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Saturday 07.27.2019

>>7223113 ————————————–——– POTUS declaring ANTIFA a Major Organization of Terror (Cap: >>7223139)

>>7222663 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7222699)

>>7222066 ————————————–——– Was the corn ripe for harvesting? [ 93 dk] (Cap: >>7222118)

>>7221927 ————————————–——– The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.

>>7221651 ————————————–——– How do you clean 'dirty' money? (Cap: >>7221676)

>>7216378 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7216391 vid)

>>7216170 ————————————–——– Farms produce ……… 5:5 (Cap: >>7216208)

>>7215917 ————————————–——– Enemy of the People (PF Patriot vs Traitor)

>>7215162 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Awakening

>>7215112 ————————————–——– How did someone die from this type of accident? (Cap: >>7215190, >>7215403 mp4 vid)

>>7215015 rt >>7214979 ————————— Loretta Fuddy death

>>7214842 ————————————–——– Q#1429 Loretta Fuddy

>>7214693 ————————————–——– Renegade Q#3325

>>7214430 ————————————–——– Is Russian a common language to learn? Stay awake (Cap: >>7214508 vid)

Friday 07.26.2019

>>7204985 rt >>7204972 ————————— Soloman on Hannity Radio

>>7204977 ————————————–——– DAN COATS OUT [FORCED] (SOON)

>>7204400 ————————————–——– Child voodoo rituals (Cap: >>7204449)

>>7203329 ————————————–——– Do you remember?(Cap: >>7203575)

>>7203268 ————————————–——– Coming to a theater near you (Cap: >>7203537)

>>7203211 ————————————–——– Maxwell/Epstein arrest (Cap: >>7203264)

>>7202101 ————————————–——– Puppets follow orders.(Cap: >>7202226, >>7202377)

Thursday 07.25.2019

Compilation here: >>7222205

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>>7230421 Planefag update

>>7230232 July 2018 (probably 2019) - the month the world discovered the TRUTH

>>7230203 CCTV cam shots compared with drone shots

>>7230155 anon speculates ((( Comey > Fuddy ))) ?

>>7230148 EU to Strip Five Countries of Some Market Access Rights, FT Says

>>7230130 During three recent tests in Alaska, the Arrow 3 intercepted ballistic missiles beyond the atmosphere at unprecedented altitudes and speeds

>>7230027, >>7230040 Junnkerman diggz

>>7229972 C O R N E Y found on Peace Corps Worldwide website

>>7229947, >>7230127, >>7230238, >>7230348, >>7230496 Jekyll Island diggz

>>7229927 Nunes: CIA has come clean but John Brennan remains a concern

>>7229925, >>7230000 Call to diggz! Bunkers

>>7229961 Dome diggz

>>7229938 @DOD_Ourtreach I feel the need, the need for speed

>>7230586 #9250


>>7229320, >>7229356 Plane faggotry

>>7229648 2018 Feds: Ex-Baltimore police officer admitted misconduct, expanding scope of Gun Trace Task Force corruption probe

>>7229415 DK publishers and 93

>>7229401, >>7229765 Steven Schrage CSIS !!, for the little bit of info we've got on Schrage >>/qrb/30969, >>/qrb/30970

>>7229374 Today is the 74th Anniversary of the Military B-25 that flew into the Empire State Bldg.

>>7229329, >>7229727 Devin Nunes on Maria Bartiromo: Who is Steven Schrage & what does he know?

>>7229222 A. BATES BUTLER diggz

>>7229191 anon speculates Corn ready for to be cut!

>>7229184 Mitchell twit

>>7229153 anon on PapaD was being set up by Israeli Intel (Mossad)

>>7229144 Epstein graphic

>>7229113, >>7229139 @USArmyReserve paralegal soldiers, prepare them to maintain law & order

>>7229095 Bartiromo n PapaD twit

>>7229093, >>7229149 Pearson/DK/RandomHouse dig

>>7229060 Startups and government agencies are researching ways to combat doctored images ahead of the 2020 election

>>7229782 #9249

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d68418 () No. 7230599


– what happened to Anonymous?

The answer to this should be obvious.

Anonymous had what 4chan now lacks

The power to wage vigilante hacks,

And publicize corruption where it rots,

And force truth into sleepy public thoughts.

Has Anonymous now disappeared?

Once legendary, now no longer feared?

Once sparking protests– is that fuel now spent?

The lulz are gone, gone the seething dissent?

What do you think this disappearance means?

Is speech still free in internet machines?

Well, look at what the chans have now become;

Examine what swirls in the daily scrum.

Ask yourself– does it seem really real?

Does it show what actual people feel?

Does it seem organic and not fake?

How much repetition does it take–

How much frenzied vile monotony

Until we guess that internets ain't free?

Ask yourself– if you sought to control

The media, and hence the public soul,

And something like 4chan was swelling up

And spilling truth from propaganda's cup

Would you let it go its merry way?

Or would you lock control down in some way?

And if you locked control down would you try

To do it in a way to fool the eye?

To make it seem like free speech carried on

Even though, in fact, it were quite gone?

For if you shut down free speech openly

The public would respond suspiciously;

But if you hid control beneath a ruse

What you once feared becomes a tool to use.

So that, controlling, you have it both ways–

Enslaving dissent, dictating what it says!

Anonymous was infiltrated by

The famously mendacious FBI

Whose antics as shown by COINTELPRO

Target dissent, as I'm sure most people know.

Do we think that having sunk its claws

Into Anonymous, with lies and laws,

That the FBI would then allow

Free speech to have stayed quite free till now?

But it's not like we have far to look

To see by what means free speech got the hook;

The image made by chans' mirrors and smoke

Is so stupid it seems to be a joke!

How laughable must a deception be

Before the world opens its eyes to see?

The simple fact– as stark as winter dawn–

Is that Anonymous, busted, now gone

Was replaced by swarms of– wait for it–

Virulent nazis spewing nazi shit!

We would have to laugh if we were told

This outcome in the 4chan days of old.

So formulaic, politically cliched–

And yet this very game is being played!

How can a joke as stupid as this one

Be used to strangle free speech, and to stun

The helpless mainstream public with the fear

That an internet fourth reich draws near?

But if that preposterousness is not

Enough to spark the understanding thought,

Consider, even stupider to tell,

The arch absurdity of the “incel”!

No, it's not enough that nazis rose

To cloak and choke the chans in nazi throes–

No, these scary nazis all the same

Must wallow in their helplessness and shame!

The “incel” is not just a defeated man–

But a powerful extremist with a plan!

No matter that these two things contradict–

We'll just keep hammering at them till they stick!

d68418 () No. 7230600


Now ask yourself– does the technology

Exist to make the unfree chans seem free?

Think data, think vault 7, and AI–

And God knows what else, hidden from the eye.

And look at the corruption that's been shown

That yet to public truth remains unknown.

Understand– the chans are herded tight

And nothing unpermitted sees the light,

The MSM and Chatbot Chans converge

To regulate how much truth can emerge.

When swarming nazi posts fill up the place

Then actual dissent can't get the space

To breathe, develop, organize, or live;

The chatbots force the nazi narrative.

But it's not just “incel nazi” swarms

Faking behind outward human forms–

The chatbots aim to keep all things in hand,

And narrative locked in to what's been planned.

One objective that's not hard to see

Is unrelenting negativity.

Demoralizing, soul-hollowing tropes,

Make one bot vicious, while another mopes;

Here's a bot whose will to live is gone,

While here a chorus eggs fatality on…

Bots promoting suicide to us–

Think about what pure evil that is!

And every possible way to divide

Is used to keep the chaos multiplied.

“Hate threads” for all known identities

Create an atmosphere like a disease.

AI apes the worst of our past posts

And pours them out in hordes of hateful ghosts.

And so the chans, within, drive us away

While on the outside, dictate what “we” say.

The public, for example, thinks the chans

Supported Trump due to his “nazi plans”;

But on the chans much more than half the spew

Hates Trump because he fails to hate “the Jew”!

While on the other side, the pro-Trump bots

Are emulated utter idiots!

By now it should be more than obvious–

Free speech ended with Anonymous.

The Chatbot Chans system is locked in place,

The zombie Anon leers from a stolen face.

The truth lies right here, waiting to be seen;

A monster stirs to life in the machine…

And remember also, this other thing I tell:

Prepare to stare into the mouth of Hell.

And one more thing, while I have your ear:

Q is legit, and the storm is almost here.

9529b5 () No. 7230604

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B-21 to Fly in December 2021; More B-52s to Come Out of Boneyard

The new B-21 Raider stealth bomber is making good progress and should fly in December 2021, USAF Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen “Seve” Wilson said July 24.

Wilson, speaking at an AFA Mitchell Institute event in Washington, D.C., said the service continues to analyze its capacity for long-range strike. The Air Force still believes it is short, and is reviewing alternative force mixes.

