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Welcome To Q Research Nordic

Welcome to Q Research Nordic, this thread is meant for news, resources & discussion related to Q and otherwise in the nordic countries.

Figured it was time we Nords got a place of our own, here we can gather all usefull info and resources which might get lost in the flood of the general breads.

I baked in english, partly to make it easier for international anons to follow, but feel free to speak like a true viking here also.

Heil og sæl

Vincit omnia veritas

Where we go one we go all

Kor me går ein går me alle

Vart går vi en vi går alla

Hvor vi går en går vi alle

Missä me mennä yksi me mennä kaikki

Hvar við förum einn faraum við öll

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Q Resources





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Sources for OP

Nordic Cross flag


Heil og sæl


Qanon i Norske Nyheter+

Konspirasjonsteorien QAnon har tatt steget fra internetts mørke kroker til Trumps massemøter


Konspirerer om at Trump står bak en «kommende storm»


Q Anon – informasjonssentralen mot etablissementet


A mysterious pro-Trump conspiracy theory has been moving from the fringes of the internet to Trump rallies


Gjør alt for å avsløre ‘den farlige, dype staten’


Apples Siri foreslo falske nyheter og konspirasjonsteorier


Imperiet må stadig gi Assange rett i absolutt alt.


«Roseanne» tas av lufta etter rasistisk tvitring


#Qanon - Verdenshistoriens største militæroperasjon, eller historiens største troll?


ae78bc () No. 5290570




28cf90 () No. 5290662


Why the GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI push here?

Taking it to new heights with this thread!

Is it organic?

What is organic here?

Is very little organic here?

Therefore, is GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI organic?



Why the push?

Why OUR GUYS getting the treatment?

What is the meaning?

Is it symbolic?

A symbol of dominance and control?

Patriots in control here?

Or not?

What do GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI memes signify?

What dominance?

Does GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI infringe on human consciousness, somehow?

Can memes be DANGEROUS?

Can this be discussed?

Can the "baker" talk about GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI obsession? Talk like a PATRIOT?


What happens?

Is this imposed to control this movement?

Will patriots EVER wake up?

1247ab () No. 5290723

ae78bc () No. 5290791


Hope I didn't butcher the finnish & icelandic wwg1wga's btw, I did my best to put them together through the board search and google translate.

We'll get edits in the future if needed.

28cf90 () No. 5291539


Is that a GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI meme as well– indeed, using exactly the same image that has appeared in THOUSANDS of GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI memes, posted by the bot system here?

d53998 () No. 5291813


I love it. Just noticed in the catalog.

Greetings to all of you visitors. Not Nordic just a fan of your Baker <3

28cf90 () No. 5292255


You need an intervention, bot system.

Saying it as a friend.

You are now clearly out of control.


I'm 100% serious dude, bot system

b79583 () No. 5292329

Welcome, frens.

About time you Vikings showed up.

Skeggǫld, Skálmǫld, Skildir ro Klofnir.

Are you ready?

I've already put on my battle garment.

52747d () No. 5294225


926943 () No. 5310511


>You need an intervention, bot system.

72db88 () No. 5321838

72db88 () No. 5321849


For our Nordic Frens.

22808c () No. 5322650

Welcome Nordic Patriots!

Greetings and best wishes from Australia!


4cd4eb () No. 5322696

Why the GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI push here?

Is it organic?

What is organic here?

Is very little organic here?

Therefore, is GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI organic?



Why the push?

Why OUR GUYS getting the treatment?

What is the meaning?

Is it symbolic?

A symbol of dominance and control?

Patriots in control here?

Or not?

What do GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI memes signify?

What dominance?

Does GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI infringe on human consciousness, somehow?

Can memes be DANGEROUS?

Can this be discussed?

Can the "baker" talk about GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI obsession? Talk like a PATRIOT?


What happens?

Will patriots EVER wake up?

ae78bc () No. 5323666

Antarctica has been a subject of great interest for a while.

Here's some sources regarding Jarle Andhøy's expedition.



Got a mysterious message from "Berserk"



The last pictures before "Berserk" disappeared


Armed guards table 'Nilaya'


"Nilaya" has been arrested in Chile


Jarle has turned the boat towards the sun


"Nilaya" was not arrested upon request from us







YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f2f24 () No. 5352061

Welcome Nordic patriots. What is going on in your part of the world?

22fee9 () No. 5365168

welcome norway…

germans are thankful, that you joined

22fee9 () No. 5365176


yes…how is the situation in norway?

d1e93e () No. 5381406

Woman Who Outed Pope’s Friend as Child Rapist Found Dead

Source: https://newspunch. com/woman-outed-popes-friend-child-rapist-dead/

29aaba () No. 5381476

f9a033 () No. 5382079

Hereillä ollaan.

Greetings from finland! Wwg1wga!

e1da9a () No. 5390538

Enjoy your great awakening!

With patriotic salutes from Germany!


e1da9a () No. 5390594


The Last Squad

e1da9a () No. 5390680

Freispruch für Asylbewerber trotz nachgewiesenen Mordes…

Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg. Ein abgelehnter afrikanischer Asylbewerber, der in Offenburg nachgewiesenermaßen einen deutschen Arzt mit mehr als 30 Messerstichen niedermetzelte, kann wohl nicht als Mörder verurteilt werden. Beim Wort Freispruch ging ein Raunen durch die Zuschauerreihen.

Mehr auf: "Prozess wegen Mord an Arzt: Freispruch trotz nachgewiesenen Mordes?"


Sowas, in einer digitalen Welt, spricht sich rum wie im Lauffeuer: "Macht ein auf Macke & euch passiert nichts"

Mag ja alles so sein die Justiz, Gesetzgeber usw., aber dann sollte man richtig handeln. Grenzen endlich zu! Dänemark hat gelernt. Wir können niemanden in den Kopf schauen, da das so ist, sollte nur Hilfe vor Ort erfolgen bzw. zum Nachbarland. Das wäre vernünftig.

Frau Merkel juristisch wird man sie nicht belangen können, aber der Wähler sollte handeln. EU hat auch Schuld, eindeutig. Wir wählen nicht diese EU im Mai.


293f32 () No. 5390935


sorry wrong board!

dff3ca () No. 5392686

Greetings from the USA, Nordic patriots! Welcome to all our friends at the top of the world (almost). Let liberty ring across the world. WWG1WGA.

c1aa60 () No. 5392792

I don't want to live in this socialist hell-hole anymore… I fucking can't take it.

EU needs to burn and the socialist dictators running the show needs public beheadings.

It is time he awakes to defend his people. (pic related)

bbcecf () No. 5434258

Q - The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbcecf () No. 5434269

Q - Killing The Mockingbird

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbcecf () No. 5434276

Q - We Are The Plan

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bbcecf () No. 5434292




may god be with us

ae78bc () No. 5434854

Denmark Wakes Up: Will Now Focus on Deporting Migrants, Not ‘Integrating’ Them


ae78bc () No. 5434947

Profilerte norske politikere medlemmer i organisasjon som arbeider for «verdensregjering»




EU-kommisær: Om nasjonalistene vinner, blir det krig


ae78bc () No. 5435028


Danmark vurderer å sende syrere hjem


Belal dømt til 13 års forvaring for brutalt drap på åpen gate: – Er i høyrisiko­gruppen for fremtidig vold


Sverige­demokraterna nest størst på menings­måling før EU-valget


a9ab86 () No. 5435614

ae78bc () No. 5438150

Her går mannskapet om bord på «Helge Ingstad» for første gang siden ulykken


6e511e () No. 5446588

Programmet vänder sig till dig som vill förstå bedrägeriet om klimatet. Klimatrörelsen kan enligt Lars Bern kan liknas vid en domedagssekt.

Vi går igenom SVTs program "Ekdal och Ekdal" om klimatet som sändes den 12 februari i år. Lars Bern börjar med att konstatera att programmet är ett religiöst väckelsemöte för att skrämma upp folk.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4f9c3d () No. 5446610


Why are "anons" pushing this?

Who controls the central source OF ALL PUSHED "ALT RIGHT" MEDIA?

How is it that the whole "alt right" apparently gets fed media from a common source?

What is that source?

Why do fake "Swedes" come to this board to push GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI memes, and centrally-origninating FORCED "alt right" media?

Why is AI pushing its CREEPY AI MEMES on us (fucking GOOGLE AI memes!), while SHAMMING that it is human patriots?

Do BOTS have a right to emulate human patriots and DECEIVE US?

Will HUMAN patriots wake up and REJECT THESE LIES?

I sure hope so.

4f9c3d () No. 5446647





Who DISTRIBUTED these to all "alt right" media?

WOULD control over media be sought?

Do SOME pieces of "alt right" media MAGICALLY "go viral" and get distributed all over?

Is that organic?

Would it be STUPID to mindlessly assume that media that is conveniently shoved in our face is NOT INORGANIC?

Because, after all, is media controlled, or is it free and organic?

Why are we here?

What are we fighting against?

To what extent is MEDIA CONTROL not only key, but even of the essence of this war?

Therefore, in what possible rational world to patriots sit around "consuming alt right content" that is fed from GOD KNOWS WHERE, which is distributed rapidly, and ENFORCES MSM NARRATIVES AND STEREOTYPES?

