a13c67 () No. 6044601

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>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

>>5966375 ————————————–——– Data streams accessible?

>>5966027 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party. (Cap: >>5981933)

Thursday 03.28.2019

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>>6043878 NSA Gov Twat

>>6043959 Matt Gaetz Unveils ‘Green Real Deal’ as ‘Commonsense Rebuttal’ to AOC’s Green New Deal

>>6043980 MIT cuts collaborations with Chinese tech firms Huawei, ZTE

>>6043993 About 280 workers arrested in ICE raid at Allen technology business

>>6044010 Q Proof 'ammunition spent' submission needs eyes

>>6044024 CNN’s Don Lemon says Obama DOJ should 'Not' be investigated over Russia probe

>>6044050 UK Police ready 10,000 riot officers as fears Brexit tensions could worsen

>>6044056 Trump signs memo to fight counterfeit products online


>>6044162 U.S. weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since 1969

>>6044225 San Diego lawmakers sue Trump administration as border county cares for 11,000 asylum seekers

>>6044250 Despite Liberal Media’s Best Efforts: 47% of Likely Voters Now Believe Crooked Hillary Was the Candidate Colluding with Foreign Operatives

>>6044306 Tom Fitton Twat: …No President has been subject to as many investigations…

>>6044376, >>6044449 Anon dig on Lion's air crash and parts manufacturing

>>6044435 Fox News president on boycotts: We won't allow 'the voices of the few impact our business'

>>6044562 #7730


Baker claiming ghost bread

>>6043238 Poll: More Americans believe in ‘Clinton collusion’ after Mueller probe flop

>>6043270 Icahn sells stake in Lyft to satan's son Soros

>>6043228 Anon Mil Ops PSA: Join our ranks!

>>6043518 New DJT 1 twat w/ CAP

>>6043556 New DJT 2 twat w/ CAP

>>6043570 Swalwell running for President, will center his campaign on gun control.

>>6043574 China providing services to woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago

>>6043603 Australia passes social media law penalising platforms for violent content

>>6043657 New DJT 3 twat w/ CAP

>>6043676 Texas State students are trying to ban Turning Point USA from campus

>>6043754 New DJT 4 twat w/ CAP

>>6043770 #7729


>>6042502, >>6042503 Resignations in the news today

>>6042446, >>6042522 article(s) about Tavistock, May & Merkel from brexit bread. Needs more sauce. good for diggin

>>6042567 Breaking 911 Philippines says large presence of Chinese vessels near Manila

>>6042629 Doug twat "replying to me" - means ID is 72240c

>>6042697 #7728

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a0fd20 () No. 6044620

0eedcd () No. 6044622

b8f60079218e51....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, vengeance.jpg) (h)

03b9b15c48390b....gif (286 KB, 255 x 136, 860 : 460, is.gif) (h)

8b48df20488a09....jpg (116 KB, 191 x 255, 750 : 1000, coming.jpg) (h)

932c20e1f91ea8....jpg (196 KB, 168 x 255, 658 : 996, agony.jpg) (h)

a13c67 () No. 6044627

5710c4298dea26....gif (461 KB, 255 x 193, 1200 : 907, POTUSsafe.gif) (h)



Baker requesting handoff

a0fd20 () No. 6044629


Maybe it's Jew pork from Poland

a4939f () No. 6044630

20204f2cfb037f....jpeg (124 KB, 255 x 158, 807 : 500, D676FCB5-EE8F-....jpeg) (h)

3d7992e7900ba6....jpeg (581 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, 1344D111-580F-....jpeg) (h)

faf72f0b41eeba....jpeg (542 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, 97EAB23F-88B0-....jpeg) (h)


There are countless attacks by the media in an orchestrated campaign. We are at war with the corrupt establishment, and they are fighting back with vengeance. There are millions spent shaping these narratives, much like Fusion GPS, ShareBlue and others. At least 20% of posts are not related to our research and are various forms of subversion or fake news narrative shaping.

The NOTABLES section will help you cut through the chaos and noise.

Notables aren‘t endorsements. Discern for yourself. This board is not much different from any comment section on a site, and yes they pay to “shape” opinion there too. The notion we can control anonymous posts is a huge leap.

If it’s HATE based, it’s FAKE / PAID

NOTHING Q has said supports these narratives. We reject any unlawful activity. Groups that fundraise off “hate” are the most likely culprits. Hate is an industry, much like the news media being more interested in ratings than journalism.

Think for yourself and discern posts in context of Q drops at QMAP.PUB and current events.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again




>>5966972 (Q, pb) rt >>5966583 (pb) rt >>5966470 (pb)

f19473 () No. 6044631

015193c14bcb76....png (628 KB, 160 x 255, 378 : 603, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Thank you baker

a0fd20 () No. 6044637

934ceaecade0c9....png (170 KB, 249 x 255, 500 : 512, EAE9C2A3-5CA0-....png) (h)

0eedcd () No. 6044638

4e17b5ac88de8f....jpg (1571 KB, 193 x 255, 1212 : 1600, inescapable.jpg) (h)


ur punishments have been wellearnd



a0fd20 () No. 6044644

bdcd1df627b01c....jpg (247 KB, 255 x 173, 1500 : 1018, IMG_6756.jpg) (h)

f19473 () No. 6044646



Yo eBot please have your handlers reprogram you not to shit the bread

122449 () No. 6044649

Three weeks ago with the vote re: border security and the national emergency, the corrupt in Congress once again sold out the American people.

I am a DACA and I have made a video exposing how broken/corrupt the immigration system is. In the video I also expose a sharia law Muslim group already well established in America. The video is 40 minutes long. The expose of the Sharia law Muslim group starts at 25:39.

If I fall, know that it has been an honor to serve with you Anons. I have given Q what they need for The Great Awakening.


I have made a Twitter account @FightForAmerica if you would like to share my video on social media. WWG1WGA

a0fd20 () No. 6044654

These spiteful closet homos are cowards and hostile hosts

d3ca01 () No. 6044656

2a9da7392be484....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 2a9da7392be484....jpg) (h)

19c3c1 () No. 6044665

20cbaa62d2c8b0....jpeg (281 KB, 255 x 101, 1357 : 538, F98306E0-0599-....jpeg) (h)

Not sure the AP realizes the humor in this headline.

’’’Stacey Abrams weighs presidential decision, defends Biden.’’’


a0fd20 () No. 6044666

0b8000175a3f11....jpg (309 KB, 255 x 173, 1500 : 1018, IMG_6750.jpg) (h)


With diesel it can declassified at fifty miles an hour

e95b11 () No. 6044667

83394f6ffedfb8....jpg (419 KB, 255 x 177, 1200 : 831, potus-brand.jpg) (h)

40712b7d5e8335....jpg (296 KB, 255 x 177, 890 : 618, TN-heros.jpg) (h)

Good morning shills

We are not tired of WINNING

0eedcd () No. 6044668

27333d0d90f368....jpg (26 KB, 181 x 255, 250 : 353, K.jpg) (h)

09e12c54e43126....jpg (57 KB, 211 x 255, 325 : 392, Y.jpg) (h)

01e1d703eb4d25....jpg (543 KB, 255 x 255, 1280 : 1280, S.jpg) (h)

46f0da9a7e70cd....jpg (101 KB, 211 x 255, 688 : 832, Faggot.jpg) (h)


I didnt fel like it

mebbe backer pissed me of

484687 () No. 6044669

3caac146d982f2....jpg (28 KB, 182 x 255, 240 : 337, 17325479.jpg) (h)

Thank You Baker

220120 () No. 6044670

9038a1255bf307....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 198, 650 : 505, shit sandwich 1.jpg) (h)

4b303c () No. 6044671

9fd4d5707094eb....png (668 KB, 71 x 255, 599 : 2149, mobile_twitter....png) (h)

69df69102e4f50....png (2252 KB, 33 x 255, 1366 : 10450, www_thetimes_c....png) (h)


a0fd20 () No. 6044672


Abusers trying to bromance

Is that Stockholm syndrome

Or Helsinki syndrome

220120 () No. 6044673

8e649ad4915dae....jpg (231 KB, 169 x 255, 997 : 1500, Kitchen help.jpg) (h)



3128bc () No. 6044674

5d04a0ef036d11....jpg (373 KB, 255 x 199, 1233 : 964, Q research gen....jpg) (h)

What do you think?

Do you think we have been busy???

This is only 1/100th of the shit…someone has been busy…

f937db () No. 6044675

If Q shows up after this long break and again tells us to "dig" on _____, then disappears again while anaons chase their asses for nothing - giving us hope until the next fake countdown, he can go fuck himself.

This is some ridiculous bullshit.


c98743 () No. 6044676

6dc33ef8ae080a....jpeg (1226 KB, 214 x 255, 1242 : 1483, A9FAAE5F-B70C-....jpeg) (h)

>>6044376 (lb)

>>6044449 (lb)

>Anon dig on Lion's air crash and parts manufacturing

Wencor Group CEO attended Harvard and Peking university



812b8b () No. 6044677

0e0f6dd020d214....jpg (544 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

ec9e0929f5f3bc....jpg (571 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

7478b08ac8406f....jpg (625 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

ad08c34d0fdd79....jpg (648 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

Burson-Marsteller and MANAFORT

this PR firm from CHANDLER dig is in almost EVERY country WW. They have direct ties to Clinton and a whole host of notable names we dig on….


a0fd20 () No. 6044678

6f93a5edb5261f....jpg (678 KB, 255 x 191, 1600 : 1200, IMG_6723.jpg) (h)

41b5e419371401....jpg (242 KB, 255 x 173, 1500 : 1018, IMG_6724.jpg) (h)

3b6a38df8e3e66....jpg (115 KB, 255 x 208, 1000 : 816, CE0D3C05-DCBE-....jpg) (h)

Shitty Jew psychophants are the new bacon

cab91c () No. 6044679

65c6cb9145e1ac....png (212 KB, 255 x 183, 750 : 538, 65c6cb9145e1ac....png) (h)

17703cd55d4579....gif (3059 KB, 255 x 219, 800 : 686, 17703cd55d4579....gif) (h)

e9e8f665f44c01....jpg (602 KB, 255 x 250, 1600 : 1570, Schiff RUSSIAN....jpg) (h)

>>6044618 pb

Keep telling yourself that.

2117b0 () No. 6044680


"But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars-they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfer. This is the second death."

Revelation 21:8

94a613 () No. 6044681



this place is the best, WE THE PEOPLE will WIN

a0fd20 () No. 6044682


Maybe it's your closet homo sodomy fantasy

b916f7 () No. 6044683


don't let the memes hit you on the butt as you exit quickly.

if you answer me I'll know you are not really leaving but are a shill.

bd4646 () No. 6044684


You know it's coming….I've given up most hope

that any of this real

484687 () No. 6044685

e53bab13767742....jpeg (344 KB, 255 x 162, 1440 : 912, 1551120038.jpeg) (h)

e95b11 () No. 6044686

87eb719115c136....jpg (801 KB, 255 x 255, 1440 : 1440, cortez-avocados.jpg) (h)

92e740 () No. 6044687

b9ddc9c719aa51....jpg (29 KB, 255 x 215, 400 : 338, 400px-Dark_Ene....jpg) (h)

>>6044661 lb

yeah, I'm only 13 but I know the Universe expanding in all directions is not cyclical. Thanks for proving my point.

btw- if 10 smart anons tell you that youre a retard, you might be a retard. Ask your Mom, she wont lie

dc3110 () No. 6044688

0d69fb8ffcdf79....png (28 KB, 255 x 92, 434 : 156, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

98429f5dc0431a....png (84 KB, 255 x 191, 653 : 490, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

>>6044625 (lb)

A child's defense to everything in life is cyclical is "your stupid". Thank you for wasting all of our time.

All cycles have distinct, often apparently 'opposite' phases. That does not make them separate things, nor apart for the totality of the CYCLE they define and adhere to.

Journey well.

f5bf09 () No. 6044689


Fast forward in time…


"40 years, two months, three weeks and six days ago, with the vote re: border security and the … I made a video exposing how…"

Fuck right off, shilltard.

a0fd20 () No. 6044690

801ee9e641bca3....jpg (167 KB, 255 x 217, 800 : 680, 751E2479-8CB8-....jpg) (h)

cb82de8d3d6111....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 191, 255 : 191, 1EF14050-4E93-....jpg) (h)

9fb45d7fee5b7c....png (392 KB, 255 x 242, 570 : 542, 73621057-C262-....png) (h)

Maybe it was Nintendo that played (you)

b6036d () No. 6044691

kek f937db

Even ebot ripped on it

587da1 () No. 6044692


There's a reason he had to go down first. He's a hub.

What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS' campaign?

Why did the news cycle drop this investigation?

Think several.

What if those 'placed' are being investigated by BM?

Plants need water.

What if others 'placed' connect to….(future)

What if Nellie Ohr prev worked on the FARM?

The START (public justification to proceed (clean)).


89bb22 () No. 6044693

So are waiting for the FISA declas or the OIG report next? Any days we are roughly counting down to?

b916f7 () No. 6044694


how could that really be possible?

if you are 13 you shouldn't be here

5a7138 () No. 6044695

Syrian man caught at southern border illegally sneaking into US


U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended a Syrian native attempting to illegally enter the country from Mexico last week.

The 46-year-old Syrian man had snuck onto a train car before he was detected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities in Calexico, Calif., on Friday, according to a CBP statement.

The train crossed the border in the early morning hours when the port’s imaging technology noticed something unusual in one of the cars. Upon further investigation, officers found the Syrian man hidden inside the railcar’s small external compartment.

“This apprehension highlights the fact that none of our inspections are routine, especially when people purposely attempt to avoid the process,” Calexico Area Port Director David Salazar said in the statement. “CBP puts a lot of effort in identifying, vetting and prosecuting people who just don’t want to abide by the legal process of entering our country.”

Officers detained the man for an interview and collection of fingerprints. They later discovered he had no documents permitting his U.S. entry, and was instead a Syrian citizen.

Officers then charged the man with illegal entry and placed an immigration hold on him to pursue deportation after criminal prosecution has concluded.

“CBP officers at the Calexico port of entry have apprehended 12 percent more illegal aliens in fiscal year 2019 compared to the same timeframe in fiscal year 2018 attempting to enter the country hidden in trains; many come from the Northern Triangle region of South America with varied criminal backgrounds such as burglary, battery, and drug charges,” the CBP statement said.

