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>>6102063 New DJT - congrats Lady Bears

>>6102270 Nunes tonight on Hannity

>>6102310 Adam Schitt has rejected Michael Cohen's request for help

>>6102321 Ecuador reserves the right to investigate Assange

>>6102423 Nunes files $150M lawsuit against McClatchy, conspiracy to derail Clinton, Russia probes

>>6102459 Lincoln County Sheriff resigns after charged with rape, sexual abuse of minor

>>6102389 U.S. proposes list of EU goods for tariff retaliation against Airbus subsidies

>>6102668 “I’m an assassination risk”, writes Assange to Ecuador court in leaked testimony.

>>6102720 #7804

#7803 baker change

>>6101345 Bipartisan senators ask FTC to disclose whether it is investigating Google.

>>6101325 Oprah donates $2 million to Puerto Rico for disaster relief.

>>6101253 Fox video: New details emerge on Chinese woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago.

>>6101217 Ivanka Tweet: Doubled child tax credit! (video)

>>6101566 sex sting at Fort Valley State University. City Mgr indicted

>>6101529 Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco, halts Trump Admin policy sending asylum seekers back

>>6101454 a-10 up out of tucson. call sign ATTACK

>>6101495 Dig on coalition threatening companies to not hire ex POTUS admin

>>6101930 #7803


>>6101082 Nielson press conference: I just want to thank the president again for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country. (video)

>>6101034 Declaring IRG as a terrorist group will give US more options to nations back channel funneling money to Iran.

>>6101015 POTUS Schedule: Pompeo's travel to Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Cucuta, Columbia.

>>6101006 AG Barr's opening statement for tomorrow's hearing. (DOJ budget, 100 new immigration lawyers)

>>6100927 Power lines collapse in South Seattle.

>>6100818 John Solomon tweets Sydney Powell re: border crisis.

>>6100756 Metal detectors, panic buttons and undercover cops coming to an ER near you.

>>6100736 US Army Reserve Tweet: Dark to Light.

>>6100714 Beto goes after Netanyahu.

>>6100709 Marina holding 'workshops' in Greece next week?

>>6100694 Canadian drug dealer removed by ICE.

>>6100685 Trump's secret Friday night dinner with Rupert Murdoch.

>>6100646 Prussian tiara/UN flag similarities.

>>6100603, >>6100629 HRC connected to "green energy" scam. BHO did the same thing.

>>6100498 Former Defense Department employee sentenced for child pornography.

>>6100490 POTUS Schedule: Lid called as of 5:14PM.

>>6101163 #7802

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ab8175 () No. 6102779



Baker requests handoff

no hurries. whenever next is ready for a session.

no ghosty

d81ea0 () No. 6102781

Is it okay to shit the bread with a porta-potty?

d51aa5 () No. 6102787

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.



d51aa5 () No. 6102791

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


9c9a7f () No. 6102792


ty baker

26f40e () No. 6102793

Craigslist founder giving away fortune, with Jewish values honed in Morristown as moral compass


>In 2017, he gave $100,000 to the Anti-Defamation League to support its Incident Response Center, and he sits on the ADL’s tech advisory board

fb5783 () No. 6102794

Love the bread title baker! 🤣👍

62ff55 () No. 6102798

5e3116 () No. 6102799

ab8175 () No. 6102802


anyone who gets in after dough and inb4 cia nigger spam can do what they wish!!!

feb803 () No. 6102813


can take it baker, Handoff Confirmed?


>Q Research General #7806: I Bake Two Breads In The Afternoon, It Makes Me Feel Alright Edition

362a84 () No. 6102815



>a fucking word salad

7fc6f1 () No. 6102816

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and is NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try".



ca7414 () No. 6102817

Daily Mail is reporting 3 administration members quit on the heels of Nielsen and Alles:


"U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Lee Cissna is also leaving, according to CBS News. So are DHS undersecretary for management Claire Grady and general counsel John Mitnick."

Claire Grady, per Newsweek, was by law the next in line to take Nielsen's place.

Anon here is curious about just who Cissna, Grady and Mitnick are. Were they Obama holdovers? Time for a dig.

Lee Cissna

Son of a father who immigrated from Peru, and a mother who immigrated from Palestine

B.S. in physics from MIT

M.A. in international affairs from Columbia

J.D. from Georgetown

Prior to this administration, was immigration lawyer at Kaufman & Canoles in Richmond, VA.

Sauce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Cissna

Claire Grady:

B.S. Trinity University (Texas)

M.B.A. Univ. of Maryland College Park

M.S. National Defense University



"Grady has been working as under secretary since August 2017. She has also become acting deputy secretary at DHS, taking over the responsibilities of the vacant position. Before that, she worked in procurement and acquisition at the Department of Defense, as well as other positions at the DHS.

She is reportedly not willing to make life easy for the president. According to anonymous colleagues quoted by the Times, Grady said she had no intention of stepping aside to clear a path for McAleenan to take over Nielsen’s job. As such, the president could be forced to push Grady out.

If Trump manages to install McAleenan, the 47-year-old will be tasked with implementing a tougher approach to border security, something Trump reportedly believed Nielsen was unable or unwilling to do. CBS News reported that Nielsen's Sunday meeting with the president was widely expected to mark the end of her DHS tenure, during which time she faced regular criticism from Trump over a perceived lack of action on immigration."

John Marshall Mitnick

B.A. Emory University

J.D. Univ of Virginia

Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar?)

Prior to Trump administration, he had been general counsel at the Heritage Foundation, and before that, general counsel and V.P. at Raytheon.

Of note, Mitnick was also in George W. Bush's administration, first as Deputy Counsel at Homeland Security and then as Associate Counsel to the President.

Wife Carol Deane is a rheumatologist at Georgetown University Hospital.




7fc6f1 () No. 6102818


Damn, 2x red text failure. :(

9f961f () No. 6102819

The First Taste of Liberal Media tears

memory lane

ABC News Reporting Trump Election

thy shill be done!

480a10 () No. 6102820

lawfag here - anons this case is another nothing burger publicized to hurt POTUS - it is directly relatred to the case last year which already made this ruling

>>6101529 Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco, halts Trump Admin policy sending asylum seekers back

it involves asylum seekers that do NOT cross at POE - POTUS is sending them back which is NOT legal under current law and court already ruled that - its not a bog deal - see below past notable

here is link to current ruling for sauce


here is original analysis which STANDS no changes

lawfag here

on the court ruling about asylum for caravan and other illegals

dont be worred or deceived anons

this is not what you think

the judge's ruling is CORRECT and very limited

DOJ/POTUS had to know exactly what would happen and did this intentionally and expected this result

The law in question makes it 100% clear that aliens may apply for asylum "…whether or not at a designated port of arrival" the reason for this is simple - the prupose of asylum is to escape - when one is escaling one does not seek a designated POA! duh

So what does POTUS do? Passes a rule saying asylum seekers MUST present themselves at an officlal POA - duh again - so what remains then?

the key - NOTHING in the ruling stops the border patrol/ICE/military from STOPPING all persons from entry - once they are stopped then they may apply for asylum - where? at an approved POE!!


remember what POTUS said? "they are not getting in" that STANDS

ruling pdf


c97c7e () No. 6102821

diminishing returns are either very close or already have been reached.

9ac69c () No. 6102822


thanks baker

92f813 () No. 6102823

>>6102459 lb

>Rene Rodriguez

Not surprised.

4ac46f () No. 6102824

375538 () No. 6102825

>>6102755 lb




1b9814 () No. 6102826

>>6102758 lb

>>6102742 lb

clay higgins 18 twatter page now.



From Feb?

Nothing for march or april yet?

Still got "Clay Hotdogs" on top of page.

9c9a7f () No. 6102827


"The Q" ???!!

ff4856 () No. 6102828

713cfe () No. 6102829


Aww won't you get paid now?

c36b6d () No. 6102830



as much as I want to man the toaster, i've poured a couple drinks and wont risk making a mistake

this shit is too important

go put an ice pack on your giant shaft you bad motherfucker

362a84 () No. 6102831

Tanks bake

d5db8f () No. 6102832



7fc6f1 () No. 6102833


Yes, but you failed miserably. The lesson is "never try". ;)

67684d () No. 6102834

Nunes on Hannity

aeb144 () No. 6102835

>>6102063 (pb)

Watch the 5 second vid here. ALL the pieces of the puzzle get put together!



ce5cf5 () No. 6102836

Is there an indictment for the fucking pope? Is he listed in the 88k+ sealed indictments?

God I hope so!!!

17d5dd () No. 6102837


ThanQ Baker dank bread title!

126e7c () No. 6102838


thanks bakes

ab8175 () No. 6102840


handoff confirmed

bake 2 breads, maybe bake 2 more if these fuckers can shitpost like champs

i should be able to be the taker to the gravy

unless another hollers

7fc6f1 () No. 6102841


Wont get paid anyway, 'cause no one is paying me in the first place. :(

214c08 () No. 6102842

4266f1 () No. 6102843

ca7414 () No. 6102844

Devin Nunes supposed to be on Hannity tonight

Obvious question for Sean

"Criminal referrals – when?"

feb803 () No. 6102845


New Baker Confirmed

understood, thanks baker

480a10 () No. 6102846


good riddance

need a clean house

top to bottom

0c34f0 () No. 6102847

>>6101566 sex sting at Fort Valley State University. City Mgr indicted


Pimp City Manager

>Pimp City


ce5cf5 () No. 6102848

d894aa () No. 6102849


Praise kek I wanna give her some babies

214c08 () No. 6102850


Wait! I’ll double your salary!

a5e418 () No. 6102852

Thank You Baker

4ac46f () No. 6102853



The Myer Lansky Bronfmans. These Bronfmans.

7b7fbd () No. 6102854

423626 () No. 6102855

Congrats BAKER! TY!

7fc6f1 () No. 6102856


Well, except (((Q))) team. They also prepaid me with bitcoins. I didn't know until recently.

8a89be () No. 6102857


Cavs: Quicken to Rocket.

That's what that's about.

2b0b4a () No. 6102858


Hannity = nothingburger show no 1

7fc6f1 () No. 6102859


Yes, cos 90k$ will be nice. ;)

960b38 () No. 6102860

76f708 () No. 6102861


That's what I meant to say…thanks.

