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Q Research General #11493: The News Is Fake, The War Is Real Edition

Q Research General #11493: The News Is Fake, The War Is Real Edition Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 22:50:32Z No. 8978425

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8978142 ————————————–——– Control the narrative [control of you]. THE WAR IS REAL. (Cap: >>8978153)

>>8977653 ————————————–——– Vid of Pelosi on Reade vs Ford (Cap: >>8977672)

>>8977031 ————————————–——– In It Together pic

>>8976627 rt >>8976611 -————————– Error 'was' x2. On the move.

>>8976611 ————————————–——– WHO DID THEY PROVIDE COVER FOR?

>>8976400 rt >>8976305 -————————– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

>>8976284 ————————————–——– Define 'insurgency'. (Cap: >>8976321)

>>8975862 ————————————–——– When you are awake you are able to see clearly.


>>8975355 ————————————–——– Transparency brings accountability (Cap: >>8975368)

>>8975029 ————————————–——– Potus proclaims May 1, 2020, as Law Day, U.S.A. (Cap: >>8975052)

Wednesday 04.29.2020

>>8963894 ————————————–——– Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963980, >>8963984, >>8964002, >>8964012)

>>8963389 ————————————–——– Read slowly and carefully. Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963709)

>>8957365 ————————————–——– Tweet from @WSatz (Caps: >>8957461, >>8958928)

>>8957175 ————————————–——– Be ready (Cap: >>8957208)

Tuesday 04.28.2020

>>8956863 rt >>8956829 -————————– Close (Cap: >>8960255)

>>8956805 ————————————–——– Why would in-game chat be disabled during [FF event(s)]?

>>8955403 ————————————–——– WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE IN FEAR? (Caps: >>8955473, >>8956757)

>>8954923 ————————————–——– Desperate times call for desperate measures (Cap: >>8954961)

>>8954206 ————————————–——– All the walls are falling down (Cap: >>8954282)

>>8953725 ————————————–——– Star Wars Commander Game Closure Announcement (Cap: >>8953810)

>>8952939 ————————————–——– Repost: Same evidence to FREE FLYNN currently being used to INDICT others [GJ]? (Cap: >>8953422)

>>8952286 ————————————–——– THE SILENT WAR CONTINUES.

>>8952254 ————————————–——– INFILTRATION INSTEAD OF INVASION.

>>8952219 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE.

>>8952185 ————————————–——– How does China comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?

>>8952145 ————————————–——– How does Soros comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?


>>8951828 ————————————–——– THE NEWS IS FAKE. THE WAR IS REAL.

>>8951723 ————————————–——– [21 FIRED]. (Cap: >>8953546)

>>8951718 ————————————–——– FBI CHAIN OF COMMAND MIDYEAR INVESTIGATION [HRC EMAIL]? (Cap: >>8953527)

>>8951255 ————————————–——– Flag Picture *** (Cap: >>8953389)

Sunday 04.26.2020

>>8930301 ————————————–——– Link to Maria Bartiromo's tweet re General Flynn (Cap: >>8930344)

Sat 04.18.2020 >>8973915

Fri 04.17.2020 >>8955523

Thu 04.16.2020 >>8955515

Wed 04.15.2020 >>8952913

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>>8977767 planefaggin

>>8978321 Q cap


>>8977950 Flynn Update

>>8977928 Potus pulled a Pepe at presser

>>8977892, >>8977916 Gilead, Gates and NIAID Have Some History

>>8977826 OC Sheriff Will Not Enforce Order After Crazed Dem Governor Newsom Announces “Hard Close” of All Orange County Beaches

>>8977804 Trump says he would ‘certainly consider’ bringing Flynn back into his administration

>>8978365 #11492


>>8977002 planefaggin

>>8977415, >>8977520 Gilead, Gates and NIAID Have Some History

>>8977390 Leading Cancer Treatment Center Admits to Antitrust Crime and Agrees to Pay $100 Million Criminal Penalty

>>8977383 Michigan House Won’t Extend State of Emergency, Votes to Sue Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Instead

>>8977327 IMF Approves $411Million in Emergency COVID-19 Funding for Ethiopia

>>8977103 Schiffty Schiff demands censorship

>>8977086 Obama wrote the note?

>>8977039, >>8977128, >>8977184 Mueller team diggz

>>8976992 Proclamation on Older Americans Month, 2020

>>8977609 #11491


>>8976366 Define 'insurgency

>>8976222 Gunman Shoots Up Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC With AK-47

>>8976187 March and April habbenins calendars

>>8976261 Q post twat of hypocrisy

>>8977079 #11490


>>8975523 Tom Fitton (twatt) new emails show comms from Pentagon to James Baker

>>8975510 DiGenova “these people are SICK!”

>>8975487, >>8975513, PapaD (twatt) “ unredact to see how far corruption goes”

>>8975480 (10/26/17) Article from PuffPost “Typhoon Donald”

>>8975578 We're taking May Day away from the Marxists.

>>8975576 CrossFire is an online tactical first-person shooter for MS Win developed by Smilegate Entertainment.

>>8975460, >>8975467, >>8975584 Typhoon is PapaD

>>8975459, >>8975523 Huber on Baker at ONA


>>8975417 Strzok Hit!

>>8976270 #11489


>>8974910, >>8975016, >>8975209 planefaggin

>>8974991 ‘Dirty cop Comey got caught!’

>>8974905 McCabe head of the snake

>>8974872 MI Spin has started

>>8974862 Refresher: 2018 Trump reportedly ordered the Justice Department to hire a controversial aide previously ousted from the White House

>>8974740 Japan GDP to shrink 22% in Q2 in biggest postwar drop

>>8974716 Trump: 'CNN and Others Should Pay for What They've Done to General Flynn'

>>8974668 MN supposed to open May 4, gov now moves it to May 18

>>8974650, >>8974710 Michigan patriots vent steam at DS Whitmer live from the state capitol vid

>>8975293 #11488

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Anonymous ID: 36fab8 2020-04-30 22:53:47Z No. 8978473

Keep an eye on the Bakers' Image hash.

The one Q posted is as follows:





If they don't line up, they injected subliminals into it.

Stay Frosty~

Anonymous ID: 36fab8 2020-04-30 22:54:35Z No. 8978487


I like Q's image better, bring that one back.


Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 22:54:50Z No. 8978494


Baker needs a handy or a break, whichever, first

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:54:58Z No. 8978498


"Esau/Edom is modern Jewry" ~ 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41

Every day they go unnamed is another day they get away with it.


The INTENT of these posts is to bring awareness, these same people own all media outlets.

Just disprove any of these posts, and they will stop. Seriously.

Edomite Canaanites Full

(It's a video, click it.)





The children of Cain / Who call themselves Jew today


The sons of the Lucifer himself / Who call themselves Jew today


The Anti-Christ / Who call themselves Jew today

"Esau/Edom is modern Jewry" ~ 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41

Libbre David 37: “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all

Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

Truth is not hate speech or racist. Facts are not hate speech or racist.

Ask yourself, if these posts were coming from JIDF, what would they be hoping to achieve? What's the 'endgame'? How is exposing all this information "jewish defense"?

*not affiliated with Media Matters in any way.*

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" or "Alex Kaplan" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor Satanist/luciferian/Edomite Canaanite, or ANTIFA.

The one's making these claims are JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews or any variant thereof" they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) do. These crimes are so indefensible all they will do is try to distract and confuse. The newest gimmick is to call it "24/7 copy pasta" once again not arguing the validity of the information, just trying to distract you from it.

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud

Read the Talmud


Share this information the best you can.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

Feel free to copy/pasta and make these post's in my absence if you see fit, this is important information.

Never filter, point out the JIDF shills, they can't subvert if they can't hide.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) (Edomite Canaanites technically) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremacist" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


Every day they go unnamed is another day they get away with it.


Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:55:11Z No. 8978500


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (Interview with son of the devil)

*Thumbnail pic irrelevant to the information*

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

JIDF will tell you to filter like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out, all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory

New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion

Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well

Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood

The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)

Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City

New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:55:19Z No. 8978503

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:55:24Z No. 8978505



Why do we Believe in Moses and Not Jesus?- Ask the Rabbi Live with Rabbi Mintz

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:55:44Z No. 8978509




PM Bibi Netanyahu Boasts about the Israeli NSA Unit 8200 Israel is the Second Eye of Five Eyes

Anonymous ID: 36fab8 2020-04-30 22:55:50Z No. 8978512


'T' is being programmed to be the next Sgt. <fucka>B.aby

'T' is AIMfaggotry - Veterans know what I'm talking about.

'T' is a pied Piper song to lure anons away

They're dropping their previous masks due to exposure, and must protect the new ones that are forming by "separating themselves away".

It's a rotation, they know well we've seen them do this before.~

Sgt. <fucksa>B.aby bread

/_\ S T O N E D w[y]lie co[y]ote acMe

T<pickle bread>





Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:56:08Z No. 8978515





Moloch - Canaanite God of Hebrews

Moloch is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, through fire or war. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk, "king".

Anonymous ID: a76ac7 2020-04-30 22:56:11Z No. 8978518



Back to back CONCRETE twits after Q called out Chris Hayes.

Anonymous ID: 8400f7 2020-04-30 22:56:34Z No. 8978526

Q likes dick

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:56:52Z No. 8978533






Anonymous ID: 26b50a 2020-04-30 22:57:12Z No. 8978540


What are you, 12?

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 22:57:13Z No. 8978542



Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 22:57:20Z No. 8978546



Anonymous ID: fe7508 2020-04-30 22:57:21Z No. 8978547

q posted tow more per qmap pub

Anonymous ID: 4a0d2e 2020-04-30 22:57:31Z No. 8978548


Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:57:37Z No. 8978550







Anonymous ID: 07335d 2020-04-30 22:57:40Z No. 8978554



Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 22:57:55Z No. 8978563

200 Legislators Urge Trump and Governors To ‘Safely Reopen American Society’

Over 200 legislators from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) signed onto a letter Thursday urging both President Donald Trump and state governors to “safely reopen American society” as the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten American jobs and businesses.

Over the last six weeks, nearly 30 million Americans applied for unemployment insurance as thousands of businesses continue to shut their doors unable to sustain operations with sweeping stay-at-home orders still in place in many states.

The group includes dozens of state legislators along with Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, and R Street Institute.

“We need to safely open state economies and restart the American economic engine that was firing on all cylinders prior to the pandemic,” said Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist. “To expedite our national economic recovery, policymakers should embrace proven free market methods to enhance our competitiveness such as tax relief, deregulation and lawsuit reform. This approach will protect our communities and get America safely back to work.”

The letter emphasizes the need for the country to restore American principles, including limiting the federal government’s power over its citizens. Further, it advocates for “tax relief, deregulation, and lawsuit reform.”

The Trump administration recently released a phased model that state legislators can choose to adopt when they’re ready to reopen their economies, which ALEC’s supporters say is key to maintaining our country’s system of federalism.

States implementing harsh enforcement measures in their efforts to slow the spread of the virus, such as ‘arresting, fining, or harassing’ citizens, the group argues, are violating citizens’ “constitutional protections.”

“For the first time in American history, a national crisis is being addressed through decentralization — with a focus on federalism,” said ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson. “One size does not fit all, and we urge the President and our nation’s governors to return society to normal as quickly as possible using the approach and criteria that best fits their circumstances.”

Anonymous ID: d323bf 2020-04-30 22:57:55Z No. 8978564


Anonymous ID: 3c7cb4 2020-04-30 22:58:02Z No. 8978567

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:58:09Z No. 8978570








Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:58:33Z No. 8978576









Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 22:58:39Z No. 8978577

NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do

Anonymous ID: aecd06 2020-04-30 22:58:41Z No. 8978579



they must have a newbie on the team…

Anonymous ID: b2d80a 2020-04-30 22:58:43Z No. 8978580


>Q likes dick

So, does your mom

What's you point?

Anonymous ID: 22540b 2020-04-30 22:58:55Z No. 8978583



Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 22:58:55Z No. 8978584



>>8978508 ————————————–——– Control.

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 -————————– MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

>>8978368 ————————————–——– Think SIGINT (Cap: >>8978385, )

No idea why there was an ebake though.

Anonymous ID: bb8eb6 2020-04-30 22:59:01Z No. 8978585

Pelosi wants 1 TRILLION to bail out Blue State

pension funds

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 22:59:01Z No. 8978587










Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 22:59:28Z No. 8978596

Dozens of Illegal Aliens Found Sealed In Tractor Trailer In Texas

LAREDO, TEXAS – U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered 36 individuals inside a sealed tractor trailer during a failed human smuggling attempt at the Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate 35 (I-35).

The incident occurred on the morning of April 30, when a white commercial tractor hauling a white trailer approached the I-35 checkpoint. After an immigration inspection of the driver, a non-intrusive scan of the tractor-trailer revealed several individuals being smuggled inside the trailer.

Agents cut the trailer seal and searched its interior. They discovered 36 individuals all illegally present in the United States, from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador. All were evaluated by an Emergency Medical Technician at the time of encounter. None required immediate medical attention. The 36 individuals and the driver, a U.S. Citizen, were taken into custody pending further investigation.

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>>8978368 (all in the ebake)



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What's next for General Flynn?

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Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:00:38Z No. 8978627

>>8978549 LB

Basically the reasoning for denying that COVID 19 is a bio-weapon release.

Q fuck that China fucked the world!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:00:41Z No. 8978628

Q is posting more in the ebake.

Anonymous ID: 3ef15e 2020-04-30 23:00:42Z No. 8978630



Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:00:49Z No. 8978635

Q has 4 new posts in an orphan bread

Same # as prior bread

Get over there faggots

Anonymous ID: d323bf 2020-04-30 23:01:04Z No. 8978637


The Walking Dead shouldn’t legislate.

Anonymous ID: 452d6f 2020-04-30 23:01:11Z No. 8978639


Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:01:13Z No. 8978641


New Q needs to go back to Reddit.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:01:26Z No. 8978647



Anonymous ID: ed3da8 2020-04-30 23:01:34Z No. 8978650


Baker here, baker

Can help out.

What do you think we should do with Q posting in the ebake?

Anonymous ID: bb82b9 2020-04-30 23:01:38Z No. 8978655


Thanks to the retarded banner change… great job baker

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:01:46Z No. 8978656

Hundreds of Protesters – Many of Them Armed – Enter Michigan Capitol — Police Block Doors to House Chamber

Hundreds of armed protesters entered the Michigan Capitol on Thursday.

The protesters were carrying guns but no masks.

They didn’t appear to follow the governor’s social distancing orders either.

The protest started as a three-hour-long train of vehicles rolling around the state capitol.

The protester were protesting the crackpot governor and her insane social distancing policies.

Hundreds of protesters then entered the capitol building.

Anonymous ID: 8ec616 2020-04-30 23:01:51Z No. 8978658


You're on fire today!

In it together.

God bless and Godspeed.

Anonymous ID: 22540b 2020-04-30 23:01:53Z No. 8978662

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Anonymous ID: fa41ab 2020-04-30 23:01:58Z No. 8978663


May this be an AI postting their twitts?

Anonymous ID: 413e27 2020-04-30 23:02:04Z No. 8978667


Anonymous ID: 20e7ac 2020-04-30 23:02:19Z No. 8978674

Lou Dobbs with the spice on Fox Business now!

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:02:27Z No. 8978679


Q can post wherever the hell he wants.

Whereever Q posts, that's where autists go.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:02:29Z No. 8978681


Thank you Baker for being not stupid

Anonymous ID: 9fd68f 2020-04-30 23:02:37Z No. 8978684

Someone oughtta lock old Feinstein up.

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:02:38Z No. 8978686

Yesterday, a massive story broke about FBI malfeasance at the dawn of @realDonaldTrump

’s administration.

How many times did the mainstream media mention it during their morning shows?

CNN: 0

CBS: 0

ABC: 0

NBC: 0




>>8978508 ————————————–——– Control. (Cap: )

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:02:47Z No. 8978691


Honestly, just let it fill up.

Then migrate to here.

If a baker wants you could combine notables from the ebake and last bread, but it's whatever.

Updated Crumbs:

>>8978612 ————————————–——– Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.

>>8978508 ————————————–——– Control. (Cap: >>8978644)

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 -————————– MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

>>8978368 ————————————–——– Think SIGINT (Cap: >>8978385, >>8978623)

Anonymous ID: 86179a 2020-04-30 23:03:04Z No. 8978694


Promoted to 3 star General?

Anonymous ID: bb8eb6 2020-04-30 23:03:06Z No. 8978695


Q is a newfag

Anonymous ID: 8400f7 2020-04-30 23:03:13Z No. 8978700


Q's a clown

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:03:22Z No. 8978704



>>8978368 Think Double agents WWIII prevent. (Cap: >>8978385, >>8978408)

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:03:24Z No. 8978706

new Q

>>8978368 PB PB PB


[email protected] says he has seen intelligence that gives him a high degree of confidence that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology - though he would not go into detail “I can’t say”

2:29 PM - 30 Apr 2020 PDT

Anonymous ID: bb82b9 2020-04-30 23:03:27Z No. 8978710


Because baker decide to changed the banner and another baker couldn’t find the bread because he didn’t recognize it with the other banner and decided to e-bake.

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:04:07Z No. 8978717

new Q

>>8978413 OB OB OB

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:04:08Z No. 8978719


Ah, gotcha. Makes sense.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:04:12Z No. 8978721


can do notes until first drop.

bun started

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:04:17Z No. 8978723

Boy, as soon as I filtered that Jooisss Putz, the bread just cleared right up.

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:04:25Z No. 8978727

Rabbi Admits that White Genocide is the Goal
















Rabbi Admits that White Genocide is the Goal

Anonymous ID: 84bf54 2020-04-30 23:04:37Z No. 8978729

Flynn starting to be vindicated, hopefully is nice.

Meanwhile, we are living under a Police State.

The tension will build.

Does anyone doubt that?

It only takes a spark!

Trust The Plan…but, prepare for the worst.

Sorry Q, but I'm gonna have to trust myself, family, network from here on out.

Thanks…but No thanks.

Anonymous ID: 096972 2020-04-30 23:04:38Z No. 8978730

>>8977086 (pb)

We need to get this out to the normies

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:04:48Z No. 8978732

new Q

Ronna McDaniel

‏Verified account @GOPChairwoman

Yesterday, a massive story broke about FBI malfeasance at the dawn of @realDonaldTrump’s administration.

How many times did the mainstream media mention it during their morning shows?

CNN: 0

CBS: 0

ABC: 0

NBC: 0



8:37 AM - 30 Apr 2020 PB

Anonymous ID: 32a4e8 2020-04-30 23:04:50Z No. 8978733


In what way does Trump sanctioning the cheerleading LARP in any way change the fact that it is a cheerleading LARP? Of course Trump gives the green light to his Q propaganda bullshit. What matters is that everything Q and Trump promised from 2016 on has been a huge disappointment. You are like a little retarded baby. Grow up. No one is coming to save you. You are not an important part of anything. You are a managed cow.

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:04:56Z No. 8978735

Additional 11-Pages of FBI Documents Unsealed – Biggest Surprise: President Obama Implicated…

This afternoon Judge Emmet Sullivan unsealed an additional 11-pages of documents showing more background information about how the FBI was targeting former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. [Court pdf Here] Also embedded below.

