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Q Research General #11490: We Are Gonna Need a Bigger Graphic! Edition

Q Research General #11490: We Are Gonna Need a Bigger Graphic! Edition Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:39:28Z No. 8976111

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8975862 ————————————–——– When you are awake you are able to see clearly.


>>8975355 ————————————–——– Transparency brings accountability (Cap: >>8975368)

>>8975029 ————————————–——– Potus proclaims May 1, 2020, as Law Day, U.S.A. (Cap: >>8975052)

Wednesday 04.29.2020

>>8963894 ————————————–——– Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963980, >>8963984, >>8964002, >>8964012)

>>8963389 ————————————–——– Read slowly and carefully. Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963709)

>>8957365 ————————————–——– Tweet from @WSatz (Caps: >>8957461, >>8958928)

>>8957175 ————————————–——– Be ready (Cap: >>8957208)

Tuesday 04.28.2020

>>8956863 rt >>8956829 -————————– Close (Cap: >>8960255)

>>8956805 ————————————–——– Why would in-game chat be disabled during [FF event(s)]?

>>8955403 ————————————–——– WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE IN FEAR? (Caps: >>8955473, >>8956757)

>>8954923 ————————————–——– Desperate times call for desperate measures (Cap: >>8954961)

>>8954206 ————————————–——– All the walls are falling down (Cap: >>8954282)

>>8953725 ————————————–——– Star Wars Commander Game Closure Announcement (Cap: >>8953810)

>>8952939 ————————————–——– Repost: Same evidence to FREE FLYNN currently being used to INDICT others [GJ]? (Cap: >>8953422)

>>8952286 ————————————–——– THE SILENT WAR CONTINUES.

>>8952254 ————————————–——– INFILTRATION INSTEAD OF INVASION.

>>8952219 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE.

>>8952185 ————————————–——– How does China comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?

>>8952145 ————————————–——– How does Soros comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?


>>8951828 ————————————–——– THE NEWS IS FAKE. THE WAR IS REAL.

>>8951723 ————————————–——– [21 FIRED]. (Cap: >>8953546)

>>8951718 ————————————–——– FBI CHAIN OF COMMAND MIDYEAR INVESTIGATION [HRC EMAIL]? (Cap: >>8953527)

>>8951255 ————————————–——– Flag Picture *** (Cap: >>8953389)

Sunday 04.26.2020

>>8930301 ————————————–——– Link to Maria Bartiromo's tweet re General Flynn (Cap: >>8930344)

Saturday 04.18.2020

>>8839415 ————————————–——– Two lamps pic, One if by land,Two if by sea, BE READY

Fri 04.17.2020 >>8955523

Thu 04.16.2020 >>8955515

Wed 04.15.2020 >>8952913

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>>8975460, >>8975467 PapaD = (Crossfire Typhoon)

>>8975459 Undercover Huber (Twatt) Baker = “Anonymous Source” but does not mean he leaked Flynn Story

>>8975479 Joe Biden puts Chris Dodd in charge of vetting his running mate

>>8975480 (10/26/17) Article from PuffPost “Typhoon Donald”

>>8975487, >>8975513, PapaD (twatt) “ unredact to see how far corruption goes”

>>8975523 Tom Fitton (twatt) new emails show comms from Pentagon to James Baker

>>8975510 DiGenova “these people are SICK!”

>>8975578 We're taking May Day away from the Marxists.

>>8975576 CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for MS Win developed by Smilegate Entertainment.

>>8975460, >>8975467, >>8975584 Typhoon is PapaD

>>8975459, >>8975523 Huber on Baker at ONA


>>8975417 Strzok Hit!



>>8974910, >>8975016, >>8975209 planefaggin

>>8974991 ‘Dirty cop Comey got caught!’

>>8974905 McCabe head of the snake

>>8974872 MI Spin has started

>>8974862 Refresher: 2018 Trump reportedly ordered the Justice Department to hire a controversial aide previously ousted from the White House

>>8974740 Japan GDP to shrink 22% in Q2 in biggest postwar drop

>>8974716 Trump: 'CNN and Others Should Pay for What They've Done to General Flynn'

>>8974668 MN supposed to open May 4, gov now moves it to May 18

>>8974650, >>8974710 Michigan patriots vent steam at DS Whitmer live from the state capitol vid

>>8975293 #11488


>>8973986, >>8974017, >>8974021, >>8974031, >>8974037, >>8974047, >>8974061, >>8974069 Planefag updates

>>8974359 Refresher:In-Q-Tel

>>8974296 COVID-19 vaccine with first results from human trials expected in June

>>8974258 Turkey vows to ‘defend’ Tripoli-based govt against Haftar ‘dictatorship’ in Libya

>>8974189 RINO's at work

>>8974162, >>8974202 Philly/Trenton Flyover bun

>>8974158, >>8974182, >>8974405 Moar Palpatine Chat

>>8974144 Grassley sniffed out DOJ’s corruption in the Flynn case years ago

>>8974125 Democratic senators might not return to Washington, health fear excuse

>>8974119 CNN's Stelter Blasted Hydroxychloroquine for Virus, But Turns Out His Wife Uses It

>>8974068 UN Urges Govts to Release Illegal Migrants, ‘Provide Access to Healthcare, Housing’, UN speak NWO

>>8974039 Court Brief: 11.6K Dead People on Virginia’s Voter Rolls

>>8973997 Stone files appeal April 30, 2020

>>8973981 Eurostat: Roughly 300,000 migrants granted asylum in EU in 2019

>>8973971 Q Countdown The Silent War Continue

>>8973947, >>8974018, >>8974024 Jim Jordan Goes After FBI Director Wray for Hiding Unbelievable Crimes

>>8973944, >>8973977, >>8973995, >>8974060, >>8974288 The operation that targeted Flynn: CROSSFIRE RAZOR

>>8973924, >>8974149, >>8974234 Hapsel got intel on Iraqi terrorists from Mossad (Y)

>>8974340, >>8974477 Israel’s Largest Bank, Bank Hapoalim, Admits to Conspiring with U.S. Taxpayers to Hide Assets and Income in Offshore Accounts

>>8973855 @HAFB Head's up today!

>>8974540 #11487


>>8973405, >>8973501, >>8973658 planefaggin

>>8973712 Russian PM Mishustin tests positive for Covid-19, will self-isolate

>>8973695 Crazed Dr. Fauci Says Sports Will Not Happen This Year – Wants to Isolate Players


>>8973342 India exports 50 million hydroxychloroquine tablets to U.S. for COVID-19 fight

>>8973281, >>8973303 Call to meme! Joe Biden picks Chris Dodd to do the selection of his female running-mate. WAITRESS SANDWICH

>>8973270, >>8973418, >>8973754 Elon Musk Is About To Receive An Estimated $845 Million Payday

>>8973177 Jay Inslees Daughter works for Gates foundation

>>8973175, >>8973236 Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives

>>8973142 Call to diggz Corona VIrus Camps in Washington State

>>8973138 Pelosi reiterates that she's "satisfied" with how Joe Biden has responded to a sexual assault allegation

>>8973124 What is a Meme Warrior

>>8973814 #11486

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Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:41:04Z No. 8976136

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Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:42:41Z No. 8976160


Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:42:52Z No. 8976161

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:43:01Z No. 8976162


TYB Outstanding job!

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 20:43:04Z No. 8976163

Underground Disney?

Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato

Anonymous ID: 9ce10c 2020-04-30 20:43:19Z No. 8976164

WAIT, WTFt!! Abe Lincoln was jewish?

When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, whole Jewish communities sat shivah. Rabbis all over the country eulogized the fallen President. Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise,the man who created Reform Judaism in this country, began his eulogy with the words… “Brethren, the lamented Abraham Lincoln believed himself to be bone from our bone and flesh from our flesh. He supposed himself to be a descendant of Hebrew parentage He said so in my presence.”

Lincoln was often questioned about his religious beliefs. Time and again, he told of a special passage from scripture that summed up his theology. It was the twentieth the Book of Exodus he recommended that every American study, learn and follow.

In English it is usually referred to as the Ten Commandments.

Rabbi Jeff Kahn

Temple Har Shalom,

PS: Abraham Lincoln was Jewish. An extensive research paper from a Professor in Rutgers who studied this topic extensively and found, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Abe Lincoln was Jewish…. She has absolute proof from checking out his ancestry and going back to his hometown where she did years of work on this topic. Her research was complete and absolute. Her name is Professor Elizabeth Hirschman, Rutgers University.

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:43:19Z No. 8976165

#11489 reposted in #11490

>>8975460, >>8975467 PapaD = (Crossfire Typhoon)

>>8975459 Undercover Huber (Twatt) Baker = “Anonymous Source” but does not mean he leaked Flynn Story

>>8975479 Joe Biden puts Chris Dodd in charge of vetting his running mate

>>8975480 (10/26/17) Article from PuffPost “Typhoon Donald”

>>8975487, >>8975513, PapaD (twatt) “ unredact to see how far corruption goes”

>>8975523 Tom Fitton (twatt) new emails show comms from Pentagon to James Baker

>>8975510 DiGenova “these people are SICK!”

>>8975578 We're taking May Day away from the Marxists.

>>8975576 CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for MS Win developed by Smilegate Entertainment.

>>8975460, >>8975467, >>8975584 Typhoon is PapaD

>>8975459, >>8975523 Huber on Baker at ONA


>>8975417 Strzok Hit!

Anonymous ID: e16f2a 2020-04-30 20:43:37Z No. 8976166


Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 20:43:38Z No. 8976167


Anonymous ID: 2f0bb8 2020-04-30 20:43:39Z No. 8976168


well dis just got pretty laggy for me bro. luuks like plenty of support is on board. gonna czech out until baker class tonight. enjoy the early eevn'n and ttyt. -wnb out>>8976160

Anonymous ID: 4c28a4 2020-04-30 20:43:43Z No. 8976169

FOX cuts away from POTUS presser

Anonymous ID: 0ff0c3 2020-04-30 20:43:45Z No. 8976170



Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:43:48Z No. 8976171


Bakers screen and posts froze trying to navigate last page, bake was clean and fast

Anonymous ID: 58b124 2020-04-30 20:43:49Z No. 8976172

>>8975590 (LB)

And all that storm imagery they used…




…will be their downfall. Calm before the storm.


Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 20:43:49Z No. 8976173



>shout if you need anything

Anonymous ID: 1f9ad5 2020-04-30 20:43:55Z No. 8976174

MUH…Crayon Revolt

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 20:43:57Z No. 8976175

>>8976153 (pb)

Guess we'll have to ask the Q "en masse"

Anonymous ID: 251bf0 2020-04-30 20:43:58Z No. 8976176

>>8976134 (LB)

Would you happen to have March 2020 handy?

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:44:02Z No. 8976177



here's your link:

>>8976165 #11489

Anonymous ID: f00446 2020-04-30 20:44:15Z No. 8976178


Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 20:44:22Z No. 8976179



Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:44:24Z No. 8976180


Just check out my super cool badges I got from google, now everyone go follow on twitter @AssholeIsFaggotWarlock

Anonymous ID: 8130c2 2020-04-30 20:44:29Z No. 8976181


Not Q original art (unless Q is Cire). 2 down votes!

Anonymous ID: 47e111 2020-04-30 20:44:30Z No. 8976182


ass holes

Anonymous ID: d6838f 2020-04-30 20:44:35Z No. 8976183


Lol.. the rabbis and the priest class have been fighting for thousands of years!

Anonymous ID: 0de46a 2020-04-30 20:44:35Z No. 8976184

Guess what is happening on Law Day

AtHigh Noon


Anonymous ID: 341e2f 2020-04-30 20:44:35Z No. 8976185



Anonymous ID: 9765cc 2020-04-30 20:44:47Z No. 8976186


Thank you baker!

Anonymous ID: 6e6b21 2020-04-30 20:44:48Z No. 8976187


certainly bud

Anonymous ID: f1ddf0 2020-04-30 20:44:49Z No. 8976188


I hope one day the Code's embedded in file name's are explained. I tried for one day to crack them, got ONE and gave up. It has driven me slightly mad everyday that I see them.

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:44:50Z No. 8976189



Anonymous ID: ca0c47 2020-04-30 20:44:53Z No. 8976190

damn, can't post, says posted but just frozen page, keep refreshing…


Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 20:44:53Z No. 8976191



Anonymous ID: 28443f 2020-04-30 20:44:53Z No. 8976192

>8975355 (Q4011)


Do we know what CROSS WIND was yet?

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:44:54Z No. 8976193


>posts froze

from big board traffic, i wonder?

Anonymous ID: 3d6eba 2020-04-30 20:45:06Z No. 8976194

Anonymous ID: b27564 2020-04-30 20:45:12Z No. 8976195

Anonymous ID: 68c274 2020-04-30 20:45:16Z No. 8976196


Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 20:45:17Z No. 8976197


Nice find!

Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 20:45:20Z No. 8976198

POTUS just said "there is something going on in retirement homes"…..

Anonymous ID: 958422 2020-04-30 20:45:20Z No. 8976199

No fringe, gents.

Anonymous ID: 5c9bb5 2020-04-30 20:45:24Z No. 8976200


Thank you Baker.

Anonymous ID: 1f9ad5 2020-04-30 20:45:27Z No. 8976201


Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:45:30Z No. 8976202


Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:45:39Z No. 8976203


not on duty, just to help in case Q starts up quickly

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 20:45:40Z No. 8976204



They do it to the little boys, too.

l E T 17


Pensive face

You know you’re thinking the same thing

Justin Timberlake

Anonymous ID: 6a1a0c 2020-04-30 20:45:42Z No. 8976205

Q, I think what I hear you saying in this drop is: "My Fellow Americans, The Storm is Upon Us". Right?





You didn't think the statement by POTUS re: 'CALM BEFORE THE STORM' was just random did you?

Transparency brings accountability.


Anonymous ID: c8b25e 2020-04-30 20:45:44Z No. 8976206

Per Staffan April 29, 2020

James McConnell (channeled messages)


I am KaRa. I come at this time, in these momentous times that you are finding yourselves now. But it is certainly not by happenstance that you are here. It is not by accident that you are here. It is all a part of the greater expression of the plan.

You have heard ‘trust the plan.’ But it is so far beyond the plan that you are experiencing now here on the Earth. The ‘plan’ is the universal plan. And you have also heard that nothing can stop what is coming.

For right now in these moments you have heard that there is an operation occurring across the planet – “Operation Freedom Earth”. And that is exactly what is happening. You are becoming freed. You as the collective consciousness of this planet are becoming freed of all that has held you back for so long. All that has held the consciousness of man, kept you in the programming, kept you in the hold of the three-dimensional illusion for so long a period of time for so many lifetimes. But that is all coming to an end now.

For “Operation Freedom Earth” has spread across the planet. It is not only here in this country, but it is the world that is becoming freed. Much of it is still seemingly behind the scenes. But if you look for it, you can find the truths being revealed here and there, little by little. And that little by little, that trickle now that is coming through is going to become a flood of information, a flood of truth that will take you far beyond your wildest imaginations of what has been and what is now as well. For many of you have awakened. But you, even you, have not awakened to the full enormity of this entire operation across the planet and what it is taking to bring this about.

You have two groups here in a sense: ones that are being shown the truth by your president, by President Trump, as well as other leaders around the world that are giving the populous what they can handle at this point. But then there is that operation that is being operated by that of the Alliance, by that of the spokesperson of the Alliance, the Q, the one that you know, the one and the ones that you know as Q. And these ones are coming forward now and sharing to the ones that are ready for this. For the ones that are reaching to the light and the ones that are ready for the truth.

Many have said you cannot handle the truth. But you can. All of you can handle the truth. And it must be brought forth. It must be revealed. Everything must come through disclosure. Disclosure of all of us that are working diligently with those of you here on the planet. We are right there with the Alliance. And right there with all of you, which are the ‘boots on the ground,’ all of you, are doing everything that you can, whether it is out in front and showing to the world, or whether it is behind the scenes and doing it within your meditations, your personal meditations. But certainly when you come together as a group, as a large group, in the millions, and you come together as a meditation of the collective consciousness of all of man here on the planet, you are bringing so many changes and so many shifts of consciousness here.

Anonymous ID: 8130c2 2020-04-30 20:45:47Z No. 8976207


thx, I'm good!

Anonymous ID: 324189 2020-04-30 20:45:48Z No. 8976208



Anonymous ID: f1baca 2020-04-30 20:45:49Z No. 8976209

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 20:45:49Z No. 8976210


muh jew propaganda shill on duty again?

desperate much?

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:45:53Z No. 8976211



Anonymous ID: 9711ac 2020-04-30 20:46:00Z No. 8976212



Anonymous ID: 251bf0 2020-04-30 20:46:11Z No. 8976213


tacklehug and leghump

Anonymous ID: 47e111 2020-04-30 20:46:15Z No. 8976214



Anonymous ID: 27342e 2020-04-30 20:46:16Z No. 8976215


>>8976116 LB/OP

>>8976052 LB/OP

Anonymous ID: ca0c47 2020-04-30 20:46:17Z No. 8976216

GLORK! good 2 c u

Anonymous ID: 9c1263 2020-04-30 20:46:18Z No. 8976217

Could tineye be under deep state control? To set up deep fake proofs?

