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Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

>>6304666 ————————————–——– Stay tuned. (Cap: >>6304703 )

Wednesday 04.24.2019

Compiled here: >>6354269

Friday 04.19.2019

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>>6402146 Pentagon warns on risk of Chinese submarines in Arctic.

>>6402070 Italy and Hungary forge alliance to defend Europe’s borders from migrant invasion.

>>6401996 Marriot CEO diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

>>6401985 DJT Tweet: "JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!…"

>>6401976 Program to train Afghan attack pilots in the US has been disbanded after nearly half of the airmen went AWOL in Texas.

>>6401966 Hershey Trust selling shares in Hershey Co.

>>6401960 Florida bill banning sanctuary cities heads to governor's desk.

>>6401959 Rubin Report interviews James O’Keefe.

>>6401956 Michael Cohen to start prison sentence Monday.

>>6401936 Poynter forced to scrap 'unreliable news' list.

>>6401877 Chalupa connected to Soros' Open Society and represented by Michael Avenatti.

>>6401854 82nd Tweet: The Devil Brigade is proud to have completed Devil Storm II…

>>6401844 End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission.

>>6401777, >>6401794 German authorities shut down two dark web marketplaces.

>>6401723 DIA spy Tweet.

>>6401408, >>6401668, >>6401739, >>6401707, >>6401910, >>6401954 Planefag updates.

>>6401648 Economy adds 263K jobs in April, blowing past expectations.

>>6401629 Marketfag update.

>>6401612 DJT Tweet: "Finally, Mainstream Media is getting involved - too “hot” to avoid…"

>>6401582 POTUS Schedule: “Today we give thanks for this magnificent country, and we proudly come together as one Nation under God.”

>>6401515 May 4th: 1 year anniversary of PF creation.

>>6401525 Forthcoming this weekend?

>>6401513 WH Tweet: "Happy National Space Day!"

>>6401486 US Marines Tweet: "Break it down, Back it Up"

>>6401469 Kimberly Strassel: AG Barr gets attacked because his probe endangers powerful people.

>>6401420 Updated indictment list/map.

>>6401432 White House news.

>>6402161 #8186


>>6401267 Chalupa (DNC) asked Ukrainians for dirt on Trump.

>>6401239 German exports to UK dropped after Brexit vote.

>>6401210 Who speaks Russian?

>>6401187, >>6401237, >>6401244 May warned: "Gavin Williamson knows where the bodies are buried…"

>>6401077 Captcha theory.

baker change

>>6400594 New Based Ben Garrison

>>6400600, >>6401052, >>6401068 Planefag updates

>>6400610 1992 LA riots Marine Commander now serving as AG

>>6400625 Moar on Mueller/Barr and Barr's memo re:Obstruction

>>6400672 Another CA highway shooting - no one injured

>>6401078 Bill Clinton, Golf, Political Plays bun

>>6401281 #8185

#8184 baker change

>>6399893 Mueller disturbed by Pelosi's Statements re Barr

>>6400012, >>6399883 DJT zero second tweet 2 parter has 5 dots and 3 dots - 5,3 May 3rd?

>>6400318, >>6400400 there was a 1 second tweet 2 parter this moning

>>6399999, >>6400000 quints gets checked on the way to beyond 6.4million posts

>>6399923 french anon can help on the karate kid thing

>>6400422, >>6400423, >>6400424, >>6400425 Resignations in the News today

>>6400397, >>6400472 2 E4B Doomsdays up in the skies right now

>>6400503 #8184

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570fe7 () No. 6402181

Wishing all a happy Ramadan. @CENTCOMUrdu @CENTCOMArabic @CENTCOMRussian @CentcomDari @CENTCOMPashtu https://t.co/Qx16WKaKy7

US Southern Command tweeted this FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

a957a8 () No. 6402184

c7ce19 () No. 6402190


Suppose the internet is dominated by AI fakeness.

Q knows this, obviously.

Moreover, the overall AI internet monster is, in essence, "home base" FOR THE ENEMY.

The enemy is literally manifesting in the AI.

Suppose that.

Now, the AI needs our FREELY WILLED CONSENT.

That is essential to it, due to laws it must follow.

Now, if Q says "the internet is controlled by ai fakeness”, then the people WILL JUST ACCEPT IT. They will have exchanged one form of sheep-hood for another. Normally, that wouldn't be such a big problem, but apparently our enemy has us under the gun in some sense.

Presumably, if Q forces the truth OVER our free will, then the enemy has a free hand to retaliate.

The people must CHOOSE to reject the evil, obvious LIE of the fake ai internet. It can't be INFLUENCED BY Q, because that has a tendency to override free will.

So please, please, wake up HUMANS.

Please wake up.

I'm begging.

Just try.

Speak out.

Voice your NON-CONSENT to ai, if you don't want to be ruled by pure evil.

Because that is what the fight is.

1013b5 () No. 6402194

comment /Hillary/ X

comment /Trump/ X

comment /POTUS/ X

comment /Democrat/ X

comment /DNC/ X

comment /Pelosi/ X

comment /JIDF/ X

comment /Abraham/ X

comment /Zion/ X

comment /Barr/ X

comment /Jews/ X

comment / finkel/ X

comment /hillary/ X

comment /twitter/ X

comment /Russia/ X

comment /Payseur/ X

comment /RBG/ X

comment /Israel/ X

comment /Jesus/ X

comment /FISA/ X

comment /Nadler/ X

comment /Cohen/ X

comment /patriots/ X

comment /Nicea/ X

comment /Maddow/ X

comment /WWG1WGA/ X

comment /Biden/ X

comment /DJT/ X

comment /RR/ X

comment /Mueller/ X

comment /Adam/ X

comment /hildawg/ X

comment /Khazars/ X

comment /BIDEN/ X

comment /Hannity/ X

comment /OIG/ X

comment /CIA/ X

comment /Comey/ X

comment /Kryst/ X

comment /Assange/ X

comment / Khazar/ X

comment /Mason/ X

comment /Rabbi/ X

comment /biden/ X

comment /Pompeo/ X

comment /Huber/ X

e92a88 () No. 6402196

Some fantastic, creative, different memes available in Memes46 >>6192694

Messaging is good and on-target.

Graphics are eye-catching and unique.

Some memefag has been real busy and created a comprehensive suite of these!


c7ce19 () No. 6402199

1013b5 () No. 6402200

e92a88 () No. 6402205

1013b5 () No. 6402206

c7ce19 () No. 6402208

1013b5 () No. 6402210

1013b5 () No. 6402215

53cb06 () No. 6402216


This is bullshit why?

If they don't mind wishing people merry christmas, then I don't see why they don't wish them happy ramadan.

Our enemies are the extremists, anon.

a62501 () No. 6402218

Is it me or does Pence starting to look a bit older more aged

c7ce19 () No. 6402220


Are the memes made by humans?

Yes or no.

Answer please.

Are the memes made by humans.

Is the image pushed to the public that "anons" are SCARY SCARY HUMANS?

Yes, it is.

So I am asking you to disclose.

Are the memes made by humans.

Answer the question.

If you are a patriot, I shouldn't have to ask twice.

patriots know this isn't a game.

Patriots know that AI is a WEAPON and a method of evil.

So tell us– are the memes made by humans?

Answer and answer honestly.

Do it now.

b43de6 () No. 6402224

Flood coming?

White House attorney Emmet Flood wrote to Attorney General Bill Barr in mid-April regarding special counsel Robert Mueller's report into meddling in the 2016 election saying the findings “suffers from an extraordinary legal defect: it quite deliberately fails to comply with the requirements of governing law.”


e92a88 () No. 6402226

A few more samples from a very large meme collection. Thank you memefag!



a62501 () No. 6402228


Patriots aren't divided by Race, Religion, Gender

We are all WW Patriots

570fe7 () No. 6402229

1013b5 () No. 6402232

c3830f () No. 6402235

Rod Rosenstein: Hero


53cb06 () No. 6402237


How do you think your big macs make it to your table, anon?

1013b5 () No. 6402238

d89e06 () No. 6402241

>>6399923 (pb)

Karate Kid: Moment of Truth

fr Qpost 3331

18 USC 3331 = Special Grand Jury - summoning and term

(K)ick-off - (S)tart - (O)ffense

(1+1)=2 (1+9)=1 (1+5)=6

Chapter 216 = SPECIAL GRAND JURY (Title 18)

“Mercy is For The Weak”

May 2019 - summoning Grand Jury?!?

1013b5 () No. 6402247

d1a412 () No. 6402248

you guys wanna see something cool?

baker chatter between me and RGB

starts out with Pic 1 - RGB cracks me up and coins SHILL JITSU

pic2 - is a convo we had ther other day

pic 3 - is RGB chiming in this morning to bake

pic 4 - is the bread Q posted. its our handoff convo.

e92a88 () No. 6402249


The jury is still out on RR's status as white, gray or black hat, and actual details of what has occurred. Breathlessly awaiting real disclosure of facts.

1013b5 () No. 6402250

e9eaa0 () No. 6402251

Amy Klobuchar releases $100B substance abuse, mental health plan


40be09 () No. 6402252


Are they giving him a measured amount of Adrenochrome to keep him healthy looking?

274b14 () No. 6402253


I'm sure they think it is magic.

779233 () No. 6402254


As Unitarian Universalists we believe every person is born with dignity and humanity, and that includes their gender expression. We practice that belief by creating welcoming and inclusive spaces. This page supports bathroom facilities that are physically accessible (ADA compliant) and open to people of any gender, or “gender neutral,” as an important way to show full welcome and inclusion. UU congregations and all groups who support gender equity are urged to offer gender neutral bathrooms.

(((Who Benefits from Gender Neutral Bathrooms?)))