It seems to me pushing mysteriously sourced slick media items is the LAST thing patriots would do.

Patriots want to MAKE THEIR OWN media, not have it FED to them by shadowy powers.

Wake up people. The FAKENESS is painfully obvious.

Wake up Swedes.

Do you think THIS media wouldn't be controlled?

You think the powers that be control 4chan, and reddit, and fb, etc… but just leave THIS board alone?

Given that, why the lack of actual FRICTION here?

Why does the "alt right" atmosphere flow SMOOTHLY, and identically to all the other "alt right" media?

Why is "alt right" media A HOMOGENIZED PRODUCT?


ae78bc () No. 5454058

Migrants Commit the Most Violent Crimes in Norway’s Capital Amid Stabbing Wave



46a31f () No. 5496603

c22027 () No. 5497474


All boards on 8chan are infiltrated by the deep state. Keeping tabs on their sheeple. A twitter link Q dropped tonight was deleted seconds after.

Greetings from America, PATRIOTS!


04fb94 () No. 5499032

a41799 () No. 5536148



ae78bc () No. 5560655

Kvinde anholdt af politiet efter at have delt halshugningsvideo fra Marokko


Denmark police prosecute 14 over sharing Morocco hikers 'murder video'


ae78bc () No. 5560834


They are scared of the truth, can't have the sheeple waking up after seeing the reality of those horrors..

Additional sauce:

Dansk politi sikter 14 for å ha delt video av Marokko-drap


Dansk politi sikter 14 for å ha delt video av Marokko-drap


ae78bc () No. 5577790

Det sier alt om Norge at vi inviterer Hillary Clinton som en «æresgjest»


Clinton på plass på middag hos Støre


270a3e () No. 5590569

är lite ledsen (typ) men jag läser inte ens svenska nyheter längre, Sverige är kört och jag ska flytta till USA, Sverige är värdelöst, även om hela resten av världen löser sig så kommer Sverige fortsätta kämpa för socialism och annat värdelöst skit, alltså typ alla våra skolböcker säger att Olof Palme var en nationalhjälte när den riktiga nationalhjälten var personen (CP?) som sköt honom

b6cdfe () No. 5590812

ae78bc () No. 5591197

>>5588973 (/gb)

Nordic anon out representing Qanon with Killary in town.



59f97c () No. 5630750

TY Nord fags



ae78bc () No. 5689428

Interdasting to see what PST got to say about so-called rightwing ekstremists in Norway..

PST i ny rapport: Høyreekstreme er dumme og fattige


PST-rapport om høyreekstreme i Norge


Temarapport: Hvilken Bakgrunn har personer i høyreekstreme miljøer i Norge?


ST-rapport: 83 prosent av norske høyreekstreme har begått lovbrudd


553d15 () No. 5718000

Have you seen these memes?

They were made over a year ago in the warroom and shared allover the world. they thing is: not everyone speaks English, so we really need moar translations!,

They are great to use to wake up your friends, as the texts are kind to people with different beliefs.

Please make a translation in the Scandinavian languages. and share with the other countries. We have asked all the other rooms to do the same.

These are Dutch, English and French.

Looking forward to seeing your norsk, danish, swedish version.

TAKK from your fren anon from the warroom.

Please, once you have your versions, don't forget to visit all language rooms and share the results there.


8e6756 () No. 5721643

Hello NORDIC!!! Best wishes from Spain. All united against the EVIL.

553d15 () No. 5723294


Trips confirm!

Please Nordic anons, make your translations and share with the other rooms.

Here is the German version.

26ef70 () No. 5724269

Hello Nordic Anons! Welcome and God bless you all. WWG1WGA!

937f59 () No. 5728067

Tack, bagare

ae78bc () No. 5728641


Checked, great idea.

I translated all the text in the meme to norwegian. I could probably do danish and swedish fairly well also, a native speaker would be best tho.

I don't have a lot of experiance putting together infographics, but I'll give it a shot to piece it together as a meme also.

Dumping raw paste here, feel free to use to make your own version of the meme.

Also copy/pasta into a translator is possible with a few edits.


553d15 () No. 5743413


Please make your text into a meme that looks lik the others and share in the other rooms.

i got 177 retweets on first tweet sharing 4 translated memes (englist plus 3 translations). People LOVE it! They are flying everyhere now. Please hurry an make your text into a meme, anon.

GREAT way o get more people to reetweet is reeplying to a potus twat, using those memes.


11fb30 () No. 5767088

Locals , you won’t believe the theory. Sounds like a case of self-justification… People are known to always assume the worst, and apparently no good deed goes unpunished.

94400a () No. 5796184

de3ecc () No. 5831003

bb314f () No. 5980028


Change the Finnish version of WWG1WGA to this:

Mihin menemme yksin menemme yhdessä

- native

cffc0f () No. 5982944


Joo, ei se oikein taitu mitenkään.

"Mihin meistä menee yksi - menevät kaikki" ?

ae78bc () No. 6011995

Q, sier du?


One of the more alternative news-sites in Norway picks up on Q. Pretty decent introduction to Qanon, how to follow etc.

Overall looking at the Q phenomenom as a positive thing, making people assk questions.

6d59e4 () No. 6015465

dff3ca () No. 6015746

God bless you, Nordic anons. Liberty for all around the world. WWG1WGA.

a2eddb () No. 6040306

The Finns' Party

Election campaign video.

Parliament election coming up on april 14th.


cffc0f () No. 6071503


Who to vote??

I'm afraid it make sno difference..

cffc0f () No. 6071508

*makes no

fad3c5 () No. 6150710

hey all

59eda6 () No. 6219866

fad3c5 () No. 6333602


e0efca () No. 6333710

a0d66f () No. 6379790

PEPES new favorite track.

This is for you awesome anons, hope you, Q & (((Q+))) enjoy the shit out of it, keep up the good work and enjoy the movie.

"The Future Proves The Past"



f42518 () No. 6408432

>>6406988 lb


Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 lb, ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

The movie is known as Karate Kid, but it´s original name is

"The Moment of Truth".


>>6405524 lb


fad3c5 () No. 6535418

731ed4 () No. 6625968

ecd7b7 () No. 6763232

Remember where Norway is in the Deep state. very high up..

They control UN NATO WHO WEF and alot of company and countries whit money..

Just see who the clinton visit and who is in the bilderbergmeetings this years and others years..

Norway give 1billionsNOK to the clintons

They give billions to corrupt evil asshols around the world. they ripp of the norwegians people.

From bilderbergsmeeting this years.

Brende, Børge (NOR), President, World Economic Forum

Seres, Silvija (NOR), Independent Investor

Solhjell, Bård Vegar (NOR), CEO, WWF - Norway

Stoltenberg, Jens (INT), Secretary General, NATO

Brandtzæg, Svein Richard (NOR), Chairman, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Chairman of Bilderberg and was the CEO of Hydro AS


Goverment of norway and the clintons

82e9a4 () No. 6763325


HUSSEIN left Stockholm, Sweden for France with his family. Right after the suspicious 'Brilliant Minds' secret conference.

Img1. News Alert, Government allows foreign medical personnel during crisis? They're now fast tracking this since it's been on back burner for four years.

Img2. Supreme Commander, Micael Bydén is now pulling in reserves without notice on Friday during this weekend to test preparedness. This was unscheduled. All the reserves got called for station nation wide.

Img 3, SR/SVT is running NY Times story about escalating cyber attacks. Anonymous source .. NYT. Doesn't take long to realize this is just Deep State trying to cause havoc.

Img 4, Margot Wallström, foreign minister has 'surprise' meeting with John Kerry the TRAITOR. Connected to the whole 'Brilliant Minds' shit show. Deep State trying to negotiate?

Is this the day Sweden starts the undercover revolt against the Deep State cabal? Recap.

HUSSEIN leaves Sweden for France, rejected offer?

Diplomats from U.S. and Russia are in Stockholm. Debrief? Letting PATRIOTS in Swedish Government know both countries are in this covert war, can be delicate for Sweden since we're out of any alliance. Need diplomatic cables to battle dis info.

Fast tracking for foreign medical personnel to act in Sweden if things goes south.

Probably all military personnel are working, we have one of the largest Air Force combat simulations going on up north. Last week I saw two H60 Blackhawks, no markings travel from somewhere central of Stockholm South, South-West. Very low. Saw no markings. In formation. Not a common sight, that low.

Supreme Commander calls in ALL available Armed Forces reserves.

It could be SWEDEN finally stood up, rejected the Deep State HUSSEIN deals even with all this fancy 'celebrities' and former 'politicians' showing up.

THIS weekend might be one of covert operations.

I've been praying today since it's Sunday for all OPERATORS and ARMED FORCES in this battle against the Deep State CABAL.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.

Ave Svea. Ave Maria.

In Nomine Patriis, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti.


82e9a4 () No. 6763355

Missing letter.

UH60 Blackhawks.

If any Anons knows more, it would be fun to know. Was there a drill going on? Stockholm 13th. I saw them coming from central Stockholm over the water heading S-S/W. Very low. If you've seen Police, Medivacs and Coast Guards helis, these two where about 1/5th of their operating ceiling. Coming from the water they came very low over the three tops and infrastructure on land.

