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Q Research General #9210: Shills No Match for Unified Patriots Edition

Q Research General #9210: Shills No Match for Unified Patriots Edition Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 12:41:30Z No. 7198582

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 07.25.2019

>>7194394 rt >>7194329 ———————— "Cast of Characters" are known.

>>7194283 rt >>7194232 ———————— Nunes to receive a special package from BARR?

>>7193818 ————————————–——- Anons going to play the new 'Save the Children from…….' video game when released?

>>7193285 rt >>7192884 ———————— & we wouldn't be here without all of you (Anons/Patriots).

>>7190349 ————————————–——- POTUS on Hannity @ 9PM ET.

>>7190003 ————————————–——- Define 'False Flag'.

>>7185384 ————————————–——- Confirmed. (Cap: >>7185409)

>>7184499 ————————————–——- Nothing! (Cap: >>7184533)

>>7184361 ————————————–——– Nothing can stop what is coming. (Cap: >>7184462)

>>7182936 rt >>7182843 ———————— Disney Cruise Stop Little St. James

>>7177956 ————————————–——- Does a person who fights hard for bail attempt suicide prior to the ruling of the appeal?

>>7177799 ————————————–——- Do you TRUST the media? (Cap: >>7177818)

>>7177623 ————————————–——- Expand your thinking. (Cap: >>7177652 Q #3485+)

>>7177265 ————————————–——- ABC News told us it was just a 'gym' inside of the 'TEMPLE'

>>7176853 ————————————–——- Painfully obvious or willfully ignorant? Q#3429

Wednesday 07.24.2019

>>7175402 rt >>7175231 ————————— Eyes on. Epstein Suicide attempt (Cap: >>7176681)

>>7175354 rt >>7175228 ————————— Will become extremely important.

>>7175130 rt >>7175109 ————————— Signed by Clapper and Lynch shortly after POTUS was elected (Cap: >>7175118)

>>7175110 rt >>7175039 ————————— [Signature page]

>>7175026 ————————————–——- RAW SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE(Cap: >>7175048)

>>7174821 ————————————–——- Public 'Guide' _ DECLAS

>>7174716 ————————————–——– [KNOWINGLY]

>>7174575 rt >>7174503 ————————— Q#2158 ( Cap: >>7174698)

>>7174503 ————————————–——– Fluent in Russian? (Cap: >>7174547)

>>7174370 rt >>7174342 ————————— FBI Chain of Command

>>7174342 ————————————–——– Correlation between FISA abuse [treason remove DE_POTUS] & Midyear investigation?

>>7174154 ————————————–——– FBI/Media contacts

>>7174147 ————————————–——– Worth remembering (Cap: >>7174154)

>>7173930 ————————————–——- Worth remembering Q#2042

>>7169454 ————————————–——- The POWER of Anon research.

>>7168612 ————————————–——– Cap of Crumb #3038

>>7168098 ————————————–——– Force of Nature >>7168351 (cap)

>>7165757 ————————————–——– Projection does not work when WE, THE PEOPLE, are awake (Cap: >>7165818)


>>7163488 ————————————–——– 2019 YEAR OF THE BOOMERANG.

Tuesday 07.23.2019

Compiled here: >>7194537

Monday 07.22.2019

Compiled here: >>7194518

Sunday 07.21.2019

Compiled here: >>7175815

Thursday 07.18.2019

Compiled here: >>7175812

Wednesday 07.17.2019

Compiled here: >>7137191

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>>7198406 DOJ’s Russia probe review focusing on 'smoking gun' tapes of meeting with Trump aide. "Transcripts show that exculpatory evidence was withheld from FISC."

>>7198402 Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilots Are Subpoenaed in Sex-Trafficking Investigation

>>7198273 Puerto Rico's New Governor Hit With Ethics Probe One Day After Rossello's Resignation

>>7198123 Xi: Changed My Mind About Trump. The president defends not only U.S. sovereignty but the entire world order.

>>7198109 Chelsea Clinton denies close ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s ex

>>7198066 Arab Coalition Downs Houthi Drone Headed Towards Jazan

>>7197861 Friday Kek: Trump video… restore America

>>7197890, >>7197947, >>7197962, >>7197991, >>7198062, >>7198148, >>7197930 lil and greater St. James Islands diggs

>>7197832, >>7197837, >>7197908 Bill Mitchell twatter poll: What's your opinion about Q? … I don't believe Mueller was as senile as he looked.

>>7197986, >>7198113 Imam's Tweets Decoded

>>7197775 New DJT w/CAP: “Taken for Granted,” a wonderful new book by Gianni Caldwell on how Conservatism can win back the Americans that Liberalism Failed. Full Endorsement!

>>7197715 New DJT w/CAP: “Intelligence Community disappointed Mueller didn’t investigate the Steele Dossier.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews …And plenty of other things!

>>7198561 #9209


>>7197573 Island Strava Heat map

>>7197555, >>7197443, >>7197568 Moar Island Digs

>>7197507 Matt Gaetz Tweet: Fun time to be a conservative!

>>7197464, >>7197476, >>7197510, >>7197520 Investigators have contacted Deutsche Bank; artist's rendering

>>7197465 US D-Day Flag returns home

>>7197419 Gorka: Robert Mueller betrayed his oath of office

>>7197406, >>7197387 Apollo Global Management/Symbolism Dig

>>7197187 Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Tweet no longer exists

>>7197156, >>7197177, >>7197219, >>7197288, >>7197377, >>7197390 Disney Carib. Cruises; Ports as trafficking hubs?

>>7197125 "The Game" and rabbit holes

>>7197083 Epstein NM ranch shares symbolism w/his island

>>7197065 Jeffrey Epstein owns half of American Yacht Harbor (St. Thomas)

>>7197059, >>7197066 Imam Mohamad Tawhidi twitter thread text

>>7197036 Moar internet scrubbing of Epstein history?

>>7197035 Pediatric Education & Dental Outreach - PEDO club instagram

>>7196999, >>7197007, >>7196988, >>7197012, >>7197075, >>7197171 Epstein Island Pics and discussion

>>7196963, >>7196980 Call to shovels: Screamin' Bette Midler and jeckyl symbolism

>>7196960 Anon theorizes re: Epstein's 'temple' as legal cover to prevent sureillance

>>7197592 #9208


>>7196590 Directions for "The Four Satanic Crown Princes of Hell" Qverlaid Epstein Island bun

>>7196561 Epstein donations spreadsheet

>>7196438 save the children diggz

>>7196369 Europol’s most wanted arrested for online sexual exploitation of children; 8 children rescued so far, CEBU, PHILIPPINES

>>7196327 BRAVE NEW WORLD by HUXLEY connection….? Ghislaine Maxwell > Christine Maxwell > Roger Malina > Frank Malina > Julian Huxley

>>7196277, >>7196416 At Least FIVE TIMES Dirty Cop Mueller and Andrew Weissmann Created Crimes that Resulted in Indictments of Thousands of Innocent Individuals and Companies

>>7196240, >>7196295 Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) will introduce a bill to abolish the death penalty

>>7196269 Candace Bergen diggz (member murphy brown?)

>>7196214 When did Dianne Feinstein start opposing the death penalty?

>>7196208 Cuban missile crisis / Tennis court

>>7196192 Planefag says "clear skies" tonight

baker change

>>7196784, >>7196785, >>7196788 Resignations in the News

>>7196819 Epstein Disney Cruise Lines Bun

>>7196892 #9207

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Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 12:42:46Z No. 7198595


TGIF anons

Anonymous ID: 2bbe5f 2019-07-26 12:42:54Z No. 7198596

Anonymous ID: 6cb775 2019-07-26 12:43:49Z No. 7198603

Chris Rock - Black People VS. Niggaz (Bring the Pain 1996)

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:43:56Z No. 7198604

Morning Joe heaps praise on the Never-Trumper crew at FNC.

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 12:45:28Z No. 7198618

Disney also has a cruise that goes between California and Canada. Even San Diego. That's two really loose borders.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 12:46:04Z No. 7198619

Gorda Cay? Disney

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 12:46:09Z No. 7198620


TY, Baker. Nice reversal on the porn.

Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:46:20Z No. 7198621



Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:46:37Z No. 7198622

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:46:50Z No. 7198623

>7198608 (PB)


I am satan's shill. I believe nothing, I will say anything. I have no values, friends or family I will not sell into bondage forever for food and for feathers. Dollars will buy me. What can not spend I will burn in an ashtray or shove up my ass but I must have dollars. Give me fiat. I am satan's shill. I demoralize myself. When I finish the blow I take five xanax footballs and pass out on rental furniture. Asleep, I dream I'm awake. I am satan's shill. My stridulations are filtered. My mockery, my despair, my anguish, like my coming and my going, pass ever unnoticed. I am satan's shill. One day I will vanish like the knot in a shoelace. I am satan's shill. A petty criminal, a peeping Tom, a canvas for others tattoos, a repeater, an NPC.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:46:54Z No. 7198624

>>7197810 (pb)

>Epstein is/was a science groupy.

Hey Jeff, it's "I fucking love science" not "I love science as a way to fuck kids."

Anonymous ID: acd7c9 2019-07-26 12:47:10Z No. 7198625

>>7198427 (LB)

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 12:47:19Z No. 7198626



funny is good, that shit?…

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 12:47:22Z No. 7198627

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:47:44Z No. 7198628

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposed.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy media acted wittingly to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children for decade and much more.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 12:47:57Z No. 7198629

Reposting solely because the shills hated it.



Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 12:48:04Z No. 7198630


can always also global report not that i think it does much in the end.

Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:48:07Z No. 7198631


I "Gore Shill" swear to shill…alot

Anonymous ID: 30d677 2019-07-26 12:48:11Z No. 7198632

Second-quarter GDP stronger than expected at 2.1%

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:48:11Z No. 7198633

Trump delivered a speech in front of a fake presidential seal that showed a Russian imperial eagle clutching golf clubs

Washington Post tracks down designer of fake presidential seal featured at Turning Point USA summit

Charles Leazott, 46, created the mock logo in the aftermath of the 2016 election, according to the Washington Post.

He had been a Republican, voting for George W. Bush twice, but the Trump-era GOP is not the party he supports, which caused him to use his talents to create the fake seal.

Four main differences appear on the fake seal. These include two eagle heads instead of one, which is a direct nod to the Russian Coat of Arms; golf clubs replace the traditional 13 arrows clutched in the eagle's left claw; cash clutched in the eagle's right claw instead of the olive branch; and a motto that reads "45 es un titere," which appears to translate from Spanish to mean, "45 is a puppet," instead of the official Latin "e pluribus unum."

the seal appeared on-screen for a full 80 seconds as Trump entered a room full of cheers Tuesday. The technician responsible for the mock presidential seal at the Turning Point USA Summit has since been fired, according to TPUSA officials.

Anonymous ID: 6c141f 2019-07-26 12:48:11Z No. 7198634

Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 12:48:14Z No. 7198635


>>>7198109 Chelsea Clinton denies close ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s ex

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:48:20Z No. 7198636


Napolitano likes his rent boys. As does Wallace and Smith. He was shamlessly hitting on that new British guy (Hilton?) on a recent live hit.

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 12:48:20Z No. 7198637


What a moran.

Joe's trying to out them as libs. on FOX.

Ah, we already know douche.

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 12:48:29Z No. 7198638


his arrest will be one of the ones that fucks with people the most IMO.

>Muh Saving Private Ryan

>Muh Cast Away

>Muh Toy Story

Anonymous ID: a0a89c 2019-07-26 12:48:44Z No. 7198639

Breaking News – Possible FF attempt.

Police investigate possible pipe bomb after suicide attempt on subway line

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 12:48:55Z No. 7198640

just saw a news clip stating a man with a pipe bomb in his bag was hit by a subway.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:48:58Z No. 7198641


Vancouver is pretty much New Sodom, correct.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 12:49:02Z No. 7198642



Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:49:05Z No. 7198643

Anonymous ID: acd7c9 2019-07-26 12:49:12Z No. 7198644


He seemed so nice.

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 12:49:16Z No. 7198645


there it is


Anonymous ID: 66bab7 2019-07-26 12:49:21Z No. 7198646


According to Wikipedia it was built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany

Maiden voyage was in 2012.

Listed as having 16 decks with 14 being passenger decks.

Anonymous ID: 095b53 2019-07-26 12:49:23Z No. 7198647


Barr setting the stage and clearing the path to the death house for these satanic treasonous pedos

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:49:24Z No. 7198648



Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:49:27Z No. 7198649

Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 12:49:28Z No. 7198650






fake news shills are here and gore/dick pic shitposting by the bucketload…


>see something say something

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 12:49:33Z No. 7198651


Private Island owned by Disney

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:49:34Z No. 7198652

Legacy media shills

are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

Legacy media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and a half dozen similar previous scandals.

Legacy media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

Legacy media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for legacy media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.

We the People are awake.

Justice is coming

Anonymous ID: 71e5ed 2019-07-26 12:49:36Z No. 7198653

>>7194423 pb

You also wouldn't want tennis courts that exposed to the strong seasonal winds, plus I doubt Egg penis spent much time hitting balls on the court.

At the very least the fence would have green screening to minimize wind, but not gonna help that much on a hilltop. Rich folks usually have their tennis courts surrounded by trees, hedges, etc for cooling and aesthetics.

Anonymous ID: a84edd 2019-07-26 12:49:37Z No. 7198654


Filter, n00bs, Filter

Anonymous ID: dcdf9c 2019-07-26 12:49:37Z No. 7198655

Filter the shills.

Anonymous ID: 611cc9 2019-07-26 12:49:53Z No. 7198656

Interesting that before Q post about Epstein Island, there were NONE videos about it on Youtube or anywhere else.

After Q posted that video, there are gazillion videos and informations about Epstein Island,

It is like Q showed to Cabal: look how strong WE are now. How many PATRIOTS are outhere. All we need is to post one clue, and YOU ARE FUCKED.



Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:49:54Z No. 7198657


Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 12:50:03Z No. 7198658

FOX news live saying 68 yr old man likely to die of injuries after getting hit by subway, in NY. They found a pipebomb nearby in a backpack that did not go off

Anonymous ID: 4eff5c 2019-07-26 12:50:04Z No. 7198659

>>7198531 (pb)

Gianni v Gianno

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:50:08Z No. 7198660


Let me guess, the Q Train which was recently rerouted up Second Avenue to Spanish Harlem, near the Dalton School where Epstein and Barr's father taught?

Anonymous ID: 70f5c6 2019-07-26 12:50:10Z No. 7198661

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: President Trump Just Ended Obama Era CIA Program Which "Directly" Funded And Armed al-Qaeda In Syria


Anonymous ID: 30d677 2019-07-26 12:50:16Z No. 7198662

GDP slows in second quarter, but stronger than expected at 2.1%

Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 12:50:21Z No. 7198663


Friday 26 … 2x Friday the 13th, gore shill extravaganza

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 12:50:26Z No. 7198664


Anonymous ID: 2b1b52 2019-07-26 12:50:28Z No. 7198665

The GROTTO or a name to symbolize its appartenance to the Church of Satan?

"Scully, who at the time was hired by Epstein to set up a communications network on his exclusive 72-acre island, said that Epstein wanted phone or internet access everywhere on the island, including in a secret cove he called “the grotto.”

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 12:50:29Z No. 7198666


Oh really? Dig Anon…

Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 12:50:31Z No. 7198667

Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 12:50:33Z No. 7198668


Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:50:36Z No. 7198669

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 12:50:46Z No. 7198670


Q train

Anonymous ID: d094df 2019-07-26 12:50:49Z No. 7198671


Anonymous ID: 9ba27a 2019-07-26 12:51:02Z No. 7198672

Aleister Crowley Book of the Goetia of Solomon the .King.

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:51:11Z No. 7198673

Remote and ineffectual shill

That dared attack my president

With that poor weapon, half-impelled,

Unlearnt, unsteady, hardly held,

Unworthy for a tilt with men—

Your quavering and corroded pen;

Shill poor at Bed and worse at Table,

Shill pinched, shill starved, shill miserable;

Shill stuttering, shill with roving eyes,

Shill nervous, shill of crudities;

Shill clerical, shill ordinary,

Shill self-absorbed and solitary;

Shill here-and-there, shill epileptic;

Shill puffed and empty, shill dyspeptic;

Shill middle-class, shill sycophantic,

Shill dull, shill brutish, shill pedantic;

Shill hypocritical, shill bad,

Shill furtive, shill three-quarters mad;

Shill (since a man must make an end),

Shill that shall never be my friend.

Anonymous ID: d5af85 2019-07-26 12:51:24Z No. 7198674

Pipe bomb.


Anonymous ID: 5c1907 2019-07-26 12:51:30Z No. 7198675


So what do your operatives do?

Asking because your all sad lonely cucks

Anonymous ID: e54591 2019-07-26 12:51:36Z No. 7198676

Anons this needs some digging.

Been getting some deep inside inso from a friend about some pieces to the puzzle

Apparently she has a bestfriend who lives in Colorado (where CIA moved counterintelligence base of operations against terrorists after 9/11)

Yes this is why the Denver airport is the way it is.

She has been giving me crumbs slowly and opening up more and more.

When Q says everything is open-source, he or she really means EVERYTHING is open source now that can be legally.

Two school shooters fathers (Adam Lanza Sandyhook) and (James Holmes movie theatre shooter in COLORADO)

Their parents were both supposed to testify in the LIBOR bank scandal before the shootings took place.

I need help connecting a few more dots here. She tells me the Clintons are involved but She hasn’t told me how yet.


Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:51:38Z No. 7198677


There's also a bit of a reversal on the cultists here. It's a 'human sacrifice of the 'sacrificers' and these will drain their power even more.

Anonymous ID: ca1b14 2019-07-26 12:51:45Z No. 7198678

>>7198427 (PB)

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 12:51:57Z No. 7198679

In God We Trust' going up at South Dakota public schools

South Dakota got it goin' on.

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 12:52:03Z No. 7198680


Hanks started as a cross dressing fag….masons are the only cross dressers

i.e. J Edgar Hoover

Anonymous ID: b96fa9 2019-07-26 12:52:30Z No. 7198681

planefags eyes on LDN Heathrow ???

Anonymous ID: 70f5c6 2019-07-26 12:52:31Z No. 7198682



Media misses point of CIA program Trump ended

Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 12:52:49Z No. 7198684


go to hell sicko

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:52:51Z No. 7198683


Lots of gay conservatives. For the most part, victims. People like Milo are self-aware, you know. A lot of gays have no qualms about continuing the chain of abuse.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 12:52:53Z No. 7198685


Repeat of the failed pipe bomber in NYC Dec 11th 2017?

Anonymous ID: aba5b1 2019-07-26 12:52:54Z No. 7198686


'grotto' is a term about landscape.

It's a type of cave.

It's of the class of landscape terms such as 'grove' or 'dell' or 'gorge'.

the mere use of the term 'grotto' does not imply anything. It's a very common word.

Anonymous ID: acd7c9 2019-07-26 12:53:03Z No. 7198687


I'm sure it's more than masons. But ya, looking back on that first role, it was probably very symbolic.

Anonymous ID: 66bab7 2019-07-26 12:53:04Z No. 7198688


Interesting…the Shipbuilder's website lists the ship as having 18 decks. Not really an expert on these types of things so may just be a difference in how people count decks.

Anonymous ID: 2bbe5f 2019-07-26 12:53:08Z No. 7198689


Their justice system sentencing is no joke, either.

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:53:08Z No. 7198690


Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 12:53:37Z No. 7198691


Another reason ALL gays must die.

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:53:39Z No. 7198692









Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:53:41Z No. 7198693

daaark to LIGHT

An Awakening is a natural or induced coming to consciousness or awareness of the surrounding metaphysical reality. The exit from the matrix is accompanied by a profound leap of consciousness, an augmentation of awareness, which to be sustained must be balanced.

What advertisers and shills do is an effort to unbalance the forces within us. Advertisers use our emotional imbalance to influence our buying. Shills try to generate hate by a creating a mirrored reciprocal response, and by convincing us freely expressing our hatred of others is normal and natural for human beings.