There is a big Q account that is possibly a clown on twitter that is pushing tineye hard.

Anonymous ID: cd37cc 2020-04-30 20:46:20Z No. 8976218

Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 20:46:23Z No. 8976219

How about raising SS benefits for the Older Americans?

Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 20:46:28Z No. 8976220

When do we get justice for being targeted, intimated, and persecuted by the IRS for supporting a political party?

Does anyone in the DOJ give a fuck about us? Does anyone care that an ENTIRE US AGENCY, IRS, was weaponized against supporters of a political party?

This is well known and documented but ZERO justice. Is that not a big enough concern for Barr and DOJ?

Anonymous ID: ecb6b7 2020-04-30 20:46:28Z No. 8976221

Going for Walk again To say HI to our Friends!

Will be back after lunch!

See you fags later. You know we are Watching!

If you are Right, Write Now.

You need No Rite to Write, Right?




Wizards & [WAR]locks.

ThanQ True Anons. Together (You) will WIN!

Anonymous ID: b8e0d8 2020-04-30 20:46:30Z No. 8976222

Photos: Gunman Shoots Up Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC With AK-47

Early Thursday morning, the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC, was attacked by a gunman who reportedly fired 30 rounds at the building with an AK-47. No one was injured in the attack, but the embassy building sustained damage.

A Texas man was charged Thursday with attacking Cuba’s primary diplomatic facility in the District of Columbia. During a 2 a.m. attack on the building in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, he allegedly fired nearly 30 rounds at the structure from the public sidewalk outside the perimeter fence.

According to the embassy’s Twitter account, neither embassy staff nor bystanders were hurt, “but there was material damage caused to the building resulting from the impact of the bullets.”

Photos from the scene posted on social media show chipped marble from the columns and large pockmarks in the building facade, as well as a shattered street lamp.

The suspect was identified to the Washington Post as Alexander Alazo, 42, of Aubrey, Texas. On the police report filed by the Metropolitan Police Department Thursday, the offense was marked as a “suspected hate crime.” He was charged with assault with intent to kill.

A maroon Nissan Pathfinder SUV with Texas license plates found in front of the property is believed by police to belong to Alazo.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel condemned the aggression in a statement on Twitter Thursday, and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said, “It is the responsibility of States to protect diplomats accredited to them and their facilities.”

A fan page for Cuban national hero José Martí noted the statue of Martí installed in the embassy’s front garden last year appeared undamaged by the attack. The page quoted a defiant Marti, who lived many years in the United States and was distrustful of American expansionism amid the Cuban colony’s struggle for independence from Spain.

Anonymous ID: da50aa 2020-04-30 20:46:33Z No. 8976223

>>8976068 (lb)

>you mean this place is where the crooks go to find out what we have on them…

They should already know. We Have It ALL.

Anonymous ID: cd37cc 2020-04-30 20:46:38Z No. 8976225

Anonymous ID: 721b1a 2020-04-30 20:46:43Z No. 8976226

>>8976158 pb

you are thick aren't you. the pilots made the maps NOT DJT. sheesh. what a moran,

Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 20:46:45Z No. 8976227

They kill thousands with their virus. Q team should respond. Use this.

Anonymous ID: c6a050 2020-04-30 20:46:48Z No. 8976228

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 20:46:55Z No. 8976229


Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:46:56Z No. 8976230


Thank you anyway, o7


TY D. Stoic.

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 20:47:18Z No. 8976231


wtf you going on about? show some proof geesh

Anonymous ID: 25b647 2020-04-30 20:47:28Z No. 8976232

Q, is the Code Word on the CIA/FBI ops against POTUS and others "Crossfire"? And the SCI (compartments) are labeled to their targets?

Sounds like something the Clowns and Jokers would do. Not really very smart at all from a security standpoint.

Tear 'em down, Q.

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 20:47:28Z No. 8976233

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:47:31Z No. 8976234

Anonymous ID: 9711ac 2020-04-30 20:47:37Z No. 8976235



Anonymous ID: 9765cc 2020-04-30 20:47:42Z No. 8976236

Anonymous ID: da50aa 2020-04-30 20:47:43Z No. 8976237


I dunno, but Top Kek on the highly relevant vid.

Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 20:47:44Z No. 8976238

>>8975510 p

give credit to the originator of the content thief.

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 20:47:46Z No. 8976239


sauce or gtfo

Anonymous ID: 9a94be 2020-04-30 20:47:46Z No. 8976241

Lock her up.

Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 20:47:47Z No. 8976240

Soros isn't on Q's graphic but he bankrolled a lot of this coup - when does Palpatine get dealt with?

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 20:47:52Z No. 8976242



Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:47:56Z No. 8976243


This is you >>8976180

Feel free to dox me at anytime super secret spymasteer.

Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 20:47:58Z No. 8976244



Anonymous ID: 8b7a40 2020-04-30 20:47:58Z No. 8976245


no, it's not


2 Nov 2017 - 1:44:21 PM

>Look to Twitter:

>Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……."

>God bless.

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 20:48:07Z No. 8976246

POTUS just gave a KEK to the chin. Did ya catch it?

Anonymous ID: d4f9cc 2020-04-30 20:48:13Z No. 8976247


>We Are Gonna Need a Bigger Graphic!

mebbe big enough to fit


Anonymous ID: db1057 2020-04-30 20:48:13Z No. 8976248

Reserves activated!

Anonymous ID: 65aa16 2020-04-30 20:48:20Z No. 8976249

Q Posts Grouped by # of Periods/Ellipsis - Total Counts

I've collected the Q Posts that contained periods/ellipsis and organized them into groups by total count. You will find that when you post Three(3) . . . periods without spacing, 8kun will automatically post the character of an ellipsis … - Keeping this in mind if Q were to type Five(5) . . . . . periods without spaces, 8kun would post it as ….. (1 ellipsis + 2 periods)

Keeping this logic in mind I did not differentiate between the character of an ellipsis and a period, and grouped the full count of total periods. As noted in the PDF, any post that contained multiple strings of Periods of different #s were listed in both respective groups and denoted with an * prior to the post #. Attached is the original PDF, a screen shot of the PDF, and an example of possible connections (17 periods).

I believe there could be a connection between posts with similar groupings of Period count (pic related)

I used Seventeen (17) periods in my example. There were four (4) Q posts that contained a total of Seventeen (17) periods strung together Q #1876, 2261, 2350 & 3473.

I have racked my brain and I'm putting it out to fellow anons to help find more connections. Do these four posts have a connection or is it coincidence? I believe they do, but it needs more eyes. Lets Find the rest of the connections. Autists have at this one

Q does not post anything that doesn't have a meaning

Anonymous ID: b8e0d8 2020-04-30 20:48:20Z No. 8976250

Wisconsin: 52 of 400,000 In-Person Primary Voters Diagnosed with Coronavirus, No Fatalities

Fifty-two out of 400,000 in-person voters and poll workers who participated in Wisconsin’s controversial primary have since tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and Wisconsin officials are not certain that those individuals — none of whom have died — contracted the virus at polling stations on Election Day.

Wisconsin proceeded in holding its in-person election in early April, despite attempts from Gov. Tony Evers (D) to postpone the vote. The Republican legislature challenged his order, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed the election to proceed as planned. Democrats warned that an in-person election would jeopardize the health of Wisconsin residents. However, out of the hundreds of thousands of residents who headed to the polls in Wisconsin on April 7, only a few dozen people — including poll workers — have since contracted the coronavirus.

Additionally, “several” of the individuals who appeared at the polls April 7 and have since tested positive “also reported other ways they may have been exposed to the virus,” the Wisconsin Department of Health Services indicated this week. At best, then, the infection rate amounts to approximately 0.013% of those who voted in person with a 0.00% fatality rate.

“Because of that, it’s unclear if those people contracted the virus at the polls,” the Associated Press reported.

DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said the state will stop asking individuals who test positive for the virus if they went to the polls after next week, as enough time has elapsed to cover the virus’s average incubation period.

“We’re getting to the point where the door will be closing on those,” she said.

The news comes as Democrats at all levels of government seize on coronavirus fears, using the situation in Wisconsin as a catalyst to demand universal vote-by-mail. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) even accused the Supreme Court of “undermining of our democracy.”

“You have the Supreme Court of the United States undermining our democracy,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow this month. “It’s really shameful. Five to four, surprise, surprise”:

Wisconsin is slated to hold a special congressional election May 12. Voters can request absentee ballots until May 7.

Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 20:48:21Z No. 8976251


No pics loading now?

Anonymous ID: e16f2a 2020-04-30 20:48:22Z No. 8976252


In Plumbum Veritas

I know that's probably not lead, but the sentiment stands.

Anonymous ID: d6838f 2020-04-30 20:48:26Z No. 8976253


I hab johk fo yoo!

How manee chi nee it take to take ovah wold?

Hah hah!

Johk on yoo! Wee aw weddy take ovah hole wold!


China nummah won!

Anonymous ID: e199cc 2020-04-30 20:48:31Z No. 8976254

Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:48:38Z No. 8976255

Tor browser has pics working.

Anonymous ID: a445e9 2020-04-30 20:48:49Z No. 8976256



Effective today, pursuant to section 12304 of title 10, United States Code, I am authorizing the Secretary of Defense to order units and individual members of the Selected Reserve to active duty to augment active component forces for the effective conduct of “Enhanced Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere.” This authority is necessary to ensure the Department of Defense can properly conduct operations required to meet our evolving security challenges.

Anonymous ID: 58b124 2020-04-30 20:48:58Z No. 8976257


Notable KeK!

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:49:03Z No. 8976258

Anonymous ID: 3a630f 2020-04-30 20:49:06Z No. 8976259



Unicode: U+1D6AB, UTF-8: F0 9D 9A AB_WIND_SP: ^



Unicode: U+1D6AB, UTF-8: F0 9D 9A AB_WIND_DIR_: CCW


Anonymous ID: 771a9d 2020-04-30 20:49:07Z No. 8976261



Originals from here. Plus many more.

Anonymous ID: 341e2f 2020-04-30 20:49:08Z No. 8976260

Anonymous ID: d6838f 2020-04-30 20:49:16Z No. 8976262


Boots and boobs only .. please

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 20:49:19Z No. 8976263

Monica Crowly on Sean Hannity's show talking about BOOMS!!! kek

Anonymous ID: ccbaef 2020-04-30 20:49:23Z No. 8976264


You are officially a flagfag.

Don't worry, so is Q.

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 20:49:24Z No. 8976265


hes holding a cane dork not an AK. you need glasses boomer?

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:49:36Z No. 8976267


Anonymous ID: d4290f 2020-04-30 20:49:37Z No. 8976266


TY HabbeningsAnon

Anonymous ID: 4c2820 2020-04-30 20:49:44Z No. 8976268



Mind Kontrol broken vessels.

Anonymous ID: 771a9d 2020-04-30 20:49:51Z No. 8976269


Not the source.

See >>8976261

I'm better.



Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:49:57Z No. 8976270


>>8975523 Tom Fitton (twatt) new emails show comms from Pentagon to James Baker

>>8975510 DiGenova “these people are SICK!”

>>8975487, >>8975513, PapaD (twatt) “ unredact to see how far corruption goes”

>>8975480 (10/26/17) Article from PuffPost “Typhoon Donald”

>>8975578 We're taking May Day away from the Marxists.

>>8975576 CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for MS Win developed by Smilegate Entertainment.

>>8975460, >>8975467, >>8975584 Typhoon is PapaD

>>8975459, >>8975523 Huber on Baker at ONA


>>8975417 Strzok Hit!


Anonymous ID: 3c5f88 2020-04-30 20:50:01Z No. 8976271


Love the title Bakes TY

Anonymous ID: 02e839 2020-04-30 20:50:06Z No. 8976272


Demi is going to join the #27Club very soon

God hates her

Anonymous ID: 543423 2020-04-30 20:50:09Z No. 8976273


>“Enhanced Department of Defense

>Counternarcotic Operation in the Western



Anonymous ID: 77f916 2020-04-30 20:50:15Z No. 8976274

Don´t forget this asscunts!

Anonymous ID: c6a050 2020-04-30 20:50:25Z No. 8976275


Try right-clicking where it should be and reload image.

Anonymous ID: c7bab9 2020-04-30 20:50:27Z No. 8976276


I had to refresh. Then they showed up.

Anonymous ID: 22617f 2020-04-30 20:50:30Z No. 8976277


Anonymous ID: e199cc 2020-04-30 20:50:37Z No. 8976278


Lets try it.

Anonymous ID: c07e92 2020-04-30 20:50:44Z No. 8976279

woo hoo! thank you POTUS and Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 20:50:50Z No. 8976280


Anonymous ID: 6fffc3 2020-04-30 20:50:51Z No. 8976281



Anonymous ID: 25b647 2020-04-30 20:50:55Z No. 8976282


Gotta pass The Sammich Test before Ms. VEEP can be briefed on Economic Intercourse.

Anonymous ID: 2ca504 2020-04-30 20:50:57Z No. 8976283


EYES ON, Shill trying to slide away from real data by calling it a shill slide


Newfags, learn to see how the operate. Many articles written stating flight paths were to honor Front-Line Covid-19 Workers & Hospitals.

See here, >>8975599, >>8975644 (Hospitals on flight paths)"

Because there's no way they could plan a flight path that goes by hospitals and drops crumbs at the turn points, right? That's your proof I'm a shill?

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1656e4 2020-04-30 20:50:58Z No. 8976284

Why are they pushing back the [D] convention?

COVID-19 concern or strategic for last minute change?

Change of Batter coming?

Why was she 'saved' from officially announcing?

Why was she 'reserved' for a last minute change?

How do you attempt to 'sneak one in'?

How do you attempt to ensure victory?

Adopt National Vote-by-Mail?

How do you convince American it was legitimate?

Release fake polls indicating favorable leads in swing states?

How do you harm opponents accomplishments re: economy, unemployment, ……………….?

How do you terminate opponents highly effective rallies?

How do you shelter [D] lead candidate from embarrassing debates and/or rallies?

How do you shelter [D] corruption re: FISA-RUSSIA-FLYNN-etc. from reaching the mainstream?

How do you extend the trade negotiation deadline w/ CHINA?

How do you limit [test] Constitutional rights of people?

How do you provide cover for State Govs to adopt new voter laws?

How do you effectively control the population?

How do you expand big tech overreach re: tracing / privacy issues?

How do you fix [taxpayer bailout?] the long-broken economies of CA & NY?

How do you enrich select people/co's by promoting a solution to a global crisis?

How do you keep people living in fear and isolation in order to accept the above?

Define 'insurgency'.

How do you accomplish all of the above?


Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:51:13Z No. 8976285




>Wizards & [WAR]locks.

>ThanQ True Anons. Together (You) will WIN!

The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies

2. Become incredulous and indignant

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule

6. Hit and Run.

23. Create bigger distractions.

22. Manufacture a new truth

20. False evidence

8. Invoke authority.

Anonymous ID: 958422 2020-04-30 20:51:17Z No. 8976286


I’ve been called worse; especially from WifeAnon.

Anonymous ID: 8130c2 2020-04-30 20:51:20Z No. 8976287


Great job and to Adam Ford, too!

Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:51:22Z No. 8976288


got it reworked in dough, in order and new link


Anonymous ID: a25065 2020-04-30 20:51:28Z No. 8976289

Let’s goooooooo>>8976284

Anonymous ID: ecb6b7 2020-04-30 20:51:28Z No. 8976290


Hum[A] ODD

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 20:51:29Z No. 8976291



Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:51:31Z No. 8976292



Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 20:51:33Z No. 8976293


using the fake garrison memes again?

lack of arguments?

you have to push something neither fitting Q nor POTUS?

you glow bright?

why not turn to God and break free?

God forgives.

Anonymous ID: 771a9d 2020-04-30 20:51:34Z No. 8976294



Anonymous ID: 17ed05 2020-04-30 20:51:35Z No. 8976295


Anonymous ID: d4f9cc 2020-04-30 20:51:37Z No. 8976296


Anonymous ID: e16f2a 2020-04-30 20:51:44Z No. 8976297


Better question, how do you plan to counter all of the above?

Anonymous ID: 28443f 2020-04-30 20:51:47Z No. 8976298


Blow it wide open with a quickness!

Anonymous ID: a7a323 2020-04-30 20:51:50Z No. 8976299

The speakers at this WH event aren't super interesting. Not gonna lie.

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 20:51:50Z No. 8976300


Picked up the wrong flag did you Nancy?

Anonymous ID: 504d81 2020-04-30 20:51:51Z No. 8976301


TY Baker!

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:51:55Z No. 8976302


Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 20:51:56Z No. 8976303


>Change of Batter coming?

uh oh


>Why was she 'saved' from officially announcing?

