06b06a () No. 4073000

c8b6405d149ff8....png (44 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

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Thursday 11.29.18

>>4070722 ————————————–——– Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>>4070652 ————————————–——– We know.

Sunday 11.25.18

>>4031007 ————————————–——– Border Security = National Security

>>4030351 ————————————–——– [Koala]

>>4029544 rt >>4029281 -————————– Re_read drops re: WARNINGS

>>4029281 ————————————–——– Everything stated has a purpose.

Tuesday 11.20.18

>>3980392 rt >>3980302 -————————– Think D5

>>3980302 ————————————–——– People are nervous

>>3979646 ————————————–——– Item used when walking a dog?

>>3978509 ————————————–——– Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify

>>3978190 ————————————–——– [D]ec 5

Tuesday 11.13.18

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06b06a () No. 4073004


are not endorsements


>>4072791 pb Q drop 43 & 34 > 04:43:34 Connection

>>4072271 GOP blocks second attempt to protect Mueller

>>4072344, >>4072560 Previous Q Posts with Chinese provinces and related Lic. Plates & Chongquing search hits.

>>4072282 Anon with interesting theory on what "We know" meant in prev Q drop.

>>4072290, >>4072461 "Snatch Squads" in WHITE vans attempting to abduct pedestrians in UK. WTF

>>4072313, >>4072378 Feinstein has heavy ties to Chinese politicians in Chongquing. Husbands company is called NEWBRIDGE.

>>4072352 POTUS Tweets support for Gorkas book. "Why we fight". Hmmm

>>4072452 [H]yatt [R]egency [C]hongqing > Hillary Rodham Clinton. We have everything, potential warning?

>>4072456 [10] Delta found in Mueller Witch Hunt $ amts tweeted by POTUS. Nice autism anon.

>>4072587, >>4072612, >>4072637, >>4072732 Hyatt Regency Chongquing - Pritzker Family (Hyatt Chain Owners) Digs re-surface. [HRC][BHO] Connections…

>>4072771, >>4072820 Journalist calling for [RR] to STAND TALL in twitter thread.

>>4072823 "Q is real" gets sexy sextuples on half chan. KEK.

>>4072864 Potus tweets about DECLAS. [DC] immediatley jumps on Cohen leaks.

>>4072966 #5183

#5182 Baker Change

>>4071476 Locked & Loaded = Loretta Lynch?

>>4071544 Q Photo Match: Hyatt Regency Chongqing

>>4071561 Adam Schitt projecting over DECLAS

>>4071562 ; >>4071967 ; >>4072106 Q Photo metadata

>>4071689 Beijing Huaye Capital has reported to police regarding fraud case

>>4071726 ; >>4071796 ; >>4071863 Linking Chongqing and recent GM/auto industry moves

>>4071766 Sessions joking about public and private firings

>>4071888 ; >>4072055 Linking Chinese corruption (Bo Xilai) to MI6

>>4071938 US cracking down on Chinese students in US over espionage concerns

>>4071959 Russia to build missile early-warning system in Crimea

>>4072019 NATO to meet Ukraine minister amid standoff w/Russia

>>4072118 Michael Cohen making appearance before federal judge in NY

>>4072154 #5182


>>4071161 Unilever CEO retires.

>>4070905, >>4071093 Q Stringer: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death?

>>4071183 Rio de Janeiro governor arrested in 'car wash' graft probe.

>>4071178 US charges Chinese companies for money laundering on behalf of North Korea.

>>4071128 DJT Tweet: "When will this illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt,…"

>>4071090 "In China," @AP finds global automakers send real-time electric vehicle data to monitoring centers.

>>4071074 Pilots say they were ‘in the dark’ about Boeing’s 737 safety update.

>>4071024 17:02 Delta on DJT Tweets.

>>4071010 DJT Tweet: "Did you ever seen an investigation more in search of a crime?…"

>>4070944, >>4070950 Bongino gives a great rundown on the Mueller hoax.

>>4070914 DJT Tweet: "General Motors is a very counter to what other auto…"

>>4070787 Thursday AM Q drop compilation.

>>4071363 #5181


>>4070553, >>4070563 Corsi reportedly plans to file a criminal complaint against Mueller.

>>4070560 Migrants clad in Nikes and iPhones demand the United States speed up their asylum process.

>>4070512, >>4070537 Six Deutsche Bank offices searched by authorities in regards to money laundering scandal.

>>4070477 German antitrust watchdog launches probe into Amazon.

>>4070435 Hungarian comm. dir: “George Soros is again seeking to influence the European Parliamentary elections.”

>>4070339 Schiff says Trump’s written responses to Mueller are not adequate.

>>4069953 CNN Contributor Calls for Destruction of Israel, Endorses Palestinian Violence

>>4069956 Perjury Traps and the Mueller Investigation

>>4069960 Missionary could still be alive after invading the remote tribe's island

>>4069963 Democrat Lawmaker Stephanie Kifowit Says She Wants to Poison Republican Colleague’s Family.

>>4070053, >>4070073 Kek confirms Q is real on halfchan (pruned/deleted)

>>4070095, >>4070113 Space Force within the Air Force back on the table

>>4070139, >>4070161 U2 spy plane over California

>>4070143 Dig on Pierre Omidyar

>>4070195 Ring of Pontius Pilate found in West Bank

>>4070663 #5180

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06b06a () No. 4073046

3cce24075f9eb2....gif (140 KB, 255 x 165, 1125 : 726, shillsQ.gif) (h)

Fresh Trips Dough


f5c450 () No. 4073050

393254 () No. 4073059


can someone explain this better for me? what is this anon talking about?

195cb2 () No. 4073068

>>4072211 (lb)

Woodgrain panelling is exact match.

8011cd () No. 4073076

>>4070652 pb

Possible dig? 6x.com is a leading global digital asset exchange …

656e34 () No. 4073077

f18102445e3f02....png (5 KB, 124 x 86, 124 : 86, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

Significant Digits.

cd2767 () No. 4073078


Opening Night of Clinton Tour Is Complete Bust: Hillary Suffers Massive Coughing Fit, Hundreds of Empty Seats

eab392 () No. 4073079


I took it as fun trolling.

a0b1f3 () No. 4073080

The Hill

‏Verified account @thehill

5m5 minutes ago

JUST IN: Paul Ryan casts doubt on "bizarre" California election results after several GOP lawmakers lost seats http://hill.cm/0OV884j

Possible Boom coming??

8abc76 () No. 4073081


I sure will…He'll get an instant pardon…But the sacrifices that he and his family have made, fighting for this country & saving it from the abyss…(or cabal) is the most admirable. He's one of my Ultimate Heroes!!! Always will be!

8b7e03 () No. 4073082

>>4073054 lb

POTUS saying Cohen is lying to get reduced sentence for things that have nothing to do with POTUS.

go back to Jan and Katherine herridge and letter he signed.

9bd41b () No. 4073083

And here come the shills…. Got your coffee? Ready to go? Bout time you rolled your asses out of bed.

3e7b21 () No. 4073084

a3ea47bd15cc0f....jpg (1386 KB, 168 x 255, 1200 : 1820, a3ea47bd15cc0f....jpg) (h)

22768184dab1fc....gif (117 KB, 179 x 255, 479 : 681, shillcon4.gif) (h)


We have shills for a little while longer.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Let their anger hate and confusion work on them and each other.

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT bark back at dogs.

Do NOT swim in sewers.

Hate = shill

Do NOT correct shills intentional mistakes

Do NOT reply to their hackneyed insults

Shills are paid fiat $ for your reply.

Do NOT reply to shills.



d8d66e () No. 4073085

662431d8371b3d....jpg (78 KB, 169 x 255, 483 : 730, 0978f21f52a721....jpg) (h)


Easiest option is to gather up all their Jew overlords and trade them to the aliens on the intergalatic slave market. Then the normie chinese will calm down and be friendly without their master/blaster jew slave driver.

8be94e () No. 4073086


Let's see your research.

Youtube videos and conspiracy blogs don't count.

cd2767 () No. 4073087

2344a5e12f19f4....jpeg (529 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, DtLlLZHW0AEPOs....jpeg) (h)


3ffc0c () No. 4073088

What in the fk is Trump doing? Bump stocks already on the walls were legally purchased and the government is now doing a "taking". The requirement that they be turned in or destroyed WITHOUT COMPENSATION is a violation of the Constitution. And he did this "in consultation with" the NRA?

Deep state winning THIS round is a big, bad, omen.

b8eafe () No. 4073089

0405139aa14948....png (1595 KB, 255 x 235, 868 : 800, 0405139aa14948....png) (h)

66dc37 () No. 4073090

Jeff Flake single-handedly stops confirmation votes on a Yuge list of judicial nominees.

Trust the plan?

3e7b21 () No. 4073091

Boom, boom, boom.

3966d2 () No. 4073092

0c8cf398157c49....png (28 KB, 255 x 86, 518 : 174, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


81b506 () No. 4073093

8db064d9a84c06....jpg (38 KB, 217 x 255, 400 : 469, c4bfd1bce0edef....jpg) (h)

Thank You Baker

3721e5 () No. 4073094

6a8bc9c87690dc....png (5 KB, 255 x 184, 255 : 184, 7eaa47f636a00e....png) (h)

What do we know?

8b7e03 () No. 4073095


POTUS says he will prolly meet with PUTIN.

waiting for final report on Russia ship.

Is not meeting with MBS BECAuse it wasn't set up.

Will meet with XI …very important meeting.

Pardons and Manafort …. very sad they way he is treated.

Had not offered any pardons

124b73 () No. 4073096



b4acbf () No. 4073097


My sides. I support this plan.

6ad962 () No. 4073098

e3778ddf0faeea....jpg (33 KB, 204 x 255, 350 : 438, 2nqim3_1.jpg) (h)

Fox news knucklehead.

3fceb4 () No. 4073099

>>4073066 (lb)

This Nov 2018 photo with a different arrangement (on the floor and around the tree) indicates that Q's photo is from a year prior.

586bd4 () No. 4073100

>>4073049 (lb) If I may? How would you take a '59 Chevy (fleetside, had to throw that in there)

235 and modify it for hwy use? Or, what would you swap it with?

4edd3a () No. 4073101


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday called on President Trump to sit down for an in-person interview with special counsel Robert Mueller and his team, saying that the president's written statements to the special counsel's office were insufficient.

HOW TF is Schitt getting Trumps testimony? Mueller leaking testimonies to select members of congress?

Is this a run around on RR/Whitaker for oversight of the mueller probe?

Why are these documents passing back and forth between the House intelligence committee but not the Senate Judiciary committee - WHO HAS AUTHORIZED OVERSIGHT?

So many questions raised by this, serious fuckery afoot and they may have exposed themselves here

2a979e () No. 4073102

9638a34da8d98c....jpeg (532 KB, 192 x 255, 1537 : 2046, 105E6274-77EC-....jpeg) (h)


Loaded= Brett Kavanaugh

47ebe9 () No. 4073103

In light of Canada sanctioning 17 Saudis, figured I'd repost one of their biggest exports to the United States..Garbage. Literal garbage. I'm tired of that…Michigan takes some.

Garbage imported to Michigan from Canada up 19 percent in 2017


8b7e03 () No. 4073104


He kept Cohen on because a long time Cohen did him a favor.

Go back to written statement from January,,,,Herridge report

eab392 () No. 4073105


Red lights on potus during WH speech, now this, tells me they stopped a murder attempt.

8ee5a6 () No. 4073106

055e688ec6b7c9....jpeg (157 KB, 199 x 255, 640 : 819, B316BF30-9656-....jpeg) (h)

BREAKING: Ivanka owns a copy of Dr Zhivago

9911f9 () No. 4073107

13ab490a13e73c....jpg (49 KB, 167 x 255, 352 : 537, NTP0038.jpg) (h)


checkem http://www.kennellyarchive.com/id/NTP0038/

3fceb4 () No. 4073108

a52478 () No. 4073109



8b7e03 () No. 4073110


possible shutdown if no wall funding.

are in negotiations

fcfff8 () No. 4073111

52ef8a41e026ae....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 109, 740 : 317, rg19.jpg) (h)


I'm back baker. Let me know when you want a break.

3e7b21 () No. 4073112

e5b58cf42c9f8b....jpg (769 KB, 255 x 93, 3557 : 1297, MNKD.jpg) (h)

6f290744ac2ec2....jpg (126 KB, 255 x 25, 2849 : 283, SaveAlifePatri....jpg) (h)

Save a life while you save the world - if you're a diabetic or have friends or family who are


5877c3 () No. 4073113


He's just throwing a bitch fit to try to get attention and protection for his butt buddy, Mueller. He got neither.

Flake is irrelevant now. The senate will easily confirm the judicial nominees when it convenes in January.

c43b97 () No. 4073114

2ff37e672fd81d....png (378 KB, 255 x 171, 1111 : 747, ig.png) (h)

8e0c1845a52db3....png (976 KB, 255 x 202, 999 : 791, jhimmy.png) (h)

3ef1a88dbaae9d....png (853 KB, 215 x 255, 1555 : 1843, two-bluejays-w....png) (h)

ff7f3e1d51996d....png (1272 KB, 215 x 255, 1555 : 1843, Niagra-Falls-v....png) (h)

be91a1f344ec0e....png (1630 KB, 198 x 255, 1555 : 2000, another-intere....png) (h)

fa8cb7 () No. 4073115

>>4072503 pb

You might have a point anon.

"The gun pointed at the head of the universe."

