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Friday 1.11.19

>>4956136 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee (Cap)

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

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>>5086377 Learn to code: 'Nunes talks like a 4channer on Ingraham Angle'

>>5086245 5:5 Marker today?

>>5086208 Kamala Harris: Justin Fairfax should resign

>>5086087 Bezos new 'shadow' advisor is female of Chinese descent

>>5085926 , >>5085986 Cop killing trial documents unsealed but stay hidden

>>5085919 , >>5085992 Dem Sen Jackie Rosen-Rosen to Kyrsten Sinema: "Watch your ass"

>>5085902 Covington mustache guy pops up once again

>>5085784 Simple side by side of the 17 minute delta

>>5085752 , >>5085756 Some Whitaker Highlights

>>5085754 Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party officially recognized

>>5085742 , >>5085745 Syria News

>>5086412 #6495

#6494 Baker change

>>5085607 17 Minute Delta on POTUS' latest tweets

>>5085591 New Mexico House approves full term abortion bill

>>5085513 Judicial Watch Update

>>5085486 JW: Foreign voting in massive numbers

>>5085468 Some of what we know about Mr. Greensocks

>>5085459 Cory Booker compares 'Green New Deal' to moon landing and fighting Nazis

>>5085399 , >>5085578, >>5085423 New POTUS tweeta & Q drop referencing Hanoi (and RBG?)

>>5085386 Renault reports former CEO for €50,000 gift from the Palace of Versailles

>>5085364 Whitaker on lunch. Repost for keks

>>5085348 , >>5085407 New filing in Corsi v. Stone: Notice (Other)

>>5085345 Dig into Google's 'Project Dragonfly'

>>5085140 Missed the Whitaker Hearing? Watch it here. It's epic

>>5085127 , >>5085139 Hussein's tweet, John Dingell, his wife and HRC. Dig

>>5085033 Lindsey Graham calls for a vote on ‘Green New Deal’

>>5085648 #6494

#6493 Baker Change

>>5084848 Articles of Impeachment against Fairfax being drafted.

>>5084827 US, RUS, and FR test launch nuclear capable missiles within hours of one another. Cold War pt. 2?

>>5084760 Yahoo mail outage across the United States.

>>5084703 Mysterious booms heard in New Orleans and other US locations.

>>5084672 RS attorneys object to gag order.

>>5084667 The biggest threat to press freedom is the media itself.

>>5084633 VA Dems call for Fairfax to resign.

>>5084601 Washington: Magazine ban & firearm seizure Bills pass committee.

>>5084497 Trump tackles antisemitism in State of the Union: Addresses survivors, liberators.

>>5084382, >>5084432 DJT Tweet misspelling: he -> be? 3:15 timestamp related to Q drop?

>>5084360 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>5084339, >>5084440 Trump doctor Sean Conley: Good Genes! POTUS in good health for a very long time.

>>5084332 Info meme anon posts his collection. Thank you for your hard work. (lb/pb)

>>5084325 Sane Congresswomen Debbie Lesko at today's hearing

>>5084312 New from Garrison Graphics: "Little AOC's Green Deal"

>>5084283 DNI Coats' statement on the nomination of Christopher Scolese to director of NRO.

>>5084280 Fairfax claims he is innocent and will not resign.

>>5084234, >>5084469, >>5084728 Hirono, Booker and McEachin call for the resignation of VA Lt Governor Justin Fairfax following 2nd accuser.

>>5085470 #6493

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#6496 Dough


3e3713 () No. 5086453

d8c248 () No. 5086475

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo provided an update on the investigation into Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's killing to Congress on Friday, a State Department spokesperson said.

The spokesperson did not offer any details on what Pompeo told lawmakers.


ed8cde () No. 5086479


Pinko is a pejorative coined in 1925 in the United States to describe a person regarded as being sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member. It has since come to be used to describe anyone perceived to have leftist or socialist sympathies.

The term has its origins in the notion that pink is a lighter shade of red, a color associated with communism. Thus pink could describe a "lighter form of communism," purportedly promoted by supporters of socialism who were not themselves actual or "card carrying" communists. The term pinko has a pejorative sense, whereas 'pink' in this definition can be used in a purely descriptive sense, such as in the term pink tide.

One of the first recorded uses of pinko was in Time magazine in 1925 as a variant on the noun and adjective pink, which had been used along with parlor pink since the beginning of the 20th century to refer to those of leftish sympathies, usually with an implication of effeteness. In the 1920s, for example, a Wall Street Journal editorial described supporters of the Progressive politician Robert La Follette as “visionaries, ne’er do wells, parlor pinks, reds, hyphenates [Americans with divided allegiance], soft handed agriculturalists and working men who have never seen a shovel.”

Pinko was widely used during the Cold War to label individuals accused of supporting the Soviet Union, including many supporters of former vice president Henry Wallace's 1948 U.S. presidential campaign of the Progressive Party. Many unscrupulous politicians, like Richard Nixon, exploited the fear of communism by referring to their opponents as "pinkos". The word was predominantly used in the United States, where opposition to Communism grew strong among the population, especially during the McCarthy era. It was also in common use in South Africa during the apartheid era. In his two presidential campaigns, Alabama governor George Wallace often railed at what he called "the left-wing pinko press" and "pseudo-pinko-intellectuals."

Some of the most infamous uses of the term pink came during future president Richard Nixon's 1950 Senate campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas: "She's pink right down to her underwear!" — a play on the fact that, at the time, pink was the usual color of women's undergarments. Nixon regularly referred to her as "the Pink Lady", and his campaign distributed political flyers printed on sheets of pink paper.

d8c248 () No. 5086499


be221e () No. 5086511


He did a great job today, took no shit and gave it out

962961 () No. 5086513


an early hit job on Amy Klobuchar

275ab1 () No. 5086515

e56051 () No. 5086514

News unlocks the map.

Big news day for Whitaker and Bezos.

Mirrors today's marker on the QClock.

6ad5cb () No. 5086516

Posted at the end of last bread

>>5085468 (prev)

Anons, something else that might help with Mr Greensocks is he has a RANCH. I remember thinking it was Eddie Murphy because he kept saying, "But I do know." Eddie always says that. But age wise, it's probably Weathers. Also, half the men on the List are too young and one is dead. Just sayin.

All previous bread:





d8c248 () No. 5086517


CONFIRMED: A video geolocated to Cúcuta today shows a piece of heavy machinery that is used to move shipping containers parked in a service station. The vehicle is being guarded by police and has a police escort!

ba223c () No. 5086518

So either Nunez and Collins visit here a lot. Or one of their staff who relays info, from hearing both today they seem in on the plan or in the know….


e9d4e5 () No. 5086519


Hehe, the murder "investigation," not the murder. Seriously… he's not dead.

8337d5 () No. 5086520

Somebody had to do it.

4692f6 () No. 5086521



What pic did your refer to in your remarks? Please post. TY

You wrote:

>IRL, I have run a marketing firm for nearly 30 years. (pic related) If one were to carefully study the graphic, one would realize that whomever creates these must be a team of high-level writers and graphic designers. These "pages" are being shared in strictly graphic form, so as to avoid all search engines. Anons have tried–repeatedly–to find the source of these insightful pages. We failed.

9152d5 () No. 5086522


Anons, I love a 17 minute delta too, but I’ve started using an elapsed time calculator to check the deltas, because I was reminded Q drops down to the seconds. See the attached Q drops! Using the seconds. POTUS last two tweets are 16 min and 53 seconds apart.

0 Hours, 16 Minutes, 53 Seconds.

4d7ebd () No. 5086523

Dems are now doing things that make the Westboro baptist church seem normal.

b599ce () No. 5086524

damn i wish bongino permanently took over Hannity's hour

eb580d () No. 5086525

9f97d9 () No. 5086526

Anyone want to come with?

c164e0 () No. 5086527

Remembering Renegade

Hwood Anon to appear at 2019 Grammys?

Who is Renegade / Hwood Anon?

>Hollywood Renegade was an anon on 4Chan who claimed to be a former A-List Black celebrity from the 1980's everyone knew. He was blacklisted out of Hollywood when he couldn't take the evil depravity. Different guesses would range from Wesley Snipes to Martin Lawrence. He was dropping alot of information on the Hollywood pedo elite. He told how the Hollywood sex club "SNCTM" is one of the worst child human trafficking rings in the world.



>Hollywood is in total freak-out mode right now, and it was made all the worse by the appearance of a new anon, who first dropped in on 7/19, in a James Gunn thread on /pol/, and who would later become known as #Renegade.


4chan thread archives:




>I'll be at the grammy this year wearing green socks. Remember this thread.

61st Annual Grammy Awards

>The 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held on February 10, 2019, at Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Anons, be on the lookout for a "based black man" wearing green socks at the Grammy Awards this Sunday!

9a7d6b () No. 5086528


0d3146 () No. 5086529

>>5086310 lb

>>5086324 lb

>>5086359 lb

Billy Crystal does Cosell interviewing boxers


8dcc7e () No. 5086531


He did indeed anon.

