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Q Research General #11475: Knowledge Is Power Edition

Q Research General #11475: Knowledge Is Power Edition Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:01:47Z No. 8964599

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 04.29.2020

>>8963894 ————————————–——– Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963980, >>8963984, >>8964002, >>8964012)

>>8963389 ————————————–——– Read slowly and carefully. Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963709)

>>8957365 ————————————–——– Tweet from @WSatz (Caps: >>8957461, >>8958928)

>>8957175 ————————————–——– Be ready (Cap: >>8957208)

Tuesday 04.28.2020

>>8956863 rt >>8956829 ——– Close (Cap: >>8960255)

>>8956805 ————————————–——– Why would in-game chat be disabled during [FF event(s)]?

>>8955403 ————————————–——– WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE IN FEAR? (Caps: >>8955473, >>8956757)

>>8954923 ————————————–——– Desperate times call for desperate measures (Cap: >>8954961)

>>8954206 ————————————–——– All the walls are falling down (Cap: >>8954282)

>>8953725 ————————————–——– Star Wars Commander Game Closure Announcement (Cap: >>8953810)

>>8952939 ————————————–——– Repost: Same evidence to FREE FLYNN currently being used to INDICT others [GJ]? (Cap: >>8953422)

>>8952286 ————————————–——– THE SILENT WAR CONTINUES.

>>8952254 ————————————–——– INFILTRATION INSTEAD OF INVASION.

>>8952219 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE.

>>8952185 ————————————–——– How does China comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?

>>8952145 ————————————–——– How does Soros comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?


>>8951828 ————————————–——– THE NEWS IS FAKE. THE WAR IS REAL.

>>8951723 ————————————–——– [21 FIRED]. (Cap: >>8953546)

>>8951718 ————————————–——– FBI CHAIN OF COMMAND MIDYEAR INVESTIGATION [HRC EMAIL]? (Cap: >>8953527)

>>8951255 ————————————–——– Flag Picture *** (Cap: >>8953389)

Sunday 04.26.2020

>>8930301 ————————————–——– Link to Maria Bartiromo's tweet re General Flynn (Cap: >>8930344)

Saturday 04.18.2020

>>8839415 ————————————–——– Two lamps pic, One if by land,Two if by sea, BE READY

Fri 04.17.2020 >>8955523

Thu 04.16.2020 >>8955515

Wed 04.15.2020 >>8952913

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Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:05:48Z No. 8964658

un see curb read one

un see curb read won

un see cure be read won

un see cure be<read> one

un see cure bread one

unsecure bread one

Sgt. <fucksa>B.aby bread

/_\ S T O N E D w[y]lie co[y]ote acMe

T<pickle bread>


Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:06:00Z No. 8964663

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>>8957800 CM just enabled a new posting optimization across the site. It should make posting faster and more reliable.

>>8957932 In the next few hours we plan to switch 8kun onto a new network stack which should be way faster

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>>8964280, >>8964387, >>8964473 planefaggin

>>8964258 Trump: "Where's Scalia? He has very good genes, that guy, I'll tell ya. Scalia, he's got the Scalia genes, right?

>>8964093 Potus Live

>>8964092 Boston Beer Co. Chairman/co-founder has sold: $39.70m- Apr 15-28

>>8964056 JUST IN: Trump administration launches "Operation Warp Speed" to accelerate vaccine development

>>8963984, >>8964002, >>8964012 Q cap

>>8963962 NATO Chopper Reportedly Belonging to Royal Canadian Navy Goes Missing Near Ionian Sea

>>8964620 #11474


>>8963242 Planefag updates

>>8963763 ICE removes Liberian security forces commander

>>8963353 China resumes cross removals as virus subsides

>>8963350 Tech Giants Face Privacy Concerns Over Coronavirus Contact Tracing App

>>8963349 Colbert routine… Is James Comey Severus Snape? Watch him say it starting at 2:24. vid

>>8963344 WH: @realDonaldTrump met with @LouisianaGov to discuss testing and plans to reopen Louisiana's economy.

>>8963305 Joe Biden Wins Ohio’s Mail-in Democrat Presidential Primary

>>8963265 I can’t believe we’re allowing this kind of shit to happen. vid

>>8963252, >>8963254, >>8963266 Pelosi names six new Democrats to coronavirus oversight panel

>>8963216 @realDonaldTrump to participate in Fox News virtual town hall this Sunday on safely reopening our country. Moderated by @BretBaier & @marthamaccallum.

>>8963177, >>8963219, >>8963236, >>8963354 Meat plant workers say they won't go back after executive order to keep facilities operating

>>8963836 #11473


>>8962536, >>8962627, >>8962922 planefaggin

>>8963006 #THEAMAZINGSPIDERMAN And #JURASSICWORLD Star Irrfan Khan Sadly Passes Away Aged 53

>>8962964 Severus = Barack Hussein Obama?

>>8962962 Air Force Logistics Commander in Korea Fired Due to Loss of Confidence

>>8962961 WFP USA exceeds $5 million goal for the United Nations World Food Programme

>>8962736 Call to diggz on Codevilla/FISA

>>8962695 The Communist Economic Trap – Chapter Nine of How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

>>8962677 'The Squad' Proposes Bill Allowing Feds To Literally Cancel Property Rights During Pandemic

>>8962643 Who is telling our farmers to kill their own cattle and spill their milk?

>>8962540 Refresher: 2014 The privatization of the internet backbone

>>8962534 AG Barr Holds Workshop to Discuss How to Best Address Tech Tyranny and Censorship

>>8962525 77 Brigade: Is British Military Waging an Information War on Its Own Population?

>>8962514 Ellen Nakashima: WaPo Writer, Trump-Grenell Fake News Hit Piece, First to Report Russia Hacked the DNC

>>8962499 Portugal to take “unaccompanied migrant children” from Greece

>>8962491 Emails Show Extensive Communications Between Senior Defense Official and Columnist Who Published Leaked Info

>>8962481, >>8962505 Gaming Platforms hooking up with United Nations

>>8962406 Seth Rich Case in DC, Information Comes Very Slowly As if a Cover Up

>>8962444, >>8962457, >>8962486 Comey's Grandfather, William J. (Corney) Comey is mentioned in the Wikileaks cables.

>>8962414 #BREAKING: Prosecutors have provided @GenFlynn defense with redacted copies of the few pages of emails and notes produced this past Friday

>>8962388 How To Start An OP/QRO WR

>>8963068 #11472

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:06:08Z No. 8964664

Trump mentioned this in his presser

Notice how much China(and pickle crew here) hates Fauci + Brix?

Almost like they're looking for ammo: "Trump fires top immunologist, country is doomed he isn't listening to doctors doctors are being censored, etc etc"


You know this information is valuable, speak up.

>>8819011 Game Theory & What winning looks like

>>8819018 Trump Made Vaccines Great Again!

[CHINA DOESN'T WANT YOU VACCINATED/HCQ'D [With what *Trump* may suggest. He swore an oath to protect you] AGAINST THEIR VIRUS OR THE NEXT ONE THEY PLAN TO RELEASE - Trump expanded the effective range of NEW vaccines. The ones made now will live up to the high standards that have eliminated much of the attack vectors for poisoning them]

Open question: What's the Baker(s) excuse for not adding these this time? We know you're abusive "honey"… The cops have been called, we're taking the children away before you hit them again.

Reject their release valve staged show.

Chinabaker(s) / union crew exposed now more than ever 🤔🤔🤔

Yes an executive order relating to the discussions at hand is an extremely valuable inaight.

Yes, an easy to understand introduction to Game Theory facilitates understanding a recent Q post about it.

What other excuses do you have?

You're running out 🤣😂🤣

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:06:20Z No. 8964670


>>8962264 Huber: AG Barr Q & A

>>8962160, >>8962196 Limey proof

>>8962092 Modern legislation is sub-contracted to K-Street, DC’s Biggest Secret…

>>8962058 President Donald J. Trump Announces Judicial Nominees

>>8961997 White House releases disinfectant guidelines amid dust-up over Trump comments


>>8961743 Gilead spinning "positive data" on remdesivir/COVID-19 vaccine

>>8961727 Re: Comey, NYT story/pic, and SW toys

>>8961726 Ellen Nakashima (WaPo) author of both Trump-Grenell hit piece and "muh Russia hacked the DNC"

>>8961710 ScotiaMocatta, world's oldest gold trader, is closing

>>8961699 Pompeo: "We're no longer going to tolerate nonreciprocal behavior from China" (briefing today)

>>8961693 Re: origin of "Hunt For Red October" game files

>>8961663, >>8961672, >>8961676, >>8961938, >>8962024 Planefag Updates

>>8961656 Norwegian tycoon arrested in connection with wife's killing, staged kidnapping

>>8961600 Continued game comms discussion

>>8962291 #11471

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Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:06:53Z No. 8964679

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Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:07:14Z No. 8964683



An entire CP raid to cover up suspicions, only makes more suspicions warranted~

Sgt. <fucka>B.abyand crew are protecting their hijacked thread creation. eb<itch>ot deploys subliminals that Sgt. <fucka>B.aby uses in their posts. It's a team effort. To maintain their control.







>"we play for keepsies"

Says the satanic controllers here…

Ctrl-F d0608c

Looks like the 'facts about Jews' spammer is dictating so "sincerely" the direction of the baking process.

You're right, post history is a bitch 🤣😂🤣

Infact, we can take this one step further and see that this poster is on very friendly terms with each Baker who posts here.

They know who this is.

Judging from the spurts of activity, we can see they jump on at around the same time to discuss things that already seemed agreed on.

So what other means of communication are you all using outside of this?

Bakers Union 2.0~

>The (4)[ word jew invokes hate ] spell was broken a while ago anon.

>this stream is less active, so the babysitter is present more often. but the talking points will be tailored to this stream's content.

>>think of all the young minds i am leaving an impression upon!

>an impression that tells their better senses that [you] are fucking evil as you… are fucking evil!

>can [you] say "KEK"? :D

>Muh faithful Traitors who would sell america's soul to muh church in a NY second!

>gosh you have those pretty memes and all I have are Q DROPS AND NEWS STORIES…

Is our thread creation [Made in China]?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:07:16Z No. 8964684

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Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:07:33Z No. 8964688

[CHINA DOESN'T WANT YOU VACCINATED/HCQ'd AGAINST THEIR VIRUS OR THE NEXT ONE THEY PLAN TO RELEASE - Trump expanded the effective range and safety of NEW vaccines]

Seeing as how the companies [CEOs] have changed, that the procedures for creating vaccines have been revamped, and that Trump is supporting new development of them. We may infer that China can no longer poison them. What Trump suggests, can be deemed safe because he swore to protect you.

Which means those that oppose new vaccines, the ones Trump can endorse, have the intention of denying you protection against Chinas virus.

Which means China is in full attack mode, to ensure you die horrible deaths.

No wonder they hate the Doctors who stand with Trump so much 😂🤣😂

Major points of interest:

Changed the incubation method


Increasing the range of effectiveness

Reducing the dose of antigen required

The idea has always been sound, the adjuvants and dosages were the corrupted problem.

He's Making Vaccines Great Again~

(Also, if you can, save your/their tonsils. They act as a natural 'vaccination' development station)




>People are simply in the way.























>UK/GER [5 days].

>Choice is yours.



The Presidents own Son was afflicted by our corrupted vaccine market.

What would a Father do, for his Son?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:08:43Z No. 8964702


Baker can continue or defer

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:08:58Z No. 8964704

Trump is awakening the people to the warfare of China == "The Invisible Enemy"


Potent update:

China ordered US media to hyper-focus on the impeachment they knew would fail, so they could incubate & release their Virus.

Nancy pelosi waited for the first infected person to enter America, to deliver their biggest news hitting event.


China has such a reliable strong hold on our narrative, that they use it as a fog of war to manipulate our elections.

Think that over.

China orders MOCKINGBIRD talking points.

They changed the political landscape to suit their goal of "President Biden".

Trump: "[Doctors gearing up to treat infected patients, and soldiers going into a war zone] to me they're the same thing"

"The silent/invisible enemy."

"This is a military operation"

Trump is easing us into the reality that China openly made the first shot in this War.

China launched a bio-nuclear attack against the world.

We call it the China virus.

Fact: The Wuhan PS4 BioLab released the virus.

Fact: The Chinese Communist Party knew about the virus before 2007.

Fact: It was engineered for rapid spread - contagious without symptoms for 14 days.

Fact: The Wuhan lockdown was a calculated explosion of viral attack vectors. The CCP inoculated the city, they waited for their Petri dish to reach a certain contamination level then alerted their viral carriers that the city will be locked down in a few days. This forced half the inoculated city to spread out like an explosion across China and the World.

Fact: Due to the totalitarian control of Communism, Winnie the Xi personally ordered this terrorism to be unleashed.

Fact: Over 21 million people in China have died.

Fact: Over 21 million people in China have died.

Fact: Over 21 million people in China have died.

Fact: The reports released by China are carefully tailored to reduce criticism.

Fact: China launched a bio-nuclear attack against the world.

We call it the China virus to remind us we're in this together, against the worlds Silent Enemy.

The monster China has struck.

They will strike again.

Fact: China favors "using barbarians to attack barbarians".

Fact: China is behind Iran.

Fact: China is behind the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fact: China is behind the drug cartels.

Fact: China actively coordinates with the Democratic Party.

Fact: China owns the EU, and UN.

Fact: China is behind the fermented hatred for Israel. They want Americas' wedge into Europe eradicated, and personally fund the IRGC of Iran to accomplish this.

Fact: China goes through great measures to coerce us away from seeing their influence; Their insideous plans. "Deflection, ommision, denial, and abuse."

Fact: China hates Trump.

Fact: China manipulates our media.

Fact: China is behind the 5G fear propaganda. It's coming, but they don't want America to pave the way. They want to own the infrastructure of tomorrow. They backdoor devices. They want to be the ones who can turn the devices into spy&kill switches.




>Worth 43 minutes of your time.


>Important to understand going forward.

Fact: China is at war with the World.

Anonymous ID: 3e1067 2020-04-29 21:09:21Z No. 8964705

Why did Trump allude to Star Trek?

It could beQ.

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:09:35Z No. 8964706


Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:09:54Z No. 8964707


Anonymous ID: 081e7d 2020-04-29 21:10:00Z No. 8964708



Anonymous ID: 553461 2020-04-29 21:10:02Z No. 8964709

3845 9204 -+9- 5370 2191 4135 7238 6282

+9+6 14– 8895 -809 3–0 1653 2393 5864

7017 -+56 21-4 7004 0580 21+7 8+64 52+-

60-3 89-4 513+ 2135 2+08 4+09 895+ +325

374- 104+ 240- 4011 2681 ++26 6637 908+

3938 3825 -900 1285 5341 02+7 5262 1255

-77+ 1276 082- 105+ 2-+3 1576 9325 223-

-330 3453 6436 05+1 -725 +54- 1741 601+

6973 224+ +226 118+ 156+ 0-30 3210 5067

11– 5759 8518 994- 7999 2228 0437 6702

81-9 30-7 -1-8 5964 226- 6-44 2037 -+99

91+- 82-7 -200 8-28 -797 8-14 3056 7298

85-2 +862 -+14 50+1 7365 239- 1803 +667

47-0 168- 2590 28-5 9087 2703 2500 1485

5100 5142 8872 1492 6-76 +-96 845- 7372

49+7 6+5+ 6-1+ 1877 4878 0556 -59+ 6767

-8+5 2213 714- 6-75 -849 5-11 6291 6+-4

6+56 39+0 6–+ 0-61 -124 6219 –83 +883

6+27 4885 9629 2329 5040 8705 6639 6-84

-73+ 5366 4127 653+ 5864 3886 3487 425-

366+ 806+ 5975 0094 590+ 1+33 1245 522-

13+6 9122 89+9 7413 6+0+ 8408 +886 823-

283+ 3602 –07 8473 982- 2761 6186 -959

3316 4569 7431 0495 2+41 8+90 6922 7847

8459 2370 1-39 7091 8+71 65+5 +-+2 0+19

53-8 4017 9650 243- 3507 7413 9536 2-6-

-835 7828 9921 9952 5434 +688 5294 7826

-403 277- -+02 8651 44+- 1060 1420 8265

7123 -638 -5+2 4++1 4839 2+15 2208 8+93

+772 -76- -805 1283 9794 20+3 6806 9475

1563 0519 5615 2945 0547 96+6 574+ 148+

50+6 +508 –82 4751 1688 2995 9++0 +4+-

-7+5 7685 2941 3-07 -11- 35-2 8903 729-

-858 246- 1763 7180 +29+ 7-18 2912 6+65

4884 +624 6714 63-3 8805 296+ +340 3+4-

7993 6214 6182 7+69 0+99 -5+2 5242 9-83

1+67 –12 39-6 4942 4922 53+3 0156 4414

2+0+ 0943 18+0 6040 -778 5323 9167 4832

50+6 3-76 2306 2158 5-66 6239 6017 272+

5317 7152 417+ 5-2+ 139- +4-7 +830 ++86

5-60 5643 5066 5172 9459 9105 1131 +1+7

9797 1849 -068 3770 4802 +-3+ -296 879+

9495 107+ 1510 6445 6616 51– 9453 30+2

2756 64+5 9187 0686 83+9 -239 0+40 208+

0409 +108 192+ 32+4 6144 8992 2021 3823

3893 7-62 6+58 9845 9+67 66-6 5303 2476

0349 86+2 9-4+ 8719 6520 2574 8491 6581

0405 78+7 5617 290+ +997 7748 -+13 2234

-375 4486 1-+- 381+ 9277 7733 4360 2961

+409 8+0- 188- 9182 9872 0437 1616 03+1

136+ 3914 8066 8806 4167 4967 76+5 524-

1560 46+1 2+2- 6330 –37 2189 565- 4602

4057 +028 +209 5+28 2382 5-16 84+3 -+21

162- 0259 -828 8661 221+ 9-78 79+1 +116

+57- 4029 9394 8182 8514 9451 4-75 3922

14+4 602- 037+ 1497 2582 -9+0 530+ +105

9-73 -2+0 -640 -617 +459 5259 2910 0-41

2992 52-4 4813 8571 7725 9717 7+3+ -750

9500 5289 7535 1700 73-2 9735 4+37 02-3

8138 5025 106- 4+15 +3+0 86+6 5650 46+2

3182 756+ 76-5 80+6 1-92 78+9 5291 17-+

67+4 384- 1+85 97+4 99-2 +-98 -31+ 2936

7+95 84+7 63+- 1946 645- 2822 997+ +0-1

5-+1 8196 0657 4381 38+7 125- 0096 6314

74+- 6106 6338 045- 7+65 0397 55-2 4-7+

-756 8962 2687 1099 3686 4025 2783 9141

30++ -924 146+ -289 0-86 0677 8-0+ +281

6569 -0-0 +620 -694 5-49 634+ 211- 6242

6965 6-50 2370 9187 2616 55+8 2894 9301

546+ 793- 8764 074- 663+ 4217 40-1 3016

-156 4096 7+90 37-3 9162 19+3 —6 48+7

95-+ +679 8158 65+5 3565 2799 4485 636+

86-3 7212 991- +-3- 4+37 2352 -920 -868

36-3 -802 -832 1+41 6273 6218 -237 945+

70-8 1497 7992 9— +976 -237 +67- 7482

7781 6999 8610 6+30 9+6- 7821 4+18 6193

+561 3233 -5+6 8799 3460 3-35 5269 2849

4209 +8+3 0162 600- 506+ 15+3 5712 20+0

+864 0174 0-81 4894 868+ 656- 55+0 888+

2-65 56+1 663- 9720 9+72 7093 8324 926+

30+3 -809 0030 2752 6543 6457 0-55 6657

7815 –57 2551 -249 5236 6116 0+23 8157

4692 +551 4134 150+ 47-9 +16+ 6023 3098

4224 3714 9-86 7++0 62-3 -230 9+– 569+

3457 0878 5601 9212 3-20 3421 4–+ 6051

2-4- 1904 6210 595+ 33-3 9315 4399 09+4

3780 -072 1579 8577 1+56 784+ -01+ 2746

+23- 298- 1384 449+ 890+ 6918 826- 1400

5577 0563 2173 9566 -723 0575 -3+- +863

2101 7533 6353 +85- 46-1 614+ 114+ 820+

5-42 5468 +66+ 9505 9497 7203 2617 3100

7243 -122 71+4 212+ 72+5 37– 49++ 5938

170+ 71++ 6669 2+6+ 6-5+ 6590 8461 0-37

6915 559+ 5137 517+ 64+9 6021 0990 0020

5853 7776 637+ 96-6 8-50 6906 933- 33+8

3204 8932 6414 3619 21-4 -4+6 2627 7108

017+ +5-4 6525 -930 +333 6517 671+ 8900

3288 0681 114- 10+7 2+45 2-24 -869 1073

-16+ 48+8 4-40 508- 37-8 9029 78+2 3065

147- +359 -668 4744 6346 -3+8 8385 360-

2603 1382 9805 2746


Anonymous ID: 6fee95 2020-04-29 21:10:03Z No. 8964710

New Q

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:10:10Z No. 8964711


to Q post >>8963894

SPREADSHEET entries include:

- date, post #, EST/EDT timestamp, userID

- direct link to post, link to post on (to that exact post, no need to scroll to find it)

- post content including IMAGE(S)

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By month-


















All images in these galleries are permanent, do not expire, you need no account, no nothing to access them, and you can post them anywhere, share them with link easily (or download)

There are archives going back to the very 1st Q post on 4/pol/


















APR: will be created at the end of the month, will update board with link

RIGHT-CLICK, CHOOSE "SAVE AS" to download zip file

All articles Q posts/responds to are also being ARCHIVED due to high risk of editing/deletion to scrub evidence.



