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Q Research General #9261: FF triggered the shills! Anons looking for sauce! Edition

Q Research General #9261: FF triggered the shills! Anons looking for sauce! Edition Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:29:11Z No. 7238331

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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Sunday 07.28.2019

>>7234526 ————————————–——– DNC server(s) hold many answers

>>7233932 rt >>7233832 ————————— Italy is w/ POTUS

>>7233832 ————————————–——– Follow the money. Follow the family (Cap: >>7233857)

>>7231226 ————————————–——– The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month. (Cap: >>7231307)

>>7231024 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE SWAMP! (Cap: >>7231062, >>7232370)

Saturday 07.27.2019

>>7223113 ————————————–——– POTUS declaring ANTIFA a Major Organization of Terror (Cap: >>7223139)

>>7222663 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7222699)

>>7222066 ————————————–——– Was the corn ripe for harvesting? [ 93 dk] (Cap: >>7222118)

>>7221927 ————————————–——– The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.

>>7221651 ————————————–——– How do you clean 'dirty' money? (Cap: >>7221676)

>>7216378 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7216391 vid)

>>7216170 ————————————–——– Farms produce ……… 5:5 (Cap: >>7216208)

>>7215917 ————————————–——– Enemy of the People (PF Patriot vs Traitor)

>>7215162 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Awakening

>>7215112 ————————————–——– How did someone die from this type of accident? (Cap: >>7215190, >>7215403 mp4 vid)

>>7215015 rt >>7214979 ————————— Loretta Fuddy death

>>7214842 ————————————–——– Q#1429 Loretta Fuddy

>>7214693 ————————————–——– Renegade Q#3325

>>7214430 ————————————–——– Is Russian a common language to learn? Stay awake (Cap: >>7214508 vid)

Friday 07.26.2019

Compiled here: >>7235079

Thursday 07.25.2019

Compiled here: >>7222205

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>>7238248 BNO news Gilroy stats

>>7238050 SWAT ordered out of the creek Gilroy

>>7237996 FF vid Gilroy

>>7237675, >>7237693, >>7237699, >>7237793, >>7237837 this was a very low-energy ff

>>7237657 multiple bystander reports from fox now about injured being driven off in pick up trucks

>>7238320 #9260


>>7237504 Anyone else notice that the time stamp of POTUS' tweets is mirrored?

>>7237517 Q772 Shooter(s) will have prior history of psych treatment, medicated, brainwashed.

>>7237363 Gilroy chamber honored Rep. Panetta

>>7237336 Black Moon

>>7237303 Gilroy music Festival is in Zoe Langrens district.

>>7237289,>>7237299 New PDJT Gilroy incident

>>7237281 comms disguised as romantic convo re: Red Sparrow/Q's

>>7237245 In-Q-Tel diggz

>>7237177 Rod Rosenstein just tweeted re: Dan Coats

>>7237061 Gun, Ammo and jacket stolen from FBi vehicle in East Oakland

>>7237034 POTUS schedule for Monday, July 29, 2019

>>7236992 mother theresa = child trafficker? diggz.

>>7237560 #9259


>>7236166 New DJT - If the D's would have closed the Loopholes 2 years ago…

>>7236624, >>7236674, >>7236709, >>7236765 anon reports a feed, another reports from listening to scanner

>>7236598 reported description of GG shooter

>>7236289 pic from Camp David 1998 - BC, HRC and Hwood elites

>>7236360, >>7236404 CEO reportedly admits being FBI informant in figure related to Trump-Russia scandal

>>7235366 ob Awan Decode for Drop #3532 -→> >>7235358 ob

>>7236466 Truth is a force of nature, Corn ready for to be picked = harvest?

>>7236179, >>7236190, >>7236325, >>7236393, >>7236375 Israel & US Conduct High Altitude 'Arrow-3' Missile Defense Tests In Alaska

>>7236599 cali-anon with reports from friend at GG (fwiw)

>>7236638, >>7236734 new [COMEY] twat

>>7236138 #USSPaulIgnatius joined the fleet July 27, during a commissioning ceremony at Port Everglades, Fla.

>>7236222 Blacksnakes take a moment at Oshkosh 2019 to pose for a shot with Gen. David L. Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force!!!

>>7236276 A @usairforce KC-10A Extender air-to-air refuelling aircraft on the Brisbane International airport TARMAC

>>7236358 FBI: Director Wray 9/11

>>7236387 USSS send condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of fallen Police Officer II Juan Diaz.

>>7236497 WH: POTUS is delivering on the issues Americans actually care about

>>7236725 Pittsburg Deplorable twat gets a nom

>>7236813 #9258

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>>2770117 Anonymous ID: 478bbb 2019-07-29 04:31:49Z No. 7238367


Hillary Clinton represented Systematics Inc. during an intellectual property law suit, when Systematics was accused of illegally distributing stolen software. Systematics Inc. of Little Rock Arkansas, now known as Alltel, was founded by Jackson Stephens of Stephens Inc., owners of Worthen Banking Corporation, which bankrolled Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential election campaign.  

The US Justice Department contracted with Inslaw Inc. to develop a software program called PROMIS. Wackenhut Corp. was subsequently contracted to add a covert "backdoor" to the software for intelligence eavesdropping, and monitoring of banking transactions and money laundering. In lengthy court battles spanning nearly two decades, the courts ruled that the US Government had 'stolen' the software and sold pirated copies to banks, intelligence agencies, and others worldwide. The "intellectual property" represented by Hillary Clinton in that lawsuit, included PROMIS.

Robert Maxwell (a suspected Mossad agent), father of Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime “partner”), is reported to have been a primary international master of sales for the infamous enhanced PROMIS software, selling the software to numerous countries around the world for financial gain and to further intelligence and foreign policy objectives.

Small world?.…smaller still…….FusionGPS is owned by Glenn Simpson. Glenn Simpson was married to Mary Jacoby, whose father was Jon Jacoby. Jon Jacoby was introduced to Jackson Stephens of Stephens Inc. (the founder of Systematics), who is reported to have invested @$400,000 in Systematics in return for 80% equity stake in the company.

Interestingly, Isabel Maxwell, Ghislaine’s sister, maintains her father’s passion for technology, and is the President Emerita of Cyren Ltd. (previously Commtouch) among other IT ventures. Cyren Ltd. is a cloud-based, Internet security technology company providing security as a service (SECaaS) and threat intelligence solutions headquartered in McLean, VA.

Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious life and connections, so closely mirror that of Robert Maxwell’s. Epstein’s life could almost be considered a Robert Maxwell sequel. So many parallels – fake passports, freely jetting around the world, world leader’s endeared guest of honor, multi-millions of dollars, technological aspirations, lust for young girls, fraudulent misappropriation of managed funds, Ghislaine, and probably a lot more that will eventually be revealed.,_Inc

Anonymous ID: 3262cb 2019-07-29 04:33:08Z No. 7238383

Biggs and Ghomert asked extremely specific questions involving communications with Rosenstein and Comey.


FISA works both ways!

Mr Biggs: 

How many times – did you speak with Mr. Comey about any investigations pertaining to Russia prior to May 17, 2017? 

Did you have any?

Mueller: None at all

Mr Biggs: Zero?

Mueller: Zero


Mr Biggs:

Evidence suggests that on May 10th, 2017 at approximately 7:45 a.m., six days before Rod Rosenstein appointed you special counsel, Mr. Rosenstein called you and mentioned the appointment of a special counsel, not – not necessarily that you would be appointed, but that you had a discussion of that. Is that – is that true?

May 10th, 2017.

MUELLER: I – I – I don’t have any – no, I don’t have any knowledge of that occurring.


Mr. Ghomert: 

"Before you were appointed as special counsel did you talk to James Comey in the preceding 6 months"?

Mueller: No

Anonymous ID: f72069 2019-07-29 04:33:58Z No. 7238384

TY Baker!!!

I'm impatient and got places to be - sorry to shit in the bread if I'm doing that.

C comes before D

Coates gone before Declas?

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:34:01Z No. 7238385

>>7237996 - PBN - FF vid Gilroy

>>7238256 - PB

>First… That shit was painted on with a roller

>SECOD… Dude is already an AMPUTEE!



…cause you know they are going to use him later.

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 04:34:12Z No. 7238386

Stream starts and all I hear is laughter

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 04:34:24Z No. 7238387


Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:34:37Z No. 7238388


Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:34:52Z No. 7238389


I love garlic fries…..

Me too. But my asshole sure doesn't.



>ther's no fighting the zero reading comprehension, anon, but, god, it's nice to see someone else actually say it

Honestly, in all likelihood, these people I'm replying to are not posting genuinely. But that's OK. I'm not posting it for them. I'm posting it for the lurkers. I won't stoop to the "you're a shill" bullshit so many people here make a beeline for. It's fucking stupid.

Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:34:54Z No. 7238390


Tanks, baker.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:34:55Z No. 7238391



you missed important info re FF, it was called and the bread was slow AF.


>>7238256 lb

>>7238336 lb

Anonymous ID: 68ddb7 2019-07-29 04:35:12Z No. 7238392

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:35:20Z No. 7238393

>>7238357 (lb)

>Anime fag is Finkelshill and Flat Earth and Gore shill, it's all the same fucking media matters/republican guard/shareblue bullshit. They are the problem and their nihilist bullshit sticks in my craw.

Be calmed in the knowledge that they are now involved in the largest RICO case in history, which makes them military targets. NSA data collection is fair game to prosecute them now.

Have a nice day, shills.

Anonymous ID: d3d514 2019-07-29 04:35:29Z No. 7238394

wow this is a long ass event the fbi come in and it’s still an active shooting? eye roll

Anonymous ID: 108bce 2019-07-29 04:35:35Z No. 7238395

Figures. Comey Praises Dan Coats (Clapper 2.0) Following His Resignation as Director of National Intelligence

Figures. Comey Praises Dan Coats (Clapper 2.0) Following His Resignation as Director of National Intelligence

Cristina Laila by Cristina Laila July 28, 2019 5 Comments

23Share Tweet Email

James Comey

Fired FBI Director James Comey praised Dan Coats following his resignation as Director of National Intelligence on Sunday.

Early Sunday afternoon President Trump officially announced he nominated Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) to replace Dan Coats.

Coats will be leaving his post on August 15; the president will be announcing the acting DNI chief shortly.

Comey praised Coats because he constantly spread the Russian interference hoax and caused a bottleneck for Durham in his investigation into Spygate.

Coats was basically ‘Clapper 2.0.’

“Thank you, Dan Coats, for serving our nation so well and for continuing the proud tradition of Directors of National Intelligence loyal only to the truth. Hopefully you won’t be the last,” Comey said in a tweet Sunday night.

Thank you, Dan Coats, for serving our nation so well and for continuing the proud tradition of Directors of National Intelligence loyal only to the truth. Hopefully you won’t be the last.

— James Comey (@Comey) July 29, 2019

An endorsement from Comey is very telling.

Dan Coats is a Deep State stooge and was causing a bottleneck for Barr and Durham in the declassification process in their Spygate investigation.

Rep. Ratcliffe is a former US Attorney and a huge supporter of Trump.

Even better, Ratcliffe is fully up to speed on Spygate and he wants to drain the swamp so he will be a great addition to the Intelligence community.

Anonymous ID: 7b0512 2019-07-29 04:35:44Z No. 7238396


Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 04:35:53Z No. 7238397



Anonymous ID: 4bf7b0 2019-07-29 04:36:03Z No. 7238398

Man in truck NOT an amputee!

Anonymous ID: 3ab98f 2019-07-29 04:36:04Z No. 7238399


We don’t know it’s a FF at this point. GTFO

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 04:36:06Z No. 7238400

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:36:09Z No. 7238401

It's in the vid notabled

not sure what you are wanting


Anonymous ID: 929619 2019-07-29 04:36:17Z No. 7238402



Anonymous ID: 30db6b 2019-07-29 04:36:20Z No. 7238403

Suicide watch on Kazinski

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 04:36:24Z No. 7238404

A 3 year old was killed ….. The left will get a good week of bitching about guns from this event ….. Candle light vigils incoming

Anonymous ID: 20b8e1 2019-07-29 04:36:24Z No. 7238405


The FILTER SUGGESTION SHILLS will try to promote a culture of SELF-CENSORSHIP

What is worse, is that these same FILTER SUGGESTION SHILLS will act as if they are tame, or helpful

They will not only implant the SELF-CENSORSHIP, but they will also attempt to promote FILTER ID+

The FILTER ID+ function hides all posts who reply to them.

By using the FILTER ID+ SUGGESTION they can create a blanket effect of hidden posts in which they have baited to reply to them.

Understand the tricks of the enemy and do not X yourselves out of the conversation!

These shills are here with a purpose, ask yourself how come these same shills are posting the same memes, over and over again?

This message was brought to you in part by but not limited to, Anime Smartie Snacks; The smart snack that pushes back!

no homo


Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:36:26Z No. 7238406


Shills love to post at the top of the bread without PB/LB.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:36:36Z No. 7238407


WTF is wrong with you?

Anonymous ID: 8efa61 2019-07-29 04:36:36Z No. 7238408



Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:36:38Z No. 7238409


What a happy and relaxing thought anon.

I shall go to bed tonight comfy, with a smile on my face.

Thank You.

Anonymous ID: 796e35 2019-07-29 04:36:40Z No. 7238411

Anonymous ID: 5a908e 2019-07-29 04:36:42Z No. 7238410

>>7238328 (LB)

>I am not saying you are wrong, per se, - but I am not of the opinion that "it's all just fake! Nothing really happened."

I'm not suggesting that anything is fake. I haven't seen a single photo of this event yet. But disinfo operatives and regular idiots are always shouting "fake" much too soon. I'm hoping to undercut them by giving anons a tool to see the difference for themselves. I've never looked at one of these thing and said "Nah, that's all strawberry sauce!"

The only thing that ever looks faked to me is the motive of the perpetrator.

Anonymous ID: f09f0d 2019-07-29 04:36:53Z No. 7238412

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:36:53Z No. 7238413


As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT (especially prayingmedic, in the matrix) and on TV (Hannity and other).

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and make the recent FalseFlags work by painting this board nazi ('Q is a nazi movement', 'orange man nazi').

Shills spread disinfo and slides (RR not our guys for example).

Shills spread stupid info to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …)

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills glow if you regard all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info and push shill topics (slides, muh jew).

The end for shills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.




Anonymous ID: d3d514 2019-07-29 04:37:02Z No. 7238414

witnesses on fox saying they heard 40-50 shots fired but never saw a shooter

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 04:37:06Z No. 7238415


For Baker.