Pwned them Dems.

5daeb8 () No. 5086532



Blast from the past!

Haven't seen that term since reading some old MAD magazines (learned a lot about US history&politics in there, more than i ever did in school)

would be ripe for a revival

3741f9 () No. 5086533

The fake media really is slick. Notice how they totally shifted the narrative away from the racist, baby killing governor. Its all about the the black dude now… Don't like him, but I feel like these rape accusations are bullshit—just like Kavenaugh. All a setup to save the baby murderer so he can keep the governorship. Notice they're not even talking about him at all anymore.

0daeec () No. 5086534

The world's primary feudal landowner is Queen Elizabeth II. She is Queen of 32 countries, head of a Commonwealth of 54 countries in which a quarter of the world's population lives, and legal owner of about 6.6 billion acres of land, one-sixth of the earth's land surface. The Queen owns all land in the UK.


f0d048 () No. 5086535

>>5086396 (lb)

you caught that did you?

<RS leaves in light colored T shirt

<RS returns in Dark T shirt (Roger Stone did nothing wrong)

sympathetic F_I ???

411221 () No. 5086536

>>5083463 – a prior bread –

She is one of the most well spoken black women I have ever had the pleasure to actually listen too.

She has a way of speaking truth with the confidence that makes it very matter of fact.

I don't expect chelsea is smart enough to cut her losses and stay sftu.

She will not live long enough to spar successfully with this one.

a6bddf () No. 5086537

597b03 () No. 5086538


Good work clockfag.

d8c248 () No. 5086539


094e31 () No. 5086540



SANTA FE, TX shooting → FREEMASON witness


MASONTOWN, PA shooting → duh

MICHAEL BROWN shooting → FREEMASON symbols


DARYL PARKS & BEN CRUMP who show up @ every police shooting → FREEMASONS

Freemasons are the clowns running Domestic Terror Ops and False Flag Racial Shootings

Track Freemason Associations & Symbols to all Narrative/Media-Fodder Violent Incidents


WAKE THE [email protected] UP

c753e5 () No. 5086541

Netflix pays a record-breaking $10million for documentary that follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the campaign trail


Anons, recall, Netflix is Soros controlled with Obamas and Susan Rice as members of their Board.

d1f215 () No. 5086542


Agreed, Anon.

2c6f1e () No. 5086543

what a strange decode…. I don't think I got it right tho… well there is something here regardless

90e520 () No. 5086545

5daeb8 () No. 5086544


>Notice they're not even talking about him at all anymore.

yup, raging about that here too.

it was still memeable for a while, but now it's all on Fairfax….


Resignation is too much of an easy out, anyway.

Go on, own up to it, face those double standards, ye basterds

33b21f () No. 5086546

d8c248 () No. 5086547

Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy called on Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) to step down from its Board of Visitors on Friday after two women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

“I am writing to let you know that Justin Fairfax will be asked to step down from the Sanford School Board of Visitors pending the resolution of the serious and deeply distressing allegations that have been made against him,” Dean Judith Kelley wrote in an email Friday to Sanford staff and students obtained by The Chronicle.

“Sexual assault is abhorrent and unfortunately can occur right around us. I urge everyone to take survivors of sexual assault seriously, and to help build an environment that is safe and supportive for everyone,” she added.

The Sanford School of Public Policy did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

The request comes after Fairfax, an alumnus of Duke University, was accused this week of sexual assault by two women.

Vanessa Tyson, the first woman to accuse Fairfax of misconduct earlier this week, alleged that he sexually assaulted her in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Meredith Watson came forward Friday through her lawyer, accusing Fairfax of raping her in 2000 when the two were both students at Duke University. Her lawyer called the alleged attack “premeditated and aggressive.”

Fairfax issued a statement vehemently denying the allegations, claiming they were part of “a vicious and coordinated smear campaign” and vowing not to resign from his post.

Half a dozen Virginia lawmakers had called on Fairfax to resign by Friday afternoon, following Watson's allegation being made public.

The Virginia Democratic Party has also called on Fairfax to step down.


597b03 () No. 5086548


Know what you mean.

a6bddf () No. 5086549


unlike that pussy shit bag sessions

b5b7a6 () No. 5086550

7235c0 () No. 5086551

962961 () No. 5086552


real blackface will be forced to resign while fake blackfaces stay in office.

c5b53f () No. 5086553

>>5086404 (lb)

Could Mr. Green Socks be a Mrs? Della Reese had a music career and friends with Foxx.

d50a46 () No. 5086555


Why would this TRIBE of INSANE MANIACS ADVOCATE for the DESTRUCTION of innocent life?

Read this book titled "Blood Passover, the Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder,"


to discover the REAL REASON why PSYCHOPATHIC NUTTER JEWS are pushing for this UNGODLY PRACTICE.

Remember, this book was



Send a copy to TRUMP

so he can WISE UP to the JEWISH MENACE.

Don't forget to tell TRUMP that this book was


Do your patriotic duty!

275ab1 () No. 5086554

bd5387 () No. 5086556


She said “bright dress” as in -That’s a bright dress”. Ffs she was not saying watch your ass

ed8cde () No. 5086557

stole some memes

02099a () No. 5086558

a6bddf () No. 5086559

2f59c9 () No. 5086560


909a40 () No. 5086561

Nazi Shill? Nope Muslim Shills

All makes sense now Anons?

They talk shit about jews.

But watch how they get when we start talking about the Prophet Muhammad

They will shill away from Prophet Muhammad fast and quick.

So dear Nazi Shill.

Let's hear you curse the name of Prophet Muhammad

Let's see what you have to say about the Prophet who himself said Jesus was a prophet and spoke the Truth.

However he failed to know that Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, and no man shall come to God except through me"

d8c248 () No. 5086562


0eecbb () No. 5086563


I can see some amazing memes coming out of this….

59016c () No. 5086564

++++I have a friend with a wells fargo account and is have bad issues with his money any advice to give him?????++++please

8ee85a () No. 5086565

a111ad () No. 5086566


That's moar Eddie sauce

a6bddf () No. 5086567

00bb9a () No. 5086568


The world is their stage

d1f215 () No. 5086569


Northam/Tran deliver

be221e () No. 5086570


Q uses PURE minute deltas for deltas

can post an example if you like

Q doesn't use seconds either, that 17 seconds was just awesome! Hence, the "nice catch" not, "that was intentional"

ec4b6d () No. 5086571

Thank You Baker

d00731 () No. 5086572


90 days

full rev + half rev

4d7ebd () No. 5086573


I'm gonna puke. Who the fuck exactly did they pay?? That worthless dumb twat has already overstayed her welcome.

Talking about campaign finance violations, meanwhile lining her pockets w Netflix millions. Classic Commie. What's good for me is not for thee!

d50a46 () No. 5086574


Speak to the contents of the book, or shut the fuck up.

bac645 () No. 5086575

>>5086368 lb

It is very good anon that you are able to take in her perspective of your own volition. It may be a sign of an awakening conscience.

Try this next time. Try and take in her perspective WHILE you are taking in your own the next time you are in front of her. Also, try and feel your hands at the same time.

She likely sees her dichotomies and is asking for help. You can be the conduit of Consciousness, don't let it become personal.


3741f9 () No. 5086576

Whem did Pelosi and McConnell get elected to the White House? POTUS needs to stand up and bitch slap these two motherfuckers.


2b0ecb () No. 5086577


If you decide to change careers, your name has been fast-tracked.


96199f () No. 5086578


Imagine that.

Curious how Hussein was promoted prior to going from;

"I don't believe someone should run for office without experience to do it" to

"Look at me, I'm so pretty"

3f7027 () No. 5086579


This story in VA is weired as fuck! I don´t get behind who, why leaked this storys… I hope it is the start of the Flood of videos, pics, etc. But I don´t get it at the moment…

758585 () No. 5086580


Man…they really threw the black dude to the wolves

Not that I’m not enjoying their demise…but fuck…no such thing as innocent until proven guilty anymore

4d7ebd () No. 5086581


Kek! Tis true.

ec4b6d () No. 5086582

5daeb8 () No. 5086583



also the very public "caught with a tranny" thing smells just like a derp state move…

could be legit, of course, but could well be fuckery

d7b74c () No. 5086584

Will the Virginian epidemic spread to other states?

7235c0 () No. 5086585


Laundering money. Nothing to see here.

02099a () No. 5086586


Funny how ppl disregard trips and digits in general when the truth is abrasive.

d00731 () No. 5086587


i second this

no pun intended

909a40 () No. 5086588

78c45d () No. 5086589

All CHABAD faggots exit here

1db730 () No. 5086590

‘Due to police brutality’: Yellow Vests will no longer give officials prior notice of Paris protests

The Yellow Vests will no longer inform officials about their Paris rallies, citing severe injuries sustained by dozens of French protesters in clashes with police. The movement says it won’t be “complicit in government violence.”

