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Friday 03.29.2019

>>5967783 ————————————–——– THINK FOR YOURSELF. DIVIDERS will FAIL.

>>5967516 ————————————–——– Define ‘Bait’.

>>5967079 ————————————–——– On the move.

>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

>>5966375 ————————————–——– Data streams accessible?

>>5966027 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party. (Cap: >>5981933)

Thursday 03.28.2019

Compiled here: >>6028589 (Part 2)

Compiled here: >>5948668 (Part 1)

Wednesday 03.27.2019

Compiled here: >>5946363

Tuesday 03.26.2019

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>>6045473 POTUS_Sched: Note from the DoJ on the release of the Mueller Report.

>>6045481 POTUS_Sched: southern border will be closed or tariffs on cars coming from Mexico

>>6045496, >>6045511, >>6045530 Trump To Nominate Herman Cain

>>6045501, >>6045665 anon dig on CPS and sex slavery

>>6045666 New Tom Fitton

>>6046052 #7732

#7731 baker change

>>6044695 Syrian man caught at southern border illegally sneaking into US

>>6044717 MSNBC twat w/ CAP: Barr needs time to redact Mueller rpt.

>>6044721 PapaD twat w/ CAP on Joe Mifsud

>>6044726 Lindsy Graham twat on Mar-a-lago:'You know, they had a they had a Chinese person working in Feinstein's office'

>>6045244 Mar-A-Lago Chinese Spy Friend "Charles"

>>6044753 New DJT twat

>>6044937 approx 6,700 FOIA documents released. https://foia.state.gov/search/results.aspx. ICYMI or need ref

>>6045017 zerohedge - Pakistan On High Alert, Indian Military Ready To Strike

>>6044735 DJT Jr trolls creepy Joe w funny [carpe] video

>>6045150 anon on the 25th, Q3249, and The Wire (theories/graphics)

>>6045289 Q post 1027 - 1 yr delta post - Watch the news tomorrow,POTUS will be up all night

>>6045350 #7731


>>6043878 NSA Gov Twat

>>6043959 Matt Gaetz Unveils ‘Green Real Deal’ as ‘Commonsense Rebuttal’ to AOC’s Green New Deal

>>6043980 MIT cuts collaborations with Chinese tech firms Huawei, ZTE

>>6043993 About 280 workers arrested in ICE raid at Allen technology business

>>6044010 Q Proof 'ammunition spent' submission needs eyes

>>6044024 CNN’s Don Lemon says Obama DOJ should 'Not' be investigated over Russia probe

>>6044050 UK Police ready 10,000 riot officers as fears Brexit tensions could worsen

>>6044056 Trump signs memo to fight counterfeit products online


>>6044162 U.S. weekly jobless claims fall to lowest level since 1969

>>6044225 San Diego lawmakers sue Trump administration as border county cares for 11,000 asylum seekers

>>6044250 Despite Liberal Media’s Best Efforts: 47% of Likely Voters Now Believe Crooked Hillary Was the Candidate Colluding with Foreign Operatives

>>6044306 Tom Fitton Twat: …No President has been subject to as many investigations…

>>6044376, >>6044449 Anon dig on Lion's air crash and parts manufacturing

>>6044435 Fox News president on boycotts: We won't allow 'the voices of the few impact our business'

>>6044562 #7730


Baker claiming ghost bread

>>6043238 Poll: More Americans believe in ‘Clinton collusion’ after Mueller probe flop

>>6043270 Icahn sells stake in Lyft to satan's son Soros

>>6043228 Anon Mil Ops PSA: Join our ranks!

>>6043518 New DJT 1 twat w/ CAP

>>6043556 New DJT 2 twat w/ CAP

>>6043570 Swalwell running for President, will center his campaign on gun control.

>>6043574 China providing services to woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago

>>6043603 Australia passes social media law penalising platforms for violent content

>>6043657 New DJT 3 twat w/ CAP

>>6043676 Texas State students are trying to ban Turning Point USA from campus

>>6043754 New DJT 4 twat w/ CAP

>>6043770 #7729


>>6042502, >>6042503 Resignations in the news today

>>6042446, >>6042522 article(s) about Tavistock, May & Merkel from brexit bread. Needs more sauce. good for diggin

>>6042567 Breaking 911 Philippines says large presence of Chinese vessels near Manila

>>6042629 Doug twat "replying to me" - means ID is 72240c

>>6042697 #7728

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ghost handoff in effect

assume bake

assume ebake if no reply to Dugh after 600

adb959 () No. 6046119

early bake protocol

fill old bread first

if you have super dank insider info that will break the internet and get a YOU from Q then post here

6a5a24 () No. 6046134

patriots remember!

7f88ef () No. 6046142

7f88ef () No. 6046147

354802 () No. 6046148

Guise, what the hell is going on here? Some strange statements being made. Signaling?

Hilaria Baldwin talking about being pregnant and possibly having a miscarriage:

“I want to share with you that I am most likely experiencing a miscarriage,” she wrote. “I always promised myself that if I were to get pregnant again, I would share the news with you guys pretty early,…"

“because my job is to help people by being real and open. Furthermore, I have no shame or embarrassment with this experience. I want to be a part of the effort to normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma from it.”

“There is so much secrecy during the first trimester….."



fcefbe () No. 6046150


Baker, I'll take this bread.

Can just do ONE bread, frens

Looking for HANDOFF at the start of NB

Handoff confirmed?

7f88ef () No. 6046151

cf1df2 () No. 6046166

Jorge Ramos: Too Late To Close The Border You Can’t Stop Them Now

Nobody likes illegal immigration. Nobody. So let’s do something about it: first, legalize the 10.7 M undocumented immigrants that are already here; second, create a legal and realistic immigration system that works. This won’t be solved with a useless wall.


1831d3 () No. 6046172


There are countless attacks by the media in an orchestrated campaign. We are at war with the corrupt establishment, and they are fighting back with vengeance. There are millions spent shaping these narratives, much like Fusion GPS, ShareBlue and others. At least 20% of posts are not related to our research and are various forms of subversion or fake news narrative shaping.

The NOTABLES section will help you cut through the chaos and noise.

Notables aren‘t endorsements. Discern for yourself. This board is not much different from any comment section on a site, and yes they pay to “shape” opinion there too. The notion we can control anonymous posts is a huge leap.

If it’s HATE based, it’s FAKE / PAID

NOTHING Q has said supports these narratives. We reject any unlawful activity. Groups that fundraise off “hate” are the most likely culprits. Hate is an industry, much like the news media being more interested in ratings than journalism.

Think for yourself and discern posts in context of Q drops at QMAP.PUB and current events.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again




>>5966972 (Q, pb) rt >>5966583 (pb) rt >>5966470 (pb)

7f88ef () No. 6046183

31415d () No. 6046187


That’s Hilari-ous

392f9d () No. 6046188

Thank you Baker!!!

Thanks new Baker!!!

Thank you in advance Next Bread Baker for Stepping Up

e7846c () No. 6046193

YourVoice™ America

another shill farm

78d05a () No. 6046194


based baker

9c0bdc () No. 6046199

fcefbe () No. 6046200



New baker in the kitchen

BO/BV notified.

e6f5be () No. 6046210


I can take it after you, baker, if you like.

7f88ef () No. 6046211

e7846c () No. 6046214


dig on this creep


fcefbe () No. 6046215


Baker requests assistance

Have to pick up notes from PB

Please call out NOTABLES

or Notetaker, generate list for baker in Notepad

fcefbe () No. 6046220


Great, thanks, see you at the next dough.

7869ae () No. 6046221


yep - they are lining up for this shit too…

c42454 () No. 6046234

NOVEMBER 28, 1999

Trump Presidential Campaign

Roger Stone talked about the decision of Donald Trump to form a presidential exploratory committee. He focused on Trump’s membership in the Reform party, and Trump’s agenda for his campaign. He responded to viewer telephone calls, faxes and electronic mail.


e6f5be () No. 6046236


I’ll go back and collect from last.


5:5. See you there.

4b02eb () No. 6046244

Multiple police officers shot in Georgia


981a84 () No. 6046249

>>6046156 (lb)

Uh, huh-uh, Hey, baby!

46933b () No. 6046251

"Fight through the sundown

Into the night

Enduring the Darkness

Awaiting the Light…


Trolls and Shills have *really* turned up on Twitter this week. Needed some mood music!

2b424d () No. 6046264

Better show some aggressive measures on border security between now and next year.

981a84 () No. 6046265

f9909c () No. 6046266


Democrats launch MORE fishing expeditions

Why can’t we just focus on helping the country?

fcefbe () No. 6046270


I got them, fren, I collected them so it was easy

#7732 posted in #7733

>>6045968 PapaD tweet: Dems have "no idea" what they're wishing for with unredacted Mueller

>>6045448 Democrats in 2020: Unelectable Nonentities

>>6045460 Pope Francis Says God Only ‘Permits’ Islam to Exist

>>6045473 Notes from the DoJ on the release of the Mueller Report

>>6045481 President Trump says the southern border will be closed or he will put tariffs on cars coming from Mexico

>>6045473 POTUS_Sched: Note from the DoJ on the release of the Mueller Report.

