fcb47b () No. 11118807

f1711524dc6d85....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, ghostbake.jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q's Latest Posts

Saturday 10.17.2020

>>11118631 ————————————–——– There is 'Q'. 1

Thursday 10.15.2020

>>11091496 ————————————–——– Without you, collectively, there would have been no way to bypass their control.

>>11090880, rt >>11090775 ———–––——–— "Underage obsessions" is a gentle way of putting it.

>>11090814, rt >>11090593 ———–––——–— No, Anon. You did, collectively.

>>11090367, rt >>11090349 ———–––——–— Tucker Carlson - The show has obtained Hunter Bidens email

>>11090357 ————————————–——– Hunter Biden demanded Chinese billionaire pay $10 million for ‘introductions alone’ (CAP: >>11090513)

>>11086444 ————————————–——– Do you get it yet? (Cap: >>11086472, >>11086509 )

>>11086408 ————————————–——– Would you like to send anything else on over during the House Intel Committee hearing? Nothing can stop this.

>>11085831 ————————————–——– EVERY ASSET DEPLOYED.

>>11085318 ————————————–——– Why was POTUS framed re: Russia collusion?

>>11085145 ————————————–——– Clear and Present Danger?

>>11084993 ————————————–——– Underage women (young girls) sexually exploited _[context for future] (CAP: >>11085437)

>>11084896 ————————————–——– Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm ( CAP: >>11085006 )

>>11079702 ————————————–——– #DigitalSoldiers must fight on battlefields NOT of our choosing.

>>11079664 ————————————–——– Breaking: Burisma official reportedly linked to Joe Biden met with State officials in 2016 (CAP: >>11079692 , >>11079794 , >>11080010 )

Wed 10.14.2020 >>11098469

Tue 10.13.2020 >>11098303

Sun 10.11.2020 >>11098297

Fri 10.09.2020 >>11098292

Thu 10.08.2020 >>11067560

Wed 10.07.2020 >>11026155

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FRIDAY 10.16.2020

Global Announcements

>>11105015 Deleted my last few tweets because some good people DMd me and debunked the content I saw. Dont want to contribute to fake news. Sorry about that. - CM




>>11118011 Baker's Prayer


>>11118026 VOTE ALL DEMS OUT, 'ALL'

>>11118037 Remember Loretta Lynch Threaten The NYPD That She Would Charge Its Officers and Reopen The Eric Garner Case

>>11118039 fast and furious witness audio drop

>>11118041 Rudy live TODAY on Steve Bannon’s War Room

>>11118068 michigan-bans-open-carry-guns-polling-place

>>11118081 big-bang-interest-rates

>>11118106 IMF Seizes on Pandemic to Pave Way for Privatization in 81 Countries

>>11118129 understanding-what-foreign-governments-are-purchasing-from-the-bidens-there-are-trillions-at-stake

>>11118137, >>11118158, >>11118171, >>11118196 VIVID DREAMS (Great Awakening?)

>>11118139 VOTE NO ON QUESTION 3

>>11118152, >>11118280, >>11118514 Plane Reports

>>11118173 Ideologies and dogmas are cognitive malware

>>11118176 Mini bun - Frontline Doctors call for IMMEDIATE END to mask wearing and lockdown

>>11118222 amamazon-nixes-new-documentary-celebrated-black-author-shelby-steele

>>11118223 The Biden Emails Prove Impeachment Was A Sham

>>11118227 30-000-health-experts-sign-declaration-against-covid-19-lockdowns

>>11118228 Erdogan announces discovery of 85bln tonnes of additional gas in the Black Sea (Watch the Water)

>>11118240 Taiwan man pulled strings for Hunter Biden’s businesses in China

>>11118262 Iranian CEO sentenced in US for firm’s sanctions-evading activity

>>11118227 Over 30,000 health experts demand immediate end to FAKE China Virus Pandemic lockdown.

>>11118283 BOOM: Trump’s town hall BEAT Biden’s town hall in ratings battle!

>>11118303 Text messages show raw and intimate exchange between Joe and Hunter Biden

>>11118317 US Justice Department schedules first federal execution of a woman in more than half a century (<- Hillary Eyes on)

>>11118318 The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey's Legacy

>>11118330 Why The Left Needs Us All To Believe The United States Is Racist Forever

>>11118350 https://twitter.com/JohnStossel - Election day is in 17 days!