Anonymous ID: ac3dfc 2019-07-29 04:37:12Z No. 7238416

Anonymous ID: c1be19 2019-07-29 04:37:18Z No. 7238417

entry wound…

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 04:37:25Z No. 7238418


Anonymous ID: 3ab98f 2019-07-29 04:37:34Z No. 7238419



Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:37:46Z No. 7238420


Anonymous ID: 287a3b 2019-07-29 04:37:50Z No. 7238421



Uh. You're WRONG. KEK!! I've spent half my life in a level I trauma OR…fuck off shill.

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:37:53Z No. 7238422

make a bun of the pics in this bread

vid shows these things and more


Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:37:55Z No. 7238423

Blood doesn’t ooze out in a SQUARE or RECTANGLE. >>7238388

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:37:55Z No. 7238424


To filter gorefag, just filter on ID. Don't filter ID+ or you won't see unrelated posts by those replying to (it).

Shills try to get you to use ID+. Very subversive. because they're dicks.

Anonymous ID: 4bf7b0 2019-07-29 04:37:56Z No. 7238425


There is no full view of his arm.

Anonymous ID: d0445f 2019-07-29 04:37:59Z No. 7238426


These notables where in odd places I am putting them here so the general board can see don't want them missed!


Epstein Temples symbolism in LA


Juan-0-Sullivan Interview (A MUST SEE!)

Anonymous ID: 75fde5 2019-07-29 04:38:03Z No. 7238428

Anonymous ID: 796e35 2019-07-29 04:38:06Z No. 7238432

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 04:38:07Z No. 7238427

Gilroy presser at 1am est

Anonymous ID: 51c395 2019-07-29 04:38:12Z No. 7238429


Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:38:14Z No. 7238430


It remains clear until the entire area (sounds big) has been cleared.

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 04:38:16Z No. 7238431

News seems rather prepared for this event

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:38:18Z No. 7238433


Thank you, Baker. I appreciate all bread . I really appreciate the discretion on title compared to last.

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:38:21Z No. 7238434



We are witnessing yet another crisis actor false flag. Unfortunately, they probably actually killed a kid to drive this one home. Coats is on his way out, putting the crucial post of DNI under white hat control soon, POTUS calls out tons of deep state\cabal motherfuckers, promises to prosecute Obama\HRC, calls attention to Fuddy murder, and what do you know, a white male with an AR shoots up a bunch of people including a baby.

Had this been in Arizona, the shooter would be incredibly dead and would require a closed casket funeral, and casualties would number from 0 to 3. But hey let's do our false flags in the states with the strictest gun control laws EVERY TIME because our sheeple are too fucking stupid to catch on.




Just like every fucking time.

Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:38:26Z No. 7238435



Always take seriously someone who ornaments posts of no net value with annoying anime cat cartoons.

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 04:38:30Z No. 7238436


I figured it was a dab from arm drip.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:38:30Z No. 7238437


Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 04:38:34Z No. 7238438


per Gilroy Police

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:39:01Z No. 7238439

gilroy presser @10

Anonymous ID: daa40a 2019-07-29 04:39:01Z No. 7238440

Our man, Trey, was with Johnny Ratcliffe on July 15th. Ratcliffe starts as the new DNI director on August 15

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 04:39:09Z No. 7238441


Anonymous ID: d0445f 2019-07-29 04:39:11Z No. 7238442



Juan-O-Sullivan Interview

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:39:11Z No. 7238443


>entry wound…

Wow that guy bleeds kool-aid i'ma dip him in a pitcher of water and get my drank on

Anonymous ID: 108bce 2019-07-29 04:39:15Z No. 7238444



Anon's filter with their minds

Anonymous ID: db4249 2019-07-29 04:39:24Z No. 7238445



THIS! Agreed.

Anonymous ID: 68ddb7 2019-07-29 04:39:29Z No. 7238446

Military deception

(MILDEC) is actions

executed to deliberately

mislead adversary

military, paramilitary, or

violent extremist

organization decision

makers, thereby causing

the adversary to take

specific actions (or

inactions) that will

contribute to the

accomplishment of the

friendly mission.

Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:39:35Z No. 7238447


>The FILTER ID+ function hides all posts who reply to them.

>By using the FILTER ID+ SUGGESTION they can create a blanket effect of hidden posts in which they have baited to reply to them.

>Understand the tricks of the enemy and do not X yourselves out of the conversation!

>These shills are here with a purpose, ask yourself how come these same shills are posting the same memes, over and over again?

This advice is shilled just about every bread.

If it's such great advice, why does it need to be shilled?

Anonymous ID: 3ab98f 2019-07-29 04:39:36Z No. 7238448



Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:39:40Z No. 7238449



Anonymous ID: 877325 2019-07-29 04:39:50Z No. 7238451


Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:39:52Z No. 7238452


Not in a rectangle…. it would be drops or there would be drops or pools

Anonymous ID: 20b8e1 2019-07-29 04:39:53Z No. 7238453



Yes, my point exactly.

I am just trying to get passed this culture of filtering what shills deem as WRONG THINK.

For so the so called "muh joo" shills who think that Muh Joo is even a part of Chan lingo.

They stick out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 04:39:56Z No. 7238454


Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 04:40:00Z No. 7238455


These people are EVIL

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:40:00Z No. 7238456


JIDF weighs in for the 6 millionth time.

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 04:40:02Z No. 7238457


It's always a blue state. Every. Single. Time.

Anonymous ID: 7c88c0 2019-07-29 04:40:05Z No. 7238458

Blame it on the wind.

Pacman is based on the "elites" secret sun.

The weather channel is not your friend.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:40:09Z No. 7238459


your assertion didn't age well.



Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:40:12Z No. 7238460


i thought you were baking, and it´s a slow bake.

you should manage to collect all relevant info re the FF, especially when called by anons…

Anonymous ID: 710312 2019-07-29 04:40:18Z No. 7238461

If there is a God Particle,

There is a God Wave,

If there is a God Wave,

There is a God Frequency,

If there is is a God Frequency,

What is it?

Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz, THz?

Do we know?

Anonymous ID: 2eba54 2019-07-29 04:40:23Z No. 7238462


Anonymous ID: df3712 2019-07-29 04:40:26Z No. 7238463


oh stop it faggot.

go back to israel and open your borders

Anonymous ID: 796e35 2019-07-29 04:40:27Z No. 7238464

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:40:30Z No. 7238465


So, it means nothing that at least one shooter is an illegal who has been deported at least once?

C'mon, man. Think it through.

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:40:35Z No. 7238466


Yup! If people were ALLOWED GUNS that wouldn’t have happened!

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:40:36Z No. 7238467


amputee, go look again at the vid.

>>7237996 lb

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 04:40:45Z No. 7238468


Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:40:55Z No. 7238469



slide the bar left to right just a lil.

watch the curve of healed amputation scar/skin

Anonymous ID: 2a32ce 2019-07-29 04:41:01Z No. 7238470

>>7238283 pb

Yeah I know. I can't relate so I don't know how to talk to him sometimes. Makes me feel like crying tbh

>>7238319 pb

>>7238338 pb

Thanks that's agood idea. I will get everyone I can. I'll have to get on social media. Family not acting very concerned. Just think he's paranoid

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:41:03Z No. 7238471


>Shills love to post at the top of the bread without PB/LB.

I'm honestly tired of the crying of phonefags. When you click a link you know what you're getting into. I put PB\LB when I remember. And when I don't, it's your fucking problem. My post was like the 8th post in the bread, if you can't tell I'm replying to PB posts I don't know what to tell you. Don't bother whining another response back at me, boomer.

I don't care about your phonefag problems

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 04:41:06Z No. 7238472


18 FBI Agents Arrive

Anonymous ID: 57da86 2019-07-29 04:41:10Z No. 7238473


>>7237999 lb

>>7238277 lb

Gore porn shill inadvertently helps prove false flag

Real gore being posted shows what real blood looks like compared to the fake blood at a FF.

see ID - 29adc3

>>7237996 lb

Anonymous ID: 710312 2019-07-29 04:41:12Z No. 7238474



Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:41:14Z No. 7238475


Stop being mean to me. You hurt my feelings.

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 04:41:21Z No. 7238476


Bleeding kool-aid= Hoax

Anonymous ID: 4a71f9 2019-07-29 04:41:31Z No. 7238477


Faggot posts same image for the 6 gorrilionth time

Anonymous ID: 6f7eed 2019-07-29 04:41:38Z No. 7238478

check this out, wtf is going on here, painting up victims.

Is this cameltoes district?

Anonymous ID: 710312 2019-07-29 04:41:40Z No. 7238479


Great observation

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:41:53Z No. 7238480


Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:41:59Z No. 7238481


Please give up on this cringey copypasta, anime faggot. You aren't reaching anyone.

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 04:42:04Z No. 7238482

Remember Las Vegas/Lombardo…. complete bullshit narratives trying to be pushed and zero accountability to the facts..

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:42:04Z No. 7238483


Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:42:05Z No. 7238484


gotta admit though

woke people up

now we just need sauce

ty for input



Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:42:21Z No. 7238485


Don't tell me what anons do you shill cunt.

You have no idea what an anon is. You're just a paid puppet with your slave-master's hand shoved firmly up your ass.

Anonymous ID: 595d1f 2019-07-29 04:42:23Z No. 7238486


>at least one shooter is an illegal who has been deported at least once?

Trump triggered him. Orange man bad.

Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:42:50Z No. 7238487


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:43:01Z No. 7238488


>Joo is even a part of Chan lingo.

I agree with Joo.

Most things you can ignore. Some can ignore gorefag. Others can't. Personally, I filter him with ID only. (NOT ID+.)

Gorefag is the ONLY shill I've ever filtered. It is way to easy to ignore everything else.

In fact, watching them writhe around in mental contortions is most of the fun here.

Anonymous ID: c3614d 2019-07-29 04:43:02Z No. 7238489


watch band

Anonymous ID: f577ab 2019-07-29 04:43:15Z No. 7238490


Chase M. Killings?


Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:43:24Z No. 7238491


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:43:31Z No. 7238492



Anonymous ID: 108bce 2019-07-29 04:43:42Z No. 7238493


triggered shill calls an Anon a shill or maybe you are just a low IQ faggot???? hmmmm

Anonymous ID: fc513b 2019-07-29 04:43:42Z No. 7238494

Last bread title was fucked up and insensitive, considering a 3 year old child was killed.

Sounds cold hearted, and sick, and not very Q like. We don't make fun of innocent people dying at the hands of sickos, only shills and cabal would do that.

Especially when MSM is looking for any reason to paint this board as violent, racist, antisemetic, etc.

Maybe baker thought it was witty or funny.

Maybe save that for in the bread and not as the title of a bread,

>Music Stopped, People Dropped, Garlic Smell Lingers! Edition

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:43:45Z No. 7238495


Anonymous ID: afb617 2019-07-29 04:43:48Z No. 7238496

live abc:

Anonymous ID: f53146 2019-07-29 04:43:50Z No. 7238497

#NorthKorea, #Israel, #China, #UnitedStates, #Russia, #Iran… in the past week have all launched ballistic (and one anti-ballistic) missiles in exercise in the past week or so.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 04:43:50Z No. 7238498


Well, fuck 'em.

They've pulled their corrupt shit so many times that


I hate to say it, because I'd like to think I'm a Christian, but I am slap out of feelings.

Feelings are a luxury we can't allow ourselves right now.

We're trying to save the country here.

We can have feelings when the job is DONE.

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:43:52Z No. 7238499


full name Bo spriggs

Anonymous ID: 537809 2019-07-29 04:43:55Z No. 7238500


Probably used a fast and furious gun…

Anonymous ID: c3614d 2019-07-29 04:44:03Z No. 7238501


watch band

Anonymous ID: 108bce 2019-07-29 04:44:04Z No. 7238502

Mossad has the kitchen

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:44:11Z No. 7238503


looks like he's wearing a watch

see it?


Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:44:18Z No. 7238504


Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 04:44:19Z No. 7238505


Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:44:27Z No. 7238506


I didn't bother me really bad, but I felt strongly enough to put my opinion (I know posting my opinion makes me a faggot) out there. WWG1WGA.

Anonymous ID: 20b8e1 2019-07-29 04:44:31Z No. 7238507

>>7238488 ##

I typically just let them spam it. but to each their own on that one.


Nice low energy meme, buddy.

And how about you explain how I am s hill instead?

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:44:37Z No. 7238508



instagram account taken down

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 04:44:45Z No. 7238509


It's all so

Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:44:53Z No. 7238510


>I don't care about your phonefag problems

WWG1WGA (except for phonefags)?

GTFO until you learn empathy.

Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 04:44:54Z No. 7238511

couple concept memes ive been messin with

raw cuts

whatcha think?

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:44:55Z No. 7238512


Have A Seat!

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:44:59Z No. 7238513


Key words: illegal + gun+ mass shooting.

We do not know enough yet to reach the conclusions you have.

Anonymous ID: 315178 2019-07-29 04:45:02Z No. 7238514


Most is just an annoyance, but the food flood almost made me snap my laptop in half for some reason.

Anonymous ID: 93a6cb 2019-07-29 04:45:04Z No. 7238515


MOS bakers leave shit out all the time put a bun in the notables thread if baker won't take it

Anonymous ID: 6a1a61 2019-07-29 04:45:04Z No. 7238516


What a snack! Great job anon! Keep on making those snackies! <333

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:45:06Z No. 7238517


nobody knows who or how many are dead

Anonymous ID: 8e1758 2019-07-29 04:45:06Z No. 7238518

Wonder Woman.

Anonymous ID: d31d4e 2019-07-29 04:45:08Z No. 7238519


Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:45:09Z No. 7238520


entry wound completely free of blood?

naaaah. your shill fu is weak.

not a wound, but a part of the belt.

BOs clown crew is trying so hard and failing so badly.

the FF was seen within minutes again by the autists!

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:45:18Z No. 7238521


>So, it means nothing that at least one shooter is an illegal who has been deported at least once?

Of course it does. But just WHAT it means, I'm not certain. It could mean the lefties are going to say Trump drove him into doing it with his muh racist rhetoric. It could mean it gives Trump ammo for cleaning up immigration and securing the border. No matter which narrative plays out (and it could be both), leftists are still going to ignore all the facts and WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL for 2 weeks for COMMMMMMON SEEEEEENSE GUUUUUN LAWWWWWSSSSS

And I'm going to reply





Anonymous ID: cb8765 2019-07-29 04:45:28Z No. 7238522

Vampires hate garlic.


These people are SICK!

Vegas is what brought me to the chans, i didnt sleep that night. Fbi anon then Q!

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 04:45:29Z No. 7238523


Anonymous ID: 5e1ad7 2019-07-29 04:46:00Z No. 7238524


God I love the horse shit monkey fuck photo/vid analysis that takes place on here after some shit goes down. I laugh so fucking hard it hurts.

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 04:46:14Z No. 7238525

The 3 year old being killed really pisses me off..

One, the media is going to try to use this to delay the plan, they know this hits on peoples emotions..

