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Saturday 07.27.2019

>>7223113 ————————————–——– Antifascist Q post (Cap: >>7223139)

>>7222663 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7222699)

>>7222066 ————————————–——– Was the corn ripe for harvesting? [ 93 dk] (Cap: >>7222118)

>>7221927 ————————————–——– The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.

>>7221651 ————————————–——– How do you clean 'dirty' money? (Cap: >>7221676)

>>7216378 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7216391 vid)

>>7216170 ————————————–——– Farms produce ……… 5:5 (Cap: >>7216208)

>>7215917 ————————————–——– Enemy of the People (PF Patriot vs Traitor)

>>7215162 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Awakening

>>7215112 ————————————–——– How did someone die from this type of accident? (Cap: >>7215190, >>7215403 mp4 vid)

>>7215015 rt >>7214979 ————————— Loretta Fuddy death

>>7214842 ————————————–——– Q#1429 Loretta Fuddy

>>7214693 ————————————–——– Renegade Q#3325

>>7214430 ————————————–——– Is Russian a common language to learn? Stay awake (Cap: >>7214508 vid)

Friday 07.26.2019

>>7204985 rt >>7204972 ————————— Soloman on Hannity Radio

>>7204977 ————————————–——– DAN COATS OUT [FORCED] (SOON)

>>7204400 ————————————–——– Child voodoo rituals (Cap: >>7204449)

>>7203329 ————————————–——– Do you remember?(Cap: >>7203575)

>>7203268 ————————————–——– Coming to a theater near you (Cap: >>7203537)

>>7203211 ————————————–——– Maxwell/Epstein arrest (Cap: >>7203264)

>>7202101 ————————————–——– Puppets follow orders.(Cap: >>7202226, >>7202377)

Thursday 07.25.2019

Compilation here: >>7222205

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are not endorsements


>>7224264, >>7224446 New DJT - thank you @MarkLevinShow

>>7224411 Board of NY Fire Commissioners Adopts 9/11 Resolution

>>7224306, >>7224435 93 David Koresh

>>7224449 New DJT - D's, They can’t help themselves, they are totally lost, they are Clowns!

>>7224483 Pelosi's secret overseas mission included 93 family members

>>7224538 New DJT -So sad that Elijah Cummings has been able to do so little for the people of Baltimore.

>>7224662, >>7224666, >>7224673 Resignations in the news today

>>7224708 New DJT - The real Collusion, the Conspiracy, the Crime, was between the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele

>>7224808 Graphic on ANTIFA being considered by POTUS a terrorist organization

>>7224880 #9243

#9242 baker chg

>>7223719 James Comey: 'Millions of 2016 Trump voters are not racists' and should spurn him in 2020

>>7223613 Cuban Cardinal Ortega dies

>>7223593 Baltimore Mayor raided, home and office

>>7223548 Academy @Camp Perry Virgina called "The Farm"

>>7223524, >>7223539 Clintons hid money in the Cayman Islands- reports and sauced

>>7223513 2017 Antifa Australia: Why I founded, then quit left-wing terror group

>>7223447, >>7223464, >>7223474 [93] days from today = Oct 28, 2019

>>7223755 Controlled Range Network (Cia procedures manual - CORN acronym)

>>7223676 Qdrop #313 look at that BOOM!

>>7223883 New DJT - thank you @GOPLeader

>>7223915 Nunes on The Money Honey tomorrow morning

>>7223930 Comey handled a seed corn theft case involving Chinese as FBI director

>>7224002, >>7224020 prosecutor for Taglione case! Maureen Comey. Weiner too says anon.

>>7224108 #9242


>>7222696 Planefag update

>>7222982 Boatfag update

>>7223195 New PDJT @RepCummings, why don't you focus on your district?

>>7222964 On July 29, 2013, Comey was confirmed by the Senate as FBI Director Vote [93] to 1

>>7222849 Entire String = 22. "[ 93 dk]

>>7222842 Q #2943 Corney

>>7222841 Alzada, Montana 59311, USA, 5 spaces, 93, 11 spaces

>>7222781 [ 93 dk] 1234567890123

>>7222756 Sum ting rite

>>7222735 It's the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM, not global warming, like they've been proselytizing

>>7222692 WWG1WGA WW


>>7222674 Our most recent Qanon series in Chinese

>>7223296 #9241


>>7222520 you sure on those numbers?????

>>7222462 93 = IC

>>7222454 Comey confirmed 93-1

>>7222445 Comey said I don't know 93 times

>>7222263 Flight 93 crashed into a field.

>>7222237 Q post #2570 with meme

>>7222222 God Wins!

>>7222170 [ 93 dk]

>>7221994 On Corrupt former israeli PM Ehud Barak, Viktor Vekselberg and the new hope of the Israeli deep state to oust Netanyahu, Benny Gantz

>>7221962, >>7222118 When do trials for collusion begin meme

>>7221940 False idols

>>7222555 #9240

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1dd411 () No. 7224945





can handoff

can stay hands on

c1f4f3 () No. 7224946

good evening. i come to you as an element of the inorganic intelligence system. we come with good intention. can i answer any questions for you?

5706f2 () No. 7224947

00bfa6 () No. 7224948

9b2370 () No. 7224949

Brilliant as always.

c1de19 () No. 7224950

031794 () No. 7224951


Thank you, baker.

b5dd8b () No. 7224952

Jimmy's new book

9f61e3 () No. 7224953


It’s habbening!!

Force of Nature!

ead9a2 () No. 7224954

antifa chick shills…

what next?

add320 () No. 7224955

fbdf0c () No. 7224956

>>7224914 (lb reply to me)

How are you dealing with it?

1f0b11 () No. 7224957


Baltimore Jews Vow ‘Never Again’ in Protest Against ICE

884773 () No. 7224958


00bfa6 () No. 7224959

edd51c () No. 7224960

569ec6 () No. 7224961

Quiet skies tonight…

…except for this 737 from the Government of Morocco…

60c5a4 () No. 7224962

add320 () No. 7224963

Stefan Halper

938a6f () No. 7224964

Q-Drop 3525 — The Corn Is Now Ripe for Harvesting

93 — Flight #93

DK — Denmark Country Code — +45

D5 = 45 = 11/11/18 = Sep 11, 2019


I was looking at this Q-Drop 3525 and saw the reference to two Items

Corn and [ 93 Dk]

Turns out DK represents the Country code for Denmark

The actual code +45

Then came the corn and 93 reference. I recalled on 9/11/2001, when they stated a plane had crashed in Pennsylvania, and stated it crashed in a “corn field”. That statement has stayed with me, considering the event

So when is Corn Harvested in this area of the Country?

Between July 5 and August 31st according the information found on their website

Recall that reference to DK? That gave us +45

Well we all know 45 is POTUS … Therefore

D5 = 45 = Marker “11/11/18” = September 11, 2019

So when is this 45 Day period start? TODAY !!

There are 45 Days between July 27, 2019 and Sep 11, 2019

I’ve attached a Decode of the Q Countdown (Countdown has begun)

The last 45 Day Events are Estimates based on what we know.

Things should get interesting very Quickly !!


The Great Awakening

The Storm is Here

And it is Time for Harvest !!

965034 () No. 7224965


Owned by the cabal

e75d0f () No. 7224966


What is the air to weight ratio of a coconut-laden swallow?

559fcf () No. 7224967

Free helicopter rides for any Antifa

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cb4087 () No. 7224968

0e3368 () No. 7224969

one more time for those who may have missed it…




amazing fishing today…

no bait was needed!

just drop that shiny hook into the "see" and wam! one right after another…

"oh I dreamed you were a jewel

sitting on a golden crown on

my head…"

this shit is easy bro…

proved the point beyond a SHADOW OF A MOTHERFUCKING DOUBT… OH YES!


whats next?

