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>>5967016 rt >>5966972 ————————— Shill count HIGH.

>>5966972 rt >>5966583 ————————— FAKE NEWS IN FULL PANIC. (less than 10).

>>5966375 ————————————–——– Data streams accessible?

>>5966027 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS = propaganda arm of [D] party. (Cap: >>5981933)

Thursday 03.28.2019

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>>6048370 DOJ defends Barr summary.

>>6048327 UN agency said to visit warehouse where Israeli PM says Iran stored nuclear material.

>>6048329 Teenager claims to be Timmothy Pitzen, boy who went missing aged six in 2011.

>>6048243 Judicial Watch sues DOJ/FBI for top officials’ communications about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

>>6048225 Ralph Nader's niece among those killed in the Ethiopian Boeing crash.

>>6048197, >>6048205 Tom Fitton: "knowingly lying…"

>>6048176 Move toward ‘military absorption’: Diplomat blasts NATO, US activity around South Caucasus.

>>6048143 Update on Elon case.

>>6048048 US Ambassador to NATO: We will guarantee passage of Ukrainian warships through Crimea waters.

>>6048025, >>6048044 Federal authorities have arrested NY resident Thomas Alonzo Bolin. Bolin managed an extremist Facebook group and was evidently plotting a terrorist attack against #Muslims with his cousin.

>>6047990 Europe / China trade and diplomatic cooperation in full swing.

>>6047979 Chicago cops call out Foxx.

>>6047925 Fox has learned that the superintendents for both the House and Senate office buildings have been placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

>>6047921 Truck passenger killed by crashing helicopter in Hillsborough County, Florida.

>>6047848 Two retweets from Maggie.

>>6047845 Andy Purdy Jr. shilling for the Chinese 5G.

>>6047839 Saudi nuclear facility near completion according to satellite photos.

>>6048511 #7735


>>6047648 US Army Tweet: "Any adversary. Any altitude. Anywhere in the world…"

>>6047646 Kevin Spacey's lawyers returning to court in bar groping case.

>>6047325 Trump details his plan of escalation with regards to Mexico and their ability to stem the flow of migrants to our Southern border.

>>6047550 Bezos finalizes his divorce.

>>6047536 Petroleum-based additives are being used in popular children’s candy.

>>6047533 Missing 'H' graphic.

>>6047452 White House aide: US to pump money into Venezuela after regime change.

>>6047444 Seagram’s heiress wants separate trial from NXIVM leader.

>>6047413 Argentine state firm INVAP helping Saudi Arabia build nuclear reactor.

>>6047392, >>6047523 DNC dark money leaders meet with Nadler.

>>6047390 Goldcorp shareholders approve Newmont's $10 billion takeover offer.

>>6047389 Amazon wants to launch thousands of satellites so it can offer broadband internet from space.

>>6047334 Mexican Border State local Police accused of protecting Gulf Cartel.

>>6047153 Bibi’s meeting with Putin designed to woo Israelis ahead of election, analyst says.

>>6047272 Bayer confirms cyber attack but says no data stolen.

>>6047267 Burkina Faso: More than 60 killed in ‘terrorist’ attacks and intercommunal reprisals in Arbinda.

>>6047237 Elon Musk shows up to court to battle with SEC.

>>6047075 Rep. Gohmert destroys Nadler and Democrat hacks: The only thing Orwell got wrong was the year!

>>6047186 Pompeo urges France not to tax American tech firms as competition with China heats up.

>>6047050 $7 Billion in equipment looted from former US base in Afghanistan.

>>6047043 Pompeo live.

>>6047041 Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr delays release of Senate Intel Russia report until August.

>>6047039, >>6047139 Herman Cain trending on Twitter.

>>6047715 #7734

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a130cb () No. 6048555

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition, whatever that is.


41c738 () No. 6048556

a130cb () No. 6048557


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


41c738 () No. 6048559

41c738 () No. 6048560

a130cb () No. 6048562



Protocols of the Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

86b4d7 () No. 6048564

patriots remember!

a130cb () No. 6048571




Protocols of the Elders of Zion Full Text

86b4d7 () No. 6048574

patriots laugh!!

a130cb () No. 6048578









4b788a () No. 6048588

41c738 () No. 6048594


If you think the board owner should delete bot posts like this, then SPEAK UP.

What does THINK FOR YOURSELF mean?

Tell the board owner if you think these bot posts should be deleted.

The MSM uses bot posts like these TO PAINT THE PICTURE OF "US".

Narrative control starts here.

Narrative control starts with the board owners complicity with these bots.

The one thing the board owner should do is DELETE THE POSTS THAT THE MSM SMEARS US WITH. But this does not and won't happen.

The entire design is for the board owner to ignore bots like this.

HUMANS that think this is wrong should SPEAK UP.

3bbaa0 () No. 6048595

2dc926 () No. 6048604

Thank you Baker!!!

15f867 () No. 6048607




Join today!




Veterans Advice for New Eyes:

muh_joos = shill

muh_evilmasons = shill

muh_flat_dick = shill

muh_cre[e]pbot = shill

muh_brainwash = muh_critical_thinking = muh_AI = muh_biden = muh_cat/CTA = shill

muh_ever_moving_standards = shill

They all share the same network resources.

They get off deceiving (You).

Sunshine's the best disinfectant, eh~

4b788a () No. 6048615


>If you think the board owner should delete bot posts like this, then SPEAK UP.


86b4d7 () No. 6048616

patriots laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

4b788a () No. 6048623

41c738 () No. 6048624



Two ends of the spectrum of bot control

A thick loaf of absolutely pointless filler.

Spiced with just enough fake vileness to make the effect poisonous enough.

Humans are NOT in control here, at all, because bots make the vast majority of posts.

When will people wake up?

e2c314 () No. 6048625

Thank You Baker

3bbaa0 () No. 6048626

shill status:


86b4d7 () No. 6048627


patriots laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

a03c50 () No. 6048628

b8dae9 () No. 6048629

Ty, baker

9b204c () No. 6048630

d7b4d3 () No. 6048631


Great Job Baker & Great Bread Title.

Semper Fi

975eb1 () No. 6048632

>>6047512 (lb)

Odd. Must have missed the campaign and the election. Damn fake news. Why didn't they cover the election where he was voted in by the majority of people in Venezuela?

Wonder if it is because Venezuela has such strong Voter ID law? Much superior to the joke voting laws in America so the dems wont be able to fly people down to "Florida-ize" the Venezuela election.

4b788a () No. 6048633


Your desperation only fuels the fire.

91615b () No. 6048634

>>6048512 (lb)

>Because it is the penalty for treason.

You sinned, so best take the life of something else because of your iniquities. Instead of just repenting and seeking communion with The Lord your God.

>>6047217 (pb)

Doesn't add up. I'm sure there's way more to this, which is why Q was alluding to the 4 princes and Epstein, and I'm certain is goes WAY back further than any of us want to admit to ourselves.

0969c6 () No. 6048635

OHY :)


41c738 () No. 6048636


Are you human, yes or no?

We didn't consent to bot control

We demand disclosure now.

Are you human, yes or no?

We didn't consent to bot control.

We demand disclosure now.

Are you human, yes or no?

We didn't consent to bot control.

We demand disclosure now.

03301d () No. 6048637


Just want to draw attention to this, poster has a strong case!!!!!

0b13e1 () No. 6048638


Roger, anon.

b8dae9 () No. 6048639




a8b3e6 () No. 6048640

Project Avocado[not in citation given] is a standing Presidential authorization [1] which allows U.S. military combatant commanders to assemble task forces for almost any purpose, drawing resources from any military unit. President Obama authorized Project Avocado in the summer of 2009, with a view towards widening U.S. counter-terrorism activities and powers, under the advisory of former General Stanley A. McChrystal, then the Director of Operations of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Project Avocado provides unprecedented military powers to U.S. operational commanders to conduct unconventional warfare throughout the world.


15f867 () No. 6048642


Exactly what you're doing now.

Relentless Projection must be a bitch~

691ed8 () No. 6048643

0c4c64 () No. 6048644

1a6c68 () No. 6048645

de7f6f () No. 6048646

>>6048465 (lb)

So you're saying White Hats are using the Justice Democrats (old Bernie bros) to destroy the Democrat party

by hiring a dumb as a fucking rock bartender to create chaos.

Or is the simple answer really just "These people are Stupid"

41c738 () No. 6048647


Thank you and Godspeed patriot.

ec5cad () No. 6048648


345da6 () No. 6048649


Topographic map.

7bf725 () No. 6048650



d2efc6 () No. 6048651


Fuck outta here, fungus.

79cfc7 () No. 6048652


Interesting Q drops lining up on the clock today.

86e0bb () No. 6048653


Fungus Amongus.

e503e0 () No. 6048654

This should be blatantly obvious, but if any brand new people are here that haven't been on chans, never ever give out your IRL details. Ever.

In fact, if you are brand new, don't even post. Just read.

f9518f () No. 6048655


Roll hard jewholes

Those dirty trenches

8b020e () No. 6048656

>>6048427 lb

It's simply not time for Q to post.

