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Thursday 05.02.2019

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Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

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Wednesday 04.24.2019

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>>6405226 Over 80 People Arrested in Giant, Multi-State Child Sexual Exploitation Sting

>>6405202, >>6405212 Former Miss Uruguay found dead in Mexico City

>>6405112 Prominent Swiss Lawyers, Including Edward Snowden’s, Demand Their Government Grant Julian Assange Asylum

>>6405073 Paul Winfree Under Consideration for Federal Reserve

>>6405064 John Solomon twat, Americans overwhelmingly reject 16 year olds voting

>>6405045 Additional Digs on NXIVM, Bronfman, HRC/DNC, and Gillibrand.

>>6405037 John Kelly joins board of company operating largest shelter for unaccompanied migrant children

>>6404928 Brazil Cuts Flow of Money to Venezuela

>>6404909 Liberal MP Andrew Leslie set to testify against feds at Mark Norman trial (Canada)

>>6404877 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says Nadler lied, not Barr

>>6404858 John Doe 2 Is Edgar Bronfman Sr., In the case of the U.S. v. Keith Alan Raniere

>>6404856 Dow Suffers Longest Weekly Losing Streak Of Year As Fed Loses Control Of Short-End

>>6404801 Neo-Nazi Arrested For Threatening To Kill Don Jr., Jared Kushner & Ben Shapiro

>>6404754 Dig on Sidley Austin, Huawei, China, Iran, etc…

>>6404753 Adam Schiff panic twat

>>6404639 Feds Seek Permanent Renewal Of NSA Phone Surveillance Law

>>6404630 For speculation and digging Trumps Plan

>>6404631 Agreement reached on Lavrov-Pompeo meeting in Finland, says senior diplomat

>>6404923 Trump "we've never taken in ten cents from China, now we're taking in billions and billions of dollars"

>>6404617 Sidley Austin Happy Hunting, USSS twat

>>6404597 New Trump twat Fred Keller of PA running for Congress

>>6405327 #8190

#8189 baker change

>>6404356 Kushner: US to Discuss Israel Annexing W Bank Possibility when New Gov't Formed

>>6404217 Jordan's King Sacks Intel Chief, Senior Officials Amid Plot Suspicions

>>6404205, >>6404216 Joe Biden mocks China threat – ‘They’re not bad folks’ (video)

>>6404158 Trump says he did not confront Putin on election interference in post-Mueller call

>>6404145 Poll: Two-thirds of voters oppose impeachment proceedings

>>6404144 Former WH Security Official Carl Kline Denies Influence From Trump: GOP Memo

>>6404122 James Woods blocked from twitter

>>6404110 Worth digging? Possible CNN "LINK" to Rome Spygate

>>6404045 Nadler gives Barr until 9am Monday to comply with counteroffer

>>6404035 Barr Launches Wide-Ranging Probe Into 2016 FBI Spying

>>6404010 Biden's Ukrainian Corruption Scandal Casts Ominous Shadow Over 2020 Run

>>6403931 Sara Carter: Highly Classified White House ‘Security Clearance’ Leaks Likely Came From Within

>>6403872 Assuming she's alive Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg going to Buffalo, Aug 26

>>6403846 Lindsey Graham letter to Mueller regarding comments about Barr

>>6404480 #8189

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fe2d85 () No. 6405354

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


fe2d85 () No. 6405358

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




121ec0 () No. 6405361

b8f41ad2e8bcc1....png (433 KB, 218 x 255, 478 : 559, otablet1.png) (h)



51569d () No. 6405362

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




No hate went into the creation of this post.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian. Or a bot.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


d9dd75 () No. 6405365

7e033052cbc9ae....png (742 KB, 255 x 253, 943 : 934, Screenshot_58.png) (h)

60364e () No. 6405366


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


a0394d () No. 6405375



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY corresponds with world events.

0337ed () No. 6405377

cd1317f522365c....jpg (1996 KB, 255 x 213, 2700 : 2250, 32 mirror of 18.jpg) (h)

ba8815c1895cac....jpg (1266 KB, 255 x 161, 2700 : 1700, 18 mirror of 32.jpg) (h)

46b78dfb9cb749....jpg (1400 KB, 255 x 146, 3150 : 1800, 02 mirror of 48.jpg) (h)


Today's Q Clock :32

Mass exodus in DC?

Mass exodus - corporate CEOs?

When does SESSIONS step back in?

Already is?

Removing the NY AG was vital.

Review past FBI investigations [NY juris].

Today's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror :18

The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, AGREED that an illegal coup was attempted against him.

Stop and understand the GRAVITY of acknowledgement.

Do you believe no one will be prosecuted?

DECLAS coming?

People are craving TRANSPARENCY.

Somthing BIG is coming.


Today's 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :02


Make sure the list of resignations remains updated.

You are witnessing a FULL PANIC ATTACK by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA & COVERT ALT MEDIA AFFILIATES (foreign gov’t).

Think sealed indictments.

Think resignations of Senators.

Think resignations of Congress.



d9dd75 () No. 6405380

012a7177f0485d....png (823 KB, 255 x 170, 1070 : 712, CaptchGoodLord.png) (h)

c92c16 () No. 6405381

7071586ab1ce58....png (1703 KB, 72 x 255, 2790 : 9886, oprotocols_full.png) (h)




Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

50e592 () No. 6405382

Found this article and thought I would share it with anons, seeing how as we all dislike google as much as we do.

Hope y'all find it usefull and if not….OK.

How to Live Without Google


76ca5f () No. 6405387

Vertigo, The Desire to Fall

- Halocraft

How to cure lots of cases of vertigo… Epley Manuever. Try it next time. Really works.



0b40a9 () No. 6405389

04effbbfb53c43....png (624 KB, 255 x 238, 910 : 848, T_y_da_laws.png) (h)









69ce65 () No. 6405392



5f2d2a () No. 6405393


*Attorney General William Barr revealed during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer was an FBI source for information about George Papadopoulos.

*The disclosure, which received little attention during Barr’s testimony, could now allow the public to force the government to reveal details about Downer’s role in the investigation.

*Downer’s role as the catalyst for the FBI’s probe has been revealed in press reports, but the U.S. government had not acknowledged it officially prior to Barr’s testimony.

In a little-noticed exchange during his Senate hearing Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr made a surprising disclosure that could allow the public and press to obtain sensitive details about the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

During a back-and-forth with Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, Barr identified Alexander Downer, a former Australian diplomat, as the FBI’s source for the information that sparked the bureau’s counterintelligence investigation into George Papadopoulos and other Trump campaign associates.

The federal government had not officially identified Downer as the source until Wednesday. His role in the investigation was publicly known, but only through press reports and his own statements to the media.

Federal agencies could deny requests for information about Downer and his role in the opening of “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI’s name for the counterintelligence investigation, without official confirmation from U.S. government officials.

That all changed on Wednesday, according to Bradley Moss, the deputy executive director of the James Madison Project, a transparency group that handles national security-related lawsuits.


d9dd75 () No. 6405398

8b1e82fe3c8f16....png (370 KB, 255 x 137, 1057 : 568, DurhkaDurhka_S....png) (h)

121ec0 () No. 6405401


baker seeks handoff

you there next baker

69ce65 () No. 6405402


hmm could have sworn that worked



da7b2a () No. 6405403

76aa7872c2c6bd....mp4 (1951 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, The_View_8Chan.mp4) (h)

a189c7fdf15004....mp4 (7245 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, NO HE DIDN’T! ....mp4) (h)

1824179f3a2e3a....mp4 (4055 KB, 255 x 129, 1254 : 632, whyshouldyouha....mp4) (h)

69ce65 () No. 6405405


howdy baker, I'm here. ready to go.

Confirm Handoff?


6b4769 () No. 6405406

9f13adb32ed372....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 225, 474 : 418, eaac167de1dc699.jpg) (h)

a9a4137402b8eb....jpg (399 KB, 255 x 227, 713 : 636, edb4a8bd3941a.jpg) (h)

edb4a8bd3941b1....jpg (230 KB, 255 x 236, 720 : 666, edb4a8bd3941b.jpg) (h)

e2b5906a4c60a8....jpg (400 KB, 255 x 182, 742 : 529, edb4a8bd3941bb.jpg) (h)

0843991bfff075....jpg (1532 KB, 255 x 255, 1464 : 1464, edb4a8bd3941bbb.jpg) (h)

337c3e () No. 6405407


Having a hard time finding this thing at govtrack.us - I need to find who the fuck voted for this piece of shit in both House and Senate!

50e592 () No. 6405410



2b0312 () No. 6405412






58a183 () No. 6405413

9bff0eb6d86b23....jpg (419 KB, 255 x 194, 1071 : 816, 113ff3d53ad7edd.jpg) (h)

113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg (195 KB, 255 x 187, 1024 : 749, 113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg) (h)

8a9147385e0429....jpg (108 KB, 255 x 147, 534 : 307, 337ea5137718aa.jpg) (h)

337ea5137718aa....png (793 KB, 255 x 255, 720 : 720, 337ea5137718aa.png) (h)

b78cc7ffc3a64a....png (338 KB, 255 x 191, 1200 : 900, 337ea5137718aaa.png) (h)

c5c34f () No. 6405415

51f7e66db24799....jpg (109 KB, 191 x 255, 830 : 1106, good_bread.jpg) (h)

4edd307d132f79....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 181, 830 : 589, TheMilitaryBak....jpg) (h)


Thank you, baker!

e073b3 () No. 6405416

This is disturbing. What the girls are reading and saying at the end is even more so.

Children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: We Will Sacrifice Ourselves for Al-Aqsa

121ec0 () No. 6405417



thanks baker

605004 () No. 6405418

520d15 () No. 6405419


Use Thomas

58a183 () No. 6405420

b103ec7097ad70....png (653 KB, 255 x 187, 1736 : 1271, 0_jew_pointer.png) (h)

fe2d85 () No. 6405421


Successfully shit the bread, didn't I? :D

fe2d85 () No. 6405423


All (((Q))) team members are (((JEWS)))

d9dd75 () No. 6405424

dec5aced427fbe....png (1346 KB, 132 x 255, 704 : 1360, LiberalSquirrel.png) (h)

808c7062617548....png (790 KB, 255 x 117, 1232 : 564, Screenshot_41.png) (h)

8f4834697e979a....png (673 KB, 254 x 255, 607 : 609, Screenshot_38.png) (h)

e3729b () No. 6405425

73af328fc522aa....jpg (47 KB, 170 x 255, 564 : 846, uBaJmPP.jpg) (h)



TY Bakers!!!

b70884 () No. 6405431

2ee49d50669dbb....png (120 KB, 255 x 79, 841 : 262, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3a6e4698edcfb3....png (140 KB, 255 x 79, 816 : 253, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7ab18ad403fb0e....png (131 KB, 255 x 134, 848 : 446, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2dc652c5f597fe....png (146 KB, 255 x 83, 797 : 260, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9e51a2a8430814....png (135 KB, 255 x 94, 801 : 294, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Five for the Fed: A handful of people Trump may select for a seat

The hunt is back on for candidates to fill two empty Federal Reserve Board seats after Herman Cain and Stephen Moore were dropped in quick succession. President Trump has been frustrated so far in his desire to appoint figures sympathetic to his aim of reducing interest rates. Analysts believe Trump is likely to try again with loyalists, given that the Fed has so far proved resistant to his demands for a more expansionary monetary policy. There is no shortage of well-qualified candidates. But with the decision apparently resting with the president, there is plenty of scope from an unexpected, quixotic choice. These are some of the names being mentioned in economic circles.


2b0312 () No. 6405430




kike moar mossad and maybe anons will think ur anon like them.

747d07 () No. 6405434

3e843c4f7cffd0....png (852 KB, 255 x 138, 1250 : 676, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6405412 Israel Had Nukes During 1967 War, Was Ready for 'Last Resort' Use – Ex-Officer

Israel neither confirms nor denies that it has a nuclear arsenal, although experts estimate that the country has between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads. What has not been previously confirmed, until now, is that the country had access to such weapons during the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, and was ready to deploy them if threatened with defeat.

Israel had amassed enough plutonium for between two and three nuclear bombs during the Six-Day War, Elie Geisler, a former radiation-safety officer tasked with guarding one of the radioactive "packages," has revealed in testimony for Israeli-American nuclear history specialist Dr Avner Cohen.

"I would stand in this small room and stare at the object with much awe, having seen photos and movies of the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From time to time, I would discuss with the commander of the troops the procedures to move the core to an assembly point, where it would join with the remainder of the device," Geisler recalled in his testimony recently published in The Non-Proliferation Review journal.


updated 16:02 03.MAY.2019

d9dd75 () No. 6405435

555ad39aa01593....png (630 KB, 255 x 130, 856 : 437, Screenshot_59.png) (h)

Big fight with Juan going on and FOX just froze!

fe2d85 () No. 6405436


That's what happens when you have "fat acceptance"…

1f8c86 () No. 6405437


nice to see you A4 senpai

12a005 () No. 6405438

a29559af6d4a67....png (487 KB, 241 x 255, 618 : 654, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d2f36fd2f34cdc....png (103 KB, 233 x 255, 658 : 720, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Dead ex-Miss Uruguay Fatimih Davila Sosa may have had ties to escort ring


452c86 () No. 6405439




69ce65 () No. 6405441

1f56deb7794894....png (44 KB, 255 x 235, 744 : 687, 1536140876082.png) (h)


you too anon

fe2d85 () No. 6405443


Not bashar al-mossad buddy.

