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Saturday 12.28.19

>>7643289 rt >>7643247 ———–- Geo location 2015-2017?

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>>7640038 —————————— AG Barr talks Durham & #FISA (Cap: >>7640060)

>>7639247 rt >>7639202 ———–- Post drop? 5:5?

Friday 12.27.19

>>7638553 —————————— They are FIGHTING for their LIVES (Cap: >>7638592)

>>7638205 rt >>7637777 ———–- God Wins

>>7638149 rt >>7637926 ———–- Something BIG is coming.

>>7634563 —————————— Do you believe in coincidences? (Cap: >>7634583)

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Monday 12.23.19

>>7600322 —————————— Americas News room is us. (Cap: >>7600335)

>>7600194 rt >>7600180 ———–- Keep up the good fight, Anons

>>7600081 —————————— Nunes says anon research has aided their investigation (Caps: >>7600111)

>>7599466 —————————— Why are [D]s blocking the counting of 'illegal' immigrants? (Caps: Article >>7599591, >>7599508 )

>>7599338 —————————— Who really controls the [D] Party? [GS] (Caps: YT Vid >>7599388)

>>7599136 —————————— POWER & CONROL (Caps: Article >>7599208, >>7599265)

Sunday 12.22.19

>>7593909 rt >>7593851 ———–- Toying with the enemy! Don't get smug

>>7593873 —————————— stunning indictment of the politicization of DOJ & FBI during the Obama admini (Caps: >>7593919)

>>7593781 —————————— Spygate Meme [Obama]

>>7593358 —————————— Democrat corruption image.

>>7593340 —————————— Kevin McCarthy Tweet. (Cap: >>7593364)

>>7592981 —————————— ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. (Cap: >>7593053)

>>7592347 —————————— Why are the [2] articles being held by Pelosi?

>>7592211 —————————— NOBODY is above the law [not anymore]. (Cap: >>7592282)

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>>7643399 New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft could face a felony charge and up to five years in jail due to his prostitution case, Florida prosecutors said

>>7643242, >>7643358 Wh Luncheon Coup cont

>>7642994, >>7643215 However we (non Mil) lack power/resources to counter the Big Tech censorship.

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>>7642652 Jesse W: (((They))) are out of AMMO.

>>7642573, >>7642613, >>7642635, >>7642653 2016 - WH DS Luncheon w/Italian Prime Minister

>>7642561, >>7642714 Plane down in Louisiana

>>7642555 What kind of an animal is this?

>>7642453 American Universities Are Using Social Credit Systems

>>7642422 Yellow Vests (Live)

>>7642393 Found Hunter

>>7642357 GwP: Twitter Caught Censoring President Trump’s Account

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>>7642267 JS T: Will Iran take up Trump's offer?

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>>7642117 Man arrested in east London home on suspicion of preparing act of terror

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f80195 () No. 7643583



7323c6 () No. 7643588


nice dough. thank you baker for all your hard work

524469 () No. 7643592

Thank You Baker

391062 () No. 7643601



Biggg Habbenings!

aa8b12 () No. 7643602


127f55 () No. 7643603

dc0f87 () No. 7643604


Nice job baker


2304b5 () No. 7643605

b0ed4a () No. 7643606

Is all this really gonna play out on TV for maximum effect?

Destroyed will be an understatement

9983ad () No. 7643607

>>7643551 lb

well i want to move back to 1975. just enough technology for me and people got along just fine. really, aside from cell phones and the internet, nothing else has changed since then. wait…i take that back. everything besides cell phones and internet is worse now than it was in 1975.

42ceb7 () No. 7643608


TY Baker!

275ac3 () No. 7643609

I am a whitehat who’s been stiffed by different tech companies several times after participating in their cybersecurity research programs. Is there a way to donate my cyber methods to LE so they can (legally) use it for good? I love what I do and would rather it count for something then being free cyber research for the worlds richest companies. Any suggestions??

c90df8 () No. 7643610

>>7643585 (Lb)

a56cb5 () No. 7643611



b204fd () No. 7643612


congratulations, there's no poop in your bread

800dd7 () No. 7643613

Keep up the good work. BBL.

aa138e () No. 7643614

Can someone help me make sense of the H + C = D

Horowitz + Comey = declass

Didnt the comey report come out in august? Is there another report I'm not aware of, or is the C referring to something other than a report? Comey arrest?

908a38 () No. 7643615

Nigga baker I didn't get the fresh bread link!!

63157a () No. 7643616

d21f71 () No. 7643617

Hive mind is very strange sometimes.

And habbening moar often.

>>7643191 lb

I was just talking to spouseanon about

Santa Rosa fires, DEWs. Whose.

(your posted images of Santa Rosa fires appeared while I was speaking, as I scrolled down, during the conversation, not preceding).

What if there were biological weapons

in underground tunnels

that the residents didn't even know about?

What if they had to be destroyed by fire

to protect millions of innocent Americans

from death?

I hate it that there were casualties.

But would hate death of millions even more.

5b3674 () No. 7643618


Apply for a gov't job?

ad884e () No. 7643619

Barr has been skeptical of the agency’s conclusions about Putin’s motivations, despite corroboration by the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee and an adversarial review by former CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Story Continued Below

But intelligence community veterans say the Durham probe could force Haspel to choose between protecting her agency from Trump’s wrath and bowing to Barr’s wishes; they point to FBI chief Chris Wray, who has found himself at odds with the president in recent weeks over a watchdog report about the bureau’s conduct in the Russia probe.


2304b5 () No. 7643620

b0ed4a () No. 7643621


Buy a non-announcing suoernode

e12612 () No. 7643622


everyone else did, you just missed it.

25d1b0 () No. 7643623

9082e9 () No. 7643624

plane crash in one of the 'stans'

notable ?

b0ed4a () No. 7643625


Buy a non-announcing supernode

127f55 () No. 7643626

b204fd () No. 7643627


cryptic fresh bread links suck, i agree

344576 () No. 7643628

>>7643584 (lb)

Don't close it!

I'm making graphics for the shout outs so I have a few tweets I'd like to have a twitter image for, if not I'll just use qmap.pub

9139e8 () No. 7643629

Rabbi frankenstein is down!

repeat, Rabbi frankenstein is down!

db137d () No. 7643630

>>7643215 (PB)

be wonderful if the Information Poisoning STOPPED.

20fb13 () No. 7643631

33558b () No. 7643632

5c6b24 () No. 7643633

66d7af () No. 7643634

7944ba () No. 7643635


Erdogan screaming at shadows? won’t be long now.

He built himself a billion dollar palace to celebrate Turkish, Ottoman and Muslim culture; and apparently chose Frank Lloyd Wright’s ghost to design it.

It is beautiful, in a upper-midwest sort of way.


July 2016: CIA coup attempt against Erdogan

June 2017: Adnan Khashoggi

Oct 2017: Las Vegas

Oct 2018: Jamal Khashoggi

Dec 2019: Screaming at shadows

cdd946 () No. 7643636


Wish in one hand, shit in the other. Please report back to us which one fills up first. Stop listening to the embedded bullshit.

I wish muh cars had truck beds

I wish muh grandpa never died

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df787c () No. 7643637

2304b5 () No. 7643638

377a36 () No. 7643639


breaking news -

Five dead in plane crash in Lafayette, Louisiana; one survivor hospitalized

6cd194 () No. 7643640

33558b () No. 7643641

b204fd () No. 7643642


hey i got 8 yous from Q, you want my autograph?

6481a6 () No. 7643643


dc0f87 () No. 7643644




a56cb5 () No. 7643645










2304b5 () No. 7643646

33558b () No. 7643647

db8225 () No. 7643648


ThankQ baker :)

9139e8 () No. 7643649

In March, the First Lady went to Oklahoma, Washington, and Nevada, to promote #BeBest and meet with institutions that share her vision!

