5fd5ae () No. 1844122

c891a679bb1428....png (3540 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, q.png) (h)

This thread will be dedicated to collecting questions for Q-team. Anons post your questions here and please voice your opinions on questions other anons have posted here. Who knows, Q might even post directly in this thread on Saturday.

This thread will be cyclical and the oldest posts will be deleted once the 750 post limit has been hit. Lets be sure to collect the best questions as we do the notables, keeping in mind that old posts will disappear.

24242d () No. 1873452


This is the most important question here.

Q if you're awake and aware of at least the SSP, MIC and the Dark Fleet then can you give us a nod?

24242d () No. 1873459

Q are you part of "The Alliance" the same alliance that DW and CG speak of?

5bdc47 () No. 1873502

Thanks for initating the process of bringing back the gold standard to the US dollar!


Wil the gold standard return to more currencies WW?

6bc17d () No. 1873503

Is there any way to implement a policy for the education system so children and teens learn the constitution and other founding documents and what they actually mean? Young people are growing up not knowing a thing about how their government was meant to work! I see disturbing stuff from young nieces and nephews and their school assignments that are deliberately misleading about where we get our inalienable rights from and whose job it is to protect those rights. Hell, the teachers need to learn this stuff too, now that we're generations deep into the backsliding of public education. Planting a seed of truth would reap immeasurable benefits later in their lives, I think.

I know we need people to wake up and they seem to be, but keeping future Americans from falling asleep (at least to recent degrees) in the first place would be a tremendous help long-term.

I would be thrilled if this or something like it was part of 'THE PLAN'.

6bc17d () No. 1873577

This guy leading the polls in Mexico is talking about how it's everyone's right to be able to cross into the US. Do you have measures taken to deal with this (I assume yes), and do you have ways to keep overzealous citizen border defenders (accidentally) or bad actors (purposefully) from creating bad PR situations the anti-POTUS media would seize upon?

Another Question: Bob Dole was given an award from POTUS and stood for the National Anthem from his wheelchair… was he a trustworthy candidate (from Kansas) or was '96 just another no-win scenario? I'm having problems thinking of anyone decent since '88. Perhaps rank the candidates since 88 on a scale of 1(swamp thing) to 10 (clean/Patriot)?


e29798 () No. 1873616

6e4e7b711e7b64....png (132 KB, 255 x 243, 459 : 437, 6e4e7b711e7b64....png) (h)

Mr. Q, Mr. Q,

We are all anxious to see the end of deep seated corruption and exploitation of innocents worldwide. Also, we thank you for your dedication and the hard work of patriots worldwide in this fight against evil. But there is a question that we here at QNN think everyone is asking.

When all of this is over and we restore the power to the people, when justice is served and world peace is realized.

Will there finally be time to make Anime real?

140eca () No. 1873643

A bit off the path but how are the publishing connected to the laundering of money. Looking at the obscene amounts of money paid to HRC, Hussein, Comey, et al for their "memoirs", isn't it probable that they are being paid off in public before our very eyes? They have to be losing money on the latest HRC book of lies along with the "attack" books coming from husseins staffers. I believe CBS and the publishers they own are a big part in the scam. Comments?

6e3ec4 () No. 1873657


We are well compromised here. See the billions Gillard gave the Clinton Foundation and Jacinta Ardern is still (!) giving CF. Both BO and HC have been to NZ recently too.

We are still a Crown property, this is going to be a long one unfortunately.

6e3ec4 () No. 1873704

Hi Q - What are some real world techs that can solve the worlds big problems like energy and water and environmental degradation.

Many of us live/work at the whims of the gig economy. Thankfully tools are coming out so it is easier to setup companies and scale. What fields should we be looking for oppurtunities to help heal the world.

Many thanks - and god bless for taking the hits for the rest of us. Keen to help if possible.

b26316 () No. 1873724

81beee37586f51....png (23 KB, 255 x 102, 692 : 278, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Same person posting same thing about 4 hours later. 6:49 Central time


a89a0c () No. 1873730



i LOVE this idea!

f54ccb () No. 1873781

9075f492e31dca....jpeg (947 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, 84E0B88E-5155-....jpeg) (h)

Hi Q,

just in case i cannot make it

What really happened on 8/6/11 with Extortion 17?

Did those SEALS all really die?

Where are those operators today if not?

If this did happen as reported, why, given their training were they all on that one aircraft when OPSEC would dictate they split up? Demo Dick would never have had the team in that position during the most risky part of an op (insertion.) Even if ordered by Cabal commanders, i do not think these guys would all pile in one bird like that.

Are you Extortion 17?

07144c () No. 1873787

Re: 80/20 vs 60/40 private/public dissemination of evidence. Thank you for hearing our cry. Only twenty percent of the truth would have simply been far too little over much too long a time. I suspect we have heard only what that twenty percent may be, and not actually seen any of it, or only a one percent shred. I turn sixty next month, and sincerely wish to see these people publicly arrested and brought to justice in my lifetime. Full military courts martial may never be publicized, but the evidence brought forth should be. We The People require Justice, and we deserve Truth, no matter how ugly. The 4 to 6 percent of those forever lost will never believe. Even more will choose to ignore or disbelieve. But those of us who want and need to know, deserve to know. Truth is an extremely powerful and sometimes very ugly thing, but it is an absolute. It's the Light, much like the morning sun in your face walking out of an after-hours bar at 6 am. It hurts, but it's a good thing. Spread the Light, Q Team, into the darkest recesses of all their guilt. Let the people know, who chose to know, so this won't happen again any time soon. God bless you all, and God bless America.

7764d8 () No. 1873789

2fa119cff11ce1....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, Babel-EU.jpg) (h)

af3d110167005e....jpg (26 KB, 207 x 255, 260 : 320, Semiramis-Nimr....jpg) (h)

f53457084ed462....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 231, 543 : 491, semiramis.jpg) (h)

417fcf40948c8d....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 170, 584 : 389, Semiramis-fish....jpg) (h)

f53457084ed462....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 231, 543 : 491, semiramis.jpg) (h)

It's not the New World Order.

It's not Nazi WO, but they got their inspiration from N.

Nimrod created Babylon and was King of the World; his wife/mother is Semiramis was queen of Heaven, the Whore of Babylon. They ritually sacrificed children. Nimrod created Moloch. Tyrannical Babylon was destroyed by God; the inhabitants had their languages confused and were scattered world-wide. Their mystery religion spawned Catholicism and Islam. Their symbols and icons are everywhere; their loyal followers still worship them. The Nazi symbol is Nimrod's. The statue of Liberty is Semramis, as is the Pope's Mother Mary. The EU and UN are attempts of returning Babylon. The Christian God is their sworn enemy.

Nimrod is the root of the NWO.

Is Nimrod the root of the NWO? If not Nimrod, what is N?

b26316 () No. 1873803


well, looks like #qanon is sending people to qanonposts.com

@proof_of_Pruf Bit coin


#QAnon https://qanonposts.com/

10 replies 67 retweets 133 likes


I know this is not correct because I used to go there and saw a post that said .pub.

b866ec () No. 1873825

0555ddb8305278....png (9712 KB, 255 x 191, 2224 : 1668, 0555ddb8305278....png) (h)

Heres one for you. Why did you sell us a photoshopped picture of Hussein? Those are not his hands. Those are the hands of an African field migrant. Huge sausage fingers. Not long skinny fag fingers like O has. Was it disinformation? Must be so easy to use the "disinformation is necessary" ruse huh? That way when anyone calls out your crap you have automatic deniability.

156a6e () No. 1873831


Should Australia prepare for the grid to go down during The Great Awakening/Storm phase?

Should Aussies/Kiwis stock up on water and nonperishables??

How safe are we? Or not?

b26316 () No. 1873853


google his hands! Why lie?

b34064 () No. 1873860

Port Arthur Massacre. Refuse to believe that a man with an IQ of 66 could have done it considering the kill/wounded ratio, the number of "head shots" and the fact he was left-handed firing a right-handed weapon lead to so many deaths.

The man had to take his firearm to a gunsmith to clear the action of one of his firearms because he couldn't. Doesn't sound like a skilled, efficient killer to me.

It was done to disarm a nation, and not by Martin Bryant.

Even if was full retard, he could not have been that effective.

57de4d () No. 1873883


Regardless of whether there is proof of harm, chemtrailing would seem to violate EPA air pollution regulations and the EPA should be able to easily shut it down. Why is the daily pollution of our air continuing?


b02dcc () No. 1873896


Did Bin Laden actually die years earlier from kidney disease?

a10aa0 () No. 1874019

Q, two questions:

1. Will POTUS say "Q" in his speech at one of his rallies and thus bring Q out into the MAIN STREAM?

2. Will the cloning centers be completely shut down and destroyed WW?

0f18f2 () No. 1874026

bb9e0a4ccde56f....jpg (146 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, this is NOT na....jpg) (h)

aff551ed8bc775....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 166, 460 : 299, chemtrails.jpg) (h)

What is the truth behind geoengineering/chem-trails?

AND is POTUS going to do anything to stop it or is it necessary for the time being to hide the sky? Or is it basically out of his control/power?

3fb954 () No. 1874056


Yes, there is nothing more discouraging or oppressive, reminding us of the lawlessness that is so pervasive, than seeing our skies filled with this. What is is, why is it, when will it stop?

c13d3c () No. 1874093

When will the harmful chemicals put in our water and food be stopped?

b02dcc () No. 1874098


Are mosques in major cities being stockpiled with weapons? I never see any women or children in their schools or mosques.

c13d3c () No. 1874117

Was the 16th amendment properly ratified?

2d08c9 () No. 1874119

How are you?

3fb954 () No. 1874154


A CON CON?! NO!!!!!!!! One amendment at a time perhaps, by 2/3 of the individual, sovereign States, but NOT a whole convention. They would subvert the whole document and it would be lost to us forever. It is a CON CON and Rush/Hannity are either stupid or are in on it. I would not doubt the later.

3fb954 () No. 1874163


I can answer that one. No. It never got the requisite 2/3 vote by the individual States.

8e5cbc () No. 1874164

Trudeau was a premature first step I assume, how bad is the traffick at our Canadian border, and what roles do the PM play? He is important to cabal, where can Canadians physically look?

8e5cbc () No. 1874167


I know the lines on east and west, as well as through sask and the northern manitoba are hotspots I am told, as well as the border states with the forests owned by our friends the British Monarch..

7764d8 () No. 1874176



+++[M]=Master=??? (hiding in plain site)

Who (name) and where is "The Master"?

3fb954 () No. 1874255

Q. We have to fight like hell to block this. The first step is figuring out districts that are targeted. Do you have recommendations for the most expeditious way to stop this? >>1873289

Scalise is correct. Obama and Holder have teamed up to redraw district lines in swing states.

Obama - https://www.ofa.us/

Holder - https://democraticredistricting.com/


00dfdf () No. 1874290

Info on 22nd of June and Pope being served common law arrest warrant by common law sheriffs? Cancelling 9th Circle Catholic Black Mass cult ceremony. This was an event for Bergaglio to lobby against Switzerland SMI Sovereign Money Initiative as Vatican Bank has assets tied to Swiss banking system, standing to lose if SMI was approved.

In regards to 2014 Brussels common law court convicting Bergaglio of crimes against humanity.

was pope actually bamboozled and they managed to cuff his nasty self before being jumped and beaten severely by the nazi brownshirt Vatican storm troopers?

392099 () No. 1874421

Is BrilliantLightPower the power source of the future?


51031d () No. 1874436

CIA blacksites, have we rescued anyone from them? And are any going to testify?

I think it was San Francisco back in the day that the police chief would just have people who got in his way committed. Just wondering if anyone has been saved.

c8aa68 () No. 1874447








'"BIG problems."'


Do the 11 dots signify a general time frame?

November perhaps?

Or is it some other "Technology Company", as yet…not mentioned?

90b9ef () No. 1874473

Q, does this corruption within the FBI trace back to the missing FBI files found in HRC's office circa Whitewater?

c15dcb () No. 1874532


02d584 () No. 1874544


>>This thread will be dedicated to collecting questions for Q-team. Anons post your questions here and please voice your opinions on questions other anons have posted here.

Q, are there ANY plans on scrapping the Federal Reserve and replacing it with something more gold standard like?

6cde3f () No. 1874578

d76d18cba1b048....png (567 KB, 255 x 222, 725 : 632, waldman.assange.png) (h)

f6c75600f0324f....png (87 KB, 255 x 204, 698 : 558, waldman.deripa....png) (h)


this adam waldman, a registered lobbyist for deripaska and up to the neck in spygate

is also Assange most frequent visitor and

jony Depps lawyer

6cde3f () No. 1874629

5ce8da13fa31fb....png (387 KB, 255 x 181, 1120 : 796, waldman.depp.d....png) (h)

who is adam waldman?

ff834a () No. 1874661

Ever since Obama signed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, it seems fake news is everywhere.

Will there come a time when the media will be held accountable for what they do?

bf0ca1 () No. 1874679

What does the dragon mean as a symbol?

220cfd () No. 1874682

Free Tommy!!!

b02dcc () No. 1874705


Hmmm. I keep getting emails from executives at a controversial European water company. Meeting notes and planning future meetings, etc. My email address is apparently similar to the private email address of a former U.S. 3-letter-agency director. Or it’s possibly the email address of an entirely different person, but with the same name. I’ve notified them of the wrong address several times, but I keep receiving their emails. No way in hell would I ever click on any of the attachments. They don’t send encrypted mail. Very odd coincidence...

291fc4 () No. 1874751

b43bf995f95675....jpg (30 KB, 255 x 171, 660 : 442, maduro kerry.jpg) (h)

What about Venezuela ?… What can be done for us? Kerry and Maduro seem to have links.

15d475 () No. 1874757


I think it refers to others. Satan Inside?

dc4844 () No. 1874782

Greetings Q,

I hope and pray you are not a lonely single individual and have cadre around you. Please stay safe and don't die.

Jordan B. Peterson explains that left-leaning folks innate moral beliefs centered around delivering fairness and equity are the pathway for masterminds and despots to claim power and twist the culture. That a drive for something that seems so natural and right, fairness, could be used to subvert and enslave mankind and lead to atrocities and genocides strikes me as the greatest social exploit of all time. It has got to be satanic. Peterson says that the antidote is getting more people to be self-reliant, improve themselves mentally and physically, and to get themselves sorted morally. Beyond encouragement for everyone to "yeah, do that", can you give us an actionable next step? We can steer society back towards the good for the long term and you can focus where we go one and all!

Also, as a lurker I posted a letter of gratitude in that thread to POTUS thanking God for him and that God uses even wicked men for his plans. That I didn't vote for him in '16, but he certainly has my vote next time. I encouraged others bring meaning to all this winning bigly. That God is real and active and to read the bible and get involved with a deep dive in bible study. There's usually one or two posts in that gratitude thread every day, and immediately following my gratitude, it seemed like there were hundreds and the thread was full. Was that shill activity reacting to what I said? What precisely was it about my gratitude that was so threatening to (((them)))? Seeing that flood of trash that followed my message freaked me out! Is there a proper recast of my points there that should be amplified/memeified?

Luv u,


5bb406 () No. 1874870

Can I work for Q and Trump?

956019 () No. 1874905

ec265a4362be61....jpg (138 KB, 156 x 255, 468 : 764, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

b80ba6543c4f1f....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 120, 1059 : 498, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

Q, Thank you, 45 & anons WW.

Who is "Number 1" the one right at the top of the pyramid of corruption/control/satanism? & are they in a kill box [ ]

The Prisoner (Patrick Mcgoohan) is so close to the truth…

"I am not a number, I am a free man"

e9e5f6 () No. 1874911

question for Q:

How in the hell did a 187 happened to this FBI agent who was going to testify against the Hillary and Hussein cover up in fast & furious? Why wasn't he and his family in witsec?

http://www.neonnettle. com/features/1398-fbi-agent-who-exposed-hillary-clinton-s-cover-up-found-dead

dbe9b2 () No. 1874931

No Question except this comment/advice…

Rip the fucking band-aids off of everything and expose the deep, festering wounds the MSM and corrupt pols hid for years!

It'll be ugly but you only get one historical chance at this. Let the light of day actually become the strongest antiseptic.

Please…Mr. Trump…don't go halfway on this!


956019 () No. 1874960

6fecd746ca93d0....jpg (144 KB, 255 x 120, 1056 : 497, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

e17fd432b37b17....jpg (178 KB, 254 x 255, 502 : 503, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

Hi Q, please [BBC]

The heat seems to be off the Fake News BBC why? the are one of if not the worst WW Fake News and propagandists and involved in regime change…

[EU] too!

956019 () No. 1874966


Totally agree with you….

c5309e () No. 1874972

Q, "Scope and Size biggest in history"

Will it be one big case with thousands of defendants or smaller cases revealed at the same time?

8766c7 () No. 1874985

When Potus learned from his Uncle John, was he schooled on Tesla, Val Valiant and time travel aka Ingersoll Lockwood

8766c7 () No. 1875038

Will something be done for Otto Warmbeir in absentia.

What can we do to stop the attacks on Our first lady, will propaganda laws be put back in place.

b680f4 () No. 1875059

Begin Q answer session simulation.

Will we be told the truth?

Signs point to yes [[[[[RP]]]]]

Better not tell you now (]JS[)

Cannot predict now -= [Most likely]

Don't count on it. Disinfo necessary

Trust the plan.

What is the plan?

Have to trust the plan to find out what's in the plan

dd7064 () No. 1875182

I put it to a vote that the best 5 Questions be put forward.

4b6625 () No. 1875201

Q, Is a cure for Alzheimer's being withheld by patent ownership? If so, will it be made available? Suffering now. Thank you, Q!!!

888094 () No. 1875202

Will we ever find out the extent and nature of black budget human experimentation? I have reason to believe there were seriously unethical experiments conducted on US citizens as well as foreign nationals during the 50s and 60s.

The details suggest Cabal links and are very worrying. Will this be on the table for disclosure at all in the near future?

8766c7 () No. 1875220


Who would decide what is "Best".

Group think doesn't make one more pertinent than the next. Aren't we supposed to be thinking outside the box.

a0123d () No. 1875245

e4406602864b0a....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 150, 568 : 335, Q&A.jpg) (h)

1d2631 () No. 1875260


don't you think that is up to Q?

8766c7 () No. 1875267



a0123d () No. 1875278


Open Source. Start with Tuskegee and let your mouse do the walking.

e20e8e () No. 1875357

Thank Q for all you do.

Will the Voice of God and other Advanced weapons being used to Gas Light and Torture people World Wide be stopped?

They drive you from you support mechanisms. With the V2K and Emotion manipulation. I not only experience personally (My Mother died from a blood vessel in her head bleeding out from the same program deployed against her. My Cat scans show that developing in me.) But I see my fellow Americans in the streets being V2K'd into getting more C_A drugs to drown out the S.A.T.A.N Computer running scripts in their head. Will it end with D.A.R.P.A' Mastering the Human Domain by 2020? Or will you have to take more direct action. Thank you Q team for the Hope you give to everyone WW.

02d584 () No. 1875374

Why was Peter Fonda allowed to commit terroristic threat on POTUS's son and not arrested?

If it had been one of us the doors would have been kicked in in short order.

How do we do away with the 2 tier justice system?

10e2d7 () No. 1875380

Q, could you touch on:

health and cures.

real history disclosure.

mandela effect.

door of all doors.

god bless POTUS and Q!


888094 () No. 1875474


I'm talking about even more vile, unconscionable experimentation. I'm familiar with the publicly acknowledged cases. It's the stuff you can't find any information about online that troubles me.

a3550f () No. 1875478

Does the DNC comm directly to MS-13? If so, how? If not, then through whom or what platform?

3b8f7b () No. 1875480

History & Education -

1) How will The Great Awakening affect the history we've been taught? Will the truth about Lincoln, JFK, Hitler, Vietnam ( and all the other historical events ) come out for *everyone*?

2a) To tie in to #1, have any long-term education reform plans been put in place? We know the education system was explicitly designed to dumb us down, so will we finally be 'liberated' from being 'made stupid'?

Business/Work life -

How can we expect our daily work life to change? As americans, we spend 40+ hours a week at work, longer than that sleeping. That leaves very little time to 'live'. Will the work/play ratio get better with all the fiat changes?

88773a () No. 1875508

The American taxpayer has been the mark for worldwide scams for decades. I hope the Trump admin can confiscate much of this ill gotten wealth. If so, I'd like some reparations. How about basing this on the amount of taxes paid by each individual?

a3550f () No. 1875528

Who coordinates with MS-13? Does the DNC go through alphabet agencies? Through collaborators in Mexico? Local govt.\ party officials involved? What thread do patriots pull to start unraveling?

a3550f () No. 1875546

Ballpark figure: how many times has MS-13 been contracted out for hits on US citizens?

9760ee () No. 1875554



HE IS ANOTHER SALLY YATES and CREW VICTIM for Exposing Atlanta CORRUPTION to the core!!!

1d4edb () No. 1875615

I also wanted to ask…..Did Obama have anything to do with Jake Brewer’s death? Jake is the deceased husband of Mary Katherine Ham who at one time was a Fox News contributor. Jake was a high level employee at the WH and dealt with voting issues and outreach. He definitely had access to information. He was killed in 2015 when riding a bike. I’ve always felt like his death was suspicious.

b866ec () No. 1875628

Q, did the gloves coming off and finally going on the offensive to expose the deep state just mean Melania will start wearing coats with worded messages on them? That's just hammering the deep state. What will they do!?

And Rosenstein. Supposed to have been canned last week? Sure.

a3550f () No. 1875639

Is MK-ULTRA ongoing (i.e., new crops of people being groomed?)? Did it stop? Was there collaboration of clowns with fbi in the program's history? Was cruz(parkland)\cruz's dad involved?

180593 () No. 1875697

Does Potus still plan to run a second term?

-note to anons-

the first Q&A was trash imo I think we need to take this opportunity seriously and maybe try to agree on some basic questions to get answered. Like with a poll or something.

9760ee () No. 1875741


HE IS ANOTHER SALLY YATES and CREW VICTIM for Exposing Atlanta CORRUPTION to the core!!!

20d727 () No. 1875767

Are we anons part of the millions that will be/are being fooled as stated in the Bible?


a3550f () No. 1875772

What open source platforms\article columns\show segments\etc. do enemy\black hats etc. use to communicate orders\narratives? Unrelated and not that important: can you put a bug in POTUS's ear to have Sandi Patti sing ssb on 11-11? Best rendition of ssb ever, period. USMC vets opinion

d41ef1 () No. 1875812


To add to this if TM betrays us on Brexit I'd be open to forced US annexation.

45b7aa () No. 1875842

How do you plan to take down the Royal Family?

a3550f () No. 1875998

Q, you tell us to learn your comms, we're trying. Currently reading Spartans in Darkness. What about enemy comms? How do they comm\issue orders and talking points over open sources?

be3b07 () No. 1876033


This may also help to partially answer your excellent question Anon. I'm north of the border in Canada and the talk up here is that earlier this year (2018) the Clintons visited a home they apparently own in or around a small affluent English speaking town called North Hatley in the southern part of the province of Quebec, just a short drive from a Canada/US border crossing.

It needs to be understood that an official border crossing in that part of the continent is practically a joke as there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of wide open roads crossing the border where anyone can get through undetected day or night. Even easier is getting across by boat on the large Memphremagog lake which naturally crosses the border. Crossing the border willy nilly by boat on that lake is a long standing tradition with both Americans and Canadians for all manner of reasons.

a3550f () No. 1876052

Reveal enemy comms, anons check past to prove future = great proof of Q for normies and those skeptical.

621cfd () No. 1876144

dd035e9fc1662f....jpg (14 KB, 161 x 255, 252 : 400, DanielQuinn_Is....jpg) (h)

Daniel Quinn wrote a book called "Ishmael" that alludes to the philosophies of Illuminati, free market capitalism, and depending on a higher power. (the leavers versus the takers).

Who do you see as the "leavers" and "takers"?

Do you agree with this philosophy:

"You may compete to the full extent of your capabilities, but you may not hunt down competitors or destroy their food or deny them access to food. In other words, you may compete but you may not wage war."

What "story" are you trying to tell?