Q does this quite a bit. He posts for a while, then takes a week or two off. Every time it happens, people start trying to find an explanation for it as if Q is some kind of average joe posting to 8ch.

What people still haven't fully wrapped their heads around (myself, included, mostly die to complacency and laziness) is that Q is using post times as an indexing/encoding system. The dates and times Q posts are often correlated with their subject matter. For example, all posts in the 1500 hour block would be related to x subject (just as an example of the concept). The dates, too. Notice that it was around Feb/March of last year that Q started on NXIVM drops, and a year later we get Rachel Chandler, again.

There is a pattern and purpose to when Q posts and what subject matter he decides to post about. Q is not posting now because there is no information to encode into the dates and there are no pressing matters requiring a drop. He will probably post a sort of weekly check in, as absences longer than ten days seem to be rare.

Don't misunderstand - this is not "clockfag" stuff, necessarily, but the people who were working on that were heading the right direction in terms of how to plot Q's posts. People got confused when they started trying to do tweet deltas and stuff like that.

This is why Q will post in an open board when the general bread hasn't been baked on time. Accuracy down to the minute, at least, is necessary for this system. Otherwise, it makes little sense for Q to post outside of the general bread just because the baker is a few minutes behind schedule.

07897a () No. 6048657



41c738 () No. 6048658

3a6c56 () No. 6048659

NATO: Seven Decades of Lies, War, and Blood

In terms of democracy, NATO overrides the fundamental law of the country.

o mark the significance of NATO’s 70th anniversary perhaps it would be enough to look at the 18-year war that devastates Afghanistan, or the chaos in which Libya remains plunged, or the violations of international law sponsored by the organization in the Balkans, notably the terrifying dismemberment of Yugoslavia.

Maybe that would be enough … But we would be far from doing justice to the breadth and longevity of an increasingly global and essentially gangster behavior such as that which characterizes the alliance. The flood of epic considerations around the myths that support it is so threatening nowadays that no opportunities will be never be enough to plumb the contradiction. It is not surprising that NATO is what it is.

What may cause some perplexity, especially between those who are a little more familiar with the international reality and those who go beyond mainstream information, is the disdain with which highly-positioned leaders in nations and in the world try to interconnect their beautiful speeches about the alliance with its bloody practices. Either they believe in their own lies or they rely too much on the propaganda and the consequent alienation of ordinary citizens.

NATO was born in the midst of lies and propagandist myths as prevalent today as they were 70 years ago, although they were easily dismantled.

But the organization’s servants have faith in the effect of repetition and the reverential media universe. NATO was not born to respond to any contrary action, since the Treaty of Warsaw was only founded four years later. Nor did it come to defend democracy, because it insisted on integrating a fascist dictatorship – the Portuguese one – at its birth, adopting others over time, as was the case with the Greek and the Turkish ones.

The “defensive alliance”

But the founding myth that has been most refined with time and practice is that of the “defensive alliance,” a kind of cult of hagiography on a rather virile scale: NATO never attacks; always defends itself against any enemy, which it tries to invent when it does not exist. When it installs armaments, and more and more exterminators, it is only to defend itself; when it moves its military assets across Europe to the Russian borders, or in Africa, or now in Latin America, it is in self-defense. The best defense is the attack, it is argued in terms of football tactics. NATO has adopted it or vice versa, it is a question similar to that of the egg and the chicken. What matters is to know that NATO never attacks, it defends itself.


9b204c () No. 6048660


Don't gay this shit up you faggot!

03301d () No. 6048661


And again so it can't be missed, poster has a strong case for some admin and some posters being highly compromised at minimum.

0b13e1 () No. 6048662

c1dab7 () No. 6048663


Appeals court upholds Kentucky ultrasound abortion law

A federal appeals court Thursday upheld a Kentucky law requiring doctors to show and describe a fetal ultrasound to patients before performing an abortion.

In a 2-1 decision, the 6th Circuit court ruled the law does not infringe on the First Amendment rights of physicians.

A lower court issued an injunction blocking the law last year, with a federal judge citing the psychological harm it could cause a patient.

But the decision was appealed by the administration of Gov. Matt Bevin (R).

Writing for the majority, Judge John Bush, a Trump appointee, said the Kentucky law “provides truthful, non-misleading, and relevant information aimed at informing a patient about her decision to abort unborn life.”

03301d () No. 6048664


Fucking notable!

a2365b () No. 6048665

Q and SerialBrain are the same person. That's how SB comes up with all these convoluted math proofs. Prove me wrong.

ef269a () No. 6048666

This is the Q Century Project.

Send an E-mail to be put into contact with other Q supporters who want to think for themselves. More information will be available soon.

[email protected]

Create a new E-mail for this if desired. Stop using their centralized communications. We must distribute COMMS outside of all centralized platforms. Do not trust anyone. Q is larger than any one and we must ensure that communications will remain intact to coordinate future action. No more social media. No more Q websites. No more administrators. No more moderators. No more paytriots. The above E-mail will become irrelevant and disconnected.


I trust the plan but I have a plan as well. Think for yourselves. It is time for action now.

Are you tired of waiting?

Do you want to bring the light?

Are you willing to fight for your rights?

Do you understand what is going to happen if we fail?

Send me an E-mail and I will explain by the end of the week. I can't do this without you.

This project does not involve or promote any type of illegal activity. This project is not a LARP. This project is about thinking and acting independently.


To the shills in last bread. Yes, there was a map of Q supporters contact info. Yes, we used to disallow NSFW content. Yes, you are a newfag who still needs to think for yourself.


Did you archive everything? No. You have no idea. Think for yourselves.

a03c50 () No. 6048667

4b788a () No. 6048668


Once a lame bitch, always a lame bitch.

dd7609 () No. 6048669


Fuck off Shill team 6

03301d () No. 6048670


super fucking notable

7aed7a () No. 6048672

9b204c () No. 6048671


Define compromised.

f76a54 () No. 6048673

shillstorm is heavy

shills are fucking with bakers by creating and calling shit notables

posting nonsense dig graphics

and making everything mason

at least they are changing things up a bit from jews of this past week

45d022 () No. 6048674

>>6048619 (pb)

>I think there’s a deeper meaning between black or white, but I’m not sure I can put it into words well. I think they use that dichotomy to remove hope.

Interested in hearing more, even if it comes out awkward. I really do want to understand this one, any clue helps. I would fit your theory into mine right now, by saying it removes hope by creating a forced narrative which normies can't change. represents their power to shape public discourse, to force it to serve their purposes.

0b13e1 () No. 6048675

15f867 () No. 6048677

'''What's the latest scoop from /ourjournalists/?



cae1f1 () No. 6048676



f9518f () No. 6048678

7bf725 () No. 6048679


This place is shit now.

03301d () No. 6048680


Thanks for drawing attention to the fact that some compromised admins exist.

c1dab7 () No. 6048681


Microsoft investigating sexual harassment claims from dozens of female employees

Employees at Microsoft say that women at the company have faced sexual harassment and gender discrimination that has largely gone unaddressed by company executives.

In a lengthy email chain first reported by Quartz on Thursday, dozens of women working at the tech giant discussed instances of inappropriate sexual comments and discriminatory practices they had experienced on the job which they asserted had been ignored or in some cases perpetrated by their supervisors.

“We did a roundtables with the women when I was in Xbox core [team] & every woman, except for 1, had been called a bitch at work,” wrote one employee working with the company's Xbox gaming system, according to Quartz.

“Before people say this is just an Xbox thing (as I’ve heard that dismissiveness way too many times within Microsoft before) the other eng [engineering] orgs where my experiences happened were Windows & Azure," the same employee continued. "This is a Microsoft thing, a common one.”

3bbaa0 () No. 6048682

1a6c68 () No. 6048683


Maybe so. There is a similarity. Pendant is weird because its sharp edges would not be comfy to wear. You'd have to have a reason.

cc7b6f () No. 6048684

>>6048580 (/pb)

Q made a one-time tripcode that had "Pain…..23", posted something and then quickly deleted it, knowing we'd catch it…

0c4c64 () No. 6048685

>>6048025 pb

A Greek immigrant white supremacist? Yeah right and what alphabet agency is funding him/them? Lies.

86e0bb () No. 6048686


Your Divisionfagging is lit up like a neon sign.

691ed8 () No. 6048687

ec5cad () No. 6048688

Chicago police officials just had a press conference where they called on Kim Foxx to resign

d2efc6 () No. 6048689


Found the newfag

91615b () No. 6048690

62126e () No. 6048691

WTF is this! First time this Anon's seen it.

You know what this means? Xi runs the USA - or at least he did.

You've all watched POTUS rally's. You see the warm up speakers come and go and when they're done, the Presidential seal is then put on the podium.

The ONLY TIME the presidential seal is on the podium is WHEN THE PRESIDENT IS SPEAKING.

Here, we see Xi standing behind a podium with the seal.

hrc and Biden drinking champagne with him to mock us because that's EXACTLY what this represents!

Multiple Noms LB

15f867 () No. 6048692


Never left, never will.