Oh…and I stole it…kek

ab8175 () No. 6102862


thats ok bakerfren

fake two breads

Practice Baking

your call to serve has never been more required.

this is where you can make new threads to practice your bakery


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480a10 () No. 6102863


in other words the court said the law requires they be permitted to file for asylum

thats it

see ya at the POE for your app jose

1eeb56 () No. 6102864

>>6102779 thanks baker

feb803 () No. 6102865


>>5857423 BO on global notables

>>5857492 BO on "baker assist"

Both are inactive, will be removing


17d5dd () No. 6102866

9db3de () No. 6102867

1 of 2


By Richard Winton, Matthew Ormseth & Joel Rubin

APR 08, 2019 | 5:20 PM

Felicity Huffman and a dozen other wealthy parents swept up in the far-reaching college admissions scandal have agreed to plead guilty after being charged in the scheme, according to court records.

The actress and 12 other parents, including Los Angeles marketing guru Jane Buckingham, will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Bay Area real estate developer Bruce Isackson will plead guilty to one count of money laundering conspiracy and one count of conspiracy to defraud the IRS. His wife, Davina Isackson, will plead guilty to one charge of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Michael Center, the former men’s tennis coach at the University of Texas at Austin, will also plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Center is accused of accepting $60,000 in cash and a $40,000 donation to his tennis program to ensure a student was admitted as a recruited athlete.

The admissions scheme centered on William “Rick” Singer, owner of a for-profit Newport Beach college admissions company. Parents are accused of paying the firm to help their children cheat on college entrance exams and to falsify athletic records, enabling their children to secure admission to elite schools — including UCLA, USC, Stanford, Yale and Georgetown — according to court records.

Thirty-three parents have been charged in the case, and others are expected to follow through this week with plans to plead guilty.

Prosecutors said Huffman paid $15,000 for a 36-year-old Harvard graduate to correct her daughter’s answers on the SAT, giving the girl’s score a 400-point boost over a previous score. Huffman later discussed pursuing a similar scheme for her younger daughter, according to court records.

Her husband, actor William H. Macy, has not been charged by federal prosecutors.The court documents mention Macy much less than Huffman, but they suggest Macy knew about many of the activities.

Manny Medrano, a defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, said that based on 2019 federal sentencing guidelines, Huffman would face from four to 10 months in prison as part of her plea.

Because she has no criminal history and her financial contributions to the college admissions scam are small, her sentencing recommendation is low, Medrano said. Prosecutors have said they will ask for a comparatively shorter sentence for the actress.

In a statement Monday, Huffman acknowledged her guilty plea.

“I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions. I am ashamed of the pain I have caused my daughter, my family, my friends, my colleagues and the educational community,” she said.

“I want to apologize to them and, especially, I want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college, and to their parents who make tremendous sacrifices to support their children and do so honestly. My daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions, and in my misguided and profoundly wrong way, I have betrayed her.”


b33ed2 () No. 6102868

>>6102704 lb

>you cant really slide a 3 hour bread


>>6102723 lb

Hmm, did Four-Eyes threaten Pence? Slip him the mind-control juice? At any rate, does this fuel the "Pence is comped" angle? Or was he just playing him?

480a10 () No. 6102869


its a bot anon


1d7d8e () No. 6102870

ca7414 () No. 6102871


Georgian here

Also know the accountant who audited their books and found all that shit

Fort Valley State is uber-black

Basically their bookkeeping is either crooked or just completely fucked up

The math was wrong, tax deadlines missed, record-keeping was a shambles

Prize-winning combination of corruption and stupidity

Same as the Clintons, basically.

4ac46f () No. 6102872


Jesuit Pope. The Black Pope. Illuminati, satanist, bottom of the pit scum.

66a7a0 () No. 6102873

Welp heres hannity sucking jew cock while you have the leftie niggers wanting to give niggers money for being niggers.

362a84 () No. 6102874

8578f6 () No. 6102875


>The US could learn from Israel and their border wall.

But… but we paid for it.

7fc6f1 () No. 6102876


Ah, now I get it. You were talking about poopin' and going to the toilet.

Well not everyone goes to the toilet to poop. But then jew probably already knew that. ;)

Hopefully that will be changing in the future.

c20cac () No. 6102877



1f3e19 () No. 6102878


>god i hope so too

5a629f () No. 6102879


apparently kindergarten is not teaching the kids to keep their hands to themselves.

Don't mix dating and work and y'all will be fine.

2055d2 () No. 6102880

While we are watching for more planefag notables, here's a little indulgence….

268201 () No. 6102881

6e2c97 () No. 6102882


>10 months in prison as part of her plea.

Pffft slap on the wrist

17d5dd () No. 6102883

What music does one listen to whilst fighting back the hoards of Hel?

9db3de () No. 6102884


Buckingham, who once authored a book titled “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations,” wanted desperately for her son to attend USC. So the Los Angeles marketing maven — once called the Martha Stewart of the younger generation — turned to Singer to help her son score high on the ACT standardized test, prosecutors alleged.

In a phone call on July 12, 2018, Buckingham told Singer that her son had developed tonsillitis and his doctor had advised against allowing him to travel. The plan was for her son to take the ACT at the test center in Houston, but he wasn’t able to get there, federal authorities said.

Buckingham asked Singer whether it would be possible to get a copy of the exam for her son take at home — so that he would believe he had taken the test — while someone else took it on his behalf in Houston. Singer said he would make it happen.

Ultimately, Buckingham’s son received a score of 35 out of a possible 36 on the ACT. Under federal sentencing guidelines, she faces at least eight months in prison.

The Isacksons are accused of paying Singer $600,000 to get one daughter into UCLA and another into USC through bribes and other deceitful moves, court records show.

The couple began conspiring with Singer in 2015 to have their older daughter admitted to college as an athletic recruit, according to court records. Their first choice was USC, but plans to sneak the teen into the school were thwarted when her application was inadvertently sent into the normal admissions process, leaving a member of the athletic department who was allegedly working with Singer unable to complete the deal, according to an FBI affidavit.

College admissions scammers found ‘the hole in the Death Star’

MAR 19, 2019 | 6:25 AM

Singer then turned to UCLA, sending a fake athletic profile he had concocted in May 2016 to Ali Khosroshahin, a former USC women’s soccer coach, who passed it on to Jorge Salcedo, the former head men’s soccer coach at UCLA, prosecutors say. Khosroshahin and Salcedo have been indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering.

The girl was admitted to UCLA. Unlike other students who sneaked into schools as faked athletes and then simply did not join the teams, the Isacksons’ daughter found herself in over her head on the UCLA women’s soccer roster.

For passing their daughter off as a recruited athlete, they transferred shares of Facebook stock valued at about $250,000 to a charity operated by Singer, the FBI affidavit says.

Singer used his charity to pay Salcedo $100,000 and Khosroshahin $25,000 for securing Isackson’s admittance, prosecutors say.

The Isacksons then paid Singer an additional $350,000 to rig their younger daughter’s college entrance exam and to pass her off as an experienced rower to get her into USC as a member of the crew team, according to court documents.

The Los Angeles Times has reviewed a copy of the plea agreement that spells out the terms of the cooperation deal between prosecutors and Bruce Isackson. If, after hearing what Isackson knows, prosecutors decide he has provided “substantial assistance,” they will ask the judge in his case to sentence Isackson to a shorter prison term than called for by sentencing guidelines, the agreement shows.

The agreement does not specify what sentence prosecutors may request, but they could ask the judge to spare Isackson prison time completely.

As part of his agreement with prosecutors, Bruce Isackson must pay the Internal Revenue Service nearly $140,000 in restitution. The payment appears to be because Isackson wrote off his payments to Singer’s organization as a charitable donation.

A source familiar with the Isacksons’ plea agreement said investigators wanted the couple to provide them with more information about other parents involved in the scheme as well as the role that coaches played. Prosecutors want to firm up their existing case and find potential new targets among parents and university officials.

The couple could be called to testify against Salcedo and other coaches. So far, Salcedo is the only coach at UCLA to have been charged in the scam. He resigned in the wake of bribery allegations. The source said the Isacksons also could be used as witnesses in trials against other parents to explain Singer’s methods and parents’ motives.

No soccer experience, but she still got a spot on elite UCLA team in college admissions scandal

MAR 20, 2019 | 7:00 AM

UCLA women’s soccer coach Amanda Cromwell, who oversaw the team the Isacksons’ daughter joined, has not returned calls or emails seeking comment.

Prosecutors say the other parents who have agreed to plead guilty in the wide-reaching scandal are:

• Augustin Huneeus

• Gordon Caplan

• Peter Jan Sartorio

• Stephen Semprevivo

• Devin Sloane

• Gregory and Marcia Abbott

• Robert Flaxman

• Marjorie Klapper

a4feb6 () No. 6102885

>>6100646 pb

of so the world will be a "jewel in their crown"?

8578f6 () No. 6102886


I wish they did the hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses in a dark room in front of his computer.

2b1954 () No. 6102887


Ooh, I hadn't seen that one before. I like it.

9db3de () No. 6102888


Huneeus, who owns a portfolio of vineyards in Napa and elsewhere, conspired to bribe a senior assistant athletic director and the water polo coach at USC to get his daughter into the university as an athlete recruit, according to the complaint. He is accused of paying $300,000 in the cheating scheme.

Caplan, former co-chair of law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher, made a $75,000 payment under the guise of a charitable donation. Prosecutors said the money was paid to one of Singer’s accomplices to correct the girl’s answers on the ACT.

Sartorio, a packaged foods entrepreneur based in Menlo Park, is accused of paying Singer $15,000 for a surrogate to take a college entrance exam for his daughter.

Semprevivo, the chief strategy and growth officer at Agoura Hills-based Cydcor, a company that provides outsourced sales services, agreed to pay Singer $400,000 as part of a bribe to the Georgetown tennis coach to facilitate admission for his son — who did not play tennis competitively — prosecutors said.

Sloane, the founder and general manager of Los Angeles-based water company WaterTalent, paid $250,000 to Singer, who portrayed his son as an Italian national team water polo player and doctored photos to support the fake story, court documents say.