❤️ Visited Dove School of Discovery

❤️ Held her second Opioid Town Hall

❤️ Learned about Microsoft's efforts to promote online safety

9:44 AM - 28 Dec 2019


42ceb7 () No. 7643650


Be a real Whistleblower

ebf8b5 () No. 7643651


5c6b24 () No. 7643652

20fb13 () No. 7643653

33558b () No. 7643654

6bd4b9 () No. 7643655

Q took his Eiffel Tower picture from somewhere between the location of the two women on the left and the black taxi van. The Eiffel Tower is across the river and surrounded by trees … none of which show in this photo or Qs. The golden domw in the background proves that this is the correct orientation

Or, at least someone did.

Unfortunately, Google Earth doesn't allow me to simply take a few steps to the right to frame the photo exactly.

At his back across the street, is a statue to General Foch. "Foch, appointed Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces on the Western Front in the Spring of 1918, was widely seen as the architect of Germany's ultimate defeat and surrender in November 1918" – Wikipedia accessed 12-28-2019 @ 12:52 EST.

That having been said, the only apparent reason for the inclusion of the photo was because of the mention of the Paris Climate Agreement.

We've already dug, to the extent of our ability, on the persons IN the frame, but I don't think we've considered whether the intended message might have been what was left out, such as in pic #3, which is to the left of Qs frame and cropped out of it or pic #4, part of whose roof line IS included in Qs version.

Hey Grammar Cat … not certain how to use the possessive form of Q. Is it Qs, Q's or Qs'? Seems like Qs would be the plural form but I can't decide between the other two and my manuals (plural) of style are in storage until I get some remodeling done. Strunk & White or Spunk & Bite are equally acceptable to me.

b204fd () No. 7643656

2304b5 () No. 7643657

0b6593 () No. 7643658

33558b () No. 7643659

9983ad () No. 7643660


"I wish muh cars had truck beds"

yep…had them then too.

ad884e () No. 7643661

Haspel was the CIA’s station chief in London in 2016 when the U.S. Embassy there was made aware of Mifsud’s contact with a Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer. Haspel was briefed on Downer’s outreach to the embassy, according to a person familiar with the matter, but it’s unclear whether she was then made aware of the FBI’s plans to interview him or knew about the bureau’s use of an informant — University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper — in London.

Story Continued Below

But intelligence community veterans say the Durham probe could force Haspel to choose between protecting her agency from Trump’s wrath and bowing to Barr’s wishes; they point to FBI chief Chris Wray, who has found himself at odds with the president in recent weeks over a watchdog report about the bureau’s conduct in the Russia probe.


70dc2e () No. 7643662

Researchers look at the link between gut bacteria and autism

Part 1


“Research has also found that autistic children often experience chronic gastrointestinal problems a lot more frequently than children without autism.”

“This has led scientists from Arizona State University in Tempe to explore whether a fairly new form of therapy — microbiota transfer therapy (MTT) — can help solve gastrointestinal issues in autistic children. Also, they wanted to see whether this intervention could affect other autism markers.”

“As for the health effects, the children saw a 58 percent decline in symptoms tied to gastrointestinal problems (after treatment). Also, the authors write that the children involved in this study showed "a slow but steady improvement in core ASD symptoms," with a 45 percent improvement in measurements related to language, social interaction, and behavior.”

b5f9b8 () No. 7643663


TY Baker

2304b5 () No. 7643664

2467e0 () No. 7643665



…and since I spelled "Keviin" with two i's last bread… whoops.

0c70f4 () No. 7643666


Write a Letter!

ce9a13 () No. 7643667

This gave me a Chuckle ..FKing cry like babies when they lose …Just like the MSM kek…His Love Letter KEK…To stupid to know they'll still be neighbors kek

European Commission vice-president writes emotional farewell letter to United Kingdom

The vice-president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, has written an emotional farewell letter to the United Kingdom, which is due to leave the European Union on 31 January.

Timmermans, a Dutch diplomat, has been vice-president of the European Commission since 2014. In von der Leyen’s new Commission, he is responsible for the work on the European Green Deal.

He wrote an open letter, titled “My love letter to Britain“, in the British newspaper The Guardian to express how much heartache Brexit is causing him.


14489b () No. 7643668



Wonder how Gina is doing finding and liquidating those sleeper cells.

fe841d () No. 7643669


The real NatSec risk is once Adobe's deep fake tech for video and voice makes it to 8kun.

4de9ca () No. 7643670


Not her. Try a little bit harder next time please.

42ceb7 () No. 7643671


That's a parody account.

ef1844 () No. 7643672



1st time a meme I made has ended up in dough, kinda a giddy feelin kek

I am a leetle biased to my belief that shes been a whitehat all along as a while ago she used to come visit us here. but hey wat do I know, just enjoying the show. Again, tanks fren!

9cebd9 () No. 7643673

Where Gina be for 2 years?

df787c () No. 7643674



I haven't even gotten one you from Q!

Then again, I don't need the encouragement to continue but IT'D STILL BE NICE, GOSH GOLLY!

Q has built a nice little you-wall around me. Will answer questions I propose, will gibbz yous to people who repost what I first posted, and all sorts of variations of folks surrounding me…

Just no you for me.

Head pats are nice, egos are dangerous, and if anyone needs me, I'll still be chuggin' along since this is literally all I was doing before Q showed up, anyway.

60e908 () No. 7643675

My dead buddy lived this tune, he would have been right here with all you good people.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

275ac3 () No. 7643676


I’m still in college (4 more years) and don’t think it’s an option in the future. I’m just tired of the bs from corporations but still love what I do and will always be white hat. I just hate to see my research go to waste. Faggots in Silicon Valley are shoving golden diamond studded horse cocks up their asses while I’m starving and in debt but doing the right thing. No respect and no honor. Fuck em

7170a6 () No. 7643677

fat and nasty

0b6593 () No. 7643678



why does this sound familiar?

e575b4 () No. 7643679


Q, unrelated but…am i on the right track?

Haiti. Mining for….U-92.


e12612 () No. 7643680


Talking to anons

2304b5 () No. 7643681

344576 () No. 7643682


Do you unironically think that's a lot?

1023bf () No. 7643683

c24c44 () No. 7643684


That is some grade A bullshit right there.

"Protecting agency from Trump's wrath"?? Really? Is this an opinion article?

POTUS is the Commander in Chief.

"Bowing to Barr's wishes"


Wow. That shit pisses me off. I really hope that is an opinion article.

249644 () No. 7643685

800dd7 () No. 7643686

So, Biden has admitted to quid pro quo and now stated he will obstruct an investigation into his Ukraine dealings.

Good job, idiot.

b204fd () No. 7643687


gosh golly darn

259eb1 () No. 7643688

>>7643546 (pb)

Silkway Airlines

Anon>Journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva



Bioweapons: https://balkanspost.com/article/468/bulgarian-journalist-gaytandzhieva-confronts-kadlec-over-us-secret-bio-weapons

On 16 January 2018, a Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva wrote a detailed article about the US bio-weapons research that spans across the world in 25 different countries. Gaytandzhieva wrote in her article that the US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons, and that hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases. She added that bio-warfare scientists are using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio-laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $2.1 billion military program called Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, etc. Luckily, the Balkans seems to be clear.

Gaytandzhieva recently traveled to Brussels and attended the European Parliament in order to confront Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Health, regarding the number of classified bio-weapons research labs scattered through Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Kadlec categorically denied the existence of an American bio-weapon program as well as that information surrounding the labs in question were classified. Gaytandzhieva attempted to continue her follow up but was silenced by Hilde Vautmans, the EU official sitting next to Kadlec, who stated "This is not an investigation" to applause from the audience and an embrace between herself and Kadlec. Gaytandzhieva didn't stop there, however, following Kadlec to the elevator and continuing to ask him questions regarding the bio-weapons program which Kadlec refused to answer. Security staff then refused to let Gaytandzhieva on the elevator.

391062 () No. 7643689

a56cb5 () No. 7643690






db137d () No. 7643691


"hive mind" is social insects, not human beings.

Human beings share access to the Mudus Imaginalis, the world of Forms.