>>11118368 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump -GIANT RED WAVE COMING!

>>11118385 Judge in case of Devon Archer associate Cooney is spouse of Mueller prosecutor

>>11118392 THINK MIRROR

>>11118405 US drone strike kills 2 senior Al Qaeda leaders in Syria

8b0910 () No. 11118843

Oh Gee. It's the weekend bread splitters again.

d97a85 () No. 11118857

>>11118414 CIA´s playbook?

>>11118421 Top Insider Trades week ending 100620

>>11118439 why did Hunter's attorneys call the shop and ask for the laptop

>>11118443 Florida took thousands of kids from families, then failed to keep them safe.

>>11118451 https://twitter.com/drsimonegold - Earlier clips of America's Frontline Doctors reassembled

>>11118477 At RedWave, we believe in providing excellence in all we do.

>>11118478 Man Who Reportedly Gave Hunter’s Laptop to Rudy Speaks Out in Bizarre Interview

>>11118482 The division starts from the notion that reality of humanity is one of self-alienation (Anon Oped)

>>11118485 Public university professor deletes ‘F— ’em all’

>>11118489 I think this picture was taken at the Arizona Inn in Prescott Valley before the raid (I Wear Shades Inside Edition)

>>11118495 soros-funds-campaign-of-l-a-prosecutor-candidate-who-vows-lock-up-fewer-criminals

>>11118500 https://twitter.com/DineshDSouza - Tom Fitton RT of @DineshDSouza

>>11118503 What would be a easy way to spread a virus without no one noticing (Anons thinking again)

>>11118504 New York State Child Protective Services agency suppressed 725 child death reports over decade

>>11118508 Reminder Whitecoat Medical Summit

>>11118527 anon thinks real issue with 5G is not electromagnetic radiation, but geolocation.

>>11118528 Jim watkins live in texas on j00tube right now.

>>11118529 new-jw-study-voter-registration - HERE IS THE INFO NEEDED TO SAVE MANKIND.

>>11118542 "Here’s how we got these documents:

>>11118559 sex-slaves-forced-to-have-sex-30-times-a-day

>>11118560 Colorado man sentenced to 304 years for human trafficking

>>11118586 Rempel Garner blasts Trudeau Liberals over 'outrageous cover-up tactics' for refusal to release COVID-19 documents

>>11118600 Most of the information we receive today does not come to us directly from the natural world. (Anon OPed)

>>11118609 I think the Hunter mirror selfie picture was taken at the Arizona Inn in Prescott Valley before the raid

>>11118613 Hold China Accountable

>>11118629 China has defaulted on their sovereign debt to the American People for long enough.

>>11118651 Reminder Marion Barry

>>11118665 https://twitter.com/stinchfield1776

>>11118677 https://twitter.com/ingrahamangle - Twitter has deleted the Biden teleprompter video

>>11118703 https://twitter.com/lonewolfbuilder #FightBack

>>11118710 Don’t forget: Executive Order seizing the assets of CCP

>>11118713 https://www.patentsencyclopedia.com/invl/ja

#14219 >>11118759

d97a85 () No. 11118859


>>11117246 FBI probing whether emails in New York Post story about Hunter Biden are tied to Russian disinformation

>>11117256, >>11117429 chris-wrays-fbi-investigating-whether-hunter-biden-emails-russian-disinformation-operation/

>>11117270 Soros Funds Campaign of L.A. Prosecutor Candidate who Vows Lock Up Fewer Criminals

>>11117276, >>11117346 feds-to-execute-kansas-woman-who-killed-victim-cut-baby-from-womb

>>11117277 "News Organizations are deleting articles and re-writing the medical history of America" ARCHIVE OFFLINE

>>11117288, >>11117333 crenshaw-calls-himself-an-environmentalist

>>11117305 Chinese CEO Of OKEx Crypto Exchange ‘Arrested’ Again; Whales Bail

>>11117306 devon-archer-associate-cooney-who-turned-over-emails-to-journos-is-spouse-of-mueller-prosecutor/

>>11117312 Millions of Americans are entering poverty amid pandemic as stimulus runs out

>>11117315 Horrifying footage of boat crew massacred by gunmen

>>11117318 texts-show-raw-intimate-exchange-between-joe-and-hunter-biden

>>11117328 HAPPY Q DAY ANONS

>>11117335 the-outing-of-the-seals-has-secdef-ticked-off

>>11115734, >>11115750, >>11116108 A recap for morning anons regarding the CCP hard drives on Biden

