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Q Research General #2729 POTUS to Helsinki for Operation AMERICAFIRST

Q Research General #2729 POTUS to Helsinki for Operation AMERICAFIRST Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:42:00Z No. 2164461

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>>2163827 Prior knowledge of 9/11 by 3-letter agencies

>>2163853 Clinton donor Nancy Riordan dig

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>>2164253, >>2164261 More Elon calling out Pedo Sauce

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>>2164320 Iranian offical urges POTUS to not use Reserve

>>2164328 QAnon statement by caller on Nigel Farage's show while interviewing Steve Bannon

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>>2163566 Link to 450 page Dig on Clinton Foundation by a Team of Anons

>>2163557 Ontario, Canada's new government is starting to clean up the Leftist mess

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>>2163187 Is Elon Really Calling out a Pedo?

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>>2162189 New Uniform Law appears to have passed against Human Trafficking, a business described as Modern-Day Slavery that has enslaved around 27 million people worldwide, >>2162441 Side-by-side fror NC anons (Uniform Act vs NC State Law re: Human Trafficking)

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>>2162241 News from Iran

>>2162249 More Medevac Activity, >>2162250

>>2162323 True Witchhunt: The Coven Of The Black Cauldron, >>2162332, The Little Red Church and the Unitarian Churches, >>2162649

>>2162365 1 side of the Pyramid: Soros naturally involved in derailing Brexit

>>2162384 Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp calls [HRC]'s involvement in U1 a "..crime for the history books"

>>2162419 Another small step into normalizing deviant behaviour: WHO recognises 'compulsive sexual behaviour' as mental disorder (gives 'plausible deniability' in court)

>>2162442 Syria vs. FSA/Rebels, near Israel Occupied Golan

>>2162471 German Foreign Minister warns Trump against "unilateral deals' with Russia ahead of talks with Putin

>>2162506 Watch The Water: GMR (Great Man-Made River) Water Supply Project

>>2162532 UK Voting intention polls after POTUS visit

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>>2162905 Parks departement boss Palamar is a POS

>>2162907 #2726

>Uranium 1 Digs

>>2162461 Q Flashback: first posts back in October was to acknowledge that both RM and RR were implicated in U1

>>2162566 Sources on U1 Investigation (important in relation to RR, MUELLER), >>2162580 Rosatom, >>2162589 ARMZ Uranium Holding,

>>2162606 Energy Fuels, Concord Group & Arizona, >>2162625 Denison Mines

>>2162588 POTUS_Schedule posts: Resolute Reads. Real News President Trump doesn't want you to miss.

>>2162642 Watch The Water: Is Uranium mining near the Grand Canyone safe? The answer may be in the Water

>>2162681 Letter from Greg Jaczko to Senator Barosso regarding U1 → ARMZ Uranium Transfer Deal


>>2161877, >>2161890, >>2162056 Planefag update: Still Medevac-heavy, Apparent Mil blackout

>>2161670 Kek, Theresa May said Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit. DoItMay!

>>2161425, >>2161442, >>2161438, >>2161445, >>2161513, >>2161525 Subs talk, prolly nothing

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Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:45:30Z No. 2164506


Baker Requesting Handoff

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 17:46:57Z No. 2164526

Bless this Bread!

Anonymous ID: 707196 2018-07-15 17:47:22Z No. 2164532

Packets of Cocaine with Brazilian Player's Face Seized in Raid.

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 17:47:41Z No. 2164535


Great Job Baker!

Back up Baker here

Grabbing the dough,

Confirming handoff?

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 17:48:05Z No. 2164539

For the shillfag shitting up the last bread. Get some.

Anonymous ID: a32fe4 2018-07-15 17:48:29Z No. 2164544

Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:48:32Z No. 2164545

Updated Dough

Corrected #2728 Notables

Anonymous ID: 68f98f 2018-07-15 17:48:33Z No. 2164547

Great Job Baker, I just see one small error in your notable bun post, it didn't enter correctly… Might want to correct the dough & re-post.

Otherwise great job and congrats again!!

Nailed the new bread post even!!

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 17:49:07Z No. 2164550


Obama born August 4, 1961

The Colony and Protectorate of Kenya was part of the British Empire in Africa from 1920 until 1963.

Video: Obama bows to Queen

Was the USA been infiltrated by the British?

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 17:49:10Z No. 2164551



Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:49:19Z No. 2164552



I posted new dough, error in the 2728 notables, missing link, new dough has it

Anonymous ID: 5c8e38 2018-07-15 17:49:37Z No. 2164553


Its working now, keep in mind the size of this file makes it slow to load..

Anonymous ID: a32fe4 2018-07-15 17:49:47Z No. 2164555

Anonymous ID: 68f98f 2018-07-15 17:50:05Z No. 2164556



Good Handoff, in case BO/BV not available…

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 17:50:09Z No. 2164557


Anonymous ID: 81864f 2018-07-15 17:50:14Z No. 2164558

Reminder: This is an anti-semitic free zone.

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 17:50:32Z No. 2164559

(Re-post by request) Possibly notable:

Anonymous ID: 4d627f 2018-07-15 17:50:39Z No. 2164560


>Was the USA been infiltrated by the British?

Pissed off because we kicked their assess in two wars and then bailed their fannies out in WW2?

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 17:50:40Z No. 2164561

Reposting from LB ICYMI.

AF1 descending into Helsinki. The previous position I capped 26 minutes ago over Scotland may have been spoofed or stale.

Also saw USAF SAM45, part of POTUS party, arriving in Helsinki a while ago but no cap available.

R7 over

Anonymous ID: a32fe4 2018-07-15 17:50:43Z No. 2164562

Anonymous ID: 4701cf 2018-07-15 17:50:47Z No. 2164563

Britain, Ecuador in ‘High-Level’ Talks to Evict Julian Assange from Embassy Julian Assange, the founder of the self-described “not-for-profit media organization WikiLeaks,” is facing the possibility of being evicted from Ecuador’s London embassy. British judge upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange. The Associated Press, 14 Jul 2018


Why doesn't Trump stop by the Ecuadorian embassy while in Europe to pay Julian a visit? When he steps out of the building, all the secret service form a path, and lead him into the motorcade and away they go. If he gets evicted from asylum they'll kill him in a heart beat.

Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:50:52Z No. 2164564


I think I corrected it just above this


Yikes, Thank You

Anonymous ID: 98355a 2018-07-15 17:50:56Z No. 2164565

Worth a read. Randy Quaid is red pilling people.

Anonymous ID: 5d976b 2018-07-15 17:50:57Z No. 2164566

>>2164436 lb bag of rabid cats…

This>>>>> >>2164510

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 17:51:08Z No. 2164567



(It's not).

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 17:51:36Z No. 2164569

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 17:51:43Z No. 2164570


Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 17:51:50Z No. 2164571



(pic related)

goofy formatting

minor as fuck, great baking baker!

morning brrrrrrrrrrt

Anonymous ID: 5710d6 2018-07-15 17:51:51Z No. 2164572

President Trumps unwavering confidence is the only thing that keeps me going.

Anonymous ID: 12c2f7 2018-07-15 17:52:16Z No. 2164573


Go Randy, Go!


Anonymous ID: bcdd83 2018-07-15 17:52:21Z No. 2164574

U.S. Reportedly Issues Travel Bans on Canadian Cannabis Professionals

Immigration and cannabis legalization have been two hot button issues within the U.S. political arena recently. The majority of the discussion surrounding these issues has been mainly focused on that of legalization in America and immigration from Mexico. But there has been a disturbing story regarding both travel bans and cannabis legalization involving our neighbors to the north.

Canada has recently legalized the plant medicine nationwide, becoming only the second country in the world to do so. Naturally, this brings along with it a boost to the legal industry, and Canadian cannabis professionals will understandably want to do business with some of their American counterparts. That’s what Jay Evans, CEO of Keirton Inc., and his two colleagues intended to do recently. Evans told Star Metro Vancouver that he and his colleagues planned to travel from Canada to the U.S. for a meeting to discuss a device that aids in the cannabis production process.

“We had not yet designed the product, we had not yet marketed the product, and we’d not yet sold the product,” Evans said.

Upon telling U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents that they work in the legal cannabis industry, but not directly selling or distributing the plant in any way, they were allegedly detained and interrogated.

“During routine questioning, one of the three men mentioned their design would eventually be used in the Canadian cannabis industry, and they were immediately taken into the secondary inspection facility for further scrutiny,” the story claims.

The article again points out that even though the three men aren’t directly involved with the cannabis sales, they were labeled drug traffickers.

“Keirton is not involved with the production, distribution or sale of cannabis. But because its equipment is explicitly intended to be used by people who are, Evans and his colleagues were told after a six-hour interview they were ‘drug traffickers’ according to U.S. federal law,” the article says.

After the interrogation concluded, the three men were allegedly issued lifetime bans that forbid them from entering the U.S., according to the story.

At this time, we don’t have definitive proof that these Canadians were banned from entering the U.S. for simply intending to discuss the manufacturing of a device that would be used for producing cannabis. However, if any part of this story is true, it is rather disturbing, especially if the part where they’re banned for life turns out to be anything but hearsay. Medical cannabis is legal in 30 U.S. states and D.C., and recreational is legal in 9 states and D.C. For these men to be label drug traffickers, if true, is absurd, and highlights the ongoing issues we still face when it comes to the U.S. federal government’s antiquated stance on cannabis.

Anonymous ID: abbbea 2018-07-15 17:52:28Z No. 2164575


help over here >>2163492



Anonymous ID: 5d5f9a 2018-07-15 17:52:28Z No. 2164576


>this to me is insidious

of course it is and the paper states what should be self-evident to anyone.

"Under existing [1980] United States law, PSYOP units may not target American citizens. That prohibition is based upon the presumption that "propaganda" is necessarily a lie or at least a misleading half-truth, and that the government has no right to lie to the people."

I'm not in favor of censorship of information under the 1st amendment, but if the State's real goal was to protect its people, then corporate news services (MSM) should come with a BLACK BOX WARNING from the FCC, the same way the FDA issues such warnings about taking SSRI's and anti-psychotics.

Anonymous ID: eb2a40 2018-07-15 17:52:39Z No. 2164577

Planefags got a plight you might find interesting. On Flightradar24. Transponder code Honor85. Track starts just off the california coast. Looks like it came in from overseas somwhere, then did several orbits off the coast, maybe waiting for clearence? Did a dog leg over the coastal range now heading eastward (track 70 deg. passing just south of Susanville). It is not following the usual traffic lanes.

Anonymous ID: 1fab6a 2018-07-15 17:52:51Z No. 2164578


What I meant was that we should confront them every time they appear.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 17:53:02Z No. 2164579


For the next 2-3 days, social media will be trending #Russia hashtags, and ((THEY)) are going to be out in FULL force

pushing the #12RussiansIndicted #DNCHack #TrumpRussianCollusion narrative

4AM talking points:

-Trump has screamed 'NO COLLUSION' like a lullaby, hoping you will believe it.

-Trump is Putin's MOST PRIZED ASSET

-Trump lives inside his own version of reality 100% of the time, Grandiosity/Inflation of own self worth

-12 Russians hacked the DNC to sway the election in Trumps favor

…and who KNOWS what other bullshit they are planning in hopes to rain on the RussianSummit.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could do something about it?

If we could rally together #FakeNewsAwards style, I genuinely think we could put a MAJOR dent in the their agenda






Anonymous ID: 46d2e4 2018-07-15 17:53:03Z No. 2164580


Fuck the jackwads Prince Charles's and William

Refusing to meet POTUS and FLOTUS is real classy guys

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 17:53:04Z No. 2164582

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 17:53:05Z No. 2164581


yet you have to be the first one to shit up this bread. Congrats asshole.

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 17:53:12Z No. 2164583

>>2164270 (lb)

>>2164382 (lb)

This is the exact reason why cultivating tacit approval (The legal term for this is 'silent agreement') is in the clown spotting doc.

Keep fighting anons!

Anonymous ID: fb87a0 2018-07-15 17:53:19Z No. 2164584

Anonymous ID: 68f98f 2018-07-15 17:53:32Z No. 2164585


Yeah, I saw - you figured out right away.

Good job at the oven.

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 17:53:35Z No. 2164586

Anonymous ID: e9818b 2018-07-15 17:53:36Z No. 2164587


Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 17:53:39Z No. 2164588


ADSB radar says AF1 is now on the GND in Helsinki. Landed!

Welcome to Finland, POTUS & party.

Godspeed patriots.

Anonymous ID: b7a221 2018-07-15 17:53:41Z No. 2164589


Might want to NOT dox yourself. If all else fails use the windows snipping tool. Definitely don't do it this way. Delete post and retry.

Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:53:51Z No. 2164590



I goofed and forgot to put the Notables link in there and in the actual #2728 posts. Notables link in >>2164447

Anonymous ID: 5710d6 2018-07-15 17:53:55Z No. 2164592

You’ll find out.

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 17:53:56Z No. 2164591

Anonymous ID: 87e7de 2018-07-15 17:54:03Z No. 2164593

Out of control.

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 17:54:06Z No. 2164594

Hey BrainCellfag.

If anons can express their feelings about KIKES I’m pretty sure it’s acceptable to talk about the greatest puzzle ever created, the Bible.

Is their a thread for kikefaggots?

Anonymous ID: bb5028 2018-07-15 17:54:21Z No. 2164595


thank Q for all the fish

Anonymous ID: 3b065b 2018-07-15 17:54:29Z No. 2164596

Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 4d627f 2018-07-15 17:54:46Z No. 2164597


Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 17:54:49Z No. 2164598


Jesus loves you

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 17:54:52Z No. 2164599


Anonymous ID: a32fe4 2018-07-15 17:54:53Z No. 2164600

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 17:54:57Z No. 2164602



what you fail to understand is that anti (insert name of group) is a cabal division fagging tactic

call out evil people not groups

Q told us groups not evil

take bad apples OUT

Anonymous ID: f265b0 2018-07-15 17:55:03Z No. 2164603

Carter Paige calls for release of FISA docs

My apologies if previously posted, lb was a shitshow…

Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 17:55:04Z No. 2164604

>>2164558 Bait

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 17:55:12Z No. 2164605


ya done goofed baker

its so minor, brrrt can fix it!

this brrrrrt:

>>2164447 #2728

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 17:55:17Z No. 2164606


Anonymous ID: 5cb212 2018-07-15 17:55:35Z No. 2164607


oh, great reminder to re-read that, that was the plan for today, danke

Anonymous ID: bfd84a 2018-07-15 17:55:37Z No. 2164608


Never thought I'd end up thinking that a guy who talked about "Starwhackers" and made vid of girlfriend wearing a Rupert Murdoch mask while simulating anal sex was the sane one.

Anonymous ID: fb87a0 2018-07-15 17:55:37Z No. 2164609

Anonymous ID: 6a7f47 2018-07-15 17:55:54Z No. 2164610


Remember these days.

When its time to pay the ferrymens fee.

Remember this post.

Just remember.

I am actually afraid for (((you))) “people”.

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 17:55:56Z No. 2164611


Got it! brrrrrrrrrrrrt kek

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 17:56:04Z No. 2164612


Yeah, but that was the "disinformation" part! ;)

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 17:56:07Z No. 2164613


Thank you.

Anonymous ID: b0257a 2018-07-15 17:56:15Z No. 2164614

When Asma Jahangir died, it was reported as Cardiac Arrest. Now when you do a search, it says Brain Hemorrhage?

Also, in the beginning the side search showed a picture of her smoking, now it is a picture of her smiling.

Anonymous ID: fb87a0 2018-07-15 17:56:19Z No. 2164615

Anonymous ID: 22d918 2018-07-15 17:56:28Z No. 2164616


Just filter and ignore, don't feed them that only encourages them to continue, likely a lot of them are just bots anyways.

Anonymous ID: bfd84a 2018-07-15 17:56:31Z No. 2164617


I'll go with


Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 17:56:45Z No. 2164618


Anonymous ID: 5c8e38 2018-07-15 17:56:55Z No. 2164619


Its working now, keep in mind the size of this file makes it slow to load..

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 17:56:55Z No. 2164620


Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 17:56:59Z No. 2164621

Two things I’ve noticed:

1) there’s a new shill tactic to call everything a slide to discourage looking into certain topics and discussion of certain topics. When people don’t want you discussing or digging on something, that’s a good sign there’s something meritorious there.

2) the anti-bible crew here seems overly defensive and antagonistic. Beyond that of normal non-religious folks who that discussion doesn’t speak to personally.

If I had to wager a guess, there seems to be some vested interest in keeping people away from seeking God or finding salvation as a result of this board and current events. The Bible actually says that it’s exactly these sort of times where people turn to and find God.

If Christianity is true, that’s one sinister and lucifarian agenda.

Even just looking at it secularly, Christianity seems to have an immense effect at disrupting trust in human systems and government, and also helping people realize that they do not get their value, rights, and dignity from human systems. It’s at the very least, one hell of a breaker of chains. I can see why cabalists would want to shut it down.

Atheist anons who want to MAGA should relaize they are on the same side as Christians in this movement and awakening.

The only motivating force I can see to shut down or quarantine Christian discussion on this board is aligned with the cult’s interests.

This is a free speech board, first and foremost. We shouldn’t try to shut down naturally arising topics.

And WWG1WGA. We shouldn’t try to send certain people or discussions to threads with much fewer eyes on them.

Anonymous ID: bb5028 2018-07-15 17:57:06Z No. 2164622

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 17:57:11Z No. 2164623


Mary thinks youre a total bitch

Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 17:57:22Z No. 2164624


From the comma, to everything - POTUS indirectly confirms to Piers Morgan that his misspellings on Twitter are actually purposefully done and not mere hasty accidents:

'Or in some cases call and say: “put this exact statement out” I’m very exacting. From the comma, to everything.'

Anonymous ID: abbbea 2018-07-15 17:57:23Z No. 2164625


even if you have more to say you should stop here at (4)

your message is gonna look like spam

i saw you Qatar pic as post 751 2 breads ago

learn to ride the waves, anon

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 17:57:23Z No. 2164626


Anonymous ID: 81864f 2018-07-15 17:57:34Z No. 2164627


Funny thing about kike, they earned that moniker because they were offended by the x placed by their name at Ellis Isle because their genetic schizo paranoia triggered them into seeing the cross on which they hung the messiah. So they drew a little circle, a kikel.

