53256e () No. 9725975

f209073274213b....png (234 KB, 255 x 129, 706 : 356, f209073274213b....png) (h)

Welcome To Q Research Canada Bread #7 - Brinks Bank and a Box of Doughnuts Edition

The truths and ethics of the Western-Christian traditions, are infinitely precious, not only, as I believe, because they are true, but also because they provide the moral impulse which alone can lead to that peace, in the true meaning of the word, for which we all long. . . . There is little hope for democracy if the hearts of men and women in democratic societies cannot be touched by a call to something greater than themselves.

The countless who died during WWI, WWII, and the Korean War laid their lives for the red ensign, and not the current maple leaf which was implemented in 1967. Lets pay homage to our rich history, lets make Canada the True North Strong and Free Again.

There are many digs to be had based on the Canadian Swamp, involved in U1, SNC Lavalin, Ethics Violations by the Office of the Prime Minister, Huwaii, Oilsands, Human Trafficking. LETS FIGURE IT OUT AND DRAIN THE NORTHERN SWAMP!

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8kun.top/qresearch/welcome.html


Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

PDF: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/3082784#3082809

PICS: https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/3082784#3082821

PDF & PICS Archive: >>>/comms/3196

The Best of the Best Q Proofs https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/4004099.html

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Canada Breads

Working readable archive links:

Canada Bread 1


Canada Bread 2


Canada Bread 3


Canada Bread 4



Canada Bread 5


Canada Bread 6


53256e () No. 9725992


Canada Bread 6 Notables

To be posted below eh, check the links.

Canada Bread 5 Notables

Feb 11 2020, April 17=, 2020


>>8549250 - Trudeau usurping unlimited unconstitutional powers on the HUSH.

>>8517523 - Entitled boomers and zoomers don't feel quarantine rules apply to them.


>>8427459 - (8 parts) - Canadian Lawfag on sealed indictments and the US / Canada systems differences

>>8418738 >>8409134 >>8410321 >>8452116 - Canuck anons on Adrenochrome / tainted supplies form Wuhan

>>8406136 - Vice Chief in Canadian military, Lt.-Gen. Jean-Marc Lanthier, surprise retirement

>>8399091 - Anon lists out 1 yr delta Q drops

>>8395660 - TSE crash - worst since 1940

>>8390538 - Amazing Polly - Homo Sorensus (link to vid)

>>8390310 - Rail blockade training done at Carlton U.

>>8382149 >>8376897 - Pickton Pig Farm diggs / review.

>>8366654 - Deadly Consequences of Wokeness and ID Politics.

>>8324792 - Corona patent - Pirbright org tie in (UK)

>>8314270 >>8314459 - Epstein/Barr - Alice in Wonderland Disorder diggs.

>>8275765 - Octagon - Empire of Darkness - Templar/Cabal/Swiss

>>8275674 >>8275946 - CIJA - Hate Speech Laws for Canucks who questoin their replacement (member… it's voluntary in their minds…)

>>8270202 - Locust Plagues Diggs

>>8228000 >>8219555 - Trip BOOMs

>>8208101 - China declare Asymmetric Hybrid Warfare on the 'West' - 1985. Interdasting

>>8205767 >>8205721 >>8205717 >8205712 >>8205710 >>8205673 >>8205690 - CIJA lobby hidden creep in Canada

>>8178820 >>8178811 >>8178763 - Silent War - Q Continues article - ZH

>>8172948 >>8144598 Premier of NFLD and Dep Premier of NB step down

>>8147309 >>8158847 >>8152444 - BC Granny rants an excellent WishList!!

>>8124448 >>8205530 - . Canadian government sponsored child abuse. Publication Ban - Hormone Therapy

>>8108456 - Amazing Polly Breaking Your Will

>>8588041 >>8588089 - Peter Nygard, Suspicious Island

>>8630039 - Video: JFK's message to Canadians

>>8786411 - Teresa Tam, Canadian Chief Health Officer bun.

>>8796861 - Gates Foundation public docs diggs

>>8808404 >>8808415 - Video - Trudeau gave 830,000.00 to the lab in Wuhan suspected of manufacturing the virus.

>>8808898 Hydroxychloroquinine bun, Q and anons.

>>8810882 Provincial Bond Purchase Program of up to $50 billion

>>8824885 - Fauci 3.26.20 Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza

53256e () No. 9725995


Bread 4, Q Research Canada #4 - Beavers Drain the Northern Swamp Edition

Jan 20, 2019 - Feb 10, 2020

>>7770403 >>7774155 >>7774895 >>7775519- Serco digs

>>7770594 >>7770736 - Iran / Uranium diggs

>>7784809 >>7784562 >>7784769- Aga Khan / Pluralism digg

>>7786815 >>7786841 >>7788056 - Human Trafficking / Tunnels in major cities diggs

>>7794082 >>7794087 - Moar human trafficking diggs

>>7794190 >>7794207 - Iranian plane crash diggs (many starting here).

>>7809877 >>7809870 - Marv Nicholson diggs

>>7818022 - Blackrock / SNC Lavalin / CIB / Privy council diggs (moar in bread)

>>7854541 - Clearview AI digg

>>7862342 - Huawei case update

>>7883998 >>7907978 - Corona virus first days - bread has history of Jan 22-feb 4 from many sources

>>7950526 - Peng Zhou diggs

>>7985322 - Canada taking in about 1 million immigrants per year for past 3 years.>>7986097

>>7862342 - True North Centre for Public Policy - what is it really

>>8035236 - Possible leaked accidently 'real' death numbers of virus

>>8073396 >>8050531 - Trudeau: no news in Canada without govt license

Bread 3, Q Research Canada #3 - Maple Syrup Truth Bomb Edition

June 26th, 2019 - Jan 9, 2020 https://8kun.top/qresearch/res/6845515#7737612


>>7737900 - Bun - Redistributed. Uranium - 1 Structure, documents

>>6876451 >>7254333 >>7157497 - Cameco is another part of the Canadian U1 puzzle

>>6877418 - Twelve Tribes -Digs on Religions Cult in MB

>>7737900 - Bun - Uniqueness of Western Civ - R.Duchesne

>>6992839 - Dalglish - Order of Canada 2016 - Convicted UN Child Rapist

>>7008572 - Q Drops - 1197 - 1358 - 2521 - Watch CA

>>7737900 - BUN - Redistributed. Uranium - 1 Structure, documents

>>7196481 - Satanic Temple in Canada (news report)

>>7737936 - Bun - Uniqueness of Western Civ - R.Duchesne

>>7137194 >>7309274 >>7350917 - Pattison and Rogers Call for Diggs

>>7357941 - 9,000 missing Children a year in Canada and other stats / info

>>7361659 >>7366719 >>7365059 - Federal Election Rigging Links and Diggs

>>7406277 >>7424972 >>7410210 >>7433599 - Anon's calling out Trudeau's latest

>>7475574 >>7476020 >>7475714 - Maxime Bernier hires former ombudsman to prepare legal action against Warren Kinsella over racism claims

>>7503467 - Canada announces support for new carbon-pricing initiative at COP25 - Dec 14, 2019

>>7511767 >>7511736 >>7512476 >>7513468 - Notable resignations in Canada: Desmarais brothers to step down as CEOs from PowerCorp

>>7513797 - Canada’s attorney general blocks disclosure -case of Chinese man accused of spying

>>7523772 - Millions in SNC-Lavalin bribes bought Gaddafi's playboy son luxury yachts

>>7738260 - Bun - SNC Lavalin

>>7738387 - Bun - Barry and Honey Sherman Executions

>>7613698 >>7651453 - Soros Diggs

>>7651461 >>7651828 - Q Drop 2217 - Sept 19, 2018. Trudeau, Shermans, Clinton Safe House, Uranium One > X

>>7697759 >>7697761 - CGEP Canadian Charity - Guistra - Clinton Foundation

>>7714662 >>7713790 - Diggs on Trudeau's sister in law

>>7720256 - 5 eyes Trudeau International man of Ethics Violations

>>7738442 - Bun - Abel Danger - kelly-22-bilderberg-trudeaus-pig-farm-demons-clintons-bridge-to-serco-hack-norsats-boeing-patent-crash

>>7722922 - Russia / US Uranium Reserves article

>>7726028 >>7726057 >>7726082 >>7726116 - Twitter user on Q drop on Shermans/Trudy

>>7738463 - Bun - Moar Conspiracy Territory Tie Ins - Good Digging Leads

>>7738471 - Bun - Glencore, Mark Rich, Clintons Guistra

>>7738479 - Bun - Clintons Guistra

>>7738505 - Bun - Iran's aim is to use American's northern neighbour, Canada, as a "forward operating base" for influence operations against the American government.

>>7738532 - Bun - Canada's Deep State (Canuck Law)

>>7722117 - ‘’’Iran Forward Operating Bases against the U.S.’’’ (from 2017)

>>7746557 - Subversion Process

>>7738951 >>7746752 >>7750123 - Antifa - 5th Estate - Drumheller ANTIFA leader after he was doxxed

>>7744613 >>7750116 - Euthenasia - Hospice to start killing sick patients in Feb.

>>7753111 - Trips: Under the Trudeau regime Canadian news media have become a non-stop Operation Mockingbird

>>7755256 >>7762533 >>7769265 >>7769334 - Iranian Airline Crash info

>>7767857 >>7767777 /pb - Canuck anon hits Quad 7's / 6-7's.

>>7770158 - Cameco - Uranium one - Russian Uranium - UrAsia - Docs and Diggs

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Be your own tweet storm army.

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Tweet Storm: THE WAVE: hit them with everything you got! THINK MOAB BABY!

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53256e () No. 9726026

6a66e5b06c712e....jpg (95 KB, 255 x 235, 424 : 391, 6a66e5b06c712e....jpg) (h)

The Doughnut


8b474e () No. 9726821

84e71b1a0be5cd....jpeg (915 KB, 209 x 255, 1242 : 1517, 217DCD7B_15BC_....jpeg) (h)

The Spirit of the Silent Majority?

The Old Guard will come crashing down soon?

Westerners want to build a real Republic.

“Those in the golden triangle of Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, they don’t care about the West except as a cash cow to feed Quebec and the Maritimes,” said Hill.


53256e () No. 9736355

c811cf1dcbef5c....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 200, 273 : 214, c811cf1dcbef5c....jpg) (h)



Easier to infiltrate and control broken up and balkanized states.

53256e () No. 9736369

b4ce0dcffdf650....png (443 KB, 255 x 240, 450 : 423, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

53256e () No. 9736434

>>9727855 /pb 12452 -14 hours ago • View on 8kun

Anons. I think this is a bit simpler than we are making it out to be. We have it all already. What I believe is about to go down to inflict maximum pain and awakening is basically going over the 2016 election and rehashing the pain they felt that night. That glorious and upsetting night for them when they realized they lost control. The Obama years corruption and stretching back at least to Bush JR's presidency and all the crimes committed will be rehashed in due time. Future proves past in my opinion means the crimes they commit now and in the future will help cement the belief in the crimes exposed they have done in the past. We know all about Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Spying, MS13 hitmen, Seth Rich, Wikileaks, Arab Spring, Ukraine "revolution." Once the people learn the truth of these recent events, it will help them piece it together and see the same playbook used fpr decades.

The people were not ready in 2016. They knew something was wrong, and the vote shifted to Trump but they could not grasp it fully. Every day more and more people are waking up and realizing they've been bamboozled and are ashamed and angry for it. The Map is what we need to build to make everything much much more clear and concise. Point to Point contacts and how the money flows, who benefits, who is making money in shady ways legal or not. So when someone is ready to learn about Uranium One we should be able to throw out a few informative meme's with breakdowns of players, and the chain of custody of the Uranium that was delivered, and the Cash and where it went. What laws were broken and what Foreign governments are involved as well.

Epstein Island? Every single person who went to the Island itself. I believe there is a certain airport near the island where some went that confirms who went there. Also, who went there by boat? Is old boat location tracking information available? Lex Wesner and Epsteins history. Victoria's Secret and how the modeling world ties into human trafficking. Brownstone operations and blackmail intelligence operations and how they are set up and control politicians and by proxy nations.

Election tampering, we have plenty of proof of wacky shit with ballots being loaded into weird cars, bag after bag and then never to be seen again. They use the same playbook over and over again and following the patterns helps to understand when they are trying to pull off another one.

For any topic there can be a Map built for it. Seth Rich is going to blow open wide soon enough. Podesta is also involved in Ukraine, along with Soros and Weiner laptop too. SDNY is crucial jurisdiction. They were at Epstein Island as well when the feds arrived. Weiner Laptop goes back to 2005 so we are talking about Bush JR presidency at least in terms of how far back just that one piece of evidence unlocks. Getting people to understand and accept how much foreign governments controlled our country is going to be extremely tough because they cannot fathom a world where generational satanic families have taken over the world and have a blood oath built upon the blood of innocents and children holding their death cult together. A members list and explanation of ideology of the Satanists, Muslim Brotherhood, and Commies is also very important to flesh out and educate people on these ideologies so they truly understand the enemy that is attacking our planet.

53256e () No. 9736560

078f8e5d2a619c....png (60 KB, 173 x 255, 399 : 587, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

This has never been attempted.

Use of general public to counter the narrative [propaganda] push by controlled media.

Analysis [start-to-now] indicates situational awareness [decoupling of MSDNC control of information (channels 1-99)] of general public expanding at massive pace.

Attacks indicate [can be defined as] loss of generalized information control.

Need to expend ammunition [muster network to defend and coordinate attacks] to counter.

MIL-CIV Alliance.


53256e () No. 9736585

29b206132241ce....png (1114 KB, 255 x 141, 1084 : 598, ss.png) (h)


Welcome to the Digital Battlefield - Together We Win



24 Jun 2020 - 10:01:36 AM

You have been selected to help serve your Country.

Never retreat from the battlefield [Twitter, FB, etc.].

Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control.

Organize and connect [bridge through linking].

Source meme(s) material from battlefield and/or garage [highlight & share][take & drop]

Mission 1: Dispute [reject] propaganda push through posting of research and facts

Mission 2: Support role of other digital soldiers [one falls another stands (rises)]

Mission 3: Guide [awaken] others through use of facts [DECLAS 1-99 material and other relevant facts] and memes [decouple MSDNC control of info stream] _ask 'counter' questions to initiate 'thought' vs repeat [echo] of MSDNC propaganda

Mission 4: Learn use of camouflage [digitally] _primary account suspended-terminated _use of secondary

Mission 5: Identify strengths / weaknesses [personal and designated target(s)] re: Twitter & FB [+other] example re: meme(s) failure to read through use of ALGO [think Tron (MCP_master control program)] _dependence on person-to-person capture [slow response time unidentified user(s)]

Game theory.

Information warfare.

Welcome to the Digital Battlefield.

Together we win.


53256e () No. 9736895


Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing "men and white folks"

Black lives matter … but the lives of “men and white folks” do not?

That apparently is the message Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali was trying to convey when she posted a controversial tweet on Feb. 9 that surfaced Tuesday morning.

In the tweet, Khogali asks Allah for strength “to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

Black Lives Matters activist Sandy Hudson blamed the media for focusing on the tweet, instead of the larger issues at hand.

“This is extremely frustrating and emotional for me because we slept outside for two weeks to get somebody to care about death in our community and this is what you decided to focus on? It’s very, very, very irresponsible,” she said.

When repeatedly asked for a comment on the tweet, she refused.

fb35ca () No. 9737325

e9b6c9443868cc....jpg (46 KB, 191 x 255, 750 : 1000, aps_650x642_sm....jpg) (h)

dont forget to hit Québec province with the STORM its very corrupt and our mayor, PM, police and all the politicians are corrupt. Imagine we have a commission to put the lights on corruption 45 millions of dollars later the result are sealed for 80 year the gouvernement Charest and friend's laughing at us.

do we have patriots QArmy in 🇨🇦 to save us from corrupt government

53256e () No. 9738796



>>9738592 pb

I hope every single serious anon including Neon Revolt - especially you Neon - understands the importance of what Q just laid out here. We have been given the counterinsurgency (COIN) plan regarding information warfare to counter the 16 year plan insurgency. This is putting a loosely constructed COIN information warfare infrastructure into a more organized context that is just as important as all other COIN warfighting that the white hats are executing during the insurgency. One of the single most important requirements of COIN is to fight against the insurgent ideology with a countering ideology. I will admit that this needs work, but it should be noted and understood in importance to the overall effort.

DO NOT FORGET that in White Squall The Albatross goes down. The analogy here goes beyond unity with WWG1WGA and into a deeper understanding that the weakest link or a single mistake has drastic consequences. Overlooking this Q post is a huge mistake for a number of different reasons:

1. Q is pointing out that this will be a long COIN war that will go beyond the election and is something that like any COIN operation will take YEARS to combat.

2. Q is pointing out that every single platform utilized by anons has a particular purpose and that some are better utilized as information relays rather than the public dissemination interfaces like Twitter and FB. Gab is a functioning information relay while Parler is shifting to the public dissemination interface. Gab is currently being protected and treated in its proper role so cut the shitting on Parler and take advantage of the cover while it's still there.

3. Q is encouraging us to better organize this infrastructure as it will be key to winning the greater ideological element of COIN in the coming years.

4. This is WAR, anons, and this is the first Q post that has formally confirmed the importance of COIN information warfare infrastructure to counter the insurgency that has gone hot.

5. Q's post follows what is in the Counterinsurgency Field Manual. This is direct COIN strategy being communicated to anons that are paying attention.

6. The insurgency is looking to be much worse than anons may have been prepared for and this should be a cold shower to any anons that were in this for fun and games at this point. The threat is looking more and more like our own Vietcong.

I hope that after reading this and giving it some thought that anons truly begin to understand what "This is not a game" really means. Suck it up, get past the black pills, and be prepared for a long COIN war.

d4c09c () No. 9739988

421a0e6dcb0cbc....png (184 KB, 255 x 229, 723 : 648, U1_CA.png) (h)

20386befba3a1e....png (54 KB, 255 x 193, 255 : 193, untitled.png) (h)

1734be9ac4bb21....png (194 KB, 187 x 255, 550 : 750, d.png) (h)





Heads up. CDN Senate has been moving at an accelerated pace with motions & orders these past two weeks - compared to the past two months.-

Sharing The Source [CDN Fed Justice].

Leafs do not know anyone [elected-appointed officials] that are for the people…



53256e () No. 9741517

5bdbb258b935f0....jpg (114 KB, 245 x 255, 769 : 800, 5bdbb258b935f0....jpg) (h)

18a7b6 () No. 9742090

965fa69013a7f5....jpg (168 KB, 255 x 128, 700 : 350, 9998.jpg) (h)

Qanon is trending in cannuckistan today, and the timeline is mostly patriots. this gives me a little hope for the great white north.


230efb () No. 9749667

Agent Margaritaville

This is a mirror of a video done last week on Amina Motala's channel where I discussed the #NewCanada Digital Government and Currency model, first began by myself for Dr Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele in 2016, and later presented in part to the Govt. of South Korea in the spring of 2018, wherein my partner Matthew Staikos received approval to build a Beta currency system.

I have since completed much of the base design and have offered it to Norm Traversy and Susanna Russo for their #NewCanada Party and the #NewCanada Initiative.

The digital dollar is coming folks, and this design will not only be the safest and most secure financial system in the world, but I have given it to Susanna and Norm as a gift to all Canadians.

Apologies for the audio, however the inverter on the house boat caused a hum in one track.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16b6c9 () No. 9752616

1c367b59667f03....jpg (110 KB, 255 x 58, 1188 : 272, 1c367b59667f03....jpg) (h)

Thank you Baker.

Alberta govt about to pass ‘draconian…dangerous’ power grab bill, pro-freedom lawyers’ group warns

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is issuing a warning to the Alberta government and an alert to the public regarding Bill 24: COVID-19 Pandemic Response Amendment Act, 2020. Bill 24 was introduced on June 18, 2020 and has now passed first and second readings.

BILL https://www.jccf.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/AB-Leg-Bill-24-COVID-19-Pandemic-Response.pdf

Bill 24 takes the extraordinary temporary powers (section 52.6 of the Public Health Act), which are available only in the exceptional circumstances of a public health emergency, and makes some use of those powers available to the Alberta government permanently, even when no public health emergency exists.

Bill 24 would give the government a regular (non-emergency) power to enter long-term care homes, an isolation area for homeless persons in Calgary, and all airports (including private boarding areas) without a warrant, and take possession of these facilities, and personal property within them. Bill 24 would also give the government permanent power to conscript people or require people to render aid, and authorize the distribution of health services in these facilities, even when Alberta is no longer in a state of public health emergency.

Bill 24 gives power to Health Minister Tyler Shandro to make regulations based on the Health Orders that were issued by Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw during the public health emergency, even though the public health emergency no longer exists. Dr. Hinshaw currently cannot issue new orders under section 29(2.1) of the Public Health Act because the state of emergency is no longer in effect. If passed, Minister Shandro has said that Bill 24 would change this, restoring Dr. Hinshaw’s law-making powers even though a state of public health emergency has not been declared, and would also give Minister Shandro the unfettered opportunity to create special Regulations for Health Orders.

Bill 24 would give Minister Shandro the power to make Regulations regarding Dr. Hinshaw’s Health Orders, as though they were laws passed through the Legislature, when in fact they are laws created unilaterally by one doctor.

Bill 24 extends Minister Shandro’s release of private medical information to the police from August 14, 2020, when it would have lapsed, to December 31, 2021, for an additional 16 months.

There are at least three significant areas of concern with Bill 24 that impact constitutional freedoms and our democracy.


08bf77 () No. 9755792

2bcf1d7126856f....jpg (111 KB, 255 x 236, 650 : 601, IMG_20190103_1....jpg) (h)

@nsa @fbi

dont forget 🇨🇦 are very corrupt all the country Quebec, Montreal politicians are all globalists, open boarder supporters of #NWO Canada is the paradise for terrorists imagine we have Jaggmet Sing a terrorists forbidden in India leader of NPD party😡 and Adil Charkaoui another terrorist hiding from Morocco you want more I'll not suprises the MUSLIMS BROTHERHOOD have his Headquarter to 🇨🇦 I wish the USMCA have a chapter for to drain the terrorists organization infiltrated around the world.

f13426 () No. 9757839

36e8ce35a6cebf....png (179 KB, 173 x 255, 331 : 488, navy_frog.png) (h)

FB trolling Trudeau's black masks Liberals at grocery store.

Great Job US Navy Seal ! We can feel your love for PapaD.

WE SEE ALL & HEAR IT ALL ! Nice smile to the Camera by the way…

The "Whale" did not smile though…

7dfc27 () No. 9769558

08fb64a87a63d5....jpg (356 KB, 255 x 137, 965 : 517, canada_remitta....jpg) (h)

Who sent all this money to who in China?

2017 to China 4 144.019567 (over 4 trillion)

2016 to China 3 958.443286 (almost 4 trillion)

2015 to China 4 188.270674 (over 4 trillion)

2015: Trudeau said Canada is back.


7dfc27 () No. 9778214

b9b781dc2d9ce7....jpg (232 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, trudeau_scary.jpg) (h)

8673f2 () No. 9780438

e6b3ec95c323c3....jpg (32 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, IMG_20200506_2....jpg) (h)

at Quebec montreal the CORRUPTION with PM Jean Charet and is liberal corrupt parties stole in 15 years to the taxes payer 70 billions. they make a commission to expose the corruption UPAC WHAT A JOKE no charge against Charet and Bibeau 2 big corrupt politicians and guess what the report is sealed for 80 YEARS so

Q teams please 1 july USMCA come to help us the peoples take action against the present gouvernement we need back up because ALL THE POLITIC PARTIES ARE CORRUPT ALL OF THEM

libera lparti

coalition avenir Quebec

parti quebecois

quebec solitaire

all this parti are Globalist NWO supporters, open boarder and mass immigration.

Quebec dont support canada immigration plan this is one of many reasons why we want are freedom Quebec never accept to sworn allegiance to the queen we are sovereign and canada has never respected us the only thing we do is PROTECT OUR NATION AND OUR LANGUAGE.

53256e () No. 9792648

347beb6b33ba01....jpg (56 KB, 255 x 193, 640 : 484, xeughd.jpg) (h)

182772 () No. 9793451


Imagine being Alberta Anon. We have contributed huge amounts of money to this country…more per capita than anywhere else in this country and receive little if anything back. QC has benefitted enormously from Alberta’s resource revenue but has done nothing to support Alberta in developing that revenue. In fact, your politicians have shit on the West and held it back while demanding payment for way too long. You keep voting in the same corruption to keep the money train moving. When are all of you in the East going to finally stand up and say ‘we all must be part of the solution’ and stop being so dependent on money forcefully distributed from the West. You continually vote for this.

It is evident that QC politics is corrupt, heck the whole country’s politics is corrupt. But which parts of the country have continued to enable this corruption for their own gain for decades? It is about time QC stopped thinking about only itself and stood against this corruption and evil with the rest of Canada—you keep voting for your own desires, and thus the same corruption, instead of voting for the good of the whole country. Wake up! This isn’t just about you.

If this does not change corruption in QC politics will be the last thing you need to worry about—the support from the West will be cut off and QC and the rest of eastern Canada will be left to fend for themselves. Yes, Western Independence is not going away…it is growing.

We are sick to death of the East controlling everything and enabling this corruption because, in our experience, they think they are the centre of the universe. We are a very generous people out here and have been happy to help the rest of Canada. But when it is obvious the West is being taken advantage of, that the West is being purposely destroyed, how do you think it makes us feel when those who have benefitted for a very long time from our hard work continue to vote against our needs in the West…when they vote for our destruction? While I understand that QC politicians are corrupt and that this needs to be dealt with, please realize that all of Canada suffers for the selfishness and egocentric focus of QC.

Give your head a shake Anon. This isn’t only about QC. Stop dividing this country. If you are sovereign then why are you voting in a Canadian election? If you are sovereign then why are you living off the avails of Canadian taxpayers? You can’t have it both ways Anon.

None of us support the UN migration compact. The problem is that Canada is divided between the socialist East, of which QC is a part of, and the Conservative West. Guess which part has more power in this country?

Stand with the rest of the country. Insist on fair representation in parliament (QC and ON have more seats than the entire West combined so our votes here don’t count unless the East votes with us). Don’t just think about QC, think about what is good for the entire country and stand with the rest of us against the corruption that exists within all levels of government from municipal to federal and everything in between.

We are stronger when we stand together Anon. I hope very soon Eastern Canada, especially QC, comes to understand this. We all must be part of the solution.

ab6311 () No. 9798366

80ca54510b1acd....jpeg (1086 KB, 200 x 255, 1242 : 1582, 11C97A1A_23A5_....jpeg) (h)

How do we stop Evil?


ab6311 () No. 9798384


Not ONE Premier challenged lockdowns.


All Klubbers?

182772 () No. 9798982


It certainly makes one wonder doesn’t it? Even our supposedly conservative premiers have shown themselves to be a wold in sheep’s clothing. Bill 10 and Bill 24 proposed by Jason Kenney in AB are both very concerning.

All of them, including our supposedly conservative leaders, are perpetuating the WHO and UN scam that is this pandemic. Testing asymptomatic people for COVID-19? I don’t ever recall them testing asymptomatic people for any cold or flu.

53256e () No. 9799632

98f517f4d361ad....png (701 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


53256e () No. 9799651

cd5fb6db4e64ef....png (832 KB, 255 x 237, 680 : 632, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

53256e () No. 9799733

784a93b974f86a....png (904 KB, 255 x 150, 750 : 440, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Mask Facts: redpill yur normies

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Note: A COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) particle is 0.125 micrometers (μm); influenza virus size is 0.08 – 0.12 μm; a human hair is about 150 μm.

