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#10167: Q- Durham, Second Revoluiton Anyone?! Edition

#10167: Q- Durham, Second Revoluiton Anyone?! Edition Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:23:49Z No. 7944014

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Tuesday 01.28.2020

>>7943955 ————————————–——– Where is the rally held tonight?

>>7943347 ————————————–——– You have more than you know (Cap: >>7943572)

>>7943219 ————————————–——– Those who were once protected are no longer.

>>7942926 rt >>7942819 ————————— Play a game of 'Where Are They Now?'

>>7942766 rt >>7942692 ————————— Having fun yet?

>>7942595 ————————————–——– Important (Cap: >>7942660)

>>7942579 ————————————–——– Confirmed

Thursday 01.23.2020

>>7893008 ————————————–——– State_funeral. (Cap: >>7893152)

>>7892407 ————————————–——– Worth following. [precursor] (Cap: >>7892421)

>>7891764 ————————————–——– The Great Awakening! (Cap: >>7891793)

>>7890949 ————————————–——– Worth remembering. (Cap: >>7891061)

>>7890598 ————————————–——– Rubber bullets sting but do not last.

>>7889793 rt >>7889726 ————————— Article lacking source doc (Caps: >>7889823, >>7889876)

>>7889726 ————————————–——– Correction will be needed: ALL SURV re: POTUS [hops] (Caps: >>7889743, >>7890195, >>7890255, >>7890381)

>>7889231 ————————————–——– Corrupt [D]s fighting for their lives to keep media/gov focused on POTUS. (Cap: >>7889367)

>>7886759 ————————————–——– Congratulations, UK Patriots! Globalism dead? (Cap: >>7886825)

>>7884140 rt >>7884113 ————————— "What storm, Mr. President?"

>>7884016 ————————————–——– Does Durham want to hold [freeze] 'public' declas due to criminal nature of the probe(s)?

>>7883925 ————————————–——– Truth and facts will prevail. (Cap: >>7883960)

Wednesday 01.22.2020

>>7878541 ————————————–——– Castle clean.

Tuesday 01.21.2020

>>7867006 rt >>7866980 ————————— [SEC] server re-routes create delays. [F]

>>7866867 ————————————–——– Delta? (Cap: >>7866983)

>>7866857 ————————————–——– They are attempting to protect themselves from prosecution.

>>7866851 ————————————–——– Leverage (control) dictates how far you rise within the [D] party (Cap: >>7867380, >>7867026)

Monday 01.20.2020

>>7864137 ————————————–——– Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. (Vid: >>7864144)

Sunday 01.19.2020


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>>7943458, >>7943528, >>7943670 Fly Eyes

>>7943908 Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Tues Jan 28 2020: page 3 Cippolone, McConnell


>>7943535 Summary of what is known about, and sauces on, Kobe Bryant chopper crash

>>7943537 Durham boat crossing, NJ/Potus rally NJ

>>7943621 Airbus settles corruption probe for €3.6bn


>>7943515 Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Tues Jan 28 2020: page 2 Sekulow

>>7943456 Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Tues Jan 28 2020: page 1 Cippolone, Philbi

>>7943955 #10166


>>7942557 Fly Eyes

>>7943161 EQ close to Gitmo!

>>7943158 USGS upgrades to 7.7


>>7943002 7.3 EARTHQUAKE IN Jamaica

>>7942763 Caught before Wikipedia's edits/Lieber

>>7942692, >>7942790 Q'd Potus/ 0 Delta

>>7942689, >>7942702 Potus twat caps


>>7942660 Q cap

>>7942573 Pentagon's deep dysfunction exposed by 30 years of financial failure

>>7942540 Central Banks Have Made Markets So Fragile, Liquidity Premiums Are Now Negative

>>7942520, >>7942574 John Durham, Head of Probe Into Russia Investigation, Appoints New Criminal Chief

>>7943212 #10165


>>7942145, >>7942201 Fly Eyes

>>7942370 9th Cir. 7-4 just rejected Arizona's ban on individuals collecting "early ballots" of others ("ballot harvesting").

>>7942347 Innovation Propels Nuclear Power on New Trajectory

>>7942232, >>7942281 Enter Jared Cohen, Q #1024

>>7942161 Potus Israel twat cap

>>7942134, >>7942219 Bill Gates funded the PIRBRIGHT institute, which owns the patent on coronavirus/ Crafted Corp Rebuttal

>>7942077 Official Peace deal full text

>>7942067 Hong Kong to halt all rail, ferry links with mainland over virus

>>7942065 Ct. man out on bail for murder commits suicide

>>7942018 Killary has the "urge" to defeat Trump in 2020

>>7941922, >>7942005 Russian foreign intelligence chief discloses names of 7 unaffiliated undercover agents

>>7941966, >>7942045 In Guantanamo testimony, CIA waterboarder says he threatened to cut 9/11 mastermind’s son’s throat

>>7941964 Coronavirus bun

>>7941937, >>7941960, >>7941999, >>7942000 @USNavy Seeing success firsthand

>>7941931, >>7942322 Vision for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan/Peace to Prosperity

>>7941898 @USMC Icee You

>>7941890 Q107 [Marker]

>>7941862 New Zealand’s Role at the Biggest US Bombing Base in the Middle East

>>7941760 Don Jr now calling out CNN

>>7942435 (You) #10164

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Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:25:34Z No. 7944039


Anonymous ID: 323e7c 2020-01-28 20:26:08Z No. 7944040


You going to be there? E

Anonymous ID: 9622ce 2020-01-28 20:26:09Z No. 7944041



DEVELOPING: Some high-rises being evacuated in Miami after 7.7M earthquake struck between Cuba and Jamaica

Anonymous ID: c6d590 2020-01-28 20:26:40Z No. 7944042

shit´s gotta stop

Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 20:26:41Z No. 7944043

new Q

>>7943948 ————————————–——– Where is the rally held tonight? (Cap: >>7944034)

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:26:50Z No. 7944044


Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:27:00Z No. 7944046



The INTENT of these posts is to bring awareness, these same people own all media outlets.

Just disprove any of these posts, and they will stop. Seriously.

Jewish Ritual Understanding Blood Libel

(It's a video, click it.)





The children of Cain / Who call themselves Jew today


The sons of the Lucifer himself / Who call themselves Jew today


The Anti-Christ / Who call themselves Jew today

"Esau-Edom is modern Jewry" ~ 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41

Libbre David 37: “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all

Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

Truth is not hate speech or racist. Facts are not hate speech or racist.

Ask yourself, if these posts were coming from JIDF, what would they be hoping to achieve? What's the 'endgame'? How is exposing all this information "jewish defense"?

*not affiliated with Media Matters in any way.*

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" or "Alex Kaplan" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor Satanist/luciferian/Edomite Canaanite, or ANTIFA.

The one's making these claims are JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews or any variant thereof" they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) do. These crimes are so indefensible all they will do is try to distract and confuse.

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud


Share this information the best you can.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

Never filter, point out the JIDF shills, they can't subvert if they can't hide.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) (Edomite Canaanites technically) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremacist" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation




Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:27:05Z No. 7944047


Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:27:07Z No. 7944048

>>7943951 LL

Newsflash from USGS.


Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:27:16Z No. 7944049


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (Interview with son of the devil)

*Thumbnail pic irrelevant to the information*

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

JIDF will tell you to filter like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out, all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory

New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion

Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well

Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood

The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)

Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City

New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:27:25Z No. 7944050

>>7943948 lb

I cant enjoy anything with Gen Flynn still in limbo.

And clowns controlling the House and Media.

Anonymous ID: d65cff 2020-01-28 20:27:26Z No. 7944051

Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 20:27:27Z No. 7944052





Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:27:27Z No. 7944053

Anonymous ID: 9622ce 2020-01-28 20:27:34Z No. 7944054


So sorry for shitting the bread, my bad

Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:27:34Z No. 7944055



Jews “prepare their matzah… with the blood of children" - Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Anonymous ID: 1ed6df 2020-01-28 20:27:36Z No. 7944056

>>7943948 lb

>Where is the rally held tonight?

Trenton NJ

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:27:38Z No. 7944057



Anonymous ID: 063f67 2020-01-28 20:27:40Z No. 7944058

Who is this obtuse shill on the right? (Around 11:40 PT)

Anonymous ID: a1b0a5 2020-01-28 20:27:41Z No. 7944059


Trump’s N.J. Rally: Sold Out Hotels, Long Lines and Subpoena-Coladas

Anonymous ID: 1ac2c2 2020-01-28 20:27:45Z No. 7944060

IG Horowitz is LIVE Now - Taking Questions on Whistleblowers

Subcommittee on Government Operations: Government Whistleblower

16 watching now•Started streaming 94 minutes ago

GOP Oversight

Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:27:53Z No. 7944061




The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Documentary

Anonymous ID: 43478b 2020-01-28 20:27:59Z No. 7944062

I recently noticed, after purchasing a new phone, that many of the Memes I've archived from 8ch/8kun will not open. Moving from a rooted Note 4, to an unrooted Note 10, had to be part of the problem, right?

While researching this problem, I tripped over some interesting sauce. Seems that malicious types can craft some Code inside .png files, and gain control over an Android Phone. I'm wondering as well if the Windows 10 OS has been affected, and patched, due to this reason as well, as some of the .png Memes I've recently downloaded from here are not viewable now either. Any CoderFags in here that could add to this? I know that it is requested that we work with .png Format when uploading here, for various reasons, but if this has been patched in the Android OS, and possibly Windows OS, where the Files will not open, it seems that we now have to move to another Format, to be able to archive or use Files.

On this, I've noticed several comments over the past few days that Images were not loading, or displaying correctly for Anons. Could some of you that are more knowledgeable with this type of hacker fuckery please enlighten the rest of us, and suggest a possible work around? Thanks.


Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:28:01Z No. 7944063


diggies scare me!


baker needs a cap for Q, tyvm

Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:28:03Z No. 7944064

We go through more bread than an Olive Garden on Kid's Eat Free night when Q's in the house.

Anonymous ID: 5cf35d 2020-01-28 20:28:03Z No. 7944065

>>7943754 (Q LB)

2 year delta to Feb 10?

Does CORONA "chaos" start the arrests?

o7 Rest in Peace, Mr. President (JFK)…


Anonymous ID: 7faf2c 2020-01-28 20:28:07Z No. 7944066


wtf are you sweating Flynn for? He's not going to spend one day in jail ffs

Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:28:12Z No. 7944067


Anonymous ID: 9c0f76 2020-01-28 20:28:15Z No. 7944068

Q- Durham, Second Revolution Anyone?

I'm in Bakes

Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:28:21Z No. 7944069





Moloch - Canaanite God of Hebrews

Moloch is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk, "king".

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:28:24Z No. 7944070




As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, secret societies and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.

Some try to blend in as anons and have fake conversations.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT and on TV.

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and try to paint this board nazi to enable fake news attacks on "Q nazis".

Shills also try to deflect from the [cult] by muh jew spam.

Shills spread stupid info and post utter bs to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Another shill posts anime and wolf memes all the time to make researching autists look ridiculous at first glance.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …).

Shills try to divide anons by making them leave to a board that Q chooses not to post on (QRB, 4chan).

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills attack the Qclock (that Q asked anons to build and that works amazingly well: "future proves past")

Shills glow if you regard the posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info or push shill topics (slides, muh jew).


Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 20:28:28Z No. 7944071

this sentence !!!….something up?

You didn't think we highlighted 'Epstein' for no reason did you?

Anonymous ID: 5f5798 2020-01-28 20:28:28Z No. 7944073

>>7943590 (LB)

Anonymous ID: 4a86d5 2020-01-28 20:28:29Z No. 7944072

>>7943948 (lb)

New Jersey Q Start Oct 2017 - New Jersey Tonight Jan 2020

New Jersey = Full Circle

Anonymous ID: eaf5e0 2020-01-28 20:28:42Z No. 7944074

>>7943376 (lb)

Q linked to wikipedia…

Looking there some interesting notes about a three man crew…..walking the load forward and then the captain keeps the progress made and the boat steady… Durham and Q as crew ?

BlackRock….The destination port that wasn't

Observers viewing the fleet of Durhams in Delaware like a flock of sheep

Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:28:43Z No. 7944075


Anonymous ID: 8b9f7d 2020-01-28 20:28:43Z No. 7944076

Anonymous ID: 512c63 2020-01-28 20:28:45Z No. 7944077


Tanks Bakes

Great work keepin up

Kitchen is smokin

Anonymous ID: c11a9b 2020-01-28 20:28:48Z No. 7944078

Anonymous ID: 381b33 2020-01-28 20:28:52Z No. 7944080

POTUS Rally in Jersey Shore

Will we see some reality TV?

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 20:28:54Z No. 7944081

>>7943219 (pb)

The fact that Epstein is dead is shady af.

Your team allowed it to happen. What are we suppose to think about that?

Why doesn’t anyone talk about that?

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:29:21Z No. 7944082



Anonymous ID: 1f67ea 2020-01-28 20:29:24Z No. 7944083


Translated; Prince Andrew REPORTED MISSING

Does Q team have him in custody Q?

Anonymous ID: 7faf2c 2020-01-28 20:29:25Z No. 7944084


the muh joos with 50 fucking posts each doesn't help

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:29:25Z No. 7944085

The Delaware River is a major river on the Atlantic coast of the United States. It drains an area of 14,119 square miles in five U.S. states: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:29:26Z No. 7944086


Anonymous ID: bde210 2020-01-28 20:29:27Z No. 7944087


Anonymous ID: 394c13 2020-01-28 20:29:27Z No. 7944088

>>7943932 PB

I snagged it off of Twatter

I can't take credit for it.

Anonymous ID: f26483 2020-01-28 20:29:28Z No. 7944089



Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 20:29:28Z No. 7944090

Durham connection to Assange

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:29:30Z No. 7944092


Senate was the target, and it paid off!

Anonymous ID: f42983 2020-01-28 20:29:31Z No. 7944091


Great Maps Rule

Anonymous ID: ed5474 2020-01-28 20:29:32Z No. 7944093

Washington Crossing Delaware River

PA to NJ


planned December 23

>>7943948 lb

Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:29:36Z No. 7944095


think in Jamaica

Epstein Island


the Temple

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:29:37Z No. 7944096

Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:29:42Z No. 7944097

Anonymous ID: 10659c 2020-01-28 20:29:43Z No. 7944098

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:29:45Z No. 7944099


>muh joos

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 20:29:47Z No. 7944100


Anonymous ID: f97620 2020-01-28 20:29:50Z No. 7944101


That anon might still be watching the preview trailer.

Anonymous ID: 8b9f7d 2020-01-28 20:29:50Z No. 7944102


>The fact that Epstein is dead is shady af.

t. Moron

Anonymous ID: 1fc140 2020-01-28 20:30:03Z No. 7944103


you guud? pastebin is backup for me if you want me to grab one for you. wnb look'n afta you 6. lemme know if you need support, looks like a 5 alarm fire right now.

Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 20:30:04Z No. 7944104


Great job baker!

found a cap lb for last q:


If you get a chance, you can drop the PAGE 3

from this:

>>7943908 Peach Mint Defense Highlights: Tues Jan 28 2020: page 3 Cippolone, McConnell PAGE 3

(maybe be 'my bad' when posting)

Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:30:05Z No. 7944105

Anonymous ID: c82a8c 2020-01-28 20:30:13Z No. 7944106

>>7943948 (lb-Q)

>Where is the rally held tonight?


Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:30:13Z No. 7944107


OK, now that's pretty awesome.

Anonymous ID: c806ea 2020-01-28 20:30:15Z No. 7944108



Play a game of 'Where Are They Now?'.

Think CEOs.

Think FBI.

Think DOJ.

Think WH.

Think State.

Think C_A.

Think [F] intel.


Think Judge install.

Think SC install.

Think DOJ install.

Think FBI install.

Think C_A install.

Think PM UK install.




Looks like they are retired and living comfortable with lots of money and no worries.

Just waiting for a shoe to drop.

Anonymous ID: 84718c 2020-01-28 20:30:16Z No. 7944109

>open up the account Q just pointed, @elenochle

>scroll down

>arguments over whether @kabamur_taygeta is legit


>I channeled from the ET Bajibibiba…

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:30:17Z No. 7944110

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 20:30:42Z No. 7944111



Anonymous ID: 4b3e13 2020-01-28 20:30:45Z No. 7944112

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:30:46Z No. 7944113


Im not sweating Flynn,

Im sweating Q.

Re read all the drops,

see the pain and destruction

try to enjoy something.

I cant enjoy shit as long as these traitors walk free.

insert George W Bush quote here.

Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:30:46Z No. 7944114

AF2 departing Madison, WI.

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:30:47Z No. 7944115


Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 20:30:50Z No. 7944116




Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:30:53Z No. 7944117


Q likes that twitter account. It's whatever.

Anonymous ID: 4dd232 2020-01-28 20:30:54Z No. 7944119



Anonymous ID: 255856 2020-01-28 20:30:55Z No. 7944118

The top hat logo on the spoopy plane downed in Afghanistan set this Planefags almonds to activated. I immediately thought of Eddie Rickenbacker and his Spad that has that artwork.

Artwork can get re-used, so what do you think, anons?

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:30:56Z No. 7944122






Anonymous ID: f144ad 2020-01-28 20:30:57Z No. 7944120


What the fuck is this, dude

Anonymous ID: 5f5798 2020-01-28 20:30:57Z No. 7944121


The life and clerical roots of Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Freyer run deep in the California soil. He was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Huntington Beach, and has been with the Diocese of Orange since his ordination as a priest on June 10, 1989.

From his first appointment as an associate pastor at St. Hedwig’s church in Los Alamitos to his appointment and consecration as auxiliary bishop, on Jan. 17, 2017, Bishop Freyer has been a key clergy member in the Diocese of Orange.

Bishop Freyer is the first of two auxiliary bishops appointed to the growing Diocese of Orange to assist Bishop Kevin Vann with pastoral and administrative needs. He was later joined by Auxiliary Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen.

After working as pastor at a number of churches in the diocese, Bishop Freyer has held several diocesan administrative posts. He is fluent in Spanish and the first of his ordination class to be elevated to bishop.

Bishop Freyer was named Episcopal Vicar for Priests in 2012, with responsibility for the care and ongoing formation of the priests of the diocese. He was also the first bishop’s liaison to the Jovenes para Cristo (Young Adults for Christ) movement from 1998-2004. He helped the group write and revise its statutes and plan of formation.

The bishop was a founding board member of the Orange County Family Justice Center, formerly Anaheim Family Justice Center, which assists victims of domestic violence. He served two terms as a member of the board of trustees for St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton.