The Department of Homeland Security has estimated that approximately one million illegal immigrants will be apprehended by border patrol agents by the end of the year in what is a growing migration crisis in the U.S.

“In February, we saw a 30-percent jump over the previous month, with agents apprehending or encountering nearly 75,000 aliens,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said last month. “This is an 80-percent increase over the same time last year. And I can report today that CBP is forecasting the problem will get even worse this spring as the weather warms up.”

Nielsen and President Donald Trump have been in frequent communication as Trump considers closing the southern border to address the immigration crisis.

During a briefing call with the President, a DHS official said, “The system is on wire … We now face what we call a systemwide meltdown.”


DHS has already had to reallocate border patrol agents from ports of entry to working on asylum applications. The move has created significant delays at ports of entry and is expected to have a continued impact on those crossing through.

469198 () No. 6044696

08a611aff61b77....jpg (155 KB, 255 x 191, 1500 : 1125, JesusKing.jpg) (h)

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 96:

Praise to God Who Comes in Judgment

96 O sing to the Lord a new song;

sing to the Lord, all the earth!

2 Sing to the Lord, bless his name;

tell of his salvation from day to day.

3 Declare his glory among the nations,

his marvelous works among all the peoples!

4 For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised;

he is to be feared above all gods.

5 For all the gods of the peoples are idols;

but the Lord made the heavens.

6 Honor and majesty are before him;

strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

7 Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples,

ascribe to the Lord glory and strength!

8 Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;

bring an offering, and come into his courts!

9 Worship the Lord in holy array;

tremble before him, all the earth!

10 Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns!

Yea, the world is established, it shall never be moved;

he will judge the peoples with equity.”

11 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice;

let the sea roar, and all that fills it;

12 let the field exult, and everything in it!

Then shall all the trees of the wood sing for joy

13 before the Lord, for he comes,

for he comes to judge the earth.

He will judge the world with righteousness,

and the peoples with his truth.

f937db () No. 6044697




"anons" too stupid to cut losses.

love it.


122449 () No. 6044698


Mad the people of America might learn the truth about their immigration system? (YOU)'re glowing.

a6bc50 () No. 6044699


LG senate judiciary hearing is pretty interesting and live. Dems R FUCKD

a0fd20 () No. 6044700


This trannywhoreing dyke is suppose to make cocaine whoreing great again .

2ad106 () No. 6044701


CNN intertwines itself with multiple governments around the world, most notably Turkey and the Philippines.



Not surprised to find a Qatari agent working for them.

bb7545 () No. 6044702


Not a lot of time for board these days but recall that Bohai Harvest RST-Biden & Kerry kid's hybrid co with China deals also in what are called dual-use parts (auto and air) domestic imports from you-know-where and also have invested in aviation co's within the US. If you are digging, this may be a keyword thread to pull.

f5bf09 () No. 6044703


"Stacey Abrams Tips the Scales in Biden's Favor"

a0fd20 () No. 6044705


Dannalingus is after your cornhole BO

Use the peanut butter brand hobbit

a38dc6 () No. 6044706

67ecaf4185e4b2....jpg (30 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, kekfu.jpg) (h)

The American Dream is dead and it's because all you bleeding heart liberals in disguise allowed the kikes to infiltrate America and sell us out, while keeping all of us locked in the same kiked up system.

c285fa () No. 6044707

0999034cecea7b....jpeg (123 KB, 255 x 195, 813 : 622, DD504B9C-13D7-....jpeg) (h)

9908c6 () No. 6044708

56390eb379c606....png (1110 KB, 255 x 173, 871 : 590, dex17.png) (h)

2117b0 () No. 6044709


does not sound 13

812b8b () No. 6044710

de0ce3fe150492....jpg (555 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

713be22f5b8816....jpg (359 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

a5329c8607e565....jpg (470 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

447ee89eb333b6....jpg (510 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

5d1c8bac11b088....jpg (482 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

OBAMA CLINTON and Burson-Marsteller


bd4646 () No. 6044711


5 years

b916f7 () No. 6044712


who is the one that said he was leaving but is still here?

what have I lost?

f937db () No. 6044713



When you can't admit the truth and keep following.

…that's what liberals do.


a0fd20 () No. 6044714


Be brave danielfaggot , it's walrus josh anal sphincter , Larp it heavily with your falceto toungue

ae25ea () No. 6044715

'cados, a legit smoke-screen by Dems founded [shockingly] in the Clinton era

this whole 'cado doomsday nonsense was covered on Adam Ruins Everything, and whatever your feelings re: him or the show, it's informative but this specific issue and the lengths people on the left will go to normalize cross-national crime

f937db () No. 6044716


Comprehension skills are required when reading my posts. Read it again.

ac8274 () No. 6044717

432cd9b6b59d39....png (474 KB, 255 x 198, 627 : 486, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


a9bf24 () No. 6044718

0314a77cb16c98....png (1014 KB, 255 x 154, 1440 : 868, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

c66d3baffcfa12....jpg (217 KB, 255 x 231, 822 : 745, 53996c0ca06d77....jpg) (h)

baker love!

>no homo

a0fd20 () No. 6044719

8d03ebb536171c....png (5 KB, 255 x 18, 632 : 44, 27841227-D011-....png) (h)


90k sealed

And your closet faggot is still in a delusion

Tell us more of the betrayer

ac8274 () No. 6044721

a03ba960cb7a20....png (35 KB, 255 x 129, 627 : 318, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


a0fd20 () No. 6044722


Did He betray your cornhole

5a7138 () No. 6044723

bc67ad0457e37a....png (783 KB, 255 x 140, 945 : 520, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

The Border Is a Hot Mess. What’s Trump to Do? Here Are His Options.

Apr 4th, 2019 3 min read


James Jay Carafano


Vice President, Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute

James Jay Carafano is a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges.


Put yourself in the president’s shoes. He saw the border crisis building. He warned Congress. They did nothing. Now he has to do something.

Months ago, the administration alerted lawmakers that the number of people entering the country illegally and making unqualified asylum claims was skyrocketing. The only options were to stop them from crossing or let them in and release them while their bogus claims were being processed. The latter option, Congress was warned, could add another one million to the illegal population before the year was out.

It was, by any reasonable definition, a crisis.

Get exclusive insider information from Heritage experts delivered straight to your inbox each week. Subscribe to The Agenda >>

The White House asked for resources to address it, but Congress didn’t deliver. This led to a government shutdown. Still, lawmakers refused to negotiate, insisting there was no crisis.

That assertion is no longer tenable. This week, even Obama’s former secretary of homeland security, Jeh Johnson, acknowledged “it’s a crisis.”

Leaders on both sides of the aisle should be in the Oval Office, working into the night until they hammer out a solution. That is not happening. Instead, the House leadership is considering a vote to criticize the administration.

With Congress whistling past the graveyard, what is the president to do? He must look for ways to address the overwhelming challenge with the tools at his disposal. He is already trying to build the wall, despite congressional obstructionism. But what else is possible, and how effective would those measures be?

Trump has floated four options.

Close the border. It would be a dramatic action, but it would not stop the flood of illegal immigrants. They aren’t crossing at the border crossings. And even if the border is officially closed, once they enter the country, their asylum claims will have to be processed all the same.

On the other hand, the threat to close the border sends an unmistakable message to Mexico. Sure, it would be economically disruptive, but so is another one million illegal immigrants. While closing the border would hurt the U.S. economically, it would hurt Mexico a lot more. The closure threat clearly translates in Mexico City as “do more.”

Trump has gotten Mexico to step up its cooperation in the past, and that may be part of the impetus for talking up closure now. Without knowing exactly what the administration would do and for how long, it might be best to reserve judgment. Everyone, including the president, knows that closing the border is not the final answer. For now, let’s just let the president play poker with Mexico.

f937db () No. 6044724


Show me those official documents.

Or are you going to show a screenshot of a spreadsheet?

5a7138 () No. 6044725


Cut aid to Central America. As my colleague Ana Quintana wrote, “Foreign aid should never amount to philanthropic handouts or aimless feel-good programs.” Washington shouldn’t be funding anything that’s not working.

Some experts claim that cutting aid would cut the programs that help stem illegal immigration. Well, if that’s their purpose, these programs are clearly failing. The number of people coming out of Central America is growing not shrinking.

That said, it does not appear that the administration has made a final decision on what it will do. Here is the best advice. We must improve cooperation with our Central American partners. And we must make sure that 1) all foreign assistance is strategically allocated to support U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives and 2) it is efficacious. Foreign assistance programs that are not working should be cut. And if new programs are needed, we should start them.

Appoint a Border Czar. Normally, I don’t like czars. Barack Obama appointed a border czar (Alan Bersin), and it solved nothing. For this administration, however, it might make sense. The next two years in Washington are shaping up to be a continuous running battle between the president and his congressional opposition. Having a general to manage the political fight while government officials focus on the day job of securing the border and enforcing the law might just work.

Enforce the Law. White House officials have hinted that they are getting ready to unleash a raft of measures to go after illegal immigrants. Without knowing what they are, it is hard to say if they are the right ones. In principle, however, this makes perfect sense.

The administration ought to be doing everything possible to lawfully reduce the illegal population. Further, enforcement with teeth adds to the effective deterrent against future illegal immigration.

Let’s face it, our southern border is a hot mess. At least the administration is trying to do something about. The alternative is amnesty and open borders. The better option is to keep doing what can be done until Congress comes to it senses and properly funds the border security, closes the loopholes in the immigration system, and supports the administration in enforcing the law.

9c54b0 () No. 6044726

e7ab3c19947deb....mp4 (1301 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, KHUsi-BtVEY-DJ....mp4) (h)


Sen. Lindsey Graham on the Chinese national arrested at Mar-a-lago: "I'm worried about not just the president, but all of us. You know, they had a they had a Chinese person working in Dianne Feinstein's office that was connected to the Chinese government."

a0fd20 () No. 6044727


Did he blame Russians for betraying your cornhole

59337c () No. 6044728


Why do they always have weird feet?

Anons have ruined everything for me, forever

cab91c () No. 6044729

POTUS is going to the border tomorrow.

Borders being closed may be key ( part of the final parts for setting the stage).

Stopping the cabal from escaping from Justice may be one reason.

8b99ee () No. 6044730

d32b7ffc1043d8....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 144, 1041 : 588, Chemtrail.jpg) (h)

The sky is falling could refer to the breakdown of the matrix.

I'm sure by now we've all seen the pictures and videos of the black chemtrails. When they first started appearing, there was a lot of chatter about black chemicals. Then people started speculating that the black streak was a shadow. When I myself saw one, it looked like a shadow from the chemtrail. The plane/chemtrails moved at the exact same rate as the black streak.

But, in this video, Naughty Beaver and Leak Project capture the black streak that gets ahead of the chemtrail plane. They speculate the black streak is the breakdown of the matrix simulation we call reality and the government knows in advance where the breakdown will occur so the planes can arrive on schedule.

Here's Naughty's video, starting at the 1:00 min mark. Pic from video.


b916f7 () No. 6044731


still is just meaningless 'finger in your eye' quality shilling.

please translate.

my reading comprehension level is very high however,

my bullshit comprehension?

I can't fathom why you shills bother here except you are paid to.

5fd0a6 () No. 6044732

b6ac971d01c0e2....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 250, 509 : 499, ebot2hj6sr.jpg) (h)


You're talking to ebot you fucking retarded newfag.

Go hall monitor somewhere else.

1a87d0 () No. 6044733

Grudgingly I have to admit that Ebot is starting to make me laugh

a0fd20 () No. 6044734


Maybe the old man watched your cornhole betrayal

3128bc () No. 6044735

e3775b45c07723....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 234, 617 : 565, DJTjr vs Biden....jpg) (h)

205e9fb767e767....mp4 (729 KB, 204 x 255, 480 : 600, DJTjr vs Biden....mp4) (h)

Donald Trump Jr. ridiculed Joe Biden’s mea culpa video — by sharing a meme in which the presumptive presidential candidate creepily touches himself.

The president’s eldest son retweeted a doctored video featuring a now-viral photo of Biden with both hands on the shoulders of a woman and whispering something in her ear in a 2015 encounter.

The meme shows Biden awkwardly grabbing his own shoulders as he explains his physical contact with others.

a0fd20 () No. 6044736


Maybe sextoy shows off its meme software

f937db () No. 6044737



when "newfags" get to you. lol

ac8274 () No. 6044738

4a7249987fa1f5....png (21 KB, 255 x 83, 632 : 206, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

This will never happen.

dc3110 () No. 6044739

2fcc2d5beef8e1....png (114 KB, 255 x 234, 649 : 595, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

dd7812430a8f39....png (66 KB, 255 x 153, 648 : 389, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

8aad95f3e1f8b1....png (111 KB, 255 x 245, 653 : 627, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

939848cb3e0994....png (124 KB, 255 x 226, 650 : 576, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

40bb514b8cfe98....png (152 KB, 246 x 255, 652 : 675, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

>>6044687 (lb)

Do lungs expand in all directions, cyclically, in each breath? Indeed.

Why would it be any different for the being in which WE reside?

The life is within the life. All bodies are worlds, and all worlds are bodies. All is reflective without and within, this is WHY.

bd4646 () No. 6044740


Too bad that means they are pussies and liars

for letting this shit go on for over 2 years

7b9859 () No. 6044741


those are the vapor trails from the big jewish flat earth ai 5G cancer gun …

1412d1 () No. 6044742

Got a federal jury questionnaire in the mail. Hoping to be selected to sit on a case w all these sealed indictments! That would be pretty cool.

812b8b () No. 6044743

acb0fa424d590f....jpg (625 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

17c2e2937050ca....jpg (591 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

35c8d4046ef808....jpg (666 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

6f226d419590ac....jpg (619 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

b6e421ca5ecb54....jpg (679 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


dc3110 () No. 6044744

ba958b3a1eaf8a....png (131 KB, 255 x 210, 651 : 537, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

e1a0f24d89c35c....png (56 KB, 255 x 139, 651 : 355, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

78d1647f92e6d6....jpg (369 KB, 231 x 255, 571 : 631, flower.jpg) (h)

d066d0 () No. 6044745

pelosi live

94a613 () No. 6044746


DEFINITELY have theorized this before!

f937db () No. 6044747


..even though nobody has seen him and nothing he said has come to pass.