1c0a4a () No. 7643692



Crash happened yesterday, but I don't see where it was captured in notables yet.

12 killed, dozens hurt after jetliner crashes in Kazakhstan

ALMATY, Kazakhstan (AP) — A jetliner with 98 people aboard struggled to get airborne and crashed shortly after takeoff Friday in Kazakhstan, killing at least 12 people, authorities said.

The Bek Air jet, identified as a 23-year-old Fokker 100, hit a concrete wall and a two-story building soon after departing from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city and former capital, airport officials said.

The aircraft’s tail also struck the runway twice during takeoff, indicating that it struggled to get off the ground, Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said.

Fifty-four people people were reported hospitalized with injuries, at least 10 of them in critical condition, officials said.

The cause of the predawn crash was unclear. Authorities quickly suspended all Bek Air and Fokker 100 flights in Kazakhstan while the investigation got underway.



127f55 () No. 7643693


seems to me its done in different ways, there is a transferral of remote energy through the electric grid but also directed energy by it self, dew seems reasonable, so people are attacked under war conditions and not given protection

f287e3 () No. 7643694


S' is only for words ending in S

otherwise it's 'S because Qs is definitely plural

70dc2e () No. 7643695



Part 2

Anons, the acidification of preserved foods is what kills our gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria control our moods and our overall health. They are like the motor that drives ALL DOWNSTREAM PROCESSES in the body. BABY ON FLOOR, HANDS IN MOUTH. Cleaning chemicals killing off gut flora.

Anons, we are on the verge of understanding true health drivers. I believe cancer is also driven by gut flora. I don’t have the research to prove it yet but I want anons to help me research this as I know there are some out there smarter than me.

From what I’ve read so far, it seems like potential cancer cures such as the alkaline diet, apple cider vinegar, and things like that have achieved some success in treating cancers but not 100% effectivity is because they inadvertently introduce new elements into the gut biome. Think: healthy bacteria that live on the outsides of these veggies. I’ve started wondering if sharing pipes with healthy friends might have some bearing on why pot smoking is related to tumor growth slowing.

If we view cancer as a bacterial infection or maybe a lack of good bacteria, I think we might have a more effective way of treating it. If we introduce diversity of gut flora, it might displace malignant kinds of bacteria. Don’t all organs have their own “biome?”

When treating chronic heartburn, it seems that the bacteria H Pylori plays a major role in causing these ulcers. When you remove H Pylori, the ulcers clear up.

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/h-pylori/symptoms-causes/syc-20356171

Anons, it all makes sense to me now why [THEY] want us eating preserved foods. I would further be willing to bet that some types of foods promote bad bacteria (potentially even cancer causing) such as soy and sugar.

Could this tie in to why there have been so many holistic doctor deaths? Changing diet could potentially expose how simple a cure really is, and get at the root of the problem which is bacteria.

I apologise for the rambling nature of this post but I couldn’t hold off any longer.


25ef4d () No. 7643696

>>7643215 (pb)

nice catch anon particularly the 11.3 Clinesmith - 113 is BIG

66d7af () No. 7643698


5b3674 () No. 7643699


Guess you have a lot of thinking and decision making to do the next 4 yrs. If you truly have the tech skills you say, NSA would be interested.

e30fcb () No. 7643700

Q mentions vid clip from Brian Stelter/ CNN attacking Trump for

retweeting accounts of people, who follow Q.

I think it is important that Brian Stelter was wearing a purple tie,

showing his allegiance to Soros (purple) and his allegiance to the "resist" movement, which is a movement steered by Soros.

Remember also Hillary's non-concession speech, where she wore a black suit with purple lapels and purple blouse.

Q is right:

The MSM is the arm of the Dems,

Dems and their media are puppets

and Soros is their puppet master.

And they showed it again, by Stelter wearing a purple Soros tie,

while attacking Trump and the Q movement.

9983ad () No. 7643701

f80195 () No. 7643702


me too

not seen anything overt

less school shootings though

0c70f4 () No. 7643703


FameFagging can be Dangerous!

Just stay anon & keep working!

42ceb7 () No. 7643704

2e7dbe () No. 7643705

Shit just got real, again.

d21f71 () No. 7643706

>>7643527 LB

>Tesla earthquake machine is a reality?

Yes, that would appear to be the case.

Reposting for moar eyes on.

ALL SoCal seismic stations checked for 2019-12-25 (2nd 12 hour period) display this sinusoidal wave that pulsed at a frequency of approximately 0.8 Hz and continued for a duration of about 15 minutes.

We have been told to look for something spoopy regarding a series of EQs in California on Christmas 2019, as reported in the Fresno Bee.


I am convinced beyond any lingering doubt.

Next task is to interrogate more seismic stations and see if we can determine the geographic extent that was affected.

We don't know exactly how it could have been used to pinpoint enemy facilities and tunnels underground, but that's the hypothesis on the table.

We know that ourguys mounted a child rescue operation on Feb 4, 2019 in Los Angeles. We know other operations are planned/expected. Prob some have occurred already.

=Status Report from Pentagon Pedophile Task Force=

If you haven't seen this, check it out. Very short >3 minutes. Reposting for moar eyes-on.

Timothy Charles Holmseth: Pentagon Pedophile Task Force rescued 2,100 children from underground bunkers and bases in California


Video posted on October 15, 2019

Anons's rough transcript (any transcription errors are mine, not T.C.H's).

The speaker (Timothy Charles Holmseth) was instructed to make a short video to give public verification. He says

The Pentagon did indeed rescue >2000 children who were being held in underground bunkers and bases.

The information was provided by his contact at the Pentagon, who is the leader of the operation.

That commander led the operation, he was in the tunnels, he saw everything.

Yes 2100 children.

I'm not going to go into the details of what it looked like, basically like hell on earth.

The commander made a comment something to do with the movie "It".

Had to do with clowns.

Have to remember that what they're doing is they're torturing and murdering these children and raising their adrenochrome, for the drug of adrenochrome– so

I really just came on to confirm that.

I know that when reports come out, sometimes there's speculation whether or not it's true– It IS true.

And there are more missions that are going to take place, there's more coming.

And yeah, there were diversions in California, I believe while they were locating and detecting where the electricity was underneath the ground.

So I really don't have any more to report than that

It was my commander. He led the operation. He was the one running the entire operation.

And so in the future, when I learn more and when I'm authorized to bring it to you, I will do that.

So keep up the fight, everybody, and I wish I could talk longer but they're looking for me, so I can't.

This is Timothy Charles Holmseth reporting to you, 2100 children were saved by the Pentagon pedophile task force.

God bless everybody.

a4b8e0 () No. 7643707


Which one?

6bd4b9 () No. 7643708


Sorry this is so disjointed. I've been chasing through the board trying to catch a fresh bread for four breads. The Q photo referenced is from projectd 12/03/19 (Tue) 13:43:47 No.88

800dd7 () No. 7643709

Brokers are proUkraine.

e0224f () No. 7643710

f80195 () No. 7643711


Baker enjoys organic memes

ty for that


33558b () No. 7643712

5c6b24 () No. 7643713




right, i know

what better way to get your opinion out than on a parody account

when everyone will yell, "that's a parody account!"

7323c6 () No. 7643714


ahahaha anonymous. cringe

df787c () No. 7643715


I'm just sayin'.

I've put in a buncha work and a headpat would be great, but that kinda thinkin's what led to the fall of Lucifer narrative, so I'm not tryna' go there.

b8b53b () No. 7643716


>i'm whitehat


>still in college

926b20 () No. 7643717

Sofa King Evil

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e7dbe () No. 7643718


She was in the UK 2014-2017

ad884e () No. 7643719

fe3969 () No. 7643720

One of these guys is going down, another is not coming back. What about the in the middle of it all?

4de9ca () No. 7643721


I hope you aren't a faggot for your whole life.

87253a () No. 7643722

Q dropping like a asphalt sprayer on a county road.

People waking up by the millions now to an elite class stealing them blind.

