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Friday 03.29.2019

>>5967783 ————————————–——– THINK FOR YOURSELF. DIVIDERS will FAIL.

>>5967516 ————————————–——– Define ‘Bait’.

>>5967079 ————————————–——– On the move.

>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

>>5966375 ————————————–——– Data streams accessible?

>>5966027 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party. (Cap. >>5966073, >>5966167)

Thursday 03.28.2019

>>5949454 rt >>5949296 ————————— Eyes on

>>5948880 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap: >>5949933)

>>5948854 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap: >>5949897)

>>5948778 ————————————–——– PATRIOTS UNITED (Cap: >>5948823)

>>5948737 ————————————–——– MAKE CA GREAT AGAIN! (Cap: >>5948770)

>>5948706 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap >>5949560)

>>5948690 ————————————–——– HONOR & RESPECT! (Cap: >>5949472)

>>5948656 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap: >>5949408)

>>5948641 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap: >>5948903)

>>5948625 ————————————–——– WE ARE UNITED IN THIS FIGHT! (Cap: >>5948663)

>>5948590 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap >>5949251)

>>5948569 ————————————–——– YOUR SACRIFICE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN (Cap: >>5949373)

>>5948511 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap: >>5948542)

>>5948479 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>5950392)

>>5948441 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>5950409)

>>5948406 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap: >>5950428)

>>5948387 ————————————–——– SHEEP NO MORE (Cap: >>5950442)

>>5948334 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap: >>5950855)

>>5948315 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap: >>5948610)

>>5948229 ————————————–——– Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot! (Cap: >>5949126)

>>5948195 ————————————–——– LOVE OF COUNTRY! (Cap: >>5950899)

>>5948159 ————————————–——– Listed up-to-date? (Cap: >>5948233)

>>5948102 ————————————–——– Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot! (Cap: >>5948284)

>>5948084 ————————————–——– [THEY] wanted you silenced (Cap: >>5948232)

>>5948009 ————————————–——– Fast & Furious (Cap: >>5948165)

>>5947941 ————————————–——– #FLAGSOUT (Cap: >>5948042)

>>5947913 ————————————–——– Flags out? (Cap: >>5947996)

>>5947846 ————————————–——– Millions of Patriots WW! (Cap: >>5947908)

>>5947752 ————————————–——– Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot! (Cap: >>5950923)

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Thursday 03.28.2019

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Wednesday 03.27.2019

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#7642 EBAKE



>>5974879, >>5974883, >>5974885 Resignations in the news today

>>5974811 Amazon Ring Drop: pic is lobby of Amazon's Lab126

>>5974822 Ocasio-Cortez Refers To ‘Dark Money’ Conspiracy Explaining Low 23% Approval Rating (Video)

>>5974271 Is Mark Levin's mantel clock "in play"?

>>5974685 Knives Are Out – Joe Biden Accused Of ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ By Fellow Democrats

>>5974689 QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Increase Their Presence At Trump Rallies | The Last Word | MSNBC (notes/quotes)

>>5974579 Islamic Jihad warns Israel of war if civilians killed during protests

>>5974564, >>5974463 HAZMAT response in Chandler following crash involving truck carrying phosphorous

>>5974441 Toyota Security Breach Exposes Personal Info of 3.1 Million Clients

>>5974425 From RT: French, Belgian intelligence are plotting false flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib

>>5974414 Door-to-door gun confiscations begin in NZ; one gun owner dead; thousands more targeted by armed gov't thugs

>>5974245 Former Chair of House Oversight Committee: Adam Schiff Must Lose His Security Clearance

>>5974274 (for KEKs?): WAPO expresses concern about protecting the "rule of law"

>>5974273 DoD Orders $250 Million Of Gas Masks - What Do They Know?

>>5974271 Is Mark Levin's mantel clock "in play"?

>>5974306 Loop Capital as the "Capital Loop" (in DC); links for a DIGG

>>5974923 #7641

#7640 Baker Change

>>5973475 Bauman v Butowsky case related to Seth Rich dismissed

>>5973476 Ad for hiring crisis actors in Georgia

>>5973499 Michelle Obama's Ex-Chief Of Staff Admits She Did Try To Intervene In Smollett Investigation

>>5973504 USA ordered all government personnel to evacuate the Indian Ocean island nation of the Comoros due to gunfire and political unrest

>>5973505 Mark Geragos threatens to "tell all about CNN"

>>5973517 Confirmed: Avenatti Consulted For Backer Of Alleged 'Sex Cult' Involving 'Smallville' Star

>>5973533 Five people were killed in an explosion in a factory in east China's Shandong Province Friday evening

>>5973615 Joseph Flynn's sister got hacked like he did

>>5973670 Judge Napolitano was repeatedly WRONG in his predictions about the Mueller report and Mueller finding collusion crimes

>>5973787 MSNBC: QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Increase Their Presence At Donald Trump Rallies

>>5973932 Trump: I’ll Close Border If Mexico Doesn’t Stop Illegal-Alien Invasion. 1.5M Expected This Year

>>5973993 U.S. Climate Change Litigation in the Age of Trump: Year One

>>5974129 Canada’s Ex-Justice Minister Releases Tape Recording of Trudeau Aide Pressure

>>5974159 #7640


>>5972826 Graphic: Q's in POTUS rally tweets

>>5972872 Reminder: Q post 1515 list of reporters swimming in the cesspool

>>5972874 Oklahoma ex-senator David Boren accused of sexual misconduct

>>5972986 New DJT

>>5973125 Paul Sperry tweet: Barr reportedly has to wait on Huber's report re: special counsel before moving on a special counsel (?)

>>5973196 Former Gov. Contractor Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge of Willful Retention of National Defense Information

>>5973174 JW released 224 pages revealing Unaccompanied Alien Children processed under BHO Admin included murderers, rapists etc.

>>5973107, >>5973311 MAYday graphics: AG Barr testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee May 1st

>>5973312 PapaD to be interviewed by MSNBC's Joy Reid tomorrow at 10am ET

>>5973320 Brazil’s Top Election Court Catches Google Manipulating Search Results to Point to Negative Entries on Bolsonaro

>>5973349 #7639

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187aca () No. 5975800

85452f0a150e6f....jpg (723 KB, 255 x 204, 916 : 732, 1caf735bf1f8b0....jpg) (h)

1e97d73cc9e6de....png (1129 KB, 255 x 187, 1307 : 957, 1e97d73cc9e6de....png) (h)

1fa7d56815f242....png (1863 KB, 255 x 202, 1280 : 1014, 1fa7d56815f242....png) (h)

2dc3913d730a14....mp4 (2437 KB, 255 x 143, 648 : 364, 2dc3913d730a14....mp4) (h)

b1344b () No. 5975801



c85ec8 () No. 5975802

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


1ebdc8 () No. 5975803

>>5975757 pb


march 9, 2017

Cheollima Civil Defense thanked the Chinese, American and Dutch governments and an unnamed government for providing “emergency humanitarian assistance.”

The organization also expressed gratitude to the Netherlands Ambassador to Korea A.J.A. (Lody) Embrechts for his “timely and strong response to our sudden request for assistance.”


4 months later was nkorea icbm test that led to rocket man & the start of negotiations with trump


qdrop from june 2018 1465

Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit?

He did not have his updated phone number.

(3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors.

8942c9 () No. 5975804

7974e489294ec1....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 179, 1000 : 700, Firstcouple.jpg) (h)




Even if it is a slow hour, that was too long.

c85ec8 () No. 5975805


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


322565 () No. 5975806

Thanks baker.

629698 () No. 5975807


@ray.chandler = rachel chandler's instagram account which had the cctv of epsteins island before it was set to private. Not ray chandler I saw the name mentioned a few times Q was talking about Rachel Chandler

014426 () No. 5975808

fe2021eb2c7cd4....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 193, 750 : 567, CNN.jpg) (h)


Thank you baker!

dc9260 () No. 5975809


Thanks for the ebake. I was about too, but I never know if someone else is at the very same time.

f626f2 () No. 5975810

Greetings, earthlings. 666 hell yeah. You don’t want to know about infinity.

c85ec8 () No. 5975811



Protocols of the Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

04a816 () No. 5975812

da45dfe3d9814f....png (2616 KB, 255 x 232, 1916 : 1744, Iron Man 2008.png) (h)

> ___ >

< ___ <

Psst, anon!

Ya! YOU, wanna hint?



>Why are most movies these days shit?

Who is making the shit movies (star wars etc)

Who is making the AWESOME movies?

>Why are most of the MARVEL movies AWESOME?

Whats a great way to softly disclose to the public?



"Ray's Pizza"

Anyone we know with that name?




c85ec8 () No. 5975813

7071586ab1ce58....png (1703 KB, 72 x 255, 2790 : 9886, oprotocols_full.png) (h)




Protocols of the Elders of Zion Full Text

82ff1e () No. 5975814

This is linked on Drudge.

Random, middle of the page, tucked away.

Seems relevant.



f626f2 () No. 5975815


A type-1 civilization is mature enough to understand the importance of a self-destruct button and the need to be able to destroy all traces of carbon life.

f626f2 () No. 5975816


So? Let the boys do their jobs and track down poisoners. Subverting NSA is a @Snowden thing.

c85ec8 () No. 5975817

04effbbfb53c43....png (624 KB, 255 x 238, 910 : 848, T_y_da_laws.png) (h)








fd92d2 () No. 5975818

909b4bfd553b6b....mp4 (9881 KB, 255 x 191, 400 : 300, 147BA92E-1555-....mp4) (h)

Probably not new but new to me

b1344b () No. 5975819


Did anyone collect notables from prior bread #7642?

Haven't had any coffee - litrallly just rolled out of bed and the bread was @#742.

Anyone want to help collect?

0200c6 () No. 5975820

83d34ebf171c19....jpg (48 KB, 142 x 255, 290 : 522, Roberts.jpg) (h)

TY Baker

557655 () No. 5975821


This has gotta be a bot. There's no way a human can post this crap right at the start of every bread 24/7

3028ef () No. 5975822

34835bd2457ce3....jpg (93 KB, 212 x 255, 851 : 1024, 1534567412494.jpg) (h)

Hey is there any fucking LEOs here that can track this Jordanian fucker posting US servicemen getting blown up? Fucking useless fuxks.


82ff1e () No. 5975823


Don't get your point.

8942c9 () No. 5975824


prior bread #7642:






BAKER, notable

DIGs and articles into FAKE CLOWN group "Cheollima" and efforts to compromise KJU/Korean Peninsula peace process.

c85ec8 () No. 5975825


>This has gotta be a bot. There's no way a human can post this crap right at the start of every bread 24/7

Yet, I do. And I'm no bot. Just a fed up goy.

6204ec () No. 5975826


This was already in notables from yesterday

fd92d2 () No. 5975827


Every time first three. Obviously bot. But it makes it easy to spot and refute when msm starts screen capping it

3028ef () No. 5975828

Also heres some chill beats for this thread.

abbaf5 () No. 5975829

109fb728d5f5b6....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 56, 883 : 193, 3b5fa3d9659c10....jpg) (h)

Anons seemed confused about this notable. Huber is the special counsel.

As a U.S. attorney, Huber has full authority to empanel a grand jury and to file criminal charges. A grand jury can be empaneled anywhere, which means that it could be a group of citizens from deep-red Utah – in the heart of Trump country – instead of the D.C. Swamp that decides whether to hand down indictments for felony prosecution.

“The Inspector General’s jurisdiction extends not only to allegations of legal violations, but also to allegations that Department employees violated established practices as well,” Sessions added in his letter, which means that the IG’s report can hold people accountable even for actions that do not violate a specific statute.

“I think [Sessions] did the right thing here,” said Turley. “I think the president should listen to General Sessions on this one.”

Sessions “can always appoint a special counsel,” Turley explained, but that should not even be necessary because Huber “has the ability to prosecute cases.”


8942c9 () No. 5975830



Q team, muzzy scum asking to get killed.


c3ca0a () No. 5975831



you seem shilly just make 1 notable re nk fame fag

187aca () No. 5975832

2bf626452c7f17....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 146, 800 : 457, 2bf626452c7f17....jpg) (h)

4f9d4d7a89406a....jpg (263 KB, 255 x 170, 1800 : 1200, 2db000951204f4....jpg) (h)

4d84c8dedb453e....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 153, 1200 : 722, 4d84c8dedb453e....jpg) (h)

c3eecb90bee721....png (124 KB, 255 x 138, 827 : 449, e8091db984f402....png) (h)

Sorry baker but I just had to nail those blog top pasty pencil dick JIF faggots.

8678eb () No. 5975833

no idea what it is

starts with

shall we play a game

5510e1 () No. 5975834

56f38ece5e8a2a....png (552 KB, 255 x 140, 757 : 415, 3 30 19.png) (h)


014426 () No. 5975835

453fea58af5743....jpg (43 KB, 253 x 255, 412 : 416, 79dd474e01d2ca....jpg) (h)



Well hold on. To be fair. I have talked with this anon before.

This anon doesn't shit the bread.

Waits for the Baker.

Remember this meme I stole from you?


c3ca0a () No. 5975836


Noice patriot

629698 () No. 5975837

f902ba56fb1b1a....jpg (106 KB, 191 x 255, 450 : 600, Kat3 copy.jpg) (h)

e804ab0a916dfd....jpg (291 KB, 194 x 255, 500 : 657, mafx5.jpg) (h)

f36e392b4e55ea....jpg (180 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, 023gweepy.jpg) (h)

7f4adce83a2e36....jpg (104 KB, 191 x 255, 450 : 600, 04364 copy.jpg) (h)

4650bc713dcd28....jpg (157 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, Lara22.jpg) (h)


found during more ig digging. Was in the fashon cultists mixed with art cultists may be connected to the cult of cthulhu a masonic secret society.

8942c9 () No. 5975838


I see the one that got called out by many including the BV is back lol

(((shill))) confirms, we are over the target.

Baker, the FAKE CLOWN group "Cheollima" bun is very important

c85ec8 () No. 5975839



0d2a86 () No. 5975840


What is that first craft?

3028ef () No. 5975841

b9af2c56cf85cf....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 205, 629 : 505, 1535189910162.jpg) (h)


Its ok they will probably label us white supremacists and protect the fucking muslims.

