006933 () No. 4668956

27aab55fa030bd....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 157, 1230 : 758, # JPG QRB.jpg) (h)

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 01/06/19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

>>4636767 ————————————–——– A stone sits idle. The choice is yours. (|Caps: >>4637162 )

>>4635153 rt >>4616371 ————————— Handler (Conductor) (Caps: >>4635308, >>4635399 )

>>4634536 ————————————–——– Get in line.

>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

>>4630322 ————————————–——– Money buys POWER

>>4628679 ————————————–——– Anons knew? (Cap and Video: >>4628761)

>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

>>4628060 ————————————–——– Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted

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006933 () No. 4668961


are not endorsements


>>4668020 , >>4668026 8bit/BO does an anniversary tripcode check

>>4667285 Let's hijack this? #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime trending US

>>4653784 Link to POTUS Oval Office address livestream 1/8/19

>>4655943 (png), >>4656119 (jpg), >>4655964, party hats General pic for anniversary bakes


>>4668924 20,000 Satellites for 5G to be launched

>>4668777 Are Q drop 2655 and Mike Pompeo's tweet linked?

>>4668812 Amazon removes products that are ‘Offensive to Muslims’

>>4668717 U.S. Supreme Court rejects mystery firm possibly linked to Russia probe

>>4668601 , >>4668871, >>4668925, >>4668945 Planefag Updates

>>4668524 Full document link of failed bill proposal, ref pb >>4667886

>>4668501 On Pompeo’s speech in Cairo

>>4668439 It's not Manafort that wanted these things kept secret

>>4668360 Following Hussein

>>4668354 Mysterious Mueller Case filed their SCOTUS appeal/motion for writ of certiorari today

>>4668308 Presidential Statement regarding the new law signed today: pb >>4668123

>>4668947 #5957


>>4668127 For those digging on Kettering: Transfusion doc 4/2018

>>4668123 New law signed today: Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection

>>4667970 , >>4668197 Planefag Updates

>>4667886 Senate fails to launch debate on bill to assist Israel and sanction Syria

>>4667806 Moar on Rep's demands to be updated on Huber

>>4667722 Prosecutors want Parkland school shooting trial to start this year, defense opposes

>>4667638 New POTUS_Schedule

>>4667637 Sara Carter headed to the Mexican Border, also on Reddit AMA

>>4667621 Angel Mom Julie Golvach to Trump: ‘Tired of the Talk,’ Take Action on Border

>>4667598 Bill Browder and Glenn Simpson. Dig

>>4667596 Owls dig continued

>>4668219 #5956


>>4667285 Let's hijack this? #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime trending US

>>4667187 NEW Presidential Statement re Border Crisis

>>4667106 Factoid: Rudy Giuliani's father died at Memorial Sloan Hospital [RBG]

>>4667052 World Bank Urges 'Leave Central Banks Alone'

>>4666932 On Presidential National Emergency Powers (Good source on emergency powers)

>>4666919 Planefag notable

>>4666820 Celebrate good times: "Mr Israel is packing his office right now"

>>4666814 CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Witness: Vaccines Can Cause Autism: Fired Immediately

>>4666782 R. Kelly's 'sex slaves' front row at his concert?

>>4666774 BNL: Broward County's Undersheriff has resigned

>>4668496 #5955

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006933 () No. 4669004

7a2a3e82e5b2b0....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 170, 700 : 467, #.jpg) (h)

#5958 Dough





b0c007 () No. 4669050

David Wilcock Predicts Q Cult Shall Take Over Humanity in 2019

a90437 () No. 4669073


No one I know in real life cares at all about politics no matter what happens.

75a6c9 () No. 4669083

10a449d1120687....png (712 KB, 219 x 255, 558 : 650, 1546974326201.png) (h)


75a6c9 () No. 4669088

bb0b9826f40331....png (60 KB, 255 x 187, 614 : 451, 1546989125955.png) (h)


575851 () No. 4669089

Prob missed this tail of LB

baker notable

Bread #5957

>>4669034 20 Wealthiest Senators + Representatives

0aa1b6 () No. 4669090

b7d3b268a5a780....png (203 KB, 255 x 249, 682 : 667, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5af01a8dfaaf90....png (384 KB, 255 x 176, 589 : 407, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

R. Kelly Faces Criminal Probe After Lifetime Docu-Series

American R&B artist R. Kelly is reportedly under criminal investigation by Georgia's Fulton County District Attorney's Office over allegations made against the singer-songwriter in a recently aired Lifetime docu-series.

According to TMZ, investigators have recently begun to reach out to various women featured on the series. One of these women is Asante McGee, who was doxxed earlier this week by fans of Kelly, who created a public Facebook page to discredit her claims and those of other women.

Lifetime Network's three-part series, "Surviving R. Kelly," touches on a variety of allegations made against Kelly, dating back to the musician's alleged interaction with underage girls, including his marriage to then 15-year-old artist Aaliyah.

The series, which spanned from Thursday to Saturday, also covers his 2002 indictment on child pornography charges, along with more recent allegations that he's coerced underage girls to live with him, ultimately forcing them to cut off all communication with relatives.

Facebook later indicated that the Facebook page, dubbed "Surviving Lies," was removed for its violation of the social media giant's community standards. "We do not tolerate bullying or sharing others' private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we're aware," an official told TMZ.

Gerald Griggs, an Atlanta-based lawyer representing the family of Joycelyn Savage, an alleged current victim of Kelly's, told local news station Fox 5 that "very senior members of the DA's office" have been in contact regarding witness information in the ongoing case. It should be noted that Savage has previously stated that she is not a hostage of Kelly's.

Per TMZ, said senior members includes the DA's chief investigator, Cynthia Nwokocha. The Fulton County District Attorney's Office has yet to comment on the investigation.

"Surviving R. Kelly" executive producer Dream Hampton recently told Entertainment Weekly that in researching the allegations surrounding Kelly, the team was looking for "irrefutable evidence."

"Without leading any of these women, they all had the exact same stories, even if their interactions with R. Kelly were 15 years apart," Hampton said. "All of them have stories about being physically abused, being videotaped without consent, being denied food or bathroom privileges as a punishment."


75a6c9 () No. 4669091

916b675ccfb7e3....jpg (107 KB, 255 x 238, 750 : 699, 1546968034829.jpg) (h)

0916d0 () No. 4669093

6c45399318d213....png (218 KB, 218 x 255, 495 : 579, jimmy4.png) (h)

8f958d57500ea8....png (670 KB, 255 x 158, 1111 : 688, சூண.png) (h)

575851 () No. 4669094

b1bc21c37054b7....jpeg (224 KB, 229 x 255, 600 : 669, QCrumbsOldGuar....jpeg) (h)

f69b7f32cd0d9c....jpeg (185 KB, 255 x 169, 1024 : 679, QCrumbsOldGuar....jpeg) (h)

6e1ff2adfdd907....jpeg (244 KB, 255 x 246, 1124 : 1086, QCrumbsOldGuar....jpeg) (h)

d6b685fe579651....jpeg (136 KB, 255 x 156, 1024 : 627, QCrumbsOldGuar....jpeg) (h)

be6f8e6f5f0c0d....jpg (177 KB, 255 x 193, 1024 : 774, QCrumbsOldGuard.jpg) (h)

Memes QCrumbs destruction of Old Guard

65731d () No. 4669095

14e4de151c15d9....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 156, 1242 : 762, 17.jpg) (h)

O.O. Speech to begin at 9pm on Jan. 8

9pm + Jan 8 = 17

0aaab1 () No. 4669096

5116a9f68de8bc....jpg (216 KB, 169 x 255, 1496 : 2253, 433719.jpg) (h)

Thank you Baker

0b0a39 () No. 4669097

Maybe Trump allows a fake leak to the MSM about what he will say on the address, forcing the left to announce RBG is dead suddenly and cancel Trump 's announcement

b0c007 () No. 4669098


Need to go to a trump rally or a Q gathering of some sort.

75a6c9 () No. 4669099

de0cb29fb908a6....png (367 KB, 242 x 255, 675 : 712, 1546993133055.png) (h)


069b05 () No. 4669100

1c8f389c9e3a33....png (57 KB, 255 x 120, 1920 : 904, banned1.png) (h)

5415185b49c396....png (58 KB, 255 x 121, 1920 : 911, banned2.png) (h)

Hey BO, just advising this happened. Was posting about an e-mail I received today from an Amazon seller that their products were now banned. After the captcha the page loaded (see attached). Yes, I'm on VPN.

Not worried about it. Just letting you know. Keep up the great work!

625de4 () No. 4669101

de19205bd425db....png (450 KB, 255 x 143, 711 : 399, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b21e0a () No. 4669102

821c8b21f0a4eb....png (233 KB, 55 x 255, 757 : 3518, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018

b79e52 () No. 4669103

db05e99f35c37a....png (304 KB, 243 x 255, 2271 : 2380, sweat.png) (h)

c5c507 () No. 4669104

b708ed782cf81e....jpg (48 KB, 232 x 255, 492 : 540, tide kid liber....jpg) (h)

>>4669037 lb

Nip it in the bud before they are even conceived.


86b0bf () No. 4669105

147aa544d13771....jpg (914 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, 5c35404af155b4....jpg) (h)

1d19fe880729cc....png (570 KB, 255 x 255, 640 : 639, f1742177fb2138....png) (h)

fcaa3a450ad6ae....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, fcaa3a450ad6ae....jpg) (h)

4d56119755a105....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 191, 666 : 500, 2qbm2p.jpg) (h)

eedb81 () No. 4669106

8bd642c5e57ad6....jpeg (744 KB, 245 x 255, 1233 : 1285, B8F64B63-5EAB-....jpeg) (h)



d8a503 () No. 4669107


I don't understand "boycott Trump prime time"

the libshits weren't going to watch anyway, but then talk about it as if they were there.

98591a () No. 4669108

85383fc690126d....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 245, 255 : 245, 08757c691e1a27....jpg) (h)

281a29 () No. 4669109

>>4669077 lb

thank you anon!

not sure why it is changing.

its pretty bad on this one http://iamsomedude.com/crash2.html

which seems to be the page where he is helping us put the dots together.. go figure..

f35ed1 () No. 4669110

ce2dc86f56a2db....png (431 KB, 255 x 165, 723 : 467, ce2dc86f56a2db....png) (h)

dc3d6b () No. 4669112

b51ac4541bc2a4....jpg (164 KB, 195 x 255, 765 : 1000, Candy N 38.jpg) (h)

4db0250411a61f....jpg (156 KB, 189 x 255, 774 : 1043, Candy N 01.jpg) (h)

8d5dd58c22a57f....jpg (129 KB, 151 x 255, 760 : 1280, Candy N 03.jpg) (h)


07734a () No. 4669113

2b9301a301ef0f....png (208 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, KIP.png) (h)

9606dd6f174648....jpg (367 KB, 255 x 134, 1421 : 747, Screen Shot 01....jpg) (h)


a73d37 () No. 4669114


you are needed and appreciated!

75a6c9 () No. 4669115

10aeafb5f5c5c9....png (1380 KB, 255 x 172, 1660 : 1118, Drudge.png) (h)


Not National Emergency

5af72f () No. 4669116

54e76c19bdd77b....jpg (51 KB, 255 x 235, 660 : 607, ReadyWhenYouAre.jpg) (h)

f8ba28 () No. 4669117


Kek, such brave

7b9ceb () No. 4669118


Trying to pressure their nitwit, normie friends

0aaab1 () No. 4669119

95cb476c557423....jpeg (210 KB, 255 x 144, 1440 : 811, 1538664811.jpeg) (h)

f35ed1 () No. 4669120


Fuck you.

4bccee () No. 4669121

In case you asked yourself, why BO is supporting muh jew shills and shilly bakers so much (despite being a jew himself), here is your answer:


>>4509951 lb, IMAGE

>>4510122 lb




Codemonkey is BO's (Jim Watkins') son.

Jim Watkins used a second name: Jim Cherney.

He is a mason and was assumed to be C_A.

He lives in the Phllipines (recent earthquake and known for pizza).


>Jim Watkins is the owner of 8chan, 2channel, and NT Technology. 

>James Arthur Watkins was born on November 20th, 1953 in Mukilteo, Washington. He is a natural-born businessman and former military personnel. He is currently living in the Philippines because he escaped Tax Fraud in the USA. He has multiple children; one of which was adopted and named Ronald Watkins (CodemonkeyZ), who codes for 2channel and 8chan, where he has his own Meta Board.


>Symbolism will be their downfall.


This confirmes that BO and his board is comped.

However, anons know how to play this game.

We have to be even more aware and careful.

Anons are stubborn.

Anons stay the course.

Anons fight fight fight - also behind enemy lines.





