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Sunday 05.12.2019

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>>6482617 ————————————–——– Eyes on (Cap: >>6482670)

>>6482574 ————————————–——– BOOM WEEK AHEAD

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

>>6316088 ————————————–——– Define 'Renegade'.

>>6315906 ————————————–——– [HUSSEIN] (Cap: >>6316045 )

>>6305138 ————————————–——– Will this age well? (Cap: >>6305150 )

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>>6484468, >>6484654, Peter Strzok's father involved in relief services for CF in Haiti. DIGG!!; >>6484763 Strzok's father & Catholic Relief Services

>>6484488 Comey & Baker pannicing as the IG report is about to become public

>>6484449 Lindsey Graham Discusses 2016 “Spygate” With Maria Bartiromo

>>6484423 Ecuador will give US all docs & devices Assange left in London embassy

>>6484409 , >>6484425, >>6484434 Strzok Grew Up In Iran & was Hussein & Brennan’s Iran Envoy

>>6484399 State Dept denied FOIA request for HRC emails, Hussein WH kept tabs

baker change

>>6484447 Rep. Doug Collins on Page, McCabe and Strzok Testimony: "Loretta Lynch Has Some Explaining To Do" (3-17-19)

>>6484449 Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses 2016 “Spygate” With Maria Bartiromo

>>6484682 Carlos Ghosn's successor, Hiroto Saikawa, under siege from within as Nissan profit sinks

>>6484685 Colorado Democrat targeted for recall resigns amid reports of sexual-misconduct allegation

>>6484805 Iran commander calls U.S. military in Gulf a target not a threat -ISNA

>>6484916 Lou Dobbs: AG Barr has already raised standards for DOJ and the FBI

>>6484867 Ecuador to Provide US With Assange's Documents, His Personal Devices - Reports

>>6484842 William Schaufele, director of Relief Services' African operations

>>6484990 #8292


>>6484190 , >>6484199, >>6484203, >>6484225 New DJT with Zero Delta? TBC

>>6484179 Anon on Q saying 'guilty of TREASON' in quotes

>>6484124 So it's illegal to boycott Israel but not a US state?

>>6483944 , >>6483978, >>6484067 Anon's theories on the BOOM week ahead

>>6484003 Kevin Spacey Talks 5-6-2019

>>6483956 Downer Denies Meeting Supposed to Launch FBI’s Russia Probe Was a Set-Up

>>6483945 , >>6483844 [C]omey before [D]eclas

>>6483930 Fitton exposes Mueller's top deputy Weissmann as an anti-Trump activist

>>6483913 GOP investigators say classified docs will expose misuse of Steele dossier

>>6483891 World Market Report

>>6483876 PapaD tweet: New sheriff in town

>>6483865 Q's ID = Dfeded—> d(fed)ed—> fed in (within) ded = Fed ended?

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>>6483810 New POTUS tweet & Q's past 'WRAY' posts

>>6483807 Anon theory: IMO Horowitz OIG Report Out Tomorrow?

>>6483766 Technician: PP kept aborted babies alive to harvest organs

>>6483761 , >>6483849, >>6483874 US Military tweets

>>6483647 Anon's theory on Q's Marker [2] post

>>6483731 Felicity Huffman expected to plead guilty Monday in college scandal

>>6483672 [Treason][Sedition][Crimes against Humanity][Subversive Activities][Collusion]

>>6483632 Trump flips the script after Dems describe US as in a 'constitutional crisis'

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ccaf2a61a3fb96....png (440 KB, 255 x 120, 1349 : 637, Trump signs ex....png) (h)

e1894dd987cca7....png (53 KB, 255 x 120, 1349 : 637, florida passes....png) (h)


Either you support free speech or you don't.

There is no middle.

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ca9fce () No. 6485049

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




Truth is not hate. Facts are not hate.

A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and torture, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion. None of this information is shared in hate, only to help spread awareness. Even thought they do vile things to our children, I share nothing with hate.

If you lurk long enough you will notice it's always the same attacks and attackers to this and the other posts. None of them dispute the information. They can't because they know it's the truth.

Also, my name isn't "Doug Stewart" or "Travis" and I have no affiliation with JIDF or the ADL. Or the MAGA Coalition. I am also not jewish nor satanist/luciferian.


If these posts aren't being posted it's because I have something else to do.

The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth, are the ones with something to hide.

Learning the truth about (((the "jews"))) is not racist nor does it make you a "white supremisit" these are more trigger words to keep you from discovering the truth.

When they can’t attack the information provided, they attack the messenger.

Define ‘deflection’.

Logical thinking.

Shill count HIGH.


What we are currently experiencing is known as:


Definition of Armageddon

1a : the site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil

b : the battle taking place at Armageddon

2 : a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation


78e586 () No. 6485051

dea12abbf43e86....jpg (24 KB, 254 x 191, 254 : 191, please.jpg) (h)

313688a799a3c3....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 189, 256 : 190, protocol.jpg) (h)

Coming Soon to a Bread near you!

ca9fce () No. 6485052


Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory


New poll: Americans’ support for Israel falls to lowest point in a decade


How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion


Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well


Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood


The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)


Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


b6d968 () No. 6485057

3c2f334337a15c....jpg (109 KB, 255 x 191, 696 : 522, 110717-trump-f....jpg) (h)

Thank you, baker.

ca9fce () No. 6485058



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY corresponds with world events.

ca9fce () No. 6485063

7071586ab1ce58....png (1703 KB, 72 x 255, 2790 : 9886, oprotocols_full.png) (h)




Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Full Text

78e586 () No. 6485069

eaada52f0eae15....jpg (42 KB, 254 x 188, 254 : 188, sosts.jpg) (h)

ca9fce () No. 6485073

04effbbfb53c43....png (624 KB, 255 x 238, 910 : 848, T_y_da_laws.png) (h)









ee6c04 () No. 6485075

The bliss of a sheep! How superlatively delightful? How divinely glorious? And a Jew as the Good Shepherd, who leadeth his lambs “to green pastures, and quiet resting places, the pleasant waters by.” For two thousand years, or so, His fleecy flocks have been fattening themselves up with commendable diligence — for the shearing-shed and the butchers-block. Let any nation throw away all ‘habits of violence,’ and before long it must cease to exist as a nation. It will be laid under tribute — it will become a province, a satrapy. It will be taxed and looted in a thousand different ways.

f43c54 () No. 6485076

>>6482822 (PB)

hello Q! this will be a sweet week!

Sorry I missed you earlier.

65c1b1 () No. 6485077

724889598bb169....png (36 KB, 219 x 255, 600 : 700, thank you q!.png) (h)

Thank you baker, and thank you for saving us Q!

I love you all, God bless you!

b6d968 () No. 6485079

463355000098a5....png (1823 KB, 255 x 201, 1318 : 1037, Capture+_2019-....png) (h)

Happy Mother's Day.

554037 () No. 6485084

9dc52a9b388d01....png (94 KB, 255 x 128, 1200 : 600, NewAnons.png) (h)

ca9fce () No. 6485085

9f13adb32ed372....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 225, 474 : 418, eaac167de1dc699.jpg) (h)

a9a4137402b8eb....jpg (399 KB, 255 x 227, 713 : 636, edb4a8bd3941a.jpg) (h)

edb4a8bd3941b1....jpg (230 KB, 255 x 236, 720 : 666, edb4a8bd3941b.jpg) (h)

e2b5906a4c60a8....jpg (400 KB, 255 x 182, 742 : 529, edb4a8bd3941bb.jpg) (h)

0843991bfff075....jpg (1532 KB, 255 x 255, 1464 : 1464, edb4a8bd3941bbb.jpg) (h)

ca9fce () No. 6485088

fd8f7be88df317....png (206 KB, 255 x 128, 1000 : 500, 0000.png) (h)

ee6c04 () No. 6485089


Let any man abandon all property, also all overt resistance to aggression and behold, the first sun will scarcely have sunk down in the west, before he is a bondservant, a tributary, a beggar, or — a corpse.

00196a () No. 6485092

cd3c86d66f9f4d....png (902 KB, 212 x 255, 1208 : 1454, Snapshot_2019-....png) (h)

They are going to be dismantled from all sides.


ca9fce () No. 6485094

d5d994d77e0771....jpg (142 KB, 229 x 255, 716 : 796, edb4a8bd3941bb....jpg) (h)

b1c8acd7a111d2....jpg (150 KB, 255 x 230, 737 : 664, edb4a8bd39411b.jpg) (h)

8a9c72d045a453....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 201, 474 : 373, edb4a8bd39411bb.jpg) (h)

4d2a5cd56e45db....jpg (76 KB, 218 x 255, 474 : 554, equal.jpg) (h)

e26df7031e01f6....png (230 KB, 248 x 255, 640 : 658, chart.png) (h)

78e586 () No. 6485095

7f3e27077461e1....jpg (157 KB, 229 x 255, 500 : 557, wtirangm.jpg) (h)

d546e5 () No. 6485099

73e205f2b39d1e....jpeg (144 KB, 255 x 188, 828 : 611, 0422FD30-90B0-....jpeg) (h)

7e72f8a0467f4c....jpeg (79 KB, 255 x 156, 828 : 508, 22CCEB64-69D0-....jpeg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485101


Kill shot.

0331a7 () No. 6485107

9bff0eb6d86b23....jpg (419 KB, 255 x 194, 1071 : 816, 113ff3d53ad7edd.jpg) (h)

113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg (195 KB, 255 x 187, 1024 : 749, 113ff3d53ad7ed....jpg) (h)

8a9147385e0429....jpg (108 KB, 255 x 147, 534 : 307, 337ea5137718aa.jpg) (h)

337ea5137718aa....png (793 KB, 255 x 255, 720 : 720, 337ea5137718aa.png) (h)

b78cc7ffc3a64a....png (338 KB, 255 x 191, 1200 : 900, 337ea5137718aaa.png) (h)

62a499 () No. 6485112

15e16bab592baf....jpeg (311 KB, 255 x 198, 799 : 621, Screenshot_201....jpeg) (h)

5141d7225a5871....jpeg (420 KB, 226 x 255, 799 : 900, Screenshot_201....jpeg) (h)

51acf4bfd7dabb....jpeg (361 KB, 189 x 255, 689 : 928, Screenshot_201....jpeg) (h)

Tweet from Army Chief of Staff and the WWII uniforms to be worn next year… Europe's 'Old Guard' will be overturned and dethroned in 2020.

404556 () No. 6485113

93527993def2c0....jpg (247 KB, 197 x 255, 977 : 1262, 49pqnfzicrx21.jpg) (h)

Thank you, Baker!

fb1b7d () No. 6485114

Pelosi vid 1 min duration, enjoy some humour anons and bakers, you deserve it for all your hard work

78e586 () No. 6485115

c6978795d7551b....jpg (142 KB, 229 x 255, 500 : 557, wtthatf.jpg) (h)

d546e5 () No. 6485116

529841b7559a1a....jpeg (85 KB, 255 x 253, 828 : 820, 0F8112CF-74C5-....jpeg) (h)

98e7a5 () No. 6485117

bece7ebcade19e....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 255, 804 : 803, baby_d.jpg) (h)

4d3234 () No. 6485118

6a35040a01dae1....png (3825 KB, 255 x 255, 3000 : 3000, qclock_vanilla....png) (h)

>>6485065 LB

You beat me to it. KEK.

ffc334 () No. 6485119

99cb0b9d77a904....png (2739 KB, 255 x 174, 1556 : 1062, f5sd6f1sd.png) (h)

>but there is another report that everyone has forgotten about

70dbfd () No. 6485120

ff479bd3e50300....png (1077 KB, 255 x 145, 2500 : 1425, qwraysoflight.png) (h)

wrays of light 06:16 and 09:19

06d8f9 () No. 6485121

2f3e0413831d9b....png (93 KB, 204 x 255, 220 : 275, MFCOMEY.png) (h)

913a05 () No. 6485122

64698016916b82....jpg (5 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, myagi.jpg) (h)


ahhhh yess

you baka finne bred

20bc52 () No. 6485123

d4e1a4562ee19c....png (2124 KB, 255 x 143, 1169 : 656, POTUS winning.png) (h)

c7a78c () No. 6485124

5ce843854579f4....png (448 KB, 255 x 190, 500 : 372, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

878872 () No. 6485125

15c057e48c0e83....jpg (357 KB, 186 x 255, 900 : 1231, 15c057e48c0e83....jpg) (h)

>>6485081 [LB]


I live in AZ bruh. Just moved here.

But would move back to CO to replace Polis…

In case you were wondering…

9ab2ae () No. 6485126

a39b258ac6bf08....png (591 KB, 136 x 255, 512 : 960, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

1c7a49be9bee6c....png (457 KB, 170 x 255, 460 : 690, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

bfeacc () No. 6485127

4d996030fa38ea....png (802 KB, 192 x 255, 653 : 866, 2 Straka re Wa....png) (h)

>>6485053 lb]

>Careful. She's gonna fuck you up.

Beanz is Straka's 'Special Guest

Along with Posobiec, Donkey Ass and 'Set Trump's Team Up' Villa

2d4d89 () No. 6485128

17d72e92e63302....jpg (400 KB, 255 x 255, 1854 : 1852, IMG_0215.jpg) (h)

5b65ce53c3a39a....jpg (492 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, !ComeyFiringSq....jpg) (h)

Anons, we are going to be needing this face this week.

Here's blank.

(plus one I did)

86b6ce () No. 6485129

ff3d6902a76d77....png (1804 KB, 224 x 255, 794 : 903, 1555540928.png) (h)

c72e10 () No. 6485130

019b6d924f36f3....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 170, 749 : 500, Wrays of light.jpg) (h)

2b0aee () No. 6485131

61b290c1d1014e....gif (2008 KB, 235 x 240, 235 : 240, bc5f3bece09487....gif) (h)



thanks baker

8e8880 () No. 6485132


fuck he can just name bill binney as an expert witness.