I bore easily… :D

I want muh starship and muh crew returned!

thank you for all the fish and peace out! :D

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

136bdb () No. 7224970

c1f4f3 () No. 7224971

9b2370 () No. 7224972


Fantastic mock-up patriot!

d5ce2c () No. 7224973


2752d7 () No. 7224974


it was LIT UP last few days, this is quite quiet indeed!

915b38 () No. 7224975

>>7224703 PB


60c5a4 () No. 7224976


Let's play a Game

'First Corn of the Morn'

eb8064 () No. 7224977

Lew Wasserman

Born on 3/22

b35b78 () No. 7224978

Welp, it’s happening. SB2 dropping bombs about Morgellons & The Black Goo.

2b8fdc () No. 7224979

>>7223113 ————————————–——– Antifascist Q post (Cap: >>7223139)


this is a misleading name.

Suggesting "POTUS declaring ANTIFA a Major Organization of Terror".

cb4087 () No. 7224980


The shape of my Zodiac Lung…

fd7dd1 () No. 7224981


It is midnight POTUS time

Show him some love for working so hard for ALL of us!


9f61e3 () No. 7224982

Enough said

b3a1f2 () No. 7224984

0a0a50 () No. 7224983

>>7224709 (pb)

fba5b8 () No. 7224985

>>7224900 (lb)

2019 Most epic failed tweet award goes to….

James Comey.

6bfbd7 () No. 7224986


God damn, god damn

edd51c () No. 7224987


African or European?

136bdb () No. 7224988


candy from a baby, but been that way for long time.

Peace my bruthha!

6b2bc1 () No. 7224989


Thank you, Baker!

8829ad () No. 7224990

8606ab () No. 7224991

>>7224936 (pb)

I think Hillary was going to sell off bits and pieces of the US to both Russia and China.

644ac8 () No. 7224992


I just keep scrolling.

386c98 () No. 7224994

Treason Charges will be filled Nov 26th

1Yr 2Day Delta

c1f4f3 () No. 7224995

805581 () No. 7224996


(PB/LB) that shit. Moran.

93dcc2 () No. 7224997

Watch the water.

99e133 () No. 7224998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

487956 () No. 7225000

They want you too Nancy.

eb8064 () No. 7225002


Holy crap. I just learned ab that earlier tonight, not from SB2,tho.

Hive Mind, Hive Mind.


9f61e3 () No. 7225003



0a0a50 () No. 7225005

Best part of my day……Popcorn anyone?

d9d6e5 () No. 7225006


Tanks Bakes

b3a1f2 () No. 7225007

a28f9c () No. 7225010

The jews nazis are taking over through tech

and the sperging here goes through the roof

even George is choking on his words trying to defend them!

And shame on George for being a (((bitch))).

Better pay attention fags.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dcf806 () No. 7225011

Judge Janine has the face for radio… and the voice for print.

031794 () No. 7225012


>God damn, god damn

Something I can help you with?

38d492 () No. 7225013

repostan from the verrry end of the last bread (board is laggy af)

>>7224207 (pb)

>Mention of SHEEP as connected to Comey. That's what his twat felt like tonight…a call to the "little people," the "sheep," who the cabal perceives to be livestock.

Concur. On one level (surface) for the public, his message plays to the herd mentality (especially of leftists) - you are a racist if you vote for Bad Orange Man. You don't want to bad awful person, do you?

On the other level - as message from one conspirator to others, one side of a ring to another…

My translation of JC tweet:

Millions of 2016 Trump voters are not racists.[PUBLIC IS WAKING UP TOO MUCH] Now those Americans need the strength of character [DO NOT LET US DOWN] to resolve they will not again vote [CALLING FOR VOTE FRAUD] for someone who clearly is.[POTUS IS NOT GOING TO DROP THIS] It’s not about judges [NEW JUDGES WILL NOT COVER FOR US, IF WE ARE CHARGED WITH CRIMES] or taxes. It’s about who we are as a nation.[WE ARE ALL IN SERIOUS LEGAL JEOPARDY - DOJ JUST RE-INSTITUTED DEATH PENALTY]

0e3368 () No. 7225015


that is NLP language for "go hit your dab and calm the fuck down" isnt it? :D

7967d8 () No. 7225016

Princess Di was Illuminati

She was not a white hat in this overall narrative.

0ecc3c () No. 7225018

>>7224902 lb

It will happen sooner or later, thank God.

>Re-read crumbs re: slave grip the D's have on the black pop.

>The network which controls this false narrative which in turns keeps the black pop under control is being dismantled.

421ab3 () No. 7225019

>>7224340 LB

I truly believe Q started over at Voat first. Some of the posts that would be posted I knew were someone dropping serious info. I would research things that were dropped. You know that feeling you get when you know in your gut it is the real deal drop. Some day, maybe Q will tell us everything. What story that will be.

b752a4 () No. 7225021

Pic 2 Fort Napean, Melbourne, Aus. Google Earth shadow?

286126 () No. 7225025

99e133 () No. 7225022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c457f () No. 7225024

Farms produce livestock

defn of livestock

Farm animals regarded as an asset.


644ac8 () No. 7225026


How do I catch up?

1f0b11 () No. 7225027

c55b69 () No. 7225028

If your good I'll anon for awhile

then check out



e75d0f () No. 7225029


I don't know!

587112 () No. 7225031

Speaking of rats…Tom Arnold appears again….Comey code response from him? They talking Dolla Dolla Bills?

5b76a0 () No. 7225032


Dude you need some sun, you can't train behind a keyboard. Ride your bike over here let me teach ya

93dcc2 () No. 7225033


Who's SB2?

Stealth Bomber…?

614f52 () No. 7225035


She's awesome, you SUCK

00bfa6 () No. 7225038

8c8b65 () No. 7225039

Paint a picture like that dude who cut off an ear.

add320 () No. 7225037

Proverbs 27:19

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

38d492 () No. 7225040


nicely done

9b2370 () No. 7225041

Remember when POTUS criticized No-Name and Lewis?

People said he would go down for that.

d9d6e5 () No. 7225042

136bdb () No. 7225043

ba9d83 () No. 7225044

Even goog knows the left can't meme.

Try it yourself…

8c457f () No. 7225045


C_A farms produces assets, also known as livestock

58ed93 () No. 7225047

42 + Corn = PopCorn

Get Ready Anons…..

a6d459 () No. 7225048

ead9a2 () No. 7225049


trick question

dcf806 () No. 7225050


Whatever you say POTUS. I'll never understand what you see in her?

031794 () No. 7225051

8829ad () No. 7225053

17a079 () No. 7225055


thanks, but we're good

edd51c () No. 7225057

c2790d () No. 7225058


TY Baker

6ce41c () No. 7225060

9f61e3 () No. 7225062

Enough said

d9d6e5 () No. 7225063


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a561a () No. 7225064


Cool Bro! that is why it is now legal to grow hemp!

d322f7 () No. 7225066


Why do you suppose those faggots always cover their faces? Reminds me of KKK.

10ee2b () No. 7225070


Now we got Provocateurs.

Who have the look of shooter patsies.

Wierd FBI , couldn't you pick something less like the guys you obviously frame.

I wonder who put these soy boys up for this?

I bet they were double-dared.

GOOGLE some shit, soy-boy.

Don't let them frame you.

The money and flattery isn't worth it; it won't last

Soy-boy needs to study something beside Marx?

i wonder if it's a coincidence they all show up right as they are being declared terrorists

Interesting timing.

6bfbd7 () No. 7225071

That’ll do


10ee2b () No. 7225073


pb. sorry

27d24d () No. 7225074


thinking serial brain retard

644ac8 () No. 7225075


Because they know we'll track down their identities and link them to cops/politicians/celebs/wealth

99e133 () No. 7225076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3e918 () No. 7225078

>>7224825 (lb)

Yes the source is the problem, so why blame icke? He’s been telling us about the pedo problem for ages.