Bishop Freyer is also a police chaplain with the Anaheim Police Department.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s Seminary College in Camarillo and did his graduate work in theology there as well.

Bishop Freyer is the only child of Jerry and Patricia Freyer. His father died in 1977 and his mother resides in Huntington Beach.

> Bishop Freyer is also a police chaplain with the Anaheim Police Department.

Anonymous ID: e1661d 2020-01-28 20:30:58Z No. 7944123

Shitts press conference looks like a bunch of remote controlled, wax museum characters.

Anonymous ID: d7f9ff 2020-01-28 20:30:58Z No. 7944124

Russian Spy, Fiona Hill, testifies Monday before Congress

Sources are: Fiona Hill’s resumes, the CIA and Congress

All public information.

Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 20:31:01Z No. 7944125


Anonymous ID: 7f7514 2020-01-28 20:31:11Z No. 7944126

Q What does P do next?


Anonymous ID: f42983 2020-01-28 20:31:23Z No. 7944127



Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 20:31:25Z No. 7944128


Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:31:27Z No. 7944129


Full circle…Q

Anonymous ID: 381b33 2020-01-28 20:31:32Z No. 7944130



Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:31:33Z No. 7944132







Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:31:34Z No. 7944131


does MSM push for it?

does clowns push for it?

does your assumption make any sence at all?

corona is fearmongering and distraction from senate trail habbenings.

obvious af.

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:31:35Z No. 7944133


Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:31:37Z No. 7944134


well, FREE bread draws a certain crowd…

Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 20:31:39Z No. 7944135

WSVN: Miami Fire department has checked and cleared buildings; no structural damage.

Anonymous ID: 26ee63 2020-01-28 20:31:41Z No. 7944136

POTUS rally in New Jersey

175k tickets

Will POTUS live stream arrests for his largest crowd?

Sure would be epic

Anonymous ID: 0dc6b9 2020-01-28 20:31:42Z No. 7944137


"Modern Art."

Anonymous ID: 925874 2020-01-28 20:31:42Z No. 7944138

Q has told us exactly how to find MARKERS.

Watch the News -> Read older Q posts -> Find the ones that contextually fit!

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:31:44Z No. 7944139

What happens when you incur God’s wrath?

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:31:49Z No. 7944140



>>Where is the rally held tonight?


Anonymous ID: 323e7c 2020-01-28 20:31:50Z No. 7944141


>>7943219 (pb)


Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:31:50Z No. 7944142

I would like to fist fight Val Demings

Anonymous ID: ed5474 2020-01-28 20:31:50Z No. 7944143


yeah something spoopy

time for more popcorn

Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:31:52Z No. 7944144


Whoa that's


Anonymous ID: f42983 2020-01-28 20:32:06Z No. 7944145


they all gone

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:32:12Z No. 7944146


Is there another source for this?

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:32:13Z No. 7944147


Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:32:14Z No. 7944150








Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:32:15Z No. 7944148


Anonymous ID: 777cd5 2020-01-28 20:32:16Z No. 7944149

Bolton is their last desperate shot. Please let this be a brilliant play.

Bolton testified 2/3 and destroys their case. Schiff made to testify and admit lying to Congress.

Raid his fucking residence at 6am and arrest him.

Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:32:21Z No. 7944152


I don't like "Modern Art."

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:32:21Z No. 7944153


Harry going to Canada…

Anonymous ID: b7d14b 2020-01-28 20:32:26Z No. 7944154


I am sure she likes licking the rug.

Anonymous ID: 819cd2 2020-01-28 20:32:43Z No. 7944155

So…what IS the coincidence with last drop and rally in NJ?

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:32:44Z No. 7944156


all I got to say is Feb 9th

Suicide weekend

[Next week]

[Next week]

[Next week]

Anonymous ID: 84cee2 2020-01-28 20:32:48Z No. 7944157

Any chance Epstein was tried by a secret court and executed? And we left his body because it is funny as shit?

Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:32:51Z No. 7944158

I used to use omnichan to connect to 8ch before it was nixed. Is there an app that works on 8kun for phonefagging?

Thanks anons.

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:32:53Z No. 7944159









Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 20:32:59Z No. 7944160


Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:33:00Z No. 7944161

Anonymous ID: f144ad 2020-01-28 20:33:02Z No. 7944162


Kurt Russel made a movie about this shit

Anonymous ID: 7faf2c 2020-01-28 20:33:06Z No. 7944163


and I would pay to see that

Anonymous ID: 245d8a 2020-01-28 20:33:24Z No. 7944164

Anonymous ID: f144ad 2020-01-28 20:33:24Z No. 7944165


Fuck off

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:33:27Z No. 7944166


delaware crossing

battle of trenton

durham boats

things like that there.

Anonymous ID: 67be46 2020-01-28 20:33:27Z No. 7944167



Anonymous ID: 44c82e 2020-01-28 20:33:29Z No. 7944168

When the chimes ring five, six and seven

We'll be right in seventh heaven

When it's eight, nine, ten, eleven too

I'll be goin' strong and so will you

Anonymous ID: 5f5798 2020-01-28 20:33:29Z No. 7944169


>Thanh Thai Nguyen.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pope Francis has appointed Father Thanh Thai Nguyen, a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida, to be an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Orange, California.

The appointment was announced in Washington Oct. 6 by Monsignor Walter Erbi, charge d’affaires at the Vatican’s nunciature in Washington.

Born in Vietnam, Nguyen, 64, fled the country in 1979 by boat with his family and spent 10 months in a refugee camp in the Philippines before arriving in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1980. After brief studies at Hartford State Technical College, he became a math and science teacher in Hartford public schools.

In 1984, he joined the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, studying at Merrimack College and the Weston School of Theology, both in Massachusetts. He was ordained to the priesthood May 11, 1991.

For the next eight years, he worked in parishes in Georgia and Florida. In 1999, he was incardinated into the Diocese of St. Augustine. He has been pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Jacksonville, Florida, since 2014.

Bishop Felipe J. Estevez of St. Augustine said he learned of Thanh’s appointment Sept. 27, the day Francis launched the two-year campaign, “Share the Journey.” The global initiative is meant to urge Catholics to understand and get to know refugees and migrants who have fled their homeland due to poverty, violence, persecution, and war.

In 1979, Thanh and his family escaped Vietnam during the war. They fled by boat, and after 18 days at sea, they landed on the shores of the Philippines. He lived in a refugee camp for 10 months before moving to the United States in 1980.

“Father Thanh knows the plight of refugees, and he understands their journey seeking a safe home and the ability to support their families,” Estevez said in a statement. “He has a genuine gift when it comes to ministering to people of diverse cultures.”

“Now that reality is beginning to set in, I need to start the process of letting go and letting God,” said Nguyen in a statement about his appointment. “Yes, letting go of familiar places, familiar faces, Bishop Estevez, the presbyterate of the diocese, parishioners, and staff of St. Joseph and Christ the King parishes who have played an important role in my priestly ministry for more than 20 years.”

While he was a Missionary of Our Lady of La Salette serving in the St. Augustine Diocese, Bishop John J. Snyder, then head of the diocese, named the priest parochial vicar at Christ the King Parish in Jacksonville.

In September 2001, Bishop Victor B. Galeone, newly named to head the diocese, appointed him pastor of the parish. Through his leadership and initiative, he brought harmony to the Vietnamese community by celebrating a Sunday Mass in Vietnamese and building a Vietnamese Center where cultural traditions among the youth and elderly are preserved.

As pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Nguyen has been instrumental in strengthening the faith community by celebrating its cultural diversity through parish events throughout the year. He has also built a social/youth hall and added a youth Mass. The parish is about to launch a $4 million capital campaign for parish improvements.

“Father Thanh has not only promoted unity in the parish, but he has fostered more vocations to the priesthood and religious life than any other parish in the diocese,” said Estevez.

The Diocese of Orange, headed by Bishop Kevin W. Vann, has a large Vietnamese Catholic community.

The Southern California diocese is the 10th largest in the country and one of the fastest growing in the nation. It has 1.3 million Catholics.

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:33:32Z No. 7944171










Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:33:33Z No. 7944170



Anonymous ID: 20c023 2020-01-28 20:33:34Z No. 7944172


Trump’s Immigrant Wealth Test Cleared to Start by Supreme Court

By Greg Stohr

January 27, 2020, 12:27 PM CST Updated on January 27, 2020, 6:36 PM CST

* Court votes 5-4 to back administration on green card rule

* Order comes while Roberts presides over impeachment trial

The U.S. Supreme Court cleared President Donald Trump’s administration to start enforcing its new immigrant wealth test, designed to screen out green card applicants seen as being at risk of becoming dependent on government benefits.

In a 5-4 vote along ideological lines, the court blocked a New York federal judge’s ruling that was keeping the policy from taking effect while a legal fight goes forward.

The Supreme Court released the order even as Chief Justice John Roberts presided over Trump’s impeachment trial across the street in the Senate. Roberts was in the majority, along with fellow Republican appointees Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan dissented.

The Trump rule changes what critics say is a longstanding understanding of federal immigration law and its bar on permanent residency for “public charges.” The new rule expands the definition of public charge and gives officials broad power to determine that someone is at risk of falling into that category.

The rule will “radically disrupt over a century of settled immigration policy and public-benefits programs,” New York, Vermont, Connecticut and New York City argued in a filing that urged the court to leave the rule on hold.

The court as a whole gave no explanation for its order. In an opinion for himself and Thomas, Gorsuch said the court needs to curb the power of federal trial judges to issue nationwide orders blocking a governmental initiative.

“The real problem here is the increasingly common practice of trial courts ordering relief that transcends the cases before them,” Gorsuch wrote.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham referred to Gorsuch’s opinion in a statement on Monday night: “The expanding practice of district courts entering nationwide injunctions raises real problems about the proper power of a judge to decide only the case before him or her.”

The statement called the decision “a massive win for the American taxpayers, American workers, and the American Constitution.”

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that the court’s action was “a serious and troubling departure from long-standing judicial norms.” She added that the court gave the Trump administration “the green light to dramatically distort the century-old definition of ‘public charge’ in a way that directly contravenes the will of Congress.”

Credit Scores

The Supreme Court action clears the administration to enforce the rule everywhere except Illinois, where a separate court order continues to block the new policy.

Under the new rule, immigrants will be considered public charges if they are deemed likely to receive such public benefits as Medicaid, public housing assistance or food stamps for more than 12 months over a 36-month period.

To make that determination, Department of Homeland Security officials can consider a list of factors, including age, health, education, English-language proficiency, family size, wealth, and credit scores.

The ruling “represents a reasonable and lawful exercise of the substantial discretion Congress has long vested in the executive branch to make public-charge admissibility determinations,” U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco, the administration’s top Supreme Court lawyer, said in court papers.

Previously, people didn’t qualify as a public charge unless they were receiving cash benefits from the government and were primarily dependent on that aid.

Five immigrant-services organizations are joining the New York-led group in challenging the rule. They say the rule violates federal immigration law and the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee.

The case is Homeland Security v. New York, 19A785.

(Updates with Pelosi statement, in 10th paragraph)

Anonymous ID: 0dc6b9 2020-01-28 20:33:37Z No. 7944173


>I don't like "Modern Art."

No shit.

Anonymous ID: 2ea25b 2020-01-28 20:33:47Z No. 7944174

Schiff and Dems are nervous …. They know shit is going down

Anonymous ID: 255856 2020-01-28 20:34:05Z No. 7944175

After checking these photos, it's not a top hat.

11-9 clearly visible on the plane, though.

Anonymous ID: ecca56 2020-01-28 20:34:05Z No. 7944176

Been mentioned the rally tonight is on the Delaware Bay???

With all the Durham boats……

Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 20:34:06Z No. 7944177


McCaint rule that out I suppose.

Anonymous ID: 924c64 2020-01-28 20:34:07Z No. 7944178

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:34:11Z No. 7944179


Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:34:17Z No. 7944180


Anonymous ID: c61780 2020-01-28 20:34:21Z No. 7944181

I hope POTUS comes onto the stage tonight in a fake Durham boat and

hope they play the star spangled banner and not the same damn proud to be an american song.

Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 20:34:24Z No. 7944182


This one is all wonky.

Anonymous ID: e87ab1 2020-01-28 20:34:24Z No. 7944183


No. He may drop some truth BOOMs but no arrests.

Still waiting on DECLAS before indictments.

Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:34:28Z No. 7944184


She had NBC badge - super pushy, bitchy and rude!!

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:34:31Z No. 7944185

Skip Baker - Edomite Canaanites part1











Skip Baker - Edomite Canaanites part1

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:34:32Z No. 7944186



Anonymous ID: fceb99 2020-01-28 20:34:42Z No. 7944187


…virus control. Good use of the National Guard in major cities.

Anonymous ID: 7e8c06 2020-01-28 20:34:45Z No. 7944188


Kek. Anybody remember this little actor. Looks alike

Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 20:34:46Z No. 7944189


days before we were de-platformed and Epstein was dealt with there were

lots of posts about movement at the facility

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:34:47Z No. 7944190


nice diggies

bless you for the cap!

Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 20:34:48Z No. 7944191


No thanks, I'm a carnivore.

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:34:51Z No. 7944192


Hairy under arms so that is a turn off for me

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:34:57Z No. 7944193


only a few times.

Anonymous ID: 1ed6df 2020-01-28 20:35:03Z No. 7944194



I was wrong

it's in Wildwood NJ. close though.

NEW JERSEY is what matters.

Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:35:06Z No. 7944195


Anonymous ID: 9c0f76 2020-01-28 20:35:08Z No. 7944196


interdasting for sure

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:35:08Z No. 7944197


you might just get lucky since i'll be missing the rally

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:35:24Z No. 7944198

Propaganda is not research.

Clowns are not anons.


This is not about religions or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.
















Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:35:26Z No. 7944199


>same damn proud to be an american song.


Anonymous ID: 1172b5 2020-01-28 20:35:26Z No. 7944200

>>7944181 I like your hopes anon.

Anonymous ID: 4c62a1 2020-01-28 20:35:26Z No. 7944201

Q—–Pelosi and others having coughing fits today..

is that a signal for help or surrender?

Anonymous ID: c40c6e 2020-01-28 20:35:27Z No. 7944202


Anonymous ID: cec160 2020-01-28 20:35:27Z No. 7944203


Anonymous ID: 0c57f2 2020-01-28 20:35:28Z No. 7944204


Te missing person is a 'mock up' by the 'newspaper'

It's because he refusing to cooperate with FBI.

The Sun is a hack rag tabloid.

>Muh Brit humour

>Nothing to see here, he's not 'missing'


Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 20:35:28Z No. 7944205


>Where is the rally held tonight?



Baker country!!

Anonymous ID: 043f8b 2020-01-28 20:35:29Z No. 7944206


Anonymous ID: ecca56 2020-01-28 20:35:38Z No. 7944208


+1 kek

Anonymous ID: 381b33 2020-01-28 20:35:39Z No. 7944209


seems like it..

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:35:42Z No. 7944210


virus today.

plague tomorrow?

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:35:44Z No. 7944211


Wildwood not Trenton

Anonymous ID: 043f8b 2020-01-28 20:35:44Z No. 7944212

>>7943948 (lb)

Sorry boss but you're not allowed to leave until you update us on the virus, it's source, if it was released accidentally or on purpose. You just came and dropped recycled drops to us while we have a novel bioweapn on the loose. wth? What gives?

Anonymous ID: 819cd2 2020-01-28 20:35:45Z No. 7944213

I got an idea…say we gotta "quarantine" all of the traitors from Corona at Gitmo

Anonymous ID: fb580f 2020-01-28 20:35:49Z No. 7944214

Warden Who Was in Charge When Jeffrey Epstein Died Behind Bars Is Quietly Given a Top Job At ‘Club Fed’ Prison

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:35:50Z No. 7944215


Anonymous ID: 47615b 2020-01-28 20:35:50Z No. 7944216



POTUS crossed the Delaware on a Durham boat to take on the Hessians.



Anonymous ID: 4440e6 2020-01-28 20:36:06Z No. 7944217



Yeah, about that.

Allowing someone to get killed off in custody, regardless of what a shitbag they are, is third world shithole tier.

The corrupt old guard needs to go, but what's the fucking point of replacing them with a different crew pulling the same shit.

Anonymous ID: 5632f8 2020-01-28 20:36:08Z No. 7944218

From July 15, 2019

Dismissal and investigation by RCMP of Winnipeg co-inventor of Ebola drug stuns colleagues

Xiangguo Qiu and her entire research team, all from China, had been escorted out of the federal government’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) last week and reported to the RCMP.

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:36:08Z No. 7944219



Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 20:36:17Z No. 7944220


Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:36:17Z No. 7944221


Anonymous ID: 919845 2020-01-28 20:36:21Z No. 7944222

>>7943347 Q lb

Steer forth, Captain O' Captain

Forgive my foul mouth and adjoin me to your crew

Lead me to still or the roughest of seas

Take me on a deep and far away dream

Hail the Mighty Chief who stills the Wind

KEK on Sir KEK on – I BELIEVE!

Anonymous ID: 125838 2020-01-28 20:36:22Z No. 7944223


My question is if there's any significance to Wildwood in relationship to the Revolution, outside of Washington crossing the Delaware.

Anonymous ID: eafe0e 2020-01-28 20:36:23Z No. 7944224

Anonymous ID: 925874 2020-01-28 20:36:23Z No. 7944225

Feel free!

Pure unadulterated wholesomeness!

Take note that the evil social engineers, those running MOCKINGBIRD on our board, are hurt by these themes:

She's hugging Pepe.

She's looking up to our future with soft eyes.

Wind is beneath them flowing up, the flag is mounted correctly.

Pepe's blushing from good feels.

A MAGA hat lady feeling secure with Pepe [= Anon = indirectly Q]

(So hurt they project their wretched unloved inner selves onto it 🤣)

They're hurt when we share memes conductive to a proud experience of what we find here.

[So more like them 🥰]

Remember their intent:

Their relentless need to poison first impressions and freeze what wounds form from that reveals them to be a 'rules for radicals' trained agents.

Trained to shame people into change.

Trained to put others into submission.

They see wholesomeness as a threat to their control.

They're disgusting IRGC minions~

Stay Frosty.

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:36:26Z No. 7944226

Trump Attorney Patrick Philbin Destroys Dems, Unelected Bureaucrats, ‘The Constitution Vests All Executive Power in a US President’

President Trump’s defense team wrapped up their opening arguments on Tuesday.

Trump’s deputy counsel Patrick Philbin blasted the unelected bureaucrats in the executive branch who believe their foreign policy disputes with President Trump is an impeachable offense.

Intel community underlings like Eric Ciaramella, Sean Misko, who went from NatSec to work for Schiff, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman plotted to remove Trump from office because they disagreed with the President’s foreign policy related to Ukraine.