5c5272 () No. 6485133

bcac5182e88ea9....png (1032 KB, 165 x 255, 582 : 900, SPYGATE_Comey.png) (h)


1c71fc () No. 6485134


You’re the winner. First post after the lb filled at :29:11. See ya to all the shill that have to post beforehand.

cdb7a2 () No. 6485135

4eda840077807d....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 141, 585 : 323, ComeyFaggot.jpg) (h)

c48621 () No. 6485136

9ff9f4d73f2fda....png (95 KB, 255 x 177, 500 : 347, walk-toward-th....png) (h)


Of course they did. They even murdered the coroner that helped them cover it up. Sick, horrible motherfuckers.

RIP, Andrew! We are still walking into the fire, following the trail you blazed for us. RIP, Patriot, RIP, Champion!

c7a78c () No. 6485137

9b40a885216d04....png (373 KB, 255 x 154, 638 : 385, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6485092 Sounds good

44f172 () No. 6485138

>>6485103 (lb)

You say “should we boycott ourselves”, yet you and I are not together. You defend Israel. You feel it is ok they kill and steal from neighbors. You are not American, at least not in spirit.

878872 () No. 6485139



00196a () No. 6485140


Exactly… and a few others.

06d8f9 () No. 6485141

3b62c62a263f51....png (92 KB, 204 x 255, 220 : 275, COWARD2THEND.png) (h)

e31b07 () No. 6485142

Q put 'guilty of treason' in quotes for a reason


Guilty of Treason (1950)


The story of Cardinal Josef Mindzhenty, a Roman Catholic cardinal from Hungary who spoke out against both the Nazi occupation of his country during World War II and the Communist regime that replaced it after the war. Mindzhenty was arrested, tortured and eventually released, but was persecuted to the extent that he wound up taking refuge in the US Embassy in Budapest for many years, still acting as a spokesman for the Hungarians who wanted the Russian occupation forces and their Hungarian collaborators out of the country.

Sounds like Assange…whose files and devices will be delivered to the US this week also.


The Attorney general of Ecuador has agreed to deliver all of Julian Assange’s personal materials to the United States, according to a report by the Spainish newspaper which says it had seen the official document detailing the agreement.

The documents, mobile phones, computer files, memory units, and other devices of the WikiLeaks co-founder are in the Ecuadorean embassy in London where Assange had been residing for the past seven years before being arrested on April 11 by the United Kingdom police with the blessing of the Ecuadorean government.

According to El Pais, on May 20, at 9 a.m. U.K. time, Assange’s sealed room would be open for police to seize all the materials. The decision had been communicated to his lawyer in Ecuador, Carlos Poveda.

Baltasar Garzon, one of the lawyers of the Australian journalist and activist said that delivering the documents to the U.S. is an "absolute violation of Ecuador's asylum institution."

Under the former President Rafael Correa’s administration, Assange was given an asylee status in 2012 and later granted Ecuadoran citizenship in December 2017 in the first months of the government of President Lenin Moreno.

However, since then Moreno began altering that policy towards one in favor of handing Assange over to the U.K. police and eventually allowed them to come to the embassy of his sovereign state and arrest own citizen.

The U.S. had been demanding the extradition of Assange to the country which Ecuador said they would not do. The country’s Department of Justice accuses the activist of "conspiracy" to infiltrate government computers, charges that could result in "a five-year prison sentence."

Nonetheless, Assange’s lawyers are worried that recordings, audios, and documents stolen from the journalist and one of his lawyers have been already sent to the U.S. to provide them with the information about his defense.

Aitor Martinez, another lawyer from Assange’s team said this initiative by Ecuador is a “radical violation of the right to defense, since those documents and electronic devices are filled with communications with the lawyers and their legal documentation… that will allow the U.S. to build and create new charges for its request for extradition."

8f76de () No. 6485143

d17c74870a37d7....jpg (35 KB, 215 x 255, 597 : 708, Q433.jpg) (h)

1b15f7de7f57e1....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 141, 602 : 332, Q787.jpg) (h)

f2d0f4ed731f82....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 178, 592 : 414, Q1122.jpg) (h)


3 times-

Trust Wray


0865de () No. 6485144



Is this the key point that will break the ridiculously persistent and false and homosexual "Russia!" narrative that those criminals have been screaming about for the past 2 years in order to try to execute a coup on Trump as the sitting POTUS,

The truth is that the facts show that the whole spying operation on Trump campaign was a political warfare attempt at a coup planned and (poorly) executed by a number of foreign Intelligence Agencies in collaboration with the US Domestic Intelligence FBI agency, and a lot of other criminals (not to say that all Intel agencies and the FBI are dirty, I am just saying that there were dirty cops on those organizations and all those coordinated an (thankfully) failed attempt at removing Trump from power).

e9e7a3 () No. 6485145

6b1062374aab1e....jpeg (324 KB, 255 x 125, 1271 : 625, 5EA42C2B-09D9-....jpeg) (h)

That ‘Anon’ you think was Q on Saturday night was me.


Trust Kansas

>>6484785 LB

>REPOST - as I think Q team is urging me to push this, could be wrong…

On Saturday night some "Anon" was dropping multiple hints that I interpreted as a direction to watch the livestream of Pompeo and to post links to it. For instance, the pic above appeared while the livestream was on, and was obviously FROM the livestream. This would only be obvious to someone actually WATCHING the livestream, so I interpreted the post as coming from "Anon" (aka Q) and I kept reposting links to the livestream. It all started when I noticed some "Anon" mentioning that Pompeo was speaking at the Claremont Institute 40th anniversary gala (and Claremont Institute happens to be where "The Flight 93 Election" was first published), and another "Anon" noting that Pompeo would be there with Michael Anton.

39509f () No. 6485146

7f7df69b324ea1....jpeg (151 KB, 255 x 176, 584 : 402, ac7c2e8c74ed60....jpeg) (h)

c7a78c () No. 6485147

9b40a885216d04....png (373 KB, 255 x 154, 638 : 385, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6485125 Take care

He wants to be a FF

ad4752 () No. 6485148

>>6484530 pb TRUTH TO LIGHT – you ready anon?


was that late - \\

bitchez - suk itz





no trash all gold

finalize'bye bye baby

wez all over the dmz nk

you here you there you seein wut???

freedom rings

all sound – GINA – giddy up

bbede3 () No. 6485149




I found one article which may be about him that may show his connection to HAITI. The problem is that it is not in English.

Needs translated.


Anyone gonna translate this? If not, I can try to run it through google translate for a rough one

20bc52 () No. 6485150

d76e6aac026721....jpg (221 KB, 255 x 206, 1024 : 829, pointer chek'em.jpg) (h)


missed this cumstain

>>6485081 [LB]

f1d2a3 () No. 6485151

8979daae1ac5d8....png (2234 KB, 218 x 255, 1372 : 1604, sommer.png) (h)

Thank you Baker.

cfe727 () No. 6485152


No I'm not ok with anyone stealing or killing. I don't think they stole the land. And if you will call for a boycott against them, then why not also Syria, turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, SA, etc?

f56491 () No. 6485153

ae7804fa0e4461....jpg (364 KB, 255 x 144, 1934 : 1094, ae7804fa0e4461....jpg) (h)

2c4a3f () No. 6485154


Probably cut a deal to avoid firing squad , just sit in prison for awhile.

7dc322 () No. 6485155

>>6485105 (pb)

Here's an "Anon" trying to prove he's not Q by citing the fact that he's a dumbass who posts jpeg files. Wut?

c47f6b () No. 6485156

e499feb6cca2cb....png (744 KB, 255 x 211, 649 : 538, night-active.png) (h)

487968 () No. 6485157

9e843741555071....png (178 KB, 253 x 255, 452 : 456, dbdf7ce9cf156c....png) (h)

>>6484424 lb

You betcha!

06d8f9 () No. 6485158

c69c3c88ed962d....png (102 KB, 204 x 255, 220 : 275, MUTHAFUKATREAS....png) (h)

014485 () No. 6485159

771c555f915ea8....jpeg (143 KB, 255 x 127, 1200 : 599, 50938759-C7CB-....jpeg) (h)

9428396d1feda8....jpeg (124 KB, 255 x 142, 723 : 404, FD862440-B1BB-....jpeg) (h)

6c829ffcc72b86....jpeg (284 KB, 255 x 177, 1152 : 798, 2EF408C0-F0D7-....jpeg) (h)

6054a5a6811fce....jpeg (111 KB, 255 x 123, 1080 : 523, C8AC7002-3A17-....jpeg) (h)

932f12ba45cb35....jpeg (288 KB, 204 x 255, 1200 : 1499, 7739D8A7-18A5-....jpeg) (h)

c48621 () No. 6485160

dfae905b3a5a20....png (297 KB, 255 x 254, 740 : 738, night_shift.png) (h)

23f7314bedbab4....jpg (138 KB, 177 x 255, 555 : 800, night_shift_ca....jpg) (h)

ba69c4a16640c1....jpg (622 KB, 255 x 169, 4928 : 3264, Night_train.jpg) (h)

c6860fe7f0f6e3....png (515 KB, 218 x 255, 690 : 808, nightshift_heli.png) (h)

62fc76afbe3e9a....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, pepe_night_shi....jpg) (h)




bbede3 () No. 6485161



1fd5bf () No. 6485162

afcd73f1005ff7....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 159, 630 : 394, fkNHot.jpg) (h)


Tanks Bakes

4d3234 () No. 6485163

eaf3eb49099b98....png (3829 KB, 255 x 255, 3000 : 3000, qclock_vanilla....png) (h)


Nice KEK Anon.

Consider it stolen.

2d4d89 () No. 6485164


This is a shiny example of weaponized autism.

I think there is something to this anon..

I nom nom for

no tables

37d63b () No. 6485165

312cfe5567e64e....png (1134 KB, 255 x 204, 1030 : 824, pointer.png) (h)

e9e7a3 () No. 6485166

d3cbb85f4b2958....jpeg (30 KB, 220 x 239, 220 : 239, ED1E089D-4886-....jpeg) (h)

4649d9b961d9e1....jpeg (28 KB, 255 x 87, 566 : 192, A31C59C0-D744-....jpeg) (h)


Is Q Gandalf? kek

3e1c69 () No. 6485167


Hmmm…interesting if nothing more. Always hard to tell with Q. Good find anon.

b6d968 () No. 6485168

b5ae9d2ad4a412....png (274 KB, 255 x 185, 1439 : 1046, Capture+_2019-....png) (h)

f1d2a3 () No. 6485169

757b4e41b2a7e1....gif (1046 KB, 255 x 148, 285 : 165, fire.gif) (h)


>3 times-

>Trust Wray


And how many times did Q say, "Trust Sessions" ?

More bullshit.

Trust Trump.

1fd5bf () No. 6485170

60bafabb57799b....jpg (66 KB, 170 x 255, 473 : 709, reaperFU.jpg) (h)


Night Shift

b3bf0a () No. 6485171


Got it, anon. Interesting discussion of parallels of Assange to Mindszenty.

>>>6485142 Anon asserts, Q put 'guilty of treason' in quotes for a reason

889681 () No. 6485172

1ffd94252378cd....png (12 KB, 255 x 48, 588 : 110, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


1c71fc () No. 6485173


BDS is a leftist hamas organized movement. Propagated by mb, cair, etc. Take your shit to /leftypol

82545f () No. 6485174


if you reverse


number to this


and paste in Wikileaks






This is beyond coincidence. What does it mean?

3e1c69 () No. 6485175



Good lord man, these people are RETARDS!

b3bf0a () No. 6485176


Only after transformed by the battle with the balrog. kek.

230086 () No. 6485177

08ef7473d17549....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 144, 666 : 375, aee.jpg) (h)

44f172 () No. 6485178


Syria and each of the others are separate issues and each with its complexities.

Syria we should apologize to and fight with The Assad forces so democracy can return. Was a peaceful place until regime change became forced upon them.

bbede3 () No. 6485179




Baker, seconded for notable

b01491 () No. 6485180

a0937a23d2ff5f....png (95 KB, 255 x 145, 1305 : 743, crs wiki 1.png) (h)

67382ddeeb2508....png (100 KB, 255 x 128, 1314 : 657, crs wiki 2.png) (h)


CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES WAS Initially founded as the War Relief Services, the agency’s original purpose was to aid the refugees of war-torn Europe.

sounds like another C_A op founded in the 1940s.

913a05 () No. 6485181

936960d735c398....jpg (172 KB, 147 x 255, 599 : 1039, elminster_in_m....jpg) (h)

575cca6fdf211a....gif (32 KB, 198 x 255, 238 : 306, Elminster1.gif) (h)



no way mannn

Q is Elminster

b6d968 () No. 6485182


Iran is begging for an ass whooping.

2f547a () No. 6485183


Night Shift

bbede3 () No. 6485184


Nice find, anon.

3e1c69 () No. 6485185



f3f00f () No. 6485186

908293ef2173ef....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 170, 500 : 334, Funeral_of_Bor....jpg) (h)

Folks take a good look at this picture.

and a picture is worth a thousand years.

Boris Yeltsin funeral.

878872 () No. 6485187

0ff890a64fbfa0....jpg (138 KB, 255 x 142, 1080 : 600, NSWO .jpg) (h)

0795ae () No. 6485188

339f4a962b4eb9....png (46 KB, 255 x 187, 350 : 257, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



Roger Stone: if Russians didn't hack the DNC case should be dismissed


a "Good Bill" from POTUS tweet

b23cd2 () No. 6485189

a7a362d51fd612....jpg (4 KB, 191 x 255, 191 : 255, IMG_20181106_1....jpg) (h)

Its a good time to call in…..for a week.

cfe727 () No. 6485190


Don't pull that bs. Israel is a complicated issue but you're more than happy to say fuck them?

a3520c () No. 6485191

82a0f23f377159....png (49 KB, 176 x 255, 500 : 725, Baka.png) (h)


Who you calling 'baka', waito piggu?