In a comment, I (didn't) make such a remark, related to issues of silicon die fabs. Consider… Where do the chips come from in the world? Of modern day die lith processes capable of producing the FPGAs and other such things used in military radars… How much of it exists within the U.S. … Or… Some place other than Taiwan/China?

Research quantities only.

Put the pieces together. U.S.S. Porter. What happened? I was in Jebel Ali as part of MSRON (later CORIVRON) 11. Let me ask… In today's modern navigational world… How does a tanker end up on a perfectly perpendicular intercept course with an Aegis/Aegis-II equipped destroyer?

How many similar incidents became peculiarly common following the Porter?

Freescale Semiconductor had an engineering team disappear along with MH370. Why were they all headed to China/Taiwan? Who would have the skill set necessary to investigate the die lith process and determine if/how chips were being modified from their design specification?

Recall the hardware hack performed by Chinese operatives. Recall the many losses of information from the F-35 programs to hackers/spies suspected to be from China prior to the production of the J-20. Recall incidents regarding aircraft suddenly performing improperly on takeoff/landing.

How many aircraft are potentially compromised directly or indirectly?

If a war were to break out between NATO and Russia, during such a mass movement of assets and deployment thereof… What would China have? Even if it wouldn't take all that long for the regulars to figure out what was going on when China played that card - what can be done about it?

Even if we were to want to deploy to Taiwan to secure die fabs our own way - that is a force deployment of itself. Are there die fabs outside of China? Some - but even the equipment to make silicon dies is built outside of our ability to secure with no domestic competitors. It would be years before we could piece together a secure supply line of "computer chips" to replace what is compromised.

Even then, we are looking at airframes like the F-35 Penguin and the F-18EpicFail. The super bug is at least better than the F-105 in terms of wingloading and thrust, but the Penguin needs to be turned into a mini-sub type of deal from Blue Sub no. 6.

Makes you look back on those tests of the nuclear arsenal a little differently. Those are old, pre-GPS electronics relying on INS. That was a message to the Chinese that no matter what weapon they had, the game was tic tac toe and their only winning move is not to play.

f5c450 () No. 4073116


Yep same place for sure

519614 () No. 4073117


Loaded = Drunk = HRC

Multiple meanings exist.

020fbc () No. 4073118

Felix Sater, Stefan Halper, Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Joseph Mifsud– all of them have connections to US intelligence

Sater has a spoopy past.

This stuff is getting crazier and crazier, and the pace is picking up FAST

eab392 () No. 4073119


I have a question: The 10 days, darkness.. when?




a0a19f () No. 4073120


Schitt is gang of 8, he may be looped in

c43b97 () No. 4073121

9057aa6a3d1146....png (1327 KB, 212 x 255, 1555 : 1870, Pepe-goes-to-t....png) (h)

e99f698fdd02d5....png (1029 KB, 212 x 255, 1555 : 1870, moreadorableki....png) (h)

4d30e46703aedd....png (1010 KB, 212 x 255, 1555 : 1870, frogspuppiesan....png) (h)

bb0164cda59616....png (838 KB, 175 x 255, 761 : 1111, KHARTRUTH.png) (h)

5f904fd731d653....jpeg (94 KB, 255 x 143, 1020 : 572, what are we wa....jpeg) (h)

a0b1f3 () No. 4073122

Server or JA = truth exposed (SR).

D’s are in crisis mode.

AWAN is bigger than you can imagine.

Putin / U1 will come out post summit (they will try to apply artificial MSM heat to cancel).

These people are corrupt beyond belief.

America for sale.

Sold out.


Could this be the summit Q is talking about here??

c259f2 () No. 4073123


POTUS is buddy-buddy with the Cohen's… The same Jewish crime-family terrorizing my 4 year old. Fuck Trump and fuck them. America and Americas FIRST. To hell with Israel and their crooked tribe!

644643 () No. 4073124


GS too

06b06a () No. 4073125


Nice digits Baker.

I'll get #5185 then handoff to you. Sound good?

c43b97 () No. 4073126

0a7735e3c6fabd....png (289 KB, 255 x 143, 558 : 314, flrbjm.png) (h)

b9c96e945dace1....png (395 KB, 255 x 165, 610 : 395, flimmy.png) (h)

030743134e21dc....png (294 KB, 255 x 237, 1578 : 1465, crspr.png) (h)

99613e67336414....png (1293 KB, 255 x 166, 1333 : 868, xiimmy.png) (h)

23f60d2e333d22....png (968 KB, 255 x 192, 1081 : 816, The-honorable-....png) (h)

d2af98 () No. 4073127


We arent supposed to know or figure out the meaning of this pic. Its a message to the cabal. This pic could be 2-3 years old also

8b7e03 () No. 4073128


your 4 year old what?

406d5d () No. 4073129

>>4072732 (lb)

>Penny Sue Pritzker (born May 2, 1959) is an American billionaire businesswoman, entrepreneur, and civic leader.[1] President Barack Obama nominated Pritzker as United States Secretary of Commerce. After being confirmed by a Senate vote of 97–1, she became the 38th person to hold that position.

>>4072743 (lb)

>97 -1 senate confirmation!!!

The one vote against her: Bernie Sanders.

eab392 () No. 4073130

44589ea5ffa0f7....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 173, 640 : 435, 44589ea5ffa0f7....jpg) (h)

b8eafe () No. 4073131


[H]yatt [R]egency [C]hongqing

Stolen from some other anon.

f68c13 () No. 4073132


We know.


NTP= server

0038= Patch


Re: [Freeipa-devel] [PATCH 0038] Update default NTP Configuration

From: Gabe Alford <redhatrises gmail com>

To: David Kupka <dkupka redhat com>

c259f2 () No. 4073133

Jan 1st 2019… REAL Patriots serve justice

4202b1 () No. 4073134

954f5624bc872c....png (631 KB, 255 x 186, 635 : 463, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

cd2767 () No. 4073135

I wonder if the NTP thing is firewall related…


057d2b () No. 4073136

9efb178d131204....jpg (147 KB, 255 x 115, 1000 : 450, Screen Shot 20....jpg) (h)

c43b97 () No. 4073137

da5cd5d9b01d97....png (607 KB, 255 x 166, 1111 : 725, looking-forward.png) (h)

f217f72c54bc6c....png (582 KB, 255 x 171, 1111 : 746, our-unity.png) (h)

6df2b2 () No. 4073138

a97f755f868eff....png (47 KB, 255 x 145, 805 : 459, Give me libert....png) (h)

Possible notable from lb?

Q #2503 Code links to Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death" speech in Google Books

pic related


Quote from speech:

"They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable–and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

5f109a () No. 4073139


Obama too. Very erratic in his speeches lately. Acting coked up or something

fc436c () No. 4073140

6987b859c11cc9....jpg (127 KB, 255 x 213, 973 : 813, !ew.jpg) (h)

b84f8d () No. 4073141

7d16cec42ab910....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, 2ldey3.jpg) (h)

cd2767 () No. 4073142

National Toxicology Program?


6ad962 () No. 4073143

db571e7cd34756....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 172, 640 : 432, DtEwcW2WsAADSP2.jpg) (h)

Fox news flipped on Trump.

Fox news hires perverts pedophiles and ex Obama administration employees.

693f64 () No. 4073144


Outdoor tree branches seen thru high windows match exactly.

134ee6 () No. 4073145

053bed2dbab422....jpg (325 KB, 255 x 192, 1596 : 1200, CHINA LOBBY.jpg) (h)

This image gives me the creeps.

c259f2 () No. 4073146


Jews hate it when you point out they're harming your children…

9911f9 () No. 4073147

f2c9a491b227d1....png (992 KB, 255 x 157, 1272 : 784, screenshot.png) (h)


and i found this too. probably not related but funny hows its someone using a magic 0 wand. where have i heard tht before

ca2605 () No. 4073148

b363e971ab5d75....png (156 KB, 133 x 255, 322 : 619, ZTE-Shenzhen.png) (h)

>>4072531 (lb)


>in a multi-year conspiracy to supply, build, and operate telecommunications networks in Iran

>involving the shipment of telecommunications equipment to North Korea

and ZTE is headquartered in the home of the WHERE and the WHY (see crumbs).



Yes, many roads lead in & out of Guangdong. Enough to call it a cabal hub?

4c22d8 () No. 4073149


actually, many youtube videos do count, as many do awesome research and they inform the public what they uncovered in their months of research, and the show examples and links to sauce for those that want to continue research,

some even go undercover to get video proof on some topics, boots on the ground in other topics

so fuck off saying that about youtbe, youtube is very real, and the shame is, the better at uncovering the truth they are, the quicker they are censored from the public

c43b97 () No. 4073150

If you look closely at Pelosi's words and her body language in her comments yesterday, you get some clear hints about what is going on.

At 4:11, referring to the Democratic caucus, she says "our unity is our power"– for a second, right as she says this, a look of mockery flashes on her face.

This flashing look of mockery occurs again at 4:21, when talking about the results she expects for the Democrats: >>4073137

The uncomfortable and unenthused looks on her colleagues' faces, and these subtle moments of mockery suggest that the words are not quite so true as they would seem. The Democrats did not nominate her "because they are so unified". Something else is going on.

The most telling part starts at 6:35, with Nancy talking about working with POTUS. At 6:38 she hesitates, and looks, up, then grimaces and looks down, before referring to "my power"… This noticable pause and facial complication clearly indicates that there is some hidden emotion relating to her own power.

When we look at how quickly and confidently POTUS suggested Pelosi would be the speaker again after the midterms; compare Pelosi's manner and attitude to Lindsey Graham's; and keep in mind the basic idea that POTUS et. al. are using leverage to make deals and make progress in draining the swamp, then we have a very good framework for explaining Pelosi's ease of victory, her overall air of cheerfulness (freedom), her colleagues' apparent ill-ease, and her nonetheless stumbling at the memory of her own power (no longer independent), and her apparent subtle facial mockery of her colleagues.

I.e. it's happening.

c259f2 () No. 4073151


Kike moar, faggot.

45162c () No. 4073152


Prob withdrawal from adrenochrome

5877c3 () No. 4073153


He's going to be head of the House Committee that does these investigations if he is sworn in in January. If this Mueller thing drags on til then we're going to be hearing a whole lot more from Schiff. Both he and Elisha have already announced plans for dozens of these investigations into POTUS next year. It will be a year of gridlock leading right up to the election.

4edd3a () No. 4073155


That doesn’t explain how he is getting Testimony from an ongoing investigation.

The only options for this that i see are that Mueller is done with the investigation and is preparing the final report and possibly has handed it to congress, or…

They are leaking documents of an ongoing investigation. The only place that could have came from is Muellers team. So leaking to congress, then congress leaking to public.

a0a19f () No. 4073156


fox was never with Trump. Just another arm of the MSM to act as controlled opposition to keep conservatives in line.

eab392 () No. 4073157


They didn't flip. They were never on his side.

Rupert Murdoch and his kids. Dig on them. They own Fox. They are not good people.

8b7e03 () No. 4073158


i don't think they ever flipped. They always have been deep state mockingbird.

they cover the same stories as other fake news.

b4acbf () No. 4073159



(((Dershowitz))) is a fucking PEDO

c3bc26 () No. 4073160

5118d582605238....png (70 KB, 255 x 129, 1343 : 680, Chongqing exif.png) (h)

>>4072106 (pb)


Partial exif data of Q Chongqing photo.

Does this mean it was a screenshot from an iphone, not a pic taken by said phone?

de2349 () No. 4073161

143003ade8684c....jpeg (312 KB, 255 x 114, 1242 : 557, E5F00983-97C8-....jpeg) (h)

669b09c81e70ad....jpeg (287 KB, 255 x 101, 1242 : 491, AE70AD50-20AC-....jpeg) (h)

8c99fe8bfd8b4e....jpeg (237 KB, 255 x 87, 1242 : 423, 262D9A7A-475B-....jpeg) (h)

080f0eaada5b7a....jpeg (832 KB, 216 x 255, 1242 : 1466, 6400D572-B683-....jpeg) (h)

7dc3056dfc80ad....jpeg (1894 KB, 154 x 255, 1242 : 2062, 7315072A-FC7D-....jpeg) (h)


Tenet unanimous approval as well



Saic and peeps

8be94e () No. 4073162


Not really sure what you mean by for highway use?

You could probably drop one of the new Trailblazer engines in.

Beautiful old truck.

Haven't come across one though.

Have a couple Mercury Cougars laying around I need to get on.

Damn shop is full already since I can't bring myself to sell the VW bug convertible.

c43b97 () No. 4073163

12c95cbbec10c1....png (295 KB, 255 x 162, 697 : 444, bgjmy.png) (h)

7576503d189b2d....png (410 KB, 255 x 173, 596 : 405, jinmey.png) (h)

103a66fd7dea87....png (201 KB, 255 x 224, 522 : 458, PC56.png) (h)

a04cce1607f397....png (231 KB, 255 x 224, 522 : 458, PC55.png) (h)

3c291db7f2b0fd....png (259 KB, 255 x 224, 522 : 458, PC54.png) (h)

de2349 () No. 4073164


Yikes! All PB ! Sorry!!!

9dd25a () No. 4073165

>>4072942 (lb)

>>4072903 (lb)

The newest Q drop and the "Treason Meme" that DJT retweeted yesterday are RELATED!!!!

Q is saying this meme is the picture worth many sentences…… MSM is going ape shit over it….

think timing… DJT's tweets will be shown true in future

b4fe69 () No. 4073166

3ab2b0ffbc6209....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 143, 1100 : 619, 180323182405-m....jpg) (h)

>>4073065 (lb)

You mean this?

99b3fe () No. 4073167


Reminds me of this: The Poop Train.