Sweety ; )

b91036 () No. 6048693

1c433c () No. 6048694


i would, but i can no longer see your replies

ef269a () No. 6048695


I didn't say Q posted a map. We did. The original supporters. It wasn't terribly popular but it happened.

b89d19 () No. 6048696


Bagdady prefers goat and donkeys with long eye lashes and lip stick (ruby red)!

f9518f () No. 6048697

Maybe it's the tax code

3a6c56 () No. 6048698

If Truth Be Told: Pregnancy Vaccines Are Not Tested For Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility Proof In Vaccine Package Inserts

Carcinogenesis: capable of causing cancer(s)

Mutagenesis: capable of causing birth defects

Impairment of Fertility: the ability to interfere with reproduction

What in the world are the dingbats at HHS/CDC/FDA and Big Pharma thinking and implementing in mandating pregnant females receive vaccines which have not been tested for the very horrors pregnant mothers—or anyone else—would want to consider IF they knew the truth about those vaccines?

Below are vaccines pregnant females must receive only relatively recently; the information is taken from vaccine package inserts online. Each vaccine has a Section 13 Nonclinical Toxicology wherein the vaccine manufacturer bold-faced tells the FACT that testing for the vaccine’s capability to cause cancer, birth defects and to interfere with human reproduction HAVE NOT BEEN DONE and, apparently, will never be done, so as to be able to make unknowns a given without legal liability!

Is that science-based medicine?

Is that a fraudulent practice by medicine and pharmacology?

Vaccines Required During Pregnancy

Flu (influenza)



Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility FLUARIX QUADRIVALENT has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or male infertility in animals. Vaccination of female rats with FLUARIX QUADRIVALENT had no effect on fertility [see Use in Specific Populations (8.1)]. — GlaxoSmithKline [Pg. 16]

Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoidand acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine

GKS Boostrix tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine, adsorbed


13.1 Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility

BOOSTRIX has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility. GlaxoSmithKline [Pg. 16]

Examples of vaccines to avoid during pregnancy include:

Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine

Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine

Shingles (varicella-zoster) vaccine


3f33a0 () No. 6048699



3c7ea5 () No. 6048700

US Secret Court Authorized Surveillance Of Huawei, Prosecutors Reveal

A huge revelation in the Huawei case, via Bloomberg: the US government has been spying on Huawei Technologies and company officials to build its case against CFO Meng Wanzhou based on authorization from America's highest secretive intelligence court:


1fe572 () No. 6048701


ef269a () No. 6048702


No divison, only thinking. Need more thinking and less blind followers.

f76a54 () No. 6048703

03301d () No. 6048704


Compromised means that someone has leverage over another.

The other more likely possibility is they are a "bad actor".

But most bad actors are paid, and $$$ is the ultimate compromise.

05f4ee () No. 6048705

5th line.

"He demanded to know who the grey's were and why they were here."

I've done some crazy research over the last few days, and I'm wondering if someone could expand on this for me. I've seen a lot of people discussing this post, but I've never heard anyone even mention this line.


Was this the real reason he was knocked off?

1f2533 () No. 6048706


3e32ee () No. 6048707


Because the Left is in retreat now, anon

No longer All Hands On Deck

f9518f () No. 6048708


Maybe it seems a curse on the lucre from 13th century France

7f85c4 () No. 6048709


You're full of shit. Been here since 4ch, none of what you say is true. Fake and gay. Whatever you and your faggot friends discussed on Discord isn't "qresearch"

3a6c56 () No. 6048710

adc7c5 () No. 6048711

f9518f () No. 6048712


Your hole needs more corn

3f33a0 () No. 6048713

41c738 () No. 6048714


If humans want to know why, then ask the board owner why he doesn't delete this toxic propaganda bot's posts.

Think about it. Think about the size of this movement.

Q posts HERE.

So, if YOU were the board owner, how would this all be regarded?

Would you be trying to delete all the shill posts you could?

(Deleting posts is not hard for board owners).

Again: think what this movement is.

Now, does the board owner show ANY energy in that regard?

No, absolutely none.

The board owner maintains this image that this is "just some chan board", and portrays attitudes that mirror that assumption, and nothing else. The board owner appears COMPLETELY UNINTERESTED in doing anything about the massive layers of obvious garbage,or, more importantly, THE BOT POSTS THAT GO DIRECTLY INTO MSM NARRATIVES.

The board owner's function is to maintain a simulacrum of organic "anon" activity that in fact is purely a cover for bot control and hence narrative control.

If you don't believe me, ask him to remove the propaganda bot posts.

See what happens.

f9518f () No. 6048715


Trust corn homo

0b13e1 () No. 6048716

e644be () No. 6048717



b91036 () No. 6048718

f9518f () No. 6048719



91615b () No. 6048720


>Was this the real reason he was knocked off?

Because it was "her turn".

02c48f () No. 6048721

3f33a0 () No. 6048722


That is when you flank them and complete the task.

f9518f () No. 6048723


Candy cornhole

043588 () No. 6048724

Muslim Brotherhood 2.0

(In case there were doubters)

1fe572 () No. 6048725

My apologies in advance if this has already been posted….I found this amusing.

She says ""Republicans hate me because "lack of moral grounding"

And she compares us to the Exorcist puking…

and notice she talks a lot about popcorm….kek

c8fbca () No. 6048726

30a6f5 () No. 6048727

>>6048450 LB

>Most people here are too new to remember the real Q map where we all added our contact details. Way back.

You are so retarded, "glowing like the Sun", would be a radical understatement. Your boss should be fired, and you both should have to walk home barefoot.

f9518f () No. 6048728


Old taint

6ee89a () No. 6048729


Notice the apostrophe in "grey's"?

I don't care who they were, I want to know what they owned!

a2365b () No. 6048730


Glad you agree. Thanks for sharing faggot.

adc7c5 () No. 6048731

cae1f1 () No. 6048732


Yeah, none of the original maps ever had any contact details. I have one right here.

975eb1 () No. 6048733


Better idea: end the north american terrorist organization completely. Nobody should be involved in the rothschild's private army and NO taxpayers money from any nation should be funding rothschild's private army.

a03c50 () No. 6048734

f76a54 () No. 6048735


hey, at least its OUR shit place.

and its ok–most of us cut our teeth on 4chan and this isn't even HALF as bad as that. spend an hour there, you'll be glad to come back here!

3e32ee () No. 6048736


yeah buoy

c1dab7 () No. 6048737


Feds Say White Supremacist Cousins Used Facebook To Discuss Attack On Muslims

Facebook's making their move, i'm thinking.

b89d19 () No. 6048738


Probably out sourcing cuz they've used up all their MKU's.

0b13e1 () No. 6048739

86e0bb () No. 6048740


That left a mark. Good on ya.

f9518f () No. 6048741

Gestapi ass demons and cocaine and zombies from Poland

It ain't just Disneyland

ec5cad () No. 6048742


212acc () No. 6048743


Thanks Marine fren.

05f4ee () No. 6048744


So, what are your thoughts? I think you have a different line of thinking than I do. Continue, please.

b87ced () No. 6048745

>>6048180 (lb)

Photo of MAGA assult perp

70eff2 () No. 6048746

Hey Q+ & Q,

In this case does this past prove our present and future yet to come ?




1c9c24 () No. 6048747


>Satan trips

>Calls people newfags

>Can’t correctly identify notables

>Can’t link properly to archived threads

>Uses google

>Makes claims they can’t back up with actual evidence

glowtard in the house

b9462a () No. 6048748


I know I’m not the only one concerned with the immigrants at our border as well as the ones currently forming to come this way. What is Trumps long term goal? Every time he makes a stand he backs down. Then we get exactly what we have now. An over ran border with way more than we can handle. Trump has done great in so many areas, but this area needs some work. “Not one foot will step into America” meanwhile they’re quietly processing them and shuffling them through. I don’t trust that Mexico is actually stopping them at their bird. If they are it’s just long enough for the cameras to take pics. America is literally being invaded right in front of us and no one is stopping it. Will Americans people have to step up and defend our borders?

f9518f () No. 6048749


Homo pedo serial killer for cocaine wash meme

ef269a () No. 6048750


You're looking at maps, not a map that had our contact info. It was a separate page.

Feel free to look at my original post here where I linked where NSFW content wasn't allowed. No one believed that either but there is the proof.

62126e () No. 6048751


Self- nominating Notable although same post received multiple notables lb.

Anon will copy-pasta every fuking bread so Americans can see what this is.

Been researching with you faggots for over 2 years- CBTS thru today and this is the most damning pic I've seen of our government in action.

Anon LB stated that some folks stand at the podium. ONLY AT THE INVITATION OF THE PRESIDENT.

That is NOT what we have here. No #44 in that pic and the fuking champaign- FFS, this is a complete and total mockery of our government, its institutions and the People.


af1bcc () No. 6048752

The war is real and the prize is your children.

It's up to you as parents to protect and teach

your children right from wrong.