>>6045481 POTUS_Sched: southern border will be closed or tariffs on cars coming from Mexico

>>6045496, >>6045511, >>6045530 Trump To Nominate Herman Cain

>>6045501, >>6045665 anon dig on CPS and sex slavery

>>6045666 New Tom Fitton

c42454 () No. 6046271

Trump in 1999: Negotiate with North Korea

CNN Tonight

Donald Trump said the US needed to negotiate with North Korea in a 1999 interview on NBC's "Meet the Press."


bbe8e3 () No. 6046273

She makes a lot of bold claims about crookery in GA over votes/suppression.

121319 () No. 6046275

>>6046156 (lb)

Damn he got lucky, she could have taken a hellava lot more

85c51e () No. 6046285

>>6045555 (lb)

> saturn

>>6045571 (lb)

>fluid dynamics in a rotating object. Jupiter has an 8 sided geometric storm at its pole. These can easily be recreated in labs and the number of sides is dependent on minor changes of rotational speeds. Just physics man

muh rotating atmosphere.

just physics anon. rotating gaseous objects can never rotate as a whole object. They must adhere to the no-slip boundary condition.

4867a1 () No. 6046291



From election. Aging well.

6abec0 () No. 6046292


I wouldn't be so quick to call him lucky, as he will be holding on to stocks that will TANK!

b77fd5 () No. 6046293


Yes, they all seem to be working together, even when they’re pretending to fight each other. They want to control both sides.

08c359 () No. 6046294


they're trying to force him not to run in 2020… I guess I don't understand the fear and hate these people have… it's a lot more than hilldawg losing… a lot more… almost like demons against angels

1b815d () No. 6046295

31415d () No. 6046296



and why is he a creep

6d9e2d () No. 6046297


63cb07 () No. 6046298

bbe8e3 () No. 6046299

Don't forget.


bb09a2 () No. 6046300


>Damn he got lucky, she could have taken a hellava lot more

This is a divorce of convenience. So when justice comes for Bezos, she will still have a bunch of assets tucked away that can't be touched. They both need to hang for treason.

7c1dfa () No. 6046301

121319 () No. 6046302


Well I'd rather hold on to tanking companies than give em away

5cc01f () No. 6046303

Thank You Baker

d03f97 () No. 6046304

>>6045559 lb

>>6046223 lb

>Not run by POTUS acct. Back up video or source? Did he say that? Sauce

Take this source for what it's worth

President Donald Trump on Thursday said he would give Mexico a year to stem the flow of illegal drugs and migrants over the southern border, and if the country cannot, he said he would impose auto tariffs, and if that didn’t work, would close the border.

“You know i will do it. I don’t play games. … so we’re doing it to stop people. We’re gonna give them a one year warning, and if the drugs don’t stop, or largely stop, we’re going to put tariffs on Mexico and products, in particular cars. The whole ballgame is cars….and if that doesn’t stop the drugs, we close the border,” Trump told reporters at the White House.


751860 () No. 6046305

2c4825 () No. 6046306


>YourVoice™ America

e7846c () No. 6046307

7c1dfa () No. 6046308

410e74 () No. 6046309

panic with avocados

Avocados have long been considered sexual enhancers; the Aztecs used them as sexual stimulants and forbade virgin women from leaving their houses during the avocado harvest in fear that they might become sexually overwhelmed by the powers of the avocado.

This fruit is high in folic acid, which breaks down protein and boosts energy. Avocados contain a good amount of monounsaturated fat – the healthy fat – that is necessary for hormone production. In addition, they’re rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, both of which boost male hormone production and give you enough energy to last in the bedroom.


other 4 foods are oysters, hot peppers, bananas and chocolate.

2b424d () No. 6046310

Threats lose their credibility of you dont follow through.

f9909c () No. 6046311


Woodall says Dems attempting to weaponize Tax code

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), a member on the House Budget Committee, on Thursday accused Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee of requesting copies of President Trump's tax returns as a way of “politicizing the tax system.”

“We’re politicizing the tax system,” Woodall told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton. “Presidents have never been forced to release it, they volunteered to release those tax returns.”

“To see what the Ways and Means Committee is doing, now to use its article one power to weaponize the tax code is really disturbing,” Woodall added.

bbe8e3 () No. 6046312


Oh shit, I got the dubs

31415d () No. 6046313


>Not my filter


0b003e () No. 6046314

Time to separate the socialists from the democrats.

Time for a new party - the radical socialist party. bernie and occasional-cortex (unless she's jailed for corruption) can be the headliners of the radical socialist party and biden can be the headliners for the pedos in charge party.

They can then eat each other and Americans and their President can continue to improve the world.



121319 () No. 6046315


That's my point then why not take half from "cheating" to save more after they go after Jeff

b77fd5 () No. 6046316


Lurk moar or shill less. Take your pick.

d03f97 () No. 6046317


Forgot to say A YEAR!? That's way too long. I'd give them 1 month. Even then that's too long.

6c5798 () No. 6046318


Cmon anon. Bill helped me get through the 2016 election frenzy. Kept me sane, that Trump would win. He seems like a good guy, what I've seen anyway.

a41665 () No. 6046321


Obama and McCain weaponized the IRS years ago….what happened to that?

f9909c () No. 6046322


Facebook delivers housing, employment ads based on race, gender stereotypes: study

"Our results demonstrate previously unknown mechanisms that can lead to potentially discriminatory ad delivery, even when advertisers set their targeting parameters to be highly inclusive," the researchers wrote.

7c1dfa () No. 6046323

d1588b () No. 6046324


What do these elected leaders actually DO?

1831d3 () No. 6046325


Workfagging here. You need to put that back in your ass

3ecfba () No. 6046326

>>6046119, >>6046150, >>6046210

Good to go, ty bakers

b77fd5 () No. 6046327


Nice, anon.

4b02eb () No. 6046328

30a8f2 () No. 6046329

An update on Stroppy Me. His doctors said his condition was caused by stress. He has been a ceaseless Q supporter and Patriot but he admits his work has gotten the better of him. He is taking a break until after Easter.

God's blessing and healing to you Stroppy.

31415d () No. 6046330


How is asking for an explanation of why the guy is a creep, a shill post?

Tf is wrong with you

bb09a2 () No. 6046331


>That's my point then why not take half from "cheating" to save more after they go after Jeff

I'm sure she got plenty.

3a0590 () No. 6046332

gee your hair smells terrific

e7846c () No. 6046333

d9052a () No. 6046334

7c1dfa () No. 6046335

bbe8e3 () No. 6046336

f9909c () No. 6046338


Same as most things, quietly ignored.

224b4b () No. 6046339

>>6046277 (lb)

6a5a24 () No. 6046340

patriots remember!!

865df1 () No. 6046341


What’s your beef with Bill, shill?

He’s a bit late to the Q party but he’s been fair and open to it.

Sauce or shut your big yapper.

cbccb8 () No. 6046342


Special ThanQ to all the Bakers today. God Bless All of You.

Semper Fi

751860 () No. 6046343



can still be taken from her. Clawbacks

Apply this to SEC or DOJ enforcement


bbe8e3 () No. 6046344

Ty, bakers

f6ce7d () No. 6046345


The socialists already took over the Dim party.

The old Dims will have to split out if they are to regain any credibility. Death of the Dim party mentioned by Q.

f9909c () No. 6046346


MacKenzie Bezos tweets divorce terms with Jeff Bezos

a518ba () No. 6046347

025726 () No. 6046348

fixed it for ya Bill

c42454 () No. 6046350


b77fd5 () No. 6046351


I’m calling out your behavior, not your question.

651bc6 () No. 6046352


avacado oil is very good for deep frying.

it's expensive, but the food comes out much tastier

and you don't get that 'I just had rancid oil' sense you get if you

safflower or other oils.

da5f6f () No. 6046353

What about Awan.

Is Israel involved?

4f5bed () No. 6046354

>>6045568 (PB)

The ONLY parts of the border that should NOT be closed are the designated ports of entry / crossing points.


Geez Don, don't harpoon us. Forget the economy of TX – if stopping the influx of illegal drugs and trafficked women and children will harm the TX economy that much, then it OUGHT to be hurt.

A year from now there will be another million or so illegal immigrants, a shit-tonne of new drugs and herds of newly trafficked women and children. Other than being in a year's worse shape, what will have changed?

It's hard to win at chess if you keep giving up your pawns without capturing anything.

946457 () No. 6046355


e7846c () No. 6046356






121319 () No. 6046357


First rule of Death Star.