Two, emotionally it hurts me as a father.. i would be on the "warpath" if one of my children were killed.. (it gets you in the feels)

Anonymous ID: c5bb66 2019-07-29 04:46:15Z No. 7238526

This guy talks about getting “corn” before the shooting


Anonymous ID: 5b3025 2019-07-29 04:46:19Z No. 7238527


Illegals are cheaper than citizens to hire to kill…They had to have the white people for effect.

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 04:46:22Z No. 7238528


Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:46:23Z No. 7238529



Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:46:24Z No. 7238530


Alive Woman!

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:46:28Z No. 7238531


That shit doesn't even resemble blood on any day of the week

And nothing about the way it's "spread" matches up with blood coming from inside the clothing and wicking into fabric.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:46:38Z No. 7238532


if the goreanon does anything, it makes me scroll through the bread slower, so, in that way it serves a purpose?

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:46:39Z No. 7238533


Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:46:53Z No. 7238534


Anonymous ID: e277eb 2019-07-29 04:46:56Z No. 7238535

Ff af. I guess we know what the debates will be. Muh gun control. Yawn

Maybe the will spander with Spanglish

Anonymous ID: 877325 2019-07-29 04:47:01Z No. 7238536

smells like FF

>injures rural types prob Trump supporters

>blamed immediately on whitey the white man

>instant orange man bad all over twatter

>instant must grab guns and stop whitey

>instant "must be a hoax" shills all over chans AJ style, hurr durr must be kool aid

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:47:04Z No. 7238537


They can’t even get creative with the names lol

Anonymous ID: 3ab98f 2019-07-29 04:47:07Z No. 7238538


>Most is

You don’t say.

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 04:47:15Z No. 7238539



Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:47:20Z No. 7238540


Seeing a silver lining on a cloud makes the day seem much brighter.

Anonymous ID: 6a1a61 2019-07-29 04:47:28Z No. 7238541


Keep up the good work anon!

>Bonus points: You mentioned 'mind' , can you explain what you mean by that?

Anonymous ID: ef09a8 2019-07-29 04:47:37Z No. 7238542

What is a shill?

Anonymous ID: 08195a 2019-07-29 04:47:38Z No. 7238543


Reach out to people on his steam list? Maybe some were close

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:47:42Z No. 7238544


Oh, I agree that's how the left will respond.

What I am talking about are the FACTS of the event.

Has anyone seen a twat from Nunes yet?

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:47:47Z No. 7238545


665, anon

so close

Anonymous ID: ac3dfc 2019-07-29 04:47:54Z No. 7238546


The belt is worn in the wrong direction.

Maybe to do with being an amputee?

Anonymous ID: 4f30cd 2019-07-29 04:47:55Z No. 7238547

So there's a shooting on the one year delta of Q saying "Merry Christmas" at a place called "Christmas Hill"??

This whole ride is such a trip.

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:48:05Z No. 7238548


Hmmm a tie in with corn

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:48:07Z No. 7238549


>i would be on the "warpath" if one of my children were killed

Glad I live in a state where I can have a gun almost anywhere and any time, concealed or not, loaded, without restrictions as to size, type, or caliber. It means anyone looking to start shit had better get his mortal affairs in order before hand because the survival rate of people who start shit is incredibly fucking low here.

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 04:48:17Z No. 7238550


Sorry, Anon…but this Anon filters however I want to. You're a shill, and if you're not…you need to learn what Q has taught us. Think for yourself. Do not be led like sheep.

I filter by using ID and not ID+ so I only filter the offending junk.

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:48:26Z No. 7238551



Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:48:27Z No. 7238552

Press conference in about 15 min.

Anonymous ID: 315178 2019-07-29 04:48:27Z No. 7238553


Ebot's funny sometimes, and the Jimmy bot's usefulness begins and ends at the Happening Cat.

Anonymous ID: 287a3b 2019-07-29 04:48:29Z No. 7238554


Thank you for validating what I was trying to show, Anon.

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:48:31Z No. 7238555


Traditionally it was someone who got paid to post shit to change public opinion.

Here it is anyone that you disagree with.

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 04:48:42Z No. 7238556


Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 04:48:44Z No. 7238557


someone who doesnt want you to think for yourself

and is in fact paid to prevent you from doing so

Anonymous ID: 20b8e1 2019-07-29 04:48:52Z No. 7238558


Nice low energy comeback.

Looks like someone if at their last straw!

Enjoy loosing your job at shill HQ once they found you, you couldn't handle a simple animeshitposter

Anonymous ID: 2eac8d 2019-07-29 04:48:54Z No. 7238559

Ah shit, get your towels ready, it's about to go down!

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 04:48:59Z No. 7238560


Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 04:49:02Z No. 7238561


Thankfully here too…

Anonymous ID: 57da86 2019-07-29 04:49:02Z No. 7238562



Gore shill helps prove the fakeness of the FF.

Compare the real gore to the fake gore.

Anonymous ID: cb8765 2019-07-29 04:49:05Z No. 7238563


Include the end day

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:49:07Z No. 7238565


Hello, Vermontanon!

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:49:13Z No. 7238566

Baker thanks, noted!


Anonymous ID: ef09a8 2019-07-29 04:49:15Z No. 7238567



Who wants to pay me, I want to be a shill?

Anonymous ID: d013dc 2019-07-29 04:49:15Z No. 7238568



If you state an opinion that the low iq anons don't agree with or understand, you are automatically a glowing shill nigger. These types of Anons who only attack other Anons are useless and contribute nothing here. Prob former Soetero voters, just sheep.

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:49:15Z No. 7238569


>I filter by using ID and not ID+ so I only filter the offending junk.

I do a little bit of both. I filter for gore faggot and things like that. And sometimes for people (Tiresias) that annoy me, but not very often besides that. It just seems like retreating to me.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 04:49:18Z No. 7238570


Crap like that picture is why it's hard to find old-growth forests in America

I'm not a tree hugger, but damn

You ought to see pics of the wholesale whore-ish clear-cutting that went on in the Appalachians and Smoky Mountains way back in the day

Those idiots didn't know anything about erosion control

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:49:18Z No. 7238571


Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:49:30Z No. 7238572

Anonymous ID: 5922bc 2019-07-29 04:49:34Z No. 7238573


He said the park is still on lockdown

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 04:49:37Z No. 7238574


As it was intended to anon. Triggering Feelz is what it's all about. I'm a grandfather, so it gut punches me as well. Brain says however that all lies eventually come out. Whoever gave the order will pay either in this life or the next.

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 04:49:49Z No. 7238575

Anonymous ID: 57da86 2019-07-29 04:49:57Z No. 7238576


no probs.

Anonymous ID: ac115e 2019-07-29 04:49:59Z No. 7238577


The EXACT same shit "happened" in Vegas

-Injured supposedly hauled away in pickup trucks

-Zero reliable information until the masons could agree on what ritualistic and symbolic numbers to use

-Ambulances congregating at some remote and controlled "triage' facility

Anonymous ID: 7926af 2019-07-29 04:50:03Z No. 7238578


Follow the therapists

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:50:04Z No. 7238579


>Gore shill helps prove the fakeness of the FF.


Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:50:11Z No. 7238580


>Hello, Vermontanon!


Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 04:50:16Z No. 7238581


AAR and debriefing

Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:50:19Z No. 7238582


>What is a shill?

Anonymous ID: ac115e 2019-07-29 04:50:40Z No. 7238583



Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:50:41Z No. 7238584


Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 04:50:42Z No. 7238585


NEVER disrupt the enemy while they destroy themselves.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:50:43Z No. 7238586


hey BO, still thinking you got this?

leave masonry, fight for the good site.

Anonymous ID: 9ede90 2019-07-29 04:50:44Z No. 7238587


no analysis of the plates yet? kek.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:50:45Z No. 7238588



Worth a try. Keep packin'.

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:50:48Z No. 7238589


True that.

Anonymous ID: 5a908e 2019-07-29 04:50:49Z No. 7238590


Higgs particle mass: 125GeV

Planck's relation: E=hv, E=energy, h=Planck's constant, v=frequency

h=4.135x10^-15 eV/s

So 125x10^9 = (4.135x10^-15)v

So (unless I've bungles that) the frequency of the God Particle is about 3.025 x 10^25 Hz.

Your meditation bells don't go that high.

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 04:50:58Z No. 7238591


That's basically what I do. I know what might daunt me while my head is on my pillow so I filter just the really nasry.

Anonymous ID: 93e8d1 2019-07-29 04:51:08Z No. 7238592

First thing that came to my mind was this

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:51:15Z No. 7238593



Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:51:18Z No. 7238594


No garlic in or out?

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:51:21Z No. 7238595


I have thought that a cool way for you to communicate info would be to replace Google Earth images with military satellite imagery from the past that has evidence of crimes or people in locations that they shouldn't have been. (maybe I am an idiot and it's a bad idea. Just tossing it out there.)

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 04:51:21Z No. 7238596


Archive this Rawstory

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 04:51:26Z No. 7238597


Children truly are innocent, they do not deserve death like this…

I share you're feelings.

Anonymous ID: 55d51f 2019-07-29 04:51:33Z No. 7238598


does this look realistic?

Anonymous ID: 59c64a 2019-07-29 04:51:40Z No. 7238599

voodoo1 over white sands

wtf is that out there on the sand to the north

perfect circles superimposed

Anonymous ID: 2f0131 2019-07-29 04:51:53Z No. 7238600

FFS. Whether or not the Gilroy thing is real or not, it does not matter. The effect is to take over the news. It is FF in that sense. Recall this week is very likely THE week.

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:51:57Z No. 7238601


Yeah, pretty much. Night bread is pretty comfy except that we have 2 or 3 really persistent examples of this, I've finally given up on treating them like sentient humans because they are unapologetically fucking stupid.

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:51:59Z No. 7238602



youtube account

Anonymous ID: e662b3 2019-07-29 04:52:02Z No. 7238603

665 = 17 those fuckers

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 04:52:02Z No. 7238604


This guy supposed to be the shooter?

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 04:52:10Z No. 7238605


Yeah that’s weird

Anonymous ID: b89c41 2019-07-29 04:52:11Z No. 7238606



More gang related

Cali horseshit…

Anonymous ID: 2a3cae 2019-07-29 04:52:13Z No. 7238607

Epstein article in The Daily Mail mentions The Qanon community (but not Q directly), and it does so in a generally pleasant and respectful way, more or less calling us not implausible:

>The temple has been of great interest to members of the QAnon community, who had been talking about the island long before Epstein's current arrest or Julie Brown's explosive expose in The Miami Herald.

>Many members of the community believe that Epstein hid young girls he allegedly enslaved in underground rooms below the temple and other parts of the island.

>There is no concrete evidence to support that claim, but the community's belief that a famous actress was recruiting young victims for Epstein is not completely implausible.

Anonymous ID: fc513b 2019-07-29 04:52:23Z No. 7238608


That guy looks like he has on Randy pants

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:52:39Z No. 7238609



Anonymous ID: 57da86 2019-07-29 04:52:48Z No. 7238610


thx :)

Anonymous ID: 2f0131 2019-07-29 04:53:08Z No. 7238612


I thought the exact same thing from the start.

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:53:08Z No. 7238613


Anonymous ID: 97c56b 2019-07-29 04:53:08Z No. 7238614

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 04:53:08Z No. 7238615


Anonymous ID: 9cbd3d 2019-07-29 04:53:10Z No. 7238616

Chase Harlow



Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 04:53:23Z No. 7238617


Yea nothing for a few years? Weird

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 04:53:34Z No. 7238618

So what's in the news this week? Epstein is due in court on Wednesday… obviously this event was timed to hide happenings…

Anonymous ID: 20b8e1 2019-07-29 04:53:38Z No. 7238619


Have you noticed (((their))) energy is drained today?

Must be all of the anons teaming up on them.

They can't handle our numbers.

Anonymous ID: fc513b 2019-07-29 04:53:40Z No. 7238620



Medicated 24/7( sounds like the normal shooter profile)

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 04:53:43Z No. 7238621

>>7226461 pb

I wonder if they made him eat the pain…

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 04:53:51Z No. 7238622



Public image of Q warmin

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:53:51Z No. 7238623

Q A Year Ago:

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 90197e No.2326757 📁

Jul 28 2018 14:06:24 (EST)

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 90197e No.2326502 📁

Jul 28 2018 13:53:15 (EST)










































Anonymous ID: 0cf5f8 2019-07-29 04:54:00Z No. 7238624

False Flags are distractions. What are (plural) the things to be distracted from? Imagine a spider web, being tingled from several places. (((they))) have weaved a web, and our digs do a lil twang action in different parts of that web all at once. What is the greatest fear? Methinks Public Exposure so none doth walk upon the streets. No Power, No influence, assets seized. The Lifestyle to which (((they))) have become used to eliminated. What does One do when the minions turn against?

BTW, this boatfag apologizes for not being very present today, many no-notice brush fires to extinguish. So far the vessels under Watch have done nothing worth reporting but will check later.

May it always be your Hearth be warm, your belly full, your roof free of leaks, and your ears filled with laughter. So Mote It Be

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 04:54:02Z No. 7238625


…. the way it should be.

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:54:02Z No. 7238627


>Keep packin'.


Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 04:54:03Z No. 7238626


shill = clown = person not being here to help as anon of Q research, but someone that is here by force and posts disinfo, tries to make anons look stupid/racist or tries to harm Q movement in any other way.

Anonymous ID: 67e46e 2019-07-29 04:54:15Z No. 7238628


M for Manhattan no doubt

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 04:54:16Z No. 7238629



Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 04:54:18Z No. 7238630

United States v. DynCorp (suspected of human trafficking) and (misappropriation of funding from the government as GLS, Spider was its CEO at the time 2008. Flynn Bridges 2008! Q connected Cordicon…

Anonymous ID: 8903cc 2019-07-29 04:54:28Z No. 7238631


Very Smart

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 04:54:35Z No. 7238632


Those may be old underground nuke test sites.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:54:44Z No. 7238633


What no ANTFA Buds!??

Anonymous ID: b89c41 2019-07-29 04:54:45Z No. 7238634



Maybe someone

found a feds gun

and was taking

pot shots at a

sea lion…

That shit habbens

all the time in


Anonymous ID: 5a908e 2019-07-29 04:54:57Z No. 7238635


Last activity more than 6 years ago? Nah, this wouldn't be him.

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:55:08Z No. 7238636

Don't we have first responder or hospital anons that can give us some info?

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:55:13Z No. 7238637


>…. the way it should be.

An armed society is a polite society

Nearly all mass shootings occur in gun-free zones or other places where the majority of people are unarmed

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:55:17Z No. 7238638

Not 666

resist the urge to be gay

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 04:55:22Z No. 7238639

What better way to go into a debate within the confines of Detroit ….Where murders breed …. A Mass shooting ….. There will be standing ovations when they talk about Gun bans

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 04:55:28Z No. 7238640


… or blowing a possible FF out of the water, before it hits 'main stream'

i like this idea better.

makes us the news

Anonymous ID: 8e1758 2019-07-29 04:55:36Z No. 7238641


Anonymous ID: 5922bc 2019-07-29 04:55:40Z No. 7238642


Exactly, we need to keep our eyes on Baltimore

Anonymous ID: ef09a8 2019-07-29 04:55:47Z No. 7238643


to work as a shill:

He shills for a large casino.