>Why was she 'reserved' for a last minute change?

but but surely not HER

Anonymous ID: 2c05ad 2020-04-30 20:51:59Z No. 8976304


the next tool in deep-states tool box is going to be aliens isn't it?

Anonymous ID: b8e0d8 2020-04-30 20:51:59Z No. 8976305

Head of House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff Demands Google-YouTube-Twitter Step Up their ‘Authoritative’ Censorship and Silencing

On Thursday Rep. Adam Schiff, the most dishonest and compulsive liar in Congress, sent a letter to the CEOs of Google, YouTube and Twitter to urge them to use their “authoritative” powers to censor and silence voices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week YouTube CEO told CNN the company would silence anyone who strayed from official WHO policy.

Google is cool with that.

In fact, the company is very proud of her censorship.

Remember this in November. Democrats support this and want MORE censorship and silencing.

Schiff sent these letters off to Google, YouTube and Twitter.

Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:52:01Z No. 8976306



class or I punch people for fun


Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 20:52:04Z No. 8976307


Justice for lerner did? Please tell me its coming.

People can not be allowed to turn an entire US agency against US citizens for merely donating to a political party.


Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 20:52:08Z No. 8976308


Ready for action, Sir.

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 20:52:09Z No. 8976309



Anonymous ID: 8b7a40 2020-04-30 20:52:17Z No. 8976310


ah, vomit…not the Witch again!!!!

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:52:17Z No. 8976311


Anonymous ID: 900db1 2020-04-30 20:52:19Z No. 8976312

"You didn't think… did you?"

We don't know what the fuck to think, Q.

Nothing much seems to be happening on the "winning" front so maybe just get the fuck on with it.

Anonymous ID: 5d83ce 2020-04-30 20:52:21Z No. 8976313


Walmart has openings for greeters.

Anonymous ID: 69f276 2020-04-30 20:52:22Z No. 8976314



Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 20:52:22Z No. 8976315


Big drop boss! They'll sneak in HRC?

They will fail in the end.

Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 20:52:23Z No. 8976316


so they'll run killary

3rd times a charm

Anonymous ID: d4290f 2020-04-30 20:52:23Z No. 8976317


Coastal Flood Warning Issued by NWS Baltimore/Washington (Washington D.C., Central Maryland, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia)

Message: NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-DC125F4777500C.CoastalFloodWarning.125F4BB18C00DC.LWXCFWLWX.0517c3aff6914e816a866cc1c4f85607 from [email protected]

Sent: 15:47 EDT on 04-30-2020

Effective: 20:00 EDT on 04-30-2020

Expires: 08:00 EDT on 05-01-2020

Event: Coastal Flood Warning






* WHAT…For the Coastal Flood Warning, up to one foot of

inundation above ground level expected in low lying areas due

to tidal flooding. For the Coastal Flood Advisory, one to two

feet of inundation above ground level in low lying areas due

to tidal flooding.

* WHERE…Shoreline in the District of Columbia.

* WHEN…For the Coastal Flood Warning, from 8 PM this evening

to 8 AM EDT Friday, especially around the time of high tide.

For the Coastal Flood Advisory, until 8 PM EDT this evening,

especially around the time of high tide.

* IMPACTS…The unprotected area on the Southwest Waterfront at

the DC Seafood Market is expected to flood. Water is expected to

approach parts of the Hains Point Loop Road, but it will likely

be closed. Shoreline inundation up to one foot above ground is

possible elsewhere.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Tides two to two and a half feet above

normal. The next high tide at Washington Channel is at 2:51 AM.

Instructions: Take the necessary actions to protect flood-prone property. If travel is required, do not drive around barricades or through water of unknown depth.

Target Area:

District of Columbia

Anonymous ID: 58b124 2020-04-30 20:52:30Z No. 8976318



Anonymous ID: 1b4d07 2020-04-30 20:52:35Z No. 8976319

Wtf???? The board is lightning fast today. What gives?

Anonymous ID: 750083 2020-04-30 20:52:36Z No. 8976320


Up to 200 Reservists [at any one time] have been called up to Active Duty for up to one year under Title 10 for "Enhanced Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere."

White House has notified Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate.

SOUTHCOM Enhanced Counter Narcotics Operations

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), located in Doral, Fla., is one of 11 unified Combatant Commands (COCOMs) in the Department of Defense.

SOUTHCOM is responsible for providing contingency planning, operations, and security cooperation in its assigned Area of Responsibility which includes: Central America. South America.

SOUTHCOM Enhanced Counter Narcotics Operations

U.S. Southern Command’s enhanced presence will support ongoing whole-of-government and internationally supported operations to reduce the availability of illicit drugs and save lives in the United States and throughout the region.

The intent is to reduce the flow of illicit drugs, degrade transnational criminal organizations, and increase interoperability with our partner nations and interagency partners.

The operation supports our objectives to degrade the capabilities of drug trafficking organizations, save lives, and directly support the National Drug Control Strategy.

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), located in Doral, Fla., is one of 11 unified Combatant Commands (COCOMs) in the Department of Defense.

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:52:41Z No. 8976321



Anonymous ID: 6fffc3 2020-04-30 20:52:44Z No. 8976322


Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 20:52:46Z No. 8976323


Anonymous ID: a6317d 2020-04-30 20:52:47Z No. 8976324


They are planning to put HRC back on the ballot in order to prevent from prosecution due to being a Presidential candidate?

Anonymous ID: 8ea5b0 2020-04-30 20:52:48Z No. 8976325


Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 20:52:49Z No. 8976326


so what are we doing to stop this? theyre all advancing hard on all fronts. im all for trusting the plan but its getting close to go time for us to take this into our own hands isnt it?

Anonymous ID: cd37cc 2020-04-30 20:52:54Z No. 8976327


Hey Q

Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 20:52:57Z No. 8976328


omg NO!

Anonymous ID: d4f9cc 2020-04-30 20:53:03Z No. 8976329

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:53:08Z No. 8976330


Virus is real, but pandemic is a hoax?

Anonymous ID: 22617f 2020-04-30 20:53:09Z No. 8976331








Q it looks like they need time to replace Joe Biden.

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 20:53:10Z No. 8976332


read globals

had hiccups but lookin gud now

Anonymous ID: dead55 2020-04-30 20:53:10Z No. 8976333



Anonymous ID: 13b7cd 2020-04-30 20:53:12Z No. 8976334


POTUS declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY after ALL 50 states had declared a state of emergency.

He HAD to wait for ALL states to declare a state of emergency, and when they did, he set the trap.

Remember the drop that reads, "Those who scream the loudest"?

POTUS asked the civilian population to self quarantine for 15 days at first.

Soon as he did that and the 15 days passed who was it still screaming to keep lock-downs in place….mainly NYC and other democrat governors, after all, THEY were the ones screaming the loudest, so he played along…more or less give them more rope to hang themselves with.

POTUS mentioned in one of his pressers that he was leaving it up to the governors to decide because each location was different and could be handled differently. In short, he let the governors do what they thought, (and I say thought because there were some that did do what was right and fair), what was right according to their own mind. Thing is, those governors didn't count on the people to stand up when they pushed to far.

Trap sprung!

NOW POTUS knows which governors to trust, and which ones to round up.

Anybody noticing how governors are starting to be a main topic of the media? Especially the ones that went for the strictest lock-downs, and how some are being ordered to explain the plan for lock-downs now.

State attorney general challenges governor over lockdown orders

Governor to close all beaches due to coronavirus: memo

Judicial Watch Sues California to Stop Governor Newsom’s Initiative to Provide $75 Million in Cash Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Coronavirus lockdown: New York, New Jersey residents losing patience with governors' reluctance to give firm dates for reopening

Now add this into the mix, from Pompeo and his meeting with the governors start at 3:20 and hear what Pompeo told those governors concerning the list that China has of them, all 50 of them, and how they have them catagorized. You'll be shocked.

Secretary Pompeo's Remarks to the NGA -

So stop bitching about your freedoms for a minute or two and look at the bigger 40,000 ft. view of what happened, and be happy that you can tell your grandkids how YOU actively played a roll in freeing our great nation once again from tyranny. Give yourselves a pat on the back for the moment, for your free beer will be en route before too much longer.

Anonymous ID: 834e1a 2020-04-30 20:53:13Z No. 8976335


Ya I think it's comped. I mean why wouldn't it be? Since when did they allow any big tech company to be free. If it's an opportunity to control our thoughts and track our behavior, then [THEY] took advantage of it. I use it anyhow, because what else are you going to do. It's not even that useful though. Hardly comparable to NSA tech.

Anonymous ID: ecb6b7 2020-04-30 20:53:15Z No. 8976336


We gave you our playbook when we started fren.

You just were not listening… … … … … ..

Sad actually.

Anonymous ID: 4b2502 2020-04-30 20:53:21Z No. 8976337


Oh Lawd. They really gonna put in Hilary as the ghost candidate?

Anonymous ID: c817ff 2020-04-30 20:53:28Z No. 8976338

Uh huh…

Standard operating procedure…

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:53:34Z No. 8976339

Baking class 7 pm ET tonight in /comms/

"We in there"

bakers, note-takers, newfags, oldfags

questions, comments, note-taking, shake-baking

All welcome, complimentary Fiji water.

Look for baking seminar #12, will post before class

Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 20:53:35Z No. 8976340

Now we know from Steele that it was Hillary Clinton herself who planted this hoax story about Alfa Bank-Trump Tower through her dossier contractor Steele & campaign lawyer Sussmann, and then she had nerve to Tweet it out (Slate's now-discredited story), acting as if it were news:

Anonymous ID: fda9bd 2020-04-30 20:53:36Z No. 8976341



or Duper's delight

in effect

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:53:36Z No. 8976342

The answer to all the "HOW DO YOUs" is the COVID19 hoax.

POTUS called this whole HOAX for nothing.

Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 20:53:38Z No. 8976343


mygawd she's The Thing That Wouldn't Go Away.

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:53:43Z No. 8976344




What will the October surprise hold this year?

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:53:45Z No. 8976345


Yeah, it'd be bad if they got away with it, wouldn't it? NG deployed and reserve assets called. Crowd control?

Anonymous ID: 17ed05 2020-04-30 20:53:45Z No. 8976346


Anonymous ID: acb308 2020-04-30 20:53:53Z No. 8976347


bring it down before it gets worse please?

Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 20:53:53Z No. 8976348

but will anything be done to stop it?

Anonymous ID: a53868 2020-04-30 20:53:55Z No. 8976349


China is Rothschilds' bitch.

Anonymous ID: c07e92 2020-04-30 20:53:56Z No. 8976350



Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:54:20Z No. 8976351


The answer to all the "HOW DO YOUs" is the COVID19 hoax.

POTUS called this whole COVID19 thing a HOAX for nothing.

Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 20:54:57Z No. 8976352


Moar importantly, How do WE put a stop to it?

Anonymous ID: 8f8d0a 2020-04-30 20:54:57Z No. 8976353


Good work

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 20:54:58Z No. 8976354


Q drop another leak like yesterday's SWC screenshot please, we're ready to dig

Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 20:54:59Z No. 8976355



Q, typo?

Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 20:54:59Z No. 8976356


Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:55:04Z No. 8976357


Anonymous ID: da42c7 2020-04-30 20:55:08Z No. 8976358



>8 Now to the unmarried[a] and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do. 9 But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 20:55:11Z No. 8976360

Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 20:55:12Z No. 8976359


We know it's all so. Then go ham on them. We can't. Well we can but it will be way messier. Pick some evil bastard and destroy them.

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:55:13Z No. 8976361


In all fairness, you don't know which "she", and Q left it open ended because it's likely they will pick based on fake polls to gauge public acceptance/disapproval.

Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 20:55:15Z No. 8976362


How do you stop it? You treat them as the enemies of the United States they are.

Who controls ROE?

Who swore oaths to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic?

Anonymous ID: b0c5c6 2020-04-30 20:55:16Z No. 8976363


Anonymous ID: 2b457a 2020-04-30 20:55:22Z No. 8976364



>Please for the love of God. Arrest HRC.


Anonymous ID: 25a8ca 2020-04-30 20:55:22Z No. 8976365


So do something.

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 20:55:27Z No. 8976366


>Define 'insurgency'.

"Insurgency is the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify or challenge political control of a region."

>How do you accomplish all of the above?

After the DS lost the power of the Presidency, after RussiaHoax, MuellerHoax and ImpeachmentHoax failed, now the DS was willing to destroy the US economy and kill millions of people to gain back power!


Anonymous ID: 9bc977 2020-04-30 20:55:29Z No. 8976367



Anonymous ID: 4d73c3 2020-04-30 20:55:30Z No. 8976368


Posted here on 4/27 first

Anonymous ID: 9b895d 2020-04-30 20:55:32Z No. 8976369


Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 20:55:34Z No. 8976370

Anonymous ID: 900db1 2020-04-30 20:55:35Z No. 8976371


Sounds like you don't have a plan to combat this.

Did you know this would happen?

People around the WORLD are locked in their homes because of the Democrat party?

You better make sure this is revealed.

You better fucking do something.

So sick of the losing.

There's going to be a depression and millions will die of starvation.


Anonymous ID: d4290f 2020-04-30 20:55:35Z No. 8976372


Anonymous ID: 762876 2020-04-30 20:55:35Z No. 8976373


Anonymous ID: 18946e 2020-04-30 20:55:36Z No. 8976374

Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2020.

Hey Q, that's cutting it pretty close don't ya think?

Anonymous ID: 5d83ce 2020-04-30 20:55:40Z No. 8976375


Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:55:41Z No. 8976376


>We gave you our playbook when we started fren.

2. Become incredulous and indignant

4. Use a straw man.

10. Associate opponent charges with old news.

20. False evidence

22. Manufacture a new truth

23. Create bigger distractions

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 20:55:41Z No. 8976377

Amazon drops After Projecting Shrinking Profits On Billions In Pandemic Costs

Amazon sales surged in the first three months of the year, as the coronavirus lockdown boosted demand for the firm's groceries, online market and cloud computing services.

Sales in the quarter jumped 26% year-on-year and the firm said they could rise another 28% in the next.

But the internet giant warned investors the gains won't translate into profits.

the black money permanently cut-off nigga?

It said it would spend roughly $4bn (£3.2bn) on coronavirus measures through June.

Q1 EPS of $5.01, missing estimates of $6.27

Q1 Net Sales of $75.5B, smashing estimates of $73.74B

Q1 AWS Net Sales of $10.22BN, missing estimates of $10.3BN, and up +2.7% Q/Q

Q1 Operating Income of $4.0BN, down from $4.4BN a year ago.

In other words, Amazon missed on the bottom line and AWS growth, but beat on revenue. But it wasn't Amazon's solid Q1 earnings that were the focus but rather its outlook that spooked investors, because while the company now expects solid revenue growth in Q2, the midline of its profit guidance (-$1.5BN to +1.5BN) was just $0.0, as the "guidance assumes approximately $4.0 billion of costs related to COVID-19."

Sales between $75.0 billion and $81.0 billion, or up 18% and 28% Y/Y, vs Ext of $77.93BN

Operating income (loss) is expected to be between $(1.5) billion and $1.5 billion, compared with $3.1 billion in second quarter 2019. This guidance assumes approximately $4.0 billion of costs related to COVID-19. Amazon now has a record 840K workers. In any case, after hitting an all time high just before earnings, the stock has since dropped some 5% after hours as investors digest the somewhat gloomy forecast.

That said, this is likely only temporary. As Bloomberg puts it, Amazon shares are falling, "but this is a smart move for Amazon from a public perception standpoint. The company has been under assault from some activist workers and unions who say it is skimping on worker protections and forcing people to risk their loves so customers can get patio umbrellas and other non-essential items during the lockdown."

Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 20:55:44Z No. 8976378


Q, my Hope was you in MI were going to stop all this BS?

Anonymous ID: 317462 2020-04-30 20:55:45Z No. 8976379


Hello Q! Fine day full of great stuff. Keep it coming! We Are Awake!!!

Anonymous ID: 1c986a 2020-04-30 20:55:45Z No. 8976380


Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:55:51Z No. 8976381

← TheDNCNomination is mine!

Anonymous ID: 16b788 2020-04-30 20:55:53Z No. 8976382


What/who gives Fauci the power to keep the country/world closed ?

Anonymous ID: c770fe 2020-04-30 20:55:54Z No. 8976383


She’s a 1980s horror franchise

Anonymous ID: f0eb94 2020-04-30 20:55:58Z No. 8976385


Just end this!!!

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 20:56:00Z No. 8976386


Good grief………………….

Anonymous ID: 208872 2020-04-30 20:56:08Z No. 8976387


With a “pandemic”

That’s treason.

Anonymous ID: 47e111 2020-04-30 20:56:09Z No. 8976388




Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 20:56:10Z No. 8976389


Do we really have to watch HRC run for President? Can't you pull the plug on that bitch by now?

Anonymous ID: 3c5f88 2020-04-30 20:56:10Z No. 8976390


Same here but board is still laggy

Anonymous ID: 42a469 2020-04-30 20:56:14Z No. 8976391


Time is on [their] side. Let's turn the tide.