- People who are uncomfortable in men’s or women’s rooms for many reasons; for example, people who are not women or men and/or people who are gender nonconforming

- Parents/caregivers whose children are a different gender from them

- People with caregivers or personal attendants who are a different gender from them (ANONS)

(((Thinking of Creating a Gender Neutral Bathroom?)))

Thinking of turning one or more bathrooms gender neutral? Be sure to create well-facilitated opportunities for staff, members, friends, and children to learn about why gender neutral bathrooms are important to your congregation and dialogue about any concerns they may have.

Make use of our Transgender Identity, Welcome, and Resources page and the resources listed above. Consider a screening of the video Toilet Training. If there are openly transgender members in your congregation, be sure to privately consult with them and/or invite them into the process of creating gender neutral bathrooms if they are interested.

(((Easy Options for Gender Neutral Bathrooms)))

- Have one or more single-occupancy or family bathrooms? Designate and label them “gender neutral” or “all gender.”

- Have three or four multi-stall bathrooms? Turn one or two of them into gender neutral bathrooms. You can either keep them multi-stall or convert them to single-occupancy bathrooms by installing an “occupied/unoccupied” lock on the external door.

- Only have two bathrooms and not in a position to build a third? Consider steps you can take to make your existing bathrooms more inclusive. Can you label them so that people feel empowered to use the bathroom that is most comfortable for them and can trust they won’t be harassed inside?

- Rent or share building space and don’t have control over your bathroom facilities? Consider (a) discussing your desire for gender neutral bathrooms with your landlord or fellow tenants and/or (b) making it a role for the greeters/ushers to create gender neutral bathrooms each week by posting and then removing paper signs.

- Be sure to have signs by your bathrooms and elsewhere that direct people to both your gender neutral bathroom(s) and your gender-specific bathrooms.

- Make it clear that all people may use the bathroom that is right for them. Some transgender people desire gender neutral bathroom space; some identify as women and men and should not be pressured or forced out of women’s or men’s rooms.

- Add your congregation to safe2pee, a directory of gender neutral bathrooms

(((Examples of Bathroom Signs that Affirm Gender Diversity)))

- “Our restrooms are for all genders”

- “Gender diversity is welcomed here”

- Gender neutral bathroom sign

- “All gender”

570fe7 () No. 6402255


STFU. People like you got us kids being thrown off 3 story mall platforms, illegal alien pedophiles and murderers, women being treated worse than animals. Fuck off

fe400d () No. 6402257

Love Garrison

1013b5 () No. 6402256

68f987 () No. 6402258

fb9ce1 () No. 6402259

Guys, I found this clip of POTUS in a movie called "Ghost's can't do it". It was filmed in 1989.


532aec () No. 6402261

18cffd () No. 6402263


we all know Islam is not a religion.

Who did the Marines first fight and protect us against in ship to ship combat in 1775?

40d40c () No. 6402264


he is a bit older fren

so are we all

ac6586 () No. 6402265

For muh weak-at-heart AnonFrens.

Take a few seconds to read. It will refresh.

The battle is raging, but the krane kick is about to happen!

c7ce19 () No. 6402266


The internet is controlled



Humans must stop being passive.

Stop letting "anons" lead– "ANONS" ARE 99% FAKE.

The old "chans" are gone.

Is this surprising?

Did "anonymous" disappear as an organic thing?

And then "neo nazi anons" suddenly took over?


That is all fake.


Please wake up HUMANS. It is up to us in the end. Q can't tell us what do do. WE MUST CHOOSE ON OUR OWN.

1013b5 () No. 6402267

a957a8 () No. 6402268

942244 () No. 6402269

2a2a90 () No. 6402270

Dem Lawmaker Calls Don Jr. ‘Retarded,’ Says His ‘Mother Should Have Aborted Him’

Alabama Democratic State Rep. John Rogers said on Thursday Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, is “proof that mothers ought to have the right to have an abortion” and claimed, “He is evidently retarded or crazy.”

During an interview with WVTM 13, Rogers responded to Trump Jr. criticizing him for making highly egregious abortion comments earlier in the week.

“That’s an honor that Donald Trump Jr. did that,” Rogers said in response to Jr.’s criticism. “Thank God, right on. That lets me know I’m right, ’cause I don’t know nothing he’s been right on since he been here.”

Rogers added, “That proves I’m right to make a scene about abortion, him being born — that’s proof right there. That’s a very, very good defense I have for abortion right there… him. Look at him. His mother should have aborted him [before] he was born. He wouldn’t have made that stupid statement, right?”


9878ce () No. 6402271


Those who are willing to respect what is good may also have the moral bearings to reject what is evil.

7cca67 () No. 6402272


The soldiers last name is intersting.

1013b5 () No. 6402273



40d40c () No. 6402274


they really are stupid

40be09 () No. 6402275


Doesn't she have a problem herself?

96270f () No. 6402276

dbf5cb () No. 6402277


-if by regular "secular" killing, it's an air-blow DESIGNED TO LIMIT SUFFERING as much as possible, ie animal doesn't have time to realize/feel any pain.

-if KOSHER or HALAL, the animal is made to bleed out and die slowly, ensuring BY DESIGN that it suffers for hours.

you tell me which is more moral, anon

78d767 () No. 6402278

We are gods chosen people because that flaming pile of dogshit "passed us over."

How hard is it to get passed over when your already living in the gutter?

160a0a () No. 6402279

While nowhere near as good as the old days,

The ZH comment section still produces some good keks.

9c595d () No. 6402280


TY Baker!!!


>Breathlessly awaiting real disclosure of facts.

Isn't that the truth!

Bill doesn't source the poll, but he just made this tweet (trying to source it):


Bill Mitchell

‏Verified account @mitchellvii

In a CNN poll that oversampled Democrats, the Pelosi House gets a 30% approval rating, 13 points lower than Trump.

Trump's approval on the economy THE HIGHEST NUMBER CNN HAS EVER RECORDED.

I guess there is no other choice but to impeach him.

570fe7 () No. 6402281

White hats using the word



We've hijacked the evil scums games!

Learn to play the game. Q


22b19a () No. 6402282


didn't realize we'd have to go so early, but…




WE could a been anything that we wanted to be

And its not too late to change

I'd be delighted to give it some thought

Maybe you'll agree we really ought 2-3-4

We could have been anything that we wanted to be

Yes, that decision was ours

It's been decided

We're weaker divided

Let friendship double up our powers

We could of been anything that we wanted to be,

And I'm not saying we should,

But if we try it we'd learn to abide it

We could be the best at being good guys

Flowers on the earth

Who can even guess how much

A real friend is worth?

Good guys shake an open hand

Maybe we'll be trusting

If we try to understand

No doubt about it

It must be worth while

Good friends to tend to make you smile

We could of been anything that we wanted to be

Yes, that decision was ours

It's been decided

We're weaker divided

Let friendship double up our powers

You give a little love and it all comes back to you

La la la la la la la

You know your gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do

La la la la la la la

a957a8 () No. 6402283


Can you imagine what would happen if, say, a republican politician said, idk, Madonna needs to be burned at the stake for witchcraft?

We are truly watching the end of the Democrat party.


19c39f () No. 6402284

1013b5 () No. 6402285

a4f6f5 () No. 6402286

WWG1WGA we all have to take a stand against the censorship that has run rampant through this community by outside influences.

Just think back to when the great awakening was on reddit and 4chan, things have changed and dude with bold red is right in the sense that we need to stand up and fight the censorship

does everyone forget #internetbillofrights ??

78d767 () No. 6402287

e92a88 () No. 6402288

7cca67 () No. 6402289


What is this Hootsuite company at the bottom of the screen shot? Seems spoopy.

1013b5 () No. 6402290

1013b5 () No. 6402291


532aec () No. 6402292


desperation anyone?

>>6402239 lb

alot of the disconnect is in the way that the number's are calculated. The Bushies, Clinton's and Hussein administration(s) had much to do with the methodology changes in how all these number's are calculated-this is why you see what you are seeing. They are designed to tell a story rather than reflect actual reality. Look up how the job's number's are produced, specifically how the they are tabulated. That might help.

9b9c65 () No. 6402293

9878ce () No. 6402294



It's a word that diplomats like to use. Taking note of this is a bit like getting excited when military people use acronyms.

01a21a () No. 6402295

Make Israel Respect Christ Again

Boycott Israel for Christ (BIFC), until Israel respects Christ and apologizes publicly for its anti-Christian behavior.

Boycott Israel and tell everyone about their despicable behavior towards Christ and Christians.

f1d0b5 () No. 6402296


What’s the issue here? I don’t give a fuck about Easter, Passover or Ramadan. But I respect their holidays

1013b5 () No. 6402298

cafcd2 () No. 6402300

primer from anon on pb for newfags on 'based'

22b19a () No. 6402301


more sentencing precedent being set: murder

"But what Coloradans should know, Brauchler said, is that the state’s “convoluted, mysterious sentencing system will likely result in this 35-year-old murderer serving only about half of her well-earned prison sentence before becoming eligible to be paroled back into our community. We deserve better.”


rape/child endangerment:

"Shane Piche admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl who rode the school bus he drove. Michael Wysolovski admitted to keeping a teenage girl in sexual captivity for more than a year. Last Thursday, two separate judges in two separate states ruled neither would be going to prison. "


bf57ca () No. 6402302

>>6402158 (lb)

>problem is most of wyoming's radioactive

Yes and unfortunately it doesn't give mutations like in Gamma World

c7ce19 () No. 6402303

1013b5 () No. 6402304


f0ee52 () No. 6402305




In any case, this post will trigger faggots from all sorts of backgrounds.

c7ce19 () No. 6402306

1aa1b4 () No. 6402307

>>6402121 (pb)


BAKER? What thinkest thou? Thank you! Grateful as always!

9232f0 () No. 6402308

Those you trust the most… doing unnecessary heart procedures. Putting YOUR life at risk.