This is For a Casino?

Because in the dictionary said only those shills are paid.

I want to work as a shill.

I need money.

I want to try this job.

Other jobs bored me.

Anonymous ID: 673f89 2019-07-29 04:55:55Z No. 7238644


misfits tattoo on left arm connects the two as same person

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 04:56:00Z No. 7238645


The group they have been sending here are nowhere near as creative as the ones they had in the past.

They are pretty pathetic these days.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:56:12Z No. 7238646


no REDRUM!??

Anonymous ID: 2eac8d 2019-07-29 04:56:19Z No. 7238647


Higgs Bosons are for Bozos!


Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 04:56:22Z No. 7238648


satanists carry things out the night


the 'holiday'

this is close enough I think.

Anonymous ID: 3a3e18 2019-07-29 04:56:23Z No. 7238649


then hit them where it hurts…pound into the normies that they [Elites] fuk and eat children.

fire is fought with fire. Set up a fire line and fire the memes off.

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 04:56:24Z No. 7238650


HIPPA prevents.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:56:25Z No. 7238651


>They are pretty pathetic these days.


Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:56:46Z No. 7238652


nice digies FFS

noted as well!

good bringing around to narrative


Anonymous ID: 06b8ed 2019-07-29 04:57:15Z No. 7238653


fuck off rainbitch

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 04:57:22Z No. 7238654


I concur. That would be a serious HIPPA violation

Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 04:57:26Z No. 7238655


If day 1 is LV then day 666 is Garlic. Learn set maths.

Anonymous ID: c7dbb0 2019-07-29 04:57:31Z No. 7238656



Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:57:32Z No. 7238657


100%. Curious what LHC actual purpose is. Altering Earth's magnetic field is one possibility I have wondered about.

Anonymous ID: d83223 2019-07-29 04:57:57Z No. 7238658


a friend shared this with me.

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 04:58:00Z No. 7238659


Right. Only the cops or DA or family can identify.

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 04:58:05Z No. 7238660


Quantum (particle) physics is bullshit.

Anonymous ID: ef09a8 2019-07-29 04:58:09Z No. 7238661


Clowns are shills?

I miss old Circus…..

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 04:58:11Z No. 7238662


There have been multiple occasions here when I have been ABSOLUTELY convinced that this is a Secret World War.

Nobody wants to say it

Very few people still alive who could describe what WWII actually felt like to those at home and away from what was really happening.

"Q" is throwing us– the curious people– hints about it.

But we just don't really know.

It's how I imagined that war feels.

All I know is we have to be strong. There's no other choice.

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 04:58:26Z No. 7238663


Explains it. Thanks. (even cops prevented? Or just medical staff?)

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 04:58:32Z No. 7238664


the numbers have been all over the place. 11, 30, 50-60. Now three dead and one was a shooter. . . this was low energy/thwarted. hopefully won't make the morning shows. where's that presser?

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 04:58:34Z No. 7238665

>>7238600 Whether or not the Gilroy thing is real or not, it does not matter. The effect is to take over the news


>>7238520, >>7238531 entry wound completely free of blood? shill fu is weak.

>>7238473, >>7238479 Gore porn shill inadvertently helps prove false flag

>>7238472 18 FBI agents arrive in Gilroy



Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 04:58:38Z No. 7238666


If that's True…I'm one Debonair Mother Fucker!

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 04:58:42Z No. 7238667

Look at all that pure EMOTION, anons

Can't you feel his panic?

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:58:53Z No. 7238668


>Curious what LHC actual purpose is.

Money laundering.

Tunnels - ellicit trafficking.

Narrative - retain the authoritative command over the false science they've invented for us.

There may be more.

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 04:58:59Z No. 7238669


Hhmmm a storm??

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 04:59:04Z No. 7238670

Never Ending Death Spiral Prt 10000000000000&7, In Which M Tawhidi Insinuates Ilhan Omar Is A Hostage:

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 04:59:08Z No. 7238671


>Quantum (particle) physics is bullshit.


Anonymous ID: 79ab28 2019-07-29 04:59:09Z No. 7238672


Hunted big game my entire life and blood is blood, human or animal, looks the same. Do an image search of big game animals harvested and you can see blood, it definitely doesn’t look like these pics. Blood is darker. But if you do an image search for big game animals and blood pay attention to how much blood you don’t see. No big game hunter let’s an animal sit and they are not able too clean them up easily, bring in high country. So why don’t you see a ton of blood in their pics? These are big animals so why is it that we see no blood, but us smaller humans have large amounts in these FF shooting pics?

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 04:59:15Z No. 7238673


regulation and restriction only impairs the law abiding citizen… California is fucking idiotic legislation….

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 04:59:33Z No. 7238674


>I hate to say it, because I'd like to think I'm a Christian, but I am slap out of feelings.

>Feelings are a luxury we can't allow ourselves right now.

>We're trying to save the country here.

>We can have feelings when the job is DONE.

I'm right there with you. On one hand I want to grieve for the dead and their families. I am also Christian. But on the other hand, many more will die if we don't solve the massive problems facing our world. Disarming ourselves does NOT solve them, it magnifies them amd makes them tens of thousands of times worse.

What we have to acknowledge here is that we are in a state of war. It's a silent war, and a covert war, but it's a war. And wars have casualties, constantly. When your enemy kills some of your people, do you give up the war, surrender your weapons, and break down crying?


"In a duel, you don't count or measure the blows, but strike as you can."

Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 04:59:45Z No. 7238675


The hospitals can give number, approximate age, gender, and severity of injury. EMS can give same, and which hospitals received patients as well as fatalities. LEO can give whatever they want since HIPPA doesn't apply to them.

Anonymous ID: 8e1758 2019-07-29 04:59:49Z No. 7238676

Games R fun!

Hunting Sounds fun too!

Anonymous ID: 93e8d1 2019-07-29 05:00:00Z No. 7238677


>loyal only to the truth. Hopefully you won’t be the last

Be loyal or you're dead.

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 05:00:12Z No. 7238678


Funniest part about HIPPA is it only silences providers. It doesn’t protect patients health information. Google steals that shit at will. (No thauth, just my supposition)

Anonymous ID: 1aaf3d 2019-07-29 05:00:13Z No. 7238679


Dang private account

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:00:16Z No. 7238680


I can tell you first hand that Baltimore is VERY corrupt and DANGEROUS, I do not deliver product to this city unless its before 12pm..

This city literally is a 3rd world shithole.

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:00:19Z No. 7238681


It would be nice if Q would go on a side tangent every so often and give us some of the secret science.

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 05:00:19Z No. 7238682


Kid doesnt look 3

Anonymous ID: 3a3e18 2019-07-29 05:00:25Z No. 7238683



Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:00:30Z No. 7238684


“green lit” Bridges? Book Deal ($$$ laundering), Working as a Unregistered Foreign Agent, Now Co-Conspirator, and A NOn-Profit! 3,2,1… where are the children?

Anonymous ID: 556518 2019-07-29 05:00:38Z No. 7238685

Did I miss the sauce on the shooters name?

Anonymous ID: a74e7d 2019-07-29 05:00:39Z No. 7238686


>Gilroy presser at 1am est

Shooting Reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

>Any moment

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:00:40Z No. 7238687


>he only got one of my family members, thankfully.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:00:46Z No. 7238688


Brown people are so emotional

Would be to their advantage to get a grip on that shit

Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 05:00:47Z No. 7238689


Anonymous ID: 8d2a49 2019-07-29 05:00:51Z No. 7238690



Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:00:53Z No. 7238691

Gilroy press conf going live momentarily

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:00:54Z No. 7238692


I believe this 0%.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:00:56Z No. 7238693


yeah, except it's not math, it's the calendar

Anonymous ID: 0a6c08 2019-07-29 05:00:59Z No. 7238694


You do realize we know that ALL shills have to post the same pic,gore,name,copypasta,etc, so that your masters can see it's you to get paid right? It's like your trademarks. You have no choice if you want your blood money. An easy way for us to see who you are and filter your asses. So obvious and stupid you all are.

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:01:11Z No. 7238695


It's been that way for a very long time, hasn't it?

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:01:17Z No. 7238696

Lulzy interview with nonplussed spic who just "saw his cousin get shot in the leg"

Lazy job, Mossad

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 05:01:30Z No. 7238697


>WWG1WGA (except for phonefags)?

>GTFO until you learn empathy.

Like I said, I do it when I remember. But it's your problem, not mine. Stop trying to get ME to fix YOUR problem. Codemonkey could change the site so that links to an outside bread are highlighted differently. How about asking him, on behalf of phonefags (which you are one and I am NOT) to make this change for your benefit?

Fix the software, not the user. Stop bitching at me.

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:01:52Z No. 7238698


HIPAA only has criminal (very rare) liability - no civil liability to people whose privacy is violation; must rely on State or other federal laws instead for (often shitty) remedy.

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:01:54Z No. 7238699


Said it was a fully automatic M4

Anonymous ID: 2a4d0f 2019-07-29 05:02:21Z No. 7238700


Who over cut, the people or the corporations?

Anonymous ID: b897ab 2019-07-29 05:02:22Z No. 7238701



6 gorillionth time

Get the gas, I'll light ze ovens

Anonymous ID: 9cbd3d 2019-07-29 05:02:27Z No. 7238702

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 05:02:31Z No. 7238703


I Don’t know all the laws that work to silence LEOs

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 05:02:35Z No. 7238704


>Has anyone seen a twat from Nunes yet?

My twitter is on lockdown for saying some unkind words to Bette Midler. Take a look and let me know what he's up to.

Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 05:02:41Z No. 7238705


Set Maths

Anonymous ID: 7926af 2019-07-29 05:02:47Z No. 7238706


Yea imagine you walk into a doctors office. You have your phone on you, the doctor has their phone on them. Oh shit was that supposed to remain confidential? Darn

Anonymous ID: b89c41 2019-07-29 05:02:54Z No. 7238707



Nother un

Wont link

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:03:15Z No. 7238708



Dressed as a cop in full camo?

Anonymous ID: fc513b 2019-07-29 05:03:18Z No. 7238709



Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:03:26Z No. 7238710


>Recall this week is very likely THE week

Worth Remembering

Wind the clock somethin somethin

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:03:30Z No. 7238711


I don't have it set up, but let me see.

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:04:09Z No. 7238712


Worse in the last 5 years..

I feel safer in camden, or the bronx, at least in those cities, its a mind your own business kinda thing..

Baltimore, folks kill each other for nothing.. its a dog eat dog area for sure.. homelessness is out of control, truckstop filled scammers and hustlers..

Port area is really going downhill..


Anonymous ID: 345d18 2019-07-29 05:04:16Z No. 7238713


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:04:19Z No. 7238714


>It would be nice if Q would go on a side tangent every so often and give us some of the secret science.

That really isn't Q's PURVIEW. kek

I hope POTUS declassifies a lot of the tech that has been known for 70-90 years, which I believe includes electromagnetic vector thrusters (explains UFO performance) and electromagnetic batteries. These two alone would revolutionize just about everything and unseat most of the cabal's power. There are more, but I'll shut my fucking mouf for now.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:04:21Z No. 7238715

>>7237996 lb, truck amputee guy video

the truck team BEFORE cam present:

two guys relaxed at back of truck

lady in truck crying quiet


guys pointing at the guy (oh, see, he is injured, bc there was a shooting, not a fake, really!)

one guys starting to do something (anything, to try to better act his role)

imo this looks fake as fuck.

not only the blood looks fake and you can even see the pattern of a roller painting it, also the guys in the back of the truck and the two ladies outside of the truck show no emotion whatsoever. however, they seem very nervous and suddently busy when the camera is present.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:04:24Z No. 7238716



Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:04:33Z No. 7238717




Anonymous ID: d38857 2019-07-29 05:04:35Z No. 7238718

Keep a look out for Masonic badges/pins on 'eye witnesses and concerned citizens.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:04:35Z No. 7238719

Why Does Every Single Person Who Is Talking To The Press Shilling For The Garlic Festival?

they all repeat a full rundown on what a family fun time it is, where it's located, etc etc

Anonymous ID: 99771d 2019-07-29 05:04:53Z No. 7238720


Robert A. Heinlein

Anonymous ID: 2a4d0f 2019-07-29 05:04:58Z No. 7238721


Nothing for five hours. He is reading up on all the charges and getting his guns loaded.

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:05:05Z No. 7238722


Is that person in the shadow smiling behind the cryer?

Anonymous ID: 7926af 2019-07-29 05:05:05Z No. 7238723


There’s a camera on every corner of Camden. the Orwellian police state exists in full force

Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 05:05:06Z No. 7238724

3 days after latest Q FF warning

Anonymous ID: 79ab28 2019-07-29 05:05:07Z No. 7238725


And btw, that was a bad shot, kek

Anonymous ID: f7c16c 2019-07-29 05:05:09Z No. 7238726

Watch "Active shooter incident at garlic festival in Gilroy, CA - KGO Coverage | ABC News" on YouTube

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 05:05:13Z No. 7238727


I 100% agree Anon.

Q has told us that. We ARE at war. And it's not just an nice little information war. It's a real war involving every branch of military. If the normies knew it we would have full panic.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:05:16Z No. 7238728



Anonymous ID: 954171 2019-07-29 05:05:29Z No. 7238729


"It's time to start harvesting this crop!"

Anonymous ID: ff27b3 2019-07-29 05:05:39Z No. 7238730

right under our noses

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:05:44Z No. 7238731


Because they want people to consider family outings and community events as terror plot pits.

Anonymous ID: f1a5d4 2019-07-29 05:05:46Z No. 7238732

Anonymous ID: c0c3fa 2019-07-29 05:05:53Z No. 7238733


Dont be a bitchfist.

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 05:05:55Z No. 7238734


I was raised by my grandparents who survived both the Great Depression and WWII. Grandma talked about how tough things were during the '30's…no money, dust bowl, heat waves, had to sleep with a gun under the pillow because of all the unemployed single men riding the rails.

Grandpa fought from North Africa to Italy. Didn't talk about it much. "Those damn Kraut 88's…."

We have it much easier, believe me.

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 05:06:10Z No. 7238735


Full Auto?

Ok who had the FFL (federal firearm license) to get it?

either way, we get who supplied any full autos, or we find out it was illegal. Heck if el Chapo had a Fast and Furious Firearm, how many are STILL out there?

These are my questions right now…

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:06:17Z No. 7238736


I'd settle for the whole nazi's in Argentina and Antarctica truth… so much coverup with that..