44f172 () No. 6485192



f1d74b () No. 6485193


Pompeo canceling stop in Moscow -→ en route to Brussels instead to discuss a range of pressing matters w/ E# officials incl Iran

The next European elections take place on 23-26 May 2019 giving all adult EU citizens the opportunity to select who will represent them in the European Parliament.

8a339d () No. 6485194

3becfad68dc689....jpeg (828 KB, 255 x 149, 1969 : 1152, 7EAFD214-588C-....jpeg) (h)

9b8b85f38d5b83....jpeg (335 KB, 255 x 114, 1933 : 863, 8B39A886-D91E-....jpeg) (h)

c737d651400574....jpeg (406 KB, 255 x 114, 1999 : 894, 606E81C0-FCDE-....jpeg) (h)

From the National Interest, note the change in tone from 2016 article “ aircraft carriers are indestructible”, to the 2019 take that they are actually vulnerable.

5c5272 () No. 6485196

a083e78455b525....png (2515 KB, 255 x 177, 2000 : 1386, comey.png) (h)


Comey cutout

c48621 () No. 6485197

cd059bc0d78bdc....png (133 KB, 255 x 191, 420 : 315, hey_sessions.png) (h)

74b7bea2dad073....png (116 KB, 255 x 218, 847 : 724, Sessions_vote_....png) (h)

60d5c457cb2693....png (7220 KB, 252 x 255, 4138 : 4193, Trust_Huber_Se....png) (h)


I disagree. Sessions played his role remarkably. His phase of the Great Awakening was to help eliminate Cabal proxy weapons like MS-13 and to squeeze the rat lines and distributors of weapons, drugs, people, and organs.

Understand, as nearly everyone here already seems to, that the public feud between Trump and Sessions was manufactured for optics, and that with Sessions' confirmation being so narrow, his ability to take overt actions was very limited in the first place, as ALL eyes were on him.

He was a distraction and he played his role perfectly until it was time for Whittaker to step in. Respect Jeff Sessions.

9ace61 () No. 6485195



Let your plans be………………………

7dc322 () No. 6485198

0df3f971e197e7....png (2036 KB, 104 x 255, 2017 : 4942, Boom.png) (h)

17de082cb9e648....png (163 KB, 207 x 255, 596 : 735, kek.png) (h)

6289b0152a923e....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 179, 736 : 517, aaugh.jpg) (h)

>>6485013 (pb)

OK anons, take it or leave it.

I tried to go all out and catch the big one. It looks like I blew it if you're thinking EST. I've blown it many times. But I mos def think that second Pepe is Q. Don't know where to go with this one.

735f67 () No. 6485199


I disagree with his assessment. The thing is that he was working to undermine the electoral process in conjunction with a foreign power. If my memory serves correctly. I'm not saying I blame the guy for 'playing smart' - but 'playing smart' in this case was a crime.

There is also a further context. Let's say he did all of this knowing that once Trump was elected, there would be an investigation into how those emails came to be and that it would serve as ammunition for the democrats' now failed coupe.

This is mostly a hunch, but there is something about how he and the others in that indictment played that bothers me.

abcd5f () No. 6485200


That. Is. Scary.

b3bf0a () No. 6485201

d546e5 () No. 6485202

55b96077d12d24....jpeg (93 KB, 255 x 167, 828 : 542, 987A836B-A156-....jpeg) (h)

3c3a31 () No. 6485203


Up vote?

42e32a () No. 6485204

6a95bffd8bba46....jpg (190 KB, 204 x 255, 768 : 960, ecb310f14e7ae1....jpg) (h)

67babac19be624....jpg (418 KB, 255 x 246, 789 : 760, 5fb858f8b05794....jpg) (h)

1c8c1119d56730....jpg (189 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, 4b8fd003f9cf38....jpg) (h)

9878f0ecdea344....jpg (128 KB, 255 x 143, 1033 : 581, 9762be369f6ed2....jpg) (h)

878872 () No. 6485205

b06259abcf9eaf....jpg (2067 KB, 191 x 255, 3072 : 4096, IMG_20190510_1....jpg) (h)

b6d968 () No. 6485206


I have [[[3]]] weeks off of work before i start my new job. Let the document flood begin!

bbede3 () No. 6485207



Where is that .jpeg from?

8a339d () No. 6485208


I seriously doubt this is Iran’s doing

7cab86 () No. 6485209

Would wars exist without the Cabal? Any war?

2d4d89 () No. 6485210

8f328d30fa4c17....png (112 KB, 255 x 243, 345 : 329, !dhogg hitler ....png) (h)

Has this faggot been seen lately?

Seems odd he was not blabbering after shooting(s) recently.

Last known sighting?

4b6f84 () No. 6485211

f0215002ab90f4....jpg (613 KB, 170 x 255, 1073 : 1610, Screenshot_201....jpg) (h)


c3c3c6 () No. 6485212

1595022fc51f04....mp4 (2959 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, Heart attack g....mp4) (h)


heart attack… ya, sure it was…

5c5272 () No. 6485213

68a2335f58dbf5....jpg (929 KB, 255 x 190, 1080 : 803, trump_batman.jpg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485214


A victory half won because if Hitler was a puppet, he was a puppet of the Communists and the zionists.

Nazism was based on Jewish behavior, and some people notice that zionism is a hard-line movement (it's a military invasion of Palestine that was bargained between the UK Government and the notorious Jewish European Royalty of Banking the Rothschild as we know because of the existence of the Balfour Declaration).

Nobody has won more since the WW2 half victory of the allies, because Communism flourished, and corrupted both the US Democratic party via the Franckfurt School of Cultural Marxism as with the zionist Israel first Trotskyite (communism) Neoconsevative movement on the Republican party.

The uniform is a great thing, projects power and incites respect on the adversary (or potential adversary).

Thankfully people are waking up and soon America will be America first, and all enemies foreign and domestic are going to be squeezed out peacefully and a flourishing Republic will show the way to the World, leading by example, excelling in greatness, with great National Pride, peaceful and prosperous.

a2bdbc () No. 6485215


>e was a distraction and he played his role perfectly until it was time for Whittaker to step in. Respect Jeff Sessions.

Respect is Earned, not given.

bbede3 () No. 6485216



fek. Sorry, guys. Thanks, anon.

1a9e50 () No. 6485217


He's Studying Hard at Harvard!!!

hahahhaa jk

38e7f8 () No. 6485218

5a3a33e3217d3d....png (212 KB, 251 x 255, 500 : 508, you-know-nothi....png) (h)

For de interwebs is dark and full of terrors

dbe526 () No. 6485219

487968 () No. 6485220

e37d45ad697817....jpg (335 KB, 218 x 255, 1098 : 1287, DJT-JC-Spies.jpg) (h)



d031af () No. 6485221


Comey “shit” Moab?

1c71fc () No. 6485222


Yep, as much as yours is bullshit. So hilarious, really.

269132 () No. 6485223


I think it's part of a shill pattern: The shills work to sow distrust here.. but at the end of the day, they are starting to get a little shell shocked due to anons mercilessly correcting [their] errors.

And it's good to show zero mercy to those who would support satanic, pedophilic traitors..

I've been accused of being on the mod team, or of being the /BO/ several times since the captcha toll booth went into play..

This tells me that the shills are in full death blossom mode.

From [their] point of view, they are being backed off from all angles. I'm sure they will shitpost this post because they know I'm right, but… There you go.

44f172 () No. 6485224


America is Israel’s bitch. Since 9/11/01 we have been at war for Israel. That’s a long time. What have these wars done for the United States?


I’m tired of living in a country that is another country’s bitch. You Israelis want the Middle East then fucking do it yourselves and leave us out of your fight.

d031af () No. 6485225


Anons……. look……???????

1a1e46 () No. 6485226

93f24a76c13c4e....png (149 KB, 187 x 255, 328 : 447, angelina_jolie....png) (h)


I'll bite. Pic related

7cab86 () No. 6485227


I saw him leaving your mom's house last night

2f547a () No. 6485228


He is probably going to be one of those found to have had his parents or (((someone))) buy his way in.

Remember when he said he had had no acceptance letters?

b23cd2 () No. 6485229



5ac68a () No. 6485230

59ad8e01589b15....jpg (43 KB, 232 x 255, 555 : 610, pouyjgy632.jpg) (h)

230086 () No. 6485231


hitler hated commies…he was controlled by the occult cabal, the same people running this eugenic hell realm still

554037 () No. 6485232


If you had not noticed, Iran and MB are up to their nuts in all of this. Seems just about every major player in the Hussein administration has someone close to them with Iranian connections.

Huma - HIllary & Carlos

VJ - Hussein

Kerry - Iran Deal

Strzok -Iranian Diplomacy

Brennan - MB up to his nuts

POTUS and Q are masters at leaving everyone (including anons) guessing on the big stuff.

I believe all of this orbits one central enemy hub - Iran

3b65b5 () No. 6485233

2aee88ea402758....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, 2aee88ea402758....jpg) (h)

c72e10 () No. 6485234

2197e3af1e55b3....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 122, 723 : 345, 2v9wbv.jpg) (h)

2a12d446cc8552....jpg (79 KB, 255 x 144, 852 : 480, 2zpts5.jpg) (h)

41a706d7430f58....png (1374 KB, 255 x 143, 1403 : 787, Q research nig....png) (h)

d66c7ad643d77d....png (608 KB, 255 x 171, 745 : 500, Night Shift st....png) (h)

7c17562855d92a....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 2yp8co.jpg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485235

6d8040f04304ce....png (65 KB, 255 x 205, 657 : 527, 354.png) (h)


Notable muh fren

Communism under the brand of "Liberal "Democracy"" was installed in the West after WW2.

The commies won, like Patton said.

b720a6 () No. 6485236

daddb4c9930dd8....png (251 KB, 255 x 232, 602 : 547, NSGallows.png) (h)

bbede3 () No. 6485237


But that was posted by an anon, not Q. Unless it wasn;t just an anon that Q quoted

1c71fc () No. 6485238


Name me one, let alone five, conservatives that support BDS. It’s a leftist position supported by hardcore leftists, mb, hamas, cair, etc.

86b6ce () No. 6485239

d1f8cbca121601....png (757 KB, 255 x 249, 1094 : 1068, 1537539763.png) (h)


It's a small world when beanz is on the same flight as AOC, isn't it? Auditions are hard work.

4e1073 () No. 6485240

d266fea31c028f....jpg (5 KB, 255 x 134, 310 : 163, JackB..jpg) (h)

QTeam, send in the dial up operator!

d031af () No. 6485241



9019e3 () No. 6485242


Not as happy as they were at Poppy’s.

878872 () No. 6485243


Sensei would never co-sign your meme Anon.

53f452 () No. 6485244

78e586 () No. 6485245

1b6cb8143a0a7b....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 249, 500 : 488, idiotinthemirr....jpg) (h)

8a339d () No. 6485246

e29d7e7fd56e9b....jpeg (1715 KB, 255 x 252, 1646 : 1626, B916D5F3-8F36-....jpeg) (h)

I’ve been saying for a long time that aircraft carriers are just history’s most expensive floating targets, and that they were doomed.

But now I can tell you exactly how they’re going to die. I’ve just read one of the most shocking stories in years. It comes from the US Naval Institute, not exactly an alarmist or anti-Navy source. And what it says is that the US carrier group is scrap metal.

The Chinese military has developed a ballistic missile, Dong Feng 21, specifically designed to kill US aircraft carriers: “Because the missile employs a complex guidance system, low radar signature and a maneuverability that makes its flight path unpredictable, the odds that it can evade tracking systems to reach its target are increased. It is estimated that the missile can travel at mach 10 and reach its maximum range of 2000km in less than 12 minutes.” That’s the US Naval Institute talking, remember. They’re understating the case when they say that, with speed, satellite guidance and maneuverability like that, “the odds that it can evade tracking systems to reach its target are increased.”

You know why that’s an understatement? Because of a short little sentence I found farther on in the article—and before you read that sentence, I want all you trusting Pentagon groupies to promise me that you’ll think hard about what it implies. Here’s the sentence: “Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.”

That’s right: no defense at all. The truth is that they have very feeble defenses against any attack with anything more modern than cannon. I’ve argued before no carrier group would survive a saturation attack by huge numbers of low-value attackers, whether they’re Persians in Cessnas and cigar boats or mass-produced Chinese cruise missiles. But at least you could look at the missile tubes and Phalanx gatlings and pretend that you were safe. But there is no defense, none at all, against something as obvious as a ballistic missile.

So it doesn’t matter one god damn whether the people in the operations room of a targeted carrier could track the Dong Feng 21 as it lobbed itself at them. They might do a real hall-of-fame job of tracking it as it goes up and comes down. But so what? Let me repeat the key sentence here: “Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.

Think back a ways. How old is the ballistic missile? Kind of a trick question; a siege mortar is a ballistic missile, just unguided. A trebuchet on an upslope outside a castle is a ballistic weapon. But serious long-range rocket-powered ballistic weapons go back at least to the V-2. A nuclear-armed V2 would have been a pretty solid way of wiping out a carrier group, and both components, the nuke and the ballistic missile, were available as long ago as 1945.


ffc334 () No. 6485247

181ffa0e54bca5....png (604 KB, 255 x 147, 718 : 415, 15616515611565....png) (h)

98e7a5 () No. 6485248

d6de9302ac490b....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 205, 480 : 385, jews_paid_hitl....jpg) (h)


>hitler hated commies

1a9e50 () No. 6485249


He has a shitty SAT score too

f35cd1 () No. 6485250

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


458ec4 () No. 6485251


But its a hella good meme

54c9a5 () No. 6485252


kys u kike shill faggot

cfe727 () No. 6485253


I'm all American baby. No Jewish ancestry and no family or friends in Israel. I'm simply pointing out your simplistic worldview and how hypocritical it is. Cry moar muzzie it nourishes my soul.

a1f7b0 () No. 6485254

df99a1883ef24f....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 255, 600 : 600, Binney.jpg) (h)


Bill Binney speaks so very eloquently. If only everyone listened.