According to the Constitution, President Trump sets foreign policy, not unelected staffers who have no accountability to the American people.

“The President cannot defy agencies within the executive branch,” Philbin argued. “Article 2 section 1 of the Constitution vests all of the executive power in a president of the United States — he alone is an entire branch of government — he sets policy for the executive branch.”

Philbin explained that the president is given such vast power because he is elected and accountable to the American people.

The US has an election every four years to keep that power in check.

In contrast, the career bureaucrats are not elected and therefore have zero authority to set foreign policy.

“It inverts the Constitution,” Philbin said of giving unelected bureaucrats power over foreign policy. “The sole power is vested to the President of the United States.”

Case closed.

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:36:27Z No. 7944227


Hails back to Washington crossing the Delaware.

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:36:31Z No. 7944228



>Why didn't you call Bolton to testify

<hur dur ummm uhhhhh it would take too long? muh rope a dope?

Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 20:36:33Z No. 7944229

you say Hessian

i say Hussien

why does Trump now call obama by his full name?

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:36:33Z No. 7944230

Talking about the missing "I"?

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:36:34Z No. 7944231


using hastebin

had to last night

glad I saved it

seems to be slowing now

will u check caps on Q's for me, make sure they are right?


Anonymous ID: 1172b5 2020-01-28 20:36:47Z No. 7944232

>>7944212 Most don't care about the common cold. Move along.

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:36:47Z No. 7944233

Why do we Believe in Moses and Not Jesus?- Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz













Why do we Believe in Moses and Not Jesus?- Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:36:48Z No. 7944234


and you believe the msm because… ?

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:36:49Z No. 7944235


Battle of Trenton.

Anonymous ID: 20c023 2020-01-28 20:36:50Z No. 7944236

Donald J. Trump


This is what a future State of Palestine can look like, with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

12:26 PM · Jan 28, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:36:53Z No. 7944237


also, note blockade

Anonymous ID: 8163a0 2020-01-28 20:36:55Z No. 7944238

Think of who POTUS meets with today and then Q posts Epstein and those involved are not protected anymore…


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:37:01Z No. 7944239

Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:37:01Z No. 7944241


>>7944083, >>7944115, >>7944144, >>7944146, >>7944204

Snubbed interview with FBI

Looks like BBC is pushing Andrew + Holocaust for some reason…

Anonymous ID: 0386fe 2020-01-28 20:37:02Z No. 7944240

I don't want hidden mysterious deaths..

I want public executions !!

the world must know

Anonymous ID: be4629 2020-01-28 20:37:03Z No. 7944242

>>7943948 last bread




Anonymous ID: 0dc6b9 2020-01-28 20:37:07Z No. 7944243


No. You fuck off.

Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:37:14Z No. 7944244

Posting for the PlaneFags…Maybe they might find it useful

Legal Enforcement Actions


The Enforcement Division initiates legal enforcement actions to address noncompliance by regulated entities and persons including certificate actions, civil penalty actions, and informal procedures and settlements. The policies, procedures, and guidelines for the FAA's legal enforcement actions are contained in FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program, Order 2150.3B.

Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:37:14Z No. 7944245

DNC chair names John Podesta & other Clinton loyalists to Convention Committee, triggering revolt from voters fearing 2016 2.0

12:30 PM - 28 Jan 2020

Holy Moly

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:37:14Z No. 7944246


Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:37:30Z No. 7944247


i sure wish

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:37:32Z No. 7944248


Doesn't seem like it is,But it is organic. Americans hate jews and the world hates jews for a reason

Anonymous ID: 777cd5 2020-01-28 20:37:35Z No. 7944249


State Funeral


San Francisco?

Pelosi's territory. Shes looking rough ,but SF is also ripe for the plague.

Anonymous ID: 491e8c 2020-01-28 20:37:36Z No. 7944250



I'm UKAnon

It means that he hasn't answered or helped FBI

When he said he would

So what their saying because he didn't help he's missing but not actually missing

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 20:37:36Z No. 7944251


planned 3 years

Anonymous ID: 819cd2 2020-01-28 20:37:43Z No. 7944253



Q said it would save the taxpayers $.

Epstein was evil, he deserves to not share our air.

Anonymous ID: fc668a 2020-01-28 20:37:50Z No. 7944254

It would be very cool if Potus mentioned the boat crossing tonight, then lead into,

"Do you know what they called that type of boat?"

I'm sure the crowd would go nuts!!

Can it be arranged Q? ;-)

Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:37:50Z No. 7944255


Baker you got an extra (You) there:

>>7942435 (You) #10164

Anonymous ID: b0a727 2020-01-28 20:37:50Z No. 7944257

Anonymous ID: 4a86d5 2020-01-28 20:37:51Z No. 7944256


>New Jersey Q Start Oct 2017 - New Jersey Tonight Jan 2020

>New Jersey = Full Circle


And a parallel:

Gen. Washington crossing The Delaware to New Jersey to defeat:

Hired Foreign Mercenaries (Hessians)

POTUS, Q Team & Patriots defeating:

[DS] Assets of Foreign Powers

"ALL enemies foreign and domestic"

Anonymous ID: 1fc140 2020-01-28 20:37:51Z No. 7944258


yup. will let you know…

Anonymous ID: e245d7 2020-01-28 20:37:57Z No. 7944259

>>7944044 (chk'd)

Thank You, Baker!

Anonymous ID: 5632f8 2020-01-28 20:38:10Z No. 7944260

Sink holes opening up in Grand Cayman.

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:38:11Z No. 7944261


diggin their own graves


Anonymous ID: e1661d 2020-01-28 20:38:15Z No. 7944262

I'd hate to be 'the gander'.

Based on the case of the goose.

Anonymous ID: c82a8c 2020-01-28 20:38:15Z No. 7944263


Speak softly & carry a big (Constitutional) stick.

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:38:19Z No. 7944264

Hunter Biden Settles Paternity Case; Avoids Courtroom Confrontation Over Financial Info

Hunter Biden reached a temporary settlement agreement in his child support case just 48 hours before a deadline for a mandatory court appearance to explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt for failing to submit overdue financial information

Biden's baby-mama, an Arkansas stripper, filed the paternity suit last May. On Monday afternoon, Arkansas Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer approved the tentative agreement - postponing Biden's in-court appearance originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Child support payments will begin on Feb 1, according to a copy of the order filed in the Independence County Circuit Court, which redacted the monthly amount. The final figure, however, will be determined after Biden turns over relevant financial records. He also agreed to pay support dating back to November, 2018.

"He's doing the right thing by finally stepping up and paying what he should've been paying," said Roberts' lawyer, Clint Lancaster, in a Monday statement to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Monday, adding "He's going to begin paying monthly child support. He's going to pay retroactive child support back to November of 2018. And he's going to pay attorney's fees and costs."

If Biden turns over financial documents by March 1st, the contempt motions will be withdrawn.

The agreement delayed a hearing on motions to hold Biden in contempt that were filed by Roberts’s attorneys last week. Her attorneys claim Biden has failed to provide information ordered by the court, including the names of any of his businesses, tax documents, and all sources of income for the past five years. The contempt motions will be considered during the next scheduled pretrial hearing on Mar. 13 and will be withdrawn if Biden turns over the relevant documents by Mar. 1, according to the deal.

Biden also agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to Roberts for her “attorneys fees and costs.” -Washington Examiner

Biden - who has been living in a $12k/month rental home in the Hollywood Hills, has denied that he's the child's father despite a court-ordered DNA test determining he was. His attorney, Brent Langdon, told the Gazette that the agreement would "avoid the necessity of a hearing on Wednesday."

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:38:20Z No. 7944265

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:38:21Z No. 7944266

Rabbi Admits White Genocide Is The Goal















Rabbi Admits White Genocide Is The Goal

Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:38:30Z No. 7944267


Anonymous ID: 3e28b7 2020-01-28 20:38:33Z No. 7944268

Q… does BOOM


BOOM's refer to the ones across the CONUSA that news stations and citizens have been hearing? Was thinking about the relevancy, but failing to make a connection.

We know there are DUMBS all over…possible you may be illustrating a second "spear" of assault? One that would require a bit more secrecy from the public?

Anonymous ID: 35f500 2020-01-28 20:38:33Z No. 7944269

New proof for Q, Crossing the Delaware in a Durham Boat, rally in Delaware

Anonymous ID: 1a6017 2020-01-28 20:38:34Z No. 7944270


Two John Durham's FATHER and SON…

John Henry & John Joseph

SDNY Appointed by Jeff Sessions in 2017 same day as Q…

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:38:37Z No. 7944271


Great catch!

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 20:38:49Z No. 7944272


Epstein’s death tells me there were people on the “good” team who would be implicated.

The average Joe knows that his death was allowed to happen by the powers that BE. ie those in control now. It makes it appear as though the current administration allowed it to happen. I can’t think of one good explanation for that.

Then Q posts that Epstein was highlighted on purpose and allowed to die raises my eyebrows.

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 20:38:53Z No. 7944274

CAL062 East from Wuzhou

Anonymous ID: ed2083 2020-01-28 20:38:54Z No. 7944275

>>7943948 pb Q

>Where is the rally held tonight?

Proud Jerseyfag reposting from last night:

POTUS choosing to rally in Wildwood was genius. He knows the area. Kellyanne knows the area. And if you grew up in or around Jersey yourself, with a family who could only afford a drive and cheap motel down the shore for vacation, chances are you went to Wildwood at least one summer in your life. It's a resort town with a boardwalk and beachside amusement park. Not degenerate like Atlantic City. Not stuffy like Cape May. Most of the places are mom-and-pop and literally come out of the 50s. Or at least look like it. You want to see American culture at its finest, it's there. Wildwood is for blue collar families. Just like POTUS.

That said, NJ is redder than you think. Anon thought POTUS had a shot in '16. Look at the results map. It was far from a wash. The problem areas are loaded with illegals and stupid white collar yuppies. We had Soros voting machines. But the Trump lawn signs always outnumbered the Hillary signs. Some were home-made billboards outside of stores. Some were flags off the backs of pickups. I went to Cape May last summer and saw nothing but TRUMP flags on the boat masts in the marina. I drove down main street in an old stomping ground up north last week and saw a flag and big sign in the window of a business that did not in '16. NJ is not lost.

But…our current governor is globalist banker shill. Just like Corzine. The banker fucks promise all kinds of big pension gains to the unions, who then fuck everybody over by siding with the rest of the welfare class. That's how we got Meatball Christie, because taxes were that bad. I believe we got the new putz because the woman running against him, Christie's lieutenant governor, wouldn't full-out endorse Trump. Big mistake. Anon don't fully trust Van Drew's transformation, but I'll say one thing, if you're a Republican running in Jersey, you'd better endorse POTUS' agenda, or the voting turnout will suck. It's time to go full-MAGA.

Anonymous ID: 10bb1e 2020-01-28 20:38:57Z No. 7944276


I'm sorry I don't see the connection with New Jersey and the first Q post. It says nothing of New Jersey

Anonymous ID: 255856 2020-01-28 20:38:58Z No. 7944277

7/10 crashes.

QRS11 inertial guidance sensor patent overseen by Hilldawg.

Selected targets crash mysteriously.

Coincidence? How many before it's mathematically impossible?

Anonymous ID: 1247b6 2020-01-28 20:38:59Z No. 7944278


Time to go?

Go time?

Anonymous ID: 9c53fa 2020-01-28 20:39:06Z No. 7944279


Know who is from Delaware?


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:39:06Z No. 7944280

Anonymous ID: 381b33 2020-01-28 20:39:07Z No. 7944281



Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:39:14Z No. 7944282

Mahmoud Abbas Calls Trump Mideast Deal 'Conspiracy', Says 'Jerusalem Is Not for Sale'

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump unveiled his long-anticipated 'deal of the century' - a peace plan for for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to a map published by the Trump White House, Palestinians have been offered two significant plots of land in the south of Israel connected with the Gaza Strip.

Following the introduction of the Trump administration's so-called deal of the century, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Mahmoud Abbas stated that Jerusalem is not for sale, and dubbed the offer a conspiracy.

Abbas observed that the deal "is not going to happen" and that people will throw it in the "garbage can of history".

"Jerusalem is not for sale, the 'deal of the century' will not go through, and our people will send it to the garbage can of in history," Abbas said. "We will not bow and we will not surrender … we are united in the face of all the extermination plans that our people will reject. We say 'no, no, no,' to the deal of the century".

According to the text of the proposed plan, Jerusalem is expected to remain "sovereign capital of the State of Israel, and it should remain an undivided city" - the proposition Abbas firmly rejected.

The sovereign capital of the State of Palestine should be in the section of East Jerusalem located in all areas east and north of the existing security barrier, including Kafr Aqab, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis, and could be named Al Quds or another name as determined by the State of Palestine,” the plan reads.

Abbas stated that the Palestinians do not accept the Trump deal, as well as US mediation efforts, noting that talks could only begin with the 'Middle East Quartet' comprising Russia, the US, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations (UN).

The PNA president said that a new round of intra-Palestinian talks intended to reach a comprehensive reconciliation would start soon.

Abbas claimed that the United States would eventually recognize an independent Palestine within the pre-1967 war borders.

"Time will come when America will be forced to say ‘yes’ in the UN Security Council to an independent Palestinian state within the borders of June 4, 1967," Abbas said.

Prior to the presentation of the deal, Trump said that he had sent a letter to Abbas, giving him four years to study the US-proposed plan and negotiate the accord with Israel.

"During this time, the Palestinians can use appropriate deliberation to study the deal, negotiate with Israel and achieve criteria for statehood and become a truly independent and wonderful state."

Trump promised Abbas the support of the United States and other countries if he chooses "the path to peace."

Abbas has repeatedly accused Trump of pro-Israel bias and rejected all his previous mediation efforts. The Palestinian leadership is yet to respond to the new US peace plan.

Anonymous ID: eaf5e0 2020-01-28 20:39:14Z No. 7944283

Well Well

Durham Boat lookup on wikipedia.. led to a quest about how close the wildwood rally in NJ is to Trenton crossing of Delaware by Washington, This led to a Youtube video:

Which in turn @2:36 in shows what looks like 8kun logo as a warning flag

Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 20:39:15Z No. 7944284


Last Chance!

Anonymous ID: 0c57f2 2020-01-28 20:39:30Z No. 7944285


>Looks like BBC is pushing Andrew + Holocaust for some reason…

Haven't looked at the cap.

I can guess this: 'See he ain't so bad, forget all the rapey stuff, he cares about the holocaust.

The normie attention span is short…….

They are attempting to repaint the picture.

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:39:33Z No. 7944286

Shanty song for the crew

Anonymous ID: 2ea25b 2020-01-28 20:39:34Z No. 7944287

Durham boat from early post is enough proof that Q is real …. Carry on Anons

Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 20:39:36Z No. 7944288


this particular link is new but the story is not

from Daily Mail, just reprinted here

Anonymous ID: 5632f8 2020-01-28 20:39:42Z No. 7944290


Lobbyist bought tropical land from Biden’s brother

Anonymous ID: 1914f0 2020-01-28 20:39:45Z No. 7944291


Anonymous ID: 819cd2 2020-01-28 20:39:52Z No. 7944293


What does "New Jersey Q Start" mean…? Q started in NNJ?

Anonymous ID: 0386fe 2020-01-28 20:39:55Z No. 7944294


they're gonnaa do it again !

KEK !!

Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 20:40:10Z No. 7944296


Here ya go baker! Thank you!


Feds take Harvard University's chair of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Charles M. Lieber into Custody over ties to Wuhan and chinese military.

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 20:40:11Z No. 7944295


This is just crazy speculation and a mind fuck if true.

Anonymous ID: 1ed6df 2020-01-28 20:40:12Z No. 7944297





Anonymous ID: ed5474 2020-01-28 20:40:13Z No. 7944298


Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:40:13Z No. 7944299


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:40:14Z No. 7944300

Anonymous ID: be4629 2020-01-28 20:40:14Z No. 7944301


Anonymous ID: 84cee2 2020-01-28 20:40:14Z No. 7944302

Any chance Epstein was tried by a secret court and executed? And we left his body because it is funny as shit?>>7944272

Anonymous ID: 5f5798 2020-01-28 20:40:15Z No. 7944303


Since October 2017 when Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen was named an auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Orange, he has been known for his service to the local Vietnamese-American community, the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam.

Bishop Nguyen leads fundraising efforts to build the anxiously awaited shrine to Our Lady of La Vang and joins Bishop Timothy Freyer in assisting Bishop Kevin Vann in ministering to the 1.3 million Catholics in Orange County.

Yet Bishop Nguyen – who escaped war-torn Vietnam by boat and later was ordained to the priesthood by the La Salette Missionaries – goes out of his way to serve another, often-overlooked local population.

Without fanfare, he can be found ministering to prisoners as he visits local jails and Juvenile Hall or feeding the homeless in the Santa Ana Civic Center. 

“When I come to see Jesus face-to-face, He is not going to ask me how many churches I built or Masses I’ve celebrated,” Bishop Nguyen explains. “He will want to know if I fed the hungry or provided drink to the thirsty. Having received the gift of the priesthood, I am committed to sacramentally reach out to the needy and to serve the poor.”

At the same time, Bishop Nguyen has a self-deprecating sense of humor and once allowed himself to be dressed as Elvis during a youth retreat.

He shares that he was considering retirement when he was named auxiliary bishop in Orange County. “God has a miraculous way – He brought me to Orange County and its large Vietnamese community, people who share my roots,” he says. “It’s God’s plan for my ministry to be productive, successful and rewarding.”

One of 11 children, he was born on April 7, 1953, in Nha Trang, Vietnam. He and members of his family escaped in a 28-foot boat in 1979, spending 18 days at sea before landing on the Philippines. “On the eighth day we ran out of food and water,” Bishop Nguyen recalls. “Three times it rained and each time we saved one cup of rainwater.” On the final day, the family rowed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to reach the shore. “Four days later, I entered the seminary,” having vowed while at sea to dedicate his life to the Lord.

The family lived in a refugee camp for 10 months before moving to the United States in 1980. 

In the early 1990s, Bishop Nguyen held two pastoral assignments in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, first as parochial vicar at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Smyrna, and then at St. Ann Parish in Marietta. He came to the Diocese of St. Augustine in 1996 and he was incardinated a priest of the diocese in 1999. He served as parochial vicar and administrator at Christ the King Parish, Jacksonville, then was appointed pastor. He served as pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Jacksonville, the largest parish in the diocese with 4,000 families. While there, he built a strong, faith-filled community, adding a youth Mass and building a social/youth hall and fostering more vocations to the priesthood and religious life than any other parish in the diocese. 