*1 nm = 0.001 micron; 1000 nm = 1 micron; Micrometer (μm) is the preferred name for micron (an older term)

1 meter is = 1,000,000,000 nm or 1,000,000 microns


Virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. Larger respiratory droplets (>5 μm) remain in the air for only a short time and travel only short distances, generally <1 meter. They fall to the ground quickly. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30245-9/fulltext

This idea guides the CDC’s advice to maintain at least a 6-foot distance.

Virus-laden small (<5 μm) aerosolized droplets can remain in the air for at least 3 hours and travel long distances. https://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJMc2004973?articleTools=true

Air currents

In air conditioned environment these large droplets may travel farther.

However, ventilation — even the opening of an entrance door and a small window can dilute the number of small droplets to one half after 30 seconds. (This study looked at droplets from uninfected persons). This is clinically relevant because poorly ventilated and populated spaces, like public transport and nursing homes, have high SARS-CoV-2 disease transmission despite physical distancing. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30245-9/fulltext

Objects and surfaces

53256e () No. 9799739

e1a25d8412b9af....jpg (62 KB, 255 x 250, 664 : 651, puyj6i.jpg) (h)


Person to person touching

The CDC’s most recent statement regarding contracting COVID-19 from touching surfaces: “Based on data from lab studies on Covid-19 and what we know about similar respiratory diseases, it may be possible that a person can get Covid-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes,” the agency wrote. “But this isn’t thought to be the main way the virus spreads. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/s0522-cdc-updates-covid-transmission.html.

Chinese study with data taken from swabs on surfaces around the hospital


The surfaces where tested with the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which greatly amplifies the viral genetic material if it is present. That material is detectable when a person is actively infected. This is thought to be the most reliable test.

Computer mouse (ICU 6/8, 75%; General ward (GW) 1/5, 20%)

Trash cans (ICU 3/5, 60%; GW 0/8)

Sickbed handrails (ICU 6/14, 42.9%; GW 0/12)

Doorknobs (GW 1/12, 8.3%)

81.3% of the miscellaneous personal items were positive:

Exercise equipment

Medical equipment (spirometer, pulse oximeter, nasal cannula)

PC and iPads

Reading glasses

Cellular phones (83.3% positive for viral RNA)

Remote controls for in-room TVs (64.7% percent positive)

Toilets (81.0% positive)

Room surfaces (80.4% of all sampled)

Bedside tables and bed rails (75.0%)

Window ledges (81.8%)

Plastic: up to 2-3 days

Stainless Steel: up to 2-3 days

Cardboard: up to 1 day

Copper: up to 4 hours

Floor – gravity causes droplets to fall to the floor. Half of ICU workers all had virus on the bottoms of their shoes

Filter Efficiency and Fit

*Data from a University of Illinois at Chicago review


HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters – 99.97 – 100% efficient. HEPA filters are tested with particles that are 0.125 μm.

Masks and respirators work by collecting particles through several physical mechanisms, including diffusion (small particles) and interception and impaction (large particles)

N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs) are constructed from electret (a dielectric material that has a quasi-permanent electric charge. An electret generates internal and external electric fields so the filter material has electrostatic attraction for additional collection of all particle sizes. As flow increases, particles will be collected less efficiently.

N95 – A properly fitted N95 will block 95% of tiny air particles down to 0.3 μm from reaching the wearer’s face. https://www.honeywell.com/en-us/newsroom/news/2020/03/n95-masks-explained.

But even these have problems: many have exhalation valve for easier breathing and less moisture inside the mask.

Surgical masks are designed to protect patients from a surgeon’s respiratory droplets, aren’t effective at blocking particles smaller than 100 μm. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:VLXWeZBll7YJ:https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/957730O/respirators-and-surgical-masks-contrast-technical-bulletin.pdf+&cd=13&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

53256e () No. 9799745

cffef60fd83ed8....jpeg (23 KB, 255 x 147, 634 : 366, tEuQCIaSaD.jpeg) (h)


Filter efficiency was measured across a wide range of small particle sizes (0.02 to 1 µm) at 33 and 99 L/min.

N95 respirators had efficiencies greater than 95% (as expected).

T-shirts had 10% efficiency,

Scarves 10% to 20%,

Cloth masks 10% to 30%,

Sweatshirts 20% to 40%, and

Towels 40%.

All of the cloth masks and materials had near zero efficiency at 0.3 µm, a particle size that easily penetrates into the lungs.

Another study evaluated 44 masks, respirators, and other materials with similar methods and small aerosols (0.08 and 0.22 µm).

N95 FFR filter efficiency was greater than 95%.

Medical masks – 55% efficiency

General masks – 38% and

Handkerchiefs – 2% (one layer) to 13% (four layers) efficiency.

Conclusion: Wearing masks will not reduce SARS-CoV-2.

N95 masks protect health care workers, but are not recommended for source control transmission.

Surgical masks are better than cloth but not very efficient at preventing emissions from infected patients.

Cloth masks will be ineffective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, whether worn as source control or as personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Masks may confuse that message and give people a false sense of security. If masks had been the solution in Asia, shouldn’t they have stopped the pandemic before it spread elsewhere?”

*The first randomized controlled trial of cloth masks. https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577

Penetration of cloth masks by particles was 97% and medical masks 44%, 3M Vflex 9105 N95 (0.1%), 3M 9320 N95 (<0.01%).

Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.

The virus may survive on the surface of the face- masks

Self-contamination through repeated use and improper doffing is possible. A contaminated cloth mask may transfer pathogen from the mask to the bare hands of the wearer.

Cloth masks should not be recommended for health care workers, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.

*A study of 4 patients in South Korea


53256e () No. 9799757

aa2df158fe15a1....png (374 KB, 226 x 255, 598 : 675, 229c0469174f21....png) (h)


Known patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 wore masks and coughed into a Petrie dish. “Both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface.”

*Singapore Study – Few people used mask correctly


Overall, data were collected from 714 men and women. About half the sample were women and all adult ages were represented. Only 90 participants (12.6%, 95% CI 10.3%-15.3%) passed the visual mask fit test. About three-quarters performed strap placement incorrectly, 61% left a “visible gap between the mask and skin,” and about 60% didn’t tighten the nose-clip.

*A 2011 randomized Australian clinical trial of standard medical/surgical masks


Medical masks offered no protection at all from influenza.

Conclusions from Organizations

The World Health Organization (WHO):


“Advice to decision makers on the use of masks for healthy people in community settings

As described above, the wide use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks.”

“Medical masks should be reserved for health care workers. The use of medical masks in the community may create a false sense of security, with neglect of other essential measures, such as hand hygiene practices and physical distancing, and may lead to touching the face under the masks and under the eyes, result in unnecessary costs, and take masks away from those in health care who need them most, especially when masks are in short supply.”

53256e () No. 9799760

e3c2bce0961d8f....jpg (37 KB, 255 x 194, 392 : 298, e3c2bce0961d8f....jpg) (h)


“Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.”

WHO acknowledges that most people do not use masks properly.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the Center for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases:


“We don’t routinely recommend the use of face masks by the public to prevent respiratory illness,” said on January 31. “And we certainly are not recommending that at this time for this new virus.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


In March 5, 2019 regarding the flu: “Masks are not usually recommended in non-healthcare settings; however, this guidance provides other strategies for limiting the spread of influenza viruses in the community:

cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing,

use tissues to contain respiratory secretions and, after use, to dispose of them in the nearest waste receptacle, and

perform hand hygiene (e.g., handwashing with non-antimicrobial soap and water, and alcohol-based hand rub if soap and water are not available) after having contact with respiratory secretions and contaminated objects/materials.

From the New England Journal of Medicine


“We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

Final Thoughts

Surgical masks – loose fitting. They are designed to protect the patient from the doctors’ respiratory droplets. The wearer is not protected from others airborne particles

People do not wear masks properly. Most people have the mask under the nose. The wearer does not have glasses on and the eyes are a portal of entry.

The designer masks and scarves offer minimal protection – they give a false sense of security to both the wearer and those around the wearer.

**Not to mention they add a perverse lightheartedness to the situation.

If you are walking alone, no mask – avoid folks – that is common sense.

Remember – children under 2 should not wear masks – accidental suffocation and difficulty breathing in some

If wearing a mask makes people go out and get Vitamin D – go for it. In the 1918 flu pandemic people who went outside did better. Early reports are showing people with COVID-19 with low Vitamin D do worse than those with normal levels. Perhaps that is why shut-ins do so poorly. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.08.20058578v4

If you are sick, stay home!

Additional Resource: Healthy People Wearing Masks, Should They or Shouldn’t They? This ER nurse with over two decades of experience took a deep dive into the science to find out: https://jennifermargulis.net/healthy-people-wearing-masks-during-covid19/

da11d3 () No. 9799847



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53256e () No. 9799898

6fa3866c452a00....png (1744 KB, 255 x 175, 2664 : 1832, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

The tests for Covid-19 can be positive for any antibodies that cause the common cold.

53256e () No. 9799926

2d87369f132b23....png (1055 KB, 165 x 255, 1242 : 1922, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

7da7735ddc9d33....png (1436 KB, 158 x 255, 1242 : 2005, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

For those wanting to alert family and friends about the dangers of TIK TOK, this might help (QRV)

A guy on reddit reversed engineered TikTok

Here’s what he found on the data it collects on you

It’s far worse than just stealing what’s on your clipboard:



Edit: link to archive of original Reddit post for those interested: https://archive.is/o6JAz#selection-2243.0-2243.9

da11d3 () No. 9800210



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53256e () No. 9800215

Fauci's Remdesivir Costs $9 Per Dose, Will Be Sold at $3,000 per Dose - China Company Linked to Soros Will Also Mass Produce the Drug - https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/stunning-faucis-remdesivir-costs-9-per-dose-will-sold-3000-per-dose-china-company-linked-soros-will-also-mass-produce-drug/

53256e () No. 9800326

2f0b60f7832e3a....png (127 KB, 197 x 255, 236 : 306, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Canada: The Height of Sissy Liberal/Jewish Insanity…

11th November 2018 jlamprecht 1257 Views 0 Comments

[Paul Fromm sent out this news item. It just begs the insane madness of Canadian Jewry combined with the weak Anglo mind. The only whites in Canada who’ve really stood up to be counted, as sane truth-tellers are the Germans and English Canadians who supported Ernst Zundel and others. The Schaefer siblings are the last of the brave, sane people in Canada. Zundel did have quite a lot of English speaking support to my knowledge. So there are some sane English in Canada.

But the vast majority of Canadians, especially in the era of Justin Trudeau are idiots of note. Trudeau himself deserves to end his life swinging on a rope for what he’s done to the whites of Canada. They are preparing a future nightmare for themselves by listening to Jewry. Jan]

Paul Fromm wrote:-

The U.S. put their toughest human rights questions to China. Guess what Canada asked them?

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on what Justin Trudeau chose to question China on during the Universal Periodic Review on human rights.

The UK asked about China’s gulags in Xinjiang, where the ethnic minority called Uyghurs are held. They also asked about Tibet, and “the full range of human rights in China… “

I’m not going to go through all the questions, but as you can imagine, Donald Trump’s America just crushes it, with tough, smart, detailed questions:

Asks about the Uyghurs, and Tibetans and the Falun Gong. Asks about how China is undermining Hong Kong.

So what do you think Canada asked?

Here’s the full Canadian entry:

What steps is China taking to grant equal marriage and family protections to LGBTI couples in its new Civil Code?

Trudeau wants to know when they’re going to pass their gay marriage bill?

So that, what..? A gay couple in a prison for complaining about Mao can finally get married? In prison?

53256e () No. 9800561

9fdcc4cd8ed85e....png (572 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Anon find YUGE

Welcome to Clas 1-99



The meaning of CLAS 1-99: Adm Rogers teaching on Nazi infiltration into America

1. National_Security_Directive_42_5_July_1990.pdf

2. NSTISSAM_INFOSEC_1_99_July_1999.pdf

Discusses the "insider threat" to government information systems containing unclassified, classified, and mission-critical information, and how to mitigate against that.

In other words not a hacker breaking into a secured area or system, but a person authorized to have access, who behaves in an untrustworthy manner. INFILTRATION.






230efb () No. 9808627

8b51fc229b91aa....png (567 KB, 189 x 255, 420 : 567, z0waa1_PNG.png) (h)


Norman Traversty - interview, june 30 2020

Delivers papers July 1.

Speach tomorrow at 12 EST in Ottowa.

230efb () No. 9808794

85efd48c6933fe....jpg (57 KB, 255 x 255, 500 : 500, n71tjs.jpg) (h)


Canadian corruption and pedo slave gang discussion. Lots of dig worthy info.

Carol st. Starnet Communications. Vancouver.

Global criminal enterprise.

Phantom Secure. Ramos is founder. Used blackberries to comm securely.

Cameron ortiz, used phantom sec to communicate with criminals. Was raided.

5 eyes compromised. Extortion, drug laundering, etc.

Trudeaus best friend at ubc, roommate at Douglas house, christopher charles ingervaldson. Convicted of international child porn and trading.

Aug 20 1999 was day of starnet raid, on vimeo.

3 floor network.

All evidence was taken to US, for blackmail purposes…

Images tech

Mcdonnel detweiler

Fucking hell.

b8258f () No. 9809685

It's NOT OK that the leaders of Canada

allow Chinese food in Canadian grocery stores.

What Canadian can't grow enough?

Or do the Chinese pay better bribes?

Look for Country of Origin on Garlic, Ginger and ALL fish products.

Tell the store managers to get the poison out of Canadian stores now.

b8258f () No. 9809690


Canada has Natives, we don't need Niggers

8b474e () No. 9809710

Norman Traversy to pursue Justice

in Canada for Canadians.

Big announcement at Confederation Park in Ottawa.

Noon - July 1, 2020.


God Bless Norman.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f3a26a () No. 9810828

da5bb1756d532f....png (279 KB, 255 x 255, 2000 : 2000, navy_icon_2.png) (h)

Q please Quebec is under siege our nation flag was replace by the

UN FLAG😡😡 in château Frontenac

PM Legault and Dr Arruda are traitors

the mayor Lebaume at Quebec and the green Plante in montreal all this corrupt people are not Patriots there are Globalist NWO supporters dont forget the BRONFMAN, the DESMARAIS, PAUL MARTIN,



people party of Canada are the only party they want cut fund to UN

230efb () No. 9812523

ab4ffa3ae84afe....png (905 KB, 255 x 142, 759 : 424, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

We’ve only been Christians for less than 2,000 years. What were we BEFORE we were Christians?

We take a look at a fascinating little video which describes what we believed for 40,000 years. We originally were tribes scattered across Europe, living together and fighting among each other. But we shared many common beliefs. What exactly did we believe during this time? What were our values?

You may be astounded by what you’re about to hear…

The 9 Commandments of the White Race:

1. The world is good. Prosperity is good. Life is good and we should live it with joy and enthusiasm.

2. We are free to shape our lives to the extent allowed by our skill, courage and might. There is no predestination. No limitations imposed by the will of any external deity.

3. We do not need salvation. All we need is the freedom to face our lives with courage and honour.

4. We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants.

5. We are also linked to all our living kin, to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of Europe. These are our greater family.

6. We are connected to nature and subject to its laws. The holy powers often express themselves in nature’s beauty and might.

7. We believe that morality does not depend on commandments, but arises from the dignity and honour of a noble minded man and woman.

8. We do not fear the holy powers or consider ourselves their slaves. On the contrary we share community and fellowship with the divine. The holy powers encourage us to grow and to advance to higher levels.

9. We practise Asatru by honouring the turning of the seasons, the ancestors, the divine and ourselves in every day life. Asatru is about roots, its about connections, its about COMING HOME!

ASATRU: A Native European Religion – Stephen A. McNallen.


video at link

230efb () No. 9812630

28365bc1c54360....png (216 KB, 255 x 143, 450 : 253, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Winnipegger trying to buy chemical weapon is caught by undercover FBI agent

A Winnipeg woman has been sentenced to six years in jail after entering the United States to purchase a chemical weapon.

Sijie Liu, 37, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court earlier this month to a charge of knowingly obtaining a chemical weapon and threatening to use it.

Her attempted transaction was discovered by an undercover FBI agent, whom she contacted and expressed interest in buying a toxin. They were communicating on the dark web, a hidden portion of the internet often used for malicious activities and only accessible with special software, court documents say.

She is serving her sentence at Cass County Jail in Fargo, North Dakota, until she can be transferred to Canada.

According to court files, Liu entered the United States alone, from the Pembina, N.D., border crossing, on March 5, 2019, where she told the border agent she was off to Grand Forks on a shopping trip — but she never got that far.

Instead, she visited a business a few kilometres past the border that accepts and stores mail for Canadian customers.

230efb () No. 9812883

fd1aae739245e3....png (390 KB, 195 x 255, 611 : 797, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Q post 4552

WTF over - way past the line. 20 weeks is a long enough time FFS.

230efb () No. 9812935

334df1d0198bf9....png (156 KB, 255 x 255, 400 : 400, n9qwd5.png) (h)


>>811291 /mb

How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?

What is the common theme/tactic of the LEFT?

Define 'Fascism'.

Forcible suppression of opposition?

Define 'Censorship'.

The institution, system, or practice of censoring?

Define 'Narrative'.

A way of presenting or understanding a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values?

Define 'Projection'.

The attribution of one's own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially : the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety?

The forming of a plan : scheming?

Define 'Psychological Projection'.

A theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others?

Define 'Narcissist'.

A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves: narcissists who think the world revolves around them | narcissists preening themselves in front of the mirror?

Define 'Dogma'.

A point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds?

Define 'Aggression'.

Forceful and sometimes overly assertive pursuit of one's aims and interests?

Define 'Suppression'.

The action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication?

[Bonus Round]

'Narcissists' are renowned for using 'psychological projection' to blame other people, even when it is entirely apparent that they are the ones in the wrong.


Define 'Realism'.

The quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life?


Actions of [ANTIFA]:

-Aggression (Projection)

-Suppression (Fascism)

-Censorship (Narrative-Dogma)

Actions of [FAKE NEWS]:

-Aggression (Projection)

-Suppression (Fascism)

-Censorship (Narrative-Dogma)

Actions of [TWITTER, FB, GOOG, YT, REDDIT, etc..]:

-Aggression (Projection)

-Suppression (Fascism)

-Censorship (Narrative-Dogma)

MSDNC pushes coordinated FAKE, FALSE, MISLEADING DISINFORMATION based on a biased [D] political viewpoint [controlled mouthpiece(s)].

Blue checkmarks then defend and attack [target] opposing viewpoints using slander, aggression, suppression, group-think, etc. [suppression tactics].

Non-blue checkmarks then defend and promote attacker(s) [blues] viewpoint(s) [leftwing 'cult'] to instill echo_chamber wall-to-wall amplified narrative for each designated subject.

Select [public discovery] topics are deemed and ranked in priority order [ranking determines use of assets [big-to-small]].

[How to herd the sheep (you) 101]

If you do not follow [remain in-line] with their political viewpoints you are deliberately made to feel in the minority [isolated] and inferior [using aggression-slander].

[If majority thinks x then x must be true _projected false reality _minority projected as majority using news _ social media platforms to spotlight designated viewpoints [the 'narrative']].

A public (person) that thinks for themselves [independent free-thought] is what they are afraid of most [loss of control].


230efb () No. 9812958

Norman Traversty - Canada day


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

230efb () No. 9813129

Norman Traversy - US Embassy June 30, 2020.

Setting up the doc delivery for July 1.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ddc32f () No. 9815790


Is billion not trilion.

4,144 million is over 4 billion (not trillion as per graphic).

Who sending all that money is still a valid question.

Proud to see all the Patriots in Ottawa today.

f6bd5f () No. 9816960



Leafs, consider this action in response;

June 26 2020 House of Commons pettition[Democratic process]

Details -

"Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled


There is currently no election law at the federal level that allows elected politicians to be removed from Parliament before their four year term by eligible to vote Canadian citizens.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled to pass a bill that allows for recall referendums."

Sharing with the honor/duty to not withhold possible information that could be of service to Other-Self.

Share if you feel the calling. Couldn't hold this to myself.

3d8c46 () No. 9817749

Very cool Norman! Thank you.

c1ed91 () No. 9817876

Thank you Norman.

225399 () No. 9820816


what was that? I saw the video Q linked, what was the meeting about?

1962a7 () No. 9825558

Old fashioned way, many speeches from Canadian patriots. No MSM.


ddc32f () No. 9825566


Graphic on the video I replied to

Said Trillions when it should have said Billions.

Still a lot of money.

a3c982 () No. 9827078


I see. So in the video what were they going to deliver to the Embassy? (if I understood the video correctly) were they delivering proof to the Embassy of corruption in Canada to send money to China? I didn't really understand what was happening, kind of parachuted into my mind with no previous explanation I could find

18f969 () No. 9827158

28fd07b34c6baa....jpeg (40 KB, 255 x 251, 1040 : 1023, cropped_982592....jpeg) (h)


since at minimum of 20 past year



infrastructure contract







ONLY THE PEOPLE IS NOT ENOUGH we'll need help from our Patriots brother to CLEAN THE SWAMP



53256e () No. 9830494

9cb26f4a0e8624....jpg (69 KB, 143 x 255, 540 : 960, EU4C1sdXYAI_aGs.jpg) (h)

Drain All The Swamps.

53256e () No. 9831438

fbe3a5a1175a68....jpeg (103 KB, 255 x 113, 750 : 333, e9ed822cd1e88a....jpeg) (h)

>>9829337 3 hours ago • View on 8kun

Norman Traversy delivers the link document to the American embassy In Ottawa yesterday. The first day of the new USMCA, and Canada’s birthday. June 1, 2020.


This is the man that Q linked to in Q post #4558.

Please follow up and read this letter.

53256e () No. 9832906

01e1876c5cf4ec....gif (3703 KB, 200 x 223, 200 : 223, 01e1876c5cf4ec....gif) (h)

==WHO Admits It Was Never Told About COVID By China, Instead Found Out From U.S. Data

Ben Wilson ==

Despite earlier claims and countless defenses made by World Health Organization officials, an updated timeline by the international health body shows China never self-reported the COVID-19 outbreak that led to drastic economic and health consequences across the world.

A quiet change to a timeline of COVID events in late June shows what many mainstream media outlets and government officials have denied for months: China didn’t inform the WHO about the outbreak. Instead, on December 31, “a translation of a Chinese media report about the outbreak is posted to ProMED, a U.S.-based open-access platform for early intelligence about infectious disease outbreaks,” according to a U.S. Naval Institute report.

The first inklings of the impending pandemic, and the first time the WHO heard about it, came from this U.S. report — the WHO then sent officials to investigate its validity in China the next day.

This runs contrary to a previous version of the timeline that falsely claimed on December 31: “Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified.” This did not happen.

Rather, the updated June 30 truthful version now says that on December 31 the WHO “picked up a media report on ProMED” about the mysterious cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan. The new timeline admits that ProMED is run by the International Society for Infectious Diseases — a U.S. based organization headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The now-eerie Dec. 31 ProMED report says, “It is understood that the 1st patient with unexplained pneumonia that appeared in Wuhan this time came from Wuhan South China Seafood Market.”

This newly admitted information disrupts the countless defenses given by Chinese officials and allies at the WHO.

A June 4 article by China Daily said there “is no legal basis” for faulting China for the spread of the virus.

“What we’ve done is strictly obey the international rules and fulfill our international obligations,” Huang Jin, a law professor specializing in international law at China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing falsely said in the propaganda article. “For example, we took the initiative to evaluate the pandemic situation and reported it in a timely fashion to the World Health Organization as well as other countries and regions, and we also accepted inspections from the WHO.”

Now that it’s admitted China didn’t report in a timely fashion, but rather the U.S. did, the Chinese have dropped this false talking point, as reported by the Free Beacon.


53256e () No. 9832921

82388e3a15d77c....png (57 KB, 255 x 202, 750 : 594, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Patrick Howley


So, Sara Bronfman (NXIVM) was key in building the jihadist networks in Libya, which Ghislaine Maxwell's nephew oversaw from his perch at the Hillary State Department.

I have all the information that connects literally everything over past decade lol

Quote Tweet

Tarini Parti


· Jun 18, 2018

In 2011, Hagin traveled to Libya with Iget and heiress Sara Bronfman, who has invested tens of millions into NXIVM. They were working on “creating a rebel re-integration program" together https://buzzfeed.com/tariniparti/trump-hagin-libya-igtet?utm_term=.pfL3kJlJa#.pb868jRjq

Show this thread

11:45 AM · Jul 2, 2020

53256e () No. 9832950

266fdc1cd21ded....png (2226 KB, 255 x 191, 1920 : 1440, 266fdc1cd21ded....png) (h)

ccc6c2ee841e3e....png (2129 KB, 255 x 191, 1920 : 1440, ccc6c2ee841e3e....png) (h)

This was yesterday on /x/, halfchan.




Story Time with a dead man

I fucked up really bad one evening and entered one of the maintenance sheds to return some tools I'd been using, and saw the sweaty, pale back of a large man, hunched over and thrusting. He had a tattoo of Nixon on his back, and he was wearing a bull's head mask. He was fucking one of the regular staff member's mouth. He turns to me, I'm just standing in shock, and says quite angrily, "DO YOU MIND?" and I slam the door shut. As I'm closing the door I get a glimpse of my coworker's face and he is crying. I googled nixon back tattoo later and realized that man was Roger Stone, who I'd never even heard of up to that point. I knew I was in deep shit. The next day and for two weeks after I got all the worst jobs - trash pick up, cleaning toilets, scrubbing his boats. It fucking sucked, but I kept my mouth shut anyway. As far as I understood my pay had not been cut so whatever, I'll do the shitty jobs where I'm by myself because at least, hey, I'm by myself. That was fine with me.


>>9831949>>9831987 >>9832048 >>9832131 >>9832139 >>9832230 >>9832494 >>9832541 >>9832608

3c0731 () No. 9833012

Hey Q, how do we counter argue the fact the Donald Trump has spent much time and years with Jeffery Epstein and his circle of friends? I know the theory we have but I have no evidence to back up my defense. Can you help me out here??

53256e () No. 9833289

54ffa30fccdfdf....jpeg (147 KB, 255 x 214, 1242 : 1044, 54ffa30fccdfdf....jpeg) (h)


Does the media attack DJT for his single trip to pedo island?

Does the media attack DJT for anything related to Epstein or Maxwell?

Of the 43 major attacks on DJT by the cabal since 2015, have any succeeded?

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The Art of War - know yourself and know your enemy and you will win every battle.

bd3cce () No. 9833674



I think I'ma gonna dig into the "first nation" entities that vow to continue fighting against this pipeline.

Wonder how much money has been "donated" by The Tides Foundation to enable this continued fight?

53256e () No. 9834391

e6b0688eaf4661....png (2258 KB, 255 x 130, 1618 : 826, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



They changed their name from tides foundation to makeway foundation June 11 2020


53256e () No. 9834393



Pay attention:

Trump is THE most thoroughly vetted Presidential candidate in the history of the United States.

And frantic desperate Democrats & political operatives have been digging through all the records and tracking down every rumor for going on FIVE YEARS NOW looking for anything on him.

Trump's past is scorched earth at this point, so many investigators like the Mueller Team and others have covered that ground so many times.

Anything that would have taken him out would have been found by now.

If you're telling yourself SDNY has been sitting on evidence for 2+ years proving Trump was diddling kids with Epstein & Co. you're delusional.

I wrote this back in July of 2019, almost exactly 1 year ago for UnCoverDC.

