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Q Research General #2846: Fist Full Of Dough Edition

Q Research General #2846: Fist Full Of Dough Edition Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:29:17Z No. 2257776

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Iran next.


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>>2257152 Russian spy Maria Butina funded by Konstantin Nikolaev

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>>2257232 Denver Post runs letter to editor suggesting POTUS should be executed. USSS?

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>>2256376 Federal prosecutors in the Michael Cohen case received 12 audio recordings from "special master"

>>2256464 Brennan started his CIA career not sure if he should lie to cover his ass

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>>2255452, >>2255462 Toronto, the price of diversity

>>2255473 Clapper responds to POTUS taking away his security clearance

>>2255615, >>2255688 Podesta Group as PR agency for Amber Ready

>>2255697 Bolton, the man brought in for Iran, backs POTUS threats to Iran

>>2255891 North Korea begins dismantling key failities

>>2255900 Airkek

>>2255983 Gowdy blasts DOJ over dossier funding sources

>>2256024 AP fuckery

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>>2255038, >>2254722 Planefag reports

>>2254594 Conservative Jenna Jameson Lashes Out on (((Michael Ian Black's)))Sick Pedo Jokes

>>2254614 Conveniently, a police officer from NYPD has immunity…Donna Dugan NYPD 48th bronx

>>2254616 NYsFinestAnon drops some JPEGS: >>2254737, >>2255128, >>2255196 claiming from HRC video.

>>2254617 Intel leader Coats says he intended no disrespect to Trump

>>2254646 MOAR SAUCE on Sara Ruth Ashcraft and Tom Hanks (pedophilia)

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>>2254938 POTUS Schedule tweet: "In a Democratic Party socialist nation everyone is poor except those that govern…"

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Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:31:17Z No. 2257797



Anonymous ID: f76cfa 2018-07-24 02:32:44Z No. 2257813

Tits or GTFO

Anonymous ID: 94cbc2 2018-07-24 02:33:40Z No. 2257823

what's with the

New Baker

in the dough?

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:34:33Z No. 2257830


Started using it to distinguish when the baker changes over so "muh notables" know when to stop complaining.

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 02:35:04Z No. 2257837

Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Distribution of Child Pornography

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:35:19Z No. 2257842

Anonymous ID: 94cbc2 2018-07-24 02:35:19Z No. 2257843


ahh makes sense

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:35:24Z No. 2257845

back to life

back to love

Anonymous ID: b1fdad 2018-07-24 02:35:45Z No. 2257848

ty baker

Anonymous ID: d2c31e 2018-07-24 02:35:50Z No. 2257849

Anyone catch that Ingraham interview with Nunes? She took the "bitch" approach to it. Seemed a shame as he was vindicated on the FISA/Memo issue.

Anonymous ID: 630795 2018-07-24 02:35:52Z No. 2257850


Yoram Globus


Anonymous ID: a4e6c5 2018-07-24 02:36:21Z No. 2257854



Anonymous ID: 861518 2018-07-24 02:36:52Z No. 2257859


they'll complain anyway :)


Anonymous ID: c18e45 2018-07-24 02:36:52Z No. 2257860

Silly clowns, trix are for kids.

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 02:36:52Z No. 2257862

Virginia man sentenced to 23 years in prison for traveling to Haiti and engaging in illicit sexual conduct

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:37:03Z No. 2257863


Could also help BO/BV when vetting bakers. I'll Probably be the only anon doing it though so I guess im shitting up the dough.

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 02:37:31Z No. 2257869

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:37:54Z No. 2257874

Boobs of Gratitude for the Baker!

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:37:57Z No. 2257875


Anon I missed this twice now… Thank you for keeping up with the post.

Anonymous ID: 999419 2018-07-24 02:37:58Z No. 2257876


NK Starts Dismantling Nuke Facilities????

pic taken from this article, there are more in the article.

Anonymous ID: b1fdad 2018-07-24 02:38:21Z No. 2257881


There were a lot of shitty TV series and movies labeled "A Golan/Globus Production". They're charter members of (((HWood)))

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 02:38:45Z No. 2257886

Reposting from end of last bread


Will not offer evidence of bias


reserves the right to question witnesses about a number of agreements: proffer; plea; cooperation; and/or


Manafort says these witnesses answers may provide insight into why Special Counsel is prosecuting him, when there are those that sought immunity, but could have been prosecuted.

Anonymous ID: 999419 2018-07-24 02:38:47Z No. 2257888


nvm i see it in notables now mb

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:39:11Z No. 2257893

Anonymous ID: 0430df 2018-07-24 02:39:16Z No. 2257895


Not exactly news…but it'll fail anyway.

Anonymous ID: 5f78ce 2018-07-24 02:39:19Z No. 2257896

Nicholas "Duffy" Fudge, Star of "Wicked Tuna" Dead at 28

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 02:39:26Z No. 2257899

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:39:34Z No. 2257901

Anonymous ID: 546e70 2018-07-24 02:39:34Z No. 2257902


you might like this

>live coverage

hollywood pedos on RSBN

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 02:40:14Z No. 2257909

1,2 /we/ are coming for (you),

3,4 (they) will be no moar,

5,6 ( they) will need (their) fix,

7,8 it's already too late,

9,10 read the Bible, God wins!

The end


Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 02:40:40Z No. 2257910

Rothschild Bank Ensnared in Money Laundering Scandal that Led to Arrest of Malaysian President

The Rothschild Bank is the subject of an international investigation after it was accused of laundering billions of dollars.

Switzerland – Swiss authorities have accused the Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG of not only establishing business dealings with customers suspected of money laundering, but also “considerably expand[ing]” those dealings while violating the bank’s own reporting by reporting their suspicions “only after a substantial delay.”

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:41:17Z No. 2257917



Anonymous ID: 861518 2018-07-24 02:41:45Z No. 2257920


nice digits and great work :)

Anonymous ID: 77657d 2018-07-24 02:41:53Z No. 2257922


Nunes is the shit!

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:42:08Z No. 2257923

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:42:25Z No. 2257926

Anonymous ID: b1fdad 2018-07-24 02:42:33Z No. 2257929

Shills took the rest of the night off

Anonymous ID: 9ab22a 2018-07-24 02:42:39Z No. 2257932


Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 02:42:41Z No. 2257933

What could possibly be redacted in Page's FISA warrant that would be so damning it would push the storm over the cliff?

Anonymous ID: d6b21c 2018-07-24 02:43:01Z No. 2257935

I'm not sure if this is a POSSIBLE Q decode:

Revolves around the following 3 pieces of information:

1. Q post 556 with the phrase: "Make sure to learn Russian.":

2. Putin's mention of Browder recently:

3. The recently resurfaced Magnitsky documentary. It's on bitchute. One of the relevant parts starts at 52:00 and on through the German politician's interview.

Some interesting things in the documentary, which is about the accountant who is the namesake behind the Magnitsky Act.

The official narrative is he was killed because he accused some Russian cops of stealing from Browder's interests, and they locked him up until he retracted his accusations, but held out until he died.

The EU MSM proof of this is the Russian police document which is a supposed written account or testimony and Magnitsky's accusations against the officers, and his subsequent imprisonment, and harsh treatment, which lead to his death.

According to the director, because it's in Russian, everyone (including himself) took Browder's translation of the document for granted that's what the documents say. Apparently, nobody else in western media bothered to have it translated on their own?

Long story short, the director contends that Magnitsky never named the officers of stealing directly, his proof being the same exact document, contrary to the widely spread translation of the document. (Which destroys the motive to kill him).

The connection to Q, and what might be the decode, is that in the U.S., the Act is passed, based on a *possible* FALSE TRANSLATION of said RUSSIAN "testimony". Make sure to learn Russian?

I couldn't track down the scrib document, that was a screen grab from the documentary, plus I don't speak/read Russian anyway, but thought maybe an anon could track it down and take a look at the actual testimony for themselves. That's all I got, and I could be way off, or maybe misunderstood some things in the doc though, because I know nothing about the Russian political atmosphere.

Little bonus crumb included in pic.

Also, could POTUS tweet about Iran be "The shot heard round the world?"

Anonymous ID: 6b077f 2018-07-24 02:43:02Z No. 2257936


The Good, The Bad & The Bakers

Anonymous ID: e98f61 2018-07-24 02:43:24Z No. 2257939

old bread over 815 and still posting

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 02:43:35Z No. 2257940

Anonymous ID: 9ab22a 2018-07-24 02:43:44Z No. 2257941



Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 02:43:49Z No. 2257942


I'm betting on "names". Names that would implicate major players

Anonymous ID: d2c31e 2018-07-24 02:43:53Z No. 2257943


Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 02:44:07Z No. 2257945


Anonymous ID: a4e6c5 2018-07-24 02:44:09Z No. 2257946



Anonymous ID: 34dcfc 2018-07-24 02:44:11Z No. 2257948

Manafort was a plant.

Trace background.

Open source.

Who was arrested?

Non US.

Trace background.

Open source.

Carter Page was a plant.

Trace background.

Open source.

Why is Mueller going after 'inside plants'?

I have been trying to figure out the Non US person arrested being mentioned here. Could it be Marina Butina??

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:44:28Z No. 2257949


I have had:

Bake 'Em High

Fist Full Of Dough

The Good, The Bad & The Bakers is a good addition.

Anonymous ID: 96bbad 2018-07-24 02:44:50Z No. 2257953

>>2257550 (previous Bread)

You make a good point, also someone mentioned later in the thread that it could be a 4, which is fair enough. So that gives us 4 possible dates.





Now, running the dates at 90 days between renewals, and knowing that the first one that we know of was in October…the renewal closest to any of those dates would not be due until some time in July. So, if it was the 1st or the 4th, that would be pretty early for him to have needed to sign it. the 21st and the 24th could be explained away if the renewal was due in early July.

In either case, this would make the Rosenstein signature the 3rd renewal of the FISA warrant.

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 02:45:00Z No. 2257955



Anonymous ID: 6c7e96 2018-07-24 02:45:02Z No. 2257956


Whoopi- guilty?

Her first gig in Guyana.

Anonymous ID: 77657d 2018-07-24 02:45:08Z No. 2257957


Notice all dates redacted except hand written one…

Anonymous ID: cc5b42 2018-07-24 02:45:17Z No. 2257958

Three Days

just 3 days after Comey informed of Weiner laptop

Carter Page FISA approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 57b11d 2018-07-24 02:45:25Z No. 2257961

TV show Salvation episode 5 that aired tonight had a moment where a detective says to the Vice President "I'm DC Police, WE KNOW WHERE ALL THE BODIES ARE BURIED."!!!!!!!!

Direct Q answer or just a coincidence?

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 02:45:25Z No. 2257962

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 02:45:36Z No. 2257963


The Good, the Bakers and the Ugly.

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 02:45:39Z No. 2257964


maybe the LARP was all they had…

They will try again tomorrow with a new LARP.

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:45:41Z No. 2257965


isn't schzonk iranian

Anonymous ID: cc5b42 2018-07-24 02:45:55Z No. 2257966


three days!!!

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 02:46:05Z No. 2257967


Kek. I guess I got inspired by the faggot posting mostly rhymes 50+ times for God knows how many breads now. Kek…

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:46:08Z No. 2257968


8chan Diggers Vs. CIA Niggers

Anonymous ID: 9a93a9 2018-07-24 02:46:15Z No. 2257969


>What could possibly be redacted in Page's FISA warrant that would be so damning it would push the storm over the cliff?

Surveillance of Page in Hong Kong in 2013.

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 02:46:16Z No. 2257970

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 02:46:37Z No. 2257971



Anonymous ID: 34dcfc 2018-07-24 02:46:54Z No. 2257972


Nice anon! Thank You! :)

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:46:55Z No. 2257973

it was the "dragon energy"

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 02:47:07Z No. 2257974

I fuckin' love this man! (no homo)


Anonymous ID: 24c20b 2018-07-24 02:47:14Z No. 2257975

Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 02:47:19Z No. 2257976

A new type of shill. Heh.

Anonymous ID: cc5b42 2018-07-24 02:47:26Z No. 2257977


Page agreeing to be the target of the FISA!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 23a32f 2018-07-24 02:47:33Z No. 2257978

perhaps Getty or Reagan Ranch ?

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 02:47:36Z No. 2257979


Did someone say CIA Nigger?

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:47:43Z No. 2257980

sex slaves hustling for crack money

Anonymous ID: 361aab 2018-07-24 02:48:02Z No. 2257981



Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 02:48:04Z No. 2257982


Through DE Looking CLAS

Anonymous ID: 92d3df 2018-07-24 02:48:22Z No. 2257983


There's a pretty funny documentary about them.

Anonymous ID: 70c9ad 2018-07-24 02:48:26Z No. 2257984


TY Baker

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 02:48:28Z No. 2257985


made that for a different reason (the plants) but helped you so kek!

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:48:35Z No. 2257986

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 02:48:56Z No. 2257988


Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 02:49:03Z No. 2257989


Classy anon. Have a Pepe.

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 02:49:07Z No. 2257990


enough pron already anon

I mean, it is the night shift after all

KEK, /s

Anonymous ID: 54e117 2018-07-24 02:49:07Z No. 2257991


Few small things I thought notable on the interview..

Nunes said “ by the attacks we’ve be getting we know we are over the target”

Ingram said “cya”

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:49:24Z No. 2257992


strozk sorry lol

Anonymous ID: 061e56 2018-07-24 02:49:36Z No. 2257993


That water looks cold. Those goosebumps are awesome!

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 02:49:38Z No. 2257994

Posted late last bread so posting again

Actor by the name of Isaac Kappy says Seth Green is a pedo and I havent checked yet but says he is also naming other names on Twatter

Anonymous ID: 21f08e 2018-07-24 02:49:51Z No. 2257995

1. 2-WFBA turned up in Poland. Is it going to Tallinn, Estonia? Started its day in Morocco over 8 hours ago.

2,3. This medevac chopper is slightly interesting b/c of the location – Langley, VA. Have not ascertained what it's doing. It was flying N then simply went off the radar while at altitude.

4,5. Chopper N948PH is interesting because of its location also. Patuxent River, MD (big naval base). Log indicates it has flown between Patuxent and Quantico recently too. Have not been able to ascertain what it's up to tonight.


Anonymous ID: 5f78ce 2018-07-24 02:49:59Z No. 2257996

British expat found dead on Greek Island 'stabbed to death with screwdriver'

Anonymous ID: 23a32f 2018-07-24 02:49:59Z No. 2257997

Actor calls out Seth Green

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 02:50:10Z No. 2257998



Cronk and the evil lady

Strzok and Hillary.

Anonymous ID: 34dcfc 2018-07-24 02:50:12Z No. 2257999


The 26th?? I was thinking the same thing! Something about the 1 of 22 sticks with me alot ….so I added 4 (July 4th) plus 22 to equal the 26th. Ha I am probably so wrong.

Why are you thinking the 26th?

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 02:50:14Z No. 2258000

>>2257957 dates could also put things into a nice perspective…. Done too early? Too late? Huh…interesting. can't wait til we figure it out

>>2257948 that's the only - non us - that has been arrested so far…right?