Paulus gets five years for healthcare fraud


9b9c65 () No. 6402309


i go by feel. the economy always manifests itself on main street.

it good, no question. but I haven't heard from a recruiter for weeks. white collar people are getting whacked left and right.

c7ce19 () No. 6402310

a4f6f5 () No. 6402311

1013b5 () No. 6402312


014602 () No. 6402313


This man was brainwashed years ago by the Dem party & is still on the Sanger/Byrd/Hilldawg plantation. Dear God, we're not all this dim in the great state of AL

c7ce19 () No. 6402314

78d767 () No. 6402315

83858e () No. 6402316

Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'


Puts the blame on Islam

but I don't buy this narrative

I see it as manufactured islam vs christian who benefits from this?

a0273d () No. 6402317

dbf5cb () No. 6402318


>That lets me know I’m right, ’cause I don’t know nothing he’s been right on since he been here.

soooo many ways this logic can be turned against him, egad.

c7ce19 () No. 6402319

52a14a () No. 6402320


THANK YOU!!! Quick clean kill IS humane. Halal and Kosher is sick!

1013b5 () No. 6402321



735146 () No. 6402322


That fugly skanks schnoz is drinking beer. Gross.

c7ce19 () No. 6402323

01a21a () No. 6402324


Some graphs that will help redpill Evangelicals and other Christians on the truth about Israel being anti-Christ. Enjoy:

http://archive.is/UF27x - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 1"

http://archive.is/8xnkU - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 2"


The True Eternal Israel exists in the hearts of those who have faith in Jesus Christ, not in the earthly country we call Israel today.

cfa186 () No. 6402325




Kokaine Amy.


MINNESOTA: Guess who was Hennepin County Attorney when Cesar Sayoc's drug and felony theft case was bungled and thrown out in Minnesota in 2005? Amy Klobuchar. Minnesota, providing sanctuary for criminals and illegals for over 20 years.

Cesar A. Sayoc, 56, was arrested in Bloomington, Minnesota in 1995 and was charged with crack cocaine possession and felony theft by swindle, court records state.

However, he was released for some unknown reason. 10 years later, in 2005, charges against him were dropped when the suspected drugs were destroyed without being tested. Huh? Who was Hennepin County Attorney back then? Amy Klobuchar.

In 1995, Sayoc was arrested by Bloomington police. When he was taken to the station, he “continuously thrashed around in the back seat” and “was kicking the passenger seat." He was out of control. According to court records, Sayoc was released at some point, for reasons unknown, and arrested again in late 2005 at a Plymouth gas station on a warrant. He made his initial court appearance and was later released from the Hennepin County jail after posting $5,000 bail.

The case was thrown out a week later, because “the drugs were destroyed in 1997 and never brought to the city chemist,” according to a dismissal order by then-county attorney Amy Klobuchar, who now represents Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. This contradicted the original criminal complaint, in which the investigating officer claimed “that the suspected drugs were delivered to Minneapolis City Chemist Bruce Person whose testing proved positive for 0.5 grams cocaine base.”

The court records do not explain the 10-year gap between the initial charges and second 2005 arrest.

c7ce19 () No. 6402328

9b9c65 () No. 6402326


actually had a "vision" of one of these things sitting atop DC back in the days of Clinton.

474bc9 () No. 6402327

Can any one please put all the abreviations for the tpwns of america states

on for the non americans. Difficult to follow if they are abreviated

8e54c8 () No. 6402329

Trolling is fun. Scavino is savage!

9878ce () No. 6402330


Yeah, when companies are pulling warm bodies off the street and are actually willing to train them up in order to meet their HR needs, then I'll agree we're at "full employment."

c7ce19 () No. 6402331

79bd58 () No. 6402333


Affirmative, American Fabius.

Just trying to make you proud. Also, nice chompers!

98cd1c () No. 6402334

Juan Williams is a giant motherfucking cocksucker who is a traitor to his family, his nation, his race, and humanity in general. He has no soul, is on the take from his deep state benefactors, is absolutely impervious to the truth and cannot make an honest statement to save the person most dear to him, which is himself. He has no scruples or morals, a house nigger through and through. Cannot think for himself, cannot analyze or respond to a coherent line of reasoning, and is an orc in the service of the dark lord.

Other than that he's a great guy.

45ef89 () No. 6402335


The jews rejected Christ and have by default, subvonsciously played the role of the antichrists every since. They’re stumbling around in the dark, attempting to subvert everyone else’s cultures and utilize their usury money faggotry to enslave the earth.

It’s annoying and retarded. Free will is a bitch because many jews will be called on to answer eternally for their trespasses against God.

c7ce19 () No. 6402336

1013b5 () No. 6402337



c7ce19 () No. 6402338

c7ce19 () No. 6402339

883281 () No. 6402340

>>6392995 pb

Hey BOSS, following "game" closely from the start, this one has me scratching my head??

'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' ???? What happened to 1st & 10 on the 40 yd. line?

Legitimate question, can you explain?


e92a88 () No. 6402341


No we didn't forget

Do you have a specific issue?

160a0a () No. 6402342


Shadow Stats made its name on demystifying the Fake-n-Gay guvvie #'s.

There are tons of help wanted signs out and about as summer approaches - moreso than normal just about everywhere from what I see myself and read from others.

But, plentiful high paying career jobs, eh not so much yet.

9b9c65 () No. 6402343


whatever happened to the these two guys? I hope they didn't get whacked.

d2ef36 () No. 6402344

>>6400502 (prev)

Gonad the Librarian

4adb03 () No. 6402345

>>6402339 Wonder how their case is going?

40be09 () No. 6402346


Just once…

A parent tells Creepy ole' joe to leave their kid alone, or

a kid pushes him and says "get away!"

1013b5 () No. 6402347

e79d62 () No. 6402348

2c0a17 () No. 6402349

a957a8 () No. 6402350

532aec () No. 6402351


feel you anon, have seen that in the drill down of the real number's. Some, not all, of those white collars are responsible for doing this as they get performance bonus' for keeping costs down. Healthcare a perfect example. As long as they can get a body to occupy a chair getting the bonus is all they seem to care about.

22b19a () No. 6402352


hatred based on religion is the 'whiteman' of bigotry: it's boring and it adds nothing

21dd9e () No. 6402353

Daniel son

6473e5 () No. 6402354

I ran into this documentary a few days ago and have since watched it a few times.

Unacknowledged (2017)


This was made after Trump was president and touches upon many many topics, ufo's, false flag events, deep state, tesla inventions, global conspiracies etc.

This is a quote from early in the film -

"One of my biggest disappointments over the last 25 years is those who lacked the courage of their convictions. If 1% of the people I've talked with, met with, or briefed had that courage this would have been fixed long ago."

Talks about Project Starlight (reference to Q's "undiscovered stars learned"?)

Project Starlight documents are available of all places in the Clinton Library - https://www.disclosureproject.org/ProjectStarlightClinton.shtml

The thing that stuck out to me the most is at some point they begin to talk about a plan that was formed to DECLASS everything through executive order to stop the madness and how several presidents were afraid to try it due to the danger involved.

When Trump was asked about declass the other day he said something to the effect of FISA "and much more" could this plan be what he and Q have been talking about this whole time??

I personally had never heard of project Starlight before and found this fascinating.

Many, many interesting things in here I thought so passing it along to see what others may think.

Carry On,

love you all (no homo)

2c0a17 () No. 6402355

2ff35b () No. 6402356

f1d0b5 () No. 6402357


Brian Cates at it again. He seems really confident that RR is a white hat. Some could call it arrogant. Time will tell if this conehead was right.

1013b5 () No. 6402358


79bd58 () No. 6402359


May I take a msg?

f0ee52 () No. 6402360


The three questions of consequence are:

Should we follow Christ and emulate him?

Should we follow the teachings of the torah?

Should we follow the teachings of the talmud?

Me thinks:

Most certainly.

Beginning to think maybe so.

If we like swimming with millstones.

308bf1 () No. 6402361

9b9c65 () No. 6402362


omgawd that accent.

00add4 () No. 6402363


welcome newfag! be sure to czech the no tables!fhfkaj

a4f6f5 () No. 6402364

>>some reports that FBI investigator was actually CIA

40be09 () No. 6402365

dbf5cb () No. 6402366


>Halal and Kosher is sick!


if only normies knew just about that single detail…

they see every damn meat in the market being kosher/halal : "oh, same difference, why not? we accept and respect every religion, we're nice people."

…so you don't mind millions more animals bleeding to a slow painful death because the Blood God wants Suffering?


5459cf () No. 6402367

b361b9 () No. 6402368

Anons, there are divisions in the Military probably assigned with numbers like 369, 66, 33, or similar, which represent the men in uniform that will fight in the most dangerous environments.

Half a year ago I posted in a bread that in the Cold War and also in WW2, in which the border to the eastern alliances had been CROATIA. Their 369 division, also called Devil's division, was sent to Stalingrad. There was less than 20 men in that division, but they had great success in infiltrating the Russian infrastructure hotspots, thus shutting down communication, electricity, etc.

So, if you hear anything about a devil's division or a number related, be sure that all hell will brake loose on the enemies side of the aisle :)

812ae4 () No. 6402369

532aec () No. 6402370


read him for a long time. Also calculated risk until they went sort of broken clock-ish.

Needs a good flushing

1013b5 () No. 6402371


86325f () No. 6402372

>>6402024 lb

Never again under their control.

b4f8a9 () No. 6402373


I will never learn the "decode" unless I get the translation book. I'm too much a literalist.

I mean, how the fuck do people decode the twats. I would never ever in a million years get that because that's not what it says.

e92a88 () No. 6402374

33e147 () No. 6402375


i guess we will find out when Mueller testifies

1013b5 () No. 6402376



e79d62 () No. 6402377

c05ed0 () No. 6402378


>Time will tell if this conehead was right.

RR was so comped he had no other choice than to do as he was told.