History now repeats itself.

53256e () No. 9835128

133e9da9ebbebe....png (29 KB, 255 x 165, 711 : 460, 133e9da9ebbebe....png) (h)

711683bd956d10....png (65 KB, 255 x 243, 709 : 675, 711683bd956d10....png) (h)

20b61e747a1009....png (118 KB, 239 x 255, 703 : 749, 20b61e747a1009....png) (h)

991855432dcfb6....png (180 KB, 229 x 255, 704 : 785, 991855432dcfb6....png) (h)

d439d703614be4....png (53 KB, 236 x 255, 706 : 764, d439d703614be4....png) (h)

53256e () No. 9835263

26cfff81051f78....png (1166 KB, 255 x 179, 1000 : 700, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




Posted onJuly 24 by HACTAVISTA_777_ANONYMOUS

53256e () No. 9835711

00cd7767438a61....png (1004 KB, 255 x 236, 987 : 912, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Just heard on Laura Ingrahm show (Raymond Arroyo tonight) at about 10:55pm, July 2, 2020

'This study makes remdesivir irrelevant

New HCQ Study by Henry Ford Health

Lowers death rate by 1/2 compared with other meds

A Henry Ford Health System study shows the controversial anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine helps lower the death rate of COVID-19 patients, the Detroit-based health system said Thursday.

Officials with the Michigan health system said the study found the drug “significantly” decreased the death rate of patients involved in the analysis.

The study analyzed 2,541 patients hospitalized among the system’s six hospitals between March 10 and May 2 and found 13% of those treated with hydroxychloroquine died while 26% of those who did not receive the drug died.

Among all patients in the study, there was an overall in-hospital mortality rate of 18%, and many who died had underlying conditions that put them at greater risk, according to Henry Ford Health System. Globally, the mortality rate for hospitalized patients is between 10% and 30%, and it's 58% among those in the intensive care unit or on a ventilator.

“As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight,” said Steven Kalkanis, CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group. “And the data here is clear that there was a benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”

The study, published in the International Society of Infectious Disease, found patients did not suffer heart-related side effects from the drug.

Patients with a median age of 64 were among those analyzed, with 51% men and 56% African American. Roughly 82% of the patients began receiving hydroxychloroquine within 24 hours and 91% within 48 hours, a factor Dr. Marcus Zervos identified as a potential key to the medication’s success.

“We attribute our findings that differ from other studies to early treatment, and part of a combination of interventions that were done in supportive care of patients, including careful cardiac monitoring," said Zervos, division head of infectious disease for the health system who conducted the study with epidemiologist Dr. Samia Arshad.

Other studies, Zervos noted, included different populations or were not peer-reviewed.

“Our dosing also differed from other studies not showing a benefit of the drug,” he said. "We also found that using steroids early in the infection associated with a reduction in mortality."

But Zervos cautioned against extrapolating the results for treatment outside hospital settings and without further study.

Lynn Sutfin, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, respond to the study Thursday by noting "prescribers have a responsibility to apply the best standards of care and use their clinical judgment when prescribing and dispensing hydroxychloroquine or any other drugs to treat patients with legitimate medical conditions."

The study found about 20% of patients treated with a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin died and 22% who were treated with azithromycin alone compared with the 26% of patients who died after not being treated with either medication.

Henry Ford Health has been working on multiple clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine, including one that is testing whether the drug can prevent COVID-19 infections in first responders who work with coronavirus patients. The first responder clinical trial was trumpeted by Trump administration officials early in the pandemic.

Many health care institutions, including the World Health Organization, suspended clinical trials of the drug touted by President Donald Trump after a faulty study was published in the British medical journal The Lancet on May 22. The WHO restarted the trials in June.

The study is vital, Zervos said, as medical workers prepare for a possible second wave of the virus and there is plenty of research that still needs to be conducted to solidify an effective treatment.

moar at



bd3cce () No. 9835738


Thanks for the info Anon. They can hide… but not for long!

53256e () No. 9836031

50fdc5d94c0ffd....png (342 KB, 255 x 166, 480 : 312, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Analysis of evidence in the “targeted” killings of Barry & Honey Sherman concludes murders were politically motivated, who the prime suspects are & why.

Posted by Paul W KincaidWorld

newsTuesday, March 31st, 2020

What was the primary motive for the break in & targeted murders of Barry & Honey Sherman? To answer that one must first examine why lead Toronto police investigator, Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes publicly stated that Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted and killed? “I believe they were targeted,” The word “targeted” was specifically chosen to describe Toronto’s 2017 homicides #64 and #65. What was Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes revealing to the public by calling the double homicides “targeted” killing?

Targeted killing is defined as an assassination by a “government authority” of an individual(s) for a perceived threat. That’s what Toronto Police were telling Canadians when they said Barry & Honey Sherman were “targeted” & killed. Toronto Police stated publicly from the very beginning that “there was no sign of forced entry into their home”. That is referred to as surreptitious entry. Toronto Police publicly stating that the murderers entered the home of Barry and Honey Sherman via surreptitious entry is of major significance. It supports the discovery finding that the Shermans were targeted and killed by a “government authority”.

Evidence of markings being found on the wrists of both Barry and Honey Sherman, indicated they had been tied up, yet no ties or ropes were found at the scene. This too has major significance in that it confirms both Barry and Honey were restrained, forcibly detained (were handcuffed) before being killed. Both being forcibly restrained, leaving marks, provides evidence it wasn’t a murder suicide. No ties or ropes were found at the scene proves the killers took the “restraints” (handcuffs) with them.

Restraint markings on their wrists, the Toronto Police Services stating that the Shermans were targeted and killed and that their murderers gained access via surreptitious entry all lead to the conclusion that Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted and killed by police officers. Which police officers? RCMP. Why?

53256e () No. 9836037


1) Targeted killing is defined as an assassination by a “government authority” of an individual(s) for a perceived threat. A RCMP officer is a government authority. They are authorized by the federal government to uphold and enforce government enacted and imposed laws across Canada.

2) RCMP officers contend that they are authorized by government appointed adjudicators to enter private premises to install listening or video devices or recover evidence in support of “an ongoing criminal investigation”. The power so granted authorizing surreptitious entry allows the RCMP to utilize whatever means to achieve entry they found most expedient. Thus, access could be obtained by forcing doors or windows or via Realtor lock box, or simply through trickery or coercion. Further, if RCMP officers acting under Part IV.1 are implicitly authorized to make entry, s. 25 of the Code would permit them “to effect such entry by overcoming force” a property owner is normally entitled to assert, to prevent anyone, including the police, from entering the premises without permission.

At the time of the targeted murders, the RCMP were conducting a criminal investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman’s August 26, 2015 fundraiser for 2015 election candidate Justin Trudeau. The RCMP investigation was commenced using Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying (OCL) tape recorded interview with Barry Sherman on Nov 3, 2016. During the tape recorded conversation, Mr Sherman openly discussed a fundraiser held at his house on August 26, 2015, which featured then-Liberal candidate Michael Levitt, now an MP, along with Trudeau. Because OCL launched an RCMP investigation of the August 26, 2015 fundraiser for Justin Trudeau based on the content of the tape recorded Nov 3, 2016 interview Apotex filed a law suit seeking a transcript of the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying interview with lobbyist Barry Sherman, or a copy of the recording. Justin Trudeau responded by paying the Office of Commissioner of Lobbying $400,000 to obstruct/defeat Barry Sherman suit & a court hearing that was to be held Feb 2018 to address OCL refusing to comply with a chief court clerk order that “redacted” documents that detail the taped interview between OCL & Barry Sherman must be uncensored & handed over to Apotex. The chief court clerk order was made as a result of the Commissioner of Lobbying redacting Justin Trudeau name from material evidence in an ongoing RCMP investigation. Complying with Chief court clerk order would prove OCL REDACTED Justin Trudeau name from the transcript in order to conceal OCL finding that Justin Trudeau broke the law: “There is basis to conclude that the private interests of (REDACTED) were advanced to a high degree, & that a sense of obligation was created by Mr. Sherman’s” Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser.


53256e () No. 9836047


In a previous email to Brian H. Greenspan I provided evidence that the Sherman’s home was under surveillance by the RCMP. Only the RCMP has jurisdiction (government authority) to conduct a criminal investigation for the Federal government’s Office of Commissioner of Lobbying. Direct quote from Administering the Lobbying Act (December 2011) https://lobbycanada.gc.ca/eic/site/012.nsf/eng/h_00436.html:

“The peace officer having jurisdiction to investigate the matter, generally the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in the case of the Lobbying Act, will consider the case in consultation with legal counsel at the Department of Justice and federal prosecutors at the Department of Public Prosecutions. Together, they will determine whether or not to lay charges.”

Since the RCMP criminal investigation involved a high profile government of Canada official the RCMP claim that they are authorized to make surreptitious entry (via the Realtor lock box), or simply through trickery or coercion. RCMP officers also claim that they are permitted “to effect such entry by overcoming force a property owner”.

3) In Eccles v. Bourque, [1975] 2 S.C.R. 739, it was contended that s. 25(1) of the Criminal Code authorized trespass by the police in order to effect an arrest. The basis is that the police (RCMP) are entitled, in limited circumstances, to enter private property without consent to effect an arrest – detain a person.

People detained or arrested by police officers are usually forcibly restrained using handcuffs, either metal or plastic. A traditional form of plastic handcuffs are cable ties. Cable ties leave unique marks on wrists of those being arrested by police (RCMP). Forensic pathologist confirmed that the markings on the wrists of both Shermans, indicates they had been restrained (forcibly detained) with ties before they were murdered. Toronto Police confirmed Barry and Honey Sherman’s murderers took the restraints with them. Why would the restraints be removed from the wrists of

53256e () No. 9836051


the victims and from the crime scene? Restraints are material evidence that could be traced back to the murderers. Canadian police forces have and use a specific type of cable tie. The markings on the wrists of Barry and Honey Sherman can be matched with impressions made by any specific type of tie mfg today.

Crime scene evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that Barry & Honey Sherman were murdered by police officers. Both had restraint marks on their wrists (were handcuffed) & Honey Sherman had cuts on her lip & nose, suggesting that she had struggled with assailants & was forced face down on pool tile. The evidence is telling us that at some point Honey Sherman sensed that the intruders were going to kill her and out a fear for her life she put up a fight. The cuts on her lip & nose is telling us she was forced to the ground by a police officer(s) who used his or her knee to forcibly hold Honey Sherman’s head and face to the ground as they handcuffed Honey Sherman’s hands behind her back.

4) Crime scene evidence from Barry & Honey Sherman murders also leads to the conclusion that the motive for the surreptitious entry (break in) and murders was to recover computers and electronic devices and their data or documents: computer data and emails, material evidence that could have been used to indict and convict Justin Trudeau of corrupt practices under Canada Elections Act and as a result of such conviction would be barred from campaigning in 2019 Federal election.

What kind of computer and electronic devices data could be used to indict and convict Justin Trudeau? Guest list & Aug. 6, 2015 email invitations to Barry & Honey Sherman’s Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser soliciting financial support for Justin Trudeau. Fundraiser ledgers recording names of Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser donors, the amount of the donations and the payee’s name. If donations were made payable to the Trudeau Foundation or to Justin Trudeau the donations would be illegal. Only donations payable to the Liberal Party of Canada were legal donations.

53256e () No. 9836058

94524666466a2a....jpg (74 KB, 204 x 255, 512 : 640, 38825333_16257....jpg) (h)


What other kind of computer and electronic devices (smart phones and tablets) data could put Justin Trudeau in legal jeopardy because it could have been used in RCMP investigation of the Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser? Email correspondence between the Shermans and the RCMP investigating the Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser for Justin Trudeau. Email correspondence between the Shermans and the Lobbying Commissioner. Email correspondence between the Shermans and invited guests. And email correspondence between the Shermans and Justin Trudeau, before (while campaigning in 2015 election) and after becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Electronic data that could incriminate Justin Trudeau, who we all know was convicted 5 days after Barry and Honey Sherman bodies were found, of violating Conflict of Interest laws December 20, 2017. Another indictment and conviction at that time or soon after would no doubt end Justin Trudeau’s political tenure as Prime Minister.

5) The pool side murders suggests Barry & Honey Sherman were tortured: restrained (wrist marks), threatened with drowning (pool water) & beaten, before being murdered. Torture is almost always committed by person(s) acting in an official capacity, as government agents.

“Torture means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.” Article 1 of the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment


What was the motive for surreptitious entry, torture & murders of Barry & Honey Sherman? Why were Barry and Honey Sherman targeted and killed? Material evidence leads to the conclusion that they were targeted and killed because of the RCMP’s ongoing high profile criminal investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman’s August 26, 2015 fundraiser for 2015 “election candidate” Justin Trudeau. Surreptitious entry (break in) and torture were used to recover or destroy computer, laptop, smart phones or tablets containing incriminating files: correspondence, guest list & Aug. 6 2015 email invitations relating to Barry & Honey Sherman’s Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser soliciting large financial (money) support for Justin Trudeau.

The surreptitious entry, torture & murders of Barry & Honey Sherman resulted in the RCMP investigation of the Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser for “election candidate” Justin Trudeau being dropped. An investigation that was only launched after the Office of Commissioner of Lobbying (OCL) found evidence that Justin Trudeau broke Federal law attending (thereby accepting) Barry and Honey Sherman’s Aug. 26, 2015 fundraiser (benefit): “There is basis to conclude that the private interests of (Justin Trudeau) were advanced to a high degree, & that a sense of obligation was created by Mr. Sherman’s” Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser.

There is only 1 group of people who had motive, means & opportunity to “surreptitiously enter” (break in) Barry & Honey Sherman’s home, forcibly detain/restrain them, torture them to recover or destroy material evidence that could be used to convict Justin Trudeau & to murder them – the RCMP.

Only the RCMP (members of the Justin Trudeau’s RCMP Protective Service) had the motive, means and opportunity to surreptitious enter, torture & murder Barry & Honey Sherman and after committing such a heinous crime, undermine the Toronto Police Services investigation of the targeted murders of Barry and Honey Sherman.

53256e () No. 9836218

ffa735fcd4d542....png (196 KB, 144 x 255, 383 : 680, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

@presscore - great twitter acct



53256e () No. 9836509



Documentary (1996) Sun-tzu, a military philosopher of ancient China, wrote a book that has become a textbook for modern Western military, business and political leaders. This program explores the effect this text has had throughout the ages and the lessons Sun-tsu offers today.

53256e () No. 9836590

5b4dffb2aa1937....png (160 KB, 255 x 224, 505 : 444, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

a7c5a9f8e696d4....png (1050 KB, 173 x 255, 750 : 1107, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f52b6acb6a7222....png (185 KB, 255 x 189, 750 : 557, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f72513369518d9....png (835 KB, 171 x 255, 750 : 1116, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Goodable collabs with Peace by Chocolate.

Promoted by Trudeau at the UN.



>>9835814 pb

Peace by Chocolate


53256e () No. 9836634

927994f9669881....png (7590 KB, 134 x 255, 1720 : 3272, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

8c8e62 () No. 9839423


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c8e62 () No. 9839431





53256e () No. 9840105

e4ffc72c41dd8d....png (876 KB, 255 x 148, 1331 : 772, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

dac331e36c873d....png (394 KB, 255 x 164, 1017 : 654, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f44027b1fa2fb1....png (93 KB, 255 x 103, 1102 : 445, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

59f5d033dfa29f....png (128 KB, 255 x 171, 926 : 622, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

57dfc1db964687....png (925 KB, 255 x 185, 1184 : 858, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Post 9838265 7 hours ago • View on 8kun

why did @goodable change their logo post (you) from Q?

Post 9838364 6 hours ago • View on 8kun


Created by this guy.



Should probably add them to graphic.

Not only was ML involved with exposing a human trafficking ring, he went undercover to rescue underage girls from slavery, and he follows Frank Giustra and he reciprocates.


Let's not forget that FG is a Canadian businessman and billionaire that was at the center of the first Uranium Clinton scandal and Uranium One scandal.






FG was involved with Pizzagate too.

That photo Q dropped here

>>9833520 (pb, Q)

…is a closer resemblance to the interior of Giustra's plane. Pic 5.

Then you've got the Peace for Chocolate in collaboration with Goodable, which Peace for Chocolate was promoted at the United Nations by Trudeau.

Also, wondered why Caroline Sunshine follows Muhammad Lila on IG too.


>Former Disney Channel actress and White House Press Office staffer for President Donald J. Trump.

>>9838284 /pb notables

Have a feeling they're all going to pay.

8c8e62 () No. 9840181


Why is CNN reporting NOW that HCQ works for coronavirus

Study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients survive better


ddc32f () No. 9848630

0a9efe1e9bcea4....png (390 KB, 255 x 215, 825 : 695, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Our MSM is appalling.

1748f5 () No. 9848794


Aga Khan

8c8e62 () No. 9854119

Crime And Fraud At WE Charity In Kenya

"Every arm of this f**king government is going to come down hard on us"


WE Charity was “the best and only organization” capable of administering $912 million in youth volunteer grants, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But a closer look at WE Charity reveals a troubled organization in turmoil. In March, WE laid off the majority of its staff. A CBC report revealed that the chairs of WE Charity’s boards of directors in Canada and the U.S. both resigned in the spring, and almost everyone else serving on those boards either resigned or was replaced.

And as WE Charity is now scrutinized each day in the Canadian press, a story has emerged of criminal activity and fraud by the leadership of WE’s Kenyan operation in 2017.

“No concerns with the charity”

On April 27, 2018, the Kenyan NGO Co-ordination Board released its “Investigation Report On Free The Children.” The report recommended that the caveat on the charity’s parcel of land be lifted, as they were satisfied that “the land would be used for charitable purposes” and that they had “no concerns with the charity.”

Canadaland has learned that Peter Ruhiu remained WE’s country director for Kenya and Tanzania until March 19, 2018 — eight months after Marc Kielburger says he recorded, at the request of the Kenyan police, Ruhiu recounting what he had described as “criminal offences.”





Maybe Trudeau will run against Husseim for presiden of Kenya

230efb () No. 9859612

3ffefc095ba01f....jpg (59 KB, 255 x 250, 612 : 600, 3ffefc095ba01f....jpg) (h)

230efb () No. 9859655

e5bb41e8e79ec2....jpg (139 KB, 255 x 156, 941 : 574, e5bb41e8e79ec2....jpg) (h)

64d6af83157927....png (626 KB, 255 x 191, 1216 : 912, 64d6af83157927....png) (h)

35ee6e9863c213....png (282 KB, 255 x 217, 949 : 807, 35ee6e9863c213....png) (h)

bae439295fd3e4....png (106 KB, 239 x 255, 759 : 809, bae439295fd3e4....png) (h)


elites all use encrochat devices to communicate with each other and they were all hacked recently.


The Story is being covered up by the Ghislane Maxwell story. They had her for months, but waited until now to make the story public to smokescreen encrochat


dc3d4b () No. 9859721

Sacramento California Boats for Trump!


Happy Independence Day!!!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dc3d4b () No. 9859789

8028aa59213804....png (775 KB, 255 x 144, 1101 : 621, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

fcacce1997aa80....png (747 KB, 255 x 125, 1109 : 543, Screenshot_202....png) (h)

708db6 () No. 9867092

There seems to be some kinda US militia operating in southern Alberta Canada, please investigate if related, federal police complicated.

Concerned Can-Anon

da11d3 () No. 9867305



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eb38f4 () No. 9868242

74aec1ba8ee0d5....mp4 (16022 KB, 255 x 169, 640 : 424, Q4JMRM.mp4) (h)

Okay MAGA… During the Mount Rushmore fireworks show, they played the song by Brooks & Dunn, “Only in America”. Great tune, listen to the lyrics they played. They left out a verse during the “Q” fireworks special section. So, like a good patriotic Anon, I put it back in, with some visuals to go along with the music. I hope you all like it.


230efb () No. 9874086

f614e141fb3398....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 170, 600 : 400, EVfI4ccXYAA8U_Z.jpg) (h)

230efb () No. 9874096

The medical examiner’s report finds no sign of damage to Floyd’s neck from being restrained, and it reports a fatal level of opioid in Floyd’s blood. The opioid, Fentanyl, when overdosed stops breathing and causes death. Floyd is heard on the recording to be complaining of his breathing problem prior to being restrained. You can get the facts of the effects of Fentanyl from this official source: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/fentanyl

The medical examiner’s report is here: https://www.scribd.com/document/464269559/George-Floyd-Autopsy-FULL-REPORT#from_embed?campaign=VigLink&ad_group=xxc1xx&source=hp_affiliate&medium=affiliate

It seems that the police sensed that Floyd was in a life-threatened situation when they put him in the police car to take to the police station. They called for medics, removed him from the car, and held him on his stomach, which their training may have taught them is the safest position, while waiting for the medics, who arrived too late.

As a person familiar with martial arts, I know that blows to the side of the neck do not affect breathing. It is blows to the throat that do that. Put pressure on the sides of your neck, and you will see that it does not affect your breathing. Now try that on your throat.

No media has looked at the autopsy report or interviewed objective experts. What we have is a picture of a cop restraining Floyd with a knee restraint taught in police training and Floyd saying he can’t breathe. The anatomically ignorant public unaware that Floyd is overdosed on an opioid that stops breathing, sees this and concludes, with media instruction, that the policeman mercilessly killed Floyd.


230efb () No. 9874446


There's a conspiracy theory that the world ended in 2012 and it makes sense



It's been a crazy few years for the world. If you told someone in 2012 that property mogul Donald Trump would soon be President of the United States of America and that the United Kingdom would seemingly shoot themselves in the foot over Brexit, they'd probably have a hard time believing it.

Fast forward seven years, and that's the world we find ourselves in. Unsurprisingly then, some Internet users have become convinced that we're in some sort of parallel universe. How would we find ourselves in this bizarre universe? Well, Twitter user Nick Hinton is convinced that the world ended in 2012, and his ideas seem to have found some backers.

Back in July, Hinton started a Twitter thread titled "a conspiracy thread: Did the World End in 2012?" It's since gone on to acquire thousands of replies and retweets from fellow social media users who seem to believe in his ideas.

The thread starts: "I’ve wanted to talk about this subject for a while now. The other day I had a random urge to look into it again and read some old stuff. You know, just for ‘fun’. Ever since then, I’ve noticed other people talking about it again."

230efb () No. 9874450

I heard about this while it was hitting the news here because I’m from the area the school mentioned below is in… but I really haven’t seen other people bring it up? And honestly, how many close friends that turn out to be (alleged) pedophiles can one man have and still claim ignorance???

Basically: Prince Andrew spent six months at a boarding school in Ontario, Canada in the late 70s. While he was there, he formed a close friendship with Father Keith Gleed… going so far as to invite him to his 21st birthday party and his wedding. After Gleed died, Andrew eventually arranged for a “hand-carved baptismal font for the school chapel” in memory of him to be put up… when other former students heard about this extravagant gift, it encouraged them to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse.

Article: How a royal gift exposed sexual abuse at an elite Canadian school

Edit: “headed” to “heard” thanks autocorrect.


230efb () No. 9874677

1219d6997abedb....png (441 KB, 240 x 255, 594 : 631, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

230efb () No. 9876094

2d83d0dfec7aef....png (67 KB, 255 x 173, 711 : 483, 2d83d0dfec7aef....png) (h)

67295f795cd434....png (99 KB, 212 x 255, 692 : 833, 67295f795cd434....png) (h)

DEADLY COVER UP: Fauci Approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2. While not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related to it, and shares 79% of its genome, as the name SARS-CoV-2 implies. They both use the same host cell receptor, which is what viruses use to gain entry to the cell and infect the victim.

The Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading – get ready for this – “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” (Emphasis mine throughout.) Write the researchers, “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”

Dr. Anthony FauciThis means, of course, that Dr. Fauci (pictured at right) has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.”

Dr. Didier Raoult, the Anthony Fauci of France, had such spectacular success using HCQ to treat victims of SARS-CoV-2 that he said way back on February 25 that “it’s game over” for coronavirus.

He and a team of researchers reported that the use of HCQ administered with both azithromycin and zinc cured 79 of 80 patients with only “rare and minor” adverse events. “In conclusion,” these researchers write, “we confirm the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine associated with azithromycin in the treatment of COVID-19 and its potential effectiveness in the early impairment of contagiousness.”

The highly-publicized VA study that purported to show HCQ was ineffective showed nothing of the sort. HCQ wasn’t administered until the patients were virtually on their deathbeds when research indicates it should be prescribed as soon as symptoms are apparent. Plus, HCQ was administered without azithromycin and zinc, which form the cocktail that makes it supremely effective. At-risk individuals need to receive the HCQ cocktail at the first sign of symptoms.



230efb () No. 9876096

297b35bf89a654....png (795 KB, 255 x 171, 744 : 498, 297b35bf89a654....png) (h)

799085f79d3105....png (45 KB, 255 x 160, 805 : 506, 799085f79d3105....png) (h)

c49eca5b6097d9....png (57 KB, 255 x 204, 807 : 646, c49eca5b6097d9....png) (h)

France Releases Video on New Radiation Regulations and Exposure Risks from Laptops, Tablets, Other Devices

Health experts and organizations have been issuing warnings about exposure to cell phones and other sources of wireless (WiFI) and electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) for many years. Exposure can cause “Microwave Sickness”, increased cancer risk, and SO MUCH MORE.

In fact, last year the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that high levels of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) in 1st world countries could affect 30% of the population.

Some governments have been proactive in warning AND protecting citizens. Kudos to France for being one of them.

France: New Regulations to Ensure Radiation Levels Posted for Laptops, Tablets and Wireless Devices

From July 1st, the SAR display of all equipment generating radiofrequency radiation (more than 20mW) used in close proximity to the body will be displayed to better inform the public. France already has a comparable law for cell phones but now the regulations are extended to devices which include tablets, connected watches, wireless headsets, and more. ANFR will check the SAR measurements for these devices to ensure compliance. SAR is a measure used for cell phone radiation exposure.

Just like cell phones, the SAR must appear in the instructions as well as at points of sale and near the equipment. In sharp contrast, efforts such as the Berkeley and San Francisco Cell phone Right To Know Ordinances to inform the US public about cell phone radiation at point of sale in the United States have been hit with lawsuits by the wireless industry.

ANFR , the government frequency test agency of France, created a video explaining the new regulations.

France already has some of the most consumer friendly regulations regarding cell phones and Wi-Fi. An order of November 15, 2019 “Relating to the display of the specific absorption rate of radioelectric equipment and to consumer information” NOR: SSAP1834792A by the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire


“Information on the behavior to adopt to reduce exposure to radiation emitted by radio equipment

Use the radio equipment under good reception conditions to reduce the amount of radiation received.

Use a hands-free kit or a loudspeaker, if suitable for radio equipment. Make reasonable use of radio equipment such as the mobile phone, by children and adolescents, for example by avoiding night-time communications and by limiting the frequency and duration of calls.

Keep radio equipment away from the belly of pregnant women.

Keep radio equipment away from the lower abdomen of adolescents.”


Apple’s market cap is 3 times the size of the entire precious metals industry.

Two words…

Insanely depressed. pic.twitter.com/EyfRa8zjTe

— Otavio (Tavi) Costa (@TaviCosta) July 4, 2020

S&P GSCI TR / S&P500 Spread UPDATE!!!#Commodities are incredible undervalued – Trade of the CENTURY?

Historic opportunity? I guess YES…

The Ratio increased from its low -> 0,54!

I will update this Chart every month for my twitter [email protected]

@dlacalle_IA pic.twitter.com/Hb8Pgd19sK

— Benjamin Deutsch (@TradingForPro) July 4, 2020


230efb () No. 9876246

The Canadian Revolution with Miranda and Cody at the War Memorial Ottawa Canada

July 8, 2020. Show your support!


