notion we can control anonymous posts is a huge leap.

If it’s HATE based, it’s FAKE / PAID

NOTHING Q has said supports these narratives. We reject any unlawful activity. Groups that fundraise off “hate” are the most likely culprits. Hate is an industry, much like the news media being more interested in ratings than journalism.

Think for yourself and discern posts in context of Q drops at QMAP.PUB and current events.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again




>>5966972 (pb) rt >>5966583 (pb) rt >>5966470 (pb)>>6023671

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 03:41:48Z No. 6130449


Are these evil shitstains finally being put in [focus] now after nearly 2 years…

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 03:42:00Z No. 6130450


you glorious basterd thanQ

Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 03:42:15Z No. 6130451

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 03:42:41Z No. 6130452

>>6130086 PB

I researched a bunch before Q ever posted and didn't share it with anyone

Q validated a lot of my suspicions and gave me hope that justice could happen

You can still research and share it if you want to, or share with your dog if that makes you happy.

This place is optional.

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 03:42:43Z No. 6130453


Anonymous ID: b96783 2019-04-11 03:43:07Z No. 6130454

Collusion? no, spying.

Collusion's for pussies.

Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 03:43:25Z No. 6130455

Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 03:43:29Z No. 6130456


Anonymous ID: 6b8c85 2019-04-11 03:43:35Z No. 6130457


How many posts you going for? 10%+ of the bread right now.

Anonymous ID: b3ea8d 2019-04-11 03:43:40Z No. 6130458


too bad i’m blocked

Anonymous ID: c65f94 2019-04-11 03:43:57Z No. 6130460

Haha. Could of been a credit to ya but you forgot about us didn't ya.

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 03:44:00Z No. 6130461


Tell it all, brother. Tell it all.

To think I used to read espionage novels for fun.

Who needs fiction anymore, with us LIVING THROUGH this craziness?

Shit. The guy was straight-up KGB. Or GRU. Or STD or whatever they call themselves these days. Wow.

Who ever would have imagined that a senior @FBI official would leak, of all people, to a Mother Jones writer who accepted an award honoring Soviet agent I.F. Stone. #IzzyAward #KGB

Journalist icon I.F. Stone was a fully recruited, witting, and paid #KGB agent. He mentored thousands of journalists over the years. Even some journalists who led the Russia collusion narrative like #DavidCorn of #MotherJones. Makes you wonder… #IzzyStone

I first learned of I.F. Stone being a KGB agent from my doctoral dissertation research in Moscow in 1992-93, but could not reveal it to protect the sources. Stone's job was to recruit journalism students in New York, among other things. #IzzyStone #DavidCorn

One of I.F. Stone's #KGB handlers, who delivered him cash payments in New York, is still alive and living in the United States. I will not identify him because Putin has a way of assassinating "turncoats" living abroad.

This is a solid piece of reporting about I.F. Stone being a witting #KGB agent. Many "journalists" have tried to debunk it. I am familiar with the sources and other sources who were not included in this article.

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:44:10Z No. 6130462

Gorka - might not like Q, but his is saying the right things.

It is all good.

Reminder anons. We are not the thought police. Q said "Think for yourselves"

Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 03:44:17Z No. 6130463


About half a brain between them.

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:44:28Z No. 6130464


Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 03:44:34Z No. 6130465

Anonymous ID: 38f4dd 2019-04-11 03:44:41Z No. 6130466

Anonymous ID: 38ae76 2019-04-11 03:44:43Z No. 6130467


Born Free

- Kid Rock

A toast to America and Anons… God bless us all each and every one.


Anonymous ID: adfed1 2019-04-11 03:44:48Z No. 6130468

Hey yall

Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 03:44:48Z No. 6130469


conan too

there's this "Holy shit he was right!" come to jeezis vibe going around

Anonymous ID: dd651e 2019-04-11 03:44:59Z No. 6130470


Billy the Bulldog.

Anonymous ID: ddc6d8 2019-04-11 03:45:04Z No. 6130471


It should be “…IN GOOD CONSCIENCE…”

Anonymous ID: 6a8a93 2019-04-11 03:45:11Z No. 6130472


facebook twitter … all of them will be censoring political posts

There was a paki chick in parliament, like omar mouthing off, accusing Faith Goldy of being a 'white supremacist'

on a side note; bossy bitches how do their men live with them?

Anonymous ID: 341d68 2019-04-11 03:45:13Z No. 6130473


Oh, thank you, anon! This has been bugging me since I first saw him.

I think he's going to be waaaaaaaaay more powerful than Tom Bosley though!!!

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 03:45:13Z No. 6130474


Anonymous ID: bfc778 2019-04-11 03:45:17Z No. 6130475

Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

KATC has confirmed with multiple law enforcement sources that one person is in custody in the recent church fires in St. Landry Parish. Sources confirm the suspect in the church arsons is Holden Matthews, 21. He is the son of a St. Landry Parish Deputy. He was booked at around 5:30 this evening into the St. Landry Parish jail. We’re told that the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office will be holding a press conference tomorrow, and Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to be there.

Anonymous ID: a2e75c 2019-04-11 03:45:38Z No. 6130476

Man accused of National Harbor terror plot indicted

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:45:45Z No. 6130477



Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 03:45:51Z No. 6130478

Anonymous ID: b2070d 2019-04-11 03:45:52Z No. 6130479

Lots of fake videos floating around the net.

Projection cover or proofing tool

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:45:54Z No. 6130480


Stealth Bomber.

Anonymous ID: c45f4d 2019-04-11 03:46:22Z No. 6130481



Anonymous ID: 4dee91 2019-04-11 03:46:25Z No. 6130482



Anonymous ID: ec6503 2019-04-11 03:46:36Z No. 6130483


Make sure you scroll down, he made a 2nd one

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:46:36Z No. 6130484

I T I S O N ! !


POTUS mentioning TREASON often.

Q patriots on MSM tv.

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:46:42Z No. 6130485



Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 03:46:43Z No. 6130486


It'd be a lot bigger if most of us weren't banned.

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 03:46:58Z No. 6130487


I do not like Gorka personally, but he "hating Q" may be fake disinfo to preserve some function of the plan or someones life.

Who knows, great movie.

But I would still punch him in the gut for dissing Q.

Anonymous ID: 410137 2019-04-11 03:47:01Z No. 6130488


Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:47:03Z No. 6130489


I love that the plan included a movie that turned the Democrats into the loony conspiracy theorists which is something most of us have been labeled as for years.

A piece of the revenge.

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 03:47:30Z No. 6130490


Dropping the treason bomb is a big effin deal.

Anonymous ID: 4dee91 2019-04-11 03:47:32Z No. 6130491


i knew something looked wrong

Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 03:47:47Z No. 6130492



Will correct

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:48:03Z No. 6130493

I think Ukraine plays a much bigger part in all of this then we realize

Anonymous ID: 71ad55 2019-04-11 03:48:03Z No. 6130494

They marry their brothers…


Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 03:48:09Z No. 6130495


> Holden Matthews

The name is not what I (((expected)))

Anonymous ID: b2070d 2019-04-11 03:48:11Z No. 6130496

Busted thousands of amazon employ listening to alexa conversations


Anonymous ID: e577df 2019-04-11 03:48:13Z No. 6130497








>We know…..

You can add…

Crooked H


V Jarrett










Anonymous ID: 7cdf9e 2019-04-11 03:48:19Z No. 6130498

Understand newfags, that we are being targeted for a heavy psyop by the shills (C_A / MOS) - ever since BO quit last week. It's happened before, it'll happen again. [They prey] on our fears. This is why Q has given us so many proofs, many just for anons. So we can logically think about what's happening, instead of succumbing to their psy-op.

[They] told us right here:

"Props to Isaac Green, 0Hour, Ginger McQueen, and Adam Gingrich for helping to slay the Q-Beast. This wasn't a solo effort." - David Seaman email sent on 4/6/19. (attached) He was even stupid enough to tell us who is working together on their mission.

[They're] of course trying to say Q is comp'd. That's THE ONLY ANGLE THEY HAVE LEFT.


Q has taught us to THINK FOR YOURSELF. Do not let their psychological tricks interfere with your logical thinking. And if you want to understand about the security of Q's trip, read up on how the chans work in terms of board ownership and tripcodes. Learn and be comfy. WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: bfc778 2019-04-11 03:48:25Z No. 6130500


Deputy’s son arrested in connection to fires at historically black churches

Anonymous ID: 38f4dd 2019-04-11 03:48:31Z No. 6130501


Watch instead of see?

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:48:38Z No. 6130502



DJT has said it several times now. certainly is a YUGE DEAL.

Anonymous ID: 2ce0b7 2019-04-11 03:48:39Z No. 6130503


Anonymous ID: 9c7843 2019-04-11 03:48:41Z No. 6130504


Was waiting to see if someone else picked up. Can bake a bread, but just one. Physical limitation. Want the handoff, baker?

Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 03:48:46Z No. 6130505

Anonymous ID: bd411b 2019-04-11 03:48:48Z No. 6130506

>>6130006 pb

I like it. When I first saw you were going to do a voice, I was worried. It's an old cliche in the movies that silent stars can't always translate, for an audience, to "talkie" A lot of stars lost their careers.? At least that's what people were told

Voice acting is really hard as any acting.

I didn't recognize the actor's voice, but I did't feel it was bad or distracting.

Not sure how easily someone who was not conversant already with the political material could follow it?

I think the voice was alright!

It's not necessarily pepe, but just a voice-over.

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 03:49:00Z No. 6130507

Brazil plans to charge Vale over deadly mine collapse: WSJ

(Reuters) - Prosecutors are planning to file criminal charges against Brazil’s miner Vale SA and its employees over the collapse of a mine-waste dam in January that killed hundreds of people, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing the lead investigator.

Investigators have gathered enough evidence to affirm that Vale employees involved in the mine operation knew the dam was unsafe, the report said, quoting Jose Adercio Leite Sampaio, the prosecutor heading the probe.

“At this point, we know that the operational side knew [that the dam was at risk of collapse], but did Vale’s directors know?” Sampaio said in an interview with the Journal.

The charges for crimes related to the disaster could include murder, manslaughter, environmental damage and false representation, according to the report.

“It is necessary to wait until investigation is completed. Vale continues cooperating fully with the authorities to ascertain the facts related to the dam breach,” Vale said in response to a Reuters query.

“The issues identified in the audits have been addressed under the guidance of the auditing firms.”

In March, Vale estimated it would sell up to 75 million tonnes less iron ore this year, after several mines were halted following its second deadly dam burst in less than four years.

Anonymous ID: ddc6d8 2019-04-11 03:49:13Z No. 6130508


Fuck, that’s supremely brilliant.

You could make an entire series just with HRC’s embarrassing episodes.

This could just run and run…

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 03:49:21Z No. 6130509


Following Following @RepSwalwell

More Rep. Eric Swalwell Retweeted Jake Tapper

Barr is the opposite of Sessions, who was recused. Barr is embedded.Rep. Eric Swalwell added,

Jake Tapper

Verified account


AG Barr drops ‘spying’ bombshell in hearing, provides no evidence @SaraMurray reports @TheLeadCNN

11:46 PM - 10 Apr 2019

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:49:35Z No. 6130510


he better be careful before 80% of the press turn on him, oh wait

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 03:49:37Z No. 6130511


That ain't hard if the mood is right on nightshift.

Anonymous ID: adfed1 2019-04-11 03:49:40Z No. 6130512


why not?


Anonymous ID: 2b2e40 2019-04-11 03:49:47Z No. 6130513


The saddest thing about this, the Q phenomenon, DJT's win in 2016, the whole Russia collusion hoax witch hunt,the actual crimes committed by the Clintons for at least three decades is that people like me anons, real everyday people that are working raising their kids, going to church would never behave like these so called Dem Senators are behaving….its like an alternate universe in DC and on the News Media….even people who don't like POTUS are not this vitriolic they just have their reasons…and those who support him just do…and they go on with living….Its all so real and then I come here and there is constant attacks, shills always weaving doubt into the Q movement making comments about how POTUS has failed….and like the the retarded Dem Senators…they think that talking a narrative makes it true or makes people believe you….

I don't know anons, I am almost 100% sure that there are a hell of alot more patriots out there than left loons…..

Sorry for the long post….just reflecting since I got here in Jan of 2018…

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 03:49:52Z No. 6130514


What does “non-electromagnetic” windshield mean exactly?

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:49:58Z No. 6130515


Anonymous ID: 38f4dd 2019-04-11 03:50:15Z No. 6130516


Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 03:50:21Z No. 6130517


Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 03:50:22Z No. 6130518



Right. But the original crumb had the misspelling (or rather, purposeful wrong word). We still don't really know why.

Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 03:50:23Z No. 6130519

We/I will NEVER give in. I will fight on to the end.

This is our battle.

Anonymous ID: 71ad55 2019-04-11 03:50:34Z No. 6130520


BAKER, I nominate


Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

Anonymous ID: 83865c 2019-04-11 03:50:36Z No. 6130521


Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 03:50:40Z No. 6130522

Never forget what the IRA said to Margaret Thatcher.

I sure don't.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:50:40Z No. 6130523


that was sarc

>>6130352 pb

boruch was storm BO

Anonymous ID: 5fa572 2019-04-11 03:50:42Z No. 6130524


Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 03:50:50Z No. 6130525


And now CNN and Jake Tapper are concerned about "no evidence"!

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:50:53Z No. 6130526

Democrats are working overtime to try and discredit and smear Barr. I love it!

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:50:53Z No. 6130527



Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 03:50:59Z No. 6130528


Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:51:17Z No. 6130529



Anonymous ID: c31e1a 2019-04-11 03:51:32Z No. 6130530


Only 1 video.

Definitely watching later.