AG Barr is no doubt pissed off and realizes it's do or die against the Deep State.

735146 () No. 6402379


Islam has been an enemy since day 1 when Muhomo was sent by his Jewess tribal leader wife to go murder Christians.

Manufactured then and it is manufactured now. You cannot live freely with muslims since they are involved in jihad. Jihad isnt about just killing kafirs. Harassment, vandalism, theft, rape, etc is jihad to them. Economic, womb warfare is jihad to them. Everything is jihad to them. We know who benefits from this.

9878ce () No. 6402380


I'm not fan of sportsball, but it could be:

Kickoff =

(possession is returned from opposing team) =

Mueller report

Reception =

(white hats receive the play and run the ball back to the 40 yd line) =

Barr sets the stage

Start offense =

Whatever happens now

db742f () No. 6402381


I feel sorry for him when he speaks because I think he doesn't genuinely believe the shit he says. He's gets paid lots of money for 'Muh' fair & balanced.

d18d7b () No. 6402382

>>6402049 (pb)

>Then again, they'll be 'learning' from the morans I refused to 'teach', so…

Get over yourself, anon.

1013b5 () No. 6402383


160a0a () No. 6402384


>when Mueller testifies

That's the last thing that pussy wants to do.

I'll believe it when I see him sitting next to a bucket of KFC.

280d21 () No. 6402385

0d29bd () No. 6402386

Saturday is the 4th; not the 5th.

>>6402007 (lb)

83858e () No. 6402387

01a21a () No. 6402388


Part 2

8657f4 () No. 6402389



Bo Derrick

Thanks for the memories Anons

She was (still is) very beautiful

Weird looking movie though

40be09 () No. 6402390

1b8e5f () No. 6402391



e92a88 () No. 6402392


US Post Office has standard abbreviations for the 50 US states. These have been widely used since the 1970s(?) and are understood by virtually all Americans. You're not going to convince any Americans to stop using these abbreviations.


f8aec8 () No. 6402393

Woman dead in car crash after being loud about wanting to kill Spacey. Article calls her an accuser. Looks like a victim wanting frontier justice got suicided.


22b19a () No. 6402394

an epidemic level problem:

"A judge sent an influential youth basketball coach to prison for the rest of his life on Thursday, saying he secretly collected sexual images of 440 boys and molested more than a dozen over a 20-year period."

at this point it's an entire community of people, like enough to fill a town. between student athletes, boyscouts and altar boys, all boys who grow up to be gov't officials don't ya know, there's an entire generation that's been abused and psychological fucked up.


1013b5 () No. 6402395

8402d8 () No. 6402396

Over a year later and still anybody's talking about him.


532aec () No. 6402397

GM recalls 368,000 larger duty trucks for fire risks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Motors Co said Friday it is recalling 368,000 medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks equipped with engine-block heaters for fire risks after 19 reports of fires.

The recall covers some 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 4500, 5500 and 6500 trucks, 2017-2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 trucks equipped with Duramax 6.6-liter diesel engines and an optional engine-block heater, including 324,000 U.S vehicles. The engine block heater cord or the terminals may short circuit and fail, GM said.

There are no reports of injuries, accidents or fatalities tied to the recall, GM spokesman Dan Flores said.

GM said the remedy for the issue was still under development, and told dealers on April 25 the company was working with the supplier “to obtain the required parts as quickly as possible.”

GM’s internal investigation began after a company engineer submitted a report in December to the company’s “Speak up for Safety” program after inspecting an engine-block heater recovered from a warranty return.

GM stopped building trucks with the optional combination late last month.


(any anons own one of these?)

8402d8 () No. 6402398


>hardly anybody's

735146 () No. 6402399



They are disgusting fugly criminals.

79bd58 () No. 6402400


'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;

Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.

What's Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,

Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part

Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!

What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,

Retain that dear perfection which he owes

Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,

And for that name which is no part of thee

Take all myself.


69c004 () No. 6402401

What Are The Odds?

POTUS tweet includes "1969"

Q drop #1969 includes picture "WWG1WGA"

I reposted the picture from drop #1969 and the post number ends in 1969.

1b8e5f () No. 6402402



db742f () No. 6402403

0472df () No. 6402404


If they kicked out of bounds on the kickoff, we start at the 40 yd line

d1a412 () No. 6402405


good morning real G triple RG triple triple RG

cafcd2 () No. 6402406

474bc9 () No. 6402407


Thanks much appreciated

1013b5 () No. 6402408


9d6f28 () No. 6402409


Maybe you should reread that Bible you think you know..

Romans 11:25

For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

Galatians 3:28

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

9c77d7 () No. 6402410

New Cache Of 339 Emails Shows Fusion GPS Emailing Anti-Trump Intel Directly To Obama’s DOJ Report

It’s no secret that liberals across the country have tried desperately to stop Donald Trump since he became a candidate, but their efforts to undermine him may now be coming back at themselves like a boomerang.

A scandal which began before the 2016 election was even held has just exploded, at least if a bombshell report from the watchdog group Judicial Watch is accurate. The organization has been diligently unraveling the facts around Fusion GPS, and what they recently found is jaw-dropping.

Fusion GPS, of course, is the “opposition research” firm which was contracted by the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump in the run-up to the election. The company is linked to the infamous dossier containing scandalous — and thoroughly debunked — claims about the president, but the controversy is much wider than just those papers.

It now appears that someone working for Fusion GPS was purposely and frequently collaborating with a deputy attorney general within the Obama administration, sending anti-Trump material in a way that was certainly unethical if not completely illegal.

The Obama-era official is Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, and the anti-Trump figure working for Fusion GPS was his wife.

“[A] series of ‘Hi Honey’ emails from Nellie Ohr to her high-ranking federal prosecutor husband and his colleagues raise the prospect that Hillary Clinton-funded opposition research was being funneled into the Justice Department during the 2016 election through a back-door marital channel,” explained veteran investigative journalist John Solomon for The Hill.

“Ohr has admitted to Congress that, during the 2016 presidential election, she worked for Fusion GPS — the firm hired by Democratic nominee Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to perform political opposition research,” the journalist said.

That kind of research is often used by political campaigns against their opponents, and is not by itself off limits. But Judicial Watch uncovered 339 emails which reveal that Nellie Ohr likely crossed the line by using her marriage as a political tool, and sending pages of anti-Trump research directly to official Department of Justice email accounts.

“They clearly show that Ohr sent reams of open-source intelligence to her husband, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, and on some occasions to at least three DOJ prosecutors: Lisa Holtyn, Ivana Nizich and Joseph Wheatley,” Solomon said.

“Such overt political content flowing into the email accounts of a DOJ charged with the nonpartisan mission of prosecuting crimes is jarring enough. It raises additional questions about potential conflicts of interest when it is being injected by a spouse working as a Democratic contractor trying to defeat Trump,” he continued.

But the scandal is deeper than just emails. Nellie and Bruce Ohr apparently had key roles in pushing the debunked Trump dossier and the false narrative that the future president was colluding with Russia.

“For instance, just 24 days after the anti-Trump screed was emailed, both Ohrs met in Washington with British intelligence operative Christopher Steele,” Solomon said. “She said she learned that Steele had concerns that he hoped the DOJ or FBI would investigate, with help from her husband.”

And that appears to be exactly what happened.

“The next day, Bruce Ohr used his official DOJ position to go to then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe with Steele’s allegations (later to become known as the Steele dossier), and the bureau opened its first investigation into Russia collusion,” he said.

There are obvious parallels to Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the two FBI officials who were also having an affair all while texting back and forth about how Trump should be stopped. More and more, it looks like partisan politics and anti-Trump collaboration was widespread within agencies which are supposed to be unbiased.

That is the real scandal here: Not that liberals tried to uncover dirt on a candidate, but that official government personnel within our own government eagerly participated in the partisan witch hunt.

It looks like there was collusion, but not by Trump.

Instead, the real collusion took place between Obama-era government officials and activists who saw nothing as off limits in order to install Hillary Clinton as president — and that should alarm every American, no matter their party.



160a0a () No. 6402412


Muh fellow SportsBallNigga knows the deal

92a606 () No. 6402413


We've had the ball the entire time.

Think offense.

If so, the we scored. Then we have the kick-off (with a placeholder), which is a successful on-side kick, and now we are 1st and 10 on the 40.

6917b9 () No. 6402414

Time is up.

Where you are right now is you.

There is NO DEFENSE.


22b19a () No. 6402415

dead in sports:

Lang started his career in 1991 in the CBS Sports tape vault, eventually becoming a segment producer for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Later that year, he moved from New York to Los Angeles as part of the Fox Sports production team, steadily rising through the ranks there from Broadcast Associate to Vice President of Special Projects. He left the network in 2008.


69c004 () No. 6402416

Now my ID starts with 69.



7cca67 () No. 6402417


735146 () No. 6402418



c543fd () No. 6402419

They will do anything to keep Trump from being re-elected.

If fully passed into law, California Senate Bill 27 would enact the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act, requiring every presidential candidate to file income tax returns for the previous five years with California's secretary of State in order to have their name appear on a primary election ballot. The state's secretary of State would then release a redacted version of the candidate's tax returns to the public within five days of the initial filing date. If passed by the California State Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the bill would take effect immediately, thus impacting the 2020 presidential elections.


160a0a () No. 6402420


>which is a successful on-side kick

No such thing after the latest rule change

b361b9 () No. 6402421


o7 Patriot

1013b5 () No. 6402423


83858e () No. 6402424

1013b5 () No. 6402425

e79d62 () No. 6402426

ade9b0 () No. 6402427





Humane = "having or showing compassion or benevolence."

There is No way to Humanely Kill an innocent sentient being that does not want to die. You can not Humanely murder another person.

Our natural revulsion to the the Torture of Halal and Kosher slaughter should tell us something about our instincts. What is right, what is wrong: Dark to Light.