Speak up against this Bullshit

f560a0 () No. 6048753


691ed8 () No. 6048754


In 1963 the measles vaccine was developed, and by the late 1960s, vaccines were also available to protect against mumps (1967) and rubella (1969). These three vaccines were combined into the MMR vaccine in 1971.

f94be2 () No. 6048755


no sauce in previous lb - shallow dig reveals this pic has been used often in articles exposing CF activity - sauce https://disobedientmedia.com/category/global-chess/asia/

3bbaa0 () No. 6048756

540503 () No. 6048757


Microsoft getting #MeToo’d KEK

de7f6f () No. 6048758

9b204c () No. 6048759

a03c50 () No. 6048760


tidez turn


1a6c68 () No. 6048761


Yeah, lots of division-fagging, especially. Comp'd bakers! Banned anons! Paytriots in notables! (OH MY!!!)

ef269a () No. 6048762


There wasn't a rule 3 that NSFW content wasn't allowed?

adcabb () No. 6048763

TYB for didding in there

26fbcf () No. 6048764



1. Point out that what they accuse us of is what the leftist accuse them of.

2. We're not on different sides, but we'll happily troll the shit out of them if they want to act retarded. They need to step up their game, anyway.

3. Just own the fuck out of whatever they say. No apologies. Don't bend over like they do is the face of reeeeeeee's!

4. Point out that we're like them… but with less blinders on.

5. Biblefags, relate to them in Jesus-y ways. We'll worry about removing that blinder later.

6. Re-Work their memes. They mostly steal them from 4chan, anyway.

7. Push the "Unity, Not Division". Make it obvious that if they have an issue with us, then they're not ready to accept those who #WalkAway. We can all support Trump and love America from different perspectives.

8. Make memes about Q supporting Trump and Trump interacting.

9. Point out that you don't have to like fucking Gorka to support Trump. MAGACoalition is #COMPed, but I feel like Carpe Donktum is just super pro-all-things-Trump.

10. Lists about who's who. They claim we go after "The Right"… have they forgotten that the Swamp laughs at partisanship?

11. Contrast and Compare goals and approaches. Are we so different? Are we so similar? How so? Non-trivial ways, only.

12. Point out that r/T_D is bent over by Conde Naste and liberal overlord and cocksucking mods.

13. Razz the fuck out of them for trying to squash free speech and act like high schoolers in a clique.

14. Close the Meme Border between the chans and plebbit. Avocado Pepes for dayz. They'll run out of OC in a week and it'll show.

15. "God helps those who help themselves." It's not enough to be a fan of Trump. What in the hell are they doing to at least ATTEMPT to contribute to MAGA?

16. Expose Fake MAGA, no holds barred. Flood r/T_D with proofs.

17. Muh Q is the new Muh Russia

6ee89a () No. 6048765

c519e3 () No. 6048766



The war against the baby killers is fully joined.

3c7ea5 () No. 6048767

>>6048721 Q: Mr. Trump, are you Batman?

A: I´m Batman

595d53 () No. 6048768


Translation- "We pay with hearts and sunshine."

cae1f1 () No. 6048769


I would genuinely like to see proof

cb54d4 () No. 6048770

>>6048025 LB

fuckery afoot

ff39c1 () No. 6048771





ID: 03301d

Tell Doug hello. His fuckup will go down as the greatest in shill history.

3a6c56 () No. 6048772

e4e8e9 () No. 6048773


Hannity posted

one year warning all caps

One year ago Q posted

POTUS will be up all night


Watch the news tomorrow

0b13e1 () No. 6048776

f76a54 () No. 6048774


free speech requires you to learn to use your own freedom muscles, and do your filtering yourself.

The first censorship never ends there. We will have none of it. Learn to filter with your own brain. Never again..NEVER AGAIN…let anyone else decide for you what you see or hear.

THATS WHAT GOT US ALL INTO THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE–letting others curate the information available to us!

1a6c68 () No. 6048775


notable second

56a572 () No. 6048777

Notice how the Q kike wont mention the name lucifer

Oooh goyim be afraid of satan

But not good old lucy

Fucking freemasons

Even worse

Jewish freemasons

3f33a0 () No. 6048778


4th and 9th is all the matters.

02c48f () No. 6048779

ef269a () No. 6048780

Honestly my last few posts here have given me insight into what Q must feel like.

"They can't even practice basic reading comprehension when they jump to conclusions… *sigh*… We'll keep trying. I'll correct them again."

86e0bb () No. 6048781


There is fuckery afoot on this bread.

ef269a () No. 6048782


Much respect Q that you've been so patient.

f9518f () No. 6048783

Be sure to preorder your Cold War fucktoys

Supplies are in high demand with homos

e7ec1f () No. 6048784



Germany goes a heads and commits 2% of budget to NATO.

This makes is even more likely calculations will say Germany is in recession.

91615b () No. 6048785


This char makes WAY more sense when compared with the "sexual revolution".


15f867 () No. 6048786



9bb26a () No. 6048787


Follow this guy's advise. NEVER

ce3184 () No. 6048788



1a6c68 () No. 6048789


Every bread, anon, get used to it.

f76a54 () No. 6048790


cant believe he got away with it

bc5f64 () No. 6048792


So at least one of our military branch is is willing to go to the border for us.

Dear God, I hope the General Neller memo leaks were a false flag media stunt.


"I have personal assurances from the Commandant that he did not leak the memo himself, or direct or otherwise encourage any member of the Marine Corps or his staff to do so," Spencer reportedly said.

Please, please, please, let this be true.

It sounds like Marine families are up to their necks in sewage at camp Lejeune. Are we this broke as a nation? That is scary. But even if it is true conditions are that bad, it is not great to advertise our lack of funding and lack of readiness through the press, either.

3a6c56 () No. 6048793

0b13e1 () No. 6048794

56a572 () No. 6048795




I am the honeypot said jesus

If you dont chain your mind to this old jewish book instead of actually thinking for yourself and not beliving unprovable things

And just believing in a God

f9518f () No. 6048796

Those damn fake Jew hobbits

ef269a () No. 6048797


So would I but I doubt I'd ever be able to find any. It was just a project same as I'm proposing that if anything happened we should be able to find each other.

That drives people wild for some reason now. Different group of people who think giving someone a throw away E-mail address is the end of the world and equivalent to posting your name, picture, and address.

fe3c95 () No. 6048798

>>6048548 pb


in drop re: nancy pelosi connection to Black nobility

51eec4 () No. 6048799

15f867 () No. 6048800


I hear he did it for the likes

9bb26a () No. 6048801


Fuck off Doug

b89d19 () No. 6048802


Oof, wonder how many politicians got two stepped, kek!

8a59dc () No. 6048803



That woman does a lot more for the Country than just look pretty.

That part's just the icing on the cake :D

02c48f () No. 6048804

f76a54 () No. 6048805


fuck you

3a6c56 () No. 6048806

Q & POTUS please read!

30a6f5 () No. 6048807


>"He demanded to know who the grey's were and why they were here."

>Was this the real reason he was knocked off?

Yes, Grammar matters and Spelling matters.

That apostrophe didn't belong there.

Now he won't do that again.

5ef73f () No. 6048808


Whole bunch of low income housing projects got fast tracked and getting built right now, just in time for 2020

46a1d2 () No. 6048809


ec5cad () No. 6048810


45d022 () No. 6048811

>>6048705, >>6048720

agreeing with "her turn" yep, it was plain ol arkancide, nothing fancy, just in the way. one of many. changed everything, tho, cuz it set trump on the path when his friend died for such crude reason

a03c50 () No. 6048812


> laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

62126e () No. 6048813


FFS you are dense.

EVERY FUKING ONE OF YOUR EXAMPLES are of folks being INVITED to the podium at the Presidents request.

That is NOT what the posted pic or post refers and you know it.

Whatever your angle here is, it's the wrong one.


At the very least, those that come here for the REAL NEWS need to see this. Been here with you faggots for over 2 years (CBTS days) and have never seen this pic prior to today and it's the most DAMNING pic of our govt in action this Anon's ever seen.


c519e3 () No. 6048814

3f33a0 () No. 6048815


This is misleading as it only talks about births and your statement does not take into consideration of industrialization and increasing of women in the work place.

ff39c1 () No. 6048816


Hello @HeWhoWaits1776. You're going down with the rest of your maga coalition faggots.


15f867 () No. 6048817


The Quality of Life for the Average American continues to skyrocket.

Thanks for the update fren.

a03c50 () No. 6048818

ef269a () No. 6048819


You are thinking for yourself. Congrats.

f76a54 () No. 6048820


fucking moron. of course Abe was here at the president's invite


god you morons or shills, either one, you're so fucked in the head

975eb1 () No. 6048821

I think it's time to go back to watching vids on yt about the coming of nibiru, and the entire wormwood solar system.

I have a feeling it will arrive before any arrests are made. C Ya.

45d022 () No. 6048822

Why is it taking so long for CM to fix the jpeg bug? Whazzup widdat? Can we crowdsource the source on this again? Github was last updated long ago. CM, where are you?

86e0bb () No. 6048823

Los Angeles Times

APR 4, 2019


Suspect in Nipsey Hussle shooting is charged with murder

THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 2019, 1:50 PM PT

Eric Holder, who is accused of fatally shooting rapper and community activist Nipsey Hussle on Sunday, was charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon during a court appearance this afternoon.

b1a135 () No. 6048824

Any Max Igan fans in the houz?