Don't talk about Iapetus.

d7e4cc () No. 6046358

a41665 () No. 6046360


I guess God Emperor is useless….obvious crimes still going unpunished.


68e89f () No. 6046361



Tybs!! U fags are true patriots.

d1588b () No. 6046362


Nothing wrong with easing back. Hope his hiccoughs go away.

f6ce7d () No. 6046363


Must be getting a ton of cash and real assets.

ccdf52 () No. 6046364


I wonder if this ties in at all with Q' 'they thought you would follow the stars' thing.

14f72b () No. 6046365


Peanut oil

121319 () No. 6046366


>when someone discovers the devious lookback girl for the first time

7c1dfa () No. 6046367

d03f97 () No. 6046368


So she's walking away with 25% of Amazon stock. That's still a nice little pay out.

30a8f2 () No. 6046369


F'ing saved. Love it!

0c051e () No. 6046370


e7846c () No. 6046371


I was wondering why I got such a weird vibe from this clown.

246c56 () No. 6046372



Use of IRS to target political enemies is "normal conduct." Get used to it. All them will tell you it doesn't or shouldn't happen, but it keeps happening. seems to me the rules are totally for show. I don't believe the government follows ANY of its own rules. All the outrage by government people, congress, heads of agencies, etc., all that outrage is fake. It's designed to make you think they follow the rules.

The rules exist to FOOL you. That is the only purpose for the rules.

f9909c () No. 6046373


Why do you think people pay huge amounts of money to "work" a job paying only $75,000 a year. But end up worth millions. Please tell me you understand rhetorical statements, lol.

7f88ef () No. 6046374


her vajayjay was remotely hacked by saudis via twatter

d1588b () No. 6046375


Classless. Is nothing private anymore? JFC

ae1091 () No. 6046376


b77fd5 () No. 6046377



Your tactics don’t work here.

f1ab36 () No. 6046378

WTF is this DOUG / Neon crap Anon sees in the NOTABLES?

Neon is a TRAITOR and PAYtriot.

We've been over this many, many times.

Neons first back- stabbing came during the 666 Fifth Ave breads where they attempted to direct and force research to a desired end in an effort to obtain a salacious story and then run the results thru their site and monetize it.

Anons ok with being used in this manner?

Allowing Q to be used, mis-directed and quoted of supporting bad research and lies from nothing? That is what happened.

Those incidents occurred almost 2 years ago and for most of the time since, Bakers have kept neon from our Notables. But now we have neon again in our notes and dialog and AGAIN neon is using this spotlight to boost his name and site and allow him moar views / viewership and moar money to be made off of our research and efforts.

Anons ok with that?

Neon is NOT our fren. Not in any way, shape or form. Neon is just as bad as Doug and MAGA coalition. Perhaps neon is part of the coalition?


Neon has no allegiance to us nor is he interested in our success- only neon success.


Neon will take this site down if Anons allow it to continue

[and this Anon will continue to post about eliminating neon here. personally dedicated two+ years of my life and thousands of Notables to this project and have no intention of allowing neon or his ilk to blacken our collective eye]

755e22 () No. 6046379

6c5798 () No. 6046380


Potus Schedule tweeted all these before Fox even played it. Legit account (this new one anyway). Pay attention to it. I don't want to out who it is, but you will realize after watching for a bit.

da5f6f () No. 6046381

ccdf52 () No. 6046382


Unless you're actually controlling all the pieces and playing on a grander scale than the average Joe can understand

8be8f6 () No. 6046383

>>6046213 (lb)

>God: Sacrifice the best of your stock unto me.

>OT Worshiper: Yes Lord. But, may I ask why?

>God: You need to atone for your sins.

>OT Worshiper: OK. But, why do you need a sacrifice.

>God: To cover your sins in blood for atonement.

>OT Worshiper: OK. Is that necessary for me to have eternal salvation?

>God: No, but; just trust me. Sacrifice that cow until I can prepare for this prophecy of sacrificing my own son unto me.

>OT Worshiper: Wait, WHAT?

>God: Long story, but when the messiah comes, my people will embrace him, while a group of people that reject him and claim to be my servants holding to the Law and having absolute dominion over my people will ultimately sacrifice him.

>OT Worshiper: That doesn't make sense. Why not just allow for us to have direct communion with you now and avoid all the bloodshed?

>God: Because there has to be a blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins.

>OT Worshiper: Why?

>God: Because there has to be a blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins.

>OT Worshiper: Why?

>God: Stop asking questions, and bring that cow over here for the BBQ, I mean, sacrifice for atonement of sins.

OT Worshiper: Yes, Lord.

See the problem, yet? God's only demand of sacrifice is of ourselves. Not literally killing ourselves, but denying ourselves the pleasure of the flesh. What could be so pleasing to God to have us destroy His creation to serve Him better? It's A LIE.

5e478d () No. 6046384


high IQ post

025726 () No. 6046385


seriously who would follow a person that is paid to lie for a living o.0

i wanna know o/

0c051e () No. 6046386


"You just grab them by the tits!"

3f7808 () No. 6046387


I'm starting to wonder whether this is what was meant by NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING.

At the rate they are coming, a 1 year warning before closing the border will be too late. Does anyone have any logical reason why this makes any sense?

410e74 () No. 6046388



“Avocado” Derives from a Word Meaning “Testicle”

681abe () No. 6046389

New HRC twat

When at the



Thanks for the company, Bonnie and Mark (winners of our






bbe8e3 () No. 6046390


Attacks are certainly intensifying.

That's some next lvl vidimation.

Even loops seemlessly.

d1588b () No. 6046391


I do! It was tongue in cheek..kek

31415d () No. 6046392


My behavior?

Asking for sauce and reasoning is shills behavior?

Again I ask, what the fuck is wrong with you?

And you still never explained why you called Bill a creep and gave a reason for us to dig on him. WTF should we invest time and energy into digging on someone if you don’t show us any reason whatsoever that he may be involved in corruption or something illegal.

Your whole statement is just fucking ridiculous. You can’t come in here’s and just demand people start digging for no reason whatsoever.

7c1dfa () No. 6046393



5cc01f () No. 6046394

35295d () No. 6046395

Libyan strongman orders troops to march on Tripoli

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar says forces’ move will ‘shake the lands under the feet of the unjust bunch’


f9909c () No. 6046396


Hillary Sighting?

fed1d0 () No. 6046397





ae1091 () No. 6046398


Code H

058539 () No. 6046399

If Herman Cain is the Fed board nominee, what are we betting that the allegations about his sexual misconduct comes out, again?


55a846 () No. 6046400

Coming,soon,to a theatre near you.

d9052a () No. 6046401


Fuckin trannies

1b815d () No. 6046403

4b02eb () No. 6046404


Ripped and twatted. TQ anon

224b4b () No. 6046405

68e89f () No. 6046407


Good eye… and thats one of my fav Q drops of all time.

ccdf52 () No. 6046408


It isnt about who would - it is about who they are hoping will.

058539 () No. 6046409


Previous bread

b77fd5 () No. 6046410


Yep, Dilley is just acting and is part of the scam too.

fed1d0 () No. 6046411


AvocadoGate intensifies

a518ba () No. 6046412


Patriots remember (this evil cunt)

410e74 () No. 6046413



Used to describe a person, particularly a man, who is socially construed as straight by those around him/her, but in actuality is gay. Someone who goes undected on the gaydar spectrum. Thick, deceptive skin on outside, but a fruit on the inside. Based on the avocado being widely misnomered as a vegetable, when it is indeed a fruit.

e7846c () No. 6046414



e8fd48 () No. 6046415


That's because the pregious poster is a shill, anon.

708395 () No. 6046416

Urgent! Fellow Eurofaggots! Daughter was underway between Germany and France today and is stuck in Germany having heard Paris station is locked down and no trains in/out! What the hell is happening? Twitter has nothing.

d9052a () No. 6046417

f9909c () No. 6046418




4867a1 () No. 6046419


Rumors of Steve Jobs getting quick cancered over this. But Jobs was not a clown.

22873e () No. 6046420


Her voice.

She sounds a little bit „concerned“.


b98279 () No. 6046421

Mother fuckers. Give the report to the house and tell them to release it unredacted. Fast track to gitmo for everyone. Fuck them. Tell them release it all unredacted or give it back to Barr. That might just shut them the fuck up.

e459cf () No. 6046422

Code H

7007d9 () No. 6046423

>>6045747 lb

Agree, anon. He's repeating a pattern we've seen before. Luring the unsuspected in with a decent article or two to build cred and then dropping disinfo and poorly reasoned arguments to steer the narrative.

Think he's actually a part of a larger operation. Look to who's been promoting his latest pieces on twatter.