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 17:57:35Z No. 2164628


Is Obama actually a British Citizen

Anonymous ID: 911f51 2018-07-15 17:57:38Z No. 2164629


(Was like that when I got there)

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 17:57:55Z No. 2164630



Anonymous ID: 60c16d 2018-07-15 17:57:58Z No. 2164631

Noticed another thing about @RealDJT tweets today-it is the first 45 minute delta since 10/28/17. Again, I'm not sure if this is significant and yes…I use EST as that's the timezone in DC. I've noted this in the timestamp spreadsheet too, for any interested Anons.

https ://

Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 17:57:59Z No. 2164632


Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 17:58:00Z No. 2164633

>>2164585 Thank you

>>2164605 Still learning

Anonymous ID: fb87a0 2018-07-15 17:58:00Z No. 2164634


Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 17:58:09Z No. 2164635

Anonymous ID: 98355a 2018-07-15 17:58:12Z No. 2164636


I know, I've followed him for years. And a lot of things he said are actually true. That's probably what drove him crazy.

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 17:58:24Z No. 2164637


Crescent moon Mary? I’m not Catholic

Anonymous ID: c96625 2018-07-15 17:58:36Z No. 2164638


the sound of music one always cracks me up

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 17:58:43Z No. 2164639



division shill

Anonymous ID: bfd84a 2018-07-15 17:58:44Z No. 2164640


I think I ended up filtering 100 posts in the last bread. It was seriously lean.

I guess you got to engage someone just to show newfags and lurking normies we aren't all assholes, but filtering makes for tastier bread.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 17:58:47Z No. 2164641


see: >>2164605



I was completely joking, its all good baker!


popcorn being popped

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 17:58:53Z No. 2164642


Sarcasmfag here.

Super thrilling info

Anonymous ID: a32fe4 2018-07-15 17:58:58Z No. 2164643

fresh hot dog / pizza

no mo revenue from illegal medical…

Anonymous ID: 3b065b 2018-07-15 17:59:40Z No. 2164644


Anonymous ID: 1fab6a 2018-07-15 17:59:59Z No. 2164645


There is one in particular who is not a bot. He is the one who I will take on every time.

You can spot him by the photos he posts and the sauce he provides is David fucking Duke.

I'm sure he'll be here today sometime.

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 18:00:00Z No. 2164646



Anonymous ID: d9d2cd 2018-07-15 18:00:20Z No. 2164648


Just more fucking pablum from evildoers. 911 was an inside job from CIA/BUSHES/CLINTONS/FBI/ATF… and most likely done to 1. drag us into yet another war to feed the industrial military complex, 2. set up full scale spying on all Americans, and 3. set up mass immigration and porous open borders. The cabal needs to fucking BURN

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:00:26Z No. 2164649


Not for nothing, but reading into MKUltra techniques, there seem to be suicide programs embedded in victims for when they go off script, become hard to control or liabilities, or become useless.

I do wonder how many suicides are murders, sacrifices, or even fakes and witness protection covers.

But I also wonder if any/how many suicides are triggered by MKUltra handlers.

Anonymous ID: 02ffdf 2018-07-15 18:00:43Z No. 2164650

These two posts in bread #2727 are NOT notable

>>2163103 (Inane post)

>>2162988 (Consistent bread spam, not even a correct brief description of the post itself)

Notables are not endorsements. They are markers denoting a post as dig-worthy or of great interest to all, as judged by anons. These posts are neither.

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:00:58Z No. 2164651


I keeeeed….

I see what you are saying. But we will absolutely NOT "cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks". And go fuck yourself for saying so.

Who would decide what is an "anti-Semitic" remark? (You)?

What would the punishment be? Banning them?

These "anti-Semites" have contributed more to these investigations than anyone else. And frankly, in most cases the culprits are Jewish. So, given their particular specialty in Jew-hating, they are /our/ natural allies. They our bros. Our frens. Our fam… Who the fuck our you?

Anonymous ID: 509936 2018-07-15 18:01:07Z No. 2164652

Q lives eternally!

Anonymous ID: 2c91d2 2018-07-15 18:01:41Z No. 2164653


great thinking!



we really should keep a reminder up top for grannyanons, etc

this is a crucial moment for POTUS.. let's make him proud!

Anonymous ID: 6a7f47 2018-07-15 18:02:01Z No. 2164654

Yeah, I need a break.

Carry-on Anons…

Goin fishin.

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:02:05Z No. 2164655

https ://

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP not bowing to the Queen

https ://

Did Obama Bow To the Queen Of England?

Obama a subject of the Queen? As a subject Obama takes orders for the Queen? CNN says that you must bow before the queen first video.

CNN comped by the Queen ? CNN has British anchors ?

Crown News Network == CNN

Anonymous ID: 347fcc 2018-07-15 18:02:20Z No. 2164656

when filtering, what’s the difference between ID and ID+ ?

Anonymous ID: b0257a 2018-07-15 18:02:23Z No. 2164657

>>2164633 58ef86 is at 10+ posts already

Anyone that is taking up 5% or more of the bread is a shill. Please FILTER THESE FAGGOTS!!!

Anonymous ID: 8a4c0b 2018-07-15 18:02:27Z No. 2164658


Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:02:33Z No. 2164659


I know he loves us all. Now let's drop it and do some digging for our country.

God Bless America

God Bless DJT/Qteam/Anons



Anonymous ID: f265b0 2018-07-15 18:02:57Z No. 2164661

Kansas City - 2 cops dead

Anonymous ID: 897ee2 2018-07-15 18:02:59Z No. 2164662

LIVE TRUMP in Finland

Anonymous ID: 73b3d2 2018-07-15 18:03:05Z No. 2164663

CA repubs should for de leon.

Further left than Fienstein, but the hag of 24 years will be gone.

And he should be easier to pick off in the next go round.


Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 18:03:10Z No. 2164664


ID+ also filter all the anons that replied to that post

ID: a42ca0 2018-07-15 18:03:27Z No. 2164665

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 18:03:36Z No. 2164666







= When the raw vid HRC 5:5 will be shown to the world.

Happy hunting!

Anonymous ID: d58389 2018-07-15 18:04:02Z No. 2164668

beep…beep… .. . . …. .. . ….. .. . ..

read u loud and clear Morse.

These people are stupid -Q

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 18:04:05Z No. 2164669


Anonymous ID: 4d627f 2018-07-15 18:04:18Z No. 2164672


Like waving a magic wand.

Anonymous ID: f5ce99 2018-07-15 18:04:21Z No. 2164673

The kike's only weapon at this stage of the game, is disinformation and censorship of information. Notice that the primary response to Problem, Reaction, Solution is often Filter Suggestion. Filtering is the only form of censorship that can truly be found on this board. The information you will find will often times be uncomfortable and beyond the normal sphere of reasoning due to conditioning from media outlets worldwide. It is important to understand the tactics of the kikes. You will find a great push against anything considered wrong think or harsh language. Ask yourself simply, why do the chans refuse to use soft language and instead opt to call one another niggers, faggots and to call shills, kikes? These terms aid in combating PC culture and censorship culture by desensitizing individuals from restrictive language. The specifics of information and how it pertains to the world around you, is entirely up to you to apply. Self education is a hallmark of this board.

>See post below for clear example of filter suggestion

>This tactic is usually coupled with a variety of other forms of censorship such as dismissive comments and subversion through mask wearing/blending in tactics


Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 18:04:25Z No. 2164674


Good find anon

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:04:25Z No. 2164675


Jesus Fucking Christ….Not everything is about you & your kind. Holy shit.

Posting a religious post is fine. It's when 20 others climb on & DEMAND it be a part of every thread and then the off shoots join in, the bread rots quickly & becomes useless.

Is that what you are trying to do? Because that's EXACTLY what's happening today. You may mean well, but turn the other cheek man. you all come in and become the type of people you say is evil.

fuck. Religion posts never bothered me until today when I see 3 breads totally wasted. and the majority are from pointless posts that have NOTING to do with Q.

but I'm sure you & your gang will call me a shill & try to shame me for telling it like it is. Typical of your type really.

Anonymous ID: 8f40c2 2018-07-15 18:04:33Z No. 2164676

Trump did the right thing, the USA doesn't need any cry baby bullshit from the royals…. Royal's are overrated nonsense.

It is obvious that his supporter base lap up all his lies and he only thinks of them.

Without them he is nothing more than a vainglorious braggart suitable for nothing else than TV entertainment.

But after his crass vulgar insults against European friends and allies, and job providers in NATO, and his attack on Chancellor Merkel (the leader of the free world)- he behaved in such an outstandingly rude way to the sovereign of not only the UK but also Canada and Australia and New Zealand.., and roughly half of the population of northern Ireland

((I am Irish from the republic, the independent southern bit for the information of US Americans- the UK is our closest and most special neighbour, & we mostly feel affection for the British royals)….:

& so I was aghast at the behaviour of POTUS. To leave a 90+year old lady of any rank or social status waiting for a meeting 14minutes past agreed time on a ceremonial stage in high summer heat is shockingly poor behaviour.

Who was he snubbing? Why the snub? If no snub then why not the chummy confiding late night tweet explaining how he apologized for his tardiness, or his perceived discourtesy?


POTUS has tweeted nothing about the insults given to the British Queen, the Canadian Queen, the Australian queen, the queen… you know the little old lady who has represented many nations and countries and even heads up a religious denomination? Yep the queen of England.

Not a tweet….

…so the insults were meant.

That elderly lady represents almost a billion people through her role as head of the commonwealth of nations.

That elderly lady is head of state the first and foremost allies of the USA through peace and war.

Was it not enough that he had already insulted the prime ministers and/or governments of every significant state/country/nation in the anglosphere?

Although in the caee of Ireland’s guaranteed privileged annual meeting at Saint Patrick’s day he did not dirctly insult our taoiseach /pm but he did make inappropriate comments of a sexist nature aimed at the journalist of the Irish state broadcaster RTE.

We all see what is plain to see :-

This is a man whose manners are appaling and he behaves his worst around women.

Did he arrive late to meet the queen then not bow and walk ahead of her turning his back on her for the aggrandisement of his 50plus million twitter fans?

This man is so ill mannered and insensitive to protocol and others’ sensiblities and customs that surely he woulfd he behave like the vulgar oaf he is on vacation in Russia.

Anonymous ID: e9818b 2018-07-15 18:04:35Z No. 2164677


Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:04:36Z No. 2164678


>Anyone that is taking up 5% or more of the bread is a shill. Please FILTER THESE FAGGOTS!!!

They're starting to smell like operator-assisted bots…repeating the same shit over and over…two of them last bread accounted for 90+ posts.

Anonymous ID: d9d2cd 2018-07-15 18:04:37Z No. 2164679


Randy has been woke a long time. he was made to look crazy by the hollywood left but he must have had some insurance file or something, because he is still alive. I am glad he is speaking out. but the kids in hollywood have been raised since birth to become nothing but prostitutes for the elites. I don't know that they ever had any chance for a normal life. i.e. Brittany Spears, etc.

Anonymous ID: 2696c3 2018-07-15 18:04:57Z No. 2164681


it happens

looking good otherwise…

I gotta ask, what's with the bus crash links? possible illegals?

Anonymous ID: ad6a7c 2018-07-15 18:05:12Z No. 2164682

ELEVEN DAYS NO Q and White Squals

Alright u fags. Q knows damn well what he’s doing and now it’s our turn to support skipper and be there for him.

Like the end of the movie, skipper loses people he loves dearly and relies on the crew to help prop him up and support him. The end is near. Skip needs us to man the fucking sails here and bring this bitch to shore.

Anonymous ID: 21f309 2018-07-15 18:05:29Z No. 2164683


That pussy isn't for you.

Calm your nuts, bruh.

Anonymous ID: 0ab80c 2018-07-15 18:05:49Z No. 2164686


ID+ filters the responses to the ID filtered. Keeps you from having to see the newbies argue with the ID :)

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:05:52Z No. 2164688

Anonymous ID: 4555a3 2018-07-15 18:05:56Z No. 2164689

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:05:59Z No. 2164690


Not who you’re chatting with, but my opinion is that it’s possible to recognize that the puppet master culprits are Jews and the great evils that have been perpetrated by the Jewish cabal, while also not extending that to assume that every single Jew is evil and in on the conspiracy.

You can recognize “the Jewish problem” without being “anti-Semitic.”

I truly believe we judge on an individual human level first, and that WWG1WGA extends across all races and whatevers.

But that doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to significant over-representation of Jews in the top tier of the cabal and their role in distorting history.

Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 18:06:00Z No. 2164691

>>2164653 #HappyPOTUS

Anonymous ID: d58389 2018-07-15 18:06:00Z No. 2164692


Is that the 9/11 lady?

Anonymous ID: 23d66b 2018-07-15 18:06:03Z No. 2164693

Interesting posts reply to POTUS regarding the "DNC Server"….who the fk is this cat?

Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 18:06:10Z No. 2164694


i posted a prayer a month back

about repeating stuff 7 times

and focusing your energy on your target

and literally 14 people called it satanic


stuff like thats makes you wonder

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:06:12Z No. 2164695


https ://

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP not bowing to the Queen

Did Obama Bow To the Queen Of England?

Obama subject to the Queen !!!!

Bow before your Queen Trqadow and Obummer

Anonymous ID: c65ed7 2018-07-15 18:06:14Z No. 2164696


well that's kind of terrifying

Anonymous ID: 135944 2018-07-15 18:06:24Z No. 2164697


Anonymous ID: 9a0f2a 2018-07-15 18:06:27Z No. 2164698


>58ef86 is at 10+ posts already

Are you aware that is the baker?

Anonymous ID: a5fe6e 2018-07-15 18:06:44Z No. 2164700

Anonymous ID: d9d2cd 2018-07-15 18:07:18Z No. 2164702


look up masonic ritual + vatican and you will find a gaping rabbit hole… have fun.

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 18:07:46Z No. 2164704

Has Q ever said he would never post without signing “Q”?

Ever told Q to GTF out of this room?

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 18:07:46Z No. 2164705


Anonymous ID: 58ef86 2018-07-15 18:08:01Z No. 2164707


I know, just hacked that I screwed up.


I was the Baker moran, trying to learn baking so you can shitpost without paying attention to the Bread.

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 18:08:07Z No. 2164708

Anonymous ID: ea303e 2018-07-15 18:08:13Z No. 2164709


One of these days, I will learn how to embedded using this applet.

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:08:19Z No. 2164710


So did you bitch and whinge as much through the 3 day circumcision slide… Or the 2 day busted arsehole and porn slide….NO….Why?.. Because you were the cause of it. Maggot GTFO. Filtered.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:08:26Z No. 2164712


I don't remember seeing it. I think that's our Que to help push the DECLAS narrative.

Baker Notable?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:08:29Z No. 2164713


Cringe…it's not even that she touched the Queen–but did you catch that glare…KEK ole queenie didn't like that.

Kate carries a clutch in both hands to avoid touching people she does not personally extend her hand to..I imagine this is safety too..just one touch of something nasty…etc..personally I don't give a shit, but the horrific double standard is horrific. Big ol' Mike..nigger in the Palace.


>Trump was late, Queen was on time. It happens.

NOPE FAKE NEWS….he arrived exactly at 8:59. Queen went out 15 minutes before. Go check the time on the video.

Due to all the (((JIDF))) religious fuckery slides, several decent digs got lost…

I must have been over the BLACKMAIL target regarding Peter and his homo appearance/behavior and the fact that Lisa PAGE IS A INTEL LARP…fucking A (((SHILLING INTENSIFIES)))

if no work is going to get done due to (((JIDF))) shills new tactic (flooding us with religitard posts and MUH ADDICTION) then why not join in the slide fun???) REAL ANON would not want to slide, they would use the threads specifically for those discussions. REFUSAL to do so means (((SHILLS))), why insist on holding those discussions on the RESEARCH thread, if not to (((SLIDE)))…fucking jews, not hard to sort out which is which. REAL xians wouldn't act like that.

Anonymous ID: 717cd4 2018-07-15 18:08:31Z No. 2164714


secret societies

MUST be held accountable

Carter Page


Anonymous ID: 75cc42 2018-07-15 18:08:36Z No. 2164715


believe it or not this is a good thing for America. under the new canadian legalization laws, privately owned cannabis farms and dispensaries will remain ILLEGAL. all the weed sold in canada will be grown, transported, stored, and sold by the federal, and provincial/territorial governments. it will be sold at government operated stores, much like liquor is in many provinces. only unlike liquor all cannabis will be manufactured by the government. and cause ya know theyre gonna have canadians best interests at heart, ya know there wont be no fuckery there. someone in the states is quarentining this shit show from the recreational cannabis industy for you guys. be thankful

Anonymous ID: c61c15 2018-07-15 18:08:44Z No. 2164716

The Clowns and Nazis are one and the same

Clowns own website shows they hired Nazis.

"General Reinhard Gehlen, former head of Nazi intelligence operations against the Soviets, was hired by the CIA to operate 600 ex-Nazi agents in the Soviet zone of occupied Germany."

It wasn't just Nazi scientists that got hired.

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 18:09:07Z No. 2164718


How old was Jesus when he was crucified? 32? Was he then 33 on Easter? Since you mentioned masons.

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:09:07Z No. 2164719


>I was the Baker moran, trying to learn baking so you can shitpost without paying attention to the Bread.


Anonymous ID: 53d31e 2018-07-15 18:09:24Z No. 2164720

We're approaching a critical mass… has always been the narrative push of cabal that MUH- Russia did it…..they didn't want POTUS meeting Putin…..they know what that means for them….me thinks Q team will not post until this critical and important summit is finished and POTUS is safely back home…..Q stated several times that certain info in crumb release could cause mass chaos and possible conflict…….the world is watching!

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:09:27Z No. 2164721


What is “my type?” And why do you hold such hostility towards Christianity?

Christian goals are significantly overlapped with the goals of this board. Exposing evil, exposing the conspiracy of the “elite.” Recognizing individual value and sovereignty. Refusing identity politics. Resisting and overcoming evil. Seeking justice. Seeking truth. Seeking a moral life.

We should be nothing but allies in this movement.

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 18:09:40Z No. 2164724


Question for Anons


Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:10:08Z No. 2164725


Don't know about that, but her note reads:

"Help me! Donald Trump"

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:10:08Z No. 2164726



It appears the religionfags finally got the hint. Can we stop sliding the bread by arguing about it now?

Please and thanQ.

Anonymous ID: 68c14c 2018-07-15 18:10:19Z No. 2164727


Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 18:10:23Z No. 2164728


Do you know what it is to "Mau Mau" someone? Obama is an expert at it. Hint: It is a tactic. "They want you to fight each other."

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:10:26Z No. 2164729


Howm many other Presidents Bow before the Queen ?

Any pics of Past Presidents ?

Are they the subjects of the Queen ?