7b9859 () No. 6044748


you dont think the BOOMS and zero deltas help the raped dead children rest easy in their tiny graves? surely you must be a shill

92e740 () No. 6044749

a7374d8d1f681b....png (550 KB, 255 x 227, 648 : 576, a7374d8d1f681b....png) (h)

2158bda2689915....gif (454 KB, 255 x 193, 1200 : 907, 911.gif) (h)


still doing the 9 / 11 split

old pic has 9 uniforms left, 11 unoforms right

todays pic has 9 people left, 11 people right

5c6f02 () No. 6044750

S. Howe, A. Lee, S. Hunter, L. West, R. California, T. Turner & S. Copeland - LIVE

59337c () No. 6044751

b6036d () No. 6044752


and stopping an armed ground invasion

889f0c () No. 6044753

d43266b3cc12e2....png (68 KB, 255 x 139, 569 : 311, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



3e963e () No. 6044754


If you are feeling the impatience, mark September 15 on your calendar and take a long break from the board.

There is a huge possibility the various legal processes will plod through the summer before a single indictment is unsealed.

f937db () No. 6044755


The "booms" and zero deltas also make me feel SO much better about the seditious muslim infiltration into the US House.

653e0b () No. 6044756

>>6043228 (PB)

>candidates must already be part of a special operations forces group

And that disqualifies pretty much everyone here. To the best of my knowledge, I am not part of any group meeting that description. Few of us are.

>>6043212 (PB)

Aquino will find himself opposed … and not just by the biblefags, but also by those with intimate knowledge of the craft … and of him.

>>6043676 (PB)

They used THEIR free speech to lie about TPUSA and to create a "hostile work and learning environment" for them. The real problem is that their claims of intellectual supremacy don't stand up to scrutiny, so they are attempting to get the university to use it's power against TPUSA so they never have to face that defeat. In r/K psychology, they are r's. They claim a superiority they cannot defend and fight by pitting two groups they fear (TPUSA and the University administration) against each other. This IS how the left fights. You'll see the same techniques, writ larger, in all levels of government. Why do you think the Dems denied much needed aid to the red states this week? PR has already received – and squandered – an immense sum of money intended to rebuild the island while there has been NO money appropriated for the MASSIVE Midwest flooding yet and congress has been blocking funds already allocated to NC and TX (red states).

>>6043864 (PB)

Yep. That's exactly what is happening. And we have traitors in high places who would invite invaders to fight us because they think they will rule whoever wins.

2117b0 () No. 6044757


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy…kek.

e95b11 () No. 6044758

dd25943795fa23....jpg (162 KB, 173 x 255, 576 : 848, precog-clinton2.jpg) (h)

fa83ce () No. 6044759

Does any one have a list on every attemt fail the democrats has on Trump?

39a139 () No. 6044760

72a8001d2bb6a1....png (637 KB, 255 x 143, 951 : 535, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1,000 years anons. Look at pic related. Look at the year. What does the I stand for?


This is not the year one thousand five-hundred ninety-five. The I stands for Jesus. This date is the year of our lord, Jesus, 595. Yet history or the current pushed version of history calls this year 1595. Somebody has slipped in 1,000 extra years folks. WAKE UP!!!!


d413f1 () No. 6044761

9edfb89243f283....jpg (80 KB, 255 x 211, 720 : 596, D3MXLpoW0AAZQrE.jpg) (h)

Schiff knew.

Comey knew.

Obama knew.

Susan Rice knew.

Biden knew.

Brennan knew.

Clapper knew.

Peter Strzok knew.

Lisa Page knew.

Andrew McCabe knew. They all knew there was no evidence of @RealDonaldTrump Russia collusion. https://youtu.be/Tea3dx7Tcxk

@Tom Fitton


7b9859 () No. 6044762



dont forget to go vote R

watch Hannity


812b8b () No. 6044763

2a40f887a8f2ad....jpg (681 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

2c964d55510fe4....jpg (719 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

14a7a5b0edfe5a....jpg (716 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

2f4194d1ee594e....jpg (484 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


18f4eb () No. 6044764



c98743 () No. 6044765

b3a89340bf5fba....png (2496 KB, 118 x 255, 1125 : 2436, F70B3229-FDC8-....png) (h)


Many thanks anon will report back with a status report also join venture in Shenzhen in 2008

Remember the Shenzhen photo?

f937db () No. 6044766


"Ray Chandler..DIG ANONS …DIG"

"yes boss"

b6036d () No. 6044767

a53dc21b81cd3a....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 170, 495 : 330, 267a95e3e02187....jpg) (h)

cb44cf () No. 6044768


That's a shadow.

1bcb44 () No. 6044769

911c7900e2ca60....png (97 KB, 255 x 200, 256 : 201, 2019-01-03_01-....png) (h)

28b51f () No. 6044770


and then you gave the pos a (You)

Ignore the bitch and he'll go away.

a9bf24 () No. 6044771


maybe normal feet girls have to much self respect

212063 () No. 6044772

2ed504f580d381....png (316 KB, 255 x 155, 1016 : 617, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0c8a7f776101f1....png (611 KB, 255 x 137, 1527 : 820, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


#1 Marillyn Hewson

Chairman, President, and CEO, Lockheed Martin, 64

Nothing says power like rockets and ramparts. Hewson has become the top purveyor of U.S. defense at a time when geopolitical threats (and the government funding that goes along with them) abound—not just on earth, but also in space and cyberspace. As head of the country’s largest government contractor, Hewson rises to No. 1 this year, having positioned Lockheed Martin in the sweet spot to cater to the modern military’s needs—from its humming F-35 fighter jet program to its ability to equip the White House’s proposed “Space Force.” Lockheed is also leading the charge to develop hypersonic weapons, which travel five times as fast as the speed of sound. Such new tech has become a U.S. national security priority given advances in Russia and China, helping Lockheed win about $1 billion in contracts so far in 2018. That’s been a tailwind for the stock, with returns up 15% year over year, boosting Lockheed’s market value to nearly $100 billion.

bd4646 () No. 6044773

d0d63b2f78f116....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 210, 512 : 422, pepewtf.jpg) (h)


Why is the media just talking about the women

he groped?

Why aren't they showing him touching all those

little girls and whispering creepy shit to them?

b916f7 () No. 6044774


the dot is the eqiv of a comma.

th year is as shown

6f2535 () No. 6044775


Ha ha ha ha ha….There it is…

Who wants to bet the Mar a Lago chick was a set up by the good guys?

484687 () No. 6044776

f094d09be22cea....jpeg (328 KB, 255 x 162, 1440 : 912, 1547662771.jpeg) (h)

fa83ce () No. 6044777

b30735 () No. 6044778

2384a1cd93bfe0....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 142, 750 : 419, tivedar-soros.jpg) (h)

666 is the number of a man and it is the number of his name.

In Hebrew all numbers are written out in words.

Any Hebrew letters which can add up to 666 and spell a valid name should be considered. How Hebrew letter math is calculated from John's point of view should also be considered.

In Hebrew most vowels are implied, consanants form the majority of the letters. Because of this there are additional potentials which should approximate Hebrew vowel pronunciation for the name to be resolved.

Assuming the name is not necessarily a Hebrew one we must use transliteration in order to include non-Hebrew potentials. Transliteration is a phonetic representation.

Additional variables to help narrow the choices will be the symbolic characteristics surrounding the Beast. For instance, worshipping the image of the Beast. This symbolic idea is carried out in all League of the Just systems as a God replacement tool where a human leaders image is identified as being the only praise worthy religeous figure.

Note: I have only considered English potentials.

ס ת ר ו

o r t s


From the letters above, with implied vowels added:


This is the last name of Barak Obama from his time in Indonesia as a young man.

Barry SoeToRo

Barak Obama is my primary candidate for the Beast of the UN. Additional criteria considered were his rumored attempt to become the leader of the UN.

UN Symbology:

Revelation 13:1

I saw a beast rising up out of the sea

The Beast is a political system. "Rising up out of the sea" implies a deriving of power from the sea, or a controlling of the sea. A lot of trade between countries today is carried out on the sea, any organization which becomes a regulator or an authority over trade between countries and is capable of enforcing those regulations is a candidate. The UN is the leading, if only candidate, in my opinion, for this role.

Land Based beast:

Revelation 13:11

I saw another beast coming up out of the earth

The symbology is a secondary supportive political system. This political system, land based, which derives its power through or along side of the UN, helping to enforce the UN's policies. Candidates for this role, are the EU and Ukraine, being land based political systems. They shouldalso have an effective military in order to be able to support the UN's agenda.

I have chosen Ukraine because it is the political stomping ground of George Soros and family and another name, which I have recently considered in the 666 code, is Soros, though I don't have a plausable reason for representing the S at the end of the name.

From the letters, with implied vowels added:

T. Soro

Tivedar Soro(s)

This is the name of George Soros' Father, deceased, and is also the name of his son.

I am unaware of Tivedar Soros's political aspirations but I assume he will continue his fathers work in promoting Ukraine.

There are two beasts and two leaders, one sea and one land. Both leaders names will be encoded as 666.

The Dragon gives its power to the 3 animals, the 3 animals give their power, to the leader/head (UN Leader). The UN is mortally wounded. How do you mortally wound the UN? Kick it out of the US. Without US funding and without a home it will be mortally wounded.

9b0889 () No. 6044779

4755378c81a8f3....png (565 KB, 255 x 239, 1332 : 1250, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Don lemon said this.

I absolutely can not stand when leftards say this shit. "Obama isn't president anymore, it doesn't matter." "Hillary isn't running for president anymore, let it go."

3e963e () No. 6044780


Yeah because the "cabal" surely plans to drive to Tijuana if the heat closes in.


c12613 () No. 6044781


saving that for later.

7b9859 () No. 6044782



cb44cf () No. 6044783

8523cfc5c0dc5e....jpg (48 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 667, 72770ef33dbd40....jpg) (h)


Getting closer.

147e71 () No. 6044784

So Afraid of the Russians-Made For TV

220120 () No. 6044785

57162ed4e2c318....jpg (63 KB, 255 x 191, 666 : 500, blackstone buy.jpg) (h)

38af38a78e2cb1....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 191, 666 : 500, blackstone comp.jpg) (h)

Blackstone CEO Schwarzman pockets at least $568 million in 2018.


Blackstone raises $22 billion fund, its largest ever


Recent buy sauce


a13c67 () No. 6044786


copy that anon.

28b51f () No. 6044787



She came out with him and he lost the little credibility he had.

With BOTH lost !

They're to stupid to realize it!

But breaking with tradition, The Dems know.

7b9859 () No. 6044788


how many kids died while anons spent the week on "doug" kek

0d1423 () No. 6044789

ef9e8340b937dc....jpeg (123 KB, 158 x 255, 431 : 696, 56157B82-A9A8-....jpeg) (h)

So Qew, let’s be honest here, here’s how i know yer a fake:

You simply will not address the incontrovertile FACT that the number one hostile intelligence operation targeting the USA is and always has been (well, since the early 60’s anyway) the state of Israhell.

Israhell, committed many publicized violent attacks (liberty, 9-11, etc) and even more not so public attacks. As a commissioned officer, I for example am certain without a shadow of doubt that Israeli agents in Iraq murderd over 100 US servicemen in sniper attacks and likely assisted in many IED tactics/refinements. Not to mention their insertion of certain toys into several US cities…

anons, You need to understand a concept, foreign to most of you. And that concept revolves around intelligence. I only need 3 degrees of arc to determine a circle. Most of you need at least 45…

Trumps entire cabinet are zionist neo cunts

Trump has been photographed with epstein (seeing that broke my heart). Epstein was first and foremost a MOS agent. His raison de etrè was collecting blackmail leverage on US politicians. The only reason any male would associate with him is access to sweet teenage pussy. (very few men can resist that when its offered).

So Trump is surrounded dual kikes, all of Trumps actions thus far only benefit 1 group, search your feelings Luke, you know it’s true.

Qew is a joo psyop my friends.

wake up.

197056 () No. 6044790


Anyone else think Manafort is in "solitary" because he's actually not in the US?

A lot of anons think he was planted in the Trump campaign (as do I) to prove "collusion." So they wouldn't really jail their own, right?

He's probably in NZ on a beach somewhere.

39a139 () No. 6044791

4c7d32d49c0d21....png (730 KB, 255 x 143, 951 : 535, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9d9acc21353dd2....png (461 KB, 255 x 143, 951 : 535, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

becbcc10a0537d....png (238 KB, 255 x 143, 951 : 535, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5fd0a6 () No. 6044793

3a1bcb2b75fe07....png (671 KB, 255 x 138, 1006 : 545, egkvaxploXwf1q....png) (h)


Good thing you do this^^^^^, because anons wouldn't know what post you're referring to. You smart shills are the best.

47ae63 () No. 6044794


MC, Gorka ,Don Jr , JOOs

You're Watching A Movie

Trust The Plan

Enjoy The Show

59337c () No. 6044795


I think Ima just start posting this video over and over every time anyone, shill or otherwise, starts complaining about the way things are going.

This is what Q team is doing, literally. They are literally going to do as little as possible, as infrequently as possible, while revealing as little as possible, for no longer than is necessary. The second they feel like they're in a good spot, they're going to bounce, no goodbye. If any of you are the types that get weird if you don't get closure, you might wanna bounce now.

Their point is course-correcting the ship of America, not satisfying any particular anon's thirst for vengeance or personal vision of justice.

It is what it is.

9ed31f () No. 6044796

I can actually "hear" (((them))) actually trying to use the excuse while pleading and begging for a deal… "well… everyone ate human flesh"…


"Mark of the Beast" … (((They))) took the bite of the apple that has no cure. One can not be fooled into it… KNOWINGLY

f937db () No. 6044797


Q's [-21 days] ruse was to "expend ammunition".

Wow it worked!!! He sure showed them!

bd4646 () No. 6044798


Don't forget about the Chinese spy employed by Feinstein or the Awan brothers

I guess the public just isn't ready for that!


830d38 () No. 6044799

089d3ef47b6c64....png (31 KB, 255 x 64, 356 : 90, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f386c817ac05a9....png (628 KB, 255 x 103, 1375 : 557, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

44bf9e4b0a3fae....png (150 KB, 255 x 77, 1019 : 307, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

c027a4e5d05e76....png (828 KB, 255 x 208, 1373 : 1121, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6044090 PB previous notable re Qatar

02ab34 () No. 6044800

a3c79710884623....png (436 KB, 206 x 255, 540 : 667, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

484687 () No. 6044801

41d23891a1655c....jpeg (123 KB, 255 x 235, 1080 : 996, 1554327430.jpeg) (h)

7dc56a () No. 6044802

c06bb6ed23dbf8....jpg (868 KB, 152 x 255, 1440 : 2419, 1554390494333.jpg) (h)

General Motors CEO Mary Barra spouting on POTUS closing the border. Fear fear fear.


f937db () No. 6044803


Don't forget about the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers and no-show Huber.