The CIA playing it's swan song with no ammo left.

3 days left in 2019.

This is what we've all been waiting for.

db137d () No. 7643723



HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a5a2a0 () No. 7643724

I'm reporting in from Canada, and I can tell you that EVERY SINGLE POTUS RETWEET of those MAGA accounts, AND the retweet of Eric C_Airamella's name, ARE NO LONGER VISIBLE.

7287ce () No. 7643725


your time is gonna come er do gan


crock o shit what they did

to this Goombah

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

377a36 () No. 7643726


where's Gina in this?

f80195 () No. 7643727


not last night?

2304b5 () No. 7643728


For you/your buddy, anon.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33558b () No. 7643729

9082e9 () No. 7643730

Brian of cnn in full tds mode. i had to comment and ask the question

ef1844 () No. 7643731


I membr now, tanks

e0224f () No. 7643732


Can you sauce it anon? If so, noteable.

d21f71 () No. 7643733


Directed energy would induce (huge) voltage spikes within the electrical grid. Overvoltage is far more damaging to smart meters which contain a bunch of solid state components, than to old fashioned mechanical rotary electric meters. Solid state components (diodes, transistors, etc.) operate at low voltages like 3.5V, 5V. The ones designed for high power applications are still subject to failure if operated outside their operating c urve. I believe that's the mechanism for the fires that were localized particularly to houses with smart meters.

a56cb5 () No. 7643734













b204fd () No. 7643735



dfffe0 () No. 7643736

The fact that John McCain did not like Gina Haspel, says a lot about Gina Haspel.


c5fbf6 () No. 7643737

There are so many people, people who watch. Constantly perceiving for negative purposes.

Watching Families, Working together in an unspoken hive mind understanding with a single objective apart from personal interests.

Causing accidents, civil disputes, all to de-rail disrupt, and destroy the lives of others, either physically, on paper, or most recently -Spiritually

There are genuine accidents, there are genuine disputes… but we are at a crossroads….

There are Resolutions.

They are friends, they are neighbors.

Who is always stressed? Why? Pay attention whether or not you do anything with it…. Look around.

6bd4b9 () No. 7643738


Thank you. My memory is not as trustworthy as it once was.

b8b53b () No. 7643739


happened during graveyard, didn't see anyone post it here

7323c6 () No. 7643740


fukken leaf

14489b () No. 7643741


I imagine it's the kind of thing we will never hear about. Maybe when it's all over there'll be a hint as to what went down. The nuts and bolts are probably pretty messy and ugly… if you know what I mean. Not Halmark channel stuff.

c24c44 () No. 7643742


Part of your problem is, you aren't showing what a normal waveform looks like during an EQ. We should just take your word for it?

fb4717 () No. 7643743



Just realized Gina was actually the one hunting down jason Bourne.

Check the timelines / GEO locations.

She may look like your gramma bakin cookies but she will kill you with a ball point pen and not bat an eye.

db137d () No. 7643744

Rabbi Frankincense here - who trashed muh boT?

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

275ac3 () No. 7643745


I don’t want to work exclusively for gov just donate my research. I can’t work for gov because of certain qualification issues I have. I just love to do the white hat thing.

I’m pretty amateur at what I do. I am still learning.

1c0a4a () No. 7643746



>Passenger jet crash yesterday not in notables?

Not getting much from qresear.ch that suggests it was captured. I saw one or 2 posts about it.

fe3969 () No. 7643747

Wanna see the end of a dynasty?

Pull my finger.

7323c6 () No. 7643748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

180f72 () No. 7643749

Very weird. I’ve never seen this word or heard it and it was in my dream early this am. Baruch. Then I saw bread postings scrolling quickly. Perplexed.

e0224f () No. 7643750

a19486 () No. 7643751


Biden advanced on his corruptibility, not his brains.

66d7af () No. 7643752



There is a lot of truth to this.

> Our gut bacteria control our moods and our overall health.

I have dug a lot on this, and will continue to do so.

e30fcb () No. 7643753

Q mentions vid clip from Brian Stelter/ CNN attacking Trump for

retweeting accounts of people, who follow Q.

It is important that Brian Stelter was wearing a purple tie,

showing his allegiance to Soros (purple) and his allegiance to the "resist" movement, which is a movement steered by Soros.

Remember also Hillary's non-concession speech, where she wore a black suit with purple lapels and purple blouse.

Q is right:

The MSM is the arm of the Dems,

Dems and their media are puppets

and Soros is their puppet master.

And they showed it again, by Stelter wearing a purple Soros tie,

while attacking Trump and the Q movement.

2f55a1 () No. 7643754

>7643289 (pb)

>>7643524 (pb)

>Geo location = London, office in the USA embassy

should this be


2e7dbe () No. 7643755



Prob just adjusting the script on the bot again

4dc9cd () No. 7643756


==Hmm..this just came up..I knew I had seen "Silkway Airlines" somewhere==.

377a36 () No. 7643757


> John McCain did not like Gina Haspel, says a lot about Gina Haspel.


6cd194 () No. 7643758

42ceb7 () No. 7643759



>Mr McCain and Senator Rand Paul are the only Republicans to have opposed her nomination publically.

9b02e4 () No. 7643760

PANIC = no panic whatsoever

33558b () No. 7643761

81003a () No. 7643762


I'm here on standby whenever you'd like a handoff.

o7 baker and nice bread.

ad884e () No. 7643763


Haspel was confirmed in a 54-45 vote,

b8b53b () No. 7643764


it wasn't captured, it should go in the notables

dc0f87 () No. 7643765

>>7643118 (lb)

>>7643145 (lb)

>Kevin Clinesmith

Good time to pull up old digs for the other [Batter's Box] residents?

2381 - Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 10 Oct 2018 - 1:42:13 AM

[Batter’s Box]

Michael Steinbach

John Glacalone

Randy Coleman

Trisha Anderson


Kevin Clinesmith

Tashina Gauhar

Sally Moyer

a4b8e0 () No. 7643766

cb0460 () No. 7643767

What's Your Social Credit Score? (Truthstream Media)


About China's Social Credit Score System

7323c6 () No. 7643768




e12612 () No. 7643769

Intel probe puts CIA’s Haspel in a bind


The prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to examine the origins of the Russia investigation is focusing much of his attention on the CIA, placing the agency’s director, Gina Haspel, at the center of a politically toxic tug-of-war between the Justice Department and the intelligence community.

The prosecutor, John Durham, has reportedly asked the CIA for former director John Brennan’s communications as he examines the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin intervened in the election specifically to help Donald Trump.

1d ago

4de9ca () No. 7643770


What movie are you watching?

4224bd () No. 7643771


it means:

Patriots Are Now In Control!

e0224f () No. 7643772

7ea570 () No. 7643773

Ukraine Anti-Corruption




The American People want to know why you are in #Burisma's promotional materials (the corrupt #HunterBiden firm).

It was around the same time you were Obama's Deputy Sec. of Defense and hate groups were being promoted in Ukraine by #JoeBiden.



Evelyn Farkas Admits Setting Up Secret Channel

May 27, 2017


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33558b () No. 7643774

9983ad () No. 7643775


the retweets are not on POTUS twitter but the tweets that were RT'd are still online. This surfermom Trump supporter got 6800 rt's and ovefr 18k likes from it.

9b02e4 () No. 7643776

Nothing BIG is coming.

2467e0 () No. 7643777


A letter rite


57 (plane) delta


could "whitehat" be "double-you height h A t"?


No more ED? Erect now? Dead?

Is "legally" leg ally? Is P → R the addition of a "leg ally"?

Nevr mind my meandering thoughts.

ab3809 () No. 7643778


fe841d () No. 7643779

In Jesus name we pray, clean up our nuclear mess in Marshall Islands. Nuclear mess more important than politics. Amen, Q. -Anon

c24c44 () No. 7643780


YUP. Exactly my point in the last thread.

They pushed back on her.

I don't think they pushed back on Wray. I fucking hate Wray. I like Gina.

