d71dee () No. 8292070

6b28e90a3cb77b....jpg (843 KB, 255 x 170, 2048 : 1365, new-mexico-195....jpg) (h)

Q's answer to the "Are we alone?" question as well as confirmation of the existence of programs outside of the public domain proves it would be wise to research these topics further.

Discuss them and anything related in this thread so we don't clutter the generals.

Proving UFOs, extraterrestrials and (unacknowledged) Special Access Projects are real is similar to proving deep state is real. The buildup of many coincidences and softer proofs like notable high ranking officials saying weird or cryptic things (POTUS, Juncker, Medvedev…), having documents revealed or seeing (and feeling!) unexplained lights is the proof generally accessible today. This prevents mental conflict among people that are not ready for this Truth but provides those that are awakened with confirmation, similar to how Q operates.

We have had new information released through FOIA requests and some minor disclosures in the media. Pentagon is considering a further declassification of its uSAP's. By comparing official documents and ways government organizations react to UFO/ET question and various "insider" information, you can paint a clearer picture. Seek and you shall find.

Always use discernment. Don't just spam your info, make sure it's at least logically sound, reasonable and backed with the facts/coincidences we have. All rules of physics and logic apply even if it's not understandable from our limited perspective. This is a serious research thread and as such is under constant attack by those that wish to prevent any further disclosures and waste anons' time and energy. Do not reply to these posts and keep your eyes on actual info and digs.

Please read: The switch from 8chan to 8kun has broken the old links so notables are only from the breads since the move

Thread #1 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/256741.html

Thread #2 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/2518070.html

Thread #3 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/3166229.html

Thread #4 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/3599217.html

Thread #5 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/4320475.html

Thread #6 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/4886696.html

Thread #7 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/5499240.html

Thread #8 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/6050258.html

Thread #9 Link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/6470608.html

Thread #10 link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/7071248.html

Thread #11 link: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/7814826.html


Search function: qresear.ch (use this to search for the past notables that have 404'd - just paste the post number into the search bar)

>>2322789, >>2323031 how to deal with shills (tl;dr - do not reply)

d71dee () No. 8292078

Notables from #11

Are not endorsements

>>7817260, >>7822999, >>7823207, >>7977378, >>7978952, >>7983351, >>8289302 UFO vid/pics/docs/meme dump

>>7818915, >>7818920, >>7818923, >>7818925, >>7821282 Project Pegasus/Andy Basiago bun

>>7886979, >>8252908, >>8253054, >>8262572, >>7846804, >>8265100, >>8289120 Project Looking Glass bun

>>7936280 "MAP provides KEY"

>>7958157 "This equation will change how you see the world" - fractal video

>>7958885 Are ESP and Project Looking Glass one and the same and can that be used to steer a ship?

>>7970478 Project Looking Glass operation site link and video link and "Alice" explanation

>>7939888 Cryptic ET-related talks from high level people (Juncker, POTUS, Medvedev)

>>7989647 Interview with Robert Salas about UFO-related ICBM malfunctions

>>8001393 "People of Earth" Disclosure in plain sight?

>>8038633 Massive updates about DUMBS from a navy veteran

>>8049258 Bun of Q coincidences mentioning "Light"

>>8061567, >>8062039 Digs on uSSP (Solar Warden), Gary McKinnon and Mars

>>8065106 Snowden docs claiming that the United States has been ruled by ETs who also assisted Nazi Germany

>>8123257 Phil Schneider Documentary about Grey Aliens, UFO's & Government

>>8159486 Blasting 'Forever' Chemicals Out of the Water with a Blast of Cold Plasma

>>8165733 Electrokinetics as a Propellantless Propulsion Source by Thomas Valone, PhD

>>8241299 Space Station Live Feed Captures Unidentified Flying Object

>>8249956 Nuclear rocket called Draco developed by DARPA

>>8253740 Digs on "Love and Light" phrase used by Q

d71dee () No. 8292083

Notables from #10

Are not endorsements

>>7071341 POTUS on keeping an open mind

>>7071872 Dr Steven Greer on making contact

>>7354416, >>7470304, >>7482124, >>7627519 Project Looking Glass information and videos

>>7398550 Admiral Byrd and Antarctic

>>7401705, >>7565542 Hybrid Aerospace-Underwater Craft, High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator, Electromagnetic Field Generator, etc. and screen cap

>>7402204 UFO's over DC

>>7406870 Historical symbolism

>>7582685 "Janeway vs Archon - Star Trek Voyager" Holy wood symbolism

>>7587739 "2019 was a banner year for credible UFO sightings"

>>7593859 Thermoelectric cloud chamber

>>7608166 Dr Greer and the Rockefellers

>>7613718 For keks - Hillary caught with space alien

>>7653429 Article on the declassification of secret space progams

>>7655272 Tesla's secret meaning video

>>7724216 Itzhak Bentov video

>>7730543 Aliens exist and they are living invisibly on Earth, says first Brit in space

>>7731526, >>7731581, >>7731668, >>7731621, >>7731706, >>773183, >>7731855 >>7731889, >>7731902 Advice to newfags for finding information plus reposting

>>7806277 Minibun of bread 10 highlights

d71dee () No. 8292089

Notables bun from Bread 9


(use qresear.ch for searching those)

d71dee () No. 8292111



Many thanks to the past baker who took over when I had to bolt. Also thanks to y'all that made the notables. Keep diggin' till we make it.

2065f1 () No. 8292334



1:12:14.1 - 1:12:24.7

Orb or dust?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a8286b () No. 8292547

745a1cdc547261....png (25 KB, 255 x 66, 790 : 205, 745a1cdc547261....png) (h)

There is an anon that appears to be dropping cryptic hints and coincidences in these threads. Apparently years ago a post was made about this anon being in the military of a unit you've never heard of. And that we should be happy this anon is on our side. There was also a reference to "LIGHT" which lines up to Q posts. There are also weird references to movies and project looking glass, along with even weirder synchronicity to Q posts and POTUS tweets.

There were posts made in the last thread apparently by this same anon, which is collected below as I feel they kind of deserve their own batch of notables. As Q said, there aren't any coincidences. Without further ado, here are a lot of coincidences for anons to digest. 

>>7849561, There will come a day when they will look for what they missed.

>>7880431, FOLLOW THE LIGHT.

>>7890652, It was always your choice to see the LIGHT.

>>7891408, Cryptic post revealing the secret of time travel in Avengers End Game months before release.

>>7925830, Deadpool predicts Q was watching, then Q replies to the same Anon.

>>7935060, New wave of 'random' attacks?

>>7935424, Older Ra shilling from past breads.

>>7935578, More Ra shilling. Not random.

>>7936280, MAP provides the KEY. Coincidence with Ra on Dylan Louis Monroe map on Comedy Central.

>>7945455, Ebot is now 'Ra' following posts?

>>7957963, Anon reaches out to help Q split seconds before Q posts "error long night" - Q makes no errors? Or do they? References to  helping up a mountain.

>>7958117, Deadpool makes prediction for a Q+ post after a long dry spell, then the next day Q+ (Batman) posts.

>>7970001, The 'Key' opens the door of all doors.

>>7970591, ALICE, the key.

>>7985558, There are no coincidences.

>>7992993, What is a 'doctor' used for?

>>8068058, White Castle, Disney Castle.

>>8076669, POTUS tweets a Superman video shortly after comic books are discussed in this thread.

>>8108866, Specific reason (they) are using this specific song to distract/confuse.  

>>8265011, Odd coincidence with POTUS "Lowkey" statement and Loki. Odd timing. Dan Scavino makes a "Batman" reference with meme.

>>8267592, Anon predicts shills would use Ra channeling to distract in this thread.

>>8292300, NSA can confirm comms. Q makes a "Doctor(s) treating" post.

So there is all of what was dropped last thread. I would strongly recommend anons go back and read these and take screen caps. 

I have attached the very first post screen cap from this series which was made years ago in the very first of these threads. 

As always think for yourself, there are no coincidences.

9ef242 () No. 8293600

All end of LB





In the last half of the original interview with Kerry Cassidy, she mentions Dan Burisch, the Stargates, and the Yellow Cube.

One of the videos in my binge-a-thon was Dan's, also interviewed by Kerry.

Might be getting a little ahead of things here but figured I might as well drop it.

Its another long one, and is better listened to in the background while doing other projects.

His story is just as incredible as Andy Basiago and Bill Wood's (Brockbrader) story, and I've noticed now after going through these that they're all correlating in their own ways.

You said you had a theory when you posted on the main board.

I should be ready to jump into that tonight after finishing all of Bill's vidoes.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9ef242 () No. 8293642


What Dan's video(s) lead to is something I saw before but didnt know if it was true or not.

I still dont know, but his story of the J-ROD makes this video a bit more believable.

Take it for what its worth.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b50293 () No. 8294100

7fbe2e115ca8e9....jpg (1479 KB, 255 x 191, 4032 : 3024, touch down.jpg) (h)

697069 () No. 8295219


Slightly better video with commentary.


This very much looks like Semjase's beamship, photo by Billy Meier.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

444d76 () No. 8297287

46f4052e63969b....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 142, 500 : 278, ERo_6KoVUAAVxTL.jpg) (h)


>There is an anon that appears to be dropping cryptic hints and coincidences in these threads

4b253b () No. 8297671


I really felt distressed watching this video. What is this ? Are these guys torturing him ???

For my part, it is not a question that aliens are real. I have been directly and contacted and have seen craft.

4b253b () No. 8297688

There must be a reason why he is choking. Either it has something to do with the atmosphere or with something done deliberately. Or maybe it is both.

697069 () No. 8298244



It was filmed in S4, which is south of Area 51. He is in a base owned by the Cabalist Military Industrial Complex who are not known for their benevolence or hospitality and only care about technology trade and serving their satanic overlords. Either way, poor thing.

>I have been directly and contacted and have seen craft.

Can you tell us a bit about this? What kind of contact, was it related to the sighting?

697069 () No. 8298252


All these are just random bunches of Q crumbs, Q-pretend LARPing and failing to deal with shills 101.

35afad () No. 8299220

Perhaps we are going to get a Christmas Present from our President this year.


The reason I posted this was due to the mention of Space Force and how it will effect everything we know.

6f40fd () No. 8299533


The LARP never deals with the really BIG issues.

Shutting down central banking, enslaved America by way of I.R.S., Wall Street corruption, kicking out the U.N.?

The LARP makes cover for the BIG exposure: 9-11, advanced technology, MIC secrets. Trump hides all of that. So much for transparent.

"In the end the choice to know will be yours" is meaningless. In the end it's too late. It's the end.

"All presidents are controlled puppets. They are afforded certain latitudes to appeal to their base. The rest is a script."

9ef242 () No. 8299539


I wish he we wouldve done video 3 as video 1, because after video 2 I was ready for more of that.

His story jives with everything else I'm hearing.

It really is all bigger than most of us can imagine.


>Are these guys torturing him ???

In the video I posted with Dan Burisch, he says essentially yes.



I have seen multiple interviews now where they are saying we arent the only planet out there being tormented under their rule.

Makes sense but still pretty crazy.

bf494f () No. 8300473


They attack what they do not want you to discover. There are no coincidences.

bccfbe () No. 8300552


>Can you tell us a bit about this? What kind of contact, was it related to the sighting?

It was a contact. I have written about this on some previous thread. As far as I know, it was not related to the sighting(s) which took place about 20 years later. The sightings were two : the first was in Berlin on a nightly bike ride near the "Teufelsberg" ("devil's hill"). wikipedia : 'Teufelsberg (help·info) (German for Devil's Mountain) is a man-made hill in Berlin, Germany, in the Grunewald locality of former West Berlin. It rises about 80 metres (260 ft) above the surrounding Teltow plateau and 120.1 metres (394 ft) above the sea level, in the north of Berlin's Grunewald Forest. It was named after the Teufelssee (Devil's Lake) in its southerly vicinity. The hill is made of rubble, and covers an unfinished Nazi military-technical college (Wehrtechnische Fakultät). During the Cold War, there was a U.S. listening station on the hill, Field Station Berlin. The site of the former field station is now fenced off and is currently being managed by an organisation which charges 5 to 10 euros for public access.'

I did see there were police cars parking there regurlary and I didn't get a "positive vibe" about this hill. On that night I went there and saw that there were adults "strolling" there with some kids, not during an hour where kids should be in the warmth of their own. I figured out it had something to do with satanic worship and that they were taking these kids to an entrance to some undergound base. Until now that I ppsted the wikipedia information about this hill, I didn't know it for certain but now I know that there is something in the underground. As I rode my mountainbike I saw a young guy spraying graffiti on what seemed to be an entrance. It seemed suspect to me. Then, as I went further, I saw this adult with 2-3 kids walking in the woods. Perhaps they were walking away from the entrance to the underground or towards it. I would say they were walking towards it but I am not sure. They were walking away from the graffiti guy. Maybe it seems now like a coincidence that there was this guy spraying (or guarding ?) near an entrance. I do not know for sure that it is an entrance. But I had a bad feeling and at this time I knew that there were people outside in outer space. Also I did know that there could be Deep State craft operating. I had read about other people here on the board about sightings similar to what I had then. That the sightings they had happened in a kind of thelepathic way. I know that the Book of Ezekiel of the Bible also describes similarly on how the sightings happen; "where the mind went, it went". So, I knew then that there was something not right with this place I was. I said a prayer then to the skies that if someone was out there to help these kids they should show me some proof and show themselves to me. It was at this moment that I while looking to the night sky, similar to what an Anon on this board described, had this thought in my mind to "look there". At this moment therer was a flash that was not a plane nor a meteorite and deliberately where I had my mind set to look at, that dured for a bit less than 1 second. This sighting I think was the answer to my prayer, or rather request/question of if someone is out there, they shall send me proof that they want to helo the children. Then it was like I was given a direction in my mind that pointed me to a path in the woods wich would have lead to the side of the hill and it was like this was the direction where the adult with the kids had gone. I did not follow it.

bf494f () No. 8300692

bc857759c8def7....png (73 KB, 225 x 255, 500 : 566, breitpepe-2814....png) (h)


There is nothing random about Q posts. Nor is there anything random about the numerous repeated coincidences between Q, POTUS and the anon mentioned. You do not create this number and magnitude of coincidences for three years one after another all based on random chances, nor is the original message in the original thread a random coincidence. Now prove my theory correct, will we continue to see your ID hash 697069 for the remainder of this thread? Or will it conveniently reset?

They attack those they fear the most, didn't Q tell you that?, and this anon has been attacked more than anyone in the history of this site because of what they know and what information they are sharing.

Continue to share your decades old digs to distract. Anons have been guided, and you will fail to stop them from seeing the light.

Lights on.

bccfbe () No. 8300807

1d425a930c8e11....jpg (2913 KB, 255 x 143, 3264 : 1836, 15831772780496....jpg) (h)


I did see something there that made me unconfortable, knowing what I knew about satanic abuse and underground places of satanic worship. That satanist exist in Berlin, that they are looking like hipsters spraying graffiti on walls and that they also are looking like normal people. But it is the whole picture that was startling. An adult with 2-3 kids walking on that hill where nobody was and what did seem very suspect to me. I knew that others from space were guiding at this time. And that there were some benevolent forces helping us fighting the satanic worshippers. I knew that the Q team may had access to advanced technology. I knew in a way that during WW2, my country had developed spacecraft "Hanebu", "Die Glocke". And now, writing all this at your request, a thought arises that there are benevolent forces opposing the occult satanic worship of the Nazi regime under Hitler that work with the LIGHT in them. What further makes me be more certain of this is that I had visions of Jesus Christ showing me a saucer as well as dreams concerning immaculate, almost unreal but very real chrome saucers. So anyway. What I also know or assume is that Q is working with the NSA. I assume that Operation papercip didn't bring all the powers of darkness into your country, the USA. That maybe there is also a force of good that made it there too. I hope that it is so, otherwise the continuation of my witness about sightings may be a dark and hopeless story.

I was sitting with my sister in the living room of my grandparents house 2 years ago. It was for the occasion of the burial of my grandmother, who passed away after my grandfather. The house was empty but the lights in the living room and in the stairs did flicker and went off without an explanation as we talked about times past. I always bring an instrument as a way of expressing myself in all occasions and it did seem the right choice to bring it into that empty house. My sister showed my some lyrics to sing, as I do never really like to write songs myself but instantly can write the music and the expression of said lyrics that can be bent in any way to conform or rather to underline my soul at any given time when I wish it to be so. She showed be these lyrics :

'Starry, starry night

Paint your palette blue and grey

Look out on a summer's day

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul

Shadows on the hills

Sketch the trees and the daffodils

Catch the breeze and the winter chills

In colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand

What you tried to say to me

And how you suffered for your sanity

And how you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they did not know how

Perhaps they'll listen now'

As I sang these lyrics the word "they" went in tought to my father and my aunt sitting in the upper etage. I knew that they were listening and may never showed their interest openly but always later tried to find words for what they thought they had missed to show to me in emotional form. So I knew they were listening and my souls voice was directed at them. Then, my expression of the words "perhaps they'll listen now" changed in direction. I sang the words to a listener on the other end of the signal that my phone was sending to a data center. The NSA. Before that song, I saw that there were some swastika on a object that belonged to my grandparents and now belongs to me. It was not Hitler's swastika. Rather, it was two swastikas, one to the right and one to the left. So then I directed my lyrics to them, to a group out of the guys of my country who came to invent and are in control of saucer technology. My country had always great inventors. And I am pretty certain now that the group associated with Q is that group who invented the Hanebu and the Glocke. Van Gogh so I know it, saw many things but lived a very poor and sad life. He saw things in the sky. Anyway. I sang the words "perhaps they'll listen now" to the other guys on the receiving end of the signal.

bccfbe () No. 8301078


Then I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I knew something was about to be seen and as I looked up to a precise point in the sky, like my tought was directed to this point with my expectation of seeing a sign of those who I sang to, there was the same flash. It was no plane nor a meteorite and it was for less than a second. That was the second sighting, one to two years after the first. Someone on this board said the question before I described my two sightings concerning the "flashers", 'could you imagine that lockheed martin or the deep state could do such things with one or two millions?'. I do not know what to make out of this. Is Lockheed Martin one of the good guys or did he want to sow doubt about these sightings that he knew would happen beforehand ? He did respond to another Anon. Only after this I saw the flashers. Did he knew beforehand that I would see them, or that people would see them and wanted to discredit or sow disinfo about them ? Anyway, I do not think it is that important. But like Q points to that the Deep State is using looking glass technology, it could very well be possible, that things that happen in the future are tempered with in the past. I do know this : Jesus Christ showed me a saucer. Then, concerning thelepathic proprieties of the craft (or of its crew ?) I want to adress the first question or request you had. Me being contacted directly.

This was 20 years before the two sightings. I was 8 years old at the time. I had fever and was laying in my bed. I know that I was awake, but maybe it also was like one of these dreams where you dream of yourself in the place you are dreaming your dream in. I still have these dreams. But I think this state of consciousness was required for the contact I had. Maybe the transition between being awake and dreaming was very sudden. First, there was a black panther walking beside my bed. I did not feel fear. Then, the room went very bright and I saw a man, approx.3 meters tall in a tuxedo (and cylinder) made of a fabric that is like the sparkling confetti that rains on TV shows when the participant has won. And so, there were these silver sparkling confetti stripes that his suit was also made of flying around the room. He then said to me these words :"You have won" directly to my mind. Then he was not there anymore and I saw a hovering object like out of smooth skin or flesh, first hovering over me, then taking the appearance of a camera that belonged to my older brother at the time Then the room went dark, back to the previous, normal brightness and a dark sphere like made out of metalleous rock hovered upon me and I felt really heavy. I still have these states of feeling like a heavy giant made out of lead. And that was it.

Anyway, there was this component of telepathy that was also present in the two sightings I had 20 years later. It is present in the book of Ezekiel, in many if not most of all positive UFO encounters and the component of bypassing states of consciousness by being in a dream. That is where I see the relation to these two things, the contact and the sightings and I am very glad that you asked me this question for me to reflect on it.

So that is my answer to you, Anon. Later on I had another of these dreamlike states with a clear and direct element of contact. Writing about this helped me to make a evaluation of the things that took place and my take place in the near future.

bccfbe () No. 8301649


What these guys are doing to him… He may be one of the benevolent greys. Pretty sure he is and he showed us that grey aliens are not all malevolent. Like their race has dark elements, our race has them too. The things is saw, the sightings and the contact that was made directly to me, they are of the benevolent ones that oppose the dark forces. It may be possible that we have a perceptional matrix laid upon us and that many of us are not homo sapiens after all. "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face, and I will know even as I have been fully known." What will happend when the dark forces of our planet that enslave us in a matrix will be overcome ? Will we then see ourselves like we really are and be seen like we really are ? If we overcome the satanic forces on our planet then will we be free to be ourselves ? At this point I question if I am that what I see myself to be. I see myself in service to others, as a human. I see myself as a human being that wants to help the population of this planet by perceiving myself as a part of this planets population. But sometimes I feel like a visitor in this place. Like someone studying and being amazed at everything that is here. But also I feel the need to be strictly human, like everyone around me. We are made in Gods image. God that showed himself to us when he showed us his son Jesus Christ. He was human in appearance. So is our appearance and biology. When his followers questioned that he returned in the flesh he asked them to feel his open wounds and showed them that he was like them. That is what God intended. It is a difficult topic. What would be if a perceptional matrix would be lifted and many of these that look human turn out to not be human ? But what if this perceptional matrix is lifted at a point where everyone living on this planet have come to accept that they are human ? What becomes then of this planet and what becomes of those who accept to move on back to their brothers in space that are of the same species of themselves ? Is it maybe that earth is a prison planet and all that are living here are put to the test ? What is freedom then ? A prisoner is always a slave to his masters. Except when he, by his actions, has won the right to know freedom again. But what if the earth isn't a prison planet and if we all are here like intended by God ? If being human is our fate ? Having souls that show themselves to us when we habe the right to know our origins. What God has intended for us is his intent and cannot be changed or altered. Maybe some of us have souls that are remnants of lost human or humanoid civilisations in time. And here we are. Jesus is my king, and if I was made in Gods image, then the image God has given to me was the same image of my king. I would never have someone as my king that is not like me, I would never follow him. Even if there are other civilisations out there, unless I turn out to not be human, which is not the case, I would not follow someone who is not like my image. And my image is like the one of Jesus. He looks like a homo sapiens. If someone said to me that my king should be one looking like a gray alien, then my image would be like a gray alien. If someone says to me that my king should be like the homo sapiens, then my image will be like the homo sapiens. The greys have their king, and he looks like them and God showed them that his son for them looks like them and that they look like the image he has given to them. What then about these that can look like humans ? Reptilian shapeshifters ? Or those who struggle to accept the Son of God as their king ? If someone rejects Jesus Christ then he rejects the image God has given to him. I think this may occur on many different planets. Maybe this planet is one on where it occurs. Satanism ! That there are some people here that reject the image God has given to them and by this attract all the malevolent images of the other worlds that also reject the image God has given to themselves. Maybe this planet is the last one in the universe where that happens. Maybe there are more. Maybe there are worlds out there where homo sapiens rules as a false God, a slave master over the species on it. Like the Cabal does on ours. It may be that reptilians have overcome this state on their planet but that some reptilians have fled the LIGHT and chose to enslave homo sapiens. Homo sapiens may have fled the earth and have chosen to enslave other species. Maybe this will happen in the future when we win and the Cabal backs off. That they will look for another world to conquer.

9ef242 () No. 8301738

More Project Camelot

2 part interview with William Mills Tompkins, former aerospace designer for Douglas Aircraft





4 part interview with John Lear, son of American inventor, businessman, and founder of Lear Jet, Bill Lear.









5390f6 () No. 8301764

5cc77144e39b70....png (440 KB, 204 x 255, 360 : 450, The_Flash_Vol_....png) (h)





All religious / political / existential beliefs aside;

This is how it all begins Anon.

What if I told you that Anons have discussed this very phenomena in great detail for the past several years?

Since the Q phenomena began?

What if I told you that footage has been captured on multiple occasions?

That these events have been chronicled in explicit detail?

Issue #177 takes a trip down memory lane to 177A Bleecker st.

Seems fitting for March.

No attempt to divide or divert Anons to different platforms.

Anons were given free will to do / choose as they wish.

It is your choice whether or not you wish to proceed / read.

Though it may shed some LIGHT…



>What's wrong with these people? You'd think they never saw THE FLASH before!

<Lights on. - Q

bccfbe () No. 8301810


What other choice would we then have than to support the ones there that are being enslaved ? I have read some things about reptilians speaking to us about them being a developed species and being aware that some of them are living here on earth because they have fled the light. That they have no other choice than to support us to free ourselves from them.

In a certain way, the grey alien being held at S-4 shows this to us regarding the elements of his own species that are not willing to surrnder to the light, by showing himself to us indirectly on this board (This is very sad and distressing, as I mentioned it before). That there are greys that exist, showing us that they exists, by sacrificing himself to the satanic cabal. He shows us that malevolent greys are real just like he, benevolent, is real. This is disclosure happening right now for everyone to see.

Yes the cabal operates spaceships, and they are being held in check by the other benevolent forces out there in space. The cabal knows this and knows that they will be destroyed as soon as they try to flee. So they are only left with one option, make a last stand. So that we can make them come into the LIGHT, conquering them. We need to conquer the dark forces on our planet. I hope that earth is in a quarantine that holds up to 100% and lets nothing out. But to be honest, I doubt it. What if the Cabal makes it to outher space anyway ? Yes, we will be a free an elightened society of humans, but what will them remain of the cabal ? What other species other than homo sapiens will they try to force themselves unto ? This is a problem and if my information is correct, other species have the same problem. But as God says to us through the Bible and his Son and his apostles, "I have come to prosper you and not to harm you".

bccfbe () No. 8301813

Guys, mark my words. WE WILL PROSPER.

bccfbe () No. 8301880


Out of the bread that you directed me to :

>This may occur, but there is no need to wait.

Before I copied the above, I said this in my reflections in : >>8301810

>This is disclosure happening right now for everyone to see.