337c3e () No. 6405444


I don't understand

58a183 () No. 6405445

2025c84209cbee....png (717 KB, 165 x 255, 566 : 875, 666_merchie.png) (h)


Go fuck yourself you stupid kike twat.

fe2d85 () No. 6405446


DNA tested?

20f9fc () No. 6405447

4c00a6 () No. 6405448

0351ffc8b15fde....png (2543 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, F9A86FDD-1AC7-....png) (h)

1e785550ebef82....png (1278 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, 11B9A098-FD25-....png) (h)

97a0b80667f5b9....png (2115 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, DB0C5CD0-44A9-....png) (h)

Uncovered video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah


5f5e51 () No. 6405449

>>6405405, >>6405417

Good to go, thank you bakers

2249ad () No. 6405450


NOT getting off that easy faggot :)



4c00a6 () No. 6405451


Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah

492ddc () No. 6405452

fd0b11356138de....jpeg (2760 KB, 215 x 255, 1520 : 1806, 57B255AB-2205-....jpeg) (h)

Patriots remember…..

“I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.”

“I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.”

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

So help us God.


f47312 () No. 6405453

>>6405064 (LB)

I would like to see a restriction on voting related to a high school diploma or a GED.

If you can't get your ass out of high school with your diploma or earn a G.E.D., I feel you don't meet a basic intelligence level to be able to thoughtfully fill out a ballot. This won't happen but it should be the direction, imo, this topic should go.

5eedc3 () No. 6405454

752a46241a758b....jpeg (253 KB, 254 x 255, 523 : 525, 487D5CC5-3B43-....jpeg) (h)

ef2f97 () No. 6405455

Who the $#@% is the ex-fbi, msnbc paid Chuck Rosenberg? He's on right now with Cuck Todd explaining how everything is ok with investigating, it is not spying.

Cuck Rosenberg doesn't look too confident.

c4e55b () No. 6405456



now muh jew shills shitting the bread now bc so desperate?

hope BO will remove.

but guess he won´t.

69ce65 () No. 6405457

6995a823ec7d8b....png (199 KB, 217 x 255, 602 : 709, baker salute.png) (h)

99feaca13166a2....png (18 KB, 183 x 255, 329 : 459, Screenshot at ....png) (h)

452c86 () No. 6405459


given what WE don't know… WHY DON'T YOU QUESTION God?


fe2d85 () No. 6405460


We need to get rid of money. Can't do it with (((JEWS))) in control. (((JEWS))) need to be deported to Israel and used as slave labor. Problem solved. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

20f9fc () No. 6405461

eb8db93a3ef6b7....png (267 KB, 255 x 146, 490 : 280, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9b1231 () No. 6405462


It might have gotten passed into law and I'm not a lawyer but it doesn't pass the sniff test for me right off the bat as being compatible with 1A.

fba329 () No. 6405463

22124e05ed0f76....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 159, 480 : 300, Wut U Lookin A....jpg) (h)



d9dd75 () No. 6405464

77554b6d72721e....png (406 KB, 206 x 255, 731 : 904, Screenshot_55.png) (h)

b8510e74e5f1bd....png (434 KB, 255 x 163, 952 : 609, Screenshot_56.png) (h)

9ef2b121cd9c08....png (546 KB, 255 x 203, 984 : 783, Screenshot_60.png) (h)

Kentucky Derby:




Anons will be AMAZED!


2249ad () No. 6405465


YOU missed the wave.


58258d () No. 6405466

2031a6449eb2aa....png (276 KB, 255 x 148, 810 : 470, Screenshot_201....png) (h)


TY Baker.

3ff849 () No. 6405467



And nothing is done

fe2d85 () No. 6405468

de062eb0f59cf7....png (539 KB, 145 x 255, 343 : 604, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

“The gentiles will want to be our slaves. Being a slave to a Jew is the best. They’re glad to be slaves, they want to be slaves,”


452c86 () No. 6405469


are you skeered?


4337c0 () No. 6405470


That guy has had a look of fear on his face for about a year. I think he was Comey's chief of staff. May very well be legal problems in his future.

5eedc3 () No. 6405471



fe2d85 () No. 6405472

ef2f97 () No. 6405473


Anon remembers it well. Worked a 4 month summer break (college) on the natural. gas patch. Averaged over 105 hrs/wk. Big money.

1f8c86 () No. 6405474

79973971fe6a64....png (11 KB, 159 x 255, 159 : 255, super bread.png) (h)


thanks for the sweet bakery super makerman KAL

50e592 () No. 6405475


…but not really surprising.

fe2d85 () No. 6405476


I just did buddy. :)

1f8c86 () No. 6405477



on the move.

e33cc2 () No. 6405478


>They’re glad to be slaves, they want to be slaves,”

Who in the sam hell cares what they think???

2249ad () No. 6405479




6755b0 () No. 6405480

b48211305dc153....png (141 KB, 255 x 181, 623 : 441, Capture.png) (h)

5da9c2 () No. 6405481

8d5a7d425651ff....jpg (202 KB, 255 x 221, 756 : 654, QCrumbsDifficu....jpg) (h)

c9cc97d8023e52....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 133, 1024 : 536, QCrumbsDifficu....jpg) (h)

97d7ff49e4c794....jpg (246 KB, 255 x 172, 1024 : 690, QCrumbsDoNotFo....jpg) (h)

581a27dff52c29....jpg (248 KB, 191 x 255, 844 : 1126, QCrumbsEntireW....jpg) (h)

b0eb1ea707e03b....jpg (497 KB, 255 x 214, 1850 : 1553, SchneidermanTh....jpg) (h)

fe2d85 () No. 6405482


I do.

452c86 () No. 6405483

To be afraid of YOUR God is to be afraid of a CLEAR BLUE SKY.


d03809 () No. 6405484

37670b9a9a412c....jpg (338 KB, 238 x 255, 1520 : 1632, Trump Number 1 .jpg) (h)

e70aed () No. 6405485


Adolf, you old son of a bitch! How's life?

e89648 () No. 6405486

Wow this place is fucking dead now, been away a few weeks because I got so burned out on Q, MSM, POTUS, everything.

Still a LARP as far as the public world (only thing that matters) is concerned.

Keep up the good work everyone.

9e3c96 () No. 6405487

9eec5139e0567a....jpg (138 KB, 197 x 255, 736 : 952, IMG_2308.jpg) (h)

0d1d7af1f3b2e6....jpg (22 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, IMG_1754.jpg) (h)

4bab1dede11ba0....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 449, IMG_2266.jpg) (h)

97002b5f368932....jpg (97 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 449, IMG_2267.jpg) (h)

f32bfb () No. 6405488

>And now for something completely different

3836ae () No. 6405489

Ukanon update.

We had local council elections.

May's party lost over 1200 seats.

That's a bloodbath.

Labour were supposed win hundreds.

They had a net LOSS.

The EU elections are in three weeks, this indicates Nigel's Brexit party will slaughter everyone. His party didn't stand locally.

If there is a general election, the Brexit Party will be in government.

I cannot overstate what a MASSIVE shift in UK politics this is.

The old guard in the UK is finished as of today.

The establishment is finished.

The sheep have woken up.

There will be no protection for Royals and past/present crimes.

They are VERY scared.

I can't believe its finally happening.

be60ee () No. 6405490

7b1d817f215d83....png (96 KB, 223 x 255, 625 : 716, Ahmadinejad.png) (h)

0052fa6b603574....png (118 KB, 255 x 245, 312 : 300, Othello.png) (h)

May, 2019 could have been date.

f47312 () No. 6405491


You missed this video from Iran….


3ff849 () No. 6405492



4c00a6 () No. 6405493


DEFINITELY one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen lately.

b32f08 () No. 6405495


I’m not going to be alive to see justice

Hope you all find it

Good luck. Sorry for quitting. Real life is too horrible to keep living.

5da9c2 () No. 6405496


Ewww! Get RID of that nasty shit!

2249ad () No. 6405497




Continue to EXACT :)


f30fa1 () No. 6405498

7a00b28ea97c29....png (1108 KB, 255 x 194, 948 : 721, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

69ce65 () No. 6405499


more sauce than just a screencap pls

5eedc3 () No. 6405500


You were a fucking thousandaire!

e33cc2 () No. 6405501


Afraid of the boogey man too?

a22f62 () No. 6405502

7a5d99d87b5bdd....jpeg (208 KB, 189 x 255, 835 : 1125, 8468B55F-6610-....jpeg) (h)

c83e9b63908a3b....jpeg (174 KB, 189 x 255, 835 : 1125, 614C03AC-A975-....jpeg) (h)




4c00a6 () No. 6405503


Iran vid. is definitely bad, but the kid one is from Philly!

662ce3 () No. 6405504

cea2ef8e28e287....png (28 KB, 255 x 101, 601 : 239, AQ21.png) (h)


BREAKING: House Democrats have asked the bar associations of Washington, D.C., and Virginia to open ethics investigation into AG Barr

3ff849 () No. 6405505



UK anon

d28ee0 () No. 6405506

27c9411114f1a0....jpg (130 KB, 255 x 170, 800 : 533, Storm_2.jpg) (h)

802a853e67e8d7....jpg (143 KB, 160 x 255, 500 : 796, cost if illega....jpg) (h)

225544b28343a1....jpg (178 KB, 255 x 232, 800 : 727, Wyoming Uranium.jpg) (h)

edd3fd4769bbdd....jpg (90 KB, 255 x 191, 669 : 500, biden spirit a....jpg) (h)

9d6356b63e64f0....jpg (155 KB, 255 x 241, 800 : 755, hands off chil....jpg) (h)

1b6357 () No. 6405507

fdf75a20c18a0b....png (684 KB, 255 x 191, 666 : 500, E21F77BD-6093-....png) (h)

29e9398f4914a3....png (578 KB, 255 x 170, 612 : 408, A90283B4-BA2D-....png) (h)

5b1d41a3fe5184....png (924 KB, 255 x 143, 1140 : 641, 93BCD97E-1EC6-....png) (h)

4c1040da3c98cf....jpeg (98 KB, 154 x 255, 450 : 745, 95941A37-8D2C-....jpeg) (h)

5a98a3ede702ed....png (235 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 560A9103-9F87-....png) (h)

a22f62 () No. 6405508

6b5165fc417810....jpeg (299 KB, 255 x 178, 1200 : 838, 9AFE3C81-38C6-....jpeg) (h)



[pic related]

f47312 () No. 6405509

yes and that one needs to be reported to DHS.


25b9da () No. 6405510

ba2506ba0c1a72....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 171, 1612 : 1080, SkykingRIP.jpg) (h)


Do a flip, faggot.

Maybe a barrel roll?

ecd6de () No. 6405511

532543fa3df620....gif (5138 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Barr_Laugh2.gif) (h)

c4e55b () No. 6405512

4ab36ede151ef1....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, muhjew3.jpg) (h)

5eedc3 () No. 6405513


What losers. Piss him off moar. Arrest these crooked fucks. Let’s see the Sex payments, illegal pay offs, the whole bit. Lock em up!

6d599c () No. 6405514

d153c8ae2e2e57....jpg (43 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, butt egg.jpg) (h)

Check this out, anons. I don't know how much longer Pete Buttfuck is going to be relevant, but if anyone needs assets for memes, the dumbass sealed his own fate by making a publicly available campaign logo toolkit.

URL: https://design.peteforamerica.com/

e25600 () No. 6405515

67ca7898686e6a....png (50 KB, 255 x 92, 596 : 216, controlled-opp....png) (h)

The name of the game is 'regulation'.

Big Tech prolly has the legislation already written.

86a4e1 () No. 6405516



20f9fc () No. 6405517

9e3c96 () No. 6405518

554b8194cf33f8....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 142, 800 : 446, IMG_1508.jpg) (h)


We the people know POTUS didn't have to do this.

It's why we will always have his back.



3836ae () No. 6405519




For anyone who doesn't believe it is happening. It is.

World. Wide.

Just in the UK and France, the spell is broken.

No one is buying the bullshit from the media.

It is gaining pace.

Godspeed anons.

1df7b3 () No. 6405520

50ff9824777de2....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 251, 579 : 570, pepeshill50f.jpg) (h)


Reddit spacing says you're full of shit.

Go back and do it there.

f8cf2d () No. 6405521

5bdf2d31358112....png (1555 KB, 196 x 255, 1692 : 2200, hunterbecomesh....png) (h)


This one from yesterday but Anon was wondering if Hunter Biden is a double meaning to the Hunter becomes the Hunted crumb.

662ce3 () No. 6405522


2 Dems push D.C., Virginia bar associations to investigate Barr

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.) — both former prosecutors — say they believe Barr “at best misled Congress” and “at worst perjured himself” when he told lawmakers this week he was unsure why some members Mueller’s team were reportedly dissatisfied with his public portrayal of Mueller’s report.

d28ee0 () No. 6405523

f951017ac8d5ec....jpg (116 KB, 255 x 248, 960 : 932, biden union man.jpg) (h)

bdc458b99913ea....jpg (719 KB, 191 x 255, 1100 : 1471, Great Awakenin....jpg) (h)

be72753ac5d326....jpg (220 KB, 255 x 171, 800 : 537, bigger than wa....jpg) (h)

32ef15cf236b2d....jpg (147 KB, 233 x 255, 732 : 800, hrc hillary st....jpg) (h)

abc3afb6a4080a....jpg (146 KB, 255 x 251, 800 : 788, schumer meme.jpg) (h)

c4e55b () No. 6405524

264f4b7580424a....png (131 KB, 255 x 124, 1189 : 578, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Repost. Shilly nightshift did not bake.