5510e1 () No. 5975843

b872f1d5ed4fcd....png (127 KB, 255 x 85, 863 : 287, 3 30 19 1.png) (h)


629698 () No. 5975845

cf84a378b507dd....jpg (210 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, josh1.jpg) (h)

0a14efbda5a0ce....jpg (218 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, Riskinah2.jpg) (h)

2ecc2c13804913....jpg (199 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, penguin1.jpg) (h)

029d777d0643f7....jpg (44 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, 2009_14.jpg) (h)

1cc6168d66e3f1....jpg (584 KB, 255 x 153, 997 : 600, synest2016prjc....jpg) (h)

19c200 () No. 5975846

8ed4c8a64b2f8d....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 191, 576 : 432, aspen1.jpg) (h)

045bcae867c199....jpg (255 KB, 191 x 255, 960 : 1280, muellershit.jpg) (h)

f0412fe7c8b683....png (599 KB, 255 x 128, 939 : 470, Schifftypen.png) (h)

d5de9eb0c40c6b....jpg (126 KB, 255 x 127, 540 : 269, Schiff o.k.jpg) (h)

e89f4843d28e3e....jpg (355 KB, 250 x 255, 1273 : 1300, Pen1.jpg) (h)

dc9260 () No. 5975847


skilled fukers arent they? ya missed anon. Better luck next time.


yea is that real?

f626f2 () No. 5975848


Let the boys do their jobs. What was yours? What was in the middle of the article?

8942c9 () No. 5975849


also a good possibility (((shills))) just using jordanian vpn + useful idiot muzzy.

>thanks now i don't feel bad about supporting israel

Easy. Obvious.

afae6b () No. 5975850

bc4247441a9bbc....jpeg (1096 KB, 197 x 255, 1240 : 1602, 4885136D-C376-....jpeg) (h)


“A nation can survive its fools,

and even the ambitious. But it

cannot survive treason from


An enemy at the gates is

less formidable, for he is known

and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves amongst

those within the gate freely, his

sly whispers rustling through all

the alleys, heard in the very halls

of government itself. For the

traitor appears not a traitor; he

speaks in accents familiar to his

victims, and he wears their face

and their arguments, he appeals

to the baseness that lies deep in

the hearts of all men. He rots the

soul of a nation, he works secretly

and unknown in the night to

undermine the pillars of the city,

he infects the body politic so that

it can no longer resist. A murderer

is less to fear. The traitor is the


-Marcus Tullius Cicero

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

None Dare Call It Treason: President Trump Must Fight Fire With Fire And Hold The 'Coup D'Etat' Leaders Responsible For Their Crimes Against America

- With Others Watching, Justice Against The Coup Plotters Is Absolutely Necessary For Reasons Of National Security.

“Attorney General William Barr should aggressively investigate, indict, and imprison leaders of the attempted coup d’etat who served and are serving in the FBI, DOJ, Intelligence Community, and Democratic Party.”

"Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? Why, if treason doth prosper. None dare call it treason." –Sir John Harrington (1561-1612)

“Conservatives should not be applauding the Mueller Report for finding no collusion with Russia by President Trump during his election campaign or after. The Mueller investigation itself was never legitimate. It was part of a conspiracy by the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and their minions in the FBI and Justice Department against Mr. Trump, his allies, voters, and the Constitution. Any intelligent person, not wholly blinded by fanatical anti-Trump partisanship, should have understood all along that the Mueller investigation, a stacked deck, staffed with highly partisan activist Democratic lawyers, was biased and bogus.”

“Any intelligent person, not rendered insane by anti-Trump hatred, should have understood all along that vociferous accusations by Democrats and the liberal mainstream media that President Trump colluded with Russia to win election — that President Trump is a traitor — was and is utter nonsense. Indeed, these false accusations against President Trump, that seek to delegitimize his administration and cancel the ballots cast by Trump voters, is the real act of treason.”


dc9260 () No. 5975851


Sheeples memory is all clean now. Back to biz as usual.

5510e1 () No. 5975853

2ac98b27838920....png (1115 KB, 196 x 255, 651 : 847, 3 3019 2.png) (h)

ddc8087690afc3....png (577 KB, 255 x 113, 698 : 310, red312.png) (h)

9af092 () No. 5975855

The Independent homepage just now.


Featured tile:

London EYE and PYRAMIDS to be plunged into DARKNESS for Earth Hour.

Actual article headline:

Earth Hour 2019: Buckingham Palace, Eiffel Tower and Pyramids to be plunged into darkness on Saturday

Earth Hour is an annual environmental campaign that brings attention to the effects of climate change by asking people to switch of lights at homes and businesses for an hour at 8.30pm (20:30), local time.

20:30 - 21:30 local time.

Saturday 30 March 2019

3e9c37 () No. 5975857

de88434cd83476....jpg (160 KB, 152 x 255, 800 : 1345, ClipboardImage....jpg) (h)

April 16 is the day anons. Amazon confirms.


9af092 () No. 5975858

673a78dd9fee64....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 70, 688 : 190, Eye_pyramids_d....jpg) (h)


Soz capped

1ebdc8 () No. 5975859


Google Tech Talks June 29, 2007

Adrian Hong, Executive Director of Liberty in North Korea (or LiNK), will give a broad overview of the tremendous human rights crisis in North Korea today, and share about worldwide efforts to help these forgotten people. This is not a crisis instigated by natural disaster, civil war, or warring factions in a failed state

8942c9 () No. 5975860



Left Wing Billionaires own House democrats: American Greatness article


Illinois Prosecutor's Association Condemns State's Attorney Kim Foxx.

0a107e () No. 5975861

94bedd63ef7526....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 159, 284 : 177, popcorn meme.jpg) (h)


5510e1 () No. 5975862

1a475f5b254801....png (390 KB, 249 x 255, 597 : 611, 3 30 19 2.png) (h)

a70922 () No. 5975863

>>5975100 LB

>She is still useful to them as a martyr


>Say some crazy QAnon follower who was harassed for being a phony one night while attending a Trump rally in MI decides to kill her to prove to everyone how MAGA he really was


>That would kind of destroy the Q movement and win 2020 for the Dems


>Eyes on, patriots

Trump has done a good job of winning 2020 for the dems. The wall isn't built, the illegals haven't left and he's promised record immigration. He campaigned pretty heavy on immigration and a lot of people voted for him hoping he'd curb the flood of third world immigrants both LEGAL and illegal. His immigration speech was excellent and was the main thing that separated him from the cuckservatives he ran against. Ann Coulters criticism of him in that regard is spot on and I don't see him energizing enough voters to win a second term. People are better off voting for Yang and collecting their $1000 a month.

295ff8 () No. 5975864


You’re not doing jew truthers any favors by acting like a fucking shill and spamming your shit 24/7…

and I also caught u defending Dougie yesterday too so thats not a good look.

My money is on u being mossad cus there’s many many many better videos u could post than the ones u do. The finklestein one is fake and gay and u know it.

Ur either a huge moran thats hurting the cause or ur mossad thats hurting the cause…. either way, ur a faggot and it pisses me off cus the JQ is important but u turn people away from it.

086cd3 () No. 5975865


Dividers will FAIL.

daf884 () No. 5975866

6f4188f2f36fa0....jpeg (86 KB, 255 x 170, 612 : 408, 980D6BFF-6D05-....jpeg) (h)

0b663356e1fef1....jpeg (56 KB, 255 x 169, 620 : 412, A27B12B0-0CAC-....jpeg) (h)

1abd72e5eda90f....jpeg (434 KB, 255 x 181, 2160 : 1537, FFEF9BC7-B043-....jpeg) (h)

54e8f0ca1112d2....jpeg (81 KB, 198 x 255, 350 : 450, 31F2752C-0CD8-....jpeg) (h)

3f619282fdc448....jpeg (21 KB, 255 x 191, 259 : 194, 08EA7A68-7670-....jpeg) (h)

fba484 () No. 5975867

0f9cb70946b71c....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 144, 888 : 500, 0f9cb70946b71c....jpg) (h)

4b0153e27594dd....jpeg (79 KB, 204 x 255, 445 : 555, 4b0153e27594dd....jpeg) (h)

2a17abc5a5029e....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 182, 266 : 190, download.jpg) (h)

03aecbf325648d....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 170, 750 : 500, 03aecbf325648d....jpg) (h)

629698 () No. 5975868

d984af01d196c1....jpg (184 KB, 255 x 170, 900 : 600, hfccccr5.jpg) (h)

3448e4b0228cf3....jpg (214 KB, 170 x 255, 400 : 600, Ellennn1.jpg) (h)

434d258bb49114....png (381 KB, 255 x 181, 830 : 589, uvyu.png) (h)

63202794772576....png (357 KB, 255 x 168, 915 : 604, 156515.png) (h)

526ff525a1a557....jpg (276 KB, 255 x 170, 900 : 600, hfccccr65.jpg) (h)


see the kike shit is a costume for these clowns

086cd3 () No. 5975870



dc9260 () No. 5975871


yea let them do their jobs, were a little behind compared to china.


3028ef () No. 5975872

ba5be527724c6e....png (57 KB, 255 x 243, 726 : 692, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


Hes not. But honestly who the fuck cares. They want the muslims to kill all europeans anyway.

0a107e () No. 5975873


symbol used in "Berserk" for Humans pegged as 'sleeping' God sacrifice…

Wonder if that symbol has history; ill look it up.

Guy is a freak.

cfd1be () No. 5975874

Gilets jaunes/Yellow Vests Live stream!

8942c9 () No. 5975875



WELL WELL WELL what do we have here?



couple of faggots being useful pawns.


group these cunts are affiliated with, receive fundings from.

"media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading." TED was conceived by [[[Richard Saul Wurman]]] in February 1984[5] as a conference; it has been held annually since 1990."



086cd3 () No. 5975876


Very interdasting wording.


d41e9b () No. 5975877


24hrs/day? Not buying it. But since you're talking could you stop? It's lame and stupid. Besides you look like a bit so your message gets ignored anyway. I've not read more than 4 or 5 words since you started this obsessive/compulsive fit over a month ago.

629698 () No. 5975878

6c2c01c5111f3b....jpg (125 KB, 226 x 255, 640 : 721, 54732192_38409....jpg) (h)

eb9c5931c82bff....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 255, 640 : 640, jkbjkbjkb.jpg) (h)

19f5cda961451f....png (498 KB, 255 x 165, 960 : 620, sddsdssddssdds.png) (h)

d7cff193762ea6....png (431 KB, 255 x 165, 960 : 620, sadsdaassadsad.png) (h)

3e6cc5cebe5d31....png (894 KB, 255 x 165, 960 : 620, uygyg.png) (h)

187aca () No. 5975879


Watch, child.

One day this world may be yours, to protect, to defend, to give your life if necessary.

I've never been a billionaire.

I have been a scientist first, a warrior second and a teacher.

A life well spent.

6204ec () No. 5975880


Hi Ann. You're up early.

3028ef () No. 5975881

50bb4881a51520....png (1635 KB, 234 x 255, 983 : 1073, 1534985233978.png) (h)


Its weird seeing the mark used IRL.

1ebdc8 () No. 5975882



deceber 5, 2015

Adrian Hong weighs in on whether the Syria peace plan work (video on page, about 5minutes)

5510e1 () No. 5975883

d407ec01f8822e....png (236 KB, 195 x 255, 390 : 511, sac4.png) (h)

1f2cfb4c16c583....png (843 KB, 255 x 174, 837 : 572, sac.png) (h)

2de2270969bf45....png (164 KB, 255 x 187, 769 : 565, sac3.png) (h)

a4e9702146601e....png (1080 KB, 255 x 113, 1190 : 527, sac1.png) (h)

67c098 () No. 5975884

e5af4d2f4c4d32....jpg (134 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, 34wt54te5ye56y....jpg) (h)

629698 () No. 5975885

94470131b5ba45....png (338 KB, 255 x 165, 957 : 619, (PNG Image, 95....png) (h)

ada14bc7f646b0....png (302 KB, 255 x 163, 843 : 539, kytdjd.png) (h)

ac48f02df78075....png (311 KB, 255 x 170, 895 : 595, fsfsfs.png) (h)

177c11424c6dd4....png (395 KB, 255 x 168, 848 : 558, indexigsdu.png) (h)

fba43f58886fb8....png (526 KB, 255 x 165, 843 : 547, trvrs.png) (h)

3028ef () No. 5975886

579329b8c1d390....gif (574 KB, 255 x 159, 320 : 200, 1545876725089.gif) (h)


No. Just shut the fuck up. I was in a good mood before i saw these terrorists bragging.

ffac1e () No. 5975887

So, just to be sure, Q is now:





Preying Medic


Trump's Private security team

Joe M

Random 4chan / 8chan anon

Trump himself

Steve Bannon

Who've I missed?

67c098 () No. 5975888

461b390a7370ee....png (173 KB, 255 x 213, 474 : 395, 461b390a7370ee....png) (h)



6204ec () No. 5975889


The real ones.

b1344b () No. 5975890

>>5975860 TY Anon - BIG help

0ca553 () No. 5975891

Q, while I'm up random question. Given that the Earth and other planets are hollow, does the cabal worshiping the black cube of Saturn have anything to do with their gods emerging from the poles on that planet? Further, does the black eye ritual actually mimick or actually involve implantation of a lifeform from Saturn?

b38739 () No. 5975892


Not if we two days ahead of schedule kek

c1ba81 () No. 5975894

e9ca14829f0399....jpg (546 KB, 255 x 244, 1820 : 1740, Earthlings.jpg) (h)


Do not let your heart be troubled.

666 is the number of Kings

[Kingdom Of Heaven (on earth)]

Genesis 3:15

Matthew 24:15

Revelation 9, 10, 11

Revelation 19:17

I live in the Bible and so do you!!!


8678eb () No. 5975895


Q may not be of this earth

1ebdc8 () No. 5975896


bill maher said he was

123daa () No. 5975897

01240f66c4f108....jpg (272 KB, 255 x 153, 1087 : 653, Live_Extreme_A....jpg) (h)

Be on Alert!!!

There are reports of random set jackers on the loose…

While no one has been seriously injured, our sources tell us that having you set jacked may cause a little bit of butt-hurtedness. . .

We'll have more on this story as it unfolds.

Stay tuned. . .

f626f2 () No. 5975898


Yeah, they have way more data than we do. All under state control, too.

Here, we have “lawyers”, “special interests”, “corporations”, and “liberals”.

The right move is to put NSA in charge of the data pipelines, nationalize internet and telecom services (infrastructure), modernize encryption standards in light of the need to balance privacy, security and law enforcement, and put America first.

We’re kinda in the dark ages of a huge experimental free-for-all.

3028ef () No. 5975899

d375e3be45d340....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 156, 713 : 436, Djt567964rrri3....jpg) (h)


Alll planets have cores. Shut the fuck up you fucking shill nigger.