Who We Are

A Leaderless Resistance

The Canadian Revolution is a group of dedicated Canadians much like yourself, who are committed to making positive changes in this country. We understand the immediate need for action. We understand that their is no more opportunity to be complacent, complicit or hopeless. We have made the decision to take action against our illegitimate government, who has led us to believe we are divided and powerless against their corruption. Together, we are the force that stands up against their tyranny.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

230efb () No. 9876258

😨 Watch This 🥺 Water, Memory, Instincts & LIFE HOLISTICS

Theoria Apophasis

July 5, 2020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

230efb () No. 9876475


Viktor Schauberger. He has twice as many patents as Nikola Tesla. He is the creator of the modern military inner and outer atmospheric craft.

Viktor Schauberger, "Comprehend and copy nature ".

Viktor Schauberger - The Water Wizard.

11c648 () No. 9876499

115cb5bfd85d00....jpeg (291 KB, 221 x 255, 1106 : 1277, 3045C487_3DDA_....jpeg) (h)

230efb () No. 9876683

c53a396a7cc848....pdf (12921 KB, 67 x 118, 0 : 0, TextbookOfTheU....pdf) (h)


Echo Logos - Book 8 of the B. Gita.

230efb () No. 9876760

06f75a2faa3bb0....png (1502 KB, 255 x 135, 1024 : 544, ClipboardImage.png) (h)




According to new revelations, the ultra-wealthy financier and elite sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a mentor who recruited him into Israeli intelligence early in his career: billionaire media tycoon Robert Maxwell. And nearly three decades before Epstein’s highly suspicious death, Maxwell would suffer a similar murky fate. What did Soviet intelligence know about Maxwell? KGB veteran Col. Nikolai Shvarev tells Moscow Center’s side of the story:

At the beginning of the 1990s, his mysterious death became a sensation. And that’s just for starters, after all, 68-year-old Lord Robert Maxwell – owner of one of the largest media empires on the planet; a billionaire; friend of Leonid Brezhnev and other politicians around the world; a carouser and debauchee whose impressive size and ferocious personality earned him the nickname “the killer whale” – had died.

On that fateful night of November 4th, 1991, Maxwell’s yacht Lady Ghislaine was not far off from the Canary Islands. The Lord had gone to bed after an early-morning phone call with his wife. And…he disappeared. Only the next day did search and rescue personnel discover his body in the ocean. Doctors ascribed it to a heart attack that caused Maxwell to fall overboard. But soon the doctors’ verdict would be disproven. Judging by the injuries to his body, they determined that someone had dumped him from the deck into the water.

Along with the death of the billionaire, all his money disappeared from his accounts. His great media empire collapsed like a house of cards. And there came rumors that the drowned man had been an agent of four of the world’s intelligence services at the same time!

Nikolai Shvarev

Author KGB Col. Nikolai Shvarev

A Tangled History

The English lord changed names like pairs of gloves. He was neither Robert nor Maxwell, said Genadii Sokolov, a historian on intelligence who worked with the magnate at the end of the 1980s. He was born in 1923 in Czechoslovakia, in the Carpathian village Slatino-Selo, now the Ukrainian village of Solotvino. Abraham Lazby was the ninth child in Mikhail and Anna Hoch’s family. They lived in a small clay cottage with an earthen floor.

When Hitler’s forces occupied Czechoslovakia, the parents registered their son as Jan Ludvik Hoch. From that time, he became a member of an underground organization that was illegally ferrying youth to France. He was arrested and sentenced to death, but the young man escaped. Through Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey, he reached Syrian Aleppo, then French territory. There Jan joined the Foreign Legion.

Soon after, he was sent with his group of legionnaires to France. Here the lad took up a new name, now calling himself Ivan du Maurier. At this time he participated in the French Resistance movement and then the Allied landing at Normandy. Further on fate landed him in Great Britain, and now Ivan became Leslie Johnson. The British recruited the young man into the intelligence service. Leslie was fluent in English; German; French; Czech; Slovak, Hungarian; Romanian; Russian; and Hebrew.

When he received a combat decoration from the hands of Marshal Montgomery, he had changed his name for the fifth and last time – to Robert Maxwell. Our hero finished the war as a captain. It was then that he contacted a representative of Soviet intelligence for the first time.

(con't at link)

230efb () No. 9877850


6:40 / 12:08


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30c5ee () No. 9878410

67aa0c4c9b0552....png (432 KB, 166 x 255, 598 : 919, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

cbd50bb53ee898....png (3631 KB, 139 x 255, 1185 : 2171, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

922a33c0226aaf....png (1241 KB, 255 x 187, 940 : 690, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


230efb () No. 9880702

Whistleblower says Facebook interfered in Canada's 2019 election -

Wtf over


230efb () No. 9880761

1e0387df1bba46....png (772 KB, 213 x 255, 765 : 915, prm975.png) (h)



Trudeau's $600 MILLION media bailout advisors attacked Conservatives, praised Liberals

230efb () No. 9880830

5fc75863c36a5f....jpg (93 KB, 248 x 255, 720 : 739, 53rvb7.jpg) (h)


BREAKING: Trudeau government loses its AAA credit rating

June 24

8c8e62 () No. 9881229


Clearview AI ceases offering its facial recognition technology in Canada

Clearview AI has advised Canadian privacy protection authorities that, in response to their joint investigation, it will cease offering its facial recognition services in Canada.

This step includes the indefinite suspension of Clearview AI’s contract with the RCMP, which was its last remaining client in Canada.

The investigation of Clearview by privacy protection authorities for Canada, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec remains open. The authorities still plan to issue findings in this matter given the importance of the issue for the privacy rights of Canadians.

An ongoing issue under investigation by the authorities is the deletion of the personal information of Canadians that Clearview has already collected as well as the cessation of Clearview’s collection of Canadians' personal information.

The privacy authorities appreciate Clearview AI's cooperation to date on the ongoing investigation, and look to the company’s continued cooperation as it is brought to conclusion.

As well, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada will complete its related investigation into the RCMP’s use of Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology.

The joint investigation was initiated in the wake of media reports which stated that Clearview AI was using its technology to collect images and make facial recognition available to law enforcement in the context of investigations. Reports have also indicated the US-based company provides services in a number of countries to a broad range of organizations, including retailers, financial institutions and various government institutions.

Given the investigations are ongoing, no further details are available at this time and interviews are not possible.

230efb () No. 9884126

0177fbfa3a3656....png (531 KB, 255 x 144, 780 : 439, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

92bdabfc6fd7c4....jpg (653 KB, 126 x 255, 1180 : 2392, map_of_gunman_....jpg) (h)


CAF member accused of uttering a threat to 'cause death or bodily harm' to the PM

The Canadian Armed Forces member facing a long list of charges after breaching the grounds at Rideau Hall last week allegedly had multiple firearms in his possession at the time, and is accused of uttering a threat against the prime minister, according to recently filed court documents.

Corey Hurren, 46, was charged with 22 criminal charges on Friday — a day after he allegedly drove a truck onto the official residence grounds and set out on foot toward the prime minister's home.

According to information sworn by an RCMP officer, Hurren allegedly had the following loaded firearms with him:

An M14 rifle.

A Hi-Standard revolver, a restricted firearm for which Hurren allegedly did not have a licence.

A Lakefield Mossberg shotgun.

A Dominion Arms Grizzly shotgun.

Hurren also allegedly had a prohibited high-capacity magazine.

He's also accused of uttering a threat or conveying a threat to "cause death or bodily harm" to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to the court document.

Most of the 22 charges are firearm-related; they include careless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm and unauthorized possession in a motor vehicle.

Police say Hurren, a Manitoba resident who serves as a Canadian Ranger, drove his truck through the pedestrian gate at 1 Sussex Drive at around 6:30 a.m. ET Thursday morning and then headed toward the ground's greenhouse on foot with what appeared to be a firearm.

CAF member arrested on Rideau Hall grounds faces 22 charges, including multiple firearm violations

Canadian Armed Forces member arrested after gaining access to Rideau Hall grounds

Police say officers made visual contact with him about 13 minutes later and tried talking to him soon after. Hurren responded at 6:53, according to the RCMP, and was arrested almost 90 minutes later.

While the charge details provide more information about what Hurren allegedly had in his possession, questions about his actions linger.

RCMP's national security team investigating

A source told CBC News on Thursday that the suspect had a note with him when he drove from Manitoba to Ottawa; the RCMP did not answer questions about the note during a Friday morning briefing, citing the ongoing investigation.

During that briefing, RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Duheme was asked if police knew Hurren's motivation. Duheme said "yes" but would not go into details.

Hurren ran a business called GrindHouse Fine Foods, which makes meat products. In a Facebook post he reported that the novel coronavirus pandemic had taken a toll on his business.

Roughly an hour before Hurren entered the Rideau Hall grounds, a Facebook page associated with his business posted a meme that directs people to look up "Event 201" — a worldwide pandemic preparedness exercise run last year that conspiracy theorists now use to suggest Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hurren remains in custody and his next court appearance is July 17.

The RCMP's integrated national security team, INSET, is leading the investigation. INSET, according to Public Safety Canada's website, was created to "track, deter, disrupt and prevent criminal activities of terrorist groups or individuals who pose a threat to Canada's national security."

The RCMP said it has bolstered security on the grounds at Rideau Hall since the incident and will conduct a review of security arrangements there.

* Would post comments, but you can't even read them without a login on commie broadcast company site.

Sounds like the guy snapped from losing his biz.

Trust the plan. Dig Meme Pray.

Q anon is a non violent research movement to uncover the Truth.


230efb () No. 9884573

23fcff2c1dcbc4....png (277 KB, 230 x 255, 405 : 450, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

9d45ccd7bd2f78....png (212 KB, 230 x 255, 406 : 450, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

28908823b96d62....png (16 KB, 255 x 48, 450 : 85, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


The commie cabal of canada is getting desperate.

230efb () No. 9887223

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy, Doctor Says

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is an author and a retired U.S. neurosurgeon. Blaylock introduced a new treatment for a subset of brain tumors, as well as improving certain operations treating water on the brain. So he knows a thing or two about ya know, medicine and stuff.

The good doctor has now put out some information on the harmfulness of wearing a mask all the time. Check it out below.

The following is from Technocracy News.

Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer. The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.

As businesses reopen, many are requiring shoppers and employees to wear a face mask. With the advent of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a number of medical practices that have little or no scientific support as regards reducing the spread of this infection. One of these measures is the wearing of facial masks.

There is growing evidence that the treatment protocol issued to treating doctors by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mainly intubation and use of a ventilator (respirator), may have contributed significantly to the high death rate.

“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.”

Russell Blaylock, MD

No studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Any recommendations, therefore, have to be based on studies of influenza virus transmission. And, as you have seen, there is no conclusive evidence of their efficiency in controlling flu virus transmission.

It is also instructive to know that until recently, the CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind, unless a person was known to be infected, that is, until recently. Non-infected people need not wear a mask. When a person has TB we have them wear a mask, not the entire community of non-infected. The recommendations by the CDC and the WHO are not based on any studies of this virus and have never been used to contain any other virus pandemic or epidemic in history.

Now that we have established that there is no scientific evidence necessitating the wearing of a face mask, are there dangers to wearing a face mask, especially for long periods? Several studies have indeed found significant problems with wearing such a mask. This can vary from headaches, to increased airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, to hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), all the way to serious life-threatening complications.

It is known that the N95 mask, if worn for hours, can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness, as happened to the hapless fellow driving around alone in his car wearing an N95 mask, causing him to pass out, and to crash his car and sustain injuries. I am sure that we have several cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out and hitting their head.

Unfortunately, no one is telling the frail elderly and those with lung diseases of these dangers when wearing a face mask of any kind—which can cause a severe worsening of lung function.

The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with lessened immunity. In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased risk of infections.

There is another danger to wearing these masks every day, especially if worn for several hours. When a person is infected with a respiratory virus, they will expel some of the virus with each breath. If they are wearing a mask, especially an N95 mask or other tightly fitting mask, they will be constantly rebreathing the viruses, raising the concentration of the virus in the lungs and the nasal passages. We know that people who have the worst reactions to the coronavirus have the highest concentrations of the virus early on. And this leads to the deadly cytokine storm in a selected number.

One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, because these studies suggest that is the wise choice.


a4153d () No. 9890924

>>9890242 lb

This guy directly knew one of the Canadian men kidnapped by the CCP as retaliation for Huawei. Might be worth more digging.

b9a0ed () No. 9891860


230efb () No. 9895426

3bc149c7b88ac6....png (236 KB, 255 x 127, 903 : 451, 9a20bd6ca70c0b....png) (h)

For Canucks that want to catch up before they dive into reading 4600 Q drops.



All pars. Runs 3hrs.

Take it a few parts at a time, kinda heavy.

Part 4-5 Trudea, Guistra, and their pedo BFF's, close friends, boy clubs, and associates.. unfortunately, in Canuckistan.

230efb () No. 9899913

35e95a418caf05....png (239 KB, 197 x 255, 354 : 458, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

230efb () No. 9900318

f9c3cfc65eb817....png (885 KB, 255 x 170, 1086 : 725, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


China Threatens Canada After Trudeau Suspends Hong Kong Agreements: 'Just Wait and See'

The Chinese ambassador to Canada has issued an ominous warning to citizens after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suspended his nation's extradition treaty with Hong Kong and froze military exports to China over the controversial national security law imposed on Hong Kong this month.

In an interview published by The Toronto Star Tuesday, ambassador Cong Peiwu said Trudeau's Liberal government should stop "interfering in China's internal affairs" by acting on Hong Kong.

Chinese officials in Beijing and its representatives worldwide have responded aggressively to international condemnation of the national security law, which effectively criminalizes anti-government dissent in the territory and marks the end of the "One country, two systems" agreement that had protected the former British colony's relative political freedoms.

The Canadian government said Friday it would suspend its extradition agreement with Hong Kong and end the export of military or "dual use" products that could be used by police to suppress pro-democracy demonstrations in the city. Such protests are now illegal under the new law.

The Chinese foreign ministry said Monday that Beijing "reserved the right to further react" to the Canadian decision, for which Canada would "bear the consequences."

Asked what this meant, Cong told The Star: "I'd like to suggest you just wait and see."




China’s ambassador warns Canadians to get ready for retaliation

China’s ambassador to Canada said Canadians should prepare for retaliation after Ottawa protested the Asian nation’s security crackdown in Hong Kong.

In an exclusive interview with the Star, Ambassador Cong Peiwu accused the Liberal government of “interfering in China’s internal affairs” by suspending the Canada-Hong Kong extradition treaty and stopping military and “dual-use” exports to the city.

Cong was reiterating and reinforcing the official line from Beijing. On Monday, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry condemned the Canadian response, “reserved the right to further react,” and warned Canada would “bear the consequences.”

“I’d like to suggest you just wait and see,” Cong said when asked what specific “consequences” Beijing was contemplating.

“As I have told you, we are resolute in safeguarding our national security and sovereignty. We will not just sit idly by.”

It was another in a growing list of warnings and retaliatory actions made against Canada by the Chinese government, which is facing international condemnation for a draconian new national security law imposed on Hong Kong. The new law, which came into effect last week, gives Beijing more power to silence political dissent, as well as limit the activities of non-governmental organizations, media and foreign governments in Hong Kong.

The Canadian government condemned the crackdown, and on Friday announced it was suspending its extradition agreement with Hong Kong, as well as military or “dual use” exports — such as equipment used by police to quell pro-democracy demonstrations in the city.

Canada’s foreign affairs minister, François-Philippe Champagne, has accused the Chinese government of “coercive diplomacy” and “arbitrary detention” — a reference to Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, two Canadians who have languished in Chinese detention for more than 570 days and are now facing espionage charges. In a move widely seen as retaliation, they were detained by Chinese authorities just days after Canadian police arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in December 2018.

1748f5 () No. 9901891

8eb98f14747cd3....png (1657 KB, 255 x 239, 1078 : 1011, rmax_with_mt_h....png) (h)


from "the missionary position" - christopher hitchens

looking for the mt/fauci connection… will try to find that image.

09c2b0 () No. 9906467

aa011034d8a814....png (244 KB, 255 x 139, 450 : 245, fd3c254beccf55....png) (h)

5067eefed79837....png (162 KB, 255 x 165, 450 : 292, 61861dee9eb9b0....png) (h)

Re-posting for more eyes on this We Charity. Pics show the usual suspects involved: Trudeau, Harry, formerly known as a Prince and Megan the Yacht Gurl. (multiple sauz)

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NOTABLES from afternoon bread on another Trudeau corruption case.

Re-posting for more eyes on this We Charity. Pics show the usual suspects involved: Trudeau, Harry, formerly known as a Prince and Megan the Yacht Gurl.

>>9897491 >>9897729 >>9897800 pb

Did Justin throw them under the bus by awarding the contract? Where is his wife?

LILLEY: Maybe we should have been looking at WE Charity earlier


In a matter of weeks, We Charity, the group formerly known as Free the Children, has gone from untouchable to an organization under siege. No wonder they reacted the way they did to my very basic questions about their vast real estate holdings.

More on that and the email from a defamation lawyer in a moment.

If you haven’t been following the news, WE burst into the headlines for all the wrong reasons when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the group would receive a sole-sourced contract worth $912 million on June 25.

The cozy relationship between WE and the Trudeaus — the PM, his wife and his mother have received platforms on the WE stage and Sophie Trudeau hosts as podcast for them — led to plenty of questions. Turns out more questions that either the government or WE were comfortable with and the contract was cancelled last Friday.

If you watch the WE public events, they seem like some kind of cult running a religious revival

Anonymous 07/08/20 (Wed) 15:31:03 c6336f (2) >>9897729 >>9897736

File (hide): d46e4aeaa8f8d0f⋯.png (241.09 KB, 1910x896, 955:448, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): ca60236b716a5a1⋯.png (313 KB, 1910x896, 955:448, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): c0c0306f7547de5⋯.png (288.5 KB, 1910x896, 955:448, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): b4645bc25b18e72⋯.png (266.09 KB, 1910x896, 955:448, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)

File (hide): 8202262f4610fc2⋯.png (273.22 KB, 1910x896, 955:448, ClipboardImage.png) (h) (u)


>WE Charity

From the IRS tax exempt organizations database. We Day and We Schools? Two types of 'memberships' - founding members and voting members. Founding members approval required to admit new members…..


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4a50e6 () No. 9906501


>>9906328 (pb), >>9906340 (pb) Anon discovers which discord fags run /comms/.

53c4f7 () No. 9909660

ddddf09b20bc76....png (1007 KB, 255 x 188, 1209 : 892, JTD.png) (h)

3d33d3 () No. 9911677

Canadian charity in Justin Trudeau ethics probe paid over US$200,000 to PM’s mother and brother

Prime minister under investigation for conflict of interest after government awarded US$660 million contract to WE Charity

Organisation said last week it would no longer be administering the student grant programme for which the contract was awarded

The Canadian charity at the heart of a conflict-of-interest investigation into Justin Trudeau disclosed on Thursday that it had paid the Canadian prime minister’s mother and brother a total of more than C$280,000 (US$206,000) to speak at events it organised.

The WE Charity Canada statement confirmed earlier reports by news site Canadaland, as well as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The youth-focused charity said it paid honoraria to Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, amounting to C$250,000 (US$184,000) for speaking at about 28 events, while his brother Alexandre spoke at eight events and received about C$32,000 (US$23,540). The events took place between 2016 and 2020.


3d33d3 () No. 9921279


Tories ask RCMP to launch criminal probe into Trudeau family’s WE connections

The Conservative Party wants the RCMP to investigate the Liberal government’s decision to award a contract to WE Charity for a $900-million federal student grant program, following news that members of the prime minister’s immediate family were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees by the WE organization in recent years.

During a news conference on Friday, Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre and Michael Barrett — the party’s finance and ethics critics — said they believe the payment of those fees raises the issue to a potentially criminal level and represents “sufficient grounds to be investigated by police.”

In an open letter to the RCMP commissioner distributed later Friday, Barrett referenced a few subsections of the Criminal Code related to bribery of judicial officers and government fraud and suggested that “at first blush,” the financial transactions between the WE organization and Trudeau family members may have breached the law.

Barrett’s letter also cites government records that show seven grants or contributions to WE Charity totaling just under $5.2 million, as well as another five contracts awarded to the charity worth just over $120,000.

The records for WE Charity, which are available online, start in March of 2017 — about two years after the current Liberal government was first elected.

“I encourage the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate the possibility of criminal offences arising from these disturbing facts,” Barrett wrote.

Asked whether the national police service would launch a criminal probe as requested, the RCMP’s media relations office said the force “generally does not confirm or deny if an investigation is underway unless criminal charges are laid.”

“We therefore cannot provide further information on this matter,” the statement from RCMP said.

WE Charity had been selected by the federal government to administer a $900-million grant program for students and recent graduates volunteering this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic. The agreement quickly provoked backlash, given the ties the prime minister and his wife have to the WE organization.

The government and WE Charity called off the deal on July 3, the same day the federal ethics watchdog announced that he would investigate whether the prime minister broke conflict-of-interest rules in the matter. The public service is now administering the program, called the Canada Student Services Grant.

Then on Thursday, WE Charity confirmed that the prime minister’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, had been paid a total of $312,000 for speaking at 28 WE events between 2016 and 2020. His brother, Alexandre Trudeau, was paid $40,000 for eight events in the 2017-18 academic year, according to the charity.

3d33d3 () No. 9921863

Justin Trudeau Breaks Canadian Law AGAIN In Alleged Pay-For-Play Non Profit Scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stepped in it again. He’s apparently violated Canadian ethics laws by awarding a $900 Million government contract to a “non-profit” that members of his family have raked in $282,000 from via speaking fees.

The $900 Million contract was awarded to the WE Charity to dole out $5000 checks to youth who put in 500 hours of “volunteer” work over the summer, due to Covid preventing them from getting normal jobs. WE Charity was due to graciously accept $19.5 Million into their pockets for the deed.

Trudeau initially claimed that the WE Charity was the only entity capable of executing this task, as the CBC reported in June:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today the WE Charity is the only organization capable of administering more than $900 million in grants for students this summer.

Speaking to reporters during a COVID-19 briefing, Trudeau said federal public servants identified WE as the organization with the best nationwide network for connecting young people to paid volunteer positions this summer.

WE will administer the Canada Student Service Grant, which will provide eligible students with up to $5,000 to support the costs of post-secondary education in the fall. The amount of each grant will depend on the amount of time the recipient devotes to volunteer work.

Then people actually did some digging around. The Star reports of the Trudeau family ties to the WE Charity:

Trudeau is facing his third ethics investigation as prime minister for his government’s decision to sole-source the delivery of a $900-million volunteering grant program to WE Charity.

The prime minister has said that both he and his family had “voluntarily” worked with WE in the past and they intend to continue that work. But WE confirmed that members of Trudeau’s family, including his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, have received financial compensation for speaking at WE-hosted events.

The existence of financial payments between WE and the Trudeau family was first reported by Canadaland and CBC News on Thursday.

Margaret Trudeau, the prime minister’s mother, received $250,000 in honorariums for speaking at 28 WE-hosted events between 2016 and 2020. Alexandre Trudeau, the prime minister’s brother, received $32,000 in speaking fees between 2017 and 2018.


ae7efa () No. 9922849



TY Anon. God Save Canada for freedom loving Canadians.

ae7efa () No. 9923454

f182485c859272....png (710 KB, 255 x 237, 660 : 614, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

28be3f () No. 9927741



(Bob Rea, Maurice Strong, Paul martin at Birthday Party for Maurice Strong)

Maurice Strong - Maurice Strong is dead but the damage he did will carry on - 2015


Maurice Strong passed away on the eve of the Paris Climate Conference.

He created the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) that in turn produced

Agenda 21 and the false climate science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change (IPCC).

The claim that human CO2 is causing climate change is the biggest deception in history.

BHO and JT are determined to make the Paris Conference the establishment of his

global governance agenda.

Maurice Strong, the Father of America’s Destruction : Rothschild, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Mayor Daley, William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Saudi Arabia, China and the United Nations equals BO

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Mayor Daley, William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Saudi Arabia, China and the United Nations equals Barak Obama.


Maurice Strong - regarding Generation Investment Management LLP

“In order to save the planet, the group [GIM] decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about? This group of world leaders [GIM] forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse.”



The Maurice Strong/IUCN Environmental Dialogue - Who is first on the list of participants?

7 things you wanted to know about the Aga Khan controversy, but were afraid to ask


Maurice Strong on climate 'conspiracy', Bilberberg and population control


Instant Information: Maurice Strong's connections to George Soros, author of UN Agenda 21 (One World government) and avowed intent to collapse the United States.


Maurice Strong, Climate Crook


Who benefits in PM appointing Bob Rea as ambassor to UN?


Glory to the Creator

Life and Love through The One Infinite Creator

Sharing with the duty/honor to not withhold information that may spark Light through Source.

182772 () No. 9928645


God bless you fren. May God save us all and our beautiful country.

ae7efa () No. 9935281

Michelle Rempel: "A dark day for Canada."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

42a720 () No. 9935992

I feel like something is up with this winery. "Peak" being a typical freemason standard… and the name "Heather O'Rouke" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_O%27Rourke being associated with the "Spielberg Incident". Someone should look into https://www.orourkespeakcellars.com which is in Lake Country, Okanagan (near Kelowna). Something is off about this place. Looks like someone had deep pockets setting this up… Located on "Goldie" Road (like Hawn), General Manager named "Heather", every food picture is of pizza, kids eating pasta, flyers with "treats" for kids? All their posts on Instagram use the hashtag "OWFS" - but clicking on that hashtag/a search for that hashtag brings up questionable results. Their wine tags look like Allison Mack NXIVM sex cult branding. This winery also has helicopter pad with helicopters coming in and out and a "Pizza Oven Cam". https://www.orourkespeakcellars.com/service/pizza-oven-camera Winery was originally known as Chase Winery https://bcwinetrends.com/2019/03/04/the-chase-wines-is-rebranding-to-orourkes-peak-cellars/. The owner Dennis O'Rourke, is in film and directed a movie called "Cannibal Tours". Everything about this goes from bad to worse. Seems like the questionable wines have the word "block" in them. See https://bcwinetrends.com/2018/05/26/the-chase-wines-impressive-facilities-wines/ and http://johnschreiner.blogspot.com/2017/05/class-of-2017-chase-wines.html. Oh, and there's an underground "wine cellar" that looks like a dirty underground cell or tunnel! Last location? I'm sure they have a new route now. https://globalnews.ca/video/3361139/lake-country-winery-goes-underground. One of the staff that works there has a suspicious Instagram! Lots of photos to post – see all.

By the way… this has been PAINFUL posting as usual. Image how many more Anons would post if it wasn't such a fight with this website's server bandwidth? Can't post a simple post with a photo without it timing out. Always like this. Frustrating.

42a720 () No. 9936105

c203def97b8d88....jpg (164 KB, 255 x 174, 1268 : 867, Peak_Winery_La....jpg) (h)

fd2dc109f544ed....jpg (662 KB, 255 x 167, 1280 : 840, Allison_Mack_N....jpg) (h)

0e42e5a34a707e....jpg (79 KB, 255 x 188, 854 : 628, branding.jpg) (h)

42a720 () No. 9936153

ecc885c51b9217....jpg (209 KB, 255 x 191, 800 : 600, Tasting_Room_2.jpg) (h)

78e9705c807693....jpg (148 KB, 255 x 206, 1043 : 844, Tasting_Room.jpg) (h)

42a720 () No. 9936566

42a720 () No. 9937575



The owner Dennis O'Rourke who founded Sureway Construction Group Ltd. in 1973. (The latest, largest, and most productive construction equipment in the industry. From these modest beginnings in water and sewer construction, Sureway now employs more than 900 people and has the largest fleet of earthmoving, water, and sewer equipment of its type in Western Canada.)