>>6400701 lb

>"The Moment of Truth", better known as 'Karate Kid, is an amarican movie shot by J G Avildsen, published 1984.

>It´s the first part of the 'Karate Kid' Saga.

The movie of Q´s latest drop, Karate Kid, is actually called


I T I S O N ! ! !

9145ae () No. 6405525

9c483e970b069a....jpg (144 KB, 182 x 255, 372 : 520, 9c483e970b069a....jpg) (h)


Thanks baker!

610731 () No. 6405527

>>6404630 (LB)

If so, James has been talking to us. Might want to revisit how he stands in his photos….. hmmmmmm

e4aa0d () No. 6405528

Deuteronomy 18

10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices their son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 

11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 

12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD; because of these same detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. 

782ba6 () No. 6405529

Please put creepy joe on barry in this pick

a22f62 () No. 6405530


Do you have another solution you’d like to propose? Or are you like some kind of electrical skeptical anon?

ecd6de () No. 6405531

3da6b8d7a59c1a....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 140, 634 : 347, WW1 soldiers.jpg) (h)

d31b2b43c0aac8....png (546 KB, 255 x 245, 736 : 708, Pepe_UK.png) (h)



Thanks for the update from across the pond, m8s

d9dd75 () No. 6405532

818b0adae7518d....png (500 KB, 255 x 251, 805 : 791, Screenshot_61.png) (h)

86a4e1 () No. 6405533

c1c2372792cd47....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 207, 1243 : 1009, Clip_04.jpg) (h)

452c86 () No. 6405534


never brought up :)

how embarrassing for you.


2b0312 () No. 6405535


Triggered by the jq? u should kys. Those posts are made by mossad anyways… half the jq posts here are.

b32f08 () No. 6405536


Ok thx for the words of encouragement

4c00a6 () No. 6405537


Fox actually reported on it today, outrage has already begun.

0b4df6 () No. 6405538

why doesn't MM just say Q

a22f62 () No. 6405539

78a0f299fcff2f....jpeg (114 KB, 255 x 143, 900 : 506, 977FCBA4-AADE-....jpeg) (h)


I made you this.

5eedc3 () No. 6405540



Barr needs to search and kill on all these fucks. It’s past due.

b40d17 () No. 6405541

7953abfb87c5ab....jpeg (41 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, 573D43B3-AD75-....jpeg) (h)


Holy double orbital ring space elevator, Batman!

The {X} which is formed looks like a Christogram (Neoplatonic Anima Mundi) over an invisible Atlantis (axis mundi?)

6d599c () No. 6405542


Proud of you guys. Brexit was the first good thing to happen to a Western country in a very long time.

f47312 () No. 6405543


OUTSTANDING for you all UKAnon!

Stand united and be proud! I can't believe the reversal. They all deserve every bit of the loss.

2c977c () No. 6405544

8b5a54b0530bbe....jpeg (45 KB, 255 x 146, 500 : 286, sweden shooter.jpeg) (h)



Not surprised at all that

you are pulling the plug.

Next time you post this

cuck skip the PLEBBIT

spacing….Will be a tad

more convincing next


ecd6de () No. 6405545

7b8e9f07c90b40....gif (612 KB, 255 x 175, 540 : 371, Pepe_Rain4.gif) (h)


Don't be a pussy, anon. Whatever problem you have isn't permanent, so suck it up, tough it out. Things will get better I promise.

d9dd75 () No. 6405546


40 year plan?

To kill all of America?

2249ad () No. 6405547



not the Son.

idiot SAYfagVANTS


P.S 4 tries here to respond to FAGGOTS

P.S.S. Thanks you fucking piece of SHIT BV :)

4337c0 () No. 6405549

24ddf37e124fa4....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 213, 669 : 559, xsxsxss.jpg) (h)

"A federal investigation of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has widened to include a range of tax documents on the governor’s expansive business portfolio, according to a subpoena sent to his administration last month.

The federal grand jury subpoena that the state Revenue Department released Friday asks for communications, meeting records and tax documents involving the state and any of the roughly 100 private business interests held by the Republican governor."


6c0662 () No. 6405550

4911d7325c928d....png (194 KB, 255 x 202, 1024 : 813, QNn_04-26-06.2....png) (h)

68% of Americans get thier news from Facebook?

May 1st , Fox News number 1 in prime time.

Twitter and Facebook bann conservatives voices like Jamewoods, who have large #s

following them and Fox News leaning left outside of prime time, our push, as more conservative voices are silenced to get the truth out is growing, "We are the News now", the voice of truth. The "Normies" will

keep coming here in larger #'s.

782ba6 () No. 6405551

0658273c96ba34....jpg (743 KB, 220 x 255, 1287 : 1493, erasingobummer....jpg) (h)

forgot pick>>6405529

e25600 () No. 6405552

664f2b8bfb2d14....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 143, 499 : 279, liz.jpg) (h)


Great news.

f47312 () No. 6405553




b70884 () No. 6405554

94de1886fa6e03....png (1133 KB, 255 x 134, 1040 : 546, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Federal court tosses out Ohio's congressional map

A federal court in Ohio on Friday struck down the state’s congressional map as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander and ordered the state to draw new voting lines for the 2020 election. In a 300-page ruling, the three-judge panel for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio found the redistricting plan, enacted by the Ohio legislature and signed into law in 2011, violated the First and 14th Amendments and exceeded the powers granted to the states under Article I of the Constitution. The map, they said, was drawn to entrench the Republicans in power and disadvantage Democratic voters.

The court ordered the state to draw new lines for the 2020 election and gave the General Assembly a deadline of June 14 to enact a remedial redistricting plan. If the state legislature fails to enact a new map, the court will instead draw new voting boundaries for the 2020 election. The ruling from the federal court comes as the Supreme Court is set to rule in the coming weeks on two partisan gerrymandering cases, one from Maryland and one from North Carolina. The justices heard oral arguments in those cases in March, and a ruling is expected by the end of June.

In Maryland, Republican voters challenged the lines of the state’s 6th Congressional District drawn by Democratic state lawmakers. In North Carolina, Democratic voters challenged the full congressional voting map drawn by the state’s Republican leaders. The pair of cases, which came to the court ahead of the next redistricting cycle in 2021, raised the question of whether extreme partisan gerrymandering runs afoul of the Constitution.

In Ohio, Democratic voters from each of the state’s 16 congressional districts and five organizations challenged the constitutionality of its redistricting map, which was drawn by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature. “In 2011, when Ohio’s redistricting process began, Republican dominance in the Ohio state government meant that Republican state legislators could push through a remarkably pro-Republican redistricting bill without meaningful input from their Democratic colleagues,” the court said. “Ohio Republicans took advantage of that opportunity, and invidious partisan intent — the intent to disadvantage Democratic voters and entrench Republican representatives in power — dominated the map-drawing process.”

GOP legislators, the court said, drew the districts with “one overarching goal in mind — the creation of an Ohio congressional map that would reliably elect 12 Republican representatives and four Democratic representatives.” The plan has achieved its desired outcome, as Republicans have won 12 of the state’s 16 congressional seats in the four election cycles that have been held under the voting map. The three-judge panel implicated state and congressional Republicans in the mapmaking process, including former House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. The judges said in their ruling that in some instances, “national Republican operatives had the authority to ‘sign off’ on changes” before they were implemented at the state level.




a22f62 () No. 6405555

Elizabeth Warrant basically guaranteed nobody will pay back their student loans now.

What if people said FUCK YOU to student loans in protest. And by people I mean all of them.

58a183 () No. 6405556

6f6506dd52194f....jpg (130 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, monkeyjew.jpg) (h)

69ce65 () No. 6405557

9674fa13a32d08....jpg (172 KB, 155 x 255, 520 : 853, 1520698732927.jpg) (h)


>>6405504, >>6405522 PANIC: House D's desperately attack Barr, want him disbarred

>>6405502 17 Children rescued, 82 Arrested in Multi-State Child Sexual Exploitation Sting

>>6405489 UK Anon shares summary of happenings across the pond

>>6405451, >>6405448 Philadelphia Muslim Society children: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah (Fox)

>>6405438 Dead ex-Miss Uruguay may have had ties to escort ring (NYPost)

>>6405393 Barr at hearing: Aussie Alexander Downer was FBI source for info re PapaD. (DailyCaller)

>>6405377 Clockfag Update - Re-read Crumbs

4bd981 () No. 6405558

8537d4beeba403....png (203 KB, 252 x 255, 654 : 663, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Maybe something, maybe not.

The format seems kinda weird. Possible comms.

The first letter of last word of each section spells:



Wiki Leaks

Attorney General

f5c014 () No. 6405559


I hate people saying "It will get better." Sometimes, for some people, it doesn't. I just stays the same. No matter whay is tried, no matter how many times they "suck it up" nothing changes for them. People spend years in this state just making the best of every day knowing that it will never get "better."

c00cba () No. 6405560


Love that message, Anon

fbde5c () No. 6405561


Ukfag here East Yorkshire .

Our country is fucked ,@

Funny how these clowns are in charge.

Imagine that the same thing has been happening for years.

All those people that died in those wars .

These people are stupid.

e70aed () No. 6405562

All the shills, fags, and clowns have made their way back.

Can we now cut the crap with the per post captcha?

452c86 () No. 6405563




P.S. Hang around with Obama and Chelsea :)… HAVE FUN TRAITOR.

f3fe2d () No. 6405564

a892d38afc4218....png (27 KB, 255 x 104, 630 : 256, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Total panic much?


20f9fc () No. 6405566

a247f7505a8505....png (17 KB, 255 x 59, 850 : 196, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9e3c96 () No. 6405567


I'll never forget, anon.

d9dd75 () No. 6405568



(I can watch this video over and over again and never get bored!)

f5bd8a () No. 6405569

Just made fresh.

POTUS wood burning

782ba6 () No. 6405570

f40b67f62d0332....png (181 KB, 233 x 255, 353 : 386, bidensniffingb....png) (h)

need this to be transparent

what is the best program for making memes

asking for a fren

f8cf2d () No. 6405571

3f14a0e34db004....png (1218 KB, 255 x 181, 2625 : 1865, qclock_q djt3x....png) (h)


Maybe next Friday.

1a7342 () No. 6405572

aa4aee084a3fad....png (3975 KB, 255 x 255, 3000 : 3000, nxvim.png) (h)




b32f08 () No. 6405573


Yeah you know what’s up with me


You are a good person

63f5e9 () No. 6405574


Shouldn't you be in Wisconsin trying to win a van?

f5bd8a () No. 6405575


Just made fresh.

POTUS wood burning

04a483 () No. 6405576

34c3a6856ddd32....jpg (403 KB, 255 x 170, 1200 : 800, QCrumbsFearThe....jpg) (h)

b1130a8d18270b....jpg (387 KB, 255 x 173, 1500 : 1018, qnn_storm_comi....jpg) (h)

45ccd119d1aca4....jpg (292 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 682, WhoOpposesWall....jpg) (h)

68ff7dc545852c....jpg (205 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, BorderCost.jpg) (h)

9e7de8e5d071a4....jpg (464 KB, 255 x 128, 1500 : 750, CostOfBorderWa....jpg) (h)

2184e6 () No. 6405577


paying for indoctrination , sounds like a good argument .

2249ad () No. 6405578


These BV?

are pieces of SHIT and NOT my Brothers.


f47312 () No. 6405579


Dead doesn't make it better either.

You are in control of your life unless you enjoy being a victim.

1df7b3 () No. 6405580

256cec41ba4011....png (113 KB, 201 x 255, 315 : 400, Shampoolou our....png) (h)


If you're not full of shit, don't do it. At least wait till the end of this and see how you feelz then.

And remember, at least you"re not Shampoo Liu

a22f62 () No. 6405581

210168a4deb463....jpeg (395 KB, 220 x 255, 1200 : 1394, 18B7A5B6-848E-....jpeg) (h)


Now Don Limon has his marching orders.

1a7342 () No. 6405582

2b6cffccb1a75d....png (2660 KB, 255 x 170, 3000 : 2000, bq-5cb7c85c26b....png) (h)

aa4aee084a3fad....png (3975 KB, 255 x 255, 3000 : 3000, nxvim.png) (h)

d36cbc () No. 6405583


When will we have the Military Parade in Washington that was postponed?

Is a Military Parade even a thing anymore?

Thank You!

c00cba () No. 6405584


that, right thar, is pure desperation Kek

6ff252 () No. 6405585


O7 the Sky King

d28ee0 () No. 6405586

cruise control now

msm is showing their belly

those finally talking are trying to save themselves

others are too deep to stop now

they))) don't care about me or my neighbors

should i care about them)))

if you need a break, now is the time, while msm finally doing their jobs for once

soon America will know moar

they will be mad

and sad

and confused


choice is yours

help them and save the World

or ridicule them and make them feel stupid

do we need their help in the Vote against ds 2020


0b4df6 () No. 6405587


I'm UK too

Brexit party, Stupid Nigel going for Eu elections

The same EU we voted out of

Farage needs to stop messing about and form proper party

2 party systems around the world are coming to an end with more radicals

We can't have that

774aba () No. 6405588


Dont take my lack of time spent here or Twitter as a lack of support for this movement. I am now working 2 jobs (thank you Trump!) and in the process of starting a new job that will replace my current jobs (thank you Trump!) and i just have too many constraints on my time! 😢 But my household (and neighborhood) are with you and POTUS 110% and I am excited that I am now able to regularly donate to the campaign again.

