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Friday 04.19.2019

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Thursday 04.18.2019

>>6233873 ————————————–——– Rod's departure next?

>>6228198 ————————————–——– Fake investigations by committee members will not delay what is about to be unleashed.

>>6228098 ————————————–——– 1st & 10 on the 40 (Cap: >>6228336)

Thursday 04.11.2019

>>6138770 ————————————–——– All for a 'LARP'?

Wednesday 04.10.2019

>>6121936 ————————————–——– PANIC (Cap: >>6122122)

Friday 03.29.2019

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Thursday 03.28.2019

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#8015 baker change

>>6267818 planefag. doomsday is up in the sky

>>6267870 Fresh New Pepe Broadcast on QNN

>>6267924 Funny Rudy G twat - posts dank meme

>>6267969 dank graphic on DS cronies in the FF regions before the FFs

>>6267971 graphic - snapshot of twats - DS cronies 'Easter Worshippers'

>>6267983 TeacherAnon - Cali - call to dig - Aspire Public Schools

>>6268013, >>6268080 anon digs on Qposts and LBP, anon sees [Koala]

>>6268146, >>6268130 Port of Long Beach, polb.com digs

>>6268238, >>6268198 >>6268097 army, marines twatters - dogs and water

>>6268208 fwiw - Bitcoin symbol is LBP

>>6268321 further diggin on pb notable - seal beach cartel subs

>>6268473 #8015


Baker Change

>>6267658 Trump and Religious Liberty

>>6267614 The real fireworks will only begin now as Trump seeks to investigate the investigators.

>>6267613 WaPo article, “Foreign spies aren’t always threat to a country’s national security. In many cases, they can strengthen it.”

>>6267553 POTUS Press twat, Matt Gaetz: Evidence of FBI-media 'corruption' coming out before IG report

>>6267524, >>6267616 John Solomon twat, Putin is the real winner, new article in TheHill

>>6267445 In-depth by article ForeignPolicy regarding the attacks in Sri Lanka

>>6267393 Ocasio-Cortez targeted by mystery multimillionaire donor

>>6267379 Russia to Conduct Observation Flight Over US Territory April 22-27

>>6267270 Report: Trump called on spy chiefs for help as probe began

>>6267227 Bob Woodward: Steele dossier appeared in draft of US intel assessment on Russian meddling at Brennan's directive.

>>6267223, >>6267309, >>6267433, >>6267651 Arab League pledges $100 million/month to Palestinians, Trumps 138 million twat related?

>>6267180 Pete Buttigieg compares Bernie Sanders supporters to Trump fans

>>6267147 Comedian wins Ukraine presidency by a landslide

>>6267111 Video: Chris Wallace challenges Lil Adam Schitt on collusion

>>6267736 #8014


Baker Change

>>6266273 New @DeptofDefense Twat

>>6266289 Planefag update: AF1 approaching DC

>>6266303 New @USARMY Twat: Color changing drones

>>6266311 Donald Trump ‘Never Been Happier’ — Attends Church on Easter

>>6266316 CEOs Say They Need More Workers, but Ask for Fewer H-1B Visa Workers

>>6266315 Pompeo @ElintNews: countries will have to completely end their imports of Iranian oil or be subject to U.S. sanctions

>>6266302 Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Mueller: ‘This Is Not a Good Man’

>>6266325 (use discernment anons) Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

>>6266485 @45_Schedule POTUS Arrives at JBA en route to White House (interdasting correction)

>>6266444 , >>6266489 2 die in plane crash at Williams Lakeshore Airstrip in Kingsland (Texas)

>>6266594 New POTUS Twat MAGA

>>6266547 , >>6266721 ZeroHedge: Time to Investigate FBI & Rest of 'Witch Hunters'

>>6266883 @45_Schedule POTUS, FLOTUS, and Barron have arrived safely

>>6266977 #8013

#8012 baker change

>>6265449, >>6265487, >>6265517 EU/Brexit updates from newsguy (breitbart,dailymail drops)

>>6265478, >>6265575 anons/blog on DJT tweet re 138 million dead (Sri Lanka 'typo')

>>6265633, >>6265763 anon on seal beach and submarines for Drugs (DEA/abc7)

>>6265759 P-sched - POTUS may take questions/make remarks upon arrival to WH

>>6265814, >>6265838 anons on the NDAA, SMA, SC/Mueller ← no blockade=game over

>>6265819, >>6265970 Russia released a paper entitled: " RUSSIAGATE HYSTERIA: A CASE OF SEVERE RUSSOPHOBIA"

>>6266184 #8012

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any new bakers wanna get some time in the kitchen?

cb9bf1 () No. 6268553

f643c1 () No. 6268554

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


f643c1 () No. 6268557

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




c4ceb3 () No. 6268558


68423a () No. 6268559

Thank you, baker

51402e () No. 6268567

Another bread to keep us entertained while the Clown World Circus keeps their show going.

Can tear the tent down, YET?

621c6d () No. 6268569

Welp, the last bread was very slightly less of a shitshow than the one previous. Let's see how this one goes.

4c3632 () No. 6268570

>>6268494 (/pb)

She is as ugly and as vile as her district has become, thought no fault of their own.

I hope karma hits her with a 10 ton brick.

7b9152 () No. 6268571


If Satan had a daughter…

6cd75c () No. 6268572


Offed themselves

More like murder

This movement alone has provided the demonic forces more new chewtoys than anything theyve ever came up with

The negative energy on this board alone damages my soul

f643c1 () No. 6268573


Nah, it's because dumb womyn tend to buy eyephones. Eyephones were made for dumb womyn mostly.

570c38 () No. 6268574


That would be Hillary

928f78 () No. 6268575


On the CLOCK.

4, 10, 20 (Hour, Mirrored Hour, Minute Marker).

Added latest POTUS tweet.

35 KEK.

Post 35 is signed 4, 10, 20

Will do a stand alone simpler one.

6cd75c () No. 6268576


Literally everything is an occult ritual

Fucking rip

bb6962 () No. 6268577

367779 () No. 6268578

>>6268533 (PB)

I'm all for Unified Prayer.

Our Greatest Power.


John 2:16-17

cb9bf1 () No. 6268579

bfe366 () No. 6268580



f7335b () No. 6268581


Last bread had anons who are fed up

If thats the difference

51402e () No. 6268582


More talking bout the normies.

If they were here, they'd at least have a glimmer of hope/reason to wait around a lil' longer.

6cd75c () No. 6268583


He does

It ivanka

0e2939 () No. 6268584

I'm seeing info come out on feeds (non Q) but conservative that are starting to talk about the deep state and even Satanist…

are we in a push to wake up normies????

Anonymous (You) 09/16/18 (Sun) 11:00:10882251 No.3045842>>3045852

File (hide): 23e6dc4cd1b979e⋯.png (6.53 MB, 2645x5315, 529:1063, Military_Tribunals.png) (h) (u)

I don't know the sequence as to how the plan will play out but

I think I know the goal. I'll refer to the attached graphic and

some Q posts to try to get through this.

First look at the graphic Secret Military Tribunals and read the

section under HERE'S THE CHOICE YOU GET TO MAKE… Now let's look

at McCain, Q called the date and time 30 days prior. So I believe

McCain wasn't murdered or assassinated he was executed after he

was found guilty of Treason by a Secret Military Tribunal. And if

you believe the graphic (and I do) the top players have been tried

and sentenced as well (hostages). So what's Q team / POTUS's goal?

They have 50,000+ sealed indictments, they have the servers, they

have the contents of Weiner's laptop, they have it all….they can

drop the hammer anytime they want. So why not do it?

snippet of Q post:

Q !UW.yye1fxo No.17 📁

Jan 13 2018 23:16:59 (EST)



snippet of Q post:

Q !A6yxsPKia. ID: 32060e No.2538955 📁

Aug 10 2018 11:15:09 (EST)

At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.



The people on this board have broke the conditioning….but we're

not 94 - 96% of the population. If they dropped the hammer on it all there would be chaos.

I think what we're seeing now is Q team / POTUS's plan to

break the conditioning on the rest of the population.

Relax, enjoy the show….This is the Great Awakening!

This seem right to anyone else?

▶Anonymous 09/16/18 (Sun) 11:01:13d0b655 No.3045852

File (hide): f2d09b318cfc69a⋯.jpg (70.03 KB, 638x413, 638:413, 28iuguig.jpg) (h) (u)

>>3045842 (You)

7b9152 () No. 6268585


Sisters from another mother? kek

9c9993 () No. 6268586

>>6268537 PB

Re POTUS error, 138 million.

Q 138

part of a series Q 135 to 138


a82582 () No. 6268587

UK: ConservativeHome poll reveals that 62% of the Conservative (ECR) party members intend to vote for the Brexit (EFDD) party in the upcoming European election election.


618c03 () No. 6268588





6cd75c () No. 6268589


Dude the normies dont give a fuck lol

They all are still completely happy

I dont blame them,tbh

I envy my cousins who dont have to care about any of this shit

3e02e6 () No. 6268590



this video…

Thanks bake'ah

fcc556 () No. 6268591

When is the ETA for justice?

7e106e () No. 6268592




Mossad wants to hijack and subvert any honest JQ discussion. Mossad is retarded. Barbara Streisand effect is in play.

cb9bf1 () No. 6268593

7b9152 () No. 6268594


congrats… you get filtered and retard award! enjoy

79e90f () No. 6268595

Thanks to the Baker.

f7335b () No. 6268596


21 budlight years

ea45ec () No. 6268597

>>6268559 agree

cad65a () No. 6268598


millions of whores flaunting their wares for money on the internet. The worlds biggest street corner.

6cd75c () No. 6268599


Thats hot

0e8f9a () No. 6268600


I call out the Patriotism of mw.

Vote her out!

be2642 () No. 6268601


No offense to FemAnons… i havent been able to think otherwise…. is there something real to this?

Its sounds dumb… and i love our fems… especially because I am a stay at home mom…

2f217b () No. 6268602


Physiognomy is a real thing.

928f78 () No. 6268603

Did a cropped version as well.

Still lots of room to add connections.