Shills interact with each other in the language of Hell.

Hell is an environment – a place where words like cocksucker and phrases like fuck your mother are a standard greeting.

What we are learning is that this world is a "self-created" hell.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is that way.

By Awakening we learn to keep our internal forces balanced, to know that when we hate we are wrong, and every day to put on the full armor of God.

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 12:53:44Z No. 7198694


SD teachers are the lowest paid in the US

Give em a raise boi

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:53:47Z No. 7198695

Anonymous ID: d5af85 2019-07-26 12:53:56Z No. 7198696

Failed to blow up the subway.

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 12:54:01Z No. 7198697


Zactly. In a few minutes any info Q team wants to spread it does. None of them are immune now. Patriots in control and can take them down anytime

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:54:23Z No. 7198699


Here's a bigger plate!

Anonymous ID: 0b3993 2019-07-26 12:54:43Z No. 7198700

Fresh one.

Anonymous ID: 095b53 2019-07-26 12:54:52Z No. 7198701

Get those flight logs out

Anonymous ID: 71e5ed 2019-07-26 12:55:00Z No. 7198702




I recently mentioned his name as a suspected creep (without mentioning speculative specifics) and friend was like "oh no, not him. If he turned out like that I don't know what I'd do (lose all faith)..he was always one of my fav's" Not exact words, but something to that effect.

I imagine many many people have that exact sentiment. I think Oprah is another. How many times did we hear star followers try to draft her as Prez (including Maher often).

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:55:06Z No. 7198703


We're driving the bus now.


Inspector general's wire tool = don't touch our children.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 12:55:08Z No. 7198704

>>7197986, >>7198113 Imam's Tweets Decoded

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 12:55:17Z No. 7198705


>>(several posts) … I don't believe Mueller was as senile as he looked.

I don't belivee Mueller is senile at all. I'm convinced Mueller is fending off stroking out due to the stress of keeping a lethal injection needle outside of the bounds of his body.

He's up to his eyeballs in this.

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 12:55:18Z No. 7198706

Q2 GDP Smashes Expectations As Personal Spending Soars Most Since 2014

If the Fed thought its life was complicated before, when it was expected to cut rates even as the US economy was firing on all cylinders and humming along, Powell's problems just hit nightmare level, following a Q2 GDP print that not only came in far stronger than expected, printing at 2.1%, far above the 1.8% consensus expectation.

See Cap#2

Personal Consumption of 4.3% soared at the highest rate in five years, going back all the way to 2014. See Cap#3

And just in case that wasn't enough, government spending boosted the bottomline Q2 GDP by 0.85%, the biggest contribution to GDP since 2009 as it climbed by a whopping 5%.

But if personal and government spending was the good news, trade was not, as exports subtracted 0.63% from the bottom line, the biggest drop since Q1 2009!

some of the voting members of the FOMC will certainly use this as an argument to not lower rates. Fight 'a brewin' here for sure.

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 12:55:35Z No. 7198707


cross dressing doesn't necessarily mean he's a mason but I get your point. Isn't it an age old tradition that black actors have to cross-dress before they get pushed to stardom?

>Chris Rock

>Chris Tucker

>Martin Lawrence

>The Wayans brothers

>Wesley Snipes

that's why Chappelle got destroyed, he turned them down.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 12:55:36Z No. 7198708


Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:55:37Z No. 7198709

Anonymous ID: dcdf9c 2019-07-26 12:55:46Z No. 7198710


Anonymous ID: aba5b1 2019-07-26 12:56:08Z No. 7198711

It's not illegal to be a Liberal jerk.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 12:56:08Z No. 7198712


Sorry I should have made it more clear. The link in Trump's quote is also in the Gematria, as the Imam's tweets were talking about Omar, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, so the gematria seems to match up to this newfag.

Anonymous ID: 1a2a60 2019-07-26 12:56:25Z No. 7198713

Here, at Qresearch, We have gazed at length into the dark hearts and twisted lives of our psychopathic leaders and their minions.

Your Gore porn is Tame next to what has been exposed.

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 12:56:25Z No. 7198714


no question. as Q says… What makes a great movie?

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 12:56:29Z No. 7198715


thank you, baker

Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 12:56:37Z No. 7198716


what makes you think being a sick degenerate isn't his job.

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:56:54Z No. 7198717


Fuck you buddy, your gonna fucking like it!

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 12:56:58Z No. 7198718




Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 12:57:00Z No. 7198719



Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 12:57:13Z No. 7198720


kek prob. only job the fuck can get

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 12:57:17Z No. 7198721


A script written with the help of an nsa database and AI.

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 12:57:37Z No. 7198722



Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 12:57:53Z No. 7198723


honor is mine.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:57:55Z No. 7198724




Jesus is merciful. Chemical castration for non-abusers, how about that?

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 12:58:00Z No. 7198725

Anonymous ID: 0f9531 2019-07-26 12:58:05Z No. 7198726

Alenia C-27 Over South Carolina!

Owned by US Special Operations Command

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 12:58:10Z No. 7198727


Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 12:58:15Z No. 7198728


We need public executions in the public square after trials no more life sentences I am serious and we need to vote on it

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 12:58:22Z No. 7198729


stop using bread posts stating the obvious, filter and move on. Don't give their dumpster fire of a life any oxygen.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 12:58:24Z No. 7198731


Can only do so much, not on my normal equipment

Anonymous ID: 70f5c6 2019-07-26 12:58:25Z No. 7198730


Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 12:58:27Z No. 7198732


Jeffrey Epstein’s pilots subpoenaed in sex-trafficking investigation

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:58:32Z No. 7198733





You guys are hurting my feelings…

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 12:58:55Z No. 7198734



Anonymous ID: d094df 2019-07-26 12:58:57Z No. 7198735



Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:58:58Z No. 7198736

Anonymous ID: 611ff4 2019-07-26 12:59:15Z No. 7198737

>bord is full of gore shills…

we are probably on to something!

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:59:16Z No. 7198738

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 12:59:20Z No. 7198739

Song of the Hours

All in the very morning hour

Our gentle Lord and Savior

Was fettered and arraigned before

the bailiff of Judea.

But heathen Pilate found no stain

In him or civil terror

Accordingly he sent him on to

Magistrate King Herod

Third hour, and the son of God

Was scourged by whips and bludgeoned.

And then those sinful people placed

A crown of thorns upon him.

Revile him, did those citizens

And beat him, did those soldiers.

The cross on which he was to die

was laid upon his shoulders.

Sixth hour, they stripped him of his robe

And on the cross they nailed him.

The Christ was bleeding freely now.

(And are the faithful wailing?)

His enemies made sport of him,

So did the true believers.

The sun itself retired then

To scorn their cruel behavior.

Ninth hour, Jesus Christ cried out

"My God I am forsaken!"

They gave him bile and vinegar

His mortal thirst to slaken.

Then Jesus Christ gave up the ghost

And all creation trembled;

The temple fell and from the hill

The rock of Ages tumbled.

And in the very vesper hour

The two thieves' bones were broken.

A spear was thrust in Jesus side,

And Jesus' side did open.

And blood and water did run out,

It flowed beyond all measure,

And all the folk from round about

did mock our lord and Savior.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 12:59:35Z No. 7198740

>>7198727 WTF? OMG! Now I want to dig more.

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 12:59:35Z No. 7198741



Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 12:59:36Z No. 7198742


Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 12:59:43Z No. 7198743


Castration is not the answer.

Some guys just love the feel of wet, warm flesh wrapped around their cock.

Nothing to do with getting a nut off.

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 12:59:44Z No. 7198744


I'm glad I scare you into posting gore porn, it only tells me that I got the bullseye.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 12:59:45Z No. 7198746



Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 12:59:46Z No. 7198745


i don't think it's funny but yeah most likely.

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 12:59:56Z No. 7198747


You mean he's still alive?

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 13:00:03Z No. 7198748

Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 13:00:16Z No. 7198749


Anonymous ID: b7b5c5 2019-07-26 13:00:16Z No. 7198750

Prosecutor: More people could be charged in R. Kelly case


1 of 2

FILE - In this June 26, 2019, file photo, R&B singer R. Kelly, center, arrives at the Leighton Criminal Court building for an arraignment on sex-related felonies in Chicago. Kelly, who was arrested in Chicago on July 11, 2019 on a federal grand jury indictment listing 13 counts including sex crimes and obstruction of justice, was ordered held without bond on Tuesday, July 16. (AP Photo/Amr Alfiky, File)

CHICAGO (AP) — More charges and more defendants could be added to the federal case against R. Kelly in Chicago that currently alleges child pornography and other crimes by the R&B singer and two associates, a prosecutor told a judge Thursday.

Prosecutor Angel Krull said a more far-ranging indictment could replace the charging document that led to Kelly’s arrest as he walked his dog in Chicago in mid-July. She offered no hints about possible new investigative targets.

Kelly, 52, is being held without bond on charges that include producing child pornography and coercing minors to engage in sex. He faces similar federal charges in New York, along with Illinois charges brought by Cook County prosecutors.

Krull also requested an order protecting evidence and limiting what lawyers can say publicly about it. Media and Kelly fans have harassed witnesses, making them hesitant about testifying and leading one to quit her job, Krull said.

“People who are brave and courageous shouldn’t be subject to this,” she said.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber, who is expected to rule on the request at a hearing Wednesday, said he has also received emails from Kelly supporters.

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, told the judge that the proposed protective order was too restrictive, suggesting it could hamper the defense in responding to public comments by witnesses and their lawyers.

The 82-year-old judge revealed at the hearing that before he was assigned to the case this month he hadn’t heard of Kelly, a Grammy Award winner whose hits include “Bump N’ Grind” and “I Believe I Can Fly.”

“My wife thinks it’s rather humorous that I didn’t know who Mr. Kelly was,” he said.

Kelly, who wasn’t at Thursday’s hearing, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His co-defendants, ex-manager Derrel McDavid and former employee Milton Brown, also pleaded not guilty to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to retrieve pornographic videos in a bid to stave off criminal charges.

The defense referred to Michael Avenatti, who represents several Kelly accusers, and who is facing federal fraud charges of his own. He told a news conference this month that Kelly paid $2 million to buy the silence of a girl he had sex with and her family.

Leinenweber didn’t mention Avenatti by name, but he said whatever lawyer tied to the case was making comments on the allegations “should be advised to keep his mouth shut.”

In an unusual intervention, Chicago’s acting U.S. marshal, Jason Wojdylo, also asked to speak at the hearing, saying he had concerns about transporting Kelly for an Aug. 2 arraignment in the New York case.

After Wojdylo asked if Kelly could enter a plea in the New York case by video from Chicago, Leinenweber said Kelly had a right to stand in person before the New York federal judge. Kelly attorneys indicated their client wanted to go to New York despite the difficulties of transporting him between Chicago and New York.

Wojdylo also said Kelly had “declined an opportunity” to have a cellmate or to move out of an isolated holding area at the downtown Chicago federal jail where he’s been kept as a safety precaution because of his celebrity status. He didn’t explain why Kelly didn’t want to move to an area where he could interact with other inmates.

Anonymous ID: 20bd51 2019-07-26 13:00:25Z No. 7198751


with pedo swirls on the vase kek

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:00:39Z No. 7198752


>Suck, Forrest Suck!

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:00:44Z No. 7198753

Special Delivery for Mr. or Ms P. Devore.

Sign here.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 13:00:49Z No. 7198754



Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 13:00:56Z No. 7198755

Opinions on the Satanic Gay Porn?

Anonymous ID: 70f5c6 2019-07-26 13:00:56Z No. 7198756

Andrew McCabe: The Time Has Come For Congress To Pursue A Dedicated Impeachment Inquiry

Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 13:01:05Z No. 7198757

Red Pill from Senator Wyden.

What did the Russian trolls have cued up to exploit Hillary's victory? Memes to convince people the vote was rigged for Hillary! A President Clinton with a shaky victory & the Russians able to blackmail her with U1, ISIS & her emails to prove it!

Anonymous ID: b19642 2019-07-26 13:01:10Z No. 7198758



Anonymous ID: a8ae5e 2019-07-26 13:01:35Z No. 7198759


Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 13:01:55Z No. 7198760


Dont forget he's suppose to also own a sub.

Anonymous ID: a5466f 2019-07-26 13:01:57Z No. 7198761

Deutsche Bank derivative black hole.

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:02:16Z No. 7198763

are (you) ready for the GITMO git-down?

Because it's -


Anonymous ID: 52bc7e 2019-07-26 13:02:31Z No. 7198764

Oh my. President Trump really stirred up a wasp's nest on Hannity last night when he said treason. coup d'etat and that he senses something good is happening.

Morning Joe says we (enemy media) are at WAR and must instill fear in the American People. Interesting times, to say the least.

Anonymous ID: 832bc1 2019-07-26 13:02:32Z No. 7198765

Help a video game village and aid children in real life

We might want to keep an eye out for these guys in the news.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:02:40Z No. 7198766

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 13:03:01Z No. 7198767

Anonymous ID: c120e4 2019-07-26 13:03:19Z No. 7198768


CNN burning down!

Anonymous ID: 6ddac2 2019-07-26 13:03:27Z No. 7198769

Anonymous ID: 455e8e 2019-07-26 13:03:29Z No. 7198770


Just a thought on tunnels.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:03:35Z No. 7198771


Gore/FE/excessive jew hate/Freddy/E-Bot/fungus

Did I miss anyone in our hall of shills?

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:03:37Z No. 7198772


Gitmo sounds kinky, get me a ticket.

Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:03:45Z No. 7198773

Hawker Beechcraft Corp MC-12W Liberty circling major highway interchange in NC.


Anonymous ID: aba5b1 2019-07-26 13:03:46Z No. 7198774

the punishment for the gore-creep?

a kind of nether or hell where gore-creep is force to some how atone for the posting of that by . . .

?and then the narrative crafter says 'gore-creep just needs to be deleted from history'.

but gore-creep is real. and he might pop out at the fringes of anywhere. but I imainge that would only happen to him it's like the curse

of certain behaviors.

some who . . . a . . . who . . . on pills and was passed out had a dream about a keg party at a mortuary and, well, you can imagine how that was.

the curse of having . . . a passed out girl was too much and he was plauged with his sin by imagining that.

so I imagine gore-poster would have some terrible plauge like that but I really don't know what curse gore poster boomerangs back at himself.

I can picture such a person explaining it, trying to explain it all in like a scene from an inverse of a movie plot (where the morality? is ? inversed? Partially. a parody of say "it's a wonderful life" where all the 'events' of ones life are played back.

and all gore-poster has is a play back on posting gore-posts.

and with each one the pit that gore-poster digs gets deeper and deeper.

His whole world is now constructed with block world images like a minetest world and all goreposter sees is that and all the images are his own, the ones he posted.

and he lives like that for eternity?

he's wig out at that point, living a world like that were all it is is gore-posts. And it wouldn't even take a nano-second. His mind would snap off. He'd come to an epipheny, have samsaratic revelations about the purpose of living, and after that wake up going 'wah, wah' and then never post gore porn again.

and become a Christian.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 13:04:09Z No. 7198775


what what… Eys on

Anonymous ID: a2ac84 2019-07-26 13:04:15Z No. 7198776

Reposting from late last bread

regardless of whether Potus twats are related, Trip Advisor has tons of Island posts and reviews. For the diggz. Example below

Full Endorsement pretty close to Fully Endorsed?

Pointing us to QRV?

Q posts endorsing Voat QRV bunker. Go take a look at QRV and they have some Snorkelling pics. Timing of posts to twats would work


John M

Raleigh, North Carolina


Little St James snorkel stop

Review of Kekoa Sailing Expeditions

Reviewed April 7, 2015

My wife and I signed up for the Half day sail. It was very enjoyable. The boat itself has a unique history. The best snorkeling stop was at Little St James. It had unique underwater rock formations. I suggest you verify that the sail includes the Little St James stop.

Date of experience: April 2015

Anonymous ID: 212768 2019-07-26 13:04:19Z No. 7198777

>>7198595 Thank you Baker.

Anonymous ID: 56c92c 2019-07-26 13:04:25Z No. 7198778

Phoenician digs will lead to many revelations.

Think phonics, you will learn that they are the masterminds behind the language we use today. They discovered the Magik of words and used it to enslave us. In our ignorance we are blind to it.

How is a word written?

With universal symbols(letters) that are Spelled to create a vibration when spoke (to cast) a sentence (to give structure and meaning).

Word Magik is real and the occulted knowledge of it has been hidden to keep us enslaved.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:04:47Z No. 7198779


The runway is no longer used because importing attracted too much attention.

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:04:48Z No. 7198780



Public executions or pay per view take a vote regarding ending tax payer funded life sentences after trial swift executions. Take a countrywide vote and bring back law and order

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:04:48Z No. 7198781

Iran has ballistic missiles now.

Reporting on Fox News this morning that they successfully fired one.

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:04:51Z No. 7198782


You know me so well <3

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:04:55Z No. 7198783


Anonymous ID: e8ad10 2019-07-26 13:05:23Z No. 7198784

Border Patrol Official Makes Stunning Claim About U.S. Citizen Detained By CBP

Brian Hastings, Chief of Law Enforcement at the U.S. Border Patrol, made a stunning claim on Thursday about the U.S. citizen who was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for three weeks, saying that the individual never claimed to be an American.

"I can give you some preliminary. The individual came through the Falfurrias checkpoint. He came through with the other illegal aliens. The individual claimed to be a Mexican national who was born in Reynosa, Mexico," Hastings said. "Throughout the process, and while he was with Border Patrol, he claimed to be a citizen of Mexico with no immigration documents to be in or remain in the U.S."

"Upon further investigation, we also found he had a border crossing card and that border crossing card he had used 53 times to cross the border into the U.S. which gives us further indication that he was not a U.S. citizen," Hastings continued. "At no time in Border Patrol custody did he say that he was a U.S. citizen."

Lemme guess - coyote!

Anonymous ID: b19642 2019-07-26 13:05:39Z No. 7198785


What did he say or do?

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:05:40Z No. 7198786



Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:05:52Z No. 7198788

Growl… grrrr coofff coff wheeze…lol

Pathetic…I'm a big tough shill… I own the world…. I ….I….I…. blah, blah nothing.

Posting porn/gore…SNORE.

All ways the fall back ploy when you have nothing left to offer.

What's up … some one miss their reach around last night?.

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 13:05:53Z No. 7198787


Disney uses very little of the island for attractions. The "unused" space is off-limits to guests.

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:05:56Z No. 7198789



Anonymous ID: a5466f 2019-07-26 13:05:59Z No. 7198790

The evil bastards are out there braying hard as they see justice closing in and their world about to collapse. Just Scarborough & McCabe for example. Not one person will weep for them. They will be held up for eternity as scumbag examples.

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 13:06:11Z No. 7198791


That's why anons switched to memes and also why [they] are unable to do it.

[They] literally do not have the wiring to process it, let alone make them correctly.

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 13:06:14Z No. 7198792


Time to take them out

Anonymous ID: 46f67b 2019-07-26 13:06:39Z No. 7198793

Tel Aviv finally learned how to ip hop?

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:06:49Z No. 7198794


How much of GDP is credit?

Anonymous ID: a0b4c7 2019-07-26 13:06:56Z No. 7198795


Must be something else in there too…

According to Politico, Maxwell, a close associate and reported ex-girlfriend of Epstein, became close with Chelsea Clinton, vacationing on a yacht together in 2009 and attending Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

“Ghislaine was the contact between Epstein and Clinton,” a person familiar with the relationship told the outlet. “She ended up being close to the family because she and Chelsea ended up becoming close.”

Maxwell first grew close with the Clintons after Bill Clinton left office, vacationing on a yacht with Chelsea Clinton in 2009, attending her wedding in 2010, and participating in the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2013, years after her name first emerged in accounts of Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse.