Anonymous ID: 2f0131 2019-07-29 05:06:18Z No. 7238737



I have been all over the west coast having lived there for a time. It has gotten worse, but gangs have been pervasive there for ages.

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:06:20Z No. 7238738


>running away from my life

sounds like hippie dave answered an ad.

Anonymous ID: 7e4dac 2019-07-29 05:06:37Z No. 7238740


Wouldn't watch because of the stupid names.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:06:37Z No. 7238741

They tried really hard today:

No arrests have been made, and police did not offer details about a possible suspect or whether there was more than one gunman at the park where the event took place. As of 6:30 a.m., police said they did not have details about the conditions of the other 11 people wounded and that the investigation as ongoing.

At least six people had been transported to local hospitals by just after midnight, with some in serious condition, a New York City fire department spokesman said earlier. He described the scene at the time as “fluid.”

De Blasio’s tweet didn’t include details about the community event referenced, but a notice on the NYC Parks website said other programming at the Brownsville Recreation Center by the playground was canceled over the weekend because of the annual Old Timers Event.

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:06:46Z No. 7238742


Food Booth Pic of Shooter being tackled by police is out there now.

Anonymous ID: b89c41 2019-07-29 05:06:50Z No. 7238743



Every fucking


has to stop him!

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:06:53Z No. 7238744



>>7238256 lb

>>7238336 lb

fake blood. amputee guys (crisis actor likely).

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:07:05Z No. 7238745


Devin's last post was 5 hours ago. Unrelated.

Hmmm……….must be following before twatting.

Anonymous ID: 2a4d0f 2019-07-29 05:07:09Z No. 7238746



Lame reply

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:07:11Z No. 7238747


Where to begin…there are so many categories to learn the truth about. Almost time.

Anonymous ID: 27c1b4 2019-07-29 05:07:23Z No. 7238748

Conspiracy no more.

Big Mike tweets a picture of his wangdoodle.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:07:33Z No. 7238749

Claudia Cowen Just Dropped the Hail Satan: Family Friendly Festival and transitioned directly into : I've even heard a Child has been shot!

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:07:34Z No. 7238750

>police tackled shooter

Anonymous ID: 929619 2019-07-29 05:07:37Z No. 7238752


ghost squad



666 days

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:07:44Z No. 7238753


So they got the patsy…

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:07:44Z No. 7238754

Exclusive | The moment the shooter was tackled by police.

Litzy Munguia took this photo while hiding under her food booth. Munguia met eyes with the shooter and then “he was shot in the head” by the police moments later.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:07:51Z No. 7238756


He picked it up in Vegas at a (FF) Fire sale!

Anonymous ID: 760d27 2019-07-29 05:07:51Z No. 7238757


Guy says he was in tactical with machine gun

Anonymous ID: 8903cc 2019-07-29 05:07:53Z No. 7238758


Twitter gives user not found for gsquadkilla666

Nothing comes up on Google search either

On another note… What's REALLY going on right now???

Anonymous ID: 00a7a7 2019-07-29 05:08:20Z No. 7238760


Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:08:21Z No. 7238761


He was shot in the head. Excellent.

Anonymous ID: 67e46e 2019-07-29 05:08:38Z No. 7238762


"ricochet from shrapnel"

laying it on pretty thick

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 05:08:42Z No. 7238763


Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:09:02Z No. 7238764


Thank you.


I though the same as soon as I looked at that still.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:09:03Z No. 7238765

sword anon about?

Anonymous ID: c1be19 2019-07-29 05:09:04Z No. 7238766


I'm not sure that's a wangdoodle…but Big Mike is big AF

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:09:05Z No. 7238767


that is what i thought as well, the lady with the basecap, but could not find a clear pic in the video and did not want to make an unsauced claim…

Anonymous ID: b897ab 2019-07-29 05:09:06Z No. 7238768


Soros shekels,

Dey gots a script & dey's auditioning for de next gun grab FF mass shooting hoax

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:09:12Z No. 7238769



2 kids now or same one?

This story says 2 gunmen…

Anonymous ID: e662b3 2019-07-29 05:09:14Z No. 7238770


and how long before Litzy dies in a car crash?

Anonymous ID: 99771d 2019-07-29 05:09:28Z No. 7238771



Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:09:55Z No. 7238773


Reminds me of those asswipes in North Hollywood shootout.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:09:59Z No. 7238774


No Pics? spoopy!

Anonymous ID: d9416f 2019-07-29 05:09:59Z No. 7238775



Yep! I employ cactus-based countermobility defensive systems on my property.


>If that's True…I'm one Debonair Mother Fucker!


Damn right. There are few civilian-legal armaments more well-spoken than the .50 BMG rifle!



Nawp, see above!


>Robert A. Heinlein

Excellent author, as worthy as Arthur C. Clarke in the SciFi genre.


>right under our noses


Anonymous ID: 2f0131 2019-07-29 05:10:12Z No. 7238776


On the 9th of August I will be in Baltimore from 10-2 in the daytime.

Anonymous ID: b89c41 2019-07-29 05:10:15Z No. 7238777

Here comes the


Anonymous ID: 8d2a49 2019-07-29 05:10:17Z No. 7238778


I would think that there are plenty of EMTs and ER workers, cops, etc. who are anons and have seen real blood/accidents/shootings, etc. that could validate what looks real and what doesn't.

What about the Praying Medic, if he is actually a medic? What does he have to say about this stuff. Real or Hollywood fakery?

Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 05:10:25Z No. 7238779



Anonymous ID: d6ff1f 2019-07-29 05:10:32Z No. 7238780


That fits with the video of the cops standing by the blow up slide with the suspect at their feet in cuffs.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:10:35Z No. 7238781



3 years old…

6 years old…


Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:10:36Z No. 7238782


no u


Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:10:38Z No. 7238783

The shooter was white - CNN exploitation.

False Flags the democrats are desperate.

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 05:10:39Z No. 7238784


The reduction of universal codes into simplest form "god"

Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:10:56Z No. 7238785


Uraniu’M’ ‘T’wo ‘FLYNN’ House has docs and timeline! Is he going to be the first Tribunal? #FactsMatter #FlynnFacts are FakeNews (never called General by Q) was caught in A STING OPERATION! Possibly OPERATION ‘BOOM’ERANG

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:10:59Z No. 7238787

His glasses broken?

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:11:00Z No. 7238786


Not really.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:11:21Z No. 7238788

Accentuate that EVERY aspect of the crime will be looked at

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:11:34Z No. 7238789


good idea to save it for future! post in notables

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:11:58Z No. 7238790

This police officer looks Masonic as FUCK

Anonymous ID: 51d61c 2019-07-29 05:12:04Z No. 7238791


Some did not like the information…

Anonymous ID: 954171 2019-07-29 05:12:09Z No. 7238792



"It's time to start harvesting this crop!"

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:12:09Z No. 7238793


first date, worst date

Anonymous ID: 3101d9 2019-07-29 05:12:22Z No. 7238794

Noticable incease in the amount of boosting of leftist twats in the last 24 hours.

The fear is real

Anonymous ID: 719b65 2019-07-29 05:12:28Z No. 7238795


ID+ is for the gorefags [SLIDE] thread!

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:12:30Z No. 7238796


Did he shoot one nigger? or spic?

Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:12:38Z No. 7238797


Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:12:38Z No. 7238798

Democrats are on the move.

Anonymous ID: fdf9f5 2019-07-29 05:12:45Z No. 7238799

Active shooter incident at garlic festival in Gilroy, CA - KGO Coverage | ABC News

Anonymous ID: 93e8d1 2019-07-29 05:12:46Z No. 7238800

Scroll down to the bottom to see all the sponsors.

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:12:50Z No. 7238801


Stick to major roads.. neighborhoods are no bueno

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:12:53Z No. 7238802


What's so funny, dude?

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:13:04Z No. 7238803

Looks very pleased.

Anonymous ID: 536c8e 2019-07-29 05:13:08Z No. 7238804


…crier taking a selfie or talking on the phone?

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:13:15Z No. 7238805


How does one look Masonic?

Anonymous ID: 79ab28 2019-07-29 05:13:16Z No. 7238806


How many women do you know with funky bulges like that?

Anonymous ID: 683e9f 2019-07-29 05:13:25Z No. 7238807

Mason LE has duper's delight.

Anonymous ID: 2f0131 2019-07-29 05:13:27Z No. 7238808


I was living in Northern Virginia when the DC Sniper was active. Got gas at the station they hit a day later. INTERVIEW ME><I AM IMPORTANT like that faggot. /s

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:13:46Z No. 7238809

Can't keep from smiling.

Anonymous ID: 1da7d0 2019-07-29 05:13:47Z No. 7238810


And he'll never see the evidence


Anonymous ID: b9e4eb 2019-07-29 05:13:48Z No. 7238811

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:13:52Z No. 7238812


Got a brother in Florida?

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:13:54Z No. 7238813

When the live stream came on, I heard nothing but background laughter.

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 05:14:02Z No. 7238814

Acting must be harder than it looks cause these crisis actors really suck hard.

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:14:04Z No. 7238815

suspect shot and killed.

witnesses say there is another

4 dead inc 1 shooter

15 injuries currently

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:14:05Z No. 7238816


vampires don't like garlic there is that



so lame

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:14:08Z No. 7238817

Anonymous ID: 848b78 2019-07-29 05:14:11Z No. 7238818


it's the part of him that thinks this is his 15 min

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:14:15Z No. 7238819


Are those pedo swirles in his badge?

Anonymous ID: 93fe14 2019-07-29 05:14:15Z No. 7238820

Just dick slappin' the bread.

Don't mind me.

Anonymous ID: 958ba0 2019-07-29 05:14:30Z No. 7238821


Bald guy has 3 hands.

Anonymous ID: 345d18 2019-07-29 05:14:36Z No. 7238822


Nadler gave the order for Gilroy today by stating “six ways to Sunday”

Anonymous ID: 0cf5f8 2019-07-29 05:14:39Z No. 7238823


Translation: There was an unexpected loud noise. the person next to me tossed their drink in the air and I got hit be descending ice from said drink. Found out the noise was gunfire and want to be in the "OMG OMG you are a survivor" club. Collect sympathy pussy but do not brag near a veteran, might get hurt

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:14:47Z No. 7238824


Muh Fale Flag….

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:14:59Z No. 7238825


Can command more money next year from coverage!

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 05:15:01Z No. 7238826


license???… doubtful… full auto is not some sort of impossible to obtain achievement…. it simply requires knowledge and tools… or… the purchase of unregistered weapons… things that cannot ever really be tracked..

Anonymous ID: 6f7eed 2019-07-29 05:15:08Z No. 7238827

any anon know how to check for active shooter drills going on?

Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:15:09Z No. 7238828


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:15:24Z No. 7238829


Other hand is from fluffer behind the tailgate.

Anonymous ID: 55d51f 2019-07-29 05:15:26Z No. 7238830


you're creepy!

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:15:26Z No. 7238831

Some of you guys are seeing what you WANT to see.

Anonymous ID: f1a5d4 2019-07-29 05:15:38Z No. 7238832

So the police chief in this video only stated one suspect but when he was mentioning the way that they shooter entered the event he persistently stated "they". He said "They could have cut through the wire." After this is said he then mentions a witness saying there might have been two shooters.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:15:47Z No. 7238833


Can't afford the good ones!

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:15:52Z No. 7238834

>Guns are not allowed in the park but, the shooters came in from the creek where guns are allowed.

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:15:54Z No. 7238835

We need a change of narrative from Baltimore.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:16:21Z No. 7238836


Ariel Zibber

cool. I love seeing an Amish journo they are

so underrepresented.

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:16:23Z No. 7238837


A reporter is helping him

Anonymous ID: 0b9298 2019-07-29 05:16:26Z No. 7238838

Anonymous ID: d66ce9 2019-07-29 05:16:39Z No. 7238839


Big Mike had more pants crotch faux pas lumps than any “XX chromosome” I know.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:16:41Z No. 7238840

>be the DS.

>have no control left. no control over the military, over trade, over the boarder, over anything.

>all you got is a bunch of cult-sheeple willing to do anything for "muh craft"

>use that people to stage a FF even when the good actors are no longer available and when the ones left are weak AF.

>frame that FF as dangerous white male terrorism, maybe even related to Q, but in any case related to the 'bad racist orange man'

>try to win in 2020 solely based on 'orange man nazi' when you couldn´t even win 2016 with a rigged election and control of the presidency.

>be fucked. know it.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:16:48Z No. 7238841


Not pedo swirls.

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:16:50Z No. 7238842




Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:16:54Z No. 7238843


Like this.

Why is duping delight always a thing, anons?

Anonymous ID: c1be19 2019-07-29 05:17:01Z No. 7238844


I live deep in occupied territory. The land of the terminal taco, where the women resemble fire plugs wearing stretchy jeans. So maybe not the best reference for what a large black man looks like in slacks.

Anonymous ID: 67e46e 2019-07-29 05:17:08Z No. 7238845


right. man i hate it when an M4 makes shrapnel. "ricochet shrapnel" is like a french german word chimera.

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:17:09Z No. 7238846


anon check this out, he lost his badge and gun!

Anonymous ID: 3b9475 2019-07-29 05:17:26Z No. 7238847

He wasn't even going to say anything about number 2

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:17:27Z No. 7238848

>>7238769 2 kids now or same one?This story says 2 gunmen

>>7238742, >>7238750 Food Booth Pic of Shooter being tackled by police is out there now. Gilroy

>>7238715 the truck team BEFORE cam present

>>7238600 Whether or not the Gilroy thing is real or not, it does not matter. The effect is to take over the news


>>7238520, >>7238531 entry wound completely free of blood? shill fu is weak.

>>7238473, >>7238479 Gore porn shill inadvertently helps prove false flag

>>7238472 18 FBI agents arrive in Gilroy



Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 05:17:34Z No. 7238849


so from what i have read/heard so far

they had him tackled to the ground already

THEN they shot him in the head?

if so, thats interesting

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:17:35Z No. 7238850


because truth is a force of nature

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:17:36Z No. 7238851



Anonymous ID: a00c06 2019-07-29 05:17:38Z No. 7238852


We had surgeryanon last bread (who anons then proceeded to school about blood, kek).

There's also a red marking on the abdomen, looks like a serious blow there. Squib, or rubber bullets?

Anonymous ID: f577ab 2019-07-29 05:17:39Z No. 7238853

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:17:42Z No. 7238854


Anyone with a Jig and a drill press can convert weapons.. EMS worker in Jersey was building 80% kits and using.the Wish Glock select fire kits..

There are a few other ways to do this besides that. But i won't be posting that…

Anonymous ID: 250290 2019-07-29 05:17:51Z No. 7238855

Sorry to be such an optimist-fag but tomorrow will be a wonderful day full of progress I can just feel it. Must be my espn or something…

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:17:51Z No. 7238856

hive mind

Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:17:57Z No. 7238859


Now why is there a Ramtha/NXViM connection via JTWILDE? Well, well, well they’re all connected!