2161cb () No. 6268604

>>6268362 lb

oh, you poor little waif… shove your 17 months up your ass and get off the board… you have no sense of proportion… a cabal in place for centuries and you are playing checkers when this is a chess match…

cf9c46 () No. 6268605


dinner, anyone?

19bd5c () No. 6268606


Boiling frogs weren’t concerned… at first.

1420db () No. 6268607



lastcall for 2019 Eastermemez.



618c03 () No. 6268608





6cd75c () No. 6268609


Im not liberal

Im not even sure if i exist

I kinda wish i didnt this world kills me

3e02e6 () No. 6268610

Need some new tunes anons. anybody got some good vintage shit

adcc2c () No. 6268611

Black students explode in anger at white students in vulgarity-laced rant (VIDEO)

More College brain washing shit acted out on = the Left wins on this one


fdbdcd () No. 6268612

BREAKING: Bomb squad investigating suspicious box outside SW Atlanta church


6cd75c () No. 6268613



8a8e0d () No. 6268614


edb27b () No. 6268615


KEK! Cookie man say NO!

You possess LIFE brother!

Too much honor, integrity and righteousness waiting to manifest through your heart and hands!

249bc8 () No. 6268616

>>6268510 lb

Wasn't it 1st and 10 @50 before the Mueller report?

8fa984 () No. 6268617


Brexit: Labour must back another referendum - Tom Watson

7230ae () No. 6268618


Seeing more and more of those nowadays.

83b12e () No. 6268619

What decade?


f643c1 () No. 6268620


Unless the plan is to turn it into a supermassive concentration camp. ;)

68423a () No. 6268621


>especially because I am a stay at home mom…

Rules is rules.

8fa984 () No. 6268622


Obama DOJ has to fess up on FISA 'spying' after Mueller finds no collusion, GOP investigator says

A key Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee says the Obama Justice Department has some explaining to do.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's inability to find collusion between President Trump's campaign and Russia begs the question of why officials sought FISA warrants to wiretap one-time campaign adviser Carter Page, Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, said Sunday on Fox News.

He said Attorney General William Barr, who recently testified "spying did occur" on Trump's campaign, needs to seek answers.

1f7349 () No. 6268625


Definitely gonna need a paper bag and a 6 pack.

6cd75c () No. 6268626




7b9152 () No. 6268627


i cant argue with that

7e106e () No. 6268628

4eea95 () No. 6268629


Is suicide weekend a mass death of 2/3rds the world human population like the Bible says?

Just curious.

e36a77 () No. 6268630


And before that we were reminded that the switch from defense to offense is a dangerous time in warfare.

cb9bf1 () No. 6268631

cad65a () No. 6268632


It's just attention seeking. Look at my tits n ass!

Send me money for flirty sex talk. Don't let your wife find out. Send me the money you'd spend on yout kid's birthday present. Send me a nekkid pic so I can black mail you…

That's what they are all about.

Whores with tech, really.

eac12b () No. 6268633


the future is an illusion conjured by insurance brokers and guidance counselors. the only time that will ever exist is now.

don't ask when something is going to happen. make it happen with your god-given gift of the present.

6cd75c () No. 6268634

Ok anons back to doing drugs and wishing i didnt exist

621c6d () No. 6268635


I honestly can't blame them when the happenings went on pause for a full year.

f643c1 () No. 6268636



Bashar al-mossad?

015232 () No. 6268637



be2642 () No. 6268638


Trolling is fun. Fuck that dumb little demon.

ea45ec () No. 6268640

2f217b () No. 6268641


Now you're talking!

3e02e6 () No. 6268642


70's or early 80's

2161cb () No. 6268643

edb27b () No. 6268644

>>6268611 Perhaps "they" SHOULDN'T Be There! This is what happens when you give to those who don't earn! They end up hating the very people that are giving to them!

1420db () No. 6268645



do it for the keks!

#UnitedNotDivided #AmericaFirst

b4570c () No. 6268646

Just a nice story I thought anons would appreciate.

tl;dr The normiest of normies are into Q

I talked to my dad on the phone today. He told me of a family friend who has organized a group that meets regularly and discusses Q. I don't know who is in his group but judging from the people that follow the family friend (more on that in a moment) I'm guessing they're uber normies.

This family friend is well known in the local papers. A bit of a local republican celebrity. He has been involved in local politics (never running for office, just donating time /money) ever since I was a baby anon. This guy is as wealthy and as American as apple pie.

My dad knows I follow Q so he's going to connect us up for a chat. Should be inderdasting. When Q says the world is watching, the world really is watching.

c4ceb3 () No. 6268647


I can make you regret asking.

adcc2c () No. 6268648

Rep. Ilhan Omar Complains the Mueller Investigation Has 'Taken Place Behind Closed Doors'

Can someone go tell her brother/husband to drag her into the kitchen and make him a sammich?


c2ce1c () No. 6268649


I think most of us are frustrated, the question is do we have the foresight to see out the long game or do we need instant gratification.

7e106e () No. 6268651


Try harder mossad.

6cd75c () No. 6268650



Actual people who followed this Q bs have realized its another hope and change psyop

But more sinister than the nigger

More demonic too

Anyone trusting the plan is a shill

Or ai

79e90f () No. 6268653


>When is the ETA for justice?


>21 budlight years

Tomorrow the justice comes … with the free beer from Q.

Trust the Plan

f643c1 () No. 6268654


Can always powder or gas 'em instead. But first ALL (((JEWS))) need to be deported to Israel. Including (((you))). ;)

fecdee () No. 6268655


I see you are one anon with the whole story.

>we are to pray in unity too

You are among those that best help us all 'judge' together here.

1420db () No. 6268656




we do not have enough answers to be hateful rightnow.

we need eachother. WW

6cd75c () No. 6268657


>president is publically cheerleading megacorps


Getting a israeli war criminal elected and doing fuck all for us while the liberal elite are handed win after win after win for 2 + years

Man i wonder why people are mad

10fee8 () No. 6268658

a865ba () No. 6268659

f0987c () No. 6268660

MAGA Coalition

adcc2c () No. 6268661


Always play the Long Game when Massive Retaliation is required

This type of retribution and redirection does not come cheap, easy or quickly

b7d599 () No. 6268662

>>6267971 (lb)

Found one with a few more.

79e90f () No. 6268663


> a cabal in place for centuries

What is your proof of this … other than your own fantasies?


f643c1 () No. 6268664


>Try harder

Can't since I am shilling for free.

0edb28 () No. 6268665

aa860d () No. 6268666

>>6261525 lb

>>6261697 lb


Join Q! Join the plan!

Leave evil you were dragged into.

The time is now.



Imagine this, if a whole group of people knowingly connected to each other leave the cult simoultaneously, the DS can in no way kill or harm them all. No way. Killing a whole circle of friends, many people connected to each other living in the same city, would immeadiately wake up many folks. DS cannot and will not do this.

Also it should be clear to both sides by now that FULL CONTROL by Q and POTUS means FULL CONTROL.

Why do you think badguys only got FFs left?

Yes, bc they cannot harm innocents any more, they only got left "pawns" from inside the cult.

And the masters will soon call for many more to do the highest sacrifice. (= going to eternal hell)

Q said Anons and their families are safe. "Promise."

Join the anons.

Repent - be saved.

Anons and patriots around the world will pray and, with the help of almighty and eternal GOD, make sinners repent.

Parable of the lost sheep.

Luke 15:1-7

1 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” 3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

b7d599 () No. 6268667


If Christians are Easter Worshippers, Muslims are hereby branded, "Pedo Worshippers."

cb9d4c () No. 6268668


Thanks Baker, I am so impressed by the bakers that can go bread after bread. I was gonna take another tonight, but after IRL stuff, I wouldn't be awake to see the end of the bread. Godspeed.

6cd75c () No. 6268669


Remember goyim

To win,you must give the enemy everything they want and basically do what they would do

And if anyone questions that i guess they arnt just patriotic enough

83b12e () No. 6268670

cad65a () No. 6268671


America still has choice education. If the niggers dont like it they can take their money leave the school. They want a nigger pandering school? Go to Howard.

79e90f () No. 6268672


← Classic American music.

7188c6 () No. 6268673


check out these ladies kickin on When the Levee Breaks,,,badass


be2642 () No. 6268674


I had one day of fame… Dont tell anyone.

15d800 () No. 6268675


Her comeuppance can't come soon enough.

621c6d () No. 6268676


Christian, goddammit. Why can't they acknowledge Christianity? Do they think naming it will give it power they don't want it to have?

8a8e0d () No. 6268677

Dallas is now a sanctuary city for petty crime. Must be nice to be a small time crook in Dallas.


6cd75c () No. 6268678


The jew book literally told you

Its cananite /middle eastern occult cults

ee0482 () No. 6268679

Oldie, but a goodie.


cf9c46 () No. 6268680


I see your Eurobeat and raise you some DEP.

1420db () No. 6268681




i can give you one hint… I'll be there.

love always,

your secret admirer,

fdbdcd () No. 6268682

Parliament Funkadelic Live Motor Booty Tour 1979

RIP Eddie

621c6d () No. 6268683


filtered, shill

1420db () No. 6268684

3e02e6 () No. 6268685



made it about 2 seconds anon. Let me get my glowsticks. Here:

6fbae1 () No. 6268686


Whoring is the oldest profession.

79e90f () No. 6268687


The single most important reason that I can never be a dimocrat … you have to hang around with and accept fags.

80f7bd () No. 6268688

>>6268385 (LB)


#1, it doesn't annoy Q

#2, yes it does annoy anons who are here doing God's work, and that amuses you?

#3 why does it make you laugh? To irritate good red-blooded patriots who want this shit country turned around, and have this POTUS and this country's best interests at heart?

So there is nothing else you can find to do with yourself that you can find amusing???

That is really pathetic IMO.

And borderline psychotic.

Perhaps you need better meds or something?

or maybe you need to find a real job that will be truly rewarding for you instead of being lazy and taking shekels from the DS to do this?

BTW…do they have a good pension plan for what you do? (things to think about)

no your reasons and issue with this board and Q movement go much deeper. Perhaps you can find something to do for good, since you do have knowledge and skills that would be much more useful elsewhere, not some "underground" web page.

But, that is just advice I would give my kids, and you're not one of mine.

Bottom line, do you want to see this country succeed or not?