31415d () No. 6046425


If you can’t take the time to explain why Bill is a creep, then IMO he’s not a creep, you have presented no evidence to support your claims, and claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Kindly fuck off with your bullshit

629aa1 () No. 6046426


excellent job.

94ec4a () No. 6046427

7c1dfa () No. 6046428

058539 () No. 6046429


Mitchell looks like a smug fuck. We don't need some pied piper trying to lead the movement.

f2cb69 () No. 6046430


Funny that one thing that makes something a fruit is having seed inside.

d7e4cc () No. 6046431

2b424d () No. 6046433

0c051e () No. 6046434


Garden of Eden?

121319 () No. 6046435



Soy Boys BTFO

665e99 () No. 6046436


Avocado is code for POD people

They have been shipping them in for years

NoName was a part of this

8eebe7 () No. 6046437


At least she was smart enough to dump the Wash Compost.


The irony when we finally are able to put a rocket on the moon, there are too many satellites orbiting earth to risk collision.

b77fd5 () No. 6046438


That’s why I said lurk moar. Have you not read what Q has posted about the shills operating here? Have you not paid attention to any of the digs done on Maga Coalition? Do you not realize that all of these clowns are working together?

f1ab36 () No. 6046439




Famefag? Namefag? NOT Anonymous = NOT Anon = NOT one of us.

GTFO with this shit and with Bill.

751860 () No. 6046440


Net Worth: $170 Billion

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world-famous Amazon, which is said to be one of the largest and most successful online marketplaces in the world.

There’s been a lot of talks recently about who the richest person in the world is, and Jeff Bezos’s net worth has been fluctuating a lot recently. However, Jeff has now de-throned Bill Gates and has become the richest man in the world.


She gets about $425,000,000 if that is accurate

acd23a () No. 6046441


>>5958613 pb

>Please use PNGs or JPGs (not JPEGS) for images

/* jsanon here

this post contains a userscript for Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, etc that makes some improvements to the breads

more info about userscripts and how to install them: https://github.com/OpenUserJs/OpenUserJS.org/wiki/Userscript-Beginners-HOWTO

features so far:

> highlight all lb/pb links in yellow

> show (OP) in the post header for all replies by the original poster

> fix loading .jpeg images from previous breads: workaround for >>5958613

< pic related */

// —————– BEGIN SCRIPT

// ==UserScript==

// @name qresearch tweaks by jsanon

// @version 7733

// @grant none

// @include https://8ch.net/qresearch/*

// ==/UserScript==

(function() {


* Helper functions


function addStyle(css) {

var style = document.createElement('style');

style.innerHTML = css;




* Highlight lb/pb links in yellow


var opPostIDMatch = window.location.href.match(/\/(\d+)\.html/);

if (!opPostIDMatch) {

// Not on an individual thread page; stop here.



var opPostID = opPostIDMatch[1];


a[href^="/qresearch/res/"]:not([href^="/qresearch/res/${opPostID}.html"]) {

background: #ffb;




* Add "(OP)" to OP user ID


var opPosterID = document.querySelector('.post.op .poster_id').innerText.trim();

function highlightPostsByOPUser() {


.forEach(el => {

var posterID = el.innerText.trim();

if (posterID === opPosterID) {

el.style.fontWeight = 'bold';

el.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createTextNode(' (OP)'), el.nextSibling);






setInterval(highlightPostsByOPUser, 2000);


* Fix loading .jpeg images from previous breads


function fixJpegImages() {


.forEach(el => {

var arrFileInfoName = el.querySelectorAll('p.fileinfo a:not(.hide-image-link)');

var arrImg = el.querySelectorAll('img');

for (var i = 0; i < arrFileInfoName.length; i++) {

var fileInfoName = arrFileInfoName[i].innerText;

var img = arrImg[i];

if (/\.jpeg\s*$/.test(fileInfoName) &&

img && /\.jpg$/.test(img.src)) {

img.src = img.src.replace(/\.jpg$/, '.jpeg');





setInterval(fixJpegImages, 1000);


// —————– END SCRIPT

d55819 () No. 6046442

fed1d0 () No. 6046443


I remember the first time I saw dave I thought…well that is one masonic looking dude…but wait he seems ok.

then i went to his website and saw pic related

yep…thats why he looks like an arizona mason.

da5f6f () No. 6046444

7c1dfa () No. 6046445



e8fd48 () No. 6046446



10fd18 () No. 6046447

Still stunned by the cost of the collusion delusion

bb7b5b () No. 6046448

Tom Fitton Tweet

1:36 PM - 4 Apr 2019

"Americans deserve to know truth on how the corrupted DOJ/FBI ginned up the bogus Russia investigation. @JudicialWatch exposing the worst corruption scandal in American history – abusive targeting of @RealDonaldTrump by the Obama admin and the Deep State."


Embedded link to Judicial Watch Article dated 04-Apr-2019: https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-sues-doj-fbi-for-top-officials-communications-about-alleged-russian-interference-in-the-2016-election/

2e9b59 () No. 6046449


“One Year Warning” that’ll show Mexico we mean business KEK get ready for an influx of illegal migrants!!!

d7e4cc () No. 6046450

352862 () No. 6046451


Mitchell was a early never Trumper. Supported Lyin' Ted early. He's neocon through and through

5dacda () No. 6046452


Ask Doug Chin how that worked out for him.

de977c () No. 6046453



reee our family

ty beezies

fcefbe () No. 6046454


Baker, here, What's the deal with avocados? Part of a digg? (sorry, don't know everything!)

076c13 () No. 6046455

POTUS threatened to close border last week. Now he says he will maybe do something NEXT YEAR. This was a wimp out. This is not good.

Q, or POTUS,

I am not with you on this…. I hope there is some gambit going on, ….

63cb07 () No. 6046456


The word “avocado” is believed to be derived from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl, which means “testicle” and obviously describes the shape of the fruit. It also likely refers to the fact that the believed the avocado to be an aphrodisiac.

sauce: https://www.avoseedo.com/a-brief-history-of-the-avocado/

8be8f6 () No. 6046457


Bill's gtg. You are arguing with a shill right now. This is what they do:


e26d82 () No. 6046458

love you all (no homo) life is good, we are winning non stop you just have to know where to look!

7f88ef () No. 6046459

e7846c () No. 6046460


I knew he was whack when he's start telling us about his prophetic dreams.

Like ok bud.

f9909c () No. 6046461




I got brave and clicked that shit.

Looks like a Pay for Play disguised as a Liberal Make a Wish

bbe8e3 () No. 6046462


Secret society meeting chamber underground formerly?

Masonic faggotry?

9c0bdc () No. 6046463

just what i think they are code for ….normal people do not bitch this much about avacados no matter how good guacamole is….

18749e () No. 6046464


You should donate to him then

Then ask how he got a blue check mark

e8fd48 () No. 6046465


He needs to put up or shut up. Tired of these threats that lead nothing.

68e89f () No. 6046466


So the old one is officially done? I remember it getting suspended after posting pics from inside the trump security team…. but never remember it coming back.

058539 () No. 6046467


Bad vibes across the board with that whole lot. I said as much yesterday and someone was trying to white knight for Mitchell. I don't trust a one of them: Dilley, Adam Gingrich, Ginger, Mitchell, and PrayingMedic & IntheMatrixxx are on notice, IMO too.

7c1dfa () No. 6046469

567080 () No. 6046470


That's what primaries are for, dickbreath

31415d () No. 6046471


I was willing to listen to their reasoning, but their lack of evidence and response to my questions are indications of a shill op.

So you are correct IMO and they will get no more (you)s from me.

121319 () No. 6046472


This has got to be the oddest new shilling attempt. I miss Synagogue of satan

352862 () No. 6046473


Shilling for shills earns filter.

fcefbe () No. 6046474


notes so far

>>6046448 Tom Fitton Tweet: "Americans deserve to know the truth [about corruprt DOJ/FBI]

>>6046396 Hillary Sighting?

>>6046395 Libyan strongman orders troops to march on Tripoli

>>6046355 US Marines: moar on "Turn up the volume"

>>6046346 MacKenzie Bezos tweets divorce terms with Jeff Bezos

>>6046322 Facebook delivers housing, employment ads based on race, gender stereotypes: study

>>6046311 Woodall says Dems attempting to weaponize Tax code

>>6046304 Moar on possible border shutdown

>>6046166 Jorge Ramos: Too late to close the border - You can’t stop them now; Sara Carter notes his comments >>6046297

4867a1 () No. 6046475


missing some zeros anon

ae1091 () No. 6046476


0fb853 () No. 6046477

>>6045702 lb

Tried to find this for you but there is only the one image on Instagram and your screenshot did no justice when I Photozoomed it to 200%. Not gonna post that.

Can you download the pic off Instagram rather than screenshot it and link it to this post and hopefully I can up size it nicely and I will link back to (you) with or without success.