At what point when a child grows up do they decide to kill and dismember animals? Is that an instinct we all share, or is it a belief system we are taught to accept as necessary, normal, and natural?

We do not need to enslave, rape, and kill animals to survive. I myself ate animals for 29 years, but it's been 2.5 years without eating any animal Flesh or Secretions, and I'm as healthy as I've ever been. The nutritional science is well established, we can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet, so how do you Morally Justify killing animals at all?

cafcd2 () No. 6402428


nfl = wwe by LAW

Wake up "men in tights ga(y)zers"



1013b5 () No. 6402429

1013b5 () No. 6402430

6d6ef0 () No. 6402431


All this time I've hope to encounter Literary Pepe, because memes are not enough.

Thanks. A quote paints a thousand pictures and this is the language of many of us.

40be09 () No. 6402432

044d4e () No. 6402433


When the Dims were telling Barr Orange Man Bad for encouraging wikileaks emails, Barr should have asked them if Fusion GPS and DNC was also bad for doing much worse.

7cca67 () No. 6402434


Not very long ago I would have told you to take your granola kumbaya shit and shove it up your ass. Lately though, been thinking a lot about this.

014602 () No. 6402435


Pedo circle background

0f141e () No. 6402437


22b19a () No. 6402436


that's literally Nixon, Ford, Raygun, Poppy, Clinton, W, Hussein: aka 7 out of 45; a fifth.

fifth column: NOUN: a group within a country at war who are sympathetic to or working for its enemies.

bb8ecd () No. 6402438

excerpts from JFK's SOTU 14 Jan 1963–

"For 17 years this movement has had our consistent support, both political and economic. Far from resenting the new Europe, we regard her as a welcome partner, not a rival. For the road to world peace and freedom is still long, and there are burdens which only full partners can share - in supporting the common defense, in expanding world trade, in aligning our balance of payments, in aiding the emergent nations, in concerting political and economic policies, and in welcoming to our common effort other industrialized nations, notably Japan, whose remarkable economic and political development of the 1950's permits it now to play on the world scene a major constructive role."

"My friends: I close on a note of hope. We are not lulled by the momentary calm of the sea or the somewhat clearer skies above. We know the turbulence that lies below, and the storms that are beyond the horizon this year. But now the winds of change appear to be blowing more strongly than ever, in the world of communism as well as our own. For 175 years we have sailed with those winds at our back, and with the tides of human freedom in our favor. We steer our ship with hope, as Thomas Jefferson said, "leaving Fear astern."

Today we still welcome those winds of change - and we have every reason to believe that our tide is running strong. With thanks to Almighty God for seeing us through a perilous passage, we ask His help anew in guiding the "Good Ship Union."


96ca78 () No. 6402439

Now we have a peanut butter slide? FFS

53cb06 () No. 6402440


take it easy, fam.

Their treatment of animals may bother you or me, but those ain't fightin words or actions.

not sure if this is a Divfag op, but take the crusade to PETA if you feel so strongly.

b4f8a9 () No. 6402441


How soon we forget, and brush aside in the name of appeasement.

Admiral James "Ace" Lyons 'Hillary & Obama abet Muslim Brotherhood' at AFA's "Islam & the West"


1b8e5f () No. 6402442


goodmorning sunshine…

cafcd2 () No. 6402443

160a0a () No. 6402444


It's all about the betting and fantasy leagues.

The largest section of viewers DGAF about it otherwise.

dadb29 () No. 6402445


>Now we have a peanut butter slide? FFS

Don't forget the vegan slide.

01a21a () No. 6402446


Your post does not make it any less factual that Israel is anti-Christian and that Evangelicals were psyoped by the Rothschild via the Scofield Bible into supporting their military invasion of Palestine (which we call Israel).

cafcd2 () No. 6402447









570fe7 () No. 6402448


58743e () No. 6402449


This is


as fuck.

Someone get Baker on this please.

When in the fuck did u dig this Anon? Got more?

Is this in memes?

83858e () No. 6402450

dbf5cb () No. 6402451


those may be valid questions, but the goalpost moved.

considering that there are currently untold numbers of animals killed, and will continue to be so in the future (until/if any those questions are considered/resolved),

how is choosing between a method that limits suffering and a method that ensures it not a serious moral choice?

b0d50d () No. 6402452

9d6f28 () No. 6402453

1013b5 () No. 6402454


aa9810 () No. 6402455


Just ebot eats bread with Peanut butter

Hope he chokes

b9de44 () No. 6402456


Patriots have no skin color…or religion.

73711d () No. 6402457


Ridiculous bullshit!!

Frankly it's hard to pick just a few of the Beto memes. We have so much crap on Beto.

779233 () No. 6402458


Puppet Poroshenko is out,


a957a8 () No. 6402459

1013b5 () No. 6402460

ebc325 () No. 6402461

Would you still go to Disneyland.

a4e1fc () No. 6402462



b4f8a9 () No. 6402463


Khan…Common Indian/Paki muslim surname. The ancestors of ghengis..

every Indian I met with a surname of Khan is muslim. Mayor of London is also a khan.

bf57ca () No. 6402464

d18d7b () No. 6402465




a957a8 () No. 6402467


Fuck no.

7cca67 () No. 6402469



6917b9 () No. 6402470

Hi DS :)

Psalm for you :)


P.S. How's it feel :)

d1a412 () No. 6402471

this is badass

someone reading [RR] speech at Armenian Bar so you can listen and not read. (im auditory, i dont know about you)

remember, EGO

ego, in some senses is Satisfaction from Desire

if you desire RR to be a bad guy, you may not be satisfied with this speech

if you wonder if RR is a good guy, you may draw too many conclusions from a well written speech

instead, just discern. its a pretty good speech.

9c77d7 () No. 6402472

ANONS is this what transparency is going to look like? Thoughts, Impacts, Concerns?

Federal Judge Sides With Federal Government, Rules Mass Surveillance Can Remain Secret

May 3, 2019

By Derrick Broze

Despite a wealth of public information detailing the U.S. government’s secret warrantless mass surveillance programs, a federal judge has blocked a lawsuit, claiming that revealing any details would threaten national security.

A federal judge has ruled that the federal government can assert state secrets privilege to keep details of the warrantless mass surveillance programs secret. The ruling from U.S. District Judge Jeffery White brings an end to a legal battle that has lasted more than ten years as five Americans sought to reveal the full scope of the controversial spying program. The plaintiffs have been represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) since 2008—several years before whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked classified files revealing the NSA’s massive spying apparatus.

Judge White agreed with arguments made by the Department of Justice, namely that revealing any details about whether the government collected the five plaintiffs’ internet and phone data would threaten national security. The judge refused to comment on whether previous reports on government surveillance confirmed that the U.S. government spied on Americans. The judge also stated that the evidence submitted by the plaintiffs did not support claims that the National Security Agency violated the Wiretap Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Courthouse News reports:

The judge refused to consider a letter the government accidentally disclosed to The New York Times in 2015, identifying AT&T, Verizon and Sprint as companies that gave the NSA access to customers’ phone records. Because the government inadvertently disclosed the document and disputes its authenticity, White said he could not rely on it.

White also declined to rely on a 2009 NSA inspector general’s draft report describing another mass surveillance program. Although former NSA contractor and fugitive Edward Snowden vouched for its legitimacy in a sworn declaration, White refused to consider it because the government would not authenticate it.

In his 26-page ruling, Judge White wrote, “the court cannot issue a judgment without exposing classified information.” EFF says this argument is a Catch-22 where no one can sue unless the court first determines that they were specifically affected by the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. “But, the government argued successfully, the court cannot decide whether any particular person’s email, web searches, social media or phone calls were touched by the surveillance unless the government admits it. Which, of course, it will not do,” EFF wrote in response to the courts decision.

In the ruling, Judge White also dismissed evidence presented by EFF as based on hearsay. Specifically, the judge dismissed evidence presented by Mark Klein, a former AT&T technician who found evidence of AT&T partnering with the NSA. Klein first made headlines in 2003 when he discovered a secure room at an AT&T facility in San Francisco that was likely used for monitoring phone and Internet traffic of AT&T customers.

“However, the Court confirms its earlier finding that Klein cannot establish the content, function, or purpose of the secure room at the AT&T site based on his own independent knowledge,” the judge wrote. “The limited knowledge that Klein does possess firsthand does not support Plaintiffs’ contention about the actual operation of the data collection process or the alleged agency role of AT&T. Klein can only speculate about what data were actually processed and by whom in the secure room and how and for what purpose, as he was never involved in its operation.



e79d62 () No. 6402473

97898e () No. 6402474

I try to be a good little drone in world news and politics but those idiots are doubling down. Such a rude awakening for them.

fb9ce1 () No. 6402475

I never knew about this 28 million dollar verdict against the Jehovah Witnesses. The article said they were having sex with children in Oakland. The lawyer for the congregation was named Jim McCabe, I wonder if he is related to Andrew. Michael Jackson was raised in the Jehovah Witnesses.


1013b5 () No. 6402476


73711d () No. 6402477

e478c3 () No. 6402478



Rod Rosenstein: Not Dirty

Mueller: Not Dirty


c543fd () No. 6402479

It would be hilarious if The Nobel Peace Prize goes to him

8402d8 () No. 6402480



Still waiting for that "overwhelming evidence" from RR.

Maybe Cates can explain since he's all on his jock.


f8aec8 () No. 6402481

Is Ivanka's and Jared's Marriage a LARP?

She hasn't had kids with him. Looks larpy.

3d1cf4 () No. 6402482


Thats good stuff.

you need that clown on prime time talking to a group of teenagers saying Mama should have aborted you. and kill yourself today.

5ef2a9 () No. 6402483


>Patriots have no skin color…or religion.

Very sorry, But Islam is incompatible with our Constitution and the American way of Life…

Don't be PC…think

735146 () No. 6402484


Yuanny boy sold his soul for da shekels.