MAQA! 🇺🇸

4c00a6 () No. 6405589

9a66d9d4c31453....png (2208 KB, 255 x 191, 2048 : 1536, 4E9C5B7B-32E3-....png) (h)


Video is still up.

ef2f97 () No. 6405590


Yeah, The dispatcher didn't like me, I was a college kid. So I tricked him. Told him I was working too much. Started complaining a little, then ramped it up to where I was pleading with him.

He was a sadist, An easy mark for the young & strong younger me.

5b5447 () No. 6405591

8a266aa80e3e99....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 141, 672 : 372, meghan4.jpg) (h)

3836ae () No. 6405592



Thanks anons.

This is a cultural shift.

The media are turning on labour and conservatives.

Their spin from the parties is ridiculous too and no one is buying it.

One saying it's because people want Brexit cancelled, the other saying it's because we want a shit deal.

No deals!!!

abbbfc () No. 6405593

3309eec356d39f....jpg (127 KB, 255 x 170, 480 : 320, 3309eec356d39f....jpg) (h)

Happy Friday Anons!

And any 'folks' that are creeping. You enjoy your last pay period.

c4e55b () No. 6405594

91c65c922f83f2....png (187 KB, 187 x 255, 690 : 942, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Repost from shilly nightshift.

POTUS did another ZERO DELTA in two tweets yesterday morning.

>>6400621 lb

452c86 () No. 6405595



you can do better :)



20f9fc () No. 6405596

bf1205 () No. 6405597


Keep it up fuckers. Poke the bear.

e6532e () No. 6405598

129aa75826f838....jpg (432 KB, 143 x 255, 672 : 1200, IMG_297.jpg) (h)

patriots laugh!

e80e36 () No. 6405599


That tactic only worked for one anon during a 7 hour stretch during night shift.

[mos] is pathetic. Good Day.

5eedc3 () No. 6405600


Federal student loans should be eliminated. They are precisely what has driven tuition costs higher than almost everything else in society, and allowed a proliferation of lazy, retarder libtard colleges. Colleges should really more be elitist again, not glorified trade and business schools. Glorify the trade and business schools and return colleges to classics again, when they were more worthwhile. I have decades in academia and the student loan industry. It needs to go back. To classicism.

e70aed () No. 6405602


We don't need a national military parades. Not only is it a waste of money, it is also what commie countries do. We're not commies.

ecd6de () No. 6405603

0dd717ee129dca....jpg (45 KB, 190 x 255, 505 : 677, JesusChrist.jpg) (h)


I've spent my own amount of time in the darkness, depressedanon. I tried to take my own life, one of my biggest regrets and things I'm most ashamed of. Life has highs and life has lows, but things are always changing. If you end your life you take away the chance for things to get better. 8 years ago I was living in my car in the freezing cold sleeping in parking lots and thinking about which method I wanted to use to kill myself. Today I'm happily married, live in a really nice house, am self employed and made 3x more this year htan last year and my wife and I are expecting a daughter in October. I thank God I didn't kill myself like a coward. I thank Jesus for the blessings I enjoy today. So don't rob yourself the chance of a great future, anon.

023338 () No. 6405604

May 11

5 x 11


2c977c () No. 6405606

2f4ba6d7578453....mp4 (12119 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, Skyking's fina....mp4) (h)



Moment of silence

for the SkyKing…

True American Hero

Say his name with

Reverent Pride.

58258d () No. 6405605


No. Canadian.


abbbfc () No. 6405607


Good times in the Maritimes!

Excellent news, thanks for the updates anons. Don't want to stiff lip the general pop… oh snap - to late!

662ce3 () No. 6405608


Waters presses Treasury on North Korea's $2M 'bill' for Warmbier

Mad maxine is demanding answers from the Trump administration over whether it paid North Korea for the release of Otto Warmbier, calling it "outrageous" for Pyongyang to send a "bill" following the American college student's death.

Waters, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, wrote to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday asking for details after The Washington Post reported that a U.S. envoy signed a pledge agreeing to pay a $2 million bill issued by North Korea for Warmbier’s hospital care.

Warmbier was held in North Korea for 18 months and was sent back to the U.S. in a coma in 2017 before dying shortly thereafter.

“It is outrageous that the hostile government of North Korea, which has taken U.S. hostages and tortured U.S. citizens, would have the audacity to present a ‘medical bill’ or ransom demand for their ultimately murderous actions; President Kim and the North Korean government are responsible for Otto Warmbier’s death," Waters said in her letter.

f3fe2d () No. 6405609

e52ddaf240a79e....png (92 KB, 255 x 135, 1112 : 588, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


3836ae () No. 6405610




It has been.

Everyone is waking up.

The mind control is breaking down

b70884 () No. 6405611

308cd808b2f982....png (366 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3dd1b272962618....png (88 KB, 106 x 255, 652 : 1563, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Never Trumpers and Leftists Praise Facebook’s Blacklisting of Conservatives

Never Trumpers, journalists, and leftists took to Twitter yesterday to praise Facebook’s decision to blacklist prominent conservative accounts. Facebook blacklisted several prominent right-wing accounts from both Facebook and Instagram on Thursday. Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and Paul Joseph Watson are amongst the major players who had their accounts permanently suspended on Thursday. Never Trumpers including Rick Wilson praised the decision on social media.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the account suspensions were made in accordance with the platform’s policy against hate. “We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”


d252a1 () No. 6405612

4f10c2b8cb4b70....jpg (154 KB, 201 x 255, 696 : 884, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)



69ce65 () No. 6405613


honest question: How is this significant? I thought Zero Delta (the important ones anyway) was where Q posts followed by POTUS Tweet less than a minute later.

bab26d () No. 6405614

59ebfa62f2b528....mp4 (10374 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, children_in_ph....mp4) (h)

c9bdbe () No. 6405615

924c168e1bee47....jpeg (23 KB, 250 x 250, 250 : 250, 4C5D931D-222F-....jpeg) (h)


Cheers UK anons for taking your country back!

90bec3 () No. 6405616

4112c6e04aebf7....jpg (628 KB, 255 x 197, 3300 : 2550, page01.jpg) (h)


Q drop #3330 says "Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN?"

News broke today that, "New information reveals that when General Flynn traveled to Russia in 2015 he was operating as source for DIA."

Q's drop was six days before the news broke.

58a183 () No. 6405617

8ad1ed5c17b970....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 125, 1080 : 530, always.jpg) (h)

ecd6de () No. 6405618

558d6a330ff10b....jpg (16 KB, 209 x 255, 262 : 320, JesusChrist2.jpg) (h)



This message is for the depressedanon. I posted already but ay have replied to the wrong anon. I just want to make sure you see this, sadanon.

've spent my own amount of time in the darkness, depressedanon. I tried to take my own life, one of my biggest regrets and things I'm most ashamed of. Life has highs and life has lows, but things are always changing. If you end your life you take away the chance for things to get better. 8 years ago I was living in my car in the freezing cold sleeping in parking lots and thinking about which method I wanted to use to kill myself. Today I'm happily married, live in a really nice house, am self employed and made 3x more this year htan last year and my wife and I are expecting a daughter in October. I thank God I didn't kill myself like a coward. I thank Jesus for the blessings I enjoy today. So don't rob yourself the chance of a great future, anon.

944377 () No. 6405619


"All the bad people in this story are lawyers.

There's a hero. His name is Admiral Mike Rogers. He was the head of the National Security Agency."

04a483 () No. 6405621

1b8f4907444057....jpg (14 KB, 222 x 255, 222 : 255, Accountant.jpg) (h)


Good idea!

452c86 () No. 6405622



5eedc3 () No. 6405623


Positive actions and intentions are usually better. Both together. Your thoughts create your life.

69c871 () No. 6405624

20ed8dfceb75fc....png (525 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5 Heavies hauling lots of something North of SLC Utah.

017622 () No. 6405625


>There will be no protection for Royals and past/present crimes.

You're in for disappointment on this hope..

Good Time Stamp, tho.

2249ad () No. 6405626


you missed it.



e9b901 () No. 6405627

8f9d5ed91688b2....jpg (118 KB, 255 x 170, 576 : 384, egged again.jpg) (h)

8a560fb1646d79....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 157, 255 : 157, dont lose your....jpg) (h)

ffe7fe26933076....jpg (174 KB, 255 x 128, 768 : 384, feel the burn ....jpg) (h)

9c96fb28837d99....png (151 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 449, yellow vest re....png) (h)

46cec745ada2d3....jpg (186 KB, 255 x 170, 576 : 384, cheesy sleazy ....jpg) (h)

ae03df () No. 6405628


Even worse…

fd4a73 () No. 6405629

22d59b1d18de30....png (173 KB, 255 x 246, 455 : 439, British Pepe.png) (h)


Wonderful news, UKanon!

662ce3 () No. 6405630

3c0a74fc80275c....pdf (171 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, AQ1.pdf) (h)

51609ca84ed97a....png (94 KB, 255 x 141, 695 : 385, AQ2.png) (h)


Mad Maxines Letter to Sec Mnuchin

6d599c () No. 6405631


Some people are just good, you know? Good to the bone.

e3729b () No. 6405632



>Q pushes IBOR instead of just using the Bill of Rights

>This is an international movement; doh!

>Here comes IBOR

Damn right, it's already written.

1b6357 () No. 6405633

191119a4746914....png (651 KB, 244 x 255, 500 : 523, 4520D8D8-D090-....png) (h)

3f241308abd56f....png (665 KB, 159 x 255, 500 : 803, 3076749B-8B44-....png) (h)



86a4e1 () No. 6405634

030c52f0878ada....jpg (248 KB, 255 x 233, 1181 : 1079, Clip_71.jpg) (h)

2249ad () No. 6405635


Follows the crapeaters… THEY KNOW ALL :)


b32f08 () No. 6405636


I saw it. Thanks.

I’ve lived in my car for a long time too.

That’s not the issue.

My life is in the hands of corrupt judges. I’ve been to law school, so I use the word corrupt very carefully.

Thanks, and congrats on the upcoming birth of your child.

e80e36 () No. 6405637

b97a8c41676ed4....png (49 KB, 255 x 112, 1201 : 528, funnyshit.png) (h)


You're doing it wrong.

you do it like pic related.

3836ae () No. 6405638



The Brexit Party is cross party.

It is standing for Westminister Elections.

The first is the by election for Peterborough to replace MP just kicked out.

Where is the next Brexit Party rally?


They smash the Tories and Labour at EU elections, there will be a vote of no confidence OR May will have to go no deal before then.


b40d17 () No. 6405639


I’m no fan of the Thule Society and the mysticism used by Nazis and their international banker backers. I was speaking in metaphors, perhaps dangerously so.

209345 () No. 6405640

>>6405347 (lb)

They are messages to us Anons, especially the top tweet about the Typos.

e3729b () No. 6405641




-House D's threaten subpoena of Barr/Whitaker re: DECLAS, SC report, Huber, etc….

-House D's use subpoena power to ……………………Acts 1, 2, and 3. [spill +30]

4c00a6 () No. 6405643


I hope this gets plastered everywhere. Conservatives getting censored while this filth is allowed. and going on in Philly.


209345 () No. 6405644



58a183 () No. 6405645

5d2460bc31f01a....jpeg (278 KB, 255 x 220, 1024 : 883, beauty_and_the....jpeg) (h)

e4aa0d () No. 6405646

5f467035a80a23....jpg (24 KB, 212 x 255, 352 : 424, images.jpeg-30.jpg) (h)

017622 () No. 6405647


Dear Max,

Fuck you. Both you and your weave are crooked.


Steve Mnuchin

PS: My wife is hot, but I'm pretty sure she practices witchcraft.

5eedc3 () No. 6405648


Agree, Komrade.

ef2f97 () No. 6405650


Bull shit. There is not a true patriot in uniform, or now out, who wouldn't love to have our armed services be honored with a parade in front of our Commander in Chief in Washington. DC.

f96b6f () No. 6405651



452c86 () No. 6405652


I WILL Deceive YOU.


d91089 () No. 6405653

8667e30cb1aa9b....png (632 KB, 255 x 169, 682 : 452, 82 arrested ch....png) (h)

ATLANTA - Eighty-two people, including 31 in Georgia, have been arrested in a multistate child exploitation operation. Seventeen children were also rescued or identified as victims.

The sting, dubbed Operation Southern Impact III, spanned four months and eight southern states from Florida to West Virginia. The men and women arrested were either in posession of child pornography or attempting to have sex with a child.

Channel 2's Rikki Klaus is working to learn more about people arrested in Georgia.

The operation focused on people who possess and distribute child pornography and those who are sexually exploiting children in other ways using technology and the internet.

In Georgia, most arrests were of people involved in the possession or distribution of child pornography – some involving infants and toddlers. Seven people were arrested for planning to meet and have sex with a minor. Four registered sex offenders were among those arrested.


