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Friday 2.1.19

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>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

>>4965770 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH. (Cap)

>>4965765 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator? (Cap)

Friday 1.11.19

>>4956136 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee (Cap)

>>4956094 ————————————–——– Public access to intel? (Cap)

>>4956076 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China? (Cap)

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Monday 1.7.19

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>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

#6494 Baker change

>>5085607 17 Minute Delta on POTUS' latest tweets

>>5085591 New Mexico House approves full term abortion bill

>>5085513 Judicial Watch Update

>>5085486 JW: Foreign voting in massive numbers

>>5085468 Some of what we know about Mr. Greensocks

>>5085459 Cory Booker compares 'Green New Deal' to moon landing and fighting Nazis

>>5085399 , >>5085578, >>5085423 New POTUS tweeta & Q drop referencing Hanoi (and RBG?)

>>5085386 Renault reports former CEO for €50,000 gift from the Palace of Versailles

>>5085364 Whitaker on lunch. Repost for keks

>>5085348 , >>5085407 New filing in Corsi v. Stone: Notice (Other)

>>5085345 Dig into Google's 'Project Dragonfly'

>>5085140 Missed the Whitaker Hearing? Watch it here. It's epic

>>5085127 , >>5085139 Hussein's tweet, John Dingell, his wife and HRC. Dig

>>5085033 Lindsey Graham calls for a vote on ‘Green New Deal’

>>5085648 #6494

#6493 Baker Change

>>5084848 Articles of Impeachment against Fairfax being drafted.

>>5084827 US, RUS, and FR test launch nuclear capable missiles within hours of one another. Cold War pt. 2?

>>5084760 Yahoo mail outage across the United States.

>>5084703 Mysterious booms heard in New Orleans and other US locations.

>>5084672 RS attorneys object to gag order.

>>5084667 The biggest threat to press freedom is the media itself.

>>5084633 VA Dems call for Fairfax to resign.

>>5084601 Washington: Magazine ban & firearm seizure Bills pass committee.

>>5084497 Trump tackles antisemitism in State of the Union: Addresses survivors, liberators.

>>5084382, >>5084432 DJT Tweet misspelling: he -> be? 3:15 timestamp related to Q drop?

>>5084360 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>5084339, >>5084440 Trump doctor Sean Conley: Good Genes! POTUS in good health for a very long time.

>>5084332 Info meme anon posts his collection. Thank you for your hard work. (lb/pb)

>>5084325 Sane Congresswomen Debbie Lesko at today's hearing

>>5084312 New from Garrison Graphics: "Little AOC's Green Deal"

>>5084283 DNI Coats' statement on the nomination of Christopher Scolese to director of NRO.

>>5084280 Fairfax claims he is innocent and will not resign.

>>5084234, >>5084469, >>5084728 Hirono, Booker and McEachin call for the resignation of VA Lt Governor Justin Fairfax following 2nd accuser.

>>5085470 #6493


>>5084069 David Daleiden’s filming of PP vindicated with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling

>>5084016 Big strike upcoming in Belgium - Climate - Yellow Vests - Wage Increase

>>5083727 Epic Whitaker: "I'm not a puppet"

>>5083577 Official: Gov. Northam tells staff he's staying

>>5083488 New filing in United States v. Christopher Collins: Bill of Particulars

>>5083487 National Enquirer denies Bezos’s claim it tried to extort him

>>5083482 Gag Order to be placed on Roger Stone

>>5083471 Students paid to look for racist photos in Virginia lawmakers' yearbooks

>>5083463 Candace Owens gets savage with Chelsea Clinton

>>5083458 , >>5084041, >>5084049 2nd woman's credible rape accusation against Justin Fairfax

>>5083451 Wells Fargo are still having tech issues

>>5084114 #6492

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#6494 Dough


751bcd () No. 5085717


67434f () No. 5085742


Russian Military Secured UN Aid Delivery To US-controlled Rukban Refugee Camp In Eastern Syria

“The joint inter-agency convoy consists of 118 trucks… and will deliver food, health, nutritional supplies, core relief items, water sanitation and hygiene materials, education items and children’s recreational kits to people at the site, the vast majority of whom are vulnerable women and children,” Stephen Dujarric, the spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said. “Vaccines for some 10,000 children under five (years) of age will also be part of the convoy.”


Displaced Manbij Residents Return Home

The displaced families were provided with medical assistance and food as they returned to their homes reports


People of Raqqa reiterate calls for US and French occupation forces to leave Syria

The Washington-led coalition has been committing heinous crimes against the people of Raqqa under the pretext of fighting ISIS, reducing much of the city to rubble using all sorts of weapons including phosphorus bombs, claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians.


Syrian War Report – Feb. 5-8, 2019: Russian-supplied S-300 System Becoming Operational



Putin discusses with UNSC permanent members situation in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday discussed with the permanent members of the UN Security Council the situation in Syria in the framework of the upcoming summit for the Astana process guarantor states in Sochi.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on occasion of Diplomats’ Day, Putin said that there is still much to do towards reaching a solution for the crisis in Syria and achieve political and diplomatic solutions for other crises.


Turkey Is Working To Turn Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Into Political Group ‘Like Hezbollah In Lebanon’

Turkey is working to transform Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, into a political party, a source in the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) revealed on February 8.

“Turkey is trying to handle the Nusra matter in Syria’s north, and they [the Turks] want to make this group a political group, like Hezbollah in Lebanon,” the source told the Russian news agency, Sputnik.

As a part of Turkey’s alleged plan, HTS will be integrated into the National Syrian Army (NSA). The terrorist group is already discussing the integration process with the Turkish-backed National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary.

“Under the Turkish plan, Nusra will be involved in the national army in the north, which Turkey is trying to build now … There are meetings between the Coalition and Nusra Front to agree upon arrangements for the merger and formation of a new army in the Syrian north” the source said.

The NSA is deployed in the Turkish-occupied areas in the northern Aleppo countryside.


Armenian Army Deploys Dozens Of Specialists In Syria

“The Republic of Armenia has decided to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people due to the harsh humanitarian conditions in Syria, especially in Aleppo, following the heavy military operations, and based on UN Security Council’s Resolution 2393 of 2017 and Resolution 2401 of 2018, as well as based on written requests from Syria and due to a large Armenian community in Aleppo,” an official statement by the Ministry of Defense (DoD) of Armenia reads.



751bcd () No. 5085744

this delta

67434f () No. 5085745


Syrian Democratic Forces Arrest 63 “Terrorists” In Raqqa

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested 63 “terrorists” during a large-scale combing operation in the war-torn city of Raqqa on February 7.

“These terrorist cells are directly responsible of spreading fear, chaos and rumors among the residents of the city,” the US-backed group said in an official statement released by its press center.

The group’s statement didn’t mention ISIS or accuse these supposed terrorists of any real crimes. Therefore, many activists concluded that the operation targeted supporters of the Damascus government or the Turkish-backed opposition.


Syrian Security Forces Uncover Large ISIS Base In Southern Deir Ezzor

According to the state-run news agency, the base contained several mass graves of civilians who had been executed by the terrorist group more than two years ago. Locals from al-Mayadin helped to reveal the graves.

“The base also includes a large training camp of ISIS terrorists, a tunnel network that links the hills around al-Mayadin, and a munitions workshop,” Deir Ezzor police chief Brig. Nizar Hassan told the SANA.



f9d564 () No. 5085747

cause you can never get enough

ea7d49 () No. 5085750







67f728 () No. 5085751

f9d564 () No. 5085752

dfaf3e () No. 5085753

69252d () No. 5085754


British electoral authorities said Friday they had officially recognised a new ‘Brexit Party’ backed by Nigel Farage, a key campaigner in the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

Recognition by the Electoral Commission means the party can now contest elections in Britain – and potentially in the European Parliament if Brexit is delayed beyond March 29.

“The party was founded with my full support and with the intention of fighting the European election on May 23 if Brexit has not been delivered by then,” Mr Farage told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

He said he would stand for election, adding that the party had received “hundreds of applications” from other would-be candidates, and “significant” funds had been pledged.

“The engine is running,” he said.

In December, Mr Farage left the UK Independence Party (UKIP) which he had co-founded and turned into a hugely influential force as its leader.

He fell out with the current UKIP leadership after it appointed a far-right activist, Tommy Robinson, as an adviser in December. The party is also languishing in the polls.

The Brexit Party “was registered on February 5,” a spokesman for the Electoral Commission told AFP.

It is led by Catherine Blaiklock, a former UKIP official and parliamentary candidate, who told the Telegraph she expected “thousands” of people from the ruling Conservatives to defect.

c948cc () No. 5085755

Could 2019 be the year we finally make contact with aliens?