67c098 () No. 5975900

70e2c00804b619....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 154, 666 : 403, 666.jpg) (h)



629698 () No. 5975901

531679d9fb5003....png (472 KB, 255 x 165, 957 : 619, hhhhhhhhhhhhhh....png) (h)

121005eb926263....png (389 KB, 255 x 165, 957 : 619, indexvv jhvg.png) (h)

ba266788c6836f....png (278 KB, 255 x 126, 841 : 415, tbrc.png) (h)

927188d0df8184....png (725 KB, 255 x 165, 960 : 620, sddsdsdsds.png) (h)

088781840d2974....jpg (75 KB, 216 x 255, 640 : 754, 54247235_35401....jpg) (h)

fba484 () No. 5975902

23333c14848962....png (1214 KB, 255 x 181, 1195 : 847, Ann Coulter Bi....png) (h)

cc98ad () No. 5975903


Da fat guy

AIM, Thomas claimed it last year around this time.

04decc () No. 5975904



Stephen Miller

Barron Trump

Time Travelling Barron Trump

Ivanka Trump

Melania Trump

3028ef () No. 5975905



6204ec () No. 5975906


Shills, we don't dox Q or anons around here.

187aca () No. 5975907


Take a walk on the wild side.

d169af () No. 5975908


i feel alex jones should get a seperate mention from MOSSAD

67c098 () No. 5975909


No no no!

Q is Pence! 100%.

Listen to his speech at Hudson Institute and see if he's is not totally Q.

dc9260 () No. 5975910


Quantum computer


Cicada 3301

a jew

e68e0e () No. 5975911

377db7be784ad2....jpg (46 KB, 143 x 255, 576 : 1024, 1538340984202.jpg) (h)


Q is also pleadians and reptilians.

6204ec () No. 5975912

f769f9387a6d17....png (16 KB, 255 x 128, 576 : 290, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

753f3b () No. 5975913

7643ea65d572df....png (129 KB, 255 x 249, 376 : 367, quaker.png) (h)

8942c9 () No. 5975914



War on Unvaccinated Children Increases


Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment


Reporter Exposes NBC/MSNBC Politics Editor for Advocating on Behalf of Democratic Party

Your're welcome, baker. Sorry these are not always in chronological order.

some lack of notables visible last bread. Will continue to comb. Only from few IDs right now.

d8e12e () No. 5975915

d7bd8623c4f10b....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 220, 540 : 465, 13516518_11829....jpg) (h)

af85b298d047fe....jpg (100 KB, 255 x 177, 789 : 548, 407299_3082969....jpg) (h)

41e7e58d239bfe....png (356 KB, 255 x 242, 700 : 665, 44b940f4-5f5d-....png) (h)

0fe63d0cfc3959....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, 944992_2119288....jpg) (h)

ec1ab521d0d0e7....jpg (116 KB, 211 x 255, 795 : 960, 28059223_10210....jpg) (h)

0a107e () No. 5975917



To anons following

This symbol is based off "Rune" lore

which is "Proto-germanic" alphabet.

Ancient Alphabets function as whole words , big concepts, and as letters. Think Hebrew

One of the cool things about our language is that its flattened out into precision.

But even if you look up the history of our letter M there is a huge story behind it… Water/Meme BTW (thought youd like that)

But then again our language is flat, and that effects thought, creativity… its a trade-off.


Berserk symbol appears to be an inverted Algiz and Othala combined…

Othala means Ancestral property

Algiz has several but one is 'connection to the gods'

If you take the symbol to be inverted than you can infer the dark or opposite of the Rune equivalent.

This was the source; I have not cross checked it.


Guts was the man.


ffac1e () No. 5975918


not trying to dox… just pointing out the absurdity of every 'knowing' who Q is… meaning THEY DON'T KNOW who he is.

(PS not IP hopping blah blah blah, just changed to laptop)

0ca553 () No. 5975919


You're glowing nigger.

For Anons new to this topic, reconcile the no fly zones over Earth's poles, the ISS always closing the shutters on its cameras when it flies over Antarctica, the international treaties about Antarctica, the Nazis sending uboats down there prior to WW2, the USA's Operation Highjump post WW2, and the old Norse tales of the inner Earth and the general secrecy about the continent.

014426 () No. 5975920

dc2226ab7de910....jpeg (69 KB, 250 x 255, 500 : 509, FAGGOT.jpeg) (h)

d8e12e () No. 5975921

2774d97e22dd1b....jpg (11 KB, 226 x 223, 226 : 223, imaggju.jpg) (h)

4e24c6d37e679c....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 161, 640 : 404, fear of guns f....jpg) (h)

0a64dfafa2453c....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 230, 480 : 433, 1473_776176995....jpg) (h)

66c2fba6a1f517....jpeg (280 KB, 255 x 255, 852 : 852, 5abceab60fab5.jpeg) (h)

49fb166e6d5419....jpg (48 KB, 255 x 211, 474 : 392, 14045594_10817....jpg) (h)

ec6229 () No. 5975922



Red phosphorus.

Production of methamphetamine.

3028ef () No. 5975923


GO suck a blue avian cock you fucking loser faggot.

187aca () No. 5975924

51248daedef9a9....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 255, 530 : 530, D2I8aqgW0AY52sY.jpg) (h)

e11a56a4e81797....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 170, 500 : 333, e11a56a4e81797....jpg) (h)

4871783483b68c....gif (769 KB, 255 x 143, 400 : 225, f527984c638892....gif) (h)

2e9a47a57bcbca....png (3841 KB, 255 x 169, 2176 : 1440, Osprey.png) (h)


One of my most significant projects was manufacturing airjet motors that work across the sound barrier, at a time that this was a national security issue.

I made these birds, kid.

Name one project you even carried water on that changed the world.

Go ahead. We are listening.

8678eb () No. 5975925

0bfe2a2d97d674....png (324 KB, 255 x 253, 653 : 648, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

was this BS?

67c098 () No. 5975927

9a26d1e49cd805....png (209 KB, 255 x 170, 500 : 333, 2fRD6PZ.png) (h)


>Given that the Earth and other planets are hollow

I'm sorry but I'll need some sauce with that ludicrous statement!

327073 () No. 5975928


This file is called FBI/CIA cover-ups…they go from 1947 to 2018…sorted by year..it is in PDF format…30 mb…file is too big to put on here unless someone can help me divide it in 2 or 3 parts…I can post it on here or they can post it on here and I can pick it up later…just need a pdffag or softwarefag that can help….

There is a whole lot of resource material in here…

A great Timeline on everything from when Trump started to end of 2018..some blockbuster stuff..

I've tried a program called PDFSam…but is doesn't separate the sorting database part so it stops at 2014…do not know that much on the program..looking for help…here is the file.



Thank you.

6204ec () No. 5975929


Seconded. These were truly notable.

8942c9 () No. 5975930



Brazil’s Top Election Court Catches Google Manipulating Search Results to Point to Negative Entries on Bolsonaro


Former NSA Contractor Pleads Guilty After Stealing 300 Times as Much Data as Snowden

086cd3 () No. 5975931


this is a free speech board and everybody can post what he likes.

Be sure to regard all the posts made in the context of ALL Q DROPS to see the shills glow.

If you scroll to much shill bs you can find the best digs and info here.


cfd1be () No. 5975932



c2807a () No. 5975933


also PrayingMedic thinks Pence is Q if you listen to this broadcast https://youtu.be/LhmWmJN6DVQ?t=2308


0ca553 () No. 5975934


Sure thing Anon. Scroll up a bit and look where I replied to the shill. Starts with "you're glowing nigger"

631fe9 () No. 5975935

2223fc15347346....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 6b765582f1431a....jpg) (h)

The swamp is still deep but I have faith in Q. I'll send a morning prayer in the direction of DC before starting my shift, blue collar boys have stirred and are prepared to warm up the country in these early hours (the truckers have been keeping the spine of the USA stable during the night hours though for many an era, if anything they need a prayer)

014426 () No. 5975936

>>5975923 (right)

>>5975919 Disprove it. Don't mock it.

>>5975899 no idea.

5510e1 () No. 5975937

6268e18d7078f7....png (12 KB, 255 x 29, 859 : 99, 3 30 19 3.png) (h)

30586cd19969f2....png (1497 KB, 255 x 175, 1009 : 692, Judge jeanine.png) (h)


b1344b () No. 5975938

>>5975914 Don't worry about the order….I haz wayz to feex.

f7f23f () No. 5975939


a Type II civilization is out making sugar cookies with the ginormous square cutter.

086cd3 () No. 5975940


Praying with you, anon!

6204ec () No. 5975941


Chill, fren. Anon was helping Baker find Notables from last bread. Feel free to help in that effort.

67c098 () No. 5975942

5eec4aeafc6371....jpg (7 KB, 255 x 194, 257 : 196, download.jpg) (h)


Calling people shills/glowing niggers is not an argument. I need actual proof that the earth is hollow.

You are just pulling shit out of your ass and splattering it all over the board!

Souce or GTFO!

5510e1 () No. 5975943

8908d449240610....png (20 KB, 255 x 135, 563 : 299, 3 30 19 4.png) (h)

f9898c () No. 5975944

9db2ff5073e916....jpeg (780 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, D30567FD-C3AC-....jpeg) (h)

327073 () No. 5975945


Pence!! Rofl!!!…

Must be the HAIR growing on the INSIDE of PrayingMedic's head and is TICKLING his LAST TWO brain cells…

e3c7b7 () No. 5975946

b8e4afca8b89a3....jpeg (458 KB, 255 x 170, 1500 : 1001, image.jpeg) (h)


You're on the right lines


The Merkaba is an eight pointed star tetrahedron. The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is actually two tetrahedrons interlocked to form a three-dimensional Star of David. When it is closely observed, two pyramids (tetrahedrons) can be seen. Symbolically, the Merkaba represents a synthesis of opposites.

The back cube and star are connected.

086cd3 () No. 5975947


Shills attacking the loud voices again?


3028ef () No. 5975948

ac6d1a618edb4a....mp4 (890 KB, 255 x 255, 512 : 512, 20180914052913....mp4) (h)

187aca () No. 5975949

f1be7c2621e569....png (151 KB, 255 x 205, 350 : 282, f1be7c2621e569....png) (h)


Lurk moar, paper tiger.

0ca553 () No. 5975950


Literally told you exactly what to research. Wikileaks has a lot on Operation Highjump. You are either retarded or a shill yourself, in either case I'm done with you.

086cd3 () No. 5975951


Qanon March 30 2019 - Blind Justice Returns


8c3184 () No. 5975952

0e91597bab1010....png (49 KB, 255 x 134, 885 : 465, rbg death rumo....png) (h)

Kinda reminds you of Drop #2735, eh?

6204ec () No. 5975953


Agreed. The driver ran a light, and when caused accident, literally ran away. However, that was already in Notables from a previous bread.

033112 () No. 5975954

60b6ecb92a1ee9....jpg (142 KB, 118 x 255, 828 : 1792, imveauo1hte21.jpg) (h)

Worth digging?

Creepy Comedian Bryan Callen, Born into it?

His dad is CFR. (Council on Foreign Relations)

Michael Callen who is a big bank executive and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who have been accused of being the acting body and essentially the New World Order.

Bryan has pedo stories and is tight with Joe Rogan(media).

Major Q hater, mocks the Q movement as retards.

Thinks Q people are idiots.

Book choice says so much?


and his own words:




67c098 () No. 5975955

dd7088bfd0b9ab....png (76 KB, 255 x 232, 258 : 235, dd7088bfd0b9ab....png) (h)


Sure, whatever!

fba484 () No. 5975956

0e5bfa6f2f3580....png (629 KB, 255 x 240, 829 : 781, Playboy model ....png) (h)

f7f249f2bed453....jpg (20 KB, 218 x 255, 306 : 358, 11617488-68645....jpg) (h)

4820eeace3d96a....jpg (169 KB, 201 x 255, 634 : 806, 11617490-68645....jpg) (h)

0e5bfa6f2f3580....png (629 KB, 255 x 240, 829 : 781, Playboy model ....png) (h)

f7f249f2bed453....jpg (20 KB, 218 x 255, 306 : 358, 11617488-68645....jpg) (h)

Playboy model, 25, is charged with murdering 71-year-old psychiatrist who was found bludgeoned to death in the trunk of a car in Nevada

Kelsey Turner was taken into custody by police in Stockton, California, this week

The model, 25, was arrested in connection with the death of Dr Thomas Burchard

Burchard, 71, was found bludgeoned to death in the trunk of a car in Nevada

An autopsy ruled his death was a homicide - from a blunt force injury to the head

Turner's name matched a that of a woman who posed for racy photos online - including some on Playboy's Italian-language website

She was being held in the San Joaquin County Jail without bail as she awaits extradition to face a murder charge in Las Vegas

A Playboy model living in Las Vegas has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of a 71-year-old psychiatrist who was found bludgeoned to death in the trunk of a car earlier this month.

Kelsey Turner was taken into custody by police in Stockton, California, as part of their investigation into the death of Dr. Thomas Burchard - whose body was found in Nevada, March 7.

Turner's name matched that of a woman who posed for racy photos, including some on Playboy's Italian-language website, the Californian of Salinas reported.

Burchard's body was discovered near the entrance to the Lake Mead National Recreational Area after a passerby noticed a rock had been thrown through one of the vehicle's windows, police said.

An autopsy ruled Burchard died from a blunt force injury to the head - his death was ruled a homicide.

Burchard, who continued working beyond retirement age because he didn't want to abandon his patents, had worked nearly four decades in the behavioral health program with Montage Health, the Review-Journal reported.

'Dr. Burchard was a psychiatrist in our behavioral health program for almost 40 years and was very helpful to many patients,' Montage Health spokeswoman Mary Barker said.


327073 () No. 5975957


Don't follow that Paytriot…

If you want to follow someone, follow EyeTheSpy


No charge…he is free…

086cd3 () No. 5975958


Qanon March 29 2019 - Loop Capital


6a2dc7 () No. 5975959

189c47c2c404bd....png (122 KB, 255 x 213, 641 : 535, dawd2e32dadawd....png) (h)

e68e0e () No. 5975960

3e5c409d174115....png (474 KB, 255 x 172, 704 : 474, 3e5c409d174115....png) (h)



plenty of sauces here to do your own look-see.

Admiral Byrd's accounts are good place to start.. The Smoky God is a decent read.

3028ef () No. 5975961


I dont care. Youre too stupid to even notice what i originally posted.

086cd3 () No. 5975962


Pm is obvipusly free as weel.