Feb 8, 2019 16:20


a6bddf () No. 5086591

3c13a3 () No. 5086592


If you were sympathetic you wouldn't have sent in 27 agents,armored vehicles,boats and a frog team,kek something smells fishy on that one, even if an agent went inside to get his shirt why that one?

6a5a9e () No. 5086593

c753e5 () No. 5086595


They're clearly laundering money.

Can't get much info on imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9358052/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

be221e () No. 5086596


that pun was definitely intended

ed8cde () No. 5086597

96199f () No. 5086598




65ddbb () No. 5086599

Gee… spoopily personally applicable bread titles again…

Guess it's one of those days.



d8235e () No. 5086600

Which Clinton married a Soros?? Chelsea is married to Marc Mezvinski

b63c51 () No. 5086601


Thank you clockanon.

90e520 () No. 5086602

411221 () No. 5086603


Or the next best thing would be if the producers gave him such status that HE would be the one single person in the world that HANNITY COULD NOT INTERRUPT !

That boy means well, but he really needs to get that shit under control before his entire audience feels the same as a bunch of us already do.

998978 () No. 5086604


Just some more evidence of her being Soros' girl.




ec4b6d () No. 5086605

da35a8 () No. 5086606



Due process is dead

3741f9 () No. 5086607


The more things change the more they remain the same. Nothing about this evil world ever really changes. Fairfax called this from the beginning. He said that it was Northam's people who set him up.

More bitches will show up and say he raped them.

d00731 () No. 5086608



but i can synch my PC and timestampfag as well

if i can they can, 8chan, not twatter

pain timestamp

be221e () No. 5086609

All 7 Pen Posts From Q

33b21f () No. 5086610

Maybe all the "late term abortion / birth then aborted" bills are being pushed though because they have been cut off from their supply of sacrifices?

da6e8e () No. 5086611

fa9e44 () No. 5086613

Bare with me Anons as I’m going to post some pics that I took during SOTU for MEMEFAGS but haven’t had a chance to post yet.

Not trying to slide bread but I hope some can be used. I will post a few posts with my pics.


a111ad () No. 5086612


Sunday will confirm.

Worst case: CDAN will have a big Grammy Pic thread by Monday morning.

Would not be a shocker if CDAN is the one that shows the confirmation pic.

Or, like you said, it passes by with no sauce.

Still was a fun side project…

65ddbb () No. 5086614


How come she couldn't afford rent?

<chin scratcher

4d7ebd () No. 5086615


Go Yanis! Smack that MFer with the damn TRUTH.

c4a027 () No. 5086616


Man anon I tried hard to get her to understand some of this. I try to get her to think her problems through and help her. But every time we touch anything close to the truth, she recoils and lashes out.

Given that we work together I can't push her any further than she's willing to go. I think she's trying her best but she's so lost in progressive nonsense that she refuses to not be the victim.

This is me trying to protect myself from getting fired for pushing to hard. I had to pull back for my own sanity.

I'm not a good person anon. I can't do it. I wish I could.

Thanks for the thoughts.

be221e () No. 5086617


I have no doubt they can, it just seems they don't from examples

02099a () No. 5086618


Was that @ the whitehouse?

5daeb8 () No. 5086619


that's moving some money whille they're at it

no one cares that much about her but the astroturfers

7d9a74 () No. 5086620

CVRep Playhouse to Open in Cathedral City with the Musical CHESS!

After months of preparation and great anticipation,The Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre (CVRep) has announced it will open their newly renovated, 208 seat, Cathedral City playhouse with the dynamic musical, CHESS - Music by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of the Rock Group ABBA Lyrics by Time Rice and Book by Richard Nelson.

"It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks, CVRep will be presenting the dynamic musical CHESS in our brand new, fully equipped, technically advanced playhouse," says CVRep Artistic Director and Founder, Ron Celona. "Our new playhouse, located on the corner of Highway 111 and Cathedral Canyon Drive in Cathedral City is truly a dream come true for me and all involved at CVRep. Although purchasing and converting the old Imax into a professional "live theatre" venue has been a challenge, thanks to our amazing Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and generous supporters, our newly renovated playhouse will not only enable us to present larger scale productions like CHESS, and seat more patrons than we have in the past, I believe it is also destined to have a positive impact on Cathedral City as well as the entire Coachella Valley."

The story of CHESS revolves around a politically driven, cold war-era chess tournament between two grandmaster chess players. The pawns in this musical form a love triangle between a loutish American chess star, an earnest Russian champion and a Hungarian American female assistant who arrives at the international chess match in Bangkok with the American, but manages to fall in love with the Russian. From Bangkok to Budapest the players, lovers, politicians, and spies manipulate and are manipulated to the pulse of a monumental rock score that includes "One Night in Bangkok", "I Know Him So Well", and "Heaven Help My Heart."


909a40 () No. 5086621

4d7ebd () No. 5086622


Kid fuckers. Talmud approved.

0c1454 () No. 5086623


What is wrong with that dudes nose?

2bd4ab () No. 5086624


Think she is smart enough to move money?

Maybe Patsy? But layering?

fa9e44 () No. 5086626

411221 () No. 5086625


And she needed her pay up front, to get an apartment?

Maybe Mad Max should have her help with the books!


da35a8 () No. 5086627


I am living in the country that I fought against. USSA

75325c () No. 5086628

>>5085971 (lb)

Joe Piscopo dumbasses

you're watching a movie


d358a2 () No. 5086629

>>5086441 (lb)

758585 () No. 5086630

Throw another carcass on the Virginia woodpile


ba223c () No. 5086631

Actors who trained with mr. T, Sylvester Stallone and hulk hogan…

From a previous bread..

d1f215 () No. 5086632


Good info Anon. She’s a plant and her feeders need to be exposed.

f51ca5 () No. 5086633

275ab1 () No. 5086634


Sill filtering?

07878e () No. 5086635

I guess this is in Stone's house. Check out the Clinton meme he has printed up. kek

bebcea () No. 5086636


The Democrat party's kill switch has been activated. And her names is Ocasio-Cortez.

9152d5 () No. 5086637


Kek Don’t confuse me. So I’m going back to calculating by the minute!!

a770f1 () No. 5086638


36 -Major William S. Barkley, Jr.

37 - Captain Scott J . Reynolds

38 - Sgt. Brian Hanley

39 - Sgt. Tim Sabel

40 - Major General William Robertson

41 - Col. William Densberger

42 - Col. Robert Kelly

43 - Spec. Gary Rhodes

44 - Steve Willis

45 - Robert Williams

46 - Conway LeBleu

47 - Todd McKeehan

7d9a74 () No. 5086639

France, Germany compromise on Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

BRUSSELS - France and Germany have struck a compromise allowing Berlin to remain the lead negotiator with Russia on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe, a proposed deal showed Friday.

France, a pivotal player in the EU gas talks, had said earlier it would support European Union oversight of new offshore energy pipelines, a move that could have crippled plans for the undersea pipeline between Russia and Germany.

But France and Germany have now agreed to oversight from the "territory and territorial sea of the member state where the first interconnection point is located," according to a copy of the draft obtained by AFP.



518257 () No. 5086640

597b03 () No. 5086641


Yep, that's what it is.

Just like selling books on Amazon for thousands of dollars.

fa9e44 () No. 5086642

c5410d () No. 5086643


Only sorry he got outed.

0f2554 () No. 5086644


Fucker's still alive.

02099a () No. 5086645


DafuQ that have to do w/ Chabad Lubavitch, linQ?

6ad5cb () No. 5086646


I agree with this Anon. Could’ve been Eddie Murphy.


d50a46 () No. 5086647


So true…

33b21f () No. 5086648

351a6a () No. 5086649


I hope so.

a770f1 () No. 5086650



28 - Keith Coney - Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, 7/88.

29 - Keith McMaskle - Died, stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988

30 - Gregory Collins - Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.

31 - Jeff Rhodes - He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.

3 2 - James Milan - Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to natural causes".

33 - Jordan Kettleson - Was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990.

34 - Richard Winters - A suspect in the Ives/Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989.

b06f79 () No. 5086651

These people are satanic-Kikes…


621b4d () No. 5086652


Stealth bomber.

2bd4ab () No. 5086653


You don’t want to know what she had to do for Soros rent :)

434c83 () No. 5086654

a770f1 () No. 5086655


19 - Jon Parnell Walker - Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington , Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993. He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.

20 - Barbara Wise - Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.

21 - Charles Meissner - Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash.

22 - Dr. Stanley Heard - Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton 's advisory council personally treated Clinton's mother, stepfather and brother.

23 - Barry Seal - Drug running TWA pilot out of Mena Arkansas, death was no accident.

24 - Johnny Lawhorn, Jr. - Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.

25 - Stanley Huggins - Investigated Madison Guaranty. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.

26 - Hershell Friday - Attorney and Clinton fundraiser died March 1, 1994, when his plane exploded.