The release today is even more revealing than the handwritten notes released last night; and specifically President Obama’s “by the book” statement on January 5, 2017, takes on an entirely new light. They may not realize it yet, but this release implicates Obama.

Within the release we discover an “Electronic Communication” or “EC” from the Washington FBI field office recommending to close the FBI investigation of General Flynn on January 4, 2017, due to “no derogatory information.” However, FBI Agent Peter Strzok immediately responds to the FBI team [main headquarters] saying: “don’t do it yet’… and the plot unfolds.

There are FBI codenames within the release that need some explanation prior to review:

Crossfire Hurricane (CH) is the overall investigation that began in July 2016

Crossfire Typhoon (CT) is George Papadopoulos.

Crossfire Razor (CR) is Michael Flynn.

Cross Wind is still unknown. [Could be a person, or a subset of the case]

Lets take a walk through the information starting with the FBI electronic communication.

First it is valuable to note three points from the first page:

“DOJSCO” – The Special Counsel Office had this information from the outset. That means everyone in/around the Mueller investigation already knew this information. That also means that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was aware of it.

Pay close attention to the dates. This EC was written on January 4, 2017. Dates are critical. When you compare the text messages and emails from Peter Strzok and other participants always refer to the dates to tell the big story.

Note the framework for the investigation itself was centered around Michael Flynn violating FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) laws based on a fraudulent premise of Flynn working for Russian interests. The FBI using FARA is a critical point. FARA was used as the primary justification by the DOJ and FBI for all political surveillance.


Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:05:05Z No. 8978737

PSB has FILTERS in youtube chat FILTERING out JEWS and TALMUD

We know whos side they are on.

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:05:13Z No. 8978740

Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 -————————– MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

>>8978368 ————————————–——– Think Double agents WWIII prevent. (Cap: >>8978385, >>8978408

>>8978142 ————————————–——– Control the narrative [control of you]. THE WAR IS REAL. (Cap: >>8978153)

Anonymous ID: 096972 2020-04-30 23:05:18Z No. 8978742


Combined with a lamestream fake news story of the note

Please help anons

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:05:28Z No. 8978745

new Q

>>8978612 LB LB LB

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:05:35Z No. 8978746


Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:06:06Z No. 8978757


thanks, saw it in lb end but didn't know where they were

Anonymous ID: ed3da8 2020-04-30 23:06:10Z No. 8978758


>Honestly, just let it fill up.

>Then migrate to here.

Good thinking. Sounds good.

It should fill up quickly.

We can leave the notes from there I think.

Do you need a handoff in here?

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:06:16Z No. 8978760


Fucking gatekeeping kike fucks.

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:06:26Z No. 8978763

Is it okay to be white yet?

Anonymous ID: 83f133 2020-04-30 23:06:44Z No. 8978768

It should be becoming Clear.

If you hear you hear. HERE

If you see you see. [C]

If you know you know. NO

Think Mirror.

Water is strong and Waves are Powerful

Word are Powerful.

You see… … … … … ..

Write Now Right.

Right Now Write

Know or No

see or SEE

hear or HERE

here or Hear

You have the Keys

You have more than you know

Write now. Right?

< Make the meme it will make more sense.

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:06:45Z No. 8978767

Q the symmetry field was broken and the plague happened from a China bio-weapon - yes we have to deal. Data still pending upon immune suppression - I know. But just to ignore facts will lead to more pain for patriots..

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:06:48Z No. 8978769


1/4/17 – FBI wants to close investigation.

1/4/17 – Peter Strzok says no wait… I have a plan.

1/4/17 – James Comey involved. “7th Floor Involved”

1/5/17 – James Comey goes to White House.

1/5/17 – President Obama says: OK, but make sure “by the book”. [Susan Rice Memo]

“President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities “by the book“.”

“The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would, “by the book.””

Susan Rice Memo

1/6/17 – James Comey briefs President-elect Trump in Trump Tower on the Steele Dossier. [Comey Memos]

1/6/17 – Christopher Steele deletes all files relating to his Trump Dossier.

It doesn’t take an investigative genius to see what took place here.

SIDEBAR on THIS ISSUE: This long forgotten letter from Susan Rice’s lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler (who was also the former White House Counsel to President Obama). Notice that in Ruemmler’s letter she specifically says the January 5th meeting was about Flynn:

[Feb 23, 2018] The memorandum to file drafted by Ambassador Rice memorialized an important national security discussion between President Obama and the FBI Director and the Deputy Attorney General. President Obama and his national security team were justifiably concerned about potential risks to the Nation’s security from sharing highly classified information about Russia with certain members of the Trump transition team, particularly Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

[…] While serving as National Security Advisor, Ambassador Rice was not briefed on the existence of any FBI investigation into allegations of collusion between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia, and she later learned of the fact of this investigation from Director Comey’s subsequent public testimony.

(Reummler Letter)


Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:06:57Z No. 8978773


Understood, and kek not the baker, just trying to help out with the cross bread crumbs.

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:07:06Z No. 8978777

And use ID+ on the ones that have Regular IDs…

Anonymous ID: f58112 2020-04-30 23:07:12Z No. 8978780

Omo Baba Olowo

Anonymous ID: b52510 2020-04-30 23:07:21Z No. 8978784


Ron, I have been sharing an ID with others, similar to tor 000s. My posts show (you)s while others posts with the same ID do not. Post numbers for the ID reflect all users posting under same ID. Using popular VPN I use all the time, so looks like new issue.

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:07:30Z No. 8978788

why is TV just blacks and Hispanics?

is this Belize or something?

Anonymous ID: 96be99 2020-04-30 23:07:37Z No. 8978792

Iron Eagle=code name

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:08:09Z No. 8978803


Anonymous ID: ed3da8 2020-04-30 23:08:24Z No. 8978809



Thanks for helping anon.


Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:08:25Z No. 8978811


JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). These are the only idiots that demand you use the filter, they can't argue the facts so they insist that you filter out anything that they don't want you to find out. Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews" or any variant thereof they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) (the jews) do. The newest gimmick is to call it "24/7 copy pasta" once again not arguing the validity of the information, just trying to distract you from it.

They are also the ones constantly attacking the board with ddos bullshit and flood the board with cartoon child porn.

Anonymous ID: 7dfa36 2020-04-30 23:08:38Z No. 8978812

Q is posting in the ebake bread



Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:08:40Z No. 8978813

Meet the Other Seven—Yes SEVEN—Women Who Are Accusing Biden of Inappropriate Behavior

Joe Biden is starting to feel the pressure to personally respond to the sexual assault allegations of Tara Reade. While loyalists and liberal hypocrites are defending him, her story continues to gain credibility as more witnesses have come forward. In addition to countless photos of Joe Biden acting inappropriately with women and young girls, a small number of women have come forward to the media to say that Biden acted inappropriately with them. These allegations, combined with the photographic evidence we’ve seen, establishes a pattern of behavior that, at the very least, shows Biden is a man who typically takes liberties with women he meets, and perhaps on one occasion, crossed the line toward criminal sexual assault. There are common themes with these stories, particularly that Biden’s position as a senator or as the vice president made it difficult for these women to speak at the time of their experiences or even later. How many women have remained silent out of fear? Who can know? But, Biden has a lot to answer for that the media (and, quite frankly, his primary opponents) refused to make him answer when these women came forward a year ago. Let’s recall them and their stories.

8. Ally Coll, a former Democratic staffer

During the 2008 election cycle, Ally Coll was helping run a reception for about 50 people. After Biden arrived she was introduced to him, and, according to her, Biden “leaned in, squeezed her shoulders and delivered a compliment about her smile, holding her ‘for a beat too long.’”

“There’s been a lack of understanding about the way that power can turn something that might seem innocuous into something that can make somebody feel uncomfortable,” said Coll.

7. Amy Lappos, a former congressional aide

Amy Lappos, a Democratic political activist claimed that during a 2009 political fundraiser in Greenwich, Connecticut for U.S. Rep. Jim Himes then-Vice President Joe Biden touched her inappropriately.

“It wasn’t sexual, but he did grab me by the head,” Lappos told the Hartford Courant last year. “He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth.”

“I never filed a complaint, to be honest, because he was the vice president. I was a nobody,” Lappos explained. “There’s absolutely a line of decency. There’s a line of respect. Crossing that line is not grandfatherly. It’s not cultural. It’s not affection. It’s sexism or misogyny.”

6. Caitlyn Caruso, a college student and sexual assault survivor

Four years ago, at the age of 19, Caitlyn Caruso, a survivor of sexual assault, spoke at an event on sexual assault at the University of Las Vegas, which Joe Biden was also attending. Caruso says that after sharing her experience with sexual assault, Biden “rested his hand on her thigh — even as she squirmed in her seat to show her discomfort—and hugged her ‘just a little bit too long’.”

“It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” she said. “These are supposed to be people you can trust.”

5. D. J. Hill, a writer

Ms. Hill met Biden at a 2012 fundraiser in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and during a photo-op with the then-vice president he put his hand on her shoulder and starting lowering it down her back, making her feel “very uncomfortable.” Hill’s husband noticed Biden’s maneuver and protected his wife by putting his own hand on Biden’s shoulder and telling a joke. Ms. Hill didn’t say anything at the time and doesn’t know what his intent was, or if he was aware of her discomfort.

“Only he knows his intent,” she told the New York Times. “But norms are changing now, she said, and “if something makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to feel able to say it.”

4. Vail Kohnert-Yount, a former White House intern

Vail Kohnert-Yount was a White House intern and says that in the spring of 2013 while trying to exit the basement of the West Wing she was asked to step aside to allow for Joe Biden to enter. After moving out of the way, Biden approached her to shake her hand and introduce himself. During this encounter, she says Biden “put his hand on the back of my head and pressed his forehead to my forehead,” and called her “a pretty girl.” She says she was shocked by the incident, describing it as “the kind of inappropriate behavior that makes many women feel uncomfortable and unequal in the workplace.”

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:08:57Z No. 8978819



Baker note taker,

Q is posting in an orphan bread.

all PB LB OB





Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:09:01Z No. 8978822

>>8978612 ————————————–——– Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM.

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:09:02Z No. 8978823


Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:09:08Z No. 8978825

Bread #11483 >>8970898 Bodies in Uhaul in NYC

(additional article ad news clip)

CBS 2 video April 29:

Grieving families outraged over NYC funeral home body-storage scandal

(NYPost April 30 2020)

Outraged relatives flocked to a Brooklyn funeral home Thursday following the horrifying revelation that decomposing bodies were found piled up in un-refrigerated rental trucks outside and lying on the facility’s floor.

Tamisha Covington broke down in tears upon leaving the storefront business of Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Services in Flatlands, saying she got “no responses, no answers” about the body of her mom, who died April 9.

“They charged me $15,000 to lay my mother to rest and what am I getting out of the $15,000?” she said.

“I’m getting her body being in a U-Haul truck for however long. I’m buying dresses, I’m trying to work with these people to see the last viewing of my mother … and no contact, no nothing.”

Covington said her mother, Deborah Harris, 60, died in her arms at home after suffering a heart attack.

Harris wasn’t tested for the coronavirus but has been classified as a victim of the killer respiratory illness, Covington said.

“They said, within two weeks they would have my mother buried,” she said.

“This is too much on humanity. I’m really hurt. I don’t even know what I’m looking for other than the fact that I expect to lay my mother down properly with respect and at a reasonable time.”

A man who gave his name as Peter said he tried in vain to find out what had happened to his late ex-wife, who was brought to the funeral home Friday.

He said he was told at the time that “the refrigerators were filled and they were going to embalm her.”

“They just wanted to know that it wasn’t going to be conflicting with any religious whatever,” he said.

“And now they are saying she was in the refrigerator as soon as they brought her here on Friday, so I don’t know.”

Peter said he told a woman inside the business that he wanted to “see what condition” the body was in, but “she told me to come back later.”

“I’m frustrated. This is ridiculous,” he said.

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:09:24Z No. 8978830


Ok boomer kike.

Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:09:24Z No. 8978831


Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:09:43Z No. 8978840


Bread #11483 >>8970898 Bodies in Uhaul in NYC (additional article)

(appears foreign media is more open to reporting news)

‘The smell was overwhelming’: DOZENS of decomposing corpses found in non-refrigerated trucks at New York funeral home

Dozens of dead bodies were found inside moving trucks near a funeral home in New York City, discovered after neighbors complained of a sickening odor emanating from the vehicles, which may have stored the corpses for weeks.

Residents of Brooklyn’s Flatlands neighborhood had tried to ignore the stench, but on Wednesday police were finally called to investigate its source, stumbling upon 50 rotting corpses stacked inside four non-refrigerated trucks at the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home. Some residents told local media they’d noticed the odor for several weeks.

“They were unloading bodies. They had bodies all over the floor inside the funeral home. They came out one by one, blood dripping,” one local man told a New York CBS affiliate, adding that he saw funeral home workers moving the corpses without masks or gloves.

President of the Brooklyn borough, Eric Adams, said he arrived at the Cleckley facility on Wednesday evening to see what looked like a crime scene, with streets sealed off as officers inspected the trucks.

“It appears the truck was full. They were trying to use U-Haul as a backup” Adams said, adding: “This is traumatizing to family members.”

New York City has been the country’s worst-hit hotspot for Covid-19 for some time, seeing over 164,000 infections and some 18,000 deaths, according to data gathered by Johns Hopkins University. The health crisis has put abnormal strain on the city’s morgues and funeral homes, many of which are quickly running out of storage space for bodies. Though the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided refrigerated morgue trucks to deal with the excess deaths, some facilities are still struggling to cope with the influx of corpses.

The owner of the facility told authorities he had done his best to deal with the overwhelming flow of bodies, attempting to load the trucks with ice, but to little effect. Though he was slapped with two citations for the improper storage, the owner faces no criminal charges, according to NBC News.

Police say the bodies were transferred to a refrigerated vehicle later on Wednesday, but added it was not clear how many of the deceased had succumbed to the coronavirus, as opposed to other causes.

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed over 60,000 lives in the US, crossing the grim milestone of one million infections nationwide earlier this week. Though federal health officials have pointed to falling numbers in some of the country’s worst hotspots, the outbreak continues to inflict thousands of daily fatalities, with tens of thousands still contracting the virus each day.

Garbaumgarten twtter from article:

TheAfricanPress twitter from article with CBS2 video:

video (same as first post)

additional article on sputniknews:

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:10:04Z No. 8978844


can you keep up with notes here?

I'll chase Q's

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:10:04Z No. 8978845


JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). These are the only idiots that demand you use the filter, they can't argue the facts so they insist that you filter out anything that they don't want you to find out. Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews" or any variant thereof they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) (the jews) do. The newest gimmick is to call it "24/7 copy pasta" once again not arguing the validity of the information, just trying to distract you from it.

They are also the ones constantly attacking the board with ddos bullshit and flood the board with cartoon child porn.

Anonymous ID: 41fccb 2020-04-30 23:10:11Z No. 8978846




see >>8978819

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:10:14Z No. 8978849


Anonymous ID: 632623 2020-04-30 23:10:17Z No. 8978853


To be concernfag into demice, or not to be

Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 23:10:23Z No. 8978855


Patches Downloaded from Google20. False evidence

>You have more than you know -8. Invoke authority. Claim for yourself or associate yourself with authority and present your argument with enough 'jargon' and 'minutia' to illustrate you are 'one who knows

>If you know you know. NO -22. Manufacture a new truth.

Still waiting for you toDOXXme Mr. super secret wizwarlock

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:10:37Z No. 8978859


muh collector on it

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:10:51Z No. 8978864


see: >>8978691

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:10:55Z No. 8978866

and the way non-whites have demanded something be done to stop niggers killing whites in south Africa has been something to see




Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:11:25Z No. 8978883

every fucking day the replacement and brainwashing continues

Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:11:30Z No. 8978886


Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:11:54Z No. 8978891


JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, yes it's a real thing, even though it sounds utterly moronic). These are the only idiots that demand you use the filter, they can't argue the facts so they insist that you filter out anything that they don't want you to find out. Easy to spot after a few breads, they always use "muh-joo, muh-jew, muhjewshill, muh all jews" or any variant thereof they are LITERALLY THE ONLY ONES that use these terms. No other "ethnicity" has a force here blindly defending them the way (((They))) (the jews) do. The newest gimmick is to call it "24/7 copy pasta" once again not arguing the validity of the information, just trying to distract you from it.

They are also the ones constantly attacking the board with ddos bullshit and flood the board with cartoon child porn.

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:11:55Z No. 8978892

Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?

Occasionally, humanity is confronted with a series of events, oftentimes accompanied with tremendous human suffering, that appear to be so intricately linked and coordinated that to explain them as mere coincidence or conspiracy theory is not only reckless, but potentially criminal in itself.

This month a petition was drafted for the federal government to call on Congress to investigate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for “medical malpractice & crimes against humanity.”

“As we look at events surrounding the ‘COVID-19 pandemic,” the appeal reads, “various questions remain unanswered.”

“On Oct. 18th of 2019, only weeks prior to ground zero being declared in Wuhan, China, two major events took place. One is ‘Event 201,’ the other is the ‘Military World Games,’ held in none other than Wuhan. Since then a worldwide push for vaccines & biometric tracking has been initiated.”

Already the petition has received over 450,000 signatures, far surpassing the 100,000 need for the president to take action on the issue.

Although many people may have heard about Event 201, they may not be familiar with all of its details. Thus, it is crucial to examine what exactly took place at the event to see if there are any grounds for this public call for an investigation.

Event 201

On October 18, 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, an exercise that entailed a simulated outbreak of a coronavirus “transmitted from bats to people that eventually becomes…transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.” Sound familiar? Well, the similarities between the simulated event and our present grim reality do not end there.


Anonymous ID: 162c53 2020-04-30 23:11:57Z No. 8978893




Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:12:04Z No. 8978894


Anonymous ID: 6762d5 2020-04-30 23:12:16Z No. 8978899


you can still post on any bread w/o 750

Anonymous ID: cb8098 2020-04-30 23:12:17Z No. 8978901

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:12:19Z No. 8978903


Anonymous ID: 8b3035 2020-04-30 23:12:35Z No. 8978906

all the Q posts are welcome and fascinating but i still do not see any indication of what and when something will be done about it

the drops very accurately describe the fuckery

if any anon posted the same others would cry for sauce

one must assume nothing will be done until something actually occurs

Anonymous ID: 55bfec 2020-04-30 23:12:48Z No. 8978908

Does hydroxychloroquine cause heart issues only if given by itself? Spouseanon older relative was given it, but gave them heart problems

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:13:33Z No. 8978918

This this is the key to how the ElectroMagnetic Field warps space time the Mass to the Gauge Bosons that create the EM field. It appears that the W Boson is the Electric component and the Z boson is the magnetic component still working out the details.

Anonymous ID: 413e27 2020-04-30 23:13:34Z No. 8978921


These four missing Q posts and all of today's Q posts so far are here.

Anonymous ID: 66442d 2020-04-30 23:14:38Z No. 8978937


The way I see it XI is not responsible for the virus …

My thinking is it was dropped by NWO to start a war …

I may be wrong and will wait for details…..