Just watch his videos on yt.

No ads.

No payment.


(But claiming that is basically all shills got left…)

b1344b () No. 5975963

Notes from PB

#7462 posted in #7463

>>5975043 Dougie Stewart's twitter buddies - call to dig

>>5975049 Washington Times - Brennan should have taken evidence to SC

>>5975113 Former NSA Contractor Pleads Guilty After Stealing 300 Times as Much Data as Snowden

>>5975123 War on Unvaccinated Children Increases

>>5975190 Brazil’s Top Election Court Catches Google Manipulating Search Results to Point to Negative Entries on Bolsonaro

>>5975319 Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment

>>5975362 Left Wing Billionaires own House democrats: American Greatness article

>>5975452 Illinois Prosecutor's Association Condemns State's Attorney Kim Foxx

>>5975504, >>5975516, >>5975557, >>5975583, >>5975595 DIGs and articles into FAKE CLOWN group "Cheollima"

>>5975688 Reporter Exposes NBC/MSNBC Politics Editor for Advocating on Behalf of Democratic Party

187aca () No. 5975964


Calm the fuck down, tax dollar weasel fuckers. This has been going on forever. Call me back in 10,000 years. Otherwise fuck off. nyet! No loot for your fake science.

ffac1e () No. 5975965




086cd3 () No. 5975966


Qanon March 23 2019 - Nobody Walks Away From This


631fe9 () No. 5975967

24a41bf1994f21....png (1294 KB, 255 x 136, 1803 : 965, onbread4444.png) (h)



Like truckers to our economy, and the military to our national security, the Christian faith has been a backbone to the intensity of the Q movement inherently from its energy against satanic/demonic forces. Those who try to dispute this never saw the digits that graced posts in the 2016 Kek War, shills of the QChristians never saw bread 4444

48f416 () No. 5975968

c184802f4fcd87....png (160 KB, 255 x 125, 1024 : 503, Ns_03-30-06.29....png) (h)

5510e1 () No. 5975969

4da636b3f7c31c....png (26 KB, 255 x 102, 797 : 318, 3 30 19 5.png) (h)

92a08984c782fa....png (463 KB, 255 x 128, 711 : 357, think.png) (h)

6631cef8abb545....png (704 KB, 255 x 158, 980 : 607, mug5.png) (h)

b8d8c5 () No. 5975970

31b0b892eb6894....png (177 KB, 255 x 162, 529 : 337, pierre boiste ....png) (h)

0ca553 () No. 5975971


Thank you Anon. Symbolically makes sense given their hatred of the divine dualities (push for transgender/transhumanism). I will look more into it, though I am most curious about the 3d basis for (their) beliefs.

6acab7 () No. 5975972


tracy beanz

kabamur on twitter


cicada 3301

codemonkey and jim (as part of pamphlet crew)

086cd3 () No. 5975973


Qanon March 22 2019 - Who Is Rachel Chandler?


d8e12e () No. 5975974


Hotter than any sports car!

8f441e () No. 5975975


Thanks liguisticsfag, I'm interested in this topic as well.

It should be noted that beyond the scholastic interest in the study of runes, many Neo-Pagans utilize them the same way Germanic peoples did: By casting spells, incantations, and making symbols of power or protection.

Several recent movies and tv shows have capitalized on the Viking aesthetic, many making reference to their theology and magical practices. This could just be a case of the art director thinking runes look cool, or considering those involved it could be literally used as a spell. The more people who believe the spell has power (consciously or sub-), the more power it has.

3c25dd () No. 5975976

I thought we all knew that

the earth is hyperborean,

where's the fucking confusion here?


033112 () No. 5975977


She was a no show, Hannity said she had a serious family issue come up.

cc98ad () No. 5975978

c8eda6de47304f....png (33 KB, 255 x 87, 509 : 173, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e85d025d951957....jpeg (21 KB, 255 x 246, 255 : 246, 6c55e4fc99e029....jpeg) (h)

67c098 () No. 5975979


Admiral Byrd's accounts is what we would call "evidence". But, without solid evidences, his testimony is empty.

In a court, the "Hollow Earth" argument would not stand and the "suspect" would walk free.

5510e1 () No. 5975980

510de0c9cb32e3....png (512 KB, 240 x 255, 773 : 821, 3 30 19 6.png) (h)


1ebdc8 () No. 5975981


Philippine journalist Maria Ressa was arrested at Manila's airport on Friday on securities fraud charges, another incident that watchdogs say is part of an ongoing attempt to silence her by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte, reports CNN.

Details: Ressa, a 2018 TIME Person of the Year who has faced multiple arrests on various charges, has reported extensively on Duterte's brutal war on drugs via her media company Rappler. The site's managing editor and 5 other former and current board members were also arrested earlier this week on similar charges

5510e1 () No. 5975982

6204ec () No. 5975983


CFR are minor minions in the NWO hierarchy. They're powerful within the USA, yes, but definitely not the puppetmasters.

3c25dd () No. 5975984

748a8c4a67e575....png (817 KB, 255 x 190, 1216 : 904, North-Pole-Jup....png) (h)

a6b85e () No. 5975985

a5f89dbb00eefd....jpg (107 KB, 255 x 143, 750 : 420, B-21 Raider.jpg) (h)

dc9260 () No. 5975986


Im calling you out!

Everyone look at this dudes post history on this board and tell me PM isnt in here promoting his shit!!!


5cff2d () No. 5975987

The cure to mkultra programming!

e68e0e () No. 5975988

6d4d5dfa8779e9....jpg (67 KB, 174 x 255, 356 : 522, 6d4d5dfa8779e9....jpg) (h)


New eyes, eyes of ignorance, I guess.

5da02d () No. 5975989


>the ISS always closing the shutters on its cameras when it flies over Antarctica

ISS never flies over poles

327073 () No. 5975990


You're funny…I was on 8chan/4chan way before 90% of you guys..calling me a shill does not make me a shill…can you come up with something better than that…maybe you're just projecting and you're the shill most likely..

OK…So you're saying he didn't participate in writing a book..and when you write and SELL a book…don't you get money for said book…

Yea…He is a PAYTRIOT…but in your case it seems I've triggered a shill or just hit a nerve…hmm..maybe i am right on PAYTRIOT…they do get a little sensitive when you call them OUT!!!!

033112 () No. 5975991


I am more with this anons wanting to research.

and The Bible has a lot to say that will make one curious to look further as well…IMO.

cfd1be () No. 5975992


This is what is known as a lunar transit or venus transit, depending on the satellite. The satellites are located on lagrange points and thus fairly stationary so they can watch the sun. If a celestial body passes by near the edge of its orbit, you will see it pass by quickly or even eclipse the sun for the satellite. This is fairly common.

8942c9 () No. 5975993

a064443fd29b70....jpeg (99 KB, 255 x 209, 800 : 655, concord.jpeg) (h)




Digs into possible (((shill))) activity: Doug Stewart the "muhjooshill shill" kayfabe

looks like a good notable bun, baker. Thank you for stepping up, again.

Where We Go One, We Go ALL.

6204ec () No. 5975994


MK-Ultra training backfired on trainer?

6acab7 () No. 5975995


yeah, 8ch admin part of a larp that originated on 4chan is classic shill story weaving

cc98ad () No. 5975996


We keep looking at people or countries, the real impact is neither, it's the projects that those are involved in that is implementing the nwo.

033112 () No. 5975997


and the looped footage of the sun shadows…..strange stuff . It is clearly a looped video not constant 24 hrs as claimed……why?

8942c9 () No. 5975998


second post important - could add. Evidence is important.

"There are things you can say, then there are things that you can prove"

95ae98 () No. 5975999

Sure af can't tell anyone about that one.

d8e12e () No. 5976000

9349f00b99de77....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 143, 720 : 403, 19113960_14307....jpg) (h)

3c25dd () No. 5976002

4c27695ea7b853....png (626 KB, 255 x 178, 1118 : 780, North-Pole-Jup....png) (h)

8942c9 () No. 5976003

cdd7ba3f8a9c6b....gif (255 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, kikeooyvey.gif) (h)


(((fucktards))) think they can sneak in that shit.


033112 () No. 5976005


ok, but they may be everywhere in the USA for what purpose? Callen and others are just examples of how they get into media and elsewhere, to what end? The pedo stuff is worrisome.

0e53cc () No. 5976006


Remember Anon, Sessions was forced to divulge Huber. Q told us there is another U.S. attorney, in an undisclosed location also outside of D.C. that Sessions set up. This is the "Silent Executioner".

033112 () No. 5976007


I doubt it. just someone who is a fan of his work. no biggie

8f441e () No. 5976008

2d533695540c40....jpg (154 KB, 255 x 255, 613 : 613, 1adgfagag.jpg) (h)


Fearmongering nonsense.

The black square is a "Coronal Hole"

There are often several Coronal Holes on the Sun at any given time. These regions emit more energetic particles than the magnetically bound areas surrounding it. The sun is constantly monitored in several wavelengths, these angstrom spectrum images clearly show the structures at different levels of the corona and "surface" of the sun.

There is nothing out of the ordinary going on with the Sun right now (unless you're monitoring the ramp down to grand-solar minimum)

b1344b () No. 5976009

>>5975993 Got it, Thanks!

8942c9 () No. 5976010


the world wide 'scientists' have been pushing the sun spot thing for a while now.

setting the stage of manufactured T-level EXTINCTION EVENT. Polar shift and all that shit they will engineer.

How many 'dumbs' are dedicated towards manipulating magma movements?

>Bigger than you can imagine.

Initiating a second 'ice age' to aim for 99%+ extermination while they sit nice and comfortable in underground tunnel networks.

6204ec () No. 5976011



1ebdc8 () No. 5976012

anyone find connections between Adrian Hong, his company Pegasus & Muhammad Ata Elayyan, LWA Solutions or Jahandad Ali, Intergen?

0a107e () No. 5976013



My uncle is the linguist

works with No Such Agency

I dont know what he does beyond that.

Pretty sure we know that symbol/rune means to Gunn

85f29d () No. 5976014


Nope you missed key clues.

Q - Has a military background

Pence does not

Pence is a lawyer and also a Roman Catholic

Some of Q's posts would conflict with that

Pence may be (as second in line) privy to "the plan" be he most definitely is not Q

67c098 () No. 5976015

8ba8d3f9f8fe80....jpg (520 KB, 255 x 167, 1200 : 787, The_Smollett_C....jpg) (h)

0a107e () No. 5976017


hoo boy…

Id say he knows what Q and we are up too Id go as far as that.

033112 () No. 5976018


I don't even think he is privy tho the plan. He must have thought son Q, may see shit going on, but I really don't think he knows the Q team. I still wonder why his sife got the envelope, not him his wife?

f9898c () No. 5976019

6f2d02c9e6d3cf....jpeg (389 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, F2366D48-FC17-....jpeg) (h)

327073 () No. 5976020

I really didn't mind them writing a book…hell there are a shit load of people writing books on this movement or their own adventures involving this Presidency…

The problem I had with it was they used the title of the book….'QAnon' …as if they owned it and they started it and they were the experts of QAnon…

When in truth they were mooches…maybe contributed in some way, but does that allow them to use the name…now no one else can use that name..GREEDY PATRIOTS will do that!!!!

cfd1be () No. 5976021


You know you can observe them yourself right? You dont even need a telescope, just a filter for the bright light and either good eyes or minor magnification. If you watch at the right time and are set up to see the corona, you can see coronal mass ejections. Easily verifiable stop spreading nonsense.

CME's are a legit concern as we are now an electricity based society AND earth's magnetic field is weakening. Do some basic research.

575d33 () No. 5976022


So, seriouslyy, im jewish….why dont i get invited to the strategy meetings and why am i paycheck to paycheck?

56d033 () No. 5976023


It’s funny, but there was a flat earther shill working the crowds at the rally. Didn’t see this one come through though kek!

(Grabbed a pic of him just in case future issues arise)

5da02d () No. 5976024



He's not in on the plan and I'd bet he was the one that had the guy fired for wearing the Q patch

71bab6 () No. 5976025


I have been thinking about symbols. Do they have a psychological or physical effect on us

033112 () No. 5976026


It is just a word and it will sell books, you can use it too.

67c098 () No. 5976027


>Q - Has a military background

>Roman Catholic

>Some of Q's posts would conflict with that

I would love to see these posts PROVING that Q has a mil background and that he can't be a Roman Catholic.

98fa24 () No. 5976028

4763a8fe4d8453....png (525 KB, 255 x 178, 771 : 538, 4c27695ea7b853....png) (h)

5510e1 () No. 5976029

f9ed93f3ae2f92....png (359 KB, 255 x 173, 476 : 323, dexter.png) (h)

c386a4b7d5cbc5....png (1165 KB, 255 x 165, 890 : 575, dex16.png) (h)

033112 () No. 5976030


you can use it also, just add another sentence before or after……..there will be many with QAnon inthe title. Like Qanon: Invitation to the great awakening……Just put some other title behind theQAnon part. Not greedy….smart.

8942c9 () No. 5976031


Some basic digs into the MacArthur Fellows Program designed apparently to groom useful idiots:


Jim Yong Kim, public health physician aka world bank chief until 2019. puppet.

Regina Benjamin: Surgeon General of the United States under [hussein] and supporter of abortion expansion.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: BLM type "black panther" activist and useful idiot.


Of course it is legitimate. Sun spot activities directly impact the mentioned T-level extinction event naturally.

Now if (((someone))) had access to sufficient technology and infrastructure to pull off a manufactured ice age, it would obviously benefit them to set the narrative and stage before hand.

For fuck's sake read it between the lines.

fba484 () No. 5976032



I was thinking that could be one possibility.

Someone turning on their handler, or they went to far with fucking with her head?

9cfe19 () No. 5976033


This live stream down. Any others? I can't find them. Seems quiet on twitter #GiletsJaunes as well.

033112 () No. 5976034


If you cannot see this you are newfag or a shill

d8e12e () No. 5976035

820e97dd262434....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, 13.jpg) (h)

c79fae6f75d49c....jpg (21 KB, 255 x 249, 323 : 315, 15940771_15011....jpg) (h)

0e94fe0deeba84....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 248, 640 : 623, 18740020_10208....jpg) (h)

So now we have hollow earth shills?!?

dc9260 () No. 5976036


Really? you doubt it?

Nope not this time.


Not a word after I call him out.

PM is a scam!!!!!





85f29d () No. 5976037


it's true that envelope is problematic

Also those criminals glad handed Pence eagerly.

Either they see him as an ally or they see him as stupid and innocuous.