Our True History Has Been Stolen

340b87 () No. 6048825

This is why I love 4chan/8chan…this was posted in Sep 10, 2017 20 days before the LV shooting…I wonder how we knew and why didn't we do anything about it ahead of time..

So, what I'm trying to imply is we know everything before they do (MSM and other Media outlets).

This doesn't pertain to the current activites…this is just a example of some of the shit we pick up and why the News Media call us fakes…Just for reference ONLY!!!

9b204c () No. 6048826


Imagine shitposting on the chans.

Who could've seen it coming?

b89d19 () No. 6048827


Shits starting to zing through the fan!

ce3184 () No. 6048828

f9518f () No. 6048829


Schumer Gaylord fake Jew hams are double gasketed and designed for crisco

1c9c24 () No. 6048830


Ummm the person arrested today for the facebook group planning to attack muslims.

Anyone got the photo for that? The one in last bread looked really similar but had head cutoff in either the article or the screencap.

af1bcc () No. 6048831


1 year ago we also have this marker

e2c314 () No. 6048832

3c7ea5 () No. 6048833


>>6048721 From The Desk Of Donald Trump The Dark Knight Rises

c519e3 () No. 6048834


Goddamn you're dumb.

178b96 () No. 6048835

ccf53c () No. 6048836


Based Grennell. Pinch me, I'm dreaming a dream from days of Jugears. God Bless America

f9518f () No. 6048837


56a572 () No. 6048838


Nope goyim patriots keep info hidden to control the goyim

Also sorry if your real jesus

a03c50 () No. 6048839

0c4c64 () No. 6048840

595d53 () No. 6048841


Birth control pill. Made widely available in 1960.

30a6f5 () No. 6048842


Oh, Good. Well timed.

This always clears up everything. NOT

f9518f () No. 6048843

Bullshit and

8a59dc () No. 6048844


Is it time to post this again?

I think it's time to post it again. I'll do it.

One of the reasons the board is the way it is, is partially a test, and partially a filter,.

If you can't see past the insults and the content that offends you, in your mission to get to the facts and the truth, what good are you here?

We want strong minds that trust themselves. Anything else has other channels, that are even supported by this mod team, here.

Use those resources; this is the front lines, which is perhaps unsuitable for you.

If you can't even keep yourself the fuck together over images and text on a screen, what good are you to us, in real life, where shit get real, fast?

We would not want you getting shot on the front lines, either.

Think about it.

cb54d4 () No. 6048845


short attention spans makes it old news now its all about biden

e83e99 () No. 6048846


8efd02 () No. 6048847


For Tubbs and Carr fires, they had the dews turned up to 11

86b4d7 () No. 6048848

patriots die laughing!

8d56af () No. 6048849


I was hoping he'd comment on how great the Plane Scene was.

f9518f () No. 6048850

Bullshit and.

62126e () No. 6048851


>fuck you

And there it is.

YOU are not an Anon that supports our ideals.


Get it thru your thick fuking skull- EVERY EXAMPLE YOU GIVE is a speaker invited to the podium at the Presidents request.


And your being a prick-stain.


a03c50 () No. 6048852

16ece2 () No. 6048853


The bitch already has a drinking problem. Can’t stomach them rituals? She won’t last

d33dab () No. 6048854



361f95 () No. 6048855

>>6048810 Huber shutting down clown funds?


f76a54 () No. 6048856



Who can't you flimflam?

Who did you take to the winter ball?

What showed up at Santa Shack?

595d53 () No. 6048858

f9518f () No. 6048860

Bullshit and then

3f33a0 () No. 6048861

An anon's response to Adam Shiff's Outburst.


c519e3 () No. 6048862


Gets an insanity plea easy, if she ever commits a felony in the future. Batshit crazy.

4345af () No. 6048863



nah, jk you're just a faggot

f9518f () No. 6048864

Bullshit and then more

f94be2 () No. 6048865

1c9c24 () No. 6048866


So you finally admit you are making claims that you can’t back up with evidence.

Good on you. Now please stop spamming your post at the top of the board. No one is going to fall for such a stupid setup, and if they do, they deserve the consequences.

6f0ca1 () No. 6048867


on this channel saying 'fu' is almost the same as saying 'i care enough to try and offend you'

ccf53c () No. 6048868


Gates is a bitch. Bet these 'high schools' with Ayers were Pantifa breeding grounds

5ef73f () No. 6048870


Can’t sue vaccine companies or doctors or hospitals thanks to Obamacare

So glad we get to wait 3 years for Obamacare replacement, we should all be dead by then

f9518f () No. 6048871

Then more Bullshit and

769ba9 () No. 6048872

ccf53c () No. 6048873

b41de7 () No. 6048874

de7f6f () No. 6048876

Q Said to watch who announces:


Officially in: Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, former Gov. John Hickenlooper, Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, former Rep. John Delaney, Miramar, Fla., Mayor Wayne Messam, author Marianne Williamson and former tech executive Andrew Yang.

Formed exploratory committee: South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Not running: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley, West Virginia state Sen. Richard Ojeda (announced run, but dropped out).

c519e3 () No. 6048877


Graph correlates with the advent of the pill.

f76a54 () No. 6048878


Just calling out a liar. Answer the questions.


Who can't you flimflam?

Who did you take to the winter ball?

What showed up at Santa Shack?

46a1d2 () No. 6048879


f9518f () No. 6048880

More Bullshit and then

a03c50 () No. 6048882

cb54d4 () No. 6048883

0bd112 () No. 6048884

Forida Courts say Bad Sheriff Israel con be removed

I am pleased that the court recognizes my authority as governor to suspend a public official for reasons of neglect of duty and incompetence. Now, I will ask the Florida Senate to move forward with the process of the formal removal of Scott Israel.


0c4c64 () No. 6048885

f95916 () No. 6048887

340b87 () No. 6048886

I don't think 'Q' will post again until a series of events are finished and a new series/phase will start up…nothing we can do…unless something pops up that 'Q' will need to update us on..enjoy until then…

8d56af () No. 6048888


Yep. Was hoping to start trying for kids soon with SpouseAnon but if the vaccine bullshit just ramps up, what's the point?

c1dab7 () No. 6048889


Zuckerberg Interview

f9518f () No. 6048890


15f867 () No. 6048891


Great dig fren

46a1d2 () No. 6048892



5ef73f () No. 6048893


Maybe not DEW

Maybe 5g test

45d022 () No. 6048895

Shills you've been doing great today!

Nicely done. Take a break, come back around midnight. Beer's on me. Just tell them to put it on Pookey's tab, the bartenders all know what that means.

b837ce () No. 6048896

Branding, rich folks, people who don’t pay taxes & views on having multiple sex partners are on jury questionnaire for Nxivm case

According to the jury questionnaire, there may be evidence introduced about the following topics:

– Abortions;

– Self-help programs;

– Scientology, Landmark Forum, etc.;

– Multiple sexual partners;

– Sexually explicit images and language;

– Secret societies, rituals, and cults;

– Illegal immigrants;

– Rich people;

– People who didn’t pay taxes; and

– People who have had “body modifications” (such as tattoos and brandings).


ef269a () No. 6048897


Did I ever say I had evidence of that claim? No.

Like I said, now I know how Q feels when people think they're being clever.

Instead I made an alternate claim regarding NSFW which I could back up. No one wants to talk about that though do they?

Got called a shill, liar, etc about that as well, back it up with evidence, and everyone shuts the fuck up and clings to the other thing I mentioned.

Whatever. Many people have already E-mailed and it is not a setup.

d33dab () No. 6048898


Who was really behind them

631528 () No. 6048899



c519e3 () No. 6048900


Face of a warrior for sure.

1fe572 () No. 6048901


I think the article is meaning to say it was Greece, NY.

What's crazy is the photo being used on the news for this story.

Face blurred…..I thought of NZ right away.

Other anon pointed out those are not NY cops.

Is this (((their))) game/way of psychologically making people think immediately of the crazy

white supremacist killer in NZ who started on 8ch?

Now they are going for FB?

Narrative push to make all of these white nazi/supremacist crimes tie back to social media sites that promote this criminal behavior. To continue to point out that the "crazy conspiracy theory sites (8ch)" are the cause or start of these acts, thus giving them reason to shut them down?

Just thinking..

f9518f () No. 6048902

Roadkill and handjobs does nothing for me Dorothy

8a59dc () No. 6048903


this → >>6048844, was actually meant for you, not that other anon.

07897a () No. 6048904

US Mkt Report

Boeing Bounces, Bitcoin Battered As Trade-Deal Dreams Trump Dismal Data

Terrible German factory orders data added to the list of dismal global economic data of the last few months - but headlines from The FT that a trade-deal is nearing its "endgame" over-ruled all fun-durr-mentals on the day.

China had excited open thanks to the trade headlines.(yet again with the placed headlines)

Guess which market suffered the biggest crash in factory orders in a decade? Yep, DAX soared on no good, very bad, really terrible macro data.

German factory orders slump 4.2% in Feb, a negative surprise


US markets were mixed with The Dow higher (thanks to Boeing) and Nasdaq weaker. S&P up 6 days in a row.