Appears to me you don't. Or else you would not be "making your living" from shitposting on the internet.

Maybe time to review your priorities in life.

ba0e25 () No. 6268689

d983f0 () No. 6268690

6cd75c () No. 6268691


Fuck off demon

Stop "hacking me"

Stop using my capchas

Stop using the word suggest

And stop calling me a girl

2d38cc () No. 6268692


no one can GIVE you self respect, ambition, or righteous indignation anon

tune out and sink into the abyss?

stand and fight?

the choice will be yours

no one but you can make that choice

aa860d () No. 6268693

15d800 () No. 6268694



e5f27f () No. 6268695


A woman has been taken into custody after she allegedly walked into a church in San Diego holding a gun and a baby, and threatened to blow the church up.

31-year-old Anna Conkey walked into the church, “walked up on stage and made threats that she was going to blow up the church while holding a handgun,” according to San Diego Police.

The incident occurred at Tsidkenu Church, a non-denominational church on the property of Mt. Everest Academy at around noon on Easter Sunday.

After she made the threats, Conkey was tackled by church-goers and police were called. The gun was not loaded, and police found no explosives.

8fa984 () No. 6268696

0e8f9a () No. 6268697

What is the trump card not yet played?

When do you play your trump card?

What is Trump's bonus card?

What does it say?

Take another turn, Anons got your back?

Play trump card now or closer to Election?

Who's waking up?

Whose Vote makes the leaders?

Nothing happening?

Who called upon Anons?

Who is #2?

Proud of the Anons.

Long way going, winning all the way, lied about all this time, still keking, still.

Peace is the goal, together.

No peace with ds lurking.

Final counter moves approaching, ds nightmare.

ds counter moves approaching, sadness after each.

Battle of endurances so if the Newbies step up, game over.

Train them well.

cb9bf1 () No. 6268698

6cd75c () No. 6268699



I have an actual job


Q is a satanist kike


I owe you people nothing


Me and god have our own business faggot


I do what i want

And disrupting this stupid psyop for free is probably better than playing videogames

4ea4b4 () No. 6268700

aa860d () No. 6268701

be2642 () No. 6268702


That needs deleted. I have no shame… like the way my butthole looks? Its kinda gross.

2f217b () No. 6268703


Just call them niggers.

adcc2c () No. 6268704


Regardless, too much is out in the open at this point

Too many know if we cannot return to the rule of law, there is no rules for law

Game on, in the streets, pastures and mountains

Extinction Level Event for our society on this contentent

ffa679 () No. 6268705


I agree.

“Control” reached long ago.

Psychologicaly you need to minimize collateral damage from the full extent of such a twisted spiderweb?

Slow walk.

Relative Calm.

Drop and test reaction.

Predict next from last.

Breaking programming makes people very conflicted. They see it but they still don’t belive it, they “need” to be told what is right.

I don’t think anyone is awake as to our true controllers. That will be the Awakening.

They use these families and governments but who/what are they?

f643c1 () No. 6268706


Is that you? Need to lose a LOT of weight buddy.

952009 () No. 6268707


21 April

f5f898 () No. 6268708

bf5f17 () No. 6268709

Screenshot of direction route from Seal Beach parking lot/playground to House of Guatemalan Culture.

cad65a () No. 6268710


because he's a nigger. Dallas is a sanctuary city. He's the same as Soros placed ngger DA in Chicago. "I dont want to prosecute niggers so I let them go because muh racism."

The good news is Texas allows concealed carry.

I hope the DA doesn't cry when his precious nigger and illegal no hablas criminals get shot committing crimes.

79e90f () No. 6268711


>instant gratification

If 17 months of false hope, broken promises, and unmet expectations is "instant gratification" to you, then you are a lazy, useless motherfuck.

And street sweeper is your ideal profession.

6cd75c () No. 6268712


There is no choice only jew world and our overlords

They literally never lose

Everything is just guilt to work as a better slave for them

I chose to not play the game

cf9c46 () No. 6268713



a32b1c () No. 6268714



Thi is a good shill.

df5dcd () No. 6268715

This place has died.

No real research.

Just another version of a bot and shilled out version of /pol/


cb9d4c () No. 6268716


except you don't disrupt shit, you are just noise

8fa984 () No. 6268717

Full Nadler: 'There Is Plenty Of Evidence Of Obstruction' | Meet The Press | NBC News

go to 5:45

6cd75c () No. 6268718


Seriously fuck Q defenders

The constant gaslighting is disgusting

621c6d () No. 6268719


>When do you play your trump card?

When you need to win that hand.

409421 () No. 6268720


Thank you to all the Bakers 🇺🇸

7dca18 () No. 6268721

cb9bf1 () No. 6268722

f643c1 () No. 6268723

(((Q))) team right about now

e2df90 () No. 6268724

Levin is dishing it right right now! Righteous indignation at the proper levels

3e02e6 () No. 6268725


always get these album covers mixed up with MANOWAR, see pic related and please tell me what the fuck the guy on the far left is doing???

molly hatchet is legit..good tune.


can't go wrong with skynard anon

6cd75c () No. 6268726


Anon i have enough autism that if i really wanted to

This board would be disrupted

So do most here

33cbeb () No. 6268727


Life Liberty & Levin - FoxNews right now

adcc2c () No. 6268728


Last night, on FOX, every show was scripted to a literal warning to the DS

Levine and Rush are next to up the info game. Rush will be huge for reach.

1ce805 () No. 6268729

The Great James Cagney

Yankee Doodle Dandy


I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle do or die

A real life nephew of my Uncle Sam

Born on the 4th of July

I've got a Yankee Doodle sweetheart

She's my Yankee Doodle joy

Yankee Doodle went to London just to ride the ponies

I am that Yankee Doodle boy

2d38cc () No. 6268730


then you dont understand what i wrote

i said fight

i didnt say anything about even a hope of winning

d57b5e () No. 6268731


>I think what we're seeing now is Q team / POTUS's plan to break the conditioning on the rest of the population.

>Relax, enjoy the show….This is the Great Awakening!

Yes, that's how I see it too.

The reveal of information contrary to the fake narrative must be done gradually or normies might freak out and get hurt. Q/POTUS wants to minimize civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.

It's a balancing act, constantly fine-tuned based on fresh inputs/feedback about the normie population's acceptance/understanding.

6cd75c () No. 6268732


Its literally just ai


And lemmings

Which is what Q wanted

Msot have gone back to the matrix cuz why even watch as they strip us of our rights

Better to just ignore it till they kill us

Or go riot

8fa984 () No. 6268733

395cfe () No. 6268734

>>6268500 (LB)

ba0e25 () No. 6268735

4c214f () No. 6268736


Should have been played Day 1.

e8a5ed () No. 6268737


So then Jews would also hereby be branded "Money Manipulating Pedo Power Worshippers"

cf9c46 () No. 6268738


I think "Woman" might be stretching it a bit.

be2642 () No. 6268739


Stop 'creepin', Dan.

5f72b6 () No. 6268740

holidays are hard on the psychiatricly challenged


79e90f () No. 6268741


Dallas is now Pick Pocket Heaven.

Nigger DA - gonna protect his sons and nephews …. I'm shocked at this.

6cd75c () No. 6268742


Why the fuck would i fight for the world i hate that hurt me

I dont give a shit about any of you unless youre kids or animals

Adults deserve most of what they get

3e02e6 () No. 6268743


>any new bakers wanna get some time in the kitchen?


It's fun once you start getting the hang of it

adcc2c () No. 6268744


It that's the best it gets, kek

Ignore the shills

83b12e () No. 6268745


The far left guy? He’s ……smoldering. Kek

f643c1 () No. 6268746

3b4078 () No. 6268747


Why don't you like bricks, anon? To take a poor defensless brick and slam it into such an offensive visage could do serious damage to the poor bricks self-image.


0e2939 () No. 6268748



Fun days ahead…they are rolling it out….

0e8f9a () No. 6268749

c749af () No. 6268750

>>6268314 pb

>>6267983 pb

Sel/Casel educational program

Board Chair, Timothy Shriver is brother of Maria Shriver, ex of Arnold Schwarzenagger. Shriver family = Global Family Forum.

edb27b () No. 6268751


Read the Bible! The whole world, united for exactly that…are going to get their asses handed to them by God Himself! Not a good plan!

0e8f9a () No. 6268752

Does a shill want your reply or filter?

79e90f () No. 6268753


>filtered, shill

Oh, shit!

Anon filtered me!

What am I gonna do now?

bf5f17 () No. 6268754



The House of Guatemala does not appear on Google Maps anymore. Apparently closed down after this. Using Yelp as a source (great source, right! KEK!), a guy wrote in review that the owner of the property had knowledge of the raid beforehand.

This is the place that the Military drills took place in DTLA on February 5…. Its strange i can not find the owners name or board of directors. Military men can be seen carrying items from this building as they exited. And left in two black hawk helicopters. Next door is Tom Giardi and Keese Law Firm. Giradi is a known Hilliary Clinton donor and campaign manager. Also Giradi is envilved with Allison Max and the Nxivm Sex Cult. I am willing to bet Giardi owns this property infact i called Giardi and Keese and ask about it. Was told that building was empty and they had knowledge that this event was going to take place. Said it was TOP SECRET.

6cd75c () No. 6268755


I may be mildly pathetic and depressed

But i take comfort in the fact that im not as stupid as the useful idiots that bake for Q research rofl

7d5e6c () No. 6268756

Levin only made it like 30 seconds before he turned the volume to 11.

ANY musician knows you never blow all your best riffs in the first set.

fdbdcd () No. 6268757

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Zbigniew Brzezinski

George Soros

400c39 () No. 6268758




Why do you homos need to type on this board to talk to each other, when you can just pop your head over the cubicle and say it?

621c6d () No. 6268759


>Yes, that's how I see it too.

Same here. It's just hard because it's rehashing shit you've known for so long that you've already forgotten most of it. It's new for them. Like putting 1st year students in with 4th year students.

f643c1 () No. 6268760



b4570c () No. 6268761


Many high ranking officials and dignitaries can travel with a personal security detail. I would assume with weapons. I imagine some leeway is given to these people as to what and whom they can bring into a given country.

