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Q Research General #9071: If you look close enough you might see…. Edition

Q Research General #9071: If you look close enough you might see…. Edition Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:27:35Z No. 7088899

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7088054 rt >>7088006 ————————— If you look close enough you might see….

>>7088006 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7087942 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game? (Cap: >>7088219)

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: )

>>7087425 ————————————–——– Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210)

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

>>7074775 ————————————–——– Sheep no more. (Cap/Vid: >>7074909)

>>7074370 rt >>7074324 ————————— How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

>>7074281 ————————————–——– Outside of the standard deviation? (Cap: >>7074291)

>>7073304 rt >>7073157 ————————— WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7073157)

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

Sunday 07.14.2019

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>>7088557 Epstein wanted phone or internet access nearly everywhere on the island

>>7088853 Mississippi state representative murder suicides wife

>>7088518 , >>7088550, >>7088583 Dig on the world's second richest man, Bernard Arnault

>>7088498 Another meaning of Evergreen: News stories which are always of interest

>>7088475 Netflix loses 10% of value

>>7088335 Anon's watch theory points to Epstein

>>7088438 Panic on twitter re the Evergreen tweet

>>7088431 The Great Mosque of Hama, very similar to Q drop

>>7088215 Q: 'Follow the date'

>>7088225 No Name 'put to death': Slip

>>7088198 , >>7088243, >>7088221 Closeups of the Q watch



>>7087933 Rolling Stone: Meet the Parents of ‘QBaby’, Star of the Trump Rally and New QAnon Mascot

>>7087931 Remarks by POTUS Welcoming Team USA for the 2019 Special Olympics

>>7087927 Keystone - Esoteric Cancer

>>7087894 Iran's Zarif responds to the shot down drone

>>7087847 "Portal" archway in Aleppo's Citadel with missing keystone?

>>7087811 Tapper's tweet and Q post connect: 'Define Evergreen'

>>7087691 Army Corps of Engineers receive application to lay cables between Little St. James & Great St James

>>7087640 1 Cor 13: 4-13 - The rest of the verses

>>7087606 , >>7087710, >>7087925 Evergreen Aviation dig

>>7087585 HRC's SS name is Evergreen, BC's is Eagle

>>7087582 Comey hits out at Trump supporters

>>7087536 , >>7087581 In court documents, Epstein has more than one jet

>>7087482 4am talking point of the day: 'Chilling and Horrifying'

>>7087438 , >>7087528, >>7087588, >>7087716, >>7087911 Re Q post: News events for Nov 2017

>>7088265 #9069


>>7087122 DoD tweet about stars

>>7087094 Boeing takes $4.9 billion hit over grounding of 737 Max jets

>>7087092 FLOTUS tweet re Team USA at the WH

>>7087065 Previous article re 'Facebook survey asks users if they condone pedophilia'

>>7087049 Planefag report

>>7086962 Boatfag report

>>7086879 2000 pages of sex crimes by elite's about to be released?

>>7087024 , >>7087314 Snopes: Is This Rachel Chandler and BC on Epstein’s Plane?

>>7087010 House Prayer cast out 'all spirits of darkness' today

>>7086712 7/13 Blackout in Manhattan: Graphic

>>7086685 , >>7086783 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 news: US supports the probe

>>7088501 #9068

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Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:29:42Z No. 7088949

#9071 Dough

Anonymous ID: 729ae7 2019-07-18 23:31:38Z No. 7088986

How is everyone gonna celebrate suicide weekend?

Anonymous ID: d04c2a 2019-07-18 23:31:47Z No. 7088989



Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:31:53Z No. 7088995

Report: Google and Facebook Are Tracking Porn Viewing Habits

Just when you thought nothing was sacred, they prove you right!

A new study scanned 22,484 pornography sites and found them filled with trackers from major tech firms, including Google and Facebook.

The New York Times reports that a new study by researchers from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pennsylvania scanned 22,484 porn sites and discovered that they are riddled with tracking tools feeding data back to third party tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Oracle.

Anonymous ID: d1e678 2019-07-18 23:31:56Z No. 7088996


I tried to clear it up>>7088054

Anonymous ID: 7d0efc 2019-07-18 23:31:59Z No. 7088997



Anonymous ID: 8f4941 2019-07-18 23:32:13Z No. 7088999


You're doing a man's job, Baker.

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-18 23:32:17Z No. 7089000


Anonymous ID: 47b571 2019-07-18 23:32:20Z No. 7089001

Assange drops 50-week bail breach jail term appeal

Anonymous ID: cb73c0 2019-07-18 23:32:25Z No. 7089003

This should be interesting. Sounds like they sare in a church with the choir singing

Live: Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Raskin host 'Democracy Summer' rally

Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-18 23:32:31Z No. 7089005

He took the photo

Anonymous ID: d1e678 2019-07-18 23:32:34Z No. 7089008


Look like POTUS on the right and someone else behind him

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:32:38Z No. 7089009

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposed.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy media acted wittingly to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children for decade and much more.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.

Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:32:39Z No. 7089010


Anonymous ID: c7c66c 2019-07-18 23:32:49Z No. 7089016


Meh, probably just hang out.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:32:51Z No. 7089018


TY Bake!

Anonymous ID: 7f30db 2019-07-18 23:33:25Z No. 7089032

I'm just so tired Q. I mean I'm in it to win it and every day I think this is gonna be it! My liver will be gone of this goes another year. Respectfully


Anonymous ID: 2e6829 2019-07-18 23:33:35Z No. 7089035



Anonymous ID: 9fbbb8 2019-07-18 23:33:49Z No. 7089040

>>7088949 TYB

Anonymous ID: 961d4f 2019-07-18 23:33:58Z No. 7089043

Our GREAT POTOS AND favorite ANON 45

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:33:59Z No. 7089042


Anonymous ID: b396d8 2019-07-18 23:34:05Z No. 7089045




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

missed last bread, understandably

'cause >>7088885 and >>7088912

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:34:09Z No. 7089047

Legacy media shills

are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

Legacy media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and a half dozen similar previous scandals.

Legacy media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

Legacy media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for legacy media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.

We the People are awake.

Justice is coming


The satanist pedovore mind control era is over.

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:34:28Z No. 7089049

Working theory: Tapper is offering Q information against Evergreen in return for an immunity deal, or a plea bargain.

Anonymous ID: 855fb5 2019-07-18 23:34:46Z No. 7089050

Repost from PB (after 751)

Satanic Holidays

Jul 20-26 Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax

Preliminary sauce:

Anonymous ID: 151d2a 2019-07-18 23:34:48Z No. 7089051

confirming time on our clock

7/19 is the :49 minute mark

Anonymous ID: 103136 2019-07-18 23:34:53Z No. 7089052

I just want to know if we are pulling an all nighter or what, Anons?

Anonymous ID: bf1989 2019-07-18 23:34:53Z No. 7089053


Stand tall faggot, and dont be a maggot. We've got shit to do, and do shit we must. REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous ID: f9eca8 2019-07-18 23:34:56Z No. 7089054

Anonymous ID: fecbeb 2019-07-18 23:34:57Z No. 7089055


What does it take to get a drink at the Feelz Bar nowadays? No captcha for the bar keep. Pic related, 2 jamos

Anonymous ID: bfffc6 2019-07-18 23:34:58Z No. 7089056


What if that is Q's whole purpose??? I keep asking myself this.

Anonymous ID: ce045d 2019-07-18 23:34:59Z No. 7089057


Too bad there's no deals

(better fucking not be at least) kek

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:35:02Z No. 7089058

beans beans

the magical fruit

the more you eat

the more

(you) …..

Anonymous ID: 70c5bf 2019-07-18 23:35:04Z No. 7089059

Heads up, we got a WARLOK7 in the air SE of Wash DC

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:35:07Z No. 7089060

Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 0a6d0a 2019-07-18 23:35:08Z No. 7089061

If you look close enough you might see…..Q

Anonymous ID: 1df10c 2019-07-18 23:35:22Z No. 7089062

>>7088839 lb

So the senate.

I’m listening.

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:35:23Z No. 7089063





















































Anonymous ID: 26a6a4 2019-07-18 23:35:30Z No. 7089064


Incredible footage emerging,

Please archive,

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:35:31Z No. 7089065





















































Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:35:31Z No. 7089067

Anonymous ID: 277c3e 2019-07-18 23:35:32Z No. 7089066



Anonymous ID: 7e6f79 2019-07-18 23:35:34Z No. 7089068

>>7088817 (pb)

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:35:37Z No. 7089069


Just signing some awesome new E.Os and sayin':

"Hi Patriots!"


Anonymous ID: b396d8 2019-07-18 23:35:41Z No. 7089070

>>7089044 (LB)

Great stuff!

Just did this: >>7089045 before seeing ^^^

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:35:43Z No. 7089071





















































Anonymous ID: 5dff27 2019-07-18 23:35:45Z No. 7089072

Shills are our friends, unwittingly. Like the bacteria that breaks down feces they help make this place look completely wacko which protects Q and his team from serious exposure. Could congress investigate Q seriously? can the media mention this movement without labelling it nuts? Wouldnt they look ridiculous taking it seriously? This is insulation so we can investigate with Q at will without being disrupted by govt inquiries.

Thank the shills for helping us.

Anonymous ID: bf3c4a 2019-07-18 23:35:47Z No. 7089073

I've always thought that there was Q and the Q team (Q+). I've had it in my heart and mind who Q is for over a year now. How have some anons determined that Q+ is a single person? (without doxing Q)

Anonymous ID: aff521 2019-07-18 23:35:53Z No. 7089074

Anons, someone posted a timeline of news events in Nov. 2017 and I didn't see this on it: Saudi Crown Prince’s Mass Purge Upends a Longstanding System

This was probably the most important thing that happened that month and can be considered a Q proof.

>>7087425 (pb)

>Note the date of the post - Nov 2017.

>Note events happening today.


>News unlocks.


Anonymous ID: 98b64e 2019-07-18 23:35:58Z No. 7089075


smoke, Qresearch, smoke, bourbon, smoke, qresearch

Anonymous ID: ec02d6 2019-07-18 23:36:00Z No. 7089076


Anonymous ID: 9fbbb8 2019-07-18 23:36:02Z No. 7089077


Epstein Sold 'Lolita Express' Weeks Before Arrest


Anonymous ID: f88a18 2019-07-18 23:36:04Z No. 7089078

oh news said passport was from VIENNA (not Saudi Arabia)

Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:36:07Z No. 7089079

>>7088897 lb

So, are we on to a Kappy Isaac emergence?

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:36:14Z No. 7089080

Bros, this is a good week.

Enjoy this week.

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:36:16Z No. 7089081

planfags be on alert

Anonymous ID: 06afca 2019-07-18 23:36:16Z No. 7089082


Thank You, Baker!

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:36:20Z No. 7089083

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:36:24Z No. 7089084







[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:36:25Z No. 7089085

Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:36:26Z No. 7089086


Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-18 23:36:29Z No. 7089087


Anonymous ID: d7961b 2019-07-18 23:36:32Z No. 7089088


Q+ is President Trump.

Anonymous ID: 6406d8 2019-07-18 23:36:32Z No. 7089089



I think 4:49 is q post 449

Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-18 23:36:32Z No. 7089090


Anonymous ID: 3b6764 2019-07-18 23:36:33Z No. 7089091



Anonymous ID: 0a41cc 2019-07-18 23:36:33Z No. 7089092


Is that a head and torso, or is it the hand holding the iphone to take the picture?

Anonymous ID: 68f6e8 2019-07-18 23:36:35Z No. 7089093

>>7088006 (LB)

tomorrow at 4:49?

Anonymous ID: 4644d6 2019-07-18 23:36:41Z No. 7089094


<pic rel

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:36:44Z No. 7089095

Ann Sarnoff is married to the nephew of General David Sarnoff, the spook from Minsk who founded RCA and NBC. Ann Sarnoff, the new CEO of Warner Brothers, is the former CEO of BBC worldwide productions in the US and is described New York Times as a "Hollywood Outsider."

Sarnoff is not a Hollywood outsider. Her history of involvement with cultist programming targeting children is extensive, suggesting that Randall Stephenson at AT&T has not grasped how serious We the People are about stopping the ongoing subversive social sabotage - the non-stop psyops, IO being run by mockingbird media on a naive civilian population - especially with sex and death media content directly targeting children.

Randall Stephenson hires a pedovore, Ann Sarnoff (possible transvestite? pic attached) with experience programming children.

>Sarnoff got her start at Viacom, where she worked from 1993 to 2003. Sarnoff was the head of Nickelodeon consumer products and business development during Geraldine Laybourne's leadership of the company. In 1999, while working at Nickelodeon, Sarnoff was part of a team that created the TV channel Noggin, a joint venture between Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. Two shows she promoted were Rugrats and Blue's Clues.

POTUS had Randall Stephenson into the oval office two weeks back, even let him sit down, which was kind. It's safe to assume POTUS knows the damage being done by ongoing mockingbird social subversion ops, and that he wants that bullshit stopped now and turned around.

What does Randall I Stephenson do? He hires a vvitch instead of a white hat to run Warners studios. Why would Randall l Stephenson do that, destroy WBs future after talking with POTUS?

Possibly RS doesn't have a choice. Possibly Randall is a prime pedovore himself and is being blackmailed/extorted or controlled via upstream illuminated handler

> served as National Chair of the Boy Scouts of America from 2016 to 2018

AT&T needs a new CEO.

Warner Brothers need a new CEO.

& We the People need to stop tolerating endless lies from satanic cultists who have brainwashed our friends, families and fellow citizens.

Satanist puppets and shill do not own these big media companies. They’re public companies. In they end they belong to We the People. AT&T and WB are salvageable companies being destroyed by satanist shills bent on further poisoning our reality with evil psyops.

Warner Brothers can go with Disney to join the buffalo, but AT&T is a strategic asset, “critical communications infrastructure” and there is justification for USG seizure of “to preserve children's future cognitive function” and stop the relentless subversive IO targeting children.

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:36:50Z No. 7089096




Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:36:55Z No. 7089097


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:37:04Z No. 7089098

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:37:08Z No. 7089099


Anonymous ID: 6f656d 2019-07-18 23:37:15Z No. 7089100




Got any hits on the 5hr hand?

I know clock fagging historically only uses one hand, but I suspect it might use all three and we're just missing some bits.

Anonymous ID: e95d96 2019-07-18 23:37:15Z No. 7089102


For what it is worth:

July 19

Today's: Famous Birthdays - Music history

1525 - The Catholic princes of Germany formed the Dessau League to fight against the Reformation.

1553 - Fifteen-year-old Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen of England after claiming the crown for nine days. Mary, the daughter of King Henry VIII, was proclaimed Queen.

1788 - Prices plunged on the Paris stock market.

1799 - The Rosetta Stone, a tablet with hieroglyphic translations into Greek, was found in Egypt.

1848 - The Women's Rights Convention took place in Seneca Fall, NY. Bloomers were introduced at the convention.

1870 - France declared war on Prussia.

1909 - The first unassisted triple play in major-league baseball was made by Cleveland Indians shortstop Neal Ball in a game against Boston.

1939 - Dr. Roy P. Scholz became the first surgeon to use fiberglass sutures.

1942 - German U-boats were withdrawn from positions off the U.S. Atlantic coast due to effective American anti-submarine countermeasures.

1943 - During World War II, more than 150 B-17 and 112 B-24 bombers attacked Rome for the first time.

1946 - Marilyn Monroe acted in her first screen test.

1960 - Juan Marichal (San Francisco Giants) became the first pitcher to get a one-hitter in his major league debut.

1964 - In Illinois, Cahokia Mounds was designated as a U.S. National Landmark.

1971 - In New York, the topping out ceremony for Two World Trade Center (South Tower) took place. The ceremony for One World Trade Center had taken place on December 23, 1970.

1974 - The House Judiciary Committee recommended that U.S. President Richard Nixon should stand trial in the Senate for any of the five impeachment charges against him.

1975 - The Apollo and Soyuz spacecrafts separated after being linked in orbit for two days.

1979 - In Nicaragua, the dictatorship of the Somozas was overthrown by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional or FSLN).

1982 - The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 14% of the population had an income below the official poverty level in 1981.

1984 - Geraldine Ferraro was nominated by the Democratic Party to become the first woman from a major political party to run for the office of U.S. Vice-President.

1985 - George Bell won first place in a biggest feet contest with a shoe size of 28-1/2. Bell, at age 26, stood 7 feet 10 inches tall.

1985 - Christa McAuliffe of New Hampshire was chosen to be the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the space shuttle. She died with six others when the Challenger exploded the following year.

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:37:16Z No. 7089101

some may run …. plane fags ….

Anonymous ID: 230603 2019-07-18 23:37:16Z No. 7089103

if you look close enough you might see… Hope

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:37:19Z No. 7089104




[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:37:23Z No. 7089105

Anonymous ID: 9c06de 2019-07-18 23:37:26Z No. 7089108

Haha, rodgy. Nothing changes

Anonymous ID: d0c8b4 2019-07-18 23:37:30Z No. 7089110

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:37:31Z No. 7089109




Anonymous ID: 90a6e2 2019-07-18 23:37:33Z No. 7089111

Wondering if that's what Epstein's Bathhouse looked like

Maybe he was inspired by Acemoglu Hamam these layouts are nearly identical

Anonymous ID: d67ef5 2019-07-18 23:37:42Z No. 7089112

I swear that's not Trump.