Prosecutors said Gregory Abbott, chairman of a food and beverage packaging company, and his wife, Marcia Abbott, paid Singer $125,000 to inflate their daughter’s scores on college entrance exams. Singer’s alleged accomplice, 36-year-old Harvard graduate Mark Riddell, corrected their daughter’s answers on the SAT and later fixed her answers on two SAT subject tests.

Flaxman, a Laguna Beach real estate developer, is accused of paying Singer $75,000 to have Riddell correct his daughter’s answers on the ACT, boosting her score by eight points.

Klapper, a Menlo Park resident who co-owns a jewelry business, allegedly paid Singer $15,000 to have Riddell fix her son’s answers on the ACT. When he scored — with Riddell’s help — a 30 out of 36, Klapper emailed Singer: “Omg.”

Those who have signed plea agreements face recommended sentences of a few months to a year and a half in prison, prosecutors said.


a52a12 () No. 6102889

What took the Demonrats so long to find a compromised judge? Well it will be Appealed to Supreme Court to over turn, if necessary maybe reason will prevail in an upper court, otherwise rinse, repeat, demonrat obstruction >>610152

268201 () No. 6102890

7fc6f1 () No. 6102891


Yeah, all their grinding paid off. ;)

6c1110 () No. 6102892


ThanQ Baker !

Semper Fidelis

a8f897 () No. 6102893

link to Hannity pls?

ab8175 () No. 6102894



made a call last bread to bring forward the global notables meta but not takers = no interest

i think bakers o7 that sentiment of removal

i know i do

4f8b91 () No. 6102895



8578f6 () No. 6102896

9b2015 () No. 6102897

MSM interest in Tucson A-10/ Border activity…

Any suggested redpills to serve up?

a8f897 () No. 6102898

7e146b () No. 6102899

1eeb56 () No. 6102900

7fc6f1 () No. 6102901


Grabbity? Here you go.

539342 () No. 6102902

2b1954 () No. 6102903


Erin was hawt.

ce5cf5 () No. 6102904


The sick fucks need to be brought into the light so ALL can see their evil!

6c1110 () No. 6102905

92f813 () No. 6102906

Fucking Porsche fags.

Can't find your micro dicks to jerk?

550ea9 () No. 6102907

82cfa8 () No. 6102908

Steven Spielberg…the Hillary Clinton of Hollywood.

The list of people who in some way are connected to him who end up dying tragic deaths is LONG. Whether as the fall out of being one of his pedowood victims or “Spielcided” to cover up his crimes.

https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/08/four-for-friday-his-first-victim.html?m=1 Annisa Jones may possibly have been his very first victim according to CDAN.

Vic Marrow (Spielcided), Corey Haim (victim), Heather O’Rourke (victim), Judith Barsi (victim AND Spielcided).

9c9a7f () No. 6102909

1b9814 () No. 6102910


Clay higgins 18 retweets @RudyMaxwell.

Looking at Rudy's photos, found this one right away:

"Feeling a little froggy?"

a72377 () No. 6102911


asap pls

feb803 () No. 6102912


I'll just repost the text to them actually, they're still relevant

93b03d () No. 6102913

>>6099944 (PB)

Let's contrast the wealth disparity between Maduro (who eats as much as he wants whenever he wants) and the average Venezuelan who eats what he can find if he can catch it. THAT'S socialism. Don Trump donates his salary back to the US. Do you think AOC or Bernie Sanders would do the same? If you DO think that, why haven't they done it?

Stop trying to foment class warfare.

ac70c6 () No. 6102914


Stage Set

D__Priv √

(G)ulf(T)ango(C)harlie √






03db3c () No. 6102915



I bake two breads in times of peace and two in times of war

I bake two breads and then I bake two breads and then I bake two more

30ae75 () No. 6102916


Actually Q said Bottom, Middle, Top.

Presumably sequence.

ca7414 () No. 6102917


Man, all this beautiful justice coming down is so fantastic.

Any time this country can shit-can rich assholes who want to be able to buy their way through life is a good time.

ce5cf5 () No. 6102918


I thought it a kind way of pointing out to newfags the futility.

c3aaf3 () No. 6102919

Doug Collins Twitter.. take note of who paid him a visit. Also find a letter he sent to Jerry Nadler today.


92f813 () No. 6102920



a8f897 () No. 6102921

126e7c () No. 6102922

322045 () No. 6102923


Is that Trump's older sister?

ca772f () No. 6102924

why DOn't we check out the caves of



good or bad

let em fall where they may

Dr. Murray - a;ll day

feb803 () No. 6102925

Repost of 8bit's global notable:


I'm a little late for this announcement but we have noticed anons discussion and use of global notables as "extra notable" notables. Global notables should be reserved for meta issues as they used to be. CM announcements, board staff announcements, board related issues, things like that. It seems like we have people trying to push their notables for global just to get more exposure over others. This is not what we want.

On that note, I'm very far behind on updating the notables and qposts pages and I apologize for that. I will be working on those now.

Beware groups who would try to engage in consensus cracking by pushing their notables for global as if they are so much more important than yours. All notables are important.

83067b () No. 6102926


i bake two breads b4 i bake 2 breads

& then i ty more

sheesh, is hannity triggerd or wut

he played a clip of Beto sounding logical and then jus started drooling

e8e3ad () No. 6102927

9ac69c () No. 6102928

2b1954 () No. 6102929


Of course. Had me laughing. Kek!

7fc6f1 () No. 6102930



Indeed. ;)

I know now you were talking about poopin'. But you are all probably going to the "other place" also. ;)

c36b6d () No. 6102931



Practice makes perfect


thanks now I have to go buy another beer and listen to this five times


oh shit did someone just step up

o7 o7 o7


fuck you now I have to buy two more beers

044df1 () No. 6102932

So this guy, Gabe Hoffman aka an open secret, likes to spend a lot of time “debunking” Q and pizzagate, and protecting Podesta, spielberg, James Gunn etc. He also has ties to Posobiec, Cernovich, loomer, and many others. His biotech hedge fund operates out of the Cayman Islands. Who is this guy affiliated with? He got really jumpy about gillibrand and NXIVM.

5ddc6e () No. 6102933

The Federal Reserve had an open board meeting today. They discussed domestic and international regulations for banks of different sizes. It seems like they are preparing for the possibility of a bank going under and attempting to slow/stop the contagion from spreading if so.


01161e () No. 6102934


Topkek for sure!

a1726c () No. 6102935


Why would you give up your fortune to a terrorist organization?

c64132 () No. 6102936

a0ae20 () No. 6102937


Is this about optics?

Asking for a Fren.

2055d2 () No. 6102938

362a84 () No. 6102939


Sweet Leaf

b0fef3 () No. 6102940

not Q related…2A related

just for some perspective keks when you have 6min

Please don't slide the board on this topic…we know what's what.

BuzzFeed Star has a Negligent Discharge… twice

92f813 () No. 6102941


I'm looking to collude with her.

dcc693 () No. 6102942

This was taken 3 April 2019

For your info anon Turkey is going to be dropped from NATO. They are now very much more inline with Russian interest than with NATO interest. Without Turkey NATO is properly fucked!

And now this

>>MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. Ankara and Moscow are discussing a broad range of issues of cooperation in defense sector, including contracts on supplies and joint production, Fahrettin Altun, the Turkish president’s communications director, wrote on Twitter on Monday.

>>"We are holding a broad discussion with Russia on our cooperation in defense sector. We are discussing the issues ranging from mutual supplies of military equipment to possible joint production. Bilateral cooperation in the defense area is of a large scope and continues developing," Altun said ahead of a meeting in Moscow on Monday between Turkish and Russian Presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin.



Ankara and Moscow are discussing a broad range of issues of cooperation in defense sector, including contracts on supplies and joint production

Did you get this Anon… Joint Production!!! No way Turkey will allowed to stay in NATO!

8af7f5 () No. 6102943



d42e1a () No. 6102944

I see what you did in the bread title, Baker. Very Sublime.

36a4a1 () No. 6102945


Judah P. Benjamin

126e7c () No. 6102946


arent we all, arent we all

1a1026 () No. 6102947

here are some numerical observations for those who might be interested in spending some more time thinking about this Q drop.

I think it's a very important one, and I will share some more observations in due time.

ee24f4 () No. 6102948

John Solomon on Hannity now // article related

Bread 7798 [pb]



Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats?


713cfe () No. 6102949

When Hannity corrects himself from Crazy Uncle Joe to Creepy Uncle Joe! KEK

1d7d8e () No. 6102950


Holy Hell! Frog in a blender from Joe Cartoon…

You realize that doesn't end well for the frog, yeah?

a4ad60 () No. 6102951

Reposting Global Notable that fell off catalog

I'm a little late for this announcement but we have noticed anons discussion and use of global notables as "extra notable" notables. Global notables should be reserved for meta issues as they used to be. CM announcements, board staff announcements, board related issues, things like that. It seems like we have people trying to push their notables for global just to get more exposure over others. This is not what we want.

On that note, I'm very far behind on updating the notables and qposts pages and I apologize for that. I will be working on those now.

Beware groups who would try to engage in consensus cracking by pushing their notables for global as if they are so much more important than yours. All notables are important.

3547a1 () No. 6102952


Thank You Baker!

2fc9ec () No. 6102953

>>6102678 pb

For sure anon. I would think him and his family have 24/7 protection

7fc6f1 () No. 6102954

He makes a poopin' noise in that song. Did you hear? MMmmmmhhh…

6e2c97 () No. 6102955


>I Bake Two Breads In The Mornin I Bake Two Breads At Night Edition

Ah but what about the afternoon. A-hah! Gotcha. kek

36a4a1 () No. 6102956


Or Dub Street All-Stars

32ee24 () No. 6102957

Meme blank, meme fags

92f813 () No. 6102958


What's with niggers and pimping?

Fucking degenerates.

9cbfd4 () No. 6102959



he he

7e146b () No. 6102960


Eye see what you did there.

57ac8e () No. 6102961

b59b35 () No. 6102962

>>6102523 lb


Press conference FBI, HHS - OIG, IRS-Criminal Div, SC SA

67903b () No. 6102963

>>6102672 (lb)

CA_J reminds me of Caris James, the Facebook ID that James Alefantis of Pizzagate fame used

ca7414 () No. 6102964


Attaboy, Doug Collins!