All disappeared.

2117b0 () No. 6044804


There have been so many…was it taxes or women first? They are just proving to the whole world what a great guy he really is…nothing sticks…kek.

28b51f () No. 6044805


Why don't you leave and go count them.

If not, quit pissing in you bowl of dead Wheaties.

If ya can't do that, go get a new pussy hat for your rally tonight!

b76c7e () No. 6044806

fb27eb7f338754....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 202, 679 : 537, Q.jpg) (h)


b916f7 () No. 6044807


no, shills spent a week on Doug

playing out their sex fantasys about the antiQ

02ab34 () No. 6044808

1962ccf3d43d9d....png (1710 KB, 241 x 255, 1844 : 1954, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

783541 () No. 6044809


>Stopping the cabal from escaping from Justice

They'd flee to Israel.

7b9859 () No. 6044810


the ONLY solace in all this is that (((they))) are out of moves… they are now going after his entire financial history… if POTUS has ANYTHING to stop them.. we will see it soon… and if they get away with it .. that can ONLY mean that he had no way to stop them… shows over soon .. one way or the other.

197056 () No. 6044811


Carpe Donktum is 100% anti-Q

e95b11 () No. 6044812

644b7eb2e8c562....jpg (105 KB, 141 x 255, 362 : 654, punisher-patri....jpg) (h)


Bring the Pain, Patriots are ready.

I feel like Jonah wishing for God to rain down fury on the Ninevites.

f937db () No. 6044813


At least pussy-hatters are out for a cause. Anons just sit behind keyboards with momentary breaks to jackoff.

6f2535 () No. 6044814


Nah, but just think of the shame and ruination of reputations that will be had. To me that's better than some half assed apology.

b6cede () No. 6044815

Maybe a raid on their plant will produce illegals… JMHO


2117b0 () No. 6044816

220120 () No. 6044817

37717d98c6ca84....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 255, 700 : 700, POTUS and Jeff....jpg) (h)

1f5cf0 () No. 6044818

whaddya think?

#BarrConspiracy - should we help the lemmings push Nads & #IStandInSchiff over the cliff?

197056 () No. 6044819

4fbf6b52781ad3....png (953 KB, 208 x 255, 894 : 1094, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

ea8815b53768dd....png (688 KB, 154 x 255, 660 : 1094, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

5af8870bcd7945....png (661 KB, 153 x 255, 654 : 1092, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

d5ba2f5629f395....png (610 KB, 153 x 255, 656 : 1094, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


Not my list, but stolen from an anon….

84c470 () No. 6044820


i can do one to relieve current baker but

i would have to leave handoff at the dough as pretty much ghost, best case check back before leaving for work and maybe quick bak another sans notables

current baker not sure of your situation

if you gotta go i can cover this bread

5c6f02 () No. 6044821

1ff9d14aad4155....png (478 KB, 255 x 127, 597 : 298, Capture.png) (h)


We know you prefer Hillary.. not to worry you might get a chance to vote for her again in 2020

'Clinton death list': 33 spine-tingling cases

Bill and Hillary's 'friends' fall off buildings, crash planes, die in freak accidents

How about in plane crashes or car wrecks?

Bizarre suicides?

People beaten to death or murdered in a hail of bullets?

And what about violent freak accidents – like separate mountain biking and skiing collisions in Aspen, Colorado? Or barbells crushing a person’s throat?

Bill and Hillary Clinton attend a funeral


197056 () No. 6044822


She's a C_A clown.

df992a () No. 6044823


fomenko believer?

it's such a fascinating idea

84c470 () No. 6044824


will preheat ovens in assumption of acceptance

b6cede () No. 6044825


One with him grabbing the breasts like he did with that one lady?

f5bf09 () No. 6044826

The Basics of Effective Red Pilling

• Know your biggest competitors:

Apathy (some people genuinely don’t give a shit about politics or even good vs. evil)

Lazy Thinking (Nietzsche was right when he said that "most people go through life trying to avoid any real thoughts")

Short Attention Spans (Learn to ask great opening questions that ENGAGE the other person. For example: "I've been learning of late some rather interesting, but confusing, things about our President. Would you be kind enough to have a look at this with me and give me your perspective?")

Cognitive Dissonance [It's important for you to understand that every living American has been brainwashed–completely–by Project Mockingbird. Every single thing we've ever seen on TV, heard on the radio or read in a newspaper has been a well-scripted lie. When people are faced with evidence (like buildings collapsing in perfect free-fall) that is counter-intuitive to our values and beliefs, we naturally reject them to protect our tenuous view of reality. It took me YEARS to accept the truth of 9/11 due to my military training and a lifetime of believing I was a patriot acting in the best interest of a good gubbermint. Factor in that 9/11 is only one piece of a much larger "jigsaw puzzle" and you will begin gaining empathy for the enormous "wakening" that Normies will soon be facing. It won't be easy for them, so be gentle and patient.]

• Learn how to "play dumb"

• Open the conversation by sincerely complimenting the other person (example: "Joe, you've forgotten more about the Middle East that I'll ever know. I'm really confused about Putin's stance on Syria and why Trump is not getting involved. What are your thoughts on this tricky situation?")

• Ask open-ended questions (they typically start with who, what and how)

• Let the other person be the expert

• Find a topic about which they're already skeptical, then tie that issue to something that's of interest today

• When you sense that they're starting to push back, quickly change the subject back to small talk and wait for a better time

• Embrace the concept that Red Pilling is a process and NOT and event

• No one will have an "Aha!" moment; it's a slow realization that EVERYTHING THEY'VE EVER LEARNED OR BELIEVED IS A LIE

• Someone famous and wise (I think Mark Twain) once said, "It's easier to fool someone than it is to get them to admit they've been fooled." If you agree with this, as do I, then it's easier to accept the fact that when someone starts waking up, they will do it in solace, and NOT in the presence of another person. Plant the seeds and let them walk away to nurture them on their own.

• Another Anon suggested that, "Everyone is Red Pilled at least a wee bit about SOMETHING; vaccines, GMO's, lobbyists, insider trading, Building 7, etc.). Find their one area of skepticism first, then slowly work your way out."

I hope these thoughts help some of you salvage relationships with those near and dear to you. In closing, know this: The people closest to us are the last ones WE will be able to Red Pill. We tend to fall into old habits and roles with them (and vice versa), so plant the seeds and let other people take credit for your family and friends waking up.

830d38 () No. 6044827

Qatar: A tiny country asserts powerful influence

28b51f () No. 6044828


I hope he is not (really in solitary).

Nor do I think he's a beach.

He's where he can't be photographed.

Kinda like RBG, but with a different heart rate.

92e740 () No. 6044829

e290d6e73954c7....png (18 KB, 255 x 156, 497 : 305, DC-1341V1.png) (h)



oh I see, you just dont know the definition of cyclical.

a repeating pattern is not cyclical eg: breathing (pic related)

yor life started as a child and will end as an adult, this is a linear progression.

I think you must be high, shilling or stupid but luckily your ignorance has no bearing on my life so carry on. all is one and one is all is one is…

16c416 () No. 6044830


the freemasons made her a honorary member.

nuff said

02ab34 () No. 6044831

04cede374ff6ab....png (525 KB, 202 x 255, 540 : 682, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b6cede () No. 6044833


Barbells… reminds me of the two long time wrestlers that died same way…

812b8b () No. 6044835

dc1a0ba688443f....jpg (896 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

8f2caf68c76ae6....jpg (978 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

5a16b8f4a72c34....jpg (874 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

dff7488fe19746....jpg (865 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

McStain ties to Burson-Masteller

This article talks about voting machines…

Interesting tidbit in the comments section

220120 () No. 6044834

de43dcb8065808....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 254, 502 : 500, gm dump.jpg) (h)



197056 () No. 6044836


You dont think he's a DS plant? If so, i wouldn't care if he was in solitary.

74a40a () No. 6044837

85584c7878eacf....jpg (107 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 668, 6283b4491bc4f2....jpg) (h)

bd4646 () No. 6044838

72ed9538517984....png (299 KB, 193 x 255, 454 : 599, Screenshot 201....png) (h)


Silly "shill"…it ALL has to wait for the FISA report

even though it is unrelated and most likely another nothingburger

e14250 () No. 6044839

>>6044831 THAT'S funny!

2536e5 () No. 6044840

Now the leaks are coming trying to re-spin the mueller report.

Declass or some booms would be pretty nice about now.

830d38 () No. 6044841


Taliban office across from USA compound.

d190ca () No. 6044842


Man has General Motors been loud lately. They need a look see perhaps.

3128bc () No. 6044843

Has anyone done the over/under or profit/loss on the border money yet…

How much does it cost the taxpayer to house/medical/educate these Illegals…

As opposed to how much we would lose in business income if we shut down the border…

Serious question!!!

5c6f02 () No. 6044844

42e034a3a5ee2b....png (492 KB, 255 x 160, 561 : 351, Capture.png) (h)


UN Official found dead was set to testify against Hillary Clinton same day. “BARBELL FELL ON HIS NECK”

It sure is amazing how lucky the Clinton’s have got when people are going to testify against them and then they die.

Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips.

Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration. (Ng was not charged with any crime.)

Ng and Trie had visited the White House several times for Democratic fund-raising events and were photographed with then-President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

One source told me, “During the trial, the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed.


537504 () No. 6044845

72b3e29385164b....png (915 KB, 255 x 131, 1011 : 521, BILL.png) (h)

Will Native Americans like Warren get reparations as well?


e14250 () No. 6044846

>>6044831 What's on second and I don't know's on third!

5fd0a6 () No. 6044847

620c59d5b54a99....png (591 KB, 202 x 255, 500 : 631, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7dc56a () No. 6044848



Doubt there would be illegals with the union presence and, yes, a clown indeed. If I remember correctly, the UAW has a fund for unanticipated shutdowns.

220120 () No. 6044849

36e6f2c837af8a....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 170, 255 : 170, wong on so man....jpg) (h)

f9f4be () No. 6044850

ec0582a5c81710....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 143, 1068 : 601, aoc_pepe.jpg) (h)

5fc903 () No. 6044851


I've come to the conclusion it's never going to happen… we will be in full blown 2020 optics in about 2 months… then the old "we can't do it before an election" bullshit song and dance will start… something just don't sit right… we've (the public) have been patient and yet it's going on almost a year since it's been ordered to be declassified… DS is still running the show

10bd9a () No. 6044852

bab7d4c3cc53a4....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 170, 768 : 512, Corny.jpg) (h)


The solution to CO2 that nobody cares about:

>Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

In a new twist to waste-to-fuel technology, scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an electrochemical process that uses tiny spikes of carbon and copper to turn carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into ethanol…….


8b473c () No. 6044853


"We have another IG report coming out hopefully very soon, and I think you're going to learn a lot…People did things that were very very bad for our Country, and very very illegal, and you could even say treasonous." - DJT 4-2-2019.

1bcb44 () No. 6044854

36c374ba8c37df....png (181 KB, 157 x 255, 337 : 549, 2019-04-04_08-....png) (h)

315861 () No. 6044855

15e2d75f15bf52....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 143, 888 : 499, BidenHideYo.jpg) (h)

b76c7e () No. 6044856


Go back to Facebook, faggot

7b9859 () No. 6044857


kek you must be new

not how this works

we wait

and wait

and wait

just so long as we dont take to the streets I guess

8b99ee () No. 6044858


So, Nancy just said that according to the law, but she failed to provide the citation, that Congress has the right to audit the President's personal finances. Who has right to audit Congress member's personal finances?

93e111 () No. 6044859

45a31a5fdcdead....jpg (658 KB, 71 x 255, 989 : 3556, e_bot&flat_tar....jpg) (h)

9ee835c7b80fe5....jpg (1946 KB, 255 x 191, 3264 : 2448, ebot_post1.jpg) (h)

Veterans Advice for New Eyes:

muh_joos = shill

muh_evilmasons = shill

muh_flat_dick = shill

muh_cre[e]pbot = shill

muh_brainwash = muh_critical_thinking = muh_AI = muh_biden = muh_cat/CTA = shill

muh_ever_moving_standards = shill

They all share the same network resources.

They get off deceiving (You).

Sunshine's the best disinfectant, eh~

4403b6 () No. 6044860

57d313039a0798....png (1200 KB, 255 x 142, 1377 : 766, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fresch meme

bd4646 () No. 6044861


If I would have known NOBODY we ever be arrested I would have voted for Hillary

Plan Z would have been a much better option

fa83ce () No. 6044862


I don´t remember. There back at Taxes now.

Would like awsome to do a meme on DemFails like a code.

if all fail; go back to 1, (taxes)

3dbce9 () No. 6044863

making fun of stacy abrams weight may get you likes in an echo chamber, but it sucks as a meme.

830d38 () No. 6044864


Taliban five? Pakistan SS?

Prelude to peace talks with USA.

2a0871 () No. 6044865

>>6043905 lb

Anons the way to combat this is to show the pics with the kids esp. the upper arm hold and the chin lift, assoc those movements as habits of intimidhttps://i.redd.it/p7g7dq7trok11.gifation and validate with info on abuse signs.

3128bc () No. 6044866

5918bdf3ccea2c....jpg (226 KB, 255 x 241, 946 : 894, Did we forget ....jpg) (h)

Please!!! DON'T FORGET!!!

812b8b () No. 6044867

80c98d23512228....jpg (397 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

14f40ddc2e1e0f....jpg (613 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

fa4b2665dab2d9....jpg (622 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

74b1f8584f25b0....jpg (609 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

b4344647c4e150....jpg (657 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


b76c7e () No. 6044868


So many fucking Boomers on here sharing memes they saw on their old frat bros' Facebook page this AM

b6cede () No. 6044869


Reparations should go only to a person who was ACTUALLY a slave during the civil war of STILL alive! Doubt you would find one still living.