I think it's Assange.

Anonymous ID: 18defa 2019-07-18 23:37:44Z No. 7089113

I'm sure I'm late Q but this is what I see in Qpost 3457


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:37:50Z No. 7089114

Anonymous ID: 6f656d 2019-07-18 23:38:03Z No. 7089115


Interesting this also lines up with :19? Might just be coincidence.

Anonymous ID: c47959 2019-07-18 23:38:05Z No. 7089116

>>7083453/pb Q posts photo of Hammam Yalbugha in Syria - bath house restored in the 80s, destroyed in war. Here's photos from this bath house past and present…. Similarities to Podesta art pools and the video that "kappy" released as a "kill switch".

Will we ever find out what truly went on in at Caris James?

Anonymous ID: fecbeb 2019-07-18 23:38:12Z No. 7089117


Warlock pepe

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:38:13Z No. 7089118

PANIC in DC !!!!

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:38:15Z No. 7089119


Posted in #9071

>>7088557 Epstein wanted phone or internet access nearly everywhere on the island

>>7088853 Mississippi state representative murder suicides wife

>>7088518 , >>7088550, >>7088583 Dig on the world's second richest man, Bernard Arnault

>>7088498 Another meaning of Evergreen: News stories which are always of interest

>>7088475 Netflix loses 10% of value

>>7088335 Anon's watch theory points to Epstein

>>7088438 Panic on twitter re the Evergreen tweet

>>7088431 The Great Mosque of Hama, very similar to Q drop

>>7088215 Q: 'Follow the date'

>>7088225 No Name 'put to death': Slip

>>7088198 , >>7088243, >>7088221 Closeups of the Q watch

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:38:22Z No. 7089120


Anonymous ID: 6f3aad 2019-07-18 23:38:25Z No. 7089122

>>7088526 (lb)


>>7088771 (lb)

>there are no coincidences

>>7088777 (lb)

here's my take and graphic on

POUTS's Q-Baby quote

"Look at that beautiful baby.

Look at that beautiful baby.

Wow! What a baby. What a baby.

That is a beautiful baby.

That’s like from an advertisement – Perfect.

Look how happy that baby is – so beautiful.

Thank you darling. That’s really nice.

That’s a great thing. Is that your husband? That’s a great thing. Thank you. Congratulations husband.

Man – what a picture.

But, we’re going to have the country all set for your child. Okay? All set, because that’s what it’s about.

Now the media will say that’s a prop. They’ll say no baby is so beautiful. That had to be a setup. I never saw that guy in my life, which is true.

Thank you. Good Luck. Thank you very much."

Anonymous ID: e9c4cc 2019-07-18 23:38:26Z No. 7089121

>>7089044 (pb) - hey cool (you) used my meme

God bless anons

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:38:29Z No. 7089123


Wow, what are the odds of that?

Anonymous ID: 53a0bf 2019-07-18 23:38:36Z No. 7089124

>>7087356 (pb)

As I asked in an earlier bread, why does Adam Serwer have a pasta emoji in his name? Who is he, beyond an Atlantic journo??

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:38:37Z No. 7089125







Anonymous ID: 2ccfec 2019-07-18 23:38:40Z No. 7089126


the pen is in hand of POTUS. the keystone which is DECLAS is here.

Anonymous ID: e0d5c0 2019-07-18 23:38:44Z No. 7089127

Q Video - Jeffrey Epstein - Evergreen Missing piece?

17 & 22

17 = Q

22 = V

Q Video

10 to 5

10 = J

5 = E

Jeffrey "Epstein'

Missing piece

5 = E



19. (R)

Anonymous ID: a94585 2019-07-18 23:38:45Z No. 7089128


Yep. Q+ equals DJT. We've "known" this for a while now.

Anonymous ID: 70c5bf 2019-07-18 23:38:46Z No. 7089129

And a JEDI C17 over NYC

Anonymous ID: 8e41ce 2019-07-18 23:38:46Z No. 7089130


It’s already 1:38 am where I’m at…

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:38:49Z No. 7089131


from pb:

some connection, Epstein temple & Aleppo bath house

Remember the old q posts listing all Rothschild owned central banks? (see attached).

Well it had 1 country missing, and one only:


I am not sure if the temple was constructed after the conquest of Libya (Q wrote that libya was their "latest conquest"), but if so, then constructing it looking like Aleppo, could be a mockery of sort.

Another interesting coincidence, is the insurance file of Isaac Kappi. The video that was released featured a turkish hammam, children in a bathhouse. Could be a hint where the real bodies are burried, or it is just a coincidence, not sure about this one.

Anonymous ID: e95782 2019-07-18 23:38:55Z No. 7089132

Has SB2 ever done a break down on the watch

Anonymous ID: e42bff 2019-07-18 23:39:04Z No. 7089133


Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:39:05Z No. 7089134




Anonymous ID: bc2822 2019-07-18 23:39:09Z No. 7089135

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:39:10Z No. 7089136

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:39:14Z No. 7089137

the morning sun will bring heat !!!!

95-100 degrees

Anonymous ID: 4644d6 2019-07-18 23:39:17Z No. 7089138



Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-18 23:39:19Z No. 7089139


>Bernard Arnault

That freak creeps me out!

Anonymous ID: d7961b 2019-07-18 23:39:21Z No. 7089140


SB2 is LARP.

Anonymous ID: 6406d8 2019-07-18 23:39:21Z No. 7089141


Not Trump


Marker #2

Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-18 23:39:21Z No. 7089142


anime fag thinks the watch says 5:50 because muh ankle

>>7088941 lb

do non tard anons agree with me that it says 4:49?

>>7088730 lb

>>7088803 lb

>>7088683 lb

>>7088657 lb

It must hurt so bad

to be so wrong

so many times

in front of

so many anons

anime fag = D5 Tard

now the world knows

Anonymous ID: bf3c4a 2019-07-18 23:39:22Z No. 7089143


Thanks for not doxing kek

Yes I agree President Trump. But I took it as Q was President Trump and Q+ was his team.

Anonymous ID: dae4bd 2019-07-18 23:39:25Z No. 7089144



Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:39:27Z No. 7089145


Thanks anon

Anonymous ID: c47959 2019-07-18 23:39:27Z No. 7089146


look at the person in the black and white photo

Anonymous ID: ebe7a7 2019-07-18 23:39:27Z No. 7089147

Anonymous ID: 1f74a1 2019-07-18 23:39:28Z No. 7089149

Look at the shadow. Light is coming from above. I doubt that rotating the picture will show a person. Unless the person is hovering directly over the watch, which would also cast a shadow.

Anonymous ID: ce8e48 2019-07-18 23:39:29Z No. 7089148


Damnit I wish there were some way to not see these posts by ID.

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:39:29Z No. 7089150

Hello anons. Tomorrow at 4:49pm Eastern the JE (10,5) court documents will be released. The 19th. Just like the watch says.

The documents are said to be devastating listing many many from both sides of the aisle. (Gosh anon wishes to find that article.)

Here's another one, just for your perusal.

Don't believe me? Go review last bread.

Anonymous ID: 8e41ce 2019-07-18 23:39:29Z No. 7089151


Thanks for this incredible post.

Anonymous ID: fecbeb 2019-07-18 23:39:30Z No. 7089152


Anonymous ID: 855fb5 2019-07-18 23:39:32Z No. 7089153


d. July 19 - 13 days before Lughnasa

e. July 31 - August 1 - Lughnasa, Great Sabbat Festival. August - One of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:39:34Z No. 7089154


I see a shill and…

Anonymous ID: 7f30db 2019-07-18 23:39:51Z No. 7089155



I dunno my work-life and relationships are suffering. I sit and scan the news like neo looking for something that may or may not materialize. Epstien was great. War weariness I guess. Not like I'm fighting a war on my computer, but I want to say I was a part of it at least. Godspeed I'll deal

Anonymous ID: 4ddaf5 2019-07-18 23:39:55Z No. 7089157


Anonymous ID: 27b8e2 2019-07-18 23:39:58Z No. 7089158

Damn the breads are moving fast

Anonymous ID: 68f6e8 2019-07-18 23:40:03Z No. 7089159

>>7088897 (LB)

take a screen shot

Anonymous ID: b9142b 2019-07-18 23:40:07Z No. 7089160


You missed the blue tie below the mouth

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:40:14Z No. 7089161










Anonymous ID: f2cc2f 2019-07-18 23:40:16Z No. 7089162


Anime is stupid

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:40:22Z No. 7089163


Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-18 23:40:33Z No. 7089164


I love the way the Epstein thing came in…

out of the blue. just when they were expecting…

Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:40:33Z No. 7089165

Anonymous ID: 52111d 2019-07-18 23:40:43Z No. 7089166


Sprang to mind.

Anonymous ID: 07bcd7 2019-07-18 23:40:43Z No. 7089167


Thank You Anon

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:40:43Z No. 7089168


Looks like an E 3rd image

Anonymous ID: e7b492 2019-07-18 23:40:54Z No. 7089169



Checkem All

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:41:12Z No. 7089171








Anonymous ID: 37b87c 2019-07-18 23:41:14Z No. 7089172



Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-18 23:41:15Z No. 7089173


Assange has grey/white hair now though

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:41:16Z No. 7089174


Bunch of people got deals. Dozens of GOP congresspeople/senators took the deals. Lots of deals.

Easier to make deals when you tell the other side "no deals".

Art of the Deal

Anonymous ID: 9af723 2019-07-18 23:41:27Z No. 7089175


…almost as if it were planned or something…

Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:41:29Z No. 7089176

CrowdStrike CEO says ‘legacy technologies are just failing’ after giving confident earnings outlook

Cybersecurity company’s stock experiences a double-digit gain in late trading after post-IPO earnings report

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. shares jumped by double digits in the extended session Thursday after the cybersecurity company‘s first earnings report since going public included an optimistic outlook that its chief executive credited to customer frustration with legacy security products.

CrowdStrike CRWD, +15.59% reported that it experienced one of its largest customer boosts in the quarter, adding 543 net new subscriptions in the quarter for a total of 3,059 customers as of the end of April. With the IPO, the company’s profile has been raised as more customers are becoming more frustrated with legacy security platforms, George Kurtz, CrowdStrike co-founder and CEO, told MarketWatch in an interview.

“The legacy technologies are just failing, continuing to fail, and as they talk about new releases coming out, they’re just really not giving anything that even remotely resembles a cloud-native architecture,” Kurtz said.

Customers are also buying multiple products on the CrowdStrike platform, Kurtz said, with the average customer buying about four modules, which is contributing to the higher-than-expected numbers.

“Increasing our customer base is a key component of our growth strategy and we will continue to invest in customer-acquisition programs, channel partnerships and frictionless go-to-market programs including free and in-app trials,” Kurtz said in a post-earnings conference call. “We are focused on expanding our relationships with existing subscription customers by deploying additional cloud modules and protecting more of their endpoints.”

The company reported a fiscal first-quarter loss of $26 million, or 55 cents a share, compared with $33.6 million, or 77 cents a share, in the year-ago period. Adjusted earnings were 47 cents a share. Revenue rose to $96.1 million from $47.3 million in the year-ago quarter. Analysts had forecast a loss of 47 cents a share on revenue of $95.6 million.

CrowdStrike said it expects an adjusted loss of 24 cents to 23 cents a share on revenue of $103 million to $104 million in the fiscal second quarter, and an adjusted loss of 72 cents to 70 cents on revenue of $430.2 million to $436.4 million for the year. Analysts surveyed by FactSet had forecast a loss of 31 cents a share on revenue of $96.7 million for the second quarter, and a loss of $1.02 a share on revenue of $412.3 million for the year.

CrowdStrike shares surged 14% after hours, following a 2.5% gain to close the regular session at $72.75. In comparison, the S&P 500 index SPX, +0.36% rose 0.4%, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.27% advanced 0.3%, and the ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF HACK, +0.24% gained 0.2% on Thursday.

Back in June, CrowdStrike’s stock nearly doubled in its first day of trading, following its initial public offering, where the company raised $659.1 million in net proceeds.

Of the 16 analysts who cover CrowdStrike so far, 11 have buy ratings and five have hold ratings, and an average target price of $77.56, according to FactSet data.

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:41:30Z No. 7089177


Stephnopolis nervous ?

Panic in DC

Anonymous ID: 7f30db 2019-07-18 23:41:31Z No. 7089179


Fuck off faggot. You don't get to piggyback my legit post with your demoralization shilling

Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-18 23:41:31Z No. 7089180


Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:41:34Z No. 7089181





















































Anonymous ID: 98af5d 2019-07-18 23:41:34Z No. 7089182

fountain pen

Anonymous ID: ce8e48 2019-07-18 23:41:35Z No. 7089183


I bet it smells like beef jerky rubbed under the rim of a filthy Iranian latrine in there

Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-18 23:41:37Z No. 7089184


Anonymous ID: 84596d 2019-07-18 23:41:41Z No. 7089185

>If you look close enough, you might see… Q

Q is in the reflection of the watch. But who is that?

Anonymous ID: 9f6f57 2019-07-18 23:41:43Z No. 7089186

Trump in the reflection

Anonymous ID: aa57c5 2019-07-18 23:41:45Z No. 7089187

Reflection Fags are fun to watch but waste a lot of Dough

Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:41:48Z No. 7089188

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:41:49Z No. 7089189


Thanks to you anon

Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:41:56Z No. 7089190


And the Autists are only focused on a watch.

Wait until the word spreads further that the board's back to normal.

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:42:02Z No. 7089191


They haven't become a penny stock yet?

How long do put options last?

Anonymous ID: e95d96 2019-07-18 23:42:02Z No. 7089192


Thank you Baker!

Always feel bad for you when Bossman be droppin' in!

Anonymous ID: bfffc6 2019-07-18 23:42:02Z No. 7089193

>>7088054 (PB)

Q team, please inform… I'm afraid you are taking us down the path of…

Charles Frederic Aked - "It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.

Anonymous ID: e42bff 2019-07-18 23:42:05Z No. 7089194


Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:42:07Z No. 7089195

Comey Comes For Trump Supporters, ‘We Must Send Trump and His Mob Back to Their Dark Corner’

July 18, 2019

this end of the article:

Comey is currently under investigation by Trump’s Justice Department for his role in Spygate and promoting Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent dossier which is why he is desperate to replace Trump with a Democrat in 2020.

Anonymous ID: 010809 2019-07-18 23:42:09Z No. 7089196

If Oprah or Ellen gets outed in all this sick shit, the shit will get real- real fast. These two have been in everyones livingrooms for decades as the nice, sweet, funny ones who we let our kids love.

Minds will have to realize how depraved and sick and how deep this goes. So much is connected. To add in Vegas shooting, temples, Hollywood……it all starts to make sense in a really bad way.








They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





Anonymous ID: 6e8ecf 2019-07-18 23:42:10Z No. 7089197


Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:42:13Z No. 7089198








Anonymous ID: 4644d6 2019-07-18 23:42:13Z No. 7089199



<Forgot one.

All possibilities?

Anonymous ID: b84cd2 2019-07-18 23:42:14Z No. 7089200


Nice. Female with long hair walking away. Melania or Hope?

Anonymous ID: fb1301 2019-07-18 23:42:19Z No. 7089201


Alternate locations:

Epstein NY mansion

Epstein Zorro Ranch

Waddesdon Manor (Roths' place in England)

Basement of Getty museum

San Francisco property belonging to either Feinstein or Pelosi

New Zealand

Wild cards

Someplace in Hawaii (???)

Some billionaire Middle Eastern location

Anonymous ID: f1f64d 2019-07-18 23:42:20Z No. 7089202


The orginal pic does look like something/ a demon is wearing human body suit. I would still fight him bare-handed.

Anonymous ID: 9af723 2019-07-18 23:42:21Z No. 7089203


as is your post

Anonymous ID: 7a14f9 2019-07-18 23:42:24Z No. 7089204


With popcorn.

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-18 23:42:29Z No. 7089205


Haha, you're almost ready to kill yourself.

Fucking pathetic loser.

No one will remember you otherwise.

Maybe if you showed the world how horrible they were to you.

Than just maybe someone would care.

Kill yourself.

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:42:29Z No. 7089206

Turkish (?) Bathouse

3 children 6- 10 yrs wearing bathing suits

ritual ?

Anonymous ID: 5943cc 2019-07-18 23:42:30Z No. 7089207


I thought the exact same thing.

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:42:35Z No. 7089208


Bath house barry and Rahm ?


Anonymous ID: e0c8a2 2019-07-18 23:42:40Z No. 7089209


10-5-19 remember it.

I spy with my little eye…POTUS>?

Anonymous ID: bf3c4a 2019-07-18 23:42:46Z No. 7089210


How was it determined that Q+ was President Trump rather than Q?