LOL at giving the insane liberals another guy to go crazy and spew over

Collins is doing a GREAT job as part of the Freedom Caucus. Proud of him.

7fc6f1 () No. 6102965


Interesting job you guys have. ;)

d1754d () No. 6102966

feb803 () No. 6102967


could you repost with sauce for this bread anon?

a4ad60 () No. 6102968

Reposting Global Notable that fell off catalog


On that whole "Baker Assist" thing:

That is some fucking weak shit. What happened here? Bakers can't bake their own bread anymore? Unless the board is getting ddos'ed that whole baker assist thing is retarded and should be called out. My opinion.

c20cac () No. 6102969


saw an f-35 a little while ago in the area

but missed the cap

and now this unknown aircraft which appears

to be out of roswell

4bdbd3 () No. 6102970

>>6102801 /lb

He has a great idea and it sounds like he supports it, so…we finally have a place to send all the illegal immigrants to that wont be "back home" but to the glorious and understanding ds meat puppet's place. There's only a few million and the Vatican has walls to keep them in and away from trouble.

So, send all the illegals at the southern border to the Vatican. Just cram them into containers and the "poop" can organize things on his end.

d894aa () No. 6102971


Get in line nigga, kek

d76438 () No. 6102972

I know this isn't research related, but these Winnie the Pooh memes are out of control!

17d5dd () No. 6102973


Answered 4 me… thanQ!

From de bottom up!

Gotta Catch 'em ALL!

362a84 () No. 6102974


Bit too late for that

Iron Maiden


c1db0d () No. 6102975


There are countless attacks by the media in an orchestrated campaign. We are at war with the corrupt establishment, and they are fighting back with vengeance. There are millions spent shaping these narratives, much like Fusion GPS, ShareBlue and others. At least 20% of posts are not related to our research and are various forms of subversion or fake news narrative shaping. The latest fake news uses the term “cult.” This is textbook deflection / projection with their REAL CULT problem being exposed eg NXIVM, Epstein’s temple, et al. While you report your false narratives of muh racist, violent cult etc, we will continue breaking news months ahead of you.

The NOTABLES section will help you cut through the chaos and noise.

Notables aren‘t endorsements. Discern for yourself. This board is not much different from any comment section on a site, and yes they pay to “shape” opinion there too. The notion we can control anonymous posts is a huge leap.

If it’s HATE based, it’s FAKE / PAID

NOTHING Q has said supports these narratives. We reject any unlawful activity. Groups that fundraise off “hate” are the most likely culprits. Hate is an industry, much like the news media being more interested in ratings than journalism.

E.g. https://qresear.ch/?q=Synagogue+of+Satan

Identical content, posted nearly 2000 times! Organic? We have caught media associates planting similar posts. (Hi Doug)

The shills are never Trump or Q supporters, and never show any enthusiasm over current events. The tactics will change, but the ride never ends! All for a LARP? Their round the clock persistence only validates Q. The shills attack efforts to call them out heavily, and it’s obvious they’re not here to “help.”

Think for yourself and discern posts in context of Q drops at QMAP.PUB and current events.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again




This will be posted regularly given latest Q drops

>>5966972 (Q, pb) rt >>5966583 (pb) rt >>5966470 (pb this)

30ae75 () No. 6102976


structure change on tap … pic related

36a4a1 () No. 6102977


Cuz, yep, we're THICC

1d7d8e () No. 6102978



Still ain't too bad for being 69

539342 () No. 6102979

98468b () No. 6102980



nobility gloatable

304e9d () No. 6102981


let the bodies hit the floor it's time to MAGA bitchez!

feb803 () No. 6102982



Thank you anon.

3cbe64 () No. 6102983


Also a ==notable==

127aec () No. 6102984

Bakers not baking uploaded content into bread?? Isn’t this called censorship??

9ac69c () No. 6102985


need to save that one

6456e8 () No. 6102986


Not usually a numbers fag but same post is basis for this clock. (top left corner). This was the final version.

Remember today is the marker they tried to take out POTUS.

This is not a game.

7fc6f1 () No. 6102987






Hence, proved. ;)

feb803 () No. 6102988


what are you bitching about?

7fc6f1 () No. 6102989


>This is not a game.

Yes it is. :)

4bdbd3 () No. 6102990


Her mouth and hitllery's mouth seem to have had the same mold that pursed their lips in that perfect circle - although her hole is smaller than hitllery's but then again, it is possible bill is larger and phillip.

8a89be () No. 6102991


the logic is so fallacious it hurts muh brainz >_<

6e7349 () No. 6102992

362a84 () No. 6102993


>of so the world will be a "jewel in their crown"?

6e7349 () No. 6102994

901ddb () No. 6102995

April 8 2019 and still no arrests…..no more Q for me until I see big names go down.

1a1026 () No. 6102996


I heard fighter jet overhead in Chicago today at 1pm on the dot. (I posted about it then). Couldn't get outside quickly enough to see what type or which direction. It did not circle back; it was on the way somewhere (not patrolling)

6e7349 () No. 6102997


0d7793 () No. 6102998


Thanks, Baker.

Thanks, Patriots.

Love you all.

126e7c () No. 6102999


k bye

d894aa () No. 6103000


Bye, nigga

336a8c () No. 6103001



ca772f () No. 6103002


yellow band = nazi's

fren says he want a hondo on that bet, fucken can't shut him up…

92f813 () No. 6103003


>This is not a game.

Actually, it seems like a game more than anything else … being played on Trump supporters.

040f82 () No. 6103004

Same song and dance.

US lawmakers to examine ways to rein in hate crimes, white nationalism

House Judiciary Committee says Tuesday hearing will focus on social media as a conduit for hate and on government efforts to counter it

The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on hate crimes and the rise of white nationalist groups in America.

The hearing scheduled for Tuesday will also look at how social media can rein in white nationalist propaganda and hate speech online.

“Social media platforms have served as world-wide conduits to spread vitriolic hate messages into every home and country,” said a statement from the committee, which is chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat.

“The deadly 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, served as a frightening reminder of the current threat white nationalism and hate groups pose to the nation.”

The Hill political news website reported that Nadler was planning to summon officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to the hearing to answer questions about efforts to counter white nationalism in the aftermath of the recent attacks on a Pittsburgh synagogue and two New Zealand mosques.


Long story short: "Let's pull FF's and blame white people so we can censor them and demand their guns because they're waking up!" - DS

a5e418 () No. 6103005

cee903 () No. 6103006

I am yearning for the part in the movie when I can walk to the farmers market… and listen to everyone chatting and talking and saying "omgoshh…I had NO idea. I feel so bad." when normies are speaking of POTUS and finally realize what has happened.

I mean that.

I would rather be behind a computer until then. Its like quicksand out there. Literally feels like that.

d76438 () No. 6103007



9cbfd4 () No. 6103008

322045 () No. 6103009


I love that patch. I swear to uphold my oath to this office and the constitutional right to be a part of it.

d96854 () No. 6103010

2b0b4a () No. 6103011


Even in germany we think Porsches are for pussies. (Except GT3/2)

375538 () No. 6103012


>so fallacious

not really

4e83a2 () No. 6103013


sorry to keep you waiting…difficult business

32ee24 () No. 6103014

901ddb () No. 6103015



7fb25a () No. 6103016


Hive mind — that’s what I was gonna say! I just filtered instead…

d3a4cf () No. 6103017






c4d120 () No. 6103018

>>6101685 lb

You’re the type of American I like. I don’t even care if you’re right or wrong. I’m not going to look into it.

2b16a9 () No. 6103019


The “I” is removed because we took their eye out?

f6c042 () No. 6103020


That wasn't a doctored pic. It went along with a list of crazy lib climate change bullshit. Fish were listed in #14 for some sort of shit

However after his pedo emails someone did a deeper dive on the symbolism. Little winks to their cohorts.

8859bb () No. 6103021






126e7c () No. 6103022


kek, either one

feb803 () No. 6103023

Notables so far


>>6102817 Daily Mail is reporting 3 administration members quit on the heels of Nielsen and Alles

>>6102919 Doug Collins' tweet on the letter he sent to Jerry Nadler today

>>6102942 Turkey, Russia discuss joint production of military equipment

>>6102948 New John Solomon on Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats?

82e773 () No. 6103024



31bc61 () No. 6103025

a1726c () No. 6103026


>Who is this guy affiliated with?

If you just reread the names he has ties to, it should be clear who he’s associated with.

2f4daf () No. 6103027

She's ready for war Autists……


9cbfd4 () No. 6103028


they all got way too pricey and over-complicated.

But you are right. Those are bad-ass.

0d7793 () No. 6103029

>>6102104 lb

New Guardians Gallery meme.

a4feb6 () No. 6103030

>>6100646 pb

of so the world will be a "jewel in their crown"?

Just saw [pic related] seems Philip looks like "Prescott" Scherf?

I bet "Scherff " is another fake name

"One is was poor"

They always try to make themselves look like they "came up" the hard way?


3cbe64 () No. 6103031


It's a bot,

I considered making a Synagogue of Seitan meme.

but it's not worth it. It's all fake protein anyway.

6e7349 () No. 6103032



Area-denial anti-access bubble created by Iskander-M and S-400 systems deployed at Russia's Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Red - ballistic missile range (700 km). Blue - maximum range of the S-400 system with 40N6 missile (400 km).

e21db9 () No. 6103033

878d39 () No. 6103034

127aec () No. 6103035

100% uploaded pics but never post in bread….Odd.

c03751 () No. 6103036


Thanks Hussein. Well played. Hopefully our last global foreign policy consequence for his having his dick uo his ass.

Got to admit, I did kind of enjoy seeing Hussein getting his ass whipped time-and-again by Putin.

Shouldn've tried to do a fucking coup on Erdogan!

214c08 () No. 6103037

7faadd () No. 6103038


Pedo swirl and pizza hat for sale


0a80a9 () No. 6103039

83067b () No. 6103040

>>6102927 noice

it is fun picturing themsm trampling each other in a rush to be first.

but who will believe them, and why?

92f813 () No. 6103041


>April 8 2019 and still no arrests…..no more Q for me until I see big names go down.