Speaking on deterrence and the need to modernize the nuclear command, control, and communications network, Wilson said he was at Northrop Grumman’s facilities in Melbourne, Fla. in the last few weeks, “looking at the B-21,” and said the company is “moving out on that pretty fast.” Wilson said he has an application on his phone “counting down the days … and don’t hold me to it, but it’s something like 863 days to first flight.”

That would put the first flight of the B-21 in December 2021. The Air Force has said from the beginning that the first B-21 would be a “useable asset” but has also said it doesn’t expect an initial operating capability with the B-21 before the “mid 2020s.”

Northrop Grumman CEO “Kathy Warden and her team are focused on software integration and making sure … we’ll have the software ready for the plane when it’s delivered,” Wilson said.

The Air Force is “focused on the development of the new bomber as well as modernizing the B-52,” with new engines and radar, “and we’re exploring the force structure between the B-1 the B-2 and the B-52,” Wilson noted. “The general consensus is, we don’t have enough long range strike capacity, and that came out in ‘The Air Force We Need,’ ” study the service published last September.

“We continue to look at what that force will be for the future across the bomber force, what mix it will be.” He maintained the service needs “at least 100” B-21s.”

Air Force Magazine asked Wilson why the service has not advanced the planned number of B-21s, given the acknowledged shortfall in bomber capacity. The Air Force said in “The Force We Need” that it requires another seven bomber squadrons. Increasing the planned buy would also have the effect of reducing the unit cost, by amortizing development over a larger number of units.

“That’s exactly what we’re looking at,” Wilson replied, as well as “what the right balance” will be as B-21s come online. The service has yet to decide if it will extend the B-1 and B-2 bombers—slated to retire in the early 2030s—to increase the bomber fleet or simply go for an all B-21 and B-52 fleet. “But we can’t have four bombers” Wilson said.

Asked if the Air Force will have the new bomber plan by September, or in time for the fiscal 2021 budget, Wilson said only “it may take some time” before the Air Force reaches a final decision. He acknowledged that Air Force Global Strike Command boss Gen. Timothy Ray has openly questioned whether the B-1 and B-2 should be retired as the Air Force has planned.

Wilson also said that while the Air Force “isn’t going to get any new B-52s,” AFGSC might still take “one or two more out of the boneyard.” He noted that Ray has “already brought one B-52 out of the boneyard.”

01fd4b () No. 7230628

24984d () No. 7230629


ded286 () No. 7230640



5b4b20 () No. 7230650

Lest we forget. New interview with Lavoy Finicum's daughter


1926df () No. 7230651

Trumpo's twats are fine, but he really needs to unleash the congressional sex payoffs and the entire Awan scandal. Bring these fuckers down, and clean them out. Let the chips fall where they may.

9eadf9 () No. 7230654


7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers, 

8 and they did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; 

9 and the great dragon was cast forth – the old serpent, whu is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world – he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

GOD wins~

3311e3 () No. 7230661

Adam Schiff calling for false flags, pysops, anitfa, civil unrest?


108473 () No. 7230662

Deep breath.

It's Healing Time.

4e2bf7 () No. 7230663


Why do you think Q said

"Saving Israel for Last"

9eadf9 () No. 7230664

1805d1 () No. 7230665

2c7600 () No. 7230666

~ The Man, The Saying & The Single Event That Helped Kickstart The Destruction of the Middle East ~

Rothschild-ordered ~ Israel pulled it off ~ ‘america’, Britain, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (its own people on 9/11!!! ~ Not including the 30 million souls WE HAVE KILLED since 1945)


1926df () No. 7230667


But muh rank n file fbi are muh good people and heeroes.


85682b () No. 7230668

'Rat Film' highlights Baltimore's rat warfare, urban planning failures


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh: 'You can smell the rats'


d5709c () No. 7230669

298478 () No. 7230670

ec2df3 () No. 7230672

4e2bf7 () No. 7230671


73fe2c () No. 7230673

@ 9:24

Andrew Yang, in response to Chris Wallace's suggestion that a Universal Income would incentivize people to be lazy, says:

"Well I'm Asian, so you know I love to work…"

not challenged at all by Chris Wallace. What if I said, "Well I'm white, so you know I love to work…"?

Connotation is CLEARLY that Asians are hard workers and various other races ARE NOT.

This sounded like a bit of a self-destructive thing to say.

This needs to get some media/social media play. I'm not even arguing his point…it's that Republicans aren't allowed to say things like THAT!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1805d1 () No. 7230674

73b59c () No. 7230675

Deep breath

It's healing time


897d37 () No. 7230676

>>7229079 a prior bread

97903a () No. 7230677

97903a () No. 7230678

acfe31 () No. 7230679

President Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats


9b05a9 () No. 7230680

ffc235 () No. 7230681


664f0e () No. 7230682

JUST IN: President Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence - Axios


97903a () No. 7230683


Marriage is: one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3).

Recommend reading:

The Divorce Myth by J. Carl Laney

Recommended sites:

Christian Divorce and Remarriage | Joseph Webb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxN7-jaU4JtzOHTsUrVKCwQ/videos

Marriage Permanence https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIhZUhYUaLecZHNEDv0hug/videos

Permanence of Marriage Until Death | Walking by the Spirit Always https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0i4ZYG7fW3z7Um1BjaamjNKaucpX6f4

97c94d () No. 7230684



1805d1 () No. 7230685

d77943 () No. 7230686


Well I'm Anonian, so you know I love to shitpost…

5b9629 () No. 7230688


cd2430 () No. 7230687

288707 () No. 7230689



298478 () No. 7230693

388502 () No. 7230690


And yet the jews continue to think this is a direct attack against them. why are they so goddamn paranoid?


f041d5 () No. 7230691

C comes before D

1805d1 () No. 7230692

028419 () No. 7230694


…in a recess apt?

3aa0d3 () No. 7230695

Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence


yeah we knew this was coming

4d0593 () No. 7230696




d5709c () No. 7230697



4e2bf7 () No. 7230699


thanks for your help.

what is it "" or "' or '''?

012aa5 () No. 7230701

Repost from end of last bread… watch bot shitting up the bread made it fill pretty quickly.

Daily Mail actually gives unbiased credit to QAnon community for its research on Epstein


Also mentions Epstein’s purchase of Great St. James in 2016!

c06c0f () No. 7230700

barry o'bongo

1805d1 () No. 7230702

e219c9 () No. 7230703


Farms produce AG?

1805d1 () No. 7230704

a2ab1c () No. 7230705


Cliven Bundy speaks after Kanab funeral for LaVoy Finicum Feb 6, 2016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5c55a1 () No. 7230706

>>7230559 (lb)

In addition to WA and OR ….CA, NM, CO, IL, NY, MA, etc also have that law, as I just looked it up. If Trump wins the popular vote the Libs in these state will go completely bonkers (see image). How could they be so myopic?

ae8fa3 () No. 7230708

>>7230521 lb

>>7230218 lb

Didn't notice this before…but on the PeaceCorps/CIA article that John Coyne wrote…he has 8 replies.

James 8. C o r n e y?

And the 8th reply says:

Whoa, Dave I was the Commercial Attache at several embassies.

Also, found this typo, if it means anything:


1805d1 () No. 7230707

9529b5 () No. 7230709


nik'd that pic



1805d1 () No. 7230710

6942c6 () No. 7230711

97c94d () No. 7230713


Quit using spaces and see for yourself.

288707 () No. 7230714


67c613 () No. 7230715


Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information.



1805d1 () No. 7230716

0837b9 () No. 7230717

Meme fags: Can you create some magic memes for this one?

A black woman posted the attached tweet thread. Her suggestion for helping to wake up black city-dwellers:

Simple solution post pics of Pelosi’s mansion or Cummings next to the homes of their constituents. Ask why after 30+ years in Congress do they live like they do and their constituents live in squalor? We have to break the Stockholm syndrome of thinking ‘Oh well it is what it is’

22cef6 () No. 7230718

7b6d64 () No. 7230719


Is this supposed to go with all POTUS' recent tweets about rats in Baltimore?

Mirror for the better?

1805d1 () No. 7230720

9c67e3 () No. 7230722


every single time.


notice how they go with the big number 32,000 instead of 4.4%.

32,000 < 622,000.

27a8df () No. 7230724

d5d0c4 () No. 7230723

5:45 mark

Blatant Pedo Symbolism!

In your Face!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1805d1 () No. 7230725

687d4d () No. 7230726

Dan Coates being replaced would be a Q proof no?

01fd4b () No. 7230727


Elizabeth Carlisle

1023b4 () No. 7230728

I have a question for anons in the know or who know more than I do, what about the victims in all of these crimes? Not all of them have been killed, that is just impossible. That would eventually get out. Some victims are raised to become part of the cabal and repeat the same evil cycle of abuse and rituals but there has to be some who have been victimized and either escaped or survived and didn't become evil like their abusers.