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:42:46Z No. 7089211




Anonymous ID: b1d14c 2019-07-18 23:42:49Z No. 7089212

If not already posted by @Juliansrum on twatt

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:42:49Z No. 7089213







Anonymous ID: ac576a 2019-07-18 23:42:52Z No. 7089214


The watch band looks small

Anonymous ID: 37b87c 2019-07-18 23:42:56Z No. 7089215


LARP or just plain crazy.

Anonymous ID: 855fb5 2019-07-18 23:42:56Z No. 7089216


Some of us are doing other research. But the watch is fun, too.

Anonymous ID: 19ad15 2019-07-18 23:42:58Z No. 7089217



Anonymous ID: 083f97 2019-07-18 23:42:58Z No. 7089218


>Live: Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Raskin host 'Democracy Summer








Anonymous ID: 5ed415 2019-07-18 23:43:00Z No. 7089219


KEK!! Yeah the D5 fag needs to learn how to tell time on an analog watch.

4:49 it is.

Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-18 23:43:04Z No. 7089220


a woman, not a thing!

Anonymous ID: fa2cc3 2019-07-18 23:43:07Z No. 7089221

Jeffrey Epstein Art Collection

As I've been reading about Epstein, I've read that, like the Podesta brothers, he has a penchant for strange artwork. Elon Musk said, "Several years ago, I was at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes… We did not see anything inappropriate at all, apart from weird art."

"Epstein has a heated sidewalk, a hallway adorned with dozens of individually framed prosthetic eyeballs from England, a massive, life-like human doll hanging from a chandelier and a human-sized chessboard with scantily clad figurines modeled after his employees."


"Epstein, incidentally, is known to have a certain creepy taste in art, for instance decorating his home with a custom mural of himself standing in the middle of a prison tableau."

Epstein's Prison Wall Mural

Epstein “has a mural on the terrace, the whole length of the building, of a prison yard with barbed wire and guard towers.”

Photo from

Related - Artwork in Ghislaine Maxwell's house

"Similarly depraved, sexual imagery has been showcased in the home and office of brothers John and Tony Podesta, long-time Clinton associates who were found at the center of conspiracy theories after leaked Democratic Party emails were published by WikiLeaks in 2016."

Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-18 23:43:07Z No. 7089222


I didn't

that was the point: the orientation

it's my take anyway, could be wrong

Anonymous ID: 759c0b 2019-07-18 23:43:08Z No. 7089225

Goldcastle_lookin good boys

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:43:09Z No. 7089223


Fuck you Comey. You'll find we aren't as easy to roll as you thought we would be, you fucking nephilim.

Anonymous ID: c6b9f9 2019-07-18 23:43:10Z No. 7089224

4:49 = 4+4+9 = 17 =Q


Anonymous ID: 6e8ecf 2019-07-18 23:43:13Z No. 7089226


why dont you make a meme about it?

Anonymous ID: fab9a0 2019-07-18 23:43:17Z No. 7089227


Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:43:20Z No. 7089228


Now it is.

Anonymous ID: 740c46 2019-07-18 23:43:22Z No. 7089229





[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:43:23Z No. 7089231

Anonymous ID: 27b8e2 2019-07-18 23:43:30Z No. 7089232


Feels good to be back to normal, was comfy last night, then went to bed, and wake up to even more comfiness. .

Anonymous ID: 7d0efc 2019-07-18 23:43:33Z No. 7089233


Anonymous ID: cca4ac 2019-07-18 23:43:34Z No. 7089234

Anonymous ID: 8ae856 2019-07-18 23:43:36Z No. 7089235


last night some anon posted pictures of different symbols relating to titles any anon be able to find, was pope king of france england etc

Anonymous ID: f2cc2f 2019-07-18 23:43:38Z No. 7089236


Yer dumb! KEK!

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:43:40Z No. 7089237


the only thing i still can't reconcile, is that Congress will still be in session

if so, every Anon Patriot gets a free hug, high five or back slap of choice

shills can get into the other line for multiple kicks to the balls or tits, based on what you identify as

Anonymous ID: 3a1a44 2019-07-18 23:43:41Z No. 7089238

All the nuts roll down to Florida and they came up with this as a solution for vagrants camping in the park.

My kid even hates it.

Anonymous ID: 8e41ce 2019-07-18 23:43:41Z No. 7089239


A bunch of smelly Cenk Uygurs

Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-18 23:43:42Z No. 7089240

Mark Levin just now on radio:

“Red cross went in to the Hitler camps, they cleaned them up before they arrived, and Red Cross reported they were fine” ….. wow really? I want moar sauce on that, I never heard that before

Anonymous ID: 0ba183 2019-07-18 23:43:51Z No. 7089241





You are still a fucking, fucking faggot!



Don't you know people filter!



Anonymous ID: cb73c0 2019-07-18 23:43:54Z No. 7089242


KEK come on. It's a great laugh hearing the stupidity coming out of her mouth

Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:44:02Z No. 7089243


Anonymous ID: c47959 2019-07-18 23:44:02Z No. 7089244


i can actually taste your description in my mouth thanks

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:44:03Z No. 7089245


Anonymous ID: 68f6e8 2019-07-18 23:44:03Z No. 7089246


we were told

Anonymous ID: 20af70 2019-07-18 23:44:04Z No. 7089247

It's the DATE you fucking retards.

Tomorrow is the 19th.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:44:06Z No. 7089248






Anonymous ID: bc1f0d 2019-07-18 23:44:11Z No. 7089249


Never forget about that “put to death” kek

Anonymous ID: 411eb0 2019-07-18 23:44:14Z No. 7089250

"Watch the water" ?? >>7089206

Anonymous ID: 2bcaa0 2019-07-18 23:44:17Z No. 7089251

Anonymous ID: 7a4250 2019-07-18 23:44:18Z No. 7089252



Anonymous ID: e217a4 2019-07-18 23:44:19Z No. 7089253

Bradley cooper did a huge interactive commercial for IWC.. the whole premise of the commercial was to “ take the road less traveled” still kind of think he’s hollywood Anon ..

Anonymous ID: d0fd5d 2019-07-18 23:44:26Z No. 7089254

I take a few hour break and the "kike" spam turned into "nigger" spam

Is that all the shills have left?


Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:44:28Z No. 7089255



Anonymous ID: 6f656d 2019-07-18 23:44:32Z No. 7089256



mega notable

Especially with that last bit w/ the sun

Morning sun brings heat!


Anonymous ID: f181aa 2019-07-18 23:44:36Z No. 7089257


The fuck is this from, anon?

Anonymous ID: 084f93 2019-07-18 23:44:37Z No. 7089258

Anons it looks like the reflection of an old style shaving blade that is covered in..

Anonymous ID: d412cd 2019-07-18 23:44:39Z No. 7089259

Democrat HQ sends armed security to confront Keean over #NoHate billboard | Keean Bexte

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:44:39Z No. 7089260


I scoured the web for hours looking for that damn floor tile pattern in any bath house, turkish or not.

I'm a little biased. I would like to think that it's under Epstein's temple, and therefore inaccessible to my OSING prying eyes.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:44:41Z No. 7089261







Anonymous ID: 37b87c 2019-07-18 23:44:47Z No. 7089262



Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:44:48Z No. 7089263




Children's Defense Fund is the largest active, satanist pedovore organization with nationwide grooming/recruiting operations ongoing (6/12/2019) under multiple program names such as; "Freedom Schools," "Beat the Odds" "Faith based programs" and many others.

Search the Q research archive for the vast load of data on Children's Defense Fund and their Pedowood/Clinton Foundation connections.

High functioning psychopathic pedovores, the "biggest names in Hollywood" among them, formed the sham charity back in the 1970s to provide continuous access to children and vulnerable youth under charitable cover or pretext.

The pedovore's phony Children's Defense Fund solicits tax free charitable donations but their activities are largely funded by Federal and State tx dollars. Fund raising and political lobbying are carried out by an ever-changing cavalcade of Pedowood satanists, the biggest and brightest stars, the most powerful studio bosses.

The satanic predators running our new and entertainment industry use sham charities, foundations and museums to support a whole range of criminal activities. Children's Defense Fund is used for money laundering, drug trafficking in addition to providing a secure supply of child victims for ritual sexual activities and human sacrifice.


One of the biggest charities enjoying broad support in the Entertainment Industry is "Children's Defense Fund" a charade operated by popular and beloved show business figures and political celebrities to access children the sham charity pretends to protect. "Children's Defense Fund" is a vehicle for satanist pedovore predation and other criminal activity.

Children's Defense Fund is a worldwide, satanist pedovore child trafficking and money laundering scam operation. CDF has

branches in Africa, Asia and the ME, and runs multiple programs in impoverished, minority communities throughout the US.

Search all Q research archives here:

Do not let these baby sit:

Sample search product:

#2764810 at 2018-08-28 13:54:06 (UTC+1)

Q Research General #3492: He Who did Not Depart on His Own Terms Edition

Following on from the Discussion yesterday about JJ Abrams.

I have found a massive link between him and HRC through the Children's defence fund, where HRC claimed she started working

in 1973 before the Watergate investigation.

I have also shown links where she is buying and selling influence to this NPO and Lobbying group, by literally selling out

to Goldman Sachs.

Q Research General #3111: Detective Edition

Late to the bread but digging on Clinton/James ties…

Lebron makes massive donations to the Children's defense fund

Which connects him deeply to the Clinton family…


Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-18 23:44:49Z No. 7089264


>do non tard anons agree with me that it says 4:49?


Did you happen to look at where the second hand is pointing?


Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:44:50Z No. 7089265


barry met rahm in bath house ?

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:44:52Z No. 7089266

At this point, anons, if you are missing it, then it's because you are a shill or want to be blind.

Anonymous ID: ba572d 2019-07-18 23:44:55Z No. 7089267

An other anon talked about epstein collecting people. It reminded me of this picture. It looks like ice. Are there bodies frozen? Possible.

Anonymous ID: a94585 2019-07-18 23:44:56Z No. 7089268


Thanks. Anything specific we can do to help

Anonymous ID: 689d9a 2019-07-18 23:44:56Z No. 7089269


Pushing the CP boundries again red head fag?

Anonymous ID: 729ae7 2019-07-18 23:44:56Z No. 7089270



You’re the tool who can’t tell it’s a double meaning.

Anonymous ID: 033a31 2019-07-18 23:44:57Z No. 7089271

what are the relations, if any, between the face-on face-off frazzledrip mutilation and the market for dead bodies for plastic surgeons to practice on?

what famous "plastic surgeons," if any, are caught up in the body thievery? any of them trafficking or receiving live humans on the hoof to sacrifice and have fresh practice cadavers?

how many "plastic surgeons" connect with recipients of said surgery?

which "plastic surgeons" make a practice of breast removal, shaving adams apples, gender changing, etc.? is there a referral list? which insurance companies pay for the elective surgery? which states in the USA or nations elsewhere support the practice? who is getting rich doing these surgeries and receiving subsidies via gov't or private funding?

Anonymous ID: 3c24fd 2019-07-18 23:44:59Z No. 7089272


so when is the official release date for that 50 week stint?

Anonymous ID: ffcacf 2019-07-18 23:45:02Z No. 7089273

"If you look close enough" is also a reference to the fact that the Q symbol can also be a magnifying glass.

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:45:08Z No. 7089274



Anonymous ID: b99552 2019-07-18 23:45:10Z No. 7089275

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:45:13Z No. 7089276





Anonymous ID: 8ae856 2019-07-18 23:45:23Z No. 7089277


wtf is a political scientist

Anonymous ID: ec7ebd 2019-07-18 23:45:26Z No. 7089278

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:45:34Z No. 7089279

They mad, huh.

Anonymous ID: 8322e4 2019-07-18 23:45:36Z No. 7089280


Absolutely =NOTABLE=

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-18 23:45:38Z No. 7089281



Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:45:39Z No. 7089282



Folk conducting business and relaxing in a large square in the Jurat al-Hawa quarter. Shops and cafés line the square

A small square in the Marabat quarter, seen from a Turkish bathhouse. Towels from the bathhouse hang to dry above the square. In the center of the watercolour, a boy cleans carpets.

Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-18 23:45:40Z No. 7089283

Epstein is the keystone and the first domino to fall.

Cue the M.I.A. Paper Planes song.

Anonymous ID: 4f57b4 2019-07-18 23:45:40Z No. 7089284


How are you supposed to lose your liver when the free beer doesn't come until tomorrow anyhow?

Anonymous ID: 729ae7 2019-07-18 23:45:41Z No. 7089285


You study the science of politics.

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:45:42Z No. 7089286


Yeah it does.

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:45:42Z No. 7089287

Anonymous ID: ce8e48 2019-07-18 23:45:43Z No. 7089288

I wonder if those in Epstein's clutches - even at the 11th hour - still believe they are untouchable and it will all just blow over.

..I'm thinking 'yes'

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:45:44Z No. 7089289


Top shelf meme anon.



Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:45:47Z No. 7089290


it looks like a regular hammam. I think he could've meant that the temple (built based on a hammam) is where everything happened.

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:45:50Z No. 7089291


watching the interview on the news

the homeless are claiming it is psychological torture that even POWs don't go through

Anonymous ID: 6113f6 2019-07-18 23:45:52Z No. 7089292

Many anons make light work!

Anonymous ID: 855fb5 2019-07-18 23:45:53Z No. 7089293


We know, dumbass. It's called LOOKING CLOSER. FFS

Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:45:54Z No. 7089294

Scalia's son to replace Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary.

Anonymous ID: eacc18 2019-07-18 23:45:55Z No. 7089295

Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-18 23:45:59Z No. 7089296

I would laugh so hard (with joy) if Chuck Norris was part of Q+

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:46:07Z No. 7089297


Comey lived next to Weinstein ?

what a coincidence ?

he moved to cover ?

Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-18 23:46:09Z No. 7089298

Q gave you a specific bathouse. Others are relevant but this one leads you to something specific regarding blackmail ring of powerful people.

Anonymous ID: 09798f 2019-07-18 23:46:14Z No. 7089299

Played with the photo a little more. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty convinced its POTUS on the phone.

Anonymous ID: f75a2f 2019-07-18 23:46:14Z No. 7089300



not notable.

Anonymous ID: 6406d8 2019-07-18 23:46:15Z No. 7089301


Barry Rahm

Bury ‘em

Anonymous ID: ab9b86 2019-07-18 23:46:19Z No. 7089302



>Similarities to Podesta art pools and the video that "kappy" released as a "kill switch".

Has this architecture and design always been associated with and used by Satanists or did they 'appropriate' and pervert the symbols of something else for their own ends?

Anonymous ID: ce045d 2019-07-18 23:46:22Z No. 7089303


Not just the celebs but the bastions of news like the NY Times and NPR.

Heads will crack open if they get exposed for what they are.

Anonymous ID: 0ad7c9 2019-07-18 23:46:23Z No. 7089304

We Are on Our Own: Why Voting is Not Going to Work

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:46:32Z No. 7089305














Anonymous ID: b99552 2019-07-18 23:46:34Z No. 7089306



Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-18 23:46:43Z No. 7089307


Haven't scanned anon notables yet but if this is fresh… NOTABLE

Anonymous ID: c80991 2019-07-18 23:47:00Z No. 7089309


I was wondering the same thing

Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:47:00Z No. 7089310


>How long do put options last?

Long dated ones go out to Jan 2020 on a quick look. All about to be destroyed at about 4minutes into tomorrows session.

Anonymous ID: ebe7a7 2019-07-18 23:47:01Z No. 7089311


I wonder, if this is a keyhole, and we watch the news, will we hear about any connection to:

"‘TK’ refers to Talent/Keyhole, code names for imagery from reconnaissance aircraft and spy satellites…"


"he NGA had confirmed that its intelligence obtained via Keyhole was used by the NSA to support US operations in Iraq from 2003 onwards."


"Clowns in America"

Have to watch and see…

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:47:02Z No. 7089312


Someone with a PHD in Spin

Anonymous ID: b84cd2 2019-07-18 23:47:08Z No. 7089313


Anonymous ID: e7b492 2019-07-18 23:47:09Z No. 7089314


Another Point of View…

As the Watch is on its side;

No one would turn themselves sideways to take a photo like this

I believe it could also be 2 HANDS, and SMARTPHONE

Left hand


Right hand

Anonymous ID: 882e85 2019-07-18 23:47:10Z No. 7089315

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:47:17Z No. 7089316


Employees have laptops

Employees have phone

Anonymous ID: 6113f6 2019-07-18 23:47:18Z No. 7089317

Connections I love them

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:47:18Z No. 7089318


Levin has gone full MAGA. Started out a Reaganite, went Cruz Missile, and reluctantly backed POTUS.

Now he's full MAGA.

Don't know if he's into Q; kind of doubt it.

Anonymous ID: bf1b90 2019-07-18 23:47:21Z No. 7089319


IWC … the watch brand. Swiss Luxury Watches.

"Featuring Bradley Cooper

Take the road less traveled

Join Bradley Cooper on an adventure into the unknown."

Adventure? Adventures in Wonderland?

Anonymous ID: f1f64d 2019-07-18 23:47:23Z No. 7089320


Follow the Pool Table

Anonymous ID: b3615e 2019-07-18 23:47:23Z No. 7089321

Anonymous ID: 74cf2b 2019-07-18 23:47:27Z No. 7089322

Can some Anons watch this video full screen.