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:14:41Z No. 8978938

white people working hard so blacks and hispanics have a future

Anonymous ID: cb8098 2020-04-30 23:14:41Z No. 8978939


Anyone else notice her last name is Covington?

Anonymous ID: e424d1 2020-04-30 23:15:32Z No. 8978950

Sometimes pizza just means the food. The dough, with pepperoni and cheese. Fuckin' retards.

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:15:36Z No. 8978951

Chicken and Egg. The forces that create the fields warp the space time just in creating the field that has no effect upon space time - kinda brilliant.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:16:05Z No. 8978963


And sometimes, it doesn't.

Anonymous ID: df7941 2020-04-30 23:16:35Z No. 8978972


PSB actually prefers it that the public knows they will filter bigotry.

also, you really think if they didnt remove antisemitism that youtube wouldnt use that as an excuse to ban their channel AGAIN?

obvious shillery is obvious.

Anonymous ID: 162c53 2020-04-30 23:16:37Z No. 8978973


>These four missing Q posts and all of today's Q posts so far are here.


>Q has 4 new posts in an orphan bread


>Same # as prior bread

>Get over there faggots

Tell Q:

Lern R Comms

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:17:52Z No. 8978993


Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8978612 ————————————–——– Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM.

>>8978508 ————————————–——– Control. (Cap: >>8978520)

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 -————————– MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

>>8978368 ————————————–——– Think Double agents WWIII prevent. (Cap: >>8978385, >>8978408

Anonymous ID: 8b3035 2020-04-30 23:18:03Z No. 8978995


ok then patriots are not in control

is this the beginning of truth release?

Q POST says

"A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications"


Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:18:05Z No. 8978997

you know America gives citizen ship to people, brown people, that are on -record, right up front, saying they hate white people.

clap clap clap


Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:18:10Z No. 8978999

Releasing the Virus was two-fold.

One is population control

Second was millions in PROFIT from Vaccine/Cure.

Anonymous ID: a27919 2020-04-30 23:18:23Z No. 8979005

No war

Game the fuck over

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:18:53Z No. 8979016


wtf do you think the MSM is?

Anonymous ID: a1b147 2020-04-30 23:19:00Z No. 8979019

someone ought to tell Q he's posting the wrong bread.

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:19:01Z No. 8979020

Michigan House Won’t Extend State of Emergency, Votes to Sue Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Instead

The Michigan House of Representatives declined to extend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s state of emergency another 28 days, and instead voted on Thursday to sue her.

Whitmer’s initial state of emergency order, which is separate from the stay-at-home order, expires on Thursday and requires legislative action to be lengthened.

Negotiations on that front fell apart on Wednesday when Whitmer refused to make any concessions on the matter, asserting she has the ultimate control of emergencies.

So the House voted to authorize Speaker Lee Chatfield to sue the governor, saying Whitmer’s “unchecked and undemocratic approach” is not the best way, ABC 12 reported.

“The current status quo relies on one-size-fits-all edicts that unfairly punish millions of people across the state without giving them any recourse or voice in the process,” Chatfield said.

“The people deserve a better solution, and we can provide it.”

The House also passed a resolution restricting a governor’s state of emergency declarations to 14 days. Whitmer has vowed to veto that legislation.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the capitol and demanded the state be reopened.

“We want Michigan open, we want Michigan back to work,” Jason Howland, one of the protest organizers, told Fox 17.

“We put the event together, we put it on Facebook, and we heard that they were taking down events that had to do with protests or rallies against the wishes of Whitmer,” he said.

Facebook confirmed it removed the protest page “because the event would have defied government guidance on social distancing,” the site reported.

“If I go to a protest social distancing and follow the rules created by the people I’m protesting against, I look pretty silly at the end of the day I feel,” Howland said.

State Sen. Dayna Polehanki, a Democrat from Livonia, posted on Twitter that “men with rifles” were in the Senate gallery and “yelling at us.”

Polehanki claimed some of her colleagues “who own bullet proof vests” were wearing them.

The Senate is expected to vote on a similar resolution authorizing leaders to pursue legal action against Whitmer’s orders.

Anonymous ID: 5f5da8 2020-04-30 23:19:07Z No. 8979022

Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.


A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications is only defeated by……….

Game theory.


only defeated by……….

Force Moves

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:19:28Z No. 8979028



Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:20:00Z No. 8979038


Q seems to be done posting, maybe

Ron is the ebake working on code to help the lag/reply stick and freeze

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:20:16Z No. 8979043

Chinese State Media: Trump Can Only Win Reelection by

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that China will “do anything they can to have me lose” his re-election bid in November because Beijing believes his presumptive Democrat opponent, Joe Biden, will lift trade and other restrictions Trump has imposed on China.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) responded through one of its state media organs that Trump is trying to whip up anti-China sentiment to win the election.

The CCP’s Global Times tried insulting Trump’s manhood and claimed he is endangering American lives by continuing to question China’s conduct instead of embracing help from Beijing to fight the coronavirus – a mistake the CCP said a shrewd and compassionate leader such as Batman would not make:

China is also the president’s biggest stunt to divert Americans’ rage toward his administration’s own incompetence in fighting the virus. It is believed Trump and his team are aware of how they have failed their jobs in epidemic prevention and control. Only by making Americans hate China can they make sure that the public might overlook the fact that Trump’s team is stained with the blood of Americans.

If Trump is man enough, he should prioritize protecting American lives over reelection, and be the political Batman when the US is in crisis. Previously, the president predicted that the US death toll from COVID-19 would be 60,000. Yet, US coronavirus deaths have exceeded the figure, and many more could die. As a president, Trump has the ability to save at least some of them, to prevent the coronavirus deaths in the country from topping 100,000, if he has Batman’s compassion and willingness to sacrifice something of his own to save Americans’ interests.

What one fears most is the US president does not have the will, that he would rather see more people die in exchange for his reelection, or that he and his competitors are deceiving Americans, confusing the citizens by a race over who can be tougher on China, making Americans believe it is China which caused the massive infections and deaths in the US.

No matter who becomes the next US president, would that person sleep well in the White House, knowing so many people have died?

Batman is arguably the last superhero any Chinese Communist should be invoking in a bizarre pop-culture metaphor, given the role bats are thought to have played in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. He is not really the superhero avatar of “compassion,” either, as any number of severely battered criminals and evil clowns languishing in Gotham City’s jails could attest. It is a good thing no comic book writer has yet to create a superhero who obtained his powers from the bite of a radioactive pangolin.

Anonymous ID: 036c53 2020-04-30 23:20:17Z No. 8979044


Why the hell do they deserve a better deal than we get?! I don't know of any private sector taxpayer in my generation who gets a pension!

Anonymous ID: a27919 2020-04-30 23:20:19Z No. 8979046

Morons Unplugged

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:20:20Z No. 8979047


And then they allow them into Congress

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:20:26Z No. 8979052



Anonymous ID: a1b147 2020-04-30 23:20:56Z No. 8979064


someone ought to tell Q he's posting the wrong bread.>>8978993

>>>8978612 ————————————–——– Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM.

If you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:21:08Z No. 8979067



8 billion people


Millions in profit? Think WAY more.

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:21:08Z No. 8979068


Here we go!

Anonymous ID: d926aa 2020-04-30 23:21:16Z No. 8979071

Anonymous ID: 83f133 2020-04-30 23:21:23Z No. 8979074



Your images: 4 are real 1 is fake.

>Patches Downloaded from Google20. False evidence

Yes. You can as with most images.

>>You have more than you know -8. Invoke authority. Claim for yourself or associate yourself with authority and present your argument with enough 'jargon' and 'minutia' to illustrate you are 'one who knows

I Authority just FACTS.

There is no Jargon Anons Asked I explained.

>>If you know you know. NO -22. Manufacture a new truth.

FACT. If you know the Truth you know the Truth. No?

>Still waiting for you toDOXXme Mr. super secret wizwarlock

I will not.

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:21:41Z No. 8979078

France: 50 Chechens storm migrant reception center and attack ‘African rivals’

Four people were left with injuries on Friday night after a group of 50 Chechens armed with sticks, bats, and iron bars stormed the migrant reception center in Barberey-Saint-Sulpice, France.

The old Fast Hotel, now a facility which houses migrants and asylum seekers, became a “war scene” after 50 Chechens rushed in to confront and “kill” African rivals living at facility, according to testimony given by a security guard and former soldier who works at the establishment.

“They had sticks, bats, sticks, iron bars, they were running all over the place. They ran to the Africans, they were there to kill,” Philippe, the security guard at the reception center.

Apparently, while the blows were being exchanged between the Chechens and Africans, Philippe and his colleagues attempted to hide one the men who the intruders had been looking for, French regional newspaper L’Est Éclair reports.

As the Chechens were leaving the facility, one of them stopped and struck Philippe over the head with an iron bar, injuring him seriously but not causing him to lose consciousness.

“He told me that I should be on their side and not on that of the Africans,” Philippe recounted.

Shortly after, gendarmes arrived and the situation’s intensity began to subside. At the end of the ordeal, four victims were identified: two security guards and two African residents who had been living at the facility. Only three of the Chechen home invaders were arrested while the rest managed to flee the scene before police arrived.

Since the attack, the reception center has been emptied and the migrants have been relocated to another site which is regularly monitored by police. The investigation is ongoing.

Anonymous ID: 8dc544 2020-04-30 23:22:36Z No. 8979098

>A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications is only defeated by……….

Disabling their ability to communicate.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:23:23Z No. 8979110




As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to the wordwide deep state.

Shills are here in full force and apply all kind of tactics, most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule":

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.

Some shilly try to blend in as anons and have fake conversations.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT and on TV.

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and try to paint this board nazi to enable fake news attacks on "Q nazis".

Shills also try to deflect from the [cult] by muh jew spam.

Shills spread stupid info and post utter bs to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Another shill posts anime and wolf memes all the time to make researching autists look ridiculous at first glance.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …).

Shills try to divide anons by making them leave to a board that Q chooses not to post on (QRB, 4chan).

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills try to namefag to 'establish a trustworty character' (A, CTA, McT, …)

Shills attack the Qclock (that Q asked anons to build and that works amazingly well: "future proves past")

Shills glow if you regard the posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

(And in some breads it´s 70, 80, 90% shill posts.)

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info or push shill topics (slides, muh jew).


Q is posting in other bread!! (ebake)

go here:




(dropping this here anyway…)

Anonymous ID: 9b8fd2 2020-04-30 23:23:34Z No. 8979115

Q Posts Grouped by # of Periods/Ellipsis - Total Counts

I've collected the Q Posts that contained periods/ellipsis and organized them into groups by total count. You will find that when you post Three(3) . . . periods without spacing, 8kun will automatically post the character of an ellipsis … - Keeping this in mind if Q were to type Five(5) . . . . . periods without spaces, 8kun would post it as ….. (1 ellipsis + 2 periods)

Keeping this logic in mind I did not differentiate between the character of an ellipsis and a period, and grouped the full count of total periods. As noted in the PDF, any post that contained multiple strings of Periods of different #s were listed in both respective groups and denoted with an * prior to the post #. Attached is the original PDF, a screen shot of the PDF, and an example of possible connections (17 periods & 19 periods).

I believe there could be a connection between posts with similar groupings of Period count (pic related)

I used Seventeen (17) periods in my example. There were four (4) Q posts that contained a total of Seventeen (17) periods strung together Q #1876, 2261, 2350 & 3473.

I Updated this to show a possible new example of Nineteen (19) periods. Q Post # 2887, 4014

I have racked my brain and I'm putting it out to fellow anons to help find more connections. Do these four posts have a connection or is it coincidence? I believe they do, but it needs more eyes. Lets Find the rest of the connections. Autists have at this one

Q does not post anything that doesn't have a meaning

Anonymous ID: 1b60fb 2020-04-30 23:23:57Z No. 8979125

I keep looking at the Palatine's Revenge and was poking around and found something. We all know this war has been going on a long ass time. I was reading about Elizabeth Bathory (relevant to a lot of the horrors we're reading about) and saw that she was ultimately arrested by Count Palatine György Thurzó. Here's what it says about him specifically:

Thurzó is perhaps best remembered for being the interceptor of the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory, without a formal hearing.[3] He was also a very passionate Lutheran. He built Lutheran churches in his lands. He paid for the construction of Lutheran guilds in his estates. In 1610, he issued a decree: Cuius regio, eius religio. In 1609, he was bestowed with the title of, "Palatine of Hungary."

Here's the information on the Palatines:

All road's literally lead to Rome.

Check this out from Wikipedia…

A palatine or palatinus (in Latin; plural palatini; cf. derivative spellings below) is a high-level official attached to imperial or royal courts in Europe since Roman times.[1] The term palatinus was first used in Ancient Rome for chamberlains of the Emperor due to their association with the Palatine Hill.[2] The imperial palace guard, after the rise of Constantine I, were also called the Scholae Palatinae for the same reason. In the Early Middle Ages the title became attached to courts beyond the imperial one; one of the highest level of officials in the papal administration were called the judices palatini. Later the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties had counts palatine, as did the Holy Roman Empire. Related titles were used in Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, the German Empire, and the Duchy of Burgundy, while England, Ireland, and parts of British North America referred to rulers of counties palatine as palatines.[1]

The members of the Imperial Guard were named after Palatine Hill, the mythical founding place of Rome. On the same hill lived the members of the older of two schools of the ancient Salii brotherhood of God of War Mars, which had some symbolism in common with that of the imperial palace.[5] Military training schools were the scholae, and the Imperial Guard was called Scholae Palatinae. It was a personal army that the emperor was allowed to use personally on campaigns.

I think the new catchphrase should be "they never thought Caesar/Rome would lose."

Anonymous ID: eaa9ff 2020-04-30 23:24:17Z No. 8979128


Exposing their hidden communications.

Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:24:47Z No. 8979138



Anonymous ID: a27919 2020-04-30 23:24:58Z No. 8979141

We are evergreen.

Evergreen = Eternal

Masons are not eternal.

Pretty soon they all disappear.

Anonymous ID: af7501 2020-04-30 23:25:04Z No. 8979143

Calling all planefags…PNWanon just saw 2-3 flights of B-1B and B-52 bombers on what looked like a WNW course, real high up. Looked like maybe a KC-135 up there too? Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:25:05Z No. 8979144


Another simulation was conducted by the US Military in September 2019 called "Urban Outbreak 2019." Appendix III below provides a summary of the simulation.

Urban Outbreak 2019 report:

US Navy did a 2 day simulation of a viral pandemic in a fictional 21 million population last September. Their summary seems realistic. Naval War College "Urban Outbreak 2019" wargame scenario document is a 14 page pdf by Mr Davies. Appendix III provides a summary of the war game results and copied below. (published 4/01/2020)

Appendix III

Urban Challenges and Areas of Inquiry in Urban Outbreak 2019 Scenario

Round One: Outbreak

• Concept of employing informal public health providers in the response

• Concept of informal governance/security for access or mobility for vulnerable populations in key dense urban areas

• Establishing role of private security

• Determining differential access to resources based on social strata and location

• Assessment data from rural mountainous region

• Self-interested government officials and private sector actors

• Prostitution as a vector

• False information/suspicion concerning the outbreak and response

Round Two: Cascading Failures

• Loss of power, utilities, dockworkers, security, etc.

• Failure of existing medical system

• All other medical services severely affected

• Logistical capacity stretched for outbreak response purposes at the expense of all else

• Hoarding, theft, and black market becomes extremely lucrative

• Increased international military role

• Challenges for responder security and ROE for military

• Ambiguous role of the national government

• Role of informal transit for response

• Flight of populations

• Quarantine/roadblocks

• Mortuary affairs

• PPE and medical demand

Round Three: Cleanup Wish List

• Pre-transition change in priorities

• Engineering, heavy lift or logistics from international military before transition begins/departure

• Reviving broken livelihoods

• Mortuary affairs

• Refuse in urban areas

• Security - rise of gangs and religious groups

• Badly damaged infrastructure

• Hobbled workforce

• Extreme needs associated with fractured health system (public health emergencies associated with those failures)

Anonymous ID: 3c1e46 2020-04-30 23:25:17Z No. 8979149

It might be an interesting experiment to fly a remote controlled 747 into the UN building…

Anonymous ID: 8bc2c0 2020-04-30 23:25:18Z No. 8979150

>>8978788 wouldn’t know anon. Who would watch tv after spending time here?

Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:26:02Z No. 8979163



Anonymous ID: 67f171 2020-04-30 23:26:41Z No. 8979176


Taking control of the communications

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:26:43Z No. 8979177

The fact that the W and Z bosons have mass while photons are massless was a major obstacle in developing electroweak theory. These particles are accurately described by an SU(2) gauge theory, but the bosons in a gauge theory must be massless. As a case in point, the photon is massless because electromagnetism is described by a U(1) gauge theory. Some mechanism is required to break the SU(2) symmetry, giving mass to the

W and Z in the process. The Higgs mechanism, first put forward by the 1964 PRL symmetry breaking papers, fulfills this role. It requires the existence of another particle, the Higgs boson, which has since been found at the Large Hadron Collider. Of the four components of a Goldstone boson created by the Higgs field, three are absorbed by the

W+ Z0, and W−bosons to form their longitudinal components, and the remainder appears as the spin 0 Higgs boson.

Basically they are describing multi dimensional fields that interact and the wave functions combine and modify other fields but doing so in a particle standpoint. A Higgs field interacts with the other fields to create mass by modifying the field acting upon and shifting the wave pattern to coincide with a 4D wave and create mass (kinda simple). The mass then warps the 4D field creating a 'diviot" in the 4D field that is perceived as physical object with mass. Relativity is added with velocity of the divot in relation to the viewer.

Anonymous ID: ef6211 2020-04-30 23:26:52Z No. 8979179

It depends on what the definition of is…is…


Bill Clinton no-named?

Anonymous ID: 8b3035 2020-04-30 23:26:54Z No. 8979180


>"A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications"

just as Q posted

states they have control


Anonymous ID: 637a2b 2020-04-30 23:27:17Z No. 8979190


>Who would watch tv after spending time here?


Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:27:35Z No. 8979197

In Video: U.S.-led Coalition Warplanes Bomb ISIS Caves In Eastern Iraq

On April 29, warplanes of the U.S.-led coalition carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS positions in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala.

Col. Myles B. Caggins III, a spokesman for the coalition, said the airstrikes targeted several caves of the terrorist group in Hamrin Mountains. The mountain chain, which borders Iran, is known to be infested with ISIS cells.

The U.S.-led coalition’s airstrikes coincided with a large security operation by Iraqi government forces against ISIS cells in the same region.

Iraq’s Security Media announced on April 30 that seven terrorists of ISIS were eliminated in the course of the operation, that was supported by Iraqi attack helicopters. Government forces also uncovered 5 hideouts of the group and seized loads of weapons and explosives.

The Iraqi military, security forces and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) conduct joint security operations in Hamrin Mountains on a regular basis. Nevertheless, ISIS cells are still active in the region.

The involvement of U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi warplanes will likely allow to restrict the movement of ISIS cells in the region and inflict more losses on the terrorist group.

Anonymous ID: 1b60fb 2020-04-30 23:27:54Z No. 8979202


Well shit.

I suppose there's that extra P.

At least maybe we found our P.