(Thanks, Trey Glenn.)

686ccc () No. 4073168

50d23ed35442f2....png (103 KB, 169 x 255, 431 : 650, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8aa2ca2b0d9bc1....png (76 KB, 199 x 255, 435 : 558, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Felix Sater was another plant

The question is whether Cohen was in on it, or just a greedy bitch.

Anyway, these 'lies' are all bullshit trivialities.

Here is one - about whether there was any followup to an email he sent to the Russian trade office (which they call a 'Russian Official').

9b0636 () No. 4073169

Just damn. Only managed to get 2 outta 6 reply attempts through before a page was closed, again. Jeesh. Y'all are moving fast these daze.

81b506 () No. 4073170

1b980bc48622a3....jpeg (202 KB, 191 x 255, 1080 : 1441, 1b980bc48622a3....jpeg) (h)

47ebe9 () No. 4073171


Very good analysis, imo.

The faces behind her look like they just wanna scurry the fuck outta dodge.

eab392 () No. 4073172



Two posts claiming I'm a Jew because you said fuck POTUS. Nice Projection. KYS.

f1f9c0 () No. 4073173

19d733762b4b32....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 255, 384 : 384, 19d733762b4b32....jpg) (h)


tick tock

6f529c () No. 4073174

524c0c006c83a8....jpg (254 KB, 255 x 175, 1965 : 1345, POTUS111.jpg) (h)


Nice digits Baker & thank you

>>4070722 —— Locked & (who is) Loaded.

POTUS is Locked & Loaded

It is POTUS who can Declas at his leisure and Q has reminded this board that they "have it ALL" and the timing is all congruent to POTUS' decision.

The team is ready (DOJ, Congress, SCOTUS) and I believe that is why POTUS twats have become more potent in terms of revealing the sinister nature of Mueller and the recent treason meme.

d6ccd7 () No. 4073175

Have you read this?

President Trump Discusses His Decision Not to Declassify “Spygate” Documents…

c43b97 () No. 4073177

6cc5fe2e43ff2a....png (767 KB, 255 x 159, 1111 : 694, WWG1WGAkitty.png) (h)

1c65f87f517d31....png (459 KB, 255 x 146, 1111 : 636, waits.png) (h)

dbe268e8b95f04....png (4315 KB, 133 x 255, 1111 : 2130, be-a-good-kitty.png) (h)

c7c58c0f257a7f....png (925 KB, 203 x 255, 797 : 999, passionate-tony.png) (h)

26b55d641d85f9....png (851 KB, 255 x 170, 999 : 666, VERYFUNWITHPOD....png) (h)

47ebe9 () No. 4073176


I'm betting cocaine…his mouth is bigger than his balls when he speaks.

cd2767 () No. 4073178


Yeah, whatever became of that disc?

6190e7 () No. 4073179

Epstein in the news today. Pretty much a primer on his sex trafficking ways and how he was protected from everything.



The first article links Epstein to Trump as "friends", but it makes me wonder if 3D chess masters use "Trump" as a trigger so that MSM exposes their own dirt by trying to reinforce links that aren't there, and effectively putting the spotlight on their own crimes. (see muh russia)

cd48cb () No. 4073180


I cant figure out any way to figure out if this girl is a someone or a no one. Ive dug aorund on it for a couple of hours, just seems interesting that its santa. I dont know what or who Ireland would have to do with much

eab392 () No. 4073181


Stop phonefagging and you'll keep up better ;)

0d8551 () No. 4073182

8e0a2436e8a885....png (1111 KB, 255 x 176, 1534 : 1058, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


TY Baker - noice trips!

99b3fe () No. 4073183


Not a fact.

Speculative, based on uncorroborated statements.

c259f2 () No. 4073184


No POTUS said "Fuck America", when he put Israel's interests before America's. You just heard what came out of his mouth and believed it, like a lemming faggot.

Make a list… Things Trump has done for New York. And things Trump has done for Israel. See which list is longer, you delusional, fan-boy.

141c8b () No. 4073185


That, and Paul Ryan calling out CA elections….

f1288b () No. 4073186


You lost me at chongqing.

47ebe9 () No. 4073187


I may be wrong, but a screen shot of the original image.

3e7b21 () No. 4073188

Live Forever.

fcfff8 () No. 4073189

e585f168cab9d6....jpg (90 KB, 255 x 169, 634 : 421, rg10.jpg) (h)


Sounds like a plan.

9bd41b () No. 4073190


Lamps look like artillery shells. For a high dollar motel they did a shitty job laying the floor.

5c3533 () No. 4073191

f46bee65574ca1....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 168, 1280 : 842, 1542657687742.jpg) (h)

TY Baker!!!




This. All anons should read this.

c43b97 () No. 4073192

24005df2354f32....png (561 KB, 255 x 174, 741 : 506, bimmy.png) (h)

9d028e2a232885....png (735 KB, 255 x 170, 909 : 605, jjimy.png) (h)

201e7c1ec60150....png (857 KB, 253 x 255, 1111 : 1122, biden27x.png) (h)

4136c0c46beb1b....png (1055 KB, 170 x 255, 740 : 1111, podestas heart....png) (h)

40a5752de762b7....png (738 KB, 255 x 128, 999 : 500, thebrightlight....png) (h)

89666f () No. 4073193

Picture is worth many sentences

Does this mean the black hats not in

the meme are getting executed?

Good-bye [Brennan]

39d874 () No. 4073194


Shifty might just be saying that w/o ever having eyes on the answers. Bad attempt to stir up shit.

f6f84f () No. 4073195

I'm a "boomer" and clearly remember the U.S. automotive issues from the '70's.

Late '70's Ford Mustangs would begin rusting within a couple years (OhioFag here with salted roads in the winter). Once word got out about "Shitty Japanese metal", all 3 manufacturers took a serious branding hit.

By no coincidence, it was the same time Honda, Toyota and another Japanese mfg started getting a better reputation for quality and reliability.

It was around this time that US mfg's starting importing steel, too.

There are no coincidences. The wily Asians began (pun intended) eroding our products (electronics, too) from "within".

b4fe69 () No. 4073196


Oh you mean the one that Heidi Fleiss made and Stormy, her ex-manager and ex-lawyer tried to sell on eBay?

Too bad Dennis Hof died

359cd9 () No. 4073197

4ba46f6a06f49d....jpg (141 KB, 255 x 249, 998 : 974, Tears.jpg) (h)

951f0a () No. 4073198

13af10f6405b3d....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 136313c5-d0fd-....jpg) (h)

Thank you, Baker!

d2af98 () No. 4073199

a51dd7d7e99636....jpg (92 KB, 160 x 255, 500 : 798, 2nphnp.jpg) (h)

5877c3 () No. 4073200


I agree. Dershowitz is another nasty old cabal kid fucker who was heavily mixed up with Epstein and pedo island. Somehow, he was able to worm his way out of that whole thing with his reputation intact. He convinced a judge to scrub his name from the case after charges were brought against Epstein. Its all out there on the web. Another story that the MSM totally ignores.

6190e7 () No. 4073201


He was one of Epstein's attorneys who helped get him off. >>4073179

6e6e3f () No. 4073202


Construction in China is generally shitty. Even in high dollar spaces.

7cf857 () No. 4073203


It's China, they don't have Mexicans.

9761fe () No. 4073204

b5c044667d33a4....jpeg (661 KB, 245 x 255, 1242 : 1292, 5E6E73EC-0E36-....jpeg) (h)

5a39584fcfc04b....jpeg (671 KB, 238 x 255, 1242 : 1332, 7794D3BB-31DD-....jpeg) (h)



eab392 () No. 4073205


So what good are you doing screaming like a faggot on a board where no one is going to listen to your faggotry? Go to faggots.net or wherever you go to find like minded faggots like yourself.

99b3fe () No. 4073206


Keep digging.

There is also an entire book about Epstein, Filthy Rich or something like that.

It's good.

3af100 () No. 4073207


threat to prez

2a979e () No. 4073208


SC = Lindsey Graham?

6ad962 () No. 4073209

ef63a9c2a60c22....png (250 KB, 255 x 231, 480 : 434, epsteinsexoffe....png) (h)

b80dfc1c628ef8....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 209, 480 : 394, 2nqlin_1.jpg) (h)

Q, posting a pic is great but Trump needs results right here in the USA…

Release the FISA warrant's already and stop all the lollygagging bullshit.

c0c80a () No. 4073210


502d8e () No. 4073211



The meta data shows the profile was created 7-7-2017 so it only be a year old at most

a0b1f3 () No. 4073212

Ryan casts doubt on 'bizarre' California election results

By Scott Wong - 11/29/18 10:34 AM EST


Weeks after House Republicans lost their majority, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday cast serious doubts about the “bizarre” election system in California, where it appears that seven GOP-held seats will flip to Democratic control.

The California election system “just defies logic to me,” Ryan said during a Washington Post Live event.

“We were only down 26 seats the night of the election and three weeks later, we lost basically every California race. This election system they have — I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”


It was a remarkable comment from the retiring Speaker of the House, who until now had not joined President Trump and other Republicans who have complained about what they believed were election irregularities in places like Florida and California.

California does have a more liberal policy when it comes to counting ballots. The Golden State allows absentee ballots to be counted if they are mailed by Election Day and arrive at the registrar by the Friday after the election. That’s why results in a handful of close California House races were not called until days, or weeks, after Nov. 6.

In many cases, the GOP candidates had been leading on Election Night, but Democrats ultimately prevailed as additional absentee and provisional ballots were tallied in the days after.

“In Wisconsin, we knew the next day. Scott Walker, my friend, I was sad to see him lose, but we accepted the results on Wednesday” after the election, Ryan said. In California, “their system is bizarre; I still don’t completely understand it. There are a lot of races there we should have won.”

When pressed about his California comments, Ryan said it seemed “bizarre” and “strange” that Democrats would win all seven competitive House races in California. Democrats ousted GOP Reps. Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher, Jeff Denham and Steve Knight, and won seats held by retiring GOP Reps. Ed Royce and Darrell Issa. GOP Rep. David Valadao is trailing Democrat TJ Cox, but the race is too close to call.

“The way the absentee-ballot program used to work, and the way it works now, it seems pretty loosey goose,” Ryan said. “When you have candidates who win the absentee ballot vote and then lose three weeks later because of provisionals, that’s really bizarre. I just think that’s a very very strange outcome.”

In an interview with CNN, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla defended the process.

"The philosophy here is, while it may take a little bit longer to finish counting ballots in California, the policies are in place to ensure that all votes can be properly processed and added to the tally — and I guess better said, that all voices can be heard in the political process," Padilla, who oversees elections, told CNN.

Let's Investigate it Ryan!!

141c8b () No. 4073213


That's my take, two slugs for Brennan. Sad that ValJar isn't in the prison pic.

47ebe9 () No. 4073214


>DJT's tweets will be shown true in future

Future proves Past.

And as a side note, Trump says his Twitter has the power to make his enemies tell the truth.

ca2605 () No. 4073215

15b748cada09bd....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 171, 759 : 508, WH-RED_trees.jpg) (h)


Look familiar?

969dab () No. 4073216

81a1bb997ff137....png (46 KB, 255 x 156, 505 : 309, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


Good morning anons, Forgive me but I've been off the board for at least 36 hours; not trying to be a lazyfag, but can someone fill me in on this incident re: POTUS and some strange red laser lights on him during a speech….? I'm just picking up bits and pieces but it sounds concerning.

9b0636 () No. 4073217


This worries me, too. Trump is well known to be PRO gun regulation and is no different than the Demonrats, in this regard. It smells of a man looking to control all and not of one who believes in the Constitution, as written. It's because of shit like this I will not be jumping on any Trump wagon soon. He still has a long ways to go before I put much faith in him. He's done some good things but this is NOT one of them.

6e6e3f () No. 4073218


VJ beheaded per her religion.

66dc37 () No. 4073219


And he's POTUS' attorney.

Also, POTUS rode the Lolita Express …

They're all working together and doing a damned good job at confusing most people.

b4acbf () No. 4073220


Found the jew.

Virginia Roberts named (((Dershowitz)).


45162c () No. 4073221


One doesn't exclude the other :) Any which way - he's fucked up!

b4fe69 () No. 4073222

Did Anons find the PAPER COHEN WROTE?

The one that POTUS just mentioned in the press conference?

c259f2 () No. 4073223

604ba2d39f7aa3....png (261 KB, 255 x 171, 930 : 622, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


NEED I SAY MORE… Enjoy fighting for Israel, cucks.

fa8cb7 () No. 4073224


Q usually uses an iphone to view a photo, then take a screenshot of it, rather than share the source photo.

You can see the time of creation, as well.

686ccc () No. 4073225

89f2cfc03dd8de....png (66 KB, 255 x 228, 429 : 383, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

93a855fc9d3e13....png (22 KB, 255 x 94, 421 : 156, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1888d77530958a....png (48 KB, 255 x 176, 422 : 292, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Here is another - whether he ever agreed to go to Russia, or ask Trump.

Individual 2 is Felix Sater.

It's clearly an attempt to entrap Cohen/Trump.

ff5e0c () No. 4073226

10906278d85016....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 107, 691 : 291, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)

239af643e05818....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 207, 527 : 428, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)

remember this on 4ch

trump train


btw going back to that tweet as u can see above pic not present anymore

9761fe () No. 4073227


ETE = End to End?

e5bff7 () No. 4073228

c1422751539582....png (559 KB, 255 x 155, 630 : 382, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

A picture is worth many sentences.

Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?

Think timing.

Think Senate lock.

Think SC lock.