Bishop Nguyen is excited to work with Bishop Kevin Vann on the diocese’s new strategic plan for evangelization, leadership, and stewardship. “I can’t wait to get started,” he says. “Bishop Vann has a great vision for Christ Cathedral as an ideal community with all the activities that set a good example for all parishes to emulate.” He believes the cathedral, with the Our Lady of La Vang shrine and the Tower of Hope, will serve as a landmark for Pope Francis’ new evangelization efforts.

Bishop Nguyen says his maternal grandmother was instrumental in bringing him into religious life and for his dedication to serving the poor and needy. “One time we were eating lunch and a beggar came to the door with a bag on his back,” he recalls. “My grandmother said, ‘why don’t you sit down and eat with us?’ The beggar was amazed. Before he left, she told me to give him one cup of rice and one Vietnamese dollar.

“That act stayed with me as I studied in seminary,” he concludes.

In addition, Bishop Nguyen admires the work of Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica, a former Jesuit who keenly felt the call to respond to the desperate poverty he saw in Kingston. 

When he traveled to Kingston to serve with the missionaries, Bishop Nguyen says, he noticed that the poor and the people who serve them were happy. “They have nothing, so they rely on God,” he muses. “When you serve the poor, you receive an inner joy you can’t get in any other ministry. The joy I receive from serving the poor is precious.”

When he finally retires, Bishop Nguyen says, he wants to travel to Vietnam for several months a year to help serve the poor with the Vietnamese Sisters of the Good Shepherd, who feed, clothe, and educate children whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. Right now he is content to send the sisters donations for their efforts. 

Anonymous ID: a90a57 2020-01-28 20:40:17Z No. 7944304


Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:40:29Z No. 7944305


Anonymous ID: 5997b6 2020-01-28 20:40:32Z No. 7944306


Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:40:39Z No. 7944308


Cogent analysis.

>Epstein spied for MOSSAD (ISR)

>Protection removed

>last Peace Plan offered

How they proceed is up to them. Netanyahu is withdrawing his immunity request. Gantz previously said he would accommodate Netanyahu on that. Netty doesn't want Gantz to steal his thunder (they are competitors).

Very perilous for Netanyahu right now.

Anonymous ID: be4629 2020-01-28 20:40:54Z No. 7944309


Anonymous ID: c11a9b 2020-01-28 20:40:54Z No. 7944310


Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:40:55Z No. 7944311

US President Donald Trump has tweeted a map showing proposed new Israel-Palestine borders, shortly after unveiling a peace plan for a two-state solution which would involve the formation of a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

Posting the tweet in both Arabic and English, Trump wrote: “This is what a future State of Palestine can look like, with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.”

This is what a future State of Palestine can look like, with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 28, 2020

The “conceptual map” shows that a tunnel would connect the West Bank to Gaza on the Mediterranean coast. It also envisions a "high-tech manufacturing industrial zone" for Palestine, as well as a "residential and agricultural" zone.

The map also shows Syria’s Golan Heights — annexed by Israel in 1981 — as part of the state of Israel. The Trump administration recognized Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over the region last year, despite it being illegal under international law.

Anonymous ID: 1ac2c2 2020-01-28 20:41:06Z No. 7944315

–Theory on Q562 - Remember THIS DAY. posted on Jan. 19, 2018==

<Jan 19 2018 16:02:49 (EST)

>Remember THIS DAY.


Pam Pondi stressed On January 19, 2016 "There was a meeting between the Obama Administration and Ukrainian officials."

And, the White House visitor log from January 19, 2016 shows a meeting between Eric C_Aramella and 'Ukarian Officials.'

Lots of sauce on Jan 19 (2016) meeting:

Anonymous ID: 0a9e14 2020-01-28 20:41:07Z No. 7944312


this is spectacular NOTABLE

the worlds first planned real estate development for nations!

deal of the fuking century

Anonymous ID: d7f9ff 2020-01-28 20:41:08Z No. 7944313

Google/+ Others Invested $256 MIL Into CrowdStrike So

Democrats Can Use FBI Wiretap Data to Regain Congress

Crowdstrike was the only one who examined the DNC server that was hacked in:

Nov. 2015 / May 2016 / June 2016 Why?

Because it was hacked by Crowdstrike’s Ukranian hacking team.

The FBI never had access to the DNC servers.

Since CrowdStrike has top secret clearance, so does Google. So do other investors.

They all have "unlimited" access to the FBI's data, files, and surveillance information.

It is illegal to grant non-FBI employees access to top secret information, according to a court ruling by Judge

Rosemary Collyer, head of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

The data is being used by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to regain control of Congress in November.

It was also used in the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

CrowdStrike has the only access to the DNC's computer systems.

Google donated one of their planes for use by the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

A venture capital company, Warburg Pincus, however, controls CrowdStrike.

Warburg invested more money into CrowdStrike than Google.

No one at Google is on CrowdStrike's Board of Directors. Warburg Pincus has two.

They are Cary Davis and Joseph Landy.


Anonymous ID: f97620 2020-01-28 20:41:08Z No. 7944314


Dis gunna be guud

Anonymous ID: 04d51c 2020-01-28 20:41:09Z No. 7944316

>>7943535 (PB)

Says he saw it falling. Oh Really! Conflicting info from this gent, who was also interviewed on video. Getting his 15 min of fame with bad info. Possibly deliberate. Bad English skills and all.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:41:13Z No. 7944317

Anonymous ID: c61780 2020-01-28 20:41:13Z No. 7944318


He is close

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:41:33Z No. 7944319


If you recall someone from the Military had just visited him at the facility that same day

Anonymous ID: 0173c6 2020-01-28 20:41:33Z No. 7944320


Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 20:41:35Z No. 7944321

Horowitz testifying LIVE now about Whistle Blowers

Anonymous ID: 5f5798 2020-01-28 20:41:35Z No. 7944322


>In addition, Bishop Nguyen admires the work of Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica, a former Jesuit who keenly felt the call to respond to the desperate poverty he saw in Kingston. 

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:41:36Z No. 7944323


Sorry "I" and "T"


Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:41:37Z No. 7944324


Leave her, Johnny, leave her

Anonymous ID: 3b56d3 2020-01-28 20:41:40Z No. 7944325

>>7886559 lb

>>7894891 lb

>>7897071 lb

>>7900639 lb

>>7907339 lb

>>7912307 lb

>>7926240 lb

>>7927991 lb

>>7930548 lb

>>7935760 lb

>>7938038 lb

>>7941964 lb

Coronavirus Watch Update

Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases (by JHU CSSE)

As of Jan 28, 2020 1 pm EST


Archived at:

Total Confirmed Worldwide - 4690 - Last update: 3 minutes ago (from 3:30pm EST) - Increase of 216 additional patients since the last report at 8:30 pm.

Total Deaths Worldwide - 106 (all in mainland China) - Last update: 2 minutes ago (3 minutes ago (from 3:30pm EST) Increase of 24 additional deaths since the last report at 8:30 pm.

Total Recovered - 79 (all in mainland China except for 1 in Japan and 2 in Thailand)

USA: 5 Confirmed Cases

Spreadsheet as of Jan 27 8:30 pm (Province/State, Country/Region, Last Update, Confirmed, Suspected, Recovered, Deaths):


Good twats to monitor for local Chinese pix and vids of the situation - people are literally falling down in the streets:


JHU press release about the development of the dashboard:


Save this Preparedness and Response Plan offline and share with your local docs and hospitals:

(unable to archive)

Johns Hopkins Institutions 2019 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan

Version 2.0 Last Updated: January 22, 2020

Anonymous ID: 925874 2020-01-28 20:41:42Z No. 7944326

Propagation visuals, according to officially released confirmed cases.

This does not follow the attack patterns of western intellegence.

This is Communism under pressure of an increased cost per unit, I mean Human, thinning out their heard.

It's a purge.

Before starvation claims their lives.

They're dumping/using up their old supplies, and killing their old and weak units, humans, because how much of a net cost are they to the system as a whole?

They have a social credit score, remember?

Are there any repercussions re: the virus?



Intel says America has a cure/solution but will only deploy if necessary. Those pushing 'the real biowarfare is the injection to save you' WANT YOU DEAD.

Anonymous ID: aea6f7 2020-01-28 20:41:45Z No. 7944327

This D'Andrea guy- hrc's chef Andres keeps coming to mind.

Chef Andres pictured with his roach coach named *PEPE*

Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 20:41:50Z No. 7944328


The Squad isn't going to like this!

Anonymous ID: 317645 2020-01-28 20:41:52Z No. 7944329

Pay attention to shampeachment Q normies. Nothing to see here. Do NOT prepare for depopulation.

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:41:54Z No. 7944330


Anonymous ID: 2ea25b 2020-01-28 20:41:59Z No. 7944331

Chances of Q knowing about Durham 2 years ago ? Zero percent …. Best is yet to come …Love all you Fags

Anonymous ID: fc668a 2020-01-28 20:42:16Z No. 7944332


Q proofs came long ago.

Hell, the clown's n shill's have been some of the best proof! From day one, all for a larp? PROOF!! Kek

Anonymous ID: 0c57f2 2020-01-28 20:42:18Z No. 7944333



Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:42:18Z No. 7944335

Anonymous ID: f144ad 2020-01-28 20:42:20Z No. 7944334


THat's "modern art."

The other thing looks like a dark web grab from a torture/breeding dungeon.

Anonymous ID: db5b21 2020-01-28 20:42:22Z No. 7944336

This all really makes Trumps "Durham report +++" comment all that much more amazingly powerful!

Anonymous ID: 989864 2020-01-28 20:42:30Z No. 7944338

I can envision a future where the problems of the past are rectified by righteous leadership, and when the people ask of their leaders, "did we save ourselves, or did you save us?" the righteous leaders will say, "a savior of our souls made it such that our minds were cleansed, and in doing this, our lives have been improved. But let us never forget the author and perfecter of this faith, lest our peace descend into obscurity like so many kingdoms before."

The power we wield is a gift. But guarding it from priestly abuse requires that all men be learned of the power gifted to them by God.

How do we teach all men?

As servant leaders, teaching by example, protecting the dignity of Man so that in securing that, men might become suitable vessels for the power vested in them.

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:42:30Z No. 7944339

What Was A Top Official In Maduro’s Government Doing With A Spanish Minister On A Madrid Tarmac?

Delcy Rodriguez, vice president of the illegitimate government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, has been banned from entering the Schengen area of the European Union since 2017, as a result of the sanctions against twenty senior Venezuelan officials.

However, in the early hours of Monday morning, Rodriguez landed in Madrid, at the Barajas airport, and received a visit from the transportation minister of the new socialist government in Spain, José Luis Ábalos. The scandal has leaked to the press. The Spanish newspaper Voz Populi had the exclusive. And since then, the government has already provided about a dozen versions of what happened.

First, they denied the meeting between Ábalos and Rodríguez happened at all. Next, they said the minister went to the airport for a personal visit with a friend. Then, they clarified that the friend was Felix Plasencia, Minister of Tourism for Maduro. Plasencia is not among the senior positions sanctioned by the European Union. After that, they said that Ábalos was forced to give a “forced greeting by circumstances” to Maduro’s vice president, because Plasencia — surprise! — was traveling on Rodriguez’s plane. Later, Ábalos said he went to the airport because he had been asked to do so by Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlaska.

Anonymous ID: f3801b 2020-01-28 20:42:38Z No. 7944340


Durham boats were flat-bottomed and double-ended, much like large bateaux in both construction and appearance. Beyond that, very little is known of construction details. No plans exist and likely they were not used. No extant remains have been found and very little written description exists. ==Probably they were built with heavy stems at bow and stern and a series of frames amidships, likely from natural oak crooks when available, and planked with sawn boards, likely pine although builders would have used whatever material was available.==

Wild wood !

Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:42:39Z No. 7944341

Senate D's are now calling an exchange of witnesses (1R for 1D witness) a QUID PRO QUO

They are totally hopeless!

It's just a way to repeat that phrase 5k times in the media

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:42:53Z No. 7944342



Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:42:55Z No. 7944343


Sing sing sing

Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:42:58Z No. 7944344

The Pic of the Day: This is Drago, the Air Force’s secret surveillance plane

Christopher Davis, left, a field service technician, and Ken Cave, an airframe and powerplant specialist with the 319th Special Operations Squadron, prepare for routine maintenance on a U-28A Draco at Hurlburt Field, Florida, Oct. 31, 2019. The 319th SOS maintainers enable U-28s to provide tactical airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance in support of special operations forces worldwide.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:42:59Z No. 7944345

Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 20:43:01Z No. 7944346



Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 20:43:04Z No. 7944347


Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:43:07Z No. 7944348



Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:43:10Z No. 7944349


Anonymous ID: 919845 2020-01-28 20:43:11Z No. 7944350


buh buh bye shekel boi


Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:43:18Z No. 7944352


clown, I know you are desperate, but posts like that only make you glow when talking to grown-ups.

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 20:43:19Z No. 7944353

Pic of Prince Andrew today:

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:43:39Z No. 7944354



Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:43:40Z No. 7944355


>buh buh bye shekel boi

Anonymous ID: f74d37 2020-01-28 20:43:41Z No. 7944356


United Kingdom.Epstein case: Prince Andrew “missing”

The son of Queen Elizabeth II, close to the child sex billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, had promised to collaborate with the American authorities. So far, he has not followed up on FBI solicitations.

"Have you seen this prince?" Worries The Sun, with detailed research support. According to the FBI, Prince Andrew has so far provided "no cooperation" in the Jeffrey Epstein case, despite contact with his lawyers. Close to the pedophile billionaire found dead in his prison cell last August, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II had yet promised to collaborate with the American authorities "if asked." The Briton's attitude "is a slap to the victims," ​​responded the lawyer for five of them.

But the conservative tabloid is not losing hope. "Distinctive features: unable to sweat, likes pizza, unemployed", he continues in one of his edition of the day, not without sarcasm: the last two points refer to the defense used by Prince Andrew during an interview granted to the BBC at the end of 2019.

Accused of having committed a rape in 2001, the brother of Prince Charles, future king of England, had drawn the alibi of an evening at the pizzeria. He further explained that he suffered from a physical problem preventing him from sweating, while his alleged victim claims to have seen him sweating profusely. This interview on British public television led to his retirement from public life - the “loss of his job” as a representative of the royal family - a few days later.

Flagship of the tabloids, The Sun is the most widely read of all British newspapers. Sport, sex and scandals constitute the business of this flagship title of the Murdoch group. Renowned for his page 3 …

Anonymous ID: 88b63e 2020-01-28 20:43:41Z No. 7944357


>If you recall someone from the Military had just visited him at the facility that same day

needs sauce

Anonymous ID: 13eadf 2020-01-28 20:43:43Z No. 7944358


Sing Sing = PRISON

Anonymous ID: e1661d 2020-01-28 20:43:47Z No. 7944359

Democrats are getting ahead of their failure.

Conceding defeat on twitter.

Anonymous ID: 4a86d5 2020-01-28 20:43:57Z No. 7944360


I'm sorry I don't see the connection with New Jersey and the first Q post. It says nothing of New Jersey


Not 1st post.

Q post Oct 31, 2017

Washington crossing the Delaware - To NEW JERSEY.

Subtle hints.

Durham Boat - John Durham

New Jersey - Rally Tonight

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:43:58Z No. 7944361

China Has Not Accepted U.S. Offers to Send CDC Experts to Aid in Coronavirus Fight

U.S. health officials said that they have been offering for weeks to send experts to help China combat the coronavirus that has claimed at least 106 lives.

At press conference Tuesday, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the U.S. first offered to send experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 6 but China has not yet accepted the offer.

“CDC experts are standing by, ready willing and able to go immediately to China, either on a bilateral basis or under the auspices of the World Health Organization,” Azar said. “This is a major public health issue and we basically just need the best public health people we have in the world working on this.”

U.S. personnel could aid China in answering critical public health questions about how the virus spreads, its incubation period, and if it can be spread by those not yet showing symptoms, CDC Director Robert Redfield said.

“We are urging China: more cooperation and transparency are the most important steps you can take toward a more effective response,” Azar said.

Although U.S. officials appeared to be frustrated by China’s apparent reluctance to accept aid, they emphasized that China has been far more cooperative than it was during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Azar described his conversations with Chinese counterparts as “very hopeful and productive.” Azar said the CDC was able to quickly develop a rapid diagnostic test because China had made the virus’ genome available.

Azar also said that the U.S. would be willing to implement travel restrictions if it decides that such measures are appropriate.

“In terms of travel restrictions, as I spoke about in my opening remarks, it’s important to not take anything off the table with a rapidly emerging novel infectious disease,” Azar said.

World Health Organization said on Tuesday that China has agreed to allow international experts to China as soon as possible but did not specify if that included U.S. officials.

Smart move?

Deadly Coronavirus from China or CDC?

Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:44:16Z No. 7944362


not human

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:44:17Z No. 7944363


anon, maybe someday grow up and quit posting images of this fucking pig.


Anonymous ID: c82a8c 2020-01-28 20:44:17Z No. 7944364


You might want to consult a dictionary, anon.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:44:18Z No. 7944365

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:44:22Z No. 7944366

100% Proof the Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia!





















100% Proof the Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia!

Anonymous ID: 830547 2020-01-28 20:44:23Z No. 7944367

Q Thank you and our many patriots fighting this war.

Should we worry about Bolton???

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:44:26Z No. 7944368


Hiroyuki, you just glow.

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:44:32Z No. 7944369

Anonymous ID: eafe0e 2020-01-28 20:44:32Z No. 7944371

Anonymous ID: 919845 2020-01-28 20:44:33Z No. 7944370


thanx LARP

Anonymous ID: 47615b 2020-01-28 20:44:35Z No. 7944372


Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:44:40Z No. 7944373

Anonymous ID: 4cc094 2020-01-28 20:44:56Z No. 7944374


Bolton is a pretend neo-con, jew war hawk?

Anonymous ID: 0a9e14 2020-01-28 20:44:58Z No. 7944375


notable DNC fuckery part 2

Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 20:45:00Z No. 7944376


Give Jews a small part of Palestine, they TAKE 95% !!!


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:45:03Z No. 7944378

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:45:03Z No. 7944379

Anonymous ID: d31148 2020-01-28 20:45:23Z No. 7944380



Anonymous ID: 4a86d5 2020-01-28 20:45:25Z No. 7944381


>Know who is from Delaware?


true, hmmm

Anonymous ID: 610aff 2020-01-28 20:45:25Z No. 7944382




Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:45:36Z No. 7944383



Anonymous ID: 42d3d7 2020-01-28 20:45:37Z No. 7944384

so Q is confirmed Durham.

not an alien, not a demon/angel/AI. Just a regular old guy.

i.. ok.

