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Sunday 05.12.2019

>>6482822 rt >>6482812 -————————– Boom time baker (Comey MOAB meme) (Cap: >>6500105)

>>6482810 ————————————–——– NO SLEEP IN DC

>>6482617 ————————————–——– Eyes on (Cap: >>6482670)

>>6482574 ————————————–——– BOOM WEEK AHEAD

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

Compiled here: >>6490077

Wednesday 04.24.2019

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are not endorsements


>>6550438 Spokane psychologists Mitchell and Jessen called to testify about ‘torture’ techniques in 9/11 tribunals

>>6550430 US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers off Alaskan coast

>>6550343 Democrats fume as McGahn skips House hearing: ‘Our subpoenas are not optional’

>>6550333 Top Democrat's wife may have gained 'illegal private benefit' from his committee activities (Cummings Pay for Play)

>>6550251 Niki Lauda: Tributes paid after F1 legend dies aged 70

>>6550212 Q balloon flying over Windsor Castle, England for President Trump's UK visit

>>6550204, >>6550323 Noting, but needs verification: CIA AGENT GIVES SWORN STATEMENT: WE BROUGHT DOWN THE TWIN TOWERS ON 9/11

>>6550263, >>6550294 Oroville Dam water level is 1 foot from spillway as of May 20, 2019

>>6550159 Google and Big Tech Are Already Implementing Their Chinese-Tested Blacklists on US Conservatives

>>6550081 US JCS chairman General Dunford unexpectedly cancels trip to NATO Wednesday “Due to unforeseen commitments that require General Dunford to remain in Washington DC this week…"

>>6550064 Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic

>>6550056 The UN says North Korea’s Ambassador to the UN Kim Song is set to hold a news conference on Tuesday regarding the U.S.' recent seizure of a North Korean cargo ship.

>>6550017, >>6550066 Brexit Party Takes Wide Lead in Wales, Second Place in Remain-Voting Scotland

>>6550013 Fmr CIA Dir Brennan now speaking to House Dem Caucus about Iran

>>6549998 Justin Amash (R) Impeach Trump? Financial motivation? China? …Amash has now been exposed.

>>6549990 Iran Accelerates Production of Enriched Uranium as Tensions Rise

>>6549980, >>6550002, >>6550067, >>6550127 Dig on John Giacalone's testimony brings Hilton Hotels into the light

>>6549969 On this day in 1881, Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.

>>6549955 FL. Rep Matt Gaetz revealed Monday night that "most compelling" evidence in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation is days, if not weeks away.

>>6549918 Obama-Era State Department Official Provides More Evidence Of FISA Abuse

>>6549906 Former AG Lynch Denied Under Oath Telling Comey to Refer to Clinton Email Probe as a “Matter” — Somebody’s Lying!

>>6549905 Barack Obama coming to Colombia to speak at the EXMA conference

>>6549836 Rep Jim Jordan twat w/CAP: The American people don't want impeachment. There's no basis for it!

>>6549835 Nunes “Likely” to Send Another Criminal Referral Over Steele Meeting with State Dept

>>6549829 Rep Mark Meadows twat w/CAP: Reminder: Don McGahn’s account is in the Mueller report. It’s online. All Americans can read it.

>>6549810 video of Jane Roe interview admitting to lying about rape as well as telling her criminal history.

>>6549807 Baltimore: Pediatrician indicted on 65 charges of molestation after more victims came forward

>>6549787 Twatter Poll: Will you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?

>>6549782 The White House is asking Americans to share their personal stories of censorship and bias on social media.

>>6549777 Taxpayer Dollars at work: Shocked by Alabama, NPR Listeners Ask How ‘These People Call Themselves Americans’

>>6549740 Anon buns up Rep. Doug Collins' links to 9 posted testimonies (transcripts)

>>6549731 Adam Schiff: “the Mueller report contemplated Congress picking up where he left off”

>>6549693 Prosecutors refuse to enforce abortion ban in Georgia

>>6550446 #8375

Previously Collected Notables

>>6549662 #8374,

>>6547298 #8371, >>6548269 #8372, >>6548821 #8373

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Morning Baker ready to Handoff if Backup Baker Ready?

973553 () No. 6550482



Confirmed: President Trump is expected to tap Ken Cuccinelli for a top role at the Department of Homeland Security, but he is not likely to become the immigration czar. His exact role is still being hashed out, but the WH wanted someone who thinks like Trump at the department.

11:20 AM - 21 May 2019

0855f7 () No. 6550483


Bill Barr Breaks Silence, Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Reign Of Terror

6ee369 () No. 6550493




0855f7 () No. 6550495

June 22, 2018…. wait… dafuq?


Disney executives pleased to announce acquisition of PornHub

77e69e () No. 6550497

DJT will go down as the best President ever

77e69e () No. 6550499

Cannes: Sci-Fi Film Poster Features Decapitated Donald Trump Head in MAGA Hat


973553 () No. 6550501


0e817d () No. 6550503


sorry if a repeat on this traitor.


b33240 () No. 6550504

04743b () No. 6550507

/CM/ comments on Elle Reeves break in.



3797fa () No. 6550509

GrassValleyanon here. Some spoopy stuff habbening in our town lately. I think the double murder was connected to pipe bombs. To much of a coincidence in timing.

Satanist and Mason symbolizes all over. There is a store down town right next to the movie theater Deloro called Gemini Cult, it’s a straight up satanic store Down from that is a Masonic building/lodge the whole street level is a second hand baby store. Super creepy never any customers and has been open for 30plus years I can remember. Most of the buildings down town are connected with tunnels.

e7324f () No. 6550511

Homosexual Debauchery… Who's next Chaz Bono.

Jenner will appear on the summer cover of Sports Illustrated to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her Olympic Gold medal win. Then known as Bruce, Jenner competed at the 1976 summer Olympic Games in Montréal, setting a world record in the decathlon and capturing the gold.

Commemorating this victory, Jenner will appear in the magazine wearing “nothing but an American flag and her Olympic medal,” a source revealed.

The pose will re-create another famous moment when Jenner ran around the track draped in an American flag at the Olympic Games in 1976.

Great Time in My Life, Says Jenner

“That was a great time in my life,” Jenner said, “but to be honest with you, it’s an even greater time in my life right now with what I’m trying to accomplish.”

It will also mark the first time Caitlin has posed with her gold medal in a photograph since her transition.

Jenner underwent sex reassignment surgery in January 2017. Since that time, Caitlin has been one of the most open members of the LGBTQ community, as well as, one of its strongest proponents and advocates for equality.

77e69e () No. 6550512

U.S. census vulnerable to Russian meddling, top official warns


Let me guess, Russians will break into your house and fill out your census

973553 () No. 6550519


18fa4a () No. 6550522

Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13-Year-Old Girl from Her Father And Raped Her

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has come forward and announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by Hollywood star Tom Hanks.


04743b () No. 6550523


Twat caps


77e69e () No. 6550524


EU leaders sound alarm over populist election threat


8e9653 () No. 6550528


f445b3 () No. 6550529

For those who forgot. These 3 were part of the never-trump team put together by Murdoch. There was an article about this, can't ind it now but it exists.

e4e70c () No. 6550530

3e700b () No. 6550531

3797fa () No. 6550532


The new Governor was just in town too. Never happens.

885d02 () No. 6550533

look nigger fuck france coming to usa for tour next year..

see what happen just from rappin

usa has way too many hateful niggers

they will follow this slaves lead dont worry we will enslave the blacks again soon enough they will be back in chains, mayne

e23f49 () No. 6550534

58e091 () No. 6550536

20f1d7 () No. 6550535

>>6550485 (LB)

>"thin privilege"

Fat Privilege = taking up more than one seat where every they go #FatCunts

46e0b1 () No. 6550537



thanks for the repost anons.

30ab3e () No. 6550538


TY Baker

c50f21 () No. 6550539


shills have zero game

58e091 () No. 6550540

e33445 () No. 6550541

58e091 () No. 6550542

e23f49 () No. 6550543

885d02 () No. 6550544


keep dreaming your brainwashed wet dreams

fucking slave

5e98ea () No. 6550545


When pigs fly!!!

24e148 () No. 6550546


Time to expose this prick

e7324f () No. 6550547


Do not ever let Chris Wallace around children.

18fa4a () No. 6550548


"Gonad-ler" publicly broke the rules.

They all know it.

ba0a6c () No. 6550549

58e091 () No. 6550550


Nice work

20a16f () No. 6550551



I haven't watched this all the way through, I'm more confused than ever. Something I thought when I saw his picture again is that he looks slightly Eurasian. Now waiting on forum guard dogs to bite at my heels:

About Vice News Breaking into my Home


e33445 () No. 6550552

51ff5d () No. 6550553

Got another notable for you Baker


May 22 "training exercise" in Puget Sound near the source of the mystery missile launch

252be5 () No. 6550554

Interesting tweet from Red Castle:

Severe Thunderstorms with Tornadoes and Heavy Rain Threat shifts East for today. Stay informed:

8ed170 () No. 6550555

>>6549521 >>6549326 /pb

<anon opines on Epstein being a Rothschild (YDNA) Collector

You're on target, anon!

Y Heads

Here's more info on the strand (notice the Bull)


List of famous people with Y-DNA


A few examples:



Bill Clinton

Martin Luther

Warren Buffet

Nick Cage

Napolean Bonaparte

Larry Page (Google)

Nelson Mandela

Bill Gates

Rothschild Family

Bernie Sanders

Deepak Chopra

Sir Francis Drake

Tom Hanks


Anderson Cooper





Plus a multitude of US Presidents listed here as well.

Remember the school project from a little girl that linked all Presidents minus Van Buren to Robin Hood's nemesis Prince John: real name John “Lackland" Plantagenet:


Plantagenet bloodline is listed here as well.

Along with quite a few "House of_____"

Y Heads = The Bloodlines

Another peculiar piece to this puzzle there was a website called YSearch.org it was shut down just recently, due to the European Data Protection Regulation which went into effect on May 25, 2018. Here is some info about it:


Any relation to Q postings on Y heads in November 2017?

b9bc79 () No. 6550556

>>6550420 lb

>politicians need to start dying

everyone dies faggot. Take ur magariot shit elsewhere homo.

e4d363 () No. 6550557

Didn't see this in notables

Just an FYI

dogs of war let slip

30ab3e () No. 6550558



Baker, notable

—Jim Watkins victimized in home invasion

f9b0ac () No. 6550559


That's not CM, man. Completely different people.

04743b () No. 6550560

46e0b1 () No. 6550561


it's an honor anon. no thx necessary.


383c4c () No. 6550562

Tits or GTFO

has a purpose

Otherwise discussion slides to size 4, pic in bikini, and effects of childbirth on the body

Carry on

883a40 () No. 6550563


But it served Brennan's purposes for claiming Russian election interference, right?

18fa4a () No. 6550564



04743b () No. 6550565


The YT link is directly from the twat post. I posted the twat link. Go verify for yourself.

b33240 () No. 6550566

>>6550251 lb re Niki Lauda

owned his own airline and was an accomplished pilot.

Lauda air almost went bankrupt, at the time, because of this crash. Habbened it 1991.

Fren of mine flew on this airline many times and nothing but positive things to say about it.

How did the Thrust Reverser Deploy in Lauda Air Flight 004 crash?