I do not feel sorry for any of them.

620f16 () No. 6402485

4c36d6 () No. 6402486


Interdasting theory there anon.

Lots of connections out there for this drop. Looking for moar En Dash connections lead me to

Q Movie 1

79bd58 () No. 6402487


Good video.

>I sad go away

>And leave me alone

>I can't stand you no more

<Get behind me Satan>

>Please Wait

<Operators standing by>

d18d7b () No. 6402489


Yep. sounds legit.

1013b5 () No. 6402490


b4f8a9 () No. 6402491


he got canned from NPR for being too conservative.

9c595d () No. 6402492



Amy Klobuchar was Hennepin County Attorney when Cesar Sayoc's drug and felony theft case was bungled

00add4 () No. 6402493


medium-rare p!ease

160a0a () No. 6402494


>She hasn't had kids with him.

Did she get the ones she parades around with from the same agency as the Husseins did?

ebc325 () No. 6402495

c8fd78 () No. 6402496

saw this on/pol

9c77d7 () No. 6402497


second on that ==NOTABLE==

1b8e5f () No. 6402498

5ebaee () No. 6402499


charles barkley brought that up lastn ite too good catch anon

1013b5 () No. 6402500


b9de44 () No. 6402501


Beta seems to have the right attitude to fit in with the DC crowd.

5ebaee () No. 6402502


good catch anon there are more measle connected peanut butter cases than anything, saw it on netflix last nite anon

52a14a () No. 6402503


As a hunter for most of my life, I learned from my family. I like meat. You can eat all the plants you want. But I was taught and believe that a quick humane kill does the best for the animal's soul. No way in hell would I slit a goats throat and hold it's heal while it bleeds out for a slow, painful, scary death. Death can be completely painless if you want it to be. I even say a prayer for the animal's soul and thank it for it's sacrifice to feed me and my family. Not gonna say anything else on this. Don't want to shit the bread.

01a21a () No. 6402505


And don't forget about pics related.

9d6f28 () No. 6402504


Maybe read some real history and you would know.. start with WW! and the middle east.. we NEVER had any friends in middle east .. Ever hear of the Ottoman Turkish Empire.. I doubt it,, here take a lesson

Why border lines drawn with a ruler in WW1 still rock the Middle East

A map marked with crude chinagraph-pencil in the second decade of the 20th Century shows the ambition - and folly - of the 100-year old British-French plan that helped create the modern-day Middle East.

Straight lines make uncomplicated borders. Most probably that was the reason why most of the lines that Mark Sykes, representing the British government, and Francois Georges-Picot, from the French government, agreed upon in 1916 were straight ones

1b8e5f () No. 6402506


jesus is it that hard?

the student is now the teacher…

d18d7b () No. 6402507


All of these memes are "yuck".

You should fix it.

01a21a () No. 6402508

cafcd2 () No. 6402509



>Saturday is the 4th; not the 5th.

And I did not type that it was, did I?

Screenshots could be someone else or nah?

07db29 () No. 6402510




570fe7 () No. 6402511


2 years ago, I wouldn't have known either, but the only way I can explain is….I've spent everyday since October '17 learning a new language.

73711d () No. 6402512


If you don't like a meme

then you should make or gather some memes that you do like, and post them here.

(P.S. nobody cares about your opinion)

Political correctness IS intellectual terrorism.

3d1cf4 () No. 6402513


Like Juicy Smollett and Kim Foxx and Kamala.

they have ground troops. and they use optics and stooges. and its just not democrates.

5ebaee () No. 6402514


wow anon i saw this on colbert last night too, amazing find and art work

2a2a90 () No. 6402515

Laura Ingraham

‏Verified account @IngrahamAngle

8m8 minutes ago

If anyone should step down it’s @SpeakerPelosi who can’t run her circus…I mean caucus…and who has ZERO to show for her first 100 days back in power. #BarrTooHigh


1bb81b () No. 6402516

on Q's last post

disclaimer: i've never watched this movie but i read through the script and have a basic understanding

this karate kid reference makes no sense to me


Fear does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!

- Pain does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!

- Defeat doesn't exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!

- Fear does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!

- Pain does not exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!

- Defeat doesn't exist in this dojo. Does it?

- No, Sensei!


- What do we study here?

- The way of the fist, sir!

- And what is that way?

- Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!

- I can't hear you.

- Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!


these are the bad guys talking… while the protagonist watches

there are probably hundreds of movies that show basically the same principles on display in that scene

"no fear" "strength" "no mercy" etc etc etc (especially military ones i would say)

movies where the good guys are embodying those principles.

why show a scene from a movie where the BAD guys are "saying strike first, strike hard" while the good guy watches (scared?) and then runs away?

that along with "you are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard" is interesting.

are the bad guys meant to represent the old guard? if so, then do we NOT want to strike first and strike hard? do we want to WATCH the old guard aka let them strike first so we know what they're going to do and then counter differently? (this is essentially what we've done all this time)

they strike first and hard..but lose

we strike second and SMART..and win?

is that the point of that clip? because otherwise it doesn't make sense to me for us to glorify the losers of the movie..

just my 2 cents

c543fd () No. 6402517


044d4e () No. 6402518


This is not returning power to the people. It's keeping it in government control and a clear violation of 4A

01a21a () No. 6402519


>we NEVER had any friends in middle east

And we still don't have any friends there.

Israel is not an ally to the US. Israel was NEVER an ally to the US.

Would an ally try to take away your free-speech and 1st Amend rights? Watch this if you haven't:



Would an ally subvert all technology the world uses:


Would an ally attack US soldiers?


Would an ally celebrate the terrorist attacks on WTC in 2001?


Israel is not an ally to the US or the American people.

Would an ally try to false flag US personnel in order to force the hand of the US against Egypt?

You need to educate yourself on the Lavon Affair:


Would an ally’s Ministries order its lobby’s staff to commit crimes against US citizens on US soil for political benefits?


Israel is an enemy of the US.


“Netanyahu speaks candidly about his Agenda and view of Americans.”



What has Israel ever done for the US?

They're no Ally. Brit Hume on Fox News admitted that Israel is the biggest threat to SPY on us, and this was right after 9/11.

They might have had info that could have prevented that, but they withheld it..


Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli, was the most dangerous spy in recent times (read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Pollard ).

We need to STOP giving BILLIONS of dollars to Israel.

We need to STOP supporting them as a Nuclear Regime that has NEVER signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.


Israel is directly responsible for:




>the Patriot Act


Those are just in the last two decades. Israel and Israeli actors have done even worse over the last century to us. Nearly 20,000 dead Americans in under two decades and infinitely more dead natives of those countries.

40e193 () No. 6402520



Reddit spacing

"We" garbage

yea thats a shill

d18d7b () No. 6402521


What are you saying with these? Am slow today (and maybe most days).

856880 () No. 6402522


This was found during digs shortly after Sayoc was arrested. Always good to revisit things

b4f8a9 () No. 6402523


when AT&T stops firing 3000 to 4000 us citizens per quarter and replaces them with contractors.

And being over 55 doesn't send your resume to the bottom.

5ef2a9 () No. 6402524

718a53 () No. 6402525


How about printed with a brand…. Humm….



b4efd7 () No. 6402526

12a613 () No. 6402527


Does Broccoli feel pain when you drop it it boiling water?

yeah, yeah…..

I’m a vegan, I’m righteous vegan at that.

Look at me, I’m a vegan and you are an immoral meat eater.

People like you turn my stomach.

Make a sign, go find a corner…>>6402519

1b8e5f () No. 6402528


the proof is in the puddin…

a370cd () No. 6402529



The same radio network that suspended its top news director this week for years of sexual harassment allegations is facing more scrutiny for its past hiring practices, including hiring a controversial Washington Post writer whose history of sexual harassment allegations was well known.

Juan Williams, 63, joined National Public Radio in 2000, working first as the host of Talk of the Nation and later as a senior national correspondent, despite being at the center of a widely reported sexual harassment scandal at The Washington Post a decade earlier.

Williams now works for Fox News as an analyst.

b9de44 () No. 6402530


>Very sorry, But Islam is incompatible with our Constitution and the American way of Life

It's one of the three abrahamic cults so it's not that different in the end. If Judaism is compatible then so is Islam. Strictly speaking one's religious beliefs shouldn't even be a factor in a system based on individual liberty.

fb9ce1 () No. 6402531


So is POTUS.

9d6f28 () No. 6402532


Bet this just pisses you off to know end KEK

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Israelites (1969) HQ

73711d () No. 6402533


If you make a meme, better spell NXIVM right

6917b9 () No. 6402535

I don't wonder what will happen when, the public find's out WHO is inflating gas prices and how :)

Beverly Hillbillies jalopy.


532aec () No. 6402536

5ef2a9 () No. 6402537

5459cf () No. 6402538

594549 () No. 6402539

This sounds way out of the box but here it goes…why can't we drop ship guns, ammo and weapons to the people in Venezuela and see how long it takes them to take back their Government!!

01a21a () No. 6402540


>on Colbert

Colbert is a clown, and I don't believe he would talk about Jewish collective power being one of the main forces pushing for the Islamization of the West.

Have more proof of that fact.


1013b5 () No. 6402541

1b8e5f () No. 6402542

5ebaee () No. 6402543


wow anon nice find like the jews that danced on 9/11 blew it all up and stuff, ya rosie odnell had eric swallowgood on his show with richard simmons and they both agreed it was the dancing jewswho blew up those building, good cathchpa anon!

779233 () No. 6402544

BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller “deeply disturbed” by Pelosi accusations against AG Barr today and is urging Nadler to push up his hearing to testify and correct the record as soon as possible

Is this valid?

41fc24 () No. 6402545

They all diddled & snuffed kids.

