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  • Finally found some time to get CloudFlare set up
  • is sporting a fancy new SSL cert today.
  • Retuned some logic to handle duplicate Q post numbers. With all the new threads, it was bound to happen.
  • Fixed a few IE browser issues I had missed. Site should be IE compatible now.
  • Back from being AFK
  • Q helped me discover a bug in the scraper code having to do with a new thread on a private Q board. Fixed.
  • AFK
  • Made some changes to the time search filter on the Q posts page. Before you could only search hh:mm. Now you can search hh: or :mm. Remember all times are in ZULU time - no matter what you have displaying!
  • Back up
  • Known issue at our host has caused an annoying issue with the scrapes. Theoretically should be fixed up by EOB Monday.
  • CORS on the API is back on in case that was what was causing the issue.
  • Tons of bugfixes/tweaks
  • Added markers for [0] deltas on the Q/POTUS ScatterPlot. Get ya some Scatterposts
  • Updated the full JSON Archive on the Archive page
  • After noticing alot of slowdowns, I implemented a caching solution. It should be running faster. It was causing the scrapes to run WAY longer than they had to so I've been working on clearing that up.
  • I built out some of the functionality to allow (you) to archive JSON or XML locally. Head over to the new page to try it out. You can save LocalViewer.html to your own hard drive and run it from there too.
    -Get Everything will download everything. Get Latest will download everything you haven't downloaded already.
    -Single breads can be downloaded by clicking the download [] icon.
  • Various bugfixes/tweaks
  • Added a new Analytic that shows all Q drops and POTUS tweets in a scatterplot. Hover for date/text. Get ya some Scatterposts
  • Fixed a 'bug' that was causing me to miss the 17 second delta on #2246/2247. I'm now allowing for up to a -60 delta to account for network latency between twitter and 8ch.
  • Fixed lost twitter deltas in archived posts.
  • Added code to archive the TrumpTwitterArchive
  • Removed /patriotsawoken/ from the scrape temporarily as it was causing problems.
  • Added links to the 2 "Q -The Basics" PDFs
  • Added a video randomizer on the homepage to cycle thru 3 jewels.
  • Forgot about this changelog
  • Updated a bunch of stuff, added links to for everything
  • Fine tuned the wordbubble a bit
  • Started working on a new analytic idea based on the wordbubble
  • Fine tuned the code that finds post references to make it more reliable
  • Planning on getting back on the db conversion
  • Working on the 'hover over a referenced post and see the post in a thread archive' magic. It's not 100% cross breads since it's guessing but, it mostly works.
  • Added this new 'spash' page rather than redirecting to the Q posts page. Includes the plan to save the world and 4 most recent /qresearch/ bumps.
  • Decreased load time dramatically for the Archive page by dropping the JSON on the page rather than using the API.
  • Removed the Custom google search on the Archive page and changed to a Lunr search instead.
  • Lunr search on Archive does NOT include text of first post in index to speed up Index creation.
  • Added the new paging feature to the Archive page to speed it up.
  • Added the total archived reply count to the Archive page.
  • Whitelisted Q's new tripcode '!A6yxsPKia.'
  • Turned the twitter delta's [on] by default on the Q Posts page. Removed any deltas > 60. Highlight deltas [0, 1, 5, 10, 20]
  • Fixed a nagging local bug where breads were not being archived due to post count discrepancies.
  • Changed the image archive logic to archive all images from any bread that Q posts in. Rejiggered bread imageLinks src to archived in these cases.
  • Still working on the database conversion project, but posts are being imported consistently now.