The FAA and official investigators could not determine the cause for the thrust reverser deployment. The FDR was completely destroyed. There isn't any way to tell why, hardware or software, that the thrust reverser deployed on 004. There is no factual answer to the first part of this question unfortunately. – Ron Beyer Jan 25 '17 at 20:11


Like Ron said, they were never able to determine the exact cause. In addition to the damaged FDR the actual components were looted from the crash site and when they got then back they had been tampered with. The airline was apparently none too cooperative in providing the maintenance records and what was provided was missing sections. Through testing they identified a few different failure modes but with no way of determining if they had occurred. I'd say that writer you quoted is going on specious assumptions – TomMcW Jan 25 '17 at 21:26

If the FDR was destroyed and no evidence was found to support the theory of a thrust reverser deployment, I don't see how anyone could conclude the accident was a result of an uncommanded TR deployment from the available evidence. But Boeing certainly concluded that must have been the most probable cause… "On Monday, 9 September 1991, the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group asked its customers to replace a valve in the thrust reverser systems that could cause the thrust reverser to deploy in flight." community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/… – Juan Jimenez Jan 28 '17 at 22:16

The investigation into Lauda Air Flight 004 determined that the probable cause was the deployment of the left engine thrust reverser (TR) during climb. An unsuspecting crew would not be able to recover control of the aircraft after such an event. Damage to the components involved in the crash prevented identifying a definite cause of the TR deployment.

TL;DR: The hydraulic system that opens and closes the TR includes two separate valves. The investigation found certain electrical and hydraulic failures that could result in both of these valves malfunctioning, resulting in uncommanded deployment of the TR. 767 aircraft with different engine models used a mechanical system to control the TR valves, which were not susceptible to those faults.


fleet information


snapshot on Lauda air

Lauda Air Luftfahrt GmbH, branded as Lauda Air, was an Austrian airline headquartered at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat.[1] It was owned by Niki Lauda during much of its existence, later becoming a charter airline subsidiary for leisure operations of Austrian Airlines. On 6 April 2013, Lauda Air ceased to exist and was replaced by Austrian myHoliday, a new brand name that is used for flights and leisure offers provided by Austrian Airlines.[2

Lauda Air was established in April 1979 by former Formula One world motor racing champion Niki Lauda and started operations in 1985, initially operating as a charter and air taxi service. One of the first jetliner types used by Lauda Air was the British Aircraft Corporation BAC One-Eleven series 500, with these aircraft being leased from the Romanian airline TAROM. It opened its headquarters in the Lauda Air Building in Schwechat, Austria.[3] Scheduled operations were licensed and initiated in 1987, and in 1990 licences for international flights were obtained.[4] In 1989 Lauda started its first long-haul flights from Vienna to Sydney and Melbourne via Bangkok. In the 1990s, it started to fly its Sydney and Melbourne flights via Kuala Lumpur and Bali. Daily flights to Dubai, Cuba, and Miami via Munich followed.

Lauda Air became a wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian Airlines in December 2000, and employed thirty-five people as of March 2007.[4] In 2005 the flight operation merged with Austrian Airlines, and the label, "Lauda Air" operated charter flights within the Austrian Airlines Group.

At an AAG board meeting in November 2006, plans were approved to retire the Airbus wide-bodied fleet by mid-2007 and to operate with just a Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 fleet. As a result of subsequent fleet cuts, Austrian Airlines suspended some long-haul services and Lauda Air withdrew from the long-haul charter market over the next year.[5] This led to a refocus on the short/medium haul market and led to the addition of a 737–800 to take over most of the charter routes. Lauda Air also had an Italian subsidiary, Lauda Air S.p.A.,[6] which ended its operations in 2007.[7]


e33445 () No. 6550567

432d47 () No. 6550568

patriots laugh!

f445b3 () No. 6550569


Caitlyn didn't win the medal, Bruce did. Isn't it a bit fraudulent that she poses with his medal

69fc5a () No. 6550570

46e0b1 () No. 6550571



got it. thx anon.

a1370b () No. 6550572


Thats because theres already 6 gorillion fucking posts in notables.

This board is shit and so are all of you


baker notable

43355a () No. 6550574

What's up bitches?

Fuck you DS, and your facial recognition.

2387d9 () No. 6550575

The Size 4 discussion looks more like catty instead of a slide.

However, a Size 4 is neither 'rare' nor 'unhealthy.'

(pic related)


2a60b6 () No. 6550576


Whats the problem? Disney, as a company can acquire whoever they want . its apparent they want to grow . buy stock

fa6816 () No. 6550577


Anyone post this yet? It's in Grass Valley too re: Comey.

c1e1d4 () No. 6550578

>>6550294 lb

>Oroville would be too obvious FF.

Prior spillway failure + recent Camp Fire.

Need new location for fuckery.

Don't want those pesky normies waking up!

So many older dams in CA could work for their purposes.

Hope Q has eyes on the dams and video evidence for prosecution, if not prevention.

>>6550318 lb

>Federal engineers are raising alarms that a “significant flood event” could compromise the spillway of Southern California’s aging Prado Dam and potentially inundate dozens of Orange County communities from Disneyland to Newport Beach.

After conducting an assessment of the 78-year-old structure earlier this month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it was raising the dam’s risk category from “moderate” to “high urgency.”




California Data Exchange Center - Reservoirs


Reservoir Storage: Hourly | Daily | Monthly

Scheduled Releases from Reservoirs

All Scheduled Releases from Reservoirs

Most Recent Scheduled Releases from Reservoirs

Latest Real-time Reservoir Storage Data

Real-time Reservoir Storage Data - by River Basin


Information on Reservoirs

Information on Dams Within Jurisdiction of the State of Calif.

Division of Safety of Dams website


Daily Reservoir Storage Summary

Selected Reservoirs Daily Graphs - Water Supply (PDF: 135KB)

Selected Reservoirs Daily Graphs (Interactive - Water Supply)

Selected Reservoirs Daily Graphs - Flood Control (PDF: 145KB)

Selected Reservoirs Daily Graphs (Interactive - Flood Control)

Selected Reservoir Current Conditions Graphs

Summary Report for News Media

State Water Project-Reservoir Operations and Delta Status

Daily Flood Control Operations Reports from USACE

USACE Sacramento District Water Control Data System

Daily Reservoir Storage Summary By Area: Current

Statewide End-of-Month Storage: Current

Summary of Statewide End-of-Month Storage: Current

Multi-Year Regional Summary of End-of-Month Major Storage: Current

Multi-Year End-of-Month Major Storage by WSPA: Current


eedcb7 () No. 6550579

anyone having issues connecting to https://dougcollins.house.gov/transparency

b9bc79 () No. 6550580


This seems notable… and digits confirm.

cd8e87 () No. 6550581



Might be notable inasmuch as it refutes leftist disinfo. Needs sauce tho

c50f21 () No. 6550582


>Caitlyn didn't win the medal, Bruce did. Isn't it a bit fraudulent that she poses with his medal

A hominid with XY genes won the medals.

Now it's a homonid with xy genes.

46e0b1 () No. 6550583


Learn To Bake!

Quick Pic Bake Instructions >>6491976

Read the Simple Instructions https://pastebin.com/aY5LyDPY

Check Out This Baker Thread: >>>/comms/154

Baker Templates For Formatting Crumbs And Their Links https://pastebin.com/36a1EXpR

Video: How to Bake In 2 Mins: >>5848043

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d07c6a () No. 6550585

Looks like they are pushing "Poultry Pete" for the dems.…

Buttiġieġ is a Maltese surname, derived from Arabic kunya (Abu d-dajāj), meaning chicken owner or poulterer.

04ccbd () No. 6550586

dougcollins.house.gov is down

This site holding all the transcripts released yesterday by rep. Doug Collins is down. Overloaded? Or Censored?

e4d363 () No. 6550587

Ok, carrying an extra 20-30lbs seems to be the American way, we are well fed but when it gets to 50-75lbs it's past time to cut back and move more, 200lbs+ is just sloppy ugly and a cute face doesn't make it OK


6940dc () No. 6550588



pg 117-120

Chairman Gowdy. Is it your testimony that the Director decided, after having that conversation with then AG Lynch, that he was going to have this press conference and announce the decision himself?

Mr. Rybicki. I don't know the answer to that.

Chairman Gowdy. Because that was in the fall of 2015, right?

Mr. Rybicki. Yes, Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Gowdy. Well before the drafting of the memo and well before the press conference?

Mr. Rybicki. Correct.

Chairman Gowdy. Had the conversation – all right. That was one of the factors. What was the other factor, or is it a matter that can't be discussed in this setting?

Mr. Rybicki. The other one is a classified matter.

Chairman Gowdy. When was that – I'm aware of that matter, and I appreciate the sensitive way in which you're handling it. When was the Director made aware of the other factor?

Mr. Rybicki. Mr. Chairman, I don't remember the exact timeline, but it was early 2016. I don't remember the first time he was made aware of it. I want to say early 2016, and continued on through that spring.

Chairman Gowdy. So we have a fall of 2015 request that it be referred to as a matter, not an investigation.

We have another factor, perhaps in early 2016, that the Director was very concerned about, but has not to this day spoken publicly about and cannot speak publicly about. And both of those took place before May.


Mr. Rybicki. Yes, Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Gowdy. All right. And they both fall under the heading of the public could not – could potentially not have confidence in the integrity of the Justice Department. Is that fair?

Mr. Rybicki. Yes.


Chairman Gowdy. All right.

Mr. Rybicki. At that time.

Chairman Gowdy. At that time. We're not going to go into this because it's outside the strictures of our agreement, other than I would just bring to your attention that there have been other instances when the Director believed it was in the public's interest to take certain steps to trigger the appointment of special counsel. Are you familiar with what I'm referring to?


Mr. Rybicki. I believe so, Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Gowdy. All right. Was there any conversation about taking steps to trigger the appointment of special counsel, given the facts that existed in the fall of 2015 and early 2016?

Mr. Rybicki. Not to my recollection.

So this secondary “concern” that is still highly classified did not trigger a special counsel, yet was perceived within the highest ranks of the FBI as having the ability to effect the public’s view of the impartiality of the DOJ and FBI, and was more than just the “matter” Comey and LL are arguing about

So what the fuck is it

69fc5a () No. 6550589


Hello Debbie Downer. Having a nice day, or has your morning been a bit of a rocky start?

2c78eb () No. 6550590


It's fucking stormy as hell out here in tornado alley. Stronger threat than usual but to be expected this time of year. Still could use prayers though.

309a1b () No. 6550591

Prince Charles was close friends with the evil pedo Jimmy Savile, a man who performed Satanic ceremonies in dungeons and who volunteered at a morgue so he could have sex with the corpses.

Savile said in an interview that he was "protected".

b3c7a7 () No. 6550592



Waiting for the day when tranny shit can stop being celebrated and enabled. Fucking sick of it.

0e96e8 () No. 6550593

>>6550527 (pb)

If true:


162086 () No. 6550594



>>6550483 Bill Barr says congress is ruining presidency

805b23 () No. 6550595



Hey is anyone else having pics load slowly or is it me?

d7228b () No. 6550596

Hey anons,

just made this meme about how (you) were right about one of the latest James Comey tweet decodes after all. Great work averting a False Flag.

cd8e87 () No. 6550597



04743b () No. 6550598


Terribly slow. Multiple devices.

0e96e8 () No. 6550599


all my pics be like "meh".

2c78eb () No. 6550600


Catty anon here, yes been loading slowly for me too. ;)

121600 () No. 6550602


ties to Kappy death?

13a54e () No. 6550603

c50f21 () No. 6550604


>So what the fuck is it


18fa4a () No. 6550605

9a8429 () No. 6550606

VICE News Now Stoops to Breaking and Entering, Invades 8chan Owners' Home | Styx


af2368 () No. 6550607


>John Giacalone's testimony

He's still got a 'green badge' = nonpaid contractor status. Meaning he can still go in & out of FBI offices freely.