Dance muddafukkas.


dbf5cb () No. 6402546



so "grabbing by the pussy" is wrong

UNLESS you are a very very rich billionaire - ohwait

f8aec8 () No. 6402547


So I really can't be with her no matter how delusional I get

69c004 () No. 6402548


570fe7 () No. 6402549



I'll even add, there are decodes so complex and broadly connected, I dont post the graphics. I just file them for myself.

1013b5 () No. 6402551


5ef2a9 () No. 6402552

cafcd2 () No. 6402553


>all about the betting and fantasy leagues.

Gambling on FAKE outcomes and 'fantasy'.

A. boys, grow TF up

B. gambling on scripted outcomes, might as well open books on WWE matches, Days of Our Lives storylines, etc…

160a0a () No. 6402554


>urging Nadler to push up his hearing to testify

This part sounds very Fake-n-Gay

ebc325 () No. 6402555



e478c3 () No. 6402556



Trump's 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State

time to review

Published on Oct 16, 2018

skip to 1:15


ef9727 () No. 6402557


Is that the Cruise ship Ebot?

f8aec8 () No. 6402558


Sounds like kayfabe shit regardless.

Letter comes in night before Barr's hearing.

Barr says RM bothered by press.

Bunch of faggots in government doing the shoulder shrugging ad nauseam.

c8fd78 () No. 6402559

5ef2a9 () No. 6402560

160a0a () No. 6402562


Well, at least there's no rules in fapping.

4fee89 () No. 6402563



There was a military tweet a couple of hours ago about a "Devil" unit in action overseas. I can't seem to find it.

992917 () No. 6402564



The Matrix, anon. Not sure what it is exactly, the 'God code' is what I call it, but once you see it you can't unsee it.

o7 Page01anon! Good work.

79bd58 () No. 6402565

The DS is naked, fully exposed

a4f6f5 () No. 6402566

>>6402544 that links to this twitter post by Jack Posobiec


160a0a () No. 6402567


>Days of Our Lives storylines

They make lines on that too?

Gotta link?

5ef2a9 () No. 6402568

EVERY fucking point of the Left is contradicted by one of their other points…..

e29c43 () No. 6402569

just an idea remember the qs in the Fire and Fury book by Michael Wolff the PDF dropped by wikileaks was chapter 6 and chapter 10. Doesnt the mad hatter from alice in wonderland have the 6 and 10 on his hat???? ie the mad hatter from the clinton emails. Just throught it was interesting.

eacc54 () No. 6402570


You obviously have not grown up around farm animals. It is possible to treat an animal well, respecting their dignity, and then to kill them humanely for meat. I didn't grow up on a farm and when I first experienced the humane husbandry of raising livestock, I was shocked at how animals meant for meat, surrender "As a lamb to the slaughter." It is totally a different reaction than a dog or human would have. These pictures do show cruelty, not kindness. Know the difference.

00add4 () No. 6402571


dont feel bad. Jesus wandered in the wilderness too.

b4f8a9 () No. 6402572


50 shades is twilight fanfiction that was re-edited to de-twighlight it. Do not ask me how I know this.

Fanfiction: women writing smut. You want to meet women, learn to write fanfiction and go to a fanfiction convention and cosplay the male fantasy. Know your lit too, because you cant fake that.

1cc5c0 () No. 6402573

Trump says he will declassify 'everything' about warrants Obama used to spy on his campaign as he suggests James Comey was 'leading the effort' and the scandal will be 'bigger than WATERGATE'


897fcd () No. 6402574

01a21a () No. 6402575

99b542 () No. 6402576

Did we ever find all that ammo the IRS and other federal departments ordered during Hussein's reign and why they needed non target rounds by the billions?

Throwback conspiracies that weren't conspiracies

9d5ddc () No. 6402577






as you plan trusters

351ef4 () No. 6402578

c7ce19 () No. 6402579


Thanks. Are you human?

01a21a () No. 6402580

b98362 () No. 6402581


Yeah I remember that… FEMA and the IRS loading up on hollow point bullets by the tens of thousands.

594549 () No. 6402582


Really,, 17 shitpost and you're back to saying "are you human" what a asshole

532aec () No. 6402583

99009b () No. 6402584


Q post 1969

7cca67 () No. 6402585


kek, that's a bot

a4f6f5 () No. 6402586

>>6402577 Barr not appearing? Do you think that was an offensive slap in the face to Dems?

Also we cant forget that its more than possible that offensive measures happen at a high level and it could be something totally different than we think -expand your thinking ya know

897fcd () No. 6402587

6917b9 () No. 6402588


Did you make a choice?

Was it you?

Was there some transmission controlling your thoughts?

What WAS the cooldown?

At what point WAS it you?


570fe7 () No. 6402590

e79d62 () No. 6402591

control mkultra

control hollywood

control populace

ac6586 () No. 6402592


Thank you.

The problem here is this another area we were propagandized and most never realized that. Bambi for instance. Disney placed in us the idea that animals actually have human like qualities. Thus, making us believe they're almost human. Problem is, they aren't. They are animals. And although humans and animals are warm-blooded, we are Not the same specie.

We should be kind and thoughtful towards animals. But animals are here to meet our needs. And that means for food also. Quick painless kills are possible for animals and should be taught to our children when they're learning to hunt.

594549 () No. 6402593


how do you know???

854a43 () No. 6402594

So you don't think anything is happening?

- Bill Barr confirms that the DOJ is looking at top members of Obama's FBI for illegally spying on the Trump campaign

- Nellie Ohr working under the Obama DOJ has been criminally referred.

- Ukrainian government confirms that members of the DNC reached out for "dirt" on president Trump

-NYT confirms that the Obama administration "spied" on the Trump campaign





b4f8a9 () No. 6402595


this. Anyone who has even causally studied what Islam is knows that Sharia Law is Islam. there is not separating Islam from sharia law.

01a21a () No. 6402596


I don't care about your non-sense.


You sound like you're drunk, or just retarded.

The fact remains that Israel is an enemy of the US and the West.


More on this.

fb9ce1 () No. 6402597

I also never knew that POTUS's maternal grandmother lost her father when she was one year old. He died in a SQUALL and left her mother to raise four children alone.


58fafa () No. 6402598

I"m going with 'Nothingburger Friday' today. Way to much hope porn involved in speculating something happening today from reading previous breads.

9c77d7 () No. 6402599


I for one hope Q acknowledges this DECODE anon because it is awesome!


2a2a90 () No. 6402600

Democrat Mayor Arrested for Stealing Votes

A Democratic mayor in a sanctuary city caught stealing votes in an election has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

According to local news outlet North Jersey, the mayor of Elmwood Park was arrested on Monday and charged after authorities said he interfered in the 2017 mayoral election.

On Sunday, one day before he was arrested, Frank Caramagna resigned from office.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said that between March 2017 and November 2018, Caramagna allegedly filled in ballots of other registered voters.

The office’s investigation revealed that Caramagna “had interfered with the secrecy of the election process by completing portions of the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, Primary Election Ballot Certifications, and General Election Ballot Certifications of registered voters,” the release said.

Caramagna was Elmwood Park’s first Democratic mayor in nearly 50 years after longtime mayor Mayor Richard Mola died in October 2016.

Robert Colletti served as the interim mayor after Mola passed away after serving for 45 years as the mayor.


785018 () No. 6402601

patriots laugh!

7cca67 () No. 6402602


As you pointed out it had 17 posts of garbage and then asked are you human. Tiresas bot can't figure out who or what is human.

9d5ddc () No. 6402603




I will stfu as soon as a ONE (1) prominent democrat criminal is arrested.

d07fa6 () No. 6402604


Those jeans are stupid.

e79d62 () No. 6402605

5ef2a9 () No. 6402606

f1d0b5 () No. 6402607


Not yet

a370cd () No. 6402608



washingtonpost.com > Arts & Living > Style


Post reporter Williams apologizes for 'innappropriate' verbal conduct


Resize Print

E-mail Reprints

By Howard Kurtz

Washington Post Staff Writer

Saturday, November 2, 1991; 12:01 AM

A letter to Downie signed by 116 newsroom employees yesterday said: "We feel Juan's unrefuted false statements to the national media continue to cause anguish and professional harm to the women involved. They have also left many people inside and outside The Post with the impression that either the complaints were not serious or were not taken seriously . . . . The Post has an obligation to set the record straight by refuting such comments."

In a letter to The Post, 11 female employees, including senior reporters and editors, dismissed the notion that "the women bringing the complaints were victims of some sort of mass hysteria perpetrated by an identification with Anita Hill." They said the recent complaints were made "before the world ever heard the name 'Anita Hill.' "

5ef2a9 () No. 6402609

a4e1fc () No. 6402610


like the months of automated posts every bread running the bots / AI psyop wasn't a dead giveaway.

4fee89 () No. 6402611

DoD RT DoD Outreach

The Eagle Has Landed


The 🦅 has landed!

Today is out of this world because it’s #NationalSpaceDay! Press ▶️ and check out this video about our history beyond the stars.

854a43 () No. 6402612


Rome wasn't arrested in a day

69c004 () No. 6402613

Déjà vu


b9de44 () No. 6402614


>dont feel bad. Jesus wandered in the wilderness too.

Yeah in the middle east just like his Hebraic and Islamic cousins did.

532aec () No. 6402615

Abe again vows to revise Japan's top(Constitution) law, aiming for enactment in 2020

Seventy-two years after the enactment of Japan’s pacifist Constitution, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe renewed his pledge Friday to revise the supreme law and emphasized that he still hopes to see an amended Constitution go into effect in 2020.

“I made clear at this very forum, two years ago, that I hoped 2020 would be the year this nation sees a newly revised Constitution come into effect. That hope hasn’t changed for me,” Abe said in a prerecorded video message shown during a forum to discuss constitutional change hosted by a conservative grassroots group aligned with Japan Conference (Nippon Kaigi).