Great video of Canada PM giving his loyalty as subject to the queen !!!! Obama giving the same loyalty and secret oaths of the Queen ?

secret society bows before the Queen !!!!

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:10:27Z No. 2164730


Ya know, I've been wondering what the #WalkAway libtards will be walking TO.

Anonymous ID: 21f309 2018-07-15 18:10:35Z No. 2164732


So, I'll repeat what I said before, in a previous bread:

They do not care about you.

They have starved you.

They despise your faith.

They mock your language and dialect.

They will not choose to give you freedom

and will subvert ANY effort you make to be free.

This "elderly lady" does not deserve your reverence.

She certainly does not deserve ours (Americans - the US specifically).

Anonymous ID: 60b892 2018-07-15 18:10:35Z No. 2164733


I'm fairly sure the rule of law would prevent Trump getting out of the UK with JA.

If it happens it would have to be done secretly. Then who cares about the rule of law.

Anonymous ID: 23d66b 2018-07-15 18:10:36Z No. 2164734


Forgot to add more attachments he says is from DNC server

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:10:38Z No. 2164735


Just stop, please.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:10:45Z No. 2164736



idk who all saw this yesterday, I've been working on a cheat sheet

re: DNC leaks and Russian scandal, swamp monsters and the part they play

UPDATED: hopefully FlashmapAnon is here to add this to the dope

diagram he made for us with what was gathered yesterday.

House Intel Committee vs. the Swamp

HRC formed an INTL super PAC to funnel money thru uranium1 deal into CF

Foriegn donations went to offshore bank accnts, not bound by FIOA laws,

Not bound by congressional subpeona..


James Comey: Took million dollar corporate bribes to protect the clintons for passed 22 years

HRC got him placed in Lockheed he got $6M in one yr, HSBC, payola, etc

Leaked classified intel, lied under oath,

Prestriap: Worked C/I Dir FBI, Strzok reported to him..

John Brennan: Dir CIA, started a FALSE investigation on ‘Russian Collusion’

James Clapper: Dir Nat Intel, leaking things to the media to protect HRC at all cost

Susan Rice: National Sec Advisor,

Robert Mueller: while FBI director, covered up corrupt Clinton Uranium1 deal,now trying to

Sweep it all under the rug to save his job and reputation. Answers to RR re: specialC

Rod Rosenstien: Mueller subordinate/ally since 1990s. Helped cover up Uranium1

Named Mueller as special counsel

Andrew McCabe: while acting deputy FBI director , received 800K from DNC (went to his wife)

Gave HRC email investigation ‘special status’ and pushed dirtydossier inside FBI

Lisa Page: Special counsel to McCabe, worked as DOJ Lawyer

Strzok: HRC email cover up liar, GenFlynn ‘pretext interview’ political assn

Sept 2015 requested ALL HRC emails from DOJ, DOE, NSA, NRC, DOJ, NSA, US Tres

LAST person to see HRC emails.

(wife)Melissa Hodgeman, promoted dir of SEC same time FBI drafted exon letter for HRC

Bruce Ohr:(ex#4 DOJ) worked for Rod Rosenstein and met Fusion GPS Steele & Simpson

Provided FBI (Strzok) with elements of the dossier…

Nellie Ohr:(wife) formerCIA specialized in Russian affairs, works for FusionGPS

Andrew Weissman: Approved corrupt Uranium1 deal while heading BHO DOJ Fraud section

$145M of Russian bribes went to Clinton Foundation

Jeannie Rhee: CF attorney also former BHO DOJ political appointee, now on Mueller SpecC

Justin Cooper: set up illegal HRC server (NO. SEC CLEARANCE)

Aaron Zebley: Mueller’s chief of staff at FBI. DOJ&FBI senior C/T and nat’l sec. Pro.

Coopers attorney until 2015, now on Muellers SpecC

Seth Rich: DNC IT tech, shot in back, (died shortly after..?) flashdrive stolen 2016,

Imran Awan: DNC IT tech, signed into DNC username 100+ in short amount of time

Huma Abedin:

Anthony Wiener: 800K emails from HRC server were storred on his laptop as ‘insurance’, FBI (Comey) found it during investigation of … and sat on it. Comey denied taking the info further.

Glenn Simpson:

(wife) Mary Jakobee: works for FusianGPS

Loretta Lynch: AG during BHO, Tabled the CF investigation, ordered NYPD not to hold press conf re: Wiener laptop, claiming ‘it is now an FBI matter’

Sally Yates:

Vallery Jarret

Colin Powers

GCHQ: used NSA information to target Trump

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:10:46Z No. 2164737


> 3 day circumcision slide…

only a (((JEW))) would care about anti-cirumcision information, which, BTW has been part of half chan campaigns against your kind for a long time. Finding that information here included in information about the brutality, child abuse, and horrors committed by (((JEWS))) is not out of the ordinary. ONLY (((JEWS))) would care about that.

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:11:15Z No. 2164740

Anonymous ID: ad6a7c 2018-07-15 18:11:36Z No. 2164741


It’s Sunday faggot, seems like u could use some biblefagging with all that pent up hostility towards the creator. Try kys and u can speak directly with him immediately.

Anonymous ID: 24a842 2018-07-15 18:11:39Z No. 2164742

Catalogue hacked

Anonymous ID: 68c14c 2018-07-15 18:11:41Z No. 2164743


Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:11:44Z No. 2164744


Confederates or dems bow before the Queen

Queen and Albert Pike and secret societies bow before the Queen ?

Anonymous ID: 84df6f 2018-07-15 18:11:50Z No. 2164745


what does it say?

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 18:12:00Z No. 2164747


Hey retardfag

Look for the Q time stamp 08:12:55

Then read John 8:12-55


You do realize the whole world is watching you burn up bread don’t you?

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:12:02Z No. 2164748


Anonymous ID: e8f9a3 2018-07-15 18:12:02Z No. 2164749

They must be desperate if they think this is going to fly.


Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 18:12:14Z No. 2164750


I live in FarNorCal. Just went outside to look for it with the binoculars, didn't see it. Tracking it on Flightradar24 though. Those circles off the coast are very weird. Anyway to figure out where it's from, and where it's headed?

Anonymous ID: 506e6f 2018-07-15 18:12:19Z No. 2164752

July 16:

622- beginning of Islamic calendar

1054- start of East-West Schism

1790- DC established as capital

1907- Orville Redenbacher born: get your popcorn!

1915- first Order of the Arrow ceremony

1925- first parliament in Iraq

1945- birth of Atomic Age: Trinity nuclear bomb detonated (33° N)

1956- King Faisal of Iraq begins visit to England

1969- Apollo 11 mission launch (end of Space Race)

1970- Iraq's constitution goes into effect

1979- Saddam Hussein takes power (Bagdad 33° N)

1999- JFK Jr dies

Bonus: July 16 is 197th day of year (1+9+7 = 17)

Bonus+: 7/16 = 7+16 = 23

Ready for the big day tomorrow?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:12:25Z No. 2164754


>Ever told Q to GTF out of this room?

nope, because regardless of what you idiots have managed to convince yourselves of, no one actually believes that Q is actually religious, but absofuckinlutely knows how to rally moar troops using it.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:12:27Z No. 2164755

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:12:53Z No. 2164756

Anonymous ID: abbbea 2018-07-15 18:12:59Z No. 2164757

cat spam ?

fukk. shills. haters. flakk. over the target?

its about to get darker anons..

hang tight

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 18:13:00Z No. 2164758


Sasha must live a miserable existence having to always look over his shoulder all the time

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:13:13Z No. 2164759


yup. see


Q will be proud af to see we can do shit without him having to tell us to

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:13:30Z No. 2164762


Well stated, anon.

MAGA and Godspeed.

Anonymous ID: 5f4df1 2018-07-15 18:13:32Z No. 2164763




I am not seeing anything going on in Poland today. I checked the .PL side of the internet , called my mom and cousin and nothing. I was not able to see the live feed you sent me. It will not load..

But just to give you a. Bit of an insight. Poland is a bit divided ( much less than the USA now) but still devided. Most people are behind polands president, who is a patriot ( closed borders, and a general hatered and a big fuck off to the cabal, the EU and so on) but there are plenty of "sheep" in Poland as well. They hate the president . They hope for open borders and so on. They are very outnumbered, so I'm not worried.

And thank you Anon. I live in the USA now and I'm a us citizen for the past 20 +years. I bleed red white and blue! I love America with all my heart and I've been here for so long I don't even feel adopted anymore.kek. but English is still my second language and my whole family still lives in Poland ( I'm the only one here) so if there is ever anything questions about Poland, interpretations or anything, I'm at the service of POTUS, Q and any Anon here. I'll keep an eye on any situation in PL and report back.


For God and Country


Anonymous ID: e8f9a3 2018-07-15 18:13:52Z No. 2164766


Agreed, anon.

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:13:55Z No. 2164767



Queen loves black people

Queen supports Confederacy through masons

Queen Supports Civil War

Queen and Dems one in the same

Queen is actually German ?

Anonymous ID: d58389 2018-07-15 18:14:01Z No. 2164768


research Tania Head

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:14:32Z No. 2164769


Anonymous ID: d58389 2018-07-15 18:14:38Z No. 2164771


What if Sasha Cohen was Jihadi John

Anonymous ID: 4701cf 2018-07-15 18:14:48Z No. 2164772


What a Crooked and Nasty woman, indeed !!!!!!

…and I'm being generous with the woman part.

Anonymous ID: 7140b2 2018-07-15 18:15:14Z No. 2164775


Welcome PolandAnon

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 18:15:15Z No. 2164776



Q said expand not deflate your thinking.

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 18:15:35Z No. 2164777

Just a thought

what if the Queen is actually /ourgirl/

what if she is being held hostage

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:15:43Z No. 2164778


All those timestamps in the spreadsheet are PST, yes?

>1st 45 min delta since 10/28/17

If confirmed, would definitely consider this a Notable.

Great discovery, anon. Even simple data analysis can reveal gems.

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:15:43Z No. 2164779



HOLY shit. Excellent sauce is excellent. Any info on the twatter OP? How did he get this sauce?


Claims to have the server, has DNC narrative on taking Trump down.

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 18:15:56Z No. 2164781



Not seen on ADSB or Flightradar24 ATM.

Get me a screencap OK?

Offshore flights that loop are typically refuelling craft. The refuelling pattern is called a "racetrack" because of the oval shape. Find out what kind of plane it is and the registration No.?


Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:15:58Z No. 2164782


I’ll stop when it stops being relevant, anon. This is not your Facebook page, and you are not the arbitrator on what is and isn’t pertinent to the discussion.

Your antagonism is coming off as though you have ulterior motives. If you are genuine, I encourage you to examine what is causing such contempt within you on this topic, that even as a non-religious person you can’t say “well, I don’t believe in the hocus pocus stuff, but at least it brought these people to my side of this war.”

I want unity with you across our differences. You seem to want to silence disagreement with your perspective and to divide us when you label some as “your type”

Can you see why that seems to be working against the point of this board? Why I’m suspicious of your motives?

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:16:00Z No. 2164783


Thats it. why do you need a special counsel

Did Queen order a special counsel ?

Doj and Obama cannot prosecute this before?

DOJ and FBI taking orders from

Queen Elizabeth II ?

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 18:16:05Z No. 2164784




Pretty much. All hands on deck, faggots!

Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 18:16:18Z No. 2164785


Anonymous ID: b864d9 2018-07-15 18:16:18Z No. 2164786

JSON Archive anon, are still around?

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:16:32Z No. 2164787


The threads are getting slid hard & fast, I haven't even gotten a chance to look at the notables, are you saying that those 2 posts were added as Notables? And actually MADE IT INTO notables?!

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:16:32Z No. 2164788


How am I doxing myself?

Anonymous ID: c57486 2018-07-15 18:16:34Z No. 2164789




Anonymous ID: 3b065b 2018-07-15 18:16:47Z No. 2164790


Anonymous ID: 2542a3 2018-07-15 18:16:59Z No. 2164791

Qanon in Africa- Kenya

talks about Obama

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:17:07Z No. 2164792


At least the 3rd bread in a row you have posted this. You are glowing brightly. This obvious hate filled rant of yours only makes us stronger together to fight you. You have failed in your attempts. Bye shill.

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:17:13Z No. 2164793


RR in Canada a long time and not reporting to congress. RR taking orders from Queen Elizabeth II ?

Does RR and Mueller subjects and bow to their German Queen Elizabeth II ?

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:17:18Z No. 2164794


He's a known troll

Anonymous ID: 1fab6a 2018-07-15 18:17:40Z No. 2164795



Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:17:42Z No. 2164796



Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:17:45Z No. 2164797


Not my Twitter Post

Anonymous ID: 59609c 2018-07-15 18:17:50Z No. 2164798



Anonymous ID: d9d2cd 2018-07-15 18:18:00Z No. 2164799


wow, Trips confirm….

Anonymous ID: eb2a40 2018-07-15 18:18:04Z No. 2164800


You know as much or more than I do. I just use Flightradar24 for monitoring fire fighting. Came close to me which is why I noticed it. Weird thing is it seems to be on a route that avoids traffic and airports. I tried zooming out and extending its track didn't seem to line up with anything.

Anonymous ID: 5f4df1 2018-07-15 18:18:08Z No. 2164801


Hey brotheranon, or sisteranon.

I've been here since December, but non the less. Thank you for your "welcome". Please know I'm here 10+hrs per day, so if anything needs interpretation or inside knowledge- polishanon is on standby and ready to serve! Love all you fags ( no homo)

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 18:18:09Z No. 2164802



we've seen this guy Nassif claim he has the server for a few weeks, been in notables before too. is there any more sauce/update on this? happy to add if so

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:18:15Z No. 2164803


respect is earned. Royals and UK elite are scum… and this is coming from a US anon with 2 UK parents

>didn't America fight the British Royals to specifically say "Fuck Off"?

Anonymous ID: 2dc8dd 2018-07-15 18:18:23Z No. 2164804

Anonymous ID: 2696c3 2018-07-15 18:18:47Z No. 2164806


> trying to learn baking so you can shitpost without paying attention to the Bread.

love the BAKERS

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:19:00Z No. 2164808


Your hate is strong anon. I can feel it. I can't see any of your points with such hate filled rants.

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 18:19:00Z No. 2164809



Anonymous ID: 9f35d3 2018-07-15 18:19:03Z No. 2164810

Gowdy says he won't support Rosenstein impeachment

The chairman of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said Sunday he doesn't support a push by conservative lawmakers to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“No. For what? Impeach him for what? No,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

“I've had my differences with Rod Rosenstein. I talk to him quite often privately, which again is a lot more constructive than the public hearings we have,” Gowdy said. “He's a Trump appointee. So is [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions. So is [FBI Director] Chris Wray. If President Trump is dissatisfied with Rod Rosenstein, he can fire him with a tweet.”

The deputy attorney general, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling Russia probe and is a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s ire, has been accused by House Republicans of dragging his feet in responding to requests for documents related to Mueller’s work.

POLITICO reported last week that House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and other conservatives are launching a new effort to oust Rosenstein and are putting the finishing touches on an impeachment filing.

Gowdy said he's unsure there's enough support for that in the House.

“I'm not convinced there is a movement,” Gowdy said. “I read about it in POLITICO and sometimes their sources are better than mine. But I'm not part of that.”

Anonymous ID: c08936 2018-07-15 18:19:22Z No. 2164812


We need to have a measured response, meaning in each bread there has to be a controlled rebuttal simply so newfags don't get sidetracked.

At the same time we can't waste too much board space outing the shills.

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:19:22Z No. 2164813

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:19:44Z No. 2164814


"Nana wants to eat you."

Anonymous ID: c57486 2018-07-15 18:19:44Z No. 2164815


Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 18:19:48Z No. 2164816


Here grab you some popcorn.

Be ready!


Anonymous ID: 8259b6 2018-07-15 18:19:53Z No. 2164817

>>2164399 >>2164310 >>2164369 (these all from bread #2728)

>>2160930 (bread #2724) (excerpts shown below)

Reposting (with some deletions due to length) the info below from >>2160930 due to relevance on your posts and also good dig on disinformation/propaganda for The 16-Year Plan to Destroy America Flash Map. Lots of good sauce on Obama's manipulation of the American people.

>>2158291 (both bread #2721)


The 16-Year Plan to Destroy America Flash Map …

Have you considered incorporating into the flash map a portion that deals with manipulation of the public and corruption of the news media?

1) The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 was amended by Section 1078 of the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act to permit the government to use disinformation and propaganda ostensibly generated for foreign audiences to also disseminate it to domestic audiences. That had previously been forbidden.

2) Obama issued Executive Order 13707 of September 15, 2015

"Using Behavioral Science Insights To Better Serve the American People." Think psy-ops! This EO "encouraged" executive departments and agencies to:

"(i) identify policies, programs, and operations where applying behavioral science insights may yield substantial improvements in public welfare, program outcomes, and program cost effectiveness; (ii) develop strategies for applying behavioral science insights to programs and, where possible, rigorously test and evaluate the impact of these insights; (iii) recruit behavioral science experts to join the Federal Government as necessary to achieve the goals of this directive; and (iv) strengthen agency relationships with the research community to better use empirical findings from the behavioral sciences."

In other words, 'Now, it’s officially the policy of the American government to psychologically manipulate us. … We’ll be the subjects of psychological experiments without consent … Whether we sign up for it or not, we’ll all be a part of a giant mind control experiment."

3) Operation Mockingbird - a CIA effort to feed news to journalists along a specific narrative and to manipulate news sources. It was supposedly severely restricted in the 1970s due to the criticisms in the Church Report and then further restricted by then-CIA director George H.W. Bush. [DELETED LENGTHY MATERIAL]

4) False Flags - events that are planned, carried out, provoked, or even staged in order to distract from significant issues of the day. School shootings, train accidents, aircraft crashes, etc. are discussed for days on end which hides major progress being made by President Trump. I'll let you finish off the rest of the story.

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:19:54Z No. 2164818


English people created to welcome Trump - MSM didn't cover, of course

Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 18:20:00Z No. 2164819


Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:20:18Z No. 2164821



Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 18:20:19Z No. 2164822



i dont want to change a previous baker's notables, but if there is consensus on this from anons I can

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:20:19Z No. 2164823


I am not one to reply to a post as notable, I am actually an anon who is VERY vocal when dumb shit gets added to notables or idiots try to push gay ass things as notable…HOWEVER,

THIS IS VERY NOTABLE! red text red text

Tomorrow is going to be ALL Russia related bullshit hashtags with the left trying to do anything to make Trump look bad,


Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 18:20:37Z No. 2164825


Gowdy confirming /ourguys/

Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 18:21:01Z No. 2164827

#WalkAway from the shackles of evil

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:21:01Z No. 2164828


Seeing his name pop up in an unsealed indictment would make my day. kek!