484687 () No. 6044870

6eeddef98e27a5....jpeg (174 KB, 255 x 191, 1080 : 810, 1554390060.jpeg) (h)

74a40a () No. 6044871

69ebc501b522dc....jpg (121 KB, 255 x 145, 806 : 457, PAIN+16.jpg) (h)

31523f () No. 6044872

I would like to thank Q and team for all the blessing that have come into my life since this all started. I am not the most dedicated digger but I do try to keep up and spread the word. God Bless

2a0871 () No. 6044873



b916f7 () No. 6044874



are you really for qxit?

or are you just a troll trying to scare away or train newbies. I'm guessing you are a good person.

830d38 () No. 6044875

83792dd7bd0ad5....png (804 KB, 215 x 255, 933 : 1105, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Qatar in the center of the peace talks between USA and Taliban.

5fd0a6 () No. 6044876

94f12cd8ec3383....gif (1196 KB, 200 x 200, 200 : 200, spankyouhhdhfi....gif) (h)

a13c67 () No. 6044877

252ff06535cb64....png (997 KB, 255 x 158, 783 : 485, wnb.png) (h)

0d5aa63280ef41....jpg (164 KB, 255 x 169, 1600 : 1063, sharing_bread.jpg) (h)



It would be most welcome baker. I understand your predicament. I am working fagging and baking since 0730 EST.

Baker confirming handoff


Please be advised of baker change out.

I will post updated notables bun at @ 220

Thank you for the relief baker.

d5898d () No. 6044878

The "Chair" serves the Master.

Who is the Master?

P = C.


3) The Ring (GER): Wolfgang Schäuble (Master of the chair)

36 Illuminati-Masonic Super/Ur-Lodges Rule the World – Towards Its Demise http://www.yogaesoteric.net/content.aspx?lang=EN&item=14256

fa83ce () No. 6044879


Thanks Anon, just what I was looking for.

2eef2a () No. 6044880

19d2650f32c885....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 143, 768 : 432, DP_-_Let_there....jpg) (h)


It must be tough for them failing so miserably ever day.

02ab34 () No. 6044881

28dff2d261408b....gif (1939 KB, 255 x 215, 386 : 326, smartass frwrks.gif) (h)


>Go back to Facebook

Don't be a smartass…………

7b9859 () No. 6044882


Welcome newfag .. the boomers saved your faggot parents from evil in WWII.. maybe cut em some slack… considering the most danger you face on the daily is the walk between your car and who the fuck ever ordered the jimmy johns you are delivering.

59337c () No. 6044883



Anon's right, you need to up the ante- put her face on Jabba the Hut

484687 () No. 6044884

8c15dda131f7b9....jpeg (95 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 684, 1554330071.jpeg) (h)

84c470 () No. 6044885


dont reply if you dont want to show your hand and wait for another baker or next dough post

92e740 () No. 6044886


interdesting experiment.

can ebot read memes about itself?

lets find out

9908c6 () No. 6044887

c2b7668de55725....png (2903 KB, 255 x 164, 1462 : 943, 4 4 19 3.png) (h)

This week in pictures…

2d04d1 () No. 6044888

8d3135b1d4123c....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 146, 1284 : 734, QNN OBAMA ADMI....jpg) (h)

a13c67 () No. 6044889

updated notables bun


>>6044695 Syrian man caught at southern border illegally sneaking into US

>>6044717 MSNBC twat w/ CAP: Barr needs time to redact Mueller rpt.

>>6044721 PapaD twat w/ CAP on Joe Mifsud

>>6044726 Lindsy Graham twat on Mar-a-lago: …You know, they had a they had a Chinese person working in Dianne Feinstein's office…

>>6044753 New DJT twat

>>Baker change

0fbddb () No. 6044890

628820e37f5ee0....jpg (19 KB, 255 x 188, 734 : 540, 56365825_10219....jpg) (h)


594c22 () No. 6044891

a9cf963b051db0....jpg (307 KB, 255 x 191, 1600 : 1200, kek.jpg) (h)

1e4d68 () No. 6044892

e18d548911a4af....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 157, 286 : 176, index.jpg) (h)

7b9859 () No. 6044893


I dont load images while workfagging but im sure its a really pretty picture and you worked really hard on it faggot

84c470 () No. 6044894


got it

thanks W&B


5c6f02 () No. 6044895

bca50733788eeb....png (530 KB, 255 x 159, 814 : 508, google.png) (h)

941a735258a639....png (266 KB, 255 x 143, 551 : 308, EvilCunt.png) (h)


Obviously you don't pay attention to what is happening worldwide .. you think the cabal only exists in America..go back to CNN you will be happy here

b916f7 () No. 6044896


but stop interacting with it when Q posts . . .

197056 () No. 6044897

c7becb30446818....png (217 KB, 255 x 179, 1294 : 906, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

fbe086ad84660e....png (1259 KB, 255 x 251, 1266 : 1246, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

This came from uber-liberal mouthpiece, Vox.

The list of those who have had few or no legal rights throughout history is staggering: women, children, orphans, widows, Jews, gays and lesbians, slaves, former slaves, descendants of slaves, those with leprosy, undocumented immigrants — to name a few.

Nothing marks the progress of any society more than the expansion of human rights to those who formerly lacked them. I believe that if such progress is to continue, prenatal human beings will be included in this group, and we will consider elective abortion primitive and cruel in the future.



0eedcd () No. 6044898

88262f4e758daa....jpg (1562 KB, 255 x 255, 2736 : 2736, Be.jpg) (h)

37abb9fa3c3a3d....png (2126 KB, 191 x 255, 749 : 1000, Afraid.png) (h)

ee8725f438c55e....jpg (320 KB, 182 x 255, 857 : 1200, ALL.jpg) (h)

b8f60079218e51....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, shallbe.jpg) (h)

e50e53d8de2100....jpg (132 KB, 255 x 192, 450 : 338, Destroyed.jpg) (h)





ur choice tho

830d38 () No. 6044899

>>6044150 >>6044090 Previous notable





2a0871 () No. 6044900

68df6d987d4a3a....png (58 KB, 155 x 220, 155 : 220, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

59337c () No. 6044901


You mean they saved people before they were born?

Woooow.. the Boomers really are the Greatest Generation.. War Generation, you have a new name now, Boomers now own your shit

1f5cf0 () No. 6044903

9ed31f () No. 6044905


Check the timestamp on the post you replied to….

Wonder who that could be?

b6cede () No. 6044906


Stealing that!!!

484687 () No. 6044907

8cc746d916881e....jpeg (69 KB, 255 x 171, 1080 : 726, 1553903372.jpeg) (h)

bd4646 () No. 6044908


Do you even know what a boomer is ?


29845a () No. 6044909

75aa65c869e197....png (688 KB, 255 x 241, 914 : 864, acts-of-treason.png) (h)


84c470 () No. 6044910


got it

bd2926 () No. 6044911


remember GM was 'bailed out' (taken over) by Obama admin. Maybe it was just a HUUUGGGEEEE laundering scheme. :)

93e111 () No. 6044912

829c298c9487e8....png (581 KB, 183 x 255, 500 : 697, BOOM.png) (h)

ddec80166f9593....jpg (1171 KB, 255 x 128, 2048 : 1024, TheCountdownHa....jpg) (h)

Enjoy this supple time of grand mistakes and hilarious confusion.

Eyes on NK peace talks!

7b9859 () No. 6044914


oh oh I bet that one is awesome too… go show it to your mom ..maybe she can hang it on the fridge.

0d2b63 () No. 6044915

f2bcc80d71f201....jpg (122 KB, 255 x 172, 1043 : 703, 56.jpg) (h)

had a dream last night about the number 56

I rarely… remember my dreams as they were and I don't remember having a dream about a specific number before

take it for what it's worth


220120 () No. 6044916

15ca54d531c79c....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 185, 586 : 425, wwe dump.jpg) (h)

e8f811dca0290e....gif (752 KB, 220 x 165, 220 : 165, tenor.gif) (h)


bd4646 () No. 6044917


Ohhh…sooo many habbenings…fucking retard

1e4d68 () No. 6044919

c050f9aef8f79c....jpg (614 KB, 255 x 170, 1800 : 1200, 10076670o2.jpg) (h)

8a3bfe2a305c0b....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 122, 1078 : 516, leaddevotee.jpg) (h)

2c7776cc073e7d....png (26 KB, 255 x 254, 300 : 299, s-l300.png) (h)

It's crazy how many NPCs worship satan and pedophilia (check the golden jacket).

7b9859 () No. 6044920


Two Turkey and Cheese

Two chips

Two DR Peppers..

4 miles away .. if you go now you can make the delivery before your lunch break

c0defc () No. 6044921


…to fund the XFL…at least give all the information.

ddab0f () No. 6044922


anyone noted the paintings on each side have changed?

bd2926 () No. 6044923


All meeting for a strategy session. :)

95279e () No. 6044924


>>6044025 pb

Yep, saw months ago wiki has already changed the meaning of Lucifer to mean Jesus.

If you would talk to God and gain some wisdom, you would find this out. The great deceiver has won you over, apparently. Now you know how smart the evil cult must have been only a few thousand years ago; left all of those evil tablets and writings on purpose. Must have had an IQ of 260.

Take a chance… Get on the ship. If it ain't true, you can just walk off later.

Belief in God - Jesus - Holy Spirit is Good any way you look at it. If all of the world would believe in it, totally wonderful life for all.

92e740 () No. 6044925


ebot is a Q invention for monitoring all the text in qresearch and analyzing trends & threats

830d38 () No. 6044926

e40f28a537c442....png (6546 KB, 255 x 192, 3552 : 2672, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2de5a6 () No. 6044927


paying for the XFL, and he's 70+

0c6284 () No. 6044928

55b4fcfb546177....png (354 KB, 255 x 254, 429 : 428, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


It's NAM

812b8b () No. 6044929

0069537f291bd6....jpg (723 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

0a4d47d31f851e....jpg (825 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

41d27834c8caff....jpg (818 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

d520e08ac6308b....jpg (691 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

86d877b6ada370....jpg (691 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


7b9859 () No. 6044931


must be one of those UK fags that think Q is gonna save em kekle

197056 () No. 6044932



Again, taken over by HUSSEIN, then a Clown installed as CEO.

fdceb3 () No. 6044933


According to Maga Coalition, 6 gorillion.

bd4646 () No. 6044934



c02d95 () No. 6044935

1d436da1c85b2f....png (1 KB, 135 x 53, 135 : 53, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


The name is derived from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region by the 10th century BC.[6][7] The city was historically the capital of the Republic of Venice. The 697–1797 Republic of Venice was a major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and a staging area for the Crusades and the Battle of Lepanto, as well as an important center of commerce (especially silk, grain, and spice) and art in the 13th century up to the end of the 17th century. The city-state of Venice is considered to have been the first real international financial center, emerging in the 9th century and reaching its greatest prominence in the 14th century.[8] This made Venice a wealthy city throughout most of its history.

Venice has been known as "La Dominante", "La Serenissima", "Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges", "The Floating City", and "City of Canals".

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Venice always traded extensively with the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world. By the late 13th century, Venice was the most prosperous city in all of Europe. At the peak of its power and wealth, it had 36,000 sailors operating 3,300 ships, dominating Mediterranean commerce. Venice's leading families vied with each other to build the grandest palaces and support the work of the greatest and most talented artists. The city was governed by the Great Council, which was made up of members of the noble families of Venice. The Great Council appointed all public officials and elected a Senate of 200 to 300 individuals. Since this group was too large for efficient administration, a Council of Ten (also called the Ducal Council or the Signoria), controlled much of the administration of the city.

12 bloodlines + great council of 300 + "City of Water"

484687 () No. 6044936

1efef46b3222a2....jpeg (55 KB, 255 x 151, 1080 : 640, 1553135728.jpeg) (h)

673ad87370d6b6....jpeg (62 KB, 255 x 145, 1080 : 613, 1553135562.jpeg) (h)

63b441391a17b9....jpeg (123 KB, 255 x 194, 1080 : 821, 1553135693.jpeg) (h)

fb2e6a () No. 6044937


>>6042918 (pb)

I haven't been here in a while. Do we still do research?


I double checked the NOTABLES pastebin to see if anons did indeed miss this from 4/1:

Per Katica: https://twitter.com/GOPPollAnalyst/status/1113538311249977345

Approximately 6,700 FOIA documents released. Mix of everything from everyone over the years. First 337 pages.


74a40a () No. 6044938


That's also a picture ebot used in its shilling a few weeks back. Switched up the sign and flipped it on them just for the fuck of it. Its fun to play with shills here and there.

a13c67 () No. 6044939

1f5cf0 () No. 6044940

b4cdb3bcfbf2fd....jpg (148 KB, 179 x 255, 500 : 714, rep id.jpg) (h)


stereotypes. they exist, for a reason.

which race that matters is associated with always always always seeking a handout?

5c6f02 () No. 6044941

cb639f551ec616....png (81 KB, 255 x 210, 462 : 380, Capture.png) (h)


DumbFK.. read a book

af86bc () No. 6044942

c1e45f988bd70a....jpg (366 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, LIBTARD49.jpg) (h)

5b054944ccc033....jpg (503 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, LIBTARD48.jpg) (h)

0d2eb16033c69c....jpg (404 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, LIBTARD46.jpg) (h)

84a64b4b2442e3....jpg (401 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, LIBTARD47.jpg) (h)

236b97ed5d3ac4....jpg (267 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, CORTEZ51.jpg) (h)

b76c7e () No. 6044943



So, you just doxxed yourself as a Jimmy John's delivery boy and a retard who knows nothing about generational history (I'm guessing millennial)

What other piece of info can you give so we can track you down and beat your shill ass?

830d38 () No. 6044944

Media Miss


Apr 2, 2019

It's deja vu.. All over again. In the days after the 2016 Presidential election, there was a breathless pause while the media did a little self reflection and admitted they (we) got it wrong. Only to do it all over again with the Trump-Russia probe.

197056 () No. 6044945



7b9859 () No. 6044946


yeah so they arent quite as old as I thought .. replace WWII with Nam.. then choke on every bit of that same dick brainlet

ac8274 () No. 6044947

569cfb5671b43a....png (46 KB, 255 x 143, 631 : 355, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


9908c6 () No. 6044948

c987cc207dff2b....png (1250 KB, 191 x 255, 634 : 847, green door.png) (h)

830d38 () No. 6044949

Being Carter Page


Apr 2, 2019

At the very beginning of the Trump-Russia story, there was Carter Page. During the 2016 presidential campaign, the US intelligence community portrayed him as a 'hot lead.’ A spy. The main link to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. In the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t charge Carter Page with anything. Today, Page speaks with us and reveals incredible details that may make you question much of what the American public was told over the past two years.

b916f7 () No. 6044950



the term Greatest Generation was for the fighters of WWII.

unfortunatly the Cabal controlled a lot of the opporations and if you weren't a fren of theirs you did not get to join their band (which didn't have to face combat from what I understand).

so ya, they got the benifits and many of them were not ever in a conflict, and had

no hardship and were living large and partying through out it all.

but they sent the others off to be slaughtered.