So basically, if the Dems like a person, that person must be Shady AF.

If Dems don't like a person, that person is going to do good

66d7af () No. 7643781


c7067c () No. 7643782

275ac3 () No. 7643783


You can still be in college and practice your craft. I’ve got my name (more than once) on the worlds richest company’s website acknowledging my contribution to their security of their products. My lament is that I haven’t been awarded bounties kek

800dd7 () No. 7643784

db137d () No. 7643785


Plato said all knowledge of sensible things is mere opinion.

60e908 () No. 7643786

be2376 () No. 7643787


>apparently chose Frank Lloyd Wright’s ghost to design it

Ghost of Atatürk will deal with Islamist goatfucker Erdoğan

ef1844 () No. 7643788



ce8c29 () No. 7643789


Water Boarding

7323c6 () No. 7643790


trips of truth. chek'd

5fbabb () No. 7643791


We saw it the first time. No need to keep shitting it over and over.

885a44 () No. 7643792

Dr Robert Epstein

Whistle blower of Hillary Clintons nefarious relationship with Google, and Big tech whistleblower in general


His wife just died in a car crash.


Dig, Meme, Pray

This war still rages on.

377a36 () No. 7643793


>She may look like your gramma bakin cookies

She look fine to me!

99d4fe () No. 7643794

Lord have mercy on the newfags inbound

d841a6 () No. 7643795

No meme artist here but this little portion of Barr's NBC exclusive is rich!

800dd7 () No. 7643796

493b5f () No. 7643797


Correct. Because you have a baby dick.

20d899 () No. 7643798


Gen Flynn likes water boarding

f80195 () No. 7643799


noted it!

remember a quick blip

Q posting

tapped at 2A

391062 () No. 7643800

Transparency && Accountability

249644 () No. 7643801

>>7643289 (pb)

geo location > (Geo)rge location?

df51fa () No. 7643802


Can you imagine the nightmare that would result from UN control of nukes? Can't wait for the UN to be gone forever and their building either turned in to Trump's Presidential Library No. 1 (there needs to be one in every state and country), or demolished like Bldg. 7.

Worst. Case. Scenario. Yikes.

20fb13 () No. 7643803



2e7dbe () No. 7643804


Well that confirms Gina as /ourgirl/

33558b () No. 7643805

c24c44 () No. 7643806


That is true. I fucked mine up & I don't know how is fix it. But the difference between when my gut was healthy & now is fucking HUGE. In every aspect of my life. I did it to myself though. Like an idiot

14489b () No. 7643807



9082e9 () No. 7643808


just happened

37cc56 () No. 7643809


Hannity is always anouncing his guest with their #1 best selling book . Greg Jerret / the Great one , etc ….How many books do you sell to make it to #1 ? ……How many books did the renagade sell , or Hillabeast ? ….Q has suggested before , diquised as a book deal …..I'm not a good spel'r ….Just thinking out loud ….I really think we need a dig on all the publishing companies

7323c6 () No. 7643810


me about to be cooming BIGLY once me wife gets home

df787c () No. 7643811

4dc9cd () No. 7643812



What is the connection between "Silk way Airlines" and "McCabe"???

4df53f () No. 7643813


Can you guess why John Nash and his wife had to be killed?

He's the guy who came up with Game Theory, but why would that matter for all this?

dc0f87 () No. 7643814


Yeah, that first chart is definitely not the "normal" seismic patterns I have seen. And the hour long duration is also not "natural".

Yeah, have read about the Pentagon's pedophile Task Force…thank God it is happening.

524469 () No. 7643815

33558b () No. 7643816

2304b5 () No. 7643817


Fun Hendrix fact…

He played a right handed guitar upside down.

Think about that. Wow! 🤯

4224bd () No. 7643818


get some yogurt and have some.

you know that bacteria grows quickly, right?

493b5f () No. 7643819

391062 () No. 7643820

1ca630 () No. 7643821

Deranged Liberal Murders His Wife and Pets… Tweets Confession to NRA, Mitch McConnell and President Trump


7305d2 () No. 7643822

>>7643661 Wind Politico up, and they will stream out lefty garbage by default. GH IMO is not protecting anyone or anything. She appears to be doing the "right" thing. Bringing justice is the only way to do that. Protect the innocent now & later, by punishing the guilty now.

20fb13 () No. 7643823

ad884e () No. 7643824

e30fcb () No. 7643825


Why not 2019?

df787c () No. 7643826



As in…

Baruch hata Adonai?

Baruch the Scribe?

You've never come across that word?

33558b () No. 7643827

a5a2a0 () No. 7643828


Here's 5 screenshots, scrolled with some overlap to see the connections between pics.

I'll keep posting pics as I scroll…

c24c44 () No. 7643829


That is a good oldfag baker. Does his job without bullshit & doesn't give in to mouthy shills


f9c64a () No. 7643830

926b20 () No. 7643831

Imagine being so disgusting to allow such vile

evil atrocities to continue in the 21st century

and calling yourself righteous.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33558b () No. 7643832

2dc2a1 () No. 7643833


That guy never went crazy, he just figured it out.

e0ad9b () No. 7643834

a6f99c () No. 7643835


GOD WINS n sheeit.

204dcc () No. 7643836

Who is the first arrest going to be???

33558b () No. 7643837

377a36 () No. 7643838


lots of plane crashes lately,

this is Kazakhstan, hi, and now louisiana

33558b () No. 7643839

180f72 () No. 7643840


No I haven’t.

fe3969 () No. 7643841

2b1500 () No. 7643842

DNC server(s).


Did Russia 'break-in' to DNC server(s)?

Why did FBI accept 'indirect' evidence re: DNC server(s) 'hack''break-in' by Crowdstrike [Ukraine]?

Why didn't FBI 'directly' investigate DNC server(s) [in-hand]?

Download speed internal data DL vs remote? [1]



How does one provide content to WL?


>person-to-person [1]

Personal comms [secured] prior to release? [1]

The (Source(s)):

>Feeder [1]

>Recipient [1]

Interning for the DNC can be deadly.

Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capablity' to trace 'break-in' route(s)?

Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capability' re: foreign intercepts?

Possible to layer/insert code [Crowdstrike] to designate intruder [intended target]?

NSA data_bridge DNC-Crowdstrike [bulk data collection]

Matters of National Security [Highest Levels].

FISA is only the beginning.

The hole is DEEP.


e12612 () No. 7643843

Do you solemly swear to bring the pain?

for the meme makers

e49623 () No. 7643844

33558b () No. 7643845

1023bf () No. 7643846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dc0f87 () No. 7643847


2020 is going to be GLORIOUS

4df53f () No. 7643848


Thanks. Yeah. That's why the need for the movie (which was great btw). Keeping up the narrative. AND keep mentally ill taking their toxic drugs.

e30fcb () No. 7643849



Because this would shock (and help) the world.

127f55 () No. 7643850

cb80b7 () No. 7643851

>>7642910 (lb)

Muddy the waters by throwing a bomb of legalese smashing the rule of law in one of our more populated metro areas, where Familia and NYPD joined the silent war a long time ago.

Where police are in danger.

Smash the rule of law in the minds of many so that when the crimes of the 'elite', chosen, special, and elevated hit the airwaves for normies to see, the actions of everyday Americans acting criminally in places where the rule of law has been smashed can do a cranial injury. Humans commit crimes… everyone. New social media campaign. Have you committed a nasty crime? #MeToo

No deals. It will be hereby remembered in ages to come that we lived in the time of the rope. Kek wills it.

66d7af () No. 7643852

9b02e4 () No. 7643853

33558b () No. 7643854

20fb13 () No. 7643855


>FISA is only the beginning.

a6f99c () No. 7643856




5ec48a () No. 7643857



>publishing companies diggs plez

25d1b0 () No. 7643858

Pounding on button intensifies

204dcc () No. 7643859

fbc728 () No. 7643860


Thank you Q!