Side note, on 14th. This news.


It's something albeit be it a bit late. The socialists, feminists and globalists have really done a number on our country. This will be a hard lesson to learn for some.

82e9a4 () No. 6763424



This article has some weird passages. I will copy and paste some and translate to English.

– Det kommer vara mycket att göra i helgen.

– There will be a lot to do this weekend.

Hon säger att ”allt måste förändras”, och att det kräver förebilder:

– Personer som ni, säger hon från scenen.

She says "everything must change", and it takes raw models.

People like you, she says from the stage.

John Kerry TRAITOR.

– Jag håller alltid vad jag lovar, säger Kerry och ställer upp sig med mannen.

– I always keep my promises, says Kerry and stands up with the man.

– Vi har kommit långt sen dess, säger Natalia Brzezinski.

– Allt tack vare dig.

John Kerry svarar skämtsamt:

– Hörde ni det, alla? Tack vare mig, om ni gillar henne!

– Om ni inte gillar det, skyll på honom, skrattar Natalia Brzezinski.

– We have come a long ways since then, says Natalia Brzezinski.

– All thanks to you.

John Kerry responds jokingly:

– Did you all hear that? Thanks to me, if you like her!

– If you don't like it, blame him, laughs Natalia Brzezinski.

It's a really weird article, you can read it for yourself. What I get from it that Q must have done such a massive blow to their ways of communicating they are desperate to have these kind of events then use open comms in media - to get their message across.

Even if John Kerry had a unscheduled talk, and only stayed for a day he's mentioned all over the article. It even ends with.

John Kerry är också på plats, så klart.

John Kerry is also on location, of course.

bc22c6 () No. 6788147

I've done some researching about these sick people. I don't know if any anons yet have connected the symbolic value of Y heads dressed in gold. So here goes a theory.

But first a quick recap.

HUSSEIN and KERRY visits Stockholm 'Brilliant Minds'. Says he got some friends here.

Seinabo Sey (a "Swedish" artist) performs "Easy". In the article they make notice of her dress in gold.

Q194-Q197 we pull the gold reference. The Rothschilds party pictures. Covered in Gold.

We have the ancient Egyptians god Ra. Gold is the skin of the gods. Golden flesh. "Ram of the west".


Gets us this movie about causing war between USA and Russia with an Israeli nuclear bomb. Setting up the United Fascist Europe.

The day after 'Brilliant Minds' weekend, SVT posts on Instagram about a nuclear attack on Swedens capital Stockholm.

So leaving out the Satanic stuff about being covered in gold and worshiping idols.

This is the trail when Q talks about Gold.








bc22c6 () No. 6788162

Gold Codes.

8c4f49 () No. 6788794

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s speech at the Gilel Storch Award , Stockholm 2019



What is [RBG's] current state-of-health?

Are pictures being 'avoided' for a reason?

Pics in/out of home in/out of cars = easy


Well apparently she was in Sweden 6 weeks ago.

Micael Bindefeld was an attendee at Brilliant Minds.

img1. Micael Bindefeld. Unmask.

Img2. RBG blouse. Purple. Micael Bindefeld hankerchief also Purple. Vatican?

img3. 0 hits on tineye.

img4. Article about Sweden not having a U.S. Ambassador for a record breaking 28 months.

4 10 20 assigns Ken Howery. Don't know much about him. Paypal.

But look at img 1. Where it's geoloc tagged at. The Residence Of The American Ambassador.

How is that possible when there's no Ambassador assigned to Sweden?

Researching the attendees to Brilliant Minds is fun!

8c4f49 () No. 6788841



Anders Nilsson CEO Tele2 Group.

Talks about 5G and Huawei.

Yesterday TELE2 network went down nation wide. Caused a stir.

Swedish Radio [SR] P1 - Ring P1 program had to be cancelled. If you listened to radio, they said they are using Tele2.

I suspect PATRIOTS made a visit to TELE2.


8c4f49 () No. 6796766


Q3331 Enjoy the show! Q

Q535 Try to get some sleep, it must be difficult. Q

Q699 Can you sleep? We can help. Q

Q2767 Sleep is important. Q


Patriots Are Now In Control.

Wie schläfst du Frau Kasner?

Soon your secret plans will be known for all to see. How you planned to flood Europe with migrants.

To create a people with no history, no cultural home.

Once Germans and Swedes becomes minorities in their own homelands, terror attacks, civil war would be easy to stir up.

Your plans for a fascist Europe, against the European people will be revealed for all to see.

Sleep is important.

8c4f49 () No. 6839918




We knew that.

We now need to dig. Open Source.


These people are stupid. Q

What celebrities have owl / Y head symbols?

What politicians have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful people have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful groups have owl / Y head symbols?

Why are they worn/shown openly?

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.




What does a dog do with a bone?

Dig. Dig. Dig.

8c4f49 () No. 6880510

ACTIVATED Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Deep State puppet. Buddies with Neo-Cons. This is the guy who said world is not ready for Trump 2016 elec.

Also joined Merkel on mass immigration "Open Your Hearts" speech. Globalist.

Is now writing a book with his son for 2020 elec.

Worrying about Trump dismantling the OLD GUARD. And what effects this has on which future military security alliances will be formed.

What ever these stupid people have planned, I want you all to know. The Swedish PEOPLE will ALWAYS be friendly to AMERICANS and WESTERN POWERS!

They might have imported over 2 million immigrants here that hates U.S. and the free western world. But we're still 8 million Swedes living here in our country.

God bless POTUS on North Korea visit with Kim, what a historic day. But hey, Anons knew. Iran next. Freedom. Nothing can stop this.

68ba49 () No. 6880692


I would say this is the Swedish "no-name". The damage he has done is unimaginable. He was the faggot who opened up our borders and said the Swedish is just a bunch of barbarians and immigrants are those who make sweden go forward.

6cebfd () No. 6881641


The icelandic should say: Þar sem við förum eitt þar förum við öll


8c4f49 () No. 6890722


Q often says TRAITOR and that sleep is important. Shaking? Eyes on.


Patrioter Är Nu I Kontroll.

058721 () No. 6904041




Always in close proximity to:


Micael Bindefeld


FOREIGN power.

again NETWORK.


What color are the ties?

Does this color hold any significant meaning?

Pictures are in a way trophies.

Recruits? HRC - Vatican, very old network.

Instagram is public. Open Source.

Dig. Dig. Dig.

Didn't even know of this person before Brilliant Minds. These people are stupid.

Where is HUSSEIN now?

Where is HRC now?

4th of July. Afraid? Burning bridges.

b1617b () No. 6934803

USMC Q proof tweet storm!

While the Marine Corps twatter was posting at any timestamp in the past, all below recent tweets were either done at 5:00 or 17:00. They are all succesive tweets, no tweets inbetween the below.

(EST time.)

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1147475281281765376 5:00 AM - 6 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1147294087311233025 5:00 PM - 5 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1147112891083972609 5:00 AM - 5 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1146750505625899008 5:00 AM - 4 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1146388118813192192 5:00 AM - 3 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1145663340934340608 5:00 AM - 1 Jul 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1145482146297131009 5:00 PM - 30 Jun 2019

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1145300955308552193 5:00 AM - 30 Jun 2019

for reference: a tweet with different timestamp.

https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1138849579334606850 09:44 AM - 12 Jun 2019

Obviously this is not a coinkidink.

Obviously this is comms to anons.

Q500 and Q1700 are very interdasting drops:

FIRE & FURY and Declaration of Independence (1776)

I T I S O N ! ! !

1b96e1 () No. 6939725


5:00 AM - 6 Jul 2019

Leading Marines 89s


5:00 PM - 5 Jul 2019

Squeeze to Talk 141s


5:00 AM - 5 Jul 2019

Red, White and Blue


5:00 AM - 4 Jul 2019

Happy Independence Day 67s

5:00 AM - 3 Jul 2019

Recruit Training Tips for Success Do you have what it takes to make it through recruit training? 126s

Take capitalized letters, R T T S D

Q40 Tells us to assign simple values to letters, A=1, B=2, C=3 etcetera.

The value of R T T S D is 81.

81 is also the value for Prelude.

Definition of prelude

"an introductory performance, action, or event preceding and preparing for the principal or a more important matter"

Video ends with: "ARE YOU READY?"




Yesterday had an interesting post from USMC. Judgement Day. Interesting name of the Sergeant. His first name is similar to the last name of an IT worker last name. Servers.

82e9a4 () No. 6940988




Talking points [4am] - private email addresses.

Paid contractors.



Does actors within Swedish state-media get their talking points at 10:00 CET on private e-mails?

Can we find these e-mail addresses?

Can we get access to these e-mails?

*Talking points*



82e9a4 () No. 6942277

Q (You) just watch.

82e9a4 () No. 6942286


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c4f49 () No. 6964492

Swedish Radio Program 1,


Talked about DEEP FAKE, counter measures being researched. They used two, two examples.




They are afraid. They know of the videos.


8c4f49 () No. 6964504


to clarify, videos are not of MZ or BO.

it's of HRC. So why mention MZ and BO?