This is the same guy that Napalatano claimed in October 2016 retired because the MYE case was going "sideways". Keep an eye out in the testimony if there's any reference to that comment.


ix months later, the senior FBI agent in charge of that investigation resigned from the case and retired from the FBI because he felt the case was going "sideways"; that's law enforcement jargon for "nowhere by design." John Giacalone had been the chief of the New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., field offices of the FBI and, at the time of his "sideways" comment, was the chief of the FBI National Security Branch.

The reason for the "sideways" comment must have been Giacalone's realization that DOJ and FBI senior management had decided that the investigation would not work in tandem with a federal grand jury. That is nearly fatal to any government criminal case. In criminal cases, the FBI and the DOJ cannot issue subpoenas for testimony or for tangible things; only grand juries can.

Giacalone knew that without a grand jury, the FBI would be toothless, as it would have no subpoena power. He also knew that without a grand jury, the FBI would have a hard time persuading any federal judge to issue search warrants. A judge would perceive the need for search warrants to be not acute in such a case because to a judge, the absence of a grand jury can only mean a case is "sideways" and not a serious investigation.

e4d363 () No. 6550608

new bakers are zealous for hanging on to truth so let them get their feet wet, nothing wrong with that, we all had to train and learn sometime, live and let live, yo


2b8552 () No. 6550610


Get this to drawandstrike

8d9d92 () No. 6550611


Do we call these our waterfags or damfags?

f3c87b () No. 6550612

I think the persistence is necessary. I have gone thru lots of different phases during the last 2.5 years of lurking/posting. Most times wading through bullshit and cherry picking useful info. Imagine how the world would react if all this shit got dumped in their laps in about a week. I think they are trying it the easy (slow) way first… I get POTUS' need to slow walk this shit. These dirty fuckers will obstruct at every opportunity. Im pretty sure our man will start dropping bombs right before election time. Thats what I would do. Let them expend ammunition until then.

26bc6f () No. 6550613

DHS considers using $3 million in loose change found at airports to fund border operations


2eb675 () No. 6550614

A Dutch Doctor Has Been Mailing Abortion Pills to Women in the US. Now the FDA Is Going After Her.

sauce: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2019/05/a-dutch-doctor-has-been-mailing-abortion-pills-to-women-in-the-us-now-the-fda-is-going-after-her/

sauce: http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/founder-of-online-abortion-pill-service-says-she-wont-turn-anyone-away-despite-fda-warning

0e96e8 () No. 6550615


Brennan how?

f4d3ef () No. 6550616



How about this for a scenario:

The United States has lost control over their largest cities and have had to call in the United Nations to restore order.

U.N. troops will be deployed to all major cities and there will be curfews in place. Also, Troops will be going door to door to remove all guns and other weapons. Those not complying will be arrested and removed to camps.

Remember last year, when Chicago wanted to or was mulling over the idea of un troops being called to restore order? What ever happened with that?

How about this is all un agenda(i know it is as far as the invasion of illegals) but allowing the cities to become complete waste lands with governments doing nothing to control the cities?

This isn't happening in republican controlled cities. We know New York has and can be controlled and run efficiently. Los Angeles Seattle, San Francisco all use to be beauties.

This all seems a coordinated, systematic destruction of the cities.

a36005 () No. 6550617

7da558 () No. 6550618


There is literally nothing you can produce to hard-left Dem normies that will change their perspective on the election. The minds are made up and sides are picked.

ac08fb () No. 6550619


your sauze is fucking satire

395cde () No. 6550620

‘I'd prefer ACID but milkshakes will do’: Charity worker provokes outrage with Farage attack tweet

A UK charity worker has caused fury on social media after suggesting she would have preferred if it had been acid and not a milkshake that was hurled at Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage while campaigning in Newcastle on Monday.

In a tweet from her now-deleted account, Ruth Townsend, who is head of measurement and policy at charity Happy City, which focuses its work on ‘wellbeing’ applauded Paul Crowther, the man behind the milkshake attack on Farage. However, she ostensibly was a little annoyed it hadn’t been a more lethal substance.

Great that milkshakes have become a thing when it comes to the racists in our midst. I'd prefer acid but milkshakes will do for now I guess.

Ruth Townsley’s now-deleted tweet about #NigelFaragepic.twitter.com/c5aYXPKxwL

— Lucy Brown (@lucyfrown) May 21, 2019

Townsend’s remarks have prompted fury on social media. One Twitter user fumed “WTF is wrong with these deluded, twisted, malicious, oppressive individuals?” While others considered this “despicable” and “vile.”

I swear my head will explode if I see one more person who preaches love & tolerance spew more hate in a minute than I have in my lifetime! WTF is wrong with these deluded, twisted, malicious, oppressive individuals? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️🤯

— Fiona Hallett (@Scattyfi) May 21, 2019


626676 () No. 6550622


i cannot assist you bakerfren, bread speed vs work fag


i checked previous bread, no actual backup baker check in seen so those reading this, bakerfren looking for you to be backup baker if you can assist, if im correct

much love fam

3d65e8 () No. 6550623


a1370b () No. 6550624



08c114 () No. 6550625


Remember when people were wondering whether Nasim was a tranny because she wasn't 60lbs overweight?

b33240 () No. 6550627

Tesla Slashes Car Prices For The Third Time In 3 Months

Tesla is cutting prices yet again, a clear sign that "demand hell" has set in for the embattled automaker, and that the weather in Shortsville may continue to be 85 degrees and sunny heading into the summer where Morgan Stanley now sees the "bear case" scenario for the stock as low as $10 per share.

Perhaps Tesla has finally figured out that there is simply not enough demand for its cars at the current price point, or worse, that its business model isn’t sustainable, resulting in what has been a 2019 full of business model changes, price cuts and employee layoffs.

On Tuesday morning, electrek reported that Tesla had again lowered the base price on its Model S and Model X vehicles. The company's demand issues were highlighted on Tuesday morning in a Morgan Stanley note that saw former Tesla uber-bull Adam Jonas lower his worst case price target for the the company to a paltry $10.

Tesla brought back a ‘Standard Range’ option for both vehicles as a part of the cuts. Tesla has reportedly updated its online configurator to reduce the price of the Model S and Model X by $3,000 and $2,000, respectively. This represents the third price cut in three months for these models.

Bizarrely, the company's attempt to fine tune the equilibrium price only took place after a modest price hike which was immediately reversed: Reuters reported that according to a Tesla spokesman "Last week, we raised U.S. Model 3 prices by 1%". Shortly after, the company cut prices.

In any case, the company still has not consistently offered a $35,000 base model for the Model 3 on its website and the vehicle can reportedly only be ordered by going into a store or calling the company. Recall, the promise of a $35,000 Model 3 with a full EV credit is how Musk drummed up "420,000" Model 3 reservations more than 3 years ago.

Tuesday morning's MS note saw Jonas ponder if a collapse in the company's stock price could become a self-fulfilling prophecy among counterparties and employees. He also called into question the year's "sharp deceleration in demand":

We have long held that Tesla’s share price performance is driven by: demand for its products, ability to generate cash flow, and access to capital markets. This year’s sharp deceleration in demand has led to a substantial curtailment of the company’s ability to self-fund through free cash flow generation, at the margin potentially impacting the firm’s access to capital. Tesla’s recent $2.7bn equity and convertible debt raise may provide an extra year of liquidity to run a business of this size and cash consumption. However, Tesla may now find itself in a cycle where a lower share price may itself contribute to a potential deterioration of employee morale as well as potentially increased counterparty risk with both customers and business partners (suppliers,governments)… potentially further impacting fundamentals.

He then reminded the Musk collective of the importance of demand, or lack thereof, saying it is "at the heart of the problem" and adding that the company may have over-saturated the market outside of China:

We believe Tesla may have over-saturated the retail market for BEV sedans outside of China. Tapping into new demand could require aggressively expanding into: 1) the Chinese domestic market, 2) lower-priced SUVs, 3) and logistics/mobility fleets. Tesla is a large and highly vertically integrated company, capacitized to build between 500k and 1 million units annually. In our opinion, Tesla has grown too big relative to near-term demand, putting great strain on the fundamentals.

The timing of Tuesday morning's Morgan Stanley note seems to be prescient. After all, price cuts are generally only offered when a company that is trying to spur more sales and move inventory. Even the pro-Tesla propaganda at electrek couldn't help but admit that "…it’s also becoming difficult to navigate Tesla’s price structure because it changes so often."


from May 9th

VW’s new electric car passes 10,000 orders in just 24 hours


b9bc79 () No. 6550626


The end is near so u may not need to wait mich longer.

9a8429 () No. 6550628

Trey Gowdy: FBI Transcripts from Russia Probe May Be A ‘Game Changer’ | Epoch News


883a40 () No. 6550629

Paul is on fire this morning.

162086 () No. 6550630


Stone and his lawyer have no ability to force this issue - no matter how much they screech

that said

Declassification will happen at the right time - probably before Stone has to go to trial

he has been charged with random, nebulous bullshit that amounted to nothing

he won't do jail time - and will get pardoned if even convicted

e7324f () No. 6550631



The morality once respected in America has vanished, trannys late term abortions…

51ff5d () No. 6550632




Saw this today. Related?

9371d7 () No. 6550633

Names to dig

* Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism

* U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate

* Tech Against Terrorism

* ICT4Peace

Thinks to look out for:

1. Do they have any connections to Middle Eastern powers?

2. Were they involved in the Arab Spring that have away North Africa to terrorists?

Here's the theory: the state sponsors of Al Qaeda and ISIS set up a global "antiterrorist" body to track down anybody who speaks poorly of the terrorists, using Utoya and Christchurch as a justification. Big Tech is taking orders from this group.

a1370b () No. 6550634



e4d363 () No. 6550635

maybe but the info is good and the Gowdy let it slip, I don't follow people, I follow info



0aaa20 () No. 6550636


When you wake up with a drool soaked pillow your day is just shit, shit.

a1370b () No. 6550637



5b0cb0 () No. 6550638


Works for me.











a1370b () No. 6550639



42548a () No. 6550640


>Caitlyn didn't win the medal, Bruce did. Isn't it a bit fraudulent that she poses with his medal

gender appropriation

a1370b () No. 6550642



46e0b1 () No. 6550643



>>6550572 >hardly new

Morning Baker looking for Handoff

if either of you two experts would like to take the bake, you are more than welcome!

Backup baker give a shout when you are ready. Updated pastebin will be given to you

ca9b6d () No. 6550644


omg how fucking boring his guy is

on and on and on with the faggoty monotone holy shit

18fa4a () No. 6550645


Good work. Keep it up Anon.

c50f21 () No. 6550646


Because he's part of this unholy trinity?

The [C_A] part? The other shoe hasn't dropped yet on this guy and he's one of the instrumentals.

8ed170 () No. 6550647

#BREAKING President Trump expected to tap former Virginia AG Cuccinelli for immigration policy role


69fc5a () No. 6550648

b28ffa () No. 6550649

Does anyone here know where I can pull some secondary data (csv. files) that is open source on CONUS & OCONUS human trafficking. The data cannot be regulated and I have already pulled what I needed from CTDC. It is greatly appreciated. AATW! "Fury From the Sky"

5e76d3 () No. 6550650

>>6550451 pb

>>6550473 pb

But muh whitey don't know how to grow nor cook plantains if I like tell you to. But muh like, cuz like I said so.

b33240 () No. 6550651


> buy stock

not a place for that, plenty of places for offering opinions about that. This is not one of them.

31c52c () No. 6550652

"Leaked" … so that you will think the information is credible …


ca9b6d () No. 6550653


it's his fucking father idiot

2a60b6 () No. 6550654



nigga is right tho, not everything needs to be notable . half the shit is not Q related and most are just opinion pieces without any facts .