Locked & (who is) Loaded .


c259f2 () No. 4073229


Lol… You seem to be listening.

Sounds like you'd like to shut me up, too. JIDF much, faggot?

be05fe () No. 4073230

Trump says Cohen's 'weak' and 'making up a story'


b84f8d () No. 4073231

c9df5f56e1578a....png (8 KB, 255 x 215, 255 : 215, c72fe31df754cc....png) (h)




Tripps of truth

Time to dig

cba36e () No. 4073232


they can get to Antarctica from there

124b73 () No. 4073233


Whom was it addressed?

cafadd () No. 4073234


Its concerning only because he was rushed away and didn't talk to the press afterwards. Although I'm under the belief that no high level assassin is going to use a red dot the size of a silver dollar to go for prez.

b4fe69 () No. 4073235


This must have freaked out a few people


eab392 () No. 4073236


How can you consider me jidf and hate trump. You have no purpose here but to cause division. Filtered

3721e5 () No. 4073237



In earlier bread, there were POTUS pic during Christmas with red laser.

Then comes Hyatt, did a meeting took place there for the attempt?

Digged on the stringer google book lead "give me liberty or give me death" by Patrick Henry. There is only one page listed for preview. Interesting read.

c43b97 () No. 4073238

f33925ba5fb678....png (1497 KB, 255 x 139, 1333 : 727, ximmy.png) (h)


Why is this "anon" posting a pic of Obama toasting?

While trying to undermine us (inorganic shill)?

Do inorganic shills always IMITATE and rip off organic anons?

Is the entire basis of inorganic shilling and control: data + AI mirroring?

Do the people pay attention here? Is the whole game on display, every day?

293955 () No. 4073239

79d218c9090acc....jpg (1278 KB, 255 x 163, 1920 : 1227, trumps-list.jpg) (h)

c259f2 () No. 4073240

Make a list… Things Trump has done for New York. And things Trump has done for Israel. See which list is longer.

Anyone… Go ahead. Prove to us that Trump is ACTUALLY putting America first and make me look stupid. Should be easy, 'cause I'm a "shill" right?

3b4cf7 () No. 4073241

c4161ad1f3be60....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 191, 634 : 476, 6727130-643600....jpg) (h)

16ab3d44784e20....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 142, 584 : 326, 2018-11-28_13-....jpg) (h)

020fbc () No. 4073242


Fantastic (if old, from 2011) dig on Jeff Epstein.

Will leave you with some weird visuals.


fc436c () No. 4073243

43153549f20111....jpg (667 KB, 191 x 255, 1100 : 1471, !Awakening54.jpg) (h)

ff5e0c () No. 4073244

2d334f5cf8fd3d....jpg (157 KB, 255 x 202, 901 : 712, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)

d143e4f76d4bc5....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 36, 906 : 127, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)

fb9e383b269acb....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 106, 627 : 260, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)


5 hours later… amazing

a7a8c7 () No. 4073245


Yeah, I thought about that dig on the South Carolina prisons yesterday…

9bd41b () No. 4073246


And if it was a way to get a 2A case in front of the Supreme Court for a ruling, the NEW SC, then what saw you?

c3bc26 () No. 4073247


thx anon

eab392 () No. 4073248


No, but Potus is on his way to a different country on a plane. So it seems plausible to me.

47ebe9 () No. 4073249



That's terrible…ugh

I wonder does Trump even know Canada gives us garbage literally? It really pisses me off. Jennifer Granholm is whom we can thank for that btw. Bitch.

737dc6 () No. 4073250


Estimated Time En Route

f6f84f () No. 4073251

e0fb4ce02c942d....png (31 KB, 255 x 170, 352 : 234, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


My almonds keep tingling as I watch the pieces keep sliding into place.

(pic related)

c259f2 () No. 4073252


Thanks for posting that page, that no one can read. Good job.

693f64 () No. 4073253

c59db047b21b39....jpg (348 KB, 255 x 184, 1294 : 932, SidebyAmericaN....jpg) (h)

1fbc7236bf9e02....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, HillarySoldOut....jpg) (h)

312f182e0d1cdd....jpg (171 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, AmericaWasSold....jpg) (h)


Sad situation & true.

But POTUS is fixing all that.

6e84e3 () No. 4073254

b67f8cf388ddeb....jpeg (423 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, 774D12B1-A92B-....jpeg) (h)



5f1562 () No. 4073255

16a02c8f8025d9....png (318 KB, 153 x 255, 529 : 879, POTUS Schedule....png) (h)

359cd9 () No. 4073256


Believe it was a reflection of Christmas lights from the inside of protective glass

cba36e () No. 4073257

c43f3ca4d16bc6....png (239 KB, 255 x 197, 1390 : 1076, cohennote1.png) (h)

bc7663b1fbbb9c....png (58 KB, 255 x 48, 1420 : 270, cohennote2.png) (h)





8e4912 () No. 4073258


Hmmm…taunting DS me thinks

48a091 () No. 4073259


AF1 tail number ???

c259f2 () No. 4073260


"Filtered"… Filters are for pussies and kikes.

Which are you?

f1f9c0 () No. 4073261

d94443ee13942f....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 146, 540 : 310, blonde.jpg) (h)

State Dept's Harf: "Evidence" Blaming Pro-Russian Separatists For MH17 Based on "Social Media"


eab392 () No. 4073262


You already look stupid by not posting what Trump HAS done for America. Instead, you want to focus on small details that ARE NOT ISRAEL FIRST. They are simply reaming an ally. But your fear mongering and division tactics aren't concerned with logic.

644643 () No. 4073263

3e2641156a1003....png (2439 KB, 191 x 255, 900 : 1200, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

293955 () No. 4073264


Op the jpg in a new tab, then you can zoom in

22b4e5 () No. 4073265

Q: "A picture is worth many sentences. "

Long sentences in Sing Sing

89666f () No. 4073266





Won't get off with just a sentence

6b486c () No. 4073267

5d48860559d1e8....jpg (143 KB, 255 x 183, 630 : 451, clinton_columb....jpg) (h)

A picture is worth many sentences.

Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?

Think timing.

Think Senate lock.

Think SC lock.

Locked & (who is) Loaded.


28b376 () No. 4073268

Hey planefags have an inquiry. as I suck at planefagging and appreciate your contribution. With GEOTUS in Argentina, there is a US Naval Support Detachment in São Paulo. With Bolsonaro now the Pres-elect and a big ally, could this be a potential destination if GEOTUS needs to be insulated for an extended period of time off AF1?

Have we seen any upticks in traffic to the base? Potentially prepping for support as a shelter mechanism?

TY & God bless anons

3e7b21 () No. 4073269

1812bfd39eb087....mp4 (532 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, _Large (1).mp4) (h)


I can read it. Great work anon.

9761fe () No. 4073270


I wonder if Trump has ever been there?

3ffc0c () No. 4073271


More than that, as lopsided as things already are today, at the time the 2nd Amendment was written, the militia WAS the military and had military grade weapons. Today, we lost the closest approximation to fully automatic suppressive fire that a "po boy" has. That is a big deficit for any battle against tyranny we might yet have.

If you haven't heard yet, there is something called a "binary trigger". DAGS and get a few before some asshat gives the NRA and the OTHER RINOS / Dems an excuse to take IT away, too.

If I am sounding pissed that's a good thing.

The only thing that would sooth my ruffled feathers is a successful challenge to the NFA of 1934 and (istr) 1968. Other than that, I will REMAIN pissed. I will comply with the law until it is successfully challenged, but I won't forget what has happened to "We the People" today.

6ad962 () No. 4073272

4d8db146dce341....jpg (87 KB, 178 x 255, 500 : 718, 2nolm2_1.jpg) (h)

dc7721c1f1deea....jpg (94 KB, 231 x 255, 500 : 551, 2nosb3_1.jpg) (h)





Q is jerking off right now and it's all the same old shit posts with no results.

915984 () No. 4073273


keto diet with intermittent fasting is the only way

understand what and why on nutrition…like K2

no more diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, cancer, brain diseases (Amyloid plaques), etc…..

cba36e () No. 4073274


Obamas mom?

f68c13 () No. 4073275


o7 - [GEO-T]

5436f7 () No. 4073276


Why isn't Brennan in the picture POTUS retweeted with everyone behind bars. Is he going to be executed for treason?

98e2d2 () No. 4073277


majority majority majority, they cheated their way into those seats of power and now the head clown is speaker of the house!

e43d95 () No. 4073278

2a258a7092bf43....jpeg (766 KB, 255 x 179, 2048 : 1441, 74A60565-8E8A-....jpeg) (h)

How do you get 10k in debt with no income?

Scary trend


9221ca () No. 4073279


That's what I thought of right away.

969dab () No. 4073280


Hmm, ok…thank you, anon.

I can't help but be worried about POTUS most of the time. Thanks for the info, though.

cba36e () No. 4073281


Thats bat country

c259f2 () No. 4073282


I understand that you believe that… it's just not reality.

(YOUR) nations troops will now fight and die for Israel. Trump's orders.

3fff91 () No. 4073283


He's in the picture of the firing squad.

90a806 () No. 4073284


civil disobedience…

try it.

use it.

millions more of us than them.

NRA is NOT going to protect - they are all about TRACKING.

surrendering anything firearm related is something patriots should NEVER do.

bumpstocks are a joke anyway - for people who cannot shoot and instead have to spray bullets.

bumpstocks = bullshit distraction

in 30 minutes most semi's can be converted to full auto

6e6e3f () No. 4073285



Its time for him to go get his black eye from the head reptile. Playtime is over.

c3e098 () No. 4073286

US spies get murdered by China under Obamer, media doesn't talk about shit. China has fckn spies here with Feinsten, media barely blips either! China is cucking the US right now, thank God Trump's here and not that absolute cuckold Barcoko Husseiny, yet the People are still being lied to

b84f8d () No. 4073287

2e82a1227b4d33....png (15 KB, 255 x 251, 255 : 251, 73ce50b54f4203....png) (h)

9761fe () No. 4073288


Thank you.

ff5e0c () No. 4073289


excellent, i know this work's author

f68c13 () No. 4073290

6e4baa00f497b4....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 6e4baa00f497b4....jpg) (h)

8bc445 () No. 4073291

1815d91474f7cf....png (298 KB, 255 x 244, 603 : 578, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


The Jews are trying to set Trump up.

Hopefully Q has a plan for this.

c259f2 () No. 4073292


So, what your saying is, I have to REALLY work hard to find something Trump has done for NY?

9911f9 () No. 4073293

0517c1275a12fe....png (783 KB, 255 x 128, 1000 : 500, Trump-Laser-Do....png) (h)


>POTUS pic during Christmas with red laser

are u fawking kidding me… Trump needs to stop being out in the lime light with all this shit going down.


5436f7 () No. 4073294



Why isn't Brennan in the picture POTUS retweeted with everyone behind bars. Is he going to be executed for treason?

66dc37 () No. 4073295



He talks a good game,while strategically eliminating some freedoms subtly.

Kavenaugh is a decent example …

Also, hasn't done a damned thing to defund PP, flat out ignored Rand Paul's effort.

aa0a6e () No. 4073296

b3cf021dee7ccc....png (149 KB, 255 x 122, 1903 : 910, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e5f46933957338....png (163 KB, 255 x 122, 1903 : 910, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Well, it seems that there was some travel to the Hyatt Regency back in 2013. Found at USAspending.gov and filtered by 'China'. (Typically there is embassy paperwork for incoming dignitaries - but I can't search it right now ~ DoS FOIA site isn't loading for me.)


969dab () No. 4073297


ThanQ, anon.

cd2767 () No. 4073298



"This new narrative by the Propaganda press is to infer that an international real estate developer did something wrong if his attorney discussed building a hotel in Moscow. Seriously? 1st things 1st, prove @JohnPodesta emails were actually provided to @Wikileaks by Russian agents…"

e9e535 () No. 4073299


Right? Can't be, but it sure looks like her.

5e2877 () No. 4073300

8d3f047917bfd9....jpg (107 KB, 255 x 226, 839 : 743, putin.jpg) (h)

f6f84f () No. 4073301


POTUS said in an interview yesterday (and I'm paraphrasing) something to the effect of:

Q: "Now that the Democrats have control of the house, how would you feel if they began opening multiple investigations into you, your finances, your Russian ties, etc."

Trump: "I would welcome it and hope they do so. You see, I'm a counter-puncher, and I'll hit them so hard from so many directions that they'll never know what happened."

Any wonder why he's pushing to get Pelosi in as the Speaker of the House?

Q's going to fillet these fuckers publicly!

Enjoy the show.

f5c450 () No. 4073302


What she has a kok between those legs?

4c22d8 () No. 4073303


well, the King of the North, going to visit the King of the South of whom we are at war with, (imo) dont think so… Biblically speaking of course

8be94e () No. 4073304


Keto here since 2010.