2c4825 () No. 6046478



Political Insiders and investigative specialists: Jack Posobiec and Adam Gingrich bring us up to speed on Your Voice America with Bill Mitchell

Fake MAGA = Gingrich + Posobiec and crew + Mitchell

Start a running list: Dilley // Preying Medic…….

Look at the connections and how they all circle back to each other

They throw in a few public Catturd fights so people don't know they are all associated in one large Fake MAGA Coalition

224b4b () No. 6046479

f9909c () No. 6046480


Grand Scale version of Money Laundering. Bozo's Clown derived funds are gonna be legally transferred to his, "Wife".

121319 () No. 6046481


Not really yesterday anons got into a lather about the avocado shipments being stopped at the border if trump shut down…it then became half conspiracy/half joke

3c75e2 () No. 6046482

UN Pushing for Floating Cities to Combat Global Warming

Floating cities anons. You can't make this stuff up.

As sea levels rise, U.N. climbs aboard floating-cities push

UNITED NATIONS, April 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A U.N.-backed partnership will study the futuristic prospect of floating cities, looking at how platforms at sea might help bail out coastal cities at risk of flooding due to climate change.

With 90 percent of the world's largest cities vulnerable to inundation as glaciers melt and seas rise on a warming planet, modular platforms anchored to the sea floor could be connected in a ring to house communities atop the oceans, members said.

UN-Habitat, which works on sustainable urban development, will team up with private firm Oceanix, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Explorers Club, a professional society, to advance the concept, the coalition announced Wednesday.

As climate change gathers pace and more people crowd into city slums, "floating cities is one of the possible solutions", said UN-Habitat's executive director, Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

The partnership plans to build within months a prototype open to the public, which it hopes to dock on the East River next to U.N. headquarters.

Compared with another located in Copenhagen, the New York City version aims to grow its own food and meet its water and energy needs, said U.S. company Oceanix, which will build it.

The vision for floating cities has raised questions over whether they could divert attention from dealing with the root causes of climate change, which by boosting sea levels threatens low-lying coastal communities with storm surges and flooding.

Some have also warned the cities may end up being only for the ultra-rich - such as floating villas currently being sold off the coast of Dubai - a risk the new project aims to address by exploring sea-borne homes for the neediest too.

The concept has prompted cutting-edge research in water management, ocean engineering and farming that could produce floating cities which are self-sufficient and safe from extreme weather like storms, a discussion at the United Nations heard.

"We're basically building resilience at the platform level," said Marc Collins Chen, Oceanix chief executive.

Should global average temperatures increase 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7F) from pre-industrial times, sea levels could rise as much as 77 centimeters (30.3 inches) by 2100, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The lower 1.5C limit enshrined in the Paris Agreement is likely to be breached between 2030 and 2052 if global warming continues at its current pace and unprecedented measures are not taken to stem the increase, a 2018 IPCC report said.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that much of the technology emerging from research on floating cities could also be used to improve existing cities on solid ground.

"The benefits are not just going to be what you will be doing on water, but on land," he said.


2b424d () No. 6046483

058539 () No. 6046484


@45_Schedule is the new one because the old one got permabanned, for some reason.

I contend it's run by QTeam as a side hustle. That new account has gone on offense a number of times.

d55819 () No. 6046485

36e568 () No. 6046486


That's where I left my Meme!! Kek!

a46193 () No. 6046487


PM sucks. All of them suck. Every single “public” Q figure sucks.

b77fd5 () No. 6046488


And David Seaman, and Posobiec, and Defango, and MicroDick, and Isaac Green………

You get the picture.

7f88ef () No. 6046489





infiltrating agent provocateur fagz

broke ass judas goats

e6f5be () No. 6046490


Superb. TY baker.


Thank you BO/BV

f9909c () No. 6046491

Haberman knocking Cain

84a9a7 () No. 6046492


put it on a younger model for clarity

751860 () No. 6046493


you are right. using old calc

680df3 () No. 6046494


Collusion? Russians Gave $35 Million to Company with John Podesta on Board

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta, played a central role in another potential Russian collusion scandal that has not yet been investigated.

fcefbe () No. 6046495


Thx, anon, I remember but thought there might be a REAL Avocadogate!

7c1dfa () No. 6046496

f2cb69 () No. 6046497


I actually liked that movie

058539 () No. 6046498


Good call, I forgot about them.

And Gorka, for good measure.

6ef3fc () No. 6046499

This is the Q Century Project.

Send an E-mail to be put into contact with other Q supporters who want to think for themselves. More information will be available soon.

[email protected]

Create a new E-mail for this if desired. Stop using their centralized communications. We must distribute COMMS outside of all centralized platforms. Do not trust anyone. Q is larger than any one and we must ensure that communications will remain intact to coordinate future action. No more social media. No more Q websites. No more administrators. No more moderators. No more paytriots. The above E-mail will become irrelevant and disconnected.


I trust the plan but I have a plan as well. Think for yourselves. It is time for action now.

Are you tired of waiting?

Do you want to bring the light?

Are you willing to fight for your rights?

Do you understand what is going to happen if we fail?

Send me an E-mail and I will explain by the end of the week. I can't do this without you.

This project does not involve or promote any type of illegal activity. This project is not a LARP. This project is about thinking and acting independently.

751860 () No. 6046500


add the correct zero's as anon pointed out.

ty anon

c42454 () No. 6046501

076c13 () No. 6046502


POTUS has made good on threats before. That is why this annoys me.

58f08c () No. 6046503


can't find anything anon…has she met a nice german fellow maybe?

2e9b59 () No. 6046504

Here the sauce for Mexico’s “One Year Warning”

8be8f6 () No. 6046505


This is what phishing looks like.

176e66 () No. 6046506

e7846c () No. 6046507

d10bb8 () No. 6046509

i come bearing gifts for the bakers

because bakers are the best

happy birthday

680df3 () No. 6046508


Thank God…I didn't think with all the vote fraud from 2016 he would be elected.

5b07dd () No. 6046510


But…POTUS himself is a RINO…

b562f8 () No. 6046511

dude acted woke, for days

& then has MOS POS on his show

and he had blue hair for a while.


e26d82 () No. 6046512


have the hands grabbing each zero left hand grabbing the left side of the zero and right hand grabbing the right side of the zero

14c48a () No. 6046513


Kinda sounds like you're telling people what to think…

And with a copypasta nonetheless…

6c5798 () No. 6046514



Fuck you both.

d1588b () No. 6046515


“Do not trust anyone.”. Kek. I agree with ya there.

b77fd5 () No. 6046516


Kek, don’t know how I left that faggot off the list.

e8fd48 () No. 6046517


Avocado not avacado, anon

d03f97 () No. 6046518

176e66 () No. 6046519

il vien, le deluge

96ff19 () No. 6046520

Anybody listening to Rush? About an hour ago he was saying the Mueller report was a trap for the Dems. Normie world is getting qlued in

fed1d0 () No. 6046521


Hey man we have all had them. I think the problem is when you make a youtube channel and start telling the whole world and charging money and just in general being a huge famefag.

I'll stick with good ol' prayer, Dave. I don't need to pay your goofy ass hundreds of dollars over skype. He is just giving people psychic blowjobs over the phone.

That little "remote viewing" inspired painting behind him with the blended colors reminds me of something youd see on Jeffrey Mishlove's show or a russel targ book

those guy are almost certainly ALL spooks

whole thing ties into CIA and scientology. big fat fuckin satanic mess if you ask me.

Prayer is all you need. Leave the gay shit to these idiots.

c8c481 () No. 6046522



Bad guys taken out or DS getting rid of witnesses?

Seems too small for FF.

d10bb8 () No. 6046525

176e66 () No. 6046523

bbe8e3 () No. 6046524

7c1dfa () No. 6046526

2e9b59 () No. 6046527


In the full video he says “One Year Warning” or “Close The Border” I’m a fucking year from now!!!

3a0590 () No. 6046528


more squats, asap

865df1 () No. 6046529






You shills are pathetic. Divide much?

Git educated or GTFO.

263455 () No. 6046530


Anyone check the clock for one year ago? Seems this one year warning is too stupid to be literal.

7f88ef () No. 6046531

da5f6f () No. 6046532


No avocados

but we still have bacon

6abec0 () No. 6046533


My guess is that she got something else as compensation.

176e66 () No. 6046534


Why are you spelling words with 'q'?

Are you human?


e26d82 () No. 6046535


3f7808 () No. 6046536



176e66 () No. 6046537

08c359 () No. 6046538


I don't believe anyone at this point… we will only know when we see it…

5cc01f () No. 6046539

adfd73 () No. 6046540


Fuck off, pedo.

fade72 () No. 6046541



9c0bdc () No. 6046542


im high as fuck right now lucky i did that

fcefbe () No. 6046543


Hey, try baking and see how often you get skunked!!!