42a720 () No. 9937584

e1cfb05fe0acfa....jpg (165 KB, 255 x 165, 1418 : 920, Hurl.jpg) (h)

a588bf8f5e5781....jpg (164 KB, 255 x 168, 1390 : 918, Pizza_and_Skin.jpg) (h)

3a59cb0809bd10....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 165, 1418 : 920, WTF.jpg) (h)

42a720 () No. 9938084

Winery with a "Cave"


Okanagan Rail Trail is Open


Remind you of something?


42a720 () No. 9938812



da11d3 () No. 9939587


My 20 minutes talk with lawyer consultant

Hakeren Israel foreign worker's fund takana magazi telavive isreal

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7f803 () No. 9947508

PMJT will speak to US President Trump today.


Justin Trudope to meet with Trump…

53256e () No. 9952058

Tained blood scandal.

Clinton body count.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7f803 () No. 9953796


QAnon’s Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins


50b207 () No. 9959070

Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53256e () No. 9962956

a588ecdf4c9d1a....png (88 KB, 255 x 200, 521 : 409, a588ecdf4c9d1a....png) (h)


"Our society has been dumbed down and indoctrinated so much, they assume that every critical thinker is a conspiracy theorist":

🕊 Here's to the conspiracy theorists, searchers of truth and integrity. Along with the few true regulatory agencies left in the world, your fellow citizen conspiracy theorist is bravely doing the research that you won't do, activating parts of their mind you won't activate, connecting dots you won't connect, bravely speaking out about topics that you are too scared to look at, thereby looking out for you and your loved ones. They're not always right but at least they care. They dare to explore the world, turn assumptions on their heads, look under every hidden rock of evidence, question false premises and logical fallacies, observe people's and institutions' intentions and motivations, investigate discrepancies and incoherencies, point out and ruthlessly test critical flaws in systems, and discuss errors and deceptions in grand narratives. Despised by those who wish to deceive others with mirages, and irritating to those who desperately cling to status quo more than truth. There's a delicious spirit of scientific and philosophical inquiry in such endeavours. Perhaps all the "conspiracy theorists", the unofficial QA (quality assurance) team of the world, could go on strike so that people can see what life is like without them?

53256e () No. 9963668

2110099e4463d8....png (456 KB, 255 x 252, 598 : 592, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons CONFIRM that wearing a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus is USELESS!

The only thing masks are useful for is to raise fear levels.

WHY aren’t politicians following medical advice?



53256e () No. 9963888


Julian Assange: Reporters ‘Erecting A Demon’ By Protecting Hillary Clinton (or: The Secret Holy War of the Elites)

That demon’s name? Moloch, the Caananite god-demon of child sacrifice. However, to understand the role of Moloch in all of this (some people whom literally believe the deity to be the harbinger of the end of days in the Book of Revelations), we need to take a step back – all the way back to the Old Testament, to “Yahweh”, or as the freemasons refer to it, the Jah in “Jah-bal-on”.

Bal refers to the Ancient Egyptian->Phoenician->Carthaginian->Babylonian->Assyrian God “Ba’al”, and On refers to the Ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis (via Grecian translation).

Jahbalon is the ritualistic word spoken in Freemasonry to resemble the name of the multiple historical Gods.

The problem, however, is that their holy war has sort of spilled out into our arena, and we’re stuck dealing with the mess. Now I've seen various posts and threads on this site (and others) all proclaiming to know what's going on - with outlandish theories based in New Age Occultism designed to explain away everything from Pizzagate to Cathy O'Brien to Bohemian Grove, but the answer is far, far more simple:

What I am about to tell you sounds crazy. But you have to listen to me. Your very lives depend on it.

According to the most important myth in all of ancient Egypt, Osiris captured and killed his brother Set in a dispute. But this was only because Set killed Osiris first, leading to Osiris being resurrected by his wife Isis. This myth essentially repeats the killing of each brother ad infinitum, but the point is that Osiris is considered a "good" god (ruler of the dead, which Egyptians considered the blessed "living"), while Set is considered a "bad" god. This duality was used to explain away all sorts of phenomena in the Ancient Egyptian kingdoms.

Set also happens to be the basis for the satanic cult The Temple of Set, the head of whom, was Michael Acquino, a Lieutenant Colonel in INSCOM, the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (holy crap, this guy is former Psyops for the military).

53256e () No. 9963894

4c0aad3a625b45....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 143, 640 : 360, 4c0aad3a625b45....jpg) (h)

>>9963888 -those digits tho

Here's his personal website.

Michael was implicated and acquitted in a pedophilia scandal of his own. The Temple of Set was founded as an offshoot of Anton LeVay's Church of Satan, which also maintained odd sex rituals, as "there were still, according to the accounts of former members, orgies and services of a sexual nature".

See, if you apparently disguise your bad behavior as “occult magick”, the US Government leaves you alone. There is an extreme tolerance of “religious practices” (or lack thereof, depending on what cultists claim) and it manifests itself in horrible ways. Regarding pederasty and underground pedophilia sex rings, these cults “provide examples of how pedophiles and/or ephebophiles can concoct religiously based theologies as means both to draw victims into their influence and provide explanations of their behaviour to their young prey”.

While one could say that freemasonry is satanic and comprised of practitioners of the occult (and many, many conspiracy websites do, despite this literally being the Taxil Hoax), a simpler answer exists - there are good lodges, considered official, and bad lodges, considered unofficial.

The freemasons, in addition to literally being the world’s first trade union, “free” to charge whatever they wanted for their masonry skills, protected their secrets of science (physics, geometry, math) initially through rituals. Much of their spirituality, however, is owed to the Judeo/Christian-Ba’al foundational split, with the general consensus stating that the secret society is based on the work of the “[free] masons” who originally built King Solomon’s Temple, as well as the founding dogma of the Knight’s Templar – which existed during a time that they could not. Back then, a god or series of gods was used to clarify scientific phenomena otherwise (at that time) unexplainable. However, Freemasonry transcends religiosity (as it had to become so much more for the knowledge to survive), while the Knight’s Templar (also known as the Order of Solomon’s Temple) reveled in it (however, they too were disbanded by royal decree in 1312).

53256e () No. 9963898

64831b76cf5c99....jpg (327 KB, 204 x 255, 900 : 1125, 72b88a4f4f2bda....jpg) (h)


While there is disparity on what constitutes an official lodge versus an unofficial lodge (namely, that certain lodges have schisms within the secret society and thus refuse to recognize each other), the ultimate basis for a legitimate lodge is that of “purity”. Purity of the members. Purity of their children (literally and symbolically, as they are the next generation).

Official lodges, for example, participate in the Shriner’s Communities, which sponsors free medical aid for children’s hospitals. In some cases, they own the hospitals. The children of Freemasons can even enter into their own order, and many ultimately join Freemasonry when they’re old enough (although it’s not mandatory).

The unofficial lodges however, as aforementioned, do not see children as pure in their own right, but as a means of purification unto their own membership. A selfish act designed to eek away the corruption individually within, to appease a higher power (or so they legitimately believe). A throwback to the child sacrifice rituals demanded to appease Caananite Gods.

The very opposite of the Freemason credo to “be a law-abiding subject, and to the practice of ‘every domestic as well as public virtue’”.

So how do the origins of freemason’s “Jah-Bal-On” relate to [CURRENT YEAR]? Well, pizza parties stem from the globalist belief in the occult, from within the unofficial lodges.


Ritualized child Sacrifice was initially practiced by the Pheonicians and Caananites (among others) as a means of satiating the God(s) of fertility and vegetation - Baal.. It literally made their world go 'round, before a monotheistic Creator came on the religious scene.

Upon the switch from monolatry (worship of one idol at the expense of all others) to monotheism (worshiping one Creator at the expense of all others) Judaism redefined child sacrifice as a symbolic, metaphysical ritual. For example, in the Pentateuch, or Old Testament, child sacrifice is written as a metaphor for apostasy (considered the ultimate sin in Judaism):

Leviticus 18:21 "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD."

53256e () No. 9963906

ea1bff3df2d352....jpg (48 KB, 255 x 234, 500 : 458, 3e554b2c565b96....jpg) (h)


Leviticus 20:2: "Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones."

Leviticus 20:3: "And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name."

Deuteronomy 18:9-11: ""When you enter the land which the LORD your God gives you, you shall not learn to imitate the detestable things of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead."

So how do we know child sacrifice is symbolic in Judaism but literal in Canaanite theology? The brazen bull, presented as a gift to Phalaris of Akragas, Sicily from Perillos of Athens.

The brazen bull (NSFL), for those unawares, is a torture device designed to roast the unfortunate child sacrifice alive - their screams drowned out by either sacrificial drum-beating, or depending on the sophistication of the actual bull, a series of pipes designed to alter the screams into the bellows of a bull.

The practice of burning children in Topheth was ended by Josiah, King of Judah, who “defiled Topheth” as part of his great religious reforms. Akragas also had Carthaginian roots, which will be discussed more under "Bal:" due to the reverence of Carthaginian deity Baal-Haamon.

53256e () No. 9963916

3b113ae72fd637....jpeg (150 KB, 255 x 169, 546 : 362, 3b113ae72fd637....jpeg) (h)


In Judaism, however, the concept became metaphorical, elucidated by the story of Abraham and the attempted sacrifice of his son Isaac on the orders of Yahweh, wherein a request for a sacrifice became a religious test of a subject's free will.

In the dating of the origins of Freemasonry, rituals commonly hold that the secret society spiritually owes its existence initially as a continuance of Judaic beliefs – gone underground due to the rise in Roman anti-Zionism (started in the 6th Century BC). In fact, Judaism as a religion goes back to the 1st millennium BC, under the Kingdom of Israel/Judah!

However, while there was an eventual endorsement of Christianity (The Edict of Milan) by Constantine I in the 3rd century AD, the Church became oppressive after the fall of the Roman Empire – leading to the Dark Ages, a time when all academic thought counter to the Church was stifled.

Indeed, including the later appropriation of Ba’al (or its Medieval resurrection in that case), the earliest Masonic text dates to 1425 (under the Halliwell Manuscript/Regius Poem, the earliest of the Old Charges), and describes events occurring in the early 9th century AD, just before the rise of the Italian Renaissance. At this point, Freemasonry has become a Judeo-Christian stronghold against the religious oppression, carrying the morals for both religions.


The “Bal” in “Jahbalon” refers to “Baal” – the Caananite God of the Phoenicians, its status akin to the Judeo-Christian “Yahweh”. It is arguably the flipside to the coin regarding “Jah”, one where child sacrifices are considered literal in order to successfully pass from the world of the living to the world of the dead.

53256e () No. 9963927

fe271670cb4304....jpg (38 KB, 255 x 168, 634 : 417, 23345002_78811....jpg) (h)


I think it is important to note a distinction regarding Old and New Age Occultism. Old Age Occultism refers to the ancient worship of Baal-Haamon, and Moloch. New Age Occultism refers to the co-opting of Old Age Occultism in a effort to make sense of the ancient cultural rites before any proper methodology for dissemination was discovered.

A great example of this is the existence of Sargon of Akkad. Current theological discussion posits that Sargon of Akkad is the original owner of the "baby-sent-through-the-reeds-by-the-high-priestess-mother-in-a-basket" story, the same that appears of Moses's origin story. However, Sargon of Akkad's documented upbringing is New Age Occultism, as the documents that "discovered" the story were found in 1850, and dated to the 7 - 8th century BC. However, the story of Moses originates in the Book of Exodus, dated to the 5 - 6th century BC, and founded in the 400 BC at the latest, and 800 BC at the earliest. Making the Sargon of Akkad story nothing more than revisionist history.

The earliest mention of a “Jewish” homeland indeed comes with the Kingdom of Israel, in the 10th Century BC, until it was conquered in 720 BC in the neo-Assyrian Period.

Jews were expelled to Babylonian captivity in Egypt, and the first Temple of Solomon was destroyed. Later, in 597 BC, Nebuchadnezzar II of the neo-Babylonian Empire (previously of the Assyrian Empire) invades Judah (which remained a separate city despite the original takeover), and conquers Jerusalem.

Within the neo-Babylonian Empire, there is equal worship towards both Baal and Yahweh. However, worship of Baal is also established outside the Old Testament with the historical record supporting the existence of the marriage of King Ahab to the daughter of the ruler of the Phoenician empire, Jezebel. Their union being a sign of the power and prestige of Ahab and the northern Kingdom of Israel, Jezebel (in)famously convinced her husband to abandon worship in Yahweh and convert to the altar of Baal.

Onwards, in 539 BC, the Achaemenid Assyrian empire conquers the neo-Babylonian Empire, and in an effort to assert himself as the rightful ruler over the resulting empire, Cyrus the Great not only allows Jews to return from Babylonian exile, but to bring their gods along with them. This enabled Cyrus (the Achaemenid Persian "king of Anshan" in Elam) to assert himself as the avenger of Marduk, the primary Babylonian God, and act as official oversight to both Yahweh, the primary Jewish god, and Ba’al, the primary Caananite God.

53256e () No. 9963930

777295d47f56a1....jpeg (85 KB, 255 x 155, 1080 : 655, 777295d47f56a1....jpeg) (h)


Interestingly, this is the spiritual birthplace of Jewish mysticism's Kabbalah movement, as some Jews during the Babylonian exile began to blend Old Testament beliefs with Babylonian myths and mysticism!

Their version of the Tree of Life, or the 10 Sephirot, is heavily featured in Kim Noble's artwork that adorns the walls of Comet Ping Pong!

While Baal may have started out as an innocuous deity worshipped by an ancient civilization, in the 18th century AD it took on a new status by Christians illiterate to the ways of the Old Testament – that of demon-worship, or the occult, within sectarian Christianity, as the lord of the underworld, the prince of Hell. In the New Testament, Baal is referred to as Satan.

While it initially was described as a man or a bull, the 18th century co-opt was later described it as both - the man referring to Ba’al Haamon, King of the Gods from the Pheonician colony of Carthage; the bull referring to Moloch and the signifying act of child sacrifice as a means of fertility within their culture.

When societies conquer each other, their idols become conflated. This is due to the transmission of cultural ideals between regimes. Therefore, due to the conflation of two separate deities, as they are now referred to by the flipside of the freemasonry, Baal is Moloch, and Moloch is Baal!

This is what the Globalists believe. When the DNC staffers profess adulation for Moloch, they literally mean Ba’al. When Hitler expresses a love for the occult, it's because he believes it's real. When Wikileaks is warning us of Marina Abramović's spirit cooking, it's because she literally believes in it.

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…”

As an evidentiary side-note, Sex slave victim Cathy O’Brien literally had the face of “Baal” carved into her vagina – NSFL to appease Robert Byrd – who referred to her as “his little witch”.

And as /u/Beneficial1 writes:

"In fact, comets have been observed for far longer in history. The ancient Greeks called them "evil stars," which in Greek is dys evil and astron a star. This is the origin of the modern word disaster. The association of comets with untoward events or prophecies continued as recently as the twentieth century, when Comet Halley made an unusually close rendezvous with earth.[9]

53256e () No. 9963936

de55109dcdcc32....png (2451 KB, 255 x 205, 1433 : 1152, de55109dcdcc32....png) (h)


Ties in perfectly with the whole Alefantis is a Witch idea:

He has an Authentic Israel Regardie Baphomet (a mistransliteration of Banebdjedet, an Ancient Egyptian ram god) symbolism on his sign and Comet means Evil Star. And Of course Baphomet is the fallen star.

And why does James Alefantis seem happy to be compared to Pan, the pagan god of sexual perversion, pedophilia and rape?

The Pan association is even more interesting, being the figurehead of New Age Occultism's "Neo-Pagan Movement", in addition to yet another deity of fertility and nature (like Moloch and Baal/Haamon before it), as an archetype of male virility and sexuality. Additionally, Pan's goat-like appearance is even considered a representation of Medieval depictions of Satan!

For that matter, celebrities have an interesting connection with this New Age Occultism, like James Franco, Sammy Davis Jr., Will Ferrel, Pamela Anderson, Jay-Z etc…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, SPIRIT COOKING WAS INVENTED BY NEW AGE OCCULTIST ALEISTER CROWLEY (who founded the religion Thelema, based on Ancient Egyptian deities)!

53256e () No. 9963945

d1ca606b68c72c....png (1060 KB, 255 x 144, 931 : 524, d1ca606b68c72c....png) (h)


So now that we know about the intertwined histories of freemasonry, judeo-christianity, and occult gods, how does this relate to us? Note how Alefantis is linked to solar cults. Ancient Egypt pioneered that shit…


[“On” academically refers to the Egyptian “City of the Sun”, via a Greek transliteration of Heliopolis] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliopolis_(ancient_Egypt).

It’s reverence in Ancient Egypt is akin to Mount Olympus – if you replace Amun/Ra with Zeus. Amun being the God of the Evening Sun, and Ra being the God of the Midday Sun, the combination of which as an omniscient god, but only as a composite deity. Incidentally, Amun/Ra was considered the first self-made deity, which the Egyptians described through the metaphor of masturbation.

The hieroglyphs of which were used mainly by the priests, and considered “God’s word” – thus falling into the same relevancy as the Old and New Testament (rather than, say, documented wheat orders from an Ancient Sumarian merchant).

Atum/Ra is the head God of the Ennead, which is sort of like Marvel’s Avengers – one member of whom was Osiris. While Scholars believe that “On” dually refers to both the city of On as well as the figurehead of Osiris being the King of the Dead (or as Ancient Egyptians refer to him, the King of the truly “Living”), this is a misinterpretation, [as “On” actually refers to the Ogdoad members, the primordial deities of On (rather than their metaphysical creators) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogdoad_(Egyptian):

The names of Kekui and Kekuit are written with a determiner combining the sky hieroglyph with a staff or scepter used for words related to darkness and obscurity, and kkw as a regular word means "darkness", suggesting that these gods represent primordial darkness, comparable to Greek Erebus, but in some aspects they appear to represent day as well as night, or the change from night to day and from day to night.

More importantly, kek seemingly has the ability to change, for the flipside between the light and the dark, between “Jah” and “Bal”.

According to Egyptologists Jan and Aleida Assmann, their theory of cultural and communicative memory explains Kek quite well.

53256e () No. 9963961

b24b96f3e600f4....png (1676 KB, 254 x 255, 1144 : 1148, b24b96f3e600f4....png) (h)


While Aleida refers to cultural memory regarding the post-war Germans (which incidentally is interesting because Hitler was a huge fan of the Occult), Jan believes that monotheism broke from earlier cosmotheism, first with Atenism and later with the Exodus from Egypt of the Israelites.

While everything thus far lends credibility to this circumstantial theory, this is a theory for another post, as it would implicate Jews as having been in Egypt during the Exodus – which archeological data is inconclusive on - however what remains is that Pharoah Akhenaten’s reign was considered illegitimate by his numerous successors, and what could be more blasphemous than desecrating the sacrosanct pantheistic religious ideals that founded one’s society?

He’s also partly wrong, as Atenism wasn’t the first example of monotheism (Judaism was), it was the first example of monolatry (or “one idol worship”).

Referring to the theory of Kek and the theory of cultural and communicative memory, however, here’s what Jan had to say:

Cultural memory is a kind of institution. It is exteriorized, objectified, and stored away in symbolic forms that, unlike the sounds of words or the sight of gestures, are stable and situation-transcendent: They may be trans¬ferred from one situation to another and transmitted from one generation to another. External objects as carriers of memory play a role already on the level of personal memory. Our memory, which we possess as beings equipped with a human mind, exists only in constant interaction not only with other human memories but also with "things," outward symbols.

Basically, he’s saying that by our actions in memeing the shit out of Pepe, we’ve created our own collective memory. We’ve basically taken the r/MandelaEffect to a whole new level, but instead of ignoring such coincidences as we would have previously, now we’re actively paying attention to them, and using them to alter our perception of people, places, things, and cultures.

The thing is, Occultists believe the same thing – their “magick” as a means of redirecting “dark energy” to affect their victims. Child sacrifice and pederasty as a means of appeasing Moloch would easily be a sign of that. Judeo-Christian worshippers believe the same thing, in going to Sunday Church and praying. Even the Chinese call it "Qing" - the life force. It is a concept valued by every culture on Earth, and it's not that it's real, but the beliefs in it (and thus the resulting actions from it) definitely are.

53256e () No. 9963966

3ce80d92ccfbe4....jpeg (126 KB, 180 x 255, 610 : 865, 3ce80d92ccfbe4....jpeg) (h)


For example, Manly P. Hall, member of the Freemasons (presiding over an unofficial lodge) alludes to this when he states, in The Lost Keys of Freemasonry "The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy".

And that is why “Jah-Bal-On” is so dangerous in the wrong hands (and why The Secret was so financially successful), if people are unaware of the connection.

The unofficial lodges of Freemasonry, the lodges that pretend to be Freemasonry (like the Illuminati), the cults (like the Temple of Set, the Church of Satan, and Islam), those are the epicenters of the globalist cabals.

The enabling of evil such as the Temple of Set, Pizzagate, etc. without a proper understanding of the duality – beyond mere “meme magic” (most of which is just confirmation bias) leads to events like CERN’s opening event being a Satanistic shit show, it leads to Alex Jones having to film the Bohemian Grove (whose members include Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, the Bush dynasty, as well as Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton), crazy people acting in crazy ways because they believe in crazy events unfolding. No wonder the freemasons have to be the “keepers of the light” for the betterment of men.

The only reason we’re able to effect reality is because of the wide-ranging grasp of the internet. In one comment post, I can talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alex Jones, Denzel Washington, etc., and if they’re so inclined, they can send me a message back! That’s real influence one couldn’t buy historically.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should sign up to be a Freemason (if you don't want to), but what if means is that you should be aware of what the Globalists believe. This is what they believe! it transcends geopolitical borders, linguistic disparities. Through continuously raising questions and paying attention to news that would otherwise be swept under the rug, we can effect the conversation in our favor.

We literally shitposted a man into the White House. And that’s the power of Kek.


SAY IT WITH ME, FOLKS: "BUY PEPE" pro aris et focis

Like what you read? Here are the rest of my (frequently updated) posts.

MEME MAGIC EDIT 1: Pepe is a nickname for Jose, which is a transliteration of Joseph (the Padre Putativo), which itself is a translation of “Jehovah Rising”…you seriously couldn't make this up, folks!

MEME MAGIC EDIT 2: "@realDonaldTrump @Jahbalon @Rogerjmunson you starting that shit about running? If only you made good on your threat about running last time"…

MEME MAGIC EDIT 3: ULTRA RARE EGYPTIAN PEPE - Carry thou this Pepi with thee in the cabin of thy boat, for this Pepi is the son of the Scarab which is born in Hetepet beneath the hair of the city of Iusaas the northern, and he is the offspring of Seb.

The Gods of the Egyptians - Page 85

f7f803 () No. 9965689


Definition of COVID death.


d0b488 () No. 9969583

Canada now the only Five Eyes member that hasn’t banned Huawei

Canada is now the only member of the Five Eyes intelligence-pooling alliance that has not barred or restricted use of equipment from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in its 5G networks after Britain changed course on Tuesday and banned the Chinese telecommunications giant’s gear.

The federal government is giving no indication of whether it will follow the lead of Britain and its other Five Eyes allies – United States, Australia and New Zealand – and freeze Huawei out of supplying the super-fast 5G cellular technology, despite renewed calls from the opposition parties and mounting allied pressure.


230efb () No. 9976812

33a9116935bfea....png (171 KB, 197 x 255, 354 : 458, 33a9116935bfea....png) (h)

f7f803 () No. 9979078

Holding the Canadian Gov't and British Crown accountable for the Covid-19 non-pandemic psyop

Suit has been filed. Plaintiffs; Vaccine Choice Canada and others. Let us pray that they are successful. This shit needs to end and like yesterday. Doc is 191 pages.


f7f803 () No. 9979494

BREAKING: Finance Minister Bill Morneau under Ethics Commissioner investigation over WE scandal


30c5ee () No. 9981268

2c152b62a94ffa....png (1282 KB, 255 x 178, 1141 : 797, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

71fc125a2027e6....png (1412 KB, 255 x 159, 1278 : 797, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

f13426 () No. 9991185

6d82b2f7269c1c....jpg (11 KB, 219 x 240, 219 : 240, doc.jpg) (h)

0750e3c0ca2c86....jpg (26 KB, 156 x 255, 220 : 360, kirb.jpg) (h)

Pokemon Kirby Doctor Meeting with Q at 14h :P

Good luck!

269bbc () No. 10005035


Fkn kikes run the whole world. Found out they (Israel & US) have close ties with Nigeria. I should've known. It's where all the scammers come from.

269bbc () No. 10005047


Canada is so effing controlled it is not funny.

2a9ffb () No. 10005225

982163b79b6eeb....jpg (133 KB, 255 x 168, 701 : 462, 48ppy6.jpg) (h)

f7f803 () No. 10008959

6eead7e2d6cd5a....jpg (71 KB, 143 x 255, 540 : 960, 539.jpg) (h)

Canadian government being sued over covid handling, Canadian MSM silent, PDF official document:


ddc32f () No. 10014652


Probably too soon but KEKking none the less.

f7f803 () No. 10022548

Must read the lawsuit against the canadian government and the Queen hushed by the news. Long read but summarize everything facing the world right now.


53256e () No. 10029532

92289578483f42....png (83 KB, 255 x 224, 514 : 451, Jews_Immigrati....png) (h)

The goal behind mass immigration is twofold. First of all, it creates a fractured society through which tiny but extremely wealthy (((minorities))) can create coalitions to promote their interests. In the case of our favorite (((minority))), it involves creating a bloc focused on identity politics and promoting sexual deviance that is designed to gather all the minorites who, whether justified or not, feel intimidated by the majority population.

(((They))) then create a second bloc comprised of the majority population who feel justifiably anxious about being displaced by these minorities, but use this bloc to push (in the case of English speaking countries) capitalist economic policies, usury and Zionism. Because after all, if Muslim migrants are bad, then the Jewish state responsible for destroying their countries and making them refugees must be our friend, right?

The second purpose is to drive down the wages for the worker by increasing the overall supply of labour for all classes. The reason South Africa enacted Apartheid laws was not because the wicked Whites were racist and wanted to impoverish Blacks but rather to protect the mostly Afrikaaner blue collar working class from having their wages decimated by a glut of Black labourers. Milton Friedman actually admits this in one of his “Free to Choose” mini documentaries.

This second point is critical, because it provides you with an argument against mass immigration that can be used on economic leftists who presumably want to improve the lot of the average worker.

"The Jewish connection to the refugee is not a conspiracy. That's something that we're very, very proud of. "

- https://alt-right.com/2018/10/30/jews-boast-of-anti-white-immigration-conspiracy/

b8e5fa () No. 10030178

05af6839fc8b3d....png (91 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, 13D93C75_DA42_....png) (h)

5e9fbcf673c394....jpeg (475 KB, 191 x 255, 1200 : 1600, 985A134C_9DDB_....jpeg) (h)

b27f2da61f51e7....png (274 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, B5174906_4E5B_....png) (h)

82c514fd4971fa....png (233 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, 95BD9B17_7302_....png) (h)

14a53c367f27c2....png (320 KB, 144 x 255, 640 : 1136, D89D124B_7765_....png) (h)


Thanks 🙏 to this gook war criminal and his polak assistant

Since the 1st January 2017. 