Maria sounds about right.

But that would mean that Q knew she would be arrested, way before she did. If this truly means Maria, I've just began to trust the plan more ( and that would put me above 100%)

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 02:50:19Z No. 2258001



Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 02:50:22Z No. 2258002


I would bet that both of CN's seth's are.

Anonymous ID: ef56b2 2018-07-24 02:50:25Z No. 2258003


Yes, Gowdy, we understand that!

Anonymous ID: 5dd929 2018-07-24 02:50:25Z No. 2258004


Yeah. Dude also said he visits the board. Mentioned it to me in a DM.

Anonymous ID: 7283bc 2018-07-24 02:50:42Z No. 2258005


Let us know how that visit from the FBI goes.

Anonymous ID: 768e93 2018-07-24 02:50:46Z No. 2258006


Anonymous ID: 9addb4 2018-07-24 02:50:54Z No. 2258007

Can somebody post something interesting please?

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 02:50:59Z No. 2258008


I think it's a great idea.

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:51:14Z No. 2258010


why don't you?

Anonymous ID: 9a0f3d 2018-07-24 02:51:15Z No. 2258011

Add another to the list

Lead singer of rock band Hedley arrested, charged with sexual assault

>After a four-month investigation, Toronto police have charged the lead singer for Canadian pop-rock band Hedley for alleged sexual assault.

>Jacob Hoggard, 34 turned himself in to police with his lawyer on Monday morning. 

>Toronto police released a statement saying Hoggard has been charged with two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexual interference. Under the Criminal Code, the charge of sexual interference is only laid if the alleged victim is under the age of 16.

>Hoggard is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. Police are concerned there may be more victims, according to the statement.

>Hoggard is accused of sexually assaulting two women on separate occasions while in Toronto. One of the alleged victims is the 24-year old Ottawa woman who first came forward to the CBC News with details of her alleged rape earlier this year.

>CBC is not identifying the Ottawa woman to protect her privacy and because revealing her identity could make her a target on social media.

https://www.cbc .ca/news/canada/ottawa/hedley-lead-singer-jacob-hoggard-sex-assault-charges-1.4758084

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 02:51:16Z No. 2258012

Did our photofags ever get a better copy to work with of this image than this one?

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 02:51:28Z No. 2258013


Jiggly Pepe

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 02:51:29Z No. 2258014


Anonymous ID: 9a93a9 2018-07-24 02:51:35Z No. 2258016


Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:51:38Z No. 2258017


Yer missing some BEWBS . . .

Anonymous ID: 65233a 2018-07-24 02:51:48Z No. 2258018

Compare Jan 21 posts by Q (image) and Q Clock.

Judicial Watch win few days ago.

A week to remember.

Anonymous ID: 21f08e 2018-07-24 02:51:51Z No. 2258019


Recon7 out. Good night all you niggerfaggots.


Anonymous ID: af3625 2018-07-24 02:51:54Z No. 2258020


Anonymous ID: 92d3df 2018-07-24 02:51:56Z No. 2258021


I bet it was (prince) Philip's

Anonymous ID: 34dcfc 2018-07-24 02:51:57Z No. 2258022


See post


Anonymous ID: d76e66 2018-07-24 02:52:00Z No. 2258023

This gentleman says the birth of his own babies were the inspiration for his craft.

(Hint: Not a post-birth abortion ritual, but close!)

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 02:52:02Z No. 2258024


Here is his Twitter link

In the first Twat alone he says he was propositioned to join the illuminati

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 02:52:08Z No. 2258025

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:52:10Z No. 2258026

Anonymous ID: b11dc1 2018-07-24 02:52:17Z No. 2258027


Something interesting.

Anonymous ID: aca17e 2018-07-24 02:52:17Z No. 2258028

>>2257925 last (every bread)

Did I make it more accurate jew?

I retract the question.

No honest answer is expected because jewry.

Truth works.

Truth is good.

Truth clarifies.

Truth will save that malfunctioning corporation called the USA.

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 02:52:39Z No. 2258029

victims of pedos/abusers reactions to

M.Gunn M.Black et al.

"joking about it in the media only encourages jerks like my rapist…"


Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:52:39Z No. 2258030


Goosebumps . . . ?

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 02:52:44Z No. 2258031


wasn't this cicada or something

Anonymous ID: fa3c9b 2018-07-24 02:52:45Z No. 2258032


Anonymous ID: 54e117 2018-07-24 02:53:06Z No. 2258034


Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 02:53:20Z No. 2258035

Anonymous ID: 24c20b 2018-07-24 02:53:34Z No. 2258036

Anonymous ID: b0a9d2 2018-07-24 02:53:40Z No. 2258037


Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:53:47Z No. 2258038


You asked for it . . .

Anonymous ID: 29140c 2018-07-24 02:53:51Z No. 2258040


I saw it too Anon..back to 751 now

Fuckery afoot?

Anonymous ID: 6990e1 2018-07-24 02:53:51Z No. 2258041

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:53:56Z No. 2258042

Anonymous ID: 33a607 2018-07-24 02:54:07Z No. 2258043

Did we decide the Cooper Freshley Houston rapper thing was bullshit? If not, here you go. His Instagram with a post where he survived the "blizzard of 2017" which was December 8th, 2017 I think.

Also a Linkedin.

Bunch of pro POTUS stuff on there too. He's still alive apparently, married to a woman named Eron Cooper. They have at least one son, plays football. Any other decodes of the stego in the hrcvid pics?

Anonymous ID: cc5b42 2018-07-24 02:54:10Z No. 2258044


Sorry was about a find of mine

3 days after Comey informed of Weiner Laptop the FBI got the Carter Page FISA approved, after the previous two FISA denials.

Anonymous ID: e30227 2018-07-24 02:54:12Z No. 2258045

FAA hiring practices

Awe, yeah. Almost forgot those digs.

That was HUGE!!!!

Thanks, Tucker.

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 02:54:16Z No. 2258046


Yes, a little.

Anonymous ID: c32997 2018-07-24 02:54:28Z No. 2258047

Anon theorized earlier it might say that Page was a willing participant


Anonymous ID: b11dc1 2018-07-24 02:54:34Z No. 2258048


BV/BO deleted the shillfag posts.

Anonymous ID: d24e2a 2018-07-24 02:54:41Z No. 2258050




Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:54:44Z No. 2258051



Anonymous ID: 768e93 2018-07-24 02:54:46Z No. 2258052



Christ newfags it's because of the deleted posts. Refresh the page

Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 02:54:58Z No. 2258053


Night Planefag, I am lurking myself, going to turn in early - no baking for me tonight…

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 02:55:01Z No. 2258054

Anonymous ID: aca17e 2018-07-24 02:55:04Z No. 2258055


Change the word "greed" with truth, counter semitism, race realism, etc…

and you will get closer to the truth.

Anonymous ID: 6990e1 2018-07-24 02:55:06Z No. 2258057


Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 02:55:10Z No. 2258058


Hmm.. I don't think that one's really better tho. KEK

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 02:55:25Z No. 2258059


Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 02:55:31Z No. 2258060


Most interesting. So they redacted the dates… And names.. would be magical if podesta's name was also redacted…..

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 02:55:32Z No. 2258061


Its not cropped, so its got that going for it.

Anonymous ID: c66f93 2018-07-24 02:55:47Z No. 2258062

>2257590 [LB]

So connected just means appearing on the show then?>>2257590

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:56:06Z No. 2258064

they must be clubbing cia niggas

i bet you could reverse thier old spells through their old haunts with the bludgeoned crony's

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 02:56:09Z No. 2258065

Anonymous ID: b3796a 2018-07-24 02:56:13Z No. 2258066


Lovely, lovely!

Anonymous ID: af3625 2018-07-24 02:56:16Z No. 2258067


Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 02:56:21Z No. 2258068


Thanks for pulling screen caps over

He has has DIRT

Anonymous ID: b0a9d2 2018-07-24 02:56:23Z No. 2258069


Remember, remember, the 5th of December!!

Anonymous ID: b1fdad 2018-07-24 02:56:32Z No. 2258070

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 02:56:32Z No. 2258071


Anonymous ID: d4a78e 2018-07-24 02:56:32Z No. 2258072


Anonymous ID: c32997 2018-07-24 02:56:39Z No. 2258073


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:56:44Z No. 2258074


see if grandpa got time to cleave this one like a melon

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 02:57:00Z No. 2258075


have a side by side

Anonymous ID: 6990e1 2018-07-24 02:57:04Z No. 2258076



Anonymous ID: 6a39a8 2018-07-24 02:57:07Z No. 2258078

Ted Cruz looking to prosecute Gunn?

Anonymous ID: aca17e 2018-07-24 02:57:11Z No. 2258079


The jews at jewtube cut off the clip because of people like me pointing you in the right direction instead of the j left direction…


Remember replace greed with counter semitism race realism and truth…

Anonymous ID: b55191 2018-07-24 02:57:14Z No. 2258080

Don't know if this has been posted yet but YouTube just deleted SGTReport's account. 300,000 subscribers, 1000 interviews, many about Q (and also about financial matters and other interesting bits of hidden American history).

The owner of the channel wants his followers to tweet to @TeamYouTube with requests of reinstatement. Keep it somewhat civil please.

RoadToRoota rants about it here:


Also general reminder to archive everything offline.

Fresh meme tangentially related.

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 02:57:27Z No. 2258082

Pic related, last bread.


Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 02:57:36Z No. 2258083



Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:57:37Z No. 2258084


Okay . . .

Anonymous ID: 768e93 2018-07-24 02:57:43Z No. 2258085


Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 02:57:45Z No. 2258086


When Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, he laughed in their faces, raised the ransom, and sent his men to collect enough silver to pay it. While he waited, he won them over and gained so much trust that they didn't believe it when he said he'd come back to kill them all. He later captured them, got his silver back, cut their throats, and had them crucified.

Anonymous ID: 344c56 2018-07-24 02:57:51Z No. 2258087


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 02:57:54Z No. 2258088

Anonymous ID: 495c6f 2018-07-24 02:58:02Z No. 2258089


Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 02:58:05Z No. 2258090


Cruz is just yacking for the next election.

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 02:58:24Z No. 2258091


well played

nice bewbs

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 02:58:26Z No. 2258092


Based Caesar,

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 02:58:27Z No. 2258093



Anonymous ID: c32997 2018-07-24 02:58:40Z No. 2258094


I hate that I have to vote for him for Senator

Anonymous ID: d24e2a 2018-07-24 02:58:56Z No. 2258095


Anonymous ID: dafc00 2018-07-24 02:59:47Z No. 2258097


Anonymous ID: 94cbc2 2018-07-24 02:59:49Z No. 2258098

bc it's night shift

some important astrological events coming up:

1. today the sun entered leo - previous sign cancer (cardinal water) rules the subconscious and the past (things from the past are unearthed and reexamined) - leo season is markedly different as it is fixed fire - the ruler/king/leader of the zodiac, also rules entertainment, leo is all about "the show"

we are in leo until august 22

–note: POTUS is a rising leo - this is his time to shine

2. this leo season we will be experiencing 2 eclipses, on one july 27 (lunar eclipse) in the sign of aquarius– the water bearer (watch the water), sign of communities, organizations, activism, and also of misfits and geniuses – and one on august 11 (solar eclipse) in leo . eclipses reveal our individual and collective shadows, very auspicious times and each solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new 6 month cycle until the next eclipse

3. mercury (planet of communication) and mars (planet of war and action) are both retrograde until the end of august.

uranus (planet of radical unpredictable change, technology) goes retrograde on august 7

when planets are retrograde it appears as if everything pertaining to the planet is in a holding pattern, a time to reexamine, reinterpret, remember, reread, etc

currently 5 planets are in retrograde, which explains the collective feeling of "holding our breath". things pick up and get moving again once planets go direct

aug. 19 - mercury goes direct

aug. 27 - mars goes direct

sep. 6 - saturn goes direct

sep. 30 - pluto goes direct

pluto and saturn (outer planets) have a bigger impact globally than personal planets like mars and mercury.. expect happenings around these times

4. lion's gate portal on 8/8 - this is when the sun in leo aligns with the galactic center and sirius - opening a portal for an influx of energy which aids in raising the consciousness of the planet

fun times ahead

"millionaires don't use astrology. billionaires do." - JP Morgan

Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 02:59:58Z No. 2258099


Since we're stuck in the doldrums wondering if/when the Mighty Q will return I had a thought that would make Q proud.

On Dec 15, 2017 in drop #364 Q told us for the first time, "You have it all."

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 462c9a No.11045246 📁

Dec 15 2017 01:28:58 (EST)

Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


Q is always telling us to re-read crumbs so why not have the baker or a volunteer anon start reposting each of Q's drops the way they were originally dropped and then we anons can re-dig each drop anew together.

Considering that Future Proves The Past, a great many of us should be able to add new digs/info regarding each of Q's original drops.

If we only focus on the first 364 drops, in order, we should be able to build the MAP/find the key in just those first 364 drops alone since Q told us "You have it all" in drop #364.


Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:00:11Z No. 2258101

Methinks that Trump has been declassifying the information bit by bit.

It benefits the MSM in no way to let the cat out of the bag and tell the public (and attempt to demonize POTUS) that it is by his authority alone that we are wrenching the Intel from the hands of [RR] and making it public.

The CABAL knows what is coming. The FISA warrant application will slowly be released but it will be released long before the midterm elections.

At that point the public will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the basis for Comey's FBI investigation was ONLY political in nature.

Public opinion regarding Mueller's investigation will plummet and it (the investigation) will be wrapped up soon.

At that point the SESSIONS recusal will be void as will [RR's] government career.

All in plenty of time to rally the troops going into the midterm elections.

Be of good cheer anons. Victory is just over the next hill. Bear down and hang with POTUS.

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:00:13Z No. 2258102


Meet me outside. I'm just up the street BB.

Anonymous ID: a1a95d 2018-07-24 03:00:19Z No. 2258103

2 theories on Qs absence…

1. Q is staying quiet until those making money off him lose all their followers.

2. Q has indeed been assassinated. If this is the case, the Q movement has no legs unless we start the narrative of #IamQ or #WeAreQ.

Now that he's gone it opens the door for the cabal to cast doubt on the validity of the movement. If we are now Q, then we can keep it going publically without missing a beat

Just a thought.

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:00:28Z No. 2258104


Honestly I have no idea. This feels like the Memo hype. Or the IG report.

They had important & interesting info to us, but to the sheep, they don't know what it is because it can't be read in under 5 minutes.

I'm sure it's just the start of the flood gates opening, and they know they will need a HELL OF A LOT more than an unredacted FISA Warrant to wake them up.

I think it's just going to be used as the next step in the multi-stepped plan to get all the goods unredacted.

If the Dems keep throwing fits about releasing unredacted stuff, but then said stuff isn't that interesting to the people, they won't care what the Dems cry about anymore.

So when there is FINALLY something BIG to release, when the Dems throw a fit, Meh.