Lost 100lbs 1st year.


eab392 () No. 4073305


And you offer no proof, just opinion. No links, sauce or new items. Just the typical shill "loud and proud opinion = muh fact"

Shut me up with proof and links. Not your opinion. No one here cares what you think. Facts, not muh gut opinion and feelings"

033cc7 () No. 4073306

442bae7e0c99af....jpeg (281 KB, 205 x 255, 1216 : 1513, 6EB29B42-5585-....jpeg) (h)

If you can maybe you can help me get this into Notables, Dec 18th is coming fast, he needs people outside screaming louder than the Soro’s Clinton shills >>4073081

b7df5f () No. 4073307


382 – 10 U.S.C. § 382 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 10. Armed Forces § 382. Emergency situations involving weapons of mass destruction

(a) In general. –The Secretary of Defense, upon the request of the Attorney General, may provide assistance in support of Department of Justice activities relating to the enforcement of section 175 , 229 , or 2332a of title 18 during an emergency situation involving a weapon of mass destruction. …



cba36e () No. 4073308


he best not

6ad962 () No. 4073309

aaa37b9f9c9ec4....jpg (203 KB, 153 x 255, 1000 : 1666, downloadfile-14.jpg) (h)


8abc76 () No. 4073310

fc91ae6524319d....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 138, 960 : 520, 13631561_10649....jpg) (h)

1cf6ce7a3e7551....jpg (195 KB, 255 x 197, 528 : 408, china china ch....jpg) (h)

And China also paid to play for access to Hillary Rodham Clinton's server…Government info. Treason, right there!!!

d8d66e () No. 4073311


It does not say why for Israel…maybe we need to keep an eye on the dirty Jews? Who knows what troops Putin and Trump have surrounding Jewlandia?

f5c450 () No. 4073312


TOP KEK!!!!!

fc436c () No. 4073313

7c40f2aa6d66f4....jpg (706 KB, 191 x 255, 1100 : 1471, !Awakening57.jpg) (h)


Me too

fbe7a0 () No. 4073314


c259f2 () No. 4073315


Oh weird… I told you (((Cohen))) would stab Trump in the back months ago, and you all called me a "muhJoo shill"… Faggots.

6df2b2 () No. 4073316

c259f2 () No. 4073317


With Jews, you lose… Erry time.

8d46a8 () No. 4073318


First few sentences of this had me fucked up. I thought you were talking about Christine Blasey Ford and maybe her lawyer's were trannys or something. Complete mindfuck.

124b73 () No. 4073319


Is POTUS naive?

1b9dcf () No. 4073320


If nothing else, an inspiring quote. Brilliant Q quote for our times.

fba0f3 () No. 4073321


red jade

9221ca () No. 4073322


He's an idiot.

eab392 () No. 4073323


Everything is labeled shill when you're over the target.

36310c () No. 4073324


Christmas tree is red

eyes wide shut enjoyed the christmas

stay away from the red and the blue


8be94e () No. 4073325


Useful idiot?

ff5e0c () No. 4073326




e9e535 () No. 4073327

ba83302336d2b5....png (415 KB, 255 x 135, 634 : 335, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Who's the faggot sitting next to him?

f50b8a () No. 4073328

c6bc7dc25b4fce....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 253, 400 : 397, 1540777506253.jpg) (h)


eab392 () No. 4073329

Q is real. The world is fake.

c259f2 () No. 4073330




You were saying…

8bc445 () No. 4073331

c46f86cbab5e82....png (246 KB, 255 x 203, 645 : 514, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


This Jew bugs me the most.

9350b4 () No. 4073332

7d5ce6cac60b6d....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 143, 801 : 449, 49aaa2d9e4859f....jpg) (h)


e9e535 () No. 4073333

4db0d03d8abace....png (519 KB, 255 x 167, 634 : 415, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



>Guy Petrillo

9f4825 () No. 4073334


Awan…der why?

7f62d5 () No. 4073336


He's certainly twatting like he is anon.

81b506 () No. 4073337

80409d4d207e90....jpeg (124 KB, 255 x 144, 1440 : 814, 1533297360.jpeg) (h)

fc436c () No. 4073338

44a7f42bf8b91a....jpg (581 KB, 191 x 255, 1100 : 1471, !Awakening59.jpg) (h)


Total Eclipse is that you?

66dc37 () No. 4073339


Watch for his VP nomination …

de2349 () No. 4073340

a1f3e33045d283....jpeg (1463 KB, 161 x 255, 1242 : 1968, D38BDDAC-BA91-....jpeg) (h)


Looks also like red hens stylized / agree on the red trees too

c259f2 () No. 4073341



Yeah… he bugs everyone the most.

443a7b () No. 4073342

Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>who is

referring to tarmac LL?

785ee3 () No. 4073343


>6x.com is a leading global digital asset exchange …

Keep trying:



d8d66e () No. 4073344


China is not what you think it is. Ask yourself why would the Jew NWO go out of their way to give all American wealth to China? Because China is the Jews playground. They have owned it since Mao Jew Dung was King.

c3e098 () No. 4073345



Awarding Agency:

Department of State

Awarding Sub-Agency:

Department of State

Awarding Office:


Funding Office:


Product Service Code (PSC)




Domestic or Foreign Entity:


141c8b () No. 4073346


that's the theory, anon, those screaming the loudest and not in the pic get the treason charges and bullets.

38d020 () No. 4073347


>Opening Night of Clinton Tour Is Complete Bust: Hillary Suffers Massive Coughing Fit.

This sounds like karma.

eab392 () No. 4073348


I said proof. Not ONE article. ONE article shuts down the entire Trump logic? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE TOP KEK!

I'm literally laughing out loud right now. One shit news item that says we help Israel as an ally = whole thing is a lie. Ooooook.

This is weak. Even for shills these days. New low.

a7a8c7 () No. 4073349


You do realize, that he didn’t get your reply? Kek

5e2877 () No. 4073350


I get the impression it represents a man, a woman and a child

862ae8 () No. 4073351

0ac1a20414dc6f....png (738 KB, 255 x 205, 810 : 650, ckm.png) (h)



4c22d8 () No. 4073353


pretty much, but id go as far to say, people are real, the entire earth is fake

ff5e0c () No. 4073354

730faae01117ad....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 177, 514 : 356, Screenshot 201....jpg) (h)

124b73 () No. 4073355

I have an honest question

Why this idiotic show continues without stop if ourguys have all the information to put cabal members in jail?

What exactly am i missing?

e9e535 () No. 4073356

4be3e1b98c56b9....png (216 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

22b4e5 () No. 4073357


The Columbia Bugle


‏ @ColumbiaBugle

Soon in Europe it will be illegal to even criticize the changes the Elites are making to your country.

“Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence, & media outlets who give room to criticism of migration can be shut down.”

ab0527 () No. 4073358

>4070652 pb

Are we sure we have the right Hyatt?

They have one in Toronto where HRC did a coughing performance last night.

e9e535 () No. 4073359


—–→ >>4073333

66dc37 () No. 4073360


They're not really "our guys." That's what you're missing.

It's ALL a show.

c0375f () No. 4073361


What would you get for them? They aren't worth a whole bunch.

74f1cd () No. 4073362


Muh joo shill

468350 () No. 4073363

c97ec87bb9984d....png (23 KB, 255 x 249, 708 : 691, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



1737b2 () No. 4073364

4dd23889842f5d....jpg (379 KB, 255 x 129, 956 : 483, 5ChongqingWate....jpg) (h)


Watch the Water?

Eye of RA?

ff5e0c () No. 4073365


yep nice, just confirming sir

033cc7 () No. 4073366


Don’t forget that Gen Flynn HAS THE LIST

7f62d5 () No. 4073367


He shouldn't anon. He's helping bring down the Israeli Zionist Deep State.

b4acbf () No. 4073368


Checked. also, read The Iron Curtain Over America (John Beaty, 1951) for a full explanation of how Jewish subversion of the state department led to the shit show in the Korean War/China.

c259f2 () No. 4073369


a6642a () No. 4073371

8ffc2f3c793651....jpg (56 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, IMG_2560.jpg) (h)


Will POTUS shitpost during plane ride?

36ee4a () No. 4073372


The people that do the “putting people in jail” part need to go to jail as well.

Catch 22s are no joke. Give it time. Plenty of progress already visible via FBI/DOJ removals/resignations to set stage for arrests of the most heinous. Patience is key. The enemy doesn’t have time to be patient—we do.

8abc76 () No. 4073373


His Birthday is Dec. 5th! And could use some real loud Patriotic crowd support on Dec. 18th!!!


I still have no idea on how to capitalize things in red to get noticed more.

8e4912 () No. 4073374


Soon? Hell I think they've already reached that point there

033cc7 () No. 4073375

Epstein is going back to court the beginning of December

38d020 () No. 4073376

eab392 () No. 4073377


Sauce beside your one widdle link saying we are help Israel with troops as an ally?

8abc76 () No. 4073378

0498c846c19808....jpeg (195 KB, 205 x 255, 1216 : 1513, 442bae7e0c99af....jpeg) (h)

3e7b21 () No. 4073379


looks like pituitary img

99b3fe () No. 4073380


Keep going, smarty.

8bc445 () No. 4073381


Since the opium war

9221ca () No. 4073382


Define useful.

7c7931 () No. 4073383


Was wondering of his status.

There's something about him that doesn't ring true.

36310c () No. 4073384


Home of Adolph Hitler ?

Argentina ?

Merkle at home ?

fe2268 () No. 4073385


is worth a spin about right now…


d8d66e () No. 4073386


A box of tic tacs would be appreciated.

3721e5 () No. 4073387

Pure game theory technique. Weighing the payoffs.

How do you capture a very dangerous animal?

Do you attack it from the front?

Do you walk through the front door?

Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking?


Have we agreed about this animal, Is it Clown In America?!

586a93 () No. 4073390

f2a8549ad1c0b6....jpeg (18 KB, 255 x 247, 255 : 247, C'est compliqué.jpeg) (h)

97628d61c217cf....mp4 (6908 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, TiCvm5hGP6Rxif....mp4) (h)


It's complicated. Timing as to be just right. Many, many live at stake, Think population being held hostage. Not just a few people.

f50b8a () No. 4073388


well it's a long trip, plane will land at 22:30 argentina time, so it's a 9 hour flight…

f68c13 () No. 4073389

f2e32c6ae8c7fa....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 215, 564 : 476, Opium-War-.jpg) (h)

a2f92f () No. 4073391

15be01be524508....png (1078 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, AF1_2018-11-29....png) (h)

AF1 airborne heading south.

057d2b () No. 4073392

8ebac8f44c3e37....jpg (167 KB, 255 x 191, 1000 : 750, 053bed2dbab422....jpg) (h)

6ad962 () No. 4073393

e3a2a0b572dcf5....png (141 KB, 255 x 223, 480 : 420, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Cohen was selling access to Trump unknowingly to Trump, he collected millions from corporations.

c259f2 () No. 4073394


LOL… Oh, you want a source BESIDES the one proving Trump has ordered American troops to fight and die for Israel, BEFORE you'll accept reality.

Jesus… No. Just remain stupid. I don't care about you.

e9e535 () No. 4073395


That's the ticket

7f62d5 () No. 4073396


You are missing the countless hours needed to review every bread since Q arrived over a year ago, slothfag.

36310c () No. 4073397


eyes wide shut -

Christmas in china

Red Red

66dc37 () No. 4073398


Q proof that nothing happens on December 5.

865cb2 () No. 4073399


damn she need a home?

Cohen was a plant too, he lied like Corsi and Stone did, its got to be part of the plan, Im thinking more indictments might drop after potus gets on the plane It might be pedestal next, he referred Tony to another prosecutor but jon might get snapped up, remember Mueller is just arresting the ones that tried to frame trump, the other side is coming soon I'm guessing

0d8551 () No. 4073401

ddd435a48fac32....png (384 KB, 230 x 255, 1130 : 1252, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


The most important aspect of our policy is that a company must identify all wrongdoing by senior officials, including members of senior management or the board of directors, if it wants to earn any credit for cooperating in a civil case.

If a corporation wants to earn maximum credit,

<it must identify every individual person who was substantially involved in or responsible for the misconduct.>

The idea that a company that engaged in a pattern of wrongdoing should always be required to admit the civil liability of every individual employee as well as the company is attractive in theory, but it proved to be inefficient and pointless in practice.

Our civil litigators simply cannot take the time to pursue civil cases against every individual employee who may be liable for misconduct, and we cannot afford to delay corporate resolutions because a bureaucratic rule suggests that companies need to continue investigating until they identify all involved employees and reach an agreement with the government about their roles.

Therefore, we are revising the policy to restore some of the discretion that civil attorneys traditionally exercised – with supervisory review.


cd2767 () No. 4073402


Makes me glad i did it realtime cuz holy shit that's a lot of reading.

f50b8a () No. 4073403

f1647ac7a8863e....gif (1792 KB, 235 x 255, 448 : 487, 1540829360878.gif) (h)


argentina here we go :)

602c36 () No. 4073404

00cd6a1f6d09b9....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 172, 640 : 432, download.jpg) (h)

A picture is worth many "jail sentences".

4f13cd () No. 4073405


I disagree. The Christmas tree lights shining behind Trump would pass through the glass with some shine affect due to thickness of glass. However, any reflection onto POTUS would be much lighter - if there were any reflection back onto him at all.

Stand with your lighted Christmas tree behind you and a house window in front of you and see how much light the window would reflect back onto your clothing. Little, if any, and it would be much, much lighter.

4d90c5 () No. 4073406

db7b3376395492....png (581 KB, 255 x 231, 824 : 746, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

So I just happened to be on Twitter and that fucking batshit crazy Kate Mazz is still living in the past (her moment in Q fame) and is nuttier than a can of peanuts..

She denies the fact that she is some weird MK type.. says she is for POTUS/GA yet puts up shit like this after going at SB2 and WarDrummer for calling her out for being super spoopy..

USSS.. she brags about having to talk to you constantly and doesn't get arrested.. lock this nutty bitch up already.

c259f2 () No. 4073407


So…. Typical Jew?

81b506 () No. 4073408

9aa5a319ab5e53....jpeg (76 KB, 255 x 255, 900 : 900, 1536596694.jpeg) (h)

38d020 () No. 4073409


If I lived there I would go.