My personal favorite version of Binney explaining not only that it DIDN'T happen, but that it COULDN'T have happened. It's written in clear non-tech jargon, too.


Useful to read it all (it's short) but here's the conclusion:

"A more plausible explanation is that it was discovered that emails had been downloaded from the server and copied onto a device like a thumb drive. But the culprit had not yet been identified. We know one thing for certain—CrowdStrike did not take steps to shutdown and repair the DNC network until 18 days after the last email was copied from the server.

The final curiosity is that the DNC never provided the FBI access to its servers in order for qualified FBI technicians to conduct a thorough forensic examination. If this had been a genuine internet hack, it would be very easy for the NSA to identify when the information was taken and the route it moved after being hacked from the server. The NSA had the technical collection systems in place to enable analysts to know the date and time of the messages. But that has not been done.

Taken together, these disparate data points combine to paint a picture that exonerates alleged Russian hackers and implicates persons within our law enforcement and intelligence community taking part in a campaign of misinformation, deceit and incompetence. It is not a pretty picture."

c48621 () No. 6485255

35f94866bf66f0....jpg (2637 KB, 170 x 255, 3000 : 4500, tradition_pres....jpg) (h)


>…you are J. le Carre, right?

No, but loads of respect for his work and for the written word in general.

"Poetry teaches us the enormous force of a few words, and, in proportion to the inspiration, checks loquacity."

- R. W. Emerson

78e586 () No. 6485256

d9b751ea9c6267....jpg (90 KB, 237 x 255, 309 : 333, muhpretty.jpg) (h)

c7a78c () No. 6485257

ed8b127ea0dd28....png (1860 KB, 255 x 168, 1100 : 726, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6485174 Think Mirror

f35cd1 () No. 6485258

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


More capabilities listed in this image: https://imgoat.com/uploads/79d472a848/212992.gif

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




878872 () No. 6485259


Calm down VampAnon

bfeacc () No. 6485260


>It's a small world when beanz is on the same flight as AOC, isn't it? Auditions are hard work.


They are both DIRTY Bitches

2f547a () No. 6485261


Hence no offers.

2da86b () No. 6485262

a534aa7803d2a3....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 172, 998 : 674, comey_indictme....jpg) (h)

a2bdbc () No. 6485263


>conservatives that support BDS.

It was started by Palestinians and supported by marxists worldwide

e31b07 () No. 6485264


This humble anon is thankful to have the opportunity to continue serving after having served. It may be nothing. I never try to assume anything regarding Mr. Assange. He's crafty.

1c71fc () No. 6485265


Now the true colors come out. Keep it up, outing yourself as the liberal, leftistist, socialist you are.

44f172 () No. 6485266


I don’t care what the fuck other “conservatives” think.

I think for myself.

BDS is right action. Only if it could be made stronger against America’s greatest enemy.

cdb7a2 () No. 6485267

b699ff119dca9b....png (1025 KB, 70 x 255, 628 : 2276, Screenshot_69.png) (h)

20bc52 () No. 6485268

c42c56b4ed5987....gif (191 KB, 255 x 144, 533 : 300, lowrider 1.gif) (h)

878872 () No. 6485269



8e8880 () No. 6485270


"OSS" at that time.

f56491 () No. 6485271

98370410f4e7b4....jpg (429 KB, 255 x 171, 1032 : 691, 98370410f4e7b4....jpg) (h)

32b510 () No. 6485272


Hey DS

You HAD multiple chances?

Why fail now, when in the past you were so spot on?

You're not fighting Trump. :)

In point of fact… you're not EVEN a fight.

You can't kill the Rooster.

Hell, you can't EVEN ruffle the Roosters feathers. :)


P.S. The Rooster is ALWAYS in charge?

e9e7a3 () No. 6485273


TY Fren

d031af () No. 6485274


I feel like this is important but not sure how to get eyes on it. Q said mirror, right? What if pic filenames backward correlate to things?

dbe526 () No. 6485275


Same hair style!

b9a9a8 () No. 6485276


"Rofschild" - I read you book.

ad4752 () No. 6485277
















82545f () No. 6485278



c48621 () No. 6485279

3dfb73ff71474f....jpg (551 KB, 213 x 255, 949 : 1135, babydicks.jpg) (h)

2f547a () No. 6485280


Ge looks a lot like her.

f1d2a3 () No. 6485281


Too many mental gymnastics.

Trump fired Sessions because Sessions fucked him on recusal and was useless after that.

I trust Trump.

c4877c () No. 6485282

f3f5e2be78f67d....jpg (114 KB, 240 x 255, 549 : 584, Trump uses pre....jpg) (h)

04406e0d282a1a....png (46 KB, 255 x 203, 648 : 515, Present tense.png) (h)

>>6484247 (pb)

>This may be significant Trump is using present tense when saying the FBI director is protecting them

I agree with this anon.

Did others catch the use of 'present tense' in POTUS tweet when talking about the [FBI] director.

Tweet indicates Director [Wray] "is protecting the same gang"


878872 () No. 6485283



You just called me the K-word.

2d4d89 () No. 6485284


Nukes and so much worse would likely ensue - would be a really bad move even if able to pull it off.

d031af () No. 6485285


You’re on to something, anon.i feel it.

1fd5bf () No. 6485286

daaf53217666ce....jpg (14 KB, 231 x 255, 236 : 260, horror05.jpg) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485287

Lemme call you the J word (((JEW)))

54c9a5 () No. 6485288

c89b6e8da9dfea....jpeg (395 KB, 255 x 214, 1242 : 1044, 3A34E178-F19D-....jpeg) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485289

458ec4 () No. 6485290


He's not Anon

233906 () No. 6485291


Trump pointed it out, he isn't dissing.

20bc52 () No. 6485292

f4b47ac131fa79....png (948 KB, 189 x 255, 546 : 738, dopey muh balls.png) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485293


Is it legal to drop minigun equipped terminators on Israel?

3e1c69 () No. 6485294


Exposing the TRUTH about the NON-"hacking" is one of my personal blue ball issues.

So beyond sick of the BULLSHIT peddled by the likes of the pedo Podesta.

dcdd3c () No. 6485295

Ok, I love the NOTABLES, but can we also have with the help of Bakers the crap go directly to GARBAGE by clowns and shills. Just asking for a friend….

3eb77c () No. 6485296

12ffb2872d194f....png (65 KB, 255 x 55, 784 : 170, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0a0ec7ed53a7b0....png (362 KB, 177 x 255, 340 : 489, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485297

34815b9791cc8c....png (579 KB, 212 x 255, 500 : 602, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Muh hall-of-cost…

091fb7 () No. 6485298

a4e05f9ac08591....png (108 KB, 255 x 234, 930 : 852, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Has anyone been able to replicate this search result?

The URLs bring up interesting emails, but searching for the 261ECE…(etc.) term in any search bar has been coming up empty.

878872 () No. 6485299



913a05 () No. 6485300

d3d95eaba537bc....png (40 KB, 143 x 255, 360 : 640, KMKUsvKl.png) (h)

c4e84b7a560949....jpg (592 KB, 255 x 179, 1200 : 843, YRK6WC8.jpg) (h)

07de4ee6529372....png (484 KB, 233 x 255, 922 : 1008, CZEQ7se.png) (h)

Thank the marxist communist satanist (((jewbagels)))

a3520c () No. 6485301

d86afc10d490d9....jpg (117 KB, 164 x 255, 582 : 904, d86afc10d490d9....jpg) (h)


Yeah but you are a kike though, you know that right?

014485 () No. 6485302

e0fe258ceb536a....jpeg (29 KB, 198 x 255, 198 : 255, D67CA2CD-472D-....jpeg) (h)

5ad9e947d4359b....jpeg (43 KB, 184 x 255, 250 : 347, C617573D-020C-....jpeg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485303


Slow down little yid.

Video: "Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas 01-09-09"

BDS fucked over AIPAC because AIPAC was caught committing crimes against American citizens on US soil because israel was getting deperate about General Public approval and support of Israel were going down because of the peaceful actions of BDS.

Israel was caught giving orders to AIPAC staff to do so, so now young people like Israel even less, and even the older demographics, including along the Evangelicals is turning its back of Israel and rejecting the zionist mind control MSM and online shilling apparatus

e9d923 () No. 6485304

b3aedc918887ca....png (31 KB, 255 x 163, 369 : 236, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Q has fallen back to doing GOT fan posts now.

Great, just fucking great.

3fa4e1 () No. 6485305


If We as a Team Boycott anything it should FB,Twat,Gooygle,Applet and Microshit

554037 () No. 6485306


Wray just classified (this week) documents that would show malfeasances in the agency.

f35cd1 () No. 6485307


Did jew mean JAJAJAJAJAJA?

230086 () No. 6485308

0cc190819fe547....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 143, 850 : 478, 30l14q.jpg) (h)

f1d2a3 () No. 6485309


>Tweet indicates Director [Wray] "is protecting the same gang"

Of course he is.

Wray told the world what kind of cunt he is at one of the hearings in 2018.

Anons who suck on Q's nutsack won't believe it because trust muh Wray.

But Wray is a DS cunt, protecting his friends.

4cd1ac () No. 6485310

5e4a68503c7868....png (248 KB, 255 x 194, 1048 : 796, Screenshot_201....png) (h)

Did you Anons see the ID on Q's last couple posts?

ID: dfeded




The Fed dead?


a1f7b0 () No. 6485311

778d712d7a7256....png (234 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 359, VintagePompeo.png) (h)


On the move.

878872 () No. 6485312


I thought I was an illegal spic?

Make up yer mind bro.

f35cd1 () No. 6485313

a73f1726913830....png (775 KB, 255 x 166, 800 : 522, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Muh hall-of-cost…

3e1320 () No. 6485314

8bb57355e5efb4....png (1570 KB, 255 x 191, 1200 : 900, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

233906 () No. 6485315


Nukes would take out people though.

1c71fc () No. 6485316


Of course you don’t. You’re either a fascist, socialist or communist. I asked a simple question. You failed to directly answer it. Re-read my second sentence in this post. Poor tactics are poor tactics, not to mention old and worn out. You have yourself a lovely evening, and just know, you are on the wrong side of history.

c48621 () No. 6485317


Which is why it'd be easy for the Cabal to carry out a false flag and blame Iran or whoever and drag the US into another shit-awful middle east conflict.

014b2a () No. 6485318

c16e9ab10aa31a....jpeg (85 KB, 255 x 200, 636 : 500, EF77EF43-07B8-....jpeg) (h)

3b65b5 () No. 6485319

a7f4d01210585c....gif (1762 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, a7f4d01210585c....gif) (h)


Click it

b3bf0a () No. 6485320


Notes @225

>>6485188 DJT speaks of sneind "a good BILL" for immediate signing

>>6485180 Catholic Relief Services initially founded as the War Relief Services after WWII

>>6485168, >>6485193 Pompeo canceling stop in Moscow en route to Brussels instead to discuss a range of pressing matters w/EU officials incl Iran

>>6485142 Anon says Q put 'guilty of treason' in quotes for a reason

>>6485114 For KEKS: Pelosi vid, comic relief (1 min)

>>6485092 Roger Stone wants proof that Russians hacked the DNC server

2f547a () No. 6485321


Ron Paul. A liberal disguising as a libertarian.


df05cb () No. 6485322

They went after Flynn, Manafort and I with bs FARA charges no one in history ever was targeted for. Obama administration had their sights set on entrapping and ensuring that we were squeezed to hurt the president. The entrapment failed. Offense time. New sheriff in town.


bbede3 () No. 6485323


I just checked the next most recent and it found nothing, but that was just the most recent. We have to use discernment or just test every one to see if it was posted by an anon or not. We have moar than we know…

82545f () No. 6485324


Search be email-ID in each one

2d4d89 () No. 6485325


also, consider other stringers Q posted should be searched reversed-

0865de () No. 6485328

2865ef3ea20d1f....jpg (3656 KB, 32 x 255, 1680 : 13448, 0_The_Lobby_US....jpg) (h)

973146ff314df0....jpg (3874 KB, 22 x 255, 1200 : 13999, 0_The_Lobby_US....jpg) (h)


If you want to learn about the crimes of AIPAC, watch this:

"The Lobby: USA" documentary:

>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation of Palestine.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel (part of Canary Mission)

-AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members buy out Congressman using pre-paid credit cards which are given to them inside an envelope

<Basically, this documentary provides under-cover footage that is undeniable proof that Israeli Ministries order AIPAC staff to commit crimes against US citizens on US soil for the political benefit of Israel.


8376c8 () No. 6485326


14 month phonelurkurfag, not sure if this is anything. Wilson's prime numbers are 5,13 & 563

; if any others exist, they must be greater than 5×10 to the 8th. Tomorrow is 5/13… 563 days since first post…

f1d2a3 () No. 6485327


Q is the Spider … a eunuch backstabbing, lying POS.

I thought it was obvious.

f56491 () No. 6485329

98653b04564fa1....jpg (646 KB, 255 x 128, 1931 : 969, 98653b04564fa1....jpg) (h)

230086 () No. 6485330


wray brinin da sunshine soon bich, u bettr be scared, cus u not going to have an income soon, ur going to have to join the real world….come to the light, sinner

5f3625 () No. 6485331


Bet that comes in handy!

f35cd1 () No. 6485332


>I thought I was an illegal spic?

You are an illegal (((JEW))). Here on earth illegally…Illegal alien…

df05cb () No. 6485333

738b1af1cf32ed....png (59 KB, 255 x 144, 787 : 444, NewSheriff.png) (h)

ffc334 () No. 6485334


uhh didn't potus post game over in got style?