Anonymous ID: 929619 2019-07-29 05:18:00Z No. 7238857

Comey Tweets and magically there's a FF.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:18:00Z No. 7238858

this is going to break the press

this is an masterful presser

what'll they do when they have no information?

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 05:18:04Z No. 7238860

They sure don't know much in this press conference.

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:18:08Z No. 7238861


>anon check this out, he lost his badge and gun!

reminds me of circumstances surrounding seth rich hit

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 05:18:14Z No. 7238862


I bet you look jewish as fuck

Anonymous ID: 98e94d 2019-07-29 05:18:36Z No. 7238863


Anonymous ID: 50ac4b 2019-07-29 05:18:43Z No. 7238864


Im not seeing an entry wound. This looks fake and gay. We will see if hes on the AM MSM. Easy to spot guy with missing limb.

Anonymous ID: f2e419 2019-07-29 05:18:45Z No. 7238865


Reminds me of the happy attention smile

on the coroner for Sandy Hook

Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 05:18:46Z No. 7238866


Do you get the Ochoa?

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 05:18:52Z No. 7238867


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:18:55Z No. 7238868


The reason I mentioned the pedo swirls is because there are lots of them that do have them.

Anonymous ID: 59fa7a 2019-07-29 05:18:57Z No. 7238869


There's and Eye of Ra on his star

Anonymous ID: d66ce9 2019-07-29 05:18:59Z No. 7238870


Hormone replacement therapy

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:19:03Z No. 7238871


That's not what I see, anon.

I don't think this guy is used to dealing with the national media. He looks stressed to me.

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:19:04Z No. 7238872


Something that smells worse than Baltimore..oh yeah- Garlic Murderer!!

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:19:20Z No. 7238873

Deep State classic event change the narrative with a mass shooting….

Deep State you fuckers are lame.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:19:21Z No. 7238874


Look at her shirt


Anonymous ID: 67e46e 2019-07-29 05:19:22Z No. 7238875



Anonymous ID: 05d0d2 2019-07-29 05:19:25Z No. 7238876

Chase isn’t the shooter. He’s an IDIOT SHITPOSTER.

Anonymous ID: c2754e 2019-07-29 05:19:29Z No. 7238877



Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:19:47Z No. 7238878

"Wait, these retards believe this shit?"

Officer just said "security is very good, they have wands"

Earlier, I saw them say security was really shitty and they didn't use their wands

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:19:53Z No. 7238879


S'ok. Moar evidence.

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:19:55Z No. 7238880



Will sleep better knowing I made you chuckle.

Be well, anon.

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:19:57Z No. 7238881

Any updates on the Gilory shooting? Just got on.

Anonymous ID: 1694d0 2019-07-29 05:20:02Z No. 7238882


Dresses are designed to display a beaver's tail

and not a rolling pin

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:20:04Z No. 7238883


pizza in the middle

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 05:20:19Z No. 7238884


He tweeted about 30 minutes AFTER

Anonymous ID: 2ca0ad 2019-07-29 05:20:19Z No. 7238885

Have you searched for God?

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 05:20:23Z No. 7238886


haha… yes…. but its cooler with a mill.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:20:34Z No. 7238887


Add Comey to the list of assholes who are telling us "this is who we are"


Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:20:38Z No. 7238888



Can't, adblock

Anonymous ID: 1aaf3d 2019-07-29 05:20:41Z No. 7238889

Anyone catch any of the freemasons symbols yet in interviews? Keep eyes open.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:20:52Z No. 7238890


pizza? no.

Illuminati triangle, maybe.

Anonymous ID: 55d51f 2019-07-29 05:20:55Z No. 7238891

No security cameras?! f-ing a

There are trailers for $250K for cities/counties with towers, hundreds of cameras, sensors, mics, etc.

to have just for large events like this.


Anonymous ID: 9cbd3d 2019-07-29 05:20:57Z No. 7238892

Fucking FF

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 05:21:02Z No. 7238893

Hey chief I have a question …You said they used a cutting device to get thru fence …. Well the shooter is dead he couldn’t have told ya how he got there and the other one is gone …… Sounds like a lot of surmising to me

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:21:12Z No. 7238894


Says this event made him "proud to be the chief here".

He certainly looks proud of the way it turned out

Anonymous ID: 57da86 2019-07-29 05:21:16Z No. 7238895


Must be related someway to the Baltimore cop who recently got robbed at gunpoint.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:21:18Z No. 7238896


Man, I'll bet the porn there sucks.

Anonymous ID: 5ad5a5 2019-07-29 05:21:18Z No. 7238897

>>7236972 (pb)

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:21:19Z No. 7238898




Anon have you been living in a cave?

Anonymous ID: f7c16c 2019-07-29 05:21:21Z No. 7238899

So chief says the two shooters cut a perimeter fence to gain Festival access.

Anonymous ID: 68ddb7 2019-07-29 05:21:32Z No. 7238900

Today’s mighty oak is just

yesterday’s nut that held its ground

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:21:38Z No. 7238901




Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 05:21:40Z No. 7238902


Security Cameras? he said, as if it was an odd question.

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:21:54Z No. 7238903


He said maybe. I'm not sure they know right now.

Anonymous ID: 4d5c72 2019-07-29 05:22:03Z No. 7238904

Is it Night Shift yet?

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:22:03Z No. 7238905


pressers on now. scroll up.

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:22:14Z No. 7238906


Anyone catch the jew symbolism in the interviews? Keep eyes open.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:22:25Z No. 7238908


Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:22:26Z No. 7238907


Good work grabbing those screen caps

Get plenty, and don't worry about how many times you repost them into tomorrow


Anonymous ID: b897ab 2019-07-29 05:22:36Z No. 7238909


Get learnt

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:22:38Z No. 7238910


No. Why do you ask?

Anonymous ID: f7c16c 2019-07-29 05:22:43Z No. 7238911

I husband was the president of the Maryland Seafood Festival for years and they had cameras everywhere.

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:22:47Z No. 7238912



Anonymous ID: 2a4d0f 2019-07-29 05:22:53Z No. 7238913


Right dumb

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:22:55Z No. 7238914

Odd the garlic festival dude is talking at the police press conference…?

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:23:07Z No. 7238915



why you leaving out the fact that the truck 'victim' is an amputee?

it was called lb, it was reposted and called this bread.

fuck your censorship!

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:23:37Z No. 7238916



optical illusion

Anonymous ID: 2cf2b2 2019-07-29 05:23:41Z No. 7238917


>Do we know?

The only thing that can logically fit into the equation that I can think of is the Electromagnetic Force. Which would include every frequency you listed and much moar. All the planet worship was BS, and that's what was causing people to sacrifice babies and crap. There were a lot of people worshiping Jupiter at the time Jesus was said to be alive. The Romans and Jews were both worshiping said planet "god", after the encounter between Jupiter and Saturn, which essentially freed Earth from the bond's of Saturn. But if you read correctly, Jupiter wasn't around "In the [very] beginning", so [He] couldn't have been responsible for any of that earlier stuff.

Saturn didn't "create" us. Although life "evolved" under the [then] infrared glow of a the red dwarf star. It was the "Golden Age". However, thing got really wild pretty quick. And even though there is plenty of evidence that suggests humans were far more advanced than [the collective] we give them credit for back then, the series of multiple catastrophes is the story that is told throughout the "Creation" "Myths" (which in the Bible actually extends beyond the Book of Genesis, btw). All of which the Electromagnetic Space Force was very much a part of. Also, it's the only thing that could "carve rivers and raise mountains". Along with every other bizarre claim that makes little to no sense without the right knowledge.

However, on the flip side, neither the sun nor any planet can hold true for all the listed requirements. Sure the sun plays a major role in Life's existence on Earth today, but the Electromagnetic Force is what powers the sun. Electricity is Life.

If you think about "seen and unseen", it again makes perfect sense to reference the Electromagnetic Force, You can't see the magnetic fields, but they are very real. If the voltage is high enough, we can see the electricity with our own eyes. However, space is incredibly large, and the charges spread out far enough apart to keep the particles in what is known as "dark mode" when referencing plasma. THIS is the "dark energy" and "dark matter" they've been wasting trillions of dollars to "study". All while brainwashing the masses into being oblivious about the Electromagnetic Force, through an incredible gauntlet of misinformation they've sewn into the very foundations of a variety of the "sciences".

I could talk about this for hours. But I'll stop there. Worth looking into. Huge conspiracy…

Anonymous ID: 68ddb7 2019-07-29 05:23:47Z No. 7238919

“I make the enemy see my strengths as weaknesses and my weaknesses as

strengths while I cause his strengths to become weaknesses and discover where

he is not strong…I conceal my tracks so that none can discern them; I keep

silence so that none can hear me.”

Sun Tzu

The Art of War, c. 500 BC

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 05:23:51Z No. 7238920


What symbolism Anon?

Anonymous ID: b1f9d4 2019-07-29 05:23:52Z No. 7238921


your post made me think of this

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:23:54Z No. 7238922


>why you leaving out the fact that the truck 'victim' is an amputee?

Why is it remarkable that the victim is an amputee?

Anonymous ID: 345d18 2019-07-29 05:23:55Z No. 7238923

3 x 15 = 45

Anonymous ID: f577ab 2019-07-29 05:23:58Z No. 7238924

Gilroy Police Chief speaks out after his gun, badge stolen

Thief looks like a spook. Receding hairline looks grown-in after being shaved. Tats look fake.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:24:04Z No. 7238925


<muh POTUS makes everybody racist.

Anonymous ID: fc513b 2019-07-29 05:24:05Z No. 7238926


I came across this story about the police chief. His weapon, badge and laptop were stolen from his truck a year ago.

Has a 3 min news interview. The badge they show that got stolen did not have the pedo swirls. But in video when he talks, it looks like triangles around edges( and close up did not have any triangles)

so not sure, kek

Posted May 04 2018 04:06PM PDT

Video Posted May 04 2018 04:10PM PDT

Updated May 04 2018 04:11PM PDT

GILROY, Calif. - Police in southern Santa Clara County are concerned a recent gun theft could be used to commit crimes. And, this isn’t any gun, it belonged to the city’s police chief.

“You never want to be the one on the news talking about a mistake that you’ve made that is drawing this kind of attention,” said Chief Scot Smithee, as he stood outside Gilroy police headquarters.

A 34-year Gilroy police veteran, he’s now swamped under a mountain of work, and scrutiny, following the theft of his service gun, badge, and work laptop. He said the crime happened while he was in Modesto April 27 attending his sister’s college graduation. Security officers outside were checking for weapons, so he walked back to his Ford F-250 King Ranch pick-up, and buried the police gear deep in the center console.

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:24:06Z No. 7238927


"They cut" was what he said.

SWAT was in-n-out of the creek in earlier reports.

Anonymous ID: 41a61e 2019-07-29 05:24:11Z No. 7238928



Fucking galic mafia leader

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:24:18Z No. 7238929


If you don't own the cameras you don't get to see the footage! Oh TITSorGTFO!!

Anonymous ID: 50ac4b 2019-07-29 05:24:22Z No. 7238930


Anonymous ID: 190f22 2019-07-29 05:24:24Z No. 7238931


Right? And now let's turn it over to the Executive Director of the Garlic Festival just to say a nothing.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:24:32Z No. 7238932


>But I'll stop there.


Anonymous ID: 93e8d1 2019-07-29 05:24:41Z No. 7238933


i see a vampire face

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:24:47Z No. 7238934



Gilroy badge has pyramid and eye

Anonymous ID: 1a9683 2019-07-29 05:24:48Z No. 7238935


Anonymous ID: e3bc21 2019-07-29 05:24:50Z No. 7238936


incredible research in this article

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:24:55Z No. 7238937

this the shooter?

named in presser?


Anonymous ID: e3bc21 2019-07-29 05:25:04Z No. 7238938


Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:25:08Z No. 7238939


poor kids

Anonymous ID: 0cf5f8 2019-07-29 05:25:09Z No. 7238940

G'night anons

Anonymous ID: 8d2a49 2019-07-29 05:25:09Z No. 7238941



>Nawp, see above!

Kek, The opposite of Alaska!

I know Alaska has open carry bc I was up there visiting my brother there a few years ago and went to a Summer Solstice Fest in Anchorage. Guys were there with their families and had guns holstered in their belts like the Wild West.

No problems!

Anonymous ID: 680114 2019-07-29 05:25:14Z No. 7238942


The Canadian teen killers are suspicious too. Complete with a father who didn't raise one of the murderous boys but who still goes on national TV to tearfully proclaim his boy will go out in a blaze of glory. Gee thanks for that, dad. (And I'm paraphrasing the MK-daddy's words here, but that was the gist.)

Anonymous ID: b9e4eb 2019-07-29 05:25:23Z No. 7238943

Anonymous ID: 0b9298 2019-07-29 05:25:25Z No. 7238944


Hive mind confirmed!

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:25:35Z No. 7238945


Anonymous ID: 2ca0ad 2019-07-29 05:25:57Z No. 7238946

Have you found God?

Anonymous ID: 5ad5a5 2019-07-29 05:26:02Z No. 7238947


That was Schumer, faggot. Get your kikes straight!

Anonymous ID: 4e5e7d 2019-07-29 05:26:08Z No. 7238948

Welcome to

The International EMF Scientist Appeal

serves as a credible and influential voice from EMF (electromagnetic field) scientists who are urgently calling upon the United Nations and its sub-organizations, the WHO and UNEP, and all U.N. Member States, for greater health protection on EMF exposure.

New York, NY, July 22, 2019. The Advisors to the International EMF Scientist Appeal, representing 248 scientists from 42 nations, have resubmitted The Appeal to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director, Inger Andersen, requesting the UNEP reassess the potential biological impacts of next generation 4G and 5G telecommunication technologies to plants, animals and humans.

There is particular urgency at this time as new antennas will be densely located throughout residential neighborhoods using much higher frequencies, with greater biologically disruptive pulsations, more dangerous signaling characteristics, plus transmitting equipment on, and inside, homes and buildings. The Advisors to The Appeal recommend UNEP seriously weigh heavily the findings of the independent, non-industry associated EMF science

Anonymous ID: 55d51f 2019-07-29 05:26:09Z No. 7238949

So 2nd suspect is or is not under arrest?

Anonymous ID: 250290 2019-07-29 05:26:19Z No. 7238950



I don’t know what that means and google was not any help

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:26:30Z No. 7238951


not seeing an eye…but second the pyramid.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:26:32Z No. 7238952


>named in presser?


Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:26:39Z No. 7238953


No, Nadler used it today.