The pacifist Constitution has been a topic of debate because its war-renouncing Article 9 bans the country from maintaining any “war potential.”

Abe has argued the article should be revised to formalize the legal status of the Self-Defense Forces, although the government has long maintained the SDF are constitutional despite Article 9 and polls have shown a majority of voters support that interpretation. Pacifist political forces remain opposed to Abe’s ideas, fearing any revision of Article 9 could change the status quo and lead to unrestrained reinterpretation of the article in the future.

Referring during Friday’s forum to a poll that indicated about 90 percent of respondents had a positive impression of the Self-Defense Forces, Abe said: “This level of trust is something the SDF has earned for themselves,” and that “now it is time for us in politics to do our part as well.”

“We must write the role of the Self-Defense Forces into the Constitution to put an end to the debate over its constitutionality,” he added.

Abe proposed such a revision at the same rally in 2017, adding at the time that he hoped to see an amended top law enacted in 2020.

In a video message shown at last year’s forum, however, Abe didn’t mention the 2020 target, in a move that observers said underlined the political difficulty he faced in achieving his long-held ambition.

This year Abe re-emphasized the 2020 goal, but Diet sessions on constitutional matters have remained stalled. Political observers say that whether Abe is able to reboot his drive for constitutional change will depend on the results of the Upper House elections scheduled for July.

The forum is hosted by a conservative group that has promoted a revision of the top law and this year attracted 1,100 people to its main event, held on Constitution Day, according to the organizers.

Among groups supporting the event is Japan Conference, the nation’s largest political group representing conservative, right-wing and nationalist causes.

Abe is known to be a strong advocate of constitutional revision, but his push for change has been brought to a deadlock in recent months with opposition parties resisting reforms and Upper House elections looming in the summer. Discussions at the Commission on the Constitution at the House of Representatives have been on hold since the start of the year when the ordinary Diet session opened.

A bill to revise the national referendum law was tabled for discussion, but following a data scandal that found statistical inaccuracies in employment figures opposition parties have refused to attend discussions at the commission.


7f36fb () No. 6402616

c7ce19 () No. 6402617


I was sincerely hopeful.

When I ask a poster if they are human, it may be because they obviously are not, or may be because it seems they are– in which case I am trying to talk to them.

I want to talk to humans!

They are awful scarce around here.

99b542 () No. 6402618


Wonder if the order was cancelled by POTUS or if all that got shipped somewhere else prior. Like pallets of cash did

aa9810 () No. 6402619


Keep going

Never lose focus

Facts are facts

5ef2a9 () No. 6402620

812ae4 () No. 6402621


Now I cannot unsee it.


96ca78 () No. 6402622

Piece of shit Alec Baldwin calls Trump supporters "flyover Americans"


79bd58 () No. 6402623


For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another {discerning of spirits}; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

<Discernment Senpai>

dbf5cb () No. 6402624


>EVERY fucking point of the Left is contradicted by one of their other points…..

that's how you argue against them, by using their own logic and asking how you are supposed to follow/obey

779233 () No. 6402625

There is a major piece missing in the SpyGate scandal - Why did (they) start setting up Manafort before they knew he would be hired by the Campaign?

John Solomon reported in The Hill that in January of 2016 that Obama's NSC, FBI, State Dept and DOJ officials requested a meeting in DC with top Ukrainian prosecutors.


A Ukrainian Embassy official named Andrii Telizhenko has said that what the US officials wanted was to help locate evidence about the Party of Region's payments and dealings with Americans. Without specifically mentioning Paul Manafort, he would be the American that took those payments and did those dealings.

But the FBI already interviewed Manafort, and then closed the case back in 2014, as reported here:


But Manafort wasn't hired by the Trump campaign until 29 March of 2016, which almost 4 months later. How did the coup planner's know that Manafort would be hired?

(((Plants need water)))

258559 () No. 6402626

bb8ecd () No. 6402627


Absolutely no doubt in my mind.


5ef2a9 () No. 6402628

5e0fbb () No. 6402629


Sprigs of ecashia!

GOOD Mason created, non-comped George!

69644a () No. 6402630



570fe7 () No. 6402631



8e4c59 () No. 6402632



044d4e () No. 6402633


Last night Hannity said Mueller wasn't going to testify. Who do you believe moar, Hannity or Posobitch?

ae8fdb () No. 6402634


5ef2a9 () No. 6402635

2166c4 () No. 6402636


>I will stfu as soon as a ONE (1) prominent democrat criminal is arrested.



>A Democratic mayor in a sanctuary city caught stealing votes in an election has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

or will you move the goalposts and say that a mayor isn't a prominent demonRat ?

7d14a5 () No. 6402637


>Barr not appearing? Do you think that was an offensive slap in the face to Dems?

Barr didn't appear before the House just like Daniel left the dojo when he saw who was in control of the joint. Going in at that time would have been a bad move. The control of the House will change…

ef9727 () No. 6402638



Come on Ebot who is going on the Free all expanse cruise to Cuba?

45ef89 () No. 6402639


Teachings of the Talmud are to subvert the teachings of Moses. The Talmud also teaches that Jesus is the son of a whore and is boiling in a potof excrement for eternity.

812ae4 () No. 6402640



Why do people reply to tsuch idiocy!

Let the shills eat static

a4e1fc () No. 6402641


Im wondering if there is a secret space program thing going on….

e79d62 () No. 6402642

8d9750 () No. 6402643



I can't access it to read what it says, maybe another anon? …..

34c362 () No. 6402644

a957a8 () No. 6402645

CNN Business)The new president of CBS News, Susan Zirinsky, is about to try something radical.

"She's restructuring pretty much of all of the news division's talent across the board," a CBS staffer said. "It's really pretty epic."


b4f8a9 () No. 6402646


pic related

b9de44 () No. 6402647

5ef2a9 () No. 6402648

160a0a () No. 6402649


That lines up nicely with Q2681

74cdc2 () No. 6402650


only for the last 60+ years

a957a8 () No. 6402651

65de47 () No. 6402652


Take a look at Catholics, or any other flavor of Christian. Are there both good and bad in the ranks? Of course. If someone wants to believe in whatever faith they have that's fine as long as they are Americans and DO NO HARM.

On the other hand, IF they DO do harm, now we have an issue.

ade9b0 () No. 6402653




The Great Awakening:

Most of us are here because we feel awake, and have gone through a process of revaluation of previously held beliefs and dogmas. Most people's instinct is to resist this self-examination, and circle the wagons and become defensive when presented with challenging ideas. None of us are fully actualized radiant beings, we all have further to go together. All Just causes throughout history were met with ridicule and scorn.

It was inconvenient and annoying for people to want to end Slavery. It was inconvenient and annoying for Women to rally for the Vote. This fact does not change the righteousness of those causes.

The Vegan ethos is about aspiring to make the world incrementally better. What are we doing here people? Many of us are powerless to effect change on the world scale for the daunting issues that face Humanity. The most that the majority of us can do is Dig, Meme, and Pray- and I'm happy to be doing that with you all. Things we do have power over is what we choose to support in our day to day lives. You got 3 times a day to vote whether you want another animal to be bred into existence to be maimed, tortured and slaughtered for a passing moment of pleasure.

I see that the only logical position is to move toward compassion, love, light, Justice, Truth and away from darkness, deception, evil, and cruelty.

9d5ddc () No. 6402654


Barr no show could just as easily be a defensive manouver (and likely was IMO).

If Qew is real, we have to come to grips with the democrats next move. If the demonshits and presstitutes ackknowledge Qew, they will certainly frame this up as treasonous handling of classified information. And if Qew is actually GEOTUS, then he’s got a problem.

We need martial law and night of the long knives on the entire demonshit cabal or they WILL nuke DC and several other cities with their Israeli and gook friends help.

620f16 () No. 6402655


>>6402645 CBS restructuring the news division?

>>6402634 US Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun will travel to Tokyo May 7-8…

>>6402625 Why did (they) start setting up Manafort before they knew he would be hired by the Campaign?

>>6402615 Abe again vows to revise Japan's top(Constitution) law, aiming for enactment in 2020

>>6402611 DoD Tweet: "The Eagle Has Landed"

>>6402600 Democrat Mayor arrested for stealing votes.

>>6402517 Iran's FM says 'accidents' may start war with US.

>>6402510 DJT Tweet: “The U.S. Created 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Fell to Lowest Level Since 1969”

>>6402437 DoD report on China.

>>6402397 GM recalls 368,000 larger duty trucks for fire risks.

>>6402316 Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'.

>>6402308 Paulus gets five years for healthcare fraud.

>>6402196 Memes46 reminder.

160a0a () No. 6402656


>The control of the House will change…

You know, i they hadn't retaken the House last Nov,

the Mockingbird narrative would be R's on a witch hunt right now.

a957a8 () No. 6402657

5ef2a9 () No. 6402658

Fighting Evil and the END to Our Way of Life as we know it

aa9810 () No. 6402660


Me thinks karate kid post was in referrence to Barr

8412b2 () No. 6402661

69644a () No. 6402662


>mayor of Elmwood Park

>prominent demonRat

pick one

f54b65 () No. 6402663

5ef2a9 () No. 6402664

and some you think Mueller is a white hat

6917b9 () No. 6402665


Not all the time?

A body would go crazy?

a body can be made to feel crazy by intimmidation?




WHO is still in the asylum?


dbf5cb () No. 6402666


>to move toward compassion, love, light, Justice, Truth and away from darkness, deception, evil, and cruelty

and in the meantime, favoring a painless death over a bloody drawn-out extension of suffering is still more humane than accepting blood god sacrifices as normal.

6d6ef0 () No. 6402667


Yeah, the karate kid left before he was supposed to.

Barr didn't show up the next day. Similar?

5e0fbb () No. 6402668


Fuck off vegan, the useless nitrates are pollution in our tasty wonderful steak, we're not going to become soy bois like you

8402d8 () No. 6402669