>>11117343 twitter.com/johnbrennan

>>11117364 twitter.com/JoeBiden/

>>11117365 Playstation Will Record Private Voice Chats So Players Can Be Snitched On For Mean Words

>>11117369 congressman-fbi-launch-criminal-investigation-biden-family

>>11117370 Donald Trump Says He May Leave U.S. if He Loses Presidential Election

>>11117376 Global Currency Reset/Federal Reserve/Central Banks/Crypto

>>11117379 Mitt Romney is ok with Antifa burning down Portland

>>11117399 twitter.com/cortessteve

>>11117403 A Prayer for POTUS and the United States of America

>>11117519 New Poll

>>11117526, >>11117580, >>11117712 PlaneFag Report

>>11117565 Locked from Paypal

>>11117624 kristen-welker-next-debate-moderator-has-deep-democrat-ties

>>11117633 jeffrey-peterson-explains-fast-and-furious-arizona-mafiawav

>>11117660 Thailand-protesters-vow-to-continue-with-daily-rallies

>>11117683 Covid 1984 hoax protest Live streaming from London right now

>>11117695 GUY-ADAMS-uncovers-links-suspect-regime-just-damage-Hunter-Biden-cause

>>11117708 Same JItarth Jadeja at St Johns on exchange?

>>11117750 Rudy live TODAY on Steve Bannon’s War Room

>>11117761 corey-lewandowski-breaks-latest-trump-internal-polling

>>11117767, >>11117774 Thousands of doctors declare lockdown harmful to public health

>>11117771 Russia, Saudi Arabia Prepared to Keep Energy Market Stable

>>11117801 Doctorss Deleted - here's one of many, that were saved and posted on bitchute.

>>11117808 Twitter is BLOCKING a @WesternJournal

>>11117717 Racist Trump Supporters? (btw i see black hands helping)

>>11117825 cosmic-computer-new-philosophy-explain-universe

>>11117841 Exclusive: Larry C. Johnson Interviews John Paul Mac Isaac

>>11117777 CHEQT on this 17th day of October

>>11117930, >>11117903, >>11117861, >>11117875, >>11117893, >>11117903 Frontline Doctor on steps of Supreme Court 10/17/20 Archive offline.

>>11117882 Pennsylvania Rejects 334,000 Duplicate Ballots Already

>>11117884 China and how they own the Biden Family

>>11117341, >>11117902 how-will-5g-unlock-location-targeting

>>11117950 #14218

d97a85 () No. 11118874


Baker Change (GhostBaker)

>>11116498 Uk based vid, but covers SERCO activities across the world.

>>11116509 Chinese virus Reports


>>11116519 digging on the government agency that determines reimbursement to medical providers, CMS.

>>11116637 Remember POTUS surprise visit to the CDC back in March

>>11116639 370K Pennsylvania mail-in ballot applications rejected: Report

>>11116652 Pearland ISD Teacher: Trump Supporters Are Racist And Should Not Be Teachers

>>11116687, >>11116699, >>11116735 Freeman Fly commentary video : Disney's World +moar

>>11116721 Wasn't their a "GODFATHER" reference posted by "Q"…hmmm.

>>11116794 Vegas shooting dig by Anon

>>11116861 I trust no one Anon (oped)

>>11116891 Morning Covfefe

>>11116906 Reminder 'How is blackmail used?' -Q

>>11116916 Why do some countries in Europe not show spikes in excess deaths this year?

>>11116917 It's disquieting to think that our cells are each tiny machines of enormous complexity...

>>11116924 The China connection is unraveling.

>>11116967 Found this pictures on google by typing their names 郭文贵 , 路德

>>11116092, >>11116131, >>11116170, >>11116174 "Govenor" ANDREW Cuomo in panic mode as nursing home deaths under scrutiny

>>11116953 Crack Pipe Biden and Bitten biden for Keks

>>11117031 NEW Frontline Doctors update on China Virus calling for the end to mask wearing from the steps of the Supreme Court.

>>11117038 Operation Pegasus

>>11117055 I wanted to share a, totally cool man

>>11117056 Rudy Giuliani lays out the Biden Crime Family Syndicate and talks about the content on Hunter's hard drive. (Vid)

>>11117077 Did you recognize Osama?