Godspeed, my friend. Be the light upon you. Some synchronicities there. As well as the 44% battery on my phone at 22:22. That may be another topic.

e88ed5 () No. 8302155


This was missed


Coincidence between anons "Light and Love" mirrored with Q's "Love and Light". Also has "Lights on". Think mirror? Oh so many layers. Nice choice of bread name too kek. No coinkidinks!

b1844a () No. 8302278


Excuse me sir,

I approach you as a humble anon, someone who joined the "movement" very late and has been trying to play catch up (there's so much to sort through and its a bit overwhelming). But I have been seeing many coincidences lining up with my real life discussions with my father in various forms of media, most recently the Witcher series. A character in that game shares a name with me (even a mothers name) and I have been seeing the word "mutant" a lot as well, including in the thread you linked. I feel as if someone/something is trying to tell me something. I can't expect you to glean much information about my situation, but perhaps you could enlighten me on what exactly is meant by our "innate mutant abilities"…? I am not asking for you to give me the answer, but possibly point me in the right direction? I have also screenshotted the "strange shot" formula and plan on trying it myself. Thank you for your time

6f40fd () No. 8303558



(you) are disinfo.

53157e () No. 8305510

3b848ecfe6ba99....png (1205 KB, 119 x 255, 2420 : 5169, rising.png) (h)

8240f3afd33766....png (31 KB, 185 x 255, 362 : 499, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Good god, you guys…


This is more or less what I thought.

Either way, they were interesting posts, but the moment seven people jumped on this guy's back and screamed, "Yeah, he's right! You're a shill!" I had a good feeling either that particular anon was extremely confused or the idiots following him around holding out their hands.

I'm not a fucking shill. I've proven it before.

If you guys really want me to just use a different IP every time I post, I can easily do that. However, I figured I'd be nice and let you filter my by posting only with one IP. Also, I may just be lazy.

Anyway, here's a fuck you to all of the retards and the shills that are clearly trying to get people to ignore me.

/ourguys/ are here, undoubtedly watching. They know I've been here since day one too.

I literally just made a reference to Q's mentioning Light, threw in some interesting Tool quotes because Maynard's a badass and clearly knows more than he lets on.

If you want to know or hear about some nifty shit, listen to Parabola by Tool. The very first few lines will hit you like a truck. Of that, I have no doubt.


"Coincidence" is merely some made up word. It has no place in mathematics.

Things truly happen for a reason.

Also, it's funny how no other mention of "Light" or "The Light" gets attacked like when I showed you guys how some elements of Tarot works along with mentioning a simple Tool song.

What bothers [them] about Tool, anyway? Aren't they just some crass Metal band that the weird kid always listened to?

I'll just say this, in closing: the "Occult" (simply means "Hidden") has a lot more to do with the topic at hand than anyone here seems willing to talk about.

47f2ed () No. 8305844


This post has much truth in it!

New Rules ?

1 God is here and real.

2 UFO'S Seen them , not sure they were from space.

3 Take a look around you ? This is an amazing place with many amazing stories to follow .

And the stuff the main stream is trying to sell you is a lie.

e95500 () No. 8306072

affc59f6003ee2....png (75 KB, 255 x 69, 1308 : 352, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

2c89567cbe53e4....png (50 KB, 255 x 26, 1296 : 132, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

42602627bab87d....png (71 KB, 255 x 87, 1198 : 410, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

bef831a9391b38....png (49 KB, 255 x 54, 1134 : 238, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

so I finally found out who I am.

11d549 () No. 8306243

This was a good interview from NSA whistleblower Ken Johnson and George Noory about extraterrestrial bases on the moon.


1084c7 () No. 8308148


George Noory is a gate keeper , Nothing more nothing less.

BTW Are you watching the News Meltdown ?


Have you been watching the Main Stream News ?

Here are some facts.

Bill Clinton is a rapist .

Renegade was not born in the USA.

Hillary Clinton has a death list.

Joe Biden is loosing his mind.

elizabeth warren has lied her way to the top.

These are facts ..

All of the rest ?

d8fa56 () No. 8308288

US Navy patent for "anti-gravity" craft:


SAP developments will roll out to a public that mostly doesn't really care one way or another, as they feel it doesn't affect their day-to-day existence.

Budgets to continue developments can now be drawn from non-black sources.

9ef242 () No. 8308370


I dont care much for George Noory but I really liked this interview,

Its jiving with everything I've been learning from other videos I've posted like Dan Burisch, Bill Wood (Brockbrader) and John Lear, and many others.

At the end of it they said the people have been lied to long enough and are ready for disclosure.

4dbc05 () No. 8308521


[citation needed]

bf494f () No. 8309549

d3677d75fa0d2b....jpg (245 KB, 199 x 255, 2327 : 2980, 5bc.jpg) (h)


The shills have never wanted anons to know that you've been experiencing ET visitations for years and have helped others do the same literally since Q first started posting. The knowledge (and video proof) in that thread pretty much destroys all of the mainstream disclosurefags. Thank you for sharing this light! Keep climbing that mountain together. Lights on superheroes!

0935ad () No. 8309612


Those who had these experiences know it perfectly clear… at least they know they saw "something" and in some cases they made contact. Mainstream folks don't even know our Universe is inhabited at all, let alone by what wide variety of entities. So really any article that isn't fearmongering, indoctrination or sensationalist slide helps awaken the people a bit. Think Space Force.

a8a79c () No. 8309790



Frugivores and megaliths<:>Man is and they exist.

Catastrophe at 00:13:45 [moar than a comet[s]:Think:-Sun-Spit'n-Plasma]-in-arc-mode]]


>The History of Nephilim Giants, It's Far Stranger Than We Could Imagine


Butt: Just recall what matters: Earth' (Electro)-Gravity is 9.81 meters per second per second. This limits beings to a maximum mass of 10,000 kilograms. (on land)

Q: What Governs Earth' (Electro)-Gravity?

Q+: Can (does) it change "rapidly"?

QBonus: Can a Heavy-hEart Fly?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a8a79c () No. 8309859

FLASH! "Eye-Do"-luv'm 'electric-eel[s]

>Lord Flasheart's Grand Entrance | Blackadder II | BBC Comedy Greats


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

646fa0 () No. 8310598

d2ec53ce669c94....png (461 KB, 255 x 225, 550 : 485, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


WOW anon, many synchronicities with my own story.

>You have won

One night a few years ago, my housemates son, who has a tendency to sleepwalk was doing so when I was sleepily walking to the bathroom (which is next to his room) he was up and almost looked as if he was climbing up the walls (weird, I know, I must have been half in/half out) and it startled me so much that I screamed…he seemed to "wake up" (though the next day he had no recollection of this) and he came over to me and was like: Anon (name redacted) WE WON!" and gave me a high five.

Fast forward to a few months ago, was sleeping in the same bed as a close friend, he sat straight up looked me in the eyes and says "Good, I am so glad you won! Fucking Lace Eaters" He doesn't remember doing that at all. I couldn't sleep after that and thought hard about what it could mean…. I came to the conclusion that lace eaters maybe meant cannibals as it seems what ever crazy evil we are dealing with here likes to obsess over the genetics of our DNA.

Either way, its seems that we are engaged in a spiritual warfare that our physical selves can only garner glimpses of through our dreams and visions, but we have obviously WON NOW and we are just "enjoying the show" from this vantage point.

I too have had telepathic conversations with craft and flashes over the years, I have outlined a few stories at TL. Interestingly enough I also had a dream "superman" (which I have come to believe(imho) is a metaphor for a Jesus) (which (imho) is a metaphor for the superhero we can all be) visit me 4 years ago and the subsequent synchronicities led me to Q and this whole dang adventure and he too showed me craft in a dream…. There were triangle craft in the sky and all these folks were getting sucked up but we were about to get in this circular craft….the dream ended there…so to be continued I suppose.

Anyway…This thread is off to an epic start.

Thank you for sharing your story!!

646fa0 () No. 8310688



forgot to add I have also clearly seen a black panther, seemed very benevolent, in my third eye…right around the time this Q phenomena began. It is not totally normal for me to have such clear visions, I am usually a dreamer, so it felt significant.



646fa0 () No. 8310701

84c4271e91be0c....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 255, 720 : 720, 84c4271e91be0c....jpg) (h)


…and DNA looks kinda like lace

0935ad () No. 8311073


Holy smokes! What is the source of that pic? It doesn't look like DNA but it's an (third) eye opener.

5390f6 () No. 8311603

abc492771641fa....png (189 KB, 255 x 193, 350 : 265, The Flower of ....png) (h)

74703941576c77....png (292 KB, 255 x 121, 1007 : 478, Light on Anons.png) (h)

95548095b4d765....png (136 KB, 255 x 198, 255 : 198, The open Third....png) (h)





>…and DNA looks kinda like lace

<it's an (third) eye opener.

9ef242 () No. 8312047

The Pharaoh Show: Alien Predators in Human Appearance - Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland, by Sean Hross.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8328d6 () No. 8314464

1ebb4614c4ae89....pdf (5203 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, CE5_Tampa_BEGI....pdf) (h)


A friend and I had three sightings between the two of us last year of a flying black triangle. Mine was after the patent declass in April. She reported her sightings to MUFON whom proceeded to intimidate and ridicule her. The craft I saw was moving so slowly it looked like it would fall out of the sky. This was around 5:57pm on a Sunday. I ran to get binoculars and somehow the craft vanished. Perhaps human error but I suspect cloaking technology. She and I are unabashed CE-5ers. Perhaps this has something to do with the sightings. We live in a city with millions of other people.

The craft had many rivets and a commercial airline in the background was moving at a greater velocity.


Thanks for notables. Very clean & tidy too.

The people I CE-5 with have been using pages 19-25 of this guide plus greer's "coherent thought sequencing" technique for the past six months and have had personal record breaking success in terms of quantity and quality of contact. It's really simple compared to some of the older methods. If anyone tries this let us know how it works for you.

8328d6 () No. 8314491


Look into numerology for the answers you seek

bf494f () No. 8315197

737bbcf462b1bf....jpg (71 KB, 143 x 255, 607 : 1080, 87300202.jpg) (h)




Nice synchronicity with the crop circles. Oh and the "Light on" reference way before Q ever posted it. Yep, definite mountain Q proof. Keep shining superheroes!

9ecc2b () No. 8316245

ed5e2075117661....jpg (279 KB, 255 x 123, 1420 : 685, crop-circles-1.jpg) (h)


I think the Crop Circles are a way for the People in the Craft to talk to us.

But I am not sure how to read this stuff.

They started to show up in the 90's and now things are getting interesting.

2e3f09 () No. 8316690

b91be5b28b659b....jpg (92 KB, 255 x 191, 960 : 720, Slide1.jpg) (h)

a771ea3dd7a07b....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 219, 590 : 507, Fig8ba.jpg) (h)




I really don't know how real it is. Any search just leads to thread like this one, truth seekers being like whoa! the flower of life!!! It IS the center of everything isn't it!…but nothing with any science sauce. and One German meme that says its falsch. Ill admit it does seem too simple, though that is kind of this big secret isn't it?

The truth of our design is so simple but the big wig science guys spent a whole lot of money defining their egos and don't want us plebs to know that you may not need genius status to "get it"

On a search I did find a Dr R Langridge. All the articles I find seem to want to highlight the fact that he was a contributor to one of the Star trek flicks and not about his contributions to science…His computer generated cross section does look like a mandala…

This is the best sauce I found that referenced it:


Here is a list of his publications for further diggin if interested:


On a side and somewhat related note…Did anybody ever watch that whole Netflix series that had the "Q kids" trying to solve the puzzle?

The second season of the OA. When it first came out some anons on the main breads were talking about it so I binged it. It was full of coincidences and clues of course, including at the end of the whole thing there was a big House and at the tippy top was this "rose window" that ended up being a portal to another time/dimension.

All knowledge hidden in plain sight.

It seems,

it is in our DNA.

2e3f09 () No. 8316801


whoops that's for (you)



it's weird isn't it?

Answers only lead to moar questions, I've found. How does it all work? How is it that you are the center of your own story and see all the synchronicities unfold around you and I have the same experience (same same but different?)

I have been "awake" for quite some time and have noticed this phenomena since then, though once Q came on the scene it has amped up. (is there an amplification because moar and moar of us are starting to "tune in" to this truth?)

Right when I started posting here I had a dream where some words scrolled across my third eye… "new people, enjoy the ride" …I thought odd…went to the store later that day and the lady at the check out was talking to me about something unrelated but repeated "new people" 3 times, one after the other… maybe seems dumb, but to me it was a confirmation. And that seems to be the crux. This story is for (you) to know, to enjoy and to tell and we are ALL doing it.

A harmonic and sometimes cacophonous pattern of consciousness weaving a web of story together yet separately. This, to me, is the Great Awakening, imagine when every person wakes up to the truth that they are the center of their own story, knowing that this is also the truth for every other one …. Our individual lives will create a more harmonious reality for the whole of our species. A beautiful new world, indeed.


Exciting times, frens!


2e3f09 () No. 8316855

8e58efafddad25....jpg (292 KB, 255 x 178, 800 : 557, 8e58efafddad25....jpg) (h)

b1844a () No. 8317466


Ok so I'm rather skeptical about this stuff, since I've seen people being "read" when its generally just a bunch of open ended positive statements that the person confirms like 'omg wow! that does sound like me!' but this shit is creepy accurate.

Thank you for this

53157e () No. 8317699

I'm glad we've circled back around to numerology because that topic is extremely interesting.

Like we've covered already, coincidence has no place in mathematics.

In the same vein, numbers literally describe our surroundings, characteristics about ourselves, they help us understand the way humans interact, grow and think.

Like we've been told, there are simply no coincidences.

Anyway, numbers are very interesting and understanding the basics really reveals a lot of what's been hidden from us.

For instance, 2=1

Beyond the mathematics principal, it helps govern a significant portion of our world, including us, even.

2 humans = 1 human




2 hemispheres = 1 brain

and so on

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1844a () No. 8318134


Yes indeed my friend, exciting and VERY interesting. I actually had a rather impactful dream (which is rare for me, I usually don't dream) where, to make a long story short, the walls of my house were covered in cockroaches or some sort of bug(s). Shortly after I realized they were everywhere, I roasted them all brandishing a comically large lighter. To me it seemed undeniably to be some sort of "message" and was meant to convey something. I have my ideas, but I dare not assume. For if my assumptions are correct, I would be incredibly humbled and grateful that I would be the one to be blessed with that opportunity.

This is the first time I've said this (sad I know) but may Almighty God bless you anon. I really mean that. I'll pray for you to continue your path of enlightenment and maybe see you on the other side :)

c85c2b () No. 8318184


Archons https://qresear.ch/?q=Archon


In 1963, Archons in the United States were organized into a service society, the Order of St Andrew. This Archon status is not part of the Church hierarchy and is purely honorary.


This was called X2 under the OSS. When Congress created the CIA (1947), X2 became "Operation Gladio."

Mitchell 1911 .45 ACP



1. [they] rightly assume all electronic comms are being intercepted by white hats. [they] resort to written messages hand delivered by couriers.

2. This network will be more difficult to trace than electronic means. White hats execute a plan to make the network glow. Some physical messages are intercepted by white hats and tainted with a biomarker that will cause a temporary illness with a specific set of symptoms. The illness will affect only those who handle the messages; it will not spread from person to person.

3. White hats watch hospital databases and note who is being treated for this specific set of symptoms. The hand routed cabal network begins to glow. Connections confirmed, mapped. Reports of illness popping up in disparate and unusual locations – Iran, China, Italy, etc.

4. [they] figure out what is going on and panic again. Message goes out to media assets to kick the fear machine into high gear, hype a fake virus hoax with similar symptoms. Or maybe it is an actual strong flu virus they push out. Who knows. Point is to get the normies to panic and overwhelm the CDC/WHO reporting networks that the white hats are monitoring. [they] are hoping the bury the signal in the noise. Too late.




Archon is a Greek word that means "ruler". There are two factions at play here, the roots that run deep into the center of the earth are the "Red Squad" deep state faction. They are burnt black because they appear to be so dark red that they look black. They often wear white (as you see in the various displays during the congressional hearings and trials they all wear white) because wearing white in their minds symbolizes the purity of absolution between a system of duality. In other words, they are very happy being outside of the view of God and not in his courts, and they don't want to return to His presence and His courts because they believe that they as a group (Hive Mind) "group think:" can do more than God does as a Trinity, (Singularity) "true ruler of the universes". I'll make another post about the black hats and the significance of men in black.

c85c2b () No. 8318191

The Black hats are actually the rightful side to be presented as Noble and Valorous Archons. Since in chess, the white always starts first, the black typically has a leg up on the strategy, for when you go first you are showing your moves ahead of the opponent that is responding to the moves you are making. This is known in those circles as Trumping your Opponent's moves. Why? Because Trump is always 10 moves ahead of everybody else. Okay so black hats, the black side, the men in black are the actual good guys as I have come to find out recent, they are the ones that by right have the Nobility to actually wear white but you must know by now that we live in a mirrored world and a mirrored universe from the one above us. The heavens see the earth and look upon them as if everything were negatively imposed or backwards in presentation through the mirror dimensions that are being seen. So what you look like when you are dressed in black from the above perspective is dressed in white. In the above, the perception of the sun and the stars are reversed, where we see a black sky and a yellow/white sun, the Higher and Most High see them as a White Sky with a Black Sun.

Confusion is the greatest tactic of all. For the sheep will not steer their self and no manner of coaxing with the truth can force them to obey, not even when their life and liberty and domain are directly in the line of fire from external risk factors. God sees what is inside your heart and knows you by the life you have lived, He is the ultimate judge over all the souls of the earth, the ones in black are seen by the Higher Vibrations as the Valorous because they have had many victories over the darkness in the past and they all fight for what is right and what stands for peace. Notice that the Nuns often wear black on the outside of white insides, that represents the true way of coloring your world. The inner temple shall be made whole and well while the outer shell is the armor of God. So do whatever you think you must if you are a person that knows these are the days and times of our Ascension and return to the Kingdom of God than you know that the Kingdom of God is within you as it has always been.

7689be () No. 8318801

6a9860760ffb8f....jpg (418 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, first pic rela....jpg) (h)

36398bf25f06db....jpg (539 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, second pic rel....jpg) (h)


Here some excerpts of the article for your own viewing pleasure. Please feel free to read the whole article if you find the following interesting:

>Did a small scout team consisting of “Q” and his friends land on Earth during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, then later begin broadcasting to the world? We can learn a lot from the Sutton Hall crop picture of August 17, 2017 which is now fully solved.

>the extra-terrestrial man “Q” suggested in crops that he would “broadcast to the whole world” after he (supposedly) landed in August of 2017. Today more than one year later, we still do not see anyone named “Q” broadcasting, except on the “Q-anon” website! Could Q-anon be the same person as Quetzalcoatl?

>Hardly any of the general public will take such concerns seriously because (1) they do not believe in UFOs or crop circles, and (2) they have no idea that the major E.T. crop artist calls himself “Q”. Nevertheless, if you the reader already know and understand points (1) and (2), then you should find this article very interesting indeed. Let us get started

>’’Flying to Earth in a metaphorical “reed boat” on the day of a solar eclipse, then “broadcasting” to the whole world’’

>This crop picture showed in one horizontal orientation the image of a “reed boat”, which seemed to be headed “nose-first” into the large schematic image of a “solar eclipse” (on the left). There our round Moon was passing in front of the Sun, so as to create a bright “crescent” shape: (first pic related)

>Then in a vertical orientation, that Sutton Hall crop picture showed the image of a “radio broadcast tower” (on the right)

>did they plan to come down to Earth and begin broadcasting themselves? Why did they include in their field drawing the image of a solar eclipse, which would take place several days later on August 21?

>We can see a similar Sumerian “reed boat” at the Concourse in Chatswood not far from here (shown in the lower centre of first pic related). It is part of elegant outdoor sculpture titled “Visiting Enki” (see http://dev.publicartworks.com.au/portfolio/wendy-mills-aus/). That is a good clue! We seem to be on the right track, and may just have to follow this “trail of breadcrumbs” a little further.

>’’Their crop-drawn “broadcast tower” pointed toward the control tower for London Southend Airport: were they coming in to land?’’

>Here is another useful bit of information: the lower base of that crop-drawn “broadcast tower” pointed toward the control tower for London Southend Airport, not far away: (second pic related)

>Did this mean that they were ”coming in to land”, like for an ordinary airplane at an airport? Were some of those E.T. crop artists planning to land on Earth in their metaphorical “reed boat” spaceship, then begin broadcasting somehow to the world to announce their presence?


7689be () No. 8318825

0ec51d009f6b60....jpg (274 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, third pic rela....jpg) (h)

7b854b0559ecf3....jpg (440 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, fourth pic rel....jpg) (h)


>That is a nice theory, but we can’t really know for sure what this crop picture means, until we solve a cryptic “letter-symbol” code which was drawn within 17 of 21 rectangular “boxes” from its “reed boat” motif. “Q” is the 17th letter of our alphabet, while “21” was the day of a solar eclipse

>Solving this visual puzzle using scissors, paper and glue: what does it say? (third pic related)

>All we have to do is to print a detailed sketch of the crop picture on a large sheet of paper, then use scissors to cut all of its 17 filled “rectangular boxes” into small, separate pieces. Next we can explore by trial-and-error, how to arrange those 17 pieces in some fashion which might yield a sensible result

>Just to the right of that small capital letter “Q” (in third pic related), we can see the distinctive F/J-shaped signature of Quetzalcoatl, which has been drawn in crops many times

>Just above that blue letter “Q” and the artist’s F/J-shaped signature, we can see two more “boxes” which seem to show a small “serpent” headed from left to right, with an airplane-type of “antenna” curved to the left over his “head”. Perhaps that small “serpent” still was out in space, headed to Earth on August 17, 2017?

>(still third pic related)At centre right, we can see another phrase (spread over four “boxes”) which reads “E.t.a. (tick-tock)” and has been labelled in green. “E.t.a.” is an abbreviation for “Estimated time of arrival”, like for the time of an airplane or spacecraft landing. A similar phrase of “ETA” was drawn in crops near a gun-practice range at Barbury Castle on July 20, 2016

>Their “tick-tock” symbol resembles a “pendulum clock” which was drawn in crops near Cherhill on April 16, 2017 (see http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2017/cherhill/articles.html)

>Finally at lower right, we can see another three rectangular “boxes”. They suggest a number “3” by means of three small white squares in the first box, followed by Morse code for a letter “I” (dot-dot) in the second box, and Morse code for a letter “K” (dash-dot-dash) in the third box. That unusual phrase of “3 IK” may refer to a certain date in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, which took place four days later on August 21, 2017, and was the date of a total solar eclipse

>’’Did Quetzal head for Earth with an E.t.a. of “3 IK” on August 21, 2017, with the plan of “broadcasting” to the whole world after he arrived?’’

On Q+

>Carvings or sculptures of Quetzalcoatl as a “space traveller” from ancient Mayan times, and the image of a “plus” or “cross” shape on his aircraft

>If you go to the British Museum in London, they have on display there (along with many other Mayan or Aztec artefacts) a beautiful piece of green jade, which was carved with an image of Quetzalcoatl from two-thousand years ago. We can see a photograph of this historical artwork in the upper-left-hand part of fourth pic related. Our friend Quetzal was being represented there as the “pilot” of an “aircraft” of some kind. If we look closely, we can see on the left-hand “nose” of his aircraft a small “plus” sign or “cross”, surrounded by four small circles

>The mysterious “Q-anon”, who has been posting on the Internet since October 28, 2017, often signs his name as “Q+” or “Q+++”. We see now that this “+” symbol might be Christian in nature, and could have been used by Quetzalcoatl 2000 years ago.

7689be () No. 8318864

2979e39518bef5....jpg (183 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, fifth pic rela....jpg) (h)

be12f5badcbf69....jpg (239 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, sixth pic rela....jpg) (h)


>The ancient Mayans called him (Quetzalcoatl) a “jester god”, and wore that same three-lobed jester’s hat in his fond memory. We can confirm easily that the modern-day Quetzalcoatl, when acting as a crop artist, is still a talented joker or jester:

>For example, in a highly-comical crop picture shown at upper right (of fifth pic related), he is “thinking about grey aliens” while “smoking his pipe”

>Appendix 4. Unexpected and convincing proof: who has the power to make planet Earth “ring like a bell” at the frequency 17 Hz of their letter-name “Q”?

>“What happened on 11-11-2018?” someone asked “Q” on the Internet. ”Think waves world-wide [17]”, Q-anon replied on December 2, 2018. Those left-right brackets denote a “number inside”, like in the E.T. binary codes given to a military man C.J. near Atlanta in 2015. (you can read more on the topic here http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/articles/09052016/09052016.html)

>What he means is that all of planet Earth rang unexpectedly like a “bell” with “waves world-wide”, at a single, pure frequency of 17 Hz on 11-11-2018. Our geologists have no explanation for it (see https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/11/strange-earthquake-waves-rippled-around-world-earth-geology/)

>In other words, a “bell of freedom and liberty” rang at a monotone frequency of 17 Hertz (matching the alphabet letter “Q”) for 20 minutes, centred in the ocean off the east coast of Africa: (sixth pic related)

7689be () No. 8318909

d14eddb10605c9....jpg (428 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, seventh pic re....jpg) (h)

0c0675aa6b7e32....jpg (526 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, eighth pic rel....jpg) (h)

4567b52d1e99ef....jpg (540 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, ninth pic rela....jpg) (h)

Second article:


>The Quetzalcoatl Headdress from 2009 (seventh pic related)

>The first “Q-anon” trip-code 

>The login or trip-code which “Q-anon” used, when he first began posting anonymously on the Internet in late October of 2017 (author of the article is actually referring to the first 8chan Q tripcode), looked like the mirror-image of “QVEZLTAwox!”. Those scrambled letters might suggest in turn a less-scrambled version as “QUETZAL vox!”, meaning the “voice of Quetzal!” in Latin. Trip-codes often feature slightly-scrambled English words. In 2015, our crop-artist friend drew in crops near Torino, Italy a binary-computer message which read “timeo ET ferentes!”, also in Latin.  