For archive links to previous years, please just ask.

Patriots, archive offline!

Anonymous ID: 940386 2020-04-29 21:10:14Z No. 8964712


Anonymous ID: b46eea 2020-04-29 21:10:20Z No. 8964713


Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: a8150a 2020-04-29 21:10:29Z No. 8964714

>>8964602 (pb)

>Q previously mentioned Class. Action Lawsuits

I think the 'Education for Liberals' guy got kicked off twatter again when he started talking about filing a class action suit against twatter & Jack.

If enough Patriots ask AG Barr about this issue for Friday's Q&A, he might just answer .

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:10:44Z No. 8964715

>>8964694 lb

okok fine but who made the android known as zuckerberg

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:10:47Z No. 8964716


>China is behind the drug cartels.

Along with Israel then.

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:10:53Z No. 8964717

Hey guys YOGA!!!

- Q


Anonymous ID: 2c2c46 2020-04-29 21:10:57Z No. 8964718


not new

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:11:00Z No. 8964719


ty WILL ADD: → >>8964711

Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:11:07Z No. 8964720

Trump: "I don't see helping states if they are going to be a sanctuary."

Anonymous ID: baae0d 2020-04-29 21:11:07Z No. 8964721

Q? Fauci?

Anonymous ID: d309bc 2020-04-29 21:11:09Z No. 8964722

man, nothing brings all the shills to the yard like posting about soros

cant imagine why

Anonymous ID: 26acf7 2020-04-29 21:11:11Z No. 8964723


Welcome to 19 days ago

Anonymous ID: af7a9d 2020-04-29 21:11:23Z No. 8964724

"Warmbier's confession also stated that he had plotted to steal the poster at the behest of a Methodist church in his hometown and the Z Society, a secret society at the University of Virginia that he wished to join, both of which he said were allied with the Central Intelligence Agency."

Z society seems to be a cabal institution.

He was also part of a group called Hillel.

"Warmbier's mother is Jewish, and Otto was active in Hillel on his college campus"

I wonder whether it actually happened at all or whether he was set up and baited into it. The purpose was obviously to generate tension.

Anonymous ID: 69503c 2020-04-29 21:11:33Z No. 8964725


Great work, Baker.

Keep kicking ass, and God bless.


Same to you, SA.

You rock.

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:11:34Z No. 8964726


Your shit is old and weak.

Get outside.

Exercise more.

It won't work here……Haven't you figured that out yet?

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:11:57Z No. 8964727



Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:11:59Z No. 8964728


>China is behind the fermented hatred for Israel.

Bullshit, hatred for Israel comes from the treasonous nature of Israel.

Try harder, you retarded Israeli shill.

China and Israel/Jewish collective power are really tight:

1) – “University of Texas Child Porn Professor is a Chinese Spy under FBI Espionage Investigation”

A quote:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) testified on behalf of Zhao, shocking the community. Support from the NAACP, despite Zhao being caught red-handed by investigators with Possession of Child Pornography, that was described by prosecutors as “some of the most disturbing videos ever witnessed” by the Northampton County Courts.


The NAACP is s Jewish founded and controlled organization

3) – “Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China”

4) – “One Belt, One Road – Israel’s role in China’s flagship policy”

5) – “The Gun Lobby’s Jewish Enemies List”

The National Rifle Association compiled a list of its enemies and it reads like a Jewish who’s who list. The list, prepared by the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action includes 506 individuals, organizations, media outlets and corporations that “have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations.”

The groups listed by the NRA as enemies of the gun-rights cause could easily populate a Conference of Presidents meeting room. They include major Jewish national organizations, including the Anti Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, and the Jewish Labor Committee; two major Jewish women organizations: Hadassah and National Council of Jewish Women; and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, which is the Reform movement’s rabbinical arm.

Reform Jews, the list suggests, are among the NRA’s worst adversaries. The list includes not only their national rabbinical group but also names specifically the Union for Reform Judaism’s former president Eric Yoffie and David Saperstein, director of the group’s Religious Action Center, as individuals fighting for gun control laws.

6) – “Chinese groups debate supporting US gun ban activists, says report.”

7) – “A Jew in Mao’s China”

I mistakenly thought that China during the revolutionary period was one country that had not felt the Jewish embrace. In fact, 85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish. This included the daughter of the founder of the brokerage firm Goldman Sachs, who left the comfort of her Park Avenue home to assist the Chinese.


“Israel accused of selling US secrets to China”


“Jews have been working with chinks for decades, look at Zuckerberg and all the other rich jews already mixing with them. China is the new host body for them to be parasites on.” – Anon

“Rupert Murdoch likewise ” – Anon

10) – “Israel and China a ‘Marriage Made in Heaven,’ Says Netanyahu”

11) – “China and the Jews”

It is a sad and sobering fact that the Jews are already deeply entrenched in China and have been been so for centuries. As an erudite China watcher on my site was quick to point out recently, the sinofication of Jewish names was already underway during the time of the Ming Emperors several centuries ago:

“During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone….

…The Jewish merchants who had bought the opium in India then shipped it to China on their opium clippers where it was exchanged for silver from “Chinese middlemen”—most of whom were Kaifeng (Chinese) Jews—another fact that has been carefully concealed by our politically correct court historians. These Chinese Jews thereupon proceeded to distribute the opium all over China, causing an epidemic of opium addiction [blamed on the British]

12) – “The Jewish Origins of Mao’s Communist Regime in China. Mao ZeDong, Yale & Illuminati Skull & Bones”

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:12:11Z No. 8964729


Anons - BE READY

In the meantime - enjoy some Yoga

- Q


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:12:15Z No. 8964730


13) - "Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests."


October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF. Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).


Anonymous ID: 3e14b0 2020-04-29 21:12:17Z No. 8964731

Anonymous ID: 6fee95 2020-04-29 21:12:17Z No. 8964732


Correction Old Q

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:12:22Z No. 8964733


Ignore Baker.

Shill at his worst posting garbage.

Anonymous ID: 0cf60f 2020-04-29 21:12:25Z No. 8964734

>>8964448 (PB)

Thank you. You make me stronger.

Anonymous ID: de6c99 2020-04-29 21:12:33Z No. 8964735

>>8964590 (lb)

I agree. Put your shoulders back. Take a deep breath and get to work saving the country.

What a dumb time to lose heart, we have children that will inherit this earth.

Stop being a self centered prick, and help us get this thing done. You are a PATRIOT. Now behave like one. There is a time for everything, this is what we are supposed to be doing now.

Other things will happen later, just take order and stay in step. That is how we will make it through this thing.

Trust God, trust the plan.

Faith my friend.

Eph 6, God Wins, God is not mocked, Vengeance is His, Love conquers all.

Anonymous ID: f48f1a 2020-04-29 21:12:35Z No. 8964736

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:12:36Z No. 8964737


>whether it actually happened at all or whether he was set up

bit of both.

how can we believe any part of the story when the entire stage (NK) is fake

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:12:41Z No. 8964738




Anonymous ID: 5431bc 2020-04-29 21:12:48Z No. 8964739





Anonymous ID: 24b1ab 2020-04-29 21:12:54Z No. 8964740

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:12:54Z No. 8964741



Goddamnit, why, anon, why?

Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:12:55Z No. 8964742

Going in hot, shill count is high fire for effect

Anonymous ID: 68ab53 2020-04-29 21:13:00Z No. 8964743



Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:13:01Z No. 8964744


>China hates Trump.

So does Bibi and Jewish collective power.

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:13:03Z No. 8964745


Yikes, eb<itch>ot tried so hard and got so far, but in the end…


Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:13:07Z No. 8964746

Trump: "There will be pockets of fire, and we will put them out very quickly."

I wonder if that means Soros-sponsored rioting, or possibly even acts of arson.

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:13:08Z No. 8964747




Anonymous ID: 3e1067 2020-04-29 21:13:17Z No. 8964748

Counterinsurgency can only really succeed, when it is populist and has the consent of the people. As it says in the Declaration of Independence…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

I think that Q is trying to tell us that ThePlan really has been in play for a very long time, maybe starting before JFK was murdered. And it is no accident that the SovietUnion crumbled, or that Putin came to power in Russia with his anti-corruption focus, or that Xi Jinping came to power in China.

Q is trying to let us know, that the counterinsurgency against the Globalist Criminal Cabal is deep and thorough and widespread, and that important international moves are, and have been, part of the counterinsurgency plan for a long time.

Anonymous ID: 8d8cfe 2020-04-29 21:13:25Z No. 8964750


Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:13:30Z No. 8964751


thank you very much

so appreciated


Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:13:33Z No. 8964752



and you love us so much you're still here too

just trying to help

very brave

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:13:34Z No. 8964753


Anonymous ID: 64a0db 2020-04-29 21:13:37Z No. 8964754


Now make one with her falling flat on her face and you will have the entire two and half years summed up in two pictures.

Anonymous ID: b2b481 2020-04-29 21:13:39Z No. 8964755

Anons are the insurgency , cold anger boils over without pressure release

With or without you Q

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:13:40Z No. 8964756

I'll explain it to you so you'll double down on your lies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mossad =C_Aof Israel.

Shin Bet = FBI of Israel.

Are Westerners responsible for a rogue intelligence agency?

Are there exploitations of their core religion used by a handful for nefarious means?

Are Jews responsible for a rogue intelligence agency?

Are there exploitations of their core religion used by a handful for nefarious means?

Is the infection the host?

Or will you convince us the earth is flat next?


Anonymous ID: da1b9b 2020-04-29 21:13:43Z No. 8964757

>knowledge is power

How come the more I learn the more powerless I feel?

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:13:45Z No. 8964758


>China manipulates our media.

You mean the Jewish owned media?

Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 21:13:52Z No. 8964759

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:14:07Z No. 8964760

How Q #4008 on irregular warfare applies to 8kun /qresearch/:

Counter-insurgency [from the Preface]

Irregular warfare is far more varied than conventional conflict: hence the importance of an intellectual framework that is coherent enough to provide guidance, and flexible enough to adapt to circumstances.

>coherence comes from shared patriotic values, vision/info from Q drops, board dough/bread structure, notables, anon /qresearch/ culture

>flexibility comes from freedom of uncensored chan board; creativity/individuality of anons; willingness to adapt to change and unexpected events (like 8chan down for months)

American counterinsurgency practice rests on a number of assumptions:

that the decisive effort is rarely military (although security is the essential prerequisite for success);

>security is built into "anon" culture (lack of true id's and no sign in req't helps maintain safe & secure ops)

that our efforts must be directed to the creation of local and national governmental structures that will serve their populations, and,

over time, replace the efforts of foreign partners;

>our work reveals corruption both foreign & domestic; paves the way for gov'ts that truly serve their populations

that superior knowledge,

>superior knowledge comes from both Q drops & anon digs

and in particular, understanding of the ‘human terrain’ is essential; and that we must have the patience to persevere in what will necessarily prove long struggles.

>understanding 'human terrain' means understanding human psychology, espec. the psych. of individual & mass manipulation

>patience to persevere is essential for success (cultivating the self-discipline to act strategically not impulsively)

Insurgency [from the Exec. Summary]

Insurgency, however, can and will flourish in the

modern environment. The strains created by globalization, by the collapse of weak state structures, by demographic, environmental, and economic pressures, by the ease of cooperation among insurgent groups and criminals, and by the appearance of destructive radical ideologies, all augur a period in which free and moderate governance is at risk.

>to be successful at counterinsurgency requires us to under the nature of insurgency & the conditions that create it.

[Insurgency is the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify or chal- lenge political control of a region. As such, it is primarily a political struggle, in which both sides use armed force to create space for their political, economic and influence activities to be effective. Insurgency is not always conducted by a single group with a centralized, military-style command structure, but may involve a complex matrix of different actors with various aims, loosely connected in dynamic and non-hierarchical networks. To be successful, insurgencies require charismatic leadership, supporters, recruits, supplies, safe havens and funding (often from illicit activities). They only need the active support of a few enabling individuals, but the passive acquiescence of a large proportion of the contested population will give a higher probability of success. This is best achieved when the political cause of the insurgency has strong appeal, manipulating religious, tribal or local identity to exploit common societal grievances or needs. Insurgents seek to gain control of populations through a combination of persuasion, subversion and coercion while using guerrilla tactics to offset the strengths of government security forces. Their intent is usually to protract the struggle, exhaust the government and win sufficient popular support to force capitulation or political accommodation. Consequently, insurgencies evolve through a series of stages, though the progression and outcome will be different in almost every case.]

>detailed breakdown of how insurgents undermine established structures.

Key point: __successful insurgency requires mainly the efforts of just a few enabling individuals.

Implication: insurgents can be defeated by an equally small number of dedicated counterinsurgents who understand how they operate.


Anonymous ID: 997ed4 2020-04-29 21:14:08Z No. 8964761

Didn’t that piece of shit moon cricket Traitor president for 8 years make it legal to drone strike enemy combatants on US soil?

Anonymous ID: ea5de6 2020-04-29 21:14:16Z No. 8964762


Thanks baker.

Anonymous ID: 6bdb3f 2020-04-29 21:14:20Z No. 8964763

>>8964618 (LB)

Ohio's "resident daily doctor" keeps saying all this bullshit is our new normal and that we are never going back to life like it was……

Today talking about masks non-stop for over an hour, she made a statement that it is like smoking. She said "I am not going to tell you that you can't smoke, but you can't do it around me. It is the same idea with the masks".

She really needs to go fuck off somewhere. Tired of her stupid shit.

Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:14:20Z No. 8964764

Back Fags.

Our friends are Watching.

Be stronk. You can do this!

The information warfare will only increase.


Anons we must join TOGETHER to tell the TRUTH. WE are fighting a MONSTER of Darnkess who knows nothing but LIES.

You don’t fight darkness—bring the light, and darkness will disappear.

The Truth will illuminate the darkness, the light of truth always shines brightest in the dark.

No matter how dim a candle burns it will ALWAYS illuminate darkness. ( Read as: No matter how small your voice if you speak truth you will be heard.)

Thousands [Millions] of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be diminished. [TRUTH] never decreases by being shared.

Each one of us represents a single candle in the darkness of our world.

If you decided to wake up and shine your light by spreading truth rather than believing lies.

We welcome you fellow Anon! May Facts and Truth be the light to your way from darkness.

If you have come to troll, spam, or spread disinformation…


We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Amendment I (Bill of Rights)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

-We Will not be Silenced; -We Cannot be Silenced; -Our Voice will be Heard; -Your Lies are Whispers in the Wind, Compared to the Roar of our Resolve.

|| "Crescit sub pondere virtus" || "Virtue thrives under oppression." ||


One must only look to see.

[Symbolism will be their downfall]

This is not another [4] year election.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong."

You are not alone.

We stand together.

> (You) have many POWERFUL frens. Lets work to do what is needed rather than just infighting all day.

Anonymous ID: 7d128e 2020-04-29 21:14:27Z No. 8964765

Here’s last week's bag of plasma. Such a bag! After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx

Anonymous ID: 265955 2020-04-29 21:14:30Z No. 8964766

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Anonymous ID: 65bde1 2020-04-29 21:14:32Z No. 8964767


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:14:34Z No. 8964768


And speaking of impeachment:

>Beware of impeachment conspiracies linked to Jews.

>Jewish Democrats: Trump is biggest threat to American Jews.

>Meet Tom Steyer. The man running a campaign to impeach Donald Trump.

>Rep. Steve Cohen seeks to impeach President Trump after Charlottesville

>Billionaire Steyer won’t run for US president, will focus on impeaching Trump

>Leading Jewish Democrat in House backs Trump’s impeachment

>Leading Jewish Democrat Nita Lowey endorses Trump impeachment

>Rep. Luria holds hebrew bible in ad supporting Trump impeachment inquiry.

>Adam Schiff becomes face of Democratic drive to impeach Trump

>Why are so many players in the impeachment trial Jewish?

>The Trump-Ukraine controversy, and the Jews involved, explained

>The Tell: The Jewish players in impeachment

>The Jews Of The Impeachment Showdown: A Visual Guide

>Analysis Trump Impeachment Holds Pitfalls and Perils for American Jews


>‘I am an American,’ medaled Jewish army officer reminds Trump allies in hearing

>Decorated US officer testifying on impeachment is a Jewish refugee from Ukraine

>A Jewish photographer has captured Alexander Vindman and his twin since the 80's

>At impeachment hearing, ousted Ukraine ambassador says she felt ‘big threat’

>Sondland invokes family’s escape from Holocaust in Trump impeachment hearing

>Jewish Groups Blast Fox New by s for Joe diGenova’s Anti-Semitic Soros Conspiracy Theory

Anonymous ID: 1202bd 2020-04-29 21:14:48Z No. 8964769

POTUS hasnt made the call so I know everything is under control. The second he does millions of armed Patriots across the land will be there with a quickness. I trust President Trump fully and trust Q team.

Anonymous ID: 26acf7 2020-04-29 21:14:54Z No. 8964770

AG Barr will be participating in the nationwide #AskTheAG Q&A session on May 1 at 12pm ET

Send us your Qs on how DOJ is protecting public safety & combatting fraud, price gouging, hoarding, & more during the #COVID19 pandemic.

Reply below or tweet your question with #AskAGBarr

Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:14:56Z No. 8964771

Trump: "This virus is going to be gone, and when it's gone, you want to be back to normal.

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:14:58Z No. 8964772

KEK r/qult is angry for some reason.

Anonymous ID: d8bf6a 2020-04-29 21:15:11Z No. 8964773


Burn it

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:15:14Z No. 8964774


Kek is here, man

Anonymous ID: bfe2fe 2020-04-29 21:15:14Z No. 8964775

I tried searching for this but couldn't find any results..

May be a dumbass question, but are any of the chloroquine cures available online anywhere for purchase?

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:15:25Z No. 8964777


Anonymous ID: ba0da8 2020-04-29 21:15:25Z No. 8964778

>>8962964 lb

Poet Heru: Barack Obama is Septimius Severus: Change You Can Believe In

Anonymous ID: 4171bc 2020-04-29 21:15:53Z No. 8964779


AIDS Juice

Anonymous ID: b46eea 2020-04-29 21:16:04Z No. 8964780


My Kekshake brings all the shills to the yard.

My memes, are better than thars

Damn right, they're better than thars

I could teach them, but I'd have to charge


Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:16:08Z No. 8964781

Fuck me the shills are out in force today.

Imagine the total feeling of inadequacy at play with these losers.

Like a room full of Brian Stelters fingering Anderson Coopers.

All fags.

Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:16:10Z No. 8964782

Trump: there wasn't a vaccine for SARS…

shifts to therapeutics

Helps people now

Anonymous ID: 265955 2020-04-29 21:16:14Z No. 8964783



try this dough for warroom bakes

condensed and a bit more organized. will work on it more when i get a chance

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:16:23Z No. 8964785


And you can bet JFK knew all about the Jewish infiltration of the US. Pic related.

Anonymous ID: a9618d 2020-04-29 21:16:33Z No. 8964786


shares photos of huge bag

Anonymous ID: 221b4c 2020-04-29 21:16:38Z No. 8964787

If Scalia genes isn't the lead in for wetworks

Makes me wonder if they have seen the rest of the emails or know the whole story.

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:16:45Z No. 8964788



Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:16:46Z No. 8964789

"They have to test it. Maybe it's not safe"

Deja Poo JOOS news ID: 9f8271 2020-04-29 21:16:51Z No. 8964790




[X]i >>8964692


Created on: Wed Mar 06 06:11:05 2013

Last edited on: Tue Feb 20 16:20:20 2018

Expires on: Mon Mar 06 06:11:05 2023

Primary host add:

Primary host name:

Secondary host add:

Secondary host name:


Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:17:02Z No. 8964791


That's Piss in his catheter bag.

Dying AIDS faggot.

Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:17:07Z No. 8964792





Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:17:09Z No. 8964793

Trump: If you don't have a vaccine, if the virus is gone, you are back to the way it was before.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:17:09Z No. 8964794



Anonymous ID: 4abce4 2020-04-29 21:17:10Z No. 8964795


you guud? need a breather? going to slide outta here in a few. been getting some errands completed. lemme know if you want me to watch the baking timer while you refuel. feelz gudd to be back in tha kichen don't it? -wnb out

Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:17:12Z No. 8964796

Live President Trump Participates in a Roundtable

Anonymous ID: 58451c 2020-04-29 21:17:19Z No. 8964797


bag of piss

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:17:20Z No. 8964798


Western people need to realize that most of the subversive commie diaspora Jews are pro-Israel (which makes sense for them since they can run to Israel after they are done destroying their Western host nations): - “American Jews, Politics and Israel”


95% of Jews have favorable views of Israel…



Research conducted in 2013 by Pew showed that 76% of Jews (identified by religion) said they were at least somewhat emotionally attached to Israel. In addition, almost half said that caring about Israel is an essential part of being Jewish (with most of the rest saying it is important although not essential) and nearly half reported that they had personally traveled to Israel.


>There is also this: - "You can’t be a feminist and not be a Zionist"


Jews have a serious problem with deep-seated loxism from amongst their own ranks. If they don't (openly, very publicly) deal with that, they will be acting like enemies of the Western people, and will be treated as enemies of the Western people. - “ 'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring' ” – Graph show examples of loxism

Also, did you knew that Israel protected a Jewish Polish communist war criminal, just because he was a Jew?

Anonymous ID: 996504 2020-04-29 21:17:25Z No. 8964799

I have to somewhat question the significance of this COIN document.