"There's nothing fundamentally wrong with people. Given a story to enact that puts them in accord with the world, they will live in accord with the world. But given a story to enact that puts them at odds with the world, as yours does, they will live at odds with the world. Given a story to enact in which they are the lords of the world, they will act as the lords of the world. And, given a story to enact in which the world is a foe to be conquered, they will conquer it like a foe, and one day, inevitably, their foe will lie bleeding to death at their feet, as the world is now."


713025 () No. 1876160


I would be very careful like you appear to be doing. These guys play for keeps. Something is happening with water companies that I have been looking into. Electric Companies are taking control of the water companies. As to the emails, no such thing as coincidence…. Be careful….

c13d3c () No. 1876195


Yes, I know the answer but will it be removed is what I was getting at

5260de () No. 1876209

You probably know a lot of us voted for Bernie Sanders–but I'm here to support freedom and truth over politics.

Questions for and from ex-liberals.

The people who liberals think they are helping: the poor, Yemenis, Native Americans, Palestinians, Women in Africa and the Middle East, those persecuted for their religion: are there any real/honest charity/NGO organizations out there?

The environment, actually protecting it–how?

The clown companies, the good patriots working there: how can they be redirected for good?

The true patriots on the Democrat side: are there any? Has Tulsi Gabbard been freed or is she working for the clowns? Can anyone on the Democratic side carry the torch of a new "left" party?

88f1ae () No. 1876251


NWO - N doesn't stand for New nor Nazi but, Nazi is of N.

Does N stand for Nephilim and does the "follow the bloodlines" mean that they have the Nephilim gene?

cdbec9 () No. 1876337

Question for Q:

If (((They)) are eliminated, how can we prevent humans from repeating the same scenario?

cb346d () No. 1876402

My son (not MIL) for several weeks is guide to a small group of Delta Force. I'm so excited. I told him to ask them about Q. This shall be interesting. There are no coincidences… can be smaller happenings too.

37200e () No. 1876405

Hi Q and +

First would like to thank you for your efforts. Very important for us out here in east Texas.

My questions(s) have to do with the criminal illegal aliens already here and their cover provided by corrupt sheriffs, police chiefs, politicians, and community leaders.

We live in a narco economy out here in east Texas.

Semi loads full of drugs and people run past my house on a little country road daily. We tried reporting it to city county state and federal officials and have gotten nothing but harassed in return; the sheriff have even threatened to arrest us for defending ourselves against the cartel members and their thugs.

We have import export to our east and west, regional distribution to our north and east, and a retail outlet or two to our west; all within a four mile radius of our home.

What can be done about this?

How can the narco economy be broken in communities like ours in east Texas?

There is HUGE money in this and the cartels buy who and what they want.

They are getting official cover at the federal level someplace and the state and federal agencies tasked to deal with it here have employees on the cartel payroll.

What can we be doing to improve things?

What are the plans for the narco economies like ours in east Texas?

Thank you for everything and God bless and protect you all.

We are in a spiritual war with physical demons.

cb346d () No. 1876471

Can the United States of America join, as Plaintiff, this Civil Suit? https://www.scribd.com/document/382267057/Clinton-Soros-RICO

2b7d49 () No. 1876477


Without voter ID requirements and voter fraud taken care of, all of this is for nothing. Please give us hope these issues will be fixed.

cb346d () No. 1876515


Government ReOrganization, 100 years about the same, bizaare results, cheese pizza!

Drain the Swamp Cabinet Meeting @ 16mins 13secs


37200e () No. 1876527

Hi Q and +

First would like to thank you for your efforts. Very important for us out here in east Texas.

My questions(s) have to do with the criminal illegal aliens already here and their cover provided by corrupt sheriffs, police chiefs, politicians, and community leaders.

We live in a narco economy out here in east Texas.

Semi loads full of drugs and people run past my house on a little country road daily. We tried reporting it to city county state and federal officials and have gotten nothing but harassed in return; the sheriff have even threatened to arrest us for defending ourselves against the cartel members and their thugs.

We have import export to our east and west, regional distribution to our north and east, and a retail outlet or two to our west; all within a four mile radius of our home.

What can be done about this?

How can the narco economy be broken in communities like ours in east Texas?

There is HUGE money in this and the cartels buy who and what they want.

They are getting official cover at the federal level someplace and the state and federal agencies tasked to deal with it here have employees on the cartel payroll.

What can we be doing to improve things?

What are the plans for the narco economies like ours in east Texas?

Thank you for everything and God bless and protect you all.

We are in a spiritual war with physical demons.

cb346d () No. 1876573

Will POTUS think about putting a (call it) "Q Rally" in place for the Anons/Patriots or name it "Rally 17"? Maybe this could take place in Quincy, Massachusetts. I want to be at one of POTUS' rallies in a bigly way.

cb346d () No. 1876612

11 11 How is POTUS' parade coming along? Confirmed and funded? I'm going!

b02dcc () No. 1876685


Thank you anon! I’m not a paranoid person, but this has given me a very uneasy feeling since it first started. Thanks for your reply. I don’t feel so alone with it now.

ddce7e () No. 1876688


>Will I still be alive when the footage is unclassified; or will I die ever waiting like the JFK evidence?

Possibly not, if you keep Doxxing yourself. Read the rules.

7825a3 () No. 1876704

How can the hatred that Democrats have for their political opponents be successfully addressed in the face of a media which is shamelessly partisan, tells lies, and distorts the truth at every opportunity. Will the media ever speak up for kindness, honesty, truth and justice?

e4718f () No. 1876767

0028d7985757b9....jpg (177 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, maxresdefsault.jpg) (h)

I see a bunch of questions here that mention vaccines, but I am particularly interested in the forced and additional vaccines required by our military (Anthrax etc), but alas my question has been deleted. I have a son leaving for the Marines soon, following in my footsteps. So my question again is. When will POTUS stop mandatory vaccination of his military personnel?

bee30e () No. 1876772

The corruption in FBI field offices is as bad as DC. Will it be stopped, and will there be justice for the victims?

Regular people have endured similar mistreatment by the FBI that President Trump has endured but with a key difference. While the President has the NSA and military helping him, other victims of the FBI have had no one to help them.

1555f6 () No. 1876788

All TRUSTs have a specific name that follow it, with the exception of (name) who we will find out later (and most think it's GOWDY). Why KANSAS and not his actual name?

ddce7e () No. 1876818


Ditto, I upvote this question.

Family and friends of similar.

4b67f4 () No. 1876873

Thank You Q!

Why is there no mention of Wellington House/Tavistock related endeavors

in this battle? Do you have access to the Tavistock archives?

8766c7 () No. 1876901


It was posted (not a quote)

They won't even be able to go in public

It seems to me with recent attacks against

Trump administration THEY are unable

to move freely…..

So, what's the deal?

366fcd () No. 1876959

1.) When POTUS says "WITCH HUNT" – does he mean this in the literal sense, as in real/actual magic is at play here somehow? And not just the cosplay hokum done by a bunch of brainless spoiled elites.

2.) Can you elaborate on the assassination plot(s) and/or attempt(s) against POTUS, his family, and /ourguys/?

3.) Can you confirm if any of our favorite FBI scoundrels are/were MI6 agents?

346686 () No. 1877070

Let me give you guys some advice. Keep in mind that Q is military intelligence. He's not going to have much of a response to retarded stuff like, "Tell us about the Pleiadian alliance with Ashtar Command and the war against the Draco reptilians" or "Great Pyramids of Giza contain Akashic Records yes or no??????"

065ce1 () No. 1877143

Next IG Report ETA?

9b4544 () No. 1877180

a8818938575779....jpg (218 KB, 255 x 255, 1000 : 1000, QWHERERES.jpg) (h)


I have one question and only one question:


Q, you keep saying saying "we have it all" over and over again. You and others knew everything and yet so much evil was allowed to stand and for so long that it got to a point where you could literally trigger a civil war by disclosing. How could you sit by idly and do nothing all this time? No one leaked anything, no one said a thing, children were being literally ripped apart and murdered for the enjoyment of the elite and no one leaked a thing. WHERE WERE YOU THEN?! The NSA knew, the FBI knew, and no one said anything, and now Trump keeps repeating that the "rank and file people are great, it’s those at the top that failed". Where were the rank and file people when satanists were slaughtering innocence? WHERE WERE YOU? WHERE WERE THE GOOD RANK AND FILE PEOPLE?

We deserve to know. Or did you and others only now switch teams, because Trump is a winner/on the winning team?

b10ad3 () No. 1877284

Q, what's up with Council for National Policy (the CFR equivalent and probable replacement)?


d36563 () No. 1877304


Peace is the Prize, We are Winning but are (((we))) prepared for the worst? As in [W A R]st?

63a3e8 () No. 1877305

Q. Do we really live on a spinning globe?

d36563 () No. 1877361

R some of (((us))) gonna get a job offer? My day job s u c k s.

7013f9 () No. 1877386


Will you release the Hillary tape?

Nothing short of that is gonna wake up the sleepers Q. DOITQ!

512c16 () No. 1877435

There has been something bugging me; resignations show something however to think it impacts these people's finances the way it does regular folk seems illogical. These people resigning are already rich and connected. Merely stepping down from one position doesn't mean the existing system is changing. This is the "shadow government's" number one tool. Manipulating the numbers. Changing masks. Why are relying on this metric so much?

Also, wasn't their plan to chip and control anyway? Why would resigning from (to them) a useless and crumbling system of control, be any kind of big deal to their operation?

e7fe36 () No. 1877462

Listen up MAGAfags, these are the Qs we need answers for:

Is Trump currently/planning to work with ETs? Is that part of what the 'Space Force' means?

Is Trump aware of the Electro Magnetic Vehicles that protect us from CMEs from the sun, as observed by NASA Dr Bergrun and described by James Horak

Will Trump seek ET/EMV intervention to repair the irreversible damage caused by Fukushimas reactors reaching the Earths mantle?

Why was there a motorola RFID 4th Generation chip found in Napoleons skull as discovered by Dr Antoine Lefebvre? Rotschild time travel to implant and ensure he lost a waterloo and Rotschilds won bigly?

Were hall of records found under the paw of the Sphynx? and in Romanian Buccegi Mountains?

The moon is a space station our ancestors arrived on around 325,000 years ago?

ETs exist on Jupiters moons, Venus and elsewhere?

Will the true nature of human history and previous exctinctions be revealed?

What is really happening in Antartica, supposedly Blond elders (like Jerry Wills) live there who Admiral Byrd met - diary was wiped?

Are there machines in the moon and on earth that keep the moon/space station in Orbit?

Moses was Pharoah Akunhaten. Papyrus in Tutenkhamun found by Howard Carter supprressed?

Was Dr Bergrun right?

The grey aliens are Androids that alligned with our MIC because they shared technology with us?

Why did Napoleon shoot at the great Sphynxs face?

Will we see free energy Niko Tesla style? Cold Fusion?

fb6be1 () No. 1877490

Given that this Cabal has infested almost every area of society, i.e. military, politics, judicial & law enforcement, media, pharma, tech, academia, etc. What measures are being taken to address the pervasive rot in all these areas as a whole?

Individually, my personal greatest concern is with academics, many of us have little kids in school being propogandized. How will this be addressed, can anything be done? Common Core standards?

63c60a () No. 1877579

Were you responsible for the Gupta leaks in RSA and can we look forward to further assistance?

e7fe36 () No. 1877612

Most of these are fucking dire concernFag questions or too specific. Think BIG. Ask where the fuck we came from religion is all fairy tale shit

40dc10 () No. 1877624

How do any of these political/criminal events connect with the rush for these connected leaders/criminals to recently !physically! travel to Antarctica?

4f3263 () No. 1877632

*) Antarctica: why the alleged bombs then? Worth it? Are the resources already being used? When?

*) Pederasty: Why is this always their end goal, throughout time?

*) Azores & PT: What role does it have? Only B4 unique analog communications? Location? There's a reason for the long stupor/bought submission. In their nature? Ocean?

*) The world is watching: who are our true allies in this fight?

*) History is cyclical: Strong Men create Good Times phase is here now. What specific signs my descents need to know when the Weak Men creating Bad Times try to rise again?

Good moral transcends geography and time.

Thank you for doing your duty and holding us to ours


b9b3b7 () No. 1877639

b214edb99c00ee....jpeg (63 KB, 255 x 166, 1071 : 696, australian-fla....jpeg) (h)


Australia is one of the most cucked countries in the world.

Evidence of deeply embedded Roth/Joo/Pedo influence right to the top.

Government is almost openly corrupt now & seem to be laughing at the average Australian. The country is fast heading the same way as Europe but the population just doesn't seem to get it.

It's more difficult here as we don't have "1st Amendment" type protections.

I feel like we're on our own here.

- When is our time?

- Is anyone coming through who Aussies can support/help?

- Where should we look? I can't see any obvious candidates capable of steering Australia out of this shit.

All hints gratefully accepted.

62c4c5 () No. 1877682

244901106e2fad....png (1050 KB, 255 x 170, 1332 : 888, 27db4ac1408507....png) (h)

Q, could you get President Trump to start calling Dick Durbin "Dirty Dick" or "Icky Dicky"? Thanks.

b9b3b7 () No. 1877700


Ask your questions. Let others ask theirs. You are not The Government of Questions.

62c4c5 () No. 1877702

f72ff900dcbc62....png (1949 KB, 255 x 166, 1648 : 1070, Untitledaaadfas.png) (h)

OOPS, geez. I meant this.

691c0b () No. 1877735

Will we find out exactly how long our countries corrupted roots are? It seems it became clear in the 1950's but I believe it goes farther back than that. Will the major events be fully exposed and what time frame is the goal?

d41ef1 () No. 1877741

Ok here is a serious question.

Why haven't the cabal crashed the economy or at the very least caused a recession serious enough to make Trump look bad in the mid terms? what is stopping them?

31822e () No. 1877798


I believe I speak for all of 8chan when I beseech you sir, please end the shilling of :


Flat Earth

Jews the root of all evil

and the god forsaken clock!

Please confirm this is all BS! We BEG YOU!

c3f256 () No. 1877884



0fa7e9 () No. 1877894


you are an idiot. please find another board

0fa7e9 () No. 1877920


if you have not figured out flat earth isnt real then we cant help you here. may i suggest taking a plane ride or look at at the ocean horizon.

0fa7e9 () No. 1877937


there are only a few people who push jews evil and flat earth and they are truly idiots. thanks.

c8de94 () No. 1877952

When will we get 9/11 truth and information about the dancing Israeli and Israeli art students?

When will we know the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing and how the FBI planned it themselves?

When will the truth about Waco be known and how David Koresh was surveilling the CIA kid-smuggling operation at a nearby airport?

When will the FED be audited?

When will Soros be taken down with RICO?

When will Google be broken up with anti-trust laws?

When will the fucking wall be built?

When will patriots start exposing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan?

When will patriots start eliminating the Frankfurt School?

When will the disastrous Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 be repealed?

When will the Feds fight back against sanctuary states by withholding funding?

When will Trump issue an executive order nullifying the unconstitutional National Firearms Act?

When will the child molesters and pizza lovers be held responsible?

When will Jeffrey Epstein be shut down?

When will we know the contents of Weiner's laptop?

When will the holohoax be exposed and information about how the Russians built the "gas chambers" be revealed?

When will Laura Silsby, convicted child trafficker, be fired from the Amber Alert organization?

When will the truth about the JFK assassination be released?

Movement on even one of these items would cement Trump as the greatest president in history and ensure the success of patriots against the forces of evil.

c3f256 () No. 1877953


Good Kek

c3f256 () No. 1877992


Duly noted

0fa7e9 () No. 1878011

1767869b74e496....png (1206 KB, 255 x 143, 2208 : 1242, IMG_0428.png) (h)


here's to the people that think Q would actually answer some of your dumbass questions. The whole point of this is not to be specific but to have general questions. board owners need to do a better job of deleting idiots/fake questions. dont make a board if you cant maintanence. thanks

0fa7e9 () No. 1878096


sorry BO. shills got me feelin angry

1201b8 () No. 1878156

At the proper time, will we be able to get an official Q map with your meaning for each drop?

0fa7e9 () No. 1878174

f4dcf433691ce8....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 144, 750 : 423, IMG_0431.jpg) (h)


This is really the only question I have. I trust the plan and my intuition for everything else. thanks board owner, q team, and q+ for saving my life and saving my hope.

e7fe36 () No. 1878190

Are we living in an alternate timeline created when Rotschilds travelled back in time and implanted RFID chip in Napoleons brain? Ref - Montauk Experiments / Philidelphia Project

Will space travel be possible in our lifetimes?

Will full disclosure be made available to those who know how to find it?

What do you do by night? 'Travel'? Astral projection?

Once Trump wins YUGE at the midterms, will the State of the Union 2019 be one the universe never forgets?

How do i get involved in the fkin SPACE FORCE?!!

Thanks Q

e7fe36 () No. 1878276


Butthurt concernfag upset because they were one of those who wrote a concernfag question. If you truly TRUST Q, which you SHOULD. Then you would not ask, will we be ok Q? will we really though.

Of course we fucking will, weve already WON!

152a24 () No. 1878324


Q. Is this a sensitive area?

No-one has brought this topic up (apart from me, twice). F.E.M.A. holds MORE power than the President, & the Government, (((they))) can even suspend the Constitution.

My Question is..Can F.E.M.A. and thoose controlling it be TRUSTED?

4ffce6 () No. 1878383

Will truth about Sandy Hook, Pulse, Belgium, Nice, Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo, Jo Cox, Boston, WDBJ, San Bernardino, Vegas and other Fake events be revealed? Too many to list.

Will Smith-Mundt Act be returned to ban propaganda again?

c3f256 () No. 1878539


Yes! This

b1914b () No. 1878590

9ff57e2c77e3c1....png (524 KB, 128 x 128, 768 : 684, hochsprung-anz....png) (h)

a93b6f5411424c....jpg (179 KB, 128 x 128, 672 : 1112, IMG_ddjgdd.jpg) (h)


Together We Are Stronger

We are sending new FOIA re:SHH

Perhaps Declas will happen.

When have school maintenance records ever been of National Security Interest that requires redaction?

Thanks to a few Patriots we now have Postal records showing SHE mail was being forwarded to Chalk Hill PRIOR to event. Dean's Foods provided invoices of food for SHE being shipped to Chalk Hill PRIOR to the event.

Wheels of Justice may be slow but at least they turn.


51031d () No. 1878601

With all the Democrat Mayors, Governors, and politicians screaming about the seperation of kids from parents…. wouldn't right now be the best time for Trump and others to expose Pedogate and the Deepstste human trafficking and bust the whole thing wide open?

c3f256 () No. 1878612

ac7e15 () No. 1878619


1. Have any of the images you have posted employed steganograpy?

2. You have made a point of saying that everything has meaning. Does this include the apparently gratuitous statements "These people are sick" and "These people are stupid"?

f6b3ef () No. 1878674


Undercover agents sometimes have to do contrary to what they wish they could do in order to gather evidence on the bad guys so they can take them down in the end. As big as this is, letting one pedo go so they can catch thousands is probably a choice they had to make. That'd be my guess.

Post #585


He played the game to remain in control.


8a69b7 () No. 1878690

Q: Will we see civil unrest prior to the end of the first term?

Follow-up: What can we do to avoid this and will we receive an advanced warning?

956019 () No. 1878718

e54d2b9344afa0....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 178, 609 : 424, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

89908def922e1e....jpg (241 KB, 255 x 193, 613 : 464, Screen Shot 06....jpg) (h)

Hi Q,

1, "What is the keystone?" = "ROTHSCHILD OWNED & CONTROLLED BANKS" ?

2, Antartica, why the 66th limit for normal people, what is being hidden from us?

3, Please at least acknowlage if we are being sprayed like bugs by the aeroplanes….. just a yes or no would be great.

Thank you for starting to make the world a better place for our children & their children.

344be8 () No. 1878723


Concur, gf is Puerto Rican. Boy they are a though crowd to warm up for Trump.


>Did the Marines really raid C_A HQ in Langley ?


> 5) Bitcoin = future digital cage, controlled by NWO?

> 6) Does Merkel know about George Soros true plans?



>60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.

Don't mistake the masses as completely innocent. Many of us anons have been awake for years or decades, ridiculed, feeling outcast and undergone social and psychological stress at the hands of those who were to ignorant or deliberately chose to remain blissfully unaware. I vote to punish humanity slightly by increasing the exposure to 50%.

1) We have been told to look out for retirements, firings etc. When will we see this prominently amongst the talking heads? Maddow is still crying whenever it fits his narrative. Will the Maddows, Blitzers and Coopers make a deal and change their narrative or will they be fired?

2) Will Hillary (and others of the cabal) be in jail by Christmas?

3) How will financial markets react? Will the rigging of Gold and Silver at the Comex stop?

Will the tech bubble (with cabal companies Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) pop? What about bitcoin? NWO money?

I will be honest in that I would like to profit from this sort of "insider" information (even though its accessible to all) but I also think that society would benefit as a whole when in addition to 20000 cabal members being rounded up, a transfer of wealth occurs towards the anons here and away from whoever in the cabal that might be left over.

dbf343 () No. 1878754

Will Obama & Hillary et al all end up in jail, or will we be disappointed?

b1914b () No. 1878755

0b6c8de1aeb318....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 142, 480 : 268, IMG_20180520_2....jpg) (h)

344be8 () No. 1878806

What are the things an anon should be aware off when it comes to his health and maintaining his intelligence.

Processed foods?

Wifi devices?

Porn addiction?

Internet addiction?

Weed addiction?

Alcohol addiction?

Fluoride in the water?

What about Israel? What is their role?

You said once you were keeping them for last. Well is it time already?

Why did you endorse the video that claimed it was a leaked speech of Obama to Bilderberg? Just for the guy at the end? Who was it and why jeopardize your credibility in such a way?

c3f256 () No. 1878831

Hi, Q. You said the fight is Good vs Evil. Is one of the EVIL’S the Luciferian/Appolyon Agenda (including child sacrifice/pedo’s to create a new race within the human race? They advertise that their mission is complete and their avatar, some believe Hussein is the Avatar. Is this one of the Evils you fight against? Have you been made aware of our origin of species? Do you consider fallen Angels to be Aliens or Demons, or both. I know we will win in the end, but the Devil is in the details. Thank you and all Patriots fighting the good fight!

6b3731 () No. 1878912

one Qestion:

if the plan was in place before POTUS decided to run, and he was asked to take part. Who made the Plan?

Q is a messanger or herald to leak the info

POTUS is the polarzing leader


b1914b () No. 1878937

af55305de8ae07....jpg (184 KB, 178 x 255, 575 : 824, 2018-06-23_17.....jpg) (h)



c3f256 () No. 1878940

a5e74c3359b038....jpg (216 KB, 215 x 255, 734 : 869, GoodNewsWester....jpg) (h)


You are right on there, man. Feeling ridiculed, outcast…

86c8bb () No. 1879036

Was Melania poisoned?

71abb7 () No. 1879055

Has the Trump administration looked into what has created the violence, and what can be done to stop it continuing to develop, that the wall is supposed to prevent from entering the country?

344be8 () No. 1879195

I think I am not the only anon here that woke up during the presidential elections of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

Given the extreme blackout he endured during those elections and the controversial things he sometimes spoke about I was a bit surprised at the lack of love from POTUS to both of the Paul's.

Is there more than meets the eye. Are the Pauls being blackmailed or part of the cabal? Where do they fall in the fight between good and evil?

37a174 () No. 1879208


Can you give us insight on where some of these world leaders stand for the purposes of our work? Much of their actions go both with and against:




1b4cf9 () No. 1879471


should we get ready for counter protests riots etc. ?

1b4cf9 () No. 1879529


was Flotus sending us a message with jacket?

fef019 () No. 1879555

859df04c7daef9....png (2100 KB, 172 x 255, 1350 : 2000, 8chanmage.png) (h)

Was SC congressional candidate Katie Arrington getting taken out in a car crash a strike against team Trump? And will this political violence increase going into Nov?

Seems like #resist has no other path to victory, but terrorism.

a21abd () No. 1879618


Along this same line, will acts of sabotage by unions on national security programs be revealed and prosecuted? iam/needle/-33

e279d2 () No. 1879619

Have you already reached out to the anons of interest?