Anonymous ID: c37709 2019-04-11 03:51:36Z No. 6130531

>>6129953 lb

Got my building permit that I shold not even have to apply for let alone pay for let alone kiss Gov ass for… So good but in a sad way. I was allowed to have the essence of freedom so I can have a bitter drop of knowlege of what the real thing is and how amazing it would be. It only took 2 years… Imagine that. 2 years of work to get a permit from MY MASTER so I can build a barn on Ag land. Ready for a return to THE CONSTITUTION… Hopefully soon.

Anonymous ID: e4c129 2019-04-11 03:51:41Z No. 6130532


Every time I see this I just think, “Watch the water.”

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 03:51:49Z No. 6130533

Great show yesterday.



>Bigly Q Special!


>YouTube: …

>Hear from two of the top Qanons on what the movement is, what it means and where it's going!

>Must see TV!


YourVoice™ America (4/9) "Bigly Q Special!"

yes shills, I posted it again, I know you don´t like Q voices being LOUD, but this show was yesterday and is a sign of HUGE progress.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 03:51:54Z No. 6130534

Anonymous ID: bd411b 2019-04-11 03:52:03Z No. 6130535


Giving comfort to enemies?

Well they surely did that!

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 03:52:06Z No. 6130536



at least BO's voice seems genuine from the short clip i've heard

>>6130530 beat me to it

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 03:52:11Z No. 6130537


Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:52:13Z No. 6130538


can u summarize in a few words?

Anonymous ID: a38d59 2019-04-11 03:52:22Z No. 6130539

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:52:36Z No. 6130540


homosexual af

Anonymous ID: 24da34 2019-04-11 03:52:38Z No. 6130541


>Holden Matthews

Anonymous ID: bfc778 2019-04-11 03:52:48Z No. 6130542


He has a heavy metal band called the VODKA VULTURES.

Anonymous ID: ec6280 2019-04-11 03:53:07Z No. 6130543


i was thinking about that and i think it is an internet cable cable replacement.

there is no need for complicated encryption schemes for power transmission.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 03:53:14Z No. 6130544


Anonymous ID: 848849 2019-04-11 03:53:22Z No. 6130545


Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 03:53:29Z No. 6130546


That doesn't sound good.

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 03:53:53Z No. 6130547

I just wanna know if Granny's head was shaved, too.

Police: Prescott family cashes checks for more than a year after killing grandmother

Posted: 2:28 PM, Apr 09, 2019

Updated: 7:39 AM, Apr 10, 2019

PRESCOTT, AZ — Authorities have arrested a Prescott mother and her daughter for a murder that happened nearly two years ago.

Police received a report on Tuesday morning by someone who said he hadn't seen 77-year-old Sandra Aven in a long time. Police found the woman's granddaughter, 24-year-old Briar Aven, who told officers her grandmother was out of town and unavailable.

Police say Briar Aven lives with her mother, 46-year-old Tara Aven, next door to where Sandra Aven lives. Investigators say both Briar and Tara provided inconsistent information that prompted them to enter Sandra's home to check on her.

Inside, police found the body of someone who was deceased. Interviews with Briar and Tara Aven led to them confessing to killing Sandra Aven in late 2017, according to a news release.

Police say the mother and daughter continued to cash "numerous monthly payment checks" written for Sandra.

Both Briar and Tara Aven were arrested and taken to the Yavapai County Jail. They face charges of first-degree murder, fraud and tampering with evidence.

Anonymous ID: e2a132 2019-04-11 03:53:58Z No. 6130548


If Gorka in anyway shows support for Q, he risks being the face of the movement – not good for either Gorka or the movement.

IMHO, it is better for both this way.

Anonymous ID: eb121e 2019-04-11 03:53:59Z No. 6130549

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:54:01Z No. 6130550

I would pork Shannon Bream

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:54:13Z No. 6130551


=no outside cromms=

Anonymous ID: 7b542f 2019-04-11 03:54:27Z No. 6130552


>Gorka - might not like Q, but his is saying the right things.

>It is all good.

>Reminder anons. We are not the thought police. Q said "Think for yourselves"

Gorka's Financial Disclosure to work at the White House lists him as having been the Chairman for Threat Knowledge Group until 1/17

He has also been listed as the Registered Agent

Threat Knowledge Group was paid 60k x 3 from the MAGA Coalition immediately after Gorka left the White House

Thinking for myself leads me to believe Gorka is not on America or POTUS' side

Anonymous ID: c31e1a 2019-04-11 03:54:30Z No. 6130553


Bill Mitchell: Bad intro music followed by begging for money and then an interview with Matrixxx.

Had it on, didn't pay much attention. Nothing else stood out as bad.

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 03:54:35Z No. 6130554


IIRC Mother Jones was set up by KGB???? Can't member anymore.

Anonymous ID: 6a8a93 2019-04-11 03:54:35Z No. 6130555


So much for Canada, kiss it goodbye the people are too good damn passive & polite to take a stand, call a spade a spade and of course they don't have guns….

As a Canadian that has been here in the trenches so to speak, I am heartbroken and it's not that we've lost Canada per se' but to whom we've lost it. 😢 people we welcomed with open arms. SNAKES!!!!!

Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 03:54:46Z No. 6130556


Govt produces nothing. Civil disobedience ALWAYS!

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 03:54:56Z No. 6130557


thx, ya it seemed like shit

Anonymous ID: 25cfdf 2019-04-11 03:55:10Z No. 6130558

Was checking out the skies in So. Cal and found two aircraft with the same callsign on ADS-B exchange. One an H 60 helo and the other not stated, but icon was a small jet. I’ve not seen this before. Is it an error or something funny going on? Pic related.

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 03:55:30Z No. 6130559


it appears a prior twitter handle was "punished breadbox"

a search for that led me to our BO's youtube account

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:55:34Z No. 6130560



id rather get stuck than you fam

im good

just frens want me for Sharks Hockey

Anonymous ID: 43d7bb 2019-04-11 03:55:36Z No. 6130561


Make your own.

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 03:55:38Z No. 6130562

Did you not know there's a typography underground?

I learned that doing this research.

Digging is fun.

Oh, but… unfortunately the stage production is a little late.

Check out DNA Lounge. DNA Pizza is next door.

And the man who gave you JavaScript deserves your money.


Anonymous ID: 8e9e0a 2019-04-11 03:55:40Z No. 6130563


did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?


He was fascinated with polling, because polling was the touchstone to what people think. I remember telling John Kennedy that "I don't know" is a great answer that often gets ignored. He really enjoyed that part, "Let's not push people." We did one poll asking, "Would you rather be president of the country or president of your own company?" It wasn't even close, they wanted to be president of their own company, because they don't actually like politics, and it'd be less stressful and more lucrative. That fascinated him and definitely informed his editorial choices.

Anonymous ID: 07ff5d 2019-04-11 03:55:41Z No. 6130564

A joyous time in this War Anons, It is. But War we are in. Hold the line. This is not even close to being over. Be vigilant. Be strong. Do not waver.

Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 03:55:52Z No. 6130565

bicycles are red hot

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:55:52Z No. 6130566

Anonymous ID: e4c129 2019-04-11 03:56:06Z No. 6130567


They are women?

Anonymous ID: 14e676 2019-04-11 03:56:07Z No. 6130568


>I would pork Shannon Bream


That's antimuhjoo and muzziephobic!

Anonymous ID: 6482c4 2019-04-11 03:56:21Z No. 6130569

One thing that CNN or any of the lame stream never talked about.

when the collusion shit all started it was about Carter Page.

and the dude was on Fox News Smiling like the cat that ate the canary. And was never charged with anything.

wonder if Page was willing participant. a canard if I may be so bold too say.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 03:56:22Z No. 6130570


The term "pork" gets me every time.

Shannon Bream is pure class and doesn't deserves better treatment than that.

Anonymous ID: 4dee91 2019-04-11 03:56:27Z No. 6130571


Anonymous ID: 8ebe19 2019-04-11 03:56:28Z No. 6130572

Anybody got the full video of John Kerry Testimony today? Can’t find it on YouTube…weird.

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:56:33Z No. 6130573


Hahahah my apologies to Islam

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 03:56:36Z No. 6130574


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is a way cooler name for a band.

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 03:56:41Z No. 6130575

Hillary responsible for Vince Fosters “suicide”

Anonymous ID: dc2829 2019-04-11 03:56:42Z No. 6130576

>>6129773 lb

>Anna Wintour

>>6129842 lb

>David Schaffer

Realize Schaffer wasn't there then, but New York State Psychiatric Institute is where a number of MK projects were held back in the 50s & 60s.

While Blauer was tested as part of an agreement made with the Army Chemical Corps, the principal researcher at the New York State Psychiatric Institute was Dr. Paul Hoch, a CIA consultant on the MKULTRA project. Though the Army technically funded the experimentation conducted by the institute, Blauer’s death is often considered one of the casualties of MKULTRA due to the involvement of Dr. Hoch, a driving force behind the project who eventually rose to the position of commissioner of mental hygiene for the state of New York.

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:56:58Z No. 6130578


Hahahah love it!

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 03:56:59Z No. 6130579


You're brave.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 03:57:03Z No. 6130580


hey anon

stop the presses

what is this

>prior twitter handle

skill you have?

DougStewart handle started Nov 2017

can you use this skill on his twatter?

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 03:57:05Z No. 6130581


>just reflecting since I got here in Jan of 2018…

Hold onto your ass, it's a bumpy ride.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 03:57:07Z No. 6130582


Equal justice under the law

Anonymous ID: 9c7843 2019-04-11 03:57:13Z No. 6130583


Well, thought I'd offer in case you wanted a little break….sorry about the Sharks Hockey.

Anonymous ID: 62620e 2019-04-11 03:57:20Z No. 6130584


I want to take this to twatter.

Please tell me I don't have to save to my computer first first.

Anonymous ID: 38ae76 2019-04-11 03:57:20Z No. 6130585


Born Free

- Matt Monro

One of the best singers you've never heard of…quality has a quality all of it's own. No ProTools, no autotune, no harmonizers…just talent.


Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 03:57:27Z No. 6130586


FBI plant, I believe.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 03:57:32Z No. 6130587

>>6130570 (me)

Shannon Bream is pure class and deserves better treatment than that, rather.

Anonymous ID: 26a645 2019-04-11 03:57:39Z No. 6130588


She didn't pull the trigger, but she ordered the hit…

Anonymous ID: e2e230 2019-04-11 03:57:54Z No. 6130589


Anonymous ID: d02152 2019-04-11 03:57:57Z No. 6130590



Thanks for the flashback


Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 03:58:01Z No. 6130591


She runs her show the best of all of Fox. Good interviewer.

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:58:08Z No. 6130592


All women like it dirty and rough, and to be talked dirty to, and desired, and ravaged

Anonymous ID: e8158e 2019-04-11 03:58:11Z No. 6130593


Q patriots live tweeting a talk radio host and squaring him away, having him mention tweet live on air…

Having him retweet your post:

Redpill glory

Bring in. Be bold. Tag your local talk news people in a respectful way, warm them up. Follow up, follow up moar. Eventually they'll see the light.

Moar winning.

Anonymous ID: a2a9f2 2019-04-11 03:58:13Z No. 6130594



Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 03:58:22Z No. 6130595


The Devourer of Children.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 03:58:27Z No. 6130596



Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 03:58:31Z No. 6130597


all these cases….. mothers & daughters….

Anonymous ID: adf4ee 2019-04-11 03:58:34Z No. 6130598


Holy shit, I think I know who the second voice belongs to in that clip.


Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 03:58:48Z No. 6130599


Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 03:59:01Z No. 6130600


Pucker up Swallowswell. Insertion coming. Traitor faggot.

Anonymous ID: 2ce0b7 2019-04-11 03:59:06Z No. 6130601


buckle up buttercup!!!

this ride may not have a return trip to the station

Anonymous ID: eea0c2 2019-04-11 03:59:20Z No. 6130602

>>6130180 pb

idk, trafficking?

pb got one response by pic of Pedo-sta fish/14 hands. Maybe an over target.

Just thinking about Comey's pic and LIC. Found LIC place yet?

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 03:59:22Z No. 6130603


At this point he has signed NDA, so only limited on what he can talk about, but he was a FBI plant. Its not a coincidence he got a FISA warrant on him and then joined Trump campaign. Fuck him

Anonymous ID: 87f91e 2019-04-11 03:59:22Z No. 6130604


> New York State Psychiatric Institute

You have heard the old saying

Once a spook always a spook

no one ever leaves the cia

Once a spook hole, always a spook hole.

Anonymous ID: bfc778 2019-04-11 03:59:32Z No. 6130605



Anonymous ID: 5c0c55 2019-04-11 03:59:58Z No. 6130606


Title 18 is the entire US Criminal Code Section.

As in 18 USC 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Government

Although 2+3+8+5 = 18 Kek

Also note:

18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracty

18 USC 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection

18 USC 1341 Frauds and Swindles

(Lori Loughlin at USC ) Kek.

Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 04:00:00Z No. 6130607



k e k ! ! !

Anonymous ID: 86ee64 2019-04-11 04:00:00Z No. 6130608



Anonymous ID: 2b2e40 2019-04-11 04:00:09Z No. 6130609


Anon you need to broaden your horizons…and let me guess…you are a single correct?

Anonymous ID: 055267 2019-04-11 04:00:11Z No. 6130610


tick tock

dog perspective of dieing

is compelling video

come home

help heal

our nation

Anonymous ID: ea44bd 2019-04-11 04:00:13Z No. 6130611


That is interesting.

Anonymous ID: 410137 2019-04-11 04:00:14Z No. 6130612

ALICE merged with Sophie

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:00:16Z No. 6130613

Apologies. Exhausted from a partial dig earlier and catch up.

Certainly this have been covered alreds buttt…………


>>6125913 (pb) (pb: #7834) (sorry sometime back … catching up)

>Baker Testimony pg 137

>Comey is such a fruitcake after this Baker testimony! He thinks Russia told Trump to fire Comey!