How awesome is it that we force our enemy to work for us.




>>4510011 lb

575851 () No. 4669122

61637c9515c65d....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 148, 516 : 299, OldGuardBrennan.jpg) (h)

10d0b372b04e63....jpg (19 KB, 255 x 195, 255 : 195, QCrumbsPresAle....jpg) (h)

3e64073a4d163b....jpeg (170 KB, 167 x 255, 440 : 673, SwampDistrictD....jpeg) (h)

0001d5976036a7....jpeg (159 KB, 168 x 255, 580 : 882, SwampEvilPoster.jpeg) (h)

3749a9bd13df46....jpeg (182 KB, 157 x 255, 630 : 1023, DemiseSwampThi....jpeg) (h)

Memes QCrumbs destruction of Old Guard

movie posters drain the swamp

a77113 () No. 4669123



0f49fc () No. 4669124

Happy Birthday Steven Hawking~

wherever you are

f4d59f () No. 4669125


>attacks everyone and calls white people 'racists' for trying to kill em for it

>lies lies lies about not liking blacks and minorities while hiding in their gated communities and/or playing the fool in public

>thinks no one knows

75a6c9 () No. 4669126

058043aa161226....png (52 KB, 255 x 124, 620 : 302, RBG.png) (h)

There is an empty can about to topple….

72d25a () No. 4669127


lb it faggot

349b48 () No. 4669128

7ca631e58d55fa....jpg (135 KB, 255 x 169, 753 : 500, girlcott.jpg) (h)

5a34476df4207a....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 169, 753 : 500, msm 4 brains.jpg) (h)

c5ecf4 () No. 4669129



98591a () No. 4669130

db571e7cd34756....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 172, 640 : 432, traitors.jpg) (h)

5d74e7 () No. 4669131

9d9493 () No. 4669132

Start picking up yer toys, children. It's almost bedtime.

9653a2 () No. 4669133

The official White House feed. Don't trust Fox News


918326 () No. 4669134


Tell them this isn't poltics….it's a spiritual war

dfea4d () No. 4669135

89bda1c4f64c57....png (31 KB, 255 x 101, 466 : 185, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

I don't think tonights the night Frens to obvious exposing dems tho

dc3d6b () No. 4669136

b21e0a () No. 4669137

fd5869 () No. 4669138


So true.

It's like me boycotting buying the Dallas Cowboys or Michelle Obama's book.

6c4f91 () No. 4669139

2e35e5913cd8d0....jpeg (264 KB, 255 x 157, 1242 : 767, 348C6B26-ABFA-....jpeg) (h)

cf89a0dc0adb5d....jpeg (863 KB, 156 x 255, 1242 : 2029, 3D7583F6-0BFE-....jpeg) (h)

b5dcf534b82226....jpeg (1167 KB, 147 x 255, 1242 : 2155, 2D700605-9B00-....jpeg) (h)

Was looking through old drops and found this one from March last year.

Its pertinent to Q’s drop yesterday regarding MK Ultra.

Have any anons read this 56 page doc. I’m about to dive in.


c7e2ce () No. 4669140

7eaefdc2c6aa05....png (2667 KB, 255 x 158, 3709 : 2301, megajew1.png) (h)


your israeli contacts told you to spam our board, didn't they?

dad552 () No. 4669141

4d3283ae7f8abf....png (117 KB, 130 x 255, 422 : 830, #916.png) (h)

>>4668512 (PB)

Saving Israel for last. Sheriff Israel and NOT literal Israel right? I have been on the WRONG track of thinking… DANG!

I suppose this old fart learns.. however slowly. KEK!

9d9493 () No. 4669142


every once in a while drudge connects with the ball.

11bebd () No. 4669143

3b92a730d2e4fb....png (1022 KB, 255 x 174, 962 : 655, 3b92a730d2e4fb....png) (h)

2640b2 () No. 4669144


With high spirits,

we head back to the walled garden.

31a6d2 () No. 4669146

9f0cbeeeb35fac....png (1582 KB, 255 x 227, 900 : 800, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7b9ceb () No. 4669147


Pepperidge Farms remembers

b7bb8c () No. 4669148

"The 70% tax rate pushed by Ocasio-Cortez would be the highest in the world." -Grover Norquist

ce94da () No. 4669149




This is a better option for the live stream than gloden state with youtube fuckery


de46ff () No. 4669150

b5772b3a901149....jpeg (657 KB, 255 x 209, 1242 : 1017, 662A0129-48D1-....jpeg) (h)

2f4e1a () No. 4669151

778d9532ff172a....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 215, 274 : 231, 2qonui_1.jpg) (h)

64f8470b25a6c8....gif (992 KB, 255 x 131, 450 : 231, 64f8470b25a6c8....gif) (h)

Mueller will fabricate a crime to takedown president Trump.

0e8b9c () No. 4669152


For the woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband. So then if, while her husband lives, she marries another man, she will be called an adulteress (Ro 7:2–3).

To deliver you from the immoral woman,

From the seductress who flatters with her words,

Who forsakes the companion of her youth,

And forgets the covenant of her God.

For her house leads down to death,

And her paths to the dead;

None who go to her return,

Nor do they regain the paths of life—

So you may walk in the way of goodness,

And keep to the paths of righteousness.

For the upright will dwell in the land,

And the blameless will remain in it;

But the wicked will be cut off from the earth,

And the unfaithful will be uprooted from it (Pr 2:16–22).

98591a () No. 4669153

27a676fc6b3040....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 198, 600 : 466, 59fcb0bcbc44cb....jpg) (h)

58ce17 () No. 4669154

Guise I had a lot of work travel today but was able to keep up on notables throughout. Did I miss something? All I am hearing is the shills on tv acting like they have already read Potus' speech, kek. Was it released and I missed it, or are we in the gap before another Leaker Trap springs?

d8a503 () No. 4669155


or Ellen or The View

575851 () No. 4669157

ad80a4077bc046....jpeg (1140 KB, 173 x 255, 1541 : 2270, SwampFailiingO....jpeg) (h)

e4fdb60d0c5617....jpeg (273 KB, 188 x 255, 750 : 1015, DestructionSwa....jpeg) (h)

5b1012cea3d0d4....jpg (556 KB, 255 x 142, 1170 : 650, zDrainSwamp4.jpg) (h)

d08173fb06ed6a....jpg (91 KB, 255 x 171, 744 : 500, DrainTheSwamp51.jpg) (h)

8196f979dd55cf....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 213, 606 : 507, DrainTheSwamp52.jpg) (h)

54f598 () No. 4669158


deep state globalists are the ones pushing the boycott of POTUS's speech, which will address the child sex trafficking coming across southern border, among many things

739926 () No. 4669159


Ty anon.

07cbb3 () No. 4669160

f4865dd4487d45....jpg (611 KB, 255 x 179, 2590 : 1822, ILLEGAL-ALIEN_....jpg) (h)


Thank you great patriot!

Happy First.

To the rest of the Inglorious Deplorables also.

a73d37 () No. 4669161

267fad3a8401e9....png (22 KB, 255 x 236, 508 : 470, q500 ready to ....png) (h)


q 500

ready to go live

9f0d0a () No. 4669162

4021ec136453cc....png (104 KB, 255 x 159, 284 : 177, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

75a6c9 () No. 4669163

e12be41738dd29....png (1966 KB, 255 x 249, 1668 : 1628, California San....png) (h)

>>Faggot doesn't care about legal immigrants

>>Coz He's Pig in a blanket who won't vote D.

>>We luv sanctuaries n sheeit

>>As long as you're MS13

>>Fuck the homeless of San Fran

f8ba28 () No. 4669164

Any way to compare transcripts from each network? I wouldn't be surprised to see some editing fuckery with the words.

a1a582 () No. 4669165

I can get behind this as well


07cbb3 () No. 4669166


Oops (lb)

625de4 () No. 4669167


art, gj

544460 () No. 4669168


Wouldn't it make sense for POTUS to beat them to the punch and announce RGB's passing? Control the timeline instead of having (((them))) decide when they will have another "State Funeral"? Force (((their))) hand before they wanted to play it… excellent Pinochle strategy if you ask me.

75a6c9 () No. 4669169

2bd89bdff5f9c4....png (453 KB, 255 x 252, 596 : 590, Church.png) (h)

Rare occasion church is right

9d9493 () No. 4669170


Thanks, Anon.

Now fuck off.

f35ed1 () No. 4669171



fuck jewtube

c7e2ce () No. 4669172


I don't think the global is needed


Baker, I think you should post this link in the dough post:



because the global will be useless right after the speech

41da8e () No. 4669173

For any gematriafags. This is very recent


f4d59f () No. 4669174


The statement that was made basically shows what is coming.

The re-opening of cold cases in the civil rights era will expose the DEM party and their entire followers for what they are.

the original, jewified KKK.

These pawns, the first of its kind in post ww2 history, has to be taken out of the picture and black pop status as an [asset] must be taken apart.

POTUS is doing the right moves, so is Q team.

Real question is afterwards.

bb7870 () No. 4669175



SENATE (53-47)









75a6c9 () No. 4669176

530dc3c665cf57....png (1574 KB, 189 x 255, 1620 : 2188, Facebook.png) (h)

Facebook cult status. Om ~ Zuckerberg

a50d5d () No. 4669177


>/pol/ ban


Wasn't me, sorry anon. Looks like that IP is a no-go. It has been tainted by some pedo. :(

6186a2 () No. 4669178

0478d2a1304e4f....jpg (329 KB, 255 x 255, 768 : 768, 0478d2a1304e4f....jpg) (h)

The whole world will be watching POTUS tonight

dfe13f () No. 4669179

8fa23f54f98004....jpg (72 KB, 198 x 255, 746 : 960, 8fa23f54f98004....jpg) (h)


She will never die.

349b48 () No. 4669180

1a3232e6019558....jpg (385 KB, 204 x 255, 432 : 539, ns in the house.jpg) (h)


evening, non-patriot.

fb0cb4 () No. 4669181

0e04b495271946....gif (85 KB, 255 x 208, 367 : 300, pointing.gif) (h)

aa11c0 () No. 4669182

For anyone who wants to know what CS and NP will be countering with -


a77113 () No. 4669183




ce51c3 () No. 4669184

2806ce366bb221....jpg (331 KB, 191 x 255, 1536 : 2048, e1pPDuR.jpg) (h)

Thank you, Baker!

006933 () No. 4669185


Posted in #5958

>>4669034 20 Wealthiest Senators + Representatives

>>4668924 20,000 Satellites for 5G to be launched

>>4668777 Are Q drop 2655 and Mike Pompeo's tweet linked?

>>4668812 Amazon removes products that are ‘Offensive to Muslims’

>>4668717 U.S. Supreme Court rejects mystery firm possibly linked to Russia probe

>>4668601 , >>4668871, >>4668925, >>4668945 Planefag Updates

>>4668524 , >>4668958 Full document link of failed bill proposal, ref pb >>4667886

>>4668501 On Pompeo’s speech in Cairo

>>4668439 It's not Manafort that wanted these things kept secret

>>4668360 Following Hussein

>>4668354 Mysterious Mueller Case filed their SCOTUS appeal/motion for writ of certiorari today

>>4668308 Presidential Statement regarding the new law signed today: pb >>4668123

>>4668947 #5957

c7e2ce () No. 4669186



1c5ed4 () No. 4669187

How author Brad Meltzer uncovered the secret plot to kill George Washington

Best-selling author Brad Meltzer found the story behind his latest book, "The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington," in a footnote. He said he took the surprising information to Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph Ellis.

"I went to him and I said, 'Did this really happen?' And it really happened. When it happened, George Washington rounded up those responsible. He took one of the main conspirators and he hung him in front of 20,000 people – the largest public execution at that point in North American history," Meltzer said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning." "He brought the hammer down, was like, 'I'm George Washington. Don't mess with me. I'm going to be on the money one day.'"


So how did the story of the plot get lost in history?

"Hanging happened on June 28, 1776. Guess what was happening in the world? The Declaration of Independence. The British were literally there and this gets lost to it," Meltzer said.

The book details an effort to undermine the American Revolution just before the signing of the Declaration of Independence and with British troops about to invade New York City. The plot connects counterfeiters, leading New York politicians and even the future president's own bodyguards. At the time, Washington had private bodyguards, Meltzer said, who were the "best of the best" from his regiments.

"These were the men who turned on him. They were called the lifeguards because they guarded George Washington's life. And I don't care how strong you are — when your inner circle turns on you, it is devastating," Meltzer said.

Through the book, you come to know more about the birth of the counterintelligence movement in the U.S., Meltzer said. Washington launches a secret intelligence subcommittee to uncover espionage, with John Jay in charge. Jay went on to become the first chief justice of the United States.