Should we confront people we know who have been part of the system?

How can we best make positive contributions/career choices knowing that everything is compromised?

a21abd () No. 1879675


Post-parade, will there be a database we can access to determine 'cabal/not-cabal' for employers, employees, companies, orgnizations, etc?

8fb59d () No. 1879685

Q, you said we “are being controlled”.

This control is full spectrum.

Long before the DOE SC dig:

I am partially aware of remote brain frequency manipulation, knowing that it exists, it works, and the endless possibilities for implementation, including taking back control of the US and the world, I cannot imagine that this BFT technology will ever go back in the Genie’s bottle. If you are not aware of this then you would not actually be in control.

Knowing this, can mankind ever truly be free, even within the realms of their own mind?

Or will we be so blessed to the point where this immoral intrusion tech will turned off of the population and be reserved only for very limited security purposes?

5344f3 () No. 1879781

Q team, single malt whiskey preferences?

I'm a big fan of McCallan and Highland Park.

61d25b () No. 1879828

Will the CCP subversion of US educational institutions be dealt with so that we don't end up in even worse shape in the coming decades?

I trust the plan, but know the future brings a worse wave otherwise.

2c8ab8 () No. 1879955


ABC – Cecilia Vega

ABC - David Muir

ABC – Diane Sawye

CNN – Jeff Zeleny

CNN - Jeff Zucker

CNN – John Berm

MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC - Beth Fouhy

MSNBC – Ed Schult


This is the closest I got )))…((( are these the people that are bribing


3b33bf () No. 1880135



KEYSTONE = clown agency

AngelFire project and ELSA

found in Vault 7

designed to circumvent N_A

proves "Russian hacking"

swings elections

creates backdoor in major vendors

obtains skims aggregates stores monitors tracks data real time

monitors civs corps orgs web

w/o detection w/o warrant

no oversight/US tax dollars

some outside US

ES = admin of 7 dwarfs

ES in NK

Location of dwarf?

Thank you NK

ES recently in Cuba


Crazy Maxine not so crazy

1cc049 () No. 1880194

Dearest Q Team, I cannot describe my level of gratitude for what you have done. My question is: how much farther do we have to go in hitting critical mass on the awakening?

f17e5d () No. 1880270

Q, Is Melania ok?

b1914b () No. 1880357

d6b98be1026d27....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 193, 1050 : 796, Read comms 5:5.jpg) (h)

0505a8cef0285a....png (336 KB, 143 x 255, 1080 : 1920, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


My inference to previous 5:5 post

Has POTUS or anyone from team received notice as of yet?

If not, isn't that a violation?

18 U.S. Code § 2705 - :5 Delayed notice



7cbd42 () No. 1880400














7cbd42 () No. 1880463



49cb04 () No. 1880467

Q, Can you tell us what will happen to companies that are involved in Pay to Play an No Bid contracts? Two in particular come to mind as found on the Q map. Our US Marines, Army and other armed forces depend upon reliable and honest support.

7cbd42 () No. 1880615


Who can you trust for honest and reliable support?

Your family?

Who is your family?

Honest and reliable support?

The [GOOD] catch-22.

88773a () No. 1880625

Will the military parade on 11/11 be used as a cover for mass arrests?

Will it be televised live? If so, what a show! As George Carlin said "I'm here for the show".

a5649e () No. 1880665

All that I ask for is that the same sort of gargantuan machinery of justice and disclosure that has been set in motion will spread world wide. The disinformation and propaganda flak is THICK in Europe, and extends to topics that a mere decade ago were unquestionable truths. I beg of you that the machinery of truth whose gears are turning ever faster in the US lights a fire of equal veracity in Europe. I do my part to the best of my abilities regardless, but the resistance is like wading through mud!

Regardless, fighting tirelessly. It's not about affiliation, it's about the world you, me, we manifest through thoughts and actions. God bless. Thank you for all that you've done and for rekindling my faith to be stronger than ever before.

7cbd42 () No. 1880783


[9]Narco economy must beheld ]]SEEN[[ as >>CANCER<< : : : . : : : > > >




9d745f () No. 1880905


What about public school indoctrination and how schools are taking advantage of people with expensive costs only artificially risen by govt.?

In the new world how will education flow? I believe soon 'after reset,' a lot of people will have to endure a bit of failure, liberal educators and enablers especially. This may leave lots of new opportunity for educators who have been shut down or stifled to speak their minds. Will the next education system have more freedom?

7cbd42 () No. 1881161


Who are you?

What do you hold true?

How do you think?

Education can only be entrusted to families.

da58eb () No. 1881520


Who, What, Why, Where, When?

d8a195 () No. 1881558

Q, why has the Bush crime family only been mentioned twice? I was raised a Democrat and ignored the contradictions in their platform until Ron Paul came around. I think most of us can agree the Bush-led faction of the cabal, the neoconservatives, were responsible for our wars in the Middle East and a number of our problems over the years.

While your attacks on the democrats are justified as the majority of the cabal agents are clearly in the Democratic party, you alienate middle-leaning Democrats by focusing almost all of your attacks on them. You mention that there is corruption on both sides, but I’ve been following since the beginning and the only times I remember you targeting a republican is the attacks on No Name, and regardless of what he’s done he’s seen as a war hero by most of the population.

Its not good optics if you want to appeal to both sides, and it will not have an impact on this sharply polarized political atmosphere. You are only reinforcing political views not changing them, and giving the MSM a reason to call this a far-right, cult-like movement.

If you truly want to change the political environment and prepare normies for the arrests you need to at least attempt to appeal to moderate Democrats, and you can’t do this just focusing on the faults of the Democratic Party. You need to give us some dirt on the Bushes and the Republican Party if you want people to truly believe this is not a partisan movement. This is the only way you can prove to people this movement is about good vs. evil and not right vs. left.

3311e8 () No. 1881587

When or will BHO and HRC be arrested?

8bc5af () No. 1881595


what happed to the passengers of the planes

on 9/11/2001

is jfk jr alive

a0dd44 () No. 1881615

Concrete (there's that word again) things we can do now to protect our children's innocence from the coming revelations?

159d40 () No. 1881698

9e94c7d8b48b82....png (143 KB, 255 x 168, 397 : 261, ChrisKyleChadL....png) (h)

Eddie Ray Routh's murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield coincidental or Hussein's payback to Muslim Brotherhood?

50c48b () No. 1882221

0d3a55 () No. 1882331

Q team

a question about the Red Hen occurance.

privately, i've dug fairly deep.

want to know if i am on to something

are the potters important

are the mansons important

need to know if ordering is important - seems ominous, but don't want to jump at nothing.

8e5786 () No. 1882343

130f7a5944fc3b....png (180 KB, 255 x 230, 703 : 635, NotMyGovernment.png) (h)

My Q Question:

In addition to the many men and women who have died or otherwise given their all in service to their fellow Americans, various patriots (civilian and military/ex-mil) have been exposing and taking action IRL against the hostes humani generis in America, such as John B. Nelson (see https://famguardian.org/Subjects/LawAndGovt/NewWorldOrder/DeclarationToAbolishUSGov.htm), The Farm Claims activists (see Constitution: Fact or Fiction), Teamlaw (http://teamlaw.net/Government/usmap.htm), notmygovernment.us/overview, various Private Attorneys General groups (e.g., pagsacrossamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Private_Attorney_General_Information.pdf), Karl Lentz, etc.

If Q-Team and POTUS are indeed returning the power inherent to govern themselves to the people, it would seem that the people should get busy in learning to govern, no?

If so, can POTUS arrange reliable resources to train fags like us to become PAG-fags and the like?

Thank You Q-Team and Godspeed!

Related Questions:


















8095ae () No. 1882831

Massive gratitude towards Q,Qteam,our beloved POTUS and his dear wife and family.

I offer a potential use of our constitution for the threat of those that follow the Quran. As an American citizen we have constitutional rights. Among those rights is the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Focusing on the right to life, it seems that right is denied if someone has a documented belief system to kill anyone that does not prescribe to the teachings and beliefs in the Quran.

The Quran IS unconstitutional as it is written. The people that follow and prescribe to the Quran are a threat to every American citizens constitutional rights. Isn't that illegal in America? Isn't denying every American citizens right to life a federal offence?

c3f256 () No. 1882891


I saw this it was fantastic. Like a college course in Cabal!

af9e85 () No. 1882899


Question for Q:

"The Protocols of the Suns of the Golden Dawn" (parts 1 & 2)-


49ee07 () No. 1883304

da14bd61e7cf24....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 182, 434 : 309, chelsea-clinto....jpg) (h)



Back in January you mentioned Marc Mezvinsky.


Did anons miss something? Redig?

Stay safe Q

621cfd () No. 1883381

>> 1844122

>> 1876144

Is the butterfly effect of Karma, love, and compassionate listening real?

Is there some spiritual connection to us that mainstream science can't or won't explain?

How do I as a normie gauge my effectiveness?

How do I refine my focus?

558c97 () No. 1883415



87c25b () No. 1883433

The creation of the Space Force has brought a lot of questions to mind.

Is it truly for the USA to remain the dominant military force or is there a larger reason why we need to build space weaponry? Are we building it to defend ourselves from forces beyond or for maintaining dominance? Both?

5dfe4d () No. 1883443

When President Trump and Chairman Kim signed the accord, return of our lost brothers in arms was one of the pillars of the agreement, and the one that spoke most to our President's patriotism. Can we repatriate all who have fallen in this war? Can we eventually learn their names so we can honor them?

88e0df () No. 1883462

Q, You have said this is a fight of good vs evil. I worry that I have done things in my past that may be considered evil by some. I truly want good to win this fight. I have been conditioned to think I do not deserve this or will not be included to the good side because of my past actions. Advice please. Sorry Anons, not trying to concernfag… this truly keeps me up every night and makes me wonder if I am even worthy of this battle,

319299 () No. 1883493

healthcare workers are forced to get vaccines against give us our will or be fired. many people sick will POTUS change this

e6a55b () No. 1883497

Is everything we know about Hitler really a lie? How much of our history is hidden or wildly distorted?

558c97 () No. 1883557

2a93945367f492....jpg (314 KB, 255 x 186, 859 : 625, CHEMTRAILS copy.jpg) (h)

Why is POTUS pushing 5G? STOP 5G!

STOP chemtrails!

STOP weaponized vaccines!

STOP flouride poisoning!

Protect our food and rights to access CLEAN crops and cattle!

MAGA! WWG1WGA! God Bless!

49ee07 () No. 1883563


366fcd () No. 1883567


Leave the name and email blank or else the crazies will try to doxx you.

4e4406 () No. 1883578

f21e2b689e34d3....png (22 KB, 105 x 255, 295 : 714, Screenshot-201....png) (h)


"The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital."

Given what has been revealed & confirmed since 28 Oct 2017, does 99% still hold true?

713025 () No. 1883593


You are never alone. Anons are WWG1WGA, We mean that….

da9b3a () No. 1883724


Been thinking about this too! Heavy heavy question...

56035a () No. 1883740


Will the mass migrational invasion and destruction of Europe be halted?

Will it be reversed?

Will the criminal elites inflicting this upon their peoples be punished?

64e142 () No. 1883761

First and foremost, Q, and Q team, Whom do you serve?

Second, Pleiadians, are they real? Why the dance around proof(s) when it comes to UFO's and ET species. I want to believe, but there is so much disinfo.

Third, Freemasons have a DEEP tie with local, state and fed law enforcement, when will this end? Are WE the PEOPLE required to raise a fuss to begin the process to irradiate freemasonry?

When will classified energy technology be released and used publicly? - Is there any risk to doing this right now or in the future?

Time Travel, which method is legit and safest to uncover/share publicly?

Med Beds, are they real and why aren't our vets getting the BEST healthcare beyond what we already know is killing (us)?

ChemTrails, why have they not been stopped yet?

Food products that contain human fetal cells, when will these companies be held responsible?

Taxation is theft. When will it end?

When will the people no longer be poisoned?? It would help speed up the awakening if they were no longer getting their daily doses of poison to kill their mind.

The Mark of The Beast, what is it and how can WE avoid it?

346686 () No. 1883897


You guys really shouldn't be asking questions about Pleiadiens and stuff like that, come on, Q team is military intelligence, they're not here to give New Age seminars.

64e142 () No. 1884001


why not? Imagine the amount of redpill ammo we would get from confirmation.

I know a ton of people into UFO's that would jump on board.

Besides, what are you afraid of?

ee1736 () No. 1884199


How does the US Government determine the level of consciousness of the anon collectivity?

And is this level of consciousness used to unfold world events?

601d5e () No. 1884225

Ok, here goes…


Does the Plan involve destroying Agenda21/2030 and removing local council powers over our private property rights so that we will have true ownership of our land back, are not forced to pay rates/land tax, and own our actual property titles instead of just the "Certificate of Title"?

Are you able to help guide Australia's political situation to help drain the swamp here? In particular, are you able to give Sen. Pauline Hanson direct help and guidance and bring her into the Q fold? I want her One Nation party to win for the people and do for Australia what Trump did for the US, but I feel that she needs inside info and strong guidance or she will not prevail against the controlling parties. Her heart is in the right place but she can't afford to make many more mistakes. Please, please help her Q if you are able. I would love to help in any way possible but don't know what I can do with limited resources.

If Q and POTUS visit Australia, can I have a VIP pass and can I have the honor of welcoming you here?

Do the inner earth beings exist?

Are we all living inside a dome? What's outside of it?

Is the moon an artificial satellite?

What's the deal with Saturn and the cube? Did (they) create a portal to it via CERN?

Is there a false/artificial sun covering the real one in the sky?

What is the significance of Planet X/Nibiru? Is it inhabited and if so, are the inhabitants good or bad?

Are today's humans a result of genetic modification by the Annunaki or some other race? Is there a complete, true history recorded of our species somewhere?

Who is making the crop circles?

How/why was "Q" mentioned in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Agent Simmons, "Q brain activated")?

Are you (Q Team) time travellers or able to know the future somehow?

Are cryptocurrencies a scam?

Will we take control of AI tech from the cabal and make it safe for the future?

Why the chemtrails and when will they stop?

Does the Plan include stopping 5G tech and its mind control agenda/danger to health?

Much love and thank you to all true Patriots who continue to fight for our freedoms, and to Q and POTUS!

From a Transformersfag Anon in Aus.

b02dcc () No. 1884344

bb05ccc074c50e....jpeg (42 KB, 255 x 123, 560 : 271, F475DC34-97CA-....jpeg) (h)

9c76f7 () No. 1884435


Sup fellow oldfag, fellow '04 here!

3aba1b () No. 1884440


I want to know in blunt and direct terms what exactly would send 99% to the hospital. ( and why, and who did it)

346686 () No. 1884460


Believe it or not, I'm obsessed with aliens, I would love official confirmation. I want our space borders secure, just as national borders should be secure. But I think red-pilling is a delicate process and let's face it, we look crazy to most people. So far Q team has focused on pretty down-to-earth topics, and we're lucky to get as much as we do from Q. I don't want Q team to think we're retarded and then give up on us.

Of course, I could be wrong.

b866ec () No. 1884534

f24f13ab338de7....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 151, 592 : 350, SF.jpg) (h)

0109b3 () No. 1884621


Yes. It occured to me that AI would have the

B/W answers from the pre-programmed response

which would be limiting. Unlimited natural selection

of "best" answer would come from reasoning,

something you can't teach a machine but could input "best" scenerio.

Better question would be, "are we AI, learning to use our given skill set", we are the ONLY creation given CHOICE.

56035a () No. 1884661


Might Russia press for a Kaliningrad Corridor to Belarus along the LIT-POL border, claiming breach of the "Not one inch further east" gentlemens agreement?

56035a () No. 1884729


Is evidence of past civilization on Mars being suppressed?

e7fe36 () No. 1884778


There was a past civilisation on Mars. The Druge. They lived underground. Our ancestors initially colonised Mars first with the assistance of he Druge when arriving via space station we call the moon around 325,000 years ago.

The Druge were aspiring towards spiritual technology but helped us set up the moon in Mars's orbit, allowing life to develop. There are various structures on mars evidencing our past existence there - documents released by the CIA getting scientists to describe specific sites on Mars.

We messed around too much on Mars and eventually had to come to earth, there are machines in the moon and on earth that keep the moon, which is too big for earths size, in orbit. One of these machines is supposedly in Antartica.

51879c () No. 1884816

Q: are both the Hegelian dialectic and the zero sum game complete lies as it seems?

ddc67a () No. 1884956


Great question, I hope you don't mind, may I add to this anon?


What was the biggest/most pleasant surprise for you guys about the anons/autists here?

What has been the disappointments from your high-hopes of anons/autists?

Last part, I've created a biz plan for securing major funds for building a company that does exactly what has been done here over the last many months, and staff this company 100% full of anons/autists, these incredibly people.

After some really big effort, I finally had success in getting in front of two very big money groups (investors).

One of the two groups sent (two people), I started my pitch and after a short time into the pitch, they had heard some key parts and almost became physically violent with me once I got into details of the biz plan (Q, anons, autusts, etc.).

They were so pissed and thought they were being taken for a larp, and yelled at me to never call them and waste their time again.

If I wasn't a tad bit younger and physically bigger than those two guys, I think they would have tried to kick my arse.

I'll say this on making this business happen.

There is something here.

It's highly unusual, but there is something here that can be worked into a rather viable and highly effective business.

It's real and it's doable.

The problem is money and rasing enough of it to make a very fast, efficient and powerful start, considering what we could pull together to aid the next almost 7 years of the Trump admin. We also can be lean and most important, invisible to most all.

Send me your angels...

Thanks from my full and appreciative heart for you you, POTUS and everyone else involved in our fight of good over evil.


God bless you and protect you all.


f5e90a () No. 1885010


there where no planes…. was ICBM is 1000 proof of that. they used tesla tec. DEW EMF and explosiv to take them down.

422666 () No. 1885123

Italy is fighting its biggest fight ever.

Do we have an "helper"?

Will you help till victory?


Will us euanon too get that "scary but safe message" one day?

Will I get the invite to the Q barbecue on WH front lawn? kek

(Glad to see the very 1st question here is about Assange)

3d816b () No. 1885172


Can you give us Aussies some crumbs or any helpful leads on the swamp that exists here?

Right now we have a socialist/globalist/sjw government in charge who masqurade as 'conservatives'. The media is supressive as far as Trump goes - in fact i have noticed that Trump has been relegated to 'light and funny discussions' and 'drive time radio' meaning that Trump gets the most discussion from entertainment programs than in the media. Believe me its the same thing all day every day.

Can you give us any news on our military - ADF.

Is the Australian military compromised? It seems like the left along with do called connservatives are completely changing the mission of the ADF from being our line of defence to that of a symbol and example and open advocate for "social issues".

The SAS and commando special forces are being targeted for their conduct in the afghan and iraq war.

Women are being selected over men to fill military roles.

Its completely insane and i am worried.

What good is it having a country, but no military or military that has been destroyed within by government?

You cannot fight the battle here yourself and i dont expect it cos we let this happen and we need to fix it ourselves and any decent Aussie here on the boards knows it but we would really appreciate any info that would help us make sense of things here and how we can make it right.

Cheers mate.

40dc10 () No. 1885243

Is that guy claiming to be the illegitimate son of WJC really his son?

40dc10 () No. 1885261

Would a good start at keeping the system clean in the future include ensuring the salary of every Senator and House Rep is determined by the average pay of the people they each represent?

That and getting rid of lobbying would make Public Service in these positions look less appealing to the money-making-inclined. If the Mister/Missus-Smith-going-to-Washington was truly passionate about issues his/her constituents faced, somehow, I think we'd find the money wasn't all that important to him/her, anyway.

00e61e () No. 1885328

Q, we would like answers on Las Vegas and why it is being covered up

Why if we are supposed to TRUST WRAY is he allowing blatent lies to be told by the FBI to the American people?

971b66 () No. 1885375


This is true.

And the white power and other racist movements are straw-men so that this stuff cannot be brought up without being painted as a racist red neck moron, or some victim mentality BS.

We need to do something about this and it is a high priority! But, it is not easily solved, because to solve it we need to remove immigrants, and increase rates of procreation which requires social forces and economic forces and maybe other things to drive this.

7a7d3e () No. 1885403

Is Shoko Asahara/Aum Shinrikyo a bad guy or a cabal hit for his powerful spiritual practice?

c78980 () No. 1885425

I would like to ask about the mysterious underground booms that have been heard in many locations around the world, are they part of the plan?

971b66 () No. 1885448

Q, there is only one question worth asking IMO first, and that is, When will is be clear POTUS is keeping his promise to fulfill on the speech that got him elected?

Are we a month out? 3? 6? 12?

Next question, would it be helpful if we were to make noise demanding swamp cleaning action?

971b66 () No. 1885551


I should clarify, sure, if you research, want to believe, accept apparent coincidences as not coincidental, a narrative of removing the Cabal can be made, but when will it be easy to show to someone that currently is reluctant to buy that narrative?

When will stuff begin to be out in the open propperly.

558c97 () No. 1885559

2a93945367f492....jpg (314 KB, 255 x 186, 859 : 625, CHEMTRAILS copy.jpg) (h)

3b3208c1063d02....jpg (124 KB, 255 x 170, 1160 : 773, 5g.jpg) (h)

5fc43c8327b9ec....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 128, 317 : 159, vaccine.jpg) (h)

0d112418f1d2af....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 138, 305 : 165, cow.jpg) (h)



Why is POTUS pushing 5G? STOP 5G!

Why haven't Chemtrails stopped?

STOP Weaponized & Mandatory Vaccines!


Protect our food source- UNADULTERATED FOOD!

NO MORE Flouride!

Answers PLEASE!

MAGA WWG!WGA God bless.

3d816b () No. 1885594


I got anothet question, and it is regarding vocation and the fight we are in.

I asked the question about how the Australian Defence Force has been brought down from the inside by these politicians (and beaurecratics) and these social engineering groups.

I really do feel deep in my heart that an institution like this is 'was' the last place where values and principles actually meant anything and would not be hacked to death by politicians and advocacy groups of many kinds. These values and principles are not just for the mind intellectual and philosophical but as a 'way of life', something that is demonstrable for others to see.

I also thought of the military as a 'last post' or the 'end of the line' a kind of last refuge and place for salvation or second chance for those men who have not lived up to their potential and/or made bad choices in life - then the pain hits a painful and humble realization of this along with the deeper realization of his own mortality and purpose has lead many a men the armed forces. I know it sounds romantic but I do not see it that way at all but rather as something that actually happens.

Given the current situation and the road ahead - the culture/mission of the ADF is slowly being destroyed, would you still encourage people to make that step and serve? If so, how does one go about his duty during this period of political, cultural and economic upheaval in the armed services?

Thanks again, i really hope you answer this question. Would be really great for those of us from all over the world who want to serve our country and make a difference and also become better men than when we joined.

3311e8 () No. 1885858

Q🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 My question…. why doesn’t POTUS just re-write the EO that BHO did about Propaganda?????

3311e8 () No. 1885903

🇺🇸Q🇺🇸 And company…. MY HEARTFELT THANKS and admiration to you all! 🌹 being a veteran I fully support POTUS !

I can’t talk about what happened in the navy, but I know you know.

NO Such Agency knows all! But I have NEVER let what happened take fr9m my spirit of patriotism and love of country! I’m old now , so not much use to the military any more, but will continue to meme, and research, and red pill folks. But I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul! WWG1WGA!

7096d3 () No. 1885990

Hello Q

Question, How close to reality is the show Colony? It has startling similarities to what you have shown us. Please reply

ff0d83 () No. 1886065

I had a dream, lucid, upon awakening a revelation.

This is the other side of the mirror, the reverse image of the MSM.

How long can you get the MSM to talk about Stroking Peter, fap?

Where is the real?

What is the next level?

34ce59 () No. 1886249

Is the ongoing Hawaii volcano eruption purely a natural phenomenon?

34ce59 () No. 1886268

b86217485f2392....png (594 KB, 255 x 119, 691 : 323, skulls.png) (h)

Is pic related relevant?

f5e90a () No. 1886477


no they controll every thing earthquakes volcanos storms rain snow ect..

b4d2b9 () No. 1886563

Is the Smithsonian going to be dismantled so we can discover what they have been withholding about earth's ancient history?