What if Mike O., Podesta, S Power, and Pelosi are using this special treatment to sneak in assets and material to conduct FFs?

f6932f () No. 6268762

Start at about 3:14:00.

Wtf is Russell B really saying?

4c3632 () No. 6268763


Kek! I digress….

bec360 () No. 6268764

1d713d () No. 6268765



Schiff needs to be Indicted for Felony leaks Now and let the Cockroach’s squirm for a couple of weeks before the next indictment.

This is what zTrump needs to do Immediately.

MSM will quite down wondering Who is next

0e8f9a () No. 6268766

How long should you let a shill wait for your reply?

eac12b () No. 6268767

this has got to be the funniest war ever.

and i've read catch-22 5.5 times!!

2f217b () No. 6268768


Dude, this is nothing more than a distraction and make-work program for retards. Its only function is to buy Trump time until re-election and to get a percentage of his base to not notice things like infinity beaners and Trump supporters getting attacked in the street daily.

80f7bd () No. 6268769


But…..you didn't answer my question.

And just curious, what is your "real job"? C_A maybe?

No one said you owe us anything.

Maybe playing "video games all day" is what you should do. Because what you are doing here is not working.

Again, I will ask…do you want to see this country succeed or not?

8fa984 () No. 6268770

cf9c46 () No. 6268771


>Schiff needs to be Indicted for


0edb28 () No. 6268772

7230ae () No. 6268773


Oh, I'm in it for the long game. No other choice. But wanting to see just a smidgen, a teensy amount of justice in 2+ years after Trump came into office isn't demanding instant gratification, IMO.

01e9d1 () No. 6268774


Q just texted me to tell you ‘no’

5f72b6 () No. 6268775

Tired ole black woman shilling tired ole race playbook


f7335b () No. 6268776


So sad

4c0cb9 () No. 6268777

looks like our meme

3b4078 () No. 6268778


Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!

15d800 () No. 6268779

6fbae1 () No. 6268780


A house negro trying to make the field negros lubz him long time.

0e8f9a () No. 6268781

If it's so terrible here, why stay?


367779 () No. 6268782



88856d () No. 6268783

928f78 () No. 6268784

Newer version.

These seem to be the most relevant Q posts (no marker or time stamp connections).

79e90f () No. 6268785


Even the bots have left.

That should be a big fucking red flag as to what this board is now.

f643c1 () No. 6268786


Past your bed time? :)

b7d599 () No. 6268787


Sounds like someone needs a lesson in how guns work.

f5f898 () No. 6268788


Hi doug and Jered.

You'll be on your way soon

And we'll have some nostalgia

'Remember when they used to bug us every day?"

What happened?

I wnder if they are in jail yet?"

Dog and Jared's schtick starts to get comfy.

We will remember you.

2f7bba () No. 6268789

Maureen Dowd: How the ego maniac in the Oval was ‘exonerated’

After 675 days, more than 2,800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search warrants, $30 million spent, endless jaw-jaw on cable and countless whiny Trump tweets, we have come down to one fundamental truth.

And it’s the same truth that has been terrorising us all along: Donald Trump’s dirtbag machinations are driven by insane vanity.


283551 () No. 6268790

Mark Levin is on a YUGE Rant right now about the Mueller Report, all by himself

367779 () No. 6268791


What;s your definition of "vintage"??

cf9c46 () No. 6268792

621c6d () No. 6268793


>if you disagree with me you're a shill

Miss me with that bullshit.

fdbdcd () No. 6268794

15d800 () No. 6268795


How do you sneak up on a dangerous animal?

131ce8 () No. 6268796


Meanwhile, the FBI missed the opportunity to clean up a large drug network because they have their heads stuck up their asses. SA Opie, talking to you.

8fa984 () No. 6268797



Is Brzezinski related to Soros?

cb9d4c () No. 6268798

Seems like this is habbening now, moar attacks

f643c1 () No. 6268800

be2642 () No. 6268801


I could give two effs about being a 'fan-girl'… but.. whoever made this… needs an award of some kind.

3e02e6 () No. 6268802



Oh man….so much good music on this little game.


all these games remind me of Q research kek

I think i'm on here too much

f643c1 () No. 6268803


>How do you sneak up on a dangerous animal?

Like a honey badger?

4eea95 () No. 6268804


Good, cause that would really stink.

0edb28 () No. 6268805


>Still lots of room to add connections.

keep it simple cloackfag

keep it simple

make a connection like this and the mic drop

this is a great clockfag

leave it alone

its notable

131ce8 () No. 6268806


OP is a fag

846fd0 () No. 6268807


9 shots of anejo , 2 of reposado

night shift owns the night

7230ae () No. 6268808


It's literally kept Patriots complacent, who would otherwise maybe have taken to the streets by now. Well played.

79e90f () No. 6268809


Drink college me would have fucked that in the library 24 hour study room … in the ass with only spit to lube.

00fa25 () No. 6268810

How do we know HUSSEIN pardoned himself?

7d5e6c () No. 6268811


I don't like

having stuff i already know

yelled at me.

15d800 () No. 6268812


Porcupine. Terminator porcupine.

f643c1 () No. 6268813



Cause honey badger don't care. ;)

f643c1 () No. 6268815

798669 () No. 6268816

Mark Levin is on FIRE on his show right now.

f7335b () No. 6268817


Thats just a theory

Zero proof

cb9bf1 () No. 6268818

28e881 () No. 6268819

Happy Easter

be2642 () No. 6268820


First mistake… you forgot to capitalize The King;s name.

2f217b () No. 6268821


No, you read it. Revelations has already happened in 70AD. Todays Israel is a farce pulled on the world by the Rothschild's.

f5f898 () No. 6268822


tag team

We See You.

"come out in the wash, but it always leaves a stain"

79e90f () No. 6268823


Seen them in concert twice back in the day .. once outdoors with the Outlaws.

Awesome music!

7bbd06 () No. 6268824


that was just defense – and now his enemies are tired, can't wait for the weekend but the weekend ends…, and Mondays so much real and Friday is mostly never never and forever away… never ending must play musical chairs.

Offense has a deep deep bench and all→ Q

0af564 () No. 6268825

14a36e () No. 6268826

10fee8 () No. 6268827


Count on it. Akin to Diplomatic Pouches.

6fbae1 () No. 6268828


Any research/"decoding" being done is by PAYtriots now. War profiteering.

3e02e6 () No. 6268829


I want good gear. no digital bullshit. you can go as far back as you want or as early as the 90's. need real amps with speakers moving air. preferably TAPE and analog studio gear. real microphones.

almost can't go wrong with the 70's if you can overlook the overt satanism kek….it is what it is bro.

0af564 () No. 6268830


"Meet the Sonic Artist Making Music with Plants: Sound Builders"

f643c1 () No. 6268831

7230ae () No. 6268832


I'm just so impatient.

caea8f () No. 6268833


You can stick your Georgia Guide stones up your ass

367779 () No. 6268834

01e9d1 () No. 6268835

ffa679 () No. 6268836



7d5e6c () No. 6268838


funniest thing, i ran into the same circular logic earlier today:

i publish a book, outlining satan. if you don't agree with my book, that proves satan.

2f217b () No. 6268839


Ah, the actual "plan."

83b12e () No. 6268840


Ok here’s two more..one of two

68021c () No. 6268841

4c0cb9 () No. 6268842



558389 () No. 6268843


It was.

With Mueller blockade over, it was a first down and now 1st and 10 on the 40.

Four more first downs to a touchdown.

DECLAS - Apr/May

OIG - May/Jun



f7335b () No. 6268844




he is recycling neocons

If there was a plan

That was to survive Mueller hoping he as a marine will not pull fictional charges out of his ass

cad65a () No. 6268845



006ea1 () No. 6268846



Best guess.

15d800 () No. 6268847


Ok that's what I meant.

0edb28 () No. 6268848


well then

lets lurk that ID of yours

13c1a2 () No. 6268851


I like this very much. Well said, anon. What do you think of [prophecy] given your statement? Seems like prophetic writing could be understood as the collective consciousness or HOLY SPIRIT (depending on your perspective) speaking through a conscious human vessel to its own [body] in the present, and when the body responds it alters their trajectory which impacts the future.

That said, I believe in God’s divine revelation of future events such as in Daniel or Revelation.

79e90f () No. 6268852

83b12e () No. 6268853


And two of two. Enjoy!

846fd0 () No. 6268854



9c9993 () No. 6268855

Long Beach dig.

Seal Beach Army Corps of Engineers


Los Angeles Army Corps of Engineers

911 Wilshire Boulevard

fdbdcd () No. 6268856

3b4078 () No. 6268857


Nah, they're "brick worshipers.' Every day they stare at a big, black brick, pray to it to save them, face the brick wherever they are in the world…their actions indicate their focus…they love inanimate pieces of stone.

b248fc () No. 6268858

0edb28 () No. 6268859



>>6268622 Ratcliffe, R-Texas, 'Obama DOJ has to fess up on FISA 'spying'

>>6268612 Bomb squad investigating suspicious box outside SW Atlanta church

>>6268603 today 4/21,which is on the 4,10,20 line, DJT tweets on the :35, Q35 is 4,10,20

still cruisin

be2642 () No. 6268860


I can smell [[[YOU]]]…. sniff sniff. Its not going to work. God wins.

395cfe () No. 6268861

c4ceb3 () No. 6268862


The beginning of digital equipment was so promising too. A shame what happened.

a53de0 () No. 6268863

>>6268208 (PB)

That is the cross rate between Bitcoin and the Lebanese Pound which is worth $0.00065/LBP so not surprising it is so high in Bitcoin terms.

The symbol for bitcoin is BTC.

15d800 () No. 6268864


Between you and me, if the shit doesn't hit the fan before July 4, I too will become impatient.

1ce805 () No. 6268865


Senator Mike Lee talked about the Deep State on Face the Nation today

even sounded sane


367779 () No. 6268866



I love those Honey Badgers.

Wherever they are right now.