27 - Kevin Ives & Don Henry- Known as "The boys on the track" case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena, Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.

b06f79 () No. 5086656


Every. Fucking. Time.

Her Wiki says she was raised Catholic… Bullshit. She's a baby-murdering, kike.

275ab1 () No. 5086657

953814 () No. 5086658


YES! so glad someone posted this. Emmy's and green socks sprang to mind the other day

a770f1 () No. 5086659


10 - James Wilson - Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater..

11 - Kathy Ferguson - Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

12 - Bill Shelton - Arkansas State Trooper and fiancee of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancee, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancee.

13 - Gandy Baugh - Attorney for Clinton's friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.

14 - Florence Martin - Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal, Mena,Arkansas, airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.

15 - Suzanne Coleman - Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.

16 - Paula Grober - Clinton's speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident.

17 - Danny Casolaro - Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation.

18 - Paul Wilcher - Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 "October Surprise" was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993, in his Washington DC apartment. Had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.

fa9e44 () No. 5086660

ec4b6d () No. 5086661

Best Plan Ever.

God Bless Q Team

953814 () No. 5086662


Grammy's rather*

d50a46 () No. 5086663

143581 () No. 5086664


He might have garnered too much attention with that thread and possibly won't want to out himself.

e56051 () No. 5086665

Here are all the Whitaker posts, on a larger clock by date.

There is always more when you dig a little deeper. Guilty of being a little too autistic sometimes. I know I should keep them simple but can't help myself.

Feel free to add news or mirrored Q posts.

17de68 () No. 5086666


Jewnited States of America.

11afe3 () No. 5086667



351a6a () No. 5086668

8ee85a () No. 5086669


Don't you try and repress my free speech you unimaginative, small-minded cunt.

a770f1 () No. 5086670


1- James McDougal - Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr's investigation.

2 - Mary Mahoney - A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown .. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

3 - Vince Foster - Former White House councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

4 - Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the air Traffic controller commited suicide

5 - C. Victor Raiser, II - Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.

6 - Paul Tulley - Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock , September 1992. Described by Clinton as a "dear friend and trusted advisor

7 - Ed Willey - Clinton fundraiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.

8 - Jerry Parks - Head of Clinton's gubernatorial security team in Little Rock .. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock Park's son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.

9 - James Bunch - Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a "Black Book" of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas

b06f79 () No. 5086671


It's called Judaism.

0f2554 () No. 5086672


Hollywood renegade, green socks

909a40 () No. 5086673


Just a list blast of Blasphemy of Mohammad to balance it all out. Spread it all around.

You want to get in on this too?

bebcea () No. 5086674


The QUESTION however - does she KNOW that she is destroying the party? I really don't think she does.

758585 () No. 5086675


Yep. Not a fan of muzzies in govt so I’m cool with him being forced out

f0d048 () No. 5086676


I've watched the footage for the third time

It could be chroma washout due to saturation of the CCDs, the place was intensely lighted with floodlights during RS exit of house, later when reentering it was not as drastically lit up, the door seems a different color too.

the apperance of having a 'different' shirt may just be an artifact of the cheap camera & difference in lighting intensity / color temp

597b03 () No. 5086677



It's weird that we've had two national dick pic stories with people involved named Weiner and Pecker.

434c83 () No. 5086678

5f6316 () No. 5086679


I will never forget when he said they are scared of us, and then he goes "shit, I'm kinda scared of y'all"


033a9a () No. 5086680

Army training drills continue throughout the week in the Long Beach area as loud explosions rang out and low-flying helicopters landed throughout the night Wednesday. Hmm. Interesting.


This rabbit hole goes very deep; and could end up being far greater than the Epstein, NVIXM discoveries. The likelihood that 40+ Highly Trained Operators, just so happen to breach the very building owned by Girardi, with these connections is about zero. More to follow…


405cb8 () No. 5086681


Yeah, (((Loop))) raised their projection last week and then whaddayaknow the market price went up again and now they got Cortex. Hmmmmmm

90e520 () No. 5086682



59016c () No. 5086683

++++Q the cargo plan that went down off the coast of Miami any chance you know what they were carrying?????++++

c164e0 () No. 5086685


Recognised the text from #6488 notables -


Anon later posted…

>A few breads ago, a well-meaning anon keeps posting my info memes suggesting I have some inside connections or special agenda.

>I have stated this before and will state it one last time.

>I am just an anon. I originally was going to build a website, but because of paytriots, I decided to never make a penny on memes. That's why the older images have the website screen shots.

>I have no special access. I just piece together the puzzle and put it in memes for other anons. Sometimes I am right. Other times I am wrong. Usually my errors are on timing rather than substance. Trump's patience is astonishing and genius. I continually under estimate the patience of the plan.

>Over the next few breads, I will post some of my more popular memes since a few anons wanted to get them together in one place.


b06f79 () No. 5086684


Damn, she has the neck of a 70 year old.

ae14c4 () No. 5086686

978920 () No. 5086687

From The Official Website of Redd Foxx reddfoxx.com

In 1989, he and long-time friend Della Reese co-starred in Eddie Murphy’s Harlem Nights. Though the movie itself received little attention, critics took notice of the pair’s performance. CBS jumped and signed the two for a new sitcom, The Royal Family.

Sadly, while on the set of The Royal Family, Foxx suffered a massive heart attack. Reese bent over him and prayed, “Don’t die Redd, don’t die, but it was too late. The world lost comedic genius Redd Foxx on October 11, 1991. He was 68 years old.

Heart attack while on set. Suspicious?

9d162b () No. 5086688


How convenient. Just like Hollyweird ops.


d50a46 () No. 5086689


Speak to the contents of the book, or shut the fuck up.

b06f79 () No. 5086691


Quads-Confirm… Trump sold us out to Israel.

434c83 () No. 5086692

909a40 () No. 5086693


Get the goat fuckers out of the States.

They are here as seed.

Then they breed

Then when they have majority the native will bleed.


8ee85a () No. 5086694

d8235e () No. 5086695

in Q drop #666, he mentions a Soros married a Clinton for power not love. Which Soros married which Clinton? News to me

ed8cde () No. 5086696

1febe7 () No. 5086697

>>5086274 (pb)

>>5085468 (pb)

>think of an A list black actor who hasn’t done anything big in the last several years

My guess has always been Carl Weathers.

c9ddea () No. 5086698

:11 second clip. Watch it.

597b03 () No. 5086699


70% tax!

fa9e44 () No. 5086700


#5 …. with an added TY Baker Tiddies post!

7d9a74 () No. 5086701



Cop killing trial documents unsealed but stay hidden

I forgot the funeral home photo coincidence

758585 () No. 5086702


Agree 100, anon

I don’t like or trust any of them. No exceptions

8ee85a () No. 5086703

c879d2 () No. 5086704



b06f79 () No. 5086705


But it is.

bcdbea () No. 5086706


Tim Reid from WKRP in Cincinnati, There is a picture of him here with Red Foxx.


909a40 () No. 5086707


Tell us then about your Prophet Muhammad.

Don't be coward.

02099a () No. 5086708


DIGITS all day on this subject. Funny they only get noted when associated w/ other subject matter…

2bd4ab () No. 5086709

Just a reminder that the 2018 elections were stolen. Patsy or not, what do you do if you benefited from fraud?

1febe7 () No. 5086710


share it, frens - not mine some magnificant anon posted it during the hearing

90e520 () No. 5086711

a770f1 () No. 5086712

Subject: Hillary in Beaumont, Texas

Hillary Clinton made a campaign

stop in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were

there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her

supporters by quite a bit. She wouldn't talk, wave to or

even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that

is, it's not the real story here. The real story is who

she took a private meeting with. After landing, Clinton

headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was

greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of

Pakistani origin. The event was held by Pakistani

businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately

$500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it "one of the

top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this

country." She's bought and paid for by

them. Spread this far and wide. You will

not see it on national news but this is what is going

on. Shelia Jackson Lee was there as well.

434c83 () No. 5086713

be221e () No. 5086714

621b4d () No. 5086715


If she doesn't know it's better that way. Think of why they created MK.

3741f9 () No. 5086716


Nobody really likes her but you have to give her some credit. She's got balls of steel and she's proving every single day that she really IS untouchable.

This bitch is so corrupt that she knows everybody's dirty secrets. No way she goes down without bringing the entire gang of crooks in DC with her. She will NEVER see prison.

8ee85a () No. 5086717


There's your participation trophy.

You can fuck off anytime you like.

12de97 () No. 5086718


Yeah and the new muslim got a book deal, nothing to see hear move along

a111ad () No. 5086719


> it's probably Weathers

He can be ruled out.

When shown this gif

He said No not him but we went to the same gym.

6ad5cb () No. 5086720


KEK Spit Out my wine

bcdbea () No. 5086721

>>5086527 Oops here is Tim Reid with Red Foxx.