5ae9bf () No. 1886770

6d5888bf499221....png (123 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

49f412147206fd....png (140 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

53e6a46916eb6c....png (154 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Who is this guy at NSD?

33e17e () No. 1886831


I originally mentioned garrisons because that was the case with ISIS, Boko Haram and Libya but way back in Hussein's Iraq and Taliban Afghanistan there were weapon and ammo caches hidden everywhere.

So it our case it would be NG garrisons, sheriff's HQ's, police stations, mosques, community centers, clubs of this or that, schools, mansions of activist judges (see Sendero Luminoso in Peru), any guncontrol VIPs, etc.

I do think there are either hidden weapon stockpiles or government ones set up for easy pickings or both. This is why we must stay vigilant.

c52085 () No. 1886991

Dear Q

Is Seth Rich alive?

Is JFK Jr alive?

1722cd () No. 1887026


I would like to know if Q could tell us anything about the Swiss CIA

they predate the US C_A and are rumored to be the real deepstate +40000 feet guys.

All of this and more can be read @ thegreenlandtheory.com

intro from the website:

Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now" (2014) explores the unrecognized but mighty conspiracy which has been hidden from humanity for ages, unfortunately to the detriment of all life forms which have inhabited planet Earth.

Briefly, the Roman Empire, commonly referred to as Ancient Rome, evidently faked its own death 715 years ago and now excerpts command and control over all 206 nations of the world though its primary proxy state of Switzerland (home of the CIA) which was coincidentally formed in c.1300 AD, approximately 715 years ago.

Roughly 1,300 years were added to the modern Gregorian calendar, taking the world to the date of 2015 (The Roman New Year officially starts on April 1, April Fool’s Day). The 1,300 years which were added to the calendar are commonly referred to as the “Dark Ages” for they never saw the light of day. The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Babylon (i.e., modern day Rome, Italy), and although it was later publically moved to Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey), the true capital was secretly moved to the new city of Thule which was founded on the island of Greenland.

The alleged fall of the Roman Empire and the notion that Greenland is mostly covered ice and snow are both colossal hoaxes perpetrated onto the world in order for Rome to collectively deceive and survive her enemies of the day (i.e., the Persian Empire, the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, etc.), and for the Roman Empire to thrive unchecked and unabated. This is why today, the countries of China and Iran have the harshest and strictest forms of totalitarian fascist rule for Rome cannot afford to have the respective histories of these formerly great empires brought into the light.

The Romanization of Chinese was not restricted to only its language which now features English-like characters (i.e., 4, 6, 12, 43, etc.); it came after years and years of Roman agression to which the Chinese responsed by building what is known as the Great Wall of China.

The collective histories depicted in the Bible and in the cultures commonly referred to as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Samaria, Ancient Greece, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome and the Vikings are the comprehensive historical evolution of the same line or lineage of “man” which originated from Minos of Crete in Greece. Collectively, these respective histories have been purposely altered, fabricated and twisted in order to hide a millennium of fascist Roman rule over the Mediterranean, Europe, and now the entire world.

The idiom “When in Rome do as the Romans” is literally and figuratively true as evidence of Rome’s domination and rule over the world is readily evident in the architecture, calendar, currency, flags, names, numerology, universities and symbols which currently represent almost every single entity on Earth. After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, meaning that the secret it takes a long time to do an important job could not be more true as all the world is ruled by modern day Rome.

1722cd () No. 1887035


its greenlandtheory.com

remove 'the'

5f88ed () No. 1887134


Anon, it's a G for Gracie on a tilt. It was invented by some say Carlos Gracie not Helio. It's not a pedo swirl. 20 years BJJ black belt here.

d13375 () No. 1887163


Q, do we get the truth about MH17?

24c643 () No. 1887256


The air force is fully complicit.

The real question should be when will the health and vitality of all life on earth be worth more than complete military control of the planet's atmospheres and near space through the spraying, ionization, elf wave manipulation of our skies.


419ccd () No. 1887264


You are better off bootstrapping this.

Beware the ones that say yes.

33e17e () No. 1887835


>It's not a pedo swirl. 20 years BJJ black belt here

Sometime in the 90's when the open world wide web was undiscovered country I found a list of hidden porn folders in private servers that had expiration dates. Innocent me checked some sites and while I did find porn in some I found disturbing expired pages (very short lived, one hour duration for example).

One was a martial arts site full of pics of kids enjoying training. As per the list one of the pages at some secretly announced time loaded a flies folder instead of the regular page. Don't know what was it about but the fact it was hosted there was disturbing. I don't recall the name of the martial arts page.

Another was a japanese guy that said he had photos and only could make bussiness with them in Japan because his material was illegal in the USA.

So sorry if I can not just take your word for the jiu-jitsu academy. These people are deceitful.

ae9bdc () No. 1887865

1 John 4:1-6

Was Jesus Christ the embodiment of God in the flesh,

born of the virgin Mary,

who died on the cross for our salvation,

and was resurrected.

BO: This is a very important question that believers need answered. If this is deleted again, I will consider that the answer

33e17e () No. 1887892


The proposal sounds quite pay-troitic.

0b8ea9 () No. 1887921

f2551ca7170029....gif (291 KB, 255 x 223, 1705 : 1488, General Purpos....gif) (h)

I have one question but not even Q knows the answer.

God alone will hearken to my voice I whisper out of me and it should be no other way for I ask simply: "when?", dear God above, "when?" for the time in infinite truly when everything ends so very soon. What is another two hours or two weeks when after that time it is the end of all things? Two weeks or two hours is all the time in the World then and infinity embraced is sitting in waiting. I pray that it is not a thing of vanity done here.

33e17e () No. 1888008


>If this is deleted again, I will consider that the answer

I replied to a disinformation shill from Puerto Rico and got the post deleted eventho I mentioned I can post proofs if it even become a relevant topic. Now I see someone else giving credence to the shill based on (as he says) his puertorican gf (probably a yal). Too many here as well as other platforms dennounce MSM and re-writing of history and yet act and reply based on fake history and unkowledge. A good example is Patriots Soapbox (meant as constructive criticism).

f6b3ef () No. 1888020


Look, I'm a strong, theologically-sound Christian and understand your desire to have that settled, but this isn't the place. We're here to focus on the QArmy mission. Q is military intelligence, so let's leave the theological debates for another time and place. I'm sure they'll delete it again just because it's not serving the purpose of this board. It has nothing to do with an individual's personal beliefs.

5030cd () No. 1888165

Q, Where is Tony Podesta and why hasn't he been heard of or seen since Oct 31st 2017. What is his role? Why is he hiding? What is coming to him and the Podesta's?

Thank you for all of the work you and fellow patriots do.


4e3757 () No. 1888424


Anon, I've trained all over, I don't doubt there's pedo's in martial arts, they're everywhere. I'm simply telling you the Gracie G is not a pedo symbol. Look into the Gracies if you wish. I'm not a lover of them and their marketing but they're not pedos.

c3d653 () No. 1888574

After HRC presidential defeat, was uranium or sonic weaponry deliberately and nefariously placed in any of the now-renovated whitehouse rooms?

f14d99 () No. 1889141


Questions for Q

• Has Jesus Christ returned and you are helping to set the stage worldwide? (“Wait until you learn who’s been talking to you from here” — Q)

• Will we ever learn what type of energy weapon dustified the Twin Towers?

• Will we begin learning about technologies invented by Nikola Tesla?

• Will the “recovered wealth” be redistributed for the good of hungry/needy people worldwide?

• Will we have access to “free energy” technology?

• Is time travel possible?

• Is space travel possible with far superior technology than we (average Joe) even are aware of?

• Does China want to convert to capitalism/free/open society?

66c8ba () No. 1889200

4de02212095490....png (292 KB, 255 x 151, 720 : 426, Screenshot 201....png) (h)

Does the Qclock and 111 day cycle have anything to do with Loopy Belief Propagation?

Does it have to do with 101 + 10.1 + 1.01 … as it relates to the Enneagram?

c471f9 () No. 1889505

7e8fe3963afc9f....jpg (211 KB, 255 x 180, 1024 : 723, gEiSgNF.jpg) (h)

How much will the education field have to change after the fact?

9802b9 () No. 1890313


I am still waiting for that (s)troll on the beach

593c1e () No. 1890343

3579a3323b4d75....jpg (31 KB, 208 x 255, 414 : 508, 3579a3323b4d75....jpg) (h)

Is the primary purpose of the Q&A to find out the questions we want answers to?

417571 () No. 1890382


What can be done to regain our Second Amendment right to unfiltered free speech and to re-establish the 4th Estate–Freedom of the Press so that the electorate can be properly informed?

7a72c8 () No. 1890405

Question for Q:

Does the Brain Computer interface technology already exist? can they create indistinguishable VR?

What do they plan to do with it?

ae9bdc () No. 1890465


Read 1 John 4:1-6 and you will understand why I ask.


I don't need them to confirm whether or not the Bible is true.

But whether or not they do since they, Q team, cites scripture and asks us to pray.

It is a simple yes/no question that should take no effort to answer.

7a72c8 () No. 1890577


cheap religionism… could even be a saboteur…

eb7852 () No. 1890781

Q team, I am totally grateful for your service and the undertaking you are doing for the World, to free humanity.

My question: IS there an impregnable ferment surrounding the Earth?

This aligns with many of your postings, too many to list here.

Watch the waters.

What if everything you knew was a lie

How it would cause 90% to have mental breakdowns, etc.

It also explains how FE was known by every civilization all over the World for thousands of years.

How the Illuminati had to hijack our religion and education to put in the globe earth and Dawins theory of evolution.

Why no one is basically, not allowed to go to Antarctica. How Admiral Byrd stated on a 1955 tv program "there is land larger then the USA on the other side of Antarctica." How he also stated planes were "hitting a wall and coming apart in the sky" that they had to stop flying around Antarctica.

This video shows military footage of Byrd, test that shows ripples in the sky, rockets that "hit something" and chage direction. The military doing high altitude A-bomb and electronic test against the Dome and you can see it.

Flat Earth: Discovering The Dome


The video PROVES Genesis about God dividing the waters and the Ferment protecting the Earth.

How we can never go to the moon or any other planet due to heat factors, radiation belts, flame outs on every known rocket or plane before reaching the top of the Dome. How gravity is Stronger the higher you go, instead of on land.

IF you chose to answer this question that has bother me for some time, since things were not adding up, I thank you.

And will accept your answer as Truth.

With an Open mind & questioning everything that doesn't make sense.

577469 () No. 1890839


"Repost with new notable Questions added."

""Q, these are a collection of questions gathered from fellow patriots on the r/greatawakening subReddit. The questions posted were voted on order of importance of answers from the users. We are grateful for all the work the team has done for this country and its citizens. ThankQ and God Bless. WWG1WGA""

Will we find out the truth about voter fraud, who was involved, and what effects it had on past elections?

Is Trump going to Audit The Fed? Can Mitch McConnell bring the Rand Paul bill to the floor for a vote? Are we going to eventually end the Fed and start a new currency backed by bi-metalism (gold and silver) and other commodities? When are we going to be freed from fiat money?

What is going on in Antarctica? Why did so many high-level visitors visit in past few years?

Will we find out the truth about Barry and his past? Birth certificate, sealed documents, Michelle, etc?

Will the disgusting pedophiles & those harming children be totally held accountable for their actions & made public?

Will we ever see justice for 9/11? What about other false flag attacks like Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and Parkland?

What's the real story behind the Las Vegas shooting?

Will the general public ever find how about pedo/satanic torture/cannibalism crimes by the top elite, possibly including pope and royalty, or will they be indicted for RICO, treason, money laundering type crimes? How will you prove if MSM cries "photoshopped" "fake?"

Will Bushes and Clintons be charged with crimes against humanity that occurred overseas? Fake wars, killing millions, looting countries of assets and resources.

Will our real history including Paperclip, MK Ultra, Secret Space Programs, DUMBs, Free Energy, ETs if real, etc be revealed to the public?

Where is Seth Rich? And if he is dead will the public ever learn the truth about what happened?

What is really going on with the "new" Space Force? Why is it so important and what does it have to do with AI?

Is there a cure for cancer that hasn’t been released?

Why is the Awan Spy Ring caught exfiltrating terabytes of data to Pakistan from the offices of more than 40 members of Congress, all Democrats being covered up???

When will the bulk of the sealed indictments drop?

You stated, for the sake of humanity only 40/60% of the depth of their evil would be revealed, but you also stated that we can choose how far down the rabbit hole we wish to go; Did you mean that the normies will only be permitted to learn 40/60% and we will be permitted to learn all? Or did you mean no one will be able to learn more than 40/60%?

When and how will George Soros be dealt with?

Why aren't Hillary, Obama, Holder or Lynch showing any signs of stress over their impending doom?

Which vaccines should be avoided? Are any truly necessary?

What actions are being taken, or can we take to prevent the same negative slide back into corruption and evil after (hopefully) 4 or 8 years of swamp-draining?

If many corrupt politicians are controlled by the DS, who controls the DS? Where in the food chain is HRC? Just a puppet? Or a string puller? Who's at the top? At what point does it start getting "weird"?

Will the Chemtrails ever stop? What's the full story/reasoning behind them and what are their effects on our health and the environment?

How many assassination attempts have there been against our POTUS?

What can we do more of to assist the movement?

Will we learn who was behind the Republican lawmakers' (with their families) train/garbage truck attempt? That one was about as sketchy as it gets!

Melania suddenly went to the hospital for a kidney operation but it was rumored she was poisoned. Was there an attempt on her life?

Q, what can you tell us about our history that we do not know? I am specifically interested in the hidden truths of the abrahamic religions. What is being hidden in the secret vatican library, college/library of Alexandria that was burned down, etc?

72ce8c () No. 1891293


How do we stop the Liberal/Communist brainwashing of our youth in the Public schools and Universities? Even if we take down all the evil in gov't, business, and media.. how do we stop the indoctrination of our future generation/s? Knowingly or unknowingly, much of it is in the curriculum and those teaching are indoctrinated as well..

8bf0b4 () No. 1891487

Understanding that we have a far superior "Space Force" than most would know, or could fathom, two questions, if you please:

1) Should it be understood that it is not a threat that our "older" tech was sold?

2) Is part of the "condition" of us being allowed to return to the moon, Mars, etc, the "intent" with which we leave this planet?

c20d25 () No. 1891953


Watch the water, yes?

e3a622 () No. 1891973

Has Silicon Valley been selling us technology that was developed in Special Access Programs which we already paid for?

31822e () No. 1892042

Q +

This is important for all of our sanity.

Are you the only one coming here to drop crumbs? Too many others pretend to be insiders. We need to know the truth if we are to continue on.

We have R -R , FBI anon, and others. Are they fake?


31822e () No. 1892065

Dumb ass, I know all of this is fake. Please learn to read and comprehend. I asked Q to please end it. Pull your head out!

ea310a () No. 1892071

3b9245c6ea708b....png (357 KB, 255 x 200, 750 : 588, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


How can we take back reddit?

31822e () No. 1892101




These were not questions you dumbasses. These are constantly pushed by idiots on the board.

I asked Q to please confirm they were all fake so the idiots would stop.

Please pull your heads out of your asses and get with the program. Your reading comprehension is lacking much to be desired. Enough.

d36563 () No. 1892267

833e46a52ae89c....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 128, 980 : 490, thor_ragnarok_....jpg) (h)

833e46a52ae89c....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 128, 980 : 490, thor_ragnarok_....jpg) (h)

833e46a52ae89c....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 128, 980 : 490, thor_ragnarok_....jpg) (h)

Enough with the BS– you probably know that I LOVE to sleep…but every time I tend to have BAD dreams. I've experienced satanic energy…evil energy in my sleep….also GOOD dreams from God himself so I like to sleep.

(((YOU))) say 'Patriots don't sleep'….'Those [good] who know cannot sleep'. Now R is saying 'If you knew, you could not sleep'

Please tell us! And can I come with? I'm ready.

4e3625 () No. 1892271

My question for you Q is what is the connection between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein?

8a24a2 () No. 1892294

Was the celestial event on September 23rd, 2017 a Biblical Event? Was it you?

2e156f () No. 1892940

Q, Please clarify, because these statements aren't logically consistent:

Drop http://qanon.news/Archives/x/147433975#147434025

"Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families"

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/149061733#149063235

"“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan” Q"

Those two statements do not make sense, given what we know about the families. Either Putin is controlled by the Cabal, or he's their enemy. He's been a pretty consistent anti-globalist/nationalist since he took the stage over a decade ago.

The rest of the statements are more or less contradictory with regards to Putin/Russia being either Cabal or White Hat (or at least White Hat friendly):

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/147591553#147640127

"Why is this relevant? (May 2010) BO "Russia should be viewed as a friendly partner under Section 123 the Atomic Energy Act of 1954" after agreeing to a new nuclear weapons reduction deal and helping US w/ Iran."

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/149061733#149063644

"What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO? " & "Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS? "

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/150434009#150435422

"Why are China & Russia communist S/closed? Can you find an owl / Y there? Was this to prevent evil from entering? Was this to protect their children/people? Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations? How was POTUS hosted? Compare. Think. Fantasy land. Q"

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/12535#13215

" Biggest cover up in our history. U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK. Iran deal. Russian reset. Q"

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/180069#180445

"HK allowed his passport to clear customs WITH THE CLOWNS IN AMERICA AND DEPT OF DEFENSE PUTTING A NAT SEC HOLD WW? How does he clear customs? How does he end up in Russia? Coincidence? Who was the 1st agency he worked for? Who taught him the game? Who assigned him w/ foreign ops? Why is this relevant? Future unlocks past. Watch the news. Spider web. Stop taking the sleeping pill. Q"

Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/340086#340719

"What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Why would it be important he was in Russia?



Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/388328#388822

"Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?




Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/894238#894467







Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/1217600#1218390

"Russia grounding our military planes in Syria.

Military aircraft crashing in US.


Autists need Red Bull?


Drop: http://qanon.news/Archives/x/1247794#1248119

"What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?


So, if you would: Please clarify on Putin/Russia. We know the KGB perpetrated a PSYOP on the USA (Yuri Bezmenov explained), when (((They))) had control of USSR. So, it's possible Putin (ex KGB) may be dirty. But his actions seem inconsistent with the old KGB.

Seriously, not sure whether to shit or go blind here, boss.

b1914b () No. 1892986


o7 Q

I had no idea there are so many leftist orgs like these.

E2, NDRC,AIGA, >>1878590

disingenuous guise of climate/environment while some good works under belly is Trump Collusion Delusion Syndrome.

Are they all part of Open Society?

How many more?

Feels like an uphill battle.

Where are the right orgs?

Trump was right. They may be a party with no leadership no policy ideas but they stick together like old lumpy oatmeal.

I twat-fb- imgr-ig- rhetoric memes but that's not enough!

I want to do more but the how to fiance eludes me.

None the less

This OldHagFag is in it to win it!

b1914b () No. 1893181

Shit GD!

Sorry BO

Working on a phone SUCKs DUCK!

65ab01 () No. 1893191

Q it seems that FBI Face Services / NGI is linked to RR and it's not just a database with criminal data but private data of non-criminal.

Someone in ND (disappeared from twitter along with all #HVIG wiped. NO trace across twitter) dropped the thread and vanished. They said ND AG signed it and there is an article. The user said POTUS must watch out for nominated US marshal for ND nominee and that this is global. I did my homework found that FBI NGI Apparently the bombers in Belgium were found by using FBI FACE REC NGI (w.brusselstimes.com/brussels/5445/the-man-in-the-hat-identified-thanks-to-fbi-software)

If it's just American criminals how did they help Belgium? In addition I found that the one of the tweet referring to deal BHO made with RU (https://nypost.com/2017/12/26/russians-could-have-access-to-fbis-fingerprint-records-whistleblowers/)- that was true too.

The whole thread indicated that this is where SPYGATE comes from and that there is paper trail with BHO FBI when they created to dossier.

Someone with the last name like the handle wrote an about RR and NGI meeting in Canada the day POTUS was in Singapore.

The twitter user also said that where they store the data is even more incredible and that rang bells when I saw that R (unverified) post on the board yesterday.

Do you know anything about that? The user was an established account with verified followers.

Any insight?


65ab01 () No. 1893308


I posted a question about that. The TWT user I was refering to said that a guy named David Cuthebertson already in 2006 hired companies to source and collect our data. That user is gone off twitter. I think the user writes for online not sure yet. The user said that is where #Spygate starts from something RM, JC, RR and AMc all created under Obama. The user is from ND.

09a97f () No. 1893331


Dear Q: Will there any be hope for us targeted individuals who are getting gaslighted, and harassed 24/7? Seriously, there are some very dark, demonic control freaks in this world who enjoy dominating others' lives. I have minimized some of the abuse, but quite honestly, I need help in stopping the abuse, and have no one to turn to…I think some of it is from some clowns…

65ab01 () No. 1893397


Agreed. I feel a lot of us are in the same boat and have always wanted to ask Q that question. Myself as well.

They will use all tools available. Pension, child services, manufactured data, "accidents", lay offs . We see a lot of that happen to many speaking up.

I will keep you in my prayers fellow Patriot keep the faith!

This is indeed good versus evil.

God Bless all Patriots!

095306 () No. 1893469

I'm not a newfag or autist. American Citizen lurker. One time post.

Will Agendas 21-30 be trashed or are those still going forward In any way shape form?

Will humans be forced to take a chip, Mark, swear allegiance to the new system?

De-commissioning of FEMA camps and

Please weigh in on Protocols of illuminated Sons of the Golden Dawn

Even if this post is deleted, ANONS My DH (37 year veteran AF-ANG) and I cannot express the gratitude we feel for everything you've done for the country and every American in it. We Thank and Love you all !!

177726 () No. 1893513

Q, can you set the record straight about the supposed 35K+ sealed indictments that everyone is talking about? ThanQ!

09a97f () No. 1893590


Thank you for asking this. To anyone who does Reiki, please send it skyward and ask for "no more chemtrail clouds or haze."

177726 () No. 1893681

Are things going according to plan? Have there been unexpected issues that have arisen? Are plans on schedule?

09a97f () No. 1893858


Likewise, you are in my prayers, fellow Patriot. WWG1WGA!

b1914b () No. 1894117


1)Keystone is IMF

What countries still don't have don't have central banking yet?

Why would they "deal" with POTUS?

Why did JFK die?

2) Good Q

3) Yes

3388eb () No. 1894294

Did we "discover" pizzagate, or was that leaked to us and thought-guided by insiders? Have silent Q-like figures (FBI Anon?) been helping us all along or are you the first?

Will shills see justice too? Maybe not criminal, but gutless traitors to our society nonetheless.

3388eb () No. 1894398

Health tips? Something being kept from us? Something we're deficient in and we have no idea? Iodine? Substances to avoid? Some simple confirmation of theories and ""remedies" we've already forwarded, could do all of us an immediate world of good and potentially save lives.

4509c9 () No. 1894825


When was it decided that Q should be a thing, and how did you decide on 4chan?

How did you feel about your chances of breaking through to us, as opposed to being ignored for being considered a LARP?

dbae28 () No. 1894899

Hello Q team, POTUS, *salutes*

I have full confidence in you and what you are doing, despite not knowing the full story. I've been lurking since the beginning back in October, and had my doubts in the early days of this movement, but in light of everything that has happened these past few months, I have been, and remain, 100% convinced that what you and your team represent is in fact exactly what many of us have been hoping and praying for since realizing the lies of the Bush administration and enduring the lies, destruction, and deceit that the Obama administration brought.

That being said, I only have one question for you. Is the CIA or another American intelligence agency directly responsible, (trigger pullers and IED planters), for the deaths of American military personnel during military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Thank you


543a18 () No. 1894934

Q…can you enlighten us about the currency situation…will there be a world wide currency under Trump? Cryptocurrency plans?

84f973 () No. 1895184

Are we approaching the binary twin, which would be the cause of this great awakening? Asking for a friend..

ef0a34 () No. 1895683

Bookanon question for Q.