>>11117111 #VOTEREPUBLICAN and Chekt.

>>11117117 how-comcast-bought-democratic-party-matthew-continetti

>>11117119 explosion in Harrisonburg VA

>>11117124 Da lai lama is involved in some nefarious stuff?

>>11117134 Inalienable Rights (Pic Related)

>>11117177 #14217

d97a85 () No. 11118882


>>11116274 President Trump's Tweets News and Decodes

>>11115743, >>11115764, >>11115793, >>11115830, >>11115848 Planefag reports

>>11115734, >>11115750, >>11116108 A recap for morning anons regarding the CCP hard drives on Biden

>>11115804, >>11115865 The QAnon disciples next door

>>11115813 South China Sea threat: US pushes Beijing as Trump sends warships to disputed waters

>>11115852 McConnell says full Senate will take up Barrett nomination on October 23

>>11115954 From CM…a Chinese video with great ENGRISH subtitles regarding the hard drives from CCP

>>11115990 Oct 15: Soon to be unemployed CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield ghost writes ProPublica article blaming every other person on Earth for his incompetence.

>>11116016 #Snowden trending

>>11116026 Where have all the Chinese virus cases gone? Vid

>>11116027 Here's an anti-CCP Chinese Patriot Billionaire

>>11116033 Eric Trump Tweets

>>11116052 Pelosi Wants To Remove Votes From Soldiers Overseas: ‘They Don’t Even Live Here’

>>11116060 The victim was named as Samuel Paty, 47, and his killer was identified as Aboulakh A, an 18-year-old Russian national of Chechen origin.

>>11116092, >>11116131, >>11116170, >>11116174 "Govenor" Mario Cuomo in panic mode as nursing home deaths under scrutiny

>>11116106 Left Targets Dianne Feinstein For Not Attacking Amy Coney Barrett Hard Enough

>>11116136 Over 100 Officers Have Left Seattle Police Department In Recent Months – Active Force Smallest In Decades

>>11116143 CONFIRMED: FBI Chief Chris Wray Hid Information from the Public, Congress and Executive Branch that Absolved President Trump During Impeachment (VIDEO)

>>11116160 Rudy Giuliani Describes the Bidens as a Crime Family. Here's Why We Should Listen to Him.

>>11116163 Saw this post about Clinton Foundation. Prime example of high profile person implicated is Joel Getz.

>>11116171 Democrats Lost More Than a Supreme Court Seat This Week

>>11116194 Jonathan Turley: Hunter Biden's laptop and the Facebook, Twitter censorship scandal – watch these 3 things

>>11116126 Hunter and Joe Biden Scandal Takes a Dark Turn — FBI’s Top Lawyer on Child Porn Involved in Case

>>11116242 New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%

>>11116264 TV News Networks Bury Hunter Biden Story with Less Than 10 Minutes of Coverage Over 2 Days

>>11116284 Report: Dianne Feinstein Elementary On List Of ‘Inappropriate’ School Names, May Be Changed

>>11116302 Biden says he’ll ‘absolutely’ raise taxes on job-creating corporations despite COVID economic downturn

>>11116307 Covid-19 vaccine to be MANDATORY in Brazil’s most populous state Sao Paulo – governor Joao Doria

>>11116318 Senate Commerce Committee to Hold Hearing on Section 230 With CEOs of Twitter, Google, and Facebook

>>11116332 Hollywood's Threatening to Move Again if Trump Wins. It Worked So Well the Last Time…

>>11116394 US Hospitals Received Up to $306,000 for Each New COVID Case; German Anti-Lockdown MD Arrested

>>11116414 Facebook censored Tiffany Trump then claimed it was an error

>>11116440 #14216

Previously Collected Notables

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d97a85 () No. 11118901

81b0177d5df16b....jpg (365 KB, 255 x 152, 1222 : 730, ghosbaker.jpg) (h)




Baker Rqst handoff

918ff8 () No. 11118940


GHEY bread spilter edition.

Lock this one.

61c8fe () No. 11119004

Q posted in other bread.

This bread is dead.

596e3f () No. 11119031


everyone knows what's goin on

79ce60 () No. 11119107


Fail. KEK.