>Mr. Ratcliffe. So there was – there was a discussion between those folks, possibly all of the folks that you've identified, about whether or not President Trump had been ordered to fire Jim Comey by the Russian Government?

>Mr. Baker. I wouldn't say ordered. I guess I would say the words I sort of used earlier, acting at the behest of and somehow following directions, somehow executing their will, whether – and so literally an order or not, I don't know. But –

IF they thought Putin ordered Comey's Firing, then it meant Comey (or his Masters) had done something on Putin's radar

Otherwise why would Putin care?

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:00:35Z No. 6130614


Why is the CIA concerned about global warming and why are they researching chemtrails?

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:00:38Z No. 6130615


Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 04:00:51Z No. 6130616


Youre with the wrong women, mate. Not to mention, SB was a former beauty pageant winner, so no doubt in real life she is stuck up, snobby, judgemental etc. I would pork her

Anonymous ID: 891256 2019-04-11 04:00:58Z No. 6130617


Nice work.

Anonymous ID: eea0c2 2019-04-11 04:01:01Z No. 6130618


duh, LIG

Anonymous ID: 106dce 2019-04-11 04:01:02Z No. 6130619


BINGO! You are correct.

Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:01:08Z No. 6130620

Timely to review the MSM's how the Dem smear machine inserted into the MSM narrative that speculated on the use of the 25th Amendment:

Breitbart article on Michael Gersen Op-Ed

Gersen's Op-Ed in WaPo

WaPo's vid, How does the 25th Amendment work?

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:01:28Z No. 6130621


It's okay. I just had to say my words.

Anonymous ID: 2357d1 2019-04-11 04:01:32Z No. 6130622

Epoch Times journalist @JoshJPhilipp explains why #Socialist 'Equality' is a lie used by dictators, and why #Socialism is just a step towards Tyranny.

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:01:33Z No. 6130623


kek it was actually his "name" not handle. i don't twatter so i may have the incorrect terms here but it came up in the search. @solid_maga was still the handle, apologies for the confusion. i can try with doug stewart but i'm sure anons have googled already.

Anonymous ID: e3b497 2019-04-11 04:01:38Z No. 6130624


Anonymous ID: 5fa572 2019-04-11 04:01:41Z No. 6130625

Appears Sophia is sleeping tonight.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:01:42Z No. 6130626


'Tis the season

To crack down on treason

Anonymous ID: aa9828 2019-04-11 04:01:44Z No. 6130627


Did. Not. Know. That.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:01:49Z No. 6130628


basically they talked about what kind of op Q is and what the public can expect to happen soon.

Also a little on the many shills.

It´s worth the watch, no much new infos for anons, but very nice to see that THIS is being talked in mainstream tv.


shills gonna shill.

Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 04:01:56Z No. 6130629


I hope my wife looks that good at 48.

Anonymous ID: d3f412 2019-04-11 04:01:57Z No. 6130630


Doesn't make sense that he would draw attention to himself in September 2016 if his goal was to be a campaign plant.

Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 04:01:58Z No. 6130631




Yes, checked again.

Made new meme, but seems wrong to post.

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:02:00Z No. 6130632



Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 04:02:11Z No. 6130633


Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:02:13Z No. 6130634


What a great find anon!

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 04:02:27Z No. 6130635


Not single, great sex life past and present, and no complaints…. so try again mate

Anonymous ID: ddc6d8 2019-04-11 04:02:29Z No. 6130636


When you are controlled by the same psychopathic fucks that control the media, whatever you say or do is presented as true and, by implication, all right thinking people should (and do) concur.

It’s utter bullshit. The majority of Americans, including many that didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, don’t agree with the rabid anti-American lawlessness we see playing out in the circus of the totalitarian political-media-entertainment complex.

They are the ones that must be shunned and eradicated from our national community.

Anonymous ID: 26a645 2019-04-11 04:02:47Z No. 6130637


Or they know Comey's actual role in the FISAs. Remember, they

have had an unredacted version of at least one for almost 2 years

and they've never reported honestly on what it contains. Just sayin.

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 04:02:51Z No. 6130638



Anonymous ID: 746294 2019-04-11 04:02:51Z No. 6130639

Feds seize $4.5 million Avenatti plane amid tax scandal

Embattled lawyer Michael Avenatti was the subject of a federal warrant Wednesday that resulted in the seizure of his private jet, worth about $4.5 million. A U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman, Thom Mrozek, confirmed to Fox News that federal agents seized a Honda HA-420 twin-engine jet from Santa Barbara Airport about 10 a.m. after a federal judge issued a warrant. The plane was originally scheduled to be flown Wednesday to Orange County on Avenatti's behalf, but pilots had to file a new flight plan to San Bernardino County.

“Federal authorities have seized a jet co-owned by Mr. Avenatti pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by a federal judge. This seizure is related to the pending criminal case in Los Angeles,” a federal official told Fox News. Avenatti told Fox News on Wednesday: “I haven’t used the plane in almost a year and I gave up my interest last year. I have no interest in the plane and could care less.” Fox News reached out to Avenatti's lawyer but received no response. The six-seat business jet was flown by a private contract pilot to Chino Municipal Airport, where it is being held by Threshold Aviation.

Federal court records indicated that the plane, bought on Jan. 30, 2017, was registered to Passport 420, a company co-owned by Avenatti. A government complaint obtained by Fox News said Avenatti’s wife, Lisa-Storie Avenatti, said he owned two private jets – one through Avenatti & Associates and the other through Passport 420 – and that each had a value of $4.5 million. But, Avenatti disputed this, telling Fox News: “I have never owned two planes either directly or indirectly and any claim to the contrary is complete nonsense.”

The warrant under which the plane was seized was under seal; Avenatti was accused last month of failing to pay income taxes for almost a decade despite making $18 million since 2010. Officials are also looking at his firm, which is said to have recorded $38 million in deposits but filed no tax returns.

Prosecutors did not disclose if the jet was seized to satisfy a judgment, or in connection with nonpayment of taxes. Avenatti, who previously represented adult-film star Stormy Daniels in litigation against President Trump, has also been charged with wire and bank fraud in California. And federal prosecutors in New York accused the lawyer of attempting to extort about $25 million from Nike “by threatening to use his ability to garner publicity to inflict substantial financial and reputational harm on the company if his demands were not met.”

Avenatti made a name for himself after representing Daniels when she sued Trump in March 2018, claiming that Trump paid her hush money ahead of the 2016 election over an alleged 2006 tryst. The president has repeatedly denied her story. After repeated social media attacks on Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen, Avenatti hinted that he would consider a run for the 2020 presidential election on the Democratic ticket. Avenatti has since put to rest rumors of a bid for the White House and has ended his contract with Daniels.

Anonymous ID: 87f91e 2019-04-11 04:02:53Z No. 6130640



Shame Obama fucked them over, kek

paybacks are a bitch.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:03:14Z No. 6130641


Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:03:14Z No. 6130642


here you go, anon:

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:03:17Z No. 6130643

these blokes look happy

Anonymous ID: f05440 2019-04-11 04:03:33Z No. 6130644

>>6130197 (lb)

At 18:10 the Durham fire chief compares damage at today's explosion to the Pentagon, then mentions he was one of the first responders to the Pentagon on 9/11.

Anonymous ID: b95825 2019-04-11 04:03:37Z No. 6130645


Sometimes I wonder if Putin taking over Crimea was him fighting the deep state

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:03:38Z No. 6130646

Alright, fellers, how do we go about getting our hands on the arrest video?

Washington Examiner, you ARE staking out Greg Craig's house already, right?

Well, unless you want to get beaten on a story by a bunch of unpaid fun-loving types from 8chan.

Breaking News

‏ @of_BreakingNews

14m14 minutes ago

DEVELOPING: Lawyers for ex-Obama White House counsel Greg Craig say they expect him to be charged with foreign lobbying violations as result of Mueller probe.

Anonymous ID: adf4ee 2019-04-11 04:03:39Z No. 6130647


Yeah, has a very distinct voice.

I used to work with a guy sounds dead on him.

Wouldn't surprise me

Anonymous ID: c37709 2019-04-11 04:03:47Z No. 6130648


Well so you know… It is an AG building … AND IM AM SECRETLY TURNING IT INTO A TAX FREE HOUSE. Fuck the Countynigger and great meme. I saved it.

It would take me a generation or some blackmail to get a real homesite. Lets fight for ALLODIAL TITLE.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:03:48Z No. 6130649


what is being talked in the clip?

Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 04:03:55Z No. 6130650


>Yes, checked again.

>Made new meme, but seems wrong to post.


Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:03:58Z No. 6130651

Cap #1 is fresh filing at 8:29EST

Cap #2 is from Friday filing

Anonymous ID: c31e1a 2019-04-11 04:04:02Z No. 6130652


>A joyous time in this War Anons,

It's just starting to get good.

Starting to feel some win.

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:04:04Z No. 6130653

I'm even too tired to post Boobies for Bakers … KEK …. MAGA!!!!

Thank you Baker

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:04:09Z No. 6130654


Anonymous ID: 746a70 2019-04-11 04:04:13Z No. 6130655

TFW you know the PAYTRIOTS are in full kavetch mode. What a great day to tell Paytrixxx to SUCK IT! hahaha

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:04:22Z No. 6130656


>Avenatti plane

Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 04:04:23Z No. 6130657


what has 2 broke-ass thumbs and knows shit about absolutely nothing?

"Swalwell attended Campbell University in North Carolina on a soccer scholarship from 1999 to 2001. He broke both of his thumbs in 2001, his sophomore year, ending the scholarship."

Anonymous ID: 055267 2019-04-11 04:04:25Z No. 6130658

your daughter cannot

be protected

from the

friends you


Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:04:32Z No. 6130659


Yesterday in Northern California, it was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Today… Chemtrails everywhere.

Anonymous ID: d337bf 2019-04-11 04:04:36Z No. 6130660


aww poor thing, her boobies are atarded

Anonymous ID: 14e676 2019-04-11 04:04:36Z No. 6130661

Would you pork Illian Omar?

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:04:41Z No. 6130662


switch the cap order according to text

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:04:44Z No. 6130663


They’re just fixing the global warming anon, nothing to worrry about

Anonymous ID: 8e9e0a 2019-04-11 04:04:47Z No. 6130664


everything the government does is by force and the end result of non compliance is deadly force

Anonymous ID: 254f52 2019-04-11 04:04:54Z No. 6130665


Shannon Bream is a vapid bimbo.

I'd pork her brains out though.

Anonymous ID: 9c7843 2019-04-11 04:04:56Z No. 6130666


Did any of the Dems REALLY think Putin ordered Comey's firing?

Anonymous ID: 2ce0b7 2019-04-11 04:04:57Z No. 6130667


BO/BV trip this trip that (who has the ball)

famefag hating paytriot fags …etc etc

maga kaka spaga whatver

just tell the truth and serve cold fucking JUSTICE to these evil assholes


Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:04:59Z No. 6130668


better keep that to yourself, anon. i hope you're posting with a vpn.

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:04:59Z No. 6130669


Anonymous ID: d401f2 2019-04-11 04:05:06Z No. 6130670



Godspeed Patriots

Anonymous ID: 26a645 2019-04-11 04:05:24Z No. 6130672


If you're the same anon that has been posting theories about who Q

is… I think you're close, but not quite. Part of the team, but not the

head of the team. Keep digging, you're close. Q wants you/us to find

the link.

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:05:28Z No. 6130673


They can't be serious.

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:05:29Z No. 6130674


This is like slashing your wrists horizontally for attention.

Anonymous ID: aa9828 2019-04-11 04:05:29Z No. 6130675


Intriguing, some might even say,


Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:05:31Z No. 6130677


WaPo got the ball rolling. NYT and so forth soon followed.

Even the pro-Trump media seemed compelled to discuss the 25th narrative. Debunking or criticism of it served to promote it, ironically, across the MSM. The usual suspects appeared as talking heads to keep the balloon in the air.

Timing? [RR]? Seems to have been considered as a potential story/actionable item amongst the cabal's players within the Obama holdouts during transition and first year of POTUS Trump. But [RR]'s wear-a-wire reveal was almost a year and a half later?

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:05:32Z No. 6130676




Anonymous ID: bfc778 2019-04-11 04:05:51Z No. 6130678


well if you thought there was nothing to see here….

chief is screaming LOOK

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 04:05:57Z No. 6130679

I just made this one, we need to exploit this kind of message while the iron is hot.

Anonymous ID: eb121e 2019-04-11 04:06:09Z No. 6130680


"Sometimes in life you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you!" DJT


Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:06:20Z No. 6130681



Anonymous ID: 212132 2019-04-11 04:06:22Z No. 6130682


Putin knows. Ukraine is a major dumping ground for cabal. Goes unnoticed…until now. Putin will handle Ukraine and the UK.

Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 04:06:38Z No. 6130683


She has the best show on Fox at night imo.

Anonymous ID: c31e1a 2019-04-11 04:06:41Z No. 6130684


>I would pork Shannon Bream


Nice find.

There's a reason I watch Fox news, she is one of them.

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:06:48Z No. 6130685


I still don't know what that means.

Anonymous ID: eea0c2 2019-04-11 04:06:50Z No. 6130686


Since ole Vinny shot himself in the head twice, maybe he has one more life to tell us who did? Read a few articles said he is the only one that she actually shot. U know?

Anonymous ID: 0cb52b 2019-04-11 04:06:55Z No. 6130687

Anons… The FBI pedophile symbol chart has bothered me for a long time, because I know stamping coins is not easy, nor is it a one-off kind of thing. It takes dedicated machines to emboss a coin.

I happened to be watching a youtube video about masons where the guy mentioned coins, so I image searched "mason coin" and guess what I found anons?

Don't think all masons are bad, but the symbols seem to match up a lot and I want this on record that we should dig here. I'm not trying to scape goat anyone, but think for yourself here. Oh and yeah that's a keystone symbol in that last pic. Masonic…

Anonymous ID: 445ced 2019-04-11 04:06:58Z No. 6130688


Gorka's MAGA is

Make America Goyim Again

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:07:00Z No. 6130689


It's on the Twitters, now.