Some of the stringers returns with search on videos such as Alice and wonderland old trailer, books such as Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland, The Last American President, The Post-American World, Restoring the Republic by Nunes, On the Seventh Day, Our Country Our World, Goodnight Obama, Fly Eagles Fly, Mirror:Awakening, We Will Not Be Silenced, Sacrificial Sex, In God’s Name, Things That Can and Cannot Be Said, Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future, Ascension Mysteries, The Hidden Records, Nephilim: The Truth Is Here, The Bridge: Life and Rise of Obama, etc. Anything on this

593c1e () No. 1895693

cd0db9288a5012....png (792 KB, 255 x 147, 900 : 520, cd0db9288a5012....png) (h)

When can we RoundUp™ the people who have been poisoning our food?

545799 () No. 1895761

525d09117b77ac....jpg (376 KB, 200 x 255, 896 : 1144, trumpimmigrati....jpg) (h)

just a suggestion for potus ^^

956b77 () No. 1896120


SC Candidate Arlington car accident, was it a [187] attempt?

956b77 () No. 1896145

2ba3ae1c20cb91....png (930 KB, 255 x 165, 1376 : 889, skyrocket.png) (h)

75a6420d94a84c....png (1091 KB, 255 x 162, 1384 : 880, tissue.png) (h)

Human trafficking related and personal data collection sold, to include DNA ME kits?

f725d8 () No. 1896186

I have only one question for Q, one which I hope is on the mind of all other anons too. That is: When will we see the cures? I personally have a chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. Look it up, its fuckin shit. Others have worse. Cancer, all sorts of terrible suffering. When. Will. We. Get. To. See. The. Cures. ?

4412b4 () No. 1896517

Was the self-proclaimed Rothschild on here taking questions legitimate? If so how much will be revealed to us?

ad2e19 () No. 1896687

MSM is your main obstacle to enlightening the general public. When are you going to gain the upper hand with the MSM?

dac974 () No. 1896694

Where is Scientology in all this? I can't believe they aren't some deepstate project.

Where has Dick Cheney been hiding?

32ee98 () No. 1896699

Would like to know particulars of:

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: e96bad No.1828481 📁Jun 20 2018 09:09:03 (EST)

FF prevented.

346686 () No. 1896718


I agree with this post so hard. But you know, the fucked up thing with some of us wanting to keep the general public from seeing stuff about Hillary snorting adrenochrome and aliens being aliens in general is like a hard lesson about why that information was also kept from us!

b51a01 () No. 1896757

5c13b6d328d25d....png (393 KB, 255 x 204, 747 : 598, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

5fd927df6a4ea6....png (352 KB, 219 x 255, 477 : 555, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

322c971a3a65ff....png (374 KB, 255 x 234, 668 : 613, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

905eded6989162....png (244 KB, 255 x 134, 1275 : 672, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

c805c68f4ba078....png (114 KB, 191 x 255, 321 : 429, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



We know Hillary lost a rigged election. We know Hillary rigged the Dem primary for which she and the local criminals suffer no real consequences.

What is the administration's proposal to ensure and enforce fair elections that will not fall apart once the Trump administration leaves office?

8095ae () No. 1896801

3b3ecded243bcc....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, main-qimg-34e6....jpg) (h)

Massive gratitude towards Q,Qteam,our beloved POTUS and his dear wife and family.

I offer a potential use of our constitution for the threat of those that follow the Quran. As an American citizen we have constitutional rights. Among those rights is the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Focusing on the right to life, it seems that right is denied if someone has a documented belief system to kill anyone that does not prescribe to the teachings and beliefs in the Quran.

The Quran IS unconstitutional as it is written. The people that follow and prescribe to the Quran are a threat to every American citizens constitutional rights. Isn't that illegal in America? Isn't denying every American citizens right to life a federal offence?

aab383 () No. 1896907

Was Stanley Kubrick one of us or one of them?

c20d25 () No. 1896910

c79dedd24212fc....jpg (252 KB, 255 x 85, 1582 : 528, Question Q 001.jpg) (h)


Regarding your reply to the post with the photo of young Hussein and another man on a sofa (circa 1981):

When you asked if "the other person" had been identified, did you mean a) the other person on the sofa, b) the other person in the room (i.e. the photographer), c) the other person in a relationship with Hussein (i.e. Alexandia McNear – "no facial hair")? Or something else?

If you asked about the other person on the sofa, did you mean, by "no facial hair", that the image was doctored and the moustache was fake?

Does cross in "Cross FBI sec clearance?" mean cross-examination of witnesses in a hearing to challenge denial of clearance?

That cross-examination was not pursued due to the origin of the indivdiual? Or due to the origin of the request for security clearance?

The search for individuals in the 8-year Hussein admin who had been denied Cross FBI sec clearance would be yugely vast. Please describe a more focussed search. Year? Department? Level of clearance requested?


471dc2 () No. 1897146

Do we get ALL the information on history?

31822e () No. 1897303


Which bible? There's nearly 4000 religions on this planet, each with their own bible.

471979 () No. 1897360

Q team/military inteligance. Since we all know if US army hadn't bombed the shit out of Middle East under Obama, Europe wouldn't be now drowning in immigrants. So how about you take some responsibilities (It was US military dropping bombes not Obama himself) and start fucking helping us getting rid of commies Merkel, clown Macron…and getting immigrants out of Europe and away from our borders. Or did you NOW finally decided that you're going to stop meddling in other countries affairs.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-24/how-us-under-obama-created-europes-refugee-crisis

4b0454 () No. 1897471


I fully realize the MSM has normalized seditious acts by civilians but you do realize military rank cannot just side step a presidential order.

Commander in Chief is the namesake for obvious reasons.

28ec9b () No. 1897490

Why doesn’t POTUS re-enact the Smith-Mundt Act or write an EO banning propaganda? The American people would like their news based on facts.

3232e3 () No. 1897559


If you want bread to have more focus on the real subjects, giving a few answers to certain subjects would do this. Honestly surprised so much guessing and shilling has been left to debate.

Did we really go to the moon?

Buzz Aldrin is cabal?

Is Antarctica worth digging into?

Flat Earth. I don’t believe it but it’s a huge board slide. Can you comment?

b32336 () No. 1897639

Q, Why is Barack H. Obama in Kenya for the first time since leaving the White House?

8d630f () No. 1897823

Q Can government affiliated folk like Maxine Waters call on people to mob 'dissident' individuals without being punished/fired/reprimanded in any way?

They dig their own graves? And get to amass M$!

Does government leaves this to fester and deteriorate so we can have a full blown civil war? Seems like it and is my best explanation so far? Care to answer/comment?

6b7d87 () No. 1898061

Could you please enlighten us on what the truth is about the RH- blood factor?

9ddde8 () No. 1898135


He's finishing up what Rex Tillerson couldn't cause he got caught.

9ddde8 () No. 1898142


He's getting the job Rex Tillerson couldn't get done because he got caught

5e0875 () No. 1898335

Was Phil Schneider a Patriot or a LARP??

491c7d () No. 1898343


Was Hugh Hefner a member of the OSS (original CIA)?

Is there still an underground bunker/vault beneath the original Playboy mansion in Chicago or has it been filled in?


Is the 1990's Romantic Comedy 'Joe vs. The Volcano' soft disclosure for the atomic weapons program under Werner Von Braun post World War 2?

Mr Graynomore? Technetium? Super Conductor like Nobium… I connected the dots from Little Annie Fanny comic in 1960's Playboy magazine by the way.


Any truth? Was Dolphin Square in London basically the UK version of the Playboy mansion?

9c0797 () No. 1898486

2efa139b79a1e0....jpg (48 KB, 230 x 255, 489 : 541, 1510353526848.jpg) (h)

They will push until it bursts into civil war. What are we waiting for, another assination attempt?

When is the silent majority going to push back?

eab403 () No. 1898495

Q, WHERE did all those billions of bullets and tens of thousands of weapons that obama bought, go to?

41c346 () No. 1898616

Would Q thank Roseann Barr for her patriotism?

0fea3a () No. 1898638


How in the hell can you solve immigration when half the Republicans WANT open borders because of the kickbacks and campaign donations they receive….

How much of the electoral process is valid? How will you clean it up if not valid.

Will Potus consider changing from Twitter to an alternate platform? If Potus leaves twitter, MILLIONS will follow suit and that would CRUSH twitter. Seems like some deep pocket Repub businessmen can come up with viable alternatives. No matter what the LEFT says, they still are accountable to capitalism. If we don't go see movies with Deniro and the other ilk like him, we can affect the narrative.

738054 () No. 1898674

be98cff8813b86....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 126, 1013 : 499, IMG_0721.jpg) (h)



the 8th comes from the 7th and is the first.

It is time to address this person. I can't sit ans watch this antichrist rise to power without a single word from us. What will you do?

d612fa () No. 1898777

Why should Anon vote for Republicans when they do not back POTUS once elected? Why should Anon contribute money to GOP when it does not back POTUS in Senate or House leadership? Why should Anon be concerned about success of Iranian revolution when the MAGA agenda at home is stalled (Wall? Locking Her Up? SJW mob violence against Administration officials in public places?)

f05c53 () No. 1899081

Posting for a non-chan familiar anon:

I have a question for Q. Status on reveal and/or release on SR and Julian Assange?

736066 () No. 1899136

I believe the silver bullet for destroying media and Swamp credibility is the truth about Obama's origins. So my question is…

When will the falsification of Obama's birth certificate be revealed???

b51a01 () No. 1899195

8f3ed6a3a48f0f....png (131 KB, 255 x 117, 893 : 410, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

47f4cf9d87ee31....png (124 KB, 255 x 249, 629 : 615, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



We know Uranium One was not only treason, but may have been used to start WWIII.

CFIUS had to approve the sale, only one member can veto the entire deal, but it was passed through.

Will any/all participants be indicted?

Given that POTUS can unwind the deal, will he?

4f2589 () No. 1899489

e82480bbae2afc....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 232, 1000 : 910, DB_J(A).jpg) (h)

3c4f761b74352e....jpg (160 KB, 255 x 191, 1000 : 749, DRR_J(A).jpg) (h)

ff41288da6f6b3....jpg (153 KB, 255 x 143, 1000 : 562, limecalcium.jpg) (h)

04b0f4e5cdee2b....jpg (211 KB, 255 x 143, 1000 : 562, ourchildrenmat....jpg) (h)

d30de1319721e7....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 144, 492 : 277, wherearethechi....jpg) (h)


Will James Alefantis publicly be held accountable for his crimes against children?

God bless you, Q+

a9e2f9 () No. 1899493

I have not seen any questions for Q regarding dual citizenship.

What an insanely bad idea.

Pick a team & stay loyal!

How can we outlaw dual citizenship?

If does stay, we must have a clause that no one with dual citizenship is allowed to EVER hold public office.

It's probably a big reason how we got into this mess in the first place.

8bab94 () No. 1899601


For Q

the recent g7 summit produced only one photo worth seeing.What I want to know from Q is this…

that photo was of an imprint on a world leaders thumb on the back Prez Trump's hand. Who Dunnit Q?

Seriously doubt it was my faggot prime minister … Macron?

8bab94 () No. 1899612


Yes I'm a leaf, more specifaclly i'm a bc bud!

7675c5 () No. 1899635


This god damn it.

56035a () No. 1899814


POTUS backs







Visegrád Group


Liberation of Europe?

d01079 () No. 1899916

where is the new bread?

d01079 () No. 1899961

How can we get the Europeans to stop Chemtrailing? We tell people about it but it often falls on deaf ears.

ebf742 () No. 1900124

>>1898777 nobody sees the trip7 aaaaaaaaand anons have left the building

d01079 () No. 1900607

Are we going to see the end of Chemtrailing in the 12 months?

Is at least one of the Trump Aides an 'extraterrestrial' ?

Is there anyone currently in a leadership of country position that is NOT a bad guy/related to the Cabal?

Will we see more of our true ancestors/are they extraterrestrial?

So many Q's…We Crave and NEED the Truth.

7675c5 () No. 1900731


In the past when asked if aliens were real Q responded to the effect of

>Nearest star is how far away?

>What do you think?

What do you think about that?

d01079 () No. 1900872


"Faint Proxima Centauri is the one that claims the honor of being our true nearest stellar neighbor at only 4.24 light years away."

Personally - I don't think that distance is relevant considering imagined methods of transport and speed, as depicted in movies and TV. But is doesn't answer the question. Only more questions… and you?

19b1c9 () No. 1900897

6edb08cf688aa1....png (360 KB, 255 x 148, 1652 : 958, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

I think Eric has just found a way to answer Q's question from April

de88de () No. 1901259

We're dying out here. When are you going to DO SOMETHING?

03f611 () No. 1901464


Is it possible some of the national parks are the Cabal way of hiding deposits of rare Earth magnets?

Asking anons, not Q.

f9afed () No. 1901497

Are these TRADErs gonna stop the games or are these so called "allies" gonna play ball?

b9264e () No. 1901697


It could be solved by ending 3rd world mass immigration AND reversing the dysgenic effects of welfare. Here's a novel idea: Instead of paying idiots to breed (and vote commie), let's pay them to get snipped! No civil war required. Many social ills will be greatly ameliorated within 100 years. There won't be strict ethnostates but that's impossible at this point without massive bloodshed.

Q, are the puppetmasters' selective breeding programs (on us and on themselves) going to be publicly revealed? Are they going to be reversed? If not, slavery and civilization collapse are inevitable!

On a related note, feminism is a major component of this. If the establishment needs a growing population to keep its Ponzi schemes going, one way to grow (without turning into Brazil or a caliphate) is to roll back feminism to some extent. The problem now is that smart women see babies as a hindrance to careers and hedonism, and responsible men see marriage as a setup for robbery. Will the legal system be used to encourage families instead of destroying them?

Revealing the Biblical aspects of this will also help reverse the dismal tide simply by changing the culture. Will it be publicly revealed that a satanic cult has been using weaponized pedophilia to secretly rule the world? Will it be revealed that they see white Christians as the most likely opposition to their worldwide satanic dictatorship, hence their efforts to undermine all of Western civilization?

Will the plot to start WWIII be publicly revealed?

Is there a long term plan to establish space colonies? This is necessary because a remnant of the cabal WILL survive the purge.

Will we get some great "new" propulsion technologies to go along with this and with The God Emperor's Space Marines?

Thanks for all that you do. We autists will keep telling the truth even if 60% of it remains classified.

4f784b () No. 1901765


His army has them

03f611 () No. 1902195

By November 11th, 2018 the following has happened.

The WW Cabal has been brought down.

All sealed indictments have been opened and executed. Arrests have been made including the arrests of the most evil ones.

Cures are being released and made available to the general population.

People will know the truth about

-Good vs Evil


-Hidden technology

-Hidden human history

My question for Q is,

True or False?

9a5adf () No. 1902361

f3efbfe7d63c17....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 183, 496 : 355, epn-tv.jpg) (h)

9193a485e0e883....jpg (243 KB, 255 x 213, 600 : 500, Zapata01.jpg) (h)


Hello Q!

Mexico´s presidential election is less than a week away and AMLO is the most probable winner so far. Although he’s the candidate from the left party, he´s also the only candidate focused on fighting corruption and draining the “Mexican swamp”, improving the economy and building a stronger and more egalitarian Mexico (which would drastically reduce the need for migration)… but many think he´s a populist who’ll turn Mexico into another Venezuela and fear relations with the US will also deteriorate fast.

Good actor or bad actor? I'm really interested on your opinion or thoughts about it. Thanks


a833ee () No. 1902401

b3f638c13a7721....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 479, cloudseeding1 ....jpg) (h)

Hey Q - Anyone with a brain and 3 eyes can see that they intentionally try to block the sun/sun-rays, especially when they do it right in front of you every 6 out of 7 days… With that said, why? WWG1WGA right? All of us are ready for answers and quick fixes brotha. These next 24 hrs are gonna be hot. Would be nice to see some action.

a833ee () No. 1902521


Great question. Mexico should be our biggest ally in my opinion…The World Cup will be all over North America in 2026, so at some point Mexico will have to be liberated from all their bad actors.. Kind of odd that the country closest to us is the haven of corruption, trafficking, drugs, etc. Most Mexican people don't realize how bad their govt sticks it to them. The NFL has games in Mexico City every year, which is weird considering it is a legit 3rd would country. PS - Benito Juarez was a free mason.

256b41 () No. 1902608

WTF? Did Q catch a cold or something?? LARP!

d2907e () No. 1902965


CEMEX plant in Charlevoix MI. Wealthy wealthy summer resort area. The J & P Ramsey had a summer place there. Owned also by St. Mary's Cement. POTUS talked to Trudeau in Charlevoix Canada. Please is this a coincidence? Do we need a back yard brawl?

d2907e () No. 1902982

4d1083 () No. 1903810

Q, I believe that you and your team with POTUS at the helm are dedicated to the outcome that you have spelled out for us.

The events leading up to the fruition of your goals will be pretty significant to the players for sure. I am aware that there will be casualties.. on both sides… Such is always the case for war and the battlefield…

It is the innocents whom I am a member of, who are rooting for the outcome of good vs. evil. God, has placed his mark upon your team, many of us can see it. Miracles happen, being aware of them is not always an easy thing. President Trump winning and leading toward this confrontation and potential outcome is very significant… to not only our country, but to the entire world and its future new histories. Many who are observing the events with open eyes and can see for themselves these significant events being guided by more than the normal powers that be.

My Question, Q, is …

If the evil ones lose control, being a wild animal, cornered, will undoubtedly stoop to any and all possible tools to achieve an outcome that they can tolerate. This will undoubtedly lead to innocents being in HARM's way… (ex: FF)

How will team POTUS/Q prevent as much "Collateral Damage" as possible and how will you allow your Autist teammates to help out when the shit hits the fan???

The Awakening will allow the "Normies" to wake up and change the course of Public opinion, but, how can we prevent our current quality of life from being negatively affected by this powerful cataclysm???

I believe that when the knowledge finally erupts from hiding, your forces for good will increase in numbers over 100,000x that which you have today at your disposal.

Yes…, the status quo is not acceptable, If HRC had won, all would be doomed for sure…. TODAY! WE HAVE HOPE!!! How can we help you to mitigate the "slaughter of the innocents"???

Thank you for your patriotic service. Words cannot express the emotional outpouring of the many for our appreciation of your service.

A Hopeful, Prayerful, Thankful Anon.

a rebirth is an awakening. we are watching events of enormous proportions. I am in awe.

9d5a2f () No. 1904030


You mentioned restructuring the Fed. Will it be removed from the Rothschilds control and will We The People take back control of the currency?

Will the currency still be the USD after the reset?

How long do we have before the economic collapse?

What will be the new reserve currency? Will we have a national currency? Crypto or asset backed?

Will the Rothschilds be taken down, stripped of their assets, and thrown in prison for the rest of their miserable lives or hung?

When we go through the economic reset will it be worse than the Great Depression?

How long will it be before things would begin to stabilize?

What would be the best asset to help carry wealth over to the new system?

In what ways so we need to be prepared for the reset? Do we need to be self-sufficient on food, water, supplies, weapons and ammo? How long do we need to be prepared for?

Is there a certain trigger we should look for that would bring the system down?

Is there anyone you would suggest to follow that is close to accurate with this kind of info?

Warrior Patriot

53dac8 () No. 1904069


Excellent questions


e92aa6 () No. 1904506



Is Los Angeles allowing people to buy fake ID's to avoid ICE/LAPD? S Alverado 7th street. They call it "Miccas"

They spread fingers as if they are holding a card and say "Id's ID's"

Are they allowing this to happen? No one knows what's going on? They do it in the open. Why?

9d5a2f () No. 1904586

559ea9 () No. 1904624

Okay here are my questions:

1. Who are the enemy we are fighting, in detail.

2. What is their ideology?

3. How did they come to their beliefs?

4. What progress has been made in destroying them, in detail.

and finally

5. How many people have died in the pursuit of destroying them?

9f38a7 () No. 1904796


This is what I've come up with the dots and dashes.



Failure per WH instruction / agreement.


EO dated_official

IG redactions [heavy+][remove]

Hussein [WH [call] [tarmac] BC/LL] #RR#







……….   <<<<






Operative insertion(s).


Dark to LIGHT.

Shall we play a game?

———————————-     <<<<

You have a choice.

Do what is right.

FBI agents willing to testify +24

Next DOJ - offer open [2].

Next C_A - offer open [3].



The dashes and minuses are with the lists of perps.

Do the three ellipses and period mean anything? I've bean fixated on it, and I want to move on, is it even a thing? If so what?

#1453(dots&dashes)#1515(list of perps)

ABC – Cecilia Vega

ABC - David Muir         <(ABC World News)

ABC – Diane Sawye

CNN – Jeff Zeleny 

CNN - Jeff Zucker       <(President of CNN)

CNN – John Berm

MSNBC – Andrea Mitchell

MSNBC - Beth Fouhy  <(editor NBC News)

MSNBC – Ed Schult


This is the closest I got )))…((( are these the people that are bribing


4f784b () No. 1904878


It’s time to build some gallows

bc04d6 () No. 1905220

9c0e44c669030b....png (4 KB, 255 x 152, 255 : 152, Trump45.png) (h)

Q, what do we Anons need to do better? I personally MEME on twatter daily. What other activites help POTUS/Q?

b9264e () No. 1905517

Q, what is going on with this…


Please tell us it's fake news. Please tell us that Bolton (neocon) and Pompeo (clown) haven't pulled a Grima Wormtongue on Trump.

6561c0 () No. 1905754

40,000 ft

what is above?

what is below?

I feel as though I spend a lot of my time over 40,000ft.

Genetics, telepathy, hierarchy, exo-politics, demiurge, etc…

0ab313 () No. 1906330

Q, for the people abducted by the Deep State, are they connected to shadow people? Will any of the Deep State's victims be used as witnesses? Will their names be kept private to prevent retaliation against them/their families? Will they have any way of knowing when they can expect to sleep safely (or will their experiences simply cease)? Will child survivors be reunited with their bio parents? How many are there?

1c6871 () No. 1906367


9d5a2f () No. 1906643


What is the Space Force opening the door to?

After the reset will business revert back to small local business versus huge conglomerations?

Will the intelligence agencies structure or models change to include stricter more transparent oversight that can be trusted?

Will we find out who killed JFK and get justice for him?

Where is s good place to start if you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole?

c1882d () No. 1907913

The train derailment that nearly killed many republicans in congress and their families. Anything more forthcoming about this avoided tragedy the country was spared from?

ec34a4 () No. 1908420

Q, 1SFG ODA, Split Team, 3 KIA (my brothers) 3 wounded (2 Team Members, 1 Attachment), Team CPT requesting rip, more brothers potentially going.

I ETS'ed too soon, I didn't want to play the game anymore, too much blatant corruption and bullshit.

I DIDN'T KNOW. God forgive me, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

However, my DD-214 doesn't nullify my oath. From all enemies.

Thank you so much for an opportunity to take part in the fight. It means more to me than I can put into words.

If I may make a humble suggestion…

Will ALL evidence be released? Not to the public, mass chaos and degradation of the rule of law. I would suggest a dump on an onion site. Provides insulation for those who don't want to know, but also allows those seeking the truth to find it. I'm talking everything. ALL: communication transcripts/audio, images, video, including extremely graphic (torture/sacrifice), yes even CP material (the absolute sick fucks). This isn't a decision any one person should make. The information belongs to the people of the world. Deciding what is appropriate for people to know is a slippery slope. I trust the Q team to protect me physically, but my mind is my own, I know what I can handle. This is way bigger even than the current time period. For our children. For the future. People need to UNDERSTAND the wages of ignorance, complacency, and close-mindedness. IMO destroying/hiding any evidence of these heinous crimes is almost tantamount to covering up their crimes. Everyone knows this is the biggest event in the history of the world. It can serve as a warning to those in the future, or people can continue to be ignorant of how bad things can really get and still be kept secret, even hidden in plain sight.

I am humbled by the dedication and patriotism of everyone involved. Every Anon, every Q team member, every Operator. POTUS…what can I even say…

Constantly in prayer, can't sleep.

Stay safe brothers.

19b090 () No. 1908531


Q, I lost both of my grandparents (who adopted me as an infant), and my father in law to cancer. Cancer is at epidemic levels in my state.

If POTUS could please set up a team to look into 'why' cancer is such a problem in the United States. Cancer is not at these levels anywhere else in the world. Thank you.