5b0cb0 () No. 6550655


Well, I think it is fair to say that this is the intended result of Congress in this case, to ruin the presidency. By design, the three branches are supposed to be in tension, not in cahoots. Under Obama, all three branches were in cahoots against the Constitution. Now, temporarily, it is just the courts and Congress against the constitution.

8d9d92 () No. 6550656


Half of me wants to think she would be sued for defamation the other half thinks it would be impossible to prove in court and Hanks probably doesn't want to draw light to it real or fake by suing her.

f0cf74 () No. 6550657


Story on SOTT this morning, "dancing israelis", will make you sick. Bibi is fucking horrible, jared is is buddy? Ha. read that story and you will get JEW FLU. All israelis OUT of the USA NOW. Trump: WTF??

e7324f () No. 6550658

I applaud Bill Clinton for dumping a load down Monica Lewinsky's throat.

Clinton has always been a good timing man.

cbd15b () No. 6550659


start of end game

5e98ea () No. 6550660


They says it was not literal and anyone believing her is stupid……

cd8e87 () No. 6550661

baker notable?

>>6550588 Extracts from Rybicki testimony about a 2nd highly confidential "matter", Fall 2015, that would jaundice public's opinion of DoJ/FBI

66278d () No. 6550662

48eb4b () No. 6550663


>So what the fuck is it

Whatever it is may be the reason why Gowdy's infamous:

"I think history is going to be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were when he had it."

…comment was made that caused a lot of people to think he's compd.

883a40 () No. 6550665


If Giacalone flipped, he probably didn't reveal that to Congress.

He would have done it quietly to Giuliani, the IG, or a Grand Jury.

e4d363 () No. 6550666

sorry baker, was on last night when notables got big with new bakers, NS/graveyard crew supportive, dayshift not so much, just being generally supportive


5e98ea () No. 6550667

My bad wrong post, I ment this one……


Then says it was not literal and anyone believing her is stupid……

f369c0 () No. 6550668

432d47 () No. 6550669

patriots rememeber!!

0e96e8 () No. 6550670



162086 () No. 6550671




>>>6550485 (LB)

>fat lady says must get plus size - heavy duty furniture

>liberals applaud, oppose "fat shaming"

>fat shame 72 year old man who gets regular exercise for being 20 pounds over ideal weight because orange man bad

these people.

d07c6a () No. 6550672


What ever happened to Freah Bread?… kek

20f1d7 () No. 6550673

973553 () No. 6550674


15d75b () No. 6550675


I think POTUS needs them to impeach him. I believe that is part of the plan. How do you legally introduce evidence? In the trial in the Senate, POTUS could declassify and introduce tons of evidence in defense of himself. It would be on display for the whole nation. This is why the Senate was the target in the midterms. They had to make sure the Senate was still safe so a conviction would be out of the question.

2a60b6 () No. 6550676


last time i check i live in a free country and can post whatever the fuck i want . fuck off nigger . who the fuck are you to tell me what i can and cant post . go back to reddit .

2a840f () No. 6550677


This esoteric delineation is always fascinating, however: There is always one caveat - the true knowledge and ability is embedded in your DNA. Of course you can learn things by ritual repetition and advanced training. If you don't have the 'frequency' naturally embedded you will never be fully attuned.

However - we are now seeing the 'awakening'. Those whose frequencies had been artificially suppressed are seeing and being freed. We will come to the light. WE MUST ADVANCE FURTHER and FASTER THAN WE ARE RIGHT NOW TO SEE THINGS GETTING DONE IN OUR LIFETIME TIMEFRAME.

e7324f () No. 6550678


bf1f95 () No. 6550679


Yeah. You're fukked UP!

You'd love it if he dumped one down yers too.

26bc6f () No. 6550680


I resemble that remark>>6550636

a0ae3a () No. 6550682


Huh. Thanks for pointing that out. Guess I should go grab the paper across the room. KeK

04ccbd () No. 6550683


>So what the fuck is it

Directive from Brennan or Obummer himself???

f5d5eb () No. 6550685


What's the statute of limitations re past sexual fondling?

Just wondering if Caitlyn could be charged with one count of sexual assault for every time Bruce rubbed one out as a youngster

5b0cb0 () No. 6550684


Notice that Gowdy appreciates that Rybicki can't disclose this matter that would erode public confidence in the institution. Naturally. Anything that casts the institution in bad light is sensitive, BECAUSE it casts the institution in bad light. The biggest enemy of the constitution is the government.

395cde () No. 6550686


That was and maybe still is part of their plan in the future


Troops Next? -

Kissinger's Infamous Quote


Henry Kissinger in an address to the super secret Bilderberg Organization meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 said the following as transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates:

"Today American's would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." ___

Chapter 11 – United Nations Ambassador, Kissinger Clone

At this point in his career, George Bush entered into a phase of close association with both Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. As we will see, Bush was a member of the Nixon cabinet from the spring of 1971 until the day that Nixon resigned. We will see Bush on a number of important occasions literally acting as Nixon’s speaking tube, especially in international crisis situations. During these years, Nixon was Bush’s patron, providing him with appointments and urging him to look forward to bigger things in the future. On certain occasions, however, Bush was upstaged by others in his quest for Nixon’s favor. Then there was Kissinger, far and away the most powerful figure in the Washington regime of those days, who became Bush’s boss when the latter became the US Ambassador to the United Nations in New York City. Later, on the campaign trail in 1980, Bush would offer to make Kissinger Secretary of State in his administration.

Bush was now listing a net worth of over $1.3 million1, but the fact is that he was now unemployed, but anxious to assume the next official post, to take the next step of what in the career of a Roman Senator was called the cursus honorum, the patrician career, for this is what he felt the world owed him.

Nixon had promised Bush an attractive and prestigious political plum in the Executive branch, and it was now time for Nixon to deliver. Bush’s problem was that in late 1970 Nixon was more interested in what another Texan could contribute to his Administration. That other Texan was John Connally, who had played the role of Bush’s nemesis in the elections just concluded by virtue of the encouragement and decisive support which Connally had given to the Bentsen candidacy. Nixon was now fascinated by the prospect of including the right-wing Democrat Connally in his cabinet in order to provide himself with a patina of bi-partisanship, while emphasizing the dissension among the Democrats, strengthening Tricky Dick’s chances of successfully executing his Southern Strategy a second time during the 1972 elections.


cd8e87 () No. 6550687

>>6550572 pic1

>>6550591 My pic2 = cleaned your pic3

2a60b6 () No. 6550688


its his dad moron .

5e98ea () No. 6550689


OMG, I just projectile vomited at my curl screen monitor, dam you….

cbd15b () No. 6550691


it's not necessary, but it is horrible optics for them as it will easily last until election season.

883a40 () No. 6550692


Possibilities -

* The letter showing Lynch had agreed not to prosecute?

* The reality that half of the FBI/DOJ staff were actually CIA operatives working for Brennan?

f44d97 () No. 6550693



Here's her twitter.


Here's her pinned rollup:


5b0cb0 () No. 6550694


ROAR! Mueller does not want to appear political? And appearing before Congress will make him appear political? Does not compute. Unless he is in fact political, and appearing will just make it all the more obvious.

e7324f () No. 6550696



Hillary is that you??? :)

27244d () No. 6550697

all (pb) >>6549980, >>6550002, >>6550067, >>6550127 Dig on John Giacalone's testimony brings Hilton Hotels into the light

Paris Hilton was closely associated to Joe Francis… Girls Gone Wild

Now if Hilton is a Spook family, and Francis made a career of filming naked TEENAGERS, it is a reasonable question to consider WHERE all of these HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of HOURS of footage and associated ID info (they 'usually' photographed/filmed drivers licenses before filming, though none were trained to identify real/fake) went.

In other words, GGW was a honeypot to get willing(ish) young girls to tell you who they are and where they live (presumably), then do what they do. For a T-shirt. In many cases, for nothing.

162086 () No. 6550699



e4d363 () No. 6550700

would that mean comey had less control over what went on than is thought?


cd8e87 () No. 6550703


I see.

My take: Those on the inside of the Plan know that it will be important, necessary, that the public have faith in law enforcement INSTITUTIONS after bad apples are cleaned away. These institutions must continue to function effectively in order to execute the full Plan. Note that POTUS always praises law enforcement publicly, although takes steps to remove personnel who are untrustworthy and appoint ones he wants to have in the job.

Gowdy may or may not have been read in to that part of the Plan. Plainly, Gowdy performed a certain role before departing.

cbd15b () No. 6550705


maybe he finally got vanned. we can only hope.

01eb05 () No. 6550706


Too late, I read his report

7da558 () No. 6550707


So what exactly is being done with all this Judicial Watch data? I see they are suing everyone for documents, but what ever comes of it? Fitton was a dud at the Clinton Foundation hearing.

04ccbd () No. 6550709


>Works for me

Still down in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Down detector still claiming it's down as well… I think it's down.

f369c0 () No. 6550710

article on the waves


Strange waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why.

An “exceptional phenomenon” near the tiny islands of Mayotte may help explain a low-frequency rumble that swept around the world last year.

ON MAY 10, 2018, the geologic beasts of the tiny island of Mayotte began to stir. Thousands of earthquakes rattled the French island, which is sandwiched between Africa and Madagascar. Most were minor shakes, but they included a magnitude 5.8 event that struck on May 15, the largest yet recorded in the region's history.

In the midst of this seismic swarm, a strange low-frequency rumble rippled around the world, ringing sensors nearly 11,000 miles away—and baffling scientists.

Now, researchers may have at last found the source of the unexpected activity: the birth of a submarine volcano some 31 miles off Mayotte's eastern shore. Sitting about two miles underwater, the baby volcano stretches nearly half a mile high and extends up to three miles across.

In November, the curious low-frequency rumbles began their global spread, sticking around for more than 20 minutes. Too low of a frequency for humans to feel, only one person noticed the curious waves: An earthquake enthusiast who goes by the handle @matarikipax spotted the unusual zigzags on the U.S. Geological Survey's real-time seismogram displays and posted them on Twitter, drawing an international cohort of scientists to the mystery.

401de5 () No. 6550711

>>6549287 (pb)

+1 for 'cultfag' in filename.

9053d4 () No. 6550712

McCain Australia connection. This bill that McCain snuck through screwed the American people and set the stage for the Clinton Uranium deals.


af2368 () No. 6550713


Just wondering if he was questioned on the supposed comment.

That Nap article that made the claim came out right before the election.

dd7899 () No. 6550715

A friend of mine had a daughter in a karate competition this weekend and this is the trophy she won.

Seriously look at this thing.

Everything is a big satanic joke.

Stay Tuned 1992

5e98ea () No. 6550716


got bored……

0e96e8 () No. 6550717


Wasn't Brennan initially dropped from consideration for the heading up the CIA bc he didn't have too much of a problem with enhanced interrogation techniques?

And then an unprecedented attack on some US folks happened (resulting in a handful or more deaths of Americans) for some totally unknown reason and Brennan went all WHAT THE EVER FUCKING FUCK HAPPENED?!

90da7f () No. 6550719

Do you want to hear a secret?

0d37e5 () No. 6550720


13 angry democrats do not want a political appearance . got it .

f069c7 () No. 6550722



>covered in Gold is Sun God Ra worship aka Lucifer worship, all this is connected, rays of the sun are the gold covering them, think of James bond and Goldfinger, a shout out to Lucifer and the other fallen angels, watch this video I found about the gold, its the illumined ones

2nd image king Louie whatever got his head chopped off for cannibalism and saying directly that he was Ra the sun god reincarnated, Dior is a Satanic sun cult worshipping company also, the film Covered in Gold, the illumined ones on youtube explained it the best, they believe gold is like sunlight, the skin of lucifer and cover themselves from head to toe

883a40 () No. 6550724



The super secret Lynch letter

It was completely censored from Horowitz IG report.