7b9152 () No. 6268867


i would say farming and ranching (cain and able) … but it is old, i give you that

6cd75c () No. 6268868




that shit worked last year kike

Now it doesnt

Find someone else to bully i hate life enough as it is

0501f1 () No. 6268869

While watching cruise ship NORWEGIAN BLISS separate from Pilot Boat WHITE boatfag stumbled on US-flagged vessel of the Hanjin Lines PRESIDENT KENNEDY at Pier 300

ea45ec () No. 6268870


Volcano in Indonesia's Bali erupts, triggering rains of ashes http://xhne.ws/5Rhof


928f78 () No. 6268871


Thanks Anon.

I know I get carried away.

2f217b () No. 6268872


They've been telling us since at least the early 19th century what their plans are. And some of it is written on the guide stones. You'd be wise to take heed.

13c1a2 () No. 6268873


Awoken & Spoken … HEAR HEAR!

6cd75c () No. 6268874


Is this the bv

I literally dont give a fuck lmao

e8a5ed () No. 6268875



Yet another thing that Q will never touch.

3b4078 () No. 6268876


What then did her first client do to earn money?

bee632 () No. 6268877


4,3,2,1 or 0 first downs required.

36dcef () No. 6268878

Come in, Team, put us to bed for our attack tomorrow

69aa4b () No. 6268879

f5f898 () No. 6268880


Glad to hear about Brexit.

3e02e6 () No. 6268881


This guy always hit the spot

0501f1 () No. 6268882


oops, wanted this port shot

21b9df () No. 6268883

7dca18 () No. 6268884


4 10 20


lets hope….

081e68 () No. 6268885



In the earlier days of the Great Awakening, I seem to remember there was an underwater explosion in the Long Beach / Catalina area. There was speculation about the DUMB on Catalina being destroyed, or a tunnel entrance on the coast being collapsed. Something anomalous about the seismic data maybe?

Anyway it's been tickling my almonds. Drugs, subs, the Cabal, Q's photo, LA Raids, Long Beach fuckery.

0e2939 () No. 6268886



Dude, I agree, that's why I think it's coming out.

79e90f () No. 6268887


That Honey Badger looks like he doesn't give a shit.

006ea1 () No. 6268888


If you actually practiced magic you would realize the significance of this. You have to state your purpose. This has always been concerning to me.

7d5e6c () No. 6268889


with one of these?

2f217b () No. 6268890


We were hunter/gatherers long before that.

d57b5e () No. 6268892

4d038c () No. 6268893

Rep. André Carson (D-IN) serves House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). In February 2019, Carson was named Chairman of HPSCI's Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee.

Carson, who openly and proudly meets with Louis Farrakhan, is one of three Muslims currently serving in the US congress (along with Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar). Carson has predicted that there could be as many as 30 to 35 Muslims in Congress and possibly even a Muslim president or vice president by the year 2030.

When Carson was elevated to the Intel Committee in 2015, the Center for Security Policy released a dossier warning about his troubling connections to the Muslim Brotherhood:

“The fact that Rep. Carson’s association with these organizations has persisted even after he has had every opportunity – as well as a responsibility – to know the threat they pose to U.S. national security displays, at the very best, a grave lack of judgment that is incompatible with service on the HPSCI.”

Carson has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR to ISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamists have funded Carson’s career. Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing who had once declared,” You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” CAIR itself had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in terror finance.

Imran Awan started working as a shared employee for the Democrats in 2004. Awan has long been known to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

When the Democrat/DWS/Awan family IT scandal broke in February 2017, the ties between Awan and Carson and his staff were quickly noted. It was noted that one of Rep. Carson’s staff members had an active email address linked with Imran Awan, even after Awan had been fired.

A Democratic IT aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has reported Awan and Carson used to play video games together in Carson’s office, and that he had been teaching Carson a foreign language.

According to an ex-business partner, Imran Awan’s father transferred a USB drive to a Pakistani senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency in 2008.

I'll say it again:

'In February 2019, Carson was named Chairman of HPSCI's Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee.




83b12e () No. 6268894


!! Turn it up. :)

be2642 () No. 6268895

I apologize to The Patriots… I had to 'come out to play'… you Patriots are my only friends. Shitposting is an art.

6cd75c () No. 6268896

Ok this is boring

Back to smoking weed before the demons torturr me for shitposting on their psyop to trick stupid people

c749af () No. 6268897


Idk, but do you know what ever happened to the awesome drummer…

In the godda devita? sp?


5e7b81 () No. 6268898


Revelations deals with a time of a one world govt, one world religion, one world currency, a 7 year period known as the Tribulation( that if it had not been cut short by Jesus would have ended ALL human life on earth) followed by Jesus 1000 year reign. Never has the world had one religion, currency, or govt so maybe you should re-read the book of Revelation. You think Jesus reign was from 70 AD to 1070 AD….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

043a66 () No. 6268899

cf9c46 () No. 6268900


Analog. Musicians. Real musicians.

6cd75c () No. 6268901


Funny enough Q does the same shit they do

Karmic disclosure

Thats how i know Q is evil

Same with trump

3e3760 () No. 6268902


It's been happening every moment of every day since 11/9/16.

It will not be televised.

4c0cb9 () No. 6268903

cb9d4c () No. 6268904


maybe lay off the weed fake Q, your mind needs cleansing

c749af () No. 6268905



846fd0 () No. 6268906



c3f7d4 () No. 6268907



Brain dead, move over liberal MAGA!

bee632 () No. 6268908


Inagaddavida- Iron Butterfly. DNK drummer’s name.

be2642 () No. 6268909

e77e54 () No. 6268910

fecdee () No. 6268911


Your work here is well appreciated.

80f7bd () No. 6268912


this some sort of threat? kek

how silly…seriously.

just curious, how do you think this will end for all of you when this is over?

1f5766 () No. 6268913


She even looks like a demon. Pure evil!

79e90f () No. 6268914


>Ok this is boring

It's so dead in here now that shitposting isn't even fun anymoar.

This psyop is dying. Mixed emotions for me.

4c0cb9 () No. 6268915

931e32 () No. 6268916


GLOY, not glory, retards:



Cheap smelly glue

be2642 () No. 6268917


Dubs confirm.

7d5e6c () No. 6268918


no, Rockefeller.


59b157 () No. 6268919

Donald J Trump Tweet Decipher

8:37 AM - 21 Apr 2019

"The Trump Haters and Angry Democrats who wrote the Mueller Report were devastated by the No Collusion finding! Nothing but a total “hit job” which should never have been allowed to start in the first place!"

Analysis: It appears the most likely interpretation for this DJT Tweet Decipher involves the possibility that indictments may be pending for crimes related to leaking classified information to the press. The following eight Deep State Actors' names appeared within the cipher with a high correlation probability owing to their first, middle and last names being denoted within the cipher. There may be additional but less probable indictments for Deep State actors' name which did not include a middle name.

1. Andrew George McCabe

2. Adam Bennett Schiff

3. James Brien Comey

4. Barack Hussein Obama

5. Eric Himpton Holder

6. James Robert Clapper Jr

7. Sally Quillian Yates

8. Loretta Elizabeth Lynch

19bd5c () No. 6268920

f2fddc () No. 6268921


Preterism has been refuted by a number of Theologians.


855000 () No. 6268922


i saw pic of her topless as couple years ago but it has been scrubbed from the net.. wish i had saved a copy..

c5b236 () No. 6268923

043a66 () No. 6268924

eac12b () No. 6268925


real ]prophets[ speak truth to extrapolations they base on critical moments they live.

third verse of "amazing grace":

when we've been here 10 000 years/bright shining as the sun/we've no less days to sing GOD's praise/than when we've first begun

a35cd4 () No. 6268926


Nadler is full of shit. He stuttered when justifying that campaign opp research is legal and as he explained the RNC and then Clinton paid for it. When asked if the Mueller report findings are impeachable, he paused and said yeah, I think so. Then added, "if our findings are proven to be true"… FFS!!

ea45ec () No. 6268927


Good or bad, negative or positive I will post anything about Tesla or EVs in China. This happened today in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 1st generation Tesla Model S caught Fire 🔥 underground car park.


9:12 AM - 21 Apr 2019 from Shanghai, People's Republic of China

36dcef () No. 6268928


Dickbreath, the fun is just beginning. Go wail somewhere else

caea8f () No. 6268929



They are a plan for us our destruction

We will write our own future

Our own plan

Not theirs

cb9d4c () No. 6268930

edb27b () No. 6268931


Look man…all you're doing is regurgitating an opinion that somebody else passed on to you! Next you're going to say that satan has been bound! I'm NOT saying that I agree with everything Israel is doing, but, I realize were finite being trying to comprehend the Infinite! Takes far less faith to believe The One True and Living God than any other whacked out hypothesis! I know Redshields involvement…but I also know what God has to say on the matter! If God can create something out of nothing…He can manifest something good out of bad! Funny thing is, compared to Holiness, we're all just a bunch of broken RABID, imperfect people that DEMAND perfection from other broken, imperfect people!

Btw…it's "Revelation"! Not plural! It is The Unveiling of Jesus Christ!

e77e54 () No. 6268932

3e02e6 () No. 6268933



yeah i was just about to go on a tirade on that…didnt want to OVERshit the bread but

Roland Jupiter-8

and if you want to hear a sleeper listen to the Roland JX8P. Can be had for like 600 bucks and smokes units that cost three times as much.

shit really went south gear wise in my lifetime. jewsters didn't want us to be able to compete. this is a whole subject in and of itself…if you A/B old music gear compared to almost anything new, you'll shake your head like WTF happened? new technology my ass.

f5f898 () No. 6268934


Ur boring.

0edb28 () No. 6268935


so you think the Choppas came from here

cf9c46 () No. 6268936


>"if our findings are proven to be true"

HAHAHAHA….now THERE's a slip!

c749af () No. 6268937


Was played a lot back in my day. Haven't heard it in prolly 40 years.

Drummer was top dog.

1bc135 () No. 6268938


Care to explain?

15942e () No. 6268939


>There was speculation about the DUMB on Catalina being destroyed, or a tunnel entrance on the coast being collapsed.


0ae8c3 () No. 6268940

846fd0 () No. 6268941


Abortion provider is older.

54c803 () No. 6268942



Somebody posted these quite a while ago. I'll drop them here for the sake of completeness.