No big names are going down due to anything you see on this board, anon.

Trump's DOJ may bring some justice, but an anonymous 8chan poster of cryptic bullshit won't have anything to do with it.

The Q-worship retardery here is fun to watch though …

8ef03a () No. 6103042

375538 () No. 6103043



fe7704 () No. 6103044

I read through the 422 pages of Judicial watch emails received and noted the following. I don’t know what to make a lot of it, but it’s clear, that no one from FBI thought this was for convenience. Prior SOS all said they had private emails but didn’t use for SOS work. So a couple of things stood out. I can’t tell you why but there may be something to dig on.

Mid year exam FBI requested two WFO special agents fly overseas to interview witnesses:

11/5/15: willing witnesses in Madrid, Spain

11/21/15: willing witness in Manama, Bahrain

Blumenthal emailed the atmosphere in Kysgyzstan that they were upset about the corrupt agreement with DOD that they had with Red star (gas prices) and Russia was mad that Bakijev took Russia’s money and then betrayed them. Kysgyzstan was not impressed with DOS ambassadors betraying them.

Here’s a few other screenshots I took of the files JD got, along the statement of HRC coverup - this relates to her server.

Pagglioni’s boss didn’t know Brian set up HRCs private server.

Many DOS, FBI etc admitted 100s of classified emails sent and received by her and staff.

Oh and they all knew Kennedy at state was not forthcoming or cooperative

Honest to God this pisses me off! If anyone else did this we’d be canned for 200 years in jail. But also the amount of money our govt spent tracking all of down is mind blowing.

214c08 () No. 6103046

b8accd () No. 6103045

To carry out the provisions of this Act, there are authorized to be appropriated $12,000,000.


9ac69c () No. 6103047


They are not bots, run in shifts. One of them is a little shy and waits until mid-bread to post. Obviously an example of paid shills.

539342 () No. 6103048

487dd1 () No. 6103049


Jim is still trying hard.


>>6089924 lb

>>6093662 lb

600faf () No. 6103050

DJT tweet #5079 caps = 98 simple gematria = Dead cat bounce

151ffe () No. 6103051


God fucking damnit anon. We're going to miss you so fucking much. Please don't go, I'm begging you. Stay just a little while longer. Wtf are we going to do without you????

d894aa () No. 6103052


Plays no games kek

2b5d5a () No. 6103053

feb803 () No. 6103054


could you post the sauce to this too?

362a84 () No. 6103055


Aces fucking High

8ef03a () No. 6103056

577705 () No. 6103057

6e7349 () No. 6103059

0feb38 () No. 6103058


I kinda hope he dont post again, just so I can forget about this shit….

baf266 () No. 6103060


Sublime….and I don’t just mean the bake 😁

336a8c () No. 6103061


This is true. Put too many miles on it and your fucked.

cf844d () No. 6103062

This fungus has been in the clown news over rhe last few days. Makes the bs detector glow. The description of how it originally spread is spoopy, doesn't really make any sense.

a1726c () No. 6103063


Was the pilot wearing a maga hat and holding a noose?

30ae75 () No. 6103064


Muh what

>uploaded content


e21db9 () No. 6103065

15d4ee () No. 6103066


He's not the 'Hillary'. That would be Geffen, But Spielberg is definitely a kid fucker. He's been fucking little girls and boys for decades.

a4feb6 () No. 6103067


I got two sets of doubles in that!

27 27 and 30 30

096a35 () No. 6103068

October 1, 2007 | 9:00am

A purported pyramid-scheme operator who was run out of Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor has reinvented himself as the head of an upstate group accused of being a “cult” – and his devotees have pumped thousands into Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s presidential run.

Executives and top associates of the Albany-based NXIVM group – along with their family members – donated $29,900 to Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to federal records.

On March 14 and April 13, records show, more than a dozen contributions poured into Clinton’s coffers from NXIVM, an executive and group-awareness training organization led by Brooklyn-born Keith Raniere, 47.

Most were from first-time political donors, each giving the $2,300 maximum.

The revelation comes on the heels of the arrest of Norman Hsu, who raised $1.5 million in campaign contributions for the Clintons and other Democrats, even though he was technically a fugitive from fraud charges in California.

Hsu jumped bail in early September but was nabbed and is currently locked up in California.

In his previous incarnation, the Svengali-like Raniere ran a $30 million multilevel marketing business that imploded after federal agencies and regulators in 23 states alleged it was an illegal pyramid scheme.

He has managed to attract famous names to NXIVM.

Three of the March and April Clinton pledges came from Raniere’s most high-profile followers: Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Pamela Cafritz, daughter of D.C. A-listers Buffy and Bill Cafritz.

Cafritz shares a condo with Raniere.

The Bronfman sisters are also deeply involved with NXIVM and, according to a 2003 article in Forbes magazine, have loaned millions to the group and provided use of their jet.

Their father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., once took NXIVM classes but soon severed ties, telling Forbes, “It’s a cult.”

The Clinton campaign downplayed the significance of the NXIVM-related contributions.

“Over 100,000 people from across the country have contributed to Sen. Clinton’s campaign for change, and regardless of who supports her, she will always continue to stand up for what she feels is right,” said campaign spokesman Blake Zeff.

Hillary isn’t the only Clinton NXIVM officials are attracted to.

At least three of them – group President Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year.

NXIVM spokesman Frank Roberts told The Post the organization doesn’t have a presidential candidate it is officially backing.

Last month, the Albany Times Union reported that NXIVM associates gave $31,600 to the state Republican Senate Campaign Committee and provided $34,763 worth of air transportation.

The recent campaign contributions led one close observer of NXIVM to speculate that the group is trying to curry favor for its effort to expand training centers upstate.

In the 1990s, several states investigated the Raniere-run Consumer Buyline Inc., a marketing firm in which members were paid commissions for recruiting new members.

A 1992 Arkansas lawsuit filed by Bill Clinton’s then-attorney general, Winston Bryant, charged Raniere, Cafritz and two others with fraud and business deception. Soon after, then-New York AG Robert Abrams sued CBI, branding it “illegal.”

Raniere didn’t admit wrongdoing, but agreed to pay hefty fines in both states.

After closing the Albany-based CBI, he became involved in a health-food and vitamin venture that led him to Salzman. Sharing a passion for motivational training, the pair launched NXIVM.

At NXIVM – according to court papers, cult watchdogs and relatives of members – Raniere has defrauded devotees, shattered families and drove at least one person to suicide.

After four months attending NXIVM’s expensive, “intensive” studies, Alaska resident Kristin Marie Snyder grew angry, depressed and irrational.

In winter 2003, she disappeared. Her family believes she drowned herself. Her body was not recovered. Snyder was last seen leaving a NXIVM course, and police released a note she left behind.

“I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off,” Snyder scrawled in a spiral notebook.


6456e8 () No. 6103069


I was guilty of this, however.

There is something to the numbers. Just don't see always see it when mathematical operations are applied.

acc83c () No. 6103070

Tonight is the last night of March Madness.


0a80a9 () No. 6103071

Nice Sexual References your projecting to Kids @paulkousky of @pdkfilms.

Deez Nuts.

Just the Tip I promise.

"got a pickle and a slice of #PizzaGate in case you get hungry"

"these nuts will help James maintain high protein levels"

These people are sick.


375538 () No. 6103072


and panda bear

738816 () No. 6103075

972586 () No. 6103076


f9b68e () No. 6103077




1a1026 () No. 6103078


Thank you!

I saw that graphic you postedearlier and that graphic is what inspired me to dig on thise numbers.

I just noticed… your graphic has the time of that drop at 12:51 (vs. 11:51 as in my graphic). If 12:51 is used, then the pattern of the time is perfectly symmetrical:

11 / 14 / 2017 12:51:10


11 5 2 17 1 2 5 11

487dd1 () No. 6103079


no intelligence.

8578f6 () No. 6103080

b33ed2 () No. 6103081


Hey, what ever happened to McCabe's Porsche?

90f4f5 () No. 6103082

Man on the run….

ab8175 () No. 6103083



responded to the other anon

>>6102376 lb

214c08 () No. 6103084

8a89be () No. 6103085

Eric Swallowswell has announced he's going to try and save his ass by hiding behind the title of "candidate".

03db3c () No. 6103086

ab8175 () No. 6103087



so give that anon the you

>>6103083 lb

on the one

3afe8e () No. 6103088


583a10 () No. 6103089

>>6102606 lb

There are no federal statutes or Rules of the Senate that directly affect the status of a Senator who has been indicted for a crime that constitutes a felony. No rights or privileges are forfeited under the Constitution, statutory law, nor the Rules of the Senate upon an indictment. Under the Rules of the Senate, therefore, an indicted Senator may continue to participate in congressional proceedings and considerations.

Under the United States Constitution, a person under indictment is not disqualified from being a Member of or a candidate for reelection to Congress. Internal party rules in the Senate may, however, provide for certain steps to be taken by an indicted Senator. For example, the Senate Republican Conference Rules require an indicted chairman or ranking Member of a Senate committee, or a member of the party leadership, to temporarily step aside from his or her leadership or chairmanship position.

Members of Congress do not automatically forfeit their offices upon conviction of a crime that constitutes a felony.

No express constitutional disability or “disqualification” from Congress exists for the conviction of a crime, other than under the Fourteenth Amendment for certain treasonous conduct by someone who has taken an oath of office to support the Constitution.

Unlike Members of the House, Senators are not instructed by internal Senate Rules to refrain from voting in committee or on the Senate floor once they have been convicted of a crime which carries a particular punishment. Internal party rules in the Senate may affect a Senator’s position in committees. Under the Senate Republican Conference Rules, for example, Senators lose their chairmanships of committees or ranking Member status upon conviction of a felony.


d76438 () No. 6103090


With any luck it was a GT2 and will live up to it's nickname. Sorry if you don't get it Anon, have to be a carfag.

30ae75 () No. 6103091

f6c042 () No. 6103092

As above, so below…

Destroy their symbolism.

e0fef8 () No. 6103093


You kidding? This thing only gets more credible as time goes on. If you didn't see it a few months ago, maybe you should be doing something else.

dda65a () No. 6103094

1eeb56 () No. 6103095


How was everyone's Monday?