The other thing I was thinking why don't we just do a dark web blast of all the truth bombs that we have, they may try to blame it on deepfakes but not "everything" that comes to light is going to be able to be blamed on fakes….

My original thought will always be just declas and reveal the truth about everything….yeah it might be too much for some, but eventually enough people will be talking and it will become mainstream…just as they push their shit out over and over and their lies become mainstream…why can't we do the same thing with the TRUTH….you cannot erase or destroy the truth….

d77943 () No. 7230733


Jews are self-obsessed for the most part, because they have been spoiled as a group.

1926df () No. 7230729



The federal police forces are an UNCOnsTITUTIONAL, criminal disgrace to our nation and to the founders.

ded286 () No. 7230730

73b59c () No. 7230731



" ' test " '

a2ab1c () No. 7230732


there were more FBI inofrmants at the Mulheur stand up than there were defendants in the trials "It matters how you stand." Lavoy Finicum

9eadf9 () No. 7230735


7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers, 

8 and they did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; 

9 and the great dragon was cast forth – the old serpent, whu is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world – he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

GOD wins~~

97c94d () No. 7230734

a14be6 () No. 7230737

computer locks up while searching for charlie

many pics seem like they're from brazil



ec2df3 () No. 7230736

ugh you guys aren’t making this easy

85ce6d () No. 7230738




97c94d () No. 7230739



9c0117 () No. 7230740


notable - MSM slowly legitimizing Q.

1805d1 () No. 7230741

fdf6eb () No. 7230742

Hmm, who knew?

57b511 () No. 7230743

Princess Diana.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6bbfee () No. 7230745

>>7230589 (LB)

sorta looks like an owl?

Disney fans are well familiar with the Pepsi Pavilion… A salute to UNICEF, although fans best know it as the attraction “it’s a small world” (all lower case, naturally).


"when somebody asks you what time it is say either it's 6:15 or Mickey's gotta hard on" - George Carlin

sidenote: I'd give anything for a "the moar you know" gif

daa07a () No. 7230746

897d37 () No. 7230747


>why are they so goddamn paranoid?

Because they know, that in all honesty, they are responsible for 98.x % of EVERYTHING they are perpetual accused of.

ad1c04 () No. 7230748

New Talking Point Re:Antifa Declared A Terrorist Organization

It seems to stem from this ADL article:


"The report focuses on incidents like the February mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, committed by a teenager who expressed sympathy towards white supremacist ideology; the massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue by an avowed anti-Semite; and the shooting spree at a Tallahassee yoga studio by a man bent on committing violence against women."

This can be difficult to try to reach the non-4-6% who are seeing this everywhere, echoed by shills, because it requires a larger conversation about grooming, psych drugs, that white supremacist isn't an organization where Antifa is, and that many "anti-semites" are registered liberals.

You can always bring up Pulse, 911, Scalise, 7-7-7 bombings, Nice, Paris truck attack, San Bernardino, etc.

db4290 () No. 7230749


When will we stop this nonsense

67942c () No. 7230750

012aa5 () No. 7230751

b1ffbf () No. 7230752


Interdasting timing.

3d04a3 () No. 7230753

>>7230484 PB

NM Mus Training Ranch?

Q 319

Why did the USSS codename Hussein 'Renegade'?

Q 855

What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken?

What if Hussein knew and authorized?


Q 1277

Important to note [texts only].

[R] = Renegade

Not RR.

Q 2180

Define 'Traitor'.

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Synonym = Renegade

What was the USSS codename for HUSSEIN?


Q 2844

SCIF logs can be 'very' revealing.


Define 'Renegade'.


1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer

* * *

Note: Knew / Authorized.

Note: [R]


Note: SCIF logs can be very "revealing".

Note: Traitor / Synonym

Speculation: Apostate. Pic related.



b873ff () No. 7230756

daa07a () No. 7230754

2b4239 () No. 7230757

1926df () No. 7230755


Gee, its too bad a former White House occupant can't be indicted for obstruction of Justice after he leaves office, huh?

1805d1 () No. 7230758

d47983 () No. 7230759


The Rat King?

ae8fa3 () No. 7230760


Just noticed that Leo Cecchini is responding to David Searles…the one that made the "typo".

b1ffbf () No. 7230761


>ID 666

4e2bf7 () No. 7230762





2b4239 () No. 7230763

392c58 () No. 7230770

Donald John Trump is the political AND spiritual head of our nation.

He has fully assumed his leadership role on both fronts.

The Holy Spirit of our Almighty God is upon him.

He is casting out the physical AND spiritual enemies from our midst by his actions and words.

I walk in prayer around the WH and give glory to Almighty God.

I speak aloud from memory His Word in Scripture.

I thank Him for His humble servant Donald John Trump.

I thank Him for the MANY RIGHTEOUS VICTORIES delivered by His grace.

This place is now a castle of Truth thanks be to Almighty God.

Donald John Trump will never be humble before evil men; he is humble before Almighty God!

Almighty God has blessed him and strengthened him greatly in body, mind and spirit.

Through him our nation, communities and families are also blessed.

Glory be to Almighty God our Father.

Long may our republic live in peace and righteousness.

Always may the head of our nation seek wisdom and Truth from above.


WH Prayer Walk: July 28, 2019; 06:35 – 07:10 ET.


22cef6 () No. 7230764


Looks very jewish

0db2c4 () No. 7230765



Nice job, anon!

38741c () No. 7230767

6bbfee () No. 7230766


"Israel is last. Very specific reason."

f6172c () No. 7230768

Call for digs!

Here we have a connection with Jeffrey Epstein & Johnson & Johnson (pedo diapers!) PLUS another property we didn’t know about.. a Chalet! DIG!

5b9629 () No. 7230769

2b4239 () No. 7230773

1805d1 () No. 7230772

22f178 () No. 7230774

>>7230493 pb

Notable AF

Obama’s delete all Hillary tweets as well as unfollow her on Twitter.

db06c1 () No. 7230771

Can someone go onto Google Earth/Street View and grab a few shots of Eliah Cummings house/Mansion and put that next to a shot of a Baltimore slum photo…people will get the hint!!

fcf6d6 () No. 7230775



6385db () No. 7230776

1805d1 () No. 7230777

9e3cf1 () No. 7230778

>>7230615 PB9248

MI is also involved in the cover up, the moving of government assets and resources used to move drugs and humans in and out of this country and others.

POTUS/ stone is movable shape-able carve-able and changed from it's original character.

Scripted, is control of narrative, not the normies narrative only the anons.

the end wont be 4 everyone, does not equate to WWG1WGA, please reconcile.

>>7230374 PB 9248

I appreciate the thoughtful response.

Some follow up questions.

Truthful Knowledge > not acted on and not widely known or disseminated, like secret

societies upholds the long game no current blockades to MSM narrative control.

Anons Know> Anons know only what they think they know, the majority of society believe

the Anons are misinformed, this helps who?

Should Our movement begin to Hide Knowledge, We Will Respond> your very small

community, who mostly harass normies who visit, is growing in power over MSM, reaching

more people?

Trust Yourself, Anon, with your Heart and Mind on the Same Page> this trust of self is

how I arrived to this confusion, I used to defend Q+ at all costs (family+ friends

+coworkers) all rejected me because no truth (normie approved) was readily availible

to them.

Anons Do Not Follow Blindly> I find this one exceptionally difficult, as any

disagreement of conjecture or assumptions is attacked so viciously.

WWG1WGA > where do we all go, certainly not heaven or hell, not to the same political

party, not to are enemies house, or even the ex family member who called you

conspiracy crazy that will refuse this truth, no matter how presented, as it goes to

their foundation outlook of life, country, patriotism?

all in response to…

>>7230051 PB 9248

when it is all scripted, that is the scariest part

if Q+ can make the enemy act against it's best interest (blackmail, force) then are

the team any better than that which they claim to try and replace? Or is it another

form of total control and deceit (which Q+ claims to be using for patriots/country)

but through deceit, does the team not illustrate similar structure and tactic?

If this is the case, and we don't know what actually is going on, are not in the same

lot as the normies who follow MSM and are misinformed?

I believe that if congress men and women are not arrested during this break, six

weeks, Q+ is just a different approach to the same solution, divide and conquer.