909a40 () No. 5086722

78c45d () No. 5086723

938eca () No. 5086724

e7617a () No. 5086725


I want him for AG, not Barr!

7235c0 () No. 5086726



Soros family member

275ab1 () No. 5086727

b06f79 () No. 5086728

75325c () No. 5086729


it's called jewduhism

b031d5 () No. 5086730


Best Baker Girl ever… I want to slather her up with mazola and slide all over her slippery body..

11afe3 () No. 5086731


Hi Anon, Your are going in the

right direction. The rest is up to

you. I try and use my gut feeling

to know when a meme is finished.

I work in advertising a lot. Look at

advertisements to see what works

on people. Unfortunately they have

it down to a wicked science.

Use their style against them. :)

33b21f () No. 5086732

e650f7 () No. 5086733


Danny Glover

ec4b6d () No. 5086734

90e520 () No. 5086735

434c83 () No. 5086736

351a6a () No. 5086737

d25b7b () No. 5086738

Andrew Weismann is a disgrace to the DOJ. If he were not connected he would be in jail now.

He is crooked and bent as they come. An abusive and power crazed lunatic with unlimited power.

b06f79 () No. 5086739


Look… They let the Jews in space and they already perverted it with porn.

e56051 () No. 5086740


Agree Q uses seconds but minute deltas work best for POTUS tweets. Using actual captures of tweets highlights this. Or just drop the seconds from the calculations.


No Anon. Lots of seconds "coincidences" that aren't coincidences. You a missing part of the picture.

d8235e () No. 5086741


Chelsea is a member of the Soros family by blood? Or Marc Mezvinsky is?

252062 () No. 5086742

Not sure if this was shared yet.

a520c2 () No. 5086743

b031d5 () No. 5086744

Uh oh, the little devil on my right shoulder just drop kicked the little angel off my right shoulder…. this can't be good on a Friday night.

7235c0 () No. 5086745

f51ca5 () No. 5086746

be221e () No. 5086747



opinion discarded

11afe3 () No. 5086748


I like the message. :)

33b21f () No. 5086749

834c84 () No. 5086750


Anon doesn't trust either one.

7235c0 () No. 5086751



b06f79 () No. 5086752


Trump got KIKED.

938eca () No. 5086753


God I wish see would cover up.

c753e5 () No. 5086754


Good message, terrible font

Pls re-work, it has promise

0c1454 () No. 5086755


You people are exhausting

c164e0 () No. 5086756


Very interesting choice of image, anon.

661af4 () No. 5086757


Checks off most/all of the boxes. No grammy that I can find…was that a requirement? I don't recall that part.

0d3146 () No. 5086758

1db730 () No. 5086759


2 Scoops, 5 minutes

b031d5 () No. 5086760


Dear GOD! Spoiler that shit nigga!

434c83 () No. 5086761

d8235e () No. 5086762


Off the top of your head, any articles on it? Im assuming Marc is George's nephew, but I cannot find any sauce and Ive been digging for awhile

275ab1 () No. 5086763


I do memes all the time but these are not in my style so they feel very stilted. I'm done with this series. Someone else will see the concept and improve upon it.

2bd4ab () No. 5086764



e4bc6e () No. 5086765


Parks, Crump Should Be Disbarred, Al Sharpton Arrested For Inciting Riot

This is the second time Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump have ruined countless lives in pursuit of upending our system of justice. Worse still, it is all done at the behest of a man who, on countless occasions, ruined countless lives without issuing so much as an apology — the false reverend Al Sharpton.

“You gain some experience,” Mr. Parks once said in an interview with the Tamp Bay Times. “You brainstorm. You use what works and you don’t stop.”

And to hell with your obligation to your oath, truth and true justice. The term “equal justice,” which is often used by both Mr. Parks and Mr. Crump, is an oxymoron. Justice, by definition, is applied in an equal, non-arbitrary nature. But that’s not really what this law firm is all about, as so elegantly stated by the head of their civil rights department.

“I have a greater duty beyond being an attorney and that’s to be a social engineer,” Ms. Jasmine Rand said following the Trayvon Martin verdict, which can be viewed by the readers below. “And when the law doesn’t get it right, I believe we have a right to peacefully and morally, conscientiously object to the decision of the jury.”


c5a95e () No. 5086766


face lift with out neck work is my guess

bac645 () No. 5086767


Forget about Qresearch with her, this may be another level calling the both of you. You have to get out of the way for real magic to happen.

It's not about you being good or bad, those are relative terms in a cosmic sense - which we are all about to learn. This communique is about the organism which you inhabit responding to a different quality of energy and a different You arising from within it.

You are blessed, or cursed, depending on one's view:

Blessed is he who has a soul, and blessed is he who has none.

Woe unto him who has one in conception.

7235c0 () No. 5086768

8ee85a () No. 5086769


Wow! Calling people Kike who don't agree with your paranoid delusions.

What a flash of originality Johnny.

I should write that down.

ba223c () No. 5086770



Didn’t Dennis Rodman act for awhile?

e56051 () No. 5086771


Why? Because you don't have a response to the seconds "coincidences". Would you like more?

4e2d29 () No. 5086772



b32dbf () No. 5086773

Sooo Comey already indicted?

8ee85a () No. 5086774

351a6a () No. 5086775

6ad5cb () No. 5086776

b5b7a6 () No. 5086777

0c1454 () No. 5086778

5f6316 () No. 5086779

909a40 () No. 5086780





This is the formula for their invasion.

If there was anything we needed to bring awareness of is this pestilence of Muslims

They are a blight and a curse upon the land.

Everything they touch, turns to shit.

They only know their one true God.

Their bellies.

They only know how to justify every one of their evil and wicked lusts with Koran.

Islam cannot be dealt with via logic. It does not allow logic.

02099a () No. 5086781


Easy. ANYONE at the top of ANY 'pyramid' does WHATEVER it takes to be and stay there. Interpret that anyway necessary. It applies in all situations in which DOMINION is the 'rule' of the order.

00bb9a () No. 5086782


Social media society

5e1437 () No. 5086783





Q & POTUS 0 delta'd down to the seconds a few months ago and when anons noticed it "Magicanon" got on one night and called his seconds for multiple posts then disappeared

9f97d9 () No. 5086784

Shovels ready?

fa9e44 () No. 5086785


Take notes Anons….this is how a CIA asset is paid.

cdf593 () No. 5086786


YOU decide on a hair cut already, and leave th giggly ass alone.

7fc2a4 () No. 5086787

b06f79 () No. 5086788


(((You people))) are exhaust-fumes.

1febe7 () No. 5086789

0f2554 () No. 5086790


This is why I think she's a plant. Just way too over the top with her BS.

094e31 () No. 5086791

7d9a74 () No. 5086792




Leak & Sons Funeral Home


2nd family says funeral home mixed up body of loved one

Last week, a Chicago family was horrified when they showed up for their mother's visitation and discovered that a South Side funeral home put the wrong body in the casket.

Three years ago, Earl Ruffin said the same prominent Chicago area funeral home operator, Leak & Sons, made a similar mistake with his mother, Rosie Ruffin.

"I'm still boiling," Ruffin said. "I'm hot about this."


d50a46 () No. 5086793


Still won't speak to the contents of the book that describes your DISGUSTING RELIGIOUS PRACTICES, I see. coward.


You PSYCHOPATHIC JEWS wish it were only the muslims on to your DISGUSTING RELIGION. It is perhaps the only thing that Christians and mulslims agree on. YOU JEWS ARE INSANE MANICS.


Does the exposure of your DISGUSTING RELIGION ALARM YOU? It should.

c879d2 () No. 5086794

a look at out west

I like how they just rollin over LA with GRZLY07

no telling what's going on out there on a Friday night

b06f79 () No. 5086795



43841e () No. 5086796

bebcea () No. 5086797

7fc2a4 () No. 5086798

c4a027 () No. 5086799


Oh sorry anon, I realize now how that sounded.

I didn't at all mean Q anon shit. I meant shit like why she was miserable dating guys who only wanted to fuck her because she fucks on the first date.

I meant treating herself with a bit of respect and having meaningful relationships. I meant treating men and women equally. I meant not feeling like a perpetual victim because one person out of 100 at a conference was rude to her.

I meant having some self respect and loving herself.

I absolutely never mentioned any of this shit. It was entirely about trying to get her to understand she is building her own prison, and that's why she's unhappy, not because other people are doing it to her.

Sorry I realize now how badly I phrased that before.

737a84 () No. 5086800


Funniest meme on AOC yet. Hillarious. Thank you.

1aded8 () No. 5086801


Shes the gift that keeps on giving. Screw a documentary. do a show. Keep this bitch in front of the camera.

0c1454 () No. 5086802


Yes we are…. the ones (((you))) are going to choke on

6d4a3d () No. 5086803

United States Files False Claims Act Suit Against Mission Support Alliance LLC, Several Lockheed Affiliates, and Jorge Francisco Armijo for Inflated Information Technology Subcontract Costs


bcdbea () No. 5086804

>>5086516 Tim Reid has a ranch.