19b090 () No. 1908550


After my grandfather passed in 2016, I had this dream- in the dream, it was the night before my grandfather died. I watched myself walk into his house, and over to his bed, and I kissed his cheek (just as I had done in real life the night before his death). After this, I heard someone say 'he waited for you'. The very next thing that happened was, I was transported to a place that looked like the Australian Outback. There was a green jeep (like a safari vehicle) parked sideways, and a young blonde haired boy was standing in the doorway of the jeep. I heard someone say 'don't rank the man, rank the cure that is behind the beast'. I then looked past the boy, through the window behind him, and I saw a giraffe eating from a tree. The tree the giraffe was eating from is called the acacia tree.

After having this dream, I believe the cure for cancer could lie in this tree. Maybe POTUS could have someone look into this. Please.

75eee8 () No. 1908648

Q: how can we win, with Mockingbird still in full force? Public opinion = everything.

c20d25 () No. 1908703


Yes, I think that is so: we must learn to do for ourselves rather than depend on a "strongman" or another "cabal" (even if, at first it might be a white hate cabal). Reclaim freedom of the press. Reclaim our democratic traditions and our republican form of government. Reclaim our Constitution. Reclaim our sovereignty as individuals, as states, as a country.




Question for Q: when The People reclaim their heritage and their inheritance, will the role of a team such as yours be diminished? How would it happen if we are so dependent, now, on a secret force shaping our fight against the current cabal?

Simper Gumby

c20d25 () No. 1908705


BO please delete my previous post. Typo – should read white hat cabal. Would like to repost with correction.


badd28 () No. 1909240

Doing a quick search for google search term "Qanon" seems either we have surpassed the cabal or the numbers are being manipulated…

6561c0 () No. 1909488


Why was I abducted in 1992 for showing a telepathic aberration? I'm "deaf" or hearing impaired with that stuff. I believe it provides some resistance or interruption to the process. I really don't know, just that I remembered in the last 5 years that I was abducted in the fall of 1992 and woke up the next day "bi-polar". Life "ruined" since (really can't complain too much, got it made). Acquired 'HUM' in 2009 from a fray over 40,000ft. Dove under the bed style. I seek counsel.

9645fd () No. 1909833

Where is the pic of Hussein you said was going to come out? Where is the video of HRC? Where is the crap from Weiner's laptop? You've made some statements that we will see these "very soon" so where are they?

df6ec7 () No. 1910389

Regarding "their" punishments for their crimes (since the public will be understandably howling for blood when the truth comes out).

Are their crimes so henious that "more creative" methods of capital punishment become warranted?

c20d25 () No. 1910924

We must learn to do for ourselves rather than depend on a "strongman" or another "cabal" (even if, at first it might be a White Hat cabal).

Reclaim freedom of the press. Reclaim our democratic traditions and our republican form of government. Reclaim self-governance. Reclaim our Constitution. Reclaim our sovereignty as individuals, as states, as a country.




Question for Q: when The People reclaim their heritage and their inheritance, how much will the role of a team such as yours be diminished? How would it happen if we are so dependent, now, on a secret force shaping our fight against the current cabal?

Semper Gumby

c20d25 () No. 1911017


Is Water Racist?

Watch the water:


Drought Aid



WATCH the Water(s)




Question for Q:

Where is the Water? Global?

5f7ac9 () No. 1911192

b43dd142be17a4....png (1577 KB, 252 x 255, 919 : 931, sticker.png) (h)


Q, after the swamp has been drained, will the Q boards morph into an anonymous tip center for local areas to keep track of nefarious behavior?

I think that it could easily do that and replace the CIA/FBI and allow public disclosure on a local level to those willing to participate. Obviously oversight would be needed, but any anonymous crumbs could be put into local dough and Anons could bake for that area. Just ideas and thoughts.

God bless y'all!! Love ya Q team!

5f7ac9 () No. 1911212


If there is an ongoing investigation, none of this stuff can be leaked because it could tamper with the jury and thus ruin the trial and they get off on a technicality. They are walking the razors edge. Patience and vigilance, Anon.

70251f () No. 1911283

ac19d26714e5ed....png (10948 KB, 255 x 162, 7696 : 4898, snow_white.png) (h)

How much did I get right in the pic related?

Was the timing of Snow White Pounce coincidental to my trolling of the AI?

If not, why launch then?

Was that operation successful?

What else can I do to help?

76417e () No. 1911362

4688a883693490....jpg (139 KB, 255 x 227, 500 : 445, Face palm.jpg) (h)


Great, so you apparently think that Q is God, or at least has a direct hotline to Him? Smh

73254e () No. 1911484

Why was 'EXTORTION 17' blown out of the sky with all those SEAL Team 6 members dying in the crash? >>1866238

bc1140 () No. 1911967

7ed0d40715fa6d....png (422 KB, 255 x 243, 679 : 647, ff.png) (h)

Q, could it be that loudmouth race-baiters like MadMaxine are being forced BY THE WHITEHATS to say these outrageous things, in order to further decimate their party? If so, great plan! Or are they doing it at the behest of the ones who are blackmailing? Maybe, if they give it their all, it may serve as a free ticket off of this planet.

19b090 () No. 1912250


Call on the Name above every name, Jesus Christ, to heal you, and it will be done.

63a65b () No. 1912446

Why can't the President kill the funding for Geoengineering (Chemtrails)? Is it a military black budget? IT IS KILLING US. https://twitter.com/onedovealone/status/1010928158089142273

45c46c () No. 1912481





2d335f () No. 1912691

Hello Q and fellow Qanon researchers,

While I understand the focus on HCF, I was hoping to find out if the PM will be indicted following the aftermath.

0f8eb4 () No. 1913105


I believe all the answers have already been given except one.

Is the Storm now upon us?

e26094 () No. 1913316

The Vatican has a worldwide blackout on their attempted arrest last week. http://itccs.org/2018/06/22/​ninth-circle-catholic-black-mass-halted-in-geneva-after-pope-francis-confronted-by-common-law-sheriffs-popes-illness-cover-story-conceals-incident-and-real-purpose-of-papal-visit/

511de6 () No. 1913484

Will our Social Security fund be taken back from the royals that own it?

511de6 () No. 1913538

Will our Social Security fund, owned by the royals, be taken back, and given to the American public?

511de6 () No. 1913589


DANGOOR, SASSON, CADORI are these familes the top of the cabal?

511de6 () No. 1913620


Will our Social Security system, owned by the royals, be given back to the American public?

d36563 () No. 1913629

Can we clarify old signatures please?

Alice & Wonderland = HRC & SA but…Q=Alice?

Godfather III?

We know (((you're))) Wizards & Warlocks

d36563 () No. 1913639

Can we T R U S T (((R)))?

511de6 () No. 1913683

Underground bases: DENVER AIRPORT, THE GETTY CENTER, BOHEMIAN GROVE, will these underground bases be raided and taken over by the military?

44a1b3 () No. 1913705

I've been struggling with concernfagging. Is Q legitimately for us, or is it some kind of (((trickery)))?

I'm wondering if we can possibly request that Q and POTUS eliminate some government programs/overreach that the Cabal would need? Obviously something not critical to the plan, but would show allegiance to us. Maybe publicly dismantle FEMA camps?

Some kind of proof of intent.

I keep getting this feeling that we're being sold something for someone else's gain and I can't shake it. How do you trust when 99% of everything is lies?

511de6 () No. 1913707

Will patented seeds be given back to our farmers at an affordable rate?

b9264e () No. 1913731


Give us all Google Glass with built-in facial recognition, peer-to-peer comms with each other, and comms with higher-ups needing to pass through a few layers of filters to get stuff up the chain.

After the Big Drop, there could be millions of real-world ants at Q's disposal. The puppetmasters will have nowhere to hide.

"Remember this. The people you're trying to step on, we're everyone you depend on. We're the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you're asleep. We drive the ambulances. We direct your call. We are cooks and taxi drivers and we know everything about you. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life… so don't fuck with us." -Fight Club

511de6 () No. 1913739

The book THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM, is it a true history of how corrupt bankers took over the United States?

511de6 () No. 1913785

Who financed the planes with lazer beam weapons to melt the CA neighborhoods, to bring on AGENDA 21 stack and pack housing?

511de6 () No. 1913820

Are microwave ovens dangerous? Killing us slowly?

64e142 () No. 1913844


Have to respond in support of these Questions.

I agree with your earlier sentiments, we HAVE already won the fight.

These questions are very broad yet specific in a way that if confirmed with actual proof(s), would change MANY people's minds about the current on goings.

I do have a concern yes, aliens could exist, but for right now, telling us would be playing (our) hand too soon. just my opinion.

Everything has been done so carefully. so precisely yet also human. Small but clearly human errors have been made and to some degree, that brings me peace. We are all human and grace is required.

I hope Q will answer as many of these questions as possible.

It's been interesting to look at the questions posed to see where anons are at with their research and diggs. This almost feels like we are being analyzed to see which questions we are asking vs which questions NEED to be asked..

511de6 () No. 1913846

What is the name of the best book to read regarding the TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY?

0027d3 () No. 1913862

Hi Q and team, it looks like my post got deleted so I will try again.

How are we going to clean up areas infested with drug cartels like out here in east Texas? Our sheriff and other elected officials are in on it and have been no help. Are we safe when things start?

We are enjoying the show, and we trust the plan. Have seen enough proof that it is really habbening.

Have so many other questions that others covered here, so just asking what can be done to clean out the criminal illegal aliens that are here and very well connected (Koon Kreek Klub.)

God speed and blessings to you all.

We love POTUS!

511de6 () No. 1913910

Will our basic "needed for life" utilities: water, sewer, electric, propane, trash, gasoline, ever be taken back from the greedy cabal, and be lowered to affordable rates?

511de6 () No. 1913938

You say, "We have it all", will we ever get the films or recordings of the BILDERBERG meetings?

87d4f6 () No. 1913947



Will Kudlow bring in NGDP targeting to optimize the fed?

c998b0 () No. 1914421

Will g.e.s.a.r.a be implemented?

and is it a good thing for freedom in America?

3ffca6 () No. 1916365

001541bbdd6c5e....jpg (169 KB, 255 x 166, 750 : 488, IMG_8622.jpg) (h)

ac5533a0c24ca9....jpg (94 KB, 140 x 255, 573 : 1045, IMG_8621.jpg) (h)

df638b85ec3ebf....jpg (89 KB, 143 x 255, 573 : 1024, IMG_8620.jpg) (h)

b9076efe2558d6....jpg (92 KB, 195 x 255, 600 : 786, IMG_8619.jpg) (h)

Is Tran safe?

974248 () No. 1916621

Thank you for your service Q and team…

When will we learn about the content of sealed indictments and do they all have something in common?

2bce94 () No. 1917288

Sorry family but I'm new to this!!

I really want to make a question to Q+ but I have no idea on how to find where he/they are doing to Q&A??

cfd889 () No. 1917389

04cd7df15e0c36....png (58 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, Reverse sign-3.png) (h)

New lawn sign anyone?

eb441e () No. 1917665


Can't vouch for the Arabic but the original version always bothered me with how fucking awful the Spanish is. Here's how I'd say it:

>No nos importa de dónde sea usted, si no sea legal, vuélvase.

148b3b () No. 1918290

Not sure if.this is even worth posting ..but.ill.drop.I anyway

I'm former patriot missile maintainer operator…3 years of my.service were spent a FT BLISS Texas …06-09 it was in this time I had my awakening ..insane amount of prince hall masons …I know obama is a prince hall…and so we're most of the soldiers over the rank of E-6 …felt like eyes were on me all the time after I spoke out about it..didn't seem right a secret society had so many members in high ranking positions with in air/missile defense … how can you guarantee that if needed these men would do there jobs ..if they are all part of obamas club…

We need to invent an #IFF for everyday life ..;)

8b5883 () No. 1920752

How do we hold the ground we've gained going forward? POTUS45 won't be around forever…how do we vet?

8d5d2a () No. 1921852


How can we wake up the folks in Germany? They are so divided, tensions rising in all camps. Feels like we have no grounds here. What unites us effectively also with regard to future events?

b8fb60 () No. 1922414

Forthcoming…Internet (EU)? Protective measures in place?

3cae56 () No. 1922648


He was the last real Pope who believes in Jesus Christus.

a35d9a () No. 1923539


Are Barron and Chloe safe?

On Peter Fonda ishe going to be/has he been arrested?

c52085 () No. 1923821



The prophecies of Malachi


08c96b () No. 1924324

Will POTUS put the military on the Mexican border to prevent the invasion into US called for by Mexican presidential candidate, Obrador?

1eef9d () No. 1925033

Hey Q! You guys ever consider stuff like NESARA and the FAIR TAX and LAND PATENTS instead of property taxes? Option to opt out of stuff like Social Security and Medicare payments and benefits? That stuff should be OPTIONAL and a CHOICE. That stuff would Make America Great Again. It would make us the best place to do business and own property on the planet. No one could compete. Not China, Not Japan, Not Russia, not the EU. All companies and all capitol would rush here. Capitol goes where capitol is treated well.

It is better to live in DANGEROUS FREEDOM than SAFE TYRANNY.

523e1f () No. 1927528


UKanon here. I tagged D.J.Trump as, "America's last hope," long before I knew anything about Q. I've found no reason to make me think any different and I'm going nowhere.

This outfit, however, just appeared out of nowhere and say they are connected to Q. The 'political party' feels like another sheep pen to me and I'm not jumping on any bandwagon with a faceless politician.

Can you shed any light on this?

A big thankq to all the people who put together "the plan"; it's been a pleasure to watch it unfold.


4d1083 () No. 1928146


Q… How does this guy figure in this play? Is he at choice or coerced as well?

John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States,

ACA - (OBAMACare) - Supreme Court decision - National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius

Opponents challenged ACA's constitutionality in multiple lawsuits on multiple grounds.[367][368][not in citation given] In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, the Supreme Court ruled on a 5–4 vote that the individual mandate was constitutional when viewed as a TAX, although not under the Commerce Clause.

BIGGEST letdown I have ever seen in the Supreme Court.

7734a8 () No. 1929308


Will we see more IT jobs/electronic shopping centers like Microcenter or something to all rural towns in united states?

31f756 () No. 1929809


THE PLAN—-When the truth comes out about the corruption in our govt, is it likely to change the 50/50 split of our nation and prevent Civil War Part 2? Is this the real goal of THE PLAN: preserve the union?

(700,000 lives were lost in the Civil War……..think about it. Do we really want to do this again?)

0349fd () No. 1930042

Im just trying to find out if Q really made the video named Q Plan to save the world or is just someone else looking to make a name for himself using Q

Sorry I didnt know how else to get the answer i was looking for so I thought to try to ask the question here


440bc1 () No. 1930457

2a06a09f6d081d....png (232 KB, 227 x 255, 333 : 374, Wake Up Democr....png) (h)

Trump Taps ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ To Close The Deal In Iowa


"To the audience in the small theater and the hundreds of yards worth of folks lined up on the sidewalks outside, Trump was Jumpin’ Jack Flash — a gas, gas, gas."


Here’s Your Unclassified Briefing on Secret Government Code Names

May 16, 2018

Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

"The term is borrowed from the Rolling Stones song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” which begins with Mick Jagger declaring, “I was born in a crossfire hurricane.”

The C.I.A. randomly selects code names — called cryptonyms, or crypts — from a list of preapproved names. But C.I.A. officers can skip that process and pick their own.

… the names do not reveal much about the underlying investigation. Think of them simply as a peek into the mind-set of the investigative team … or as an inside joke among agents."


Hi there Q,

POTUS held a rally in JANUARY 2016 opening with Jumpin' Jack Flash, five and a half months BEFORE the DOJ/FBI chose it for their illegal investigation at the end of JULY!

I heard that LL was briefed by FBI in MARCH 2016.

Did one of you have a hand in choosing the Code Name? Or did they start the investigation earlier in January as DJT alluded?

What are the code names for ALL the other Candidates who ran for President? HRC and her cronies would have been thorough. She has a vile temper. No one wants to be inefficient and have that anger directed at them. BS/RP/MR/TC all believe they were investigated. Why would HRC leave ANYONE out?

440bc1 () No. 1930586


If we return to the Constitution, there will be no IRS, CIA, FBI, FDA, etc. No property taxes.

The Fed gov't ran on TARIFFS and Business Taxes only. The people kept ALL the money they earned.

4527f2 () No. 1930796

Q Team, can you please start taking out the family members and operatives of the Rothschild Banking Cartel? After enough research and reading of history, it’s obvious they are the plague of this Planet Earth. Turn them into fertilizer or we (the People) will do it ourselves when we have nothing left to loose.

440bc1 () No. 1930842


Microwaves heat up (excite) water molecules in order to "cook" foods. The molecules are excited until they burst. NOT GOOD!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOfjdNUXUOc Microwaves…They don't tell you about this

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au4qx_l8KEU Words change water molecules

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0UVvuBKTXg Microwaved water kills plants

Watch these are you tell me if it is okay to use them. I don't own one.

Olive Garden is microwaved meals from a central kitchen.

f0f274 () No. 1931040


Indeed, stopping this would signal to me that Q and DJT are true whitehats, along with stopping water fluoridation and toxic vaccines

440bc1 () No. 1931098

29659ca2398a7c....png (633 KB, 255 x 254, 981 : 976, DEBBIE WASSERM....png) (h)

Is DWS Imran's wife? (second or third) that would explain why she would protect Imran and his family despite their hack into the DNC and House Dem (Intel and Foreign affairs) Committees computers.

Or did he blackmail her after he got her password to the computers?

f0f274 () No. 1931124


Stop getting the flu vaccine or any other vaccines. Vaccines are causing a massive amount of autoimmune disorders because of their adjuvants

c20d25 () No. 1931232

015163b621be87....png (698 KB, 122 x 255, 590 : 1230, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Senate Judiciary committee has asked former AG Loretta Lynch to disclose conversations she has had with 1) Debbie Wasserman Schultz and with 2) Amanda Renteria. Topic: intel that then-FBI Director James Comey relied on.


Was the committee's inquiry too narrow in scope? How does this connect with Tarmac Meeting?

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Re 04:47


"It's our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again."

Enough rope?

08c96b () No. 1931299

Is Trey Gowdy a white hat or a black hat?

10c6e6 () No. 1931778

Will POTUS declassify details on nuclear weapons?

e96c9c () No. 1931837

Will the awakening disclosure include the true history of the world?

73f54e () No. 1932037



So proud!

WA elections: The judicial chair is being challenged.


They need as much support as possible.

b45eba () No. 1933601

"Q might even post directly in this thread on Saturday."

I think Q is more likely to post to their own exclusive thread, primarily for two reasons:

1; Q has said that they will not post comms anywhere else but there.

2: Since pretty much anyone who posts here can't be certain of who is who, we an't be certain if Q actually posts or perhaps just another shill; Q would probably be compromising their own security by posting here.

I would more strongly expect that Q would post on their normal board in the same fashion as they've always done, by quoting a question from here, then answer/reply to it there.

67abe2 () No. 1934375


How many Patriot warriors have given up their life in this war?…we would like to say a prayer in a moment of silence.

1f4c97 () No. 1935070

Q, what about our national institutions, all but annihilated by the long march. Thinking of the Boy Scouts and the former Episcopalian church but there are thousands of institutional casualties some whose loss is devastating. Can and will some, at least, be restored?

ed820b () No. 1936194

Will we have any traitor GOP Senator's that will keep us from voting on a SCOTUS nominee in the Fall…..I'm looking at you Sen. Murkowski

0100a4 () No. 1936624

Who protected the Clintons in the early days?

Why do we never hear anything about Monsanto / food/chemicals/GMO? I am somewhat worried that these trade deals POTUS is making is really about getting Monsanto's monster food into regions which had, up to this point, refused it (or similar)

What is the best thing for anons to spread to the normies right now?

thank you!! for everything

7b6647 () No. 1936632

I have been intrigued by Dr. Corsi's speech telling of a plan that was completely deemed actionable based on a body of evidence of treason that he states was going to be acted on if then private citizen did not choose to run when he was approached. Now if what Corsi said was a lie then it would be great to know if he was lying. If, on the other hand, he was not lying, then it implies a Plan that existed before Mr. Trump made the decision to run for President. A plan which could not have foreseen any of the deep state treasonous actions subsequenntly taken to oppose Candidate, Presient-elect and POTUS Trump. There must have been an original Plan just like there was an original treason package wrapped with bow on it. None of the deep state's actions to oppose POTUS before and after election could be predicted. Am intirigued by what the action Plan A(with Trump running and being elected) was/is. In regards to all of this pre-election treason, how can anyone know how they were going to act or react? The anti-trump treason by the deep state is gravy. The steak is the probing and provocation to cause(in the movie) the killers of the republic to freak out and lead us to the body(of evidence). Since one can't know their reaction will be, what if we don't expose everything organically? Does that mean some of the stuff that was was originally packaged won't be acted on and put aside? Wundrin' PS sorry posted in Pol board asking if there was anything else Q let POTUS decide. Was peevish. I am an imperfect sinner saved…

3b24d1 () No. 1938374

75eff8ab52513b....png (156 KB, 239 x 255, 309 : 330, index.png) (h)

Q this story seems odd https://www.cbsnews.com/news/former-ice-spokesman-james-schwab-opens-up-about-resignation-trump-administration/ WORD?

Is this an attack?

Is this guy legit?


d1da21 () No. 1939593

e6aba518e603a3....png (48 KB, 255 x 170, 601 : 400, which one.png) (h)

Which post is a Q post?

849212 () No. 1939908

Q - How do you plan to convince the world that the great awakening is the real deal and not a limited hangout by the establishment to stave of rebellion? DJT's repudiation of globalism is certainly a convincing thread of the picture but your assertions that not all can be made public positively align with the elite's views on how knowledge should be closely guarded and revealed only through initiation. As things unravel people will be questioning Everything, including you.

2nd q - why ask DJT to run for POTUS during the great awakening, who is clearly too brash to be palatable to many normies? Was it to avoid the optics of the slick politician and the adored antichrist?

God Bless.

e5c22f () No. 1940524

e176ab48d7155f....jpeg (14 KB, 255 x 154, 314 : 190, French-America....jpeg) (h)

Dear Q team,

Is the Bush/Scherff Nazi plan going to be exposed?http://robscholtemuseum.nl/stew-web-tom-heneghan-intel-briefing-may-20th-2018-french-leak-bush-scherf-nazi-proof-boom/

This online book is subtitled: an American Caligula. GREAT READ!


Also Tom Hennifin and Stew Webb audio interviews are instructive.http://www.tomheneghanbriefings.com/

aa7514 () No. 1941764

Will Trump be going after the bloodline families?


Is there still a 'nazi' german base in antartica?

Why are certain islands and parts of antartica blurred?

e.g. 76.797457, 157.898049

Why does NASA hide this on their mapping tool?


Will there be cures made available for diseases which aren't yet public in the near future?

Is there a list of vaccines which should be avoided?

aa7514 () No. 1941823

If a man-made disease was to plague the world.

Where would be the safest place we move?

Will Q continue for the full duration of the Trump presidency?

Will Trump try and keep Q feeding us information after he leaves office if the next president is pro-Trump? This would be incredible.

Are the children being slaughtered for adrenochrome?

aa7514 () No. 1941987

d545b9b6e95bc0....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 191, 750 : 563, meaning44.jpg) (h)

“If you only knew the magnificence of the three, the six and the nine… then you would have a key to the universe.” -Nikola Tesla

Can you go deep and explain this?

What is the true meaning behind this photo?

Are there any plans to stop the Kalgeri plan around the world?

5ef736 () No. 1942650

Does god exist?

Did god create this planet & all life here?

Are living beings killing eachother for food & survival ?

Does god like to see living beings killing eachother?

Did god comand " you shall not kill" only for humans?

Did god create lucifer? To later become satan?

Did god comand yahoshua to deliver himself to a horrible death for the satisfaction of rome, local gov, highpriests?

What is coming from the kingdom of fantasy and is used to control the masses?

did a god prevented ww1, ww2, etc…

Why are religions a reason for war?

What is group dynamics?

What is Neuro programming language?

The determination to reduce pain & suffering is?

The determination to Increasing pain & suffering is?