44f172 () No. 6485335


The alternative would be less peaceful.

2f547a () No. 6485336

230086 () No. 6485337


ya and ur a bunch of flies and we eatin u all up! ribbit ribbit! welcome to our swamp bich

d031af () No. 6485338



I’ll have to delve tomorrow but good idea.

2d4d89 () No. 6485339


Bye bye @Jeremymclellan

[email protected]


b0977d () No. 6485340

2e443e907bbdc2....png (180 KB, 164 x 255, 287 : 445, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

>>6482810 (pb)

I find that exact phrasing intriguing from the point of view of our legal system. We tend not to use the word 'guilty' until the verdict is read. Are we watching a movie? Trial done, or is this just foreshadowing?

S*it is getting real MAGA.

a231bc () No. 6485341

How do you impeach someone who is doing a great job? Lol


0865de () No. 6485342

0d83c2464decd7....png (510 KB, 203 x 255, 580 : 727, Israel_vandali....png) (h)

6688eade8fbad0....png (109 KB, 255 x 118, 1165 : 540, Jews_Spit_On_C....png) (h)

d8cc267a067b9b....png (23 KB, 255 x 41, 1157 : 188, Plus_Sign_Isra....png) (h)

b41c23d80c33d1....png (618 KB, 255 x 221, 862 : 748, Youtube_video_....png) (h)

88b58dcfb2dd6f....png (538 KB, 255 x 239, 854 : 800, Youtube_video_....png) (h)


I don't support BDS but I support BIFC.

Boycott Israel for Christ.

Make Israel Respect Christ Again

Boycott Israel for Christ (BIFC), until Israel respects Christ and apologizes publicly for its anti-Christian behavior.

Boycott Israel and tell everyone about their despicable behavior towards Christ and Christians.

878872 () No. 6485343


Are you an anti-semite?

7f99f1 () No. 6485344

ef7743efad63f4....png (14 KB, 255 x 200, 255 : 200, 9cb41c94389cd2....png) (h)

4c402c () No. 6485345

d508c3954e54fd....png (5692 KB, 255 x 193, 3032 : 2300, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

daeb860d33bd2f....png (7560 KB, 255 x 198, 3002 : 2330, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

If you don't ever think Google is cucked by China just try a image search

cfe727 () No. 6485346


KEK! Prepaid credit cards? But I thought the Jews owned all the banks? Why not pallets of cash. That's how Obama did it.

735f67 () No. 6485347


There will be conflicts, certainly. There may be some willing to commit to war.

However, war is kind of expensive and usually more destructive than productive. It only "makes money" because the people who own the concept of it are willing to pay for it. If you take finance out of their hands and return the markets to real, circulated money - then even governments are compelled by the raw laws of math to consider, carefully, what is and is not committing to warfare to pursue.

For "proof" of this - look at almost any multiplayer crafting game. The communities are overwhelmingly cooperative because spending hours building something only to blow it up is either a sport to be done with rules by consenting competitors or a gigantic waste of time and resources.

If the people who built the weapons of war were also in control of when they were deployed, they wouldn't like seeing their hard work destroyed for petty things.

Who is truly the master and who is truly the servant between the king and the builders of his keep? If they were to build weaknesses into it, would he know the difference? If they were to decide his money was no good, who would still be able to live in their profession? Would the knights of the king turn their blades on the makers of his swords and armor?

The forces which could compel such behavior are limited in number and scope. Once disconnected, the power of the king collapses.

091fb7 () No. 6485348



I think what is happening is that the search is calling up email ID #261 and is ignoring all the other stuff at the end.


…brings up the same result.

2da86b () No. 6485349

e60adab7c57eca....png (45 KB, 255 x 106, 886 : 368, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5e964c2d1cfa3e....png (167 KB, 255 x 238, 325 : 303, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


this is how i view Wrays stance.

Wray isn't 'officially' aware of any misconduct and therefore has to make impartial statements in order to seem…. impartial. once the horowitz IG report drops, Wray will change his tune….first he's attacked by the President and then he's praised. Optics Trump.

>trust wray faggots

878872 () No. 6485350

This bread is:





f35cd1 () No. 6485351

f6a5790ccd9a1a....png (488 KB, 255 x 191, 1200 : 900, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


No, "anti-semetism" is a trick, jew always use it.

86b6ce () No. 6485352

2d6c405c2a1fe9....jpg (132 KB, 255 x 134, 1232 : 647, IMG_20181017_2....jpg) (h)

e00a9c15db8c18....jpg (143 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, 1536808085.jpg) (h)


Anything for a buck.

269132 () No. 6485353


Shadilay :)

0865de () No. 6485354


>Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.

Says that guy. Who is he to really know what kind of tech US Navy really has.

b3bf0a () No. 6485355


"sneind" deleted, kek.

f35cd1 () No. 6485356


It's cake, not bread…

59cab9 () No. 6485357

abbf617c1e217c....png (386 KB, 200 x 255, 377 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Maybe Raistlin Majere

Control over time?

7f83b5 () No. 6485358

076346e75cad3a....jpg (87 KB, 173 x 255, 451 : 665, ShillsDanger2.jpg) (h)


Paul you have doxxed yourself. Don't do that. This is a war zone. Reported to BV to clear the danger you put yourself in.

Leave Name and Email and Subject empty when you post here, mkay?

878872 () No. 6485359



2d4d89 () No. 6485360


I think his ABSENCE from the colorado scene is "telling".

Just not sure how.

(Q got that nigger locked up?!)

2f547a () No. 6485361


The Greeks are the REAL dick worshipers. Everywhere you go over there is full of penis art.

913a05 () No. 6485362


maybe the Qster is busy dealing with all the kikey false flags and God knows what else you long nosed babylonian chimpanzees are trying to pull

who knows

I'm glad to see a update.

only a jew would complain about it

c48621 () No. 6485363

f30d7175a02438....jpg (178 KB, 255 x 255, 960 : 960, trump_cats.jpg) (h)

e3eed378736155....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 253, 720 : 715, trump_donald_no.jpg) (h)

8364b6e05b971a....jpg (24 KB, 236 x 255, 459 : 497, trump_two_scoo....jpg) (h)


I guess time will tell, anon! But I can definitely agree with "Trust Trump" – it's just that Trump is a master of 5D chess which includes healthy amounts of deception and he employs the Art of War like a master.

d546e5 () No. 6485364

3ca3a9c31278f6....jpeg (91 KB, 255 x 192, 828 : 625, 39B04EC9-2934-....jpeg) (h)

b5ff5f () No. 6485365

91ce0d0463ee52....png (279 KB, 255 x 115, 1169 : 528, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

These Q drops fit on the WRAY clock.


82545f () No. 6485366


Search be Email-ID in each one

f35cd1 () No. 6485367


"LMFJAO" you mean…

3e1320 () No. 6485368


Nadler, Deutch, Swalwell Introduce Bill to Ensure Presidents Can be Held Accountable for Criminal Conduct

The No President Is Above the Law Act would pause the statute of limitations for any federal offense committed by a sitting president.

"No person can be permitted to evade accountability for their actions just because they happen to be President," said Chairman Nadler. "I have concerns with the Justice Department interpretation that a sitting president cannot be indicted, but if that is the policy, a president who commits a crime before or during their term in office, could exploit this loophole and avoid prosecution just because the statute of limitations has run out. This is unacceptable. The presidency is not a get-out-of-jail-free card."

"No one should be able to escape responsibility for their crimes by hiding in the Oval Office," said Congressman Deutch. "Even Special Counsel Mueller emphasized in his report that no one is above the law in our country–not even the President. If the Justice Department maintains its policy giving presidents a break from the threat of criminal prosecution during their term, Congress should act to ensure that it doesn’t ultimately prevent the pursuit of justice. Our bill pauses the statute of limitation for offenses committed by sitting presidents to ensure that winning an election isn’t a legal defense."

"It's a basic American value that no one - not even the President - is above the law," said Congressman Swalwell. "While I disagree with the legal opinion that says a President cannot be indicted during their term in office, Congress can step up right now and change the law to ensure any President can be held accountable for crimes. I appreciate Chairman Nadler and Congressman Deutch introducing this bill with me today so that no President can evade punishment just by running out the clock. President Trump is living proof of the urgent need to close this loophole."

42e32a () No. 6485369

I wonder if Assange has evidence that the "grab 'em by the pussy" audio was faked…

4cd1ac () No. 6485370


See this is already in notables. Hivemind. Just a little delayed. Love yah

70cc69 () No. 6485371

d960a129fe4977....png (439 KB, 255 x 195, 1136 : 868, U2_Lunar_Eclip....png) (h)

086684858c77d3....png (4162 KB, 255 x 164, 2000 : 1287, V22_Night_Shift.png) (h)

634e3434845e45....png (927 KB, 255 x 171, 1022 : 685, V22_Night_Shif....png) (h)

bfbca8430809ae....png (580 KB, 255 x 171, 1096 : 735, V22_Night_Shif....png) (h)

8de14e0b1a7eea....png (572 KB, 255 x 142, 944 : 525, V22_Night_Shif....png) (h)

Evenin' Frens. Welcome to Night Shift !

c48621 () No. 6485372


>Greeks are the REAL dick worshippers

Anal sex was known as "Greek style" forever and ever.

878872 () No. 6485375

8ed4c9a1c31c03....jpg (2221 KB, 191 x 255, 3072 : 4096, IMG_20190510_1....jpg) (h)


Yeah but check this out Kek…

The chemmies made an A…

230086 () No. 6485373


playing both sides? its getting obvious and desperate sounding

f1d74b () No. 6485374

2057d0a12b2d19....jpg (47 KB, 255 x 114, 604 : 270, HAMMER-PLAYERS....jpg) (h)


FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his supposed paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, exchanged a cryptic, indeed coded, text message on Sunday, March 19, 2017, twenty-six minutes after retired U.S. Air Force Four Star General Thomas McInerney read our exclusive “Whistleblower Tapes” exposé over America’s airwaves, revealing “The Hammer.”

The Hammer is the Stasi-like secret surveillance system created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery for Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The Hammer, under the Obama administration, negated every American’s constitutional rights to privacy, turning the United States into a police state where the federal government was weaponized by the Obama administration against its political enemies.

According to the secretly-recorded audio tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow, Brennan’s and Clapper’s illicit super surveillance system “The Hammer” wiretapped Trump “a zillion times.”

Late that Sunday evening, just hours after General McInerney’s radio appearance, Strzok and Page exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.

Only a few hours earlier, General McInerney had referenced Montgomery and Klayman on “Operation Freedom,” exactly the same names about which Strzok and Page were now texting.

General McInerney appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” that broadcasts from terrestrial radio station WAAM 1600.

The next morning, the Russian Collusion investigation was born.


8c95cf () No. 6485376

105f738e8dcf22....png (403 KB, 255 x 143, 800 : 448, sht15366319841....png) (h)

3eb77c () No. 6485377

8b67965fa40fea....png (85 KB, 255 x 210, 657 : 540, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Lurk More

ecfc91 () No. 6485378

About a third of Catholics know CRS is dirty.

They regularly work w UN programs - completely ignoring the conflict w church teaching on abortion & contraception.

Finding further corruption assoc w CRS isn't shocking. It's like finding out a politician lied.

1d91ac () No. 6485379


I am a bit worried at the moment. While being anonymous, I will say I am from the Richmond area.

Recently, a local couple of High Schools have had racist, white supremacist, graffiti. It has become a pretty big story in the area.

Well, James Comey has posted to Instagram spots from the RVA area.

Oh and by the way, the two school involved?




Think about those names for a minute. From what I have read, there is also a threat on 5/15 on those schools.

Saw something, saying something.

2c4a3f () No. 6485380


Fail to see any real humor in video , stupid monkey with audio of pelosi speaking.

230086 () No. 6485381


exactly…..city of knossos, gnosis…..bunch of snake worshippin perverts over there

cdb7a2 () No. 6485382


President Trump said it didn't sound like something he would have said.

10aa15 () No. 6485383

5ce296bf1bc693....jpg (100 KB, 255 x 191, 666 : 500, YoumightBeShill.jpg) (h)

0fc6c8354818ec....png (1399 KB, 252 x 255, 919 : 931, Wow5.png) (h)

79b42ba8cc770b....jpg (52 KB, 219 x 255, 585 : 681, Wow3.jpg) (h)

c2cbe47c7718f9....jpg (104 KB, 255 x 211, 1201 : 996, Wow1.jpg) (h)

316d1145d02935....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 71, 688 : 192, qAmerica12.jpg) (h)

62a8b8 () No. 6485384

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has uncovered another terrorist training camp on land owned by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, this time in Alabama.

The FBI described the land as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” in Macon County, Alabama, “belonging to a small group of terrorists led by Siraj Wahhaj,” according to KTVL.

Wahhaj was arrested last year in connection to a property raided by law enforcement in New Mexico on which 11 kidnapped children were found. One boy was determined to have been murdered on the land. Authorities said the land was being used as a “training ground” for school shootings and terror attacks.

“Federal records NBC 15 News uncovered show terror suspects captured at their compound in New Mexico last year had a second compound here in Alabama,” according to NBC15. “That property is owned by terror suspect Siraj Wahhaj, who is accused of plotting attacks against the government. The FBI believes his group spent time at that Alabama compound.”


1c71fc () No. 6485385


Ilhan, that you or a staffer? FFS.

7f99f1 () No. 6485386


The success rate of those introducing bills, that become law, is staggeringly low

Higher than those that think Obama is God

c72e10 () No. 6485387


i double checked your google pics , and you are correct.

If you google those terms, those are the pictures that come up.


2d4d89 () No. 6485388


Leave email field BLANK (and name, and subject too) and you can still post.

You don't want people who come here to know anything more about you other than you being anonymous.

For your protection.