>Several symbols for “Q” or Quetzalcoatl, as the 17th letter of the alphabet, were drawn in crops near Wootton Wawen on August 8, 2017, then near Sutton Hall on August 17, 2017, in accord with the currently-popular practice of calling Q-anon by his coded number of “17”

>here are some more examples in seventh and nineth pic related

>A large “Q” symbol with 17 “light rays” appeared near Wootton Wawen on August 8, 2017 (nineth pic related). The overall metaphor of this clever crop picture at Wootton Wawen was that some person “Q” may have come from the Pleiades (which shows a long “star trail”, resembling the long and narrow part of this crop picture with many “dots” as shown on the left), in order to lead us to a green and vibrant “Tree of Life” nearby, which is shown on the left-hand side as well:

>(still nineth pic related, upper right segment) Seventeen segmented “light rays” were drawn around the centre of this crop picture, and surround what seems to be a large, capital letter “Q” at its base. They also match in number the 17th position of any letter “Q” in our alphabet

>“Q-anon” began to post on the Internet just two months after these “Q” (17) crop pictures appeared

7689be () No. 8318929

e6e639e26df64b....jpg (39 KB, 255 x 140, 412 : 226, Mowing Devil.jpg) (h)

f36e3116d77822....gif (17 KB, 246 x 255, 300 : 311, illustration b....gif) (h)

703a13bf17b778....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 171, 405 : 271, woven crop1.jpg) (h)

15e5bc1e606391....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 169, 428 : 283, woven crop 2 -....jpg) (h)

A brief history of crop circles and their validity:

http://www.davidpratt.info/cropcirc1.htm (site is very often not available, try at a later time if the link is not working)

>When Doug and Dave claimed to have invented the crop circle phenomenon as a joke in 1978, they weren’t aware that almost 300 documented formations predated their alleged exploits. There are sporadic reports of crop circles being found in England throughout the 20th century. But reports actually go back several centuries earlier.

>In 16th and 17th century folklore we find stories about fairies and elves seen dancing in the fields and leaving circles of trodden grass. The earliest representation of a crop circle occurs in a woodcut from 1678, which depicts the ‘Mowing Devil’ reaping a field of oats into a flattened circle. The story behind it is that a farmer refused to pay the amount asked by a particular reaper, muttering that he would rather the Devil took his oats. During the night strange sounds and lights were heard and seen, and the following morning the farmer found part of his crop lying in neat circles. (pic related ‘Mowing Devil’)

> In 1686 a British scientist, Robert Plot, published a book entitled A Natural History of Staffordshire, which contained accounts of geometric areas of flattened plants found on both arable land and pastureland. He describes not only circles but also spirals and squares within rings, up to 150 feet across. He reports that the soil under them was much looser and drier than normal, and that a whitish, musty substance or hoar, ‘like that in mouldy bread’, was sometimes found on the plants. He hypothesized that the designs were created by lightning exploding from the clouds. In July 1880 the science journal Nature published a letter from a scientist who described finding multiple circular areas of flattened wheat on a farm in southern England. He suggested they were the result of ‘some cyclonic wind action’. (see pic related ‘illustration by Robert Plot’)

Characteristics of crop circles:

>In the best ‘authentic’ crop circles, the flattened plants tend to be largely undamaged (until visitors arrive!) and to continue growing, whereas in hoaxed circles the stalks are generally broken, crushed and often killed. The stalks of flattened vegetation in genuine formations are bent at angles of up to 90 degrees, and are often laid in a strikingly intricate and beautifully woven fashion.

>Circular components of a design are usually swirled clockwise or anticlockwise from a centre point outwards. But instead of the swirl going round and round out from the centre in a tight spiral, as tends to be the case in man-made formations, it often flows widely outwards, sometimes in a distinct S-shape. Spirals are often made of thin strips, not 3-ft-wide swaths, as when planks or garden rollers are used. Where different flows merge, the plants tend to be plaited over and under one another, suggesting that all the plants have collapsed in opposing directions simultaneously. (see pic related ‘woven crop1’ and ‘woven crop 2 – bird nest pattern’)

7689be () No. 8318967

abe4d6b9ca5f2c....jpg (197 KB, 255 x 191, 600 : 450, vieux-Qrabbit3.jpg) (h)

Finally, more reading (and viewing) material for those interested:




http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/articles/09052016/09052016.html (this one was already linked here >>8318864 "E.T. binary codes given to a military man C.J. near Atlanta in 2015", refers to the ["number"] format of Q posts)

369232 () No. 8319681


Shall I go down the rabbit hole Sir?

369232 () No. 8322177



Watching now and in shock!

53157e () No. 8322278

8ffcf7ae914a26....png (1589 KB, 255 x 172, 1024 : 689, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

b112d9b49e8462....png (626 KB, 255 x 255, 1500 : 1500, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

755fbdeac3b01b....png (698 KB, 183 x 255, 500 : 696, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

2db129d8f6a2e8....png (123 KB, 212 x 255, 300 : 361, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Quetzalcoatl loved mushrooms (like Jesus/Joshua).

Quetzalcoatl was similar in a few ways to other Christ figures:

Kukulkan is famously considered to be a winged serpent.

Like Kukulkan, he is often depicted with wings and as a serpent.

Lucifer was also the Serpent.

Being that the first Christians and first Gnsotics were one in the same, it's awfully curious that the Gnostics spoke/speak of the seven serpents, the Kundalini.

Next, we have Hermes/Mercury, which… should be pretty obvious.

But, I'm sure these things are all just coincidental, right?

2e3f09 () No. 8322325

d9da0391aaa9cb....png (248 KB, 255 x 192, 391 : 294, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)







thanQ for posting this.

>Wait til you find out who's been talking to you here?

The emerald feathered serpent himself?

the Mayan Jesus!?! kek!

Who friggen knows, but what I do know is this story is ancient and it seems to keep iterating upon itself….

pic is a Maltese Cross that was found in Hopi territory…with 17 dots around it.

speaking of dots, the article I found it in connects a few:



>The choice to know will be yours


Thank you fren!

In lak esh. <3

>see you on the other side

I do believe it is "the other side" where there is no distance between us, and that there is always a part of us that is already there.

04fd5e () No. 8322728


Upcoming documentary on contact via CE-5

Has anyone read Dale Brown novels talking about Dreamland, Aurora, and other high tech military wizardry?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

332d22 () No. 8323121


Deep state clown.

0b0635 () No. 8323362


There are shills in these threads that regularly spend upwards of 100 posts across various IPs dedicated exclusively to attacking Steven Greer (and everyone else for that matter). What does that tell you?

0b0635 () No. 8323366


Correction, any idea of open contact is abhorrent to them, but since dr. Greer is one of the most prominent people handing out blueprints to do it yourself, he's the main target.

7152ea () No. 8324651

29bed449b1c58d....png (374 KB, 255 x 255, 379 : 379, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7ac083b49474a4....png (159 KB, 255 x 206, 300 : 242, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7152ea () No. 8325059



I remember watching those 2 "debunkers" on tv after the wave of crop circles in the 90's.

I've gotten pretty deep into the Looking Glass rabbit hole, maybe even too deep, and something I watched yesterday kinda goes with your Quetzalcoatl post here, I think.

In it, the theory is being proposed that the lost city of Atlantis and and lost continent of Lemuria both were not nearly as primitive as we are led to believe, and that they possibly had tech and abilities greater than we do today, and along with them, The Egyptians.

In this video, the theory is tossed around that all of them had access to time travel, teleportation, and things like that, and that Ra and others like him, maybe even Quetzalcoatl, could have used that to their advantage to be deified, which kinda makes sense with your crop circles from the future.

What I have been questioning lately after getting way deep into it, and now after seeing other info that suggests it could be much older than we originally thought, is which side of the looking glass is Wonderland?

Ours or theirs?

If they have in fact been using it for thousands upon thousands of years, then would our "matrix" be an offshoot of the original world? What even is the original world??

Everything I learn is generating more questions than answers for me at this point.

Apologies if I went too far off your original topics, but it seemed somewhat connected to me.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53157e () No. 8325384


Indeed, it's not our moon and it certainly was brought here.


You're going somewhere extremely interesting with this.

Robert Sepehr is an Anthropologist and his work ties in pretty closely with what you're getting at.

Check out this video, where he briefly mentions Atlanteans being the true Egyptians, who went to the Nile area after the deluge that wiped out Atlantis.

Now you know why the Egyptians were Aryan.

The real question, now, since we're nearing this convergence, is who exactly Thoth was, what he knew and how he knew it.

To explain a little further, assuming you all are aware of what Thoth was and what he was known for, >>8322278 explains the role Thoth played. There's a few historians that attribute the knowledge of writing to some of the people that survived the Deluge, who brought it with them to what became known as Egypt.

Thoth was a similar character to Hermes/Mercury, he was similar to other messenger gods, gods of writing and gods that were described as having tapped in to certain bodies of knowledge often hidden.

You'll remember, Thoth, an Aryan bird animporh (again… wing reference), returned Horus his eye after he lost it in battle with Set.

Now, how does all of this relate so intimately?

Why am I describing all of this to you?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bf494f () No. 8326054

3745f051143d0f....jpg (40 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, c8cb7566079e00....jpg) (h)



So basically we're going over something that's been explained numerous times. Many times. Shills support Dr grier because of the narrative hes trying to sell. That all extraterrestrials are "good" so that humanity doesn't discover the truth about the nordics, greys and reptilians working together to enslave humanity. When anons call out the fact Dr grier is connected to, and best friends with some of the most evil people and organizations on the planet such as HRC, John Podesta, The Rockefellers etc etc etc, shills start screaming and projecting that he is being attacked because of his contact protocols. Yes, his contact protocols work. That's how he baits people into believing him. Just like every disinfo shill out there, they put out good info, sometimes lots of good info to suck people in so they believe everything they are trying to sell. Behold the gatekeeper paradigm. No pun intended with the fraudulent paradigm research group.

Two years ago anons defeated ce-5 anon (aka griershill) who was feverishly supporting his bullshit narratives. He also said he was attacked because of the contact protocols, which is entirely inaccurate. It was all the other horseshit he was spewing from his anus/mouth. The same defence mechanisms and projections have been used by the shills on here the entire time. Every shilling topic has been recycled over and over again if you have been following this from thread #1. Nothing has changed.

"Shills are attacking Grier because his contact methods work and they dont want you to establish contact" this is a lie. Everyone throughout all of these threads has wholeheartedly encourage other anons to establish contact. This is a projection used at least a dozen times over the past two years or so on this thread. Dont believe me? Go back and look in the old threads. Grier has been outed as a disinfo shill a long time ago, but that doesn't mean his contact methods do not work. They do work. His narrative is bullshit, and a raging ego maniac that only recites what his handlers tell him. As an astute mind I can easily see through his lack of understanding physics and some of the more involved metaphysics. He doesn't even touch on crop circles or other key pieces of evidence. It's mostly ad-lib without sauce. It's all feel-good kumbaya fire side bullshit with only tid bits of truth to keep you dependent on his source.

Since you are perpetuating a two year old slide with seemingly intimate knowledge of the past on these threads I can surmise which team you are on.

Go make contact anons. Research the contact methods and try them for yourself. You will likely find success. Be wary about believing everything from the venomous lips of grier, hes a wolf in sheeps clothing. The only truth you will find is that the most direct influence on our species has been from negative extraterrestrials working with the ruling families. Positive entities exist, but they aren't interfering as much as the negative.

For two years on here trying to sell us the same bullshit but all you know is defeat.

Mic drop.

0ce3c0 () No. 8326665

2edfa9747e2a68....png (653 KB, 255 x 158, 992 : 614, After 19 Days ....png) (h)



> Contact protocols do work.

> Positive entities exist, but they aren't interfering as much as the negative.

> Grier' narrative is bullshit.

Q: Would (You) Trust a rapist?

Q: Would (You) Trust a murderer?

Q: Would (You) Trust a pedovore?

Q: Would (You) Trust a child molester?

Q: Would (You) Trust a blood-sacrificer?

rapists, murderers, pedovores, chomos and blood-sacrificing tards ALL SHARE THE COMMON TRAIT: They get pleasure from harming sentient beings.

Cain 'n Able[s]' kakistocracy exposed.

Q+: Why are the micro-spheres found at WTC 911 the same-same as the micro-spheres found at (advanced) crop circles?

bf494f : Do you enslave and slaughter [for pleasure]?

(here's ya mic - pls be concise.)

After 19 Days at Sea, Sailing Greta Thunberg.png

7d1793 () No. 8327072


>Go make contact anons. Research the contact methods and try them for yourself. You will likely find success.

>Positive entities exist, but they aren't interfering as much as the negative.

See? It's not that hard to find nuggets of truth in a massive pile of bullshit.

Discernment is a must.

2064e3 () No. 8327299



tippy top logic summarizing years of faggotry taken place here

7d1793 () No. 8327490


One thing we can both likely agree on, for the n-th time again, is that dr. Greer's narrative that "all ETs are good" is not true. ETs are both good and bad and who you contact with the tools provided is your responsibility. There is more good than bad though, at least in orbit. The surface is under spiritual siege as evidenced everywhere.

5390f6 () No. 8328625

4d2a1a49a673d8....png (312 KB, 255 x 157, 500 : 308, The Mountain o....png) (h)

d1a1ec () No. 8328909


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7152ea () No. 8329170

abbd6a7fb8938e....png (76 KB, 255 x 117, 1910 : 875, Screenshot (58....png) (h)


I'm the anon you responded to and also posted some videos above and wanted to clarify my post reset.

I cleared my cache trying to fix the images not loading for half the breads on clearnet.

Pic related.

Its driving me up the wall and I've tried just about everything, anybody know a fix?

So, If the moon is a satellite, then what the hell is Earth?

Somebody in the main threads keeps posting a picture of Shell Beach from the movie Dark City, almost like its a clue.

Well, in Dark City their version of Earth was a giant machine floating through space.

>The real question, now, since we're nearing this convergence, is who exactly Thoth was, what he knew and how he knew it.


Some of the things I've seen recently attribute the winged serpents to incoming craft, and I find that to be more believable then actual winged serpents, which also goes along with messenger Gods who were given the titles of Gods for what they knew.

It just makes sense and if thats what we are in store for, it would make for a fantastic "sky event".

I've found my way to a few Valiant Thor videos and I'm getting to those next as he is another character with an incredible story, claiming to be from Venus, able to live 1,000 years, and knew 100 different languages.

In the Tesla FBI files there was a note that claimed he was a Venusian sent here as a baby.

So did Tesla really die, or did he just go somewhere else?

And then there are also the Egyptian artifacts that were found in the Grand Canyon that predate Egypt before the CIA ran in and closed most of it off and It really seems all connected.

So many mysteries still.

7152ea () No. 8329242


I liked this interview so much that I wanted to see more, so I started going through that entire playlist, which I'm posting here for anybody else interested.

Excellent stuff, imo, with a range of different topics.


7d1793 () No. 8329277

85824e066f4b1a....jpeg (9 KB, 237 x 213, 237 : 213, download.jpeg) (h)


Making it conscious is a journey some anons haven't made yet. By descending into religious or idelogical know-it-all they block themselves from cognition and discernment. They attack others whom they perceive as a threat and unknowingly create hate thereby blocking out true Light. In the end they start hating Light, becoming true unwilling servants of the demons. It's right in the Cabal playbooks, be it islamic or christian doctrine or some implanted archon idea-program or a political agenda or a certain belief - the result is the same, more division, more infighting, less awakening, less Unity, all in the name of "light". THAT is false light right there. Not colorful imagery but misuse of knowledge.

The only winning move on the true Light side is not to play their game and stay in the Light.

Love and Light.

83e0d1 () No. 8329356

6a06e6ef9d1a7e....jpg (149 KB, 255 x 231, 975 : 882, a369_decoded.jpg) (h)

fa4810848d7604....jpg (106 KB, 255 x 252, 785 : 776, acircle-degrees.jpg) (h)

2b124fe4cf017d....jpg (161 KB, 255 x 255, 975 : 975, ahexapenta.jpg) (h)

fa4810848d7604....jpg (106 KB, 255 x 252, 785 : 776, asquarnthecirc....jpg) (h)

f7ebc984a6bf84....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 159, 975 : 609, awhole_I_see.jpg) (h)

The blame falls on those doing the intentional harm, not on the target. ;)

Aliens are Demons.

This Realm is low vibration. A groundhog day built upon false dreams and false GODS pretending to be HOLY.

The truth is Stationary Satan Spins us chasing our tail.

53157e () No. 8329989


I have no idea how to help you with that first bit.

The Moon is a contraption of sorts which gathers humans souls (this is just what I'm told. I don't really do research. I just deliver messages.), wipes them of memory, and ultimately returns them to this plane(t).

It was brought here around the time of planetary disturbance which removed Saturn from the solar center and cast it away from the Heart. A few have vocalized their assumptions over the potential it's used as an observatory.

It's said that during the Deluge of Noah, Noah was simply taken to Luna along with some specific species.

I only really have vague memories of the above. Hopefully this gets you somewhere. I have no source for this.

Now, about your response to the topic of Thoth, the winged serpent(s) and Tesla.

First off, you're headed in the right direction and it's actually really cool. I'm glad you're picking this up so easily. It took a bit longer for me to grasp things.

So, you're looking for the word Merkabah. You will also have a good idea of what's being depicted if you observe the Vimana which is popularly understood here.

I don't know anything about that Thor dude and I don't really care about him.

I will say, though, that "Lucifer" also means the planet Venus in Latin, also the Morning-Star.

Now, that may hardly mean anything to you… unless you understand that it's said Thoth himself was Venusian.

Your final remarks bring me to the last bit I can share, which I actually can source this time. Graham Hancock mentions Göbekli Tepe, the infrastructure that supports the structure(s) and their complexity. He mentions people today, with even the finest of tools, likely would never manage to construct the exquisite 3D engravings made at the site(s).

So, why the hell shouldn't this be a bigger revelation?


>Holy sevens

You're very interesting. Your get proves it.


Indeed. Our way out is increasing the vibration. Doing so tears down the pillars and brings "Heaven" to us. Ignoring these warnings and abandoning The Light extends the pillars, furthering us from "Heaven".

Vid related

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7b716a () No. 8331051


So. I wrote about the two flashes I had experienced. Now this : I made contact the past days using thought and looking at the sky. I saw there flickering dancing and jumping lights as well as one making a sharp turn. I set my toughts in a positive 'vibration', at least I tried the best I could. Yes there was also scepticism in them but I made a request for contact for them to visit me in my room. Positive tought. Then, when I was in a lucid half-sleep state in my bed I felt a feeling of dread. Then I 'saw' them, they could pretty much resemble Greers desert alien mummy. Not like greys, smaller. And they were dancing around, rather away from me as I tried to follow them in my state of being half asleep with what I recon would be my third eye, if something like this exist. They were dancing around and away from me. As I said, there was the feeling of dread. I had this feeling some other times when in this state of half-sleep and when experiencing what I recon would be interdimensional entities. But as these contacts persisted, away went the feeling of dread, making place for a feeling of intense love. The entities firstly were a bit surprised and I would say almost a bit angry that I overcame this initial dreadful feeling but again, there only remained the feeling of intense love. Something very deep. It was almost like this feeling came into place the moment where light was shed upon the entities and my mind, my third eye, whatever you may call it, set itself on them and reached out. Every time and preceding the overcoming of fear and dread there was Jesus Christ showing me how to do so. He is the only one that I see while not in a state of sleep before my third eye. Sometimes he is there standing next to a person I interact with with intentions of love. It may happen so also when seeing past events like recordings of speeches. As I watched your President's speech in Nevada for example. He stood there next to him and had one arm on his shoulder, embracing him. "Go on, I am with you. Don't fear." As I said it was a past event.

Anyway, this may be some useful or entertaining information. I saw aliens last evening and it was nuts. There is truely something with all this interdimensionality thing. Maybe this means that we also are interdimensional. We could never travel to other places where God created life with rockets. That is so absurd. What a big lie that is. But also this conveys a bigger lie. That we only can exchange information by visiting others physically with our bodies. Also a big lie. What about the telephone ? It is an invention that used electromagnetism to send information. Until this invention came to us, like the telegraph or radio, sending information was only possible face to face. Even then information travelled not face to face. Rather from one electromagnetic organism to another. A King orders a courier, etc.. Exchange of information never happens face to face. Maybe it will someday. For now we see in a mirror dimly. But then face to face and I will know even as I have been fully known. (Corinthians)

Anyway. Made contact yesterday and it was frightful. But not something to be afraid of. But frightful at first. Just like the one time I slept in the woods in our cabin. I had this same feeling of dread while being half asleep. It could have been a bigfooted entity but I do not know for sure. The question remains: what if fright is overcome and contact is made ? There is much information that is exchanged. As I said, this deep feeling of love. That can be useful for both partners of communication for future events. It holds faith. Faith is needed to extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one. The more of us make contact and overcome the Evil's indoctrination the better it will be.

Overcoming fear and dread makes places for love. That is the meaning of making PEACE.

Ephesians : "Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of PEACE."

7b716a () No. 8331086

>The entities firstly were a bit surprised and I would say almost a bit angry that I overcame this initial dreadful feeling but again, there only remained the feeling of intense love.

I there am speaking of my past contacts. Not of the little (very colorful) dancing ones from yesterday evening. But I am looking forward to it. Altough I would really like to forget this contact I can't. No one said the overcoming of something would be easy. Have faith, Anons :)

eb4f52 () No. 8333244

so let me get this straight !

The UFO's are not UFO's they are interdenominational people who are giving us Crop Circles and trying to tell us what is going on ?

Wow and I thought it was UFO's .

3b9183 () No. 8334036

8893069b1c651f....jpeg (109 KB, 193 x 255, 591 : 779, 567ab8151f0000....jpeg) (h)


No I think UFOs are UFOs. Capable of flying etc.. This guy, Kyle Odom stated that they are interdimensional. Also there is this recording with the distressed caller stating the same thing : https://youtu.be/upADHNA4AIQ

Let me share my thoughts on this matter. Yes, aliens are interdimensional. So are we. Think of this interdimensionality like making a telephone call. When you are using a telephone or a texting device, you send information (encoded by images or text/speech, language in general) through a medium. You use electrons to convey your message. When you come in contact with aliens, like seeing them or interacting with them, my bet is that you are using thought and emotion, which are also information, electromagnetic information. The medium then is not a current driven through a matter but something else that is present in the whole universe. So my bet is that what we call 'dark matter' which is this medium. And I think quantum entaglement could be a keyword to associate this bet of mine with. So when you are directing your emotions to the sky as I did and receive an answer, then you are communicating and then you yourself are interdimensional. Maybe 'interdimensional' isn't the right word also. But I think it somekind has stuck with this whole topic. You yourself are making a call and can be called. Kyle Odom or this guy on the recording may have been called and didn't like this call.

Then this : Jesus Christ is our saviour. He truely is as he is the son of the one God, the one creator. From what did he save us ? I think from being a dying race on a planet. What we experience now, the suffering, the pain are but the birth pains. This is written so in the bible. Earthquakes, floods, famines. We are not alone ("Q, are we alone ?",-"No."). My testimony of being contacted at the age of 8 and of the flashes and having received the answer to my 'calls' yesterday evening as well as the testimonies of everyone else shows it. We are not alone. Q : "Think of the vastness of the universe". If you had a message for one of your friends (or ennemy) here on earth who lives in another country, would you travel there personally to say it to him or would you rather pick up the phone and text or call him ?

So back to this : Jesus Christ is our saviour. Think of him as an AT&T guy who connected your home to the internet. Then from this moment on (pic related) you are able to receive calls and call people out there. The picture depicts exactly this moment and you are not alone anymore. "What were the first words ever spoken on the telephone? They were spoken by Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, when he made the first call on March 10, 1876, to his assistant, Thomas Watson: "Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you." "

So are our calls. But with the difference that we are saying :"Be here, we want you to exist in this dimension".

For now it is just interdimensional calls. When I was 'visited' last night by colorful bright little (about 3 feet tall) dancing aliens (which freaked me out TBH thats why I felt dread, but hey that science or stuff like that I guess), well it was maybe the same as when Thomas Watson had the words spoken to him that someone wanted to see him who he didn't see. Maybe he freaked out too. Well I don't freak out anymore now, I saw them and that's it. It was my question/request and I did receive it. Everythings alright. So, Watson came over I guess.

3b9183 () No. 8334052


Like it is written in the book of the Corinthians that we for now see in a mirror dimly but then face to face. And we shall know even as we have been fully known. When Aliens visit us interdimensionally, we see in a mirror dimly. When I was contacted yesterday it wasn't like now as I'm writing this text to you, it was in some state of lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis. I think I made that clear. I could not have made a photograph of the guy(s) who came over yesterday because they didn't came over physically like I could visit a human friend of mine. Well I could visit a human friend of mine either by taking a bus, a train, riding my bike, buying a plane ticket, and… well, there is something missing, isn't it ? No, it's not a car or a boat or a horse or a deltaplane or a parachute (parachute would be weird but 100% thug life as well as the horse). UFO is whats missing. But until then… Corithians. Contact is possible that way. Also I don't think UFO's could travel faster than light (but I'm not sure). That means that for very far galaxies, unless there's a civilisation that has mastered warp drive, interdimensional comms are the only option. Also, you wouldn't come over personally unless its really important. The aliens I saw yesterday were just dancing around. The guy who contacted me at age 8 just said that I had won. I think there for sure are some things that are really important and for these things it is imperative that physical visiting is neccessary. Like you can say "I love you" to someone but showing this in person is a different thing.

There are things that cannot be said only by words alone. The same applies to when aliens can't just come over in a dream or in a dreamlike state or a vision or in inspiration but need to come over personally. In a UFO. Especially to deal with the cabal and the childeaters.

3b9183 () No. 8334168

Maybe also physics and science is bullshit and the medium through which we communicate with other worlds is God himself. These CERN guys are tyring so hard to find a "God-particle". Maybe we can only communicate this way with other by our heart. It is intention and wanting to make contact that initiates this contact. When our heart and soul and body belongs to Jesus Christ then this contact is possible. God is the One creator and nothing is above God because God is even nothing also and is everything and concepts of everything or nothingness.. No need to go on there. So, we may call it dark matter but in any case, God is universal for everyone. Even seeing something with our eyes comes from God. Everything. Why then not this form of contact with others out there ?

3b9183 () No. 8334463

…I think also that the deep state did everything to discredit the mention that one can make contact with other from out there and getting information this way.