Flynn is an Honorable man.

fa8cb7 () No. 4073410


In a system owned and operated by psychopaths who learned to be pack hunters… How do you put part of the pack in jail per the system the inmates now run?

7657b7 () No. 4073411


Go away Kate

a7a8c7 () No. 4073412

de2349 () No. 4073413


Katherine Herridge referenced a two page paper in her report a bit ago that she was going to dig for.

93d123 () No. 4073414

4797d9152096dd....jpg (243 KB, 255 x 210, 1080 : 890, busted_gang_lo....jpg) (h)


Does that mean they are LOCKED UP?

e43d95 () No. 4073415

fa2555fe38c89c....jpeg (636 KB, 255 x 235, 1563 : 1439, 3BC494EB-5302-....jpeg) (h)


Euro trash is really good at getting shot


124b73 () No. 4073416


Did you make the first meme anon?

I am asking cuz i posted that pic and asked to put ITS COMPLICATED. Ironic i got an answer with it.

3a0e73 () No. 4073417

ccf656d054f5b9....png (205 KB, 255 x 156, 1382 : 847, jsuae5tgaseujs....png) (h)

5db410e9ec0693....png (3491 KB, 255 x 201, 1663 : 1309, djyse45ase47ys....png) (h)

c3015c4aa07dfd....png (128 KB, 255 x 81, 1511 : 479, jds6yuse5tsr6u....png) (h)

871eab60a08f67....png (178 KB, 255 x 222, 1786 : 1556, d5hds5d5j.png) (h)


Q crumbs about forced immigration and reading the bible led me to the premise. They drink blood because it's a direct act against God. They are drinking blood to take the life force from another. Hence addiction and death if they stop. Hence blantant disregard for human life by our politicians, entertainment personalities, priests, and others in power. The structure of fiat currency as control and why (((they))) worship money.

Catholic mass is satanic. Whole bunch of people giving money to a 'priest' that changes bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus to consume?? See last pic

What if Israel is an outpost to farm blood becuase (((they))) are holding the people hostage. Politicians put in power by them to do whatever is necessary. (((They))) want control over Israel because it would have the most spiritual meaning. Forced migration = flow of bodies for ritual abuse. Would a good guy play the game to stay in control? How could you tell all this to the population and have it believed? More good than bad so when the disgust goes public, we win.

Sauce below for pics

"White bronze is a metal that serves two common purposes. It is actually not bronze, but an alloy of varying amounts of copper, tin and zinc. Now days it is commonly used in jewelry as a substitute for nickel, and was used many years ago as a material for grave markers."


maps.go ogle




586a93 () No. 4073418

1dc2dd520b0353....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, The steak have....jpg) (h)

2dccdf0d3c2a53....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 141, 723 : 400, tyson.jpg) (h)


I can wait for Sunday evening.

When does the G20 end. When is POTUS flying back to the USA.

Trump will set the stage at the G20 then the Hammer will drop.

It's time. Before we start seeing mushroom cloud all over the place.

9221ca () No. 4073419

The red Christmas trees are a mockery. And they are fucking hideous, especially with that ugly green carpet.

7f62d5 () No. 4073420


I think that Skippy or his brother took that pic while doing the cat.

c259f2 () No. 4073421


Actual jail, would be worth a shit ton more to the American people, than a fucking tweet… But hey, I'm just an American, not an Israeli. So why should my opinion matter to MY president?

81b506 () No. 4073422

2dd66e3a3caf1e....jpeg (125 KB, 255 x 191, 1440 : 1080, 1540388852.jpeg) (h)

693f64 () No. 4073423


If he comes off as naive to ignoramuses like youself, that means the act is successful and that is a good thing.

In reality he's as far from naive as a person could possibly be. He knows things with precision that have not happened yet. All of his trolling is calculated to have a specific intended effect. He is as completely intentional an individual as you will ever find in this world.

If you don't see that, then you'd be better off just reading and watching and waiting, and not open your mouth again until it's all over.

b4fe69 () No. 4073424


Don't you remember POTUS saying Cohen kept somethings of his for safe keeping?


38d020 () No. 4073425


Military tribunals = gitmo or the needle. That's how.

e144a8 () No. 4073426


If you can't spell Adolf Hitler correctly?

You probably should never fucking say his name again.

37d7f2 () No. 4073427


Keto here since 2014. Only one in my family without diabetes diagnosis. Only way to go.

74f1cd () No. 4073428


Keep screaming into that porta-john.

502d8e () No. 4073429

b75a53e74e495c....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 207, 1200 : 976, kate2.jpg) (h)


sorry you are not getting any attention girlfriend

b23c5c () No. 4073430


Don't sweat it, anon, the ultimate Q test is only days away.

Everything begins December 5, in public.

If you wake up on Dec 6 and nothing has dropped, you will know Q was a psyop

But screencap this post: on the morning of Dec 6 it will be a different world.

f6f84f () No. 4073431

e8096501d06b6f....png (128 KB, 186 x 255, 446 : 611, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Quick Question…

"Lock and (who is) Loaded" could be four different people:

1: Huber seems to be the most obvious, since he's been digging with Horowitz's 470 prosecutors for nearly 2 years.

2: The two capital L's could point to Loretta Lynch. If she sings publicly next week regarding the tarmac conversation, Slick Willy, Killary and (probably) Hussein all go down; especially if AS [187] comes out to open the SC seat in exchange for LL dropping charges on Killary.

3: Matt Whitaker. Unlikely; F_I investigates, not prosecutes.

4: Rosenstein. This one I really like (if it comes to pass). Imagine if Q flipped him out of the gate and he's been wearing a wire for two years. Every single meeting recorded! He could take them ALL down, but it may be a stretch (see pic).

cba36e () No. 4073432


Argentina popping up everywhere Anon

d8d66e () No. 4073433


KEK. Yeah you got them.

Grifters grifting their way through life making up origin stories and trying to convince us all they are not lizard demons.

0ca6d6 () No. 4073434

"A picture is worth many sentences."


This picture links to prison sentences in some way.


"Locked & (who is) Loaded."

Huber? Also, (LL) takeaway.

0d8551 () No. 4073435

543bae077c5f76....png (647 KB, 255 x 170, 1006 : 669, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

8d46a8 () No. 4073436


Two == before and two after. Make sure to leave a space between text and both equal signs

06b06a () No. 4073437

Early Bread Bun


>>4073066, >>4073099 Recent photo of X-Mas tree in Hyatt indicates that Q's Photo may be from last year. Think timeline.

>>4073165, >>4073174 Newest Q and POTUS Treason meme potentially related? POTUS Locked and Loaded.

>>4073222 CALL TO DIG: POTUS mentions paper Cohen wrote as fake story. Great Actor?

>>4073296, >>4073344 Anon finds records of travel to Hyatt Chongqing from DOS is 2013. Autism at its finest.

>>4073401 [RR] Makes remarks to increased req's for companies to be deemd "Cooperating" in Civl cases. Interdashing.

Would like more clarity on the img Q dropped meta data. Anons making headway but the order is confusing.


5dc631 () No. 4073438


Trump Administration Setting Up Padded Cell for Guantanamo Detainees

On January 19, the Department of the Army listed a solicitation for materials (number W91WRZ-18-Q-0016) at the website of the General Services Administration, explaining the padding was meant for a “US Government mental health or psychiatric room in a detention medical facility” at “US Navy Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”


693f64 () No. 4073439


Agree. It's not reflected Xmas tree lights.

One anon suggested it is the pre-flash that cameras do to minimize red-eye. I think that's possible, but am still seeking a more satisfying explanation.

ca2605 () No. 4073440


Think there are 2 different SAIC's - one in Shanghai & one in Reston.




But since you mentioned the one in Reston, @14:30 mentions how they're running the payment & information systems for the Pentagon.

Whole discussion is very enlightening.

"Important to understand is what we're talking about is 20 years of systematically running the federal finances outside the law." - CAF

b8eafe () No. 4073441

f302446e393364....jpg (60 KB, 198 x 255, 500 : 645, Savage.jpg) (h)


I appreciated it longer than it took you to post it.

dc1185 () No. 4073442


Pope Francis from Argentina

ffb937 () No. 4073443


Why should we take advise from an Israel hating foreigner?

Who do (YOUR) soldiers fight and die for?

7f62d5 () No. 4073444


Triggered, you are.

6ad962 () No. 4073445

22c2f297ed219b....jpg (49 KB, 214 x 255, 480 : 572, 2no5ra_1mm.jpg) (h)





If its of any importance you know Mueller has already, Cohen is up shits creek without a paddle.

f6f84f () No. 4073446


I see what you did there.

Well played, Anon.

6e84e3 () No. 4073447

dc6d7935e0bec8....jpeg (562 KB, 191 x 255, 1350 : 1800, 4FFDE97A-4157-....jpeg) (h)



4d90c5 () No. 4073448




not kate. Just saw how ridiculous she is. Decided to share

e5bff7 () No. 4073449

efe407a78d98b9....jpg (329 KB, 255 x 177, 1200 : 831, merchsoup.jpg) (h)

fc871fc1790a8a....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 174, 822 : 562, merchblamegame.jpg) (h)

bcf16ca5324296....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 174, 600 : 410, merchmigrants.jpg) (h)

d5d0c53c4f9f0c....png (167 KB, 255 x 244, 429 : 410, merchjidf.png) (h)


It's their all in, Hail Mary attempt to discredit smear & taint all those who examine the jew & publicly share what they find on (((them))) on this board, the last bastion of free speech. Remmber Q cam here & Israel is kept for last, how else would POTUS keep the jew thinking he is their slave, but to publicly show support, while harboring deep personal reasons for not wanting anything to do with (((them))) having seen the damage they have caused to America, living & working in Jew York City his entire life?? He has posted on both full & half, do you not realize the man has seen all we have done to expose the jew on these boards? Q has stated many times You have more than you know I think he meant ALL that we know here, & that my friends, also includes how we have rooted out jew subversion, supremacy & Zionist fuckery.

We will keep doing that, until their world power is removed & until their Cultural Marxism, white genocide & ZOG agenda is routed forever.

It will take lots of time, gas, ovens & patriots.

Stick around, frens..

Roy Cohn mentored him, remember?

f71fad () No. 4073450


I tend to agree. He (body language) reeks of weakness. Mueller knows it too, easy to exploit. He better hope for two things. 1 a light sentence or 2 part of the plan

a6642a () No. 4073451



c0375f () No. 4073452


Or goto notables tard

c259f2 () No. 4073453


Yeah… How many times, has it been, "time"?

Just accept the reality. You have been led along by Trump and Q. You are embarrassed and have trouble admitting you were lied to by both of them. You probably have a family-member who joined the US military to protect his nation and now he will defend Israel. And you need to grow a pair and realize, life isn't fair, it's ugly. People lie to you and the best lairs you call president.

8bc445 () No. 4073455

9ea37e7509e7e4....png (139 KB, 255 x 170, 786 : 524, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Following increasing persecution of Baghdad's Jews by Dawud Pasha,[citation needed] the family moved to Bombay via Persia. Sassoon was in business in Bombay no later than 1832, originally acting as a middleman between British textile firms and Gulf commodity merchants, subsequently investing in valuable harbour properties. His major competitors were Parsis, whose profits were built on their domination of the Sino-Indian opium trade since the 1820s.[2]

When the Treaty of Nanking opened up China to British traders, Sassoon developed his textile operations into a profitable triangular trade: Indian yarn and opium were carried to China, where he bought goods which were sold in Britain, from where he obtained Lancashire cotton products. He sent his son Elias David Sassoon to Canton, where he was the first Jewish trader (with 24 Parsi rivals). In 1845, David Sassoon & Co. opened an office in what would soon become Shanghai's British concession, and it became the firm's second hub of operations.

In 1844, he set up a branch in Hong Kong, and a year later, he set up his Shanghai branch on The Bund to cash in on the opium trade.


693f64 () No. 4073456


Yep, the chan knew that when it happened. We had (I lost) the RFP/RFQ bid form specifying how many padded cells, the type of padding, the dimensions of the cells, and time when it needed to be installed.

234bc2 () No. 4073457

cce4e79f2c21d6....png (1099 KB, 255 x 202, 855 : 678, 39826549235606....png) (h)

586863e8dc0d30....png (434 KB, 255 x 245, 657 : 630, 43167890483543....png) (h)

124b73 () No. 4073458


I was talking about hiring Cohen as a lawyer. If you think that i am ignoramus for pointing out this guy was a ticking bomb months ago, nothing can convince you that half of bad habbenings could be avoided

9221ca () No. 4073459


Fuck off you can.

cba36e () No. 4073460


The Vatican used its connections with Switzerland to obtain fake passports and identifications for Nazis and Fascists to flee to Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and especially to South America and to Argentina where Pope Francis was born.

033cc7 () No. 4073461


Didn’t Q post a long time ago?;

Saving Israel for LAST

efa551 () No. 4073462


zap brannigan is my hero

141c8b () No. 4073463


It would kill me dead if Team Q was postin' that 'It's Complicated' meme around, kek

bdc001 () No. 4073464

>>4072281 PB

They can't hide a million man army in Little Rock or HOt Springs and build steel plants for their military there, can they?

They need China for their military base.

>>4072301 PB

Mongolia my friend…


Who trains with Mongolians?