(you seem like you will do good here, just be anonymous and stay safe)

f35cd1 () No. 6485389

a3ed9e04e606f2....png (1420 KB, 255 x 163, 1024 : 656, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


>white supremacist

878872 () No. 6485390

fe6a26438486e4....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 141, 918 : 506, 41330-neta1-20....jpg) (h)

7f83b5 () No. 6485391


I had a very hard time parsing these latest 3 tweets. Together these 3 tweets comprise one quotation. Who is POTUS quoting? When the tweet says "… attack a domestic political opponent (me)" it seems that POTUS is talking about himself. Is he quoting something he has said on the public record? Where/when was it said/written? Why does the tweet mention Tom Fitton + Judicial Watch? At first I thought POTUS was quoting Fitton (for the nth time today) which is why I was floored by "me" referring to POTUS.

Also this phrase that's NOT in quotes:

(Recommended by previous DOJ)

Does that refer to Director Wray as being a person who was recommended by the previous DoJ? Which previous DoJ? We've had several of them in sequence.

Some anons seem more certain about how to interpret this tweet than I am.

3bee79 () No. 6485392

529d14b681acde....png (730 KB, 255 x 160, 1139 : 715, NSCRAZYSHIT.png) (h)

d031af () No. 6485393



Anons…Page to go to. Click search for email ID. Paste in one of the filenames of a pic that Q has posted, but reverse the filenames backwards.

3e1320 () No. 6485394



20bc52 () No. 6485395

8413bababfb860....png (742 KB, 255 x 151, 695 : 411, fake jews.png) (h)


sucks when it's instant… doesn't it?

3fa4e1 () No. 6485396


If a missile was heading towards an Aircraft carrier

1st They would know

2nd All Planes would be dispatched immediately.

3rd Every Fucking bomb available would be launched.

4th The Chinese are Full of Shit.

Even if only half the plane and bombs were launched before their fancy bomb hit our carrier.

They Hell that followed would be Devastating

e9f795 () No. 6485397

c7fc76127d8532....jpg (70 KB, 223 x 255, 500 : 571, BetteDavis.jpg) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485398



44f172 () No. 6485399




32b510 () No. 6485400

Pilot triple homicide.

Going to take off soon…

Arrested pre-flight.

Planeload FF averted.

These people are unhinged.


1d91ac () No. 6485401


You are an idiot, I am claiming that part is a false flag. Read it again. Trying to help out here

3e1320 () No. 6485402

3c3a31 () No. 6485403

10bdde5205a8e5....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 144, 613 : 345, 20pfsv.jpg) (h)

38444c () No. 6485404

093e4072609962....png (396 KB, 255 x 200, 538 : 422, Q's a Jew.png) (h)


And you're filtered

2f547a () No. 6485405


DJT admitted it. Move on.

e7b4ba () No. 6485406


We’ve done this before. Any combination works.

20bc52 () No. 6485407

f59e6fcb4b8044....png (516 KB, 255 x 149, 681 : 399, nightshift sr7....png) (h)

735f67 () No. 6485408


I gave them clearance.

Let me handle my garden's admittance program.

Speaking of… You have your papers? I don't think I know you.

8a339d () No. 6485409

451e0bb3480a56....jpeg (345 KB, 255 x 106, 1596 : 664, 78F70C2F-45A8-....jpeg) (h)


It was the Navy itself which admitted it has no defense against ballistic missiles….

All day I’ve been thinking about the Navy and the fact that it has no defenses at all against ballistic missiles. The main point, the one I was trying to make in my last story, is that when something comes along like this and you’re tempted to say, “Well, they must have thought of that already, they must have some defense in mind…”-when you start talking like that, just slap yourself and remember all the other military traditions that kept going long after anybody with sense knew they were finito.

The most obvious example is European heavy cavalry trotting into longbow fire again and again. Crecy demonstrated that knightly charges were suicide against the longbow in 1346. But the French aristocracy had so much invested in prancing around on their damn steeds that it took another demonstration, at Agincourt in 1415 to even start to get them thinking about it. I’m no math wiz but I think that 1415 minus 1346…yup, that’s 69 years between catastrophes. Lessons learned? None.

These dodos always have one thing in common: whether it’s knights charging with lances on very expensive horses or top gun brats like McCain zooming onto carrier decks in history’s most expensive aircraft, you’ll always find that the worst, most over-funded services are always the ones where the rich kids go to show their stuff.

It’s weird the way war nerds who are up to the minute on the specs of this or that weapons system never think hard about what those specs mean. Let me tell you the example I’m thinking of here. Y’all remember the Harpoon, the US Navy’s first dedicated anti-ship guided surface to surface missile, right? Good ol’ AGM-84? A fine weapon by all accounts. You’ll remember it entered service in 1977.

Long time ago, right? Jimmy Carter, the peacenik jerk who got us in this Iranian mess, was still president, unfortunately. People still drove American cars and spoke English. Olden Times, in other words.

Well, instead of just paging through Jane‘s and drooling over the Harpoon’s range and 221-kg warhead (don’t bother lying, I spent years doing that stuff myself and I know), think about what that weapons means in terms of this key sentence from my last story: “Ships currently have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.” Now put that together with the fact that the Harpoon, way back in the Disco Era, had a cool little feature called “pop-up.” And what it meant is that the Harpoon itself worked as a ballistic missile. So even in our own inventory, we’ve had a weapon lying around for decades that could have taken out all our carriers.

What “pop-up” means is-well, it’s actually kind of cool and for once I can talk my old fave, hardware, without feeling like a tool. So anyway, the Harpoon has an interesting trajectory. It’s fired from vertical or diagonal tubes on the deck or the hold of surface ships, but there are other models that can be launched from aircraft or even subs. If you’ve seen video of a harpoon launch, you see it zoom up from the tube, then slide down to fly level, just above the waves, so’s to avoid enemy radar.

But once the Harpoon’s own radar has spotted the target, does it keep flying level to slam into the side of the ship? Nope. I’ll quote from the owner’s manual: “Once a target has been located and the seeker locked…the missile climbs rapidly to about 1800m before diving on the target (“pop-up maneuver”).”

In other words, the Harpoon does a last-minute transformation from wave-skimmer to ballistic missile. If you diagrammed its flight path, seen from the side, You’d get a capital “P” lying on its back, with the loop of the “P” being the pop-up maneuver.

The reason the Harpoon was designed to hit the target from above rather than the side is simple: a ships defenses are configured to stop planes (and missiles, even though they don’t work against missiles and everybody knows it) coming in diagonally or horizontally. To repeat that sentence again–and I’m going to keep repeating it till everybody realizes what it means–“ships currently [just like in 1977 when the Harpoon entered service] have no defense against a ballistic missile attack.”

So we have the Navy’s own weapons system testifying against it: way back in Carter’s time the Navy bought a weapon that was designed to hit ships like a ballistic missile, yet now, forty years later, USN ships have no defense against ballistic missiles.

I’m sick of softplaying it and I’ll say outright: any surface vessel bigger than a patrol boat is useless scrap iron, and the story of the Eilat proves it.

878872 () No. 6485410

b4010451819bf0....jpg (137 KB, 255 x 159, 1024 : 640, last laugh.jpg) (h)

f35cd1 () No. 6485411


>sucks when it's instant… doesn't it?

Instant noodles?

cb776e () No. 6485412


Nukes at sea have been a reality for literally 5 decades, anon.

Carriers DO have a defense against attacks from nuke ballistic and/or cruise missiles. In fact, it's a 2-part defense. The first part is, simply, tiny-ship-big-ocean. Carriers routinely evade satellite detection by using weather fronts, known satellite tracks/capabilities, etc., for planning their courses.

Part 1 summary - if you can't find 'em, you can't nuke 'em.

The 2nd part of the defense is that the carrier is the fastest ship in the ocean, by A LOT. I've seen carriers "walk down" cruisers and destroyers at flank speed on calm waters and just blow past them. Their advertised top speed, like the cruisers and destroyers, is always "33 kts". It's actually quite a bit more. Cruisers/destroyers can reach speeds upwards of 45 kts, and conservative estimates of carrier speeds are roughly 20kts faster than that.

And since the "road" is pretty flat at sea, in every direction, the carrier has nearly unlimited options in which to skedaddle away from an impact point at a rate of speed that puts it over-the-horizon from the hyper-cruise missile, and well away from the impact point of a ballistic missile (BM's are aimed at fixed points - they don't have mid-course or terminal guidance to attack maneuvering targets).

Part 2 summary - carriers can get outa dodge fast.

Perfect defenses? No. Substantial? Yes.

e31b07 () No. 6485413



230086 () No. 6485414

20f9a1d32a5d14....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 194, 573 : 435, eea.jpg) (h)

8c95cf () No. 6485415

6d697d43ad0a8b....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 201, 255 : 201, 8de1fa4d429cd6....jpg) (h)


Pimping that shit all around us constantly.

9a4126 () No. 6485416

afef14748765fd....jpg (80 KB, 255 x 144, 780 : 439, roseanne-barr.jpg) (h)

>>6482462 (pb)

>>6482066 (pb)

Roseanne knew the plan all along


f35cd1 () No. 6485417



I believe (((JEWS))) added lead to instant noodles to lower the IQ of goyim.

62a8b8 () No. 6485418

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation has uncovered another terrorist training camp on land owned by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, this time in Alabama.

The FBI described the land as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” in Macon County, Alabama, “belonging to a small group of terrorists led by Siraj Wahhaj,” according to KTVL.

Wahhaj was arrested last year in connection to a property raided by law enforcement in New Mexico on which 11 kidnapped children were found. One boy was determined to have been murdered on the land. Authorities said the land was being used as a “training ground” for school shootings and terror attacks.

“Federal records NBC 15 News uncovered show terror suspects captured at their compound in New Mexico last year had a second compound here in Alabama,” according to NBC15. “That property is owned by terror suspect Siraj Wahhaj, who is accused of plotting attacks against the government. The FBI believes his group spent time at that Alabama compound.”

Trending: Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New Anti-Hate Proposal

Ibn Wahhaj’s father, also named Siraj Wahhaj, is an Imam at a Brooklyn mosque. he is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

Radical leftwing activist Linda Sarsour is a supporter of the elder Wahhaj, and called him a “mentor,” “motivator,” and “encourager” in a 2017 speech to the Islamic Society of North America.

Wahhaj reportedly said he was “stunned by his son’s actions and tipped off law enforcement about the conditions at the New Mexico compound last year.”

f3f00f () No. 6485419

d03229c8a58c2e....png (80 KB, 255 x 143, 540 : 303, image-271.png) (h)

Did a bit of digging on Melania's family.

I remember a bit of this.

but him being of the communist party who fought against Nazi Germany is a no go zone. plus if you where in politics what could ya do back then.

still you would think the MSM would really hammer at this.

cdb7a2 () No. 6485420


I think he admitted it because he didn't want to take up the fake audio battle and knew he could weather it.

I'm done now.

b3bf0a () No. 6485421

got it, thanks anon


913a05 () No. 6485422

b5e6d9fa84359d....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 110, 342 : 148, hook.jpg) (h)




you kikes always make me chuckle

after we send your niggardly asses seaworthy and leave you marooned, stacked atop one another on tiny ol epstein island, i shall look back fondly on these days

878872 () No. 6485423

16083ff2cbcaf3....jpg (132 KB, 255 x 159, 1024 : 640, hebrokeme.jpg) (h)

e16160 () No. 6485424


Didnt RR say he could land the plane,,hmmm interdasting indeed

386c88 () No. 6485425


As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many DS assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and saw division to weaken the movement.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT (especially prayingmedic, in the matrix) and on TV (Hannity and other).

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to saw division and make the recent FalseFlags work ('Q is a nazi movement', 'orange man nazi').

Shills spread disinfo (RR and mueller not our guys for example).

Shills spread stupid info to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …)

Shills glow if you regard all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

The end for shills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.





5cce69 () No. 6485426


Good catch Anon.

There is that 64 again.

Switched to iPad and gone to bed or I would add it to the WRAY clock.

May have to get up (or will do it in am).

ef8b21 () No. 6485427


The files were on a FAT32 storage device (probably a USB drive), yes. And this could have been Seth Rich sneaking into the server room late one evening. Or it could have been a Russian hacker putting them in a USB drive to be snail-mailed to Wikileaks.

He's may be correct. I think he's probably correct. But the evidence he points to does not prove anything.

2fb806 () No. 6485428

23960c9d7ec01a....jpg (119 KB, 255 x 251, 761 : 749, 1507491517135.jpg) (h)

War is coming

know your enemy

and determine a strategy

f35cd1 () No. 6485429

0c879f094a5b98....png (1012 KB, 255 x 252, 704 : 696, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Muh hall-of-cost…

f1d2a3 () No. 6485430

cd675b886e82b6....gif (2376 KB, 255 x 183, 389 : 279, georgez.gif) (h)


>u bettr be scared

Of what? Something posted by muh Q ?


You're an idiot.

54c9a5 () No. 6485431


Is the obelisk greek or is it moar gay (((babylonian))) occult shit?

3e1320 () No. 6485432

e691ab1937b35f....png (455 KB, 255 x 164, 1024 : 659, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Receipt for computer hard drives that Dennis Montgomery turned over to the FBI in 2015.

20bc52 () No. 6485433

03d98b01d4b64f....jpg (31 KB, 172 x 255, 338 : 500, stein 4.jpg) (h)

11f778 () No. 6485434


Gotta wonder why he was out and allowed to do this anyway. Seemed like more than enough the first time to lock them all up or deport.

7dc322 () No. 6485435

71b8fa8a03de63....png (64 KB, 255 x 130, 603 : 307, TakeControlTwe....png) (h)

091fb7 () No. 6485436



An example:





….all come to the same e-mail (#261).

ef8b21 () No. 6485437


*He may be

f35cd1 () No. 6485438


Did you find the picture of the real "tank girl"?