According to the document, as of January 13, 2009, exactly 7 days before Hussein was inaugurated the first time, the U.S. faced "no credible internal insurgency". This seems contradictory to what we have learned. Was the author simply incorrect, or not in "the know"?

From page 13:

"Since the United States presently faces no credible internal insurgency, all U.S. COIN campaigns are likely to be external interventions in support of a foreign government (or in failed/collapsed states). Intervention to support COIN merits careful consideration of a range of factors that are addressed in detail in Chapter 4 (Assessment and Planning)."

Anonymous ID: 4439a6 2020-04-29 21:17:26Z No. 8964800

>Board Weather Forecast

>Shill Storm

Anonymous ID: d34bbb 2020-04-29 21:17:29Z No. 8964801


Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports

Reposting in PDF for anons who want

PDF of Q's drop from earlier

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:17:33Z No. 8964802


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb

Marriage Permanence

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:17:34Z No. 8964803



Anonymous ID: 1df687 2020-04-29 21:17:35Z No. 8964804



Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:17:36Z No. 8964805



I'm so honored to serve you and serve with you, anons.

Anonymous ID: d309bc 2020-04-29 21:17:39Z No. 8964806


Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:17:47Z No. 8964807


I have never seen a plasma bag that big…

They are 1/3 that size..

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:17:49Z No. 8964808


Speaking of flat Earth, pic related.

Anonymous ID: b46eea 2020-04-29 21:17:55Z No. 8964809


Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:17:57Z No. 8964810


Sgt. <fucka>B.aby 🤮🤢🤮

Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 21:18:14Z No. 8964811


Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:18:32Z No. 8964812

MEDIA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on Hydroxychloroquine

How many Americans died because the liberal media lied about hydroxychloroquine?

The media has been on a jihad against the drug since President Trump first announced its amazing ability to treat coronavirus patients.

Last week the liberal media went as far as to report on a shoddy UVA study that founds no benefit from the drug.

Dr. Stephen Smith told “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night that a study published last week indicating the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit for coronavirus patients in U.S. veterans hospitals was a “sham.”

And now a new study from hard-hit Italy found that those Italians on hydroxychloroquine for Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis did not come down with the coronavirus.

Only 20 patients tested positive for COVID-19. No ICU, and NO ONE DIED!

Despite comorbidities the patients on hydroxychloroquine did not succumb to coronavirus!

Anonymous ID: c56b3c 2020-04-29 21:18:35Z No. 8964813



Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:18:40Z No. 8964814

Reporters keep asking how this can 'be gone' without a vaccine.

Trump insisting it will be gone.

It will be gone.

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:18:50Z No. 8964815

Bill O'Reilly just said everybody has to wear a mask to open America. (Hannity) Bill, I'm not wearing a mask and I'm not social distancing. I'm not staying at home and I'm not giving this fake pandemic virus any more of my life.

Living a lie is for weaklings.

Anonymous ID: bc982a 2020-04-29 21:18:51Z No. 8964817

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 3e14b0 2020-04-29 21:18:52Z No. 8964816

Anonymous ID: 7d128e 2020-04-29 21:18:55Z No. 8964818

Biden himself should address the Tara Reade allegations AND release relevant records

Whoa ho ho!!!!

Anonymous ID: 07007b 2020-04-29 21:19:00Z No. 8964819


About the Israeli spy ring? It was something I read a long time ago.

What I remember also is they (israeli companies) owned, not just the billing company for US telcos, but also the company that provided the wiretapping devices for the USG, so they had, not just the info on who called who and when (including businesses and gov agencies), but also through the more than certainly backdoors into those wiretapping devices, the ability to spy on those conversations, as well as early warning about US wiretapping targets.

These are publicly acknowledged facts, and widely available info:

Anonymous ID: 7ef024 2020-04-29 21:19:05Z No. 8964820


I am pretty sure this is why the deep state is going nuts.

They WANT the public to be angry and stressed.

They WANT everyone to freak out and riot.

So they can blame it on POTUS and try to turn public opinion.

But it isn't working.

Hence the panic.

Barr, Durham, and the rest cannot be stopped.

Anonymous ID: 5296b4 2020-04-29 21:19:09Z No. 8964821


Send Ohio doctor the HCQ google link

Anonymous ID: 254a89 2020-04-29 21:19:11Z No. 8964822


Is he talking about Covid?

Anonymous ID: 054c32 2020-04-29 21:19:18Z No. 8964823

sure would be nice if the catalog would break

Anonymous ID: a8150a 2020-04-29 21:19:19Z No. 8964824


POTUS referred to remaining pockets of CCPvirus infection as "burning embers" that can be put out.

sounds symbolic to me too.

Anonymous ID: 24b1ab 2020-04-29 21:19:23Z No. 8964825


Yeah, that's what. A quart and a half? Half-gallon? That thing is stretched tight.

Plasma being 55% of blood….I'm highly skeptical.

Anonymous ID: 430c99 2020-04-29 21:19:30Z No. 8964826


>Reposting in PDF for anons who want

ThanQ anon we broke goolag, kek.

Anonymous ID: 20426e 2020-04-29 21:19:43Z No. 8964828


Ever given before? It's clearly plasma. You're stupid, glowing, or both.

Anonymous ID: e1e9a1 2020-04-29 21:19:46Z No. 8964829


Thank you, baker.

Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:19:48Z No. 8964830

Guaranteed Rate to Pay $15 Million to Resolve Allegations It Knowingly Caused False Claims to Government Mortgage Loan Programs


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:19:51Z No. 8964831


Yep. Israel is the HQ of the cabal.

Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D, retired Marine officer and former Director of Studies at the United States Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute says Mossad did 9/11

Dr. Sabrosky is an American Patriot of Jewish heritage


Dr. Sabrosky himself has one Jewish grandparent, although he does not identify particularly strongly with this Jewish ancestry, stating "an outside identity, Jewish or other, has never meant much at all to me. I’m an American", distinguishing himself from "an awful lot of American Jews [who] do not think of themselves as Americans who happen to be Jewish, but as Jews who happen to be living in America"


- - - -

Fox/ Cameron Segment on "Dancing Israelis" (December 2001)

- - - -

9/11 Suspects: The Dancing Israelis


In the days after 9/11, while Ground Zero continued to smoulder, millions heard Dan Rather and various media outlets repeat vague and unconfirmed reports of arrests that took place that day. These rumors held that Middle Eastern men, presumably Arabs, were arrested in explosive-packed vans in various places around the city on September 11th, and that some had even been photographing and celebrating those events. What most do not realize is that those reports were not mere rumors, and we now have thousands of pages of FBI, CIA and DOJ reports documenting those arrests.

- - - -

Chris Bollyn: Israel behind the 9-11 attacks– and Iraq wars.

- - - -

Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out | 9/11 Evidence and NIST

This is the best introductory redpill for normies regarding 9/11, it does NOT mention Jews or Israel at all, but shows that the official version given from the administration was a obvious fraud, using undeniable proof and a very clean and perfect optics presentation. Share it with all the normads you can!

- - - -

Missing Links 9/11 FINAL

Anonymous ID: 399b6e 2020-04-29 21:19:56Z No. 8964832


This needs to spread like wild fire! I already bound to PDF and emailed as red pill.

Anonymous ID: 553461 2020-04-29 21:20:03Z No. 8964833

Io9Z bDZw OvxG OEEY Fpnk FhUH 7E5M 2km1

z65d y9zA SIpJ [6]V VPb3 ydJE AVbj 0v6c

bpIm NNvu E3Xx ZlzA 0[9] I[P] 0[Q] 7kge

ZQ0W PU0w j4XE cpRv 5puZ mcX1 BupS 9Pme

qB3P Mgat ryoN gFFM u1L7 ZrRM 8gqw 0qHD

362Q vGAo H2LT veRB J[T] 6KZc LTFY 8Jw4

YRkH Fhkx HeE5 Xops [y]Q hhm3 ymEt ihOm

Vcdm SxBc o39t hrJi z30s wxGn t9u_ IcGh

b541 Zlia 98Me tMhj 8sJU v89D rlPj XvIg

CjKe cvqK xX8a j0Up aQPg ykC3 TNqP TpYY

GFhX Cg_s rTWR YjGw jXot C[X] nanU 8dQX

x[O] rjVU 6y49 V7hF E[h] bqGN M0vC OTmi

ttiT 4wAh 2sEC zzZ8 p7bT o65a jp6b 2E3C


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ydwO FPvU m7Ch 9TCu vqZZ 1A7e 4i_D gnOP

INFH Y0XK rGiB aSoh 73o6 e2x9 02xJ eR7s

AEMI ohOZ X9vn euhS XBDp Fp3n jO_a x80F

ILjf yUQ5 nzcN gHmm EsdE 0Fs2 KBPX [O]s

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E7Ml gY4i oqmD [p]p ddqb PnKP [R]9 nxtf

aSjk Nnfe UVFY InZu [I]6 99G8 Q7ZG XwEo

SY48 dikG PzBn VGuJ wNDs bG_6 XC_Q pI8F

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i0AD N4jQ YJWa Ng3D 5HX1 QnPM 9nC6 k6Tv

tNb1 Z6_M sCGO 4dUA K4nX cP_j 80JJ 15z5

ccvX CQ_6 wIYN briL lLXl Dfol h4Zf DFsE

hiIZ Tasd 5R6b ENEI


Anonymous ID: 4de665 2020-04-29 21:20:10Z No. 8964834


Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:20:11Z No. 8964835

One really has to wonder about the IQ of so-called anons at times.

After all, those so-called anons that are bitching about MY FREEDOMS didn't catch this at all, they just wanted to bitch.

POTUS declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY after ALL 50 states had declared a state of emergency.

He HAD to wait for ALL states to declare a state of emergency, and when they did, he set the trap.

Remember the drop that reads, "Those who scream the loudest"?

POTUS asked for the civilian population to self quarantine for 15 days at first.

Soon as he did that and the 15 days passed who was it still screaming to keep lock-downs in place….mainly NYC and other democrat governors, after all, THEY were the ones screaming the loudest, so he played along…more or less give them more rope to hang themselves with.

POTUS mentioned in one of his pressers that he was leaving it up to the governors to decide because each location was different and could be handled differently. In short, he let the governors do what they thought, (and I say thought because there were some that did do what was right and fair), what was right according to their own mind. Thing is, those governors didn't count on the people to stand up when they pushed to far.

Trap sprung!

NOW POTUS knows which governors to trust, and which ones to round up. So stop bitching about your freedoms and look at the bigger 40,000 ft. view of what happened, and be happy that you can tell your grandkids how YOU actively played a roll in freeing our great nation once again from tyranny. Give yourselves a pat on the back for the moment, for your free beer will be en route before too much longer.

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:20:15Z No. 8964836


Anonymous ID: 568cb5 2020-04-29 21:20:17Z No. 8964837

Hello, this is your local, friendly,

big government agent to the

rescue seeking to keep you

from making a big health mistake.

We cannot allow you to take



because these two drugs will

stop all cases of



Lyme Disease,


Zika Virus !

Anonymous ID: bc982a 2020-04-29 21:20:29Z No. 8964838

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe! GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: c9cc4e 2020-04-29 21:20:32Z No. 8964839


Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:20:34Z No. 8964840


Example of insurgency subversion.


Same porn every bread


Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:20:40Z No. 8964841





















Anonymous ID: 229dde 2020-04-29 21:20:42Z No. 8964842


This anon don't twatter, but here's a question for the DOJ, Inc.:

How will home foreclosures now or after the shutdown is over be handled since the mortgage/banking industry has been perpetrating a fraud against the people since around 1933?

Anonymous ID: 730c05 2020-04-29 21:20:43Z No. 8964843


Fuck off shill

Anonymous ID: 9dba93 2020-04-29 21:20:48Z No. 8964844


Yeah, you dont speak for anons. Fuck off

Anonymous ID: 0cf60f 2020-04-29 21:20:50Z No. 8964845


Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:20:55Z No. 8964846


Can we get it as a link?

Anonymous ID: 2c4f09 2020-04-29 21:21:10Z No. 8964847


I have chosen to buy tonic water made with quinine. For a while I was taking a mineral supplement containing zinc. The quinine is the natural compound from.which chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are derived. The amount in tonic water appears to be small, but I liked it and felt pretty good (less arthritis type achiness) when using it.I like the one in the screen grab.

Anonymous ID: 24b1ab 2020-04-29 21:21:11Z No. 8964848


Bill is one of the fat, out of shape people at risk, probably with cardiac issues.

Fuck you Bill….go for a jog.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:21:16Z No. 8964849

Chilean AF FACH985 Boeing 767 from Santiago, Chile appears over Tianjin and begins descent to Beijing

SAM661 G5 departs Alexandria, LA ne after ground stop inbound JBA

SAM659 G5 departs southern Alabama (departure data incomplete) from an origin of JBA earlier

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:21:19Z No. 8964850


>AIDS juice


Anonymous ID: 3e1067 2020-04-29 21:21:30Z No. 8964851

>>8963389 lb

Q is gently telling us

That the time has come for us all

To love our liberal neighbors

As we love our patriot friends

Because only a people UNITED

Can truly prevail in a counterinsurgency

Against the dark forces of the Globalist Criminal Cabal

Success requires the consent of our liberal neighbors

So we must refrain from demanding extreme measures

That would only serve our own hedonistic pleasures

ThePlan is liberation of the NATION

And the NATION, includes all the people.

We have been warned that 4-6% will be lost forever

But Q never said they would be liberals

It is looking more and more likely

That most of them will be self-proclaimed patriots

Baying for blood

Who have failed to understand the message of Christ

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind

You shall love your neighbor as yourself

Even the son of the Israeli President

Called for the return of a "free, democratic and Christian" Europe

Our success can only come from God

And God is not Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Pagan

God is quite simply, our source, and the source of all that is.

Those who hate, and who divide, are tools of Satan

And minions of the Globalist Criminal Cabal whether they know it or not.

Now is not the time to return to normal.

Now is the time to heal

To find common ground with all our neighbors

To think globally and act locally, because…

Where We Go One We Go All

After all, we are all in the same boat

We all live on the small planet.

We all breathe the same air.

We all cherish our children's future.

And we are all mortal.

Anonymous ID: 2b7275 2020-04-29 21:21:34Z No. 8964852


Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:22:01Z No. 8964853

>>8964760 How Q #4008 on irregular warfare applies to 8kun /qresearch/


TY anon, very helpful. Others should keep in mind the figures cited on Watters' World - it was far over 10% who not only heard of Q, but actually keep up with it (I don't like the term "follow") - INCLUDING DEMOCRATS.

We are OVER the tipping point, we have momentum and our movement is growing daily, worldwide.

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:22:06Z No. 8964854

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:22:09Z No. 8964855


all guud

g's got ice cream, juice

I stretched a min

got some beef and humus for protein load

guud to be back in the kitchen, yep, chunkly clunky n me

tyvm wnb

Anonymous ID: 399b6e 2020-04-29 21:22:18Z No. 8964856


I imagine the day when all the shills start to shill only each other… and they then filter only each other… and disappear. Soon.

Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:22:19Z No. 8964857



Anonymous ID: 24b1ab 2020-04-29 21:22:21Z No. 8964858


I've been drinking DIet Tonic Water with Diet Cranberry juice. Tastes great.

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:22:21Z No. 8964859


>All fags.

Most likely, see pic 1.

Anonymous ID: 5296b4 2020-04-29 21:22:24Z No. 8964860


all yahoo people, dump the HCQ link in every covid 19 article now before yahoo censors it.

Anonymous ID: 4de665 2020-04-29 21:22:24Z No. 8964861


Anonymous ID: 2580bc 2020-04-29 21:22:30Z No. 8964862

Texas man accused of threatening to assassinate Trump gets 18 months behind bars

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:22:31Z No. 8964863



Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:22:32Z No. 8964864


Lust of the eyes.

Lust of the flesh.

And you want to make a prayer?

Your judgement will come soon enough.

Anonymous ID: 4679f2 2020-04-29 21:22:38Z No. 8964865




Anonymous ID: b5e6a4 2020-04-29 21:23:02Z No. 8964866


mayo pushing blood with anti's to help wuhan flu as cover for the blood stash of Hollywood andremechrome supply

HCQ 9cents a pill

REmdeisiver attacked HCQ and pushing as treatment with Fauci and CNN live

Anonymous ID: d34bbb 2020-04-29 21:23:05Z No. 8964867




>>8963894 Q drop PB


Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:23:07Z No. 8964868


Yes, but I'm just wondering if there was a hidden meaning.

Anonymous ID: 4439a6 2020-04-29 21:23:25Z No. 8964869


Anonymous ID: a7e834 2020-04-29 21:23:27Z No. 8964870

>>8964509 (lb)

There seems to be a misunderstanding. Let me clarify. Either Q plans to confirm Q, publicly, or they do not. Anon wants to know which.

Confirmation isn't interfering with mass arrests.

Confirmation isn't interfering with ISIS/MS13 dismantling.

Confirmation isn't interfering with safety/security of the public.

Confirmation isn't preventing COC kill-off (check that status chart Q posted recently)

Confirmation isn't preventing or comms top, down, bottom, sideways, or between XBOX or PC Gaming chat logs.

Confirmation will, 100%,shift the narrativein such a way that it willneverbe the same again. This will give everyone the freedom to get behind everything, 100%.

Until then, stalemate.

"We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here."

Anonymous ID: a8150a 2020-04-29 21:23:28Z No. 8964871


out of 65,000 people who were already taking HCQ long-term for lupus or other conditions, only 20 tested positive for CCPvirus and none of those 20 died from it.

sounds like we have found a way to prevent CCPvirus infection in a way that would be safe for the vast majority of people.


Anonymous ID: de6c99 2020-04-29 21:23:32Z No. 8964872


I pray for soldiers in the battle. Warriors that are tired. The weary who have not had rest from the raging battle. I ask you to strengthen them. Encourage them with your Word. Let them remember that your mercies are new every morning.

Psalm 91:5-7

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

In the Name Above all other names,

Jesus the Messiah,



Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:23:33Z No. 8964873



Diaspora and zionists collaborate with each other all the time.

Do you know what Sayanim are?

>Sayanim are Jews living outside Israel as foreign citizens that volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad. This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering, yet sayanim are only paid for their expenses. No official number is known, but estimates put the number of sayanim in the thousands. The existence of this large body of volunteers is one reason why the Mossad operates with fewer case officers than fellow intelligence agencies.

>The sayanim (Hebrew : סייענים, singular: Sayan,Hebrew help, assistant) would be, since the publication of a former Secret Service agen9t Israelis, Victor Ostrovsky[1], passive agents commonly referred to as " dormant Agents ", established outsideIsrael, ready to help MOSSAD agents providing logistical assistance[2]. The term also refers to Palestinians who have agreed to collaborate with theIsraeli army[3],[4] or the Jews of the diaspora Deciding to collaborate momentarily with Mossad by feeling of patriotism towards Israel (Lavon case).

Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:23:35Z No. 8964874


Same guy every time!

Divisions seem to come from your end not mine friend.

I am not 8bit not associated with 8bit or any other 8kun ##Admin or Vols

ask a Logged in User to confirm if needed. You need help fren.

Its been Just the 1 person here! (CivAnon) or as some would say Patchfag, PatchNigger, Larpnigger or something that is aleast clever rather than blaming (You)r "enemy"….

Go ask 8-bit about his current PSYOP he will have no q[l]ue

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:23:37Z No. 8964875

very big and sudden push for ayy lmao news and other ((New)) ufo leaks happening, saw also tabloid asteroid panic news today,… what is going on… derp state in panic mode? Are we going to see another school shooting?

Anonymous ID: 3e14b0 2020-04-29 21:23:40Z No. 8964876

Anonymous ID: 71cd7b 2020-04-29 21:23:41Z No. 8964877


Vanity is the devil's favorite sin, oh pious one.

Anonymous ID: bc982a 2020-04-29 21:23:42Z No. 8964879

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe!!! GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 21:23:43Z No. 8964878


Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 21:23:49Z No. 8964880

>>8964404 (PB)

Dems are not just as strong as ever, but as long as they are breathing, they can find a way to wriggle free. The noose is the answer.

Anonymous ID: 9f002f 2020-04-29 21:23:51Z No. 8964881

#Fauci is a bad apple under white hat control.

His job is to expose his medical crimes and those of the Deep State in hiding cures for $ - particularly HIV.

This remdesivir charade today will eventually blow up big time.

It’s the learning curve pill the public must swallow.

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:24:10Z No. 8964882











Anonymous ID: f94ff8 2020-04-29 21:24:12Z No. 8964883

Hurt By Stupidity

Putting out burning ember fires

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:24:18Z No. 8964884


So, let's examine this word




Learn to pronounce



an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

At this point motherfucker, you trying to convince people that Q is got some control and is some kind of insider - when absolutely nothing is happened


People like me who are simply stating facts that





Anonymous ID: 358571 2020-04-29 21:24:18Z No. 8964885


Looking good sir.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:24:22Z No. 8964886


sounds like you are doing ok with that 'box.


Anonymous ID: b5e6a4 2020-04-29 21:24:24Z No. 8964887


hollywood needs the plasma because of andrenchrony

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:24:29Z No. 8964888


Bull. We all have a part to play. We provide the realism of Trump's traps. The people you scoff at know what you know and are playing the DeepState like a banjo. I appreciate the message but not the slam of people who are 2 steps ahead of you.