“Ghislaine was the contact between Epstein and Clinton,” a person familiar with the relationship said. “She ended up being close to the family because she and Chelsea ended up becoming close.” Lawyers for Maxwell did not respond to requests for comment, and a spokesperson for Clinton disputed the idea that the two women were ever close.

Anonymous ID: 6c141f 2019-07-26 13:07:12Z No. 7198796


This is why you save [certain things] for later ;)

Anonymous ID: d5af85 2019-07-26 13:07:23Z No. 7198797

Suicide bomber.

NYC subway.

Failed attempt.


Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:07:33Z No. 7198798








Let's take a break and watch the Great Saint Tarrant blast some sandniggers!

Anonymous ID: a2ac84 2019-07-26 13:07:46Z No. 7198799


lead to Ledges of Little St James dive loc

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:07:49Z No. 7198800


Remember the time the kid got eaten by alligator makes one wonder if no accident.

Anonymous ID: 29ffe3 2019-07-26 13:07:54Z No. 7198801

Longtime mostly lurker anon with 12+ notables working to keep the bread nicely filtered from the gore and scat.

Love you guise (no homo)

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:08:01Z No. 7198802


Yee, thanks for the reminder

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 13:08:02Z No. 7198804

Joe Manchin questions China’s promised $84 billion investment in West Virginia: ‘Something doesn’t make sense here’

Published Thu, Jul 25 2019 5:14 PM EDT

China fuckery in NC.

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:02Z No. 7198805


Anonymous ID: d5af85 2019-07-26 13:08:03Z No. 7198803







Anonymous ID: 4ad26a 2019-07-26 13:08:11Z No. 7198807


Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:11Z No. 7198808

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:08:12Z No. 7198806

has there been a list made of characters in the game?

Podesta with his 14 fish hands


Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:08:18Z No. 7198809


That's very obvious. That's why the people seeking to control you always bend the meanings of words to be most emotionally powerful.

Words are spells you cast to get others to do things. The more powerful the wizard, the more powerful the effects.

Some people can get others to make them food. Some can get others to kill. Some can get others to torture, some can get others to commit suicide.

Some augment their spells with real world materials (money), and it enhances their power.

The thing is sweetening words with money only works on people who are susceptible to the sweetness. And there is a way to break the spell: The Truth.

The Truth is the most powerful force, and when wielded with righteous and good intent, will always carry the day.

That's why we put on the armor of God. For it is protection against the evil sorcery surrounding us.


Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:08:21Z No. 7198810



Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:08:21Z No. 7198812


Iran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:21Z No. 7198813

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:08:23Z No. 7198811



Anonymous ID: 55d2fe 2019-07-26 13:08:29Z No. 7198814


thats like entry level rookie shit, you really dont know what the chans have gone through since their inception

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:30Z No. 7198815

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 13:08:35Z No. 7198816


**WV. Shit.

need more covefe

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:39Z No. 7198817

Anonymous ID: 9ef36b 2019-07-26 13:08:43Z No. 7198818

>>7198385 lb

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:08:48Z No. 7198819



Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:08:51Z No. 7198820

Anonymous ID: c50bad 2019-07-26 13:08:53Z No. 7198821



POTUS tweet>FF>false flag

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:08:57Z No. 7198822



Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:09:00Z No. 7198823

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:09:03Z No. 7198824


can't trust either characther ….Manchin or China

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:09:08Z No. 7198825

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:09:15Z No. 7198828

Anonymous ID: 711705 2019-07-26 13:09:17Z No. 7198826


Just tuned in…

Anonymous ID: a0a89c 2019-07-26 13:09:23Z No. 7198829




Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 13:09:26Z No. 7198830


a lot,but personal spending is harder to fake

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:09:35Z No. 7198831


Kek, about 20 years ago they threw out phonics and went with something called "whole language" where spelling doesn't count (this was around the time spellcheck became standard on Windows 95 software).

The real redpill is education theory. Read Gatto, about the history of Prussian education imported into schools. Not all alternative schools are fronts for pedos; most private schools rigorously police that.

t. sometime supply teacher, too much of a pushover to discipline kids though

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:09:37Z No. 7198832

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:09:44Z No. 7198833

Anonymous ID: e8ad10 2019-07-26 13:09:50Z No. 7198834

CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

Ya Think?!

He might have chosen the WRONG line of work

Anonymous ID: 2418d1 2019-07-26 13:09:50Z No. 7198836

Wonder if Mueller is hoping to use the same ‘memory going’ excuse as Pelosi.

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:09:51Z No. 7198835

Anonymous ID: 07120b 2019-07-26 13:09:55Z No. 7198837



Anonymous ID: b19642 2019-07-26 13:09:56Z No. 7198838


Celebrating death of someone ain’t cool.

Being anti-Zionist is normal human behavior that should be encouraged.

Anonymous ID: 99b007 2019-07-26 13:09:56Z No. 7198839

…The reoccuring theme of caves as portals to the underworld.

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 13:10:02Z No. 7198840


>Full Fail - FF


Anonymous ID: a26d92 2019-07-26 13:10:08Z No. 7198841

I have to admit there is a rush of adrenaline when Q posts, but I'm still waaaaaaaaaaaiting. Concrete stuff. I have enough popcorn though.

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 13:10:11Z No. 7198842


This happened two days ago, NOW it's big news???


Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:10:12Z No. 7198843



Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:10:14Z No. 7198844


Chelsea says does know her or hardly at all

Anonymous ID: 2bf11a 2019-07-26 13:10:15Z No. 7198845

CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

Matthew Boyle25 Jul 2019

Aaron Bandler


BREAKING: CNN spokesperson tells the @JewishJournal that they have accepted the resignation of photo editor Mohammed Elshamy over his 2011 anti-Semitic tweets


9:36 PM - Jul 25, 2019

Jerry Dunleavy


· 12h

NEW: Mohammed Elshamy (@elshamyme) — a photographer and writer recently hired by @CNN — has numerous old posts showing he was a vicious anti-Semite, celebrating the deaths of “Jewish pigs” in terrorist attacks, praising Hamas, attacking “Zionists”, & more. …

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 4.47.04 PM.png

CNN photo editor called Jews 'pigs' and praised their deaths in old tweets

Social media posts from years ago by a CNN photo editor and writer reveal that he called Jews "pigs" and praised their deaths.

Jerry Dunleavy


UPDATE: Mohammed Elshamy (@elshamyme) has resigned from CNN. …

View image on Twitter

CNN’s statement accepting the resignation of the editor makes clear the editor had worked at CNN for some time, and had made the antisemitic statements back in 2011.

The tweets from Mohammed Elshamy, a photo editor for CNN, first surfaced earlier on Thursday. They were until then still public on Elshamy’s Twitter account:

At first, CNN ignored Elshamy’s history of antisemitism:

It remains to be seen if CNN will be honest with its audience about this matter and any internal investigations into it. CNN has a history of covering up resignations of people involved in scandals in its organization. In 2017, three senior CNN officials resigned amid a fake news story on the Russia probe–and CNN has still not answered a series of questions about the matter and has not published, as is the ethical standard for organizations purporting to publish news content, its findings of the internal investigation into the publication of that fake news.

CNN spokespersons have not replied to requests for comment when asked who hired Elshamy, how these comments were not found during his hiring process when they were publicly available at that time, whether anyone else will be held accountable for the severe missteps in vetting of CNN staff, and whether CNN will be conducting a review of other staff for antisemitic comments or a review of CNN’s published content in which Elshamy had a role.

Arthur Schwartz


Hey @CNNPR. You should have @KFILE look into the social media activities of your employees. He might find things like this gem from CNN’s @elshamyme talking about “Jewish pigs” killed by Palestinian terrorists.

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:10:23Z No. 7198846


didn't POTUS just have a fundraiser in WV?

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:10:34Z No. 7198847


>That's why the people seeking to control you always bend the meanings of words to be most emotionally powerful.

Case in point: harassment.

The legal standard is much higher than the one leftists throw around on Twitter.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:10:43Z No. 7198848

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:10:45Z No. 7198849


I noticed that too.

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:10:49Z No. 7198850



Babe, don't ignore me like this. I just wanna show you these dead babies…

Anonymous ID: c0e6d5 2019-07-26 13:10:50Z No. 7198851

>>7197083 (pb)

Epstein's NM Ranch

Anon posted Goggle pic but we know how accurate those are when looking at Epstein's island.

Any drone shots of the ranch?

Anonymous ID: a5466f 2019-07-26 13:10:53Z No. 7198852

Mentally ill gore porn guy projects his own fate.

Anonymous ID: aba5b1 2019-07-26 13:11:30Z No. 7198853


That group were ones who reports from archiologists suggest would take the first born and . . . do the abominable as an 'offering'.

do you trust that accounting? Is that correct? Or more misinformation?

I remember seeing something someone claiming 'oh, they never really got rid of the bastards' (they didn't say 'bastards') and that they sailed off and later became Vickings. How could one prove such a thing?

And then the mummies on the Canarie Islands with the elaborate blond hair. It just looks like props from a movie. And how could I really know from an old glossy?

not clear why you would want to suggest 'magic' to people here.

PS: it's impossible to say anything with language out loud with creating some kind of vibration.

the key isn't esoteria, but to just make good vibrations.

and yes that is a music reference.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:11:31Z No. 7198854


>pay per view

Get Stone Cold Steve Austin to host at MSG and you have a deal.

Anonymous ID: bdecf6 2019-07-26 13:11:54Z No. 7198855




Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:12:06Z No. 7198856

Trump admits he allowed Devin Nunes access to classified intelligence documents about Russia investigation

Donald Trump has given the US attorney general permission to share classified information about the Russia investigation with Devin Nunes, the Republican House Intelligence Committee ranking member who has called for Justice Department and FBI officials to be jailed over the probe.

The US president said he had given William Barr “a total release” of documents relating to the investigation into Moscow’s interference in the 2016 election, and had also “given him authorisation to release it to whoever he wants”.

“He’s got everything; everything he needs, he’s got,” he told Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News on Thursday night.

Mr Trump added: “He’s the attorney general of the United States, he’s has got a lot of very good people under him that I guess are involved and I gave them a total release. So, all of it’s been released and he has all of it.

“I’ve also given him authorisation to release it to whoever he wants, whether it’s his people or frankly perhaps people like Devin Nunes, who is a star.”

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:12:09Z No. 7198857


Exactly. But they cast spells using words like "compassion" and "equity", and get people to infringe on other's rights because otherwise they're the bad person.

Everything is inverted. In that inversion chaos reigns. From that chaos, they seek to rebuild society in their image.

The truth must be told. They must be exposed. And we must win.

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 13:12:09Z No. 7198858

Israel is VERY mad today that their train pipe bomber was a dud.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:12:20Z No. 7198859


Anonymous ID: c0e6d5 2019-07-26 13:12:44Z No. 7198860


Epstein's NM ranch…

Or a "Strata" shot like we saw of the Island a few breads back?

Anonymous ID: 2bf11a 2019-07-26 13:12:53Z No. 7198861

Jesuit Magazine Makes ‘Catholic Case for Communism

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.25 Jul 2019

The Jesuit flagship publication in the United States, America magazine, has published an article defending Marxism and comparing the murderous, atheist ideology to Christianity.

In “The Catholic Case for Communism,” America writer Dean Dettloff says that the militant atheism of Marxist politics is “understandable” because “Christianity has so often been a force allied to the ruling powers that exploit the poor.”

As a number of prospective presidential candidates from the Democrat party are openly donning the mantle of socialism, America took the issue one step further, suggesting that the negative reaction to “Bernie Sanders’s inspiring 2016 primary bid and the electoral success of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib” represents a “revival of socialist hysteria.”

Dettloff showcases Marxist priests “like Herbert McCabe, O.P., Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal, S.J., Frei Betto, O.P., Camilo Torres” who “have been inspired by communists and in many places contributed to communist and communist-influenced movements as members,” as if the corruption of Catholic clergy were grounds for supporting Marxism.

“Many of my friends in the Party for Socialism and Liberation, for example, a Marxist-Leninist party, are churchgoing Christians or folks without a grudge against their Christian upbringing,” Dettloff declares, “as are lots of people in the radical wing of the Democratic Socialists of America.”

The writer then describes Christianity as just another ideological “faction” alongside other factions, such as communism.

“The history of communism, whatever else it might be, will always contain a history of Christianity, and vice versa, whether members of either faction like it or not,” he proposes

Anonymous ID: dcdf9c 2019-07-26 13:12:56Z No. 7198862

Would the oldest religion be the most powerful?

What would [they] do to stay secret?

How do [they] keep such secrets?

What is the worst behavior?

Most embarrassing?

Blackmail works.


For life.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:13:16Z No. 7198863


Alors, ceci est le raison pour penser en un autre langue.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:13:28Z No. 7198864



Mr Nunes, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, this week portrayed allegations that Mr Trump’s presidential campaign team colluded with Russia as a “hoax” comparable to “the Loch Ness monster”.

Earlier this month, he described officials who triggered Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as “a bunch of dirty cops”.

“Some of them better go to jail, or we're going to go down in a spiral in this country because you will not have a Republican that will trust the FBI or the Department of Justice for generations to come,” he told Fox News presenter Bill Hemmer.

Mr Mueller, giving testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, rejected Mr Trump's claims to have been been exonerated by the special counsel's report.

"That is not what the report said. The president was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed," he told congress.

Mr Nunes has repeatedly been accused of attempting to undermine investigations into the Russia allegations.

In 2017, he was forced to temporarily recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee’s probe while the Office of Congressional Ethics investigated his disclosure of intelligence files which he claimed showed Mr Trump’s transition team had been caught up in surveillance.

He reportedly received the files from White House officials and was criticised by both Democrats and Republicans for revealing information from classified documents.

Mr Nunes was later cleared by the ethics watchdog, but the release of the declassified memo last year showed key elements of his claims of FBI misconduct had been false or misleading.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:13:55Z No. 7198865


Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:13:58Z No. 7198866


>Morning Joe says we (enemy media) are at WAR and must instill fear in the American People.

That is the definition of TERRORISM!

Anonymous ID: a69331 2019-07-26 13:14:05Z No. 7198867


And only 8 (EIGHT) years after the incident. Strong work CNN. Can't wait for the programing change to the Gitmo network after Federal intervention. Adios commies.

Anonymous ID: 4ad26a 2019-07-26 13:14:25Z No. 7198868


Je suis très d'accord.

Anonymous ID: 611cc9 2019-07-26 13:14:28Z No. 7198869

There must be some huge underground complex.


Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:14:48Z No. 7198870

Gorda Cay

info in pic

Anonymous ID: 87e32d 2019-07-26 13:14:59Z No. 7198871

Better than gore fag

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:15:02Z No. 7198872


Dirt people have always been here

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:15:02Z No. 7198873


Da do da da do da dadasdda

Anonymous ID: 2418d1 2019-07-26 13:15:04Z No. 7198874

Hmm. Looks like Podesta in his red body paint.


Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:15:08Z No. 7198875

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:15:15Z No. 7198876


Anonymous ID: 5952e6 2019-07-26 13:15:24Z No. 7198877


> >>7193818 ————————————–——- Anons going to play the new 'Save the Children from…….' video game when released?

now that's some pretty extreme meme warfarery for 2020, glad to see the stepping up.

any clue who is designing the game? (at least, publicly?)

Anonymous ID: f0f328 2019-07-26 13:15:26Z No. 7198878

Good work, anons. Keep the shills crying. We are on to something yuuuuuge!

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:15:31Z No. 7198879


Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:15:32Z No. 7198880


Fuck you dude, gore is the best

Anonymous ID: 54f975 2019-07-26 13:15:33Z No. 7198881

Message to Q team

Demons do not require electronic equipment to listen in on conversations. Equip yourself, your team and your SCIF rooms with a blessed medal of st. Benedict. Where ligth may drown out the darkness. The Medal of St. Benedict and it's accompanying prayer is like UV light. It desinfects the surrounding area.

Have an actual Exorcist Priest advise your team. Father Jose Fortea for example.

You are fighting Satanists and thus demons and the devil himself, By all means resist the temptation to succumb to the temptation of pride by regarding them ( satanists, demons and the devil himself ) as stupid.

The sin of pride ( as any of the other 7 sins ) puts a chain around your soul by which the devil gets to drag you around.

Anonymous ID: aba5b1 2019-07-26 13:15:50Z No. 7198882





free will


the assertion of your will onto others through duplicitoius means rather marks you as the type of person who you are.

that's all up to you.

call it anything.

your fetishizing a word.

the reversal of your thought and the process of ideation being used to confused makes you neither clever nor magical.

no one and nothing isn't magic.

and when you know this you don't push this stuff like you are.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:15:53Z No. 7198883

>Alex Trebek celebrates his birthday in the most 'Jeopardy!' way possible: 'Who is 79?'

He's one of my candidates for Q.

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:15:58Z No. 7198885

>>7198586 (lb)

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:16:00Z No. 7198884

I've probably watched Trump roast Hillary at the Al Smith dinner 50 times, no exaggeration, and I still can't believe how much of a fucking bloodbath it was.

15 minutes of haymakers landing directly on that wicked bitch's head. I'm sure most of you have seen this, but if you haven't, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Hell, some might even say that it's required that you watch it.

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:16:04Z No. 7198886



You two really need to brush up on your French. Pathetic grammar from both of you.

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:16:18Z No. 7198887

Anonymous ID: 9bf9c8 2019-07-26 13:16:19Z No. 7198888



POTUS re Barr: '… he's got everything'

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:16:34Z No. 7198889


This isn't dictee and I don't have a French keyboard.

Anonymous ID: 7155d5 2019-07-26 13:16:54Z No. 7198890


Ahhhh…poor baby.

Nobody paying attention to you so you have to (you) yourself.


Anonymous ID: 28ad5e 2019-07-26 13:16:54Z No. 7198891

US Gov has a history of biological experimenting on the population

“In 1951, tests were also carried out at the Norfolk Naval Supply Center in Virginia – a massive base that equips the US Navy. Fungal spores were dispersed to see how they would infect workers unpacking crates there. Most of the workers were African-American and the scientists wanted to test a theory that they were more susceptible to fungal disease than Caucasians.”

Dig on Plum Island?

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:16:57Z No. 7198892

With all this goreporn going on in here, I wonder if it is a 'premonition' type thing concerning the videos of HRC & HA and those children, you know, those 3 videos.

Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:16:59Z No. 7198895

Anonymous ID: e8ad10 2019-07-26 13:17:01Z No. 7198893

MSNBC Fearmongers: Trump May Throw A Reporter ‘In Jail’ During Second Term…

WALLACE: “I think that if Donald Trump is re-elected, and in the second term maybe a reporter ends up in jail, maybe one of those investigators being investigated for the third time now ends up in jail, I think that every Democrat that blinked when this document came out will have some explaining to do.”

I'd say the odds are pretty high!

Anonymous ID: a06ed9 2019-07-26 13:17:02Z No. 7198894




March 12, 2015

11:56 AM ET

Despite the fact that Palm Beach Police identified Maxwell as the chief procurer for Epstein’s underage orgies, crimes for which she was inexplicably immunized from federal prosecution in a secret non-prosecution agreement, Maxwell was nonetheless an honored guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and now works for TerraMar, a nonprofit funded by The Clinton Foundation according to the Foundation website.

Even after Epstein’s prosecution (what there was of it) in Florida criminal court, Ms. Maxwell, Epstein’s wealthy socialite pimp, was donating to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with a maximum personal contribution. Maxwell’s contribution may be illegal given that she is not a U.S. citizen and foreign nationals are prohibited under criminal penalty from contributing to any U.S. political campaign.

The Clintons accepted a $25,000 contribution from Maxwell’s pedophilic mentor Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein’s conviction for solicitation of a minor in Florida criminal court. Will the Clintons return Maxwell’s illegal contribution or the tainted money from Epstein? Don’t count on it.

If there is one thing the Clintons have never abided, and never will, it is moral trifling. The pocketing of pedophile cash, without a blink, blazingly demonstrates that the Clintons have no shame, and arguably no conscience, at least none that any barely-ethical human being could possibly detect.