7b9152 () No. 6268943


why? nasty!

abbe52 () No. 6268944

>>6268453 (pb)

>I have only been to one rally which was in Tampa on July 31 2018 and while I did preregister, they did not verify tickets upon entry, which is what I have heard about other rallies. If you get there early you should be able to get in with or without tickets unless something has changed.

Has anyone else had this experience? I used my phone number, but the tickets didn't show up on the page when I followed the link. I'm guessing that it's some setting with my Brave browser, I changed some things, but can't figure it out. Had no problem using the GF's phone. Her's showed right up. I'd hate to stand there all day waiting to get in with two children only to get turned away even though they have my phone # in their database but just without tickets

c807e6 () No. 6268945


fucking Prince ownin shit

46add0 () No. 6268946

How does shit like Sri Lanka go down during moloch sacrifice season and you can tell me with a straight face “we’re winning”.

What’s changed other than having the knowledge of what (((they))) do? Shit doesn’t stop. We just watch it like judgmental perverts. This shit is unrealistic and impossible. Hollywood bitches still have mansions and millions but we’re winning. Dirty politics. Winning. People have become animals with little moral code, but winning.

This board is a fucking fantasy land. I’ve sunk almost two years here. And it’s like I’m here for the first time. Still peddling unfounded, unclaimed, bullshit excel spreadsheets with supposed indictments, no arrests, no justice….but pagan Easter bunnies made google so make it a notable and keep pretending there’s change.

Unreal. But last year you got tippy top. Look at all that didn’t do. I’m gonna rejoin my family and try to fit back into society.

2f217b () No. 6268947


You should stop listening to televangelists.

Buy yourself an Orthodox study bible.

043a66 () No. 6268948


I think they use the tickets to estimate crowd size.

83b12e () No. 6268949


Better than ipecac?

006ea1 () No. 6268950


Q isn't evil… I don't think they can go there. Do you realize how many people would lose it? The suicides? The unhappy energy that would be produced would feed evil making it that much stronger. People would lose all hope… The team walks a fine line between utter chaos and a small sliver of hope.

b79632 () No. 6268951

I am an old gal I can remember getting up off the couch to change the channels from ABC to NBC to CBS and that was where I got my news…No longer… I come here twice a day and read what is really going on in the world… I would like to thank each and every one of you who seek out and post the real news of the world. I want to thank those who support Q and the Q team… I may be old but I am part of Qanon also …..Thanks you folks


a9760d () No. 6268952

DMX's Easter Sunday Prayer at Coachella.

(Begins @ 2:17)

"In the name of Jesus, let us pray

Father please walk with us through the bad times as well as the good

May we be heard and understood from the suburbs to the hood

May you judge us by our hearts and not by our mistakes

And see that we can all break through

However long that it takes

May you fill that void in our souls

We will lay our fears to rest

But there's no way we can live for Jesus when we're living in the flesh

So I pray that you allow our spirits to be born

Grow strong, move on, know right from wrong, First John chapter two verse fifteen

Do not love the world or anything in the world but we know what that means

But listen, we know the distance we need to be away from fire to be fermented

But that doesn't mean we will listen

Lord you take care of fools and babies

You teach women to honor their men. And men respect their ladies

But lately, so many of us have gone astray

Doing wrong for so long that we have forgot the way

Please bring us back home

Instill in us The Word which is our backbone

We're just children and not grown

There is so much that we're entitled to

Yet we receive so little

Because in this time of spiritual warfare

We're comfortable in the middle

So I pray that you open our eyes

Give us the anointing to recognize the devil and his lies

If we keep our actions wise

Our prayers sincere

Our hands to the sky

You will commit us our fears

In Jesus' mighty name we all pray



adcc2c () No. 6268953

Teen abused by Catholic school teacher gets record $8M payout

Ouch and YES!


0ae8c3 () No. 6268954


Weinstein, Mack, Schneiderman, Trafficking take down ops world wide, what the fuck are you actually talking about.

3b4078 () No. 6268955


Ron Bushy

2f7bba () No. 6268956

5 Key Items Missing From Cub Scout Mueller's Partisan Op-Ed

Everyone knows it. Even Democrats.

The Mueller Report is a joke.

Its omissions are more glaring than its content.

Here are five key elements curiously absent from Robert Mueller's Special Counsel Report.

1. Who leaked the Flynn-Kislyak conversation to the press?

Authorized to pursue any criminal activity arising from his investigation, Mueller somehow overlooked the felony leak of the recorded conversation between Gen. Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to The New York Times. Why?

2. Why were no Obama-era intel officials interviewed for a report supposedly about Russian interference in the election?

From Susan Rice telling officials concerned about Russian cyberwarfare activities to "stand down" to John Brennan's bizarre interactions with "Five Eyes" allies, Mueller's report is utterly silent (Hat tip: Mark Levin).

3. Why were Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya's meeting with Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting omitted?

According to Senate transcripts, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya both the day before and the day after her 6/9/16 meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. at Trump Tower.

4. Why no mention of bias and untoward behavior of investigators removed from the Special Counsel?

At least four of Mueller's investigators (Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, and Sally Moyer) were removed from the Special Counsel due to various untoward and/or possibly illegal activities. Mueller's report never explains why, nor how his team addressed chain of custody or spoliation.

5. How can it be that the "hacking" of the DNC server was never investigated?

With all of the various Russian actors named by Mueller, somehow he and his investigators never got around to the original "hacking" of the DNC. According to James Comey, the Democrat National Committee never allowed federal investigators to physically access their compromised server.

This is curious FBI deference to a political entity that one Donald J. Trump was never afforded.


c4ceb3 () No. 6268957


Damn, nice looking machine. I wish I'd picked up a Roland. FM was my thing though. Could make a piano or bass guitar within a few hours that musicians couldn't tell from a real instrument.

081e68 () No. 6268958


Oh, forgot to add:

What about the Chinese trying to develop the port area, and WTF are they really doing underwater there?

36dcef () No. 6268959


…was there a seismic 5.2 - 5.7 around thst date?

69ffe8 () No. 6268960


TGTFO! Pretty please.

c00a26 () No. 6268961

>>6267983 - PB #8015 A Nice Night to Bake a Bread Edition

SEL is also the misspelling used in President Trump's tweet:

2018-04-21 05:13:07 (UTC+1)

James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a special council? Therefore, the special council was established based on an illegal act? Really, does everybody know what that means?

SEL also is an international energy-related engineering business: https://selinc.com/ with offices on what looks like every continent. "SEL invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world."

On a separate note, the word "aspire" in post 6267983 reminds me, this word is the keyword found throughout "African Union Agenda 2063: The Africa we want" – "a common and shared set of 7 aspirations" among which are "silencing the guns by 2020", a "unified Africa", an Africa outer space strategy and "one African sky" for air transport.

be2642 () No. 6268962


God bless you… just assuring you know Anons see your words. Most dont take the effort… just had to post for You.

1b05aa () No. 6268963


>How does shit like Sri Lanka go down during moloch sacrifice season and you can tell me with a straight face “we’re winning”.

Because it's not happening here in America.

America First. What others do or allow in their own countries is not up to us.

cf9c46 () No. 6268964


I smell a pattern of money flowing out of the Vatican.

adcc2c () No. 6268965


The Muller Report defined a new genera of Legal Fiction

fb0147 () No. 6268966


Tell your wife to make us a sammich

7d5e6c () No. 6268967


you almost had me until

> I’m gonna rejoin my family

not really, this is bait

83b12e () No. 6268968

Lots of “demoralizing” going on here..but bet ya all come running like little pups when Q comes home. Kek.

ba7024 () No. 6268969

From 2004 to 2007, nine Haitian children were exploited by a child sex ring involving at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers, according to a U.N. report obtained by The Associated Press.


f4f439 () No. 6268970

After thinking about the "Easter Worshippers" mockingbird quote today

I am getting a bothered by the idea

that the term Easter is actually from Astarte (Ishtar)

a female goddess and I feel like they are

just throwing it our face since it is not

based on Christianity

They know and are just throwing in our face

Christians, do we need to change the name of our most

Holy Holiday?

4c0cb9 () No. 6268971

our sources

adcc2c () No. 6268972


Tip of the Iceberg, baby

d57b5e () No. 6268973


>>6268110 pb

Yes made a set of these January 1, 2018.

We were suspecting cargo containers back then.

8fa984 () No. 6268975

7d5e6c () No. 6268974


scroll up

to level up

0edb28 () No. 6268976

(14) posts dude


b7d599 () No. 6268977


Just find any bitch that recently nursed a litter of puppies and BOOM! There ya go.

7bbd06 () No. 6268978


not able to hold tears

no table

d57b5e () No. 6268979

7b9152 () No. 6268980


would agree anon, would happen if truth was know to masses. pray for awakening.

9a9305 () No. 6268981

846fd0 () No. 6268982

cf9c46 () No. 6268983


I have never seen this. How the FUCK did I miss this??

80f7bd () No. 6268984


>Find someone else to bully i hate life enough as it is

How am I bullying? I was asking simple questions. Of which you still haven't answered.

Really doesn't matter anyway…you will still do you and I will still do me.

But wouldn't you rather be on the good side of history? I'm being serious. You seem smart enough and knowledgeable enough to know how all of this works. You could probably help here, instead f hinder for your "amusement". Make a real difference.

And just so you know, I am not a "kike".

Catholic Christian from birth…..

and know that God does win.

The One that created you. Think about it….

So again I will ask….do you want YOUR country to succeed or not? Why is that a hard question?

4c0cb9 () No. 6268985


13c1a2 () No. 6268986


]See you in the future[

f5f898 () No. 6268987


The singer Rhianna was named after this song.

sad song.

Check her pendants.

16ac01 () No. 6268988

Wishing NightShift Anons a Happy Easter.

May your night bring Major Habbenings & Deep Diggings.

I look forward to reading your Notable News from the Night Crew in the first morning breads every day when I wake up.

I trust Your Notables MOAR than any MSM outlet.

Keep up the good work Anons! You truly are THE NEWS NOW!

a5e5d8 () No. 6268989

shills of Levin.



