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>>997167 Fed says, "Let's weaken banks even more!"

>>997216 Did POTUS tweet point at NoName?

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#1252 Dough pastebin.com/kFUfpvJH

3995f3 () No. 1004826

fb9f8af8a74f8e....jpeg (1119 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, C4AA63FF-C693-....jpeg) (h)

dbfb56 () No. 1004827

69b7ffdaaf7976....png (163 KB, 240 x 255, 752 : 800, ll1.png) (h)

Here's a cap of DARPA's lifelog webpage.

4484ce () No. 1004829

9cd836418ceabd....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 190, 600 : 446, idsHabidding.jpg) (h)

3995f3 () No. 1004835

3c887494c7483e....jpeg (1239 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, 0048AE69-0423-....jpeg) (h)

4484ce () No. 1004839

9cd836418ceabd....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 190, 600 : 446, idsHabidding.jpg) (h)

e35152 () No. 1004851

how do i prove obvious shit to you

f6ad15 () No. 1004852





http:// archive.is/OvB9T

> Great job baker, amazing bread as always!

1cfda9 () No. 1004853

cccb3c54ef39cc....png (611 KB, 143 x 255, 1080 : 1920, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


Laggy board for me.

b80bdb () No. 1004854


d2453a () No. 1004855

watching Hannity now. gonna email out the playback after its done to everyone I know.


War Of Numbers, RIP SAA

Thank you Q et al; Godspeed.

1c72d7 () No. 1004856


Yes confirmed here also

e10327 () No. 1004857

damn, Snowden was here. AWESOME! Q giving us a hint as in…hey, that anon should apply for the NSA. Implying the person who dropped that crumb HAD worked for the NSA. hint hint.

I love this game.

afc3e7 () No. 1004858


So, Q, DoD, Clowns colluded with Russians on FB to interfer w/2016 election via FB?????

530c44 () No. 1004859

Board slowing down….We struck a nerve

79190c () No. 1004860

c54d421e75e97d....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 224, 255 : 224, facebook.jpg) (h)

anon posts 2 images and message


Check the dates. Pentagon kills LIFELONG project same day Facebook is formed.

15 minutes later:


Finder of this should apply to NSA.


Does anyone see a problem here?

If Q did not know about this then that is a big problem - no doubt there

If Q did know why would he not post it - or at least a clue sooner? It could have been posted outright as it was open source - not national security issue. Ok maybe we are supposed to find thinks ourselves - fine - but has Q dropped any clues on this issue? Not that I can remember.

Anons have been discussing for some time the shady origins of Facebook - plus its all over the web. Why wouldn't Q just link to it for us to dig on? Or even just post a clue to dig there? Q's credibility is the biggest redpill we have to get over - there are many who have doubts - why not give us a good talking point to slam facebook and the clowns? This does not smell right.

PS - I trust THE PLAN 100% because I trust POTUS 100% - I 100% believe Q is who he says he is but I cannot trust Q's method or character - something very off.

wtf are anons thinking snowden was needed to drop an article from wired magazine?

Q could have dropped that any time

Q didnt have it.

cb028b () No. 1004861

One more time.



"Mike Pompeo lied about his business deals with a company owned by the Chinese government, so we can only imagine what else he isn’t being honest about," said Harrell Kirstein, a spokesman for the Trump War Room director at American Bridge 21st Century, one of the liberal groups opposing his nomination. "What we do know is his former business partners (Sinopec) are spending more than $30,000 a month lobbying the Trump administration, and probably drooling over the idea of installing their pal as secretary of State."

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/mike-pompeo-didn-mention-owned-biz-linked-chinese-gov-article-1.3928850

43662f () No. 1004862

Thank you Baker, you're awesomeù1

72c98c () No. 1004863

Next time I take a dump, I will think of lifelog.

bc6c83 () No. 1004864


If you have any experience doing hiring in ANY organization, you would know the questions are irrelevant - only the responses.

Then you/we begin the REAL work of narrowing down and completely eviscerating the said applicant in any way shape or form to get the whole picture.

Imagine all the self-assured retards who apply for jobs with the white hats get shot down.

Where we go one, we go all.

b9cf6d () No. 1004865

https:// www.justice.gov/usam/united-states-attorneys-manual

Mueller has to follow this manual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52bb05 () No. 1004866


>We struck a nerve

Maybe this time they'll get a clue and realize they're all going to jail.

dbe284 () No. 1004867



1c72d7 () No. 1004868


WTF? I inlarge and goes upside down. Never done that before

b80bdb () No. 1004869


MKUltra 2.0 = Listen for the white rabbit

86eda8 () No. 1004870


Or perhaps we should be learning RUssian…

f54520 () No. 1004871

Thanks Baker. Busy Night!

81dbef () No. 1004872

Hannity keeps saying 'taint'.


19577a () No. 1004873

>>1004678 (last)

I waffle on him (and Mueller) on a daily basis, so I'll accept the truth, whatever it is.

If they're not true villains, they at least want us to think they are. So I'm just playing the game for now, anon, even though it's not a game kek.

Godfather indeed…

72674e () No. 1004874


Really lagging.

b8de6e () No. 1004875

d8771d8e270783....png (344 KB, 255 x 140, 610 : 334, lifelong pulp ....png) (h)



>not able to read LifeLog

9a2b37 () No. 1004876



5b46fb () No. 1004877

1cfda9 () No. 1004878

RR has got to go!

cc1125 () No. 1004879


Think "organic"

Jeez Anon

13be8e () No. 1004880

Thank you Alan.

Welcome aboard.


4d7335 () No. 1004881


Fuck. Off. You. Clown. Piece. Of. Shit.

2bbd98 () No. 1004882

b1210eff12cc5a....jpg (159 KB, 165 x 255, 593 : 915, !LIFELOGCIA.jpg) (h)


3f105d () No. 1004883



Is it just me, I'd like to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of this tootsie pop…..

5b46fb () No. 1004884



dbe284 () No. 1004885

Sessions to fire RR tomorrow


1c72d7 () No. 1004886


ya no shit huh…!!!

bbe74c () No. 1004887

97f427d08a4840....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 185, 333 : 241, let that sink ....jpg) (h)

epic Ed mic drop

e10355 () No. 1004888

f9336c6e69640f....jpg (82 KB, 198 x 255, 512 : 660, arkflow.jpg) (h)

In honor of the board name:

8a3030 () No. 1004889

>>1004652 1251

https:// lance.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/imagery/single.cgi?image=crefl2_143.A2018101220500-2018101221000.2km.jpg

NASA always cuts out the meat of the overheads on Antarctica…

https:// earthdata.nasa.gov/earth-observation-data/near-real-time/rapid-response/modis-subsets another good site for wide view overhead imagery…

f6ad15 () No. 1004890


Getting hit hard. I had to reload twice to pull the site up. Bad gateway error

ef8ff8 () No. 1004891

52752b70cb8e4f....png (701 KB, 255 x 178, 1111 : 777, Q_BiteCrumbs_E....png) (h)

Good Wording for Meme

Facebook Created In Pentagon by CIA

Not In Dorm Room by Mark Zuckerberg

f4c57b () No. 1004892


Welcome Alan

4741ff () No. 1004893



975010 () No. 1004894


wHoop Whoop! :-) Things just keep getting better.

43fab1 () No. 1004895

98abb8b10afd01....png (74 KB, 135 x 255, 273 : 516, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


would you STFU divisionfag


2c6f65 () No. 1004896

06d774f8f30304....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 3adfeae0c3244d....jpg) (h)

4d7335 () No. 1004897


Pompeo is Kansas you stupid imbecile.

6e80d9 () No. 1004899

71309408c5bde8....jpg (363 KB, 103 x 255, 1214 : 3012, Screen Shot 20....jpg) (h)

8ad1d1 () No. 1004898


Alan Dershowitz

f1364f () No. 1004900


He was in last bread too I believe. He told us to check out

https:// clarityofsignal.com/2017/02/27/massive-white-helmets-photo-cache-proves-hollywood-gave-oscar-to-terrorist-group/


https:// www.theonion.com/cias-facebook-program-dramatically-cut-agencys-costs-1819594988

cc1125 () No. 1004901


Hannity watch party!!!!

1cfda9 () No. 1004902


You are like, really dumb.

e38fcf () No. 1004903


Alan D slams ACLU!

1a8f63 () No. 1004904



43fab1 () No. 1004905


No 'Q'????

5e4d1f () No. 1004906

043637823d2feb....jpeg (105 KB, 181 x 255, 354 : 500, image.jpeg) (h)


Here , keep busy by counting the shekels

7f1ba3 () No. 1004907

a4ece518a09360....jpg (119 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, maga.jpg) (h)


Thank you Alan.


019c11 () No. 1004908


The Dersh is on board

52bb05 () No. 1004909


This is the best shit EVER.

731285 () No. 1004910



2135f9 () No. 1004911


Alan Derkowitz had dinner with POTUS.

Did he give info on Epstein/Island?

b66062 () No. 1004912

d7286c99616fbb....png (281 KB, 255 x 173, 611 : 415, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



43662f () No. 1004913



Excuse my ignorance… who is Alan?

e38fcf () No. 1004914



Comms over Qresearch

81a940 () No. 1004915


MZ had a chance to go in there, spill the beans, and ask for protection, That was his last chance to do the right thing. He made the wrong choice.

81dbef () No. 1004916


patriot that loves his country

7acba6 () No. 1004917


Isn't he usually on CNN talking against POTUS?

a43770 () No. 1004918


Looks like the gang is all here tonight! :)

161eab () No. 1004919

POTUS tells the world he's sending missiles into Syria.

POTUS tells the world he NEVER advertises what he's about to do.

Sooo what is POTUS really going to do?

cc1125 () No. 1004920




3b6426 () No. 1004921


>something very off



990bfa () No. 1004922

96a3651c68ab88....jpg (87 KB, 176 x 255, 527 : 762, b6e683b772e2d2....jpg) (h)

2bbd98 () No. 1004923




8ad1d1 () No. 1004924


So, Jeff Sessions will recuse RR now?

4bf9c6 () No. 1004925

>>1004880 have fun

45083d () No. 1004926


DERSH! It's on!!!

6978b2 () No. 1004927

White Helmets = Mossad

43fab1 () No. 1004928



1cfda9 () No. 1004929



141f85 () No. 1004930


The white rabbit told me your gay as fuck

6a8e73 () No. 1004931


Can Dershowitz help us get Epstein?

bc6c83 () No. 1004932


How much do they want to bet all those good natured (read: unaware) folks along northern borders have seen these human traffickers in plain sight and didn't know?

Those truckers that crisscross the border.

Those trains?

'longest de militarized land border in the world'



We gotta clean out leaf land and help out our canuck bros.

b80bdb () No. 1004933

28d19505c1ffe7....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 128, 1190 : 595, alan-dershowit....jpg) (h)



4d7335 () No. 1004934


Dersh never changed.

The goddamn communists just took over the Dem party and Hollywood.

9a2b37 () No. 1004935


Welcome to the party! God bless you in your righteous endevours

82a765 () No. 1004936

>>1004466 (earlier bread)

"LifeLog is the latest in a series of controversial programs that have been canceled by Darpa in recent months. The Terrorism Information Awareness, or TIA, data-mining initiative was eliminated by Congress – although many analysts believe its research continues on the classified side of the Pentagon's ledger. The Policy Analysis Market (or FutureMap), which provided a stock market of sorts for people to bet on terror strikes, was almost immediately withdrawn after its details came to light in July.

"I've always thought (LifeLog) would be the third program (after TIA and FutureMap) that could raise eyebrows if they didn't make it clear how privacy concerns would be met," said Peter Harsha, director of government affairs for the Computing Research Association."

FutureMap - FUTURE proves past/learn to read the MAP

Was Q telling us to look into this program?

dbe284 () No. 1004937


You wont believe who has been talking to you here, names are coming out so we are close to the end?

c53ccf () No. 1004938

991ad899e1f9cc....png (348 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

On a phone. Look who follows pays attention… Yes its that John Podesta.

f712c9 () No. 1004939


STFU kike

7fb42c () No. 1004940


I hope this is not Epstein Island payback, Q-Team.

4741ff () No. 1004941

Alan Deshowitz, on Hannity right now.

f6ad15 () No. 1004942


For anons that want to actually read the article, I archived it 30 minutes ago.

> Weird how no one wants the actual article to this shit, just the memes that don't link to the true sauce.

http:// archive.is/OvB9T

e35152 () No. 1004943


good post but good luck proving shit

at least you have objective basis

try posting the images here and also highlighting the "keynote" stuff

4bf9c6 () No. 1004944

>>1004880 thank you mr president

cb028b () No. 1004945


Dershowitz redeeming himself from Epstein defense? The day he goes on national television and says MOSSAD did 9/11 with the help of the Bush crime cartel and the CIA is the day I start to believe it.

07eab4 () No. 1004946

6ce6d3f23629d9....jpg (10 KB, 142 x 255, 161 : 290, tick tock.jpg) (h)

045476 () No. 1004947

91ce1f258d5e7b....jpg (615 KB, 191 x 255, 1100 : 1470, !Awakening17.jpg) (h)

Volume 17 and 18 (new)

More if interested:

https:// mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ!74U1zRJR

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html

de1b61 () No. 1004948


May also suggest Mark Zuckerberg's Dorm Room discovered in Pentagon for those with more snark.

6a3d47 () No. 1004949

3fd340d02adbd6....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, 3fd340d02adbd6....jpg) (h)


Better to be a piece of shit, than to eat pieces of shit, like you faggot with AIDS.

010784 () No. 1004950


wait…this is not the same asian woman who sat behind him in his testimony

c9cebf () No. 1004952

973040511d84a5....png (16 KB, 255 x 39, 735 : 112, tth.png) (h)


Is this a blatant reminder that we are supposed to

>Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’)




>Watch the news.

>Spider web.

7e3a82 () No. 1004951


The Trivium.

06b15a () No. 1004953

>>1004809 (last bread)

Odd. Logged into twatter app I see JA's pointed tweet. On anonymous browser, no pinned tweet.

New kind of censorship?

6978b2 () No. 1004954

9b18be4556ce62....png (133 KB, 255 x 74, 1463 : 427, TwitterVTGrowth.png) (h)

Twitter exploded after…



1cfda9 () No. 1004955


He's on Hannity right now too.

4484ce () No. 1004956


Quit calling it LIFELONG…it's LIKELOG you cretin

cd584f () No. 1004957


It's the storm fellas Breathe deep & then REEEEEE

608fd0 () No. 1004958

Where is Assad?

Several Middle Eastern media reports recently claimed that Assad, his family and other Syrian leaders had left Syria to Tehran.

d45325 () No. 1004959


I note they are all worried about domestic stuff tonight and Syria and Russia seem to be just background like it is all already solved.

530c44 () No. 1004960

Thanx Q you made my day bro…needed some ass kicking

195206 () No. 1004961


he's referring to @snowden here not the poster

fdac81 () No. 1004962


Q will Dennis Rodman get Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

Drop us a clue ;)

cc1125 () No. 1004963

29189b2b38a085....png (27 KB, 255 x 120, 324 : 153, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

in Sync



bc6c83 () No. 1004964



5e4d1f () No. 1004965


So they gather everything we say, track the places we go and record what we see? How do the do that if I cover the cameras?

436a3b () No. 1004966

01df5adef9dbc6....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 223, 902 : 789, 6a27953f42cb90....jpg) (h)


Wise anon speaks, Snowden dropped this >>1003248

f54520 () No. 1004967

a8727e745c3eca....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 170, 630 : 420, 330e13939db410....jpg) (h)

0493c4 () No. 1004968


It is indeed illegal to directly divulge secret/non-publicized information in the USA. The offense ramps with the level of the privileged information.

See: E. Snowden & J. Assange, whom require presidential pardons. It's considered worse than 187 in most cases.

This is why Q has to make us link things together, so they're not legally liable.

d11409 () No. 1004969

1bb6ac4e277969....jpg (486 KB, 255 x 161, 1080 : 682, 20180411_202509.jpg) (h)



79190c () No. 1004970


no anon cares to address a simple question with sauce all over it - just scream NO

now i see why others have been calling them out for blind loyalty


81dbef () No. 1004971


hes a lib but not a communist. respects the constitution.

e38fcf () No. 1004972

PLEASE!!! If you are stupid don't post!

4bf9c6 () No. 1004973


Medal of Freedom

afc3e7 () No. 1004974

>>1004860 DID YOU NOT SEE Q post



Our comms must be this way.

Refer back - the ‘Why?’

NAT SEC laws.

Trust the plan.

April Showers.


Are you THAT dense? Then GET OFF THE BOARD u r taking up VALUABLE space!!

dbe284 () No. 1004975



kys faggot

37f407 () No. 1004976

Scroll on Fox just said "prostitution related revenues"…wonder what it was about.

a5690a () No. 1004977

is there moer truth to the zuckerberg robot meme, considering this lifelog data base was to be partly used to develop AI and help it to learn, KEK

bf784a () No. 1004978


Up is down. Look at Mexico while it's pouring through Canada. Conveniently that's the way Uranium was exported, up through Canada.

407bc3 () No. 1004979


Good to know

990bfa () No. 1004980

55995377050250....png (1032 KB, 255 x 211, 1048 : 869, 55995377050250....png) (h)

Hey Mr.President. Thank You. Here's a little something to brighten your day.

7b9231 () No. 1004981

Q is an ALIEN!!!

725ec3 () No. 1004982


Freedom = end of Mueller's investigation?

141f85 () No. 1004983


Hahaha I liked the other guys approach

Sessions should fire him tomorrow !

But I’m not a Lawfag so don’t listen to me

43fab1 () No. 1004984

3f105d () No. 1004985



The Museum of the Great Awakening.

3b129e () No. 1004986


Well played!

973e78 () No. 1004987


We all knew this. The only ones that don't get it are all you dumb fucking Redditers that need to LURK MOAR!!!

5b46fb () No. 1004988

636d9e9abee9d5....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 170, 255 : 170, 39154ed851fa62....jpg) (h)


Thank You Friend!!!!

79190c () No. 1004989


In the world of Q anon, "organic" info is when Q provides a clue and we dig. In this case Q gave no clue so definition of "organic" does not apply

b64f08 () No. 1004990


I have found Alan to be fair in his assessments of legal situations and what jepordizes our Constitutional rights.

3e39bf () No. 1004991


Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The A-Team.

f8ccf8 () No. 1004992

This has been a lesson on working as a team. Contributing in what ever way you can - it's about Patriotism. During WWII - whether you were a pilot, Rosie the riveter, buying war bonds, or just living with the rationing without complaining about it.

It's really about service to each other. Standing up for those who aren't able - the way it was meant to be.

God Bless each and everyone who stands up against Evil.

b66062 () No. 1004993


Freedom day? Good people in hard spots released?

365e6f () No. 1004994


This is too much. Dershowitz was Epstein’s lawyer FFS

7c4961 () No. 1004995



I can't imagine many of them are in the US. Probably a bunch of Ukrainians. Maybe Serge Brin will make the list!

bdc5ba () No. 1004996

cf6513626d0b46....png (256 KB, 197 x 255, 2550 : 3301, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


f4ff21 () No. 1004997


Yes he did. There's three options: 1. You're newfagging. Lurk moar. 2. You're a clown. GTFO please. 3. You're retarded. I'm really sorry

79190c () No. 1004998


it is the original post that Q linked that misstated it so fuck off

e35152 () No. 1004999


"ur jumping to conclusions mate i dont see a connection where you see it"

"yeah thats because it would shatter your entire worldview"

"nah nah its all a fabrication cant you see that"

"no, do you believe in coincidences"

"you are weird anon"

2c6f65 () No. 1005000

966c7727e3bd8e....png (273 KB, 183 x 255, 401 : 560, 966c7727e3bd8e....png) (h)

ecffa0 () No. 1005001


Q, I trust the plan but what about the connection with that situation and EI?

bf784a () No. 1005002


Breddy sure that's what he means.

7f1ba3 () No. 1005003


Valiant Thor?

COMMANDER (Valiant Thor) The Alien who lived at the white house

http:// www.dawgshed.com/threads/commander-valiant-thor-the-alien-who-lived-at-the-white-house.121739/

a6211c () No. 1005004


you are either WITH U.S or against U.S

43fab1 () No. 1005005





e35152 () No. 1005006



ce8f48 () No. 1005007


7b9231 () No. 1005008

Q, love you. from all my heart, and sorry if U ever upset you w/ anything

6380f9 () No. 1005009

Rosenstien gets fired, replaced with someone who will narrow the scope of Mueller, or direct him to investigate dems influenced by Russia and elsewhere =freedom and justice.

aa4f65 () No. 1005010


Didn't the dersh visit Epsteinville?

52bb05 () No. 1005011


missing files not missing?

ef8ff8 () No. 1005012


Facebook is a Surveillance Tool

Not a Social Experience

1cfda9 () No. 1005013

Hey Q, these last couple of days have been 👌.

I am enjoying this.

bc6c83 () No. 1005014


POTUS TWEET, Q DROP, E island connection, etc.


Q team with patience of a saint.

b66062 () No. 1005015

c470859f0f2f3c....png (28 KB, 255 x 64, 909 : 228, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7c4961 () No. 1005016


Alan is the Shield. Joe is the Sword.

bb7372 () No. 1005017


Anons this could be important!!! Snowden tweets about it and there mission statement says "Coming to a library near you". Doesn't Q say coming to a theater near you?

488bbd () No. 1005018


You are speaking to the President of the United States Anon. No Signature of Q. It is the man himself our POTUS!

79190c () No. 1005019


on a wired article?

use your brain

cd584f () No. 1005020


Prolly freed from the blackmail after defending Epstein; they honeypotted him with a girl he was told was legal age when she wasn't

f54520 () No. 1005021


Get ready for the jew shills

19577a () No. 1005022

fcb514be0a38a6....jpg (301 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, f2576497b824eb....jpg) (h)


Super awesome as always, anon!

d28d73 () No. 1005024


Hey Q – is G-as K-illing A-nimal the GROUP KEY AGREEMENT PROTOCOL that links all SM platforms ?

DARPA funded study >> http:// www.cnds.jhu.edu/pub/papers/perf.pdf

5b46fb () No. 1005025

e6528c5bc34b40....jpg (439 KB, 255 x 159, 1280 : 800, american-flag-....jpg) (h)


THIS!! And we are JUST getting started. Free Press RIGHT here. Service to God, Nation, and One Another.

It's an Honor Anons.

a43770 () No. 1005026


Amazing as always anon! Your work is so incredible. Thank you for all you've done to capture history as it's being made. God bless!!

ecffa0 () No. 1005027

How to control and have information on everybody? A normal person does the norm and signs up for the widely popular site uses that the masses seem to follow and researches things on the widely accepted informational services site. What is the outcome?

Facebook, MySpace, Google Plus: What the person is doing, where, who is the persons friends/connections. Where has the person been, where do they work, how are they feeling, who do they love, who do they support, etc.

PayPal, Amazon, EBay, etc (requires bank routing number): Access to an individuals financial situation, history, income, outcome, etc.

GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc: Email services connected to informational services

Google: Global entity controlling information/narrative

MSM: Connected to global entity for informational dissemination and control

What do they all have in common? They are all of them entirely Marxist leaning entities.

7b9231 () No. 1005028

take me home!

6a8e73 () No. 1005029

7616f0ad9aae65....jpg (192 KB, 204 x 255, 745 : 931, Trump_Bust.jpg) (h)

if POTUS is here, I hope he knows that he will be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the greatest country the world will ever know.

4bf9c6 () No. 1005030

>>1005005 FREEDOM is POTUS like Braveheart Scottish guy amirite

7f1ba3 () No. 1005031


Thank you FLOTUS.

God Bless.

e10355 () No. 1005032


Now there's some careful reading.

530c44 () No. 1005033

>>1005021 Kek

b76fbf () No. 1005034


I think Kansas is multiple people..otherwise it would be Trust Pompeo…

Parscale, Kobach, Brownback, Pompeo…

4484ce () No. 1005035


You're too sensitive, have a snickers

ced8b9 () No. 1005036

Serious question….Has anyone seen pictures of the FBI Raid of Cohen's office? I haven't and I'd really like to know if anyone else has.

I have however seen pictures of a fire at Trump Tower one or two days before the "raid."

dfaf70 () No. 1005038

https:// ftw.usatoday.com/2017/12/dennis-rodman-north-korea-kim-jong-un-visit-why-stephen-colbert-video-interview

So Dennis Rodman was OG Redpill? He was telling us NK was not what we were being told.

c9cebf () No. 1005039


Probably the recent shutdown of backpage.com

7f7bbd () No. 1005040


Noticed this isn't signed with a


a5690a () No. 1005041

4631878ea5db6e....jpg (121 KB, 191 x 255, 750 : 1000, flat,750x1000,....jpg) (h)


digits dont lie

79190c () No. 1005042


we all knew what?

ea6454 () No. 1005043


Central zone, time signature = mirror


43fab1 () No. 1005044

f80e866a1af790....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, shillA2.jpg) (h)

161eab () No. 1005045


Great job anon but why are you using the CIA logo when it was the Pentagon and DARPA running Life Log?

bc6c83 () No. 1005046


Replaced with someone INTIMATELY familiar with the satan island.

07eab4 () No. 1005047


43 connections? I count 33 people + 3 groups (multiple people)

488bbd () No. 1005048


Thank you Mr President Trump.

God bless you and God bless America!

52bb05 () No. 1005049


many things

59fe2d () No. 1005050

612c2679e1a0e3....jpg (129 KB, 129 x 255, 975 : 1920, 1533ad5b613486....jpg) (h)


Taint what?

fe29b3 () No. 1005051


Dershowitz was on OJ's defense team

7b9231 () No. 1005052


2c6f65 () No. 1005053

6c6561b0f7c69c....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 191, 259 : 194, 6c6561b0f7c69c....jpg) (h)

f6ad15 () No. 1005054


JA must have fat fingered it

4741ff () No. 1005055

Do you guys feel it?????It's happening!!!

64285c () No. 1005056

47ff3fb1fe0bb8....jpg (90 KB, 255 x 199, 1152 : 897, 47ff3fb1fe0bb8....jpg) (h)


Is this POTUS?

b8de6e () No. 1005057


shills for or against?

7acba6 () No. 1005058

We trust in you and pray for you POTUS.

Godspeed Patriot!

c9d84d () No. 1005059


gotta be

no coincidences

cd584f () No. 1005060



591ea3 () No. 1005061


Optics are important, and to the conspiracy community, many of us think Alan was involved with Epstein abuses. I really hope this isn’t the case. And if it is, Dershowitz better be a sacrificial pawn for taking down other players

2fb788 () No. 1005062

6 THINGS you need to know about #PRISM @NSAGov and @Snowden

https:// www.cloudwards.net/prism-snowden-and-government-surveillance/

3b6426 () No. 1005063

Take the sixth, not the fifth - Alan D.

52bb05 () No. 1005064


FB funded largely by In-Q-Tel - CIA

5e4d1f () No. 1005065


POTUS, we are with you 110%!

bbc88a () No. 1005066


if Darpa dropped because of a Patent Infringement

from a Patriot. What could the Patriot do ?

e10355 () No. 1005067


I was just thinking the same thing. The vibes are amazing.

1c72d7 () No. 1005068


He was? Holy Shit

807b08 () No. 1005069


If this is indeed Dershowitz:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Dershowitz

>"Dershowitz provided legal assistance to millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was investigated following accusations that he had repeatedly solicited sex from minors. Dershowitz investigated some of Epstein's accusers and provided both the police and the State attorney’s office with a dossier containing information about plaintiffs' behavior, which had been obtained from their personal MySpace pages, including allegations of alcohol and drug use. Eventually, in 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution and began serving an 18-month sentence."

Related to TT raids this weekend? Attorney-client privilege issues?

141f85 () No. 1005070

Take the 6th???

e35152 () No. 1005071



Don't EVEN CONSIDER researching this SHIT.

Source: I fake every one of the thousands of UFO videos each year, and I fake every spiritual and contact experience for every human on the face of the planet and just call it mass psychosis.

2bbd98 () No. 1005072



b80bdb () No. 1005073

Dershowitz has been blackmailed.

He's now on the Q team, is talking about Epstein, and has freedom

He should stay away from barbells, and sports cars.

95d133 () No. 1005074

5f6fd649380822....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 170, 679 : 452, value-of-silen....jpg) (h)

f I hear our President Trump mention pork chops It may be possible to pink pill my army veteran husband. Side note: He made me a tin foil sailors hat this weekend, out of love & laughs of course. (Grandfather in the navy WW2. My purple heart Dad served 2 tours in Vietnam) RED WHITE & BLUE IS IN OUR BLOOD. Just say the word porkchops & I can get my husband to listen to me

f54520 () No. 1005075

c2eec7 () No. 1005076


I think you have the wrong border.

The NORTHERN border is the coast of Alaska and it is longer than you think and unprotected. Not just demilitarized but mostly with no protection at all. A boat can land illegals on numerous hidden shores. A couple of hours later a fishing boat comes by on the way home, and nobody thinks twice that there might be anything other than fish aboard.

After you get into an Alaskan town, you are in the USA.

f2ebf8 () No. 1005077


"R U"


bbe74c () No. 1005078

08d60a1b063769....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 159, 1281 : 800, Cookie.jpg) (h)

ecffa0 () No. 1005079


I will always be convinced he went there/goes theree to be afforded the chance to indulge in his predilections.

6645e1 () No. 1005080


Thanks Boss!

79190c () No. 1005081


Yes he did what? know this info? how do you know he knew?

add4d9 () No. 1005082

Ok I need a direction to go here… Since according to the notable that DuckDuckGo is shit and stay away from it…

What search engine is really private? Any recommendations?

19577a () No. 1005083



Death to the…???


6978b2 () No. 1005084

45f89e24b5d1f8....png (75 KB, 144 x 255, 525 : 929, TwitterVTech.png) (h)


http:// articles.dailypress.com/2011-12-08/sports/dp-nws-tech-social-media-1209-20111208_1_twitter-and-facebook-twitter-website-power-of-social-media

727966 () No. 1005085


You mean Neal Degrasse Tyson

aa4f65 () No. 1005086


I get it but I don't get it.

So Torture is against eh law, so is spying on Americans and Asset forfeiture.

So are a great many other things that are done.

But this oh no, sounds like a selective and observance of laws when it suits convenience.

Consistency and Integrity is all we ask.

I get it, trust me.

975010 () No. 1005087



92077b () No. 1005088

32941ecb212c90....png (203 KB, 188 x 255, 270 : 366, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


You gotta love and admire Alan Dershowitz. Brilliant man!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Dershowitz

8748dc () No. 1005089


YES! Not everyone has the same skill set, but we all bring something to the movement. Just like the military: not all the jobs are cool and glamorous. But everyone works as a piece of a big machine that fights forward and wins. Everyone here is important, even those lurking in the background just taking it all in. I'm grateful for every one of you. I think we all feel a lot less alone than we used to.

725ec3 () No. 1005090


I heard it differently - that HRC bribed RC to claim that DJT raped her as a minor, when it really was WJC.

52bb05 () No. 1005091


blue balls. i got nuthin.

cb028b () No. 1005092


Keep thinking that.



Why is Pompeo all of a sudden the only one with a codename? Q I would love some clarity on this.


1c72d7 () No. 1005093


he just explained it. Just have your lawyer tell you, dont testify

6f199c () No. 1005094


Ugh. I hate these fuckin people.

e3f0ab () No. 1005095


Q knew about program, and that @snowden would drop it….. he told us in a drop. Idiot.

Q did not want us to know about it until after the testimony.

Q told us that too.

161eab () No. 1005096


Okay, thx>>1005064

94953b () No. 1005097


Need more practice.

7e3a82 () No. 1005098


Cage match:

Normalcy bias vs. Normalcy bias.

Get ready to RUMBLE!!!


c12182 () No. 1005099

ba911d21e6c352....jpeg (314 KB, 255 x 189, 951 : 704, screenshot-mas....jpeg) (h)


https:// mason.gmu.edu/~rhanson/PAMpress.pdf

https:// mason.gmu.edu/~rhanson/policyanalysismarket.html

7f1ba3 () No. 1005100


Maybe it was her>> >>1005000

bbe74c () No. 1005101




Feb 15 2018 15:17:32 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 8ec7df 388168


Discoveries must be ORIG organically.



365e6f () No. 1005102

ad4e6ba8fd739b....png (2802 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, CD5E6ADE-45B9-....png) (h)


Fuck This

dfaf70 () No. 1005103

310b327a0755d8....jpg (105 KB, 255 x 255, 680 : 680, dx8exclw4aqa4-h.jpg) (h)


bb7372 () No. 1005104


Thank you commander for all that you do!! God bless POTUS, Q Team, and family!! And God bless the United States of America!!!!

d94d71 () No. 1005105


Simon Says

7b9231 () No. 1005106


f6ad15 () No. 1005107


We dig without feelings Anon. We are waiting for that happening to start and we know it's not on our timetable. Until then we dig dig dig

d58050 () No. 1005108

>>1004316 #1251

>Edward Snowden Live @ John Perry Barlow Symposium

Sat., 04.07.18


>You can't awaken somebody who's pretending to be asleep.

@3:33 - (Quoting Ed.)

For us, for the United States, and for this world. He was an incredible person, an inspiration to me, and it was an honor to have known him.

There is one last thing that I'd like to say from him…which I will keep with me for the rest of my life,

as I think about what comes NEXT for myself, and hopefully for those of you in the room as well.

I said 'When we are looking all these problems that face the world today, that face our politics today – the partisanship, the incivility, the inhumanity, the injustice – that fills every conversation. And we try to make the people in power confront that and fix it and DO THEIR JOBS.

I struggle with the question of How do we correct this? What is it are we supposed to do? And why it is that They feel so comfortable?

And it came down to this feeling of IMMUNITY. Of Unaccountability. These powerful Institutions … it didn't matter if it WAS the Attorney General breaking the Law. It didn't matter if it was the CEO of Citibank breaking the Law. They had a different standard of behavior. And when They saw the world, They saw the System, They saw how much CONTROL They had…and how little we had…well, what are you going to do about it?"

And he sat and he thought, and just a long pause on stage in front of so many people…and he said,

"The United States, as such as It is today, exists to look at precisely that claim.


And to answer THAT Question, and answer it RIGHT."

bc6c83 () No. 1005109

087e8fd6922f07....jpeg (38 KB, 255 x 246, 474 : 457, fatpepe.jpeg) (h)




/ourguys/ know.

c9d84d () No. 1005110



No Anon left behind

Good will prevail over evil

e3ae3f () No. 1005111


the whining faggot is here

d45325 () No. 1005112


What if the drop is to every public library in the USA all at once?

fb8fe9 () No. 1005113

5a504167c172e1....jpg (3379 KB, 255 x 128, 6000 : 3000, ROSENSTEIN dare.jpg) (h)

2135f9 () No. 1005114


Notice when Q says


it usually means the person is getting freedom

from C_A control by blackmail

Very possible that Alan D was blackmailed on the island,

and will now be FREE and can testify against those on island.

b76fbf () No. 1005115

Q team

Currently researching a few things.


2. Noble Energy & Leviathan

3. Haiti Boom Financial, Digicel, Sae-a

What direction should I go?

727966 () No. 1005116


Russian Uranium?

6951d2 () No. 1005117

Watching Alan D. Glad he's on our side!!!

7e3a82 () No. 1005118


Aw shit. screwed that up.

Normalcy bias vs confirmation bias.

Back to lurk mode.

2abfac () No. 1005119



79190c () No. 1005120


already answered FB

f54520 () No. 1005121

dd7d979a6a9a9f....jpeg (101 KB, 255 x 170, 1080 : 722, 1521809930.jpeg) (h)

Can't help myself. No Shill

f4c57b () No. 1005122


That's what lawyers are paid to do.

But what does he know?

cd5577 () No. 1005123


On Fox

2a879b () No. 1005124

so going back to post 34 particularly:

On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.

along with this new drop:

https:// mobile.twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/984145872241020929

If dates given were this year and in day/month format…

Maybe we will see Skippy in cuffs tonight?

d1fefc () No. 1005125


Attorney-client privilege anyone?

bbe74c () No. 1005126


yup. so much winning

2bbd98 () No. 1005127

Mr. President

I love you and pray for you. Lets destroy these SICK people.

that is all.


43fab1 () No. 1005129

1a2689f2c0b08f....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 225, 396 : 350, Q1.jpg) (h)




1c72d7 () No. 1005128


What did he say on Hannity?

4d7335 () No. 1005130


Don't be stupid

d57a19 () No. 1005131

4feaff8e1a2e31....jpg (148 KB, 255 x 186, 1024 : 745, whoztheguy.jpg) (h)

Well since you put it that way..

lil fk'r

7b9231 () No. 1005132


975010 () No. 1005133

021570055f624f....jpeg (91 KB, 204 x 255, 736 : 922, 021570055f624f....jpeg) (h)

Love, Respect and so many prayers SIR!!

Thank you!!


01c62c () No. 1005134

330c2f4b80b763....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 144, 900 : 507, clinton-2007-s....jpg) (h)

Sorry if I'm out ting anyone's snitch

But she's gotta go

If you don't have all the intel she can give up by now….then times up.

Time's up!

Snitch deal is up

Everyone knows she's a snitch now

She will no longer give up good intel.

64285c () No. 1005135

fea67e872dfbf1....jpg (156 KB, 219 x 255, 500 : 582, 3b111aa7ca5ffb....jpg) (h)


It would be an honor to shitpost in same thread as GEOTUS.

f6ad15 () No. 1005136



5ef509 () No. 1005137


Digits say that's a Classy Lady, TY FLOTUS!!

6159e5 () No. 1005138


Alan Dershowitz would like to defend atty/client privilege.

Thanks Alan!

731285 () No. 1005139


Me too anon. Have spent this lifetime wondering what the hell was REALLY going on

727966 () No. 1005140


Then what do you think?

4bf9c6 () No. 1005141


SOBI EEG dig dig dig

f1364f () No. 1005142

It's a Q party up in here!

3995f3 () No. 1005143

Isn’t Snowden suppose to “drop” something now that the “testifying” is done ?

52bb05 () No. 1005144



This is a malformed sentence. You need a subject and proper punctuation.

051340 () No. 1005145

e3628e94350b32....jpg (163 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, independent.jpg) (h)


You are learning to goose-step just like George HW Bush, George W Bush, Henry Ford, Fritz Thyssen, and our buddy, Adolf. WHat is the matter with you?!?!?! We elected you to end these shitty wars. The Middle East is not our concern. Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone to all that get entangled with it.

"Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast." Isa 26:20

Oh, but you know better. Warmongers. It's not your kids dying.

69f9df () No. 1005146

eb5b0055f9fd4e....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 250, 649 : 636, Reeeeeeeee.jpg) (h)

cfccb5 () No. 1005147


not cool. same lawyer as Epstein :/

79190c () No. 1005148


another nothing burger

5b7c8b () No. 1005149

Has anon asked themselves; If FB was born of LifeLog, what were the other social platforms born of?

4741ff () No. 1005150


With all due respect, fellow anon, I've been here since September 2017 and am feeling amazing right now!!

ce8f48 () No. 1005151

fd350eaa0215fd....jpeg (293 KB, 255 x 87, 1536 : 522, 5FFC59B1-E736-....jpeg) (h)

Dershowitz provided legal assistance to millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was investigated following accusations that he had repeatedly solicited sex from minors. Dershowitz investigated some of Epstein's accusers and provided both the police and the State attorney’s office with a dossier containing information about plaintiffs' behavior, which had been obtained from their personal MySpace pages, including allegations of alcohol and drug use. Eventually, in 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution and began serving an 18-month sentence.

bdc5ba () No. 1005153

e802aef22be0e8....png (3472 KB, 196 x 255, 2538 : 3296, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

cccc64 () No. 1005152



Check mate

727966 () No. 1005154


Patrick Stewart

4d7335 () No. 1005155



8838f0 () No. 1005156

959ab47c522ca5....jpeg (79 KB, 139 x 255, 399 : 734, 103D5D34-2074-....jpeg) (h)



> I cannot trust Q's method or character - something very off.


That is the lesson here

bb7372 () No. 1005157


I like it but I don't think it would be effective enough alone

530c44 () No. 1005158


d1fbcf () No. 1005159

What else has Snowden dropped here?

35e6b3 () No. 1005160


No Q ???? Eekkk

e10355 () No. 1005161


I've got a bunch on Noble/Apache Corp/Genie/Leviathan/Lynn de Rothschild/Jacob

Let me know if you wanna confirm/overlap.

I've posted chunks of it before, but it's always ignored.

1cfda9 () No. 1005162

Digenova is such a drama queen. What a grump.

bc6c83 () No. 1005163


Correct - also the traffic is both ways. Ever wonder where all those tribal girls and women who are already brutalized by their reservation criminals wind up in?

Canada needs massive clean up. They are being kept cucked on purpose.

5b46fb () No. 1005164


Great write up. I've been 100% rooting for Snowden the whole way. I hope. I always hope the best for these characters. I'd rather have another hero than another villain.

Thank You!!

b66062 () No. 1005165

5986f9bb812c60....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 134, 1200 : 630, butwhy.jpg) (h)

bbe74c () No. 1005166

1a85aac3876aaf....png (1926 KB, 72 x 255, 1111 : 3944, SnowdenQMicDrop.png) (h)


he did. it's GLORIOUS

1a8f63 () No. 1005167

2c08a2ec35a4d8....png (483 KB, 255 x 154, 742 : 447, rosenstein1.png) (h)

b741bd () No. 1005168


So Alan Dershowitz chose right even in the face of blackmail.

abc968 () No. 1005169

34d1f9 () No. 1005170


https:// slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/04/alan-dershowitzfresh-from-dinner-with-trumpsays-the-presidents-civil-liberties-are-being-violated.html

77054d () No. 1005171


So is the FSA just a rebranded AQ?

7b9231 () No. 1005172


37f407 () No. 1005173


Alan Greenspan…like the "old" one (or squeezed one)? Not old in age, but from his early days. Before his time at the Fed, he was a great economist (also a computer programmer)

4ba9a8 () No. 1005174

>>1004811 previous bread

Does this mean Faceplant will be taken down (please say yes!)?

bb8cb0 () No. 1005175


Except for that Epstein shit…disgraceful. Lawyers be lawfags. Dirty work.

f0bc79 () No. 1005176

Just so you all understand. Q has never said anything negative about Mueller. The only real mention of him was when we were asked about his military background and why it's important. He's a decorated Marine Captain and combat veteran. Not the resume of someone who would betray his country in a time of need. As far as Rosenstein is concerned. Q has never said anything negative about him either. We were asked "why did Rosenstein [beg] Paul Ryan not to release the memo?" Beg is in brackets because he didn't really beg. This was the intentional misinformation that Q told us about. Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett made up this story (or were instructed to) so that the opposition would think Rosenstein was going after POTUS. This way, they would support him. Q asked us what Rosenstein's senate confirmation vote was. There were only 6 senators who voted against him. Sessions, on the other hand, barely got through. This is the REAL reason why he recused himself. Had Sessions made the appointment of Mueller, it would have come across as too partisan. As a bonus, Sessions' recusal helped make the opposition think that the administration was being investigated for collusion, which isn't even a crime to begin with. Mueller, Rosenstein, and Sessions are all patriots working together to take down the shadow government and traitors.

3a12ad () No. 1005177

God bless you POTUS and Q Team live on this board. I feel truly blessed to be in this with you all and every anon here.

e10355 () No. 1005178


Oh! Add HRC to that list.

a12f11 () No. 1005179



I wonder if he who should apply to the NSA is he who already did apply to the NSA?

But hold up. What was the big fight about with the Winklevii brothers if this whole charade is a Darpa deal. Is facebook lifelog? Or did they just quit lifelog and co-opt facebook?

Furthmore, what might this say about Bitcoin? Is that another deep state deal. Satoshi was clearly with the cypherpunks who'd been working out the kinks for decades…Snowden is Satoshi? Or at least the US has the private keys to the gold 2.0 hoard?

16330f () No. 1005180

afbc22de199f35....jpg (219 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, bump-on-a-log.jpg) (h)

e38fcf () No. 1005181

Hey Idiots do you know who you are?

Don't post cuz you stupid is glaring please

d60123 () No. 1005182


Yes. Digging now.

1c72d7 () No. 1005183


Well he is still a lawyer… Highest bidder and all

47ee6f () No. 1005184


Ya, it is good if he can help bridge the divide. I think he's the only democrat left that hasn't gone full blown Marxist.

6a8e73 () No. 1005185

b279dbb8590be3....png (249 KB, 255 x 162, 620 : 393, PodestaBehindB....png) (h)

Q, POTUS… this is what we want… praying that "It's Happening".

381474 () No. 1005186


Freaking awesome!!!! Thank you Q❤️

52bb05 () No. 1005187


LifeLog / Facebook post. Bad guys killed LifeLog in favor of Facebook as a way to surveil the population.

ecf6ad () No. 1005188

67e5d73c60792a....png (792 KB, 142 x 255, 612 : 1102, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


"US Govt" crime family need to ALL be locked up for life!

6f199c () No. 1005189


Kek. Everyone's here.

79190c () No. 1005191



07eab4 () No. 1005190

>>1004731 (last bread)

Godfather 3?

c04673 () No. 1005192


A collection of people who knew the dirty deets done with sheep… you say…

bb29fd () No. 1005193

a4b31882fcdd8b....jpg (108 KB, 255 x 190, 500 : 372, ucool.jpg) (h)

Missing Q posts from top of bread. You OK baker?

Wednesday 04.11.18

>>1003596 rt >>1003248 – Hey man, want a job?

>>1003054 ——————— "There will be consequences."

>>1002918 rt >>1002786 – House of Reps

>>1002729 rt >>1002693 – Truth is like a Maypole

>>1002693 rt >>1002643 – [H] in the Killbox

>>1002643 ——————— IT'S HAPPENING

95d133 () No. 1005194

5f6fd649380822....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 170, 679 : 452, value-of-silen....jpg) (h)


IF I hear our President Trump mention pork chops It may be possible to pink pill my army veteran husband. Side note: He made me a tin foil sailors hat this weekend, out of love & laughs of course. (Grandfather in the navy WW2. My purple heart Dad served 2 tours in Vietnam) RED WHITE & BLUE IS IN OUR BLOOD. Just say the word porkchops & I can get my husband to listen to me

f54520 () No. 1005195

7e3a82 () No. 1005196


He also worked on OJ's murder case IIRC.

77054d () No. 1005197


What was he BM’ed with? I’m unfamiliar.

6cc273 () No. 1005198


they didnt stop Main Core there Q old boy..

but you knew that

34d1f9 () No. 1005199

43d4faff62d642....png (540 KB, 226 x 255, 832 : 940, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2c6f65 () No. 1005200

02ae933a943dbf....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, DaeB4lpU0AI9-UW.jpg) (h)

7b9231 () No. 1005201


afc3e7 () No. 1005202




4eef56 () No. 1005203


Cafo cancer food - suicide.

5e4d1f () No. 1005204


He calls it like it is, wish more were like him.

dfaf70 () No. 1005205

6e397377ead721....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 205, 532 : 427, C5oaUhkU0AAev_-.jpg) (h)

418a40 () No. 1005206

If Trump strikes Syria, he is one of the worst presidents.

1fe7b6 () No. 1005207


Hey anon, Q said you should apply at the NSA.

f1364f () No. 1005208


I will try to post one last time….

Dig anons!

https:// clarityofsignal.com/2017/02/27/massive-white-helmets-photo-cache-proves-hollywood-gave-oscar-to-terrorist-group/

Thank you also for letting us know CIA invented FB! Seems everyone knew but me!

5e630b () No. 1005209

Twatter is punishing me for the FB spy tweets

c9cebf () No. 1005210


Would make sense. I am only seeing around 35 people in those three screenshots, so if this is actually the answer, we need to connet the rest.

>Expand further.

>Make the connection.

>Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.

>Important to understand.

>When this breaks many won’t swallow.

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150693391/#150698662

69f9df () No. 1005211


Ur funny, Æıæňœň :-)

7724c5 () No. 1005213

fa75db427df3a4....jpg (155 KB, 255 x 143, 892 : 500, 287muy.jpg) (h)

9a2b37 () No. 1005212

Facebook is done. Thank God. It's bad for us

4bf9c6 () No. 1005214


Holocene Chat

1019f1 () No. 1005215

0c140dce3ac9f3....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 118, 1125 : 519, IMG_9181.jpg) (h)


I think you missed what dropped in regards to the Zucc's testimony anon.

381474 () No. 1005216

Thank you Alan 🇺🇸

5b46fb () No. 1005217


Hmmmmm….Great Catch Anon.

c6cd21 () No. 1005218

So are we still trusting Sessions given the GEOTUS remarks?

d11409 () No. 1005219

96b517d22b132e....jpg (441 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 674, 20180411_203459.jpg) (h)



ty…ûņþ çhəķþ

e35152 () No. 1005220


…when a form of life is only convinced by so-called evidence about a matter, then this doesn't mean any more than a new belief. But knowledge, truth and wisdom can not be elaborated by such kind of evidence, but only by ones own labor of thinking and inner reaching of clarity by an inner generated evidence of truth.

3995f3 () No. 1005222


Well hopefully that goes more public and is on Hannity tonight

2135f9 () No. 1005221


He said it with Kim/NK

STFU slider

3cdf9c () No. 1005223


This helpful Anon is a single-poster - we are getting a lot of help

f6ad15 () No. 1005224


Then we have been fighting side by side for some time then. Just speaking truth is all. Yes it feels good to make the connections, it's amazing to be in the same thread as POTUS numerous times, it does feel fucking great. I wasn't trying to demean you at all patriot.

e44aa2 () No. 1005225


Notable worthy!!

7d58b7 () No. 1005226

Q, what is the deal with the latest FF in Syria. Is Trump really going to bring us into another phony war for the Vatican?

f31d06 () No. 1005227

8539c67318e774....jpg (101 KB, 65 x 255, 265 : 1034, 8.jpg) (h)

Had a friend send this to me today. Article from '75 but references "Communist Rules for Revolution" in 1919. This has been in the works for a long, long time.

38912b () No. 1005228


So he knows where the bodies are buried. Epstein is spending $29 million to fill in tunnels on his island. Dersh probably knows.

9a2b37 () No. 1005229


Probably POTUS

9dd1d7 () No. 1005230


MZ pinched LifeLoaf from the CIA

990bfa () No. 1005231

6d8fca04cea0b5....png (346 KB, 255 x 142, 759 : 422, 6d8fca04cea0b5....png) (h)


Thanks, Mr. President.

80df3d () No. 1005232

bd6a84baf9b8d7....png (3371 KB, 255 x 170, 2592 : 1728, 56FE662A-7CBC-....png) (h)

Muh larp ing finger needs titties not bolton

Towels for perspective

d466c6 () No. 1005233

0ecda9d9e7d379....jpg (755 KB, 149 x 255, 1440 : 2471, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

Just catching up after a few hours. Not sure if anyone checked but the LIFELOG poster was a one hit wonder (see screencap)

I suspect that's info that has been known for a while & the white hat or agency that posted the correlation was waiting for the right time & place to drop it.

I also don't believe the anon who responded to Q that it was him/her was truthful. Whoever it REALLY was got IN & GOT OUT.

Sprinkling Stardust

6bc5a8 () No. 1005234

652da16dfe0229....png (90 KB, 255 x 154, 626 : 378, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



f40b8d () No. 1005235

Once a Marine Always a Marine >>1005176

2c6f65 () No. 1005236

a1b46761d03bc5....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 190, 1200 : 892, Dai8YEgV4AAY5D5.jpg) (h)

cc1125 () No. 1005237


The Return.


de0c66 () No. 1005238


We're leaving the Cave! Breaking out of the Matrix….yes.

New shit has come to light,man!

bc6c83 () No. 1005239


Fucking johnny boy…you gun to be fucking hogtied by niggers and fucked until you can't feel shit.

Count on it.

a5690a () No. 1005240



52bb05 () No. 1005241


Probably not Hannity, but warroom anons are posting the hell out of it, I think.

4d7335 () No. 1005242


Don't be a stupid moron

727966 () No. 1005243



Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 04.11.18

>>1004880 ——————— Freedom!

>>1004087 ——————— Learn Our Comms

>>1003596 rt >>1003248 – @Snowden FB info drop

>>1003054 ——————— "There will be consequences."

>>1002918 rt >>1002786 – House of Reps

>>1002729 rt >>1002693 – Truth is like a Maypole

>>1002693 rt >>1002643 – [H] in the Killbox

>>1002643 ——————— IT'S HAPPENING

19577a () No. 1005244


Mueller breaking the sanctity of attorney-client privilege with POTUS and Cohen opens the door to DOJ using this against Epstein and Dersh. Apparently Dersh is already willing to cooperate and will spill the walnut sauce?

b66062 () No. 1005245

3bd851fe07e67a....png (17 KB, 255 x 118, 453 : 210, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7b9231 () No. 1005246

Well, I trust him/ her/ with, my soulj!!!!

5b46fb () No. 1005247


Doc!! Have you seen "Tombstone" AIAnon??

cd584f () No. 1005248


Q said we'd be surprised to know who talks to us here-I think the Master Shitposter has been here all along. Cap this

5e630b () No. 1005249


But wasn't Alan at Epsteins island? Was he just an observer?

5ef063 () No. 1005250


Not to be an ass but please stop posting.

2f607f () No. 1005251


fuck ing brilliant

010784 () No. 1005252


I imagine there will be ppl who were blackmailed to force them to go to the island.

b80bdb () No. 1005253

>Thank you Alan.

Welcome aboard.



43fab1 () No. 1005254

Q Team, can anons get a hint on +++ + +++++?

3995f3 () No. 1005255


You question the plan …5 min in timeout

7c4961 () No. 1005256


Don't you see the message. Dershowitz…attorney client privilege. Dershowitz knows about the Island. He represented Epstein. Guys. If he, personally, abandons client-privilege how many people are fucked?

f1364f () No. 1005257


Great pics for memes on this website for showing White Hats are Terrorists!

e38fcf () No. 1005258

OK I see… it's the faggot clowns new tactic, act incredibly stupid, ok I'm over it now.

16330f () No. 1005259

c0be5c9b3a1075....jpg (360 KB, 170 x 255, 683 : 1024, red-pilling-20....jpg) (h)

aa4f65 () No. 1005260


wouldn't put too much weight on Alan D. That pillar is very suspect IMHO.

Brilliant Mind.

Big Dem

Been Cabal Insider. yeh

07eab4 () No. 1005261


Kek. Guess he picked up his phone.

c2eec7 () No. 1005262

Why couldn't any one of us build a LinkLook system like the DARPA had and just give FB a run for the honey?

dfaf70 () No. 1005263




I did, this is GOLD

cc6a17 () No. 1005264

e982b032f06228....jpg (51 KB, 189 x 255, 259 : 350, y49dc7hmkxd.jpg) (h)


nice style æz alwæys, Æıæňœň


Glorious idd

f5c8e1 () No. 1005265


Definately there is a "Rookie" Q on the team. Typo's and missing Q's. Every team has one of "those" team members.

6bc5a8 () No. 1005266


wonder if alan has some corroborating evidence about epstein island since he represented him. the cohen raid set the precedent for violating attorney client privilege

cb028b () No. 1005267


John J. McCloy

01c62c () No. 1005268

06d2e572b2724d....jpg (377 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, snitch2.jpg) (h)

>>1005185 Hasn't happened yet because they are all turning SNITCH

The A.G. will keep these monsters FREE FREE FREE as long as nobody realizes they are SNITCHING OUT.

While this may be good on one hand….on the other….monsters on the street…are still monsters on the street.

Snitches ALL

And now that we are OUTING the SNITCHES

Someone will deal with them quickly

1cfda9 () No. 1005269


It was Snowden.

43fab1 () No. 1005270

5c122ecc829582....png (8 KB, 255 x 216, 255 : 216, reread.png) (h)



7e3a82 () No. 1005271


Plausible, but doubtful in light of the fact that POTUS just dined with Dershowitz.

f781aa () No. 1005272



Plea negotiations with government officials in an interesting section.

5dcff0 () No. 1005273


For fuck's sake, has NO ONE been tracking Sessions' activities? He's busting up all sorts of shit, he just can't broadcast to the world. He's not fucking Eric Holder who thinks he is the be all end all of the law.>>1005218

7d58b7 () No. 1005274

Q, is trump going to put us back on a gold standard?

c6cd21 () No. 1005275


That was almost a month ago, the GEOTUS just slammed the hell out of him this week

5e630b () No. 1005276


Logging every moment of our life.

1c72d7 () No. 1005278



7f1ba3 () No. 1005279

b34c49bc00c527....jpg (15 KB, 170 x 255, 170 : 255, e0d6eedcf87f45....jpg) (h)



2f972b () No. 1005280


cc1125 () No. 1005281

60dafb5b8d201a....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 120, 324 : 153, POTUS_Sync.jpg) (h)


Sync'd with POTUS


bbe74c () No. 1005282

52752b70cb8e4f....png (701 KB, 255 x 178, 1111 : 777, Snowden micdrop.png) (h)


are there really that many anons that still don't get it?

of course Q knows.

>We have it all.

but he can't be the one posting the clincher, that wouldn't be legal:

>Discoveries must be ORIG organically.



Enter our mysterious wildcard @Snowden… and this board is light up by maigc… by LIGHT


3995f3 () No. 1005283



59fe2d () No. 1005284


More like the last scene in the Bourne movie where the guy is in front of senate appropriations committee telling them project X was killed and moving right along to Project Y needing funding which was really just the same project different name.

e35152 () No. 1005285


To confirm, Snowden should now tweet about spelling mistakes.

Do it Ed.

82442a () No. 1005286


So Q, are you telling us that this facebook dog and pony show will amount to anything? Because it sure looks to me like Zuck will skate away and be back to his usual bullshit in a couple weeks.

Will you ever stop talking and arrest anyone? Break up one of these spy companies? Build a wall? Do voter ID? Regulate pharma? Stop the drugging of masculine boys into submission with drugs and brainwashing?

Were getting tired of your all talk, no action bullshit.

b092e1 () No. 1005287


https:// web.arc hive.org/web/20041015000000*/https:// www.darpa.mil/ipto/Programs/lifelog/index.htm


023aa5 () No. 1005288


Alan, you liberal! Thanks for putting the Country and the Constitution above politics.

0ef608 () No. 1005289


He was on fire.

Now see id media will bring up Epstein Island as revenge.

Looking for another narrative shift.

5e630b () No. 1005290


Maybe he had photos?

161eab () No. 1005291


Are you thinking anon cf14d3 is really Snowden? Now that would be gold.

07eab4 () No. 1005292



Correction: connection between Mueller and Comey is twice (double pics) so 31 unique connections between individuals

5b46fb () No. 1005294


Brilliant!! Thank You!!

8748dc () No. 1005295


@ Q

if Alan Dershowitz was Epstein's lawyer wouldn't Epstein be able to claim attorney client privileges? Can he legally leak or testify what he knows? Are the rules for this different in a military tribunal? Very curious.

d94d71 () No. 1005296


It's big.

It's heavy.

It's wood.


7fb42c () No. 1005297


Epstein Island.

I didn't buy into it, but there are records of it. He denied any improprieties & I believe him.

Dersch is viewed as a left winger, a CNN fav., but has supported Isaiah's 45 all along.

530c44 () No. 1005298

Shills are back on duty

bc6c83 () No. 1005299


Apr 10 2018 00:48:24 (EST) Q wAT4Z3VQ ID: 466abe >>979213








366f3a () No. 1005300

d5db998a9d22f4....jpg (108 KB, 255 x 192, 787 : 594, white helmets ....jpg) (h)


https:// clarityofsignal.com/2017/02/27/massive-white-helmets-photo-cache-proves-hollywood-gave-oscar-to-terrorist-group/

1c72d7 () No. 1005301


A Ton!

a29ceb () No. 1005302



look at this.

is it real?

posts by this id?

13454c () No. 1005303



69b38d () No. 1005304

Amazing how google tried to block the child sex trafficking bill! With facebook downi guess we are seeing google get teed up. http:// www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/04/11/marc-thiessen-how-big-techs-fierce-lobbying-campaign-against-sex-trafficking-was-defeated-by-congress.html

be9b8d () No. 1005305

3a527170e97a98....png (167 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, FREEDOM.png) (h)



64ea0d () No. 1005306

What is the deal with Bernstein

52bb05 () No. 1005307



f1364f () No. 1005308


Thank you for digging! I agree! Hopefully, other anons will check it out too!

54d150 () No. 1005309


had a very vivid dream w/ a. d. about 2 years ago

we were at a dinner party of a very rich white couple

he was giving me his spiritual resume

there was a blonde man making an ? of himself

im gonna have to look it up and re read it

cbdd51 () No. 1005310


I've heard Darpa releases programs through Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Alphabet Inc -> Alphabet agencies. It's an inside joke.

Also, Facebook is building a undersea cables with China Corp. Similar programs with Alphabet. Look up China Corp and the PLA GSD Third Department, Second Bureau 61398. They monitor the landing stations. Why are these big companies working with wanted criminals?

89a6ab () No. 1005311


Dershowitz hung out with Epstein & Clinton. How is he now a good guy?

b8369f () No. 1005313

4bbb289085e24d....png (392 KB, 255 x 211, 515 : 427, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b66062 () No. 1005312


I'm pointing out the exact words of Q's message in response to the exact words of the first message. What is said, what isn't.

d1fbcf () No. 1005314


Is gc hq the bridge? Snowden leaks showed that they get undersea cable traffic even before w&w do.

69f9df () No. 1005315

1e79762323869e....jpg (212 KB, 255 x 128, 1536 : 768, FacebookBehavi....jpg) (h)


sorry lads & lasses, have been IRL today. have a meme from last night.

e3432c () No. 1005316

3e7e82c26609e5....png (1102 KB, 255 x 127, 1919 : 952, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

>>1004317 (prev)

I've not seen much happening today, but it's nice to know other anons are watching, too.

Have I mentioned I like gas passers? A lot can be discerned by what one is not seeing. Here's an RAF tanker off our coast.

5e630b () No. 1005317


He's been vocal about it for quite a while now too.

c2eec7 () No. 1005318


That LifeLog name sucks. We should make our own system and call it Livelink instead.

43fab1 () No. 1005319

0facaf94ba8956....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 177, 722 : 500, shills.jpg) (h)

286082 () No. 1005320


d3 = ED ha

b9b76a () No. 1005321



There was coded messages in the podesta drops about wet works. An anon linked to it to Scalias assassination awhile back.

just my theory.

2fb788 () No. 1005322

Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

When the NSA is unable to break encryption codes, it uses an elite hacker team called Tailored Access Operations, or TAO for short. This team hacks into computers worldwide and infects them with malware to access the computer’s stored content.

The NSA is believed to use this tactic when it needs detailed information on a specific target or when it’s unable to break an encryption code.


The British intelligence agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) works closely with the NSA in a program called Tempora.

Under this program, GCHQ monitors the world’s phone and Internet traffic to gather information on emails, calls, facebook messages and browsing history by tapping directly into the transatlantic fiber optic cables that land on the shores of the UK. All this data and intelligence is shared with the NSA. In fact, more than 850,000 NSA employees and private contractors like Snowden had access to the GCHQ database.

A report shows that in 2012 alone, the GCHQ handled 600 million phone calls a day by tapping into 200 cables. Since each cable can carry 10GB of data per second, this agency had access to about 21 petabytes of data every day.

This collection is legal, as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) allows the GCHQ to collect information without a warrant. As a result, Tempora gives the British spying agency the “biggest Internet access” among a coalition called “Five Eyes,” which comprises Australia, Canada and New Zealand, besides the UK and the U.S.

80cefa () No. 1005323


Let the good times roll Q…

b80bdb () No. 1005324


>Dershowitz…attorney client privilege. Dershowitz knows about the Island. He represented Epstein

The privelege doesn't apply if Alan was blackmailed

"The crime-fraud exception can render the privilege moot when communications between an attorney and client are themselves used to further a crime"

afc3e7 () No. 1005325



cd584f () No. 1005326


The Cabal prolly either

Drugged him & put him in a bed with a minor

Tricked him to have sex with a girl who was underage & lied to him saying she was legal.

Men all seek that one convulsion & in a moment of carnal weakness we are prone to make judgemental errors. The Cabal exploit Lust & greed the most of all our deadly sins.

725ec3 () No. 1005327

Alan must have obtained informed written consent from Epstein to counsel POTUS if there is even remotely any overlap of issues. So Epstein must be playing ball.

d45325 () No. 1005328


why because if he defended Epstein he had to know and thus he is in a very difficult situation himself by not telling authorities, if attorney client privilege is taken away as every lawyer defending someone guilty is.

79190c () No. 1005329


why would snowden need to drop an article from wired that Q knew about?

does not make sense

32991e () No. 1005330


Didn't President Trump tweet earlier today that attorney client privilege is dead?

d58050 () No. 1005331

17c1e3b5da8448....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 167, 375 : 246, DEERdead.Hillz....jpg) (h)

>>1004888 >The Clinton Crime Family Edition

Nice trips. Fantastic chart. Thanks for sharing.

Only have a Dear John meme to share for the occasion.

6380f9 () No. 1005332

You couldn't bomb Washington DC with a 1000 Bombers full of shit and not hit a deep state fuck. They are everywhere.

6f199c () No. 1005333


Rebels are partially funded by Holland. Mustafa was in Amsterdam today with a lying liar "witness" from Syria testifying in front of the same asshats who pay for this bullshit terrorist op.

1c72d7 () No. 1005334

God I love Michelle shes a Fire Ball!

39b647 () No. 1005335


Snowden is Q?

0493c4 () No. 1005336

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=I37macQoasQ&feature=youtu.be&t=36m28s

Bold-faced lie. Look at the two reps behind Zuckerberg, watch their reaction to him saying, "Let me make this clear: We don't sell information."

bbc88a () No. 1005337


or Pentagon or FB

d1fefc () No. 1005339


Any national security exceptions? They compromised the government with that island op.

fb8fe9 () No. 1005340

7c9cb827c7d01e....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 143, 990 : 556, Sessiions Gt T....jpg) (h)

59fe2d () No. 1005341


23 and Me too. Gotta get that generic profile into the algorithm!

cc1125 () No. 1005342



Who knows where the bodies are buried?

72c98c () No. 1005343

When can we start against Claire McCaskill? She needs to go!

596317 () No. 1005344


Wasn't Dershowitz big buddies with pedo Epstein? And hasn't there been testimony about him?

Why let a pedo get close?

366f3a () No. 1005345

1584c7ee44da79....jpg (121 KB, 255 x 192, 766 : 576, lifelog sony.jpg) (h)

8383a4 () No. 1005346


Jesus Christ it's life LOG not long. ffs

3995f3 () No. 1005347


Do you know how long they built the plan and then to put it in action …they know more then we do and I’m sure want it completed faster then we do ! Trust

4ff416 () No. 1005348


you're coming off dull anon, no offense. maybe should grab some sleep and sharpen up for the fight tomorrow?

a01a0c () No. 1005349

https:// youtu.be/N-mhD9kEQEg more footage

0ae0c4 () No. 1005350


It’s for normies to understand and make connections you fucking turbofaggot.

2fb788 () No. 1005351


Probably Snowden’s biggest revelation was concerning a program called PRISM, under which the National Security Agency (NSA) accesses emails, documents, photographs and other sensitive users’ data stored in major companies.

Documents leaked by Snowden show that Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple give the NSA direct access to its users’ information. According to the documents, Dropbox also joined this list (one of the many reasons we recommend our readers stick with secure alternatives to this service).

PRISM was launched from the ashes of President George W. Bush’s domestic surveillance programs, which were abandoned due to lawsuits, disclosures in the media and widespread protest.

Due to past controversies, this program was given the legal go-ahead by the U.S. Congress when it passed the Protect America Act in 2007. Also, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 gave legal immunity to private companies that cooperated voluntarily with U.S Intelligence agencies.

Microsoft became PRISM’s first partner in 2007 and the NSA began collecting vast amounts of data from its servers. Other companies joined the program in due course. In 2008, Congress gave the Justice Department authority to compel a reluctant company to “comply” with the needs of PRISM. This means that even companies that were not willing to join the program voluntarily had to do so at the behest of a court order.

This gave the NSA access to even more information. Soon, PRISM became a leading source of raw material for the NSA, as it accounted for one in every seven intelligence reports. PalTalk, for example, is much smaller when compared to the other companies on the list, but it provided substantial intelligence during the Arab Spring and the ongoing Syrian civil war.

cccc64 () No. 1005352


Epstein was due in court in Palm Beach County, FL on Tuesday March 13. The trial, which has been delayed for NINE years, has been delayed indefinitely yet again because of…….horseshit.

https:// www.mypalmbeachpost.com/news/crime–law/salacious-trial-involving-jeffrey-epstein-delayed-appeals-court/bDv87LbNCEN6Uv1qOC7EYO/

be9b8d () No. 1005353

Watch for a POTUS tweet with similar wording from the 'Q' less post…

Also, watch for the 22's

c9d84d () No. 1005354


Yeah I don't get it

f31ebe () No. 1005355

“Drop after testimony.”

R U learning yet?


Yea, I am starting to get it… Don't mind the chimes of the Twilight Zone

e38815 () No. 1005356


A lot of Lawyers Hate their Client and want them to go down, but his Job, is to Defend him.

That's what make a Good Lawyer.

39b8a1 () No. 1005357


The fucking wall is being built. 1000s have been arrested. The work is being done -

Just because you are not getting a memo to your fucking email does not mean things are not happening.

We are getting tired of your concernfagging.

go back to fake book and we will send you a memo when the process is complete

43fab1 () No. 1005358


that's my top theory too

6978b2 () No. 1005360

I will never think of Alan Dershowitz as a good person. Sorry. Lifelong liar. Hope he is used up and spit out like the vermin he is.

82442a () No. 1005359


Hahaha. A military tribunal? Keep dreaming. Nothing will be done as usual.

877942 () No. 1005361

6428e267de2f12....jpeg (93 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, servefgimage.jpeg) (h)

hey Q,

how 'bout a ride?

6cc273 () No. 1005362


Pentagon did not end it, they renamed it.


Main Core.

a61d40 () No. 1005363

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2922773/Newly-released-flight-logs-reveal-time-trips-Bill-Clinton-Harvard-law-professor-Alan-Dershowitz-took-pedophile-Jeffrey-Epstein-s-Lolita-Express-private-jet-anonymous-women.html

I'm confused

bb8cb0 () No. 1005364


Yep…not loving this post.

f9fa39 () No. 1005365

Q i think i will apply for the NSA sadly the only thing i have to put on the resume is a reply from you and i need to stop weed and stay sober a year …. other than that i want to help

4741ff () No. 1005366

Anyone else impressed with Sebastian Gorkas voice?

2135f9 () No. 1005367


Alan is a Constitutional Libertarian not liberal.

59fe2d () No. 1005368

f7e66ca8bc1296....jpg (4 KB, 255 x 191, 259 : 194, index.jpg) (h)


Bammy's life LOG!

e38fcf () No. 1005369

58b3c3d7471422....png (18 KB, 192 x 255, 273 : 362, New CA Rep.png) (h)

Listen to GORKA

a935ec () No. 1005370


Privacy no longer a social norm, says Facebook founder

https:// www.theguardian.com/technology/2010/jan/11/facebook-privacy

06b15a () No. 1005371


Thank you, Mr. President!

d1fbcf () No. 1005372


They could filter or bastardized the data before others see. I've never been comfortable w it since I read it.

f1364f () No. 1005374

c08f368dd1e700....png (852 KB, 255 x 142, 851 : 473, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e3432c () No. 1005373


Mr Rogers said to look for the helpers.

5e630b () No. 1005375


So he knows how depraved they are.

48df52 () No. 1005376


plus I could have sworn I heard the phrase "Attorney Client privilege is dead" recenty

6bc5a8 () No. 1005377



i think this is it

alan D has dirt about epstein island since he represented him

our research on rachel chandler put things in motion and outlined why shit needed to come out…also our social media work of that subject applied pressure

the problem was, how can alan D violate the attorney client privilege and use the info he has

well why don't we violate trumps attorney client privilege first by raiding michael C

now alan D can use the documents he still has from defending epstein

in doing so epstein has paid his debt and helps take down a bunch of dirty pedo satanists

727966 () No. 1005378


Very possible

e4623b () No. 1005379


He's free now.

fed80d () No. 1005380


Bet you feel like an asshole now. Haha! ha! Idiot!

f40b8d () No. 1005381

Traffic at Luke has quieted.


6f199c () No. 1005382

f0bc79 () No. 1005383

Here's the deal anons. Trying to explain the truth to normies is difficult. Normally they are unwilling to listen. So, let's just copy what POTUS is doing. Remember last week when Q told us that there was a traitor who leaked that POTUS was not a criminal target in the Mueller investigation? Several in the media began asking questions. But, conveniently enough, there was an fbi [raid] that occurred a few days later. Now, the opposition has completely forgotten about the leak and are once again 100% back behind the Mueller investigation. There is a reason that Q put [raid] in brackets. It's the same reason that Q asked us "Why did Rosenstein [beg] Paul Ryan not to release the memo?" The reason that there are brackets is because these events are fake. We were told there would be misinformation from past reliable sources. Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett have learned to play President Trump's game. If we can't get the truth across the normal people, then we have to lead them into learning the truth on their own. Less than a year ago, the opposition hated Jeff Sessions. But now, they are all defending him. All the opposition knows how to do right now is resist. It doesn't matter what the POTUS does, they support the opposite. If POTUS threatens to fire Rosenstein and Mueller, then the opposition defends them. This is our task!! We need to hit up twitter and call for the removal of Rosenstein and Mueller. The more opposition support of these two, the better. There is a reason that POTUS met with Mueller the day before he was appointed. There is a reason Q hasn't said anything negative about Mueller or Rosenstein. Mueller is a Marine Captain and decorated combat veteran. Rosenstein only had 6 senators vote against his confirmation. Sessions, on the other hand, barely got through. This is the real reason why Sessions recused himself. Had he made the appointment of Mueller, it would have come across as too partisan. So, back to what I was saying. POTUS appears to be going off script when he starts complaining about how unfair Rosenstein is being. But he's not off script. He is tricking the opposition into wanting to defend Rosenstein. The opposition has been led to believe that the entire special counsel is partisan, biased, and out to get POTUS. Of course, they won't admit this, but this is why they are supporting it. So now, whatever evidence of crimes from the Obama Administration that is presented will have to be accepted 100%. They will have no choice but to believe it. Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Dan Bongino, and everyone else have learned to play the game. It's simple. Attack all of the people that Q has told us to trust. This will make the opposition support our allies without them knowing it!

1c72d7 () No. 1005384


No trial yet, wtf!!!

b66062 () No. 1005385

The cow beasts of The View deserve a Muslim-style public stoning

e10355 () No. 1005386

1e8732a03f2e38....jpg (122 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, dollar-signs.jpg) (h)

Need to correct >>1004163 since it made it to the top.


Will you consider this replacement? Used EY instead of FACEBOOK.


Facebook was launched as one of the cabals pea-under-the-shell companies to secure cabal assets into the mainstream of America's economy.

The primary holders of Facebook are institutional investors who just happen to be PRIVATE companies.

So there's a double layer of insurance for the cabal assets. The pea companies are in the 401(k) plans of millions of Americans. The shell or umbrella companies are privately held and need not be disclosed. (Vanguard. Blackrock.)

The cherry on the top is that FACEBOOK is audited by cabal-preferred EY. If they are overvaluing assets to leverage into other investments, you aren't going to know it.

EY is run by a former GWB US Treasurer.

Do I have names and more details? You bet. But if it interests you, then you will dig. Once you dig you have even better conviction as you red pill your neighbors.

bc6c83 () No. 1005387


stay away from all forms of dependency.

79190c () No. 1005388

A clean [H]ouse is very important

House of representatives

Our coms must be this way.

OK thanks Dick Tracy.

This is really fun!

f31d06 () No. 1005389


I was looking there as well. Was specifically looking for any reference to Paul Ceglia (Sued Zuk for 84% of FB) but came up empty

8383a4 () No. 1005390


weird baphomet head, a curse be unto thee those who call upon thyn name of the devil

2fb788 () No. 1005391


Another surveillance program called Dishfire collects almost 200 million text messages from across the world and uses them to extract data such as location, contact networks and credit card details.

Using this information, the NSA could extract people’s travel plans, financial transactions and more. In addition, another program called “Prefer” conducts an automated analysis of these text messages on all individuals, even those who were not under the suspicion of any illegal activity.

For example, on an average, the NSA was able to extract information related to 1.6 million border crossings and over 800,000 financial transactions through text-to-text payments using “Prefer.”


The NSA is intercepting, recording and storing all calls made in the Bahamas under a program called SOMALGET, a top-secret program that is implemented without the knowledge or consent of the Bahamian government.

A report by The Intercept showed that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration opened a backdoor to the country’s cellular network, thereby giving the NSA covert access to all mobile calls. In fact, SOMALGET is a cutting-edge tool that allows the NSA to store the actual content of every conversation, not just the metadata.

This program is a part of a larger program called MYSTIC, under which the U.S is secretly monitoring the telecommunication systems of other countries like Mexico, the Philippines and Kenya.

The NSA is using MYSTIC to gather personal data on mobile calls placed in countries that have a population of more than 250 million people. It is gaining access to these networks through the interception mechanism covertly installed by American companies that operate in these countries. According to some classified documents, the agency is seeking more funding to expand its surveillance program to other countries.

Final Thoughts


These people are STUPID

50b67b () No. 1005392

"Application of the LifeLog abstraction structure in a synthesizing mode will eventually allow synthetic game characters and humanoid robots to lead more 'realistic' lives."

The computer games and porn industries will certainly benefit richly, and may well provide the vast commercial market needed to sustain such an expensive undertaking.

But what about military applications? Better simulations and better battlefield agents for strategists, DARPA reckons. Of course those 'realistic humanoid robots' will come in quite handy when DoD decides to take over the government by systematically replacing senior civilian officials and media personalities with duplicate military automata.

8f1caa () No. 1005394

644d526d8b70f6....png (15 KB, 255 x 131, 529 : 272, new-facebook-p....png) (h)

f34d2f () No. 1005393

https:// www.coindesk.com/winklevoss-twins-just-won-crypto-related-patent/

Winklevoss twins have moved on to crypto

92077b () No. 1005395


Potus requested to meet with Alan Dershowitz on this past Monday. He is a constitutional Law expert.

4ba9a8 () No. 1005396


Thank you POTUS/FLOTUS/QTEAM/SNOWDEN for all that you are doing for us. You are AWESOME!

973e78 () No. 1005397


then fuck off back to Reddit and let the adults talk.

81dbef () No. 1005398


perhaps the connection is that snowden is involved in the facebook programming rather then the actual chan post.

94953b () No. 1005399


This from the guy who spells "Definitely" wrong.

d081b6 () No. 1005400

I don’t know if this was mentioned, but could the H be IG report? We have been expecting it for weeks. That would surely jump start the “Happening”. I think HRC is such a juicy morsel they may make us salivate a while longer. Just a thought, Anons . . .

bbe74c () No. 1005401

>>1005291 >>1004860

yes, that's exactly who it was… the theory popped up pretty fast, and then Q confirmed.


see >>1005282 / >>1004887

e35152 () No. 1005402



Learn and evaluate every piece of information.

E.g. evaluating Bannon - smart.

Now do the same for A.D.

010784 () No. 1005403


there have been a few other times where he forgot to sign it.

314d6d () No. 1005404

f73ce497b662e8....jpg (117 KB, 255 x 162, 783 : 496, white-helmets.jpg) (h)

5b46fb () No. 1005405

60a1cedb543cac....png (193 KB, 255 x 189, 385 : 286, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

807b08 () No. 1005406


Which Bourne movie was that?

It wasn't the 2016 one that Q mentioned 5 times? (with DeepDream)

e38fcf () No. 1005407


American Value = Independence

054897 () No. 1005408


Missing S, or extra space.

He'll talk to the [Press] about (((Israel))).

4d7335 () No. 1005409


Brevity is the soul of wit

33ba54 () No. 1005410


If the Pentagon started LIfelog, then substituted Facebook, why should we trust the military as whitehats today?

0f2e14 () No. 1005411

74c7d419636bcb....jpg (19 KB, 203 x 255, 217 : 272, 01366228-a.jpg) (h)



Thanks Q!!!!!!!!

Now, I can move on from trying to get Anons to see this for the last several months!!!!!

3f105d () No. 1005412

I must be on team Q's shit list.

I was turned down for College today.

Wont dox myself. But should have been a shoo in. Oh well.

Win some lose some.

2nd chances are a pipe dream.

God Bless Patriots.

8849c9 () No. 1005413


No, Freedom means, being on our side is the side of freedom.

d60123 () No. 1005414




Charles Rivers Ventures, tech venture funding group, has clown connections. CRV was the original funder of Twitter. Also involved with In-Q-Tel, the clown's own "private nonprofit" venture capital company.



01c62c () No. 1005415


I've come to understand

That if Q says TRUST SOMEONE

It's NOT because they are trust worthy

But you can TRUST that Q has enough on them

that he knows they are not going to screw him

That is the only thing that makes sense in the logic chain.

Otherwise - telling me to TRUST a lawyer is just pissing in the wind

bbe74c () No. 1005416


>implying forgot

expand your thinking

fb8fe9 () No. 1005417

2e5e8f03b9d8f7....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 191, 473 : 355, Sauce Ask Give.jpg) (h)

69f9df () No. 1005418

c06b631dc8eba6....jpg (157 KB, 255 x 128, 1536 : 768, FacebookSurvei....jpg) (h)

5e630b () No. 1005419


yeah, I think so. Let's hope he was vomiting the whole time in disgust and trying to swim away.

50b67b () No. 1005420


Possibly benefit AI ??

5dcff0 () No. 1005421


It's not just the genetic profiling, it's the fact that they OWN your DNA. Also, for the thousandth time, Human Atlas is Zuck and wife's version of it. "The Google of the Human Cell"

ecf6ad () No. 1005422

9e01d03732df0e....png (652 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, OFF TO PEDO IS....png) (h)

c7e1a4 () No. 1005423

If you want to assist in the "great awakening"… Marijuana needs to be legalized. From my own personal experience and other's, It helps the deprogramming. If that one thing would happen… I could finally believe.

3995f3 () No. 1005424


What is the name of that show the pic says from pls ..haven’t seen that since I was a kid

f54520 () No. 1005425

e036bbea1ec684....jpg (56 KB, 255 x 174, 620 : 423, wweil.jpg) (h)

4741ff () No. 1005426


and lasses

89a6ab () No. 1005427


He is the cartel & likely Mossad connected.

(Epstein, Clinton, etc.).

There are plenty of con law experts out there, POTUS doesn't need Dershowitz for that advice.

b91b53 () No. 1005428

FBI raid opened the door for Alan to talk about Epstein…..

Attorney/Client Priv.

f1364f () No. 1005431

51cff60243e532....png (1770 KB, 255 x 149, 1200 : 699, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f2ee2f () No. 1005429


He would have to know he's safe to stick his neck out as far as he has so far. Either he knows that nothing illicit occurred, or he knows that the evidence is out of the wrong hands. Maybe Epstein clogging his tunnels with cement might have emboldened Dershowitz.

Besides that, Epstein would basically be nailing himself if he released a video of Dershowitz screwing a young girl on his island…but I'm guessing that Dershowitz knows that nothing incriminating exists. He's too crafty for that shit.

5b46fb () No. 1005430


I swear I think I talked to him on here a few nights back in February or something. I'm 100% Pro-Snowden. I hope.

bbe74c () No. 1005432


oh, we saw. you mean respond, i guess

2f972b () No. 1005433

0954fa9be8a4e0....jpg (440 KB, 180 x 255, 1754 : 2480, THELIE.jpg) (h)

bdc5ba () No. 1005434

1f279d3ee3b6c7....png (293 KB, 176 x 255, 854 : 1234, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

314d6d () No. 1005435

35032d868aa6d0....png (289 KB, 255 x 168, 600 : 396, Lurk.png) (h)

37f407 () No. 1005436

01df5adef9dbc6....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 223, 902 : 789, Snowden.jpg) (h)


Get away from the fake news (false light) presented by the MSM and escape to the enoightment of truth (Like PEPE)

de04e9 () No. 1005437


Any info about an economic collapse or reset?



The Fed?

be9b8d () No. 1005438


That's what I got too!

21ab56 () No. 1005439

a1064a2b1bcbe1....jpeg (816 KB, 218 x 255, 1242 : 1454, 656363CA-23DF-....jpeg) (h)


If this is a setup to surround Iran then that means Israel did the bombing to provoke the need for US warships to head toward Syria/IRAN

Does this mean some of the JOOS are actually good??? (((Ourguys)))

3332e4 () No. 1005440


Just a thought as it fits the usual pattern. Create the need. Fill the gap hey presto another leaker at the heart of your Government.

fe29b3 () No. 1005441


OJ Simpson loves Dershowwitz

82442a () No. 1005442


Some fencing is being reinforced. Obama did the same. Once the blue wave comes in November, there will be zero chance of it happening.

A geriatric boomer fuck using the term "concernfagging" is cringeworthy. Q stated there would be public arrests many months ago. He hasn't delivered. Facts are facts.

What has Q board really accomplished? All this board does is keep the base passive and uninvolved. Rather than being vocal with rage, demanding action, this board gets you guys to sit around, do nothing and "trust the plan.' It pacifies you, nothing more. And when it is over, and Trump is gone, you will realize that the one last chance to save this country has vanished forever.

43fab1 () No. 1005443

anons look at this:

FSA launches about 120 GRAD missiles towards 2 SAA airbases. Causalities reported.

http:// disq.us/t/31al2s8

the jihadists are emboldened

abc968 () No. 1005444

Prophecy meme?

aa4f65 () No. 1005445


It is amazing that POTUS and Q have been able to run soo many ruses, yet not compromised their word.

The tough thing about having integrity and a conscious is that is puts you at such a disadvantage against those that do not. Winning while maintaining a conscious and integrity take incredible skill, which is why our side is razor sharp and will win.

d5328b () No. 1005446

Q, if I hit my spouse in the head for saying Sessions is sleeping and a loser, can I please get a pardon?

Thanks in advance

1c72d7 () No. 1005447


Wow, nice work! Made my head spin

725ec3 () No. 1005448


Perhaps referring to Epstein waiving privilege (killing it) and any potential conflict so that Alan may represent POTUS.

c9d84d () No. 1005449


there are lots of experts to choose from

why Dershowitz

0935d7 () No. 1005450


>This is too much. Dershowitz was Epstein’s lawyer FFS


>Fuck This

We have a filthy, stinky, rotting system going back Noah's years, and that's just here. There's not much to choose from, but they've been plugged in tight and know the terrain of their respective fiefdoms. I'm hoping those picked for this raggedy team have been given notice they'll be wearing tracking devices for the rest of their lives and all their comms will get special scrutiny. Probably not, it's more likely what I've seen from the beginniing, there are factions, scummy and monstrous, and the former has limits on what is acceptable. If it's that or nothing, the choice is self-evident.

b66062 () No. 1005451

Anons, the times have been hard. Many need work. Q can't hire everyone. But remember, we are entering a Golden Age.

TRUST POTUS. You are the forgotten men for whom POTUS fights every day.

2018 will be glorious

Hang tight anons.


8849c9 () No. 1005452


If the pentagon started lifelog which turned into facebook, they probably also started google, twitter, amazon, and spacex.

be9b8d () No. 1005453

This board is on FIRE right now

ecffa0 () No. 1005454

You know there is another thing about AD that should be considered. Given his proximity to those individuals and given his connection there is no doubt he would have prime intelligence and locational information on a good amount of their previous dealings thus allowing for acquisition of evidence much easier.

7c4961 () No. 1005455


Brilliant find.

6f199c () No. 1005456

So Pompeo has business ties in China. Doesn't disclose them. @Snowden work there? Just throwing that out there.

0201d1 () No. 1005457

What's with posts without "Q"?

Excited or did is a temp posting while Q is away? JV

654c81 () No. 1005458

d3b40e39644e0b....png (366 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, F7BD4793-D31D-....png) (h)


Ex- DARPA head leaves google to work for Facebook!? (2016)

https:// www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/2016/04/regina-dugan-leaves-google-for-facebook/amp

5b46fb () No. 1005459

795cff457e3f68....jpg (24 KB, 255 x 231, 255 : 231, 710c881d9bc463....jpg) (h)


I'm 100% on that train. Crazy as it sounds. That's Snow.

Snow White = Snowden the Innocent.


6bc5a8 () No. 1005460






2f972b () No. 1005461

0954fa9be8a4e0....jpg (440 KB, 180 x 255, 1754 : 2480, THELIE.jpg) (h)

f40b8d () No. 1005462


2nd chances for us all. Maybe college isn’t your path.

10bdd9 () No. 1005463

so In summary

(((They))) infiltrated our education system

(((They))) infiltrated and took over the media

(((They))) implemented tracking and logging of everything we do, say, text, and buy — to train AI, to control?

(((They))) infiltrated our government, our DOJ, CIA

(((They))) eat, rape, and torture humans and prefer children

(((They))) poison our food and water

(((They))) attack our family, our identity, and do everything they can to divide us.

(((They))) view us as cattle, sheep…

(((They))) were so close

(((They))) failed

Know your enemy

Thank you POTUS

Thank you Patriots

Thank you Whitehats

Thank you [ ]

We are awake here. It will spread. This was much worse than we knew.

Keep fighting

We are winning

4ba9a8 () No. 1005464



GREAT IDEA….but folks/anons would need to know that, and go search there for it. Otherwise it's still just lost info.

596317 () No. 1005465


Seriously… This one is easy. And if you don't like the source, there are plenty to choose from.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2015/12/13/business/alan-dershowitz-on-the-defense-his-own.html

023aa5 () No. 1005466


Q, I think I get it. Sara tweets she want action on the arrests, you tell us the FBI is burning the midnight oil! You are sending Flynn's right hand man, who became his eyes and ears when Flynn had to go, over to Justice where the FBI is hard at work. Then the last element looks like you creating a distraction where you get "these people are stupid" in to a lather thinking they'll get their much desired conflict in Syria while the FBI is working.

5341e4 () No. 1005467

4956f3294c14c7....jpeg (249 KB, 255 x 168, 1242 : 820, BD118402-3579-....jpeg) (h)

79190c () No. 1005468

“Drop after testimony.”

R U learning yet?


the article from wired was the drop?

weak very weak

its very good info but open source

not impressive at all

3e35aa () No. 1005469

Join in my, join in my child,

And listen, I've been digging through my old numb shadow…

My shadow's

Shedding skin

I've been picking

Scabs again.

I'm down

Digging through

My old muscles

Looking for a clue.

bbe74c () No. 1005470

8fd05dadf09527....png (190 KB, 213 x 255, 900 : 1080, pepee)).png) (h)



7fb42c () No. 1005471


Tough slog, but worth it, but damn, Anon, paragraphs.

cc1125 () No. 1005472


Mentioned [H]ouse Cleaning

ff5310 () No. 1005473

I know someone across the pond that says Assad's people love him and they all know it's O's Rebels doing the attacks. Does POTUS really think it's Assad?

bba99a () No. 1005474

Dershowitz? He just had dinner with, @POTUS, He was just on Fox. President tweeted earli about Hannity.


43662f () No. 1005475


A deal was made.

d58050 () No. 1005476


oops SO sorry teach




Five To One

Live at Miami

"Dinner Key Auditorium"


52bb05 () No. 1005477


you're on the right track. basically, all of big tech has been coopted into bad guys.

50b67b () No. 1005478

According to the official story, TheFaceBook was founded by 3 students from the CIA's favorite breeding ground of Harvard University. Their first $500,000 in funding came from Peter Thiel, founder and former CEO of Paypal.

82442a () No. 1005479


I'll save you the suspense. Nothing will be done.

9a2b37 () No. 1005480

Military action "any minute" - hannity

727966 () No. 1005481


Good find!

f6ad15 () No. 1005482


Baker seems to be asleep at the wheel

bb8cb0 () No. 1005483


Agreed 100% anon…Dershowitz is slime.

161eab () No. 1005484


Kek, that's pretty cool. We did suspect he was a regular visitor to this board.

608fd0 () No. 1005485

Former Obama FCC chair Tom Wheeler, who first enacted net neutrality rules, worked at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, two powerful industry lobbyists.


f069f8 () No. 1005486

@Snowden was let through…two theories.

1 Goodguys sent him OCONUS to preserve evidence and slow surveillance of Americans until POTUS arrives.

2 Snowden has the Epstein Island proof and used it to bolt. Q group got the info and he lost his leverage and made him an offer he couldn't refuse

f1364f () No. 1005487

2a533256e7d347....png (273 KB, 255 x 179, 428 : 300, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

50add7 () No. 1005488

762fac0793eac0....png (52 KB, 255 x 171, 627 : 421, 2018-04-11_2142.png) (h)


Twatted… beware the twatter typo-ahead, don't fall for their cheap tricks.


dbe284 () No. 1005489

c0de625b98ff18....png (10 KB, 255 x 46, 512 : 92, FireShot Captu....png) (h)

50b67b () No. 1005490


Thiel is also a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and a graduate of Stanford University, the home of NSA computer research and CIA mind control projects like MK ULTRA. He is an avowed neocon and globalist whose book 'The Diversity Myth' received praises from William Kristol, Christopher Cox, Edward Meese, and Linda Chavez. Thiel sits on the board of the radical right-wing Vanguard PAC and he personally donated $21,200 to Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign for governor.

5b46fb () No. 1005491



fb8fe9 () No. 1005492



45083d () No. 1005494


Doesn't work that way. Would be nice though.

92c67b () No. 1005495


Mark ZuckaTurd did complain he was throw under a Bus

I cant tell, he looks the same

b76fbf () No. 1005496


Had a theory awhile ago about TRUST..

Trust could be related to the Trump Trust that Chris Wrays law firm is in control of….perhaps this is tied to blackmail or something.

6f199c () No. 1005497


That's not how this works.

c12182 () No. 1005498

a7fae4ada8c5b9....jpeg (896 KB, 255 x 153, 1499 : 899, screenshot-mas....jpeg) (h)


more on PAM lead me to a RUSSIAN CIA Bob Berman

d5db53 () No. 1005499



fa7cb6 () No. 1005500


Mandela effect*d

366f3a () No. 1005501


Knowledge Transfer

f40b8d () No. 1005502

Think so! >>1005466

010784 () No. 1005503


savage 😂😂😂

4ff416 () No. 1005504


All Q clues point to open source info.

Thats how we are able to dig it up.

If it wasn't open source, then we wouldnt be able to find it…. -.-

dfaf70 () No. 1005505

ecf7be3f8cb319....jpg (118 KB, 154 x 255, 680 : 1127, the-doctors.jpg) (h)

19577a () No. 1005506


Think there were a couple of special ids in the last bread.

It's like getting a visit from Santa kek.

f09531 () No. 1005507


Agreed, I heard/watched a similar thing about marijuana blocking the programming. It went on to talk about because natural MJ blocks programming, they were coming out with GMO weed that would still get you high but changed enough not to block programming!

f13b55 () No. 1005508


David? C Man? Hey, didn't know you were on here!

e35152 () No. 1005509


Q is not your Creator, and your Creator will always forgive you because negativity is an anomaly and not an integral part of the life experience that is positive absolutely everywhere except in this 3D Matrix world of Earth

ecaeef () No. 1005510

c8927059aa3b9f....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 170, 727 : 485, Under the Dome.jpg) (h)




My translation is that it means POTUS has forgiven him for whatever transgression ((they)) were blackmailing him with. He's free to jump on the winning side - the good side and he has - per Q

Remember - When POTUS SOTU speech and everyone applauded and yelled FREEDOM. They were forgiven too; Except that one Dem who stormed out crying….probably not forgiven.

39b8a1 () No. 1005511

>>1005442 No actual steel and concrete sections of the wall is being built.

Concernfagging is a term used here for a long time - lurk moar

Where did Q said there would be public arrests? Did he she or they give you a date?

And the Q board has red pilled MILLIONS OF FUCKING PEOPLE



07eab4 () No. 1005512

Looks like Alan got a 2nd chance in Second Chances Month.

1019f1 () No. 1005513

0c140dce3ac9f3....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 118, 1125 : 519, IMG_9181.jpg) (h)

The "Electronic Communication" Nunez was threatening to impeach Rosenstein and Wray over CAME FROM FACEBOOK.

That's why they waited till Zuckerberg testified to release it.

01c62c () No. 1005514

>>1005449 Lawyers are slime - better have slime on him - Q probably has video on him.

Get a better rate that way.

dbe284 () No. 1005515


nothing new

bdd9eb () No. 1005516


Lifelog you mong

bbe74c () No. 1005517


regular visitor, we can't really tell, that was a (1) post… but considering Q's often messaging him here, well…

8a3030 () No. 1005518

If not brought up before…

This is what Erik Prince had to say about what was being run in Libya…

https:// www.theblaze.com/news/2014/10/29/what-blackwater-founder-erik-prince-says-the-u-s-was-really-doing-in-benghazi-on-911

And some of the talk in this article relates solely to Russian SA7s and 6s.

https:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-libya-muhammar-gaddafi-anti-aircraft-missiles-jihadists-a6926216.html

Taliban with Stingers..?

https:// nypost.com/2014/06/08/how-the-taliban-got-their-hands-on-modern-us-missiles/

So that makes three stories heard on the downing of Extortion 17. RPG, Stinger, or Inside job by bomber.

8849c9 () No. 1005519

Whats the airspace around New Zealand looking like planefags?

5b7c8b () No. 1005520


Has anon stopped to think that perhaps someone other than Q was speaking to them?

Has anon also considered the possibility that LIFELONG wasn't a typo?

b7feb2 () No. 1005521

KANAS = Kelly ANne Sebastian And Sara.

Sprung to mind watching Hannity

3ddbce () No. 1005522


POTUS talking to us.

1c72d7 () No. 1005523


Agree, who the hell trusts a Lawyer

6645e1 () No. 1005524


Good job!

aa4f65 () No. 1005525


stream link?

16330f () No.