But also : you could explain something in detail to someone on a telephone and it is already a way of communicating and will be much more in the future. But. You can't arrest or eliminate someone on the telephone. You can't just call a psychopathic killer and tell him to surrender or else you'll go get him. You must go get him. You can't just disable a missile that is in mid-air by contacting a general and telling him to abort. You must shoot it down or desintegrate it. Many say that there was UFO activity in these cases and there were times where I believe that your president Donald Trump has been saved this way. Or the 'false alarm' in Hawaii. I believe there was already a Deep State ICBM in midair and when the DeepState found out that it was shot down the nucler alarm was then fed to the press as an error by someone somewhere (could it be that it was shot down by one of the USA's (not Deepstate) saucers ? Just a thought.) Of course nothing appeared in the press regarding to missile attacks on AF1.

How would that sound ? "missile fired at POTUS malfunctioned, there was no missile that malfunctioned and there was no false alarm of a nonexistent missile that didn't malfunction and a employee was at fault for the false alarm but there was something but really, there was nothing and ignore everything."

I guess that if the USA's saucers were to be disclosed then there would be a public panic and then the Deep State would be in the starting blocks ready to create chaos. The more the Deep State satanists are defeated, the more we will see UFOs and being able to make contact on our own ;)

3b9183 () No. 8334474

3038cae432aa5e....png (602 KB, 255 x 159, 750 : 469, 3038cae432aa5e....png) (h)

I really like this meme BTW

53157e () No. 8335246

cb7f7beb63c5b8....gif (1732 KB, 143 x 255, 368 : 656, whatisit.gif) (h)

59d4e095182a35....gif (2117 KB, 143 x 255, 368 : 656, whatisthis.gif) (h)

49406170c4f1be....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 136, 1500 : 799, truman.jpg) (h)

19a197c656de9d....png (1145 KB, 255 x 159, 1280 : 800, whymushrooms.png) (h)


>encoded by images or text/speech, language in general

>You use electrons to convey your message.

This… is sort of eye opening.

Are you trying to tell me something?

Unless I'm jumping way too far ahead, which seems more likely, this explains a lot more than I thought could be explained.

>Jesus Christ is our savior

Don't misunderstand, I respect your position. In fact, I agree with you, but I just get frustrated that any of you would hault your advance upon the truth with one source (or one genre of sources). There are so many stories out there, so many that overlap, that tell the same tell, which involves the same dynamic, the same preface, the same conclusions.

I've said to you before here and, as I believe I've (at least attempted) demonstrated, the consistency of the repetition of these stories is too close to not question.

Why are there so many figures who were born under questionable circumstances, found a hidden knowledge, shared it with other people, and were ultimately punished?

Why are there so many depictions, made before we invited flight, which show some man or creature using what our ancestors (us) would understand is flight?

Why are there so many examples of men throughout our history who were described as being gods among men, who lifted the rest of us up, showed us something important and were honored for it long after their death?

Why are there so many inconsistencies within The Bible? Don't get me wrong on this one, I certainly appreciate the knowledge, can find the resonance within the words and feel attuned with the descriptions, but there's just too many questions for me.

As much as I'd want things to be as simple as, "the bible will tell us everything we need to know", there's too many people in too many positions of power who hold too many secrets.

What on Earth (Heart), could possible influence to you avoid understanding these secrets? Q offered us a choice, to know.

To me, being satisfied with the answers [they]'ve insisted we accept since our birth only seems abhorrent. But, I don't mean to insult you. I think everyone will find the message within in due time. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm rushing you.

Anyway, to touch on the UFO subject again, the Merkebah, Vimana, yes, >>8333244, you've essentially described what's been explained to me.

It's said the entity that occupies us all, The Light, the Holy Spirit, The Spark, whatever you want to call it, begets us certain abilities. Indeed, we created this realm in a time long past, so the story goes. Therefore, this place is ours to master, to refine and to bask in. So, why should we not be capable of doing things only described to us in Comic Books? Why should we limit ourselves to the archaic explanations our scientists offer us?

What if we could create matter on a whim? What if our spiritual prowess was so advanced we could project our thoughts in to the world and seem them come to fruition?

What if, like the ascended masters are said to pursue, we could create a spaceship merely from our thoughts and traverse the stars?

What are the top tier rabbis taught? Why is this knowledge so preserved?

How did Hebrews really arrive here so long ago?

Aren't you all tired of this amnesia? Why shouldn't we remember?

2e3f09 () No. 8335383

1fd72388f2624b....png (179 KB, 185 x 255, 364 : 503, 1fd72388f2624b....png) (h)



b1844a () No. 8335431


Thank you for this post. You've put into words what I've been wrestling with in my head all day. I've been reading and looking for the significance of things that permeate cultures world wide. For example, the constellation Orion. Did you know that in Greek myth, Orion could walk on water? His father was Posiden so it makes sense. So many overlapping legends and myths, why can't they all be talking about the same thing? Different names for the same person.

0ce3c0 () No. 8335592


Yes: But how do we teach everyone [7 billion [500 million] toofy-sangs ] how to live like John Seymore? ; "The Self-Sufficient Gardener by John Seymour (1-through-10 acre(s).

Because earth can't grow enough soy-protein / fish-protein (animal feed) to continue factory-farming "meat". That's the Hole in the bucket that can't be filled without a (big) change in man' thinking, emoting and actions.

Plasma-vortex and other clever-thangs aside; without water-from-air (Dr. Whisson, http://rexresearch.com/whisson/whisson.htm) AND waste elimination/transmutation/minimisation - like cannabis (et al) phytoremediation and evapotranspiration) - without changing course the holy bucket gonn'a drip like the dyke without the little boy' finger[s]

:- 'cause without the BASICS for creating clean air, water, and food [man'-next-heart-beat-is-not-guaranteed].



> His claims of governmental or pharmaceutical plots against him seem implausible.[18] In 2013, he died a few days after a fall from a balcony at his farmhouse in a remote area of Thailand.

> In 2009, he had described the ongoing flu pandemic as a hoax mediated by flu vaccination.[70]

Anyhoo: To avoid slide allegations: Like the respect and gratitude we have for Eric Dollard and his work :- he, too went raw-native to survive his catastrophe and grew-back some adult teeth! - after meth-toof-loss. [I wonder if he had 11 coyotes bring him a jack-rabbit for num-numbs]?

Q: How do you calibrate with sentience?




>Stationary Satan Spins us chasing our tail.

Yes'8: 60<:>300<:>1500!

The "Tesla" knowledge seems to be self-occulting [4-cursive-tards]




eb4f52 () No. 8336330


Wow and whoa !

God is teaching me so much and Q got me going on this..

Lets get to work mates we are on to the truth now.. Lets save the Universe !

2c321a () No. 8336930

So, I'm WANDERING around feeling a little lost.

There was some tarot and super hero fags around here before. got a lot of hate from the shills and anons for being silly and talking about taboo stuff. They moved to another sub board but I lost it in the site move and personal computer failures.

Any other anons want to help me my discover my self and find these other goof ball anons again? some of the digs they stumbled on made my almonds tingle. Did their board git migrated or backed up? deadpool, ra, dr. strange where are you?

1ab4d8 () No. 8337223

93a5159501c3d8....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 255, 625 : 626, 03aqtrm74qjy.jpg) (h)

416c2e () No. 8337228

378056352380a6....webm (3139 KB, 255 x 255, 360 : 360, 1583533075993.webm) (h)

From halfchan.


(Video won't embed for some reason)


3b9183 () No. 8340103

c3e5f557492c29....png (725 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, Screenshot_202....png) (h)


Yes friend, for me also it was Q that set me on my way. That lead me to find my saviour and what he did for me. Showing me what I myself can do. I'm happy getting a (you) from (you). On our way.

3b9183 () No. 8340136


>This… is sort of eye opening. Are you trying to tell me something?

We can contact our family in space. The medium is then not electrons shifting through a copper wire like when I am sending this very information to you right now. When me make contact and are being contacted, it is through God.

He gave his only beloved son because he loved us so. God is everything. Everything comes from God. You or me, or Keanu Reeves playing the character of Neo who depicted what Jesus has done for us.

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear"… "The choice to know has always been yours"

3b9183 () No. 8340142

Also : "He who has eyes to see, let him see."

eb4f52 () No. 8340511


Thank you and God Bless!

Its all starting to come in focus now.

Thank you Q for the help and thanks to the anons for making this thread , I was drawn to it and it has showed me so much more than I thought I would ever know.

I came here to try to learn about the UFO deal and I found a lot more in the process.

Thank yo Lord for showing me this thread and showing me the love of others to make this a better world for all.


Thank you once again Q and Anons for everything you have taught me.

b50293 () No. 8341049





868be0 () No. 8341061



2e3f09 () No. 8342599

b08fdf620f61d9....jpg (299 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, wp1822452.jpg) (h)


>Different names for the same person.



Lets save the Universe !


why should we not be capable of doing things only described to us in Comic Books?


scroll this bread and you will find it



c9845c () No. 8343112


This thread turned out pretty darn good !

Thank you for sharing and posting!!!

f05b0f () No. 8343310

77218801a143aa....jpg (378 KB, 189 x 255, 720 : 971, 77218801a143aa....jpg) (h)

Beloved anons,

Reading this beautiful thread would put a hard dent on any mind that does not believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, but soon a question follows:

What are the ramifications of this? Of us common people knowing about their existence right here on Earth?

I believe that they (E.T.s) are waiting until a set percentage of the populace knows about this and is ready to accept it without causing a panic. Any government that wishes not to willingly cause a panic in its population introduces bit by bit the severity of a rising emergency, as could be the case of Coronavirus, to make an example.

We've seen however that it is not the intention of (((those in power))) for the populace to gain this kind of knowledge. This is easily assertible by observing the immediate response that organizations such as CSETI gain in this very thread, and in all the others previous to this one.

I believe it is time for us anons to put the effort to spread this knowledge and change the future. Not with simple statements or semantics but with hard proof such as >>8318801>>8318825>>8318864>>8318909>>8318929>>8318967 and many others.

Just as the Q proofs thread does, we should compact the information we have gathered into simple, easy to read (and spread) infographics that jump to the eye so that nobody will miss it when scrolling through.

It matters not how little your contribution will be, I truly believe that this very symbolic act of defiance is what reminds whoever is out there that there is a WILL from our part to not be slaves, and that whatever they are doing to help us is not for nothing.

Let us do our part to change the future. Let the hero that is within every human come forth and shine a light in the dark.

071c56 () No. 8343728


Raw data on ET contact and the misnomer labelled "abductions"

T-20 min

Data kills deception.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8566d5 () No. 8345402


Indeed it is my friend, can't believe I missed it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

53157e () No. 8346457

2122bfa5795815....jpg (955 KB, 255 x 220, 960 : 829, 2122bfa5795815....jpg) (h)


What we need to do is spell the right word(s) with the right key(s).

Remember, you were told that words have meaning.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking this revelation.

868be0 () No. 8347903

a9fa8dece2e89c....png (39 KB, 255 x 172, 700 : 473, Q764.png) (h)


Sparked a think! Thinks are fun!

bf494f () No. 8348837


Follow The FLASH and you will see the light.

310112 () No. 8355278

I dont usually like the robotic voice videos, but happened to find a channel with quite a few that are really well done.

Alcyon Pleiades 20-2 (SPOKEN): How the Beings of Light are helping humanity.

58 minutes long

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1844a () No. 8357399


I'm sorry, that went over my head lel. Not sure what you're getting at

2e3f09 () No. 8358596

f484a8e5d0386b....jpg (100 KB, 202 x 255, 545 : 687, 07kqaxfj.jpg) (h)



you are saying that you are noticing a pattern in

stories of legendary archetypes …

What if within (you) are all of those same archetypes?

Aren't we all just a different name for the same?

the Creator?

or God?

or whatever name (you) want to call this OG (you)?

What if this knowledge was the way to access legendary super powers like that of Poseidon?

Were the gods just real people with the knowledge of the Creator so attuned that they could do things that seemed supernatural?

super natural?

as in, God-given?

our birth-right?

that has been diverted, diluted, even stolen from us?

How do we get that back?

Is that what comes next?

the Great Awakening?

Just how far on the spectrum of awake can one go?

will you choose War or Wisdom?

<pic related

868be0 () No. 8360476


> WW movement [Great Awakening]

> WWG1WGA!!!

56302d () No. 8361937


Hmmm, interesting. (same anon, different ID)

There are some very real connections to me IRL in this post. I'm hesitant to choose. I want war with evil, I wish to seek it out and destroy it. To be a weapon of true justice. I will think on this more.

2e3f09 () No. 8363793

3731e1e57acad0....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 255, 300 : 300, 3731e1e57acad0....jpg) (h)


Yes, after I posted I knew that this question

was too simple, of course, because words separate concepts and if one is really tuned

in with everything, perfect separation is simply

not true. ONe can find war in wisdom and wisdom in war.

<Sun Tzu knows

So I suppose a better way to look at it is with a lens of non-duality.

Athena is also the goddess of Weaving

so to weave together this duality:

to be a weapon (war) of justice (wisdom),

every thread is a choice within the braid of your

life and this make you who you are in every moment.

>Choose wisely.

I wrote and then deleted a bunch of words here trying to define good/God and evil…. meh.

>Anons know

>Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion).

>Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).

>Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs).

>Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts).

>Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).

>Decide for yourself (be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements).

>Decide for yourself (be free)

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.


a5007b () No. 8365961

You and You will be destroyed for No weapon shall prosper

b2f587 () No. 8369374


Hey anons I heard this video was made by students. Can we get some verification? We don’t want to be foolish. Love you guys! God’s work!

19634c () No. 8374146

50511deeaefb5a....png (2404 KB, 255 x 122, 1897 : 911, WeavE_IT.png) (h)



73290d () No. 8375494


>I want war with evil, I wish to seek it out and destroy it.

I had a thoughtform with the singular purpose of destroying evil. Long story short, all it did was attract evil and destroy it. It never did anything else, and it wasn't enough to solve real problems.

368958 () No. 8375862


Did that thought-form have a name?

73290d () No. 8375950


No, it was an extension of me, sort of like a program I wrote and not a tulpa

368958 () No. 8376157


Depending on how you construct them thought-forms can be sentient and antonymous. The whole universe is an extension of you. I thought tulpas had physical presence?

bf494f () No. 8378899


No SAUCE to prove yay or nay, but after analyzing a few times… appears fake as fuck.

bcf143 () No. 8379686

hey Q care to reply on this guy Austin STEINBART who claims to be you. thought you could squash this quick. seems to be causing a lot of confusion. #WWG1WGA

4ac910 () No. 8382518

adfcf22aec7440....png (695 KB, 128 x 255, 1080 : 2160, Screenshot_202....png) (h)



"Data kills deception" but seeing is believing and every selfless Patriot who tries to contact ET on her/his own WILL receive a response.

The data from FREE (above) indicates a population distribution of 6% contact amongst all countries regardless of creed, color, and educational background. Does this include contact of the fifth kind? that is to say, human initiated contact? Do not take anon's word for an answer. By testing the CE-5 hypothesis you bypass governments to learn the truth about ET visitation. To do anything less is silent acquiescence to the enemies of FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and liberty.



ac8b1e () No. 8384833

bfa73ebed88ac1....png (275 KB, 255 x 230, 622 : 561, Screenshot_fro....png) (h)

Testing… 1. 2. Sorry for being this feggit

c258d1 () No. 8386332

Geesh I step away for a few days and this happens ?

75af92 () No. 8387067


No external comms past, present or future.

76d997 () No. 8389441

I am thinking today is the start of the end of the evil empire . Yes we will know many truths very soon. Get ready people something is up.

With Troops being built up in the EU . Its looking like this is the time.

No coincidence's here .

The Stock Market is shut down.

We are all in our homes safe and watching the battle go on.

Prayers are needed now.

This is it .

6820fe () No. 8392187

082f6cbc282e10....jpg (94 KB, 191 x 255, 720 : 960, clown_tshirt.jpg) (h)









All that work, and anons are still laughing

typey typey bitch

a9516a () No. 8392984


N0 effort and n0ne laughing. Try, you might be surprised by what happens.

c25de9 () No. 8393204


Another know-it-all pissing at everyone from his high horse? I suppose explaining your reasoning to us is beneath you.

8b6667 () No. 8396845

ONI assets assigned to J. Forrestal will cease and decist immediately. 113

2e3f09 () No. 8397290


I HIGHLY doubt it. At this point I am at a strong No, the fact that Somner wanted to interview him and dude is like "no you suck kangaroo guy!",

seems to me the classic good cop bad cop routine….

all the info he presents is nothing new to an astute researcher. His family ties may have gotten him some inside info and access, but that could equally account for how he can pull off the larp.

also he is just such a douchebag and fights twitter wars with emojis, so

it would definitely be a let down to say the least

….however, POTUS can be seen as a similar "bully" archetype and I love that guy…..soooo you know who really knows until we do…the part about the story I like is:

if anything I hope its helping anons to realize that all this build up of Who is Q?

and putting the Qteam and POTUS on a pedestal- that human program, the tendency to do that, to look outside of ourselves for confirmation- is how we got into this idol worshiping mess in the first place…

>No one person is above the other

it is true that Q is not God and is a just a human (a superhero tho, no doubt).

Who ever it is may not be as exciting as we imagine. When people say its Scavino, I kinda think… lame, I barley knew who that guy was until recently (no offense)… but truly, it is less about who and more about what and how.

This is the greatest Military Operation of our time at a most momentous point in History- the

2nd American revolution is sparking a world wide spiritual awakening and its mother fucking Biblical!

iiiiiiiiiiiif this douchebag is him using a quantum computer in the future to drop clues to himself and us (it actually could make some drops make sense… as in what are all those stringers for and some drops could be a future self telling a past self comms to help fight the war, stay alive and beat the baddies) he has 40 years to mature to the Q we all know…so, I dunno whatever, I'm just enjoying the show, and this little drama seems to be just another arm of the fractal unfolding….

c25de9 () No. 8398140

76f47fa2f12d2a....png (59 KB, 255 x 57, 1795 : 402, anon_dream.png) (h)


Mil Int is in contact with extraterrestrials (some are ET souls themselves) who are in contact with further heavenly hierarchy (think Jesus and above) who in turn contact even higher developed angelic beings who coordinate everything with direct inputs from Creation itself. Therefore, the Chain of Command goes up to the Creator of our Universe. Everyone is involved and everyone matters. A whim to do something may be given by higher beings to us as a way to influence things directly, because we are the boots on the ground for the Awakening. Pic related.

It gets foggy upstairs but that SHOULD be the basic chain of command.

a2fae4 () No. 8398699

ecc4b40553ee5b....jpg (131 KB, 255 x 186, 687 : 500, 3mslar.jpg) (h)


This is quite possibly the stupidest post I've ever seen on this thread over the course of years of stupid posts from shillfaggots.

Everything you say is purely based on childish whimsy and pure speculation. Not a word of this can be backed up by ANYTHING. No facts. Facts matter.

Now proceed to link your faggot incarnated extraterrestrial post for the millionth time. Which once again proves nothing. It was only put out to make anons question the MSM disclosure sites narrative.

Military most likely has had extraterrestrial contact, but they aren't guiding the operation. Can you even PROVE that the military has had ET contact? 100% undeniable rock solid proof? It doesn't exist.

Q is human, stop making them out to be aliens or "angelic beings" you goddamn retard.

76d997 () No. 8398834


The UFO's are not from space , they are interdenominational beings period.

90ec17 () No. 8410842


Q crumbs are pointing us towards Behold a Pale Horse (page 202 specifically corroborates this info), flat out saying ET life is out there and classified, cryptically pointing out or using pleiadianfag phrases repeatedly. All this is on qmap.pub.

0 digs on your part, 0 sauce, 100 insults.

Thanks for the free credibility.

Over the target.

737c43 () No. 8411122

Teslaphoresis muh motor<:>

Q: Why is the S.A.F.I.R.E. Project same-same as Moses' Staff?

[run hoe-tards:RUN]

>Special Feature: THE SAFIRE SUN


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0195fa () No. 8411310


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4c451b () No. 8413770

6d32f6b6c50821....jpeg (158 KB, 213 x 255, 713 : 855, BCAFA757_95FD_....jpeg) (h)

Greetings entities from another density.

Time flies when the sequential flow of events varies with the processing capacity of the conscious observer amirite?


9ecc2b () No. 8417751


Well Hello!

9ecc2b () No. 8421496

Check into CERN for more info on the way they are trying to open doors to let the demons in!

11d549 () No. 8424765

Here is the Russian documentary " Men in Black" on Aliens and what they knew.It is subtitled in English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0UUBOCjdn8&t=1944s

53157e () No. 8425973



Anon has already made connections to Chronos/Cronos and Corona in another thread.

They're just trying to Black Plague us again

Think Poveglia

Think Psychedelics

6ca54b () No. 8426007


> Russian documentary " Men in Black"

Confirmed legit by the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev himself, vid related.

Thank you for the link.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53157e () No. 8426422

f177bc362d0065....png (172 KB, 219 x 255, 456 : 531, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Something else I think you all should see, which I've been pondering for some time:

>Despite its bad-luck associations in superstition, the number 13 is regarded much more positively in esoteric traditions. It is the number of mystical manifestation. The teachings of Jesus are centered on the formula of 1+12 (Jesus plus his 12 disciples). One added to 12 creates the unlimited number of 13, according to Pythagoras. It is through this formula that such miracles as the multiplication of the loaves and fishes take place. Thirteen is the all-or-nothing cosmic law of destiny: death through failure and degeneration, or rebirth through regeneration. It is also the number of the Great Goddess, represented by 13 lunar cycles to a year. In the kabbalistic system of gematria, in which numerical values are assigned to letters, 13 is equated with “love of unity,” because the Hebrew letters for “love” and “unity” both total 13.


So, we should talk about the cosmic cycles for a moment, as this is an important year for cosmic cycles, most notably, the Great Convergence of Jupiter (Son/Sun) and Saturn (Father/previous Sun/Son).

This convergence between Jupiter and Saturn occurs ever 19ish years.

So, if we take the cycle of 19 (some say 20) and we match that with 13, as explained above, we get 247.

Consider the current year, 2020. What's 2020 minus 247?


The year of the Boston Tea Party.

There you have it, frens, Hu-manity is being given a mulligan.

Father becomes Son/Sun

Osiris becomes Horus

Nimrod becomes Tammuz

Saturn becomes Jupiter

"The Father"/Yahweh becomes Yeshua/Joshua

Odin becomes Thor

Zeus becomes Hercules

Generations X, Y, Z

X - Feminine

Y - Masculine

Z - Amalgamation of sexes - ie. the Child.

This is now the Era of the Child - Horus, Tammuz, Yeshua/Joshua/Jupiter/Thor/Hercules

c5426a () No. 8442603

b95b30f5746090....png (491 KB, 255 x 173, 727 : 494, Ed_.png) (h)

8bfbfdc90a4f39....png (351 KB, 229 x 255, 590 : 657, Go_West.png) (h)

29985b8991b1e5....png (347 KB, 255 x 216, 1364 : 1154, _.png) (h)

5702e4294caaa0....png (190 KB, 255 x 169, 867 : 576, Panhandle.png) (h)

034da2c851e313....png (81 KB, 137 x 255, 383 : 712, WHYSooHARD_.png) (h)

5390f6 () No. 8443662

27daf6e3860c12....png (147 KB, 255 x 156, 1043 : 639, Screenshot_202....png) (h)















>"innate mutant abilities"

It must orig. organically.

<Follow The FLASH and you will see the light.

e48420 () No. 8447959


I know enough russian to see that this translation is correct.

11d549 () No. 8451537

Valiant Thor Stranger at the Pentagon was confirmed by Phil Schneider and quite possibly Bill Cooper ( Behold a Pale Horse) although he did not name who they were. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdgUK3LFkNk&feature=youtu.be

7aaf81 () No. 8468304

74e24bbc2ed61e....png (15 KB, 255 x 14, 1669 : 91, utd.png) (h)

4140b0cdc38e63....png (12 KB, 255 x 90, 505 : 179, the.png) (h)

54394a01dfd778....jpg (170 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, tubes_4.jpg) (h)


Hey frens. Just want to remind everyone that there is an alleged DUMB near the area where the Utah earthquake took place. Be on the lookout for more quakes in the near future and cross reference them with DUMB location maps.

b235ee () No. 8474952

The shills are rather quiet in here now after being defeated. Grier and kaboomer failed hardcore, wonder what these faggots will think of next. Cannot help but get the feels they are attempting to regroup with new angles after spectacularly failing so many times.

People need to fuck off with gatekeepers and simply go outside and see the flashbulbs for themselves. Fuck everything else.

Love and Light faggots.

53157e () No. 8477788

d1df703d9fd23e....png (1426 KB, 255 x 178, 1200 : 838, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


<Now watch me waste bread to taunt windmills

Stop looking so demoralized, anon. Lashing out in all directions makes you look foolish.

Pay attention. This stuff is important.

5618e9 () No. 8479020



76d997 () No. 8479433

OK what is the point of this if we are all locked up at home ?

Its time now people or we are going to live in a world of Hell like deals .. No more medicine for old folks , No more freedoms like talking here about real stuff.

We need action .

There are some things getting better.

We have a drug that will stop the virus or at least take the days off of how long we are sick from this evil vile virus .

The end of the USA may be near if this all goes up in smoke..

Oh UFO's we need help!

a197cd () No. 8480666

For anyone who cares, David Wilcock is live right now.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76d997 () No. 8485077


Thanks for sharing this video .

f2faa9 () No. 8492405

500000 of the ships in our solar system is pleadian, they recently figured out they wanted to take an active role in helping humanity.


247aeb () No. 8492798



>We have a drug that will stop the virus or at least take the days off of how long we are sick from this evil vile virus .

:Cease-and-desist. and [clean your fridge of evil-anti-live crap]

Q: What is the difference between a bullet and a [forced] injection-of-harm?


>Va xx ed II The People's Truth - screen & discussion


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c063a3 () No. 8499706

0f8cd7f275e260....gif (3211 KB, 255 x 191, 320 : 240, databluescreen.gif) (h)

Q2013 to 2016

Corona sats 1, 4, 8, 16 pretty much failed after launch. Why take out sats that aren't working, or old-obsolete tech? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corona_%28satellite%29

Is "corona" just another name for another program? Anon's think LOOKING GLASS is from MAJI's scientific programs, when the USAF also has a LOOKING GLASS program for Airborne C & C, which is logical to use again the cabal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Looking_Glass

Q365 Learn Double Meanings

461502 () No. 8500345

d645e0f20502a6....png (30 KB, 255 x 29, 1034 : 116, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

I'm back. Turns out I'm a Testament.

