• Fixed a 'bug' that was causing me to miss the 17 second delta on #2246/2247. I'm now allowing for up to a -60 delta to account for network latency between twitter and 8ch.
  • Fixed lost twitter deltas in archived posts.
  • Added code to archive the TrumpTwitterArchive
  • Removed /patriotsawoken/ from the scrape temporarily as it was causing problems.
  • Added links to the 2 "Q -The Basics" PDFs
  • Added a video randomizer on the homepage to cycle thru 3 jewels.
  • Forgot about this changelog
  • Updated a bunch of stuff, added links to for everything
  • Fine tuned the wordbubble a bit
  • Started working on a new analytic idea based on the wordbubble
  • Fine tuned the code that finds post references to make it more reliable
  • Planning on getting back on the db conversion
  • Working on the 'hover over a referenced post and see the post in a thread archive' magic. It's not 100% cross breads since it's guessing but, it mostly works.
  • Added this new 'spash' page rather than redirecting to the Q posts page. Includes the plan to save the world and 4 most recent /qresearch/ bumps.
  • Decreased load time dramatically for the Archive page by dropping the JSON on the page rather than using the API.
  • Removed the Custom google search on the Archive page and changed to a Lunr search instead.
  • Lunr search on Archive does NOT include text of first post in index to speed up Index creation.
  • Added the new paging feature to the Archive page to speed it up.
  • Added the total archived reply count to the Archive page.
  • Whitelisted Q's new tripcode '!A6yxsPKia.'
  • Turned the twitter delta's [on] by default on the Q Posts page. Removed any deltas > 60. Highlight deltas [0, 1, 5, 10, 20]
  • Fixed a nagging local bug where breads were not being archived due to post count discrepancies.
  • Changed the image archive logic to archive all images from any bread that Q posts in. Rejiggered bread imageLinks src to archived in these cases.
  • Still working on the database conversion project, but posts are being imported consistently now.