34ce01 () No. 7643861



33558b () No. 7643862

a4b8e0 () No. 7643863


Not Russia hack on dnc servers

a56cb5 () No. 7643864


He most certainly does

275ac3 () No. 7643865


I don’t know whether I’m confused – or you..?

I don’t like to be exploited. Especially by the worlds richest who are just being greedy. If I’m gonna do what I love it may as well count for something positive if I’m not being paid. I am 100% whitehat.

370bb7 () No. 7643866


per the article Rand Paul also opposed

'Mr McCain and Senator Rand Paul are the only Republicans to have opposed her nomination publically.,

800dd7 () No. 7643867

7170a6 () No. 7643868


Russian pig inside dnc working/leaking to JA.

SR fall guy.

23a428 () No. 7643869


Oy vey, death penalty for treason is anti-Semitic.


c24c44 () No. 7643870


WHAT?! Holy shit! That guy was VERY vocal on Google fuckery & Hillary too!

Fuck. That is horrible! He is a good guy. He has so much proof on Google fucking with the election

377a36 () No. 7643871


>geo location > (Geo)rge location?


66d7af () No. 7643872

6cd194 () No. 7643873

33558b () No. 7643874

90ed53 () No. 7643875

Look at the way POTUS & Pompeo are looking at hassle and VP Pence. I’m not a body language expert but I don’t think you need to be. Any thoughts?

dc0f87 () No. 7643876


Wow, nice.

2467e0 () No. 7643877


"Russia's" name was Seth Rich.

1ca630 () No. 7643878


his name was Seth Rich and flash drives are deadly

7323c6 () No. 7643879

just rewatched this again yesterday with everything i know now. pretty insane. want the world to know the truth. think tower 7 has many redpilled - rogan was talking about it a couple of weeks ago to his massive audience

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33558b () No. 7643880

2dc2a1 () No. 7643881

0add92 () No. 7643882


Q doesn't give a shit about you, nothing is going to change as far as corruption goes.

It's all lies, and you are just part of the plan "Operation Placation"

Those who were awake, were bogged down in the minutia of individual stories of wrongdoing.

Like how when your family member steals your stuff for their drug problem, you turn your back on them , only to fall for the I've changed and can you help, you let them back in your house, they rob you blind again.

Wake up people, you fell for supporting your military, who is currently all over the world harming countries, their leadership, and their people. You see, you were waking up to how wrong they were(lose your support) so they needed to rope you back in with patriotism. The pendulum swing is the story of Q, whose plot is to keep you sidelined until it is to late to do anything about it.

OWO is the goal, Q is the last controlling piece, think Japanese Interment Camps, and you can start to open your eyes to see.

The only place WWG1WGA is OWO, get really woke or you are a joke.

778266 () No. 7643883


Future will prove past!

77047b () No. 7643884


hippos kill more people than crocodiles

never diss a hippo

1023bf () No. 7643885


echo "attentive anons already know"

e12612 () No. 7643886


Hacked? Nah they paid for access

d621d6 () No. 7643887


arrests soon, kind Q?

you said 2019 indictments…

7ea570 () No. 7643888

33558b () No. 7643889

d21f71 () No. 7643890

>>7643814 The duration is about 15 minutes. Each horizontal line on the seismic recorder is 15 minutes. The vertical lines are 5 minutes with 1 minute ticks.

The event started at about 12:32 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Coincidentally(!?) there is a POTUS tweet that occurred at EXACTLY that time.

Oh I forgot, there is NO coincidence!

This is a Q / POTUS signature just like the Mayotte 17-minute artificial signal event was. In my opinion.

ad884e () No. 7643891

377a36 () No. 7643892


CNN has ex FBI Josh Campbell all over the HI heli crash >>>>>>>>>>hmmmm….

99d4fe () No. 7643894

360248 () No. 7643893


Clear chain of custody for evidence. this is getting good now.

e49623 () No. 7643896


800dd7 () No. 7643895


They handed WL a USB stick at a Sunoco station.

7e9fed () No. 7643897

20fb13 () No. 7643898




df51fa () No. 7643900

20d899 () No. 7643899


show us some dirt Q

we want to see some people get mud in their face!

1c0a4a () No. 7643901




Article PDF cap for Baker

Archive link:


90a2d3 () No. 7643902



3c0ecc () No. 7643903

09e1b7 () No. 7643904

25ef4d () No. 7643905

59866c () No. 7643906


Thank Q! o7

33558b () No. 7643907

2dccc4 () No. 7643908


i was googling where is that bogus book obummer was suppose to be writing after he got out of office…moments later the topic is foremost on Q's mind..hivemind√

2dc2a1 () No. 7643909


I was told the other day on TV this was debunked.

44c66f () No. 7643910


Will Justice ever be served for those that murdered Seth?

764b69 () No. 7643911

52bf61 () No. 7643912



PANIC indeed.

Godspeed Q.

9cebd9 () No. 7643913

Would be nice if this were suicide weekend. Do us tax slaves a fucking favor you traitorous assholes.

344576 () No. 7643914

>>7643584 (lb)

If you're still here, these are the tweets I want.

All fucking deleted ffs.

If an anon or you doesn't have them, I can just use the qmap post, but the tweet itself looks better, kek.

f287e3 () No. 7643915


Vault 7 & 8 tools allow an agency to fake who hacked a server/computer

042e60 () No. 7643916

2b1500 () No. 7643917

14d836 () No. 7643918

94a986 () No. 7643919


Let's not waste valuable breads with debunked conspiracy theories.

cddc49 () No. 7643920


George Nader

33558b () No. 7643921

e12612 () No. 7643922

926b20 () No. 7643923


The DNC and the Sanders campaign agreed on the retention of CrowdStrike to conduct the investigation. Over a five-week period and the commitment to the work of 128 hours, CrowdStrike examined user activity within VoteBuilder by three Democratic Presidential campaigns: Hillary for America, Bernie 2016, and O’Malley for President. Additionally, CrowdStrike conducted a forensic examination of two systems belonging to the Bernie 2016 campaign. The investigation sought to first identify whether any campaigns’ users accessed data via the VoteBuilder system in an unauthorized fashion and then determine the nature of any unauthorized access that did occur.

The cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has concluded the independent investigation agreed to by the DNC and Bernie 2016. It identified evidence of unauthorized access via four user accounts from the Bernie 2016 campaign. All unauthorized access occurred during a one-hour period from 10:41 to 11:42 EST on December 16, 2015.

During that time, the four users conducted 25 searches using proprietary Hillary for America score data across 11 states. All of the results of these searches were saved within the VoteBuilder system, with the exception of one instance where a user exported a statistical summary of a search using HFA scoring in New Hampshire.

CrowdStrike found no evidence of unauthorized access by the Hillary for America or O’Malley for President campaigns.

Today, the Sanders campaign also voluntarily dismissed the breach of contract action pending against the DNC.


sick game you all play on innocents

800dd7 () No. 7643924

Well of course they lied about Russian being the culprit. You can fake that easy.

606149 () No. 7643925

This may have been discussed before, and I apologize if it has, but I found a HUGE flaw in Twitter. This is one where the Digital Army can take it down.

With any promoted (paid) tweet, the advertiser has to use their official Twitter account to send that tweet. When users see those tweets in the feed, they have options with what to do with it. One of those options is to BLOCK that advertiser’s Twitter account.

What if Patriots started blocking the companies behind each promoted tweet in our feed as a response to Twitter misaligned policy or harsh treatment of ANONS?

Twitter literally has given us the power to cut off their advertisers from our feeds PERMANENTLY! We could do this TOGETHER and take down their advertising network.

Instead of getting preferred placement, they get blocked. We could call it the Boomerang Blockade or something creative like that and have a hashtag for it.





We dump all their advertisers in the digital bay. Imagine the glorious memes!


Q - Any chance at a mention on this one? What a great battle win it could be for the Digital Army.

Thank you for listening. God bless.