Barr's DOJ has thrown some carrots but not one democrat cabal member has been treated

to the weight of our government. Conservatives and patriots reside in the hospital

beds and jails, being crushed by the very system they were out to uphold, and Trump is

helping a disgusting drug dealing gangster in a foreign country, has done nothing to

help supporters of his, who defended other supporters of his, left to their own


Q patriots are excited for truth to come out, but if it wasn't out already, how do you

know it?

still nothing has happened to the deep state.

please explain how one week of good news has Q followers excited, yet not one normie

has been convinced of anything. then explain how one big take down all at once with

the MSM and social media giants operating as they have all along leads to change?

deb8a4 () No. 7230779



first time pooping and channing too

win win

d2dc64 () No. 7230780


CORN - Coats Out. Ratcliffe Now.

(just being an idiot.)

c2c8f6 () No. 7230781


thanks anon ur watch pic made me remember this

Disneyland Is Moving Forward With A Full-Fledged Marvel Land

Fresh off the heels of Disneyland's 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' opening, the L.A. Times reports the park fully intends to power through and open Marvel Land in their California Adventure park…next year.

The news of Marvel Land isn't new, nor is the fact that its expected open date is 2020, but the recent startling progress around it is. The paper continues:


c06c0f () No. 7230782

6b55ad () No. 7230783


>New Age

2b4239 () No. 7230784

57b511 () No. 7230785


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d77943 () No. 7230786


2% of the US population has the rest of the 320 million US citizens by the balls.

Jewish collective power is a subversive force operating in the West.


https://pastebin.com/Dxfbz9ip - "Just for some perspective"


7c2c75 () No. 7230787

>>7230494 pb

Skip using "Muh".

That's a faggot terminology.

We have Anti-Jews and we have Anti-Masons.

Use those terms, because people can understand them.

"muh" whatever really only makes sense to those who use that term, and that's not us here.

Here, we know that Jews infiltrated the Masons sometime around the late 1700s when the Masons starting letting people in who were not actually Masons, not actually people who knew how to build buildings.

Today, Masons and other organizations like the Masons are typically selling their buildings to those who put rock concerts in those buildings.

1805d1 () No. 7230788

real steamboat

real willie

4e2bf7 () No. 7230789


figured it out without your help

So fuck off

a14be6 () No. 7230790


c2c8f6 () No. 7230791

7c2c75 () No. 7230793

1805d1 () No. 7230794

daa07a () No. 7230795



Cheryl Mills Wikileaks email missing ng haiti children ‘corn’

7474d7 () No. 7230796



There is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of Baltimore itself. Dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts. Shame!

97c94d () No. 7230797

1926df () No. 7230798



Pelosis district is quite well-off. Willie Brown tore down all the ghettos and revamped them, so that even the gubment housing is nice.

4a06a5 () No. 7230799

Facts Will Never Change A Mind

Have noticed that giving TRUTH bombs to someone who is a libtard only makes them worse? Only divides you even more? Why? There's deep psychology to it.

In order to change the mind you must first change the heart

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7c2c75 () No. 7230800



1805d1 () No. 7230801

22cef6 () No. 7230802


They really never thought she would lose.

288707 () No. 7230803


War rarely is.

ae8fa3 () No. 7230804



e3cb34 () No. 7230805

>>7230728 Even in "normal" society at large, only 10% or so of rapes are reported. Just too humiliating, and a helluva lot of trouble to deal with the system too. So let's say that a victim was assaulted many times over a certain time frame. Is there not even more internal cause for just moving on?

Combine this with explicit threats from the perps to keep one's mouth shut. This from people who already demonstrated their evil & ruthlessness to the victim, who is fully aware of their wealth and power, juxtaposed against her/his own manifest weakness.

c48047 () No. 7230806

Anons are ready.

85ce6d () No. 7230807


298478 () No. 7230808

127928 () No. 7230809

Anyone else notice this in the background? Kek!

4e2bf7 () No. 7230810


5e71ab () No. 7230811


Interesting…here in WI, the Johnson family has protected one of their own, Samuel Curtis Johnson III. He got caught abusing his own teenage stepdaughter (possibly more), and basically got away with it. I don't feel like researching more, but here's a start…


5a23ed () No. 7230812

1805d1 () No. 7230813

57b511 () No. 7230814

The discussions going on with Anons in these breads will put a crackhead to sleep.

Try harder. The world is watching. Twitter pt 2 is boring.

Expand Your Thinking.

d77943 () No. 7230816


Reminder that the ADL was created to protect Jewish pedophiles, and it has ties with the Jewish organized crime.

8e333f () No. 7230815


You just don't get it, do you? It's not about Q, it's about the digs and the proofs. From the beginning, long before q, anons dug, dug, dug.

What is important is the information, and the dissemination of it.

0db2c4 () No. 7230817


OCR Error!?

Allbeit… conveniently.

Notice the original PDF of the email.

corn = com (as in .com at the end of an email)

028419 () No. 7230818


While you're at it, Tila Tequila (who also broke Meg NoName's heart) caused the Johnson & Johnson heiress to commit suicide in 2013 or so

5a23ed () No. 7230819

1023b4 () No. 7230820

Jesus, here I can read truth and facts…listening to the Fake news can really piss off a lurking anon….

Such bullshit…still trying to push the "POTUS is a racist angle"….

Chris Wallace is a closet commie and the worst of human feces of the media….one of those who would steal your wallet and help you look for it…piece of shit that he is….

b7dbf8 () No. 7230821

>>7230136 lb

>>7229876 lb

The gore I am most terrified of is this one. Decapitated bodies and brains on the pavement is pleb shit. GoreShill needs to gitGud.

0a9f3f () No. 7230822

>>7229022 pb

It took me two hours to make it through that video because of interruptions but holy shit, I actually understood and was able to envision everything he was talking about.

Hard to understand some of his words, but he did say a few things we could fact check:

Bush and market have homes in Paraguay ?

Other musings: what would put 99% in hospital?

Finding out there are nanoscopic extra dimensional beings inhabiting our bodies, possibly controlling our emotions and health, spying on us, and allied with certain “authoritative” factions.

d47983 () No. 7230823


Nice fucking catch!

e5bedf () No. 7230824


What the actual fuck.


d93f91 () No. 7230825


It's was mentioned many times: "…from here on out it's an accelerated curve!"

85fa2e () No. 7230827

Steven Schrage served in the U.S. State Department as deputy assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, and later as foreign policy and trade director for the 2008 Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

During this time, he was selected to serve a leadership role for all G8 countries as the international co-chair of the G8 Anti-Crime and Terrorism Group, where he launched G8 multilateral initiatives and conducted policy coordination in these priority areas following 9/11


Steven Schrage served in the U.S. State Department as deputy assistant secretary of state under Colin Powell, and later as foreign policy and trade director for the 2008 Mitt Romney presidential campaign. He attended Michigan Law School and Harvard Business school, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge.

He will present, "Unconstrained global power? Law, media and public policy impacts as a new president assumes the world’s most powerful role."


Steven Schrage’s career has found him working in the middle of many of the major U.S. political and foreign policy events of the last two decades. This includes direct experience with major presidential campaigns and White House transitions, having served on the headquarters policy teams of leading presidential candidates during the last two open Republican presidential elections and with experience in both primary and general election contests.

As an expert appearing on major media, his commentary has appeared on or in U.S. and international outlets including NBC’s Nightly News, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the Washington Post and Bloomberg News.



4e2bf7 () No. 7230826

57b511 () No. 7230828

fca650 () No. 7230829


Think its just the OCR getting .com wrong. Pic from original pdf. Guessing its cheryl.mills personal acc.

0a9f3f () No. 7230830


Merkle not market..

db4290 () No. 7230831


We are the crop.

7bfafd () No. 7230832

4d0593 () No. 7230833


>why don't we just do a dark web blast of all the truth bombs that we have

Qresearch is a BACKCHANNEL.

83e952 () No. 7230834





Did you see these?

The US Military used underground bases, chambers, rooms & tunnels around St Thomas to protect the submarine base. Later they were repurposed for chemical and biological weapons testing.





Maybe the DoD have built an underground bunker, base, fort or missile silos under Little St. James as it did on other St. Thomas islands such as nearby Water Island in WWII.

On Water Island, the underground rooms and chambers were used for chemical weapons testing using a precursor to Agent Orange "on goats and pigeons" after WWII.

You do realize the government didn't locate a secret, underground chemical and biological weapons testing base next to St Thomas because of its ample supply of goats and pigeons, right? Seems more likely it is because it has an ample supply of humans who nobody would miss, doesn't it?

What are the odds after they closed they abandoned the Water Island chemical and biological weapons testing base because it was too close to the main city, that they built another just a little farther out of view? Only to abandon a hypothetical Little St James base later?

If there was a second round of underground bases, were they run by the military or the CIA? Inextinguishable supply of humans to test weapons on?

Could Epstein have simply refurbished and updated an abandoned base? Couldn't Epstein have used Lifeboat Foundation LifeShield Bunkers to do the refurbishment? This could explain the lower scale of construction uncovered so far, couldn't it?