747d07 () No. 6405654

>>6405489 Great news UKanon




cf74e1 () No. 6405655

9068078a4e22ea....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 143, 768 : 432, skynews-nigel-....jpg) (h)

ea7d57 () No. 6405656


Trigger warning: The "Be careful what you wish for" is about to be accepted an a 88 howitzer round tossed into the mountain of Barr hunting lodge inc. Warning: Look out below get out of the way of what is next…. Avalanche inbound

905dfe () No. 6405657

76f34dc5c68319....jpg (192 KB, 255 x 187, 1266 : 928, YuckItUp4.jpg) (h)

ba82fc19d71a6a....jpg (171 KB, 255 x 202, 1155 : 917, YuckItUp3.jpg) (h)

9f8aa6145ceab5....jpg (515 KB, 255 x 203, 1887 : 1499, YuckItUp2.jpg) (h)

a57ffbf52868cb....jpg (93 KB, 255 x 186, 759 : 554, YuckItUp1.jpg) (h)

>>6405428 (LB)

1f8c86 () No. 6405658

6fb6c8427e9ac5....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 255, 700 : 700, rolls nom.jpg) (h)

96cd70df8c41bf....png (856 KB, 255 x 143, 1024 : 575, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


fuuug u makin me hangry

20f9fc () No. 6405659

209345 () No. 6405660




ecd6de () No. 6405661


Thanks and I hope you don't get sent to jail, anon but don't do anything rash, you deserve to see how things play out for yourself.

45278f () No. 6405662

Last bread:

>>6404938 >>6404954 >>6404958 >>6404962 >>6404976

Y'all are fairly stoopid.

"To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:

Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n."

Paradise Lost

John Milton


The ignorance here can be defeaning

5eedc3 () No. 6405663


What did she demand when they kidnapped him?

e80e36 () No. 6405664

c382747f7ee046....png (144 KB, 255 x 72, 989 : 279, stolenandrekt.png) (h)


..or like this. You liars hate Jesus.


35c5cc () No. 6405665

5f4cbf3acc5a74....png (228 KB, 155 x 255, 742 : 1222, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e6532e () No. 6405666

ad8cb7d9cef497....jpg (407 KB, 255 x 163, 1280 : 816, IMG_243.jpg) (h)

patriots remember!!

8a9ba1 () No. 6405667

f27b65d82ee1df....png (145 KB, 184 x 255, 694 : 962, Screenshot at ....png) (h)

f671f39e8cf1bd....png (153 KB, 195 x 255, 726 : 948, Screenshot at ....png) (h)

203bb38f1ed740....png (153 KB, 196 x 255, 741 : 964, Screenshot at ....png) (h)

9c74d35e508eff....jpg (145 KB, 112 x 255, 346 : 788, TH.jpg) (h)


I saw this on Voat a bit ago… Never seen such a compilation. Good work to whoever put this together. WELCOME TO THE WAR.

fd5e51 () No. 6405668

Fuck kikes like Kushner. They think they are our masters but are only parasites! Freedom of Speech!

5eedc3 () No. 6405669


Agree. Cash does that.

fd4a73 () No. 6405670


May God grant you justice, mercy, and peace.

Praying for you.

9a91ba () No. 6405671


Couldn’t agree more.

Most people going to college should never be in the university system, and the system has suffered greatly from having to provide remedial education and academic babysitting.

Make Vocational Education Great (and Noble) Again!

Make Universities Centers Of Academic Excellence Again!

86a4e1 () No. 6405672

6dd6cb79161e48....jpg (130 KB, 255 x 169, 1196 : 793, Clip_53.jpg) (h)

944377 () No. 6405673

86c56b7474f39e....mp4 (6814 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, sky king.mp4) (h)

fc0b04 () No. 6405674

f75d6129ad8f77....jpeg (131 KB, 255 x 177, 1076 : 748, 1552926732.jpeg) (h)

f8cf2d () No. 6405676

103b7c5a4a89ae....jpg (268 KB, 255 x 254, 720 : 718, Pepe_Kek.jpg) (h)


Fair question Anon.

Q has pointed us to a Zero Delta between him and POTUS and we are waiting for that day. I think the final post will be synchronized to the second with Q and POTUS.

Maybe "We Are Q". KEK. Followed by the disappearance of hate chan (going to miss you faggots). Hope you archived off line.

POTUS tweet deltas of :00 (:SS) are new to the past couple days (from as much as I could determine just manually searching trumptwitterarchive.com. That is why some Anons got excited and asked for notables.

Was a pointless argument that the baker handled well last night I thought.

I am always happy when people are paying attention to time stamps and deltas. Even if we are just calling each other shills over it.

Way it is around here I suppose.

f32bfb () No. 6405677


I'd rather vote UKIP tbh.

The Brexit Party is adopting the old gaurd of the Tories, Labour, etc. It is going to just be a haven for Bennites and Thatcherites that will fragment come the resolution.

017622 () No. 6405678

7169ad7fffbdc5....png (52 KB, 255 x 255, 1024 : 1024, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



May 5th

nothing burger or something?

91871f () No. 6405679


Delighted for you all !

e80e36 () No. 6405680

d2ecbcef975de0....png (144 KB, 235 x 255, 298 : 323, niggertoesucka....png) (h)


or like this. You say you're not a faggot but the reality is you hate The Lord. Eat shit :)

7ce8f0 () No. 6405681


Great news OK Anon.


1f8c86 () No. 6405682



fuck off Rain Man

Shill baker double check notables faggot

man your such a shill for someone who calls everyone shills

its not a delta, it is a 1 second tweet differential and its in my notables bun

209345 () No. 6405683


Wait did he die?

5eedc3 () No. 6405684


I got a 30-day ban for “muzzies did it” on a Notre Dame Post. Fb is on the wrong side of both history and the future.

2249ad () No. 6405686


God, KILL these of Satan.


2a47ff () No. 6405687

875e21b9915890....png (70 KB, 255 x 175, 720 : 493, citizen1.png) (h)

3967c7462b5018....png (62 KB, 255 x 101, 720 : 285, citizen2.png) (h)

ba4d1fb247675f....png (34 KB, 255 x 173, 469 : 318, fakejournalists.png) (h)

c91595220b6c42....png (230 KB, 255 x 220, 630 : 544, Qspotlight copy.png) (h)

cb3439e7e72f7c....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 242, 734 : 698, spotlight_brid....jpg) (h)

As far as I can tell, all the so-called "patriots" with Twitter accounts who have been spotlighted by Q at rallies are suspicious Twitter accounts. Something is "off" about all of them. Every last one.

Remember the lady on the bridge? "Eyes on" is NOT a good thing.

Which brings me to Q+. Did you hear the news story about all those "real people" who Trump spotlighted with a retweet? Ya, well it looks like Q+ is applying the same strategy to spotlight fraudulent Twitter accounts. All those "real people" look suspicious too. Just examine their tweet activity more closely.

I mean why this particular "ordinary citizen"? And why didn't the guy pin the tweet? It's the honor of a lifetime.

Just think about this:

You don't think Trumps know that a presidential retweet can bring some unwanted heat to an individual? Would Trump risk bringing that heat to an innocent patriotic citizen?

Twitter is a swamp of fakery and Q+ just put [them] on notice that this GAME is about to be OVER.

e70aed () No. 6405688



I disagree. I'm a vet. We don't need this. We need the moabs to begin. We need to stop fucking around and hang the mofos who have been fucking us over for decades.

9e3c96 () No. 6405689

e39d94942e9017....jpg (372 KB, 255 x 242, 1263 : 1200, IMG_2186.jpg) (h)


Fren, may God send a legion of His holy angels to watch over you and keep you from harming yourself.

I will never tell you "I know exactly how you feel", or the circumstances for your train of thought right now, but DO NOT GIVE IN TO YOUR FEELINGS- they often lie.

Keep hope alive.

In Jesus' name I pray,


b70884 () No. 6405690

05238539c930ac....png (137 KB, 255 x 164, 732 : 472, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8e1233d46c7809....png (819 KB, 130 x 255, 684 : 1343, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9904d0d8dd3f37....png (180 KB, 138 x 255, 697 : 1288, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Google Doubles Down, Making Trump Reddit Fan Club Even Harder to Find

Users of the Reddit social media site have noticed that the Reddit fan club of President Donald Trump was quite difficult to find on Google, but not on other search sites. However, rather than fixing the issue, Google appears to have doubled down, making the fan club—/r/The_Donald—even harder to find. As The Epoch Times reported in April, if one searches the words “Donald Trump” and “Reddit” together on a number of internet search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Brave, one finds that the top spot in the results is r/The_Donald—possibly the largest and most active Trump fan club on the internet with some 740,000 subscribers.

Making the same search on Google, however, didn’t surface the link to The_Donald at all, or at least not on the dozens of pages of search results The Epoch Times staff browsed through. A Google official, responding on the condition of anonymity, had at the time denied the company took any action to impact the ranking of the page and said Google didn’t remove it from its page index. The page still appeared high in the results, the official said via email, when one looked for it more specifically, such as by searching “The_Donald” or “/r/The_Donald” or “reddit The_Donald.” Since then, however, Google seems to have further suppressed The_Donald as searching the words “reddit The_Donald” doesn’t surface the page anymore.

Reddit user Trolling_Rolling pointed to the change in a May 3 post. “I did this two weeks ago and ‘The_Donald’ turned up 5th on the search return. It no longer is on the front page,” he or she said. The Epoch Times’ previous article pointing to Google’s suppression of the subreddit, as compared to other search engines, was the 7th top result for the phrase “reddit The_Donald.” Google didn’t respond to a request for comment on the latest change.

‘Fringe Ranking’ Internal Google materials reportedly revealed a mechanism called “fringe ranking” that was explained as “not showing fake news, hate speech, conspiracy theories, or science/medical/history denial unless we’re sure that’s what the user wants.” Google software engineer Paul Haahr worked on the mechanism, according to his bio on Google’s internal network Moma, which was quoted in an April 9 Daily Caller report. Google didn’t respond to questions on whether “fringe ranking” was applied to r/The_Donald. But left-leaning press has repeatedly accused the page’s users of being “hateful.”

The_Donald was created in June 2015 after Trump announced his candidacy. It describes itself as “a never-ending rally dedicated to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.” Aside from supporting the president, it also focuses on criticizing and ridiculing Trump’s opponents, particularly leftist politicians, celebrities, and media. Its users’ humor and commentary is at times insulting, inaccurate, and/or speculative.


e3729b () No. 6405691



664bb8 () No. 6405692

6f103ca252828f....png (1568 KB, 255 x 212, 969 : 807, fl pepe13.png) (h)

ffdf99 () No. 6405693


Prayers anon…..it’s not over. God always wins don’t lose faith!

58a183 () No. 6405694

bdfdd44855b6ec....jpeg (149 KB, 255 x 192, 1440 : 1083, JIDF_aggots.jpeg) (h)

adedf5ad903086....jpeg (151 KB, 255 x 192, 1440 : 1083, JIDF_faggots.jpeg) (h)


>You liars hate Jesus.

d8de9d () No. 6405695


Permanent solution to a temp problem

6d599c () No. 6405696


Actually on the last elusive Kush appearance on Fox News, he came off as pretty modest.

cfd682 () No. 6405697

2a207effeef881....png (508 KB, 255 x 221, 600 : 519, knight.png) (h)

7edcc1 () No. 6405698

09147011311443....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 171, 504 : 337, 2b4507bba77c4c....jpg) (h)

4f14df () No. 6405699



most colleges will crash and burn in the near future..

most colleges expanded dramatically..(building)

creating a mass overhead costs.. (building operating costs)

they need X amount of students per yer to maintain..

any significant down turn in enrolled…

will cause them to close doors..


colleges with huge endowments..

will survive but will have to restructure..

> It needs to go back. To classicism.

905dfe () No. 6405700

92ffad4af9db85....png (60 KB, 255 x 88, 737 : 255, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

93f3ce7df19664....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 88, 737 : 255, FingaCaptcha.jpg) (h)


>(Not me)

452c86 () No. 6405701

Daniel: Kill the WILLING.


8a630d () No. 6405702


That Anon posts those same two messages in EVERY new edition Q Research General, and has been doing so for at least several weeks now.

He is Desperate only for a new Topic .



1b6357 () No. 6405703


So be it!

852007 () No. 6405704

a6b7a32a7bc509....png (280 KB, 255 x 233, 667 : 610, 467kiej5hgdrf.png) (h)

6e397a () No. 6405705


Don't really care how tiny those titties are, I'd smash the fuck outta that.

5eedc3 () No. 6405706


Predict a future deletion lol

e4aa0d () No. 6405707


Legally I think yes but I don't believe anyone was actually on the plane, I think it was a white hate operation something to do with the missile fired at fake AF 1

5bdc98 () No. 6405708


Good point anon

e80e36 () No. 6405709

278297fe0745e1....png (719 KB, 164 x 255, 619 : 962, 278297fe0745e1....png) (h)

8da42f () No. 6405710


I don't bless them

Farewell to this land's cheerless marshes

Hemmed in like a boar between arches

Her very Lowness with a head in a sling

I'm truly sorry - but it sounds like a wonderful thing

662ce3 () No. 6405711


That they don't disclose where and who Pelosi got the missles from. Mad Max has to step up and REEE. Otherwise Pelosi would have to renegotiate the Child Trafficking terms

Just my gut feeling, no sauce

90bec3 () No. 6405712

d9b8decdce32ea....png (43 KB, 255 x 215, 512 : 431, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Excerpt from Q drop #97

Who becomes exposed?