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:17:06Z No. 7198896


Not the same as instilling fear into the population anon.

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:17:10Z No. 7198897


Quads confirm.

We have it all.


Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 13:17:11Z No. 7198898

notables bun @ 275


>>7198834 CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

>>7198812 Iran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

>>7198784 Border Patrol Official Makes Stunning Claim About U.S. Citizen Detained By CBP

>>7198773 planefag reporting

>>7198639 Breaking News – Possible FF attempt. Police investigate possible pipe bomb after suicide attempt on subway line

>>7198632, >>7198706 Second-quarter GDP stronger than expected at 2.1%

Anonymous ID: 673176 2019-07-26 13:17:17Z No. 7198899


Vacationing together on a yacht is cut and dry and verifiable. It's not like it was hundreds of customers on a cruise ship.

Big gamble for Clinton by risking exposure for a flat out lie. Maxwell must be radioactive.

Anonymous ID: 42bd57 2019-07-26 13:17:22Z No. 7198900


Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:17:26Z No. 7198901

Rabbit hole leads me to believe Q is telling us babies underground is a thing on Epstein Island. >>7198825

Anonymous ID: 4eff5c 2019-07-26 13:17:28Z No. 7198902


here is another one I snagged from the patreon site.

Anonymous ID: 988ca1 2019-07-26 13:17:34Z No. 7198903

Possible China monitored [MUELLER] hearing?

Possible China analyzing likelihood of POTUS re_ELEC 2020?

Possible China taking steps [think propaganda] to harm POTUS re: 2020?

Possible China in sec_comms w/ D candidate(s) running for President re: re-institute US piggy-bank?

Possible China in sec_comms w/ former D_party senior officials re: re-institute US piggy-bank?

Possible China put extreme [threatening?] pressure on NK the day of the [MUELLER] hearing (coincidence?) should hearing swing to POTUS?

Possible acts were taken in effort to diminish (lessen) D_blow?

Possible acts were taken in effort to 'change the narrative'?

Define 'False Flag'.


I would have said: "Define Treason".

If the dems are working with a foreign, adversarial government against the duly elected president and his national policies, (which includes the nations military capability), that is Treason.

If they really "have it all", the time to use it is now. Expose their collusion/conspiracy with the chicom's, declas, unseal the indictments, arrest/remove activist judges for violating their oath, seal the border, and call up the militia to support the military and police. If we don't do it soon, our grandchildren will still be fighting or in chains decades from now.

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:17:38Z No. 7198904


Homemade fireworks!

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:17:39Z No. 7198906



Anonymous ID: 5952e6 2019-07-26 13:17:40Z No. 7198905


>one of my candidates

Anonymous ID: 54f975 2019-07-26 13:17:41Z No. 7198907


in addition

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:17:49Z No. 7198908



Trump may have ordered Mueller to not investigate Obama because it would harm the institution of the presidency.

Anonymous ID: a1003c 2019-07-26 13:18:05Z No. 7198909

Donald Trump - President's Public Schedule

Anonymous ID: 9bf9c8 2019-07-26 13:18:21Z No. 7198910

Mr Nunes, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, this week portrayed allegations that Mr Trump’s presidential campaign team colluded with Russia as a “hoax” comparable to “the Loch Ness monster”.

Gonna need some Loch Ness memes stat!

Anonymous ID: 0ff7cd 2019-07-26 13:18:26Z No. 7198913

Maybe this is the reason why builders, electricians, etc on that island are not speaking out. Anons have posted who are involved in this organization along with pedo Epstein

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:18:27Z No. 7198911


Nothing new

Anonymous ID: b0c9d9 2019-07-26 13:18:27Z No. 7198912

>>7198861 Marxist priests are not Christian. They are failed humans who betray God & man by using their unmerited positions to push satanic godlessness & vicious mass murder while denigrating what they "should" be living & promoting. They are the watchmen who not only do not warn the people of approaching danger, but actually say, "Something's coming, but it's good." A very hot spot in hell awaits these lying sellouts.

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:18:53Z No. 7198914


Fuck off you cheesy cunt, you didn't kill bin laden…or anything realluy.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:18:57Z No. 7198915


Anonymous ID: da77b3 2019-07-26 13:19:07Z No. 7198916


The DEATH penalty for those who would harm children.

There should be a for-charity lottery for Patriots to mete out their own punishment.

Anonymous ID: d2c176 2019-07-26 13:19:10Z No. 7198917


thanks baker

* no name, traitor, I hope your roasting in hell on a slow turning spit along with poppy bush and his crowley witch

Anonymous ID: 4306d5 2019-07-26 13:19:13Z No. 7198918



it is, that 14 and fish on his hands is a known RL photo of him

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:19:23Z No. 7198919


Just tell people that saying your a Zionist means the same thing as Support the 81 (Hell's Angels). Both are gangs.

Anonymous ID: b1afc7 2019-07-26 13:19:25Z No. 7198920


"A" reporter, it better be several dozen. Treason is not a first amendment right.

Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:19:35Z No. 7198921


Beech MC-12S-2 (EMARSS-M) checking out an area south Savannah.

EMARSS-S: Signals Intelligence with Broad Spectrum Signals Intelligence and High Definition (HD) Full Motion Video (FMV)

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 13:19:49Z No. 7198922


not a good one, but instant

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:19:50Z No. 7198923


Dog whistling to Antifa who are arming themselves is seditious behavior.

I'll take that trial.

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:20:06Z No. 7198924



Anonymous ID: 3ca33e 2019-07-26 13:20:07Z No. 7198926

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:20:08Z No. 7198925


Evil pukes cull the trades for complicity….be a good boi get paid

Masons run that show

Anonymous ID: a4ad62 2019-07-26 13:20:12Z No. 7198927

I just FUCKING LOVE Disney

Anonymous ID: a2ac84 2019-07-26 13:20:19Z No. 7198928


the 64th thing to do in St John is the Ledges of Little St James


>The crystal-clear and calm waters of the Ledges and its towers of Pillar Coral make it a popular snorkeling site.

But oddly but the associated picture is of USVI national Park. Gulag maps of park aerial looks weird?

Anonymous ID: 8cddce 2019-07-26 13:20:28Z No. 7198929

Anons, make Friday great again.

You can hide images in options. Top right.

If there's something interedasting you can click it.

Anonymous ID: a9d348 2019-07-26 13:20:38Z No. 7198930

'Three's Company'

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:20:45Z No. 7198931



Equity was fused with the common law courts a few hundred years ago. A classic I once got was that I was "lawyering" my argument. No, you're just wrong and I know about pilpul.

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:21:14Z No. 7198932

Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea

zerbaijan rescue services have evacuated the crew of an Iranian-flagged dry cargo ship as it was sinking near the Azeri port city of Lankaran, local authorities reported. The incident happened in the western Caspian Sea.

The 600-ton merchant vessel Shabahang sent a distress call on Friday, prompting the dispatch of two rescue helicopters and a patrol boat to the scene, Azerbaijan’s National Maritime Center reported.

All nine crew members were rescued as the ship was sinking.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:21:16Z No. 7198933




Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:21:31Z No. 7198936

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:21:35Z No. 7198937


Awwwweee, don't run away!

Anonymous ID: 2418d1 2019-07-26 13:21:39Z No. 7198939

Floating guy = Podesta


Anonymous ID: f53f29 2019-07-26 13:21:40Z No. 7198938



So she says…I wonder what Ted Waitt knows or if photos of the "crew" on Plan B have surfaced…

Anonymous ID: 29a905 2019-07-26 13:21:49Z No. 7198940


Good list.

Do note fungus is a BV, and BO fapJack pitches and catches with that tranny.

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:21:52Z No. 7198941


BTW, "compassion" is a masonic codeword for "compass" that pot sellers used to use selling master masons medical marijuana.

Anonymous ID: 6cb775 2019-07-26 13:22:01Z No. 7198942

What the FUCK is that???

watch until end!!!

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:22:16Z No. 7198943


Anonymous ID: 5952e6 2019-07-26 13:22:18Z No. 7198944



much symbolism… awesome

Anonymous ID: d094df 2019-07-26 13:22:25Z No. 7198945


The bond between Anons is forever.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:22:44Z No. 7198947


just a couple cases

Anonymous ID: 23df54 2019-07-26 13:22:46Z No. 7198948


This is not my only source of information. I'm not too concerned about BVs and BOs because Q can just move to USENET if need be.

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:23:02Z No. 7198950

And they rape the universe

How they've gone from bad to worse

Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?

Rip off the masks and let see.

Crime Of The Century

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:23:02Z No. 7198951

In a case that just won’t seem to die, lawyers for Jussie Smollett filed court papers Thursday to answer a charge that they are not legally allowed to practice in the state of Illinois and therefore shouldn’t be able to fight to block a judge’s ruling appointing a special prosecutor in Smollett’s case.

In response to a motion to disqualify Smollett’s out-of-state attorneys, the actor’s New York-based lawyer, Tina Glandian, basically said, “We good,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Glandian said that she and the rest of Smollett’s legal team would continue their quest to kill having a special prosecutor look into the handling of the actor’s case, in which charges were dropped after he was accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself in Chicago earlier this year.

The person making the charge against Smollett’s attorneys is retired Chicago appellate court Justice Sheila O’Brien—a woman who’s seemed to be on a crusade to get the former Empire star up on some kind of charges and/or perhaps take down the Cook County State’s Attorney Office led by Kim Foxx.

After Foxx’s office chose to drop the more than 10 felony disorderly conduct charges against Smollett, it was O’Brien who filed a petition with the courts to have a judge appoint a special prosecutor.

Now, O’Brien’s questioning the legal right of Smollett’s out-of-state attorneys to represent him, saying they’re not licensed in Illinois.

As part of her response to O’Brien, Glandian said O’Brien had long served her and the rest of Smollett’s legal team without ever questioning their validity until now, and also wrote, per the Sun-Times:

that the day before O’Brien filed her latest motion, Glandian herself had contacted the [state Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission] to see if more paperwork was required to continue representing Smollett, and the ARDC staffer said they were uncertain.

Regardless, another hearing in the case is set for July 31.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:23:12Z No. 7198952

'Morning Joe': 'Moscow Mitch' McConnell Is Aiding And Abetting Vladimir Putin

Anonymous ID: ce0d96 2019-07-26 13:23:19Z No. 7198953


To confirm: is that Maxwell?

Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:23:19Z No. 7198954


<3 yusssss, we all love dead babies

Anonymous ID: 0756a0 2019-07-26 13:23:26Z No. 7198956


Henry Thynne

Ghislaine Maxwell

The Mirror @ Disney

Anonymous ID: 8e1f5e 2019-07-26 13:23:31Z No. 7198957

Disney Castaway Cay

Disney’s private island -

is reserved exclusively for Disney Cruise Line Guests on Bahamian and Caribbean cruises.

Anonymous ID: 42422d 2019-07-26 13:23:45Z No. 7198959

I’m part of the greatest military operation of all time. My part may be small, but it is important.

Anonymous ID: 87e32d 2019-07-26 13:23:51Z No. 7198960

Anonymous ID: 4ad26a 2019-07-26 13:23:55Z No. 7198961


A demon lives inside..

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 13:23:56Z No. 7198962


Anonymous ID: 0756a0 2019-07-26 13:23:57Z No. 7198963



Anonymous ID: d094df 2019-07-26 13:23:59Z No. 7198964



Something BIG is about to drop.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:24:04Z No. 7198965

Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 13:24:10Z No. 7198967

what a time to be alive…

Anonymous ID: ea76bd 2019-07-26 13:24:20Z No. 7198968


Agree. Why I left the satanic false religious system called “roman catholicsm” last year after wasted years of my life Ephesians 2: 8-9!

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:24:20Z No. 7198969


Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 13:24:23Z No. 7198970


Just one?

Anonymous ID: f93f83 2019-07-26 13:24:27Z No. 7198971


What is that leg picture of? I know someone with a very similar spot on their calf

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:24:34Z No. 7198972


Anonymous ID: 05fbfe 2019-07-26 13:24:43Z No. 7198973



Dont forget or she will think youre AI

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:25:09Z No. 7198974

Sen. Lauren Book Book said she had asked the Capitol police, who handle security for state lawmakers, to look into claims made on a Russian website alleging that the Palm Beach County sheriff was behind an effort to access her phone and emails.

Anonymous ID: 05fbfe 2019-07-26 13:25:18Z No. 7198975



Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:25:24Z No. 7198976




Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:25:39Z No. 7198977

Search Engines Like Google Will Reflect Mainstream Establishment Views - Cybersecurity Analyst

A Google whistleblower, who said he has been working for the tech giant since 2014, dismissed assurances by the company's leadership that it is not biased, saying that "algorithms don't write themselves". Petri Krohn, a Finnish cybersecurity analyst, sheds light on the controversy.

Sputnik: In the recent interview Greg Coppola, software engineer, who says he has been working for Google since 2014, claimed that there was a 'small number' of people whose jobs were dedicated to promoting specific news sites over others and that the bias is left-leaning, favouring CNN and The New York Times. What do you make of it?

Petri Krohn: Google receives feedback on which link in the search results a user clicks. If most Google users are Democrats or prefer CNN, then Google's algorithms will learn to promote CNN in its search results. The algorithms themselves are written to be politically neutral. What matters is how they are seeded. The internet may contain equally interlinked but competing narratives. Someone still has to choose the root nodes in Google's web of trust. I believe Google gives sites like the New York Times and Washington Post the highest ranking.–mainstream-media-establishment-propaganda/

Anonymous ID: 70f5c6 2019-07-26 13:25:40Z No. 7198978

Anonymous ID: 1a2a60 2019-07-26 13:25:46Z No. 7198979


The moast dangerous are the moar subtle confusion/disinfo faggots.

At some point, the spiritual aspect of the great awakening must come into play, though unity is more important to the plan.

Do you recall the attacks rendered on the thread dedicated to thoth?

The pleadean and weirdo spiritualist shills clobbered that more than any I've seen that didn't focus on powerful pedos that pay for shills.

blue pill, red pill, black pill, emerald tablets, white pill.

Anonymous ID: 8a1b1c 2019-07-26 13:26:03Z No. 7198980


Anonymous ID: 00a433 2019-07-26 13:26:11Z No. 7198981




Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 13:26:22Z No. 7198982



Anonymous ID: 10f3e2 2019-07-26 13:26:27Z No. 7198983

Anonymous ID: 5e7f29 2019-07-26 13:26:39Z No. 7198984


I really hope the deal doesn't go through. WV needs a lot of help, but NOT by a Chinese company. I've smelt fuckery afoot ever since this deal was announced. Manchin can't be trusted, and I'm not entirely sure about Jim Justice, either.


Yes, in Wheeling

Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:26:42Z No. 7198986

>>7198397 pb

nutty "RR is a white hat" dudes surfacing again, with stupid arrogance, insult [that's all you got!] and sophistry.

Think "why did the Congress approve RR by numbers higher than they did to Sessions" ?

Is the Congress corrupt?

Is Sessions clean?

"Mueller is White hat" = disinfo

"RR is white hat " = is disinfo

^^ This should be clearer for ever, by now.

Shills started in on this again, right at the Mueller questioning.

What is their motive?

Are they that stupid to think they can pin the "favoritism" of Mueller an RR onto moar "Trump is Bad Conspiracy Theory"

Some people are really subscribing to that.

That is why declass is coming.

No other way to stop the lies and delusion.

why was he mocking around with a Beard?!

Oh because he is so squeeky clean!

Try again.


Anonymous ID: 080e13 2019-07-26 13:26:58Z No. 7198987


Yeah except the antipathy towards the joo is justified

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:26:59Z No. 7198988


Nothing you post will phase me. Forensic pathology texts of my fathers library were available for me as a yout. Morbid curiosity sated long long ago. Now very indifferent to seeing a corpse.

Anonymous ID: ca8c54 2019-07-26 13:27:07Z No. 7198989

>[Charle Sleazott] said the website went dark after a few months, so he's not sure where a Turning Point staffer would have found the seal.

>Turning Point did not respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment. A White House spokesperson said they hadn’t seen the image before the event.

>"You would have had to go looking for it," Leazott said. "It was on the internet in a couple of places, but it wasn't something that would have shown up in the first 100 pages of Google image search before today."

In case someone else is looking for it, I believe this is it:

Anonymous ID: 0756a0 2019-07-26 13:27:25Z No. 7198990


A place for children to have fun.

What do traffickers have problems with?

Keeping children happy.

"Happiest place on earth"

Traffic via disney cruise with handlers in tow.

IF there's a sub involved, it would be convenient way to move from ship to island without alerting passengers.

And who has a sub license that we know about?

Ghislaine Maxwell.

Is she connected to Disney in some form or another? Fuck, is she photographed on a cruise?

That would be a smoking gun.

So far found her in the 80s at Disney with Hentry Thynne and The Mirror foundation.

Think Mirror.

my my

Anonymous ID: 39c89e 2019-07-26 13:27:25Z No. 7198991


Anonymous ID: 87e03e 2019-07-26 13:27:35Z No. 7198992



Ever had your chest shit on?

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:27:45Z No. 7198994


Anonymous ID: 28ad5e 2019-07-26 13:27:46Z No. 7198993


It’s a bullseye rash. About 30% common in Lyme related tick bites.

Anonymous ID: ad73a9 2019-07-26 13:27:47Z No. 7198995


yep faggots

Anonymous ID: 1999e3 2019-07-26 13:27:49Z No. 7198996


in a nutshell… yes.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:28:02Z No. 7198997


>MSNBC Fearmongers: Trump May Throw A Reporter ‘In Jail’ During Second Term…

Anonymous ID: 611cc9 2019-07-26 13:28:09Z No. 7198998


Thats some sick fuck.

He can IP hoppin, but it will not help him.

Hes not safe. But i guess he knows that.

Anonymous ID: 988ca1 2019-07-26 13:28:20Z No. 7198999


>Andrew McCabe

Dead. Man. Walking.

Anonymous ID: 2de81f 2019-07-26 13:28:35Z No. 7199000


Anonymous ID: 6cb775 2019-07-26 13:28:40Z No. 7199001

We NEED a death penalty, because some people just deserve to DIE!!!

Anonymous ID: 80e5e6 2019-07-26 13:28:56Z No. 7199002

Has anyone identified a desalination plant on Epsteins island?

Anonymous ID: f93f83 2019-07-26 13:28:59Z No. 7199003


Thanks anon. Interesting is, lyme isnt a "thing" in my region of the country.

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:29:05Z No. 7199004


Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:29:09Z No. 7199005




Anonymous ID: 87e03e 2019-07-26 13:29:16Z No. 7199006


Prove to me i'm not safe and I'll leave

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:29:16Z No. 7199007


Castaway Cay

Do they get stranded on the island?

Anonymous ID: 0756a0 2019-07-26 13:29:44Z No. 7199008


Sauce, The Mirror and Ghislaine Maxwell

Anonymous ID: 13fde8 2019-07-26 13:29:45Z No. 7199009

Thought this an odd coincidence:

Anonymous ID: d4cd9f 2019-07-26 13:29:50Z No. 7199010


You are very important Anon. Kappy was too he helped us. I never listened to the guy but now I do , he was spillin the beans even tho it took him down too. God gonna win keep hope all of u

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:29:50Z No. 7199012

Somalian army undergoes shake-up to eliminate ‘ghost soldiers’ used to line the pockets of corrupt superiors

Under the new system, payments are linked to a biometric database containing soldiers’ fingerprints, personal details and bank accounts

The shake-up was fiercely resisted in some quarters of the army, with several soldiers deserting their barracks in March in protest

Deployed in one of the world’s most dangerous conflicts, Somali soldiers risking their lives daily against al-Shabab insurgents were growing weary of being paid months late and short-changed by their superiors.

“We never received the complete amount,” a captain said on condition of anonymity, grumbling about “middlemen” who siphon off troops’ meagre wages – some as low as US$100 a month – and plunder budgets meant for weapons, rations and uniforms.

Then in March, his pay arrived on time, in full and straight to his bank account, in what officials say is the first step in a radical shake-up of its corruption-ridden armed forces.

Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:29:51Z No. 7199011

Scroll/filter and move on… is all you can do.

Always been a shill tactic… Nothing new.

BO/BV cleans up what they can do… Normies get a sanitized view…but can't do more than that.

Anonymous ID: b0c9d9 2019-07-26 13:29:56Z No. 7199013

>>7198952 Lori Klausutis, Joe, you POS. You didn't get away with it. Did I mention that your already low IQ is steadily shrinking, or that your hair style is faggot?

Anonymous ID: bc74ff 2019-07-26 13:29:58Z No. 7199014


Anonymous ID: 611cc9 2019-07-26 13:30:06Z No. 7199015

US judge cuts Monsanto cancer victims’ award from $2 billion to $86 million

A California judge on Thursday reduced a jury’s $2 billion punitive damages award for a couple who blamed Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup for their cancer. The award was excessive and unconstitutional, the judge ruled.



Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:30:13Z No. 7199016


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 13:30:25Z No. 7199017


brothers in arms never forget.


Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:30:27Z No. 7199018


Anonymous ID: 1a2a60 2019-07-26 13:30:35Z No. 7199019

Don't Filter

Suggest use magnifier to Invert Colors

For Long Term Lurking.

Easier on the Eyes

Disable for viewing Images and Vids.

Anonymous ID: eec3c3 2019-07-26 13:30:38Z No. 7199020

This image keeps popping into my memory for some reason. Anyone remember which organization it belongs to?

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:30:46Z No. 7199021


Wish granted!


Justice Department to resume federal executions

American Civil Rights Union senior fellow Ken Klukowski, Democratic strategist Dave Brown weigh in on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

Anonymous ID: 87e03e 2019-07-26 13:30:55Z No. 7199022

Anonymous ID: 5b64d1 2019-07-26 13:31:01Z No. 7199024


The Catholic Church was founded by Christ and is his Bride. To leave the Bride of Christ, and the Church he founded puts you on the side of darkness, not light. Repent and believe in the Gospel!

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 13:31:04Z No. 7199025


Anonymous ID: acd7c9 2019-07-26 13:31:10Z No. 7199026


Ellen seemed nice. Seriously, she did. Now I know she wants me dead, and she condones the rape and sacrifice of children, if she doesn't also partake in it herself. Now I see she's an ugly evil demonic cunt. But she seemed nice once.

Anonymous ID: 87e03e 2019-07-26 13:31:16Z No. 7199027


Anonymous ID: bb2947 2019-07-26 13:31:28Z No. 7199028

Do we have a gore porn shill team or a fuckin IP hopper..needs decimated

Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:31:38Z No. 7199029

Anons, a link please to download or play the Q'd pepe game?

I guess I'm stupid. Dunno how to play that game from the patreon link.

Please tell me where to download/play the game.


Anonymous ID: 28ad5e 2019-07-26 13:31:38Z No. 7199030



It will be. Many birds carry Lyme ticks all over the country. No place will be immune.

Anonymous ID: 0756a0 2019-07-26 13:31:40Z No. 7199031


The Mirror

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 13:32:07Z No. 7199032

Anonymous ID: 87e03e 2019-07-26 13:32:28Z No. 7199033


That'd be me!

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:32:39Z No. 7199034


And yet Roundup is still on the shelves and my

dumb fuck neighbor still sprays it along my fence line even though I've been asking him for years not to

Anonymous ID: f0f328 2019-07-26 13:32:53Z No. 7199035


I can make sounds like that. I know quite a few people who can, but they aren't demons. Human vocal cords are astounding with the variety of sounds possible, but I will admit it's creepy coming from behind bars.

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:32:54Z No. 7199036


He may in fact be Q team and posting with purpose of hardening the troops. My 0.02.

Anonymous ID: e1d131 2019-07-26 13:33:01Z No. 7199037

Anonymous ID: 9ff37f 2019-07-26 13:33:18Z No. 7199038



>Joe's trying to out them as libs

Faux own homepage "headlines" were pointed out here a few days ago. The few recent times I've checked their top "headlines" to post here showing the garbage, as opposed to IGNORED big stories which a NEWS network would be covering, there were Morning Murderer's thoughts being hyped – in their 'headlines"!

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:33:26Z No. 7199039


Hanx filmed a scene on that island

(((gorda cay)))

Anonymous ID: 5952e6 2019-07-26 13:33:28Z No. 7199040


how fucking many of these "lost shoes" pics has he posted all these years?

how could it not be creepy as fuck?

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:33:31Z No. 7199041


Print out a copy of the article and tape it to his side of the fence.

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:33:33Z No. 7199042


Sue him.

Anonymous ID: 6e1c05 2019-07-26 13:33:40Z No. 7199043


Anonymous ID: 5b64d1 2019-07-26 13:33:41Z No. 7199044


You are correct. The Roman Catholic Church was founded by Christ and is protected by His promise of the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the gates of Hell will not prevail against her. Sadly, many wicked men have infiltrated the Church and present themselves as Catholic when in fact they are agents of satan and are seeking to undermine the Church from within. They will not succeed in the end. It's sad when I see people leaving the path of salvation because of these wicked individuals. They risk their eternal salvation.

Anonymous ID: d4cd9f 2019-07-26 13:34:04Z No. 7199045


prepping us for the real drops?

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:34:08Z No. 7199046


Damn, he's making some good points!

Anonymous ID: 1a2a60 2019-07-26 13:34:10Z No. 7199047

Option to Filtering




Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:34:22Z No. 7199050


AF2 departs DC.

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:34:23Z No. 7199048


Virginia's missing kids' page has a lot of blank pictures for their 404 missing kids.

Texas, which has just as many missing kids, 397, shows a picture for just about every kid.

Why the difference?

I think NCMEC is using the Virginia's missing kids page to advertise the kids they have on hand.

They can't post the pics of the kids because parents might recognize their missing kids, so they just give a description and pedos can choose a kid based off that.

For example, see pics



Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 13:34:23Z No. 7199049


And I have sprayed it on thousands of acres in my life with no ill effects.

Anonymous ID: 9be1c5 2019-07-26 13:34:30Z No. 7199051


We know where you are at all times and can hear you breathing.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:34:32Z No. 7199052


Anonymous ID: 5b64d1 2019-07-26 13:34:42Z No. 7199053


Amerika Magazine is not Catholic. They may present themselves as such, but they do not believe what the Church teaches. They are the ENEMIES of the Church and God. Don't mistake what they say as being anything close to Catholic.

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:34:57Z No. 7199054

CHILD ABUSE: School Takes Children to Feminist “Art” Exhibit – Kids Get Flashed by Radical Female LGBT Activist (VIDEO)

A feminist art exhibit sparked outrage online after photos surfaced of the installation’s artist undressing in full view of young children.

In a photo of the exhibit circulating on social media, European artist Mare Tralla is seen removing a robe as four young children stand nearby.

School kids recently went on a trip to a feminist "art exhibit" and this is what they saw. This is child abuse. This is insanity. This is the lunacy of left wing social engineering in action.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) July 25, 2019

Mare Tralla is a LGBT activist from Estonia.

If this was a man flashing children he would be arrested and jailed.

But for some reason the school thought this was an appropriate school trip.

Twitter user NC Leftist found video of the “art” exhibit.

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:35:05Z No. 7199055



Remember, “the end is not for everyone.”

Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 13:35:11Z No. 7199056

Soon, Motherfuckers!

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:35:20Z No. 7199057


>The Roman Catholic Church was founded by Christ


It was founded by men and their religion, not Jesus and his teachings.

Anonymous ID: a3aa55 2019-07-26 13:35:25Z No. 7199058


Searching for similar and found rental info for Little St James Island

Anonymous ID: d94269 2019-07-26 13:35:27Z No. 7199059


Does your mommy know this is on your hard drive? Would she approve? Or, is she share your sickness?

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:35:37Z No. 7199060


forgot pics

see the difference in number of missing children without a picture

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:35:56Z No. 7199061




Damn man, you guys are super hardcore!

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:36:02Z No. 7199062


who's got the Crux constellation superimposed

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:36:03Z No. 7199063


May? They all need to be executed for treason.

They have torn this country apart with their lies

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 13:36:08Z No. 7199064


Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:36:09Z No. 7199066


The shills who promote this

"RR is clean"

are doing so to influence people who do not understand nor grasp the seriousness of where we are today as a Country. Nor do they comprehend nor believe in "The Plan"

So they think they can rely upon Congress to indicate who is good or bad.

And they probably also promote "all the Intel Agencies said" to the poor public marks, who know no difference.

Came up last night on Tucker.

Tucker displayed a full - on "Trump Derangement Delusion" proponant who contended " Something must be up between POTUS and the Russians [Putin] because POTUS sided with Putin against the 17 Intel agencies.

Think : The 17 were saying something



POTUS had direct knowledge they were lying.

These freaks paper thin arguments have to be blown away.

It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue.

Anonymous ID: 1a2a60 2019-07-26 13:36:11Z No. 7199065


This is not a Game

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:36:23Z No. 7199067

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:36:23Z No. 7199068


Christ founded The Church, not the RCC.

You've been deceived.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:36:29Z No. 7199069


fucking mono…strange indeed

Anonymous ID: 2418d1 2019-07-26 13:36:32Z No. 7199070

I did Q say something like ‘These people get to [ ]’


Anonymous ID: 87e32d 2019-07-26 13:36:37Z No. 7199071

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:36:38Z No. 7199072


My mommy has a penis

Anonymous ID: df5be3 2019-07-26 13:36:50Z No. 7199073


> >>7193818 ————————————–——- Anons going to play the new 'Save the Children from…….' video game when released?

Did /pol/ mods nuke the Epstein vidya game thread???

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:36:53Z No. 7199074


>What did he say

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:37:03Z No. 7199075


Petrine Doctrine was invented….no proof

Anonymous ID: ce4713 2019-07-26 13:37:06Z No. 7199076

Has this been noted

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created on July 26, when Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 into law. A major impetus that has been cited over the years for the creation of the CIA was the unforeseen attack on Pearl Harbor, but whatever Pearl Harbor's role, in the twilight of World War II it was considered clear in government circles that there was a need for a group to coordinate government intelligence efforts, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the State Department, and the War Department, and even the Post Office were all jockeying for that new power.

Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:37:07Z No. 7199077

whos the broad behind Killary?

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:37:19Z No. 7199078

Anonymous ID: a3aa55 2019-07-26 13:37:21Z No. 7199079


The Catholic Church is the Antithesis of Christ.

Always was.

Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:37:49Z No. 7199080


Thanks, but that's not the game Q referred to.

Anonymous ID: b51380 2019-07-26 13:37:49Z No. 7199081


I think these guys are clueless about the name, but who the fuck knows.

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:37:58Z No. 7199082


Then you are a dumb fuck too..but hey. as

long as you are ok, right? Die in a fire you

piece of shit

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:38:00Z No. 7199083

Anonymous ID: 578f76 2019-07-26 13:38:10Z No. 7199084



Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 13:38:11Z No. 7199085

Facebook tops AMZN and Google in second-quarter lobbying spending

Facebook Inc. shelled out $4.1 million on lobbying Washington in the second quarter, topping the outlays by other so-called FAANG companies and keeping the tech giant on pace for another record year of spending to influence lawmakers and regulators.

AMZN wasn’t far behind with $4 million in lobbying spending in the same period, as it also stayed on a record pace, according to disclosures filed Monday.

Alphabet Inc.’s , Google business spent $2.9 million from April through June, Apple Inc., laid out $1.8 million, and Netflix Inc. spent a relatively modest $200,000.

The lobbying comes as Big Tech deals with antitrust probes, with the Justice Department openly announcing a review Tuesday — and as some politicians say the Silicon Valley titans should get broken up. In the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal and other foul-ups, the companies are also facing greater scrutiny over how they handle their users’ data as well as how they manage misinformation and political bias. Lawmakers have talked up the potential for a bipartisan law that would lead to better safeguards for personal data, though analysts say it’s unlikely because of a partisan split over the potential for federal preemption of states’ laws.

Facebook’s disclosure for 2019’s second quarter showed it lobbied on issues such as data security, privacy legislation, visas for high-tech workers, artificial intelligence, tax policy and the replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement. The social-media company also has started to use outside lobbyists to pitch its Libra cryptocurrency to policymakers, said a Politico report on Tuesday.

AMZN's latest disclosure again underscored its vast reach, showing it lobbied on U.S. Postal Service reform, American tariffs, facial-recognition technology, cloud computing, music licensing, legislation affecting drones and many other matters. The e-commerce giant’s lobbying efforts have been increasing as it enlarges its footprint in the Washington, D.C., area by putting a second headquarters in Northern Virginia.

Google’s filing showed it lobbied on matters such as competition in online advertising, intellectual-property enforcement, online-content moderation, high-skilled immigration, antitrust law and net neutrality, while Apple’s many issues included tax reform, government requests for data, mobile payments and the development of autonomous vehicles. Netflix focused on matters such as broadband caps, privacy and internet competition.

In this year’s first quarter, AMZN spent $3.9 million on lobbying, while Facebook and Google each paid out $3.4 million, Apple shelled out $1.9 million, and Netflix spent $200,000.

The tech titans’ significant spending to influence Washington in 2019’s first half follows sizeable outlays last year. Google laid out $22 million, AMZN spent $14 million and Facebook put up $13 million in 2018, representing a record level of annual spending for each company. That’s according to data from, a website tracking money in politics that’s run by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

“AMZN provides a wide range of products and services for our customers, and we’re always looking for ways to innovate on their behalf. Our Washington, D.C., team is focused on ensuring we are advocating on issues that are important to our customers, our employees and policymakers,” an AMZN spokeswoman said.

Facebook, Google and Netflix declined to comment on their latest disclosures, while Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Anonymous ID: a2ac84 2019-07-26 13:38:23Z No. 7199086


Gulag maps has the Ledges marked closer to the temple

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:38:28Z No. 7199087


CNN editor praised murder of ‘Jewish pigs’ in terrorist attack on Israeli bus

Social media posts from years ago by a CNN photo editor and writer reveal that he called Jews "pigs" and praised their deaths.

In a 2011 tweet, Mohammed Elshamy, 25, wrote, "More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode. #Israel #Gaza." Elshamy joined CNN in January 2019.

The tweet was an apparent reference to the March 23, 2011 bombing of a crowded Jerusalem bus stop that injured 39 people and killed two, not four. Among them was a 14-year-old girl who remained unconscious in the hospital for six years until her death in 2017.

The terrorist attack, which took place after a bomb in a bag hidden behind a telephone booth exploded, was the first to strike the Israeli capital since 2008.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:38:33Z No. 7199088


Who is the rock of the Church? Who founded it? You might want to reread the Bible.

Always is a long time. You're wrong.

Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:38:33Z No. 7199089


anon, Q referenced it.

sjeezz.. Cat piss in your cereal?

Anonymous ID: 17e249 2019-07-26 13:38:38Z No. 7199090

Trust the plan

Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 13:38:40Z No. 7199091


Waaaa Waaaa. Go eat your granola and smoke your pot.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:38:46Z No. 7199092


Recovering Catholic here. What you say is true in essence, catholic w/lowercase C meaning "universal." However, under the feudal system a lot of man-made fuckery occurred which spoiled and blasphemed Christ's teachings, essentially making a whore of Christ's bride.

Anonymous ID: b64609 2019-07-26 13:38:58Z No. 7199093

Lmao Q has finally reached peak autism posting those Pepe gifs.

Anonymous ID: d94269 2019-07-26 13:39:05Z No. 7199094


Mommy has a son who should be as a far away from civilized society as possible. I suggest hell.

Anonymous ID: 29ffe3 2019-07-26 13:39:09Z No. 7199095

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:39:14Z No. 7199096


>United States Central Intelligence Agency

Since when was it EVER called 'United States' C_A?

Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:39:20Z No. 7199097


If that's a screen shot it looks like Posesta in red.

Wonder if they'll show "Jack"

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 13:39:22Z No. 7199098


busy on my end too this morning


Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:39:29Z No. 7199099



Anonymous ID: 80b924 2019-07-26 13:39:32Z No. 7199100

Pro Trump candidate being smeared for following Q

Stella, a 31-year-old special education teacher, was reported this week to be a supporter of the baseless “QAnon” conspiracy theory about Donald Trump battling a global cabal of elite liberal paedophiles.

Anonymous ID: 4bf7a8 2019-07-26 13:39:34Z No. 7199101

Grasshoppers invade Las Vegas Valley after unseasonably wet spring

Knight says the grasshoppers are attracted to ultraviolet lights, making valley gas stations and parking lots popular spots for swarms, which can be bad for business.

But Knight says there's no need to fear these grasshoppers because they're harmless to humans.

"They don’t carry any diseases. They don’t bite. They’re not even one of the species that we consider a problem," said Knight.

"They are plant feeders so they are notoriously known for wiping out crops. They can destroy gardens, plants, vegetation," said English.

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:39:37Z No. 7199102


Perhaps he has grown as a man since those comments.

Anonymous ID: a3aa55 2019-07-26 13:39:38Z No. 7199103


Seem to recall Jesus had no churches, think you are confusing your mythologies.

Anonymous ID: 0c3476 2019-07-26 13:39:43Z No. 7199105


Amazing Studio

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:39:44Z No. 7199104



Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:39:46Z No. 7199106


I am looking for link too. want to see all the characters

Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:39:49Z No. 7199107


Since forever.

Hi C-A

Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:39:54Z No. 7199108


pls post a link where/how to play it.

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:39:55Z No. 7199109


Copyright © 1997 Eagle Enterprises ltd.

Anonymous ID: 9527f0 2019-07-26 13:40:15Z No. 7199110


Evil masks itself as good or reasonable. Don't worry eat that fruit it won't kill you, you will become as God ? Same BS lie since our mythos began

Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:40:15Z No. 7199111


Fuck you are useless…in every way.

You haven't even bothered to update your gore folder….Piss poor and fucking pathetic.

Never ever do I believe you have a chance at winning… not a fucking chance.

You know why?

Because YOU are useless and have never ever had to do shit for yourself… It shows and GLOWS.

You have no one to help you bar yourself… and if I'm wrong, you have dickheads helping you…sooo….NEVER EVER are you idiots going to win.

You can't even put effort in to save your own lives.

Pffft.You wonder why I don't bother with you any more…. I don't have to… You're fucking yourselves well enough with out my help…lol.

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 13:40:20Z No. 7199112


CIA =! C_A.

Specificity matters.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:40:29Z No. 7199113


I weep for your soul that you know nothing of what you speak.

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:40:31Z No. 7199114


What happens to seed sewn on the rocky path?

The RCC and Pope are antichrist.

You should re-read the Bible, without a catholic telling you what things mean.

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:40:36Z No. 7199115


you dumb fuck Jesus never founded a church he was trying to restore it because the satanic faggots you seem to support went to Babylon then they infiltrated the catholic chuch and islam. Get fucked you masonic bitch liar

Anonymous ID: 0ddb8b 2019-07-26 13:40:39Z No. 7199116

options to subvert intellectuals on 8ch:

say it aint so → no success

concernfaggotry → no success

daniepcaRfaggotry → no success

porn → complete failure (increased hive mind activity! Kek)

flatearthtopletbombsgreysaliensETC → no success

gayporn → no success

goreporn → << we're here. Shills must be really scraping bottom.

Anonymous ID: 41ef0d 2019-07-26 13:40:39Z No. 7199117

Dafuqs wrong with me. The gore didn’t even phase me. Must be from watching that NZ shooter vid like a dozen times or so.

Anonymous ID: 988ca1 2019-07-26 13:40:48Z No. 7199118


>Help a video game village and aid children in real life

"Anons going to play the new 'Save the Children from…….' video game when released?

The cast of characters should be interesting."


This really is interesting on several levels. There must be some inside info we're to suss out. When Sally Struthers is mentioned, where's "Meathead"?