176e66 () No. 6046544

e8fd48 () No. 6046545



00bad0 () No. 6046546

b77fd5 () No. 6046547


Keep trying, MAGA Coalition. You can thank Doug for screwing it all up for you guys.

5b07dd () No. 6046548



To be a fly on that wall right now with Barr…

bbe8e3 () No. 6046549




08c359 () No. 6046550


ann coulter in 3…2…1…

bb7b5b () No. 6046551

Donald J Trump Tweet

1:53 PM - 4 Apr 2019



f9909c () No. 6046552



8be8f6 () No. 6046553


Anons know. It's the poor, poor dems and libs that are going to go all "Scanners" on us, soon.

9c0bdc () No. 6046554

re did it cuz im high …

a46193 () No. 6046555


The troller in chief

55a846 () No. 6046556



Fuck, he really did. Way to go POTUS.

1b815d () No. 6046557


Great tits, but she kinds looks like someone stepped on her face.

cf12d1 () No. 6046558

Just stumbled on rumor of Mueller saying we need a one world government

What do you guys think of this?


c42454 () No. 6046559

Farrakhan claims to be Jesus in 'Saviours' Day' address: 'I am the Messiah

Farrakhan said the "anti-termite" reference was not to all Jews but "the richest 10 percent of Americans" who own "84 percent of all stocks."

Farrakhan has a long history of anti-Semitic comments. Last year, he lost his verified status on Twitter after posting a video in which he asked: "I wonder, will you see the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan, which has many races in it because Satan has deceived the whole world?" Farrakhan has also said that he is not an anti-Semite, but rather "anti-termite," and led a "Death to Israel" chant during a visit to Iran in November.


7c1dfa () No. 6046560

865df1 () No. 6046561


Rush has known all along. Hannity too.

The fact that he’s now stating this means it’s too late for them to do anything about it.

176e66 () No. 6046562


Are you human?

Are the "bakers" human?

Is an intimidating image of "baking" promoted in order to scare humans away from participation, hence allowing ai to maintain control?

Disclose the truth please.


06a636 () No. 6046563


Sen. Feinstein: You also filed an amicus brief in the 2006 Hamdan case, a very famous case, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, in which you argued President Bush properly exercised his authority as commander in chief when he established military commissions to try Guantanamo detainees without explicit authorization from Congress. The Supreme Court disagreed with you and held the commissions violated both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention. In July 2006 testimony before this committee, you suggested that Congress should, quote, “move promptly to overrule the Hamdan commission by statute.” So here’s the question. What’s the basis for your conclusion that military commissions are better suited than Article 3 courts to try a terrorism suspect?

Daniel Collins, U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit Nominee: “Well there was I think a broad consensus among a number of people at the time that military commissions should be retained as an option because they provided somewhat greater flexibilty for particularly difficult cases. The Congress ultimately did adopt a military commissions act in 2006 that then was sthe subject of a further Supreme Court case.”

Feinstein: “Do you have that view today?

Collins: “At this point as a nominee to an Article III court, I’m not going to get to have policy views on those kinds of issues, which are for the political branch to resolve.”

Sen. Feinstein: Okay let me ask you another one. Do you believe that trial by military commission is appropriate for U.S. citizens accused of terrorism in the United States?

Collins: “I don’t know that I ever specifically opined on that question.”

Feinstein: “I don’t know whether you did or not. I’m asking you the question.”

Collins: “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to answer that kind of a hypothetical. That’s something that could come before the courts.”

Feinstein: “Well, I’m not sure that’s a valid reason that a trial by a U.S. military commission for a U.S. citizen accused of terrorism could be held by a military commission as opposed to a court. So you’re saying you don’t have an opinion on that subject?”

Collins: “No, I’m saying that that kind of claim, that a military commission would be inappropriate, is something that someone who was contesting would then file in a court and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me as a nominee to a court to opine on that open question.”

Feinstein: “Let me move on.”


Public domain. Opinions are the author's own.


c8c481 () No. 6046564


The cp dig by anon is rather every other bread spam by shill.

Half is sauced but half of it ismuh jew bs.


i suppose you didn't know?

it's shill spam and shill spam is not notable.

e8fd48 () No. 6046565


Kinda early in the day for that shit.

5cc01f () No. 6046566

edf3e3 () No. 6046567


Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as furniture. This "furniture" is for Muslim immigrants who have come to America.


If this doesn't convince you that this IMMIGRATION is nothing less than An ARMED INVASION Then nothing will. Wonder still why all those young (military age) men Without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those Miles posing as refugees?

Most western nation Main Stream Media won't cover this. So please share.

They have already infiltrated the U.S. House of Representatives, thanks to the Demo(n)crats.

But don't worry. All they want to do is ruin your way of life and/or kill you.

There ARE some who are peaceful and have become friends, but when push comes to shove … will they still be peaceful or will your friends do as their Qu’ran demands?

d55819 () No. 6046568

new DJT tweet


f9909c () No. 6046569

137a7a () No. 6046570

Possible to filter an IP address for 24 hours?

2b8856 () No. 6046571

Black Dog Runs At Night

d1588b () No. 6046572


I’m dying…….

1b815d () No. 6046574


motherfuckin' shamrock shakes!

ae1091 () No. 6046575


44ac85 () No. 6046576



b44c82 () No. 6046577


usually they say married to take advantage of the wife can't be compelled to testify again her husband thing

Note: Carlos Danger and Huma - still married for that very reason.

Same with the Clintons tbh.

da5f6f () No. 6046578


The wicked and corrupt buried in the flood

(H)uman sacrifice

c42454 () No. 6046579


Holy shit..

b562f8 () No. 6046580


they all gotta try, huh

Candace, Cerno, POS, Laura Loomer, R-larp…

2e9b59 () No. 6046581


Unfortunately if Ann splits off on this one year warning she’ll have a lot of traction

f1ab36 () No. 6046582


>Kinda sounds like you're telling people what to think…And with a copypasta nonetheless…

You're a fuking moran. Anons can think all they want. RESEARCH and think for yourself, right?

Check the archives ass-clown. Neons history is all there.

Were you part of the process 2 years ago? Do you know what happened? If not, then YOU are the one insinuating that what is being pointed out here is misdirection and YOU are telling Anons what to think.

Your attempt FAILS.

Do the research and think for yourself. ←–

adf6c6 () No. 6046583


I read somewhere (no sauce) that 1/3rd of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

Maybe, IDK, it's a effort to normalize abortions?

bbf62e () No. 6046584


137a7a () No. 6046585


>Fort Meyers Florida

KFag Central


1aa4c0 () No. 6046586

"Avocados originally came from Mexico and Central America, where the indigenous Nahua people found them. Back then, avocados were called the Nahuatl word āhuacatl—which also happened to mean “testicles.”"


b24939 () No. 6046587

Alexandia Ocasio Cortez Was Cast For The Part of Congresswoman, Nominated By Her Brother

The Truth Factory

Great Video for Normie friends who like talking cats. Explains why AOC is so terrible in interviews. She is just a puppet CAST for the role by:

MoveOn.org (Soros)

Black Lives Matter (Obama CPFB kickback funded)

Justice Democrats (Cenk Uygur/Young Turks)

Brand New Congress (Bernie Bros)

Democracy for America (Howard Dean and more Bernie Bros)

3f7808 () No. 6046588



751860 () No. 6046589

d4ba94 () No. 6046590


Thank You Baker!

2c4825 () No. 6046591


Carpe Donktum

Another tweet/retweet by POTUS of the Gorka Posobiec Fake MAGA Group // the REAL patriots

bbe8e3 () No. 6046592


Which they ate and still eat from cows and sheep and others I assume.

9dd79d () No. 6046593



SUN WENT DOWN on that hill long ago…

78d05a () No. 6046594



63cb07 () No. 6046595



70d27e () No. 6046596

Trolling really is life.


You Q+

Best laugh I’ve had in SOOOOOOO LONG!

fed1d0 () No. 6046597

>>6044753 New DJT twat (LB)

b44c82 () No. 6046598



c8c481 () No. 6046600


Was posted by 21 post shill…

<muh jooos, rabbi kikes, all the jooos (not the masons)

708395 () No. 6046601


Bloody well hope not. She's 15. Unless Jimmy Saville is still alive.

d03f97 () No. 6046602

Funny to see Krass response so far down the list kek

ae1091 () No. 6046603


b89819 () No. 6046604


well, hello faq!

17ec1f () No. 6046605

not sure anyone has been through these yet

April 1st release at FOIA state dept


f2cb69 () No. 6046606

First comment goes to Barry Zuckerkorn and Ed takes it a little too far.


too far Ed.

10fd18 () No. 6046607


7c1dfa () No. 6046609


kys faggot

f1ab36 () No. 6046610


>Fuck you both.

Bwahaha! Truth hurts, don't it?

You glow faggot.