So there were heroes and there were posers.

the term Boomer refers to 1946 to 1960 babys. Some say it goes to 65.

anyone from 61 - 65 could be considered a Gen X or a boomer, depending on if they were youngest in their families.

by the end of the 1960s the system was set up so that if you were a special one you were handed it all without effort. and the rest were put into a hunger game.

people who were the special children were told that they were 'victims' and eveyrone 'hated' them so they felt justified in being the heads of things even though they were clueless cucks.

f5bf09 () No. 6044951


I'm a boomer and my grandfather fought in WWII.

fdceb3 () No. 6044952


Does that mean they would stop airing their shitty commercials too?

59337c () No. 6044953


Probably a foreigner

93e111 () No. 6044954



Tell us more about your overlord cre[e]pbot.

0ef8e4 () No. 6044955


At this point in the movie it’s all about winning re-election. DJT will not take any actions that appear vindictive, when declass happens it will not be a directive from POTUS, it will appear organic and that ammunition will be saved for a kill shot.

537504 () No. 6044956

298fa59eab7df0....png (268 KB, 255 x 213, 887 : 742, maralago.png) (h)

What was this Chinese girl inside Maralago really about?

You know they would NEVER report the truth.

Was it a ………… attempt?

3128bc () No. 6044957

cf6297c070729f....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 227, 606 : 540, Hillary Taps o....jpg) (h)

eb3d4954398536....mp4 (1173 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Hillary taps o....mp4) (h)

Watch closely as crooked Hillary taps out & tries to break free from the now famous creepy joe biden LOVE GRIP


1f5cf0 () No. 6044958


(((they))) are stagnant.

by now, it should have evolved into a pussy hijab.

5fd0a6 () No. 6044959

49d3c80081a1e0....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 144, 680 : 383, hitchhfdersdiy....jpg) (h)

e58e7f () No. 6044960

d3c8d5d8e6c0d1....png (68 KB, 255 x 255, 1280 : 1280, 977D7885-E6C1-....png) (h)

When my work is slow, Q doesn’t post.

When I’m busy as hell at work, Q posts multiple times!

Damn I wish work would pick up!


84c470 () No. 6044961


i make em notable

yes we still do research

what we do is open up that link and add some screencaps of relevance

you currently have a link and a description

anons will look and decide if notable

if you want more notable you should digg some and screencap etc

889f0c () No. 6044962

f971d94ee35887....png (68 KB, 255 x 88, 747 : 258, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


11:04:27 EDT

← 411 (info)

427 ("For JFK)→

or 4(2+7)=4/9 (widely speculated date)

4(2x7=14) 414… two fours going either way from center… or four 1's (11:11).

411 (info) 414 (four ones, four ones)

All of the above. kek.

75f738 () No. 6044963


That is fuckin awesome meme.

95279e () No. 6044964


Prolly need to add…

And follow God's will. Ten Commandments.

bd4646 () No. 6044965


A whole book about what EVERYONE has known for years? Will they be selling copies

at their new speaking tour?

5c6f02 () No. 6044966

Jimi Hendrix The Band Of Gypsies Live At The Filmore East 1970

ac8274 () No. 6044967

4365a62d7bc9ce....png (439 KB, 228 x 255, 637 : 713, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


197056 () No. 6044968


Reparations won't work.

1. Blacks who aren't descended from slaves

2. Whites who aren't descended from slave owners

3. Whites who immigrated to US AFTER slavery banned

4. Whites who are descendants of slaves.

5. Blacks who are descendants of slave OWNERS

6. Other nationalities/races that had nothing to do with slavery in US.

7. It's fucking stupid.

321552 () No. 6044969

7d709901d9c71d....gif (4606 KB, 255 x 144, 426 : 240, Activate Death....gif) (h)


Timing is everything.

f2f36d () No. 6044970


If she did it to him the move would be called a Cuck Hold

212063 () No. 6044972

7cb1a5ae9e430a....png (1216 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

91ac2f2f0fb088....png (171 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f2c750454b2558....png (503 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

484687 () No. 6044971

9a679231029770....gif (514 KB, 255 x 115, 500 : 225, giphy_2.gif) (h)

220120 () No. 6044973


Not my job anon. Reporting sales. Up to you to figure it out. Inferring anything with these is not something I want to do.

I did not include Loop Capital's upgrade regarding ULTA in those drop's until that pattern was well established

84c470 () No. 6044974


i see that your previous post got nominated by anon

i will list this

it is a good bookmark

fb2e6a () No. 6044975


Hey cool man. Later.

Sounds like we've started shilling ourselves with muh feelz answers like this.

ALICE is that you?

a13c67 () No. 6044976


kek. couldn't agree more.

pretty funny tho.

af86bc () No. 6044977


so funny you still think that

b916f7 () No. 6044978


that's a new one.

sauce please.

d5898d () No. 6044979

f3ca7ce5875a4f....png (309 KB, 33 x 255, 289 : 2213, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


>Wolfgang Schäuble

The Master of The Chair Q998

812b8b () No. 6044980

91bd310a24b89d....jpg (668 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

7e835b9ddeb88f....jpg (690 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


Monsanto Clinton Burson-Masteller

002988 () No. 6044981

Mueller report will be released with only a couple redactions. BOOM. All the big stuff was referred out to Huber. Grand jury info in Mueller report would only include Manfort, Cohen, Flynn.

08f766 () No. 6044982

6191b48abc0bc8....jpg (71 KB, 202 x 255, 457 : 578, Batman 6.jpg) (h)

bd4646 () No. 6044983


WWII and Nam…same thing, right….and I'm the brainlet?

e4159e () No. 6044984

aeef5d2a3a3e4c....png (1599 KB, 255 x 158, 1920 : 1192, e6r9n1.png) (h)

b76c7e () No. 6044985



830d38 () No. 6044986





>>6042918 (pb)


Thousands of FOIA documents recently made available for DIGGERS.

b9d7b6 () No. 6044987

67e9a8fb4f9ef3....jpeg (7 KB, 255 x 143, 255 : 143, 397d02a81dc9dc....jpeg) (h)



I quit reading NYT after the neocon Judith Miller WMD lies

bd2926 () No. 6044988


Looks like Jefferson on the left and Jackson on the right in the second one. Lincoln on the left and still working on the one on the right , first pic

197056 () No. 6044989

81ce5e8fa48565....png (160 KB, 255 x 171, 1270 : 852, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



f2f36d () No. 6044990


Lmao everyone knows what you were trying to do. Don't act like your lawyerly attention to detail comes off as anything other than scummy.

ac8274 () No. 6044991

efb045ee1622ec....png (377 KB, 255 x 255, 629 : 629, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

So now CNBC has joined in on the BS to spread.


2eef2a () No. 6044992



Reparations =

DNA test to determine country of origin

One way ticket to native homeland

5c6f02 () No. 6044994


you ignorant FK that's just a starter book .. probably to difficult for you to understand.. as if you have a clue as to what''s happening outside of the basement

fb2e6a () No. 6044995


Yeah - last night was chaotic – ebakes, ghost whatevers.

Not self promoting here – you haven't seen me for a while won't again for a while.

This place is starting to break.

f631ed () No. 6044996


Something really wrong with him if he tries humping her leg. Even Bubba wouldn't try that shit

95279e () No. 6044997


You are here. And you think they gonna let you live?


812b8b () No. 6044998

24233efa09d808....jpg (470 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

f3693341b7cb25....jpg (538 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)

13a965f9098a66....jpg (428 KB, 124 x 255, 1080 : 2220, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


220120 () No. 6044999


it's public information. Discern it at you own will.

and Fuck you too

21395c () No. 6045000

58f5e4baaea409....jpg (233 KB, 255 x 147, 1065 : 613, pepe the starf....jpg) (h)


well done!

ce80d2 () No. 6045001

DOJ defends Barr after reports of Mueller investigators' concerns

A Justice Department spokesperson defended Attorney General William Barr’s letter summarizing the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, amid reports that members of Mueller's team are concerned that the letter downplayed the evidence against President Trump.

DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec said in a statement Thursday that each page of Mueller’s report was marked saying that it may contain confidential grand jury information “and therefore could not be publicly released.”

“Given the extraordinary public interest in the matter, the Attorney General decided to release the report’s bottom-line findings and his conclusions immediately – without attempting to summarize the report – with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redactions process,” Kupec said.

She added that Barr stands by his past statement that he doesn’t believe the report should be released gradually .

“The Department continues to work with the Special Counsel on appropriate redactions to the report so that it can be released to Congress and the public,” Kupec said.

The statement comes shortly after The New York Times reported that members of Mueller’s team were concerned about Barr’s letter late last month summarizing the special counsel’s conclusions, saying that Mueller’s findings are more damaging for Trump than the summary made them appear.


1f5cf0 () No. 6045002

a4c9e2437a3560....jpeg (16 KB, 255 x 223, 255 : 223, vietna.jpeg) (h)

74a40a () No. 6045003

98370410f4e7b4....jpg (429 KB, 255 x 171, 1032 : 691, DrainTheSwampT....jpg) (h)

b916f7 () No. 6045004


what about when the Fed is made to pay repairations?

they are the ones who made it all suck and allowed, through their favoritism for certain types that everyone else would be hunger-gamed into non-existence.

39a139 () No. 6045005


makes sense

8b473c () No. 6045006

I'm watching the Judiciary hearings right now. 95% of the Dems didn't even bother showing up. It's just Feinstein voting "by proxy" for all of them. Is that normal?

bd4646 () No. 6045007


You sound like you just learned all of this…

I'm so proud of you, faggot

2eef2a () No. 6045008


Doubling down on proving they are fake news.

Sources are comp'd

2e377d () No. 6045009

d6555d63d3729c....png (2668 KB, 255 x 146, 2497 : 1428, ORC RAT -> [RR....png) (h)

e7ddc72f9752e2....png (544 KB, 134 x 255, 527 : 1000, orc rat assass....png) (h)

apologies, I was unexpectedly detained

5c6f02 () No. 6045010

2d08e9dba857d7....jpg (154 KB, 255 x 243, 1052 : 1001, Don'tBeAFKwit.jpg) (h)


Awwww you proud of me .. thanks

b9d7b6 () No. 6045011

95a316cbabad37....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 252, 255 : 252, cdaa09c2ed01fe....jpg) (h)


This story changes every other day

dc3110 () No. 6045012


>yor life started as a child and will end as an adult

Go back.

Your 'life', LIFE, never ends. All is one.

4403b6 () No. 6045013

d4f82a89f9c81e....png (877 KB, 255 x 102, 1150 : 461, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2eef2a () No. 6045014


Anyone with civil war relatives that fought to free slaves should file lawsuits versus anyone receiving reparations

fdceb3 () No. 6045015

c3071f18e47221....jpeg (628 KB, 209 x 255, 1196 : 1462, E78139D2-0A64-....jpeg) (h)

f05be48fdcb681....png (34 KB, 255 x 167, 644 : 422, 8F842A08-CBFB-....png) (h)

e50c9fc4442496....jpeg (979 KB, 208 x 255, 1192 : 1462, 87724062-2BB1-....jpeg) (h)

d9bcc650f6745a....jpeg (235 KB, 255 x 118, 1181 : 545, 4FA07D50-2590-....jpeg) (h)


Why are you guys obsessed with boomers? And why are you working with Mike Rothschild?

59337c () No. 6045016


No, they're just not going to show for any of the hearings where they can't grandstand and make assholes out of themselves

Hooray Nuclear Option, do it again!

ce80d2 () No. 6045017

Brink Of War: Pakistan On High Alert, Indian Military Ready To Strike

The situation at the LoC (Line of Control) between India and Pakistan remains critical, as both countries are ready for an all-out conflict, reported Sputnik.

"There is a difficult situation with India. We wish for de-escalation and are taking steps for this. The situation like the prime minister [Imran Khan] said remains on alert", Pakistan's Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said in a television report earlier this month.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday held meetings with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and military commanders, over its "readiness to initiate war against Pakistan," India TV News reported.

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) discussed war planning strategies against Pakistan, wherein Doval told PM Modi that the Army, Air Force, and Navy are now ready for battle against the neighboring country

PM Modi reportedly told military chiefs to minimize collateral damage, and only use surgical strikes in the upcoming fight.

Here are the four critical takeaways from the meeting:

The attacks will be target-specific

No non-military targets

Not only Pak-occupied Kashmir, the targets can also be inside Pakistan

The attacks will be pro-active, not reactive

Sputnik said besides India TV News, there was no direct confirmation of the war planning by the Modi government.

Tensions between the two countries soared when a deadly suicide bomb attack allegedly claimed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e Mohammad struck a convoy of Indian troops in Pulwama on February 14.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, however, maintained that Jaish is not associated with Islamabad.

In retaliation to the Pulwama attack, India launched an airstrike on Pakistan's Balakot on February 26. Pakistan retaliated by bombing Indian military installations. The Indian Air Force thwarted the attempt.

Tensions have eased in the last few weeks. However, territorial disputes, Pakistan-based jihadist groups waging a hybrid war in India, increasing nuclear stockpiles, and the emergence of militant Hindu nationalism in India mean the next crisis is nearing. The question is when, not if.


51cfda () No. 6045018


The voting just ended. Anon did all of them get passed? And did that bill get passed to?

221bb3 () No. 6045019

>>6043980 (LB notable)

>MIT cuts collaborations with Chinese tech firms Huawei, ZTE

>(Reuters) - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said on Wednesday it has cut collaborations with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp over U.S. federal investigations of the Chinese technology …



I thought there was a Q drop about MIT ties to Chinese spying … but i’m coming up dry searching for it on Qmap. Anyone with an assist?

212063 () No. 6045020

47831cc9024e6c....png (524 KB, 255 x 168, 720 : 473, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

bd4646 () No. 6045021


I read Year of the Rat in the 90's…I didn't just learn the Clintons were criminals, you dumb fuck

9ed31f () No. 6045022


Fair enough.