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:24:36Z No. 8964889

Anonymous ID: b7322e 2020-04-29 21:24:38Z No. 8964890

>>8963448 (pb)

In light of Q's insurgency post, I'd like to let anons know about the book/movie Hussein and his faggot wingman EH used as the playbook for their US takeover

"The Spook Who Sat by the Door"

Watch the movie - scary shit

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Anonymous ID: 837260 2020-04-29 21:24:45Z No. 8964891



Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:24:49Z No. 8964892



Anonymous ID: 4abce4 2020-04-29 21:25:04Z No. 8964893


>beef and humus for protein load

sounds pretty gross. kek i sip'n on a redbull. prolly growing a third eye on my head soon. lol

Anonymous ID: a70877 2020-04-29 21:25:06Z No. 8964894







Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:25:09Z No. 8964895

Trump: Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we will have massive rallies!

Anonymous ID: 3028f0 2020-04-29 21:25:10Z No. 8964896

Anonymous ID: 2a6b88 2020-04-29 21:25:13Z No. 8964897

gitit Don.

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:25:18Z No. 8964898


Here comes the weaponized porn.

Anonymous ID: 254a89 2020-04-29 21:25:22Z No. 8964899


Me too because his certainty makes more sense if he is referring to the group behind Covid than the illness itself. Unless he means it will be no more of a problem because the over the counter CHQ and maybe other cures will just make it a minor thing.

Anonymous ID: 9af516 2020-04-29 21:25:24Z No. 8964900


>Like a room full of Brian Stelters fingering Anderson Coopers.

Kek, well said.

Anonymous ID: dc998f 2020-04-29 21:25:25Z No. 8964901

Founder of CE-5 on Fox News

This is the guy who gets shilled ten times over for every one post in QFO/Alien bread that teaches ppl how to bypass corrupt governments and make peaceful contact with advanced alien civilizations on ur own.

Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:25:29Z No. 8964902


Shill still division flagging. Damn yall salty af lately kek

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:25:40Z No. 8964903


switched them out


WarRoom wants to add things

no space


Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:25:45Z No. 8964904


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:25:46Z No. 8964905


Thanks fren.

Anonymous ID: fb466a 2020-04-29 21:25:49Z No. 8964906



What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:26:00Z No. 8964907


Chek'd - That's the way I see it.

Anonymous ID: 254a89 2020-04-29 21:26:10Z No. 8964908

Massive rallies coming!

Anonymous ID: 50e160 2020-04-29 21:26:12Z No. 8964909

you know what to do fags

Anonymous ID: 1d3941 2020-04-29 21:26:14Z No. 8964910


Sidney Powell says the Feds just turned over 11 new pages of exculpatory evidence in the Flynn Case…….even more appalling than the last batch.

Awaiting Sullivan's release of Friday's docs any minute now:

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:26:14Z No. 8964911


Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:26:16Z No. 8964912


Thank you anon


God bless

Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:26:20Z No. 8964913


Nice IP hop, glow harder please!

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:26:28Z No. 8964914


thx baker

Anonymous ID: 76e191 2020-04-29 21:26:38Z No. 8964915


Exactly. I donate that and blood to save lives. Take that much plasma, you're gonna have a problem.

Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:26:46Z No. 8964916


You obviously do not know how to read with comprehension or your a fucking shill.

Which is it?

All the facts are there, just go look them up.

Anonymous ID: f94ff8 2020-04-29 21:27:06Z No. 8964917



25k rallies are good bread

Anonymous ID: b71d31 2020-04-29 21:27:22Z No. 8964918


>Here comes the weaponized porn.

Blasphemous use of the Lord's prayer.

Anonymous ID: 19c815 2020-04-29 21:27:23Z No. 8964919

Ever notice how Qew only posts other people’s discoveries? It’s almost like he doesn’t have any inside info, even though he has “qew” clearance…

Just sayin’

Smells like a LARP


might be a LARP…

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:27:24Z No. 8964920


So they are even shilling him now?

Something is going on… big push of ufo videos, news and what not, even half pol is spammed with ayy shit right now… i know it is the deep state signaling something but what?

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:27:28Z No. 8964921


He posted the same thing like 15 times in one thread, if anyone needed a reason to realize the entire point of that is to SUBVERT and distract those who have a problem with porn or sex addiction. He's one of the SICK people.


I should have checked first before responding, but I will remember this ploy in the future and not fall for it again.

Anonymous ID: 837260 2020-04-29 21:27:36Z No. 8964922


Why do you care?

Anonymous ID: 97996c 2020-04-29 21:27:39Z No. 8964923


Sounds extremely similar to JFK - Secret societies speech..

"It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions by the government, by the people, by every businessman, or labor leader, and by every newspaper. But we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it’s fear of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. It’s preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. It’s dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War in short with a wartime discipline, no democracy would ever hope or wish to match."

Anonymous ID: 782af4 2020-04-29 21:27:53Z No. 8964924

Does HIV cause AIDS?

I am going crazy. Shiva says no.

Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:27:56Z No. 8964925

Blood plasma bags 1:23 mark

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:27:57Z No. 8964926


Anonymous ID: ab82ff 2020-04-29 21:28:03Z No. 8964927

>>8963265 PB

> I can’t believe we’re allowing this kind of shit to happen. vid

Many cannot believe it. Especially since HCQ is widely available.

>"will focus on ending the divisivness"

–Wisconson's Tony Evers (D)



Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 21:28:04Z No. 8964928


Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:28:05Z No. 8964929

Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:28:07Z No. 8964930


Thanks fren, Just had to go Take a Walk to "Wave at our frens" watching in the Sky.


Noted, We have many friends online right now! (You) are doing great work, FACTS MATTER.

Soon when you SEE.

Who dictates to timeline of the MOIVE?

Anonymous ID: 2c4f09 2020-04-29 21:28:22Z No. 8964931


I have to agree with you about "liberal" friends and relatives. I am continually pleasantly surprised by how much we all agree on: Saving the planet for our children, protecting life and our natural world, minding our own business except when behaviors impact others negatively, having liberty to follow our conscience, freedom to worship and follow God in a community of our choosing.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:28:26Z No. 8964932

>>8964764 this jumbled mess is embarassing

>>8964874 and be cursed for including without spaces a ( Y o u ) in all your posts

Anonymous ID: 9f002f 2020-04-29 21:28:27Z No. 8964933

For the first time in over 3 years, I am *cautiously* optimistic. Will today be the day we start to see Justice served?

Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 21:28:36Z No. 8964935


Anonymous ID: c56b3c 2020-04-29 21:28:44Z No. 8964936


Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:28:46Z No. 8964937





Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:28:57Z No. 8964938


Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 21:28:58Z No. 8964939



Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:29:00Z No. 8964940


Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:29:09Z No. 8964941


no ones at school fortunately! dis da best dey got

Anonymous ID: 65bde1 2020-04-29 21:29:15Z No. 8964942




Anonymous ID: a70877 2020-04-29 21:29:18Z No. 8964943


>Nice IP hop

The fact you call it an IP hop let's me and everyone else here know you're 60-80 years old and don't understand what PGP is.

<IP hop

Fucking old retards on here.

Anonymous ID: 715224 2020-04-29 21:29:19Z No. 8964945

Was it resolved that mensch is the limey? ( also kike )

Anonymous ID: 2fdebe 2020-04-29 21:29:30Z No. 8964946

Jim live interviewing a Q-anon

Anonymous ID: b5e6a4 2020-04-29 21:29:30Z No. 8964947


Tom Hanks in Philldelphia

Will tom hanks star in Phildelphia II

the wuhan virus ? as a love story ?

titanic ? Hollyweird distorting the titanic narratvive as a love story ?

Anonymous ID: 76e191 2020-04-29 21:29:34Z No. 8964948



Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:29:49Z No. 8964949



it really does not require that many people to make a huge difference.

True on both sides.

But patriots have a huge advantage:

We are fighting for our freedom, not just political advantage.


Anonymous ID: 800a50 2020-04-29 21:30:09Z No. 8964950


Yes, it's in notables a few breads back

Anonymous ID: 358571 2020-04-29 21:30:15Z No. 8964951



Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:30:22Z No. 8964952

Are these sudden ayy news and what not used to derail the schizo? A smoke screen to keep the majority derailed? A Bait for the army (Schizos-shills doing it for free) of the derp state?

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:30:24Z No. 8964953


Nope, super comfy. When you are in a position of truth, it is always super comfy


Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:30:25Z No. 8964954

Not noted yet

T [-15]

Deltas are still real to me dammit.

Anonymous ID: bc982a 2020-04-29 21:30:28Z No. 8964955

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe!!!! ! GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 520eb8 2020-04-29 21:30:33Z No. 8964956

I'll post this once more…

Your government has known since August 22nd, 2005 that Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.


Anonymous ID: 5296b4 2020-04-29 21:30:34Z No. 8964957


we need proganda and psyops made illegal again to fight an insurgency war and win it before the children you so lovingly refer to are indoctrinated adults.

we need hard targets to hit.

the USA has already been attacked by a Chinese bio weapon If people read past breads you would be aware of it.

Frankly, the USA was attacked and there are tons of vids of Chinese women going around spitting on public surfaces but no one wants to address those caught on camera moments of hatred towards the USA. Why is that?

I say we go "old testament" on those who want to see us dead. Liberals will never change thir minds, just truth bomb them and be there for support and explain they were brainwashed, but without the media being fixed that aint evah gonna happen fast enough to save the kids!

Anonymous ID: 3e1067 2020-04-29 21:30:40Z No. 8964958


It is not as good as you think it is.

Even I would not believe this document

And I have done a lot of research and even found

And posted many of the scientific papers it references.

But still, it is pretty useless to most people.


If you are a journalist

Either a professional or someone who writes on Social Media

If you read this doc carefully, you will notice some things

The first SARS pandemic was in 2003

The first paper to show that Chloroquine type drugs are an effective treatment

Was in 2005

And yet now, we are in the SECOND SARS PANDEMIC

And the medical establishment shows us every day

On TV press conferences

That they are confused and uncertain of what to do.

This is incompetence

This is negligence

This is a very big story that needs to be written

And the doc provides you the starting points for your own research

So please don't just spread around this doc.

Download the papers yourself and read them

Follow up to find out what happened after they were published

Find some doctors and ask them about these papers

Then write a story, and in the story include a link to the doc

For others to follow up.

This is how journalism works

You first need to have a story, however incomplete it is

And then write it in such a way that others can follow up

And find their own stories.

You have to add some context and some more info

Not just fling the doc into people's faces

Or they will simply punch you in the nose

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:30:52Z No. 8964959




Anonymous ID: a70877 2020-04-29 21:31:08Z No. 8964960


Oh look, someone who isn't 5000 years old and a stupid faggot.

Any of you old faggots calling it an IP hop let's everyone know you're old, useless and stupid

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:31:24Z No. 8964964

For the shills.

Anonymous ID: 265955 2020-04-29 21:31:26Z No. 8964961


np just doing my part yw

Anonymous ID: 2382a8 2020-04-29 21:31:26Z No. 8964962 …. Commercial …. The poor people of Israel ….MY ASS … Scamming mother fuckers …. KIKES

Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:31:27Z No. 8964963

Lord strengthen Trump and anons

He [God] empowers the feeble

and infuses the powerless with increasing strength.

30 Even young people faint and get exhausted;

athletic ones may stumble and fall.

31 But those who wait for Yahweh’s grace

will experience divine strength.

They will rise up on soaring wings and fly like eagles,

run their race without growing weary,

and walk through life without giving up

Isaiah 40:29-31

Anonymous ID: c1b1bf 2020-04-29 21:31:28Z No. 8964965

[email protected]

says he is planning to go to Arizona next week. He may be touring a plant making protective masks

Anonymous ID: 1a8fd8 2020-04-29 21:31:29Z No. 8964966

>>8964870 There is no misunderstanding. You can't force the action. There is no stalemate, either. Our enemies are making desperate moves because they are, well, desperate. Such as the stunningly unconstitutional pact between the 5 western states, the corona pact with satan.

And how would Q confirmation "shift the narrative" in the way you state? Libs would howl with laughter at "POTUS & the QTards." This is why DJT & team give us voluminous indications of their existence, while not overtly going there at rallies, etc.

Anonymous ID: a58360 2020-04-29 21:31:29Z No. 8964967


Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:31:31Z No. 8964968


WTF do you care about anons' age?

POTUS is our leader–he is 'fucking old retard' too?


Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:31:33Z No. 8964970


and you care why now?


Anonymous ID: 6256b3 2020-04-29 21:31:34Z No. 8964971

While we await Judge Sullivan's order to unseal the exhibits from Friday, the government has just provided 11 more pages even more appalling that the Friday production. We have requested the redaction process begin immediately.



Anonymous ID: 95d9f4 2020-04-29 21:31:36Z No. 8964972


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:31:37Z No. 8964973



Anonymous ID: b2b481 2020-04-29 21:31:42Z No. 8964974

Mayday comes

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper History is replete with whispers of secret societies. Accounts of elders or priests who guarded the forbidden knowledge of ancient peoples. Prominent men, meeting in secret, who directed the course of civilization are recorded in the writings of all people.The oldest is the Brotherhood of the Snake, also called the Brotherhood of the Dragon, and it still exists under many different names. The Brotherhood of the Snake is devoted to guarding the "secrets of the ages" and to the recognition of Lucifer as the one and only true God. If you do not believe in God, Lucifer, or Satan, you must understand that there are great masses of people who do.

The snake and the dragon are both symbols of wisdom. Lucifer is the personification of the symbol. It was Lucifer who tempted Eve to entice Adam to eat of the tree of knowledge and thus free man from the bonds of ignorance. The WORSHIP (a lot different from STUDY) of knowledge, science, or technology is Satanism in its purest form, and its god is Lucifer. Its secret symbol is the all-seeing eye in the pyramid.

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:32:07Z No. 8964975

Anonymous ID: 399b6e 2020-04-29 21:32:18Z No. 8964976


Fuck off - I read the document you condescending Dick.

Anonymous ID: 3b6fd7 2020-04-29 21:32:26Z No. 8964977

Anonymous ID: b5e6a4 2020-04-29 21:32:31Z No. 8964978


meme war

Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 21:32:39Z No. 8964979


Flynn for the win!

Shills are going to be pissed.

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:32:41Z No. 8964980



Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:32:41Z No. 8964981





3 of a kind

1 truth.

Anonymous ID: c56b3c 2020-04-29 21:32:49Z No. 8964982

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:32:56Z No. 8964983



Told ya~

Tag team effort with eb<itch>ot 🤣😂🤣

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:32:58Z No. 8964984

What might happen if Q team would interupt their ayy news flood right now? I am sure NSA is aware of what is going on. Just to test something.

Not sure how to interupt this, i know, never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake…

what would happen if Q team would level up their sudden ayy lmao push? I mean, the derp state might lose control if shit gets out of hand, right?

Anonymous ID: 64a0db 2020-04-29 21:33:00Z No. 8964985


Even with Trump's strong economy, the Dems will took the house and won many gubernatorial races in historically red states. The reason this is happening is because non white immigrants don't give a shit about a good economy, freedom, and liberty. They just want socialism. Dems have brought millions of these people into our country and they are tilting the elections now. So I disagree. Dems are just as strong as ever. They are so confident in their numbers that they can run a degenerate like Biden for president. Also, Stacey Abrams will likely be his VP. So this shows that they don't need moderate white working class white voters anymore. They only need the coalition of minorities who vote Democrat over 80% of the time. Also, still zero criminal prosecutions against the traitors so this is further proof that the Dems are still powerful.

Anonymous ID: 96b3aa 2020-04-29 21:33:01Z No. 8964986

Anonymous ID: fbfd18 2020-04-29 21:33:07Z No. 8964987


I really hope it's Melania.

Anonymous ID: ec5056 2020-04-29 21:33:21Z No. 8964988


Federal Open Market Committee Press Conference April 29, 2020

Fed Statement only (7-minutes)

Full Presser with Q&A (48-minutes)

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:33:55Z No. 8964989

CNV4662 US Navy Clipper sw from NAS Oceana and P-8 shift changes off Space Coast.

Anonymous ID: 5296b4 2020-04-29 21:34:03Z No. 8964990

I think I am too warrior to doeal with non-target soft war enemies that would want us dead.

I was so hopeful with the last days of the q drops but the insurgency shit has just made me more depressed on fighting a war where the enemy has all the atomic weapons and all I have a broken pea shooter.

off to read the COIN document.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:34:14Z No. 8964991


nice work condensing, i was one of the anons who chimed last bread but had a bit of an attitude about it

have some Eilert as a gift

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:34:37Z No. 8964992


I was clearly dead serious.

Good catch Clouseau.

Anonymous ID: de6c99 2020-04-29 21:34:39Z No. 8964993


Remember Satan always uses scripture out of context because he is the Father of lies.

He is also the accuser of the brethren. Knowing that all of us have been forgiven of UNSPEAKABLE sin. He will not let you forget.

God says your sin is as far from you as the east is from the west. Which is INFINITE.

Remember believer he is the enemy of your family's soul. He wants eternal death for all of you.

God wins, choose the winner today.

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:34:52Z No. 8964994






Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:35:03Z No. 8964995


You have been quite active as a poster.

(or multiple anons have)

13 posts in

But it's a great piece of research.

Post away!

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:35:06Z No. 8964996

Learn to filter anyone using Red Text. It is the first sign they know nothing about Kun and are probably MSM shills

Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:35:07Z No. 8964997


Try reading the whole bread.

You might learn something. Or decide to do something.

You Read what YOU READ. But do you See what you Read? Or are you seeing what you Hear?

Right? Write? Know? No?

Deja Poo JOOS news ID: 9f8271 2020-04-29 21:35:08Z No. 8964998



Anonymous ID: 785738 2020-04-29 21:35:15Z No. 8964999

Russia’s FSB busts illegal gunmakers in 22 regions

the silent war..

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:35:15Z No. 8965000


Whatever happened to this guy?

You remember.

He was the one true hope for so long' now it's all John Durham, so whatever did happen, to this Huber guy?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:35:19Z No. 8965001


I agree but you need to get anons to read

ask them!

Anonymous ID: 978de3 2020-04-29 21:35:21Z No. 8965002

WTF? That some straight up WWII shit right there. Only thing missing is the AA burst. Like he had a bomb in his engine.

Anonymous ID: fbfd18 2020-04-29 21:35:24Z No. 8965003


Mayor DeBlasio, is that you?

Anonymous ID: bfbd90 2020-04-29 21:35:24Z No. 8965004

We are winning.

This board is more powerful than we realized.

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:35:39Z No. 8965006

Anonymous ID: 86e82a 2020-04-29 21:35:41Z No. 8965007


imagine not knowing…<filter>

Anonymous ID: f3b7f8 2020-04-29 21:35:50Z No. 8965008


Anonymous ID: b5e6a4 2020-04-29 21:35:59Z No. 8965009

Fauci says second wave of coronavirus is ‘inevitable’

Red October ? before the election ?

https ://

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:36:18Z No. 8965010


Durham was assigned the FISA part of Huber's investigation and Huber continued with the HRC part of his investigation. He still is now.

Anonymous ID: aeab85 2020-04-29 21:36:20Z No. 8965012

What will the covid-19 memorial look like?

It’s not too early to begin remembering

WaPo going directly into MK-19 operation memory mindfuk

Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:36:21Z No. 8965013

Maybe when Trump said 'pockets of fire', he meant there might be attempts to spread the 'virus' in various locations once more states open up.

Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:36:29Z No. 8965014


Well your damn sure not 2 steps ahead of the slug at your toes.

You seem to be lacking in the IQ department.

Are you in one of those states? Did you bitch in public? Yes, then you played a part.

Did you just sit here and chew away at the keyboard only while others were out doing the grunt work? Didn't do your part, eh?


Anonymous ID: d01976 2020-04-29 21:36:37Z No. 8965015



Anonymous ID: a50bbd 2020-04-29 21:36:38Z No. 8965016


Hoover’s grandson did his job by doing nothing.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:36:47Z No. 8965017


it's sad really, because obviously you're trying to be helpful, and have a lot of energy

Anonymous ID: 7d128e 2020-04-29 21:36:49Z No. 8965018



WaPo saying Biden should address Tara Reade and release Senate docs.

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:37:00Z No. 8965019


>sin is as far from you as the east is from the west

Powerful words, thank you anon

Anonymous ID: a7e834 2020-04-29 21:37:07Z No. 8965020


Every single person you know that doesn't currently believe in Q would instantly start looking it up, and catching up. It's not manufacturing consent if you simply come out with the truth.

I'm really not sure why anons seem to be wanting Q to not address it, publicly. If @POTUS had used the last presser to get the Q asked, then this movement would have absolutely exploded, overnight. And yes, having the most powerful man in the world confirm it would "do the trick" for the majority of people that are still on the fence. As a matter of fact, that's precisely what everyone's waiting for. They'll "believe it" when something is said about it, publicly.

Why do anons not want it addressed? Why is Q, after alluding to it not being done, then saying it will be done, dodging the question? You want to pull the rip cord on the engine to get this country back moving again? Confim Q.

Deja Poo JOOS news ID: 9f8271 2020-04-29 21:37:09Z No. 8965021


Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:37:26Z No. 8965022


Filtering is a bad idea. Pic related.

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:37:31Z No. 8965023


Last i heard he was asked to come speak to congress and claimed he knew nothing about Clinton Foundation investigation

Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:37:36Z No. 8965024



Anonymous ID: de818a 2020-04-29 21:37:42Z No. 8965025


Source would be pretty cool at some point.

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:37:44Z No. 8965026

Curious how insurgents need a charismatic leader 🤔🤔🤔

One propped up and forced to be loved/believed by subliminals 🤔🤔🤔

Sgt. <fucka>B.aby fits the bill? 🤔🤔🤔

Very active lately, all assets deployed in unison too~

Anonymous ID: 5296b4 2020-04-29 21:37:47Z No. 8965027

it's racism! racism I say! It's all Trumps fault!