Julian Assange made the game multidimensional and Trump betrayed him.

The thick fucks have been trying to conceal the inescapable and incontrovertible fact that Britain is both the winner and loser in the global holy war.

And yes, yours truly owes Julian a massive thank you.

And no, i’m not perfect either, but some of my knowledge is. That’s why it is date and time stamped.

Big love to Julian but fuck wikileaks.

They are all going to get hunted down by 7,7bn people.

And yes, it is all over 8kun too.

Inevitable, like the sun and the moon.

And yes, it can only be demonstrated by actions, not buzzy 3 word slogans like ‘drain the swamp’

Illumination route (27 pages)


Methodology (37 pages)


Many politicians and religious leaders in the folder already. 

Vile, deceitful politicians and celebrities. 

For the fake online twitter holy war between Hillary and Trump, that definitely wasn’t bread and circuses sponsored by Israel. 

And for the aberration of QAnon. 

Best thing ever, really.

Thick cunts.

Made me invisible.

The demented push by Americans and twitter to push a billionaire property developer as a prophet. ‪327 000 000 ‬thick as fuck Americans.

62 million thick as fuck Brits too.

And 14,6 gorillion sneaky Jews.

And 13 vile and rancid kikes

Disdainful and disrespectful. 

It’s because none of our leaders have ever had permission to kill, not In the name of God Almighty or any religion. Ever. 

Despite what our politicians say. 

Always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? 


Victory of the light. 

For those that have betrayed, blocked, argued, threatened or knowingly concealed (done nothing, in other words.


First illuminated polymath in thousands of years (context) 

Totally detached from my knowledge too. Argue with that until the cows come home.

Thick, disrespectful and vile Americans, Jews and Brits.


Direct link to source document in pdf format.

2,238 pages 130mb

17 year long beam of light from the absolute. Every single entry date and time stamped


One size fits all.

Kills butthurt Americans, Brits and Jews instantly.

Never lies and is never violent.

What good are your weapons and poor hurt personal feelings and opinions now?

Jon James Pratt (999)

49 year old illuminated polymath from Warwickshire

Aka ‘cosmic Lol’

Aka ‘the storm’






Emergency backup drive


Breadcrumbs 2: google cache


All over 8kun too


Front row seats to hell

a788ce () No. 10031994

Your Body is Their Weapon - We're all Patients Now

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53256e () No. 10035458

6733acf6d1fa4d....jpg (226 KB, 255 x 191, 890 : 667, 6733acf6d1fa4d....jpg) (h)

Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2020 No 4: Alison Chabloz, Alex & Jan discuss INSANE Jewish Britain


a26032 () No. 10035476

Dig on ole Arty

Hi Canucks. Sorry, but wanted to ask. Evil or patriot? Asking for a fren.


53256e () No. 10035520

8ace8e4c1135a2....png (399 KB, 255 x 91, 1752 : 626, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

ddc32f () No. 10050727

a7983ffc8cbe1c....png (738 KB, 255 x 173, 1500 : 1018, 7digitsreached....png) (h)


Do we know who the background photo was?

Any chance you could post just the photo.

Can't find mine.

230efb () No. 10054345

230efb () No. 10054351

543efd449839a7....png (3805 KB, 164 x 255, 1298 : 2015, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

230efb () No. 10054387

COVID-19 tests being administered all across the country are fundamentally flawed… article pulled down already. This summation is what survives

Back to Jul 23, 2020 • Back to 8kun /qresearch/ thread #12866

Previous: Feds subpoena AT&T as part of investigation into Speaker Madigan and lobbying

Next: New Dan Scavino w/CAP

Post 10053582 3 hours ago • View on 8kun

Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) tests being administered all across the country are fundamentally flawed,

Connecticut State Public Health Lab Discovers False Positive COVID-19 Test Results~~7/20/2020

A total of 161 lab specimens from 144 individuals showed positive results for COVID-19 using the platform during the period of June 15-July 17. Of those, a total of 91 specimens from 90 people showed false positive results. The errant testing results were from a widely-used laboratory testing platform.

DPH Reached Out Immediately to Medical Providers of Impacted Patients

Connecticut’s State Public Health Laboratory has uncovered a flaw in one of the testing systems it uses to test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The flaw, which has been reported to both the manufacturer and the federal Food and Drug Administration, led to 90 of 144 people tested during June 15–July 17, 2020 receiving a false positive COVID test report. The Department of Public Health (DPH) has taken immediate steps to make sure the patients are notified. The errant testing results were from a widely-used laboratory testing platform that the state laboratory started using on June 15. The exact cause of the false positive results is still being investigated.

“We have notified the healthcare facilities for everyone who received a false positive test result from our state laboratory,” said Acting Commissioner Deidre S. Gifford, MD, MPH. “Accurate and timely testing for the novel coronavirus is one of the pillars supporting effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the quick action of our team at the state lab, adjustments have already been made to ensure the accuracy of future test results from this platform.”

The false positive test results were discovered by DPH laboratory scientists during an examination of previously positive samples to determine the feasibility of testing “pooled” specimens at the state lab. The errant results are from test specimens processed between June 15 and July 17. The DPH state public health lab relies on this testing platform, but to ensure accuracy moving forward, all positive results will be further analyzed by multiple laboratory scientists, and if indicated, retested using another method.

Medical providers and patients have been notified of false positive results. Many of the persons with false-positive test results are nursing home residents. Any nursing home resident with a false positive COVID-19 test result will be retested as soon as possible. DPH epidemiologists are reaching out to nursing homes again today to review all of the clinical issues for any impacted patients.

The overall COVID-19 case numbers for Connecticut will be adjusted downward as a result of these false positive tests, provided that re-testing still shows the impacted individuals to be negative. Connecticut’s count of total positive cases will only be adjusted down for the number of people of these 90 who had received a false positive result and later tests negative. If someone previously received a positive result before receiving the false positive result, that person is still considered a positive case.

A total of 161 lab specimens from 144 individuals showed positive results for COVID-19 using the platform during the period of June 15-July 17. Of those, a total of 91 specimens from 90 people showed false positive results.


53256e () No. 10059972

b7b64307b5fddf....png (349 KB, 255 x 253, 535 : 531, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

230efb () No. 10060029

8917c93762531b....png (644 KB, 255 x 186, 838 : 611, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


How Sexual Blackmail works: Australian Jew Abe Saffron, the original Epstein

Bitchute link to Brendan O'Connell's channel


Looks like he is on a rampage posting vids lately.

This is a 2010 ABC Australia documentary, "Mr Sin, The Abe Saffron Story". Saffron was Israeli intelligence all the way.

He blackmailed most of the New South Wales and Victorian political and business class via his one way mirrors in his brothels.

He was intimately linked with Australian and Israeli intelligence.

He specialized in sexual compromise well before Jeffrey Epstein.

He had Australian media magnate Kerry Packer on video and Packer himself was an ace blackmailer.

Kerry Packer was tasked with running Australia's casino's in co-operation with Shelden Adelson and Israeli intelligence. They are now run by James Packer, his son. James Packer is in bed with Benjamin Netanyahu and on charges of bribery with Netanyahu.

They are all friends with Australian media magnate Kerry Stokes who is besties with the former Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop. They are both from my home state and close personal friends with Benjamin Netanyahu. Please consult my UN Refugee document, page 146 on. You'll see just how big my case is and how close Netanyahu was to my court case.

UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O'Connell - 100MB PDF file




230efb () No. 10060218

bdbad9c2f117da....png (381 KB, 255 x 180, 640 : 451, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Why The Dissident Right Needs Intellectuals

I’ve been following the White positive sphere for some time now and I think that a lot of people are starting to come to terms with the various threats that face us as a people: demographic replacement, economic decline, institutional racism against us, ubiquitous anti-white attitudes in media and academia.

One response to the perceived threats against us as a people is to prep. These are the guys that will buy guns and canned food and try to be ready for some sort of apocalyptic end times scenario. Alex Jones feeds into this attitude by selling emergency survival food.

Others will say: our nations and our cities are ruined. There is crime and drugs everywhere and our civilization is close to collapse. They’ll say that our civilization is so debauched and so full of immorality that they can only choose to leave. So they buy a small house out in the countryside and run away from civilization. Roosh V. would fit into this category. He became a catholic and ran away to the countryside to get away from what he considered a degenerate and immoral mainstream America.

The third type of response that I see often is the people that say “we just have to get big and strong and then nobody will mess with us”. The youtuber and internet personality “The Golden One” Marcus Follin from Sweden is an example of this type. He knows that Sweden is under threat - their country has been invaded, rape is out of control, cities like Malmo are on the edge of bankruptcy and everywhere he looks it is evident that his country is teetering on the abyss.

My question is: are these good strategies to deal with the complex challenges that we face today? That is: is stocking up on guns and canned food, running away to the countryside, or getting big and buff and taking steroids a good way of dealing with the existential threats that we face as a people?

My answer is: not really.

One of the roots of our existential nightmare is that we have allowed a totalitarian system of speech codes to be put in place called “political correctness” – speech codes that guide discourse within well defined and rigorously policed boundaries. The speech codes are designed to guide our civilization in a direction that will dispossess us and lead to the utter destruction of ourselves as a people.

Political correctness is not something that happened by accident and contrary to what a lot of people naively believe – political correctness only has a thin veneer of humanitarianism. It is created with deeply hostile intentions and it is created for strategic reasons. Think of it like a game of chess: creation of speech codes and ideological taboos is just one chess move that is made toward us being checkmated as a people.

Where do those speech codes come from? They come from intellectuals that write books and those books are the ideological justification for limiting speech – with the reason typically being that certain types of speech is harmful and dangerous.

Then you push for hate speech laws, create groups like the ADL that can sniff around to try to find people that are breaking the speech codes, and then create a militant boots on the ground type group like Antifa that can physically assault anyone that breaks the speech codes. Intellectuals that are not “PC” will often meet antifa terrorists outside their conference buildings – ready to violently impose their definition of “anti-hate” and “anti-violence”.

230efb () No. 10060224

9d6923ce54b9a6....jpg (234 KB, 255 x 167, 1600 : 1050, 9eb8f236740813....jpg) (h)


Those are the components of political correctness: ideological justification, hate speech laws, anti-hate organizations, and organized street violence.

The logic that we are given regarding PC speech codes concerning race and identity is that Nazis were a racialist movement that was against Jews, white racialism and discussion of Jewish power led to the holocaust mass murder of six million, therefore White group identity and criticism of Jewish power were the precursors to the holocaust and are therefore by extension dangerous.

So, we’re not allowed to have group identity or criticize Jews because the holocaust happened. We can’t criticize any aspect of the narrative because according to the Jewish definition of racism that would be racist. That means that we have an original sin that is baked into law that is used as a justification for denying us group rights.

Does anybody understand where I am going with this?

To make the case for group rights you have to make a direct refutation of the narrative that Whites should not be allowed group rights or group identity because of the holocaust.

You don’t need to question the holocaust narrative. You can just say “I refuse to accept that the holocaust is a rational justification for denying Whites group identity and protecting Jews from criticism”.

Nobody says that Jews should not have group rights because the Stern gang terrorized Palestinians after the creation of Israel.

So, the definition of racism and the laws that are used to institutionalize speech codes against racism are illegitimate.

This is not to say that you are against hate. You’re saying “I reject the idea that White group identity is hate. I also reject the idea that criticizing white power is okay, but criticizing Jewish power is not okay.”

This institutional inequality in the way that hate defined and applied should make it obvious why it is Jews themselves that made the definition, enforce it with the ADL, and sick groups like Antifa on the “Nazis” – the dangerous, genocidal White racists that refuse to abide by speech codes that privilege one group over another.

With an ideological refutation of the hegemonic Jewish definition of racism we can play the same game by redefining racism. We can say that anyone that wants to deny us the right to group identity and rights in the name of “anti-racism” or who calls us “Nazis” and by doing so links us to violence and mass murder – is a racist and wants to deny us group rights and group identity because they hate us and want to weaken us so that we will not exist as a people.

We Need Intellectuals and Propagandists


230efb () No. 10060228

61ed5b2ab408a8....jpeg (102 KB, 255 x 214, 940 : 788, r59gwp.jpeg) (h)


Let me repeat that: we have to take the position that it is racist to call us Nazis so as to link White identitarians to mass murder in order to delegitimize us. We can say that calling us Nazis (or fascists) is a racist canard because no other race is told that they cannot have group identity because it is dangerous.

We could even go further and say that linking White identity to mass murder is a type of “hate libel”. And we would say that that libel is racist and harmful and is itself a type of hate speech.

I will repeat: the definition of hate perpetuates institutional inequality against us and to break out of our oppression we have to redefine hate such that all ethnic groups are held to the same standard. And, anyone that attempts to deny us peaceful group identity by linking it to holocaust mass murder (that we are not even allowed to question the historical veracity of) is racist, and any organizations and institutions that attempt to apply that definition of racism are by definition illegitimate.

We need to write books and propaganda that give an intellectual justification for our position that political correctness and the concept of hate speech is rooted in a definition of hate that is intrinsically biased against us.

So, we need to create intellectual justifications for the delegitimization of the current definition of hate and all of the groups like ADL and Antifa and even hate speech laws themselves that are designed to institutionalize that unequal definition.

Real equality is where we all play by the same rules. Taking part in discourse so that we can overthrow the system that oppresses us can only be done by intellectuals. It’s not going to happen by taking steroids or filling your basement with canned sardines. It’s not going to happen by moving out to the countryside to wait for the apocalypse.

We need intellectuals. We need journalists, writers, novelists, political commentators. We need an intellectual elite that can use the realm of ideas to legitimize our group interests and shape discourse in a way that is beneficial to ourselves as a people. We need people that are reading, and thinking, and writing books. Even if they are not mainstream we can create our own parallel intellectual sphere so that we can begin to create counter narratives that advocate for our own group interests with a unified voice, so that we can one day be emancipated as a people.


230efb () No. 10061539

2a8e26f8a2e4a8....png (111 KB, 255 x 220, 1048 : 906, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

For future ref

230efb () No. 10061856

af249f2189521d....jpg (260 KB, 255 x 255, 1588 : 1588, af249f2189521d....jpg) (h)


Why is CV19 in a lab that makes testing kits? Or are they doping the swabs.

Reagent Co.


230efb () No. 10061869



Early afternoon May 6th, 2020, a young boy was out very near his grandmother's home with her and her dog in Truro, a remote town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The grandmother turned around to see to the dog and after she turned back, he was gone. Where did he ?

a988b4 () No. 10073451

5fc30abbd54856....jpg (18 KB, 255 x 169, 800 : 531, ca_0.jpg) (h)

Canada Approves "Glory Holes" For Safe Sex During Pandemic


da11d3 () No. 10075216



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a3276 () No. 10081021

6b4f57f92f27a3....mp4 (3582 KB, 255 x 143, 854 : 480, no_bylaw_sunset.mp4) (h)

No official end to the Face Coverings Bylaw in YYC.

e0dc04 () No. 10082387


WE charity scandal - A simple guide to the new crisis for Trudeau

Mr Trudeau is facing the third ethics investigation of his five years in office over the government's decision to award a contract worth up to $43.5m to WE Charity Canada.

The programme was designed to connect post-secondary students to paid volunteer opportunities to make up for summer job prospects that had disappeared during the pandemic.

It later emerged that Mr Trudeau's mother and brother had been paid for speaking at various WE events over the years.

Margaret Trudeau was paid C$250,000 for speaking at 28 WE events over four years, and brother Alexander was paid C$32,000 for speaking at eight between 2017-2018.

Mr Trudeau has also made regular appearances himself - including its first ever event in 2007, according to news site iPolitics - and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, hosted a wellness podcast for the charity.

The prime minister didn't recuse himself from discussions related to the decision to grant WE the contract. He has apologised for that.

The federal ethics watchdog has confirmed his office is looking into the matter.

Trudeau admits 'mistake' amid third ethics inquiry

"This country is governed by a fairly small circle of elites and there's a cult of the insider that buttresses this, that produces these kinds of scandals fairly routinely," says Canadian political theorist David Moscrop.

"That's the structural problem - that Canada ends up being a small country governed by a small handful of people."

da11d3 () No. 10095328



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53256e () No. 10097842

7b380e4880e127....png (493 KB, 255 x 143, 590 : 331, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

0d2d64268a8318....png (367 KB, 255 x 143, 590 : 331, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


Peter Nygard: FBI raids fashion mogul HQ in sex trafficking probe

US agents have raided fashion executive Peter Nygard's Manhattan offices as part of a sex-trafficking investigation.

The FBI and New York police executed a search warrant on Tuesday, a spokesman for the US Attorney's Office said.

The raid comes as Mr Nygard, 77, is facing a sexual assault and trafficking lawsuit, filed by 10 women and girls earlier this month.

He has denied allegations of wrongdoing.

The Finnish-Canadian multimillionaire, who has been linked to Prince Andrew, has been the subject of an investigation by the child exploitation FBI task force and New York police for the last five months.

He was reportedly the subject of a previous FBI investigation for sex trafficking in 2015 and 2017.

A spokesman for Mr Nygard said the fashion executive, who owns Nygard International brands, "welcomes the federal investigation and expects his name to be cleared. He has not been charged, is not in custody and is cooperating with the investigation."

Mr Nygard is estimated to be worth upwards of $700m (£538m). Brands owned by his company include Bianca Nygard, Tan Jay, ALIA and SLIMS.

What do we know about the lawsuit?

The sex abuse lawsuit was filed on 13 February by 10 unnamed female plaintiffs against Mr Nygard and his associated companies.

The lawsuit accuses him of sexually assaulting "young, impressionable, and often impoverished children and women" after luring them with cash and false promises of lucrative modelling opportunities. Some of the plaintiffs are minors.

Mr Nygard is accused of using alcohol, drugs, force or other means of coercion "to engage in commercial sex acts with these children and women".

Most of the assault and sex trafficking allegations took place in the Bahamas, where Mr Nygard has lived for years.

The lawsuit, which details complaints dating back four decades, also claims Mr Nygard would bribe officials to hide evidence of his crimes.

It alleges he kept a "database of potential victims" on his company's servers with details on over 7,500 women and underage girls.

The case has brought forth echoes of other recent cases of wealthy and powerful men involved in sex abuse.

Mr Nygard often hosted celebrities and politicians at his properties to promote his brands, including former President George H W Bush and actors Robert De Niro and Sean Connery.

Prince Andrew is friendly with Mr Nygard, and has been photographed with his family and the sportswear tycoon.

Though there is no suggestion he knew of allegations against Mr Nygard, the Duke of York was forced to step back from public life amid furore over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, a sex abuser.

A spokesman for the fashion tycoon said the claims against him were "completely false, without foundation and are vigorously denied".

"Peter Nygard looks forward to fully exposing this scam and, once and for all, clearing his name," his spokesman said.

53256e () No. 10097851

23ba8a551e725e....png (265 KB, 255 x 185, 500 : 363, 23ba8a551e725e....png) (h)


>>10096447 /ob


The lawsuit accuses him of sexually assaulting "young, impressionable, and often impoverished children and women" after luring them with cash and false promises of lucrative modelling opportunities. Some of the plaintiffs are minors.

Mr Nygard is accused of using alcohol, drugs, force or other means of coercion "to engage in commercial sex acts with these children and women".

Most of the assault and sex trafficking allegations took place in the Bahamas, where Mr Nygard has lived for years.

The lawsuit, which details complaints dating back four decades, also claims Mr Nygard would bribe officials to hide evidence of his crimes.

It alleges he kept a "database of potential victims" on his company's servers with details on over 7,500 women and underage girls.

53256e () No. 10097863

f8a77e97e16168....jpg (145 KB, 171 x 255, 642 : 960, f8a77e97e16168....jpg) (h)

>>10096484 /pb

HCQ –Let's start with the big ones:

*systemic erythematous lupus (BIG!)

* malaria

*rheumatoid arthritis (BIG!)

*juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

*sjogren's syndrome

*connective tissue disease (BIG!)

*HIV type 1 (BIG!)


*cancer therapy-shown to mediate substantial antineoplastic effects in preclinical models (FNG BIG!)

*dementia in Alzheimer's (OMG BIG!)

*melanoma (BIG)

* breast cancer (OMG BIG!!)

*schizophrenia -significant ameliorating effect (BIG!!)

*B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemic cells (BIG)

*severe chronic asthma- steroid sparing effect (BIG)

*advanced non-small cell lung cancer (BIG)

*improves insulin sensitivity in obese non-diabetics

*Q fever (LOL!)

*cutaneous sarcoidal granulomas

*cholesterol lowering effects- reversal of deleterious effects of steroids on lipids (BIG)

*prevention of post-op deep vein thrombosis (BIG)

*decompensated treatment for refractory non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitis

*oral lichen planus

*urticarial vasulitis syndrome



*discoid lupus profundus in children

*lupus panniculitis

*antiphospholipid syndrome

*severe multicentric reticulohistiocytosis

*chronic urticaris

*relapsed/refractory myeloma


*immunomodulatory properties for bone marrow transplants

*psoriatic arthritis

*lichen planopilaris (frontal alopecia)

*porphyria cutanea tarde


*surfactant protein c deficiency

and finally:

*cancer in dogs

53256e () No. 10100301

0c281605c08288....png (966 KB, 255 x 231, 1012 : 916, 9vd4.png) (h)


Post 10098544 7 hours ago • View on 8kun


Some work an anon did prior and I added link.

✅Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1232869/

✅Early Hydroxychloroquine Is Associated with an Increase of Survival in COVID-19 Patients: An Observational Study , https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202005.0057/v1

✅Early treatment of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: A retrospective analysis of 1061 cases in Marseille, France https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1477893920302179 , http://archive.is/VEdFi

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) activity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15320751

Hydroxychloroquine Improves Obesity-Associated Insulin Resistance and Hepatic Steatosis by Regulating Lipid Metabolism https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6689966/

✅Chloroquine Is a Zinc Ionophore https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4182877/

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are associated with reduced cardiovascular risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6001837/ , Drug Des Devel Ther. 2018; 12: 1685–1695, Published online 2018 Jun 11. doi: 10.2147/DDDT.S166893


Chloroquine Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread

Here's the new study incoming:


NIH begins clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat COVID-19

To keep track of the study, look here:


Evaluating the Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to Prevent Hospitalization or Death in Persons With COVID-19

Collaborator: Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries LTD




Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed to adults and children of all ages. It can also be safely taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers.



53256e () No. 10100429

02190f30881bc1....png (1151 KB, 255 x 143, 1280 : 720, 02190f30881bc1....png) (h)


If you noticed all the tweets of President Trump last night about Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), I think it is safe to guess that some big things are about to happen. He often signals future actions in this manner.

I am going to posit a guess on some possible things that could happen related to HCQ.

I expect government employees in the CDC and FDA to be fired for taking foreign money and/or bribes from Big Pharma. This already happened in the NIH (National Institute of Health) related to foreign money


It is possible that the DOJ will announce indictments for bribery against some of the Big Pharma companies.

I think it is possible that the FDA will announce that HCQ is available over the counter as a non-prescription drug.

I think that the DOJ may announce that that the medical boards and pharmacy boards should cease and desist in their actions against medical doctors who have prescribed HCQ. They may threaten them with prosecution for violation of the civil rights of these doctors. (I am not a legal expert, so this is just a guess).

A distribution plan may be announced for HCQ. It would not surprise me, if the US military has already created a stockpile of HCQ that will be distributed to some retailer and that HCQ will initially be made available for FREE to everyone in the USA for a limited time.

The President may use the Presidential emergency broadcast system to inform every person about the cure.

There is possibly a Federal website already being put up that will make all the research and all the doctor’s results available for the public to research on their own.

The government could possibly prosecute the Social Media companies who have censored the information on HCQ for violating the civil rights of its users. (I am not a legal expert, so this is just a guess).

There could also be huge class action lawsuits against both the media and Big Pharma for their role in suppressing information that has possibly led to the deaths of thousands of people.

If I am right about my guesses, several things will result.

1) The Media’s credibility will be heavily damaged by their stance on HCQ

2) If there are bribery charges brought, this will also cause many people to wake up to the corruption at play in our government.

3) The lock-downs may soon be over (perhaps in a matter of weeks)

4) Schools will re-open.

5) Campaign rallies will soon restart.

6) Masks will become a relic of the past.

"I am not a prophet or a son of a prophet", so I am only guessing.

We will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds.


53256e () No. 10100487

6c76a93ab7b536....mp4 (11256 KB, 255 x 255, 848 : 848, 8percent.mp4) (h)

How to handle a conversation with a white person that is starting to notice whites are under attack

da11d3 () No. 10106502



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6181e9 () No. 10109538


Tump sould send his son Bannon for replace Trudeau the traitor for PM of CANADA this kid is a genius and I'm convinced even at this age I'll make a better job than Troudope.

95c285 () No. 10111210


Now what happens?

Is it over?

When will jobs come back?

If COVID happenings are tied to the Nov election in the USA

Then the government should give us 3 more months of CERB, if not 4 months to take us to January

09649c () No. 10114949

ba4a8c7e3d09c5....jpg (170 KB, 255 x 177, 564 : 391, covid_cda_parl....jpg) (h)

GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau's yellow-bellied cabinet won't rein him in


3b0fb5 () No. 10119077

New Polly: Charities and Mind Control

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

da11d3 () No. 10119214



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8a6b63 () No. 10124534

4d0b254d0bb873....png (286 KB, 183 x 255, 439 : 611, 1595614848_3.png) (h)

Trudeau to Testify Today on WE Charity Controversy


e118dc () No. 10124586

Q has now reached legendary Conspiracy status in making ISD Global publications!

The Genesis of a Conspiracy Theory - 20 pg report.


ISD partners: Brookings Institution, Public Safety Canada, UK Foreign Office, Open Society, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Harvard, Yale.

When the Cabal goes from msm articles to Global think-tank White Papers it means a certain adoption threshold milestone has been reached.

All for a LARP.

A "conspiracy theory" so dangerous, so baseless, so debunked, it requires a leading globalist think tank to help Big Tech and leftist organizations suppress, counter, and censor its reach and influence.


5cc403 () No. 10124639

76ac9d15ed38ca....jpg (177 KB, 255 x 191, 564 : 423, 74802734_20191....jpg) (h)

LILLEY: Committee learns WE charity hired investigators to spy on journo's kids


69263a () No. 10129094

3d95368188ebfe....png (80 KB, 255 x 110, 300 : 129, thrown_under_b....png) (h)

30c5ee () No. 10130217


e1f4e7 () No. 10131891


Rock on, anons.

Justin Trudeau and his Friends - https://files.catbox.moe/krdrn7.mp4

Justin Trudeau and his Friends - https://files.catbox.moe/krdrn7.mp4

Justin Trudeau and his Friends - https://files.catbox.moe/krdrn7.mp4

Justin Trudeau and his Friends - https://files.catbox.moe/krdrn7.mp4

ddc32f () No. 10131959


Thanks Anon.

e1f4e7 () No. 10132685

553bdedac5e904....jpg (298 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 05faf9077469db....jpg) (h)

17d2e6a10bf7ba....jpg (306 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, a07fb1d5f19b48....jpg) (h)

fce1e8be400948....jpg (290 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, a6a4c683d6c85e....jpg) (h)

776a9a981c462f....jpg (370 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 4ef1d169a962eb....jpg) (h)

fd88d95116812c....jpg (319 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 001800ba41aced....jpg) (h)

e1f4e7 () No. 10132690

82bed11790d0db....jpg (166 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, e9b9b71a9ed53c....jpg) (h)

8c32a608b59aae....jpg (275 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 6cf2ee0fc05104....jpg) (h)

f66f24c1c847ca....jpg (305 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, ebb1faf35ed363....jpg) (h)

338fe5e4ff0fae....jpg (355 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 6de69ce4e2bb6c....jpg) (h)

42daf48cdc332b....png (74 KB, 143 x 255, 253 : 450, ebb1faf35ed363....png) (h)

e1f4e7 () No. 10132696

3125b96a88053b....jpg (258 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 44d1140daf7065....jpg) (h)

aa9d0c73cc41f0....jpg (250 KB, 143 x 255, 720 : 1280, 704978f5912009....jpg) (h)

291082 () No. 10134263

2bed6d14b8fdaf....png (831 KB, 197 x 255, 1019 : 1319, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


e118dc () No. 10134645



















































1748f5 () No. 10135424


or we should all just go back to work.