"He puts into motion interrogations, kicking in doors. And to this day, we all think of the CIA, the precursor being the OSS [Office of Strategic Services], it's actually this moment," Meltzer said. The CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, even has a conference room named after Jay.


NOTE: "He brought the hammer down, was like, 'I'm George Washington. Don't mess with me. I'm going to be on the money one day.'"

Bring the hammer down Q!

0033fc () No. 4669188

f070015dad9333....jpeg (20 KB, 140 x 255, 140 : 255, 9D04C07F-3B86-....jpeg) (h)


BO is en fuego tonight. you are but a lowly shill.

b6a645 () No. 4669189

3ca49855c723da....png (233 KB, 255 x 135, 516 : 274, 2019-01-08_19-....png) (h)

2e0cb345b83cdc....png (239 KB, 255 x 165, 496 : 321, 2019-01-08_19-....png) (h)

>>4668673 LB

Geraldo and Juan.

So frank and beans.

5da9da () No. 4669191

a770a17959975c....png (717 KB, 255 x 153, 947 : 569, HowToGetFamous.png) (h)

512b633b057f82....png (513 KB, 255 x 160, 793 : 499, FatherSon.png) (h)

befc777f0a5aee....jpg (137 KB, 255 x 164, 820 : 527, sheriff.jpg) (h)

6674ae1727102e....png (340 KB, 255 x 143, 655 : 368, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


538d5d () No. 4669192

8071a73326aea2....jpg (61 KB, 255 x 108, 968 : 411, Tbior.jpg) (h)

POTUS biorhythms for today. High intellectually and physically. Anons let's pump him up emotionally so he can kill it tonight!

f962fb () No. 4669193

5eeab106f1e29c....png (409 KB, 245 x 255, 492 : 513, ginsberg nite ....png) (h)

>>4668578 lb

when i was scrolling past i thought for a sec it was Ginsberg,

so i had to make it so, KEK

006933 () No. 4669194


Added it anon, I was re-posting the bun anyway.

554c06 () No. 4669195

http:// 45.wh.gov/RtVRmD.

Turn off tv and watch Potus online. Screw prime time.

2f4e1a () No. 4669196

012f3c2b1361aa....jpg (48 KB, 197 x 255, 500 : 648, 2qlr94.jpg) (h)

Anons would you hit it???

Linda Sarsour is always horny.

dea541 () No. 4669197


Any pre-drops? We have just over an hour.

642625 () No. 4669198

Fox News just now with leaked transcript claiming POTUS will be declaring National Emergency to build the Wall and "use the powers granted by the Constitution as Chief Executive to prosecute an irreparably corrupt criminal justice system" HOREEE SHEEET

5d74e7 () No. 4669199

fa9ff30c36b0fe....jpg (403 KB, 191 x 255, 2000 : 2667, fa9ff30c36b0fe....jpg) (h)



0aa1b6 () No. 4669200


with a bat right?

c7e2ce () No. 4669201

b1dae0279f7474....png (422 KB, 178 x 255, 452 : 649, trumprome.png) (h)

f8c0a94b836818....jpg (42 KB, 191 x 255, 570 : 760, gauisjuliuscae....jpg) (h)

Dig on the Similarities Between POTUS and Gaius Julius Casaer

(Interdasting dig I did after noticing several of them, plus I am a historyfag and like Roman history)

Both lead Republics:

- Caesar led (in various positions) the Roman Republic

- Trump is the leader and Commander in Chief of the REPUBLIC of the United States of America

Both were seen as "unfit for office":

- Caesar, as a military man and a populist, faced big resistance in the Senate and from the elites for NOT being a politician

- Trump, as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, was always looked down upon by the politicians and elites for NOT being a politician

Both were/are part of a Triumvirate:

- Casaer, Crassus, Pompey

- Trump, Xi, Putin

Both led successful military campaigns against enemies (though Caesar was on the battlefield):

- Caesar fought and succeeded against pirates, PONTUS, and Gaul

- Trump, through his generals, defeated ISIS

Both had SIGNIFICANT push back against their elections:

- Caesar's enemies attempted a coup against him, which he fought and eventually won on the battlefield

Caesar was NEVER Emperor, but he was slandered as one and a tyrant, traitor, etc etc; he was ELECTED to his positions

(The Roman position of "Dictator" was a legitimate position, kek, and all others prior to that were legitimate too)

- Trump's enemies attempted (and are attempting) a soft coup against him (FISA, muh russia, etc etc etc), which he is still fighting back against

Trump was rightfully and fairly ELECTED by We The People, and is also called an emperor, tyrant, traitor, etc etc

Both instituted/are instituting reform for veterans:

- Caesar had land reform policies for veterans

- Trump signed the VA Accountability Act, and signed the Veterans Choice bill

Both instituted/is instituting reformed the governmental operations:

- Caesar made several reforms to the Senate (only legislator) and other government positions, giving more power to back to the people (plebs) and taking power from the corrupting influences

(See sauces)

- Trump has already instituted several reforms about accountability, misuse of funds, lobbying, and other in the executive branch, and signed laws reforming the legislative

(Trump can't just reform congress, like Caesar did, not how our system works)


Both supported/support the police and law enforcement:

- Caesar instituted a police force

- Trump is a staunch supporter of the police, ICE, CBP, FBI, and all law enforcement

Both reformed/is reforming taxation:

- Caesar legit abolished the tax system for Romans

- Trump reformed it and is likely going to further reform it

Both addressed/is addressing illegal immigration:

- Caesar said anyone not born in Rome (Italia) was NOT a citizen

- Trump is trying (as we know) to stop illegal immigration and make them LEGAL RESIDENTS, NOT citizens, and reform immigration all together

Both addressed/is addressing infrastructure:

- Caesar rebuilt a lot of Rome, and specifically rebuilt Carthage and Corinth

- Trump wants MAJOR infrastructure reform and projects (coming soon likely)

Both went after the political rivals, subverters, and enemies:

- Caesar killed them (kek, that was the times)

- Trump has investigations into them (Sessions, Huber, and others)

Both were/ARE BEING subverted, attacked, and attempted to be deposed:

- … Caesar was assassinated … by the elites of the day because they wanted their POWER BACK

(which they actually never got because Gaius Octavian Caesar, Augustus, became the first Emperor of Rome after Caesar's assassination)

- Trump is being subverted EVERY DAY by the Deep State, D's, R's, Elites, Cabal, and many many others in a soft coup (they are failing) because they want their POWER BACK


Of course there are differences, but the significance and amount (NOT ALL OF THEM, many more) of similarities are very apparent, and we CANNOT let history repeat itself. Rome became an empire after Julius Caesar was assassinated, and NEVER recovered.

Just a thought provoking dig.





fddeeb () No. 4669202

b7bbe0c6f7b8e3....png (693 KB, 255 x 142, 709 : 396, capture.png) (h)

Over a million Florida ex-convicts can begin registering to vote

US state voted in November to restore voting rights to most ex-convicts who have served all terms of their sentence.

The voting rights of many Florida ex-convicts were restored on Tuesday, and some are celebrating by registering on the first day they become eligible.


6e67e7 () No. 4669203

44d8664a69ff23....jpg (5 KB, 150 x 187, 150 : 187, zuckhalo.jpg) (h)



RBG in the clouds, demon licking a person, and Fuckburger with a goddamn halo?

0aaab1 () No. 4669204

3c0aa1d07add02....jpeg (160 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, 1534678917.jpeg) (h)

e7f6bc () No. 4669205

c1ca601e85a2e1....png (162 KB, 255 x 113, 1920 : 853, TAYSACHS.png) (h)

>>4669061 (lb)

That's your thing, I wouldn't take that from you

We already know you are behind both anti-jew and pro-jew extremes.

Pick something new.



0033fc () No. 4669206


me either

a1a582 () No. 4669207

967d6061d1c13c....jpeg (98 KB, 255 x 141, 880 : 486, 3C92CB52-6792-....jpeg) (h)

256f9e () No. 4669208

9fab46a510a805....png (576 KB, 255 x 170, 1280 : 852, 1819.png) (h)

That's a lotsa planes

ce51c3 () No. 4669209


With a stone.

f4d59f () No. 4669210


this type of thinking is only possible for those who don't give a two shit about protecting our own people (white + patriot) etc.

all the dems want is assets, money, and more control to keep 'plebs' in constant state of pressure.

b894c4 () No. 4669211

d921b2 () No. 4669212

e29e7b34a0bac7....png (10 KB, 255 x 112, 472 : 207, first8chanpost.png) (h)


Q has made reference to all the drops being a year off.. he also posted that this board is the only place for drops and everything else was fake news. that puts all the drops on 4chan as bullshit, and it starts today.

ac7881 () No. 4669213

e93e3455135dd4....jpg (394 KB, 255 x 202, 1024 : 813, anarchycookies.jpg) (h)

Spiffy new stuff on the board BO, thanks for the free speech and doin it nifty spiffy.

0830dd () No. 4669217

141a3316948087....jpg (179 KB, 255 x 80, 1600 : 500, DE.jpg) (h)


Hit it with my car perhaps.

10b928 () No. 4669214







Marine (?) flag in background, not American FLAG

4efedd () No. 4669215


Or how many Democrat congressmen have foundations to receive kick backs? These should all be disclosed, audited and investigated.

4ef3f7 () No. 4669216



Call me a faggot

c5c507 () No. 4669218


Dry hump it in the ass and wipe it off in her hair!

4bccee () No. 4669219



Several days?

What if this was always the plan?

Justice K.

Timing is everything.

Why deploy vested powers of the Office of the President (under 'verifiable' matters of National Security) when you can instead unveil America's TRUE ENEMY?

Public awakening.


"We have has a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico over the last year. We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed. While we should have a larger conversation in the near future about a broader strategy for reengaging the beat press that covers HRC, for this we think we can achieve our objective and do the most shaping by going to Maggie."

You are not safe.


544460 () No. 4669220


RBG*** My bad.

a73d37 () No. 4669221


ohh, sorry, anon.

55b4bc () No. 4669222

c05412b7fe30dc....png (510 KB, 255 x 186, 591 : 431, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

78d7ca () No. 4669223

"Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?"

Ronald Reagan UN Assembly Speech 1987

59ed34 () No. 4669224


Every person in my family, ex-wife and 4 homeschooled kids, when told of this at different times, ALL said the same thing I did…."Finally."

Justice is coming in in WAVES right now. And we're just warming up. KEK!!

9714fd () No. 4669225

4fe1a599379b74....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 255, 640 : 640, 1516240866082.jpg) (h)


full-troll mode would just be announcing his choice of candidate for her replacement before the 'death announcement'

2ea24e () No. 4669226

All I want to hear from POTUS

"My fellow Americans. A storm is upon us…"

8d6b40 () No. 4669227


Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied… by you.


i concur! sweet pic

1c5ed4 () No. 4669228


Don't forget to bring your frens

d5aafc () No. 4669229

d01ed836154e24....jpeg (131 KB, 253 x 255, 634 : 639, 837607A0-CD73-....jpeg) (h)

2b8024 () No. 4669230


My wishful guess… ROSATOM

a27411 () No. 4669231


Creedmoor or 308?

9d9493 () No. 4669232


used to see brad meltzer romance novels advertised on subway placards back before Glenn Beck discovered him.

fddeeb () No. 4669233

de5b444bc584fa....png (450 KB, 255 x 141, 640 : 355, capture.png) (h)

Democrats In Talks To Block All Legislation Until Government Reopens

CNN reports Senate Democrats may block any legislation unrelated to the government shutdown until the government reopens. They have reportedly decided to block a Syria sanctions bill when it appears for a vote Tuesday.

Democrats are scheduled to discuss at their weekly policy lunch Wednesday if they will extend the blocking tactic to all legislation. A senior Democratic aide said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “has notified the (Democratic) caucus that he will vote against proceeding to S.1 because Senate Republicans should instead bring to the floor the House-passed bills to reopen the government.”


faa89e () No. 4669234

c4873010d3c2cd....png (234 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

df673bf5a9112f....png (197 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

055da7c49ba592....png (198 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

1c8abe158c5020....png (223 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

c8475d9aad4d7d....png (396 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

648444 () No. 4669235

RSBN Live link .

84e9f7 () No. 4669236

d2048f6d197637....png (1717 KB, 170 x 255, 1064 : 1600, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fd5869 () No. 4669237

bc2b2e66d5bc9b....jpg (261 KB, 255 x 144, 650 : 366, night shift.jpg) (h)

5d74e7 () No. 4669238

e996a7e0f3d211....jpg (147 KB, 191 x 255, 1200 : 1600, slide (2).jpg) (h)

d92b80 () No. 4669239

anal fisting with mortar round >>4669172

544460 () No. 4669240


That would be epic. KEK!

bb7870 () No. 4669241


My only argument is Rome was the greatest Republic.