Anonymous ID: 70d821 2020-01-28 20:45:37Z No. 7944385

Q, what's the deal with the Corona virus? You wrote about Corona SATs about a month after the virus was supposedly stolen from Canada?

Anonymous ID: d4cce9 2020-01-28 20:45:37Z No. 7944386

If I'm reading that right…"Durham" is part or knows all about "Q"…either or…he knows what we know and is going to tear them a new asshole..I'm confident everything is on schedule now and it's going to be just…..fine!!!!

Anonymous ID: 20c023 2020-01-28 20:45:45Z No. 7944388


Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:45:46Z No. 7944387

Sweden: Just Seven Convictions After Year of Over 250 Explosions and Bombings

Sweden saw just seven convictions for bombings in 2019, despite there being over 250 known cases of explosions in the same year.

New figures released from the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Bra) have shown that in 2019, the country saw a total of 257 reports of explosions and bombings, up from prior estimates and an increase of 59 per cent from 2018, broadcaster SVT reports.

A further review by the broadcaster has shown that the number of people convicted for these attacks has been poor, with only seven convictions of public endangerment due to the use of explosives.

Marie Borgh, who is the head of the national bomb protection, has claimed that the main reason for the lack of convictions in explosive cases is due to the difficulty of prosecuting individuals.

“The technical evidence is difficult when it is blown up. Most of it is blown away in connection with the detonation. Often, someone may order this job based on a conflict that exists. A bomb builder will build the bomb and someone else will then carry it out,” Borgh said.

She went on to add that police did not think the bombings were intentionally being carried out to kill people but added, “Some of the charges have been so powerful that there was a risk of it. This is obviously ignored, though it may not be the basic purpose.”

Swedish gangs, who are largely seen as being behind the bombings, have previously used hand grenades against rival gangs in order to spread fear according to Police officer Gunnar Appelgren who noted in 2018 that hand grenades were easy to find and inexpensive.

“Some groups initially estimated that hand grenades are good for scaring or attacking another group. Then you are in a spiral, where hand grenades become part of the weapons used in these gang conflicts,” he said.

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:45:49Z No. 7944389


getting the old band back together

Anonymous ID: b505e6 2020-01-28 20:45:49Z No. 7944391

Every time.. slobster PM.. deepthroating Q.. sickening man. Fucking Paytriot whore.

Anonymous ID: f2a2fb 2020-01-28 20:45:50Z No. 7944390


What's up with this crap?

Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:45:51Z No. 7944392

Anonymous ID: b60745 2020-01-28 20:45:51Z No. 7944393

If one can find a scintilla of evidence about Biden corruption in Ukraine, the House case falls apart.

Today we have heard a tsunami.

Tsunami Warning issued next day.


Anonymous ID: 64d26f 2020-01-28 20:45:53Z No. 7944394



Smells like a Hillary Re-run to me

Anonymous ID: 53669f 2020-01-28 20:45:55Z No. 7944395

Anonymous ID: 35a7e0 2020-01-28 20:45:57Z No. 7944396


>quit posting images of this fucking pig.

Anonymous ID: c11a9b 2020-01-28 20:45:57Z No. 7944397


Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:45:59Z No. 7944398


but the club is for musicians

Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 20:46:00Z No. 7944399


Anonymous ID: 4cc094 2020-01-28 20:46:02Z No. 7944400


So Epstein was one only of the Princes?

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:46:02Z No. 7944401


Gotcha fren!

Anonymous ID: 7e30bf 2020-01-28 20:46:06Z No. 7944402

Anyone who listened to Dershowitz with an open mind last night knows that this impeachment is a dangerous sham.

Any Senator who votes for removal is a partisan hack and proves that an Impeachment Trial of the President does not belong in the Senate.

The President's counsel finally inferred what I've been wanting to yell at the top of my lungs: Any member of the Senate who has any Presidential aspirations (not only in 2020, but also 2024 and beyond) needs to send the House Managers and their partisan farce packing. The quid pro quo we should fear is every president getting impeached purely on policy differences.

Anonymous ID: d66348 2020-01-28 20:46:20Z No. 7944403

>>7944149 Or either by plan or circumstance, 4 GOP senators vote with the traitors to call more witnesses. POTUS said that would trigger a huge court battle (to defend Presidential prerogatives, to defend himself, or both). In that case, things would be extended. Looking at the broad view, this would likely favor our side (what doesn't, actually) by narrowing the window between DJT exoneration & the release of Durham/Huber. Less time for the traitors to run their game after shooting their 'peachment bolt. If Schiff is called, we will get to see him & the entire dem plot mercilessly destroyed on TV. As in crushed flat with H2So4 poured on the resultant crepe, and holy people from every religion uniting to pour ceremonial curses upon them.

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:46:22Z No. 7944404


Ohhhh shit!

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 20:46:23Z No. 7944405

set the stage

Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:46:23Z No. 7944406

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:46:33Z No. 7944407



Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:46:36Z No. 7944408



Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:46:39Z No. 7944409

Germany Abandons $2.5 Billion Purchase of US Triton Drones

Berlin’s Federal Ministry of Defense has opted to purchase three Bombardier Global 6000 jets and abandon its plan to buy four US-made MQ-4C Triton aerial surveillance drones.

Germany announced Tuesday that after months of deliberation, the ministry of defense has decided to forego its initial efforts to install a new reconnaissance system on Northrop Grumman’s Triton drones and will instead fix the eavesdropping sensors to Canadian firm Bombardier’s manned Global 6000 jets, according to the Associated Press.

While Germany had initially planned for the Persistent German Airborne Surveillance System (PEGASUS) to be installed on the drones, recent financing headaches combined with concerns over European airspace regulations have led to the plan’s undoing.

A spokeswoman with the ministry told Defense News that the estimated $2.5 billion Triton option, which was approved by the US State Department in April 2018, had grown “significantly more expensive” when compared to earlier assumptions and would not be delivered until 2025.

Additionally, opting for a manned aircraft provides Berlin with the ability to not worry about meeting European Aviation Safety Agency guidelines concerning the safety of operating unmanned aircraft alongside conventional air traffic.

Anonymous ID: 229470 2020-01-28 20:46:42Z No. 7944410


To create vaccine for coronavirus

JNJ Ties to C40 cities = Mini Mike Bloomberg source: > Careers

JNJ Ties to UN SDG = Sustainable Development Goals = Agenda 2030 = Agenda 21 = Population Control

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:46:44Z No. 7944411


Check the breads it was posted even with the photos of the Guys that showed up in uniform that day

Anonymous ID: d65cff 2020-01-28 20:46:45Z No. 7944412


Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:47:00Z No. 7944413


Corona virus = bs fearmongering pushed by clowns to make anons look stupid!

Corona virus = bs fearmongering pushed by clowns to make anons look stupid!

>Misinformation about the coronavirus has particularly taken root in Facebook groups for anti-vaccine advocates and believers in QAnon, a broad, right-wing conspiracy theory.

<Misinformation about the coronavirus

<QAnon, a broad, right-wing conspiracy theory

Corona virus = bs fearmongering pushed by clowns to make anons look stupid!

Corona virus = bs fearmongering pushed by clowns to make anons look stupid!

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:47:05Z No. 7944414


umm…well is there any proof of there existence besides a wiki entry and hint in a Q post?

Anonymous ID: 4e2827 2020-01-28 20:47:05Z No. 7944415


Hessian are people in a part of Germany

Maybe the Q-team will now cross the big pond and will now take on the deep state in Germany/Europe.

Europe next!

Anonymous ID: c2241c 2020-01-28 20:47:05Z No. 7944416

Anonymous ID: e7acc1 2020-01-28 20:47:05Z No. 7944417

2000 year old Satanist Torah Discovered in Turkey after Police Arrests Smugglers






















2000 year old Satanist Torah Discovered in Turkey after Police Arrests Smugglers

Anonymous ID: ddeb7b 2020-01-28 20:47:08Z No. 7944418

Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:47:10Z No. 7944419

>>7944315 Q" "Jan 19th Remember THIS DAY" connection with Bondi's presentation


Separately, it's really revealing to listen to what all the "reporters" camera people etc are saying to each other while they wait for someone comes up for them to interview - you can hear them discussing how to "frame" the situation in advance

Schumer is complaining about how the defense didn't discuss Server, Crowdstrike, Hunter enough


Anonymous ID: 9622ce 2020-01-28 20:47:13Z No. 7944420


Verrrry interesting!

Anonymous ID: d10696 2020-01-28 20:47:16Z No. 7944421


Brother on the right got that same goofy stupid look about him.

Anonymous ID: 6a82f8 2020-01-28 20:47:18Z No. 7944422



Check the timestamps before you sperg out

It's from December, not today.

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:47:19Z No. 7944423



Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:47:19Z No. 7944424

Anonymous ID: c4e0dc 2020-01-28 20:47:20Z No. 7944425

>>7943948 (Q #3801)

Hartford Courant (CT) article - Oct. 27, 2017

John Durham Named Interim U.S. Attorney; Presidential Nomination Expected

John H. Durham, a veteran mob prosecutor who has been tapped repeatedly by the Justice Department to settle complicated, national legal controversies, was named interim U.S. Attorney Friday and his nomination by President Donald J. Trump is expected to follow shortly.

Over his 40-year career, Durham has locked up scores of mobsters, supervised successful prosecutions of more than a dozen corrupt Connecticut politicians — including a governor — and helped develop and carry out a widely imitated, federal-state strategy against inner city gun and drug violence.

Outside Connecticut, beginning in the late 1990s, Durham, a Republican accepted controversial assignments for successive presidential administrations of both political parties.

On orders from the Bill Clinton justice department, he directed an investigative team that waded into the tribal morass of Boston law enforcement, identifying and prosecuting corrupt FBI agents and police officers who fed the infamous Irish gangster James “Whitey” Bulger information he used to kill informants.

A decade later, Durham went to Washington, twice, on instructions from the George W. Bush and Barack Obama justice departments to evaluate allegations of torture and cover-up by CIA operatives in aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Durham replaces outgoing U.S Attorney Deirdre M. Daly, whose last day in office was Friday. Daly was an appointee of President Barack Obama.

Durham’s selection as U.S. Attorney, Connecticut’s top federal law officer, has been long anticipated. He has the support of former officeholders of both parties, the White House counsel’s office, the justice department and Connecticut’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Christopher Murphy, both sharp Trump critics.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued an order Friday naming Durham interim U.S. Attorney, and Connecticut’s Chief U.S. District Judge, Janet C. Hall, swore him in Friday afternoon. Trump’s nomination had been expected late this week, as Daly prepared to leave, but apparently was delayed.

For much of his career, Durham, 67, has been a top deputy in the U.S. Attorney’s office in New Haven. His nomination has wide support in Connecticut and Washington, making confirmation by the U.S. Senate all but certain, and meaning he can close his career as the state’s top federal law officer.

Anonymous ID: 486da5 2020-01-28 20:47:24Z No. 7944426

>>7943901 (lb)

Oh yeah, understood. Like I said, I don't think negatively about "southern" accents, now, like I did growing up. There is still a stigma attached to them, many deserved, but not always. Growing up with it, it was challenging. I sounded like I was from the sticks, but grew up on housing/sec 8. Nobody spoke real English.

My point was that these dividers use our "differences" to poke at us, and continue dividing us.

Anonymous ID: c61780 2020-01-28 20:47:27Z No. 7944427

>muh Case Agent 1

And they wonder why so few people care

Anonymous ID: c2241c 2020-01-28 20:47:42Z No. 7944428

Anonymous ID: 2c92ae 2020-01-28 20:47:44Z No. 7944429

Lots of people lost their jobs. Most with golden parachutes. Sense of justice restored then I guess.

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:47:44Z No. 7944430


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:48:04Z No. 7944431

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:48:07Z No. 7944432


Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:48:09Z No. 7944433


"Very weird" of you to say.

Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 20:48:21Z No. 7944434




Anonymous ID: c4e0dc 2020-01-28 20:48:23Z No. 7944436

Anonymous ID: 610aff 2020-01-28 20:48:24Z No. 7944437


Anonymous ID: 9c0f76 2020-01-28 20:48:24Z No. 7944438



Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:48:24Z No. 7944439


krauts are broke as a joke

Anonymous ID: 9957d1 2020-01-28 20:48:28Z No. 7944440

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:48:31Z No. 7944441


you, clown, should be worried about how much they like pedos in prison.

Anonymous ID: 44c82e 2020-01-28 20:48:32Z No. 7944442

Anonymous ID: 1914f0 2020-01-28 20:48:36Z No. 7944443


Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 20:48:36Z No. 7944444


Anonymous ID: c82a8c 2020-01-28 20:48:38Z No. 7944445


53-47, I'm afraid.

At best.

They are ALL partisan.

Plus they were probably warned by Schumer, heads would on pikes.


Anonymous ID: 1f86e7 2020-01-28 20:48:40Z No. 7944446

Anonymous ID: eafe0e 2020-01-28 20:48:42Z No. 7944447

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:48:48Z No. 7944448

Anonymous ID: 42d3d7 2020-01-28 20:49:03Z No. 7944449



look for other private island pedos in other directions ?

Anonymous ID: c4e0dc 2020-01-28 20:49:03Z No. 7944450

Anonymous ID: 6a5cc1 2020-01-28 20:49:05Z No. 7944452


Flaunting their criminality for all to see, kek.

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:49:05Z No. 7944453


Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:49:06Z No. 7944454



Anonymous ID: 64d26f 2020-01-28 20:49:07Z No. 7944455


>If I'm reading that right…"Durham" is part or knows all about "Q"

you needed red text for that?

Anonymous ID: 919845 2020-01-28 20:49:14Z No. 7944456


WHY UR momma DREss u so funny

u gotz a crak fiend hunter prey ass

Israel free

u like? u hate?

who gives a s niggers ass

TIMEs up peach mints


KEK madafakka

Anonymous ID: 9957d1 2020-01-28 20:49:15Z No. 7944457



Anonymous ID: 1f86e7 2020-01-28 20:49:18Z No. 7944458


Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 20:49:20Z No. 7944459


1-17-2020 #10037 Post No. 7842342 I asked the JIDF clown for Sauce, he:

1. Posted a meme of a pile of bodies with Made Up Numbers on it.  and claimed: "There you go"… as if just writing numbers is "sauce".Post No. 7842537

2. Upon my challenge: "Sauce it or GTFO", how many ovens? how many bodies in each oven?

Post No. 7842637 The Jewish Propaganda clown actually wrote:

"So YOU prove it"

The Jewish shill had 0 Sauce, and actually told me to sauce the "6,000,000" for him. This number has been claimed by the Jews for the last 75 Years.

4. Which means that not a single Jewish clown shill could provide Sauce for the 6 Million made up number.

5. Except for someone's claim of seeing some "nazi serial numbers" among the ''millions on computer file" at Yad Vashem, which is the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, in Israel. Post No. 7843099

Yad Vashem Was Planned in 1942

Yad Vashem was first proposed in September 1942, at a board meeting of the Jewish National Fund, by Mordecai Shenhavi, a member of Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'emek.[4]

In August 1945, the plan was discussed in greater detail at a Zionist meeting in London.


Since the JIDF shill Meme stated that the "high volume extermination camps were only open from 1942 -1945".

This means that the Jews and Zionists


5. Another Anon Posted: I DID THE MATH…IT'S BULLSHIT

Post No. 7842721:

I picked one camp off your list.

Gross Rosen.

A total of 40000 people died there, and not all were Jewish, but

>lets say all were Jewish..

40,000 / 1095 = 37 Jews per day. Long ways from your 228 per day per camp number..


Same Anon, Post No.7842808:

Ebensee Concentration Camp

11,000 prisoners died.11,000 / 1095 = 10 per day


6. Another Anon Post No. 7843172:

In all of German occupied Europe, there resided 2.4 million Jews before the War, according to the World Jewish Encyclopedia.

After the War, 3.8 million Jewish "Holocaust Survivors were receiving pensions from the German Government.

Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

-Edgar J. Steele

Jews Telling Us That "6 Million Jews Died" Without Any Sauce (Other Than Their Own Claims)

*Jews have claimed the "6 Million Jews Died" since that number was published in a Ukrainian newspaper in 1915.

30 Years before the end of WWII.

Have we been HoloConned by Jews for 75 Years?

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:49:23Z No. 7944460


Anonymous ID: 74f4b2 2020-01-28 20:49:27Z No. 7944461

Anonymous ID: ed5474 2020-01-28 20:49:31Z No. 7944462


Anonymous ID: 4cefa3 2020-01-28 20:49:45Z No. 7944463

whatever happened with the AF plane crash 86 on board supposed?

Saw a brief blurb this morning saying AF plane, only 2 on board.

Anonymous ID: 4b0f25 2020-01-28 20:49:47Z No. 7944464

Enjoying the Show!

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:49:47Z No. 7944465



Anonymous ID: 35a7e0 2020-01-28 20:49:47Z No. 7944466


Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 20:49:49Z No. 7944467

Anonymous ID: 88b63e 2020-01-28 20:49:50Z No. 7944468



Anonymous ID: b72385 2020-01-28 20:49:52Z No. 7944469



Anonymous ID: 6a5cc1 2020-01-28 20:49:53Z No. 7944470



Anonymous ID: 0173c6 2020-01-28 20:49:53Z No. 7944471


Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:49:54Z No. 7944472


Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:50:03Z No. 7944473

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer On How Trump Is Saving America’s Working Class

North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer is applauding President Donald Trump for his successful trade negotiations with China, Mexico, and Canada, asserting that the new trade agreements will bolster American agriculture.

Cramer explained the details of the Phase One trade deal with China and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which is set to be signed by the president Wednesday, in a recent interview with the Daily Caller.

The China deal is a particular boon for the many farmers in Cramer’s state — the first phase of the deal requires China to commit to purchasing more than $30 billion in agricultural goods from the United States.

Anonymous ID: d1cc86 2020-01-28 20:50:04Z No. 7944474

>>7943590 LB

About Kobe and (unfortunately) his daughter:

Just another living proof that,

"You can check out anytime you like; but you can never leave . . ."

About Freyer: Who really cares?

Does One Million and 1 make a big difference?

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:50:04Z No. 7944476

Anonymous ID: 9c53fa 2020-01-28 20:50:05Z No. 7944475

Hey Will SOMMER.




I know your lurking.

Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:50:08Z No. 7944477


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:50:09Z No. 7944478

Anonymous ID: f74d37 2020-01-28 20:50:25Z No. 7944479



Anonymous ID: eaf5e0 2020-01-28 20:50:26Z No. 7944480

I Think we're missing a comm here:

I think Epstein was snatched by Q team, despite the DS having control of the NYC facility… That was a message then that triggered their desperate impeachment attack.