The Dems who cried Wolf

Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:00:31Z No. 2258105

Thank you Baker.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:00:38Z No. 2258106


Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 03:00:44Z No. 2258107

Anonymous ID: 20b451 2018-07-24 03:00:46Z No. 2258108


baker notable

Dig on Browder and who else isnt learning to speak Russian <the media

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:00:57Z No. 2258109

Anonymous (ID: GdsBzW23)

MeToo and TimesUp were military operations designed to pace the left / the normies towards the truth about how the Jews run the world. For the record, Robin Williams killed himself 3 months before the festival debut of “An Open Secret.” What was he afraid of? WHO was he afraid of?

Whoopi has four days.

Anonymous ID: fc5ffe 2018-07-24 03:00:58Z No. 2258110


Suggests that he had a prior deal with the FBI where they agreed NOT to prosecute.

And that some of the witnesses have an agenda to throw Manafort under the bus to protect themselves.

This case is gonna be lit.

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:01:07Z No. 2258111

At the rate bread is rising…


Any bakers lurking?

Anonymous ID: dafc00 2018-07-24 03:01:10Z No. 2258112


Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 03:01:26Z No. 2258113

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:01:30Z No. 2258114


You can't assassinate an ARG.


Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:01:33Z No. 2258115

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:01:48Z No. 2258116



Actor Isaac Kappy exposing other pedos in Hwood

Anonymous ID: b9253c 2018-07-24 03:02:07Z No. 2258117


Anonymous ID: 3ab346 2018-07-24 03:02:22Z No. 2258118

Carter Page looks like a moist Mark Zuckerburg shaved his head 10 years from now.

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:02:23Z No. 2258119


Anonymous ID: 5262e1 2018-07-24 03:02:38Z No. 2258121


You know it's rare, because of the label.

Anonymous ID: 6b077f 2018-07-24 03:02:45Z No. 2258122

Big ThanQ to VidAnon for keeping up the notables archive during my vacation.

Anonymous ID: a75094 2018-07-24 03:02:45Z No. 2258123


hrcvid2.JPG appeared to have some stego – sth could have been hidden using "jphide" (a jpg algorithm for stego)

Checked it using jpseek (same algorithm) with pass "hrcvid2", which extracted some gobbledegoog data without giving problems.

Tried other passwords – they all gave error messages in the decoding process.

So either it's a coincidence, or the gobbledegoog needs to be decrypted again, using another algorithm (and password).

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:02:52Z No. 2258124


We need to hang together or we'll surely hang separately.

Anonymous ID: cabfbb 2018-07-24 03:02:55Z No. 2258125

Comey tweets, warning about "Social Left"

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:03:00Z No. 2258126


Alex Bronfman Lawyer Jones someone call him up and tell him he's going to be even more famous than he thought possible.

Crispy or extra crispy (((Alex)))?

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:03:02Z No. 2258127


Here, have some Paris Hilton crap. These humans can't see shit.

Anonymous ID: 3b3bed 2018-07-24 03:03:05Z No. 2258128

Has anyone seen any Intel on the whereabouts of @Snowden or @julianassange on Twitter? Looks like both have been dark since the same day. February 10.

Anonymous ID: 786fc9 2018-07-24 03:03:09Z No. 2258129

Regarding the Sofa Photo:

Have you IDEN other person?


United States Ambassador to Belize

July 28, 2009 – August 12, 2013

PN590 — Vinai K. Thummalapally — Department of State

111th Congress (2009-2010)

07/24/2009 - Confirmed by the Senate by Voice Vote.

Vinai Thummalapally was the first Indian American ambassador in U.S. history.

He came to America in 1974, and attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, where he spent a summer as Barack Obama's roommate.


Obama's circle was multiracial. Among his closest friends were three older students from South Asia: two Pakistanis, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, and an Indian, Vinai Thummalapally.


The Bridge, by David Remnick, 2010.

Obama inducts record number of Indian-Americans into his administration, India Times, Nov 19, 2012.

Obama, who four years ago became the first African American to have been elected as US President, appointed Raj Shah, as administrator of USAID - the highest ranking Indian American in any administration.

Vinai Thummalapally, the US Ambassador to Belize, became the first Indian-American Ambassador in the US history.

Highly talented, Vikram Singh in his capacity as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) is the highest ranking Indian American official in the Pentagon.

The anti-terrorism and anti-Wall Street crusade of Preet Bharara, the US Attorney, who is another Obama appointee, is well known.

continued …

50 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of the Obama Administration, NBC News, May.03.2016.

Ambassador to Belize: Who is Vinai Thummalapally?, August 10, 2009

VC does not fit the Q criterion of "no facial hair".

DiggerAnons: can you find any word on whether or not VC had an FBI bypass at some point in his time in the Hussein Admin?

See above article for list of 50 appointments that might be worth a dig for bypasses.

Does Wikileaks mention VC or any of the others on the list of Hussein appointments?

I'm on a different dig but thought might as well share what I have come across on this subject.


Anonymous ID: 10e9e1 2018-07-24 03:03:11Z No. 2258130



[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:03:13Z No. 2258131

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:03:46Z No. 2258132


not good theories.

Anonymous ID: b11dc1 2018-07-24 03:03:48Z No. 2258133


Anonymous ID: c575cc 2018-07-24 03:04:10Z No. 2258134

The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.

_Let's start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength. He is then covered by his dark skin. This dark skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the scorching sun of africa, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The dark skin reminds us of our dark, deep desires that emerge from our primal subconscious past.

The BLACK man's demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man(ʷʰ*ᵀᵉ dogs)

The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his penis. The BLACK penis is largest of all the races. As the penis is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the BLACK man the most masculine of men. This large penis is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the vagina. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent african seed will immediately enter the womb of the woman the BLACK man impregnates.

In total, the BLACK man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the BLACK man is the epitome of masculinity.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:04:11Z No. 2258135


Four Days. Do it live on The View. Rip it off like a band-aid. This is it Whoopi.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:04:20Z No. 2258136

Anonymous ID: e1c300 2018-07-24 03:04:43Z No. 2258137

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:04:43Z No. 2258138


announcement from the D.O.D website:

"The Department of Defense announced today that they will provide $200 million to Ukraine in security cooperation funds for additional training, equipment and advisory efforts to build the defensive capacity of Ukraine’s forces.

This reaffirms the long-standing defense relationship between the United States and Ukraine and brings the total U.S. security sector assistance to Ukraine to more than $1 billion since 2014.

The added funds will provide equipment to support ongoing training programs and operational needs, including capabilities to enhance Ukraine’s command and control, situational awareness systems, secure communications, military mobility, night vision, and military medical treatment.

The security cooperation builds on Ukraine’s recent adoption of the Law on National Security. This law, which provides a legislative framework for aligning Ukraine’s national security architecture with Euro-Atlantic principles, constitutes a major step toward Ukraine’s goal of achieving NATO interoperability. The implementation of these reforms will bolster Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity in support of a secure and democratic Ukraine.

A timeline for delivery and fielding of equipment will be determined at a later date."

Anonymous ID: eb501b 2018-07-24 03:04:55Z No. 2258139



So this tweet means we are now in full control, right?

Remember the rhetoric w/NK

This might explain the Q silence

Liberating a country would keep the team busy

Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:04:57Z No. 2258140


Interesting gif.

Anonymous ID: 0147ac 2018-07-24 03:05:09Z No. 2258141

They were more plants? 2 got picked. All they

had to do was follow the law and keep an

alibi. Mean time, plants are meant to be

chosen for someone to take the bait. One

was swampy, other time in RUS, perfect

for FISA. Check signatures, know the ones

helping each other stop Trump. LP snitch

out PS, conflicting testimonies, someone

takes the fall, already stage set for PS to

fall. LP walks for testimony. Plan in motion,

adjustments made accordingly, one step

before the other, slow strangle, no escape,

for ones on the server and those they snitch

on. Slow disappearance of swamp, until final

swamp creatures, by then naked of support

exposed in the light, showing all their scaley

skin, sharp claws, brands, tattoos, obviously

not human, but feeds on human. Jus thoughts.

Anonymous ID: d4cb70 2018-07-24 03:05:17Z No. 2258143


Two possible…not very good possibilities, but I guess possible.

There could be many reasons why Q is quiet. Maybe his work is done. Maybe something needs to happen first before he posts again. Maybe the silence is part of the plan. Maybe they changed tactics and decided to hit the cabal more silently. Who knows…

Anonymous ID: 999419 2018-07-24 03:05:27Z No. 2258144


I guess that means he's got Salmonella dick.


Anonymous ID: e4a72c 2018-07-24 03:05:29Z No. 2258145


Who the fuck is the FBI - SIS that Q said were good?

Been around since 1940

Yet raise your hand if you ever heard of them?

They operated in western hemisphere mostly, and that meant much in South America because they were chasing Nazi's.

However, they're scope quickly morphed into something bigger as they got into smugglers and much more.

If this agency within and agency was never decommissioned.

What would it look like today?

What security clearances would be given to them?

What would the requirements be for being an agent? Not an average Joe, no family?, no identity?, no lose ends, no desire for money anymore?, pure patriot driven.

(Taken from CIA Library)

What limited scholarly attention the FBI’s Special Intelligence Service (SIS) has received over the past 60 years has, quite deservedly, been focused on the agency’s successes in the field. These ranged from high-level penetrations of foreign governments to dogged hunts for smugglers and spies throughout the Western Hemisphere. SIS agents, in concert with State Department and armed services personnel, quashed virtually all Axis intelligence operations in Central and South America during World War II. The numbers are impressive. Between 1 July 1940 and 31 December 1945, the SIS identified 832 Axis “espionage agents,” apprehended 336 of these, and ultimately gained convictions against 105 individuals for a total of more than 1,340 years in prison. The SIS further identified 222 “smugglers of strategic materials” in the Western Hemisphere and captured 75 of them. SIS employees conducted 641 separate investigations at the request of other US government agencies and shut down 24 clandestine radio stations used by Axis agents to communicate with their handlers and each other.

With access to the information they would get from these investigations, what would these agents learn about corruption in the banks, corporations, and our own government?

At what point would the benefactors of this agency be gone?

When would the enemies of this agency (Bush) emerge in power? Would they stay intact during the period of Clinton/Bush?

Find it funny that even though Q alerted us to a hidden government agency operating in Argentina and beyond since 1940. Nobody felt it urgent to dig on this agency?

This post will be shilled as quickly as possible.

Anonymous ID: e1c300 2018-07-24 03:05:34Z No. 2258146


Need to dig on Hanks now

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:05:43Z No. 2258147


Anonymous ID: 8e9c80 2018-07-24 03:05:51Z No. 2258148



That doesn't good.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:06:02Z No. 2258149

>“I have so many memories of Robin. There is no way I can share the jokes that we said and the things that we did,” said Goldberg. “Even years later, in 2016, it would still be a problem today. Those secrets will never be revealed.”

Anonymous ID: 33a607 2018-07-24 03:06:13Z No. 2258150


Received, anon. ThanQ.

Anonymous ID: 07f52e 2018-07-24 03:06:15Z No. 2258151


Anonymous ID: 74c14d 2018-07-24 03:06:19Z No. 2258153


16 naked bitches and they have to get the glory shot of the one with a briar patch around her HOT POCKET.

Anonymous ID: e7c0ff 2018-07-24 03:06:20Z No. 2258154


Anonymous ID: d4cb70 2018-07-24 03:06:30Z No. 2258155


That's a good analysis anon. POTUS doesn't telegraph his moves. He only moves when the board is set and the win is assured. I would expect big things over the next month or so with Iran.

Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:06:30Z No. 2258156


Q cannot release specific confidential/TS intel to the public. Q gave crumbs and gave us direction. We have tried to uncover all that is in the public domain. We are in the home stretch where the FISA warrant will be fully declassified (excluding true sources and methods).

Q did not come this far to do the very thing that the cabal did regularly (leaking classified intel for political purposes only).

Everybody breathe

Anonymous ID: b8f088 2018-07-24 03:06:48Z No. 2258157


Cruz is a clown imo.

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:06:50Z No. 2258158


Anonymous ID: fc5ffe 2018-07-24 03:06:52Z No. 2258159



That IS the point.

They wont be able to hide behind the idea there is other evidence.

The entire case relied on paid op research.

Anonymous ID: 23c930 2018-07-24 03:06:54Z No. 2258160

>>2258135 Robin was hemmed in on all sides by people who only cared about his money. That is the sad truth. And he knew it. The only option he had was to protect the financial future of his children. It was the only ethical move he had left.

Anonymous ID: cabfbb 2018-07-24 03:07:10Z No. 2258161


Anonymous ID: 17f6ea 2018-07-24 03:07:10Z No. 2258162


I like his songs

Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:07:25Z No. 2258164



Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:07:26Z No. 2258165


Anonymous ID: bbebc7 2018-07-24 03:07:32Z No. 2258167


Wouldn't take but a few minutes for a Q post no matter what the Q team is doing

Anonymous ID: 344c56 2018-07-24 03:07:34Z No. 2258168

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:07:41Z No. 2258169




Yes we do

Anonymous ID: 9b0c02 2018-07-24 03:07:48Z No. 2258170


My latest favorite Pepe.

Anonymous ID: 24c20b 2018-07-24 03:07:51Z No. 2258172

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 03:08:11Z No. 2258174

Anonymous ID: cf0d28 2018-07-24 03:08:26Z No. 2258175

cluckfag has sweet graphics on the clocks

i bet the chics love his rooster

Anonymous ID: 478330 2018-07-24 03:08:29Z No. 2258176


>Every detail accounted for.

>Every scenario planned for.

Q is a team, if one was assassinated it would not be the end of the OP.

Anonymous ID: 20b451 2018-07-24 03:08:37Z No. 2258178



Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:08:38Z No. 2258177


I don't follow astrology, and I'm not sure if it's


But it sure is interesting. Especially #1 - The part about Leo's show and watching the water.>>2258098

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:08:38Z No. 2258179


Anonymous ID: a242b0 2018-07-24 03:08:40Z No. 2258180

>>2257450 (prev)

be aware that the military (maybe gov) use the day/month/year format - at least when I was enlisted (back in the early 80's)…

Anonymous ID: d76e66 2018-07-24 03:08:43Z No. 2258181

>>2257068 (lb)

What if these Pedowood artists were secretly behind much of the Elsagate grooming content on YouTube and that's why Disney leaves them alone to quietly weaponize the brand?

Would it even be a surprise to hear that?

Anonymous ID: ef56b2 2018-07-24 03:09:03Z No. 2258182


SIS is MI6. Gina Haspel, now CIA director, was stationed in London when Peter Strzok went there to set up Spying on the Trump campaign. SIS alerted Haspel to the activities. That's why SIS is good.

Anonymous ID: e1c300 2018-07-24 03:09:04Z No. 2258183

Anonymous ID: 27c342 2018-07-24 03:09:07Z No. 2258184


Anonymous ID: 7063a8 2018-07-24 03:09:12Z No. 2258185



Anonymous ID: 478330 2018-07-24 03:09:17Z No. 2258186


was intended for.


Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:09:18Z No. 2258187


Great graphic.

It puts a bow on the bullshit

Anonymous ID: a16fea 2018-07-24 03:09:23Z No. 2258188


Seems like a good idea to me Anon.

Anonymous ID: fe870f 2018-07-24 03:09:26Z No. 2258189


Both w/ big tiddays have inverted nipples.. the chance? Inverted = mirror??

Trust the plan..


Anonymous ID: a40364 2018-07-24 03:09:26Z No. 2258190

because saying nigger just does not work to convey igonorace anymore its just called hateful which is not true the racist shit is saying i can only make word choices by skin color. i am black well its a nigger nigga celebration then you can replace most any word with nigger or nigga,if your white and you say it they act like you just burned down a daycare center full of downs kids absolute murder.fuck that new word time those niggers are now just nignorant, wait wut yep NIGNORANT works for any race but will align naturally to the negro and should piss off plenty of niggers when they try to go apeshit muh racist and get violent,only to be shut the fuck down ego deflated when they realize they are not on any sort of moral or political high ground.they will just look fucking nignorant. took a piece of shit athlete to inspire creativity for a nignorant nigger.white people win again, nignorance maybe bliss but smart is fucking funny.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:09:28Z No. 2258191


Q lead the creation of a crowd-sourced parallel construction for the general public to see and understand.

Anonymous ID: 27c342 2018-07-24 03:09:29Z No. 2258192



Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 03:09:29Z No. 2258193

Anonymous ID: eb501b 2018-07-24 03:09:30Z No. 2258194


>>2258155 - this is to illicit a knee jerk reaction from the MSM and the left… only to blow up in their face later. they are stupid

Anonymous ID: 93e94f 2018-07-24 03:09:41Z No. 2258195


Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:09:45Z No. 2258196



Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:09:48Z No. 2258197


Goatfucker lies about racism.

I'm shocked.

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:09:56Z No. 2258198


Sounds like a plan

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 03:09:59Z No. 2258199


no larps allowed

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:10:03Z No. 2258200

R the butt pirate is here.

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:10:05Z No. 2258201


Anonymous ID: 5403c4 2018-07-24 03:10:06Z No. 2258202


Option 3: Q is here among you.

Anonymous ID: 23c930 2018-07-24 03:10:07Z No. 2258203

>>2258154 Those girls are ugly.

Anonymous ID: 09adfe 2018-07-24 03:10:09Z No. 2258204

And now, a poem.

I crave more Q…

But Q Never Comes.

Now I just come

For the porn.

And I sadly jerk off.

Thank you.

Anonymous ID: ade80a 2018-07-24 03:10:20Z No. 2258205


I like it. Except at first I thought it meant "Baker who is new to baking." How about:

Next Baker', or Next Baker Shift or even Baker handoff?'

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:10:31Z No. 2258206

Let me just have a moment Anons…

I'd like to say, that I'm so proud of you - us. We are ( mostly) all here. Working digging for truth, connecting dots , praying, uplifting each other,and calling out shills, clowns and bullshit … We are collectively trying to save our planet, our children, and our future…

Anons are amazing! And I'm so proud of each and every one of you. Thank you all for the time you spend here busting your ass after working 40+ hours, raising a family, through losses of loved ones and births and hardships and health fails.

We've lost Anons to old age, sickness, accidents. Yet we are here, standing side by side- shoulder to shoulder.

We've mourned together, laughed together, welcomed babyanons together, . We stayed up all night with POTUS, and dug into some filthy shit just to get to the bottom- to the truth….

I love you faggots. You are true Patriots , weapons of God, beams of light and truth, you are my family, and I'm so proud to be here with you. I beam with pride for my Anon brothers and sisters…


It's my honor to be here among you glorious faggots!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 7063a8 2018-07-24 03:10:32Z No. 2258207




Stand up.




Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:10:33Z No. 2258208


Choke that chicken, son!

Anonymous ID: d8361b 2018-07-24 03:10:47Z No. 2258209

Issac Kappy on vid saying Seth Green is a pedo

and that Hollywood is full of them and almost

everyone knows but some dont know how exactly bad it is!!

Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:10:54Z No. 2258210


I like it, if I was baking I would jump on it!!

Anonymous ID: 88832c 2018-07-24 03:10:54Z No. 2258211

There they go.

Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:10:57Z No. 2258212


Anonymous ID: 07f52e 2018-07-24 03:10:57Z No. 2258213

Anonymous ID: a4e6c5 2018-07-24 03:11:06Z No. 2258214


Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 03:11:14Z No. 2258215


then go make your larp bread and take your fellow shills with you faggot

Anonymous ID: ef56b2 2018-07-24 03:11:26Z No. 2258216

9 months in and we are still responding to shills I see.


Anonymous ID: 701e75 2018-07-24 03:11:27Z No. 2258217

It’s getting out there…

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:11:32Z No. 2258218


I've seen a lot worse.

Anonymous ID: cabfbb 2018-07-24 03:11:32Z No. 2258219

Anonymous ID: 9a93a9 2018-07-24 03:11:50Z No. 2258220









Anonymous ID: de6939 2018-07-24 03:11:50Z No. 2258221


Well I don't think that is going according to plan for them, especially the last few days. I don't think they didn't want the discussion to start up from literal pedo jokes about raping babies.

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:12:04Z No. 2258223


I'm being punished because they are blind? O.o

Anonymous ID: e7c0ff 2018-07-24 03:12:11Z No. 2258224


This better Anon?

Anonymous ID: 3ab346 2018-07-24 03:12:14Z No. 2258225


Be nice to your mother.

Anonymous ID: 24c20b 2018-07-24 03:12:21Z No. 2258226

Anonymous ID: 422420 2018-07-24 03:12:24Z No. 2258227


Anonymous ID: fe870f 2018-07-24 03:12:33Z No. 2258228


British. Only show boobs.

Anonymous ID: 335206 2018-07-24 03:12:53Z No. 2258231


ICE arrested a 'Virginia man' for a pedogate-like activity related to #Haiti. If he flips, maybe he rolls a larger ring operating throughout the island…

Maybe it extends beyond a sole island.

Also, if ICE is arresting pedos, explains why the Democrats and enemy media are in such a huff about it.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:12:55Z No. 2258232

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:13:11Z No. 2258233


WhoTheFuckIsChris would love you…

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:13:12Z No. 2258234

Bakers please ad the "Next Baker" line in your notables where you accepted hand off. This can help BO/BV sift out issues with notables.










Next Baker





Anonymous ID: 344c56 2018-07-24 03:13:29Z No. 2258235


Have you reported her tweets to the FBI

If not I will call right now

She is telling the truth or not

Either way I am seeing this info being used to discredit this board

So I volunteer to appropriately call law enforcement if others have not

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:13:37Z No. 2258236




OMG, fer realz!!

Anonymous ID: 09adfe 2018-07-24 03:13:39Z No. 2258237


Their faces don't matter when your own face is smooshed between their udders.

Anonymous ID: 01604b 2018-07-24 03:13:48Z No. 2258238


Option 4: Q is posting bewbs until POTUS gives the go-ahead to drop MOABs. POTUS likes bewbs, so he's saying "not yet" to Q.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:13:55Z No. 2258239


And nine months in and we are still commenting on those responding to shills I see.

Anonymous ID: ade80a 2018-07-24 03:14:09Z No. 2258240


backup baker almost available

can relieve in about a half hour/45

Anonymous ID: 7f3ea4 2018-07-24 03:14:10Z No. 2258241


Thats some piker Illuminati bait?

They want me, they better offer up a fully outfitted MRAP packed to the hatch with pussy and at least…at least 700mil

Anonymous ID: b1fdad 2018-07-24 03:14:15Z No. 2258242


The better the recording medium gets, the worse the music gets.

Anonymous ID: 99e777 2018-07-24 03:14:16Z No. 2258243

Sumner Redstone killed a hooker and "there was a fire"

had his ass saved by Robert Evans. Redstone never forgot and to this day Bob Evans has a big double door office building - prime space on the Paramount lot. Many have tried to disloge Evans.

All have failed.

Evans was a rent boy in NYC.

Had ties to the Cardinal Arch bishop of NYC from his boy hooker days.

Old school Mark Whalberg style boy hustler.

Studios are important cult control system,.they program the world, so all the world intell services are in there.

Legendary is CH .

Golum and Globus and Saban are IS - or cabal IS.

Another big piece is Ari Emannual and Wm Morris Endevor they are satanists and OC and have been hijacking all kinds of extras , functioning as studios, taking "packaging fees"double dipping, narcotics, money laundering, human trafficking and mind control.

Mark Whalberg is a former male hustler who now does extorion and blackmail and uh "producing"

Dr Heinz Haber was chief science consultant for Walt Disney.Previously he was employed by 3'd Reich in psychological warfare.

Watch the M&A from after the war on.

look at Bob Pittman cult operator involved in creation of major cult mind control asset MTV and later was involved in the TIME life Warner AOL merger.

Warners main asset now is HBO. You may recall the movie "normal" it is about a normal guy who chops off his penis and becomes a woman. The first salvo of the social subversion program that has the lemming left marching off the cliff.

The actors control nothing. The ones who do are silent.

Where's Anthony Pellicanos Mp3 files FBI?

That encryption should be vulnerable now according to VQC anon

Anonymous ID: 4e95c2 2018-07-24 03:14:25Z No. 2258244


Wouldn't that be Option 3a?

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:14:26Z No. 2258245


did you see the link to Knapp's Castle?

Santa Ynez mtns.

(Laurel Springs Ranch is a 160-acre (0.65 km2) ranch located on a ridgetop in the Santa Ynez Mountain range)

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:14:28Z No. 2258246


I'll take that you're not aware of Terry Davis.

Anonymous ID: 23c930 2018-07-24 03:14:39Z No. 2258247

>>2258183 Horrible. Just horrible. God protect these poor babies.

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:14:39Z No. 2258248


See? A lot of people say "The ball is in your court"

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:14:52Z No. 2258249


Mom was hot right around the time she had me.

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:14:53Z No. 2258250


I like next baker. Good call.

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:15:35Z No. 2258251


Any sauce?

Anonymous ID: 01604b 2018-07-24 03:15:37Z No. 2258252


Enough of your shit, Q! Get back to posting bewbs!

Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:15:37Z No. 2258253


Different SIS.

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:15:39Z No. 2258254


I feel the same way about Burr.

Anonymous ID: 07f52e 2018-07-24 03:15:45Z No. 2258255

Big Boyz Toyz

Anonymous ID: 24c20b 2018-07-24 03:15:51Z No. 2258256

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:15:53Z No. 2258257





They gotta fall back on a previous larp since the new one failed.

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:16:09Z No. 2258258


OMG it finally went away & you drag it back. It's just some faggot trying to get his gay ass myspace page some hits

Anonymous ID: 27c342 2018-07-24 03:16:10Z No. 2258259


Vaguely aware

That photo reminded me of the meme is all

Anonymous ID: 23c930 2018-07-24 03:16:14Z No. 2258260


This is true. You are offered the use of a fancy car.

Anonymous ID: ef56b2 2018-07-24 03:16:17Z No. 2258261


FBI was also called SIS before it was called FBI.

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:16:32Z No. 2258262


1. What makes you think Q isn't here?

2. Maybe Q is just sitting at a desk somewhere, reading all these "boo hoo, we miss Q" posts and KEKKING like a frigging bullfrog.

3. Maybe Q needed a long bathroom break. It happens.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:16:37Z No. 2258263



Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:16:40Z No. 2258264


Anonymous ID: eb501b 2018-07-24 03:16:41Z No. 2258265


somebody make that face HRC


Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 03:16:50Z No. 2258266


kek, true

still don't know why the BO/BV don't tell them to gtfo and make their own board

the Rshills say they want the Rlarp to have a TC


Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:16:51Z No. 2258267


It's called taquiya.

Anonymous ID: de6939 2018-07-24 03:16:54Z No. 2258268


At what point does Guinan tell Q to "get the fuck out of this ship" in that episode?

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:16:55Z No. 2258269



Let it spread!

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:17:03Z No. 2258271


Anonymous ID: 7624a8 2018-07-24 03:17:06Z No. 2258272


thats apu not pepe

Anonymous ID: 6e54fb 2018-07-24 03:17:07Z No. 2258273

Poor choice of tweet.

Anonymous ID: 4e95c2 2018-07-24 03:17:12Z No. 2258274




Anonymous ID: dafc00 2018-07-24 03:17:33Z No. 2258275



Anonymous ID: 35f9d6 2018-07-24 03:17:38Z No. 2258276

Hi Q

Anons taste in titties has improved

Anonymous ID: 5ddcc2 2018-07-24 03:17:41Z No. 2258277




Anonymous ID: 4e95c2 2018-07-24 03:17:49Z No. 2258278


I have an entire folder of lewd that I consistently ignore, though.

I don't even know why I have it anymore, desu.

Anonymous ID: 9b0c02 2018-07-24 03:18:00Z No. 2258279


LOL No shit.

Anonymous ID: 768e93 2018-07-24 03:18:09Z No. 2258280


Most certainly do

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:18:17Z No. 2258281


Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:18:21Z No. 2258282


Not my intention. Sorry. Just figured some of it should be obvious at this point. Really not sure how to help at this point.

Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 03:18:22Z No. 2258283


don't stop there

Anonymous ID: a6aa0b 2018-07-24 03:18:31Z No. 2258284


Tucker covers Hildabeast and Weinstein

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:18:35Z No. 2258285

Plebbit catching on!

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:18:40Z No. 2258286

"and they would weigh in on affairs from 60,000 feet…"

-Rand Paul


Anonymous ID: 1f0c69 2018-07-24 03:18:42Z No. 2258287


thank you anon

Anonymous ID: cabfbb 2018-07-24 03:18:49Z No. 2258289


Maybe its the dancers!


Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:19:01Z No. 2258290


They really are THAT stupid..


Anonymous ID: 22c1f3 2018-07-24 03:19:19Z No. 2258291

Here's the story…

Anonymous ID: 3a0f21 2018-07-24 03:19:20Z No. 2258292


Even Newsweek is admitting it

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:19:31Z No. 2258293


It really is a paltry sum kek

Niggas better be handin' out interplanetary spaceships and shit

250k is garbage

Anonymous ID: 8a31e9 2018-07-24 03:19:33Z No. 2258294


thanks for the repost

>>2257883 (lb)

Anonymous ID: 4e95c2 2018-07-24 03:19:38Z No. 2258295



Plebbit is finally caring. This video went viral when Rick and Morty hit it big, but people just shrugged it off like the ostriches they are.

Anonymous ID: 93e94f 2018-07-24 03:19:40Z No. 2258296





Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:19:56Z No. 2258297


Anonymous ID: 35f9d6 2018-07-24 03:20:04Z No. 2258298


If this guy is for real. I don’t hold high hopes for his continued employment.

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:20:13Z No. 2258299


3. Q is maintaining the predetermined parameters of the op and will return when designated.


Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:20:16Z No. 2258300


I was just kidding. :D.