5b0cb0 () No. 6550725


Yes. I've thought for some time that Trump will be impeached in a tit-for-tat retaliation for the Clinton impeachment.

But Trump does not need impeachment to declassify. Plus, Senate "safe" is tough to do when a supermajority of it is uniparty, all of which aim to resist honest government.

1ba947 () No. 6550726

cbd15b () No. 6550727


working fine for me on brave. try a different dns.

e4d363 () No. 6550728

turkey lurqey


46e0b1 () No. 6550729

notables bun @ 200

baker needs to handoff or ghost in 10min

workfagging duties call.


>>6550623 AOC says there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ to support impeachment of President Trump…

>>6550483 Bill Barr Breaks Silence, Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Reign Of Terror

>>6550553 May 22 "training exercise" in Puget Sound near the source of the mystery missile launch

>>6550524 EU leaders sound alarm over populist election threat

>>6550499 Cannes: Sci-Fi Film Poster Features Decapitated Donald Trump Head in MAGA Hat

>>6550482 Confirmed: President Trump is expected to tap Ken Cuccinelli for a top role at the Department of Homeland Security.

6940dc () No. 6550730



1: Whatever it was, it did not cause him to trigger a special counsel

2: it came to his attention in early 2016

3: Comey was concerned it would affect the public’s perception of DOJ and FBI impartiality (regarding HRC email? or something else?)

4: Comey has never talked publicly about it - can not speak about it = Comey is still under a NDA regarding this “concern”

5: Bill and Loretta met on the tarmac in June of 2016, so it’s unlikely this refers to this meeting, but not impossible based on context of “early” 2016.

b33240 () No. 6550731


keep doing it and you will see nigger bitch.

was a huge problem in here late last year and early this. but go ahead and continue.

be2f23 () No. 6550732

Strange waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why.

An “exceptional phenomenon” near the tiny islands of Mayotte may help explain a low-frequency rumble that swept around the world last year.


432d47 () No. 6550733

patriots remember!!

973553 () No. 6550734


0e817d () No. 6550735


Doug McGahn Hatch Act related? Q 2388

0e96e8 () No. 6550736


close and no cigar, retard.

2b8552 () No. 6550737


Yes, let's do some discovery

Ten bucks says RR has wired evidence showing the Anti-Trump Deep State plotting to entrap Trump for obstruction and admitting Russia is bullshit

0be619 () No. 6550738


We all know what Comey has done but I have always had this feeling that he is being blackmailed/threatened. Comey is a bad liar and comes of like he's pleading for us to believe him. Why? He always seemed so desperate. Something has always seemed wrong about all of this. He is doing bad things but what is the real reason?

b3468d () No. 6550739

162086 () No. 6550740


saw some weird shit involving 4 id's "ebot" used in one thread last friday - kinda curious

but really

I only ask because

his absence makes the other faggots much more visible, making me want to reach across the ether and choke the living shit out of some…

well, also because I am curious

5e76d3 () No. 6550741

b2580a () No. 6550742

f069c7 () No. 6550743


images did not load, fn captcha shit

8e9653 () No. 6550744

e7324f () No. 6550745

Comey has secret recordings of Barack Obama and that anons is his get out jail free card.

b2580a () No. 6550746

395cde () No. 6550747

Google to force advertisers to declare abortion stance as debate rages in US

After it was revealed that Google had inadvertently given over $150,000 of free advertising to pro-life groups engaging in unscrupulous advertising practices, the company is now updating its advertising policy.

From June onwards, groups that want to advertise using keywords related to abortion must make clear whether their organization “provides abortions or does not provide abortions.” This stance will be displayed within future adverts themselves to better inform the public.

Google says the disclosures will show on all search ad formats. “This added transparency will help ensure that users have the necessary information to decide which abortion-related ads are most relevant to them,” the company claimed.

The changes come after it was revealed that, over the course of several years, Google provided tens of thousands of dollars in free advertising to an anti-abortion group that reportedly ran misleading ads that actually aim to deter women from having abortions rather than providing them with the support and means to do so.

Obria Group, which runs a network of so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ (CPCs) provides basic prenatal treatment, including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, but also attempts to deter women from seeking abortions and does not provide referrals for alternative treatment options up to and including abortions themselves. Obria offers “natural family planning” but provides neither birth control pills, devices nor condoms to its clients.

The company’s CPCs are often located near to Planned Parenthood clinics which do offer abortion services. Google also reportedly demoted Planned Parenthood search results in its Maps app while sending women seeking abortions to CPCs. Henceforth, CPCs will marked as “non-providers” to clarify the options available to those seeking abortion information.


f44d97 () No. 6550748


>When that controlled opposition kicks in

Bout time.

5716d1 () No. 6550749


Working fine here using firefox fork.

6940dc () No. 6550750


I think you may have nailed it, so we have an idea of when the memo/letter was sent?

It could be a piece of an entire conversation that Comey became aware of

1f1564 () No. 6550751

>>6548775 (PB)

I've seen anons point out the apparent anomalies around the shore line of the Port of Long Beach, under water. Almost looks like buildings underneath.

It's dawning on me that there's literally an entire deep state/dark world going on "underneath" everything that is notable.

Just a few that stand out:

Notre Dame Cathedral:


Epstein Temple (pic related)

Denver International Airport (this is the article I believe Q dropped for us):


We've had a diggs about Pelosi's vinyard and it's caves and the fact that it's conveniently located by the railroads.

And then here, we've got Port of Long Beach. It strangely looks like there's another world under the water all along the shore. (pic related in reply)

Is it possible…probable…that there's much more important stuff going on under the water, than on top of the water? The trafficking of humans and illicit from underground tunnels that lead to underwater "ports/loading docks"?

162086 () No. 6550752


what the fuck is that?

d2d767 () No. 6550753


These live feeds on Oroville spillway, Dam and lake show some of the activity going on. Some of the Campfire survivors are located in the Bidwell Marina campgrounds. According to a topo map it looks like we might be safe but who knows anymore. I have a lot of worries because if the spillway or Dam lets loose we will be here for months if we the hill doesn't wash away too….

If there are any Engineers available to tell me why the spillway is seeping and if that is a danger since it broke apart 2 years ago due to same issue, that would be SUPER AMAZING.




d7228b () No. 6550754


not much of a twatterfag myself, but few things would make me happier than to see his twatter trolled with memes like this. Coincidences like that are pretty hard even for the normiest of normies to ignore.

df07fc () No. 6550756

New graphic

90da7f () No. 6550757


The monarch program is intended, in part, to program a person or group of people to respond to a particular class of stimulus. The goal is to implant a psychic inversion such that, say, torture will generate an “exhaust” of useful psychic power which is sequestered and absorbed by those overseeing the program. The methodology of capturing the exhaust is through captivating the individual’s mind with a system of symbols, which is why evidence of overt Satanism is always found at the bottom. In “real life” these individuals can be used to perform pre-programed tasks like false flag acts of terror, but that is merely the Self-Destruct command being activated…

973553 () No. 6550758

"I believe that we have come to the time of impeachment," Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tells @kasie. "This is no longer about politics, but this is about upholding the rule of law."

2b8552 () No. 6550759


A map

51b8ef () No. 6550760

3d65e8 () No. 6550761


5e98ea () No. 6550763



16a22b () No. 6550764


chop chop

3e17a9 () No. 6550765


Time for preemptive war for Israel with zero US interests at stake

df07fc () No. 6550766

51b8ef () No. 6550767


It's because we are over the target…new fag

419622 () No. 6550768


No doubt… day shift is crap. Baker noting shit tier sites which are clickbait, instead of say, going to the primary source like WSJ or something. It's a joke.

Newfag bakers rot in hell.

ee50f1 () No. 6550769



was that 'secret intelligence document' the transcripts from the tarmac meeting from the NSA that possibly someone leaked to the FBI?

de1665 () No. 6550770

Hammer Attack Minneapolis

Minneapolis police dispatch audio from Friday, May 17, 2019, approximately 21:48 to 22:00. Squads dispatched to assist U of M PD with report of 8-10 males with hammers attacking people.


38898c () No. 6550771

df07fc () No. 6550772

b3c7a7 () No. 6550773


omg yaaaas, our greatest ally who doesn't really do much fighting along side us yaaaaaas

5e98ea () No. 6550775


you hurt muh feels…….

I'm going to kill a baby for that you fucker!!!!!

e7324f () No. 6550776

f069c7 () No. 6550777


a gold bath to rebaptize you to Satan

Dior and the perfume with the baphomet penis on it to worship at home

The Minoan honeybee for human sacrifice

the egyptian god horus covered in the greater gold of Lucifer

egyptian gold, is also blue and white or blue and gold for Baal worship like on epstein island

df07fc () No. 6550778

e4d363 () No. 6550779

ebo always dissembles


b33240 () No. 6550780

Boston Fed's Rosengren sees ‘no clarion call’ for interest-rate hike soon

Senior Fed officials more wary of low inflation than rising prices.

The head of the Boston Federal Reserve said he sees “no clarion call” to raise interest rates any time soon, suggesting the central bank’s hands-off approach could help counter the risk of dangerously low inflation.

Eric Rosengren, president of the Boston Fed, said mixed economic signals and a festering trade dispute with China means “the Fed can afford to wait and see” before it takes any action. Earlier this year the Fed tabled previous plans to raise interest rates again in 2019.

Rosengren is not a voting member of the Fed board that sets a key U.S. interest rate, but his remarks in a speech on Tuesday to the Economic Club of New York echo recent comments by other senior Fed officials.

While the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years indicates the Fed should raise interest rates, Rosengren said, the low rate of inflation normally would result in the central bank cutting rates. The jobless rate stood at 3.6% in April, and inflation as measured by the core PCE price index grew just 1.6% in the 12 months ending March.

The Fed still expects inflation to reach or exceed its long-run target of 2%, Rosengren, but “given that inflation has underrun the target over the last several years, it is wise to admit to some uncertainty about this part of the forecast.”

Another complicating factor is the recent flareup in trade tensions with China after it seemed like a far-reaching deal might be near.

Rosengren said stiff U.S. tariffs applied to Chinese goods are basically a tax on American consumers and would add to upward pressure on inflation, but he still expects both sides to “work to reach agreement” before serious economic damage is done.

What is more worrying to Rosengren is the possibility that inflation grows even weaker and causes a deflationary spiral similar to what happened in Japan. Falling prices are often accompanied by falling wages and even a decline in living standards.

“While policy should not overreact to temporary inflation misses from the Fed’s target, it would not be desirable to continue consistently undershooting inflation,” Rosengren said.

The Boston Fed president also expressed openness to the idea of letting inflation run slightly above 2% for awhile as a way to persuade Wall Street that the central bank is serious about meeting its target and staving off deflation.

“It might reinforce the notion that policymakers aim to achieve 2% inflation on average, not allowing long periods of below-2% inflation to reset inflation expectations below the 2% inflation goal,” he said.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.55% has climbed 10% this year, and the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury TMUBMUSD10Y, +0.52% has fallen more than a quarter percentage point in 2019.


e23f49 () No. 6550781

f44d97 () No. 6550782


Westworld. The bad guy was actually a good guy that did what he thought was right to prevent some major implications of something they discovered. The good guy thought he was a good guy, that ended up doing a stupid because of major implications of something they think they discovered. Then, shit got out of control. That's just season one.

de1665 () No. 6550783


American Thinker article on the attack

May 21, 2019

Information slowly emerging about pipe-wielding mob of Somali 'youths' who attacked people waiting for light rail train in Minneapolis last Friday

By Thomas Lifson


a4aec5 () No. 6550784


She didn't swallow or else there would have been no stain on that blue dress.