Why are both determinations used with oportunistic calcule to gain and mantain power?

Can you trust the powerful?

9f041f () No. 1943753


Fuck these clowns! They want to kill innocents in FFs?

Give them a nudge. Can we have the Obama pic with him shooting the flag yet?

59c9ae () No. 1943786


whats your point. read the bible. god wins.

31f756 () No. 1944242


Dear Q, God bless you, POTUS, and all of us (and I do mean ALL of us [U.S.]

1). Premise: There are very sm but vocal/sometimes violent minorities in US who would gladly burn it down just because of their view of life or it gives them a buzz, or whatever. If you read this sentence carefully, you should understand that the word 'minority' is used in context only as 'a small amount'.

2). Problem: Ignoring the lessons of the past, here and abroad–

how to live together peacefully when we don't agree, how to compromise, how to come together, etc.

Take a look at Ireland and see what civil war was like for them.

I am Irish/Protestant and my wife is Irish/Catholic. There was a time this could get you killed in certain places within Ireland. But my LOVE for my wife overrides any religious disagreement. We have learned to ACCEPT one another and WORK IT OUT without violence.

The US is beginning to look like a bad marriage—-love at first sight only to degenerate into hate which breeds violence. Unless rational and loving people come together to WORK THINGS OUT, we are doomed to repeat the past. My wife and I love Ireland, but we are citizens of the US and want it to prosper and stay united.

Question: So Q, will we come together or separate into 2 countries? A cup of coffee for the opposition, or a unit of blood for yourself, which will it be?

b77a5f () No. 1944337




Is this true?

d2d016 () No. 1944420


When will the DHS report about voter fraud be released?

3c7d0b () No. 1945194

30280981a53b53....jpg (337 KB, 255 x 69, 2000 : 539, efab77f67a5b99....jpg) (h)

c8316bd8be0c06....jpg (298 KB, 255 x 194, 654 : 498, 77gubk5e34xz.jpg) (h)

make some magic whit this.

d973d1 () No. 1945369

Was this an FF?


bc5609 () No. 1946734

832092680912a8....jpg (1856 KB, 191 x 255, 3456 : 4608, This is worldw....jpg) (h)

What position is GER on your list, Q?

Ongoing activities (not publicly known) noticed - thank you!

The letter Q means "exit from the system" :-)


8cd519 () No. 1947362

What are the chances that we FINALLY caught someone perpetrating a false flag on behalf of the deep state?



Probably the most damning piece of evidence. Why hide his identity so much? This kind of behavior has NEVER been seen before in ANY mass shooting event. Suggests that he was trying to hide his involvement in the shooting so that a patsy could take the fall instead.


Again, what other mass shooting as resulted in an uncooperative suspect, who needed to be interrogated? Prior perpetrators have never been characterized as "uncooperative."


Finally, the fact that a shooter who is subsequently "uncooperative," would likely be "uncooperative," to go into custody without a fight. My guess? Like other deep state operators, he assumed the responding law enforcement would let him slide.


Again, this suggests that the shooter assumed he would be able to escape the scene without detection or under the protection of other operatives.


Rapid response for law enforcement to a mass shooting is also similarly uncharacteristic. Annapolis PD had a drill yesterday shooting, which is typical for a false flag event. The difference? Annapolis did NOT stand down. Also, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was on the scene as well, suggesting maybe some white hats from federal government were tasked to handle this situation.

I did these points in order of most compelling to least. In combination, this is HIGHLY UNUSUAL and SUGGESTS FALSE FLAG OPERATOR HAS BEEN APPREHENDED.



Rosenstein and Wray just finished testifying before House Committee. Deep state trying to distract for other deep state members.


Just like Vegas shooting, no clear motivation is offered here. Again, its early, but generally a motivation is the first topic to be covered.

b0210e () No. 1947873

e836d7a856e098....png (81 KB, 245 x 255, 677 : 704, Capture.png) (h)

Undeniably horrible optics on the chans

e3e0a1 () No. 1948633


Cristina Lopez G. posted these in the chans herself to Create Fake News, in an attempt to discredit the chans.

Lame try Sorors, won't work no one believes you.

Your noose for Pedophilia, Treason is waiting for you and ALL who worked for you.

e3e0a1 () No. 1948693


Is there evidence to Convict Scalia's Murder?

a833ee () No. 1949233

Q, can you confirm R?

7b6647 () No. 1950557

29bd12be086da2....jpeg (23 KB, 255 x 191, 255 : 191, 37D14F76-EEA1-....jpeg) (h)

Was a little worried when I saw this. How innocuous is this device? Felt uncmfortable seeing them invite POTUS to place his hands/fingers on it. Thinking of biometrics..

4b9950 () No. 1951779

16848d2e833aca....jpg (147 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, g169m6.jpg) (h)

Will Roanoke ever be tied into a conspiracy? What did it mean… Always felt like a missing link to me. Like, Q, you're telling me the DoD really couldn't find out where one village went??

2acd80 () No. 1952298

how do i exit the theater?

b18f65 () No. 1954138


*First Post - be gentle

On July 3rd, Imran Awan appears in court to enter a plea deal. We have been assured that you don't get a plea deal unless you cooperate with prosecutors as prosecutors generally offer plea deals to small fish when they want to catch bigger fish yet the HRC minions, among others, received immunity (heck of a plea deal) with little received in return.

Are we assured that we are getting fair value for the Awan thumb drive? I would much prefer to take down the DNC. :-)

b057f5 () No. 1954212


GB Sr. —GB Jr—-……Hillary Clinton……has been a long time coming. They will fry for this.

b057f5 () No. 1954426

such an interesting picture……


Found the original….. https://kmaultrasound.com/

bebc86 () No. 1954621

I have to ask something that has been bothering me for a while now. I know that many people have predicted that Trump would be president. But one writing that I found about his coming presidency was different. It was a profetic word from Joanie Stahl who said this in May 2016. It is a long thing to read but this is the relevant part of god's word for Joanie:

Also,Trump will be the next and last president. Once he is inaugurated the door will shut. He will accomplish My purpose, but only for a short time, a brief time while in office. Because his time will be cut short. Not because he does not want to. His hands will be stopped. He won’t be able to go very far for reasons other than his own. His purposes will be disappointed. His success will be brief, short lived, interrupted. He will be like a once raging fire snuffed out. He will be stopped short.

https: //aminutetomidnite.com/prophecy/living-in-the-last-hours-of-the-last-days-prophetic-word/

Please tell me Q team that you have a back up plan for everything? I don't want to sow division. I just want that you are aware of the things that has been said about Trump. So if EVERYTHING goes wrong (Trump removed/killed), do you guys have a plan to accerelate your operations? Or a plan to do this without Trump being the center of it? I mean if Trump is removed and you don't have the time for soft disclosure anymore, does the plan still work? I know that you can't reveal any spesific info but I still wanted to ask because this feels important to me. Everyone here seems to think that this plan will go forth perfectly and nothing like this could happen? That ((they)) couldn't have any desperate last tricks that will throw this all away? I am worried.

5e215a () No. 1955012


God is in control of Everything, what happens is God's Will, He is orchestrating the affairs of men, nudging his Elect in the things that must happen before judgement day, so WORRYING is Fruitless, Faith is what you need, Faith in God to accomplish His Plan, not the Plans of fragile men. Your eyes must be on the Final Battle where Satan / Lucifer and his minions lose. all the alleged satan worshippers, …God knows who they are, and they will be dealt with, if not on this earth now, then on judgement day….Worry Not Patriot….The Father is on his Throne with Christ seated at his right hand.

2f5dd4 () No. 1955730

My question:

Without naming them, how many members of congress (House and Senate) know about the plan, and/or are part of the plan?

Video semi-related.


2f5dd4 () No. 1955753


embedded now

50fdd1 () No. 1956309

bc5019481d5f62....jpg (2092 KB, 255 x 170, 2500 : 1667, pecase1_h.jpg) (h)

>Instigated the end of the Iran/Iraq War by writing letters to each countries leader in the late 80's

>Witnessed the murder of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989

>Signed General Contract in 1990

>Was necessary because I was a witness to a crime where the Federal Government had jurisdiction

>Democrats publish Homosexual Inquiry hit piece in the Washington Post, not one word about the Ayatollah

>30 years of Demoncrats using "The Craft" to intimidate and drive me up the wall

>Survived several murder attempts, including waking up in the ocean and having to kill several sharks with my bare hands

>I am Co-founder of a major video game company, never been paid. Never been paid one dime by the government even to assure basic security.

>Guitarist on two tracks every American has heard.

>On top of all this controversial stuff, I was a witness to a huge chunk of the missing story of 9/11/2001.

My question is this. How far back does this whole thing go, Q? My identity and story has been withheld from the American Public for three decades. I am dirt poor, my teeth are falling out from stress, and I can't work because of the local demoncrat goonsquad. How much of this is just partisan grandstanding, and how much of it is going to be real justice?

89c0e4 () No. 1956528

How many Hollywood movie plots are based on secret real world intelligence programs?

Clowns must have this kind of plausible deniability safeguard system to silence any form of leaks.

5b8b51 () No. 1956873

Who are you?

b6cb8c () No. 1957022

080d366782117a....png (178 KB, 255 x 255, 376 : 376, Systron Donner.png) (h)

Dear Q and All. I really have struggled finding my way around 8 chan since last year and rarely managed to make a comment as the threads fill so fast and I get lost on here badly as in on 8 chan.

Last year it was mentioned London Busses i believe and the above being fitted. Is this still a concern please Q and all of You.

Very Blessed Wishes To You All and Thanks for All You Do. "Onward's"

663f9b () No. 1959646

Ok I’m only 16 and I Have been on this board since it started. By my question to Is that the top Illuminati families (the ones in the shadows) are going to get exposed, because if they don’t all this stuff is going to start again!!

7bf166 () No. 1959725


Here's what I'd like to know more about:

-Much has been said by Q about the 3 families at the top of the pyramid, +, ++, +++: Soros the Rothschilds and the house of Saud. But I'd like to know more specifically what the relationship is between Soros and the Rothschilds. Is Soros more of a lackey or is he setting his own agenda?

-Do the elites actually have an agenda for white genocide, or is it more about destroying the middle class? I've heard arguments for the latter but there's so much anti-white propaganda out there in the media that I feel like it has to be the former. And just looking at the Cleon Peterson mural commissioned at the Eiffel Tower it seems so blatant.

-The only way to realistically save a lot of countries in Europe at this point (i.e. Sweden) is to do massive deportations, tens of thousands of people, the ones who are economic migrants drawn in by welfare. Simply stopping the migration isn't going to work, it's too late now. Is there any plan to do this being discussed by Trump's team and his worldwide allies?

-More info about Assange- whether he's alive, dead, in captivity by the good guys, captivity by the bad guys, etc. The clues about him so far have been hard to interpret. He's one of the most important men of our times and I feel like we need more clarity on his situation. Maybe that will come soon as he's been in the news lately.

-I agree with the anons saying that we need more info on if there's a plan to combat the utter degradation of the education system and the socialist/ fake history brainwashing going on.

-Is there anything we don't know about why the Space Force is being created?

-I'm extremely curious about what all the BOOMS throughout the US (and UK) in the past year have been. Destruction of underground bases? Any hints on why or what was really going on down there? This is probably the question I'd like answered the most, I think the boom phenomenon has been fascinating.

-Who really ordered JFK's assassination? I've heard it was the British monarchy but this seems like it could be disinfo.

So many more things I could ask but I'll leave it at that.

6d69ae () No. 1960107

Q, are the pictures of baked humans real?

558f9b () No. 1961077

Is there any truth to the Giant of Kandahar and the idea that nephilim roam the earth?

09d4de () No. 1961227

Trust Wray? Oh com'on Q.

5979ad () No. 1961486


Wayne Stenehjem ND AG sick and he is part of deepstate as AG for 17 yrs. Nominated his BCI director Dallas for US Marshal. They literally kill their own officers and drug traffic .

Q we need POTUS to know!

One person I've seen her posts under heavy attack . Please address

5fb07c () No. 1961673

Hello Q. In regard to an old post about created diseases/cures, was fibromyalgia created? More importantly is there a cure????? I have severe fibro, please I have to know. Thanks to you and Potus!

dfa405 () No. 1961678


Something that never sat right with me. Christopher Dorner. They lied about his service. Was he set up?

Thank You For All You Do.

7ef823 () No. 1963089

50b26d272106f9....jpg (6 KB, 179 x 130, 179 : 130, B&W two.jpg) (h)

ef6d71e284c9f8....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 209, 791 : 649, AF1 two.jpg) (h)

Is this what I'm seeing when I look out the window?

955b79 () No. 1964098

Were the Clintons and Huma behind or connected to 9/11

When did the Clintons start planning 9/11

Was part of the purpose of 9/11 to damage the Republican brand enough to guarantee the implementation of the 16 year plan without interruption?

Did the documents that Sandy Berger stole from the National Archives implicate the Clintons and Huma in 9/11

Were those real planes.

51031d () No. 1965494



Hey, Q:

Any on the current credentialed list that would be sympathetic and open to us (respectfully) encouraging them to ask the must happen question?

AJE or CBN outlet member perhaps?


e188ed () No. 1965950



Will the JetBlue pilot be ok? Does JetBlue know it was not his mistake?

fe3e0a () No. 1966556

9517c2e64c2b1f....png (560 KB, 255 x 183, 800 : 575, Antifa-Confere....png) (h)


What happened to the Nov. 4th 2017 Antifa Apocalypse they promised? It looked like a lot of money was spent on websites and organization, but the buses never showed. Did somebody let the air out of the tires?

5e99dd () No. 1966674

02646973df52d5....jpg (281 KB, 255 x 130, 2008 : 1024, rod_eminem.jpg) (h)


Was this what I think it was?

e188ed () No. 1966816



Are there people in power on the other side who are helping us? i.e. they started out idealistic/unaware and now are disgusted, want no part of what their side is engaging in but cannot get out.

e188ed () No. 1967100



Are we waiting for the House to find RR in contempt, start impeachment proceedings and then TG, JJ, BG write official letter to POTUS, POTUS then releases EO, we then see what is hidden there? Will that encompass the AWAN stuff too? I know timing is everything…..

b057f5 () No. 1967213

I posted a link with the "Master Therapist" name…..my posts go missing….Q is it okay if I just tell them? Lawsuit is coming but it is not finished…..it is as if I am invisible….how can I assure that this information is shared appropriately? I have all proofs together and ready…file lawsuit?

b057f5 () No. 1967469

The teacher of all of the therapists is Keith Mauney,,,,,George Bush sought him out in 1989……believe me this is sick. Radio Waves are dangerous….especially when they're used as weapons. "The perfect concussion"

"Some of the biggest men in the United States in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of something…They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

—President Wilson

Taxpayers are paying to teach these "therapists"

Coughlin v Commissioner of Internal Revenue F. 2d 307 (1953)

Let me know if anyone cares to know more….

4b9950 () No. 1967789


The Keith Mauney who runs the Associates Ultrasound Training Institutes?

From his Linkedin: "My team and I've helped shape the field from the early days, touching everyone, from the bedside clinician, throughout the industry, even the White House."


0af80c () No. 1969417


agreed, this is bullshit, who decides if a question is "worthy" enough?, should just fill up breads and number them, let Q decide what questions are "good enough to ask"

6b2992 () No. 1969434

Why do we have to convince a reporter to ask about Q. In most states it is very easy to obtain a press pass. Create a web page for our News outlet and call it, say, Qnation Sentinel. It's easy, once done you apply at the Whit House for press credentials. I am sure Q and POTUS will make sure you get in on the day they want you to ask the question. All we will need is a volunteer from the Qarmy.

a607c9 () No. 1970863



This article spells it all out. Judge is an Obama appointee and contributed millions to him over a 7 year period.

Great Call here newbie!

6b7d87 () No. 1971026


Just wanted to let you know the electricians local in Nevada is refusing to give a person their retirement because he hasn't paid his working dues. Nevada is a Right to Work State.

They also charge you retirement dues on top of that.

Please help us stop the insanity.

5a6d9d () No. 1971058

The 10 days of darkness=shutting the whole electric grid off to take down Israel , and why it's the last deep state?

My reason behind my theory of I'm correct. Is that Israel is the mega data center and intercepts every electronic communication we put out first before reaching destination. My thoughts are that it would be the only way to get them and them not be able to communicate to anyone for interception or them fleeing before mission accomplished. Meaning the whole world would have to be off grid. Then the last magical boom would be powering back up with the Tesla coil changing the world spiritually for the finishing touches of the great awakening.

a66b5e () No. 1971520

months of research

schedule/formulations dangerous/untested?

VAERS, package inserts, SIDS, MSM coverup

scientists assassinated - doctors publicly disgraced


forced vaccinations

forced compliance

poisoning us for $$$

hippocratic oath

when will life and liberty reign?

when will the truth of pharma come to light?

when will be conspiracy no more?

patients with patience, patient patriots

428a03 () No. 1972467

Q, John Birch Society (JBS), they were demonized into oblivion before I was born. But as I go down rabbit holes, I keep 'discovering' things they were pushing all those years ago. Were they destroyed by the cabal because they were becoming effective opposition, or were they demonized and destroyed for good and proper reasons?

29729b () No. 1973101

Sam Lavigne, the professor who recently doxxed ICE employees and received many hoorahs from the antifa scum, seems to be interested in more than the "border crisis". A quick search returned a very disturbing website that belongs to him. Lots of images of children, teddy bears, hot dogs, and the one that disturbed me the most titled young girl eating pizza with sauce on her face. These are not human beings, they are demons released from the pits of hell. http://lav.io/training/

Also, I realize that we as Americans have our own problems to contend with, but I am curious as to why POTUS has made no mention of Tommy Robinson. Is he working on anything behind the scenes to help alleviate the predicament that Tommy has found himself in? Lots of people say that Europe is getting what they deserve, but I believe that the true patriots there, as here in the US of A, have been led down a road that they neither deserve or wanted to begin with.

Thank you for your time and dedication to all of us deplorables in "fly-over" states.


5a6d9d () No. 1975428

887f56 () No. 1976441

What part, if any, did Pattons untimely death play in all of this? 187?

5fa691 () No. 1976894


Is it a possibility that some of these retiring Rep's such as Gowdy and Goodlatte can be called before the Huber Grand Jury(s) being that they have seen all the classified information on the Nunes investigation and have also questioned witnesses in most, if not all, of the multiple ongoing investigations? Not sure what the rules are for this type of situation.

440ad1 () No. 1977611

Please Q, I am new to the board and my

‘Q’uestion for you is “are the FEMA CAMPS a concern for The POTUS?”

It’s very worrisome when we hear about the guillotine’s, plastic coffins and now FEMA ordering 2500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide from Brazil. Pls. Q… 🙏🏼

44fe53 () No. 1977741

Give me one reason why i should believe in Q asides from Un-Provable Un-falsifiable bullshit?

3dd84a () No. 1978263

At last, should we expect a great building project?

d8fea0 () No. 1978876

welcoming BabyAnon to a world of Wonder. May she never feel the darkness. What can be done to free uncles and aunties in their 20's. Raised with eyes open, but slowly lowering their lids through the teen years?

8f7ac6 () No. 1978894

A, R U Satoshi?

a4ded7 () No. 1979251

After reading all the crumbs from Q and Anons I figured I'd fling an idea and see if anything sticks:

Back in the 70s the Cabals plan to solidify control of the population was complete and just needed willing partners to help facilitate its success. The plan was a multi-stage approach that centered mainly around the development of for profit prisons and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

For profit prisons: I read somewhere that high level management in the music industry all got together for a secret meeting, the kind where you had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to attend and listen to what They had to say. The pitch? For profit prisons that would use rap music to incite violence and drug use to ensure specific targeting of a peoples. The benefits for those in attendance was the promise of major wealth since the idea was new and they were allowed to get in as the initial investors. One CEO became quickly enraged at the idea and was promptly removed from the meeting and reminded of the NDA he had already signed. His friend, who was trying to calm him down, was also removed from the meeting. I read this on-line some years ago and have not been able to find it again, but the details were written from a first person's pov that was in attendance.

HFCS: HFCS as you all know is a substitute for sugar that has made products cheaper and more enjoyable for quite some time, but the thing I find interesting about it is that I cant find any record of its initial development or testing to see the effects on humans. HFCS is interesting to me because although it is similar to real sugar, sucrose, it is vastly different because in sugar the glucose and fructose molecules are joined together; but in HFCS they are separate. What this separation does is allow the HFCS to be released directly into the bloodstream of the person consuming it, but with sugar there is a delay since it has to be digested first. Think of sugar as a glass of water and HFCS as an i.v. Since sugar is a stimulant it can affect different parts of the body by speeding them up, which should be concerning since the bloodstream also flows to the brain. Have you ever seen a baby hypnotized with a pacifier dipped in HFCS?

My theory is that HFCS helps to normalize certain behaviors that are constantly heard or seen by stimulating the immune system of the brain to release more microglia, which prune the synapses in our brain to make it more efficient. Pretty sure this is also why cognitive disorders are starting to rapidly increase in numbers. It's becoming harder to buy food that doesn't have HFCS in it. Used sparingly, HFCS should have little effect on an individual but for those who start feeling withdrawals from a lack of it might want a change in diet.

The effects of HFCS on the brain could also explain why it's so hard to reason with certain individuals. A lie repeatedly told eventually becomes the truth because when we recall an event we are just referencing what we remember. The best way I could try to explain it is to draw a picture and leave it out in the sun. It will quickly fade. Over time you keep touching it up, but it's never going to be the original. The sun rapidly fading the picture is the HFCS and the amount of time you spend touching it up after it was faded is like the immune system of your brain. The more frequent you revisit and time you spend on it = the closer to the original it's going to be. The less = the more it will change.

Any Anons ever hear that story about the music industry? I had a concussion from a possible motorcycle accident last week which helped me recall that story, but I lost that current week of memory.

Also I think my comms are being monitored/compromised so gonna watch from a distance from now on. Good luck and God bless Q+, Q, and all Anons. WWG1WMFGA!

5eff0d () No. 1979995

Will the July 4th influence the, what is #purge?

3746b6 () No. 1982184

Are we fighting humans?

a592cc () No. 1982214

Mike Lee?

b45eba () No. 1982720

I don't know if anyone else has asked this first & not enough time to peruse the whole thread, but:



Merely the headlines here describe the situation.

Are there provisions in place to *prevent* this from happening?

I suspect that the Zuckman would be caught up in the literal fight of his life.

2b7d49 () No. 1984290

Q - Will there be justice for Scalia's 187?

822a58 () No. 1984920


Those that have met them know;

Those who haven’t - wonder;

Those who don’t look at the night sky to wonder,

say “No”.

If you’re a Bible believer it’s filled with them.

Gods mating with daughters of earth,

Who do you think all the angels are?

How about the whirling flying saucers that visited the Prophets.

Look at all the ancient cultures with gods and demons, who do you think they were?

The facts will come out soon enough.

Read Marc Chatelaine the first US NASA Communications Director’s book. He said all of the early Apollo and Gemini missions were contacted. See old films. Code name for UFO peeps was “Santa Claus”.

822a58 () No. 1985605


Read US Constitution first. Thoroughly.

Federal govt “citizens” are Wash DC, territories and possessions. There is also the “USA inc” created in 1800’s.

Federal govt “USA” only governs between States (like commerce & transportation & postal) and reps All States in international affairs including border management, treaties and War once declared by Congress.

USA Congress was supposed to govern Money. They gave $ power to cabal private bankers in 1913 in Fed Reserve debt system: “Pay Fed Reserve natl debt interest for dollars worth the paper”.

States per US Constitution govern everything else. All States that entered union (USA) BEFORE Civil War were REPUBLICS which are independent Nations: Texas, New York, Oregon. Etc But not Nevada, Idaho, Washington. Etc Republic status guaranteed by Constitution and is reflected in the State Constitution.

If a person RESIDES in a State Nation Republic they are “US Sovereign Citizens”.

If they reside in Wash DC, a territory or possession they reside in USA not in a Republic and thus are non-sovereign “citizens”. All who reside in ZIPs (ZONE Improvement Plan) and/or the abbreviations CA, NY, TX reside in “possessions” thus “citizens” not “US Sovereign Citizens”.