Vision without action is just a dream!

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:56:16Z No. 8976392


Wow. It's almost like you are living a life by a fake book.

Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 20:56:18Z No. 8976393

or our we here to literally just "witness" all of this proceed unfettered

Anonymous ID: 9bc977 2020-04-30 20:56:19Z No. 8976394


missing 'public'

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:56:20Z No. 8976395


Covid19 Q!

We know.

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 20:56:20Z No. 8976397

law day morrow

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 20:56:21Z No. 8976396

The Witch returns for strike 3.>>8976284

Anonymous ID: af3332 2020-04-30 20:56:22Z No. 8976398

Ahem, faggots, since all the Q posting about flags, has anyone checked the U.N. yet? Are they up today? Sorry if I missed it, haven't been able to check in here much today

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 20:56:25Z No. 8976399




Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1656e4 2020-04-30 20:56:26Z No. 8976400


Control of the population [sheep]?

Control of the narrative?


Anonymous ID: 02395b 2020-04-30 20:56:29Z No. 8976401

>>8976284 Operation COVID-19

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:56:30Z No. 8976402



Anonymous ID: 285913 2020-04-30 20:56:33Z No. 8976403


If we know that [they] started Covid-19 for all the reasons stated, you sure would sway the rest of the country by releasing proof.

Anonymous ID: 5f24c6 2020-04-30 20:56:33Z No. 8976404


They think they can push is so close to the election there will be no time for Trump and Biden to have any debates.

Anonymous ID: a7a323 2020-04-30 20:56:34Z No. 8976405


And… there's a plan to expose this in the near future?

Anonymous ID: 6c99bd 2020-04-30 20:56:41Z No. 8976406


>How do you accomplish all of the above?

You don't.

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 20:56:41Z No. 8976407



Anonymous ID: 1d53e8 2020-04-30 20:56:47Z No. 8976408


This is bigger than just being target by taxes don’t you think? You apparently have not been on the boards long enough to see that there are much bigger and worse crimes that need taken care of first. That’s currently being dealt with. I’m sure they’ll get to the petty taxes later

Anonymous ID: 0228a4 2020-04-30 20:56:49Z No. 8976409


You accomplish all of above by distracting everyone as to the seriousness of this "plandemic" Look here, not there

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:56:49Z No. 8976410



Anonymous ID: 77f916 2020-04-30 20:56:50Z No. 8976411


It is back! It talked during the "Townhall" like it was the new hope to help fixing the shit!

Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 20:56:51Z No. 8976412


American—- should be American(s)

Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 20:56:52Z No. 8976413



A second -hand Lada.

A stalking homicidal girlfriend.

Chewing gum on your shoe.

Debt Collectors.

Telesales callers.

Indian 'Vindows' callers.

Nigerian 'Prince' e-mails.

Takeaway flyers.

All of these combined are easier to get rid of than Hilldawg.

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 20:56:55Z No. 8976414


pitchforks are being readyied

Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:56:55Z No. 8976415



Anonymous ID: f0eb94 2020-04-30 20:56:57Z No. 8976416


Just DO IT babe!

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:57:03Z No. 8976417


They're losing control.

Anonymous ID: 5c9bb5 2020-04-30 20:57:03Z No. 8976418


>How do you accomplish all of the above?

By being dirty rotten assholes, FUCK THEM UP Q.

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:57:04Z No. 8976419



Warren will not beat Trump in an election. Patriots will not allow the Dems to cheat. We have learned to fight for ourselves. Do the one thing we cannot do, bring justice to the wicked who run free. -Anons

Anonymous ID: 8c0190 2020-04-30 20:57:07Z No. 8976420


Anonymous ID: 3beabd 2020-04-30 20:57:09Z No. 8976421

They are going to publicly kill Biden after M.O. vp nomination

Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 20:57:10Z No. 8976422



Anonymous ID: fd0985 2020-04-30 20:57:12Z No. 8976423


Co-opt the media to justify it all/turn it into a popularity contest for the otherwise hopeless idiots…that's how. How do we stop it? What happens when the voters on the other side know and don't give a flying fuck? Is it all too late? Is there really a plan for if they (continue to) succeed?

Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 20:57:13Z No. 8976424


He had 4 fucking years to lock her up!

Anonymous ID: 504d81 2020-04-30 20:57:15Z No. 8976425


Please explain to our country about this Chyna Flu! I'm not wearing a damn sheep's mask but local & state [they] are going to fine people money & threaten jail time if we do not obey!

Anonymous ID: b69607 2020-04-30 20:57:15Z No. 8976426


>convince American

Americans? No ‘s’. On the move typo?

Anonymous ID: 27342e 2020-04-30 20:57:16Z No. 8976427

Timothy Klausitis developed DRONE GPS Technology - wife was dead in Joe's office. DIG MORE - his college professor patented his design.

DIG anons!

Timothy J. Klausutis - IEEE Xplore Author Details › author

Affiliation: Air Force Research Laboratory, USA. Publication Topics: Global Positioning System,aerospace computing,cameras,data handling,image sensors … : Bread Archive [Q Research General #3422: So …

…have a MASSIVE dig on her - Klausutis - her hisband was USAF and instrumental in developing the whirlybird mechanism for DRONES - designed it in college his professor stole the patent. DR KLAUSUTIS DISAPPEARED FRM THE RECORD. Timothy J Klausutis (1967-Unknown) - Find A Grave Memorial . › … › Okaloosa County …

Anonymous ID: ccbaef 2020-04-30 20:57:16Z No. 8976428


>Change of Batter coming?

Biden did not kill himself!

Anonymous ID: 78bb24 2020-04-30 20:57:22Z No. 8976429


>How do you keep people living in fear and isolation in order to accept the above?

You let a Deep State guy like Dr. Fauci get up there and run amok.


Anonymous ID: fda045 2020-04-30 20:57:24Z No. 8976430


Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:57:27Z No. 8976431


I wonder if there's any way to stop them?

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 20:57:30Z No. 8976432


Based reminder about pharaohs ruling over us slaves

Anonymous ID: a53868 2020-04-30 20:57:31Z No. 8976433


Answer: Lock Down the country.

I was sooo looking forward to Creepy Joe Biden debating President Trump.

Can't the debates still be held via video with the 2 candidates in different rooms?

Mail In Ballot Voting = Dems STEAL Nov. Election.


Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 20:57:41Z No. 8976435


Anonymous ID: b5528d 2020-04-30 20:57:42Z No. 8976436

Anonymous ID: a74a1c 2020-04-30 20:57:44Z No. 8976437


How can you expect us to believe this was only about the [D]..we wait another 2 years to find out?

Anonymous ID: 377710 2020-04-30 20:57:45Z No. 8976438


do you have jan. 2017?

Anonymous ID: d66da1 2020-04-30 20:57:46Z No. 8976439


It's Our Turn!

Anonymous ID: 237bc7 2020-04-30 20:57:48Z No. 8976440



Anonymous ID: 9765cc 2020-04-30 20:57:48Z No. 8976441

Anonymous ID: 129e84 2020-04-30 20:57:51Z No. 8976442


Muh Virus.

Anonymous ID: 208872 2020-04-30 20:57:52Z No. 8976443


Finish [theM]

Finish [theM ALL]

Anonymous ID: 9921a0 2020-04-30 20:57:56Z No. 8976444


They're scared!

Anonymous ID: 6fffc3 2020-04-30 20:57:57Z No. 8976445


Anonymous ID: eb38d2 2020-04-30 20:57:57Z No. 8976446

un still has a hold on them

Exclusive: Venezuela asks Bank of England to sell its gold to U.N. for coronavirus relief - sources

Corina Pons, Mayela Armas

5 Min Read

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela is asking the Bank of England to sell part of the South American nation’s gold reserves held in its coffers and send the proceeds to the United Nations to help with the country’s coronavirus-fighting efforts, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

FILE PHOTO: Medical workers take blood samples from a man for a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rapid test at a medical facility due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Caracas, Venezuela April 15, 2020. Picture taken April 15, 2020. REUTERS/Manaure Quintero

Venezuela for decades stored gold that makes up part of its central bank reserves in the vaults of foreign financial institutions including the Bank of England, which provides gold custodian services to many developing countries.

But the Bank of England has since 2018 refused to transfer the 31 tonnes of gold to the government of President Nicolas Maduro, whom Great Britain has refused to recognize as the country’s legitimate leader after his disputed 2018 re-election.

The effort signals that Maduro is desperately seeking financial resources around the world as the country’s economy struggles under low oil prices, crippling U.S. sanctions and a paralyzing coronavirus quarantine.

Consulted about the issue, the United Nations Development Programme said it “has been approached recently to explore mechanisms to use existing resources held by the Central Bank of Venezuela in financial institutions outside the country to fund the ongoing efforts to address the … the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It was not immediately evident how much gold Venezuela was asking the Bank of England to sell. At current market prices, Venezuelan gold on deposit at the Bank of England would be worth around $1.7 billion.

Venezuela’s information ministry and central bank did not respond to requests for comment.

The Bank of England said it does not comment on individual customer relationships.

Former U.N. aid chief Jan Egeland on Tuesday called for sanctions on Venezuela and other countries to be lifted and urged the release of Venezuelan funds in banks in Britain, the United States and Portugal.


Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 20:58:01Z No. 8976447

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 20:58:01Z No. 8976448

Anonymous ID: 47e111 2020-04-30 20:58:06Z No. 8976449


Anonymous ID: b8ccb5 2020-04-30 20:58:06Z No. 8976450


How do you shut this shit down, hoss?!!!

Anonymous ID: c07809 2020-04-30 20:58:10Z No. 8976451


Obviously [they] are using it for their evil purposes, but innocent people still died, and that’s a problem.

Yeah, I know…there’s always casualties in any war. But it still hurts if it was one of your family that didn’t survive the pandemic.

Anonymous ID: 2918f7 2020-04-30 20:58:10Z No. 8976452


Anonymous ID: 1b30fe 2020-04-30 20:58:12Z No. 8976453


>How do you accomplish all of the above?

Q you sit back and let it all happen… thanks

Anonymous ID: c07e92 2020-04-30 20:58:14Z No. 8976454


Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 20:58:22Z No. 8976455


News media blackout.

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 20:58:24Z No. 8976456

new Q

>>8976400 ————————————–——– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

Anonymous ID: b1824f 2020-04-30 20:58:24Z No. 8976457

>>8975590 (lb/pb)

>When this is finished a much bigger graphic will be needed.


OK! Try this!

Anonymous ID: f046db 2020-04-30 20:58:27Z No. 8976458



missed you buddy

Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 20:58:31Z No. 8976459


that was the other issue

pics not able to save, no Qpics for dough post

Anonymous ID: addd5c 2020-04-30 20:58:31Z No. 8976460



Now Q?

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 20:58:33Z No. 8976461



Anonymous ID: 6e6b21 2020-04-30 20:58:33Z No. 8976462


first one i made was january 2018

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 20:58:35Z No. 8976463


They have done the same w @Jack years ago

Anonymous ID: 4d73c3 2020-04-30 20:58:37Z No. 8976464



Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 20:58:37Z No. 8976465


The DeepState is desperate!

They want to keep the majority from realizing they are the majority.

Censorship and faking 'public opinion' is all they got left.

It. Won´t. Work.

Anonymous ID: 1b832a 2020-04-30 20:58:38Z No. 8976466


Thank you!

Anonymous ID: fda9bd 2020-04-30 20:58:39Z No. 8976467


chicken dinner, anon!

the american public has

always been missing in

their decisions.

Anonymous ID: e01b9b 2020-04-30 20:58:40Z No. 8976468



Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 20:58:43Z No. 8976469


Q, 2020 election safe? They steal this election and all bets off.

Anonymous ID: 750083 2020-04-30 20:58:45Z No. 8976470

Butch Cassidy No Rules Knife Fight


Anonymous ID: fac512 2020-04-30 20:58:49Z No. 8976471


True! But when President takes Questions it will be Crazy!

Anonymous ID: 5d83ce 2020-04-30 20:58:51Z No. 8976472


Switch hitter 😂😂😂😆😆😆😂😆😂😆

Big Mike

Anonymous ID: 0228a4 2020-04-30 20:58:52Z No. 8976473


He's in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous ID: 9c66fd 2020-04-30 20:59:04Z No. 8976474


Amplify it and rub our noses in this $#!+

She's the Vampire that won't die.

Anonymous ID: affc20 2020-04-30 20:59:06Z No. 8976475


Red pills are starting to work (McGowan). Bring the PAIN publicly on the treasonous perps and the awakening will accelerate.


Anonymous ID: 9bc977 2020-04-30 20:59:07Z No. 8976476



Anonymous ID: da42c7 2020-04-30 20:59:12Z No. 8976477


Yeah i know you are born to shill, its obvious. You gonna message me a 100 times like you did last time i pointed this out.

So dumb. so predictable. not even a qanon. you are a faganon

Anonymous ID: 4c2820 2020-04-30 20:59:15Z No. 8976478


Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 20:59:18Z No. 8976479


right. ive been trying to trust the plan for almost 3 years now and was super excited before all this lockdown shit started. this is getting out of control. you have gates and others wanting to chip us and have tracking apps on our phones, mail in voting, crashing economy, great depression level unemployment, etc… im still voting for POTUS but this is about to spill over in a bad way. and fuck all you bitches saying "shill" "leave if you dont like it" "patriots in control" "concern fag", etc… we are entering a PON and its looking like we dont have an answer except to spill into the streets./

Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 20:59:19Z No. 8976480





Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 20:59:25Z No. 8976481


Is it Hillary or Big Mike? I'm guessing Killery.

Anonymous ID: fb72ae 2020-04-30 20:59:26Z No. 8976482


That's great and all Q, but at this point some of us are ready to lock and load if this Gulag lock-down BS doesn't stop. It doesn't feel like we're winning when this Deep State FF scamdemic is this effective. If I hear one more idiot say "new normal" to this shit ….

Anonymous ID: 17ed05 2020-04-30 20:59:29Z No. 8976483

>>8976246 16:48:07

POTUS signals Q to post for anons


>>8976284 16:50:58

Q posts


Anonymous ID: 762876 2020-04-30 20:59:29Z No. 8976484


Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 20:59:29Z No. 8976485


Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 20:59:30Z No. 8976486


Anonymous ID: 1b832a 2020-04-30 20:59:31Z No. 8976487


Dunno, but Manafort op doesn't have a match to it, either, and they had a FISA on him. And not Crossfire, so, kind of odd.

Anonymous ID: 958422 2020-04-30 20:59:35Z No. 8976488


O7, sir.

Anonymous ID: f9e88f 2020-04-30 20:59:36Z No. 8976489



Anonymous ID: cd37cc 2020-04-30 20:59:36Z No. 8976490


Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 20:59:40Z No. 8976491


but I thought we had it all?

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 20:59:40Z No. 8976492

Anonymous ID: 3809c9 2020-04-30 20:59:41Z No. 8976493


Screw up & give me my SBA loan and I will build a Tiny town for Veterans ! 1322

Anonymous ID: 490378 2020-04-30 20:59:41Z No. 8976494


…no more.

Anonymous ID: cc4374 2020-04-30 20:59:43Z No. 8976495


Um… ah….A virus?

Anonymous ID: 8f8d0a 2020-04-30 20:59:43Z No. 8976496


>I believe there could be a connection between posts with similar groupings of Period count (pic related)

Neat idea. Possible. I have a similar theory that posts sharing certain keywords are connected, and specifically that if you were to combine the bracketed text therein a deeper message would emerge. Kind of like how we sometimes take bracket text within a single post, like [p][r][a][y]. Wonder what you think?

Anonymous ID: 77f916 2020-04-30 20:59:44Z No. 8976497


Good to be here! The board is running fast today!

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 20:59:44Z No. 8976498

MGM shares fall after revenue hurt by shuttered casinos, travel restrictions due to chinavirus pandemic

MGM Resorts International Inc. MGM, -3.60% shares dropped 1.8% in the extended session as the casino operator reported revenue and earnings Thursday hurt by casino closures and travel restrictions at its flagship properties in Asia and the U.S. MGM reported first-quarter net income of $806.9 million, or $1.64 a share, compared with $31.3 million, or 5 cents a share, in the year-ago period. But the company's fattened bottom line was, in large part, due to its real estate of the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay resorts in Las Vegas. Adjusted for that sale, among other things, losses were 45 cents a share versus earnings of 14 cents a share in the year-ago period. Hurt by shut-down operations in Macau and Las Vegas, among other places, and travel restrictions revenue fell to $2.25 billion from $3.18 billion in the year-ago period. Analysts surveyed by FactSet had estimated adjusted losses of 15 cents a share on revenue of $2.45 billion. MGM said it temporarily has reduced its dividend to a penny a share that will be paid out on an annual basis but will pay out a last quarterly dividend of $0.0025 per share on June 15. The company said it has roughly $7 billion in cash after a recent debt issue. The sale of the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay real estate was similar to the sale of its flagship Bellagio casino in Las Vegas last year. MGM stock has fallen 36.8% in the past year, with the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.92% falling 0.2%.