Trump doesn't seem to spare praise about Pence and he doesn't seem to mind being around him so I take that to mean he's our guy.

Still tho….that funeral was currious

bc29b8 () No. 5976039


You sound like a Paytriot, anon. Are you one?

c2807a () No. 5976040

cfd1be () No. 5976041


Stream is working for me, watching it right now. Still slow, have noticed a decrease in available streams. I wonder if article 13 enforcement may be why.

Here is link instead of embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diUiDKQEYPc

67c098 () No. 5976043


>I would love to see these posts PROVING that Q

I don't need words, Anon. I need factual proofs.

Q could have been briefed on the subject just like Trump was.

ffac1e () No. 5976044


It was suggested that CM did it because 8chan was "failing"

1ebdc8 () No. 5976045


>Ta-Nehisi Coates: BLM type "black panther" activist and useful idiot.

this guy became a huge part of marvel comics

19c200 () No. 5976046

7629063b58a0eb....png (281 KB, 255 x 187, 585 : 429, crisis.png) (h)

033112 () No. 5976047


I just know that when I was new I told everyone to look at the PM stuff and even sent many email with links to his videos, heck even I eathced them. So, no, I don't see a problem with it here. Probably osmeone who thinks they are contributing for newfags. Who cares. PM stuff does not hurt anyone, can be useful. I ahppen to be a beleiver in Chrsit and I don't sense he is a bad actor at all or I would say so. Not a word, maybe you scared of a newfag.

cc98ad () No. 5976048

58b8f9 () No. 5976049

f91fbb015d4039....jpg (259 KB, 255 x 253, 1080 : 1073, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

> be me

< woke af

> blue (purple-ish) pill spouseAnon

> go full retard abt Q and push her away

> lurked moar

> slowly bring coincidences to her attention

> #17 everywhere

> childAnon signed #17 day 1st day of school

> important number assigned randomly - 17

> here's a 17

> there's a 17

> no coincidences.

> take spouseAnon to airport

> discuss drop off terminal

> me: what's your gate number?

> her: doesn't matter, just drop me off at specific terminal

> me: but I want to know your gate number

> her: oh, it just changed

> her: ……………

> me: well?

> her: []17

< me: pic related

575d33 () No. 5976050


Yes, they do…they are a part of our "collective" unconcious.

See Jung

Also, yhey are found throughout ART HISTORY.

This is why culture matters. W. EAurope is distinct from Islamic, from Asian, etc.

There are edges that touch. The elite are forcing an issue through migration that otherwise, would not happen.

033112 () No. 5976051


fuck….i am a horrible typist…error everywhere…..fuQ!

8f441e () No. 5976052


Have you seen the Diehold foundation videos yet?

Douglas Vogt is a researcher who has put together a pretty compelling (if dry and professorial, and a little arrogant) theory on reality and historical catastrophe, as well as the origin of the Torah and world mythology.

I don't know if I totally buy this idea, but it's interesting. In this video series he describes the origin of the Hebrew alphabet as being a kind of quantum computational artifact of super advanced geometry. You'll have to watch to understand.

Also check out his "Causes of the Ice Age series" That is the real sauce of his theories.

6204ec () No. 5976053


>>Someone turning on their handler, or they went to far with fucking with her head?

I'm not buying that story that the shrink didn't retire because he couldn't abandon his patents (sic) [patients]

I wonder if the "typo" isn't really a typo. Maybe the shrink was defending patents on mind control.

It's very bad form for a therapist to position him- or herself as the only person through whom the patient can heal. VERY bad form. So the story that he couldn't retire without abandoning his patients is a tell. He's not a healer, he's a dealer.

e3c7b7 () No. 5976054


>Coronal Hole


Explains a lot to me in turns of energy.

011292 () No. 5976055


The other one is in Little Rock

ffac1e () No. 5976056


PM is a scam or is he Q?

5da02d () No. 5976057


maybe a converted mother along the way in the past?

98fa24 () No. 5976058


Your meme…use present perfect.

"He has been trying to tell you the same thing for more than 2 years".

327073 () No. 5976059


Really…I can use the word also…what to write a book called "QAnon"…I can hear the publisher say, hmmm, sorry..you can't use that title again..there is already a book out there called "QAnon"…maybe "QAnon II"…rofl…

Case and Point…the 'QAnon' movement in not over..so they wrote a book about it and it is just started…Really stupid planning I would say…

2 years from now when this thing explodes into every country x 10…people are going to going to the book store and see the 'QAnon' book and say to themselves oh, cool here is a book on the 'Q' movement…but what they really got was a book on the 1st year of the 'Q' movement…so, they just got cheated because some assholes said…hey why don't we use the title 'QAnon' it will sell millions…sheeeesh…give me a break…piss poor planning…

They could have used a different name…hell..they didn't even use any imagination in coming up with the title!!! just smells of greedy Jews..

8942c9 () No. 5976060


the purpose of putting up occult-influenced, highly violent, rape-praising and rape-depicting medium as a 'masterpiece'.

Typical clown MO.

Raise up the trash, make the negativity and general rage-inducing shit 'noteworthy'.

Shifting public discourse through drawn medium.

Notice all the fucking disgusting depiction post 2007 or so in the drawn japanese mediums regarding rape, gang rape, etc?

Who is usually the victim?

Blond haired, blue eyed western women? It was usually yamato nadeshiko before.

Defile/destroy that which stands as a standard. Condition a generation, depict that which at present cannot be fully shown in live-action medium.

pornography has vast (((jewish))) influence for a reason.

SICK shit.

We need to kill a lot of these little fucks before things get back to normal.

1ebdc8 () No. 5976061



cfd1be () No. 5976062


Sorry, misunderstood what you meant. I would contend that it is more likely that they could collapse Earth's field temporarily at an opportune time. The LHC when running at max power coincides with some anomalous magnetic field collapses in the past. Even the machine's design is like a giant electromagnet.

fba484 () No. 5976063

b759ab817da4bc....png (52 KB, 255 x 179, 412 : 289, Cities where p....png) (h)

dee8f875d46fe5....png (123 KB, 255 x 226, 886 : 786, Map of where p....png) (h)

Their map reminds me of the maps of which states allow illegals to get drivers licenses. And the map of sanctuary cities, and counties the Dems won.

On the move: Millions of Americans swap cities every year, and New York City has the most coming and going, study finds

A new analysis of U.S. Census data on the nation's 25 most populated cities reveals that all but two – New York City and Chicago – have seen a net gain in their population during that period

On average, 3% of the population moved away from the nation's 25 largest cities every year from 2012-2016

New York, one of the most expensive cities in American, had the largest net loss of residents (20,900) during that period, and also experienced the most in-migration (413,000) and out-migration (433,900)

Nationwide, researchers found the most common reason people wanted to move was a desire to upgrade to a larger or better-quality home, with 35% of survey respondents citing that goal

A majority (68 percent) of people who relocated to a new state in the 25 biggest cities were renters

An average of 47 million Americans moved each year from 2012-2016, and many of them relocated to new cities and states.

A new analysis by NerdWallet of the nation's 25 most populated cities reveals that all but two – New York City and Chicago – have seen a net gain in their population during that period.

Researchers analyzed U.S. Census data and the 2017 American Housing Survey and commissioned their own poll to reveal annual migration patterns and housing affordability for renters and homeowners who relocate out-of-state.

On average, 3 percent of the population moved away from each the nation's 25 largest cities every year from 2012-2016, according to U.S. Census data.

'It may not seem like a considerable amount, but in large cities, a small percentage of the population can equate to big numbers,' said NerdWallet researcher Holden Lewis.


033112 () No. 5976064


well, like the rest of us you will just have to wait and see it all unfold. don't have more on the subject. at this point you either trust the planor you don't. not trying to talk anyone in or out of Q. If you have problems you can just stop coming here or following Q……pretty simple.

bd9052 () No. 5976065

Morning anons…



Worth a look…heavily redacted…they must have had several programs running in different agencies for different access…

ffac1e () No. 5976066


I agree - but people are suggesting both

6204ec () No. 5976068


Three and a half hour video, and you want me to watch that NOW? Not happening.

e3c7b7 () No. 5976069


Ta, havnt seen it, added to watch list.

Your discription makes perfects sence to what I've been practising . Veca codes and symbols have more meaning than what most people think.

0ca553 () No. 5976070

Q, weird EM stuff still happening at my house.

85f29d () No. 5976071


ffs lazy anon

if you can't read and discern this

then you may be in the wrong place

it's blatant throughout all the time he's been posting

Other anons have posted all of Q's posts for you to easily read. All the physical work has been done fore you. Start from the beginning and read. Don't to expect the mental work to be done for you too

71bab6 () No. 5976072


I agree with you there. I have become so awake that I can see them everywhere. But when I do my defence's go up. Even with sounds. I went to Jay-Z concert with GF and was Lucifer references in background, I heard them and she said she didn't. I didn't enjoy concert at all

ffac1e () No. 5976073

oh and another thing.

Twitter has become a complete shit show recently because of the sniping and in-fighting between paytriots, MAGAs, Q followers etc etc.

Designed this way since they can't 'shut it down' in the same way they did reddit? Just muddy the waters and 'attack the messenger' as Q said.

cf6c8d () No. 5976074

b3a70cccfd1b83....png (480 KB, 255 x 124, 1223 : 596, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

d9aaaa8cc7495d....png (392 KB, 255 x 226, 670 : 593, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

Cached Lab 126 photo thread

Archived link to a Lab 126 photo thread. The google cache page is still up. Maybe an autistfag can find something interesting


81fd54 () No. 5976075

6d5de6f4298086....png (975 KB, 255 x 104, 1314 : 538, gop.png) (h)

bc29b8 () No. 5976076


Kek! PM being Q?

Totally stupid if you believe that one.

8942c9 () No. 5976077


drawn mediums can depict what cannot be put into live action, and conditions the imagination of the audience.

bonus points for being able to depict it in such a way the audience perceives that which they wish to see, even more than live action.

Since we ARE talking on chans, why all the past bitching about 'why do they all say anime characters look white' etc?

Perception manipulation and pandering to ingrained biases of each and every demographic.

How do you control an entire nation of peoples to cut up their faces and decide that face and hair given to them by their forefathers is 'disgusting' and 'ugly'?

Animals are easy to herd and groom.

East asia is a slave pen with many luxuries.

You can easily get a herd to rip each other apart and prostitute their own daughters for nothing more than a smiley sticker.

Happened many times before.

'multiculturalism' is actually a very old trick, tried and tested. For end result, look at the middle east. Mongrelized and divided.

033112 () No. 5976078


agree ….neither. he is a anon like all of us, he just does more involved videos. he is an anon.

just go to his YT page and go way back to the oldest stuff he has, you will learn his wife actually found the Q stuff and he eventually started seeing the truth of Q and then began the videos. He was just a prayer guy previously and a medic. You have him all wrong. Honestly, that is a trick of the devil…to cause division,, especially to stir up any one who dare speaks of Jesus, which PM does boldly. You might step back and give PM a second look. I like him and see no issue.

58b8f9 () No. 5976079

9623e92ee1556d....jpeg (20 KB, 225 x 224, 225 : 224, serveimage (21).jpeg) (h)



575d33 () No. 5976080


Both grandmas are Jewish….as far as i know…before that hard to tell….(that goes back to1915 or so…

5510e1 () No. 5976081

654a86a0ae1b45....png (509 KB, 255 x 175, 1097 : 754, 3 30 19 8.png) (h)


81fd54 () No. 5976083

Corrupt dirty back stabbing Republicans get a pass and or get to retire?

575d33 () No. 5976084



5da02d () No. 5976085


This seems to align to a book I'm reading, I'll watch it and report

67c098 () No. 5976086



You sound very defensive and hostile towards a person that is just discussing a simple subject and not trying to shit on Q or to tell people to not trust the plan.

I would why that is.

Q being Pence literally doesn't change anything.

So, why why the aggressiveness?

Why the name calling for such a simple discussion?

b1344b () No. 5976087


Freakin' Firefox just locked me out of new tabs until I restart. I'll be back, but probably under a new ID. FEK.

Please call out notables with a one sentence description of why it's a notable.

033112 () No. 5976088


meant to say stir up shit against those of us who speak of Jesus boldy…….we tend to get looked at wrong as a device of the enemy, to keep YOU from hearing the truth we may be saying loudly. So, I am team PM….however….team Jesus FIRST

327073 () No. 5976089


Pence might follow 'Q' but he is not 'Q'…

About 2-3 months back some of us were debating whether Pence was comped…

I'm pretty sure some of his people got on here to see what was what…maybe he liked what he saw…maybe his people like what they saw..

But yes some of the things he says does mirrior 'Q'..but he is not 'Q'…he might know who 'Q' is or has a better idea then we do who 'Q' is…

I believe he is a Patriot!!! I could be wrong…just a belief that's all..

dc9260 () No. 5976090


Nope hes a scam and now promoting that pence is Q.

This is shill tactics. HE IS A SHILL!!!!

Im out. Anons have an awesome day.

PM you should be ashamed of yourself. YOU WILL BE REVEALED!!!!

8f9875 () No. 5976091

Wierd loop notable.

Around locals it's called the Beltway, not Capitol loop.


71bab6 () No. 5976093


I don't trust Pence, I think he's being made to follow POTUS or be exposed as Q has said

67c81f () No. 5976094

da68d5165cbabb....png (209 KB, 255 x 162, 440 : 280, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

I haven't dropped in on you tards for a while.

Just in case no one's reminded you lately….


187aca () No. 5976095


I fabbed parts for both these birds and many others. My bread and butter was helicopter gear train. By hand. CNC ruined my trade, but centralized control so ((they)) could oull out the rug on demand.

So if you want to carry on, my British friends, you better resume studying fabing airforms from the ground up. Queen, your champion's model failed. Clock ticks. Get busy.

033112 () No. 5976096


where did I name call…please tell me?

No aggression either…..you misunderstand they typed word.

467496 () No. 5976097


Reason #3240 to use Waterfox instead.

b57ab8 () No. 5976098

a3e729a7980695....png (619 KB, 255 x 173, 762 : 518, what_do_u_call....png) (h)

19c200 () No. 5976099

e883ad666f502a....png (283 KB, 255 x 187, 585 : 429, crisis.png) (h)


Your help is always apreciate!

6204ec () No. 5976100

f769f9387a6d17....png (16 KB, 255 x 128, 576 : 290, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

bc29b8 () No. 5976101

0dd2aa02233911....png (1321 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



7a9437 () No. 5976102

c26626065efd4a....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 242, 255 : 242, kek.jpg) (h)



>If you want to follow someone, follow EyeTheSpy


Oh yes, you are definitely a true anon.