Imagine being the President of the US and can't even get a chubby jewess to swallow.

7da558 () No. 6550785


This fucking moron just tweets and tweets and does nothing about it. That's his fucking job: protect the country…"commander in chief". Why in God's fuck is he complaining on Twitter about it?

1f1564 () No. 6550787


Back in 2005, it was reported that the Pelosi's would develop 1,000 ft of caves. Surely that's done now. Wonder what was developed beyond the 1,000 ft of caves for their wine tasters?


3f4670 () No. 6550788


I vote


1d9e67 () No. 6550790


Evidence of an assassination contingency plan should the email matter somehow blow up on them?

883a40 () No. 6550791



More info about the letter.

The whole 'Russian hacking' dimension seems completely faked however, designed to discredit the material.

Did it come from Imran Awan?


04743b () No. 6550792


Correction, Jim, not Ron. Per this fucking asshole. —> >>6550653

Email chain in twat link is the moar interesting part.

c37732 () No. 6550793


Duh the kikes need to push more blacked and incest porn

e4d363 () No. 6550794

wholly agree, self preservation was the name of the game during his term at FBI


e3c2ef () No. 6550795

Have anons noticed this? All over twitter, whenever there's a POTUS related thread, these bots tag @DevinCow. None of them have many followers (typically from 1-100) and all are anti-trump.

These are just a few I found on the vote tweet.


279861 () No. 6550797

c37732 () No. 6550798


Cuz donald kikes job is to keep us in the hamster wheel

Thats why all he does is larp and suck off his master netanyahu

050c95 () No. 6550799


It would be funny if the communications were actually Brennan's briefing to Congress on Iran.

be3943 () No. 6550800


It was a drip when she was passing him the snowball

e23f49 () No. 6550801

162086 () No. 6550802


yeah - I'm kinda on the fence about bot

as far as westworld….isn't that an HBO thing? I'll have to wait for a dvd or something because I ditched satellite right after the election, sons of anarchy ended and

didn't wanna pay $100 a month to watch hannity and deadliest catch…

c37732 () No. 6550803


Qtards think theyre sentient

When in reality they are cattle in the form of a primate

3f4a8c () No. 6550804



e7324f () No. 6550805



Only a couple small drops landed on Monica's dress the rest she guzzled.

b33240 () No. 6550806

722605 () No. 6550807

baker notable


would become notable if sauced

309a1b () No. 6550808


So why is David Icke so vilified on this board ?

The guy has been exposing high level pedo rings for over 25 years, goes after the Zionists, calls out the Global warming BS, exposes false flags, etc.

2c78eb () No. 6550809


Can you explain the bee symbolism for me, oh getter of god trips? I'm lazy and you apparently got all this stuff easy access in the noggin.

0be619 () No. 6550810


You can find anything online to watch for free.

af203b () No. 6550811

Shill harder libtard commies. Too easy to see through you guys 😂😂😂

c37732 () No. 6550812

Remember when the trump kike let disney buy up fox

And bayer and monsanto merge

And did everything in his power to enrich the tribe around the world

Instead of helping us or caring

Ivanka is a fucking whore btw

Jew sperm receptacle

722605 () No. 6550813

4318a0 () No. 6550814


I can't help but notice it looks like we go back to the era of cavemen where we just dragged women into the cave.

In all seriousness, though, I think many of the feminists are upset that they were led to believe they were oppressed under the classic system - then got out into the world to try and live life as young men do - and fuck! that shit is hard!

Women do not have the cultural upbringing from mother to daughter as men do. Generations upon generations of women taught each other how to appeal to men - not how to earn a living as an independent and keep the bulge in your pants from getting you into trouble (as much as women complain about philandering, they have demonstrated even less impulse control in practice). Because of this, women among millennials, in particular, have very under-developed skills for operating as true independents in society and making relationship decisions.

Why should a woman limit herself when it is just so easy to get attention - something, again, generally encouraged by generations of culture?

Of course, this behavior not only drives responsible men away - no one wants to find out the father of the child they have been raising isn't really the expected one - but it also drops the incentive for men to pay attention to the needs/wants of a woman. When her concerns orbit around who has the most time to devote to her - the unemployed or job-hopper has all the time in the world. The people with patterns of behavior most highly associated with abuse and poor quality of life are the ones who "win."

Then feminism doubled down by suggesting role reversal was a healthy standard with a "stay at home husband." Don't misunderstand - some guys are productive and aren't slobs, but more often than not, it simply reinforces sitting in the recliner to watch television while the woman does all the work (… Which was one of the original complaints - men coming home from work and doing that … Now the woman comes home from work to do everything while the boy she is fooling around with plays video games… He gets a pretty sweet deal out of it and has no reason other than his own force of will to do anything about it).

We changed the old systems without any regard as to why they were in place to begin with. Even if we are all in agreement that the old systems needed to change - there are still functions which must, by another method, be satisfied.

Feminists were led to believe men were the problem and, being the only tool in their kit, when one act of "liberation" fails to improve their lives, the only response they can formulate is to try and remove men yet again.

Somehow, they seem to have correctly realized that this would result in our collapse back to the stone age, and I would argue that they actually desire a return to simplicity. In this, they project the old world as an ideal fantasy into which they can lead society.

There is an interesting ero-manga by the title "World's End Harem." It doesn't go quite that far in terms of women wanting to return to the old world - but it does do an adequate job of portraying what a world without men would look like, how the types who desire it would behave, and also how the general public would respond. Again… You gotta be able to see through the boobies. Not saying you have to ignore them - but if you can't keep the blood flowing to the proper or both heads simultaneously - then you'll miss it.

c37732 () No. 6550815


Cuz he correctly calls out trump as a fucking kike

0be619 () No. 6550816


This site has many stations including HBO


46e0b1 () No. 6550817

>>6550480 >use this pastebin




>>6550729 >notables @ 200

Morning Baker needs to Ghost since no anon has stepped up

Those above are welcome to take this bread since they got a real bead on things.

thanks anons. it was a pleasure to bake for you this morning.

383c4c () No. 6550818


High protein diet

58e091 () No. 6550819


damfag reporting for duty

d3e6dd () No. 6550820


>So why is David Icke so vilified on this board?

>The guy has been exposing high level pedo rings for over 25 years

Along with the Royal family/elite being shape-shifting reptilians? kek

22b769 () No. 6550821


Can't wait to watch the video of the Dems laughing at everyone in a backroom. POTUS has teased the existence of such video(s) multile times.

805b23 () No. 6550822


There was no peep about this. Fuck Mpls news

69dbf4 () No. 6550823


Panicking now…

db512c () No. 6550824

easy filters

77e69e () No. 6550825

4b6e73 () No. 6550826

Intro to Qanon


Watch this if you are newfag or a lurker

Where We Go 1 We Go All!!!

3f4a8c () No. 6550827


the workerbee will forever hold a special place in the anon's heart… know that.

c37732 () No. 6550828


No goyim no lizards exist

Just trust the plan and worshipp kikeotus and his jew whore family

6d0063 () No. 6550829

BREXIT = show about people(sheeps), and how they can decide about NOTHING


e3c2ef () No. 6550830

>>6549810 (lb)

Shows what I know. I always thought the case was between a woman and her partner. He wanted the kid, she wanted to abort. Basically, the ruling said he had no say.

Where the fuck did I get that from?

55d1d5 () No. 6550831


I've never seen two politicians "slow dancing" like that. Faggotry on parade.

059881 () No. 6550832

Q when this is all said and done, will we have the option to leave?

Keep it real Q.

e7324f () No. 6550833




Trump lied he hasn't declassified a damn thing.

6940dc () No. 6550834


Back to Trisha Anderson

She was worried that Comey updating Congress on the emails found on Weiners laptop would get Trump elected: (pg 143 &144)

Ms. Sachsman Grooms. Did anyone during that discussion raise concerns about moving forward, concerns about the election, concerns about telling Congress?

Mr. Rybicki. Yes.

Ms. Sachsman Grooms. Who?

Mr. Rybicki. So this – as to the statement, I know that Trisha Anderson raised a concern about – I think it was generally phrased as, you know, are we concerned that doing this will help elect candidate Trump to the presidency.

Ms. Sachsman Grooms. And did she say that in that initial meeting or a later meeting?

Mr. Rybicki. My recollection, it was definitely the same day. I just can't remember if it was, again, that same sitting.

Ms. Sachsman Grooms. And did she phrase it like that, as a question, essentially?

Mr. Rybicki. I can't say for certain. It was definitely words to that effect, but I can't say if it was phrased in the form of a question.

Ms. Sachsman Grooms. And what was the response?

Mr. Rybicki. The Director's response was, we just can't consider that. It would not be appropriate to consider that.

395cde () No. 6550835


Trump accomplishes more with one tweet (NOTICE OVER 60 MILLION FOLLOWERS ) then the whole of the MSM combined.. you don't know what your talking about kek

Leading cable news networks in the United States in April 2019, by number of primetime viewers (in 1,000s)


7da558 () No. 6550836

Trump has successfully allowed the country to continue to be destroyed.

There is nothing that can repair the damage that illegal immigrants have done to the sovereignty of the country EXCEPT if he removes them like he threatened..

c37732 () No. 6550837







1f1564 () No. 6550838

This is the obvious underground area that's highly suspicious.

By the way, good work Anons from the previous bread.

d2d767 () No. 6550839


Hwy 70 bridge?

be2f23 () No. 6550840

publish the Justin Cooper deposition transcript already. the court gave permission to release it…

309a1b () No. 6550841


So is that why Icke is ignored and mocked on here, because he suggests that inter dimensional shapeshifting entities/Demons are real ?

3f4a8c () No. 6550842


topkek you're cute when you're triggered!

who needs declas when we are masters of the dripdrop?

4318a0 () No. 6550843


Better pigs in human clothing than grapes beneath the feet.

7da558 () No. 6550844


Fuck Trump.

He has very little time to redeem himself.

I'm starting to believe he was allowed to win to destroy the Republican party permanently.

059881 () No. 6550845


Stop referring to Jews as Illegal Immigrants please.

c37732 () No. 6550846


Shhh anon

Liberals btfo

Hahahahah kek

So funny trump

Meanwhile america is done for and has been sold down the river to israel china and saudi arabia

Fuck this im gonna go get hrt to survive the purg3

d72542 () No. 6550847


This anon is correct >>6550724 although i believe it’s emails rather than a letter.

It’s also addressed in the Lynch transcript. Pic related. During her testimony it was referred to as the third matter that prompted Comey to make his public announcement in July. The first and second being her referring to the investigation as a matter, and the tarmac meeting.

2c78eb () No. 6550848



Okay I feel dumb…just remembered that the bee thing is because they serve a QUEEN.

7da558 () No. 6550849


Dripdrop is so effective. :/

Remember the little tiny dripdrop bombs we dropped on Japan. SO effective

c37732 () No. 6550850



I know for a fact theyre real cuz im pretty sure Q sold me to them

Thanks Q

Ill remember that when i make your kids into chilli

b3442c () No. 6550851

Reading the Moffa Transcript. He states he isn't sure that the DoD was contacted. (I'd say they were contacted. 4+ pages in Clinton part 16 starting on page 64 and signed by Strzok.) Caps related.



3f4a8c () No. 6550852


duh. what'd you think this was about, just words?

e7324f () No. 6550853




While Jared Kushner paid off his billion dollar debt.

1820a4 () No. 6550854


>These live feeds on Oroville spillway, Dam and lake

Very cool, thanks. Oh these puny humans think a gorillion tons of concrete can stop……….Water?