1. "Fort Segarra - Water Island, Virgin Islands"


2. Life Magazine printed an article about the underground fort on Water Island on January 12, 1962 in an edition about doomsday bunkers.


3. "History of Water Island In The U.S. Virgin Islands"


4. "Most travelers have never heard of this gorgeous US island in the Caribbean"


5. "These 12 Formerly Top-Secret Bunkers Are Now Tourist Attractions"


6. Fort Segarra, Water Island, St Thomas, Virgin Islands (can see the island from Little St James)


"Fort Segarra was built as part of the United States' defense strategies during World War II on Water Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. World War II seacoast batteries here were Battery 314 at Flamingo Point (1944, never completed) and an Anti Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries. In addition, some barracks, watch towers, AMMUNITION BUNKERS were also created near Carolina Point as well as an infrastructure of docks, roads, water, sewage and POWER SYSTEMS. It was to be an UNDERGROUND FORT and its purpose was to protect the submarine base on St. Thomas. The war ended before its completion and the project was subsequently ABANDONED. The uncompleted post was transferred to the Army's Chemical Warfare Division in 1948 for testing poison gas and chemical agents on goats and pigeons for several years. Following the conclusion of these tests, the Army transferred control of this area to the Interior Department in 1952.

Gun emplacements, TUNNELS and UNDERGROUND ROOMS which were created during the World War II building efforts are still visible. The site is now open for viewing, and TUNNELS and UNDERGROUND CHAMBERS are open for tours. The area is monitored by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and soil samples are monitored from the former chemical test sites to ensure "that no residual contamination remains from previous Department of Defense activities.""

9529b5 () No. 7230835



47d8f7 () No. 7230836



388502 () No. 7230837


why is the m' raised up above the co by a few pixels anyway?

ff8555 () No. 7230838

Channel surfing and happened across a scene in the Bourne Ultimatum.

Noah: "Oh come on. You've seen the raw intel, Pam. You know how real the danger is. We need these programs now."

Pam: "What's the connection to Daniels?"

Noah: "He ran all of our operations in Southern Europe and North Africa, so he has everything. Names, dates, ghost sites, who's cooperating with us abroad, every operation. You want that stuff in Bourne's hands, out on the market to the highest bidder? I don't think so."

"Out on the market to the highest bidder."



5b9629 () No. 7230839

a2ab1c () No. 7230840


>there were more FBI inofrmants at the Mulheur stand up than there were defendants in the trials


73fe2c () No. 7230841



wise reflection

your Tea must be good for the intestines

mp4 version of it for anyone who wants to twat-blast the hypocrisy.

d77943 () No. 7230842



And that regarding the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, pic related.

0db2c4 () No. 7230843


I agree anon, it does look suspect if this is coming from an original printing of the actual email.

1805d1 () No. 7230844

and for my next trick i am gonna have penn and teller decapitated at club 33

83e952 () No. 7230845


I think the island an anon labelled as "Bunker Island" is actually known as "Buck Island". May have just been an autocorrect issue.

bcb448 () No. 7230846


Children of the Corn. Dear lord.

47d8f7 () No. 7230847


> Well I'm Anonian, so you know I love to shitpost…

6bbfee () No. 7230848


That doesn't matter. I can turn a typo into a clue to draw attention to something. God can use numerology to seal the deal.

0c29cd () No. 7230849

brand new interview of RBG is a fake?

RBG jacket—- what is wrong with it.

It is only on half of her front?

nobody wears a jacket like that …..ever!


83e952 () No. 7230850

a14be6 () No. 7230851



85ce6d () No. 7230852


Probably right. Searching emails yields a lot of clintonemail.corn

1805d1 () No. 7230853

cb8192 () No. 7230854

did we get this?

JUST IN: President Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence - Axios

e5bedf () No. 7230855


Just like corney Comey

9529b5 () No. 7230856

>>7230796 New PDJT There is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of Baltimore itself.

>>7230774 Obama’s delete all Hillary tweets as well as unfollow her on Twitter.

>>7230768 Call for digs! Jeffrey Epstein & Johnson & Johnson (pedo diapers!) PLUS another property

>>7230738 HRC email, Corn, kids from Haiti reported missing

>>7230679 President Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats



7b6d64 () No. 7230857


The number for the email is also 666.

1926df () No. 7230858


Would be interesting if one of our twatfags could figure out if Killarys just had a massive loss of deep state and bot followers. Same for Billy?

97c94d () No. 7230859


Scroll up.

cb8192 () No. 7230860

099493 () No. 7230861


So the emails are ripe for the harvesting?

84a425 () No. 7230862


Vail CO = Apollo Group = Leon Black

b144aa () No. 7230863

Epstein pool looks too small

Anons, please check out the pool on Pedoisland. The concrete slab is really large and the pool looks too small (compared to the seats) and too shallow. It stuck out like a sore thumb from day one.

Please eager autists, compare the size to the deck chairs. For a billionaires hang out, this pool is simply stupid. That slab is large and the pool looks not only too narrow and too small in general, but it also looks too shallow to me. No deep end. just a few steps and no obvious shadow where the pool becomes deeper.


Thank you.

7c2c75 () No. 7230864


It has something to do with Styx?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0c29cd () No. 7230865



Trump to nominate Ratcliffe for DNI==

no wonder why Collins a minority leader on committee.

had other plans for Ratcleiff

4d0593 () No. 7230866


Why would Comey taunt Clintons with a corn field pic?

1805d1 () No. 7230867

83e952 () No. 7230868


The 142 feet above sea level promontory where the weird temple is would have been ideal for a shore gun bunker.

efec7f () No. 7230869

>>7230318 (lb/pb)

What was this from?

eb28db () No. 7230870

daa07a () No. 7230871



0e1a7c () No. 7230872

Mark Zuckerberg secretly snaps up $59M Lake Tahoe compound


Facebook founder and CEO required listing pictures of the homes be removed from the internet


The Wild Tahoe Weekend Where Trump Allegedly Hosted Karen McDougal, Met Stormy Daniels


Report: Lake Tahoe a hot spot for sex trafficking


I think I might be onto something here!

6385db () No. 7230873


In first part of email Hillary writes,

As predicted.

Also talks about Unicef working in Haiti for years.

( unicef is probably a cesspool of pedo sickos)

UNICEF has been working in Haiti for many years and we knew the problem with the trade of 'children in Haiti that

existed already beforehand.

1805d1 () No. 7230874

47d8f7 () No. 7230875

e219c9 () No. 7230876


AG products

38741c () No. 7230877


9c0117 () No. 7230878


Except for the first part of your comment, I agree 100%. Dispersing information is the key, but many will associate that information coming from "crazy Q conspiracy people" and brush away the truth - regardless of sauce. This movement has to be legitimized in the mainstream view in order for many to actually read/see the truth.

24156a () No. 7230880


Boy, Trump is sending a strong signal to the bad guys. Cross Trump and you're toast! (But only because Trump is right and he's not playing.)

3d04a3 () No. 7230881

Paul Sperry:

Mueller previously testified on Hill 60+ times–was no babe in the woods. U don't perform that poorly w that much experience unless A) u have dementia (which is unlikely given his family didnt step in to fight subpoena) or B) it was an act to chew up the clock (which he did well)


14e0fc () No. 7230882

Public Announcement: Predator ALERT.

4a06a5 () No. 7230883

a14be6 () No. 7230884


9b05a9 () No. 7230885


wht freedoms (A-Z) a sitting Director of National Intelligence not have that an x-Director of National Intelligence has?

ff8555 () No. 7230886


Hell yeah, John Ratcliffe! You go, Texas!

daa07a () No. 7230887


What’s probability on a .corn web address being used ?

85682b () No. 7230888

WSJ Corrects ‘Bombshell’ Report On North Korea Nukes

WSJ adds massive correction to story claiming that U.S. military i

intelligence believed North Korea developed 12 nukes since June 2018 Kim-Trump summit.


83e952 () No. 7230889


If it was built by the US Govt prior to Epstein owning the island, it could have been US Military from WWII or it could have been CIA after 1947.

It could have been a black site.

Or Epstein could have built it all with a LifeShield Bunker.

2b4239 () No. 7230890


i made it. the color system is from spiral dynamics.

84a425 () No. 7230891

b7dbf8 () No. 7230892


Hey anon. I ordered sauce with that. Where is the fucking sauce. Don't make me find the manager.

1f4a44 () No. 7230893


Now that is telling. Let's make sure to spread this wide and far as this will wake some DEMS up. Get your memes ready. Obama's drop the virus named Clinton. The rats are scurrying!

5a23ed () No. 7230894


You have a space between the ' take the space out like ''' and it'll work

9b05a9 () No. 7230895


no act…no dementia….reconcile

4a06a5 () No. 7230896


Who is David Corn

chief of the Washington bureau for Mother Jones

d2dc64 () No. 7230897



b1ffbf () No. 7230898

Children flirting.

b0323d () No. 7230899

>>7230888 WSJ retracts claim of NK developing Nukes


Trips confirm.