Boeing bounced over 3% today (accounting for half of the Dow's gains), despite being blamed for the Ethiopian Airlines crash, thanks to the trade hope overnight

And before we leave equity-land, we note that Growth stocks have reversed all their losses relative to Value…what happens next?

(See cap#3-bacuse once they triggered the 'Golden Cross' yesterday it just had to habben)

Treasury yields slipped modestly lower on the day with the long-end outperforming

But 10Y remains just above 2.50% in a narrow range today. The Dollar index rebounded after yesterday's weakness.

Cable(English pound) rolled over on no real headlines aside from nothing positive today.

(One goes up. USD, and the other goes down, English pound)

Cryptos crumbled today led by a 20% decline in Bitcoin Cash (but remain well up on the week). Because everyone wants the cabal's favorite funding arm right?

Some serious swings in commodity land today as PMs ended higher but WTI lower (for once).

Another panic-puke in gold (and silver) today, but both dips were bought.

(this has been going on for decade's-panic 'selling' but this time it was bought-word getting out?. It's all COMEX trading so it's not retail buying)



Cap #4- This has become so comical at this point-the puke of volume at the close to ramp it further. They do this to counteract the expected selling into the close and what little day-trading is left.


267.78-24.03 (-8.23%)

Volume 23,563,088

Avg. Volume 8,401,300

This never went lower than it's pre-market loss of almost -12% at one point.


176.02+2.48 (+1.43%)

At close: 4:00PM EDT

Volume 17,749,977

Avg. Volume 19,819,812

1e72f2 () No. 6048905


its been 17 months you dumb nigger

f9518f () No. 6048906


Maybe frodo will call your jewhole back someday

832f83 () No. 6048907

This battle has been waged many years. Trump said Nadler has been after him for years. POTUS set out to dismantle the pervs a long time ago. Nadler is the boss of the pervs obviously.

62126e () No. 6048908


>Abe was here at the president's invite

Anon- you are dense.

That is NOT what is being said here and you know it.

The ONLY time the podium has the seal is when the President is speaking. There are times when, while he speaks, he will invite someone else to momentarily speak. Where TF is #44? NOT THERE.

Yes he was invited to the WH and #44 knows that but he was NOT invited to speak at the podium behind this seal. If so, WHERE THE FUK IS #44?


1c433c () No. 6048909


>who want to topple Trump

i am so old… i can remember when ppl ran to be POTUS.

the press is still i'm with her. she made Obama larger than life

she made Trump larger than life

and she still stays with the strategery

26859b () No. 6048910

Here’s a reminder from Q post 725.

If you want to help, research the topics in this post to current events

f9518f () No. 6048911


5e5166 () No. 6048912

>>6037177 lb

Who Are The Royal Order of Jesters?

Uncovering a Police-Driven, International Sex Trafficking Ring that Actually Happened


1c9c24 () No. 6048913


Thank you

Everyone seeing this?


1e19c0 () No. 6048914



Wonder who else got caught up in that net? *cough* Feinstein *cough*

79c656 () No. 6048915

f9518f () No. 6048916

Jive turkey pastrami

a03c50 () No. 6048917

b76ea4 () No. 6048918


Not from me. MB is definitely in our government and behind all the hate on this board

e2c314 () No. 6048920

ef269a () No. 6048921


Bitcoin up from $3,800 to $5,200. Down to $4,800 over a couple days. "Bitcoin dead."

91615b () No. 6048922


>'appear' interchangeable

This is, unironically, the funniest part of this tweet.

4f3628 () No. 6048923

in the grande scheme

all is but a dream

of wires

and beams

of stars

and teams


of fuck

and righteous memes

like water off ducks

nothing is

as it seems

so please

stay on the path

and do not feed

the wildlife

5e5166 () No. 6048924

Who are the Knights of Malta?

A couple of years ago when Prince William joined the Knights of Malta, pictures of the initiation were shown on the News without any attempt at secrecy. We all saw the Prince and other royal members dressed up in the funny outfits, and as usual, most people thought it was just one more charming royal tradition full of meaningless pomp and ceremony, without stopping to ask the most basic and fundamental question. Who are the Knights of Malta?

On the internet I came across an excellent article by Joshua E. Keating called "Who are the Knights of Malta - and What do they want?" I've pasted the link at the end of this blog if you want to read the whole article, but for this article I've chosen a couple of quotations to help illuminate the history and unusual status of this organisation.


"The group was founded in 1048 by merchants in Jerusalem as a monastic order that ran a hospital to tend to Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. At the height of its power, the order was also tasked by Rome with the additional military function of defending Christians from the local Muslim population……. When the sultan of Egypt retook Jerusalem in 1291, the Knights of St John (an alternative name for the knights of Malta) went into exile, settling in Rhodes 20 years later. In 1523 they were forced from Rhodes by the Sultan's forces and settled in Malta, which they ruled until they were dislodged by Napoleon's army in 1798. The order settled in Rome in the mid-19th century, where it remains to this day. Despite its name, the Knights haven't had any military function since leaving Malta. Instead, the order has gone back to its charitable roots by sponsoring medical missions in more than 120 countries".

Now for the really bizarre facts…


"Despite having no fixed territory besides its headquarters building in Rome, the order is considered a sovereign entity under international law. It prints its own postage stamps and coins… and enjoys observer status at the United Nations,….. The Knights maintain diplomatic relations with 104 countries. The order does not have official relations with the USA, though it has offices in New York… and Washington."

That's right. This organisation, for some strange reason, has the status of a sovereign nation, and can issue stamps, coins, and even passports! How? Who can explain such a bizarre arrangement? But I'm sure there's a good reason for it, and I would wager that it's near impossible for an ordinary person to find out exactly what that is. However, one thing is clear, it is no mere ceremonial tradition, and the British Royal family will certainly have a very good reason for being members.


f9518f () No. 6048925

That's your bilbo and your ham sandwiches

30a6f5 () No. 6048926


The Later.

46a1d2 () No. 6048927


626d6a () No. 6048928

Will Michelle Obama anounce 2020?

d33dab () No. 6048929


Someone wanted to dump their stagnant holdings onto another sucker.

5e5166 () No. 6048930


This is the world’s most exclusive passport and only 500 people have it

Despite having diplomatic relations with more than 100 states, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta doesn’t control any territory of its own. There are over 13,500 knights, dames and chaplains in the Order, along with 80,000 volunteers and 25,000 medical employees.


Asking for


f9518f () No. 6048931

Try the Jared fogel Diet

595d53 () No. 6048932



Photo from NZ FF recycled for FB FF

f76a54 () No. 6048933


Answer the questions, liar shill. Prove me wrong.

Trouble is, even your handler doesn't know the answers.

585146 () No. 6048934

Welcome back, Joe!

a03c50 () No. 6048935

a3d12e () No. 6048936


Several mins in… might become one. We'll see what happens. So far, so good.

3c7ea5 () No. 6048937

>>6048833 Happy birthday Heath Ledger!

a5396a () No. 6048939


What, that she is a Man?

f76a54 () No. 6048940


notable second

5ef73f () No. 6048941

f9518f () No. 6048942

Koko the gorilla goes by Michelle obama these days

de7f6f () No. 6048943



631528 () No. 6048944

473d22 () No. 6048945

These MAGA faggots are all in a frenzy over some shit. Looks like $$ and orders came down to shut Q down. Theres a ton of posts flooding our hashes on Twatter. Mossad scared?



62126e () No. 6048946


>its been 17 months you dumb nigger

It's been over 2 years yet we're still posting about #44 and hrc. WTF is your point. That's rhetorical cuz this Anon does not care to understand whatever point you've failed to make.

1st time this Anons seen it no matter how stale it may be. 1st time many have seen it faggot.


07897a () No. 6048947


one problem though. everything is running out of buyer's. Even those.

8d56af () No. 6048948


Our first tranny president!

45d022 () No. 6048949


Well, either that, or pissing off the mafia, the C_A, the bankers, and the nazis all at the same time with no sign of letting up. Occams razor says no aliens were needed. Give it up.

05f4ee () No. 6048950


::engage the shill?::

::don't engage the shill?::

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not HeWhoWaits.

I'm sure he'd be honored to know that he occupies so much space in your head, though.

Nice try talking so tough, though.

f9518f () No. 6048951

Crap in one hand and wish in the other

f5994a () No. 6048952


Q proved you wrong with this video.

595d53 () No. 6048953


That's sad. I was hoping for a happy reunion.

d7b4d3 () No. 6048954


You are welcome my fren. Kind words always from you!

Keep fingers crossed and say prayers for my niece that just had the marathon 70 hour delivery last weekend. After coming home with the baby (he is fine), she has had to go to the ER with extremely high BP and swelling.

d33dab () No. 6048955


So who is?

169589 () No. 6048956



>COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility -

Mafia, is that a name for Sicilian Heebs?

Black Nobility, otherwise known as the talented tenth, we are bettah than them field niggrahs, totally on board for elitism.