USMC Khaan Quest

the exercise is designed to promote awareness and effective use of non-lethal weapons.


on a side note, in Revelation a 200 million man army comes from the east. 200 million UNmarried because of murdering preborn females.

caffdf () No. 4073466

0b5d3fed5cd5b5....png (479 KB, 255 x 206, 964 : 779, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


c0cf97 () No. 4073467


He also has an account on LinkedIn, I can not access

Not sure this is the right person, but all I could find on him

8abc76 () No. 4073468

0498c846c19808....jpeg (195 KB, 205 x 255, 1216 : 1513, 442bae7e0c99af....jpeg) (h)

a98df7b1fe57fc....png (284 KB, 255 x 252, 488 : 483, 27f.png) (h)

effe4f8599ab92....jpg (16 KB, 204 x 255, 220 : 275, 220px-Michael_....jpg) (h)



His Birthday is Dec. 5th! And could use some real loud Patriotic crowd support on Dec. 18th!!!

cba36e () No. 4073469


The Pope of Rome claims temporal or physical ownership over the Earth under "Papal Primacy" and Canon Law. The Pope claims to reign over the air or specifically rule over the spiritual realm as the "Vicar of Christ". The Pope claims to hold the "keys to the kingdom of heaven" and this is why the Vatican City flag uses a silver key and a gold key for its image. The Pope claims to own all souls under the doctrine of "Papal Supremacy". The word Catholic by definition means universal or all encompassing. The Pope claims to be infallible from error under the doctrine of "Papal Infallibility". Pope Francis replaced Joseph Ratzinger because of his training in multi tasking and connections with various groups and secret societies. Pope Francis is a Freemason from Argentina where many Nazis escaped too as well as a Jesuit Cardinal with close ties with the Zionists. I am not promoting the modern version of the Bible however in the Old Testament a chief prince and enemy of the Israelites is called Gog and Pope Francis' real name is Jorge Mario Ber-gog-lio. Canon Law is really Canaan Law. The Canaanites were enemies of the original Israelites.

38d020 () No. 4073470

Soo.. Am I correct in my thinking that GITMO = the 21st century alcatraz/levenworth/[insert historical "prison of no return" here]?

Or is it just functioning as a temporary holding place, off the CONUS?

c259f2 () No. 4073471


Yeah, but then he turned out to be a Mossad-fag, feeding us false info.

4e491e () No. 4073472


That you, GA Anon?

If so…. another masterpiece! Hope you are well.


e9e535 () No. 4073473



5dc631 () No. 4073474

708e313b1e78de....png (241 KB, 255 x 241, 632 : 598, Capture.png) (h)

cd2767 () No. 4073475



B-52 Squadron Commander Fired over Penis Drawings in Bomber Cockpits

867377 () No. 4073476

Sorry if already mentioned. Google search in Books for "6X-382-NTP0038-3u2" brings up one matching book. Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"


99b3fe () No. 4073477


Why do you say that?

dc1185 () No. 4073478


Wolf in sheep’s clothing false prophet glad to be out

b4fe69 () No. 4073479


Any idea if Dennis Hof died of natural causes or if it was payback for Heidi spilling the beans on Stormy?

f71fad () No. 4073480


Well will the shit hit the fan now. POTUS secure and at abroad when it does according to Q

fc436c () No. 4073481


Not dead yet. Still trying to get some work done.

c0cf97 () No. 4073482



ea0e0f () No. 4073483

b4a5357c7a45b3....jpg (66 KB, 224 x 255, 407 : 464, !cupofKEK4.jpg) (h)

We are a biblical plague!!!!


b4acbf () No. 4073484



>>can't fool gold star researchers

who wore gold stars? What is the biggest lie of the 20th century? Who knows the truth?

Gold star researchers indeed.

b84f8d () No. 4073485

e3edd049571a18....png (15 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, 9e17c8feaa19e6....png) (h)




Holy shit shill

Really stacking the

bread with your shit

Lets see if you can hit

40 shitposts this bread

8d46a8 () No. 4073486



d8d66e () No. 4073487

d9ccbc8d7b8b2b....jpeg (3 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, download (27).jpeg) (h)


Roy Cohn told him all about the Jew and their pedophile brownstone operations. Roy ran some of these programs himself.

Probably one reason why Trump never drinks and never does drugs. So they don't Godfather 2 his ass.

38d020 () No. 4073488


yea, you can't be a dick in a cockpit ;p

(insert dad jokes here)

8b83b6 () No. 4073489

on another note

b4fe69 () No. 4073490


Isn't Pence heading out of the country as well?

caffdf () No. 4073491


Name field should be left blank, David.

c3bc26 () No. 4073492


"I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour." Revelayion 10:10. Kek.

11f315 () No. 4073493

a18e0424c50b90....png (167 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 963, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

b245ba () No. 4073494


Rumor is there are lots of under ground tunnel systems that could house a lot of people. To most, Arkansas is unassuming enough to hide something that evil without people thinking to look there.

178f7f () No. 4073495

It's 1 year, 1 month and 1 day since Q appeared…


Maybe one hour after he first posted? 11.11

He'll be on AF1

47ebe9 () No. 4073496

Daaaamn…I gotta either fix my router or punch a Clown in the nose. Had to fix a network adapter after getting knocked offline this time. That sucked, was like dial-up days.

I hope it's just my router…oddly it only happens when I post here.

8b83b6 () No. 4073497

cf920736db1dd0....jpeg (102 KB, 191 x 255, 600 : 800, proxy.duckduck....jpeg) (h)

c0cf97 () No. 4073498



704d1e () No. 4073499

a70e58db2435b1....png (251 KB, 230 x 255, 464 : 515, GoatPepe.png) (h)


It has been foretold.

99b3fe () No. 4073500



6e1a08 () No. 4073501

29282c6e7bdb9f....png (2061 KB, 169 x 255, 986 : 1488, potus christm....png) (h)

e1bdd0679cd782....png (1737 KB, 215 x 255, 1250 : 1480, potus schedule....png) (h)

15d3646150363e....png (1396 KB, 238 x 255, 1230 : 1318, potus chriwtma....png) (h)

https://www. dailycrusader.com/2018/11/secret-service-foils-mossad-assassination-attempt-on-potus-at-wh-christmas-tree-lighting-ceremony/

fa8cb7 () No. 4073502


The enemy does not know nations or organizations. These are all means to an end - pieces to be maneuvered.

The enemy are psychopaths who, rather than hunting as individuals, learned to behave as a crowd… Pack hunters. We often think of psychopaths as being individuals… But consider how a group of them would behave. They become the crowd, withholding validation and dispensing condemnation not because that is how they feel - but because that is how to engineer the people around them.

3007db () No. 4073503


Saw earlier.

Repost at night.

Seems notable to me.

Indication for deep level of control and detail Q team has.

896da8 () No. 4073504

Crumbs, anons….

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 6e1ca8 No.1215845 📁

Apr 27 2018 19:27:33 (EST)

Cohen raid by FBI?

Public context: re: payment to Stormy Daniels?

SC & FBI raided POTUS’ attorney to pull Stormy Daniels payment info?

RR signed off?

What other docs were collected?

How many places raided?

Raid on the President of the United States’ attorney for payment details re: private case re: Stormy Daniels?

Think logically.

How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?

Who has everything?

Methods which info collected/ obtained?

Admissible in the court of law?

Insert Rudy.

First public statement.

“It shouldn’t take more than “a week or two” to come to a resolution on the probe.”


Think resignations.

Who has the POWER?

If POTUS was in a weakened position (about to be impeached/indicted) would ‘they’ resign?

Why are we here?

Public forum.

World watching.

Sharing of intel to bad actors?


Not confirming SC is on /team/.

Question everything.

Timing important.



f1288b () No. 4073505

76502357ab0f05....jpg (120 KB, 255 x 135, 945 : 500, 2itm6l.jpg) (h)

033cc7 () No. 4073506

I have wondered Who is protecting President Trump?

As a New Yorker, I know he has had Security, forever.

I suspect many of his NY Security were put on his Secret Service detail.

Don Jr. got rid of his SS detail, probably couldn’t get his Private NY Security into SS.

e4071d () No. 4073507

9e3c3aefcad163....png (6815 KB, 118 x 255, 1125 : 2436, Q2503.png) (h)

74a19482e49ef6....png (740 KB, 255 x 162, 848 : 540, Q2503 Reflecti....png) (h)

9033c5de2d1c55....png (32 KB, 171 x 174, 171 : 174, Q2503 Reflecti....png) (h)

c259f2 () No. 4073508


If Q lied to you… and I have not. Who is the shill?

You can talk all that shit… but you can't lie to yourself, playa.

a0a19f () No. 4073509

>we do

How do you figure? Once the new Congress is seated its going to be one investigation after the next to keep the MSM feasting on negative Trump administration stories. We have Until January 2nd to drop the hammer, or its game over.

f71fad () No. 4073510


are they that cucked? or is the CABAL pushing until there is a civil war on every continent?

11f315 () No. 4073511

db2acc444b6e6c....png (457 KB, 152 x 255, 720 : 1209, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

48f6ca2ca66469....png (70 KB, 255 x 160, 720 : 452, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

And just like that there is China news this morning. You work quick Q.

2a0d5e () No. 4073512



Pretty good theory on twatter…guy does a good job.

Theory is that Trump has worked with FBI for years..helping to get info on Russian operatives in the casino and construction biz. He was the 'Atlantic City casino owner' listed in FBI docs.

Theory says that when Trump got the nomination, the 'sting' Trump had been helping with (including Sater) was then used against him as the 'collusion case'.

Not sure, but does seem plausible, considering Trump's interviews and speeches over the years.

9221ca () No. 4073513


Huh. You just made me think of that in a completely different context.

3af100 () No. 4073514

5c4447b7248d9d....jpg (133 KB, 236 x 255, 1000 : 1080, vintage-frame-....jpg) (h)

c43b97 () No. 4073515

72069ac5450ad3....png (446 KB, 255 x 195, 847 : 649, jiwmmy.png) (h)

3721e5 () No. 4073516





That laser beeped 17 times.

8b7e03 () No. 4073517

Q's China pic really caused some more panic in the fake news. They had to bring out Cohen, again.

Shills here are panic mode too.


b4fe69 () No. 4073518

63498c16fd2129....png (18 KB, 255 x 169, 300 : 199, logo1.png) (h)

8be94e () No. 4073519


Well, to me, not so useful yet.

Still waiting to lock up all these war criminals.

c0cf97 () No. 4073520



38d020 () No. 4073521


That's a person in image 3

5f0a0d () No. 4073522

775356506b7405....png (1849 KB, 255 x 170, 1800 : 1200, 775356506b7405....png) (h)


I suspect ribbons with the names of fallen enemies will be draped from these, large and small. Seasons Greetings, bitches! kek

8abc76 () No. 4073525


Thanks…I had to read it in the FAQ…signing off!

God Bless you all, Anons…Q, POTUS, USSS and all our Patriots!

5e2877 () No. 4073526

f3c806af5cf4f6....jpg (370 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, Hyatt-Regency-....jpg) (h)

920d8aa09b89bc....png (1929 KB, 255 x 232, 1490 : 1358, 920d8aa09b89bc....png) (h)


>Recent photo of X-Mas tree in Hyatt indicates that Q's Photo may be from last year. Think timeline.

No, one picture is taken from the front looking towards the hall, the Q picture is taken from the back. Same tree. you can't see the little snowman display from the hall, that's all.

Picture of the lobby from the side is from https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/china/hyatt-regency-chongqing/chong

e55b3e () No. 4073527


Oh Shit is Feinstein staying in this hotel. Is she getting a knock on the door. Diane, "Do is it?"

DJT, "Candy Gram"

Enters SNL shark.

c259f2 () No. 4073528


Cohn was probably bragging about it, thinking Trump would be into it. And who knows, maybe he is. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist.

38d020 () No. 4073530


More to the point, was this yet another attempt?

c43b97 () No. 4073531

5af3efb58d0217....png (235 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, gnbs.png) (h)



This too.

47ebe9 () No. 4073532


Her eyes are like looking at a marble…they're dead looking. Beautiful eyes, but no soul in them. Aw Kate.

a8560b () No. 4073533



86ff8c () No. 4073534



9221ca () No. 4073535


That's going to be a long wait. Sure some small fry or sacrificial bottom feeders will make headlines, but big game fish. Not so much. They all have too much dirt on each other.

d1fc0e () No. 4073536

daecc1c0f299bf....gif (1833 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, triggered2.gif) (h)


Truth is antisemitic and for muhjooshills!

66dc37 () No. 4073537


This movie is getting weird. Not sure the ending is what we expect.

8b7e03 () No. 4073538


Feinstein's husband is buddy buddy with that guy.

Blum fell in love with TIBETAN CHILDREN whom he met while mountain climbing in the area.

Di Fi is a big child and oragan trafficker

8be94e () No. 4073539


It's a prison.

It's US soil.

c0cf97 () No. 4073540



3ffc0c () No. 4073541

>>4073103 (PB)

Michigan has also accepted garbage from New York.

4d1b4d () No. 4073542

Anons, Q's latest pic obviously shows the lobby of the downed Argentinian submarine.

e5bff7 () No. 4073543


Yes Anon, an overlooked tidbit right there, we researched those who were shoa'd 119 times & who were forced to wear the Juden gold star..

Sometiimes I even ponder if the conversion to Judaism by Ivanka is a smoke show & that the real conversion was Kushner finding Jesus, this plan goes way way back, if you catch my drift..You are watching a movie..

785ee3 () No. 4073544





Yes, China. Chinese digital currency trading site being used for covert/secret payments?

Is "6X-382-NTP0038-3u2" a transaction number on this exchange? As in "we have it all"?

3628c8 () No. 4073545



I like your thinking on sentences = prison sentences.