Anonymous ID: 9901ea 2018-07-15 18:21:02Z No. 2164829


==NOTABLE== Randy Quaid asking good questions.

Anonymous ID: 4f110e 2018-07-15 18:21:02Z No. 2164830

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:21:06Z No. 2164832


RR was in Canada a long time ?

PS and all in London ?

Do they bow before the Queen ?

Taking orders from Queen Elizabeth II

RR and PS subjects to Queen Elizabeth II ?

Mueller 911 report a subject to Queen Elizabeth II ?

Many of Queen Elizabeths II subjects on TV

in MSM ? CNN ?

Are you slaves or sheep and bow before the Queen ?

https ://

Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:21:43Z No. 2164834


anon, we don't even know his real NAME.

kenya or Indonesia, remember?

Or grown in a lab somewhere.?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:21:45Z No. 2164835



could explain why he bowed to her..old Mike lumbering in like a cow. How embarrassing. Wonder what Phil would have said if he could have let loose?

Anonymous ID: 59609c 2018-07-15 18:21:45Z No. 2164836

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:21:46Z No. 2164837

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:21:54Z No. 2164838


Poland !

Anonymous ID: 1fab6a 2018-07-15 18:21:58Z No. 2164840


I'm younger and faster.

Anonymous ID: 8df158 2018-07-15 18:22:02Z No. 2164841


Not all the Repubs are in the know.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:22:03Z No. 2164842


What makes you think Gowdy is confirming our guys? He just put a monkeywrench into the effort to oust RR! WTF is up with that?

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:22:16Z No. 2164843


I’m quite literally saying I want us as allies across our belief differences. I have nothing but love for you, I’m just disheartened by your division attempts. If you read that as hate, so be it. But I, and I think any reasonable person reading, know that not to be honest.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:22:17Z No. 2164844


Id say its a troll move to spook the spooks…

I say that bc I seriously doubt he genuinely thinks POTUS wuld 'come get it'

…He knows Trump is being watched like a hawk, and has to do everything 100% by the book.

fuck it, let ((them)) have a taste of their own medicine.

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:22:24Z No. 2164846


> IMG_8199.PNG





Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:22:25Z No. 2164847



Know your Baker Anon.

Fucking retarded shithead

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:22:36Z No. 2164848

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 18:22:54Z No. 2164849

Bannon is Trump's PR guy, he battles it out with the libs and kicks ass doing it.

"Trump is elite, not elitist", SB

"He and I bond, I was called 'the enabler' ", SB

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 18:23:05Z No. 2164850

What’s the difference between sheep that follow the GOOD shepherd and sheep that follow the EVIL shepherd?

Do either think for themselves?

Define slaughter.

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:23:12Z No. 2164851

Anonymous ID: 0ca005 2018-07-15 18:23:17Z No. 2164852


>if only you knew how bad things really are

Anonymous ID: c65ed7 2018-07-15 18:23:18Z No. 2164853


or more reason for POTUS to declassify it all by himself.

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:23:21Z No. 2164854


Comey in New Zealand a long time ?

Is Comey a subject to Queen Elizabeth II ?

Comey bows before the Queen ?

Comey sending his people to London to take orders from Queen Elizabeth II ?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:23:31Z No. 2164855


wait, wut? didn't lord most high Q say…JA wasn't there anymore? or safe? They have the server, AND WE have JA? Interdasting if true.

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 18:23:34Z No. 2164856


What side do you think RR is on?

Don't jump to conclusions just yet.

Anonymous ID: caf9f2 2018-07-15 18:23:44Z No. 2164857


??? Circled around at sea then took off east?

Anonymous ID: 02ffdf 2018-07-15 18:24:08Z No. 2164859



Yes, there were calls in that very bread not to include them, as well as calls for it last bread. Just letting baker know.

Anonymous ID: 5f4df1 2018-07-15 18:24:26Z No. 2164860


Awww. Polish women… beautiful




Anonymous ID: 59609c 2018-07-15 18:24:29Z No. 2164861

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:24:39Z No. 2164862


There's nothing more dangerous than a pet sheep….Ask any farmer…lol……Baaaaaa….lol

ID: a42ca0 2018-07-15 18:24:53Z No. 2164863


Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:25:04Z No. 2164864

Can’t what Elon Musk’s game is. He sometimes seems to be against the cabal, but watching “De-Occulting Elon Musk” seems to suggest that Musk quite obviously has informed and intentional lucifarian allegiances. Plus he shills so hard for climate change.

Controlled opposition?

Anonymous ID: 73b3d2 2018-07-15 18:25:10Z No. 2164865

Absolutely fantastic dig on past Q posts and where we are now.

Very best use of time while waiting for more drops and digging.


Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:25:11Z No. 2164866


Read what HE SAIS


You need to read the other pages. the "….." is what this is all about. what JFK knew

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:25:23Z No. 2164868




you are both right

belief in a supreme power is not divisive

religion is divisive

trusting jesus is not divisive

proclaiming jesus as god on earth and the only way to god is divisive

the bible is awesome and not divisive

the preaching and doctrine of the bible is divisive

duality is reality

balance is the goal



Anonymous ID: c72acd 2018-07-15 18:26:06Z No. 2164869

Surprised no one yet has made the connection of apple/ Wiccan yet….


Anonymous ID: 3ff650 2018-07-15 18:26:12Z No. 2164870

I'm sorry guys. I fear there may have been a negative alteration to the timeline. At least in my life. Got to pray harder and with more intense and focused consistency.

Anonymous ID: 68a16d 2018-07-15 18:26:12Z No. 2164871


None. They are both moronic faggots. Which shepherd a sheep follows is more or less a result of chance, or due to the efforts of the shepherd. Sheep are less than men. They are animals with no free will. Q cultists are like that. Only free thinking men are humans who choose which path to follow. All the boomers on this board are stupid sheep, dumb as rocks, the absolute worst of our movement.

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:26:22Z No. 2164872


Anonymous ID: e8f9a3 2018-07-15 18:26:27Z No. 2164873


Well said.

Anonymous ID: e0e265 2018-07-15 18:26:34Z No. 2164874

"Clowns against Trump" ←- from the london protests…. LOL

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:26:40Z No. 2164875


HRC bows before the Queen Elizabeth II

2016 Election HRC meets with Queen Elizabeth II

HRC takes order form Queen Elizabeth the II like she was Truedough in Canada

https ://

HRC receives an award from Queen Elizabeth ?

HRC receives the highest award from ABA ?

ABA bows before the Queen and has meeting in Canada and France ?

ABA takes orders for laws of the Queen Elizabeth ?

Anonymous ID: db141b 2018-07-15 18:26:58Z No. 2164876


You realize that he's hiding from extradition by the US?

Trump just needs to say we are not going to indict or extradite JA, and he could walk out. The UK charges are nothing but an excuse to arrest him to he can be claimed by the US.

Anonymous ID: f265b0 2018-07-15 18:27:00Z No. 2164877

Israel ready to unleash on HAMAS

Anonymous ID: 4f110e 2018-07-15 18:27:15Z No. 2164878

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:27:24Z No. 2164879

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 18:27:39Z No. 2164880


>We need to have a measured response, meaning in each bread there has to be a controlled rebuttal simply so newfags don't get sidetracked.

The clown spotting document itself started out as that measured response you reference, and only took roughly 2000 characters for the first drafts, compared to the 5000 characters it now comprises ;)

>At the same time we can't waste too much board space outing the shills.

This problem won't go away, just like the shills won't. Which sucks, but it is the reality of the situation. And they know it.

Anonymous ID: 4701cf 2018-07-15 18:27:40Z No. 2164881


saved as pale-red-shrubery

looks a bit too Alice in Wonderland-ish for me, but nice pose.

Anonymous ID: baa00b 2018-07-15 18:27:40Z No. 2164882

Nobody has hurt the Trump family more than Sessions.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:27:47Z No. 2164883


Shit source anon. Find a better source please.

Anonymous ID: 4f110e 2018-07-15 18:27:52Z No. 2164884

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:27:57Z No. 2164886


noname during his election meets with Queen Elizabeth II during the election

noname takes orders from Queen Elizabeth the II udring the election.

Queen Elizabeth meets HRC and noname to COMP another US election ?

Anonymous ID: 4312e3 2018-07-15 18:28:03Z No. 2164887


Elon Musk tweet 11:11 AM 7/15

Bet a signed dollar it's true.

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:28:10Z No. 2164889


Thank you. We should be united by our common cause, and common quest for truth and justice. Well said, anon.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:28:11Z No. 2164890


Musk has decided to jump in to push pedogate. He must have some ammo ready to go. Can't imagine he's just winging it with the pedoguy tweet and not thinking several moves ahead.

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:28:19Z No. 2164892



I think one important point is to ask…why don't (((THEY))) want POTUS to talk to Putin..what are they afraid of?

The stench of fear is strong. That angle needs a hammering.

Anonymous ID: 75cc42 2018-07-15 18:28:22Z No. 2164893


>wide spread major operation

that would give the talking heads something to talk about intead of POTUS and PUTIN tomorow.

AntiFungalLeafBread ID: 48abdf 2018-07-15 18:28:28Z No. 2164894

Anonymous ID: 3e44e5 2018-07-15 18:28:32Z No. 2164895


Thanks Planefag

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:28:38Z No. 2164897


noname bows before Queen Elizabeth II ?

Anonymous ID: 0283c5 2018-07-15 18:28:39Z No. 2164896


russia-nurse-room.png is brilliant

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:28:54Z No. 2164899


he's pissed they off'd Bourdain

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:28:58Z No. 2164900

Anonymous ID: 60c16d 2018-07-15 18:29:05Z No. 2164901


Sorry Anons…my error. It is the 2nd 45 minute delta.


Please delete this post as I don't want to mislead anyone

Anonymous ID: 9f35d3 2018-07-15 18:29:06Z No. 2164902

Mueller Prepares To Target Key Individuals Once Special Counsel Probe Wraps Up

As special counsel Robert Mueller faces pressure to wrap up his investigation with or without the illusive collusion charge, the Washington Post reports that the Department of Justice and Mueller's team have been preparing to pass the baton of various ongoing investigations once the probe is complete.

Meanwhile, inside the Justice Department, law enforcement officials have discussed several scenarios in which the prosecutions of people who may be charged as a result of Mueller’s investigation are farmed out to other offices to handle any future trials.

In those scenarios, these people said, some prosecutors on Mueller’s team could move with their cases to Justice Department headquarters or individual U.S. attorney offices, these people said. -Washington Post

The Post also reveals that "the transferring of some cases has already begun," while Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said on Friday that Mueller's case against 12 indicted Russian military officers would be handled by DOJ prosecutors at the Justice Department headquarters (it also doesn't take that much to sit on a case that will never see a courtroom, and the open file may linger for years, but we digress).

There are also practical reasons to begin shuffling cases and attorneys over to the DOJ. For one, President Trump could fire Mueller if this continues to drag on - a prospect made more and more likely as time goes on without the emergence of any actual evidence of collusion. But the most logical answer is that the investigation may simply be nearing its natural end, as cases against several individuals targeted by the probe are approaching resolution. Sentencing dates have already been set for two people who cooperated with Mueller's probe and pleaded guilty to charges; George Papadopoulos and Richard Pinedo - a California man who was charged with operating a Russian internet trolling outfit. The Sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, however, has been pushed back several times, with the next court appearance being August 24.

Then there are all the loose strings with Paul Manafort, the Podesta Group (ah who are we kidding), Michael Cohen and others the public may or may not know about. Mueller's probe ballooned in size as "mission creep" set in and investigatory avenues led to yet more investigations - requiring more attorneys.

In the past six months, the number of prosecutors working on cases he has brought has expanded significantly, with new additions casting light on the special counsel’s potential priorities and focuses. Court filings show that at least half a dozen new names are participating in Mueller’s work, all current Justice Department prosecutors. Their backgrounds vary widely, from prosecuting violent crimes to cyber attacks.

Sol Wisenberg, who worked on Ken Starr’s independent counsel investigation of the Clinton White House, told The Daily Beast that the expansion of Mueller’s probe was to be expected. -Daily Beast

“I don’t think it’s unusual at all,” says Wisenberg. “That’s what happened with us. You get more cases or your cases become more complex, you need more prosecutors and you need more agents.”

“They wouldn’t bring them on if they didn’t need them,” he added. “They’re not bringing them on for grins. There’s work there that needs to be done or they would not be bringing them in.”

About that Trump interview

Member Trump's inner circle and legal team tell the Post that Mueller may decide against a lengthy subpoena battle for Trump to testify - while Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, leery of a "perjury trap," has insisted that the president not be required to answer certain questions.

Among them: that Mueller not ask any questions about actions Trump has taken as president, including his private discussions with then-FBI Director James B. Comey.

Giuliani said Trump does not recall asking Comey to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and he does not want the president to be accused of lying about the episode. -Washington Post

The president firmly believes he didn’t say it,” Giuliani said.

“He doesn’t recall it. . . . But Mueller could come out the other way,” he added. “They’ll say he’s lying. We don’t want to expose him to perjury [accusations].”

Trump's attorneys haven't received a response from Mueller regarding their terms, however one person briefed on the discussions doesn't expect Mueller to agree to them. "But if he did, well, then we'd face a really interesting choice."

Anonymous ID: 4f110e 2018-07-15 18:29:07Z No. 2164903

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:29:21Z No. 2164904


Right? Maybe flipped? Maybe a White hat infiltrating occult ranks? I can’t quite discern.

Anonymous ID: ed0c53 2018-07-15 18:29:26Z No. 2164905


Disinformation. We know Q has specifically point to Gowdy before, hinting that he's meant for something more.

Theory: What if his statements on [[[RR]]] are meant to make him seem objective? Let Jordan, Desantis, and the other FC Repubs be the rabble rousers needed to get under the collars of the DS. Gowdy stays away from the fray and appears like he's only interested in getting to the truth, not rabble rousing or taking political potshots.

Important because he could take on a role in the Justice Department, or be used to prosecute the traitors. Hell, he may even replace [[[RR]]] or Sessions. (Not dissing Sessions, but the dude's 70-something years old. He may not have much fight left in him.)

We're watching a movie. Gowdy has a role to play. I suspect his is to remain objective so if he does get picked by Trump for a position he can have an easier time getting the votes to be approved.

Anonymous ID: eb2a40 2018-07-15 18:29:32Z No. 2164906


about to pass between pocatello and logan cache airports. No registration shown on free flightradr24. Don't know if it helps but the Mode S code is listed as 924924

Anonymous ID: 4b0769 2018-07-15 18:29:41Z No. 2164907


Weinstein "No girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood"

And then he made all women pay for rejecting him in his early life by raping, using and abusing as many as he could! Now, hopefully, he'll spend the rest of his miserable life in prison!

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:30:02Z No. 2164908


>You can recognize “the Jewish problem” without being “anti-Semitic.”

Yeah, but only in theory and personal philosophy. Explaining these things to normies almost always draws the "anti-Semite" or "Nazi" remarks.

Don't get me wrong, I understand your sentiment 100% and share it. It is simply improbable for all of (((them))) to be evil. I get it. In fact, I think most "anti-Semites" you would find feel the exact same way.

We simply recognize that (((these people))) are at war with our people (in general), whether we are fighting back or not. To react with anger and resentment certainly seems natural, upon getting red-pilled on the JQ. And many do…

They will calm-down eventually on their own. They are in the anger-phase. That is all. And some, just want to make sure newbies didn't miss the memos. I assure you, most "anti-Semites" mean well. And their "anti-semitism" could be considered a psychological self-defense, as they correctly perceive danger and do not like it. If there were none of these "anti-semites", we would have all be caught sleeping by the evil-kikes.

Also, consider that cabal/Jews/kikes/pedos/Khazarians/Talmudists/etc have almost become synonyms on these boards.

Anonymous ID: c72acd 2018-07-15 18:30:17Z No. 2164909


Magical Attributes

Apples are sacred to many Goddesses including Aphrodite, Iduna, Freya, Pomona, Eris and through various folklore, Apples are associated with love, fidelity, fertility, marriage, beauty, vanity,wisdom, the soul, the afterlife and immortality. Apples are arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits.

Apple is feminine in nature and ruled by Taurus, friday, and Venus.

If you slice an apple width-wise, you can see a five-pointed star. They are often used cut this way to decorate alters during harvest rituals.

Apple blossoms can be used in love and healing incense.

To ensure fidelity, give an apple to your lover as a gift. You eat one half, the lover the other.

Apples are a symbol of immortality and are given as an offering to the dead on Samhain.

Pour apple cider on the ground in your garden before you plant to give the earth life.

Apple wood is used to make wands.

If you peel an apple all in one piece and throw the peel over your shoulder, it will fall in the shape of your future mate's initials.

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 18:30:22Z No. 2164910


cant delete it anon, but ty for clarifying. have you considered dropping your timestamp resource in the clockfag bread?

I think they could use it, >>2021597 (off bread link)

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:30:32Z No. 2164911


Carter Page Ph. D. lowers the BOOM

Anonymous ID: baa00b 2018-07-15 18:30:33Z No. 2164912

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 18:30:51Z No. 2164913


Flipped imo. Strings cut. Probably threatened him with his company after he called an old lady a spic after she cut him off in traffic. Something like that.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:31:12Z No. 2164914


She Was Buns Up Kneelin'

And I Was Wheelin' n Deelin' - Steven Tyler

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:31:12Z No. 2164915


you missed my point

anti - "fill in the blank" is division fagging period

so says Q

what difference does it make if a culprit is a D, and R, FBI, DOJ, jew christian balck white etc etc?


we all recognize the disproportionate presence of jews in BOTH evil AND good

THAT is a legitimate point but you cannot recognize one w/o the other

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:31:13Z No. 2164916


I've come to the realization that ANY TIME someone posts anything like "Tomorrow is the day!" or "Tomorrow for sure anons!" etc.

Nothing happens because you fuckers jinxed it.

You could have just posted without saying that.

Fuck face

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:31:18Z No. 2164917


"No girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood"

>thinking an 'honest' sounding REASON for committing crimes will get him off

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:31:20Z No. 2164918


just do it already

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:31:24Z No. 2164919


Did Obama Bow To the Queen Of England?

https ://

Obama bows before the Queen ?

Obama a subject to Queen Elizabeth II

Obama thanks Saudia Arabia for free college education ?