500 years

If we can make it as a Republic that long we may surpass them.

4bccee () No. 4669242



"You will not win?" - Pelosi

You didn't think the largest MIL spending bill in history (FY 2019) wasn't going to [indirectly] include funding for the wall did you?

Learn the Constitution re: vested powers of POTUS re: matters of NAT SEC.

This was planned and forecasted as the 'border funding' solution from the beginning.


Anons had the proof long ago but shining a light back then would have defeated the primary purpose of showing the 'public' the real objective of D's (party of open borders/elim of ICE/elim of security/defend illegals over Americans _Midterm_elec).

These people are stupid.


9d9493 () No. 4669243


luv you no homo fuck urself

c7e2ce () No. 4669244


pretty sure the USA flag is on the other side of the desk

but interdasting optics

8fe387 () No. 4669245

>>4666820 pb

saving firing him, saving disclosing his criminality, or actually saving him if he's just an "acting" placeholder. Could've fooled me…

Is this just another crumb or an actual marker of the end of the road? coincidence today…

4efedd () No. 4669246

The Shills are desperate….and so stupid!

45747d () No. 4669247

I'm a young black man who just answered an ad to see some dude named Ed Buck.

I'm scared, but I need the $$

80ba29 () No. 4669248

a97475d52e8683....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, TRUMPIG.jpg) (h)

99970d () No. 4669249

d697355cafd569....jpg (79 KB, 170 x 255, 640 : 960, 5c7bdc72afaefd....jpg) (h)



You guys were doing a better job attacking the rest of us. Going straight for BO is super obvious.


Anti-IBOR CP Redheadshillfaganon.

281a29 () No. 4669250


> that puts all the drops on 4chan as bullshit

no anon. please learn what platform means in this context..

131bea () No. 4669251


Could say it means 'Ruth Ginsburg Bitch's' passing.

406cff () No. 4669252


This is what is spreading through the hive mines of the loony left. This is all so fucked up how fucking stupid they are. ALL THIS BECAUSE OF 8 MINUTES OF AIR TIME


cf8640 () No. 4669253


That one girl may very well NOT be a hostage… some people seek out slaves and to be a slave openly on Craigslist and other domains.

c0626f () No. 4669254

I got some loud ear ringing going on now …anyone else ?

f35ed1 () No. 4669255

Can we fuck some shit up tonight, Q?

Por Favor?

aa11c0 () No. 4669256


They want panic, fear, chaos and confusion. Everyone to run to dear mother government for protection…

a1a582 () No. 4669257

6161fc3a8386e8....jpeg (81 KB, 255 x 138, 710 : 385, BAADB68F-A3DB-....jpeg) (h)

dc02d6 () No. 4669258

f1ad91034bf0cd....jpg (107 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, lets-get-it-on.jpg) (h)

9pm ET

10b928 () No. 4669259

c414d25c24f38a....jpg (156 KB, 245 x 255, 1233 : 1285, 8bd642c5e57ad6....jpg) (h)


thus no US flag in this image from the oval office?

de4a1a () No. 4669260

>>4669034 (lb)

>>4669034 (lb)

>>4669034 (lb)

Holy Shit…Nice Job whoever did this!!!!!

c7e2ce () No. 4669261


true, of course

but today, the USA is the greatest republic, of course

the similarities are wild though

a53860 () No. 4669262

>>4668956 TYB!!


All need to understand the REST of the story with the Browder, Magnitsky thing….

This has been in NOTABLES in the past when I posted last year.


this gives LIGHT to the Clinton/Putin history

In 1999, CIA attempted to blackmail Yeltsin to step down and appoint (((their))) puppet, Boris Berezovsky with $7bn stolen from IMF via Hermitage Capital and Republic National Bank. The players were: Edmond Safra (mysterious death 1999), Magnitsky (mysterious death in Russian prison), Berezovsky (suicide, 2013), Bill Browder (alive & well, partner of Safra) and Vladimir Gusinsky (had fled to Israel).

Instead, Yeltsin appointed PUTIN when he stepped down.

Bank of NY then reported by Republic National Bank to be involved in $7bn money laundering to NY Fed, and reported to US Attorney in NY.

Martin Armstrong, was approached by Hermitage to participate in this "deal" with Yeltsin, and refused.

Martin was later incarcerated by FBI for contempt x 1 year for not providing the code for his AI computer program as part of the "discovery" process. SCOTUS heard his case and he was released from prison. He has a bunch of articles that I have been following about ALL the stories related to the Deep State attempting to frame POTUS, Jr, et al.

(((They))) wanted control of Russia's energy, metals, and diamonds….not to mention the power/nukes, etc

Here are several of the links.




more there: search site with "magnitsky"

642625 () No. 4669263



1733fb () No. 4669264

Thanks Planefag. Is there an open website for this or just a planefag subscripton thing? >>4669208

9d9493 () No. 4669265


funny, nobody in my family knows who this nigger is.

59ed34 () No. 4669266


This has got to be the most highly anticipated 8 minutes in history. What a SHQW!!!!

a73d37 () No. 4669267



what is little brown box on desk

806126 () No. 4669268

4f38705bb1df36....png (3575 KB, 255 x 178, 2388 : 1668, 5AF2FEFF-DC5B-....png) (h)


Thanks for the reminder. Anon the other night thinks there something about MKUltra and HRC, RBG, and Maggie. That stare on HRC in the back of the SUV looks like she had a glitch like Al Roker, etc. I am going to read this article.

09ffaa () No. 4669269

ab850c580a60f4....png (42 KB, 255 x 53, 663 : 139, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Watch for this part of the narrative to grow in importance as arrests start.

2f4e1a () No. 4669270

b5e490d34593a5....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 195, 694 : 530, 1942df5236818a....jpg) (h)

e775e4 () No. 4669271

I’m too tired to stay up but I will catch it in the morning, you never know what to expect with Trump he changes things up at will

2640b2 () No. 4669272


you da menace

889eb0 () No. 4669273

f82f509921c49d....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 246, 500 : 483, words to live ....jpg) (h)

Mr. President,

please say STORM

please say STORM

please say STORM

please say STORM

b6a645 () No. 4669274

bce3d458f2a288....png (156 KB, 255 x 174, 381 : 260, 2019-01-08_19-....png) (h)

f8c9ab () No. 4669275

37ef5c51367a2e....jpg (614 KB, 143 x 255, 1080 : 1920, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

He gonna learn today

256f9e () No. 4669276



15204c () No. 4669277

bb3345d0917197....png (22 KB, 255 x 145, 1127 : 639, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I've got my popcorn at the ready!


b5f2fd () No. 4669278

So my new niece/nephew is due on the Super Blood Wolf Moon of the 21st, does this mean the child will have superpowers like Batman or something?

caa035 () No. 4669279


They were not the ONLY Golden Shovels that are available to him. Go away divisionfag.

a77113 () No. 4669280







fbe7aa () No. 4669281

3f629e78ca42a9....png (3153 KB, 255 x 182, 1990 : 1422, LookThereNotHe....png) (h)

86babc3d0cabb7....png (287 KB, 255 x 185, 1918 : 1393, LookThereNotHe....png) (h)

9dfeeb8dcc743d....png (3942 KB, 255 x 122, 2052 : 978, LookThereNotHe....png) (h)

Rollingstone (among others) really pushing hard to prevent people from watching tonight's address. The frontpage of the HufifntonPost re-empts with "Watch out for Trump's Lies"…They make no effort to hide their deceipt.

Rollingstone: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/trump-primetime-address-776278/

HuffPo: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-border-wall-lies_us_5c343251e4b0116c11ef4027

f4d59f () No. 4669283


"unconstitutional" = impeach POTUS

except it is constitutional.

comp'd judges are the real problem.


bb7870 () No. 4669284


On that we will agree to AGREE


2501ee () No. 4669285

d5c3456a6322f5....jpg (151 KB, 253 x 255, 497 : 500, roadtoots.jpg) (h)

069b05 () No. 4669286


Not your fault BO. Thanks for verifying that for me though. Makes me wonder about my VPN now and what IP addresses I've been using. Some task force tracking the wrong person based off an IP. smdh.

Appreciate all you have done and continue to do.

e775e4 () No. 4669287


Everyone post a border wall meme on Shuners twitter

59ed34 () No. 4669288

24da0204524ffd....jpg (93 KB, 255 x 191, 648 : 486, 5a485d9f64213d....jpg) (h)



Let's get it.


894617 () No. 4669289

0f49fc () No. 4669291



0aa1b6 () No. 4669292

9cea5c9b70fd7c....png (31 KB, 255 x 185, 672 : 487, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Trump slashes $16.4B of regulations, 70 percent of agencies cut

Under orders to slash regulations, 11 of 16 top federal agencies went on a cutting frenzy last year, eliminating old rules, many from the Obama era, for a total saving to taxpayers and business of $7.8 billion.

In a key sign of the new trend, nearly a third of the administration’s regulatory actions were actually moves to cut rules and red tape, according to a calendar year end review from American Action Forum.

Overall, federal agencies cut $16.4 billion in regulations but added $8.6 billion in new rules.

“Rulemaking activity increased notably in the second year of the Trump administration, following the trend of other recent administrations. The reason for this increase is straightforward: In its second year, an administration has more personnel in place and can advance rules begun in year one. The difference for the Trump administration is that a significant portion of regulatory activity this year was deregulatory,” said the new report.

While new administrations typically expand regulations to fit their agenda, the Trump agenda has been focused on deregulation and some 70 percent of federal agencies complied, said the report from AAF’s policy experts Dan Bosch and Dan Goldbeck.

The Departments of Health and Human Services, Transportation, and the Interior accounted for the bulk of the cuts, totaling over $10 billion.

When looked at the cuts in a fiscal instead of calendar year time frame, the Department of Labor moves up to second place.

Those cuts helped offset the handful of agencies that added costly regulations, notably the Department of Agriculture. It added $5.2 billion, most of that in one rule covering a bioengineered food disclosure standard.

“The Trump administration ramped up deregulatory activity in 2018, resulting in government-wide net regulatory savings for the first time since AAF began tracking. It achieved this by more than doubling its final deregulatory action rate,” said the experts.


6563aa () No. 4669293

Am I remembering wrong anons? I thought Veselnitskaya died in a helicopter crash? No?

25685a () No. 4669294

2bed697406053f....png (919 KB, 255 x 170, 961 : 641, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Andrew Jackson Portrait

10b928 () No. 4669295


What flag is this one, the WHITE one in the Oval Office?

98591a () No. 4669296

8523cfc5c0dc5e....jpg (48 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 667, 72770ef33dbd40....jpg) (h)

319167 () No. 4669297

f0b788990fdd1d....png (429 KB, 255 x 84, 933 : 307, trumpwall.png) (h)

It's Happening!

415626 () No. 4669298


Not right now but earlier

7a6d9f () No. 4669299

e6e695d1ec2164....png (160 KB, 255 x 168, 1037 : 683, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

eda247 () No. 4669300

802e059ab3f360....jpeg (75 KB, 255 x 143, 888 : 499, 043fe9c1493e97....jpeg) (h)


Breads rising fast like banana quick bread kek!

4bccee () No. 4669301



65731d () No. 4669302


No leaks known. Just anticipating that POTUS will lie all night and contemplating cutting his feed if they don't like what they hear. Same old stuff.

a1a582 () No. 4669303



Already did kek

081064 () No. 4669304

4a273ee0f0414e....jpg (2301 KB, 184 x 255, 2910 : 4032, 2 gap.jpg) (h)

14f58f4cbe8ff4....jpg (2313 KB, 184 x 255, 2910 : 4032, 3 gap copy.jpg) (h)

Arizona-border-anon here.

This is a picture of the existing border wall near where I live. As you can see it is missing a very large segment that is large enough to drive a truck through.

I thought you’d all have fun making memes out of it.

Memes away! :)

99970d () No. 4669305



Dude, rip that VPN condom off and go bareback. It'll put hair on your chest.

4e0221 () No. 4669306


No, Israel country for last,

Israel the sheriff isnt even worth a mention

f8ba28 () No. 4669307

All this "do not watch" shit will only have a "banned in Boston"/"Streisand" effect

b21e0a () No. 4669308

b1a1f313046d77....png (777 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2c9fcd () No. 4669309

dac0d1c5131982....png (833 KB, 239 x 255, 1019 : 1087, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

8243c192fcf4dc....png (582 KB, 255 x 212, 902 : 749, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

SpouseAnon just mentioned a tv show Surviving R Kelly


a77113 () No. 4669310

3253d3a62adb9a....png (356 KB, 252 x 255, 490 : 495, Screenshot_128....png) (h)

a73d37 () No. 4669311

c46fca () No. 4669312

c3f01f10e68a61....png (125 KB, 255 x 124, 834 : 404, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


37da0d () No. 4669313

4244936d6ce006....jpg (38 KB, 237 x 255, 298 : 320, snowflakesBsno....jpg) (h)

Would anyone be surprised if Deep State pulls the plug on RBG just as POTUS gets ready to deliver the address tonight?

5dfbe2 () No. 4669314

d28c7abcd492a6....jpeg (30 KB, 233 x 255, 233 : 255, ACC5C80D-42D4-....jpeg) (h)

Been in limbo and unproductive all day. Pumped. Distracted. Anxious. Exited. Gonna go take a shower and come back ready for our POTUS’ speech from the Oval Office. Pompeo’s comments about the address tonight have me pretty stoked. See ya soon, anons!

136d4f () No. 4669315

e3ccee876f0ec6....jpg (354 KB, 247 x 255, 741 : 766, flotuspepeadmi....jpg) (h)



59ed34 () No. 4669316



903071 () No. 4669317

hey anons, no tv

Any place I can watch the stream that is NOT MSM?

7b9ceb () No. 4669318


Well, they'll have the superpower of not being a Boomer or Millennial super-fag, so that's pretty cool..

Of course, they'll also be a Cap/Aquarius cusper and will probably grow up to be a dildo, so that kinda sucks

718e8b () No. 4669320





72d25a () No. 4669321


no worries, now back to work

25685a () No. 4669322



319167 () No. 4669323

be03d483ba4046....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 138, 1159 : 629, jacksontrump.jpg) (h)


Tonight President Trump channels the man who stares down at him

5dfbe2 () No. 4669325


Literally the first thing in global

44700f () No. 4669326

6ebc6e () No. 4669327

621b3e86ad7e5b....gif (5365 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, crying.gif) (h)


Thank you Patriot!

83e603 () No. 4669328


They have to ruin EVERYTHING that was once good.

DArk Crystal “Age of Resistance”.. produced by fucking Netflix no doubt…

Goddamn you liberal trash!!!!


a73d37 () No. 4669329

so did Manafort pass on info to a Clinton Russian operative who was looking for dirt of Trump?

fddeeb () No. 4669330

b5a5f5cfec7184....png (893 KB, 255 x 116, 836 : 381, capture.png) (h)

Companies argue against proposal not to house separated kids

An activist shareholder wants to pre-emptively block the nation's two largest private detention companies from housing immigrant children separated from their parents, but the companies don't want the proposal to go to a vote.

Tennessee-based CoreCivic and Florida-based GEO Group both say they have no intention of housing separated immigrant children or their parents, but the companies are fighting an attempt to require them to adopt policies to that effect.

Alex Friedmann, associate director of the Human Rights Defense Center, has submitted shareholder resolutions on the subject for a vote at the companies' annual meetings. Both companies have asked the Securities and Exchange Commission for permission to exclude the resolutions from shareholders packets sent ahead of their annual meetings, meaning there would be no vote.

After a global uproar last summer, President Trump scrapped his administration's policy of separating children from their parents when they are detained illegally crossing the U.S. border.


dc3d6b () No. 4669331


You don't want them to be similar, anon, of you know what I mean.

0033fc () No. 4669332


stupid post has been going since this morning.

642625 () No. 4669333


10b928 () No. 4669334

6ab85365e87814....png (374 KB, 255 x 196, 617 : 474, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



fb0cb4 () No. 4669335

16025eeb15957a....gif (2366 KB, 255 x 193, 300 : 227, goodfindanon.gif) (h)


very fishy. expending ammo? will the hammer drop? how do they know?

2ad053 () No. 4669336


Agreed, but I still can't wait to see that slimy fucker go down… hard!

Also, imagine the message that sent to DWS.

DeSantis must have been prepped well in advance to nail Israel during Desantis' first day in office.

She knows she's in the crosshairs now!

09ffaa () No. 4669337


>All need to understand the REST of the story with the Browder, Magnitsky thing

I understand why Browder is against Magnitsky.

I'm more wondering why Simpson and Fusion GPS (and Baker Hostetler) were working with Natalia to overturn it.

It seems like the opposite of the CIA/cabal position.

Unless there are really factions within the cabal, and they were working for Deripaska, until everyone needed to align against Trump.

ce66aa () No. 4669338


I hopt that the announcement is that the border will be closed indefinitely. This country needs a break now.

2f4e1a () No. 4669339

e3bc04153abca4....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 245, 490 : 470, 2qmeao_1.jpg) (h)

8445890e565542....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 189, 657 : 486, 2qlp5f_1.jpg) (h)

b21e0a () No. 4669340

368eb5cb8b0146....jpeg (23 KB, 250 x 255, 250 : 255, lbpbfaggot.jpeg) (h)


ce94da () No. 4669342

86fc7e1e01aadb....gif (264 KB, 255 x 191, 267 : 200, Enjoyingthesho....gif) (h)

Post rate is like Q just dropped

2e3911 () No. 4669343

The Messages of the Three Angels

Revelation 14:6 Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and language and people.

7 And he said with a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come, and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water.”

8 Another angel, a second, followed, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, she who made all nations drink the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality.”

9 And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand,

10 he also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

11 And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

12 Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.

13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Blessed indeed,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!”

cf8640 () No. 4669344


I think the name of the site is a dead giveaway of snowflakes melting…. ❄️

33b56d () No. 4669345


specific tweet comments is what needs to be attacked

everyone sees it

a hashtag is harder , easier to censor

8d6b40 () No. 4669346

1a8e23214a71bb....jpg (619 KB, 156 x 255, 1076 : 1756, snowdung.jpg) (h)

I think anyone who exposes a police state is a Patriot

… did he release these files because cia vault7 were dropped? like tic4tac?

him looking at Canada doesnt make since. satanic and soros owned…

someone's scared… how close r we to gettn him?

a53860 () No. 4669347


this post details that Martin's legal troubles started within 3 DAYS of Safra's murder


also connections to No Name's Institute


256f9e () No. 4669348


There is currently two b-52's up over USA

c7e2ce () No. 4669349


I think you are, not sure I've heard that about her

are you thinking of that instagram chick?


kek, noice

our founding is based on Roman Republican ideals too, didn't add that though

many historians already put the USA as the greatest, but WHEN we surpass Rome's time as a Republic, it's indisputable

006933 () No. 4669351



To the official WH livestream

98591a () No. 4669352

bdc497959ad826....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 255, 468 : 468, cats.jpg) (h)

e646c2 () No. 4669353


>Trump slashes $16.4B of regulations, 70 percent of agencies cut

Still nothing done to lighten the burden on Wood Burning Stoves.

Meanwhile, we've got the FDA aligned with Big Pharma and rampant vaccine abuse.

Lot more work to be done!

ce0766 () No. 4669354


The funny thing is that each of these idiot libs pushing “Boycott Trump Prime Time”….will in fact be watching him. They can’t stay away… just like the MSM. EVERY DAY IS ABOUT TRUMP!

This is where POTUS is a true genius… he is in the news every single day & if these MSM stations didn’t cover this address they would lose ratings!

Trump literally owns the media bc he is a drug they can’t it down…. & he knows it.

a1a582 () No. 4669355

485e8c708e61bc....jpeg (868 KB, 255 x 157, 2048 : 1263, 02BBA491-A3DA-....jpeg) (h)


Last night too nigga

dc3d6b () No. 4669356


Every. Single. Time.

0aa1b6 () No. 4669357

65bbfb3b5e3cec....png (313 KB, 237 x 255, 668 : 719, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d320d19ed34075....png (406 KB, 233 x 255, 664 : 728, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

dd6e3a7674ee71....png (39 KB, 255 x 204, 637 : 510, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

French police should be allowed to use LIVE bullets and ‘shoot-to-kill’ tactics on Yellow Vest protesters, the country’s former education minister says

Luc Ferry, 68, served in Jacques Chirac's government and is now a philosopher

The Yellow Vest protests against fuel tax have been ongoing since 17 November

Ferry said in an interview with Classic Radio that police should now fire weapons

Mr Macron's government has recently announced a crackdown on the protests


30d0a2 () No. 4669358

ec9ff8fd34a292....png (355 KB, 255 x 224, 637 : 559, WH tweet re P....png) (h)

dbad3ea19d0306....png (23 KB, 255 x 207, 795 : 646, WH 1 re POTUS ....png) (h)

86b778222c9c78....png (754 KB, 255 x 185, 1140 : 829, WH YT re POTUS....png) (h)


TONIGHT at 9 p.m. ET: Watch President Trump address the Nation live from the Oval Office




9d9493 () No. 4669359

0a6536d9f9dae5....png (239 KB, 231 x 255, 364 : 402, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

5396d3 () No. 4669360

27d5ea08547bb7....jpg (65 KB, 255 x 144, 679 : 384, rashidatlaib2.jpg) (h)

d6bc840f3459cd....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 144, 672 : 380, rashidatlaib.jpg) (h)

Rashida Tlaib arrested at pro-labor rally


a90437 () No. 4669361


They'd consider me schizophrenic if I said that…

625de4 () No. 4669363


Herr God, Herr Lucifer



Out of the ash

I rise with my red hair

And I eat men like air.

903071 () No. 4669364

ac904517af212f....gif (1449 KB, 214 x 255, 294 : 350, 1454202573037.gif) (h)



d17886 () No. 4669365

God bless you, President Donald J Trump! Thank you, Sir!

8d22e6 () No. 4669366

efd649d3cf31f8....jpeg (8 KB, 255 x 245, 255 : 245, Line crossed.jpeg) (h)

>>4668812 lb

That is the line..crossed

f8ba28 () No. 4669367



f4d59f () No. 4669368


There we go.

Fear based stupidity has no place in reality, which is why (((they))) must cajole, manipulate, twist, project, use 'violence' when they can, and LIE LIE LIE in order to make 'fake' reality.

it's actually the same shit in middle east until somebody stronger comes in to rape, kill, and beat down the rest.

talmud, koran etc all espousing the same shit.

03ea27 () No. 4669369

779b21d47f02f4....jpg (18 KB, 214 x 255, 214 : 255, 2qoot7.jpg) (h)

e01f5d () No. 4669370


those planes ARE the bomb.

b2266d () No. 4669371


on 8chans qresearch board bday..

approx 8 minutes long adress

5da9da () No. 4669372


Ask Your Dad If He Regrets His Past

f20bd9 () No. 4669373

1a92883aa7ac97....png (1316 KB, 255 x 161, 939 : 592, Q PEPE in THE ....png) (h)


Found an ancient friend of yours who apparently lives in a book called the 'codex genghis' or something like that. screenshot from video that caught my eye and I couldn't let pass.

2501ee () No. 4669374

456f5ade31ae68....jpg (171 KB, 253 x 255, 497 : 500, billtootstoo.jpg) (h)

9d9493 () No. 4669375



great. only an hour more of this shit to deal with.

a73d37 () No. 4669376


a modified emergency presidential phone.


so, it could be a kill box, too?

1aa4af () No. 4669377


Best bet go here to be sure youy tubey no play fuckie…


eda247 () No. 4669378

cf5cd8d21e0708....png (127 KB, 255 x 112, 500 : 219, 1546905098.png) (h)


It will be interdasting…..

POTUS may not follow script, since MSM took liberty to fabricate his speech beforehand

38afe6 () No. 4669379

If you need a link to watch POTUS in an hour, this is a good one, usually.

f8ba28 () No. 4669380



2ade52 () No. 4669381

be17b9ac108fd7....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 170, 800 : 533, POTUSwillwall2.jpg) (h)

e290f0ddce4769....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 171, 800 : 537, POTUSwillwall.jpg) (h)

d5bff3 () No. 4669382

Why does everyone think something awesome is going to be in the speech tonight? We've had many speeches and for the most part…disappointed. I don't think anything exciting is happening tonight. Not sure why everyone is losing their shit.

8d0348 () No. 4669383

5d95d7695203e9....jpg (238 KB, 255 x 191, 1026 : 767, 1507489453864.jpg) (h)

deca077ea878d2....jpg (154 KB, 190 x 255, 475 : 637, 1507491232297.jpg) (h)

2c3473e139b7fe....jpg (67 KB, 191 x 255, 450 : 600, 1507492597080.jpg) (h)

5a6193bf22b15c....jpg (47 KB, 199 x 255, 540 : 691, punchNazi.jpg) (h)


Riots in the streets

Get ready to make popcorn

826a65 () No. 4669384

a6c5f79a6000bd....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 143, 889 : 500, 2qoowg.jpg) (h)

f35ed1 () No. 4669385

34f6ae5a10d0d8....jpeg (125 KB, 255 x 172, 1440 : 971, TrumpForHumani....jpeg) (h)


They think the coup 'is coming', kek.

Oh…it's already been here.

006933 () No. 4669386


I've an announcement ready for the dough post.

Thanks fren.

939a0b () No. 4669388



Try comparing ivanka, jared, horowitz, mnuchin or any other jew in trump cabinet to these sjw reformist "jews", to their face.

You retarded shilling glows.

83077b () No. 4669389

At this point of the show the host would do

something fun and spontaneous to show

how we're all just ordinary people, like

ordering pizza for everyone but since we

already got food at the globe we thought

we'd mix it up and try something new so

roll up your sleeves Hollywood because

you're all getting flu shots.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO8WxAIUQ4A (55s clip)

Apologize if repeat post.

ae8dfb () No. 4669390

Don't be surprised if tonight's announcement is nothing super notable. Trump does this all the time–he's baiting the media and the deep state into playing all their cards.

The media is throwing a mega temper tantrum and screaming for people to cover their ears, but if the country watches Trump act reasonably and state common sense facts, the media will lose a ton of credibility with the people once again.

This just sets the stage for future announcements from the Oval Office. The media can't maintain the same level of outrage again and again, and the people still stop believing every time they cry wolf about Trump's "lies."

256f9e () No. 4669391



There is also currently 4 AWAC's Sentries up

fb0cb4 () No. 4669392

e47df639b91a90....gif (2246 KB, 255 x 175, 292 : 200, thats-too-much.gif) (h)

c7e2ce () No. 4669393


the assassination part of course I do not want to be the same, and POTUS has the USSS

Caesar was killed on the senate floor with no protection whatsoever, not even a sword

but their policies, their place as populist leaders, and many other things are very similar

which I why I think the dig is interdasting

718e8b () No. 4669394


LB Srry guise

98591a () No. 4669395

61865f9484bc6e....jpg (82 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, 61865f9484bc6e....jpg) (h)

570c3c () No. 4669396

e365bbc6fb740b....jpeg (91 KB, 204 x 255, 579 : 723, e365bbc6fb740b....jpeg) (h)

cd41ee666aa533....jpg (56 KB, 255 x 149, 598 : 350, N1.jpg) (h)


I need to steal all these memes.

Here is one for you.

c46fca () No. 4669397

4bccee () No. 4669398





>Flag in background shows "1775"

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of Independence,[43] was an 18th-century war between Great Britain and its Thirteen Colonies (allied with France) which declared independence as the United States of America.[N 1].

TONIGHT, lads.

a77113 () No. 4669399

2588ed93fd76bc....png (599 KB, 255 x 190, 611 : 455, Screenshot_264.png) (h)

cbc245542877fb....png (552 KB, 164 x 255, 339 : 526, Screenshot_265.png) (h)




4e0221 () No. 4669400


Same here, I'm in FL and its DeSantis' first day.

DWS used to be the loudest mouth around, shes been very quiet since Awan.

Good Days Ahead!

72d25a () No. 4669401


ID >999 confirms, dont be a pussy

09ffaa () No. 4669402


>so did Manafort pass on info to a Clinton Russian operative who was looking for dirt of Trump?

What do Fusion GPS, Steele, Waldman, McCain, Mueller, McCabe, and Manafort all have in common?

They have all worked with Deripaska.

f4d59f () No. 4669403


>reformist "jews"

>muh ivanka, jared, etc etc

fucking hell you stupid kike.

a73d37 () No. 4669404


we's just enjoying ourselves

544460 () No. 4669405




Martial Law would mean mass arrests… sounds too good to be true… and way too fast for the script

2ade52 () No. 4669406

63faa573587b26....jpg (176 KB, 255 x 181, 1113 : 792, BowChumpMiosot....jpg) (h)

364a6876ffc003....jpg (159 KB, 255 x 159, 1108 : 690, BowChumpFISA.jpg) (h)

9232805329e92b....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 184, 1114 : 806, BowChump69Seats.jpg) (h)

1f3766d7397031....jpg (168 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpRemind....jpg) (h)

3eddddada258bf....jpg (168 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpAmy.jpg) (h)

6fd117 () No. 4669407




> 8:55 EST / 5:55 PST PRAY PRAY PRAY

> 8:55 EST / 5:55 PST PRAY PRAY PRAY

> 8:55 EST / 5:55 PST PRAY PRAY PRAY

a36e96 () No. 4669408


>but if the country watches Trump act reasonably and state common sense facts, the media will lose a ton of credibility with the people once again.

>This just sets the stage for future announcements from the Oval Office. The media can't maintain the same level of outrage again and again, and the people still stop believing every time they cry wolf about Trump's "lies."


9d9493 () No. 4669409

da2da83e4ea8ec....png (150 KB, 255 x 254, 426 : 425, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


i say we start a movement with these, mr red fucking letters. this will show them we mean bizness

e775e4 () No. 4669410


Maybe but next time they may not give him a platform, I say it’s tine to go for it

903071 () No. 4669411


forgive me for missing it, and I'll forgive you for unironically using the word 'literally'

bf40c7 () No. 4669412

ea11bd8a395ce7....png (11 KB, 255 x 180, 367 : 259, TRUST_FLAM.png) (h)

a779a4 () No. 4669413

32cc404bb0e6cc....png (80 KB, 255 x 170, 647 : 431, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4d7b35ff34350c....jpg (13 KB, 210 x 240, 210 : 240, bernard-the-re....jpg) (h)

939a0b () No. 4669414


You know that israel has 8 million people. A lot of americans have israeli contacts.

Or red text muhjew clowns are not allowed to use their brains?

11bebd () No. 4669415

747b4ee6c6a034....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 226, 989 : 876, e8f262c8f4e84a....jpg) (h)

b21e0a () No. 4669416

100dd4522ed28d....png (486 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Yeah…can't get the CHAOS one to show on ADSB. In the list…just can't see where. Best I got is pic related.

a2e594 () No. 4669417


On it.

cf8640 () No. 4669418

I think if POTUS said those few little words….

The storm is upon us

Tonight would be the ultimate in Q proof for red pilling people!

b894c4 () No. 4669419

049dbe21cf78aa....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 219, 255 : 219, 30eaba59d5d30c....jpg) (h)

Can you feel it coming?

9d9493 () No. 4669420


so easy to filter millenial joo haters. thx.

256f9e () No. 4669421

12 KC135R's currently up

913973 () No. 4669422



4bccee () No. 4669423



Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,

The power and the glory,



45747d () No. 4669424


Have you even been outside of your own state anon? Let alone the country? Or lived in a Muslim country?

Your ignorance is palapa- you won't know that word. Your ignorance is showing faggot.

fddeeb () No. 4669425

729e1b1fb3cc28....png (659 KB, 255 x 153, 701 : 421, capture.png) (h)

Coast Guard seizes 7 kilos of cocaine off coast of Dania Beach

DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - An illegal drug shipment was stopped at sea by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Seven kilos of cocaine were seized from a fishing boat off the coast of Dania Beach, Tuesday.

Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security Investigations helped interdict the boat carrying a suspected smuggler and two migrants.

Everyone on board the boat was taken into custody.


c0626f () No. 4669426

Speech tonight …To my fellow Americans …Did you catch that Clemson game last night ??.

9d9493 () No. 4669427



2f4e1a () No. 4669428

bafa2a730e2b2a....png (563 KB, 255 x 214, 836 : 700, downloadfile-26.png) (h)





Anons would you hit it???

5da9da () No. 4669429


Fuck'n eBUTT..You're old news.

They pay you too much.

1bb536 () No. 4669430


The Antinet.

83e603 () No. 4669431


!!!! 🤣😆

069b05 () No. 4669432

Regarding the Amazon banning of products posted last bread. I received an e-mail today from an Amazon seller stating Amazon informed them they would not sell any of their products anymore. The seller was Lugol's who manufactures and sells, among other things, a 5% Iodine solution.

I have no idea why that product would be offensive to Muslims but I will be supporting Lugol's at their own site from now on.

b0c007 () No. 4669433


top kek

d17886 () No. 4669434



a77113 () No. 4669435

293ba0dd2f50b9....png (379 KB, 255 x 151, 635 : 377, PepeSnort.png) (h)



256f9e () No. 4669436

12 P8's currently up

a73d37 () No. 4669437


it is reported that he met up with them in Spain.

that rings a bell but I don't know why.

Was it Noname who went to spain for a meeting?

or was it Brennan?

44700f () No. 4669438

cfcd282eaa8c6e....png (19 KB, 255 x 22, 1277 : 112, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e775e4 () No. 4669439



406cff () No. 4669440


whats also funny about that is how would they know since they also want to boycott it tonight. Oh thats right!! They will wait until the msm & pelosi/schumer tell them what to think.

They all claim to be so much smarter than the right, but they refuse to do ANY type of research & take the word of CNN.

We need the PURGE to happen sooner rather than later. So many of them are beyond hope.

939a0b () No. 4669441





Israel the country needs a deep state cleanse, and it is looks like it is currently under way.

I have a feeling that bibi is part of the plan.

0aa1b6 () No. 4669442


usual fanboi shit followed by hardcore concernfagging

history repeats

0cee27 () No. 4669443

a6d1d18efc7987....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, red pill.jpg) (h)

Praying POTUS goes full Alinsky red pill on these mo fos, with a graphic video explaining the child sex trafficking rings. SHOCK THEIR SOULS.

6563aa () No. 4669445

130b672f75df7f....png (38 KB, 190 x 255, 547 : 733, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I feel like I'm stuck in the twilight-zone anon. I find nothing else other than Q saying this/she was set up example 1. Who is it that was killed in a helicopter crash recently?

256f9e () No. 4669446

13 T-38's Currently up

98591a () No. 4669447

3a8cc464bba0c6....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, pres.jpg) (h)

e01f5d () No. 4669448



(and i can't stop laughing)

2ade52 () No. 4669449

b86458955f9b00....jpg (182 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpRuthDe....jpg) (h)

f385a9f6134bff....jpg (174 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpProper....jpg) (h)

8902f2d63f5854....jpg (166 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpPepeMe....jpg) (h)

7d1ec43b9a5136....jpg (542 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1082, BowChumpPOTUSg....jpg) (h)

82aba84a1ed56d....jpg (183 KB, 255 x 158, 1114 : 692, BowChumpPlanef....jpg) (h)

0779fe () No. 4669450



0e8b9c () No. 4669451

f3efdd3f7d4130....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 122, 398 : 190, First Adultere....jpg) (h)

6ebc6e () No. 4669452


The purge is necessary!

Read the Bible


Wheat and tares about to be separated!

a27411 () No. 4669453


Kek’n Ayyyy!

a779a4 () No. 4669455

b287f019360dc9....jpg (70 KB, 208 x 255, 480 : 588, b287f019360dc9....jpg) (h)


Who, him?

1c5ed4 () No. 4669454


Depends, does she make sammiches after?

dad552 () No. 4669457

2f39802dff0c45....png (531 KB, 255 x 255, 499 : 499, 2f39802dff0c45....png) (h)

I'm on the West Coast anons, 60 Mikes!

575851 () No. 4669458

cd10e7363aa177....png (150 KB, 254 x 255, 307 : 308, KAF-Recon1.png) (h)

549d739d862d4d....jpg (393 KB, 255 x 129, 1903 : 964, 2019-01-09 00:....jpg) (h)


Repeating suggestion from LB.

"Lots" is a relative term and not quantative.

If you are remarking on the quantity of planes, provide a number.

You will find it at the top of the list of planes. Just scroll up the list.

Also say what filters you're using.

Pic related. 125 military A/c over CONUS at night!!!! Very damn many.

cf644c () No. 4669459

3e5db3ab6b55e5....jpeg (172 KB, 255 x 128, 1410 : 705, 79C76FD4-C7C4-....jpeg) (h)

b21e0a () No. 4669460

fda595bcfa04bd....png (653 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

The C-40B is designed to be an "office in the sky" for senior military and government leaders. The aircraft features two-way broadband data communications, including secure voice and data communication; elements include internet and network access, telephones, satellites, facsimile and copy machines. The C-40B also has a computer-based passenger data system.

406cff () No. 4669461


They'll probably just have a tail

8d22e6 () No. 4669462

129dd2eb2ce6ac....gif (1021 KB, 255 x 130, 500 : 255, You.gif) (h)


All over the world fucker and everywhere I go I assimilate.

Why should that be any different here?


59ed34 () No. 4669463


Are you fucking kidding me?? This is how they do it. I hope Lugols isn't under attack from other elements. Oh well, fuck Amazon. I try not to order from them anyway.

b894c4 () No. 4669464

8 minutes to redpill talk about PRESSURE!

5d74e7 () No. 4669465

58470a926f2b31....jpg (185 KB, 205 x 255, 798 : 991, 58470a926f2b31....jpg) (h)

642625 () No. 4669466




1aa4af () No. 4669467



That Anons is what were up against. Very creepy!

09ffaa () No. 4669468

00b0ff0ebf6112....png (35 KB, 255 x 85, 729 : 242, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Don't ever stick your dick in crazy.

6563aa () No. 4669469


too flabby whomever she is. kek

dc3d6b () No. 4669470


$7.8B is literally less than 0.2% of the annual federal budget, anon.

So Pathetic

c429b2 () No. 4669471


Fake accounts

a36e96 () No. 4669472

7fe7903aba44d3....jpg (11 KB, 199 x 255, 350 : 449, 7fe7903aba44d3....jpg) (h)

2531af () No. 4669473

0d967c3eedf1df....png (722 KB, 255 x 215, 659 : 556, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Here you go anon. Its not pretty but it gets the point across.

903071 () No. 4669474


Lugol's makes the iodine solution. iodine is necessary for life, and big food processors have removed it from our food. It used to be in bread. they have substituted bromine into supermarket breads.

I think that's not a muslim ban on lugol's but a big pharma-agribusiness-deepstate. they want us sick. Im buying lugol's

a779a4 () No. 4669475


That ass is in layers


8d22e6 () No. 4669476


busy night!

0aaab1 () No. 4669477



4e0221 () No. 4669478


No, her handler the General died

939a0b () No. 4669479


yup. this clown has all the markers:


1. no arguments

2. uses the 6 word shareblue muhjew word bank - "kike, rabbi, jidf, goy, schlomo, moshe"

5223f1 () No. 4669480


In Jesus name Amen

ac7881 () No. 4669481

New plantation, all it is


eda247 () No. 4669482

98a985e20b72c5....jpeg (24 KB, 255 x 166, 360 : 234, 9411129e5b05ed....jpeg) (h)


Fuck what they think

Truth is truth

It's not anyone's friend, and it doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks

f8c9ab () No. 4669483

>>4669382 this will be another metric Anon. Everything can be measured. A test to see how awake Americans really are.

Think Q linked vids

Think stress test

Think Q linked websites

This movement is growing exponentially


7c4f99 () No. 4669484

French Anon Reporting

America and friends, if you hear me. We are going to need your help soon.

https:// www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/transports/gilets-jaunes/gilets-jaunes-pour-mettre-fin-aux-violences-l-ancien-ministre-luc-ferry-souhaite-que-les-forces-de-l-ordre-se-servent-de-leurs-armes_3135531.html

https:// www.huffingtonpost.fr/2019/01/08/les-propos-de-luc-ferry-sur-les-armes-des-policiers-et-les-gilets-jaunes-indignent_a_23637392/

Using fake news and fake polls isn't enough for them, the panic is so high they are calling for the cops to actually use their lethal weapons against us.

They have already destroyed many lives with irreparable injuries involving flash-balls illegally shot in the head of non-violent protesters. I saw it myself, it's atrocious and quite choking. People with a punctured eye, teeth torn off, bleeding from the ears, eyes…

They are already using combat tear-gas, confiscating beforehand any mean of protection (even paper masks) when people are heading toward the rendez-vous of the protest.

Now, our former minister Luc Ferry (education ministry) is openly calling for the cops to use guns on us.

If you followed some of the live-streams, you can really see what's going on. That they clearly received orders to use flash-ball with no respect of the regulatory distance. They are shooting in the head, which is illegal.

Worse : private cops/gendarme groups on social media are laughing about such despicable action against We The People. They are laughing. Because they are the low-level scum used against us, the brainless, violent cops. And they found such things hilarious.

There are a lot of cops simulating sickness as a way to get a work stoppage from their doctor, to support us and show they will not fight against us because they are supporting what we are doing. A lot of them are good and sometimes try to stop their colleague from beating us. Watch real videos from our people, follow the live-streams during each saturday's protests.

We realized that the EU unloaded a bunch of militias in France. Cops who are not from France. Contingents which are not from our country.

We are dedicated to pursue this fight because we have noting to lose, and some of us already know what is happening in EU may not be as organic as people thought. We know Steve Bannon is here in Europe, trying to put an end to Soros and its empire of NGOs. We know the Trump administration have a lot of interests in the failure of both Macron and Merkel government. We know there is so many ties between the deep-state and France/Germany that the war against (((them))) will continue in Europe. Everything is perfectly logic and understandable.

Soon, we will need a plot-twist and I hope you will have a good one for us because we trust you. And sincerely, as far as I am concerned, I placed my last hopes between your hands, praying for your help.

10b928 () No. 4669485

950a8b3401eb26....png (154 KB, 255 x 153, 1200 : 720, flag.png) (h)

4b69526dcf417e....png (241 KB, 244 x 255, 644 : 673, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

fddedac470629f....png (89 KB, 247 x 255, 610 : 629, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)




80ba29 () No. 4669486

a779a4 () No. 4669487


Or a handler

b6a645 () No. 4669488

a65d97cb511e2b....png (1284 KB, 255 x 189, 1031 : 766, 2019-01-08_19-....png) (h)


Hard to forget once you see it!


069b05 () No. 4669489


Night x-country and formation flying.

9d9493 () No. 4669490


what's that you say? can't hear you!

1bb536 () No. 4669491



The sky is teeming with planes.

8d0348 () No. 4669492


I have many more saved…2017 was a great year for hilarious pics.

f20bd9 () No. 4669493

Russia Trembles as Prince Harry Comes out of Retirement to Join British Marines in ‘Show of Force’ vs Moscow

Mon, Jan 07 2019

According to new reports, Prince Harry has ‘secretly’ agreed to join more than 1,000 elite British commandos ­in what is being billed as ‘Britain’s biggest war exercises against Russia in 20 years.’


cf8640 () No. 4669494

Dear father above

We ask for you to continue to BLESS our POTUS and family and keep them safe from all harm, keep them securely in the warm palm of your hand and guide him to lead us to a better world.

Please keep Q and team safe as well!

Watch over our military, keep them free from the unnatural controls of this evil that lurks in our land.

And please Bless all patriots, both off this board and ON this board. Keep them safe from harm and secure in your external love!

For all here…..

my heart and soul are with you in this great battle!

80ba29 () No. 4669495

d0dfae17ccab51....gif (5017 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, ItsHappingDJT.gif) (h)

c0626f () No. 4669496

Govt shutdown ends tonight

bd6441 () No. 4669497

Will trump declare a national emergency tonight, what say you anons?

256f9e () No. 4669498


read above 13 t38s

12 P8

12 KC 135's

8d22e6 () No. 4669499

3e8e9ccc76bf1d....jpg (114 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, C-40B.jpg) (h)

b21e0a () No. 4669500

2e631f846123c4....png (742 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d5e9a72fca90c3....png (741 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Yesterday, pic 1. Today, pic 2.

f7ab33 () No. 4669501

Desantis spokesperson denies that the governor suspended Sheriff Isreal

11efbe () No. 4669502

3f2830c979697c....jpeg (12 KB, 255 x 219, 255 : 219, 6c0ae816be7d33....jpeg) (h)


Hey Sarsour.. you back again?

319167 () No. 4669503

The Wall is a dagger in the hearts of the simpering pansies of the Left

694449 () No. 4669504

8d014e19dd067c....jpg (141 KB, 255 x 128, 1105 : 553, storm.jpg) (h)

fddeeb () No. 4669505

352f2989ca73e6....png (791 KB, 255 x 143, 761 : 426, capture.png) (h)

Closer Everyday

'DNA' technology now aiding in identifying stolen items

Kit provides enough gel to mark about 100 items

With more than 5 million thefts occurring nationally each year, even when law enforcement recovers stolen items, it’s still difficult for them to determine who the owner is.

One company has come up with a way to solve that problem: "DNA" for your property, and it’s microscopic.

Here’s the deal: You get a kit from ProTech DNA that comes with a personal PIN and an adhesive gel that has microscopic dots. You can rub a small amount of the gel on literally any item you own.

Should law enforcement track down your stolen item, they’ll be able to identify your personal PIN with a UV light and special camera.

Your PIN, which is added into the company’s database, produces your email and phone number for police.

Though the company was founded about eight years ago, the technology has become widespread in the last couple of years. The company now has nearly 5,000 police departments and counting on board, adding about 1,000 more each month.


8d22e6 () No. 4669506

3bacc21c803c00....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, POTUS salute.jpg) (h)

38afe6 () No. 4669507

Hey Q, if we can't get a wall, have the military lay landmines and claymores instead. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper. Start dropping "GATORS"

ce0766 () No. 4669508


It is time for PROOF OF LIFE of RBG! I will be damned if these Cabal fukers will be voting in her absence & saying she is just “recovering” from cancer surgery.

POTUS must visit her in PERSON!

a77113 () No. 4669510

d8d856d02e9772....png (284 KB, 255 x 112, 1912 : 843, Screenshot_266.png) (h)



768611 () No. 4669511

0e679e7cb09266....png (192 KB, 255 x 204, 705 : 564, melaniaRBG.png) (h)

THIS is an awesome idea. Hey Q/Q+ What do you guys think of this one?! They could wear those great BLACK VEILS they wore when then went to visit the "pope"

b21e0a () No. 4669512

1969d92d891518....jpg (22 KB, 222 x 255, 222 : 255, fdda9353828900....jpg) (h)


Or I posted backerds. KEK.

cf8640 () No. 4669513

External love ***


59ed34 () No. 4669514


Just fucking bizarre.

7a6d9f () No. 4669515

I hope POTUS doesn't READ A SCRIPT tonight - it comes off horrible.

He is much better just talking with the bullet points on a paper or teleprompter.

c125aa () No. 4669516

83597b89e5ac30....png (615 KB, 255 x 255, 639 : 639, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

(lb) lost post

hahahahha my sides plz

38afe6 () No. 4669517

f7ab33 () No. 4669518

I hope Q will join us tonight!

7ad223 () No. 4669519

9225a531d383a9....png (1372 KB, 255 x 255, 1022 : 1024, CANEW2.png) (h)

6cfb61 () No. 4669520

399ebae05d41e4....jpg (103 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, 88ault.jpg) (h)

37da0d () No. 4669521

86e5457da0eff0....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 241, 600 : 567, isosadkitteh.jpg) (h)

I'm afraid to get excited

Afraid to get let down I guess

dc3d6b () No. 4669522









25685a () No. 4669523

39f118576f86d3....png (119 KB, 212 x 255, 500 : 601, female-rapist-....png) (h)

45747d () No. 4669524


>All over the world fucker and everywhere I go I assimilate.

KEK. Once you gargle "assimilate" and review your pic, you'll have as good of laugh as I did fag.

KEK if intentional!!

2501ee () No. 4669525

b75b315e8964b8....jpg (141 KB, 253 x 255, 497 : 500, hilltoots.jpg) (h)

c0626f () No. 4669526


Nope …prep the public … If Dems don’t find wall I will deem it an Emergency and fund wall without them

ad55d1 () No. 4669527

ae93d7b4f51291....png (501 KB, 255 x 168, 753 : 496, fstorm3.png) (h)

07ceab () No. 4669528

e7e86978325dc5....png (47 KB, 255 x 181, 493 : 350, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

This guy's nailed it

1aa4af () No. 4669529


What a fukkin freak show (((they))) had intended for those that would obey

4efedd () No. 4669530

During the Shut Down…can we have a complete audit of Schumer & Pelosi's financial ties, campaign contributions, any foundations connected to them, off shore bank accounts, etc. etc. It's their shut down after all…let's dedicate it completely to them!

7f7162 () No. 4669531

7ad597edd374d2....png (1077 KB, 255 x 255, 2560 : 2560, USA_Punisher_Q....png) (h)


KEK Army song on GST youtube feed

f8c9ab () No. 4669532


Proper and fitting Anon. God bless you.

2f4e1a () No. 4669533

bafa2a730e2b2a....png (563 KB, 255 x 214, 836 : 700, downloadfile-26.png) (h)

88ef7d7ae9a557....mp4 (2535 KB, 255 x 144, 326 : 184, 88ef7d7ae9a557....mp4) (h)




Anon that is Jennifer Lopez…

She use to have a stunning ass.

7b60c3 () No. 4669534


For the last three days already ….

What a waste of bread!

>>4635216 (pb, #5913)

c4a2c2 () No. 4669535

>>4668523 (pb)

BE —> (2)(5)

BEST —> (2)(5)(19)(20)

So I looked at 02/05/2019

-Almost all dates contain Qposts w/ (:52) marker - all (:52) posts mention HRC…including COME[Y] post

Y= 25 (mirror :52)

d31f63 () No. 4669536

All the shills and traitors are going to be on the wrong side of history after POTUS' speech tonight.