126e7c () No. 6103096


my god your color scheme

feb803 () No. 6103097



an anon reposted them:

>>6102951 8bit on global notables (repost)

>>6102968 8bit on "baker assist" (repost)

thank you though magaveli!

d1754d () No. 6103098


what's wrong with being an anti-semite again? the bible is pretty anti-semetic

82e773 () No. 6103099

F-RAJA 3B7782

French Air Force CTM1015

France Military

Airbus A340 212 A342

8578f6 () No. 6103100


Why did Joe Biden decide to run for president if he knew there was days worth of footage of him groping and being extremely sexual with women and teens he doesn't know… but also toddlers?

ab8175 () No. 6103101

>>6103087 -→ ( >>6102376 lb )

8a89be () No. 6103102



I'm sold.

487dd1 () No. 6103103


VERY interdeasting.

Symbolism will bring them ALL down.

c338bb () No. 6103104


White hats are in control.

30ae75 () No. 6103105


Oh really?

b8accd () No. 6103106

Jan 2017


c3aaf3 () No. 6103107

Bill Clinton Honoree Thrown In Jail Over "Biggest Clean Energy Scam In American History"

One of three scam artists behind a $54 million ponzi scheme was sentenced to prison for her role in the biggest 'green energy' scams in US history, according to NBC New York. 35-year-old Amanda Knorr of Hellertown, Pennsylvania received just 30 months in federal prison for a ponzi scheme involving her 2005 startup, Mantria, in which "many people lost their life savings," according to assistant US Attorney Robert Livermore following Knorr's sentencing.

Knorr co-founded a company called Mantria Corp., which with the help of a slick-talking Colorado "wealth advisor" raised millions for a supposed clean energy product called "biochar." Knorr and fellow Mantria co-founder Troy Wragg both graduated in 2005 from Temple University and within four years had raised $54 million from hundreds of investors. Most of the investors were wooed through seminars run by Wayde McKelvey, of Colorado. Their pitch about producing biochar, however, turned out to be completely baked, according to prosecutors, and eventually proved to be a giant Ponzi scheme. -NBC New York.

According to federal prosecutors, Mantria never came close to producing biochar at their Tennessee facility. At seminars run by "wealth advisor" Wayde McKelvy of Colorado, investors were told a different story. "These investors, husbands and wives nearing retirement, retirees looking to invest their savings, and other small-time prospectors, were wooed by the idea of big profits from clean energy: getting rich and saving the world," according to the report. "Instead of high returns, the over 300 victims of this fraud unwittingly invested in uninhabitable land and a bogus trash-to-green energy business idea based on bogus scientific methodology, said US Attorney William McSwain last October after McKelvy's conviction.

The fraudsters were honored by former President Bill Clinton in a 2009 ceremony for the Clinton Global Initiative before the scam came to light. After Mantria was first charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for selling millions in unlicensed securities in 2009, the case was known as "the biggest green scam" in the history of the United States, according to the report.

Of the $54 million thought to have been invested in Mantria, $17 million was returned to early investors to keep the Ponzi scheme going, while misleading new investors into thinking the venture was hugely profitable. By the time they were shut down by the SEC in 2009, Mantria had just $790,000 of the remaining $37 million.

Wragg, in an interview with Metro newspaper in 2009, said he didn't spend lavishly despite the influx of millions to his company. I live in a 1,200-square-foot [home]," he told Metro in the only interview he has given. "I don't drive a Lamborghini." But the newspaper noted that he did drive around in a Mercedes SLK350 with a "MANTRIA" vanity license plate. A class action lawsuit filed in federal court eventually recovered about $6 million for victims of the scheme. Another $800,000 was placed in a receivership, overseen by a Colorado accountant John Paul Anderson. -NBC New York.

Anderson - the accountant tasked with dispersing funds recovered in the class action lawsuit, has yet to distribute the money which remains in receivership.


*Why do I get the sense that this money was put right into the pockets of CGI…hmmm

c338bb () No. 6103108



Or he's the sac to distract from other stuff.

1d7d8e () No. 6103109


Thought you left already….Oh well see ya.

3afe8e () No. 6103110


To claim "political attack" when prosecuted.

36a4a1 () No. 6103111


…..not tungsten-y enough, but tx fer askin'

90bc39 () No. 6103112


Illuminator confirmed.

e0fef8 () No. 6103113



Yeah, looks awesome. Can you paste your theme codes into a post?

82e773 () No. 6103114

0e5ee7 () No. 6103115

Quick request: anyone have the shill on duty spinner gif? Forgot to save it last time around kek

723bb0 () No. 6103116


You don't indict enemies of the state anon, you kill them.

577705 () No. 6103117

8a89be () No. 6103118


So that he can claim that going after him is a subversion of democracy!

I mean really.

Who would use all the powers and resources of government, intel, and law enforcement against a political opponent?!

2e0e41 () No. 6103119



fe7704 () No. 6103120


Mid year exam sauce. Sorry about that and thanks for the reminder


214c08 () No. 6103121

30ae75 () No. 6103122


We've seen this callsign LOTS.

Hypothesis: it's a honcho's ride

304e9d () No. 6103123


The McClatchy pubs in his home turf. Glad he is suing their asses.

126e7c () No. 6103124


pretty much

8ef03a () No. 6103125


From Jim Stone. His truthiness is strong.

577705 () No. 6103126


Heaven's Kinda HOT FOR YOU!

7b7318 () No. 6103127

7fc6f1 () No. 6103128


>Thought you left already

Nah, I am just masticating. Enjoy the music till then. ;)

362a84 () No. 6103129


Well Hells Bells

feb803 () No. 6103130


all good, thank you anon

6e2c97 () No. 6103131


Same as usual

d3a4cf () No. 6103132

8859bb () No. 6103133



Watched the Putin Oliver stone interviews again this weekend

Go to 3:45

8578f6 () No. 6103134





Who else has recently joined the pool of candidates?

31bc61 () No. 6103135


Correct. Not doctored.



Gabe's a useful idiot.

214c08 () No. 6103136

844955 () No. 6103137

c338bb () No. 6103138



151ffe () No. 6103139

336a8c () No. 6103140


Is that the one that killed that kid from F and F?

32ee24 () No. 6103141


In that case there may be hundreds of candidates if they are (trying) to hide behind their candidacy. where's the rest? this is going to be good.

30ae75 () No. 6103142


An anon made this. I can't vouch for the content.

598df8 () No. 6103143

8a89be () No. 6103144


be a shorter list if we name folks who HAVEN'T at this point…

5ddc6e () No. 6103145

It's possible that after Q highlighted the volume of Q supporters at the rally, he sat back in his fishing chair and waited for stupid people to take the bait. Q may have been monitoring the chatter that resulted over the past 10 days to red flag more and more comped journalists, which were needed to spin narratives as clowns upped their game against a larger crowd to sway.

Just another trap that was walked right into. (Less than 10) may be the length of the shill monitoring for this trap.

We will have to wait and see

c338bb () No. 6103146

b33ed2 () No. 6103147


Kek, had to look it up.

8c858d () No. 6103148


Only a non-contextual reading of the Bible could one come to such a foolish conclusion. Jesus is a Jew, ALL 12 disciples were Jews. The early Church was entirely made up of Jew.

8f3c2c () No. 6103149

Donald J Trump Tweet Decipher

7:44 AM - 8 Apr 2019

138 Donald Trump

138 not entitled

096 Never again

096 to get it

226 to another President

226 to the Democrat 2020 nominee

200 the Phony Dossier

200 is doing this to get

140 frame the campaign

140 doing this to

213 Russia Witch Hunt

213 He is doing this to get

303 dishonest and treasonous act

303 this to get it to the Democrat 2020

190 treasonous acts

190 this information

190 get this straight

154 illegally leaking

154 Democrat 2020 nominee

173 subpoenas coming

173 not entitled to

229 Crooked Hillary and the DNC

229 is doing this to get it

229 not entitled to this

231 Hillary Rodham Clinton

231 this information. He is

264 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

264 is doing this to get it to

097 Eric Holder

097 it to the

220 Eric Himpton Holder Jr

220 Nadler is not entitled

220 this to get it to the

172 John Owen Brennan

172 doing this to get

225 James Robert Clapper Jr

225 to this information

173 Peter Strzok

173 not entitled to

180 Elizabeth Prelogar

180 entitled to this


238 to this information. He

238 Edward William Priestap

105 Bob Mueller

105 doing this

164 Robert Mueller

164 to get it to the

175 Rod Rosenstein

175 John Edgar Bryson

175 information. He is

208 George Papadopoulos

208 get it to the Democrat

285 Could you imagine a president?

285 Democrat 2020 nominee @KatiePavlich

280 Donald John Trump Junior 2024.

280 information. He is doing this

280 this information. He is doing

d5db8f () No. 6103150

""THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL"" – The Truth About The Invasion of America

Congress, Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats, Mitch McConnell, and the RINOs passed a bill that completely sold out American citizens and hardworking taxpayers—all middle and lower-income America—and crammed it down the President’s throat. An inner circle of people in the White House do not share the MAGA agenda and either mislead the President or flat-out lied to him about it all. And, the National Emergency Declaration won’t fix it.

The bill they crammed through aids and abets the Mexican criminal cartels, boosting their billion-dollar-business by multi-millions of dollars a month. It’s a neon sign inviting human-traffickers and other criminals to grab children and pour into the United States. It is worse than amnesty.

That is why tens of thousands more people with children are pouring into this country every day—and being released immediately. Not only did the bill cut the number of beds for detention, it provides—unbelievably—that if the invaders qualify in the broad language below—and tens of thousands do, they can NOT BE DETAINED OR DEPORTED. Section 224(a) provides that “None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act . . . may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child . . .”


d76438 () No. 6103151

151ffe () No. 6103153

126e7c () No. 6103154



1926f9 () No. 6103155


you are an outright failure… no need for red text to expose that

d76438 () No. 6103156


Oh yeah baby! :)

487dd1 () No. 6103157



why would you repost them?

1. was read by all already, long time in globals.

2. with link expired and only repost by an anon it´s not good sauced anymore.

imo repost not neccessary and even bad.

b59b35 () No. 6103158


It wasn't my post. I don't have the sauce.