Anonymous ID: 4f5d23 2018-07-24 03:20:26Z No. 2258301



Anonymous ID: 3e3df8 2018-07-24 03:20:27Z No. 2258302



and this right here is why I will eventually learn to meme and share as soon as I can place the right amount of attention on it kek

Anonymous ID: 4e95c2 2018-07-24 03:20:31Z No. 2258304


Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:20:32Z No. 2258305


>Formed in 1909 as a section of the Secret Service Bureau specialising in foreign intelligence, the section experienced dramatic growth during World War I and officially adopted its current name around 1920.

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:20:43Z No. 2258307


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:20:50Z No. 2258308

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:20:58Z No. 2258309


Burn it to the ground.

All of it.


Anonymous ID: 1532e2 2018-07-24 03:21:00Z No. 2258310


The only case he has is a case of twinkies, do it or shut your mouth dot cock dot com

Anonymous ID: 418024 2018-07-24 03:21:07Z No. 2258311

I was filmed my entire life as cultists experimented and tortured me. The tapes will be made public soon. I'll be here for a few hours to answer questions if anyone has any.

Here is a summary of my life as a cult victim and the twitter where I also answer questions

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:21:08Z No. 2258312



crack head

Anonymous ID: e7c0ff 2018-07-24 03:21:24Z No. 2258313

I want to know if Q knows where the Putin, Hassan Rouhani summit is going to be? Or if it will just be a meeting?

Anonymous ID: dafc00 2018-07-24 03:21:30Z No. 2258314


Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:21:41Z No. 2258315


I've gone all the way. Lol. Christians just about casted me out. They ran like bats outta hell. Gotta be gentle with them. They are scared if their own shadow.

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 03:21:42Z No. 2258316


Anonymous ID: ef56b2 2018-07-24 03:22:00Z No. 2258317


Rouhani will be ousted.

Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:22:10Z No. 2258319


>Fatty Arbuckle

Interesting that the person who told me about him and his "injustice" is a cultist who I suspect allows her daughter to be abused.

Anonymous ID: e82fb5 2018-07-24 03:22:12Z No. 2258320



Anonymous ID: 33a607 2018-07-24 03:22:13Z No. 2258321

I had a theory today…I'm starting to think that Comey is a white hat too. Disinformation is necessary after all.

Check it out.

Both Comey and Mueller worked together on the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996 and likely both knew that the official version of the report was horseshit.

Just before the election Comey pulls his Clinton Investigation/Wiener Laptop thing and likely ends up boosting Trump.

After the inauguration, Trump has a private dinner with Comey and according to Comey, talks about Muh Russia Thing.

Then Rosenstein and McCabe write up memos to fire Comey at Trump's request and Comey gets the boot.

Then the MSM freaks out about Muh Russia/Muh Obstruction and people start calling for Special Counsel. Sessions recuses, McCabe gets shitcanned, etc.

Then Trump meets with Mueller a day before Rosenstein appoints him SC for a job he wasn't eligible for.

Few days ago he's all "vote for Muh Dems", then yesterday he's like

"Don't go crazy and vote for Muh Socialists though."

So we believe Mueller is a white hat, fairly sure Rosenstein is a white hat, and we're supposed to believe that the guy who carried out two separate actions is just some crooked dumbfuck who didn't think his actions through?

Also, if he was on HRC's server in 2012, how do we know he didn't reach out to Eric Schmidt specifically to set up the NK backup site?

Anonymous ID: c3ed8b 2018-07-24 03:22:14Z No. 2258322


Aaron Hernandez hung himself in his jail cell. Thats not a prison and thats not what happens when you hang yourself. Hes no shill. The info you have is wrong.

Anonymous ID: 5a5e6c 2018-07-24 03:22:15Z No. 2258323


Where is Corey Feldman these days?

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:22:26Z No. 2258324


This guy is where the terms CIA Nigger and "glow in the dark" came from.

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 03:22:27Z No. 2258325


do you mean POTUS?

putin and rouhani always have them, did a few weeks or a month or two ago

Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:22:29Z No. 2258326


Document looks legit but the link provided by the Big Cases Bot on twitter takes you to an April 2-3, 2018 filing. What the bot posted isn't included in the link.

Can we sauce this anons? Anyone want to dig?

Manafort’s attorney’s argument against Special Counsels motion that:

Manafort’s team can’t question a witnesses motive even if they’ve been given a deal to testify, and

Manafort’s team can’t suggest that prior investigations into Manafort were resolved with a decision not to prosecute.

Anonymous ID: 546077 2018-07-24 03:22:35Z No. 2258327

Saw this one twatter!

Anonymous ID: 99e777 2018-07-24 03:22:38Z No. 2258328

>>2258099 ←←←√

Anonymous ID: c4b4b6 2018-07-24 03:22:46Z No. 2258329


But the A++ is deceased

Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:23:01Z No. 2258330


I don't wear my hat in public, and I won't until all these idiots are locked up.

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:23:04Z No. 2258331




Anonymous ID: cabfbb 2018-07-24 03:23:16Z No. 2258332




Anonymous ID: a75094 2018-07-24 03:23:17Z No. 2258333


Thank you too. If those were intended for us & contain something in stego, then the poster must have made sure we're able to decrypt it.

Tried the most obvious things so far, and will try a bit more when I have time –

If we can't "solve" it (and there's something in it), then the poster will return to make sure … just my guess.

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:23:19Z No. 2258334


Still getting visited by the 'birds' going out daily. It's really not even entertaining anymore. Meanwhile, I still can't even get people to consider that their favorite Poly-Tick-ians may not have their best interest in mind. Either side of the aisle.

Anonymous ID: cf0d28 2018-07-24 03:23:24Z No. 2258335



muh notables is why there is likely a shortage of bakers stepping up to answer the call


Anonymous ID: f630b0 2018-07-24 03:23:34Z No. 2258336


Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:23:38Z No. 2258337


last Youtube video was a music video 1 month ago.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:23:55Z No. 2258338


Archive offline and take him down!

Anonymous ID: 9b0c02 2018-07-24 03:24:20Z No. 2258339


Your evidence does not reinforce your theory. And why do you think RR is a white hat?

Anonymous ID: 513ca5 2018-07-24 03:24:24Z No. 2258340

Haven't been drunk/tipsy/buzzed before tonight in probably 6 months. It's going to be a good night shift.

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:24:25Z No. 2258341


"which explains the collective feeling of "holding our breath"

no, it really doesn't. the fact we are in the middle of a global war on Luciferians is why we are holding our breathe.


Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:24:29Z No. 2258342


Plebbit is comped.

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:24:34Z No. 2258343


Do we have a link to the documentary on Magnitsky? I looked for it on BitChute, but nothing looks like it might be it.

Anonymous ID: d76e66 2018-07-24 03:24:43Z No. 2258344

>>2257304 (lb)

Harvey Weinstein's enemies dropping crumbs?

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:24:44Z No. 2258345


Anonymous ID: 4a5c32 2018-07-24 03:24:53Z No. 2258346


is this real

Anonymous ID: 50965f 2018-07-24 03:24:55Z No. 2258347


Hell yeah, Anon

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:24:59Z No. 2258349




Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:25:12Z No. 2258350



Anonymous ID: e7c0ff 2018-07-24 03:25:34Z No. 2258351


I ment Putin.

I think the news will make a big deal out of their next meeting. I'm also pretty sure Q knows where it will be.

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:25:51Z No. 2258352


Helegian Dialect. Don't tell anybody. They still think they voted Trump in. (No programming at all….)

Anonymous ID: 32a29d 2018-07-24 03:25:58Z No. 2258353


Confirmed, previous bakes detected

Anonymous ID: b0a9d2 2018-07-24 03:25:59Z No. 2258354

Alright. We're looking for the salt, basically. Salty tears, right? Someone want to code this into C so it runs faster?

cat -> wlinsurance/



while true


KEY=`hexdump -n 8 -e '4/4 "%08X" 1 "\n"' /dev/random`

openssl enc -aes256 -in 7FG-final-request.hex -out /run/wlinsurance/7FG-final-request.key -k aa -S $KEY

TEST=`openssl enc -d -aes256 -in /data/wlinsurance-20130815-A.aes256 -kfile /run/wlinsurance/7FG-final-request.key -bufsize 8 2>/dev/null | xxd -l 8 | sed 's/0000000://g' | cut -c 2-20`

if [ $((iteration % 1000)) -eq 0 ]; then

echo iteration $iteration


if [ "$TEST" = "6f46 30e1 c6f3 385d" ]; then

echo matching salt is $KEY

exit 0




exit 1

Anonymous ID: b8f088 2018-07-24 03:26:17Z No. 2258355


that pisses me off so bad.


4. we are in the the "Dog Days of Q" which started on July 4 and runs for 40 days in parallel with the dog days of summer.

Anonymous ID: 513ca5 2018-07-24 03:26:23Z No. 2258357

I want to talk about the operators.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:26:30Z No. 2258358


Q knows everything.

Anonymous ID: 2e6dec 2018-07-24 03:26:45Z No. 2258359


last met the 10th of june

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:26:47Z No. 2258360



Great idea.

I was also thinking that Q might've said "you have it all", when we dug everything up… So, Q drops+our past digs(old notables)= we have it all

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:26:50Z No. 2258361


All about the bewbs.

Anonymous ID: 27c342 2018-07-24 03:26:57Z No. 2258363



Says he's from Boston. Probably works at Logan.

Took me about 1 minute to figure that out, so I'm sure his employers are already aware.

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:27:05Z No. 2258364


That is one sick POS!

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:27:05Z No. 2258365


'''"We are working on a story about serious questions that have arisen about the narrative that drove

the Magnitsky Act and the statements of Bill Browder, who I understand met with Sen. Cardin

several times about this matter. No one disputes that Magnitsky died after medical neglect in a

rotten Russian jail system. But, for example, Magnitsky was not a lawyer, as Browder calls him; there

is no evidence he was beaten in prison, as Browder has alleged; and it’s clear from police and court

records that he wasn’t detained because he blew the whistle on an alleged fraud scheme. He was

detained over tax evasion by Browder’s companies. In fact, there are credible allegations in court

documents that Browder and his associates are suspects in the fraud – and that Browder concocted

the whistleblower story to cover that up. "'''

More here:

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:27:12Z No. 2258366

it is a bout a bunch of crappy fehgels

Anonymous ID: 3d1934 2018-07-24 03:27:20Z No. 2258367


no one knows everything

Anonymous ID: e7c0ff 2018-07-24 03:27:20Z No. 2258368


Thank you Anon

Anonymous ID: 32a00a 2018-07-24 03:27:24Z No. 2258369


it doesn't matter whether Q returns. Q said the snowball was rolling and there is no stopping it now. What is there left for Q to do if that's true?

Stay patriotic. Trust the plan. Grab your popcorn. Enjoy the show. You are watching a movie.


Anonymous ID: 6062a0 2018-07-24 03:27:35Z No. 2258370



Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:27:56Z No. 2258372


Maybe after July 4, we start hearing solely from Q+, if you catch my drift.

Anonymous ID: 01604b 2018-07-24 03:28:09Z No. 2258373

Use logic, anons!

What is POTUS's signature line?

Two words?

Where is Q?


Anonymous ID: 20b451 2018-07-24 03:28:11Z No. 2258374



Not seeing that, anon. Just that the property is still in a family.

Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:28:14Z No. 2258375


Nice PR campaign. Like Judicial Watch has nothing better to do.

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:28:42Z No. 2258376


disrespectful asshole

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:28:44Z No. 2258377


You're FIRED!

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:28:56Z No. 2258378


Pls do not post the contents of that here.

Anonymous ID: cadc08 2018-07-24 03:29:00Z No. 2258379


>You are watching a movie.

That's for sure.

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:29:00Z No. 2258380

Maybe Q is from the future,

and had to go back to confirm progress.

Will be back if needed.

(expanded thinking)

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:29:07Z No. 2258381


Thank you anon

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:29:10Z No. 2258382


>I don't wear my hat in public, and I won't until all these idiots are locked up.

Fuck that!

I wear my Trump jacket and shirts everywhere I go!

I dare a mfer to confront me!

Bring it, bitch!

Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:29:26Z No. 2258383


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:29:33Z No. 2258384

some critical thinking allegories for time bandit cia niggas

Anonymous ID: 9b0c02 2018-07-24 03:29:39Z No. 2258385


In re the whistle-blower cover story, all he had to do was make it reasonable enough for the media/deep state and he was protected.

To be sure, what we have been fed by both on a lot of things is simply the cover story.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:29:52Z No. 2258386


Thank you Mr. Literalist fag.

Anonymous ID: 32a00a 2018-07-24 03:29:55Z No. 2258387


Anonymous ID: a6aa0b 2018-07-24 03:29:59Z No. 2258388



A true patriot anon at heart. Now we know why Mel went on his Jewish hate rant KEK

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:30:06Z No. 2258389


>Maybe Q is from the future,

>and had to go back to confirm progress.

Holy shit, you figured it out, idiotfag!

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:30:07Z No. 2258390


Really, dude? Just . . . get a girlfriend. Really.

Anonymous ID: a242b0 2018-07-24 03:30:23Z No. 2258391

Anyone but me question how to shut down the insane MSM.

It is simply - the truth.

ffs - let the truth be told already.

Anonymous ID: 9a93a9 2018-07-24 03:30:31Z No. 2258393


My son wears his hat in public only when I am with him. I can break liberals in half.

Anonymous ID: 2fd73a 2018-07-24 03:30:42Z No. 2258394


While it is a confirmed piece of crap, it & Williams were close. They used to do a comic relief thing for some charity which aired on tv. Believe it was an annual thing for probably Africa, & If memory serves (never watched one) Billy Crystal was part of the trio.

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:31:06Z No. 2258396

A key part of the JCPOA required Iran ship ALL of their Uranium to Russia.

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 03:31:16Z No. 2258397


Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:31:19Z No. 2258398

I feel so dumb. About to have all the fire Dept at my house because I don't know what the street next to me is.

I said it wasn't a fire just someones alarm going off. DAMN IT

I'm staying an introvert no matter whats happening

Anonymous ID: cf0d28 2018-07-24 03:31:21Z No. 2258399


what are we diggin on ?

i dont want to pedo larp

doeas anyone speak clockfag?

Anonymous ID: dafc00 2018-07-24 03:31:21Z No. 2258400

Anonymous ID: 17f6ea 2018-07-24 03:31:24Z No. 2258401

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:31:30Z No. 2258402


Anonymous ID: 6dfafc 2018-07-24 03:31:43Z No. 2258404


also points out your a the_donald poster and your words are invalid. only kekstantinople is safe

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:31:44Z No. 2258405



Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:31:45Z No. 2258406


Takes some strength to call it like it is. Hey I didn't expect to make it past last year! Have some rare glowing eyes in the dark. And I'll raise you one 666 Donald, because everything is "okay". We're all on the same side.

Seriously if this gets me killed I get it, I've been an asshole.