Anonymous ID: 7833dc 2019-04-11 04:07:05Z No. 6130690




Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:07:10Z No. 6130691


Exactly!!! That would be "something on their radar" even though in this case it wasn't necessarily on Russia's behalf.

If Comey had done that (and of course he did) but they (Comey's ilk) didn't know we knew that yet, then he'd be trying to cover his own ass with the Invest

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:07:14Z No. 6130692

What kinds of tools are you using on the little lady?


Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:07:18Z No. 6130693



Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:07:18Z No. 6130694


Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:07:24Z No. 6130695



Trump is pointing out how you can't pour the full truth on the population in a day?

Anonymous ID: f1a9dd 2019-04-11 04:07:35Z No. 6130696


If chemtrails weren't real why talk about them? because they are real and the heat is on that's why. Always trying to cover their tracks

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:07:40Z No. 6130697


Twatter's ripe for this one!


Anonymous ID: 26a645 2019-04-11 04:07:42Z No. 6130698


I don't know, but somebody does.

Anonymous ID: 5c0c55 2019-04-11 04:07:55Z No. 6130699


Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 04:08:05Z No. 6130700

>>6130680 Not poetic at all. He def means SOMEthing but scratching my head here. Let people breathe (live a little bit longer) before (what) comes back to bite (whom)?

>>6130685 me neither

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:08:06Z No. 6130701


Well, yeah

Barely-starting-to-develop, former Eastern Bloc nation

Shambles of disorganization

Corruption rampant

It's a petri dish for corrupt politicians from all over the planet, who can swoop in and set up dirty ops and get rich.

Calling Joe Biden… Joe Biden, please answer the white phone… Mr. Joe Biden

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:08:08Z No. 6130702


Maybe, after she was freshly shed into a new skin.

Anonymous ID: 8ab307 2019-04-11 04:08:22Z No. 6130703


MAGA fauxalition

Anonymous ID: 7d95ec 2019-04-11 04:08:24Z No. 6130704


no evidence???… what the fuck there were FISA's approved for DOMESTIC SPYING

Anonymous ID: 746a70 2019-04-11 04:08:29Z No. 6130705

What a GREAT DAY to be on the RIGHT side of the Truth Movement! Bahahahaha!!!!! Good times!

Anonymous ID: c45f4d 2019-04-11 04:08:45Z No. 6130706


Hillary wants to kill Comey.

Got it…

Anonymous ID: e40ecc 2019-04-11 04:08:45Z No. 6130707


The other option is to keep his opinion where it belongs

Anonymous ID: d856e0 2019-04-11 04:09:20Z No. 6130709


He wasn’t presenting evidence, he was just answering a question. Evidence is for the court.

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:09:23Z No. 6130710


Hahahaha!! That's hilarious

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:09:24Z No. 6130711


The bite that has no cure - NSA.

They have it ALL.

>Symbolism will be their downfall.




>The BITE that has no CURE - NSA.


>The 'CURE' will spread WW.

>Have FAITH, Patriot.


Anonymous ID: 4e1ac8 2019-04-11 04:09:27Z No. 6130712


Watched this laughing tears for five minutes at least.

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 04:09:35Z No. 6130713


he really made a killing exploiting stormy

Anonymous ID: 0cb52b 2019-04-11 04:09:38Z No. 6130714


Notables request

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 04:09:39Z No. 6130715


Thanks for the feedback. We are many!

I only make memes and other stuff, but no social network for me.

Good to know someone is batting libtard head…

Anonymous ID: 83596a 2019-04-11 04:09:39Z No. 6130716

What links aan(n-1) and the smoothness of N-n (which can be increased with q)

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:10:01Z No. 6130717


Gay cheese farmers raise awareness of mental health by farming naked,p.. that has a lot going on in there

Anonymous ID: cd5a34 2019-04-11 04:10:16Z No. 6130718


Anonymous ID: 8ebe19 2019-04-11 04:10:17Z No. 6130719


However, I did find this gem from 3 years ago of Scott Perry R-Congessman grilling then SOS John Kerry about the Iran deal.

Accusing John Kerry of looking after the Iranians rather than the American people with good facts. (3 years ago). John Kerry responds with same pompist attitude.

Anonymous ID: 26a645 2019-04-11 04:10:17Z No. 6130720


She does, make no mistake. He fucked her in a way she had never

been fucked before, and not in a way anyone ever wants to be fucked.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:10:40Z No. 6130721


Kekalicious gif

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:10:52Z No. 6130722


Anonymous ID: c31e1a 2019-04-11 04:11:00Z No. 6130723


>shills gonna shill.

I guess you will.

Anonymous ID: 71ad55 2019-04-11 04:11:02Z No. 6130724


Hive mind, Anon! I thought of the same phrase when looking at the DJT tweets at the top of the bread.

Anonymous ID: f92e81 2019-04-11 04:11:10Z No. 6130725

Q and Q+ speaking about INVASION on Southern Border?



Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Measles, Hepatitis, Hoof & Mouth disease!



Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:11:31Z No. 6130726


We've got more guns and ammo than the other side does.

I haven't dared to allow myself to feel good.

Arm's length.

But I'm starting to feel good

Can't help myself

Anonymous ID: 83596a 2019-04-11 04:11:45Z No. 6130727


There is a way to unify these concepts. Imagine you've solved it and work backwards.

Make P=NP your axiom.

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:11:52Z No. 6130728

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:11:59Z No. 6130729



Anonymous ID: 410137 2019-04-11 04:12:54Z No. 6130730

ALICE merged with Sophie


Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 04:13:03Z No. 6130731



That's it, anon. The matching crumb.

Good find.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:13:37Z No. 6130732


That's GOLD. First thing that came to mind for me - "Ohhhh! Nooowwwww you want evidence!"

Anonymous ID: c65f94 2019-04-11 04:13:41Z No. 6130733

I've got some ideas! They're not good, but I can punish others for them if it goes south!

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:14:00Z No. 6130734



interesting results here..

i am not sure what to make of that pastebin.

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:14:01Z No. 6130735


I heard that news clip on my way home tonight. As soon as he said the pentagon on 9/11 I yelled out what! Are you kidding me?

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:14:10Z No. 6130736


Is that a suction cup dildo and a buttplug I see on the back of that coin?

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:14:14Z No. 6130737



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

what else is guud?

handoff request rescinded til next bread


Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 04:14:21Z No. 6130738


Cabal, 70's style.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:14:36Z No. 6130740


anons find from two bread back, but yes, VERY fitting.

→ it´s on. WW!

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:14:50Z No. 6130741


Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:14:53Z No. 6130742

Pope is a changling

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:14:57Z No. 6130743


if i were out there id be phonefagging anyways

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:15:21Z No. 6130744


Kevin Shipp has said, if they're talking about it in public they're at least 20yrs ahead of whatever the hell they've been doing.

Interestingly, was in Houston the last couple days. Beautiful blue skies, no chemtrails. As soon as POTUS left, chemtrails started back up. Assuming they're coming out of Ellington field, where he landed today since they're jets that are flying to spray.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:15:52Z No. 6130745



Anonymous ID: eb1370 2019-04-11 04:16:15Z No. 6130746

OMG i loved that game >>6130571

Anonymous ID: 707a9e 2019-04-11 04:16:30Z No. 6130747

>>6129466 pb

maybe Your on to something anon?

Anonymous ID: 746a70 2019-04-11 04:16:35Z No. 6130748

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:16:50Z No. 6130749


The tide is turning!

Can ya feel it?

Anonymous ID: e576be 2019-04-11 04:17:01Z No. 6130750

Anonymous ID: dc2829 2019-04-11 04:17:01Z No. 6130751


>New York State Psychiatric Institute

Actually even before the 50s.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:17:02Z No. 6130752



please add:


was not noted when anon posted lb.

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:17:04Z No. 6130753

Has the Obama attorney soon to be charged made a notable yet?

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:17:05Z No. 6130754


>Epoch Times journalist @JoshJPhilipp explains why #Socialist 'Equality' is a lie used by dictators, and why #Socialism is just a step towards Tyranny.

You mean Venezuel wasn't enough?

Anonymous ID: 8976df 2019-04-11 04:17:14Z No. 6130755


Bigtime notable.

Anonymous ID: af591f 2019-04-11 04:17:20Z No. 6130756



4 breads

Anonymous ID: 6d8f0f 2019-04-11 04:17:20Z No. 6130757

I'mma just post this one last time, ya'll

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 04:17:27Z No. 6130758

the butthurt will reach lava spurting proportions by tomorrow, wonder what 4am talking point will be…

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:17:37Z No. 6130759


It was a Studebaker building that blew up, home to a construction design company called Prescient.

Here's some history on that building available via the magic of the interwebs.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:17:50Z No. 6130760


When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


Anonymous ID: aa9828 2019-04-11 04:18:04Z No. 6130761


Agreed. And I thought we were all supposed to forget about 911. You know, like when they said "Never Forget" but then they forgot to say about what.

a&lt;&gt;a&lt;:3)-- ID: 327039 2019-04-11 04:18:09Z No. 6130762

>>6130643 Don't have the came in Bert

Anonymous ID: e40ecc 2019-04-11 04:18:11Z No. 6130763


Nan's twat has received this

Anonymous ID: bf198b 2019-04-11 04:18:17Z No. 6130764


kanuks need to start dipping their (now illegal) bullets in bacon grease. letting this mouthy entitled shit stained Muslim Pakistani do this. She wouldn't be allowed to be where she is if it was pakistan.

Deport the muslims, why the fuck they are here in the first place is beyond me but it all started back in the 1970s.

Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:18:28Z No. 6130765

More timely reviewing:

Who are the Sleeping Giants?

Anonymous ID: c49255 2019-04-11 04:18:32Z No. 6130766

Posseeblay Noteeblay

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:18:44Z No. 6130767


Anonymous ID: 5fdc30 2019-04-11 04:18:55Z No. 6130768


As Fitzpatrick Kennedy? Nah. I’m delirious.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:18:59Z No. 6130769


fake news.

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:19:01Z No. 6130770

Anonymous ID: 71ad55 2019-04-11 04:19:07Z No. 6130771


BAKER, I second


Durham fire chief compares damage from explosion to Pentagon/911 & then mentions he was a 1st responder

Anonymous ID: 6d8f0f 2019-04-11 04:19:08Z No. 6130772


Sidenote, we're really to believe Augustus Ceasar had the tools to mint coins but they couldn't conceive of the printing press for 1300 more years?

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:19:15Z No. 6130773


Anonymous ID: 9f8497 2019-04-11 04:19:20Z No. 6130774


This was brought up a few breads back as well

1 year apart.

Anonymous ID: f61d7d 2019-04-11 04:19:38Z No. 6130775


"Basically, as far as technology is concerned, for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years." Phil Schneider, 1995

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:19:49Z No. 6130776


Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:19:51Z No. 6130777


(((Matt rivetz))) in SF arch masterfiend

Anonymous ID: 6b8c85 2019-04-11 04:19:54Z No. 6130778


>so no doubt in real life she is stuck up, snobby, judgemental etc

Is she? Bit judgmental isn’t it? Perhaps stick to facts and don’t stereotype people, it’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:19:55Z No. 6130779


Anonymous ID: df20bb 2019-04-11 04:20:10Z No. 6130780

new [YouTube] from Roseanne Barr.

She says, I lost my show because…

I Criticize the WAR Machine

[Hwood] is a weird place, you can tell 'pedo' jokes, kill your wife, kill other people, lie - cheat - steal, work to overthrow the United Sates Government. You can do all that; but, the one thing it doesn't like, the left, is to criticize the War Machine. I did. That's why I don't have my show!"

She nails moar in this two minute clip, including [Stupid people] / [D]s.

Anonymous ID: bf198b 2019-04-11 04:20:13Z No. 6130781


THIS MEME is golden. However they don't care the libprogs are entitled ti hypocrisy.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:20:20Z No. 6130782


Release the real science.

Anonymous ID: e3b497 2019-04-11 04:20:22Z No. 6130783


Muh disinfo, yeah….

But I'm pretty sure Gorka has been ID'ed as Q team.

And I'm pretty sure Michael Anton (author of "The Flight 93 Election") is Q team, and that multiple clues point to the Anton meme being the GO signal for the Q army.

I could debate about others, but I don't have any really solid evidence, and it isn't clear that we've been given any. But I'm pretty sure both Anton and Gorka are Q team, and that the Anton meme is HIGHLY marked as a GO signal.

I'll toss in the Flynn meme for keks.

Also Pepe.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:20:35Z No. 6130784


do not namefag.

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:20:36Z No. 6130785


Anonymous ID: 5c0c55 2019-04-11 04:20:44Z No. 6130786


Holden [Catcher in the Rye]


Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 04:20:54Z No. 6130787



What, me worry?

Anonymous ID: 53c2d9 2019-04-11 04:20:54Z No. 6130788

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:20:54Z No. 6130789

you might get all dolled up but she's as mean as a snake

Anonymous ID: a2e75c 2019-04-11 04:21:07Z No. 6130790

SOCOM Commander: Special Ops Needs Light Attack Aircraft

Anonymous ID: 08dba0 2019-04-11 04:21:12Z No. 6130791



your info is allowing


against the

May government

please, use last hours

for the best.

call POTUS.

stay away from MSM.


you can save many lives..

be a Patriot.




your old friends busy in




we see

we know.

tick tock


Honorable Jim Comey

Anonymous ID: 8ab307 2019-04-11 04:21:26Z No. 6130792


Fuck you, you assfucking shill faggot cunt.

Paying Medic is a fake Christian and fake MAGA goat fucker and so are you.

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:21:34Z No. 6130793


Thanks, phonefagging.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:21:42Z No. 6130794





CB as BV is alright by me

mossad massacre

great job anon

Anonymous ID: bf198b 2019-04-11 04:21:51Z No. 6130795


ditto. it makes no sense.