Further caps are YETT EVERYTHING H PREY….. playing with this beyond the obvious.. we have more than we know

Johnny In The Woods ID: 6b6d98 2020-01-28 20:50:27Z No. 7944481


There was a young black boy lynched in West Wildwood in the 1990’s— west wildwood is an island in the bay off of wildwood down Glenwood Ave. His lifeless body was found hanging from a swing set in a small play area at the end of Glenwood Ave. the fbi supposedly came in and investigated but nothing ever came of it. West wildwood also has a sign upon entering which reads “small town charm on the back bay”. Just beneath someone scrawled in “niggers stay out”. It remained that wAy for a very long time. Chris Fox, by the way, is part of the very deep corruption going on back there. Wildwood has its own problem with very deep corruption. Pedophiles abound in cape May county! Slower lower, Middle Township. What happens when a teacher gets caught having sex with a minor? They get transferred to another school. Lots of Christian cults hiding things also. There are at least two houses in the crest with vault rooms and bundles of cash lining the walls on shelves. You can get a couple million, interest free for the weekend, but if you don’t pay on time, watch out. The interest after 2 days isn’t all that hurts.

Anonymous ID: ed2083 2020-01-28 20:50:30Z No. 7944482


Any chance they were told to do this by /ourguys/? Cuz…


Also…Hill's comin' back soon, I guess kek…


Kek! I feel ya.

Anonymous ID: 10bb1e 2020-01-28 20:50:30Z No. 7944483



Anonymous ID: 392485 2020-01-28 20:50:31Z No. 7944484


Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:50:31Z No. 7944485



>>7944114, >>7944274 Fly Eyes

>>7944315 Q connections?


>>7944241 Andrew snubbed FBI interview

>>7944226 Trump Attorney Patrick Philbin Destroys Dems, Unelected Bureaucrats, ‘The Constitution Vests All Executive Power in a US President’

>>7944138 Q has told us exactly how to find MARKERS

>>7944128, >>7944147 Moar EQ

>>7944107, >>7944166, >>7944176Q/Rally

>>7944059 Trump’s N.J. Rally: Sold Out Hotels, Long Lines and Subpoena-Coladas


Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:50:31Z No. 7944486


Check the breads. you will see pics of the van and the guys that were at the facility. Remember he wasn't in his cell before it happened

Anonymous ID: 1f86e7 2020-01-28 20:50:32Z No. 7944487


>WHY UR momma DREss u so funny

>u gotz a crak fiend hunter prey ass

>Israel free

>u like? u hate?

>who gives a s niggers ass

>TIMEs up peach mints


>KEK madafakka

Anonymous ID: 1fc140 2020-01-28 20:50:33Z No. 7944488

>>7944231 >check caps

>>7943948 ————————————–——– Where is the rally held tonight? (Cap: >>7944034)

this is only cap missing. you should be guud.

Anonymous ID: c2241c 2020-01-28 20:50:33Z No. 7944489


Dash dash 23 dots.

Now comes the pen!

Anonymous ID: 1be393 2020-01-28 20:50:39Z No. 7944490

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:50:47Z No. 7944491


no, it´s a normal virus that MSM use for fearmongering and that clowns (like yourself) use for tmaking anons look stupid.

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:50:48Z No. 7944492

Coronavirus: Japan and Germany confirm patients who caught disease did not visit China

Two people from Japan and Germany who had contracted coronavirus had not visited the area in China where the deadly viral outbreak originated, authorities have confirmed.

One of the patients was a Japanese tour bus driver in his 60s in the city of Nara who had driven two groups of Chinese tourists who had come from Wuhan earlier this month.​

He was diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday and has now been hospitalised.

Another man in his 40s who lives in Wuhan and arrived in Japan on 20 January was also confirmed to have contracted the virus, the ministry said.

The ministry said it was checking on people who had been in contact with the two new patients. The latest infections bring the total number of confirmed Japanese cases to six.

It comes as Germany’s first case of the virus was believed to have been infected by a Chinese colleague who visited his workplace.

The 33-year-old from the Starnberg area south of Munich is in isolation as a precaution, officials in Bavaria said. They said his condition was good.

The man took part in a training session at his workplace last Tuesday which also included an employee of the same company visiting from China, said Andreas Zapf, the head of Bavaria’s office for health and food safety.

The woman, who had not previously shown any symptoms, flew home on Thursday and went to a doctor after feeling ill on the flight, Mr Zapf said. She then tested positive for the new virus.

The woman lives in Shanghai, but had been visited a few days earlier by her parents, who come from the worst-affected Wuhan area.

Anonymous ID: 0a9e14 2020-01-28 20:50:52Z No. 7944493


> "garbage can of history".

that is where this fukwad and all other corrupt arabs will go LOL

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:50:52Z No. 7944494

Anonymous ID: 4cefa3 2020-01-28 20:51:07Z No. 7944495


Quintalicious Meme

Anonymous ID: 4440e6 2020-01-28 20:51:07Z No. 7944496


wtf does that even mean in context of my statement?

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:51:08Z No. 7944497


Assholes like Will just slink into the darkness when they're proven to be dead ass losers. They lack all character and substance.

Anonymous ID: f97620 2020-01-28 20:51:08Z No. 7944499


A mean memefag could really mess with the OCDs

Anonymous ID: d4cce9 2020-01-28 20:51:09Z No. 7944498


It worked…you read it…didn't you…so deal with it and move on.

Anonymous ID: 8594d1 2020-01-28 20:51:12Z No. 7944500

>>7943347 Q PRIOR BREAD


Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:51:15Z No. 7944501


Battle Hymn of the Republic

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:51:21Z No. 7944502


Obi-Don Trumpnobi

Anonymous ID: 7cfe70 2020-01-28 20:51:24Z No. 7944503


Oh shit…NOTABLE… Hunt or be Hunted

Anonymous ID: c11a9b 2020-01-28 20:51:26Z No. 7944504

The bad actors are in Hollywood where do you think the real actors go?

Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:51:29Z No. 7944505




Anonymous ID: 323e7c 2020-01-28 20:51:30Z No. 7944506


Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:51:42Z No. 7944507


Hessen is where Frankfurt is.


Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:51:43Z No. 7944508



Anonymous ID: 9957d1 2020-01-28 20:51:44Z No. 7944509


Holy fucking kek that’s cruel

Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 20:51:46Z No. 7944510

Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 20:51:48Z No. 7944511


Polls will show that Hillary has a 98% chance of winning.

Anonymous ID: efb217 2020-01-28 20:51:53Z No. 7944512

Zero delta for Q

Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 20:51:54Z No. 7944513


Anonymous ID: 486da5 2020-01-28 20:51:57Z No. 7944514



LOL. This type of stuff is what gets Americans at 6s and 7s.

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:52:00Z No. 7944515





Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:52:01Z No. 7944516


so yer saying epstein lives?

Anonymous ID: fc668a 2020-01-28 20:52:29Z No. 7944517


No, clown's make clown's look stupid, they own all that credit

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:52:30Z No. 7944518

Anonymous ID: f97620 2020-01-28 20:52:31Z No. 7944519



Anonymous ID: d7f9ff 2020-01-28 20:52:33Z No. 7944520

A venture capital company, Warburg Pincus, however, controls CrowdStrike.

Warburg invested more money into CrowdStrike than Google.

No one at Google is on CrowdStrike's Board of Directors. Warburg Pincus has two.

They are Cary Davis and Joseph Landy.

Warburg Pincus history dates back to 1913. The Federal Reserve System was Paul Warburg's idea.

He represented the U.S. at the Treaty of Versailles conference that ended World War I.

Who was sitting across the table from Paul in Versailles? His brother, Max, who represented Germany.

When Warburg Pincus invests, it is always as majority owner.

Timothy Geithner runs Warburg Pincus as its President and Managing Partner.

Geithner served as President Barack Obama's Secretary of the Treasury. Geithner was also President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

When Bill Clinton was President, Geithner specialized in International Affairs at the State Department.

Founded in 1966, Warburg Pincus has invested 60 billion in 780 companies in 40 countries.

The firm is headquartered in New York. It also has offices in Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong,

London, Luxembourg, Mumbai, Mauritius, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore.

Who else has the FBI's data? Where else will it be going? How will others use it?


Anonymous ID: 48004a 2020-01-28 20:52:33Z No. 7944521

Turn patch 45 degrees counterclockwise aaaand…boom


Anonymous ID: 3d23b3 2020-01-28 20:52:34Z No. 7944522


The only music I would add to any Trump event is practically anything by a great American master, Aaron Copland.

It's sweeping, grand, uplifting, beautiful, and recognizable even to those who would say they don't know anything about classical music.

Q, the people who plan the events might consider for the venue on Election Night and/or for the Inauguration theme or celebrations. It's just wonderful, a real American treasure, the musical version of Bierstadt's gorgeous paintings of the American frontier. We have so many wonderful things to look forward to!

"Rodeo", "Appalachian Spring", "Fanfare for the Common Man", "Simple Gifts", I love them all.


Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:52:34Z No. 7944523

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:52:42Z No. 7944524


full house'

not playing cards with you

tyvm mornin baker

want to take nb

about ready for a break

Anonymous ID: 5dad39 2020-01-28 20:52:43Z No. 7944525


Anonymous ID: e79320 2020-01-28 20:53:09Z No. 7944526


No matter what

Epstein didn't kill himself

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:53:10Z No. 7944527

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:53:11Z No. 7944528

epstein highlighted


once before

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:53:15Z No. 7944529

is their a Mandela effect in 2020 calendar 30vs31?

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:53:15Z No. 7944530

Congress gives $4 million to combat climate-change with weather-modification via aerosols

The media portray Americans who believe in chemtrails and weather-modification as tinfoil hat-wearing “conspiracy theorists,” as if there are no real conspiracies and ignoring the inconvenient fact that it was the CIA who concocted the label “conspiracy theory” for the express purpose of discrediting by denigrating skeptics of the official version of the Kennedy assassination.

Anonymous ID: 26ad46 2020-01-28 20:53:21Z No. 7944531


Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:53:23Z No. 7944532


Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:53:26Z No. 7944533


done long ago


Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 20:53:26Z No. 7944534



Anonymous ID: 4400c2 2020-01-28 20:53:27Z No. 7944535


i think i'll filter this cunt, for being a cunt.

Fuck off CUNT

Anonymous ID: 3062b7 2020-01-28 20:53:27Z No. 7944536



Anonymous ID: 48004a 2020-01-28 20:53:32Z No. 7944537


Turn patch 45 degrees counterclockwise aaaand…boom


Anonymous ID: 4dd232 2020-01-28 20:53:36Z No. 7944538


limbs are folded back, not severed?

There a need for hands to touch shoulders?

"Seat of givernment?"

How does the "feeding" tube defeat gravity?

Can't touch ground? "Decked?" "Airy"

Is this voluntary? Are they experiencing something aetherially desirable? Or is this all to benefit some captor of hers?


Messed up. Simultaneously want to know more details/know I probably shouldn't.

Anonymous ID: 7e30bf 2020-01-28 20:53:49Z No. 7944539


They used to say the "real" actors were in New York (the "theatre") but that isn't accurate either.

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:53:52Z No. 7944540


Special guest appearance would be quite fucking neato right about now

Anonymous ID: fb959f 2020-01-28 20:53:52Z No. 7944541

UPDATE - Police have confirmed that #fotisdulos has not died. He is in critical condition after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning in his home.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:53:56Z No. 7944542

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:54:02Z No. 7944543


this was referencing the previous Q drop, replying to a clown that concernshilled.


>lot of fukken habbenings

>you clowns will go down

Anonymous ID: 03a0aa 2020-01-28 20:54:04Z No. 7944544



You forgot the "Q Research General" part of the bread name. Please fix next bread

Anonymous ID: 23988b 2020-01-28 20:54:08Z No. 7944545



Anonymous ID: 9c0f76 2020-01-28 20:54:15Z No. 7944546


Read your post again….

it´s a normal virus that MSM use for fearmongering

That what a Psyop is fren. the defense rests.

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 20:54:18Z No. 7944547

Clarion Partners Ltd bought by Legg Mason Inc: $21.20m-Spet 4 and Nov 27 2019'

Clarion Partners has been a leading pure-play real estate investment manager since 1982. Headquartered in New York, the firm maintains offices across the U.S. and Europe. With over $50 billion in total assets under management, Clarion offers a broad range of real estate strategies across the risk/return spectrum to global investors.

Legg Mason is an American investment management firm with a focus on asset management and serves customers worldwide. Legg Mason offers products in equities and fixed income, as well as domestic and international liquidity management and alternative investments (via a funds-of-hedge-funds manager). Created in 1970 through the acquisition of Mason & Co. by Legg & Co. to form Legg Mason & Co., Inc., Legg Mason is now among the largest asset managers in the world. Legg Mason serves individual and institutional investors on six continents, and has some $752.3 billion in aggregated assets under management as of April 30, 2018. Legg Mason operates using a multi-manager business model, with each of the company’s subsidiaries operating independently in its own segment of the asset management industry. It provides global distribution and fosters growth through product development, investing in its existing affiliates, and making new acquisitions

Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund Inc. (CPREIF) Announces Results of Tender Offer

Clarion Partners Real Estate Income Fund Inc. (“CPREIF” or the “Fund”) announced today the results of its issuer tender offer for up to 5.0% of the Fund’s aggregate net asset value (“NAV”), or $1.07 million, at a price per share equal to the net asset value per share of each class of common stock, as of January 21, 2020, the date on which the tender offer expired.

No shares were duly tendered. The Fund intends, but is not obligated, to conduct quarterly tender offers for up to 5.0% of the aggregate NAV of its common stock then outstanding as of the applicable valuation date. Repurchases will be made at such times and on such terms as may be determined by the Fund’s Board of Directors, in its sole discretion. However, no assurance can be given that repurchases will occur or that any common stock properly tendered will be repurchased by the Fund.

Anonymous ID: 4cefa3 2020-01-28 20:54:29Z No. 7944548



Anonymous ID: 776ccc 2020-01-28 20:54:29Z No. 7944549

Does anyone know what the ‘S’ stands for in S/closed in this Q drop?

Sorry still trying to learn to read the MAP…

Anonymous ID: eaf5e0 2020-01-28 20:54:30Z No. 7944550


YES.. I think @ GITMO

Anonymous ID: d7f9ff 2020-01-28 20:54:31Z No. 7944551

7.7 Mag Earthquake Hits Caribbean

- Shaking Felt in Miami

- Tsunami Warning Issued For Cuba, Jamaica and Cayman Islands

Anonymous ID: 140269 2020-01-28 20:54:31Z No. 7944552


my bad. ty o7

Anonymous ID: d608d7 2020-01-28 20:54:33Z No. 7944553

FBI raided San Francisco City Hall today, arrested Public Works director - Muhammed Nura

Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:54:35Z No. 7944554

University of Missouri Students Will Now Be Required to Install Location Tracking App

“We’re adults. Do we really need to be tracked?”

(TMU) — According to a new report from the Kansas City Star, the University of Missouri (MU) has started using an app called SpotterEdu to track students to determine attendance in classes.

Individual professors will choose whether or not to use the app. If they choose to use it, students in those classes will be unable to opt-out and therefore forced to install the software on their mobile phones.

The unprecedented Orwellian move requires students to install the app with no option to opt-out of the potential privacy-invasive software. “A student will have to participate in this recording of attendance,” Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies at MU said in a statement to the Kansas City Star.

Anonymous ID: e23be7 2020-01-28 20:54:38Z No. 7944555


Blah blah blah….perfect call….

blah blah blah…..quid pro joe….

Schiff sham

Hunter Biden

If my kids did that

Witch hunt

Mueller probe failed

Blah blah blah

“Having fun yet?” FUCK NO

Here are the highlights from the do nothing speech tonight

A do nothing president and a do nothing team of “investigators” too chicken shit to hit back

Fucking boring as hell!

Are we to be impressed by a “zero delta?” Sorry! It just don’t roll my socks up!

Anonymous ID: e5701f 2020-01-28 20:54:38Z No. 7944556


pretty bad when you can't even kill yourself properly

Anonymous ID: 3c8be0 2020-01-28 20:54:42Z No. 7944557

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 20:54:42Z No. 7944558


Anonymous ID: 610aff 2020-01-28 20:54:45Z No. 7944559


i thought you died of herpes

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:54:45Z No. 7944560

The pedophile control system deliberately selects pedophiles and lifts them into positions of power so that they can be controlled via blackmail.

With help from intelligence agencies from the CIA, FBI and Military Intelligence, all of which are full of pedophiles, this occult control system has created a complete matrix of power and thought control. Governments, industries, Hollywood, police, media, key positions in these groups are all in a big secret club.

This isn’t mindless conspiracy rambling but backed by many, many case studies and brave witnesses.

First the Dutroux Affair, where an elite pedophile ring was uncovered but then immediately recovered up by police and judges.

Next is the Franklin Scandal, which uncovered a child trafficking ring with ties to the white house.

-“Conspiracy of Silence”:

-“The Franklin Coverup” by former state senator John DeCamp goes much deeper into the rabbit hole

The Presidio, an occult child abuse network uncovered on a US military base (Make sure you read all the way to the Empirical Evidence section)

David McGowan’s The Pedophocracy addresses all of these cases too

A major key to the puzzle is the Greenbaum Speech by Dr. Corydon Hammond where he revealed the occult mind control programming he was finding in his patients. He found that most of his patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder were victims of ritual programming under extreme sexual abuse.


Knowing all of this it becomes easy to see what is happening with cases like Jimmy Savile and Jeffery Epstein. They are a part of this big pedophile club. Lots of people’s beloved actors and politicians are a part of this club.

Love vibes to all, thanks for reading, if anyone is skeptical please check the links, because if this were true wouldn’t you want to be informed?

Those of you who understand this well, please leave your ideas and favorite sources in the comments to help discussion.

Anonymous ID: 47615b 2020-01-28 20:54:51Z No. 7944561


Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:54:54Z No. 7944562



Anonymous ID: 924c64 2020-01-28 20:54:57Z No. 7944563

POTUS Tweet 9-10-19


910 10 Mar 2018

Do not focus on the call details.

We knew it would leak.

We knew certain areas of the WH were bugged.

We knew certain people would leak.

Focus - why AUS?


Anonymous ID: 776ccc 2020-01-28 20:55:10Z No. 7944564


How* to read the MAP

Anonymous ID: 486da5 2020-01-28 20:55:11Z No. 7944565



Patriots are going to ENSURE that the D party is ripped asunder.

I like it!