Anonymous ID: 6e54fb 2018-07-24 03:31:50Z No. 2258407


Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:31:51Z No. 2258408


this link works:

Anonymous ID: 52c2b2 2018-07-24 03:31:56Z No. 2258409


KEK! Can you add pedowood in the second pic with the flames?

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:31:59Z No. 2258410

Guys you do realize that even if you wake up tomorrow and the MOAB has fallen and we finally get up to speed with the crimes, what will be revealed will be barely 60%.

Isn't it dangerous saying you'll know 60% when we know currently 1%, do you guys think we'll have enough of that 60%, I don't, I think conspiracies are gonna go throught the roof and since QAnon the conspiracy of the decade was not a larp and not a conspiracy. Nobody will ever laugh at someone contesting the narrative again.

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:32:01Z No. 2258411

Why have all these halfchan assholes migrated over here? It's all stupid shit. Go the fuck away!

Anonymous ID: 21b641 2018-07-24 03:32:14Z No. 2258412


>Isaac Kappy

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:32:15Z No. 2258413



Love the balloon POTUS. We need our Brit Anons to share that one a million times with all their frens!

Anonymous ID: 1532e2 2018-07-24 03:32:18Z No. 2258414



Anonymous ID: 162e4a 2018-07-24 03:32:29Z No. 2258415


Yes. Where ==WE== Go One, We Go All.

We're just in an official quiet period.

Q can still post as an anon to show support and monitor our comms.

Anonymous ID: 3eac9f 2018-07-24 03:32:37Z No. 2258416


Anonymous ID: 1148ac 2018-07-24 03:32:40Z No. 2258417

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:32:46Z No. 2258418


Mel has some interesting knowlegde. He shows it on is movies.

Anonymous ID: 513ca5 2018-07-24 03:32:48Z No. 2258419

I want to talk about those operators.

Anonymous ID: f630b0 2018-07-24 03:32:56Z No. 2258420



Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:32:58Z No. 2258421




"Laurel or Yanny?"

Was threat to enemies. Multiple meanings because there is a Laurel building at Camp David..

Anonymous ID: 1a3af8 2018-07-24 03:32:59Z No. 2258422


Anon…. get me a link or enough to go on for tracking it down. I can have it translated into english with decodes on words that can swing either way during rus/eng conversion.

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:33:05Z No. 2258425


I can understand some of it.

what's your question?

Anonymous ID: f5e4dd 2018-07-24 03:33:09Z No. 2258426



Defense lawyer: Attorney General Sessions objected to 9/11 trial plea deal


Attorney General Jeff Sessions called Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis in October to protest exploratory talks about a plea deal in the 9/11 case that would have taken the death penalty off the table, according to an investigation by defense attorneys who want a military judge to order both men to testify at the war court.

At issue is Mattis’ Feb. 5 firing of the overseer of military commissions, Harvey Rishikof, at a time when he had been secretly exploring the possibility of guilty pleas to resolve the terror trial. Pretrial hearings continue this week in the case that started with the May 2012 arraignment of alleged plot mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four alleged accomplices.


Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:33:10Z No. 2258427


And the Cannibal CEO was not a red flag?!

Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 03:33:26Z No. 2258428


Unfortunately I'm workfag for the next 7.5 hours and I'm not a baker so how do we get this going?

Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:33:29Z No. 2258430


This is an awful subject but necessary to address. I just wonder why so many of the reveals have to include muh joos and muh kikes.

Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:33:30Z No. 2258429


Looks like sacrificial alter

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:33:30Z No. 2258431


the cosmic horror gernre is highly recommended when you are cornered by fahrenheit 451 fake news cosnspiracy for gestapi trannyshillin pedoraptors

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:33:30Z No. 2258432

Lawyers Concerned About Ecuadorian Government Silence Over Assange's Future

QUITO (Sputnik) - The defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is residing in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is concerned about the Ecuadorian authorities' silence regarding his future, Assange's lawyer Carlos Poveda told Sputnik.

"We sent two letters to the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry 10 days ago and five days ago respectively and expressed concern about the issue of refusal to grant asylum [to Assange] and we have received no response," Poveda said.

Earlier in the day, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said that country's President Lenin Moreno, who is currently in the United Kingdom, will not discuss the fate of Assange with the UK authorities. This information comes amid media reports stating that the government of Ecuador allegedly plans to withdraw Assange's asylum protection which has been in place since 2012, and hand him over to the UK authorities.

"We asked for an opportunity for [Assange's] lawyers to meet with President Moreno, however, it seems that [Ecuador] is not willing to do so," Poveda said.

According to the lawyer, if Assange's asylum protection is withdrawn, the Wikileaks founder should have an opportunity to meet with representatives of the state and obtain information about possible extradition to a third country.

Earlier in July, Ecuadorian Deputy Foreign Minister Andres Teran said that Moreno was not planning to meet with Assange during his UK visit adding that Quito and London are currently negotiating Assange's future destiny.

READ MORE: WATCH Supporters of WikiLeaks Founder Assange Gather Near Ecuadorian Embassy

Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012 after he was accused of sexual offenses by Swedish authorities. While the charges have since been dropped, he still fears extradition to the United States, where he is wanted for leaking damning Iraq War logs. In June, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Jose Valencia said that Assange's asylum could not last forever.

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:33:36Z No. 2258433



What did you learn?…. (Hopefully the name of the next street over)

Anonymous ID: 5fa00c 2018-07-24 03:33:39Z No. 2258434


Strongman competition champions 98% white

Same for powerlifting champions




All predominantly white

White's I.Q. is 2SD's higher than blacks, more geniuses than any other race

90% of all technology, art, literature, philosophy, law all from white ppl

KYS nigger…

Or more likely, KIKE.

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:33:41Z No. 2258435


Real name : Scrappy Coco

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 03:33:46Z No. 2258436

Anonymous ID: 3eac9f 2018-07-24 03:34:12Z No. 2258437



Fuck that. I ain't got nothing in common with those pedofucks!

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:34:19Z No. 2258438


Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:34:28Z No. 2258440


Doldrums? How so? Literally the opposite is the case. So your plan is to fuck off to the pub for a few pints leaving us to plough through only the first 364 drops…lol

keep us busy all night that. won't be able to look at anything else at all…

Anonymous ID: ad660c 2018-07-24 03:34:36Z No. 2258441

A convention of the not-ables.

Print shows Lord North, Edmund Burke, Charles Fox, the Prince of Wales, and others attempting to break into the royal treasury.

Published by S.W. Fores No. 3 Piccadilly, 1787 April 28th.

Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 03:34:40Z No. 2258442


Because Muh fucking joos and kikes! Lurk Moar.

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:34:49Z No. 2258443

Paul Craig Roberts Rages "The Arrest Of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax"

Anonymous ID: 5ddcc2 2018-07-24 03:34:56Z No. 2258444


>Need to dig on Hanks now




Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:34:58Z No. 2258445

You Ok for now Baker?

I really didn't want to Bake tonight, kind of late for me to be getting started, But I can takeover until the other baker is available if necessary…

I hope to bake tomorrow, I want to implement the re-read the crumbs idea - sounds like hella fun, I was thinking today that I would go back and re-read the crumbs again myself - now I can do it with the Anons :)

Anonymous ID: d8361b 2018-07-24 03:35:03Z No. 2258446



Anonymous ID: a40364 2018-07-24 03:35:35Z No. 2258447

from pb this was a great find anon

now waiting for the shit to show up on mars

Anonymous ID: 0b589c 2018-07-24 03:35:38Z No. 2258448

Just curious and not criticizing, but why with the past Q posts at the top of the bread are we doing a selected post seemingly randomly chosen vs keeping somewhere between 2 and 5, in order, from the beginning and rotating back to the beginning when we hit the end?

Seems more productive than cherry picking whomever's favorite at the time

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:35:40Z No. 2258449


Anonymous ID: fffd14 2018-07-24 03:35:48Z No. 2258450

CDAN on (likely) Gunn

The director was in possession of child porn but the feds decided to not file charges. The investigation into the director was active until as recently as two months ago.

Anonymous ID: 51e41d 2018-07-24 03:35:54Z No. 2258451


Good we never should of not questioned the narrative.

Anonymous ID: b0a9d2 2018-07-24 03:35:54Z No. 2258452


Who's the concernfag now? I'll do the C, but I am already drunk. The garbage I posted would take 40,000 years even if we had a million of us cracking it. I have a version that will take the best guesses. I have already tried everything posted by JA.

Anonymous ID: 3eac9f 2018-07-24 03:35:55Z No. 2258453


Just some stupid Cuck can namefag as Q and copy and paste posts and you all can pretend to be sucking Q's cock for the next few months.

Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:36:10Z No. 2258454



He will be arrested shortly, I hypothesize.

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:36:20Z No. 2258455


When weere you an asshole? Why would you be Killed? And why do your eyes do that?

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:36:23Z No. 2258456


Normalizing their fantasies! That is what those sauces are doing1

Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:36:23Z No. 2258457

Q stated that "We may have to FORCE the issue". We know the issue is how corrupt EVERYTHING is. How about FORCE the issue of PEDOWOOD and expose one of their "Golden Children". Tom Hanks! One by one the dominoes will fall then!

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:36:28Z No. 2258458


>Go the fuck away!

Sarah Silverman told them to stand the fuck down over at halfchan.

You tell then to go the fuck away.

I'll bet they're scared shitless right now.

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:36:35Z No. 2258459


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:36:36Z No. 2258460


Anonymous ID: 07f52e 2018-07-24 03:36:39Z No. 2258462


those are cute…

Anonymous ID: 17f6ea 2018-07-24 03:36:44Z No. 2258463


messed that up.

Trump tweet tells us what 'key" is.

”Our Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. The Democrat I.T. scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a “plea deal” to hide what is on their Server. Where is Server? Really bad!”


Also connects Awans to Raham Emanual and Hussein adm.

Anonymous ID: 45b3a8 2018-07-24 03:36:54Z No. 2258464


We know this one goes back through jfk, before wwii or wwi for that matter. This will changes everything we “know” there won’t be any narratives left to contradict

Codex ID: bbc6ed 2018-07-24 03:37:03Z No. 2258465


Q was telling us the British SIS is still good.

The SIS was basically the FBI'S private CIA.

OSS became the CIA and took over the role of the SIS.


Anonymous ID: 20b451 2018-07-24 03:37:03Z No. 2258466


Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:37:05Z No. 2258467



What if you two combined forces?

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 03:37:10Z No. 2258468

In The Face Of Evil

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:37:27Z No. 2258469

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:37:33Z No. 2258470


Yes. Yes it is.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:37:35Z No. 2258471

"The mourning son brings heat"…

Yes indeed….as HE SHOULD. Robbed. Both he and this Country. So, only ONE THING TO DO:


Get Ready Anons….looking like a BIG BOOM ON FRIDAY! (After all, "every dog has its day" :-)

Q DROP #1543: (see graphic)

Morning sun brings heat = MOURNING SON/JFK JR

Full moon coming = FRIDAY, JUNE 27:

*Red Blood Moon - Longest LUNAR ECLIPSE in Century


*Lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes = TIMESTAMP -1:43



Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:38:08Z No. 2258472


because its 4chan and they are not completely woke.

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:38:10Z No. 2258473

500 post notable pool


>>2257995 Airkek

>>2257837 Maryland Pedo pleads guilty

>>2257862 Virginia man sentenced to 23 years for engaging in sexual conduct with minor in Haiti

>>2257886, >>2258326, >>2258408 Manafort: Will not offer evidence of bias but reserves the right to question witnesses about agreements

>>2257910 Rothschild Bank Ensnared in Money Laundering Scandal that Led to Arrest of Malaysian President

>>2258029 Victims of pedos share reactions with J.Gunn and M.Black. POWERFULL

>>2258078 Ted Cruz tweets anons collage of J.Gunn pedo posts

>>2257935 Dig on Browder and who else isnt learning to speak Russian

>>2258050, >>2258217 Actor Isaac Kappy exposing pedos in Hwood

>>2258327, >>2258414 Rainn Wilson Twitter pedo post

Anonymous ID: 32a29d 2018-07-24 03:38:15Z No. 2258474


Forgot tag


Mk ultra trigger words? Maybe you hear the right word when you have the proper programing

Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:38:29Z No. 2258476


Yes and his role is not to release TS intel. We are supposed to find all that is available publicly.

POTUS will declassify the rest.

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:38:37Z No. 2258477



Knapp's Castle is part of the Painted Cave which is part of Laurel Springs Ranch.

Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:38:38Z No. 2258478


"We" are "Q"

Time to "FORCE" the issue on the "CORRUPTION".

Anonymous ID: d76e66 2018-07-24 03:38:47Z No. 2258479


Whoopi has until Friday, so you know what that means.


Anonymous ID: 361aab 2018-07-24 03:38:50Z No. 2258480


Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:38:58Z No. 2258481


Hell yeah baker! Let's re-read the crumbs together ( and old notables too). We could potentially unlock it all.


Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 03:39:02Z No. 2258482


> you all can pretend to be sucking Q's cock for the next few months.

I thought your mother had that covered for us anon? I sent her some chapstick. Perhaps it was your wife/gf/sister?

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:39:03Z No. 2258483

Chile announces wide probe into Catholic Church sex abuse

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:39:07Z No. 2258484


included in post…

Undiscovered stars = Pedowood

(also the moon is transitioning from capricorn to aquarius, the water bearer)

Watch the water…

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:39:22Z No. 2258485


Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:39:31Z No. 2258486


Some of us recognize you without it :)

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:39:37Z No. 2258487


Heeee's a deep dig, man.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:39:39Z No. 2258489

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:39:42Z No. 2258490


But we still won't have 100% of the picture, which leave place for theories which would then be considered "Conspiracies"

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:39:46Z No. 2258491


Still here. 5.5 hours of taking down the deep state. That shift was nothing compared to the hours POTUS puts in!

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:40:10Z No. 2258492


Glad that's over. But I don't think the name of the street would have mattered. I still had to go out there and point him to the abandoned house on that street. lol.

Which was weird because I said that house there. The abandoned one.

He said,

"What, that house? yeah no one lives there."

Anonymous ID: d626bb 2018-07-24 03:40:12Z No. 2258493


Very much worthwhile!

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:40:16Z No. 2258494

POTUS, build the fucking wall, deport them ALL!

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:40:23Z No. 2258495


I knew that was another fabricated story. Did the asshole do a gofund me?

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:40:30Z No. 2258496


Force = George Lucas?

Anonymous ID: a9d62d 2018-07-24 03:40:31Z No. 2258497

What if Sheldon Adelson is a good guy? What if he’s helping trump? Was it possible he was trolling Obama back then with this comment? (Knowing obama would never do such a thing with cabal bases in said desert).

Anonymous ID: 422420 2018-07-24 03:40:43Z No. 2258498

>>2258450 CDAN on (likely) Gunn

baker notable

Anonymous ID: b11dc1 2018-07-24 03:40:43Z No. 2258499


>Undiscovered stars learned.

Pedowood loons coming out of the woodwork.