Anonymous ID: a00c06 2019-07-29 05:26:43Z No. 7238954


It's a garlic clove anon…

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:26:44Z No. 7238955


Assumed still at large

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:26:45Z No. 7238956


Didn't Know He was Missing!

Anonymous ID: d66ce9 2019-07-29 05:26:50Z No. 7238957



Anonymous ID: 595d1f 2019-07-29 05:26:53Z No. 7238958


Holy Crap!! That's the most formidable Frog I've seen yet! Original art? Stolen, will revisit.

Anonymous ID: 3f57ed 2019-07-29 05:26:54Z No. 7238959


not… according to the current news

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:26:58Z No. 7238960


I was commenting on the pathetic attempt of the JIDF to deflect attention away from the obvious jew FF (more California gun control) by parodying their comment to look for masonic symbolism in interviews.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:26:58Z No. 7238961


oh, kek, now i do see the eye.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:27:00Z No. 7238962

sword anon around yet?

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:27:02Z No. 7238963


Is not. Manhunt underway.

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:27:06Z No. 7238964


look at the center of the cap stone

Anonymous ID: 01607c 2019-07-29 05:27:06Z No. 7238965


Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:27:12Z No. 7238966


NXVIM is that connected to Epstein, Disney , Marvel (PUNISHER ( (( skull 💀)) and isn’t Ramtha connected Both NXVIM / Ramtha and connected to Goode, Wilcock and Sather? Wonder who’s exactly running the psyop? [them]

Anonymous ID: 1a9683 2019-07-29 05:27:12Z No. 7238967


The words form the eye

Anonymous ID: d476d9 2019-07-29 05:27:19Z No. 7238968

[suspended] [suspended]

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:27:39Z No. 7238969

Photo Of Shooters Released:

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:27:42Z No. 7238970


you needed to weight in here with 2nd post at ~600?

try harder, disinfo shill.

masonic FF comfirmed bigly.

Anonymous ID: 93e8d1 2019-07-29 05:27:46Z No. 7238971


OH SHIT! Santa Clara Vamps!

This hospital connected to J&J somehow? They are a big sponsor.

st. louise regional hospital

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:27:52Z No. 7238972

Looks like Elijah Cummings called in the hit.

Anonymous ID: 345d18 2019-07-29 05:27:53Z No. 7238973


Nadler said it THIS MORNING

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:27:53Z No. 7238974


Anonymous ID: 250290 2019-07-29 05:27:55Z No. 7238975


Thems some bad genes roight thurr


Anonymous ID: 9330e3 2019-07-29 05:28:23Z No. 7238976


Muh bad.

Got autocorrected and f’d up my own joke.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:28:40Z No. 7238977



pizza pizza

Anonymous ID: b57a98 2019-07-29 05:28:43Z No. 7238978


good work Emiily

Anonymous ID: 5a908e 2019-07-29 05:28:43Z No. 7238979


It doesn't sound like he's even 100% sure there is a second suspect. But he has reports from witnesses that he is inclined to believe of a second person that is thought to be associated with the shooter.

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 05:28:43Z No. 7238980

Oh yes and of course they came in with a rifle …. Likethat wouldn’t draw attention … If you were going to a fair to kill people you would carry a rifle or concealed firearm …. You don’t need accuracy it’s like shooting fish in a barrel …. assault weapon again ?

Anonymous ID: c1be19 2019-07-29 05:28:51Z No. 7238981


Jumping to definitive conclusions this early is what true shills do, Mr. 20 posts

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 05:28:51Z No. 7238982

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:28:53Z No. 7238983


One could argue that the inner perimeter of the two lines of text form the outline of the eye with the triangle as the cornea/pupil.

Stretching it, but hey…these luciferians are kiddle buttfuckers.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:28:55Z No. 7238984


glitches going pop all over, anon

the canuck's kill list is very suspect too

it's a series of fucking up and failed Ops

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:29:34Z No. 7238985

We live in a sick world, frens. Some DS perpetrated, some not.

It is sometimes hard to know the difference.

It's depressing AF.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:29:36Z No. 7238986


nope, see:

Anonymous ID: 4a71f9 2019-07-29 05:29:40Z No. 7238987


Don't have to look very far. God is all of us…

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:29:58Z No. 7238988


well… fuckin decent.

i'm imagining that working. i'm likely way off though.

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:30:06Z No. 7238989


I have a collection of bad jidf memes

Anonymous ID: d291c6 2019-07-29 05:30:13Z No. 7238990


Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 05:30:15Z No. 7238991



Anonymous ID: 8903cc 2019-07-29 05:30:16Z No. 7238992

Scot Smithie

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:30:24Z No. 7238994

Fence cutting confirmed by Gilroy Police.

2nd shooter info still sketchy.

Anonymous ID: d476d9 2019-07-29 05:30:28Z No. 7238995


he cant keep getting away with it.

Anonymous ID: 8a7cc9 2019-07-29 05:30:38Z No. 7238996


Now reduce this to an octave we can hear…

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:30:39Z No. 7238997


>pizza pizza

Kinda sick when you mix the roman boy slave thing with the pizza motif.

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:30:41Z No. 7238998


Christmas Hill Park

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:30:41Z No. 7238999


Anonymous ID: fa1514 2019-07-29 05:30:45Z No. 7239000


okay you win, he's an amputee. now what the fuck does that even matter?

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:30:48Z No. 7239001


what is the percentage of amputees in society?

what is the percentage of amputees amongst crisis actors?

got it?

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:30:50Z No. 7239002

OK, so we got a false flag with some fatalities today in California.

What's the back story?

What are they worried about happening in the immediate future?

Declas, either partial or full?

We know these things happen when they're desperate to create distractions.

What's next on the prospective timeline

Anonymous ID: a00c06 2019-07-29 05:30:57Z No. 7239003


Just got in. And that was clearly a joke anon.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:31:05Z No. 7239004


and the victim is an ACTOR.

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 05:31:21Z No. 7239005


It’s a watch that defines the “stump” it’s on his wrist and his thumb/hand is visible before and after this frame.

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:31:26Z No. 7239006

Really glad the go to the top link has finally been moved to the left.

Hot wheels screwed up.

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 05:31:38Z No. 7239007


That’s right on …. Delay what’s coming …. RBG funeral soon

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 05:31:43Z No. 7239008


No Anon…We did not create ourselves and we are not God. But we certainly do need God. And thank God, He answers us when we call on Him.

Anonymous ID: 8903cc 2019-07-29 05:31:43Z No. 7239010


Anonymous ID: 7e4dac 2019-07-29 05:31:44Z No. 7239009



Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:31:47Z No. 7239011


image compression so high its hard to tell

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:32:05Z No. 7239012


Less to Kill! Less points!

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:32:07Z No. 7239013


I see where you're going and it is valid for digging. Not sure I'd agree it should be a notable.

Anonymous ID: c5f067 2019-07-29 05:32:10Z No. 7239014


Thor Frog wins rather have that than JEW THOR uggg

Anonymous ID: 7b0512 2019-07-29 05:32:14Z No. 7239015

>>7238922 Impact/Control

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:32:15Z No. 7239016



I didn't even see that eye!

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:32:15Z No. 7239017

We know that the Gilory shooting is BIG news right now.

Anything BIG happening on the east coast?

Anonymous ID: 50ac4b 2019-07-29 05:32:27Z No. 7239018


Las Vegas all over again. Up is down. Down is up. One shooter two shooters three shooters. One….I'm sick of these fuckers.

Anonymous ID: 1694d0 2019-07-29 05:32:32Z No. 7239019

15 injured and 3 dead

Yet the Red Cross calls for blood donations or cash funds

Wow just wow at their nerve

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 05:32:36Z No. 7239021


Some more data on

Louis Grubeck Jr. 36

Anonymous ID: f53146 2019-07-29 05:32:37Z No. 7239020

Anonymous ID: 59fa7a 2019-07-29 05:32:48Z No. 7239022


He's got that alien or robot look to him, like Zuckerberg.

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:32:49Z No. 7239023

Really glad the go to the top link has finally been moved to the Right.

Hot wheels screwed up.

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 05:32:51Z No. 7239024



I disagree anon

==not an amputee=

It’s a watch on his wrist that defines the stump thumb/hand visible in video peeking from behind the rim of truck bed.

Anonymous ID: a970e2 2019-07-29 05:32:52Z No. 7239026

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:33:01Z No. 7239027


Me too.

For the longest time, I have been taking their memes so I can fix them and shove them up their asses.

← This is the latest one, but I have lots moar.

Anonymous ID: a00c06 2019-07-29 05:33:11Z No. 7239029


Chekked. It might have helped the shooter pick him out. If it's a real shooting then the shooter is going to have an egomaniac sense of superiority.

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 05:33:13Z No. 7239030


>666 days since Mandalay Bay

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:33:27Z No. 7239031


Yeah I thought I saw that until y'all pointed out the triangle in a pic. It definitely looks like the CBS style eye.

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 05:33:29Z No. 7239032


Person tackled by cops but then says he was shot in the head….???? Which? Tackled or shot

Anonymous ID: 17ac78 2019-07-29 05:33:30Z No. 7239033


Too many cops are masons. Military too. Grampananon hated it because they would not disobey higher rank mason even if higher rank military.

Anonymous ID: bf501e 2019-07-29 05:33:31Z No. 7239034

What kind of fence is at the Gilroy Garlic festival? What special device did he use to get in and surpass security / metal detectors?

Also, no security cameras for a 4,000+ attendance? Hmm

Anonymous ID: d291c6 2019-07-29 05:33:32Z No. 7239035



Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 05:33:34Z No. 7239036



4 dead including suspect accord to chirpy chief.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:33:36Z No. 7239037


You really don't want us looking for amputee actors, do you?

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:33:44Z No. 7239039


Years later…. Investigation complete - we'll never know anything about suspect.

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 05:33:52Z No. 7239040


Any Planefags on duty?

Anonymous ID: 2ca0ad 2019-07-29 05:33:55Z No. 7239041

Anonymous ID: 7e8d68 2019-07-29 05:33:57Z No. 7239042


And she locked eyes with him from that distance?

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:34:10Z No. 7239043


any anons on from last morning / early afternoon



here we are with another DK

Anonymous ID: 23dc80 2019-07-29 05:34:12Z No. 7239044

If the shooting at Gilmore Garlic Festival is a false flag event, they may have selected it because it was located at Christmas Hill Park. Talk about symbolism.

Anonymous ID: 57ecb5 2019-07-29 05:34:14Z No. 7239045

Mueller was so bad and Cummings taking heat. Need a "Christmas in July" gift to get narrative back. Is the giveaway that it makes too much sense? Tells anyone who needs to know to not look too hard without any means of connection, or other operators be on the look to help get an operator out. Of course leave the patsy to "settle the dust".

Anonymous ID: d66ce9 2019-07-29 05:34:24Z No. 7239046


Taken down. Not on twitter

Anonymous ID: adb8a4 2019-07-29 05:34:25Z No. 7239047

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:34:34Z No. 7239049

Look for more false Flags from the democrats in California.

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:34:37Z No. 7239050


given that this is now confirmed a FF and the guys are crisis actors, being an amputee is a thing now so uncommon amongst crisis actors.

Anonymous ID: 3acefb 2019-07-29 05:34:38Z No. 7239051

Anonymous ID: 4a5518 2019-07-29 05:34:52Z No. 7239052

Police chief's hair is retarded.

Anonymous ID: 81be86 2019-07-29 05:34:53Z No. 7239053



Gilroy PD Chief Scot Smithee background

Confirmed masonic ties – Rotary Club Pres

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 05:34:54Z No. 7239054


I can just see the hand. Look wherever you want anon. I think it’s a waste of time. But do it.

Anonymous ID: 17ac78 2019-07-29 05:34:59Z No. 7239055


Boston bombing had amputee crisis actors.

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 05:35:01Z No. 7239056


sorry anons… got pictures mixed.

Here's what I wanted to post sorry.

Sauce as posted by anon at -> >>7239021


Anonymous ID: 79ab28 2019-07-29 05:35:02Z No. 7239057


The dead don’t need blood

Anonymous ID: e87c30 2019-07-29 05:35:11Z No. 7239059


Anonymous ID: e3b95e 2019-07-29 05:35:12Z No. 7239060


muh bois in de hospital but I b twattin instead of being at his side


Anonymous ID: f2e419 2019-07-29 05:35:19Z No. 7239061

This Anon is going to bed but before I go


please lets get these monsters

before school starts.Many of us see these FF

and are dreading school starting again.

Anonymous ID: c3614d 2019-07-29 05:35:19Z No. 7239062

False Flags can have real victims

don't jump to conclusions before all evidence is in

The bright red blood is indicative of blood that has hit oxygen. Grazed wound may be bright red. A direct gunshot wound to the gut with concentrated blood would likely be a deep red burgundy color as it hasn't had time to be oxygenated.

As blood dries it becomes a darker rust color

I think the squarish blood pattern on the guys pants is weird. And I don't know how that happened. Definitely suspicious.

Anonymous ID: 287a3b 2019-07-29 05:35:23Z No. 7239063


SurgeryAnon here…doesn't look real to me. It could be mercurochrome. The blood pattern is weird too…like they used a dropper in a line and dripped down.

Anonymous ID: 8d2a49 2019-07-29 05:35:42Z No. 7239064



Thanks for that.

I just signed on after being out all day.

I'll go to last bread and take a look see.

Just playing catch up right now.

Anonymous ID: e244bb 2019-07-29 05:35:42Z No. 7239065


All quiet in Pennsylvania besides this.

We had this today, which doesn't suprise me..

Our little city has a large gang problem.. corrupt city folk too… recent gang hit involving a nightclub and AR15s

Anonymous ID: e3bc21 2019-07-29 05:35:43Z No. 7239067


anons i beg you to read this

the connections are everywhere

branson, bezos, biden…. and more

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:35:45Z No. 7239066

>>7239034 Covered in Garlic and tomatoes…didn't see nuthin!

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:35:46Z No. 7239069


(from link)

The off-duty police officer who committed suicide Saturday on Staten Island was a sergeant assigned to the NYPD’s transit unit, officials said.

Sgt. Terrance McAvoy, 30, was found dead inside his New Dorp home with a gun near his body. He is the seventh NYPD officer to take his own life this year. Four officers killed themselves just last month.

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon tweeted his condolences Saturday night, stating that “another tragedy has claimed a member of the finest far too soon.”

The high number of suicides has led the department to take a hard look at resources available to officers.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan last month encouraged officers to seek mental health counseling if they were having suicidal thoughts, and said they would not risk losing their jobs if they did so.

The department’s Employee Assistance Unit, Early Intervention Unit, Chaplain’s office and the Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance, known as POPPA, offer services. Members of the NYPD needing help can reach the EAU at (646) 610-6750. POPPA can be reached at (888) 267-7267.