7b9152 () No. 6268990

ea45ec () No. 6268991

Watch the shadow of #K2 project deep inside China during sunset.


f9c5fd () No. 6268992


I find what TeacherAnon said extremely interesting. I am researching therapists and doctors that were treating many different shooters. What I find that all roads seem to relay back to Yale. https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2014/01/22/sand-hook-shooter-treated-at-yale/. Dr. Paul Fox worked with Yale Child Study Center and was Adam Lanza’s doctor. How convenient Dr. Fox moved to New Zealand and became the treating doctor of the New Zealand massacre. http://ablechild.org/tag/dr-paul-fox/. https://www.familiesmatter.nz/files/Nicky_Stevens_-_Mothers_Day_Slide_Show.pdf Something big is being done at that Yale school and I am going to continue to dig. I thought it was important to bring this out after reading TeacherAnon saying CA schools tied into Yale. Let’s dig and find out what Yale is really doing in that place. I say MKUltra big time/Monarch program.

2c05e0 () No. 6268993


The Original Green Manalishi

by PETER GREEN's Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green is a tragic story, his mind sacrificed to the Illuminati in a castle in europe so Fleetwood mac could become stars. Deal with the devil fo sho


2f217b () No. 6268994


>Btw…it's "Revelation"! Not plural!

Good grief. The book of Revelation is full of multiple revelations. Are you a Baptist or something. Believe what you want, but the Jew and the CIA funded televangelists are making a fool of you.

f9c5fd () No. 6268995


Crap, forgot LB on post.

cb3d76 () No. 6268996


Retro Vintage.

a5e5d8 () No. 6268997

shills of concerning.



01e9d1 () No. 6268998


This game s the Devil’s world. He offered it to Jesus if Jesus would bend the knee to him. It’s his to give.

Jesus knew this is temporary. So he was not tempted. The only thing real is eternal. But this world belongs to Satan until Jesus comes back. We fight the spiritual realm- not flesh and blood. So the tools we use must be the Full Armor of God. No sense in hitting a shadow with a shotgun. Pray. Use the right weapon for each battle.

edb27b () No. 6268999


See? RABID! You're no help anon!

f643c1 () No. 6269000


Ugly plane…

1f5766 () No. 6269001


> Because it's not happening here in Americ

You might want to re-think that. We've had many, many, many terror attacks in the USA. Many! We're still importing Muslim refugees and our borders are still open with God knows who flowing through. Its stupid to think that we're not just as vulnerable as any other country. Thousands of unvetted migrants were let loose into the country by DHS just last month alone.

Sri Lanka might actually be a lower risk place than the USA right now.

1ce805 () No. 6269002


These 2bit street whore politicians and columnists are trying to out-Donald Donald Trump

and end up with no humor

no class

no underlying truths


can't out-troll the Master

I tell people

If Trump says something

he's got a good reason

Millionaires learn this skill or learn the hard way – people sue if you don't

Any day of the week

these loud mouth babies in Congress

would get their asses sued

if they weren't protected by their position in Congress

so to exercise my 1st amendment, I say


84b193 () No. 6269003

Anons know that you cannot apply at NSA if you ever served in the Peace Corp? Found that fact on the webpage. Wonder why? Maybe we need to dig on them. We already did red cross, salvation army, etc… did we dig Peace Corps? I don't recall ever seeing it.

cf9c46 () No. 6269004


Saved offline! Thank you, anon!

c3f7d4 () No. 6269005

d57b5e () No. 6269006

baker notable

>>6268956 Mueller Report is a joke: 5 Key Items Missing

Good info.

0501f1 () No. 6269007


Real estate listings say building shows number of 1138 on street but is actually 1136

e77e54 () No. 6269008


The cat was on fire!

be7b67 () No. 6269009

OK, I'm going on record with this, so pay close attention. These Democrats are going to piss off Mueller and when they do, they are not going to like what comes out of their former hero's mouth. This will clench the 2020 election for the biggest Republican landslide in history and nothing can stop what's coming. WWG1WGA!!!

b7d599 () No. 6269010


Just some homeless cooking meth. Nothing to see here.

cf9c46 () No. 6269011




maybe I just missed this all along, but wow…

7d5e6c () No. 6269012


you are an old anon, fren. level up. no gender here. unless you really really wanna post your bewbs.

3dd532 () No. 6269013



Both of you should just 69 each other.

Fucking pathetic.

bf5f17 () No. 6269014


I am saddened that boatfags don't have there own Kekistani Navy logo.

b7d599 () No. 6269015


I don't think he'll ever speak publicly about the report.

c749af () No. 6269016


Posting scr cap search to it. Long song - All drums.

I would think a must if you are a drummer. Would like to see somebody perform it again.

c3f7d4 () No. 6269017

Q still believes in You

eac12b () No. 6269018


it will be the present by then :)

f7335b () No. 6269019


He cant talk about clas material and ongoing investigations


f643c1 () No. 6269020


adcc2c () No. 6269021

New US History Textbook Raises Anti-Trump Red Flags About 'Not-Very-Hidden Racism' of His Voters

The Left doubling down on that next generation of washed brains….

Tx, CA and NY are the largest book market, and we know that Austin, Sacramento and Albany approve


7188c6 () No. 6269022

5d932e () No. 6269023


>has already happened in 70AD. {some habbened.} continues …

Todays Israel is a farce pulled on the world by {DS and EVILs}

Receiving the Revelation and the Renewed Covenant

(The Chronological Gospels - Season 2, Ep.1 - 13):

back 1900 years to the Isle of Patmos, where he explores the 5th Gospel,

the Book of Revelation.

Revelation is the only book that was personally written by Jesus (Yeshua),

with the apostle John (Yochanan) being His penman and messenger.



15942e () No. 6269024



>…was there a seismic 5.2 - 5.7 around that date?

I seem to recall something like that, but there was also this case of human smuggling

0b45f2 () No. 6269025

edb27b () No. 6269026


I'm aware of what's gong on with/in Israel! Never influenced by televangelists! God's Word is perfect! Not suggesting translations et al! You need to calm down and start listening to God!

f643c1 () No. 6269027

"Yeah Moe that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!"

Homer Simpson talking about (((Q))) team…

15942e () No. 6269028


>I think they use the tickets to estimate crowd size.


3e02e6 () No. 6269029


best song he ever wrote dude


fleetwood mac snorted more coke than any band that has ever existed… morons with good tone and a few really good tracks. Gonna dig this peter green guy soon that is interdasting


it's fucking boat week around here. Titantic, RMS lustitania, we got Wizard42 flyin over bermuda, Q dropping pictures of LBP. Shieeeeeeeeeet

lot of mysteries in the ocean methinks

be7b67 () No. 6269030


Just remember, I told you so. Mueller Walk-Away letter is coming!

d50bac () No. 6269031


If you’re going to debate, come with facts and not some cheap shot about denomination. It shows your ignorance. Would you care to debate Islam?

0ae8c3 () No. 6269032

Who takes over the UK when Queen Elizabeth dies?

13c1a2 () No. 6269033


Another hit. Good aim.

2f217b () No. 6269034


Uh no. The songs title is Rhiannon."

1b05aa () No. 6269035


>You might want to re-think that. We've had many, many, many terror attacks in the USA. Many!

I know. Just not lately.

857611 () No. 6269036

5d932e () No. 6269037


best sauce, as embedded:


6cd75c () No. 6269038


I was really enjoying triggering Q lemming but its not even fun anymore

Just sad

Im going back to reddit

When i come,back ill bring daniel

c3f7d4 () No. 6269039


oh boy, the lies on this chan when it comes to God's word. Only jew Pharisees post this kind of shit.

be2642 () No. 6269040


Anons cant even use the three letter word to describe a human embrace anymore for what we learned here… think about those Apples. Aint cool.

4c214f () No. 6269041


846fd0 () No. 6269042

b490e4 () No. 6269044


Smells like a major class-action lawsuit against the publishers and any school district that buys the book.

a35cd4 () No. 6269045


This is one argument for population control… thank goodness I don't have school age kids.

6cd75c () No. 6269046


Luckily for me i dont even believe in me

0501f1 () No. 6269047


Got one name here

ae5cb1 () No. 6269048


Dude, if you digged Led Zepplin listen to Greta Van Fleet, bunch of youngens picked up the baton where Led left it on the ground.

Fkn awesome

Two songs to listen to

Highway tune

When the curtain falls

e73a6f () No. 6269049


that "low level" theft is $750

there will not be any stores that can take that

then they will scream racism when there are no stores left open in the black or mexican areas

22ffb0 () No. 6269050

The world has been through a lot the past few weeks. I might be premature, but I think we may have turned a corner.

I think another Anon has correctly interpreted the 1st and 10 on the 40 comment by Q. We now have the 40% we need to move the ball ourselves and, with it being 1st down, we are finally in possession of the ball. Can we move it? How far?

cb9d4c () No. 6269051




9e1c47 () No. 6269052

First attempt at embedded file

Solomon Burke - None of us are free

If it works!

68021c () No. 6269053

0edb28 () No. 6269054





>>6268622 Ratcliffe, R-Texas, 'Obama DOJ has to fess up on FISA 'spying'

>>6268612 Bomb squad investigating suspicious box outside SW Atlanta church

>>6268695 San Diego woman armed with gun threatens to blow up church

>>6268603 today 4/21,which is on the 4,10,20 line, DJT tweets on the :35, Q35 is 4,10,20

>>6268939, >>6268885, >>6268855, >>6268709 Seal Beach and Guatemala (LA Mil drill) digs

37d8d4 () No. 6269055


POTUS Pre-Rally Songs

WILD HORSES- Rolling Stones

ANGIE- Rolling Stones

HELLO- Lionel Richie


BROWN SUGAR- Rolling Stones

BILLY JEAN- Michael Jackson

MACHO MAN- Village People


YMCA- Village People

BEAT IT- Michael Jackson

SAY YOU, SAY ME- Lionel Richie


CHILD OF MINE- Guns & Roses



2f217b () No. 6269056


Fuck Islam. And you haven't offered up a single "fact" yet, rube. Go back to watching the 700 Club.

0ae8c3 () No. 6269057

5039cd () No. 6269058

Sri Lanka intel warned of Muslim attack on churches

Officials warned previously that terror elements, including radical Islamic group NTJ, would carry out suicide attacks at certain churches.

Intelligence officials in Sri Lanka warned that terrorist elements, including the radical Islamic organization NTJ, would carry out a suicide attack in certain churches during Easter.

