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dd51c71ff82d17....jpg (129 KB, 170 x 255, 960 : 1440, Anna_Commie.jpg) (h)

Anna Makanju is in her 40s and means she was born in the early 1970s in Leningrad (now called St. Petersburg)? This means her Nigerian father was a communist. At that time in the Soviet Union they would bring in African students from their communist client countries for specialized training and education (propaganda, lawfare, political organization, etc.) in St Petersburg and Moscow (Leningrad State University or Moscow State University…also some smaller universities around).

Hypothesis: someone is using a communist-Nigerian-Russian woman to run interference at Google on the pending Hunter-gate

“Anna Makanju is a nonresident senior fellow with the Transatlantic Security Initiative. She is a public policy and legal expert working at Facebook, where she leads efforts to ensure election integrity on the platform. Previously, she was the special policy adviser for Europe and Eurasia to former US Vice President Joe Biden…”

Anna Makanju is very good at keeping a limited footprint on the internet. I suspect because she is a lawyer and a communist. She's got a high security clearance and is Deep State all the way.

Name: Anna Adeola Makanju

Born: St. Petersburg Russia (then Leningrad)

Father: Nigerian (may have attended Leningrad State University)

Mother: Ukranian

DOB: unknown but possibly raised by her maternal Jewish grandmother.

Married in Nigeri to Alexander Joseph (described as a ‘white American’ in below article) and she is described as a ‘princess’


Hard Left. Check out this comment she made on a Russian FB post


“Sometimes you want to think that a person is far away, in Russia, and of course he cannot understand all the subtleties of the situation. But then he writes that "blacks have not made any noticeable contribution to world culture" and then it is clear that, firstly, a person is deprived of even minimal mental abilities, and secondly, he is simply a convinced racist.”

We need to work smarter and harder boys and girls. This is not a JV team.



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b232e13dee0ce8....png (1265 KB, 255 x 174, 1257 : 857, Makanju_TINUAD....png) (h)

f3fdde () No. 11147871


DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE10-17-2012 $250 Obama, Barack (D)

$250 Parnell, Archie (D)

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 07-23-2012 $250 Obama, Barack (D)

OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT 05-06-2016 $250 Clinton, Hillary (D)

OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT 11-06-2016 $250 Clinton, Hillary (D)

FACEBOOK04-25-2020 $250 Biden, Joe (D)

Princeton University09-24-2020 $250 Kim, Andy (D)

Yeah, NO bias with this Demorat.

THANK YOU Open Secrets.

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Anya was born AND RAISED UNTIL SHE WAS 11 YEARS OLD in the former Soviet Union to a Ukrainian mom and a Nigerian dad and raised by her Jewish grandparents. She has since lived, studied, worked and eaten all over the world. She first fell in love with food while studying in France and working in a tiny bistro. Anya went on to spend many years in the business. Although her life took a tragic turn many years ago when she accidentally went to law school, she has never forgotten her true love and is excited to share it with you.


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