033112 () No. 5976103


Pence being Q would be a bummer, not at all the character we all are seeing, but if you think so, fine you go with that.

b1344b () No. 5976104

>>5976087 Aaaannnnd I'm Back

Early Notes


>>5975843 James Gunn Returns

>>5975855 London Eye and Pyramids to be plunged into DARKNESS for Earth Hour

>>5975859, >>5975875, >>5975882 Moar Adrian Hong

>>5975043, >>5975439 Dougie Stewart - call to dig deeper

>>5975980, >>5975834, Avenatti and Geragos connection to Seagrams Racketeering Case

>>5976015 Smollet Connections Graphic

>>5976074 Archived link to Lab125 photo thread

033112 () No. 5976105


your idea is more likely

67c098 () No. 5976106


> If you have problems you can just stop coming

here or following Q……pretty simple.

Doesn't this sounds a little aggressive to you?

The name calling part was for the other anon


a469a6 () No. 5976107

Why== are Royal children worth more ==?????

Net worth: £300,5 million

Title: Viscount Severn

AKA: Viscount James-Severn

Net worth: £300,5 million

Title: Lady Louise

AKA: Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor

Net worth: £3,8 billion

Title: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

AKA: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Net worth: £2,7 billion

Title: Prince George of Cambridge

AKA: George Alexander Louis

7a9437 () No. 5976108

3d687a970986ec....png (288 KB, 226 x 255, 540 : 610, ib4e.png) (h)

8f9875 () No. 5976109

6deaf5f1501df7....jpeg (876 KB, 255 x 220, 1125 : 971, 47C6A42C-C0EF-....jpeg) (h)

Extra Extra

Annoying bidenfag spammer from /qresearch takes a scalp

033112 () No. 5976110


so show me where I name called…..still waiting

20c1be () No. 5976111

23b1ef709955bb....png (27 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a697cd4c4038fc....png (4 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


reminds me more of the quake logo

cf6c8d () No. 5976112

a57762eeeeda63....png (471 KB, 255 x 172, 791 : 532, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

2d98573da4e406....png (679 KB, 255 x 160, 787 : 493, Screenshot fro....png) (h)

a68d449beb1220....png (234 KB, 204 x 255, 420 : 525, Screenshot fro....png) (h)


Shit. Meant to add a couple more pics

bepeculiar moon pendant? >>5976101

063307 () No. 5976113

8113553db893f7....jpeg (472 KB, 167 x 255, 1242 : 1901, 8C52FB3A-9B8C-....jpeg) (h)


Curious as to who else they have on video in what countries!?

753f3b () No. 5976114

Ruptly is live from Paris on Saturday, March 30, as Yellow Vests call for new demonstrations in the French capital.

fba484 () No. 5976115

b945bcf10ffe19....png (727 KB, 249 x 255, 811 : 830, Don jr and fam....png) (h)

b3f8b600780c7e....jpg (71 KB, 255 x 177, 634 : 439, 11631538-68657....jpg) (h)

40751202b0d416....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 204, 634 : 507, 11631532-68657....jpg) (h)

7a89b685ced488....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 170, 634 : 423, 11631506-68657....jpg) (h)

13604dbe3aed25....jpg (78 KB, 255 x 169, 634 : 419, 11634054-68657....jpg) (h)

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Fun for all the family! Donald Trump Jr. and ex-wife Vanessa join their five kids to watch Marine One land at Mar-a-Lago, as the separated couple reunites for a spring break trip

Don Jr. and Vanessa, both 41, were seen standing on the lawn at Mar-a-Lago with their children, Kai, Donnie, Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe

President Donald Trump's eldest son traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, with him on Thursday evening after his rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The president visited Lake Okeechobee in Florida with Don Jr. and Kai on Friday

Don Jr. was at Mar-a-Lago last week with his children and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who brought her son Ronan, 12

Donald Trump Jr. and his former wife Vanessa have reunited in Palm Beach, Florida, while enjoying a getaway with their five children at his father's Mar-a-Lago estate.

The friendly exes were seen gathering outside the massive property to take photos of Marine One landing on the helipad, marking President Donald Trump's return back to the resort.

Don Jr. and Vanessa, both 41, were joined by their children, Kai, Donnie, Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe, who huddled together to watch the helicopter.


187aca () No. 5976116


You know what a paper tiger is, then you know what I am.

67c098 () No. 5976117

708a06 () No. 5976118

17597a () No. 5976119

new Dana Ashlie vid on 5g and suppose military insider

Millimeter wave technology warning


cd5bd6 () No. 5976120


Vintage Q/r question right here


8f9875 () No. 5976121


It's wierd. Never ever heard the beltway called 'capitol loop' and ive been working in and around DC since the end of Bush's first term

5510e1 () No. 5976122

2dd858a07819c3....png (634 KB, 143 x 255, 339 : 605, I O 42.png) (h)

033112 () No. 5976123


every topic you can go back and catch up if you don't really know about thte older stuff…..no one hating on you………just learn the culture here, don't take shit personally…….newfag

go here and read what ever topic you need more info on.


327073 () No. 5976124


you are referring to the Protonmail thing, right?

Yea, that got me too..but put yourself in his place..they didn't think Trump could win so in my view he was hedging his bet…but he picked a bad bridge partner…

fba484 () No. 5976125

c498844695774b....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 170, 634 : 422, 11633428-68657....jpg) (h)

3d6cdccc5b711a....jpg (66 KB, 226 x 255, 634 : 716, 11634016-68657....jpg) (h)

90a9e041b3ea2b....jpg (49 KB, 139 x 255, 306 : 561, 11634038-68657....jpg) (h)

95ac1259dea7d3....jpg (38 KB, 139 x 255, 306 : 561, 11634028-68657....jpg) (h)

5803ad37659216....jpg (42 KB, 136 x 255, 306 : 575, 11634088-68657....jpg) (h)

0a107e () No. 5976126


because anon senses that you are getting off and throwing the discussion?

Name calling?

"why why the aggressiveness?"

you dont fit;

We RARELY would bring up Q's Identity

Ive gone so far to think of a particular 'group' and stopped there.

Im more interested in the GA.


2a29f9 () No. 5976127

Morning anons. Woke up from an interesting dream. I was searching for Q all over town. I followed clues on pieces of paper that led me to a large mirror. I stood in front of it and saw my reflection. It was me all along. Need covfefe. Have a good wknd everyone.

8f9875 () No. 5976128


I get it now ty. Coffee time

5da02d () No. 5976129


Thanks for honest reply.

As far as my current understanding, the dna is dominant in the jew female.

Makes me wonder about Jared, he must know this and accepted it.

17597a () No. 5976130

258b8f9034bb3f....png (1736 KB, 255 x 143, 1260 : 709, Screenshot_201....png) (h)



ce8a2a () No. 5976131

Morning, frenz

033112 () No. 5976132


maybe IT IS JUST HIS FEELING………opinion…..you know, like the one you are expressing now.

bc29b8 () No. 5976133


Hard to say.

67c098 () No. 5976134

b5d2853ee26ffc....jpg (13 KB, 250 x 241, 250 : 241, 23rw45w4tw34r.jpg) (h)



OH NO! Not the same old trick!!!

fba484 () No. 5976135


Just noticed in pic 3, if you looked at the top of Trumps drink it would make a Q with the celery, kek

c2807a () No. 5976137

a927ad1e7d92d8....gif (3948 KB, 255 x 142, 500 : 279, best-bouncing-....gif) (h)

467496 () No. 5976138


Dig on what a Birth Certificate actually means and you'll have your answer.

d169af () No. 5976139


maybe loop capital

jessie's mullet?



rahm emanuel

bc29b8 () No. 5976140

e46e900a6114b5....png (1994 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7a9437 () No. 5976141


> Birth Certificate

*Berth Certificate

ce8a2a () No. 5976142

deea22aa1adf40....png (2061 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, CEF7B3C4-FD71-....png) (h)

This actor could use some follows if you have twitter. She’s about to be swarmed by Hollywood for being pro life

0ca553 () No. 5976143


One of Q's old trips was "[email protected]" IIRC. The movement is in part about us finding the divine inside ourselves. The oldest and most firsthand accounts of Jesus are called Q source. No joke, look it up.

6204ec () No. 5976144



5 Arrested in Finland for child sex abuse & Distributing CP from 17 countries

SEVENTEEN countries. Yep. Checked.

17597a () No. 5976145

26cbbec44e124a....png (1402 KB, 255 x 143, 1260 : 709, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

for keks man tries to secure table umbrella gets blown to OZ


467496 () No. 5976147

bf20b0206b7667....png (6 KB, 255 x 150, 292 : 172, dingingintensi....png) (h)

18661e () No. 5976148


Search all drops using MIL. Not much moar proof is needed.

575d33 () No. 5976149


Quantum A.I. in yer head…..

But dont tell yhe Larps, itll mess up their quest.

6c9ab3 () No. 5976150

d7b1473005a68b....jpg (85 KB, 226 x 255, 850 : 960, 54385211_10216....jpg) (h)


I have no sauce on this but, if real, it certainly explains a lot.

Baffling these people have been allowed to enter positions of power.

I thought Islam was banned in 1952 was it?

033112 () No. 5976151


you think that is agressive? hahahaaaaha

it is true, this is a free speech board and if you have concerns, you are not dragged here…..pretty simple…you are demanding proof from Q. We al would love all the fireworks now, but that is not how it works, so when you write the way you do, it stands out and we mock you as a bit of a crybaby

I WANT IT NOW kind of poster. Jus telling you maybe this is not the right place for you. We push buttons and no crying.

67c098 () No. 5976152

ce24d706f087b0....jpg (309 KB, 249 x 255, 936 : 960, 1473885671866.jpg) (h)


Off you go!

014426 () No. 5976153

Quick comment about 'people who to follow.'

I follow anyone who is pro Q.

Lisa Mei Crowley has been linked 3-4 times (I believe.) so far.

EyeTheSpy hasn't been linked by Q (from what I've seen.)

I'm not attacking or defending anyone.


I do like hearing/reading other peoples thoughts/opinions.

As a Canadian anon here. I think my favo(u)rite is Stroppy Me.

That being said I don't agree with everything that anyone says. (Could be wrong or right.)

Not to sound like a MSM piece of shit. But I honestly believe.

"Let's follow where the facts take us."

"Let's look into this."

Perfect example. (ME)

Am I wrong the question the official story of 911? NZ Mosque shooting?

I am not trying to pick sides with anyone or anything.

But I do believe in hearing other peoples thoughts/arguments.

d8e12e () No. 5976154

4caa10fa69e712....png (66 KB, 255 x 186, 931 : 678, Vaccines 1.png) (h)

6eec0bbf1b8aa8....png (49 KB, 255 x 165, 943 : 609, Vaccines 2.png) (h)

c707c00a760f77....jpg (188 KB, 255 x 170, 576 : 384, vaccines meme ....jpg) (h)

bd147981b6dbcc....jpg (229 KB, 255 x 165, 816 : 528, as politicians.jpg) (h)

fa9c29143272ea....jpg (232 KB, 255 x 170, 576 : 384, corrected vacc....jpg) (h)

467496 () No. 5976155


>They thought you would follow the stars.

Fuck 'em.

Burn Pedowood to the fucking ground!

b8d8c5 () No. 5976156

c7360ce2ce9851....png (11 KB, 255 x 64, 738 : 184, whites causing....png) (h)

New research shows white people deserve the most blame for how their eating habits impact climate change, and argues new policies like the Green New Deal need to take race into account to save the planet.

According to their analysis, the researchers found that white individuals produced an average of 680 kilograms of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide each year that can be directly linked to what they ate and drank, while Latinx individuals produced 640 kilograms of carbon dioxide and blacks produced 600 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year.

In other words, white people supposedly eat more “environmentally intense” foods, like apples, potatoes, beef and milk, Bozeman said.

“While the difference may not seem enormous, these numbers are per individual, and when you add up all those individuals, it’s very clear that whites are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of their food choices,” he said.

“Whites tend to drink more water and milk,” Bozeman explained. “Milk itself requires a lot of water to produce when you consider livestock cultivation, so that is part of what we think is pushing their water impacts higher.”


708a06 () No. 5976157



bc29b8 () No. 5976158

04e6176337cf90....png (1268 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0a107e () No. 5976159


Not real

or as some anons would say


d169af () No. 5976160


old st nick up to his old tricks

67c098 () No. 5976161

d536e4e45c47e1....jpeg (10 KB, 251 x 176, 251 : 176, d536e4e45c47e1....jpeg) (h)


> this is not the right place for you. We push buttons and no crying.

Nice try! Again, 0 valid arguments.

Lurk Moar faggot!

753f3b () No. 5976162


fake, shopped

776290 () No. 5976163

dfb3f0eaab2f38....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 142, 675 : 375, msm idiots.jpg) (h)

7a9437 () No. 5976164

f03cdf2019a94f....png (860 KB, 206 x 255, 640 : 792, ok 2 b white.png) (h)


It's not your fault.

033112 () No. 5976165


FYI: you may want to reread this, very helpful:

Welcome to the Global War

You are now entering the mind of Patriots worldwide, and to our fight we welcome you. Since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, more commonly known as Q, has tasked us with compiling events and evidence of the world-changing circumstances that have, and have yet to transpire.

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575d33 () No. 5976166

dbed9cb3103799....jpg (181 KB, 255 x 223, 640 : 560, immigration la....jpg) (h)


Not directly.

Sharia dictates absolute submission to yhe Quran which contradicts the immigration law your thinking of….

The law is still on the books and the sharia passage is found easily enough eith a search.

67c098 () No. 5976167

8038a1fa6cfe51....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 255, 474 : 474, dd2ce99aa0f250....jpg) (h)

d8e12e () No. 5976168

b4ccda57f63158....jpg (234 KB, 255 x 165, 816 : 528, I trust vaccin....jpg) (h)

6c9ab3 () No. 5976169

a561ec104e2f8e....jpg (35 KB, 246 x 255, 720 : 746, 55621034_26490....jpg) (h)



That looks real!

So do this…

67c098 () No. 5976170

3a75d6f4660b60....gif (1861 KB, 220 x 229, 220 : 229, tenor.gif) (h)



327073 () No. 5976171


Lisa is top notch…I follow eveyone 'Q'…yea…even PM..ETS..a shit load of others…I only believe 1/2 of what they say…only because I can think for myself…I've noticed a lot of things said on here used by a shit load of people without referring back to 'QAnon' site…I believe PM had his heart in the right place before he became a Fame whore…

3028ef () No. 5976172

0050dbe8f2de58....png (123 KB, 255 x 236, 480 : 445, 1518903507678.png) (h)


Wow whats the sauce on the 'muh joo' faggot'? How did we bust them?