So.. 3/27/1998

the beast in heaven had ten heads, and ten crowns, and seven horns. But on Earth it had ten heads ten crowns and ten horns.

Numbers are alive and have trinities too. 666^3=1998

six hundred threescore and six

my name = 66

Born at 3:33 a.m.

Have the Stigmata and the 144

If you put my name inbetween these two,

its exactly the same only I follow the 67

with the Star of Bethlehem.

I have a 67 tattood on my hand.

The Devil shares this phenomena with

in Gematria with God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

He is always at least one off.

I Know whats going on.

But what in the hell is going on.

144,000 ft

ee980a () No. 8502049

033509e0ee63aa....jpg (408 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, fantasy_sun_kn....jpg) (h)


I have Questions about you .

On another note , Welcome back!

I know God has his hand on this time.

I am hopeful that we all learn the truth and move back to a world of Freedoms and joy!

d039b6 () No. 8506962

Think For Yourself

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

845982 () No. 8507619


you want to see WHAT in the hell is going on?

[take a peek in a speciesist' fridge [i see dead-slave-thangs]]

e87eb6 () No. 8508334


Yet another bad LARP proving itself fake by touching this subject.

>ufo's are humans from the future!

>most of the video is basic science on time dilation and physics and re-hashing soft disclosure


e87eb6 () No. 8508348


+few other small but telling mistakes, but I'm not giving him free advice on how to improve LARPing

ee980a () No. 8510937



Thank you , I really needed this!

Prayers with all the anons during this time of the battle .. God Bless and lets win!

BTW the Rabbit hole has been fun!

623b5a () No. 8519183


Dr. Who talks Covid19, the new CE-5 Documentary, and blowing the lid off the covert government in a peaceful way


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

110dbc () No. 8519246


Pretty cool, right? ;)

Odds are 1 in 729,000 off the top of my head that your first, middle, and last name would gematria out to 666. Add more coincidences and the odds stack up astronomically.

44c3e8 () No. 8519276


Happy skull and bones day.

ba1bc5 () No. 8526243

d8bdf2bb9c0d1d....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 160, 650 : 408, 1584037089421.jpg) (h)


What kind of questions.

146d76 () No. 8542684


Star of Bethlehem

What does this have to do with all of what is going on now ?

Will we be free ? or is it another 1000 years of ugly ????

fcad92 () No. 8543051


I hope they brought a lot of those Pleadian women… Whew, If any of them are looking for some hot primitive cave man action by a fire in the woods tell them to hit me up. No reason to wait ladies… You can land that UFO in the field and just come over any time. A few have already! Follow in their footsteps!

1e9298 () No. 8544613


Thank you. You have helped me a lot on here throughout the years. Shills may distract from others seeing what's happened with you and Q but it cant be hidden for long. Truth will eventually come to light.

Love and light!!!

056d9d () No. 8546524


I'm working on that.

Yes 10,000 years of peace is Coming and his day is at hand.

The Question is - did we just walk over the horizon into the fake peace? Or did Jesus Revelation cause a Butterfly effect and now were saving the world.

Long story. Will let you guys know soon.

13232a () No. 8549455


I truly hope so !

Be blessed and thank you for showing up.

b50293 () No. 8549938



13232a () No. 8552080




13232a () No. 8552533


Not sure what He would do , Well actually I am sure ..

God Bless and enjoy the great awakening !

53157e () No. 8552973

70e678feb67c72....jpg (128 KB, 255 x 193, 888 : 673, 70e678feb67c72....jpg) (h)


Why, it's rather simple - He would save the world!

11d549 () No. 8553206

Crop circle message translated. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2019/05/02/university-mathematician-decodes-the-crop-circle-with-a-binary-code-extraterrestrial-face/

11d549 () No. 8553231

Here is another look at the same translated crop circle I posted above. https://www.unknowncountry.com/insight/a-new-crop-formation-with-an-ominous-warning/

11d549 () No. 8553253

Crop circle music ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SCl-Tazdjw

7cb6cb () No. 8553570

Has anyone here ever got field pro-pulsed drones up and running?

f84e5b () No. 8559550

Aliens appear to us as bald because they show to us that they are spiritual mental beings, pure mind. Their skulls appear elongated because they are very intelligent beings, It is a sign of a larger more developed brain. The thin body, arms and legs show that they are light of body, not bound to earthly energies, sutch as food and water.

The deep state dont want you to know the truth about the Grey's (ZETA)

(they live on energy and light, something some spiritual masters on earth is also capable of… )

Let me remind you that everything is possible.

The baldness in many of our religions represent spiritual enlightenment.

Monks shave their hair because the light hits them hard.

f84e5b () No. 8559749


Was in a hurry had to change device… There was an empath area51 insider that rescued a grey, this shows the deep state and grey's were not wery good friends… Maybe because they were benevolent spiritual aliens.

Also there is escavations of elongated skulls and depictions of early egyptians with elongated skulls with no hair. Probably they were living In a wery spiritually woke society before it all turned grim.

I wont source this but I think David Wilcock have sourced or presented both of the above. Shouldn't be hard to find if your intrested.


373225 () No. 8559950


There are many varieties of ETs and many also have hair and are also spiritually evolved.

f84e5b () No. 8560054


What I'm saying is you can expect many of the races appear for us bald because they want to send us the message they are spiritually enlightened.


f84e5b () No. 8566082


You are completely right.

Last year there was 383 3Dimensional planets in our universe. Rest is higher dimensional Aka more spiritually evolved.

there is ALOT of life out there.

Earth have come a long way in our Ascension process. The biggest change on our planet will not be the power shift but the shift in consciousness within. When each and every one of you expands your hearts and raise your energies/vibration to 5D+ you are helping with the shift for everyone by adding to our collective mass consciousness.


5390f6 () No. 8566337

09781e4d698a9a....png (541 KB, 255 x 113, 1896 : 840, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

cff27e () No. 8569737


>Earth have come a long way in our Ascension process. The biggest change on our planet will not be the power shift but the shift in consciousness within. When each and every one of you expands your hearts and raise your energies/vibration to 5D+ you are helping with the shift for everyone by adding to our collective mass consciousness.


p.s. stop famefagging

1e9298 () No. 8570965


You may not fully understand what is happening at this point anon. Our newest friend here is not a random incarnation. If you may have noticed the Doctor Strange or Deadpool, even Ra bakers you would have already discovered what is happening. There is one particular anon that is well known by Q and the white hats. This same anon has been given cryptic messages for the past several years on this board, which has lead to new revelations by the group he posts with. The in-house team of shills has always been several steps behind attempting to cover this information once it was discovered. Their narratives only follow what this anon has discussed. There are many parallels between this anon and Q's posts, and they do not want you to discover this. Remember Q asking Deadpool if he was enjoying the show? Look deeper. These individuals have been using the same masks and personas to mimic this anon, so that you create a negative association with that particular archetype.

Archetypes were used for various reasons but ultimately many were used so that the anon couldn't be labelled as any one in particular. Perhaps as the white hats like to refer to this anon, "The Light" would suffice.


This thread has collected the past three years of these impersonations taking place, and you'll find if you read this that it may shed some "Light".

cff27e () No. 8573234


Famefags = cancer

Other famefag boards = cancer

Crystal clear?

If you have info, drop it. if not, begone shill.

Polite sage.

e95500 () No. 8574539



my face has been vibrating for like three days now

097b1a () No. 8575854

We can bypass the covert government and contact ET directly.

New CE-5 Documentary.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f84e5b () No. 8576398


Let me tell You something among the tonn of things that happened when i became government healer.

The day after i was announed government healer and shown that Trump Will change the world for the better and that i should go to him… i reported to duty on the qresearch board. I chose a signature, L… L for light. For i have found the light and Now i have one foot on earth and one foot in the heavens.

I went outside to play ball with My friend after posting and guess what i see… Clouds Big and small all formed as L 's… I was traveling that day and along the tripp i kept seeing clouds formed as L 's… Not only Tha t but also feathers kept falling infront of me. The angels recognise My mission and showed their support.

I AM light. I Will not let You or any shill tell me otherwise, the signature is inportant. I have only just started posting here and i am still going slow… If You think i Will listen to You over the angels supporting the signature L You are out on your debdts.

I want You to let go of judgement of me.

Before i posted i had already realised i would have to do My mission as a public figure.


f84e5b () No. 8576522


Let go of judgement of me and look instead at the good in what i do.

I am no better then anyone else, what i can do You can do.


d642ef () No. 8578201

can anyone explain how Phil Schneider coined the term (you) at 7:55 in this vid?


475ca3 () No. 8578710


If “L” stands for “Lesbo” then shows us your tits or GTFO

30a9cb () No. 8579059


We look down on people trying to establish an identity here. We do that for a very good reason. Please don't be a special snowflake. Create an L page on Facebook if you want that kind of attention.

31a797 () No. 8580144

Anons can someone enlighten me on Donald Marshall? Whats up with this guy, I was very interested in him years ago, it’s outlandish but it makes sense.

I just heard him talk about David Wilcock that he’s another abused cabal tool(which we all know, i hate to admit because of course we all want to believe the sweet nothings he whispers).

Which is another thing… what is the deal with edge of wonder? This fucking channel comes out of nowhere and in a year has a lot of followers, their production from the start was high quality. Red flags, red flags, red flags.

Bill Cooper must be rolling in his grave because for god’s sake, there are no legit people doing lectures anymore. Just half truth and new age opium everywhere, masking the evil behind it.

I haven’t been tracking the threads since ce5 shilling onslaught with greerfags saw a few mentions here or there back then before the site went dark. Mainly glued to Research Gen most of the time.

So what is the scoop on all of these individuals and entities. We need to start busting open the absolute shilling on the outside so it can be exposed. There has to be some kind of connection and slight evidence beyond what they talk about that we can get on the outside.

Wilcock and Goode are everywhere and REMEMBER. They are out there using Qanon in their lectures. Thats no fucking good.

And if someone thinks they aren’t shills speak your reasoning now.

7cb6cb () No. 8580166

Anons, can we quit with all the speculation and finally start building some shit?

1e9298 () No. 8584223

Anyone else notice when someone uses the "Sage" name it's usually a still who desperately does not want you to view certain material? Kinda funny how quickly that kind of suggestion pops up as soon as TL is mentioned.

Shills do not want you to discover TL. No one there is famefagging. All are anonymous. No one is fishing for followers, recognition or money like all the Twatter famewhores out there.

Which is what the shills have always been pushing for you to read.

Just consider why they are so desperate to keep you from seeing all the parallels and coincidences between Q and the Light. They want you drip fed by the gatekeepers and do not want you on the path of self empowerment and discernment.

The keys are there waiting for you. Which is why it's the most heavily attacked group on this entire board.

Nope, whatever you do dont go there and dont see the coincidences for yourself. Like Q said, there are none.

1e9298 () No. 8584236


Oops, meant to say SHILL.

025300 () No. 8588335


This is why I believe that the Abyss that holds the

fallen angels is out of time and space.

Punishment for exploiting time travel.

The wing serpent. Quetzalcoatl.

88b989 () No. 8592037


>So what is the scoop on all of these individuals and entities.

There is hardly any consensus. Some people follow them on the same basis as Austin Steinbart (contact high from hopium), some people check and see how much of what they are telling is REAL. But the concepts many of them talk about are real, for example the Cabal is real, pleiadians are real, reptilians are real, and the "Alliance against the Cabal" is very likely Q team itself, or a similar group. The likes of Cobra (from 2012portal.blogspot.com) and Wilcock have been using Q's terminology (Cabal, white hats, MKULTRA etc.) years before Q, so there is at least that common ground. Bill Cooper is endorsed by Q and his book details Navy Intelligence information on some specific ET races, the veracity of which also cannot be verified by the writer itself. Except of course for that cigar UFO encounter on his submarine.

Q is "dangerously" close to some New Age concepts himself. Incarnated Extraterrestrials? Love and Light/spiritual warfare? Linking songs with angels (Future world music - victory of life volume 11)? Nothing is random, all these motifs appear in multiple crumbs.

>There has to be some kind of connection and slight evidence beyond what they talk about that we can get on the outside.

There is a strong connection between the material of famefags like Corey, Wilcock, Cobra etc. and Q. So how to separate the wheat from the chaff? My guess is - find out what information you can uncover YOURSELF. Let all famefags serve you as a "raw" information source for you to filter. You can get outside information if you wish, sometimes only if you look up into the sky.

My personal opinion is - undecided on Corey and Wilcock, faker and con artist on LATER WORKS of all these: Cobra, Barbara Marciniak, Billy Meier (guy claims he's the sole ET contactee ever; give me a break dude). Some that start with good intentions and have great early info can get screwed over by the clowns, like it happened to Baruch on /cbts/… but if 10 completely different people talk about the same thing over vast geographical distances and long periods of time, chances are it's real (like greys, reptilians, angelic aliens, NWO Cabal of course).

ba96c2 () No. 8595098


I like the cut of your jib anon.

read everything, believe nothing,

recognize the patterns

and you will begin get the picture

>undecided on Corey and Wilcock

I read and listened to pretty much everything those guys

did up until Q, now I spend most of my time on the boards finding anon digs, twitter threads and you tube vids.

My take is nothing is really black or white,

if they are told certain information and then

told they are not allowed to say all of it, does that make them gatekeepers?

Sure, but would I know or have gotten to this point in my mental journey with out them going on theirs?

They showed me the gate and I do what I can to open it with other keys.

I also think it is impossible to be in the limelight and not have your ego highlighted and to be judged for it.


<edge of wonder

they seem sincere, but as always, with a grain of salt, hard for me to watch them completely as they are a little low brow and cheesy but some of the research is pretty deep and helpful.

This "great awakening" includes us all.

And when I go deep I like to remind myself:

>more good than bad

People with tech skills can organically discover this info and feel compelled to share it.

that is after all, the whole point, right?

for the masses to wake up to the truth…

it wont happen if all of us only stay anon here in the "dark corners"

Someones gotta famefag for the normies

<Donald Marshall

thanks for reminding me! I was just trying to remember this guys name to dive deeper…

I actually saw an episode of Edge of wonder where they went in to this guys story a little bit…

I was getting all kinds of chills listening to it..

the part where Nirvana (I think) has a song where

there is a kid being tortured and the scream is recorded in the back…I intuitively felt/knew that was real (fwiw)

..the cloning thing is debatable…

but come on man (in my best Biden) if you're here…then you gotta know its possible.

Aug Tellz tells similar stories.

45ff0a () No. 8597177


It's time to realize

We don't need governments

We don't need authority

We have the technology

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

88b989 () No. 8597468


2011 was a great year for me too. Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph were my earliest ventures into what a benevolent New World should look like. This was during the time when politics was hopeless and a sane worldview was lacking. The real threat however is the Satanic Cabal that builds and reinforces systems with the opposite purpose of global abundance. When we remove that, we should see something very similar come up organically.

ba96c2 () No. 8599866

0d82819775177d....png (43 KB, 255 x 154, 405 : 245, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)



interdastin timing

>if they are told certain information and then

told they are not allowed to say all of it, does that make them gatekeepers?

657b58 () No. 8602609

Recent Q crumbs:

>Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion).

>Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).

>Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs).

>Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts).

>Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).

>Decide for yourself (be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements).

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

fccafc () No. 8605013

06212027a5538b....jpg (49 KB, 212 x 255, 600 : 722, 9185011cf7e3d6....jpg) (h)

53157e () No. 8605521

Well shit. I'm just now seeing >>8584223 and the board it mentions for the first time.

It appears I was the one being fucked with.

I suppose I should apologize for being so lazy with all of you…

Somehow, so much of what I learned is discussed on /truthlegion/. I wish, looking back now, that I would have gone and scoped it out sooner when anons would point me toward it, but for some reason I was rather negligent.

If it's worth anything to anyone here, I'm not certain who precisely any of the guys doing the marvel thing are. Sure, I've made some jokes about them and used similar symbolism and references, but I figured that was something that was a bit more contemporary, not something that arose years ago now.

If it's worth anything to any of you, especially the flash/strange anon, my only reaction to this is sheer confusion.

Was I being gaslighted?

Maybe I was indeed being played.

This makes me question, genuinely, the types of associations I've grown accustom to lately.

Sorry for getting caught up in this mess and assisting the faggots that appear to be sliding, terminating discourse, or poisoning the rhetoric here.

Guess I need to lurk moar…

657b58 () No. 8606853


There is great potential for direct contact with ET life forms. Consciousness is KEY.

e95500 () No. 8614047

03e99d0368117e....png (72 KB, 216 x 255, 622 : 733, asdsa.png) (h)

7971439875ef99....png (16 KB, 255 x 43, 1096 : 185, Captuasdsadre.png) (h)

Basically Jupiter and Saturn are using demonic energy and a gateway into heaven for there war and there charging it with

every bad thing that happens on earth through pentagrams

jewstars. All the murder and idol worship ever and stuffs.

868be0 () No. 8614821


> Basically Jupiter and Saturn are using demonic energy….

Basically? You got some rounding errors in your idea? Basically glitter is edible.

45da72 () No. 8616558


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

64f6a1 () No. 8618592

e67c362db8308d....jpg (173 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, equador.jpg) (h)

2a633012ba48cb....jpg (46 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, sun.jpg) (h)

4c1807d015c22d....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, planet.jpg) (h)

cbfa86e33df0f2....jpg (41 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, magnet.jpg) (h)

6b56b57734c410....jpg (69 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, atom.jpg) (h)

64f6a1 () No. 8618605

17099e0f6fae51....jpg (25 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, pacman.jpg) (h)

4c0c976ee76cc3....jpg (91 KB, 221 x 255, 768 : 886, no_circuit.jpg) (h)

38b71ee5eeb6e0....jpg (27 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, xmarksthespot.jpg) (h)

e0ff61de24fdb1....jpg (68 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, fpv.jpg) (h)

7116f3 () No. 8626406


New Dr. Who q and a and live meditation at the end.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5390f6 () No. 8627770

13e8ad17d854d8....png (389 KB, 255 x 105, 598 : 247, You_re_in.png) (h)

771bb2 () No. 8633762



No shills to throw dirt at this information - guess they aren't working from home.

Thanks for the link.

11d549 () No. 8642621

Gene talking to Linda Paris of McAlister about Alien Hierachy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqoga3FwjkA

11d549 () No. 8642652

The Great Awakening Map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH9XtteAp60

1f16a7 () No. 8650183




To the Anons , Its been a few weeks , I see things are going along in a path of truth and good.

Keep it up!

f2b20c () No. 8652250



Been through most of these now and I didnt care for Noory much before but he has grown on me after watching more of his stuff.

Regardless of him, the content they are adding here is awesome and there seems to be a new video, maybe even several, everyday.

Mind expanding intensifies.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cd1bee () No. 8652681







If anyone feels like sharing this information in the main bread from time to time (let's avoid outright spamming) here is the pastebin:


This seems like the kind of information worth showing to as many anons as possible. Let's do our part in helping Q+!

cd1bee () No. 8652801

3363353fa2d064....jpg (399 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, White_Rabbit.jpg) (h)

0611c579a4f75e....jpg (366 KB, 255 x 191, 700 : 525, Shroud_of_Turin.jpg) (h)


Make sure to include the posted pics in the correct order.

Furthermore, the articles themselves go way more into detail, expanding upon other extraordinary crop circles, pic related: these are but two of numerous references to both Alice in Wonderland (follow the White Rabbit) and Christianity in general.

I'll repost the two main articles for your convenience:



Feel free to skim and view the images alone, it's a lot to take in after all.

7aaf81 () No. 8654487


Edge of Wonder has a lot of good videos on their Youtube channel, especially about the origins and structure of the Deep State. They constantly tell people to do their own research and decide for themselves about the information they present. What more could you ask for?

I guess some people don't like they had Corey and David on their show a few times?

1f16a7 () No. 8656632


They lost me when they treated flat earth so badly .. No I am not a flat earth kind of person although I am not sure…

I too wonder how they got to the top of the youtube world.

5685f6 () No. 8659027

4d58285ad69df7....gif (9886 KB, 255 x 180, 1593 : 1124, bigfoot_patter....gif) (h)

fb459b108713a7....jpg (728 KB, 170 x 255, 1707 : 2560, 91B07Y39YqL.jpg) (h)

ddf502d986c77a....jpg (174 KB, 255 x 86, 1400 : 470, bigfoot_types_....jpg) (h)

So gonna change topic a little and finally link stuff here about one of the best habituation sites & uploaders I know of; Mike Patterson…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaoX2ZeVE4A - Apes Don't Weave

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S03d1ipNDbA - One Step at A Time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfb6RqRpzYM - Truth Of A Legend

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2OCE4etCZA - Habituation - Denied and Confirmed

Forgive me if I spare the big write-up, kinda unsure how this'll be received here and honestly don't know if it's worth the effort. There's too much to elaborate on.

Many of you may already know him, but I can vouch for Mike personally; been following & exchanging messages/emails with him for years since the beginning. Very humble and honest guy. Never asked or did anything for money. The site is in Ontario, location never revealed, but there's drama to that later. One of the best, and only, detailed vocal recordings since Dan Moore's 1972s "Sierra Sounds".

As if the traditional "Ape" theory wasn't hard enough for most people to accept, Mike's influenced about 80% of what I thought I understood

about the phenomenon since I was a boy. If only it were as simple as hairy monkeys, from a near-extinct race of branched off hominids.

The hundreds of human records, sightings, folklores & myths from every continent in the world, except Antarctica, ought to have informed me

about that much, but it didn't. Confirmation bias and scientific dogma is rampant, the ridicule is widespread, so a paradigm shift is imperative.

We don't know what they are, but the metaphysical aspects of these beings is the most pressing and significant developments we've had

in the online discourse for years. Some are very intelligent, extremely instinctual & stealthy. They understand our intent like many animals do.

They have language. They are people, not monsters or animals. There appears to be many types, across different regions & countries, with

varying degrees of benevolence, say. Unfortunately for empiricists, there is any number of additional paranormal phenomena, beings, entities

that surrounds them, follows them, or preceeds them. It gets immensely complicated real quick, but the catalogue of validating evidence is

astounding, and nothing new for the initiated/ experienced/ well-researched. Certain behaviours or associating manifestations include disembodied

voices, traversing seemingly impossible distances, changing visiblity, moving objects, creating light, and in Mike's case, handling his own camera,

manipulating the shutter, taking distorted pictures, even video, some appearing to be of themselves. Yeah, yeah, I know what you think.

Strangely, either folks in rural Appalachia just have more cameras now, or the sightings are on a big increase in the last decade. Otherwise

the stereotype mockery has died down & old people are more willing to share their encounters. Just like any subject, YouTube is full of bullshit

and quackery, but the community (excl. reddit mostly) has a number of well-established and respected figures that've been sharing and working

off each other's knowledge in an effort to make contact or learn.

There's way too many credible anecdotes, recordings, affidavits, police reports, videos, & too much history, context, correlation, legal & international efforts to get into one post. Some of the legends right now still include Ron Morehead, Al Berry, Christopher Noël, Nathan Reo, Les Stroud, Bob Gymlan (not to be confused with Bob Gimlin), ThinkerThunker, Colorado Bigfoot, etc. Plus a number of people who had unprecedented content & allegations of goatmen, dogmen, federal workers / drones & surveillance in some reservations, whose accounts have been closed or banned. Many traces of amazing stuff I've seen are all gone. Almost a third of originally sourced videos on my archive/ playlist/ saved links are all dead. Here is some related stuff, good for an introduction but not the best out there:

https://s31991.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/bigfoot-patterson-gimlin-footage-stabilized.gif - The original & still most time-tested, if not only for the fact that the best attempt to recreate this outfit & gait since, using 1960s material, looks no better than 2001: A Space Odyssey.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI-fXZjLxII - can't find good compilation, doesn't include bridges, 12' teepee, 20" thick bark stemmed into ground.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdp6LE76tXk - Includes a number of likely hoaxes (maybe 25%, incl. Todd Standing imo)



5685f6 () No. 8659043

Sorry, newfag here, how do I imbed? Does it matter my formatting?

On the broader narrative, this arches over to many aspects of the paranormal, namely Missing 411, Skinwalker Ranch, D.U.M.B.s, Occultists, Forest Lights, Portals, Poltergeists, Hellier series / Kentucky creatures, Archeology, Suppressed History & Genetics. Thus my rationale for posting here is due to these correlations, theories that Bigfoot is like many other aliens, or a product of alien slavery, inbreeding, experimenting. The theory that they're an evolved form of us, or a purer spiritual accessor, capable of interdimensionality. And more significantly, they're a lot closer to home than our regular aliens favourites. Les Stroud has gone on record and said he's spoken to special forces troops who've admitted their existence, that they reside in the most fresh-water rich, oil-rich, mineral richest areas in the world. Places deep in the forests, ancient ranges, quartz fields, areas of high electromagnetic concentration, or whatever you may call it. But any of these are more accessible than military bases and outer space. Hopefully we don't have to look far to get out & experience the raw super-nature world of these things. There's a shitload I'm leaving out, but damn looks like I already wrote too much.

Had some other quote by a veteran anthropologist re: some less than 2% of all hominid fossils being discovered, but can't bloody find it, so here:

"​It is very probable that the sasquatch population, being composed of animals with a long life span, few offspring, and little culling by predators will display wide physical variations, seen in such reported aspects as facial features, diverse coat colors, and the large variance in foot proportions."

-Wolf Fahrenbach

"I found that the more I studied the subject, even in remote places, the more I got subtle indications that the subject was studying me[…]

I was also trying to be empirical, and scientific, so I wanted not just evidence, indications, I wanted good evidence. Little by little, I think I came to understand that we're never going to get… irrefutable evidence, because it's perhaps not in their best interest to give us that."

-Thom Powell

d26d86 () No. 8660173


Good points about the preoccupation with fear-based agendas, virus or otherwise. And the "us vs them" tribalism that stunts spiritual growth is spot-on.

4374bc () No. 8660389

29a2333a99c222....png (34 KB, 255 x 206, 563 : 455, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Hi, newfag.