Anons know what to do-

notice the pic related come on but the title of the article is different. Yahoo has an agenda. If you have Verizon service you might want to write the CEO..maybe the Verizon CEO needs to be Randall Stevensoned. But I dont have the power to do that.

Anonymous ID: d8bf6a 2020-04-29 21:37:50Z No. 8965028


Agree. At the moment it is too hard talking to normies about how they aren't even trying to cure us.

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 21:38:03Z No. 8965029


People see WAPO and turn away.

Nothing new.

Anonymous ID: 4679f2 2020-04-29 21:38:10Z No. 8965030


>wave at our frens watching in the sky

< pic related

>we have many online right now you are doing great work facts matter


>soon when you see

>who dictates

We are the news.


>C_A's cryptology information warfare

>Si ego certiorem faciam, mihi tu delendus eris

>I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you

Anonymous ID: 1d3941 2020-04-29 21:38:13Z No. 8965031


Please let it include Comey's directive to take down Flynn….

Anonymous ID: ab82ff 2020-04-29 21:38:17Z No. 8965032



As much as I can't stand you you are right about that, my computer crashes alot and will have to get a new IP each time.

Hey! why aren't you wearing a mask? Oh? So you have access to Hydroxychloroquine I see..

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:38:18Z No. 8965033


I'm not disagreeing with your premise on what Trump is doing. I'm calling you out for calling Anons out that fight for their freedoms.

God Bless Anon. Take a break and get some air.

Anonymous ID: c1b1bf 2020-04-29 21:38:20Z No. 8965034

Breaking: Contact has been lost with a Canadia air-force CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, deployed onboard HMCS FREDERICTON, which is currently contributing to Operation Reassurance .

The aircraft was participating in Allied exercises off the coast of Greece.

Search/Rescue in underway.

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:38:21Z No. 8965035

>>8964818 WaPo: Biden himself should address the Tara Reade allegations AND release relevant records

I'll nominate it asNOTABLE


Interesting to see it from them.

Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 21:38:23Z No. 8965036


Imagine being such a dumb fuck as yourself! Suck a dick you dip shit!!!

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:38:26Z No. 8965037


>It’s not too early to begin remembering

welp considering the whole present-past-future thing … YES, yes it is too early

Anonymous ID: 2efd7a 2020-04-29 21:38:31Z No. 8965038


Anonymous ID: 5431bc 2020-04-29 21:38:36Z No. 8965039


Stop being a pussy.

Anonymous ID: b2b481 2020-04-29 21:38:42Z No. 8965040


anon will tell you it happens at end of ramadan with millions going home from the haj to mecca

Anonymous ID: a70877 2020-04-29 21:38:59Z No. 8965041


>Powerful words, thank you anon

Not really, have you or that other faggot heard of the international dateline? East and West are right next to each other.

Anonymous ID: 97996c 2020-04-29 21:39:11Z No. 8965042

Page 32 of PDF… SOROS!!!

NGOs are private, self-governing, non-profit organizations. Their activities (a direct

function of the interests of their donors) are very diverse, but include interests such

as education, health care, environmental protection, human rights, conflict resolution and similar issues. Some NGOs are implementing partners for U.S. foreign

assistance, but these are a special case and will be discussed separately. Since their

aims are often complimentary to the COIN effort in meeting the needs of a local population, they should, as far as possible, be consulted to minimize duplication

or gaps in assistance. However, in order to secure freedom of movement, including access to semi-permissive environments, NGOs generally strive to be independent, politically neutral, needs-driven organizations. Consequently, they often

try to minimize contact with uniformed military personnel or other governmental

actors, seeking ‘humanitarian space’ in which to operate.

It even mentions "foreign aid"… that's literally how Soros was stealing money in Ukraine and other places.

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:39:16Z No. 8965043


Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:39:16Z No. 8965044


damn happy to have it back

I think I could deal better with losing a finger or something

guud shit man

Anonymous ID: 7d128e 2020-04-29 21:39:27Z No. 8965046


You mean the same people who piss and moan about the msm ignoring Biden accusations?

Anonymous ID: 34b69b 2020-04-29 21:39:28Z No. 8965047

If anyone wondered if reporters drive the narrative of their owners/advertisers (big pharma), one needed just to listed to the reporter asking feverishly about how things can possibly ever be ok without a vaccine…

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:39:36Z No. 8965048


While we await Judge Sullivan's order to unseal the exhibits from Friday, the government has just provided 11 more pages even more appalling that the Friday production. We have requested the redaction process begin immediately.




Anonymous ID: 044dc0 2020-04-29 21:39:39Z No. 8965049


he doesnt look as mean as Durham

Anonymous ID: a8150a 2020-04-29 21:39:42Z No. 8965050


If I were an artist, I'd draw some coronaviruses dressed up in klan uniforms

to try to illustrate the stupidity of this woman's idea

but an artist I am not.

Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:39:58Z No. 8965051

Governor Justice [WV]: Average age of person we have lost in West Virginia is 78 years old. This disease is after our old; those who have been with us a long time.

*From Press Conference, happening now

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:40:12Z No. 8965052


>it's sad really

Only for those who spell to or too when asked to spell two.

Anonymous ID: fb466a 2020-04-29 21:40:12Z No. 8965053


This from a namefag.

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:40:16Z No. 8965054


That is the dumbest thing i ever read. Do you drink sewer water?

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:40:17Z No. 8965055


He droned US citizen(s) on foreign soil.

Anonymous ID: 715224 2020-04-29 21:40:22Z No. 8965056

Thanks. Did dokuu get resolved


Anonymous ID: 775614 2020-04-29 21:40:43Z No. 8965057


Anonymous ID: 782af4 2020-04-29 21:40:49Z No. 8965058


they measure the viral load

that's what's confusing me about the theory

Anonymous ID: c5d61e 2020-04-29 21:40:55Z No. 8965059

>>8964190 lb

Here's a list of the images that >>8964174 (lb) anon identified as enemy badges. I tried to preserve their filenames instead reinventing new filenames, since the filenames contain info.















Hope it helps. Look forward to your findings.

So far enemies IDd as NRO, C_A, FBI?

Open hints not yet solved?



Max Headroom (solved?)

Paul Revere's ride


Who owns GEORGE ← Nourry in FR?

HUM[A] ODD ← something to do with humming?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:40:59Z No. 8965060


don't need to swing from the paddle fans, any more than I usually do


lemme know bout that third eye yo

Anonymous ID: bbdbb3 2020-04-29 21:41:00Z No. 8965061


Anonymous ID: 2fdebe 2020-04-29 21:41:04Z No. 8965062




Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:41:19Z No. 8965063

>>8965042 - Passage from the Jewish Encyclopedia on how Jews helped Muslims conquer Spain in the 8th Century - “'Islamization of Europe a good thing'” – Big graph on how the 1965 Immigration Act was the result of over 40 years of Jewish collective power lobbying and activism – Graph about the reasons why Jews turn non-Jews hostile against them thru out their history. It goes into how Jews helped Alexander the Great to invade Egypt. – "Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda"

The video is an interview from Shalom TV to one of the staff on the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA). You can learn more about it here: ; - “Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe”

Sometimes link doesn’t work, use this one:

And if that one doesn’t work, look for the vídeo directly on the channel, it’s 2 years old now (2019): - Backup - “Jewish Immigration Hypocrisy - Stefan Molyneux” - "Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty" – Screenshots of the video above – another important screeshot of vid above - Backup - "Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt" - “Europe on the Chopping Block” - “Barbara Spectre Is Back” - Backup - “Paul Krugman Has a Message for White Rural Americans” - Backup

Anonymous ID: fbfd18 2020-04-29 21:41:35Z No. 8965064



You must be a shill seeking tacit approval!

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:41:35Z No. 8965065


don't tempt fate, doc

fingers are important!


Anonymous ID: de818a 2020-04-29 21:41:47Z No. 8965066


>SAM659 G5 departs southern Alabama (departure data incomplete) from an origin of JBA earlier….Fort Rucker

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:41:56Z No. 8965067


It's a prescription med in the US, so need a script, but many (neighboring) countries don't require such things, or provide such things on the spot for a couple bucks.

Anonymous ID: 7ea0a4 2020-04-29 21:42:01Z No. 8965068


> Why do they want you locked inside?

> Why do they want you to panic?

so the lockdown is really THEIR thing? ==> HUGE mistake! people awake and communicate!

they gave us the internet ==> HUGE mistake! people awake and communicate!

another Q-Proof? these people are so dumb they are digging their own graves!?

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 21:42:02Z No. 8965069


Not an argument.

Try harder.

Anonymous ID: f5f228 2020-04-29 21:42:19Z No. 8965070


ah shet bet dis cosmic play is all about moral and spiritual growth

>Where We Go One We Go All


Anonymous ID: 254a89 2020-04-29 21:42:22Z No. 8965071



Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:42:29Z No. 8965072


WOW, your consciousness is literally still pulling information from your 2nd grade classroom maps.

Enjoy those crayons anon.

Anonymous ID: 2c4f09 2020-04-29 21:42:36Z No. 8965073


Here's the thing: HCQ means that prophylaxis is possible AND that the duration of a person being able to infect others is reduced. So, unless someone is severely sick or needs prophylaxis due to age or comorbidities no one else needs to really think.much more about it. No dangerous vaccine needed, no ventilator, no expensive antivirals,no more pharma billions in research, no more insane profit from a mandated vaccine and ZERO need to surveil us over this!

Anonymous ID: eed06f 2020-04-29 21:42:38Z No. 8965075


This has been ongoing for several years now and most channers left a long time ago, the ones who are still here are here because they completely believe in Q and aren't going to question it. You are arguing logic withthose who don't care about logic and it won't work.

Anonymous ID: e8dee1 2020-04-29 21:42:38Z No. 8965076


My bad, then.

But if your here, you already knew it was part of the plan, or are you trying to misguide and jump off track of the plan.

We all knew there had to be some method for dealing with governors, he played it, and your bitching here about it.

So, in all aspects, it makes you either a shill that's just blowing hot air, or you can now tell others what has happened and why they are on such sever lock-downs….which is it going to be?

Anonymous ID: 82d6f7 2020-04-29 21:42:43Z No. 8965077

chal- lenge


Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:42:49Z No. 8965078


We're saving Israel for last so we can have all the khazar milkers we want.

This is why I like Q.

Anonymous ID: a34398 2020-04-29 21:43:00Z No. 8965080


By all means… Brief, by way of public document, the brass and politicians on their insurgency schemes.

Perhaps, anon, you're underestimating the true size and scale of what is being faced down, here. Forgive me - I'm one of them big thinkers who has seen all this coming for decades and who even anticipated a Q-like group to emerge from the shadows. So… I have been filling in the gaps in broad strokes of knowledge written seemingly into my bones. I know of no other way to describe it other than having a bit of an existential crisis at things making too much sense for my own good.

Do not think primarily in terms of a government being anything more than a castle for various groups to struggle over. But the castle is only the figure of authority - the symbol of righteousness. Whatever arbitrary writ comes from the castle is now moral and ethical code. If the law is to fork over half your income, then it is right and good to fork over half your income. Unless you mean to challenge the system and all that such a challenge implies.

This is why the castle is fought over so fiercely. This is a fight that has gone on many thousands of years across hundreds of civilizations. It is more proper to look at nations and define their demographic elements as fundamentally insurgent forces. Few people have it in their mind to preserve the function and sanctity of the system of the castle. They vote and decide for their advantage first and compromise to placate dissent that arises. Thus, the general trend is for each group that can tribally self-identify, even if only by way of pattern, to erode the processes and systems of the castle to advantage their interests and disadvantage their competitors. It is rare to find the person, particularly one who seeks office, who so willingly acts in the interest of objectivity and preservation of the system's ideology.

Did the families who supported the British give up and accept the legitimacy of the United States? Particularly in the case of those who held titles of nobility and privilege as it pertained to the Crown?

Would people, familiar with the legacy and power of the East India Trade Company look at their own swelling industrial empires and see governments as anything more than moral anchors to obligate the public to the profit of said business?

Governments are cute little things in the grand scheme of things. Even totalitarian kings had to appeal to the interests of noble families and broker with them for support. The king didn't just order things be done and everyone fall in line. Every family wanted to see one of their own represented as a hero, get the contract to do a thing, have exclusive rights to something, etc.

The more things change… The more they stay the same.

However… The more things try to stay the same, the more they are compelled to change.

Anonymous ID: 5431bc 2020-04-29 21:43:02Z No. 8965081



Anonymous ID: 3f63d9 2020-04-29 21:43:18Z No. 8965082



>You must be a shill seeking tacit approval!

He will now hop IP's so that he can agree with himself.

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:43:24Z No. 8965083


Thought they were such clever little boys, playing Star Wars online, invite only guild, secure comms in place.

Imagine seeing the transcripts of those 2017 comms, today.

Anonymous ID: 82d6f7 2020-04-29 21:43:34Z No. 8965084


Black markets. Seek marijuana online.

Anonymous ID: 782af4 2020-04-29 21:43:43Z No. 8965085


Nice timestamp to the second.

We are Q.

Melania is our leader.

Anonymous ID: d01976 2020-04-29 21:43:46Z No. 8965086


Anonymous ID: cf58bd 2020-04-29 21:43:48Z No. 8965087



Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:43:49Z No. 8965088



Ok, baker, no problem.


>>8964760 How Q #4008 on irregular warfare applies to 8kun /qresearch/

Anonymous ID: f40b8a 2020-04-29 21:43:55Z No. 8965089


FYI, that entire Palpatine's Revenge thing was from 3 years ago and each "player" already ID'd - start here:

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 21:43:58Z No. 8965090


anon, where's your sauce for that?

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:44:00Z No. 8965091


Actually i don't give 2 fucks who approves what.

Anonymous ID: b64f3b 2020-04-29 21:44:02Z No. 8965092

>>8964665 PB

>>8964697 PB

Reposted for moar eyes.


REQUEST: Anons, can you provide the original twatter banners that have appeared on FLYNN's account? Not copies. Not the sauces for his banners.

But the image files that can be got by opening from his account via "open IMAGE in new tab".

Most recent example, see pic.

Working on comparisons in various ways.I do not have twatter account myself. Hoping Anons here have archived originals as described here.

My dig/analysis has already lead to something I will drop next – this or next thread. For now need the raw material to continue.

TY Anons.

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:44:06Z No. 8965093


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb

Marriage Permanence

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always

Anonymous ID: 50e160 2020-04-29 21:44:07Z No. 8965094

Anonymous ID: 04f5e1 2020-04-29 21:44:09Z No. 8965095


This is my Q.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:44:14Z No. 8965096


wouldn't say resolved but interesting link re Duke U (niversity)


>those who spell to or too when asked to spell two


Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:44:17Z No. 8965097


Anonymous ID: fbfd18 2020-04-29 21:44:22Z No. 8965098


Fuck off and choke on a dick MuhJoo shill.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:44:29Z No. 8965099


this from a douchebag

>I can play that game too faggit

Anonymous ID: de6c99 2020-04-29 21:44:52Z No. 8965100


I can see no real opportunity for escaping that either. The twisting G forces would have made any action virtually impossible.

Looks like right engine exploded, causing massive fuel cloud, which then ignited.

Low altitude (approx 300-500 feet) made it impossible to bail or use WARPS. (Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute Systems)

Anonymous ID: 9dba93 2020-04-29 21:45:00Z No. 8965101



The reason no one is jumping up and down for you is that we already dug this a couple of months ago and are well aware of the fact.

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:45:09Z No. 8965102


Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:45:11Z No. 8965103

So let me get this straight - Fauci and Birx were the ones that created a DeepState cash cow out of Aids, which was a pandemic they started? Do I have that right?

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:45:14Z No. 8965104


well, wtf is wrong with you?

let everyone do want they want

say what they want

we are here for free speech

aren't you??

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:45:16Z No. 8965105


Anonymous ID: b64f3b 2020-04-29 21:45:19Z No. 8965106



Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:45:20Z No. 8965107

Judge Jeanine Says Hillary Clinton Is ‘A Standard Bearer, The Magnet, The Enabler Of Sexual Predators’

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro said that Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden might not help the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee much because Clinton is “a standard bearer … for sexual predators.”

‘The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators’

“You know, Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden when he’s being accused of, as you say, not sexual harassment but sexual assault, it’s like the kiss of death. The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler of sexual predators,” Pirro said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, where she noted Hillary’s defense of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who was accused by many women of sexual misconduct and assault.

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary appeared with Biden on a live stream town hall Tuesday.

Shocker: Nothing Said About Biden Accuser Tara Reade

One subject they definitely did not talk about: Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Biden of sexual assaulting her in 1993 when she worked for him as a U.S. senator.

Pirro said, “This woman [Hillary Clinton] is a woman who does not stand for women. For her right now to endorse Joe Biden is really to ignore what all of the “MeToo” movement has been talking about … Let’s talk about Brett Kavanaugh and Tara Reade.”

Pirro was comparing how Reade’s accusations were being received compared to the sexual assault allegations made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing.

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 21:45:26Z No. 8965108


>Implication: insurgents can be defeated by an equally small number of dedicated counterinsurgents who understand how they operate.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^notable –IT'S A NUMBERS GAME

Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 21:45:28Z No. 8965109



Ok. Sounds like you have nothing to worry about. Trust in God. Don't worry about Q and Trump. It has you too worked up. Enjoy your 20 years or more in peace and tranquility. Coming to a pro Trump/Q board and constantly typing calls turn against Trump/Q in all capital red text borders on dementia. If you continue I'm afraid you will have a mental break down and your twenty years or more might be spent in a padded room, prison, or even God forbid cut short through other circumstances. Enjoy your life, stop posting.

Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 21:45:43Z No. 8965110


They're making less and less $$$ to shill here therefore they're getting angrier.

Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:45:49Z No. 8965111


The Great Disruptive Wave is forming Deep in the Sea.

SEE will be the Key, [C].

If we all see. And [sheep] all see. Everyone can see.

If some (> 10%) are Blind, While only Some see. Everyone cannot SEE. [C]. Only JUSTICE can be blind.

[C] = Key.

Anonymous ID: 308825 2020-04-29 21:45:51Z No. 8965112


Don't piss on ANONs.

Many well understand what is going on and the trap that was set.

The issue is the human herd is irrational, which is why the stock market goes haywire. This game may end up being stampeded by the herd's irrationality. Then the "silent war" turns into a hot action shit show.

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:46:01Z No. 8965113


kek, been waiting for one like this. tyvm anon.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:46:04Z No. 8965114


you're right

OK, one of the cats maybe


Anonymous ID: b2b481 2020-04-29 21:46:05Z No. 8965115


Tag that pic.

Joe Biden Gives News Conference

Anonymous ID: 2fdebe 2020-04-29 21:46:06Z No. 8965116

source of Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers document

AAPS Letter Asking Gov. Ducey to Rescind Executive Order concerning hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19

April 27, 2020

The Honorable Doug Ducey

1700 West Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Dear Governor Ducey:

This concerns your Executive Order forbidding prophylactic use of chloroquine (CQ) or hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) unless peer-reviewed evidence becomes available.

Attached and posted here (https://bit. ly/cqhcqresearch) is a summary of peer-reviewed evidence, indexed in PubMed, concerning the use of CQ and HCQ against coronavirus. We believe that there is clear and convincing evidence of benefit both pre-exposure and post-exposure.

In addition, Michael J. A. Robb, M.D., of Phoenix is compiling all reports as they come in. As of this date, the total number of reported patients treated with HCQ, with or without azithromycin and zinc, is 2,333. Of these, 2,137 or 91.6 percent improved clinically. There were 63 deaths, all but 11 in a single retrospective report from the Veterans Administration where the patients were severely ill.

Most of the data concerns use of HCQ for treatment, but one study included used the medication as prophylaxis with excellent results. Many nations, including Turkey and India, are protecting medical workers and contacts of infected persons prophylactically. According to, deaths per million persons from COVID-19 as of Apr 27 are 167 in the U.S., 33 in Turkey, and 0.6 in India.

Based on this evidence, we request that you rescind your Executive Orders impeding the use of CQ and HCQ and further order that administrative agencies not impose any requirements on the prescription of CQ, HCQ, azithromycin, or other drugs intended to treat or prevent coronavirus illness that do not apply equally to all approved medications that may be used off-label for any purpose.


Michael J. A. Robb, M.D.

President, Arizona State Chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Executive Director, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

CC Speaker Rusty Bowers, Rep. Warren Petersen, Rep. Nancy Barto, Sen. Karen Fann, Sen. Rick Gray, and Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee


Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports, January to April 20, 2020 https://bit. ly/cqhcqresearch

The probabilities of clinical success using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc against the novel betacoronavirus, COVID-19, revised Apr 26, 2020 https://bit. ly/hcqtable

Anonymous ID: bce9b6 2020-04-29 21:46:09Z No. 8965117


It's just the difference in perspective.

Anonymous ID: 76e191 2020-04-29 21:46:11Z No. 8965118


Fuck off operation 17

Just another patreon beggar

Anonymous ID: fbfd18 2020-04-29 21:46:13Z No. 8965119


Anti-Israel, ProMuslim, ProPalestinian, AntiSemitic, Annoyingly Shouty, Unnecessarily Repetitive - You must be a Globalist Leftist Type!

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:46:13Z No. 8965120


Start research project.

Pay Group A $50/hr to dig ditches.

Pay Group B nothing.

Ask Group A, "Why dig ditches?"

Answer Group A: "Um, $50/hr, duh".

Ask Group B, "Why dig ditches?"

Answer Group B: "Good exercise, clean work, outside, fresh air, good to see people get ditches they need."