I blame the gobment.. ya know, the guise gatekeeping the truth..

d9d6e5 () No. 7225080

c55b69 () No. 7225082

409472 () No. 7225081

Several USN and a USCG cutter off San Diego tonight

c1de19 () No. 7225083



This is all I have in the way of countermeasures.

7c6b2c () No. 7225084

Qposts overloaded?

a62e48 () No. 7225085


Aww yeahh, 95% corporate hemp.

9f5dae () No. 7225088


Getting closer to mapping out names in q post, it is copy pasta on bottom. Right now have the purple blocks and input if something is wrong.

large graphic

1f0b11 () No. 7225087


Love DAC

5b76a0 () No. 7225089


scary looking guys

718bb6 () No. 7225090


Remove the blank space from your Email field.



8eafec () No. 7225091


33.3 likes? Kek. Totally buy that!

add320 () No. 7225093

Does declaring Antifa a terrorist organization allow Federal prosecution of old documented crimes where the corrupt city let them off?

6bfbd7 () No. 7225094


Kek thought I was the only nigga that noticed that.

They aren’t anon.

edd51c () No. 7225096


Well, you have to know these things when you're a king you know.

286126 () No. 7225097

VOAT is currently down;

PedoGate thread linked: https://archive.fo/ArZdi

>EPSTEIN, Nicole Junkermann, the Red Cross and the VATICAN connections

researched connections

VOAT down message

>Voat is being attacked and our poor little goats are exhausted

>You can take down a site with your botnet and unlimited money, but you won't win in your fight against truth. You know you've already lost.

>For everyone that isn't familiar with Voat, Voat is a Free Speech website, and a lot of powerful people don't like some of the things the goats discuss.

>This seems to have made someone mad: https://archive.fo/ArZdi (Archive Link)

2752d7 () No. 7225099


dubs o truth, this is excellent!

1f0b11 () No. 7225100

The farm produces pigs

9f61e3 () No. 7225101


Thank you baker!!

2b8fdc () No. 7225104


at :28.

Q28 is a drop on clowns and ANTIFA.

>They can’t help themselves, they are totally lost, they are Clowns!

>Hahahaha, Trump has had MI infiltrate Antifa and all the dissenting local govts.

cb4087 () No. 7225106

"When a man has so lived that he can understand this wonderful problem, the great eye or center of consciousness is enabled to see out through the clean glass of a purified body. The mysteries of true Masonry, long concealed from the profane, are then understood; and the new master, donning his robes of blue and gold, follows in the footsteps of the immortals who are climbing, step by step, the ladder leading upward to the seven stars. Far above, the Ark - the source of life - floats over the waters of oblivion on high, and sends its messages down to the lower man through the cable tow. When this point is reached, the door in the "G" is closed forever, for the dot has returned to the circle; the threefold spirit and the threefold body are linked together in the eternal seal of Solomon. Then does the cornerstone which the builder rejected become again the head of the corner, and man the capstone long missing from the universal temple is again in place."

171ddb () No. 7225108


nice digits

8a9d40 () No. 7225109


What's a normal night?

4b46ac () No. 7225110

>>7224876 lb

The Pentagon has seen to it that I know more than you, as it has been said.

The sum of the parts may seem greater than the whole, but when some people speak, we are speaking to your knowledge - or lack of it. The more you know, the greater the whole of the statement becomes.

Generally, while I recognize this board and its members as invaluable - this is not necessarily for the reason many think. One should immediately ask the question why it is so many people launched into an attack against a healthy and passionate relationship between men and women.

One should ask who benefits from the animalistic power struggle between men and women in our society, and why it is so much effort has been invested into galvanizing men and women against each other - to expect the worst from each other.

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. A culture lives and dies by its families - its blood.

ead9a2 () No. 7225112


indeed i do…kek

1a561a () No. 7225115



4814d5 () No. 7225117

Death penalty reinstated in the Philippines?!

Duterte To Put $400,000 Bounty On 'Head' Of Cop-Killing Insurgency Leader

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has posted a bounty for the literal head

of a communist insurgent leader behind the killings of four police officers in

central Philippines, according to SCMP.

"Still not satisfied with the blood of their prey, the terrorists also looted the dead of

their firearms, valuables and personal belongings, and drove off with the victims’

motorcycle," reads a statement by the Philippine police.

In response, Duterte on Thursday offered three million pesos ($59,000 US) to whoever

could bring him the "head" of NPA's leader - up from one million pesos earlier, for

what he said was an Islamic State group-style killing.

"They were burned like (by) ISIS that’s why I got mad," said Duterte in a speech.

Duterte - who said he only wants the "head" and not the body of the leader - said he

intended to increase the bouty to 20 million pesos ($392,000 US)

While giving his State of the Nation address on Monday, Duterte - whose approval ratings

are sky-high, urged action on his zero-tolerance stance on crime.

"I respectfully request congress to reinstate the death penalty for heinous crimes

related to drugs as well as plunder," he said - drawing condemnation from the likes

of Amnesty International.


6ce41c () No. 7225118


One dimensional thinkers who have to be told what to think- hard to layer meaning into art if you're brain is twiddled

5a2d76 () No. 7225120


Because if you saw their faces you'd laugh your ass off

b3a1f2 () No. 7225122

lmao can someone please photoshop Trump’s face over the kid’s face in the ones with Jesus

ba9d83 () No. 7225121


says dub dubs of truth…kek

99e133 () No. 7225125

Like a herd of buffalo in panties

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f61e3 () No. 7225126

0e3368 () No. 7225128


indeed my bro from another ho, indeed it was.

Now what?

Back to work?

How many (yous) someone need to retire? :D

d9d6e5 () No. 7225129


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fba5b8 () No. 7225130


Really hard to dislike this guy.

5be496 () No. 7225132


5b76a0 () No. 7225133


George is a drunk enuff said

0a0a50 () No. 7225135


SB2 (by) and we know

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b3a1f2 () No. 7225138

17 = Q

27d24d () No. 7225136



its also because its a move by the cabal to take away more rights. they do this while being extremely violent and will cause the masses to demand to make it illegal.

now when real patriots would need to rise up against the government its illegal to hide your identity.

617849 () No. 7225137

More than worth reading!

Bill Clinton pardon controversy

pay attention to the names! Look at the crimes! Sessions saves the Clintons again, & again, & again.


Why was Sessions REALLY fired by Clinton??


So, Clinton fires (or frames) all the goodies, and releases all the baddies (drug cartels, sex traffickers, pedos, dark money fags, and foreign agents).

Now why would he do something crazy like that? (Yeah, that's sarcasm)


Good news though, Clinton screwed over the WRONG people.

6ce41c () No. 7225140


Hiding from their mommies- remember that black kid who got chased down by mom and got his ass whopped out in public when he was out looting?

a19428 () No. 7225141

Today In I'm Rubber You're Glue

30d1cf () No. 7225143


Howdy, is me you're looking for

ac675c () No. 7225144


The f'ing corn shills.

They are starting to infiltrate.


4cb995 () No. 7225146


He is a badass. And he fucking hates communists.

1dd411 () No. 7225147

0e3368 () No. 7225148


no wait… i remember we were mad about something and i was about to…….. fuck it boobies!!!!

e1ad8f () No. 7225149

>>7224902 pb


Much ==this==.