Anonymous ID: a06ed9 2019-07-26 13:40:54Z No. 7199119


Praying. Every. Single. Day. That CA swamp dwellers are on the next flight to GITMO. It. Is. INFESTED here.

Cops, Courts, Politicians, Pedowood. We need help.

Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 13:40:58Z No. 7199120


Study the original language of the text you are referring to…

Specifically Petra vs. Peter

When Jesus said "upon this rock" he was referring to Petra (or ledge) - that is, the truth of the reality that he was the Son of the living God.

This TRUTH is what he built his church on, not Peter.

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:41:01Z No. 7199121

What happens when C_A backed pedovores take over a country?


Anonymous ID: b898e8 2019-07-26 13:41:02Z No. 7199122

The Finders were a relatively obscure spiritual group based in Washington, D.C. I was originally led to them when I asked John Wren-Lewis‘ opinion on spiritual groups worth visiting in the United States. The Finders originated in the early 1970s (known as The Seekers in those days) under the direction of Marion Pettie.

Anonymous ID: 65be3a 2019-07-26 13:41:07Z No. 7199123

>>7197468 PB ###9208

Great video!.

But look who produced the video

Look at the client list.

Open some of the clients.

Who's name at top of list.

Anonymous ID: 363855 2019-07-26 13:41:11Z No. 7199124

Anonymous ID: f5e4f9 2019-07-26 13:41:17Z No. 7199125

Anons with ublock origin can block images permanently by right clicking on the image and blocking the element. It will pull up a box with 'rules' just use the default rule by clicking the '' network filter. IP hop all you want shills, nobody fucking cares.

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:41:20Z No. 7199126


Sorry, I'm sorry I was gone so long, you probably missed me so much

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:41:22Z No. 7199127



I know you are God fearing Christians because of the kindness and love in your tone.

Be gone evil.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:41:37Z No. 7199128


Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:41:43Z No. 7199129



[email protected]

Anonymous ID: 169189 2019-07-26 13:41:44Z No. 7199130


yes indeed. Jesus was a Catholic, and loved the Romans.

Anonymous ID: b64609 2019-07-26 13:41:44Z No. 7199131


what u talkin bout buddy?

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:41:44Z No. 7199133


Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:41:45Z No. 7199132


"pizza will be served"??


Look at those fucking wavy lines..

Anonymous ID: 673176 2019-07-26 13:41:49Z No. 7199134


> Trump May Throw A Reporter ‘In Jail’ During Second Term…

She says that like it's a bad thing.

Trump should consider it as a campaign promise. Landslide.

Anonymous ID: 54f975 2019-07-26 13:41:51Z No. 7199135


>Post gore images


>how to hide all images

Oh look we have a tag team.

Trying to stop the power of memes by provoking a blockade of memes.

Nice try

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:41:53Z No. 7199136

Anonymous ID: ea76bd 2019-07-26 13:41:55Z No. 7199137


Yes. If only deceived catholics can wake up.

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:41:57Z No. 7199138

Vaccine Survey: 45% Of Americans Doubt Safety

The knee-jerk explanation for vaccine ‘deniers’ is that they are ignorant. Vaccine propaganda continuously parrots that the ‘science is settled’ and that all people should be forced to receive vaccinations. ⁃ TN Editor

The latest measles outbreak that’s gripped communities across the country in recent months pushed the topic of vaccinations (and those who choose to forgo them) right back onto centerstage for many Americans. Now a new survey delving into feelings over immunizations finds the country may be more split on the issue than believed, with 45% of adults admitting to harboring some doubt about the safety of vaccines.

That said, the vast majority — more than eight in 10 surveyed — still view vaccines as effective and continue to support them, despite their concerns.

The survey, funded by the American Osteopathic Association, questioned 2,000 adults and asked doubters the source of their suspicions of the science-supported, long-established safety and importance of vaccinations. Of the nearly half who listed at least one source of doubt over vaccine safety, researchers found the most common sources came from online articles (16%), distrust of the pharmaceutical industry (16%), and information from medical experts (12%).

According to lead researcher Rachel Shmuts, a perinatal psychiatrist, widespread negative attitudes towards vaccines has become a phenomenon caused by human psychology and amplified by social media.

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:41:57Z No. 7199139


I've never heard it called the United States Central Intelligence Agency….EVER.

It's always only been Central Intelligence Agency.

It's NOT a US entity.

Anonymous ID: 584b4a 2019-07-26 13:42:00Z No. 7199140


who or what is vidifive?

it has a triangle pedo symbol, too

Is it a video sharing, live streaming site for pedo

the website is lacking any details as to what you sign up for and there is no NEWS SEARCH for vidifive.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:42:05Z No. 7199141


Simon aka Peter is the rock of the church, Peter literally meaning "rock."

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:42:09Z No. 7199142


Typical lazy ass boomer…would rather spray

poison everywhere than pull some weeds.

Anonymous ID: 2c149d 2019-07-26 13:42:13Z No. 7199144

Among the enduring images from Nelson Mandela's massive memorial service in Johannesburg Tuesday will be one of a jovial President Obama taking a cell phone pic with his seat-mates, Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Britain's David Cameron.

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:42:14Z No. 7199143


Jesus chased jews with a whip and called them demons to their fucking face…so how about you pull that sanctimonious dildo out of your masonic faggot ass

Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:42:17Z No. 7199145


Fairchild A-10C Thunderbolt II joins training around San Antonio, TX. BRRRRRRT

Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 13:42:28Z No. 7199146


Hold the line, we got your back!

Anonymous ID: d4cd9f 2019-07-26 13:42:29Z No. 7199147


its making more sense every day.

Anonymous ID: eec3c3 2019-07-26 13:42:34Z No. 7199148



Anonymous ID: 3f3136 2019-07-26 13:42:56Z No. 7199149

Anonymous ID: 2418d1 2019-07-26 13:42:58Z No. 7199152

U.S. Army tweets:

We fight and win as a joint, combined and coalition force.

Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 13:42:59Z No. 7199150


LOL not a boomer. MW Farmeranon.

Anonymous ID: 0c3476 2019-07-26 13:43:00Z No. 7199151

Where We Go 1 We Go All

Keystone Jeffrey Epstein Little Saint James

[Buckle Up]

Anonymous ID: 090455 2019-07-26 13:43:02Z No. 7199153


POTUS has the authority to declassify anything he wants.

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:43:06Z No. 7199154


I'm a God loving Christian.

Like I said, you should read the Bible.

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 13:43:18Z No. 7199155

notables bun @ 525


>>7199095, Now that Q has confirmed D'sney Cruise lines at Epstein island, I would encourage the anons to dig on Castaway Cay.

>>7198932 Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea

>>7198834 CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

>>7198812 Iran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

>>7198784 Border Patrol Official Makes Stunning Claim About U.S. Citizen Detained By CBP

>>7198773, >>7199050 planefag reporting

>>7198639 Breaking News – Possible FF attempt. Police investigate possible pipe bomb after suicide attempt on subway line

>>7198632, >>7198706 Second-quarter GDP stronger than expected at 2.1%

Anonymous ID: 80b924 2019-07-26 13:43:18Z No. 7199156




So, jesus wasn't a j e w ?

Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:43:22Z No. 7199157



Peter / Simon / the ROCK


I don't know if "he" is the "keystone"

but "he" is the STONE

LIkely created the cult of King Jesus for the Romans

P.S. in reality he never met King Jesus.

Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:43:26Z No. 7199159


Her ya go little fella…….clap……..clap………clap……..clap…….clap……clap.

Is that slow enough for you

Nice try but when you get to the olympics…. welll…. we all know you won't sooooo….. Click dickhead…next IP ;-)

Anonymous ID: b4925d 2019-07-26 13:43:27Z No. 7199158

So does Nunes already have this faggot mystery package or what?

Anonymous ID: 92869b 2019-07-26 13:43:27Z No. 7199161

pressure to push the tax and fee the air humanity exhales which morphed into Carbon, intrinsic to all organic life, to usher in NWO is in full press mode.

back door fanatic environmentalism to destroy capitalism and usher in communism is just mind blowing.

Carbon tax shows new signs of life in Congress


07/26/19 06:00 AM EDT

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are introducing competing bills that aim to put a tax on carbon.

The push to regulate greenhouse gas emissions come as both Democrats and Republicans face pressure from their constituents, and in some cases the fossil fuel industry itself, to regulate carbon emissions that lead to climate change.

Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.), Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) all introduced carbon tax bills on Thursday that each take a shot at cementing the long tossed-around idea of a carbon fee. Those three bills join two other bipartisan measures proposing a carbon tax introduced earlier this year in the House and the Senate.

The influx of legislation is surprising some observers who have long called for action on climate change. They say they wouldn’t have believed a year ago that there would have been such a push.

“I can tell you from what I know is that we are worlds apart from the Congress that I left at the beginning of this year,” said Carlos Curbelo, a former Republican congressman from Florida who lost his reelection bid last year.

Curbelo last year was the first Republican to introduce a carbon pricing bill in nearly a decade. He’s since joined Alliance for Market Solutions, a Republican-to-Republican-focused carbon tax coalition.

“During my four years I think we made a lot of progress on changing the culture to make it acceptable to discuss this challenge, to name it for what it is — but even then a lot of Republicans were not anxious to engage,” he said.

“Today, not just rank and file from moderate districts, but leading Republicans, senior Republicans are stepping out on the issue, making it clear that the debate should be over solutions, not over science or anything else of that nature, and for me it’s a sign of real progress.”

Coons’s bill with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the Climate Action Rebate Act of 2019, would start greenhouse gas fees at $15 per metric ton of carbon and gradually increase the fee over time.

It estimates the tax would bring in $12 billion in revenue, which would then be distributed in part as a rebate to low income families. A portion also would be used to invest in clean energy. The bill aims to reduce U.S. carbon emissions 55 percent by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050….

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:43:38Z No. 7199162


Boomer here. I'm looking for a millennial to help me pull weeds. Lots of 'em. $10 an hour, cash. Maybe $15 if s/he can work as hard as I do. Know any up to the task?

Anonymous ID: 9ef36b 2019-07-26 13:43:43Z No. 7199163

February 5, 2018 - YouTube

Search domain–g75k–g75k

Former President Bill Clinton Departs Cruz Bay St John after assessing damages from Hurricane Irma. … US Virgin Islands - buck island GoPro HD - Duration: 7:06. David Walker 20,311 views.

Anonymous ID: 77feea 2019-07-26 13:43:44Z No. 7199164

>>7199080 no such thing?

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:44:03Z No. 7199165


The wickedness of Sodom ([Ex 20:14] heterosexual [Lev. 20:10–12] or homosexual [Lev. 20:10,13]) was notorious (Gen. 13:13).

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 13:44:11Z No. 7199166

I think this is bombshell information. A former Merck scientist who worked in Quality Control for vaccine products admits he did not vaccinated his own children.

If people who help make these products don't use them, why do any of us?

It seems that there is FB video embedded in the story. If you don't like using FB (I don't) you should be able to see the video on YT by looking for The HighWire with Del Bigtree. I will also see if I can embed a link.

Anonymous ID: c120e4 2019-07-26 13:44:33Z No. 7199167


Fortunately, I knew as a child that catholics were in the wrong. Unfortunately both sides of my family were catholic. As soon as I was old enough I stopped going to the catholic church, then accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Not everyone is blessed the way I was, we need to teach them the difference. Although this is not an easy task.

Anonymous ID: 9bb375 2019-07-26 13:44:33Z No. 7199168



You be asking the wrong generation, mon!

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:44:46Z No. 7199169


you dumb ass thanks for trying to make a strawman…of course he was born of the line of DAVID you dumb faggot…but the truth of the scripture in the TORAH was corrupted but the pharrasis who murdered CHRIST for calling them out …go read a bible you dumb faggot ….or kys if you are a mason

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:44:59Z No. 7199170


Nicer than God

Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name

The Bible Is a Criminal Justice Textbook

How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic

Capital Crime: Adultery

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:45:12Z No. 7199171


Satan lives inside of you. I pray for you, brother.

>>7199141, >>7199154

Then you should know, that the Catholic church traces its roots back to Peter.

The church is fallen just like the entire world is fallen. That is true. But to say always is just spewing the bile of satan, and should be rejected as hyperbolic nonsense.

I'm not defending the modern church, I'm defending its inception and original goals. To do that I must break with it, but I will not deny history to suit my narrative. That's satanic.

Anonymous ID: 0b3993 2019-07-26 13:45:15Z No. 7199172

Eyebleach for Patriots.

For balance.

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 13:45:22Z No. 7199173


I agree with the poster who said you were asking the wrong generation. I would, but I am Gen-X.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:45:31Z No. 7199174

Anonymous ID: 87e32d 2019-07-26 13:45:35Z No. 7199175



Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:45:39Z No. 7199176


GenX here. I'll take that $15/hr, I do it in my garden anyway.

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:45:45Z No. 7199177






Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:45:45Z No. 7199178

Ghislaine had submarines and could bring kids and or guests to Island without being seen.

Anonymous ID: b51380 2019-07-26 13:45:49Z No. 7199179

I know………its to obvious, but young pedo dentist sounds like a horror movie.

Anonymous ID: ccb4f2 2019-07-26 13:45:54Z No. 7199180


Looks like something from the Aztec/Mayans

Anonymous ID: 07120b 2019-07-26 13:46:01Z No. 7199181


You are correct, anon.

Don't be discouraged by those who don't believe.

God bless you.

Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 13:46:07Z No. 7199182


Anonymous ID: a868f1 2019-07-26 13:46:12Z No. 7199183



Weird. He left the bomb in his backpack on the platform.

Nope. Something ain't right.

Anonymous ID: 4b3258 2019-07-26 13:46:17Z No. 7199184


those SouthPArk faggots know…

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:46:21Z No. 7199185


You're not a Christian. That's fine. Not sure what your point is though other than to tell me you're not a Christian?

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 13:46:34Z No. 7199186


Peter was the beginning of the end of the church.

The real teachings went with James the Just and the First Council (literally, the Acts of the Apostles in the Christian bible)

The Romans used Peter much like [they] subvert modern day movements with any hierarchy.

That's why there is no hierarchy here. Just anons and Q… And [derp state]

Harder to comp that way.

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:46:44Z No. 7199187


No, I know the RCC CLAIMS it's roots back to peter.

Like I said, you have been deceived. The RCC is satanic and does not follow Christ.

Anonymous ID: 9f775e 2019-07-26 13:46:47Z No. 7199188


Anonymous ID: cee645 2019-07-26 13:46:51Z No. 7199189


Epstein made a $10,000 donation to the White House Historical Association back in 1993, according to records in the Clinton Library. 

He also attended a reception for donors that was hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House residence following his donation. 

Epstein was listed as a guest for the donor event with his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell - the woman who has been accused of helping the billionaire run his alleged underage sex ring.

Epstein was also mentioned in a 1995 letter sent to Clinton by businesswoman Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

'Dear Mr President: It was a pleasure to see you recently at Senator Kennedy's house. There was too much to discuss and too little time. Using my fifteen seconds of access to discuss Jeffrey Epstein and currency stabilization, I neglected to talk to you about a topic near and dear to my heart. Namely, affirmative action and the future,' she wrote. 

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:46:51Z No. 7199190


>Did /pol/ mods nuke the Epstein vidya game thread???


>pls post a link where/how to play it.

Anonymous ID: f93f83 2019-07-26 13:46:52Z No. 7199191


Im gen x too, I'll take the $15/ hour and send my gen z step son over and pay him $5 kek

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:46:54Z No. 7199192


means of communication owned by?

who makes money out of sickness and compartmentalization?


map12 (Fig. 2; Supplementary Tables 12 and 15). Mapping revealed that tandem repeat accumulation in centromeric or peri-centromeric regions, also noted in some other arthropods13, is high in I. scapularis and comprises ∼40% of genomic DNA10. The low complexity tandem

Repetitive DNA is estimated to comprise ∼70% of the I. scapularis genome10, reflecting an extreme case of tandem repeat and transposable element accumulation.

Notably, the genome reveals an expanded repertoire (74, 0.4% of the predicted proteome) of proteins containing a Kunitz domain (Supplementary Table 16), implicated in protease inhibition and channel-blocking activity, with roles in inhibiting coagulation, angiogenesis and vasodilation. The tick genome is the richest source of this gene family identified to date. In contrast, only 0.05% of human and 0.1% of bovine proteins have this signature domain23, while the mosquito vectors Aedes aegypti, Culex quinquefasciatus and Anopheles gambiae have only five, eight and four proteins with this domain, respectively. Other tick gene expansions of note include the lipocalins (40 genes), linked to anti-inflammatory activity in other systems24, and the metalloproteases (34 genes), which are involved in fibrin degradation and inhibition of angiogenesis25

(GPCRs) (Fig. 1c). The homologs of many insect neuropeptides, protein hormones, biogenic amines and associated GPCRs37 (Supplementary Tables 25–28) that steer processes such as diuresis, behaviour, reproduction and development38, were identified in I. scapularis. Some of the neuropeptide genes identified encode multiple neuropeptides. Of note is the extreme number of copies (19) of the kinin gene, which ranges from one to eight in other arthropods38 (Supplementary Table 28), suggesting that high peptide copy number is also needed for effective diuresis. In accordance, four kinin GPCRs are present (Supplementary Table 28).

The I. scapularis genome reflects a parasitic lifestyle requiring detoxification of multiple xenobiotic factors (Fig. 1a). We identified a record 206 CYP450 (Supplementary Table 23) and 75 carboxylesterase/cholinesterase-like genes, including five putative acetylcholinesterase genes (Supplementary Table 24). CYPs are haem-containing enzymes that catalyse biological oxidation reactions, many of which detoxify xenobiotics, including acaricides. In contrast, the body louse, Pediculus humanus, also an obligate blood-feeding ectoparasite, has 36 CYPs, the fewest known in an animal40, while the plant feeding mite, T. urticae has 81 (ref. 9). Carboxylesterases are also associated with metabolic detoxification in animals. While the function of these enzymes is not known, the abundance of these genes in I. scapularis may reflect the need to detoxify large blood meals from diverse hosts and toxicants encountered during off-host stages.

The chemoreceptor genes identified in the tick genome belong to the gustatory receptor and ionotropic glutamate receptor (iGluR)-related ionotropic receptor families. Sixty-two gustatory receptors were identified that fall into three major clades (Supplementary Fig. 20, Supplementary Table 29 and Supplementary Note 1). The largest of the clades (43 genes) is exclusive to I. scapularis and the relatively short branch lengths compared with those for other representative species

Anaplasma interactions, and identify differential protein expression in an I. scapularis ISE6 cell line in response to infection; 735 unique peptides assigned to 424 different I. scapularis proteins, were identified (Supplementary Tables 32–35). In total, 83 proteins were differentially represented (50 under- and 33 over-represented; Supplementary Fig. 24 and Supplementary Table 32). Under-represented (13) and over-

Anonymous ID: ce0d96 2019-07-26 13:47:08Z No. 7199193


Wild theory but who knows these days

Anonymous ID: ca8c54 2019-07-26 13:47:37Z No. 7199194

Nope button script

A year ago when the gore started I wrote the Nope button script ( It is still a decent option.

This 11-lines script stores a 24 characters signature (MD5 digest) of the images you choose to blacklist (when you click the Nope button that is added above each post). Any time a blacklisted images shows up in the future, the script adds a CSS class to it (gorefags don't have a lot of ammo, last years it was 100 distinct images). Click an image to remove it from the blacklist.

How blacklisted images are effected is up to you. A custom CSS rule in Theme options must also be added. I use this, feel free to adjust the values or do something else entirely if you know CSS:

img.nope {
filter: grayscale(100%) blur(20px);
overflow: hidden;
max-width: 150px;
max-height: 150px;

Anonymous ID: e4536a 2019-07-26 13:47:54Z No. 7199195

lurker fag looking for assistance.. been using dollchan extension for a while now… recently it has caused breads to become more or less unresponsive… alternatives?

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 13:48:16Z No. 7199196


Hmm… I just posted this link. A former Merck scientist who was involved in QC testing of vaccines, did not vaccinate any of his children due to a lack of safety evidence.