8578f6 () No. 6103159


we already covered that one, anon.

Keep trying.

Hannity's mentioned him a few times already.

214c08 () No. 6103160

cb992c () No. 6103161



4bdbd3 () No. 6103162


Turkey's facing towards Russia has a lot to do with Merkel stating a few weeks ago that "Member States in the EU must be prepared to surrender their sovereignty." Then last week or so, one of the unelected sub-intellects in the so-called "european parliament" got and angry and yelled that the reason the EU has so many problems is that Member States are refusing to surrender their sovereignty.

Merkel and the goofs appointed by the ds to oversee their total enslavement of the poor people of Europe suffering under government treason as their jokes of governments simply fill their pockets with Germany's phony fiat currency and allow their people to be debt slaves to the nazis…AGAIN!

Trump and Russia are trying to save the people of Europe as well as America and Russia. The ds had it's disgusting genesis in old Europe and they seem to think that Trump and Russia can't stop them.

They are wrong and this is just the first step. The north atlantic terrorist organization of the ds MUST end.

3aa73a () No. 6103163

Anyone able to explain this distortion?

ce5cf5 () No. 6103164


Heart attacks can be deadly.

9ac69c () No. 6103165

92f813 () No. 6103166


… and raise money that he controls though a "PAC" … iow, build a slush fund.

All the crooks are doing it these days.

We need an Attorney General badly.

d1754d () No. 6103167


Your deception lies in your failure to distinguish between Pharisee and Israelite

Jesus said of the Talmudic Jews, in the metaphor of a fig tree, MAY NO ONE EAT FROM YOU EVER AGAIN.

803640 () No. 6103168


e7fee4 () No. 6103169


you do realize that jesus was also killed but these so called jews…i should say he was killed by the baby dick eating sodomites from babylon (((pharisees ))) ya know the ones that still practice from the TALMUD now….jesus spoke of the law that was given to moses that these people rejected and then turned the house of his father into a money lending facility..hmmm yeah he is so jewish …idiot

e8f7fe () No. 6103170


Same old same old.

Reading shill posts and rolling my eyes!!

6456e8 () No. 6103171


Time in the graphic is EST. That is the proper marker to use. I use qanon.pub for my caps because it has more reliable time stamps.

Keep doing the math KEKs Anon. Some people really like them. Good for social media and occasional autist as well. Patterns fit into the "how many coincidences" red pilling method.

Proud to serve with (You).


f6c042 () No. 6103172


30 MONTHS for 54million! SIGN ME UP!!!

I've met plenty of people just like this who serve their time and go live in Boca afterwards with the money they stashed away offshore. Then proceed into their next scam. Wolf of Wallstreet Jordan Belfort is just like that. Complete asshole still doing illegal shit and screwing prostitutes and snorting coke at Boca Resort.

67903b () No. 6103173


Susana Hoffs is superfine

41d601 () No. 6103174


O fugg the anons are connecting.

Find it.

Kingdom within.

Beleive MOAR.

believe until it’s silly to think about not believing.

Believe until the construct reveals itself.

Choice is part of the construct.

You know better.

Let it be known that anons know longer need to believe.

We are the manifestation of belief.

0f7405 () No. 6103175



They circulated among the city’s elite. Rice attended fancy schools — Beauvoir and the National Cathedral School. Rice, who played point guard on the basketball team, was such a jock that her family called her “Spo,” short for sport, a nickname that some family members still use. (Rice says she has not played hoops with Obama. “I know I can’t hang with him,” she says in an interview.)

Her parents’ friends were people such as Madeleine Albright, the future secretary of state, who served on school boards with Rice’s mother, and whose former husband played tennis with Rice’s father.

Albright became a mentor, helping to elevate Rice to assistant secretary of state for African Affairs when Rice was 32. They have been so close that people assumed Rice was her godchild, Albright said in an interview. She isn’t. But Peggy Cooper Cafritz, a wealthy D.C. art patron, was a kind of surrogate godmother. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton took Rice to lunch when she was deciding whether to attend law school.

?a kind of godmother?

1eeb56 () No. 6103176


1 of 2: We’re in Colorado Springs, where some of the world’s brightest minds are gathering to discuss the importance of space to the American way of life and our military. The future opportunities in space are almost limitless but there are threats and challenges to overcome.

2 of 2: I look forward to giving remarks tomorrow morning on #SpaceForce! #35SS @SpaceFoundation #SpaceSymposium

878d39 () No. 6103177



d5db8f () No. 6103178



1. Digital Artifacts

2. Entity can't hold its shit

e7fee4 () No. 6103179


dont forget he put on blast who their real father is in JOhn 8:37 i believe it was

6e7349 () No. 6103180



7fc6f1 () No. 6103181



5b2a2c () No. 6103182


IS that what you need, anon?

38c645 () No. 6103183



3m3 minutes ago


Daily Public Schedule for April 9, 2019:

12:00PM POTUS participates in the arrival of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

12:05PM POTUS participates in a bilateral meeting with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.



Follow Follow @45_Schedule


12:35PM POTUS participates in an expanded working lunch with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

1:35PM POTUS participates in the departure of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

6:33 PM - 8 Apr 2019

6a07d7 () No. 6103184


>There are no federal statutes or Rules of the Senate

Republicans passed a policy within their ranks last year that if indicted, they would cede their position and an internal vote would occur to replace them until special elections. Dems do not have such a 'policy'.

1a1026 () No. 6103185


much obliged, patriot.


362a84 () No. 6103186


Broad sword

040f82 () No. 6103187


They don't want to know.

We'll just call it a technical difficulty.

9cbfd4 () No. 6103188

Oil prices hit highest in five months as Libya fighting tightens supply

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices on Tuesday reached their highest since November as concerns over exports from war-torn Libya stoked tightness in the market, with global supply already hit by OPEC-led production cuts and U.S. sanctions on Iran and Venezuela.

International benchmark Brent futures touched their strongest level since last November at $71.34 per barrel on Tuesday, and were still at $71.16 at 0057 GMT, up 6 cents, or 0.1 percent, from their last close.

“Renewed fighting in Libya … has seen Brent crude break above $70 per barrel,” said Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank.

Libya is a significant supplier of oil to Europe, producing around 1.1 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude in March.

A warplane attacked Tripoli’s only functioning airport on Monday as eastern forces advancing on the Libyan capital disregarded international appeals for a truce in the latest of a cycle of warfare since Muammar Gaddafi’s fall in 2011.

Hansen said the fighting in Libya added to an already tense market, which has been tightened this year by U.S. sanctions on oil exporters Iran and Venezuela as well as supply cuts led by the producer club of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

As a result, Brent and WTI crude oil futures have risen by 41 and 31 percent respectively since the start of the year.

Saudis Emerge From Khashoggi Crisis With $75 Billion Orders

Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, has received $75 billion in orders for its debut bond sale, kickstarting an offering with yields likely to fall in line or below Saudi Arabia’s sovereign debt.

It’s rare for bonds of a state-owned company to yield less than the sovereign debt and the demand reflects intense investor appetite for high-quality paper. For Saudi Arabia and Aramco itself, the early success in selling the bonds marks a tremendous turnaround after investors, Wall Street bankers and corporate titans briefly shunned the kingdom last year following the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The U.S. has blacklisted 16 Saudi nationals for their role in the Khashoggi murder, according to a statement Monday. The crisis, along with sliding crude prices, hit the kingdom late last year and in early 2019, with the economy slowing down and investors taking money out of the local stock market. Now, the situation appears to be reversing, helped by oil rising to more than $70 a barrel, up from $50 in December.

As part of its debut in the global debt market, Aramco has offered bonds in six portions, from three to 30 years, according to the people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. Aramco is expected to raise between $10 billion and $15 billion, with final pricing and size anticipated on Tuesday afternoon London time.




de4e2f () No. 6103189

On Travis View's Dumb "QAnon Anonymous" Podcast

Someone asked about Travis View LB. Here's a recent podcast: Ep 16, 3-27-19.

Want to see how gross our opposition can get? Listen into the podcast of Travis View, Julian Feeld, Jake Rockatansky. In this episode, they are chatting with notorious anti-Q writer Mike Rothschild from the Daily Dot on the future of Q movement. You can't tell who's talking, they don't bother to make it clear. Very cynical guys, lots of swearing, think they're really smart…..

13 mins


What will Qanon movement morph into?

Good chance Q movement will become "more violent."

Or maybe succumbs to infighting? patriots vs paytriots.

Or maybe DJT will acknowledge Q?

[They ask the questions but never answer them. Sound like a bunch of pot-smoking druggies after a few bowls too many….]

MR is writing a book about conspiracy theories.

Laugh about the idea that HRC ordered the hit on SR.

They compare DJT to John Gotti

Manage to talk about Mueller report in a way that avoids saying it help POTUS in any way.

There's moar talk but you gotta give 'em money for it….even anti-Trumpers pro'bly wouldn't shell out for this kind of crappy conversation…..[and by the way ALL their shows sound like this]


f9b68e () No. 6103190

c03751 () No. 6103191


Can it manifest with what look like 2 bullet holes in the back of the head?

d3a4cf () No. 6103192


how long has he been saying this?

e0fef8 () No. 6103193


That looks like a 3d accelerator overheating.

c338bb () No. 6103194


Hmm, this oughta throw a wrench in Zionism.

55012c () No. 6103195

f61543 () No. 6103196


i like it anon

214c08 () No. 6103197

f6c042 () No. 6103198


Open Secret is a gatekeeper of whistleblowers for H-wood. Not good guys.

30ae75 () No. 6103199


MPEG motion artifact, the digitizer wasn't keeping up with movement. Renders previous scene blocks to fill in data gaps.

Google it.

7fb25a () No. 6103200


Kek… every time…

cf844d () No. 6103201


Interdasting. Thanks fren

322045 () No. 6103202


Smells like a troll job, either you, or you fell for it.

3cbe64 () No. 6103203


why are anons all posting my song list all at once?