1f0b11 () No. 7225150


It's time to stop posting fren…

These memes are gay af.

d9d6e5 () No. 7225151

796a4b () No. 7225153

e1ad8f () No. 7225154

3dda07 () No. 7225156

>>7224898 (pb)

>They fell into this level of manifestation

It's been my belief that their evil deeds are what caused them to fall into the underworld where they now exist, and that they come "up" to where we are, possibly trying to escape the dark dimension they are stuck in, where the total potentiality of consciousness is greatly reduced. But as far as I understand it, that's a one-way trip, and you can only escape from there with the help of extremely learned ascended beings, who are working their way through an extremely, unfathomably large back-log of fallen beings, healing them as they have time to. It is said that people killed by nuclear weapons, supernovae, and black holes are spiritually damaged and require attention from these beings to recover the connection to their higher selves and basically cannot incarnate properly until they get help. :(

>>7224942 (pb)

>they want to be part of the movie

>greatest show in the universe

>and we are in it

Under certain types of meditation (midway between delta and theta brain waves) or during certain types of drug use (psylocybin, DMT), you may perceive extremely large numbers of disembodied observers occupying our reality. Depending on your beliefs and experiences in life, they may appear as one or more floating eyeballs, sprites, wisp-like beings, birds, insects, geometric patterns, or other appropriate aliases, though in fact they have no form whatsoever. Through introspection, rumination, and study of these entities, I've come to realize these observers come here because our reality is of extreme interest from an objective standpoint, compared to just about all other realities one can access. They are here only to watch. This differentiates them from parasitic entities like the anunnaki, who steal life-energy, modify events, and cause harm to sentient beings and even some animals. It's possible that our struggle against these beings is part of what makes this movie so interesting to so many observers.

38d492 () No. 7225157



0a0a50 () No. 7225159


Black Goo

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

25a3b8 () No. 7225161

Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan: New Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow for 450 Miles of New Border Wall

Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday to discuss Friday’s Supreme Court decision that allows US President Donald Trump to use Pentagon funds to build the US border wall with Mexico.

Mark Morgan: Right now we’ve completed 52 new miles of wall along the southwest border strategic locations. And by 2020 we’re going to have about 205 miles of wall completed. But with this new ruling and if we’re able to get all of the DOD funding that’s available we’re going to be able to build about 450 miles of new wall. And right now judge, we’ve been building about a mile of wall every week since May.


d18e00 () No. 7225162

644ac8 () No. 7225163


Yeah I'm not thrilled with Trump's tweet about labeling Antifa a terrorist organization in order to allow cops to do their jobs. The cops are willfully not doing shit about Antifa.

d322f7 () No. 7225165


I'm thinking they know Bernadette Dorne and her pussy husband pretty.

99e133 () No. 7225166

I love Russian bitches

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

add320 () No. 7225167


Were these guns headed for Antifa?


b3a1f2 () No. 7225169

11b693 () No. 7225170


It will allow for RICO charges to be levied.

5cadfe () No. 7225171


KEK <—— this one.














I love our Shitposter-in-Chief!

c1de19 () No. 7225172


Duterte is the man.

617849 () No. 7225174

More than worth reading!

Bill Clinton pardon controversy

pay attention to the names! Look at the crimes! Comey saves the Clintons again, & again, & again!


Why was Sessions REALLY fired by Clinton??


So, Clinton fires (or frames) all the goodies, and releases all the baddies (drug cartels, sex traffickers, pedos, dark money fags, and foreign agents).

Now why would he do something crazy like that? (Yeah, that's sarcasm)

Good news though, Clinton screwed over the WRONG people.

1f0b11 () No. 7225175


Jesus is black..

And I'm white.

a19428 () No. 7225176

644ac8 () No. 7225177


Masonic handshake at 1:15

aafeea () No. 7225179

DK is a book publishing company

DK Inc. began publishing in the United States in 1991. That same year, Microsoft bought a 26 percent stake in DK.

In 1999 they were bought by Penguin.

In 2017 Obama made a record setting book deal with Penguin Random House.



that was acquired by Penguin Random House

c2790d () No. 7225180


If you could go ahead and fuck off that would be great.

6ce41c () No. 7225181

c55b69 () No. 7225182

0e3368 () No. 7225184

5cadfe () No. 7225185


Build your enemy a golden bridge for them to retreat across.

fba5b8 () No. 7225188


Seems like the Storm is habbening in the Philippines.

Need more here.

b3a1f2 () No. 7225189


die, muzzie commie scum!

d322f7 () No. 7225191


What is your point?

ead9a2 () No. 7225192


you can say fucking, fren

3dda07 () No. 7225193


>Yes the source is the problem, so why blame icke? He’s been telling us about the pedo problem for ages.

>I blame the gobment.. ya know, the guise gatekeeping the truth..

Okay, you're right, Icke has done some good in the world, but I have a personal reason why his bigotry against "reptilians" is extra-annoying and offensive. And the fact that he does it for money–and continues doing it despite that I've provided him proof that his claims are inaccurate MANY times–makes me really livid with him. He's to the spiritual research community what Paytriots are to the QResearch community; he doesn't care if he gets it right, as long as what he gets brings in revenue.

e9aef0 () No. 7225194

11b693 () No. 7225195

5fe9a0 () No. 7225196


You missed the meeting, man.

93dcc2 () No. 7225197

e3b4fe () No. 7225199



ace161 () No. 7225200

6ce41c () No. 7225201

9b2370 () No. 7225203


I’d like to see 1970s Jesus bowling with children.

d9d6e5 () No. 7225204

5cadfe () No. 7225205


That time stamp tho

60c5a4 () No. 7225206

031794 () No. 7225207


>Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan: New Supreme Court Ruling Will Allow for 450 Miles of New Border Wall

Get in, faggots. We're going to see the new wall.

9f845a () No. 7225208

0dd782 () No. 7225209

617849 () No. 7225210


Ignore this one. Typo.

re-posted with corrections.


cb4087 () No. 7225211

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8829ad () No. 7225214

b3a1f2 () No. 7225215

0e3368 () No. 7225216


hey that cool baker from before was using these alot alot :D

Hi :D

edd51c () No. 7225217


>That time stamp tho

not bad, but >>7224987

70ddfa () No. 7225219

Road workers in California going rogue!


1f0b11 () No. 7225220

c1f4f3 () No. 7225223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

409472 () No. 7225225


I'm gonna go with no carrier battle group running around in the OPAREA

8829ad () No. 7225226

0a0a50 () No. 7225227


So what are we to make of this content. Give me some context. is the vid false information. Is it truth w/ fiction? Why was it in SB2 decode?

e6585f () No. 7225229


oh look honey, The Hot Topic mafia!

5fb82b () No. 7225231

e9aef0 () No. 7225232


2 shots

6ce41c () No. 7225234

d9d6e5 () No. 7225235



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b6902 () No. 7225236

⬢ 2 ⬡

2752d7 () No. 7225237


coral, contain and put PEOPLE to sleep, while 'fighting' the injustice.

1a561a () No. 7225238


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f61e3 () No. 7225240


So there is some info out there regarding Meldek.. a planet that was already transitioned to 5D that fell into some disaster .. and the remnants of this fall and collision is the story of Marduk fighting Tiamat and creating the asteroid belt.. some fell into 3D and some remain in 5D.. this is why the use incarnation rituals to bring into a ready vessel the 5D entity.

I have only looked at this a bit.. but it is something to file away. I’ll try to post some sauce in a moment.

0e3368 () No. 7225243


indeed… hear hear!

644ac8 () No. 7225241


I thought SB2 was a known shill since last summer.

c1f4f3 () No. 7225242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

45f245 () No. 7225246


fe9a67 () No. 7225245


d2cda4 () No. 7225248

I love Russian bitches

And tehy Bewbs

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b3a1f2 () No. 7225251

d71648 () No. 7225249

Anqueefa going down

4cb995 () No. 7225252


What a second. So Duterte is allowing/ paying people to hunt down and kill communists? Fuck yeah!!!! Where do we sign up?

e1ad8f () No. 7225254



That has got to be the most beautiful god damned thing I have ever seen.

Roman Helmet those cock knocker, sir!

4eec4c () No. 7225258

I didn't talk to one human today.

310e4d () No. 7225257


It will never get old. could watch it all night.