New stars found?

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:47:29Z No. 7089323



Anonymous ID: 23f587 2019-07-18 23:47:32Z No. 7089324


In this first pic, the group is all comfortable and happy and the single guy looks lonely… and soapy??

Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-18 23:47:36Z No. 7089325


no. we pulled up the manual with the very first watch post. the second hand is the small dial at the bottom. it is at :30secs

the hand that looks like a second hand is the sweep hand for stopwatch.

Anonymous ID: 5943cc 2019-07-18 23:47:38Z No. 7089326


Interesting. Especially if his father was murdered by this satanic pedophile ring, and Eugene knows it

Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-18 23:47:38Z No. 7089327


Is the old duffer still around?

Anonymous ID: 69c349 2019-07-18 23:47:41Z No. 7089328

воris johnson - arc'dé bâl

Anonymous ID: e95d96 2019-07-18 23:47:49Z No. 7089329


Trying to keep my dinner down, Anon.

Wife already a lousy cook.

Anonymous ID: f1dd0c 2019-07-18 23:47:49Z No. 7089330

Q drop 2647:


Will POTUS be @ CD tomorrow?

[1 year delta]

Matters of NAT SEC?

The clock is ticking.

Follow the watch.


Clock shows: 3h14m = 3 + 14 = 17

The clock of today shows 4h49m = 4+4+9=17

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:48:03Z No. 7089331


watch the water

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:48:10Z No. 7089333


Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:48:13Z No. 7089334


The ‘Azm Palace in the Bashura quarter had belonged to the wealthy and influential ‘Azm family. Two family members served as governor in Damascus in the 18th century. Later, the palace was turned into a school, and the watercolour depicts students and teachers relaxing during a break from classes. Since 1956, the palace has served as the archaeological museum of Hama.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:48:15Z No. 7089335










Anonymous ID: 8e41ce 2019-07-18 23:48:19Z No. 7089336


That’s my take also

Anonymous ID: 16f8f9 2019-07-18 23:48:19Z No. 7089337


All I feel comfortable saying, without doxxing Q, is that looks like a woman. A very powerful woman.

Follow the wives.

Anonymous ID: 4eca09 2019-07-18 23:48:20Z No. 7089338


Can't get much better than that. Good job!

Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:48:21Z No. 7089339


Anonymous ID: c520e7 2019-07-18 23:48:22Z No. 7089340


Stop the presses! Who is Chloe?

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:48:33Z No. 7089341

Anne Sarnoff new CEO of Warner Brothers

“She’s got one of those rare executive brains that understand the content and creatives, as well as the business,” former Nickelodeon president Geraldine Laybourne says

Sarnoff is the first woman to run the second largest media content producer in the world. Normally the feminists would call a three-day holiday to celebrate that.

Why isn't Randall I Stephenson, former chief executive of Boy Scouts of American, now CEO of AT&T - why isn't Randall Stephenson claiming the progressive, SJW, diversity credits he's entitled to?

Why isn't Randall filling endless press releases with corporate self-praise for naming the first woman in history to run AT&Ts giant Warner Brothers media empire? Randall l Stephenson would get BIG social justice cap and trade credits for recognizing and empowering women.

Randall L Stephenson is claiming no SJW credit for this historic hire is suspicious.

Is the Boy Scouts former chief executive trying to hornswoggle feminists?

Or is being blackmailed?

Ann Sarnoff is the protege of Geraldine Laybourne a satanist bloodline witch and an alleged priestess in the dark mother hierarchy.

Layborne tutored Sarnoff in the tactics of corruption and degradation of young minds; skills both women (?) sharpened working together in Viacoms' notoriously perverse and degenerate "Nickelodeon" network, run by senior bloodline cult pedovore, Geraldine Laybourne.

Ann Sarnoff, having polished her mind poisoning skills in destructive subversive media content at Viacom (Nickelodeon) and BBC (Jimmy Savile) is now the CEO of Warner Brothers, the largest entertainment company in the world.


Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:48:44Z No. 7089342


If it's in a Previous bread, then OANN is posting slowly.

Anonymous ID: 7f30db 2019-07-18 23:48:44Z No. 7089343


>He thinks beer causes liver damage

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:48:51Z No. 7089345

Anonymous ID: a875dd 2019-07-18 23:48:54Z No. 7089346

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-18 23:48:56Z No. 7089347


I'm sure.

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:49:02Z No. 7089348

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:49:05Z No. 7089349



Anonymous ID: 7c29f2 2019-07-18 23:49:08Z No. 7089350


Isaac Kappy supposedly dropped it right before his death

Anonymous ID: 37b87c 2019-07-18 23:49:10Z No. 7089351


Although by the sounds of these sick fucks. It's likely literally a picture of a topless woman ie. cut in half from the waist down

Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-18 23:49:13Z No. 7089352


You bet he is. He's been writing a column at WND in his spare time when he isn't writing best sellers and helping to MAGA.

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:49:14Z No. 7089353


Oh, wow. JFK Jr.

Anonymous ID: a5da15 2019-07-18 23:49:21Z No. 7089354

So notables are back and no captcha?? I was only gone for like two days…

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:49:22Z No. 7089355


Anonymous ID: d6c9ff 2019-07-18 23:49:26Z No. 7089356

Another theory……. 4/49/19 are the numbers on the watch. When you match those up with a looping alphabet to account for the '49', you get D.W.S………. Debbie Wasserman Schultz!!! We on the right track here Sir Q???

Anonymous ID: ec02d6 2019-07-18 23:49:33Z No. 7089357


On deck and Comfee AF

Anonymous ID: fecbeb 2019-07-18 23:49:37Z No. 7089358


Alice in Wonderland

Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-18 23:49:46Z No. 7089360


for keks

Anonymous ID: d0c8b4 2019-07-18 23:49:48Z No. 7089361


His dead man's switch.

Anonymous ID: b1d14c 2019-07-18 23:49:52Z No. 7089362

Another good find on the twatt

Anonymous ID: bf1989 2019-07-18 23:49:58Z No. 7089363


Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-18 23:50:04Z No. 7089364

The Trump administration is preparing to send hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia amid increasing tensions with Iran.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:50:11Z No. 7089365

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-18 23:50:12Z No. 7089366


Thanks fren.

It's a wild ride but one I love.

It's an honor!

Anonymous ID: c6b9f9 2019-07-18 23:50:15Z No. 7089367


Anonymous ID: ff05a2 2019-07-18 23:50:25Z No. 7089368


WTF is it with the "heated sidewalks"?!?

I swear almost every dig re: these pedos SOME WHERE mentions "heated sidewalks". I lived in NY, so I know it would be handy, BUT it wouldn't be one of the things I MENTION about a visit. Hell, I would just assume someone shoveled!

Seriously, this is bugging the hell out of me!

Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-18 23:50:27Z No. 7089369


I think anons are finally starting to grasp just how vast this network really is - how many "children's help orgs" are actually fronts.

Where else are they going to get a supply of babies, lil tykes and older kids from?



-removed from homes (into foster system)

This is the Procurement arm of an international child sex slavery/trafficking ring.

Funding through

-outright donations (direct to org)

-between organizations (foundation to foundation)

-govt funding

money laundering

paying for services already rendered?

paying in advance?

paying off extortionists?

What about oversight?

What happens if those task to do the oversight are themselves "in on it"?


Anonymous ID: e7f48d 2019-07-18 23:50:28Z No. 7089370


AOC actually looks pretty hot in that red dress… If only she never talked or did anything but make sandwitches…

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:50:29Z No. 7089371


Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:50:31Z No. 7089372

Wonder if Scott Walker is on that list.

The recent appointment: plausible deniability.

Paul Ryan most certainly has to be.

Sigh. If only Sensenbrenner.

Anon wants his spot in Congress.

Anonymous ID: e217a4 2019-07-18 23:50:33Z No. 7089373


I posted over and over about this months ago lol no one grabbed on, there’s a whole interective commercial you can go through .. symbolism in it too lol

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:50:36Z No. 7089374



never had good timing

Anonymous ID: 618d4e 2019-07-18 23:50:37Z No. 7089375


Anonymous ID: 2e6829 2019-07-18 23:50:38Z No. 7089376

ok either im smoken too much again or this is what i read from everygreen tweet

Donald is not someone we can take for granted

EVERGREEN has to fight

Time has come again.


Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:50:42Z No. 7089377


go with it anon. Be thankful it's back

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:50:47Z No. 7089378


she needs kicked in the Tits

Anonymous ID: 6a3da1 2019-07-18 23:50:49Z No. 7089379

3 minutes ago I got another Q drop notification on my phone… but nothing on here or /PF/… what's up?

Anonymous ID: d03c6e 2019-07-18 23:50:53Z No. 7089380

>>7089264 >>7089142


I think the disconnect here is that this is not a digital watch. Think of a clock on a classroom wall..if this was 4:50 the minute hand would be directly on the number 10.

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:51:05Z No. 7089381


I see where your headed.

Anonymous ID: e9db42 2019-07-18 23:51:17Z No. 7089382



Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:51:18Z No. 7089383

Gentle Jesus join my journey

When I lay me down to sleep.

I would gladly sleep forever

In your kind companionship.

Sweet Redeemer walk beside me

Guide my dreaming by your grace

Help my mind make pictures of you

Let my fingers feel your face.

Should I live to see the moment

When the convict sun is freed

Let me not forget your kindness

Let me not forget my need.

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:51:20Z No. 7089384



Anonymous ID: 2bcaa0 2019-07-18 23:51:28Z No. 7089385


It is. It’s just at an odd angle.

Anonymous ID: e42bff 2019-07-18 23:51:28Z No. 7089386


like this!!

Anonymous ID: 174075 2019-07-18 23:51:36Z No. 7089387

Going to guess 4:49 AM. Gaslighting MSM will be outed bigly

Anonymous ID: 70a3b5 2019-07-18 23:51:40Z No. 7089388

A keystone is the apex and centerpiece of an arch. Its function is to hold all the other pieces of an arch in its place. If a keystone is removed the whole arch collapses.

The removal of Epstein is going to collapse the cabal

Anonymous ID: 6f656d 2019-07-18 23:51:44Z No. 7089389


How do we know the eyeballs are prosthetic?

How do we know it's a doll and not a body? (like pedosta's golden thing)

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-18 23:51:44Z No. 7089390

HRC and MO Running ?

Anonymous ID: 411eb0 2019-07-18 23:51:44Z No. 7089391


No slip and fall in winter time. They had them in Breckenridge CO last time I was there

Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-18 23:51:47Z No. 7089392


Two scoops means two scoops of FLOTUS also.

Anonymous ID: a88e6c 2019-07-18 23:51:54Z No. 7089393

If Anons need a laugh the movie Under the Silver Lake is 2 straight hours of mocking us for trying to figure out things like this watch. Every scene is a nod to Q crumbs, framing the protagonist as crazy and a loser for looking into things.

Anonymous ID: 3a1a44 2019-07-18 23:51:56Z No. 7089394


> psychological torture

I am still singing it. It hurts me. Make it stop.

Baby Shark Doo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do de doo do do baby shark.

Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:51:58Z No. 7089395




Anonymous ID: 0554e1 2019-07-18 23:52:02Z No. 7089396

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:52:12Z No. 7089397


Anonymous ID: 342d9b 2019-07-18 23:52:14Z No. 7089398


Think multiple MOABs… [daily]

Anonymous ID: 5baf65 2019-07-18 23:52:15Z No. 7089399


POTUS letting us anons know to be on the look out tomorrow, and letting us know he is here with us!

After all, WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:52:22Z No. 7089400


Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:52:25Z No. 7089401

Anonymous ID: 15fbdc 2019-07-18 23:52:33Z No. 7089402


Anonymous ID: a782a5 2019-07-18 23:52:34Z No. 7089403

if the watch is truly at 4.49.59 then this could mean that up until now TRUMP has never really been the 45th president able to do freely what he knows needs doing, but tomorrow is the day he becomes the real 45th president able to fix the system

Anonymous ID: d968b7 2019-07-18 23:52:39Z No. 7089404


Whomever he is has expensive taste in watches.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:52:41Z No. 7089405

soy goy joo wankers twinkie devils


Anonymous ID: 03b20e 2019-07-18 23:52:43Z No. 7089406


Anonymous ID: 08b1f9 2019-07-18 23:52:43Z No. 7089407


it's 4:49:30. the second hand on this watch is the small dial at the bottom. the larger second hand is for the stopwatch feature.

Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-18 23:52:45Z No. 7089408


this is the seconds hand on a chronograph, pic related

time is 4:49:30

not that last time it mattered so I'm guessing Q is implying 4:50

Anonymous ID: 3c24fd 2019-07-18 23:52:47Z No. 7089409


a pin in the cabal balloon … no more floating for them down there.

Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-18 23:52:48Z No. 7089410

I'm 57, fuck digital

it says 4:49:30

were is the disconnect


Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:52:49Z No. 7089411


You have premature issues?

Anonymous ID: a5da15 2019-07-18 23:52:50Z No. 7089412


works for me

Anonymous ID: 06afca 2019-07-18 23:52:50Z No. 7089413


hmmm that reminds me of Alhambra Justice Gate legend

> Legends of The Gate of Justice

>There is a legend about the door of justice, related to the construction it in the Alhambra. It spoke about the dedication in the construction of the Alhambra, because of its decorations and architecture. It says that the very sturdy construction that was attacked by thousand armies, would never fall. So the day that the key to the inner arc of the Gate of Justice and the hand of his arch outer join, ie whether the Alhambra falls, will that has reached the end of the world.

Anonymous ID: e95d96 2019-07-18 23:52:56Z No. 7089414


Shift change. They have a night crew, too, Anon!

Anonymous ID: ec7ebd 2019-07-18 23:53:01Z No. 7089415

The Y heads

Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:53:03Z No. 7089416


The Doom of Damascus still hangs over it.

Overnight nuclear wasteland.

Anonymous ID: e7b492 2019-07-18 23:53:04Z No. 7089417



Anonymous ID: d03c6e 2019-07-18 23:53:05Z No. 7089418


Enlarge the pic, it clearly isn't.

Anonymous ID: ac576a 2019-07-18 23:53:10Z No. 7089419


>Follow the Pool Table

Sky Event with Gemini? POTUS is Gemini….anything significant with the stars right now?

Anonymous ID: 7e6f79 2019-07-18 23:53:16Z No. 7089420


#2 watch pic?

Anonymous ID: c5e3df 2019-07-18 23:53:17Z No. 7089422

Fire in Evergreen San Jose few days ago. A woman lost her dog Harvey?

Anonymous ID: 8c0e52 2019-07-18 23:53:18Z No. 7089421
















One leads to another.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:53:22Z No. 7089423


>if the watch is truly at 4.49.59 then this could mean that up until now TRUMP has never really been the 45th president able to do freely what he knows needs doing, but tomorrow is the day he becomes the real 45th president able to fix the system

Anonymous ID: ff05a2 2019-07-18 23:53:22Z No. 7089424


Right, but if you were describing a visit to a rich guys house, would it be something you mention or would you just appreciate the snow removal? I've run into this description easily a dozen times lately.

Anonymous ID: 6f656d 2019-07-18 23:53:24Z No. 7089425


Gives plausible cover for underground maintenance shit? Potentially even shit that goes under the street?

I'd assume it breaks every now and again and you can't go tearing up the concrete to fix it. You'd fix it from below. That means a person needs to be able to get down there, big space.

Or it's just all done w/ conduit and small shit and you don't need a person and i'm completely wrong. I honestly don't know just throwing ideas out there.

Anonymous ID: 8a4e7f 2019-07-18 23:53:27Z No. 7089426

Anonymous ID: 0636ed 2019-07-18 23:53:31Z No. 7089427

3 results on dark corner comey tweet

Anonymous ID: 588ba3 2019-07-18 23:53:37Z No. 7089428


Can't see the footprints going in and out. INcluding the little ones…

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:53:47Z No. 7089429


That was a beautiful tour.

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:53:51Z No. 7089430


Anonymous ID: debb39 2019-07-18 23:53:52Z No. 7089431


Yep. They also helped the SS escape to the ME and wherever with cleaned up or falsified documents.

Anonymous ID: 4ddaf5 2019-07-18 23:53:57Z No. 7089432



Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:53:58Z No. 7089433


Be nice to drop a 187 on her.

Anonymous ID: dfa989 2019-07-18 23:54:08Z No. 7089434


Anonymous ID: 1362d9 2019-07-18 23:54:13Z No. 7089435


Warning from POTUS to DS 86. Pic related

Anonymous ID: 882e85 2019-07-18 23:54:15Z No. 7089436



Timestamps are important.

Anonymous ID: 90a6e2 2019-07-18 23:54:15Z No. 7089438


9secs in

Hi Q?

Anonymous ID: f181aa 2019-07-18 23:54:16Z No. 7089439

If that video was Isaac Kappy's "dead man's switch", it kind of makes sense.

Note how the Podesta videos were leaked–ones that actually show nothing, therefore "viewing" it is not illegal; culpable deniability, you only hear screaming.