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:46:13Z No. 8965121


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb

Marriage Permanence

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:46:17Z No. 8965122


The amount of newfags thinking Red Text is for chatting and not marking notables is remarkable itself

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:46:18Z No. 8965123


Anonymous ID: 1a8fd8 2020-04-29 21:46:23Z No. 8965124

>>8965020 No. 90% of the people this anon has been cursed to have to deal with for lo these many years, would go along with the Q programming they have received from the MSM, who would pile on top of any Q announcement in a massive scrum. "They're all nuts, you see, and we need to get after DJT with the 25th." The deplorable core already knows the truth, and is spreading it. In fact, the whole country already knows, akin to "the whistle blower who shall not be named," but who didn't need to be named, because everyone already knew. Go to any internet site that has any shred of honest independence, and you will see Q splattered all over their menu of pieces. Everyone knows already, and Q+ is playing their hand perfectly in this matter.

Anonymous ID: d0bd78 2020-04-29 21:46:23Z No. 8965125


Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:46:39Z No. 8965126





Reads well and makes sense.

Always love when anon original content makes it into notables also.

Anonymous ID: 6fee95 2020-04-29 21:46:40Z No. 8965127

Even the reservest shills have been deployed.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:46:51Z No. 8965128



Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:47:06Z No. 8965129


Has it ever occurred to you that you aren't the target of my post Anon?

We're on the same side. I love your passion Anon, but please point it somewhere else.

Anonymous ID: efc304 2020-04-29 21:47:10Z No. 8965130

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:47:12Z No. 8965131


W's crew put it together for Hussein's crew.

Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:47:17Z No. 8965132


More info if interested.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:47:19Z No. 8965133




Anonymous ID: aeab85 2020-04-29 21:47:22Z No. 8965134


"There are a lot more of us then there are of them people!"

Linda Thompson

Anonymous ID: 2c4f09 2020-04-29 21:47:29Z No. 8965135


I've been around about 2 years, I think. Suspect some of the folks originally here are in intelligence roles now. Pretty sure many lurk. I think you are full of "DS". (" typo" intentional in case you wondered)

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:47:32Z No. 8965136


glad I voted Hawley. ready for Warp Speed whenever Q team is!

Anonymous ID: 6438af 2020-04-29 21:47:36Z No. 8965137


>he doesnt look as mean as Durham

Looks can be deceiving

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 21:47:50Z No. 8965138


Or headers for articles, digs, etc.

Now you can use it instead ofboldthough, kek.


I think it is a response to the chatlog comms from 2017.

Anonymous ID: 96b3aa 2020-04-29 21:47:53Z No. 8965139



Anonymous ID: d15f44 2020-04-29 21:47:58Z No. 8965140


Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

Thank you PrayerfulAnon!

Anonymous ID: f40b8a 2020-04-29 21:47:58Z No. 8965141


He's undercover now and wearing a mask…

Anonymous ID: d962c4 2020-04-29 21:48:03Z No. 8965142


Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:48:08Z No. 8965143



>>8964849 planefaggin


>>8964830 Guaranteed Rate to Pay $15 Million to Resolve Allegations It Knowingly Caused False Claims to Government Mortgage Loan Programs

>>8964812 MEDIA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on Hydroxychloroquine

>>8964811 Joseph Flynn/EM twats Fear is the mind killer

>>8964770 AG Barr will be participating in the nationwide #AskTheAG Q&A session on May 1 at 12pm ET Send us your Qs to #AskAGBarr

>>8964760 How Q #4008 on irregular warfare applies to 8kun /qresearch/


Anonymous ID: 730c05 2020-04-29 21:48:10Z No. 8965144


Or maybe Q would just like to retain his Q clearance and not illegally divulge NatSec information…

New-shills, I tell ya…

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:48:11Z No. 8965145


Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:48:24Z No. 8965146



Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 21:48:31Z No. 8965147



and now, Fauci, without any clinical peer-reviewed testing, is pushing remdesival as the cure, and the fakenews media who worship him like a god are running with it as the cure.

But, remember how reckless they told us for touting CHQ?

Anonymous ID: de818a 2020-04-29 21:48:48Z No. 8965148


Thanks, anon

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 21:48:49Z No. 8965149


Amen. Lord guide and protect us. Fill us with your wisdom. Amen

Anonymous ID: c4e3ae 2020-04-29 21:48:51Z No. 8965150


Baker, Notable

Judge Jeanine Says [[[Hillary Clinton]]] Is ‘A Standard Bearer, The Magnet, The Enabler Of Sexual Predators’

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:49:03Z No. 8965151


strange nom, anon.

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:49:05Z No. 8965152


All "evidence" of Hanx and his handler having covid is manufactured evidence.

By people working for Bill Gates, and Bill Gateskeeper.

Anonymous ID: 94efe2 2020-04-29 21:49:06Z No. 8965153

Part 1 of 2:

>>8963894 lb




>Knowledge is power.



Patent Application Search Terms: “coronavirus AND quinine AND zinc AND virus AND malaria AND hydroxycholoqine”.

You can download the pdf at

20040138187 Therapeutic treatment methods


Paragraph [0420] to [0421]- Exemplary viral infections that the F1Cs can be used to treat, prevent or ameliorate include infections by one or more DNA or RNA viruses, or a symptom(s) associated with such infection(s), such as a… Coronaviruses…

Paragraph [0438]- For subjects who have a viral or parasite infection and are in the course of a F1C treatment, other treatments can also be administered to the subject, e.g.,…quinine, berberine, and/or primaquine for subjects having or subject to developing a malaria infection.

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:49:20Z No. 8965154


Sauce or GTFO.

Anonymous ID: b71d31 2020-04-29 21:49:24Z No. 8965155



Once you know 'their' game, it's game over, Anon.

Must be the 'hive' mindset.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:49:27Z No. 8965156


>I think it is a response to the chatlog comms from 2017.

gamer content = high likelyhood of new eyes on


Anonymous ID: 5431bc 2020-04-29 21:49:27Z No. 8965157


Anonymous ID: f40b8a 2020-04-29 21:49:44Z No. 8965158



do-over; wrong twatter link

Anonymous ID: f3aa87 2020-04-29 21:49:45Z No. 8965159

Impressive, anons.

Anonymous ID: 3f63d9 2020-04-29 21:49:48Z No. 8965160


>New-shills, I tell ya…

Also why Q has to repeat information every now and again.

Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:49:53Z No. 8965161



im a bad anon…sry i got zilch.

Anonymous ID: 871b50 2020-04-29 21:49:54Z No. 8965162

What Animal Preys on Owls?

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:49:59Z No. 8965163

see, this is what i mean

why are the derp state minions suddenly pushing their panic ufo news?

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:50:07Z No. 8965164



Anonymous ID: 2e91e6 2020-04-29 21:50:08Z No. 8965165


Anonymous ID: 2efd7a 2020-04-29 21:50:12Z No. 8965166


Right. Until he went hanging out with media matters pundi Kaplan and Mike Rotschild on twatter

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:50:13Z No. 8965167


Correct. The newfags that use it for chatting make me think they're part of the Austin Stienbart fake Q clan

Anonymous ID: cf58bd 2020-04-29 21:50:14Z No. 8965168


Israel and Rothschilds

No amount of Jewish bullshit can hide it.

Billions of Goyim WW are being awakened each and every single day.

They KNOW.

The Tsunami of RAGE against the Jewish Cabal WILL SHOCK JEWS!!!

Sayanim and Israeli JIDF Jew Shills and your pathetic little Jew spam is about as effective as trying to stop a Hurricane by throwing a tissue at it. Fools.

Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 21:50:14Z No. 8965169


Part of the plan, to weaken your resolve. Promises made, promises broken. Hurry up and wait for nothing. Day after day after day after day… Oh, but do keep sending us your taxes. our job security is #1!

Anonymous ID: 59dbd5 2020-04-29 21:50:20Z No. 8965170

Knowledge is power?

Then wait till Americans learn they're not citizens of the good old US of A, rather nothing more than chattel being bought, sold and traded within the 'city-state' districts which comprise the United States Corporation.

Anonymous ID: 71cd7b 2020-04-29 21:50:23Z No. 8965171


IP Traced. Location noted. We're coming to take all your supplies to redistribute to minority communities suffering from COVID 19. You will be expected to hand over all your weapons and ammunition as well. Comply, or face the consequences.

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:50:37Z No. 8965172


They were always going to Torpedo Joe.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:50:46Z No. 8965173


ty..he switched off by Ft. Benning on inbound

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:50:49Z No. 8965174


>>8964818 WaPo: Biden himself should address the Tara Reade allegations AND release relevant records


not in

>I'll nominate it asNOTABLE

Anonymous ID: 3e14b0 2020-04-29 21:50:51Z No. 8965175

Anonymous ID: ea5de6 2020-04-29 21:50:52Z No. 8965176


Dope! Fuk'n saved!

Anonymous ID: d8bf6a 2020-04-29 21:51:00Z No. 8965177



Anonymous ID: 94efe2 2020-04-29 21:51:06Z No. 8965178


Part 2 of 2:

20050245502 Treatments for viral infections

Phoenix Biosciences

Paragraph [0034]- It has been surprisingly demonstrated that compositions comprising anticonvulsants, such as phenytoin, with calcium channel blockers (or metabolites thereof), quinoline, quinoline-quinone or intermediates or derivatives such as chloroquine in combination with multivitamins, can be therapeutically effective in treating viral infection. In preferred embodiments, the invention further comprises the addition of quercetin or one of its active components. The present invention also provides methods of decreasing viral activity and methods of increasing glutathione levels using the inventive compositions when administered to a subject in need thereof.

Paragraph [0035]- The compositions and methods of the present invention can advantageously be used to inhibit viral diseases, such as, but not limited to HIV, herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1), herpes simples virus 2 (HSV2), varicella zoster virus (herpes zoster), variola virus, hepatitis virus A, B, and C, cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr, papilloma virus, viral influenza, viral parainfluenza, adenovirus, viral encephalitis, viral menigitis, arbovirus, arenavirus, picomavirus, coronavirus, and syncytial viruses, among many other viral species. The compositions and methods of the present invention can also be used to inhibit bacterial diseases, such as, but not limited to cellulitis, infections arising from Staphylococci, Streptococci, Mycobacteria, bacterial encephalitis, bacterial meningitis, and anaerobic Bacilli. In some circumstances, the compositions and methods can be used against fungal diseases, such as candidiasis and onychomycosis.

Paragraphs [0044] to [0045]- Multivitamins, including zinc.

Paragraph [0048]- Mentions hydroxychloroquine.

Paragraph [0049]- Mentions chloroquine.

Paragraphs [0057] to [0060] Mentions quinine. Just type in the Patent Publication Numbers 20040138187 and 20050245502 to download the pdfs.

Anonymous ID: bbdbb3 2020-04-29 21:51:08Z No. 8965179


Anonymous ID: 782af4 2020-04-29 21:51:22Z No. 8965180


who's in that picture?

Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 21:51:22Z No. 8965181



Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:51:25Z No. 8965182

Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

The virus is real.

The response is hyped. And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed.

In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have done nothing but push ‘worst case’ scenarios based on nothing but what they can make up, and have no business running a national economy or government.

These are the facts: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others, mostly those with comorbidities, — and does nothing to the vast majority.

Thats it.

That, in a nutshell, is it.

Or, in the words of Dan Erickson and Artin Massih, doctors and co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California: Let’s get the country reopened — and now.

“Do we need to still shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically no. Do we need businesses to be shut down? Emphatically no. … [T]he data is showing it’s time to lift,” Erickson said, in a recent interview.

He’s right. They’re right.

The data to keep America closed and Americans closed in simply doesn’t exist.

If truth be told, it’s questionable it ever did.

The scientists leading the coronavirus shutdown charge predicted in March that in America, between 100,000 and 250,000 would die. They based those estimates on computer modeling.

But at the same time they were basing those estimates on computer modeling, they were acknowledging that computer modeling is inaccurate and errs on the side of hype.

“I’ve never seen a model of the diseases I’ve dealt with where the worst-case actually came out,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of President Donald Trump’s White House coronavirus task force, during a CNN interview in March. “They always overshoot.”

Catch that? Fauci’s message: Computer models are flawed and inaccurate and always overestimate the problem.

But from these faulty overinflated computer figures came all the constitutionally questionable actions by government anyway — from ordering businesses closed to quarantining-slash-house arresting American citizens to doing some quick and pitiful and economically painful income redistribution schemes via stimulus funds’ legislation.

Since, about 56,000 have died in America due to coronavirus — or have they? Again, the facts are flimsy.

Anonymous ID: 254a89 2020-04-29 21:51:58Z No. 8965183


Obama styled Renegade implies he was the leader of the insurgency. But perhaps he more accurately saw himself as the diciple of the "true Emperor" and anticipated fighting an insurgency of American patriots again the coming NWO.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:52:02Z No. 8965184


not sure.

it's something of a distraction, but they're decades too late with that shit.

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 21:52:12Z No. 8965185


Wiseanon, fellow big picture thinker. Thank you.

Anonymous ID: fb466a 2020-04-29 21:52:16Z No. 8965186


You are defending a perv.

Anonymous ID: de6c99 2020-04-29 21:52:16Z No. 8965187


Top Notch.

Anonymous ID: 94efe2 2020-04-29 21:52:20Z No. 8965188



I am sure they just misplaced them.

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:52:26Z No. 8965189




Anonymous ID: 5b0dcc 2020-04-29 21:52:36Z No. 8965190

Genuinely not seeing anything about the q posts n their links to online games chats after anon figured it out

What are you faggots up to

Take your dicks out each other’s mouths for 2 seconds n get you shit together

Fuck what happened to this shithole

Anonymous ID: d23b5a 2020-04-29 21:52:47Z No. 8965191




Anonymous ID: d579d4 2020-04-29 21:52:48Z No. 8965192


"Since the United States presently faces no credible internal insurgency, all U.S.

COIN campaigns are likely to be external interventions in support of a foreign

government (or in failed/collapsed states)."

Anonymous ID: 1be1c4 2020-04-29 21:52:51Z No. 8965193


Read this

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 21:52:53Z No. 8965194




Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:53:09Z No. 8965195



Anonymous ID: de818a 2020-04-29 21:53:17Z No. 8965196


>https://bit. ly/cqhcqresearch


Anonymous ID: b71d31 2020-04-29 21:53:17Z No. 8965197



Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:53:20Z No. 8965198

Newly Discovered Handwritten Notes Show FBI Discussed Framing General Flynn for Pure Political Reasons

Newly discovered handwritten notes reveal Obama’s FBI discussed framing General Michael Flynn — for purely political purposes!

It took over three years for the corrupt these handwritten notes to see the light of day!

Investigative reporter John Solomon, founder of JustTheNews, joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss these revelations.

Lou Dobbs: Let’s start withe the revelations by the attorney for General Flynn and the fact that again there is just more evidence, here we are almost four years into this sorry, sordid attempt to overthrow a president and we’re still finding thousands of pages of documents.

John Solomon: I think we’re going to learn tonight or early tomorrow morning, we will see the release of some new handwritten notes that the FBI failed to turn over to General Flynn and his team in almost a three year source in this legal battle. Those notes are going to show that the FBI was engaged in a conversation in how they could trick General Flynn into lying. Rather resolve the issues that the investigation was designed to, there are references in these notes, according to my sources, to quote “play games” Do we want to resolve this or do we want to catch him in a lie.” If those are in the notes as my sources describe them, it will put the FBI’s work on the Flynn case in the darkest possible light. You’ll actually have FBI proof that the FBI wasn’t trying to investigate facts neutrally, it was trying to quote “play a game.”

Lou Dobbs: Not play a game, they were trying to frome a general, General Flynn, and the president’s National Security Advisor for pure political reason.

In a sane world these FBI criminals would see time in jail.

Anonymous ID: 3e14b0 2020-04-29 21:53:32Z No. 8965199


It's Cheer Camp now!

Anonymous ID: effcfa 2020-04-29 21:53:36Z No. 8965200


>>8965116 Source of Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers document from Q post #4009

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:53:43Z No. 8965201


Anonymous ID: cf58bd 2020-04-29 21:53:44Z No. 8965202




Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:53:56Z No. 8965203




Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:53:58Z No. 8965204


KEK! &

Bwa Hah Ha ha…!

Anonymous ID: a58360 2020-04-29 21:53:59Z No. 8965205


Anonymous ID: f40b8a 2020-04-29 21:54:11Z No. 8965206

Arthur Schwartz


It’s happening.

Flag of United States

Flag of United States

Flag of United States

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 21:54:19Z No. 8965207


>Newly Discovered Handwritten Notes Show FBI Discussed Framing General Flynn for Pure Political Reasons


Anonymous ID: 1b9d2d 2020-04-29 21:54:21Z No. 8965208

well, at least white men aren't killing themselves anymore

the nationwide campaign to stop it was amazing wasn't it?

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:54:22Z No. 8965209


Anonymous ID: c4e3ae 2020-04-29 21:54:22Z No. 8965210


Baker, Notable

>Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

Anonymous ID: 2fdebe 2020-04-29 21:54:24Z No. 8965211

I know, right?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:54:33Z No. 8965212





Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:54:37Z No. 8965213

its not the first time a shill has gotten trips here. dont let that be the reason you take the bait from "patchanon" - i did it a few days ago and feel terrible for being such a retard in front of the abosulte brightest and best in the world here. be best anons.

>pic related - me a few days ago as the kid.

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 21:54:40Z No. 8965214



Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:54:41Z No. 8965215


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb

Marriage Permanence

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always

Anonymous ID: 0e4d8d 2020-04-29 21:54:42Z No. 8965216


Monarch 2 Phoenix Program

Cyclotronic resonance refers to the ability to resonate or "spin" small particles within a given resonance frequency.  Military doctrine for nonlethal weapons in this area is as follows.  

Initially enemy armies or populations can be exposed to (sprayed with) a very small amount of chemical or biological agent.

 The quantity of chemical or biological agent used may be so small as to be virtually undetectable.

Following exposure the enemy population may be targeted with microwave or radio frequency radiation in the exact resonance frequency of the chemical or biological agent used. 

The toxic agent will begin to resonate or spin and will react with much greater speed or activity within the bodies of the target population, similar to the behavior of enzymes that make life possible.  This greater reactivity may be millions of times greater than normal and would behave as if the person had been given a massive dose of chemical or biological agent … enough in fact to cause death.  

Cyclotronic resonance of chemical and biological agents allows entire armies or populations to be destroyed with only minute amounts of the agent in their bodies if they were attacked with "nonlethal" microwave weapons afterwards. 

It will be impossible to develop and deploy such a weapon without first testing it on human beings.  These tests are actually being done on American citizens in their own homes.

In Sacramento, California citizens are being targeted in such a manner.  Their house is bombarded with microwave energy and they are being purposefully exposed to a chemical or biological agent in order to perfect this weapons technology.  This is just one aspect of the nonlethal weapons testing that is done on several thousand people across the country.–Iq4FPyGU @ 5:50

Anonymous ID: 997ed4 2020-04-29 21:54:47Z No. 8965217


I had it backwards.

Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 21:54:51Z No. 8965218


Fellow Texan, meet ya out there for one or one after another! Abbot Rox!

Anonymous ID: 1f5eed 2020-04-29 21:54:51Z No. 8965219

why does everyone have to be such a FUCKNG DILDO?

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:55:00Z No. 8965220


CNN hates Fouci.

Tells us everything we need to know about who signs your paycheque ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:55:05Z No. 8965221


What happened to MUH NOTHING HAS HAPPENED? Relax anon, Nothing you say is happening.


Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 21:55:07Z No. 8965223



>Open hints not yet solved?


RAND. And Famil[Y]




>Max Headroom (solved?)

On the Write Path. Right.

>Paul Revere's ride

More than you know.


Not my Clue. But, Related..

>Who owns GEORGE ← Nourry in FR?


You have friends in HIGH places!

>HUM[A] ODD ← something to do with humming?

more than Q know.

See Q[l]ues for more answers

Anonymous ID: b71d31 2020-04-29 21:55:08Z No. 8965222


>Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

Agree, but why is POTUS saying if we hadn't locked down we'd have million dead??

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:55:20Z No. 8965224





Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:55:25Z No. 8965225


Anonymous ID: 66b281 2020-04-29 21:55:29Z No. 8965226

Be Ready

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:55:29Z No. 8965227


If Fauci's pushing remdesivir–which it looks like he is (see below)–that's good news. Only because he's forced to do so by the success of HCQ. Otherwise, what are the chances he'd be touting a treatment instead of a vaccine?

Fauci expresses optimism about 'significant, positive' data from a trial of the possible Covid-19 treatment remdesivir

Updated 3:38 PM ET, Wed April 29, 2020

Anonymous ID: d32672 2020-04-29 21:55:38Z No. 8965228

Anonymous ID: c88ee6 2020-04-29 21:55:39Z No. 8965229


Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:55:40Z No. 8965230


Anyone we know?

Anonymous ID: a8150a 2020-04-29 21:55:40Z No. 8965231


The link provided in this letter from the Arizona State Chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is:

https://bit. ly/cqhcqresearch

and it points to the same doc that Q linked to today (the summary of HCQ studies from Jan-April 2020).

Possibly, this is the group that authored the document. The authorship was not clear from Q's post.

Might also have something to do with why POTUS is planning to travel to Arizona.

Anonymous ID: 64a0db 2020-04-29 21:55:42Z No. 8965232


Any government that doesn't protect the rights of the people, is an illegitimate government. This government has allowed treason to go unpunished. Not only treason, human trafficking of thousands of Americans children and women. This government should have been overthrown years ago. Instead we get hope porn and open sourced intel telling everyone to sit on their asses doing nothing. It's a fucking joke.