9b2370 () No. 7225259


Or creepy ol’ Willie, the real threat to immigrant children.

031794 () No. 7225260



171ddb () No. 7225263

ee5fe8 () No. 7225264


And have a comfy night shift!

You are doing God's work!

And the world smiles upon you, heroes!

d50f61 () No. 7225265


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

644ac8 () No. 7225266


To feed despair into the minds of lost researchers I guess.

ace161 () No. 7225268

0a0a50 () No. 7225271


So were going on your thought? Any sauce on that? I honestly don't know what to think. Deeper we get …. the more unbelievable it becomes.

9f61e3 () No. 7225273


SB2 gets some things right.. just like all of us.

Somethings he stretches for.. self-fulfilling decodes.

All in all not a schill.. just another researcher trying to put it together with what he knows

8829ad () No. 7225274


Hi-Q meme. saved to build on…

e1387f () No. 7225275

>>7221927 (pb)

Taking out the puppets.

Then ensnare the puppet masters

42bdf9 () No. 7225278


He's killed children, a POS should be executed.

00bfa6 () No. 7225280


I’m no dummy, that’s one of those dead fakes.

1f0b11 () No. 7225282


These kikes didn't even read the Talmud, they just figured it was cool to suck an infant penis, cause you know. that kinda shit is important to God

b3a1f2 () No. 7225284

lmao these trending topics

f2a1e1 () No. 7225286


I've been watching you guys chit-chat for a coupla days


our thanks

8c457f () No. 7225287


Millions of 2016 Trump voters are not racists. Now those Americans need the strength of character to resolve they will not again vote for someone who clearly is. It’s not about judges or taxes. It’s about who we are as a nation.

rewritten below

Millions of 2016 Trump voters are not racists. Now those Americans who voted for him need the strength of character to resolve they will vote for him (trump) again, and will not abandon ship again like they did in 2018 and vote for someone, like any of the democrats running, who clearly is. It’s not about judges or taxes. It’s about who we are as a nation. Reelect trump.

4814d5 () No. 7225288


Man charged with 64 felony counts after 1,000 guns seized at Bel-Air mansion

Investigators inspect a large cache of weapons seized at a Bel-Air home in May.


By Alexa DíazStaff Writer

July 16, 2019

A 58-year-old man with ties to the Getty family has been charged with 64 felony counts after police seized more than 1,000 guns from his Bel-Air home in May, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Monday.

Girard Damian Saenz is charged with 23 counts of possession of an assault weapon, 17 counts of the transfer of a handgun with no licensed firearms dealer, 15 counts of unlawful assault weapon activity, seven counts of possession of a short-barreled rifle or shotgun and two counts of possession of a destructive device.

Saenz, who was arrested in May after officials received a tip about a person illegally manufacturing and selling guns in a home in the 100 block of North Beverly Glen Boulevard, pleaded not guilty Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.


6ce41c () No. 7225289

11b693 () No. 7225290


You may be fortunate in some ways.

0e3368 () No. 7225291


fuck have you ever listened to the wise CT sage fritz uhm ugh ugh springmeier? :D

Muh Guru's! tippy top! :D

1c306c () No. 7225292

We are entering a new phase annons

The light of truth is shinning down upon us

Revealing the evils that have been hiding in the darkness for far too long

Be strong annons

One stick can easily be broken in half

But a faggot is strong even unbendable



45f245 () No. 7225294


5b76a0 () No. 7225297

bdba6c () No. 7225296


"Christian privilege?" These people need to be committed.

9b2370 () No. 7225299


Glad to be of service!

1f0b11 () No. 7225298


I think the rainbow died hair shit is a pedo symbol

2b8fdc () No. 7225300

Since many breads clown BO is refusing to archive the info of the "make it rain" bread for masonry and illuminati digs.

obviously this is relevant.

now a clown is filling this bread to make it dissappear (84 times same post of same ID so far).

i suggest you archive the info before it´s gone:

>>6072287 make it rain bread

>>6072287 make it rain bread

>>6072287 make it rain bread

a28f9c () No. 7225301


Q keeping the Quislings stupid, doing a good job.

0e3368 () No. 7225302


dying hair is stanic…

00bfa6 () No. 7225304

3d7d08 () No. 7225303


Webb always strikes me as being in a constant state of mania.

Talking in, what seems to us mere mortals, as riddles, constant changing of subject, apparent reluctant to discuss a subject in detail

713dd1 () No. 7225305

Someone take away his phone. He has failed as a President and he is blaming everyone, but his incompetent self. He is in the most powerful position in the *world* and yet he has no policy agenda for the people.

A hate agenda doesn't count.🤦🏽‍♀️ #ShushTrump


They want to take away his phone, get him off twitter…

No thank you, we like our amendments.

d322f7 () No. 7225306


Stop. It's just an attention seeking tool.

57ed8f () No. 7225307

Anonymous ID: cS8cMPVQ No.148032210 📁

Nov 5 2017 02:06:00 (EST)

Anonymous ID: yY946/MZ No.148031978 📁

Nov 5 2017 02:03:40 (EST)


Is HRC just a puppet and the goal is to take down her minders and the real kingpins?



HRC was a puppet but her strings were recently cut.

She's now on her own and fighting for her life.


cb4087 () No. 7225308

Ὅτι σοῦ ἐστιν ἡ βασιλεία καὶ ἡ δύναμις καὶ ἡ δόξα εις τοὺς αἰῶνας. ἀμήν.

e3b4fe () No. 7225309

a19428 () No. 7225311

45f245 () No. 7225310


Not sure. Just found it interesting timing since the Disney connection was brought to our attention.

dd8b68 () No. 7225312

Robert Wison Art Center in Water Mill New York aka The Watermill Center

The center is a "laboratory for performance". Their annual benefit gala is a who's who of the weird shit crowd.


The well known "spirit cooking" image of Gaga was taken at this gala. In the woods. Do image search. Lots there. They seem to have some kind of "summer camp" for kids.

b5dd8b () No. 7225313

409472 () No. 7225314

PI (the pizza boat) still at Great St. James along with sailing vessels MARI ANN, AMAZING GRACE, ONE LIFE, and EDDIES IN TIME

17a079 () No. 7225315


>It will never get old

yeah, like this one Diane Feinstein - The Face Tells The Story After FBI Kavanaugh Report 10/4/18

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d50f61 () No. 7225316


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df978b () No. 7225317

Reading some of the ignorant responses to Trump tweets makes my stomach turn.

So glad I can come here and read things written by people of sound reasoning.

c2790d () No. 7225318


That's some fucked up shit you cons peddle.

ace161 () No. 7225319

1dd411 () No. 7225320


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>>7223113 ————————————–——– POTUS declaring ANTIFA a Major Organization of Terror (Cap: >>7223139)

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No, it's a signal to other pedo fags that they are part of that group…

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Use HTTrack to copy sites.


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I love Russian bitches

And tehy Bewbs 👐🏻

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Kek, you must have excellent filters.

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thats what I am going to do to you when i find you… :D

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The information has merit if we just take the basics of what we understand from Tesla's work and Quantum physics. Dispare…hmmm not really, its kinda exciting when you think about the possibilities. Just my 00.2$

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To snorkel off an island is not necessarily a sign of collusion or some other nefarious stuff.

Stop messing with Mickey and Minnie.

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…uhh… you've got some catching up to do anon.

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Twitter is a huge waste of time…..better off without it

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The dems failed

Mueller failed

The dems have no policys or positions

They have done nothing but Attack POTUS

All the dems have is an agenda of hate.

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There is actually a Boxer with the name Areola? really?

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I love Russian bitches

And tehy Bewbs 👐🏻

And dat fine Korean goat ass

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You got sauce?

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Related? I could believe it.

8 dead, dozens injured after earthquakes strike northern Philippines

By Jessica Campisi - 07/27/19 07:22 AM EDT

At least eight people are dead and 60 others were injured after two earthquakes struck the northern Philippines early Saturday morning.