180f72 () No. 7643926


I just looked him up. Now even more weirded out because my closest friends have compared my life to Job. (I know Job isn’t mentioned in what I just looked up but damn Jeremiah had it tough. )

a19486 () No. 7643927


The dominoes start to cascade!

391062 () No. 7643928


>Download speed internal data DL vs remote? [1]

This was Bill Binney's analysis if i recall correct.

>Interning for the DNC can be deadly.

Hi name was Seth

>Matters of National Security [Highest Levels].

I wonder if some releases are being prevented by legit methods concerns.

>The hole is DEEP.

shit happens.


fb4717 () No. 7643929


>John Nash had to be killed

John Forbes Nash Jr.

(June 13, 1928 – May 23, 2015

did they slowly red scarf him over a period of 30 years?

377a36 () No. 7643930


>Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capablity' to trace 'break-in' route(s)?Does Crowdstrike possess 'gov_capability' re: foreign intercepts?


crowdstrike identified SR as 'leaker/hacker.'

ece8a4 () No. 7643931


It wasn't a hack No Such Agency knows, the anons know. Thank you, Q.

df51fa () No. 7643932


kek Q

77047b () No. 7643933


the hole goes down UKRAINE

7b9eb2 () No. 7643934

9983ad () No. 7643936

df787c () No. 7643935

a5a2a0 () No. 7643937


Sorry Jon Voight, I screengrabbed at the moment you had your eyes closed and, and haha it kind of looks like you are doing a Donald Trump impersonation.


I think this requires an investigation of TWITTER by the DOJ for political activity. Did Twitter register as a Demokkkrat org?

fe3969 () No. 7643938


Approaching max temp.

Blow the lid off - of it all.

b8b53b () No. 7643939


orensicator’s first decisive findings, made public in the paper dated July 9, concerned the volume of the supposedly hacked material and what is called the transfer rate—the time a remote hack would require. The metadata established several facts in this regard with granular precision: On the evening of July 5, 2016, 1,976 megabytes of data were downloaded from the DNC’s server. The operation took 87 seconds. This yields a transfer rate of 22.7 megabytes per second.

These statistics are matters of record and essential to disproving the hack theory. No Internet service provider, such as a hacker would have had to use in mid-2016, was capable of downloading data at this speed. Compounding this contradiction, Guccifer claimed to have run his hack from Romania, which, for numerous reasons technically called delivery overheads, would slow down the speed of a hack even further from maximum achievable speeds.


90ed53 () No. 7643940


Just wondering if you’ve got a highlight moment when you watched it. Please share if you do and anons can fast forward to the golden moment

9cebd9 () No. 7643941


His name was Seth Rich

42ceb7 () No. 7643942


>The hole is DEEP.

Deep fakes comin'?

1ca630 () No. 7643943

1a21fd () No. 7643944

33558b () No. 7643945

20fb13 () No. 7643946


Troll level 9000

19d2f1 () No. 7643947



7ae7c6 () No. 7643948

d21f71 () No. 7643949


The Depends for Men on the right shelf are a nice touch.

f287e3 () No. 7643950


Yaaaas get 'em team!

ea1fe5 () No. 7643951


His name was #SethRich

c24c44 () No. 7643952


People have laid alll that out, in detail and it always amazes me that their hard work gets overlooked or dismissed. This has been known to people for almost 3 years now and is constantly ignored. It's another one of those table-flipping frustrations

25d1b0 () No. 7643953



Assange To Hannity: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government

Posted By Ian Schwartz

On Date January 2, 2017

In an exclusive interview with FOX News Channel's Sean Hannity the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Russia was not the source for the DNC and John Podesta hacks.

Related Video: Hannity on Julian Assange: "I Believe Every Word He Says"

HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party.

Hannity's full interview with Assange will air Tuesday night at 10pm ET. More from the interview:

ASSANGE: Our publications had wide uptake by the American people, they're all true. But that's not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House. So, why such a dramatic response? Well, the reason is obvious. They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President…

ASSANGE: Our source is not a state party, so the answer for our interactions is no. But if we look at our most recent statement from the US government, which is on the 29th of December, OK, we had five different branches of government, Treasury, DHS, FBI, White House presenting their accusations to underpin Obama’s throwing out 29 Russian diplomats. What was missing from all of those statements? The word WikiLeaks. It’s very strange.


042e60 () No. 7643954

60e908 () No. 7643955

7323c6 () No. 7643956


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1023bf () No. 7643957


life in prison or death?

e0ad9b () No. 7643958


His name was Seth Rich

34ce01 () No. 7643959

a4b8e0 () No. 7643960

f80195 () No. 7643961


thanks G

meet at the dough nb?

6cd194 () No. 7643962

2dccc4 () No. 7643963


you are clearly explaining how deep this goes…

and we thank you for your diligence in the matter we also thank you for your patience in dealing with our impatience…it is clearer everyday this will all be worth the wait

66d7af () No. 7643964

Assange To Hannity: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government

In an exclusive interview with FOX News Channel's Sean Hannity the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Russia was not the source for the DNC and John Podesta hacks.

HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta's emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party.

ASSANGE: Our publications had wide uptake by the American people, they're all true. But that's not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House. So, why such a dramatic response? Well, the reason is obvious. They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President…

ASSANGE: Our source is not a state party, so the answer for our interactions is no. But if we look at our most recent statement from the US government, which is on the 29th of December, OK, we had five different branches of government, Treasury, DHS, FBI, White House presenting their accusations to underpin Obama’s throwing out 29 Russian diplomats. What was missing from all of those statements? The word WikiLeaks. It’s very strange.


5c6b24 () No. 7643965


Q, so dmitri a worked at the pentagon during the hussein admin

can only assume this was in the works for years

e183d6 () No. 7643966

The scale Boris Johnson’s victory is something that will see in the US election next year.

The left/feminist/cabal/socialist/fascist/deepstate/Democrats/Labour (whatever you want to call them) have proven to our respective populations on either side of the Atlantic that they have absolute contempt for democracy whilst hiding under the guise of protecting it.

In the UK; Parliamentarians, Lawyers and the Media did everything they could to overturn a democratic vote. Resorting to Constitutional Buggery Most Foul.

They LOST!

In the US; Representatives, Lawyers and the Media have done exactly the same thing. Same tactics. Constitutional Buggery Most Foul. To try and overturn the result of a democratic vote.

They will LOSE in 2020!


God Bless the UK

God Bless the USA


33558b () No. 7643967

bbfb4f () No. 7643968


Beautiful. fukken saved. And congrats on the you!

4224bd () No. 7643969


story about Seagate engineer being killed by a falling tree stuck out at me:

>>7630883 (pb)

backdoor on the harddrive?

68c57c () No. 7643970


>Possible to layer/insert code [Crowdstrike] to designate intruder [intended target]?

>NSA data_bridge DNC-Crowdstrike [bulk data collection]

Holy shit.

df787c () No. 7643971

a19486 () No. 7643972


Consider the alternative.

9082e9 () No. 7643973


obvious diversion

4dc9cd () No. 7643974

7e9fed () No. 7643975

d621d6 () No. 7643976

96d994 () No. 7643977



Wut does Gina know about Ukraine, Bidens, Brussels? The bodies? Wanna feelz muh but leery. You tellin her to come out?


42ceb7 () No. 7643978

377a36 () No. 7643979

Brian stelter on CNN now taking about Trump's despicable tweets

quick, find a link…i am watching tv

33558b () No. 7643980

391062 () No. 7643981



20d899 () No. 7643982


we need it to be real Q

b2a9e4 () No. 7643983


He could span six frets.

a4b8e0 () No. 7643984

2b1500 () No. 7643985

fbc728 () No. 7643986

Is this is BIG you are looking for Q?

c24c44 () No. 7643987


but I still say, FUCK Assange. He may have been a good guy, but he took the attention he was getting & toyed with so many people who actually cared about him & honestly wanted to help that I really hope he gets the rope. After he comes clean of course

44c66f () No. 7643988


Please God make this happen soon.


6cd194 () No. 7643989

The hole is DEEP.