Anonymous ID: 94efe2 2020-04-29 21:55:50Z No. 8965234


Interesting post. I just wanted to makes sure you saw these two patent publications. They are from 2004 and 2005.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:55:51Z No. 8965235


seconded, notable AF

Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 21:55:56Z No. 8965236


It's not this board hidden from normies where no one knows

what is going on except for those on here

THANK the Brave YTubers who put their faces forward in these times of danger

They bring the info to the people …

Praise those brave Anons on the front lines bringing information to the masses ..

This board does very little for Americans except having a place for Q to drop ….



Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:56:00Z No. 8965237


because anons are changing the world..some people do not want that. they are here - hellbent on destroying our resolve and energy. sad!

Anonymous ID: 2feb81 2020-04-29 21:56:02Z No. 8965238


Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 21:56:04Z No. 8965239

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 21:56:05Z No. 8965240


Wow! Put this same file up 3 times previously & would U believe U guys are the first that anyone has answered the Q…

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 21:56:11Z No. 8965241


Anonymous ID: 9e8f26 2020-04-29 21:56:28Z No. 8965242


Anonymous ID: 5d0d47 2020-04-29 21:56:31Z No. 8965243



Anonymous ID: d01976 2020-04-29 21:56:40Z No. 8965244


Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 21:56:42Z No. 8965245



Anonymous ID: b79310 2020-04-29 21:56:48Z No. 8965246


kermit officially on a list now

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 21:57:01Z No. 8965247


Did you see the rippling of the water? He was bowing…

Anonymous ID: 308825 2020-04-29 21:57:02Z No. 8965248


Posted this a couple of breads ago, didn't get much traction since many hanging on to the primary spygate players versus hidden traitors.

My theory is Dooku is Reince Priebus,

This is based upon my view of him being like Dooku who as a character is part of the inner jedi council.

Priebus likes games and the "purloined letter" techniques of hiding things in clear view.

He was chief of staff, had access to the white house, ability to direct a memo be written, time frame of May 2017 puts him in hot seat while Potus weeds out the traitors.

He is an archon in Greek Orthodox church, meaning of archon is ruler. Self image is he considers himself to be of nobility and his self made name Reinhold Richard "Reince" Priebus,

is a very clever play on the anagram Prince Erebus.

Literally thinking of himself as the Prince of Darkness.

In Greek mythology, Erebus /ˈɛrɪbəs/, also Erebos (Ancient Greek: Ἔρεβος, Érebos, "deep darkness, shadow or covered), was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness; for instance, Hesiod's Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos.

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 21:57:05Z No. 8965249




Anonymous ID: efc304 2020-04-29 21:57:19Z No. 8965250



Upgraded to a JCOM. Thank you, Anon.

Anonymous ID: c1b1bf 2020-04-29 21:57:19Z No. 8965251

The A-10 Thunderbolt II is the first Air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces. They can be used against all ground targets, including tanks & other armored vehicles.

Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 21:57:23Z No. 8965252

It's not this board hidden from normies where no one knows

what is going on except for those on here

THANK the Brave YTubers who put their faces forward in these times of danger

They bring the info to the people …

Praise those brave Anons on the front lines bringing information to the masses ..

This board does very little for Americans except having a place for Q to drop ….



Those you call PAYTRIOTS are the real heros ….

Anonymous ID: 871b50 2020-04-29 21:57:29Z No. 8965253


Didn't Sidney Powell say new unclassified info would be coming by the end of today at the latest?

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 21:57:37Z No. 8965254


>decades too late with that shit.

this is not about the news itself

i believe this is some secret code language for all derp state cells around the Globus. When ever these kind of schizo panic news go viral, the next day shit hit the fan, a school shooting or some other retarded shit.

look at the timing

Q drop

exposing their secret chat

next day

ufo news all over the place.

derp state is moving, i am very sure about that.

Anonymous ID: 997ed4 2020-04-29 21:57:52Z No. 8965255


Texas have a beer on commie day for me, one of those big joints with ladies in shorts, looks like I should to Texas.

Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 21:58:00Z No. 8965256

FEMA Orders 100,000 New Body Bags as US COVID-19 Death Toll Exceeds 60,000

The US federal government has ordered 100,000 new body bogs amid the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare for the “worst-case” scenario.

The large purchase of “human remains pouches” comes as more than 60,000 Americans have died due to the deadly virus, according to the latest data by Johns Hopkins University. The order for the body bags, for a price of $5.1 million, was made on April 21 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

A small California supplier is expected to deliver the bags by May 4.

“In order to meet the worst-case demand models, FEMA initiated a broad range of acquisition contracts to augment available stocks and produce more human-remains pouches for future requirements should they be needed,” a FEMA spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday.

In a separate request unrelated to this order, the US Defense Department said FEMA asked it to provide 100,000 body bags for civilian use, Bloomberg reported earlier this month.

FEMA took control over the pandemic response from the US Department of Health and Human Services in mid-March and is in charge of signing contracts for items like personal protective equipment, COVID-19 testing kits and diapers for food banks, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing contracting data.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday acknowledged that more Americans would die because of COVID-19 than he had previously predicted. Trump’s previous estimate of 50,000 to 60,000 fatalities was based on a model developed by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

The administration currently predicts that the death toll across the US could be between 60,000 and 70,000. With the nationwide toll surpassing 60,000 already, the final number may be closer to 70,000, if not more.

"So, yeah, we've lost a lot of people. But if you look at what original projections were, 2.2 million, we are probably heading to 60,000 to 70,000,” Trump said during a Monday Coronavirus Task Force briefing in the White House’s Rose Garden.

Despite the increase in nationwide deaths, some states, including Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska, South Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi, Minnesota, Montana and Tennessee have started reopening their economies.

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 21:58:07Z No. 8965257

Thank You | [Chin]Ba.alk[ill]er


Marriage is: one CHINA, one BAKER (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Marriage is: one CHINA, one BAKER (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Marriage is: one CHINA, one BAKER (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).


Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 21:58:24Z No. 8965258



Anonymous ID: efc304 2020-04-29 21:58:24Z No. 8965259


And here's the medal…late as usual. Fuckin' HQ Co.

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 21:58:30Z No. 8965260



nice copypasta

show us on the doll where the chans touched you

Anonymous ID: d8bf6a 2020-04-29 21:58:31Z No. 8965261


Yes. Eyes on her twitter

Anonymous ID: 620d9a 2020-04-29 21:58:33Z No. 8965262

Leigh Sales is one of the most high-profile personalities working on-air for ABC Australia.

I have never tried to reach her by twitter before. But sending her one tweet with a link to the hydroxychloroquine study that Q posted today resulted in her instantly blocking me.

Does that sound like what a real journalist does? Does that sound like a journalist interested in getting to the bottom of a good story?

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:58:39Z No. 8965263



Anonymous ID: d23b5a 2020-04-29 21:58:45Z No. 8965264


gettin some tex mex and 1 big beer after another.

tetllin the waitress if she sees me half empty BRING ANOTHER!

Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 21:59:21Z No. 8965266


Anonymous ID: b50559 2020-04-29 21:59:28Z No. 8965267

Twatter is doing their best to surpress the document that Q linked us. Have tried to twat it a couple of times now, and even when including trending hashtags, the visibility and engagement rate is practically zero.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 21:59:33Z No. 8965268


> some secret code language for all derp state cells around the Globus

that makes more sense, yes

Anonymous ID: d68958 2020-04-29 21:59:34Z No. 8965269


That appears to be numbers the 'invisible enemy ' wanted dead.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 21:59:39Z No. 8965270


needs anons noms

ask em

Anonymous ID: c1b1bf 2020-04-29 21:59:45Z No. 8965271

JUST IN: Trump plans to resume travel next week, hopes rallies will follow in "not too distant future"

President Trump on Wednesday said he plans to resume traveling next week with a trip to Arizona after spending the past month largely cloistered in the White House due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think I’m going to Arizona next week, and we look forward to that," he told reporters during a roundtable with business leaders.

"And I'm going to, I hope, Ohio very soon," he continued. "And we’re going to start to move around, and hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll have some massive rallies and people will be sitting next to each other."


The president's travel has been limited in April as the coronavirus grips the U.S. Trump traveled to Virginia in late March to bid farewell to a Naval hospital ship that was headed to New York but has otherwise been homebound.

He has claimed at recent press briefings that he's been cooped up in the White House for "months," though Trump held a campaign rally on March 2 and spent the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida over the weekend of March 6.

Trump has been eager to get back on the road even as the number of cases in the U.S. tops 1 million, and the White House has in recent days looked at ways to accommodate that. Vice President Pence has resumed traveling in the past week, visiting a manufacturing site in Wisconsin and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

The president's expected trips to Arizona and Ohio would double as a photo op beneficial to his reelection prospects. Arizona in particular is a key swing state heading into November, with Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) also facing a difficult reelection bid there.

The logistics surrounding Trump's trip next week are likely to be different from his usual travels, where he is typically greeted by throngs of supporters and joined by numerous aides and lawmakers.


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) is expected to decide this week on how and when to lift restrictions intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus that limit the number of people who can gather in a particular place or which businesses can open.

Trump on Wednesday was hopeful that he would be able to resume holding his campaign rallies in packed arenas before the general election, but he acknowledged it will depend on how quickly individual states lift their restrictions.

"I hope that we’re going to be able to do some good old fashioned 25,000 person rallies where everyone's going wild because they love our country," he said.

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 21:59:56Z No. 8965272


i was wondering about authorship too.

doesn't matter, in that the studies are published.

but it's strange that it's unauthored.

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 22:00:10Z No. 8965273

I didn't agree with much of Bill O'Reilly said on Hannity today but I did agree with this Statement - Bill said that Americans will put up with about 2 more weeks of this (May 15). After that they just wont obey. POTUS and the Governors have a decision - They can figure out a way to get all 50 States open by May 15th or mass civil disobedience will begin.

May 15th - No mo' masks. No mo' sozial distancing. No more lockdown. No more living the lies of the Plantation owners.

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:00:10Z No. 8965274


Anonymous ID: 166102 2020-04-29 22:00:17Z No. 8965275

> Star Wars Commander comms

> "The World According to Star Wars" by Cass Sunstein

> Cass Sunstein's wife is Samantha Power

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 22:00:30Z No. 8965276



Then hold onto them you fucking idiot.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 22:00:30Z No. 8965277


sharing what, original link, or repost?

Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 22:00:35Z No. 8965278


Anonymous ID: 996504 2020-04-29 22:00:36Z No. 8965279


Thanks for such an amazingly comprehensive answer, anon. Godspeed.

Anonymous ID: 1c1183 2020-04-29 22:00:37Z No. 8965280

Let's get it on, Q! We're ready when you are. Bring them the pain. :)

Anonymous ID: 9e8f26 2020-04-29 22:00:40Z No. 8965281

Bill Gates and Fauci Exposed

great video linking fauci and gates

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 22:00:42Z No. 8965282


>trusts CNN


CNN narrative pickle narrative here.

Hate Brix.

Hate Fauci.

Hate vaccine.

[Made in China]

Anonymous ID: 7050ce 2020-04-29 22:00:44Z No. 8965283

Anonymous ID: 2efd7a 2020-04-29 22:00:54Z No. 8965284


Where is the sauce. Besides a vid with assumptions and no sauce?

Anonymous ID: 49ca91 2020-04-29 22:00:55Z No. 8965285


2 words - 'present' and 'credible'

this thing was put together by who excatly?

if it was dropped off nice and polished, then it was done likely a year previous.

anything like Trump or Q wasn't even on the horizon; maybe this was seminal to the inception of the plan?

Anonymous ID: d01976 2020-04-29 22:01:02Z No. 8965286


Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 22:01:07Z No. 8965287



How would you like to come online, Show your face to the public and give your info to the masses …

I bet you would never cause you like to be Anonymous so your precious body doesn't get hurt

Your a poor soldier ..

Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 22:01:09Z No. 8965288


You still mad Corsi?

You sad little clown

Eat a bag of dicks

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 22:01:11Z No. 8965289


Why are you here? It doesn't make any sense why you would even be here, think logically

Anonymous ID: 40e620 2020-04-29 22:01:18Z No. 8965290


It will rook rike this:

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 22:01:23Z No. 8965291


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb

Marriage Permanence

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:01:26Z No. 8965292


>And we’re going to start to move around

Good news.

POTUS travelling will help states to open up.

Those of us in blue states would LOVE to see him pay us a visit.

Anonymous ID: 27b719 2020-04-29 22:01:28Z No. 8965293



moar tex mex like muh daddy always said

– welll never knew muh daddy so

fucking eh – paso DRINKIN FOR FREEDOM too!

Anonymous ID: 14fec7 2020-04-29 22:01:34Z No. 8965294



Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 22:01:38Z No. 8965295

Anonymous ID: 80c493 2020-04-29 22:01:40Z No. 8965296

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission, to maintain the illusion of democracy. MSM failed for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposing them.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy Mockingbird media acted wittingly, over decades, to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.


Anonymous ID: da1b9b 2020-04-29 22:01:42Z No. 8965297


This is like a Hannity episode. Big news ahead but we won't tell you what it actually says!

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:01:45Z No. 8965298


AIDS appears to be what the human body does when it finally is exhausted trying to fight off a foreign invader 24/7 for as long as it can.

People don't die from AIDS.

They die from pneumonia, a cold, an infection, etc.

Because their immune system is completely shut down, by inviting death into their own body.

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 22:01:54Z No. 8965299



>Always love when anon original content makes it into notables also

I agree, it's good to see and hopefully more will try their hand. We're here to analyze and think, not just post others' info. I appreciate seeing well thought-out posts like this (effortpoasting) and really want to encourage that, so bringing attention will hopefully prompt more.


Always happy to work with Bakers/note-takers, and support you all. Some bakers don't require a 2nd nomination and honestly (no offense) I do not pay attention to 'who' is baking or names/monikers/avatars. A baker is baking and so I support in whatever way helps.


That's right, 10% is considered 'tipping point' and that doesn't take that many. Plus we are fighting for the most noble cause of all : FREEDOM. And not just freedom in America, but the entire planet. It is honestly a beautiful thing to see Patriots worldwide supporting Q, because Q is supporting them, too. Even the guy in Jeddah, SA!




Wow, ty, anon.


Anonymous ID: 94efe2 2020-04-29 22:02:04Z No. 8965300


Damned the Torpedos!

Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 22:02:08Z No. 8965301


Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 22:02:08Z No. 8965302


Anonymous ID: 1b9d2d 2020-04-29 22:02:09Z No. 8965303


WW1 & 2 lead the way there

hoaxers going to false flag going to lead

into wars

Four Winds, Lusitania, Sarajevo, (((Poland))).

Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 22:02:21Z No. 8965304

>>8965222 chek't


Anonymous ID: 4dee2d 2020-04-29 22:02:34Z No. 8965305


Did that last night

God Bless Kemp

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 22:02:40Z No. 8965306


Anon knows. Kek

Anonymous ID: 782af4 2020-04-29 22:02:53Z No. 8965307


post a link

let's have multiple anons bombard her

Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 22:02:57Z No. 8965308



Anonymous ID: ca4e9d 2020-04-29 22:03:01Z No. 8965309


Anonymous ID: c56b3c 2020-04-29 22:03:02Z No. 8965310


me neither

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 22:03:14Z No. 8965311


Drones? Kek

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 22:03:23Z No. 8965312


i notic three different forms of news

the yellowstone news

the ufo leak news, or new ufo video going viral

Asteroid or meteor threat

i am sure each one of them stand for something, for example

the day before everything was shut down, you know the day befor pandemi went world wide , they shilled big time a yellowstone eruption.

So, when something big is about to happen, or get green light, you see days befor a yellowstone panic news going wild

asteroid or meteor news i notic often days before a school shooting

i'm not sure about the ufo thing, maybe a warning when shit hit the fan to keep heads down?

Anonymous ID: f3ddfb 2020-04-29 22:03:24Z No. 8965313


run along now

Anonymous ID: c88ee6 2020-04-29 22:03:34Z No. 8965314

Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 22:03:38Z No. 8965315

New York City Giving Out 500,000 FREE Halal Meals To Muslims For Ramadan

As New York mayor Bill De Blasio is threatening to arrest Jews who gather for funerals, the city announced it will be providing “free” halal meals to the city’s muslims for the month of Ramadan. 500,000 meals to be exact. They will be distributed through 32 of the city run “grab and go” sites and soup kitchens.

CNN reports:

To help families celebrate, especially those who’ve lost income due to shutdowns, New York City has announced plans to serve more than 500,000 halal meals to Muslims during Ramadan.

A halal meal is one that is prepared in accordance with Islamic law.

“One of Ramadan’s most noble callings is to feed the hungry,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a press conference on Thursday. “It’s a crucial part of how the holiday is celebrated, to remember to be there for those in need, and that is now harder than ever.”

As part of ongoing efforts to support New Yorkers during the pandemic, the city will increase the supply and distribution of halal meals at 32 Grab and Go sites across all five boroughs where there are large Muslim populations. More than 400,000 halal meals will be available at 435 school sites where all New Yorkers can go for food.

Another 100,000 halal meals will be distributed through soup kitchens, food pantries and community organizations.

Unfortunately this is not just another fake news report from CNN, as the city’s own website

The New York City Department of Education is committed to making free meals available daily for any New Yorker. Any New Yorker who wants one can get free meals at more than 400 Meal Hubs across the city.

During Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, which begins Thursday, April 23 the DOE will significantly increase the supply and distribution of Halal meals at 32 DOE Grab & Go sites across all five boroughs with large Muslim populations. In addition to the 32 receiving this increase, all 400+ sites will continue to have halal meals available.

I must have missed the part where De Blasio gave out free meals during Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, and Easter. Or maybe he never did.

De Blasio is also allowing mosques to stay open, while forcing churches and synagogues to close.

This is an Albert Pike Wet dream being "FOMENTED'

Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:03:38Z No. 8965316


So she comes out of the cold to start tweeting, right before the General is exonerated.


Anonymous ID: c4e3ae 2020-04-29 22:03:40Z No. 8965317



Anonymous ID: 997ed4 2020-04-29 22:03:42Z No. 8965318


She knows

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 22:03:43Z No. 8965319


the point I was trying to make is that Fake news is pushing and celebrating this 'hopeful but unproven' and 'nowhere in the world approved' drug when they told us it was malpractice and woud be negligent on their part to push HCQ which they said was unproven and unapproved.

just shows their double standard…one for Fauci and one for Trump

Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 22:03:43Z No. 8965320


Well, not really because Sidney will deliver. Right now she is at the mercy of the redactors, but as soon as she is able, she will BLAST that info to the world. It's very exciting, so glad for Gen. Flynn.

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 22:03:43Z No. 8965321


I have command over one of them. Relax, there are PATRIOTS!

Anonymous ID: 978de3 2020-04-29 22:03:44Z No. 8965322


It will be glorious.

Anonymous ID: c1b1bf 2020-04-29 22:03:58Z No. 8965323


Exactly what I was thinking.

Anonymous ID: 051be9 2020-04-29 22:03:58Z No. 8965324

Could "Out of the Shadows" be timed to hide the probably more revealing "Pedogate 2020"?

Anonymous ID: d23b5a 2020-04-29 22:04:01Z No. 8965325


GA has a good one!

Anonymous ID: 86499f 2020-04-29 22:04:16Z No. 8965327


>I appreciate seeing well thought-out posts like this (effortpoasting)

Same. Any original dig, graphic, or other content from anons (if notable) should be added. The news articles too of course but the OC is what makes /qresearch/ unique.

Anonymous ID: b50559 2020-04-29 22:04:20Z No. 8965328


original link

Anonymous ID: 26acf7 2020-04-29 22:04:21Z No. 8965329


He hasn't tweeted since April 22nd.

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 22:04:41Z No. 8965330


>>Always love when anon original content makes it into notables also

>I agree, it's good to see and hopefully more will try their hand. We're here to analyze and think, not just post others' info. I appreciate seeing well thought-out posts like this (effortpoasting) and really want to encourage that, so bringing attention will hopefully prompt more.

second, 1000percent

Deja Poo JOOS news ID: 9f8271 2020-04-29 22:04:42Z No. 8965331




Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 22:04:54Z No. 8965332




>Corona will go down as one of the world's biggest, most shamefully overblown. overhyped & irrationally inflated flawed responses in world history.

Yes, I agree. We got bamboozled by scientists fudging numbers and Hospitals co-conspiring.

Anonymous ID: 353cf0 2020-04-29 22:04:56Z No. 8965333

Inslee: Stay-home order for COVID-19 to last past May 4

Gov. Jay Inslee announced Wednesday that the state's stay-home order will extend past the May 4 expiration, confirming speculation that Washington was not ready to lift the order that was imposed last month to limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus

>This trant is keeping an entire state in lock down for 760 deaths

>Not that those deaths arent tragic

>AG Barr where are you?

>This cabal criminal needs to be BTFO

Anonymous ID: 696ab8 2020-04-29 22:04:57Z No. 8965334


says the anonymous keyboard shill

Kek you guys are irony overload

Anonymous ID: 2cea36 2020-04-29 22:04:58Z No. 8965335


For the same reason that Netfuks just released "Battle: Los Angeles" (alien invasion), "The Plagues of Breslau" and every other panic and fear-porn movie they own as well as all those already in the pipe and being negotiating for future releases.

"Fear in the Mind Killer

Anonymous ID: 000b5c 2020-04-29 22:05:02Z No. 8965336


The number of targeted people (they) couldn't FF because muh quarantine.

Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 22:05:04Z No. 8965337


Great Mexican restaurant very close to my place and they have stellar Margaritas to assist my steady flow of beer. Ohhh I'm gonna gain about 7-8 lbs in one sitting. Can't wait!!