Anonymous ID: f276af 2020-04-30 20:59:44Z No. 8976499


Anonymous ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 20:59:47Z No. 8976500

Great, more obvious observations from the DO NOTHING Q. You know everything, have all the evidence, but couldn't arrest a punk smoking a Swisher Sweets.

Anonymous ID: 7a3534 2020-04-30 20:59:49Z No. 8976501


the whca believes it has authority over seating in their dumpy press briefing hallway corridor and swimming pool, and they've weaponized it against the President from communicating most effectively with citizens and voters.

By moving all press briefings to other locations and seating his guests and attendants in key locations, he has defeated them at their own silly game. And while doing so, he's upgraded the optics with grander and more finished venues.

It's time to run a sledge hammer through the West Wing corridor and return it to a hallway. Or swimming pool. Could be done in a weekend.

Reclaim the space do the President doesn't have to walk outside in the winter or the rain to get to his office. A pretty stupid setup currently.

Reporters, and particularly foreign influenced reporters, should not be offices two rooms from the President, based on simple natsec grounds.

Anonymous ID: 0de46a 2020-04-30 20:59:52Z No. 8976502


They are using the US Insurgency playbook against the USA.

One problem, they need consent of the people to succeed

Now is the time to blow this thing out of the water

By demonstrating that the people's consent is with Trump.

Not the Dems

Anonymous ID: 834e1a 2020-04-30 20:59:52Z No. 8976503


Anonymous ID: aaec6a 2020-04-30 21:00:00Z No. 8976504

>>8976400 never be a sheep

Anonymous ID: e66e32 2020-04-30 21:00:01Z No. 8976505

>>8975599 ob

All I see is a big


Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:00:06Z No. 8976506


Anonymous ID: 3a630f 2020-04-30 21:00:08Z No. 8976507




Anonymous ID: 1b30fe 2020-04-30 21:00:10Z No. 8976508


>Control of the population [sheep]?

>Control of the narrative?


We are being Fucked Over Worldwide not just the USA

Anonymous ID: ca8739 2020-04-30 21:00:11Z No. 8976509


Put her in fucking JAIL, Q. Do NOT put us through this!!!

Anonymous ID: 317462 2020-04-30 21:00:12Z No. 8976510


They are in panic mode. What can we do to help clam their fears?

Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 21:00:13Z No. 8976511

because its starting to look like this is the last gasp of truth via backchannel before they take back control forever

i mean, id rather die knowing the truth than believing a lie, so im grateful

but that does change the equation substantially nonetheless

Anonymous ID: 9b895d 2020-04-30 21:00:15Z No. 8976512

Anonymous ID: 7177a7 2020-04-30 21:00:15Z No. 8976513

Deranged libs are calling for the Michigan protestors (chanting 'Locker Her Up!' about their socialist governor Whitmer) to be 'arrested as right wing domestic terrorists'

They are outraged that white people are daring to stand up for themselves

They see the writing on the wall, that other whites will see what they are doing and follow suit

The Left is scared shitless

Just look at their discussion forum at

"Time they start incarcerating these armed white wing terrorists." etc. etc.

Anonymous ID: 4c9222 2020-04-30 21:00:17Z No. 8976514


That could require a crisis… Fauci's virus and Baal Gates vaccine.

Anonymous ID: 264cf6 2020-04-30 21:00:17Z No. 8976515


Anonymous ID: 2b457a 2020-04-30 21:00:18Z No. 8976516


We've hit saturation point Q. Many are waking up.

Anonymous ID: 9bc977 2020-04-30 21:00:18Z No. 8976517


Anonymous ID: ca0cc0 2020-04-30 21:00:19Z No. 8976518


Some of us know….And have been saying it for years….Welcome to the real world…

Anonymous ID: 25b647 2020-04-30 21:00:20Z No. 8976519


Q, how do wecounterall of thse things in time to prevent the [D] from retaking control?

Anonymous ID: e3692d 2020-04-30 21:00:21Z No. 8976520

>>8975487, >>8975513, PapaD (twatt) “ unredact to see how far corruption goes”

>>8975523 Tom Fitton (twatt) new emails show comms from Pentagon to James Baker

>>8975510 DiGenova “these people are SICK!”

>>8975578 We're taking May Day away from the Marxists.

>>8975576 CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for MS Win developed by Smilegate Entertainment.

>>8975460, >>8975467, >>8975584 Typhoon is PapaD

>>8975459, >>8975523 Huber on Baker at ONA


>>8975417 Strzok Hit!


Golly guys they are so fucked, and I mean fucked, it makes me giddy and just freaking grinning, it goes all the way to the Top=

The best time of my life ever! No theories anymore, just despicable conspiracies, ALL of them!

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:00:23Z No. 8976521


then show us some results Q. this is getting ridiculous

Anonymous ID: cc0f21 2020-04-30 21:00:26Z No. 8976522


Anonymous ID: d4290f 2020-04-30 21:00:26Z No. 8976523


Anonymous ID: 9d669d 2020-04-30 21:00:27Z No. 8976524


>How do you accomplish all of the above.

Why, you enlist and double down with your propaganda arm, all of MEDIA, of course. I

Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 21:00:28Z No. 8976525

Big Mike isn't eligible for running because of residency periods, or at least that's what I thought. That's aside from the obvious.

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 21:00:29Z No. 8976526



>He's in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:00:30Z No. 8976527



Anonymous ID: b51d96 2020-04-30 21:00:32Z No. 8976528

We are ready to be set free from [Their] control.

Anonymous ID: cc4e62 2020-04-30 21:00:33Z No. 8976529


(They) are closing down the Subways tonight in NY. Maybe mil. Ops??

Anonymous ID: 4936aa 2020-04-30 21:00:36Z No. 8976530


STILL think big d*ck MIKE will be the reveal…

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 21:00:39Z No. 8976531


Anonymous ID: 0228a4 2020-04-30 21:00:41Z No. 8976532

President on now

Anonymous ID: 762876 2020-04-30 21:00:44Z No. 8976533


Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 21:00:45Z No. 8976534


Well, ANYTIME you guys wanna step in and do something would be Great!

Anonymous ID: b1485c 2020-04-30 21:00:47Z No. 8976535


Back in my day, "narrative" applied mainly to fiction; sometimes nonfiction as in biographies, but mainly…FICTION.

Anonymous ID: 238e24 2020-04-30 21:00:48Z No. 8976536


Well if it is a she it must be Killary.

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:00:52Z No. 8976537


They are openly pushing Chinease interests and propaganda now!

Anonymous ID: 097665 2020-04-30 21:00:54Z No. 8976538


Bless you Q!

Bless Potus and Patriots!

Storm feels Near, Like it will be Upon us SOON.

Anonymous ID: 02395b 2020-04-30 21:00:57Z No. 8976539


More and more people awake Q. Today I redpilled my Psych. He was a real live-long socialist. Not anymore! I turned the table. Feeling Good!


Love you all

Anonymous ID: 6a175c 2020-04-30 21:00:57Z No. 8976540


I'm done complying with these asinine orders in California. Either save us from the bullshit or we use force to take back our states. There is no more waiting around for things to happen anymore.

Anonymous ID: 721b1a 2020-04-30 21:00:58Z No. 8976541


not much of a challenge to figure this one out. Big Mike is ineligible to run.

Anonymous ID: 1c2262 2020-04-30 21:00:59Z No. 8976542


Let’s do this

Anonymous ID: fac512 2020-04-30 21:01:02Z No. 8976543


Global Lies! Indoctrination through Schools! Mockingbird Media!

Anonymous ID: 56aae6 2020-04-30 21:01:02Z No. 8976544

Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:01:05Z No. 8976545



Anonymous ID: 174743 2020-04-30 21:01:08Z No. 8976546

Following Hillary Clinton endorsement, where's Bill?

April 30, 2020 02:48 PM

Former Vice President Joe Biden has earned the endorsement of his former boss and the last two-term Democratic president, Barack Obama, along with the party's failed 2016 nominee, Hillary Clinton.

One Democratic luminary, however, is conspicuously absent from Biden's endorsement list: former President Bill Clinton.

While endorsement by Hillary Clinton's husband, president from 1993-2001, is still possible, Bill Clinton's relative silence today reflects changing circumstances in the Democratic coalition. Acquitted by the Senate in his 1999 impeachment trial over perjury and obstruction of justice charges in the Monica Lewinsky affair, Bill Clinton years later has become a pariah figure in some Democratic quarters. And comparisons with Biden's sexual assault allegations, by former Senate staff member Tara Reade, make a public appearance by the former president particularly uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady defeated by President Trump in 2016, recently offered effusive praise for Biden, who was vice president for eight years after 36 years as a Delaware senator.

“I’ve not only been a colleague of Joe Biden's, I’ve been a friend, and I can tell you that I wish he were president right now, but I can’t wait until he is if all of us do our part," she said Tuesday in a livestream with Biden.

Earlier this month, Obama announced his support for Biden as well, shortly after Sen. Bernie Sanders said he was ending his campaign. Questions about Obama's endorsement lingered throughout the entire primary, but following Biden's South Carolina win, he worked behind the scenes to consolidate former 2020 Democratic rivals such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to back Biden.

Bill Clinton has largely avoided having to make difficult choices in the last few presidential cycles, backing his wife in 2016 and in 2008. In 2012, he gave the headliner speech at the Democratic National Convention, officially nominating Obama for reelection.

In 2004, the Democratic nomination wrapped up relatively early, with John Kerry winning 52 contests. Although recovering from heart surgery, Clinton lent his support to Kerry in press releases and interviews.

Jimmy Carter, the oldest surviving Democratic president, has stopped short of endorsing any candidate but has given veiled criticisms of Biden's campaign. In September 2019, he said he would have been "too old" to be president at 80 — the age Biden would be in his first term.

In 2017, Carter revealed that he voted for Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary. But Carter's 1977-1981 presidency is part of a distant past for many voters, while Bill Clinton, for many, represented a "third way" brand of center-left politics that was supposed to endure in popularity for decades.

"Carter is an unpopular and failed president, do you want to be associated with him? I think there’s some of that with Clinton, you have the issue with his impeachment, but he leads his office very popular," said presidential historian Barbara Perry, who has done extensive work on presidential endorsements. "He’s popular, but in recent times because of the #MeToo movement, there are those issues."

Perry, a scholar at the University of Virginia's Miller Center, said Bill Clinton's drawbacks as a surrogate had lingered since 2000, when his vice president, Al Gore, sought as the Democratic nominee to distance himself from the president in the wake of impeachment.

Although the mark of impeachment on his legacy still remains, much of Clinton's absence is likely due to the massive culture changes surrounding allegations of sexual assault, including the most recent one lobbied against Biden by Reade.

None of that is to say Clinton won't ever return to the campaign trail, particularly since he and Biden occupy similar wings of the party ideologically. And the pair have a long history. During Clinton's first two years as president, Biden, as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, shepherded through the confirmation of two Supreme Court nominees, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Steven Breyer. And Biden fought for passage of the Clinton administration's crime bill, which ultimately became law.

Bill Clinton's backing could still help Biden, said Democratic strategist Scott Ferson.

"There’s no one with better political timing. Hillary didn’t get much play" in her announcement video for Biden, Ferson told the Washington Examiner. "As a former president, I think there’s a time for him to critique Trump, but after we get through this [health crisis]."

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:01:09Z No. 8976547


No Warren. She is the only one they think can hold up to investigation.

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 21:01:09Z No. 8976548



Anonymous ID: a8b27c 2020-04-30 21:01:18Z No. 8976549


Hello sir, please just flood the media, the courts, the channels, the EMS with the truth all of it…its TIME for it all to be revealed……you have said that WE ARE READY, well with all due respect, ARE YOU READY? With you 100% will back you and POTUS and all patriots, we have reached numbers that can make a change for the future but the TRUTH most be revealed, not all at once but a doozy needs to be disclosed first and foremost….

I leave that to you and the professionals…

Much love and respect, be safe, take care of the first family…..WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: ad1236 2020-04-30 21:01:19Z No. 8976550

>>8975830 (pb)

(satanic ritual calendar focusing on May 1)

Huh. I wonder if the CoronaVirus worldwide shutdown is to prevent Satanic gatherings, thus reducing their cumulative power. They'll be preventing Initiation Night, a Fertility festival and a Grand Climax alone on May 1.

I can't imagine all gatherings of those types will be prevented, but imagine that say 30 or 50 or 70% of that power has been reduced?

And for the non satanic types, preventing face-to-face communication on the beach (ie. too much white noise to mask remote monitoring) is also reducing their power by blocking another channel of planning or status reporting.

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 21:01:19Z No. 8976551



Anonymous ID: a8ce8b 2020-04-30 21:01:23Z No. 8976552


Grab some posts, make a graphic. Show us anons what you're actually thinking with some visual examples

Anonymous ID: 855cba 2020-04-30 21:01:25Z No. 8976553

Anonymous ID: 1b30fe 2020-04-30 21:01:28Z No. 8976554


>Control of the population [sheep]?

>Control of the narrative

ZERO Control

Anonymous ID: 0f0475 2020-04-30 21:01:33Z No. 8976555


we are sheeps, we are black sheeps

Anonymous ID: cc0f21 2020-04-30 21:01:34Z No. 8976556


Anonymous ID: d3aba3 2020-04-30 21:01:37Z No. 8976557








Q CoronaVirus is a FF by China and the democrats.

Anonymous ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 21:01:38Z No. 8976558


Q wants you to think they're in panic mode. Truth? They know they're winning and that Q is a load of horseshit that will keep the masses occupied while they take over the world. You're being duped.

Anonymous ID: 47ae00 2020-04-30 21:01:40Z No. 8976559


Anonymous ID: e199cc 2020-04-30 21:01:44Z No. 8976560

Anonymous ID: fda045 2020-04-30 21:01:45Z No. 8976561


All will be ( dead ) broke before 2022

Anonymous ID: 4547d9 2020-04-30 21:01:49Z No. 8976562



>Operation COVID-19

Operation Crossfire Virus

==Operation Crossfire Bats=

Anonymous ID: 561f22 2020-04-30 21:01:49Z No. 8976563

POTUS always playing rope a dope when it comes to Flynn and the press

Anonymous ID: 6ed948 2020-04-30 21:01:52Z No. 8976564


Draining the mother fucking swamp



Anonymous ID: 0687f8 2020-04-30 21:01:53Z No. 8976565


That's why [THEY] are so active on social media of late. The minions are trolling HARD. They want the narrative set.

Anonymous ID: f9dbf5 2020-04-30 21:01:56Z No. 8976566


Ron Paul I believe, though not as the nominee.




Anonymous ID: fc0a55 2020-04-30 21:02:02Z No. 8976567


saw this days ago ~ SICK!


Anonymous ID: 5d83ce 2020-04-30 21:02:03Z No. 8976568

Q have an iPhone 7+ in otherwise good condition w updates and all.. sometimes like someone has control of it. Are there known software exploits habbening right now on/with carriers that are making it harder to share content? The “all weapons deployed” angle of attack?

Anonymous ID: 4c28a4 2020-04-30 21:02:13Z No. 8976569

anyone understand the $ 600 dollars for the unemployed by POTUS ?

sanctuary city state says go through unemployment

unemployment gives $0 dollars ?

City State have a stay at home order not allowing be to make a living

Hoping Q+ would describe this $600 for next WH presser

though I was not laid off I am looking for work then how can the state city deny my right to work without any compensation ?

Anonymous ID: da50aa 2020-04-30 21:02:20Z No. 8976570


Top Kek, Anon.

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 21:02:21Z No. 8976571


That looks about right anon. Let's not forget the pseudo journalist who co-conspired.

Anonymous ID: 2fa811 2020-04-30 21:02:27Z No. 8976572


Remember Q 2020 election is safe

Anonymous ID: 13b7cd 2020-04-30 21:02:28Z No. 8976573



Simple, get the indictments and start making those arrests we have been waiting for.

DECLAS should be right around the corner, and supposedly all hell will break lose then.

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:02:38Z No. 8976574


>No Warren. She is the only one they think can hold up to investigation.

Anonymous ID: 2f6d2e 2020-04-30 21:02:41Z No. 8976575


Fauci gave 3.7 mill to corona virus increase of use research in Wuhan.

Was even reported in newsweek. Covid19 was weaponized by China and the media and dems are being paid off to spread fear and to hurt the economy and to stop Trumps re-election. This is an attempted Chinese takeover

Anonymous ID: be3f5b 2020-04-30 21:02:53Z No. 8976576


Anonymous ID: 63582e 2020-04-30 21:02:56Z No. 8976577

Q = Trust Wray ….

Don't you think Wray was told to hold some info till the right time …. ???

To me it seems he is part of the plan

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 21:03:02Z No. 8976578



Anonymous ID: b0c5c6 2020-04-30 21:03:03Z No. 8976579


Anonymous ID: a7a323 2020-04-30 21:03:04Z No. 8976580

"I would consider it."