6fc5d2 () No. 7230900

I don’t see this in the notables, but this is pretty big devastating news. Why are NYPD officers killing themselves ?? What REALLY is going on here ??


daa07a () No. 7230901


ONly way to beat a bully is stand up for yourself.

7b6d64 () No. 7230902


Very easy to typo corney to comey. With some types, they would be indistinguishable.

This explains all of Comey's tweets and trips to Iowa?

Sorry to say, but Iowas would still support the dims, even after everything come(y)s out.

d5d0c4 () No. 7230903


Oh Dear me!

ae8fa3 () No. 7230904





Found confinned too!



It's located somewhere in this pdf file.

3fc2c1 () No. 7230906


Measured with Earth and it's about 70' x 20'. Another one on the western side of the island same size. Big enough by far to do laps.

3840a8 () No. 7230907



From: H [mailto: [email protected]]

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 6:23 AM

To: Mills, Cheryl D

Subject: Re: Marcelo Tas

and later in email chain…

From: H [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 05:23 AM

To: Mills, Cheryl D

Subject: Re: Marcelo Tas

appears to be a letter swap/switch…

97c94d () No. 7230908


Notabled yesterday.

14e0fc () No. 7230909




85ce6d () No. 7230910



9529b5 () No. 7230911



ty anon

a14be6 () No. 7230912


cb8192 () No. 7230913


i'm hoping they are in witsec. lots of leo's live on staten island that could maybe help make that happen.

fc756f () No. 7230914



olooking at an azerty keyboard how did they get Epestin:

"Hidden messages: The temple has been of great interest to members of the QAnon community, who had been talking about the island long before Epestin's current arrest"

Notable anons?

b1ffbf () No. 7230915



Mob fighters

298478 () No. 7230916


You must go back.

9c67e3 () No. 7230917


too many forget that allegiance part.

1926df () No. 7230918


I'm sure Mulvaney already audited the CFPB and it will be fully released if Warren emerges as a front runner, which I expect actually. No way Sleepy Joe lasts until the convention, not politically, mentally, nor physically.

1cb9c1 () No. 7230919

Israel and US Successfully Carry Out Long Range Missile Interceptor Tests Above the Atmosphere

The US and Israel successfully carried out a long range missile interceptor tests above the atmosphere in Alaska.

This was the first time the weapons system intercepted a missile simulating a ballistic one. The Israeli Defense Ministry said the weapons system successfully demonstrated hit-to-kill interception.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted about the successful tests on Sunday.

During three recent tests in Alaska, the Arrow 3 intercepted ballistic missiles beyond the atmosphere at unprecedented altitudes and speeds. Perfect execution! I would like to express my deep and strong appreciation to the United States for advancing our joint security. 🇮🇱🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/HTFnYFXGIs

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) July 28, 2019

The US and Israel carried out three independent tests of the system.

PM & DM Netanyahu made the following the remarks (English captions available):

In recent weeks we have carried out three pioneering secret experiments of the Arrow 3 missile. These experiments were held in the US, in Alaska, in full cooperation with our great ally the US. pic.twitter.com/u49hYMuSVC

— PM of Israel (@IsraeliPM) July 28, 2019


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

864c4a () No. 7230920



9b05a9 () No. 7230921

keep the pace……

now-ville rules the moment….

0db2c4 () No. 7230922

ad1c04 () No. 7230923


"Corn ready 42bcut"

"Sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home"

"Corn ready 'four to be cut'"

1805d1 () No. 7230924

38741c () No. 7230925


b7dbf8 () No. 7230926


Yo bot, I asked for fucking sauce for these baseless claims. Looks like I broke you. How about a restart?

mp_restartgame <180>

1805d1 () No. 7230927

8e333f () No. 7230928


That's where I was going with it, anon.

I stand by my comment re: Q.

d83e0b () No. 7230929



5fa0af () No. 7230930

BOOM bitches!!

b144aa () No. 7230931


thank you. Didn't have the tools to do that myself. Glad you cheKKEKed.

4e2bf7 () No. 7230932

b1ffbf () No. 7230933


I guess Iran might send missiles around the other side of the world to strike Israel from behind. Now they can't.

14e0fc () No. 7230934

1805d1 () No. 7230935

0db2c4 () No. 7230936



I think you're on to something there, anon.

Corn = COM

COMs are fixing to be cut?

9b05a9 () No. 7230937

harvest is to corn


? is to ?

14e0fc () No. 7230940

Donna Brazile will gag a maggot.

0c29cd () No. 7230941



frail old women don't wear those kind of shoes either.

1805d1 () No. 7230942

8e333f () No. 7230943


Proof!!!! You have no fucking proof.


85fa2e () No. 7230944

david CORN

starting to sing?

ratting out leakers?



4d0593 () No. 7230945

b7dbf8 () No. 7230946


Backside Heel Flippin for Jesus. I dig it.

cb8192 () No. 7230947


38741c () No. 7230948


388502 () No. 7230949


holocaust is to cohens?

d23c28 () No. 7230950


>Long Range Missile Interceptor Tests

IS NK helping?

Is this why NK is reportedly launching short-range missiles? To assist in these trials?

b3e388 () No. 7230951



daa07a () No. 7230952



1805d1 () No. 7230953

fc756f () No. 7230954


Ruth Gader Binsburg?

ad6462 () No. 7230955


Zach knew

67942c () No. 7230956


anon…ur autism is quite inspiring. ty

8e333f () No. 7230957


It's hot, man.

01fd4b () No. 7230958


>Is this why NK is reportedly launching short-range missiles?

Pressure from China to make 45 look bad.

1926df () No. 7230959

Donna Brazile is a dumb fucking water buffalo who contributes nothing to FoxNews other than totally predictable demoncrat talking points. Just a shill and a ratings killer. Fox needs to fire her. Obviously, no show wants her on a regular.

85ce6d () No. 7230960

Letter swap may be a highlighter of sorts.

1805d1 () No. 7230961

ff8555 () No. 7230963

d77943 () No. 7230962


I trust Trump 100%, but I don't really like the way more and more ultra-rich Jews are getting in on positions of power.

Related bread on /pol/:


9b05a9 () No. 7230964


english is to hebrew


cohens is to ?

14e0fc () No. 7230965




Chris Wallace is a child predator and has been for years.

daa07a () No. 7230966


Jordan ftw? Huber? No Durham. Kekking

880afd () No. 7230967


Exactly what I was thinking.

266dec () No. 7230968


probably to accommodate for swelling

ee0293 () No. 7230969


That's not necessary, you silly little cunt. She is indeed a fake fuckin' retard, but eat shit with your MSM planted racist meme, cocksucker.

Be sure to write back soon, fucko.

6385db () No. 7230970


>>7230873 Also there is this part

The UN mission in Haiti has stepped up surveillance of roads, UNICEF officials said.

Mr Legrand said there was separate but only anecdotal evidence of people taking children by road to the neighbouring

Dominican Republic and loading children on to planes.

"We have seen over the past years many children being taken out of the country without any legal procedure," he said

I was discussing with anons last week about Haiti and the Dominican republic. I mentioned that besides ports in Haiti, that they might take children across haiti/ dominican republic border and then fly or ship them out from dominican republic.

Anon said Mountains and border between the 2 countries was too difficult to traffick children across it.

I also said we should dig into Dominican republic.Also because it is closer to Epsteins island( also Puerto Rico needs moar digging)

85ce6d () No. 7230971



3d04a3 () No. 7230972


Mueller also played for sympathy in MSM coverage. He was not "in charge" is new narrative, just a "figurehead", but he was on top of it all.

Rethink 1st & 10 on the 40. He managed the "matters" under investigation; he recruited key team members during his first week as SC; he assimilated the 40 FBI personnel into his operation by the 10th week. But the 40 FBI were managed by the FBI, not Mueller; the operation had an FBI lawyer to advise the 40 FBI staff on following FBI regulations and protocols.

Contrast that with what happened with Stzrok. He was hand-picked to continue to investigate – so-called investigate – Trump World. Mueller "fired" one of the 40 FBI? He requested transfer of Stzrok, Mueller said. Because of bias? Because of appearances, Stzrok said.

See footnotes 1 and 10 in Vol of Mueller Report. Distinction between managing matters and managing 40 FBI personnel.

So if Mueller "fired" a staff member, for appearance of bias, then, how did he rationalize hand-picking his team of Angry Dems? How many were transfered within DOJ to his team? How many were recruited from outside DOJ?

Reconcile footnotes 1 and 10 with Mueller's actions and testimony on this "matter" of staffing his op.