Anonymous ID: a76ac7 2020-04-30 23:28:12Z No. 8979211


No idiot

Anonymous ID: 2266ff 2020-04-30 23:28:30Z No. 8979216



its impossible to go back. its grotesque to even suggest one would ever want to.

Anonymous ID: 1cb3a9 2020-04-30 23:28:39Z No. 8979219

>game theory

>nash equilibrium

the only option that will work is a win-win

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:29:36Z No. 8979233


And, of course, lowered expectations since everyone still wanted the hot blonde.

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:29:36Z No. 8979234

FBI head helped Facebook defend encryption he's now fighting

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 80155a 2020-04-30 23:29:41Z No. 8979236


Anonymous ID: b149f2 2020-04-30 23:29:53Z No. 8979240


Yes there's the [P] it would seem

Anonymous ID: 8a294e 2020-04-30 23:30:06Z No. 8979244

>>8975355 Q

+Crossfire hurricane

++Crossfire typhoon

+++Cross wind

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:30:06Z No. 8979245

First let me explain a few things about quantum theory and the standard model.

1. Physicists freely exchange mass and energy and in doing this have found it is easier for them to define a particle than a wave… so they choose a particle every time over defining an energy field.

2. Physicists have found may variables that they know very little about contained within each subatomic particle and have given then strange or charmed names when all they are is a variable with no mass, no charge, and no way to really measure the variable well.

a. Thusly they have used unitary groups to define these variables. A unitary group is basically an array of numbers/variables where the entire set that a math function can act on the entire set. It is basically array or vector or field math placed in easier notation. Think of it as the magnetic field defined on paper as an array with each cell in the array having both the amplitude and directional vector of the magnetic field.

3. Physicist’s regularly define these fields and particles with no mass and or no charge. Since there are enough other characteristics of the ‘particles’ or fields from spin, to amplitude, to direction to be able to define these fields. The ‘particle’ only acquires Mass when it “breaks symmetry” and basically becomes real in 4D. This is mediated by a universal field called the Higgs field and the recently defined Higgs Boson that is basically the energy vector (particle) for that field.

Anonymous ID: a27919 2020-04-30 23:30:31Z No. 8979251

Green bitch skankin up a white bench.

The real Messiah hates you.


Anonymous ID: 1b82b9 2020-04-30 23:30:58Z No. 8979257


Thank you Q.

Anonymous ID: 22540b 2020-04-30 23:31:14Z No. 8979260


Anonymous ID: 6556c6 2020-04-30 23:31:24Z No. 8979266

>>8975578 /pb

As we should! America is NOT a socialist/communist country and should NOT celebrate a socialist/communist propaganda occassion.

Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:31:35Z No. 8979267


I agree with you Anon.

God Bless

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:31:36Z No. 8979269


Version 2

Kek with Flynn

Anonymous ID: b52510 2020-04-30 23:31:36Z No. 8979270


Got it Q. Can you maybe give us something that we do not know?

Anonymous ID: 1cb3a9 2020-04-30 23:31:43Z No. 8979273


or a gangbang .. win-win

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:31:53Z No. 8979277

quantum mechanics is working with multidimensional fields that are not measurable in our 4D reality but have interactions and effect our 4D world. For example when the W and Z bosons acquire mass they interact with 4D and warp the 4D world – physicist use them as particles for simplicity but it is a field that is interacting with 4D that is not really contained in 4D and only interacts with 4D when it is ‘triggered”/breaking of symmetry by a Higgs field. The color force of quarks is a trinity field with 3 charges that are not electromagnetic or contained within 4D just interact with 4D to allow the creation of a quark and they combine in a trinity to form a proton. The other fields involved in a quark are dual fields up/down, top/bottom, and strange/charmed and are just variables like positive and negative.

Physicists take all these variables be it dual, trinary, or vector variables and put them in an array for each field they are working with called a unitary group to basically define a particle (be it a real particle or a force particle).

Force particles are just the interaction of the field with another field (particle) that acts on the receiving field and changes the characteristics of that field (particle) – essentially multidimensional wave interaction/interference. Think of every variable as a multidimensional field vector in a field interacting with the 4D field of say a quark, or a proton or a neutron, or an electron/photon. Every variable defined in these particles that you have never heard of is the interaction of a multidimensional field (I like to think of it as Fractal Fields, as I can visualize the twists and turns of the fractal crossing our 4D reality).

Anonymous ID: e11934 2020-04-30 23:31:53Z No. 8979278


if there are bodies can trials be long in coming??

Anonymous ID: 07335d 2020-04-30 23:31:54Z No. 8979279




Anonymous ID: c27dba 2020-04-30 23:32:11Z No. 8979285


Third is mandatory mail-in voting to control elections.

Anonymous ID: aecd06 2020-04-30 23:32:12Z No. 8979286


how do you square this with POTUS stating he would rely on what Pence said?

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:32:15Z No. 8979288



Anonymous ID: 0c44e8 2020-04-30 23:32:23Z No. 8979291



Tweet Cap for Baker

Anonymous ID: b52510 2020-04-30 23:32:35Z No. 8979293

Q is Grenell just a place holder for Gen Flynn?

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:32:40Z No. 8979296


Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:32:44Z No. 8979297

'Jews Control Chinese Labs That Created Coronavirus': White Supremacists’ Dangerous New Conspiracy Theory

Far right theories on a Jewish-Chinese COVID-19 cabal are breaking out of the infamously anti-Semitic dark web – with real-world consequences

As COVID-19 has swept around the globe, causing unprecedented levels of suffering and national shutdowns, the boards and websites of the dark web that part of the internet intentionally hidden from…

Someone bypass the paywall and post the rest of this please

Anonymous ID: 4a2da0 2020-04-30 23:32:50Z No. 8979298


Finally found the right bread Newb ? J/K

Anonymous ID: 389838 2020-04-30 23:32:56Z No. 8979300

Anonymous ID: 829875 2020-04-30 23:33:14Z No. 8979305


Second term coming right up!

Anonymous ID: d1b229 2020-04-30 23:33:17Z No. 8979307


Q, I heard POTUS say he might order flags at half mast. Problem is, the Nation is not in mourning. Most of us don’t know a single person who has Covid. Most of us are simply angry at being pushed around and having our rights infringed upon. Wrong emotional signal for the Nation.

Anonymous ID: 6c0ae9 2020-04-30 23:33:17Z No. 8979308


need to go full on V FOR VENDETTA. overtake the tv stations for 24 hours. time to WAKE UP

Anonymous ID: a1371d 2020-04-30 23:33:21Z No. 8979309


Please tell me this might mean

VP in President Trump’s second term, Q!

Anonymous ID: 222e97 2020-04-30 23:33:22Z No. 8979310


Anonymous ID: 0eebf5 2020-04-30 23:33:29Z No. 8979312


is the virus real or not?

Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:33:32Z No. 8979315


Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:33:42Z No. 8979317

Keep them coming Q! How much rope should I buy?>>8979236

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:33:50Z No. 8979319


Anonymous ID: 096972 2020-04-30 23:34:24Z No. 8979327


Top Kek of all time

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-04-30 23:34:41Z No. 8979330

>>8979236 new Q

>>8978584 ebake Q



im grabbing the dough

rest well fren

Anonymous ID: 6556c6 2020-04-30 23:34:44Z No. 8979332


Chortle! "Cranial/Rectal Inversion" - KEK to the nth degree!

Anonymous ID: c96ae2 2020-04-30 23:34:47Z No. 8979334


Bring him back and let him send a forensics team to start reclaiming those hidden bodies.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:34:53Z No. 8979337



YES! He better get re-hired

Anonymous ID: 3a361a 2020-04-30 23:34:59Z No. 8979339



Anonymous ID: 283ff7 2020-04-30 23:35:05Z No. 8979340

A single word on Muh ‘Rona?



Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:35:08Z No. 8979343


Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8979236 ————————————–——– Who knows where the bodies are buried? Potus open to bring Flynn back to his Adm. (Cap: >>8979279)

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:35:08Z No. 8979344

BREAKING: President Trump says he would be open to bringing General Flynn back to his administration

"It looks to me like Michael Flynn will be exonerated.”



Anonymous ID: 1b67c8 2020-04-30 23:35:14Z No. 8979345



Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:35:21Z No. 8979346


Little Miss Scrunt has big problems.

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:35:47Z No. 8979349

Joe Biden to address sexual assault allegation for the first time on Friday

The Democratic presidential candidate is set to appear on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'

Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden is slated to appear on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' on Friday, and the show's booker says Biden will "respond for the first time to the recent allegation of sexual assault" from a former aide.

What are the details?

Tara Reade went to the press last month claiming that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, when she worked in his Senate office.

The Biden campaign has attempted to dismiss the allegation by insisting it "did not happen," while Biden himself has remained mum on the issue. Despite participating in at least 19 interviews since the accusation emerged, Biden has not yet been asked a single time during an appearance about Reade's claims.

But in recent days, pressure has built from the left and in the media for Biden to address Reade's accusations directly.

On Thursday afternoon, Michael Del Moro, the booking producer for 'Morning Joe,' announced via Twitter, "Tomorrow: Joe Biden joins @Morning Joe to respond for the first time to the recent allegation of sexual assault."

"Morning Joe' is hosted by anti-Trump husband and wife team Joe Scarborough, a former Republican, and Mika Brzezinski, a Democrat who has defended Biden against accusations of inappropriately touching women in the past.

The Hill pointed out that "the appearance from his home studio in Wilmington, Del., would allow Biden to deal with the issue in what could be a more favorable setting given the criticisms the show's hosts have regularly launched against President Trump."

According to the outlet, the former vice president will sit solo for the interview, and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will not be present.

Biden was last on 'Morning Joe' two weeks ago, and Reade's allegation was not brought up during that interview.

In reaction to the news that Biden would address the sexual assault accusation on 'Morning Joe,' Eric Trump, President Donald Trump's son, tweeted, "Watch this softball…they are probably working on the questions with him as we speak…"

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:35:54Z No. 8979353

Flynn for DNI?

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:36:00Z No. 8979355

The Hillarity continues.

Anonymous ID: 829875 2020-04-30 23:36:05Z No. 8979356


Bring @genFlynn home and back to work where he belongs.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:36:06Z No. 8979357


all yours-wut I got




>>8978494 d'oh

notbles, not endorsements

>>8978563 200 Legislators Urge Trump and Governors To ‘Safely Reopen American Society’

>>8978585 Pelosi Demands $1 Trillion In Pandemic Relief For States And Local Governments-zh

>>8978596 Dozens of Illegal Aliens Found Sealed In Tractor Trailer In Texas-brreaking911

>>8978610 Matt Jeneroux, MP Canadian- issue a formal summons for Dr. Aylward from the WHO to officially appear before the House of Commons Health Committee. It was passed unanimously, 11-0-soc media

>>8978691, >>8978819 Q posts in orphan bred-crumb and bundle

>>8978735, >>8978769, >>8978893 Additional 11-Pages of FBI Documents Unsealed – Biggest Surprise: President Obama Implicated…-conservative treehouse

>>8978825, >>8978840 Bodies in Uhaul found in NYC- additional info soc media, rt, sputnik

>>8978892 Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?-strategic

>>8978921 anon submits the four missing Q posts for this bred and all of today's so far

>>8979078 France: 50 Chechens storm migrant reception center and attack ‘African rivals’-VOE

>>8979234 FBI head helped Facebook defend encryption he's now fighting-reuters

>>8979236, >>8979279, >>8979291 Q Drop_________Flynn Targeted Why?

Anonymous ID: 3ca6fa 2020-04-30 23:36:11Z No. 8979359


the whole post.

Anonymous ID: d4e6b2 2020-04-30 23:36:19Z No. 8979362


Give him another star while your at it.

Anonymous ID: b75f3e 2020-04-30 23:36:22Z No. 8979364


I'm not so sure he ever left (wink!)


Don't forget. Flags Out, Patriots!


Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:36:26Z No. 8979368


Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:36:28Z No. 8979369



Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 23:36:31Z No. 8979371



Anonymous ID: bea4fb 2020-04-30 23:36:34Z No. 8979373


Wow boss, you are on a tare today, something is happening, isn't it.

Anonymous ID: 94b055 2020-04-30 23:36:38Z No. 8979375

Feinstein spied.

People died.

Anonymous ID: ceece6 2020-04-30 23:36:42Z No. 8979378


Boom! Bad news for ((them)).

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:36:44Z No. 8979379



Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:36:46Z No. 8979381

The Administration’s maximum pressure campaign, which includes commercial and economic sanctions, will continue until Maduro’s illegitimate and tyrannical hold on Venezuela is over.

Anonymous ID: 632623 2020-04-30 23:36:51Z No. 8979382


The bodies are probably burried in unnamed graveyards, like New York City's Hart Island

That are now getting a layer of so called covid-19 bodies, so no one can check because of muh corona risk.

Anonymous ID: 3a361a 2020-04-30 23:37:09Z No. 8979387



Looks like


Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:37:14Z No. 8979388


That Masonic pile of orange dogshit is getting deleted with the rest of the garbage.

Timeline restored = "elites" go buh bye

Anonymous ID: 28156a 2020-04-30 23:37:30Z No. 8979394


Hillary buried at least half the bodies.

Anonymous ID: ca3515 2020-04-30 23:37:33Z No. 8979395



May 2

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:37:43Z No. 8979398

Have we heard the last of Epstein?

Anonymous ID: 3df785 2020-04-30 23:37:45Z No. 8979399


Fire Pence

Hello VP Flynn?

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:37:48Z No. 8979401

done with my tirade I will pick it up again in a day or two after more research.

Anonymous ID: 6711ea 2020-04-30 23:37:52Z No. 8979403


Q 1433

Had senate confirmation as director of DIA.

Vacancies Reform Act of 1998–

The Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency is an intelligence officer who, upon nomination by the President and confirmation by the Senate, serves as the United States' highest-ranking military intelligence officer. As the chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Director is the primary intelligence adviser to the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and also answers to the Director of National Intelligence through the civilian Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Anonymous ID: 5bbdcb 2020-04-30 23:38:01Z No. 8979404



Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:38:08Z No. 8979405


Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:38:08Z No. 8979406


I had the same thought.

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:38:12Z No. 8979408


Art from Comet Ping Pong

Anonymous ID: e0c929 2020-04-30 23:38:13Z No. 8979410





Anonymous ID: 814f92 2020-04-30 23:38:14Z No. 8979411

If saying anything to the public creates WW3…..why is Q mentioning it…publicly now? I don't understand?

Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:38:38Z No. 8979418



Anonymous ID: 3a361a 2020-04-30 23:38:43Z No. 8979420


May 1.

Declared Law Month

Anonymous ID: 637a2b 2020-04-30 23:39:02Z No. 8979426


game has changed

Anonymous ID: bb82b9 2020-04-30 23:39:09Z No. 8979428


Flynn for VP or DNI

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-04-30 23:39:09Z No. 8979430

Tuesday 04.28.2020

>>8956863 rt >>8956829 -————————– Close (Cap: >>8960255)

>>8956805 ————————————–——– Why would in-game chat be disabled during [FF event(s)]?

>>8955403 ————————————–——– WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE IN FEAR? (Caps: >>8955473, >>8956757)

>>8954923 ————————————–——– Desperate times call for desperate measures (Cap: >>8954961)

>>8954206 ————————————–——– All the walls are falling down (Cap: >>8954282)

>>8953725 ————————————–——– Star Wars Commander Game Closure Announcement (Cap: >>8953810)

>>8952939 ————————————–——– Repost: Same evidence to FREE FLYNN currently being used to INDICT others [GJ]? (Cap: >>8953422)

>>8952286 ————————————–——– THE SILENT WAR CONTINUES.

>>8952254 ————————————–——– INFILTRATION INSTEAD OF INVASION.

>>8952219 ————————————–——– INFORMATION WARFARE.

>>8952185 ————————————–——– How does China comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?

>>8952145 ————————————–——– How does Soros comm [secure] w/ DNC leaders?


>>8951828 ————————————–——– THE NEWS IS FAKE. THE WAR IS REAL.

>>8951723 ————————————–——– [21 FIRED]. (Cap: >>8953546)

>>8951718 ————————————–——– FBI CHAIN OF COMMAND MIDYEAR INVESTIGATION [HRC EMAIL]? (Cap: >>8953527)

>>8951255 ————————————–——– Flag Picture *** (Cap: >>8953389)

Sunday 04.26.2020

>>8930301 ————————————–——– Link to Maria Bartiromo's tweet re General Flynn (Cap: >>8930344)

Anonymous ID: 413e27 2020-04-30 23:39:10Z No. 8979431


Let's see…how about CIA director…or NSA director…or DIA…or ??? Any way it goes it is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:39:12Z No. 8979433


Because whatever they were doing is done already.

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:39:13Z No. 8979434


in da dough


Anonymous ID: 9f79ea 2020-04-30 23:39:15Z No. 8979435


Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:39:20Z No. 8979436

What went on when the helos landed on the street in LA?

Anonymous ID: 3ca6fa 2020-04-30 23:39:24Z No. 8979437


i think he'll get his old job back. National Security Advisor doesnt require congressional approval.

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:39:26Z No. 8979438


T ID: a70eaf 2020-04-30 23:39:33Z No. 8979440


FLYNN exonerated Tomorrow on a new national holiday. 'LAW DAY"

That'll be a vital blow to the {DS}

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:39:38Z No. 8979441


Mourning the loss of integrity in government/law enforcement in advance of restoring it?

Anonymous ID: d4e6b2 2020-04-30 23:39:39Z No. 8979442


damn… if so, we wouldn't ever know

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-04-30 23:39:59Z No. 8979446


may 1 = law day

month of may = old people month

Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:40:00Z No. 8979447


Version 2. Flynn VP!

Anonymous ID: 2826cf 2020-04-30 23:40:03Z No. 8979450

the last 4 pics in Q drops had file names beginning with "EW"

Ezra, is that you?

Anonymous ID: b688f4 2020-04-30 23:40:05Z No. 8979452

Q it’s taking too long to show the people how evil MSM is. I am sorry but it’s 3.5 years and they LIE more now than before. It may be too late already and the longer the MSM is allowed to continue doing what they do it’s going to be too late. This election is the most important in our history. There is too much at stake to let them continue as they are. The process of showing is clearly not working fast enough. MSM Google and the rest have to be stopped or this election will be lost because of their lies and their shutting down of free speech. This needs to end now

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:40:05Z No. 8979453


I wouldn't consider this place "publicly" since, you know, all a LARP and all

Anonymous ID: 692971 2020-04-30 23:40:14Z No. 8979458


Prison is too easy of a punishment for some of these demonrats.

Anonymous ID: 1774da 2020-04-30 23:40:16Z No. 8979459


North Korea Kim shipped them back.

Anonymous ID: fe7508 2020-04-30 23:40:21Z No. 8979461


droppen 'em fast. Thank U Q.

Hang 'em fast and high Q.

Booms on 8kun.

make 'em manifest.

Anonymous ID: 28156a 2020-04-30 23:40:21Z No. 8979462


Biden is going to need allot of editing to sound coherent, no doubt they will not do it live.

Anonymous ID: ca32fa 2020-04-30 23:40:22Z No. 8979463


Q, i know this must be slow rolled out to the public, but more and more Americans are anxious for justice

yes, it is wonderful that general flynn is finally exonerated

but Americans want these criminals running the government and the media to face justice

if they are allowed to walk away scott-free then this operation will be all for naught

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:40:26Z No. 8979465

smokers are less likely to catch Covid Red Death.

Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:40:32Z No. 8979468


kinda looks that way tbh

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:40:33Z No. 8979469


No they're twitter filenames larper.

Ron ID: efca09 2020-04-30 23:40:35Z No. 8979470

Just enabled a hotfix for the "Posted." bug. Let me know if it fixes the "Posted" bug for you or not. Please clear your javascript cache first so you have the newest version.

Anonymous ID: 283ff7 2020-04-30 23:40:42Z No. 8979472

Jim Jordan on FNC RN

Anonymous ID: 0c5b47 2020-04-30 23:40:42Z No. 8979473


Who’s second Trump appointment?

Anonymous ID: f76a21 2020-04-30 23:40:43Z No. 8979474


Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 23:40:51Z No. 8979475


Namefags everywhere,

We now have an A, T, M.. Glowniggs scared as fuck.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:40:52Z No. 8979476


np. rb got the dough.

rest for you now

Anonymous ID: 43bd7a 2020-04-30 23:40:57Z No. 8979477


Shill spammer filtered

Anonymous ID: 2266ff 2020-04-30 23:40:58Z No. 8979478


Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-04-30 23:41:01Z No. 8979480


Q's definitely a Wilbury.

Anonymous ID: 283ff7 2020-04-30 23:41:05Z No. 8979482


All good, thank you!

Anonymous ID: 814f92 2020-04-30 23:41:17Z No. 8979484


o7. Appreciate the reply. Makes sense.

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:41:20Z No. 8979485


I think we need to go beyond beating them on their playing field. The field needs to be uprooted and the players fully exposed.

Anonymous ID: 19047d 2020-04-30 23:41:24Z No. 8979487


Thank you Ron!

Anonymous ID: 5bbdcb 2020-04-30 23:41:24Z No. 8979488


now that I think of it. Q is proberly hinting towards Feinsteins driver.

Anonymous ID: 06a8b1 2020-04-30 23:41:33Z No. 8979491


Thanks Chief.

You Rock

Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:41:34Z No. 8979493


bless you

updated pastebin with Q's


Anonymous ID: 3003fb 2020-04-30 23:41:34Z No. 8979494



A ID: ad537d 2020-04-30 23:41:39Z No. 8979495

>>8978612 Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM

Patriot Anons

Video or Photo?????



Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:41:42Z No. 8979496


Did Pence work his way outta GITMO? Wife got the card at Bush funeral.

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:41:43Z No. 8979497


Thank you!

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:41:43Z No. 8979499

Calm before the Storm

Anonymous ID: 413e27 2020-04-30 23:41:44Z No. 8979498


The HUNTED become the HUNTERS!!!

Anonymous ID: 19047d 2020-04-30 23:41:49Z No. 8979500


Worked and I DIDNT reload

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:41:50Z No. 8979501

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:41:53Z No. 8979503


Struggled under load today seems better now

Anonymous ID: 814f92 2020-04-30 23:41:56Z No. 8979505


Qmap is public.

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:41:56Z No. 8979506


Haven't seen any problems since yesterday's upgrade - uploads are speed of light!!!

Anonymous ID: 3ca6fa 2020-04-30 23:41:57Z No. 8979507


Anonymous ID: 0fde0b 2020-04-30 23:41:59Z No. 8979508


Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:41:59Z No. 8979509


Fuck off faggot

Anonymous ID: f4334c 2020-04-30 23:42:17Z No. 8979513


>Shill spammer filtered

Anonymous ID: b688f4 2020-04-30 23:42:18Z No. 8979514


I agree with you. It’s taking too long and MSM and the rest are doing too much damage.

Anonymous ID: 96be99 2020-04-30 23:42:19Z No. 8979515


Army of One

Anonymous ID: 521697 2020-04-30 23:42:20Z No. 8979516



Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:42:21Z No. 8979517

Africa really is a shithole.

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:42:23Z No. 8979518


>8kun right now

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:42:23Z No. 8979519


I love you Ron

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-04-30 23:42:25Z No. 8979520



i got a batch good



Anonymous ID: 32910d 2020-04-30 23:42:29Z No. 8979521


FTDP is gonna be a thang

Anonymous ID: f25ce8 2020-04-30 23:42:32Z No. 8979522

>>8979275 (pb)

>>8979209 (pb)

>Today is 45 days until PDJTs birthday.

As a math equation,

6/14-46 = .42857 - 46 = -45.5714

Depending upon the times of day you use, 6/14/2020 minus/rewind 45.5714 days could equal some time today (but prior to now) or yesterday.

Anonymous ID: 99eb77 2020-04-30 23:42:40Z No. 8979523

Devin Nunes telling Dobbs that the Media who received hundreds of illegal transcripts need to be tried to TREASON along with intellignece angencies.

Anonymous ID: 2826cf 2020-04-30 23:42:45Z No. 8979524


gotta be mean every time?

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:42:54Z No. 8979525


I have a feeling he struck a deal early on and that his sins will not see the light of day as a result. I think the optics would be too bad for the administration of Pence was revealed to be one of (((them))) unless there is an explanation of how he was kept close and on a leash.

Anonymous ID: 414254 2020-04-30 23:42:56Z No. 8979526

American Flag + Trump Flag + Q Flag

Where can I find the best Trump and Q Flags? (trying again)

Want to fly all three together in honor of new Law Day…is there a certain place to buy things like this that supports Trump or patriots?

Anonymous ID: b149f2 2020-04-30 23:42:56Z No. 8979527


This has ceased to be a WHODUNNIT and is now a WTF are you gonna do about it?

Lock these assholes up

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:42:59Z No. 8979528



Any time!

Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:43:01Z No. 8979529

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:43:04Z No. 8979530

Anons, dashes and dots below Trump Admin. V2? Seeing this right?

Anonymous ID: fd161c 2020-04-30 23:43:05Z No. 8979531


Anonymous ID: fa00a7 2020-04-30 23:43:16Z No. 8979532




Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:43:16Z No. 8979533


Anonymous ID: 28156a 2020-04-30 23:43:16Z No. 8979534


Watching now

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:43:19Z No. 8979535

2 US warships in 2 days have sailed through separate disputed island chains in the #SouthChinaSea in a challenge to territorial claims, in what the @USNavy calls “freedom of navigation” operations.

Anonymous ID: 222e97 2020-04-30 23:43:28Z No. 8979536


site is working much better in general!

Anonymous ID: de31dc 2020-04-30 23:43:28Z No. 8979537


Yes bring back the general!

Take down the deep state!

Anonymous ID: c762e1 2020-04-30 23:43:32Z No. 8979538

0m^o 5rYf S15f fFZ9 CCEA EBas 7efg HOQk

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zLoh k265 evGR mgTg


Anonymous ID: fa41ab 2020-04-30 23:43:33Z No. 8979539


>may 1 = law day

Rule of law comes back tomorrow. End of rule by communists.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:43:54Z No. 8979540


Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:43:56Z No. 8979541



It's not bigotry, people hate the way Jews as a group act like psychopaths who then pretend to be the victim.

Anonymous ID: 36cc59 2020-04-30 23:44:04Z No. 8979542

You dumb niggers Q was posting on the other bread.

Anonymous ID: 66442d 2020-04-30 23:44:07Z No. 8979543

Rumor that pence was a pedo child killer ….

Don't know if it's true but if it is he does not deserve a pass …

I'll wait and see .. Field McConnell may be full of shit …

Anonymous ID: 69c4ae 2020-04-30 23:44:07Z No. 8979544

Damn Q is such a nerd - posting in wrong thread

Anonymous ID: 73a11a 2020-04-30 23:44:08Z No. 8979545

Did Q bake an extra one to fuck with us?

Anonymous ID: 8e7cfd 2020-04-30 23:44:14Z No. 8979546

Anonymous ID: 7dbb1c 2020-04-30 23:44:15Z No. 8979547


>the "Posted." bug.

which bug?

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:44:15Z No. 8979548


KMFAO!!!! THAT……………………should be FRAMED. Wow!!

Anonymous ID: becc63 2020-04-30 23:44:27Z No. 8979549


Proper admin in place and ready to put some motherfucking heads on sticks, Q?

Anonymous ID: a03286 2020-04-30 23:44:33Z No. 8979550


Thanks Ron!

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:44:36Z No. 8979551


Anonymous ID: 287726 2020-04-30 23:44:38Z No. 8979552

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Repeat Remember For Others

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 67f171 2020-04-30 23:44:40Z No. 8979553


Not to be a critianon - but that cocksucker, Adam Schiff is missing

Anonymous ID: c2e012 2020-04-30 23:44:40Z No. 8979554



Also searchable.

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:44:47Z No. 8979555


What's wrong with Pence?

Anonymous ID: 28156a 2020-04-30 23:44:48Z No. 8979556


He’s posting here too so what’s your point?

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:44:49Z No. 8979557


Don't worry about it

Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:44:54Z No. 8979558

Ingrid ID: 1b97b5 2020-04-30 23:44:56Z No. 8979559



Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:44:57Z No. 8979560


Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:45:02Z No. 8979561


TY Ron

working good

Anonymous ID: 3ca6fa 2020-04-30 23:45:06Z No. 8979562

Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-04-30 23:45:07Z No. 8979563


Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:45:14Z No. 8979564


Anonymous ID: 5bbdcb 2020-04-30 23:45:16Z No. 8979565

Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 23:45:17Z No. 8979566


12. Enigmas have no solution.

23. Create bigger distractions.

Anonymous ID: f36e29 2020-04-30 23:45:23Z No. 8979567


Ban those fucking lolli fags!

Anonymous ID: 742706 2020-04-30 23:45:25Z No. 8979568


Isn't the current DNI a placeholder?

Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:45:27Z No. 8979569



still liked the autism

and you never fucking know

Anonymous ID: 86179a 2020-04-30 23:45:35Z No. 8979570


God Bless Gen. Flynn.

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-04-30 23:45:38Z No. 8979571


we been straddling



good thing you werent around for JFK>>8979542

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-04-30 23:45:40Z No. 8979572


You missed the plane fag post of two planes mirroring that one had call sign Noway1, NoMay2

Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:45:40Z No. 8979573


Anonymous ID: 0fde0b 2020-04-30 23:45:43Z No. 8979574

Anonymous ID: f8eae1 2020-04-30 23:45:48Z No. 8979575



Back in charge of the DNI, now that would be an ass kicker, KeK.

Anonymous ID: 48e768 2020-04-30 23:45:52Z No. 8979576


double agent

Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:45:59Z No. 8979577


Fixed. Worked perfect. TY CM!

Using nord vpn with brave.

Anonymous ID: c65257 2020-04-30 23:46:06Z No. 8979578


You'll dig this dig I did on Byzantium then

P = CHI RHO = Constantine's Lineage Right to rule the lost Empire (World) which is STILL ACTIVE with a real ORDER behind it

Anonymous ID: 637a2b 2020-04-30 23:46:09Z No. 8979579


pardon repetition, but having a visual cue that a post number links to another thread would be great.

(could be just a * after the post or something)

Anonymous ID: 6271be 2020-04-30 23:46:13Z No. 8979580


ThanQ, so earlier bread it did stick on 'Posted',

naughty bug exterminated

Anonymous ID: 94be9a 2020-04-30 23:46:19Z No. 8979581



Yes I am sure that Ratcliffe while be ok in another role!


safeguard our elections from Chinese subversion.

intel suggests they are perfecting ballot harvesting and organzing mail in voter fraud, absentee ballott fraud as well as compromising poll workers, and vote counters.

may have to have federal intervention in this election for National Security.

need to have a 30 day period whereby every vote is confirmed against identity checks of national databases.

We cannot let china steal our elections.

Anonymous ID: b2face 2020-04-30 23:46:22Z No. 8979582


Is fbi agent Joseph Pientka Really Eric Ciaramella or maybe he's adam schiff???

>>asking for a friend

ID: 1b97b5 2020-04-30 23:46:24Z No. 8979583


Anonymous ID: df7941 2020-04-30 23:46:25Z No. 8979584


Anonymous ID: 6aa5ce 2020-04-30 23:46:29Z No. 8979586

Anonymous ID: ee73c6 2020-04-30 23:46:38Z No. 8979587


No, that would be another Baker that got his panties in a wad because the prev Baker changed the pic.

Anonymous ID: a72c04 2020-04-30 23:46:40Z No. 8979589


ThanQ CM

Anonymous ID: fe7508 2020-04-30 23:46:41Z No. 8979588


If Flyyn get his job back. Can anons who's jobs were given to outsourced contractors get their jobs back?

Anonymous ID: f36e29 2020-04-30 23:46:44Z No. 8979590


now I have the posted bug

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:46:45Z No. 8979591


There's been "rumors" floating around for a few years that he's a deep state agent and a pedophile, on which WikiLeaks supposedly has the goods, including other republicans.

Not sure if it's true, of course.

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:46:48Z No. 8979592

>>8979236 Huzzah! Flynn knows where the bodies are buried.

Anonymous ID: 5bd06f 2020-04-30 23:46:48Z No. 8979593



Anonymous ID: 0fde0b 2020-04-30 23:46:49Z No. 8979594

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 4a82d7 2020-04-30 23:46:51Z No. 8979595



Anonymous ID: 99eb77 2020-04-30 23:46:53Z No. 8979596


Flynn will be cleared ,but media won't report it.

Nunes calling our media just like Pravda…says 90% media owned by D party

Anonymous ID: 5d0049 2020-04-30 23:46:57Z No. 8979597


Trump admin v.2.

Flynn and Rogers.

Anonymous ID: 20e7ac 2020-04-30 23:47:00Z No. 8979598


Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:47:10Z No. 8979599


Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-04-30 23:47:14Z No. 8979600


The hunted becomes the hunter.

God bless you all Q.

Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-04-30 23:47:15Z No. 8979601



Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:47:16Z No. 8979602


Thank you Patriots!!! China knows better. And the next time those pitiful liddle iranian gun boats fuck with ya'll? Take em' out.


Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:47:20Z No. 8979603


could you help anons cleaning up the breads a little and, like done in the past, ban finkelstein and aflb from time to time?








Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:47:20Z No. 8979604

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-04-30 23:47:21Z No. 8979605


Separate people, see texts from strozk and lisa

Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:47:26Z No. 8979606


usually nap through that one

we have a shift for everything

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:47:26Z No. 8979607


>the fight against evil

Anonymous ID: 6556c6 2020-04-30 23:47:30Z No. 8979608


"Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…"

Why Yes! Yes it is!

Good thing is…I suspect it is already ongoing.

Anonymous ID: 73a11a 2020-04-30 23:47:34Z No. 8979609



Anonymous ID: 32c2bc 2020-04-30 23:47:37Z No. 8979610


OFF with the Traitors heads. Some need to beheaded some need to hang. Look at the lives they destroyed.

Anonymous ID: ecfd50 2020-04-30 23:47:41Z No. 8979611

Did the question get asked today?

POTUS to reporter re: bringing back General Flynn to POTUS administration:

“…it’s something nobody has asked me; but you’re asking me for the first time. I would certainly consider it. Yeah, I would.”

clip attached (extracted at 01:19:47)

>>8979236 lb Q

Anonymous ID: 94b055 2020-04-30 23:47:48Z No. 8979612


My last post of a few minutes ago posted ok but never cleared from the Quick Reply box.

Anonymous ID: ca32fa 2020-04-30 23:47:51Z No. 8979613


which means media owned by chicoms

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:47:54Z No. 8979614

Thank you baker >>8979552

Anonymous ID: b688f4 2020-04-30 23:48:02Z No. 8979615

Q you said the people have to be shown. Well what if it doesn’t work in enough time.What then? Election lost and DS and Dems back in power. There is too much at stake to continue to slow roll this. There is not enough time. MSM and the rest have to be fully exposed any way possible. If not it’s Game over

Anonymous ID: 8c8503 2020-04-30 23:48:02Z No. 8979616


Would like to ask the blessed planefags too..South UK in last half hour 2 very low, very fast, extremely loud flying from south east to north west..anyone else hear them?

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:48:04Z No. 8979617


sauce? no.

shilling on patriots like clowns do since 2 years? yup.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:48:05Z No. 8979618


Agreed. I also think he has "switched teams" to our side. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS given him a side eye because he seemed shady AF.

I think POTUS knows a lot of us felt that way about Pence because when he appointed him to be in charge of CoronaChan task force, POTUS made a point to say that Pence will do a good job, and how he is not "A Czar" Which had two meaning that made me laugh every time he said that.

But he pushed the point that Pence will do what is right & stay in line now & we should give him a break For now.

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:48:05Z No. 8979619


>enable fake news attacks

You mean the Jewish MSM?

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:48:08Z No. 8979620


Hmm, but nothing we know of publicly?

I honestly don't know anything about his past.

Anonymous ID: 94be9a 2020-04-30 23:48:08Z No. 8979621


me thinks it china stealing and the Ds are comped.

Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-04-30 23:48:08Z No. 8979622


Anonymous ID: 632623 2020-04-30 23:48:16Z No. 8979623

Holy KEK. 8Kun went to WARP speed

Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:48:19Z No. 8979624


Anon that's not the CM's job ffs.

Ask the BO/BVs.

Anonymous ID: 69c4ae 2020-04-30 23:48:20Z No. 8979625

Maybe Q was just fucking with the shill baker

Showing them that nothing can STOP what is coming

Q did post in competing threads – both of'm

Patriots United ID: 612807 2020-04-30 23:48:25Z No. 8979626


Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-04-30 23:48:27Z No. 8979627



The state nose best: Swedish town dumps ton of chicken manure to stop crowds gathering for festival

The Swedish town of Lund has taken the drastic step of dumping a ton of chicken manure in its central park in a bid to stink out an annual festival that officials fear could spark a massive outbreak of Covid-19.

Apr 30, 2020 12:51

Anonymous ID: c2e012 2020-04-30 23:48:29Z No. 8979628



Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-04-30 23:48:30Z No. 8979629



All good.

Anonymous ID: 41ce87 2020-04-30 23:48:31Z No. 8979630

Study shows direct link between 5G and COVID 9 - maps galore! Brilliant study.

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:48:33Z No. 8979631


>muh Jew

That's a term used by JIDF, Israeli shills.

If you aren't familiar with who they are and their agenda, see:

Israel spends millions per year in highly organized efforts to shill and censor the internet.

Learn more here: - "Israel's Internet Censorship War If Americans Knew"

[00:00] While many groups and governments wish to censor the internet, Israel and its partisans are amongst the most globally significant. They work to promote the Israel narrative while blocking facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby and other subjects they wish to cover up.

[00:17] Much of this is done by devoted individuals acting independently, voluntarily and relentlessly. But many of these activists are part of orchestrated well funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and other pro-Israel groups.

[00:30] They utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and seniors and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. As we’ll see, some even operate out of Jewish community centers in the US.

[00:43] One such group is the Israeli military’s New Media Desk.

[00:47] “It is well known now a days that what happens on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube has great influence on events that occur on the ground. The Internet too is a battleground, it is thus comforting to learn that the IDF employ soldiers that tweet, share, like and more.”