Queen Elizabeth II and monarchy establish Saudia Arabia and use SA as 3rd Party to COMP another US Election ?

America did not break away From UK ?

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:31:35Z No. 2164920



Writing must be aware that the NEWS unlocks the map.

Anonymous ID: 9f35d3 2018-07-15 18:31:39Z No. 2164921


The Special Counsel Enigma




27 Apr 2018 - 4:39:07 PM


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &

Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.

Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?

Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?

Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

Why did Sessions recuse?

What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?

Who has the POWER?

Who can know?

Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to impeach?

Impeach on what grounds?

What facts exist to impeach?

House report POTUS no evidence of collusion.

Mueller report will contradict per Brennan Tweet today?

Disconnect exists.

R’s / D’s negative for POTUS.

Insurance policy?

Comey release of memos to obtain SC?


SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation.

Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

S interviewed?

S/P relationship w/ judge?

#2/S/P 302 mod?

Fusion GPS.

The Brits - raw intel / dossier / 5 eyes.


DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud





Sec of State



More than you can imagine.

re: HRC insurance [win]



Remainder illegal acts.


SC targeting who?

SC on team?

SC off team?

Questions reveal answers.

Time will tell.


Anonymous ID: 75cc42 2018-07-15 18:31:47Z No. 2164922


unless this guy he's accusing will hero himself when it blows up. then he will become a 5 star poster boy victim for the pedosexual movement that has been starting on social media. just a 5D chess thought.

Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 18:31:54Z No. 2164923

>>2164821 Gowdy knows what to say and when to say. End of that discussion

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:32:00Z No. 2164925


Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:32:07Z No. 2164927


LMAO…. cycled through alllll your pathetic larps and here you are back to your original…..blah… Pathetic.

Anonymous ID: 56a07d 2018-07-15 18:32:21Z No. 2164928

Anonymous ID: 3ff650 2018-07-15 18:32:22Z No. 2164929


>I fear there may have been a negative alteration to the timeline.

Not something that was supposed to happen.


Got to ask, how many fucking proxies do you have?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:32:32Z No. 2164930


>meaning in each bread there has to be a controlled rebuttal simply so

Agreed. I waited through three complete breads of (((JIDF))) religious shilling until I spoke out. I don't believe real xians would act like that. I believe real xians would honor the request of BO to keep those discussions on a dedicated thread. We don't shit up their it was highly suspicious that they insisted on shitting up Qresearch. So yeah, calling it out, asking them to take it to bantz or religitard threads then watching their response…xians would agree not to ruin Q…(((JIDF))) will ignore the requests.

I just couldn't take it anymore. Sorry. We had some super great digs completely ignored.

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 18:32:41Z No. 2164931


Canadians born before 1977 are also British Subjects, like Ted Cruz.

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:32:45Z No. 2164933


I kind of look at it like any other nation. You can be against the Iranian government and not the Iranian people. I can be against Muslim ideology and it’s radical influence but recognize that there are good Muslims.

Everyone seems to get this concept until you get to the Jews.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:32:47Z No. 2164934


women are sexy

fact of the universe

Anonymous ID: 442c58 2018-07-15 18:32:52Z No. 2164935


Anonymous ID: c3b0f4 2018-07-15 18:33:01Z No. 2164936

>>Sunday Request:


Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:33:06Z No. 2164937


>women are sexy

some women…


Anonymous ID: 2a90ce 2018-07-15 18:33:09Z No. 2164938


With what I've been seeing it seems as if the democrats are self imploding almost purposefully. They are going to fry the old guard and rebrand as democratic socialists in my opinion. We can't get too focused and get sucked in to the partisan left vs right faggotry.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:33:43Z No. 2164939



This faggot posts that shit every other week. It is not notable at all.

He is a kike faggot attention whore.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:33:47Z No. 2164940


It's ALL part of the movie…Great Actors


Now Bow to yer Sensi' !

Anonymous ID: baa00b 2018-07-15 18:33:47Z No. 2164942

Anonymous ID: db141b 2018-07-15 18:33:48Z No. 2164941


The RR impeachment effort could be just for show, and to get Dems to defend him.

Or, Gowdy could be just trying to stay impartial, for the eventual trials.

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 18:33:51Z No. 2164943


>tfw a dual citizen and a cannabis professional

Anonymous ID: 890a29 2018-07-15 18:34:00Z No. 2164945



Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 18:34:01Z No. 2164946


Gowdy is presidential material, maybe someday

Anonymous ID: 1e2da3 2018-07-15 18:34:05Z No. 2164947


So, am watching This Week right now:

Chris Christie just acknowledged Q.

Not directly, yet it is obvious what he's talking about.

Aaaand of course he called "tin foil hat people".

Whatever, though - he's a whale.

Anonymous ID: 3d0170 2018-07-15 18:34:15Z No. 2164948


remember a couple days ago some guy posted a long thing about some anon having a special tell-all vid in his/her possession that would expose all? this guy is setting himself up as that dude

Anonymous ID: 5cdd4f 2018-07-15 18:34:34Z No. 2164949

>>2163804 (notables) Potus Tweet Thread





And in St. Petersburg, FL they just reported finding a couple dead in an apartment complex. It's the second death in the complex in 5 weeks.

And at the bottom of the article, this is what is says:

"The complex is a sprawling collection of buildings sitting at the intersection of 4th Street N and 77th Avenue N, near the Gateway Market Center. On Saturday, residents were going about their business, walking in and out of the buildings’ hallways or hanging out by a pool.

In the hallway by the unit where Page and Chiello were found, water pooled on the floor. At the site of Friday’s incident, around the door knob of the apartment, hung a notice from a local furniture company: "We Came By Today!"

IDK who this message is for but it's definitely not for the readers of the Tampa Bay Times.

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 18:34:38Z No. 2164950


Thanks. I am seeing it on Flightradar24 now. It does not show up on ADSB even with no filters.

Honestly I think it's probably military a/c with its transponder code set wrong. HONOR85 resembles the kind of callsign US military a/c assign themselves.

I could be wrong tho.

I agree the track is rather strange.

Will continue monitoring.

Thanks for report.

R7 over.

Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:34:48Z No. 2164951





((almost every1 in Europe))

Anonymous ID: bcdd83 2018-07-15 18:35:00Z No. 2164953


>someone in the states is quarentining this shit show from the recreational cannabis industy for you guys. be thankful

Wow had no idea –– what dirty scoundrels they have in Canada!!!

Thanks for sharing….

Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 18:35:04Z No. 2164954

Fresh #WalkAway story

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:35:11Z No. 2164955


Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:35:15Z No. 2164956


Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:35:16Z No. 2164957

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 18:35:22Z No. 2164958


Can’t wait until they go into his room and notice he escaped through a hole in the wall behind a poster.

Anonymous ID: 3ff650 2018-07-15 18:35:24Z No. 2164959

>>2164253, >>2164261

>More Elon calling out Pedo Sauce

Wow, God bless and protect Elon Musk. He is done being silent and clearly going on the offensive against the DS Pedo-cabalists. I would too, because all the media attacks and negative spin stories about him, Tesla, SpaceX and other things in the recent weeks have obviously been intentional.

The Pedo-Cabalists do not like allowing their hostages to leave their cave of silence. I pray and hope that Elon Musk already beefed up the security team and security plans for all his family members and their relatives.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:35:32Z No. 2164960


Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 18:35:33Z No. 2164961


>under the new canadian legalization laws, privately owned cannabis farms and dispensaries will remain ILLEGAL.

Wrong. Newfoundland, Manitoba, Alberta and BC will have limited private sales.

Anonymous ID: 43147a 2018-07-15 18:35:38Z No. 2164962



Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:35:59Z No. 2164964


Anonymous ID: 717cd4 2018-07-15 18:36:00Z No. 2164965


>The 16-Year Plan to Destroy America Flash Map …

excellent dig on "legal" propaganda/psy-ops

Hussien also signed and funded the brain initiative

NOTABLE posts imho

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:36:05Z No. 2164966



Anonymous ID: 56a07d 2018-07-15 18:36:11Z No. 2164967


Absolute gold anon! ThanQ

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 18:36:16Z No. 2164968


See >>2164961

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:36:20Z No. 2164970


You're not Tim. Don't worry.

Anonymous ID: c3b0f4 2018-07-15 18:36:20Z No. 2164971


Separated at birth!

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:36:25Z No. 2164972

Anonymous ID: 801502 2018-07-15 18:36:33Z No. 2164973


Who do you trust for news?

Don't carelessly filter.


Will lead you to…

One is more likely to find a "shit source" on TV

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:36:45Z No. 2164975


its relevant anon

however a persistent attempt to persuade an atheist or agnostic to share your faith is a slide

so the posts are great until they devolve into arguments

then just say thank you jesus (to yourself) and move on

Anonymous ID: d4baf9 2018-07-15 18:36:45Z No. 2164976


Could please someone shut this annoying stupid cunt up? Bannon can´t get a sentence out without being interrupted by this leftist witch.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:36:51Z No. 2164978

this was also a pro-trump march, but moar for Tommy:

The #FreeTommy march on 14 July on Whitehall had an amazing turnout. This, despite police telling people they weren’t allowed in and some were outright lied to being told that the event had been cancelled.

Other patriots were being stopped from bringing Sadiq Khan ‘Free Speech’ mockery balloons. Which is ironic given he felt free speech was more important than ‘hurt feelings’ when it was about the Trump ‘blimp’ [it was the size of a balloon, not so much a blimp by general definitions]. Are the police are now just Sadiq Khan’s ground troops? Are they at the ready to enforce the mayor’s political agenda?

Raheem Kassam emceed the event which had speakers such as Gerard Batten, Lord Pearson and, though the British Government attempted to stop him, Geert Wilders! Geert’s speech was pre-recorded and shown on the large screen.

Gerard Batten, MEP and leader of UKIP said to the thousands of marchers, “In my view, Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned much more for who he is and what he says rather than for what he has supposed to have done.”

He went on to further say, “And he has indeed broken the law but a real criminal is someone who preys upon the weak and defenceless. Tommy Robinson is somebody who has chosen to defend the weak and the helpless.”

“Some people who have broken the law have gone on to become heroes and heroins.”

“The suffragists broke the law they are now national heroins.”

“Mahatma Ghandi broke the law, he was arrested and convicted 13 times between 1908 and 1942. He is now regarded as a national hero of Indian independence.”

“Nelson Mandella served 28 years in prison for terrorist offences, he was actually conspiring to murder people yet he is now regarded as an international hero”

“These people were convicted criminals but history has judged that they were on the right side of a great cause.”

The crowd cheered as Geert’s pre-recorded speech played, it was genuinely as if he was really there. The government’s attempts to silence him, spectacularly failed.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:36:51Z No. 2164979


If you had spoken to me in this format instead of being so hostile, then I would not have categorized it as hate. I asked you very nicely to please stop. Your reply was extremely hostile to me when you do not even know what side of the debate I am on.

You need to learn what the term division is. Show me where I have divided. I have asked repeatedly in a nice way for the sliding to stop. It is not healthy or productive to what we are trying to do here. There is a time and place for everything. When anons want to continue bringing something up that causes other anons to fight and argue, that is division. Those pushing to continue talking about a subject (religion) here KNOWING there will be arguments are the divisionshills.

What the religionshills don't seem to understand is that many anons here believe in God, but agree this is not the place for that discussion. There is a place to have that discussion. Say a prayer, if you feel the need. Quote a bible verse if you feel the need. But continuing to bring up such a hot topic serves no purpose other than to divide us.

> I’m just disheartened by your division attempts.

Here is your hostility again. You actually have no idea which side of the fence I sit with my beliefs. Yet you call me a divider. Why is that?

Instead of dropping this topic on a new bread, you bring it forth yet again. So who is the real divider here?

If you want allies, then listen to what others are telling you instead of calling them dividers. Accusations will not get you very far.

Anonymous ID: b27f54 2018-07-15 18:36:55Z No. 2164980


Pedo-swirl on UU video?


>We are people of diverse spiritualities, genders, and sexual identities

Then the swirl appears on the vid right during those words

Anonymous ID: fb87a0 2018-07-15 18:37:07Z No. 2164981


such is the life of a clown

Anonymous ID: 1cd84f 2018-07-15 18:37:08Z No. 2164982


mark it last bread dick head.

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:37:14Z No. 2164983


Anonymous ID: 8df158 2018-07-15 18:37:20Z No. 2164984


Good for Stevo.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:37:22Z No. 2164985


He's betting his signed dollar on discovery in a lawsuit proving it.

Anonymous ID: 4312e3 2018-07-15 18:37:33Z No. 2164987


>Richard Riordan


Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:37:34Z No. 2164988



if yournews or other sites like it have inks to other moar reputable sauces, its all good

but when they just opine basically, its meh

Anonymous ID: 1fab6a 2018-07-15 18:37:36Z No. 2164989

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:37:46Z No. 2164990

Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:37:52Z No. 2164992


not mine, just reposting.

here's 1 of mine.

"WHAT IF Lisa Page was a honey pot huh"?


Anonymous ID: 7b8a99 2018-07-15 18:37:56Z No. 2164993

My theory why Q is not communicating: Ceasefire!

I bet POTUS is kind enough to offer them negotiations - that's why Europe and all the NATO talks taking place right now. No Q comm or any other disclosure until all negotiations are done. Ceasefire from both sides. Final talk will be Putin in Finland. I bet he is asking for unconditional surrender to stop further casualties on both sides.

From my point of view the war will continue - and it will be messy - like 60/40 disclosure. Buckle up for the ride anons!


Anonymous ID: 4e6559 2018-07-15 18:37:59Z No. 2164994



Anonymous ID: bcdd83 2018-07-15 18:38:05Z No. 2164995


Still sounds like fuckery

Anonymous ID: 68a16d 2018-07-15 18:38:17Z No. 2164996


Or you could just do stuff. You think Trump became president because he prayed? God hates pussies that sit around and pray. Just like he hates the faggots that sit on this board, "trusting the plan," while doing nothing to help the movement.

And it's not just God. Trump cant help but have contempt for you lazy, worthless boomers too. He wishes you would be vocal, politically active and help, instead of continuing to blabber to each other on an image board with your poor geriatric "logic," when Q is obviously over and full of shit. It's a struggle for Trump every day to continue to fight for morons who can't think.

Anonymous ID: c08936 2018-07-15 18:38:20Z No. 2164997


No need to be sorry, you did the right thing in calling them out.

BALANCE is the keyword here, we're playing the long game as is our enemy.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:38:31Z No. 2164998


I love Gowdy. He is so awesome. Tells it like it is.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:38:40Z No. 2164999


Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:38:43Z No. 2165000


Trump Calls Europe "Biggest Global Foe" But Tusk Says US, EU "Best Friends"

Anonymous ID: 57cb58 2018-07-15 18:38:53Z No. 2165001


There was a twatter post on Monday night,whenever Kavanaugh was nominated. The pic in twat was of Rudy G greeting RR after announcement, the look on both of their faces and reaction to each other tells a lot. I think RR is on our side or at the least is helping our side in some way.

Anonymous ID: f265b0 2018-07-15 18:39:08Z No. 2165002


I would love to see Jim Jordan run someday

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:39:15Z No. 2165003

Anonymous ID: 509936 2018-07-15 18:39:21Z No. 2165004


I love this board, it's like now you faggots are the only people I think alike with.

I'm back and recharged.

God bless us all.

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:39:29Z No. 2165007


the worm is the spice

the spice is the worm

Anonymous ID: b6ed86 2018-07-15 18:39:35Z No. 2165008


We need to put it back in their court where it originated and ask (just like POTUS did)…

Why didn't hussein do anything about it?

Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 18:39:48Z No. 2165009


I was tracking it for awhile now… it actually turned around for a minute above North Utah, above Great Salt Lake. You can see it in the pattern there's a part that goes crooked above Yost city. I don't know much about planes but when anon said it was near Susanville it caught my eye. Cool app that Flightradar is.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:39:57Z No. 2165010


It should be taken out in my opinion

Anonymous ID: 5d5f9a 2018-07-15 18:40:00Z No. 2165011


>Wouldn't it be amazing if we could do something about it?


>this is a crucial moment for POTUS.. let's make him proud!


>Q will be proud af to see we can do shit without him having to tell us to


>Pretty much. All hands on deck, faggots!


>Alright u fags. Q knows damn well what he’s doing and now it’s our turn to support skipper and be there for him.

>Like the end of the movie, skipper loses people he loves dearly and relies on the crew to help prop him up and support him. The end is near. Skip needs us to man the fucking sails here and bring this bitch to shore.


Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:40:20Z No. 2165012


>Trump says

>some unelected Eu globalist bureaucrat says

I'll go with Trump

(even though Trump is also correct)

Anonymous ID: 43147a 2018-07-15 18:40:20Z No. 2165013


The Agenda

Anonymous ID: d8ef47 2018-07-15 18:40:31Z No. 2165015


Very good watch!

This video is a good redpill for blacks for sure.

Anonymous ID: 4555a3 2018-07-15 18:40:50Z No. 2165016


Star Wars last Jedi

Master Codebreakers brooch

almost impossible to find an upclose image of it. But thats a pedo sign for sure

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:41:00Z No. 2165017


Well… I mean, have you seen what the Talmud, the Misnah, the Gemara and the mitzvots says about us?

They are teaching their children to not only hate us but terrorize us… And we are telling each other to be tolerant to them.

Now, I'm a Christian and believe in forgiving the repentant. However, I understand repentance to mean "metanoia" as taken from the original Greek. The word meta-noia denotes a transmutation of the mind. If we look to God's example in the Bible, we are called to forgive our brothers and sisters not just 7 but 77 times (obviously, saying you should ALWAYS forgive). But, before forgiveness must come repentance.

In other words, if an attacker punches you in the face, you don't forgive him as his continues to launch fists at your face. If the man had punched you, then apologized and asked for forgiveness, then never punched you again, he would have undergone metanoia and would be deserving of your forgiveness, even if you delayed it to make sure he was sincere.

So, the question is, should we follow God's example or not? I think it's a very sound and rational example, personally.

Forgive the repentant.

Show the unrepentant wrath.

Anonymous ID: 4b0769 2018-07-15 18:41:01Z No. 2165018

Q, can we turn this eick, evil POS over to Putin, please?

George Soros Linked to Campaign Aimed at Repealing Trump’s Tax Cuts

(continued @ →)

Anonymous ID: b6b5e9 2018-07-15 18:41:07Z No. 2165019




Q said: iran first, then EU is NEXT

notable, baker?

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:41:09Z No. 2165020


Randy Quaid is not Notable ffs. Glad he is finally being listened to, but that shouldn't fuck up notables.