82545f () No. 6485439


They are not always reversed. Not all of them reveal an email.

f3f00f () No. 6485440



forgot link.

e9f795 () No. 6485441

5c7cfccf689cbc....jpg (83 KB, 255 x 164, 745 : 479, AJ.jpg) (h)

230086 () No. 6485442

fed1e7525205ab....jpg (89 KB, 255 x 189, 476 : 352, 10Knossos7a.jpg) (h)

143be8225bf00f....jpg (22 KB, 220 x 230, 220 : 230, 220px-Edward_B....jpg) (h)


the labyrinth, knossos..

1c71fc () No. 6485443


>you kikes

End of discussion. GFY.

62a8b8 () No. 6485444

do racist unite or divide

404556 () No. 6485445

2424985129aa89....png (817 KB, 255 x 191, 696 : 522, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Here's to my boy Sandor: May he find peace, and all the chickens he can eat. What is hype may never die.

f60603 () No. 6485446

0e5b77a5dec29e....png (811 KB, 255 x 176, 960 : 664, ko.png) (h)


No one cares.

42e32a () No. 6485447


Since when does Jones hate Jews?

2d4d89 () No. 6485448


In our experience (speaking for most anons here) we have noticed a trend.

Anything marked as "white supremacist" is usually false flagging done by someone such as Antifa. (paid troublemakers)

Nonetheless, it is worth keeping an eye out, because an attack could follow- being perpetrated by someone wanting to blame whitey. (like the rabbi painting swastikas on tombstones)

We are not violent here, we love our constitution and freedoms, but do not infringe on others by being violent.

That being said, if you have threat information report it to the FBI.

b3bf0a () No. 6485449


ties to Comey story?

f35cd1 () No. 6485450

8e3826df3819f1....png (2394 KB, 255 x 187, 1162 : 850, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


I thought they only liked gold. Or did jew mean a gold penny?

2f547a () No. 6485451


Don't think so, anon. If he had not said it, he would fought. He always fights when wronged.

7dc322 () No. 6485452

e7c266b80c1a24....jpg (157 KB, 255 x 170, 1024 : 683, LetsRoll.jpg) (h)

1d91ac () No. 6485453


Here is one article about it:


I originally wrote it off as just some kids playing pranks. But with Comey in the area and this week supposedly being big according to new Q, I thought I would make it known.

8a339d () No. 6485454

6cb4917a5afde7....jpeg (602 KB, 255 x 188, 1093 : 804, 27261A4E-D351-....jpeg) (h)


You’re wrong

34a7f2 () No. 6485455


they define.

e9f795 () No. 6485456


It ain't about hating Jews.

It's all about discrediting 8Chan.

c48621 () No. 6485457

234804c24fa360....jpg (149 KB, 152 x 255, 678 : 1141, she-just-sucks....jpg) (h)


It's Egyptian, originally known as "tekhenu", but when the Greeks saw them they called it "obeliskos" which probably means "Damn I wanna suck one of those!"

014485 () No. 6485458


Sometimes you choose not to overturn ricks because you’re aware, fully, that you’ll discover a mirror beneath.

2f547a () No. 6485459

9610a8c34b6969....jpg (19 KB, 250 x 255, 250 : 255, 9610a8c34b6969....jpg) (h)

878872 () No. 6485460

f87f4cee5b6e10....gif (2709 KB, 255 x 255, 320 : 320, f87f4cee5b6e10....gif) (h)




62a499 () No. 6485461


Israeli snipers killing Americans in the Middle East

62a8b8 () No. 6485462


also makes me wonder, if in other countries w fake leaders, did they also allow 'training camps'

20bc52 () No. 6485463

2e0366650a4680....jpg (75 KB, 219 x 255, 430 : 500, penny sense.jpg) (h)

6e0618 () No. 6485464

>6484179 (pb). The truth comes from within anon, search past Q posts to see if he’s done it before and then go from there. Qanon.pub is searchable by keyword. Super easy. I agree with what you’re feeling tho. Ima look into it. Stay tuned.

f60603 () No. 6485465

9bba70935098bb....jpg (12 KB, 188 x 187, 188 : 187, nickel.jpg) (h)

913a05 () No. 6485466


dumbass greasy long nosed yiddish, kikey, worthless little jewbags with no soul whatsoever to speak of. just a vessel of treachery. little more than a demon possessed bunch of meatbags!!

God it's so good to be a russian bot

2fb806 () No. 6485467

ba718dbe9627de....jpg (194 KB, 255 x 189, 1024 : 760, 1507494041439.jpg) (h)


One of these?

c48621 () No. 6485468


>speaking for most anons here

You only speak for yourself. Try not to forget it. I have no problem with the rest of your post but don't do that "we" shit.

20bc52 () No. 6485469

1b4b8c6265f45f....png (870 KB, 255 x 255, 526 : 527, angel.png) (h)

ffacdf () No. 6485470

>>6484821 (pb)

What if a number of us on Earth at this time (including many who frequent here) were sent here for a specific purpose? What if there are some who have met their "handlers" on the other side. What if I told you they appear as angels. What if those sent have lived an improbable life, all during which has seemed like a series of inexplicable coincidences, with no clear idea why it all happened until late October, 2017?

1d91ac () No. 6485471



Agreed, I believe the White Supremacist angle is BS and it is what made my radar come out.

The fact that Comey has been posting recently from RVA made my radar start beeping.

The school names made my radar have a constant ping.

3fa4e1 () No. 6485472


He said he wasn’t part of the investigation.

He’s either playing them or Trumps playing him.

He could just be faggot?

230086 () No. 6485473

4f84efcc19574d....jpg (84 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, 30t21m.jpg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485474


I know that the fraudulent official narrative is false that he was a demonic uber rayciss, but on the other hand, zionist backers (which also financed the Jewish Commies) were expecting a certain reaction, and off course, they manipulated the non-German powers to move against Germany because the zionsts played Hitler into trying to make what zionists wanted from him, move the Jews to Palestine (not that moving Jews wasn't a good thing for Germany, after all, diaspora Jews as a group, even before Israel, always took advantage of the host nation population by molding their societies in order to benefit Jews as a group at the expense of every other group, including the majority natives in said host Country (this is why Jewish expulsions are cyclical and commonplace in Jewish history, Judaism is a predatory ideology that operates non-militarily but thru deception and strategic over-taking of key institutions and organizations within the host Country, while refusing assimilation(this is important to understand))).

Diaspora Jews created problems in Europe and zionists (Herzl, Rothschild, Willian J Donovan, Richard Kalergi) had special interests in relocating them to Palestine, because they wanted to create a Jewish Theocratic Ethnoestate based on religious zionism. The lifeline of the zionists is the Christian zionism psyoped crowd, but even those are waking up.

The fact is that the zionists are also the ones behind the EU and communist subversion of both the Dem and Rep party in the US.

Even if unwillingly, Hitler was a key actor in getting the zionsts what they wanted, "Democracy" for Europe in the form of Liberal Democracies (commie petri dishes), and (militarily enforced) Jewish nationalism in the form of zionism in Middle East Israel.

cdb7a2 () No. 6485475

f00b32e88e5f56....jpg (77 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, TrumpCards.jpg) (h)

7f83b5 () No. 6485476

43952eccddda78....jpg (384 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, DeepStateFail.jpg) (h)

d031af () No. 6485477

Hm. Q post here https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6334346#6335030 (pb from April) which is a pic with filename

Pic 23ceb48bc3b4ea850d29b94c309e6f09 brings me to here


62a8b8 () No. 6485478

if a racist took a blood test, would it be pure

6e0618 () No. 6485479

>>6484179 (pb). The truth comes from within anon, search past Q posts to see if he’s done it before and then go from there. Qanon.pub is searchable by keyword. Super easy. I agree with what you’re feeling tho. Ima look into it. Stay tuned.

2fb806 () No. 6485480

Wow the JQ is in the air tonight eh?

f1d74b () No. 6485481

Ratcliffe: James Comey “under investigation for violations of the espionage act”?…

If this were anyone except Judiciary Committee member John Ratcliffe, it would be easier to ignore…. but it’s not. John Ratcliffe is a very tempered and deliberate voice; he has a strong reputation in DC and doesn’t speak in riddles, hype, or disingenuous terms.

During an interview with Maria Bartiromo discussing the recent comments by former FBI Director James Comey, Ratcliffe replied [Must Watch at 04:10 ]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3cW3hMgY2w

[@04:10] “Gosh, y’ know, as I listen to that, Jim Comey is proud and wouldn’t change a thing? Really? He’s proud that he put Peter Strzok in charge of investigating Donald Trump? The same Peter Strzok who, while he was investigating Donald Trump, promised to “f*ck” him and to “stop” him? He’s proud of his hand-picked deputy director, Andrew McCabe who lied under oath; lied to the inspector general, and has been criminally referred for that?

And we know Jim’s proud of himself, but the inspector general found him insubordinate, and many of us believe that he either is or should be under investigation for violating the espionage act; for recording his conversations with President Trump in the oval office, and then intentionally leaking classified information to start this investigation”…

Remember, Ratcliffe is one of only a handful of people who saw, and continues to see, all of the highly classified intelligence documents (fully unredacted) currently under consideration for declassification by President Trump. Ratcliffe was also strongly considered for the U.S. Attorney General position. This is a deliberate man.

Setting an optimistic tone, Representative John Ratcliffe expresses an unusual amount of confidence in U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.


1fd5bf () No. 6485482


I see you took your lithium today

801f27 () No. 6485483


Satanic ass potatoes creepypasta for Lynns cabbage arbitrage of tsipraism bilbo franchises in pedo gold bacon cuntry

7dc322 () No. 6485484

ea6af55dfe0f24....jpg (854 KB, 255 x 240, 1889 : 1776, ourgirl.jpg) (h)

3e1320 () No. 6485485




Comey was well aware that President Trump was under illegal surveillance because Montgomery had already turned over to Comey’s FBI mountains of evidence confirming the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance system.

On August 19, 2015, Montgomery turned over to FBI Director Jim Comey’s office 47 hard drives that he alleges contain over 600 million pages of documentation from Brennan’s and Clapper’s secret surveillance system.

ad8cfe () No. 6485486


funny it looks and chews her teeth like pelosi

2f547a () No. 6485487


Wasn't talking about that, Adolf. Was talking about the little fake ass shit they sell in the tourist areas. Averager sized guy with HUGE dick.

269132 () No. 6485488

cb7ae5e10d1af1....mp4 (3801 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Barrs_Statemen....mp4) (h)

73be71e22429b5....mp4 (2816 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, The_only_minut....mp4) (h)

b4e20781fa92db....mp4 (2631 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Barr_We_Have_t....mp4) (h)


reminder: baby games are over.

62a8b8 () No. 6485489

is racism stupid

before battle, do you divide your force

e9e7a3 () No. 6485490

b7b0352ff8f5dc....gif (1022 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, A2602579-06B0-....gif) (h)

2c4a3f () No. 6485491


never said "this week"

20bc52 () No. 6485492

0be39be5d50aad....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 253, 474 : 470, Joo Porn 1.jpg) (h)


God there fuckin' stupid.

1e8f19 () No. 6485493

053e26a8c419c5....png (268 KB, 253 x 255, 969 : 975, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



1e63f2 () No. 6485494

1ea87972392119....jpg (183 KB, 166 x 255, 651 : 1000, pepe red agent....jpg) (h)

To all those that work and sacrifice in the fight for our Freedom; God Bless and thank you for your service. There's no way that it could be said enough.

To all those good Mothers out there; Happy Mothers Day. The sacrifices that you make, the work that you do, the Love and Light that you share out to your families; Incalculable. You are the True unsung Heroes of this, the movie we're watching. You that choose to be the 1st Hero that your child ever meets. The bar by which they will judge the world. God Bless you Mothers that set a high bar. It's that work that sets the foundation that Humanity rests upon.

May Most High always give all those Heroes that work, fight, and sacrifice for our Children all the Grace, Strength, Patience and Wisdom needed to succeed. May the Lighter of Lights always keep your Heart, Mind and Works a bright beacon of Good.

To you on the other side of the Door; WRWY. May we one day be able to thank you openly.


p.s. A special Happy Mothers Day to Q. It's going to be a beautiful World once it's Time. I /pray we make you proud.


233906 () No. 6485495


The Navy didn't mention subs though.

32b510 () No. 6485496

Hi Schitt :)

did you bank on assassination?

we ALL know the muh Russia was a smokescreen.

would POTUS take one for his family?

Leaking classified info to the press, is a major crime.

Too bad you're a dumbfuck and that's the LEAST of your crimes.


Trickle down lethal injection.


d546e5 () No. 6485497

23e1f44f6c7397....jpeg (65 KB, 255 x 164, 828 : 534, 50F9C5F8-CC5A-....jpeg) (h)

Hey pedo-cabal,

Do you hear that noise?

801f27 () No. 6485498



Satanic ass potatoes creepypasta for Lynns cabbage arbitrage of tsipraism bilbo franchises in pedo gold bacon cuntry

3fccc3 () No. 6485499

5bf755d647a148....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 144, 460 : 259, 181102193037-t....jpg) (h)

8efaf77e40c7cd....png (317 KB, 209 x 255, 356 : 435, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

fb0940a2199428....png (222 KB, 255 x 254, 480 : 478, screen-shot-20....png) (h)

Anons don't hate me for this - but WHAT IF Q team is timing the BOOMS with the GOT plot?

Sounds odd, but POTUS has posted 3 (or more?) GOT memes..

6fb92f () No. 6485500

6184a36b969bf5....png (148 KB, 255 x 239, 716 : 671, DontKnowAboutJ....png) (h)

b3bf0a () No. 6485501


made Notes LB

>>>6485432 Receipt for computer hard drive that Dennis Montgomery turned over to FBI in 2015


801f27 () No. 6485502



Satanic ass potatoes creepypasta for Lynns cabbage arbitrage of tsipraism bilbo franchises in pedo gold bacon cuntry

2d4d89 () No. 6485503


depends on which side you are on.

e9e7a3 () No. 6485504


Monday morning in Israel

3e1320 () No. 6485505

428f0872ff9dc9....png (221 KB, 161 x 255, 251 : 398, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



1c71fc () No. 6485506


Look sandnigger, I’m a cracker. Want to play name games all night, you worthless goat fucking piece of shit?