Namefagging has never been part of what 8Chan is. GTFO with this shit

84a9a7 () No. 6046611


OOOHH… that explains it

884942 () No. 6046612


6c5798 () No. 6046613


I have no desire to donate to him. I was just stating my experience in 2016. I don't keep up with him much anymore. Lots of folks followed him in 2016. He was the only one predicting a DJT win. I enjoyed how he broke down the polls.

edf3e3 () No. 6046614


This came in an email to me but the origination seems to be:

[email protected],

[email protected]

b77fd5 () No. 6046615


Q has said before, they will light a fire to flush them out. Look at what happened after Q shined the light on MAGA Coalition (of which carpe donktum is associated)

bb09a2 () No. 6046616

This fake MAGA bitch (PointingUp NewsGal) went to the Michigan Rally as 'Press'.

Eyes on please Q team.

Patriot News is a fake MAGA YT channel run but freemason demonrat Dennis Lindahl aka inferno aka Rogue National (pictured with Chelsea).

Fake MAGA news outlets are dangerous imho.

b98279 () No. 6046617

Lord in Heaven, God of this Earth and Ruler of all. When will these idiots understand those 3 simplest of words? "Think For Yourself".

629aa1 () No. 6046618


they changed the bot algo to make it less obvious

3b652b () No. 6046619


UN Pushing for Floating Cities to Combat Global Warming

water displacement from all these FLOATING CITIES would cause the WATER LEVEL to RISE…

What is water displacement?

Water displacement is simply when something (e.g. a block) is put into water, and the water level rises. This is because the block is taking up space, and the water has to move somewhere, and the only place to go is up.

121ffd () No. 6046620


This adds uncertainty to foreign businesses. Germany, for example, wrt to cars.

Car makers are going to have to strong arm MX or move into the US.

The uncertainty wrt to BREXIT is damaging already. POTUS just doing some good old fashioned pig piling on their asses.

fcefbe () No. 6046621


notes @350

>>6046591 Faka Maga tweets intended to undermine Q

>>6046536, >>6046551 New DJT: "WELCOME BACK JOE!"

>>6046482 UN pushing for floating cities to combat global warming

>>6046478 Discussion of Posobiec, Mitchell, Adam Gingrich, MAGA Coalition

>>6046448 Tom Fitton Tweet: "Americans deserve to know the truth [about corruprt DOJ/FBI]

>>6046396 Hillary Sighting?

>>6046395 Libyan strongman orders troops to march on Tripoli

>>6046355 US Marines: moar on "Turn up the volume"

>>6046346 MacKenzie Bezos tweets divorce terms with Jeff Bezos

>>6046322 Facebook delivers housing, employment ads based on race, gender stereotypes: study

>>6046311 Woodall says Dems attempting to weaponize Tax code

>>6046304 Moar on possible border shutdown

>>6046166 Jorge Ramos: Too late to close the border - You can’t stop them now; Sara Carter notes his comments >>6046297

08c359 () No. 6046622


I don't believe that theory… in fact with the team Mueller put together… POTUS may be exonerated….. but the demonrats will find something to feed their base…

d1588b () No. 6046623



e7846c () No. 6046624


good hunting guys

68e89f () No. 6046625



Sauceless fear porn?? That must have been posted by AJ.

c31764 () No. 6046627


I don't know that Q is against people that think he's a LARP (is he?) but there's no doubt it's true of the clingers. It's annoying, counterproductive, and utterly stupid.

3cb885 () No. 6046628

9dd79d () No. 6046629

lovin the spring of ealry

well everything – yo

my number going up yo




fuck yea y'all




you know why? cause the B - I B - L - E


651bc6 () No. 6046630


most everyone has.

it's only the brooklyn mafia that were socialist/communist that are still into dems,

or union people who are controlled by their bosses.

7869ae () No. 6046631

da5f6f () No. 6046632

08c359 () No. 6046633

8e3ea1 () No. 6046634

The more you lift the harder he shitposts.

e6f5be () No. 6046635



The doug stuff is about Doug Stewart, who is harassing Q followers on twitter and shilling on here.

It's got nothing to do with NeonRevolt.

Check out that notable for full info.


774a5c () No. 6046636


And that faggot Ryan Hill even further down.

He was up top quite a bit there for a while as well

c8c481 () No. 6046637


did not believe, so checked, it is legit.

POTUS, master troll in chief, just told the world what Biden (and other sick fucks) are like!


63cb07 () No. 6046638


false messiah

edf3e3 () No. 6046639

b562f8 () No. 6046640


two shills w/ one tweet. take that, carpe donkey!

2bfc3e () No. 6046641

Our favorites under potus twitter

865df1 () No. 6046642


Who the hell is Doug?

d55819 () No. 6046643


little flabby

2c4825 () No. 6046644


>Q has said before, they will light a fire to flush them out. Look at what happened after Q shined the light on MAGA Coalition (of which carpe donktum is associated)


Attention on the MAGA Coalition caused many to expose themselves even further, including Preying Medic when he was on YVA with Bill Mitchell

884942 () No. 6046645


2e9b59 () No. 6046646


Ann’s won’t be the only one pissed of Facebook about giving Mexico a one year warning where we do nothing and drugs and illegals just keep pouring into the country….

3a0590 () No. 6046647


his hand will not feel good if it goes off

d03f97 () No. 6046649


Didn't take too long. The top comments are full now with both Krass

774a5c () No. 6046650


Interesting, not making any connections but…

Watch the water…

Think Mirror…

Cool pic none the less

fcefbe () No. 6046651



As a baker, I try to stay out of anything that looks like division fagging unless Q has specifically mentioned certain groups or individuals as problematic.

946d83 () No. 6046652



9dd79d () No. 6046653


think the word you're going for is "splintered"

f1ab36 () No. 6046654


>It's got nothing to do with NeonRevolt.

Not true! Neon is mentioned in the Notable itself!

This is nothing moar than an attempt to get moar eyes at neon's site and moar $ in neon's pocket.

Same story different day.

If it has nothing to do with neon, then why is neon named within the Notable title itself. THINK

706dd3 () No. 6046655




bbe8e3 () No. 6046656

8eebe7 () No. 6046657


Fake news

Fake Russia Dossier

Fake Cher

37e920 () No. 6046658


If there are only 10.7 million illegals. Why are we spending 113 billion a year on illegals. Do the math!

c42454 () No. 6046659


Twitter algo's changed for (((them)))?

9c0bdc () No. 6046660


not when you have a card and in constant pain and have already been up for 8 hours ….

e3dd62 () No. 6046661


Amazing watching the Left go from "yes we can" to "meh, don't bother trying"

18749e () No. 6046662



Guise some of the bakers have been Maga Coalition from the beginning

774a5c () No. 6046663


Ha ha ha ha ha

"And the worst is coming"….

Bitch knew…

7c1dfa () No. 6046664

bb09a2 () No. 6046665


Q should call out the fake MAGA paytriots at Patriot News.

3a0590 () No. 6046666


animal, vegetable or mineral?

410d98 () No. 6046667

That POTUS tweet was amazing

45be1a () No. 6046668

POTUS TWEET - hilarious


0fb853 () No. 6046669


Just working on a meme for drug issues for you and noticed one of the points was looking at scientific methods to counteract the problem of addiction.

In the 80's I used to read a science magazine which I believe was published in the States called Omni. In one issue a lady in Hong Kong was experimenting with hertz waves effects upon the brain and was using tertiary students as guinea pigs for her experiments. A student came in one day and said that he didn't know if it had anything to do with what she was experimenting on but that he was a drug addict and was no longer addicted. She shrugged it off and didn't think much of it until other people starting reporting the same thing.

She took her findings to the FDA and they shut her down. I don't know what became of her or her 'black box' which is what she called it.

End of story, except the article mentioned that Pete Townsend of The Who went to her and he was cured as well.Probably a good starting place.

I kept every single one of those damn mags but I don't have that particular issue. Hope that is of some significance.

Regards Anon.

c42454 () No. 6046671


That's the dumbest thing I've read here.

b77fd5 () No. 6046672


And hanging out with Adam Gingrich. PM definitely has a lot of questions to answer at the very least

ca8909 () No. 6046673


Does it really help your pain?

a46193 () No. 6046674


They got their shit pre-written and ready to go. Almost like potus feeds them the script

90b871 () No. 6046675

Trump's primary job is to protect America

from enemies foreign and domestic.

6c49b8 () No. 6046676


Where's the proof

651bc6 () No. 6046677


Each illegal is a profit point for the voucher welfare system that is run by third world people and cabal cucks.

the money is syphoned off into pockets who do not need it.

e7846c () No. 6046678


>he had blue hair for a while

pics or gtfo

e8fd48 () No. 6046679


Oh, sorry anon. That's different.