POTUS on rehiring Flynn

Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 21:03:05Z No. 8976581

Leading Cancer Treatment Center Admits to Antitrust Crime and Agrees to Pay $100 Million Criminal Penalty

Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute LLC (FCS), an oncology group headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, was charged with conspiring to allocate medical and radiation oncology treatments for cancer patients in Southwest Florida, the Department of Justice announced. This charge is the first in the department’s ongoing investigation into market allocation in the oncology industry…

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:03:08Z No. 8976582


yep just blindly follow when everything is collapsing around us. sure not a sheep

Anonymous ID: 9711ac 2020-04-30 21:03:08Z No. 8976583



Anonymous ID: b87da6 2020-04-30 21:03:11Z No. 8976584


Anonymous ID: 9765cc 2020-04-30 21:03:14Z No. 8976585

Anonymous ID: 4936aa 2020-04-30 21:03:20Z No. 8976586


How do you resolve the problem permanently?

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:03:23Z No. 8976587


Not on our watch. Their plans will fail.

Trump 2020!

Anonymous ID: 9122de 2020-04-30 21:03:24Z No. 8976588

POTUS saying he'd consider bringing Flynn back

Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:03:24Z No. 8976589



I have always called myself that since I can remember.

The Black Sheep of my family.

Was treated like the "red-headed stepchild" eventually, so for years, I dyed my hair read.

I only stopped because I got lazy

Anonymous ID: e67cd1 2020-04-30 21:03:33Z No. 8976590



Anonymous ID: 187dcf 2020-04-30 21:03:42Z No. 8976591

Anonymous ID: d8d1ff 2020-04-30 21:03:45Z No. 8976592


Flynn 2024

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:03:51Z No. 8976593


>No Warren. She is the only one they think can hold up to investigation.


>No Warren. She is the only one they think can hold up to investigation.


>No Warren. She is the only one they think can hold up to investigation.

Forgot to attach image.


K. Harris

M. Obama - Which gives them a 2 fold victory, they win and put a tranny in the WH again

Anonymous ID: ca0c47 2020-04-30 21:03:53Z No. 8976594


older as in not protected by right-to-work law

don't be an ass-hat, our you WILL be a greeter one day

Anonymous ID: c6a050 2020-04-30 21:03:53Z No. 8976595

Trump: "Certainly he [Flynn] would be capable of coming back."

Anonymous ID: a07d94 2020-04-30 21:03:54Z No. 8976596


I know how they accomplish it. I want to know how to stop it

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 21:03:56Z No. 8976597

Switzerland role in all the bad shit that happened to humanity for centuries?

->Base of the devil

skip to 15 minutes if you want

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 21:03:58Z No. 8976598

AF2 VIP east from Indiana

Vice President Pence Comments to Reporters at General Motors Plant in Indiana

Vice President Mike Pence speaks to reporters after visiting the General Motors plant in Kokomo, Indiana. Topics include China’s responsibility in the coronavirus pandemic and whether Michael Flynn should be pardoned.

Anonymous ID: c817ff 2020-04-30 21:04:00Z No. 8976599

Anonymous ID: c07809 2020-04-30 21:04:02Z No. 8976600


Possibly…very possible.

Anonymous ID: 139800 2020-04-30 21:04:03Z No. 8976601


Exactly I feel like he's basically walking us along this shitshow and not telling us how he's going to solve it. I'm the laughingstock of my family

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 21:04:03Z No. 8976602

It's time!

Anonymous ID: fc0a55 2020-04-30 21:04:04Z No. 8976603

>>8975862 pb



Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 21:04:05Z No. 8976604


think that will stop them? hahahahaha

Anonymous ID: c07e92 2020-04-30 21:04:11Z No. 8976605


i hope so!

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 21:04:15Z No. 8976606

POTUS just said "I would consider bringing Gen. Flynn back into the administration" during Presser. FakeNews head exploding!

Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 21:04:16Z No. 8976607



Anonymous ID: 347e24 2020-04-30 21:04:17Z No. 8976608

POTUS addressing the Flynn case now

said he would consider bringing Flynn back into the administration

Anonymous ID: f80847 2020-04-30 21:04:19Z No. 8976609


['insurt' them where you need them and squeeze]

swamp creatures, traitors, treason

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 21:04:19Z No. 8976610

New Qs

>>8976400 ————————————–——– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

>>8976284 ————————————–——– How do you accomplish all of the above? (Cap: )

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1656e4 2020-04-30 21:04:19Z No. 8976611

Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?


Seth Rich internal DL hand-to-hand pass USA?

Crowdstrike code insert?

If FBI [CHAIN OF COMMAND] was corrupt what other investigations were corrupted?




Anonymous ID: b75657 2020-04-30 21:04:19Z No. 8976613


We willwin

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:04:20Z No. 8976612



Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 21:04:22Z No. 8976614


Okay. Now………….GTFO Shit for Brains.

Anonymous ID: c770fe 2020-04-30 21:04:22Z No. 8976615


Are you guys going to take action, or should we ask the Ayyyys to step in?

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 21:04:28Z No. 8976616



That's so Raven Orlando Brown:

Will Smith Raped Me

Now I am kind of nuts and a drug user

Disney ruins kids forever

sets them up for abuse by other stars and any payers?

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:04:36Z No. 8976617


he is part of the plan.

some things need to be uncovered organically to make a change that lasts.

Anonymous ID: 721b1a 2020-04-30 21:04:43Z No. 8976618


the tranny is not eligible FFS. This has been pointed out MANY times here.

Anonymous ID: 8f8d0a 2020-04-30 21:04:44Z No. 8976619



Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 21:04:45Z No. 8976620

Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:04:46Z No. 8976621

BREAKING: Joe Biden will appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe Friday to address sexual assault allegations

Tomorrow should be fun!

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 21:04:48Z No. 8976622


Anonymous ID: 561f22 2020-04-30 21:04:50Z No. 8976623


Flynn coming back and runs as Dem nom. 10,000 D Chess

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:04:55Z No. 8976624


check'd again

Anonymous ID: 1fa55c 2020-04-30 21:04:56Z No. 8976625


be a GREAT time for Bill to pass on….

right after she is slotted into the nomination due to sleepy joe having a seizure or similar….

garner sooo much sympathy vote…

never forget she is and has always been a psychopathic liar - from her earliest days - she's really good with her lies and deflections….

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 21:04:59Z No. 8976626


>Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 1656e4 2020-04-30 21:05:01Z No. 8976627


Error 'was' x2.

On the move.


Anonymous ID: 8fc18f 2020-04-30 21:05:02Z No. 8976628


Q, I want to help.

Anonymous ID: d05696 2020-04-30 21:05:03Z No. 8976629



1. the state or condition of being insurgent.

2. rebellion against an existing government by a group not recognized as a belligerent.

3. rebellion within a group, as by members against leaders.

Anonymous ID: 6a1a0c 2020-04-30 21:05:03Z No. 8976630


Deep Breath. I think it's time to pull this out again. Keep your eyes on your instruments, Anons. We're going in!

As I've watched the various sincere anons temporarily move into concernfag territory - and I'm not convinced even the toughest among us is immune as things continue to go hotter - it got me to thinking about the pilot flying through a storm and the spatial disorientation that can affect even the most seasoned. Spatial disorientation or "Spatial-D" is the inability to determine one's position, location, and motion relative to their environment. This most commonly occurs after a reference point (e.g., the horizon) has been lost. Spatial-D' by aviators occurs when aircrew's sensory interpretation of their position or motion conflicts with reality. Spatial D can also affect instrument-rated pilots in certain conditions. A powerful tumbling sensation can be set up if the pilot moves his or her head too much during instrument flight. This is called the Coriolis illusion.If the pilot is not proficient in the use of gyroscopic flight instruments, these errors will build up to a point that control of the aircraft is lost, usually in a steep, diving turn known as a graveyard spiral.

Borrowing this phenomenon as an analogy, Anons entering the "storm" can experience something similar. For three years, we've been in training, gliding along, learning to fly with Q as our point of reference or horizon. Along the way, we've learned the instruments we will need for when we can't see our horizon - the drops and the playing out of "future proves past" Q-proofs (our gyroscopic flight instruments).

So here we are - we've entered the building storm. We're flying through thick clouds and our point of reference (Q) is obscured. We're being hit with a dizzying array of sensory input. Pandemic! Stock market crash! Super volcano! EarthQuake! EMP! It goes on. It's all happening so fast, if we're not careful our heads can swivel rapidly from OMG to OMG (instead of focusing on the gyroscope) and we can become disoriented. feeling like we are in a nosedive to disaster and must change courses But our training has taught us us well that we can't trust our senses. Our instruments - the continuing Q-proofs playing out almost hourly - consistently tell us we are exactly on course with our flight plan. Though it might not feel or look like it, we are in control. Stay the course, Anons!


Anonymous ID: d802d4 2020-04-30 21:05:05Z No. 8976631


Hilllary Clinton

Anonymous ID: 4a6126 2020-04-30 21:05:06Z No. 8976632


Whether or not there is a virus is irrelevant.

Allow me to ask, though, how it is you know there is a virus?

How did the first battery of tests work? What is reverse transcriptase? Were the kits contaminated?

How did the second battery of tests work? What are antigens and antibodies? How do we know a chosen range of antibodies is specific to a virus?

… What causes the symptoms of an infection?

What are cytokines?

What is their role in symptom expression and immune response?

Whether or not there is a virus… Or perhaps viruses don't work how we think they do at all (what is an exosome?)… And the picture is more complex.

In any event, all that was important is that perception is reality. Perception will be acted upon as though it is reality, and in this way behavior can be sculpted.

And at such a point - even if the truth was that there wasn't a virus (or that it was some other mechanism at play) - then how would the President or even the military have the authority to overturn doctors and media in the minds of the public?

But now all of our home loans are owned by the federal reserve, so I guess it would be no harm if we were to print ourselves out of debt at least in that regard, so bring on the helicopter "money" I suppose… I'm not going to pretend to have a full command over the economic chaos unfolding - particularly the insanity of futures and derivatives to begin with and how that is going to come crashing down. They are things that shouldn't exist - so I don't really mind their end, but to believe it is all without consequence is silly.

Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 21:05:10Z No. 8976633



Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 21:05:10Z No. 8976634


Anonymous ID: 1b30fe 2020-04-30 21:05:15Z No. 8976635


>Control of the population [sheep]?

Anonymous ID: e66e32 2020-04-30 21:05:21Z No. 8976636



>How do you ensure a Rep. Victory?

>Let her accept the nom and drop the video.

>Too Toxic … death of the Dem party.


>softly softly catchee monkee

Anonymous ID: c07809 2020-04-30 21:05:24Z No. 8976637


Gonna guess 1963???

Anonymous ID: 208872 2020-04-30 21:05:26Z No. 8976638


Anonymous ID: 2f0bb8 2020-04-30 21:05:29Z No. 8976639


these traitors need to be perp walked. any of us would have been hauled before a judge already.

Anonymous ID: 27342e 2020-04-30 21:05:33Z No. 8976640

Keith Ranieri applied for a patent to Remote Control flying craft

Keith Raniere Inventions, Patents and Patent … - Justia

Keith Raniere has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Anonymous ID: 3c5f88 2020-04-30 21:05:34Z No. 8976641


the shut down is near

Anonymous ID: b87da6 2020-04-30 21:05:34Z No. 8976642


Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 21:05:36Z No. 8976643


Was the DNC WAS?

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 21:05:36Z No. 8976644



That's so Raven Orlando Brown:

Will Smith Raped Me

Now I am kind of nuts and a drug user

Disney ruins kids forever

sets them up for abuse by other stars and any payers?

Anonymous ID: 66ebde 2020-04-30 21:05:40Z No. 8976645

So my family was burned alive right in front of me and then I was shot in the head. Interesting.

Can't make a deal with someone that never existed.

I should put that in a book.

Anonymous ID: 45f16e 2020-04-30 21:05:41Z No. 8976646


Cure and effective treatments and preventive measures are available. FEAR NO MORE

For dems: Remdesivir and vaccine

For patriots: Hydroxycholoroquine


Anonymous ID: 8fba78 2020-04-30 21:05:42Z No. 8976647


I've noticed about Twitter these past few weeks that there's been many many MANY instances of trending hashtags for things WE like, and then I click on them and notice that they're filled with blue checkmarks crying "why is this hashtag a trending?!?!"

It's as if they've lost so much control that they can't even pretend certain things aren't trending, and have to instead feebily attempt to hijack the hashtag to cry about how bad the subject is.

Today I've seen "Fire Chris Hayes" for example. Blue checkmarks crying about how he's doing such a great job and anyone who wants him fired is anti-journalism, etc etc etc

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 21:05:46Z No. 8976648


next new Q

>>8976611 ————————————–——– HOW FAR BACK DID IT GO?

Anonymous ID: b8e0d8 2020-04-30 21:05:46Z No. 8976649



Lie cheat steal kill deceive!

Anonymous ID: fda9bd 2020-04-30 21:05:48Z No. 8976650


Anonymous ID: c93fd8 2020-04-30 21:05:49Z No. 8976651


Anonymous ID: 64b65a 2020-04-30 21:05:50Z No. 8976652


On the move Q?

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 21:05:51Z No. 8976653


heard that as well…

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:05:51Z No. 8976654


gah boomer take it to your grandkid or switch to android, root it and install lineageOS

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 21:05:54Z No. 8976655



i can only keep this erection for so long my brother

Anonymous ID: 6adf45 2020-04-30 21:05:56Z No. 8976656

God bless all you anons and Patriots Greatest president, Greatest military operation

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:05:59Z No. 8976657


You know me, my Work CPU is dripping in CS software. Should this add to my concerns of who i think hired me?

Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 21:06:02Z No. 8976658


big mike or hrc?

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 21:06:05Z No. 8976659



typo, boss?

anyway it feels like a happenning tomorrow

Anonymous ID: b1485c 2020-04-30 21:06:05Z No. 8976660


Anonymous ID: 251bf0 2020-04-30 21:06:07Z No. 8976662


Anonymous ID: b75657 2020-04-30 21:06:09Z No. 8976661


This one was a reply:

>>8976400 rt >>8976305 -————————– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

Anonymous ID: 36223b 2020-04-30 21:06:10Z No. 8976663


Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 21:06:11Z No. 8976664


Gotcha Q

Anonymous ID: 2b457a 2020-04-30 21:06:13Z No. 8976665


How far back can you undo it all? At least undo everything Hussein, Bush's and Clinton did. Please.

Anonymous ID: 1b5b07 2020-04-30 21:06:17Z No. 8976666


How can anons find parallel investigations regarding certain time periods?

Anonymous ID: 077e6f 2020-04-30 21:06:18Z No. 8976667

For newfags and normies, here's a reminder of how the QAnon Army will know that SHTF and It's Happening:

Q Post #55

Twitter Marker


2 Nov 2017 - 2:44:21 PM

Look to Twitter:

Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us……."

God bless.

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 21:06:18Z No. 8976668

New Q

>>8976611————————————–——–Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?-CIA [BRENNAN] FORCE?

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 21:06:18Z No. 8976669


Anonymous ID: c96a30 2020-04-30 21:06:19Z No. 8976670


>Do we know what CROSS WIND was yet?

Cross Wind - Was someone the conspirators refer to in reference to interactions with Razor = Gen Flynn.

I think they abbreviate Cross Wind to Wind at one point.

(screen caps)

Cross Wind & Crossfire Razor - Specifically linked by [coup plotters] for some reason.

Anonymous ID: cc0f21 2020-04-30 21:06:21Z No. 8976671



Anonymous ID: b8ccb5 2020-04-30 21:06:23Z No. 8976672



Anonymous ID: cd37cc 2020-04-30 21:06:23Z No. 8976673


Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:06:26Z No. 8976674


>the tranny is not eligible FFS

I missed this, why is that?

Anonymous ID: 187dcf 2020-04-30 21:06:26Z No. 8976675

Anonymous ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 21:06:29Z No. 8976676


The plan is to deceive until the last moment, then turn it over to the globalists. Q is the single best thing that ever happen to Agenda 21. They crafted this LARPING liar to sell us out. To keep us busy while they took over. No one will go to jail, but every single person who dared to defy them.

Anonymous ID: f1ddf0 2020-04-30 21:06:30Z No. 8976677


Nice digits.

Anonymous ID: fa392d 2020-04-30 21:06:36Z No. 8976678



All of the way.

Anonymous ID: f8a285 2020-04-30 21:06:36Z No. 8976679


"on the Modus Operandi VE"

Anonymous ID: a72a45 2020-04-30 21:06:36Z No. 8976680


Anonymous ID: b69607 2020-04-30 21:06:40Z No. 8976681


Typo in previous? American(s), American public?

Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 21:06:41Z No. 8976682


yes! Do it Q

Anonymous ID: e59adb 2020-04-30 21:06:42Z No. 8976683


But, if SHE runs, she can't be indicted, correct?