Anonymous ID: 40e620 2020-04-29 22:05:14Z No. 8965338


Rainbow popcorn good!

Anonymous ID: addffe 2020-04-29 22:05:32Z No. 8965339


I'm seeing a lot of ChiNNa articles on the board lately.

Anonymous ID: bbdbb3 2020-04-29 22:05:38Z No. 8965340


Anonymous ID: c56b3c 2020-04-29 22:05:43Z No. 8965341


Anonymous ID: 761083 2020-04-29 22:05:51Z No. 8965342

POTUS flying to AZ next week.

If Congress remains “out” or Potus adjourns, could be very exciting day

Anonymous ID: 1792c5 2020-04-29 22:06:03Z No. 8965343

>>8963389 (qpb)

> and, over time, replace the efforts of foreign partners

> and that we must have the patience to persevere in what will necessarily prove long struggles.

This is what I got 5:5

Many of us thought that Shock and Awe would be how the movie played out. Although that may have well been the plan in the beginning the fact of the matter is that this evil has had centuries to entrench. To think that it could be routed and removed in a few short years is indeed shortsighted even with high tolerances for collateral damage.

It is a siege, starve it out. With enough time and pressure even the most hefty bulwark will succumb. If you choke off the lifeblood and the leadership dies off naturally it is an effective means. Still the education system, social engineering, and the media are churning out new drones by the thousands. Those drones are still infiltrating social positions and the fight goes on. I really like what JW has tried to do by promoting good people to replace the corrupt politicians. Disarm the Deep State!

What is being done at the operational layer on that?

Seems that not recruiting and or expanding at a physical level is is great security posture but it's not sustainable long term. Definitely not in line with the long term doctrine, having an army of digital soldiers is great but if we cannot replace the corrupt pipeline it's not going to do it. Maybe that's the plan just cut the head of the snek and ensure these corrupt organizations cannot continue to pull the strings. That the mid and lower tiers will sort themselves out.

I don't know but not sure if we will see that process complete in our lifetime.

>(although security is the essential prerequisite for success)

This is worthy of high marks. We all know, it should be acknowledged.

I just keep Trump's song in the back of my head: You cant always get what…

We wanted to do something to change the world for the better, found that here.

Anonymous ID: 82d6f7 2020-04-29 22:06:06Z No. 8965344


COIN = Cointelpro

The enemy is using this playbook against us. Insurgency has been studied for decades. In recent history, Germany made great strides in insurgency knowledge. Don't forget Nazi knowledge was brought over after WWII

CIA founded: September 18, 1947?

Operation Paperclip: 1946?


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: c8f4dc No.8963389 📁

Apr 29 2020 14:22:44 (EST) NEW

Read slowly and carefully.

Knowledge is power.

September 18, 1947

Anonymous ID: 2688ba 2020-04-29 22:06:09Z No. 8965345

why is chester and linkin park trending on twitter?

Anonymous ID: aeab85 2020-04-29 22:06:18Z No. 8965346

Why the largest-ever Arctic ozone hole just closed

The weather helped close the largest-ever Arctic ozone hole.

An ozone hole over the Arctic that was the largest ever recorded there has closed, according to the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS). And its beginning and end have nothing to do with climate change, global warming or a reduction in air pollution because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has to do simply with the weather.

Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 22:06:23Z No. 8965347

Anonymous ID: 94e549 2020-04-29 22:06:31Z No. 8965348


Es gonna be muy bueno!

Anonymous ID: 4439a6 2020-04-29 22:06:35Z No. 8965349


>It's not this board hidden from normies

And yet here you are. I know you were given new manuals for shilling but you are squandering it posting all the schemes and copy-pastas in less than an hour.

You are here forever.

Anonymous ID: 871b50 2020-04-29 22:06:42Z No. 8965350


Unbelievable. The DOJ just gave her 11 more redacted pages today. Even more appalling.

Anonymous ID: c2e71c 2020-04-29 22:06:48Z No. 8965351


"…[S]ome sins are capital crimes that are "deserving of death." Deuteronomy 21:22 uses that phrase, "If a man has committed a sin deserving of death…" Paul used that phrase also in the New Testament when he said, in court and to the judge, "[I]f I am an offender, or have committed anything deserving of death, I do not object to dying" (Acts 25:11), that is, to being executed if convicted of a capital crime." What Does the Bible Say About Capital Punishment? By Bob Enyart |

Judge Rightly Is Not Some Guy's Name Bob Enyart

"Stop Me Before I Forgive Again!…" by Bob Enyart

Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 22:06:54Z No. 8965352


takes a deep breath

must resist urge to crusade

Anonymous ID: 2e91e6 2020-04-29 22:06:57Z No. 8965353


Anonymous ID: be9b06 2020-04-29 22:07:10Z No. 8965354


Director of Social Media under President Donald Trump.

who is at this time?

Anonymous ID: 59a189 2020-04-29 22:07:31Z No. 8965355


>Marriage is: one man, one woman

thou shalt not be as the hypocrites…

Anonymous ID: 14dc6d 2020-04-29 22:07:33Z No. 8965356

From page 14:

The population-centric approach shifts the focus of COIN from defeating

the insurgent organization to maintaining or recovering the support of the

population. While direct military action against the insurgent organization will

definitely be required, it is not the main effort; this approach assumes that the

center of gravity is the government’s relationship with and support among the

population. It can be summarized as “first protect and support the population,

and all else will follow.”

Anonymous ID: 2efd7a 2020-04-29 22:07:54Z No. 8965357


Dr Robert Willner Injects "HIV" into himself on TV. And makes solid arguments

Anonymous ID: 000b5c 2020-04-29 22:07:55Z No. 8965358


True that! anon

Anonymous ID: 1116eb 2020-04-29 22:08:12Z No. 8965359



Anonymous ID: c6f69e 2020-04-29 22:08:16Z No. 8965360


all well right there is an issue, just posting a googledoc link out there - that could be a block issue regardless of what's in it

try the pdf that anons reposted here, or a link to it

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:08:25Z No. 8965361


>We got bamboozled by scientists fudging numbers and Hospitals co-conspiring.

Not so sure we got bamboozled–or POTUS either.

It's that when media and politicians put out a REALLY BIG LIE, you can't just call it out directly (like after El Paso shooting–POTUS had to placate the public at first).

You have to flow with the river when it's at flood stage, inserting little pieces of info that might change the river's course–like mentioning HCQ.

Anonymous ID: f94ff8 2020-04-29 22:08:25Z No. 8965362


[Intensity Intensifies]

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 22:08:26Z No. 8965363



Anonymous ID: 1f5eed 2020-04-29 22:08:31Z No. 8965364

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 22:08:35Z No. 8965365


Not an argument.

Try harder.

>muh Jew

That's a term used by JIDF, Israeli shills.

If you aren't familiar with who they are and their agenda, see:

Israel spends millions per year in highly organized efforts to shill and censor the internet.

Learn more here: - "Israel's Internet Censorship War If Americans Knew"

[00:00] While many groups and governments wish to censor the internet, Israel and its partisans are amongst the most globally significant. They work to promote the Israel narrative while blocking facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby and other subjects they wish to cover up.

[00:17] Much of this is done by devoted individuals acting independently, voluntarily and relentlessly. But many of these activists are part of orchestrated well funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and other pro-Israel groups.

[00:30] They utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and seniors and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. As we’ll see, some even operate out of Jewish community centers in the US.

[00:43] One such group is the Israeli military’s New Media Desk.

[00:47] “It is well known now a days that what happens on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube has great influence on events that occur on the ground. The Internet too is a battleground, it is thus comforting to learn that the IDF employ soldiers that tweet, share, like and more.”

[01:02] Another project initiated in 2011 by the National Union of Israeli Students has the stated goal of to deepen and expand hasbara, or state propaganda activities of students in the State of Israel. Under this program Israeli students are payed to quote: “lead the battle against hostile websites”.

[01:21] The students are tasked with what many would call shilling or trolling in online forums and social media. They are directed to create original content in the form of news reports and blogs, edit Wikipedia, inject pro-Israel messages into discussion on social media, as well as report and remove what they consider to be allegedly “anti-Semitic” content.

[01:42] Its important to note that criticism of Israel is not the same thing as anti-Semitism, despite Israel’s best effort to redefine the word.

Anonymous ID: 353cf0 2020-04-29 22:08:37Z No. 8965366


>He hasn't tweeted since April 22nd.

Check his FB page

he is posting

Anonymous ID: 997ed4 2020-04-29 22:08:39Z No. 8965367


Shitbox Ma Son trips confirm

Idiot asshole piece of shit commie traitors are gonnna rue these days.

Stupid motherfuckers have NOTHING but fear in their future.

Anonymous ID: 7050ce 2020-04-29 22:09:01Z No. 8965368


>why is POTUS saying if we hadn't locked down we'd have million dead??

Chaos before Depopulation

Civil War+Covid

In the original 16 years plan

you are watching a movie about that..

Active Denial System (V-MADS)

Anonymous ID: d0bd78 2020-04-29 22:09:15Z No. 8965369


Anonymous ID: 693742 2020-04-29 22:09:16Z No. 8965370

(Apr 29, 2020) - Today = 3 Year Anniversary of this Gen. Flynn [Salon] Article

(Salon - Apr 29, 2017)

Was Michael Flynn a Russian agent of influence? A modest proposal for how that could have gone down.

Reading the ups and downs — and back ups, and down agains — of Michael Flynn, disgraced national security adviser

Anonymous ID: f06b08 2020-04-29 22:09:33Z No. 8965371


Don’t trust Fauci,not even once

Anonymous ID: efc304 2020-04-29 22:09:39Z No. 8965372

Deborah L. Birx, MD began working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008. Current salary is $274,908, and is among the highest-paid 10% at the CDC

Dr Birx is a retired US Army Colonel.

Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 22:09:40Z No. 8965373


>>8964849 planefaggin

>>8965198 Newly Discovered Handwritten Notes Show FBI Discussed Framing General Flynn for Pure Political Reasons

>>8965182 Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

>>8965116 Source of Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers document from Q post #4009

>>8965000 Where is Huber?


>>8964830 Guaranteed Rate to Pay $15 Million to Resolve Allegations It Knowingly Caused False Claims to Government Mortgage Loan Programs

>>8964818 WaPo: Biden himself should address the Tara Reade allegations AND release relevant records

>>8964812 MEDIA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on Hydroxychloroquine

>>8964811 Joseph Flynn/EM twats Fear is the mind killer

>>8964770 AG Barr will be participating in the nationwide #AskTheAG Q&A session on May 1 at 12pm ET Send us your Qs to #AskAGBarr

>>8964760 How Q #4008 on irregular warfare applies to 8kun /qresearch/



Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:09:40Z No. 8965374


Truth is Learned, not Told.

Anonymous ID: 26acf7 2020-04-29 22:09:51Z No. 8965375


Ok, thanks. I hate FB though. lol

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:09:53Z No. 8965376


notable second

Anonymous ID: f8159e 2020-04-29 22:09:57Z No. 8965377


But there was a change a few weeks ago in replies/interactions with Board Owners or designated Board Volunteers.



Anonymous ID: c5d61e 2020-04-29 22:09:57Z No. 8965378


Dead from what? Did you make an assumption about the cause of death POTUS was referring to?

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 22:10:03Z No. 8965379


100% agreed Anon. POTUS was NEVER bamboozled. He knew what they were going to do before they did it. He was in the game chat rooms with them. They are STUPID.

Anonymous ID: 1b9d2d 2020-04-29 22:10:07Z No. 8965380


you know what? I don't give a fuck.

I'm a "white" person, you know, one of those

European-types? You seem to speak one of our languages.

Why should I care?

I don't.

Anonymous ID: d15f44 2020-04-29 22:10:08Z No. 8965381


She's wearing yellow again.

Anonymous ID: 3dbfaa 2020-04-29 22:10:18Z No. 8965382

Solomon: FBI trying to play a game

Anonymous ID: 31fdc4 2020-04-29 22:10:22Z No. 8965383


>the great disruptive wave

>information warfare

>[C] = Key

>C before D

>see before declas

>knowledge before declas

>40000 feet concept


>when an idea reaches 10% of the population, it becomes the norm

>fisa happens

>declas happens

>[sheep] are confused

>but if we [C] well before them, we can propagate certain ideas through the use of maps and memetics



>rand & roth

>randy from south park



>delcas industries llc

>mysterious, blurred place

>star wars

>delcas holovid

>Delcas HoloVid was established as a front for Renik, the shadowy counter-intelligence branch of Imperial Intelligence. To the public, it was a typical entertainment company.

>to the public, it was a typical entertainment company

>max headroom

>on the right path, almost solve

>who owns george

>]We[ Are [Here] With (You).

>those stopped, w&w came

>just a coincidence

>hum[a] odd


>huma. follow huma. where is huma?


>old destroyer

>one document does it all

>operational detachment delta

>oppositional defiant disorder

Anonymous ID: 308825 2020-04-29 22:10:27Z No. 8965384


Deep State launched the Pandemic. Question is what was done prior to it being launched to innoculate the public. Long Game says this was to exhaust their real ammunition and with FISA used to trap all these scum in their communications.

Problem is the game is deadly and we the public were the hostages in this encounter.

Anonymous ID: b50559 2020-04-29 22:10:35Z No. 8965385


>But at the same time they were basing those estimates on computer modeling, they were acknowledging that computer modeling is inaccurate and errs on the side of hype.

Not just inaccurate, quite often complete bullshit. Take global warming for instance. Shit data in……even shitter data out

Anonymous ID: 761083 2020-04-29 22:10:37Z No. 8965386

Anon have the link with Fauci/Gilead connection?


Anonymous ID: 1116eb 2020-04-29 22:10:57Z No. 8965387



Corona will go down as one of the world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly & irrationally inflated & outright deceptively flawed responses in world history

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 22:11:00Z No. 8965388


We are on a flying magic bus, and Flynn is a Master Parachutist.

Anonymous ID: f06b08 2020-04-29 22:11:05Z No. 8965390



Anonymous ID: da1b9b 2020-04-29 22:11:08Z No. 8965391

This whole thing is conditioning us for a biochip or similar.

They will decide against it which will feel like a win, only to reintroduce it for another reason that most humans fall for - something to do with ayys.

That will happen very quickly now that things are falling into place.

Anonymous ID: 86ec8c 2020-04-29 22:11:11Z No. 8965392


Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:11:18Z No. 8965393


We so need a Social Distancing meme at the Haaj

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:11:31Z No. 8965394


Very difficult when a leader knows the truth and also knows he can't reveal it right away - because the pitchfork crowd would be on the march.

Anonymous ID: 013c28 2020-04-29 22:11:57Z No. 8965395


mother fucking BOOM!

…and fuck your vaccine

Anonymous ID: 353cf0 2020-04-29 22:12:06Z No. 8965396


>Ok, thanks. I hate FB though. lol


Dans last post 18 hours ago

Anonymous ID: 9e8f26 2020-04-29 22:12:18Z No. 8965397


what's it gonna take to get someyou're fired'sup in here?

normies are even noticing what comped asshat clowns fauci and birx are and using that to attack POTUS

enuf with the slings and arrows already

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 22:12:47Z No. 8965398


Speaking of pro-Muslim: - Passage from the Jewish Encyclopedia on how Jews helped Muslims conquer Spain in the 8th Century - “'Islamization of Europe a good thing'” – Big graph on how the 1965 Immigration Act was the result of over 40 years of Jewish collective power lobbying and activism – Graph about the reasons why Jews turn non-Jews hostile against them thru out their history. It goes into how Jews helped Alexander the Great to invade Egypt. – "Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda"

The video is an interview from Shalom TV to one of the staff on the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA). You can learn more about it here: ; - “Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe”

Sometimes link doesn’t work, use this one:

And if that one doesn’t work, look for the vídeo directly on the channel, it’s 2 years old now (2019): - Backup - “Jewish Immigration Hypocrisy - Stefan Molyneux” - "Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty" – Screenshots of the video above – another important screeshot of vid above - Backup - "Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt" - “Europe on the Chopping Block” - “Barbara Spectre Is Back” - Backup - “Paul Krugman Has a Message for White Rural Americans” - Backup

Anonymous ID: 2f7fd0 2020-04-29 22:12:49Z No. 8965399


Did anyone else notice this?

Anonymous ID: c5d61e 2020-04-29 22:12:56Z No. 8965400


That anon doesn't need further responses from you. Most oldfags recognize them as 'aflb' or 'Tiresias' and they have been here in almost every bread since the beginning. They will not stop so best course is to just ignore them. Their posts are meaningless.

Just wanted to let you know, fren.


Anonymous ID: 7cb074 2020-04-29 22:13:18Z No. 8965401


Anonymous ID: 1c1183 2020-04-29 22:13:31Z No. 8965402


But 2018 was glorious though, shill.

Anonymous ID: 735dce 2020-04-29 22:13:34Z No. 8965403


Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 22:13:40Z No. 8965404

Anonymous ID: 487539 2020-04-29 22:13:45Z No. 8965405


HOLY SEE has some fancy phased array psychic matrix farming apparatus partnered with [C] to see?

NatGeo reported 11/11 waves were a show of force that the waves can be counteracted at any level?

Watch the water? Not just Blackwater… But Blue?

If Sgt B is who I think he is ]BN[ tell him I say hi.

It's my rite to write and shine light.

Thank you for your service CivAnon / PatchFag / ArmyFag / LarpNigger


Anonymous ID: c29c2a 2020-04-29 22:13:49Z No. 8965406


>why is POTUS saying if we hadn't locked down we'd have million dead??

Because by choosing to lock down the country & economy, he avoided a far deadlier plan that would have destroyed the country. What that far deadlier plan that was I do not know, but that's my take on it.

Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 22:13:50Z No. 8965407


You don't know who your talking to ..

Can you come on to our show and let people know who you are ??

Are you brave enough to stand with America ….

WHen is the last time you got off your chair and actually did something right for your country ..

Your chair is tired

Anonymous ID: d27c34 2020-04-29 22:13:54Z No. 8965408


Anonymous ID: 1b9d2d 2020-04-29 22:14:12Z No. 8965410


2020. lol

the state. jews, killing us, and it takes the law

how long to deal with them?


but you sure can move fucking fast to cite someone

for not wearing a mask.

you only had one job.

do it.

Anonymous ID: f999da 2020-04-29 22:14:16Z No. 8965411


I think we've seen enough from these vicious psychopaths that makes me a believer that POTUS is doing this the right way.

If they break it up too early more people will die in their next attempt. The way POTUS is doing it will collar them all at once. It's a brilliant plan and it will SAVE billions of lives in the future.

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:14:25Z No. 8965412

>>8961743 Gilead spinning "positive data" on remdesivir/COVID-19 vaccine>>8965386

from recent bread

but look in

search term: gilead

then f3: fauci

Anonymous ID: 59f3aa 2020-04-29 22:14:25Z No. 8965413


Digit confirm.

Anonymous ID: 8d8cfe 2020-04-29 22:14:27Z No. 8965414

I have no idea what it is but there has to be more to his face tans then mere sloppiness in using eye covers. He has access to the best makeup artist's in the field yet he shows up on TV with a strange look. Maybe he gets ultraviolet rays to keep all bacteria and viruses away.

Anonymous ID: 59fc87 2020-04-29 22:14:30Z No. 8965415



Anonymous ID: 0d78df 2020-04-29 22:14:45Z No. 8965417


I see it.






Anonymous ID: 9e8f26 2020-04-29 22:14:54Z No. 8965419


thass a good fucking eye right there

Anonymous ID: bfe2fe 2020-04-29 22:15:10Z No. 8965421


Wait, is marijuana legitimately being used for Carona?

Anonymous ID: f94ff8 2020-04-29 22:15:12Z No. 8965422



Anonymous ID: b6ef53 2020-04-29 22:15:28Z No. 8965424


Q came here for Anons like you.

ThanQ Anon. Now take what you have and do what only (You) can do.

You Have very POWERFUL frens.

More come when B is back

> No word last night. I will drop what I have left before bed…

Anonymous ID: a30fdc 2020-04-29 22:16:00Z No. 8965425


POTUS is really good at walking this tightrope of not revealing too much too soon but inserting little doses of truth along the way.

Anonymous ID: 097d6a 2020-04-29 22:16:03Z No. 8965426

In the end, all will be right.

Anonymous ID: 715224 2020-04-29 22:16:06Z No. 8965427


I know it’s wrong to quote wiki but it does support your theory.. March 2017 tying trump admin to Russia.

On February 19, 2017, Priebus said intelligence officials had cleared the Trump campaign of having any contact with Russian spies, contrary to anonymously sourced reports made the previous week by The New York Times, part of what the White House has referred to as "fake news".[79][80][81] According to a Politico article dated March 17, 2017, a request by Priebus that the FBI refute allegations of contact by Trump associates with Russian intelligence "appears to have violated the White House's policy restricting political interference in pending investigations".[82]

Anonymous ID: fb466a 2020-04-29 22:16:12Z No. 8965428


Anonymous ID: 0ee87c 2020-04-29 22:16:17Z No. 8965429


Which came first, the 17 intel agencies, or the designation that you held clearance for all of them?

Anonymous ID: 74742d 2020-04-29 22:16:41Z No. 8965431

i feel like something big is about to happen

Anonymous ID: 19873d 2020-04-29 22:16:57Z No. 8965432



Anonymous ID: fb40d8 2020-04-29 22:17:07Z No. 8965434





Anonymous ID: 387db1 2020-04-29 22:17:10Z No. 8965435

Anonymous ID: 14ec17 2020-04-29 22:17:10Z No. 8965436

Flynn will be vindicated.