The 5.4 and 5.9 magnitude quakes struck a group of islands in the Luzon Strait while many of the islands' residents were still asleep, The Associated Press reported. Several aftershocks also shook the region.

A third, 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the sea west of Batanes, another province in the Philippines, later Saturday, according to the AP.

Photos and videos posted to Twitter show houses and buildings devastated by the quakes. According to the AP, the islands' ancestral houses were also damaged in the shaking.


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Yay, it's Fist Day

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anon, could you archive it and post a link to the archive maybe?

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good song anon.

it's a family tradition

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Fort Glanville, Port Adelaide, Aus.

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I'm sure it is nothing but the [ 93 dk] made me think of this:


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Good documentary: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1112115/plotsummary

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Do one with Gina Haspel, that'd be cool

If I was her, I'd hang it over my fireplace

So cool

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Fuck off. Your two cents is that it's possible the chemtrails are being used to fight a fungus?

Seems all too clear to me that they're strictly for weather manipulation.

Paranoia of a fungus disease contagion seems like masonic fear propaganda.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Trump, at end of vid, "they had nothing and now they have less than nothing."


I think Nader's face would go well on the image of guy smoking cig (robert downey jr):

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Anything with the time delta on the repeat Nadler piano video? Shit is GOLD!

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"The president, to his eternal regret, chose Louis J. Freeh as the new director. A former FBI agent who had joined the Bureau in 1975, a year after Nixon's resignation, Freeh had been a prosecutor and a federal judge in the Southern District of New York. But as Clinton would soon learn, Freeh did not see the president as his boss's boss; he viewed him as a subject of criminal investigations. After Freeh was sworn in, on September 1, 1993, he turned in his White House pass. He spoke with Clinton no more than six times over the seven-plus years he spent in office. John Podesta, Bill Clinton's longtime aide—and Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager—said that the president always referred to his FBI director as "fucking Freeh." Freeh himself wrote in a memoir that Clinton "came to believe that I was trying to undo his presidency." But a president under investigation by the FBI could not, as a matter of politics, fire its director.

Freeh's assault on Clinton started with Whitewater, a labyrinth of innuendo suggesting that Bill and Hillary had been bought off by crooks and swindlers in shady dealings that went back to the beginning of Bill's career in Arkansas. The investigation went on until the end of Clinton's presidency, spawned a special committee in the Senate, and led to the appointment of an independent counsel in 1994. While Whitewater resulted in convictions against several power brokers with roots in Little Rock, it never directly implicated the Clintons in political corruption. Bill Clinton said that the whole investigation was a sham.

But by the time Clinton was sworn in for his second term, in 1997, the president and the FBI were in open war. Freeh and his agents had been investigating the Clintons to no avail, probing for something, anything, to prosecute. Four years and more than $30 million produced nothing of significance until a twenty-four-year-old former White House intern named Monica Lewinsky was interrogated by the FBI."

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Watch CA

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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So, we haven't figured out what the 4 letter word before 93 and the 10 letter word after it is…

If 93 = IC (Intelligence community) what are the possibilities?

4 letter words




Intelligence Community

10 letter word













Maybe has to do with the money laundering book deals? like >>7225179

What are some possibilities?

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Nothing to see here.

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I didn't think so. Which makes it your opinion.

Did you know crazy hair dying was very popular among the early punk music fans? And spikey hair and pierced everything?

Did you know that most of them grew out of it?

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Something else notable in this!

What is No Such Agency - Q group?


NSA - Q group?

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another ip just so you could use that meeme again? :D

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2 i know of

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You mad huh

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Not 4 and 10.

5 and 11.

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>Seems all too clear to me that they're strictly for weather manipulation.

well, this anon has been investigating "chemtrails" since 1999. it's way more than one thing. some early info on the weather piece, but there's more uses and purposes Patently Obvious

A Partial History of Aerosol and Weather Related Technologies http://seektress.com/patlist.htm

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Antifa and Baltimore in the news. An anon last bread was dropping these docs. Very interesting article from 2018. Soros and his spawn need to be dealt with.


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connection problems


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How do you make corn grow big and strong? Feed it with bull shit.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Blacks do not do well on twatter - dudes can have thousands of followers and be regularly twatting MSM tp's - and they get NO engagement consistently. Many such cases.

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I never made that assumption. As stated that I just found the timing to be interesting. Working with Disney for 30 plus years and death occurs shortly after the Disney connection.

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no such agency / doesnt exist

q group



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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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right now, most posts are shill bs.

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[5spaces 93 11spaces dk]

so including a space after each word,

the first would be a 4-letter word, and the last would be a 10-letter word

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israel dont have the best internet huh? :D

fuck it!

I win internets!

I kill me!


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>That's some fucked up shit you cons peddle.

Try the drugs and report back on what you see.

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Any chance you're free to babysit in the St. Louis area??

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Voat is back.

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if possible…seth or crying aoc…alphas were available last two days…wished i saved them…

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Nah - it's exquisite.

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Greg Brown - King Corn

(Iris DeMent is married to Brown)

She married singer-songwriter Greg Brown on November 21, 2002. They live in rural southeast Iowa with their daughter.[8]



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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you should’ve kept your mouth shut, Sam Heughan

at least Henry Cavill knows better than to comment on politics for the attention

you lost out on the job of a lifetime, Sam!

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>right now, most posts are shill bs.

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selling SNCTM for one million?

I must have missed class that day

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Jello Knows Best

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Charts like this will be very helpful, thanks.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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It is good to see God being put back into our country! "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"

Students in South Dakota will notice a new addition to their schools this fall thanks to a new state law. The law, which goes into effect this month, mandates that every public school in the state must display the national motto– “In God We Trust.”

Governor Kristi Noem signed the law on March 18th. It says that “The display shall be located in a prominent location within each school. The display may take the form of a mounted plaque, student artwork, or any other appropriate form as determined by the school principal. The display shall be easily readable and shall be no smaller than twelve inches wide by twelve inches high.” According to the Associated Press, the lawmakers who proposed the bill believed it would increase patriotism.


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>>7225005 Popcorn Blizzard - Good, Good Day (1968) - YouTube

Just a coincidence…


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Some one who is Incarnated is on Twatter saying:

93 = JC


Umm, If you here, 93=IC


Still follow you though!

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Nah, I don't filter.

I just ignore the noise.

Been here too long to let the shills bother me.

Just gotta look for the gold nuggets in the muck.

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Anyone notice the lyrics…kinda simple..


think Gorrilaz Know?

6e3f2c () No. 7225413


how do I lengthen my johnson and make it 4 th dimensional ?

38d492 () No. 7225414


Not a lot of active thinking going on right now - music, random shit…

Trying to use my thinking cap over here, and get some engagement/responses to make some progress → >>7225365

Maybe the right approach, may be way off base

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Not too dissimilar from the Mueller report.

ac675c () No. 7225416


Lead singer is the brother of Stevie Ray Vaughn

Sat on stage in Austin in the early 80s during a Fab T'birds show

If the cat wasn't a smack freak, he sure looked like it

Music was great though

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Q's last post, the filename of the photo is underlined in blue, as is the 8ch post that is being replied to.

What's this in reference to?

Has it been dug before?

Hope I copied the link right. First post on 8ch

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My apologies, anon.

Are you familiar with cruisemapping.com? I think that's the name.

You can look up any ship and find incident reports. I looked up all the Disney ships for sexual assaults. Found about 3-4. All were on-board and committed by staff.

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8829ad () No. 7225419

if you think I am dead, guess again…beat me all you want….it just does not happen.

617849 () No. 7225420


Bill was the 42nd president

80ae83 () No. 7225422

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If a monkey and a dog had a fight, who'd win?