Anonymous ID: 059ce6 2019-04-11 04:22:01Z No. 6130796


Can you point me to the point where Hezbollah defeated Israel? Not clear what is meant by this tweet.

Anonymous ID: 77db19 2019-04-11 04:22:03Z No. 6130797


He can sing

but he can't make you feel while he sings like this guy can, who imo, is the best singer of all time

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:22:12Z No. 6130798

30, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Ten days.


Anonymous ID: 8ab307 2019-04-11 04:22:25Z No. 6130799


Fucking sellout kike bitch

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:22:28Z No. 6130800

Roseanne, if you still frequent this board…

Patriots Remember!

Anonymous ID: 9f8497 2019-04-11 04:22:35Z No. 6130801


mentioned. not sure if it made notes

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:22:45Z No. 6130802


Anonymous ID: f61d7d 2019-04-11 04:22:55Z No. 6130803


Construction design company? That's interesting, because I saw an article earlier that said the explosion happened at a mental health facility. Are they both at that location, or was the earlier report a mistake?

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:23:03Z No. 6130804


Jim! We can help you remember…

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:23:22Z No. 6130805


please add.


>Durham fire chief compares damage from explosion to Pentagon/911 & then mentions he was a 1st responder




Anonymous ID: aa2bf2 2019-04-11 04:23:23Z No. 6130806


I buy my popcorn in bulk and store in Mason jars, not going to meme them until I understand how the karma manifests.

Anonymous ID: b85a81 2019-04-11 04:23:26Z No. 6130807


This one has legs.

Good work, anon.

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 04:23:39Z No. 6130808

We are on offense now. The conspiracy theories from the left are all busted now. Russia Interference, obstruction and all the other crazy shit the dems propaganda machines have said is over. We are the Offense now.

Anonymous ID: ddc6d8 2019-04-11 04:23:43Z No. 6130809


No kidding! Soros, Obama State Dept, real Neo-Nazis in the form of the Azov Battalion. Funded with your tax dollars, America.

It’s a filthy, disgusting tale that does no one any good.

Read The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, LarouchePAC…all have painted the real position and what Russia was protecting by annexing Crimea.

Anonymous ID: f61d7d 2019-04-11 04:23:58Z No. 6130810


We'd all be in the hospital. kek

Anonymous ID: ff26c5 2019-04-11 04:24:19Z No. 6130811

And now the MAGA Glowalition is turning on Gorka…

Oooookay then?

Anonymous ID: 746a70 2019-04-11 04:24:21Z No. 6130812

Shills are gonna shill. No matter. In the end, we win.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:24:37Z No. 6130813



Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 04:24:46Z No. 6130814


for the angels all to see!

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:24:54Z No. 6130815

MSM won't quit!


Anonymous ID: af591f 2019-04-11 04:25:02Z No. 6130816


Funny as hell watching you guys try to figure it out

Maybe dave will do a video soon and decode it mormon style

Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 04:25:11Z No. 6130817



Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:25:12Z No. 6130818

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:25:14Z No. 6130819


nation at risk

be judicious

Anonymous ID: 62d51b 2019-04-11 04:25:16Z No. 6130820

UMM wtf is this? CHceck this reddit post on r/announcements from 20 minute ago.

Reddit is going down in 1 hour for “peculiar” user account data database “significant maintenance”. if it doesn’t not go well, /u/rram suspects reddit will go the way of “tabula rasa”

Google “tabula rasa” and then look at the hyperlink he include on that phrase. Anagram and all.

Scrubbing of data? Sorta like Xbox and Facebook when Q called them out?

At the very least, Something smells fishy to me.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:25:19Z No. 6130821


and why are masons always so much focused on assfucks…really makes you wonder.

Anonymous ID: bbe9d8 2019-04-11 04:25:22Z No. 6130822


Are the conspiracy theories in the room with us, right now, anon?



Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:25:24Z No. 6130823



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

>>6130680, >>6130711 you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you -DJT and Q drop

Anonymous ID: bf198b 2019-04-11 04:25:26Z No. 6130824


see something

say something

panic makes ppl do stupid things.

Anonymous ID: 9bddf2 2019-04-11 04:26:00Z No. 6130825

'Bomb cyclone' is about to make travel miserable main page

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:26:09Z No. 6130826


kek, one of many interesting revelations..

what do you make of the rest, anon? i'm floored tbqh. normally, i would immediately dismiss drama like this but the level of detail provided is spoopy. i'd assume Q has eyes on the situation.

Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:26:09Z No. 6130827


Such a discussion would be item one in discussion of their basic insanity. Kek.

Assuming it was an earnest discussion during which the premise – PUTIN was just that influential somehow – was held to be a given, consider just how much they over-estimated the man that HRC and Hussein had tried out their "reset" strategy. Oh boy.

On the other hand, if they thought that PUTIN was as good at using their own smear tactics as they are, and using tactics to produce opportunities to blackmail and so on, then, maybe it is just a matter of it-takes-one-to-know-one.

Again, kek, just kek.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:26:20Z No. 6130828



probably 12

you called it

Anonymous ID: 230e18 2019-04-11 04:26:24Z No. 6130829


If you'd like to see an example of this "Q is comp'd" tactic in action, check out the bumplocked "Bridges & Maps" thread. The newest posts are a real trip. Very interdasting.

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:26:31Z No. 6130830



Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:26:36Z No. 6130831


Not sure how I e never noticed the Mason symbol on the 1 cent.

Anonymous ID: 024440 2019-04-11 04:26:50Z No. 6130832

>stumbled over this early cap…

CBTS #399 Rothsburger Laughed At

>XXX!a22Tubbaks! I remember Leafy from then

>paid $$ to 4chan and Poof! No captcha, one year…

>Pale Moon…kek…

>def newfag, wuz looking for the children when vegas went up.

>this concludes your flashback anons…

>Dig! Meme! Pray!

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:27:05Z No. 6130834


Robert Zoldos 9/11 first responder and Commander of the Virginia Task Force 1 which helped out in HAITI during the earthquake among other places. Has observed "mayhem around the globe"

Anonymous ID: 1bb7c1 2019-04-11 04:27:10Z No. 6130835


Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:27:15Z No. 6130836


Can you clarify?

Anonymous ID: 11aada 2019-04-11 04:27:16Z No. 6130837


Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:27:35Z No. 6130838



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714, >>6130755 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

>>6130680, >>6130711 you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you -DJT and Q drop

anons are picking up on the Mason Coin dig

did i name it correctly?


Anonymous ID: 9e772b 2019-04-11 04:27:37Z No. 6130839


Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:27:37Z No. 6130840


Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:27:46Z No. 6130842


Do you have an alternative source?

You know,… a credible one.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:27:54Z No. 6130843


PB anon said he looks like the kid from The Christmas Story movie, Ralphie

Anonymous ID: 5db3f8 2019-04-11 04:28:00Z No. 6130844


Anonymous ID: 013d34 2019-04-11 04:28:17Z No. 6130845


kind of like "Give them enough rope"

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:28:17Z No. 6130846



Let Leia tell you:

"The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:28:19Z No. 6130847



>Durham fire chief compares damage from explosion to Pentagon/911 & then mentions he was a 1st responder

Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 04:28:20Z No. 6130848


holiday for secret cops

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:28:35Z No. 6130849


you have a good grasp

of situation

from your



Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:28:40Z No. 6130850


She should sue for libel.

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:28:53Z No. 6130851


The KeyStone!!

Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:29:06Z No. 6130852

Scavino and who?

Anonymous ID: 5c0c55 2019-04-11 04:29:15Z No. 6130853


Moar vintage Holden conspiracy.

Sounds pretty far fetched, this theory is the most popular one. John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman, had a particularly creepy association with the novel. After he shot and killed the Beatles co-founder, he reportedly opened up the book and began to read it before he was arrested. In fact, he was even going to change his name to Holden Caulfield days before the murder, but he wasn’t able to finish the forms.

The book is also linked to John Hinkley, Jr. (Ronald Reagan’s failed assassin), Robert John Bardo (the man who murdered Rebecca Schaeffer and stalked Madonna), John F. Kennedy’s killer, Martin Luther King’s killer, Charles Manson, the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac killer, the Washington Sniper, and Ted Bundy–who were all said to have had copies of The Catcher in the Rye with them or in their apartments. This leads conspiracy theorists to believe that this novel was an assassination trigger.

This conspiracy theory came to a popular rise after the release of the 1997 movie, Conspiracy Theory, starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. Gibson’s character has an obsession with the novel, and the film quickly intensifies when the viewers learn that his character is involved with the CIA and his mind is being controlled by the controversial MK-Ultra program.

The idea was that the CIA had implanted codes in The Catcher in the Rye that brainwashed them to do whatever the government wanted. Leaked documents from the CIA confirmed that during the MK-Ultra mind control program, once patients heard a certain set of numbers or words in a certain order, they would immediately be hypnotized and follow every command they received.

Haven't personally dug/verified, but have heard about this for decades. Muh Holden.

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:29:16Z No. 6130854


>>6130507 Brazil plans to charge Vale over deadly mine collapse: WSJ

Anonymous ID: a14d24 2019-04-11 04:29:24Z No. 6130857



Anonymous ID: 7c8542 2019-04-11 04:29:27Z No. 6130855


Or is the media trying to obfuscate?

Anonymous ID: eb121e 2019-04-11 04:29:30Z No. 6130856




Anonymous ID: 07ff5d 2019-04-11 04:29:41Z No. 6130858

No coincidences. Holy Shit.

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:29:45Z No. 6130859

Secret Document Reveals Plans For Civil War In Lebanon, Israeli False Flags, & Invasion

Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:29:51Z No. 6130860


Check the Google Map for address, you will see Mexican restaurant way on the end, the Dodge Garage, Studebaker Building with Prescient and apparently a coffee shop.

115B was not touched, except for broken windows, if that was supposed to be the mental health place?

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:29:59Z No. 6130861



baker mentioning a shill buzzword?

muh jew bakers are not helping.

rain it is…

Anonymous ID: d43911 2019-04-11 04:30:15Z No. 6130862


Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:30:16Z No. 6130863


Part of Guaido's new admin. A new ambassador I believe.

Anonymous ID: 9bddf2 2019-04-11 04:30:16Z No. 6130864




Credibility isn't really the issue here. Nice stamp.

Anonymous ID: 8606bf 2019-04-11 04:30:23Z No. 6130865

Anonymous ID: cd5a34 2019-04-11 04:30:27Z No. 6130866


He’s talking to the EU. He’s telling the EU to give their citizens room to breath/space/freedom before they bite them back/revolt/REVOLUTION.

Anonymous ID: b85a81 2019-04-11 04:30:35Z No. 6130867




Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:30:39Z No. 6130868



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714, >>6130755 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

>>6130680, >>6130711 you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you -DJT and Q drop

>>6130644 18:10 the Durham fire chief compares damage at today's explosion to the Pentagon

>>6130759 Studebaker building that blew up, also Durham fire chief was Pentagon 1st responder

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:30:41Z No. 6130869

The Box will come from beneath the Ottoman Stronghold with three on each side, twice the strength of men with given conviction.

It will be carried before all the Tribes as they quiver like a woman before birth.

None shall come within Thirty Meters of it for the Tribes are not the Truth yet the word of God is.

And the Flanks will be guarded Day and Night.

Anonymous ID: f9b064 2019-04-11 04:31:07Z No. 6130870

Night Shift locked and loaded

Anonymous ID: d3c98e 2019-04-11 04:31:10Z No. 6130871

Boatfag update: M/Y SKYFALL is underway (owner Roy Carrol connected to Rachel Chandler). The WHITE RABBIT under watch remains moored.

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:31:16Z No. 6130872


Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 04:31:21Z No. 6130873

Trump being innocent is even worse when they have TDS.

Anonymous ID: daadbf 2019-04-11 04:31:40Z No. 6130875


I'd encourage a pig to pork her.

Anonymous ID: bfaf3b 2019-04-11 04:31:58Z No. 6130876


Fire chief was also in Haiti during rescue.

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:32:03Z No. 6130877


They squeal like stuck pigs.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:32:12Z No. 6130878



A little bit

But Barr has a rounder face

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:32:16Z No. 6130879



stay in your lane MSM News spam guy

Anonymous ID: f1a9dd 2019-04-11 04:32:20Z No. 6130880


Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:32:37Z No. 6130881



Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:32:38Z No. 6130882


Thanks anon.

Anonymous ID: b217e6 2019-04-11 04:32:39Z No. 6130883


Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:32:50Z No. 6130884


ottomans are still figureing out the vote,

like democrats,

they need time

to fix


Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:32:55Z No. 6130885


Why are talking to yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:33:15Z No. 6130887

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:33:22Z No. 6130888


Why does team Trump not have keys to the weather machine is the issue.

They should be the ones driving that mother.

Anonymous ID: 53854a 2019-04-11 04:33:24Z No. 6130889



Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:33:24Z No. 6130890




this is the door on the building that survived.

I can't read what it says, maybe an Anon that can clear up this pic?

It could be the MSM just got the address wrong because there is a 115A and a 115B. 115A was the Studebaker Building, but I don't know what 115B was?

Anonymous ID: b9d867 2019-04-11 04:33:32Z No. 6130891

College Crisis

You guys realize this whole Parents cheated and paid the schools to Pretend the students actually attended ( which has always been the norm) is the White Hats exposing the fact Harvard,Columbia, Occidental lied that Obama attended and Graduated.


Anonymous ID: c3dca3 2019-04-11 04:33:35Z No. 6130892


Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:33:35Z No. 6130893

Anonymous ID: a461b3 2019-04-11 04:33:36Z No. 6130894

>>6129319 (pb)

Does anyone else see the irony in someone using an electronic device invented by boomers, to broadcast their hate of boomers over the internet, which was also invented by boomers? What's this clown generation's claim to fame, the pussy hat?