It's time for you to find another hobby.

b83d72 () No. 11119130

8caf7e27c45889....gif (2541 KB, 255 x 165, 7698 : 4977, emails_1.gif) (h)

3451bb006b0638....gif (2755 KB, 255 x 165, 7698 : 4977, emails_2.gif) (h)

a97530368a294b....gif (2315 KB, 255 x 165, 7698 : 4977, emails_3.gif) (h)

31fdf7b8dfb2ae....gif (1958 KB, 255 x 165, 7698 : 4977, emails_4.gif) (h)

7f82e362f5d3c2....png (2525 KB, 117 x 255, 1696 : 3685, wip.png) (h)

c775e1 () No. 11119148

Dead bread

e938b4 () No. 11119232


TY Baker, bread may be dead, but u got it right!

2339b6 () No. 11119386



80514d () No. 11119491

Happy 17th Q!

79ce60 () No. 11119674

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MASSIVE Lawsuit ensues over Lockdowns & Fraudulent Tests


A German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss), launched July 10, 2020, was founded by four trial attorneys to investigate and prosecute those responsible for implementing the economically devastating lockdowns around the world, as well asusing fraudulent testingto engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic

The Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee will be working with an international network of lawyers to argue the most massive tort case ever — a case described as “probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed”

They argue that pandemic measures were intended to sow panic so that the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, and the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints

Lockdowns were unnecessary, and any claim to the contrary is wrong, the Inquiry Committee insists.

and the PCR test cannot be used to identify an active infection with SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus

ALSO: mortality statistics during the pandemic have been within the norms of any given year,

meaning the pandemic has not resulted in an excess number of deaths or a death toll higher than normal,

while the collateral damage from pandemic response measures is nearly incalculable

the legal consequences that are currently underway. This includes looking at the constitutionality

Then there are the issues of fraud, intentional infliction of damage andcrimes against humanity(quote)




(in German here are more links to video and progress)


a synopsis - references and a Video (pic related) is at Mercola link no paywall but they DO WANT an email address to view video which is about an hour long.


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oops… GUISE forgot to add pic

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Michael Gottlieb, Esq., an attorney copied on one of Hunter’s emails represents James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington D.C., in response to a viral "fake news" conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate"


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Please post this in the other thread!! This is amazing thank you so much!

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I predict one of the greatest lines that will be remembered in this election will be : "I don't know what Hunter was doing for Burisma"…… Joe Biden



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>>11121577 Q pb

An infiltrator came to the chans, uh-huh;

To see what he can do about this "Q"-hoo;

He tried some infection, and misdirection;

And shilled us all spouting out: infiltration

"HEY, Q's a LARP!"

"OUCH, I'm butthurt!"

"YEOW, you'll hurt our re-election faire, as long as you follow this queer!"



And encitement


And emotin'


And you know they're paid to shill in CAPS and a thousand exclamation points;

Anons have a common duty to be strong


Another thought he's hard to detect, uh, huh;

Cried, "MAGA" trying to woo us. Yeah, kek;

He said, "JFK Jr is Trump's new running mater" [yeah, line needs work, but it's what happens when you rush an update]

And anons all shouted out, "Infiltration!!!"

"WELL, you need to go back to halfpol!"

"OH, never seen so much shilling in all my life!"

"HEY, those titties are cute 8)"



And excitement


And emotion


And you know we also shout in CAPS and a thousand exclamation points;

Anons have a common duty to be strong

So frens, be happy


Or sad


Or frightened

"EEEEEK! GORE [email protected]"

Or mad


Or excited


Or glad

"Hey! They got Hillary!"

Infiltration means The Storm is here to stay!

"We have the server[S]." suggest[S] they have all,-all

It's time to take down the evil caba-al

This tumour extraction is the right direction,

So all they have left is to try: infiltration

"AW! (You) still following this creep?"

"DARN! I got banned again!"

"HOORAY! I started my very own #QAnon board! Standby fer da c0mz!"



With encitement


And emoti'n


And you know they're paid to shill in CAPS and a thousand exclamation points;

Anons have a common duty to be strong

So frens, be happy


Or sad


Or frightened

"EEEEEK! GORE [email protected]"

Or mad


Or excited


Or glad

"Hey! They got Hillary!"

Infiltration means The Storm is here to stay!



For excitement


Or emotion


And you know they're paid to shill in CAPS and a thousand exclamation points;

Anons have a common duty to be strong;

Infiltration's for excitement!

And emotion!

The Storm's here!




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Next moderator already busted

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Just keeps getting better and better

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