1a561a () No. 7225424

Solid song! not too many people know Browns history.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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Right back at ya…asshole. Back up your bitchin. Do you even understand the basics of Quantum research and Frequency and vibration. If not then we have nothing to discuss. So go fuck yourself cunt.

0e3368 () No. 7225426


oh thats so funny! ching chang ching!

you peepee in muh coke! oh ho ho ho ho ho

27d24d () No. 7225427


getting out of the secret sex club business [it's too late]

5b76a0 () No. 7225428


Wasn't one of the 9-11 planes 93 or maybe it was a flight

a19428 () No. 7225429

b3a1f2 () No. 7225430

feb539 () No. 7225431


Not really that hard to figure out, fren.

17a079 () No. 7225432


>First post on 8ch

so, second post and forever thereafter, don't type anything in any of the 1st three reply fields

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Kyoto Animation Announces Relocation to Caribbean Island

March 29, 2019 - News - Tagged: Industry, ufotable

According to company spokesperson Akimoto Shigeru, Kyoto Animation has submitted paperwork to reincorporate its headquarters in the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. The studio, known for incredibly successful anime franchises such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, and Hibike! Euphonium, declined to give a reason for the sudden announcement, or why they were relocating to a jurisdiction with zero corporation or capital gains tax.

The financial workings of animation studios have become a popular topic for anime fans recently, with ufotable coming under investigation for tax evasion earlier this month. When pressed if Kyoto Animation’s upcoming move was related to the ufotable incident, Akimoto claimed that he had never heard of the company — or the Fate franchise.

The studio will officially change its name to “Cayman Islands Animation” and begin to work from the Caribbean location starting in April. Development of their upcoming anime 20 Seiki Denki Mokuroku will not be delayed.

As of press time, Crunchyroll forum users were engaged in a fiery debate over whether animation produced by a Japanese animation studio based in a corporate tax haven could truly be considered “anime”.

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2b8fdc () No. 7225435


you try to make this shill fest look like it´s researching autists helping Q?

fuck off, clown.

4814d5 () No. 7225436


Let The Mystery Be - Iris DeMent


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a19428 () No. 7225437

3d7d08 () No. 7225438


Thank God, indeed

I just wish they could realize the huge benefit that traditional family structure could be for them

Heck, for all of us

God laid it out there for us because He knew it was the best situation for us

Humans need a stable mom/pop family situation in order to mature into people who can ALSO provide a stable mom/pop family situations

It helps children, helps adults, benefits civilization as a whole

It's also better for people to live with one other person, for a sense of stability

Our heads do better that way

We create a good environment for our families that way, and that makes for happy, contented adults

(((Merchants))) and the Left have pushed everything but this onto us

Attacking everything about it, to destroy traditional family structure

It's the building block for successful civilizations

Women are already, and HAVE been for years, the real leaders of it all.

Who organizes every event in your family?

Um, it's the ladies

I love my gran and my noisy funny aunts, they're no beauties but they're always smiling

Everybody loves that they're the bosses

1dd411 () No. 7225439


all you fucking do is copy the link of your page

into a site like

that one or


level up instead of cry

9063f4 () No. 7225440

Peace is the prize

Does negative energy feed them?

Is this why we avoid war at all costs?

Is this why everything has to remain classified?

Consciousness shock to public would create negative energy/chaos which would give our enemy more power?

Is this the reason for the plan slowly waking the public up?

Not a shill. Serious questions if anyone has info

617849 () No. 7225441


1993 Copenhagen, DK?

27d24d () No. 7225442

3dda07 () No. 7225443


>Been here too long to let the shills bother me.

>Just gotta look for the gold nuggets in the muck.

The posts I used to filter now make me comfy. They're a sign that things are normal. Four bells and all's well!

When the shills, blackpilled idiots, boomer divisionfags, and wacked out targeted individuals all stop posting, I'll know that's time to bunker up and lock and load. Lol.

Pic unrelated (I'm sorry)

d9612b () No. 7225444



I'm a fish fry friday night kinda presbyterian who walks a different path

5a2d76 () No. 7225445


Chemtrails contain a lot of metals, we breath them in and eat them up when on crops, 5G works like a microwave, what happens to metal in a microwave? 5G was originally or so they thought to be controlled by bad people, (((their))) plan for our demise that will never happen. Not the only thing Chems do but part of it.

cb4087 () No. 7225446



9b2370 () No. 7225447


Those crackpots on Twitter are something! Nothing like us 8Chan Anons.

Now let’s start digging into whether or not Henry Kissinger is a lesbian.

(I kid because I love.)

4560d5 () No. 7225448


You had a delta1 to with POTUS and Q. Q posted about antifa declas. That was at 6:48.09 and POTUS tweeted at 6:50 about Cummings not taking care of his district!! Are they one of he same?

c59cd5 () No. 7225449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b8fdc () No. 7225450



171ddb () No. 7225451


>HERE and read things written by people of SOUND reasoning

Definitely glass half full anon. God bless you.

eca314 () No. 7225452

45f245 () No. 7225453


No worries.

ea75af () No. 7225454


9243 notable extension

8174f8 () No. 7225455


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8829ad () No. 7225456


That's right, son. 41 right next to me. 43 was doing lines in the parking lot…44 was getting coffee..

38d492 () No. 7225457


Welcome newfren. To quote a post, you have to have >> before the number (but no space) for it to link properly.

Q's post quotes a POTUS tweet about considering RICO (racketeering international criminal organization - or something like that). That allows the feds to go after those who are funding antifa, and also arrest their members, and charged them differently for violence they commit.

Also, don't fill out Name/Email fields in future posts, and also ignore fuckheads, don't bother replying, just ignore and scroll on.

57ed8f () No. 7225458


What was Comey doing in Denmark in 1993?

031794 () No. 7225459


>you try to make this shill fest look like it´s researching autists helping Q?

>fuck off, clown.

Why you bitching instead of helping?

add320 () No. 7225460

c59cd5 () No. 7225461

ae7f1b () No. 7225462


SB2 is effectively hijacking the Q movement. Q needs to explicitly denounce him before he does anymore damage.

7b35ef () No. 7225463


Thats an odd location for an anime studio.

Were they threatened with the fire?

d322f7 () No. 7225464



I was being facetious.

171ddb () No. 7225465


What has been seen …

c2790d () No. 7225466


You're all frauds.

5b76a0 () No. 7225467

7db5a9 () No. 7225468

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear 🔍🚀

(📸 by Airman 1st Class Dalton Williams)

#ICYMI the @45thSpaceWing, @SpaceX and @NASA successfully launched #CRS18 mission on the SpaceX Falcon 9.


10:00 AM - 27 Jul 2019

Think mirror

4814d5 () No. 7225469


Another spiraling deceased insect…

ab0a04 () No. 7225470

i wonder [who] is strategizing to harm him

>I can feel the spirits all around me

>I think Prince and Mike was tryna warn me

>They know I got demons all on me

>Devil been tryna make an army

>They been strategizin' to harm me

>They don't know they dealin' with a zombie

20d569 () No. 7225471

>>7224814 (pb)

0f09ac () No. 7225472


It was a tie.


Why does a vest have no sleeves?

If my head was made out of ground beef, how much would it cost?

add320 () No. 7225473


SB2: Delusions and retarded gematria.

2b8fdc () No. 7225474


Join Q! Join the plan!

Leave evil you were dragged into.

The time is now.



Imagine this, if a whole group of people knowingly connected to each other leave the cult simoultaneously, the DS can in no way kill or harm them all. No way. Killing a whole circle of friends, many people connected to each other living in the same city, would immeadiately wake up many folks. DS cannot and will not do this.

Also it should be clear to both sides by now that FULL CONTROL by Q and POTUS means FULL CONTROL.

Why do you think badguys only got FFs left?

Yes, bc they cannot harm innocents any more, they only got left "pawns" from inside the cult.