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:33:45Z No. 6130895


Anonymous ID: 1e316d 2019-04-11 04:33:58Z No. 6130896


Very ready.

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:34:09Z No. 6130897



Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:34:18Z No. 6130898


fuckbook and twatter

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:34:19Z No. 6130899

Strategic Sentinel

‏Verified account @StratSentinel

31m31 minutes ago

Strategic Sentinel Retweeted

Reports of a military coup underway in #Sudan.

Strategic Sentinel added,

Verified account @AlHadath

# — :

5 replies 47 retweets 34 likes

Strategic Sentinel

‏Verified account @StratSentinel

29m29 minutes ago

Strategic Sentinel Retweeted Vincent Lee

Military to make an announcement on state TV

Strategic Sentinel added,

Vincent Lee

Verified account @Rover829

Reuters: #Sudan state TV says army forces to make important announcement soon; state radio plays nationalist music

0 replies 14 retweets 12 likes

Anonymous ID: aa2bf2 2019-04-11 04:34:31Z No. 6130900


Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:34:44Z No. 6130901


you are at the center of the box anon

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:35:07Z No. 6130902



Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:35:08Z No. 6130903


The thought had crossed my mind

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:35:19Z No. 6130904


highly plausible theory

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:35:29Z No. 6130905


then all of a sudden

power is restored?

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:35:29Z No. 6130906

shill baker on duty.


Anonymous ID: d43911 2019-04-11 04:35:33Z No. 6130907


Toots has a lead role in Captain Marvel

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:35:36Z No. 6130908

>>6126194, >>6125729 (pb)

Leader and Speaker's panties in a bunch? Patriots over target!!!!

Anonymous ID: 62d51b 2019-04-11 04:35:43Z No. 6130909


Is nobody going to pick up on this? I’m not trying to plug myself here but Seriously eyes on anons, no way this isn’t fuckery.

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:35:57Z No. 6130910


Screenshot including orig language

Anonymous ID: 068b66 2019-04-11 04:36:18Z No. 6130911

When we meme, we are this dragon laying waste to evil. It's what's playing in my head whenever I have my anon hat on. Our memes are chipping away. Do not stop. Dig. Meme. We are winning.

Anonymous ID: ff26c5 2019-04-11 04:36:28Z No. 6130912


That's nice J.

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:36:30Z No. 6130913


The documents release sounds like it's own false flag. POTUS would never go down this road, nor approve of using this insanity as a threat.

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:36:37Z No. 6130914




Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:36:42Z No. 6130915


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out again they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

Anonymous ID: a12920 2019-04-11 04:36:57Z No. 6130916


Anonymous ID: f5c013 2019-04-11 04:37:00Z No. 6130917


Tippy top feckin KekekekeK !!!

Anonymous ID: f9b064 2019-04-11 04:37:10Z No. 6130918






Anonymous ID: 63f49c 2019-04-11 04:37:13Z No. 6130919


the hyphen continues to the next line.


Anonymous ID: 024440 2019-04-11 04:37:26Z No. 6130921


Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:37:26Z No. 6130922


Found it, Anons.

Mainstreet Clinical.

Mental health place.

But it is NOT the one that exploded.

Fake News can't get their fucking facts straight!


Anonymous ID: e2a132 2019-04-11 04:37:32Z No. 6130923


Funny you say that, as he probably likes it in there some ways…

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:37:35Z No. 6130924


Could be the cleanup crew at work. Hard to tell, but definite fuckery as usual.

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:37:36Z No. 6130925


What is all this other stuff showing up on this clear day as she describes?

Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:38:10Z No. 6130927



Anonymous ID: d337bf 2019-04-11 04:38:13Z No. 6130928

Just checking in real quick…

Where did we land on Jews? Still bad? Ok, thanks!


They're bad tho, so there's that, right?

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:38:13Z No. 6130929


i think this was supposed to be knowledge to fully chanded META lurkers

after reading the pastebin

im not supirsed penis is BV and has been

never knew fastjack but his memefag ive seen with BV flavor in meta

CB is based af

and im not suprised a mod from QRV has BV here

Anonymous ID: 62d51b 2019-04-11 04:38:26Z No. 6130930


Shit I’m an idiot. pentagram not anagram.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:38:28Z No. 6130931


Let's see the pen.

Anonymous ID: 35cbec 2019-04-11 04:38:32Z No. 6130932


It says "Criminal investigator"

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:38:53Z No. 6130933



Much bad.


Anonymous ID: 9bddf2 2019-04-11 04:38:55Z No. 6130934


kinda thinkn they do.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:38:56Z No. 6130935


Q is fighting the worldwide ruling class, the global illuminati/masonic Deep State - including governments, agencies, organizations, thinktanks, companies, …

Q is fighting what was hidden a long time by the word "conspiracy" and by a lot of effort of MSM and 'stars.'

Shills want to slow down (they can´t possibly think they could stop anons.) the Q movement by "divide and rule" and by giving fake news media a reason to blame Q followers nazis.

This is what MSM is doing right now with POTUS and followers and begins to do it with Q now.

Don´t let shills divide you.

Good vs. evil.

We the people vs golbal DS Eilte.

















Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:38:59Z No. 6130936

>>6126277, >>6126336 (pb) (pb: #7835) Sealed indictments are up to 90k+ now.

'Was expecting drop with Peds, Admissions, etc … unfolding. Increase means the snowball is rolling downhill.!!!!

Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:38:59Z No. 6130937


Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:39:07Z No. 6130938



Confirmed homosexual

>He broke both of his thumbs in 2001

Likely broke both thumbs by jamming up his teammates assholes … it's soccer, after all.

Anonymous ID: fdb448 2019-04-11 04:39:09Z No. 6130939

Is Q a master troller or what?

He saw this asshole coming from a mile away.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:39:21Z No. 6130940


Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:39:27Z No. 6130941



who is /u/rram?

i suppose we will find out soon enough. i agree it smells of fuckery. fuckery afoot.


Anonymous ID: 059ce6 2019-04-11 04:39:31Z No. 6130942


This seriously infuriates me after she destroyed those faggots in Congress with her testimony. They are nothing more than propagandists furthering their agenda every chance they smell

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:39:40Z No. 6130943


dont forget anons

he left over a year ago


Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:39:46Z No. 6130944




Main Street

Clinical Associates




Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:39:52Z No. 6130945


expand beyond politics.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:39:58Z No. 6130946


Anonymous ID: 53c2d9 2019-04-11 04:39:59Z No. 6130947

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:40:00Z No. 6130948


we have 1800 plus tonnes of gold…and other soon to be repatriated,

all from the


Anonymous ID: 71ad55 2019-04-11 04:40:05Z No. 6130949


Established in 1986 as a domestic and international disaster response resource, sponsored by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, Virginia Task Force 1 is rostered by approximately 200 specially trained career and volunteer fire and rescue personnel, with expertise in the rescue of victims from collapsed structures, following a natural or man-made catastrophic event.

The team is comprised of emergency managers and planners, physicians and paramedics and includes specialists in the fields of structural engineering, heavy rigging, collapse rescue, logistics, hazardous materials, communications, canine and technical search.

Virginia Task Force 1 has partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency for domestic response and the United States Agency for International Development/Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance during international missions. As a part of the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department, the task force maintains constant operational readiness as a local resource for residents of Fairfax County and surrounding jurisdictions.

We invite you to view our web site to learn more about our Department, our community and our team.

Since 1986, Task Force members have been at the forefront in assisting in the development of response systems both domestically and internationally. This assistance and support, supplied to USAID-OFDA, the United Nations (UN), and FEMA, continues today to ensure that the world's first responder community remains prepared for its arduous duty.

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:40:16Z No. 6130950

Q is a good little piggie. The kind you bring to the faire and get a 1st prize gold ribbon for.

He's gonna love what's coming next. :)

Oops. I meant the 12 angry men. The 12 angry men will love what's coming next~

Anonymous ID: 583f8e 2019-04-11 04:40:22Z No. 6130952

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:40:23Z No. 6130951


Shared concern fren.

Anonymous ID: 7580e1 2019-04-11 04:40:25Z No. 6130953


But it is even better than that!

In Watergate, the cheaters at least won the election. In Spygate, the cheaters wasn't even able to win the election! → Double whammy low!

Anonymous ID: 58c1b7 2019-04-11 04:40:30Z No. 6130954


Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:40:31Z No. 6130955


Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:40:33Z No. 6130956


Oh go get some coffee you faggot.

Anonymous ID: bbe9d8 2019-04-11 04:40:35Z No. 6130957


Yeah, kek'd out loud on that one.

Anonymous ID: ff26c5 2019-04-11 04:40:39Z No. 6130958


i've never heard him say a positive thing about them.

Just found it interdasting that they'd go after him.

Anonymous ID: 0b8680 2019-04-11 04:40:46Z No. 6130959

2 ex-elected officials among 4 named in bribery indictment

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:40:56Z No. 6130960


Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:40:58Z No. 6130961

Dink for the nightfags.

Anonymous ID: 0086be 2019-04-11 04:41:03Z No. 6130962


Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:41:24Z No. 6130963


Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:41:47Z No. 6130964


Anonymous ID: ff5cde 2019-04-11 04:41:50Z No. 6130965

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:41:55Z No. 6130966


Anonymous ID: 18168c 2019-04-11 04:41:56Z No. 6130967


hence learning to archive off line

the eraser's comin, frens

it'll stop here too

but it'll be ok

imagination land can be rebuilt

Anonymous ID: 059ce6 2019-04-11 04:42:04Z No. 6130968


JEWBS, and not hot ones, at that

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:42:13Z No. 6130969


That quote doesn't help.

I just reread his tweet.

So he's saying that we all had to breathe after taking control of the DS, so now it's time to go on offense and bite the DS?

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:42:24Z No. 6130970



Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:42:24Z No. 6130971


Eyes on, Patriot!

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:42:25Z No. 6130972


Anonymous ID: 6d1b9a 2019-04-11 04:42:40Z No. 6130973


Here is that piece

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:42:56Z No. 6130974


so you are saying you stole anons post


the anon i knew that was doing the MSM spam has my 5 prong shill meme

your a faggot

me thinks you stole MSM spams post

you prob dont even know what 5 prong shill meme im talking about

you probably cried liberal tears during the Mossad Massacre

faggot nigger

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:43:04Z No. 6130975


"Hezbollah defeated Isreal."

~ Cynthia McKinney, PhD

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:43:05Z No. 6130976


Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:43:08Z No. 6130977

Good night Q and team.

Anonymous ID: 98eb8e 2019-04-11 04:43:12Z No. 6130978



Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:43:15Z No. 6130979


Describe breathing. Now, is it something you let people do? If yes, under what circumstances can you have that sort of power over breathing?

Try another way. Someone is suddenly highly emotional. Rage, sadness, despair, afraid, pick one of the strong emotions – even joy. Then think of allowing someone to breathe.

They catch their breath. Now you will have their attention. If they do not set off again.

So, let them react, let them breathe, then offer them the opportunity to respond to the next moment during which there is a gathering of thoughts, memories, and new emotions that come with a review of what got them where they find themselves at that moment.

Then there is the reckoning, one way or the other.

What is the saying, nothing focuses the mind better than … ?

Suppose a black hat has been living out delusions of grandeur. Reality bites.

Why is the saying, karma is … ?

We are watching a movie? Theme?

Watch the death scene that may be apt here.

Starting at mark 02:08.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:43:26Z No. 6130980


Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:43:55Z No. 6130981


Anonymous ID: 2f5ced 2019-04-11 04:43:57Z No. 6130982


Serious Question….

Why does Hannity say ACID WASH every fucking time when he's talking about BleachBit?

WHY? I know you Hannipedes lurk here.

Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:44:03Z No. 6130983



Let your enemy no longer sense the pressure of your attack.

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:44:08Z No. 6130984


tell her that they will never have the soup

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:44:17Z No. 6130985


Anonymous ID: 57e0d0 2019-04-11 04:44:23Z No. 6130986


Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 04:44:27Z No. 6130987

Life comes at you fast

Anonymous ID: d337bf 2019-04-11 04:44:31Z No. 6130988


And he says it is expensive. Totally free.

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:44:32Z No. 6130989

>>6126539 Mnuchin's response to Richard Neal re: POTUS tax returns.

'Translation: We're going to SCOTUS on this one you Maxine-Waters-Labia-Licking sommanabitch!!!'

Anonymous ID: 2ba2c8 2019-04-11 04:44:34Z No. 6130990


just noticed your post count, kek. didn't realize i was talking to the baker. apologies for the distraction.

while i'm here, check this out:

>>6130820 reddit fuckery in 15 minutes. scrubbing data?

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:44:44Z No. 6130991

derivatives will not be honored

credit rating will be proved wrong

insurance will fail

a cleansing

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:44:55Z No. 6130992


I like pens.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:45:02Z No. 6130993

Based Baker on Duty

double kek notables

Anonymous ID: fdb448 2019-04-11 04:45:04Z No. 6130994

Anonymous ID: c77555 2019-04-11 04:45:07Z No. 6130995





actually this is great!

"Donald Trump Jr. praises Candace Owens for her defence of Hitler comments"

The MSM just invoked Godwin's Law! Online, this is what you do when you're desperate and you know you're about to lose the argument.

"But what about Hitler?"

Newsweek, you lose 😂

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:45:11Z No. 6130996


yup, POTUS is dropping many hints on freemasonry, so is Melania, so is Q.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:45:22Z No. 6130997



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714, >>6130755 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

>>6130680, >>6130711 you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you -DJT and Q drop

>>6130644 18:10 the Durham fire chief compares damage at today's explosion to the Pentagon

>>6130759 Studebaker building that blew up, also Durham fire chief was Pentagon 1st responder

>>6130860, >>6130803, >>6130776, >>6130834 more diggs on studabaker building

>>6130952 NK must deal a "blow" against hostile forces, KJU tells ruling party

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:45:27Z No. 6130998

Caught up now

Anonymous ID: ccb674 2019-04-11 04:45:29Z No. 6130999


We need a mooslam ban. They’re unamerican.