18e8cb () No. 5976173


Sand in it.

8942c9 () No. 5976174



It's a given these fucks are loyal to islam, which is an abomination and a complete fabrication.

befa25 () No. 5976175

67e58e9072942f....jpeg (117 KB, 199 x 255, 726 : 930, 17 jet.jpeg) (h)

101591bda18194....jpeg (147 KB, 255 x 185, 1125 : 815, Ukraine_Russia....jpeg) (h)


indeed 17 country…. what a coincidence.

Like what happen on the next day of the Naval incident in the Crimean peninsula. when 17 Russian jets "buzz" a British war ship.

No coincidence.

PS: second pic is some info that had leak at the time…. To be scrub from the internet shortly after.

033112 () No. 5976176


FROM Q: not me, but I do agree:

You do not have a right not to be offended. You do not have a right to be 'comfortable

Its a very adult concept, but no one is here to make you happy.

YOU are responsible for what YOU look at and how YOU feel about it; NO ONE ELSE IS. You can choose to look or not look, read or not read. If you do read something you don't like, then remove it from behind your eyeballs yourself and move on. It is your fault if you allow a thing you don't like to sit in your head and take root and make you feel offended. We do not care if you are offended. We don't want to hear about it. Do not tell us if you are offended.


cd5bd6 () No. 5976177

71172af6efa73c....jpeg (827 KB, 159 x 255, 1242 : 1997, 5ACF0FAD-0A25-....jpeg) (h)

f2291fee9e4838....jpeg (725 KB, 237 x 255, 1242 : 1335, 675EE388-500E-....jpeg) (h)



The notable is wrong IMHO, Loop Capital LLC is based in Chicago, the Chicago loop


23296a () No. 5976178

It Was Writen?

Trump + Pence sounds like Trumpets

Barr: AG: in Charge Of Law, last name in sequence of as the name of the law exam

To many coincidences whether it’s from God or man, no one can deny this shit is getting wild

I’m just saying, a little weird.. “many signs will show, but no one will know exactly when”.. God wins but he warns that we do ignore his warnings… over and over

Stand Tall Patriots, we can’t become complacent with this rush of momentum

Work even harder finding the reasons for the crumbs left by Q team

Kim Clement …

b57ab8 () No. 5976179


this chick frightens me

ffac1e () No. 5976180


But PM has apparently already been revealed by CarpeDinkum and his pro-Gorka MAGA coalition posse.

As Q.

Or Not Q.

Or someone who controls the 'Q team' on 8chan.

8942c9 () No. 5976181


doug stewart, apparently a "muhjooshill shill" that tries to spread terms like "muhjooshill" by playing kayfabe.

Typical clown brat.

Just like somebody…

327073 () No. 5976182


But it doesn't make PM wrong…just his opinions biased…just like MSM FAKE NEWS sometimes…they have all the info but just decoded it wrong!!!

575d33 () No. 5976183

88c7d34b9c6f4f....jpg (94 KB, 207 x 255, 497 : 611, 88c7d34b9c6f4f....jpg) (h)

e68fd96b348731....jpg (97 KB, 180 x 255, 480 : 679, AOC - ShesSoSo....jpg) (h)

f8c6d4af3a75d1....jpeg (11 KB, 239 x 255, 239 : 255, da6b1c06c8fa45....jpeg) (h)

6c9ab3 () No. 5976184

b461b04d08f6bc....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 126, 446 : 220, Theodore hertz....jpg) (h)


Well, it should be and so should Zionism!

033112 () No. 5976185


lurk moar learn the culture here, we all had to. quit shitting in your own hand anon.

daf884 () No. 5976187

db9cef3dd1deb4....jpeg (70 KB, 255 x 192, 506 : 380, 9E9AF3CB-1D18-....jpeg) (h)

5112230e5f8cc6....jpeg (50 KB, 255 x 192, 421 : 317, 92172D42-8D49-....jpeg) (h)

80f284737dc692....jpeg (88 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 0394FD43-8938-....jpeg) (h)

90289309489936....jpeg (1119 KB, 255 x 194, 2400 : 1823, 3982773F-A570-....jpeg) (h)

0b663356e1fef1....jpeg (56 KB, 255 x 169, 620 : 412, 0D443ACB-DED2-....jpeg) (h)

8a4f3f () No. 5976186

I gave gematria a shoot with the border tweets yesterday. Let me know your thoughts guys.

The DEMOCRATS have given us the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the World. Mexico has the strongest, & they make more than $100 Billion a year on the U.S. Therefore, CONGRESS MUST CHANGE OUR WEAK IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW, & Mexico must stop illegals from entering the U.S…. 

at 0823

….through their country and our Southern Border. Mexico has for many years made a fortune off of the U.S., far greater than Border Costs. If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States throug our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING….. 

at 0837

….the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week. This would be so easy for Mexico to do, but they just take our money and “talk.” Besides, we lose so much money with them, especially when you add in drug trafficking etc.), that the Border closing would be a good thing! 

at 0843

We get the gematria values of 4854 1650 and 246 for the respective tweets.  The values that have the most meaning are: You know that I have the solution what is stopping you from contacting me, six hundred sixty six, usa.  The meaningful information from posts 823 and 3223 is dems are digging their own grave.  Brute force will be necessary.  The meaningful information from 837 and 3237 is fighting for people.  Trust. God bless.  Doj to prosecute > it shall be done.  The meaningful information from 843 and 3243 is they do not love you or america [roasted].

I think these tweets are telling us the president is done playing games with the boarder wall.  The dems are actively trying to stop this from happening because they hate america and they hate us, this is digging their own grave.  The DOJ is going to prosecute to remove the barriers and blockades to getting this done.  Trust the president as this happens.

I think Trust might mean that Trump will make himself look weak while he is actually getting the border wall completed. Optics are important.

f78137 () No. 5976188

Good Morning, Mr. President. #CloseTheBorderNow

3634a2 () No. 5976191


Of course grand juries can be empaneled anywhere, BUT, the grand jury location must correspond with the location of the crime. A Utah GJ won't consider DC swamp rat cases, but of course there is a Utah GJ.

See USAM 9-11.121 - Venue Limitations

"A case should not be presented to a grand jury in a district unless venue for the offense lies in that district."


daf884 () No. 5976192



bc29b8 () No. 5976193


Kek! Consider those sources you just cited.

No credibility there at all.

5510e1 () No. 5976195

ab2fa167dc456a....png (595 KB, 255 x 111, 1636 : 711, 3 30 19 10.png) (h)

2f4f3db55af1f5....png (15 KB, 255 x 49, 611 : 117, 3 30 19 11.png) (h)


67c098 () No. 5976194

1fc1618ca3a10a....png (74 KB, 255 x 186, 500 : 365, thats-not-an-a....png) (h)


Not an argument.

Try again.

8942c9 () No. 5976196


POTUS response was swift.

We know (((soros))) and the kikes are pushing for this shit.

Trying to overwhelm our capacity.

Won't work.

18661e () No. 5976197


FYI: ETS HAS been called out by Q as a LARP.

ef3dd5 () No. 5976198



The C_A makes me ill. Gives wizards a bad name.

ba32ae () No. 5976199


Reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss.

23296a () No. 5976200

Just keep tell friends and family on Facebook that America is going to be turned into Mexico and other countries,

And the Mexicans here will vote for trump instantly. Secretly they will vote for trump but they will vote for trump

575d33 () No. 5976201


General Jewish culture and teachings are to adopt the laws and ways of the host country….(we're the good parasites)

d8e12e () No. 5976202

8b45ae3411214b....jpg (11 KB, 250 x 250, 250 : 250, 22310699_10209....jpg) (h)

6996da7cb2ccec....jpg (222 KB, 255 x 197, 528 : 408, I Love Being W....jpg) (h)

5334079a2bff5a....jpg (140 KB, 197 x 255, 408 : 528, I Love Being s....jpg) (h)

f6778be5fa66e9....jpg (181 KB, 170 x 255, 384 : 576, fuck islam.jpg) (h)

4ae71728e4b709....jpg (409 KB, 255 x 165, 816 : 528, biological jih....jpg) (h)

bd9052 () No. 5976203

09f80b9a280197....png (100 KB, 255 x 83, 1772 : 574, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



Moar on this…


467496 () No. 5976204


Russian troops in Venezuela.

US troops in Columbia.

Mexico keeps letting illegals cross through their country.


18661e () No. 5976205


You would do well to stay away from those accounts you just listed.The MAGA coalition is just plain corrupt and Gingrich has doxxed and messed with personal accounts of those who clal him out.

Before careful who you follow.

033112 () No. 5976206


WE all are Q now. The Grat Awaeking is not just less than 10…..not anymore. Millions of us are the Q team.

And agressiveness is a good thing that is trying to be taken out of American culture, any culture. Brainwashed if anyone thinks otherwise. Dogs with bones……

5510e1 () No. 5976207

afffbe63e78275....png (699 KB, 255 x 245, 573 : 550, I O 7.png) (h)

6204ec () No. 5976208


Crap scientism masquerading as "science."

The reference basis is "climate change," also a scientism constructed from naked political power grabs.

3b634f () No. 5976209


>Q being Pence literally doesn't change anything.

LMFAO You really think Pence is smart enough to be Q? top kek!

>So, why why the aggressiveness?

You better get a thick skin, you need it for a 'free speech' anon platform! @jack ain't coming to save your ass here, buddy! If you can't take the heat, gtfo of the kitchen, period!

575d33 () No. 5976210

03bc9602bb0e84....jpg (18 KB, 153 x 255, 260 : 433, 2019-01-26_23-....jpg) (h)

cc98ad () No. 5976211


Save it for later or


033112 () No. 5976212


I just posted something along this post lines……huh….weird right?

8f441e () No. 5976213

cca6a72411931b....jpg (263 KB, 255 x 193, 1153 : 871, gadghgadhhcxh.jpg) (h)



Bye Bye Biden!

6c9ab3 () No. 5976214

220414ccca7301....jpeg (163 KB, 255 x 203, 1242 : 991, kike jew origi....jpeg) (h)

10d9bf8faed0c9....jpg (75 KB, 255 x 206, 720 : 581, history archiv....jpg) (h)

66228ce454e32d....jpg (103 KB, 255 x 185, 960 : 698, jew jews nwo i....jpg) (h)

b21ccc76c7b143....jpeg (157 KB, 255 x 244, 800 : 766, jew mafia isra....jpeg) (h)


And you're a moron if you believe that!

History proves you wrong.

f9c8b6 () No. 5976215

8cd11398274684....jpg (550 KB, 255 x 170, 2560 : 1707, Answer.jpg) (h)

12be2d5e9a16ff....jpg (94 KB, 255 x 162, 600 : 380, Divide.jpg) (h)


He doesn't want us divided.

37956d () No. 5976216

c83eb3f723b7db....jpg (29 KB, 224 x 255, 263 : 300, saturn-configu....jpg) (h)

b8ccdc33a82d06....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 134, 950 : 500, saturn-configu....jpg) (h)


…Saturn crescent with Mars as the 'sword'. Electric Universe theory of a closer and much different planetary configuration. Much of the crescent symbolism isn't the moon, but is the edge of Saturn being lit up by the sun.

327073 () No. 5976217

b671379ff45ade....jpg (154 KB, 148 x 255, 550 : 946, Ranting.jpg) (h)

f345c7 () No. 5976218


As has been mentioned, Q is Military Intel.

I don't know if JFK Jr. Is alive. I do know there are two Vincent Fuscas and someone wants us to believ that one is JFK Jr.

What does make sense is that if he avoided the HRC killing attempt, he might spend all these years working on the plan, learning Mil Intel methods, working undercover to emerge as Q.

Why do we need certainty? It's a possibility, and interesting when nothing else is going on.

Today, I'm going to Chick FIL A… Have a nice day.

15176e () No. 5976219


Now. Take a spin around the web. Natives are getting restless. Malkin has turned into Coulter.

3028ef () No. 5976220

e3beebb038d2b6....jpeg (116 KB, 255 x 223, 800 : 700, e3beebb038d2b6....jpeg) (h)


Ok just checked his Twatter. Looks like this guy is bad news. Im up to date thanks anons. Eyes on clown OP.


4b4c84 () No. 5976221

a4feeacc582d47....png (5 KB, 255 x 128, 2000 : 1000, 2000px-Flag_of....png) (h)

033112 () No. 5976222


you said you were"out"……..but here you are?

3634a2 () No. 5976223


The public gets so much utter nonsense thrown its way, and the press is right in the thick of all of it.

SCOTUS hallucinates rights to abortion and homo marriage in the constitution - utter nonsense.

Obama is qualified, as in is a natural born citizen, "because 'everybody' says so" and then he produces some slick BC fake to prove it. Congress has no curiosity on this subject. Derelict.

Trump colluded with the Russians (whatever the fuck that means) is a legitimate accusation. See, the highest levels of government, including even the appointment of a SC means that the accusation was legitimate.

Plame "outing." Same, utter nonsense out of the gate.

Our own government has literally undone the constitution while claiming to be upholding it. The sheeple are none the wiser.

f69bab () No. 5976225


When emoji started coming out. The article I read indicated the collection of emotion was important. Pictures were more telling than words. Sarcasm was not distinguished ( by AI? )

My intuition tells me this is a step to dumb down people. Kids are not taught cursive, but emoji is very exciting to young children. 4 and up to even 9 in my kids.

8942c9 () No. 5976226


see ay a descended from oss has been a clown creation from the very beginning.

great deal of (((british))) and clown family influences, possibly "payseur" type.

Compare and contrast see aye a personnel and candidates w/ military.

clowns do not want powerful, steadfast individuals. they prefer already conditioned groups (like mormons, god help them we need to salvage utah), or weak easily black mailed individuals.

There was a case where a see ay ae employee was caught using agency resources and info to stalk and harass his ex-wife with all kinds of pathetic attempts at badgering her and making her life miserable.

Was he fired and publicly disgraced? NOPE.

They kept him on a leash, now they got a leverage (small but still) on the little fool.

Small example, but in general see aye a and many civillian intelligence organs around the world have been more interested in recruiting ass kissers and malleable individuals who are easily disposable. More beholden to illusions of prestige and power, less chances of things going sideways.


that was fucking delicious.

MEME magic.