[01:02] Another project initiated in 2011 by the National Union of Israeli Students has the stated goal of to deepen and expand hasbara, or state propaganda activities of students in the State of Israel. Under this program Israeli students are payed to quote: “lead the battle against hostile websites”.

[01:21] The students are tasked with what many would call shilling or trolling in online forums and social media. They are directed to create original content in the form of news reports and blogs, edit Wikipedia, inject pro-Israel messages into discussion on social media, as well as report and remove what they consider to be allegedly “anti-Semitic” content.

[01:42] Its important to note that criticism of Israel is not the same thing as anti-Semitism, despite Israel’s best effort to redefine the word.

Anonymous ID: 452d6f 2020-04-30 23:48:34Z No. 8979632


Q, Is this a coincidence at todays presser?

Anonymous ID: fdd5a3 2020-04-30 23:48:44Z No. 8979633


Most likely to happen Nov 3rd

Anonymous ID: 278c01 2020-04-30 23:48:46Z No. 8979634


Mux. Demux. Register. Message clear.

Anonymous ID: c4f8e0 2020-04-30 23:48:53Z No. 8979635

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:48:54Z No. 8979636

Karen has been busy ratting out her neighbors

Anonymous ID: 34a4a0 2020-04-30 23:49:01Z No. 8979637


Adam and his wife Eve? It's going to be Biblical

Anonymous ID: 5bd06f 2020-04-30 23:49:03Z No. 8979638


Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:49:06Z No. 8979639


I'd provide a source if I was claiming it to be true, but I'm not, so I didn't. It makes perfect sense once you remove the assumptions you made.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:49:13Z No. 8979640




Anonymous ID: f24a5e 2020-04-30 23:49:13Z No. 8979641

I had to stay and fill the last bread!

Who started that shit…shitting the new bread?

Anonymous ID: 2266ff 2020-04-30 23:49:23Z No. 8979642


im one of those many Americans, so i agree, i want the train pick up some serious speed. a slow roll is better than no roll but…. im ready to go!

Anonymous ID: 647ecc 2020-04-30 23:49:24Z No. 8979643



Anonymous ID: 7ea530 2020-04-30 23:49:25Z No. 8979644


Anonymous ID: 06a8b1 2020-04-30 23:49:32Z No. 8979645

"If that Fuc*ing Bastard wins…"

Anonymous ID: 0c44e8 2020-04-30 23:49:34Z No. 8979646

Fun fact: Q's next post will be the 17th for today

All LB except the last one.

















Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-04-30 23:49:35Z No. 8979647


people make mistakes idiot

the image was prob in the bakers clipboard and was copypaste

your autism is weak

Anonymous ID: 50f22b 2020-04-30 23:49:37Z No. 8979648

Anonymous ID: 1e1b60 2020-04-30 23:49:38Z No. 8979649

Feinstein Feinstein Feinstein

Anonymous ID: 3b6b90 2020-04-30 23:49:42Z No. 8979650

What if Q lost trust?

What habbens next?

Anonymous ID: aabe96 2020-04-30 23:49:46Z No. 8979651

Please tell us Pelosi is going down. [P]

Anonymous ID: 82acf8 2020-04-30 23:49:53Z No. 8979652

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:50:05Z No. 8979653

Anonymous ID: 32910d 2020-04-30 23:50:16Z No. 8979654


Big Media will be broken up and cease to exist… new telecommunications law post-2020 election will put limits on how much media assets can be consolidated under a single ownership entity

Big 5 will never exist again

Anonymous ID: ca32fa 2020-04-30 23:50:16Z No. 8979655


never forget pence was the one who handed up general flynn on a silver platter

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:50:21Z No. 8979656

I E T 17

Anonymous ID: fe2e92 2020-04-30 23:50:22Z No. 8979657


Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:50:22Z No. 8979658


On the job, $PLC paying the 50 cent army

Anonymous ID: dc6adc 2020-04-30 23:50:27Z No. 8979659


Notice POTUS has been so much more circumspect than Flynn. Notice that Kansas has been so much more strategic than Flynn. Notice that Scavino has been so much more discreet than Flynn.

Flynn is looking more and more like an actor. A performer. In league with the enemy. Think Stone. Think Mattis. Think bigger.

We got played…almost.

Anonymous ID: 096972 2020-04-30 23:50:30Z No. 8979660


That is our job!

Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:50:30Z No. 8979661


Still doing it. Have to click the X to get it to go away and even then, the numbers from previous reply often still apears.

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:50:30Z No. 8979662


Oy vey.

Anonymous ID: 287726 2020-04-30 23:50:39Z No. 8979665

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Repeat Remember For Others

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe!! GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:50:40Z No. 8979663


Confirmed. Patriots!!!


Anonymous ID: ed78fd 2020-04-30 23:50:40Z No. 8979664


Fuck this do-nothing pussy

Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-04-30 23:50:43Z No. 8979666


>ban finkelstein and aflb from time to time?

On an board that advocates free-speech?

Anonymous ID: 83f133 2020-04-30 23:50:44Z No. 8979667

The Time is Right Now.

Write Now.

[C] = Key

You have very stronk frens.


Remember your Role in the Moive.

Now find our the game.

A candle Looses nothing when used to Light Another!

Patriots Unite.

Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-04-30 23:50:46Z No. 8979668



ONE IN SEVEN Americans would avoid Covid-19 treatment for fear of cost, even as pricey new pill shows promise against virus

Some 14 percent of US adults would forgo medical care for Covid-19 symptoms because they couldn’t pay for it, a new poll has found – yet oblivious health authorities act as if the epidemic will be solved by drugs alone.

Anonymous ID: b52510 2020-04-30 23:50:49Z No. 8979669


You fucking idiot - the picture on the left is not ciaramella. That is the french foreign policy advisor for Macron

Anonymous ID: fdd76c 2020-04-30 23:50:51Z No. 8979670


Who would have thought DS was a whole different world.

Anonymous ID: d8e1c8 2020-04-30 23:50:53Z No. 8979671


Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:50:55Z No. 8979672

You're all a bunch of bitches.

I know I know…where's the sauce?

Anonymous ID: 413e27 2020-04-30 23:50:56Z No. 8979673


This is true.

Anonymous ID: d45f61 2020-04-30 23:51:00Z No. 8979674

Tanks Banks

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:51:00Z No. 8979675


If I wanted to look into it further, I'd look into his time as governor, but I don't think there's any "risk." I have no doubt that Trump knows everything he needs to know about Pence.

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:51:10Z No. 8979676


>People hate

No asshole you (((bigots))) hate…

Anonymous ID: 829875 2020-04-30 23:51:11Z No. 8979677

>>8978612 lb

>>8978969 lb

>>8979325 lb

Post into the filter an array of 9 round dots + 2 square dots filter return = 780, 989, 1589, 1609, 1871, 1876, 2261, 2350, 2630, 2788, 2856, 2935, 2943, 2993, 3045, 3469, 3473, 3588, 3798, 3968

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:51:13Z No. 8979679



TRUMPETS!!!! question one

Anonymous ID: 3374be 2020-04-30 23:51:14Z No. 8979678

>>8979228 lb

I wonder how many responses were worded “ ‘“fuck you””.

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:51:20Z No. 8979680


I'd still never vote for the guy, so they better be prepping someone for 2024

Anonymous ID: 0fde0b 2020-04-30 23:51:27Z No. 8979681

Anonymous ID: 2f672b 2020-04-30 23:51:28Z No. 8979682

I know Q herevbut can any PS anon give me a Bill Gates clear png head, a Melinda png head.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous ID: c4f8e0 2020-04-30 23:51:30Z No. 8979683

Anonymous ID: 12d811 2020-04-30 23:51:32Z No. 8979684

Q, which “was” was the error?

Anonymous ID: f8eae1 2020-04-30 23:51:36Z No. 8979685


Hope that Sullivan leaves it open for General Flynn to be able to sue everyone involved with Framegate into bankruptcy.

Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-04-30 23:51:36Z No. 8979686


Kicks ass AND draws smiley faces.

Very broad range.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:51:36Z No. 8979687





[P] = Payseur Family, an Old Bloodline of the Cabal

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-04-30 23:51:37Z No. 8979688


did you close your browser and clear the cache?

Anonymous ID: 6e7edb 2020-04-30 23:51:46Z No. 8979689


maybe he's the only one not acting

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-04-30 23:51:50Z No. 8979691

Gates has been involved with Dopey as well


Anonymous ID: 2266ff 2020-04-30 23:51:51Z No. 8979690



Anonymous ID: 69c4ae 2020-04-30 23:51:58Z No. 8979692


Yeah — had to go back and throw a few versions of test

to top off the bogus thread - quickest way to stop Q

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:52:02Z No. 8979693



Anonymous ID: a03286 2020-04-30 23:52:02Z No. 8979694

Anonymous ID: 3456d6 2020-04-30 23:52:10Z No. 8979695

Hanx is all over Entertainment Tonight. Gave Corona typewriter to a little boy named Corona.

Anonymous ID: 61432e 2020-04-30 23:52:31Z No. 8979696


Cannot WAIT!

Anonymous ID: 8fb092 2020-04-30 23:52:33Z No. 8979697

>>8979562 Official reassurances are necessary to keep the flow channeled and productive: so glad you have have been reeducated and are on the CNN allstars list with Don Lemon. Welcome aboard!

Anonymous ID: dc6adc 2020-04-30 23:52:35Z No. 8979698


Use logic.

And give Paula my love.

Game over.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:52:41Z No. 8979699


it´s not limiting free speech to ban a clown that posts propaganda that is posted to harm the Q movement.

there is no value at all to it, it´s not research, it´s not posted to help (no value to anons, of course plenty of value to clowns)

Anonymous ID: 0ea175 2020-04-30 23:52:43Z No. 8979700

Smoothness factor x

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:52:50Z No. 8979701


SPUR71 72 74 75 and _63-0310 KC-135R Tankers heading se

Stacked and from Fairchild AFB

Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:52:55Z No. 8979702


After every post? No.

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:52:59Z No. 8979703


Love it!!! KMFAO!!!

Anonymous ID: ee73c6 2020-04-30 23:53:00Z No. 8979704


>Can anons who's jobs were given to outsourced contractors get their jobs back?

Fuck 'em don't want mine back.

Anonymous ID: a72c04 2020-04-30 23:53:01Z No. 8979705


That's right Bitch…Dark to Light, Killery

Anonymous ID: 7845ec 2020-04-30 23:53:03Z No. 8979706


Get another coffee break in there.

Anonymous ID: 88b9d9 2020-04-30 23:53:03Z No. 8979707


Theoretical Goal of IO

From Libicki:

Quoting Ryan Henry and C. Edward Peartree "Military Theory and Information Warfare" Parameters, 1998:"The more radical of the theorists predict that information warfare will not only provide dominant awareness of the battlespace;

it will also allow us to manipulate, exploit, or disable enemy information systems electronically. The intent here evidently is to knock an enemy senseless - literally - and leave him at the mercy not only of conventional kinetic attack, but of psychological operations

aimed at controlling his perceptions and decision-making abilities. Public opinion is to be shaped, leaders will be cut off from citizens, and the mind of the enemy will be directly penetrated and his strategy defeated. In the ideal case, all this will occur bloodlessly, fulfilling Sun Tzu's goal of victory without battle. At least that's the theory."(p38)

Even before the CIA there was PSYOPS:

Alfred H. Paddock, Jr., "U.S Army Special Warfare: It's Origins" National Defense University Press, 1982:

On the man behind the WWII Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the CIA) -> ("WILD" Bill Donovan)

"Donovan's concept of psychological warfare was all-encompassing. The first stage would be 'intelligence penetration,' with the results processed by R&A [Research and Analysis], available for strategic planning and propaganda.

What is PSYOPS?

Paddock Elaborates (in the 80's):

"may be defined broadly as the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior. It consists of political, military, and ideological actions conducted to create in target groups behavior, emotions,

and attitudes that support the attainment of national objectives. If used properly, PSYOP will normally precede, accompany, and follow all applications of force. This will be carried out under the broader umbrella of US national policy, and the military component of the overall psychological operations effort should be coordinated fully and carefully with other agencies of government."

Barry Zorthian: "We obviously have a semantic problem that's never been solved. We're not always in agreement on

the meaning terms such as psywar, communications, psychological operations, media relations, political operations. They cover a vast amount of ground. If we put aside combat psychological operations and look at the rest of it as the political dimension - the communications dimension - of a national effort, whether in a context of conventional or low-intensity combat or even in 'violent peacetime,' then perhaps we can all get together and be talking about the same thing.” (PWPO p73)

Barry Zorthian: "You cannot compartmentalize communication. Communication with the media has to be

consistent with communication to the enemy, to third parties, to the rest of the world. PSYOP and communication with the media are part of the same whole."p74

Codevilla: "our policymakers have not been competent at making foreign policy and military strategy."

Abram Shulsky : "One can't have, as Dr. Codevilla says, a two-track policy, one track secret and one public, without there being a real strategy somewhere in the background relating the two." (PWPO p106)

An OBSERVATION from Codevilla:

"Soon it will be possible to beam, not broadcast, radio and television signals anhywhere in the world. In other words, it will be possible for one people to take part in another's domestic political discussion. But what messages do we wish to send? And to what end?"p99



“It is very difficult to prepare strategically – unlike chess, Nth order decisions are made on an ever-changing board. IO addresses the very ability to make decisions.”

-To understand vulnerabilities of a system, "One would need to know how humans would react to failures in their machines = what trust would they put in them, what measures would they take in the fact of induced doubt, how redundant would machines be made, how quickly can they learn that something is wrong, and so on. There is almost no empirical data on act of information warfare in wartime, and only scattered information on braoder systemic relationships between computer-based information and the decisions they inform."(p92)

-WHAT will be attacked is something we have overlooked – a faulty detail. We simply don't know how the system will respond.

-System Architecture can change "in between moves"

Anonymous ID: f7397c 2020-04-30 23:53:04Z No. 8979708


Question mark means it was the 2nd. If it was the first it would be a statement and wouldn't require a question mark.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 4a82d7 2020-04-30 23:53:11Z No. 8979709


Anonymous ID: 9b43e6 2020-04-30 23:53:17Z No. 8979710



I currently drink one bottle of beer a day. Beginning May 1st I plan to increase my intact by one bottle each day…How many bottles of beer should I buy to make it to the first arrest?…Just kidding, my version of are we there yet. Thought you could use a smile.. WWG1WGA.

Anonymous ID: 8b3035 2020-04-30 23:53:18Z No. 8979711



thats a term used by muhjooo shills

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-04-30 23:53:26Z No. 8979712


go ask an adult to show you

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-04-30 23:53:28Z No. 8979713


How can you post those two images together… why so much porn with chrstian themes…

so much perversion today. disgusting

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:53:36Z No. 8979714



I think he did that partly because his emails were about to get in the news for whatever they were about. I forgot something to do with Pence & Ryan ticket or something. Who knows what else.

That went away pretty fast once focus was put on Flynn.

Pence is a coward. But POTUS told me he's on our side now, so I'm gonna go with that. For now.

Anonymous ID: 2826cf 2020-04-30 23:53:39Z No. 8979715


written twice. two separate years?

He appeared to be baptized last year on 6/2, chose not to make it public, but still participated in a mandatory (but undeclared) presentment to other believers.

Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:53:44Z No. 8979716

The cool kids choose non existence.


Anonymous ID: 28156a 2020-04-30 23:53:47Z No. 8979717


Was was

Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-04-30 23:53:48Z No. 8979718



Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:53:51Z No. 8979719


Anonymous ID: 19047d 2020-04-30 23:54:04Z No. 8979720


Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:54:13Z No. 8979721

Anonymous ID: 2feae2 2020-04-30 23:54:14Z No. 8979723

Looks like there's been a little Q action over here.

Wanna help when things get hot in the kitchen?


pick up q posts, format 'em, put in dough - lots to do.

or takes notes for baker.

Baking seminar still in early-ish stages, c'mon down.

Anonymous ID: 50f22b 2020-04-30 23:54:15Z No. 8979722

What's with all the low IQ anti-semite posts?

Seriously get a life.

Anonymous ID: d2de42 2020-04-30 23:54:23Z No. 8979724


Let General Flynn go on the offensive!

They drew first blood!

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:54:36Z No. 8979725

Patriots, Q is making it clear you are the News now.

Start a Website

Start a Podcast

Start a Blog

This quarantine proves you don't need some fancy news studio to start.

Patriots will promote your content.

Don't rely on the big platforms.

[GS] has a lock.

Take over!

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:54:36Z No. 8979726


Gave me a chuckle anon. kek

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-04-30 23:54:46Z No. 8979727


which ones are anons and which ones are trying to pervert you

Anonymous ID: 9f5639 2020-04-30 23:54:49Z No. 8979728

You defeat an entrenched enemy by encircling them.

Anonymous ID: e11934 2020-04-30 23:54:49Z No. 8979729

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:54:52Z No. 8979730


Agree 100%. Once he's not VP anymore, he's dust in the wind

Anonymous ID: 46b6c0 2020-04-30 23:54:52Z No. 8979731


LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 4a82d7 2020-04-30 23:54:55Z No. 8979732


Trump => depraved homo

Hillary => trannys

white house => jewish buttstuff

Cuomo => homo'd in NY

y head => "punch me"

rothschild => jew

obama => negro cock craveings

payseur => hookers

patriot => buttstuff hostages

POTUS => xenu bilbo buttstuff

donald trump => necromancer sex toy

MSM => trannys on tv

AOC => "[a]nd [o]casionally [c]ociane"

epstein => xenu coCIAne

covid => divorcee

5g => circle jerk

durham => truckstop condoms

BARR => alcoholics anonymous 13 step cia niggs chant

CNN => crappy jew niggs

brennan => caveman eats smuckers on a twinkie

podesta => sardines of sardinia

covfefe => child smuggeler has coCIAne send plane ticket

Biden => old faggot pedo craveings

tom hanks => danielfaggot is fapping to baby graves

rod rosenstein => gold medal buttplugger

assange => ghost of finger in the butt past

bill gehytes => orgnaized jewfagham crises actors

walrusjew andrew joshua miller => scat of baal from time travelers eating jesus

daniel => faggot pleb that sold romans to time travelers

syria => l ron hubbard goat sex passions and private banks

twat => cabbage patch jews

imf => pollock disney jews

israel => goebelle's asshole does faggot and lie

jesus => mohammod knock off

goldman sachs => teabaggers

lynn => cabbage patch jew

sorosanon => german butthole worship

breitbart => uk buttstuff

tucker => nambla tranny fart expert

hannity => nambla tranny fart echo






































































































Anonymous ID: b2face 2020-04-30 23:55:00Z No. 8979733



Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:55:06Z No. 8979734

Anonymous ID: 12d811 2020-04-30 23:55:09Z No. 8979735


Good point anon. TY.

Anonymous ID: 41c0f3 2020-04-30 23:55:14Z No. 8979736


Anonymous ID: 637a2b 2020-04-30 23:55:17Z No. 8979737


was/not was

Anonymous ID: 521697 2020-04-30 23:55:19Z No. 8979738


Gen Flynn's job was not to get pardoned, but to expose the traitors in the FBI and their co-conspirators in the MSN (& elsewhere) for the lying, traitorous pieces of shit they are. And do so in the most public and blatantly obvious way possible.