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:55:16Z No. 7944566

Anonymous ID: c806ea 2020-01-28 20:55:17Z No. 7944567



I wish that was true that lots of the players are all gone but until we see some people FINALLY arrested in PUBLIC all the talk means nothing.

Remember that if the so called people discussed on the Q board are actually arrested and tried and hopefully put to death.

40% of the people in this country are going to be happy.

40% of the people in this country are going to be mad and pissed because they hate DJT.

20% won't care or give a crap.

And the most startling thing is………

50% of the people in this country are to stupid to understand what has happened during the last 2 1/2 years and will not be able to grasp what has occurred.

The meme says it all.

Remember 65,853,516 people voted for the Hillbilly.

based on what we know on the board I think we can knock off 10% for vote fraud of all types including fake voters, illegals and machine fixing.

Given what president Trump has accomplished I think the Demoncrats lose another 10 million voters.

That still leaves 40 million people who are to ignorant to understand what is going on or as I say………..

Too stupid to crawl out of a paper bag even with the top of it open.

Anonymous ID: 381b33 2020-01-28 20:55:18Z No. 7944568


Then kept in a military prison under close watch

Anonymous ID: 84718c 2020-01-28 20:55:19Z No. 7944569


This guy is a Pleiadian soul but he's dead. I know, he should have been everything you ever wanted for a leader, but here we are.

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 20:55:20Z No. 7944570




much worse, they breed them

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:55:20Z No. 7944571

Anonymous ID: 043f8b 2020-01-28 20:55:25Z No. 7944572


You're both idiots. There is nothing normal about that virus.

Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 20:55:28Z No. 7944573


QUICK!! PLEASE ARCHIVE THAT PAGE before twitter fixes it!

I would do it but you provided no actual link…

just plop the tweet link in

Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 20:55:29Z No. 7944574

>As per Q:

Israel Mossad controls US MSM, and US Politicians

>As per President Trump:




Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:55:30Z No. 7944575


>>7944245 DNC chair names John Podesta & other Clinton loyalists to Convention Committee, triggering revolt from voters fearing 2016 2.0

Anonymous ID: 1caba4 2020-01-28 20:55:31Z No. 7944576

This time the sequel will be better than the original.

Anonymous ID: 4e2827 2020-01-28 20:55:38Z No. 7944577


Germany isn't a real country, it is still occupied.

Since end of WW2, Germany is a prisoner-of-war camp with integrated state simulation.

Anonymous ID: ee5ef4 2020-01-28 20:55:39Z No. 7944578


The Witch Hunt must go ON!

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:55:53Z No. 7944579



why bake anime glowshill Hiroyuki Nishimura???


clowns are not notable.

two breads rain, so you learn that.

Anonymous ID: 125838 2020-01-28 20:55:53Z No. 7944580


Is this the pic that Ray sued for?

Johnny In The Woods ID: 6b6d98 2020-01-28 20:55:53Z No. 7944581


What’s up with cafiero’s doughnut anyway? Hint. It’s a bit of forbidden air space. Why does the cia have odd planes always going in And out of cape May county airport?

Anonymous ID: f97620 2020-01-28 20:55:57Z No. 7944582



Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 20:55:59Z No. 7944583


>Focus - why AUS?

Clinton Foundation

Anonymous ID: d24513 2020-01-28 20:56:05Z No. 7944584



Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 20:56:12Z No. 7944585


Anonymous ID: d59cf3 2020-01-28 20:56:20Z No. 7944586

Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:56:21Z No. 7944587


Anonymous ID: 10bb1e 2020-01-28 20:56:30Z No. 7944588


Anon, I'm not speaking for Q, but you should not worry. Nothing he says can hurt POTUS, he did nothing wrong.

Enjoy the show

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:56:30Z No. 7944589


Ah, yes, Norther VA. Home of the Great Dismal Swamp.

Greetings from the Anonosphere, Q. I have much love for yous.

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:56:32Z No. 7944590



Anonymous ID: efe92d 2020-01-28 20:56:37Z No. 7944591


Wildwood NJ at one time was the largest amusement park and recreational destination south of the mason dixon line.

Look at a map (wink)

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:56:40Z No. 7944592


corona = clown push to slide/ fearmonger/ make anons look stupid.

Anonymous ID: 1fc140 2020-01-28 20:56:42Z No. 7944593


wish i could bakes, but have traffic to go sit in 10 min from now. won't be back on board until after 8pm. you will get relief. even if not, anons can communal bake. great job under a lot of pressure!

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 20:56:47Z No. 7944594


Anonymous ID: 1ac2c2 2020-01-28 20:56:50Z No. 7944595


Update of 2nd Graphic (with sauce links) and correct post title.

Theory on Q562 - Remember THIS DAY. posted on Jan. 19, 2018

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:57:00Z No. 7944596

Anonymous ID: dbc081 2020-01-28 20:57:13Z No. 7944597



Anonymous ID: 323e7c 2020-01-28 20:57:16Z No. 7944598


Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

Anonymous ID: 80fce5 2020-01-28 20:57:20Z No. 7944599


>Sweden: Just Seven Convictions

WTF Sweden, self loathing or what?

Fix that shit, you need someone like Trump for your leader, sorry, he's /ourguy/

but maybe you might still take his advice?.

Anonymous ID: e1661d 2020-01-28 20:57:22Z No. 7944600

Metal Manipulation.


Anonymous ID: 44c82e 2020-01-28 20:57:26Z No. 7944601


The Great Dismal Swamp in in SE VA and NE NC.

Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 20:57:38Z No. 7944602





SF Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru arrested by FBI

Anonymous ID: 9c53fa 2020-01-28 20:57:38Z No. 7944603


Combine that news with this news. pic related

Anonymous ID: 830547 2020-01-28 20:57:53Z No. 7944604


me a clown?, how paranoid are you???????

I am on Qresearch every fricken day. No harm asking a question they prolly wont get answered anyways.

I am working right now, I bet you are not distracted by a full time job like I am…… suck!!

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:57:54Z No. 7944605


33 year old

masons are signalling

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 20:57:54Z No. 7944606


Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:57:55Z No. 7944607


Anonymous ID: 71f97c 2020-01-28 20:57:57Z No. 7944608

Microsoft’s ‘Mixed Reality’ Goggles Take Marina Abramović on a World Tour

"On Monday, Christie’s announced that a work by the world-renowned conceptual performance artist Marina Abramović that’s been touted as the “world’s first mixed reality artwork” will go on display in a traveling exhibition this year. The exhibition is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and the major auction house. Abramović’s work, a performance piece The Life, will be presented using a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset beginning on February 10, at a Los Angeles exhibition space produced by the studio Tin Drum. Abramović first debuted the piece last February in London’s Serpentine Gallery, and it’ll go on view this year at various locations, coinciding with Frieze LA, Frieze New York and Frieze London."

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:57:58Z No. 7944610

Anonymous ID: 4400c2 2020-01-28 20:57:59Z No. 7944609


I see the board monitor is on duty again.

Anonymous ID: 394c13 2020-01-28 20:58:11Z No. 7944611


TY baker

top of bread says last Q drop was >>7943955

should be >>7943948

Anonymous ID: 5d66f4 2020-01-28 20:58:11Z No. 7944612

We are with you POTUS. We are with you Q.


Anonymous ID: 4e2827 2020-01-28 20:58:21Z No. 7944613


Yes - in Frankfurt is the headquarters of the European Central Bank

The euro will now be destroyed!

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:58:42Z No. 7944614


all guud

ty for helping


Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 20:58:47Z No. 7944615

Nations in the nuclear family generally declare, or prove, that they are in the nuclear family.

It's high time we know who all has airborn/orbital earthquake-making devices.

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 20:58:47Z No. 7944616


Anonymous ID: 10659c 2020-01-28 20:58:52Z No. 7944617


Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 20:58:53Z No. 7944618


They know what I mean.

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:58:53Z No. 7944619

Propaganda is not research.

Clowns are not anons.


This is not about religions or party affiliation.

EVIL is everywhere.

There are no drawn lines.

No boundaries.

Good vs Evil.

























The elite, MSM, deep state cannot say

"POTUS is bad for us corrupt people so please don´t vote for him. also, no 2A, high taxes, jobs going to China, open boarders and sanctuaty cities is good, you stupid people just don´t get it."

So they say

"POTUS is a nazi, his movement is nazis, they are extremely dangerous to our democracy, don´t vote POTUS and resist!

Clowns try to enable exactly these fake attacks.

Anonymous ID: cac1ca 2020-01-28 20:58:57Z No. 7944620

The fun begins directly after the Super Bowl?

Is Schiff finally going to pay for damaging the country with lies?

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 20:58:57Z No. 7944621

Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz

Four U.S. rabbis led by New York’s Avi Weiss gathered on Sunday in front of a church next to the Nazi German death camp at Birkenau in Poland arguing for its removal from a site where more than a million Jews were murdered.

World leaders will gather on Monday at Birkenau and the nearby Auschwitz camp to mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation.

“This protest for us is very much part of the commemoration. For there to be a commemoration ceremony without an expression of deep, deep outrage that the church is still here would send a message that we’re ok with this,” Weiss said.

The rabbis argue the church should not be on the site of one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world and it violates a 1987 agreement between European cardinals and Jewish leaders that there will not be any permanent Catholic place of worship on the site of the Auschwitz or Birkenau camps.

“This (the church) in my mind is the greatest desecration of the history of the Holocaust,” Weiss said.

“Beneath this ground is a cemetery … their bloods are crying out from the ground demanding justice.”

The rabbis want the church to be moved elsewhere in Oswiecim.

Weiss was making his first visit to the church since 1995, when at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz he was arrested for orchestrating a sit-in in to protest against what he sees as attempts to portray it as a place mainly of Christian martyrdom.

On Sunday, as mass ended, the rabbis tried to enter the church and speak with some of the parishioners, as well as with the priest. The priest turned away from them. He did not want to speak with them and slammed the door.

Some parishioners raised their voices and expressed displeasure at the rabbis’ presence but didn’t want to speak to Reuters.

Weiss led a long and ultimately successful campaign in the 1980s to secure the removal of a Carmelite convent from outside the Auschwitz grounds. It had been set up in a building just outside the wire once used as a store for poison gas.

Jews were brought from all over Europe to Auschwitz-Birkenau to be murdered during the war as part of a Nazi genocide campaign in which six million perished. Tens of thousands of Catholic Poles, including priests and resistance fighters, were tortured and killed there too.

Anonymous ID: 84718c 2020-01-28 20:58:59Z No. 7944622


This isn't MSM jackass, anons are posting about coronavirus to try and keep themselves informed while also having attention to other matters at hand. Contrary to popular belief some of us here can read several articles in the 24 hour time period of a single day.

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 20:59:05Z No. 7944623

thats a big n

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 20:59:18Z No. 7944625


need more deets showing

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 20:59:21Z No. 7944626


Shits gonna be EPIC

Anonymous ID: c11a9b 2020-01-28 20:59:21Z No. 7944627

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 20:59:22Z No. 7944628

Anonymous ID: cec160 2020-01-28 20:59:30Z No. 7944629


Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 20:59:39Z No. 7944630


Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 20:59:40Z No. 7944631

Seems they are pushing hard to create a WW economic crises ..As one of their objectives

Scientist Who Simulated Global Coronavirus Outbreak 3 Months Ago Makes Chilling Statement

The simulation showed how a global coronavirus (not 2019-nCoV) outbreak could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people.

(TMU) — A senior scientist who participated in a simulation of the global impact of a coronavirus outbreak has stated that “the cat is out of the bag” when it comes to the virus and that China is unlikely to contain its spread.

Eric Toner, Senior Scholar with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Senior Scientist in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, said during an interview with CNBC that China’s efforts to contain the current outbreak of the rapidly spreading upper-respiratory illness known as 2019-nCoV are “unlikely to be effective.”

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 20:59:40Z No. 7944632

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 20:59:59Z No. 7944633


I just called you out for sliding with bs to make anons look stupid, and your reply tries to slide to make anons look stupid?

Anonymous ID: c7c65d 2020-01-28 21:00:00Z No. 7944634


>Rabbis call for removal of church


Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 21:00:00Z No. 7944635


to Q post >>7943948

Each SPREADSHEET entry includes:

-date/post #/exact EST/EDT time/userID

-direct link to post, link to post archived (to that exact post, no need to scroll to find it)

-post content including IMAGE (direct link on chan/board/, permanent link in offsite gallery) + filename of ALL images Q posts

-archives of every link Q posts (except pdfs & videos)

Full sized images Q posts/responds to updated:

This includes EVERY image Q has ever posted or was in a post Q responded to

(nested) Screenshots (in EST) updated

By month-















All images in these galleries are permanent, do not expire, you need no account, no nothing to access them, and you can post them anywhere, share them with link easily (or download)

There are archives going back to the very 1st Q post on 4/pol/















JAN: will be created at the end of the month, will update board with link

RIGHT-CLICK, CHOOSE "SAVE AS" to download zip file

All articles Q posts/responds to are also being ARCHIVED due to high risk of editing/deletion to scrub evidence.



For archive links to previous years, please just ask.

Patriots, archive offline!

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 21:00:01Z No. 7944636


Totally agree. That was disappointing.

Anonymous ID: f37892 2020-01-28 21:00:01Z No. 7944637


nah, he ded and HRC/Mossad/CIA got to him

Anonymous ID: b1d87c 2020-01-28 21:00:01Z No. 7944638

Trillions are thrown towards an endless war that kills thousands, yet we can’t afford to spend a penny to help millions of Americans

Anonymous ID: 2244ff 2020-01-28 21:00:02Z No. 7944639

"This Bread has a wrong name!"

It doesn't include Q Research General

See Pic

Anonymous ID: 5d66f4 2020-01-28 21:00:02Z No. 7944641

Anonymous ID: aea6f7 2020-01-28 21:00:06Z No. 7944642


Moar Chef Andres with PEPE

Anonymous ID: d77d2d 2020-01-28 21:00:07Z No. 7944643



Anonymous ID: 42cfec 2020-01-28 21:00:14Z No. 7944644



Don't let them weasel out of their GLOBAL WARMING SCAM by using their bullshit new term that they had to switch to because the Glaciers didn't all melt by 2019, as per Al Gore.

Anonymous ID: 69ff39 2020-01-28 21:00:15Z No. 7944645


Thanks for putting that up got to catch the end no idea that was going on

Anonymous ID: fc668a 2020-01-28 21:00:17Z No. 7944646


It was the daily beast reporters who were here lurking early wee hours, they were here to see a "Clorox" post and twist it into lies, sommer just picked it up and reposted the db post, although he too could lurk here but it started with the daily beast reporters who were here shitting the bread. And at same time the cp was posted so guess who was doing that…..

Anonymous ID: 9a7b00 2020-01-28 21:00:17Z No. 7944647


Bolton was told to Stifle It.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:00:23Z No. 7944649

Anonymous ID: 4dd232 2020-01-28 21:00:24Z No. 7944648


this is the post we should be paying attention to here… as it related to above. ALL Sens comp'd… but apparently under control.

Anonymous ID: c4e0dc 2020-01-28 21:00:25Z No. 7944650


Cut that shit out.


FFS, don't follow that Dixie Doodle loon.

She's another JFKjr fangirl.

Anonymous ID: fa0f15 2020-01-28 21:00:40Z No. 7944651

Yesterday during the DEFENCE presentation one lawyer stated " the shot heard around the world" in relation to POTUS getting elected.

Have not seen this posted, but I believe it's very dry relevant.

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:00:41Z No. 7944652


fuck off, clown.

>Misinformation about the coronavirus has particularly taken root in Facebook groups for anti-vaccine advocates and believers in QAnon, a broad, right-wing conspiracy theory.

<Misinformation about the coronavirus

<QAnon, a broad, right-wing conspiracy theory

Anonymous ID: ed5474 2020-01-28 21:00:44Z No. 7944653


Anonymous ID: 2c92ae 2020-01-28 21:00:45Z No. 7944654

What does covfefe mean? Asking for a newfag

Anonymous ID: f7e5aa 2020-01-28 21:00:47Z No. 7944655

Interesting tweet just flew by on the #GreaAwakening tag about Durham Boats ….

Where is the rally being held tonight?

Well, check it out and get back to these images.

Anonymous ID: b72385 2020-01-28 21:00:51Z No. 7944656


Fuck that, whatever Auschwitz became, it was initially built to kill Poles.

Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 21:00:54Z No. 7944657


Epstein pedophile ring :

The (international) structure is still intact.

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 21:00:57Z No. 7944658

Anonymous ID: 3c8be0 2020-01-28 21:01:13Z No. 7944659


Anonymous ID: ed2083 2020-01-28 21:01:21Z No. 7944660


Pic related.



The island is also called Five Mile Beach. 5:5 kek.

Anonymous ID: 19606d 2020-01-28 21:01:21Z No. 7944661

NBC Philadelphia: More than 12,000 people have showed up for Trump's rally

Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 21:01:28Z No. 7944663


nom nom nom

Anonymous ID: 0386fe 2020-01-28 21:01:29Z No. 7944664


same here

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:01:29Z No. 7944665


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills constantly.


There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (replying to other shills to blend in) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


<Look here: joooos, only joooos, every joooo

<Do NOT look here: worldwide illuminati DS, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

Anonymous ID: dd6582 2020-01-28 21:01:31Z No. 7944666


Posted this Q cap addition earlier

But it also corrects the first link

just making sure you know, in case no one else has mentioned:

>>7943948 ————————————–——– Where is the rally held tonight? (Cap: >>7944034)

Anonymous ID: 1ed6df 2020-01-28 21:01:37Z No. 7944667


Avenatti is in that jail now!

Anonymous ID: 082e26 2020-01-28 21:01:45Z No. 7944670

So many large earthquakes.

What's happening to EARTH

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 21:01:46Z No. 7944669


I always thought Q’s stance was we have to do things the right way otherwise they could have just killed people off here and there as they liked.

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:01:49Z No. 7944671

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:01:59Z No. 7944672


Anonymous ID: 8594d1 2020-01-28 21:02:00Z No. 7944673



Logical Q for you: Why are you ASSUMING the "no" was A REAL one??

We got the evidence My Fren….if you want to get caught up….check out the 100+ videos on the subject….

Anonymous ID: 776ccc 2020-01-28 21:02:04Z No. 7944674


Thank you Anon

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 21:02:06Z No. 7944675



Anonymous ID: 67be46 2020-01-28 21:02:09Z No. 7944676



Anonymous ID: 777cd5 2020-01-28 21:02:09Z No. 7944677

The Black Plague was a total FF hoax. Damn Crisis Thespians.

Anonymous ID: 9c53fa 2020-01-28 21:02:20Z No. 7944678


Damn. Was not aware of that. Just got on.