7dbb33 () No. 10138084

2e59dfc882cefa....png (473 KB, 255 x 144, 768 : 433, thrown_under_b....png) (h)

e118dc () No. 10138171


Trudeau defends WE Charity deal in rare testimony before Parliament lol

e118dc () No. 10138182



Trudeau denies 'preferential treatment' in ethics scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has denied playing any role in picking a charity with ties to his family to manage a major government programme.

Testifying to the House of Commons, he rejected any involvement by him or his staff in the programme that has caused a huge political controversy in Canada.

Mr Trudeau is under scrutiny for failing to recuse himself from decisions around the programme.

He is being investigated by a federal ethics watchdog for failing to do so.

On Thursday, Mr Trudeau told the finance committee in Ottawa that the decision to tap WE Charity for the student volunteerism programme was made independently by the federal public service.

He says he only learned that the charity had been recommended by the public service for the programme in early May.

WE Charity had previously paid the prime minister's mother and brother to speak at events and Mr Trudeau and his wife were involved with the organisation.

The prime minister says he knew that there would be scrutiny over the agreement because of those ties, so he asked bureaucrats to "do their due diligence" when he first learned of the plan to have them manage the programme.

He said they came back two weeks later and told him that WE Charity was the only organisation that could administer the programme.

332b11 () No. 10142175

a426a8c2aa15f3....png (261 KB, 255 x 137, 800 : 430, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



CV #39: Forced Or Coerced Vaccination Violates Nuremberg Code

If the Nuremberg Code provides very reasonable guidelines on performing medical experiments, then what possible stretch of logic would prohibit people from refusing forced vaccines?

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For much more on the coronavirus “pandemic”, check out this series. Know the real story about the lies, inflated death tolls, rampant lobbying, financial conflicts of interest, and other deception that the mainstream media will not report on.

2. Text Of Nuremberg Code

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.

The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.

During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

3. Does Forcing Vaccines Violate Code?

It stands to reason that if forcing people to participate in medical experiments is unethical, then forcing vaccines on people should be as well. Considering the lack of testing and safety mechanisms, it would be hard to argue that this is not still experimental.

Beyond actual force, making it unreasonably difficult to live one’s life without being vaccinated should also imply a lack of informed consent. Would a Government put a “boot on the neck” under the guise of public safety? Well, they are already.

What will happen should this be put in a court challenge? Guess only time will tell.

332b11 () No. 10142194

11d507f65618cd....jpg (81 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, 4yzpua.jpg) (h)

ddd147ddd2af6a....jpeg (164 KB, 255 x 141, 1116 : 617, 5k1cgs.jpeg) (h)

True North, Strong and Free.

Unity is our Strength.

e118dc () No. 10143112

Don't forget the Rhodes Scholars which we've covered several in these threads and most recently the Kielburger brothers of the current ongoing Trudeau "WE" scandal.

Marc Kielburger and his wife Roxanne Joyal co-founders of the WE movement (formerly Free the Children) are both Rhodes Scholars.


cabd08 () No. 10143624

59d4d09919a6e8....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 173, 680 : 462, WECharity.jpg) (h)


The WeCharity scandal is a controlled/acceptable Cabal approved take down of Trudeau.

Don't be fooled by Pierre Poilievre's rhetoric. He is a member of a Cabal owned & controlled political party. His questioning is all cabal approved.

Notice that he has skirted away from the real meat of the We Charity crimes? We Charity & the Kielburger brothers are known friends of the Clintons. They work with children all across the world and were involved in the Haiti Child Trafficking and likely have their neck deep in Trafficking & Child Sex Crimes across the globe.

Just go through this fella's Twitter feed:


He has a lot of posts that connect We Charity to a lot of the known bad actors.

Not once has Pierre Poilievre brought up We Charities activities with Children. Not once!

Its my belief that the Cabal is conducting a acceptable take down of Trudeau and replace him with another Cabal controlled puppet, likely from the Conservative Party all before the White Hats can expose the truth of whats going on in Canada and the world.

cabd08 () No. 10143662


Ignore Pierre Poilievre's rhetoric. Its a cabal approved take down of Trudeau so they can replace him with another controlled puppet, likely from the Conservative Party before the White Hats can expose whats going on in Canada, the US and the World.

cabd08 () No. 10143720


Ignore Pierre Poilievre's rhetoric. Its all for public consumption.

Remember there is so much more to We Chartiy than this Controlled / Acceptable Cabal approved take down of Trudeau. The Cabal wants to replace Trudeau with another controlled puppet, likely coming from the Conservative Party so the public can be satisfied that the corrupt offender has been removed from office.

Don't fall for it. They are all corrupt. WeCharity and the Kielburger brothers are friends of the Clintons and are involved in Child Trafficking all around the world. They were in Haiti during the Clinton Foundations crimes against children.

e118dc () No. 10149869

video showing how fake and gay the narrative is in Canada

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8dbb82 () No. 10158283

Doug Ford is a DS Yahoo!

8dbb82 () No. 10158301

c1ade21c118352....jpeg (244 KB, 252 x 255, 1242 : 1257, EF8334EC_FAB6_....jpeg) (h)

We the people know this is not equal.

8dbb82 () No. 10158307

000b82bc09a05a....jpeg (764 KB, 255 x 192, 1242 : 934, 74038127_7C8D_....jpeg) (h)

WE know.

8dbb82 () No. 10158323

How Old were the "prostitutes" WE

bribed Kadhafi with for SNC?

How old?

Scandalous coverup?

8dbb82 () No. 10158334

Why are the Liberals withholding the Therapeutic cure for China Virus, HCQ. Hydroxy Chlorquinie.


How many other cure are the liberals hiding?

These people are sick.

8dbb82 () No. 10158390


Freedland was mkd at Rhodes.

f33450 () No. 10158646


yep; verily sick

f6694f () No. 10162233

We need to make the Government accountable for crimes committed against the people!!!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7a6888 () No. 10166072


Trudeau ➡️ WE➡️ Richard Branson daughter ➡️ Richard Branson ➡️ Epstein


e118dc () No. 10166807

SNC Lavalin, Nuclear Energy and China

July 22, 2020, SNC was awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide nationwide deactivation, decommissioning and removal (DD&R) of nuclear facilities, as well as waste management and program support from the US Department of Energy


In late 2019 SNC's subsidary Candu Energy Inc., has been awarded a contract by China National Nuclear Power Co. for pre-project work on the Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR). CNNP is actively promoting the construction of two AHWRs in China in or around 2021.


China currently has 2 AECL 728MW CANDU-6 reactors located at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is the largest Canadian-based fabricator of in-core reactor components for CANDU reactors around the world.


In 2010 Cameco signed two agreements with Chinese corporations, among the lengthiest uranium deals ever struck by China.


Anons will remember that Cameco is how Uranium One was able to get uranium out of the US and over seas.

57d953 () No. 10167178

b8d2a4bc949c70....png (13 KB, 187 x 93, 187 : 93, SNC.png) (h)

SNC Lavalin, Nuclear Energy and China

July 22, 2020, SNC was awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide nationwide deactivation, decommissioning and removal (DD&R) of nuclear facilities, as well as waste management and program support from the US Department of Energy


In late 2019 SNC's subsidary Candu Energy Inc., has been awarded a contract by China National Nuclear Power Co. for pre-project work on the Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR). CNNP is actively promoting the construction of two AHWRs in China in or around 2021.


China currently has 2 AECL 728MW CANDU-6 reactors located at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is the largest Canadian-based fabricator of in-core reactor components for CANDU reactors around the world.


In 2010 Cameco signed two agreements with Chinese corporations, among the lengthiest uranium deals ever struck by China.


Anons will remember that Cameco is how Uranium One was able to get uranium out of the US and over seas.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of Security, Aerospace and Defence having provided comprehensive logistics support to the Canadian Department of National Defence, the U.S. DoD and the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) on various domestic and international projects.

Following our success in supporting the Canadian military peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, Kabul and Kandahar for 10 years, we were awarded a 10-year contract to support their overseas deployments under the Canadian Forces Augmentation Program (CANCAP).

In the UK we’ve worked with the MOD to specify and acquire the right military equipment and infrastructure, including helping them define and acquire the next generation of the Army’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)

In the U.S., we are a trusted provider of architectural-engineering, master planning, and program management services to the DoD, and one of the few experts in the U.S. in use of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers BUILDER®) sustainment management system.


Fenco MacLaren is an expert marine-oriented business unit of the SNC-Lavalin Groupand and was formed to manage the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV) Project. They provided the Can Govt with 12 vessels, seven highly complex operational payloads and several small shore-based facilities.


In March of 2019 CBC said "The stakes are high for DND. In addition to holding an important defence contract, SNC-Lavalin has access to a range of secret military drawings, equipment and intellectual property."


3346f0 () No. 10167468


Canadians are an apathetic bunch of sheep, most simply don’t care about the corruption of their government.

Look at the WE scandal and the ‘shrug’ reaction most Canadians have.

I’ve tried to bring up the issue of government corruption with friends and acquaintances but they just don’t care.

HCQ doesn’t interest them, they’ll wait for a WHO approved vaccine instead, Canada is going to reap what its sown with the apathetic attitude most citizens have here, we are going to end up a 3rd world country at the end of all of this while the US frees themselves from the DS and Cabal.

6db32a () No. 10167743



Apotex even produces it

3d8c46 () No. 10176108


Comfy lives don’t question reality.

3d8c46 () No. 10176124

SNC Lavalin, Nuclear Energy and China

July 22, 2020, SNC was awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide nationwide deactivation, decommissioning and removal (DD&R) of nuclear facilities, as well as waste management and program support from the US Department of Energy


In late 2019 SNC's subsidary Candu Energy Inc., has been awarded a contract by China National Nuclear Power Co. for pre-project work on the Advanced Heavy Water Reactor (AHWR). CNNP is actively promoting the construction of two AHWRs in China in or around 2021.


China currently has 2 AECL 728MW CANDU-6 reactors located at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is the largest Canadian-based fabricator of in-core reactor components for CANDU reactors around the world.


In 2010 Cameco signed two agreements with Chinese corporations, among the lengthiest uranium deals ever struck by China.


Anons will remember that Cameco is how Uranium One was able to get uranium out of the US and over seas.

3d8c46 () No. 10176170


And transplant drugs:

Apotex owner and Canadian billionaire Bernard "Barry" Sherman and his wife, Honey, were found dead in their Toronto home, and police are reportedly investigating their deaths as suspicious (2017).

Apotex drugs are used to reduce organ transplant failure, interesting considering owners connections and suspicious deaths:



Mycophenolic Acid

Mycophenolic Sodium




3d8c46 () No. 10176184


Oops. Pasted wrong thing. See:


e118dc () No. 10179032

You know this now makes me wonder why the family tore the house down. Did you know that? They had the entire house torn down:


Is that what Q meant when they stated: "Safety House Build". Was this location being used to transport U1 and other things? I mean tearing down that house is very similar to what happened at Epstein island home before feds came in.

I think you're on to something here anon. Wish Q could confirm as this is so close to election and we need them to flood these forums more as it allows for better narrative control and digging

d09aca () No. 10179504

c2b6ce2d3ef175....png (866 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, 005_trudeau.png) (h)

e398aecaa5ecfd....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 255, 1080 : 1080, Canada_Cons0471.jpg) (h)

56d99f3ede5c5b....png (714 KB, 255 x 155, 920 : 560, Trudeau_Ruler.png) (h)

6deb362e6aa09b....jpg (63 KB, 255 x 177, 564 : 391, trudeau_break.jpg) (h)


Canada is compromised.

Foreign Control!

Nothing you can do about it?

3346f0 () No. 10180204


The only thing which comes to mind, separation of Western Canada from the rotten core.

Many (not all) Western Canadians are fed up with this sham arrangement called Confederation.

A small minority want out, at least starting over we can write our own Constitution and not accept that fake one Ottawa has adopted from the old BNA act and ‘approved by the Queen’ and which favours ON,QC heavily.

Some of us don’t think the system can be reformed from within without drastic action.

But most Canadians are fat, dumb, happy(relatively) sheep who might whine a bit then go back to trusting the CBC and the government.

We are bring turned into compliant slaves and most don’t even know it.

There’s little outrage over WE and Trudeau is going to skate away from this scandal the way he’s gotten away from the past 3-4 other ones.

84d95b () No. 10181150


Agreed Anon. It is disturbing to watch our beautiful country being given away by not only our governments, but also by its people. I can't believe how many have bought into the fear and are willing to give up their freedoms to feel 'safe'. They honestly think the government is going to protect them!!! The level of stupidity blows my mind. I guess it is true that ignorance is bliss. Sadly, for those of us who are awake, the majority's refusal to awaken is nothing short of terrifying.

I absolutely support western separation: It may, in fact, be the only thing that can save this country now.

3af206 () No. 10185734

How a boot we start a new political party, eh?

"The Canadian Audit Party"

The idea is to AUDIT the federal government, make everything public and call another election. I'd have some other ideas to throw in, but the primary mission would be to drain the Canadian swamp. The logo could be a beaver! lol draining the swap, get it? After the work is done, there should to be a way for politicians to face consequences for loosing the public's confidence; something a bit more immediate than having to wait for the next election or always having to choose the lesser of two evils. Anyway, thanks for reading, it's my first true post here, I hope we could at least brainstorm. Could be nice if something actually came of this idea.

0fbb5b () No. 10187862

ff07c7d0b53141....jpeg (588 KB, 239 x 255, 1055 : 1127, C373FEEB_AC9C_....jpeg) (h)

0fbb5b () No. 10187876

a1fc644eda8eb3....jpeg (1519 KB, 155 x 255, 1242 : 2045, AACDDE4C_DC08_....jpeg) (h)

0fbb5b () No. 10187884

69bb5c697c013b....jpeg (900 KB, 255 x 254, 1242 : 1236, D20596AE_AB26_....jpeg) (h)

0fbb5b () No. 10187896

d769b759fcc2d5....png (6622 KB, 255 x 143, 2208 : 1242, 1FF23933_24CD_....png) (h)

What did you sell?

0fbb5b () No. 10188125

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

Tyrants your days are numbered you Evil Fox.

a2da06 () No. 10193893

f1f7f6cf52b1fa....jpg (288 KB, 255 x 151, 1086 : 643, Car2.jpg) (h)


Remember as kids in Canada growing up we would play hockey on the street "CAR" pause move the nets and let the car pas through "game on" and resume playing.

Then government ruled it was to dangerous and made it illegal.

So we played in empty school yards and parking lots but it was also ruled to much of a liability and again made to be against the law!

It's beyond time the silent majority demand our god given rights back.

I know that there are too few "WOKE" Canadians to achieve this today so I just want to tell you I started praying and I find it to be really helpful. I don't go to church but I find quiet place, Usually In bed and pray. I think are collective energy will be helpful in this fight against the dark forces that have ruled over us for to long.

37619e () No. 10198267

Canadian Museum for Human Rights Rife With Systemic Racism, Sexism, Homophobia

An independent review into reports of workplace discrimination at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has found "pervasive and systemic" racism at the national museum in Winnipeg, and says the museum is rife with sexism, heterosexism and homophobia.

The 72-page report released Wednesday stems from a review ordered in June following a social media campaign where Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ2 current and former employees shared stories of racism, discrimination and censorship at the museum.

Read more: Winnipeg’s embattled Canadian Museum for Human Rights has history of controversy

After the museum posted images of a Justice for Black Lives rally in June, stories from employees were posted online by a group called CMHR Stop Lying. Current and former employees responded that it was hypocritical of the museum to bring up the Black Lives rally because of racism they faced at work.

Employees also wrote about having to censor displays about LGBTQ history at the request of some school groups who visited the museum.

The report, titled Rebuilding the Foundation, confirmed many of the allegations made by the current and former employees.

It found "heterosexism is present throughout the institution" and confirmed that displays about LGBTQ2 history were omitted from tours at the request of school groups several times between 2015 and 2017.

"There are indications of homophobic conduct that require further examination," reads the report.

The review included interviews and written accounts from 25 current and former employees and found sexual harassment complaints were poorly documented or not documented at all, and says sexual harassment complaints made specifically by Black women "may not have been addressed adequately."


Winnipeg Museum of Genocide

3fc6cb () No. 10198388


The Evil today dates back to Cain and Abel.

The Cannonites (Bloodlines) are still trying to destroy God and anyone who believes in God.

They will fail. God wins.

Most of us are brainwashed- vax and cell phone pulses the new MK.

God Bless You

e118dc () No. 10199587

.I don't know if this is real or not, but if so. WOW


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

caabae () No. 10201505


Highly doubtful it’s real, the scale of the missile/bomb looks wrong.

The explosion took place on the far side of those grain solos, which are at least 100ft tall. The projectile is way too big in the foreground to have struck behind those silos.

Even if you’re talking a medium sized IRBM launched from several hundred kms away only a warhead would impact.

If it was a laser guided bomb its still way too large in the picture to be one.

Tried isolating the frame but it’s very hard to do it casually without editing software.

caabae () No. 10201637


Expanded the title frame, the projectile is too high res and sharp compared to everything else in the picture which means it was overlaid into the frame.

c2d5ca () No. 10203824

635280777fa25a....jpg (416 KB, 134 x 255, 1080 : 2048, 20200805_191009.jpg) (h)

1c1d630655ed27....jpg (614 KB, 121 x 255, 1080 : 2280, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

It's happening!


ef59a8 () No. 10205457



Slaman-al jabri saudi hit squad arrested at border.

e118dc () No. 10205565

Canada Will Impose Dollar-for-Dollar Retaliatory Tariffs Against US, Trudeau Says

Canada will impose countermeasures, including dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs against the United States, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement.

"In response to the American tariffs announced today, Canada will impose countermeasures that will include dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs", Trudeau said via Twitter on Thursday. "We will always stand up for our aluminium workers. We did so in 2018 and we will stand up for them again now".

Earlier in the day, the National Chamber of Commerce issued a statement calling on the United States to lift the newly re-introduced tariff.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump announced during a campaign-style stop in Clyde, Ohio, that he has signed a proclamation re-imposing tariffs on Canadian aluminium. He added that he was advised by US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer that the move is "absolutely necessary".

In May of 2019, the Trump administration lifted the 25 percent tariff on Canadian aluminium after reaching an agreement as part of the updated North American Free Trade Agreement – the USMCA - negotiations.


19bcf2 () No. 10205580

Just wondering if anyone else has received a notification on their phone that said 'Empty Message from ….(persons name).

Got 1 today, and could not find anything under messages or notifications after the notification disappeared (therefore cannot get screen shot)

- the weird part is, the person it came from, tried to install the COVID app that the government is pushing out in Canada

The app was forced onto the cell phones over a month ago, but was inactive (at least it looked that way) - now I am not sure..

332b11 () No. 10211849



God Bless You for this most powerful message to save the children and mankind. We are living through

very dark times as the world awakens to all the centuries of evil done to infants & children. The veil

is lifting & people are awadening finally,. It's very difficult work but we must all unite as one force

of light to save all of these children.


A Childs Voice

Satanic Child Sacrifice Ronald Bernard April 2018 Testimony


Stefan Gonick EFT Practitioner

how to do EFT


e118dc () No. 10212121

Saudi Prince sent assassins to Canada to kill intel official, lawsuit alleges

A civil suit filed in a US court claims that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, sent a "hit squad" to Canada to kill a former intelligence official.

The 106-page unproven document claims that bin Salman coordinated the attempt to kill Saad Aljabri, a former top intelligence official.

Aljabri, a 39-year veteran who specializes in Saudi Arabia and counter terrorism. The document says that Aljabri had advanced knowledge on bin Salman, including shady business dealings and his role in the creation of the "Tiger Squad," a group of mercenaries put together by the crown prince.


332b11 () No. 10212192

391e2f35900fc1....jpg (52 KB, 255 x 62, 1500 : 362, cropped_Correc....jpg) (h)

d8108e79897052....jpg (33 KB, 255 x 80, 1024 : 321, lawenforcement....jpg) (h)

3152eed2af1cab....jpg (60 KB, 255 x 159, 635 : 396, Image1.jpg) (h)

Birth certificate fraud exposed and the solution provided by Common Law (QRV)

submitted 23 minutes ago by 3964384? to QRV (+9|-1)


I recently stumbled across a man called Christopher James, a Common Law expert exposing the birth certificate fraud that is trespassed against us (words matter!) at birth and provides a solution to corrects that trespass. He's working with people to bring a case to public court that will expose this fraud and help restore our birth right.


I've linked to a few pages on his website specifically the foundational knowledge which explains what happens at birth and how our life is turned into a corporation that casts us off dead at sea under Admiralty Law. His videos are short and quickly get to the point explaining how this fraud takes place and what to do to correct the fraud.






There's also a link to a video that explains how to create an ID under Common Law that reclaims your birthright from Admiralty Law and establishes you under Common Law.


Finally, just yesterday, Christopher did a live stream introducing and explaining the basics and outlined what is about to take place to expose this fraud. It's a long video but well worth a look to get the latest information.


d6b8c5 () No. 10212222


From my understanding Google and Apple installed an update to your phones OS. Phones that are 5 years and older aren't working. ;)

The Canadian App is buggy.


iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/Canada-COVID-19/id1505010304

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.gc.hcsc.canada.stopcovid

Canada's new COVID app won't work on older iPhones, Android devices


b739b3 () No. 10213450

456dada8c29133....jpeg (118 KB, 155 x 255, 750 : 1235, 4DDBDDCF_C6DE_....jpeg) (h)

22d112bafc121d....png (40 KB, 190 x 255, 200 : 269, 45D334F5_C4F3_....png) (h)

422bd2cad8452b....jpeg (81 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, 113F4FED_CF8A_....jpeg) (h)

3d7fa47956af57....jpeg (85 KB, 143 x 255, 750 : 1334, 0A82502D_EA8D_....jpeg) (h)

cacd9c3bfef059....jpeg (188 KB, 183 x 255, 734 : 1025, 74267521_E7F5_....jpeg) (h)


Need anons gud with StreetView to help find the bus stop in LONDON where the Q pic of a black junction box was taken. The UK thread has found that it will be a bus stop similar in construction to the one in pic provided. Problem? Lots of bus stops. Need moar eyes on this. Come on fam. This has gone unsolved for too long. Let's find the damn thing! If you care to join in, some prime areas to focus on might be in the vicinity of the 3 areas in the London pics (but honestly, it could be anywhere in London). The areas in Q's pics are Victoria Embankment, Corinthia Hotel at Whitehall Place, Piccadilly Circus, and possibly the adjoining parts of Hyde Park(location of Winter Wonderland pics.

Btw, we have reached the conclusion that ALL of the London pics are from the Winter of 2013/2014. WW is def 2013. Piccadilly/Red Bus pics are from Oct2013 to March 2014. Victoria Embankment (LisaMI6/NSA Traf Cams/Corinthia Hotel) are from Sept2013 to March 5, 2014.

Good Hunting! Godspeed CanadianAnons.

My mum was from Bromptonville, Quebec.

e118dc () No. 10220232

Trudeau Liberals give $1M a year to WWF to undermine oil and gas industry

Turd-eau de toilette being his turdy self.

Sauce: https://www.rebelnews.com/trudeau_world_wildlife_fund_money_canadian_oil_gas_projects?utm_campaign=sgr_wwf_8_7_20&utm_medium=email&utm_source=therebel

b739b3 () No. 10222033

5d7bda26bfd56a....png (3830 KB, 255 x 130, 1920 : 976, 21C65027_C4E4_....png) (h)

32833ac8a299b4....jpeg (23 KB, 188 x 255, 188 : 255, 073A8182_BE6F_....jpeg) (h)

d9e89ed455b27e....jpeg (190 KB, 141 x 255, 688 : 1240, BA91BBEA_7894_....jpeg) (h)


WE FOUND IT! A couple of anons from General found the Q's black junction bix and bus stop outside the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Westminster.

caabae () No. 10224187


And the Liberal's carousel keep's going round and round.

We have an ethically brain dead government in power.

Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford's husband to manage rent assistance aid program.

"The PMO says Telford had nothing to do with the contract between Robert Silver’s firm and a federal crown corporation"


371934 () No. 10225978

549c6f5d81149c....png (2988 KB, 255 x 191, 1309 : 982, Trudaeu_13.png) (h)

24726e () No. 10226641


The United States (and Provinces) of North America has been mentioned a few times recently!

e118dc () No. 10227019


Insiders say Justin Trudeau doesn’t want an election. He wants to remake Canada

OTTAWA—The notion that a crisis shouldn’t go to waste but can be used to do big, bold things is attributed to Machiavelli or alternatively to Britain’s wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.

Right now, it’s on the mind of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Inside Trudeau’s Liberal government an age-old debate is alive: how not to waste the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 pandemic — and there is a growing sense that key players believe now is the time to take a more aggressive approach to being progressive.

Trudeau is on vacation this week and next, staying close to home in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, after testifying and attempting to close off the WE controversy that battered his government’s previously positive reviews for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

It may be too soon to say whether the political hit from the defunct student volunteer program will last. Political controversies have a way of seeming to die down only to flare again in the public’s mind as new revelations emerge.

Sources tell the Star that thousands of documents related to the WE affair that the Liberal government transferred to a parliamentary committee are to be publicly released on Monday if not sooner.

Beyond the headlines, however, Trudeau and his inner circle are weighing how to roll out bigger, bolder changes aimed at bolstering Canada’s competitive position post-pandemic, and move past short-term solutions to the crisis.

The thinking goes like this: the pandemic exposed major social and economic inequities when it comes to child care, long-term care for seniors, women’s ability to remain in the workforce when schools are shut, the lack of social safety net backstops for precarious workers, and the disproportionate economic and health impacts of the virus on Black people and other minority communities. And so now is the time, with the cost of long-term borrowing so cheap due to historically low interest rates, to address those inequities for the longer term, sources said.

One said there is an “opportunity for us to think big to think about child care, to think about how we can accelerate the transition to clean energy and how we can fight climate change, how we can help vulnerable people, how we can root out discrimination and level the playing field for working people and on all the progressive ideas that we’ve talked about and made progress on but in a different context. So can we actually present a big vision? I think we can.”

The Star is not identifying the sources because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

e118dc () No. 10227410

It's no surprise the liberals are fighting for more spending. Part of the DS plan is to hurt the American economy, by hurting the Canadian Economy. They're going to incur as much debt as possible to crash the syrupdollar. Ottawa passed a bill giving Finance Minister Bill Morneau the power to tax and spend without parliamentary oversight back in April. Basically a blank check from the banking cartel. Canada is fucked bigly.


e118dc () No. 10232944


"Friday Night Massacre!"

BREAKING: Last night while you were sleeping, Trump's Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, went on a rampage, getting rid of 23 USPS executives and displacing 2 of the top executives. He is seizing complete control in order to sabotage our election.

This is a Friday Night Massacre!