597b03 () No. 5086805


I like them. National Parks edition.

0f2554 () No. 5086806


Ha, that godawful movie with VanDamme

33b21f () No. 5086807


takes all styles of memes…one may appeal to some but not another…keep at it.

6ad5cb () No. 5086808


Any way to see if Eddie Murphy has a ranch?

a520c2 () No. 5086809

909a40 () No. 5086810



Abullah you crack me up.

Go get you a pulled pork sammich and come back and talk later

d8235e () No. 5086811


This has to be cover for an operation. The army has full towns used specifically for MOUT (military operation in urban terrain). We don’t need to disrupt a city to train in an urban environment. The training going on for a week? Ample time to give cover for a real operation.


781950 () No. 5086812

Q+ et al. from a wounded warrior to the team.

When going in battle remember these words below, it helped me survive and thrive, being every mindful of the costs of war in my mind and body.

Philippians 4:4-13 English Standard Version (ESV)

4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. 5 Let your reasonableness[a] be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; 6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 9 What you have learned[b] and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

God's Provision

10 I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. 11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. 13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

48ba06 () No. 5086813





We have a spaceforce and you think POTUS & Q team can’t tweet down to the second? KEK!

b06f79 () No. 5086814


So… They're like Jews?

3741f9 () No. 5086815


You can't grow up in New York and avoid them. You can't do any kind of business anywhere and avoid them. They are EVERYWHERE. and they own EVERYTHING. Especially in New York City.

We are ALL kiked. They are a tiny percentage of our population but they control the government,the banks, the corporations, the media, Hollywood…. You name it…a Jew owns it.

a111ad () No. 5086816


Rodman was never A-List Hollywood

Plus, the Grammy invite (for a retired from Hollywood work artist) would only go to a previous winner.

Very strong indicator for Eddie when considering that.

0d3146 () No. 5086817

da35a8 () No. 5086818


Facebook is the torch and Google is the pitchfork

fa9e44 () No. 5086819



Meme it to life….the Northam-Tran abortion delivery.

be221e () No. 5086820


<clocknigger posts the same irrelevant shit over and over again

good decision confirmed

ba223c () No. 5086821


Looks like Mickey Mouse ears

6a210f () No. 5086822



Jim Brown

caa845 () No. 5086823

Whitaker was likely doing the heavy lifting the whole time at the Attorney General's office

0f2554 () No. 5086824


Drug smuggling. A friend's tenant got busted for this shit transporting "bodies" from TN to NJ.

e7617a () No. 5086825

1 of 2

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest


Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.

Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.

Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).

High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.

Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.

Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.

Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.

Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.

How many nations are suffering from Islamic infiltration? One? A handful? Nearly every nation? The Islamic ‘leadership” of the Muslim Brotherhood and others wish to dissolve each nation’s sovereignty and replace it with the global imposition of Islamic sharia law. Sharia law, based on the koran, sira and hadith, condemns liberty and forbids equality and is inconsistent with the laws of all Western nations. As the author and historian Serge Trifkovic states:

“The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.”


Muslim immigrants and host country converts continue demands for accommodation in employment, education, social services, financing and courts.

Proselytizing increases; Establishment and Recruitment of Jihadi cells.

Efforts to convert alienated segments of the population to Islam.

Revisionist efforts to Islamize history.

Efforts to destroy historic evidence that reveal true Islamism.

Increased anti-western propaganda and psychological warfare.

Efforts to recruit allies who share similar goals (communists, anarchists).

Attempts to indoctrinate children to Islamist viewpoint.

Increased efforts to intimidate, silence and eliminate non-Muslims.

Efforts to introduce blasphemy and hate laws in order to silence critics.

Continued focus on enlarging Muslim population by increasing Muslim births and immigration.

Use of charities to recruit supporters and fund jihad.

Covert efforts to bring about the destruction of host society from within.

Development of Muslim political base in non-Muslim host society.

Islamic Financial networks fund political growth, acquisition of land.

Highly visible assassination of critics aimed to intimidate opposition.

Tolerance of non-Muslims diminishes.

Greater demands to adopt strict Islamic conduct.

Clandestine amassing of weapons and explosives in hidden locations.

Overt disregard/rejection of non-Muslim society’s legal system, culture.

Efforts to undermine and destroy power base of non-Muslim religions including and especially Jews and Christians.

Is there a pattern here? Theo van Gogh is murdered in the Netherlands for ‘insulting’ Islam; the Organization of the Islamic Conference demands ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws through the United Nations; France is set afire regularly by ‘youths’ (read Muslims); the rise of (dis-) honor killings…holocaust denial…anti-Semitism…deception re the tenets of Islam; hatred toward Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists.  The pattern for all to see is the rise of Islamic intolerance and the covert/cultural jihad to remake host societies into sharia-compliant worlds – to remove host sovereignty and replace it with Islamic sharia law.  Sharia law that condemns earthly liberty and individual freedom, that forbids equality among faiths and between the sexes, that rejects the concept of nations outside the global house of Islam, that of dar al-Islam.


ba223c () No. 5086826

67b39c () No. 5086827


You're wrong.

Q us

2b0ecb () No. 5086828

Maybe I was paying her to design a tattoo for me.

3de417 () No. 5086829

Just got this CAPTCHA

1febe7 () No. 5086830


not to be a pedantic asshole, but this is not technically true

eb580d () No. 5086831


Any truth that she is a mean drunk?

96199f () No. 5086832

Couldn't download vid to post as it is periscope:


be221e () No. 5086833


[0] delta refers to [0] minutes between posts, the seconds are irrelevant

would be cool to see that 0 second delta though

8ee85a () No. 5086834


How original. That looks famiiliar tho Johnny.

Oh I see what you did, you took the muhjoo ridicule meme and pasted an Israeli flag on it. How clever.

11afe3 () No. 5086835

d8235e () No. 5086836

b06f79 () No. 5086837


(Now he's calling me a kike, in defense of people being called kikes… Kek)

434c83 () No. 5086838

6ad5cb () No. 5086839


Eddie was friends with Redd & Richard towards the end with Harlem Nights. That was near Redd’s death. Eddie was an A lister. Now just does voices. No movies.

2e2662 () No. 5086840

e7617a () No. 5086841

2 of 2

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest


Open violence to impose Sharia law and associated cultural restrictions; rejection of host government, subjugation of other religions and customs.

Intentional efforts to undermine the host government & culture.

Acts of barbarity to intimidate citizens and foster fear and submission.

Open and covert efforts to cause economic collapse of the society.

All opposition is challenged and either eradicated or silenced.

Mass execution of non-Muslims.

Widespread ethnic cleansing by Islamic militias.

Rejection and defiance of host society secular laws or culture.

Murder of “moderate” Muslim intellectuals who don’t support Islamization.

Destruction of churches, synagogues and other non-Muslim institutions.

Women are restricted further in accordance with Sharia law.

Large-scale destruction of population, assassinations, bombings.

Toppling of government and usurpation of political power.

Imposition of Sharia law

The website www.thereligionofpeace.com keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks as best it can. The site lists more than 14,000 attacks since September 2001. It is worth a visit. What is occurring, however, that is likely inestimable are events where muslims are bullied by other muslims for not being “muslim enough,” where non-Muslims are intimidated into doing or not doing what they desire, where remnant populations are in a death spiral simply for being non-muslim in a predominantly muslim area. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists Animists and Atheists meet with death, property destruction or confiscation, forced conversion, rape, excessive taxation (the jizya), enslavement, riotous mobs and various other forms of islam (in-) justice at the hands of muslims in Sudan, Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, India, etc.  And let us not forget ‘death to Apostates’ the world over.


Islam becomes the only religious-political-judicial-cultural ideology.

Sharia becomes the “law of the land.

All non-Islamic human rights cancelled.

Enslavement and genocide of non-Muslim population.

Freedom of speech and the press eradicated.

All religions other than Islam are forbidden and destroyed.

Destruction of all evidence of non-Muslim culture, populations and symbols in country (Buddhas, houses of worship, art, etc).

The House of Islam (“peace”), dar al-Islam, includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule, to the soul crushing, liberty-condemning, discriminatory law of Sharia. The rest of the world in in the House of War, dar al-harb, because it does not submit to Sharia, and exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of ‘Allah.’ No non-Muslim state or its citizens are “innocent,” and remain viable targets of war for not believing in ‘Allah.’ The Christian, Jewish, Coptic, Hindu and Zoroastrian peoples of world have suffered under subjugation for centuries. The Dhimmi-esque are forbidden to construct houses of worship or repair existing ones, economically crippled by the heavy jizya (tax), socially humiliated, legally discriminated against, criminally targeted and generally kept in a permanent state of weakness, fear and vulnerability by Islamic governments.