Anonymous ID: c77555 2019-04-11 04:45:34Z No. 6131000


Anonymous ID: bcf152 2019-04-11 04:45:51Z No. 6131001

Here you hopeless faggots.

Go get a shit transplant, maybe it'll help you get way from the Qult.

Anonymous ID: 53854a 2019-04-11 04:45:57Z No. 6131002


burgermeister meisterberger?

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:45:59Z No. 6131003



Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:46:02Z No. 6131004

Hehe. Hey Lazarus. Why do you hate this loli comic so much?

Remind you too much of YiffStar? ;)

Anonymous ID: 63f49c 2019-04-11 04:46:04Z No. 6131005


also measles

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:46:05Z No. 6131006



Anonymous ID: f61d7d 2019-04-11 04:46:16Z No. 6131007

Just for the record, here is the article I saw this morning. They updated it, and removed the phrase loosely describing a mental health facility. The new version says:

"Prescient Company leased the space starting in 2017. They are not the owners. It is owned by a West Coast real estate company called 2050 Bentley LLC. Kaffeinate coffee shop and Main Street Clinical Associates are also located in the same building."

Anonymous ID: 45828f 2019-04-11 04:46:18Z No. 6131008






Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 04:46:21Z No. 6131009

Jim I really feel empathy for you.I don't think yo will do well in prison. How you became GEN is a mystery. I guess the theory of perfumed princes is true for you. You will not do well in prison. You are too soft.


Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: It is "stunning and scary" that Attorney General William Barr would raise the spying allegation"

Anonymous ID: 0ffe27 2019-04-11 04:46:26Z No. 6131010


Anonymous ID: b85a81 2019-04-11 04:46:34Z No. 6131011


Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:46:48Z No. 6131012


Was watching this last night. Wierd.

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:46:56Z No. 6131013

This is good thinking from Sundance at CTH

The “By the Book” justification, where every action could have been taken because Trump might have been an actual Russian operative, is the weapon under the camouflage tarp as the radical left lures-in their political opposition. They shrug their shoulders and say in condescending voice: ‘well, we didn’t know; we had to be prudent‘, etc.

Getting outraged about the Obama administration’s lies, misstatements and fabrications can backfire if you don’t first think about it from their constructed frame-of-reference.

The ‘By-the-Book’ framework is based on a false-premise; but the action, just about any action, taken to mislead (even undermine) the incoming administration is excusable under this carefully crafted justification memo. That’s exactly why Susan Rice wrote it; and each of the participating members knows they can use it, when needed.

The way to get around the legal and political defense inside this justification memo is to ignore the activity of those protected by it and go directly to the origin of how they created that false premise in the first place:

♦ Prove the July 31st, 2016, Crossfire Hurricane operation originated from fraud by exposing the CIA operation that created the originating “Electronic Communication” memo. Declassify that two-page “EC” document that Brennan gave to Comey.

♦ Reveal the November 2015 through April 2016 FISA-702 search query abuse by declassifying the April 2017 court opinion written by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer. Show the FBI contractors behind the 85% fraudulent search queries. [Crowdstrike? Fusion-GPS? Nellie Ohr?]

♦ Subpoena former DOJ-NSD (National Security Division) head John Carlin, or haul him in front of a grand jury, and get his testimony about why he hid the abuse from the FISA court in October 2016; why the DOJ-NSD rushed the Carter Page application to beat NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers to the FISA court; and why Carlin quit immediately thereafter. Squeeze this bastard’s nuts in the proverbial legal vice.

♦ Prove the Carter Page FISA application (October 2016) was fraudulent and based on deceptions to the FISA Court. Declassify the entire document, and release the transcripts of those who signed the application(s); and/or depose those who have not yet testified.

♦ Release all of the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text messages without redactions. Let sunlight pour in on the actual conversation(s) that were taking place when Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the FISA Application (Oct ’16) were taking place.

♦ Release all of Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications. Including exculpatory evidence that Bruce Ohr may have shared with FBI Agent Joseph Pientka. [And get a deposition from this Pientka fella]

In short, avoid the “justification trap” by ignoring the downstream activity (stemming as a result of the fraudulent origin), and focus on revealing the origin of the fraud.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:46:58Z No. 6131014


fuck off faggot

Anonymous ID: c940b7 2019-04-11 04:47:06Z No. 6131015


Thank you Anon. I have come to love this song.

Hope Irishanon is doing well.

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:47:15Z No. 6131016


we love your slides. they make for a good laugh.

Anonymous ID: d43911 2019-04-11 04:47:24Z No. 6131017


Anonymous ID: ccb674 2019-04-11 04:47:26Z No. 6131018


She lost her show because she takes drugs and posted stupid shit even though she had a lot to lose.

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:47:29Z No. 6131019


Anonymous ID: f0df48 2019-04-11 04:47:30Z No. 6131020


Watch the death scene, mark 02:08.

"This is a fine death.

We are making a better world."

The irony may be intentional, more or less.

Anonymous ID: 0b8680 2019-04-11 04:47:33Z No. 6131021

Lawyers for ex-Obama counsel expect him to be indicted in case linked to Mueller probe

Anonymous ID: 8976df 2019-04-11 04:47:35Z No. 6131022


About this, you are correct.


Anonymous ID: 7580e1 2019-04-11 04:47:40Z No. 6131023


Do you have the full video for this? I would love to watch the whole context of the question to which he was responding. Thanks!

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:47:46Z No. 6131024


I was thinking that it's an example of Al Caponing the dirty celebs. 1

And 2 it's the white hat plan to take them all down bit by bit in a manner where none of them expect to get caught.

Figure this… Trump wins. Their fears are realized.

Not a whole lot seems to happen.

There's some backchannel noise to the DS and celebs that shit is going down, certain people are comped. People start to suspect each other. Many are isolated.

Q comes on the scene and starts gaining momentum, attracted the attention of people that thought they could survive the Trump war.

People start to get spooked and start compromising themselves by contact their fellow rats. Money trails pop up.

Then Q's disinfo starts to poison them.

Q flexes his muscles showing what he has control of, what info he has. Spy games.

Rats are fucked but keep in contact with their closest buds. Some get in on the media blitz to shut down Trump speed.

Then the college scandal breaks…

I wonder if people feel like it's just a matter of time or the don't know if they're going to get popped.

Anonymous ID: 6a1d30 2019-04-11 04:48:03Z No. 6131026


Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:48:10Z No. 6131027


Anonymous ID: 989b01 2019-04-11 04:48:22Z No. 6131028


Anonymous ID: 7e42b2 2019-04-11 04:48:37Z No. 6131029

I guess wedding pics are out of the question.. >>6131015

Anonymous ID: f30016 2019-04-11 04:48:52Z No. 6131030


He's quite effeminate. Never noticed before. What a load of crap he's selling there, relatively inexpensive at a cost of 10 billion dollars per year.

Anonymous ID: c77555 2019-04-11 04:48:55Z No. 6131031



Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:48:56Z No. 6131032


Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:48:58Z No. 6131033

Forest / Wild Fire in Canada on April 11 2019 04:43 AM (UTC).

A small wildfire that triggered an evacuation alert for more than a dozen homes in the area of Mount Currie was under control by Wednesday afternoon. The grass fire broke out in the small community east of Pemberton at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, quickly spreading across 50 hectares as strong winds fanned the flames. The Lil'wat First Nation set up an emergency operations centre and issued evacuation alerts for 15 properties near the fire. The B.C. Wildfire Service said local crews from Mount Currie and Pemberton were leading the firefighting effort with some provincial assistance. "We had 14 firefighters out there at about 5 p.m. last night to assist those two fire departments," fire information officer Dorothe Jakobsen told CTV News. "We'll be returning eight firefighters today." The First Nation's Chief Operations Officer Ernest Armann told The Canadian Press crews patrolled the blaze overnight. A few hydro poles were burned and will need to be replaced, and a falling tree briefly knocked out power, but electricity has since been restored. It's unclear how the fire started, but officials suspect it was human-caused.

Anonymous ID: 743e6f 2019-04-11 04:49:00Z No. 6131034


To explain it to boomers. Bleaching bit? Oh she put her printed emails in a pot of acid. Got it 👍

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:49:06Z No. 6131035


Yeah, but watch the video, there are a bunch of other small spots showing up all around on a "clear day like this" as she says

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:49:09Z No. 6131036


Perhaps this is why obligate homosexuals have low incidence of autism

Anonymous ID: ff26c5 2019-04-11 04:49:10Z No. 6131037


MAGA Glowalition is trying to steal "inorganic"

Anonymous ID: ff5cde 2019-04-11 04:49:19Z No. 6131038


Anonymous ID: b85a81 2019-04-11 04:49:24Z No. 6131039


pens 'r cool too.


Anonymous ID: 024440 2019-04-11 04:49:34Z No. 6131040

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:49:39Z No. 6131041


No. If you don't let the people breath they will bite you.

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:49:54Z No. 6131042



>>6130475 Son of Deputy Arrested For Church Burning

>>6130687, >>6130714, >>6130755 Mason coins symbols dig

>>6130563 did you know KellyAnne Conway did work for JFK Jr?

>>6130680, >>6130711 you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you -DJT and Q drop

>>6130644 18:10 the Durham fire chief compares damage at today's explosion to the Pentagon

>>6130759 Studebaker building that blew up, also Durham fire chief was Pentagon 1st responder

>>6130860, >>6130803, >>6130776, >>6130834 more diggs on studabaker building

>>6130952 NK must deal a "blow" against hostile forces, KJU tells ruling party

>>6130815, >>6130889, >>6130995 Donald Trump Jr. praises Candace Owens for her defence of Hitler comments

>>6130820 reddit fuckery in 15 minutes. scrubbing data?

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:50:01Z No. 6131043


What people?

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:50:01Z No. 6131044


Nice! I like it!

Anonymous ID: 0259c7 2019-04-11 04:50:24Z No. 6131047

Indictment week.

Anonymous ID: 63f49c 2019-04-11 04:50:31Z No. 6131048


try again faggot, get it right this time.

Anonymous ID: d3c98e 2019-04-11 04:50:38Z No. 6131049


Strange how some of those conspiracy theories turned into the Iran-Contra and Fast & Furious realities

Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:50:42Z No. 6131050


She needs Pepe with a big pecker.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:50:43Z No. 6131051



I don't want nona dat cheese!

Anonymous ID: cacf3d 2019-04-11 04:50:59Z No. 6131052


The shoe is the on the other foot and now Clapper thinks spying allegations are scary

Anonymous ID: 57e0d0 2019-04-11 04:51:11Z No. 6131053


Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:51:14Z No. 6131054


Americans give a second chance

where you from?

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:51:16Z No. 6131055


fear causes one to fight for conviction. ease makes people stupid.

Anonymous ID: a12920 2019-04-11 04:51:26Z No. 6131056



“The Sudanese army will issue an important statement soon. Wait for it,” a television anchor said, according to Agence France-Presse, a newswire.

Anonymous ID: c940b7 2019-04-11 04:51:30Z No. 6131057


Well at least the honeymoon pictures won't be shown….unless one of the many bewb photos on this board is from the wedding night

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:51:38Z No. 6131058


>>6128154, >>6128430 (pb: couple bakes back) Rep Gaetz (R-FL) files to remove Schiff from House Intel Committee and revoke clearance (PENCIL Act, KEK!)

It's on like Donkey Kong!!!! The coordination gives me a chub

Anonymous ID: 254f52 2019-04-11 04:51:41Z No. 6131059

What a pussy. The guy had a choice to make. Had he grown a pair and been proud of his beliefs he would have had a HOF career. Now, he will get a season ending injury early on a fade a way into obscurity, just watch.

Anonymous ID: 0cb52b 2019-04-11 04:51:41Z No. 6131060


Notable decode.

Anonymous ID: 6b8c85 2019-04-11 04:51:45Z No. 6131061




Anonymous ID: dd561c 2019-04-11 04:51:53Z No. 6131062



Anonymous ID: cc414a 2019-04-11 04:52:13Z No. 6131063


Anonymous ID: 53854a 2019-04-11 04:52:20Z No. 6131064


Anonymous ID: bbe9d8 2019-04-11 04:52:35Z No. 6131065


Tighten noose, then loosen. Then tighten it all the way. It's like a cat playing with a mouse. The fact that POTUS can do that with the EU shows just how weak they actually are in comparison.

Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:52:41Z No. 6131066


I could imagine this happening to the WH had HRC won.

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:52:51Z No. 6131067


Anonymous ID: af591f 2019-04-11 04:52:57Z No. 6131068


How dare you.

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:52:57Z No. 6131069


Because Hannity is a moron.

He may be /ourguy/, but he's a moron … who loves himself and his voice more than Hillary loves herself.

Anonymous ID: d3c98e 2019-04-11 04:53:00Z No. 6131070


Pardon, meant for 6130822

Anonymous ID: a12920 2019-04-11 04:53:13Z No. 6131071


It's the Jews. Masons are all Shabbos Goys funded by Jews

Anonymous ID: 171d41 2019-04-11 04:53:21Z No. 6131072

Nice to see Seth Abramson starting to freak out . . .


Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:53:22Z No. 6131073




(pic not related)

Anonymous ID: 528d73 2019-04-11 04:53:29Z No. 6131074


Anonymous ID: e40ecc 2019-04-11 04:53:42Z No. 6131075


Anonymous ID: d945af 2019-04-11 04:53:46Z No. 6131076



A question of mine is:

If the explosion was a FF to send a particular message, then what message does the word "Studebaker" send and who are the recipients?

Seems like a pretty historic building and all. It has it's own dedicated website for the location even.

Studebaker is a Swiss name that doesn't really have a clear definition that I can find.

I can only guess from the limited German language knowledge that I have.