Eric Holder: https://twitter.com/EricHolder/status/1292132276856401925

https://twitter.com/search?q=friday%20night%20massacre&src=typeahead/Users/matthewlinkenhoger/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 5.52.08 PM.png_click

e118dc () No. 10232945


e118dc () No. 10232947



3f5a38 () No. 10233589

Hello to the USA's northern neighbors

Stopping in because the main bread baker is being slow

Day of the Rake is hopefully coming soon enough for Turd and all the corrupt assholes in Canada.

3d8c46 () No. 10233624


Were all in this together. Just don’t make that northern wall quite yet plz.

84d95b () No. 10235674


We stand with you American Anon. WWG1WGA!!

8b474e () No. 10236867

7c7b06f2b32799....jpeg (375 KB, 177 x 255, 1175 : 1691, 9613ACB0_20C4_....jpeg) (h)

Tik Tok you sick fuks.

We know and your all going down.


8b474e () No. 10236895

1fbd58e806d987....jpeg (850 KB, 255 x 189, 1242 : 920, 86FDE9A9_0E71_....jpeg) (h)

WHO'S under house arrest?


8b474e () No. 10236979


Where have you been the last 30 years?

Did this happen in 2020?

8b474e () No. 10237056

567e87af6a1bfb....jpeg (1003 KB, 174 x 255, 1242 : 1819, 326EB5FD_9A7D_....jpeg) (h)


caabae () No. 10239026


Trump needs to unveil the Uranium One deal to the public ASAP and Trudeau's role in it, followed by sanctions on Canada to force the Canadian public to take action in removing that parasite.

I know it will hurt us economically but Trudeau is still leader of a sovereign nation and can't simply be arrested by the US. When TSHTF on U1 he'll use his position as PM to evade direct arrest by American authorities(it would be a major international incident should the US try to send operators into Canada to take down Trudeau and ship him south).

It's unknown if the opposition parties can combine to strip him of his powers(the NDP almost certainly wouldn't go along with it because there leader is almost as corrupt as Trudeau and would offer to support him for a price).

It's almost certain that the backroom DS supporters of Trudeau within the Liberal Party will refuse to arrest Trudeau and put him on trial or extradite him to the US and might even back his stance to face down the US in a political showdown.

And before someone says he's already under house arrest, there is no clear evidence that Trudeau is under house arrest at this moment, that is all supposition and conjecture.

It is certain that Canada is key to the DS fallback and escape plan, along with New Zealand, and the DS will go underground here before fleeing elsewhere.

There are a lot of places to hide in a country the size of Canada and I'm certain that plans were put in place to "host" the upper echelons of the Deep State should they require refuge from the US in times of emergency.

Things might get messy enough in Canada to cause it to split up, most Western Canadians have no love of Trudeau but his power base in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa might refuse to remove him from office.

I really hope when the hammer drops everything about Trudeau and the elite politicians in government come out, Canada needs a political enema…

84d95b () No. 10241303


You got me thinking about something Anon. What if Trudeau's $8.6 million in 'renovations' being done on the cottage at Harrington Lake have more to do with 'providing shelter for escaping elites' than with upgrading the cottage. $8.6 million is a lot of money, especially since he initially was unwilling to spent the millions on renovating the official residence at Sussex Drive.

I don't have time right now to look up the Q posts regarding the Canadian PM, but I recall one early one asking the question of "why is the Canadian PM important?* Many of us thought this has to do with U1 and I have no doubt that U1 is part of this, but what if the Canadian PM is preparing their escape from the US? He did meet with Soros' son, could this perhaps be one of the reasons?

A later post from Q was in response to an Anon's question about Trudeau. The post contained reference to the Barry and Honey Sherman murders, U1 as well as something about a bunker. Again, I don't have time at the moment to find the actual post, but this may be something we should be digging on.

The third Q post that comes to mind that might relate to this line of thinking was the one where Q posted: "Watch CA". I am wondering if this was a reference to California as well as Canada.

49b3b3 () No. 10242043


he doesnt have a fan base that big here in quebec city but for the moment we gotta deal we our own asshole and his OMS puppet

Dont know why yet but they seem to be enforcing those covid measure at an accelerated rate compare to the rest of canada

364258 () No. 10242259


20 Things You Didn’t Know about Stephen Schwarzman

364258 () No. 10242260




Canada’s Apotex Donates Two Million Dosages of Hydroxychloroquine to the Public Health Agency of Canada

332b11 () No. 10243857

bda5531f79e837....jpg (82 KB, 255 x 237, 720 : 669, bazto6.jpg) (h)


he foremost name in the articulation of the theory of multiculturalism is Canadian professor Will Kymlicka. He has been instrumental in spreading the idea that the "Canadian model of multiculturalism" is "extremely successful" and should be replicated in all European nations. This seemingly harmless and innocuous man is possibly one of the most deceitful academics in Canada. He became rich claiming to have developed a theory of minority rights but the aim of his theory is a new form of "multicultural citizenship" across the West to accompany the replacement of whites by immigrants and the destruction of any form of European ethnic identity.

He claims that rejecting mass immigration is the same as rejecting freedom of speech, representative institutions, rule of law, and democracy. The whole European world must become racially diverse if it is to "live up" to its Enlightenment heritage. Europeans without masses of Africans and Muslims are not "bigoted" and without enlightenment. He has held visiting professorships every year for the last three decades in Europe promoting these ideas.

More recently, he has been "a recurrent visiting professor" in the Nationalism Studies program at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. This is one of the universities George Soros funds to fight "nationalism" in Europe and encourage "open borders". Together with Soros, Kymlicka hates the policy of encouraging marriages and families in Hungary. He claims that Viktor Orban's measures to increase the national birthrate and stop the decline of Hungary's population is "racist" and that the answer to low birthrates in Europe is to bring millions of African migrants and Muslims to fight "nativism" and promote "cosmopolitan values".

caabae () No. 10247014


Trudeau is the perfect Deep State puppet because he's absolutely a moron and can be intimidated/blackmailed into doing whatever the DS wants. The only reason why Trudeau is still in power is that anyone other than Trudeau would not be that easy to control so they spend some extra effort to protect him.

The downside with having Trudeau in power is because he is really that stupid, he's brought more attention and "heat" to the PM's office than any other PM in the past 40 years with his retarded scandals.

The Sherman murders will never be tied back to Trudeau (at least publicly) because every inquiry and every investigation will go nowhere, the evidence is now gone(if there were any) and anyone who knows anything will have been eliminated or wisely keeps their mouth shut.

The escape plan is the only reason why Canada is important to the DS, having a puppet which will assert the national sovereignty of Canadian soil is a very important part of the plan to act as a shield and buy time for their escape.

I think there is already a prepared location/bunker somewhere in the country, far enough away from most of the population that no questions will be asked. My guess is that it will be an old Cold War bunker or site which "officially" has been decommissioned but unofficially still exists and is being supplied and run by DS operatives and has a decommissioned airfield nearby.

I think the escaping DS elites know they're being monitored and tracked and any moves by them during the indictment/arrest phase will trigger their being tracked and border stations automatically sealed. Of course with the enormous border I would suspect the DS trash would not book a trip on a major airline but have private planes on standby. Once the hammer drops they may bugout to the nearest small airport and board their transport to try and quietly slip across the border along unmonitored border zones in Canada. You can spoof transponder ID's and basically fly under the radar into Canada, especially in the areas from Western Ontario to BC where there are miles of unwatched wilderness

Planefags would know this is true, air smuggling is still a thing in Canada though not publicized.

The upgrading of the cottage instead of the Sussex Drive residence is because the official residence is heavily monitored and bugged by both sides. Most people would not have expected Trudeau to relocate to the cottage on a semi-permanent basis and it offers some "privacy" the official residence doesn't. The money spent would probably have been for better security and anti-surveillance measures and secure comms for Trudeau.

If Trudeau had any brain cells he would realize he's highly expendable and already knows too much and is connected to the Clintons and the Cabal through U1,the kind of people who don't like to leave live witnesses around once their usefulness comes to an end.

84d95b () No. 10249266


Thank you fren. Hopefully Trump and his team know exactly where they will go and deal with them there. Perhaps once the evidence is made public, removing them all from Canadian soil will not be considered an international incident.

49b3b3 () No. 10249826


James bay area as many remote acces area only accesible by plane many rich people got huge fully equipped hunting camp in those area its perfect to get off grid and theres a lot of old abandoned underground mine where you would be able to retreat even deeper

the nearest neighbor would be like 1000-2000km and its easy to watch/secure so this would be one of my guest

230efb () No. 10252911

f6c27c96aee11d....png (347 KB, 255 x 142, 645 : 360, dutreaux.png) (h)


Child Trafficking: How A Centuries Old Crime ACTUALLY Starts (And Never Ends)

Jay Campbell


August 7th, 2020

<This is the Real Life Story of Marc Dutroux aka ‘The Monster of Belgium‘ who was a professional child trafficker.

I am reprinting the story in its entirety from where it appeared in the FB Group Murder, Crime, Paranormal and Conspiracy from a poster named Azz Cazz because its critically important the content found within is shared as far and wide across the world as possible.

I have verified all of the intel found in this story and you can too at the various links found at the bottom of this article.

Please search the links and google verify everything for yourself.

As a warrior of light and a conscious way-shower of resonant and coherent TRUTH frequencies, I CAN NOT ALLOW those who have held us back for millennia to get away with this any longer.

I ask you to also share this article on your social media so that more people will become aware.>

The story I’m about to tell you is true.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this story is that every single person reading this post – every single one of you – was alive when this story became news in 2004.

That fact is intriguing because everyone reading this post has either never heard this story, or forgot about it (I’m betting on the first one, because it is truly unforgettable).

Furthermore, once you hear this story in its entirety, I can promise it will be seared into your memory forever.

Our main character is a man named Marc Dutroux.

230efb () No. 10252916

663290288a17ae....png (944 KB, 255 x 184, 763 : 551, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


He was born in Belgium in 1956.

He was twice convicted of kidnapping and raping underage children.

The first time was in 1989.

The second time occurred in 1996.

That was not a typo – you read that correctly.

He was convicted and served a (much too brief) sentence in 1998.

He served only 3 and a half years of his 13 year sentence because he was released for good behavior.

Less than 10 years later, he was arrested again on the same charges (different victims).

In the second round of charges, he was convicted of kidnapping, torturing and abusing victims, some of them to the point of death.

What I am about to tell you comes from the statements made by his surviving victims (called the X Files), Marc Dutreox himself, and evidence from law enforcement.

I’ve also added references/citations at the very end of this post.

Here we go.

Marc confessed to kidnapping, raping, drugging, torturing and filming children for many years.

He also claimed he was doing it at the behest of a political elite who financed his career as a professional trafficker.

Not only did this political elite finance his efforts – they made specific requests of him.

Sometimes they requested specific types of children (they were called “party favors” and he was asked to deliver kids of certain age, sex, race).

Sometimes they requested specific means of torturing the children to fulfill their desires (orgies, satanic rituals involving sacrifices, torture games).

And sometimes they requested he film certain influential people engaged in these acts, for later use as blackmail.

He claimed many of his customers and financiers were world leaders.

This was not a stretch of the imagination because he lived in Belgium, where the EU and NATO headquarters were located.

Did this fire have anything to do with the United Nations covering its tracks!?

This statement was also corroborated by victims who were able to identify specific politicians.

Anneke Lucas was one of his victims who testified against him.

She claimed she was 6 years old when the cleaning lady hired by her mother sold her to the pedophile network in 1969.

Her claims were extraordinary:

She was raped over seventeen hundred hours before turning 12 years old.

She was 6 years old when she was forced to participate in her first orgy, which included wearing an iron dog collar and eating human excrement.

She would actually be delivered back to her parents from time to time. However, her parents themselves were complicit in the crimes and always sent her back to her abusers.

Torture included being strapped to a butchers block used to execute other children. Other victims were forced to torture her for hours as part of their initiation.

She was considered attractive and that made her preferred by her abusers. She claimed that she tried to use that to her survival advantage to the best of her ability, but by the age of eleven, she had become so broken that she was slated to be executed and disposed of.

She said she was saved when one of her abusers negotiated for her freedom. That abuser would later sit as a defendant in the trial.

Other witnesses and victims would soon come forward, describing such things as “Black Masses,” with child and adult sacrifices taking place in front of observers and participants, which included prominent politicians and figures.

230efb () No. 10252922

c693ac6bb099ae....png (488 KB, 255 x 227, 601 : 534, c693ac6bb099ae....png) (h)


This would be corroborated by a note found by police at the house belonging to Bernard Weinstein—a man who previously worked with Dutroux, but whom Dutroux had murdered.

The letter contained very specific requests for certain types of victims for satanic sacrifices.

The letter was signed by a man who called himself ‘Anubis’.

It turned out ‘Anubis’ was the high priest of a satanic cult called ‘Abrasax’ whose real name was Francis Desmet.

Police obtained a warrant and seized computers, documents, mail, actual human skulls, jars of blood, and all sorts of Satanic items – but none of this was enough to make an arrest.

As the Dutroux trial went public, other victims stepped forward and confirmed the testimony, offering up descriptions of sexual abuse and human sacrifice.

They also described “hunting parties” where elites would release naked children into the woods to hide, so that the elites themselves could hunt them down and slaughter them.

Many of the stories from victims contained so many similarities, they were impossible to deny.

For example, the hunting parties were often held at castles, where victims could not escape and were hidden from the public eye.

Those not killed in the hunt were usually chased down and mauled/killed by Dobermans.

All of these victims echoed the testimonies of other, older survivors of ritual Satanic abuse from around the world.

It is also notable that Dutroux owned 10 homes valued at 6 million dollars.

It is also notable that Dutroux was not employed.

It is also notable that Dutroux received $1,200 per month in public assistance.

It is also notable that documents released by Wikileaks show large sums of money in various currencies were deposited into his wife’s bank account.

It is also notable that those deposits coincided with reported kidnappings and missing children reports.

It is also notable that before his removal, Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte was on the verge of publicly disclosing the names of high level government officials who had been recognized on video-tapes of sexual torture that took place in Dutroux’s dungeon.

It is also notable that 20 potential witnesses for this case have died without explanation.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are there any headlines today that sound like history is repeating itself?

Guys, not one single thing in this post is theory.

It’s all proven and on record.

You see the picture attached to this post?

That is an image of hunting games.

They’re paintings that people like Tony Podesta buy, and hang in his home, and invite others over to enjoy.

We all know Jeffrey Epstein was a sicko who had friends in high places – the same friends that hang out with Tony Podesta.

You think Epstein was the only one?

That he’s somehow unique?

Or was he the low level one they were willing to sacrifice to protect everyone else involved at a higher level?

Do you realize now that when it comes to trafficking, satanism, pedophilia, human sacrifices, organ harvesting, adrenachrome – that it is art imitating life?

That these people who are so obsessed with the art that glorifes these things might actually, themselves, be engaged in these things?

Do you think normal, non-pedo, non-cannibal, average Joes would hang that garbage up in their homes?

Suddenly the claims that world leaders and governments being involved in this satanic horror show isn’t so far fetched after all.

Suddenly its not so crazy to say that world agencies who claim to stop these crimes (WHO, UN) are actually facades that cover up the real work of procuring and enabling – yes, even participating – in these crimes.

Suddenly the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

With this one case, all the unbelievers are silenced.

For crying out loud, this trial was in 2004!

Did you remember it?

If not, do you wonder why it was not front page news across the world?

And if you’re asking yourself HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH THIS – have you not yet figured out that the very people who are supposed to end it, are doing it?

Most everyone has watched an Epstein documentary on Netflix – I think there’s been maybe 3 or 4 made since his death.

230efb () No. 10252928

e28dbf0ffac424....jpg (88 KB, 255 x 203, 1023 : 813, ark.jpg) (h)


And the one thing I heard people say over and over and over again was this: “Where is Epstein’s girlfriend and why hasn’t she been arrested yet?”

Did anyone asking that question even try to find the answer?

Or did you just shrug your shoulders and say, “Well, it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it” and go on with your life?

Let me help you out.

Did you hear the news story from two weeks ago that President Trump fired federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman?

He was the prosecutor in charge of the Epstein case.

AG Barr requested Berman step down, and Berman refused.

So Trump fired him and Berman was replaced with prosecutor Audrey Strauss.

And then suddenly BAM!

Maxwell is in custody.

You now get a front row seat for the horror show that is about to come out.

You will not believe who is involved and how deep it goes.

And you will not believe the lengths they’ll go to in order to protect their secrets.

<Please click on these links to verify the authenticity of this information and realize it is up to each of us to put a stop to it.

These horrific and unspeakable crimes against children and the whole of humanity will not end until we as a conscious collective stand up and say NO MORE.

I ask you to please join me in standing up to these evil beings who are behind this by not sitting back in silence any longer.

Share this article with your friends and family and any consciously evolved sentient being.>

230efb () No. 10252944



Fire in Belgium - cover up

2db197 () No. 10253518

0ad4b21046c5de....jpeg (253 KB, 244 x 255, 710 : 743, This_doesn_t_p....jpeg) (h)

364258 () No. 10257869


Local News

Biden picks former Montrealer Kamala Harris as choice for vice-president


Harris spent a good portion of her early life in Montreal and graduated from Westmount High in 1981 before returning to the U.S.

364258 () No. 10259871


Ontario doctor subject of complaints after COVID-19 tweets

364258 () No. 10260038


Is a link possible between a New York City doctors strange “suicide” that looks more like a murder and the weird slaying of the Shermans that was also staged as a potential suicide - asks a friend of the billionaires? Both tried to help the people of Haiti. Now they are all dead

7e8f5c () No. 10262336

No mention of the South African Dr Walter Reynolds killed with a machete and hammer in Red Deer? This needs a dig.

>police have learned the motive behind the attack but those details won't be released until the case works its way through the courts


7e8f5c () No. 10262342

ea47b67222a528....jpg (590 KB, 87 x 255, 808 : 2372, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

9b6377 () No. 10262666

22ef00a57512ba....jpg (747 KB, 134 x 255, 1080 : 2049, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

a26f55e8e98be5....jpg (527 KB, 134 x 255, 1080 : 2049, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)

0e8a1c91d3874e....jpg (784 KB, 134 x 255, 1080 : 2049, Screenshot_202....jpg) (h)


According to global the dead doctor

>always organized camping trips and entertainment for the kids

546cf2 () No. 10263009

e60b06428a2a70....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 182, 474 : 338, JT.jpg) (h)

PM’s Ethical Conduct in Spotlight as Commons Sits But Trudeau Won’t Be There…


af1748 () No. 10263113

b8e9569c1c927f....jpeg (389 KB, 255 x 243, 1140 : 1088, C8F75D61_CEEF_....jpeg) (h)


Why the deep cover-up?

af1748 () No. 10263149

It's the JESUITS.

Check the common link.

They all went to a Jesuit School?

IHS logo.


8b474e () No. 10265141



Free the Children=

Before Q came along.

You can't hide, WE have it all.

WE juat another pay to play.

364258 () No. 10267532

Trudeau, Morneau, Telford must resign, or trigger an election: Blanchet


364258 () No. 10267604

Bloc Demands Resignation Of Trudeau, Morneau, & Telford


caabae () No. 10268196




Jameet “MontyHall” Singh is already seeking to make a deal to gain some policy concessions for the NDP, who are proving themselves the auxiliary party of the Liberals.

Trudeau, Morneau and Telford will never resign they have the system rigged in their favour with the NDP in their back pocket.

230efb () No. 10274012

c4a86491366e96....jpg (16 KB, 255 x 252, 564 : 557, c4a86491366e96....jpg) (h)

616e61 () No. 10276907

People vs. Predators: Alberta group uses justice system to protest community release of offenders

By Sheila Gunn Reid | August 13, 2020

"People vs. Predators is a group of severely normal people who spend hundreds of volunteer man-hours to utilize existing legal mechanisms to keep suspected child sex predators off the street.

They are NOT pedophile hunters in the style of Dateline NBC, doing stings with Chris Hansen to catch molesters in the act. PvP, as they are known, come in after charges have been laid and the suspected offender is granted bail to be free, with conditions, living in the community awaiting trial or sentencing."

This group is doing God's work for the People out in Alberta! Their successes should be a model for every Community across Canada.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

616e61 () No. 10276913

26c4b33bf0d51f....png (6 KB, 255 x 65, 470 : 119, Screenshot_202....png) (h)


Ha! this is the CAPTCHA I got to post:

616e61 () No. 10277258

Our ‘China Virus‘ billboard was vandalized — but Rebel News will not be censored

By Sheila Gunn Reid | August 13, 2020

A person (or persons) spray-painted graffiti calling us “racist” all over our expensive billboard. The vandalism is so audacious, given how visible the billboard is, and the trespassing someone would have to do onto private property just to damage it.

It's almost as though someone were paid to do it. However, this wouldn't be the first time the China Virus book was targeted for by a pro-China censorship mob.

In the days leading up to our book launch event — hosted just outside Edmonton in Sherwood Park, Alberta — a full frontal offensive was organized against the family run business, Buffet Royale, that agreed to host us.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

616e61 () No. 10279305

Liberals love Kamala! Team Trudeau risks US-Canada relations by praising Democrats

By Sheila Gunn Reid | August 13, 2020

What becomes of Canada-US relations if Biden loses?

Trump might not easily forget all this. Trump already thinks Justin Trudeau is two-faced. And it will be Canadians who pay the price for Team Trudeau’s imprudent support for radical Democrats.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39b51c () No. 10280464

eb842cf36df533....jpg (101 KB, 255 x 115, 1269 : 574, Canada_stats_i....jpg) (h)

b24f5d95daabac....jpg (127 KB, 255 x 183, 1268 : 911, Canada_flu_com....jpg) (h)

d07169 () No. 10281445

076c2e873b2d51....png (205 KB, 255 x 197, 334 : 258, Neil_and_Emma.png) (h)


More on Emma K. Griffin

2002 to 2013, was a founding partner of Oriel Securities a stock brokering firm now owned by Stifel Financial


From 2014 2015, she was managing director and co-founder of Refined Selection Limited a recruitment company


From 2016 -2019 she had been a director of Aimia Inc., an investment holding company.


In 2017, she joined the Board of Directors of Claridge Inc., a private investment company.


In 2015 to 2018, she was a director and strategic advisor for Golder Associates, a Canadian Engineering company.


In 2019 she became a director at iA Financial Group. one of the largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada


Also In 2019 she became a director of St. James Place Wealth Management which was established in 1991 by Lord Rothschild. It is one the largest wealth management companies in the UK, with £115.7bn of client funds under management.


8b1ac2 () No. 10281536


Harper from the same club.

Was it Stevie?

1748f5 () No. 10283190


what were trudy's first legal directives upon gaining power… vs…. trumps early EO's?

one went after human trafficking… and the other was motivated to drop the legal age of consent.

0b9712 () No. 10290036

52c743e48b1e2a....jpg (556 KB, 191 x 255, 1600 : 1200, 20200814_163313.jpg) (h)

just finished watching SGT REPORTS last vid, and my gf sends me this. Cannot post from my iPhone, or I would have. I know it's shitty. Deal w it.

Here's what it says : Anyone know anything about the Chinese military being in Canada or starting to? These guys are coming into the Toronto airport like flys and are going to the regional gates. They are all wearing disposable coveralls, that look government issued. And all n95 masks.

Fuk. Hope this works.

6db32a () No. 10290355

Trudeau est le homosexuel

526a5f () No. 10292987

5a11f66a96d75b....png (1184 KB, 255 x 164, 1230 : 790, Screenshot_202....png) (h)


I cannot find reference to what you are talking about; I believe you are right as China is desparate. Here are a few links but nothing that denotes Chinese military in Canada, unfortunately:





caabae () No. 10293134


China maybe getting desperate but not that stupid(yet) as to put PLA personnel directly in Canada, especially ones which could be identified as such.

I can see them making such a move if the US were to open a military base in Taiwan (which the CCP would consider tantamount to invasion).

I don't think China has reached the point of doing something so openly provocative, if the public can see it then the American Intel services would already know about it.

No way that the Canadian people would allow Trudope and the Liberals to ignore such a provocation and sweep it under the rug.

The bad PR from such a stunt would be enormous and put the US on a very alert position plus which would cause many other countries to tighten up security so it would be a counterproductive move.

0b9712 () No. 10293389

I'm waiting on an update from Her.

It'll take a couple days to get a clearer picture. ..

Here's something else I found alarming


f13426 () No. 10294621

Nobody understands that this is about ROYALTY 👑 (The Return of Christ) & The Lost Gospel of Q. The heir (hidden son of Trump aka White spiritual Boy) is in Quebec, Canada, in plain sight and nobody gets it. The Main Reason is EGO, Pride & Money.

Wake up! S[o]on it will be too late for you.




ef7899 () No. 10294698

It's the Jesuits who control it all.

Trudeau is a Jesuit.

b15094 () No. 10311734


it an Evil sick "corporation" run by a

FAKE de-facto government which has not power.

It's all a money scam.


332b11 () No. 10322767

4566ec1c0a37c2....png (120 KB, 156 x 255, 518 : 849, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

11.3 - POTUS & Q Confirm As First Marker

Nov 1, 2017 #26

Once 11.3 confirms as first marker

Jun 1, 2020

POTUS tweeted "NOVEMBER 3RD, confirming we were on the 'first marker'.

Jun 2, 2020

Q confirmed the first marker in #4388 -

All systems go



332b11 () No. 10322783

364258 () No. 10323482

JUST IN: Canada's finance minister resigns


332b11 () No. 10324196


Canada’s finance minister quits amid reports of tensions with Trudeau

Bill Morneau is resigning from his position as Canada’s finance minister and a Liberal member of Parliament. Morneau, who has been in the role since 2015, says he is putting his name forward as a candidate to lead the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

He made the announcement in a press conference Monday evening, shortly after BNN Bloomberg learned the news from a source familiar with the matter. “I’ve been thinking about this for a period of time,” Morneau told reporters in Ottawa. Morneau thanked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the “life-changing” opportunity and said he’s confident the prime minister will make a “positive choice” for the next finance minister.

Trudeau took to Twitter to thank Morneau.

“Bill, you have my deepest gratitude and I want to thank you for everything you have done to improve the quality of life of Canadians. I know you will continue making great contributions to our country in the years to come,” he wrote. Earlier Monday, BNN Bloomberg reported Trudeau and Morneau were holding a face-to-face meeting. A senior government source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told BNN Bloomberg the nature of the meeting was to discuss their working relationship.

Bloomberg News reported last week that Mark Carney, a former Bank of Canada and Bank of England governor, has been serving as an informal advisor to Trudeau on the economic recovery. Following this report, Trudeau declared “full confidence” in the finance minister.

For several weeks, opposition parties have been calling for Morneau’s resignation over allegations that he had a conflict of interest in the WE Charity affair. In his remarks Monday evening, Morneau said Trudeau did not ask him to resign. He also suggested the recent leaks and speculation about his relationship with the prime minister were par for the course as finance minister.

“I will look forward to watching politics from the outside,” he said.


62177b () No. 10324220


Canadian finance minister resigns amid contracting scandal

Morneau insisted that it's "never been" his plan to run in more than two federal election cycles and told reporters he's instead putting his name forward as a candidate to lead the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He said he informed Trudeau Monday of his intention, adding that Canada needs a new finance minister "for the long, challenging road ahead."

Trudeau did not ask him to resign, he said.

In a statement, Trudeau thanked Morneau for his work and voiced support for his OECD bid.

“Today, I spoke with Bill Morneau and accepted his resignation," the prime minister said. "Canada will vigorously support his bid to lead this important global institution that will play a critical role in the global economic recovery."