It should be noted that forced conversions (Egypt) and slavery (Sudan) are still reported. Homosexuals have been hung in the public square in Iran. Young girls are married to old men. Apostates are threatened with death. “Honor” killings are routine. Women are legally second-class citizens, though Muslim males insist they are “treated better” than in the West. These more obvious manifestations may distract from some less obvious ones such as the lack of intellectual inquiry in science, narrow scope of writing, all but non-existent art and music, sexual use and abuse of youth and women, and the disregard for personal fulfillment, joy and wonder. Look into the eyes of a recently married 12 year old girl to see the consequence of the moral deprivation spawned by Islam.

The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest is also available in pdf format for easy sharing as part of “Liberty vs Sharia”


1febe7 () No. 5086842

7235c0 () No. 5086843



Let me check


1b90cb () No. 5086844

How large is Mueller’s team?


Think 470.

The more you know.


Who does Huber [directly] report to?


If Mueller was appointed as SC based on the Dossier - and the Dossier was proven to be FAKE/DISINFORMATION - and the Dossier was proven to be the 'bulk' of the information submitted to FISC in order to obtain the warrants (+FISA signers 'pre-mediated' neglect to disclose the actual FACTS (lied to)) - then how is Mueller still SC?

BO never called to testify re: Mueller?

Mueller investigating 'Russian Collusion'?

Why would Mueller not contact BO?

BO was the 'BACKCHANNEL' between FBI/DOJ & STEELE.

Why wouldn't Mueller seek testimony?






132082 () No. 5086845


I dont know about the USA, but over here (UK) going out on the piss is going out to get drunk.

That brings a whole new meaning to it.

621b4d () No. 5086846


Los Angeles declared itself a sanctuary city today. Is the military here to take the city back and/or make arrests?

b06f79 () No. 5086847


Top fucking kek

2b0ecb () No. 5086848

You are as free as you choose to be.

80992d () No. 5086849

6ad5cb () No. 5086850


He wasn’t an A lister

5f6316 () No. 5086851


5 minutes are up

We agreed to 5 minute intervals

5 minutes for lunch

Lotsa 5's

67b39c () No. 5086852


*Q uses a fluid system of actionable markers - AKA, news that they have the precision to execute - to set their timetable. You're an idiot to believe the clowns clock~

1febe7 () No. 5086853




3c5c7c () No. 5086854


Worth noting. KEK!!

b06f79 () No. 5086855


We're not all kiked. And their over-reach is about to bite them in the ass.

094e31 () No. 5086856

0d3146 () No. 5086857


can't imagine they would do similar tonight. way moar people out on a friday night. one never knows. greyhk30 out of Pt. Mugu most likely

ebaece () No. 5086858

Greensocks shit seems fake and gay.

434c83 () No. 5086859

96199f () No. 5086860


Great stuff this is getting good retwats on twatter.

Twatterfags use the first one!

43841e () No. 5086861

1db730 () No. 5086862


Love it, thanks….

1febe7 () No. 5086863



wow do we have an actual (((live one))) here?

1eb1fb () No. 5086864


enough Bakers…

da35a8 () No. 5086865


You taking the piss out of me?

7d9a74 () No. 5086866



Where Knows Where The Bodies are Buried?

Black History Month

6a210f () No. 5086867




Jim Brown

978920 () No. 5086868



Could be Eddie Murphie

e4bc6e () No. 5086869


Who Is Benjamin Crump?

Reality Show Host

Crump's high-profile status as a legal expert has allowed him to expand his career opportunities. In the spring of 2017 he appeared on Fox's live courtroom show You the Jury and will appear on A+E's limited investigative series Who Killed Tupac? In 2018 he's slated to appear as the legal host of TV One's Evidence of Innocence.

Here is a list of the notable civil rights cases Crump has represented:

Martin Lee Anderson (2006)

- 14-year-old African-American child who died at a bootcamp-oriented juvenile detention center in Panama City, Florida.

Robbie Tolan (2008)

- 28-year-old African-American man who was gunned down by police in front of his parents at their Bellaire, Texas home.

Alesia Thomas (2012)

- 35-year-old African-American single mother who died while in custody of the LAPD.

Trayvon Martin (2012)

- 17-year-old African-American man who, after an altercation with Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, was fatally shot in the chest by the latter.

and more not going to list them all


1febe7 () No. 5086870

eb90db () No. 5086871


Why don't the yellow vest wear eye protection?, I mean FFS protect your eyes with some military style goggles.

67b39c () No. 5086872


They know well enough when our enemy will speak, to use their Show against them.

6ad5cb () No. 5086873


I’m telling y’all its Murphy. Same cadence as Renegade. Knew Redd Fox very well. If Eddie has a ranch, it’s him.

909a40 () No. 5086874



Like I said.

Bring up Muhammad and look how the nazi shills react.

I wish I would have seen this so long ago.

The shills are Hezbolah & or Hamas.

Most are probably in the states and have a free scholarship to college.

Some over seas.

Most here.

Knowing is half the battle

b06f79 () No. 5086875


He seems pretty Kosher to me.

ba223c () No. 5086876

Tim Allen…..

GOD Bless the United States of America, except California…..

909676 () No. 5086877



what the anti trump theme of this year will be I wonder. Last guy that said fuck trump aint doin so good these days.

0c1454 () No. 5086878


This doesn't care what race or religion you are, just that the World can do without you.

2e2662 () No. 5086879


let me help

f83edf () No. 5086880

eddecd () No. 5086881

Can’t sauce this observation, but political independents seem to be reacting positively to the optics that Trump tried to negotiate, and even “gave in” for the sake of workers.

Sun Tzu would approve because this positions independents to be much more understanding during next shut down

be221e () No. 5086882



>You're an idiot to believe the clowns clock~

ffs, AFLB

talking about deltas, not the map or markers


go look at the confirmed 5 delta about McCabe, if it was by seconds, it wouldn't be a 5 delta if it were

can post the example if you want, or you could do it yourself

07fe07 () No. 5086883


someone make a baby shark meme

3e3713 () No. 5086884

4692f6 () No. 5086885

>>5086368 pb

Make a point, in most obvious and kind way, to repeat the walk-out awith her nd to wait, miss your light, and continue the convo - she'll do the talking.

Patience Anon is its own reward. No ulterior motive necessary.

Wanting good for another (for her, regardless of your own lack of interest) may come of a generous gesture anyway. Random act of kindness are good in itself. No payback expected. FWIW.

fa9e44 () No. 5086886


Looks like symptoms of an an alcoholic.

07878e () No. 5086887


That guy is suspicious; always seems to get involved somehow.

3de417 () No. 5086888

Okay so I live in Downey, CA and I was outside and a weird plane flew over my head really low and it was quiet and had 2 head lights that looked like a car with blue green headlights really weird

132082 () No. 5086889


Extracting the urine, moi ?

5f6316 () No. 5086890


I forgot they were all in that movie!

Redd Foxx had some great lines

1febe7 () No. 5086891



other things of note, right out the gate

ba223c () No. 5086892



b06f79 () No. 5086893


Hello, Nazi-shill here. Yes, please watch how I react…

Both of you, Arabs and Jews, are SEMITE-SCUM.

We don't want either of you in our country. Fuck-off and go home. Kikes.

Shill that, sand-nigger.

538918 () No. 5086894

>>5086208 Prev Bread

>The allegations by Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson are corroborated, painful stories of sexual assault and rape. It’s clear Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax should resign his office.


So i think i have it figured out… they are doing the Smear, Virtue Signaling.. as in Fairfax guilty, (but not us, don't look here, look there) and they will make him go, then do the bimbo trot when Trump picks his next big judge, or person for some big position and they will be like: see we make our sexual predator resign you must too. Muh Optics, Muh Narrative.

Now being that it is "Glory Hole" Booker and "Suck My Way to the Top" Harris, makes it quite comedic.

d358a2 () No. 5086895

El Tory at it again.


02099a () No. 5086896


You must have me confused w/ someone else.

2e2662 () No. 5086897


reminds me of my ex wife

2ccce7 () No. 5086898


is denzel still working?

2bd4ab () No. 5086899


How low were the helicopters?


And of course, my recent favorite pic of the week…

PS- Any Anon’s have any Angry Pelosi pics from the State Of The Union? Watched her, but honestly I can’t tell what the fudge is going on with that face.

One more face lift and she will have a goatee.

be221e () No. 5086900


actually remaking proofs and using your AF1/NK trip graphic as a guide

67b39c () No. 5086901


In other words, the Wizards and Warlocks have already won.

But don't get too comfy with that fact, as this is War, and our enemy is fighting for their life.

That brings a different beast out..

8337d5 () No. 5086902

0d3146 () No. 5086903

6ad5cb () No. 5086904


This meme thru me. I just sat there staring at it.

5e1437 () No. 5086905


as i said - Q & POTUS have many zero delta posts down to the second.