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:48:18Z No. 7199197


LOL fuck you jew….keep trying to hid the truth THE JEWS KILLED THE PROPHET THAT WAS FORTOLD TO THEIR BABY DICK EATING SODOMITE ASSES. You are a FUCKING LIAR and honestly a little cowardly bitch, JESUS called them out and he was killed for the TRUTH something a little bitch like you has no conception of ….so keep trying support the masonic catholics and BURN with their PAGAN idols see if i care ….

Anonymous ID: 0ddb8b 2019-07-26 13:48:20Z No. 7199198


Hello kind anon. Appreciate the kind words you provide, but you are replying to a shill and sliding the board. Thank you for your understanding.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:48:26Z No. 7199199


>Then you should know, that the Catholic church traces its roots back to Peter.


>The church is fallen just like the entire world is fallen. That is true. But to say always is just spewing the bile of satan, and should be rejected as hyperbolic nonsense.

No arguments there.

>I'm not defending the modern church, I'm defending its inception and original goals. To do that I must break with it, but I will not deny history to suit my narrative. That's satanic.

Entirely agree w/you. Just not attending mass or subscribing to the doctrine. Still say the Rosary though. (Kek, sue me.)

Anonymous ID: 0b3993 2019-07-26 13:48:26Z No. 7199201

Anons are Patriots.

For balance.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:48:29Z No. 7199200


If the RCC claims its legacy started with Peter, then its legacy started with Peter. If they then immediately fell, then they immediately fell. That does not change the fact that Peter is the rock the church stands on, and as such to say it was always evil is ridiculous, because they claim to accept all teachings of Peter.

So unless you're questioning Peter himself, I don't think you understand my point.

Anonymous ID: 809370 2019-07-26 13:48:29Z No. 7199203



I suggest looking at this gore

Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 13:48:36Z No. 7199204




Not the same thing. Jesus built church on the "ledge" (truth of who he is)

Anonymous ID: c120e4 2019-07-26 13:48:53Z No. 7199205


Sorry, but I dont want to be hardened to this slaughter of children, to the pics this demon is posting. I dont believe we have to be to fight this war. I believe we have to be enraged over such things.

Anonymous ID: b4925d 2019-07-26 13:49:06Z No. 7199206


Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:49:09Z No. 7199207


Pull weeds?? Just spray it with gallons of Roundup like MW farmeranon. He sounds like a smart guy and he doesn't have cancer yet so

it must be safe

Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 13:49:18Z No. 7199208


thanks.. but 404'd

Anonymous ID: e92818 2019-07-26 13:49:22Z No. 7199209



Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:49:24Z No. 7199210

The FTC-Facebook Settlement Does Too Little to Protect Your Privacy

EFF is disappointed by the terms of the settlement agreement announced today between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Facebook. It is grossly inadequate to the task of protecting the privacy of technology users from Facebook’s surveillance-based system of social networking and targeted advertising.

This settlement arises from the FTC’s 2012 settlement order against Facebook, concerning the company’s deceptive statements about user privacy. Facebook violated the 2012 FTC order through its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which violated the privacy rights of millions of Facebook users.

Today’s FTC-Facebook settlement does not sufficiently protect user privacy. For example:

The agreement does not limit how Facebook collects, uses, and shares the personal information of its users. It is not enough for the agreement to require Facebook to conduct its own privacy review of new products; that just empowers Facebook to decide its own collection, use, and sharing practices.

The agreement does not provide public transparency regarding how Facebook collects, uses, and shares personal information, or how Facebook implements the FTC settlement. It is not enough for only Facebook and the government to have this information.

This agreement does nothing to address Facebook’s market power in social networks and internet advertising, and may risk cementing Facebook’s market power.

These deficiencies are not cured by the $5 billion fine against Facebook. For a company the size of Facebook, this is not an effective deterrent against future violations of user privacy.

Anonymous ID: 166851 2019-07-26 13:49:28Z No. 7199211


Hey look the Jews are back.

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:49:30Z No. 7199212

An Awakening is a natural or induced coming to consciousness or awareness of the surrounding metaphysical reality. The exit from the matrix is accompanied by a profound leap of consciousness, an augmentation of awareness, which to be sustained must be balanced.

What advertisers and shills do is an effort to unbalance the forces within us. Advertisers use our emotional imbalance to influence our buying. Shills try to generate hate by a creating a mirrored reciprocal response, and by convincing us freely expressing our hatred of others is normal and natural for human beings.

Shills interact with each other in the language of Hell.

Hell is an environment – a place where words like cocksucker and phrases like fuck your mother are a standard greeting.

What we are learning is that this world is a "self-created" hell.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is that way.

By Awakening we learn to keep our internal forces balanced, to know that when we hate we are wrong, and every day to put on the full armor of God.

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:49:45Z No. 7199213


Anonymous ID: 988ca1 2019-07-26 13:50:06Z No. 7199215


Czeched! Numbers don't lie.

Anonymous ID: 9ef36b 2019-07-26 13:50:10Z No. 7199218


It's an interesting thing about islands - some are uninhabitable, others superpowers; some breed only exotic bird populations, others house royalty. And then there are a handful of freehold, private and fully developed and staffed ones - such as Buck Island, which combines verdant cliffs, white-sand beaches, coral reefs, yacht parking and famous former visitors, and which can be yours to own.

This 43-acre island lies in the middle of the fishing paradise that is the Sir Francis Drake Channel, protected in the lee of the Caribbean's Tortola island, a mere 300 metres away. The property, listed by Vladi Private Islands, can be enjoyed by every kind of holiday-maker and homeowner - from beach bum and adventure freak to leisure seeker and culture vulture.

The island has three hills with vivid 360-degree views and level house sites. Beach facilities include a clubhouse and sports hut, swimming and snorkeling, barbecue pit and boats to take you to Tortola. The dramatic cliff-top residence is a dramatic blend of luxury and minimalism, in that it's open to the ocean from every end. Designed to create a "village" effect, the house has a number of separate buildings including a two-storey master bedroom cottage, five guest-bedroom suites and one self-contained, one-bedroom apartment.

Cooper and Ginger, the two king-sized suites in the main house come with open-air showers and sitting areas with stunning backdrops. The top level of the house has a tower leading to the theatre room with a wrap-around balcony, a 14-seater dining room and expansive kitchen. Four half baths, a dinette area, a library and computer room, a pantry and spa room make up the rest of the living space. Should you fancy a night out in nearby Tortola or to explore the stone ruins of a 19th-century copper mine on Virgin Gorda, a three-bedroom house over a 1.4-acre area is included in this property's mainland base.

Buying a house that's surrounded by water on all sides does, however, require some extra legwork - for instance, it's important that you visit the property several times before signing the dotted line, not only to see the development possibilities but also to appreciate whether the environs, people, flora and fauna of the area suit your lifestyle. While freehold islands, such as this one, are allowed to have non-native owners, it's best to hire a lawyer to sort through the paperwork. Some looking into the deposit deal you're getting (10 per cent is usual for island properties) and a study of insurance policies, and you're good to enjoy your own slice of tropical paradise.

[email protected]

Updated: April 3, 2014 04:00 AM


Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 13:50:11Z No. 7199216


Cant sue a vaccine maker

Government covers for bad companies

Anonymous ID: 39c89e 2019-07-26 13:50:13Z No. 7199217


Listen to this and read the lyrics and stay strong,

My Sisters and Brothers

I wanna say to my sisters and my brothers

Keep the faith

When the storm flies and the wind blows

Go on at a steady pace

When the battle is fought and the victory's won

We can all shout together we have overcome

We'll talk to the Father and the Son

When we make it to the promised land

If we walk together little children

We don't ever have to worry

Through this world of trouble

We gotta love one another

Let us take our fellow man by the hand

Try to help him to understand

We can all be together forever and ever

When we make it to the promised land

Anonymous ID: 77956b 2019-07-26 13:50:15Z No. 7199219




Call us what you want, but this time were putting all of you in the gas chambers

Anonymous ID: b64609 2019-07-26 13:50:17Z No. 7199220

GoreAnon really be wilin right now. I wonder if his dark soul will ever find happiness and peace. We should all pray for GoreAnon

Anonymous ID: 05fbfe 2019-07-26 13:50:18Z No. 7199221


Youre fuckin sick

rot in hell if that what you think Q and My Mil is about

Anonymous ID: 9a8992 2019-07-26 13:50:25Z No. 7199222

Psychic spies from China

Try to steal your mind's elation

And little girls from Sweden

Dream of silver screen quotation

And if you want these kind of dreams

It's Californication

It's the edge of the world

And all of western civilization

The sun may rise in the East

At least it's settled in a final location

It's understood that Hollywood sells Californication

Pay your surgeon very well

To break the spell of aging

Celebrity skin, is this your chin?

Or is that war you're waging?

First born unicorn

Hardcore soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Marry me girl, be my fairy to the world

Be my very own constellation

A teenage bride with a baby inside

Getting high on information

And buy me a star on the boulevard

It's Californication

Space may be the final frontier

But it's made in a Hollywood basement

And Cobain, can you hear the spheres

Singing songs off "Station to Station"?

And Alderaan's not far away

It's Californication

Born and raised by those who praise control of population

Well, everybody's been there

And I don't mean on vacation

First born unicorn

Hardcore soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Destruction leads to a very rough road

But it also breeds creation

And earthquakes are to a girl's guitar

They're just another good vibration

And tidal waves couldn't save the world from Californication

Pay your surgeon very well

To break the spell of aging

Sicker than the rest, there is no test

But this is what you're craving

First born unicorn

Hardcore soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication

Anonymous ID: b898e8 2019-07-26 13:50:43Z No. 7199223

A plethora of old unscrubbed DC elite event and Gala pics. Many creepy looking events

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:50:46Z No. 7199224


I've read your Talmud.

Your done. Good bye.

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:50:56Z No. 7199225


By that line of reasoning if Satan claims he's God then he's God.

Like I said, you've been deceived. The real church is EVERYONE who follows Christ. It never was the RCC.

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 13:50:57Z No. 7199226

Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 13:51:06Z No. 7199227


Or…I can let the weeds grow selectively and eat them. I'm not in your little Round-Up argument. Respectfully, piss off on that subject.


Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:51:14Z No. 7199228


This is so good that I added it to the antispam script here as the Blacklist Button.

Anonymous ID: 54f975 2019-07-26 13:51:19Z No. 7199229


Are we the baddies ?

Be weary of framing the movement with symbols of death.

Even it is just meant to symbolizes a supposedly good guy punishing bad guys.

Anonymous ID: b1afc7 2019-07-26 13:51:20Z No. 7199230


1) Jesus love everyone, not everyone loves Jesus

2) Jesus preached Christianity not Catholicism (but "some" would like to confuscate)

3) Fixing a time for when Catholicism started is a bit more difficult because we would have to settle on exactly what constitutes Catholicism. The Roman Catholic church is not at all like the Orthodox Catholic churches; yet, they were at one time a single group. Nor is Roman Catholicism of today like what is was even a hundred years ago. (For example, a hundred years ago all masses were said in Latin and to speak a mass in any other language would get the priest in grave trouble.) What we see as Roman Catholicism today is an accumulation of gradual changes in beliefs and practices.

Anonymous ID: acd7c9 2019-07-26 13:51:27Z No. 7199231



Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 13:51:28Z No. 7199232


You pussy millenials will get cancer from cell phone radiation and 5G anyway. They are just trying to starve the world first with the organic food BS.

I bet you don't even have a garden and buy all your food at Trader Joes.

Anonymous ID: 77956b 2019-07-26 13:51:34Z No. 7199233


Keyboard Warrior pussies

Anonymous ID: ad73a9 2019-07-26 13:51:37Z No. 7199234

Q is it time for PAIN








Anonymous ID: 1da220 2019-07-26 13:51:50Z No. 7199235

been watching Season 3 of Stranger Things on Netflix. It seems to have a lot of symbolism that is pertinent to current happenings.

In the episode I watched recently the kids stumble upon a giant elevator that drops deep into the earth to access a beast/monster.

The bad guys in season 3 are, you guessed it, The Russians.

Makes me think the Epstein temple is nothing more than a Giant Elevator.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:51:58Z No. 7199236


demo was supposed to come out Saturday iirc

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:52:01Z No. 7199237



Anonymous ID: f0f328 2019-07-26 13:52:17Z No. 7199238

To those suggesting that Q is behind the gore drops:

Why wouldn't Q give us something relevant? Why just the senseless posting of gross content? Suggesting Q is behind it in order to "harden" us is a sick suggestion. Most anons have seen this shit before and know what kind of sickness is out there, and don't need irrelevant gore porn to "bolster" our positions. If it directly implicated someone, I'd be more willing to accept its place on this dedicated RESEARCH board, but none of it does. It's posted to stir up disgust and a feeling of helplessness as one can't unsee what has been seen. Why would Q preach control and say we have a choice to know and then disregard that choice by forcing it upon us? Is our choice whether we come to the board or not? Seems like a terrible way to get people to rally behind the cause at this critical juncture. Fuck your (you). Think for yourself.

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:52:23Z No. 7199239


Controlled rage is a most useful driver.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:52:31Z No. 7199240


I thought this, too, but am leaning more toward the "Save the Children" game may be a way to teach the normies and their children about child trafficking, the symbols, the dangers, how the predators "work" in a soft fashion. My grandkids will NOT be playing, but who's to say what will break through the conditioned programming of the masses? Might be a red pill for them in gel cap form.

Anonymous ID: ce0d96 2019-07-26 13:52:32Z No. 7199241


Any anons been there?

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 13:52:33Z No. 7199242


Video embed. The interview starts somewhat into the show.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:52:33Z No. 7199243

Anonymous ID: 09a2ba 2019-07-26 13:52:48Z No. 7199244








Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 13:53:01Z No. 7199246

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:53:03Z No. 7199247

>>7199198 you should see this: >>7198843 and this >>7198859 post of mine. Try again.


o7. Sometimes it's good to try to see if they're angry anons or shills. There is a lot to be angry and fearful of, so I will give shills the benefit if only for the people reading.


o7 fren. Not a nice thing to talk about but it's hard to get people to not just hate something hateable, rather than love the good and reject the bad.


Not at all. The RCC claims to be the continuation of Peter's church.

As such, Peter is part of the RCC. So you're saying Peter didn't follow Christ. That's nonsense.

Anonymous ID: 9bf9c8 2019-07-26 13:53:06Z No. 7199248


Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:53:08Z No. 7199249



Hello Jews. Every day you begin you various arguments.

You're going down hard and all your Protestant shills with you.

Anonymous ID: c120e4 2019-07-26 13:53:14Z No. 7199250



Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:53:15Z No. 7199251

Anonymous ID: 0f9531 2019-07-26 13:53:21Z No. 7199252

This Pisses me off.

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 13:53:24Z No. 7199253

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:54:05Z No. 7199254


Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 13:54:10Z No. 7199255


*guitar solo*

Anonymous ID: 4b3258 2019-07-26 13:54:11Z No. 7199256



wadda? it's fucking everywhere…

Anonymous ID: 77956b 2019-07-26 13:54:12Z No. 7199257






Gore IP Hopping Shill here, do you think jesus still loves me?

P.S I don't care actually, just trying waste thread space


Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 13:54:12Z No. 7199258

Anonymous ID: 05fbfe 2019-07-26 13:54:16Z No. 7199259


it pisses their fellow Marines off even more

Anonymous ID: 52bc7e 2019-07-26 13:54:16Z No. 7199260


He also called him Cocaine Mitch during the same interview.

Anonymous ID: 39c89e 2019-07-26 13:54:27Z No. 7199261


Love you brother.

Anonymous ID: d94269 2019-07-26 13:54:31Z No. 7199262


First truthful thing you've said this morning, Adolf. Or is it Mohammed?

Either way, thank you for your candor.

Anonymous ID: 6c141f 2019-07-26 13:54:41Z No. 7199263


>$10 an hour, cash. Maybe $15 if s/he can work as hard as I do.

Get out of here, boomer!

Q said no deals. Besides, I'd work harder than you and make you feel bad about yourself. So, you'd probably just take out your passive aggression by cutting my rate below the agreed upon amount, then try to make up some lame ass excuse about it, like I wasn't sposta pull the dandelions or some shit…

I know your type.

Anonymous ID: bdef44 2019-07-26 13:54:42Z No. 7199264


Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 13:54:48Z No. 7199265


… it was built on the "petra" (ledge of truth), not the "peter" (pebble)… Jesus was making a play on words. See the original greek. RCC is NOT founded on the pebble

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 13:54:50Z No. 7199266


Sometimes the lesson appears irrelevant to the student who discovers it’s utility much later.

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:55:05Z No. 7199267


No, you are making the argument that if Peter=good then RCC=good. That's false.

People can claim anything they want, it doesn't make it true.

Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. If you're not seeking TRUTH you're not seeking HIM.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 13:55:07Z No. 7199268


Thanks for the laugh. Gonna go weed muh garden with that in mind. Pro Tip: Jews don't weed their own gardens.

Anonymous ID: 9bf9c8 2019-07-26 13:55:08Z No. 7199269


Anonymous ID: 86af2b 2019-07-26 13:55:17Z No. 7199270



well played

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:55:26Z No. 7199272


rabbi rabbi rabbi

1030 times you have been deported.

ready for 1031?

Anonymous ID: f93f83 2019-07-26 13:55:27Z No. 7199271


Correct… Me and a brother were discussing it over breakfast this morning. Things that never occurred to us, and plenty of dumb things occur to young Marines as good ideas

Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:55:33Z No. 7199273

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:55:41Z No. 7199274


Was Peter's church?

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 13:55:43Z No. 7199278

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:55:44Z No. 7199275


Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

I'm GenX with a garden…..

Without Monsanto the world would starve! Kek

Stupid fucks like you are the reason morning

shift is a joke

Anonymous ID: 833e53 2019-07-26 13:55:44Z No. 7199276

>>7196836 pb

Might be overlooked concept.

From the ground that HUGE sundial would be more difficult to read vs the traditional sized ones.

Is it meant to be viewed from an aerial perspective ?

Anonymous ID: f0f328 2019-07-26 13:55:46Z No. 7199277


Season 2 is littered with reversed American flags. They corrected it in season 3 inside the Russian translators house, but I couldn't overlook that they did it multiple times and it looks intentional.

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 13:55:53Z No. 7199279

final call for notables @ 650


>>7199243 Federal Prosecutors Take Major Step to Corroborate Jeffrey Epstein Victims’ Accounts of the ‘Lolita Express’

>>7199095, >>7198957 Now that Q has confirmed D'sney Cruise lines at Epstein island, I would encourage the anons to dig on Castaway Cay.

>>7198932 Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea

>>7198834 CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

>>7198812 Iran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

>>7198784 Border Patrol Official Makes Stunning Claim About U.S. Citizen Detained By CBP

>>7198773, >>7199050 planefag reporting

>>7198639 Breaking News – Possible FF attempt. Police investigate possible pipe bomb after suicide attempt on subway line

>>7198632, >>7198706 Second-quarter GDP stronger than expected at 2.1%

baking in a bit

morning baker will be requesting handoff next bred. workfagging calls

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:55:57Z No. 7199280

Studies Showing Vaccines Are Not Safe for Children

By Morgan Chilson | Monday, 23 March 2015 02:20 AM

Close to 95 percent of the children in kindergarten in the 2013-14 school year were vaccinated, but the Centers for Disease Control found vaccines weren’t given at even rates across the country.

For instance, in Colorado, just 82 percent of kindergarteners had their vaccinations while in Mississippi, 99.7 percent were vaccinated.

But although the vast majority of parents choose to vaccinate their children, many parents have become concerned about the possible health consequences of doing so.