6d599c () No. 6405713

173624a9d1e703....jpg (38 KB, 203 x 255, 638 : 800, the farage.jpg) (h)

1f8c86 () No. 6405714



#8184 baker change

>>6400318, >>6400400 there was a 1 second tweet 2 parter this moning

its time to unleash my synopsis on this masonfag aka shill baker double check notables


long story short, this shill takes copypasta from other anons and/or any devisive current topic and posts with the sole purpose of

a) harvesting (you)s

b) watching us argue and bitch

does it for enjoyment

c4e55b () No. 6405715


So POTUS tweets two times with DELTA ZERO and you think it would not have meaning?

You happen to read any of the latest Q or you happen to read some news?

Shill harder.

cfd682 () No. 6405716

7ebb1ab3d3dc60....jpg (15 KB, 250 x 255, 250 : 255, 10cc000a44c993....jpg) (h)

8d1a052c46296d....jpeg (10 KB, 255 x 146, 255 : 146, 5275e9ab331d43....jpeg) (h)

2dca52a1aec915....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 183, 255 : 183, febc2ae674fcc5....jpg) (h)

92c9af () No. 6405717


the desperation of democrats is showing-

and it's UGLY

6d055e () No. 6405718

2ffa1e7944cb49....jpg (1420 KB, 255 x 254, 1242 : 1237, Wonderful.jpg) (h)


You're absolutely correct, the collection of deltas that meet your criteria are the 'at what point does it become statistically impossible?' moments that Q talked about.

Not trump Delta trump

Def. Q Delta Q (Think our 1 year Delta)

Does anyone have a list of these?

b70884 () No. 6405719


Agreed and since the American people bought and paid for this program..it should be handed over to them to run as they see fit..break (((them))) down and get (((them))) out of the business of subverting the constitution.

f96b6f () No. 6405720

8a3d87be117537....jpg (11 KB, 255 x 128, 255 : 128, parade.jpg) (h)


>Is a Military Parade even a thing anymore?


58a183 () No. 6405721

56ac7bc3f95f3d....jpg (115 KB, 255 x 255, 530 : 530, lionel.jpg) (h)

533db51df180c8....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 143, 690 : 388, call_em.jpg) (h)


>or like this. You say you're not a faggot but the reality is you hate The Lord. Eat shit :)

25b9da () No. 6405722

8e18d050ec432e....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 229, 300 : 269, NeverForgetSK.jpg) (h)

f669dfea84f13f....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 54, 473 : 100, 1534016136860.jpg) (h)



Simply beautiful.

Too bad they cut the part "I'm a white guy".

ffdf99 () No. 6405723

f1813e13456e0e....jpeg (107 KB, 255 x 200, 750 : 589, 41A51F0A-5C3D-....jpeg) (h)



1f8c86 () No. 6405724

masonfag aka shill baker double check notables

>>6405512 ←- this post is one of his tells

along with the other easy spots

2249ad () No. 6405725




c00cba () No. 6405726

I'm not futurefagging here, just kinda amazed

its 6PM EST and no notible FF for today

Keep your heads on a swivel, Anons

God Speed

ad794f () No. 6405727


Don't get out much, do ya?

3f55c0 () No. 6405728


>invisible Atlantis

Xactly what I was thinking

452c86 () No. 6405729





e80e36 () No. 6405730

1913d0f4b0e2d7....png (993 KB, 255 x 251, 930 : 917, butyousucksomu....png) (h)


hahah awesome. I knew it was [you]. Thanks for the confirm.

2c977c () No. 6405731

ad399d5a0a1243....jpg (374 KB, 242 x 255, 1200 : 1263, e39d94942e9017....jpg) (h)

630b41 () No. 6405732

484477008357ef....gif (505 KB, 255 x 174, 500 : 342, ThomGIF.gif) (h)



f8cc65 () No. 6405733


He's the one that switched from Dem to Rep and started supporting POTUS.

2249ad () No. 6405734


well you ALMOST HAD IT :)


5eedc3 () No. 6405735


If you are targeted by masons, go as low as possible and be as good as possible. Pray your ass off and wait on the Lord.

a22f62 () No. 6405736

Does this ever end??!!

ef2f97 () No. 6405737


Sorry vet. o7. Of course, we can't have a parade until the current mission is completed. Anon thinks maybe come Sept, Oct. We'll see what happens

d9dd75 () No. 6405738

020347a3cfb550....png (348 KB, 236 x 255, 558 : 604, Screenshot_62.png) (h)

fc0b04 () No. 6405739

27dad508f87394....jpg (175 KB, 255 x 189, 900 : 668, 20190310_182904.jpg) (h)

c4e55b () No. 6405740


i don´t give a fuck about (you)s, i am here to help Q the best i can.

when at shilly nightshift the shills fight hard to not have POTUS DOING A ZERO DELTA in the notables, i call that out and repost.

bc, a zero delta is obviously very relevant.

(two ZERO deltas yesterday!!)

shills will shill, Q told anons.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


06edc8 () No. 6405741


Ethics violation on Barr? What exactly is the charge / accusation? Or is it a generic claim?

He better get moving on this, it takes a long time to exonerate yourself. I hear Mueller is looking for a job. Kek,

43386c () No. 6405743


When the fat lady sings

cfd682 () No. 6405744

09e1a44d3ba2da....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 175, 255 : 175, 00f0e7a6fea53b....jpg) (h)


An oldie but goodie

f96b6f () No. 6405745

fff2c4242c5c9c....png (339 KB, 255 x 128, 1024 : 512, VV.png) (h)

fc0b04 () No. 6405746

a87e677ea0b5b5....jpg (10 KB, 255 x 164, 460 : 296, 3007.lee_.jpg) (h)

7f988f () No. 6405747

b89e56c0b42c44....png (278 KB, 255 x 164, 478 : 307, Ued.png) (h)

6d055e () No. 6405748

dda6d19646c6b4....jpg (658 KB, 71 x 255, 989 : 3556, e_bot&flat_tar....jpg) (h)

>calling someone a mason as an insult.

Found alllll the Deep Sweeties~

3ff849 () No. 6405749

a42be086f0a96c....jpeg (30 KB, 244 x 218, 244 : 218, 71B4E258-9858-....jpeg) (h)

69ce65 () No. 6405750

db9ea709afb5b7....jpg (292 KB, 255 x 172, 1080 : 729, 199976.jpg) (h)


>>6405690, >>6405611 Big Tech Censorship

>>6405667 Big list of quotes about NWO from "elites", via Voat

>>6405464 Kentucky Derby horse named Plus Que Parfait. Apply Autism and you get Q+ PATRIOT

>>6405572, >>6405582 Digs on NXIVM, Bronfman, HRC/DNC, and Gillibrand (Updated images to PNGs)

>>6405504, >>6405522 PANIC: House D's desperately attack Barr, want him disbarred

>>6405502 17 Children rescued, 82 Arrested in Multi-State Child Sexual Exploitation Sting

>>6405489 UK Anon shares summary of happenings across the pond

>>6405451, >>6405448 Philadelphia Muslim Society children: 'We will chop off their heads' for Allah (Fox)

>>6405438 Dead ex-Miss Uruguay may have had ties to escort ring (NYPost)

>>6405393 Barr at hearing: Aussie Alexander Downer was FBI source for info re PapaD. (DailyCaller)

>>6405377 Clockfag Update - Re-read Crumbs

6d599c () No. 6405751

292e318f4c73f1....jpg (55 KB, 255 x 223, 718 : 628, farage europea....jpg) (h)


Yeah, when it first appeared after the Brexit victory, I laughed for about a half hour.

86e750 () No. 6405752


TY, for this update, UKanon!

German press lies, lies, lies about this.


970499 () No. 6405753

8c8e5df485557f....png (223 KB, 255 x 207, 468 : 380, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


god's money beckons. only a matter of time.

e70aed () No. 6405754



cf74e1 () No. 6405755

e1763f50549c7e....jpg (28 KB, 197 x 255, 613 : 792, 62718306c7a690....jpg) (h)

Where is LDR these days?

9a91ba () No. 6405756


For sure, the Brexit Party includes strange bedfellows. It’s name, however, is the giveaway: single issue politics. Not a platform for a transformative future.

Then again, at least it’s honest and it can consolidate the longstanding antipathy of the Tory Dries and the Old Left to the European project. I wish them every success, but the longer term needs an answer too

7e8184 () No. 6405757

Mueller exonerating Barr, talk about crazy times, that would be a hoot


06edc8 () No. 6405758

e84e5bcd242156....png (152 KB, 255 x 143, 299 : 168, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

All this talk about Biden's inappropriate touching of women.

When does he apologize to the CHILDREN?

3ae0bf () No. 6405759

This time its not china but Ukraine

Dropped late in last bread

Defendant Conspired to Expose Millions of Victim Internet Users to Malicious Advertisements Designed to Hack And Infect Victims’ Computers with Malware

A Ukrainian national charged with participating in a years-long, international scheme to infect computers with malware through online advertisements – so-called “malvertising” – will appear in Newark, New Jersey federal court today after being extradited from the Netherlands, Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito for the District of New Jersey announced.

Oleksii Petrovich Ivanov, 31, is charged by indictment with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, four counts of wire fraud, and one count of computer fraud. The indictment was returned on Dec. 3, 2018, and unsealed upon his arrival in the United States on May 2, 2019. Ivanov is scheduled to appear today before U.S. Magistrate Judge James B. Clark III in Newark federal court and was detained without bail.

“Cyber criminals who harm victims in the United States and around the world cannot rely on fake identities and international borders to evade justice,” said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski. “This case and today’s extradition demonstrate that the United States and its international partners will find cyber fugitives and bring them to face justice in the United States, no matter where they commit their crimes.”

“This defendant engaged in an extraordinary and far-reaching scheme to infect and hack computers throughout the United States and the world,” said U.S. Attorney Carpenito. “This ‘malvertising’ scheme is especially dangerous because it uses online ads to target millions of unsuspecting Internet users engaged in activities as routine as booking their next vacation.”

Ivanov was arrested on Oct. 19, 2018, following an international investigation led by the U.S. Secret Service and in coordination with Dutch law enforcement. He had been detained by the Dutch authorities pending the resolution of the extradition proceedings.


951084 () No. 6405760

af5accc975f9d8....jpg (397 KB, 255 x 255, 1800 : 1800, IMG_0777.jpg) (h)


good on ya m8

f8cf2d () No. 6405762

a92c05b66e6d95....png (445 KB, 255 x 127, 1025 : 512, Richard_Russel....png) (h)

d7796f892fc790....png (5112 KB, 255 x 234, 3600 : 3300, DTLBAKERPUZZLE.png) (h)


Bottom right corner.

8c9df6 () No. 6405763

High School Looks To Remove George Washington Murals Because They ‘Traumatize’ Students - https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/05/high-school-looks-to-remove-george-washington-murals-because-they-traumatize-students/

Guess they don't need (and should be forbidden to possess) any US Currency then… It's LOADED with pics of the "Founding Fathers" who traumatize them so immensely…

c5c34f () No. 6405764

8ae9e0d994f242....jpg (30 KB, 199 x 255, 346 : 444, StanleyMcChrys....jpg) (h)

b32f08 () No. 6405765


Go as low as possible?

d9fc65 () No. 6405767


I'm not seeing exactly what you're seeing, but, now, re-reading for possible comms….that last line, "He must go," really does stand out. He's the second most dangerous man (to them) and he must go. We know what they have wanted to do to #1. Hope Barr has excellent security.

c4e55b () No. 6405766


do not do that fren.

GOD loves you and will reach out his hand to you.

if you really have that feeling, please, meet a friend, meet someone to tallk, call a suicide helpline and talk!

Also, don´t you want to see phase 3 of the plan?

1st & 10 on the 40 sounds like pretty intense habbenings, no?


ecd6de () No. 6405768


Doesn't Soros basically own Ukraine?

79c4b5 () No. 6405769

Charles Tawil

9e3c96 () No. 6405770

aa8b92f2da890b....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 450, IMG_2304.jpg) (h)

770e6187f435f1....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 599, IMG_2305.jpg) (h)

10011d8e3c9066....jpg (114 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 599, IMG_2303.jpg) (h)

6bc75d69d3d0b9....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 142, 800 : 446, IMG_2307.jpg) (h)

7819a880f3bc26....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 151, 800 : 474, IMG_2302.jpg) (h)



Here's my contribution to the Republic today.

da7b2a () No. 6405771

76aa7872c2c6bd....mp4 (1951 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, The_View_8Chan.mp4) (h)

fba329 () No. 6405772

I've been dating this extremely liberal chick with pink hair for about a week. She had no idea that I was politically to the right of Atilla the Hun. Anyway, she just gave it up for the first time today. As she was blowing me, she told me to warn her before I came. I grabbed the back of her head and drain my balls all down her throat while yelling MAGA over and over. Needless to say, she kicked me out while crying hysterically.

It was fucking glorious.