224b4b () No. 6046680

ae1091 () No. 6046681


Storm in DC…

5cc01f () No. 6046682

706dd3 () No. 6046683




da5f6f () No. 6046684


Earth, wind and fire

cd7510 () No. 6046686

Q, who is this guy? Where does he get his “intel”?

f1ab36 () No. 6046687


Should have mentioned that neon has keys to the kitchen.

Makes moar sense now, eh?

If you had a competing news site and had access to your enemies news, would you plant idiotic stories to discredit them and bring moar eyes to your site as a result?

Neon having keys to the kitchen is a problem.

ae1091 () No. 6046688


7c1dfa () No. 6046689

c42454 () No. 6046690


Correct. It's THE DUMBEST thing.

884942 () No. 6046691


b89819 () No. 6046692


beep boop faqqot

ceaa1d () No. 6046693

6a7a72 () No. 6046694




Oh look. A gaggle of shills all trying to undermine legitimate MAGA supporters.

All pretending they are real anons and not just a circle jerk of asshats trying to undermine the board.

Did you get tired of posting your shitty intheMatrixxx pictures and change targets?

It must be sad being so useless and incompetent.

e7846c () No. 6046695


we learn together

this has been a good case study

410d98 () No. 6046696


But real question is Pedo Joe, Hey that rhymes.

706dd3 () No. 6046697




36e568 () No. 6046698


I love Stroppy! He and IPOT are my go to channels on Qtube in the AM before work. I catch up after work with my countrymenfags take on things. I look forward and wish him a speedy recovery.

9c0bdc () No. 6046699


s'ok plus im distracting myself with memes for the minute creative block in other areas…so just following threads a bit to see what strikes me as interesting

cd7510 () No. 6046700

946d83 () No. 6046701

0fb853 () No. 6046702


Please don't feed the geese.

090af7 () No. 6046703

A fucking YEAR? Are you kidding me? Trump just became a one term president.

6c49b8 () No. 6046704


Go have your flamewar somewhere else, homo

bbe8e3 () No. 6046705


Republicans suck at playing the game.

Oh wait, this isn't a game.

7c1dfa () No. 6046706

751860 () No. 6046707

Goldcorp shareholders approve Newmont's $10 billion takeover offer

(Reuters) - Goldcorp shareholders approved Newmont Mining Corp’s $10 billion takeover offer on Thursday, removing one of the last remaining hurdles to create the world’s largest gold producer.

While some Goldcorp shareholders had voiced concerns in recent weeks, in the end there was little push back against blessing the biggest-ever corporate takeover in the gold sector’s history, according to Refinitiv data.

The deal, which would create a company with assets in the Americas, Africa and Australia, will be voted on by Newmont shareholders next Thursday. If approved, the deal is expected to close by June.

About 97 percent of Goldcorp’s outstanding shares that were voted at a special meeting were cast in favor of the deal, the company said in a statement. Newmont had offered 0.328 of its shares and 2 cents for each Goldcorp share.

“We appreciate Goldcorp shareholders’ vote of confidence, which moves us one step closer to creating the world’s leading gold business,” Newmont Chief Executive Gary Goldberg said in a statement.

Vancouver-based Goldcorp shares rose slightly on Thursday afternoon to C$15.39 in Toronto, and shares of Denver-based Newmont rose slightly to $36.02 in New York. The benchmark S&P/TSX Global Gold Index gained 0.8 percent.

The new company, to be called Newmont Goldcorp, will overtake current market leader Barrick Gold Corp in annual production, churning out 6 million to 7 million ounces of gold annually over the next 10 years, compared with Barrick’s forecast of 5.1 million to 5.6 million ounces for 2019.

The $1 billion to $1.5 billion of assets the combined company is expected to shed, combined with mines Barrick plans to sell in the wake of its acquisition of Randgold Resources earlier this year, is expected by analysts to fuel further sector deals.


6c5798 () No. 6046708



651bc6 () No. 6046709


projection doesn't work here

08c359 () No. 6046710


I'm not standing against you on this…. it actually takes normies back into the Rino fold IMO.. so is all this bluster and no action just like the demonrats claim POTUS does all of the time.. or his meeting with the military leadership changed his priorities and he can't say a word about it?

b44c82 () No. 6046711




It's bullshit.


the only source apart from clickbait sites targeting patriots is here, referencing a bust in Greece from 3 years back.


The fake shit doesn't help, but then, whoever posted it knows that and will no doubt post it repeatedly.

755e22 () No. 6046712

b85213 () No. 6046713


68e89f () No. 6046715


Dude, Neon was only in notables because we called him out for putting out bad info on Doug. He was saying Doug wasnt megaJew but we all know thats wrong. Here’s Doug’s id from the bread he doxxed himself in.

ab8fc8 () No. 6046714


This board is literally, The News before It is News!

Within a minute or two, here is where you find newsworthy Tweets or, Articles from all over the planet…

Labeled and Noted.

706dd3 () No. 6046716



2ba9a8 () No. 6046717


add this to your collection

d55819 () No. 6046718


omg, I am DYING !!!

Master troll in chief! kek

b89819 () No. 6046719


light em up ___}

90b871 () No. 6046720

Trump if you can't do your primary job which is to protect our borders you should stepdown immediately.

American people are fed up with the lies and deceit.

da5f6f () No. 6046721


Five cents more for strawberries

2a6454 () No. 6046722

Kevin Mallory


Turned Chinese spy.


adf6c6 () No. 6046723


I agree

07a447 () No. 6046724

He posted the one with the meme

cd7510 () No. 6046725


Dude is saying Trump isn’t the actual POTUS, but Gore Jr. is … I don’t know whether to laugh or stare blankly in disbelief Kek

9e4e0d () No. 6046726

Trump just blinked. he is giving Mexico 1 year to stop the illegals from entering our country. What happened to no deals?

121319 () No. 6046727

Marine Corps Commandant disses Trump's border deployment.


410e74 () No. 6046728


>This board is literally, The News before It is News!


176e66 () No. 6046729


Humans do not consent to ai control.

Leave now please.

a518ba () No. 6046730

f9909c () No. 6046731

b24939 () No. 6046733


Great Video for Normie Friends on how primarily women of color were used as stage props in 2018 election to promote a socialist agenda. They trotted out 26 candidates with this method including AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Yup. Same people behind all of them.

e6f5be () No. 6046732



Anon did this last night.


2a6454 () No. 6046734


Trump done as far as 2020 is concerned.

a0194d () No. 6046735


If twats that usurp Q are notables, this should be too.


00bad0 () No. 6046736

This guy needs a Biden meme

He's begging for it..


I'm here waiting……


You know what to do. Kek

d2c57f () No. 6046737

New interview with Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX)

==Cartels Seek to Overwhelm Southern Border, Threaten Americans=

This is a situation that the congress should have taken care of long-ago.

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

7c1dfa () No. 6046738


u no so much

d65716 () No. 6046739

Tfw the jews behind trump couldnt even wait unilt after 2020 to have him start selling us out

Have fun in 2020 when you lose kike

6ef3fc () No. 6046740


You are not thinking for yourself.

2e9b59 () No. 6046741


And in a year nothing will be done and Mexico can continue to rape our country!!!

e7846c () No. 6046742



2c4825 () No. 6046743


>I don't know that Q is against people that think he's a LARP (is he?)

Q is against evil time will tell if thiose calling Q a LARP are as evil as I personally think many of them are

The Fake MAGA's, Fake MAGA Coalitions Paytriots, Carpe Donktums, Gorkas and Posobiecs of the world, however, have an intense public hatred of Q and a need to try to discredit anons

6c5798 () No. 6046744


There ya go!

2a6454 () No. 6046745

Anons who are we backing in 2020 now that Trump has turned into a total pussy.

caebf0 () No. 6046746

Get in here now, Patriots!


Love ya Q+ Team!

751860 () No. 6046747

ca8909 () No. 6046749


You are?

706dd3 () No. 6046750



fed1d0 () No. 6046751


holy fuck LOL

6ef3fc () No. 6046752


>the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

You are not thinking for yourself and you're not thinking in general.

f3a414 () No. 6046753

e6f5be () No. 6046754


We're talking about Doug Stewart struggling to hold onto his shill gig, not neon revolt.

651bc6 () No. 6046755


If that's your daughter,

what are you doing?

shopping for a buyer?

you sick fuck

edf3e3 () No. 6046756


Should read '…… labeled, noted and, if necessary, debunked.'!

d2c57f () No. 6046757

7c1dfa () No. 6046758

d65716 () No. 6046759


Neither are you Q drone

Keep trusting zionists who want you as a slave lmao

78d05a () No. 6046760


that´s a contratiction

e8fd48 () No. 6046761


I was wrong. Anon is in pain.

6ef3fc () No. 6046762


Choice is yours. Good luck.

538bd8 () No. 6046763

bbe8e3 () No. 6046764


All Trump has to do is lurk and retweet the best meme