1f5cf0 () No. 6045023

59337c () No. 6045024

25e5190fcad408....gif (5 KB, 255 x 115, 255 : 115, Clint_approves.gif) (h)

e58e7f () No. 6045025

f25fe498ac77fa....jpeg (511 KB, 167 x 255, 750 : 1146, 0EE89885-CC65-....jpeg) (h)

Add another Dem to the running for POTUS.

These debates are going to be wonderful.

dc3110 () No. 6045026

d86ef26038c227....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 191, 400 : 300, d86ef26038c227....jpg) (h)


Curious how you ignored all of the obvious truths in the images as well.

All bodies are worlds. All worlds are bodies. The life is within the life.

Journey well.

830d38 () No. 6045027

"Is Fake News a Myth?"


Apr 11, 2018

Join Hillsdale College's National Leadership Seminar on "What is American Greatness" with Sharyl Attkisson, Investigative Reporter, on “Is Fake News a Myth?"

This was a livestream. Jump to 03:30 for intro.

Paraphased: People think that it was Trump who came up with the term, Fake News, but it was just a hostile takeover.

HRC started to promo the term, Fake News, with a spinned attack against her potential rivals and non-copt news/ info sources.

It backfired because Trump redefined/ refined the term.


Also quite a good talk on transactional journalism – show to normies you know and followup as per the preparations made these past few years for this emerging moment - awakening.

f687d2 () No. 6045028

ea433a200b41b8....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 175, 1000 : 688, 2.2.jpg) (h)

I mean, this seems like this pervert's next move…

84c470 () No. 6045029


still dont understand who didnt know this gov link existed but added since nominated last bread and now this



>>6044695 Syrian man caught at southern border illegally sneaking into US

>>6044717 MSNBC twat w/ CAP: Barr needs time to redact Mueller rpt.

>>6044721 PapaD twat w/ CAP on Joe Mifsud

>>6044726 Lindsy Graham twat on Mar-a-lago: …You know, they had a they had a Chinese person working in Dianne Feinstein's office…

>>6044753 New DJT twat

>>6044937 approx 6,700 FOIA documents released. https://foia.state.gov/search/results.aspx. ICYMI or need ref

830d38 () No. 6045030



Forget to embed vid.

889f0c () No. 6045031

a39e0f6a91dd15....png (108 KB, 255 x 74, 1354 : 394, simultaneous p....png) (h)

>>6044648 (lb)

>>6044387 (lb)

>>6044658 (lb)

>>6044660 (lb)

>>I think Q team knows who the anons are

most definitely

anyone else get a phone call precisely (within 15 seconds) timed with that post? Phone number and location digits were "appropriate."

And no, I have nothing to "fess up" to… with all Q clearly knows about us, I sometimes wonder if they think I'm a black op asset in the wild who's trying to come clean… except they've gotta know enough to know that's not the case. I'm enjoying the show… although a bit confused at times. Is it all just verification? This isn't a first, by any means. Seems like a lot. Gotta be moar to it.

406ae1 () No. 6045033

680a0f9ecf06b8....png (4699 KB, 255 x 184, 1800 : 1301, Qanon 8chan me....png) (h)

2e377d () No. 6045032

2a972cfb1a8e9c....mp4 (584 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Watch_your_ass....mp4) (h)

1f5cf0 () No. 6045034


if 1 cent goes toward reparations, i will not pay tax.

c5d288 () No. 6045035

E. Michael Jones: "You have to stand up to the Jewish tyranny!“

youtube finds this inappropriate and offensive!




8b473c () No. 6045036

Reparations… only if the people whose ancestors actually owned slaves have to pay, like Kamala Harris. I doubt many of us would qualify. I have a feeling the results might shock some people…

321552 () No. 6045037



43fcc8 () No. 6045039


Stacey Abrams devours airtime

f5bf09 () No. 6045041


If your factories were still humming in Detroit, then maybe this wouldn't be an issue, would it, twat?

1f5cf0 () No. 6045042


the 'Google employee' part never makes the headline, do it

7b9859 () No. 6045043


yeah thats why I said REPLACE one with the other.. thats usually an indication that they are the same thing… make sure you get your whole head in front of the shotgun fuckboy

21395c () No. 6045044

1f78cfae1ec618....png (78 KB, 255 x 137, 1173 : 628, 349d05709deb6b....png) (h)

bd4646 () No. 6045045


But murdering babies and a million Iraqis was

a good investment for you…so brave

5c6f02 () No. 6045046

8f098786375af7....png (150 KB, 155 x 255, 220 : 363, Capture.png) (h)


Here FKwit .. read it and learn,, take notes

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Why did the 1917 American Red Cross Mission to Russia include more financiers than medical doctors? Rather than caring for the victims of war and revolution, its members seemed more intent on negotiating contracts with the Kerensky government, and subsequently the Bolshevik regime. In a courageous investigation, Antony Sutton establishes tangible historical links between US capitalists and Russian communists. Drawing on State Department files, personal papers of key Wall Street figures, biographies and conventional histories, Sutton reveals: the role of Morgan banking executives in funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the US; the co-option of the American Red Cross by powerful Wall Street forces; the intervention by Wall Street sources to free the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, whose aim was to topple the Russian government; the deals made by major corporations to capture the huge Russian market a decade and a half before the US recognized the Soviet regime; and, the secret sponsoring of Communism by leading businessmen, who publicly championed free enterprise. "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" traces the foundations of Western funding of the Soviet Union. Dispassionately, and with overwhelming documentation, the author details a crucial phase in the establishment of Communist Russia. This classic study - first published in 1974 and part of a key trilogy - is reproduced here in its original form. (The other volumes in the series include "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" and a study of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "1933 Presidential election in the United States")


c285fa () No. 6045047

655ec37183af9f....jpeg (340 KB, 146 x 255, 828 : 1446, 6186F595-B2AB-....jpeg) (h)

c8f27770c086e9....jpeg (397 KB, 130 x 255, 827 : 1621, 46DCF06E-D3AA-....jpeg) (h)

91d65df766333e....jpeg (343 KB, 127 x 255, 828 : 1661, 84775212-B554-....jpeg) (h)

5bf38599238bfc....jpeg (369 KB, 127 x 255, 828 : 1657, DDCAA927-A7B9-....jpeg) (h)

f93d8c7d1f0351....jpeg (344 KB, 127 x 255, 828 : 1657, 6772F179-B96C-....jpeg) (h)

Pour diggage

2cc02d () No. 6045048

6bdc775527b3d1....png (1387 KB, 255 x 200, 1376 : 1077, 6bdc775527b3d1....png) (h)

9d0625ea4d18f7....png (13 KB, 255 x 173, 444 : 301, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

64660cb82fd255....png (166 KB, 220 x 255, 444 : 514, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

7a304490ebc8c5....png (197 KB, 255 x 165, 1243 : 802, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


There's even a thundercats reference.

92e740 () No. 6045049



ok, its automated to be the first post in new bread and it collects certain post numbers in batches for further analyses. It posts garbled semi AI text that re uses words in previous anon posts. and replies to certain trigger posts.

not a shill, its an intelligence tool


no sauce, just observation

830d38 () No. 6045052



Heating up the hot war again, India-Pakistan.

Not to be too cynical, kek, but FF warning?

4403b6 () No. 6045053


You think it's POTUS because of timestamp? Could be. I'll rethink my meme approach.

cf86eb () No. 6045054



Remember no tables yesterday about Ben Stiller boinking with the Hillaries on the speaking tour?

Guess who is all over Good Morning America and the Interwebs. And the Subways.


197056 () No. 6045055


Wonder what he's guilty of…

a9bf24 () No. 6045056


just so everyone is clear, having a normal job means you are paying taxes…

filing a tax return is NOT you paying taxes, it is you being reimbursed for over payments of taxes.

so if one cent goes to reparations you must quit your job [if you have one] and find a way to make untaxed money. good luck with that patriot

c5b8f5 () No. 6045057


toss more salad hobbit


a47ed9 () No. 6045058

After 23 years online, I finally decide to give in and try one of those "social media" sites. So today I make my first "Tweet" in support of DJT and his tweet "According to polling…"…

And guess what? It gets Deleted… Fucking KEK… My First and LAST Tweet…

2eef2a () No. 6045059

277caa55cc252a....png (243 KB, 255 x 193, 474 : 359, MsChloe.png) (h)


False/unrealistic expectations based on assumed predictions may lead to frustration

406ae1 () No. 6045060


Reportedly had a flash drive with malware? That's what I heard on the radio last night.

2e377d () No. 6045061

ea2dc416e19020....png (1048 KB, 225 x 255, 807 : 913, available on a....png) (h)

bdc1111ca6fae2....png (758 KB, 194 x 255, 595 : 783, available on a....png) (h)

6546c860f3c074....png (903 KB, 195 x 255, 604 : 790, available on a....png) (h)

lot of shit up there, actually

cf86eb () No. 6045062

02d4f1adbd2eea....png (74 KB, 201 x 228, 201 : 228, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

9fdbca () No. 6045063

lest we forget

Q left a task for 3/31



12 Dec 2018 - 4:08:53 PM


12 Dec 2018 - 4:02:38 PM


Q is talking about GOOG's 10-Q filing with the SEC. My assumption would be for their 3/31/19 or 6/30/19 10-Q filing.


Assumption correct.

10k YE.

2019 1 + 2 should be closely evaluated.

Help will be provided.

Senate to investigate 2019.


9ded00 () No. 6045064


Man, I feckin' miss her.

c5b8f5 () No. 6045065


there is a salad tosser right there hobbit, quickl, feltch it;s taint for optimized jootube prime ads

7b9859 () No. 6045066


it was an Android phone .. and it had malware cause THEY ALL DO… bitch probably didnt even know it was on there kek

f5bf09 () No. 6045067


Not disappeared… shelved until needed.

c5b8f5 () No. 6045068


larp it;'s butthole nadler

889f0c () No. 6045069

5a3bc0f69298e5....jpeg (103 KB, 255 x 145, 1440 : 816, TrumpHeGetsIt.jpeg) (h)



That was my thought. Narrative introduction. She got rid of the Chinese spy… wasn't it after like 30 years? Her "driver"? Kek… baby steps toward disclosure(s).

75f738 () No. 6045070


Wow, new level of shill stupidity.

59337c () No. 6045071


Shoulda seen that indictment coming

b916f7 () No. 6045072


I'm more inclined to have needs based charity.

if people need help, you help them.

you don't make them dependant.

repairations never repair anything.

it just kicks the butt-hurt-ball down to the next generation.

we gave Affirmative action to Blacks, so that was OK.

becuase of what happened with slavery.

it didn't go to all blacks.

then people said. 'how dare you say 'Black'.

we want 'African' to be the title

but not all Black poele are really African.

and also not all Africans are Black

so I mentioned this to someone, as a joke "your wife is S. African" she's a blond witch kind (you know the type).

and she signed up as 'African' and got the benifits of affirmative action.

so that's pretty screwed up.

Help peole who need help

don't help those who don't.

the system was set up to be a scam.

'Mexican's' are considered 'minorities'

so they gave special consideration for them

in wireless licensese.

and then what ahppened?

suddenly all these Mexicans, who

were white and very wealthy got all of these cell phone licenses in the United States.

pretty screwed up.

ce80d2 () No. 6045074

Scoop: Trump expected to name Herman Cain to the Fed

President Trump has told confidants he wants Herman Cain on the Federal Reserve board, but will wait until his background check is completed before making the formal announcement, according to two senior administration officials familiar with the decision.

Why it matters: It's likely confirmation that Trump is ready to move ahead with the former presidential candidate, whose possible nomination was reported by Bloomberg in January. "He won't formally announce until the vet is completed…But he likes Cain and wants to put him on there," said a senior official who has discussed the matter with the president.

Show less

Between the lines: As with any Trump "decision," administration officials are quick to attach an asterisk. This time, their hesitation is less about Trump changing his mind than about something coming up in Cain's background check that could complicate the situation.

The administration did not conduct a thorough vetting of Trump's most recent Fed pick, Stephen Moore, and they've had to weather stories about back taxes owed by Moore and that he had failed to pay alimony to his ex-wife. Moore told the New York Times earlier this week that "it's full speed ahead" and said that the White House was "100%" behind him.

The backstory: Cain served in multiple positions within the Fed system at the Kansas City Federal Reserve between 1992 and 1996. He served as CEO of Godfather's Pizza and ran for the 2012 GOP president nomination, but dropped out after sexual harassment allegations sank his candidacy.

President Trump regards his selection of Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell as one of the greatest mistakes of his administration. He has told aides that Powell has no "feel" for the markets and compares him to a golfer who cannot putt.

Trump tells aides that Powell is the biggest threat to the economy due to his 2018 decisions to raise interest rates, and even as Powell halted the rate rises he failed to win back Trump's affection. Trump considers Powell to be "weak" and blames Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for encouraging him to pick him, according to sources who've discussed the matter with the president.

Trump considered replacing Powell with Kevin Warsh for a brief moment last year, as Axios reported earlier this week.


a4939f () No. 6045075




Stacey Abrams too Hungry For Presidency to be VP

cfc980 () No. 6045076

6ebd2ed3630b40....jpg (2155 KB, 180 x 255, 2481 : 3508, 6ebd2ed3630b40....jpg) (h)

406ae1 () No. 6045077


I use FB Twatter and others to counter fakenews narrative and redpill normies

c5b8f5 () No. 6045078


even the pedo serial killer wants to watch nadler larp that things pooper

70da88 () No. 6045079

UK House of Commons canceled as water leak pours into press gallery

The Brexit storm clouds appear to have opened over British Lawmakers, as the house of commons had to be canceled for the day, due to water pouring into the chamber through the ceiling.

Watch the water

House of cards

93e111 () No. 6045080


Ah I see, you're a wretched social engineer trying to spin your overlords presence here.

Carry on clown.