Anonymous ID: f7397c 2020-04-30 23:55:20Z No. 8979739




Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-04-30 23:55:27Z No. 8979740

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-04-30 23:55:29Z No. 8979741




double jeopardy

1001 Arabian Nights




Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-04-30 23:55:38Z No. 8979742


Still, we must insist on free-speech here. Differing opinions should not hurt your feelz anon. Get bigger panties.

Anonymous ID: 80ede5 2020-04-30 23:55:38Z No. 8979743


POTUS is gonna give him a sweet light bike, right?

Anonymous ID: b52510 2020-04-30 23:55:40Z No. 8979744


Anonymous ID: 0b145d 2020-04-30 23:55:41Z No. 8979745

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:55:43Z No. 8979746


it makes perfect sense that you are another clown that tries to weaken anon´s trust in patriots, like done since 2 years, w/o any sauce whatsoever supporting your claim, w/o reality fitting your claim at all.

Anonymous ID: 86179a 2020-04-30 23:55:46Z No. 8979747


Hey, Muh Israeli Shill.

Your Memes Are Jew Shit.

Your Jew Subversion is Shit.

You Have No Evidence.

Your Opinion is Jew Shit.

You Spend 24 Hrs a Day Here, Being JIDF

Jew Propaganda Shit.

Anonymous ID: 19047d 2020-04-30 23:55:48Z No. 8979748


If you are such a weak sister as to be influenced in such a way, you dont belong here.

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-04-30 23:55:50Z No. 8979749

Global Announcements

>>8979470 Just enabled a hotfix for the "Posted." bug. Let me know if it fixes the "Posted" bug for you or not. Please clear your javascript cache first so you have the newest version.

>>8901722 Codemonkey announces new standards on obscene loli

>>8971601 OUT OF SHADOWS – OFFICIAL - translations: >>8944644

>>8971620 Make it easier on the bakers: how to write high-quality research posts


are not endorsements


>>8978563 200 Legislators Urge Trump and Governors To ‘Safely Reopen American Society’

>>8978585 Pelosi Demands $1 Trillion In Pandemic Relief For States And Local Governments-zh

>>8978596 Dozens of Illegal Aliens Found Sealed In Tractor Trailer In Texas-brreaking911

>>8978610 Matt Jeneroux, MP Canadian- issue a formal summons for Dr. Aylward from the WHO to officially appear before the House of Commons Health Committee. It was passed unanimously, 11-0-soc media

>>8978691, >>8978819 Q posts in orphan bred-crumb and bundle

>>8978735, >>8978769, >>8978893 Additional 11-Pages of FBI Documents Unsealed – Biggest Surprise: President Obama Implicated…-conservative treehouse

>>8978825, >>8978840 Bodies in Uhaul found in NYC- additional info soc media, rt, sputnik

>>8978892 Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?-strategic

>>8978921 anon submits the four missing Q posts for this bred and all of today's so far

>>8979078 France: 50 Chechens storm migrant reception center and attack ‘African rivals’-VOE

>>8979234 FBI head helped Facebook defend encryption he's now fighting-reuters

Anonymous ID: 83f133 2020-04-30 23:55:51Z No. 8979750


Sounds like our word is spreading FAST!

Anonymous ID: 1b67c8 2020-04-30 23:55:51Z No. 8979751

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:56:03Z No. 8979752


Trojan Flynn.

Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-04-30 23:56:04Z No. 8979753



Jail or ROPE?


Anonymous ID: d323bf 2020-04-30 23:56:11Z No. 8979754


Aardvarks battle mostly at night,… mostly.

Anonymous ID: fdd5a3 2020-04-30 23:56:19Z No. 8979755


From an elevated position.

Anonymous ID: 8e5369 2020-04-30 23:56:19Z No. 8979756

HCQ has 90% chance of helping COVID-19 patients: US doctors' body

A team of US doctors has claimed that hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug termed potential "game-changer" for COVID-19 by President Donald Trump, has improved the survival and recovery odds for about 90 per cent of patients infected with the virus.

In a letter to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) presented a frequently updated table of studies that report results of treating COVID-19 with the chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine drugs.

They presented data on 2,333 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine in China, France, South Korea, Algeria, and the US.

It shows 91.6 per cent of those who got the drug fared better after treatment.

The antiviral properties of these drugs have been studied since 2003. Particularly when combined with zinc, they hinder viral entry into cells and inhibit replication. They may also prevent overreaction by the immune system, which causes the cytokine storm responsible for much of the damage in severe cases, the AAPS explained.

In a letter, the AAPS team urged that doctors should not wait for results of gold standard tests of the drug to start using it for coronavirus patients and should instead base their use of it on reasonable interpretations of limited available data.

Peer-reviewed studies published from January through April 20, this year, provide clear and convincing evidence that hydroxychloroquine may be beneficial in COVID-19, especially when used early, they stated.

AAPS's endorsement of the drug comes after the study from Veterans Health Administration medical centres showed that hydroxychloroquine has no benefit in treating patients with the disease.

Meanwhile, on April 24, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued fresh guidelines, cautioning people against over-the-counter use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for Covid-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to the risk of heart rhythm problems.

The FDA said it is aware of reports of serious heart rhythm problems in patients with Covid-19 treated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, often in combination with azithromycin and other QT-prolonging medicines.

"We are also aware of the increased use of these medicines through outpatient prescriptions. Therefore, we would like to remind healthcare professionals and patients of the known risks associated with both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine," the agency said in a statement.

–IANS bu/na

( 386 Words)

2020-04-29-20:00:10 (IANS)

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-04-30 23:56:32Z No. 8979757


I hope so.

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-04-30 23:56:33Z No. 8979758


<3. Good luck

Anonymous ID: b8e971 2020-04-30 23:56:35Z No. 8979759

Nah nigga you don’t understand how any of this works. You have to go back.


Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:56:48Z No. 8979760



Anonymous ID: 69c4ae 2020-04-30 23:56:53Z No. 8979761


Screw the kitchen — do not care for being around shills

So will stay out here with the tits and ass

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-04-30 23:56:55Z No. 8979762



"You are the calm before and during the storm.


Anonymous ID: aecd06 2020-04-30 23:56:59Z No. 8979763

it's not like firing your VP happens often, so doing that would have been severe turmoil.

likelier if VP is comped, he was offered an option he couldn't refuse


Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-04-30 23:56:59Z No. 8979764

Anonymous ID: eb5dd6 2020-04-30 23:57:02Z No. 8979765

Jonathan Moffa still works for the FBI.

He spill some major beans?

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-04-30 23:57:12Z No. 8979766



just once since he made the fix

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:57:19Z No. 8979767



Anonymous ID: 5ec0e0 2020-04-30 23:57:23Z No. 8979768

FOX News used a Q-related twitter account for videos of protests at the Michigan Capitol against Gov. Whitmer's

It was on Special Report with Bret Baier.

>Protesters, some carrying guns, descend on Michigan Capitol

>Hundreds of activists protested on the Michigan Capitol protesting against Gov. Whitmer's push to extend stay-at-home orders.


It's not even a subtle relation to Q,kek, the Q Patriot has a profile pic, header pic, and bio all related to Q.

Well done!o7

Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-04-30 23:57:25Z No. 8979770


Not anti-semite. And not low-IQ.

Anonymous ID: 0155be 2020-04-30 23:57:26Z No. 8979769


Quite the sacrifice!! Thank you Lt. Gen. Flynn!!!

Anonymous ID: 66442d 2020-04-30 23:57:29Z No. 8979771




Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:57:31Z No. 8979772


no anon says "we".

and new shills have problems to learn that, it seems.

obviously shills like finkelstein or aflb have been banned in the past. this was appreciated by anons. just like removing breadshitters regularly.

obviously you are not here to help.

Anonymous ID: 94b055 2020-04-30 23:57:31Z No. 8979773



Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-04-30 23:57:36Z No. 8979774


The fact that you're trying to argue against an assertion that I'm not making tells me all I need to know about your perspicacity and depth of understanding.

Anonymous ID: 8ae71e 2020-04-30 23:57:38Z No. 8979775


Anonymous ID: f5bdd9 2020-04-30 23:57:42Z No. 8979776

This shit is getting good.

Anonymous ID: 6ed920 2020-04-30 23:57:43Z No. 8979777


Got an issue. Stimulus isnt covering for daycares. Have a daycare In small middle America town and she is looking to have to close. She has I dont know how many kids, but good to the kids, great staff and she is affordable. I know bot everyone can be “saved” but really this is a worthy cause, the daycares of America who we trust our children to go to need some help. Just putting this out there because i am sure Twatter is almost unreadable to u. She tried 4 times for relief funds and denied.

God bless.

Anonymous ID: 3cb0e6 2020-04-30 23:57:53Z No. 8979778


Q, please let Q+ know that last night a large group of Anons have already nominated Gen. Flynn for permanent ODNI.

Just saying.

Anonymous ID: d8bd9d 2020-04-30 23:57:54Z No. 8979779


nothing on scope over blighty. totally clean.

only thing showing is a C-17 Globemaster on ground at Ramstein

Anonymous ID: 3f3c32 2020-04-30 23:57:55Z No. 8979780


The intent is to be subversive, to distract those who have a porn or sex addiction, to conflate sex addiction and porn with religion (to insinuate that it's okay) and distract them from anything productive. It's really sick and very transparent. Once he posted that 17 times in one thread.

The intention is to be subversive.

Sick and evil. And the cheerleaders of it are also.

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-04-30 23:57:56Z No. 8979781


And initiate the opening salvo at BO

Anonymous ID: 787ed9 2020-04-30 23:57:59Z No. 8979782

"It looks like General Flynn’s lawyer has been shadow banned. 🧐"

Anonymous ID: 1b67c8 2020-04-30 23:58:01Z No. 8979783

Free Speech means Free Speech

Anonymous ID: 6c0ae9 2020-04-30 23:58:02Z No. 8979784


Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-04-30 23:58:03Z No. 8979785



>After every post? No.

Anonymous ID: bc2bd4 2020-04-30 23:58:03Z No. 8979786

Anonymous ID: 6556c6 2020-04-30 23:58:11Z No. 8979787


Have to disagree, slightly. I think being VP would rob America of what is needed: an director of the intelligence community - all of it including the new, larger - now that the clowns have been absorbed - fbi…and perhaps only General Flynn has shown the courage and determination to install a gallows…just for effect mind you, just for effect!

As for VP when pence is given his golden handshake…I don't think "she" is on the scene yet and I only say that because I think it is possible. Either that or Nunes or Jordan for VP.

Anonymous ID: 5ae4ba 2020-04-30 23:58:13Z No. 8979788


Anonymous ID: 407f4e 2020-04-30 23:58:27Z No. 8979789

>>8978368 lb

"wet markets"

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-04-30 23:58:39Z No. 8979790



Yeah, that 's a pathetic attempt.


Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-04-30 23:58:39Z No. 8979791

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-04-30 23:58:41Z No. 8979792



and obviously neither aflb (posting ridiculous bs to make this board seem stupid) nor 'finkestein' (posting propaganda to make this bpard look racist) is "differing opinions".

Anonymous ID: e54791 2020-04-30 23:58:41Z No. 8979793



Anonymous ID: 41041a 2020-04-30 23:58:46Z No. 8979794


FFS newfag

Anonymous ID: 86179a 2020-04-30 23:58:48Z No. 8979795

How To Spot A Shill




Anonymous ID: 06a8b1 2020-04-30 23:58:49Z No. 8979796

Information Warfare

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-04-30 23:58:51Z No. 8979797


part of the reason i point it out is to see if theres still anyone genuine in here. thank you for restoring my faith

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-04-30 23:58:56Z No. 8979798



Anonymous ID: 36cc59 2020-04-30 23:58:57Z No. 8979799


Is the government going to pursue the death penalty for the treason cases?

Anonymous ID: 13fc72 2020-04-30 23:59:03Z No. 8979800

Remember pedes, we do not need violence to win the war.

If you are struggling with mental issues while here, take a break.

Step back and realize people are in place to do this so you don't have to.

Take a break if you need one.

Anonymous ID: d1f036 2020-04-30 23:59:03Z No. 8979801


Anonymous ID: 73a6a5 2020-04-30 23:59:15Z No. 8979802


Thank you Ron. Appreciate the improvements.

Anonymous ID: ee73c6 2020-04-30 23:59:31Z No. 8979803


I think Ford was the last time a replacement was made.

Anonymous ID: 287726 2020-04-30 23:59:32Z No. 8979805

Roll Chaotix Good

She curious. Qbabies.

Repeat Remember For Others

Our Father, which arte in heaven

Hallowed be Thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debters.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from the evil ones

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory

For ever, and ever, and ever

We pray God clean the depths of our minds.

We pray God renew our vitality.

We pray God awaken the Sword of our Truth.

We pray God expose our enemies impersonations.

Bless our Vessel Clean with God's Grace.

May our enemies sink on their own rotten ship.

Amen 😇😘😇

Millions silent together banish k<satan>ek

Purify Pepe !!! ! GOD sends frogs

May these Q angels protect our dreams; our families.

Relax now, you are safe with God.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-04-30 23:59:33Z No. 8979804



Plus, Pence was a good barrier for on the fence Dems about impeachment. it was so funny watching people say


I laugh every time

Anonymous ID: 632623 2020-04-30 23:59:35Z No. 8979806

Begun, 8kun warp speed has

Anonymous ID: 22540b 2020-04-30 23:59:41Z No. 8979807


Anonymous ID: d8e1c8 2020-04-30 23:59:54Z No. 8979808

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:00:10Z No. 8979809


Jews own the media, and Hollywood.

Anonymous ID: 27c3b6 2020-05-01 00:00:19Z No. 8979810


I just keep the images turn off, till I get to posts that I trust, then I turn them on for that post

Anonymous ID: 1b67c8 2020-05-01 00:00:23Z No. 8979811


Yeah ewe got me

Anonymous ID: f8eae1 2020-05-01 00:00:31Z No. 8979812

In "Decision He'll Come To Regret," Judge Allows Warrantless Aerial Surveillance Of Baltimore

April 30, 2020

For many years we've been documenting the developments surrounding spy planes over the skies of the Baltimore metro area, monitoring residents as the region has become the testing ground for the surveillance state.

In early April, under cover of the coronavirus pandemic, Baltimore City's Board of Estimates approved the contract to resurrect the spy plane program.

Now it appears three planes have been cleared for takeoff by a federal judge on Friday (April 24).

According to AP News, US District Judge Richard Bennett in Baltimore on Friday ruled against a grassroots think tank and local community organizing groups. They asked the judge to ground the three planes from taking off, indicating the surveillance program violates the First and Fourth Amendment rights of residents. Flights are expected to begin next week….

Anonymous ID: 0ea175 2020-05-01 00:00:38Z No. 8979813


This is an uncensored image board newfaggot. Lurk more and stop sliding or go to fucking reddit where they would be happy to limit your freedoms.

status: 000000000

Anonymous ID: d323bf 2020-05-01 00:00:41Z No. 8979814


Beware the lone aardvark on the plain.

Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-05-01 00:00:42Z No. 8979815

Anonymous ID: 96c6e2 2020-05-01 00:00:43Z No. 8979816


(Firebird is good btw)

Anonymous ID: 31e182 2020-05-01 00:00:47Z No. 8979817

Anonymous ID: 49f7d7 2020-05-01 00:00:51Z No. 8979818


Just making sure we are on the same page

Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-05-01 00:00:59Z No. 8979819


>no anon says "we".

Really? Here are 2 examples in one acronym.


Anonymous ID: 7be735 2020-05-01 00:01:00Z No. 8979820

Powell on Fox business now

Anonymous ID: 94be9a 2020-05-01 00:01:08Z No. 8979821


worked for a supermajor oil co.

BC pressured them while Pres to certify 20+ chinese nationals to run c-stores around DC, VA, Maryland, later adminstrations then did the same with Pakistan.

c-stores are good for intel gathering, cars, plates and capturing ssids, electronic signatures, and perhpas running cell relays to intercept calls between legit towers and their relays.

not sure what other benefits except controlling fuel supplies/street level during a crisis?

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-05-01 00:01:08Z No. 8979822



<romors pence is deep state pedo

<supposedly stuff on wikipedia

(no sauce given, no anon has ever heard that)


fuck. off. clown.

Anonymous ID: 99eb77 2020-05-01 00:01:15Z No. 8979823

Sidney Powell on FoxBusiness now.

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-05-01 00:01:15Z No. 8979824

The Jay cries out in pain as he strikes you>>8979236

Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-05-01 00:01:18Z No. 8979825

Not a war when one side gets hit so hard they never existed.

Anonymous ID: ab6253 2020-05-01 00:01:35Z No. 8979826

Flynn's lawyer: motion to dismiss.

Anonymous ID: 92682e 2020-05-01 00:01:36Z No. 8979827


Anonymous ID: f8eae1 2020-05-01 00:01:37Z No. 8979828


Ugh, fat finger, wrong image!

Anonymous ID: 1cc01c 2020-05-01 00:01:43Z No. 8979829


Doh! Thanks, anon.

Anonymous ID: 819816 2020-05-01 00:01:46Z No. 8979830


Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-05-01 00:01:53Z No. 8979831

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-05-01 00:01:55Z No. 8979832


Post all the porn you want. but dont mix it with scripture. they dont belong together

Anonymous ID: ee73c6 2020-05-01 00:01:59Z No. 8979833


ok Fungus Jr - just skip over what you don't like

Anonymous ID: 3f3c32 2020-05-01 00:01:59Z No. 8979834


This was posted last (other?) thread, to this effect. Glad lurkers are taking the message, which some anons seem to be resistant to, to heart. Hopefully people will step up and WRITE and produce content to help the normies - not large conspiracy, vague connections, but just simple facts. WRITE and anons will help to edit/proofread, diggers can compile a list (or find one) of sites to submit articles to, others can start websites and publish anon's Written CONTENT.

Teamwork just like in the image Q posted of Iwo Jima - all working towards a common goal of AWAKENING those who need to see.

We are so strong when we work together we've done amazing things. We BROKE THE INTERNET and got everyone called Russian Bots FFS.

Anonymous ID: 1e1b60 2020-05-01 00:02:09Z No. 8979835


what does the law say?

Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-05-01 00:02:12Z No. 8979836



Anonymous ID: ecfd50 2020-05-01 00:02:21Z No. 8979838


POTUS personally walked over to Dr. Birx and handed her a pen. Kellyanne looked like a handler.

(far right of screen)

clip attached (extracted at 01:18:00)

Anonymous ID: 59d362 2020-05-01 00:02:24Z No. 8979837


creepy image

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-05-01 00:02:26Z No. 8979839


in the world. not of it. i dont mind being separated. tis the meaning of holy

Anonymous ID: da7bea 2020-05-01 00:02:32Z No. 8979840

What is this? Has anyone dug up this article??

Anonymous ID: 1774da 2020-05-01 00:02:34Z No. 8979841

Did Roger Stone report to jail today?

Anonymous ID: 043238 2020-05-01 00:02:46Z No. 8979842


muh Windows 98 serial. Thanks!

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:02:48Z No. 8979843


Nice projection, low IQ Israeli shill.

Cry more.