Just trying to explain why his D.M.S. would be clothed kids if they're not all supposed to be fucking them, but they couldn't release/leak a video like that to us.

Anonymous ID: 2efedf 2019-07-18 23:54:20Z No. 7089440



an no captcha


Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-18 23:54:25Z No. 7089441


They are propping everything to cash out so shorting anything is a dangerous game. The EO's will take this money from them or already is. Hard to tell where the proceeds are going but in the end it will be ours. Just got almost $13b from El Chapo yesterday. Just add it to the 'pile'. In the trillions now, hard to know exactly how much but it adds up quickly.

Anything with a delta on it is a risky play, especially now.

Don't be this pepe

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-18 23:54:25Z No. 7089442

In the material world we attach identity to a body and to that physical body we attach multiple defined identities.

How real are those defined identities?

To some of us they're extremely real.

To others, including most of the satanist pedovore cult con artists we contend with, none of those identities are real.

Our ethnic identities, to the satanists way of thinking, are simply masks, sheep's clothing, to be worn or exchanged at convenience.

Pedovores assume and discard Catholic, Jewish, evangelical protestant, and secular humanist identities as easily as they express right wing, left wing or centrist ideological positions. These labels are meaningless to pedovores who use our treasured identities as protective camouflage for the abduction and ritual abuse of our children as well as economic depredation.

Ideologies and dogma are neurological malware. They make effective smokescreens.

Whatever the identity mask they adopt, satanist pedovores need and seek access to vulnerable children.

We have found them running major charitable organizations, respected foundations and reputable institutions which are collectively responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of national and international programs targeting “at risk” ie vulnerable children – all under pretext of helping.

Children's Defense Fund is a prime example of a pedovore social subversion weaponized as a charitable construct. CDF is endorsed by the biggest “stars” and executives in the entertainment business. Most of the same people, including the Hilldawg were also involved in starting the National Center for Missing and Exploited children, which gave pedovores both access to kids and a heads-up early warning system.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Hilldawg’s creepy sham center for M&E kids started the “Amber Alert Service” run by evil pedovore Laura Silsby, busted for kidnapping children in Haiti.

Pedovores are con artists, they steal your wallet and offer to help you look for it.

Similarly, when societies look in the mirror and ask themselves, "who's going to care for our poor, our orphans?" Pedovores always have their hands up, and may style themselves Catholics Jews or Sigma Nus, pretend to believe in satan or pretend not to believe stan.

Do pedovores personal beliefs matter when they practice human sacrifice, cannibalism and have ritual sex with children?

Pedovores don't believe in national, religious or ethnic identities. satanist cultists are identity or shape shifters who embed themselves in ethnic, religious or ideological communities and seek control of fund raising and identity defining structures. Pedovore run such organizations today, because this is information war, and that's how IW is fought.


Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-18 23:54:26Z No. 7089443


right. she literally has no top….like a head….

Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:54:28Z No. 7089444

The Epstein of the UK?

Anonymous ID: 9c2b9e 2019-07-18 23:54:32Z No. 7089445

Asking again…

Who is the topless lady in the painting? Anyone??????

Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-18 23:54:39Z No. 7089446


but red cross ties in with Q, and he’s saying the red cross validated the death camps…. which i’m shocked i’ve never heard before. Going to find more sauce on it for my own enlightenment

Anonymous ID: c80991 2019-07-18 23:54:41Z No. 7089447


Have you read the Q drops.?

Anonymous ID: f80ff8 2019-07-18 23:54:42Z No. 7089448


Why isn’t he a real president?

Anonymous ID: 7d5f3b 2019-07-18 23:54:42Z No. 7089449


That key hole kinda looks like Skull & Bones…

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:54:45Z No. 7089450













Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:54:48Z No. 7089451



Symbolism will be their downfall.

Anonymous ID: cea440 2019-07-18 23:54:50Z No. 7089452


Excellent Job Baker!

Anonymous ID: 4eca09 2019-07-18 23:54:51Z No. 7089453


Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-18 23:54:52Z No. 7089454

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:55:00Z No. 7089455


Will confess to have finally done the same.

Anon never filters, but this shit reminds me of Dalio's kid. Freak.

Anonymous ID: 11f5b3 2019-07-18 23:55:02Z No. 7089456



Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:55:04Z No. 7089457

the clock is "Marker [1]"

so marker [1] has been set.

Wonder what marker [2] will mean.

Anonymous ID: 98af5d 2019-07-18 23:55:07Z No. 7089458

Anonymous ID: c9daf6 2019-07-18 23:55:10Z No. 7089459




Anonymous ID: 2bcaa0 2019-07-18 23:55:15Z No. 7089460


We will agree to disagree. It’s like sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The gas may say empty but when you move to the driver side it says an 8th a tank.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:55:25Z No. 7089461


cap intended as a "look at this!"


noted for future meme usage

carry on

Anonymous ID: 06afca 2019-07-18 23:55:29Z No. 7089462


Anonymous ID: 103136 2019-07-18 23:55:34Z No. 7089463


7:55 est for me

Anonymous ID: ff05a2 2019-07-18 23:55:34Z No. 7089464


Oh, good answer!

Anonymous ID: adcfd4 2019-07-18 23:55:37Z No. 7089465


A good noir flick with pre-Ricky Lucy.

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-18 23:55:37Z No. 7089466


Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-18 23:55:41Z No. 7089467


>The Y heads

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-18 23:55:41Z No. 7089468


Night shift has this from here dayfag.

Anonymous ID: 7fc65f 2019-07-18 23:55:49Z No. 7089469


Uhh, guys, the Q baby's name is Ellie. Like L.E.




there are no coincidences

Anonymous ID: 064cd5 2019-07-18 23:55:51Z No. 7089470


If you look close enough….

>>7088054 lb Q


President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence, meet with members of Team USA for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games | July 18, 2019

They presented Potus with a soccer shirt with the #19 on it. No coincidences. Watch 4:50 = 45 = Potus reflection and D-5. Date on watch is 19.

Anonymous ID: 882e85 2019-07-18 23:55:55Z No. 7089471



Anonymous ID: f08e54 2019-07-18 23:55:56Z No. 7089472



Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-18 23:56:05Z No. 7089473


who doesn't love this meme?

Anonymous ID: c5e3df 2019-07-18 23:56:05Z No. 7089474


The pattern

Anonymous ID: 22691e 2019-07-18 23:56:07Z No. 7089475


^ Jake Tapper’s Wife mentions “Comet Ping Pong” as favorite restaurant. Also consider the family of the young girl Obama molested, her family IG account seemed “proud” that Barry had abused her.


COMET PING PONG was not just a place for kidnapped kids, its a place for WITTING CULT MEMBERS to bring their kids TO BE ABUSED BY OTHER CULT MEMBERS…EPSTEIN ISLAND same thing

They don’t simply practice “Hunger Games” esque activities on the unwitting masses…they practice it on their own children.

Hence their obsession with Islamic Sects…Many Islamic Sects are simply about Mind Control, Learned Abuse, and turning Members into Monsters, and literally Praying towards the Ground ( as opposed to the Sky / Heavens ).

Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-18 23:56:12Z No. 7089476



I do remember that time. I didn't quite get what all the dials were for, I was just looking at what is normally the "seconds hand" on a face type watch, which, to me looks like it's on 59

But then, I didn't read the manual, so I will defer to those who did :)

And if that IS the sweep for the stopwatch, damn Q did really well!!

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:56:19Z No. 7089477


Dayfag. Nightfag. What's sleep?

Anonymous ID: 2b56c8 2019-07-18 23:56:22Z No. 7089478


Yeah this is a great one!


Anonymous ID: 06c8db 2019-07-18 23:56:22Z No. 7089479


he the epstein of southern new mexico

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:56:28Z No. 7089480


Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:56:30Z No. 7089481


Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-18 23:56:31Z No. 7089482


Anonymous ID: eacc18 2019-07-18 23:56:34Z No. 7089483

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-18 23:56:41Z No. 7089485



Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-18 23:56:42Z No. 7089486


Oh, no, never that Pepe. Saw my dad lose too much money in "sure things" and "good investments" and "blue chip stocks". Thanks fren.

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-18 23:56:44Z No. 7089487

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:56:50Z No. 7089488


Anonymous ID: 37b87c 2019-07-18 23:56:53Z No. 7089489


Boomer maths confirmed

Anonymous ID: 90e26e 2019-07-18 23:56:54Z No. 7089490

Pence flight recalled roughly two weeks ago…

Anonymous ID: 129be9 2019-07-18 23:56:57Z No. 7089491


And there it is…nice jacket bitch

Anonymous ID: da1d8d 2019-07-18 23:56:57Z No. 7089492

>>7088006 /pb

>Worth remembering.

>>7087356 /pb

>>7087384 /pb

>Explore further.

Anonymous ID: ec02d6 2019-07-18 23:57:00Z No. 7089493


Was so happy to see Q team address the issues last night.

Anons knew to be patient. The team was sifting the chaff. :-) exposing those shills that were greasing the slide.

Anons trusted themselves.

Much Love!

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:57:03Z No. 7089494


He really is kind of adorable - in an evil faggot kind of way…

Anonymous ID: 5baf65 2019-07-18 23:57:05Z No. 7089495


That second hand being at the 30 mark indicates the bottom of the minute, 1/2 way through that minute.

So the time target is actually 16:49 tomorrow afternoon.

Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-18 23:57:06Z No. 7089496


Anonymous ID: 0636ed 2019-07-18 23:57:07Z No. 7089497


Trains, Planes, and a Communication company.

All called VIRGIN. Ideal trafficking network within his company.

Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-18 23:57:09Z No. 7089498

Anonymous ID: bf1b90 2019-07-18 23:57:12Z No. 7089499


A gym, huh? And why wasn't the former IT contractor vocal about what he witnessed back in 2008 when Epstein was given that plea deal?

And what about all those brand new White Lacoste medium size polo shirts? One time usage? It creeps me out. What if he had those polo shirts readily available because he wore them while doing awful things and then disposed of them afterwards? That whole island is full of ugliness and darkness.

Anonymous ID: ff62d5 2019-07-18 23:57:29Z No. 7089500



these pics are interesting

the other b/w pic has carpets on the wall, I'd like to know what kind of..

Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-18 23:57:29Z No. 7089501



Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-18 23:57:34Z No. 7089502


File this one under

Payback Is A Bitch

Anonymous ID: b99552 2019-07-18 23:57:34Z No. 7089503


Ohhhh yeahhhh, its time we know what that was all about

Anonymous ID: 6f3aad 2019-07-18 23:57:37Z No. 7089504

New Ben Swann upload

Is Epstein MOSSAD?


Ben Swann

Published on Jul 18, 2019

More and more connections appear to be connecting billionaire Jeffery Epstein and his "fixer" Ghislane Maxwell to Israeli intelligence. Not the least of which is the connection to Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell who was himself widely believed to be a Mossad agent and was given a state funeral when he died under mysterious circumstances in 1991.

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-18 23:57:37Z No. 7089505

Anonymous ID: 98af5d 2019-07-18 23:57:40Z No. 7089506


have been seeing this pattern around

Anonymous ID: 6a3da1 2019-07-18 23:57:46Z No. 7089507


Who is the judge presiding over the Epstein case?

He was denied bail/bond by this judge, and I wanna know…

=Was this a Trump appointed judge?=

=Who was the judge that preceded him appointed by Obama?=

WHEN was this judge put on the bench?

Anonymous ID: 588ba3 2019-07-18 23:57:47Z No. 7089508


Those were probably the shirts everyone was wearing in the cctv pics.

Anonymous ID: 17980f 2019-07-18 23:57:49Z No. 7089509


7078584>>7078607 >>7078648

“EU Patriot here,

Let me tell you this:

I am awake as fuck”

“DON’T need to care about US stuff, but because of Q, I know name almost of every Senator, House representative, Supreme court judge, Governor, basically knowledge about whole fucking system.Never before i was taking care about such things.

Dont give fuck about politics before. “

“Now, thanks to Q, or whatever you want to call "IT", i know who is responsible for laws in EU, who is responsible for laws in US, what FIVE EYES are, how Google, Facebook, Twitter works behind curtains, how MSM works, who owns them, how system and laws works.”

“NOBODY FORCED ME TO LEARN THOSE THINGS, it came naturally with Q posts”….

EU Patriot,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure all anons appreciate your sincerity, determination and incredible friendship.

And I pray for all EU patriots, your countries need our support as well and some cases even more! The forced mass migration in all counties in EU, many the size of small states in the US, is being flooded with middle eastern migrants that are not vetted or controlled, and live off your welfare, and terrorize the people. Your population is being decimated by them. They are literally destroying your people, laws, culture and countries.

I realized while stating to a UK citizen that the their country had no Freedom of Speech. He stated that preposterous, of course they have freedom of speech, he really had no idea about the laws passed many years ago by May and her cronies, in secret for monitoring every man, woman and child in every possible way. They do it via cell phones, TVs, texting, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. any kind of app used on phones, corporate phones, government collected data, through the NHS, etc. He seriously thinks they have free speech (but theirs is more refined), in the UK and I was shocked when I heard him to say that. But I realized he doesn’t know to what extent of the government monitoring, the vast dragnets they set up to collect every piece of data on people, because the EU controls all sources of news and what they are allowed to publish. Many citizens are completely brainwashed and thinking they are civil open society, but they are basically living in a gulag that is secretly controlled by the empire.

France is possibly even worse, US MSM refuses to cover the yellow vest revolution here in the US, and I suspect the EU press doesnt cover it either. Simply because they don’t want anyone getting any idea that the socialist model is pretty terrible and destructive for everyone. There are so many more problems in France including the intentional destruction of Christianity, churches and people is beyond evil.

I have a German friend that has been nonviolently demonstrating, educating and exposing for years about how strong and destructive ANTFA is in the country. The leaders of Germany won’t shut them down, they invite the division and discord to throw shade on their own activities so most that citizens don’t speak or can’t reveal the level of treachery in the government.

The leaders and patriots of EU countries are fighting for the culture and their people but the are threatened are opposed constantly, similar to POTUS, but the people and leaders will not back down.

The one thing that is very clear George Soros and his foundations are destroying the countries, social and cultural genocide is their goal in the EU (the same he’s trying to do in the US and all countries WW), and he basically owns all of the leaders in Brussels and elsewhere. It’s hard to find a political appointee or elected official that is not corrupt, but it gives me great hope that some leaders and Patriots are fighting back and winning.

I’ve been reading and researching on the EU for a long time and many anons also, Q has made it an imperative for us to understand and spread to all the understanding and expose the entire structure of the powerful cabal. Q has made it clear it’s not only the US but the entire world Trump and world leaders are trying to restore to our greatness, each and every country, each and every citizen and patriot deserve and demand their Freedom and homelands back!

EU Patriot we stand with you and all our brethren around the world, because it’s so important that sons and daughters of God are given their countries, their culture, their gifts, their religion, their families, their work the lives and their true independence and Freedom back.

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring post. Together with the brotherhood of all patriots WW, WWG1WGA! We will never give up fighting and the more patriots that band together WW, the faster we will change the world!

Thank you POTUS and Q for including us in the plan! It’s an honor to serve in any way we can.

US Anon

Anonymous ID: 376019 2019-07-18 23:57:51Z No. 7089510


Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-18 23:57:54Z No. 7089511


Too adorable to live, maybe?

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:57:56Z No. 7089512


Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-18 23:58:04Z No. 7089513


I'm not just positive, I'm HIV-positive.

Anonymous ID: 129be9 2019-07-18 23:58:20Z No. 7089514


and red

Anonymous ID: fab9a0 2019-07-18 23:58:21Z No. 7089515


..prolly some chick covered in gold, in a Y-head I'm going with Angelina Jolie

..not much tits, tho for the togtfo

Anonymous ID: f75a2f 2019-07-18 23:58:21Z No. 7089516


an attempt was made

Anonymous ID: f164c5 2019-07-18 23:58:21Z No. 7089517

Hacked Emails: Hillary Campaign Monitored News about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton

Hacked emails previously published by WikiLeaks show members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff routinely monitored the news media for associations between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.

Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-18 23:58:24Z No. 7089518


Keystones - as in Databases? Anonymous ID: 62fba5 2019-07-18 23:58:35Z No. 7089519


Possible noteable?

Keystones… as in Databases?

Database timestamp is the key???


Anonymous ID: 20d998 2019-07-18 23:58:40Z No. 7089520

Evergreen International Airlines = CIA

Sauce -

Anonymous ID: 855fb5 2019-07-18 23:58:47Z No. 7089521




the key-stone of Royal Arch Masonry,

of which, in the scheme of Christian symbols, St. Peter

is the custos, that rock on which the church of Christ is to be



Pp. 109

Here, the keystone reference refers to St. Peter, the chair of which, of course, the Pope is said to be direct heir. Is the POPE the keystone? Need some hive mind on this, anons.

Anonymous ID: 303f3f 2019-07-18 23:59:00Z No. 7089522


Anonymous ID: b7ccf1 2019-07-18 23:59:03Z No. 7089523

Wow went back to real life for 2 days, and Q sets the board straigh………also looks like people have stopped snorting acid

Anonymous ID: d968b7 2019-07-18 23:59:09Z No. 7089524


October 28, 2017 First Q Post

January 06, 2018 "Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers."