This was an op, not an actual investigation, so consider the limitations placed on the 40 FBI under the new FBI Director. Who really does the investigative work in the normal course of things – prosecutors? Really, who does the investigative work? Private Investigators? Operators.

The Dems who questioned spoke at top speed even as he fouled their softball pitches.

Deliberate staging and storytelling, Anons.

ae8fa3 () No. 7230973

1805d1 () No. 7230974

soon danielfaggot soon

00a052 () No. 7230975


Am looking into it. Definitely think MOAR digging into Johnson & Johnson is needed. Now especially in light of the Epstein connection.

d7f5d8 () No. 7230976


checkin' them trips and the time.

b7dbf8 () No. 7230977


Anon. You'll get better results talking to a Hibiscus. I asked ChrisWallace shill for sauce twice and received…. more….. Chris Wallace. Filter or iggy the duder.

59dad0 () No. 7230978

President Trump and our First Lady with baby Clinton in the back seat….Sorry this cracked me up!. Link to buy the car sunshade: https://patriotdepot.com/trump-family-car-sun-shade/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=hansTrumpShade&utm_campaign=sponsored

d93f91 () No. 7230979


Man! There was some TALENTED musicians back then!

d23c28 () No. 7230980


>>Long Range Missile Interceptor Tests IS NK helping?Is this why NK is reportedly launching short-range missiles? To assist in these trials?

Yeah- if you're gonna reject the possibility of NK helping and offer this gem, you're gonna have to sauce it.

The post offered QUESTIONS.

Your post was presented as fact. SAUCE IT, faggot.

24b0bb () No. 7230981

patriots make qbabies!

6114cf () No. 7230982

Former provincial health minister David Caplan died after a “tragic fire accident” in his north Toronto home, according to his family.

tragic fire accident

What is that?


8e333f () No. 7230983


Look at it as insight into the way (((they))) think and attempt to explain things away.

298478 () No. 7230984


Damn straight anon!

b0fd29 () No. 7230985


What, are you watching Fox News Sunday? It's an all-day disaster every week. Just kill power to the tube and go outside. Seems like a good day to do an oil change or paint something.

85ce6d () No. 7230986



Whole network of islands. Agreed. I think Bahamas as well.

9ab2bf () No. 7230987


makes sense

Devin Nunes district is in California

Who would be responsible for sending a replacement? The CA governor.

John Ratcliff is from Texas. Who would be responsible for sending a replacement? The TX Governor.

Seems like a good choice. And Ratcliff is part of the Freedom Caucus and has been a staunch defender of Trump during all of these investigations. Quite comfy with this announcement.

97c94d () No. 7230988


Based on how many reports?

You can't trust a heatmap alone.

6114cf () No. 7230989


>cult necklace

No thanks.

1805d1 () No. 7230990

soon danielfaggot asshole faggot faggot asshole will get the royal homo of the gayestshotgunwedding #ever

0c29cd () No. 7230991


>Ruth Gader Binsburg?

yep, my mistake

something weird about this interview with shoes.

RBGs are too big and the other woman has red shoes on which she doesn't keep on her feet.

Who would let their shoes slip off when interviewing a SC justice?

this may be an old interview.

RBG has same floral scroll jacket on.

5b9629 () No. 7230992


Kek it doesn't matter they are all going to hang.

5fbd1a () No. 7230993

My Grandma wanted me to ask you guys when Tom Brokaw will talk about Q and the Pedo's.

She really likes Mr Brokaw and only believes him not me.

a14be6 () No. 7230994


9eadf9 () No. 7230995


7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers, 

8 and they did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; 

9 and the great dragon was cast forth – the old serpent, whu is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world – he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

GOD wins~~~

5fa0af () No. 7230996



Without the power of the Holy Spirit, that could have ended ugly.

Def a miracle there.

d77943 () No. 7230997

Kek, now the pedophile protectors at ADL promote hacking people who engage in thought crime against Jewish supremacism.

What could go wrong?

ad6462 () No. 7230998


That music is not my wheelhouse but I fucking love Rage Against the machine

0e1a7c () No. 7230999


We’ve all heard the stories about Frank Sinatra, the Mafia, the secret tunnels, JFK and Marilyn Monroe, as well as the glamour and glitz of the Cal-Neva Casino on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. It all sounds like fantasy and legend, but many of the stories are true. Tahoe was a place for the rich, famous, and infamous in those days and they flocked to North Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Neva lodge, “The Lady of the Lake”, from all over the world in droves.

Sadly, Marilyn spent her last weekend alive at the Cal-Neva before dying of an overdose in Los Angeles in 1962.


cab30b () No. 7231000

Guess the NY Times finally got wind of Coats is out….

We are the News now.


298478 () No. 7231001


OK guise, hands up, who did this? KEK!

8e333f () No. 7231002


I figured as much.

1805d1 () No. 7231003

there are rumprs danielfaggot might get a royal ass ferret or two

880afd () No. 7231004


Its probably a deepfake

ae8fa3 () No. 7231005


I like boobie sized boobies with no tattooies! PERFECTION!

3c22dc () No. 7231006




Was one of [HRC] [Cheryl Mills] = [Cabal] et al…

Comms → Channels

5f0d16 () No. 7231007


All I see are archived tweets by Sophia. Can't find this tweet. Has she been banned from Twitter. Can someone verify this tweet as bonified?

6114cf () No. 7231008


>the jews continue to think this is a direct attack against them. why are they so goddamn paranoid?

If you've got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

f0c0f6 () No. 7231009

14e0fc () No. 7231010


Loretta Lynch's diabetes is flaring up again.



You got owned right out of the gate…lol

dcccc7 () No. 7231011


No shit!


116d68 () No. 7231013


ankle bracelet

298478 () No. 7231014


I get ya totally anon!

38741c () No. 7231015

668f1a () No. 7231016



b8f10c () No. 7231017

Interdasting… certainly looks that way >>7230936

2da01a () No. 7231018


tell Grandma Anon hi from us

who knows the future

ask her to Vote Trump/R's

tell her Anons are working hard to find moar Truth for news to the People

84a425 () No. 7231019


Dominican Republic…

9f4bdd () No. 7231022

Tiger Global Management & Tiger Cub Program

A big web as this original program spawned 38 different hedge funds. It is on it's fourth generation.

During 1980, Julian Robertson Jr. founded The Tiger Management Group with the financial support of his family friends and colleagues.

He started his company with $8.8 million and his hard work and luck helped his firm become one of the top listed companies in the world.

At one point, The Tiger Management Group oversaw $22 billion and delivered annual returns in excess of 30%.

After a run of bad luck, the fund closed for good during 2000.

Julian Robertson Jr.: Career

Robertson, during his career, worked for many renowned companies and take them to the companies in the top list.

Officer in the United States Navy, in 1955

Sales Representative at Kidder Peabody

and Corporation, in 1957

Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at

Webster Management Corporation, a

subsidiary of Kidder Peabody and

Corporation, in 1979

Founded The Tiger Management Group

(TMG) (TMG), in 1980

Founded The Tiger Foundation, in 1990

Founded The Robertson Foundation, in


Founded The Blanche and The Robertson

and Family Foundation, in 1997

Chief Executive Officer at Kenan Flagler

Business School in –residence

Memberships on the Board of Visitors

The Board of Directors at the General

Alumni Associations

The Board of Visitors at Kenan Flagler

Chairperson at the Cancer Research

Institute in New York

The member of the Executive Council at

Lincoln Center

Trustee at the Rockefeller University

Trustee at the Wildlife Conservation Society

The Board of trustee of Catawba College

Trustee at the Cathedral Church of St. John

the Divine

Trustee at the Environmental Defense Fund

‘Chairperson of the Forstmann little, as of November 23 2011 to date


Cap#2 sauce


Part 1 of 2

4d0593 () No. 7231020


>Donna Brazile is a dumb fucking water buffalo

97c94d () No. 7231021


What you don't realize is that those are actually six inch heels.

6114cf () No. 7231023


We're a volunteer fusion centre, you know those things that were (((funded))) after 9/11 to reduce terrorism?

1a0564 () No. 7231024




fc756f () No. 7231025


Interesting her initials are the universal acronym for Red Green Blue.

42c597 () No. 7231026

85ce6d () No. 7231027



b4e420 () No. 7231028

d5709c () No. 7231029



A last question for David Corn


2da01a () No. 7231030


hi Q

6114cf () No. 7231031


Thanks Q.

9ab2bf () No. 7231032


Assuming you are phone fagging

you have to hold the elipses to bring up the multiple selections. Choose the one with no curve - straight up and down.

For example: ‘ normal ’ (don’t use)

use this one '

use three of those on each side of what you want to bold.

cb8192 () No. 7231033


0ab54a () No. 7231034



Arrests when?

1023b4 () No. 7231035


hey boss, ;) hope you are having a good Sunday….