Anonymous ID: 32910d 2020-05-01 00:02:58Z No. 8979844


Spiro Agnew resigned… Ford bumped up to VP from Speaker of the House

Then Nixon resigned… Ford bumped up to POTUS

Anonymous ID: 632623 2020-05-01 00:03:10Z No. 8979845


We are the "warp speed vaccine"

Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-05-01 00:03:15Z No. 8979846


Why did the Hessians get their asses kicked? Because they were fighting for money while Washington and his raggedy troops were fighting for their lives and their family's lives.

We won't fail because we can't fail.

Anonymous ID: b8e971 2020-05-01 00:03:16Z No. 8979847


It must be allowed. This is one of the last free domains.

Anonymous ID: 0e4d5e 2020-05-01 00:03:17Z No. 8979848

The longest six months in front of us…

The hardest 30 months is about to be behind us.

Anonymous ID: cac988 2020-05-01 00:03:21Z No. 8979849


POTUS knows where the Bodies are Buried! Per Q drop 14

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:03:21Z No. 8979850


Anonymous ID: ecfd50 2020-05-01 00:03:22Z No. 8979851

Anonymous ID: 0d27ab 2020-05-01 00:03:22Z No. 8979852

Dump them back over the border. Today.>>8978596

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-05-01 00:03:27Z No. 8979853

I guess I lied …

Any Mass creates a warp in 4D. Higgs Field necessary to create any 4D world as a 4D world requires time and a physical reality. Physicists are actually moving beyond that now, but do not understand it well as they are dealing with fields and vectors they cannot really measure until it causes a change in 4D. This probably why they chose to deal in particle mentality rather than field mentality; because if you just have to measure the variables after the interaction all you can do is figure the vectors that defined that interaction (particle). But it is very hard to understand a reality if you do not accept the outside forces acting on that reality, have no way to measure them, and do not have the will to think outside the box and define a geometric field seen and just think of one vector of that field.

Anonymous ID: eb5dd6 2020-05-01 00:03:27Z No. 8979854


Worked for me, thx! You da man. o7

Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-05-01 00:03:37Z No. 8979855

Anonymous ID: 99eb77 2020-05-01 00:03:37Z No. 8979856



>Flynn's lawyer: motion to dismiss.


>Powell on Fox business now


Anonymous ID: f8eae1 2020-05-01 00:03:39Z No. 8979857


he got an extention, i think for 30 days.

Anonymous ID: ca9af9 2020-05-01 00:03:40Z No. 8979858


No I just read that he's filing another appeal tomorrow, but I do not have sauce.

Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-05-01 00:03:45Z No. 8979859

Anonymous ID: 569712 2020-05-01 00:03:51Z No. 8979860


get used to it. happens every day.

or leave. your choice.

Anonymous ID: 94b055 2020-05-01 00:03:56Z No. 8979861



Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-05-01 00:03:56Z No. 8979862


Anonymous ID: d323bf 2020-05-01 00:04:02Z No. 8979863


The alone come together here in commissary.

Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-05-01 00:04:11Z No. 8979864


Never respond to that particular asshole anon. He really don't merit any attention. Karma will see to him.

Anonymous ID: 3f3c32 2020-05-01 00:04:16Z No. 8979865


You're very welcome, anon. That person is NOT here to contribute anything positive, on the contrary.

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-05-01 00:04:23Z No. 8979866


Anonymous ID: 879626 2020-05-01 00:04:29Z No. 8979867


Anonymous ID: 94be9a 2020-05-01 00:04:30Z No. 8979868


anything to share about quantum entaglement?

Anonymous ID: 0f6e20 2020-05-01 00:04:33Z No. 8979869

If Q (or anyone else) were to confirm that the COVID-19 virus was 1. bioengineered as a weapon and 2. deliberately released and propagated by China, it would cause WWIII. This is why we can't ever know the truth about what China did.

The game theory aspects comes in when considering the response. What's the best way to communicate about the true state of things when most communication is unavailable?

Let the tyrants show their true colors. When comfortable, they're happy to show you.

Anonymous ID: 46a894 2020-05-01 00:04:34Z No. 8979870


yeah, if youre gonna post scripture, then post images of genocide, incest, and rape

not boobs, boobs are bad

Anonymous ID: 819816 2020-05-01 00:04:35Z No. 8979871


Anonymous ID: 36cc59 2020-05-01 00:04:38Z No. 8979872


Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-05-01 00:04:39Z No. 8979873


>>8978563 200 Legislators Urge Trump and Governors To ‘Safely Reopen American Society’

>>8978585 Pelosi Demands $1 Trillion In Pandemic Relief For States And Local Governments-zh

>>8978596 Dozens of Illegal Aliens Found Sealed In Tractor Trailer In Texas-brreaking911

>>8978610 Matt Jeneroux, MP Canadian- issue a formal summons for Dr. Aylward from the WHO to officially appear before the House of Commons Health Committee. It was passed unanimously, 11-0-soc media

>>8978691, >>8978819 Q posts in orphan bred-crumb and bundle

>>8978735, >>8978769, >>8978893 Additional 11-Pages of FBI Documents Unsealed – Biggest Surprise: President Obama Implicated…-conservative treehouse

>>8978825, >>8978840 Bodies in Uhaul found in NYC- additional info soc media, rt, sputnik

>>8978892 Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?-strategic

>>8978921 anon submits the four missing Q posts for this bred and all of today's so far

>>8979078 France: 50 Chechens storm migrant reception center and attack ‘African rivals’-VOE

>>8979234 FBI head helped Facebook defend encryption he's now fighting-reuters

>>8979768 FOX News used a Q-related twitter account for videos of protests at the Michigan Capitol against Gov. Whitmer's

Anonymous ID: d45f61 2020-05-01 00:04:51Z No. 8979874


No he appealed

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-05-01 00:04:53Z No. 8979875


no anon says we on the chans.

that is why anyone using "we" (suggesting that all anons would think as this ID does) glows.

this is why there are memes ridiculing IDs saying "we".

Anonymous ID: aecd06 2020-05-01 00:04:59Z No. 8979876


yea, I was there….

and Ford was about like a cross between Dubya and Sleepy Joe IIRC

A ID: ad537d 2020-05-01 00:05:00Z No. 8979877


Patriot Anons

Q team

Thinking about the Trump Admin V2

V2 makes me think VP

Pence to be fired soon

New update?????

Trump POTUS 1

Flynn VP 2 very soon

Then Trump Flynn 2020 Election?????

Anonymous ID: 4c670e 2020-05-01 00:05:01Z No. 8979878


Q: "A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications is only defeated by………."

letting the people watch it play out in real life. The game theory here is to let the enemy have their way in the blue states until they revolt.

Anonymous ID: d76e53 2020-05-01 00:05:06Z No. 8979879


Get used to it or leave? There are more choices than that.

Anonymous ID: d4e6b2 2020-05-01 00:05:07Z No. 8979880

30 day extension

Anonymous ID: b07305 2020-05-01 00:05:11Z No. 8979881


plus they were drunk slackers

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:05:15Z No. 8979882


Kek, try harder, low IQ yid shill. - “One-Third of Americans Don't Believe 6 Million Jews Were Murdered During the Holocaust” - “Poll finds only 41% of Americans view Israeli government favorably” - “New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade”


>Republican voter support for Israel decreasing at a faster rate than democratic voter support for Israel - “Nobel Prize Winner’s Book On Holocaust Dropped From School Curriculum In Hungary” - “Professor Fired For Claiming Zionists Were Behind 9-11 Receives Settlement For Wrongful Dismissal” - “Truth Is Winning: Over 9 Million Italians Now Convinced The ‘Holocaust’ Never Even Happened” - “Poll: Labour members say anti-Semitism crisis “invented” ” - “Belgian Newspaper Accuses Israelis Of Playing The ‘Holocaust Card’ To Silence Its Critics” - “Success! New Survey Shows Over 100 Million Europeans Believe A Secret Jewish Cabal Controls The World”

>"Encouragingly, the results were based on relatively affluent and middle class White Europeans, and did not include the much more antisemitic Muslims who live in these ‘no-go zones’ that were not included because even the jewish survey takers were afraid to go into them." - "Jewish Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter Was One Of The First ‘Holocaust Deniers’"

>"Jan Karski, a Polish resistance fighter revered by Jews as “the first eye witnesses to the Holocaust,” actually failed to convince jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter, of the credibility of this testimony during a secret meeting in Washington in 1942"

Anonymous ID: 35f99f 2020-05-01 00:05:18Z No. 8979883


I have not researched it yet - probable field mechanics.

Anonymous ID: 4e8b03 2020-05-01 00:05:40Z No. 8979884


Public utilities - unanswered

…(others — iMessages)


Charter 06/07 (scam)

Two servings, please

1000 year time machine


AK/AM -> PGP (cancelled)

Why is pre-quantum encryption important?


Q, requesting assistance.

Anonymous ID: 043238 2020-05-01 00:05:42Z No. 8979886


any sauce?

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-05-01 00:05:48Z No. 8979887


found the atheist

Anonymous ID: e4308d 2020-05-01 00:05:49Z No. 8979888

Anonymous ID: d30a04 2020-05-01 00:05:53Z No. 8979889



Anonymous ID: 879626 2020-05-01 00:05:53Z No. 8979890

Anonymous ID: df816e 2020-05-01 00:06:06Z No. 8979891



Thanks Bakes!

Anonymous ID: 5a5f46 2020-05-01 00:06:07Z No. 8979892

Do it Q>>8979236

Anonymous ID: 45ba7d 2020-05-01 00:06:13Z No. 8979894

Anonymous ID: d1f036 2020-05-01 00:06:16Z No. 8979895


Anonymous ID: 3f117c 2020-05-01 00:06:24Z No. 8979896


At least they weren't tight-assed tea sipping faggots.

Anonymous ID: f7dbb4 2020-05-01 00:06:28Z No. 8979898


>this is why there are memes ridiculing IDs saying "we".

No there aren't.

Anonymous ID: 278c01 2020-05-01 00:06:29Z No. 8979899


It's also to push others away from the board who hate porn. Just ignore/filter and carry on.

Anonymous ID: 0d27ab 2020-05-01 00:06:32Z No. 8979900

That has been floating around for years.>>8979840

Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:06:43Z No. 8979902


Anonymous ID: 8e5369 2020-05-01 00:06:46Z No. 8979903



Hydroxychloroquine: Help Is On The Way!

Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough


Posted: Mar 29, 2020 11:10 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Over the past couple of days I’ve lost literal count of how many people have written to me asking about the clinical trials in New York State regarding the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

The trials began last Tuesday.

In this column’s space and much more liberally on my Twitter feed I have attempted to stay up-to-date on the rapidly developing reports of the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. I’ve also dedicated a considerable percentage of my radio show over the last two weeks highlighting these developments.

It’s strange that I should need to.

Before the drug was mentioned by President Trump there had been a robust interest in looking at the replicated results from China, India, South Korea and France. Sadly, American medical authorities didn’t really give any credence to the claims until the controlled study in southern France, which returned a one in 10,000 chance that the results were anecdotal or in anyway not possible to replicate repeatedly.

Dr. Fauci dragged his feet even as that study was becoming public. Then the president mentioned it, and all of a sudden it became a political issue.

It should not be.

The willingness by anyone of either political party to weaponize an actual solution or series of solutions to COVID-19 is utterly inhuman.

And as the good news is coming in there is a greater reason for hope!

Here are just a handful of new developments from the last few days and hours.

Dr. Fauci when asked if he would use the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail, answered with resounding affirmation. (Simply because he had asked for better clinical evidence previously did not mean he was unaware of what the data was already showing).

France reversed its previous ban on the drug. When the highly esteemed Dr. Didier Raoult released his first survey’s findings the French medical authorities were resistant. As he released an even larger study, with more patients and improved results from his initial study, the French public health officials had no choice but to give guidance as to its use.

India’s public health guidance granted affirmation for physicians and front line medical workers to begin taking it as a preventative. This use was the very suggestion I recommended as first steps in this column a week ago. Since our own CDC has cited its prophylactic benefits our doctors and front line medical personnel should be taking it now.

Given the increased acceptance here in the states not one, but as many as seven different pharmaceutical companies have agreed to mass produce as much as 250 million doses by mid-April. Given Dr. Raoult’s guidance in both of his studies this would give the globe enough inventory to cure 46,000,000 cases. Presently we have not yet hit one million cases worldwide. Notably Bayer, Novartis and Teva Pharm stepped up, pledging to donate several million doses right out of the chute.

Doctors began prescribing off-label use and in doing so are replicating the clinical results in remarkable fashion. One doctor in Monroe, New York has treated in excess of 700 patients. As of this writing he’s lost zero patients to death, zero to intubation, and only two to hospitalization. Another doctor in New York City has treated in excess of 100 patients with zero deaths.

You can expect to see some clinical findings begin to trickle in on Monday through the end of this coming week.

The clinical results showed the patient going from symptomatic to negative testing on average in 5-6 days. Tuesday will mark one week since the trials began. So watch the “recovery” numbers in New York closely, as there may be a bit of a pop.

The Democrats, the media, and people who despise the president don’t want these trials to succeed. Three Democrat governors have gone so far as to ban the use of the drug cocktail. And one has even threatened action against doctors who prescribe it. Which is an odd juxtaposition for the days we live in. It appears that the President cares more about their constituents in their states than their own governors do.

Bottom line: results will begin to filter back. The global medical focus is back on what the drugs can actually do as opposed to who is promoting them. Use of them in the USA is already demonstrating life-saving results, and it appears there will be no inventory problem in prescribing them due to the generosity (not greed) of “big pharma.”

Check back to my Twitter feed often. I will relay results as fast as they come in. (@KMCRadio)

And pray that this potential cure helps us all as we seek to normalize life again… because we desperately need to!

Be encouraged! Help is on the way!

Anonymous ID: 397e8b 2020-05-01 00:06:54Z No. 8979904


So, you're asking for a source on the fact that there are rumors, not for a source confirming the rumors? You think that just because you haven't heard them, no other anon has?

You're really giving yourself too much credit, anon.

>no anon has ever heard that


Whether or not there are rumors is not disputable. All that matters is whether or not the rumors are true, and I'm not convinced in one direction or another.

Anonymous ID: b18a49 2020-05-01 00:07:02Z No. 8979905

[You] In the 16 years plan

]You[ In the Q plan

Anonymous ID: 569712 2020-05-01 00:07:06Z No. 8979906


the other option is filter. but you will have to filter every bread and will still see it first before filtering

so yeah, get used to it.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-05-01 00:07:10Z No. 8979907


again, it was banned in the past.

anons were happy with it.

bc it clearly is not research and not posted to help anons, but to attack the Q movement from within by forcing a fake nazi narrative on this board.

it´s pretty clear who is fighting hard to have clowns post here…

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-05-01 00:07:11Z No. 8979908



yeah im not gonna call it out ever again. too many defenders. too many offended atheists that like to bash the bible. the great awakening is gonna be a WAKEUP call for a lot of them.

Anonymous ID: c13887 2020-05-01 00:07:12Z No. 8979909


Potus is a Mason aka Retard

v2 Anonymous ID: 488ad3 2020-05-01 00:07:13Z No. 8979910


v2 as in V2 rocket. Delivering the BOOM!

Anonymous ID: f25ce8 2020-05-01 00:07:32Z No. 8979911


>He appeared to be baptized last year on 6/2, chose not to make it public, but still participated in a mandatory (but undeclared) presentment to other believers.

Ya know, some things go totally over our heads—the possibility of this is one of those things. I was sidetracked on an alternate viewpoint, also having to do with water (and seeing double).

Possible. Also possible JFK JR #46 possibilities (R-post was at 6:14:55 EST on 6-23-18)

Anonymous ID: 94b055 2020-05-01 00:07:33Z No. 8979912

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

Anonymous ID: d76e53 2020-05-01 00:07:37Z No. 8979913

Kek, the Pence slide. One of the most illogical ones.

Anonymous ID: 696159 2020-05-01 00:07:41Z No. 8979915

Thinking about the misplaced Q drop

Was it really misplaced?




This must have to do with known defective steel with an engineered defect. Need to dig that Q up and refresh.

Anonymous ID: 430ac5 2020-05-01 00:07:50Z No. 8979916


As much as I always wanted Flynn as VP, no. It's not going to happen now or in 2020.

Anonymous ID: 46a894 2020-05-01 00:07:58Z No. 8979917


wrong, just not delusional

Anonymous ID: da40c4 2020-05-01 00:08:07Z No. 8979918


Yeah this has been floating around since, well, March.

High Sparrow appears to be pretty active for a prisoner.

Although the hologram at the window was interdasting.

Anonymous ID: 83f133 2020-05-01 00:08:11Z No. 8979919



Those who see, [C]

Hope more will know what is Right and Write. Right Now. Right?

Anonymous ID: 86179a 2020-05-01 00:08:12Z No. 8979920


(((you))) attack those who (((you))) are scared of.


Anonymous ID: eb2066 2020-05-01 00:08:19Z No. 8979921

>>8979783 ; ; ; - Proof that Antifa is connected to Israel - Antifa is not anti-fascist, they are a paramilitary arm of the DNC and Israel and they simply justify their violence and political suppression of people who disagree with them by calling them fascists and nazis.

Anonymous ID: 36cc59 2020-05-01 00:08:30Z No. 8979923

So according to law Hillary could be convicted of treason and receive a 5 year sentence and $10k fine.

Anonymous ID: 4a6150 2020-05-01 00:08:30Z No. 8979924

Fresh Bake





Anonymous ID: 3b6b90 2020-05-01 00:08:41Z No. 8979925

Fuck Q

Or is it too much?

Anonymous ID: c286b1 2020-05-01 00:08:45Z No. 8979926


Anonymous ID: 696159 2020-05-01 00:08:47Z No. 8979927

Thinking about the misplaced Q drop

Was it really misplaced?




COV Fe Fe?

This must have to do with known defective steel with an engineered defect. Need to dig that Q up and refresh.

Anonymous ID: 7d4ffe 2020-05-01 00:08:48Z No. 8979928


POTUS is a master chess player and showman.

All [their] best weapons used against [them]. All [their] sinister plans reflected back upon them x1000.

We have the source.

Anonymous ID: 9ff7b5 2020-05-01 00:08:49Z No. 8979929


you seriously are not smart enough to shill here.


please, read Q28, 63, 240, 3638 - realize there is a way out. realize that God forgives. repent and be saved.

Anonymous ID: 99785c 2020-05-01 00:08:50Z No. 8979930


27“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ e 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

yeah posting things for anons to lust over is a great idea

Anonymous ID: 7aeff9 2020-05-01 00:08:55Z No. 8979932


>As much as I always wanted Flynn as VP, no. It's not going to happen now or in 2020.

He may end up as P though eventually.

Anonymous ID: e4308d 2020-05-01 00:08:55Z No. 8979935




Anonymous ID: 0e4d5e 2020-05-01 00:08:56Z No. 8979933


Flynn back to DNI. Version 2.0

Anonymous ID: ee73c6 2020-05-01 00:08:56Z No. 8979936


>anons were happy with it.

Fuck off.

8-bit even made a classic post where he said there's not gonna be any more Fungus shit like that going down here.

Anonymous ID: b2face 2020-05-01 00:09:03Z No. 8979937


Unfortunately Dey Know!