3af100 () No. 4073546


that's a stiff sentence.

fc436c () No. 4073547


I don't know. An anon in a previous bread suggested to put DF in the picture.

d8d66e () No. 4073548


The Pope is faggot. No one can own souls. We are all a fractal of God itself.

They want your energy and power and they want to be idle useless eaters. And they need you to keep giving them shekels.

98e2d2 () No. 4073549


Fucking retards!

c259f2 () No. 4073550


No one understands what that crazy shit means besides the people who created it. Those who say they do, are just nuts.

f6aebc () No. 4073551

depraved homosexual turd in a twat lesbo cucking for cabbage on pedogate board

99b3fe () No. 4073552


They *are* individuals and do *not* form packs.

Your description of withholding validation and dispensing condemnation is also inaccurate.

Study more, PsychAnon.

b4fe69 () No. 4073553


BO who should I report possible hacking on this board to?

4e491e () No. 4073554

bc53580245d262....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 175, 255 : 175, 8f4057f0687fe2....jpg) (h)


Sending love and prayers, brother.

Your skills and dedication never cease to amaze.


f6aebc () No. 4073555

e7184430c9105d....png (53 KB, 255 x 124, 590 : 288, IMG_3990.png) (h)

b84f8d () No. 4073556

7d541a0ca3c362....png (12 KB, 255 x 213, 255 : 213, 9a662590a98f4c....png) (h)



You offer nothing

Playa….what shittier

country do you fucks

come from using washed

up garbage slang like that

you turds need to get together

and have a shill meeting….

because these tactics are

weak AF

915984 () No. 4073557


ffs….there is glass in front of him…watch video

….the crowd taking pictures, their camera that shows red light when taking pic

it's a fucking reflection

38d020 () No. 4073558



Dr Demento > *

d1fc0e () No. 4073559


Better karma would be her neck in a noose on the White House lawn.

ab0ccb () No. 4073560



e6639e () No. 4073561



c259f2 () No. 4073562


Oh my bad, do they not use that term in Israel, kike?

47ebe9 () No. 4073563


That was punny

412a0d () No. 4073564

What I began so long ago, you my sweet angels are completing. You are the legions of light, you are the inheritors, you are the meek, you are the ones who are brave, courageous and who have stuck to your guns. They are guns of pink and they shoot flames of love, gentleness, kindness and consideration.

Q trip code derived book.

Dillon, Linda. The Jesus Book: Messages for the 21st Century

5e2877 () No. 4073565

65264a73bceaab....jpg (14 KB, 250 x 250, 250 : 250, aintclickingth....jpg) (h)

86ff8c () No. 4073566


define "hacking"

8bc445 () No. 4073568



David Sassoon.

Do a dig on (((him)))

fe4c78 () No. 4073569



8c90ca () No. 4073570

1a7bd1e7e0bab2....jpg (157 KB, 148 x 255, 536 : 925, i.jpg) (h)


1 Corinthians 13:2-7

If I have the giFt of prophecy and can Fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a Faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

2 Corinthians 6:6-10

Rising-in purity, unders+anding, patience and kindnEss; in the Holy Spirit and in sincere love; in truthful speech and in the power of God; with weapons of righteousnEss in the right hand and in the left; through glory and dishonor, bad report and good report; genuine, yet regarded as impostors; known, yet regarded as unknown; dying, and yet we live on; beaten, and yet not killed; sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

Proverbs 11:11

Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.

Proverbs 4:18

The path of the righteous is like the (Morning Sun), shining ever brighter till the full light of dday.


b4acbf () No. 4073571


We can only hope anon. I pray for the conversion of all those who deny Christ.

89940b () No. 4073572

>>4072429 (lb)

It was comfy AF here early this morning

b7b4e1 () No. 4073573

1902ab () No. 4073574

0e663976fc423c....jpg (220 KB, 254 x 255, 732 : 735, Trump Tweet 11....jpg) (h)

3af100 () No. 4073575

fc9cbf224a6a26....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 197, 607 : 468, New_Wave_Theat....jpg) (h)

ab66abbec64fb3....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 151, 393 : 233, e50ly79vu1xz.jpg) (h)

cd2767 () No. 4073576

Soooooo why did Q say "many sentences" instead of "a thousand words?"

5cc37d () No. 4073577

Put 6X-382-NTP0038-3u2 into Google books and it came up:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry (number in Q's post with the Christmas tree)

>>4072753 (lb) post of the Patrick Henry speech.

Very important read. This is notable.

c259f2 () No. 4073578


You theaten to hang your fellow Americans online… but moan for moar while your politicians fuck you in the ass.

What a faggot.

fc436c () No. 4073579


Thank you. You are my only encouragement to carry on.

86ff8c () No. 4073580


we are getting close to the shills lunchtime for the first shift

889a51 () No. 4073581


Are you suggesting it's Pope vs. Israel ?

Which side are we on?

ab0ccb () No. 4073582



2a979e () No. 4073583


Is that the old cable box from the 80’s?

cd2767 () No. 4073584



1b9dcf () No. 4073585


Look closer. Direct laser lights.

9221ca () No. 4073586


My spidey senses agree. Shit. My brain is doing fireworks lol! Pop pop pop.

fea136 () No. 4073587


SC reports to DOJ, not Congress.

Gang of 8 shouldn’t be in the know…

e9f760 () No. 4073588

Just wondering…

EU-anon here ,

Is shit about to hit The van?

Because The EU media is back to it's Trump-bashing scenario's…

Just wondering…

862ae8 () No. 4073589

:24:25 the where clockfag

5:5 says Q with

:49:55 photo also of the where


8b7e03 () No. 4073590


yes, that was my first thought.

Prison sentences for many for attempting an assassination attempt on POTUS.

That is why Q linked to a 'CHRISTMAS TREE' pic, ..because it ties into the christmas tree lighting from yesterday.

Anons suspected assassination attempt.

Q replied. 'we know"

fe4c78 () No. 4073591


We all know that someone is labelling those books after the fact. Q posts stringer, someone updates goog books. Witnessed more than once. Dig if you will, I wouldn't put much stock into what's found.

d8d66e () No. 4073592


The Jew already ran the world. They would have no reason to run Trump and this cryptic mystery game. Too much Chaos….when you bring this much Chaos to the system you can never be quite sure where things end up.

The way I see it the Jew had nothing to gain by upsetting their already dominating the USA and China as slave puppets.

It makes little sense for Trump to be a Jew puppet.

46b821 () No. 4073593


so has Virginia

5f0a0d () No. 4073594

4b78b964ed3e63....jpeg (79 KB, 194 x 255, 913 : 1200, bee825cc4c7038....jpeg) (h)



You can bet the iPhone used by Q (operators) is a dedicated, scrubbed, Q-business-only, secured asset. Brought out as needed and back in the vault.

I did however track down that profile and found a related pic…kek

c259f2 () No. 4073595

138e5b13f6b9ec....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 143, 400 : 224, 337923.jpg) (h)

06b06a () No. 4073596


ThankQ Anon.

f68c13 () No. 4073598



"Rothschilds of the East"

0678e7 () No. 4073599

ec8c43cd8511b1....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 171, 605 : 405, somethingismis....jpg) (h)

89940b () No. 4073600



everyone needs to get off this distraction.

Last night just after POTUS allegedly 'abruptly left' (which I have still not seen a video of BTW) the Lib Shill Machine was out in FORCE repeating the talking point.

It quickly morphed into this story of the assassination attempt, seemingly from out of nowhere. That shit tier blog was the one everyone was referencing as the source, so I looked. waste of my time. showed nothing, proved nothing.

the red dots were reflections on the glass.

end of story.

cd2767 () No. 4073601


"Despite this modern origin of the popular phrase, the sentiment has been expressed by earlier writers. For example, the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote (in Fathers and Sons in 1861), "The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book."[9] The quote is sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, who said "A good sketch is better than a long speech" (French: Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu'un long discours). While this is sometimes translated today as "A picture is worth a thousand words," this translation does not predate the phrase's common use in English."

b4fe69 () No. 4073602


Possibly personal information shared on this board that is not public.

5f1562 () No. 4073603

97c9a2309e2686....png (50 KB, 255 x 156, 644 : 393, POTUS 11-29-18....png) (h)

New POTUS Tweets


caffdf () No. 4073604

3f9caee35c0a18....png (35 KB, 255 x 150, 638 : 375, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



b84f8d () No. 4073605

5f6f78c72374f2....jpg (9 KB, 206 x 255, 206 : 255, a047ae0f7568a1....jpg) (h)



Hey retard if you were

actually an "American"

They would be our politicians

Now go clean a toilet Sven…KEK

3fceb4 () No. 4073606



c43b97 () No. 4073607

dc6dae8909e6ab....png (318 KB, 255 x 227, 546 : 487, mrkfnjmy.png) (h)


jimmy! your just tired

47ebe9 () No. 4073608


>David Sassoon.

Starting….wikipedia sure is begging for coin today…bigly

38d020 () No. 4073609


Fair enough.

It's still not CONUS though (Good!)

8b7e03 () No. 4073610


SC reports to nobody.

They are a separate , but equal, branch of govt.

Congress can try and impeach and remove a justice, but that is all they can do,.

9761fe () No. 4073611

18090d5d9d4faf....jpeg (444 KB, 255 x 196, 1242 : 956, 40D9E36A-BB43-....jpeg) (h)

ceb4f0d296d3e2....jpeg (304 KB, 255 x 160, 1242 : 777, E2109A2C-8A8A-....jpeg) (h)

d1fc0e () No. 4073612


"The Castle Runs Red" suddenly makes even more sense.

057d2b () No. 4073613

337d7eaee7ef52....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, 1.jpg) (h)


>>4072082 lb

Additional Details tab:


ab0ccb () No. 4073614


< 1

5c3533 () No. 4073615

DJT laying down the bantz again. Seems like the Ukraine/Russian thing is all part of the show.

54fdb8 () No. 4073616

Red light on POTUS.

Is from the infrared light before a camera takes a picture, shown on POTUS through the protective glass around stage.

06b06a () No. 4073617

f318ddad2eefff....gif (2034 KB, 255 x 144, 444 : 250, deluxo.gif) (h)



5cc37d () No. 4073618

Sorry, messed up. >>4072769 (lb) is the Patrick Henry speech

>>4072769 (lb) Patrick Henry speech

8bc445 () No. 4073619


From the 18th century, the Sassoons were one of the wealthiest families in the world, with a merchant empire spanning the continent of Asia


865cb2 () No. 4073620


Mueller is working for us, its important to remember this, Mueller is looking into the "SET UP" people all the Fake Maga Faggots that were going to help the dems get Trump, thats why Corsi freaked out he realizes Mueller IS GOING AFTER CRIMES HE TOOK PART IN, they were going to use the wiki leaks to set up Trump, Stone is the key, Manafort is freaked out now so is PAPA D, they all were involved in the Insurance plan, Huber is locking up voter fraud niggers, along with horowitz on theft and corruption, 5:5 ?

e6639e () No. 4073621


sentences could = prison sentences

picture Q is referring to i suspect is from that sick mofos laptop anthony weiner

i read somewhere nypd ppl yakked when they saw some the shit on it

d2af98 () No. 4073622

9cbb77ad11d1ff....jpg (85 KB, 170 x 255, 600 : 900, 2949d6da143e29....jpg) (h)

fa8cb7 () No. 4073623


See some of my prior posts. There are layers of contingency in place that need to be dealt with, first.

But I suspect you already know this.

The direct approach is mined, and our mine flail we'd normally rely on is made of plastic.

f71fad () No. 4073624


much like the Page and Papa stings. Hmm quite interdasting… me thinks Trump might be to smart for that

b8eafe () No. 4073625


Been hitting the fan for a while now.

Between Kashoggi and the Five Eyes spygate shit and Russia/Ukraine, it's gone international and it makes no sense.

It's pretty sweet.

3fceb4 () No. 4073626

6d045427b73a13....png (396 KB, 255 x 192, 544 : 410, 7b029edf-6aa8-....png) (h)

Hyatt Regency Chongqing from the outside. Look familiar?

1b9dcf () No. 4073627


Doubt any follower of Our Lord would support same sex marriage or LGBTQ

47ebe9 () No. 4073628

Sassoon, Albert Abdullah David

89940b () No. 4073629


Ukraine has requested NATO involvement w their instigations against Russia. EU wants Ukraine badly badly badly. Also EU wants to destroy Trump bc he is anti-Globalist. They want to force POTUS' hand to intervene on behalf of Ukraine or else the people will think he sides with Russia.


ffda67 () No. 4073630

0b0fd553261b07....jpg (400 KB, 255 x 216, 780 : 662, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

24bfab736f9b0e....jpg (597 KB, 255 x 135, 1270 : 670, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

713f9a12c12b88....jpg (379 KB, 255 x 130, 1279 : 653, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

Strange takeoff for POTUS this morning.

Hard turns to point at a forest area off Brickhouse Road and has the Southern Maryland Blvd & Chesapeake Beach Road on the other sides.

cd2767 () No. 4073631


Ooooh, I like that.

This is where my autism was leading me:


27abe8 () No. 4073632

92f7057f9bb583....jpeg (31 KB, 255 x 165, 420 : 272, 470F20C6-8555-....jpeg) (h)

f68c13 () No. 4073633


Origin of rare Maltese surname De Nasi/Nasis?


d8d66e () No. 4073634


Is this where you realize the Jew owns China? Yeah they have their Jews everywhere. Funny how it never is Eskimos or Mexican banking lords infiltrating the whole world…..no it always goes back to Jews.

dd02fb () No. 4073636


NaN means null doesn't it?

033cc7 () No. 4073637