0c4c64 () No. 6048957


Chek't Quads. You can still get a religious beliefs pass on vaccines in most states. Finding a doc that respects your religious beliefs another story. Research.

da1ecf () No. 6048958


The Grey Aliens, popularized in mass media, are often considered the archetypal idea of an alien. In ufology, the Greys are a type of reptoid often involved in alien abduction cases. Eye witness accounts simply describe them as being "grey" in color, which has given them their present day moniker. Such popularity has lead to countless homages, parodies, and nods to the idea of grey-skinned alien visitors.


The Greys are thin humanoids with grey skin, a large head, large, black, almond-shaped eyes, a pair of small slits in the place of the nose, and a small mouth.

The Bellero Shield

In the early sixties, The Outer Limits presented the episode "The Bellero Shield" revealing a greyish type alien (depicted on the left) that may have been the inspiration for what Barney and Betty Hillthought they saw during their alleged abduction experience. The aliens that Betty and Barney Hill described, while under hypnosis, looked remarkably like the grey creature in "The Bellero Shield". Since the Barney and Betty Hill case, Greys have most often been associated with the alien abductions, a trope that is often repeated in science fiction films and novels.

Solipsi Rai

According to the book, Alien Races by Dante Santori and Petro, the Greys are called the Solipsi Rai, a two billion year old race from the constellation Cygnus and is led by a prominent leader named Ymartyyn. The Greys are often confused with other races such as the Maitre and the Zeta Reticulai (the actual abductors of Betty and Barney Hill) due to similar appearances. The Solipsi Rai, are a peaceful and harmless race that have no colonies and focus more on the development of other planets and races. They do however have one powerful weapon to protect themselves from invaders and is capable of destroying entire ships. One of their ships is responsible for the Roswell incident on July 7, 1947. They have also stated that the human race still has 645 options for the future of their planet, with the correct options depending on their ability to develop space travel.

Sauce: https://extraterrestrials.fandom.com/wiki/Grey_alien

Interesting that Roswell happened shortly after JFK assassination.

e74996 () No. 6048959



631528 () No. 6048960


If the rest of the kids story is true it is still a good ending for him, if not the kids a fucking troll

d166ec () No. 6048961


Bitcoin take a dive

Its only up 17% in 3 days.


f9518f () No. 6048962

Robbing fake Jews was the best part of the movie batjoto, go wrestle your homo

1c9c24 () No. 6048963


Yes you did

You even mocked me for not archiving.

You have made a shit ton of claims saying you had evidence that Rule 3 was in effect and that everyone used to give out their IRL information.

So here you are playing the victim card because you were called out for lying.

FFS, you even did it in this bread.

212acc () No. 6048964


I'll send prayers anon.

416b02 () No. 6048965

61d7ff () No. 6048966


Griswold v. Connecticut

not MMR vaccine

d1935b () No. 6048967


that seems unusual

7258fd () No. 6048968

would like me a nice evening with some Q posts for a change..i fell like tonight's the night n sheeeittt..

5e5166 () No. 6048969


this anon as well.

450ade () No. 6048970

DNA tests prove teenager isn’t missing boy.

THis just got weird!


9b204c () No. 6048971


Tell me again how all of this isn't simply a distraction.

631528 () No. 6048973


Wait for FIB or dig

f9518f () No. 6048974

Yuge Jewhole whine cult discovered with zombies and blow

bc5f64 () No. 6048975


POTUS Grand Rapids Michigan Rally 3 28 2019

@1:03:04 76,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders last month to be apprehended. Border Patrol, ICE, Great American Patriots (GAP? Border Patrol and ICE need help to close the gap? We still have a gap with the multi/inter-dimensional invaders?)

a6340e () No. 6048976


"…so help me God."

He went under Oath.


02c48f () No. 6048977

1c433c () No. 6048978


July 1947 is


after JFK. wtaf?

>Interesting that Roswell happened shortly after JFK assassination.

5e5166 () No. 6048979





0c4c64 () No. 6048980


Confirmed Moochelle da manchelle has been chosen as da demonrats saviour.

c1dab7 () No. 6048981


Obama is quiet as Biden comes under attack

“President Obama is not going to be weighing in on the primary and the day-to-day stories around it,” the source said. “And Joe Biden would be the first to tell you that he'll have to earn the nomination on his own.”

f9518f () No. 6048982

c356f5 () No. 6048983


340b87 () No. 6048984

Am I reading this right?

I'm concerned with Ted Cruz's panic about closing the border.

"Closing the border to legal commerce would be devastating to Texas. Millions of jobs, in Texas and across the country, depend upon trade with Mexico, and the federal government shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize those jobs."

Is he saying that Texas can't run without Mexico…that would be shameful..embarrassing..pitiful..

Texas should be able to run itself without the HELP OF MEXICO…see my point!!!

Now we need Mexico's help!!!! Really!!!!…Holy Shit!!!

4345af () No. 6048985



Dude, Roswell happened in '47, JFK happened in '63

07897a () No. 6048986


BCH had the biggest "issues".


8a59dc () No. 6048988


kek confirms

05f4ee () No. 6048989


I have read that much of this ties in closely with Nazi's…?

c1dab7 () No. 6048990


Trump says he will nominate Herman Cain to Fed board

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump called Cain an “outstanding person” but said his nomination has not yet been made official because he is undergoing a background check.

Trump has been a vocal critic of the Fed, accusing it of slowing economic growth with its interest-rake hikes.

b5c915 () No. 6048991

I see the space alien shills are out again.


Something must be up.

Dig some moar..

With all these shills, shilling, something notable must not be missed

da1ecf () No. 6048992


Holy fuck… You are right, MY BAD.

WOW, can't believe I thought that.

1c433c () No. 6048993


who will pick our asparagus?

dd1d6f () No. 6048994

a60137 () No. 6048995


So maybe Cruz can't run with out Mexico's help?

62126e () No. 6048996


>no sauce in previous lb

The sauce is the picture Anon.

Podium + Presidential seal + Xi pretty simple

Even your pic search turned up a blank.

Can't prove a negative, right?

That makes this NOTABLE.

Matters not to me- have over a thousand Notables from CBTS til today.

Important for others to see which is what Notables is about.

Will copy-pasta cuz it's that important.

See you next bread.


8d56af () No. 6048997


My theory was that Hillary would ride into the convention as the savior thanks to the clowns that infest the Dem 2020 field, but maybe it'll be Manchelle instead. She'll come out as a tranny for the NPC/SJW vote and will run on basically no platform other than that.

595d53 () No. 6048998

What a fucking idiot.


626d6a () No. 6048999

The matrix is real.

Even Q hints at it.

The matrix is layers.

You have been conditioned to think of death as an end versus as a state. You have been conditioned to think you are your body. Your focus is constantly redirected to your body via entertainments, desires, needs, envies, fears, etc. You have been conditioned to think YOLO, the here and the now, carpe diem, live in the moment. You have been conditioned you exist here not there or behind you. You have been conditioned what you can see, touch, feel, taste, hear is real. It is 99% empty space with 1% of molecules vibrating within a range of "everything" that it appears solid, tangible…real.

You are dead. Your brain is not the source of your consciousness. Your brain is only the medium in which your consciousness is operating through in this layer. We are developing this technology here in this layer. Digital uploading of ones memories. Its already happened. Nothing is new under the sun. You have already been uploaded or should I say downloaded. You are dead.

To help explain: In this layer imagine downloading your subconscious and memories into a digital platform.. dying..being cloned and re uploaded. Where are you? You are in the hole in the ground they put you, you are dead but do not know it.

This is the reality of your situation.

There is one escape and your "time" to find is limited. The TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

b1cf79 () No. 6049000


New phone, who dis?

c519e3 () No. 6049001


Who's going to buy Select hamburger from a comp'd butcher when the guy next door is givingg away Prime filet mignon for free?

a9475d () No. 6049002

So if this movie has any truth to it would seem Trump was a "pizza man" at one point..

1991 and they were gloating about pizza gate already.

dd1d6f () No. 6049004

595d53 () No. 6049003

047b98 () No. 6049005

5e5166 () No. 6049006


check Cain´s 999 plan.

Quite some reforms incoming i sense.

02c48f () No. 6049007

b89d19 () No. 6049008



f9518f () No. 6049009

c519e3 () No. 6049010


check'd satanic gibberish

1fe572 () No. 6049011

c4926b () No. 6049012

That moment when everyone realizes “Pizzagate” is actually about ending the Federal Reserve…

Godfather III

881657 () No. 6049013

Biden in Scranton, PA

SCRANTON, Pa. — Former Vice President Joe Biden made a stop in his old home town on Thursday.

A homeowner in Scranton confirmed to Newswatch 16 that the former U.S. senator and vice president was in the area.

A picture taken by a viewer shows Biden around noon along the 2400 block of North Washington Avenue where his childhood home is located.

There is no word why Biden was in the area.


1c433c () No. 6049014


'sall good. these are interesting times. i fubar at least once a day. ty 4 the kek

1c9c24 () No. 6049015


I know this is notable already as in the same photo being used for Fakebook FF as NZ FF

But the posters original intent of showing the livestream shooter being different than the person in court is


This truly is good work anon.

Now to caveat. That photo of the dude with dyed hair looks like someone else aside from the NZ and Facebook arrests.

Didn’t the jewish shooter or the newspaper shooter look like this?

Also, what is it with all these FF shooters having dyed hair?

1e2c26 () No. 6049016


If you want freedom you must oppose ALL censorship.

Bots/shills are easy to identify and filter.

The more tyime you spend here the easier it gets as they post the same crap bread after bread.

Yes, they eat the bread, but we match forward, create new breads and counter the disinfo.

6ceba5 () No. 6049017


Fuck you and your satan trips and your anon-doxxing program, faggot.

d1935b () No. 6049018


I am a pizza man too.

ec5cad () No. 6049019


Democracy Alliance Spring 2019 Full Agenda


ef269a () No. 6049020


No, I didn't. I only made the claim I would provide evidence about the NSFW rule. Then I called you a newfag who has no idea what you're talking about. Everything I said was true and I provided the proof as I said I would for that specific claim. Low reading comprehension. If I'm wrong, sorry, we all make mistakes.


340b87 () No. 6049021


Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, Maryland Just to name a few, doesn't NEED MEXICO'S HELP…

30a6f5 () No. 6049022


I presume by all the red test that you are a guessing anon and not a 'helper anon'.

Either way, in one week it will have been 5 months ago that /PatriotsFight/ was updated and built like an empty file cabinet. It is still empty.

Am curious what the 'series of events' are, that you elude to. I think there is a pretty standard list that is expected. Better sooner than later, the natives are getting restless.

f9518f () No. 6049023


Scientologists sell forty levels up and down now

1c9c24 () No. 6049024


Just realized

no shit


595d53 () No. 6049025


Herman Cain is awesome. Went to his campaign announcement in ATL in 2015. He got screwed by libs afraid of a black conservative.

fb132c () No. 6049026


c4926b () No. 6049027


Sniffing the old chimney?

047b98 () No. 6049028

a60137 () No. 6049029


What like a presser from GITMO?

d7b4d3 () No. 6049030



ThanQ frens.

9b204c () No. 6049031


Cruz is a long time swamp critter.

Hell his wife works for Goldman Sachs ffs.

1c433c () No. 6049032

62126e () No. 6049033


>So maybe Cruz can't run with out Mexico's help?


No- he can't run. Realize it didn't stop him b/4 but legally, he cannot hold office. He has moar legal issues with his country of origin than #44 had.

340b87 () No. 6049034


That would be SAD, very SAD!!!

ef269a () No. 6049035


Also the quality of discussion was much higher back when NSFW content wasn't allowed but I've never complained about it.

b8dae9 () No. 6049036


Dunno bro

c519e3 () No. 6049037



Joe's too smart to run.

Joe's too dumb to run.

Run, Joe, Run!

f9518f () No. 6049038

We believe in (you)

8e4b0c () No. 6049040


Because it's a Sam Hyde slide - not notable!!

473d22 () No. 6049041

Gorka still going at it.


a60137 () No. 6049042


Sorry by run I ment get along in the world, not run for office - my bad

595d53 () No. 6049043


Like this one? IMO, he looks like Zuck.

3e32ee () No. 6049044


Kys shitbag

3a6c56 () No. 6049045


Trump is reportedly set to name former GOP presidential candidate and pizza-chain CEO Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board

President Donald Trump is set to appoint Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board, according to the news website Axios.

Cain is best known as the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and the 2012 GOP presidential candidate who developed the so-called 9-9-9 tax plan.

Cain dropped out of the race in 2012 after reports that he settled two sexual-harassment lawsuits.

Cain would be Trump’s second pick for the board in the past month, following the conservative economist Stephen Moore.

President Donald Trump is set to appoint Herman Cain, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate and former CEO of the Godfather’s Pizza restaurant chain, to the Federal Reserve Board, according to a new report.

The news website Axios reported Thursday that Trump had told advisers that Cain would be nominated for one of the top jobs at the central bank but was waiting on the former businessman’s background check before making the announcement. Cain was rumoured as a candidate in January.

Cain was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Omaha branch from 1989 to 1991 and the chairman of the entire Kansas City Fed in 1995 and 1996. Directors of the Fed’s 12 branches are typically businesspeople from the district rather than economists steeped in monetary policy.

Beyond his Fed role, Cain was the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and the National Restaurant Association.

As a Republican presidential candidate in 2012, Cain was perhaps best known for his 9-9-9 tax plan calling for a simplified tax code with a 9% personal income tax, a 9% federal sales tax, and a 9% business-transaction tax.

But Cain was dogged by reports that two women received settlements after accusing him of sexual harassment during his time at the National Restaurant Association, and he eventually dropped out of the race. Cain denied the allegations.

The board seat would be subject to Senate approval, so there is a good chance that the allegations would come up in a confirmation hearing.


212acc () No. 6049046



Get me one without Sam Hyde photoshopped on and I'll put it back in the notables.

285738 () No. 6049047

Why did POTUS give Mexico a year? By that time, the SW USA could be lost forever.

1c9c24 () No. 6049049





f94be2 () No. 6049050


The point - it's NOT notable. The President (Obama likely) had to have been at that podium previous. Next time sauce and prevent slide -

881657 () No. 6049052


Probably shooting a blue collar working class shmuck presidential bid promo video

0c4c64 () No. 6049054


Black, fag, tranny. Check. Will he say he is also a jew? Check. The demonrats, deep state, media will all gush over this.

631528 () No. 6049055


FBILouisville, @FBICincinnati, @AuroraPoliceIL, Newport PD, @CincyPD, and HCSO have been conducting a missing person investigation. DNA results have been returned indicating the person in question is not Timmothy Pitzen.


1:37 PM - Apr 4, 2019



3c7ea5 () No. 6049056


1e2c26 () No. 6049057


what kind of retard uses a public platform to coordinate a public attack.

If anything it's good that these idiots conspire out in the open - makes them easy to intercept.

8a59dc () No. 6049059



Movies heating up nice now

5767d7 () No. 6049060

da1ecf () No. 6049061



Question for all:

What is the single most IMPORTANT movie in the Marvel series?

f9518f () No. 6049062

Mechanized processing gives Schumer brand Gaylord fake Jew hams their sweet flavor

5ef73f () No. 6049063


Until Pelosi or some other big wig steps down, these are empty words

ff39c1 () No. 6049064


Okay, qslayer

cfbe78 () No. 6049065

Q needs to come back and redirect. We are in a lull.

And then there's this…


a9475d () No. 6049066


How many did you deliver ?

8a59dc () No. 6049067


Who said natural selection wasn't a thing?

c1dab7 () No. 6049068


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces intention to file a lawsuit to block Pres. Trump's transfer of money towards his proposed border wall

b5c915 () No. 6049069



62126e () No. 6049070


>Goddamn you're dumb.

Yet you're the one damning God.

Hypocrite much?

Good luck with your lack of brain matter in hell faggot.

30a6f5 () No. 6049071

631528 () No. 6049072

Move on action today demanding release of report

473d22 () No. 6049073


How can he possibly be getting away with it???

5767d7 () No. 6049074


Anyone got a tight list of shills we netted today?

Bill Mitchell, Neon Ginger Swanson, Praying Medic, Gorka, Dilley, any more echochamber namefags to add?

9d18af () No. 6049075


Whatever the Last one is going to be

1c9c24 () No. 6049076


Dude at this point

don’t know wtf is going on

NZ dude looks like sam hyde no shit

You’re right in saying that his face may have been shopped on

Need original unblurred from NZ

cfbe78 () No. 6049078


That witch needs to die. Enough of her.

f9518f () No. 6049079

Gosh Dorothy

Did ya get over his negro cock yet

c519e3 () No. 6049080


PM was here? How is that possible, if I'm still awake?

9c5a87 () No. 6049081

Anything gonna happen with the redacted Mueller report? I feel like we are just at a standstill now

3a6c56 () No. 6049082

What is Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan?

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan sounds simple enough: Eliminate the existing tax code and replace it with a 9% tax on personal income, a 9% business tax and a 9% national sales tax.

But could it work?

That question has been posed to a number of tax policy experts since Cain unveiled the plan last month. And it was a topic that dominated Tuesday’s Washington Post-Bloomberg debate.

Cain insists that the plan would immediately jump-start the economy by putting more money into people’s pockets.

But Bruce Bartlett, a former Treasury official under President George H.W. Bush who studied Cain’s plan and wrote an analysis Tuesday for the New York Times, said Cain “offers no evidence for this assertion; it is simply put forward as self-evident.”

Bartlett called the plan “a distributional monstrosity.”

“The poor would pay more while the rich would have their taxes cut, with no guarantee that economic growth will increase and a good reason to believe that the budget deficit will increase,” Bartlett wrote.

That’s because two of Cain’s three 9s – the income tax and the national sales tax – would disproportionately impact the 47% of tax filers who don’t pay any federal income tax under the current system – many of whom are elderly or poor.

The extra money paid by these people would in effect subsidize the huge tax break for wealthier Americans who currently pay as much as 35% in federal income tax.

And for the middle class – that shrinking group of consumers whose spending on goods and services is key to keeping the economy rolling – the 9% sales tax might discourage pur