Anonymous ID: 3e3df8 2018-07-24 03:40:58Z No. 2258500


the autism is strong in this one

Forgive an anon, if I knew how to meme Star Wars would have been in here somewhere

In all seriousness, a "replay" of events, a "movie" if you will, perhaps at real time length scale or accelerated…..this would be a great place for the newcomers I think.

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:40:58Z No. 2258501


Can we start with deportations back to half chan?

Anonymous ID: a40364 2018-07-24 03:41:01Z No. 2258502


Anonymous ID: 27c342 2018-07-24 03:41:15Z No. 2258503



Anonymous ID: 5738da 2018-07-24 03:41:25Z No. 2258504


Heat? 'Bringing Heat' is usually used when someone is bringing fire power to an event…

What's going down on that day that would require the use of firearms? An arrest?

Anonymous ID: 8e9c80 2018-07-24 03:41:30Z No. 2258505



Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:41:32Z No. 2258506

Moonbeam Brown's Californistan!

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:41:35Z No. 2258507


Never said my eyes did that. Zoom in, if you didn't. Strange how they aren't all the same?

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:41:52Z No. 2258508


BTW, I thought it might be a good idea to add a new day of crumbs from the begining into each dough to allow focus. So tomorrow the first bread of the day could feature the first day of Q posts, The next day could feature the next day and so on.

That way you are not alone.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:42:02Z No. 2258510


Take the lead and show us how it's done.

Anonymous ID: 6dfafc 2018-07-24 03:42:14Z No. 2258512


During the time this yanny shit meme was going on, there was a trial at the same time, the defendant was either laurel/yanny and the lawyer was the other name. tried googling it during that time and all that came up was that fucking meme. ive tried to find their names for you but cant remember enough to seperate it from these yanny/laurel search results

Anonymous ID: 22701b 2018-07-24 03:42:15Z No. 2258513


Rick & Morty scene:

"I wish incest porn had a more mainstream appeal…"

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:42:19Z No. 2258514


Screaming DEPORT THEM ALL over and over will simply get you killed by your King's guard. (I had to)

Anonymous ID: fe870f 2018-07-24 03:42:26Z No. 2258515


Some have already been doing it. I thought about/wondered how we could build an index of words used to create a “themes”.

By words that are most popular in the drops we should be able to see what is most important or what Q has been trying to get us to figure out..

I looked into site word density programs/sites and something about the drops will not allow them to be sorted in importance or relevance.

Website building or analyzing you can put the website into a word density calculator and it will give a big cloud of words and the frequent come up as bigger or bolder words.

I was going to copy and past them all into a document and try it that way but have not had the time.

I figured it would give a clue as to what is most relevant to search for.

Just a thought also.

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:42:43Z No. 2258516


Out you go glowing nigger

Anonymous ID: 2899c4 2018-07-24 03:42:46Z No. 2258517

Why are (you) here?

When does (A) come before (Q)?

Future proves past.

Anonymous ID: 9d4607 2018-07-24 03:42:57Z No. 2258519


Patience . . . the time will come.

Anonymous ID: 860e68 2018-07-24 03:42:58Z No. 2258520

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:43:04Z No. 2258521

>>2258471 now the big boom would be, if on that day there was a porus tweet that somehow had an extra "u"


>>2258492 poor you…. Shit happens Anon

Anonymous ID: 495c6f 2018-07-24 03:43:10Z No. 2258522

I have always loved Tom Hanks as an actor. I thought he did an outstanding performance in Captain Phillips.

I am thoroughly appalled to find out he is a pedo. I will never be able to look at him the same.

It's like a death in the family almost.

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:43:11Z No. 2258523

It must be torture for Clown News Network to report…

BREAKING: Satellite images show North Korea has begun dismantling a site that is thought to have played a key role in the country’s missile program - CNN

Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:43:39Z No. 2258524


Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:43:43Z No. 2258525


I think it is a fantastic idea!! I am excited about it!!


POTUS is a Rockstar, very hard working man - impressive AF!! I am 20 years younger than him and could not keep up!! I was just making sure you were OK, I try to never leave a Baker hanging if I can help it :)

Anonymous ID: 142adc 2018-07-24 03:43:51Z No. 2258526


POTUS does NOT drink.

Anonymous ID: de6939 2018-07-24 03:43:59Z No. 2258527


I think Q went silent because as of right now, the big moves are ready to happen. We already been given a basic blueprint of what needs to happen, we may not know exact details however we are seeing the plan unfold in our very eyes. Phrases being shown as markers of sorts, proof that Q is not a LARP. Lets be honest, pedowood as of right now is being exposed and people are starting to no longer consider pedogate as a conspiracy theory, now its just a conspiracy and thats JUST starting. the fisa warrant being declassified will give trump the ammunition to start unlocking other doors without raising suspicion, just like cutting clearance from all the obama members also. This will lead to the treason but let's be honest. This was always about the pedophiles, the treason is just a means to that end and you know who's laptop we have.

It's all coming to a head, just sit back, watch the movie. It's going to get dark, real dark but I think we will have a bright ending to it all.

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:44:23Z No. 2258528


Sadly, I do not have the power. I am but an anon.

Anonymous ID: 33c3c9 2018-07-24 03:44:31Z No. 2258529

Something interesting linking @NYTimes to a state-run newspaper in #Iran ( ).

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:44:33Z No. 2258530


>Can we start with deportations back to half chan?

Sure, gtfo and head back to half chan, asshat!

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:44:33Z No. 2258531


You said it the first time you posted the Mason picture. It's a camera trick.

Anonymous ID: 2141c2 2018-07-24 03:44:37Z No. 2258532


I heard AJ Benza on the Dennis Miller podcast. He said he interviewed Harvey Weinstein. Benza mentioned that Weinstein pointed out that Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and George Clooney had come to his defense during the shitstorm. Benza claimed that Harvey said that if he (Harvey) goes down he is going to take everybody in Hollywood down.

That sounds like a recipe for a dead HW in the near future.

Anonymous ID: c4b4b6 2018-07-24 03:44:39Z No. 2258533

Anonymous ID: ded1aa 2018-07-24 03:44:52Z No. 2258534


Instead of:

>>2255356 #2843 (Fresh baker's initial bread)


#2842 (previous baker's final bread)

Mark the new notables:

#2843 Fresh Baker or #2843 Baker Handoff

It takes up much less room.

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:44:52Z No. 2258535

More 88 for Meme magic believers

lions gate related

This guy doesn't get enough views.

Anonymous ID: 7a5952 2018-07-24 03:44:52Z No. 2258536


This should do the trick.

First paintings of the Trump Train

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:44:56Z No. 2258537

Imagine what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did to get to where he is.

I bet what was the hardest working for him with kids was his macro "The Rock" penis.

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:44:56Z No. 2258538


Ha - just about to post this!

I want to read that too!

Anonymous ID: 10fcef 2018-07-24 03:44:57Z No. 2258539


Maybe he can FedEx you a pacifier while he’s at it.

Anonymous ID: 6dfafc 2018-07-24 03:45:02Z No. 2258540


thats so sad, bless your son. must be nice having a woke offspring!

Anonymous ID: 42c566 2018-07-24 03:45:04Z No. 2258541


Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing of woman at Oakland BART station

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:45:07Z No. 2258543


get used to it…

Titanic amount of corruption

hardly any content not stained by pedos…

Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:45:11Z No. 2258544

just wait till we get to the Paul Manafort FISA warrant

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:45:15Z No. 2258545

Notice how we are over the target again?

Request to all anons not doing shit or sitting around bullshitting , can we get a couple other diggers on celebs that have been named but not exposed?

David Lynch

Seth Green

The Rock

Ron Howard

Johnny Depp

George Lopez

I cant remember anymore of the names brought by hollywood insider anon from half

Does anybody have that list from yesterday?

Anonymous ID: 2899c4 2018-07-24 03:45:37Z No. 2258546

"The Plan"

Anonymous ID: 513ca5 2018-07-24 03:45:46Z No. 2258548

We share a common reality.

Everything has meaning.

Time is the illusion.

No coincidences.

Deep dream.

Anonymous ID: 2305d8 2018-07-24 03:45:47Z No. 2258549


>An arrest?


Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:45:49Z No. 2258550


The Rock is bad?

Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:45:49Z No. 2258551


Since I am turning in early tonight,if not implemented by AM maybeI can grab the dough early and we will roll with it. My schedule is clear, hell I will Bake all day for the cause!!

Anonymous ID: a40364 2018-07-24 03:45:52Z No. 2258552


Anonymous ID: 17f659 2018-07-24 03:45:57Z No. 2258553

>>2256175 pb




I've just gotta say, faggots… I already thought this chick was insanely creepy, but I'm like SUPER BAKED right now and I've been staring at this way too long. Scary, but cool at the same time. mlerm…

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:45:58Z No. 2258554


Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:46:08Z No. 2258556


Kek! No, this is my home.

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:46:14Z No. 2258557


Has George Lucas ever been dug?

What goes on on Lucas Ranch?

Anonymous ID: 4edebc 2018-07-24 03:46:16Z No. 2258558

>>2258525 yes. A great idea! And a baker that's willing to dig with us! Winning

>>2258523 CNN- eating that crow ,faggots.


Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:46:21Z No. 2258559


Spot on Anon…

Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:46:32Z No. 2258560


Every single one of the A listing is bad.

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:46:39Z No. 2258561


Yes and I recall something about I should stop drinking the city water.

Anonymous ID: 42c566 2018-07-24 03:46:53Z No. 2258563

I applaud the United States Senate for confirming Robert Wilkie as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Mr. Wilkie has dedicated his life to serving his country with honor and pride. He has displayed great patriotism and a commitment to supporting and empowering America’s armed forces and veterans. Under his leadership, I have no doubt that the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to make strides in honoring and protecting the heroic men and women who have served our Nation with distinction.

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:46:53Z No. 2258564


According to the insider, yeah, but we still need to dig and come to that determination

Anonymous ID: 78f345 2018-07-24 03:47:05Z No. 2258565


Lol, David Lynch.


Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:47:07Z No. 2258566


Nice find, anon.

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:47:09Z No. 2258567


great find!

"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall"

Anonymous ID: 5a5e6c 2018-07-24 03:47:16Z No. 2258568


I think reposting Q on a daily basis is like reading old love letters. We need to look at it like a long distance relationship and the bitch didn’t pay her phone bill… she’ll call when she’s got her shit together…

Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 03:47:24Z No. 2258570


Well then don't participate. Go back to your porn or whatever it is that is more important. No big deal.

I'm workfagging on a slow night so I can post the drops if that works.

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:47:32Z No. 2258571


So. Why do your eyes do that?

Anonymous ID: 2305d8 2018-07-24 03:47:33Z No. 2258572


SNL. His character built a child molesting robot.

Anonymous ID: 157e1a 2018-07-24 03:47:33Z No. 2258573


I think this anon is trying to tell us something faggots.

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:47:35Z No. 2258574


No and he needs to be

Along with Stephen King and JJ Abrams

Anonymous ID: 12c793 2018-07-24 03:47:51Z No. 2258575


If the plan is implemented, it would be a good idea to post one drop every 24 hours, that is every bread in a 24-hour period would have the same drop, so everyone is on the same page.

Anonymous ID: 162e4a 2018-07-24 03:47:52Z No. 2258576


I like it. We should cross reference the original bread # and related notables.

Anons are working on Executive Summaries. We would want any new insights to tie with that effort.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:47:53Z No. 2258577


Exactly, but it doesn't look good for The Rock.

Anonymous ID: 1532e2 2018-07-24 03:48:09Z No. 2258578


He did change, add him to the list he's comped

Anonymous ID: 17f659 2018-07-24 03:48:13Z No. 2258579




Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:48:13Z No. 2258580


This really is bigger than anyone can imagine. Hollywood is going down hard

Anonymous ID: 631627 2018-07-24 03:48:15Z No. 2258581



This would be good if it would surface the fact that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is a 100% patsy. When they brought him into open court years ago now, he had a stun gun on his waste. He had been tortured and out of the public eye for years and had confessed to things he could not have possibly done [was in jail at the time]. The whole case is totally absurd and repulsive since the fucking Arabs didn't bring down the Towers!

Anonymous ID: a93cb9 2018-07-24 03:48:30Z No. 2258582

MSNBC propaganda attacking QAnon phenomenon.

Taken from article posted in prev bread on Hollywood Cabal takedown.

MSNBC finds it outrageous that "conspiracy theories" such as the ones re Sandy Hook are still accessible on line.

Clip is clear evidence of how mockingbird media is using Alex Jones for classic disinformation as it attributes the conspiracy theories to him.

Someone needs to tell them they're bullshit isn't working anymore. They're getting desperate. They have stopped ignoring and started attacking.

Attacks will intensify.

Anonymous ID: f183ef 2018-07-24 03:48:31Z No. 2258583


Are you for real?

His name has come up lots of times one post wonder now get to work and prove me wrong or fuck off and KYS

Anonymous ID: 495c6f 2018-07-24 03:48:38Z No. 2258584


Do you realize how small the titanic was compared to today's ships?

Probably more like an Oasis Class.

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:48:39Z No. 2258585

What kind of sick POS…

smfh Castrate this mfer!

Man Accused of Sodomizing, Raping Child For 3 Years

WATSONVILLE, CALIF. — Detectives have arrested a 37-year-old man for allegedly sexually abusing a teen over the span of several years.

The victim told detectives that the sexual abuse started when she 14 years old and that it lasted three years.

According to police Ruiz has been charged with ‘ lewd and lascivious acts on a child ages 14 or 15, sodomy of a child, crimes against nature — by force, violence or duress, by meeting at an arranged place or time and by committing sexual conduct — sexual exploitation of a child, sexual intercourse with a child more than three years younger than the perpetrator, and threatening violence toward a witness or victim.’

Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:48:41Z No. 2258586




"who knows where the bodies are buried?"

Laurel Springs ranch is a sacrificial altar and that story from Lawyerfag about that property…

could be a connection. TONS of human trafficking obviously…

…and again… always multiple meanings.

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:48:41Z No. 2258587


I'll just leave this here.

Anonymous ID: 3eac9f 2018-07-24 03:48:42Z No. 2258588


Extraterrestrial Revelation

Beginning July 27th-August 1st.

Place to be:

Hopi Reservation, Arizona

Hopi Cultural Center or Campground

Lunar Eclipse: IMPORTANT

Mars Approach: IMPORTANT

Be there, or be square!


Anonymous ID: 335206 2018-07-24 03:48:43Z No. 2258589


From your lips to god's ears

Anonymous ID: 7a5952 2018-07-24 03:48:43Z No. 2258590


Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:48:52Z No. 2258592


Shit goin' down yo

Anonymous ID: 51e41d 2018-07-24 03:48:53Z No. 2258591

Was I the only person who watched movies and listen to songs but never thought of the performers has anything other than a dancing fool to entertain me a court jester nothing to be idolized.

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:49:05Z No. 2258593


reflection of the rods in the back of the eyes.

The more reflection, the better the night vision.

Cats eyes reflect a lot.

everybody's eyes do that.