Anonymous ID: 801502 2018-07-15 18:41:28Z No. 2165022


Copy that..

YourNewsWire runs some tabloid shit on either side of a tasty tidbit of well-dug exposure.

Even some of the long-corrupted radio shows speak things ambiguous and between the lines.

I use principles to guide.

Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 18:41:46Z No. 2165023

Hey, plane people. All the flights at SFO appear to be grounded and the Coast Guard is nearby.

Anonymous ID: 6c5bf0 2018-07-15 18:41:54Z No. 2165024

Remember, Anons, we are watching a movie

See pic

Anonymous ID: 7b31f4 2018-07-15 18:42:05Z No. 2165025


Rita or Raquel?

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:42:12Z No. 2165026

President Trump Hammers Fake News and Dems as He Heads to Putin Summit ‘Media is Enemy of the People’

Anonymous ID: 4701cf 2018-07-15 18:42:20Z No. 2165027


Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:42:21Z No. 2165028


Presidents You Didn’t Know Were Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (and Why Donald Trump Might Be Next in Line)

https ://

‘Sir’ or ‘Mr. President’?

Is POTUS the subject of QEII like past US presidents ?

Anonymous ID: d4f6fe 2018-07-15 18:42:27Z No. 2165029


YES. Jim Jordan. He had a good shot at house leadership which is why he had to be taken down by Perkins Coie. It will hopefully count for something that so many wrestlers came forward to call BS.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:42:36Z No. 2165031


FAGGOT why are all the (you)'s except mine, duh, you replying to your gay ass self? hahaha

You are NOT Q. So shut the fuck up sliding cunt

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:42:41Z No. 2165032


this is backsliding walkback bullshit from the muhjoos who know they are wrong and called out by Q

lots of jews are evil but not because they are jews - see rothschild

many more jews are not evil and this IS because they are jews

time to stop the slide

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:42:51Z No. 2165033


Trying to organize my files today. Was looking at this just a few seconds ago.


Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:42:56Z No. 2165034


Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:43:17Z No. 2165035


ffs… your eyes. holy shit

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 18:43:19Z No. 2165036


You aren’t.

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 18:43:22Z No. 2165037


Much like the Nobel Joke Prize, he should graciously decline.

Anonymous ID: 5aa99d 2018-07-15 18:43:24Z No. 2165038


KEK Dune

ID: 0dde34 2018-07-15 18:43:34Z No. 2165040


Joe Castro's government is just making sure that they get their share of this $$$ in taxes.

Not sure it is any more nefarious than that.

Anonymous ID: 801502 2018-07-15 18:43:35Z No. 2165041


Common mode of 187.

Hung by Customary and symbolic collar.

Notable and noted.

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:43:49Z No. 2165043


the "Jordan takedown" is an unsuccesful move

Anonymous ID: 02ffdf 2018-07-15 18:43:51Z No. 2165045


This is covered by the two reason I listed.

Anonymous ID: 57cb58 2018-07-15 18:43:54Z No. 2165046



Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:43:57Z No. 2165047


>"Nana wants to eat fuck you."


Anonymous ID: 4555a3 2018-07-15 18:44:06Z No. 2165048


she looks kinda familiar, doesnt she?

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:44:09Z No. 2165049


No, he's a fake that does this shit every week. Attention whore just like Goodman & webb and so many others

Anonymous ID: 9872fc 2018-07-15 18:44:12Z No. 2165051

Check out Mike Huckabee

Anonymous ID: 7f37bb 2018-07-15 18:44:28Z No. 2165052


>(((JIDF))) religious shilling

oh stop with this stupid narrative

never one ounce of sauce to support


Anonymous ID: 1cd84f 2018-07-15 18:44:49Z No. 2165054


looks like everything going to Chicago Washington or Boston is delayed out of SFO

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:44:50Z No. 2165055



Those were my post on some of the boards js

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:44:50Z No. 2165056


Pepe can tie your shoes

Anonymous ID: 1e2da3 2018-07-15 18:44:51Z No. 2165057


Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:44:55Z No. 2165059


Gross. Go push your gay as fuck youtube video somewhere else.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:45:17Z No. 2165061


There is the rub, isn't it. Every logical argument that says he is black hat has an equal argument that says he is white hat. However, Q seems to allude to him being black hat. Q says he will lost either way. Sounds to me like not /our guy/. Reading Q's crumbs I believed that this forced impeachment is part of the plan. Read these and tell me you think RR is white hat.

[RR] must either comply with all document demands or face impeachment.

2-way failure.

If he complies, he fails (self-implication)(known conflict). ←—

If he failes to comply, he gets impeached (removed). ←—

Why no DOJ texts disclosed to the public?

RR to LL "……………" ←—

LL to H "……………"

X to X "………………….."

JC to LL 247x (relevant)


Once the documents are supplied and viewed by Senate and Congressional leaders (& the public), they LOSE. ←—

Anonymous ID: 46d2e4 2018-07-15 18:45:55Z No. 2165062


Asshole sock puppet

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:46:02Z No. 2165063


this is interesting - I saw this almost immediately, and o-shit'd…

it has to be theatre on some level - they know they are being watched/photographed etc.

Anonymous ID: 240a1b 2018-07-15 18:46:03Z No. 2165064

Take the most capable people you can find and put them in invisible prisons.

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:46:05Z No. 2165065


2nd since 10/28 still pretty rare.

When was the 1st one?

Anonymous ID: 1e2da3 2018-07-15 18:46:10Z No. 2165066


Me love you long time?

(Kidding. I don't love you.)

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:46:27Z No. 2165067

Puerto Rico Mayor Facing Fraud Charges Over $3 Million in Federal Funds

Puerto Ricans accused of misusing $8M in funds

A mayor and two former government officials in Puerto Rico face public corruption charges in separate cases that involve a total of $8 million in federal and local funds, authorities said Thursday.–puerto-rico-public-corruption-20180705-story#

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:46:31Z No. 2165069



Sometimes people sin out of shear ignorance of the correct manner and behavior for a particular occasion/circumstance/environment. Hence, forgiveness is necessary. It is when the offense is so egregious, or consistent in nature that we have a problem. We ought to be aware that justice and forgiveness are separate matters. You can forgive a man for murder, but you must still bring him to justice.

Anonymous ID: e65a2d 2018-07-15 18:46:37Z No. 2165070

Something cyberspicious happening?

Are (((they))) going to use suspicions To claim midterm hack?

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:46:53Z No. 2165071


guess I am just dumb. Please explain it to me.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:47:20Z No. 2165072


POTUS just recieved a handoff right as he got off AF1

flashdrive? challenge coin? dubsack of meth?

my gut tells me its a troll stunt for the media…

He's too slick to do his business on front street like this.

Anonymous ID: 81b8aa 2018-07-15 18:47:28Z No. 2165073


Welcome to the cubicle farm.

Anonymous ID: bcdd83 2018-07-15 18:47:36Z No. 2165074

United States of America in the house Finland edition –– wishing GEOTUS a great meeting with President Putin….

Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 18:47:48Z No. 2165075


Anonymous ID: 2f1375 2018-07-15 18:47:49Z No. 2165076

>>2164089 (PB)

This anon is ex addictand believes in AA principles and alss discussion of same t should be kept out of Q research.

If addict anons want to chat let them start a chat thread. Not here.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:47:55Z No. 2165078


Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:47:57Z No. 2165079


Seems that Q has always allowed POTUS to have the limelight during these big events. Will probably be back after Helsinki trip is completed.

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 18:48:09Z No. 2165080


It's a bottle of Russian Botka for his good pal Corsi.

Anonymous ID: 316b03 2018-07-15 18:48:23Z No. 2165081


Yes, and I’m also aware what the New Testsmemt says the Jews have turned into. But it’s like how Islam is a hateful doctrine that wishes death upon. There are Muslims who are either ignorant of this or choose to ignore it. Sure, it makes them bad Muslims, but then I at least have common ground for a peaceful relationship with them and perhaps can redpill.

Perhaps I should say that it’s people Jews would consider unfaithful or bad Jews that are not complicit. But I guess my point is that not all ETHNIC Jews are on (((their))) side. Does that make sense? For many, Judaism is kind of incidental and they don’t have superior loyalty to Jews/Jewish supremacy ideals.

I see no contradiction between that statement and the statement that Jewish supremacy is evil and responsible for much of this mess that we’re in.

Anonymous ID: 717cd4 2018-07-15 18:48:32Z No. 2165082


Cease-fire holds after day of intense Israel-Hamas fighting

Aron Heller, The Associated Press

Published Sunday, July 15, 2018 8:05AM EDT

JERUSALEM – The Israeli military lifted its restrictions along the Gaza border Sunday, indicating it had accepted an Egypt-mediated cease-fire that ended a 24-hour round of fighting with Hamas militants that had threatened to devolve into all-out war.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:48:53Z No. 2165084




Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:48:54Z No. 2165085


USSS/GEOTUS Security team would never let anyone hand him anything, unless it was vetted beforehand.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:49:10Z No. 2165086


DAMN. This is Notable. Shooter still at large too

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:49:15Z No. 2165087


Nice work, thank you.

Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 18:49:16Z No. 2165088

>>2165054 That's weird. Did something happen there?

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:49:28Z No. 2165089



And a just judge would be apt to bring a light-sentence for a repentant man… Though I know of very few.

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:49:30Z No. 2165090


Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 18:49:33Z No. 2165091


kek. most excellent.

Anonymous ID: 9901ea 2018-07-15 18:49:42Z No. 2165092



Both YourNewsWire and TruePundit publish wishful thinking as much as fact.

If they only reference each other, 50/50 it's fake.

Anonymous ID: b6bb41 2018-07-15 18:49:48Z No. 2165094

FLOTUS rockin' the short mini-skirt in Helsinki. Gets my red American blood pumpin.

Also, someone that greeted POTUS hands him something very small which he promptly puts in his pocket. Any ideas?

Anonymous ID: 9c49aa 2018-07-15 18:50:12Z No. 2165095

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 18:50:26Z No. 2165096


Another B752 shown descending into Helsinki, callsign SAM734. One of these has the President on it but frankly I don't think they really want us to know which one it is. Presidential party consists of multiple planes.

R7, over.

Anonymous ID: 116478 2018-07-15 18:50:43Z No. 2165097


Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:51:01Z No. 2165099


Both are fake as fuck so it would make sense. He probably made that post. Hope he DIAF

Anonymous ID: 1e2da3 2018-07-15 18:51:28Z No. 2165100


please fuck off.

you aren't slick enough.

Anonymous ID: a6ffdf 2018-07-15 18:51:36Z No. 2165101

US President Trump arrives in Helsinki for Summit with Putin 158PM EST

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:51:45Z No. 2165103


FLOTUS looks classy as usual.

Anonymous ID: 81b8aa 2018-07-15 18:51:56Z No. 2165104


Pretty sure that's the same call sign used for the NK POW flight.

Anonymous ID: 43147a 2018-07-15 18:51:58Z No. 2165105

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 18:52:00Z No. 2165106



OPSEC reasons.

If MIL INTEL says its not a good idea to post, Q doesnt post.

this isn't his home wifi… its Europe. MANY different ways op could get compd

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:52:05Z No. 2165107

Clinton Involved in Biggest Treason in History – Kevin Shipp

Anonymous ID: 2f1375 2018-07-15 18:52:09Z No. 2165108


"Crescent moon Mary?"



Anonymous ID: c4a994 2018-07-15 18:52:14Z No. 2165109


he just collected another Horcrux is all ~

Anonymous ID: fc763a 2018-07-15 18:52:49Z No. 2165112

#WINNING. This article relates to the letter Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Warner) sent on Friday to DNI Director Dan Coats. They are seeking to keep previously discussed information out of the hands of other Congress members and away from. Committees. Specifically the information regarding Stefen Halper and his role in the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has scored a victory in his effort to uncover information about the FBI's use of an informant who sought out suspicious ties between President Trump's 2016 campaign and the Russians.

While classified documents about that informant — Stefan Halper, an American academic — had originally been shared only with members of an exclusive group of congressional leaders, Nunes had pushed for expanded access to all members of the House and Senate Intelligence panels.

A letter sent Thursday by the Democratic members of the “Gang of Eight" reveals that those records have now been shared more broadly.

Anonymous ID: c61c15 2018-07-15 18:53:02Z No. 2165113

Adrenochrome, Satanism, child abuse in pop culture.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas:

Saw this movie ages ago, but had no idea what adrenochrome was.

These people are sick

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 18:53:03Z No. 2165114


They could very easily pass a secure message through to someone Stateside to post verbatim. If a post is necessary, it will happen.

Anonymous ID: ed0c53 2018-07-15 18:53:08Z No. 2165115


Ok, not related. But I couldn't have been the only one to see the color pants Melania was wearing and think "Is she wearing anything down there?!" when she first appeared in the shot, right?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 18:53:31Z No. 2165116


>Your hate is strong anon.

sounds like lefty talking points. posts shit, asked to stop…rage ensues when you refuse, then you shrill..hate…'ve been told repeatedly and even been gifted your own platform, and no xian would refuse to follow the requests and gift of their own platform. Thus your rage refusal got exactly what it deserved.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 18:53:33Z No. 2165117


Both fantasy most of the time. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

We already had these discussions many many times newfag

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 18:53:35Z No. 2165118


The king of appearing neutral. Has a new job around he corner optics are important. Media will rally behind him again over this.

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:53:42Z No. 2165119

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to testify before House panel

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 18:53:46Z No. 2165120

500 posts notables update

>>2164561, >>2164588, >>2164789, >>2165096 Planefag Updates

>>2164565 Randy Quaid is red pilling people

>>2164579 War Room Update (Call to Memers)

>>2164603 Carter Paige calls for release of FISA docs, mentions "Secrety Societies"

>>2164817 Manipulation of the Public/Corrupt News Media

>>2165000 Trump Calls Europe "Biggest Global Foe" But Tusk Says US, EU "Best Friends"

>>2164928, >>2165097 Three Officers Shot in Kansas City, Gunman at Large

>>2165095 Clockfag Update

let me know if I missed any anons

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 18:53:54Z No. 2165121

>>2165107 Clinton Involved in Biggest Treason in History – Kevin Shipp

baker notable

Anonymous ID: 3f9eff 2018-07-15 18:53:54Z No. 2165122

Anon calls into Nigel Farage's LBC radio show when Nigel is interviewing Steve Bannon and spreads the word of Qanon!!!!!

"Qanon is real! and I'd like to mention the word of Q, and I'm sure that Steve cannot say anything, but there is a phenominon that is going on with Qanon and the more that we can spread about that……"

Well done Anon!!

Nigel allowed him to say all that before cutting him off and going on about anon's first question about Jacob Rees Mogg.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:53:56Z No. 2165123


Is POTUS is tying Brennan's Mockingbird fake news to Russian handlers? Interesting tweet construction.

Anonymous ID: 4f5737 2018-07-15 18:54:01Z No. 2165124


Mini-skirt? She's wearing pants.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 18:54:21Z No. 2165126


I just don't even comment nowadays

Anonymous ID: eddb55 2018-07-15 18:54:31Z No. 2165127




She is not our friend and from the sound of it neither are you. We had a revolution to achieve sovereignty, which means we owe you nothing.

Anonymous ID: 4b0769 2018-07-15 18:54:40Z No. 2165128


Chainsaw-Wielding Madman Turns Out To Be Illegal Alien Who Has Been Deported 11 Times

A California man who allegedly attacked his wife with a chainsaw is an illegal alien who has been deported at least 11 times since 2005, immigration officials confirmed Friday.

Alejandro Alvarez Villegas, 32, was arrested Thursday in Chula Vista, California, a suburb of San Diego, on allegations that he tried to kill his wife with a chainsaw in front of their three children.

Alvarez has a long record of being deported and returning to the U.S., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Department of Homeland Security databases indicate Mr. Alvarez-Villegas is a serial immigration violator who has been removed from the United States 11 times since 2005,” an ICE representative said, according to KNSD-TV in San Diego.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 18:54:43Z No. 2165129


YES M-Fer's Need TO HANG!

#ChildTrafficking #HumanTrafficking #ChildAbuse #PedoGate #PedoGateNews #PedoWood #SpiritCooking #MarinaAbramović #Podesta #StandardHotel #Schiff #AcidBath #Hillary & #Huma > #ChildSacrifice

Anonymous ID: 826cd9 2018-07-15 18:54:43Z No. 2165130


Sell your shit elsewhere

Anonymous ID: 69003a 2018-07-15 18:54:58Z No. 2165132

Bible fags, joo fags, etc etc, we need to be able to research individuals according to their deeds, not by their associations and not thru the filters of our built in bias.

There's a reason we say patriots have no skin color or gender. When you remove any pre conceived bias, distractions, you can get to the actual facts.

You can't prosecute groups, you can't convict an evil person based on your biblical belief system. Only facts will work. That's why we are annoye d by some of you.

Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 18:55:02Z No. 2165134


The hole of the ASS

Hello democrat

Anonymous ID: ccd465 2018-07-15 18:55:08Z No. 2165135


Q was very direct about TG's white hat status, unless you are arguing this was misinformation.

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:55:47Z No. 2165138

We are blessed anon's.

I mentioned to someone the other day that it was like, watching an avalanche in slow motion whilst riding the wave on top. Great time to be alive.

Thank you everyone.

Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 18:55:52Z No. 2165139


what about canadians

can we group them

Anonymous ID: 3ff650 2018-07-15 18:55:52Z No. 2165140


>And it's not just God. Trump cant help but have contempt for you lazy, worthless boomers too.

Not a boomer and this is not a Texas highway where you can speed to your hearts desire.

Much to learn you have

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 18:55:57Z No. 2165141


Don't mess with this BV!

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 18:56:03Z No. 2165142



I see nothing wrong with that post.

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 18:56:14Z No. 2165143


susanna ried

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:56:26Z No. 2165144

Anonymous ID: f5e866 2018-07-15 18:56:50Z No. 2165146

Judicial Watch

There is still further evidence of a continued political cover-up of the grave national security violations committed by Imran Awan / the Awan Brothers who ran I.T. for House Democrats, including for the then-head of the DNC (Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 18:56:57Z No. 2165147

>>2165107 In October of 2017, Peter Strzok's wife, Melissa Hodgeman, was promoted to Director of the SEC. She would oversee the Clinton Foundation's financial doings.

Anonymous ID: 5cb212 2018-07-15 18:56:57Z No. 2165148


you need the BV label to say that huh?

let me guess, you refer to yourself as "we" also?

Anonymous ID: 300931 2018-07-15 18:57:10Z No. 2165149

Okay fags gotta get some IRL work done today. Somebody please do me a favor and text me if Q posts.