Stude could mean "study" or

Stunde could meant "hour"

Baker cold mean literal "baker"


Perhaps, Bach or Bacher, which means "river" "stream" "brook" or "creek"

Anonymous ID: 69046e 2019-04-11 04:53:47Z No. 6131078

there was spying, FINALLY ITS HABBENING!!!

Anonymous ID: bcf152 2019-04-11 04:53:47Z No. 6131079


>obligate homosexuals

Not gonna lie, first time I've heard it described like that and it makes a lot of sense masonically-speaking. "Brethren"?

Anonymous ID: 14c09a 2019-04-11 04:53:50Z No. 6131080

Anyone have any idea why my toastmaster script quit working?

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:54:01Z No. 6131081



Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:54:10Z No. 6131083

Here it is, right in the original docs.

But wow, where did @GeorgeMNasif get these?

Are… are these new here? There were on Twitter :-o

Sean Hannity

‏Verified account @seanhannity

5h5 hours ago

AG Bill Barr testified today that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election… @LindseyGrahamSC, @Jim_Jordan, and @SaraCarterDC will have reaction on #Hannity

George M Nassif

‏ @GeorgeMNasif

44m44 minutes ago

Obviously,, Obama ordered it through Rice as clearly seen here.

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:54:11Z No. 6131082


>tell her that they will never have the soup

Dumbfuck bot, are you following me around today?

At least learn some basic English grammar.

Anonymous ID: e40ecc 2019-04-11 04:54:16Z No. 6131084



Only from Soros

Anonymous ID: ccb674 2019-04-11 04:54:21Z No. 6131085


Swallowell is not a long-ball hitter. Shrimp.

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:54:26Z No. 6131086


feels good man

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:54:27Z No. 6131087


looking for truth

not here to cause terror.

facts..just the facts


Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:54:31Z No. 6131088



Makes me look at any movie as possibly based on true events. Albeit blown up to exaggerate or concluded in a manner which functions as propaganda programming for the sheep.

Think about it… stories passed between cabal members of things that happen in their world become "hit" stories and then get produced which is supported by their friends that are all in on knowing it's real. Get a high profile celeb that gets off on gaming the sheep, and you have your money and band of psychopaths to produce the flick. Run it through the Jewry to get it synced up with propaganda schemes… and boom, now we know why thousands of scripts get shelved.

Anonymous ID: 63ac00 2019-04-11 04:54:35Z No. 6131089


Doesn't matter what you think. Hannity established a relationship with the President during his campaign and they trust each other. I personally like Hannity (but not the interrupting) but what Trump thinks is what matters.

Anonymous ID: aaa517 2019-04-11 04:54:36Z No. 6131090


Been a bunch of "transformer explosions" blowing these all over the place lately

Anonymous ID: bcf152 2019-04-11 04:54:51Z No. 6131092


It thought that a government paid individual or "team" was gonna save the world.

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:54:57Z No. 6131093


pump it


pump it


pump it



Anonymous ID: 28c394 2019-04-11 04:55:07Z No. 6131094

You know what to do

Anonymous ID: cf4664 2019-04-11 04:55:10Z No. 6131095




韓国のペナルティサイバーユニットが米国のWannaCry Ransomware攻撃を担当しています






2015年7月24日、韓国人男性の李氏は、ホワイトハウス脅迫メッセージで、オバマ米大統領と、米国の韓国大使であるMark Lippertを脅迫した。







The hypothetical case that the HOW threatening incident in South Korea is the cover-up of the attack on Korea in 2013

South Korea's Penalties Unit is responsible for the US WannaCry Ransomware attack

I do not know if I know DarkSeoul.

DarkSeoul is an anonymous group of hackers tracked on the line of the police in South Korea's 2013 attack on March 20, 2013.

The Park Gyeonghee administration insisted that North Korea was responsible for the attack on South Korea in 2013, but except for the Obama administration, the US media and the Japanese media were suspected of being not responsible for North Korea.

Google, WikiPedia, and the US Securities Sector have an unusual collection of information about the 2013 South Korea's server attacks.

DarkSeoul vanished without a trace after the Korean War in 2013, but two years later, Obama's threat and Lippert's threats gave him a hand.

On July 24, 2015, a Korean man, Li, threatened the President of the United States and Mark Lippert, the US ambassador to the United States, in a threatening message to the White House.

There was a threatening message saying "Ducksol".

The journalist did not know about the secret investigation of DarkSeoul, and they also unquestionably reported that the police had asked Mr. Lee about the anonymous face of the arrest.

It 's too bad to be in Korea' s jaunar list.

It is impossible for them to know what sort of SOFTWARE has been absorbed by Mr. Lee and Mr. Anonymous, who is a Korean-server attack in 2013, four years from now.

I have clarified that they are still active somewhere.

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:55:18Z No. 6131096


Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:55:25Z No. 6131097


Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:55:28Z No. 6131098





Anonymous ID: 5fea1c 2019-04-11 04:55:33Z No. 6131099


Not new here but we could never verify them.

Anonymous ID: cca7aa 2019-04-11 04:55:38Z No. 6131100


Top notch autism right there

Anonymous ID: c37709 2019-04-11 04:55:42Z No. 6131101

>>6128861 PB This shit is sooo awesome. DO IT AGAIN.

Anonymous ID: b996c4 2019-04-11 04:55:42Z No. 6131102


I have a question. What country, in 1783, was not quite finished with its war for independence, while another country was constructing a naval base at Sevastopol? Bonus question:: What country was building its naval base there?

Anonymous ID: 0259c7 2019-04-11 04:56:02Z No. 6131103


Hannity is a patriot.

He hasn’t done more for our cause than you did in your parents’ basement.


Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:56:08Z No. 6131104


He was never Suicided!!! He suicided because of their Blackness

Anonymous ID: 2ce0b7 2019-04-11 04:56:11Z No. 6131105


Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:56:15Z No. 6131106

Critical Infrastructure Disruption in USA on April 11 2019 04:54 AM (UTC).

Some 20,000 customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power remained without power Wednesday morning as a widespread outage continued amid high winds and toppled trees across the region. Power was knocked out for as many as 42,000 customers Tuesday evening, the utility said, prompting overnight responses from crews working to restore service. That number was down to 37,000 by 5 a.m. and fell even further as the morning progressed. "Our electrical distribution system was hit hard by damaging winds and there are over 15 locations with wires down," LADWP said in a statement, urging residents to be careful near down power lines. "Treat every line as if it is live and call 911." The blustery conditions brought down a massive tree onto two parked cars in South Los Angeles, where a large branch was protruding into the intersection of McKinley Avenue and 51st Street. In Palms, a palm tree snapped near its trunk. Its fallen canopy was large enough to block an entire street. The L.A. areas most affected by the wind-related outages included the Hollywood Hills, Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire, Fairfax, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Mar Vista and Wilmington. A towering tree slammed into the facade of an apartment building in Westwood that was undergoing renovations. At the intersection of San Marino Avenue and Broadway in San Gabriel, Southern California Edison crews worked to repair a power pole that was knocked over amid the blustery conditions. LADWP customers were advised to plan for 24 hours without power, the agency said, adding that some areas could expect less or more time due to the complexity of repairs. Customers affected by #LAwind outages peaked at 42,000 overnight and are slowly coming down as crews work. At 5AM, approx 37,000 customers are without power.

Anonymous ID: e40ecc 2019-04-11 04:56:15Z No. 6131107


>Why does Hannity say ACID WASH every fucking time when he's talking about BleachBit

Tech illiterate…tech support's worst nightmare.

Anonymous ID: 9c7843 2019-04-11 04:56:21Z No. 6131108


lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!!

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:56:27Z No. 6131109


US and Russia.

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:56:35Z No. 6131110


>>6129276 Ken Starr claims Hillary casused Vince Fosters suicide (dressing down of Foster)

Kek. Drunk. Sorry

Anonymous ID: b9d867 2019-04-11 04:56:36Z No. 6131111

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Robert Mueller met with Trump/Rosenstein for four hours the day before he became special counsel, Jeff sessions recused himself then Rod Rosenstein is put in charge of special counsel.

Special counsel never looks at the other side involving Hillary Clinton, why?

That was Huber’s/IG job.

The Democrats want the full report unredacted And I believe they are going to give it to them and it will show that Bob Mueller made notes of all the wrongdoings of the Democrats.

In other words it’s going to backfire on the Democrats again

Enjoy the Show

I still think this movie is bigger than most people can’t even imagine and Sessions will emerge a hero in the closing credits.

Anonymous ID: c37709 2019-04-11 04:56:40Z No. 6131112


Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:56:41Z No. 6131113



Q Research General #7841: D's Make Claims w/o Evidence, Nobody Panics... Edition Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:56:46Z No. 6131114

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>5967516 ————————————–——– Define ‘Bait’.

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>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

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Anonymous ID: 63f49c 2019-04-11 04:56:51Z No. 6131115


You can have metal stamps made without a need for special machines.

Anonymous ID: f093c6 2019-04-11 04:56:51Z No. 6131116


>>6127685 (prev)

Why did Barr say he has no evidence?

Anonymous ID: 69046e 2019-04-11 04:57:06Z No. 6131117


40k isnt a lot.

Anonymous ID: ae7c5d 2019-04-11 04:57:06Z No. 6131118

Q, will the crimes taken place at the St Charles house ever be punished accordingly?

Anonymous ID: e576be 2019-04-11 04:57:19Z No. 6131119


They have to put you out then put a tube down your throat.

But the JIDF trolls and Zioshills on the board don't have to have the medical procedure because eating real shit is their favorite thing.

Anonymous ID: 059ce6 2019-04-11 04:57:23Z No. 6131120


"Well they were spying, a term I don't like to use, but they were spying on the Russians who were interfering in our elections" Umm, so was there spying or no? You already admitted it Jim. You just said it was for a reason that has been debunked. Now you're saying the use of the term spying is stunning and scary? FFS, I can't wait for this faggot to go to prison.

Anonymous ID: 338fb2 2019-04-11 04:57:24Z No. 6131121


Anonymous ID: c77555 2019-04-11 04:57:38Z No. 6131123



Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:57:42Z No. 6131124


I think there needs to be a term for this

Anonymous ID: dcbd46 2019-04-11 04:57:44Z No. 6131125


Anonymous ID: 57ffa8 2019-04-11 04:57:52Z No. 6131127


Anonymous ID: 71ac6f 2019-04-11 04:57:53Z No. 6131126


have you been to pen island?

Anonymous ID: cf4664 2019-04-11 04:57:55Z No. 6131128

"Rothschilds run Iran same as they ran North Korea until recently, Saudi Arabia until recently, Qatar until recently.

But they still run Iran"

Anonymous ID: b96783 2019-04-11 04:58:03Z No. 6131129

your Freudian slip is showing


>He hasn’t done more for our cause

you FOXy thing you

Anonymous ID: 3a251d 2019-04-11 04:58:04Z No. 6131130


get santa ana wind conditions all the time

Anonymous ID: e2fda2 2019-04-11 04:58:10Z No. 6131131


It's becoming more and more obvious regardless of believing, that current events during Trump are indeed a movie.

And it's kind of hilarious to think that people don't know.

Barr's part here to butter up the media for the fucking they're about to receive is hilarious.

There's no build up to a grand, "THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL BAD" which affirms Trump's claims. It's a very soft, emotionless blurb from Barr during routine questioning in which dems are trying to bait out info on the RM probe which establishes talking points for MSM which only traps them further.

Anonymous ID: 6cbc66 2019-04-11 04:58:12Z No. 6131132


do you understand the struggle within the middle east? you being a faggot dick loving piece of shit posted a barbie doll. your heart is a fallacy.

Anonymous ID: a06a0e 2019-04-11 04:58:14Z No. 6131133


your right

whats your point?

Anonymous ID: cb5652 2019-04-11 04:58:16Z No. 6131134


Siamese Bread!!!

Anonymous ID: ff190a 2019-04-11 04:58:17Z No. 6131135


Aye. Over 6 months now, I reckon

Anonymous ID: 2fb073 2019-04-11 04:58:19Z No. 6131136


Premature Ebakerlation.

Anonymous ID: f5a26c 2019-04-11 04:58:21Z No. 6131137


wat wut?

Anonymous ID: 9c7843 2019-04-11 04:58:41Z No. 6131138


well, this is unexpected. Kek.

Anonymous ID: d3f412 2019-04-11 04:58:48Z No. 6131139



Jeebus, talk about a limited hangout.

Anonymous ID: d3c98e 2019-04-11 04:58:55Z No. 6131140


coulda had me, then played the "run it through the Jewry" at the end. You = Fail

Anonymous ID: cb61d2 2019-04-11 04:59:00Z No. 6131141

Symbolism, openly shown.

Why are owls being normalized?

Anonymous ID: f4701c 2019-04-11 04:59:01Z No. 6131142


I'm curious about who this guy is. Did he just grab those doc images from /pol/ or somewhere?

Anonymous ID: c841aa 2019-04-11 04:59:10Z No. 6131143


Chek't Quads confirm.

Anonymous ID: 3387f4 2019-04-11 04:59:19Z No. 6131144


OK… who doxed Posobiec???

Anonymous ID: 6cf05a 2019-04-11 04:59:19Z No. 6131145

Fresh Bake


im getting flood detected ….

Anonymous ID: 773150 2019-04-11 04:59:20Z No. 6131146


No, but I'm in the pen15 club.

Anonymous ID: 3e92fb 2019-04-11 04:59:27Z No. 6131147


Right? :)

Anonymous ID: 6b8c85 2019-04-11 04:59:29Z No. 6131148



Anonymous ID: 69046e 2019-04-11 04:59:35Z No. 6131149


I been waiting for this since Hussein weaponizing the IRS n sending cash to Iran.

Anonymous ID: 43d7bb 2019-04-11 04:59:40Z No. 6131150


This is why I keep coming back, running across ideas like this. Appreciate your sharing.