33558b () No. 7643990

5f831d () No. 7643991


When Q? please in 2019 , we want to save the world in 2020!

a6f99c () No. 7643992


>you said 2019 indictments…

[2019] is in a fuckin' killbox..which could also mean..'first let's finish off 2019'..get a grip, faggot.

we're not here to give random retards handjobs for no reason..

66d7af () No. 7643993

b8b53b () No. 7643994



23a428 () No. 7643995


Down with EU, UN, and the global Israeli lobby.

Long live Western Nationalism.

"Israel Is A World Cancer -Greg Felton"

[0:00] "No it's not, I mean, you mistake Israel for a Country, where as you hear it's not some post (can't make up the word he says) little backwater in the East end of the Mediterranean, but Israel is almost a supranational Country, if you look at the map, the degree to which Israel lobbies in Canada and the United States, England, thru out the world, manage to extort behavior, and coerce conduct from foreign governments, you have to look at Israel as more than just the size of the land that it is illegally occupying. It is much larger than that, and I think that you need to redefine what you mean by Israel."

[0:40] "Israel is like a world cancer, that has infected the body politic of human race to such a degree, that national governments are not able to formulate national policy, and that is simply true of the United States, it can't make any policy without permission of Israel, and you look at Obama and other Presidents basically grovelling on their knees to kiss the ring of the Israel lobby every year at the AIPAC, it's just humiliating, and why would anyone humiliate himself on his own soil unless he had no choice."

e12612 () No. 7643996



7287ce () No. 7643997


start ur own business

control ur own destiny

42ceb7 () No. 7643998


Tippy Top Kek!

96d994 () No. 7643999


Corney gettin punked, huh?


377a36 () No. 7644000


>Brian stelter on CNN now taking about Trump's despicable tweets


59866c () No. 7644001


Get ‘’em Qteam

fb4717 () No. 7644002

2a6c93 () No. 7644003

>>7643917 Please let this meme come true soon God Bless you Q Q+ thanks for helping us take our country back. p.s. please shut down the pain weapons "CIA, Fusion Centers etc" directed at us Targeted individual the V2K I can live with; but prioritize the weapons please and thank you.

65d961 () No. 7644004

33558b () No. 7644005

2dc2a1 () No. 7644006


He will have a recollection of this.

25d1b0 () No. 7644007


Hey Andy, come over here and look at this…

is that a MOAB lodged in my urethra?

a91d92 () No. 7644008


Make it rain sir.

df787c () No. 7644009


Gee, Q…

What could you possibly be getting at?

d621d6 () No. 7644010


Who knowingly or through dereliction of duty allowed or carried out the September 11, 2001 crimes against the people and property of the United States of America. GUILTY OF TREASON.

We have NOT forgotten and will NOT rest until justice is served.


George W. Bush 43rd President

Dick Cheney Vice President

Colin Powell Secretary of State

Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense

John Ashcroft Attorney General

Marvin P. Bush Securacom CEO

Larry Silverstein Owner of TwinTowers

Robert S. Mueller F.B.I. Director

George J. Tenet C.I.A. Director

Michael Hayden N.S.A Director

c09fee () No. 7644011



>The hole is DEEP.

f639d3 () No. 7644012


o7 Busy today too!

127f55 () No. 7644013


>Over a five-week period and the commitment to the work of 128 hours

5 weeks 128 h? crowdstrike seems to be very lazy, one person, less than fulltime?


dc0f87 () No. 7644014


Oh okay, thank you for the correction. That is still an extremely long time for such a strange wave form. I wonder if there is any connection to the "earth ringing like a bell" back in 2018? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/11/strange-earthquake-waves-rippled-around-world-earth-geology/

2467e0 () No. 7644015


>whether confused

double-you chair ether see-on fused


h un d red pair see in t W-heels up

cb0460 () No. 7644016


Can you please tell us, if the self-alleged Epstein victim Jessica Leigh Collins is really an Epstein victim?

66d7af () No. 7644017

90ed53 () No. 7644018

7305d2 () No. 7644019

>>7643917 If they decide to save the taxpayers some money, it won't be from a sense of honor, like seppuku. It will be from fearing some other things more than death.

7287ce () No. 7644020



42ceb7 () No. 7644021

764b69 () No. 7644022

377a36 () No. 7644023


can watch thru ads, then go back in time!

a827c3 () No. 7644024


Triggered by a phrase?

Call it what you want.

Some have termed it the Collective Human Unconscious Mind.

I really don't care what you call it.

We know what we're talking about.

Anons' quantum photons are entrained across time and space with one another.

275ac3 () No. 7644025


Can you add just a little moar sauce..?

e0ad9b () No. 7644026


Why did FBI accept 'indirect' evidence re: DNC server(s) 'hack''break-in' by Crowdstrike [Ukraine]?

>>Because Crowdstrike is founded by former FBI employee (s)

92cc43 () No. 7644027


Hang em all. Traitors suckling on the teats of the American taxpayers for personal and familial benefit.

7e9fed () No. 7644028

d960a9 () No. 7644029


Comey and McCabe holding books by JC and HRC. Both titled leading to the Cabal.

5f831d () No. 7644030


We're getting there…we know patience

59866c () No. 7644031


The truth will set us FREE.

81003a () No. 7644032


Sounds like a plan. Will have the ovens ready to go.



232eb4 () No. 7644033


How many moar times will we have to witness shit like pic related for the one that shouldn't have lost a rigged election?

2391d9 () No. 7644034

9983ad () No. 7644035

a5a2a0 () No. 7644036


Aw, is the little JIDF bot panicking over this movement being worldwide?

My entire formerly 'liberal' voting family has been red pilled. You're welcome!

And thank you too. I couldn't have done this without perceiving where and how you low IQ morons attack what information. You helped me know why there are such attacks in the first place.

Q marks the spot!

565262 () No. 7644037


2 suggestions:



2dc2a1 () No. 7644038


We are finally getting to the good stuff.

96d994 () No. 7644039


stetler coulda hacked into that server – shitz he probz had it in his bathroom for a spell or too…

ba4dcb () No. 7644040


Oh Sir, please let this pic become real!!!!

3c0ecc () No. 7644041

a6f99c () No. 7644042

f38bd6 () No. 7644043


Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Q!

dc0f87 () No. 7644044


This is fantastic. It is going to crumble straight to ground…no need to burn it and salt the ground.

df787c () No. 7644045


Just go with CC…

Collective Consciousness

62df07 () No. 7644046

778266 () No. 7644048


Woohoo!!! Thank you Q!

f99a63 () No. 7644047


May Grace & God be with all of You………


764b69 () No. 7644049

a19486 () No. 7644050


Have Roberts' strings been cut?

fd193d () No. 7644051

bf81c6 () No. 7644052

87253a () No. 7644053


Time for the Seth Rich Saga. Awan Brothers

Murder. Espionage. Treason. Subversion.

The Great Awakening

1023bf () No. 7644055


glad whitehats are on it. I feel so useless. guess I'll pray.

377a36 () No. 7644056




crowdstrike complicit in murder of SR

2dccc4 () No. 7644057

3ac52d () No. 7644058


0c70f4 () No. 7644059




Time to STRIKE Back!




7170a6 () No. 7644060

ab8028 () No. 7644061


May the Lord bless you Q. Please help us in the next year. Germany is a dark place. Thank you. German Anon

f38bd6 () No. 7644062

7b99f5 () No. 7644063

OIG of USAID job opening announcement.

Job Announcement: Criminal Investigator - Foreign Service, FS-1811-06

Announcement Number


Opening Date

Mon, 12/16/2019

Closing Date

Fri, 12/27/2019


b8e457 () No. 7644064





92cc43 () No. 7644065


Indictments before the New Year? Time is running out.

90ed53 () No. 7644066



Q responds to anons post

bf81c6 () No. 7644067



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33558b () No. 7644069

6cd194 () No. 7644068

Q, do you think they believe they will go scott free?

19d2f1 () No. 7644070



df787c () No. 7644071