After scientists discovered a radio signal from billions of light years away, it’s possible, says David Barnett. But we’re more likely to find microscopic bugs than little green men


f9d564 () No. 5085756

a9ce44 () No. 5085757

New York Man Arrested for Attempting and Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Terrorist Organization


d2fcac () No. 5085758

5ad3e3 () No. 5085759

c58c11 () No. 5085762

Does President Donald John Trump suffer from a bad case of

Holocaust Derangement Syndrome???

If you watched the 2019 State of the Union Address, you know he does.

What can you do to help your suffering president?

You can read this book titled “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century,” and research the JEWISH LIE of the HOLOHOAX.

Send Trump a copy of this book

and encourage our poor suffering president to read this book and research the subject himself.

The only way to cure

Holocaust Derangement Syndrome

is to educate yourself and to know the facts.

Do your patriotic duty!

438725 () No. 5085760

!!!! end of last bread.

0e9de3 () No. 5085761

Funny how Trump appointing a Special Envoy to COMBAT antisemitism has only worked to motivate us to dig further than every before into the filthy Jews.

a70735 () No. 5085763

>>5085489 (lb) Cognitive dissonance and concomitant schizophrenia rule the lives of the weakest & most confused minds. They made their bed, now let them lie in it. Many of us guys learned empirically that these should be avoided like the plague—intimacy with a loon will pollute your psyche for awhile. If they don't want to reproduce, well that's fine with us.

f6b65f () No. 5085764

67434f () No. 5085765

Israeli spacecraft aims for historic moon landing by 2019

July 10, 2018

It’ll be one giant leap for Israel.

A nonprofit group in the Jewish state plans to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon on Feb. 13, 2019, joining just three countries to have made soft landings on the lunar surface – the US, Russia and China, according to reports.

“We will put the Israeli flag on the moon,” vowed Ido Anteby, CEO of SpaceIL, which plans to launch the Israeli-built module in December from Cape Canaveral aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the Times of Israel reported.

“As soon as the spacecraft reaches the landing point it will be completely autonomous,” Anteby told reporters Tuesday at an Israel Aerospace Industries space technology site in Yehud.

“The motor will brake the craft and it will reach the ground at zero speed for a soft landing,” he said. “During the landing the craft will photograph the landing area with stills and video and even record itself.”

The 1,300-pound, spider-like craft will measure only about 6.5 feet in diameters and about 5 feet tall — making it the smallest spacecraft to touch down on the moon, according to the news outlet.

SpaceIL President Morris Kahn, an South African-born billionaire and philanthropist who donated about $27 million to the project told a news conference: “We are making history.”

The project took off in 2011 as part of a Google Lunar XPrize competition, which offered $20 million to land a probe on the moon.

The goal, Kahn said, is to inspire Israeli youth to pursue science studies and to have the impact the Apollo lunar mission had in 1969, when US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

“This is a tremendous project,” he said. “When the rocket is launched into space, we will all remember where we were when Israel landed on the moon.”

The Israeli government has promised to fund 10 percent of the $95 million project, he said, but the money has not yet been provided.

“The government should recognize that space is very important for the future,” he said.

Three Israeli scientists — Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub – embarked on the ambitious project.

“We met in a pub and started to discuss what it meant,” Damari recalled, according to AFP.

The three young engineers formed SpaceIL and partnered with state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, envisioning a tiny craft they believed could land on the moon by 2013.


cae5d3 () No. 5085766

>>5085468 (pb - notables)

Red Foxx died in 1991 so that realistically eliminates half those names.

438725 () No. 5085767



ff6e03 () No. 5085768


>>5085748 LB

Ghost-CON active.

Approval 58203-JX Code: AB-aKd&Egh281Q



Let 'er rip, repeat, all systems go over

f70be6 () No. 5085769

pb >>5085468

not really my guess but…

89521a () No. 5085770


Blue beam

27d119 () No. 5085771

Italians are seriously pissing off the gator-tooth French midget.

The breakup of the EU has commenced.



a18dfd () No. 5085772

b05ab2 () No. 5085773


Seriously, they're so concerned about him wasting time with his answers, but they keep asking the same damn questions.

0e9de3 () No. 5085774


In March, 2006, the State of Israel accused Boteach’s brother and business partner in L.A., Shlomo Boteach, of “using professional money launderers” to transfer $860,000 from the U.S. through Swiss and Uruguayan banks to an account in Israel, code-named “Ezra 26.” The court case covered transfers totaling $331,000. This transaction would be one of many that would become known as the Panama Papers.


081829 () No. 5085775

0bb28d () No. 5085776

>>5085315 (pb)

Interesting how superstitious-faggots think…

a18dfd () No. 5085777

cae5d3 () No. 5085778


See Jews in Space!

c948cc () No. 5085779

Fairfax Given Until Monday To Resign Or Face Impeachment After Second Sex-Assault Claim


c58c11 () No. 5085780


The article fails to mention that the gullible Goy American Tax Payer


a18dfd () No. 5085781

03821c () No. 5085782


Eddie Murphy and Redd Foxx costarred in a movie together, Eddie had a famous comedy routine about Mr T, Eddie hasn't been in a movie in quite a while

a4d39e () No. 5085783


there have been quite a few DOJ/JPATS planes to Harrisburg over the past few months .

was going to ask Q what the deal is with Harrisburg .

2139ea () No. 5085784


>Q Research General #6495: The 17 Minute Delta Edition

Simple side by side of the 17 minute delta

c58c11 () No. 5085785

2bb741 () No. 5085786


You mean the first time since 1993 when Sam Cassel visited earth / NBA ?

9c0fa5 () No. 5085787

Dreaming about Dream Groyper

0bb28d () No. 5085788


Gross… Now those parasites will infest the galaxy.

2e739a () No. 5085789

1b4e81 () No. 5085790


Hercules Hercules Hercules

c948cc () No. 5085791

12,000 Chinese Blood Treatments Found To Be Contaminated With HIV


0e9de3 () No. 5085792

f15396 () No. 5085793

Trump's biggest nightmare isn't Mueller


CNN starting to slowly backtrack all their Russia BS

7f355d () No. 5085794

My Deep Gratitude Post

Faggots, Anons and whatever to hell else you are, my gratitude for your news consolidation daily. And your unique interpretation on all that goes on! That’s why I love you and this place. Nothing like it or like y’all! Keep up the good work patriots, you are all sincerely appreciated, and I hope the world gets to know your contribution to truth and exposure. Love all of you, no homo!

c58c11 () No. 5085795

67434f () No. 5085796

55e68c () No. 5085797


Hmm… The end of breads are a good place to drop comms.

That said, it could be reasonably inferred by someone looking to troll, and the pattern of numbers seems like it could be a key… Or gibberish.

Interesting catch. Not sure if it is relevant, or even sure what to do with it if so.

986efc () No. 5085798

Make Virginia Great Again.

33de6e () No. 5085799

92a0f3 () No. 5085800

0bb28d () No. 5085801


If I was an Israel-First KIKE, who sold-out decent, hard-working Americans, for the sake of communist-Jews, I wouldn't want to talk about race or religion either…

(Looks at POTUS).

f70be6 () No. 5085802



e1eff8 () No. 5085803



081829 () No. 5085804


while(1) {


print_image( "walkie_talkie_shill_garbage.jpeg");

if(reply == meme) {



print_meme(); }


c98b0e () No. 5085805

>>5085569 lb

Need a gotcha answer

Need a gotcha answer

Need a gotcha answer

They are so pathetic!

0e9de3 () No. 5085806

d57f41 () No. 5085807

I am ready for the next target, Mr. President and Q!

4e7fe5 () No. 5085808

Read this article:


"Tantalisingly, Holstege says the results raise the possibility of rejuvenating ageing bodies with injections of stem cells saved from birth or early life. These stem cells would be substantially free of mutations and have full-length telomeres. “If I took a sample now and gave it back to myself when I’m older, I would have long telomeres again – although it might only be possible with blood, not other tissues,” she says."

Where would they get fresh stem cells from?

f9d564 () No. 5085809

68f405 () No. 5085810

team community organizer out, now dealing with deadClintonpool


2281b0 () No. 5085811


Seeking evidence, so they dont have any, sounds like desperation.

f70be6 () No. 5085812

e7e8dd () No. 5085813


>Access denied.

qanonproofs.com not currently working? Down for maintenance?

a26c62 () No. 5085814


Jim Brown?

1d9894 () No. 5085815

>>5085123 (lb)


0e9de3 () No. 5085816

d57f41 () No. 5085817

The Hill

‏Verified account @thehill

#BREAKING: Virginia delegate will introduce articles of impeachment Monday unless Fairfax resigns http://hill.cm/71fCb0i

Boom! They know this shit is 100% True

e8fa50 () No. 5085818




Unfortunately that's just ebot remotely resetting it's scripts.. is happened before. ebot's last post was just prior to the first post by the ID.

67f728 () No. 5085819

f07b94 () No. 5085820

practice baking! (sans notable gathering)


grab this pastebin and copy paste into your home text editor


grab this OP picture, Q_Anon Research

copy this for the thread title format

Q Research General #__: __ Edition

go here


create a thread

you will see all the page breaks per post, pretty straightforward

us prior pastebin for your dough post


level up one step higher,

make your own new pastebin for the dough post

2823f3 () No. 5085821

Tucker is master troll. I love it.

69252d () No. 5085822

He is holding a copy of the Haitian Constitution


Sen. Youri Latortue, who represents the Artibonite region, said two people, including an 18-year-old protester, were killed and 10 others were injured in a protest in the city of Gonaives that degenerated as police opened fire to disperse the crowd. He accused police of killing the 18-year-old at the port.

But a police source refuted the claim, citing a video that showed the teen in a conflict with armed agents at the port and not Haiti National Police officers, who were not at the scene.

In addition to Gonaives, protests were also reported in the southern cities of Port Salut, Jacmel and Les Cayes. In Port-au-Prince, the U.S. embassy issued security alerts for certain areas, including roadblocks and protests around Aristide University in Tabarre and near a police station in Delmas. It also reportedly asked embassy employees, along with those employed by the U.S. Agency for International Development, to leave a Petionville hotel over security concerns.

bea499 () No. 5085823

This should be good.

Bloomberg to announce by end of month if he’ll run for president in 2020

Billionaire and ex-New York mayor says his decision won’t depend on what others do, in an already crowded field vying for Democratic nomination


^^^here for sauce, not copypasta all that shit.

986efc () No. 5085824

a8ce7b () No. 5085825

Baker's and company I would call this a Boom.

Not sure if it has hit here yet, but for the first time now in the new is the real business Clinton's made their money on. Human trafficking and selling babies to the highest bidder's. All run by a cult that was running a sex slave baby making business. This does a good job on the details.


930eb4 () No. 5085826

Hi Q! Hope you're having a good Friday. We are all comfy here. Is it RBGs time on stage yet?

c948cc () No. 5085827

boomerang suicide

think kavanaugh


15be1d () No. 5085828

2139ea () No. 5085829

a70735 () No. 5085830

c58c11 () No. 5085831

6f7ca5 () No. 5085832

>>5085636 lb

Either cut all aid, or quit bitching….

But since you already stated that not all jews are evil ( lets assume not Muslims are all bad either) why would we ban them? Plus, banning anything in this countey just makes its people go underground. The government had hundreds of laws where something is illegal and hundreds of people breaking that perticular law at any given moment. Pedophilia, selling drugs, human trafficking, cheating on your taxes, speeding, murder, rape, owning a gun as a felon, illegal immigration and so on , are banned… You see where im going with this? The only way to get rid of any evil, is to put all of our effords into eliminating guilty individuals. So i go back to my original statement

ALL guilty- off with their heads

ALL innocent -must be protected.


Btw, thank you for talking to me and having a conversation rather than reeeeing and calling me names as most muhjewshills are known for. I wish all ( or most) of you could. I bet we could all agree on much moar if real conversations happened on a regular basis. We might overall disagree with eachother, but as you see, we agree on quite a bit. Have a great night ( i mean that) and lets fully agree on the following,

God bless America, God bless all good and innocent people of this world, May God lead the way and may his will be done, May ALL guilty suffer in hell for all eternity AFTER we are done with them, and my favorite,

God wins!

f15396 () No. 5085833

Be me….

Be Centre Left politically.

Most of the policies of the Right I do not agree with or not 100%. However I HAVE to back The Right 110% because the Progressive Left are crazy.

Example: I am not a cheerleader for abortion. That said I think it ought to be available in instances of rape and pubescent children getting pregnant and not wanting to keep the child and severe deformity whereby the child will not survive term and such.

I think it ought to be heavily regulated but that it ought not be akin to birth control. It should be accompanied with counselling and education. I understand and respect the harder stance of the right to lifers, I just consider it too hard and fast. I simply disagree. However the Progressives on my side want to kill fully formed viable babies and some want to actually murder born children. That is crazy.

They do this kind of crap again and again. I simply cannot back them on anything because they are crazy. I choose the Republican stance on just about everything because the only stances on my side are crazy.

I back Trump because he is strong enough to take on the Progressives in a way that no other person, no matter how good a politician, could have.

The Progressives have dug their claws in and ruined so many aspect of society and culture INCLUDING the Left. I am NOT a Progressive. I never was that. I am on the Left but I am Liberal NOT Progressive. I am happy to engage and not an authoritarian.

I do not care if the Right burns the political left to the ground. The humility and lessons taught should allow for a reasoned, humble and rational Liberal to come out of the ashes of that.

What we get on the Left is kind of deserved for letting these Authoritarian scumbags take over the Left.

Be me.

686001 () No. 5085834


Emanuel "Riley", 27, and Sevario "Whitaker", 36, were charged with theft from a federal firearms licensee, possession of silencers not registered to them, possession of stolen firearms, and possession of firearms after being convicted of a felony.


333534 () No. 5085835


Due to large media interest, I will issue a statement regarding articles of impeachment at 9 pm tonight at Arlington Central Library

74ed8e () No. 5085836


Isn't Richard Pryor dead as well. How could it be a dead guy?

7d1917 () No. 5085837

0bb28d () No. 5085839


Every. Fucking. Time.

I guess this was a form of Holocaust "reparations".

92a0f3 () No. 5085840

2e7d4f () No. 5085841

33de6e () No. 5085842

ccc839 () No. 5085843


John Dougherty indictment could be major. Anons really haven't started digging much on PA yet.



438725 () No. 5085844


rain on someone elses parade. It.is.happening

5ad3e3 () No. 5085845

2139ea () No. 5085846

a70735 () No. 5085847



27d119 () No. 5085848

"Future German Leader Calls for EU Army to Avoid Being ‘Plaything’ of U.S., China, Russia"

The Germans really need to go back and read their history. They've tried this save stupid thing several times before. It always ends with them and their armies defeated and their country burned to cinders.


0e9de3 () No. 5085849

Rabbi Schlomo was in Aspen last summer…

So was (((Adam Schitt))) with Glenn Simpson

August in Aspen is beautiful

686001 () No. 5085850


back to back gun robberies in OHIO

Indicted are: Jevonn Goolsby, 29, of Akron; Seirgio Kindell, 30, of Canton; Charles E. Goode Jr., 37, of Lakewood, and Dwayne J. Wilson, 34, of Euclid.


9c0fa5 () No. 5085851

2281b0 () No. 5085852

VA Senate Democratic caucus—the 19 D senators who work with Justin Fairfax—just asked Fairfax to resign. Very bad news for him. #CommonwealthofChaos


6804c0 () No. 5085853

The scale of this blows me away…

Russia spends about $10,000 fucking around with 2016 election and it’s WWIII for Libtards.

PP spends at least $30mil doing the same thing and killing babies to sell their meat and that’s cool.

7f355d () No. 5085854

>>5085459. I think Booker should book it before all his sick transgressions come out. I have a feeling he has done things much worse than Fairfax. I think we should be like bees and do the hive mind research on him. There’s no way he just came on to one guy! Farticus is going down, I feel it!

912a13 () No. 5085855

Ya know between Heinlein and Twain I can have a response to about anything.

2823f3 () No. 5085856

He said the Crown Prince was “not involved” and blaming him would be crossing “a red line,” according to AFP.

“For anyone to think that they can dictate what we should do, what our leadership should do, is preposterous,” al-Jubeir said.

The Saudi Minister was in Washington where he met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

a448df () No. 5085857


Nope. Not notable.

7ce164 () No. 5085858


Top job, baker.

Aspiring bakers, ask us anything.

2767cd () No. 5085859


Lmao! That is one ugly motherfucker

381b8a () No. 5085860


Pryor died in 2005

1c3baa () No. 5085861

bcd9e5 () No. 5085862

Step one

Nikola Tesla

Master of thunder and lightening

to be given here at 2/10/19 1201 PM Pacific Time

That is all I have to say

Good night

92a0f3 () No. 5085863


so shmoooly is a handler?

27d119 () No. 5085864


Who is Tiffany Fitzhenry?

333534 () No. 5085865


VA Senate Democratic caucus just asked Fairfax to resign. Very bad news for him.

f6b65f () No. 5085866


but Northam making babies comfortable to better kill them, that's still ok, right? right?

95c60f () No. 5085867



We already know who it is.

33de6e () No. 5085868

6804c0 () No. 5085869


Not to hungry Hollywood

d2fcac () No. 5085870

168dd1 () No. 5085872

>>5085468 (lb)

Keith David = Greensocks was thrown out there as a possibility I believe.

f9d564 () No. 5085873

d57f41 () No. 5085874

Could Northam have been setup?

Was Fairfax the target to not make it look racial they started with Northam.

15be1d () No. 5085875

Jewtard Goldstar

00571f () No. 5085876


some fuckin' sanity here


081829 () No. 5085877








>ok faggots it your boss speaking! IT's CODE PINK! i repeat! CODE PINK!

<got it chief! i'll post some rabbi memes again, it'll work this time!

<i'll post some shit with "pull it" saying jews did 9/11. won't mention Hulliburton, the Saudis, the clowns or the fact that mossad isn't jews.

<i'll post that trump is a traitor

<i'll post some shit about the holocaust

<i'll post some shit about it being the jews

>good faggots! just make sure to do it from different ips!

7f355d () No. 5085878


Bet you the location changes, POTUS doesn’t announce plans before they happen

e8fa50 () No. 5085879


meh.. go back and verify for yourself.

d835cf () No. 5085880


mmoar plz.

theres so much juice in that hearing

92a0f3 () No. 5085881


never Alist

f15396 () No. 5085882

"Economic Security for those unable or unwilling to work"

A new bill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sponsored


438725 () No. 5085883


It's a distraction

102c85 () No. 5085884



2e7d4f () No. 5085885

9f058d () No. 5085886

>>5085707 lb

Anon, we also have a group of Jew haters who are right out of StormFront and David Duke.

I have been a student of the Nazis and WW II since I was in junior high. To say that I have read a lot does not begin to cover it.

I also have accounts from family members as to what Nazi Germany was like for the average German.

I also once met an older lady who was a camp survivor. The faded tattoo on her arm made tears puddle in my eyes no matter how hard I fought it. Sad fucking stuff, anon.

On the other hand, I also know who owns most of the banks. But, I also know how to protect myself from them.

2139ea () No. 5085887

ff6e03 () No. 5085888

09da5f () No. 5085889

95c60f () No. 5085890


I try, lol.

081829 () No. 5085891


the muhjew shill algorithm:

while(1) {


print_image( "walkie_talkie_shill_garbage.jpeg");

if(reply == meme) {



print_meme(); }


92a0f3 () No. 5085892



ccc839 () No. 5085893


oops forgot screenshot

d57f41 () No. 5085894


serious sexual allegations sandwiched between two blackfaces

was the middle the prize

a448df () No. 5085895


Exactly! If Fairfax goes then Northam and Tran better damn sure go…

68f405 () No. 5085896

Seems it's gonna start with Epstein


a8ce7b () No. 5085897

You go to your favorite Twitter account and it doesn't allow you to follow. I have tired this and it works until that is they change their code. Noticed a Twitter glitch…… you can't follow a suspended account. But if you hit follow twice quickly, and hit "yes" to unfollow on the popup you can follow the account. Guess Twitter needs to learn to code……

Happy tweeting!

333534 () No. 5085898


Great Trips.

0bb28d () No. 5085899

2e7d4f () No. 5085900


Trolling RBG


03821c () No. 5085901


Eddie Murphy is a co owner for the restaurant Georgia in LA

17fd14 () No. 5085902

Well, ain't that some shit. Dirty rotten socialists.


1d9894 () No. 5085903


Never asoon shit

148855 () No. 5085904



Keep in mind this is the Grammies.

It has to be someone with a legacy link to the music industry.

d084dc () No. 5085905


It already happened nigger

b2d41a () No. 5085906

Q ain't brought shit to the table.

3a8d5a () No. 5085907



Enjoy the show.

ad0232 () No. 5085908



0e9de3 () No. 5085909

74fbfa () No. 5085910


North Korea would be a great geopolitical and economic ally. The connect South Korea, China, and Russia and has easily accessible ports (I'm sure new ones to come). The also have beautiful land, resources, and climate. Use North Korea as a true example of how great it could be to be a true ally of America. Not an ally of the deepstate, like England and Israel.

112c5e () No. 5085911

bea499 () No. 5085912

You diversity is strength fukkers need your shit kicked in tbh.

0bb28d () No. 5085913



15be1d () No. 5085914

69ff81 () No. 5085915


krassenstien is an imposter

and goebele is a failure like his experiment

ff6e03 () No. 5085916


and I stole that shit

I steal everybody's shit

they steal my shit, too

that's the design!

381b8a () No. 5085917


>Aspiring bakers, ask us anything.

When is the last time you cleaned your keyboard?

← Also, would you hit it?

b2d41a () No. 5085918

67f728 () No. 5085919

AZ Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema being told "Watch your ass", by fellow Dem for applauding American success under Trump Administration.

713812 () No. 5085920

Hitler-Owned Book Detailing Plans For North American Holocaust Comes To Light

The 137-page report detailing North America’s Jewish population.

Library and Archives Canada recently acquired a 1944 book previously owned by Adolf Hitler that detailed the blueprint for a North American holocaust. The 137-page report, titled “Statistics, Media and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Cada,” was written by linguist and researcher Heinz Kloss, and focused on nationality and language to create a systematic census of the continent’s Jewish population.

The disturbing document was purchased last year for $4,500 and was only unveiled to the public last Saturday, one day prior to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, CNN reported.

Kloss did some serious research on North America’s Jewish population, curating a North American network of Nazi sympathizers and digging into Jewish newspapers and organizations throughout his visits to the U.S. in 1936 and 1937. With 1930s census data as the report’s foundation, Kloss’ goal was to collate Jewish-specific data, confirm the numbers, and contribute to Hitler’s genocidal efforts.

The report would’ve played “an important role” in transposing Hitler’s Final Solution to the North American continent if he managed to invade, argued Michael Kent, curator of the Jacob M. Lowy Collection that is preserving the document.

74ed8e () No. 5085921


Yes but Hwood Anon was posting recently

148855 () No. 5085922


>Eddie Murphy

Now he does have a previous music portion of his career.

My Girl Wants To Party All The Time

c2cf89 () No. 5085923


nice call anon.

74ed8e () No. 5085924

112c5e () No. 5085925


I'd hit it with a lead pipe

686001 () No. 5085926

Judge in cop killing trial lifts gag order and unseals documents, but they stay hidden

Cook County judge poised to oversee the murder trial of a man accused of fatally shooting Chicago police Officer Michael Bailey in 2010 on Friday overturned an earlier decision to conceal court documents from the public and news outlets.

But in a twist, despite the ruling, the files Judge Stanley Sacks unsealed in the case against Antwon Carter, 31, weren’t released Friday because they weren’t sent to the court clerk’s office at the Leighton Criminal Court Building before Sacks’ staff left for the day.

Sacks unsealed the court documents and lifted the gag order on attorneys in the case against Carter, who prosecutors say shot Bailey during an attempted carjacking in the Park Manor neighborhood on the city’s South Side. Bailey, 62, was washing his new Buick, an early retirement gift to himself a few weeks ahead of leaving the department, after his shift as an overnight bodyguard for then-Mayor Richard M. Daley.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, but I never claimed infallibility,” Sacks said. “… I think the order by me was incorrect at the time. It was not an effort to protect the rights of Antwon Carter. And the public has the right to know what’s going on.”

Three jailhouse witnesses have said Carter told them he killed a cop, including Carter’s former cellmate who gave the most extensive details about the purported confession, but later recanted. Under a new state law intended to add more scrutiny to controversial use of jailhouse informants, who have been known to lie to get more leniency in their own cases, judges now assess the reliability of these informants ahead of trial.

Sacks had been set to determine the credulity of the jailhouse informants in Carter’s case, but because his rulings in the case have been under seal, it’s unclear how he has ruled — and won’t be known until the files in the case are made public.


438725 () No. 5085927


How do you that wasn't a call for action on 5 different dates? You're making a lot of assumptions

198b27 () No. 5085929


Barking orders for the day. "Make sure to state before hand not to waste time with answers, and then, don't let him answer any questions, and insist that he's wasting time with answers"

5ad3e3 () No. 5085930


great post. when the people come back towards center we all win.

32d6ad () No. 5085931

2139ea () No. 5085932


886841 () No. 5085933

like islam

081829 () No. 5085934


the revisionist "documentary" that he offered, is shill level garbage, that is an insult to the intellect. Calling it a pro hitler propaganda piece is an understatement.

here is a true documentary that links the nazis to the cabal:

a576e0 () No. 5085935

Democrats Are Showing Us All Who They Really Are–Let’s Believe Them

The Party of Very Late Term Abortions And Infanticide


912a13 () No. 5085936

15be1d () No. 5085937

8c68de () No. 5085938

Tucker is funny as shit, Bezos bear growl,kek

4af7f2 () No. 5085939

0813a7 () No. 5085940

Billy Dee Williams

f9d564 () No. 5085941

a4d39e () No. 5085942


smash for cash ?

30b205 () No. 5085943

Delta between Potus Kim Jong Un posts = 17

Q's posts about Kim Jong Un on Jun 11

6 + 11 = 17

9ad6d1 () No. 5085944

ea7d49 () No. 5085945



a70735 () No. 5085946



What you said may indeed be true BUT

(1) there's no new news here – we already knew about the "John of God" and his sex-slave farm and Oprah's endorsement of him


(2) Nowhere does the article mention the Clintons. So even if this is precisely what they do, and I don't doubt it, this article is not a good source for that information.

Thanks for playing.

If you find some solid sauce on the Clintons, by all means bring it here.

2139ea () No. 5085947


you don't see that one very often

03db5e () No. 5085948

Venezuela Voting machines, investigation & rigging


2767cd () No. 5085949


Fucking hilarious. The hysterical dems with their obvi double entendres.

c2cf89 () No. 5085950


You forgot this epic one too.

9c0fa5 () No. 5085951

f9d564 () No. 5085952

a10703 () No. 5085953

Lone Republican Brian Fitzpatrick joins with Democrats to rebuke Trump for leaving Paris climate deal

Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania joined with more than 50 House Democrats Friday to introduce a bill affirming Congress’ support for the Paris climate agreement that President Trump rejected. “Climate change must be addressed proactively with leaders from both sides of the aisle working to protect our planet,” Fitzpatrick said. “Every nation will be affected by climate change which is why nearly every country agreed to work to reduce carbon emissions. I continue to urge the administration not to leave the Paris Climate Accord — but in the meantime, Congress should send a message to the world: the people of the United States remain committed to pursuing bipartisan solutions to address climate change and protect our environment.” Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, is a leader of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. He is also the co-sponsor of a carbon tax bill that would return the proceeds to American households as a dividend check. He won re-election in November for his purple district in the middle-class suburbs of northeastern Pennsylvania. Fitzpatrick’s bill, introduced with Reps. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., Don Beyer, D-Va., and 56 other Democrats, is only symbolic.

All countries of the world except the U.S. under the Trump administration have committed to the Paris Agreement, under which nations set their own nonbinding targets for reducing carbon emissions. Trump argued the U.S. committed too much compared with other countries, and withdrew. The U.S. plan, which the Obama administration submitted in 2015, set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent by 2025. Reaching that level would help the world achieve the overarching goal of the Paris Agreement, limiting global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which many scientists say the world would see irreversible effects of climate change. The U.S. cannot formally exit from the Paris Agreement until the 2020 presidential election year under the United Nations' rules for withdrawal.


0bb28d () No. 5085954


Damn… Heinz Kloss is a hero.

It's too bad Germanic Americans got duped and massacred Germanic Europeans for the sake of commie-Jews in WW2.

7d1917 () No. 5085955


Author Blogger



33de6e () No. 5085956

102c85 () No. 5085957


Yes. Fucking funny as hell.

986efc () No. 5085958

VA Machine.

07534d () No. 5085959

Look at the guy on Tucker defending AOC green deal, kek

He has fucked up hair like the ancient aliens guy,

0bb28d () No. 5085960


Tucker is the TRUTH

33de6e () No. 5085961

f9d564 () No. 5085962

6e20b3 () No. 5085963


>Could 2019 be the year we finally make contact with aliens?

>billions of light years away

You being serious right now???

Seriously, these idiots can't tell you what's going on inside this solar system, and you're gonna believe that shit?

148855 () No. 5085964


Eddie Murphy - A List Comic / Movie Star

Music Career albeit short-lived.

Green Socks at the GRAMMYS

b2d41a () No. 5085965

Q fizzled like a dead fish but Jones is still putting out Intel, big tech couldn't flush Alex Jones.

d2fcac () No. 5085966


would be awesome

912a13 () No. 5085967

1b4e81 () No. 5085968

7d1917 () No. 5085969


Geffen most people suspect no1 for Kurt Cobain killing and cover up. Alike the two other recent high profile musicians killed (suicided).

92a0f3 () No. 5085970

2281b0 () No. 5085971

WTF is that on his head ?

cd4d7e () No. 5085972


While Trump is In Hanoi he will be bringing home all those NoName recordings made during the Vietnam War. Still Winning !!! Kek

cde41f () No. 5085973

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax accused of SECOND sexual assault


I really hate to say it, but FBI Anon called it.

68f405 () No. 5085974

top kek


148855 () No. 5085975


Yeah, he had a few.

Party All The Time was the biggest smash tho

0312c5 () No. 5085976

c98b0e () No. 5085977


It's a mystery!


33de6e () No. 5085978


lol horrible hair piece… good god

deef08 () No. 5085979

So proud of our man Whitaker. Great job today leading those shitheads in circles. Made ‘em exposed as low iq. Talked nadler into a pretzel “i just answered your question” 5:15

Laughed my ass off!


2139ea () No. 5085980

84a476 () No. 5085981


Busted with that tranny, though.

And while we could say it was a story fabricated to smear him, I believe he said he was just giving shim a ride home.

So he does admit the fact…

92a0f3 () No. 5085983

6d4cd5 () No. 5085982


Called it how Anon?

Don't recall VA comments by FBI Anon

081829 () No. 5085984




<i got it boss! it'll woek for sure! i'll discredit his pesky q crumb by quoting a secular jew from the 18th century that said judaism is law and not a religion! no one will look him up on google

>brilliant gaylord! brilliant! also don't forget to use ip #2 and spamming those lame shill memes. you got the algorithm as your desktop background.

while(1) {


print_image( "walkie_talkie_shill_garbage.jpeg");

if(reply == meme) {



print_meme(); }


00571f () No. 5085985

686001 () No. 5085986


Pamela Bailey, left, watches the casket of her husband, Chicago police Officer Michael Bailey, as it is placed into the hearse while daughter Jada, center, salutes and son Michael, right, clutches an American flag as they leave St. Sabina Catholic Church after funeral services for her husband on July 23, 2010.

bullet #17

Police investigate the scene where an off-duty Chicago police officer was shot and killed July 18, 2010, after returning to his South Side home on the 7400 block of South Evans Avenue after work.

Police investigate the scene where off-duty Chicago police Officer Michael Bailey was shot and killed outside his South Side home on July 18, 2010, in Chicago.


ff6e03 () No. 5085987


Ken Cuccinelli, the antidote to the VA machine

f61c7c () No. 5085988


Seems like you added the Q. Mind posting a link to the original? the one i see is just an anon or bot

2e7d4f () No. 5085989

8c68de () No. 5085990


Tucker Rocks!!

b2d41a () No. 5085991



That faggot is definitely a nut job.

3a039c () No. 5085992

9ba699 () No. 5085993

>>5085567 lb

>>5085457 lb

>>5085628 lb

Whatever other replies there are, this is irrefutable. It is in itself a criminal miscarriage of justice to allow known criminals and traitors to continue to walk free.

>>5085519 lb

Low-iq, unthinking sheep like you have ruined this once-great country.

>>5085486 lb

Elections are a fucking joke. Another Q failure.

438725 () No. 5085994

IT creator Stephen King thinks Pence is creepy

"He's a mean doctor on a soap opera that sells drugs. Probably has a prostitution ring from Bulgaria or something."



aa97e5 () No. 5085995



0813a7 () No. 5085996

Lando - Star Wars

af69b7 () No. 5085997


a good set of instructions I've seen before


A. Get the Dough

1. copypasta the pastebin link into your browser

2. click "clone"

3. copypasta the text into a text editor

(I suggest to NOT copypasta the notables section until you're about to bake; edit it in the pastebin, then copypasta it when you're about to bake; the others will and SHOULD NOT be changed)

B. Notables

1. open a different text editor page

2. collect notable posts like you see bakers do (first post at the top, last post at the bottom; chronologically):

[post link] [short description]

3. if you want, do updates for anons around 200, 400, and 600 posts

4. have a list of the notables in your text editor

C. Prepare the Bake

1. around 680 posts, or before that if you want moar time to bake, post the all the notables as a "notable bun"

2. like you see in the dough, put the link to that "notable bun" with the bread number as the description as the last post in the notable list:

[post link] [short description]

[post link] [short description]

[post link] [#XXXX]

3. add the current bread number to the notable's section of the dough, like you see in the notable's section of the dough

4. copypasta the notables from the current bread under that bread number in the dough

D. Bake

1. open the catalog (or index) and press "Create a thread"

2. add a title in the format of all the other breads into the SUBJECT section, but change the number to 1+ the current bread's number (suggest to copypasta the title from the current bread, then changing the number then changing the title)

3. save the pic at the top of the bread, then upload it

4. copypasta the FIRST section of the dough ONLY (everything before the first break) into the comment section

5. press "New Thread"

6. open a new catalog a few seconds after pressing "New Thread" (unless the bake loads then you don't have to)

7. copypasta the SECOND section of the dough ONLY as the 2nd post of the bread

8. copypasta the THIRD section of the dough ONLY as the 3rd post of the bread

9. copypasta the FOURTH section of the dough ONLY as the 4th post of the bread

10. in the pastebin, press "Create New Paste" at the bottom of the pastebin page (fill out the captcha)

11. post the link to that new pastebin as the fifth post of the bread

12. you're done, see A

2bb741 () No. 5085998


Klaus Meine Is my hero.

32d6ad () No. 5085999


We are so close.

They almost got in that time.

364c10 () No. 5086000


Dats a dangerous place to take a nap.

f6b65f () No. 5086001



yes and no, he had an amazing run for most of the 80s (& early 90s? not sure)…

then for a while it was more of a slow descent than a sudden disappearance, but that could be what getting snubbed by those in control would look like.

cause when he was at the top, he was tippy-top and un-fucking-stoppable

148855 () No. 5086002


Greensocks the Renegade did say he did some spoopy shit, too.

1173d6 () No. 5086003

When #Qanon says BUCKLE UP… I think they REALLY mean BUCKLE UP! Buckle up your pants boys! Because NSA has IT ALL!!! (This explains Bezos’ recent divorce… those texts must have been pretty explicit!)

Think Pickle Factory.

What ABC agency is heavily tied to Amazon?

AMAZON coming soon.

Who made it public?

Who really made it public?

Who is making it all public?


These people are STUPID.



081829 () No. 5086004


<fuck boss! nothing is working!!! we are losing the narrative

>ok don't panic! use the low ki protocol. try to blend in again. post "gtfo" with the backup ip. try to make it organic.

<on it.

3a35b1 () No. 5086005



I was watching Blues Bros the other night and saw Steven Williams in it. Still had a career past the time that Renegade said but activated the almonds nonetheless

a18dfd () No. 5086006

27d119 () No. 5086007

Bezos photo leaked?

198a9d () No. 5086008

Happy Friday Night Faggots!!!

What a glorious week! The MSM is in full on PANIC. Entertainment at it's finest!

Any news on RBG??

2e7d4f () No. 5086009

cde41f () No. 5086010

f9d564 () No. 5086011

9f058d () No. 5086012


What makes you think any of these people are our guy or girl?

Jesus Christ, the place is a fucking swamp. They ALL have to go.

aade6d () No. 5086013


What if they are not killing the babies but kidnapping them instead?

cde41f () No. 5086014

102c85 () No. 5086015


She's still dead. We are still conspiracy theorists for thinking it.

033695 () No. 5086016


84a476 () No. 5086017


Also came to me a minute ago, HWanon says they were A-list, but we also run the sad fact of them over-estimating that appeal.

Nothing against said anon, I presume they'd be humble enough to see how someone would think that. But for now I'll take them at their word; A-list.

3b13e8 () No. 5086018


Remind you of anyone????

Pic related.

0fe4af () No. 5086019


NSA baby!

33de6e () No. 5086020

deef08 () No. 5086021


Lando Family Guy

a4d39e () No. 5086022


kek , i have seen bigger clits .

333534 () No. 5086023


From the coke-addled alcoholic that "can't remember" plaiger…WRITING most of his early stories. Where are HIS bodies buried i wonder?

b2d41a () No. 5086024

Bezos's outside of his luck in business is a dumbass bullshitter.

Billionaire sending tiny dick pics.

148855 () No. 5086025


He was A-List

But Comedy/TV(LateNite)/MOVIES

The music part was never really A List but could tie him to the Grammy invites tho

f70be6 () No. 5086026

00571f () No. 5086027

2281b0 () No. 5086028


She voted yesterday but still dead.

886841 () No. 5086029


Eddie coming back for Coming to America 2

92a0f3 () No. 5086030


oy vey…please leave

912a13 () No. 5086031

c2cf89 () No. 5086032


Easy A list at one point. Also not a short career. Still going with many movies in progress.


442e3b () No. 5086034


He starts to cry at :39.

They know they're done for.

0bb28d () No. 5086035


Agreed… They are ALL just chasing pensions… It's sick.

ff6e03 () No. 5086036


The whole fuckin' room, /them/ and /us/. were breathless to see if he'd skirt the perjury trap, and he led them to think he was *about* to bite their cheese, then fuckin' BOOM

32d6ad () No. 5086037



It's all in Bluffdale.

Data center there.

d084dc () No. 5086038


Embarrassed to say he reps my state, at least I didn’t vote for the faggot

db8ae2 () No. 5086039

438725 () No. 5086040


truth. but still funny as shit and likely true. read the pedo diggs on him - lots of stuff already out there before Q

033695 () No. 5086041



That guy as on something, rocking constantly and moving… jeez

912a13 () No. 5086042

ca2e7e () No. 5086043


Do NOT reply to shills

Do NOT demolish their intentionally flawed arguments

Do NOT debate their idiotic "concerns"

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT participate in shill KAYFABE

In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind.


Do NOT perpetuate shill SLIDES.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT pick up spit

If you are NOT sure, LEARN to ID shills

shills = hate

shills = labels

shills = repetition

shills = envy, greed, etc.

Do NOT correct intentional shill mistakes

Do NOT be triggered by shill taunts

Do NOT eat dead bats off the street

Do NOT bark back at dogs

Do dig, meme, pray.

How to Spot a clown

Dealing with Clownish Shills & Shilly clowns==

>>2322789 Spot a shill

>>2323031 Spot A Clown

shills have no agency

no will independent of their masters.

Shills are a profitless burden upon the earth.

Shills are the passed gas of history.

Their words are writ upon water.


ad0232 () No. 5086044


Rick James produced that

deef08 () No. 5086045


Its shrinkage!!!!!

3a35b1 () No. 5086046


This guy did disappear in the time frame and also wrote some books exposing new age symbolism

03db5e () No. 5086047

Venezuela Election

Voting Machines linked to Venezuela

Chicago & Venezuela

Queen's Privy Councill Globalists


92a0f3 () No. 5086048


ok lamont…kek

9f058d () No. 5086049


It's a sick fucking game.

309214 () No. 5086050

>>5085575 (lb)

Yes. Not being a victim of slave mindedness and 'getting muh hands dirty 'for a livin'' is 'retarded'.

Why are you even here? If not to END the global slavery, human livestock plantation, engineering dominion etc… then

7bc5d6 () No. 5086052


Recent clocks.

Wind the clock with all markers.


Whitaker (all posts by date, first mirrored marker done).

Patel (back in the news, shared marker with yesterday). News today would be a bonus

Yesterdays POTUS tweets with deltas.

2e7d4f () No. 5086051

0e9de3 () No. 5086053

f15396 () No. 5086054

Mayoral task force recommends paying struggling Chicagoans $1,000 a month

CHICAGO (WLS) – Some Chicago families could start collecting a $1,000 check every month with no strings attached. That's the new proposal from a task force created by Mayor Emanuel.

The idea is to break the cycle of poverty. The pilot program would give 1,000 struggling Chicagoans $1,000 a month.

Supporters say people could use the extra cash to cover unexpected emergencies, increase their savings and improve their health.

The money would come from a mix of city funds and charity.

For more information, visit www.economicsecurityil.org.


b2d41a () No. 5086055

081829 () No. 5086056


<i'll go on with the low ki protocol boss. will post "oy vey" and tell him to leave. it'll work for sure.

>go on gaylord! keep me updated. make it look organic.

198a9d () No. 5086057

>>5086018 Reminded me of the muppets red headed chemist

f6b65f () No. 5086058


wouldn't having a few comedy albums be enough?

i mostly remember his live shows (see the intro to Delirious to how much of a SUPERSTAR he was) but i would guess those would have sold pretty well too

76093a () No. 5086059




102c85 () No. 5086060

Oh me oh my. It is happening. Yee haw.

32d6ad () No. 5086061



Also, think mirrors.

Backups in Ft. Meade.

Arkansas also.

Mirror's of data backup.

Everyone has a profile.

You can FOIA it from NSA.

Project Bumblehive exposed by Snowden.

But we did the K first.

a10703 () No. 5086062


He looks like PeeWee Herman, KeK

210c72 () No. 5086063


Said something about government infrastructure for charging electric cars. Almost total control over transportation. That and already stated (presumably state-owned) trains. Don't bother hiding it.

2139ea () No. 5086064


>Wind the clock with all markers.

how are you going to do that if the clock starts after there are markers?

ad0232 () No. 5086065


Poke, poke

55db92 () No. 5086066

Men anons: we just got a gift from God dropped on our laps. Men don't know women, not a one of us ever has, or will.

Here's the good news: women know women. Aside: when your date tells you another woman is hitting on you, believe her. But make sure to communicate to her that you didn't see it. When she tells you you should have seen it, just say: I only have eyes for you, not looking at any other.

Anyway, what old anon is trying to say is this is the best time for men anon's ever seen. Time for men to be men again. strong, responsible, caring for your woman. Trust old anon, women know women have done wrong. Good women are looking for you.

366925 () No. 5086067

d2fcac () No. 5086068

Ocasio was a pilot before she wanted to ban pilots

1d9894 () No. 5086069

COWARD Dem Blocks Republican Bill To Save Babies, Then Runs From Reporter When Confronted


2139ea () No. 5086070


nice one muh dick

0e9de3 () No. 5086072

74ed8e () No. 5086073


He was also at the Grammy's last year. Looking for image of him in Green socks

8c68de () No. 5086074


She's fine, heard she's going water skiing soon!

006443 () No. 5086075

9ade51 () No. 5086076

>>5085626 (lb)

>>5085737 (lb)

081829 () No. 5086077


<i'll try the retarded angle boss. will post some random muhjew shit. will imply that the cabal are jews.

>go on, just make it look organic. don't glow too hard.

db5b76 () No. 5086078


I know this guy is just a placeholder AAG to keep the pieces moving around the board and the DS in the dark but my God, I can't imagine the composure and quick wit you'd need to not only stay composed in the face of this shit show but deal with their absolute HORSE SHIT "questions" I wanted to fucking strange that cunt who kept saying "yes or no"

a7d69e () No. 5086079

How To Hate a Jew

15be1d () No. 5086080

015694 () No. 5086081

33de6e () No. 5086082

7d1917 () No. 5086083

It’s (You)anon and Q

09da5f () No. 5086084

2e7d4f () No. 5086085


Compromised faggot…? He’s repaying (((them))).

00571f () No. 5086086

07a650 () No. 5086087

Bezos in the news today…

Reminder: pic related.


ad0232 () No. 5086088


There's no on like you

b2d41a () No. 5086089

9d8313 () No. 5086090

Doing a great job Q, send those planes on another round of attacks

7f355d () No. 5086091

>>5085792. Does anyone else get a really scuzzy feeling looking at that guys; and that him and booker had sick sex?

2ac694 () No. 5086092


Humor got so complicated…

1d9894 () No. 5086093


She also worked at Krispy Kreme donuts…probably a lot of other stories about her

Livecam maybe?

f9d564 () No. 5086094

381b8a () No. 5086095


>Bezos photo leaked?

c2cf89 () No. 5086096


Yeah I had Delirious memorized. High School…..

a8ce7b () No. 5086097

9f058d () No. 5086098


And, she knows you're lying when you say you only have eyes for her.

Jesus………..what bullshit.

b40ef4 () No. 5086099

When is Q going to start funneling cash to Anons?

We're all ass deep in Cabal bullshit.

As long as Trump is playing along with the Cabal narrative, they should help us out.

We've been targeted by the IRS

We've been targeted by Clowns

We've been experimented upon by DARPA

We've been poisoned

We've had our DNA altered

We've had our friends & loved ones murdered

Who knows what the fuck else they've been doing that we don't know about.

Anons should all get an anonymous $52,000 payout from the government paid in $1,000/week installments. We pay way more than this to illegal immigrants every year.

We need to throw some fuel on this awakening fire.

0e9de3 () No. 5086101

d084dc () No. 5086102


Wise words my nigga, too bad I’m locked in already

84a476 () No. 5086104

Hollywood anon, anyone?

Good Plebbit thread on why he left Hollywood…


Says Chapelle show ended in '05, though, hmm…

309214 () No. 5086105


7ce164 () No. 5086106



last week


366925 () No. 5086107

3368c6 () No. 5086108

First we had many politicians who decided not to run for re-election. Now resignations in Virginia. Representatives in multiple states are sure to resign as well for their various actions, then the remaining state criminals will end up prosecuted.

6e20b3 () No. 5086109



and MAGA RIOT!!!

Nah, I'm just playin'.

Be cool. . .

0312c5 () No. 5086110


They're not giving the full picture.

32d6ad () No. 5086111


Required reading.

75cf5b () No. 5086112


Let's switch this board to /FBIResearch/….

He is much more credible and involved than Q

ad0232 () No. 5086113


All right, who's got the Hillary meme where she says they all look the same

112c5e () No. 5086114


I wonder if that cunt is a grandmother.

a18dfd () No. 5086115

00571f () No. 5086116

0e9de3 () No. 5086117

db5b76 () No. 5086118


shut the fuck up you useless boomer, social media only enhanced women's true nature. That of a whore who is property.

32d6ad () No. 5086119


She is great.

Have you read her books?

84a476 () No. 5086120


Nvm, way too young.

2139ea () No. 5086121


go make it redditfaggot, his shit is fake and gay

1d9894 () No. 5086122



With a low yield thermonuclear device, from far away.

3a039c () No. 5086123

f15396 () No. 5086124

Nellie Ohr’s Revelation Of Dossier’s Ukrainian Source Connects The Dots From DNC To Mueller

The name Leshchenko, who was the source on the so-called “black ledger” of payments allegedly made to Manafort from Ukraine (and then laundered), ties everyone in the mix together very directly. It connects the dots without interruption or air gap from the Obama administration to the Clinton campaign, to Fusion GPS, the media, the DOJ, the FBI, and the Mueller investigation.

If it’s not the smoking gun, it’s certainly a gun that was used in a collateral felony related to the same crime.

Again, Nellie Ohr’s testimony in 2018 indicates that Leshchenko was a source for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign. Serhiy Leshchenko has been known for some time as the source of material published in August 2016 on Manafort and the supposed “black ledger,” the authenticity of which, as Chuck Ross points out, has never been confirmed.

But until Ross’s report revealed Nellie Ohr’s testimony, there wasn’t direct evidence publicly tying Fusion GPS to Leshchenko and the “black ledger.”

Now that there is such evidence, a lot of things fall into place. Leshchenko’s involvement with Fusion GPS draws a straight line from the DNC and the Clinton campaign to the Mueller probe in the form (mostly) of “people connections.” The dots connect in the following way (some material cited from Jeff Carlson’s invaluable The Markets Work, link below. Carlson’s links can be followed from his text).

The starting dot: Chalupa

DNC official Alexandra Chalupa, a Democratic operative of Ukrainian heritage, was focused in early 2016 on Paul Manafort and his activities in Ukraine, briefing the DNC Communication staff on Manafort on 29 March 2016, the day after he joined the Trump campaign.

On 28 April 2016, Chalupa gave a presentation on Manafort to a gathering of 68 Ukrainian journalists in Washington, D.C. “for a program sponsored by a U.S. congressional agency called the Open World Leadership Center.” (Emphasis in original at The Markets Work.)

Two days before her presentation, Michael Isikoff published a Yahoo News story on Manafort’s dealings with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Dots: Usual suspects

Note two major points about these facts. First, at the time of Isikoff’s 26 April article, Deripaska’s law firm (i.e., his legal representative) was a client of Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele’s firm. Steele had essentially lobbied for Deripaska in the U.S. and brokered meetings for him.

Moreover, Steele and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson had known each other since at least 2009; i.e., they were well acquainted and did not connect at random for the notorious dossier whose compilation began a few weeks later in 2016.

It would not be credible to suggest that Simpson didn’t know Deripaska’s lawyers were Orbis clients; in fact, it’s much more likely that Steele was useful to Fusion because Simpson knew that. As a long-time journalist who had covered numerous Russian crime and Ukrainian stories, Simpson also knew the milieu, and quite possibly knew Leshchenko in his own right. (Connections of this kind, as I have observed many times before, are precisely what law enforcement and intelligence agencies investigate and verify to make RICO cases. There is nothing fanciful about informed speculation: it’s what leads to investigative priorities, theories of causation, and validation.)

The second point: this period – March-April 2016 – was when Fusion approached the law firm Perkins Coie about contracting to perform opposition research for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The contract for the work was made during this period.

On 3 May 2016, Chalupa – again, a staffer for the DNC – sent Luis Miranda (the DNC communications director) an email referring to her brief to the Ukrainian journalists. In it, she mentioned “inviting Michael Isikoff” and “connecting him to the Ukrainians.”