9bd81b () No. 5976227

Mar 20, 2019 John Solomon reports Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to probe 2016 election interference archive.is/Snm77

Mar 20, 2019 John Solomon reports Steele began discussions about Manafort with Bruce Ohr between 12/15—2/16 archive.is/iHQ6Y

467496 () No. 5976228


No, but he plays one on TV.

Clare heard the words acting and lawyer in the same sentence and the cognitive dissonance kicked her in the brain pan.

88647b () No. 5976229


Q. Confirmed.

ETS @TrueEyeTheSpy is a Larp

6204ec () No. 5976230


Crazy eyes like Almost Occasionally Coherent (AOC)? Check.

Artificially dyed green hair? Check.

Moon pendant being blatantly displayed for effect? Check.

Conclusion: liberal snowflake socialist America-undermining traitor.

OK so maybe I'm profiling here :-)

67c098 () No. 5976231


>As has been mentioned, Q is Military Intel.

I keep hearing the same thing over and over and yet not proof that is actually the case.

Without proper evidence you can't say one way or the other.

4b7301 () No. 5976232

This is an example .. our Police forces need a top-to-bottom cleaning…

Higher standards…

6c9ab3 () No. 5976233


Jews make up less than 2% of our pop. and occupy meh 85% of our govt.

Look at the pedo and multiculturalism BS JEWS are pushing and they HAVE NOT CHANGED one damn bit!

ffac1e () No. 5976234

04ed22d7521fe9....png (497 KB, 167 x 255, 618 : 945, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Good LARPing if true… ;)

fba484 () No. 5976235

4991526bc7db0b....jpeg (149 KB, 255 x 165, 1440 : 929, 4991526bc7db0b....jpeg) (h)

033112 () No. 5976236


that is Chicago not DC…..loop capitol…….all tied to the Obamas and friends

3cdc5a () No. 5976237


don't click on somethign that as

a 'taboolafeed' encrypted part in the URL

ba32ae () No. 5976238


Hang him with the rest.

3b634f () No. 5976239



rofl I damn near spit my covfefe on that one! kekekek

467496 () No. 5976240


>Impatient fag is impatient.


4b7301 () No. 5976241


Ruben McAusland, an ex-#police officer in #NewJersey, was caught by his partner on camera repeatedly striking a suicidal patient who was lying in a #hospital bed. As if that wasn’t enough, the corrupt cop was also dealing the drugs that he had stolen from previous crime scenes. McAusland was sentenced to more than 5 years in prison for assault and drug distribution.

b8d8c5 () No. 5976242


posted it because it all just gets weirder and weirder

orwell pc culture

6c9ab3 () No. 5976243




014426 () No. 5976244



Can you hook me up with some sauce?

Sorry for being so lazy.


Can I get some sauce?

Not attacking you two anons.

7e343f () No. 5976245

9367f9d7c10f62....png (304 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, 1491348771953.png) (h)

cc98ad () No. 5976246



Patrick Wood

8942c9 () No. 5976247


if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck etc.

define "projection" to bring down (((their))) entire narrative.

bc29b8 () No. 5976248


A Seattle snowflake who loves Top Pot doughnuts.


8942c9 () No. 5976249


We see you, whether you post or not.

3b634f () No. 5976250


>Good LARPing if true… ;)

Old news, planefags caught it the day it happened!

15176e () No. 5976251


I'm good. Others, not so much.

d8e12e () No. 5976252

16adaa5281b051....jpg (82 KB, 202 x 255, 563 : 712, 612d7.jpg) (h)

b57ab8 () No. 5976253

f6232485eaa08e....png (72 KB, 210 x 255, 224 : 272, Himmler.png) (h)


Has a Himmler-esque quality to her pose or her face or something, not just the glasses

bd9052 () No. 5976254



"learn to discern"

f345c7 () No. 5976255


Learn his coms. Who else uses stringers, clock geometry, etc.? You think the POTUS is using a teen gamer? Or an old politician?

NSA, CIA? Etc… Or just army Intel. NIS…. Something like that.

3028ef () No. 5976256

470fa96d6d4379....png (228 KB, 255 x 169, 816 : 541, 1511107.png) (h)

ok so tldr these MAGACoalition fucks have no idea about chans or where the epicentre is. Holy motherfucking shit these guys might be spooks and have no clue what is going on OR who is running who.

/rant disregard plox.

ba8c60 () No. 5976257

About to catch some ZZZZs, but have some random thoughts/???s.

1. Could Q's references to SHUTDOWN be the border shutting down?

2. With all of those people indicted for the college scam, wouldn't that make the parents & kids potential subjects to blackmail, control, etc. to keep their secrets?

3. Why is it a crime for the parents to have paid money to get their kids into college? I mean, it's not illegal to slip a waiter in a restaurant a large bill to get a good table or to go to the top of the wait list, as an example. I guess if the school was a public entity and receiving fed $$s, then is that what makes it a crime?

Mind has been running on overdrive trying to process all the news and trying to reconcile & digest. Have a good day everyone. Gonna try to sleep for a few hours.


d8e12e () No. 5976258

7f142fd768236e....jpeg (185 KB, 255 x 165, 816 : 528, 5ad47e698157b.jpeg) (h)

4b7301 () No. 5976259


Basing his future on how much of a pussy it takes to punch a suicidal patient repeatedly while cuffed to a hospital bed… that little pussy isnt going to last in prison.

033112 () No. 5976260



here did it for him:


7a9437 () No. 5976261


>Old news, planefags caught it the day it happened!

We are the news now.

Larpers and freaks lurk here and steal anon's work in their efforts to discredit.

e81b9d () No. 5976262

64c63c86b1e15c....jpg (433 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, kek.jpg) (h)



Biden Spam Bot came through!

9d6057 () No. 5976263

Why we moved our servers to Iceland

30 Mar 2019 - Adriaan van Rossum

As the founder of Simple Analytics, I have always been mindful for the need of trust and transparency for our customers. We would like to be held accountable for our customers needs, so they can sleep in peace. The choices we make has to be optimal, in terms of privacy, for the visitors and our customers. One of the crucial choices to consider was, choosing the location of our servers.

Why moving our servers?

It all started with our website being added to EasyList. It’s a list with domain names which are used by popular ad-blockers. I asked why Simple Analytics was added because we don’t track visitors of our customers’ websites. We even respect the “Do Not Track” settings in the browser.

So I replied the following to the Pull Request on GitHub:

[…] So if we keep blocking the companies that do good, and respect the privacy of the users, what kind of sign is it to just block those companies? I think it’s wrong and we shouldn’t put every company on the list just because they are sending a request. […]

I got a reply to my comment from @cassowary714:

Everyone says what you are saying, but I don’t want to see my requests sent to a US company (in your case, Digital Ocean […]

I didn’t like this reply at first, but after sharing it with my community, people pointed it out to me that he indeed was correct about the fact the US government is able to access the data of our users. At that time, our servers were indeed running on Digital Ocean and they could pull out our drive and read our data.

read moar here: https://blog.simpleanalytics.io/why-we-moved-our-servers-to-iceland

3028ef () No. 5976265

c6d0cec1fd22fc....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 175, 631 : 434, 68969857644222....jpg) (h)


Nah Biden is the perfect NWO to go against POTUS.

19c200 () No. 5976266


Maybe I missed this connection, or it is nothing!?



3cdc5a () No. 5976267


'little aggressive'

if you have problems

you can just stop cumming

1ebdc8 () No. 5976268


thats a chick?

af2d6e () No. 5976269

60654123c2d4e2....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 137, 596 : 320, sperry barr on....jpg) (h)

…on-going (non-Russian) cases

It's a beautiful thing…

d0c07b () No. 5976270

87b7a0dcf6cb22....jpeg (29 KB, 217 x 255, 217 : 255, 1553883276.jpeg) (h)

8942c9 () No. 5976271


considering his connection to royal family of bavaria and general description of this individual, you can definitely bet he was in the know/possibly even adolf's handler.

also, unfortunately for the faithful, a roman catholic.

Unfortunate, but all the strings are there.

Also, that appearance of his. 'Germanic'?

9bd81b () No. 5976273

Jul 25, 2016 DNC convention Day 1 (Monday). Speakers include Michelle Obama, Bernie, Liz Warren

Jul 25, 2016 Lisa Page and Peter Strzok text each other about Strzok's relationship to Judge Rudolph Contreras

Jul 25, 2016 Strzok says "CI threat meeting has been set up". Still not totally sure with who? D and AG? Or White House?

Jul 25, 2016 DNC/Perkins Coie/Fusion brief national media outlets on Trump-Russia

f345c7 () No. 5976274


That speaks volumes.

327073 () No. 5976275


Not a Larp…just wrong on this one..that's all..we all are wrong sometimes..

d0c07b () No. 5976276

2277672341cb2c....png (552 KB, 255 x 143, 736 : 414, 1551584362.png) (h)

086cd3 () No. 5976277


When you see something that’s outrageous: before latching onto it you must first understand this is open to anyone. Posts are made to try and attribute the most outlandish and unrelated things to our work … intended to support the narrative that we are loons and discourage others from joining us. Use this tool to help spot this deception:

http://qresear.ch and type the exact text of a given subject and you will see it posted thousands of times. We aren’t idiots and don’t repeat a topic 24x7.

They don’t contribute to any active discussion, regardless of the gravity of the news. They also have much higher post counts, usually over 15. This is viewed as disrespectful to other anons, as there are limits on each thread to the number of replies.

Thus these ruses are easy to spot.

The most common are hateful towards a given group or what we call “slides” where it’s intended to distract from major news. These are entirely planted, and users are paid to do so. This board is not much different from any comment section on a site, and yes they get paid to “shape” opinion there too. The notion we can prevent something like this, when anyone can post anonymously, is a huge leap. We are busy with current events and research and filter them or ignore it. This isn’t one of your safe spaces, so if you can’t discern the difference, you shouldn’t be here.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again




0200c6 () No. 5976278

694582a2871793....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 10859561_10152....jpg) (h)



11971b () No. 5976279

5c367ed7e16475....jpg (2467 KB, 255 x 223, 3000 : 2625, Uranium 1 - Ep....jpg) (h)

30f695198722cb....jpg (1399 KB, 255 x 223, 3857 : 3373, The Memo - Epo....jpg) (h)

2de2f301052c5a....jpg (2110 KB, 255 x 229, 3000 : 2699, FusionGPS - Ep....jpg) (h)

67c098 () No. 5976280


Pence is a lawyer. I'm sure he could have been briefed on the mil/intelligence community "modus operandi" just like Trump was.

The white hat were operating since God knows when. Only when Trump (Q+) and Pence (Q) came around the 'Q' appeared on the scenario.

No coincidence.

d8e12e () No. 5976281

Q is much more effective, when his true identity remains a mystery

6c9ab3 () No. 5976282

766aa3fc346159....jpg (103 KB, 255 x 194, 500 : 380, jews_image29.jpg) (h)

8942c9 () No. 5976283



VERY obvious.

Subtlety is not the shill strong suit.

3ef3a3 () No. 5976284

eedf2ae30dd4d6....png (14 KB, 255 x 153, 638 : 382, NORADCommand_G....png) (h)


Do you want to play a game?

pic very related

033112 () No. 5976285


of course you didn't……..but it was written just for you by the Board Operator, not me:

that is why you don't get it.

3cdc5a () No. 5976286


1. people are able to say things

without knowing. It's kind of why

other say 'sauce'

2. People who have been lurking for over

a year here

have a sense of who it is and

if you don't then that's just too bad for you.

3. many here do like anyone being the

chan police , telling others 'your too blah blah'. the way that some of the anon work

is they insult you to see what you

are made of. and if you can't take it they

move along.

so lurk moar and post less.

cc98ad () No. 5976287

Your point #3

By your remark it's claer you really haven't looked into this, it's not a matter of donating money and getting a favor. These people had others (a Harvard grad) take the SAT as their child, photoshopped their kids as athletes when the kids had never even done the sport. Even set up fake fundraising, community service and took pics. We are talking fraud, identity theft etc and this was basically setup as an industry.

Do some research.

e31991 () No. 5976289

a61d50bd000d8c....jpeg (126 KB, 255 x 114, 1125 : 503, 5D31CF19-1BE9-....jpeg) (h)

87407e5b1b9185....jpeg (52 KB, 255 x 193, 400 : 303, 3747D501-D4B5-....jpeg) (h)


Brajesh Thakur, alleged mastermind and strongman in the case, was charged with serious charges under the POCSO Act, including Section 6 (aggravated sexual assault). The offence carries punishment of minimum 10 years and maximum of life imprisonment.

All 20 accused were charged with criminal conspiracy to commit rape and penetrative sexual assault against minors. The court will hold trial for the offences of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, drugging of minors, criminal intimidation among other charges.

51c2de () No. 5976288

Porn Broker discussing Meghan Markle sex tape

Tossing the salad

Interesting part starts @ 17:00 min

086cd3 () No. 5976290


Q (you)d an anon replying to this post and saying how important it is.

>>5966470 lb

>>5966583 lb

>>5966972 lb, Q

Shills will shill.

Division will FAIL.

9e4262 () No. 5976291

Shills are making new stand alone posts to bump research threads out into oblivion. I also think they want to normalize it so people post stand alone posts thinking "that's what 8ch does".

Normies will think it works like reddit.

033112 () No. 5976292


FROM Q: not me, but I do agree:

You do not have a right not to be offended. You do not have a right to be 'comfortable

Its a very adult concept, but no one is here to make you happy.

YOU are responsible for what YOU look at and how YOU feel about it; NO ONE ELSE IS. You can choose to look or not look, read or not read. If you do read something you don't like, then remove it from behind your eyeballs yourself and move on. It is your fault if you allow a thing you don't like to sit in your head and take root and make you feel offended. We do not care if you are offended. We don't want to hear about it. Do not tell us if you are offended.


575d33 () No. 5976293


So, what do you do with ppl like me….?

Im Jewish

Hate the fkn pedos

Hate the multi culturalism sht

Work in gov't

Cherish :




Work hard, pay taxes has student debt…?


How do you reconcile my existence?

If the answer is, just throw me in the oven, you fail…and you know it.

11971b () No. 5976294



033112 () No. 5976296


very jodi arias with green prison hair

086cd3 () No. 5976297

67c098 () No. 5976298

dd89becc2696c1....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 157, 650 : 400, dd89becc2696c1....jpg) (h)


I don't care who wrote.

I didn't read a single word,…in fact I hide the comment because it was taking so much space of the board.

cf6c8d () No. 5976299

7eb8af8d2f6fc9....png (178 KB, 255 x 99, 2775 : 1076, SmollettHarris....png) (h)