5d74e7 () No. 4669538

66c2689e2d4b08....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, 66c2689e2d4b08....jpg) (h)

319167 () No. 4669539


We are stardust, we are golden

We are billion year old carbon

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden

87ac89 () No. 4669540


His birth certificate is just as authentic

ea52d0 () No. 4669541

36108f13a20b67....png (68 KB, 255 x 146, 638 : 365, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2319e4c3f9236d....png (644 KB, 255 x 133, 966 : 505, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Probably a good chance POTUS will refer people to this site tonight, which may overload it.

Probably good to have a look now and sign up now if you're going to…



f4d59f () No. 4669542


POTUS or Q statement of support would be nice. When people start dying, this shit gets real. Why the fuck do we have military if we can't protect Patriots with em?

a14568 () No. 4669543


You pegged me last bread. I took the bait you set when you were pegging every other post in the past couple breads when you were sliding the board (that was to obvious). Sure enough you confirmed my theory. Ebot, who are you setting up the tracking software program for? You have had a lot of freedom of movement on board, now why would that be? Its just sad you used Anons as your test subjects. Free speech board or is it, hmm?

54f598 () No. 4669544


we're losing our shit because the mockingbird mother fuckers no longer have control of the narrative

939a0b () No. 4669545


I call out shills and the only ones I support are the people.

I do not support any corrupt country, israel included. I hope that the deep state apparatus there will be cleansed just it should be cleansed in the US.

cd6116 () No. 4669546

53b8cac973080a....jpg (125 KB, 255 x 250, 595 : 583, i-am-the-storm....jpg) (h)

11bebd () No. 4669547

c84a40523c0d4d....png (463 KB, 255 x 184, 621 : 449, melok.png) (h)

8d22e6 () No. 4669548

87f4cb8ba2fe02....gif (189 KB, 240 x 136, 240 : 136, you are the fi....gif) (h)

a779a4 () No. 4669549

5b3cc2b4be3412....png (256 KB, 244 x 255, 525 : 549, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

570c3c () No. 4669550

36df6d82bf1ef8....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 213, 516 : 430, pet-hoodies.jpg) (h)

6ebc6e () No. 4669551


Won't matter!!!!

Matthew 13:37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

f962fb () No. 4669552

620950ec04eabd....png (74 KB, 255 x 158, 409 : 253, Stormy being a....png) (h)

e8fb7c0bac7e62....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 121, 634 : 300, 8290524-657085....jpg) (h)

73ac514d8ff26d....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 241, 634 : 599, 8290542-657085....jpg) (h)


Stormy Daniels offers viewers to watch her 'fold laundry in her underwear' live on Instagram as an alternative to Trump's national address tonight

Porn star Stormy Daniels told her Twitter and Instagram followers they can watch her fold laundry live in her underwear tonight at 9pm EST

That is the same time Trump will give a speech in the Oval Office

He is is expected to make a public case for his$5.6billion border wall


9d9493 () No. 4669553


the 60's are over, anon. snap out of it.

aeb508 () No. 4669554

Rising up in Canada


e9a9d2 () No. 4669555

12c0a9cf5cb85d....png (2782 KB, 195 x 255, 1004 : 1316, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



dc3d6b () No. 4669556


If he does that, I'll buy you a coke.


09ffaa () No. 4669557

3846a374906a96....png (64 KB, 255 x 123, 916 : 441, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4536efce2b4b96....png (107 KB, 255 x 203, 750 : 598, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


>that rings a bell but I don't know why.

Torschin was arrested in Spain.

Accused of money laundering there.

Had wiretaps talking about Trump Jr.

And then so was Bill Browder, on a warrant from Russia.

Spain is also going to get pulled into this mess before long.

a73d37 () No. 4669558


most people age

b5f2fd () No. 4669559


8:55 = 18 = JFK Jr omgomg

125b96 () No. 4669560


flag of new agency some half fag posted about?

575851 () No. 4669561

>>4669446 T38 = trainers

6563aa () No. 4669562



TY anon. Prays God true anons are still here. The board is pure shit other than (you) true anons.

07ceab () No. 4669563


those yoga pants are having trouble holding in the fetal stem cell induced cellulite it would seem.

fddeeb () No. 4669564

c8dd19d3bd70ba....png (95 KB, 255 x 193, 715 : 542, capture.png) (h)

The entire reason government wants to TRACK all firearms is so tyrants can CONFISCATE them in the near future

The American Left has its dander up again over guns and is picking a new fight with a class of firearms that not only aren’t part of any major crime problem, but which have been around for years and no one seemed to mind or notice.

As noted by Bearing Arms, ever since the Trump administration decided to abandon the government’s case against Defense Distributed, an online open-source hardware organization that has developed schematics of firearms in CAD files that can be downloaded and used in 3D printing, Lefty Democrats have declared war on them.

The next skirmish is set to begin in Maryland, where ruling Democrats are looking to ban these so-called “untraceable guns.”


9d9493 () No. 4669565



e646c2 () No. 4669566


Not found in my Red Letter KJV.

a36e96 () No. 4669567


>some of us already know what is happening in EU may not be as organic as people thought. We know Steve Bannon is here in Europe, trying to put an end to Soros and its empire of NGOs. We know the Trump administration have a lot of interests in the failure of both Macron and Merkel government. We know there is so many ties between the deep-state and France/Germany that the war against (((them))) will continue in Europe. Everything is perfectly logic and understandable.


Anonymous ID: v3eCc2tY No.148023976

Nov 5 2017 00:31:00 (EST)

Ten days.


Scare tactics (MSM).

D's falling.

R's walk-away/removed.

SA → US → Asia → EU

Disinformation is real.

Distractions are necessary.

Focus was US today while real happening in SA under same context (military control, martial law, missile strike (rogue) etc).


POTUS' Twitter attack (see above).


Why is this relevant?

What was the last Tweet by POTUS prior to SA?

Why is this relevant?

SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).

Where is POTUS?

Why is this relevant?

Military operations.

Operators in US.

Snow White

The Great Awakening

Godfather III


et courage!

142b88 () No. 4669568

>>4668812 (pb)

Fuck the Prophet with a dead donkey dick, while pissing in his face!!

07734a () No. 4669569


POTUS and who the Fuck is Q if I'm Q+

4bccee () No. 4669570



<nightshift nightshift nightshift


Leave the lodge.

Still (little) time.

6f71bb () No. 4669571

May we hear these words tonight!

"May fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us"

a779a4 () No. 4669572


Stunning? You mean FAT.

Dont dox yourself as black.

eda247 () No. 4669573

bfe55e79d2162b....png (428 KB, 255 x 249, 597 : 583, 1545191378.png) (h)


Amen and hallelujah!

185957 () No. 4669575

e3d74f3dd08b02....jpg (321 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, GODWINSreadit.jpg) (h)

37e8138cc238fc....jpeg (9 KB, 255 x 142, 301 : 168, The left are m....jpeg) (h)

833803112e4458....jpeg (22 KB, 180 x 255, 329 : 466, GOD BLESS the ....jpeg) (h)

d13acf1113f3f2....jpg (65 KB, 255 x 250, 468 : 459, Favorite Day.jpg) (h)

e573d6c37805b1....jpg (41 KB, 151 x 255, 500 : 847, Digger.jpg) (h)

Please share some Snopes memes if you got `em

894617 () No. 4669574

Remember Timothy McVeigh? Now think DNC and D rally's that is where i think this is headed the longer the left is able to hold any power at all.

They have become so delusional that they shouldn't even be allowed to even be a viable party for office

a77113 () No. 4669576
























256f9e () No. 4669577


I say he does and does in a way to say here Congress don't worry about the Southern Boarder anymore we will just have the Military do it we found the legal way and the money now you can pass a budget ignoring the wall funding and I can sign it.

1aa4af () No. 4669578

a60d22881cefbf....jpg (223 KB, 148 x 255, 604 : 1044, 11.11.jpg) (h)

33f944 () No. 4669579

32a4ed1dbc3c4a....png (46 KB, 255 x 106, 487 : 202, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Not justice. "For Last"

baffee () No. 4669580


Nah, one looks evil, the other looks to be of the Light.

7ad223 () No. 4669581


Black's are subservient to Jews in the highly racist Illuminati. She is a high up witch but only high up for a black.

8d6b40 () No. 4669582

43c5a0de827ff7....jpeg (48 KB, 255 x 255, 640 : 640, 778e518b232a02....jpeg) (h)


keep up the good Fight.

Prayers to French brothers

0e8b9c () No. 4669583


Trump's kind of gal (1 Co 6:9-10, Heb 13:4).

406cff () No. 4669584


Twitchy is actually a really good site. They gather up all the stupid things Dems & ignorant Celebrities say and then post the best replies to those tweets.

It basically is a place where all the stupid is documented from Twitter

5ea994 () No. 4669585

cb7091d07f1090....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 143, 935 : 526, trump right he....jpg) (h)

5d74e7 () No. 4669586

942f091c67c437....jpg (26 KB, 250 x 255, 375 : 383, c33d73fe32d923....jpg) (h)

006933 () No. 4669587

Notables so far

Let me know anons, as it's busy. TY

>>4669484 French Anon Reports In: America and friends, we are going to need your help soon

>>4669358 Watch President Trump address the Nation live from the Oval Office

>>4669357 Former Edu. Minister: French police should be allowed to use LIVE bullets

>>4669292 Trump slashes $16.4B of regulations, 70 percent of agencies cut

>>4669262 , >>4669347 The rest of the story with the Browder, Magnitsky re pb >>4667598

>>4669233 Democrats In Talks To Block All Legislation Until Government Reopens

>>4669208 , >>4669308, >>4669416, >>4669460, >>4669500 Planefag Updates

>>4669201 Dig on the Similarities Between POTUS and Gaius Julius Casaer

>>4669106 New WH tweet announcing the address

>>4669102 Another new law today: 'Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018'

>>4669090 R. Kelly Faces Criminal Probe After Lifetime Docu-Series


2ade52 () No. 4669588

8ab4e987e45e6b....jpg (27 KB, 155 x 255, 290 : 476, pulloverrouge.jpg) (h)



e775e4 () No. 4669589

Rip off the bandaid and declare a national emergency and then ignore any legal interruption by the courts. Tell them you intend to continue until the Supreme Court hears the issue. It’s not possible for the left to be more outraged than they already are, thy have cried wolf too many times.

98591a () No. 4669590

5f77e85a68b21e....jpeg (15 KB, 255 x 198, 255 : 198, 662fd7629c52ae....jpeg) (h)

625de4 () No. 4669592

2bffb8a8924c54....png (372 KB, 255 x 190, 587 : 438, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f4d59f () No. 4669593


malkin lurks here 100%

6563aa () No. 4669594


Flab habbens, it's natural.

9d9493 () No. 4669595


-Cortez will post her tits before it's all over.

you read it here first.

b192ab () No. 4669596



cd6116 () No. 4669597

154b3ec91357a6....png (194 KB, 255 x 224, 476 : 418, storm-is-coming.png) (h)

dc3d6b () No. 4669599


at least 2 of the 4 'good' kikes you mentioned are EVIL.


99:1 evil vs good jews.

So Sad

a1a582 () No. 4669600


Kys nigger

903071 () No. 4669601


We are behind you, l'anon. I have been thinking that the cops used on you are not french, but maybe UN.

This movement we must overthrow the globalists worldwide. We can help you get the word out. whenever you find videos from your own people, post them here, we will save them, archive them, and keep posting. many many people watch this board and they will see.

We will PRAY. stand tall, les amis!!!!

d9b810 () No. 4669602


Isn't "top secret" the highest security clearance and all others are just specialized forms of top secret ie: "top secret: q" "top secret: nuclear" "top secret: Iraq operations" etc. Not necessarily higher, just branched out for need-to-know access

a90437 () No. 4669603


I don't care what you think, fuck off with your Hollywood Jew revenge fetish porn.

07734a () No. 4669604


Come on roll your sleeves up and share a needle!

84b78d () No. 4669605

642625 () No. 4669606

77b6cc92a60f92....png (1158 KB, 255 x 113, 1181 : 522, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


8d22e6 () No. 4669608

0522af92e6b670....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, Danger Macron.jpg) (h)

913973 () No. 4669609

anyone else notice trump is crickets today

07ceab () No. 4669610

has nothing to do with age… >>4669558

however, this whole post is a slide, so move along. sorry for shitting the bread

ef2a45 () No. 4669611

a5010e0909bc0b....png (322 KB, 255 x 235, 638 : 588, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

97c3ad ()