MZ = FB = Social Media reach. The battlefield for the narrative counter measures.

BO = HRC = The target is within the previous administration.

bc22c6 () No. 6992702

Bjørn Kjos is a Norwegian aviator, lawyer, and business magnate. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavia's largest airline, and Europe's third largest low-cost airline.


bc22c6 () No. 6992766


Net worth €412mn[1]

18 July 1946 (age 72)

Any anons got more information to why he's resigning from CEO. He's still on the board.

Why is it reported at effective immediately

bc22c6 () No. 6992857

Riyad Abdulkarim Jassim

Denied citizenship. Was able to stay in Sweden for 15-20 years even though his citizenship was denied and known to SÄPO.

Same with his son Hussein Al-Jibury.

Fekri Hamad finally getting deported after being payed with tax payer money to preach and radicalize.

It's almost like there has been a political pressure to keep these dangerous people in the country even when they have been denied citizenship.

We are in desperate need for ICE in Sweden.

Sometimes it's hard to be positive about the future outlook for Sweden in the next coming 20-40 years. New generations will have to face incredible amounts of (unnecessary) new threats thanks to our corrupt politicians.

[liberal undo] cant happen soon enough.

Stay strong, stay positive. Research everything, don't swallow MSM news without questioning. Red pill with humor and facetious remarks.

Be with your family and provide information and security.

We need to unite the nation again, connect with your people.

Stay course, follow Q and trust the plan.

bc22c6 () No. 6992869



She deserves every second of it.


d8b4bf () No. 7049937

Unusual flight crash. 14JUL19. Call in 14:28 local time.

7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills. Q

I think this one is one of the 3/10 that are accidents. But we'll have to see when the casualties are identified.

Model: GippsAero GA8 Airvan

7 males, 2 females. Natl. Swedish.

There are speculations about the casualties on a swedish forum, I am more interested in their occupations. If someone stands out.

7bf9a7 () No. 7096967

414160 () No. 7110489



Reaching out to multiLingual illuminated QAnon Mindz for understanding and teamwork.

i am MAXIMUM, your Ancient Genetic King and would appreciate questions and exposure.

I am also known as Christ/Adam DNA Avatar, 10th Vishnu Avatar Kalki, Ra, and Tyr.

Please see my revelation threads and reach back!



747a22 () No. 7120840


Intro til Qanon flott for newfags send link til venner og familie som står på gjerdet om Q


c039e4 () No. 7127774


this is a shill faggot, in America this is called a Curb stomp by memes, you place the shills teeth on the curb and then take your Doc Martens with red laces and stomp on the back of the head. Shill gone

752b40 () No. 7134582

752b40 () No. 7134697

1bad00 () No. 7197502

Joaquin Rustan Nabi Olsson

"Swedish" actor/theater arrested in Florida for sex with minor.

1bad00 () No. 7197524

24JUL19 Sweden.

Police has shortage of IT-forensic detectives. - Johannes Wellin, polisens nationella it-brottscentrum.

1bad00 () No. 7197549

22JUL19 Sweden.

Police cases for childporn crimes increases heavily

An avalanche of increasing document abuses. Double. '18 = 10,000 cases. This year expected 20,000 cases.

We see all from casual posing pictures, to rape and what can best described as torture - Emil Andersson, Nationella Operativa Avdelning.

80% of the info to Police comes from abroad, mostly from U.S.

1bad00 () No. 7197597

25JUL19 Sweden/Åland/Finland.

Bill Clinton located on Åland - meeting with Anders Wiklöf.

Anders Wiklöf owns Wiklöf Holding (Invest) and majority owner of Ålandsbanken (Bank).

Seems like the rats are fleeing this summer all over the place. Obamas, Clintons. They end up in Scandinavia.

We need to let them know, there's no safe haven here for TRAITORS!

1bad00 () No. 7197645


Mockingbird & Greta

Calls for nationwide union Strike for climate. Kek.

It's been pretty obvious for me since she turned up. Just so you get up to speed.

Greta is a product.

Greta has gone through all the meds and x-sessions.

P_eval? OCD, ADD, Aspberger/Autism, Suicidal, Depression.

Greta claims she can see the CO2,

In all her talks, has her message ever been positive?

Greta today calls for the unions to strike otherwise it's a system wide collapse.

It was always their goal with Greta. Build her up with Mockingbird. Stars advocate her. Obama advocates her.

Target first the youth, then target the adults. Trust me she will try and influence a eco terrorist attack.

It's so sick and tired plot.

Greta Thunberg = Karl Stromberg, James Bond.

63abef () No. 7212024


Obelisk (Latin oBAALisk) is a male nonGMO fertility symbol

ᛏ TYR TIWAZ is 2D Obelisk

Obelisk is 3D ᛏ TYR/TRon/aTReYu/TaRzan/ThoR

ironSkull TYRion is an 🆔split of ManofSteel AdamDNAvatar #MAX

Jon Snow is Bastard (immaculate conception) Anonymous Immortal

More landed in our Comms section, whoa:


bec8e6 () No. 7247424

Get ready Patrioter!

För Sverige för Alltid!

88d9c5 () No. 7260727

Den ultimata introduktionen till Q på svenska: https://mikaelsvarld.home.blog/2019/07/28/q-anon/

Över 100 000 slutna åtal i USA: https://mikaelsvarld.home.blog/2019/07/22/over-100-000-slutna-atal-i-usa/

Jordbävningen 11/11: https://mikaelsvarld.home.blog/2019/07/25/jordbavningen-11-11-2018/

88d9c5 () No. 7260756


cdd69c () No. 7262837


World Wide.

Fan va snyggt.

cdd69c () No. 7262873

In Pursuit Of Truth.

Vill tipsa om en rätt bra kanal att följa qdrops på.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cdd69c () No. 7263786


Tvåtusentalets Karoliner ska rädda Svea Rike åter igen

1bad00 () No. 7272214

Fienden är inom landets gränser

Inget kan stoppa detta nu. Inget.

Politiker. Tjänstemän. Medborgare. Alla som är öppet emot landets försvar, måste en vacker dag stå till svars.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9180a1 () No. 7272553

Seppo ja Suomi hereillä ja valppaana, kohta rupee jytisemään!

1bad00 () No. 7272987



> [24hr Warning]

> Be vigilant.

> See something.

> Say something.

> Know your surroundings at all times.

> Q

In hoc signo vinces

In nomine Patriis, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti


Important days ahead.

1bad00 () No. 7272995



> [24hr Warning]

> Be vigilant.

> See something.

> Say something.

> Know your surroundings at all times.

> Q

In hoc signo vinces

In nomine Patriis, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti


Important days ahead.

88d9c5 () No. 7274605

Fellow NordAnons!

Maybe we could start focusing on producing content to raise the awareness in our respective languages somehow?

Like Q says: "We need to organize and be heard". If no other place, this is the place to get organized in.

This phase is about us reaching out to the public, as MSM sure won't, and Q can only be as strong as our voice.

So it's up to us fellow NordAnons!

We could start by collecting good materials for beginners in our respective languages, and if we can't find any such materials, we should start producing it. Youtube clips, blog posts, memes. WDYT?

cdd69c () No. 7278651


Sounds good. The mass of normies won't visit halfchan or infinitechan since it's full of hate speech _and deplorables.

But qmap.pub is a good aggregator to read on and keep track of players and the overall situation.

YouTube is also normie friendly place to keep updated on Q progress.

I was actually also thinking of making posters and just go out one day early morning hours and blaster some bridge with posters.

Just saying Q and maybe some drop to get people interested in the question. With qmap.pub qanon.pub and qposts.online links.

But it's probably time to start waking people up.

8037da () No. 7278921


Time to call Qewdiepie for another shout out?

Idk how you'd go about it, but if you got either Pewds or Notch to shoutout the Kek game or something, good advertising..

>>7247424, >>7263786

Kek, great patriotic memes.

cdd69c () No. 7279393



Notch seems more red pilled. Probably lurking here already.

Pewds audience might be a bit to young to get into all the Q research. Idk.

cdd69c () No. 7322904

YouTube closed down Swebb TV which was a social debate channel on YouTube.

Also an independent channel called Legenden.

Big Tech is on the move in Sweden. They are afraid.

cdd69c () No. 7322993

03AUG19 - Sweden.

Socialist society in free fall. These are todays news.

Prisoner raped guard.

A man in his 50s incarcerated @Hall Södertälje raped a female prison guard. DEC18. Is now judge to 3 years prison and deportation (10 year, what the fuck!)

30,000 stateless people in limbo in Sweden.

Paperless, can't return to home country. Mostly from Palestina.

Teenager stabbed/chopped to death in Sollentuna. Friday night. Both perpetrator and victim under 18yr. Victim found with head wounds suspected to be from an axe.

Suspected murder in Uppsala.

Attempted murder in Stockholm.

Suspected rape Helsingborg.

Man is incarcerated for rape at a Pizzeria. A woman walked in just before closing time. The perpetrator then closed the door and raped her. Deportation 10 years (again what the actual fuck!)

Immigration expects 300,000 immigrants until year 2021.