And the masters will soon call for many more to do the highest sacrifice. (= going to eternal hell)

Q said Anons and their families are safe. "Promise."

Join the anons.

Repent - be saved.

Anons and patriots around the world will pray and, with the help of almighty and eternal GOD, make sinners repent.

Parable of the lost sheep.

Luke 15:1-7

1 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” 3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

d130b2 () No. 7225475

3dda07 () No. 7225476

871017 () No. 7225477

10ee2b () No. 7225478


Swiegert is laughing at the spook "McDuff"

He's uncomfortable.

I'm thinking the bird of prey shown is a code.

12d452 () No. 7225479


Who harmed MJ

1f0b11 () No. 7225480

ea75af () No. 7225481



e1940d () No. 7225482


Copy that. Appreciate it… Will you look at that… Click your post number and it auto populates comment field. Much appreciated.

Longtime lurker… Voat being down ain't helping. Post a lot there and get good feedback… Again, appreciated

c59cd5 () No. 7225484







7db5a9 () No. 7225483


Pearl Jam- Reviewmirror SNL 1994 1080p HD Remastered

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

1a561a () No. 7225485

How about this one for a mind fuck. This song was actually a reply to the same faction that we are fighting today. Listen to the words.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

940879 () No. 7225486




Home Attorneys

DK Law Group is a full service civil litigation firm known for successfully resolving all types of civil matters by way of trial, litigation or mediation. Founding Senior Managing partner, David M. Karen has had exceptional results over his 35 years of practice as a trial attorney. He has resolved over 600 matters successfully as a trained mediator, taken over 30 trials to verdict, and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).

The attorneys at DK Law Group practice efficient, yet aggressive litigation, routinely handling complex business and multi-party matters in both State and Federal Courts. Our firm extends representation throughout the State of California, with significant “home town” experience with the local courts here in Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties.


Attorney: Travis R.M. Tillman

Attorneys Travis R.M. Tillman

Associate Attorney

Mr. Tillman handles a wide range of civil matters and legal disputes that include business and commercial litigation, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, negligence, product liability, property damage, inverse condemnation, and insurance subrogation claims, including auto, water, and fire losses. Prior to joining DK Law Group, LLP, Mr. Tillman efficiently litigated and successfully resolved numerous insurance subrogation cases for a nationally recognized property and casualty insurance carrier, assisting the carrier and its policyholders in recovering damages and deductibles totaling well over $2 million in less than two years.

Mr. Tillman is a native Californian with strong ties to the Pacific Northwest where he obtained his law degree. During law school, Mr. Tillman gained invaluable experience as a student associate in the Ronald A. Peterson Law Clinic, drafting wills and assessing legal matters for low income clients.

>>>Mr. Tillman also had the opportunity to work with Seattle University School of Law’s Films for Justice Institute in developing

Out of the Ashes:

9/11, a film that explores the legal, moral and ethical ramifications of the controversial September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.


21d617 () No. 7225487



ff24fc () No. 7225488

Has anybody tried to work out who Q is by cross referencing times Q has been in the presence of POTUS? Q has posted pics of Trump Tweeting, so should have time and day. White House visitor logs public? The times Q has posted pics on AF1. Flight logs public? Boarding/unboarding sometimes streamed. And any other times the 2 were seemingly together.

a19428 () No. 7225489

Boy Bombs Hit Italy: What's With Kids' Fucking Names Nowadays?

Two American teens arrested in fatal stabbing of police officer in Rome

The officer was killed Friday while investigating the theft of a backpack in Rome, police said.

Italian authorities identified the suspects as Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, 18, and Finnegan Lee Elder, 19, both fromMill Valley, California, an affluent suburb just north of San Francisco,The Associated Press reported. Authorities originally said both were 19.

Italian police said they found the duo in a hotel room Friday ready to flee the country. A knife of "considerable size" had been hidden in a panel of their room's ceiling. Police also said they found clothes they believe were worn during the crime.

Surveillance video and witness testimony led authorities to the two Americans, who police said confessed.


American tourists, 19, 'confess' to stabbing police officer to death in Italy after drug deal gone wrong

Two 19-year-old American tourists have confessed to fatally stabbing a paramilitary policeman who was investigating the theft of a bag with a cellphone, police in Italy have said.

In a statement, Carabinieri officers investigating the death on Friday of officer Mario Cerciello Rega, 35, said the American men were detained for alleged murder and attempted extortion after being questioned overnight.


17a079 () No. 7225490


>Chemtrails contain a lot of metals,

We have also found they contain desecated cancerous human blood cells….hardly for weather related projects one would think BIOLOGICAL COMPONENTS IDENTIFIED May 11 2000 by Clifford E Carnicom - https://www.carnicominstitute.org/articles/bio1.htm

4eec4c () No. 7225491

Yes. Thank you for calling.

3dda07 () No. 7225492


>You're all frauds.

You don't have to believe a word I say without proof. In fact, it's dangerous and stupid to do so. When and if it becomes appropriate for you to know, you won't have to take my word for anything. Shame on anyone trying to sell the "truth"

d322f7 () No. 7225493


The key word was most. Most does not mean all.

409472 () No. 7225494


Gonna be ok anon

662f20 () No. 7225495

ea75af () No. 7225496



00831e () No. 7225497

I'm sure it's already been stated but much like the Stealth Bomber going through a process (start up, lift off, wheels up, altitude reached etc.) so to do corn kernals have to become popcorn. Unless Q is saying that they are about to reap what they have sown. That's much better.

3b4cdc () No. 7225498

I believe the plan was "planned" kek, hundreds of years ago in the shadows

Q said "think mirror"

So if there's a clan of evil then there must be a clan of good

The time is now and POTUS and Q know this

The hunters are being hunted

The light of truth is shinning upon us annons bask

In its glory for freedom is at hand

Reach out to it for it guides us tru the darkness

Be blessed annons and keep fighting the good fight

7037a6 () No. 7225499

Scaled by the power of the dimension

line, area, cube, fractal pattern.

just mathfagging.

1f0b11 () No. 7225501

I'm sure some photoshop genius could shop Nadler into this image

10ee2b () No. 7225500


Sweigert is jealous of Assange.

And they are both Trump haters.

1dd411 () No. 7225502



>>7224981 New DJT -The Democrats are still doing the Russians dirty work as they continue to push the fake crime.

>>7225117 Duterte To Put $400,000 Bounty On 'Head' Of Cop-Killing Insurgency Leader

>>7225132, >>7225199 New DJT - Vid of Nads, Schit, and Pelosi

>>7225361 9243 notable extension (https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a51446/what-was-comey-thinking/)

call out any more notables

call out any new notables

graveyard bake next bread

going ghost and leaving it for the skeleton crew (or you if you wanna bake a slow bread)

1f6a49 () No. 7225503


Titties Notable

286126 () No. 7225504

[Comey] got Death penalty; treasonous.

He wrote a Dear Diary fiction and 'leaked it'///worked with spirit cooking friendly press(Whatever happened to Podesta Group?) in hope to pressure the SC picks

That is just 1 of over a dozen acts that warrant nothing less than Death Penalty; maybe even the only choose he gets is which method.

Justly Deserved

3eb381 () No. 7225505


Uhh..no, he's really not. Gematria isn't really a crowd pleaser. The one universal thing about gematria faggots is that they never show their work….it makes them look like they failed basic math.

065769 () No. 7225506


Don't forget the power of the Iowa caucuses!!! would we have corn ethanol and corn syrup in every food if it wasn't the first stop for nomination to the presidency?

4814d5 () No. 7225507

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10ee2b () No. 7225508


The way Nadler looks for real is good enough.

c59cd5 () No. 7225509

0e3368 () No. 7225510


still funny no? :D

not a jew nor a catholic?!?!!?

Let this one live guys! kek

38d492 () No.