I can't listen to em all at the same time!!!!


feb803 () No. 6103204

Notables so far


>>6102523 (lb) Press conference FBI, HHS - OIG, IRS-Criminal Div, SC SA

>>6102817 Daily Mail is reporting 3 administration members quit on the heels of Nielsen and Alles

>>6102820 "Lawfag" on a judge halting Trump Admin policy sending asylum seekers back

>>6102867 Felicity Huffman and other parents agree to plead guilty to college admissions scandal

>>6102919 Doug Collins' tweet on the letter he sent to Jerry Nadler today

>>6102942, >>6103032 Turkey, Russia discuss joint production of military equipment

>>6102948 New John Solomon on Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats?

>>6103044, >>6103120 Anon on the 422 pages of Judicial Watch emails

>>6103068 20007 article on NXIVM's Keith Raniere

>>6103107 Bill Clinton Honoree Thrown In Jail Over "Biggest Clean Energy Scam In American History"

>>6103176 Acting Secretary of Defense Shanahan tweets on space force

b5d390 () No. 6103205

did someone ask for sauce? my balls are full of it

90f4f5 () No. 6103206

Socialism teaches you to embrace

demented Transsexualism and other forms of deviant behavior.

860741 () No. 6103207


I don't doubt it. I wouldn't want to work under Stephen Miller either. He's a dirty nazi and will probably try to speed the U.S. toward a final solution in the manner of Hitler.

On top of that, he has zero experience with 150% malice in his black heart. It can only go horribly wrong.

36a4a1 () No. 6103208


…..and hilariously OD'ing on time-release euro 'ludes

feb803 () No. 6103209




32ee24 () No. 6103211

7e183a () No. 6103212


Unfortunately my folder labeled "insults- compliments" has far more insults. Sorry, this is the best I can do atm. Outstanding work baker, Outstanding.

d1754d () No. 6103213

I'll make it simple for your hamster brain.

5a629f () No. 6103214


so where's money and why hasn't there been restitution? Sounds like a job for the DOJ.

6e2c97 () No. 6103215



78d610 () No. 6103216

>>5929545 (many breads ago)

>>5929554 (Q many breads ago)

did anyone find the original flag?

dis it?

also - note t.paines bastardization of it

aeb144 () No. 6103217


Graphic looking great!

362a84 () No. 6103218


shadilay my fren

126e7c () No. 6103219



just hate spoders

f6c042 () No. 6103220


Major loser

d5db8f () No. 6103221


OMFG Thank you!!

28b92f () No. 6103222



‏ @45_Schedule

7m7 minutes ago

Daily Public Schedule for April 9, 2019:

12:00PM POTUS participates in the arrival of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

12:05PM POTUS participates in a bilateral meeting with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

12:35PM POTUS participates in an expanded working lunch with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

1:35PM POTUS participates in the departure of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

de4e2f () No. 6103223


Choice is everything. KEK.

2055d2 () No. 6103224


Right up until she starts talking…..

1a9498 () No. 6103225


Been thinking a lot about this pepepoweranon… If (((they))) do their molach, satan, hurt kids crap and as proof that it works - look how much power they have obtained by those methods or otherwise.

They make it true by their belief. Their confidence and dedication manifests the money and power as a result.

Such as with kek and covfefe.

c3aaf3 () No. 6103226

Pompeo bars 16 Saudis from US over murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Sixteen Saudi nationals believed to be involved in last year's murder of Jamal Khashoggi have been barred from the U.S. along with their families, the State Department announced Monday. A statement said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is "publicly designating" these individuals under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2019. That section of the law “provides that, in cases where the Secretary of State has credible information that officials of foreign governments have been involved in significant corruption or gross violations of human rights, those individuals and their immediate family members are ineligible for entry into the United States," the State Department said. “The law requires the Secretary of State to publicly or privately designate such officials and their immediate family members."

The sixteen Saudi nationals named by the State Department are: Saud al-Qahtani, Maher Mutreb, Salah Tubaigy, Meshal Albostani, Naif Alarifi, Mohammed Alzahrani, Mansour Abahussain, Khalid Alotaibi, Abdulaziz Alhawsawi, Waleed Alsehri, Thaar Alharbi, Fahad Albalawi, Badr Alotaibi, Mustafa Almadani, Saif Alqahtani, and Turki Alsehri. They are the same people who, in November, were targeted by Treasury Department human rights sanctions, in addition to Mohammed Alotaibi, Saudi Arabia's consul general in Istanbul at the time of the murder, for being “involved in the abhorrent killing" of Khashoggi. The sanctions were administered under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, a federal law targeting international human rights abusers. Any interests or properties that any of them had within U.S. jurisdiction were blocked. Khashoggi, a Saudi activist and dissident who wrote for the Washington Post, was murdered at Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on Oct. 2, 2018.

Following a meeting with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in January, Pompeo said: “Our expectations have been clear from early on: Every single person who has responsibility for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi needs to be held accountable.” Pompeo said the royals “both acknowledged that that accountability needed to take place.”

“You should know that the United States continues to work through its fact-finding process as well. That is, our efforts to uncover the facts surrounding this. And then, consistent with the president’s commitment to hold everyone accountable, we continue inside the United States government to do that as well,” Pompeo said at the time. The Senate voted unanimously in December to blame “Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of Khashoggi."


8859bb () No. 6103227



Why uniformed military?

ada9a0 () No. 6103228

3aa73a () No. 6103229


The white above her lip on first image does not fit with that explanation.

(I think she is actually a very gay white man in disguise)

c4d120 () No. 6103230


Lots of assuming going on here.

b9309a () No. 6103231

Did Ukraine leak the incriminating documents to Flynn which is why he was targeted??

b33ed2 () No. 6103232


Kek, I sowwy, here's some eye bleach. Were you here for the gore porn though, anon?




Girlie can pack it in!

cf844d () No. 6103233


Wouldn't surprise me if it already has. Lots of .Doctors have been murdered in the past few years, especially holistic Dr.'s.

92f813 () No. 6103234


Soiled many a sock to her, back in the day.

d3a4cf () No. 6103235

Nunes just said 'Deep Throat'


b5d390 () No. 6103236



598df8 () No. 6103237

f6c042 () No. 6103238

Omg Hannity just said Alec Baldwin may run for Prez. Oh dear lord that'd be hilarious. POTUS would have that psycho triggered in 3…2… Kek

539342 () No. 6103239

214c08 () No. 6103240

b9309a () No. 6103241


The documents identifying Democrats as the perpetuaters

c338bb () No. 6103242


Sudoku players hate me.

d3a4cf () No. 6103243



what the fuck ever happened to Khashoggi?

c3aaf3 () No. 6103244


I have a feeling this was really for CGI…anything that involves the Clinton's is a brow raiser for me.

126e7c () No. 6103245


gore is fine

spoders are satans little minions of death

67903b () No. 6103246


I'd hit that anytime no matter how much she is talking.

90f4f5 () No. 6103247

0a80a9 () No. 6103248


So what your saying is trolling = being a pedophile….makes sense……….in your case.

36a4a1 () No. 6103249


Oh come on, anon, that was the funniest slo-mo scene ever

8a89be () No. 6103250


Capital Punishment.

Next question.

201693 () No. 6103251

feb803 () No. 6103252

6a07d7 () No. 6103253


> volume of Q


878d39 () No. 6103254


i see

a0ae20 () No. 6103255


Be Best,

1eeb56 () No. 6103256

look the pic on book

92f813 () No. 6103257


>what the fuck ever happened to Khashoggi?

He's dead, Jim.

3afe8e () No. 6103259


I have this in js (it will automatically label any numbered psot reference as "(pb)" if it is from a previous bread):

var op = parseInt(document.getElementsByClassName('op')[0].id.split('_')[1]);

window.addEventListener("load", LoadListener, false);

function LoadListener() {

var replies = document.getElementsByClassName('reply');

for (var i=0, r; r=replies[i]; i++){

var rid = parseInt(r.id.split('_')[1]);

if (rid > 100000) {

var body = r.getElementsByClassName('body')[0];

var elements = body.getElementsByTagName('a');

for (var j=0, a; a=elements[j]; j++){

if (a.hasAttribute('onclick')) {

if (a.onclick.toString().includes('highlightReply')) {

var pid = parseInt(a.href.split('/')[5].split('.')[0]);

if (pid < op - 751) {

if (!a.text.includes('pb')) {

a.text += ' (pb)';


} else if (pid < op) {

if (!a.text.includes('lb')) {

a.text += ' (lb)';










Using 'Fringe' as theme in the Options menu.


Dark Reader web browser.


Oh, and you might like my PyCharm theme:

30ae75 () No. 6103262

c3aaf3 () No. 6103260


He was chopped to bits..

2b0b4a () No. 6103261

Hannity surely likes to hear himself talk… we wanted to hear nunes!

ca7414 () No. 6103263

Digging into that press conference in Columbia SC tomorrow

Looks like it's probably an announcement about a big healthcare-related fraud bust in South Carolina

That's what Palmetto GBA /does/

This one must be pretty damn big, for them to throw down a gaggle like this one


"The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Palmetto GBA are dedicated to saving taxpayers dollars through the prevention and early detection of fraud and abuse. The taxpayer dollars lost to health care fraud and abuse are the financial resources that should be used to pay for services that keep beneficiaries in good health. We work with CMS, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and the United States Attorney's Office in dealing with these issues."

f6c042 () No. 6103264


Didn't watch the movie bc I know what a POs he actually is and I hate DiCaprio.

10ea2b () No. 6103265





Best post I've read in weeks

92f813 () No. 6103266


Fucking Beetle for the dickless.

8a89be () No. 6103267


3cbe64 () No. 6103268


agree, I used Bots loosely

a1dfc0 () No. 6103269

362a84 () No. 6103270


no bone movies

304e9d () No. 6103271


And and and he will be interviewed by Brett Baer (asshole) this week on Fox. We'll get some Shanahan face time kek. Must be ready for his close-up.

If anons are unsure about Shanahan go back to about May of last year and watch the change of command ceremony between Adm Rogers and Nakasone. Shanahan was there emceeing in lieu of Mattis. You can see the importance of ceremony all over his face. Can't fake that. Patriot.

92f813 () No. 6103272


>Hannity surely likes to hear himself talk… we wanted to hear nunes!

Hannity may be /ourguy/, but he's fucking unwatchable.

Big fucking self important mouth.

375538 () No. 6103273

3a11381b7829a4....jpg (0 KB, 295 x 0, 0 : 0,