Michael Isikoff, of course, would go on to be one of two journalists who wrote about allegations from the Steele dossier in September 2016 (the other being David Corn of Mother Jones).

Steele, meanwhile, contracted with Fusion GPS and produced the first memo of the dossier on 20 June 2016. According to reporting from 2017, he first provided part of the dossier to the FBI on 5 July 2016 (to his old handler from the earlier FIFA case, presumed to be Special Agent Michael Gaeta).

As widely reported in recent weeks, Steele met with Bruce and Nellie Ohr for breakfast on 30 July 2016. At that point, Nellie Ohr had been on contract for some months to Fusion GPS. What we now know is that Serhiy Leshchenko was a source for Fusion GPS at this time.

At nearly the same time, Alexandra Chalupa left the DNC to focus full-time on researching Manafort. Let’s refresh ourselves on the personal background that made this a natural fit for her role as a Democratic operative:


75cf5b () No. 5086125



a70735 () No. 5086126


Hard to meme. First stab. Feedback?

d57f41 () No. 5086127


Ive wondered about this. DId they meet July 4th? Trying to figure how that date ties into this.

23ab2b () No. 5086128


Total alpha move.

2e7d4f () No. 5086129



f70be6 () No. 5086130

louis gosset jr


112c5e () No. 5086131


damn..I have one but it's at work

148855 () No. 5086132



Well lookie here - Eddie is a former Grammy Winner!

cd4d7e () No. 5086133


I have PapaD, Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn trying to plead guilty. Who are all the rest, have we heard their names yet ???

986247 () No. 5086134


081829 () No. 5086135



<ok boss I'll use the algorithm and post that lame shill meme about the western wall:

while(1) {


print_image( "walkie_talkie_shill_garbage.jpeg");

if(reply == meme) {



print_meme(); }


>good homo. also post some shit about khazaria and then ip hop and post shit about blacks. lets probe the reaction to it, we might be in for a new shill topic. muhjew is not working well for us lately.

32d6ad () No. 5086136


This bread is delicious.

9f058d () No. 5086137


You're as big a moron as he is.

7ce373 () No. 5086138


are there any "laws" making it clear that to have a vote counted, presence MUST be in person or in extreme circumstances, must be noted as officially having heard the case through and passed vote to another party in the witness? Not 100% familiar on that part of the machine. I doubt very much that POTUS would allow rules to be broken……..the entire RGB sounds like "checkmate" to me, really….as one way or another, only TRUTH will satisfy the masses that have been made aware of the moves being made…..

And in the case of which she did in fact under no duress make a vote after hearing the case, implying she is also of sound mind to do so, then no amount of "We couldn't tell anyone about her whereabouts due to Nat Sec" is gonna be sufficient… JMO, of course, but the sleeping giant sleeps no more…

ca2e7e () No. 5086139


Wonder if he's considered penile augmentation?

There's a microdick community online, and they posted pictures discouraging the members for going for the gusto surgically.

00571f () No. 5086140

912a13 () No. 5086141

30596f () No. 5086142

3a8d5a () No. 5086143


Geez, you're late McThistle. Whittaker was glorious today. I'm enjoying the show, as I'm sure you are.

Are you nice and warm after this week's problems?

RGB is ded, kek.

db5b76 () No. 5086144


a simple reply from a simple mind

a4d39e () No. 5086145


of course not …. not all jooo's , but definitely a lot of em .

word games , meh JDIF fail .

c98b0e () No. 5086146



Puppet serves the master?

148855 () No. 5086147


Great idea - happy digging luck

c2cf89 () No. 5086148


He came back and took the loot on Netflix. His cousin says it is not him.

b2d41a () No. 5086149

75cf5b () No. 5086150


He was on half chan, faggot and he was right

about Virginia. What has Q done for us lately?

0e9de3 () No. 5086151


He's real scuzzy.

aaa4e3 () No. 5086152

+++LA raid wells fargo?++++

a18dfd () No. 5086153


<jidf, only the jooos

3a35b1 () No. 5086154


>louis gosset jr

Thought so too, but according to his IMDB, he's still working. Might be disinfo though…shit he might not even be black

081829 () No. 5086155



<shit boss! nothing seems to work, not even low ki protocol!

>post some shit with rabbis. make it look as retarded as possible. and also post disinfo about p not being payseur

<on it!

42b2d0 () No. 5086156


Putin is a Sun Tzu master juh.

He spent (only) 10k on a fake narrative. Very logical kind of like:

CoryBooker4Prez – so what it doesn't make him any less of a candidate that he

lovesgloryholerapesex ← Noice slogan there.

If Putin only paid 10k to bring down the network of cabal world wide - order and exposing infanticide, racists rapists, human/child/sex/drug trafficking. satan worshiping, black mailing lying villainous swallowswell mindless drones full of nigger swamp scum – TAKERS OF INNOCENT LIFE - DEMOCRATS ARE BABY KILLERS!!

He got a pretty good deal for 10k especially since Dems are pushing the investigatory schedule –cause they only have 2 years. Very funny. This is so unreal. What a timeline.


p.s., Putin – I would've sold it for $8999.00 KEK

fdde4e () No. 5086157


They must have figured out the succession to keep the State blue…

f6b65f () No. 5086158



But it's weird how pretty much any mention gets jumped on.

Don't see a lot of babymemes telling us who not to talk about

309214 () No. 5086159



3a8d5a () No. 5086160


*RBG kek

204800 () No. 5086161

0fe4af () No. 5086162


Any Blackouts habbening across the USA?

617c84 () No. 5086163


Help me out here bois.

Whistleblower Dennic Cain blows on Clinton Foundation and his house gets raided by the FBI in an overtly unnecessary method.

Same way Roger Stone's house got raided.

IS THIS A Qoincidence?

5ad3e3 () No. 5086164


Maybe when POTUS spelled it BOZOS in his tweet that was the go code to commence the take down of Bezos via the sexts.

7d1917 () No. 5086165



Here’s the URL


713812 () No. 5086166


this is a major reason why they don't care.about future generations or the kind of world they leave us

Childless genetic dead rules Europe, 12 EU leaders have no children

Childlessness among European leaders is becoming an increasing dangerous trend as normal people usually look up to their leaders and tend to do what they do as a perfect recipe for success but are these leaders even suited to be role models?

Demographics in Europe are a disaster. Among native white Europeans they stand somewhere around 0.9 to 1.1. Back in 2006 an in depth study revealed countries like France having only 1.8 children per Christian family. Germany had a 1.3 rate and Italy 1.2. Throughout the entire European continent the child rate was only 1.38. Today the rate is worse then ever before and keep in mind, the study was conducted on a religious basis, Christians vs Muslims, not on a racial basis. There were and are many of non-Muslim immigrants in Europe as well such as Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, East Asians, etc. Childless white Europe is dying right before our eyes.

No one ever gave any thought to these childless EU leaders until this article which appeared in Taki’s Magazine only 5 days ago. This is becoming an increasing problem which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


32d6ad () No. 5086167



It's big.


Did people forget the nerds rule the world?

Because we have the data.

Bezos is no exception.

None of us are.

The key is to stay Anons for now.

We can't dox yet.

Soldiers are still deployed in the ME now.

They would be at risk.

We have to move.

deef08 () No. 5086168


Let us have some faith in the plan and our fellow man. We all carry sins. Maybe he was a bad guy/maybe he is a good guy. He played his role today for the big win. One battle at a time. Even darth vader flipped in the end

081829 () No. 5086169


>listen gaylord! keep on spamming that semi retarded muhjew pasta.

<10-4 boss!

912a13 () No. 5086170

b867ab () No. 5086171

"What's going on in Asia?" ~ Q

[1 year delta] (2 days ahead of schedule)



7eab56 () No. 5086172


So far so good, i would say tip the

scale to the right, so they don't whey

equal. also use the same font as the

title but the light version on the scales.

center the text instead of left justifying it.

2bd725 () No. 5086173


Here are all four posts by that ID from last bread:





92a0f3 () No. 5086174


> scuzzy feeling looking at that guy

shmooly..I don't know…you have

described my feeling accurately.

b2d41a () No. 5086175

David Wilcock is Q..

9f058d () No. 5086176


What did you just say to me?

2139ea () No. 5086177


>He was on half chan, faggot

no shit, I'm telling you to go back

>he was right about Virginia

so were 100s of anons you pathetic faggot

>What has Q done for us lately?



15be1d () No. 5086178

7d1917 () No. 5086179


I just learned her name yesterday. She seems legit but I’m pretty low iq so idk?

2e739a () No. 5086180

a70735 () No. 5086181