Anonymous ID: 6fffc3 2020-04-30 21:06:44Z No. 8976684


Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 21:06:45Z No. 8976685


>on the move

Anonymous ID: 7c295d 2020-04-30 21:06:45Z No. 8976686


>Control of the population [sheep]?

>Control of the narrative?


=="[Its time to] bring the whole f…ing corrupt temple down on their heads…"

"That society which can reduce professional intervention to the minimum will provide the best conditions for health. The greater the potential for autonomous adaptation to self and to others and to the environment, the less management of adaptation will be needed or tolerated."

~Ivan Illich on the "Medical Nemesis"

Anonymous ID: e01b9b 2020-04-30 21:06:45Z No. 8976687


As far back as when GHWB conspired to [187] JFK?

Anonymous ID: 3809c9 2020-04-30 21:06:49Z No. 8976688






>Error 'was' x2.


>On the move.








>Error 'was' x2.


>On the move.



Shit man… had one job…. lucky the boss is at the ! Thank Q Team ! WWG1WGA Much Love !

Anonymous ID: 504d81 2020-04-30 21:06:53Z No. 8976689


Shut It Down!

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 21:06:57Z No. 8976690

Anonymous ID: 6a175c 2020-04-30 21:06:58Z No. 8976691

Wtf! Why are we going to even allow people to be able to vote for HRC again? She should be in jail or still swinging from the rope.

Anonymous ID: affc20 2020-04-30 21:07:01Z No. 8976692


VA governor in bed with Warner/Kaine and is in full court press to promote voting fraud this November (eliminated voter ID, pressing mail-in-ballots with no witness, 11K dead voters on rolls). Help needed in Old Dominion.

Anonymous ID: 0f0475 2020-04-30 21:07:02Z No. 8976693


If FBI [CHAIN OF COMMAND] was corrupt what other investigations were corrupted?


Anonymous ID: e67cd1 2020-04-30 21:07:02Z No. 8976694



It goes pretty far back…

Anonymous ID: 56aae6 2020-04-30 21:07:03Z No. 8976695

Anonymous ID: 77f916 2020-04-30 21:07:10Z No. 8976696


Anonymous ID: 35817d 2020-04-30 21:07:11Z No. 8976697


If the virus is a FF, can we stop w the damn new bs vaccine push? None of that crap will be injected into my family.

Anonymous ID: 95dc3f 2020-04-30 21:07:14Z No. 8976698

They accomplish the above by keeping us in fear of COVID-19. The better question is, how do we stop it?

Anonymous ID: 1a3426 2020-04-30 21:07:14Z No. 8976699


Anonymous ID: a53868 2020-04-30 21:07:15Z No. 8976700



"The INvisible Enemy"

Anonymous ID: 0228a4 2020-04-30 21:07:16Z No. 8976701


Anonymous ID: 5e70f8 2020-04-30 21:07:18Z No. 8976702


Have we reached critical mass yet? Why is Schiff still stealing oxygen?

Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 21:07:20Z No. 8976703

Heh. Gives May day a whole new meaning…

Anonymous ID: 75cc5a 2020-04-30 21:07:21Z No. 8976704

The leftists will never stop. They cannot be taught and they will always hate America. Why can't we just take care of these traitors the old fashioned way that always works? Fucking execute them all.

Anonymous ID: 139800 2020-04-30 21:07:21Z No. 8976705


On the move!!!!

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:07:23Z No. 8976706



Anonymous ID: d8b3ca 2020-04-30 21:07:28Z No. 8976707



Since it's existence would be my guess

Anonymous ID: 871650 2020-04-30 21:07:28Z No. 8976708

Please expose it publicly soon. Praying for POTUS and Q team


Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:07:28Z No. 8976709


Nice dubs

This is all getting GOOD.

you said it would go fast once it started.

I'm so glad.

But I just started watching Stargate & there is so much to watch. It's really good.

I will wait to watch more until later tonight.

Since you are in here.

Thanks for making me smile again!

Anonymous ID: 9c66fd 2020-04-30 21:07:29Z No. 8976710


How far back did it go?

At least 6000 years.

Anonymous ID: cc0f21 2020-04-30 21:07:29Z No. 8976711


Midyear, mofo.

Anonymous ID: 900db1 2020-04-30 21:07:31Z No. 8976712


>Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?

We all know about this.

When will POTUS Declas and make some fucking arrests?


Anonymous ID: 1b5b07 2020-04-30 21:07:31Z No. 8976713



Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:07:34Z No. 8976714


Last 4 administrations before Trump?

Anonymous ID: f1baca 2020-04-30 21:07:39Z No. 8976715


>Gotta pass The Sammich Test before Ms. VEEP can be briefed on Economic Intercourse.

Anonymous ID: c07809 2020-04-30 21:07:49Z No. 8976716


I’ll take HCQ and zinc, please and thank you!!

Anonymous ID: 318dab 2020-04-30 21:07:54Z No. 8976717


Will this crap ever stop? We are being driven to the point of despair.

Anonymous ID: f8588f 2020-04-30 21:08:06Z No. 8976718


Ralph Nader has, at least four times

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:08:08Z No. 8976719


we know all this Q. what is being done during their assault on our liberties? this has gone way too far. POTUS will not win if this continues

Anonymous ID: c770fe 2020-04-30 21:08:14Z No. 8976720


At least back to JFK.

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 21:08:14Z No. 8976721


Godspeed team! Continue to do your job

We pray for God's will to come true, whatever it be. God knows better than anyone. I hope you're doing the right

Anonymous ID: 6ed948 2020-04-30 21:08:20Z No. 8976722


Baker, Notable

POTUS just said "I would consider bringing Gen. Flynn back into the administration" during Presser. FakeNews head exploding!

Anonymous ID: 27342e 2020-04-30 21:08:25Z No. 8976723


Anonymous ID: cc4374 2020-04-30 21:08:25Z No. 8976724


Spicy stuff Q! Keep it coming!

Can we have some more of those cool cloak and dagger pics?

Thanks to you and the team Q! True Patriots!

Anonymous ID: ca0cc0 2020-04-30 21:08:29Z No. 8976725


>If FBI [CHAIN OF COMMAND] was corrupt what other investigations were corrupted?

Just the start……Been habbening for years…finally …People are startiong to Pay Attention…Thank …Q-Team and Trump

Anonymous ID: b75657 2020-04-30 21:08:31Z No. 8976726

Q, any thoughts on the Space Force?

Anonymous ID: b87da6 2020-04-30 21:08:31Z No. 8976727


Anonymous ID: fbfd5c 2020-04-30 21:08:31Z No. 8976728

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 21:08:35Z No. 8976729


Anonymous ID: 237bc7 2020-04-30 21:08:35Z No. 8976730



Anonymous ID: 1b832a 2020-04-30 21:08:35Z No. 8976731


Biden presumptive nominee, but does not have majority delegates due to halt in voting.

Biden guarantees he will pick woman VP.

Biden picks woman VP.

Woman VP is on the ticket when Biden leaves the sage.

Woman VP moves up the ticket to P, picks her own VP.

Woman now in place to receive all D Party Con delegates from Biden, plus uncommitted, plus superdelegates.

Without one campaign dollar spent.

Without one debate won.

Without ever being in the 2020 spotlight.

In a brokered convention whose outcome was determined years ago.

Anonymous ID: 63582e 2020-04-30 21:08:38Z No. 8976732

THEY'RE like a bunch of children

Giving fun names to their little programs

Sick little kids in a big sand box ..

Crossfire this, that ,and anything else ..


Anonymous ID: addd5c 2020-04-30 21:08:39Z No. 8976733


Its great to be told how we are going to get fucked by killary.

Is anyone going to stop it?

Anonymous ID: 4c2820 2020-04-30 21:08:40Z No. 8976734



Roger that

Anonymous ID: 341e2f 2020-04-30 21:08:45Z No. 8976735


Anonymous ID: 9b895d 2020-04-30 21:08:45Z No. 8976736


Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 21:08:46Z No. 8976737



>>8976611 ————————————–——– HOW FAR BACK DID IT GO?

>>8976400 rt >>8976305 -————————– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

>>8976284 ————————————–——– How do you accomplish all of the above? (Cap: >>8976321)

Anonymous ID: 6adf45 2020-04-30 21:08:46Z No. 8976738

will we know who killed Epstien ,Seth Rich and JFK?

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:08:48Z No. 8976739


>Ralph Nader has, at least four times


Anonymous ID: 317462 2020-04-30 21:08:49Z No. 8976740


They were covering for themselves.

Anonymous ID: 30f142 2020-04-30 21:08:49Z No. 8976741


Bit wrinkled cuz I had to grab it off the floor for the pic, but one of my favorites.

Anonymous ID: 9227f6 2020-04-30 21:08:49Z No. 8976742


DC Chief?

Anonymous ID: ccbaef 2020-04-30 21:08:51Z No. 8976743

Anonymous ID: 561f22 2020-04-30 21:08:52Z No. 8976744


When Q says on the move does anyone picture him standing in line at Costco on an iphone 4 waiting for them to bring out TP?

Anonymous ID: a8ce8b 2020-04-30 21:08:53Z No. 8976745



Anonymous ID: 13b7cd 2020-04-30 21:08:55Z No. 8976746


Can you reset CFR 26 back to it's original?

They have added so much more to it in the past few years that the things that were NOT supposed to be taxed are being taxed now…you know, blood, sweat, and tears.

Anonymous ID: 95dc3f 2020-04-30 21:09:03Z No. 8976747

How do we stop them?

Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 21:09:07Z No. 8976748


Anonymous ID: 66ebde 2020-04-30 21:09:09Z No. 8976749

Mary and Jesus

Ma and son


Anonymous ID: 3a630f 2020-04-30 21:09:14Z No. 8976750


Sorry Anon (needs edit):




Anonymous ID: b0c5c6 2020-04-30 21:09:22Z No. 8976751


Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 21:09:24Z No. 8976752


All is corrupt since 1917.

Anonymous ID: 69f276 2020-04-30 21:09:24Z No. 8976753


Be strong, anon.

Imagine if the entire truths were declass'd in one fell swoop.

This is a spiritual war, it takes mental fortitude in addition to a strong back

Anonymous ID: e199cc 2020-04-30 21:09:26Z No. 8976754


If you say so Q

Anonymous ID: 9a76cb 2020-04-30 21:09:27Z No. 8976755


>Giving fun names to their little programs

well we sorta do to

Anonymous ID: f1ddf0 2020-04-30 21:09:30Z No. 8976756


Are we talking the first Epstein investigation? Or farther back?

Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 21:09:38Z No. 8976757


Anonymous ID: 6fffc3 2020-04-30 21:09:40Z No. 8976758



Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:09:41Z No. 8976759


i give this lockdown 2 more weeks tops before you have people chimping out on the streets. the optics are terrible for POTUS. this is going to spill over soon Q

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:09:43Z No. 8976760


How far back?

→ FAR back!

How far up?

→ Hussein! Soros! 'Elite'!

Anonymous ID: 892ccc 2020-04-30 21:09:45Z No. 8976761


Looks like the Disney kids have had enough of the silence…

Anonymous ID: 4c9222 2020-04-30 21:09:45Z No. 8976762

Not Hillary, Not Mike.


Think about it, she is rich, a celebrity and has some business acumen. Culturally she is the Anti Trump. Corporate media will highlight her superficial similarities to Trump i.e. rich, celebrity, business and rationalize her candidacy. Probably pair her with Buttigieg the Anti Pence.

Anonymous ID: 9b3e2c 2020-04-30 21:09:47Z No. 8976763

The corruption of the Democrat party goes back at least as far as Woodrow Wilson. FDR was a communist and most of his inner circle have been found to be agents of the Soviet Union. Diana West has documented this thoroughly.

Brennand, Comey, Nellie Ohr - all were communists in college.

Anonymous ID: 374b5a 2020-04-30 21:09:49Z No. 8976764



Anonymous ID: 129e84 2020-04-30 21:09:50Z No. 8976765


They’ll give him a pass, as usual.

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:09:53Z No. 8976766


I think you are missing the point. I ask the question because if there as intent to stop it, they would. Q's point is to let us know it's them fucking with our voice over utilities we own as taxpayers. Q's also letting us know they aren't going to intervene. So, "I wonder if there's a way to stop them?" was a sort of rhetorical jab.

Anonymous ID: 4969ac 2020-04-30 21:09:56Z No. 8976767

Anon Classification Guide

Anonymous ID: 9bc977 2020-04-30 21:09:56Z No. 8976768



Anonymous ID: 8ea5b0 2020-04-30 21:09:57Z No. 8976769


ThanQ Anon for poiting out the signifigance of the Fly-Overs our hospitals and healthcare workers… and patients needed a special touch.

Was impressed by the planning that went into the Trenton-Philly Fly-Over. Though hard to plot with the faint highway details, able to see from satellite images they used distinct features at turns that coincided with a hospital faclity.

Turn 4 is a large greenbelt and turn close to Bryn Mawr. Turn 5 was between the clear landfill and interstate bow near Cooper University. Turn 6 had the municipal airport and Jefferson.

The wedge formed on both legs of 6 encompassed most of the north side hospitals. Where the multiple paths crossed over Philly appeared near Temple University and the St Christopher's Children's Hospitals. Sure the pilots wanted to ensure the children had the best opportunity to see and hear the jets with multiple passes.

Many Thanks and ThanQ to the pilots, ground crews, brass and POTUS that make the many flyovers possible.

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 21:09:59Z No. 8976770


Damn Q. Ripping today Sir!!!! Dark to Light……BIBLICAL. We are ready!!


Anonymous ID: 9122de 2020-04-30 21:10:05Z No. 8976771


KEK. Opposite of what I imagine!

Anonymous ID: cc0f21 2020-04-30 21:10:06Z No. 8976772


On the move.

Anonymous ID: 5d83ce 2020-04-30 21:10:06Z No. 8976773

Anonymous ID: 3affce 2020-04-30 21:10:06Z No. 8976774

Any connections here?


Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 21:10:08Z No. 8976775

Q said "On the move.". Could Q be on this AZAZ09O9 (Operations) flight from Austin?

Anonymous ID: 097665 2020-04-30 21:10:13Z No. 8976776


Transparency brings accountability.

How about

in the form of…


Anonymous ID: aaec6a 2020-04-30 21:10:21Z No. 8976777

>>8976627 got it Boss

Anonymous ID: 4547d9 2020-04-30 21:10:22Z No. 8976778


at least goes back to Dulles.

Can we rename that airport please?

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 21:10:25Z No. 8976779


Anonymous ID: b32eed 2020-04-30 21:10:33Z No. 8976780




those are the big questions.

Anonymous ID: 79558c 2020-04-30 21:10:34Z No. 8976781


…So begins the Voter ID phase of the strategy…

God Bless and God Speed!

Anonymous ID: f37db2 2020-04-30 21:10:38Z No. 8976782




Anonymous ID: d374e8 2020-04-30 21:10:39Z No. 8976783


Q, is Fauci pushing Remdisivir because American taxpayers are footing the bill and enriching Gilead vs. cheap HCQ cure?

Anonymous ID: 2fa811 2020-04-30 21:10:40Z No. 8976784


Right the way back to JFK

Anonymous ID: 01b0a1 2020-04-30 21:10:45Z No. 8976785

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aQiG D2bF wnRa 0LjB tFSV kXoe Tjg4 leBL

Xw5a W[p] KUwQ vcfm


Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 21:10:45Z No. 8976786

Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8976627 rt >>8976611 -————————– Error 'was' x2. On the move.

>>8976611 ————————————–——– WHO DID THEY PROVIDE COVER FOR?

>>8976400 rt >>8976305 -————————– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

>>8976284 ————————————–——– Define 'insurgency'.

>>8975862 ————————————–——– When you are awake you are able to see clearly.


>>8975355 ————————————–——– Transparency brings accountability (Cap: >>8975368)

>>8975029 ————————————–——– Potus proclaims May 1, 2020, as Law Day, U.S.A. (Cap: >>8975052)

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:10:48Z No. 8976787


Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 21:10:50Z No. 8976788

>know your place pleb

Anonymous ID: 317462 2020-04-30 21:10:52Z No. 8976789


See? If its an error it is stated so. All others matter!

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:10:53Z No. 8976790



Anonymous ID: 1e8432 2020-04-30 21:10:54Z No. 8976791


Anonymous ID: 9f88a1 2020-04-30 21:10:55Z No. 8976792

Ok I am beyond ready for some OFFENSE!

Let's GOOOOO!!!

Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:11:03Z No. 8976793



I didn't even realize tomorrow is May 1st.

AND a Friday!

Anonymous ID: 1d61d9 2020-04-30 21:11:06Z No. 8976795



Anonymous ID: c96a30 2020-04-30 21:11:07Z No. 8976794


Define 'insurgency'.

How do you accomplish all of the above?


1917 Bolshevik Revolution

Anonymous ID: 1081ea 2020-04-30 21:11:10Z No. 8976796



Anonymous ID: 8b7a40 2020-04-30 21:11:11Z No. 8976797


mispelled America in this sentence

>How do you convince American it was legitimate?

and now

>Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?

purposeful or on the move?