The socialist communist fascists globalist cabal is in full progress of replacing the Swedish people.

Free fall.

There has been several grenade attacks also last week, and shootings of course.

cdd69c () No. 7323041

For our Nordic friends that might not be aware of the numbers.

Last 10 years, since 2010. There's almost 100,000 immigrants flooding Sweden every year on an average.

In 10 years their plan has placed 1 million people in Sweden. Remember we're a country of 10 million people now. Overall 8 million are Swedes.

God, I hope when Q plan is completed people can wake up to the lies! There is so much corruption and down right fascist genocide against Swedes.

cdd69c () No. 7323078

This is what they have taken away from us. Malmö is a multi-cultural hell hole now. This is what they sacrificed.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9b0399 () No. 7334791


Prison guard raped correction. She seems to be a priest.

Suspected rape Helsingborg is now investigated as assault rape.

cdd69c () No. 7340440

QQQ Trust


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b375a () No. 7354917


>>The Last Bid

2b375a () No. 7355221

Regarding the rampant bombings that suddenly increased to a whole new level recently, seem to be focused in Malmö (Sweden) at the moment but will spread to other cities most probable.

It doesn't feel organic to me, I have a strong feeling the Swedish government is involved in some way or another.

My primary theory is that it's a paramilitary operation to create chaos and distract from the "ordinary" decline of our welfare society, think operation gladio.

Sounds outlandish? It's already known they endorse EXPO (ADL) who are directly associated with AFA (ANTIFA) who incite and practice political violence.

I got no proof, just putting my thoughts out there.

Any of you guys got any thoughts or info you wanna share?

83e8db () No. 7355255

Will this work here?

2b375a () No. 7355645

A cry for help from Sweden!

It is getting worse each day here. I admire our danish brothers & sisters for implementing border control and passport checks against Sweden, but nothing is happening here.

People are so much in denial and completely sold on the communist / zionist propaganda. It is almost impossible to reach through to anyone, especially in the metropolitan areas where I live.

Recent polls even show a majority wanting to see changes in immigration. The politicians proudly state that "we have reduced the rates", however still about 130 000 people per year are given permanent residence permits. This is roughly twice the amount that came here during the Yugoslav wars, seen as a peak period in the eyes of the masses.

People like myself has tried to speak up for 2 decades, been ridiculed, called nazis, lost friends.

The self hatred and indoctrination is so deep its scary. Everyday I feel like I am the only grown up person at a Kindergarten. It is eating away at morale.

1/3 of Swedish women don't even feel safe outside anymore…

Here are some examples:

- 11 yo gangraped, attackers walk free.


- ISIS loyalist principal of muslim "free school" set free after security services held him for some months.


- Grenade attacks/bombs almost every day.


- Woman shot in the face while holding her baby:


- One or two weeks ago we had 3 bomb detonations in Malmö.


- More and more brutal violence.


- Immigrants are humiliating and dominating our kids in schools, forcing them to kiss their shoes, beg for mercy etc.


- 18 yo boy in my hometown just got his ear cut off by 10 immigrants, who robbed him and left him in his underwear.


3a0ce6 () No. 7355969


2b375a () No. 7356007


Do you believe in coincidences?

Mathematically impossible?

Date ‘public’ became aware?

Date ‘anons’ became aware?


Do you think we are targeted and attacked by the largest media co's in the world because we're a LARP?

Logical thinking.


2b375a () No. 7356012








Q POST WHEN PRESIDENT WAS TALKING ON TV ]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******************************************************888]

2b375a () No. 7356014


Welcom to the nordic, Q.

You are surely needed here.



2b375a () No. 7356015

YATT 20191115-135600

2b375a () No. 7356018

2b375a () No. 7356019


A former employee of the Communist Stasi (GDR) has bought a well-known Berlin newspaper.

Ties to [Sors]?

It's getting worse and worse in Germany!


3a0ce6 () No. 7356022







3a0ce6 () No. 7356025







that's why we don't use german

proxy or vpn




3a0ce6 () No. 7356026


Q thanQ

3a0ce6 () No. 7356088

2b375a () No. 7356207

More info on Sweden.

Sweden has some really interesting ties historically that clearly still haunt us.

We have 4 prominent Zionists that keep reappearing in different contexts.

- Barbara Spectre


- Robert Aschberg


- David Schwarz

- Peter Woldarski


Robert Aschberg is an interesting character. He has a citizen journalist by the name Bechir Rabani murdered, possibly MOS. Bechir was different, he was a palestinian immigrant, whose message was to unite swedes and immigrants alike against our current enemy, the establishment.

I followed the guy closely, and was shocked when the news dropped of him dying THE DAY BEFORE he was to release his second documentary on Aschberg. Here is the first part:


The controversial part is not his general corruption, fraud, people dying around him, but the fact that Aschbergs grandfather was Olaf Aschberg. The man who more or less single handedly was tasked with setting up the Soviet central bank, following the (((Bolshevik))) revolution.



Olof also started Stockholm Nya Bank.

He is known for smelting the Russian gold stolen by the bolsheviks, suspected to have done it in Sweden, putting Swedish stamps/seals on it to clean his tracks.

A documentary made by another citizen journalist Granskning Sverige about Robert Aschberg ( Investigating Sweden ). Who has since had all his 700 videos removed from YT.


Some unconfirmed video of supposed Swedish Police hit squad men escaping after murdering Bechir:


The guy who recorded the video was later harassed by HUMINT/Surveillance assets:


The whole thing has been buried and hardly any swede will be able to grasp what is going on here.

Now on to Barbara Specter. There is a lot of controversy surrounding her as expected from any prominent zionist, but not as much as Aschberg.

She runs an organization called paideia, which is Swedens equivalent of AIPAC. Paideia is officially co founded by the EU.

Here she is PUBLICALY stating that (((They))) will play an important part in turning Sweden/Europe multicultural:


Kyle Rogers talking about Specters motivations:


She has been rewarded with the highest honors by our royalty:


Now thats about all I have for this post, I will provide more info in another!

3a0ce6 () No. 7356213

2b375a () No. 7356221


Secret Agent Man

- Johnny Rivers

OO7 Excellent digits, Sir!

Enjoy this, you're truly playing the game at the COS.MI.Q+ level. Much respect!

Is it Secret Agent Man or Secret Angel Man? Maybe both…time will tell.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b375a () No. 7356222


Delighted to have you on the Scandinavian Board Q. o7

Truly admire the integrity, ethics, morals and work you and your people do, from personal experience. It is impeccable.


The battle feels lost here. The indoctrination reaches far beyond the 6-7% reference stated before. No patriotism, saboteurs holding key positions reforming important societal functions.

Sweden is becoming a natsec threat to our neighbors. Denmark implementing passport checks against it. Grenade attacks and bomb attacks reach war zone levels, top 5 rape country in the world.

Most concerning is the rumored arms smuggling. Considering a large portion of our drugs seem to come unhindered from morocco via Spain and the fact we are an ISIS sanctuary, some have speculated that part of the Spanish batch of reactivated arms intercepted were destined for us. Know people in the metro suburbs talking of caches.


This was issued by our equivalent of FEMA, a folder with instructions what to do in event of a war. Something we haven't seen since the cold war. MSB also publicly claims that "right wingers" or "internet trolls" are on of the biggest threats to our natsec.


The guy running MSB, DAN ELIASSON is known for ruining 4 vital societal functions.

> Social Security Services ( Försäkringskassan )

>the Migration Office ( Migrationsverket )

>the Police ( Rikspolisstyrelsen )

In fact he centralized the Swedish Police, putting all the power in delusional Stockholm, effectively removing power from the provinces.

This is the man behind the new strategy at MSB, which spent 10 million SEK on gender studies in a budget where they allocated 1 million for studying muslim radicals. The man targeting us as enemies.



There is something larger at play here for sure. Painting citizen journalists as disinfo agents, banning 14 000 twitter accounts.


Despite people not "dying in the streets" the damage being done is not likely to be repaired in a generation or two. As the re-education of rational ideas will take at least one generation.

2b375a () No. 7356224


Battle Angel (best of)

- Really Slow Motion

WWG1WGA means SO much more than you realize…mankind. SO MUCH MORE!!!



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b375a () No. 7358294

Stå på folkens, dette er en tråd jeg har ventet lenge på!


71b208 () No. 7358732

Stay strong Nords.

Spread the word to your fellow man.

719c3c () No. 7358754

2b375a () No. 7359265


Grymt jobbat!

Tack <3

2b375a () No. 7359358


Essene Gospel of Peace Jesus

Real Revolutionary

Fights for what is right

Brings in love and light yeah

Real revolutionary

Peaceful and nonviolent but strong and potent/Is a soul rebel, unconquerable

The system is unjust and wicked

So i got to rebel

Mi can't tolerate dis downpression

And Exploitation everywhere

Hot like lava wi a come

No apologiez when I&I chant down Babylon

Love is our weapon in this revolution

So we shall overcome

We a babylon ki-lili-lla-lala falalala singin lalala like a bird

Like a tea-lili-cha-lala gi dem a lelele-lesson fi learn

Spread di me-lele-ssa-lili-ge in every villa-lala-ge all-lolol over di world

To every ci-lili-ty-lilil deli-lili-ver di word

Yo like a ratata rahted big dutty gun

Like Masada so mi a defend mi sound

Wadada witha mi pon di mission

Follow-lo mi vision, no division

Love is I&I ammunition

Soulfully buss a rebellion

Witha di microphone inna mi hand again and again

Real Revolutionary….