Anonymous ID: f70fdd 2019-07-29 05:35:47Z No. 7239070

Metal dectors mentioned… enter federal contract for OSI systems/Rapiscan/Morpho… and

OSI stock flies once again…. also Chertoff / OSI merger should be coming about soon… interesting calls for national security/public safety measures.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:35:55Z No. 7239071


>If the shooting at Gilmore Garlic Festival is a false flag event, they may have selected it because it was located at Christmas Hill Park. Talk about symbolism.

Gilmore is in BFE. There's literally nothing there. The reason they have the garlic festival is because it is the ONLY THING THERE.

Point being: The reason the police chief is probably so happy to get his 15 minutes of fame is because he thinks he just hit the 'big time' with this event. Makes sense he's giddy. Now…is it because he's gonna get lots of browneye points with his masters?

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:35:56Z No. 7239072


We all know it's a mossad gun control op.

Nice try, tho.

Anonymous ID: 50ac4b 2019-07-29 05:36:01Z No. 7239073


Look here not there….Drops delayed until Tuesday perhaps?

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:36:12Z No. 7239074


Holy Moly

I remember the glass dropper too!

Anonymous ID: 683e9f 2019-07-29 05:36:23Z No. 7239075


This is true.

Anonymous ID: f18b1c 2019-07-29 05:36:23Z No. 7239076

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 05:36:48Z No. 7239077


A very high percentage of service academy grads go on to become Masons. Far less prevalent among ROTC grads.

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:36:53Z No. 7239078


>>7238992, >>7239010 Gilroy police chief diggz

>>7238901 Gilroy badge has pyramid and eye

>>7238769 2 kids now or same one?This story says 2 gunmen

>>7238742, >>7238750 Food Booth Pic of Shooter being tackled by police is out there now. Gilroy

>>7238715 the truck team BEFORE cam present

>>7238600 Whether or not the Gilroy thing is real or not, it does not matter. The effect is to take over the news


>>7238520, >>7238531 entry wound completely free of blood? shill fu is weak.

>>7238473, >>7238479 Gore porn shill inadvertently helps prove false flag

>>7238472 18 FBI agents arrive in Gilroy


Anonymous ID: 4e5e7d 2019-07-29 05:36:56Z No. 7239079


5G is War on Humanity

UN Staff Member Claire Edwards Speaks Out! - 5G Is War on Humanity

January 04, 2019

in the references #10 is of note:

FCC Chairman on 5G: "We won't study it, regulate it, have standards for it."Youtube. June 20, 2016. Accessed January 1, 2019. Notes in video: Ultra-high frequency radiation (24 to 100 GHz or more); aimed and amplified signals; massive deployment of towers; worth billions; no standards, no testing; sharing with satellite and military operations; all areas (including rural areas) to be saturated with radiation; all local deployments to be fast-tracked; everything to be microchipped.

Anonymous ID: d3f612 2019-07-29 05:36:57Z No. 7239080


FUck off, it would have been browning from drying out.

Anonymous ID: d366b2 2019-07-29 05:37:03Z No. 7239081

So, 2 FF stopped today? Or maybe more? idk, i think that's winning

Anonymous ID: 877325 2019-07-29 05:37:03Z No. 7239082


why the all caps ARE

Anonymous ID: 92156e 2019-07-29 05:37:15Z No. 7239083

The shooter was a Trump hater.

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:37:16Z No. 7239084

Oh man, look at "Chase Harlow's" Facebook pics

Just lots of pics of his drugs

Dozens of them, remarkable

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:37:20Z No. 7239085


Yup! They are trying to make us focus on this event.

Maybe to lose tabbes on the Pedo Lord himself? idk

Anonymous ID: 6d3d01 2019-07-29 05:37:24Z No. 7239086



he's got a DK on his neck

93DK one decode was to Shell Mex House, London. Anyone member? OTO-Masons.

Anonymous ID: 617674 2019-07-29 05:37:31Z No. 7239087 LLC 501(c)(3)

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:37:34Z No. 7239088


Anonymous ID: 17ac78 2019-07-29 05:38:11Z No. 7239090


Gpa was very high up. Pops for his age before moving on. Both ROTC but oldfags….kek

Anonymous ID: 4484a9 2019-07-29 05:38:11Z No. 7239091


Too many tentacles. They can't possibly hope to divert all anons attention.

Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:38:34Z No. 7239092

As soon as we started to appreciate goreshill for his diagnostic value, he skeddadled. or did I filter him this bread?

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:38:37Z No. 7239093


the thing with a staged FF and fake blood crisis actors is, you do not need a gun.

Anonymous ID: 7e4dac 2019-07-29 05:38:41Z No. 7239094


Would like to have some of that.

Best antiseptic in the world. Probably went through 10 bottles in my youth.

Is it still sold? more than likely not, has Mercury in it.

Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 05:38:56Z No. 7239095


Christmas in July? I've heard anons mention this days ago or weeks.

Anonymous ID: dd1d94 2019-07-29 05:39:02Z No. 7239096


Anonymous ID: a00c06 2019-07-29 05:39:06Z No. 7239098


Yeah sauce, definitely on that one.

Anonymous ID: be55a3 2019-07-29 05:39:16Z No. 7239099

Dark to light

Anonymous ID: 268815 2019-07-29 05:39:28Z No. 7239100

wonder why Nunes twitter getting shilled so hard. no i don’t. i know why

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:39:32Z No. 7239102




Anonymous ID: b625cf 2019-07-29 05:39:32Z No. 7239103


as in Christmas "park" in July?

Anonymous ID: 6e8f5b 2019-07-29 05:39:36Z No. 7239104

Cut thru a fence ? That’s why we build WALLS

Anonymous ID: 683e9f 2019-07-29 05:39:41Z No. 7239105

This is the FF that needs to be exposed.

I'm sure our agency has everything they need to make this backfire spectacularly ala smolett.

Do it Q!

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:39:55Z No. 7239107


got a case in the bunker..not produced in Us any longer!

Anonymous ID: 1694d0 2019-07-29 05:40:04Z No. 7239108


Perhaps goreshill could not take the real stuff LOL

Anonymous ID: 17ac78 2019-07-29 05:40:09Z No. 7239110


WOrd….That is why so much corruption. Needs to be banned. NO secret societies.

Anonymous ID: 72faf9 2019-07-29 05:40:11Z No. 7239111

Trump supporters don't do mass shootings.

Clearly the democrats in California are pissed off.

Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:40:17Z No. 7239112


Family released the identity of the kid to the news? Really? In hours?

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:40:20Z No. 7239113


New York Block Party shooting and now a shooting in Gilroy? Hmm..

Middle states "next" for a mass shooting?

Eyes and ears open/listening anons.

Be safe out there. <3

Anonymous ID: 3ec1af 2019-07-29 05:40:26Z No. 7239114

Hi Q love you and potus , I don't understand why we can't take back the house. Inpeachmemt of our President theirs not enough letters in the alfabet too hold Americans back

Anonymous ID: fa8c27 2019-07-29 05:40:27Z No. 7239115


This is not what our forefathers wanted. Not police and certainly not satan-worshipping police.

Just go down the list. If you're a mason, GTFO. If our auditors die in the process, YOU die in the process.

Anonymous ID: 090f14 2019-07-29 05:40:37Z No. 7239116


Never trust a Ring Knocker.

Anonymous ID: ef44cd 2019-07-29 05:40:37Z No. 7239117

What plea deal is Q talking about?

Anonymous ID: b897ab 2019-07-29 05:40:40Z No. 7239118



He shoulda hid the insurance folder in his shnozz,

stupid kike.

Too late the goyim know & the deep fakle gaslighting campaign cannot defend the HRC


Indefensible, captured in raw format with all the metadata a first grade photofag could vet.

Anonymous ID: 4a71f9 2019-07-29 05:40:43Z No. 7239119


The "Fake" (or programmed) shooter was a "Fake" Trump hater

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 05:41:09Z No. 7239122


Or stage blood. I'm familiar with it and it looks the same.

Anonymous ID: 07d711 2019-07-29 05:41:13Z No. 7239123

What is the Keystone??? I have an idea, Anons….I stubbled across this information and it is remarkably earth shattering when considering the present time and God's teaching. I have often felt Q's post seem prophetic in nature and his/her use of symbolism is eerily similar to the symbolism used in the Bible.

Stay with me…I am NOT saying Q is God, so stop rolling your eyes. I can tell you I was raised Catholic but since 2012 I had this weird thing occur to me every time I attended mass. I felt extreme disdain for the priest and even suffered bouts of nausea during the sermon but what I found even more concerning was my intense hesitation to partake in communion.

I remember when I met our new priest (name not mentioned here) that, I can only explain it as, I could see his shadow…..What was particular about this is I never made this known bur I do recall his recoil when our eyes met. There was a darkness that I couldn't put my finger on…but he knew I knew it was there. He even once told my spouseAnon that our kidAnon was snoring during mass as an alter server and he didn't tell me because "your (spouseAnon) scares me." WTH???

Fast forward…it is now known that he had committed sexual assault of two kids at his previous Parish and instead of he being punished he was moved to my Parish. Sooooo….I had actually left the church before this all happened but I left nonetheless because of my inability to stomach mass or disgust in taking communion and I felt I needed to step away to try and understand this.

Back to Q…He speaks prophetically and his "future unlocks past" relates directly to the Bible and how it was written using symbolism to allow for us, God's people, to make sense of it at a later time due to the knowledge of the Antichrist having domain over the Bible and if it were said clearly, it would have most definitely been changed and the truth from us never revealed.

So…This information I stumbled on shows how, with the Bible, symbolism creates the map and the future unlocks the past (God's prophecy).

It is clearly referenced in the Bible a distinction between Satan and the Beast…So, what is the "Mark of the Beast" if it isn't Satan (ie. satanic symbols). So, we all know who Satan is and that Satan was the worshipped god of the Pagans, and we know Pagan symbols are clearly evident in the Christian churches (namely Catholic ones more so), and we know now that the Catholic Church is highly involved in Black Masses/Satanism/Human Sacrifice.

The Bible symbolism says the Beast is a "kingdom" and the anti-Christ will be a "king" who will claim to be Christ on Earth. Unlocking the symbols in the Bible tells us the anti-Christ is the Papal Church of Rome which is the Roman Catholic Church.

The information I am linking below is eye-opening and I think the KEYSTONE could be interpreted of many things Q has led us to…but the Bible clearly states that the removal of the anit-Christ will lead to the coming of Jesus again…The survival of the world requires the ULTIMATE keystone to free us from enslavement and return us to God.

Q- any input on this would be nice…I am convinced you are being guided by a power beyond this earth as your guidance to Anons seems to be parallel to the guidance of God via the Bible. I want to thanQ for everything because the light shines brighter everyday and my heart less heavy. I want you to know….and please tell POTUS too…God's work is hard work and it never goes unnoticed by me the risks and sacrifices made for me…an no name, no face, Anon :)

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:41:16Z No. 7239124


They want the publicity so wrongful death attorneys beat down their down and compete to take their case.

Anonymous ID: 50ac4b 2019-07-29 05:41:20Z No. 7239125



He looks like a tranny. That dude looks like a lady.

Anonymous ID: adb8a4 2019-07-29 05:41:26Z No. 7239127


Just over a month ago, there was an active shooter drill nearby Gilroy

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:41:27Z No. 7239128



Anonymous ID: f57c46 2019-07-29 05:41:44Z No. 7239130

Cali does the worst FF's. It's like they don't even care.

Anonymous ID: 73def2 2019-07-29 05:41:46Z No. 7239131



Most likely AWAN’s pleas deal.


Anonymous ID: cc30ff 2019-07-29 05:42:13Z No. 7239134


>They want the publicity so wrongful death attorneys beat down their down and compete to take their case.

You'd have to be a VERY fucked up parent to think about anything like that this early after losing a child.

Anonymous ID: 783917 2019-07-29 05:42:14Z No. 7239135


lost me at the typo.

good luck next time.

Anonymous ID: 563c54 2019-07-29 05:42:15Z No. 7239136


What they're leaving out is he's not breathing heavily from shock like he should be.

Anonymous ID: 526cf3 2019-07-29 05:42:16Z No. 7239137

So, 2 mass shooting in US alone within a day of each other.

Any over seas fags that is non-US have a big event happen and is not being reported in the news?

Anonymous ID: 22be96 2019-07-29 05:42:17Z No. 7239138


Anonymous ID: 7e4dac 2019-07-29 05:42:33Z No. 7239139


Go Fund Me coming soon.

Anonymous ID: f577ab 2019-07-29 05:42:33Z No. 7239140



of COURSE there was. DUH!!

Anonymous ID: 6b170c 2019-07-29 05:42:38Z No. 7239142


We can't get enough of the demoncrats in one place in order to pick-off any of them! look at their rallies even they think they suck!

Anonymous ID: fee56f 2019-07-29 05:42:43Z No. 7239144


Even the losers are winners in Cali.

Anonymous ID: a88d14 2019-07-29 05:42:44Z No. 7239145


Grabbed the link Anon and will read it. Thanks.

Anonymous ID: 3acefb 2019-07-29 05:42:46Z No. 7239146

Anonymous ID: c3614d 2019-07-29 05:42:49Z No. 7239147


YOU fuck off dickwad

it depends on the timeline.

Ive been around a lot of blood

Are you strong enough to take in all info and make an assessment on all the facts or do you need to shut down all dissent like a faggot liberal.

You satisfying your confirmation bias isn't the goal. Finding the truth is

Anonymous ID: 5c50b5 2019-07-29 05:42:51Z No. 7239149


Technology has fucked your sense of time and space.

Anonymous ID: ad8a31 2019-07-29 05:42:55Z No. 7239150





Anonymous ID: 6c1b23 2019-07-29 05:42:56Z No. 7239151


Huge connections China owns Gilroy ALL Garlic!!!! China uses prisoners in China, to peel garlic with their mouths, possible STDs to unsuspecting consumers. Netflix ‘Rotten’ exposes them!

Anonymous ID: fa8c27 2019-07-29 05:43:04Z No. 7239153


> I don't understand why we can't take back the house.

We can't take back the House because it pleased President Trump to allow the Democrats to steal it.

The joke is on him if they steal 2020 too. Then they'll kill him.

Anonymous ID: d7ca82 2019-07-29 05:43:05Z No. 7239154


I had my eye on the Toyota Ampitheater, (Yuba County) since they had a drill last week

Anonymous ID: 3b9475 2019-07-29 05:43:07Z No. 7239155

More victims from shooting. Fyi Blood

Anonymous ID: b14458 2019-07-29 05:43:12Z No. 7239156


My knees were orangey-red in most pics during my childhood

That stuff burned like fire

Nobody come at me with Campho-Phenique, either


Anonymous ID: 250290 2019-07-29 05:43:12Z No. 7239157


No but she will

Anonymous ID: 4d7fd2 2019-07-29 05:43:15Z No. 7239158


barely moving at all.