Anonymous ID: 4d73c3 2020-04-30 21:11:13Z No. 8976798


RIP Seth Rich

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:11:23Z No. 8976799


fuck off, clown.

Anonymous ID: 2a8469 2020-04-30 21:11:26Z No. 8976800 is no longer even trying to keep up with the notables here. If it's in notables it needs to be removed. 13 hours no updates and then when they did they only put the last recent notables. Sad…..

Jim ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 21:11:29Z No. 8976801


Q wants you to think they're in panic mode. Truth? They know they're winning and that Q is a load of horseshit that will keep the masses occupied while they take over the world. You're being duped. >>8976614

This has been the cheapest take over in the history of the global elite. Q, a LARPING MF just types on a keyboard and keeps the entire RED PILLED massed occupied. If Q was an employee of Trump, he'd be fired for being ALL TALK and NO RESULTS. Key factor, LARPING folks want you to above all, believe that they are real. What does Q spend 95% of his time doing? Trying to prove he knows Trump. No results. Just obvious Monday morning quarterbacking. He reads you the news and insults your intelligence pretending to be a secret agent with nothing special. He posts metric tons of photos that mean nothing in the long run. You know deep down inside he's fake, but you're desire to save your planet keeps you delusional. He knows how your mind works. THEY know how your mind works before they hatched this total scam on you. They pretend to hate Q to legitimize him. There is virtually no way to stop what's coming, but one thing is historically certain, Q is indeed working for them.

Anonymous ID: f8583b 2020-04-30 21:11:31Z No. 8976802


>>8976366 Define 'insurgency

>>8976222 Gunman Shoots Up Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC With AK-47

>>8976187 March and April habbenins calendars

>>8976181 Q post twat of hypocrisy


Anonymous ID: a72a45 2020-04-30 21:11:31Z No. 8976803


Anonymous ID: 2cad0f 2020-04-30 21:11:32Z No. 8976804


…Are you seriousl y going for some sort of world record for idiocy??? Are you fucking illiterate and cannot read the, "We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here."? Fuck off back to your fantasy playland, kid.

Anonymous ID: b0c5c6 2020-04-30 21:11:38Z No. 8976805


Anonymous ID: 347e24 2020-04-30 21:11:38Z No. 8976806


>Not Hillary, Not Mike.


then need to arrest and charge her now, so she can't claim she is being targeted as a candidate.

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 21:11:56Z No. 8976807

SAM660 G5 es from Hill AFB- north of Salt Lake City

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 21:12:02Z No. 8976808


Anonymous ID: 69f276 2020-04-30 21:12:12Z No. 8976809


Anonymous ID: 01b0a1 2020-04-30 21:12:16Z No. 8976810

q93L GQo6 wgEo gY5X NT5d fhji 6vNJ oG5F

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kkbT wwWR RatI dvY8


Anonymous ID: 8b7a40 2020-04-30 21:12:18Z No. 8976811


never mind

Anonymous ID: 5059eb 2020-04-30 21:12:19Z No. 8976812

Just an anon here who's been lurking since 2017, ThanQ for EVERYTHING!!!!

Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 21:12:25Z No. 8976813

Anonymous ID: 318dab 2020-04-30 21:12:25Z No. 8976814


Thank you for encouraging. I will never leave the fight. Just tired.

Anonymous ID: 249a63 2020-04-30 21:12:28Z No. 8976815



Anonymous ID: 78bb24 2020-04-30 21:12:30Z No. 8976816


>Define 'insurgency'.

>How do you accomplish all of the above?

If insurgents can provoke excessive government action against a population, then death, injury, mistreatment, or dishonor can become a powerful motivator for retributive action against the government.

Anonymous ID: e59adb 2020-04-30 21:12:32Z No. 8976817


They just can't be so stupid as to put Hillary back on the ticket.

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:12:43Z No. 8976818


just found this early. looks like hes part of one of the biggest refugee resettlement and human trafficking orgs in the world funded by your tax payer dollars.

Anonymous ID: 8d16bd 2020-04-30 21:12:44Z No. 8976819


>>8976284 ————————————–——– Define 'insurgency' (Cap: >>8976321)

this one's got a cap.

Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 21:12:45Z No. 8976820

Drudge Report = China News

Anonymous ID: 7a72bb 2020-04-30 21:12:49Z No. 8976821



Anonymous ID: 01b0a1 2020-04-30 21:12:53Z No. 8976822

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Anonymous ID: 42ef83 2020-04-30 21:12:57Z No. 8976823

Chuck Callesto


BREAKING NOW: The National Guard and MARYLAND STATE POLICE are guarding tests with-in the state in a place they WILL NOT DISCLOSE to prevent any attempt by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to seize them..


4:05 PM · Apr 30, 2020·TweetDeck

Anonymous ID: 6adf45 2020-04-30 21:12:57Z No. 8976824

Q why the recent navy UFO Declas? prepping for further exposure?

Anonymous ID: cc4374 2020-04-30 21:13:08Z No. 8976825


Got it thanks Q.

We will drop the first "was" to correct it :)

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:13:09Z No. 8976826


a muh jew clown replied?

bot much?

Anonymous ID: 294aa0 2020-04-30 21:13:17Z No. 8976827


I’m still protecting the archives.

[they] are fucking with literally everything.

Including maps and file footage.

Anonymous ID: 2fa811 2020-04-30 21:13:18Z No. 8976828


Shut up shill

Anonymous ID: f1baca 2020-04-30 21:13:19Z No. 8976829


Anonymous ID: 4547d9 2020-04-30 21:13:20Z No. 8976830


They all have extreme baggage!

Anonymous ID: 9d669d 2020-04-30 21:13:20Z No. 8976831


Have you ever flown? There's another way, a better way, takes no effort. It's called 'by the seat of your pants'. All good pilots have it. All anons have it. Let it come, we are ready. We were born ready.

Anonymous ID: 13b7cd 2020-04-30 21:13:22Z No. 8976832


Imagine how soldiers during WW2 felt…the ones that lasted the whole war that is.

Jim ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 21:13:22Z No. 8976833


If this was real, they would have.

Anonymous ID: 341e2f 2020-04-30 21:13:22Z No. 8976834


Anonymous ID: 4b5cde 2020-04-30 21:13:23Z No. 8976836

Why is my employer trying to poison me?


RAN ACTION FUND Political Organization | Making a Difference | Stand against Socialism






Official Site:

Mailing address:

Governor Gavin Newsom

1303 10th Street, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841

Fax: (916) 558-3160

Anonymous ID: 01b0a1 2020-04-30 21:13:24Z No. 8976837

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VnkO l1wq o28C 8QnF


Anonymous ID: 771a9d 2020-04-30 21:13:25Z No. 8976838


>8976181 Q post twat of hypocrisy ←-Not the source.

See >>8976261

The source of the pic from Q.

Anonymous ID: 20a19c 2020-04-30 21:13:25Z No. 8976839


Anonymous ID: a72a45 2020-04-30 21:13:26Z No. 8976840


Anonymous ID: f046db 2020-04-30 21:13:26Z No. 8976841



Operators are standing

by. Lets end this dark

chapter in our history and

forge a wonderful land buit

on the pillars of our Constitution.

Anonymous ID: 900db1 2020-04-30 21:13:29Z No. 8976842

Respectfully, one casts aspersions not dispersions, sir.

Anonymous ID: c5ca6b 2020-04-30 21:13:35Z No. 8976843

kinda starting to think youre a bot

Anonymous ID: 33f3e9 2020-04-30 21:13:37Z No. 8976844


could be. Also several SAM(s) up at present

Anonymous ID: 2b457a 2020-04-30 21:13:42Z No. 8976845


Oh yes they can. How many times has Q said "These people are stupid"?

Anonymous ID: fbfd5c 2020-04-30 21:13:45Z No. 8976846




Fuck communist dirt Bag.

Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 21:13:48Z No. 8976847

Anonymous ID: a43be2 2020-04-30 21:13:54Z No. 8976848


May day Mayday

May Flowers?

Anonymous ID: 1e8432 2020-04-30 21:13:55Z No. 8976849


Anonymous ID: c650e3 2020-04-30 21:14:00Z No. 8976850

Veterans and retirees are ready to get back in the fight, Q.

God Bless you all in this fight.

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 21:14:04Z No. 8976851


You just love defending people who suck bloody baby dicks, don't you? Faggot kike.

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 21:14:05Z No. 8976852




Anonymous ID: 208872 2020-04-30 21:14:06Z No. 8976853

Anonymous ID: 504d81 2020-04-30 21:14:10Z No. 8976854


Anonymous ID: f8a285 2020-04-30 21:14:14Z No. 8976855



Anonymous ID: d87b8a 2020-04-30 21:14:17Z No. 8976856


This anon gots it!


Anonymous ID: 534890 2020-04-30 21:14:18Z No. 8976857



Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 21:14:19Z No. 8976858


How does China have secure coms with DNC?

Fortune cookies?

Anonymous ID: c6cefa 2020-04-30 21:14:26Z No. 8976859

michelle obama cant run for president?

Anonymous ID: 69f276 2020-04-30 21:14:26Z No. 8976860


You can't quit, because you're too legit.

Anonymous ID: b87da6 2020-04-30 21:14:26Z No. 8976861


Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:14:39Z No. 8976862




fuck off, clown.


- click triangle next to post

- add filter

- ID

Anonymous ID: 4547d9 2020-04-30 21:14:42Z No. 8976863

oooohhh…Potus saying Biden allegations could be false…..he just proved to us Hillary is behind it…or whoever is running.

has to be a woman to bring sex harassent against Biden.

only a woman could fix that mess.

Anonymous ID: 238e24 2020-04-30 21:14:42Z No. 8976864


They are because she owns the DNC. I also think she is a crypto-Payseur(thus Soros family line marrying her horsefaced spawn).

In-bred freaks all of them.

Anonymous ID: e01b9b 2020-04-30 21:14:47Z No. 8976865



Delete your name from the Name field, fren.

Anonymous ID: ef5ab8 2020-04-30 21:14:48Z No. 8976866

A small correction. AZAZ09O9 left Fort Hood earlier.

Anonymous ID: 2fa811 2020-04-30 21:14:53Z No. 8976867


Remember anon

Q says these people are stupid

They are that stupid

They have no tactics

Just same old stuff

Anonymous ID: 008c5f 2020-04-30 21:14:56Z No. 8976868



(I was a second too late to catch the 2nd B-52 that was DOOM82)

Anonymous ID: c444c8 2020-04-30 21:14:56Z No. 8976869


Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 21:14:57Z No. 8976870



Rock on, baby.

Anonymous ID: cab90d 2020-04-30 21:15:05Z No. 8976871


But how do so many other countries play along?

Involved, scared, forced or clueless?

Anonymous ID: 2e8f6e 2020-04-30 21:15:05Z No. 8976873


> If Q was an employee of Trump, he'd be fired for being ALL TALK and NO RESULTS

23. Create bigger distractions

19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs

15. Fit the facts to alternate conclusions

8. Invoke authority - Namefag

7. Question motives

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.

2. Become incredulous and indignant

4. Use a straw man.

11. Establish and rely upon fall-back positions. Using a minor matter or element of the facts, take the 'high road'

19. Ignore proof presented

All talk he says.

Anonymous ID: 3de651 2020-04-30 21:15:07Z No. 8976872


Either that or the cabal wants to induce fear through 'aliens are coming/alien attack' since corona and the asteroid didn't work. The videos were leaked a few years ago, which should be taken into account.

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 21:15:23Z No. 8976875


Anonymous ID: 17ed05 2020-04-30 21:15:23Z No. 8976876


Anonymous ID: f276af 2020-04-30 21:15:26Z No. 8976877


Way back even before this.

Anonymous ID: 3cd83c 2020-04-30 21:15:31Z No. 8976879


Great points – you’re reading my mind. The early development of tests was a question-mark for me as well, but I was given them the benefit of the doubt on the virus, i.e., the covid family is well known. However, what is clear is there is no pandemic.

Anonymous ID: c07809 2020-04-30 21:15:31Z No. 8976880


Yes. Many of us are tired. Said the same thing to spouseanon this morning.

Anonymous ID: 79558c 2020-04-30 21:15:32Z No. 8976881

Goes far back…

…Farther back than Nazis…

Back to the father of deception…

Anonymous ID: 3affce 2020-04-30 21:15:33Z No. 8976882


Anonymous ID: b32eed 2020-04-30 21:15:34Z No. 8976883


>Was the DNC was hacked by Russia?




>Seth Rich internal DL hand-to-hand pass USA?


>Crowdstrike code insert?


>If FBI [CHAIN OF COMMAND] was corrupt what other investigations were corrupted?

Any others that could threaten plans/blow cover/gain advantage from


Themselves/CIA/ . . . . .?


To the beginning , . . . . . ?


Anonymous ID: c70ddf 2020-04-30 21:15:44Z No. 8976884

Starting to feel like China . A taste of commnism. We are supposed to have freedom of speech. Youtube needs to stop being so bias. We need a democratic company to make another plataform like youtube.

Anonymous ID: a53868 2020-04-30 21:15:50Z No. 8976886



When the Jewish Cabal took over our country.

Anonymous ID: 81add6 2020-04-30 21:15:53Z No. 8976887


Kek. GrammarCat gotcha Q!!!

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:15:55Z No. 8976888


why does a muh jew bot reply??

Anonymous ID: 6783cb 2020-04-30 21:15:58Z No. 8976889

So are Ignatious and James Baker at DoD, (who leaked the Flynn/Kysliak call), LOVERS??

Sidney Powell just said on Hannity that they had an “improper relationship in more ways than one”.


Anonymous ID: b75657 2020-04-30 21:16:03Z No. 8976890


Anonymous ID: 2cbe84 2020-04-30 21:16:08Z No. 8976891

Imagine if Q wasn't here right now helping us along?

Thank God they are here.

Anonymous ID: e51091 2020-04-30 21:16:10Z No. 8976892


Anonymous ID: cbca83 2020-04-30 21:16:23Z No. 8976893


Got your secure coms right here.

Anonymous ID: 6a1a0c 2020-04-30 21:16:28Z No. 8976894


Indeed I have, anon. For 45 years so far…

Anonymous ID: c4724b 2020-04-30 21:16:36Z No. 8976895


>Head of the snake


Anonymous ID: 7f4172 2020-04-30 21:16:46Z No. 8976896


Every time.

Anonymous ID: b0c5c6 2020-04-30 21:16:53Z No. 8976897


Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:17:10Z No. 8976900


China, WHO, global Deepstate wanted to spread it!

Anonymous ID: 8fba78 2020-04-30 21:17:12Z No. 8976901



Hey Chuck, pic related is for you, get to it fruitcup!

Anonymous ID: 1c2262 2020-04-30 21:17:19Z No. 8976902


Who’s the guy on the right? He looks familiar

Anonymous ID: 1c986a 2020-04-30 21:17:19Z No. 8976903


Anonymous ID: 17ed05 2020-04-30 21:17:19Z No. 8976904



Anonymous ID: f4e4d2 2020-04-30 21:17:22Z No. 8976905


A shop. pretty decent but a shop

Anonymous ID: 11893a 2020-04-30 21:17:24Z No. 8976906




Anonymous ID: 36a510 2020-04-30 21:17:25Z No. 8976907


it's not compatible with the 5:5 MIL Injector.

Anonymous ID: 5be5f0 2020-04-30 21:17:27Z No. 8976908




Anonymous ID: 1081ea 2020-04-30 21:17:27Z No. 8976909

>>8976796 Not a Shrill. We KNOW all that Q posted in questions! WE KNOW THOSE ANSWERS!

So does Q and everyone else.


We are sitting here feeling helpless with it all. We are sitting here knowing if the DS wins this election our Country is then GONE! OUR FREEDOMS WILL BE GONE!

So, The time has come for All of US and Q to TAKE ACTION! NO MORE TALK! TAKE ACTION!!!

Anonymous ID: 079c4f 2020-04-30 21:17:29Z No. 8976910


Meme humble suggestion is put a date on Colby quote with in the meme if able.

Anonymous ID: 6ed652 2020-04-30 21:17:32Z No. 8976911


youre worried about fucking aliens when the global elites have us locked down in our homes wanting to chip and track us and overthrow our POTUS? really? fuck this is exactly why i only visit here from time to time. you Qoomers ruined this once great movement

Jim ID: b7cdc1 2020-04-30 21:17:32Z No. 8976913


Yep, stupid, and unfortunately WINNING.

Anonymous ID: 900db1 2020-04-30 21:17:34Z No. 8976914



>When the Jewish Cabal took over our country.



Anonymous ID: c817ff 2020-04-30 21:17:37Z No. 8976915

Anonymous ID: 9122de 2020-04-30 21:17:41Z No. 8976916


WTF?? Geez - these people ARE sick

Anonymous ID: 9765cc 2020-04-30 21:17:43Z No. 8976918