You can’t argue shit and it’s why you resort to bs name calling. I can do it too. You have nothing and your masters have brainwashed you, you ignorant dolt.

801f27 () No. 6485507


Yuge trannywhoreing reveal


Satanic ass potatoes creepypasta for Lynns cabbage arbitrage of tsipraism bilbo franchises in pedo gold bacon cuntry

f1d74b () No. 6485508



cdb7a2 () No. 6485509

29a94bb5b7313e....png (1056 KB, 255 x 144, 1199 : 675, DwMZEHrV4AEvW9....png) (h)

c48621 () No. 6485510

4cab938c64071b....jpg (303 KB, 255 x 255, 800 : 800, as-above.jpg) (h)

ac9ea4d09f8223....jpeg (43 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, leuko.jpeg) (h)


Light-Workers. In order to be effective they must be kept in the dark about a lot of things, but may see light leaking through when the cracks begin to show.

They have important work to do here and will be inexorably drawn toward doing that work and will find one another instinctively and collaborate. They are the leukocytes of the universe itself, sent to clean out the infection that has been parasitizing it for millennia.

As above, so below.

1d1cd1 () No. 6485511

799a922c515dd1....jpeg (2105 KB, 191 x 255, 4032 : 3024, B35E1133-E44E-....jpeg) (h)

Flags Out

f1d2a3 () No. 6485512

c0641e85f7cd7c....gif (2893 KB, 255 x 186, 500 : 364, pcates.gif) (h)

aa16ab5b3806f7....jpg (8 KB, 255 x 255, 255 : 255, diggingche.jpg) (h)

Gonna go watch GoT … it's got more real shit in it than anything Q posts to this board.

Gnight, Qtards!

801f27 () No. 6485513



Satanic ass potatoes creepypasta for Lynns cabbage arbitrage of tsipraism bilbo franchises in pedo gold bacon cuntry

8a339d () No. 6485514

0d20c786d4ca0f....jpeg (386 KB, 255 x 123, 1643 : 794, 65AF837A-5A77-....jpeg) (h)


Torpedoes detonated well below a carrier are a concern

b3bf0a () No. 6485515


Great description anon, added.

62a8b8 () No. 6485516

do shill give stupid answers

is racism stupid

do you divide your force before battle

0865de () No. 6485517

435d38c3af0900....png (4599 KB, 218 x 255, 3040 : 3560, Evangelicals_m....png) (h)

322af162b5b06a....png (4073 KB, 255 x 234, 3104 : 2848, Evangelicals_m....png) (h)


Not only Marxists.

I am pro-Trump and I support all kinds of boycotts to Israel for whatever reason, not that I care about the Palestinians per-se, but I know that Israel is anti-Christian and an enemy of the US and the whole West (they even passed stolen US tech to China, with allies like Israel, nobody needs enemies).

Me personally, I Boycott Israel For Christ.

878872 () No. 6485518




ffacdf () No. 6485519


What if I told you I believe that Jews became Jews because of people who think like your typical muh Jew anon? They have been doing battle with each other for a long time. They keep coming here, both sides thinking the outcome will be different. One form of evil chasing the other, each side creating the other. An endless cycle, which Q probably knows the solution, thus saving Israel for last.

014b2a () No. 6485520

52d11bfd990619....jpeg (144 KB, 184 x 255, 581 : 806, 9FB34910-7FF8-....jpeg) (h)

Someone please caption this or do something with it

091fb7 () No. 6485521

1a13660fd656dc....png (36 KB, 255 x 253, 871 : 863, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


You're looking at e-mail ID 23.



Same thing.

If Q's pic was named 23_ANONS_ARE_SUPER_KEWL the WL would come up with the same e-mail.


b720a6 () No. 6485522

5a739b65ff5c67....png (555 KB, 255 x 120, 840 : 394, Gwinswins.png) (h)


WELL SAID ANON!! Godspeed!!!

801f27 () No. 6485523


Higher wall

Higher cocaine prices

62a8b8 () No. 6485524

racist get the filter again

3e1320 () No. 6485525

2fb3d943bb2475....png (1004 KB, 178 x 255, 602 : 864, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Haven't been hit with nostalgia like that in a looong time.

70dbfd () No. 6485526

a6bf80ab81fdb8....png (78 KB, 255 x 80, 976 : 305, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

i was thinking about one of POTUS' most comment "typo's"

councel to counsel

C to S

a C over a mirror looks like an S

is that a clue that trump is telling us the opposite (mirror) of the truth. "sessions bad" when he is obviously great

230086 () No. 6485527

7f63a77b7024ea....jpg (92 KB, 255 x 149, 857 : 500, 30hhko.jpg) (h)


good nite frenemy

3c3a31 () No. 6485528


Door, ass and shit.

70dbfd () No. 6485529


common not comment

20bc52 () No. 6485530

75ef2f067244bf....png (1354 KB, 255 x 143, 940 : 527, kekistan flag.png) (h)

801f27 () No. 6485531


Willcock sucks dick and does bilbo jewholes

Check Craigslist

7f83b5 () No. 6485532

b158c7f682775a....jpg (872 KB, 255 x 170, 1000 : 668, HomeNotDivided.jpg) (h)

f1d74b () No. 6485533

eb063c368f1082....png (132 KB, 255 x 255, 504 : 504, pepe_-_.png) (h)

5c6567 () No. 6485534


Q has not dropped anything significant in a month or 2. Just reposting platitudes anyone could. Getting kinda suspicious if black hats hijacked it…

e9f795 () No. 6485535

53a60a4263af33....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 220, 555 : 479, VirginAntiSemi....jpg) (h)

b3bf0a () No. 6485536


Notes @450

>>6485494 Patriot's Mother's Day greeting

>>6485432 Receipt for computer hard drive that Dennis Montgomery turned over to FBI in 2015

>>6485384, FBI uncovered another terrorist training camp on land owned by Siraj Ibn Wahhaj in Alabama

>>6485432 Receipt for computer hard drive that Dennis Montgomery turned over to FBI in 2015

>>6485374, >>6485485 Comey launched Trump-Russia investigation day after general exposed "The Hammer"

>>6485368 Nadler, Deutch, Swalwell Introduce Bill to Ensure Presidents Can be Held Accountable for Criminal Conduct

>>6485188 DJT speaks of "a good BILL" for immediate signing

>>6485180 Catholic Relief Services initially founded as the War Relief Services after WWII

>>6485168, >>6485193 Pompeo canceling stop in Moscow en route to Brussels instead to discuss a range of pressing matters w/EU officials incl Iran

>>6485142 Anon says Q put 'guilty of treason' in quotes for a reason

>>6485114 For KEKS: Pelosi vid, comic relief (1 min)

>>6485092 Roger Stone wants proof that Russians hacked the DNC server

Any lurking bakers looking to bake before graveyard? Baker can stay for one moar or handoff NB

801f27 () No. 6485537


God thinks daniel is s depraved faggot too

76b8a5 () No. 6485538


Q did not say 'boom next week'.

Hope it happens sooner than later, buy still it is important to understand the above.


>Treason doesn't pay well in the end.


878872 () No. 6485539



I gave mi mum Swiss chocolates for mother's day. Her favorite.


b3bf0a () No. 6485540


Sorry, duplicate; will be fixed

e895d9 () No. 6485541


if Trump ordered DECLAS in Oct….and ordered it ASAP…

does that mean he holds the DECLAS version and is systematically giving it to people one by one?

cdb7a2 () No. 6485542

f9e1613f8defc4....jpg (112 KB, 184 x 255, 581 : 806, ByeTraitors.jpg) (h)

233906 () No. 6485543


Not going to say much but, our Boomers are better than theirs.

2d4d89 () No. 6485544


if "we have it all"

what more significant stuff would he drop?

f3f00f () No. 6485545


Tankers crashing? this shit again.

its a Mad, Mad,Mad.Mad.world

43dd27 () No. 6485546

Best mother's day ever.

76b8a5 () No. 6485547



d6a72b () No. 6485548

b74971f73fb699....jpg (3025 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, 20190513_002010.jpg) (h)

dbe526 () No. 6485549


Divide and conquer.

Age old war strategy.

Both sides are using it.

20bc52 () No. 6485550

1c998c69cfdd69....png (787 KB, 186 x 255, 541 : 742, POTUS and Pepe....png) (h)

c72e10 () No. 6485551

1c0d2c23d65217....jpg (106 KB, 255 x 170, 751 : 500, 2yyj33.jpg) (h)

925cdb027303a0....jpg (112 KB, 255 x 255, 630 : 631, Best-Game-Of-T....jpg) (h)

5db3390b6d1e88....jpg (245 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, 5db3390b6d1e88....jpg) (h)

446f8697f3430f....png (1236 KB, 255 x 143, 1001 : 563, 446f8697f3430f....png) (h)

e5c0783e52959c....jpg (72 KB, 255 x 188, 882 : 650, threedragonssh....jpg) (h)

801f27 () No. 6485552


Faggots that fart in their own bathtub and smell them for fun put on a synthetic necromancy theatre for trannys and baby flesh w bizarre german buttseks cults

0865de () No. 6485553

e45ac60d3210b0....jpg (176 KB, 255 x 98, 1235 : 473, AIPAC_admits_t....jpg) (h)

9288894f477bd7....mp4 (944 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, AIPAC_Announce....mp4) (h)


Calm down yid.

You and I both know that boycotting Israel does not hurt Israel economically, in the short term.

But what it does thou, because of the REASONS why people might (and many do) boycott Israel make it so that if they are known by the whole general population, said general population would no longer support Israel, and that is the great chink in the armor of Israel.

General public support in the US for Israel is your lifeline, because it's what keeps the influence trading and financial faucet running.

All you're doing is calling people names, but the people already know Israel is an enemy of the West, you import Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims into the West and support ISIS.

Israel is fucking done son.



5eac18 () No. 6485554


Still energized by some of those

leftover blood soaked matzah balls

e16160 () No. 6485555

omg get to OANN and see this aoc parody funny schitt

e9f795 () No. 6485556



Q said May is kickoff.

If Q meant May 2024 this is all bullshit.

This week is BOOM week.

86b6ce () No. 6485557

9bfa91a564215d....jpg (412 KB, 255 x 255, 2000 : 2000, 1557550101.jpg) (h)

a91c382ff2d357....jpg (380 KB, 255 x 255, 2000 : 2000, 1557550101-1.jpg) (h)


Shouldn't you pussies be recharging your crystals somewhere else?

230086 () No. 6485558


i doubt it….us and israel have a special alliance and we dont want to disrupt ANY alliance but the us/israel one is particulary complex and theres many elements we still dont know about yet. im sure mossad is just as bad as our cia and britains mi6….complex situations with complex solutions. the jew obsession is just weird and ancient and complex…mainly because they got kicked out of Israel area is the problem and the most peaceful solution is to let Israel be Isreal as long as their mossad isnt causin fuckery…same goes for our cia tho and rest of worlds 3 letter agencies

014b2a () No. 6485559

8effbf5ffd635f....jpeg (124 KB, 184 x 255, 1200 : 1659, 49F092FB-7C0C-....jpeg) (h)



43dd27 () No. 6485560

1fd5bf () No. 6485561

004a0e9d398de3....jpg (66 KB, 170 x 255, 480 : 720, tankGrl.jpg) (h)


>l "tank girl"?

014485 () No. 6485562

551db785495f23....jpeg (257 KB, 255 x 170, 1600 : 1065, 6331DB30-1A95-....jpeg) (h)

5c6567 () No. 6485563



Absolutely degenerate. That filfth is what got us here in the first place. Complete moral decay, and lack of values.


To the Christian anons on this board…

The fight will not be easy. But may the Lord guide his faithful and ceaseless servants.

233906 () No. 6485564


Post a link since you have digits.

62a8b8 () No. 6485565

8fbfd916a0b4e9....jpg (927 KB, 255 x 151, 1542 : 914, big league pol....jpg) (h)


2d4d89 () No. 6485566


I want my booms!

And I want 'em now!


(I got a few booms- mowing over ammo dropped by son recently)

01d70e () No. 6485567

ad690325b9ed38....png (957 KB, 255 x 209, 1191 : 975, 30cf8bd96ec3af....png) (h)

c4877c () No. 6485568

b4f44501e04de1....png (76 KB, 255 x 111, 1249 : 543, Q trust Wray.png) (h)

Disinformation exists and is necessary. Could be that Trust Wray was FALSE?


>Tweet indicates Director [Wray] "is protecting the same gang"


>Of course he is.

>Wray told the world what kind of cunt he is at one of the hearings in 2018.

>Anons who suck on Q's nutsack won't believe it because trust muh Wray.

>But Wray is a DS cunt, protecting his friends.

1e8f19 () No. 6485569

48e673fcb4c659....jpg (1080 KB, 255 x 191, 3648 : 2736, 14e90dd33a5255....jpg) (h)


what about walrus josh?

cdb7a2 () No. 6485570

4c7eb3330949b2....jpg (99 KB, 255 x 171, 850 : 569, DeclasNowBorin....jpg) (h)

0865de () No. 6485571

ed7c2d6d471240....png (1713 KB, 255 x 103, 2200 : 890, ISIS_Israel_big.png) (h)


You're an Israeli shill.

All Ron said is a fact, Israel created Hamas.

You're just trying to attack the messenger in order to try to deflect from the fact he proved.

Israel created Hamas.

And Israel supports ISIS. Pic related.

7c0aca () No. 6485572

b89908e22aa5ba....jpg (118 KB, 192 x 255, 436 : 578, GumbyJews.jpg) (h)

1fd5bf ()