8e9653 () No. 6550855

b33240 () No. 6550856

NAR: Existing-Home Sales Decreased to 5.19 million in April

Existing-home sales saw a minor decline in April, continuing March’s drop in sales, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Two of the four major U.S. regions saw a slight dip in sales, while the West saw growth and the Midwest essentially bore no changes last month.

Total existing-home sales, completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, fell 0.4% from March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.19 million in April.

Total sales are down 4.4% from a year ago (5.43 million in April 2018).

Total housing inventory at the end of April increased to 1.83 million, up from 1.67 million existing homes available for sale in March and a 1.7% increase from 1.80 million a year ago. Unsold inventory is at a 4.2-month supply at the current sales pace, up from 3.8 months in March and up from 4.0 months in April 2018.

According to the NAR, inventory increased to 1.83 million in April from 1.67 million in March. Headline inventory is not seasonally adjusted, and inventory usually decreases to the seasonal lows in December and January, and peaks in mid-to-late summer.

Inventory was up 1.7% year-over-year in April compared to April 2018.

Months of supply was at 4.2 months in April.

This was below the consensus forecast. For existing home sales, a key number is inventory - and inventory is still low.


(according to official numbers-take alook around your 'hood-how many homes for sale?)

97adea () No. 6550858

059881 () No. 6550857


That's the point.

Destroy government.

Power BACK to the people.

Look at the Dems… They're down to JV benchwarmers.

Trump is doing his job.

c37732 () No. 6550859


He is doing his job

But that job is to stall and sell us down the river

58e091 () No. 6550860



e3c2ef () No. 6550861


What feminists fail to understand (because the elites pulling the wool over their eyes to sow division won't tell them) is that woman can and do have every opportunity that men have, yet they will NEVER be 100% equal as far as jobs and pay.



That's the way it is. Life isn't fucking fair. Women HAVE to give birth to the children. They have to take time off, and most of the time, they choose not to come back to work or reduce their hours significantly.

It's not on purpose, it just is.

Just as there are other instances where women have the advantage over men. Women (for the most part) control how much/when/and where men get sex. They control reproduction and raising of children. They get to experience growing a new life.

Men don't. Men have to work from birth to death. No breaks to "raise kids". No options.

They make more because they work more.

e3c2ef () No. 6550862



c37732 () No. 6550863


And that theyre fucking stupid

Who do you think the cabals biggest enablers and voters are


7c4541 () No. 6550864

2b8c2a () No. 6550865

They pulled the feed, but ABC was showing a group of people protesting the various abortion bans, waving signs in spanish. Abortions for illegal aliens? Found this from 2017:

"Under the Trump administration, the federal government no longer wants to be complicit in abortions performed on under-age teens who enter the country illegally.

To the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), refusing to facilitate the killing of these unborn children is “unprecedented, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s also unconscionable,” according to Brigitte Amiri, a senior ACLU staff lawyer.

Last Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Tanya A. Chutkan, an Obama appointee, sided with the ACLU by ruling that a pregnant girl from Central America has a constitutional right to an abortion."


3f4a8c () No. 6550866


i'm going to need you to sauce that.

maybe the goal is to have a TRUMP TOWER on every continent… where EVERY COUNTRY has the freedom and opportunity that WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have…

when we Keep America Great it WILL MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN… catch up. #ForTheThrone

e7324f () No. 6550867

2d5549 () No. 6550868


Moar island trafficking channels being cut

1d9e67 () No. 6550870

>>6550790 (Me)

What the hell am I saying here….early 2016 was when McCabe became Deputy Director and Scalia died…

Comey found out about the Scalia plot and freaked out?

0e96e8 () No. 6550871


Anon wasn't posting a gorillion paragraphs about stocks. Just said a thing.

Why ISN'T this the place for one sentence about stocks?

(Unless that's the guy who posts a gorillion paragraphs about stocks, gold, THE FED, etc. If it IS that guy, well. Yeah. Agendas are stupid.)

043b86 () No. 6550872

> News unlocks MAP.

> We are the news now.


2d5549 () No. 6550873


Chicks don't hang themselves

af2368 () No. 6550874

>>6547657 pb


>>6549066 pb





Either are possible. Something's off about this whole thing.


>Seemed like that tweet by Comey was decoded pretty quickly.

>Either by a helper or a really bad actor.

Also the decode was completely out of left field, but spread quickly. And the gloating about it by certain twatter personalities who spread it originally seems a bit over the top.

69fc5a () No. 6550875

e3c2ef () No. 6550876


Emotionally driven.

Good for families and raising kids.

Bad for business.

c37732 () No. 6550877


If youre too fucking stupid to,look at literallt any news source including his own fucking,gov sites

Then thats not my problem "anon"

043b86 () No. 6550878

Learn double meanings.

e4d363 () No. 6550879

very unusual but it seems to be an up and coming trend


69dbf4 () No. 6550880


She needs to be careful making accusations without providing evidence…

3f4a8c () No. 6550881


dont call me anon, kid… i dont hide behind masks.

597828 () No. 6550882

c37732 () No. 6550883


>good for raising kids and families

Yeah the last 50 years of retarded kids would like a word with you

e23f49 () No. 6550884

c37732 () No. 6550885


Learn to not be jewish

383c4c () No. 6550886


I am telling ya

If conservatives and i mean real conservative want to be elected they shouldnt piss off women

Who support the right for the first trimester abortion

Alabama thats how you lose electorate

Use logic not emotions

PP bad

Late abortion bad

But you shouldnt mess up with majority of women cuz you believe life starts with conception

897ca3 () No. 6550887


A good DIGG would be finding out who that suppose "Dr" that eaoed her was….. It sounds eerily similar to SA royalty

113782 () No. 6550888


384de3 () No. 6550889


Losing Access To Android Would "Turn Huawei Phones Into Paperweights", Analyst Warns

Here's the South China Morning Post:

"As far as overseas markets go, this move just turned Huawei’s upcoming phones into paperweights," said Bryan Ma, vice-president of client devices research at IDC Asia-Pacific. "The phones won’t be very useful any more without Google apps on them, and other apps will be unable to call on Google Play services."

Anyone want to buy more Chinese junk………

Paper weights at the $1 store.

299768 () No. 6550890

Looks like the folks over at Voat are trying to have /QRV/ either de-platformed or unmasked. Q warned us about de-platforming and here it is. Attached is the message I received from puttitout (voat admin) and my response.

If he wants the sub to be non-anon he will have to take it from us.

58e091 () No. 6550891

41c219 () No. 6550892


Pennsylvania - Don’t forget to get out and VOTE TODAY for Republican Fred Keller for Congress. Fred is Strong on Crime, Second Amendment, Military, Vets, and Healthcare. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

059881 () No. 6550893


Ok, you know anyone else that is gonna free us?

Has anyone else ever tried to dismantle the government in your lifetime?..

Because last I checked, Trump and Q are our only hope.

It's our best shot to date, and based on the number of resignations and firings in the last two years, I like our chances…

No name - DEAD




043b86 () No. 6550894

We have it all.

We have The Source.

897ca3 () No. 6550895



8b65c4 () No. 6550896

e3c2ef () No. 6550897



>8-10 males with hammers attacking people


2d5549 () No. 6550898


McCabe's history in FBI is interesting. Cummings went on a rant of his heroic past in testimony

7f44b1 () No. 6550899


Good Point

ee75c1 () No. 6550900


US Navy


Welcome home, shipmates! #USSRhodeIsland returned to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay following a successful test flight of an unarmed Trident II D5 missile. #NavyLethality

8bb6b6 () No. 6550901


i fail captcha at least 5x everytime

db512c () No. 6550902



thank you BO

0e96e8 () No. 6550903


>Comey found out about the Scalia plot and freaked out?

Eeeeeh, I doubt that he "freaked out". He and his brother seemed to keep their shit together when they were kids and some creep broke into their house. Jim seemed to keep his shit together when one of his kids died while he was working on the Whitewater investigation.

Why would he freak out about Scalia?

2c78eb () No. 6550904


Sure they do. You just faint out, it's not traumatic and it doesn't ruin the face like a gunshot or a jump off a bridge.

Playing the "fainting game" for keeps.

ac08fb () No. 6550905


that being said, I fully believe my mission on earth is to protect my children; it could be OUR mission as well.


90c735 () No. 6550906


Transparency acknowledged/appreciated BO

db512c () No. 6550907

'we are on a ship'

d2d767 () No. 6550908


Lumpkin rd?

395cde () No. 6550909


You ignorant FKwit go back to the MSM.. this isn't your CNN newsroom… idiot

35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total lies

Just an example for you …DUMMY

35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total lies

Sunday, February 22, 2015

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Tags: mainstream media, propaganda, lies


Mainstream media

(NaturalNews) Truth is the greatest enemy of the state, and the purpose of the state-run media is to broadcast a sufficient quantity of lies to suffocate the truth and thereby protect state interests.

As Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once explained:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Here are 35 huge lies the mainstream media repeatedly reported as "facts" that we now know to be total lies:

1) Brian Williams: "The helicopter I was riding in got hit with an RPG."

2) President Obama: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

3) Lance Armstrong: "I never doped."

4) The CDC: "There's no evidence linking vaccines to autism."

5) The NSA: "We aren't spying on the phone calls or emails of U.S. citizens."

6) The U.S. Navy: "No sailors were harmed by Fukushima radiation."

7) The mainstream media: "What Fukushima radiation?"

8) The American Diabetes Association: "Diabetes cannot be reversed; only managed with expensive medication."

10) Government-run schools: "Common Core provides your child with a quality, historically-accurate education."


805b23 () No. 6550911


Hmmm. Yikes but nice response.

285100 () No. 6550912

The fact that a dimocrat governor signed a ridiculous abortion bill should be more than a clue —


distraction much??

299768 () No. 6550913

e3c2ef () No. 6550914



>Anyone want to buy more Chinese junk………

I buy American wherever possible. Have for a long time.

I'd rather own 1 well made American item than have 50 cheap pieces of shit.

Americans have too much "stuff". Need to learn to live simpler.

b33240 () No. 6550916


>Why ISN'T this the place for one sentence about stocks?

it's not the place to offer advice about buying/selling stocks retard. anons are smart enough to do own research and make own decisions without having commentary about what to do with those.

7c4541 () No. 6550915

55d1d5 () No. 6550917


He's been walking that razor's edge between the ultimate penalty for Treason and being Arkancided. He's also been holding one or two failsafes of his own.

fb8702 () No. 6550918


Nikki Loren will always be hotter because Monica flat-out refuses to get on a treadmill.

Plus you're all forgetting Monica Lewinsky was a political false flag designed to rig the next election from Al Gore to George W. Bush. It didn't work and Bush had to steal the election. However that was also the election that they switched to electronic ballots so that they wouldn't need to use political means to fake the vote anymore.

be2f23 () No. 6550919



illegal aliens

illegal immigrants is an oxymoron

e3c2ef () No. 6550920


I think it's in response to the "kill babies after birth" bills in NY and VA.

Fight Extreme with extreme.

b3deb5 () No. 6550921


3301, the Cicada folks?

059881 () No. 6550922

Don't be upset with Q & Trump, be pissed at the MSM for lying to you.

Be pissed at Israel for running the MSM.




We are in the ENDGAME folks, now is not the time to show weakness.

7f44b1 () No. 6550923


Y-DNA, interesting.

I figured when Q said Y head, he was referring to


3f4a8c () No. 6550924



c37732 () No. 6550925


Yeah i do actually


597828 () No. 6550926



b9bc79 () No. 6550927


I don’t use the voat board but curious if you have to have a registered account in order to post to a non-anon board?

7f47ef () No. 6550928

>>6550472 (OP)

>>6550371 (lb)

There is a mathematical error in the affidavit.