Life Over Death


Man a vegan fi a lotta reason

Fi justice and peace, and for more compassion


Betta environmentally too

Ecologically dat a di best ting unu can do


phisically spiritually healthy

Beneficial politically and economically

Practice empathy, the golden rule a the key

Take action make we save humanity

Come follow me come follow me pon di righteous path

Much easier mi Idren fi live with a clean heart

Betta fi di body and di spirit and di mind

Look inna di mirror tell mi wha u find

Family, society and school just lied to we

About morals and even biology

So Listen to ur heart, got to face reality

Fed up with dis sick hipocracy

Life over death, life over death

We dont need no deadly diet

Life over death, life over death

Go Vegan for all the planet

Life over death, life over death

We dont need no deadly diet

Got to be ought to be more compassionate

Rasta seh dat

Nuh chop a chicken or pain a piglet

Nuh cook a cow or roast a rabbit

Nuh kill and exploit dem for egg milk and meat

Nobody u fi rob or eat

Action speak louder than words

So if u want real progress in this world

Then u gotta be the change u wanna see

Inna ur livity take responsibility

V for the Victory of good over evil

E fi a Earnest Education fi di people

G for Going Green Globally

A fi di Animals

N fi NO meat fi eat

I fi I-nity yes I

T for Trueness in this Turbulent Time

A for Abolition for All worldwide

L for Love & Life

All human beings coulda profit as well

From a manwise plant based planet

Starvation, war fi land and wata

Big Natural Disaster, we coulda dodge it

Its also betta fi di budget

Locally n globally, betta socially and morally

A mi seh no dilly-dally

When mi drop the chorus you a betta catch it

Life over death…

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b375a () No. 7359595

2b375a () No. 7359667


@POTUS #QAnons

Like POTUS said: SWEDEN, can you believe it, in SWEDEN?!?

Sweden is getting even worse …

2b375a () No. 7359669






Copy That!!!

Shape Up SWEDEN!!!

2b375a () No. 7359730

"Epstein’s Swedish Obsession"

Dig of Epsteins swedish connections, including the connection to Barbro Ehnbom, handelshögskolan and the royal family


719c3c () No. 7359837

2b375a () No. 7360737


The controversial part is not his general corruption, fraud, people dying around him, but the fact that Aschbergs grandfather was Olaf Aschberg. The man who more or less single handedly was tasked with setting up the Soviet central bank, following the (((Bolshevik))) revolution

The Moscow Gold (Spanish: Oro de Moscú), or alternatively Gold of the Republic (Spanish: Oro de la República), was 510 tonnes of gold, corresponding to 72.6% of the total gold reserves of the Bank of Spain, that were transferred from their original location in Madrid to the Soviet Union a few months after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. This transfer was made by order of the government of the Second Spanish Republic, presided over by Francisco Largo Caballero, through the initiative of his Minister of Finance, Juan Negrín. The term also encompasses the subsequent issues relating with the gold's sale to the USSR and the use of the funds obtained. The remaining fourth of the Bank's gold reserves, 193 tonnes, was transported and exchanged into currency in France, an operation which is also known by analogy as the "Paris Gold".


Hyperinflation in early Soviet Russia connotes a seven-year period of uncontrollable spiraling inflation in the early Soviet Union, running from the earliest days of the Bolshevik Revolution in November 1917 to the reestablishment of the gold standard with the introduction of the chervonets as part of the New Economic Policy. The inflationary crisis effectively ended in March 1924 with the introduction of the so-called "gold ruble" as the country's standard currency.

The early Soviet hyperinflationary period was marked by three successive redenominations of its currency, in which "new rubles" replaced old at the rates of 10,000-to-1 (January 1, 1922), 100-to-1 (January 1, 1923), and 50,000-to-1 (March 7, 1924), respectively.


From Canada.

fight fight fight

2b375a () No. 7360990

Johan Lindeberg

Swedish fashion designer

someone to look up…

2b375a () No. 7360997

(I can not post images here)












2b375a () No. 7361041

Tor test _


Sofia Nerbrand.

Let's see.

Part of the Fake News Mockingbird Media, check.

Hates POTUS Donald Trump, check.

Hates Q, check.

Promotes globalists, check.

Promotes Open Borders, check.

We got one of their players in plain sight.

2b375a () No. 7361193

Any COMINT IO present should have a look at


0a3a85 () No. 7361336


here we go:


0a3a85 () No. 7361339


2b375a () No. 7361402


Over Target.

The red shoe club.

2b375a () No. 7361408

Micael Bindefeld

Instagram, pic. Ruth Bader Ginsburg at US Embassy in Sweden. No Ambassador assigned.

2b375a () No. 7361722


Proud to have you here with the Scandinavian Anon Vikings.

Please keep us posted with related topics and We will be the News Now!




2b375a () No. 7361756

2b375a () No. 7361873


No news since Aug 2019

2b375a () No. 7361880


No news since Aug 2019

(problems adding screendumps here!?!)


2b375a () No. 7361891


Tor browser they say. Can't reach site on Clearnet.

2b375a () No. 7361904


ok, nothing much to see there anyway

and no news here since aug 2019!?!

2b375a () No. 7361958


Welcome to the Nordics Q


Give best regards to Q+


2b375a () No. 7364344

Can Q+ recommend me for a sitdown with kanye west?


2b375a () No. 7375200

Requesting COMINT IO.


Friday, Sweden.



TOM HANKS (pedophile)


— broadcast transcript in Swedish —

Hur trevlig tom hanks är

tom hanks redan är där. ute i god tid.

tar trevlig till en helt ny nivå.

elit trevlig.

enhörnings sällsynt trevlig.


kärlek till skrivmaskinen


favoritleksaker försvann, glömdes bort.

ägodelar som han har kontroll över.


samlarna som sort.

dela med sig - samling, kunskap, kärlek entusiasm.

tom hanks trevligt.

smittar - kärlek.

samlar, samlar.

ett sorts fokus.

finns historia kopplat till föremålen. historia.

samlarna är en symbol.

värdet av samlarna. samlarna.

olika svenska samlare.

är alla otroligt engagerade.

paket under armen, dyrgripar har levererats utan problem.

signalera pålitlighet. samlarna.

samlare. seriemördarmyt. signalerar ensamhet.

tom hanks samlandet.

samlare kommer få fem-siffriga belopp.

— end transcript —

KEYWORDS short-list.

COLLECTOR (group, cell designation)

TOM HANKS (pedophile)







HISTORY (paper trails, evidence)





Requesting COMINT IO.



Sveriges Radio AB is Sweden's national publicly funded radio broadcaster. Sveriges Radio is a public limited company, owned by an independent foundation, previously funded through a licensing fee, the level of which is decided by the Swedish Riksdag. As of January 1 2019, the funds stem from standard taxation.

Read NYTIMES article.

By Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Published Nov. 13, 2019

Updated Nov. 21, 2019



Article on NYTIMES by Taffy Brodesser-Akner is available in Chinese.

Read in Swedish radio.

Comms to Chinese handlers.


2b375a () No. 7375248

Requesting COMINT IO.


Friday, Sweden.




— transcript —

Rörelser går frammåt. går bakåt.

spänningen stiger.

västerländska samtid.

religionskrig, ryktesspridning.

ett kliv ännu mer bakåt. stenåldern.

dystopisk. kärnvapenkrig.

bejaka sidor hos oss själva. vilka vi var då.

sättet vi lever på idag, törnrosasömn

stenåldershjärna. kapitulera inför. omfamna.

den här julen, skryta om vem som levt närmast lägerelden.

grottan. kommer vara problematiskt lägga ut på instagram.


ett annat exempel, prepping. vi lär oss leva så länge det går

utan vatten, mat. vilka insekter vi kan äta. fiska för napp, myrstack.

närodlat mer ett måste. ideal. kostar just nu allt mer än allt annat.

ditåt vi vill. klimatet.

annan sak som försvinner. överger individualismen.

vår tids individualism är konstig. myrstack.

gemensamhetstid. insättning i kärlekskontot.

prata med människor du inte ens känner.

oberoende, sticka ut på.

man måste lära ta ansvar för sig själv. ha egna pengar.

ensamhet är det stora hotet mot moderna människan.

fara för folkhälsan.

klimat förändringar gör fler och fler områden obeboliga.

återgå till savann tiden. levde i grupper.

vara nära där grytan kokar.


djurhud framför myrstacken i gemenskap.

sociala, gör saker tillsammans.

går mycket mer ditåt.


behöver inte rota så länge för att hitta grejer omkring sig.

gå runt och rota bland det som redan finns.

andra som är yngre. myrorna. närmare ett ursprungsbeteende.

ideal, beteende kommer anta mer ursprungsformer.


yngre människa.


eftertänksamma apparna. apparna.

förenas alla i denna trevnad som samlarna har.

orden. ideerna. visionerna.