1f5cf0 () No. 6045081


>>5678300 pb

bd4646 () No. 6045082


Wow…thanks for explaining that, retard

95279e () No. 6045083



21395c () No. 6045084

f8df505cfae85d....png (93 KB, 255 x 148, 280 : 162, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


just flip over to fox she is there often.. lyin donna as call here now

c5b8f5 () No. 6045085


feltchers want in your pocket before larping butthole

d236cf () No. 6045086

2 Q posts on

Plants need water

2 Q posts on

Watch the water

Has this connection been explored?

unable to dig now, on the move.

c508e8 () No. 6045087

70bd2dba747265....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, Go Fuck a Fish.jpg) (h)

ba06c3 () No. 6045088

Don Lemon is a disgrace. Low IQ, phony, unending BS spewed in an attempt to damage the good people. Yeah, he's scared spitless, as he should be. all of these animals are seeing it come very close now. Life is good.

ac8274 () No. 6045089

4dbeb5d39a41cb....png (46 KB, 255 x 148, 628 : 365, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


0203b2 () No. 6045090



7 and 9…

Common Core much?

59337c () No. 6045091


Forgot to fill in the name field, ebot

3dbce9 () No. 6045092

everyone should quit their job, I think they call that a general strike.

c1ccfa () No. 6045093

33fbac8450aba0....png (1172 KB, 255 x 127, 1880 : 934, WAIVR23_2019-0....png) (h)


Spotted an E6 TACAMO with an unusual callsign WAIVR23.

Does this riing any bells or mean anything?

5d1db6 () No. 6045094

e814bd05b68f2f....jpg (126 KB, 145 x 255, 600 : 1054, 1.jpg) (h)

6f5d1e651b748c....jpg (124 KB, 150 x 255, 600 : 1020, 2.jpg) (h)

Sen. Cotton Seeks IRS Inquiry Into Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tax Status


220120 () No. 6045095




this is the right way to answer.

7b9859 () No. 6045096




a9bf24 () No. 6045097

0a74e378a377ea....jpg (9 KB, 255 x 218, 255 : 218, 7f001b60e6126b....jpg) (h)

a48346888fd691....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 162defe3f743ed....jpg) (h)

ce80d2 () No. 6045098

Trump pick for Interior heads toward Senate confirmation

President Trump’s nominee to take over as head of the Interior Department cleared his first hurdle Thursday, winning approval from the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee in a 14-6 vote.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Rep. Angus King (I-Maine) joined the panel's Republicans in backing David Bernhardt's confirmation.

“He’s clearly qualified and has the experience to serve as Secretary," Manchin said at the vote. "He knows the Interior inside and out, that may be a blessing to some and may be a concern to others.

“Based on the assurances he has given, I’m prepared to vote on him this morning.”

Bernhardt only needs a majority vote on the floor to be confirmed as Interior's next secretary.

Chairman Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) called Bernhardt “well qualified” for the position.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) argued Bernhardt's ties to energy interests would make him no better than his predecessor Ryan Zinke, who left the department in the wake of a series of controversies.

“Every single Senator should be interested in restoring honor and integrity to the office of the Interior Secretary. Unfortunately, the Bernhardt nomination… doesn’t even come close,” Wyden said.


92e740 () No. 6045099


God lets me live,

they have no power over that

but thanks for filtering, we always make the dumb kids sit in the back of the classroom

9fdbca () No. 6045100


Q you watchin this shit?

yeah i know you are

so when are the big habbenings

cut loose

cf86eb () No. 6045101

de18f3ea3b3cca....png (283 KB, 255 x 249, 486 : 474, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

956fbe0c74000d....png (287 KB, 255 x 249, 485 : 474, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


0e2d1b () No. 6045102


Q would never say that…too Jonesy

c5b8f5 () No. 6045103


but is the roi better than jootube prime dishwasher ads with an ASSociates account, or is it just ass feltching fetish that drives your seo campaign

c98743 () No. 6045104

da6d15b0d82e0b....jpeg (743 KB, 182 x 255, 1242 : 1744, 4768AD79-1D27-....jpeg) (h)

350e2af83e59dd....jpeg (875 KB, 183 x 255, 1242 : 1728, BACC1F58-C53D-....jpeg) (h)

Fun fact of the day

>The largest mass lynching in US history killed 11 Italians in New Orleans in 1891.

I demand reparations


212063 () No. 6045105

fa7a9fcdb2ca9e....png (61 KB, 212 x 160, 212 : 160, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3eacfa3cb87759....png (936 KB, 200 x 255, 592 : 755, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Lynyrd Skynyrd dropped to many truth bombs

Van Zant, along with guitarist Steve Gaines, and backup singer Cassie Gaines, were killed in an airplane crash on October 20, 1977, putting an abrupt end to the 1970s era of the band.

Ran out of fuel and crashed ?

653e0b () No. 6045106


Nancy is full of shit. According to the Constitution, she's required to defend our borders. Maybe she should do her actual duty and stop trying to keep Trump from performing his.

76fcf2 () No. 6045107


crooked ass keywording sack of sloppy shit… useless politician..

f5bf09 () No. 6045108


FACT: It's impossible to have a barbell stay on your neck long enough to suffocate. Why?

Because anyone who has ever lifted knows to NEVER use plate collars for this very reason. If you can't make the lift, tilt the bar and the plates slide right off.

This was a murder, plain and simple.

fdceb3 () No. 6045109

866cfa1100514f....jpeg (93 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, 3F0AED2E-A274-....jpeg) (h)


But wait, there’s more!

5c6f02 () No. 6045110

Deep Purple Beethoven meets Rock 1985

0fbddb () No. 6045111

6d61b29e0ab110....jpg (147 KB, 255 x 218, 567 : 485, itspat(thememe).jpg) (h)

c5b8f5 () No. 6045112


maybe (you) can make jootube spam of serial killers for fake jews and their cocaine wash in gollywood

9fdbca () No. 6045113






all the same thing

system process = dead end

bust it open POTUS

no more waiting

594166 () No. 6045114

0d77a0e9bcf778....jpeg (230 KB, 255 x 111, 1563 : 681, Poowar1.jpeg) (h)


Yep shit is going down. I have been monitoring the situation and the conflict as escalated a lot in the last week. They are literally shooting at each other across the Line Of Control (LOC) with mortar and machine gun.

f8622b () No. 6045115


Implying Omar's kind did it when we all know who really did. SHame!

bd4646 () No. 6045116


Guise….tax returns are for refunds….derrrr

f5bf09 () No. 6045117


Stupidest posting I've seen on the boards in weeks. Congrats.

c303f7 () No. 6045118

he's talking about you behind your filter

1f5cf0 () No. 6045119

d76a42a503de24....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 135, 836 : 441, uncle Phil.jpg) (h)

crap. breads moving fast - and Big Mike should be 3/4 after the 1/8 or so cancellation.



197056 () No. 6045120


Wow. Just dug on this guy and ended up digging on his previous employer as an aide to Rep James Traficant.

Traficant was a conservative Dem who was clearly screwed over and then killed by the liberal cabal for not falling in step.


c5b8f5 () No. 6045121


maybe (you) want to dine on some ethnic taint,


#libtardsand trannys


ac8274 () No. 6045122

574434dbd76209....png (364 KB, 205 x 255, 635 : 791, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


fc7ade () No. 6045123

9ce02bc88e8a6e....jpeg (711 KB, 255 x 236, 1242 : 1151, 0B5B315D-2AF0-....jpeg) (h)


Video in tweet

b916f7 () No. 6045124


intellegence tool?

so it's designed to bleed contractor dollars into fraudulent AI to fund creeps who are trying to develop control systems?

That doesn't sound intellegent to me.

bd4646 () No. 6045125


That's anti-semetic!

28b51f () No. 6045126


That Aint a NewFag.


Go fuck yourself again you fucking JEW.

70da88 () No. 6045127

Libyan National Army Commander Orders Offensive on Tripoli - Reports


ce80d2 () No. 6045128

Marine general let emails leak to demonstrate border deployment hurt readiness: report

The Marines’ top general allowed the leak of internal Pentagon memos to publicize hardships military families faced during the deployment of troops to the southern border, according to a Newsweek report.

Marine Corp Commandant Gen. Robert Neller allowed two Defense Department memos to leak to NBC News and the Los Angeles Times in the past two weeks, Newsweek reported, citing two Pentagon sources.

In the documents, Neller describes unplanned service spending bills, including for the border deployment, forcing him to cancel or scale back planned training exercises, including the Integrated Training Exercise, or ITX, for II Marine Expeditionary Force, which was canceled outright, and Exercises Northern Edge, a joint exercise between the Marines and allied partners aimed at preparing for the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, which was “significantly reduced,” according to the report.

“The combat readiness of II Marine Expeditionary Force—1/3 the combat power of the Marine Corps—is degraded and will continue to degrade given current conditions,” Neller wrote in the memos.

The letter leaked to NBC also describes the slow pace of funding for repairs to Camp Lejeune, which was affected by Hurricane Florence last year. Neller told Navy Secretary Richard Spencer the total damage to the base was estimated at $3.5 billion, including $1.3 billion in building repairs and $1.7 billion in building replacements, with the remaining $500 million for operations and maintenance costs.

The Hill has reached out to the Marine Corps for comment.

Last week, the Pentagon moved ahead with plans to transfer $1 billion from its accounts toward construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. The transfer followed a letter by Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-Ind.), chair of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, denying the transfer. “These funds were neither requested nor appropriated for the activities described in the reprogramming,” Visclosky wrote.


29806e () No. 6045129

Mitch McConnell Keeps His Word And Invokes Nuclear Option To Move Obstructed Nominees

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he’d had enough of Senate Democrats delaying and obstructing district court judges and executive branch nominees. The current rules allow for 30 hours of debate on these positions. In order to slow down the confirmation of judges and prevent President Trump from filling positions he’s allowed to appoint, Democrats have been taking the full time allotted. If there wasn’t a resolution to the problem, McConnell said he’d change the rules to reduce the debate allocation to two hours


7b9859 () No. 6045130



cdddb3 () No. 6045131

they can't touch the pedo shit with a ten foot pole and they know it. they'll open a can of worms on themselves that will never be contained.>>6044773

5fc903 () No. 6045132


well anon if you remember your history… if the Taliban would have turned over bin laden… we would have never invaded Afghanistan…

fa7fae () No. 6045133

aeb4c370857657....jpg (140 KB, 255 x 191, 1000 : 750, jacinda culture.jpg) (h)


I think these women should get circumcised in solidarity with Moslems

Never Forget.

1f5cf0 () No. 6045135


it is a slide, like biblefag & weed.

level up, anon.

c5b8f5 () No. 6045136


hey closet homo, is it a peanut butter afternoon of optimized jew porks

43fcc8 () No. 6045137



Stacey Abrams is a sweaty fat pig

7b9859 () No. 6045138


and then no heroin… no CIA money… no deep state..

889f0c () No. 6045139


By PSK, you mean the bachelor? I assumed gay and young… but not the sk part. Sauce?

1e4d68 () No. 6045140

7381a739f11e36....jpg (770 KB, 255 x 170, 1800 : 1200, 10076670o2.jpg) (h)

c5645a () No. 6045142

So there was a video I watched earlier…A.A. Ron Rodgers and Danika Patrick with Seattle antifa…now I see on pretty much every sports station and radio conversation about how his Ego and McCarthy ego blew up the Pack. But more pointed at A.A. Ron Rodgers. The coincidence in itself is worth a look

a9bf24 () No. 6045143

bf97399b890ac9....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 206, 255 : 206, 28d1009d911579....jpg) (h)


sometimes i post (pic related)

anons are funny

f8622b () No. 6045144


Run away Joe! She'll shave your ass and eat it raw with ketchup!

1de4d1 () No. 6045145


only if it was plates on a bar

true barbells are fixed weights

but to your point, never seen a barbell big enough to bench with

(suffocating from a bar implies being underneath it, and being heavy most likely bench press as the excercise)

c02d95 () No. 6045146

>>6044989 History books

84c470 () No. 6045147



>>6044695 Syrian man caught at southern border illegally sneaking into US

>>6044717 MSNBC twat w/ CAP: Barr needs time to redact Mueller rpt.

>>6044721 PapaD twat w/ CAP on Joe Mifsud

>>6044726 Lindsy Graham twat on Mar-a-lago: …You know, they had a they had a Chinese person working in Dianne Feinstein's office…

>>6044753 New DJT twat

>>6044937 approx 6,700 FOIA documents released. https://foia.state.gov/search/results.aspx. ICYMI or need ref

>>6045017 zerohedge - Pakistan On High Alert, Indian Military Ready To Strike

lurking bakers

handoff request next bread

handoff at dough post is semi-mandatory, will see if i can hang a whole bread

i know we all are busy

WW anons, anyone out there not in the 9 to 5 work hours currently?

practice baking

we need you at this time slot

will post a practice baking link

bd4646 () No. 6045148


Is it? Is it really?

f5bf09 () No. 6045149


Don't forget: 23…PAIN

2e377d () No. 6045150

7b8d2496b7020e....png (2683 KB, 255 x 183, 4302 : 3092, 25th - what do....png) (h)

c60e648894eb27....png (6919 KB, 241 x 255, 4305 : 4552, 25th, [RR], Pe....png) (h)

e4f563e93888a0....png (200 KB, 172 x 255, 914 : 1354, wire - "rod".png) (h)

62a16c9d0e6667....png (200 KB, 174 x 255, 922 : 1352, wire - "die".png) (h)


c98743 () No. 6045151

58a6e02704e9b8....jpeg (205 KB, 255 x 94, 1134 : 417, 103E1E7A-6D3F-....jpeg) (h)

Man the shills don’t even know how the you’s work where have we see.this on Twitter?

84c470 () No. 6045152


Practice Baking

your call to serve has never been more required.

this is where you can make new threads to practice your bakery


download the picture from the OP (original post) up top

copy the link from the dough

you will see after you go there a batch of text to save to your local text editors

you will see the breaks in between posts from first post to last post

the title has a format - so its best to always copypaste a previous title and edit it

Q Research General #7732: your title here Edition

making the Dough

to make the new dough

this is a select all copy from your text editor to pastebin.com paste as submit

the url will change above from pastebin.com to a new url

copypaste that url

additional tips and videos are at the post above above the dough

39a139 () No. 6045153


I'm not a shill. I am however a free thinker while you probably like to color inside the lines.

f8622b () No. 6045154


Capital Gainz are the only way to play the Tax Game! Fuck regular income.

21395c () No. 6045155

6212a7a3006744....png (1593 KB, 255 x 183, 1693 : 1217, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




a4939f () No. 6045156

Stacey Abrams Exposes the Gap In Recent Remarks

Stacey Abrams too Big to Share Stage with Biden

406ae1 () No. 6045157


Hey when your enemy is doing damage to themselves, try not to interfere. kek

70da88 () No.</