3f55c0 () No. 6405773

0832c44c0d30de....png (753 KB, 255 x 170, 1160 : 773, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b70884 () No. 6405774

f7df57423dd55a....png (493 KB, 255 x 171, 732 : 490, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Omar Challenged After Blaming Venezuela’s Crisis on US: ‘Please Say One Good Thing About America’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was challenged by a Fox News Host to say something positive about the United States after she blamed the Trump administration’s policies for Venezuela’s current political crisis. “A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela,” Omar said during an interview with the “Democracy Now!” program, adding that “we’ve sort of set the stage for where we’re arriving today.” “This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States,” Omar said.

Jesse Watters, co-host of “The Five,” took issue with Omar’s claims that the U.S. sanctions were to blame for Venezuela’s crisis. The Trump administration has issued a number of sanctions in order to pressure Maduro to step down according to the will of the people. “I would issue a challenge to her. Omar, please say one good thing about America,” Watters said. “We hear her so much saying what’s wrong with America. Just say what you’re proud of. I think that would counterbalance some of the negativity that you hear coming out of her mouth.” Watters also disputed Omar’s claims that the administration was “bullying” Venezuelans.

President Donald Trump and other top U.S. officials have repeatedly said that they stand with the people of Venezuela and their freedoms over Maduro’s socialist regime. Administration officials also indicated their support to Guaidó’s latest bid in liberating Venezuela. “America is not bullying the people of Venezuela,” Watters said. “It is Maduro and the Russian-backed military that are taking away people’s rights and shooting into the crowd and doing all those things. Also, this is what socialists do. “When something good happens in the world, what they do is they say why can’t America be like that country? And then when something bad happens in the world, they say that’s America’s fault that that’s happening. They can never see the point that socialism is failing on its own.”

Omar’s comments come amid a military uprising in Venezuela as the country’s legitimate interim president, Juan Guaidó, called for the “largest march” in the country’s history on May 1. The march was part of his “final phase” plan to oust illegitimate dictator Nicolás Maduro, who has refused to step down even in the face of mounting international pressure. The oil-rich nation that was once among the wealthiest in the world has been crippled by the socialist policies implemented by Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. Almost 90 percent of Venezuela’s population now live below the poverty line and more than half of families are unable to meet their basic food needs, according to humanitarian group Mercy Corps.

For years, Venezuela has been fed billions of dollars from both Russia and China, through loans and energy deals. They both continue to support Maduro over Guaidó, who has the backing of more than 50 nations. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently that Maduro was ready to leave Venezuela when the uprising started but didn’t follow through after Russia coaxed him into staying. “We literally had Nicolás Maduro getting prepared to get on this airplane and head out of the country before he was stopped, stopped really at the direction of the Russians,” Pompeo said at a gala in Washington.

Watters also appealed to Omar to stop siding with the Russians over America. “At this point I want her to do this. Stop siding with the Russians. You say you want to start World War III over Russian interference with the election; now they are interfering physically in our hemisphere and you’re siding with them,” Watters said.


8f97e6 () No. 6405775


Stop fren

NO go on that one

5 heart attaches in a week without understanding what was happening

6 Stynts later…

YOU and me need to ride this wave out and see where we end up FREN

e4aa0d () No. 6405776

0a80114ec1d5d7....gif (1264 KB, 238 x 255, 412 : 442, 1508270420289.gif) (h)

e33cc2 () No. 6405777

54135e64b7b352....png (1459 KB, 190 x 255, 1200 : 1612, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

041607 () No. 6405778

a8d0a7ba8f3e4f....jpg (41 KB, 211 x 255, 384 : 463, butt stimulator.jpg) (h)


>Pete Buttfuck

be60ee () No. 6405779


#1254 & #1241

"Iran is next."

"Welcome Mr. President.

The U.S. will NOT agree to continue the Iran deal as it currently stands."

56c128 () No. 6405780

9e3e2341cff6e5....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 217, 352 : 300, buffycafritz1.jpg) (h)

a160f2c7bd3df6....png (644 KB, 201 x 255, 800 : 1014, gillibranded.png) (h)

0e9dad13fea188....jpg (61 KB, 187 x 255, 546 : 745, pamcafritz.jpg) (h)

295096d36e707c....png (1702 KB, 216 x 255, 1084 : 1280, Dalailama1_201....png) (h)

c4e55b () No. 6405781



ffdf99 () No. 6405782


Will we ever know the whole story?? This gave me allergies…too many allergies.

4c56ae () No. 6405783


IFL this song!

I hate trap but this just fkn vibes with me.

e80e36 () No. 6405784


Hello operator. No patirot I know doesn that to other pople. Go fuck yourself for being a fucking creep.

d28ee0 () No. 6405785


Sometimes you have to believe the impossible w faith to make it happen

well done UK

we love you all

America tanks UK Anons that helped America all this time

celebrate but eyes open

sore losers w nothing to lose are dangerous AF

ecd6de () No. 6405786

85e5579593c9e0....jpg (375 KB, 135 x 255, 565 : 1068, fglbm.jpg) (h)

3ff849 () No. 6405787

4287db20c4e81c....jpeg (27 KB, 255 x 134, 255 : 134, FD55C665-4AA7-....jpeg) (h)



But nice prOn fantasy

d9dd75 () No. 6405788

150cdd1c09249f....png (57 KB, 255 x 42, 908 : 149, Screenshot_65.png) (h)


Plus Q Parfait is 50-1!

6d599c () No. 6405789


Kek. With the toolkit, you could do that image with his campaign colors and fonts.

8466b3 () No. 6405790


No you didn't

9a91ba () No. 6405791


The Queen is dead, boys

And it’s so lonely on a limb

8c9df6 () No. 6405792


Maybe the Lunatic Left can get RM appointed as "Special Council - Round II" to go after Barr now…

ad7ee9 () No. 6405793


She'll be texting you again in a few days,

fc0b04 () No. 6405794

c65c74baac07ab....jpeg (53 KB, 255 x 191, 900 : 675, 1534450349.jpeg) (h)

Every fucking day. Every fucking time

ef2f97 () No. 6405795


It will bread all records. Largest, happiest, strongest crowd in DC history! Hooah. Who knows, be a lot of anons there for sure.

9145ae () No. 6405796


Fucking never….is my guess.

452c86 () No. 6405797



understand God bot.

wil you, can you,



c4e55b () No. 6405798



this is not yet in the notables.


The movie of Q´s latest drop, Karate Kid, is actually called THE MOMENT OF TRUTH.

obviously notable af.

d9dd75 () No. 6405799

92e3cf9e943a61....png (991 KB, 255 x 244, 1024 : 980, Boom.png) (h)



5eedc3 () No. 6405800


Maybe this will be the breakout summer our country has been needing since all the 9/11 fuckery took full effect around 2004. It’s been a long, hard dry spell for America. I have no hope, I just want to see it.

ac905e () No. 6405801

c23494d7c99fcc....png (85 KB, 200 x 252, 200 : 252, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

c3547f65275121....png (84 KB, 181 x 255, 189 : 266, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

c1ebf78ede534d....png (98 KB, 255 x 145, 298 : 169, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6405291 >>6405299 >>6405302

>>6405312 >>6405316 >>6405345

Tarmac Meeting.

OIG Report on 2016 Election, page 203.

Former President Clinton said that he recalled walking toward Lynch's plane with his Chief of Staff, and that Lynch and her staff were "getting off the airplane." He said that he greeted Lynch, who was on the plane, and Lynch stated, "[L]ook it's a 100 degrees out there, come up and we'll talk about our grandkids."

Who was Clinton's Chief of Staff at that time (June 27, 2016)?

Tina Flournoy

Chief of Staff, Office of President Bill Clinton.


Tina Flournoy (COL ‘78, L ‘ 84) is the Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton. Prior to joining President Clinton’s team, Tina was Assistant to the President for Public Policy at the American Federation of Teachers, an international union representing over 1.6 million members. In that capacity she directed the work of the AFT’s legislative, political, field and mobilization, and human rights and community outreach departments.

Flournoy has held many legal and political positions in the Democratic Party, including serving as the head of Governor Howard Dean’s Democratic National Committee transition team, traveling chief of staff to 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Finance Director for the Gore 2000 Presidential Campaign and Deputy to the Campaign Manager in the 1992 Clinton/Gore Presidential Transition Office and in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. Flournoy also served as General Counsel for the 1992 Democratic National Convention. Prior to joining the Convention team, Flournoy was Counsel for the DNC under Charimen Paul Kirk and Ron Brown.

After graduating from Georgetown Law, Flournoy served as law clerk to the Honorable Julia Cooper Mack of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Advisory Board Member

Institute of Politics and Public Service

at the McCourt School of Public Policy,

Georgetown University



Founded as part of the new McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown in 2013 and launched in the fall of 2015, the Institute of Politics and Public Service is dedicated to reconnecting young people with the notion that politics is a noble vehicle for public service.


C-span snippets for 2005, 2007, 2008

209345 () No. 6405802

the UK and USA are both very important, I sometimes wish we did more exposing and digging on the UK to help free them faster.

ec05df () No. 6405803


He means dont make yourself stick out. Hey, i was just there, i think, a month or two ago. I lost the job that i had always wanted because of some bullshit. I dont have many friends minus what we have here. I never thought i would see 33, fren. Life fucking sucks, we all get ut but we are also all trying to pull this train together. We need everyone we can, here. Please reconsider what you are thinking of doing, final pain is not what you think it will be. Stick around fren, we need all the faggots we can muster. With that said, desu, we love you. Full homo.

25b9da () No. 6405804

727a3a875470b4....png (2611 KB, 132 x 255, 1920 : 3709, 1534018216996.png) (h)


Good times.

Didn't have that graph, added to collection.


1b3b8c () No. 6405805

3758a456384750....jpg (96 KB, 255 x 224, 800 : 702, TERROR%20USA.jpg) (h)

e6532e () No. 6405806

1a7f509ae945bd....jpg (208 KB, 191 x 255, 960 : 1280, IMG_239.jpg) (h)

patriots won!!!

2249ad () No. 6405807






e33cc2 () No. 6405808

0580902d4d61f0....png (1411 KB, 193 x 255, 1516 : 1998, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9145ae () No. 6405809



5c89bf () No. 6405810

>>6402758 (pb)

This would suggest that MN and OR are pretty good places. If that is the case, the lawbreaking has not been associated with highly liberal policies. MN has been described by Washington DC liberals as the experiment they intend to inflict on the rest of the US. Multiculturalism is our strength, home of Amy, Ilmar, and Al. Any interesting map, but if the assertion that lower number are worse, than all the rest of you better get ready for the foreign invasion.

76ca5f () No. 6405811



- Ace Combat Infinity

How do you say Blockade in Spanish? Bloqueo

Red skies at night, sailors' delight; red skies at morning, sailor's take warning.



f8cf2d () No. 6405812

4149b2981e7d1e....png (9 KB, 255 x 160, 423 : 265, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2e8021dc9a69ca....png (21 KB, 165 x 255, 388 : 600, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Caps of those posts.

Not sure I see the connection you are making.

Feel free to clarify.

5eedc3 () No. 6405813


If Mueller needs to save his own ass, he better not make one false move. Part II of his report, and the follow up letter might have increased his penalties. He didn’t do himself any favors by such fuckery.

e33cc2 () No. 6405814

3a67df01b760ba....png (1140 KB, 224 x 255, 1496 : 1706, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1b6357 () No. 6405815

e40428c1442203....jpeg (932 KB, 255 x 158, 3781 : 2345, 43F2F1D0-4499-....jpeg) (h)

f841d48c0b214f....jpeg (81 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 0E74E743-70BE-....jpeg) (h)

44122793a20672....jpeg (70 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, B1A4EB38-5CD3-....jpeg) (h)

0ad282a3d26cfc....jpeg (51 KB, 255 x 236, 433 : 400, 7BDF88A3-08C3-....jpeg) (h)

53a0b708359acf....jpeg (53 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, 3D3F1E7C-257F-....jpeg) (h)

b32f08 () No. 6405816



And I didn’t know shit about masons until all this started happening to me.

I was on a plane a few weeks ago and some dude walks down the aisle during boarding with a huge freemason symbol necklace

Plane didn’t crash but it was an out of body experience

e33cc2 () No. 6405818

16b3281958807a....png (1808 KB, 255 x 210, 1506 : 1242, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

These people are sick…..

ec05df () No. 6405817


We cant be expected to do everything. If their citizens wont stand up, why waste our precious resources, unless they give back ten fold when its over.

c4e55b () No. 6405819

9337e0a0784391....png (17 KB, 255 x 115, 588 : 266, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

375f668213c9a4....png (657 KB, 255 x 128, 1280 : 640, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

55db1fb9cd3c6a....png (150 KB, 179 x 255, 315 : 448, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



The DNC member named in the John Solomon story today, who sought 'help' from the Ukrainian govt to stop Trump from becoming President. Its been a long time coming, Alexandra.

Alexandra Chalupa




and on twatter she uses quite some masonic phrases.


8311ba () No. 6405820



Joe is an affectionate primate. He will not understand his behavior is wrong.

2b5a31 () No. 6405821

California Dispatches Goats to Eat Brush, Prevent Wildfires


Won't this just increase goat fart methane?

Another election topic for demonrats

5eedc3 () No. 6405823


The statue of George AT GWU, an alma mater of mine, was recently removed! Not kidding. THEE OFFICIAL BMOC! Fucktards!