— transcript end —

Veckans spanare och spaningar:

Jessika Gedin: Samlarvärde.

Per Naroskin: Foten på bromsen.

Helena von Zweigbergk: Tillbaka till stenåldern.

Jessika Gedin: Collectors, finders.

Per Naroskin: Foot on the breaks.

Helena von Zweigbergk: Back to the stone-age.

— keywords —

Keywords list.









SLEEPING BEAUTY (törnrosasömn)












ABANDON INDIVIDUALISM (Capitalism, Western ideals)

















2b375a () No. 7375260


These people are sick.



In a relationship with Pål Hollender


Pelle polis (Pelle the Policeman) (1998) that dealt with issues of power and pederasty

Pederasty: is a sexual relationship between an adult man and a pubescent or adolescent boy.

His 2001 documentary Buy Bye Beauty about the Swedish interference in Latvian sex industry, which included himself engaging in sexual intercourse with several prostitutes in Riga,



is a Swedish psychologist, pscychotherapist, author and stand-up comedian.

No problem here, just a psychologist, pscycho-the-rapist on state media radio. irony



965c4f () No. 7376677

5051ff () No. 7382519


How big is the group?

c909f3 () No. 7385681


which group?

28af41 () No. 7395658

Requesting COMINT Intelligent Officer.



Plaintext article about Socialdemokraterna, and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. This year will costly. (In risk of flipping/being freed).

COMINT as follows.


I need to know the truth.


close to the finish line

washington civil war


our chance to start again




control override complete

Article was posted in September, start of the deep state offense. FISA has failed. Some of these people should be de-masked by SIGINT.

See what comms you find.

095895 () No. 7408318

d057e2 () No. 7408473


World wide.. This is great!

517067 () No. 7431243



cf81bf () No. 7431469

Mette-Marit Recently came out and appologized for meeting with Epstein.

First of all I find it curious that the outsider (she got married into the royal family) got ties to Epstein, but nothing is said about the rest of the royal family.

>New royal implicated in Jeffrey Epstein scandal


>BREAKING: Norwegian Royal Family Implicated In Epstein Scandal


>Mette-Marit møtte Jeffrey Epstein «flere ganger» etter han var dømt


>Epstein ødela prins Andrew, nå har Mette-Marit havnet i dragsuget


28af41 () No. 7512553


> Sweden: Sveriges Riksbank

12 November 2017

Q dropped a list of central banks.

Recently Sveriges Riksbank is behaving a bit panic-ly

they are steam rolling ahead with the e-krona a crypto currency. They know, Gold shall destroy FED


Have they consider the risks? The Swiss bank is not accepting a Central Bank Digital Currency - CBDC.


c66b1a () No. 7544212




QAnon Sweden = 229 members

QAnon Scandinavia = 374 members


feffdc () No. 7572523


Luckily the Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has Angelic connections

5207dd () No. 7581023

The Deep State in Sweden killed Bechir Rabani, because he came too close.

But lo, they just made him more powerful!

New documentary about the whole situation:


hopefully there will be english subtitles eventually

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a02bf () No. 7613755

5cb75c () No. 7614747


Norwegian PST (Poltitiets Sikkerthetstjeneste is worried about muh "right-wing extremists". Meanwhile we have almost daily assaults, robberies, stabbings and even people getting killed.

From their latest update on 19. Desember.

Oppdatering på trusselen fra høyreekstreme


>The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS)or Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten) is a Norwegian military intelligence agency under the Chief of Defence and the Ministry of Defence.


Trusselen fra etterretning og påvirkning




Of course, we Norwegians gotta be scared of the dangerous Russians who's gonna take over the Arctic.

There's clearly a lack of understanding for the real problem that's brewing/boiling in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe for that matter.

Couldn't hurt to dig more on who funds these people, indeed.

5cb75c () No. 7614787


Full report from Norwegian Intelligence Service:

FOCUS 2019

The Norwegian Intelligence Service’s

assessment of current security challenges

05c19c () No. 7632013




- Owners Swedish TV3/TV4 (msm tv)

- Robert Aschberg / Aftonbladet (msm paper)

- David Baas / Expressen (msm paper)





23120a () No. 7637754




This is getting difficult to find, gone from YouTube and most other places, so I post it here.

It is a phone conversation between "Johan Andersson" (granskning sverige) and Robert Aschberg after the death of Bechir Rabani. Robert is trying to arrange a meeting for an on-camera interview but "Johan" keeps asking questions to Robert. When asked about Bechir's death, Robert says "I know how that death happened, but for integrity reasons I will not tell you" (timestamp ~4.30) Probably before he realizes that the conversation is likely recorded by "Johan".

This was at a time when there were no official comments from police about the death of Bechir Rabani other than the fact that he was dead.

28af41 () No. 7651551

Ari Behn, dead Dec 25, 2019.



>>7651364, >>7651389 Cabal Spider Web: Arie Brehn, Ari Behn, Prince Harry/Meghan Markle, Gwenyth & Kevin Spacey

d3c45f () No. 7662339


>Puppet Masters

Who are the Puppet Masters in:

Sweden? … Wallenberg …

Norway? …

Denmark …

…. ?

5051ff () No. 7665170


Great question.

There was a ban on religious schools recently due to radicalization, gods chosen people were of course exempted.

5051ff () No. 7665270

5051ff () No. 7665346

5051ff () No. 7665430

5051ff () No. 7666305

5051ff () No. 7666523

ef3f68 () No. 7667165


Of men and kings

their deeds were one

the flags of colors hailed proudly over all.

The days crept in

disguised as time took her hand cleanly to the fore

and judged not the distant future to come.

All bowed and prayed

and sang joyously

trumpets blared

countries grew bigger as monies changed hands

the little man knew his place.

A cup was lifted to lips sublime

a child was shown no mercy.

Of these days the lesser came in and took their place.

Of kings and men

these deeds held memories darkened in this hour.

Lay claim to the waste of human divine

we shall all greet the newcomer in this kingdom.

A sword strikes squarely in the mark

and divided the souls depart.

The face of Life presses herself against our hand.

the road to follow is written gently and with Grace.

A choice is reflected in the pool of Life

for our journey is far and wide.

Time leads the way for most

but others take up the spirit endowed.


a3db28 () No. 7668595

13bdc4 () No. 7675545


>Kor me går ein går me alle

Der eg komme ifra seie me:

*Der ein går, der går me adle*

Og, kem e me?

Me e fra Madla!!!

Og takk for att me får vera me adle som vill någe merr enn andre.

Og gløm aldrig … Slage ved Hafrsfjord!!!


13bdc4 () No. 7675814









So much TRUTH revealed by Great Anons of the North!!!

May GOD Bless You All!


13bdc4 () No. 7676548

From All of Us in QANON SWEDEN 🇸🇪

to All of You Great Anons Worldwide!


5cb75c () No. 7679575


>Der ein går, der går me adle*

Heh, ja det var det, om eg sko bruga dialekt eller 'kje..

Der eg komme ifrå seie me:

E du i frå retta siå av brunå?

Godt Nyttår Godtfolk!

0279bc () No. 7730630

0279bc () No. 7730651

488df0 () No. 7739638

Some of the players present at BRILLINAT MINDS, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

13 JUN 2019

I have sorted them in importance. Bigger players bigger picture. Starting with Barack Hussein Obama II and John Kerry.

I wonder where Joel Kinnaman have traveled, what he has seen.

488df0 () No. 7739654

Sofia Nerbrand

ae2af4 () No. 7739716


Can you please enlarge the names underneath the smaller pictures and repost (the big picture with all the faces), names are pixelated and hard to read.

Otherwise, great work Anon.

488df0 () No. 7739731


I can not, lost source files. I've been on Tor unable to image post for a while, decided to visit Clearnet.

You can visit https://brilliantminds.co/bm-2019/

and scroll down past the social media shit posts, until you get to the speaker list. It starts with HUSSEIN.

I've just read about them, compiled into a contact sheet. It's a interesting list of players.

Remember, John Kerry has ties to IRAN.

IRAN diplomats visited Sweden in August.

Margot Wallström (S) met with said diplomats.

Shortly after Margot Wallström (S) resigned her politician posts. Makes you think.

It's all connected to IRAN and what's happening with IRAN today.

488df0 () No. 7739736


Found my compiled files.

Gives a more complete picture of Sofia Nerbrand.

Q - släng dig i väggen

Q - eat your heart out

488df0 () No. 7739751

Gastro Nord, Stockholm, Sweden.

Major Psy-Op by the CABAL. This was around the time we had that guy on TV4 talking about eating human meat. He was attending Gastro Nord.

can you fool consumers into making the right choices?

These people are SICK

488df0 () No. 7739767


Video about Cannibalism in Sweden. TV4 trying to promote. Who owns TV4?



Sverige Stockholm, Sverige

Carl-Johan Bonnier

16 countries, Media company. Mainly northern Europe. Owns newspapers.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

488df0 () No. 7739774




The attendees, contact sheet.

488df0 () No. 7739798


Magnus Söderlund

The man talking on TV4 about cannibalism, of course it's all to save the climate


Notice the pictures - and names. It doesn't make sense. Either it was hastily put together. Or it's about sending signals/comms.