You want to click that triangle so it drops down the box for embedding. You only get one embed per post so the rest you will have to list just as you did in your first post.

Also, anons are going to razz on you for name-fagging, so leave "Name" blank. Nothing in it at all.

51af05 () No. 8671966

3b85a136dacef3....png (1979 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, maxresdefault.png) (h)


<Now watch me waste bread to taunt windmills

Stop looking so demoralized, anon. Lashing out in all directions makes you look foolish.

Pay attention. This stuff is important.

I am paying attention. Thank you for this thoth anon

e95500 () No. 8673495

208af518cd47a9....png (67 KB, 255 x 36, 1574 : 222, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

Sup Chans. Gotta message from the Groom and the Bride.

Not The Christ and Jerusalem or Heaven and Earth but the

Two Witnesses, Less they Twaind and became One Flesh.

I'm the Groom. The Bride is right here right now, but in Spirit.

she passed over the veil in 2016 - a week and a half ago or so

God brought our souls back together into one. Can't lie its

been the best week of my life. You know butterflies? Like in

your stomach?


My face has been in varying levels of intense butterflies 24/7.

Also I have a comfy crown on my head now. I can’t see it but

It's been there as long as she has now. (almost two weeks)

From Om Anon to Crown Anon. Zero to Nero.

I've also developed some forms of clairvoyance.

This started back up in my victories against the fapadultry

and alcoholism. I'm constantly unweaving anger and pain

in my Heart and weaving Love and Light and through Will

and Miracles and I seem to have won that battle. Possible!

I also found out while Keyword - Overcoming.


The type of things that drag us down are farworth

having compassion about. We might forgive Our

Brother seventy times seven times and still agree to be

Compassionate be we True. The Generation of Vaccines

And GMOs of Disbelief and Whoredom. Be the Good and

Righteous in spirits and called out from upon the world. (pic related)

It turns out there are reasons why God pushed us. He already

knew what was waiting for us on the other side of the side we

came in.

I Am that I Am, She is that She is; We are One.

A Trinity from Earth across the veil into Heaven.

United Upon Christ that we might stand.

I'm writing because I am a Living Breathing Testament of Christ.

I have the Stigmata. I am the man with the number. I met God in

Spirit last August. I also experienced what I can only describe

as the Holy Spirit descending on me, the Passion of Christ.

All I can tell you for sure is that Babylon will fall.

You can expect the entire Revelation and anticipate

It in Godly fear and joy and solitude. Have Faith

Fam, God is - As Great And Wonderful as you

Could possibly imagine to understand him - And

The feeling that is Just and True and Humble and

Right comes only of Him. Pray, Seek, Be cast down

In your afflictions and repent. Ask, and Be Brave in

The Lord. For You Are His Glory.

May you find Retribution and Salvation

in Jesus Christ by the Heart of the Father

Who Art in Heaven.


e95500 () No. 8673577

Treat thy brother as thyself

and have charity.

Give away everything you own

and be it for not if ye not have charity.

judge not less ye be judged

let he who is without sin cast the first stone

yet, let ye be without sin and overcome and you

shall be lawless.

146d76 () No. 8674113


I pray that you are telling the truth.

I have been led down so many false hopes and roads in my lifetime that I truly need to see some hope. With the NWO Shut down and all freedoms lost .

Lord please I pray and hope for a better future for all on this planet and all who are caring and loving.

cd1bee () No. 8677003

91e753fe3b7ea4....png (547 KB, 239 x 255, 678 : 724, Donator.png) (h)

6f4ef4fe70bff7....png (778 KB, 255 x 176, 880 : 607, Successor.png) (h)

I feel like these pictures will be relevant to this thread one day.

History repeating itself.

0f0e49 () No. 8677928


Somebody was calling them "chimeras" and somebody else keeps posting about Morlocks from the HG Wells movie the Time Machine, so you could be right.

Either way, odd pictures for sure.

bab00d () No. 8677966

Deepstate has massive networks of tunnels beneath all of USA, housing concentration camps, where they do experiments and fuck up people?

Was just busted as large etensive narcotics network. Matches up with recent happenings with Venezuela

f3fd3e () No. 8679717


Possibly Cauliflower Ear?

The term cauliflower ear refers to a deformity of the ear caused by blunt trauma or other injury, such as what may occur during a boxing or wrestling match. Left untreated, the injury leads to a blockage that prevents blood flow and damages tissue. This results in a bumpy or lumpy appearance on part of the ear, similar to a cauliflower. Early treatment can help prevent permanent deformity.


146d76 () No. 8682011

48b8c3b6b4020d....jpg (126 KB, 128 x 128, 645 : 821, fcb446e98defa1....jpg) (h)

BTW Did any of you notice that we have a Comet coming in this month and also an asteroid that could hit.

Very interesting times we are living in!

d85378 () No. 8682278

here's a great one for you!!!


4b4f56 () No. 8685211



Boom , Boom , boom , boom , Boom !

04aebb () No. 8689678



23b33d () No. 8694587

UFO from, well France but really wherever you can see the Moon from.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0f0e49 () No. 8704769


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8705724

new Q dance lady video talking about:

Kids being rescued from underground tunnels

Gorona being a cover

Ayylmao superfrens in another density helping us

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

189a9f () No. 8706488

b6f2680371a979....png (1185 KB, 255 x 218, 815 : 696, nmgfkutfluyflv....png) (h)


I'll leave this here for the ones who understand!

189a9f () No. 8707049

0345299307be5c....png (517 KB, 255 x 179, 757 : 532, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Have you consider that thing might be a dummy?

There's some videos going around which show its all an enormous bullshit!!!

Take a look at an example: https://twitter.com/Qnuno2/status/1246909794268655618

32b7e2 () No. 8707611

2b04f0a40b19f0....jpeg (47 KB, 255 x 116, 560 : 254, 414FA750_E710_....jpeg) (h)

Hear me out before ya call me schizo, but the pyramids, nazca lines, underground bases, WTC all seem to be built in the formation of the Orion constellation. We know NASA has been corrupt and essentially the cult of Apollo, and that the majority of money they receive is used for black projects. Nasas logo contains 3 constellations, Draco, Pleiades and Orion.

Space Force was created and their logo also contains 3 constellations but Orion is not included and in its place is Sirius. Are the Sirians helping us get rid of the Orion beings that have traded technology for humans and adrenochrome?

It all sounds silly but there are literally tens of thousands of underground bases and tunnels.

At this point I truly believe Phil Schneider who explains that the aliens control our world governments that are intentionally destroying the western world.

78a9c8 () No. 8708341

3f14c3617a4a6a....jpeg (93 KB, 255 x 255, 768 : 768, img_9928.jpeg) (h)


I understand.

Tesla knew, 369, we live within a Realm. A place where thoughts become reality overtime.


189a9f () No. 8708592


I'll leave you with a nice video….

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

189a9f () No. 8708602

2299ee0b408112....jpg (537 KB, 255 x 134, 1614 : 849, nasa_meme.jpg) (h)


Here's a nice journal…

0f496b () No. 8708621


Love where your minds at fren

78a9c8 () No. 8708699

ef40750e5f94ed....jpg (17 KB, 255 x 128, 400 : 201, yin_yang_symbo....jpg) (h)


Thank for being here Fren!

78a9c8 () No. 8708707


189a9f () No. 8708711


Remember bro, backup this one!

This is a very important video for the true researcher!

The importance of its contents is unmistakable, Enjoy!

…you're welcome ;)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

78a9c8 () No. 8708730


Thank you, DL's..

146d76 () No. 8708745

611f25933db019....jpg (1303 KB, 255 x 191, 3264 : 2448, IMG_9417.jpg) (h)


Well look at that , Its some truth!

Thanks for the post Anon and Be Blessed in your live and endeavors .

78a9c8 () No. 8708777

d038536a94304f....png (637 KB, 255 x 190, 969 : 723, ice_screenshot....png) (h)


189a9f () No. 8708825

9b19f88ef5172d....png (1519 KB, 255 x 248, 796 : 774, crownadriadne.png) (h)


Look at that heavenly sunset…

I'm the one who's thankful anon, hold tight, the boat is about to hit the rocks…


146d76 () No. 8708920

f9d6b7ff804674....jpg (4151 KB, 255 x 191, 3264 : 2448, IMG_9538.jpg) (h)


Truth shall be shared across the land!

God is working very hard for us right now.

God Bless and I pray that we remove the evil ones who have lied about everything .

God Speed !

189a9f () No. 8709006

88a9f8ba35361e....jpg (99 KB, 191 x 255, 500 : 667, ERr_PqMUwAA5cRh.jpg) (h)


There is nothing we can do except fight with the weapons of war described in Ephesians 6.

Remember not to place your hopes on men, but on God Almighty Jesus Christ! He will come to clean up the mess!

Meanwhile: 2 Thessalonians 2:3

0f496b () No. 8709417

0162bd902a2d32....jpeg (134 KB, 183 x 255, 690 : 960, C97B4BDF_9767_....jpeg) (h)


You as well!

4374bc () No. 8710740

3f713997c16604....jpg (482 KB, 255 x 124, 2220 : 1080, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

Silver UFOs Appear On Live Broadcast During SpaceX’s Latest Starlink Launch'



b50293 () No. 8711012

CR 364:28 !

e92105 () No. 8712486


4stam 4 str leather belt UGGHHG OHOHGHHG

c8a628 () No. 8714489

c86f171657955e....jpg (154 KB, 190 x 255, 1354 : 1822, v_for_vendetta....jpg) (h)

Gang , I Watched V for Vendetta last night , Our Time line is in this movie .. I am not sure what to think about this. It felt as if we are scripted and it was a mind bending experience for me.

It is on Amazon Prime now and it costs 3.99 to rent for 30 days .

I am utterly shocked and I am now wondering WTF is going on Here.

Since we are lock down for a few more days I strongly recommend you check it out.!

d47109 () No. 8719628

Watching some Swerdlow.

22:07 the deaths now here's the part that's

22:09 gonna get me in trouble I think these

22:11 deaths like demon related they are

22:14 people who have been possessed and the

22:16 demons are fleeing the body and the body

22:18 dies and then they're calling (it)

22:20 coronavirus

My interpretation - Lower 4d entities fleeing the bodies as Earth rises to 5d+ frequency.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8719879

4e32b0e0ca5481....pdf (1633 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, alex_collier_d....pdf) (h)

Good Ayy Primer ebook.


d47109 () No. 8719913

One of the first vids I watched when going down the Ayylmao rabbit hole.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8719989


>Alex Collier canon viewing from the Andromedan perspective.

Simon Parkes from the Mantis / Mantid perspective.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8720024

Aaron Mccollum

Project Seagate

Dolphin-Human Hybrid Super Soldier for the Deep State who conducted military abductions, assassinations, underground DUMBs, portal/stargate to other planets, densities & timelines, MK Ultra mind control / dark sexual rituals / torture e.g. water boarding to produce the ultimate soldier.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8720064


Videos in playlist:

Chapter 1: Who is Aaron McCollum

Chapter 2: What is a Super-solder part1

Chapter 2: What is a Super-solder part2

Chapter 3: What are super-soldiers used for

Chapter 4: 3rd Gen Obsolete?

Chapter 5: MILABS

Chapter 6: Seagate

Chapter 7: Dolphin Involvement

Chapter 8: Where do Seagates go

Chapter 9: Why are you doing this?

Chapter 10: What has to be done


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8720086

James Bartley

UFOs, MILABs & Reptilian Concept of Human Ownership

Talk starts @ 3:55

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8328d6 () No. 8721925

Russel Targ interviewed by Dr. Who to promote the new CE-5 documentary.

Has anyone watched the film yet? Released yesterday.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d23ca1 () No. 8724900


I've seen his name thrown around here and there before but never looked into him, until after watching this.

Thanks for sharing.

b50293 () No. 8731192

sulphur bacteria

mountain top



a4f22b () No. 8732611


wait a minute isn't he connected to the deep state and wants everyone to believe there are no evil aliens? always wondered why this guy was pushed so much on here

8328d6 () No. 8733808


"What can I do to make a positive change in the world?"

"I'm saddened the intelligence community has misinformed the public… we can get the rest of the world to help with consciousness"

It is the idea of "free thinkers bypassing the deep state" and making peaceful contact with ET on their own that is pushed here.

What better way to empower "We, The People" than to show them the tools to contact ET?

If there "is" a point of contention between Earth and another Civilization, better to be solved thru diplomacy than down the barrel of a weapon that could destroy an entire planet. Those anons who accept the war on mars theories should consider this carefully.

This is about an idea. 23



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

87a622 () No. 8733961


There are no connections to or any financing by DS actors, a rogue Rothschild once TRIED to help Steven Greer before he died (early 2000s) but was cut off by his family.

Evil aliens exist but they are outnumbered, quarantined from Earth and they don't use consciousness to connect to people.

The essence is that his modified remote viewing protocols - one example of many - work. And you need nothing but your mind to figure that out.

87a622 () No. 8733979


If anyone has proof of Greer being a DS agent or if anyone can explain the way those contact protocols are somehow bad, he's welcome to post.

0078ae () No. 8736799


Dont you mean Rockefeller? And isn't he also connected to John Podesta? Also why does he tell us that there are no negative ETs and they dont have a word for "war"? How did he become a millionaire while giving up his doctor profession? How was he sponsored in the 1990s and promoted on mainstream television without any opposition? Is it possible his contact methods work and that's how he traps people into believing further narratives? Hmph, lots of questions.

a910f6 () No. 8736948

Q is literally a Pleiadian.

81b4bc () No. 8737569


If you can dig shit on Greer do it, there should be no barriers to truth

>Is it possible his contact methods work and that's how he traps people into believing further narratives?

The contact methods are almost exactly the same as all others used by a group in meditation doing a conscious invitation

like this around 1 hour 10 mins in the video

only if every contact group throughout history is somehow trapped in a narrative

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

81b4bc () No. 8744237

7272e94a572ce4....jpg (228 KB, 255 x 157, 2048 : 1262, q_rwanda_coinc....jpg) (h)

Another small coincidence pertaining to ayylmaos from Q

0078ae () No. 8744442


>Q is literally a Pleiadian.

Sauce? Proof? Anything other than the obscure and inconclusive Q posts you've linked over and over? Or is Kabamur and his brainwashed crazy dance lady disciple posting again? Lol


So pleidians are depicted as basically spiritual nazi's? Why do they sound German? Why are these ets always depicted as sounding Germanic or with a dialect from that region of the world? Did the Nazis worship the Pleidians and that's why literally every faggot out there is attempting to portray them as the only good et species? Nazi aliens. No proof exists to prove they are good, absolutely none. Proof is different than story time.

0078ae () No. 8744493

33b560b9fe66c3....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 197, 995 : 770, GREER_NO_NEG_E....jpg) (h)

ccb555af287186....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, EGb2MHcXoAEoHO1.jpg) (h)

7c4b6e30420b1d....jpg (58 KB, 255 x 130, 622 : 318, adfhafaer.jpg) (h)

f5a7cf9e920ed8....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 86, 800 : 270, roc1.jpg) (h)

25105bf3fb9bac....jpg (65 KB, 236 x 255, 593 : 640, D57AqhWWwAA85mY.jpg) (h)


>If you can dig shit on Greer do it, there should be no barriers to truth

Heavily involved with the cabal as much smarter anons than you have posted previously. Also from much smarter anons than you, dr Greer has basically stolen what people from all over the world have been doing for thousands of years and hes marketed it as his own. Gatekeeper for contact methods which keeps people buying into his narratives. Contact methods work, his storytime and narratives are sauce less bullshit. He has never delivered once on any of his spectacular bombshells promised. Oh and hes also a fraud that steals peoples intellectual properties.

3089ff () No. 8744693


you do mean Q is plebeian and a failure at that

6241c1 () No. 8745271

The Man who held the testimonies of the 70 Shepards is Jesus

The Sheep that became a Man and lead the Sheep out of the 

den of the Wolves was Moses. 

The Two Rams were David and Saul. 

The Sheep that was sought after by so many and caught up

to Heaven was Jacob I think.

Whose the Sheep that Became the Ram with a Sword?

Also I think the Oil that the Brides Maids and Grooms need for 

their Lanterns is Wisdom.

Since developing clairvoyance my head feels lit up like a lantern

and in Enoch - Wisdom is referred to as a Woman who went to 

and fro finding no place to dwell until she was pored upon the 

Righteous and Elect as Oil. 

So I think the crown of the head is the flame of spirit of the lamp and wisdom is the Oil

81b4bc () No. 8745507


Here comes the ignorant know-it-all.

No sauce no connections no digs.


81b4bc () No. 8745601


I'm not having the same convo again, so you can forget about replies about Greer at least from me. At least tell me how on Earth and beyond can someone be a gatekeeper by providing you with tools that you already had and used completely independent of him without knowing about him. And I know that both of us anons (if I remember you correctly) have done that before. Except I haven't developed as much arrogance and hate towards the prospect of positive ETs existing.

0078ae () No. 8747138

797cb59fb8f84b....jpg (53 KB, 255 x 164, 550 : 354, 060bf506_8ae7_....jpg) (h)

86c59c6a0df2bc....png (875 KB, 244 x 255, 908 : 947, Screen_Shot_20....png) (h)

dad7e71dd22fdb....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 169, 1200 : 796, DvkkOklX4AAChQC.jpg) (h)



Wait a minute, are you projecting that I dont believe in positive ETs? Didnt smarter anons than you already discuss that both good and evil exist everywhere in the universe? Perhaps you should revisit the crop circle with the grey alien and the binary disc. "We oppose deception." - What do you think that deception might be? Which so called extraterrestrial species works the closest with world governments? The pleidians, the tall whites, the nordics, whatever you want to call them. So why do you think that crop circle had a grey alien talking about deceivers? It's time for anons to graduate beyond the gatekeepers of these threads.

Also, as smarter anons than you have previously stated, shills attack others with the projection of "You dont believe in positive aliens" or "You dont believe in conscious contact" if you dont believe in dr. Greers narratives. Faggots on here have been using the same arguments and projections for almost three years.

>If you can dig shit on Greer do it, there should be no barriers to truth





So greer supports HRC and also good friends with John Podesta. Nice. Classy friends you keep steven.

There is one thing that is absolutely certain in this thread. Someone, or a group of someone's desperately wants anons to follow dr steven Greer.

Its obvious why.

They dont want you to discover the good cop bad cop narrative of the pleidians and reptilians most likely working together, while the greys are being scapegoated.

Time to wake up anons.

68f7b5 () No. 8749814


>They dont want you to discover the good cop bad cop narrative of the pleidians and reptilians most likely working together

If they are all working together, where are the REAL good guys then and how can we contact them?

82c501 () No. 8751243

BIG event going on in a small town in the mountains Amazon colombia. The heavens have converged on this position IN MASSIVE NUMBERS, NEVER have there been so mutch light in one área on earth in the history of humanity. Started 36hours ago, have now increased to 8times as mutch more light in one área compared to the second place in our history. We are at 30% of how mutch light we need here, it Will keep increasing Next 24hours to 25times more light then second place. Gaia is already purging from all this light. So far 20000 ufo's are over us and surrounding área assisting with sending light. Mostly pleadian. More is coming. In 24h something Will happen. Then for one week we Will initiate stage 2 + 3 and It Will integrate with the planet.




68f7b5 () No. 8751980



b98133 () No. 8753992


Well, not sure if this helps, but…. I have been following these Missionaries that receive apparitions from Jesus (specifically his 8 days of Instructions) . Today is Day 6. On Wed. during the apparition, we were instructed that 13 pts. of light would be (directed or pulled) from mountain areas around the planet (Andes, Himalaya, etc) which would Harmonize our planet. Could this be what is being reported on this board today?? The coincidence is amazing.

2932fb () No. 8755810

Holy fuck this place has gone to shit… Im not even going to post the UFO I just saw.

68f7b5 () No. 8757654


[shills whine]

68f7b5 () No. 8757682


That's interesting… and the most common way of pulling wool over someone's eyes.

If I had a dime for every time someone made a grandiose prediction of great events happening on a specific date…


wouldn't you agree that without sauce, we can safely pack this "prediction" in the "DS bullshit" folder?

82c501 () No. 8758705

Biggest posession and exorcism in history of humanity happened 2 days ago, Gaia was shaking. It triggered biggest attack by the dark in our history, followed by biggest attack on a single induvidual. This IS still happening they are doing everything to stopp this event. (Will not suceed)

We have reached 95% of target light.

2000000 lightships over the location. They are showering the area with light.

27000 buddhas have descended on the area

270000 Angels have descended on the area

62 advanced divine lightbeeings have come here, 2 days ago there was only 1.


IN a few hours It Will happen.

Stage 1: raise anough light and bring It in.

Stage 2: 3days to build grid and prepare for expansión

Stage 3: expand out of town área to planetwide effect.


Will benefit humanity greatly!!


f2ab5c () No. 8763708


>They dont want you to discover the good cop bad cop narrative of the pleidians and reptilians most likely working together

>If they are all working together, where are the REAL good guys then and how can we contact them?

bumping this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4374bc () No. 8765431

7d020f98589e13....png (369 KB, 110 x 255, 289 : 672, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

66f0af59542143....png (140 KB, 95 x 255, 251 : 674, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Here's the original video author's channel:

It is supposedly from April 3rd, 2020 Denver, Colorado.


The uploader, Gorden McKenna, shows other "daylight" videos from the ISS to let the viewer see the frame of reference, and in those frames, you can see both the Earth and ISS equipment in frame on the lower right side.

When you view several of the videos McKenna clams are UFO's, etc. there is no Earth, and the screen shows what may be stars in the area the Earth would be.



The lights/UFO's on the right, above center, trail off frame normally, while the lights in the lower right corner disappear earlier. I think that is at the location of the ISS equipment when you compare the two pics attached.

I think McKenna did some adjusting in a post program, and maybe some green screen messing about and captured city/town lights, and the motion of the lights are due to perspective and frame rendering.



If you compare the "lights" video and these, there is the same, almost identical, directional rotation.

2c2d64 () No. 8769553

5f03880f682b68....jpg (54 KB, 253 x 255, 500 : 504, 5f0.jpg) (h)


Wasn't this already answered in that post shillfaggot?

Why does every narrative make the long blonde haired beautiful humanoids with German accents out to be the only good guys and the ugly nasty reptilians are the evil ones? Would make a lot more sense if they were working together and every mainstream narrative makes the greys out to be bionic slave drone entities, when in reality they might be the "good" ones. Everything is speculation because you, and faggots like greer CANT PROVE SHIT. That grey alien binary code definitely does not appear to be man-made, just like all other intricate crop circles. Makes an anon wonder what they meant by the deceivers.

Every narrative spins the pleidians as working closely with governments, secret space programs and black projects. So far what have they done to help humanity? Nothing. Theres more secrecy now than ever. One things for sure, I dont believe all pleidians are good and all reptilians are bad.

You dont need anything or anyone. If your mind is open you'll get a sighting, dont need to subscribe to any gatekeepers or narratives. If you were meant to see something you will. Whether you think it's a positive encounter or entity is entirely up to your perception. A benevolent light being could be a demon to someone else.

Oh sorry, what you wanted to hear was greer is the only chance for anons to establish conscious contact with positive extraterrestrial entities. Its not like random sightings and invited sightings havent happened for thousands of years. Follow greer, trust greer. Everything he says is true. You will only make contact if you donate $5 to watch greers latest video. Donate $10 and a certified light being will land at your house and give you a ride in their advance lightships while showering you with light

Oh and this new L light LARP is legit. Follow L, follow greer

2c2d64 () No. 8769716

5e5819bb8d72d7....jpg (49 KB, 255 x 145, 1200 : 680, PeopleOfEarthA....jpg) (h)


Thousands of years of human history from every civilizations ancestors points toward us being genetically engineered, farmed and enslaved by extraterrestrials. whether good et exists or not, We are a slave species on a prison planet. People like greer and youfaggot dont want people discovering this, so they make you focus only on the good so you ignore the bad. Sloppy magic trick.

d23ca1 () No. 8769814

d414f8c1e827b3....png (355 KB, 255 x 191, 640 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

82c501 () No. 8770660

Its here! she arrived on time. Her name is Teresa. Welcome!! Her energy is the most plesant energy i have ever felt BY FAR. She is the most advanced divine energy light hybrid humanity have ever seen! She showered the área with light for 2 seconds and It went from 130% to 150% instantly… THATS NO SMALL FEET! Also It cannot compare her light is in a class of its own! So potent and healing you have NEVER felt anything like it!! Her arrival alone have been increasing the light here. And It Will continúe to increase!


We are at 180% light now! The Rain is potent holy water, the area have a exorcisting effect. Here is the closest thing you can be to Heaven on earth!!

It Will take 7-8days before she can move out of this área and share her gifts with humanity! BE EXCITED! Global healing of which humanity have NEVER seen the likes of Will commence when the grid is Up!

She Will take care of the energíes on the surface, awaken the light in our Hearts, balance the divine Malé and female energíes, accelerate and awaken humanity! Accelerate our ascensión process massively! And mutch more!!

Celebration is in order!!


9e9347 () No. 8771790




Where are the good guys and how can we contact them?

At least try to answer this.

Hard mode: Don't mention your secret gay lover (dr. Greer) or a specific ET race like the Pleiadians.

Come on, try it. Give us a simple "rule of engagement" so to speak.

9e9347 () No. 8771799


Just wanted to tell you that you are making no sense, and please stop signing your baseless claims with L.

82c501 () No. 8780864

We are at 320% light now, THATS 80+times higher then 2nd place in our history!!!

She does not have a name because she is energy and light. I was asked to give her one for humans to Connect more easiley ect.

Stage 2 is delayed a little bit… We are working hard!

The dark is attacking nonstop but to little effect.

The level of Planet wide healing incoming is HUGE!!!

I am restricted to 15min of phone use daily and i am not reading replies or responding until i get a proper break.


e3301d () No. 8786477

62b43c969c268f....jpg (51 KB, 255 x 254, 501 : 500, 1ypby7.jpg) (h)

a3746f () No. 8790296

3 minutes of CE-5 magic.

Second clip shows how to respond during UFO sighting.


Has anyone here encountered frog like beings?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c96e12 () No. 8791876

Fear propaganda vs own personal research.

Independent studies verify rumors.

Light vs darkness.

c96e12 () No. 8792115


Shills HATE you.