Citizenship is based upon residence and birth.

You can volunteer to give up your sovereign “Citizen” status by choosing to reside in a possession like TX ZIP rather than in the Republic of Texas. There is no republic named TX.

All of the ZIP codes and state abbreviations like TX, CA, NY were PURCHASED by the “USA Inc” in the 1950’s. Thus they (TX, CA, NY) are “possessions” of USA NOT Republic States. It is another Black Magic trick like the Federal Reserve and “income tax”.

6e1279 () No. 1985717

Is Seal Team 6/O’Neill Rouge or Patriot?

7ef823 () No. 1985782

Are the dreams of 45 significant? Why are so many people dreaming about 45 now? If I am dreaming of 45 should I add that data anywhere or just keep a record?

98066c () No. 1986025

57df26c2b09fef....png (121 KB, 255 x 87, 1175 : 402, IMG_1639.png) (h)

ca5da5506eef9b....png (160 KB, 255 x 84, 1177 : 387, IMG_1656.png) (h)

468e8439402607....png (44 KB, 255 x 105, 1242 : 511, IMG_1661.png) (h)

7b3c00a074a36b....png (88 KB, 255 x 85, 1434 : 479, IMG_1682.png) (h)

a9fb9bab759e7a....png (156 KB, 255 x 97, 1995 : 755, IMG_1684.png) (h)

822a58 () No. 1986042


To reclaim your “US Sovereign Citizen” status is easy:

1) Send notarized letter to the Postmaster that your residence is “Street ### Street, Town, State (write our true name of State) and not Zip /state abbreviation”.

2) Request something sent to you from Fed Govt at your True residence as in (1). Not at ZIP. Keep returning until they send to your true residence. Save. This is proof Fed Govt acknowledges your residence.

3) For every State or Fed Govt form that ask for your address/ residence, cross off ZIP. Write in full name of State. No abbreviations. By law they have to acknowledge your true residence. ZIP was never made law becuz it violates Constitution to break up or combine States as in Zones.

4) Any time you are asked for your “ZIP Code” say “I don’t have a ZIP”. The ZIP for my TOWN is 9000whatever. Phones are recorded. Be consistent.

5) The Postmaster will send/give you a letter acknowledging your true residence (nonZIP) if you request it. They know the scam. Postal clerks don’t know.

You can still receive mail at ZIP. Receipt with ZIP is how others define you not how you define yourself. YOU define your residence and thus Citizenship status,

Be vigilant and consistent about NOT residing in a ZIP or purchased abbreviation. The Black Magic ZIP scam is powerful. But after awhile you will be clear.

98066c () No. 1986085


sorry clicked wrong thread

8e380f () No. 1986116

Q, how does the country come together after all is revealed? I fear that people are so brainwashed into hating Trump by the MSM, that there is nothing that can be said to change their mind. Even if Trump is elected again, will there still be such hatred and division?

822a58 () No. 1986879


Friend and Foe


(1) By NASA Comm Director Maurice Chatelaine “Our Ancestors cane from Outer Space” and “Our Cosmic Ancestors”.

Chief science guy explains US space program contacted by ETs.

)2) “Bringers of the Dawn” by Marciniak.

Explains Earth is DNA library for this galaxy. Birds, trees, humans seeded by “gods” from several planets - Pleiades, Sirius etc. Humans have DNA from many different “gods”. One species from Orion the Lizzie’s (reptile DNA) started colony on Earth and started domination programming, religions etc. There is a big “God” which all ETs acknowledge as “Prime Creator” or “Source” but so vast as to be incomprehensible. The Force or Great Spirit in all is easiest way to recognize “Source”.

Greys are non-souled Clones that work for the Draco/ Reptile dynasty. This Dynasty known as AN-NU-NA-KI by Sumerians. AN (heaven) NA (Earth) KI (gods). Draco DNA is strong in the Ashkenazi “Jews” who are not Hebrews but Turks. Therefore these peeps believe they are “Royal”.

Atom bomb in WW2 destroyed veil between 3rd Dimension (our reality) and 4th D (Draco/Grey D). Allowed the Roswell visitor crash. Prez Eisenhower then approached by Greys as reps of Draco Lizzie’s and offered advanced weapons and computer tech in exchange for Grey human DNA harvesting, Draco’s are dying off and can’t reproduce because they have strayed so much from Prime Creator “love” Creator energy. Love is like cosmic glue keeps the creation (Universe) in harmony and grants the spark of human reproductivity.

Pleiadians also approached Prez Ike and warned him but did not offer the war toys. Prez Ike chose to align with Draco/Greys and get the war toys.

Draco/ Ashkenazi breeds have now dominated the US Media, and Congress and “royal families” aka reptilian swamp. Draco’s are infected with a parasite called “Artificial Intel” and have brought it to Earth. The Draco/ Ashkenazi (non-Jews) are the Cabal they work for the AN-NU-NA-KI space “royalty”.

The Armageddon is a Human fight against the Draco-Ashkenazi-Annunaki invaders and then against their Arty Intel parasite (“The Matrix”). Goal is to reclaim our Divine Birthright as descendants of Prime Creator.

There are good guy ETs from several planets here to help us but we have to agree to their assist. The good guys are here becuz the Arty Intel has infected several other planetary systems. They have tracked the beginning of the infection to this time zone and this planet.

Where we stand now.

The Awakening.

bd29c4 () No. 1987492

Admiral Mike Rogers last day today, where is he heading next?

822a58 () No. 1987793


Chemtrails - Destroy thru chemicals and infect humans with nanobots

HARRP - Destroy Human EM system and prevent humans from “awakening” - activating their DNA to great skill and knowledge

Weather mod - weather as weapon

CERN - Attempt by Ashkenazi earth breeds to connect “talk” to their masters the “AN”NUNAKI /Draco’s and to develop highway between 3D and 4D.

“AN”artica - old earth base for “AN”nunaki.

822a58 () No. 1988093



The earth’s electromagnetic field in certain geographic areas allows for EZ access between dimensions.

Ways to find these spots is by ancient language naming of site. Look for UR / OR or RU in the original names, it references the direction of the energy.

Gulf had a capital in Sumer called “UR” it is the city state that Abraham of old testament’s father TERAH was a high priest.

The old name for Jerusalem was UR-RU-Salem. Meaning site is a 2 way portal and why Jews, Christians and Muslims want it.

Ancient temple (Temp/Time EL /god) sites are also clues. Giza Pyramid. Solomon’s Temple - Jerusalem. Chartes France. Stonehenge. Etc. Certain mountains and lakes.

841db4 () No. 1988154

Q when will the third secret of Fatima be revealed?

088f7d () No. 1989346

Q, when MAGA is done will you do MEGA?

dfa405 () No. 1989406

6df2e33788f72d....jpg (10 KB, 180 x 180, 180 : 180, bo & sunny.jpg) (h)

I have no idea where to put this. A while ago I connected Obama with Mariah "Sunshine" Coogan ( tied to the Wendy thing) through the First Pups, Sunny and Bo. a secret dedication perhaps? Remember Coogan died in that plane crash on the golf course? Did we get a confirmation? I can do research but I'm not as computer savvy as I need to be. >>1796608

dfa405 () No. 1989637

Also, the posts on Bo and Sunny's facebook page ended in April, the month she died. It's almost as if they no longer had a reason to post after Ms. Sunshine died.>>1989406

bb652f () No. 1989723

Q there are some saying JC is a white hat actually working. With potus and so has muller this whole time. What say to this how can this be true. Please guide us. Maga WWG1WGA.

bb652f () No. 1989847

d5ca94a2aefc4a....png (2014 KB, 177 x 255, 1156 : 1662, 507bca2b119276....png) (h)

bb652f () No. 1989895


Anything to this anon post Q? If so this is nuts? JC is not a patriot! Right Q?????

dfa405 () No. 1989921

i want this answer as well>>1912446

8df458 () No. 1990597

THANK YOU, Q! (Trying to keep it short.) I want to and will do as much as I can for this cause. This is a miracle - what a time to be alive!

Please don't forget those who have worked all their lives but are struggling. We need hope for our "senior" years.

Is there any truth to the NESARA rumors? I have never asked for help, always given help but lost so much in 2008.

LOVE Q and President Trump!

8df458 () No. 1990745

Thank you Q! Is there a "Mandela Effect"? Have we gone through a shift in timelines? Like many others I "feel" strange - I have memories of the past but don't feel like I actually lived those memories. Long known Bible passages are not the same.

Again, Thanks!

df6ec7 () No. 1990804

Are the white hats watching citizen investigations? For example, the one on v/pizzagate.

8df458 () No. 1990809

Thank You, Q! I was a history major so naturally I have kept on researching (as a hobby) I have learned that our Bible and other religious tomes were changed by the Elite as they didn't want the

"commoners" to know what the Bible really said. There is no mention of "church", "clergy", or "tithe" in original documents. We can still be spiritual but religion was created to keep us in line. Will we be able to break free from this "illusion" we have been living in and live as we should have?

8df458 () No. 1990937

Q, In your opinion, would it be wise to try to become a "Secure Creditor"? I've seen videos claiming your birth certificate created a "strawman" account and if you can reclaim it from the government, you can pay bills via this method. Good idea or not? If so, what is the best way to do this?

Thanks! (trying to keep head above water…)

e68658 () No. 1993413

Was MC a plant of the DS? Will he be exposed or exonerated? Problem for POTUS?

I still trust the Plan!

e68658 () No. 1993597

Anything new breaking on Wendy?

Have ALL Assets been frozen or is Hussein still on the loose?


dfa405 () No. 1994616


470 = Mann Act?


b733c6 () No. 1995318

Dear Q,

Why did Jill Stein ask for a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin? Why would she care? She had less than zero chance to win the Presidential Election. She even had to raise money to pay for the recount. She only asked for a recount in these three states. Was Jill Stein/Green Party involved in some type of voter fraud?

21e395 () No. 1996346

781c268f08ae4b....png (87 KB, 240 x 240, 240 : 240, sf33soe-avatar....png) (h)

Dear Q,

Is Henry Eckstein on your team? Or is this reddit thread ( https://www.reddit.com/r/goodlongposts/comments/5otfzi/as_of_2017_aes256_compromised_wikileaks_insurance/ ) referencing a group called "The Q" just coincidence?

Thank You, sincerely, for everything.

48b534 () No. 1996820

01e410df8b417d....jpg (474 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

b718e2ea588ed4....jpg (603 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

06f510d52b6598....jpg (519 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

I know this will seem out of the blue. But then so does the approach of this. Could someone just look at these and tell me, does it look like code to you? Or just odd? And I noticed on the first one kind of Q&A style the first test, talking about eyes. The answer the correct answer is missing. It's pupil anyway if anyone has a chance just to weigh in that would be great…

Thank you my family of anons,

Here's to U , 1&all

Here's to Q , 1 &all

Here's to Q+ our hero

Here's to R

Here's to our Red White &Blue

Ps on the outside chance I said too much, and it's something that should not be posted here. I will not post the rest. Blessings all

48b534 () No. 1996865


How do you want us to handle the attacks on the board from not just reverse side interference. But from those on the attack. Given they are only words?

However they are nasty inflammatory non-productive words. I only want to travel on the path which you desire for me in this regard…

8dbbe1 () No. 1997290

How high up is MM in the Cabal?

A well known fraudster, con man and thief named Mirko Manojlovic (ID NUMBER 6506255047086) has been operating in SA for 25 years. He operates mainly in the Cape Town area, but also in Johannesburg.

His method is to find a small manufacturing company, work his way in by misrepresenting his abilities and then using manipulation to gain trust and power in the company. Once he has enough power in the company, he steals and plunders. He then blames the company founders and hires a team of lawyers using the stolen money. He provides employment for lawyers.

He flogs old software called Sensei ERP which he uses to steal company contacts, supplier details. It is old cumbersome software that really does not do the job. Many companies have complained that it does not work and is full of problems.

Description: Old man with big bald head and flabby/overweight. He sometimes has a beard and sometimes not. Very convincing and soft spoken. Very bad breath and body odor that he covers up with various perfumes. Low energy individual. A total loser - all he can do is con and steal from people. Long track record.

He recently stole over R12 million out of a company ABLE WALLING. He left all the staff without jobs. He has done the same to other companies over the years. See attached.

He often visits "working ladies" such as Natasha Truossova and Mommy Claudia. He likes his dungeon… Its commonly known and video exists on the internet. AJ VR knows all the details… and his herbal formulas.

He is a total loser who will rob you… beware of this scamster and fraud. Mirko Manojlovic, South African conman and fraudster. A liar and thief, Mirko Manojlovic. TRUST HIM AT YOUR PERIL. YOU ARE WARNED.

He also goes by the name Michael.

8dbbe1 () No. 1997589

Cabal in Cape Town

Mirko Manojlovic MM

Jorje Pringle > MM

Please confirm if they are satanists or linked

d41ef1 () No. 1999273

f3787a6133f755....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 225, 500 : 441, Ephraim.jpg) (h)

110843eb714188....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 245, 645 : 620, UK_coat_of_arms.jpg) (h)

8aae9b6b8c02d0....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 242, 499 : 473, Manasseh.jpg) (h)

6fbea8a982bfad....jpg (84 KB, 254 x 255, 603 : 605, USA_great_seal.jpg) (h)

Are these relevant to current events?

9eadee () No. 2000994

f55464d9ec552d....jpg (144 KB, 255 x 199, 1152 : 898, RNC Firebomb.jpg) (h)

Q, I remember this happened during the elections. I was thinking about the Awan brothers today. Was this NC GOP firebombing incident related to anything we should be concerned about?

9eadee () No. 2001009

Q, what really happened with Bannon?

9eadee () No. 2001021

Q, as someone invested in the markets, what's your advice going forward in relation to events that will occur in the Great Awakening?

Is Leo Wanta someone who will play a part in our financial futures?

9eadee () No. 2001037

Q, why are puppetmasters still allowed to pull strings? Soros, social media, MSM, etc.? Why are they still allowed to have any semblance of control?

9eadee () No. 2001112

Don't we have to go through the "Tribulation" before true Biblical peace can ever happen?

What happens after Trump?

422f16 () No. 2001190


The three heads have an Island down there right? What else is goin' on?

43d8f6 () No. 2001296

Hello all,

I'm not sure of the protocol on this board. My experience of the Q phenomena goes back about a month of youtube as a popcorn eater. So, forgive me if I am out of line here.

Something, however, has come up which has caused me to connect a couple of dots in my own experience that seem to be relevant at some point during the awakening.

I was detained by the CIA/FBI a day after 9/11. It's a long story, but I assure you I am a patriot. I was an owner operator of a lucrative Internet based business in Los Angeles at the time.

I do not want to say some of the things that began to happen afterwards not because I am afraid, but because I would like to find confirmation that what happened actually happened. In short, looking back on it, I sincerely believe it was a campaign against me and my organization to drive me insane, at least to the point where I could be controlled and, possibly, recruited if need be.

I have since recently heard of one other person verifying this technique, but his credibility is diminished because, well he sounds insane when talking about Area 51. As crazy as I think he is, I can not deny one aspect of his story, because it happened to me. And no, Aliens had nothing to do with it.

So, if you know what I am talking about, it would mean a lot to me if you could prove to me that I am not crazy.

thank you

341929 () No. 2001801

Q, Can you please tell us how Hillary Clinton got the TOP SECRET & CLASSIFIED information onto her UNENCRYPTED, UNSECURED, PRIVATE SERVER?? There is no way to express our overwhelming and continual gratitude. Thank you! #WWG1WGA

341929 () No. 2001870

PS. Did you get what you needed during the attacks, before the last sec test? Did we nail them??? 😆👍🇺🇸

25ae88 () No. 2004163

Q team, as you may have already know, I live in Eastern Europe. I'm not American, but as far as I can see USA is a country that can be treated like a man that keeps the house in order. By house I mean world. Is there something to be done in my country? What part is EE playing in Cabals plan? Will one man among a handful be safe if he started openly talking about you and what you have done so far?

Despite not being American I can't stand how much this rotted corruption took roots in our world.

And to fellow anons; many religions and nations are trying to fight side by side with you for better world. Don't give up!

19aa6a () No. 2005516


They didn’t think she would lose.

They thought they had their world order in place.



I’m just waiting for [Rothschild]

227aac () No. 2005700

65873cefcfdfe5....png (32 KB, 255 x 187, 663 : 486, Q&A Poster.png) (h)

a21abd () No. 2005848

884d7e2770e6bc....png (4550 KB, 255 x 169, 3292 : 2188, US_2-Cabal_0.png) (h)

Is this in the ballpark?

341929 () No. 2006066

Q, I have not reviewed all prior research so I apologize if this has been addressed. If not, can you please tell us if there a link between John Brennan's trip to Moscow and the crash of flight FZ981, or the Belgium bombings? Also, do we know if the April Hamburg subway attack was a FF, and has the IPT/SITE been compromised? If so, do we need to take action? Thank you very much! Godspeed

341929 () No. 2006672

Dear Q, If you know can you please tell us… are they trying to create an actual virtual data cloud in order to line their pockets, or are they trying to create a virtual prison, of sorts, to control and monitor the world? https://youtu.be/xO-v-Uy0NL0 Also, are we to believe that the chemicals are actually needed to protect us from the UVC bec seems to me that's just an excuse to get us to accept the spraying and is actually doing more and more damage over time. Is this where all of the taxpayers money went? How can we exert our rights and put a stop to this when our representative won't respond to questions and our media refuse to acknowledge that it's even happening. It is clear there is something in our atmosphere that is being purposely hidden from the public. Why? If our technical equipment is a danger to us, especially 5G antennas, will they be banned until the problem can be resolved? If not, why not? Does our gov ever know? Do they accept and acknowledge responsibility? If not, we need to know. How can we ever have a well armed public that can protect Americans, when they would more readily take our pistols and ammo, than allow for the provision of private missiles and bazookas? I know those are big questions but we really need some answer and are so grateful for your service and support. Thank you!

9b2ba5 () No. 2007360

Will 9/11 be exposed?

341929 () No. 2007608

One more, please and thank you… is POTUS actively working to do something about the land/air/food/water grab that has been going on by the elite? I don't care how rich the elite get, as long as they are prohibited from using their wealth to suppress the rest of us. We've got plenty of millionaires and billionares, yet we have no clean drinking water, elite selling off our land and secrets, patenting our seeds while destroying our natural God given mechanisms for sustenance, taxing and contaminating our air, and hoarding our water. This is a serious problem and must be addressed. How can we best do our part to help POTUS resolve this issue?? Thanks again!!

8ca199 () No. 2013301

Q – Does our justice system still belong to Obama?

How long will the corrupt go free for crimes against the state while continually attacking good men. Jim Jordan is allegedly guilty of a crime of silence about sexual assault at least 20 years ago by a doctor who has been dead 13 years?

How convenient is it that this dead doctor's crimes and Jim Jordan's silence came to light in April of this year when he's making life uncomfortable for the corrupt bad DOJ/FBI hombres?

I can't watch them drag him through the sewage like they did General Flynn. He's a good man and a patriot. He has a family, a wife and children. ENOUGH

WHY is Iwan charged with 'Bank fraud' with a sweetheart immunity deal that prohibits him being charged with any other non-violent crime already committed? That sounds like Iwan will NEVER see justice.

8ca199 () No. 2013682

Q - Is the WH petition for the public release of an un-redacted and declassified IG report important? Someone is suppressing the signature count on the WH website. We have most certainly collected 100,000 signatures but it only reflects 38,614. I have watched the count go down instead of up.

Is it important? Can anything be done to stop the tampering on the site?

5ec48f () No. 2016489

1c94ca3686d897....jpg (130 KB, 255 x 128, 1440 : 720, PSX_20180625_2....jpg) (h)

Is this the category of "yoga" Hillary was referring to re: her emails?

a4cc60 () No. 2018604

2c612b3ff36a8c....jpg (864 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

02335c4b9d8d28....jpg (978 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

e572913ee6c784....jpg (1404 KB, 124 x 255, 1440 : 2960, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


I KNEW THAT WAS IMPORTANT!! i highlighted n saved it hours ago..430 eastern. Also found that AG lynch was 1 who announced his death "heart- related illness" again!!

He was called Yoda in BOTH articles..n of course showed up during Johmson Presidency but lasted 9 POTUS'S!!!

Q was he good or bad? He must've known way too much!!

7ba460 () No. 2020647

58cf6f553f961a....jpeg (1891 KB, 255 x 191, 2592 : 1944, freedom trail.jpeg) (h)

We THE People, happily give NOTICE OF LIABILITY.

Many of you may have recognized comments at the end of articles posted across the internet. Two that stuck with me, always coming from the same user, "Just some dude with dsl," and "He has Betsy Davis eyes."

Some of you may have also noticed important articles being shoved off the front page of blogs around the world, pushed off by worthless garbage posted purely for the purpose of erasing or covering up the important news and ideas that we need to hear.

Or you might have noticed popular "pieces" being hacked, garbled, edited, and distorted, or censored.

Or you may have noticed that there are a whole lot of criminals (famous people from politics and from Hollywood) scared out of their wits right now, acting all crazy and out of sorts, because they have assisted in the murder, genocide, rape, and theft of humanity.

For those of you "Deep State Shills/ONLINE TROLLS" out there, this is your notice of liability.

For those of you "Deep State Fake Media," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Deep State Thugs," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Crime Syndicate, Cabal Types," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Shadow Government, Cabal Types," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Evil Extraterrestrial, Draconian Types," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Secret Space Program, Cabal Types," here's your notice of liability.

For those of you "Enslaving Men, Woman, and Children on Mars or other off-world facilities, "here's your notice of liability.

FOR THOSE of you not mentioned, IF you are "ASSISTING THE FORCES OF EVIL," harming humanity and the living breathing peoples of this Earth, or if you are harming peaceful sentient beings anywhere where Trump's Space Force can get to you, "HERE'S YOUR NOTICE OF LIABILITY!"


You are now warned that We THE People, will seek the death penalty for your actions of treason against the Nations of Earth and against this planet's one great peoples, humanity.

Cease and desist your treasonous actions immediately. What you might think as harmless data manipulation on the internet, is seen by We THE People as aiding and abetting the crime syndicate in its genocide, torture, rape, and theft of all humanity, men, women and children.

SURRENDER NOW, lay down your arms, stop performing your duties for your criminal overlords, aid the forces of God, and receive forgiveness, we know that you are a victim, just as we. Failure to comply to our demand, immediately, and you shall never be so surprised when we have you lined up and shot in your very own firing squad. Hanged, at your very own hanging. Or euthanized, by lethal injection.


You are now warned that We THE People, will seek the death penalty for your actions of treason against the Nations of Earth and against this planet's great peoples, humanity.

Cease and desist your treasonous actions immediately. What you might think as harmless manipulation and withholding of information is seen by We THE People as aiding and abetting the crime syndicate in its genocide, torture, rape, and theft of all humanity, men, women and children.

SURRENDER NOW, lay down your arms, aid the forces of God, and receive forgiveness, we know that you are a victim, just as we. Failure to comply to our demand, immediately, and you shall never be so surprised when we have you lined up and shot in your very own firing squad. Hanged, at your very own hanging. Or euthanized, by lethal injection.

7ba460 () No. 2020658


You are now warned that We THE People, will seek the death penalty for your actions of treason against the Nations of Earth and against this planet's great peoples, humanity

Cease and desist your treasonous actions immediately. What you might think of as necessary actions for your own very survival, is not necessary. We THE People have claimed you a victim, just as we have been victimized, so have you! The peoples who started this mess are long gone, dead and passed. Which makes all of the rest of you, victims, no matter which side. Surrender now, aid the forces of the light, and you shall be forgiven and you shall not be put to death. You have now received notice.

Failure will result in your very own firing squad. Your very own hanging. Or, your very own euthanization, defined as, "mercy killing," because you are "damaged goods," and did not know what was good for us, is good for you, and as Q said, "You do not need to do this!"

The people that started this mess have been gone for hundreds of years. We lost the "Constitution For The United States Of America" three hundred years ago, now we have, "The Constitution of the United States, see something wrong?. So we know that the "crime syndicate" is at least that old, 300 years.

Throw down you arms, surrender immediately, re