January 07, 2018 "Future proves past. Wind the clock. The CLOCK and GRAPHIC are essential."

January 27, 2018 "The clock is ticking"

February 18, 2018 "The clock is activated"

March 23, 2018 "Clock activated"

April 06, 2018 "On the clock"

April 21, 2018 "On the clock."

May 21, 2018 "When does the clock run out?"

June 10, 2018 "Start the clock."

December 07, 2018 "Clock started"

December 19, 2018 "The clock is ticking. When will the 1st alarm ring?"

January 05, 2019 "The clock is ticking. Follow the watch."

January 06, 2019 "The clock is ticking."

January 06, 2019 "The clock is ticking."

January 06, 2019 "However, the clock is ticking, and, at a select point in time, that option will be expired."

March 02, 2019 "The clock is ticking."

March 20, 2019 "The face of a watch/clock has multiple versions. Incorrect interpretations pushed as statements of fact often lead to pitfalls…

Anonymous ID: 411eb0 2019-07-18 23:59:15Z No. 7089525

House chaplain prays to exorcise 'all spirits of darkness … at play in the people’s House

Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-18 23:59:16Z No. 7089526


Who is that in the photo with Branson? Do my eyes deceive me or is that MbS?

Anonymous ID: f1cfb2 2019-07-18 23:59:25Z No. 7089529

>>7087933 #9069 Notable

Meet the Parents of ‘QBaby’, Star of the Trump Rally and New QAnon Mascot

“We find the Q movement empowering,” the child’s father tells Rolling Stone


Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-18 23:59:26Z No. 7089527


>aga khan

Aga Khan (Arabic: ‎, Persian: ‎; also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan[1]) is a title held by the Imām of the Nizari Ismāʿīli Shias. Since 1957, the holder of the title has been the 49th Imām, Prince Shah Karim al-Husseini, Aga Khan IV (b. 1936).

The title is made up of the titles "agha" and "khan". The Turkish "agha" is "aqa" (Āqā) in Persian. The word "agha" comes from the Old Turkic and Mongolian "aqa", meaning "elder brother",[2][3] and "khan" means king, ruler in Turkic and Mongolian languages.[4]

According to Farhad Daftary,[5] a scholar of the Ismaili movement, Aga Khan[6][7] is an honorific title bestowed on Hasan Ali Shah (1800–1881), the 46th Imām of Nizari Ismailis (1817–1881), by Persian king Fath-Ali Shah Qajar.[8] However, Daftary apparently contradicts what the Aga Khan III noted in a famous legal proceeding in India: that Aga Khan is not a title but instead an alias that was given to the Aga Khan I when he was a young man.[9]

Aga Khan = the chief Imam of the Ismaeli sect of the shia islam. This sect was started as a secret society, just like the assasins

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-18 23:59:26Z No. 7089528

Anonymous ID: 997aa6 2019-07-18 23:59:33Z No. 7089530


Seems like appropriation to me. They steal what works I guess.

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-18 23:59:35Z No. 7089531

Imagine if someone donated an AIDs baby to the Cabal?

You think they all have the AIDs now?

even with the nightmare vision goggles off it's difficult to post

Anonymous ID: 132c00 2019-07-18 23:59:41Z No. 7089532

The watch hands are pointing to 10 and 5.

The Q_ANONBaby post was 10/5.

The date on the watch is the 19th.

Tomorrow is the 19th.

Exciting times!

Anonymous ID: 0408fb 2019-07-18 23:59:42Z No. 7089533


An arc's purpose is not to support the arc. An arc is designed to support heavy mass above the arc. The keystone is the point of the arc which is subject to the concentrated forces of the mass above being supported.

Take out the keystone and the house falls down.

Anonymous ID: 6326d6 2019-07-18 23:59:45Z No. 7089534


Anon, this is not hard to find with Google.

Judge Berman (of Deflategate fame)

Clinton judge.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-18 23:59:51Z No. 7089535


Let's hope so….HOPE, kek

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-18 23:59:54Z No. 7089536


Anonymous ID: f181aa 2019-07-18 23:59:56Z No. 7089537


If you were the one literally searching Jewgle/DDG with "who is the topless woman on Epstein Island", you're probably not going to get any results–too specific.

Just "Epstein Island topless woman" should give you enough results, but you'll need to dig/read them to find any potential answer.

Google doesn't work like God–you have to do some of the leg work.

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-19 00:00:01Z No. 7089538

Legacy media shills lie to protect child rapists their content is mental rat poison, generated primarily for the purpose of consumer control and mass demoralization; this is not by accident - social subversion is an IW (Information War) tactic.

Our information supply (news and entertainment media content) has been poisoned, progressively degraded over decades with media content engineered to cause harm.

Our vocabulary has been gradually reduced until we're almost unable to understand what is happening to us.

“Information Poisoning” is a form of psychological attack or “psyop” that damages our cognitive capacity over time.

The primary purpose of legacy media news and entertainment content is not to amuse and inform but to control. Legacy media content suggests we buy things, adopt a fashion, get a piercing.

Can you think of 17 self-destructive social behaviors promoted by legacy media since 1950?

Enter the QR contest to list them.

We human beings are extremely suggestible and highly imitative.

Legacy media is part of a social control system built by the clowns and used by the clowns to guide and constrain public and individual consciousness, to manipulate purchasing behavior and limit what we are capable of understanding.

Legacy media has been used by satanist pedovores to create a distracted, obsessive hyper-sexualized consumer cargo culture.

legacy media is running 24/7 psyops targeting a naive civilian population.

Anonymous ID: 097824 2019-07-19 00:00:04Z No. 7089539

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:00:05Z No. 7089540


Anonymous ID: 738ff1 2019-07-19 00:00:09Z No. 7089541

Resignation announced today.

Dept. of Child Services

oddly, accompanied by:

Indiana children's hospital shutters psychiatric unit


Anonymous ID: aa076a 2019-07-19 00:00:16Z No. 7089542


It was a good old fashion pimp slapping from Q. Go read the drops and responses..kekekekekek

Here is my favorite personal captcha… liq

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:00:32Z No. 7089544


Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-19 00:00:36Z No. 7089545


since Ben Shapiro was polishing his apple the other say I'd say walker is an establishment dirtbag like ryan…romeny, and other pole smokers.

Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-19 00:00:37Z No. 7089546


>And if that IS the sweep for the stopwatch, damn Q did really well!!

the stopwatch isn't running all the time.

it stays at 12 unless started

last post on this as it's a slide

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-19 00:00:37Z No. 7089547


Because Pence's name is on the list. Let me find it.

Judge rules 7/3 to release documents.

Pence flight returns on 7/2.

Could it be?

Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-19 00:00:41Z No. 7089548


I guess Levin is panicking - more and more people are learning about the records kept of all the camps and they show, clearly, unequivocally and without room for argumentation, that the "official" story is totally impossible.

There is a LOT of evidence out there on this. Set aside some time, and you will be shocked if you have never encountered this before.

Every fucking thing we've been told about this historical was a lie.

Anonymous ID: 4ebf66 2019-07-19 00:00:43Z No. 7089549


I learned the hard way in the early 2000's to not fight the fed. Made the most during the '08 event.Started shorting in mid-'07 and had a little pain as they raised into august of tha tyear then….. but each time they popped it I just added moar!

Good luck fren, I'm completely out of that game skin-wise but you never forget how.

All the best to you


Anonymous ID: 13e446 2019-07-19 00:00:44Z No. 7089550


Ever hear the neo-nazis say that only a few tens of thousands of Jews were killed in concentration camps?

They were quoting the Red Cross numbers.

Red Cross Admits Knowing of the Holocaust During the War

DEC. 19, 1996

The International Committee of the Red Cross today released copies of its World War II files, some of which provided verification that it knew of the persecution of Jews in Nazi concentration camps but felt powerless to speak out.

The files, 25,000 microfilmed pages, were turned over to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Red Cross said its knowledge about the treatment of Jews during World War II had been written about by Jean-Claude Favez in his book Une Mission Impossible. The book was published in France in 1988 and later translated into German but never appeared in English. Some American scholars and Holocaust survivors in the United States were also aware of the Red Cross's knowledge, but generally it was not known more widely.

The Red Cross has long acknowledged its awareness of the treatment of Jews during World War II, maintaining that if it had disclosed what it knew, it would have lost its ability to inspect prisoner of war camps on both sides of the front.

They lied to maintain access.

They lied, and the world did not know the atrocities that were preventable.

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-19 00:00:45Z No. 7089551

Notables at 500

How're we lookin'?

>>7089147 , >>7089413 Looking at gates and keystones

>>7089341 Anne Sarnoff new CEO of Warner Brothers

>>7089282 , >>7089334, >>7089395, >>7089451, >>7089518 The ‘Azm Palace' in the Bashura quarter

>>7089294 Scalia's son to replace Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary

>>7089251 Epstein's temple: Is it an owl when mirrored or something else?

>>7089221 Dig on the Children's Defense Fund

>>7089221 Jeffrey Epstein's art collection

>>7089206 Another look at the young girls in the Turkish hamam video

>>7089176 CrowdStrike CEO: ‘legacy technologies are just failing’

>>7089131 Epstein temple, Aleppo bath house & Rothschild owned central banks

>>7089051 On the clock: 7/19 is the :49 minute mark

>>7089074 More news events from Nov 2017

>>7089068 , >>7089087 Closeups of watch cont.

>>7089059 , >>7089129 Planefag reports

>>7089001 Assange drops 50-week bail breach jail term appeal

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:00:52Z No. 7089552

maybe your y head needs to get punched by your new husband

Anonymous ID: bfb386 2019-07-19 00:00:53Z No. 7089553




Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:00:54Z No. 7089554

Anonymous ID: d672c2 2019-07-19 00:01:00Z No. 7089555


Anonymous ID: b2653b 2019-07-19 00:01:02Z No. 7089556

<inb4 facelift

Nobody saws a cleft into their chin in a facelift

<inb4 clone

Clones have matching DNA, cleft/uncleft chin and attached/unattached earlobes are distinct genetic markers

>He's a different guy. He looks different

DJT's Twitter is right again

Anonymous ID: 680d31 2019-07-19 00:01:03Z No. 7089557

It’s 45

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:01:09Z No. 7089558


Anonymous ID: 4eca09 2019-07-19 00:01:10Z No. 7089559


Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:01:12Z No. 7089560


I filter anyone over 10 posts that posts something dumb that i have to skim. Fuck it all. Ebony gets the early filter, the spambot jew kids get the filter…. porn posters. I figure i’m just improving my efficiency at gathering and disseminating info, if I don’t have to scroll past their BS and it doesn’t distract me.

Anonymous ID: d41f7f 2019-07-19 00:01:15Z No. 7089561


In the Necker Island documentary you could tell something was really off. I thought just maybe a creepy swinger joint, but more than that. It’s also like 25 grand just for a few days

Anonymous ID: ec02d6 2019-07-19 00:01:20Z No. 7089562


Time's out tomorrow…..

Anonymous ID: bfffc6 2019-07-19 00:01:21Z No. 7089563

hmm my last post didn't show up on Q's last post even though I linked in post…. Did I hit a question that shouldn't be asked???

Anonymous ID: ce045d 2019-07-19 00:01:24Z No. 7089564

Got my popcorn and I'm ready to see it all burn to the ground

We will rebuild and it will be so much better.

Kilo Echo Kilo

Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:01:32Z No. 7089565


Add the Amber Alert System to that list.

Anonymous ID: 0636ed 2019-07-19 00:02:00Z No. 7089567


Anonymous ID: ec7ebd 2019-07-19 00:02:01Z No. 7089568

The Y heads are time travellers?

Is this the only reference? This Y in the flux capacitor?

Anonymous ID: d672c2 2019-07-19 00:02:07Z No. 7089569


Not sure why the reflection is even important. It's too blurry to tell for sure..

I think this is about the date on the watch…

the 19th

Anonymous ID: 6f2b65 2019-07-19 00:02:08Z No. 7089570


Epstein is the MOAB.

Anonymous ID: 15fbdc 2019-07-19 00:02:09Z No. 7089571


Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:02:10Z No. 7089572


name of this documentary?

would be sweet to have a good list of collaborations with NXIVM

Anonymous ID: ebe7a7 2019-07-19 00:02:21Z No. 7089573


Keystones as in dates/new-events?

Unlocking map?

Multiple meanings exist. Multiple keystones I suspect. Until we find THE ULTIMATE keystone?

Anonymous ID: 4204e4 2019-07-19 00:02:34Z No. 7089574


Anonymous ID: 5ed415 2019-07-19 00:02:37Z No. 7089575


I did the same thing. Hivemind don’t like that shit.

Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-19 00:02:41Z No. 7089576


Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:02:43Z No. 7089577

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:02:45Z No. 7089578

Anonymous ID: c90be6 2019-07-19 00:02:47Z No. 7089579


Not to mention how moronic the "anon never filters" thing is anyway.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-19 00:02:52Z No. 7089580


So, if POTUS is at his desk in the Oval

and someone took a picturw of his watch on the desk

from behind, and slightly to the right of POTUS


Anonymous ID: 6c4b8c 2019-07-19 00:02:54Z No. 7089581


if I had to place a 50/50 on the wheel, it would lean towards Branson being the UK anchor for this whole mess

Anonymous ID: 2b269d 2019-07-19 00:02:54Z No. 7089582

July 19th in history:

1942 - German U-boats were withdrawn from positions off the U.S. Atlantic coast due to effective American anti-submarine countermeasures.

1943 - During World War II, more than 150 B-17 and 112 B-24 bombers attacked Rome for the first time.

1957 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site

1966 - Governor James Rhodes declares state of emergency in Cleveland (race riot)

1971 - In New York, the topping out ceremony for Two World Trade Center (South Tower) took place. The ceremony for One World Trade Center had taken place on December 23, 1970.

1974 - The House Judiciary Committee recommended that U.S. President Richard Nixon should stand trial in the Senate for any of the five impeachment charges against him.

1993 - President Clinton fires FBI director William Sessions

1996 - 26th Olympic Games open in Atlanta, Georgia

2017 - US Senator [NoName] diagnosed with brain cancer

Anonymous ID: 22691e 2019-07-19 00:02:56Z No. 7089583


STEIN ( in german ) = STONE









Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-19 00:03:00Z No. 7089584


metal cleats stomped on the face seems more appropriate…but might end up being an improvement though….so….

Anonymous ID: 8f9be8 2019-07-19 00:03:04Z No. 7089585

This will all tie into Russian collusion- Dershowitz has a name and discription of his masseuse, was with his wife- he’s clean and has been getting people to squeal, them knowing his name was on the log gave him credibility to the scumbags.

“During the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton’s campaign consulted Bill’s post–White House Secret Service logs because they were worried Trump would bring up Bill’s close association with Epstein and wanted to get ahead of the story, a source told me.“

Go Q!

Anonymous ID: cf3979 2019-07-19 00:03:07Z No. 7089586



Anonymous ID: 905902 2019-07-19 00:03:10Z No. 7089587

NIGHT SHIFT is in the HOUSE!!!

Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-19 00:03:11Z No. 7089588


Anonymous ID: da1d8d 2019-07-19 00:03:13Z No. 7089589



Anonymous ID: 8d8b82 2019-07-19 00:03:25Z No. 7089590


why the duck u trying to doxx

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:03:27Z No. 7089591

Anonymous ID: 15f4ad 2019-07-19 00:03:29Z No. 7089592


Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:03:30Z No. 7089593


F5 is your fren.

Anonymous ID: 98af5d 2019-07-19 00:03:35Z No. 7089594


Sumner Redstone

Anonymous ID: 90e26e 2019-07-19 00:03:36Z No. 7089595

POTUS and VPOTUS seemed all good at the rally last night.

Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-19 00:03:44Z No. 7089596


>This sect was started as a secret society, just like the assasins

Ismaili Nizaris are the assassins.

Anonymous ID: 7fe4bb 2019-07-19 00:03:50Z No. 7089597

Crystal_Castle re-sync nominal

Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-19 00:03:52Z No. 7089598

Found some spin on @NBCNews.

Possible 4AM's

Anonymous ID: 22691e 2019-07-19 00:03:56Z No. 7089599



Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-19 00:04:03Z No. 7089600

Kick Back

Marines with @26MEU standby aboard the Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship USS Oak Hill during Amphibious Squadron MEU Integration Training near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.


Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:04:13Z No. 7089602

New Bakers Needed !!!

Help Q and the cause ! There is glory in the bake and the more bakers we have the easier it is to bake ! Anon's get your skills sharp while the enemy is regrouping. WE ALL NEED TO HAVE ALL THE SKILLS TO SUPPORT Q AT THE DROP OF A HAT. EVIL LURQS

Anonymous ID: 74cf2b 2019-07-19 00:04:19Z No. 7089604



>9secs in


>Hi Q?

In the Nebula?

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-19 00:04:20Z No. 7089603

Grimes Says She Had Part of Her Eyeball Removed in an ‘Experimental Surgery' to ‘Cure Seasonal Depression’

Grimes, who is dating Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, said that, “From that point I spend 2 to 4 hours in my deprivation tank, this allows me to ‘astro-glide’ to other dimensions — past, present and future.”