Dont know why anons dont know this

3741f9 () No. 5086906


Whatever happened to Dr. Carson? Dude is as quiet as a lamb. I get the feeling that he's the only person in that whole cabinet that POTUS actually likes.

597b03 () No. 5086907


Trips confirm strangeness.

f51ca5 () No. 5086908




probly an accident.

b06f79 () No. 5086909


Good one, Schlomo.

9f97d9 () No. 5086910



Hid kids are, too.

909a40 () No. 5086911

67b39c () No. 5086912


Aw thank you fren.

0e8b8e () No. 5086913


They want you divided - Q

Aren't you playing into the left / right paradigm by supporting Trump?

e71d3a () No. 5086914

26e959 () No. 5086915

So proud of my State! Winning!!!

Permitless carry gun bill sails through Oklahoma committee

ps Fuckoff Liberals

caa845 () No. 5086916

In honor of Steven Hawking and an investigation opening into the Jeffrey Epstein trial…

eddecd () No. 5086917


Articles about right & left reaction. Little about middle.

e7617a () No. 5086918

I Want Matthew Whitaker As United States Attorney General…not Gun Grabbing Barr!

d242de () No. 5086919


This is his "the goy are watching" corner

978920 () No. 5086920



I think a lot of H wood people have a ranch in Wyoming or Montana

I used to think it was just to get away from the crazies

Now I'm wondering if it's for other reasons

7235c0 () No. 5086921



909a40 () No. 5086922


Only a muzzie would blaspheme bacon!

Just outed yourself again.

c5b53f () No. 5086923

275ab1 () No. 5086924


Really! Feedback is great, so very helpful!

Thank you twatinfantryanon!

a111ad () No. 5086925



Keep in mind going to the grammys

Has won a grammy before

Why else would "retired" HWood guy go to the Grammys unless a past winner legacy attendance thingy

dd32cf () No. 5086926

Message to the gub-ment, from the anon community.

You guys get paid to not do shit but take our money.

For these reasons, we have to spend a lot of time making fun of how ridiculous you all are. Unfortunately, we don't get paid for what we do, and it's taking up a lot of our time. Here's the deal:

Either you guys can pay us to continue to make fun of you,

or perhaps you can stop taking all our money and being so ridiculous in the process, so we can get back to what's left of our tortured lives.

Something's gotta give, otherwise this relationship isn't going to work.

R.I.P. Camu Tao. . .

3eb6ab () No. 5086927


its a transcript i think

i wish it was a subpoena

1b90cb () No. 5086928






So Rod never signed the FISA warrant?

d1f215 () No. 5086929


Fake SH…

b06f79 () No. 5086930


I warned you all that Trump was PRO gun-control (has been for years) and that he was too kike-friendly…

be221e () No. 5086931


they have 14. go find one, I doubt you can, we've looked

it's 0 MINUTES, not seconds ffs

0d3146 () No. 5086932


you newfags need to realize that not every single person in california is a libtard. Many of them here yes. You kiss off california and you lose many military bases. Many marines live here with family's and are not libtards.

Food for thought.

033a9a () No. 5086933

Viziv Acknowledges This is Tesla Technology

~ Tesla Technology Revived For Testing In Milford, TX ~


275ab1 () No. 5086934


FFS. I was correcting a typo on your previous meme. You spelled shill → sill.

I have nothing further to say to you.

bac645 () No. 5086935


Now we are getting somewhere.

Direct discussion is NEVER the way to break through a paradigm. Her reaction is very normal when one is confronted with oneself. You clearly have an advantage by your own recognition of your 'nature', which I submit is not your essential nature.

One has to be able to see the 'monster' (man or woman by birth but having characteristics of an animal), they are of their own volition. You can lead a horse to water you know.

That said, if you try my experiment you may find something for yourself. Approach it as a scientist collecting data on yourself and ponder my words. Do you, in fact, feel you hands now?

aecf28 () No. 5086936

You guys are being disrespectful

758585 () No. 5086937

Just watched this

So AOC’s handler is some Indian dude who ran Bernie’s campaign and she was nominated by her brother to run?


9b3227 () No. 5086938

Be kind to the left… they are suffering from a disease… xD

b14ade () No. 5086939

that bush bush reminds me of something


a54545 () No. 5086940







e7617a () No. 5086941


I wish every state had politician with balls and brains like Oklahoma…for permitless carry

cdf593 () No. 5086942


If he was really a bad ass, he would have told them he is fucking this dog, congress's job is to hold the head.

f51ca5 () No. 5086943


>You guys are being disrespectful


3741f9 () No. 5086944


How did he end up being the pick? What a seriously weird choice.

e4bc6e () No. 5086945


Dem’s 2020 campaign can’t get off the ground, reportedly so nasty to staffers they’re dropping like flies

Much like failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, congresswoman and potential 2020 contender Sen. Amy Klobuchar has a reported habit of treating people like garbage. So much so, that she’s been unable to retain a campaign chief, according to HuffPost.

“At least three people have withdrawn from consideration to lead Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s nascent 2020 presidential campaign — and done so in part because of the Minnesota Democrat’s history of mistreating her staff,” the left-wing news purveyor reported Wednesday.

According to former Klobuchar staffers with whom HuffPost spoke, the 13-year Senate veteran is demeaning, prone to outbursts, difficult to work with and just plain mean.


be221e () No. 5086946


just making a large set of them and making them very simple for spreading

1db730 () No. 5086947

aecf28 () No. 5086948

da35a8 () No. 5086949


How cute, he is doing goat yoga

1febe7 () No. 5086950


02099a () No. 5086951

3741f9 () No. 5086952


She's a lesbian, isn't she?

6ad5cb () No. 5086953


That other Anon was saying how Eddie always says, But I Do know. That’s true, He does say that a lot.

9f97d9 () No. 5086955

I should say fuck it and name names.

ba223c () No. 5086956


When passing through missouri, was at a gas station, a cop told me, if you see a deer hit on the road, don’t take it, it prob has wasting disease… wonder if that near the same? He said they get confused and wander in road.

e7617a () No. 5086957


275ab1 () No. 5086958

8cbe7f () No. 5086959


other way around

07878e () No. 5086960


Probably treats people that way because she is an angry drunk. Total nightmare.

5f6316 () No. 5086961

b06f79 () No. 5086962


Our gov't is a pathetic clown-show… I'm embarrassed, as an American. Both sides are shit. Most are corrupt. All are ineffective. Nothing gets done. THESE people are sick… so sick, they cannot do their jobs, apparently.

You are right. SOMETHING has to give.

If I could snap my fingers and make it so, I'd have rural Americans descend upon D.C. and force a top-to-bottom "house-cleaning".

7fc2a4 () No. 5086963

aecf28 () No. 5086964


No and.

a111ad () No. 5086965


If not Fake&Gay

Eddie is by far the most likely

be221e () No. 5086966




the closest is 2 seconds

094e31 () No. 5086967




it's not complicated, theyre freemasons


033a9a () No. 5086968

They are cutting trees down for 5 G Technology in England

We all heard about new 5G wireless networks. Authority are introducing it like always without any research on human health. Even when studies show side effect from some technology, that is put a side because only profit is what is important. There is not much studies done on 5G, so introducing this technology is danger by itself.

For start here is short video explaining new 5G wireless technology:

As you could see the plan is to put many low power mini base stations everywhere because trees and other obstacles are blocking signals.

News about 'authorities' cutting trees even locals disagree will just another news from The Twilight Zone, but when you have information that trees are obstacle for on 5G wireless networks, that story suddenly got another connotations.

Sheffield City Council has employed the infrastructure support company 'Amey' to carry out felling program as part of a £2.2 billion contract. Since 2012 over 5,500 trees have been cut down as part of Streets Ahead scheme to improve roads and footpaths in Sheffield. In the future it's plan to cut another 2,000 trees.

The authority are saying contractors are removing only dead, dying, diseased, damaged or dangerous trees, but residents are saying most of trees were healthy. Local residents felt sorry for unnecessary loss of trees that stood for decades and because of it made few protest over the years. In last one few protesters got arrested by people who protect the public…yes, the police! The morons (police) arrested one women because of (believe it or not) blew into a small horn few times:


d242de () No. 5086969

275ab1 () No. 5086971

538918 () No. 5086970



Democrats raised nothing but SNOWFLAKES through Muh Liberal College, they can't handle anything that requires a thick skin. SOOOO funny to watch. Devil Wears Prada, could NEVER find an assistant to take her crap today.

8cbe7f () No. 5086972


havent you been posting this for a week?

e7617a () No. 5086973


c879d2 () No. 5086975

a c-17 and 2 c-130j's in tight formation and low over a neighborhood near Pinehurst

badass, they were stacked up on that tight bank

9f97d9 () No. 5086974


Have to get out of Arkansas first.

67b39c () No. 5086976


Correct me if I'm assuming incorrectly but..

I can't take full credit for that beautiful graphic, as the middle part - the Applied Autism - was made by another.

Such is most of what we do here I guess..