Here are five studies that raise concerns about health affects related to vaccinations:

A 2009 study done in Shanghai, China, looked at adverse drug reactions reported in children ages birth to 17 years. The most commonly reported drugs connected to reactions were related to vaccine use (1622 reports, 42.15%). Of reports more serious than skin reactions, 13.74 percent were related to vaccine use. “The ADR rate causes by vaccine is much higher than other drugs, and this may be related to the types and number of vaccination being used in China, as the types of routine immunization vaccines in China reach up to 15 kinds, which is much higher than 7 kinds in India and Vietnam, 9 kinds in Thailand and 11 kinds in America, and most of the vaccines in China are attenuated live vaccines, which may bring greater potential safety hazard,” the study said.

Anonymous ID: 893029 2019-07-26 13:56:08Z No. 7199281

Very interesting article headlining Fox News today.

Anonymous ID: 04f6d5 2019-07-26 13:56:08Z No. 7199282

Holy shit the shills are out in force today. We must be over the target. Guess what, Shills!?! We win.

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:56:15Z No. 7199283


deported what the fuck are you talking about you brain dead retard….keep sliding the truth you will burn just like them.

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:56:25Z No. 7199284


Here's another I use in CSS themes. Turns red text into black text. Much easier on the eyes.

/* Make Red Text Black */
span.heading {
color: #000000; /* Black */

Anonymous ID: b7bf21 2019-07-26 13:56:27Z No. 7199285

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 13:56:31Z No. 7199286


I don't know how I did that but I tagged the wrong post, meant


Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 13:56:36Z No. 7199287

Anonymous ID: 144508 2019-07-26 13:56:39Z No. 7199288


>What we see as Roman Catholicism today is an accumulation of gradual changes in beliefs and practices.

True. Gender inclusiveness. "Brothers and sisters." Several priest go silent in the Creed: "for us (men), and for our salvation."

Scriptural texts have been watered down to the understanding for the least common denominator, i.e., the stupid.

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 13:57:18Z No. 7199290


Want me to drag him out back? kick the shit out of him?

Anonymous ID: 11cb26 2019-07-26 13:57:34Z No. 7199291


Doesn't make sense to me. Why not be in the middle of nowhere in some flyover state then? Plus, wouldn't the water make that close to impossible, or at least extraordinarily expensive?

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 13:57:44Z No. 7199292


How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Anonymous ID: d4cd9f 2019-07-26 13:57:47Z No. 7199293


i can do a few breads today il take it at the dough

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 13:57:47Z No. 7199294



Anonymous ID: 9527f0 2019-07-26 13:58:06Z No. 7199295


Stop responding to this shilling!!!!!

Do not be divided by religion, race….

WWG1WGA means work together

Anonymous ID: 9ff37f 2019-07-26 13:58:07Z No. 7199296



Found the Obama/Australia "deal" which the Wash. Times reported on way back in 2016. Faux even used the same pic that Real NEWS outlets had in 2016! Of course it was "news" to Faux viewers here in 2019! >>7199038

Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 13:58:18Z No. 7199297


I'm GenX with a farm. Your little knowledge of life other than the internet is passe'.

Anonymous ID: a3aa55 2019-07-26 13:58:19Z No. 7199298



Florida for Fort Myers…haven't found Eagle Enterprises that makes sense yet

Gore Shill ID: 7f3473 2019-07-26 13:58:21Z No. 7199299

Gore Shill here, just switched IPs, Go fucking yourselves!

Anonymous ID: b64609 2019-07-26 13:58:25Z No. 7199300


actually yeah probably best we just deliver him to God and let him make the decisions

Anonymous ID: f7c91b 2019-07-26 13:58:35Z No. 7199301

Three foreigners to be prosecuted for the kidnapping and rape of 14-year-old girl

One man has been charged with rape while three others with foreign citizenship have been charged with the kidnapping of the 14-year-old girl in Sweden. Two of the men will also be prosecuted for aggravated child rape and abetting rape against children.

Falu’s District Court will oversee the trials of the men who abducted the 14-year-old in a van and brought her to a home in Borlänge, where she was then subjected to rape under a gun, Nyheter Idag reports.

One of the men is 28-years-old and is a citizen of both Somalia and Sweden, while the other two are 36 and 54-years-old and are citizens of Lithuania.

The men were arrested in early May just after the crime had been committed.

The prosecuting attorney has demanded the expulsion of the Lithuanian men.

According to the prosecution, it was May 5th when some of the suspects abducted the girl before bringing her to a residence in Borlange, where the Lithuanian men then raped her after paying the Somali-Swedish man.

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 13:58:44Z No. 7199302


i will call for handoff. wait for that and thank you baker! been a wild ride already this morning.

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 13:58:49Z No. 7199303


you're funny Rabbi

almost as funny as your bible fagging oppos you start here ebbery day about the same time

you all clock on together?

Anonymous ID: 85d0d9 2019-07-26 13:58:55Z No. 7199304

The Pepe cometh

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 13:58:56Z No. 7199305


I'm making the argument that the RCC was a continuation of Peter, and Peter was good.

I'm making the argument that blanket statements made to divide Christians by feeling morally superior that you follow the "correct" Christianity with such a low resolution argument is satanic.

Talk faith. Don't denigrate the label. That just makes you an SJW leftist.

Anonymous ID: 8bb8d6 2019-07-26 13:59:03Z No. 7199306


Amen to that. My work week starts today though so in a way its monday for me.

Shadilay anons.

Anonymous ID: d4cd9f 2019-07-26 13:59:08Z No. 7199307


yea something big must be coming soon

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 13:59:10Z No. 7199308


you are asking christians to take it just like all the faggot evangelicals do. We must stand up to the deception and yes religion will divide us as it fucking should…quit being a little npc bitch

Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 13:59:12Z No. 7199309


I wrote that incorrectly….

RCC was NOT based on the petra (ledge of ttruth) but on the peter (a man).

Anonymous ID: 9ef36b 2019-07-26 13:59:25Z No. 7199310

and its gone

Gore Shill ID: 7f3473 2019-07-26 13:59:31Z No. 7199311


Great! Just waiting…

Anonymous ID: 864e6e 2019-07-26 13:59:32Z No. 7199312


Simply a must. 👍🏽

Anonymous ID: 284064 2019-07-26 13:59:40Z No. 7199313

DECLAS FISA vs. Posting gore in /qr

now shills, tell me who has the best strategy?

lmaooo y'all lost you ain't got no ammo left bitch niggazzzzzzz

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 13:59:47Z No. 7199314


Bill Clinton = Eagle

That made my almonds tingle.

Whois just gives "Redacted for privacy" on every detail.

Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 14:00:07Z No. 7199315


I wrote that wrong…

RCC was founded on pebble (the man) not the petra (ledge of truth) where Jesus built his church

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 14:00:17Z No. 7199316


Me, too. Gen-X with a garden. A disguised one, too (no big rows but lots of stuff to eat). Dandelion (greens are great salad), mint, spearmint, volunteered squash, green onion (trying), garlic, oregano, lavender, elderberry (starting). I found out leaf lettuce is super easy to grow but only got a little this year. Plus tomatoes grown from seed, just ripening now.

Oh yeah, a bit of basil, mullein, comfrey. Who knows what else?! I don't usually kill or pull out things I don't recognize- they might be blessings in disguise. I've gotten some beautiful flowers that way.

No Monsanto/Bayer needed.

Blessings to all who love life and the God who created it.

Anonymous ID: bb77de 2019-07-26 14:00:20Z No. 7199317


Hush Rabbi

I've read your Talmud. You lie.

Anonymous ID: 19ce62 2019-07-26 14:00:22Z No. 7199318



Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 14:00:23Z No. 7199319

Anonymous ID: 05fbfe 2019-07-26 14:00:28Z No. 7199320



OH Please

God Help Me

Anonymous ID: d09504 2019-07-26 14:00:39Z No. 7199321


I like your style.

Either will piss off goreanon or help goreanon. Either way, im in.



Anonymous ID: 1da220 2019-07-26 14:00:41Z No. 7199322


Way back I think Q asked how many levels ?

or something like that

Anonymous ID: 72e29f 2019-07-26 14:00:42Z No. 7199323



Anonymous ID: 7155d5 2019-07-26 14:00:45Z No. 7199324


I remember this as it happened.

240 cops to kidnap one little 8 year old girl.


Anonymous ID: 7f3473 2019-07-26 14:00:47Z No. 7199325



Anonymous ID: 31f8db 2019-07-26 14:00:48Z No. 7199326


Beech RC-12X Guardrail takes to the air from Ft Bliss Army Field, TX.

The RC-12X aircraft was a further improved RC-12 for use with the GRCS, which included expanded frequency ranges, a capability to locate signals in both stand-off and stand-in modes, and an adaptive beam-forming antenna array that is capable of locating emitters in the dense signal environments.

Anonymous ID: 988ca1 2019-07-26 14:00:53Z No. 7199327


Looks like some of her muzzy handlers have a stash of middle eastern gore porn. Over the target! Moar omar digs needed.

Anonymous ID: 7cb674 2019-07-26 14:01:05Z No. 7199328


Anonymous ID: 0f9531 2019-07-26 14:01:11Z No. 7199329


Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 14:01:11Z No. 7199330




still on

Anonymous ID: cc96bf 2019-07-26 14:01:11Z No. 7199331


Anonymous ID: 39c89e 2019-07-26 14:01:12Z No. 7199332


Anonymous ID: 9527f0 2019-07-26 14:01:20Z No. 7199333


You Glow as a Shill or Bot

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 14:01:22Z No. 7199334


calling someone a rabbi when you are reddit spacing like a whore from israel….who shoves dreidels up this ass. Jesus is the truth and you anons that still think that is a joke will be killed by the jews still atheist christian does not matter to these sick fucks just read the TALMUD…Jews do not want you to even look at it…so try again with your subversive tactics you are a jewish whore who gets gangbanged by niggers

Anonymous ID: 8cddce 2019-07-26 14:01:24Z No. 7199335


Food was meant to be free and abundant. We've just been lied to for a long long time.

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 14:01:36Z No. 7199339

Anonymous ID: d92578 2019-07-26 14:01:37Z No. 7199336


A MW farmer who uses the word "passe' "

Nice try you dirty kike

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 14:01:37Z No. 7199337


I'm telling you that that argument is false. The Church is the People in Christ.

Read the Bible without outside influence. You've been deceived and follow the teachings of Satan.

Anonymous ID: a3aa55 2019-07-26 14:01:38Z No. 7199338


Hmm good point Slick Willy…

yep checked whois right away too

Anonymous ID: 37becc 2019-07-26 14:01:47Z No. 7199340


Anonymous ID: ca64a4 2019-07-26 14:02:03Z No. 7199341

Voted to death.

Anonymous ID: a06ed9 2019-07-26 14:02:06Z No. 7199342

‘Like Frankenstein’: Woman’s head attached to man’s body found lying next to bucket of human parts in lab

FBI agents working to uncover how dismembered body parts were coming to be illegally trafficked reportedly found buckets full of heads, arms and legs, refrigerated heaps of male genitalia and different people’s body parts sewn together at a science lab in Arizona.

The Biological Resource Centre in Phoenix – a body donation and tissue bank facility – is being sued by eight families following the discovery.

The FBI followed a paper trail leading to the centre, run by owner Stephen Gore, which they said was profiting from dismembering and selling remains without donor consent.

The lab was raided by the FBI in 2014, but the testimonies detailing what the agents found have just been made public because of the lawsuits.

Agents said when they raided the lab they found the bodies had been dismembered with chainsaws and band saws, according to a report by US news outlet KMOV4.

“Pools of human blood and bodily fluids were found on the floor of the freezer,” and there were no identification tags to mark the corpses, the lawsuit reportedly alleges.

One agent said he found a “cooler filled with male genitalia”, “a bucket of heads, arms and legs”, and says he saw “infected heads”.

They also described the sight of a small woman’s decapitated head which had been sewn onto a large male torso “like Frankenstein” and hung up on a wall. The creation is reportedly referred to as a “morbid joke” in the lawsuit.

The going rate for a head was said to be $500 (£400). Arms were $750 and a whole body could fetch up to $5,000, according to ABC 15, who cited a federal search warrant.

“This is a horror story. It’s just unbelievable! This story is unbelievable,” Troy Harp, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the facility, told KMOV4.

Mr Harp had donated both his mother and grandmother to the facility in 2012 and 2013 on the understanding the bodies would be used for scientific purposes.

“Cancer, and leukaemia and whatever else, using sample cells,” said Mr Harp. “That’s what I was told.”

Speaking about what the agents found, Mr Harp said: “Who in their right mind… It’s absolutely gross.”

He also said the use of chainsaws and band saws for dismembering the bodies were “not appropriate”.

The lawsuit alleges the illegal activity at the centre dates back to 2007, according to ABC15.

Mr Gore pleaded guilty in October 2018 to illegal control of an enterprise, and was sentenced to one year of deferred jail time and four years probation.

Anonymous ID: 29a466 2019-07-26 14:02:13Z No. 7199344

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 14:02:15Z No. 7199343


and you have mason numbers you nigger, a shill for JESUS wow that is a new one….what a little bitch coward.

Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 14:02:32Z No. 7199345

final bun for #



7199243 Federal Prosecutors Take Major Step to Corroborate Jeffrey Epstein Victims’ Accounts of the ‘Lolita Express’

>>7199095, >>7198957 Now that Q has confirmed D'sney Cruise lines at Epstein island, I would encourage the anons to dig on Castaway Cay.

>>7198932 Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea

>>7198834 CNN Editor Resigns After History of Antisemitism Resurfaces

>>7198812 Iran test-fires medium-range ballistic missile, US official says

>>7198784 Border Patrol Official Makes Stunning Claim About U.S. Citizen Detained By CBP

>>7198773, >>7199050, >>7199326 planefag reporting

>>7198639 Breaking News – Possible FF attempt. Police investigate possible pipe bomb after suicide attempt on subway line

>>7198632, >>7198706 Second-quarter GDP stronger than expected at 2.1

Anonymous ID: 362cfe 2019-07-26 14:02:43Z No. 7199347



Very noice, and much stolen.

Anonymous ID: 5620d7 2019-07-26 14:02:45Z No. 7199348


I follow my teachings all the way back to Peter. You're telling me Peter is satanic.

This is clearly nonsense.

Anonymous ID: 91f5a3 2019-07-26 14:02:59Z No. 7199349

Prayer for the police officers assaulted with buckets of water and other means. You are in my thoughts and I ask for your protection. I ask for you to remain proud and strong in your service to this country and the people around you. You are loved and supported. Evil in many forms is showing itself and it is in its final days. Soon you will be, as all of us will be, celebrating the victory of the light.

Anonymous ID: 8cddce 2019-07-26 14:03:06Z No. 7199350


"run by owner Stephen GORE"

FFS. Really?

Anonymous ID: 3357a3 2019-07-26 14:03:13Z No. 7199351


Prefer blase'??

Flyover country is more educated and worldly than you idiots in cities. Sorry I am Norwegian/German.

Anonymous ID: 1308f7 2019-07-26 14:03:17Z No. 7199352


gorepornfag is falling apart right now. Say all of their text in a paki accent for some additional keks…

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 14:03:18Z No. 7199353


We are niggers you cockroach.

Anonymous ID: d6f764 2019-07-26 14:03:23Z No. 7199354




Anonymous ID: 1f8c80 2019-07-26 14:03:26Z No. 7199355


A unit of German multinational Siemens has been awarded an $829 million contract from the Pentagon "for energy savings and performance measures" at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

According to a statement by the US Department of Defense, the work to be performed provides for the construction, operations and maintenance of energy conservation measures to improve energy efficiency and reliability.

That includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, lighting upgrades, commercial refrigeration upgrades, distributed generation, renewable energy photovoltaic for both demand and supply sides, energy storage, power control, supervisory control and data acquisition, water retrofits and wastewater. (ETC)


Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 14:03:26Z No. 7199356


these people do not get it anon….they forget the sacrifice and why JESUS died…the church is of JESUS not man…you are dead on with what you wrote

Anonymous ID: 7f3473 2019-07-26 14:03:31Z No. 7199357





Anonymous ID: 4eff5c 2019-07-26 14:03:47Z No. 7199358

My religion's dick is bigger than your religion's dick slide is getting old.

Anonymous ID: c0247b 2019-07-26 14:03:59Z No. 7199359


Tell U.S. again "Junky Joe"

About your late assistant!

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 14:04:14Z No. 7199360


thanks for proving you are a fitlhy jew with that pic may you suffer eternally for promoting this ….

Anonymous ID: 0f9531 2019-07-26 14:04:21Z No. 7199361

for more info:

Anonymous ID: 8b5593 2019-07-26 14:04:26Z No. 7199362


Yes!! Once it occurs to you that what grows naturally is often edible/useful you don't need so many massive (destructive) inputs and procedures to get food. Absolutely wonderful- and free. I see a parallel with the Garden of Eden. I want to be a gardener. It is a life full of joy and happiness.

Anonymous ID: f797be 2019-07-26 14:04:30Z No. 7199363

Anonymous ID: e9bb8e 2019-07-26 14:04:33Z No. 7199364


Peter (the pebble) is not satanic.

Basing a religion on him is since Jesus built his church on the petra (truth of his divinity).

Anonymous ID: f93f83 2019-07-26 14:04:35Z No. 7199365


In an industrialized society how in the hell do you figure that?

The mill grinding wheat does it for nothing?

Everyone is to run out and kill and slaughter their own meat? 99% of the anons on this board probably cant skin a buck a rabbit or a pheasant, and that's ok.

Even when it was "free" it wasnt free.

Men had to go hunt up the animals, women foraged for berries and veggies etc and nursed the babies.

Time is not free

Anonymous ID: 166dcc 2019-07-26 14:04:47Z No. 7199367


Bam! Motherfucker! Gore shill, my ass!

But as much as I knw, Nekrophilia is a crime! I think you are new on shill team 6 and so I want to tell you a little story… Weeks ago the CPchill was here… He isn´t any longer, ask yourself why!

using VPN and feel safe? Good luck!

Global report and we will se how it plays out for you!

Anonymous ID: cf600d 2019-07-26 14:04:51Z No. 7199368


Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 14:04:55Z No. 7199369

Anonymous ID: f7e434 2019-07-26 14:04:58Z No. 7199371


here's a screen cap

Anonymous ID: 39aea6 2019-07-26 14:05:28Z No. 7199374


Peter taught idol worship, hailing mary etc, treating an evil man like he has the authority of God (pope) etc?

lol no.

Anonymous ID: 9ef36b 2019-07-26 14:05:41Z No. 7199375 August 1989, a disturbing Polaroid photo was found in a Florida parking lot. It showed a young woman and a boy, bound and gagged in a small, dark space. A windowless white van had previously been spotted near where the photo appeared.

Two families came forward to identify the people in the picture. Nine-year-old Michael Henley had vanished on a camping trip with his father. Tara Calico, 19, had disappeared while cycling. Pieces of her Sony Walkman were found, but Tara and her bike had vanished.

Calico's mother was sure it was her daughter in the photo – her hair was the same, and she seemed to have the same scar on her right leg. Some time later, Henley's remains were found in the mountains where he went missing. But Calico's disappearance remains a mystery, and no one ever traced the origins of the sinister Polaroid.

Anonymous ID: 1da220 2019-07-26 14:05:45Z No. 7199376


From Qdrop #133 on

Epstein island.

What is a temple?

What occurs in a temple?


Why is the temple on top of a mountain?

How many levels might exist below?

Anonymous ID: b898e8 2019-07-26 14:05:45Z No. 7199377


a lot of Alice in wonderland too

Anonymous ID: 000fd9 2019-07-26 14:05:48Z No. 7199378

Anonymous ID: 5e2c08 2019-07-26 14:05:59Z No. 7199381

Moar winning?

Beginning of the end

Anonymous ID: 8cddce 2019-07-26 14:06:08Z No. 7199382


No meat. No milled grains. It's a fine and tasty lifestyle.

Time is very free.

Anonymous ID: 3dfbd2 2019-07-26 14:06:16Z No. 7199383


Anonymous ID: 69d9a4 2019-07-26 14:06:19Z No. 7199384






Anonymous ID: 64a681 2019-07-26 14:06:25Z No. 7199385