Grimes magic sword and eye surgury and blood

I then spend 45 minutes stretching before heading into the studio where my mind and body are functioning at peak level, with a neuroplastic goal between 57.5 and 71.5 AphC’s (which is my preferred range for my blood type),” she said. “I’ve outfitted my studio with the highest grade of red light. It is pretty much 1000 [square feet infrared] Sauna. Hana then comes over and we do a screaming session for 20-25 minutes while I slow boil the honey tea that maximizes vocal proficiency

https ://

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:04:21Z No. 7089605


Anonymous ID: 08b1f9 2019-07-19 00:04:23Z No. 7089606



Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-19 00:04:25Z No. 7089607


4:49 on he 19th, after the markets are closed, time to bring the pain.

Anonymous ID: bfffc6 2019-07-19 00:04:29Z No. 7089608


Yes I tried refreshing page, Alt F-4 might work better.

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:04:29Z No. 7089609

Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-19 00:04:31Z No. 7089610


Anonymous ID: 4b47fa 2019-07-19 00:04:31Z No. 7089611

Mafia bust in Canada: 15 arrests, $35 million in assets seized

Anonymous ID: cfd10c 2019-07-19 00:04:32Z No. 7089612


human trafficking map

Anonymous ID: 376019 2019-07-19 00:04:34Z No. 7089613


Anonymous ID: c223f7 2019-07-19 00:04:35Z No. 7089614

If it turns out its Melania, put me in the screencap! Never underestimate a good woman.

Anonymous ID: cb3954 2019-07-19 00:04:41Z No. 7089615

A great day my frens.

The board is fixed, Q is crumbing, Epstein's temple is toppling.

Glad to be here with you fags.


Anonymous ID: fab9a0 2019-07-19 00:04:47Z No. 7089616


Anonymous ID: 6a3da1 2019-07-19 00:04:48Z No. 7089617

Seriously folks… I got a QDrops app notification on my phone at 6:47pm central time… and yet there are no new Q drops…

Anyone else get this? I got the notification for the "If you look close enough you might see…." one, right after it happened, so I know this isn't just a delayed notification…


Anonymous ID: bc26ce 2019-07-19 00:04:48Z No. 7089618


Anonymous ID: 920993 2019-07-19 00:04:53Z No. 7089619


week to remember

Anonymous ID: 7a14f9 2019-07-19 00:05:12Z No. 7089620


see >>7088054

Anonymous ID: bcdf0e 2019-07-19 00:05:12Z No. 7089621


The interior of Epstein's NYC townhome is Beaux Arts and seems somewhat similar to the security camera pics.

Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-19 00:05:15Z No. 7089622

Been doing this steady since the 70s

JFK was POTUS when I was born.

Started the journey with this book


Good read, safe upload

see how close we were back then with no internet

Anonymous ID: 2fb131 2019-07-19 00:05:16Z No. 7089623

Does Evergreen activate people? Some sort of MK Ultra activation code or something. I personally would have chosen faggot or something, but whatever.

Anonymous ID: 6f2b65 2019-07-19 00:05:19Z No. 7089624


Key Stone.

Anonymous ID: f45abc 2019-07-19 00:05:19Z No. 7089625

Anonymous ID: a9e4b9 2019-07-19 00:05:25Z No. 7089626

BREAKING: The FBI has intervened in the murder investigation of former Arkansas Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, who was probing child trafficking cases & Jeffrey Epstein at the time of her death.

Link to tweet:

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:05:27Z No. 7089627



Anonymous ID: 57291c 2019-07-19 00:05:27Z No. 7089628

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-19 00:05:28Z No. 7089629


wikipiedia suggests that the name comes from "Hamat" which in Phoenician is "fort".

The thing is that Hama in hebrew means sun, and sun (osiris/lucifer) is a major figure in the cabal mysteries.

Anonymous ID: 547ef0 2019-07-19 00:05:29Z No. 7089630

hahaha! yes!!

Martha MacCallum right now talking with REP Cleaver. about POTUS mentioning how he

felt an evil presence "not Democrat or Republican" and how he was going to have to

say a prayer. Cleaver goes on to mention a

few words of this prayer from (Ephesians)

"for our struggle is not with flesh and blood"

Q just re posted that prayer!!

say a

Anonymous ID: 0a6d0a 2019-07-19 00:05:30Z No. 7089631


what is that in the first pic?

i watched the video myself and saw it also. your pic is much clearer than i could get.

also, why does the image file name take you to an encryption page? (never seen that before)

Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:05:30Z No. 7089632



wow thank you so much anon

Anonymous ID: 2ccfec 2019-07-19 00:05:39Z No. 7089633


Anonymous ID: 424743 2019-07-19 00:05:51Z No. 7089634


german board?

Anonymous ID: 5baf65 2019-07-19 00:05:53Z No. 7089635

Is there a Q drop 1649?

Anonymous ID: f164c5 2019-07-19 00:05:53Z No. 7089636


Anonymous ID: fcfcff 2019-07-19 00:05:59Z No. 7089637


Meet the Parents of ‘QBaby’, Star of the Trump Rally and New QAnon Mascot

“We find the Q movement empowering,” the child’s father tells Rolling Stone

It’s easy to laugh at and dismiss conspiracy theories as relatively harmless cranks: the idea that the earth is flat, or that aliens live on a military base in Nevada, or that JFK Jr. is still alive and disguising himself as an Italian guy from Pittsburgh, are so ludicrous on their face that it’s hard to engage with them seriously. That arguably changes, however, when kids start getting involved, as was demonstrated last night.

The baby in question appeared at the Trump rally in Greenville, North Carolina last night. The rally itself was primarily noteworthy for the crowd breaking out into racist “send her back” chants in response to the President’s attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar. (Trump later disavowed the chants, despite spending days spewing racist rhetoric against Omar and other female lawmakers of color prior to the rally, as well as instigating the chant by attacking Omar at the rally in the first place.) But in one particularly absurdist moment, Trump spotted the baby on her mother’s shoulders, who was wearing a onesie that said “Trump” on the front and “Q” on the back.


Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:06:00Z No. 7089638

Anonymous ID: 76781d 2019-07-19 00:06:02Z No. 7089639

If declas occured on the 19th at that time…

I would say that would be a Q proof.

Anonymous ID: 06afca 2019-07-19 00:06:03Z No. 7089640


wrong link in:

>>7089221 Dig on the Children's Defense Fund

should be

>>7089263 Dig on the Children's Defense Fund

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-19 00:06:05Z No. 7089641



sorry for the meme. It wasn't directed at you.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:06:05Z No. 7089642


Anonymous ID: 8f4941 2019-07-19 00:06:07Z No. 7089643


Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-19 00:06:08Z No. 7089644


Not sure let's try it out


Anonymous ID: 2a0ab6 2019-07-19 00:06:10Z No. 7089645

marker 1 image file is named 2727 which marker 2 has as it's date

Anonymous ID: c6b9f9 2019-07-19 00:06:10Z No. 7089646




Anonymous ID: aecbf6 2019-07-19 00:06:14Z No. 7089647


Anonymous ID: 678acc 2019-07-19 00:06:15Z No. 7089648



Why is Megasonic Teenage Warhead engrossed with Ilhan Omar?

Anonymous ID: 29d3c4 2019-07-19 00:06:16Z No. 7089649


baphomet is a topless woman

Anonymous ID: 22691e 2019-07-19 00:06:20Z No. 7089650


ALL TIMELINES coexist at once ( theoretically)

So perhaps theyre just good at “FINDING EACHOTHER” in every Timeline…just a guess

Anonymous ID: e95d96 2019-07-19 00:06:24Z No. 7089651


Levin actually has the background and intellect to be QTeam. Unlikely the connections, though.

Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:06:25Z No. 7089652


Then you're just retarded AF. :/

Anonymous ID: c90be6 2019-07-19 00:06:28Z No. 7089653


Please stop with the pics of the Muslim nigger fag traitor.

Anonymous ID: d41f7f 2019-07-19 00:06:29Z No. 7089654


I’ll try to find it. Was a few years ago. But was pretty creepy

Anonymous ID: 8d8b82 2019-07-19 00:06:34Z No. 7089655


im pretty sure he meant 19

Anonymous ID: 2e83ff 2019-07-19 00:06:36Z No. 7089656

I found a match on the watch…

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ ) ID: c69532 2019-07-19 00:06:36Z No. 7089657


Anonymous ID: 8f9be8 2019-07-19 00:06:38Z No. 7089658


Anonymous ID: 6326d6 2019-07-19 00:06:59Z No. 7089659


POTUS said VP's cancelled trip to NH had "nothing to do with White House."

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:07:05Z No. 7089660


AHHH !!! Anon a few weeks ago noted this jem:


Performed using Transorbital Neuroendoscopic Surgery (TONES). Where the "Seat of the Soul", the Pineal Gland, is fully removed. After this procedure which is typically performed via the Left Eye Orbit, the patient will be left with a bruised or blackened left which will shortly heal. A permanent side effect will be the inability to "Ascend after Death". In addition, the patient will be unable to produce their own DMT. Accordingly, an external supply will be necessary in order to undertake the varied PSI abilities which accompanies the natural release of this "Spirit Molecule". Naturally produced DMT may be obtained via the ingestion DMT-enfused blood which is produced by the human body during periods of great trauma or abuse. "Adrenochrome", the limited hangout, is for pikers. "

random seemingly super smart anon with no sauce

Anonymous ID: aa076a 2019-07-19 00:07:12Z No. 7089661


Branson definitely part of it but global as well. Obama liked fagging off on Necker while KillBill liked Little St. James. Maybe Obama just Pedo, while KillBill Pedo-vore. Branson pedo, Epstein, cult killer and pedo.

Anonymous ID: d412cd 2019-07-19 00:07:13Z No. 7089662


I know a guy who went to jail for 6 years for participating in a group that was collecting inappropriate photos of minors and PC online. Twitter was mentioned. He said most of the stuff was posted by the minors themselves.

Anonymous ID: 68f6e8 2019-07-19 00:07:17Z No. 7089663


old skin can thicken and hang. He could have had a clef but lost it with saggy skin. You need to look at pictures of biden as a younger man to see if he had a clef when he was young.

Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-19 00:07:21Z No. 7089664

Ahhhh I'm caught up on board happenings. Thank Q and it's oh so comfy…

Anonymous ID: b4d065 2019-07-19 00:07:22Z No. 7089665



Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:07:26Z No. 7089666

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-19 00:07:37Z No. 7089667


According to Bill cooper, Hassan, the one who established the order of Assasins stemmed from Ismaelism, but it was something different. Hassan took the Ismaeli subersive principles and perfected them on his adepts.

Anonymous ID: bc1f0d 2019-07-19 00:07:38Z No. 7089668


Brain cancer muh ass, that nigga was put to death

Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-19 00:07:39Z No. 7089669

>HCP plans and executes projects with funding from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and other donors. Institutions, such as the Getty Grant Program, World Monuments Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian bilateral aid organisations, and the World Bank have sponsored or co-funded HCSP activities. HCSP establishes local service companies as partners in implementation and prepares them for autonomous operation as self-sustaining community organisations.

Anonymous ID: 850931 2019-07-19 00:07:41Z No. 7089670


How does the digital army respond? Isn't this War? Truth Bombs to spread like a Blossom?

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-19 00:07:45Z No. 7089671


Thanks anon

Anyone help the baker out

with a cap for this post ?

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: )

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-19 00:07:57Z No. 7089672


Kicked back, but locked, cocked, and ready to rock!

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-19 00:07:58Z No. 7089673

I hope to someday have my kill count noted.

How many shills did you get to /wrists during Q stuffs.

Any how, let's get groovy anon senapi!

2vr I luv u ;]]

Anonymous ID: fcba24 2019-07-19 00:07:58Z No. 7089674

Guys I think the keystone is a PERSON! JE?!


The keystone is the most important stone, and that's why this word is also used figuratively to mean the most important part of anything. A stone arch or vault gains its stability from the placement of the keystone, which is often the last one placed.

The ancient Romans learned the arch from the Etruscans, refined it and were the first builders in Europe to tap its full potential for above ground buildings: The Romans were the first builders in Europe, perhaps the first in the world, to fully appreciate the advantages of the arch, the vault and the dome.

keystone is the most important stone, and that's why this word is also used figuratively to mean the most important part of anything.

The term is used figuratively to refer to the central supporting element of a larger structure, such as a theory or an organization, without which the whole structure would collapse


A keystone species is an organism that helps define an entire ecosystem. Without its keystone species, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. … The ecosystem would be forced to radically change.

Anonymous ID: 4ddaf5 2019-07-19 00:07:59Z No. 7089675



Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-19 00:08:05Z No. 7089676


Anonymous ID: d57703 2019-07-19 00:08:06Z No. 7089677

Look at Delta Kappa Epsilon. Fraternity.

Coat of arms has the Eye of Providence as a "keystone".

Presidents in the Fraternity:

Rutherford Hayes

Teddy Roosevelt


Gerald Ford

George H.W. Bush

George W Bush

Supreme Court Justices:

Harold Burton

John Clark

Potter Stewart

Brett Kavanaugh

Others: Joe Paterno, JP Morgan Jr. William Randolph Hearst


Sidney Souers–FIRST Director of the CIA

Tons of business magnates.

This might have legs…

Anonymous ID: f2c218 2019-07-19 00:08:07Z No. 7089678

4:50 am or pm on 19th, and what time zone?

Anonymous ID: 2ccfec 2019-07-19 00:08:24Z No. 7089679

Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-19 00:08:26Z No. 7089680


>Add the Amber Alert System to that list.

Take a WILD guess who now works for Amber Alert system???

Laura Silsby!!

NCMEC (Nat'l Center for Missing & Exploited Children)


Anonymous ID: f1c933 2019-07-19 00:08:31Z No. 7089681

Reminder on the Watch Pics:


Gotcha baker, one sec

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:08:33Z No. 7089683

Anonymous ID: bfffc6 2019-07-19 00:08:34Z No. 7089682


I concede, thank you Anon.

Anonymous ID: d0022c 2019-07-19 00:08:35Z No. 7089684

anyone suspicious of this q baby interview? Q said to not do interviews yets here’s one

Anonymous ID: b84cd2 2019-07-19 00:08:36Z No. 7089685


Legit, and interesting.

Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-19 00:08:36Z No. 7089686

Anonymous ID: 850236 2019-07-19 00:08:46Z No. 7089687

Anonymous ID: 08b1f9 2019-07-19 00:08:55Z No. 7089688



Anonymous ID: a757cc 2019-07-19 00:08:58Z No. 7089689


It’s 4:49 on the 19th

Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-19 00:09:02Z No. 7089690


post a source anon, and i'll nominate.

Anonymous ID: 3ed2dd 2019-07-19 00:09:11Z No. 7089691


Damned kids.

Anonymous ID: f38035 2019-07-19 00:09:13Z No. 7089692

used a couple android apps and this is what it looks like to me

Anonymous ID: 38d586 2019-07-19 00:09:16Z No. 7089693

Is it possible the gold dome might conceal a satellite dish and the Cockatoos hid antenna's?

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-19 00:09:17Z No. 7089694


Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:09:19Z No. 7089695

Anonymous ID: 7d0efc 2019-07-19 00:09:26Z No. 7089696

the next few days will be important on this [long game chessboard]…

stay vigilant.

>see something say something

Anonymous ID: 9021a1 2019-07-19 00:09:28Z No. 7089697


Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:09:29Z No. 7089698



Anonymous ID: 359d31 2019-07-19 00:09:30Z No. 7089699



We went thru this a year ago.

An anon with the tools, compressed the image horizontally and then stretched it vertically.

You could see fairly clearly.

Two hands holding a phone, and a little bit of the person.

Also part of the room → Oval Office.

Anonymous ID: 5ed415 2019-07-19 00:09:37Z No. 7089700


I get those “phantom notifications” with my Q app as well. It says Q has dropped but there’s nothing there. Other times, Q drops but I don’t get notified. Most of the time, however, it works fine.

Anonymous ID: ce821b 2019-07-19 00:09:38Z No. 7089701



Anonymous ID: fecbeb 2019-07-19 00:09:41Z No. 7089702


You ain’t found shit!

Anonymous ID: fe5639 2019-07-19 00:09:42Z No. 7089703

Patentability, evergreening

Patents protect the intellectual property of innovators and, without them, there would be no incentive to create new medical inventions. However, not all innovation is created equal.

Evergreening is a controversial practice where pharmaceuticals take an existing medication, make a slight tweak (such as changing the dosage) and try to apply a secondary patent — presenting the drug as a completely new substance.

“Evergreen patents remain a serious problem,” said Trofymenko. “Patents for many drugs that are the most expensive in Ukraine, by volume of purchase, are evergreen.”

Even developed countries have seen a trend toward secondary patents in the past several decades. A 2018 study in the U.S.-based Journal of Law and Biosciences found that 78 percent of drugs associated with new patents in the U.S. were previously existing ones. However, secondary patents cause the biggest challenges in developing countries.