"Parasite power however varies as the cube of the velocity which means to double the speed you have to cube or have three times the power."

Cubing 2 gives you 8, not 3, so you would need 8 times the power.

Correcting this error would strengthen his argument.

I believe the error was a result of a brief moment of confusion and that the rest of his argument is correct.

5925d9 () No. 6550929


Great work BO. Putts sounds like a whiny bitch.

27244d () No. 6550930


Newfag(s), the anointed one is (you), the 'golden child'.

b33240 () No. 6550931


apparently they failed to read the first response given to them.

419622 () No. 6550932


BO: You are just encouraging shills to complain by sharing this. But fuck VOAT I guess. There's a reason we are here and not there.

4318a0 () No. 6550933


Funny you should mention that.

How is it that Manafort, who just so happened to be under FISA, happened to be hired by the Trump campaign?

Under whose recommendation?

I'm not really sure who you are here to represent, but I would demand payment in advance. Well, actually, I would never accept payment for things that are suspicious, as that's a good way to get nailed in a sting… But whatever.

Where DID Kushner get the money to pay off his 'not-small' loan?

The MK-48 ADCP can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. Snapshot on cavitating track Kilo Zero Zero tubes 2, 6, 8. Set course one one seven at ten knotts for incline at 5 degrees. Prepare to plug ears.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

90da7f () No. 6550934


<Level up>

Jesus deserves worship. Believers, as his people, ascribe him worship. But if we are to release and heal the project monarch slaves (don’t be surprised if you’ve been touched by the programing without knowing), we need to provide them with a “food” they are able to ingest which doesn’t perpetuate evil, but which doesn’t generate evil exhaust either. So by exercise of free will, anons allow themselves to become conduits of suffering, translating the glory of Christ through their lowliness for another's edification. To eat thereof, those who need healing are united with the true object of worship, producing a Direct Relationship with Truth:


d5a37c () No. 6550935

"I think the delay's over. I think the President is serious. I've spoken to him recently and I think declassification is right around the corner." - Representative Mark Meadows - Chairman of the Freedom Caucus

c37732 () No. 6550936


Oy vey goyim lets murder babies to win an election to avoid pissing off whores

Lets all admit that if we want to fix america

Certain groups of people gotta go

db512c () No. 6550937


'welcome home' Underwater Shift

c212d2 () No. 6550938

2b8c2a () No. 6550939

e3c2ef () No. 6550940


>Ten bucks says RR has wired evidence showing the Anti-Trump Deep State plotting to entrap Trump for obstruction and admitting Russia is bullshit



90da7f () No. 6550941


<Level up>

We suffer, bearing the inversion of truth in ourselves, just as Christ bore the inversion of coronation on the cross, so that our neighbor may be blessed. If those in the Body love God, and love their neighbor, we collectively bear the burden of subduing a fallen creation, and expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

6940dc () No. 6550942


Peter Strzok emailed HRC talking points to Lisa Pages personal AOL account, who then forwarded it to Rybicki. So she was using a personal email to convey info. Who else did she send these emails to from that account?

Mr. Parmiter. Okay. Let me show you what we're marking as exhibit 7.

Mr. Rybicki. Okay.

[Rybicki Exhibit No. 7

Was marked for identification.]

Mr. Parmiter. Do you recognize this document, either page 1 or page 2?

Mr. Rybicki. I don't readily recognize it. I certainly recall talking about these cases. It appears to be an email to me, but I don't readily recognize it.

Mr. Parmiter. Okay. And what is on page 2?

Mr. Rybicki. Page 2 appears to be – it's titled HRC talking points. It talks about the difference of the investigation vice, the David Petraeus and Berger cases.

Mr. Parmiter. Okay. And do you know who prepared these talking points?

Mr. Rybicki. Based on the email, it appears that – the original email is from Pete Strzok to several individuals, and it looks like someone – and, again, based on the signature line, it would make – it would appear to be Lisa Page forwarded that to me.

Mr. Parmiter. Okay. And just to clarify, earlier you referred to Ms. Page as in the deputy director's office right when we started the interview.

Mr. Rybicki. Correct. That's correct.

Mr. Parmiter. Was she there – is that her full-time job?

Mr. Rybicki. Yes. She's an Office of General Counsel attorney. Idon't know if she is formally detailed, but she worked in the deputy director's office.

Mr. Parmiter. Okay. So would it be fair to say you were or were not involved in the production of these talking points?

Mr. Rybicki. I don't – I didn't type them, if that's the –

36a9c3 () No. 6550945

b9bc79 () No. 6550944

>>6550555 Y DNA dig


0e96e8 () No. 6550946



or these guys


9ab7c6 () No. 6550947

Actions speak louder than words!

Here are the only possible scenarios this Anon can see playing out between now and Election Day 2020:

1: Q played us perfectly to ensure DJT got 8 full years, because it will take that long to finish draining the swamp. Q+ does drain the swamp and all is right with the world.

2: Q played us perfectly to get DJT re-elected and shit returns to "business as usual". No arrests and the anons are forced to doxx, organize and Plan Z kicks in. If so, everyone loses.

3: POTUS finally swings to the offensive and all the shit we were promised begins habbening. Arrests made, convicts punished, Libtards awaken (and actually like DJT) and he wins 2020 in the biggest landslide in American history.

3a: POTUS ONLY focuses on draining the swamp. He knows that this is moar than enough to secure the re-election.

3b: POTUS keeps going to rallies trying to get re-elected the old fashioned way and Q Team drains swamp for him concurrently.

3c: POTUS is involved in both and goes down as an American hero.

3d: POTUS keeps stumping and Q keeps stringing us along enough to quell an uprising in hopes POTUS gets re-elected.

Anything I'm missing, Anons?

e4d363 () No. 6550948

I would assume but the info is good, that's why I pulled it, dots connected, Gowdy let slip, he's the hero here, not 3301, message not messenger


299768 () No. 6550949


If shills can de-platform subverses by brigading putts inbox he deserves the reddit 2.0 he's creating

c37732 () No. 6550950


I think theyre doing that to me

So my solution is to smoke as much weed as humanly possible to provide them 0 energy

They cant get shit if i live my life for me

Unless im wage slaving


059881 () No. 6550951


Shill confirmed…

Only faggots say "lemming".


c212d2 () No. 6550953

A big satanic joke.

7a89ec () No. 6550952

f9867e () No. 6550954

From Moffa's testimony, Steele was an FBI CHS(confidential human source) and Strzok was his handler.


7b6176 () No. 6550955

maybe we should keep a thread for normies to comment on notables aside from here.

I myself am really out of touch with the general public opinions about our digs.

It could be helpful to feel the temperature of people as it gets closer to 2020 election.

It could also bring more awareness to our digs in a way that doesn't irritate us.

Shills would flood it so that problem would have to be resolved.

Give people a chance to participate and not interfere with us.

good idea or stupid?

db512c () No. 6550956

breaking news: JA released

'You are just encouraging shills to complain by sharing this. '


ac08fb () No. 6550957


and how did Muricans learn to 'need so much stuff'?

wake. up. please.

1d9e67 () No. 6550958


Read that. He's in very deep.


Fair enough kek. Let's say he kept it in the back of his mind for when it was time to save himself.

7a89ec () No. 6550959

550b0e () No. 6550960


every male has "Y" DNA

what are you, stupid ?

26886c () No. 6550961


No one says the peeps from VOAT have to be here. If they dont like the way we do things, dont come here! They are there for a reason and we are here for a reason. Its not their place to police this board!

7c4541 () No. 6550962

c91f77 () No. 6550964

3f4a8c () No. 6550965

f44d97 () No. 6550966



Anyone practicing "divinity" or channeling like a "medium" is a tool of the enemy. AJ could get all the way up to exposing 100% of everything that was going on, and it turns out that AJ was a pied piper of MOS; a trumpeter of the NWO. People like Icke are no different, really. Just more "buffet" exposure to get folks rallied behind a message. "This is what's happening! Buy my book! No, there's nothing you can do about it, but in my next book, you can learn the survival skills needed to make it through the purge!"

>In 1990 Icke was a BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party when, he says, a psychic told him he had been placed on earth for a purpose and would begin to receive messages from the spirit world.

It's been the same tactic they've always used. Pick a dude, or gal, make them a whack-o nut job, and load them up with some partial truths. With such a tainted well, even if you agree with some of what they say based in your own research/discovery, you almost have to reject it all because of the "poison well" effect.

Vid related. Not everything Robert Tilton said was bad. There's no telling how many bought his message, and carried on with their own path to find God. That's good, right? That doesn't make Robert Tilton a good guy.


Hmmm, let's see here. Success Gospel? Where have I heard that completely contradictory-to-Christ's-teaching nonsense before?


Oh, that chick. I'll leave the rest of that to discover for yourself. She's a veritable treasure trove of discovery into the mindset of the rich and successful preachers/pastors. Especially when her "husband" talked about Christian couples watching porn together.



Be your own source. Find your own way. Hold things you see/hear to the flame of discernment in your own heart. Either it's shit, or it's not. Develop that relationship for yourself. Stop relying on acolytes that claim to have the word of God protruding from their mouths. There's only one person that applies to, and that's Christ. Everything else is up to interpretation based on your understanding of the Word, time spent with God, and your journey with God on a personal level. Anyone that disagrees with that has something to sell you.

e23f49 () No. 6550967

722605 () No. 6550968

279861 () No. 6550969



I went over the source of "eupedia".

Where does it list bibi? or cooper? or tesla?

this post sounds shilly to me.

626676 () No. 6550970



ghost handoff in effect


quitcha bitchen and get in the kitchen

please help, we are but a few

Practice Baking

World wide - anons, we want you to play along

this is where you can make new threads to practice your bakes


download the picture from the OP (original post) up top

copy the link from the dough

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Seems accurate. Except, if there aren't any major arrests before 2020 I will sit it out. It doesn't have to be completely settled by any means, but if Brennan, Comey, Clapper etc aren't in cuffs, along with some major media personalities, then I will not be voting in 2020.

82c307 () No. 6550972


came here just because I saw your twatter about this.

Which scenario do you think is most likely Fren???

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45d089 () No. 6550975


>After conducting an assessment of the 78-year-old structure earlier this month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it was raising the dam’s risk category from “moderate” to “high urgency.”


I bet it was already in the "high-urgency" category for 10+ years, but they hold the info back until they're ready to create a FF. The story finally goes public shortly before the boom to give it plausible deniability.

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e3c2ef () No. 6550977


>>6550485 (lb)

love the comments.

21ab7e () No. 6550978

Check out our great site.

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383c4c () No. 6550980


Sadly agree

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af2368 () No. 6550984


>the Washington Post reported that in early March 2016 the FBI received "what was described as a Russian intelligence document"

>The document claimed Lynch had told Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far…

This could be what they're referring to. Nice grab anon.

20c6df () No. 6550985



>Mr. Rybicki. Based on the email, it appears that – the original email is from Pete Strzok to several individuals, and it looks like someone – and, again, based on the signature line, it would make – it would appear to be Lisa Page forwarded that to me.

7da558 () No. 6550986


4. They don't really "have it all" and Democrats proceed unfettered - disarming Americans and creating a socialist state. Democrats win in 2020 because Trump failed to protect the border.

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Latest from Epoch

69dbf4 () No. 6550991


Shills will do what shills do. New BO has proved himself moar than worthy of our defence.

…You probably gave us all a 'heads up' on the new shill tactics that are about to hit.

Meme for you.

6a94c1 () No. 6550993


most likely scenario:

5:5 America will keep on WINNING!

b9bc79 () No. 6550994


DId I say Y in the last chromosome u basic faggot?? Read his post.