5b5447 () No. 6405824

adea0fc9c1e345....jpg (137 KB, 197 x 255, 742 : 960, wut3.jpg) (h)


as expected kek

6d055e () No. 6405825

82b11109aa850b....jpg (3304 KB, 170 x 255, 2048 : 3072, 036881e74560e4....jpg) (h)


Here's another for that event.

9a91ba () No. 6405826


They fought a civil war too, fren. They’ve forgotten how to fight, but they’re hard bastards and fearsome when roused to anger. They will free themselves from treachery and technocratic tyranny in their own way.

I’d like to see Traitors’ Gate at the Tower put back into service.

4c56ae () No. 6405827


You speak the truth.


You don't deserve a (((you))).

STFU and learn to search previous notables.

e80e36 () No. 6405828


this has to be a bad casting call.

Is this actor's last name really fucking chalupa?

ec05df () No. 6405829


Want some truth, anon?

90% of Masons are someone you would want to be friends with. DO NOT LET THE FUCKING SHILLS BREAK YOUR WORLD.

3ae0bf () No. 6405830

ad794f () No. 6405831


I, for one, am sincerely hoping THAT fat lady has already been

born, and is already overeating on the way home from voice lessons.

ecd6de () No. 6405832

77f653e36e757e....jpg (32 KB, 204 x 255, 448 : 560, proxy.duckduck....jpg) (h)


Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

e25600 () No. 6405833


There's a number of possibilities to pursue

– resolving the platform or publisher conundrum and moving forward accordingly

– exploring antitrust issues (including using opaque algorithms to soft censor thousands if not millions of users)

– exploring the public utility options by first addressing the fact that these technology platforms were more or less developed by arms of the US Government before they were privatized

Jack Dorsey flat out admitted on Joe Rogan that he's accepting of regulation and the moves appear to be forcing the government's hand. Situations like this create bad legislation that doesn't even get recognized as such until it's too late. See Obamacare, Patriot Act, Dodd-Frank, etc.

fe72dc () No. 6405834

Trump calls Putin and talks of 'Russian Hoax'

US President Donald Trump has said he spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an hour-long call, covering issues including the "Russian Hoax".



"Had a long and very good conversation with President Putin," the US president tweeted.

Mr Trump rebuked a reporter who asked whether he had warned Mr Putin against meddling in the 2020 elections.

It was their first conversation since the Mueller report cleared Mr Trump of colluding with Russia on the 2016 vote.

The Kremlin confirmed in a statement the two had spoken, saying the call had been initiated by the White House.

Rifts laid bare as G20 leaders meet

Russia hits out at 'boorish' Trump remarks

All you need to know about Trump Russia story

Mr Trump and Mr Putin last spoke informally at last December's G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, after Mr Trump cancelled the two leaders' official meeting.

Mr Trump tweeted on Friday about their latest conversation: "As I have always said, long before the Witch Hunt started, getting along with Russia, China, and everyone is a good thing not a bad thing."

5eedc3 () No. 6405835


Keep your head down. You’re under fire by a larger force. Only God can win it.

c4e55b () No. 6405836


so you are shilling against notable infos and using (((muh))) (((jew))) (((echos)))?

shills glow and gotta try harder.

9e3c96 () No. 6405837

9a68ab9b77570b....jpg (267 KB, 255 x 176, 1279 : 884, IMG_2309.jpg) (h)


HIS Grace is incomprehensible.

May HE bless you, your wife, and your new child to come.

In Jesus' name I pray.

1Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psalm 133:1

d9dd75 () No. 6405838


Yeah, most male Christians (or Christian oriented) have the age of 33 burned in their brains because Jesus was supposed to have died at the age of 33. It's a Messiah Complex that we all experience…then we figure out we are not the Messiah…and that only the Messiah is the Messiah.

Give it up for Christ!

Only He is LORD!

e80e36 () No. 6405839


kek, that chick is warming up right now and has several ranks of backup.

2c977c () No. 6405840

ebbd53275768d6....png (1473 KB, 255 x 161, 1500 : 948, ebbd53275768d6....png) (h)

ad5870 () No. 6405841

Video series 4, Part 5C, covers the greatest secret found in the Torah. It had not been discovered until now because you first have to discover that the universe is the product of information. Parts 5A, 5B and 5C complete this video series 4. Part 5C gives the easy ways to survive the polar reversals, nova and ice age. This is the method the very highly advanced previous civilization used to survive the past reversals. The survival method hinted at in the Torah enables man to avoid the worst parts of the reversal period such as the Sun’s nova, the deluge and the resulting ice age. I present this information because I want some people to survive the polar reversal. This series of videos are takes from Chapter 10 in “God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming” “Moses and the ten code systems” “Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet” which can be purchased through www.Amazon.com or the publisher at www.vectorpub.com. The foundations web site www.dieholdfoundation.com has information on this information theory of existence as well as three expeditions to Egypt.

These are the ten code systems that everyone must know in order to understand what Moses was telling us in the Torah. If you are a Bible scholar or just starting your studies of the Old Testament you have to know these systems or else all you are bound only to the surface story. Tradition is nice but a lot of times it is based on something that was wrong to begin with. The first two of the code systems are known systems but a subset of these is called the “sequence system” which Moses did create and use in some instances. Number five is known to have been used in the Talmud but very few Rabbis know this system today. All the rest have been forgotten or could not be known. Numbers nine and ten were discovered by Mr. Vogt, the author, and you had to know a lot of the hard sciences to discover them. The rest of the code systems were known during the second temple period but lost after that. The author is the only person that has rediscovered the code systems Moses created.

1. Hebrew large numbering

2. Hebrew small numbering

3. The composite word code

4. The algebraic principle of a = b and b = c than a = c,.

5. Adjacent letter swapping

6. The number seven

7. The chapter and verse code of 40, 60 and 70

8. The number 400 and what it means

9. The length of the sacred cubit

10. The number 12068 and what it really means.


3f55c0 () No. 6405842

8908d760493f65....png (1293 KB, 255 x 182, 1160 : 826, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

4d89ff () No. 6405843

d133b40fa99f60....mp4 (385 KB, 255 x 153, 498 : 298, Barr HRC fall ....mp4) (h)

MUCH kekness!

592ba2 () No. 6405844

f5f49bff81b272....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 159, 633 : 394, amazon dump CE....jpg) (h)

85b487da40b60c....jpg (13 KB, 255 x 202, 255 : 202, bezos muh dick....jpg) (h)

AMZN WW Consumer division-CEO sells shares

it's not Bezos but the CEO of World-wide Consmer Division

Not hard to generate big number's on small amount of share's when your share price is $1934.xx at time of sale.


592056 () No. 6405845


What is the difference between a spitter and swallower.

About 10 lbs of pressure to the back of the head….

d9dd75 () No. 6405846


they knew exactly what the fuck they were doing!

c00cba () No. 6405847

db6d0ac0cc2f6b....png (93 KB, 195 x 255, 479 : 627, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8b365560afcd54....png (297 KB, 255 x 140, 453 : 249, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Just for Keks about the Traitorous Bushes

Remember 9/11

Laura Bush reveals grandkids call Dubya 'Jefe' and that Barbara Bush once told her to never criticize her own husband's speeches - but the one time she did, he accidentally drove into their garage wall


4099ef () No. 6405848


It's comped as all fuck

The MODS & in general

Pointing attention so they can use claim racism & false flags in the upcoming election

ffdf99 () No. 6405849

c05eef0af79cfb....jpeg (182 KB, 255 x 160, 749 : 469, 46EEE4AA-DAC2-....jpeg) (h)

d252a1 () No. 6405850

a77c66ff781e76....jpg (209 KB, 175 x 255, 720 : 1050, 1c800021-8d34-....jpg) (h)


reckon they damned well do.

8c9df6 () No. 6405851


Why is it that society continues to acquiesce to the demands of these people?

d28ee0 () No. 6405852


#5, ty

f8cf2d () No. 6405853

99b12cfb56d825....jpeg (71 KB, 255 x 244, 600 : 575, 2173FCE1-345B-....jpeg) (h)

87d09904054969....jpeg (91 KB, 159 x 255, 500 : 803, 92256786-D132-....jpeg) (h)

13eefff6ebc254....jpg (549 KB, 255 x 251, 620 : 610, rr_lOOP_IT.jpg) (h)


Few more that I liked from around then.

ec05df () No. 6405854


Tbh i never thought i would make it past 26, almost didnt. Its a blessing i am still here at 33. Life us about choices and the choice to fight is something i cant give up that easily.

e9b901 () No. 6405855

8579330d676d16....jpg (145 KB, 255 x 128, 768 : 384, Lock her up.jpg) (h)

82eefa3cdac91b....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 170, 576 : 384, you end up wit....jpg) (h)

9a91ba () No. 6405856


She’s being strapped into her corset backstage. She’s already completed her vocal warm up routine.

ad794f () No. 6405857

e1fba380d009ab....jpg (67 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, ffs lynn.jpg) (h)


Last sighting a couple months ago now

5eedc3 () No. 6405858

8052c8d2cc0177....jpeg (572 KB, 193 x 255, 636 : 839, E91D871E-3A30-....jpeg) (h)

e0b9cee6cc201c....jpeg (254 KB, 180 x 255, 640 : 905, 173B2F8A-9EC0-....jpeg) (h)


The country is divided. Stay in the light. Kevin.

a85c87 () No. 6405859

e8ebf1d84682bf....png (121 KB, 187 x 255, 403 : 550, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

fe72dc () No. 6405861

Nothing to see here ANONS, move along….

Huawei to introduce the world's first 5G TV this year

Chinese tech giant Huawei is reportedly to unveil the world's first 5G television as early as this year in an attempt to compete in the global high-end consumer electronics market, sources familiar with the plan told the Nikkei Asian Review. No official announcement has been made by Huawei so far.

The TV is said to have a 5G module and an 8K resolution display, which allows the user to download data-heavy contents in ultra-fast speed and watch them with 16 times more pixels than the current 1,080-pixel ultrahigh-definition (UHD) display.

Compared to the traditional TV connected to the cable box or the optical fiber pipe, the 5G TV will able to stream remote content directly with its 5G modem.

According to 5G.co.uk, the current global TV and video market served by cable, satellite, and IPTV is thought to be worth more than 500 billion U.S. dollars. With the mature 5G technology, the current TV broadcast market is to be revolutionized.

About 5G TVs

The wireless connectivity provided by the 5G network makes it possible for TV content to be broadcast on various mobile devices without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

The TV broadcasts will be available to a range of screen types under ultra-efficient and 10-times-faster speed than that of the mobile broadband.

However, before the 5G TV arrives in people's homes, many other factors in related industries have to pave the way.

Regarding specific 5G TV broadcasting standards, 3GPP, the organization that governs cellular standards, issued a release on October 14, 2017, which provided "improved support for television services to both mobile devices and stationary TV sets over eMBMS (enhanced multimedia broadcast and multicast system over LTE) and unicast," enabling mobile operators to deliver superior television services over their network.

Early this year, the China Media Group (CMG) teamed up with China Mobile, the domestic carrier, and Huawei, to successfully carry out the first test of 4K UHD video transmission using a 5G-based network in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province.

The 2019 Spring Festival Gala, the most watched TV program in China, was also aired via the 5G network.

Michael Goodman, director of TV and Media Strategies at Strategy Analytics told 5G.co.uk, "Television is already being transformed by new digital services like Netflix and Amazon. The arrival of 5G TV wireless services could herald another wave of TV disruption through the 2020s and beyond."

Huawei did not immediately respond to requests for comment.



ad5870 () No. 6405862

a5cd5726268c04....png (359 KB, 255 x 143, 706 : 397, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

fe4e6c7ac38751....png (317 KB, 255 x 143, 706 : 397, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

9b4c70f1b4f41e....png (442 KB, 255 x 143, 706 : 397, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

a60edbbcd8300f....png (229 KB, 255 x 143, 706 : 397, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

c50474c90fd298....png (225 KB, 255 x 143, 706 : 397, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

c4e55b () No. 6405863


100% of masons did an oath to help brothers whatsoever.

this incudes all the politicians, judges, police men, doctors, … being masons.

Some of the masons are doing the top degrees and do evil and sick shit - pizza guys!

Those are the ones connected in one of the many chevalric orders or other masonic clubs.

masonry is the CULT Q is fighting.

mayonry is the base for the global DS.

Q just killing the 3,000 guys running shit is not the goal of the plan.


Freedom from the old guard, from special interest, from secret societies ww.



19fa9f () No. 6405864

2f5f3f1584ef1c....png (2 KB, 255 x 134, 310 : 163, a7ffb193423f0a....png) (h)

This world is pretty fucked up.

Thank you Anon's for being some of the only people who give a shit and are trying to do something about it.

And fuck off shills.

c4e55b () No. 6405865

41cdf284b141f5....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 202, 400 : 317, Symbolism.jpg) (h)

0dee60597affdc....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 229, 255 : 229, Freemason_Illu....jpg) (h)

d8cffb795c35ec....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 165, 600 : 389, mason_police3.jpg) (h)

506e1e7236e5de....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 170, 460 : 307, order3.jpg) (h)

d9dd75 () No. 6405866



Yep! I am placing my bets on Q+ Patriot!

It's too much of a coincidence for Q+ NOT TO FUCKING WIN!

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I am married to that Kristin

Nothing to see here

Too late

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