Trofymenko’s group, CO “100% LIFE”, fought multiple pharmaceuticals over their patents, which many NGOs say don’t meet innovation criteria.

Evergreen patents had denied Ukrainians the ability to afford cheaper generic versions of antiretroviral drugs for HIV, breast cancer and leukemia treatments and antibiotics for tuberculosis and many other substances. They also drained huge sums of money from the state budget.

Anonymous ID: 307ae5 2019-07-19 00:09:49Z No. 7089704


Great decode. I think you are correct about this.

Anonymous ID: fdd132 2019-07-19 00:09:55Z No. 7089705


Anonymous ID: f8d627 2019-07-19 00:09:56Z No. 7089706



Anonymous ID: bab059 2019-07-19 00:09:57Z No. 7089707


is that is ra el blue?

Anonymous ID: fb1301 2019-07-19 00:09:58Z No. 7089708

Want to report successful redpilling today

Told a guy about Lyme Disease > Lyme Connecticut

Right across the water from Plum Island (showed map on phone)

Guy is an experienced deer hunter

Told him about the ticks

He was like "FUCK, fuckers", was stunned then just looked pissed

Knew I wasn't lying to him

FREE E-BOOK "Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory"

The Nelson DeMille book isn't the same as the above, but has been picked up to be made into a movie.

People KNOW.

Anonymous ID: 8817eb 2019-07-19 00:09:58Z No. 7089709

Anonymous ID: f1c933 2019-07-19 00:10:02Z No. 7089710


Cap for:

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story?

Anonymous ID: ca7e8e 2019-07-19 00:10:18Z No. 7089711




You have no inside info.



I bet you & BO/BV watch the same kind of ATM porn

Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:10:22Z No. 7089712

>>7089663 Okay. What’s your explanation for his disconnected versus connected ear lobes? Just curious. I’m not convinced on the body double theory, but I need a good reason to believe an old man’s ear lobes can go from connected to disconnected (or vice versa, can’t remember without checking which way they morphed kek)

Anonymous ID: 2e83ff 2019-07-19 00:10:23Z No. 7089713


zoom in closer

Anonymous ID: 57e9db 2019-07-19 00:10:26Z No. 7089714


Anonymous ID: b7ccf1 2019-07-19 00:10:27Z No. 7089715


Fun fact, in the UK you would only get "community service" for collecting pedo images, because they don' want you to get hurt in prison…………..

Anonymous ID: a312a9 2019-07-19 00:10:38Z No. 7089716

For all of you who think DECLASS is tomorrow.

umm …







cough cough. Burp.

Anonymous ID: f1f64d 2019-07-19 00:10:43Z No. 7089717



Looking due south at midnight on July 4, there are two bright planets to help you get your bearings. Dead ahead is Jupiter, King of Planets, by far the largest planet in the solar system and also by far the brightest object on this month’s sky map.

Just to the lower right of Jupiter lies Antares, the 15th brightest star in the sky. Antares is a slightly reddish star that represents the heart of the Scorpion. Compare its color to that of Jupiter to better perceive the pale red of Antares.

Following Antares

Three stars in a near-vertical line to the right of Antares comprise the Scorpion’s head. Move your gaze downward from Antares to follow the Scorpion’s twisting torso, which leads to a group of five stars forming the Stinger, the poisonous barb at the tip of the creature’s tail. Be glad that this creepy-crawly lives in the sky and is not scuttling around you in the darkness.

To the left of Scorpius and Jupiter, in the constellation Sagittarius, the Archer, lies the planet Saturn. The Ringed Planet is currently as bright as it will get this year, although it pales in comparison to mighty Jupiter. Saturn sits just to the left of the famous Teapot asterism (unofficial star pattern), which is made up of the eight brightest stars in Sagittarius.

From a very dark location, the sky around Sagittarius appears misty or hazy, an effect caused by the combined light of the countless stars constituting the Milky Way galaxy, our home in the cosmos.

Constellations Abound

There is another constellation of note in the southern sky. Consider the curious constellation Serpens, the Serpent. Unique among the 88 constellations, Serpens is the only one divided into two separate parts. In Latin, the parts are Serpens Caput (Serpent’s Head) and Serpens Cauda (Serpent’s Tail). The two parts slither on opposite sides of Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer, who is depicted as holding one half of Serpens in each hand.

This year on July 20, take a moment to step outside, look toward the southeast, watch the moonrise, and give thought to the momentous events of a half-century ago. Use the Almanac’s easy calculator to find the time of moonrise for your location:


7/18 Mars is at its greatest heliocentric latitude north today

7/19 The dwarf planet/asteroid 1 Ceres is stationary at 17:00

7/20 The Moon is at apogee, subtending 29' 28" from a distance of 405,481 kilometers (251,954 miles) at 23:59

7/21 The Sun enters Cancer, at longitude 118.3 degrees on the ecliptic, at 7:00; the Moon is 4.0 degrees south of Neptune at 8:00; Mercury reaches inferior conjunction at 12:00

7/22 Venus is 6.0 degrees south of Pollux at 17:00

7/23 The Sun’s ecliptic longitude is 120 degrees at 3:00

7/25 Last Quarter Moon occurs at 1:18; Mercury (magnitude +4.1) is 5.6 degrees south-southwest of Venus (magnitude -3.9) at 3:00; the Moon is 5.0 degrees south of Uranus at 7:00; the Curtiss Cross, an X-shaped illumination effect located between the craters Parry and Gambart, is predicted to be visible at 17:25

7/26 The equation of time, which yields the difference between mean solar time and apparent solar time, is at a minimum of -6.55 minutes, at 12:00

7/27 Mercury is at its greatest heliocentric latitude south today; the Moon is 7.9 degrees south-southeast of the bright open cluster M45 (the Pleiades or Subaru) in Taurus at 8:00

7/28 The Moon is 2.3 degrees north of the first-magnitude star Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) at 1:00

7/30 The Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower (15 to 20 per hour) peaks; the Moon is at the ascending node (longitude 107.6 degrees) at 17:00

7/31 The Moon is 4.5 degrees north of Mercury at 4:00; the Moon is 6.1 degrees south of Pollux at 4:00; Mercury is stationary at 19:00; the Moon is 0.7 degree northeast of Venus at 22:00

Meteor showers:

July 28, 29 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Delta Aquarids is an average shower that can produce up to 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by debris left behind by comets Marsden and Kracht. The shower runs annually from July 12 to August 23. It peaks this year on the night of July 28 and morning of July 29. The waning crescent moon will not be too much of a problem this year. The skies should be dark enough for what could be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Aquarius, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

Anonymous ID: 627c3a 2019-07-19 00:10:52Z No. 7089719


Diana Jenkins

Bosnian witch and trafficker.

Kept "the book"

a catalog of celebs with $ prices

has narcissic disorder of some kind

friend of Elton John Jagger etc

she started running kids out of Sarajevo during the phony "siege"

Defined Eurotrash and still carries the banner

Anonymous ID: 359d31 2019-07-19 00:10:57Z No. 7089720



Left hand


Right hand


Meant to link to your post also anon.

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-19 00:10:58Z No. 7089721


Missing important stuff.

Anonymous ID: 230405 2019-07-19 00:11:00Z No. 7089722


Yes high percentage of homeless are hit with V2k and other pain causing weaponary, hooked into the AI that never really shuts up and does all it can to drive you towards its intents and goals, now its lots of pain lots; anyway imagine non stop psy ops with touchless torture weapons and Satanists,

Anonymous ID: c4f2a3 2019-07-19 00:11:04Z No. 7089723

I am OPTICS anon. I have unwrapped the reflections in the watch.

I aam still pissed , so I will post tomorrow, maybe

Anonymous ID: 2269ec 2019-07-19 00:11:06Z No. 7089724


I am Rh negative, so have muh own issues….

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-19 00:11:10Z No. 7089725


Night shift anons are absolutely outstanding!

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:11:11Z No. 7089726


Please Help bakers by giving a copy paste noteable with title. SO IMPORTANT with the speed.

>>7089626 Note title etc…

Anonymous ID: c80991 2019-07-19 00:11:13Z No. 7089727


Don’t be retarded

Anonymous ID: 72e3cc 2019-07-19 00:11:27Z No. 7089728

puta cabre

Anonymous ID: 90a6e2 2019-07-19 00:11:28Z No. 7089729

Those who scream the loudest right?

Bette Middler got her start performing in gay bathhouses back in the 70's

Anonymous ID: fa2cc3 2019-07-19 00:11:37Z No. 7089730


Exactly what i was thinking. What if trophies?

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:11:39Z No. 7089731


scared he is alive aren't you

Anonymous ID: f3e8f4 2019-07-19 00:11:47Z No. 7089732

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ——————–——– Note events happening today

Anonymous ID: e924d8 2019-07-19 00:11:52Z No. 7089733


Ah, thanks anon!

It was a cap of the article I was after though, if you have that?

Appreciate it!

Anonymous ID: 6bff0d 2019-07-19 00:11:54Z No. 7089734


omg that paragraph makes me want to beat her to death with a burlap sack full of rusty nails

Anonymous ID: adcfd4 2019-07-19 00:11:59Z No. 7089735


Anonymous ID: 7d5f3b 2019-07-19 00:12:01Z No. 7089736


Her kek

Anonymous ID: 15f4ad 2019-07-19 00:12:04Z No. 7089737


Godfather=Johann Adam von Ickstatt

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-19 00:12:07Z No. 7089738


Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-19 00:12:08Z No. 7089739


Why would anyone in their right mind want to do that?

Anonymous ID: 7c29f2 2019-07-19 00:12:08Z No. 7089740


Too bad Animefags weren't

Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:12:19Z No. 7089741

>>7089716 they will probably be wrong, but if you keep guessing it’s tomorrow, you’ll be right.. and at just the right time

Anonymous ID: 74cf2b 2019-07-19 00:12:24Z No. 7089742



Anonymous ID: d03c6e 2019-07-19 00:12:28Z No. 7089743


Don't know what your age has to do with anything there are many here in this age group, but if you read completely what comparison I made then it would make sense to you. There are no additional second hands on a clock of that nature.

>Think of a clock on a classroom wall.

Anonymous ID: 944b61 2019-07-19 00:12:31Z No. 7089744


Anonymous ID: 4eca09 2019-07-19 00:12:35Z No. 7089745

Tomorrow equates to 11. 7+1+8+2+1+9=29, 9+2=11

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:12:42Z No. 7089747


Lub Muh Q

Anonymous ID: a1cf5c 2019-07-19 00:12:42Z No. 7089748



Anonymous ID: 188e14 2019-07-19 00:12:42Z No. 7089749


Waiting for you CP degenerates to kys next.

Anonymous ID: abf195 2019-07-19 00:12:45Z No. 7089750

One last time with feeling…

JE court documents released 7/19 at 4:49pm eastern.

Pence's name is in there.

Anonymous ID: f1f64d 2019-07-19 00:12:53Z No. 7089751



Wow! POTUS just mentioned 'Kaput' or Caput recently. The serpents head. Head of the snake. Noice!

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-19 00:13:00Z No. 7089753


Don't be silly, newfag.

I am one of those ALL SHIFT anons, kek.

Been with senpai since the beginning and will never leave his side!

Anonymous ID: 57e9db 2019-07-19 00:13:01Z No. 7089754



Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:13:18Z No. 7089757


the board split operation failed . time to go back to shill folder 1

Anonymous ID: f75a2f 2019-07-19 00:13:19Z No. 7089758



Anonymous ID: 3195e5 2019-07-19 00:13:27Z No. 7089759


That shit is cray cray bro. Don’t worry about dumb stuff. Focus

Anonymous ID: 7f30db 2019-07-19 00:13:27Z No. 7089760


Thanks Patriot. Maybe I should try an ice cold diet Coke instead. Burns all the way down oddly not like vodka

Anonymous ID: ac576a 2019-07-19 00:13:39Z No. 7089761


Thanks, anon….studying this. Not an astronomyfag

Anonymous ID: 917b22 2019-07-19 00:13:52Z No. 7089762


No, Q said she was a puppet but that strings were cut and she's now fighting for her life. Interpret that how you like. I believe that both her and her husband were heavily blackmailed. Neither were leading or organizing anything. They were blackmailed. Along with many other US politicians. Not defending them, still terrible people for being in the position to get blackmailed to begin with. But still, being a hostage makes you a victim.

Anonymous ID: e012b7 2019-07-19 00:13:56Z No. 7089763


Swann is always 3-4 days behind the board. Keep up faggot! Good for normies tho. Share on your socials.

Anonymous ID: dd33b2 2019-07-19 00:13:58Z No. 7089764


agreeing with you they are weak the paid shills . weeeeeekkkk kek. keep fighting em

Anonymous ID: 1ddd37 2019-07-19 00:14:04Z No. 7089766


>Assasins stemmed from Ismaelism, but it was something different

According to wiki its all the same thing. Aga Khan is the modern version of Hassan.

>Though there are several paths (tariqat) within Ismailism, the term in today's vernacular generally refers to the Nizaris, who recognize Aga Khan IV[8] as the 49th hereditary Imam and are the largest Ismaili group.

>Afterwards, Hassan-i Sabbah became one of the most influential Dais in Ismāʿīlī history; he became important to the survival of the Nizari branch of Ismailism, which today is its largest branch.

Anonymous ID: 7c29f2 2019-07-19 00:14:05Z No. 7089767


Yes. But you said Night Shift anons were outstanding. You may have been here since the start but you are far from outstanding

Anonymous ID: ebe7a7 2019-07-19 00:14:05Z No. 7089768


It's yet another US Military tweet at the perfect 3:00 hour mark. Seeing :00 more and more often from them.

Anonymous ID: 8f9be8 2019-07-19 00:14:08Z No. 7089769


I posted this morning and it didn’t catch on- I’ll try. Did we all know Branson had 4 private islands??

Anonymous ID: 5b0aa3 2019-07-19 00:14:11Z No. 7089770



There are no chicks with dicks. Only guys with boobs

Anonymous ID: 94737c 2019-07-19 00:14:16Z No. 7089772



Anonymous ID: a7c2a7 2019-07-19 00:14:17Z No. 7089773


yeah they are

and now we all know youre a tard & shill

good luck wit dat

Anonymous ID: ce821b 2019-07-19 00:14:18Z No. 7089774


Anonymous ID: f1f64d 2019-07-19 00:14:25Z No. 7089775


Medusa. Cant look.. the dude was right.

Anonymous ID: d41f7f 2019-07-19 00:14:26Z No. 7089776

Tucker implying he’s about to bust Omar

This should be good

Anonymous ID: f24557 2019-07-19 00:14:30Z No. 7089778

keystone is the sacrum. eight letter motto of the royal arch=eight sacral foramen in the human anatomy. sex magic 101

Anonymous ID: 129be9 2019-07-19 00:14:31Z No. 7089777


Harpers Ferry…civil war battle

Anonymous ID: 2ccfec 2019-07-19 00:14:32Z No. 7089779


1st marker

Anonymous ID: 56f6b7 2019-07-19 00:14:38Z No. 7089780


I am honored by your hatred! >;];];]]]]

Anonymous ID: a0fdc3 2019-07-19 00:14:48Z No. 7089782


Most of us are negative blood

Anonymous ID: ca7e8e 2019-07-19 00:14:49Z No. 7089783


"Red Cross"

They are a fucking money smuggling racket at the minimum

LOL Take a shower

Anonymous ID: 50fae0 2019-07-19 00:14:49Z No. 7089784


Anonymous ID: 3b9fc0 2019-07-19 00:14:54Z No. 7089786–1/


Blog posts, retracts report in slaying of former Arkansas senator

Court sealed records in Collins’ death


Fake News: FBI Did NOT Reveal Murdered Arkansas Senator Planned To Expose Child Pornography, Child Sex Trafficking Syndicate

Found 2 stories on her. Not sure what to make of it.

Anonymous ID: fc9254 2019-07-19 00:14:56Z No. 7089787



Anonymous ID: 850931 2019-07-19 00:14:57Z No. 7089788


"First reported by Politico, Trump intends to nominate the son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to replace Alexander Acosta. Acosta resigned following criticism of his handling of a plea deal for accused sexual trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in 2008."

Anonymous ID: 74c4e7 2019-07-19 00:15:03Z No. 7089789


The comfy shift. Settle in.

Anonymous ID: 717415 2019-07-19 00:15:09Z No. 7089791


Thank you! That's very helpful, even I can understand that


Well done!


>>7089626 FBI taking over investigation into Sen. Collins-Smith


Anonymous ID: 08b1f9 2019-07-19 00:15:16Z No. 7089793




Anonymous ID: 19999b 2019-07-19 00:15:19Z No. 7089794



Anonymous ID: debb39 2019-07-19 00:15:19Z No. 7089795


The time is 4:49:30.

Anonymous ID: 0636ed 2019-07-19 00:15:20Z No. 7089796


who Dat?

Anonymous ID: 564db2 2019-07-19 00:15:27Z No. 7089797


Elon and Zuckerborg and Grimes from Oblivion

Anonymous ID: d41f7f 2019-07-19 00:15:29Z No. 7089798


In the documentary he commented his wife never came. That’s weird