Anonymous ID: ccd465 2018-07-15 18:57:34Z No. 2165150


Apologies… just realized you were talking about RR.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 18:57:40Z No. 2165151


High res sauce?

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 18:57:43Z No. 2165152

>mfw Trump gets some or all of the recently indicted 12 Russians to get sent to US to battle Mueller

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 18:57:45Z No. 2165153


Tom Fitton from JW is one of our greatest assets.

Anonymous ID: 81b8aa 2018-07-15 18:58:02Z No. 2165154


Chubby or pleasantly plump?

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 18:58:21Z No. 2165155


Bannon off air is the best

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 18:58:34Z No. 2165156


Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 18:58:41Z No. 2165157


Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 18:58:44Z No. 2165158


Sick of your porn - go somewhere else!

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 18:58:47Z No. 2165159


All they have to send is a lawyer, initially, to demand discovery. Mueller has already shit himself once over it.

Anonymous ID: 557b44 2018-07-15 18:59:02Z No. 2165160


Things are heating up.

Anonymous ID: 183b45 2018-07-15 18:59:12Z No. 2165161

Q shirt spotted in London

Pro-Trump // Free Tommy Robinson rallies

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 18:59:14Z No. 2165162


July is the month we learn the truth. Exactly how detailed that truth is, is up to their cooperation I presume.

That is until we win in November. Then the clock starts again and the BIG happenings occur.

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 18:59:30Z No. 2165163



Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 18:59:39Z No. 2165164


Maybe, maybe not. So then all Q's drops about impeaching RR was for nothing? Disinfo? All the noise about getting the whole house behind the measure to pressure doj to provide docs? All of that is just disinfo and we should not expect impeachment of RR? We should expect RR to be a white hat in direct contrast to what Q said? Is that really making sense to you? Thanks to Gowdy, impeachment is off the table. SO what would you like to see done to force DOJ to turn over those docs? You want Potus to declas so the rabid left can attack him? This was suppose to keep Potus from having those bad optics.

SMH at the excuses for Gowdy.

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 18:59:54Z No. 2165165


>Yes, and I’m also aware what the New Testsmemt says the Jews have turned into. But it’s like how Islam is a hateful doctrine that wishes death upon. There are Muslims who are either ignorant of this or choose to ignore it. Sure, it makes them bad Muslims, but then I at least have common ground for a peaceful relationship with them and perhaps can redpill.

I get what you're saying here, but that's on them… I mean, if someone joins or remains in any group that has been exposed to espouse things like pedophilia, murder, theft, supremacy, subversion, etc, they are condoning the behavior.

Think about it… If I was the son of a Mafia-fag, born into it, it would not take me long to realize what this gang was about. At which point, it would be on my honor to make the choice to leave such an organization. If I remained, I would be complicit.

The day that Jews in mass start a #WalkAway from the Talmud march, and condemn these horrific and satanic teachings before the masses, I will continue to call out all complicit kikes.

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 18:59:55Z No. 2165166


I’m thinking Pamela.

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 19:00:04Z No. 2165167



Just landed in Helsinki

(Also noted 2JSEG from Marseille to London, pic2).


Anonymous ID: 7f8168 2018-07-15 19:00:21Z No. 2165169



Seriously, it's a MUST READ for anons!

The book is Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper (RIP Patriot).

It is an uvertira to many important things.

Anonymous ID: 75af87 2018-07-15 19:00:28Z No. 2165170


remember the 'accidental' drug overdose that his brother Dennis' twins got?

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:00:28Z No. 2165171


they may well do that…I like the possibilities

Im spitballing as to what positives Trump will have setup for post-Helsinki

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 19:00:34Z No. 2165172


The House needs to threaten a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the FBI and DOJ.

Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 19:00:35Z No. 2165173


Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 19:00:49Z No. 2165174


If RR is white hat then 🎩 off to him. What an actor!

Anonymous ID: 7f9ae7 2018-07-15 19:00:52Z No. 2165175

So it seems France won the World Cup. Any chance they rigged it? They wouldn't even have to pay off all the teams, just make one team take a dive is all it could take I reckon

Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 19:00:52Z No. 2165176


Anonymous ID: a7dc18 2018-07-15 19:01:07Z No. 2165177


I think what you're saying is that we should relate to people as individuals, not categories. If so, I wholeheartedly agree.

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 19:01:17Z No. 2165178



Are you watching a movie?

The one I'm watching is glorious, kek ;p

Anonymous ID: 897ee2 2018-07-15 19:01:23Z No. 2165179


Key to the City

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 19:01:23Z No. 2165180


>the anti-bible crew here seems overly defensive and antagonistic.

Satanic shills.

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 19:01:40Z No. 2165181


I am arguing that Gowdy just ended what Q said needs to happen.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 19:01:40Z No. 2165182




Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 19:01:44Z No. 2165183


*Until the day…

Anonymous ID: 4312e3 2018-07-15 19:01:55Z No. 2165184


ok, dickface.

Anonymous ID: bbc36b 2018-07-15 19:01:57Z No. 2165185

SALLY MANN should be in jail for child pornography

I mean have you seen her images???? I included two of hers that are tame in comparison to what is readily available on google images.

Has there been a dig on who buys her "art" and who she associates with? Because I can guarantee she is surrounded by pedophiles. I'm just astounded at what is allowable in the art world. And they call it "feminism" when many of these girls and boys look abused

I'm completely freaked out about the complacency in our society.

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 19:02:08Z No. 2165186


Come on. I got a warehouse full of these

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 19:02:14Z No. 2165187



Five colors of the Apple hmmmm not perfect but close.

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:02:23Z No. 2165189


after the Red wave in November, the majority of big happenings will be policy/trade/law/foreign policy, until the runup to 2020 general

Anonymous ID: 7518fb 2018-07-15 19:02:38Z No. 2165190


Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 19:02:39Z No. 2165191


Based upon the makeup of their team I'd say Africa just won the WC.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:02:43Z No. 2165192


Was already discussed when the article 1st came out

Anonymous ID: 801502 2018-07-15 19:02:44Z No. 2165193


Aster ix Notable?

Fun to read

Anonymous ID: 7f88df 2018-07-15 19:03:00Z No. 2165194

Trump administration: No Iran sanctions exemptions for European allies

Anonymous ID: 2f1375 2018-07-15 19:03:04Z No. 2165195

Q, next time you surface will you please address any thing needful with relation to attached. NSA Q group activities seem suspect. (Covering for pedos protecting c level wankers and Hayden)


Anonymous ID: eb2a40 2018-07-15 19:03:09Z No. 2165196


So now its even weirder. There are now two Honor85 planes. The one from before and another just east of Tacoma.

Anonymous ID: f5e866 2018-07-15 19:03:11Z No. 2165197



ID: a42ca0 2018-07-15 19:03:18Z No. 2165198



Anonymous ID: a3b478 2018-07-15 19:03:31Z No. 2165199


“ Because {You’re watching a movie} is too difficult to understand.” - Sarcastic Kindergartner

“What does he mean by {Enjoy the show}.” - Witty Two Year Old

Anonymous ID: 4b0769 2018-07-15 19:03:44Z No. 2165200

Nancy Sinatra Sr. Dies at 101

Anonymous ID: fc0b39 2018-07-15 19:03:55Z No. 2165202

Taken from the route POTUS motorcade drove through.

Qanon reference.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 19:04:03Z No. 2165203


Anonymous ID: 2542a3 2018-07-15 19:04:04Z No. 2165204


Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 19:04:11Z No. 2165205


Uh… it is now showing 2 HONOR85

Anonymous ID: 442c58 2018-07-15 19:04:23Z No. 2165206

So Peter Strzok wants us to believe that as he was lying everyday to his wife…

He also……

Wants us to believe he is telling the truth to congress about what he did for the FBI was above board!!!!!

Anonymous ID: ed0c53 2018-07-15 19:04:30Z No. 2165207


Concernfag is obvious. Way to ignore everything I said in my post.

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 19:04:35Z No. 2165208





The 33 was only inserted recently. There was no exact record in the Gospels.

As for Mary…why do you hate your mother, anon? It's a rather ingenious co-optining of the pagan icon for Christ.

Anonymous ID: 183b45 2018-07-15 19:04:38Z No. 2165209



Anonymous ID: a6ffdf 2018-07-15 19:04:44Z No. 2165210


I for one am sick of your continual anti-Semitic post… asking 8chan admin to ban you from this board

ID: a42ca0 2018-07-15 19:04:48Z No. 2165211



Raisins in the sun

Anonymous ID: b6bb41 2018-07-15 19:04:51Z No. 2165212


Looking at higher res version I guess you're right. The shadows made it look like a mini-skirt. Guess I was seeing what I wanted to see, kek.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 19:04:56Z No. 2165213


if you don't like pron, probably a good idea NOT to click on spoiled pics..

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 19:05:31Z No. 2165214


Anonymous ID: 41233d 2018-07-15 19:05:32Z No. 2165215


My favorite Finnish YT channel. KEK!

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 19:05:32Z No. 2165216


Early for his hair appointment.

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:05:37Z No. 2165217


possibly remains of soldiers?

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 19:05:44Z No. 2165218


Q is busy working PR for Trump right now

Anonymous ID: d247be 2018-07-15 19:05:47Z No. 2165219

Archbishop Celebrated Mass For Freemasons - Notice Later Scrubbed From Webpage

Anonymous ID: f2d978 2018-07-15 19:05:49Z No. 2165220


Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:05:58Z No. 2165221


agreed. even though I think it's more 60/40 myself

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 19:06:11Z No. 2165222




told u. why tf wuld I make some shit up like that?

Anonymous ID: 74f37d 2018-07-15 19:06:21Z No. 2165223


Hope The Great Awakening takes both of them out before November.

Anonymous ID: 2696c3 2018-07-15 19:06:29Z No. 2165224


he's correct…

> doesn't support a push by conservative lawmakers to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

>“No. For what? Impeach him for what? No,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Impeach him for what?

Anonymous ID: b27f54 2018-07-15 19:06:39Z No. 2165226



Anonymous ID: 173f99 2018-07-15 19:06:44Z No. 2165227


it's like you've never been here on a Sunday morning…. hmmmmmm….

Anonymous ID: 81b8aa 2018-07-15 19:07:05Z No. 2165229


If everything is spoilered, nothing I should spoilered.

Fire spoiler cannons at will!

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:07:17Z No. 2165230


I never pushed back against you

my point was if anyone was going to hand GEOTUS something, it was sanctions/approved beforehand

Anonymous ID: 509936 2018-07-15 19:07:23Z No. 2165231


the fuck asshole I said Q not queen GFYS

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 19:07:23Z No. 2165232


>dubsack of meth


question is:

who is that man?

he's fiddling with whatever in his hands starting @ 9:11.

Anonymous ID: 573273 2018-07-15 19:07:24Z No. 2165233


This is beautiful. The Cure will spread

World Wide Anon.


Anonymous ID: 0f7a80 2018-07-15 19:07:27Z No. 2165234


>When you remove any pre conceived bias, distractions, you can get to the actual facts.

you say this as if you believe that there are somwhow facts available that have no bias involved. this strikes me as false. at absolute minimum there is an essential involvement of perspective in any judgment of fact. and that introduces bias.

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:07:27Z No. 2165235

Anonymous ID: 81b8aa 2018-07-15 19:08:03Z No. 2165237


"Nothing is spoilered"

Damn autocorrect.

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 19:08:04Z No. 2165238


They tried that voice-to-skull "KYS" crap on me once. My will is much stronger. LOL

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:08:40Z No. 2165239


I wonder if Trump will remember that when Charles becomes King?

Anonymous ID: 135944 2018-07-15 19:08:45Z No. 2165240

Fyi, bread is running at 450 pph about now

Anonymous ID: 0ed5e4 2018-07-15 19:09:02Z No. 2165242



Anyone not using Anonymous,

I just filter them…. done asswipes

Anonymous ID: eb2a40 2018-07-15 19:09:13Z No. 2165243


Just orbiting there. I gotta go to work, have fun.

Anonymous ID: 7f8168 2018-07-15 19:09:21Z No. 2165244


I'm croatian, I watched the game from the capital city and kept a higher perspective.

The whole atmosphere was of SEPARATION - partial Unity. Hail croatian players but fk <insert random French player>, fk the biased Argentinian referee, f*ck penalties, etc. etc.

People falling for the cabal bait left and right, forgoing unity and expressing conscious and unconscious animosity towards the fellow human born on another part of the planet.

That is the purpose of the world cup, and it has fulfilled its purpose every time. As they say, the house always wins, with "house" being the cabalist force behind modern gladiator sports.

France cheers, rest of the world weeps and waits for another opportunity to get "revenge". Football World Cup is not the game you play with your friends on the weekends.

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 19:09:23Z No. 2165245


How did you know my name is Tim?

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 19:09:28Z No. 2165246


Agreed. The real Teachings are all about spiritual Love; Something the globalists hate.

There is a very good reason why Trump has opened up the country to God again, starting with his Inauguration speech.

Anyone who has trouble understanding this should re-watch Trump's inauguration speech. That explains everything.

Anonymous ID: 7d798d 2018-07-15 19:09:29Z No. 2165247


Slow walking documents requested by Congress. Redacting things for no reason, etc.

Unless it’s not him doing the redacting. In which case… you may be right.

Anonymous ID: fc0b39 2018-07-15 19:09:37Z No. 2165248


The guy is u.s ambassador to Finland, Robert Pence.

Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 19:09:38Z No. 2165249





got it

I click on everything, regret it sometimes!

FOX said the press conference between POTUS/Putin will be at 9:30 EST (~4:30 PM finland time), and I heard last night the meetings will begin at 6:00 EST (1 PM finland time)

checking for sauce on that

Anonymous ID: 4312e3 2018-07-15 19:09:58Z No. 2165250


Lexington, VA

Ren Hen?

Look up Mary Motley Kalergis in Charlottesville

Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 19:09:58Z No. 2165251


do not have an opinion goyim

believe nothing goyim

also the roths are great

Anonymous ID: e9818b 2018-07-15 19:09:59Z No. 2165252


Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 19:10:12Z No. 2165253


Here are the 8 articles of Impeachment that was drawn up in April. We don't know of all 8 of those conditions still exist or if RR finally complied with some.


8 Articles have been drafted. Drafted in April. Unknown if RR complied with any of these.

1. Engaged in a pattern of conduct incompatible with the trust and confidence placed in him in that position by refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by the House Committee on the Judiciary on March 22, 2018 in connection to the congressional investigation seeking documents and information related to potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act;

2. Failed to enforce multiple laws; including improper authorization of searches and electronic surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and Executive Order 12333 on Intelligence;

3. Failed to act on the behalf of the Attorney General by properly supervising the administration of FISA by failing to demonstrate probable cause to believe that targets of surveillance were a foreign power or agents of a foreign power, that a significant purpose of the surveillance was to obtain foreign intelligence information, and that appropriate minimization procedures were in place;

4. Failed his oath of office by refusing to discipline or recommend the removal of DOJ personnel after obtaining evidence of disqualifying conflicts of interest demonstrated throughout the course of the ongoing investigation regarding charging decisions in the investigation surrounding former Secretary Clinton’s private email server in 2016;

5. Knowingly provided misleading statements related to his supervision of the initial Department of Justice investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged contacts with Russia when he testified under oath before Congress on December 13, 2017 that any involvement FBI attorney Bruce Ohr had in the Russian investigation was without his knowledge;

6. Failed to recuse himself from supervising the Department of Justice’s response to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Committee on the Judiciary’s joint congressional investigation seeking documents related to potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act when his fairness or objectivity could reasonably be questioned after he had supervised the application process for the potentially improper FISA warrants at issue in the investigation;

7. Knowingly and intentionally prevented the production of documents and information to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Committee in an effort to delay and impede the congressional investigation into potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; and

8. Knowingly and intentionally prevented the production of all documents and information dated between December 2016-May 2017 in an effort to delay and impede the production of information referring and relating to the FBI and broader Department of Justice’s initial investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged contacts with Russia.

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:10:15Z No. 2165255


Quite a film. Unforgettable.

Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 19:10:27Z No. 2165256


StatsAnon - what's the fastest (non-Q being here) rate you've seen?

Anonymous ID: 3db628 2018-07-15 19:10:37Z No. 2165257


Horry Shit!!!

notable fo shizzle

Fuck Yeah I told you faggots!

just kidding

But itz habbening!

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:11:31Z No. 2165258


oh noeeess here we go again.

IF Q wanted to quote the bible he's done so before. stop. (((JIDF))) argue cause $$$ xian will say, yes…let's take it to our board.


was about (((THIS)) close to sourcing some lovely gay porn to fag up their dedicated religious debate thread.

Anonymous ID: a7614d 2018-07-15 19:11:38Z No. 2165260


DHS will take over elections…as Obama intended it.

Anonymous ID: 923259 2018-07-15 19:11:39Z No. 2165261


Used to work with (((people))) who would act just like the shills on here ("why don't you take it elsewhere, this isn't the time" or "you're crowding out people with reverse censorship by talking about this concept") and it actually taught me how to identify and neutralize them.

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:11:42Z No. 2165262


Will Trump get tough on Putin and even tell him to

"Cut it out!"

So skeery.

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 19:12:05Z No. 2165263

Just in case you forgot about this psychopath…

Anonymous ID: ad6a7c 2018-07-15 19:12:05Z No. 2165264


Dude, they literally said racists 100x and I had to stop watching. Not sure how bannon can do it. God bless that man.

Anonymous ID: 116478 2018-07-15 19:12:24Z No. 2165265


Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 19:12:38Z No. 2165266


Support Randy Q

Follow him


He KNOWS what the SCORE IS!!

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:13:03Z No. 2165269




Gowdy is on supporting the fake Marine Bob indictments of the phantom Russians. Gowdy is shit.

Anonymous ID: a8ff9e 2018-07-15 19:13:08Z No. 2165270


10-4 anon. I totally think its a Troll move.

I can hear CNN now 'Trump received a memorystick from Russians'

my comment was more aimed to the

>fuck off, your not slick

faggot thinking im trolling for a clown narrative..


>dubsack of meth

ya I've got Q tweakin a couple times too…

>Are you awake?

>those who know cannot sleep


ya never know, anon. never fuckin know.

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:13:20Z No. 2165271


>They're starting to smell like operator-assisted bots

you mean the (((JIDF))) religious slide? Another tactic…post religious shit, take up breads, other ANON will be polite and tolerate it….digs completely lost…(((WIN))).

Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 19:13:20Z No. 2165272

do not talk about the bible or religion goyim

satan does not exist goyim

do whatever feels good goyim

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

yeah oooook

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:13:21Z No. 2165273

Anonymous ID: baa00b 2018-07-15 19:13:21Z No. 2165274

Anonymous ID: 58abac 2018-07-15 19:13:44Z No. 2165275


Obvious optics….the whole thing falls to shit in court.

Anonymous ID: 4d627f 2018-07-15 19:13:45Z No. 2165276


I was in the Navy when it came out.

They nailed how many sailors behaved in those days.

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:14:18Z No. 2165277


>I gotta ask, what's with the bus crash links? possible illegals?

human trafficking on a large scale trying to get ahead of ICE? Possibly. Wonder how many children were on the bus.

Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 19:14:20Z No. 2165278



Virginia Photographer Sally Mann's Son Dies


Fans of world-famous Virginia photographer Sally Mann will be sad to learn that her son, Emmett Munger Mann, has died at home at the age of 36, according to a Lexington News-Gazette obituary.

Mann's brilliant photography was known partly for documenting the lives of her children as they grew up. The obit notes that Emmett, who was a lover of music, literature and the outdoors, had battled with schizophrenia, "joking about his demons: 'My charisma is broke.'"

"Members of his community spontaneously gathered at the Blue Phoenix Café & Market on Washington Street Monday evening," the obit reads. "The owner, Amenie Hopkins, also a county native, recalled Mann’s high school years. 'He was always this idolized figure. Half the girls in Lexington had a crush on him.'"

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 19:15:01Z No. 2165279

I broke it again O_o

Anonymous ID: 5f2b37 2018-07-15 19:15:04Z No. 2165280


Jesus loves the cabal too. So there's that.

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 19:15:05Z No. 2165281


Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 19:15:20Z No. 2165282


There will be a reason for that.

Anonymous ID: 1823fe 2018-07-15 19:15:23Z No. 2165283

colbert is team trump…every show he is exposing the insanity of the media people people https://

Anonymous ID: d51c4a 2018-07-15 19:15:31Z No. 2165284

Anonymous ID: 2696c3 2018-07-15 19:15:34Z No. 2165285


I'm aware of that list.

Are you aware of what it takes to impeach?

Impeachment can be started over petty bullshit, but in order to get majority votes in both the house and senate

Clinton was impeached in the house but the senate didn't ratify.

Proving what someone knows or doesn't know isn't easy and as for the rest I'm quite sure the weasel RR has plausible bureaucratic reasons that would explain all of it.

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 19:15:39Z No. 2165286


haha, brilliant!

Qure's spreading WW

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 19:16:19Z No. 2165287


>I'm sure you & your gang will call me a shill

B-but you just proved anon's point for them..

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:16:21Z No. 2165288

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:16:38Z No. 2165289


>None. They are both moronic faggots. Which shepherd a sheep follows is more or less a result of chance, or due to the efforts of the shepherd. Sheep are less than men. They are animals with no free will. Q cultists are like that. Only free thinking men are humans who choose which path to follow. All the boomers on this board are stupid sheep, dumb as rocks, the absolute worst of our movement.

THIS, completely this. That's why Q came to half…we're a no bullshit zone and a herd of cats versus a herd of compliant sheep worshiping the shepherd. SHEP-HERD…herder of sheep. I will never be a sheep. EVER.

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 19:16:40Z No. 2165290


Can't stop the people ;-)

Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 19:16:40Z No. 2165291




Let me get this straight.

Gowdy says No Impeachment.

Q says Impeachment necessary.

I'm concernfagging.

Got it.

Anonymous ID: 116478 2018-07-15 19:16:56Z No. 2165293


your a fucking idiot

Anonymous ID: e9818b 2018-07-15 19:17:03Z No. 2165294


Anonymous ID: 47a026 2018-07-15 19:17:05Z No. 2165295


Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:17:06Z No. 2165296


The Bushbama endless war also killed a formerly thriving economy. War economy is not good.

Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 19:17:15Z No. 2165297



Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 19:17:22Z No. 2165299


Anonymous ID: 116478 2018-07-15 19:17:24Z No. 2165300


you're**… my bad

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 19:17:25Z No. 2165301


…….and Bannon totally avoided the subject of Q

Anonymous ID: d6aed7 2018-07-15 19:17:31Z No. 2165302


Flipped, yeah?

Anonymous ID: 837f58 2018-07-15 19:17:40Z No. 2165303


ADSB Showing HONOR85 details over WY/NB, but not plotting it on map

Anonymous ID: 59362a 2018-07-15 19:17:41Z No. 2165304


TY, handoff makes perfect sense now.

Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 19:18:06Z No. 2165305



2 planes same HONOR85. 2 different SCodes now. 1 plane turned into 2 over Idaho/Utah areas.

Anonymous ID: 57cb58 2018-07-15 19:18:16Z No. 2165306


When a question is NOT answered I know I pay attention to the subject matter and dig for myself. Hopefully, anyone listening who didn't understand that part of question does the same!

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 19:18:23Z No. 2165307


Fuck Colbert

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 19:18:36Z No. 2165308



Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 19:18:39Z No. 2165309


you bate'n to that?

Anonymous ID: 75af87 2018-07-15 19:18:45Z No. 2165310


Anonymous ID: a1f53c 2018-07-15 19:18:47Z No. 2165312


she's pretty

Anonymous ID: baa00b 2018-07-15 19:18:53Z No. 2165313


Peter Strzok is a lying dirtbag who blackmailed and abused Lisa Page.

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:19:19Z No. 2165315




Lisa Page may blow the top off the Russian hoax and finger the FBI.


Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 19:19:20Z No. 2165316


>Doesn't 'Got it'

Do you not realize that we are at war and by default, tactics must remain fluid, because [they] also know what we know?

Or are you intentionally not understanding this for another reason?

Anonymous ID: 4312e3 2018-07-15 19:19:21Z No. 2165317

[wormz.exe]Cousinofebot/(J °O°)[email protected]# ID: 24dc03 2018-07-15 19:19:42Z No. 2165318


Fuck… I broke it again… again…

Anonymous ID: 586334 2018-07-15 19:19:43Z No. 2165319


>I'm completely freaked out about the complacency in our society.

THIS, THIS, fucking THIS!

Anonymous ID: b4b4a8 2018-07-15 19:19:48Z No. 2165320


Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 19:20:08Z No. 2165322


Indeed I am aware. I did the research last night and even posted it. No one cared. Didn't even make notables cause no one cares.

The ONLY way to get RR to turn over the docs is by threat of impeachment. Now Gowdy siding with RR. No reason for RR to comply with Congress. Doesn't sound like a good plan to me. But whatever. I'm just a stupid concernfag.

Anonymous ID: d6aed7 2018-07-15 19:20:13Z No. 2165323


I definitely noticed the shift in optics there. Pretty blatant.

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 19:20:40Z No. 2165325


Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 19:20:42Z No. 2165326



Is he Not bringing to light…travesties in Entertainment..?

And hasn't he been screaming about this for years…? Yes He Has..!

Every one just thought he was/is a spaced out nut job…. maybe… or maybe he knows what they know even more closely than some… and he and his wife may be if fear for their lives like he once stated….With everything that's happening (AND >> It's Habbbbbbening). I'll believe him… W.T.H. do I have to loose… especially if it makes sense to you.!

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:20:46Z No. 2165327


Maybe he has proof she's a thorough criminal and he doesnt give a damn what people think. he's President of the US, not some fake faggot like Soetero.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:20:47Z No. 2165328


Anonymous ID: 877bb6 2018-07-15 19:20:54Z No. 2165329


The answer is simple, which Passport did he use in the Eighties to travel to Pakistan. Either Indonesian or British? U.S. forbid travel to Pakistan in the Eighties.

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 19:21:03Z No. 2165330

Why did Elon Musk call Narongsak Osatanakorn a pedo?

Should we be digging into Narongsak Osatanakorn past?

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:21:10Z No. 2165332


>2) the anti-bible crew here seems overly defensive and antagonistic. Beyond that of normal non-religious folks who that discussion doesn’t speak to personally.


>If I had to wager a guess, there seems to be some vested interest in keeping people away from seeking God or finding salvation as a result of this board and current events. The Bible actually says that it’s exactly these sort of times where people turn to and find God.


>If Christianity is true, that’s one sinister and lucifarian agenda.

NOPE. religious faggotry, and non-stop argument about who is right etc…has been shitting up the last breads, since I got on here this morning. QUARANETINE was designed to keep the discussion on the digs and not that asshattery. (((JIDF))) shills tried a new tactic today.

Shitting up the breads purposely with that SHIT did nothing but alienate those of us here to dig. If people wish to engage that shit, they can go to the dedicated engagement thread. PERIOD. That's why BO made it.

NOW, prove you're a good xian and don't wish to shit up the digs with non-stop arguments on which one of your sky fairy beliefs is best, and keep that on the dedicated board. GIVE UNTO CAESAR that which is CAESARS and to god that which is gods.

It's been made clear, both by BO and by ANON…so if you persist, your agenda will be (((MORE))) than clear.

Anonymous ID: 684206 2018-07-15 19:21:19Z No. 2165333


Now THAT'S an inconvenient truth

Anonymous ID: 9c02ee 2018-07-15 19:21:32Z No. 2165334


Sooner or later, someone's going to make a deal.

Or were the deals signed a long time ago,

and we are just watching a movie?

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:21:46Z No. 2165335


I hit it, all night.

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:21:48Z No. 2165336


Not notable without dates on either

Anonymous ID: b8e12f 2018-07-15 19:21:51Z No. 2165338


Great info


Anonymous ID: 135944 2018-07-15 19:21:53Z No. 2165340


Anonymous ID: 70e25e 2018-07-15 19:21:55Z No. 2165339


This is my final post on the subject. See


Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 19:22:10Z No. 2165341



Anonymous ID: c6afc2 2018-07-15 19:22:11Z No. 2165342


jesus loves them and thats why they must die

its for their own good and our own good

idk what happens to a soul when you engage in that much evil

Anonymous ID: e9818b 2018-07-15 19:22:12Z No. 2165343


Anonymous ID: 1907ff 2018-07-15 19:22:28Z No. 2165344

Anonymous ID: 1750dc 2018-07-15 19:22:31Z No. 2165345


Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 19:22:39Z No. 2165346


>>2164561, >>2164588, >>2164789, >>2165096, >>2165167, >>2165305 Planefag Updates

>>2164565 Randy Quaid is red pilling people

>>2164579 War Room Update (Call to Memers)

>>2164603 Carter Paige calls for release of FISA docs, mentions "Secrety Societies"

>>2164817 Manipulation of the Public/Corrupt News Media

>>2165000 Trump Calls Europe "Biggest Global Foe" But Tusk Says US, EU "Best Friends"

>>2164928, >>2165097 Three Officers Shot in Kansas City, Gunman at Large

>>2165095 Clockfag Update

>>2165107 Ex-CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp on Clinton Scandals

>>2165202 Q Sighting in Finland

Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 19:22:46Z No. 2165347


Anonymous ID: ed0c53 2018-07-15 19:22:50Z No. 2165348


Yes, you are. When I said "Disinformation" I meant on the part of Gowdy, not Q. Try rereading my post again in that light.

Anonymous ID: 13613c 2018-07-15 19:23:03Z No. 2165350

JW: What’s truly great about this picture is the accompanying sound track of liberal heads exploding like popcorn.

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:23:05Z No. 2165351


Q said they have it all.

Anonymous ID: dbf537 2018-07-15 19:23:08Z No. 2165352


>Lisa Page may blow

This crumb started out on such a promising note…

Anonymous ID: b46af7 2018-07-15 19:23:38Z No. 2165358


Hope she #METOO's him, too. Says she felt pressured to sleep with him. It'd be great!

Anonymous ID: 257b58 2018-07-15 19:23:42Z No. 2165359

Anonymous ID: 877bb6 2018-07-15 19:23:43Z No. 2165360


Please note to baker

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 19:23:53Z No. 2165361


Interesting indeed. I just tend to hate all Hollywood faggots.

Anonymous ID: f3e6d4 2018-07-15 19:23:59Z No. 2165362


I got Hit….

But I kinda liked it… js

Anonymous ID: 183b45 2018-07-15 19:24:06Z No. 2165363


Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 19:24:15Z No. 2165365


Loving them, and , tolerating them is a different thing..

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:24:20Z No. 2165366


>There is a very good reason why Trump has opened up the country to God again, starting with his Inauguration speech.

NOPE..he did it to pull in the religious "right". If I thought for a single second Trump had any intention of forcing a state religion, and if I detect such a thing in the future, he will not get another term. This country is for ALL OF US, laws for all of us….not to push a state religion. Centrists, libertarians, and ALL independents who want to MAGA will not be having any of that. SO get all high on your "right"ness…forget about the restofus at your own peril.

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:24:24Z No. 2165368




GOP feels good about Lisa Page.

Anonymous ID: 77f7ac 2018-07-15 19:24:28Z No. 2165369


>slide bait

Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:24:39Z No. 2165371


Shhhh…..Just drink your coffee & enjoy the view

Anonymous ID: 5ffab5 2018-07-15 19:24:44Z No. 2165372


Not for real.

Anonymous ID: 3b065b 2018-07-15 19:24:49Z No. 2165374



Anonymous ID: f15d0c 2018-07-15 19:24:49Z No. 2165375


>tfw your pussy saves America

Anonymous ID: dbef81 2018-07-15 19:25:31Z No. 2165377


The huge implication here is that if they diagnose you with a quote on quote mental disorder, it would give quite a few jurisdictions the power to take your guns. This is very very very very bad!!

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:25:50Z No. 2165378


Serious implants…

Anonymous ID: 343675 2018-07-15 19:26:04Z No. 2165379


aka Sarongsack Osatanporn

Anonymous ID: 74f37d 2018-07-15 19:26:09Z No. 2165380


Anonymous ID: 7d4051 2018-07-15 19:26:09Z No. 2165381


what happened to Strozk being a cooperating witness?

certainly was not behaving like a cooperating witness when the cameras were rolling.

is he playing a part now too?

damn good actor if so because he sure as hell has me fooled.

Anonymous ID: 94aa8f 2018-07-15 19:26:25Z No. 2165382



Second HONOR85 just circling around now.

Anonymous ID: 135944 2018-07-15 19:26:36Z No. 2165383


Haven't really kept track, but I'd say this is about normal for a random non q posting moment. The comfiest breads are early morning am est time like 5am. Seen some very slow breads at that time with little shilling. Would be interesting to study the stats, i bet bo and co have fun analyzing the breads.

Anonymous ID: 9c49aa 2018-07-15 19:26:41Z No. 2165384

Bannon noot loooking soooo 'sloppy Steve' lately


Anonymous ID: 2f5791 2018-07-15 19:27:08Z No. 2165386

>>2165326 The Robin Williams "suicide" doesn't add up. Especially when you see how Susan Schneider acted afterwards.

Anonymous ID: 4420d7 2018-07-15 19:27:21Z No. 2165389


Those pagan icons are sitting on and in Catholic Churches. Heh. Maybe your Catholicism is not being honest. How about more crescent moons and suns.

Anonymous ID: adb296 2018-07-15 19:27:22Z No. 2165390


I don't think Bannon enjoys being in the public eye, but he does it for Trump, playing his role in the movie

Anonymous ID: b7df62 2018-07-15 19:27:49Z No. 2165391


Aha. Yes it's military and maybe returning from the recent RIMPAC exercises in Hawaii?

Boeing E-6 Mercury

The Boeing E-6 Mercury is an airborne command post and communications relay based on the Boeing 707-320. The original E-6A manufactured by Boeing's defense division entered service with the United States Navy in July 1989, replacing the EC-130Q. More at Wikipedia

RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise. RIMPAC is held ly during June and July of even-numbered years from Honolulu, Hawaii. More at Wikipedia

And yes there could be several of them involved in this exercise.


Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:27:51Z No. 2165392


watch the vid's and pay attention to the people behind him, especially the FBI lawyer

I think hes HEAVILY coached as to what and how he can engage/speak

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:28:16Z No. 2165393


Anonymous ID: 9585c7 2018-07-15 19:28:27Z No. 2165395


Well, with a mother like that, her son didn't stand a chance

Anonymous ID: e7d21c 2018-07-15 19:28:32Z No. 2165396


>If RR is white hat then 🎩 off to him. What an actor!

OR…Gowdy is being blackmailed..what an actor…recall his performance with Hillary, recall his comments on Comey..

Devi's advocate.

Anonymous ID: 6c5bf0 2018-07-15 19:28:37Z No. 2165397


Anonymous ID: b6ed86 2018-07-15 19:28:40Z No. 2165398

Anonymous ID: 4820f1 2018-07-15 19:28:57Z No. 2165400


Who will win, atheists or the Church? Ask Marx, Huxley et al.

Anonymous ID: 9ca06e 2018-07-15 19:29:02Z No. 2165402


Anonymous ID: 46bdb3 2018-07-15 19:29:05Z No. 2165404

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread




Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread

Anonymous ID: ed0c53 2018-07-15 19:29:07Z No. 2165405


I said a few boards back Q is right, but allowing Strzok to play the part of the villain to give the DS a face. Like putting Hitler's mug up when talking about Nazis or Tojo the Japanese in WW2. Personify the enemy to unite the people around a common image, instead of the nebulous Deep State.

Anonymous ID: 7d4051 2018-07-15 19:29:19Z No. 2165406


I trust the plan and I trust POTUS I'm just a little confused at the moment. Seems like we are in a holding pattern.

Anonymous ID: 684206 2018-07-15 19:29:21Z No. 2165408


What has been lost in our society is the understanding that as humans we have ability to disapprove and oppose without hating. Maybe our side are the only ones left who can do that.

Anonymous ID: d58389 2018-07-15 19:29:34Z No. 2165409


ever heard of pissgate. Do you really think POTUS went to RUSSIA to pee on prostitutes or did #45 have a meeting with Putin to "Trust the Plan" and this face to face meeting is #4 not #3.

Enjoy the Show

Anonymous ID: f38ed9 2018-07-15 19:29:38Z No. 2165410


I bear no ill will to anyone. I love everyone equally. BUT. For the sake of children and more, we need to rid the earth of evil.

Anonymous ID: 257b58 2018-07-15 19:29:42Z No. 2165411

Anonymous ID: e8ff22 2018-07-15 19:29:45Z No. 2165412

Anonymous ID: 7ca71b 2018-07-15 19:29:59Z No. 2165413


he earned the part, given his crimes

no sympathy from me

Anonymous ID: ecf491 2018-07-15 19:30:10Z No. 2165416