They can't stand independent efforts of ANY kind of Disclosure.

All they have is fear, hate, ad hominem insults and a superiority complex.

82c501 () No. 8793428

We are at 610%!!! Stage 2 at 50%…

Expecting stage 2 to be delayed another 12h…

A few hours ago the dark put their trump cards on the table, taking the attacks BEYOND the Next level… It was already at récord high in our history… slight delay because of this… Rest assured the Teresa mission is not stoppable… We have to respond which is making slight delays that is all…

The divine is making counter measures all who is able is beeing called on… and buffing us appropriately… Major response from heaven…

Situation Is serious but things Will be alot better when Teresa can move freely.

Pray to god for protection of Friends and family and yourselves.


c96e12 () No. 8794983



It should go without saying that own independent research goes AGAINST subscribing to various theories about extraterrestrials provided by other people.

7cee1d () No. 8797061

I'm looking for links (or the Qresearch bread that contained links) to the recent grainy video of a space sensor transmission that showed a round thing with interior spindles…..very much like the Werner von Braun space station. It then was cut short after making an appearance on the screen.

Anyanon know the way? The thought of combing through a months's worth of breads to find it is more than I can stomach!

1084c7 () No. 8805088


Life is getting very interesting right now.

Thank you Q for all you have done.

82c501 () No. 8812404

A few hours after last post, There was a serious attack by the dark… This level of attack have only happened once in our universe before and nothing have been of greater magnitude…

The attack was so serious god have erased what happened from our timeline and mass-conciousness… It lasted 12-13minutes from start to finish. Anyone able to view the timelines/mass conciousness Will only see a dark spot in its place… Not even the buddhas is allowed to know It. Only the supreme beeings and god knows…

The attack was countered beautifully the divine was ready… However i need to Adress the consequences.

There was 3500people exposed to It… All are on Life support… Supreme beeings have entered their bodies keeping them Alive… Noone Will die from this but they are experiencing the damage to various degrees, mostly psychological but also fysical. Full recovery Will take 7-10days.

The divine have ensured the safety of everyone.

The attack had the greatest impact in our history… By far… On our mass conciousness… We have to figure out how to purge It as a species… It is fear based. It Will not be plesant and most of us Will be sick when we purge it.

Here at the Teresa mission we experienced the full extent of the attack… We are the only ones who know the details because we had to prevent It.

This was not ok…. We are fine is not a Word i would use… We are on Life support, Teresa is unable to do mutch because she is keeping us Alive together with the supremes… Probably for another day she cannot move.

We are not allowed to continue the work on the Teresa mission for atleast another 3days until we have recovered our health to a sufficient level. Stage 2 Will be delayed for 5-6days because now we have to work slow. The mission is like i said not stoppable and everything ls well.

We defeated the threath and we came rather well out of It if i were to say so myself. This IS a victory and we Now passed a milestone as a species. They Will NEVER be able to do It again. The ones responsible were executed ca. 10minutes after we stopped the attack.

We did It. We overcame the biggest threath to humanity ever. Im not in a celebrating mood but we won.

Please pray for anyone that experienced the attack.

There is 630% light at the Teresa site but Will not increase until we are ready to continue work…

Will let you know.


042b23 () No. 8816152

7a935d9f0f9cc4....png (11 KB, 255 x 60, 780 : 185, clear_your_mind.png) (h)

Latest Q crumb.

>Clear your mind.


Link to a new agey song, Above & Beyond - Night Light.

What kind of activity pertaining to this thread needs a Clear Healthy mind to experience Night Lights Above & Beyond?

d23ca1 () No. 8816193

30 minute CERN video connecting dots

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

042b23 () No. 8816212


Nevermind, Great Falls was the linked song, NOT the Night Light one.

5390f6 () No. 8816916

a0c96b18d08bc0....png (5 KB, 255 x 70, 452 : 124, Torus_Moebius.png) (h)

2b4e81999bdc9f....png (614 KB, 255 x 106, 1000 : 417, Mobius_Strip.png) (h)

47f103604ce4d7....png (4490 KB, 255 x 134, 2048 : 1080, Time_Travel.png) (h)



1 must have a clear mind to see The LIGHT.

Your heart is in the right place Anon.

It's the 'thought' that counts…

7c9e72 () No. 8817900


It's ok buddy. Love trumps hate. We are all one in my book. Plus, most of them probably get paid to do what they do so it's really not personal.


The one thing I know about this guy is this. We use one of his cleansing meditations at CE-5 events. It's a favorite amongst some of the group and involves visualizing protective light energy and working out all the bodily & mental stress that we may not realize we are carrying. Is good for warming up.


Standard protocol when seeing UFO → Use consciousness (coherent thought) to ask for a sign.



>>8794983 Jim Martin's contribution is appreciated but calling ce-5 UFO Summoning belies what CE-5 is really about; Being an ambassador of this great planet and making peaceful contact with advanced civilizations.

5390f6 () No. 8818498

3958b62b9e8542....png (627 KB, 255 x 115, 1783 : 802, The_Keys.png) (h)

3e135e82a2397f....png (28 KB, 255 x 82, 555 : 179, We_hold_all_th....png) (h)

dd171a7e21a2a3....png (778 KB, 255 x 123, 1782 : 863, The_Key.png) (h)

facb28cc6e8c09....png (69 KB, 255 x 143, 635 : 356, Find_the_Key.png) (h)

2c3d3ad61d9718....jpg (33 KB, 191 x 255, 600 : 800, Priory_of_Sion....jpg) (h)


>Consciousness is KEY.

Anons hold the Keys.

From A to [P].

Timing is everything.

Everything old is new again.

>You are watching a MOVIE.

>There are no coincidences.

<There will come a day when they will look for what they missed.

46bc5b () No. 8818759




I have been drawn to this thread for Months now , I have taken part and also have just hung out and read , I am very happy I did all of this now.

God bless and here we go!

8e931e () No. 8819273


>and here we go!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f0154f () No. 8828652


Where is the site ?

82c501 () No. 8838771

Since last post there have been 7 waves of a buntch of dark masters entering the site… They get hit with teresa's light on arrival and is immediately disarmed and blinded… We just send more light on them and they last 10seconds at most before they leave…………………………………………………………… And that is with us in critical condition with Teresa una ble to move….

I think It is safe to say the beyond level threath is over.

It is going to be nice having Teresa around!


bc2d9c () No. 8839460


Can you share the source of your claims please?

10bf38 () No. 8842203


I agree , please share more info.

7c9e72 () No. 8845894


Dr. Who talks Science of Consciousness and emphasizes the importance of decentralized contact.

In this he says it's impossible to prove no harmful ET civilizations exist and recommends how to deal with them.

Decentralized contact movement is akin to a decentralized, anonymous great awakening.

Sheep no more.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

733dc0 () No. 8847797


Can you explain shortly for those with an aversion to Steven Greer the way negative ET civs are dealt with in the process of open contact/ambassadorship?

796d31 () No. 8848890



You're talking to yourself again faggot. You've done this on every bread. You're not fooling anyone ce-5 anon. You've been doing this for years on here trying to show an inorganic manufactured consensus of acceptance toward dr rockefeller initiative greer. Also trying to gatekeep as the authority on here for establishing contact. You love being the center of attention I'll given you that. At least you're not linking everyone to your youtube channel anymore

It's obvious when you reply to your own posts btw. Sounds like a bad scripted interaction on the fake mainstream news. "Well thank you Jim, now back to our all things greer segment"

Remember when greer said he was going to unveil zero point energy? Yep big flop just like everything else hes ever promised.

Greer has and always will be deep state. When you make your bed with the clintons, podestas and rockefellers as closest allies it speaks for itself.

796d31 () No. 8848929





Same nomenclature, same sentence structuring, same agenda and same narrative. Also I always remembered your scripted inorganic reply timestamps were later in the evening just like always from before, so I am guessing you are on the west coast.

Here's a hint, in previous breads where dr rockefeller initiative greer was heavily promoted, the posts almost always had the same late night inorganic scripted replies around the same time of night. Repeating pattern

You've put the same shit on here and tried to sell the agenda for literally almost three years but you're so stupid you dont realize you keep repeating the same patterns of talking to yourself.

You're getting sloppy ce-5 famefag gatekeeper anon. How far up Steven's ass are you and how much are they paying you to keep selling this bullshit?

d47109 () No. 8848989

Jason Rice milab SSP whistleblower on antarctic mars space nazis.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

733dc0 () No. 8849059



haha u mad bro?

24e258 () No. 8849604

Can confirm two independent witnesses on the east coast of the 10-15 UFO formation being seen Nationwide lately. 2 witnesses, three sightings.

733dc0 () No. 8849981


"Stop doing that you retard. It's all rockefeller-backed demons."

82c501 () No. 8850458

Teresa team still in critical condition.

Teresa is forbidding us from doing gridwork for an additional 5days.


10bf38 () No. 8850494

I,m not sure about any of this .

However if it does not help the American People and make life better for them then what is the point ?

I want the American People to be happy and to be free .. The Dark ones have been keeping us down for over three decades .

The Narrative that we were sold was a lie from top to bottom.

People like Bill Gates have been ruling for far to long .. He is trying to kill us and still we are playing games with fake UFO's .

It makes no difference weather UFO's are here or not , unless they try to help the Good People in the battle of Dark VS Light.

I do believe that Donald J Trump is a white hat , But he may be the only one in our battle in our government.

So once again who is this Teresa ? And how will she help us ?

the Mind Games need to stop .

Answer questions honestly and tell us what is really going on ..

No More games.

733dc0 () No. 8851545


>It makes no difference weather UFO's are here or not

What would happen if everyone found out how life in the rest of the Universe is structured?

That the vast majority of ET races live in total peace in accordance with the Laws of the Universe?

The most elementary, basic truths about Life that are the bread and butter of very existence of ALL advanced ET races are never taught on Earth in an organized fashion.

The situation we have had for the last several thousand years including today can be likened to a hostage situation where the negative Cabal and its ET masters spiritual (greater degree) and physical (lesser degree) keep the population in a self-made prison with the threat of mass suffering, which is why Q and White Hats have to do it by the book, defuse the situation slowly to prevent catastrophes.

10bf38 () No. 8851906


That is a pretty good reply and you have giving me some things to ponder .

I am asking at this late time for truth because I feel that time is short for us.

Thank you for telling me your truth.

I will just listen for the time and try to learn.

But our Dark world must come to an end.

We must stop the negative thoughts and move to good and better thinking or we are going to fade away just like so many did before us .

This is it people. We better wake them all up or we will fade into the darkness and never be heard from again.

733dc0 () No. 8852171


I don't know if you have seen this but it's a transmission from the actual Ashtar Command (not the MKULTRA program). It is a very very important broadcast that should not be memory holed, ever.


Time is indeed short, and we are at an end of an era.

Stay safe anon and God bless you. There is nothing to worry and everything to Love in this transition. May discernment be with you.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

740c19 () No. 8852628

cac7908a51f2f7....png (703 KB, 255 x 164, 1472 : 944, piccinini.png) (h)

7ae332 () No. 8853919


is this to prepare the world for what's coming out of the tunnels?

7ae332 () No. 8853923


is this to prepare the world for what's coming out of the tunnels?>>8852628

7ae332 () No. 8853939


sorry for the dup.

forgot the link: https://pikdo.info/u/patricia.piccinini/1738271060

5adbd2 () No. 8854196


>because I feel that time is short for us.

An insidious and subtle thought-form whose purpose is to induce panic and fear, to make you act (or want to act) without thinking. It is an effect intended to unsettle you and make you question your decisions and resolve. I forget, what deadline are we rushing towards again…?

Besides, the idea that we are 'running out of time' somewhat assumes that there is a finite amount we have left in the first place, or that it's going somewhere. Just because you are in free-fall and cannot stop yourself does not mean the tree-branch that flies by you on your way to the ground is moving, though you do PERCEIVE it to be.

53157e () No. 8854324


This is pretty simple.

We aren't the ones running out of time.

[They] are.

9f8417 () No. 8857363


Hope you are right !

Looking at Project Looking Glass Right now.

53157e () No. 8857391


Look at Bill Wood.

7c9e72 () No. 8857867


SHEEP NO MORE brother.

My biological brother just watched Out of Darkness. He (was) is an uber liberal lady gaga lover. Now he is asking all these questions about epstein, satanism, etc. Our movement prospers thank God.


If there is a point of contention between humanity and another civilization, it is best resolved thru CE5 (exo-diplomacy) than down the barrel of a weapon that could destroy entire planets. This is geopolitics 101 and might be the same reason america does not accuse china of bioweapon.


We can lead a horse to water but we can't force it to drink.

You can't get a person to act but you can get them to react


7c9e72 () No. 8857896




The future belongs to you anon. It is your birthright to know the truth.

796d31 () No. 8858855



Now I definitely know it's the same faggot on here as before. You constantly used to repeat this line

>It is your birthright to know the truth.

You used that verbatim more than once trying to sell the lies of greer on here since bread #3

You are talking to yourself again with your two devices as you literally have for years on here. Your patterns have become increasingly obvious. You couldn't get anons to actually have an organic conversation so you've always talked to yourself to try to sell your point

What a desperate faggot

d47109 () No. 8859035

Waiting on a Chinese Boat,

To give us Russian Cargo,

On an American Base,

With an Italian first name,

and a Spanish last name,

in the Indian Ocean,

to pick up for the Germans

in space.

@9:00 in vid

Tony Rodrigues 20 and back milab

Slave in cigar 'submarine like' craft delivering cargo for the mars-germans, to the military base Diago Garcia.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

12697f () No. 8859791

So this may sound odd, but I want to see if anyone else witnessed this. I was walking my son out to his car, saying goodnight this evening. I noticed venus and pointed it out. This was approx. 9:10 p.m. PST. Still looking up, he said, "cool, a satellite!"

We sat there watching a parade of ~20 - 25 of these things, whatever they were, at regular intervals for the next 20-30 minutes. We just kept saying "there's another one, there's another one". I kept joking it was a bunch of "Aurora" craft.

Most were heading NE, (like they were coming from orion in the SW, and on through the big dipper) 1 of them we spotted came in heading due E, then turned due S, not following the other's behavior at all. I don't think a satellite can turn.

We have no idea what they were, we couldn't see any strobe/flash like you see on regular planes, and if there weren't so many, at such regular intervals.. like I said, initially we thought it was 1 satellite.

Any ideas? We are around the Everett WA area.

c1b7c5 () No. 8860000




I had been forgetting to watch these and I finally got around to them tonight.


Thanks for sharing.

e9f958 () No. 8860087


No stupid fuck. (a+b)(a-b) = 0

For any number a + b not equal to 0, a cannot equal b.

Why? Cancel b + b = b from line 6

Stupid fuck.

ebeb59 () No. 8860896


[shills whine]

4374bc () No. 8862112

372875840c4cdf....png (116 KB, 184 x 255, 365 : 506, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5fbd331624accb....png (601 KB, 255 x 192, 1000 : 751, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Maybe the starlink satellites.


9207c9 () No. 8862729



Q said that the Earth is not flat @ https://qmap.pub/read/2622. What do you make of that?

9207c9 () No. 8862775


Please disregard the pdf link. I did not mean to post that.

40b88a () No. 8865611

Oil is now worthless and that is scary ..

Our Dollar is now at 99.95 and that shows we do not have a petro dollar anymore.

Things are going on right now . get ready people !

53157e () No. 8865802


Yes, decoupling was a major sign.

Physical and paper PMs are also now seeing a very noticeable gap.

This is huge news, but also not exactly the place for this…

2ed6a1 () No. 8866318


>Oil is now worthless

Oil will be made fully worthless by so called "free energy" devices that are using forms of cosmic energy unbeknownst to us.

7c9e72 () No. 8867884

bdeafef025dea0....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 101, 422 : 167, tri_tri_sirius.jpg) (h)

this is not a pepe joke

Has anyone had contact with "frog-like" beings?

I am looking for further confirmation about dream contact I may have had two days after my teams' last CE-5. Our closing statement was about paying attention to further contact that may come in the dream state in the ensuing days. What a coincidence.

Basically what happened was two ET introduced themselves as a scientist and a doctor. The doctor was a female. She resembled shrek except with a much larger head and protruding eyes, like a frog. This is the closest approximation I can come up with for describing her species.

The overall message they shared in this exchange was about the importance of Coherent Thought when communicating with advanced civilizations well versed in the science of consciousness. See https://youtu.be/Yb8qSEQ1Iaw for an in depth explanation of the science of consciousness and why, as many anons have opined, it is 101 for exopolitics (or contact ET via CE-5)


Now a word on doing virtual CE-5.

First of all, the new app apparently enhances the ability for decentralized groups to get together with willing contactees nearby. I cannot confirm 100% because I have not bought the app yet. I am broke as shit. But my team is hosting our first virtual CE-5 over a video conference platform and these are some ideas we have come up with. I hope these ideas help inspire you and the anons interested in furthering peaceful contact with ET civilizations.

1) Remote viewing. Members can make a drawing beforehand and use it as a remote viewing target. We will have a timer set to 3 minutes per target for participants to meditate on. This is a very fun activity and people tend to be pleasantly surprised at their innate abilities. Oh, and perhaps encourage ppl to keep a pen and pad nearby to draw their inferences.

2) 10min silent meditation on a symbol. So, like, if someone held up the star of david (not implying anything. I just like it for its ancient history and everyone has seen it) & everyone in the video chat meditates on the same image/object for ten minutes it will build group coherence.

—–Group Coherence seems to be the keystone to making -mass- contact. It is much easier to do CE-5 with 1-3 ppl.—-

3) Cleansing meditation. So instead of using any guided meditations from youtube or greer we are actually going to have a team member(s) lead us in meditation. This, I think, will really build coherence. Sometimes you kind of have to kick ppl in the ass who resent doing anything non-greer. These are level 0 ce-5'ers who don't understand the big picture. Just tell em like it is. WWG1WGA philosophy. One has to approach this thing with scientific humility.

4) Coherent Thought Sequencing. I will personally be leading the group thru CTS this time. Our second time having a group member do this. If you have doubts about your public speaking skillz, just write down your script ahead of time and qualify yourself by saying "I'm just a simple person this is my first time doing this plz dont judge i love you and its ok if you laugh at my accent" etc etc. JUST WRITE UR SCRIPT DOWN. Mistakes are ok. This is a huge opportunity for those who truly care about bypassing the deep state and advancing ET contact for the betterment of mother earth and all her children.

Hope this helps you anons.

7c9e72 () No. 8867899



I thought it was starlink too my but contacts are saying they witness ufos breaking rank. Can't we confirm if it is starlink thru OSINT?

796d31 () No. 8868474

3bdb6a710ec5d7....png (317 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, dr_who.png) (h)


>These are level 0 ce-5'ers who don't understand the big picture.

Well elitist snob gatekeeper ce-5 faggot that never left just showed his ugly face once again. Like that little retarded cousin Joey that everyone has. Now watch me get attacked for not believing in aliens or believing in positive contact because I called this faggot out.

Your narrative and agenda has been the same for three years. You have always been an elitist prick gatekeeper trying to lord over the rest of the anons as some kind of a fucking know-it-all but in reality all you do is promote the fucking deep state shills because you are so heavily invested in believing the lie that Greer has sold you. You wouldn't believe the truth if it was right in front of you because of your own confirmation bias. You have been like a mime inside a glass box this entire time, talking to yourself with your other device in a schizophrenic self-discussion trying so hard to fucking sell greer

It's time to move to level 2, gatekeeper elitest faggot. Anons dont need your "team" or your paid app for something they can do on their own.

I guess it's time for you to link us to your YouTube account again. Dont forget to hit that like button

12697f () No. 8868760



Thanks for the response.

I was leaning towards starlink as I attempted to figure or what we were looking at. The distance between them was much greater, with a few running parallel to each other though. I can even see it being starlink except for the one that changed direction from heading east, and turned south. I'm going to see if we can see then this evening with binocs in hand.

I scoured mufon last night as well, and found some interesting similar stories. What I found odd were stories from ohio where the witness had the exact same time (9:10 p.m. local time, which would be 2-3 hours ahead of us on the west coast) as they describe the same thing travelling sw to the ne.

Can starlink roll back around in 2-3 hours?

2ed6a1 () No. 8869048

f1eb0fa12d49cd....jpg (41 KB, 203 x 255, 444 : 557, bilde21.jpg) (h)


Frog like ETs? Couldn't help but think of Iargans, who were met by chance by some Dutch businessman from the Scania truck company. He helped some member of their race who appeared to be in danger on the sea, and got loads of info as a thanks. Pic related.


They are kind of our neighbours from a 7g 3bar earthlike planet orbiting some nearby star.

Not really our fav ogre and probably not the race you speak of but… had to mention.

Anyways thanks for sharing more info on conscious contact, I'll tune in as soon as RL gives me a break. As for dream contacts it's always the no. 1 way they get in touch for starters and the feelings are always intense. Hypnagogic state is where the real info pours through as you traverse the line between two worlds, telepathy works like a charm there but I cannot reliably enter it yet. And all the beings I contacted were either angels or humans but thats probably my preference or a mission. I remember doing lightwork in a dream with a famous older celebrity, very powerful experience, I was in place of one of the angels surrounding him as he was reclining and doing a meditation. CDAN loves him a lot so that kind of legitimizes it further.

Anyways do share your experiences here. It is appreciated. Tell us what you have learned. [shills whine] while you make real contact. God bless you anon.

796d31 () No. 8869141


>Anyways thanks for sharing more info on conscious contact

"Conscious contact"

There it is again faggot you just outed yourself. You used to constantly repeat "conscious contact" that phrase verbatim while standing on your soap box screaming the word of greer as you profess yourself the leader of all ce-5 contact and the foremost authority of everything

Your one IP keeps resetting but you've made it exceptionally obvious you're still talking to yourself. You're not generating organic discussion, you're in your own echo chamber desperately screaming for attention



These are both the same faggot talking to himself. Have been studying this shill since 2018 on here and have saved and catalogued all of this as evidence

Shills want you to follow greer and want you to follow this single source of info gatekeeper contactee "Anon"

5adbd2 () No. 8869703

c349c6aac0810c....jpg (151 KB, 187 x 255, 1000 : 1365, ntxgfrfv_13674....jpg) (h)

ddd5ccc55fece5....gif (1444 KB, 255 x 109, 690 : 295, Waventerference.gif) (h)


>Has anyone had contact with "frog-like" beings?

Yes, but then again most anons look pretty "frog-like" to me. The ones that haven't gone out of their way to become something else at least, but most seem pretty at-home hanging out in the frog bog. I can see why, it's pretty comfy.

>dream contact

Dream contact, like all of what might be considered 'psychic communications,' is extremely metaphorical in nature. To add on to this, the imagery and experiences that you will have are also extremely subjective, and will be relative to how you view those concepts in your everyday life. I'll explain what I mean with your doctor friend, I hope you don't mind if dissect this description a bit.

>Basically what happened was two ET introduced themselves as a scientist and a doctor.

Consider what these two professions represent to you personally (how scientists and doctors make you feel), then also consider what they can mean metaphorically (what they can be symbols for). Think about what your gut-reaction is to being told or finding out that someone is a scientist and you will begin to understand what that entity was trying to convey to you about itself with just its appearance.

>The doctor was a female.

If you'll allow me to be a bit presumptuous the entity most likely presented itself as a being that heals, a nurturing caregiver; since you likely view females (or mothers, who are female) as nurturing caregivers and doctors as healers, you subconsciously 'decoded' the appearance-impression the entity was transmitting as "female doctor." In those realms gender is less a physical attribute and more like a state of being. I hope that makes sense.

>She resembled shrek except with a much larger head and protruding eyes, like a frog.

Again, think about what these individual pieces of imagery can mean both to you and in general. Think about the qualities the Shrek character (or possibly Fiona, which could have been 'mistranslated' as "Female Shrek") has and how someone might intentionally use that appearance in order to provide you with information in a way that doesn't have to be verbalized. If you consider yourself to be frog-like it's possible the being was attempting to evoke motherly feelings, appearing to you as a mother-frog.

>This is the closest approximation I can come up with for describing her species.

'Species' is a curiously physical way of defining what is occurring. Think about it more like separate magnets being close enough to each other that they align and act similarly to one another only at different magnitudes or intensities. Except instead of aligning their 'magnetic field' (although esoterically the subconscious is considered magnetic so…) they are aligning how they perceive the world. People here on Earth are currently 'aligned' with the human point of view, seeing things from a human perspective.

>Group Coherence…It is much easier to do CE-5 with 1-3 ppl.

While I'm not familiar with how CE-5 works specifically, constructive interference will typically increase signal strength, yes. Be mindful you don't accidentally hit the inverse and negate or weaken your signal, clear your mind and be as at ease as you can when trying any type of communications of this nature. This world is in constant flux, if you don't maintain or can't quickly regain a consistent focus you might accidentally 'tune-in' inverted (affirmative answers translate as negative, nurturing becomes terrifying, hate becomes love, etc.) and that will really confuse the hell out of you if you aren't prepared for it. Think Tower of Babel (or don't, I'm not your boss).

d47109 () No. 8870437


new Tony Rodrigues interview

April 1, 2020

Copy pasta from yt description:


Beginning to 4:42 - Jaci & Tony catch up & lay the framework of the conversation

4:50 - Extraterrestrial God worshipers

19:50 - Tony’s time as a child sex slave to a satanist billionaire and secret services intervening in child sex trafficking

27:18 - Adrenochrome and Tony’s experience witnessing a child sacrifice & ritualistic consumption of adrenochrome

35:50 - how this all ties into the Corona virus and the global shut down

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8870496


cofefe with tony


6:15 Vaccinating for Covid-19

9:00 Tony's name in the SSP and the story behind it

19:00 Forgotten lives - how separate timelines are similar to past lives

26:30 Tony recognizing people from the SSP who haven't recalled their memories

42:00 5G and the relevance to Covid-19

47:15 How easily phones can be hacked

1:04:00 Surveillance and covering faces

1:08:00 Moneyless extraterrestrial civilizations

1:14:00 Honoring your heart / creating art

1:19:00 How we "pay" for manipulating the future including manifesting & remote viewing

1:45:00 The pain of exploring consciousness

1:57:10 Tony's book

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

06bf6f () No. 8879458


7c9e72 () No. 8879817

6e388df6be0d1f....png (203 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, Screenshot_291_.png) (h)

f371041714aeca....png (1136 KB, 255 x 143, 1600 : 900, Screenshot_292_.png) (h)



Gravitation conquered in 1927?

Patent release (soft disclosure) 2019?



ET is waiting.

The future belongs to you.

723da9 () No. 8880899


Bunch of dead guys and scientists talking about antigravity like it is old hat.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4ca748 () No. 8881590


Yes anon, the MAGNET is the key.

Synchronicity is magnetism.

Magnets effect patterns.

Patterns of mind?

What is bioelectromagnetism?

What does the magnetic field of the brain look like?

332d22 () No. 8882501




>Yes anon, the MAGNET is the key.

- Yet again a late night reply to reinforce the narratives / information you try to sell. Havent seen that before.

The way you write has never changed. The way you type a couple lines then make a space, followed by several more single spaced sentences typically in Socratic method with your follow-up dynamic IP. You are a desperate gatekeeping shill working literally for years to misdirect and distort the relevant information here. While you may think that you have fooled everyone here you couldn't be more incorrect. Your typing patterns give you away every single time a new IP shows up and feeds into the message and narrative you are trying to sell. Your second device always resets its IP that's why theres always a "new anon" posting to your replies which just happen to reinforce confirmation bias. Just as you asked three questions to finish your second post you've done the same thing previously, its poor Socratic method at best but more importantly it demonstrates the same tactics constantly on rinse repeat. The only conversations you have on here are with yourself.

0abfbc () No. 8882876


Now where would we be if the truth wasn't attacked?

>posts ET contact guidelines


Logical thinking.

98e462 () No. 8883103

af985cb442a37e....png (98 KB, 255 x 122, 512 : 245, unnamed.png) (h)





>ET is waiting.

So much arrogance in this tone.

Authority complex shill does not like being questioned.

The truth does not need to be defended, it can defend itself.

Your arrogance is incredible to lord over the anons as if you are the only one to know truth.

Just because you believe every word of Greer, or because it's been your job to push Greer and CE-5 for the past three years doesn't make everything in his narrative (or yours) true.

CE-5 is drastically over complicated, also a way for Greer to keep raking in the bucks and followers. Feed them a bit of truth with a whole shit load of lies.

Yes, it is obvious you are answering your own questions and creating primers as an excuse for conversation to reinforce your own previous message.

You are so desperate to portray yourself as the ringleader of a global CE-5 group, now who does that sound like? Maybe you're the actual faggot himself, maybe you're not. Either way the source of your information is an incredibly shady character with beyond questionable friends. If you think anons aren't going to call people out for hanging out with the Podestas Rockefellers and Clintons then you are sadly mistaken.

You have a demonstrated record of using these multiple IP's to keep the narrative going, and if you aren't a shill I suggest you seek psychological help. If you aren't a shill then you are incredibly deluded to the point of arguing with basically every anon who's questioned you over the past three years, and not even considering what they are showing you with factual connections. You've gone so far as to manufacture conversation by talking to yourself because you are so desperate for either fame or to force others to believe what you believe. These actions alone indicate you have some serious psychological issues.

I give you an A for effort, but the charade has become increasingly obvious.

0abfbc () No. 8883699


Thanks for the free legitimacy, shill. There are multiple anons here experiencing ET contact in many ways. We are over the target and [you] are the flak.

Looking forward to the virtual CE-5 report of the other anon, I hope he & his squad get some nice new info.

98e462 () No. 8884222

Why was Steven Greer promoted on Larry King Live in the 1990's when everyone else was being labelled as a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist at the time?

Why has everyone else been attacked by the MSM yet he and his narratives were shown on mainstream television going back decades?

This entire interview stinks of fabricated scripted agendas.

No one gets that far without help.

Why have three years of relentless effort been spent on these threads trying every psyop and reverse psychology tactic in the book to make anons follow him and his material?

To make you believe there are no negative extraterrestrials coercing the ruling class families of this planet to enslave our species?

Chosen gatekeeper.

(((They))) thought you would follow the STARS.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0abfbc () No. 8885482


EVERYONE is attacked. Everyone. And who knows who is compromised and who isn't? There can be no full truth coming from famefags.

That is why independent contact is the key. Conscious independent contact that works will get you information, among other things.

73ae88 () No. 8886605


He is fun to listen to and has some seriously incredible stories.


Just like Bill Barr's father's book about intergalactic sex slaves.

I cant get enough and I'm gonna have to dig around with some of the names he mentioned, like Randy Cramer, and see if I can find more content.

I compiled them for easier referencing, and added another one with Laura Eisenhower.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4




Interview with Laura Eisenhower 2019 https://youtu.be/b-SCzF-ZwKQ

485780 () No. 8887471

cf2269b6118140....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 255, 669 : 670, garltsagan.jpg) (h)


>Bill Barr's father's book about intergalactic sex slaves.

73ae88 () No. 8888438

19bd6d55bedefd....png (928 KB, 255 x 170, 730 : 486, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

065c90fc84b843....png (867 KB, 255 x 220, 1100 : 948, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

d47109 () No. 8893186

"Invisible Enemy" are Reptilians & Dracos, Ruling Elites Who Feed Off Of Our Fear, and Eat Children.

by 'Q Dance Lady' @QAnonMichele11

April 21, 2020



thx for the vids, yeh am can't get enough of the spoopy milab accounts too

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8893314


spoopy af shit, beings directly soul harvesting children in Portugal and other places in world

'these beings are the coronavirus'

'they run on artificial intelligence matrix which they talk directly to'

'we gather notes from them handwritten and they specifically exchange messages with ALICE'

referring to normal humans: 'for beings connected to organic souce, this is beyond imagination. Imagination is key for a free IS-BE'

'we are dealing with Reptilians & Dracos, as well as clones & drones'

'there is a probable connection with the Secret Space Program Nazi SSP'

About halfway through watching at x1.5, but

pretty much what all the Milab Abductees have been talking about!

73ae88 () No. 8893373


Randy Cramer compilation of interviews 2018

3 1/2 hours but covers a lot of ground and is about the off-world military side of things instead of the cargo slave side like Tony Rodriguez.


They're incredible, exactly like what we are being shown in movies, video games, etc.

We really are in an ant farm, closed off from everything else and being used like cattle.

Consciousness transfer, time travel, limb and organ regrowth and being brought back from death; all kinds of stuff that we cant even fathom being possible.

>Q Dance Lady

Cool, I didnt know she made a video too.

Will watch it soon, and thanks back.

Getting really deep in this makes me wonder, have we also somehow been involved in these experiences somewhere else and we just dont remember yet?

So many questions!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d47109 () No. 8893604

8479fce02624af....png (168 KB, 255 x 173, 306 : 207, zufu_sandia.png) (h)

b9deacbd716f6b....png (613 KB, 255 x 144, 863 : 486, P_nti.png) (h)


Thx, actually haven't looked into Randy Cramer as much just due to content overload but will catch up soon

>We really are in an ant farm, closed off from everything else and being used like cattle.


>… and we just dont remember yet?

So many questions indeed!

Past lives of lives of lives…

i remember being a kid and bugging my mom for encyclopedia books, and learning about space, speed of light etc. then putting down a book and saying, … Shit, Earth is Quarantined. Had nfi though, just a thought loop stuck in head growing up.

On another note, was meaning to post about the P'nti (pronounced Pon-tee) ayys that have been supposedly contacting regular folks through telepathy. There's a whole story behind it by Su Walker who made first contact with them living near the Sandia Mountains.


officialfirstcontact.com (telepathy manual here)

https://www.youtube.com/user/miracetus1/videos (Su's channel)

https://youtu.be/N6pXZB2za40 (long 1h24min vid with P'nti background with Su)

https://youtu.be/hYwuZxlnggc (two aussie's describe when they had funny interaction with a P'nti trainee)

tbh, started looking into them cus graphics had extra level of detail (drawn through telepathic interaction i think) compared to others. Also, it's a good change of pace after looking into all the Draco Rep Sacrifice shit.

485780 () No. 8894537


I'm on the edge about these guys, but their telepathy primer is a good read. I wish I read it sooner.

7c9e72 () No. 8901077

More than half the public believe we are not alone in the universe.

43% of americans believe we are being visited.


We can take disclosure into our hands.

We can take interplanetary diplomacy into our hands.

There isn't an official program of peaceful, open contact with human species and other species. We've always just been reactive

Contacting ET on your own is how we can bypass corrupt governments and the deep state anons

ET is waiting for YOU to take the next step. If you can handle it.

The future belongs to you anon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0da8b9 () No. 8903110

To the dark on our planet the completion of mission Teresa is a beyond level threath. Not because she is here to remove the dark but because she is a bringer of light! Alot of light!!! They DO NOT, DO NOT WANT!!

Team Teresa will be offline for a while longer, will Not post for 1week+


73ae88 () No. 8905423



I know, man, I'm slammed with content too and the stack keeps getting bigger and bigger.


She mentions Kinninigan in the beginning and I've been watching that dude since before Q.

Like whoa.

He has been doing Draco reptilian vids for a looong time.

Havent seen his stuff in a while but he had some good content from what I remember.

Here is his channel;


And then she mentions Dr Michael Salla, whose name also comes up a lot with these subjects since he has been around in the ET community for years, and I just watched a video of him, Laura Eisenhower, Mike Bara, and John DeSouza in a round table discussion from a couple weeks back talk about CoronaVirus, Q, and other related and recent subjects.

Here is that video, and Laura also did a video with that ex heavyweight boxer, David Rodriguez, who had a video floating around a few days ago about Trump dismantling the pedo rings;



Interview with David Rodriguez


Sorry to throw more on work on top of your pile


I'm pretty jazzed that I am already familiar with a lot of these names and wanted to put it out there while Its still fresh in muh brain.


>i remember being a kid and bugging my mom for encyclopedia books, and learning about space, speed of light etc. then putting down a book and saying, … Shit, Earth is Quarantined

Thats cool you had those suspicions from early on because I was kind of a dumbass about all this until 2015 or so.

Thanks for the P'nti goodies, I will look into it after I clear my plate.

c8d3f3 () No. 8905489


Them Crooked Vultures - Reptiles

I tried to make a break

What a fool

I should've known I never listen

I'm in a cage

An animal I'm in a cage

But the reptiles

They won't let me go

I think they want you to stray

Watch the monkey dance

Give 'em a taste

Look at him, he's always smiling

Help me to escape

Your mouth agape

You foreign tourist

Woe is me, it will be a funeral

A circus, I'll rap on the cell door

Questions are a fire

That needs feeding to survive

So just you let those flames die down

Trained by consequence and the lash

It leaves me breathless

Their prais is a poison to us all

In the moonlight their scars flash like jewelry

Get too precious

Get locked up in a cage

Want to get, gotta risk any move

Misconstrued and you're screwed

Tongues flash and flick as if they're screaming

Oh, they lie just like a lover

Oh do they, those kisses will burn

Under the lights

They snap a finger

You jump, you answer

Like a naive hooker with a big dumb smile

For the reptiles

I guess you'll never know

They won't let you go

Cause you're the soup du jour, that's for sure

Questions are a fire

That needs feeding to survive

So just you let those flames die down

See them reptiles crawl

Getting closer

Why won't someone come to drive them away?

Don't rest too long

It's a mistake we can't take back

Take one lying down for a change

And oh it's like cleaning up after an orgy

When it's over

I wish someone would burn this place

To the ground

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a35278 () No. 8905611


Hey dude no I'm actually physics anon. I posted back on 8chan before the deplatforming.

I used the socratic method since I find it difficult to express my own thoughts on magnetism, so if anyone else knows what I'm talking about they will make the connections on what I'm saying. I understand I can't prove I'm not a shill, but I mean telling the truth cant hurt.

a35278 () No. 8905624


My IP keeps changing because I use mobile mainly and keep switching from wifi to data wherever I'm at.

73ae88 () No. 8905686

40aa1d930fee34....png (3362 KB, 255 x 221, 1200 : 1038, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8e9cac753504c7....png (3066 KB, 255 x 255, 1200 : 1200, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f42b1d3c0e7bca....png (319 KB, 169 x 255, 314 : 474, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

e20bea4be00b48....png (243 KB, 255 x 251, 500 : 493, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

5f5ab93586ce31....png (143 KB, 255 x 255, 807 : 807, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Reptiles everywhere

35ace4 () No. 8905712



FFS, are you 'tards akshully SO fucking stoopid that you believe 1 = 2? and then you spew all the sophomoric philosophy about BS marriage, procreation, and brain hemispheres! and you believe you're qualified to contribute to this board?

this is a high-school-level problem to discover the FLAW in the "proof," NOT an actual proof! and the first fuckwit to reply *might* have the right idea, but is utterly incapable of expressing it clearly.

look, dipshits, if a = b, then a – b = 0, for ANY a,b. likewise, a squared minus b squared likewise equals zero! division by zero is UNDEFINED, and the special case of 0/0 is INDETERMINATE, meaning ANY number can be chosen as the answer, which is what the guy does in step five!

fucking 9th graders are expected to be able to see the logical flaw. and anyone with AN OUNCE of common sense ought to know that 1 DOES NOT EQUAL 2. get the fuck off of this board and stick to reading "graphic novels" in your mommy's basement and watching anime, you millennial fuckwit jackoffs!

c8d3f3 () No. 8905727

6eb588d8aeaa8b....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 255, 807 : 807, Metallica.jpg) (h)

278a63cb9ddc91....gif (4238 KB, 181 x 255, 353 : 498, external_conte....gif) (h)

9e269769dc3b3b....gif (6612 KB, 255 x 106, 843 : 351, giphy_6_.gif) (h)



d47109 () No. 8906478



>I'm pretty jazzed that I am already familiar with a lot of these names and wanted to put it out there while Its still fresh in muh brain.

Exact same thoughts.

Shits getting spoopy.

> until 2015 or so.

me too, had nfi was stuck in the 9to5 matrix, until i started looking up ayys nearly 24/7 about a year or so before Q showed up.

am still frantically trying to catch up kekty

b99c24 () No. 8906692

901b23068070ae....jpg (68 KB, 246 x 255, 724 : 752, DJKYT6LXoAAZ7_E.jpg) (h)


ce 5 is mentioned so much in this thread and it's totally different than why you think. It's not because the shills actually want you engaging in contact. ce 5 shills job is to be so fucking annoying that it basically turns people off from wanting to see ufos. By constantly repeating the same annoying catch phrases over and over again (three years of repetition) and by constantly associating any kind of contact with grier, other anons will actually lose interest in the whole deal because theres such a negative correlation between the broken record faggot stuck on repeat and having sightings, that no one would even want to do it anymore. After years of this faggot dominating the breads and stealing the bakes (previously) its created a terrible rift with actual truth seekers wanting to see ufos that no one even wants to do it anymore. The only one talking to this faggot is himself with his other IP. Beautiful mindfuck tactic. Be as annoying as possible, be an arrogant elitest faggot constantly repeating the same fucking catch phrases, make himself out to be the know it all and everyone else is beneath him, attack anyone who questions his narrative, ignore the copious amounts of SAUCE connecting grier to bad actors, piss off anons with ce 5 and conscious contact to the point no one even wants to do it anymore. Well thanks shill faggot, because it's worked on me for the longest time that I didn't even want to see this shit. Only when I learned to let go of this faggot dominating the discourse and forget about everything CE5 faggot was doing here did I finally see a flasher in the sky

Fuck ce 5, fuck grier, and fuck the faggot shills who want you to think you are lesser than this clown who makes himself out as the leader of ce 5. I never studied fuck all about griers protocols and yet I had a flasher replying to my thoughts

We dont need gatekeepers here. We need patriots. The faggot domination shill has proven himself to not be a patriot, but someone who wants to make himself appear more important and informed than everyone else when it couldn't be further from the truth

c8f939 () No. 8907459


The true purpose of this shill is not to attack any contact person or protocol - the very existence of positive ET races helping us in this fight is abhorrent to them, because they are in league with demonic forces willingly or unwillingly.

b99c24 () No. 8907811

As soon as anyone questions grierfags narrative or ce 5 they are labelled as not believing in positive extraterrestrials. This too has been going on for years on this thread. Classic psyop technique. Relentless mind games.

53157e () No. 8908774

aa093a11cb7cbb....png (257 KB, 255 x 159, 488 : 305, aa093a11cb7cbb....png) (h)

6d93c7d1da3aae....jpg (198 KB, 111 x 255, 399 : 915, bepatient.jpg) (h)

77993cc8ddca3f....png (59 KB, 255 x 64, 1283 : 324, thetruth.png) (h)

d81732ee3df19f....png (11 KB, 255 x 150, 439 : 259, TheGame.png) (h)

Gatekeepers can be valuable to help set a proper frame.

I'm not denying their faggotry, but we shouldn't discount them because they have suspicious ties. People that are helpful make stupid decisions based off of lack of knowledge of information sources all of the time, but that doesn't mean we can't simultaneously apply the frame they help us develop while thinking they aren't all that valuable.

This is the very essence of the assertions made by "all info is valuable" fags

Just like Joe Rogan is helpful in making normies think harder despite his glaring faults, so too can incompetent people who don't understand information sources or gatkeepers like Greer.

I'll agree his usefulness ends down the road from helping frame things proper ways, but sitting here thread after thread disputing how useful he is or isn't cannot possibly be worth our time.

If you guys don't enjoy his content, that's just fine! Don't. No one will berate you for disagreeing.

However, sitting here in thread after thread bemoaning his being brought up over and over again like you don't know it's a distraction for other content being posted on the board makes you look both demoralized and naive.

>>8905887 is interesting and sort of achieves the basics properly. This isn't to say that the specifics are correct, though.

See, stuff like this is helpful in a rudimentary sense not because the sum total of the information is useful, but because it's a good point to stop off from.

I'm starting to sense the majority of you here are either here solely to ensure none of us cut any closer than we would if you weren't here, or that you hardly have a grasp for the bigger picture or ways to help formulate in Norman's mind a proper and potent frame of reference.

I do try to stay away from dichotomies like this, but this thread seems like it's hardly going anywhere and judging my repeated attempts to discredit me, label me with insulting anchors, or explain away the importance of what I'm attempting to convey, I'm sort of leaning toward the first one at this point.

None of you comprehend fluidity in INT ops? I was under the impression most anons had a knack for this type of thing…

We'd be much more effective if we realized opportunities to shape a desired frame in Norman and quit worrying so much about who specifically is saying what. What the fuck happened to rhetoric governing progression instead of identity?

I can't see how this particular failing is very organic at this point…

How about you abundant novices presently here take a chill pill for a while and let the big boys have a go at things. Too many of you appear impotent or malignant.

63496f () No. 8908878

3ac27191d9c579....jpg (86 KB, 255 x 204, 600 : 480, arrogance.jpg) (h)


>How about you abundant novices presently here take a chill pill for a while and let the big boys have a go at things. Too many of you appear impotent or malignant.

53157e () No. 8908975


>You're arrogant.

It's funny how I mentioned "anons" doing this here:

>label me with insulting anchors

It sounds like your issue is with my presentation of things, not what I'm presenting.

What reason could you possibly have for attacking the messenger instead of the message?

63496f () No. 8909093

71c49fc7dfd490....jpg (31 KB, 255 x 241, 450 : 425, Piers_arrogant.jpg) (h)


Wait a second faggot, why are you answering with that IP when anons were discussing the other grierfaggot IP hash and posts? You just appeared out of nowhere with that old IP answering on behalf of other anons? You just fucked up, again. You made a mistake in your frustration and just proved once again you are using multiple devices to control and subvert the flow of conversation here. After years of seeing this it's getting a bit old. You have quite a superiority issue there, might need to work on that a bit. My mistake, you're actually better than everyone else here.

63496f () No. 8909142



>What reason could you possibly have for attacking the messenger instead of the message?

Now I know it's the same shillfaggot that's been on here for years. You used to constantly repeat "message over the messenger" "message over the messenger" - your repetitious IP hashes have literally stated that multiple times in every single thread. Anyone can go back and see, there were notables even collected in the past regarding that exact statement you just used as a means to tie your shillfaggotry back to you. You are without a doubt the same faggot that's been derailing these threads with immense amounts of reverse psychology and clever psychological tactics to steer the narratives a certain way and keep anons arguing over facts. If your vocabulary wasn't so limited you might have been able to fool the artists. Nice try. You lost your little narrative battle long ago.

c8f939 () No. 8909351

Projection is off the charts.

Do not reply, it makes no sense.

53157e () No. 8909605



It's almost like this "anon" owns exactly zero mirrors.

Isn't it odd how all they can do is call me arrogant instead of agreeing or disagreeing that we can use dummies like greerfags and ce5fags as a jump off point to help the normies better understand the foundation of what we're working with?

There's no way any sane person can be this deluded.

35f3a2 () No. 8909936


You cannot talk to him. I tried, and I watched many try. It is not possible. The narrow minded antidisclosure agenda, willing or paid for, is too strong. Don't bother with him.

63496f () No. 8910301

e3369be804995e....png (493 KB, 255 x 208, 860 : 701, 324_3242596_pe....png) (h)





You're not fooling anyone anymore. You couldn't possibly make it any more obvious that both of these are you. You've done this for years man. Years. Each time the exact same scenario. People call you out for your narratives, you get flustered and accidentally reply with your static IP then your other dynamic IPs try to back you up. Anons are free to go back and look. They'll see this same scenario play out dozens and dozens of times. You are the resident shill of this thread, and everyone knows it now.

868be0 () No. 8910345

adbd6f6ce134d7....jpg (362 KB, 255 x 184, 1250 : 902, IGOTSTCRABS.jpg) (h)

Divided and conquered.

63496f () No. 8910519

a3b7e895fd2f8b....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 143, 1200 : 675, honkster_1200x....jpg) (h)



Without a doubt I know it's you. You have repeated this countless times before

>You cannot talk to him. I tried, and I watched many try. It is not possible. The narrow minded antidisclosure agenda

Whenever anyone questioned you in the past the same projection came out. You label anons as "anti disclosure clowns" if they question you on the greer material, rockefeller initiative or CE5. It's essentially your only defense mechanism. Over time I've watched you change your play styles. In the past you would post over a hundred times per thread, sometimes over a hundred and fifty times a thread until anons started calling you out. Over time you switched to spamming the greer CE5 shit with your dynamic ips and playing "good cop" with your static IPs. Man, you thought this would make it past the autists? I've watched you change your game the entire time but now without even a shred of a doubt it's a 100% chance it's you. Anons are labelled as being "anti disclosure" if they dont believe the forced narratives here. Anons are labeled as not believing in positive ET if they dont believe the narratives of greer. There are a ton of labels being thrown around and projected if you dont fall in line with what this faggot is forcing you to believe. Anons should go back and read, this has all happened countless times over and over again since you were stealing the bakes originally. You have lost your narrative battle. You have accidentally outed yourself and proved once again you are using a bunch of devices to reply to yourself to try to make it look authentic that you are being backed up. You are exposed, and you dont like it.

73ae88 () No. 8914181


>Shits getting spoopy.

Real fucking spoopy!

Nice to know we were already on the right path, though.

For now at least.

The grind is a killer for everybody, and makes it damn near impossible to look into anything.

53157e () No. 8914433


I think it's more like anons are becoming demoralized or are still demoralized.

I disagree with people asserting we're divided. I'd say it's more like people are straggling behind.


This is precisely the entire point of "the grind". Vidya does the same exact thing. The point is to dull you to the extent that you forego competence in its various forms.



>these beings are the coronavirus

The main objective with systems like Corona (it's actually Chronos… but that's a whole other can of worms) is to inject fear on a wide scale.

Imagine the color spectrum for a moment, if you will. Now, imagine if this spectrum coincided with fear and love. Where Fear = Red and Love = Blue, we can imagine that fear conjures a lower vibration whereas love conjures a higher vibration.

This is the explanation for why you're taught to feel and project Love.

This counters the explosion of fear via circumstances like Chronosvirus.

Now imagine the inverse - when raising the vibration and bringing about a more abundant love instills a greater love within the world, fear is instilled by decreasing the vibration.

When we raise the vibration, /ourguys/ will likely come to help us more. In the same but opposite way, lowering the vibration ([their] objective) is used to conjure beings like Moloch and its various forms.

With that in mind, ponder more events like the Black Plague and the Spanish Flu…

63496f () No. 8918159

a4873e256aa0f0....jpg (10 KB, 225 x 225, 225 : 225, images_jpeg_3.jpg) (h)


>I'd say it's more like people are straggling behind.

you have always been the one consistent voice posting the most on these threads and acting like you're better than everyone else, more enlightened, more knowledgable, and a better understanding of everything. I'm glad you're here to help everyone who's straggling behind.

>The main objective with systems like Corona (it's actually Chronos… but that's a whole other can of worms)

since you know everything could you please fill us in on this with some sauce? Or are you just a master of circle talk and rhetoric?

82c501 () No. 8918869

To the dark on our planet the completion of mission Teresa is a beyond level threath. Not because she is here to remove the dark but because she is a bringer of light! Alot of light!!! They DO NOT, DO NOT WANT!!

Team Teresa will be offline for a while longer, will Not post for 1week+


35f3a2 () No. 8919916


You will have to sauce your claims… else you're as credible as just another LARP…

5adbd2 () No. 8920834


>Teach me everything

>I want to know it all

Fine. Here is, unironically, the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything summed up into 4 words, plus 2 (Spells surrounding six seem suspiciously special):


With just those six words the universe itself is your plaything. Assuming you have the knowledge and understanding of how to get there, of course. You're the one who peeked at the back of the book to see the solution before figuring out how to solve the problem.

c7ef50 () No. 8922003


I saw the same thing about a week ago. By the time I noticed them I was only able to count 9 all running in the same perfect line, perfectly spaced apart, on a E/SE heading and moving at a pretty good clip. Saw several other "space truckers" out there jumping from one spot to another. Appeared like the whistle blower vids of TR3B. Saw them for several nights always appearing in the same spot of due S sky and often well after the time all the sats have disappeared from view due to the sun being too far beyond the horizon for reflection. Saw 3 craft the night of the line of crafts that were moving, at least, 4-5 times faster than any sat which usually average around 14K mph, most times. That would mean these things were moving around 50K+ mph, give or take, depending on altitude. Truly space truckin', they were.