Was particularly bad with old cameras (film)

Anonymous ID: a40364 2018-07-24 03:49:06Z No. 2258594


100 years from now people gonna say "wonder why they were wearing those gmail logos

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:49:15Z No. 2258595

There may be a couple of Booms this week. One is related to pulling security clearances (there is a reason, and a provable reason) and the other related to the pedos.

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:49:24Z No. 2258596




male prostitute

Anonymous ID: 157e1a 2018-07-24 03:49:31Z No. 2258597


This is the FBI Special Intelligence service?

Anonymous ID: 02f171 2018-07-24 03:49:35Z No. 2258598


Hey! Thanks for outting yourself

Anonymous ID: 2e19c5 2018-07-24 03:49:36Z No. 2258599


Over the Target Anon…

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:49:37Z No. 2258600


I was just asking ebot about the Hopi Prophecy (Blue Star Kachina) the other night…

Anonymous ID: 7d772b 2018-07-24 03:49:39Z No. 2258601


Fuck you

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:49:51Z No. 2258602


Ya. And I'll bring lazer pointers to flag them down.

Anonymous ID: 33a607 2018-07-24 03:49:54Z No. 2258603


It kinda does actually. Trump may have still won without Comey's announcement, but the obstruction thing was based on him firing Comey because of what he supposedly said at their dinner.

The dinner was another 1 on 1 meeting in an area of the WH that does not appear to have been bugged at this point.

Rosenstein is playing a role to keep Mueller in there. Then news of his attempted firing "leaked" to Sheila Jackson-Lee and everyone thought it was Strzok, who was then escorted from the building. Who the fuck would have told that guy anything? How would it leaked unless Q team wanted it leaked.

MSM is protecting Rosenstein and Mueller because they think the investigation is about Trump. Also Rosenstein gave Mueller the authority to investigate whatever arises from this. Get it?

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:49:57Z No. 2258604


I only know what has been hinted and implied. There are probably a few million just in the U.S. alone like that. Unfortunately we aren't in an age of honesty and transparency are we?

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:50:09Z No. 2258605


kek… very true…

just a yuge thing.

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:50:09Z No. 2258606

Its sad that you all think you need an insider to tell you what you already know. Listen to yourselves. There is a reason you ended up here.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:50:14Z No. 2258607


Disembowel him.

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:50:18Z No. 2258608


oh look white people causing trouble again

Anonymous ID: 12c793 2018-07-24 03:50:20Z No. 2258609



>We should cross reference the original bread # and related notables.

I think that at least the original bread number should be included, too.

Anonymous ID: 5cceda 2018-07-24 03:50:29Z No. 2258610


>I just wonder why so many of the reveals have to include muh joos and muh kikes.

That's a red flag for me.

It's possible that Hollywoodanon is pissed at those who abused him and they are mostly jews.

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:50:36Z No. 2258611


Kek. I passed that through the filter like 5-6 times… it just kept getting better.

Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:50:37Z No. 2258612

time to force unredacted Carter Page FISA warrant, as well as REAL IG Report that isnt altered and redacted

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:50:39Z No. 2258613


John Depp is an MK Ultra Slave/Handler.

He used to roll with Hunter S. Thompson, who would film child rape and admittedly hunt them.

Anonymous ID: e1c300 2018-07-24 03:50:41Z No. 2258614


Don't we need more proof first? Like tweets, etc. from Hanks.

Anonymous ID: 628c3f 2018-07-24 03:50:43Z No. 2258615


That would a take a year! It's gonna have to be quite a bit more that one per day.

Anonymous ID: 495c6f 2018-07-24 03:50:54Z No. 2258616


I feel sad for you.

Anonymous ID: c99a15 2018-07-24 03:50:55Z No. 2258617


He fucking better. Do something right. It's his fucking fault we have GOOP!

Anonymous ID: 1c9636 2018-07-24 03:50:56Z No. 2258618

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:51:25Z No. 2258620


There is no punishment sever enough.

Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:51:27Z No. 2258621


Anonymous ID: 638c5a 2018-07-24 03:51:33Z No. 2258622


It’s a white homeless dude

Probably mentally ill but they will label him a racist

While the Toronto terrorist is mentally ill

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:51:35Z No. 2258623


100 years from now they will be lucky if they remember what Gmail was.

Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:51:36Z No. 2258624

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

Anonymous ID: 07f52e 2018-07-24 03:51:43Z No. 2258625


anon! spoiler that shit -

Anonymous ID: 18c1dc 2018-07-24 03:51:48Z No. 2258626

Liberal Begins Media Normalization of Pedophiles - TRUTH SHOCK TV

Year old video. Super relevant.

Anonymous ID: 335206 2018-07-24 03:51:48Z No. 2258627

Ugh, move Whoopie along

Anonymous ID: ba2c6f 2018-07-24 03:51:49Z No. 2258628


uncropped for your enjoyment.

Anonymous ID: 81d369 2018-07-24 03:51:55Z No. 2258629


Put a freaking spoiler over that!

Anonymous ID: bdfc45 2018-07-24 03:52:01Z No. 2258630

Anonymous ID: fe870f 2018-07-24 03:52:03Z No. 2258631


Chopped or real?

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:52:05Z No. 2258632



I'm not sure if Lynch is involved directly but 100% he knows WTF goes on. Its intimated in his movies

Anonymous ID: 731884 2018-07-24 03:52:21Z No. 2258633



Anonymous ID: b6a596 2018-07-24 03:52:27Z No. 2258634


Your followers ?

Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:52:27Z No. 2258635




I would think maybe a new day every bread… There is not much research needed, we just need to put the pieces together- remember, we have it all…

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:52:38Z No. 2258636


DD Ai knows what's up.

Anonymous ID: ded1aa 2018-07-24 03:52:42Z No. 2258638

Q went silent because he completed his task on the chans… What was that? To awaken the sleeping giant. The silent majority was just sitting there taking it for the last 30 years. Now we're not. We're fighting back.

Mission Accomplished.

Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:52:45Z No. 2258639



Watch the beginning of this… He ISNT kidding.

Anonymous ID: 9b06e2 2018-07-24 03:52:58Z No. 2258640

With all the signals that are flying around back and forth (lights out, clapper outs obama, obama "from kenya") in the "news" - and the discussion of the data chip in the ball Putin gave POTUS - I think the "life alert" necklace HRC was wearing was a message (ie - it looks like a data chip..worn openly..she would have hid it if it wasn't meant to be seen) - to whom? What was the message? Not sure exactly how to decode, but maybe an anon smarter than me has an idea.

Anonymous ID: 1532e2 2018-07-24 03:53:04Z No. 2258641


Just threw up in my mouth,thanks

Anonymous ID: cf0d28 2018-07-24 03:53:23Z No. 2258643


Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:53:27Z No. 2258644


That quote is a huge leap to JFK Jr….nice fantasy, but don't see it being true.>>2258624

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:53:30Z No. 2258645


But this would give all shifts time to dig.

Anonymous ID: eb94c7 2018-07-24 03:53:33Z No. 2258646


Aren't you still waiting for that northeastern earthquake from a few weeks back?

Anonymous ID: 180c01 2018-07-24 03:53:59Z No. 2258647

Anonymous ID: 7158e3 2018-07-24 03:54:11Z No. 2258648

Anonymous ID: 422420 2018-07-24 03:54:16Z No. 2258649


Buy him a ticket on the duck boat in Branson right before a storm…see if he can swim. kek

Anonymous ID: a4fe82 2018-07-24 03:54:23Z No. 2258650



Anonymous ID: fce295 2018-07-24 03:54:29Z No. 2258651


Hell yes, have been saying this for 2 days.

Summer Q Re-runs

Anonymous ID: 294f5d 2018-07-24 03:54:31Z No. 2258652


THAT is the shit nightmares are made of! ffs

Anonymous ID: c78b84 2018-07-24 03:54:35Z No. 2258653


Yeah, we have details to iron out for sure :)

Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:54:39Z No. 2258654

Carter Page got a (90 day) FISA warrant approved. In order to get an extension you have to provide proof that enough evidence has been collected in that 90 days to justify an extension…its not like extending an apartment lease when its up. So Page got a total of 3 extensions to go along with his original warrant. Carter Page was tapped for 360 consecutive days and is currently a free man. They found NOTHING?!??! That alone should raise eyebrows

Anonymous ID: ef19ce 2018-07-24 03:54:44Z No. 2258655





nice try you two

Anonymous ID: 17f659 2018-07-24 03:54:52Z No. 2258656


Stiiiil kek'n', bruh. Stiiiil kek'n.

Anonymous ID: 5fa00c 2018-07-24 03:54:54Z No. 2258657

So, this is nothing personal, but we can't tell if you're a LARP, legit, or counterintel.

Your Twatter is either legit or a great construction…

Maybe open up another thread on the board and do an AMA? I'm sure some anons are willing to bantz with you.

If you're not a LARP, then I can't help believe God chose you for a reason. Peace.

Anonymous ID: fd1b6a 2018-07-24 03:54:59Z No. 2258658



no ma'am!

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:55:03Z No. 2258659


Never saw the appeal of this guy. I refuse to watch anything he's in. Just an annoying Roid bro,.

Anonymous ID: 513ca5 2018-07-24 03:55:05Z No. 2258660

They are running experiments on me.

My survival is not their priority.

Anonymous ID: 422420 2018-07-24 03:55:14Z No. 2258661


Anonymous ID: 3153d9 2018-07-24 03:55:16Z No. 2258662


Just so happens I’m picking up a bud there tomorrow. I’ll be stopping by security with this…


Anonymous ID: 180c29 2018-07-24 03:55:19Z No. 2258664



Anonymous ID: 7a5952 2018-07-24 03:55:26Z No. 2258665


Double misfire.

Wrong image and wrong reply #.

Anon failed a bit.

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:55:31Z No. 2258667


Plot twist: Q is a stay at home mom and has to take the summer off now that her kids are out of school.

Anonymous ID: 6aa9d8 2018-07-24 03:55:34Z No. 2258668



James Cameron

Anonymous ID: b9b3fc 2018-07-24 03:55:44Z No. 2258669


No we aren't. Guess we will go with what the other Anon said. Reflection, rods , old cameras something or other.

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:55:59Z No. 2258670


OK, but wash it first.

Anonymous ID: 495c6f 2018-07-24 03:56:06Z No. 2258671



Google David Lynch art. In particular Dog And Child Near My House.

Anonymous ID: 2451ab 2018-07-24 03:56:10Z No. 2258672


He didn't get it approved. They got one approved to spy on him.

Anonymous ID: edd866 2018-07-24 03:56:12Z No. 2258673


Anonymous ID: 33a607 2018-07-24 03:56:20Z No. 2258674


That's not the grip of a Master Mason. EA, EA pass grip, or Fellow Craft at best. Hard to tell with Duterte's Fag grip but definitely not MM.

Anonymous ID: ade80a 2018-07-24 03:56:21Z No. 2258675


backup baker standing by

dog status: walked

How about like this, at the end of first batch of next baker's first notes, so anons know it applies to all above bakes until the next "next baker"


Anonymous ID: 99e777 2018-07-24 03:56:38Z No. 2258677

4o years producer writer.


Redstone stuff public record.

Evan talks about relation with Cardinal in a vanity fair article.

Rest is personal convvos.

All dig able.

Digging other area ATM

Anonymous ID: 677163 2018-07-24 03:56:47Z No. 2258678


Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:57:02Z No. 2258680


Dude, stop being literal (and annoying), you know exactly what I meant. Yes we know Carter Page didnt want into the fucking court and ask to be spied on

[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:57:09Z No. 2258681

Anonymous ID: 77ba77 2018-07-24 03:57:19Z No. 2258682


[m4xr3sdEfault]*******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞) ID: a331c3 2018-07-24 03:57:43Z No. 2258684


Anonymous ID: fe870f 2018-07-24 03:57:49Z No. 2258685


RKelly would NOT fit in in Branson. Sure some of the good ole boys would show him the water w/o a duck to ride.

Anonymous ID: bee86e 2018-07-24 03:57:52Z No. 2258686


Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:57:53Z No. 2258687


Here is some Lady Gag me… ugh. What I really want to know is how things keep changing.

Anonymous ID: 8acd57 2018-07-24 03:58:06Z No. 2258689


KEK. Don't think I've seen the TempleOS merchant posted here until today.

Anonymous ID: 5e4071 2018-07-24 03:58:06Z No. 2258690


Gonna need a bigger bottle, Homer.

Anonymous ID: fb67fc 2018-07-24 03:58:13Z No. 2258691


Fap, Fap ,Fap

Anonymous ID: 91fd6a 2018-07-24 03:58:21Z No. 2258693


Why would you feel sad for me noe are great thinkers or philosophers. They bring no real enrichment to your life they are used when you wish to shut your brain down. Feel sorry for the people who never had their mind awake because they stayed dumbed down by the shit used to keep you distracted from what the "elites" where doinf to your food governments wealth health

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:58:24Z No. 2258694


And the 4th warrant (signed by Rosenstein) was done a month early.

Anonymous ID: 70fb6d 2018-07-24 03:58:32Z No. 2258695


Don't look for it here in the U.S. We won't be seeing it here. It will only be visible in large parts of Australia, The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Anonymous ID: fb67fc 2018-07-24 03:58:32Z No. 2258696


She eats humans

Anonymous ID: de6939 2018-07-24 03:58:34Z No. 2258697


Anonymous ID: 437e1d 2018-07-24 03:58:45Z No. 2258699


Mourning Son Brings Heat🔥

Anonymous ID: e3763b 2018-07-24 03:58:55Z No. 2258701



Anonymous ID: c4b4b6 2018-07-24 03:59:07Z No. 2258702




Here's what David Lynch said about Trump:

“He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has disrupted the thing so much. "

Anonymous ID: 7bac46 2018-07-24 03:59:14Z No. 2258704


Yep April to June

Anonymous ID: 2899c4 2018-07-24 03:59:17Z No. 2258705


A Masonic grip, nonetheless!

Anonymous ID: e1ad55 2018-07-24 03:59:26Z No. 2258706


Anonymous ID: f5e4dd 2018-07-24 03:59:26Z No. 2258707


Considering Ukraine is an openly Nazi country now, this looks very bad. But could they be going in to clean house?

Look who helped make such a mess of things. [Owner of the Intercept/PayPal]. Intercept is going hard in the paint to trash Assange again.

Anonymous ID: 6fb7fa 2018-07-24 03:59:31Z No. 2258708

Good nigth anons.

Anonymous ID: c3abbb 2018-07-24 03:59:34Z No. 2258709


Not my point. Dark Horse changed too. 21 Pilots.

Anonymous ID: 3153d9 2018-07-24 03:59:38Z No. 2258711


Her name is Whoof ie

Anonymous ID: d19bc8 2018-07-24 03:59:43Z No. 2258712


Trump says they're good friends in his 2011 book on America

Anonymous ID: 344c56 2018-07-24 03:59:52Z No. 2258713



Anonymous ID: 162e4a 2018-07-24 03:59:55Z No. 2258714


Doganon, check.

Anonymous ID: 7158e3 2018-07-24 03:59:55Z No. 2258715