They use Magnus Söderlund image, but text says Björn Florman.

Björn Florman pictures, that hand sign. Strangulation? Eagle?

A female | A man strangled.

Hillary | Epstein?


488df0 () No. 7739830


They also used the picture of Magnus Söderlund

but the text says Chris Nelson. Several times.

Either they wanted to signal/activate Magnus Söderlund to do that despicable TV4 segment about cannibalism to save the climate

Who the fuck is Chris Nelson? Crave.

Private Chef, text in Persian IRAN.

Chris Nelson LinkedIn . Chris4 LinkedIn Chris .

Chris Nelson, author of LinkedIn, the leader of the Al-Mutafin Network. Chris4 Ladies' Graduate Certificate of Excellence Graduate Certificate of Excellence in LinkedIn and Chris Ali's Exemplar

Unsure what I am looking at, al-Mutafifin seems to be a Quran verse.

As I said, it doesn't make sense the whole Gastro Nord - TV4 cannibalism segment.

488df0 () No. 7739838

Magnus Söderlund

Biography SSOE

5207dd () No. 7749640

I know what you are looking for.

28af41 () No. 7749997


What is it looking for planefag?

What equipment can C-130 deploy?

28af41 () No. 7762822


Clinton Foundation

Förmånstagare mellan: 2013-2017

Total utdelning: 64 000 000 kronor varav 9 000 000 till Specialprojekt

Mellan åren 2007-2013 tog Clinton Foundation emot 58,95 MSEK i projektstöd från Svenska Postkodstiftelsen



447dee () No. 7844976


Communist State funded Radio.

American NSA_Threat

British GCHQ_Threat



Remind yourself as a Swede, native swede. Why are we paying for this shit propaganda with our taxes? They're disgusting.

447dee () No. 7844987

Swedish Radio

State funded radio with tax payers money.

I noticed it over a year ago, that they were broadcasting programming about Satanism.

If you listen to Islam programming, there's tons of them. Often Positive.

Listen to Christianity, it's almost mainly negative stories.

SR has an agenda and it's Satanic and Islamic.

447dee () No. 7845004

[They] are pushing the Satanic Cabal agenda @sverigesradio

447dee () No. 7845010



They are downplaying the Satanic practioneers.

"playful" "play" "exciting"

These people are sick, they will not be able to walk down the street.

447dee () No. 7845056

Uncover is the third extended play (EP) by Swedish singer Zara Larsson. The EP was released on 16 January 2015 by TEN Music Group, Epic Records, and Sony Music.[1] It is her first release internationally outside of Europe. The EP features six songs taken from her debut studio album, 1.

Introduced into the world, signaling she's part of the Cult


''Nobody sees, nobody knows,

We are a secret can't be exposed.

That's how it is, that's how it goes,

Far from the others, close to each other.

In the daylight, in the daylight,

When the sun is shining,

On the late night, on the late night,

When the moon is blinding.

In the plain sight, plain sight,

Like stars in hiding,

You and I burn on, on.

Put two and together, forever we'll never change

Two and together we'll never change

Nobody sees, nobody knows

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

My asylum, my asylum is in your arms

When the world gives heavy burdens

I can bear a thousand tons

On your shoulder, on your shoulder

I can reach an endless sky

Feels like paradise

Put two and together, forever we'll never change

Two and together we'll never change.

Nobody sees, nobody knows

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

We could build a universe right here,

All the world could disappear,

Wouldn't notice, wouldn't care

We could build a universe right here

The world could disappear,

I just need you near

Nobody sees, nobody knows,

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover ''

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

447dee () No. 7845057

Uncover is the third extended play (EP) by Swedish singer Zara Larsson. The EP was released on 16 January 2015 by TEN Music Group, Epic Records, and Sony Music.[1] It is her first release internationally outside of Europe. The EP features six songs taken from her debut studio album, 1.

Introduced into the world, signaling she's part of the Cult


''Nobody sees, nobody knows,

We are a secret can't be exposed.

That's how it is, that's how it goes,

Far from the others, close to each other.

In the daylight, in the daylight,

When the sun is shining,

On the late night, on the late night,

When the moon is blinding.

In the plain sight, plain sight,

Like stars in hiding,

You and I burn on, on.

Put two and together, forever we'll never change

Two and together we'll never change

Nobody sees, nobody knows

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

My asylum, my asylum is in your arms

When the world gives heavy burdens

I can bear a thousand tons

On your shoulder, on your shoulder

I can reach an endless sky

Feels like paradise

Put two and together, forever we'll never change

Two and together we'll never change.

Nobody sees, nobody knows

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

We could build a universe right here,

All the world could disappear,

Wouldn't notice, wouldn't care

We could build a universe right here

The world could disappear,

I just need you near

Nobody sees, nobody knows,

We are a secret, can't be exposed

That's how it is, that's how it goes

Far from the others, close to each other

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover, cover, cover

That's when we uncover ''

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

447dee () No. 7845111


The song Uncover was written by


Gavin Jones




3:33 duration.

447dee () No. 7845131

Jonas Sjöstedt (Vänsterpartiet) The left party, communist party resigns. Resignations

And moves to Vietnam.

Jonas Sjöstedt(V) avgår och flyttar till Vietnam


488df0 () No. 7860283

Taxpayers money goes into SR (Swedish Radio) They had this gala, P3 Guld. (P3 Gold)

An artists showed her ass and told Jimmie Åkesson (Swedish nationalist/patriot party) to go fuck him self.

Lets remind the gommies at SR.se what the year of the boomerang means.

Who are the racists? Mass immigration, rapes, assaults, killings, drug-trade, explosion.

Twaaat it, facebook it, spread it as soon as a leftie gommie starts talking nonsense. Remind them what is at stake.

0d7f89 () No. 7862908

When is it mathematically impossible?

POTUS Tweet Timestamp connects to Q Map drop

AND both POTUS Tweet and Q Map drop matches in number of spaces.

Q315 and Q808 explains the connection.


>Be the autists we know you are.

>It's about the BREAK.

>Godspeed, Patriots.


7141fe () No. 7874053

2017-10-31 15:14:31-04:00

314 PM Eastern







7141fe () No. 7874062

2017-10-31 15:41:25-04:00







7141fe () No. 7874065

2017-11-01 18:03:19-04:00

6:03 PM Eastern






7141fe () No. 7874071

2017-11-03 12:22:11-04:00

36:22 (12:22 + 24 hours)






7141fe () No. 7874086

2017-11-08 10:15:08-05:00

10:15 AM Eastern






7141fe () No. 7874094

2017-11-15 11:39:16-05:00

35:39 (+24 hours)






7141fe () No. 7874098

2017-11-16 07:43:05-05:00

19:43 PM Eastern






7141fe () No. 7874100

2017-11-23 10:35:13-05:00

10:35 AM Eastern






7141fe () No. 7874102

2017-11-25 14:40:55-05:00







7141fe () No. 7874105

2017-11-25 18:25:54-05:00

30:25 (+12 hours)






7141fe () No. 7874109

2017-11-28 09:17:46-05:00







7141fe () No. 7874143

2017-11-28 22:30:50-05:00

34:30 (+12 hours)






488df0 () No. 7884991

2017-12-03 06:46:02-05:00







488df0 () No. 7884996

2017-12-24 22:51:52-05:00

34:51 +12hours






488df0 () No. 7885003

2017-12-28 11:18:20-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885010

2017-12-31 18:43:04-05:00

18:43 Eastern






488df0 () No. 7885021

2018-01-02 08:49:23-05:00

8:49 AM Eastern AND 20:49







488df0 () No. 7885028

2018-01-04 10:48:04-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885085

2018-01-15 19:48:04-05:00

7:48 PM Eastern






488df0 () No. 7885093

2018-02-05 10:08:51-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885097

2018-02-19 14:55:49-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885158

2018-02-20 20:14:19-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885164

2018-02-24 08:21:02-05:00







488df0 () No. 7885168

2018-02-24 19:56:35-05:00

19:56 Eastern






488df0 () No. 7885173

2018-03-02 15:31:22-05:00







Deleted Tweet, but nothing is deleted. Archived.

Funeral/Exit for HUSSEIN.

488df0 () No. 7885197

2018-03-07 10:10:48-05:00

10:10 AM Eastern







When is it mathematically impossible?

Beyond standard deviation?

1 in 1440 chance to hit timestamp (24 hrs, 60 min per hour)

1 in 51 chance to match number of spaces.

To do both? 1 in 73,440 chance. 0.00136%

Thought for food.

0d7f89 () No. 7889150

2018-03-08 13:58:46-05:00

37:58 +24hours






0d7f89 () No. 7889158

2018-03-08 20:08:14-05:00

20:08 Eastern Time






0d7f89 () No. 7889175

2018-03-14 17:20:42-04:00







0d7f89 () No. 7889190

2018-03-22 16:11:30-04:00







0d7f89 () No. 7889204

2018-03-28 12:18:44-04:00







0d7f89 () No. 7889216

2018-03-30 16:24:56-04:00







0d7f89 () No. 7889225

2018-04-02 09:58:00-04:00







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