Hopefully he ctrl-f's himself

Anonymous ID: 5d1433 2020-01-28 21:02:21Z No. 7944679


That would be cool.

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 21:02:44Z No. 7944680



Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:02:44Z No. 7944681

Anonymous ID: 6a5cc1 2020-01-28 21:02:45Z No. 7944682


Anonymous ID: a07c06 2020-01-28 21:02:54Z No. 7944683

Readout of U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr’s Meeting with Guatemala Attorney General Maria Consuelo Porras Argueta

Earlier today, U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr met with the Attorney General of Guatemala Maria Consuelo Porras Argueta in Washington, DC. They discussed ways to strengthen efforts to combat transnational organized crime and reduce illegal migration to the United States through increased cooperation and capacity building of law enforcement partners. They discussed their shared commitment to protecting the security and safety of the citizens of both the United States and Guatemala from transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) and gangs. Today’s meeting was a follow-up dialogue to the May 2019 Third Ministerial of the Northern Triangle Attorneys General in El Salvador.

Anonymous ID: dfa09e 2020-01-28 21:02:55Z No. 7944684



Good catch. The tsunami warning page listed M4.6 for Jamaica EQ – perhaps for wrong EQ or not updated as quickly as the USGS EQ page.

Anonymous ID: 0c57f2 2020-01-28 21:02:55Z No. 7944685



Anonymous ID: c8c730 2020-01-28 21:02:56Z No. 7944686

Let the BOOMS drop.

Anonymous ID: fca022 2020-01-28 21:03:07Z No. 7944687


>oh boi ..can't wait /s

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:03:09Z No. 7944689


Q is fighting the worldwide ruling class, the global illuminati/masonic Deep State - including governments, agencies, organizations, thinktanks, companies, …

Q is fighting what was hidden a long time by the word "conspiracy" and by a lot of effort of MSM and 'stars.'

Shills want to slow down (they can´t possibly think they could stop anons.) the Q movement by "divide and rule" and by giving fake news media a reason to blame Q followers nazis.

This is what MSM is doing right now with POTUS and followers and begins to do it with Q now.

Don´t let shills divide you.

Good vs. evil.

We the people vs golbal DS Eilte.


















Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:03:10Z No. 7944688

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 21:03:23Z No. 7944690


>>7944114, >>7944274 Fly Eyes

>>7944635 SPREADSHEET IS UPDATED to Q post >>7943948

>>7944547 Clarion Partners Ltd bought by Legg Mason Inc: $21.20m-Spet 4 and Nov 27 2019' Filed today

>>7944315 Q connections?


>>7944245 DNC chair names John Podesta & other Clinton loyalists to Convention Committee, triggering revolt from voters fearing 2016 2.0

>>7944241 Andrew snubbed FBI interview

>>7944226 Trump Attorney Patrick Philbin Destroys Dems, Unelected Bureaucrats, ‘The Constitution Vests All Executive Power in a US President’

>>7944128, >>7944147 Moar EQ

>>7944107, >>7944166, >>7944176Q/Rally

>>7944059 Trump’s N.J. Rally: Sold Out Hotels, Long Lines and Subpoena-Coladas


Anonymous ID: 1ed6df 2020-01-28 21:03:24Z No. 7944691


Here’s What Michael Avenatti Faces in the Jail I Once Shared With Jeffrey Epstein


Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 21:03:24Z No. 7944692

either does your lack of lb


Anonymous ID: 515830 2020-01-28 21:03:25Z No. 7944693

Can a memefag please help me with this? I'm not good…

Anonymous ID: 0753da 2020-01-28 21:03:25Z No. 7944694

See new Tweets


Christal Hayes


NEW: Sen. Doug Jones tells me he found arguments made by Trump's counsel "persuasive." Specifically, he said he has "issues" and "concerns" with the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress, and said Dershowitz made some "good points”

Key Senate Democrat says Trump team made 'persuasive' argument against obstruction article

Sen. Doug Jones said he found the president's counsel did a good job with the case against convicting Trump of obstruction of justice

11:02 PM · Jan 27, 2020

Anonymous ID: b60745 2020-01-28 21:03:29Z No. 7944695


Trump tweet was May 31st, 2017.

H.R.2884 Introduced June 12th, 2017

Anonymous ID: 76fda1 2020-01-28 21:03:44Z No. 7944696

4.7 aftershock - Jamaica

Anonymous ID: 519e15 2020-01-28 21:03:50Z No. 7944697


Cape May is close to DC, and Due East of the White House at it's tip! It's only 118 or so miles from the White House to Wildwood as the crow flies.

Anonymous ID: d10696 2020-01-28 21:04:05Z No. 7944698


>Man from Earth

14,000 years old…

doesn't grow old.


Anonymous ID: 47615b 2020-01-28 21:04:05Z No. 7944699



So what?

Anonymous ID: 9466c5 2020-01-28 21:04:06Z No. 7944700


How was this worthy of red text anon?

Do you understand what red text is used for?

Anonymous ID: 1be393 2020-01-28 21:04:07Z No. 7944701



Anonymous ID: a46b83 2020-01-28 21:04:07Z No. 7944702


"This land was the 1.8 mile stretch of beach that is now called "Five Mile Beach". Originally frequented by the Lenni Lenape Indians, this land was eventually granted to The Duke of York in 1664."

The current Duke of York is Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 21:04:09Z No. 7944703


see it


fixed for nb

Anonymous ID: 8594d1 2020-01-28 21:04:12Z No. 7944704


Noice how the "nay-sayers" IGNORE what Q just posted re: START and the PIC…

Hard to deny what's in front of your face…when YOU CHOOSE TO SEE CLEARLY!!


Anonymous ID: 0fae81 2020-01-28 21:04:13Z No. 7944705


Anonymous ID: acb25d 2020-01-28 21:04:16Z No. 7944706


watch it be revised down to a 7.1

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 21:04:21Z No. 7944707


Guessing anons already knew this but…

"Three months ago Toner, along with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, took part in a simulation called Event 201 centered around a fictional coronavirus (not 2019-nCoV) named CAPS that could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people under the right circumstances"

Anonymous ID: 392566 2020-01-28 21:04:22Z No. 7944708


be funny if dems vote with gop

Anonymous ID: c112ae 2020-01-28 21:04:24Z No. 7944709


They found him in his car, engine running.

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 21:04:51Z No. 7944710

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:04:53Z No. 7944711



Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Identify and list.

They don’t hide it.

They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.


Anonymous ID: efb217 2020-01-28 21:04:56Z No. 7944712




Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:04:56Z No. 7944713

Anonymous ID: 5a3904 2020-01-28 21:04:56Z No. 7944714




Not sure if tweet timestamps equal Q Drops but..


Anonymous ID: 4cefa3 2020-01-28 21:04:58Z No. 7944715


RIGHT? I guess he would not hunt, so he became the hunted

Maybe he pretended to turn, but remained a creep and had to be dealt with

To our advantage

Anonymous ID: eafe0e 2020-01-28 21:05:01Z No. 7944716


Huh…what….that's usually me isn't it?…. sorry slipping…lol.

Anonymous ID: 3b56d3 2020-01-28 21:05:09Z No. 7944717


STFU, shill. You keep posting that damn politifact link as though it is Gospel. Below are the main points of the link. Maybe some other anons' posts involve some of those points, but NONE of the info I posted on Corona virus does. Everything I posted in >>7944325 and its predecessors is from an extremely credible source (Johns Hopkins University). You are an embarrassment to anons everywhere.

"PolitiFact sifted through dozens of social media posts and fact-checked a few of the most popular inaccurate claims about the Wuhan coronavirus."

- "There’s a ‘coronavirus patent’." Turns out "… that patent is related to the coronavirus that causes SARS, which is different from the Wuhan strain of the illness. SARS-CoV and is the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome."

- "Several Facebook posts, tweets, articles and YouTube videos allege that a vaccine developed for the coronavirus just as it started to spread earlier this month."

- "FEMA ‘proposes martial law’"

- "Gates Foundation predicted virus, ‘funded group who owns virus patent’"

- "Coronavirus was ‘created in a lab’ as a ‘bioweapon for population control’"

Anonymous ID: bc557c 2020-01-28 21:05:14Z No. 7944718


does Bush's Barr go to prison for the crimes he covered and committed?

Anonymous ID: 1e09e0 2020-01-28 21:05:14Z No. 7944719


Anonymous ID: 4dd232 2020-01-28 21:05:17Z No. 7944720






Earthquake of TWO 7's ya say?



Anonymous ID: 323e7c 2020-01-28 21:05:19Z No. 7944721


Something like "Not far from here a group of brave men boarded a boat which would chart the course of things to come"

Anonymous ID: 076f21 2020-01-28 21:05:33Z No. 7944722

What if the Deep State sponsors Chinese from Wuhan to go to the rally tonight, people get sick and they blame President Trump for holding a rally when his intel must be telling him how bad the situation is.

Is negligent homicide impeachable?

Those fuckers will try it!

Anonymous ID: 6c35f4 2020-01-28 21:05:34Z No. 7944723


I think of the NTSB as roughly equivalent to the people that went and cleaned up the Roswell crash.

Anonymous ID: c4e0dc 2020-01-28 21:05:34Z No. 7944724


Great Blue Hole @ Belize affected by EQ?

Anonymous ID: 7de0e0 2020-01-28 21:05:35Z No. 7944725


Anonymous ID: b03dc4 2020-01-28 21:05:36Z No. 7944726


Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:05:36Z No. 7944727

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:05:36Z No. 7944729



Welcome to Epstein Island.

Ask yourself, is this normal?

What does a 'Temple' typically symbolize?

What does an 'OWL' symbolize (dark religion)?

Tunnels underneath?

How many channels captured on RC's pic?

Rooms indicate size.

Hallways shown?

[CLAS 1-99]

Symbolism will be their downfall.

These people are EVIL.


Anonymous ID: d24ef6 2020-01-28 21:05:38Z No. 7944728


>be funny if dems vote with gop

From a strategic election standpoint, it would be their best choice.

Anonymous ID: 50738d 2020-01-28 21:05:40Z No. 7944730


The COFEFE act








Anonymous ID: cc268c 2020-01-28 21:05:44Z No. 7944731


Misnamed or misnumbered General threads make it difficult for archivists.

Anonymous ID: 746513 2020-01-28 21:05:46Z No. 7944732


this is good shit anon

well done. well fucking done.

Anonymous ID: 0753da 2020-01-28 21:05:53Z No. 7944733


Anonymous ID: d24ef6 2020-01-28 21:06:13Z No. 7944734

Too subtle?

Anonymous ID: 50738d 2020-01-28 21:06:14Z No. 7944735



Anonymous ID: d31148 2020-01-28 21:06:14Z No. 7944736

BREAKING: Police Chase in California

Anonymous ID: 429b7a 2020-01-28 21:06:18Z No. 7944737


That is from yesterday. They never added the 7.7! Crazy shit

Anonymous ID: eaf5e0 2020-01-28 21:06:22Z No. 7944738


Yeah, I saw the obvious.. But Q is clever and likes puzzles within puzzles

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:06:24Z No. 7944739


Anonymous ID: 88b63e 2020-01-28 21:06:30Z No. 7944740


Anonymous ID: 3c8be0 2020-01-28 21:06:35Z No. 7944741


Anonymous ID: bf7158 2020-01-28 21:06:36Z No. 7944744



France gassing his own citizens in the metro.

Anonymous ID: 1f86e7 2020-01-28 21:06:37Z No. 7944742

This all makes so much more sense once you realize that it's the jews.

Anonymous ID: 327128 2020-01-28 21:06:37Z No. 7944743


got it lb

Anonymous ID: 10bb1e 2020-01-28 21:06:48Z No. 7944745


Why are you here?

Anonymous ID: 777cd5 2020-01-28 21:06:51Z No. 7944746


They dont need Chinese, I'm sure they have access to either the raw virus or something worse.

Anonymous ID: 0df23f 2020-01-28 21:06:53Z No. 7944747

Bring the HEAT Q

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:06:55Z No. 7944748

Anonymous ID: 4dd232 2020-01-28 21:07:04Z No. 7944749


on day 28




19:10:25 time

1 1 25 his birthday

their 911 v2 5:5 (loud and clear)

Anonymous ID: 2c6e52 2020-01-28 21:07:04Z No. 7944750

Solar activity up

Shields down, Scotty


Anonymous ID: 2244ff 2020-01-28 21:07:28Z No. 7944751


excact! like

Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 21:07:30Z No. 7944752


shiny objects!

Anonymous ID: 2c92ae 2020-01-28 21:07:34Z No. 7944754


Sure it’s not an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” ?

It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray.

Makes sense given what we know about the Sons of Cain (there’s a reason we don’t say his name).

Anonymous ID: cff0d5 2020-01-28 21:07:39Z No. 7944755


>Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 21:07:40Z No. 7944756

Anonymous ID: 887438 2020-01-28 21:07:45Z No. 7944757

>One hour before sunrise on December 26th, 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware River, using DURHAM boats, in a surprise attack against the Hessian forces, in a major turning point of the Revolutionary War.


A surprise attack against Husein's forces?

Anonymous ID: bc557c 2020-01-28 21:07:51Z No. 7944758


has the people Barr sent to prison for covering up deep state crimes get released

Anonymous ID: eafe0e 2020-01-28 21:07:57Z No. 7944759

Shills are here in force to disrupt and mislead.

1 tactic is to flood the board with irrelevant information.

2 tactic is to sow division.

3 tactic is to post as many high resolution pics/memes as possible, to slow the board down.

There is ALWAYS 3 or more shills in the room at ALL times.


… look at file sizes… how many pics posted

… whether a comment is actually helpful

… times it's been posted and by who… whether it's opinion or FACTS

… is there manufactured consensus going on???, Pretend Play-fighting (3shills x 3 IP's = 9 characters)???

… be wary of clockfags/codefags(they rarely work or even make sense)

… is it a 4chan character shill or Ebot…minion loves his anime,cartoons, nasimfag…and more

… Is Minion larping as Anti Fungal Leaf Bread(always bullshit), a stoner larp or aussiefag.

… Is it 000000 spruking for consensus manufacture/gate keeping or Cauldron boi, "swordy"

… is it God bothering and preaching with tons of scripture quotes, hokus pocus new age bullshit

… Is it ancient history theory, waffling and dribbling, flat earth, constellations, anything older than 100 yrs

… Ignore muh Jews/joos/goy, muh Masons, muh whatever(facts prove guilt…not preconceived opinions)

… Is it board sliding with circumcision of any sort/gore/porn, shills imitating women

… Be wary of "frens" "fwens","fren"and ALL retard speak between shills(needed for manufactured consensus)

… Be wary of "they know someone/Heard rumor", can you guess who I am? posting

… Notice that Ben Garrison's cartoons are from a PATRIOT, so anyone defacing them is a soulless shill

… is it "divide and conquer", male/female, old/young, religions, etc,

… Be suspect if they feel the need to defend nudes and titty pic posts(open another browser and fap away retards)

… Ignore hennypenny's…Hopefully, Maybe, I sorta trust the plan… Q better do something…Q is a larp

… Are they just plain mean and nasty to anons(anons, not shills), Butting into conversations unwarranted

… Are they trying to normalize nigger and all inflammatory words..cunt etc.. (faggot is exception->dictionary)

… Is it Red texting, posting opinionated misleading comments, random garble… nonsense memes/pics

… Totally disregard "Codemonkey, Jim, BO, Q is a shill"(whilst typing on the website provided by their dedication)

… Do they post the same shitty copy/paste memes about "beware of shills"(the hypocrisy… smh)

… Are they posting music/lyrics/dribbling/debating about music (Music is NOT Q research)

… are they namefagging, oldfagging, ancientfagging, Nightshift fagging (needed to manufacture consensus)

… Is it old planefag posts or some stupid trainer/crop duster irrelevant planefag post

… Are they posting old irrelevant digs.. racing/filling to 750 posts

… Are they adding comments that add little or no further credence to an argument

… Are they bullshitting about"Q replied to me and…", I talk to Q…etc

… Are they twisting Q posts or misquoting Q, including outside comms

… Are the shills actively "burning" one of the above larps, to form another identity (savior larp)

… The above also applies to bakers (Shills have infested the bakery) and Minion loves to bake.

… Are they baking absolute rubbish and old digs. Ignoring facts or adding known lies. Blackmailing.

… Are they encouraging the posting of self gratification and nudes for the bakers(shitposting… 1-5 is enough).

…. Enough to list for now, but you get the picture… Control-f search post history always



To gatekeep information or control the narrative, shills have to manufacture consensus and look as though

they are speaking for the majority or are the authority on something. Always a name/meme/logo or

something that sets them apart from anonymous. Only then, can consensus be built on that character with

fake posters.

ALL the shills have huge ego problems, that GLOW. In a crisis situation, ALL humans drop egos to work together.

The world is in crisis right now, all PATRIOTS know this and will overcome personal issues and judgement to

get the job done…But shills wont… Their ego inhibits hive mind and their mind is elsewhere.


We are at war and the enemy is under the wire…. Filter ruthlessly and fast.

If you think the room is getting too retarded, then use filter +

Always use filter + when filtering a known shill. Only shills and useful idiots respond.

If it helps for being ruthless, just remember this→ We are uncovering corruption and pedophilia etc.

shills are trying to stop that = shills ARE pedophiles….. Filter fucking ruthlessly!

With retards gone the room becomes comfy.

Scroll or Filter

Just an opinion… Take it or leave it…

Anonymous ID: 8594d1 2020-01-28 21:08:14Z No. 7944760



Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 21:08:15Z No. 7944761


Thats the sequel and I havent seen it but the original is fucking dope

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:08:16Z No. 7944762

Anonymous ID: 610aff 2020-01-28 21:08:16Z No. 7944763


Anonymous ID: 515830 2020-01-28 21:08:19Z No. 7944764

Sorry, once more, corrected NTSB language. If any memefag can help me. Thanks.

Anonymous ID: 91a24f 2020-01-28 21:08:32Z No. 7944765


Anonymous ID: d31148 2020-01-28 21:08:33Z No. 7944766


Anonymous ID: 1f86e7 2020-01-28 21:08:38Z No. 7944767


Anonymous ID: ac50be 2020-01-28 21:08:56Z No. 7944769


I remember making that for twat a few years ago.

they grow up so fast.

Anonymous ID: 7e28ab 2020-01-28 21:08:59Z No. 7944770


Somebody attempting a conventional getaway?

Anonymous ID: 04907a 2020-01-28 21:09:01Z No. 7944771

Anonymous ID: 3e1606 2020-01-28 21:09:09Z No. 7944773