Sri Lanka’s prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, said on Sunday night security services had been “aware of information” of a possible attack. Local intelligence had received warnings 10 days ago that “prominent churches” could be the target of suicide bombers.

The culprits had been identified and were religious extremists. He said suicide bombers were responsible for the majority of the morning’s bombings and that the wave of attacks was the work of a single group.

Eight people have been reported to have been arrested so far.

Sri Lanka bombings: officials had 'information' about possible terror attack on churches –

At least 207 people have been killed and 450 more injured in a series of explosions targeting churches holding Easter services and hotels in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, said on Sunday night security services had been “aware of information” of a possible attack. Local intelligence had received warnings 10 days ago that “prominent churches” could be the target of suicide bombers.

The culprits had been identified and were religious extremists. He said suicide bombers were responsible for the majority of the morning’s bombings and that the wave of attacks was the work of a single group.

Eight people have been reported to have been arrested so far.

Sri Lanka bombings: officials had 'information' about possible terror attack on churches.



Multiple churches targeted by moslems on Easter & prior to Easter Sunday. No surprise.

7b9152 () No. 6269059


slow bread.. relax bread nazi.. BOTH of you.

e9058d () No. 6269060


The camera for the Long Beach LBP.png pic is aimed right at both

Standard Hotels

6cd75c () No. 6269061


Why does satan have to be such a little faggot

We could all be happy but noooo

Satan wants to be better than god

Fucking lucifer

f2fddc () No. 6269062



Preterism is dead.

c807e6 () No. 6269063


In the Garden of Eden, baybuh

f5523e () No. 6269064




cb9d4c () No. 6269065



worth a look at

1ce805 () No. 6269066


All this time Admiral Mike Rogers has been sitting quietly

waiting to be a witness in a grand jury

whether that court was called by Mueller

or by Inspector Genera Horowitz


I heard someone claim that Horowitz is not IG over the CIA etc, only the DOJ


I believe he is actually the Chief IG for the entire group of IGs

They all get together as a panel.

don't have the sauce at the moment

adcc2c () No. 6269067

Muller siting

And the Left is enraged that Muller was 'Accosted' (not sure if that is a play on words/names there)


3dd532 () No. 6269068

79e90f () No. 6269069


>I am an old gal

You know the rules, anon ….

83b12e () No. 6269070


U did it :)

c3f7d4 () No. 6269071


The only holding things back is brain power, you can say a three letter anything you want just leave out the middle

bf5f17 () No. 6269072



Yep, Tom Giradi.


d2d5ae () No. 6269073

Behold a Pale Horse’s Ass


Trump has a growing army of assets. Some are wrestlers who still wear black capes. We are programmed to hate them which helps Trump’s energy grow stronger. Trump is Hulk-a-mania and we want him to win the game. We cheer for Trump as a byproduct of our hatred for Jim Acosta. He too is an acquired asset. People forget politics is professional wrestling. It has to work this way. Archetypes are only effective when they have control over a nation’s prana. Politicians are alchemists here to entrain our passion. That’s why we only have two parties. That’s why every world war only has two sides. It’s not a metaphor to call it a wrestling match. Both of these arenas are transmuting our energy through a pinch in the garden hose.

Trump needs Greater Israel. His entire bloodline depends on it. If Trump can’t stop a false flag in Parkland or Vegas, he’s not going to be able to stop one on the Temple Mount. Once that happens, they won’t need to disarm gun owners in America. The voter is the power behind Trump and right now that power is in the hands of dual-citizens. Trump has zero choices in that regard. He’d kick more ass if we would. No one remembers the USS Liberty. We still can’t accept 9/11 was an inside job. Alex Jones claimed he coined that phrase. In March, he told Joe Rogan truthers are paranoid schizophrenics. As I said, assets are controllable and selected. Jones is being squeezed by lawyers now over his claims at Sandy Hook. He is their garden hose now. He was always easy to squeeze.

“Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.” – Bill Cooper

Trump’s goals are the same as Q’s. Trump will manipulate the American mind so he can win. This is what makes him an effective leader. Saudi Arabi will probably be blamed for 9/11. Iran will be liberated as we claimed to do in Lybia. This will lead to Greater Israel and peace in the middle east. This will Make America Great Again. I am not telling you Mossad works against the US government. I am telling you Mossad is the US government. They will bring peace to the Middle East like the mafia brought peace to shop owners who pay for protection. Peace is the commodity of bullies.

I can’t help but see this is an emotional litmus test for all truthers. I can’t help but think Mossad planned it this way. Mind control is emotional control. There is no joy in swallowing this truth. It only answers everything. Trump will better his Country which will better Israel. Trump works for and with people who work for Israel. There can be no exceptions. The people support Israel and they want peace. This is how political mind control works. This is what the Balfour Declaration was about. Mossad has embedded itself in the minds of America. It’s why they invented Hollywood.

If you feel a strong reaction to a political celebrity in the truth movement they are probably doing their job well. Trump needs an anti-Q task force like Scott Adams, Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Jack Posobiec to play the bad wrestlers. An effective psyop controls a predictable reaction. A psyop injects a synthesis to create anti-synthesis. This is the same mechanism of Hollywood. They tell you what to not like as often as they tell you what to like. We are just as moved by the act of repulsion. Jack’s smirky face is here to move you. Strong emotions are the fuel of every psyop and like Bannon, Jack works for Naval Warfare Intelligence. Researchers too afraid to consider Jack working for Q are invested in the wrestling drama. They are lost in the soap opera and don’t want to face any hints of an intermission.

Q is saving Israel for last, it’s the one part of the deal an American Patriot would have the most trouble accepting. Gnosis comes when you turn an infatuation with Q back into a real relationship with the purpose of government. Controlling an illusion of total dominance. Q is tied to Israel because America is her provider. Can you smell what the Temple Rock is cooking?

Behold the Pale Horse of truth. The media not asking about Q tells you more than you may find comfortable to digest.

16ac01 () No. 6269074


Look Familiar Anons?

Mad Maxine has a twin….along with Obama.

3e02e6 () No. 6269075



This place is a trip isn't it?

Hard to imagine life without it at this point. Thank God lol

d32e03 () No. 6269076


Not very impactful, and possibly not even related. Could be just part of the dems rape hysteria. Training men to be scared of women. Saying "It can happen to anyone."

c807e6 () No. 6269077


I think Barron.

d50bac () No. 6269078

>>6269056 kek, neither have you. That was my first post, rube. As I said, your ignorance is apparent.

abbe52 () No. 6269079


I hope that's all it is, and that we can get in. My daughter really is looking forward to seeing Trump

4eea95 () No. 6269080


What terror attacks occurred in the USA?

What REAL attacks have really happened?

6cd75c () No. 6269081

The cabal created autism for the lols

The world hates autists who hate it back

Cabal lols at breaking milenials by depriving them of real human connection thru their vaccines

Then they further damage them with 4 chan pol

And this psyop


339486 () No. 6269082

>>6264023 pb

What's new? Where were you when the Presidents committed adultery? Even Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart. So put you picture next to hers for lusting after the 8ch babes.

All have sinned… are you now the accuser? (satan)

7b9152 () No. 6269083


so you can but other anons cannot? later (filtered)

adcc2c () No. 6269084

131ce8 () No. 6269085

That female Q team member? I bet her boyfriend is doing everything he can to avoid saying "I'm fucking Q".

c4ceb3 () No. 6269086


I thought you were going back to Reddit. You sure like to talk.

0b45f2 () No. 6269087

10fee8 () No. 6269088


OIG Chief iirc you’re correct

c807e6 () No. 6269089



5039cd () No. 6269090

Funny how a bunch of libatarded atheists psychos on facebook have the Church of Notre Dame Burning or non burning as a fb cover photo

e73a6f () No. 6269091


remember the dims don't "have to" hang out with the fags–they want to

fecdee () No. 6269092


The problem is the entire book is symbolic. It is to be taken entirely as metaphor, with NO TERM interpreted literally. It is a dream and every dream of scripture was manifest only symbolically.

79e90f () No. 6269093


Outstanding choice in music, anon.

f403d0 () No. 6269094


watch the German muzzie turn out to be Bangladeshi

3e02e6 () No. 6269095


Mans got good taste in music but he also picks these tracks for a reason

Don't forget "Can't always get what you want" by the rolling steins

probably makes (((their))) blood boil every time they hear that at a Don rally

be2642 () No. 6269096


Well… its disturbing to me that bad bad people used that word as a threat to our Heroes. I am just a young moran… it would be cool if we could ask for a '3-letter word' from you… not like its ever going to happen. Is just a nice thought.

621c6d () No. 6269097


Reminds me of a post I saw a couple days ago here or on /pol/ saying that what we call White Nationalists today, back in those days they just called them American.

595a36 () No. 6269098


I thank God for this place as well!

b7d599 () No. 6269099



7bbd06 () No. 6269100


irl traffic anon saw something - noice

worth putting an eye in the sky or two

lots goes down in that area – all old rampart div

7d5e6c () No. 6269101


fireworks. all day. i resisted as long as i could.

you faggots made me do it.

7230ae () No. 6269102


Shit, the real terror attacks happen daily in inner cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

13c1a2 () No. 6269103


good work, nice track

c3f7d4 () No. 6269104

Don't let love start slippin away

f643c1 () No. 6269105

Haven't posted this in a while.

79e90f () No. 6269106


>Who takes over the UK when Queen Elizabeth dies?

Nigel Farage.

9c9993 () No. 6269107

Long Beach dig.

L.B.P. = Left Behind Parent (child abduction), Mil slang?

Army Corps of Engineers term: Local Business Practice (or Process).

6cd75c () No. 6269108


Bill cooper wouldve ripped both trump and Q a new asshole

I can tell you that for sure

I think the best thing is to either ignore all the psyops and news

And not feed the elites masters negative energy

Or try to change thr system

Which will most likely get you killed

Rock and a hard place

0ae8c3 () No. 6269109


Cheers mate

bf5f17 () No. 6269110


Follow the wives.

Young and the Restless = As the world turns?


0edb28 () No. 6269111


subject my notables posts at least since im baking

16ac01 () No. 6269112