298478 () No. 7231036

d2dc64 () No. 7231037

00a052 () No. 7231038


Already been noted

3d04a3 () No. 7231039




David Corn has been under investigation by Durham for months.

5fa0af () No. 7231040


Amen Q!!

1805d1 () No. 7231041

danielfaggot asshole faggot faggot asshole will no longer have to live in shame of it;s depraved unrequited homo pedo intent, and all will recognize danielfaggot asshole faggot faggot asshole as the pround royal danielfaggot asshole faggot faggot asshole homo

25b335 () No. 7231042


Excellent replacement!

9f4bdd () No. 7231043


Part 2/2

While at Tiger, Robertson built rack squad of so-called “Tiger Cub” stock picking protégées.

When closed Tiger for good during 2000, these Tiger Cub traders he trained went on to found many of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds.

Robertson helped start the careers of a number of his Tiger Cubs, providing seed capital or early investment money to about 40 hedge funds.

Today, Tiger Cubs manage around 50 of the world’s top hedge funds, including Stephen Mandal’s Lone Pine, Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking,Rob Citrone’s Discovery Capital Management, Philippe Laffont of Coatue Management and Lee Ainslie of Maverick Capital.

Now in their fourth generation, Tiger Cub funds manage around $155 billion, and the group is growing in complexity.

Divided by generation, Tiger Management is the first generation; a Tiger Cub, the second generation group of funds; Tiger Grand Cubs, the third generation; and Tiger Seeds, the fourth generation of the strategy.


The Tiger Cub Hedge Funds Accomplish an Unbroken Streak


March 18, 2019

Tiger Private Equity Head to Exit in June

Low-key investor Lee Fixel reaped big winnings from Flipkart, Spotify bets.

Fixel, who rose from analyst to partner, is known for being an under-the-radar professional who garnered respect for his early venture capital bets on tech companies, such as Indian e-commerce business Flipkart and Swedish digital music platform Spotify.

Flipkart sold a majority stake last year to Walmart for $16 billion, which gave Tiger a lion’s share of about $3 billion.

Spotify went public in 2018, and commands a $25.8 billion market cap—roughly $2 billion of which belongs to the firm.

Fixel currently sits on Flipkart’s board as well as those of at-home fitness business Peloton and glasses maker Warby Parker, which are also in Tiger’s portfolio.

The quiet capitalist co-managed Tiger’s private strategies with firm founder and partner Charles P. “Chase” Coleman III and division founder and partner Scott Shleifer, will still manage some existing companies in the portfolio and also keep serving on several boards.

Tiger Global credited Fixel, who spent 13 years at the firm, as “a driving force” in its domestic and Indian private equity moves.


Hedge Funds Clip Facebook Shares in Q3


Trimming the tech stock was also prevalent in Tiger cub firms, which are owned by alumni of Julian Roberts’ Tiger Management. Coatue Management, Viking Global, and Tiger Global sold 33%, 71%, and 12% of their Facebook positions, collectively removing more than 6.4 million shares.

Interestingly, their mentor, Robertson, is making a contrarian play. He bought 33,400 more shares in the social media behemoth, bringing Tiger Management’s holdings to 172,810.


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Ratcliffe or Nunes?

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Chris Cline, self-made coal billionaire died July 4 along with daughter, her friends…the RAF trained pilot. Now, reports say helicopter crashed after 1 minute with separation of rotor and tail blades. Looks suspicious – sabotage? Ok, Cline had a yacht, private island in Bahamas and family foundation. By all accounts he was a super person, became POTUS supporter when DJT nominated, beloved in WV…also victim of extortion attempt a few years ago – along with Weinstein and others - weird. Private guy, grew up dirt poor, close to family, didn’t drop his old friends – no pedo wood pals. Dated Tiger Woods Swedish ex-wife – lives next door to his estate north of Palm Beach.

His foundation gives money to children/young adult charities, schools - but also donated to an evangelical Florida church-backed orphanage in HAITI.

Possible Cline knew something, could have talked, or found out something? Crash looking suspect – maybe he’s not part of anything cabal-related but had info about what exists? Anyone have ideas? Might be just a horrible accident.




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Waiting on your orders.

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Hussein Believes!

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Pull the plug Q!

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The only thing niggers have is racism.

Their most cherished alibi for everything.

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>You got owned right out of the gate…lol

I knew that would draw out your shill fagganomics further. Garbage. Absolute weak shill, aids infested garbage.

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Just start posting the screen grab along with your links, homo.

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o7 Let's get a subpump on they asses Q!

Drain that swamp dry!

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Reconsideration of the ballot, Gugleanna in mason.

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it's mind-numbing how normies don't see how the fuck we're being played.

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Tweet cap for baker

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Do it, Q!!

We are locked and loaded

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Goblin feet, nothing to see here.

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The ADL is going to become a leading cause of anti-semitism if it isn't stopped. I'm serious. They are too over the top awful for people to ignore.

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…but it's better to be a coon.

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Henlo boss!

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You might try telling her that for the first time in your life, you believe it is important to be a seeker after truth. Depending on her age, that might appeal to her.

Facts matter. Many older people realize how worthless the education system is in our country now - nothing like what she grew up with.

You're devoting yourself, with an ever -expanding mind - to knowing what's true and what matters. It just takes more work and skill than she is probably capable of.

And you do it for free. The talking boneheads are millionaires.

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coats before declass

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negro called out for not doing his job and the messenger gets called a racist.

Whats wrong with these fucks?

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Hey boss, can't we just declas everything, wouldn't it be glorious to watch the other side panic and struggle to explain away all of the corruption and evil….

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You've already got them, loser.


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Q…somewhere in this PDF is the word or words CONFINNED. Am I on track here or no?


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Donna Brazile is a true nigga remember she cheated on a presidential debate you can't get more corrupted than that.

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President Trump to Nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe to Replace Deep State DNI Chief Dan Coats: REPORT

A couple weeks ago it was reported that President Trump was eager to remove Deep State Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and replace him with former CIA officer and NSC official Fred Fleitz, an anti-Deep State think tank.

On Sunday, the New York Times and Axios reported that according to 3 sources familiar with the matter, President Trump is expected to nominate Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe to replace Coats as Director of National Intelligence.

Ratcliffe, a pro-Trump GOP favorite grilled Mueller real good on Wednesday about his Constitutional abuses and according to Axios, Trump was impressed with his performance during the House Judiciary Hearing.

‘Can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?’ Ratcliffe asked Mueller.

Mueller was left stuttering and could not answer Rep. Ratcliff so he mumbled something about this being a ‘unique situation.’

Ratfcliffe interjected and told Mueller the reason why he can’t find another example of this happening is because it doesn’t exist.

Although Ratcliffe did a great job last week grilling Mueller, the Texas lawmaker has been on Trump’s radar for some time and the president has been seriously considering him for DNI chief.

Dan Coats is a Deep State stooge and is causing a bottleneck for Barr and Durham in the declassification process in their Spygate investigation.

Recall, in May of this year, Dan Coats warned Attorney General Bill Barr against releasing “highly-sensitive classified information” would imperil national security after President Trump ordered a declassification of Spygate documents.


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You felt so good doing that…

3d04a3 () No. 7231083


Did someone say Haiti?

efec7f () No. 7231084



>Who is David Corn

Leaker/DS mouthpiece. He's on the list of coup conspirators.

59dad0 () No. 7231085


This is a big swamp rat that needs removal before we go forward. Thank you Q and President Trump!

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Seriously! You don't have to be a fag!

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DoiT Q !

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Nice. [C] before [D]

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No wonder the Obamas deleted all references to Hillary and unfollowed her.


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That's that shit I DO like.



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A boat would work nicely

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How'd he get there in the first place…?

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>>7231022, >>7231043 Tiger Global diggz

>>7230947 Power outage SoCal

>>7230896, >>7230944 Who is David Corn? Mother Jones

>>7230888 WSJ Corrects ‘Bombshell’ Report On North Korea Nukes

>>7230834, >>7230845, >>7230850, >>7230868 The US Military used underground bases, chambers, rooms & tunnels around St Thomas to protect the submarine base

>>7230827 Steven Schrage diggz

>>7230796 New PDJT There is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, and of Baltimore itself.

>>7230774 Obama’s delete all Hillary tweets as well as unfollow her on Twitter.

>>7230768 Call for digs! Jeffrey Epstein & Johnson & Johnson (pedo diapers!) PLUS another property

>>7230738 HRC email, Corn, kids from Haiti reported missing

>>7230679 President Trump expected to nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to replace Dan Coats



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Drain The Swamp

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Yep in email it says corn where the word com should be, kek

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Isikoff's in a bad way.

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Article cap for baker

Good ol' Mags.

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GITMO845 now departing Ft. Lauderdale

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Massive News & ThanQ

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>the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton