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Q Research General #2900 QAnon The Key Master Edition

Q Research General #2900 QAnon The Key Master Edition Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 21:38:07Z No. 2301302

Welcome To Q Research General

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Thursday 07.26.18

>>2300028 ____Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title

>>2299768 ____Do you understand what is happening? Think optics.

>>2299625 ____Thank You Jeff Sessions Article

>>2298508 rt >>2298430 —————— You'd be amazed how much is shared on /pol/

>>2298430 rt >>2298410 —————— How do you hide a message in clear sight?

>>2298388 rt >>2298369 —————— The face is never the author

>>2298335 ————————————- Because of these, the wrath of God is coming

>>2296993 ————————————- What was the point of filing impeachment art if Ryan was going to reject?

Wednesday 07.25.18

>>2288772 ————————————- Relevant Today. News Unlocks

>>2288325 rt >>2287764 ——————- Something BIG is about to drop.

>>2287674 rt >>2287348 ——————- What if the UK gov worked hand-in-hand w/ the Hussein admin to sabotage the 2016 election?

>>2287348 rt >>2287225 ——————- When did No Name travel to the UK?

>>2287098 ————————————- No name returning to headlines.

>>2287057 rt >>2286943, >>2286944 – You’ll soon know why. (Facebook crash)

>>2286926 rt >>2286869 ——————- If RR is dirty, Mueller is dirty.

>>2286778 ————————————- ([RR] Articles of Impeachment)

>>2284570 ————————————- EU BLINKED

>>2282104 rt >>2282049 ——————- POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE.

>>2282049 ————————————- "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People.. "

>>2281708 rt >>2281677 ——————- To all Americans, please pray. Q+

>>2281677 ————————————- JFK Prayer & Oath.

>>2279519 rt >>2279498 ——————- There is only Q.

>>2279499 rt >>2279471 ——————- Happy Days Ahead, Patriot!

>>2279465 ————————————- We will never again be under their control.

>>2275151 ————————————- POTUS poised for ctrl of FED

Tuesday 07.24.18

>>2272925 ————————————- FVEY In NZ Rt

>>2266551 ————————————- What a wonderful day.

>>2265521 ————————————- We saw you! God bless Patriots!

>>2265275 ————————————- You are witnessing the destruction of the OLD GUARD

>>2265220 rt >>2265154 ——————- We do try. (Q-proof)

>>2265105 rt >>2264981 ——————- There is no greater threat than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. Study Nazism. Antifa. Socialism

>>2264962 ————————————- Something BIG is about to DROP.

>>2264304 ————————————- Does FOIA cover FISA? DECLAS. Think HUBER.

>>2263683 rt >>2263659 ——————- Why Are mirrors and disinformation necessary?

>>2263659 ————————————- Huffington Post Q hit piece: PANIC!

>>2263460 ————————————- You have more than you know. Criminal Referral document?

>>2262557 ————————————- Silence is golden.

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are not endorsements'''



>>2296345 To Quell the BO is MIA crap, a message from a Board Volunteer

>>2251030, >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening.

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>>2300563 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300584 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called for a ban on electronic voting systems

>>2300623 Trump’s got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq

>>2300626 Former Armenian President, Robert Kocharian Indicted for March 2008 Deadly Crackdown

>>2300657 facebook stock - am pm

>>2300662 Mueller team scrutinizing Trump tweets in obstruction investigation: Report

>>2300699 Christian Pastor: Facebook Censors Bible Verse “John 3:16” and “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

>>2300729 Anon: My question is what message was POUTS sending the cabal in that photo?

>>2300730 So, did the Black Hats just use SS photo as a cover to send out their dark message?

>>2300747, >>2300787 Tomorrow July 27 Grand Climax for the Luciferians

>>2300775, >>2300814 Sara Silverman digs and notes

>>2300794 Anon Questions if Q has the keys to the whole joint

>>2300804 Who is the mystery congress person?

>>2300823 Anon Notes on Qdrop

>>2300865 Progression pics

>>2300885 Trump's walk of fame star vandalized by 24 year old [Clay Austin]

>>2300914 Anon notes about the "fool" card and Q's drop

>>2300665, >>2300926 Pixelknot Hidden Messages

>>2300998, >>2301005 POTUS tweet PM

>>2300999 America’s Adversaries Are Weaponizing Information, NSA Director Warns

>>2301040 Hidden clues ?

>>2301052 Ashley Kavanaugh, the wife of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh under attack

>>2300811, >>2301062 Was the [RR] "impeachment art" just for show/optics

>>2301079 Look at the numbers on either side of the flag

>>2301101 East coast phone service down

>>2301116 Notes on Q drop and wikileaks by Anon

>>2301040 This is where Hivemind really comes into play.

>>2301139 US Preparing To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

>>2300069 (PB) By George I think (s)he's got it! Release the Code Crackin'!

>>2300420 #2899


>>2299786 Meadows backs off impeachment Q linked article

>>2299840 Toronto votes to ban handgun and ammunition sales

>>2299870 UN Chief Fears "Brush With Bankruptcy", Urges Members To Send Cash

>>2299885 Q linked article

>>2299889 Rothschild Bank Caught in Money Laundering Scandal by Swiss Regulator (Legit?)

>>2299930 -hillary-clinton-employee-arrested-on-treason-charges/

>>2299933 When will ownership of Smithland be returned to Americans?

>>2299939 Pelosi Refers To 9/11 Terror Attacks As An ‘Incident’ While Defending Weaker Borders

>>2299973 DOD JCS tweets

>>2299982 Attorneys say Larry Nassar was assaulted in prison; they’re blaming the judge who sentenced him

>>2300003 Q TWEET Confirmation

>>2300006 Contempt of Congress

>>2300081 Fake News reporters also asking FB execs to censor Fox News & Infowars Daily Mail

>>2300122 NAVY seals tweet


>>2300152 Christianity Permeates Daily Life in Russia - Even Banks and Restaurants

>>2300389 WH tweet on House Intel comitee

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Anonymous ID: d1e999 2018-07-26 21:41:06Z No. 2301351

Trust must be earned.

Trust is not blind, nor is truth.

We fight every sigle day on behalf of you, the people who put us here.

We knew this day would come.

We will never forget.

Do not glorify us.

We are merely the vehicle.

You are what matters.

You are hope.

You are love.

You are peace.

Stay united.

Stay together.

Stay strong.

This is bigger than any one person or entity.

You are fighting for truth - collectively.

Will of the people.

Trust in yourself.

The choice will always be yours.

God bless you all.

Where we go one, we go ALL.


Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 21:41:42Z No. 2301361


Anonymous ID: 8dd8a2 2018-07-26 21:45:20Z No. 2301403

Archive R's posts last bread to prove R coordination with BO.

Note the continued existence of R "proof" threads on /qresearch/ to prove R coordination with BO.

New threads discussing R may not be allowed.

BO requires pure counter-intel existing in old R "proof" threads.

Sigils that provide optics for MSM to cover Ranon.

Sigils that cast a spell to keep R in /qresearch/.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


Anonymous ID: d9172e 2018-07-26 21:46:12Z No. 2301417


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: rHXVKCrC No.150393065 📁

Nov 21 2017 19:15:58 (EST)





Why were keywords added in the stringer?

What was the purpose?

What was previously stated?

To who specifically?


Who countered?

Learn to read the map.

Missing critical items.

Graphic is key.

Ordering is critical.


Graphics are the key. Q file names seem random until you really look at them. He says graphics will be used to authenticate once info goes public.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: c67299 No.21574 📁

Jan 7 2018 23:09:58 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 88fa47 No.21481 📁

Jan 7 2018 23:04:11 (EST)


Thank you for confirmation so that we may move fwd with established comms.


Graphic form for each correlation a MUST.

This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends, family, others.

Do you think POTUS re-tweeted MAGA PILL for no reason?

We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

We believe in you.


Anonymous ID: 0dae69 2018-07-26 21:46:14Z No. 2301418

sorry if has been mentioned.

Trump said 'Hell' a least two times in his speech today with the steelworkers. He said it is very significant way.

Anonymous ID: 8dd8a2 2018-07-26 21:46:16Z No. 2301419


Why did this shill go silent last bread on BO's word?

Autists reading comms yet?


Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 21:46:34Z No. 2301422



They are losing access to THEIR children


Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 21:46:56Z No. 2301425


TY baker

Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 21:47:02Z No. 2301427

Thank you, Baker!

Catching up to breads

the wrath of God is coming


Holy Sh*t!

May all child rapists and murderers be exposed and imprisoned.



Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 21:47:22Z No. 2301428

ty baker

Anonymous ID: d32ed6 2018-07-26 21:47:25Z No. 2301429

Iran next.

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 21:47:37Z No. 2301430

Former Lionsgate Lawyer Goes Public With Accusations Of Abuse

Allegations against a Lionsgate employee have surfaced after a former lawyer at the studio came forward to accuse her former boss of sexual harassment. Former executive vice president of legal affairs at Lionsgate Wendy Jaffe says she endured longstanding abuse at the hands of her boss, general counsel Wayne Levin.

Anonymous ID: d59746 2018-07-26 21:48:02Z No. 2301435


she aight

Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 21:48:10Z No. 2301437


That's an invasive data collection I can get behind.

Anonymous ID: 57f91f 2018-07-26 21:48:13Z No. 2301438






Anonymous ID: 406e3e 2018-07-26 21:48:33Z No. 2301439

Anon's post: >>2298237 [#2896]

"Building the information distribution system of the future is our highest national security priority RIGHT NOW"

Available as an image or PDF.

I have great affection for my band of anons, no homo…

Anonymous ID: 46faa2 2018-07-26 21:48:34Z No. 2301440




Anonymous ID: 13cd7a 2018-07-26 21:48:49Z No. 2301441


Let's see a tripcode ;)

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 21:48:50Z No. 2301442

Sessions is a flat tire, I wouldn't trust that bastard for nothing.

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 21:49:03Z No. 2301444

Anons have worked the steganography angle for months.

Remember one particularly useful 3am discussion re:

Photos dropped of the refrigeration truck.

Have never cracked it.


Q now confirms it's a thing, so we will keep trying.

Shilling usually intensified when discussing…

Notice they don't bother with this round.

There are several softwares available for various platforms.

Will keep at it.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 21:49:14Z No. 2301445


Didn't hollywood anon (renegade) mention how Lionsgate was used to launder money and drugs through certain Mexican cartels?

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 21:49:33Z No. 2301446

Anonymous ID: 176581 2018-07-26 21:49:41Z No. 2301448


[repost of pic so anons don't have to go to lb]

Anonymous ID: 6260a9 2018-07-26 21:49:47Z No. 2301449


Peace my niggas. Heading for hills w/ bugout bag.

Anonymous ID: c34acf 2018-07-26 21:49:48Z No. 2301450

>>2300069 >>2300293 From Bread #2898


Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 21:49:57Z No. 2301451


Anonymous ID: cb4fa5 2018-07-26 21:50:02Z No. 2301452

Someone needs to run those creepy tom hanks pictures through that decoder app

Anonymous ID: 364924 2018-07-26 21:50:04Z No. 2301453


In late 90's early 2000's.

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 21:50:07Z No. 2301454

Are Big Social Media Companies Being Used To Advance The New World Order's Agenda?

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 21:50:14Z No. 2301455


That makes testosterone increase .

Anonymous ID: 13cd7a 2018-07-26 21:50:14Z No. 2301456


Yeah I was thinking this as well.. This breathes some fresh air on the whole discussion, frankly.

Anonymous ID: bc608d 2018-07-26 21:50:17Z No. 2301457

John Schnatter Sues Papa John's, Calls Reports Over His Use Of N-Word 'False'

Chris Otts

‏Verified account @christopherotts

30m30 minutes ago

Full statement from Schnatter on the lawsuit against @PapaJohns. This really escalates things. Wonder if next move is board announcing special shareholders mtg to try to remove him (pic related)

#Louisville #Kentucky #PapaJohn #Resignations

Anonymous ID: 38f9b8 2018-07-26 21:50:17Z No. 2301458

Claire McCaskill's husbands company is called Sugar Creek.

Sugar Creek is a old suburb of Kansas City that is corrupt and shady as fuck. The towns main income comes from LaFarge concrete, Republic Landfill, and Winterstone underground rock quarry. A perfect trifecta to hide shady shit.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Anonymous ID: d0f6ab 2018-07-26 21:50:23Z No. 2301459

roseanne is on hannity tonight… any anons out there that could get her to mention Q ???

Anonymous ID: 94c159 2018-07-26 21:50:37Z No. 2301460


What they don't tell you is that those kids came were trafficked here as unaccompanied minors.

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 21:50:38Z No. 2301462


Amite Residents Charged with Civil Rights Crimes for Abusing Family Member with Disabilities

Charged with 6 Counts of Human trafficking

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 21:51:05Z No. 2301463


Mathmatical impossibilty confirmed :)

Anonymous ID: 8d1fbc 2018-07-26 21:51:17Z No. 2301464


Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 21:51:18Z No. 2301465


ThanQ Baker.

ThanQ Key Master.

When your pockets overflowith with keys, what do you do?

You share them.

For what good is this knowledge?

What good is this WISDOM?

If you don't share it?

Wisdom was meant to be shared.

Anonymous ID: c04148 2018-07-26 21:51:19Z No. 2301466



I have a little info on Papa John's. First, there is a Rothschild on the board of directors. Second, do you have ANY idea how much a general manager of a Papa John's is paid? Let's put it this way: With their bonuses, some GMs at high-volume stores make more than Doctors.

A PJ insider has repeatedly told me that they used to promote based on merit. They are now implementing steps to "add diversity", instead of doing promotions based on merit. John schnatter originally stepped down from the CEO role due to some private health concerns.

Another thing, John repeatedly required the pizza to use as much natural ingredients as possible. The board tried to use cheese that had something like 1% other ingredients, but he rejected that and made them use 100% cheese. (A few years back).

John is also known to be a pussy hound, and, from descriptions of some conversations my source has been party to, would probably fit in on the chans fairly easily. Asked my source about him resigning on the day of Trump's EO. Source said John had a reoccurance of cancer. Colon, maybe, can't remember. Talked about the EO, and source said they've never seen any shenanigans like that.

My personal opinion is that they are trying to drive the company into the ground. My source says that the current CEO is probably ok, but there appears to be other players that are up to some fuckery. I would bet there are some nasty people on the board of directors.

Source? Someone that works there, and is a first name basis with him. Take my info for what it is worth.

Anonymous ID: 9e2514 2018-07-26 21:51:19Z No. 2301467

Do I need my secret Q decoder ring to find the password?

Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 21:51:29Z No. 2301468

why do I see occult symbology here?

Anonymous ID: 384430 2018-07-26 21:51:30Z No. 2301469


I have a general theory to everything going on without trying to ramble on and on.

I think Mueller and RR struck a deal knowing they would hang for their crimes, so to spare their lives they are working for POTUS. Nobody would see that coming ever and it will be talked about 300 years from now in our history texts.

If Sessions made one blink to try and step in, in re: to RR not complying, MSM and politicians would hit with Thors hammer.

In the meantime Sessions stays as far away as possible while Mueller and RR take down the very cabal they worked side by side with in the past. Sessions isn't lying when he fully trusts RR because he knows the leash is held tight on him and the cabal is crumbling. This keeps MSM and corrupt actors at bay, none of them are the wiser. Remember these people are stupid.

Lastly Mueller will clear POTUS of crimes and slam down a stack of papers saying, this whats really going on…. then dominos start falling at a rapid rate. POTUS will say I told you so and Politicians and MSM can't argue the findings from someone they thought was their "boy" all along. Heads will explode world wide. Idiots.

POTUS and team have been trolling these fools since day 1 and its done in plane site. Fun to watch as sad as all this is. As we anons dig we are really watching a play unfold every single day. The director of the show happens to be Trump. Art of the Deal. If I'm on the right track Trump will be known as the most honest US president in history, all the lies will fade and POTUS will walk into the 2020 election and blow his opponent away as Americans celebrate having their country back!

This is the only way this entire ball of wax makes sense to me.

Thank you POTUS/Q TEAM/ANONS and everyone else trying to make this world a better place.

So i rambled, this is complicated.


God Bless

Anonymous ID: 2a4720 2018-07-26 21:51:32Z No. 2301470


Anonymous ID: dfb908 2018-07-26 21:51:34Z No. 2301471


Anonymous ID: a6d6f2 2018-07-26 21:51:42Z No. 2301472


Noticed image in the darkness lightened it up some in PShop

From dark to light… not certain who she is…

Anonymous ID: dfb908 2018-07-26 21:51:50Z No. 2301473


Anonymous ID: 8e7d22 2018-07-26 21:51:55Z No. 2301474

Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 21:52:24Z No. 2301475


well yeah and these democrats are just a bit pissed off that they don't get fresh meat anymore

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 21:52:26Z No. 2301476


Holy Sheet!

Hella notable

Anonymous ID: fc509d 2018-07-26 21:52:27Z No. 2301477


Side of the flag: 7 + 10 = 17

Underneath the flag: 8 +9 = 17

Anonymous ID: 8bc0c0 2018-07-26 21:52:29Z No. 2301478


Nothing wrong with her.

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 21:52:45Z No. 2301479

Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 21:53:02Z No. 2301480










Baker, Baker. Tried to compile notables from pb and the accompanying posts here

Anonymous ID: 46faa2 2018-07-26 21:53:06Z No. 2301481


Are you for serious?

Anonymous ID: f9dff5 2018-07-26 21:53:11Z No. 2301482

Anonymous ID: 2d9c26 2018-07-26 21:53:14Z No. 2301483


Papa John sues Papa John's

Anonymous ID: 323b52 2018-07-26 21:53:16Z No. 2301484


IS that sarah silverman or eliza dushku?

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 21:53:19Z No. 2301485

The Associated Press

‏Verified account @AP

BREAKING: Emails show lawyer who met Trump Jr. has ties to Russian officials.

5:51 PM - 26 Jul 2018

Anonymous ID: cb916a 2018-07-26 21:53:30Z No. 2301486

Sarah S.

S., Sarah


Anonymous ID: 6b1a90 2018-07-26 21:53:39Z No. 2301488

does the algorithm control the stock market?

has it the potential to crash economies?

who controls the algorithm?

who crashed fb?

Anonymous ID: a137d0 2018-07-26 21:53:41Z No. 2301489


The 80% that can without their parents WILL NOT see them again, most likely.

Anonymous ID: 94c159 2018-07-26 21:53:45Z No. 2301490


Both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous ID: 9598cc 2018-07-26 21:53:47Z No. 2301491


Parents are NOT being separated from their kids … so long as they are truly the kids' parents.

Traffickers ARE being separated from the kids they are smuggling … as they should be.

Fake fucking news.

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 21:53:48Z No. 2301492


A goddamn eyeball. Just like CBS' logo. And like Siri spelled backwards IRIS.

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 21:53:51Z No. 2301493

>>2301265 (prev)

looks like it says

Sunday July 21

but Sunday was the 22nd

Saturday was the 21st

maybe saturday is the password?

Also, DEFINITELY photoshopped without a doubt

Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 21:53:57Z No. 2301494


Anonymous ID: 40d5fa 2018-07-26 21:53:58Z No. 2301495


Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 21:54:02Z No. 2301497


Hands down the worse shop I've ever witnessed kek!

Anonymous ID: cb4fa5 2018-07-26 21:54:06Z No. 2301498


So the nigger story is fake news? He never put it in an email?

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 21:54:09Z No. 2301499



Don't even bother to reply. Q has addressed all we need to know about this picture. Time to move on.

Anonymous ID: c34acf 2018-07-26 21:54:13Z No. 2301500

>>2301450 Was another anon (actually 2) was NOT me! I'm just bringing it forward.

Anonymous ID: 114e05 2018-07-26 21:54:14Z No. 2301501


Anonymous ID: d3a9dc 2018-07-26 21:54:18Z No. 2301502


Anonymous ID: a71326 2018-07-26 21:54:18Z No. 2301503

end of last loaf:


Aren't these bots?….. I don't see real journos here.

Real Mockingbirds?

Anonymous ID: 7a9296 2018-07-26 21:54:26Z No. 2301505


Now we taxpayers get to foot the bill


Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 21:54:44Z No. 2301506

Why do the gore shills

Constantly show us pics

Of porn star

Naomi Wood?

Is it because of her eyes?

The way they draw you in?

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 21:54:50Z No. 2301508

>>2301480 added thanq

Anonymous ID: 05c28d 2018-07-26 21:54:51Z No. 2301509

Boobs for Baker

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 21:54:58Z No. 2301510




Anonymous ID: 7ffe02 2018-07-26 21:54:59Z No. 2301511

The Battle of Athens (true story)

Read up Anons! Devin Nunes calls for the ban of electronic voting! YES! WOOHOO!

Anonymous ID: 13cd7a 2018-07-26 21:55:00Z No. 2301512



Anonymous ID: 49eccf 2018-07-26 21:55:02Z No. 2301513


Breaking, Trump Jr used the same toilet as sime russian official from trusted unconfirmed sauces

Fixed that

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 21:55:03Z No. 2301514


Fox News

‏Verified account @FoxNews

Colombia drug gang reportedly puts $70G hit on a dog's head.

Anonymous ID: 58aa2d 2018-07-26 21:55:21Z No. 2301515


We need to send them back.

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 21:55:28Z No. 2301516


You're very welcome. Sorry about the last request to add multiple things.

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 21:55:47Z No. 2301517

Lauren Southern got blacked.

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 21:55:51Z No. 2301518


Yup…They are going crazy on twitter posting all these dumb claims

Anonymous ID: 0eeef5 2018-07-26 21:56:03Z No. 2301519


it's ogre

Anonymous ID: d0f2b8 2018-07-26 21:56:03Z No. 2301520


Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 21:56:05Z No. 2301521


White hats. They're in control remember? Divest these cabal fags but simulate a market crash to issue a gold standard since tech is just like fiat.

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 21:56:10Z No. 2301522


She just didn't have the same upbringing as /ourSarah/

Anonymous ID: d5017c 2018-07-26 21:56:23Z No. 2301523

Whatever happened to darkness to light in July?

What inane worthless detail are you guys going to cling to to keep your larp going?

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 21:56:34Z No. 2301524


Sunday was the 21st in 2017, I think. Easy enough to check. So not recent.

Anonymous ID: 3ed2d5 2018-07-26 21:56:39Z No. 2301525


We are giving them enough rope to hang themselves. When Trump takes off the gloves and starts firing the left won't go ballistic…just a bit less insane then usual.

Anonymous ID: 46d6a9 2018-07-26 21:56:53Z No. 2301526

When Our President speaks, shit happens

Anonymous ID: 2d9c26 2018-07-26 21:56:56Z No. 2301527


Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 21:57:03Z No. 2301528


Our own little drama king.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 21:57:04Z No. 2301530


No, I guess there isn't

Anonymous ID: 1e25e9 2018-07-26 21:57:12Z No. 2301531


Makes no sense. so, the BV id matches code at WL… so????

Anonymous ID: 9411ba 2018-07-26 21:57:12Z No. 2301532


HEY anons

doesnt this imply that the Q PICS are the ones with the hidden messages?

who gives a shit about THEIR messages of the Q pics have "more than you know" hidden and archived offline

or was this already posted and i missed it?


Anonymous ID: 176581 2018-07-26 21:57:14Z No. 2301533

Anonymous ID: 0c2ef9 2018-07-26 21:57:27Z No. 2301534

On knowing where you are as light moving out of dark, on watching a game unfold and being objective in a moving landscape of optics

Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 21:57:29Z No. 2301535

How many messages did we find on /pol/ using the steganography app Q told us about?

Anonymous ID: 40d5fa 2018-07-26 21:57:29Z No. 2301536

Anonymous ID: c04148 2018-07-26 21:57:30Z No. 2301537

Oh, more info on Papa John's that I forgot.

The "laundry" agency (can't remember their name) kept trying to have him call his employees niggers. He refused. He finally said (paraphrased) "Colonol Sanders called his employees niggers, and I am not going to do it."

That PR company then tried to blackmail him for 6 million dollars. Any curious Anons might want to do some digging on that PR company.

Anonymous ID: 9e2514 2018-07-26 21:57:30Z No. 2301538

They worship the ai eye.

Anonymous ID: bc608d 2018-07-26 21:57:46Z No. 2301539


Anonymous ID: b48134 2018-07-26 21:57:51Z No. 2301540


Yeh that is a Symbol For Alcoholics Anonymous (Anon lolz). At any rate

I've got 16+ Years sober, at one point I tried to find an origin for the symbol but

I concluded that AA was the origin. Great Program Though, saved my life despite myself.

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 21:57:53Z No. 2301541


Not until they spell out the details, it's not.

Anonymous ID: 6260a9 2018-07-26 21:58:07Z No. 2301543



Anonymous ID: 8c4d90 2018-07-26 21:58:15Z No. 2301544

There's a simpler way than using the app which *should* be easier to script using the jarfile that implements pixelknot's FT algo. See doc here:

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 21:58:16Z No. 2301545



Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 21:58:20Z No. 2301546

Q's info on Sessions and Rosenstein today was all bullshit….

Q lost all credibility with me.

Anonymous ID: 81cb82 2018-07-26 21:58:21Z No. 2301547


Please explain. I don't get it.

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 21:58:22Z No. 2301548


How many did you find?

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 21:58:26Z No. 2301549



Was this the password?

Anonymous ID: 583ddd 2018-07-26 21:58:31Z No. 2301551

>>2301145 lb

Love this, thanks.

>Roth AMA - NT

Well, at least one of (them) has reverence for him after stealing all his stuff and hoarding much of it from the rest of us.

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 21:58:32Z No. 2301552


the 21st was on a Friday in 2017

Anonymous ID: d52511 2018-07-26 21:58:53Z No. 2301553


Has anyone with an Android device downloaded PixelKnot and used the long file names for certain Q photos to look for hidden messages?

Anonymous ID: 6260a9 2018-07-26 21:58:57Z No. 2301554



roughly 6,000,000 or so.

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 21:59:00Z No. 2301555


Ah. So when was it a Sunday?

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 21:59:07Z No. 2301558


yes, most likely

Anonymous ID: 46faa2 2018-07-26 21:59:10Z No. 2301560



If it was you'd have seen screenshots by now

Anonymous ID: 68b2c7 2018-07-26 21:59:12Z No. 2301561


Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 21:59:16Z No. 2301562



Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 21:59:23Z No. 2301563


Zero, but I'm not looking.

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 21:59:24Z No. 2301564


I'm sure she already has her t a lking points. If she were to talk about anything related, it might be MKU and Hollywood.

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 21:59:24Z No. 2301565


Kek is real.

Kek was always with you on these boards.

Remember… chaos can bring life and death.

The Ankh or the Dagger.

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 21:59:31Z No. 2301566


so its nothing then

Anonymous ID: 13cd7a 2018-07-26 21:59:35Z No. 2301567


>doesnt this imply that the Q PICS are the ones with the hidden messages?

It implied to me that all operators are doing this.

not just /ourguys/.

I suspect I just responded to a shill though. I'm not going to state why.

Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 21:59:45Z No. 2301568



Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 21:59:45Z No. 2301569


Well , thank you for playing the game… Move along, move along

EXIT is this way >>>>>>>

Now, GTFO and don't come back!

Have a great day!

Anonymous ID: dfb908 2018-07-26 21:59:47Z No. 2301570


Anonymous ID: c72541 2018-07-26 21:59:50Z No. 2301571


Sunday 21st was 2013 and 2003 someone said.

Anonymous ID: 3f7c5c 2018-07-26 21:59:52Z No. 2301572

Yo Q

Anonymous ID: 60dff9 2018-07-26 22:00:01Z No. 2301573

With the happenings going on today, it made me remember a one-reply response I got to a graphic I made in May. Some form of "Delta Fire" might be a password for one of Q's pics.

Anonymous ID: 9598cc 2018-07-26 22:00:02Z No. 2301574


>BREAKING: Emails show lawyer who met Trump Jr. has ties to Russian officials.

So what?

Are meetings with Russians illegal?

Is Mueller going after Jugears now too, because Jugears met with Russians during the 2008 campaign also?

This is ridiculous.

Anonymous ID: 72a7bf 2018-07-26 22:00:03Z No. 2301575


Friends of Bill Wilson

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:00:10Z No. 2301576


Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 22:00:13Z No. 2301577


Insert Tom Hanks shoe joke here.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:00:21Z No. 2301578

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 22:00:32Z No. 2301579


Thanks. Had to step away for a couple of hours. Appreciate the help since I didn't catch it live.

Anonymous ID: 4b2e49 2018-07-26 22:00:35Z No. 2301580


Anonymous ID: b50c42 2018-07-26 22:00:54Z No. 2301582


True… but if you do use sigils, make sure you aren't going to be caught in the dragnet as well.

Equally, make sure you harm no one in what you wish for. Wishing for money is fine, until it results in the death of a loved one and you getting the inheritance.

Caution in all things, but never limit yourself,

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 22:00:59Z No. 2301583

Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Mack appear in Brooklyn; Trial set for January 7, 2019

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:01:02Z No. 2301584

I don't know who is baking, but they could use discernment in NOTABLES.

Listing same exact article twice (Hivemind)


Useless little crap pieces

Opinion pieces

What this does, is pushes important Notables down and uses space for crap Notables.

The last time this happened clam was baking.

Anonymous ID: 0965f9 2018-07-26 22:01:02Z No. 2301585

wow its like the entire board made it into notables

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 22:01:05Z No. 2301586


So you're just a time-wasting shitposter! Cya next bread loser.

Anonymous ID: 40d5fa 2018-07-26 22:01:08Z No. 2301587


Anonymous ID: fd59f8 2018-07-26 22:01:17Z No. 2301588








Anonymous ID: 6ba9dc 2018-07-26 22:01:21Z No. 2301589

Anonymous ID: 0c2ef9 2018-07-26 22:01:22Z No. 2301590


Occupying your inner space fully in light causes external forces of dark to be illuminated accordingly.

Anonymous ID: d49b01 2018-07-26 22:01:22Z No. 2301591



Are they just recycling news now?

The documents paint a portrait of Natalia Veselnitskaya as a well-connected attorney who served as a ghostwriter for top Russian government lawyers and received assistance from senior Interior Ministry personnel.

Natalia was trying to overturn Magnitsky.

We've known that all along.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:01:26Z No. 2301592



Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:01:49Z No. 2301594



You niggers kiss my ass.

Anonymous ID: 46d6a9 2018-07-26 22:01:49Z No. 2301595


Anonymous ID: eec7de 2018-07-26 22:01:57Z No. 2301596


Looks like Sarah Silverman… but Q said the photo is not the subject.

Anonymous ID: 6fccce 2018-07-26 22:02:01Z No. 2301597

who are twitters biggest sponsors? Maybe a boycott is in order.

Anonymous ID: 9598cc 2018-07-26 22:02:02Z No. 2301598


>Why do the gore shills constantly show us pics Of porn star Naomi Wood?

Prolly because she takes black cock.

Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 22:02:06Z No. 2301599


Given that there are no images with steganography found, what was the purpose of Q's last post?

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 22:02:10Z No. 2301600

Justice Department Seeks to Revoke Citizenship of Convicted Felon Who Led Drug Organization in Florida

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:02:10Z No. 2301601


Just trying to keep up, thats why I post to have anons tell me what is no good. The post per min Its moving so fast Im doing the best I can .

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:02:17Z No. 2301602


Haven't you noticed?

Trump never takes off the gloves

And fires

At stuff the left expects him to fire at

He always goes after

Other stuff

And he gets OTHER FOLKS

To deal with the stuff

Which the left is triggered about

Because he is fucking with their heads

When the triggered stuff gets dealt with

It comes out of left field

From other people


And sometimes those other people

Are ones that the left supports


Trump seems so dumb and slow to them

That they drop their guard

And make even more mistakes

Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs

Not just to their door

But right inside, upstairs

To the master bedroom and the side of the bed

Where the blackhat sleeps.

They are SCREWED

And not by the other person who sleeps

In that bed.

Anonymous ID: c11b8a 2018-07-26 22:02:24Z No. 2301603



>Someone on /pol/ was saying there was a name hidden in the silverman picture. Did you guys find it or need me to go back and look?

Who is Cooper Freshley

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:02:26Z No. 2301604


Would you like to bake?

Anonymous ID: a137d0 2018-07-26 22:02:32Z No. 2301605



MEDIA Talking points for HRC HEALTH and TAX RETURNS

>>> · Provide the full text of HRC’s physician’s letter, summarizing that she is in excellent health and is medically fit to perform the duties of President. We will push that she is the FIRST presidential candidate to release this info.

There is 1 attachment in .docx

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 22:02:40Z No. 2301607





Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:02:41Z No. 2301608


/QResearch/….When the NSA just won't cut it!

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:02:42Z No. 2301609


Anonymous ID: 66c393 2018-07-26 22:02:50Z No. 2301610


horse shit.

tries the PWs suggested in those posts, got pic related

Anonymous ID: c147c1 2018-07-26 22:02:52Z No. 2301612

>>2301450 RIBBIT

Anonymous ID: 44fd6b 2018-07-26 22:02:57Z No. 2301613


Disinfo is necessary, anon. If us anons think we know what's really going on, chances are we really don't. With the cabal having access to the same info as we do, that would give then the chance to counteract. It makes sense that what we and the cabal only know 40% truth (if that), and 60% disinfo.

Anonymous ID: c04148 2018-07-26 22:03:11Z No. 2301614


Nah, dude. See my post >>2301466 and my post after that. (Use I'd to find it, phonefagging)

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:03:16Z No. 2301615


So I take it, you're staying?

In that case, STFU, get comfy, and enjoy the show!!!!

Anonymous ID: 8a4af6 2018-07-26 22:03:26Z No. 2301617

>>2301373 (last bread) I hope I don't regret replying to you for the same reason…

That address is 30 minutes from a location I've been diggin' on in Austin… I've been following a hash tag used by people that are obviously not who they say they are… They're discussing approval on building a new soccer stadium and someone slipped up and said "If Epstein can do it, so can I."

Lead me to think that the stadium is to be built to cover up the same types of things needed to be covered up on the island… And the new location is get this… a cement facility…

Anonymous ID: 907454 2018-07-26 22:03:28Z No. 2301618


LORETTA LYNCH let her back in the US. She was banned. That's why Lynch played a big role in this.

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:03:31Z No. 2301619


I still want to know what fucko bondsman made a deal for 100 mil of assets.

lol, that guy.

Anonymous ID: cc6e35 2018-07-26 22:03:36Z No. 2301620


Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 22:03:42Z No. 2301621

Live on /pol/

more Dan Harmon sexual deviancy

Anonymous ID: 13cd7a 2018-07-26 22:03:43Z No. 2301622


This is poetic.. And not just because it's true :)

Anonymous ID: eec7de 2018-07-26 22:04:00Z No. 2301623


Pssssshhhh… You wish, nigger.

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 22:04:04Z No. 2301624

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Anonymous ID: 2a4720 2018-07-26 22:04:15Z No. 2301625


this one's still a head-scratcher for me (1st pic related)

Anonymous ID: d49b01 2018-07-26 22:04:24Z No. 2301626


> Q PICS are the ones with the hidden messages

Q pics are NOT Q's pics

Get it?

He's trolling them with their own pics.

That probably contain stego.

Which, presumably, we also have.

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:04:44Z No. 2301627

>>2300615 (prev)

Anonymous ID: 7a3d20 2018-07-26 22:04:48Z No. 2301628

Eithics in Government Act.

Morrison v. Olson

Justice Scalia's dissent

Justice Scalia, the lone dissenter, said that the law should be struck down because (1) criminal prosecution is an exercise of "purely executive power" and (2) the law deprived the president of "exclusive control" of that power.

In his opinion, Scalia also predicted how the law might be abused in practice, writing, "I fear the Court has permanently encumbered the Republic with an institution that will do it great harm."

Conservatives like Senator Bob Dole began to share his concern when in 1992, four days before the US presidential election, Lawrence Walsh announced the re-indictment of former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger on charges related to the Iran–Contra affair.[2] Critics[who?] also sensed partisan politics when Walsh's office leaked a note suggesting President Bush had lied about his connections to the affair.

Concerns were also raised, in line with Scalia's dissent, when independent counsel Kenneth Starr spent $40 million and more than four years investigating President Clinton's land deals and extramarital affairs.[3] Many[who?] believed the investigation was plagued by partisanship.

Anonymous ID: eec7de 2018-07-26 22:04:51Z No. 2301629


You can't share stuff like this enough, anon.


Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 22:04:52Z No. 2301630



re: Dan Harmon

CONTACT ADVERTISERS that currently spend money on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network (partial list, please add more):

Cheetos (Frito-Lay, Pepsi)

Pizza Hut

State Farm

Burger King

A partial list of CABLE/STREAM providers that currently carry Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.





Cartoon Network/AS itself

Anonymous ID: 40d5fa 2018-07-26 22:04:57Z No. 2301631


I-35 corridor decades long trafficking artery for cabal types

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:05:06Z No. 2301632


They are desperate

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:05:11Z No. 2301633


i wish someone would try the owl pic with password: Personal

Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 22:05:12Z No. 2301634

Dead cat bounce for Amazon as well. Highest quarterly profits ever recorded. Wonder when they'll be forced to admit where they came from and get put out of business as well? Make Main Street Great Again!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 59c05a 2018-07-26 22:05:12Z No. 2301635




Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:05:16Z No. 2301636


Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:05:31Z No. 2301638


I think he is hinting

That folks should take professional

Steganography detection software

And run it against the photos on /pol

Here on 8chan

We might even find some text in the postings

That we can recognize

I.e. the choice of words will out

Some known blackhats

Who twitter a lot

Of course

We could always look at Comey's tweet photos

And Hanz'z Instagram

As well.

Anonymous ID: 889769 2018-07-26 22:05:35Z No. 2301639


Then WHY would he NOT have told us about Stego back then??????? More disinfo???

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:05:37Z No. 2301641



You nigger got played by Q.

Anonymous ID: 1d6820 2018-07-26 22:05:57Z No. 2301642


Anonymous ID: 7a9296 2018-07-26 22:05:58Z No. 2301643


They are screaming Help

Anonymous ID: 8d1fbc 2018-07-26 22:05:58Z No. 2301644


Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:06:05Z No. 2301646



I do that when I don't care enough to save the file.. it's not uncommon

Anonymous ID: 323b52 2018-07-26 22:06:07Z No. 2301647


I think its eliza dushku.

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 22:06:17Z No. 2301648


Have you ever wondered what kind of father would sacrifice his own son before himself?

Anonymous ID: 6260a9 2018-07-26 22:06:19Z No. 2301649


Like Rick and Morty, you need a really high IQ to understand it tbh.

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:06:30Z No. 2301650


Didn't Q say to watch for repeats? Hmm…

Anonymous ID: 7c0c64 2018-07-26 22:06:33Z No. 2301652

Notable from PB?

>>2300600 (PB)

with excellent digits

MZ out of FB and country per Q

Anonymous ID: e2ee72 2018-07-26 22:06:57Z No. 2301654


First Daughter rocking the polka dots today

>trolling is fun!

Anonymous ID: c90fab 2018-07-26 22:07:00Z No. 2301655



Bringing what forward, exactly?

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:07:02Z No. 2301656


timing is everything

Anonymous ID: b50c42 2018-07-26 22:07:06Z No. 2301657

Here's that R again…

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:07:06Z No. 2301658


Why would anybody do that???

It would shut her up.

Patriots don't want her to shut up

We want her to make even more outrageous statements

And post even more outrageous pedo photos

And loudly defend people like Harvey Weinstein and Allison Mack

Because patriots know

That the louder she squawks

The more Dems will #WalkAway

And ultimately Trump's team will win

By the historically largest landslide ever

In the 2020 elections.

Who would want to stop that???


Clowns would not want that,

Would they.

So that is who you work for.

Might as well give up now

And find honest work

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 22:07:08Z No. 2301659



Anonymous ID: a137d0 2018-07-26 22:07:18Z No. 2301660


Jesus IS God

That is the crux…God sacrificed HIMSELF.

Anonymous ID: 08b3e0 2018-07-26 22:07:23Z No. 2301661


Was it on Sarah Silverman's dog?

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:07:27Z No. 2301662


Noteable as what ? Anons pls start giving titles for the noteables . Frustrating as hell this type of post . No mad jsut tired.

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:07:37Z No. 2301665


Aha she tries to trigger parts of the army again, like in at least one of her twats

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:07:38Z No. 2301666


Sure, ok. And if so, so did you, AND you're deciding to stay… Wonder why? Since all of this is fake, don't you have a life to go back to? If I thought this was all for not, I'd leave. Js

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 22:07:38Z No. 2301667


Yes, those are some sad eyes

Anonymous ID: 95b88d 2018-07-26 22:07:51Z No. 2301668


Bakers, Bakers, Bakers

The Baker has requested a handoff. I will not be available for 3 or 4 hours… Surely there is someone who can bake a couple of breads.

Step up Please, WWG1WGA

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:08:00Z No. 2301669


>Supreme beings.

(((They))) are afraid of what has been unlocked…

The Key of life Anon.

It's meant to be shared.

The most important equation of all.


Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 22:08:06Z No. 2301671


Read the Bible.

Anonymous ID: 3aa70f 2018-07-26 22:08:09Z No. 2301672


Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:08:13Z No. 2301673

Q lost all credibility today.

Anonymous ID: 583ddd 2018-07-26 22:08:14Z No. 2301674


thanks for calling attention anon.

sometimes it's worth it to shout.

good job to the codecrackers.


any idea what this could refer to, besides the obvious rigging of the media headlines?

>"We expect…"

what a weasel word.

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:08:15Z No. 2301675


Nevermind I got it from your post ,sorry .

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 22:08:46Z No. 2301679


Sorry, I do not share that belief.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:08:53Z No. 2301680


BO/BV Please delete this image/post

This is an incitement to violence

It is a DISGUSTING as the gore porn that the clowns post

Either this is a STONE COLD STOOOOPID Anon

Or it is actually a Clown shill inciting violence

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:09:02Z No. 2301681


I can hang as long as it takes thank for posting.

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:09:16Z No. 2301682


Please…She couldn't handle a dog that can get a 70k hit put out on him

Anonymous ID: 44fd6b 2018-07-26 22:09:19Z No. 2301683


Fuck off, you twat.

Anonymous ID: 73f9bb 2018-07-26 22:09:20Z No. 2301686


Anonymous ID: df9a99 2018-07-26 22:09:29Z No. 2301687


Nice work. Can you give it a polished steel look, either stainless or actual steel?

Anonymous ID: df1b91 2018-07-26 22:09:30Z No. 2301688


Didn't Alefantis make a similar threar during pizzagate? Chances it is him again?

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 22:09:34Z No. 2301689


I have many, many times.

It is fiction.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:09:40Z No. 2301690


>If I say it enough it will be true

Anonymous ID: 7f46be 2018-07-26 22:09:40Z No. 2301691

Literally still do no understand Q's first post today. So RR is a white hat? Why post that massive PDF of all of Mueller's bad deeds then? Why start by saying how bad Mueller is, and then go out of the way to make RR look good?

INB4 stupid replies like "think logically" or "trust yourself" please. Tired of those replies molding up the bread. Just admit you don't know, and keep your stupidity safely confined within your skull, so the rest of us don't have to deal with it, please.

Anonymous ID: 8e4aab 2018-07-26 22:09:56Z No. 2301692


Your'e just mad cuz your memes suck and you are wrong about sessions

you're just mad because you have no purpose in life now.

you could always go play resident evil 6

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:10:09Z No. 2301694


I'm digging Dushku. She's NOT /ourgirl/

Pic related.

Anonymous ID: 8ff837 2018-07-26 22:10:15Z No. 2301696


Murder isnt justice.

Law and order.

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:10:26Z No. 2301697


(((Pepsi))) and the other companies are owned by you know who. Remember, boycotting Israel companies is ILLEGAL IN AMERICA.

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:10:30Z No. 2301698


You go go nigga!!

Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 22:10:34Z No. 2301700


Every day since last October just called; they all want their deposit back.

Anonymous ID: c90fab 2018-07-26 22:10:34Z No. 2301701


>trust yourself

Hi, plan.

Anonymous ID: fbfd28 2018-07-26 22:10:36Z No. 2301702


Buffle with bullshit?

Anonymous ID: 6dea97 2018-07-26 22:10:43Z No. 2301703

You have so much more than you know.

Note the pictures we post are ALL originals.

image steganography application

what could be the passphrase?

did anyone check?

Anonymous ID: 114e05 2018-07-26 22:10:44Z No. 2301704


Anonymous ID: 048155 2018-07-26 22:10:47Z No. 2301705


its a quote faggot. look it up.

Anonymous ID: c239e8 2018-07-26 22:10:52Z No. 2301706

Roseanne is going to mention Q tonight. There shouldn’t be any doubt in (our) minds. We need to fire up the meme cannons and twat her. It’s literally fucking happening faggots.


Anonymous ID: e24caf 2018-07-26 22:10:58Z No. 2301707

The loudest you say?


Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 22:11:01Z No. 2301708


Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:11:02Z No. 2301709


HELL YES TRUMP - Twitter getting the CAP treatment.

Anonymous ID: d942da 2018-07-26 22:11:08Z No. 2301710


Same IP hash as last time.


Anonymous ID: 4cda45 2018-07-26 22:11:08Z No. 2301711

my new meme after the Trump EU meeting.

Anonymous ID: 185334 2018-07-26 22:11:12Z No. 2301712


Machine Learning in Financial Trading: Theory and Applications


The basic premise is that machines can be programmed by Google to conduct web searches or by Amazon and Netflix to recommend movies and books, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to be trained to make investment decisions.

“One reason people are skeptical about using artificial intelligence for investing is they think of investing as something that’s too difficult for a human to solve, and therefore too difficult to program,” said Greenberg. “There are lots of theories about how the market works. Our approach is to have machine learning algorithms analyze investing in an automated way.”

The field of knowledge in the area is expanding at a rapid clip.


Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:11:24Z No. 2301713



Yes, we all need to be using the software Q dropped

And use it against the machine.

Find codes and input the password


Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:11:25Z No. 2301714

Q. you're making me crazy with all these curveballs.

filenames must mean *something*.

Anonymous ID: 7a9296 2018-07-26 22:11:26Z No. 2301715


Wasnt Dushku named as a victim by the Canadian dude outing pedos and stuff over at halfchan?

Anonymous ID: 46faa2 2018-07-26 22:11:32Z No. 2301716


>>2300615 (lb)

just because of the SJW like screeching…

Anonymous ID: d0349c 2018-07-26 22:11:36Z No. 2301717


she so pretty

Anonymous ID: 1e25e9 2018-07-26 22:11:44Z No. 2301718


Interview is probably being shot rn.

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:11:44Z No. 2301719



Gas yourself, Silverman. Or I'll do it for you. Hollywood is 20 minutes from me.

Anonymous ID: f61a11 2018-07-26 22:11:48Z No. 2301720


Law and Order.

Not really my specialities, but hey, let noone say that One can not Change, eh?

Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:12:09Z No. 2301722


Seems pretty clear that RM and RR are both black hats, but likely are contained and being used to drag out the process for the sake of optics and/or building towards narrative.

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 22:12:22Z No. 2301723


It's not murder if they aren't considered human. js :)

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:12:22Z No. 2301724




right there right there.

Anonymous ID: 406e3e 2018-07-26 22:12:22Z No. 2301725

Trooper down in Phoenix.

Waiting for Trump in Illinois speech here…

Anonymous ID: 1e25e9 2018-07-26 22:12:28Z No. 2301726



Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:12:30Z No. 2301727


These murderers need to be arrested. Those who didn't kill but participated in the cannibalism need to be charged with committing indignities to a human body.

Anonymous ID: 7d5179 2018-07-26 22:12:42Z No. 2301728


Seconded. I am highly intelligent and I trust my own judgment, and this is the only way the pieces fit together. Call me a trumpcuck, idgaf. My confidence wavers from time to time, but nothing has happened yet to convince me that trump’s individual meetings with Rogers and Mueller were anything but confirmation that Trump has the goods, and that he is utilizing them for maximum effect. The USS liberty survivor and the prayer shawl seal the deal. Come at me

Anonymous ID: b7c1b2 2018-07-26 22:12:47Z No. 2301729


Lets count how many gullible fools you got…

see why wasting time with this is stupid?

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:12:56Z No. 2301730


>Murder isnt justice.

>Law and order.

This is Truth.

Eye am still going to use this Archer meme though!

Cartoon insinuations… I'll take a leap of faith :)

Anonymous ID: 46d6a9 2018-07-26 22:13:00Z No. 2301732


Sure. No problem Anon. I will post when complete

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:13:02Z No. 2301734

Remember this whenever someone tries to gaslight us for trying to shut down PedoWood. Stay Woke, lads. Let's kick some ass!

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:13:04Z No. 2301735

Trump Great Meme War Speech

Anonymous ID: 2f7b2f 2018-07-26 22:13:06Z No. 2301736

WASHINGTON DC - Authorities took a bite out of crime after they seized an alligator from a home in the District.

DC police said they were serving a search warrant Wednesday evening with the DC Humane Rescue Alliance in the 3500 block of Brothers Place, SE when they found the alligator.

The alligator, which police said was between 4 and 5 years old, was found in the basement of the DC home.

Authorities seized the alligator and DC Animal Control is working to relocate the animal to a safe habitat, according to officials.

Police remind residents that it is illegal to keep an alligator as a house pet in the District.

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:13:10Z No. 2301737

Anonymous ID: 0e9fd8 2018-07-26 22:13:25Z No. 2301738

Anyone catch sessions speech on rosenstien he made it clear for no reason that rr went to Wharton school of business, so did trump perhaps there’s more connections than we know

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:13:28Z No. 2301739


Are Weaponized Autists working on /pol/ images and passwords? I wish I was educated on this type work. Or maybe someone who knows "Everything" could be dropping crumbs with passwords to pixelknots in qresearch.

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:13:30Z No. 2301740


I don't know. I see that all she does is retweet and regurgitate Liberal Hollywood ideology.

Anonymous ID: 406e3e 2018-07-26 22:13:36Z No. 2301741


Eyes scream MK-ULTRA…

Anonymous ID: 3aa70f 2018-07-26 22:13:38Z No. 2301742




Clinton Foundation (Canada Edition)

Anonymous ID: d49b01 2018-07-26 22:13:41Z No. 2301743




Natalia back in the news likely suggests a new (big?) drop about her coming soon.

Let's all remember that Natalia was supposedly working for Fusion GPS against the Magnitsky Act (meaning, against Browder and the administration).

Which, frankly, is sort of weird - but that made her perfect to appear 'working for the Russians'.

Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 22:13:42Z No. 2301744


Whatever you say, anonymous person on the internet.

Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 22:13:44Z No. 2301745



That PR stunt "prohibition" is unconstitutional

Americans are protected by the First Amendment

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:13:50Z No. 2301746


Anonymous ID: 95b88d 2018-07-26 22:13:56Z No. 2301747


It is really puzzling to me, usually when Q is around - it is hard to find an open spot to bake, although we do have quite a few new Bakers, maybe afraid of the 1st dreaded q-post…

Thanks for hanging in, like I said,I will be available for my regular time, but I really need to apply some paint to the walls of our castle :)

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:13:58Z No. 2301748


Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:14:04Z No. 2301750



You have cracked it

That pic explains why there are raw hamburger patties

On the clock behind Tom Hanks

There are wieners there too,

So maybe you can find the hot dog buns

Who are missing their meaty treat.

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:14:04Z No. 2301751



SO, KDYQ means something and then there is the character before that set that also hold separate significance. I see it.

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:14:25Z No. 2301753

>>2300028 Investors want him stripped of his position and so do we all. Would also like to know that he was stripped for the jail entry search. Squat & cough, boy. Again!

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:14:25Z No. 2301754

Anonymous ID: 9411ba 2018-07-26 22:14:28Z No. 2301756


im no shill anon

but when i read the new Q post i immediately assumed that the post referred to Q pics posted on the board included secret messages or data as anons have long suspected due to large file sizes more than a pic would require

but no comments to that effect were to be seen so posted to see why

seems to me if true all the secret files may already be archived by anons just waiting for the passcode!

Anonymous ID: 609003 2018-07-26 22:14:29Z No. 2301757

So does this mean that SS has been chosen as sacrifice/scapegoat for the higher ups?

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:14:39Z No. 2301758


They're trying to distract with some #MeToo shit in the legal department of Lionsgate. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous ID: 8e58fa 2018-07-26 22:14:46Z No. 2301759

>>2301415 (ob)

Washington Post? Delivery boy? Or was that too easy?

Anonymous ID: 0eeef5 2018-07-26 22:14:47Z No. 2301760


I bet Q does this too, to all our enemies here.


Anonymous ID: 465349 2018-07-26 22:14:49Z No. 2301761


Forget about those three, Osiris, Horus and Isis, those are worshiped by the cabal. Kek is from an older period, part of the ogdoad, 4 major gods as opposed to the 3 that replaced them

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:15:03Z No. 2301762


Is there a pic in that Q post? Run that by please! If this is it, Holly shit!

Good job Anon

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:15:11Z No. 2301763

Anonymous ID: c90fab 2018-07-26 22:15:11Z No. 2301764


Is it big enough to dispose a body or is just one of them show gators?

Anonymous ID: e11922 2018-07-26 22:15:23Z No. 2301766

On every bread I Filter all Stupid ignorant people that absolutely do not care about children..

Evil is even here ..

On a bread I get about 200 comments…

R and stupid cucks are filtered without reading any of it

Anonymous ID: 406e3e 2018-07-26 22:15:23Z No. 2301767


On meds under the care of a…

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:15:25Z No. 2301768


helping an anon with a meme,

when is that against the law


Anonymous ID: 8ff837 2018-07-26 22:15:29Z No. 2301769


The darkest monsters lie within us all. Every human has the capacity for tremendous good and great evil.

Anonymous ID: 52ce6d 2018-07-26 22:15:31Z No. 2301770

I made a few adjustments and I see where the stenography in the image is. (pics related)


adj image

zooms upper (left right and center) ←- where the data is

(we need to extract the raw data for teh pixels in this area) then I can tell you what it says


Anonymous ID: 7f46be 2018-07-26 22:15:32Z No. 2301771


I didn't think it was clear at all, and I don't know how you could contain them. If they're really bad guys, why would they ever exonerate POTUS or cooperate by, for instance, RR releasing the 2nd version of the IG report?

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:15:39Z No. 2301773

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:15:43Z No. 2301774



Q is bullshit he said six months ago RR would be forced out or fired, now Q is kissing RR's ass and backing him…

No credibility left…

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:15:44Z No. 2301775


TY for acknowledging you are trying. I realize it is hard work.

Anons need to step it up and help you discern with noteworthy items.

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:16:06Z No. 2301776



Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 22:16:08Z No. 2301777

I'm so glad JA was freed in June.

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:16:13Z No. 2301778



Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:16:13Z No. 2301779


>The problem is choice. - Neo

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:16:14Z No. 2301780

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:16:15Z No. 2301781


Thank God. People didn't get funding during Harvey if they badmouthed Israel. A teacher wasn't able to teach because she didn't like Israel.

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:16:18Z No. 2301782

Anonymous ID: a137d0 2018-07-26 22:16:25Z No. 2301783

ICE HSI's El Dorado Task Force investigation leads to money laundering charges against operators of nationwide prostitution enterprise

NEW YORK — Pursuant to an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations’ (HSI) led El Dorado Task Force, two Florida men were arrested Tuesday for money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with their ownership and operation of Flawless Escorts, a nationwide business offering prostitution services, as well as the seizure of Flawless Escorts’ website. Brandon Martin, 42, and Tameko Lindo, 32, of Parkland, Florida were presented Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale federal court.

Anonymous ID: 2b14d8 2018-07-26 22:16:31Z No. 2301785

>>2296993 Q

Anonymous ID: ea21c6 2018-07-26 22:16:44Z No. 2301787


Tempted to call it a Diamond Iris.

Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 22:16:46Z No. 2301788

[Next Year]

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:16:50Z No. 2301789


Let me know what needs removed . It's moving so fast. Thanks for understanding I am doing my best and not a genius .

Anonymous ID: c2126c 2018-07-26 22:16:52Z No. 2301790


Anon, that jackass is trying to stir up violence. Second such type post I've seen in this bread.

Silverman is a nobody.

The jackass is a shill.

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:16:57Z No. 2301791


Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:17:04Z No. 2301792


Digger. We each have our specialties.

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:17:06Z No. 2301793


This is Eliza Dushku. For comparisons' sake to SS.

Anonymous ID: 53778a 2018-07-26 22:17:10Z No. 2301794

Anonymous ID: 799532 2018-07-26 22:17:18Z No. 2301797


He also said something else weird… He was talking about a discussion he had had with a person about their age (Person was 65 years of age).

Trump said something to the effect of, "in a very very short period of time, that age will be a thing of the past" Then gave that all-knowing grin.

Almost had a religious vibe / undertone to it.

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:17:19Z No. 2301798


not advocating muder BV

an anon asked for help

just helping the anon

Crosshairs also signify they are a target. Not that you aim to shoot them

Anonymous ID: cb916a 2018-07-26 22:17:21Z No. 2301799


Now (((They))) are complaining about people being politically correct? Fucking kek

Anonymous ID: 2a4720 2018-07-26 22:17:27Z No. 2301800


>The Key of life Anon.

>It's meant to be shared.

>The most important equation of all.

This is the only thing I fathom being more and more "unrealistic"…I mean, I can imagine some really dark shit, because I've seen a lot of dark shit (ritual sacrifice of children pretty much takes the cake for me).

But now that we're talking Thoth, Rothschilds, Tesla, Kek the Frog God, unrealistic seems an apt descriptor.

Not to say I could never believe…quite the contrary. I find Tesla's work to be more than fascinating, and I can't help but wonder what sorts of vibrations occur (for lack of a better understanding) every time Anon types "KEK".


Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:17:31Z No. 2301801

Anonymous ID: c147c1 2018-07-26 22:17:37Z No. 2301802

Anonymous ID: d3a9dc 2018-07-26 22:17:38Z No. 2301803

ZULUTYM Try that front & Back….

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:17:54Z No. 2301804


Jeff Sessions is a nut job loser.

Anonymous ID: fe62d9 2018-07-26 22:18:17Z No. 2301807


Anonymous ID: 92afae 2018-07-26 22:18:24Z No. 2301808

What you see

Did you see

What do you see

What else do you see

You see

Anonymous ID: abefa7 2018-07-26 22:18:24Z No. 2301809

The left is going to regret losing the black community.

Definitely a based POTUS supporter!!

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:18:33Z No. 2301810


Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 22:18:39Z No. 2301811


look at us focused on this fuckin pic when the real shit is habbening

Anonymous ID: 95b88d 2018-07-26 22:18:42Z No. 2301812


>>2300028 ———————————— Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title

>>2299768 ————————————- Do you understand what is happening? Think optics.

>>2299625 ————————————- Thank You Jeff Sessions Article

I fixed your Q-posts so they fit the current format, you should be able to copy & paste them right in

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:18:45Z No. 2301813

Anonymous ID: 73f9bb 2018-07-26 22:18:50Z No. 2301814



Indeed. When they were married, it told Roseanne it was sex abused when it was very young. But, as with all such screamers just following their masters' orders, instead of getting therapy, POS kept wanting to make movie$$$$. Bet there are some REAL disgusting, criminal tapes of this creep since Roseanne divorce.

Anonymous ID: e11922 2018-07-26 22:19:15Z No. 2301815


Interesting she want to bring R to the forefront… Now we know for sure he is a shill " plant ".. R needs water

Anonymous ID: b50c42 2018-07-26 22:19:15Z No. 2301816


Nice self doxx idiot…

Anonymous ID: fe62d9 2018-07-26 22:19:15Z No. 2301817

Anonymous ID: 92afae 2018-07-26 22:19:17Z No. 2301818



Anonymous ID: 95b88d 2018-07-26 22:19:20Z No. 2301819


oops, This…

>>2300028 ————————————- Facebook Investors Want to Strip Zuckerberg of Chairman Title

>>2299768 ————————————- Do you understand what is happening? Think optics.

>>2299625 ————————————- Thank You Jeff Sessions Article

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:19:26Z No. 2301820


I keked too hard at this. Makes perfect sense to me

Anonymous ID: a6d6f2 2018-07-26 22:19:34Z No. 2301821


was in a hurry did not have time to refine, so if u can do better go for it you jerk!!!

Anonymous ID: 0eeef5 2018-07-26 22:19:41Z No. 2301823

Isaiah 14

3 On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labor forced on you, 4 you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon:

How the oppressor has come to an end!

How his fury[a] has ended!

5 The Lord has broken the rod of the wicked,

the scepter of the rulers,

6 which in anger struck down peoples

with unceasing blows,

and in fury subdued nations

with relentless aggression.

7 All the lands are at rest and at peace;

they break into singing.

8 Even the junipers and the cedars of Lebanon

gloat over you and say,

“Now that you have been laid low,

no one comes to cut us down.”

9 The realm of the dead below is all astir

to meet you at your coming;

it rouses the spirits of the departed to greet you—

all those who were leaders in the world;

it makes them rise from their thrones—

all those who were kings over the nations.

10 They will all respond,

they will say to you,

“You also have become weak, as we are;

you have become like us.”

11 All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,

along with the noise of your harps;

maggots are spread out beneath you

and worms cover you.

12 How you have fallen from heaven,

morning star, son of the dawn!

You have been cast down to the earth,

you who once laid low the nations!

13 You said in your heart,

“I will ascend to the heavens;

I will raise my throne

above the stars of God;

I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,

on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.[b]

14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;

I will make myself like the Most High.”

15 But you are brought down to the realm of the dead,

to the depths of the pit.

16 Those who see you stare at you,

they ponder your fate:

“Is this the man who shook the earth

and made kingdoms tremble,

17 the man who made the world a wilderness,

who overthrew its cities

and would not let his captives go home?”

18 All the kings of the nations lie in state,

each in his own tomb.

19 But you are cast out of your tomb

like a rejected branch;

you are covered with the slain,

with those pierced by the sword,

those who descend to the stones of the pit.

Like a corpse trampled underfoot,

20 you will not join them in burial,

for you have destroyed your land

and killed your people.

Let the offspring of the wicked

never be mentioned again.

21 Prepare a place to slaughter his children

for the sins of their ancestors;

they are not to rise to inherit the land

and cover the earth with their cities.

22 “I will rise up against them,”

declares the Lord Almighty.

“I will wipe out Babylon’s name and survivors,

her offspring and descendants,”

declares the Lord.

23 “I will turn her into a place for owls

and into swampland;

I will sweep her with the broom of destruction,”

declares the Lord Almighty.

24 The Lord Almighty has sworn,

“Surely, as I have planned, so it will be,

and as I have purposed, so it will happen.

25 I will crush the Assyrian in my land;

on my mountains I will trample him down.

His yoke will be taken from my people,

and his burden removed from their shoulders.”

26 This is the plan determined for the whole world;

this is the hand stretched out over all nations.

27 For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him?

His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:19:45Z No. 2301824

Q said "in clear sight"

Should be "in plain sight"

Something about clear

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:20:00Z No. 2301825

Anonymous ID: 799532 2018-07-26 22:20:04Z No. 2301827



Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:20:11Z No. 2301828


Roger that

Anonymous ID: a0cd1c 2018-07-26 22:20:13Z No. 2301829



nu clear

Anonymous ID: 609003 2018-07-26 22:20:15Z No. 2301830

He is also friends with Epstein


Anonymous ID: b50c42 2018-07-26 22:20:17Z No. 2301831


Water is clear

Anonymous ID: fe62d9 2018-07-26 22:20:22Z No. 2301832

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:20:39Z No. 2301834



the latest Q post, the picture is called X-KDYQ.jpg

Anonymous ID: 7cc88d 2018-07-26 22:20:45Z No. 2301835


Bots, bots and more bots….they be everywhere now

Anonymous ID: e24caf 2018-07-26 22:20:47Z No. 2301836

The philosopher George Santayana once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Rome and America – Comparing to the Ancient Roman Empire

Anonymous ID: 6260a9 2018-07-26 22:20:53Z No. 2301838

>An Iranian special forces commander has warned President Donald Trump if the US attacks Iran it "will destroy all that you possess".

Here we go again. Lock'n Load, goyim.

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:21:05Z No. 2301840

>>2301780 That's Q SIR/MAAM to you, Pretender Marky. BTW, that is TFW you just dropped the soap at Folsom.

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 22:21:08Z No. 2301841

Is there a separate thread to work the steganography angle? Couldn't find one in the catalog.

See something for the Sarah photo, but not in general.

Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:21:23Z No. 2301842


They won't exonerate POTUS, but if the criminal activities of Meuller, RR, and others are exposed via other means, then there will be no choice to dismiss the special counsel.

If information is revealed through other channels that the entire thing was a hoax from the get-go (Q has posted ENDLESSLY about this)…then they will all be exposed.

But POTUS and Q are letting the left and the media pile every last penny they have on the hopes that Meuller is going to take Trump down. When the truth is revealed (likely through the docs RR is sitting on)…then game over.

All of this comes from Q's posts.

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:21:37Z No. 2301843



Anonymous ID: b50c42 2018-07-26 22:21:46Z No. 2301844


I didn't know we possessed Iran… kek

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:21:51Z No. 2301845

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:21:52Z No. 2301846


What's the name of the PR company?

Anonymous ID: e11922 2018-07-26 22:21:55Z No. 2301848

Autists … does anyone know how to get info out of pictures…

Great clue from Q..

Also Hwood renegade mentioned that they are busy on /pol/.. called it /b/

Anonymous ID: b48134 2018-07-26 22:21:56Z No. 2301849



There is a lot of recovery on this board.

Deep wisdom is gained, not by hoping from white square to white square but learning what is on the Black Squared too. Funny theres a shit ton of people right now learning that the black squares come with a price.

I like the white ones better than the black ones, seen to many people die in there…

Anonymous ID: b7c1b2 2018-07-26 22:22:04Z No. 2301850

Guys, this solves all the gore/black bullshit… havent seen any in several breads.

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:22:06Z No. 2301851


>I mean, I can imagine some really dark shit, because I've seen a lot of dark shit

Can you imagine (Light)?


>Even the most evil among us can be saved by (The Light)

Anonymous ID: 0965f9 2018-07-26 22:22:08Z No. 2301852

i wonder what's in store for my birthday

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:22:13Z No. 2301853


someone run it with the password

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:22:15Z No. 2301854


I take it as images shared by the Bad guys on /pol/. Q said, No other comms.. so Q doesn't post on /pol/

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:22:18Z No. 2301855


You want Roseanne to talk about Q? Are you fucking kidding?

She will fuck it up. She will direct people to /qresearch or say something without thinking.

Love you Roseanne - but, Q going out needs careful words.

Anonymous ID: 05c28d 2018-07-26 22:22:24Z No. 2301856


Just destroy her career. That should be easy enough.

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:22:32Z No. 2301857


Talk about draining the swamp!!!

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:22:51Z No. 2301859

Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:22:55Z No. 2301861


in the clear - Computer Definition

Referring to radio frequency (RF) transmission with no encryption or scrambling mechanism for security purposes.

Anonymous ID: b84d61 2018-07-26 22:23:02Z No. 2301862


>we've had suspicions about Tarantino

>Kricfalusi (I mean, just look at that face) is under public suspicion

The two main accusers in the story, Robyn Byrd and Katie Rice, discuss at length how Kricfalusi groomed and preyed upon them when they were teenagers. Both eventually were offered internships or jobs at the studio. Byrd’s relationship turned into a physical sexual relationship that lasted for a number of years; Rice’s relationship was non-physical.

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:23:04Z No. 2301863


thank you!

Anonymous ID: 05c28d 2018-07-26 22:23:24Z No. 2301865


Shit. He'd have to have a career for us to destroy it.

Anonymous ID: 2a762e 2018-07-26 22:23:28Z No. 2301866


God has given us laws to live by and also one of the greatest gifts "free will". he has also given us every opportunity to do it our way without him. every type of government you can imagine, what we must realize is that we cannot do it without him. we all must choose what path we are going to take and time is running out.

he wanted us to live forever in a paradise without sickness, death, misery and evil.

that is the final ending and i for one cant wait.

thats his plan for us!

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:23:31Z No. 2301867

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:23:40Z No. 2301868


I do wonder the ways in which Q would 'force the issue' of mainstream disclosure.

Anonymous ID: c5f29e 2018-07-26 22:23:48Z No. 2301869


lol @ danny devito

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:23:49Z No. 2301870


What about the other one? The one with the whole password….

Either way, it's no coincidence that this appears in at least 2 Q POSTS… maybe it will unlock something on patriotsfight?

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:23:49Z No. 2301871


Really nice idea anon.

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:23:53Z No. 2301872

Anonymous ID: 1adb74 2018-07-26 22:23:57Z No. 2301873


Agreed. The ONLY way this makes sense (w/Mueller & RR) is if they're turned and working FOR POTUS. The public show to cover the working relationship is necessary to buy time and destroy the very narrative the MSM has sold to the people. It's brilliant.

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:24:06Z No. 2301874



Anonymous ID: 6dd73b 2018-07-26 22:24:37Z No. 2301875


I reposted in SS thread. It's the trip Q generated when password.was entered.incorrectly.

Anonymous ID: 49fd58 2018-07-26 22:24:52Z No. 2301876

Meme anons, appreciate it, but we can't have that here. We were already warned about inciting violence and our opposition baiting us or trying to frame us. With that disgusting bitch now associated with Q posts the last thing we need is some indication we're the reason she's dead during Suicide Weekend.

inb4 BV is fun police.

Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:25:00Z No. 2301878


No deals.

Anonymous ID: cb916a 2018-07-26 22:25:14Z No. 2301879

Time to show Persia some love. Meme away

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:25:35Z No. 2301880





Are all deep state.

Anonymous ID: c147c1 2018-07-26 22:26:04Z No. 2301881

>>2301830 and they call Trump supporters 'inbred' PROJECTION much?

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:26:04Z No. 2301882

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:26:06Z No. 2301883

Anonymous ID: 9411ba 2018-07-26 22:26:13Z No. 2301884



BUT 8chan also has a /pol board which i believe includes qresearch and many other boards all under

does it not?

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:26:13Z No. 2301885

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:26:14Z No. 2301886


that's what kills me.

Q instructions.

occam's razor

apply logic

sprinkle with disinfo.


hence, i think that the combination of letters is important.

perhaps KDHYQ represents five people.

x-kdyq represents one has been captured.



just my first, simplest, non-graceful interpretation.

Anonymous ID: 5a669b 2018-07-26 22:26:20Z No. 2301889

Any clock anons find jan 29,30,31 drops?

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:26:22Z No. 2301890

What here needs yanked and spanked?



>>2301430, >>2301445, >>2301742 Former Lionsgate Lawyer Goes Public With Accusations Of Abuse+notes

>>2301479 Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

>>2301480 Combined noteables from LB

>>2301503 Real Mockingbirds?

>>2301526 When Our President speaks, stuff happens

>>2301450, >>2301605 Repost CRACKED THE CODE

>>2301570 Q 10+7=17 on the wall

>>2301583 Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Mack appear in Brooklyn; Trial set for January 7, 2019

>>2301617 Notes on LB post on Podesta and an address in Austin Anon digs on

>>2301621, >>2301630, >>2301862 More Dan Harmon sexual deviancy+ [HW] notes

>>2301628 Eithics in Government Act. Morrison v. Olson

>>2301712 Machine Learning in Financial Trading: Theory and Applications

>>2301770 SSilverman digs

>>2301783 ICE HSI's El Dorado Task Force investigation leads to money laundering charges against operators of nationwide prostitution enterprise

>>2301808 Anons connections on Q drops "what do you see?"

>>2301836 Rome and America – Comparing to the Ancient Roman Empire

>>2301861 "In the clear" - Computer Definition

>>2301879 Time to show Persia some love. Meme away Meme/tweet fodder

Anonymous ID: 0dae69 2018-07-26 22:26:24Z No. 2301891


Think is was about women unemployment was the lowest in 65 years, but soon to be forever. He said it in his own strange Trump way.

Anonymous ID: 08aec2 2018-07-26 22:26:26Z No. 2301892


Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:26:38Z No. 2301893


>Read the bible

>God wins


Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:26:51Z No. 2301894


Govt. reunites over 1800 children

700 on hold

Anonymous ID: 452cb6 2018-07-26 22:26:54Z No. 2301895



Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:26:56Z No. 2301896

Anonymous ID: d49b01 2018-07-26 22:27:00Z No. 2301897


The algorithm must be smarter than to literally put the text into the image and then scramble the picture.

You could stick whole ascii letters into single pixel adjustments.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:27:00Z No. 2301898


His face creeps me out.

Anonymous ID: 60dff9 2018-07-26 22:27:01Z No. 2301899


Clear sight could be a reference to 20/20 vision.




Anonymous ID: ccfdab 2018-07-26 22:27:23Z No. 2301900

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:27:25Z No. 2301901


Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:27:33Z No. 2301903


The gore spammer is on the Sarah Silverman thread.


Anonymous ID: d3a300 2018-07-26 22:27:37Z No. 2301904


So what's the code?

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:27:44Z No. 2301905

Back to the wambalance this image is used frequently. #EndTheFed and more. The Jew is in our crosshairs. The (((Cabal))) is our target. Yet no such heeps of butthurt displayed.

Anonymous ID: 0eeef5 2018-07-26 22:27:53Z No. 2301906


inbeach fohtee figh

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:28:04Z No. 2301907




Expect a False Flag.

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:28:06Z No. 2301908


Must be out getting Estrogen and Progesterone injections.

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:28:07Z No. 2301909


"In clear sight" → "in the clear"

meaning not encrypted

Some message(s) that Q has dropped here contain information "in the clear" that we have not yet figured out how to read/process/extract.

Anonymous ID: 3a2256 2018-07-26 22:28:16Z No. 2301910


ah so it's defago doing that shit

Anonymous ID: 185334 2018-07-26 22:28:27Z No. 2301911

Federal judge rejects request for Trump gag order regarding Wolfe case

A federal judge on Thursday declined to impose a gag order that would bar President Trump from talking about a former Senate staffer accused of lying to investigators probing the leak of confidential information. U.S. District Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson said attorneys for James Wolfe had not proven that President Trump’s comments accusing him of leaking sensitive material would prejudice the case. “The defendant’s right to a trial by an impartial jury is not hindered just because of misleading or inaccurate statements,” she said.

Mr. Wolfe, who oversaw the transmission of sensitive documents for the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, is accused of lying about his personal relationships with reporters to FBI agents. He made the allegedly false statements to authorities probing committee leaks about former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. He has not been charged with leaking information. However, that has not stopped Mr. Trump from calling Mr. Wolfe a “very important leaker.” “I’m a big, big believer in the freedom of the press,” the president told reporters in June, just after Mr. Wolfe’s arrest. “But I’m also a believer in classified information. It has to remain classified.”

Attorneys for Mr. Wolfe have claimed those comments have compromised his right to a fair trial. They told Judge Brown that if Mr. Trump continues to comment on the case, it would make it nearly impossible for jurors to be impartial. “The concern is who this person is — this president — and that he’s commenting on the case in a factually inaccurate way,” said Benjamin Klubes, who is representing Mr. Wolfe. But Judge Jackson was unmoved. She noted that people, such as cable television pundits, make misleading and inaccurate claims about court cases all the time. “What you have asked to me do is police the discussion between now and the trial,” she said.

Winning the gag order fight was a long shot for Mr. Wolfe’s attorneys. They acknowledged the slim chances of having their requested granted, admitting that it was “unprecedented.” At a hearing earlier this month, Judge Jackson seemed skeptical of their arguments because, typically, orders only apply to parties the case.

Defense counsel attempted to argue that Mr. Trump is, in fact, a party to the case. They said the president oversees all branches of government, including the Justice Department, which is prosecuting Mr. Wolfe. But Judge Jackson was unmoved by the argument, noting the Justice Department has accused Mr. Wolfe of a crime. Mr. Wolfe’s attorneys declined to comment on Judge Jackson’s ruling upon leaving the courthouse. Laura Ingersoll, who among the team prosecuting Mr. Wolfe, made a very brief argument. She merely expressed the government’s confidence that the court will be able to prevent any potential prejudice from influencing the jury. Mr. Wolfe faces three counts of lying to the FBI. He could face up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine for each charge.

A 30-year Senate employee, Mr. Wolfe is accused of lying to the FBI when denied he had a personal relationship with reporters. Federal prosecutors say he had a three-year romantic relationship with New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. The Justice Department has seized communications from Ms. Watkins as part of its investigation. An indictment unsealed last month says Mr. Wolfe, 58, started a relationship an unnamed reporter. But it is widely believed that reporter is the 26-year-old Ms. Watkins, who has admitted a relationship with Mr. Wolfe. However, she has denied using him as a source for her articles.


Anonymous ID: c072f4 2018-07-26 22:28:29Z No. 2301912


Like Q+

"Promises Plus"

Anonymous ID: 52ce6d 2018-07-26 22:28:33Z No. 2301913





This is likely a compressed audio file buried in the upper rows of the image

Anonymous ID: c147c1 2018-07-26 22:28:36Z No. 2301914

>>2301898 yeah? well imagine being the child he slithers up upon!

Anonymous ID: c239e8 2018-07-26 22:28:43Z No. 2301915


It’s not even about her talking about Q. Just mention the name and force hannity to talk about it. And then somebody asks GEOTUS about Q. Q is in the news already as a conspiracy. You don’t think normies are already here? Think logically concernfag. Trust the fucking plan. You have to go back.

Anonymous ID: f12001 2018-07-26 22:28:43Z No. 2301916


Anonymous ID: 8c4424 2018-07-26 22:28:50Z No. 2301918


Hanks was making an S and H in sign language in this pic… interesting… i heard GQ recently also.

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:28:51Z No. 2301919


not notable

Anonymous ID: b19b39 2018-07-26 22:28:51Z No. 2301920

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:28:54Z No. 2301921


Exactly. Best way to burn the MSM to the ground & start over. Do a Open Source type plan

Anonymous ID: 9ba85e 2018-07-26 22:28:57Z No. 2301922

Oh boy. Twitter is gonna be in deep shit.

Anonymous ID: 44fd6b 2018-07-26 22:28:59Z No. 2301923

Hmmm… I'm beginning to think the Q Crumb "Something BIG is about to drop" refers to Facebook's stock value.

Anonymous ID: d49b01 2018-07-26 22:29:08Z No. 2301924


>This is likely a compressed audio file buried in the upper rows of the image

Into 69kb? Not likely.

Anonymous ID: 251427 2018-07-26 22:29:16Z No. 2301925


These people are actively working to overthrow The Constitution, We The People and a Duly Elected President. It IS a COUP that has been in the works for many years. If Clinton had won it would already be over and we would have lost. It is on-going and every day we move closer to OPEN WARFARE - Civil if it comes from them and Revolution if it comes from us. Itf we need to defend ourselves and our Country,it is NOT murder. Q needs to screw the "optics" and forget whether the supporters of the Enemies Domestic pitch a fit or not and get on with just doing this.

Anonymous ID: 44fd6b 2018-07-26 22:29:33Z No. 2301926


OPUS codec.

Anonymous ID: 6a6177 2018-07-26 22:29:35Z No. 2301927


Roseanne is going to do nothing but grovel for doing a racism thought. She will probably cry. Nothing is worse than causing feels. Worse than rape. Worse than murder. Causing feels.

Last thing I want her to do is mention Q.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:29:35Z No. 2301928


Why don't these courts give a crap about children separated from their parents via corrupt CPS officials and private prison profiteers?

Anonymous ID: b8225b 2018-07-26 22:29:42Z No. 2301929


they want to shut the board down , they would use her to do it

Anonymous ID: 2ad9fb 2018-07-26 22:29:53Z No. 2301930


When Q said, you have more than you know. He was talking about the info from the pictures. It's on there. FREEDOM

Anonymous ID: b62316 2018-07-26 22:30:05Z No. 2301931


when you can't even get the first trait spelled properly…there aren't enough faces or palms to slap them with in the world to visually communicate what a failure that is, so I'll just tell you to go fuck yourself.

Anonymous ID: 46d6a9 2018-07-26 22:30:08Z No. 2301932


As Requested

Man of Steel Alt Alpha .png Only File

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:30:11Z No. 2301933


Here is a speculation.

What if…

When Q posts Q+

It means that POTUS was watching this board at the same (Time)?

It's pure theory.

Though it's where I'm leaning.

We were told, POTUS has been here.


Maybe has even posted before!

Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 22:30:25Z No. 2301934


still time to say NO, but we go ahead and do this anyways

Anonymous ID: bfb3e4 2018-07-26 22:30:27Z No. 2301935


Ya'll are getting sloppy.

Anonymous ID: 94c159 2018-07-26 22:30:31Z No. 2301936


Well, since you have been an anti Q shill since the beginning… Bye.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:30:37Z No. 2301937


He directly addressed it in a Q post.

Anonymous ID: db8ee1 2018-07-26 22:30:40Z No. 2301938

Hayward: Al-Qaeda Group Funded by Obama Admin Supported Bin Laden, Hamas, Afghan Terrorists

Anonymous ID: 001f47 2018-07-26 22:30:40Z No. 2301940

Read below slow and carefully.


Why Do 'Former' Dignitaries Still Hold Security Clearance?

Anonymous ID: 6cae60 2018-07-26 22:30:41Z No. 2301939

Any anons have photos of all the rolls of steel at POTUS' speech today?

Anonymous ID: 048155 2018-07-26 22:30:42Z No. 2301941





You mean like with a passcode, that we all know?

That is written on T shirts?

Anonymous ID: 3aa70f 2018-07-26 22:30:51Z No. 2301942

> Leaf media going apeshit over Trudeau's groping allegations

> MKUltra Shooter in Toronto does his work

> Media no longer talking about Trudeau's Tiddy Touchin'

> Media now defends the terrorist as a "good guy"

> Massive brainwashing/gaslighting operation underway in Canada.

Part of me hopes that Canada was part of the 5Eyes who worked with Obongo to spy on Trump.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:30:59Z No. 2301943


Too bad she didn't at the outset say: "Can't you take a joke?"

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:31:12Z No. 2301945


I happily admit to not knowing for sure either way. Which is why this feels like some kind of thriller movie where you're on the edge of seat waiting for the big BOOM that exposes the plot.

Anonymous ID: a6d6f2 2018-07-26 22:31:14Z No. 2301946

>>2301472 Orig low rez - pullout grainy

Anonymous ID: 08aec2 2018-07-26 22:31:16Z No. 2301947



Anonymous ID: a9a7f3 2018-07-26 22:31:16Z No. 2301948

Why do apps like You Tube, discord periscope whatever need to do such large a frequent updates?

Is this not suspicious?

Is not like they're adding features or function most of the time there are no visible changes.

Is it just so.code monkeys stay busy?


change log

Cl relies on integrity which anons have established these companies dont have.


Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:31:22Z No. 2301949


You might think, but then again Hannity rarely ever does the cultural stories…and to take time out from the DOJ corruption? Out of the ordinary. But we'll see…

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:31:24Z No. 2301950

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:31:27Z No. 2301951




Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:31:29Z No. 2301952


Anonymous ID: a962b2 2018-07-26 22:31:41Z No. 2301953

People quickly turn away from people because of free enterprise. On the Q front.. if Q goes main stream, then what? your taxed. that's a guarantee. what's the other guarantee? oh yeah, your DEAD! Wake Up! Disinformation is necessary..

Anonymous ID: 60dff9 2018-07-26 22:31:46Z No. 2301954


Ahh ok, I was just thinking in terms of passwords. Still getting caught up with today's happenings.

Anonymous ID: 583ddd 2018-07-26 22:31:56Z No. 2301955

>>2301172 lb

Thanks. Also my opinion, still your summary's a great primer for decoding purposes.


Didn't know that story, but not surprising after taking a look at what his new wife was into. Agree with the suggestion towards caution.


Personally stay away from the Rider-Waite Golden Dawn decks, but that's me.

Jodo's got a book that goes over the etymology of the cards that's fascinating, if you're interested.

Great section on Le Mat and how there was originally no # attached to the card at all.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:31:58Z No. 2301956


Hillary and Soros have their hooks in Trudeau.

Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:32:02Z No. 2301957


When the Fort Bend Independent School District announced that it had found the remains of 95 people on the construction site for its new James Reese Career and Technical Center in Sugar Land on July 16, the discovery made national and international news.

But the remains, thought to be part of an unmarked cemetery for black convict laborers who worked on sugar plantations there in the late nineteenth century—chains were also discovered in the cemetery—were no surprise to Reginald Moore.

The local activist has lobbied the city of Sugar Land for decades to recognize the black slaves and convict laborers who worked the sugar plantations that gave the town its name.

Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:32:06Z No. 2301958

>>2301861 (me)


Not really.

Anonymous ID: c87309 2018-07-26 22:32:17Z No. 2301959

I fucking hate the term "tech companies" for these social media pieces of shit. Tech is an integral part of every single company, and companies that provide such tech like Cisco, Intel, Dell EMC, Verizon, AT&T, etc are "tech companies". Not these loser shitholes like google, facebook and twitter. Useless turds in the pool. They should just fucking die and get in the dustbin of history as fast as possible.

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:32:27Z No. 2301960


Might be…

Brainstorm with me for a min.

For the first time in 9 months of being here, a thought has occurred to me, and it won't leave my brain..

Q posts here in breads whenever he wants. Yet.. he has patriotsfight and the old one ( fuck, a brainfart and I can't think of it rn)

He mostly posts here( in breads) but sometimes he goes off to his own, locked board… Why? Why would he do that?

The posts here vs. there must be significant . There's got to be a reason for it. W

Maybe the puks there are for us to unlock, and the ones from his old board .


Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:32:37Z No. 2301961


Lurk moar before people beat you up verbally.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:32:41Z No. 2301962

"Look at all those cameras back there – it's like the Academy Awards! There's no difference" -DJT at latest speech.

Anonymous ID: 07a3b0 2018-07-26 22:32:47Z No. 2301963

'The Last Jedi' Director Deletes Several Tweets Following James Gunn Firing

The firing of "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn over old pedophile jokes appears to have created a panic in some Hollywood circles that the mob may come for them.

According to ScreenRant, another high-profile Disney employee, "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson, deleted "several" tweets from his account following Gunn's firing in line with what he had been doing since early July. Whether this was a deliberate act to hide something unflattering or just a paranoid move to avoid trolls taking a past tweet out of context remains to be seen.

Anonymous ID: a2ea8d 2018-07-26 22:32:55Z No. 2301964


Don't just hope!

Especially when you're correct.


Anonymous ID: 6a6177 2018-07-26 22:32:56Z No. 2301966


Racism is no laughing matter.

Remember we kill millions of people in wars to supposedly stop the racism.

So fucking gay

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:32:58Z No. 2301967


>are you fucking kidding me? He's a fucking white male!


Trump posts on SA?

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:33:01Z No. 2301968

Hope she is voted out.

Anonymous ID: 52ce6d 2018-07-26 22:33:02Z No. 2301969

They have been doing this for a long time, it is not new, but it shows they are covering up shit and trying to communicate in secret, openly in a slap to our faces


Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:33:04Z No. 2301970

Anonymous ID: 2a762e 2018-07-26 22:33:13Z No. 2301971


i always figured they was uploading your searches and comments also. not just upgrades imo.

Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 22:33:32Z No. 2301972


Anonymous ID: 76d953 2018-07-26 22:33:34Z No. 2301973

I'm sure someone's already thought of this but I haven't been watching the breads today.

If not..

Q has revealed a few of his passwords now

Put every image Q posted into that secret message program with his password and see if he his any messages for us

I'd do it myself, but I'm lazy.

Good luck!

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:33:56Z No. 2301974


Yeah, many victims have Stockholm Syndrome unfortunately.

Anonymous ID: 8ff837 2018-07-26 22:33:57Z No. 2301975



Anonymous ID: c87309 2018-07-26 22:34:03Z No. 2301976





Anonymous ID: d2d84f 2018-07-26 22:34:11Z No. 2301977


Wrong. As far as I understand anyone can create a board here

Anonymous ID: 545651 2018-07-26 22:34:13Z No. 2301978


20,000 tweets deleted, should've just deleted his account.

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:34:28Z No. 2301979

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:34:58Z No. 2301980


Are you asking me about Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous ID: 7dc53a 2018-07-26 22:35:03Z No. 2301981


Plane sight huh

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:35:10Z No. 2301982


She wasn't being racist. She was observing that Jarrett looked like a character on a fantasy movie.

Anonymous ID: 1887e6 2018-07-26 22:35:13Z No. 2301983


I hope they saved them! That guy is just the worst. His ego is over sized & he fucks shit up. And not in the good way

Anonymous ID: 411981 2018-07-26 22:35:19Z No. 2301984

And we've got nothing still re: the images.

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:35:19Z No. 2301985

Anonymous ID: e24caf 2018-07-26 22:35:25Z No. 2301986


Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:35:27Z No. 2301987

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 22:35:27Z No. 2301988



thank you for sharing


Anonymous ID: 2e22f9 2018-07-26 22:35:29Z No. 2301989


Anonymous ID: 73f9bb 2018-07-26 22:35:35Z No. 2301990


Least she could do is vent about all the attention she got on so-called "news" networks – including Sean's – compared to, say the AwanS, NVIXM, Schneiderman, etc.

Anonymous ID: 9ce3d0 2018-07-26 22:35:36Z No. 2301991


What are these containers?

Anonymous ID: 60dff9 2018-07-26 22:35:40Z No. 2301992

Shit, I clicked on the wrong post.

This >>2301954 was meant for you → >>2301909

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:35:56Z No. 2301993


Wrong with this picture - is there sauce he is a pedo? not notable

Combined posts LB??

Mockingbirds not notable

Cracked Code - did they really? What does 2nd link have to do with it?

10 + 7 on wall - don't know what the hell that is.

Notes on LB with a map - no idea what this is. they can repost when they get something

Silverman digs go on Silverman Thread

In the clean not notable

Just my opinion. Watch for dates of old articles and bad sources too.

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:36:01Z No. 2301994


for what

Anonymous ID: c43762 2018-07-26 22:36:03Z No. 2301995


anyone can create a board on 8ch.


many of us have our own boards…

and post the good stuff we create on them

just in case….

Anonymous ID: 43c961 2018-07-26 22:36:07Z No. 2301996




It's too fucking coincidental Lions Gate news is coming up in the window of the Astral Lions gate (8/8) Gotta be some Twilight language communication or sacrafice

Anonymous ID: 14b164 2018-07-26 22:36:09Z No. 2301997

Anyone see Chris Pratt's acceptance speech where he talks about God and Prayer?

I look at his instagram

his Avatar is a photo of a majestic sheep.

He's also farming and taking care of sheep.

Is this all symbolic of him going against the machine, or are they just using him to try and make it seem like they're not as bad as they look?

Anonymous ID: aca3f0 2018-07-26 22:36:09Z No. 2301998

Am I the only one who sees a sick psycho and a perv in this face?

But then again my intelligence is not artificial, go figure…

Anonymous ID: f24b5a 2018-07-26 22:36:14Z No. 2301999


It also appears that he has a swollen left eye…..

Anonymous ID: 52ce6d 2018-07-26 22:36:29Z No. 2302000


look here


your pic is shit!

Anonymous ID: c11b8a 2018-07-26 22:36:30Z No. 2302001




>Someone on /pol/ was saying there was a name hidden in the silverman picture. Did you guys find it or need me to go back and look?

>Who is Cooper Freshley

My bad, the name was embedded in the NYPD anon's photos of the satanic ritual site:


>Why is the name Cooper Freshley embedded in all 5 of these images? Pic related

Does this have any relevance given that Q said data is exchanged via embedded in photos?

Anonymous ID: 7e4921 2018-07-26 22:36:35Z No. 2302002


Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:36:37Z No. 2302003




Anonymous ID: 2a4720 2018-07-26 22:36:39Z No. 2302005


>Can you imagine (Light)?

Absolutely, because I understand Love (at least I think I do)…and, oddly enough, I think can feel it…vibrationally…right in the heart…usually makes me tear up and want to yell KEK!. :)

Anonymous ID: 65a006 2018-07-26 22:36:42Z No. 2302006

According to Neon Revolt, the image of Silverman is real:

[T]he only editing used on the photo was . . . to mask some wrinkles . . . . The image on the phone was, evidently, not photoshopped, nor was this simply a case of someone slapping a hand holding a phone over Sarah Silverman’s dimly-lit face. No, this was Sarah legitimately thinking she could intimidate the “Internet Hate Machine” by taking a selfie with some text on it.

Anonymous ID: 7f46be 2018-07-26 22:36:45Z No. 2302007


So why not just expose them already, and get this over with?

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:36:48Z No. 2302008


Humans are all one race biologically and scientifically.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:36:50Z No. 2302009


Frank Giustra lives in West Vancouver

Across the Burrard Inlet from the actual

City of Vancouver. I know, names are confusing here.

There is a famous family who lived in West Vancouver

The Sinclairs, whose daughter Margaret

Married Pierre Trudeau (Justin's Dad)

Pierre was the Prime Minister who oversaw

Canada's independence in 1982

As the UK's British North America Act

Was withdrawn, and Canada took on its first

Constitution, and shifted to a constitutional

System of law

Remember the Illuminati plan for an NWO?

The Queen was preparing by setting Canada free

From Britain so that it could be merged with the USA later.

Read this article about Pierre and the wedding

Remember that Justin's elder brother died in mysterious circumstances

And given the satanic ritual of sacrificing

The firstborn child to gain favor

One wonders

Is the North Shore of Vancouver where satanists hang out?

Anonymous ID: 94c159 2018-07-26 22:36:54Z No. 2302010


Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:36:56Z No. 2302011

Spain is getting overwhelmed by immigrants, again.

Most in Spain welcomed the decision of Pedro Sanchez, the new Socialist prime minister, to grant safe harbour to the NGO rescue ship the Aquarius and its 630 migrants, after it was turned away by Italy in June.

But there is increasing concern that Spain simply cannot cope with the numbers of arrivals. NGOs say the country’s asylum system is collapsed, with thousands already waiting for spaces, and that more resources are desperately needed. In Andalusia, where the Spanish coastguard has rescued more than 1200 people from rafts since Monday, authorities are raising the alarm over the pressure on infrastructure, with migrants sleeping in converted sports halls, on boats and even on a police station patio.

Experts say the Spanish surge is partly the result of the crackdown on crossings from Libya to Italy, both by the EU and the new populist government in Rome.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new far Right interior minister, on Thursday protested to the leading Roman Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana after it compared him to Satan on its cover, and said his decision to ban migrant rescue boats from the country’s ports was against “the Gospel”.

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:36:58Z No. 2302012



Press discovered that a political rival to Trudeau planted the story. The press shut it down because they hate being played.

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:37:00Z No. 2302013


Ok thanks Il fix it up. As mention i am doing my best considering speed to dig research double check. Trying to make everyone happy and do it perfectly. Difficult.

Anonymous ID: 20cecc 2018-07-26 22:37:05Z No. 2302014


Anybotty can create a board [HERE].

Anonymous ID: dd59a3 2018-07-26 22:37:15Z No. 2302015


i personally think he's waiting for some special number combo. they WANT the thread count to climb.

Q crumb 1776 will be magical.

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:37:16Z No. 2302016

Classic for the lurking normies

Anonymous ID: 9411ba 2018-07-26 22:37:19Z No. 2302017


yes but they choose a category

one of which is /pol/

on BOTH 8chan and 4chan

or does q research have no category in 8chan?

Anonymous ID: 969457 2018-07-26 22:37:29Z No. 2302018

Raw data - that reminded me of the time we were digging for raw footage/images taken at the SOTU address. Related to the Q drop today, maybe??

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:37:35Z No. 2302020


Hahaha! This douchebag. Ya, DOJ doesn't have the actual PROOF that he literally handed over the info on the FISA. Poison pill Wolfie. You swallowed it.

Anonymous ID: 44fd6b 2018-07-26 22:37:39Z No. 2302021

Miss one fucking drop and the tards come out to spout "LURK MOAR." At least I came to the conclusion without Q needing to tell me.

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:37:47Z No. 2302022



Anonymous ID: 14b164 2018-07-26 22:38:00Z No. 2302024


he looks extremely sickly there.

OPRAH looks extremely happy.

what's with the hotdog clock?

what is this photo?

S and H?

Send Help?

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:38:07Z No. 2302025


No, he's been turned. Others in the Liberal Party openly collude with Podesta, Soros and Clinton. Including pizza parties.

Anonymous ID: 2e22f9 2018-07-26 22:38:10Z No. 2302026


possible key…not a tech anon

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:38:10Z No. 2302027



Select ONE image.

Get a stego program.

Do a dictionary attack trying to brute-force guess all passwords.

Will take forever.

Check the result on each one MANUALLY because how is the program going to determine whether the results are meaningful or not?

Now do the same for every image.

Not feasible.

Hypothesis: Q has hidden the password or passphrase in plain sight.

Or there is no secret message, it's just right there in the crumbs, and can be extracted by using the right method.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:38:14Z No. 2302028


If the British had not sailed around the world

But had walked to China

They would have learned there are no races

Just many. many gradations of physical features

That change as you move further away from your starting point

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:38:16Z No. 2302029


I am under the impression that Q keeps to this board only. They want Anons working together on Q drops and that would be difficult if drops were spread out to multiple boards on 8ch. BO/BV/CM would know, but I believe Q's trip only works on this board.

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:38:22Z No. 2302030


Vancouver Island is a hotbed of satanism according to police reports I researched years ago.

Anonymous ID: fdf42a 2018-07-26 22:38:23Z No. 2302031


dont want to sound likea hopefulfag but what is EM was used and his companies compromised just like they did to NK?

What if hes not evil…

I want EM to be a good guy so bad

I dont get the deepstate vibes from him, never did.

I wish I did though it would be less confusing. Kek.

I guess we will have to wait and see

Anonymous ID: 43a7ab 2018-07-26 22:38:24Z No. 2302032

Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 22:38:47Z No. 2302034


i see the same, i hope he goes down hard.

Anonymous ID: 20d835 2018-07-26 22:38:48Z No. 2302035


Go back to reddit boomer

Anonymous ID: a134a0 2018-07-26 22:38:53Z No. 2302036

Anons, grab some bolivar. Thank me later.

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:38:55Z No. 2302037


Fixed it up a bit thanks



>>2301430, >>2301445, >>2301742 Former Lionsgate Lawyer Goes Public With Accusations Of Abuse+notes

>>2301479 Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

>>2301480 Combined noteables from LB

>>2301526 When Our President speaks, stuff happens

>>2301450 Repost CRACKED THE CODE

>>2301583 Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Mack appear in Brooklyn; Trial set for January 7, 2019

>>2301628 Eithics in Government Act. Morrison v. Olson

>>2301712 Machine Learning in Financial Trading: Theory and Applications

>>2301783 ICE HSI's El Dorado Task Force investigation leads to money laundering charges against operators of nationwide prostitution enterprise

>>2301808 Anons connections on Q drops "what do you see?"

>>2301836 Rome and America – Comparing to the Ancient Roman Empire

>>2301861 "In the clear" - Computer Definition

>>2301879 Time to show Persia some love. Meme away Meme/tweet fodder

>>2301894 Govt. reunites over 1800 children 700 on hold

>>2301911 Federal judge rejects request for Trump gag order regarding Wolfe case

>>2301933 POTUS IS BATMAN (our hero)

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:38:55Z No. 2302038

Fuck off. She won't just mention Q - she will fuck something up. If she JUST mentioned Q and wasn't all over the road with her words then it would be great.


She already tweeted that qresearch was antisemitic.

Anonymous ID: 0229a3 2018-07-26 22:39:00Z No. 2302039

That Asian girl in a bikini and maga hat was from instragram you dumb fucks, she doesn’t care if she is doxxed it’s a public post. You guys are fucking retarded and Not scary in the slightest.

Anonymous ID: 384430 2018-07-26 22:39:05Z No. 2302040



Sorry for typos and spelling errors, I was cooking my son dinner at the time lol. You get my points I hope.


Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:39:08Z No. 2302041


Hollywood anons pointed towards Vancouver as a point of interest as well

Anonymous ID: d75555 2018-07-26 22:39:11Z No. 2302042

Anonymous ID: 031d49 2018-07-26 22:39:12Z No. 2302043


Wasn't there a girl kidnapped in Minnesota for whom the FBI is search???

Anonymous ID: c22ed2 2018-07-26 22:39:23Z No. 2302044




Anonymous ID: e29188 2018-07-26 22:39:37Z No. 2302045


forever is the keyword.

Anonymous ID: 6a6177 2018-07-26 22:39:47Z No. 2302046


Destroying the constitution is a means to an end. The end is eliminating white eople forever

Anonymous ID: f6408e 2018-07-26 22:39:51Z No. 2302047

try BIGS or BigS or bigs or Bigs

its silverman's nickname

Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 22:39:51Z No. 2302048


Anonymous ID: 5b5c45 2018-07-26 22:39:53Z No. 2302049


The phone screen shows the phone to be an iPhone, but the phone sure doesn't look like an iPhone to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous ID: 67fc5f 2018-07-26 22:40:03Z No. 2302050


Oh gee… ya think? Ain't any of them except ggl making any kind of profit… who the fuck do you think is bankrolling them?

Anonymous ID: 731184 2018-07-26 22:40:07Z No. 2302051


What makes a good movie? A plot twist at the end!

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:40:08Z No. 2302052

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:40:10Z No. 2302053


H-wood anon last night said he was a good guy

Anonymous ID: 176581 2018-07-26 22:40:10Z No. 2302054

Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:40:17Z No. 2302055


Anonymous ID: 0eeef5 2018-07-26 22:40:33Z No. 2302056


i remember seeing these.

was there ever much discussion about these?

Anonymous ID: 47ad5c 2018-07-26 22:40:36Z No. 2302057


Don't look like much fun…

Anonymous ID: f24b5a 2018-07-26 22:40:40Z No. 2302058


I'm no expert but this pic looks shopped to me…Hanks' head looks shopped on to the body.

And he looks like his left eye is swollen a bit.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:40:48Z No. 2302059


And it's not just because

The lines are short

Like in a poem

It is poetic

Because this is how POTUS

Gets poetic justice

There is a dance

And a rhythm to it

That needs to be savored

Like a glass

Of 25 year old brandy


For a special occasion


Anonymous ID: 2e22f9 2018-07-26 22:40:52Z No. 2302060


also looked a bit super imposed …someone else's hand…

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:40:56Z No. 2302061


TY you can also ask anons at the time too -

Anons is this Notable? Before you bother with it.

Good job baker.

Anonymous ID: 7f46be 2018-07-26 22:40:58Z No. 2302062


Yeah, no - gonna update that in a bit. Don't misquote me.

I said anons believed it was real, and that we couldn't find any evidence of photoshop at the time.

We've since found evidence of photoshoppery.

I'll update in a new article. That is, if I can get past this stupid RR thing, and gain some kind of solid understanding on the issue. See my other posts in this thread for the source of my frustration.

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:40:58Z No. 2302063


Anonymous ID: a71326 2018-07-26 22:41:01Z No. 2302064




Anons broke through on this idea many, many months ago —- but helpful to refresh.

Ignore shills, but newbies come here over-concerning.

Need to grasp the view from 40,000 feet.

Anonymous ID: 32c519 2018-07-26 22:41:02Z No. 2302065


First he lets Hezbollah bring cocaine into our country and then he just starts sending terrorists money.

Anonymous ID: c6576e 2018-07-26 22:41:08Z No. 2302066


So far I could not find a link to the archived thread this message was posted in. Does anybody have it?

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:41:12Z No. 2302067


North American Union is still probably going to happen but Mexico won't be included.

Yes, look at Deep Cove, off Dollarton highway in North Van.


The island is crawling with pedophile bikers.

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:41:18Z No. 2302068


>Absolutely, because I understand Love (at least I think I do)

Love conquers all Anon…


Anonymous ID: 3aa70f 2018-07-26 22:41:24Z No. 2302069


The only reason I posted was because I am dead certain their is some connection with the Elkinsspace data dump (Wikileaks pizza testing email) and the skippy 14 fish photo.

It might mean Steve Elkin took the photo of skippy, then uploaded it/emailed it from his home.

Not trying to derail the thread, just trying to add one key data point to the collective consciousness. Maybe some white hats out there are looking for leads. I believe stratfor and podesta are connected via steve elkin.

Anonymous ID: 7cc88d 2018-07-26 22:41:26Z No. 2302070


Can it be pixelated so a QR code might be hidden

Anonymous ID: d08bd5 2018-07-26 22:41:32Z No. 2302071


Correct. Ain't happening.

Assume Q wants us to be able to decode anything he has given us that's encrypted.

Therefore work backwards from that, he wants to make it possible for anons lacking the Federal Government's massive computing power to solve it. In due time.

So it must be something simpler than a brute-force dictionary attack to guess passwords/passphrases.

Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:41:37Z No. 2302072


Investigations are ongoing (Huber)…perps aren't going anywhere. Look at it this way, if you know someone has committed a crime as part of a massive criminal network, do you jump in and make the arrest, or do you track them and gather evidence on the rest of the network?

This is why the security clearances were allowed to stay with Clapper, Brennan, et al for over a year before they were revoked…probably watching where they were sending classified info. That the clearances were revoked is an indication things are coming to a close….be patient.

As this happens, the media and dems are hanging themselves…seriously. Their desperation gets worse by the day. Enjoy it.

Anonymous ID: c49c49 2018-07-26 22:41:45Z No. 2302073


Yeah, he looks like shit. Celebrities are all about status and to be willingly photographed looking sickly w/ the bruised left eye is weird as fuck. Pic just looks creepy as hell to me. Someone mentioned that the blacked left eye is part of a humiliation ritual the Cabal does. Maybe that's what's going on here

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:41:51Z No. 2302074


Will do thanks I will as much as I can without overposting .

Anonymous ID: 7dc53a 2018-07-26 22:42:00Z No. 2302075


Why would you make up your mind without all the evidence?

Anonymous ID: 3d4fde 2018-07-26 22:42:03Z No. 2302076


Venezuelan currency?

Anonymous ID: 7a9296 2018-07-26 22:42:04Z No. 2302077

I find it so hard to believe that most ppl in Spain are on board with this shit

Bcs I know a lot of them and they aren't. This is fucked up…..Spain is clean and gorgeous, but not for long


Anonymous ID: 65a006 2018-07-26 22:42:16Z No. 2302078


try this…

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:42:29Z No. 2302079


I saw Pedo Dan at an event in Vancouver last year.

Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:42:36Z No. 2302080


Anonymous ID: c072f4 2018-07-26 22:42:41Z No. 2302081


It used to be. And it still is.

Anonymous ID: 5b5c45 2018-07-26 22:42:43Z No. 2302082




Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:43:06Z No. 2302083



Bolivar, you say?. Wouldn't Venezuela have to reset their currency soon?

That happened in my old country when communism fell. Old money was worth nothing.

Anonymous ID: e29188 2018-07-26 22:43:11Z No. 2302084


Even rainbow tables take forever… a little less forever than brute force "If you have a VERY good table."

Found left shoe Anonymous ID: 9865f2 2018-07-26 22:43:24Z No. 2302085

Look what I found

Fuck you Tom Hanks

I was just walking by and if I didn't know what I knew I would keep on walking

But I cant

Anonymous ID: db8ee1 2018-07-26 22:43:25Z No. 2302087


The bombshell revelation on Wednesday that the Obama administration funded an al-Qaeda group in Sudan ten years after it was designated a foreign terrorist organization merely scratched the surface of what the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) stands accused of.

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:43:28Z No. 2302086

"DEPLORABLES UNITE" - (Do you hear the people sing)

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:43:36Z No. 2302088

Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 22:43:39Z No. 2302089


No contest

Anonymous ID: 185334 2018-07-26 22:43:40Z No. 2302090


Haha, that's what you call a burn baby burn, kek

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:43:40Z No. 2302091


>What if hes not evil…

Be CAREFUL who you think is a Superhero…

Anonymous ID: de3565 2018-07-26 22:43:41Z No. 2302092

Now I have to start filtering all over again the

Shit Eaters

Filleted Heads

Huge Black Dicks in Little White Females

The life of an anon

Anonymous ID: c239e8 2018-07-26 22:43:43Z No. 2302093


Even IF she did, so fucking what? Don’t we need for somebody to ask POTUS who is Q? Or is Q real? What conservative talk show with a following like SH has mentioned Q? All I am saying is it’s going to fucking happen. Why wouldn’t it?

Anonymous ID: 8c4424 2018-07-26 22:43:52Z No. 2302095



anyone run this through simple notepad or something to see what comes up? I cannot

Anonymous ID: d2d84f 2018-07-26 22:43:54Z No. 2302096


I'll thank you now if you tell me why faggot otherwise fuck off to /biz/

Anonymous ID: 406e3e 2018-07-26 22:43:58Z No. 2302097

Looks like Trooper Edenhofer was murdered by the Cabal…IMO.

Need to find out what King was on and who was "treating" him.

Anonymous ID: d3a300 2018-07-26 22:44:11Z No. 2302098


look at the name on the inside of the shoe…

Anonymous ID: e24caf 2018-07-26 22:44:14Z No. 2302099


Can anyone rise up so quickly without the help of the cabal?

Or is he the cabal?


Anonymous ID: 3cd62e 2018-07-26 22:44:16Z No. 2302100


From the area originally, like less than a mile. Ask your source if there has been any mention of yum brands buying it out. Yum owns taco bell, kfc, a&W.

Anonymous ID: 001f47 2018-07-26 22:44:17Z No. 2302101

Read below slow and carefully.


Why Do 'Former' Dignitaries Still Hold Security Clearance?

U.S. to U.S. = Logged/Flagged/Recorded

U.S. [in] NZ = No Logs/No Flags/No Records

=(Individuals with a) U.S. Sec(urity) Clearance (have) AUTH(orized) FVEY VIEW + Doc(ument) Take

Read Above Slow and Carefully

Translation: 'Former' dignitaries are using the FVEY Intel channel from New Zealand to the U.S. as a drop of classified material that is not logged, not flagged and not recorded.


Translation: [FORMER] DIGNITARIES (notice the KILLBOX) are allowed sec(urity) clearances because WE ARE LOGGING, WE ARE FLAGGING AND WE ARE RECORDING.


Anonymous ID: 4fa5a2 2018-07-26 22:44:41Z No. 2302102


Looks like he just got fist-fucked by Oprah

Anonymous ID: f9dff5 2018-07-26 22:44:45Z No. 2302103


Dug and dug can't find an "original" Photo.. Head tilt / eyes…nostril size.. gonna work on the

hand /phone.

Anonymous ID: 8c4d90 2018-07-26 22:44:55Z No. 2302104


Pixelknot can encode without a password. Maybe one of the images has the stegonography info in the clear….

If someone's techy (mobilefagging ATM), one could batch attempt to decide without a password all the images Q has posted.

Anonymous ID: 026631 2018-07-26 22:45:16Z No. 2302105


Будущий президент США Барак Обама с сенатором Ричардом Лугаром на заводе по изготовлению химических веществ во время компании по ликвидации ядерного и химического оружия, Донецк, 2005 год.

The future president of the United States Barack Obama with senator Richard Lugarom at a factory on manufacturing chemicals during the company on liquidations of the nuclear and chemical weapon, Donetsk, 2005.

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:45:28Z No. 2302106


You have to admit that if the idea was to satisfy the swamp into thinking they were in control and that POTUS would be out soon, this is a genius strategy. They've been expecting Mueller and RR to be (((their guys))) this entire time. They've also managed to thoroughly piss off Freedom Caucus which keeps the narrative that they are black hats.

The [[[RR]]] that Q posts maybe more of a nod to "when RR is targeted we are in final phase".

Mueller knew Flynn didn't lie, yet indicted him anyways. So he allowed McCabe to swallow a poison pill of falsifying the 302, then indicted Flynn. When truth comes out Flynn is free and McCabe is fubared. Meanwhile Mueller's hands are clean bc he was "lied to" by McCabe.

Anonymous ID: 43a492 2018-07-26 22:45:30Z No. 2302107

AM i Reading this right? Cnn is up shitcreek with no paddle. libel is a crime.

Anonymous ID: 176581 2018-07-26 22:45:36Z No. 2302108

Moving forward let us not forget each of the the so called journalists that defended this lie and that the President of Fox did as well.

Here's The REAL Reason The White House Barred That CNN Reporter

Anonymous ID: 3d801c 2018-07-26 22:45:42Z No. 2302109


Sorry for yer pain

Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:45:55Z No. 2302110

silverman twat from earlier today


Anonymous ID: 545651 2018-07-26 22:45:55Z No. 2302111


BLM strikes again

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:45:59Z No. 2302112

Anonymous ID: f24b5a 2018-07-26 22:46:00Z No. 2302113


What am I missing here?

Anonymous ID: ccfdab 2018-07-26 22:46:02Z No. 2302114


Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:46:03Z No. 2302115


[[[Podesta]]] likes stenography.

Anonymous ID: 9ce3d0 2018-07-26 22:46:07Z No. 2302116


I think she was found. WAs held captive by 3 men according to this article.

http ://

Anonymous ID: 8c4424 2018-07-26 22:46:11Z No. 2302117



As Q said its not about the picture… its the message hidden in it… Pixelknot

Anonymous ID: 2e22f9 2018-07-26 22:46:11Z No. 2302118


the speed at which anon's jumped to condemn her(shills, most likely..but with human nature being what it is now, couldn't be 100% shills) should be one hell of a message to all…….don't pass judgement lest ye be judged….or of course solid proof of accusation is submitted.

Anonymous ID: fac257 2018-07-26 22:46:25Z No. 2302120


Having lived in Vancouver

I am continually surprised

How many TV series and films

Are shot in this area

Here in the mountains of BC

You can find Smallville, Kansas

Chicago, LA, Denver, and many others

It's no secret

The credits at the end of the film will mention BC

Or even Vancouver

And there are many sites

That track film locations

Vancouver is called Hollywood North

For a good reason

Because it has more than just the filmmaking business

Transplanted from Hollywood

Anonymous ID: a71326 2018-07-26 22:46:28Z No. 2302121


=hate it when I click on the wrong image file=

Anonymous ID: c11b8a 2018-07-26 22:46:39Z No. 2302122


>i remember seeing these.

>was there ever much discussion about these?

Here is what was posted:


>Why is the name Cooper Freshley embedded in all 5 of these images? Pic related


>cooper like dick, apparently


>hit on google image


Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 22:46:46Z No. 2302123


>52 dayss

About long enough to find shit and start bitching about it

Anonymous ID: 2d2a79 2018-07-26 22:46:48Z No. 2302124


BO tracking all of R's IP hashes.

BO won't delete R "proof" threads on /qresearch/.

BO absent for weeks, now here for R?


Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:46:51Z No. 2302125





Anonymous ID: f68b45 2018-07-26 22:47:05Z No. 2302126

Anonymous ID: 6a6177 2018-07-26 22:47:08Z No. 2302127


These idiots want Q mentioned so that selfishly they wont be considered a conspiracy theorist around their piers. They literally feel that word is still a bad thing. Also qresearch is counter semite and thats good

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:47:20Z No. 2302129

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:47:29Z No. 2302130










Anonymous ID: b74bdd 2018-07-26 22:47:30Z No. 2302131


Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 22:47:52Z No. 2302132


Ooooooh she's running scared.

Anonymous ID: d32caa 2018-07-26 22:47:57Z No. 2302133


toms ain't cheap..

Anonymous ID: ff80e4 2018-07-26 22:48:03Z No. 2302134


When Mueller thought RR was going to be impeached he started building a quick case based on Tweets since he has no evidence, they forced his hand. It was just a show.

Anonymous ID: 001f47 2018-07-26 22:48:09Z No. 2302135

Read below slow and carefully.


Why Do 'Former' Dignitaries Still Hold Security Clearance?

U.S. to U.S. = Logged/Flagged/Recorded

U.S. [in] NZ = No Logs/No Flags/No Records

=(Individuals with a) U.S. Sec(urity) Clearance (have) AUTH(orized) FVEY VIEW + Doc(ument) Take

Read Above Slow and Carefully

Translation: 'Former' dignitaries are using the FVEY Intel channel from New Zealand to the U.S. as a drop of classified material that is not logged, not flagged and not recorded.


Translation: [FORMER] DIGNITARIES (notice the KILLBOX) are allowed sec(urity) clearances because WE ARE LOGGING, WE ARE FLAGGING AND WE ARE RECORDING.


Future proves past

Forgive the re-posts. I have fat fingers and keep hitting the reply button.

Ask yourself, which American ex-pats are now residing in New Zealand? Are they part of this Intel drop? (ML)

Anonymous ID: f76010 2018-07-26 22:48:12Z No. 2302136



>All things have meaning.

>You are watching a movie.

>Symbolism will be their downfall.

>Be CAREFUL who you think is a Superhero…

Anonymous ID: e29188 2018-07-26 22:48:17Z No. 2302137

Anonymous ID: 91730d 2018-07-26 22:48:19Z No. 2302138


I bet that chick has a dick

Anonymous ID: e24caf 2018-07-26 22:48:27Z No. 2302139



Methinks she knows.


Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:48:34Z No. 2302140


That was the Hollywood Anon who talked about the humiliation ritual. Interesting that satan's worshippers are treated like slaves to be humiliated, rather than as members of the royal family that Jesus invites us into.

Anonymous ID: b233ed 2018-07-26 22:48:44Z No. 2302141


an old Q tripcode not used due to erroneous password entry

see bake from >>2242

Anonymous ID: 6a9b81 2018-07-26 22:48:52Z No. 2302142

We need to support this. No,,, DEMAND IT

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:48:57Z No. 2302143






Anonymous ID: 47ad5c 2018-07-26 22:49:01Z No. 2302144





Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:49:03Z No. 2302145





I was looking at some of the accounts rt'd in pic related.



Waiting for this moment all my life. Anonymous ID: 466004 2018-07-26 22:49:09Z No. 2302146


I turn 42 tomorrow and just want to express my deepest appreciation for what you, POTUS and all the hardworking Patriot Anons like myself who've dedicated their lives to truth. I thank God I'm alive to see the great awakening and my son will grow up in a new restored America.

God bless you all.

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:49:12Z No. 2302147

Anonymous ID: f75263 2018-07-26 22:49:17Z No. 2302148


Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:49:18Z No. 2302149


Indeed. Needs just as thorough a cleansing.

Anonymous ID: 8c4424 2018-07-26 22:49:19Z No. 2302150



wrong image or not.. thats fake as fuck

Anonymous ID: 996292 2018-07-26 22:49:24Z No. 2302152


And notice after he announced it they quickly backed down. They're fucking with him.

Anonymous ID: be2af3 2018-07-26 22:49:28Z No. 2302153


She wants to throw down against anons.

Bad idea, Sarah.

Very bad idea.

Call Shia. He'll fill you in.

Anonymous ID: 3d801c 2018-07-26 22:49:36Z No. 2302154

Anonymous ID: 6eb1c7 2018-07-26 22:49:47Z No. 2302156

Why Rosenstein is Being Charged with “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”

By Sara Carter | July 26, 2018

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:49:48Z No. 2302157


YES!! Someone who cares as a speaker.

Anonymous ID: d0b050 2018-07-26 22:49:50Z No. 2302158



Anonymous ID: 8016b5 2018-07-26 22:49:50Z No. 2302159



Anonymous ID: 059380 2018-07-26 22:49:52Z No. 2302160

Entry Code: SSHGQQ


Anonymous ID: 4fa5a2 2018-07-26 22:50:13Z No. 2302161


That's a felony in Cali

Anonymous ID: 14b164 2018-07-26 22:50:13Z No. 2302162


Watch the water?

No more obstruction?

Something tells me this whole optics thing has to do with intrusion and operation looking glass.

Like they really can manipulate reality and it's been done in the past at the general populations expense…

Anonymous ID: 52ce6d 2018-07-26 22:50:15Z No. 2302163


Anonymous ID: 43a492 2018-07-26 22:50:18Z No. 2302165


you didnt answer my question. if cohen recorded a 2 hour convo with cuomo, and cuomo reported the exact opposite for months…. thats all on cnn, right?

Anonymous ID: f17456 2018-07-26 22:50:22Z No. 2302167


You have much to learn.

Anonymous ID: ff80e4 2018-07-26 22:50:23Z No. 2302168


Mueller is a DIRTY FUCKING DOG just like COMEY.

Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:50:27Z No. 2302169


These were posted on reddit by a user who did a quick search.






CZTA68-KDHG-[ t]


Q [auth478-24zgP]


Auth 1st S.











Twitter rec 24D.




Bring the thunder.



Anonymous ID: f1e67e 2018-07-26 22:50:27Z No. 2302171


Fwiw it looks like Epstein either has a hand in the island immediately next to his, or at the very least coordinates construction with them.

2 more flag poles popped up the same morning a few weeks back, one on the North point of Little St. James (epstein's island) and one on the South point of Great St. James, on either side of "Saint James Cut"

These things are massive, was not one guy with a shovel.

Anonymous ID: 06e4fc 2018-07-26 22:50:28Z No. 2302170


the date on that phone is wrong

Anonymous ID: 2e22f9 2018-07-26 22:50:31Z No. 2302173


and that is a MAJOR reason you are a BV. Cheers

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:50:31Z No. 2302174

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:50:45Z No. 2302178


…called “The Case Against Impeaching Trump,” which I would encourage all people with Trump Derangement Syndrome to read!

Anonymous ID: 5ecd0c 2018-07-26 22:50:45Z No. 2302179


Port 22

Anonymous ID: 520366 2018-07-26 22:50:55Z No. 2302180


Hopefully he is being escorted out as we speak/read.

Anonymous ID: 3d801c 2018-07-26 22:51:15Z No. 2302182

Anonymous ID: 3aa70f 2018-07-26 22:51:17Z No. 2302183




If there are any LawEnforcementOfficerFags on the Board….

Vancouver in general is known in criminal networks as the numero uno destination for corruption.

Vancouver is THE place to launder all kinds of shady deals.

All the nice yuppy shit, the scenery and the fake hipster economy is just window dressing on a much darker reality.

Anonymous ID: 908f02 2018-07-26 22:51:35Z No. 2302184




Anonymous ID: b233ed 2018-07-26 22:51:38Z No. 2302185



sorry dead link

Anonymous ID: c239e8 2018-07-26 22:51:43Z No. 2302186


And you are the retard of the hour, comgats

Anonymous ID: ed57a3 2018-07-26 22:51:43Z No. 2302187


[email protected], a brilliant lawyer, who although a Liberal Democrat who probably didn’t vote for me, has discussed the Witch Hunt with great clarity and in a very positive way. He has written a new and very important book

Anonymous ID: 132295 2018-07-26 22:51:49Z No. 2302189


Her eyes are screaming "I can't take another black cock no matter how much they offer"

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:52:03Z No. 2302190

Anonymous ID: 830df9 2018-07-26 22:52:08Z No. 2302191


Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:52:08Z No. 2302192

Anonymous ID: 3ed2d5 2018-07-26 22:52:20Z No. 2302193


There will be a time Trump does take them off. This is all build up.

Anonymous ID: 49fd58 2018-07-26 22:52:32Z No. 2302194


The difference in this case anon is the merchant is not a real person but rather a meme that represents (((them))). That is the ONLY reason it was removed.

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:52:39Z No. 2302195


Happy early Birthday Anon!!

Anonymous ID: b62316 2018-07-26 22:52:42Z No. 2302196


He wasn't calling the press idiots in the same breath, so to speak. Would have looked a lot worse, don't you think?

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:52:50Z No. 2302197



Anonymous ID: 0229a3 2018-07-26 22:52:50Z No. 2302198


She already ruined her life those are eyes of despair

Anonymous ID: a9a7f3 2018-07-26 22:52:58Z No. 2302200

Check the ownnership of "the British properties.


The Sinclairs are luciferian.

A Crowley established a colony in BC and it has prospered enormously

Not all confined to north shore.

Shaunessy is Chip Wilson and local synagogue of satan priestess is Sandy Cohen, whose sister casey and brother Jeffrey were both cult victim.

The biggest pedophile satanist locally is Jim Pattison Sr. 8.9 billion (Canajian) is figure given for his $

There was a post on this yesterday.

Maybe we should do a thread on it.

Also look into Al Hubbarrds records at the royal Vancouver yacht club.

Be cautious. City crawling with demons and asian secret societies.

Interesting dig.

Anonymous ID: fc509d 2018-07-26 22:53:01Z No. 2302201


Ya think?

Anonymous ID: 4bd2a6 2018-07-26 22:53:04Z No. 2302202


What would and "R" mean?

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:53:31Z No. 2302203


Add CLOWN to it, for the kek of it.

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:53:35Z No. 2302204

Anonymous ID: e11922 2018-07-26 22:53:49Z No. 2302205


namefag… filtered

Anonymous ID: 769f14 2018-07-26 22:53:51Z No. 2302206

>>2302165 Absolutely! Bare minimum, CNN would have to let him go… But….

Depending on what the conversation was about, well…the possibilities would be endless…

>>2302160 that's the Q crumb picture #.

One of the picks he posted was this num/letter combination as the file num/ name

Anonymous ID: 5932a1 2018-07-26 22:53:55Z No. 2302207

Anonymous ID: 083219 2018-07-26 22:54:00Z No. 2302208


>doesn't know the ID is RNG

Anonymous ID: 05c28d 2018-07-26 22:54:05Z No. 2302209


It's for a higher purpose. Your sacrifice is appreciated by a grateful nation.

Anonymous ID: c4cab1 2018-07-26 22:54:08Z No. 2302210

For all you Linux users:

git clone

Now we'll see if it compliles …

Anonymous ID: a962b2 2018-07-26 22:54:09Z No. 2302211


Throwing Dershowitz a bone. that Jew is going down.

Anonymous ID: aca3f0 2018-07-26 22:54:09Z No. 2302212

This guy (Michael Snyder) seems to have done his homework alright.

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:54:12Z No. 2302213


Anonymous ID: 3bdf1e 2018-07-26 22:54:15Z No. 2302214

Trump said almost everything stated in Q post 855 in Illinois today with the steelworkers.

Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:54:21Z No. 2302217


feel free to pound sand, says Grassley to Schumer

Finally, I am skeptical that your request for Staff Secretary documents is made in good faith. After all, you stated that you will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation “with everything [you’ve] got.” Just yesterday, another Democratic senator made the galling comment that supporters of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination are “complicit” in “evil.” If most Democrats have already made up their minds about Judge Kavanaugh, given the considerable record already available for review, I fail to see how additional documents will be useful. On top of this, you have refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh. This refusal is highly irregular. In light of the outright opposition to Judge Kavanaugh from Democratic leadership and many members of your caucus, it is clear to me that your demand for millions of additional pages of comparatively irrelevant documents is an attempt to obstruct the confirmation process. …

I’m not going to put American taxpayers on the hook for the Democrats’ fishing expedition, especially when many on your side have already said that they will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Anonymous ID: c710c5 2018-07-26 22:54:26Z No. 2302219


she must have made that handprint herself.

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:54:37Z No. 2302220


You drive by or something?

Anonymous ID: 026631 2018-07-26 22:54:37Z No. 2302221


One of a series - see here:

Anonymous ID: a04023 2018-07-26 22:54:40Z No. 2302222


do pigs eat humans

Anonymous ID: 3ed2d5 2018-07-26 22:54:41Z No. 2302223


LOL No…not yet but soon.

Anonymous ID: 142981 2018-07-26 22:54:42Z No. 2302224



Anonymous ID: ed62b9 2018-07-26 22:54:58Z No. 2302225


well if anything that black eye thing is supposed to represent some satanic humiliation ritual. the sign he can't talk I think refers to the dogs and burgers fashioned on a weird clock behind them. this is far out but if these sickos do eat people maybe he's going to a bbq with some richer folks who still have a supply and can't talk means he can't tell anyone else about it though who may be privy to their insider sick symbolism

Anonymous ID: 40d5fa 2018-07-26 22:55:14Z No. 2302226

Anonymous ID: 3bdf1e 2018-07-26 22:55:27Z No. 2302227


..and picture

Anonymous ID: f75263 2018-07-26 22:55:31Z No. 2302228


I sure hope so. Considering Dershowitz's dealings with Epstein, it bothered me when he suddenly became a face of the Trump movement.

Anonymous ID: e11922 2018-07-26 22:55:40Z No. 2302229


starve pigs fro 3 days… 8 pigs will eat a corpse in 15 min.. DIG

Anonymous ID: 6be461 2018-07-26 22:55:50Z No. 2302230


nasim vs. sarah

ding ding ding

Anonymous ID: 5a5954 2018-07-26 22:55:59Z No. 2302231






New Baker needed next bread

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:56:07Z No. 2302233


>The biggest pedophile satanist locally is Jim Pattison

I believe that simply because a cultist once called him a "nice Christian man."

Anonymous ID: 8c4424 2018-07-26 22:56:09Z No. 2302234






Look at Hanks hands… and look at original post with Q's image file name…

Anonymous ID: d38c89 2018-07-26 22:56:13Z No. 2302235

It's comfy in here compared to /pol guys. The shills are out in full force in defense of the pedos…

Anonymous ID: 7a9296 2018-07-26 22:56:29Z No. 2302236


Maybe anon was talking about the girl who disappeared while jogging. It was in Iowa a few days ago

Anonymous ID: 43a492 2018-07-26 22:56:29Z No. 2302237


Thats going to throw everyone under the bus! cuomo acted as an insider and everybody at the organization ran with it!

Anonymous ID: 6a6177 2018-07-26 22:56:30Z No. 2302238


Because jews enjoy debasing whites

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:56:41Z No. 2302241


Ha! Gotta love the old guy.

Anonymous ID: 2d2a79 2018-07-26 22:56:45Z No. 2302243


BV concerned about baiting and framing but won't delete C_A R "proof" threads?


Anonymous ID: f75263 2018-07-26 22:56:55Z No. 2302245


Lurk moar

Anonymous ID: cf602e 2018-07-26 22:57:04Z No. 2302246


i'm not mad its removed bv i understand where you are coming from. just stating my case i had no ill intentions, and to me its more of an 'i have you in my sights' sort of thing. 'keeping an eye on you' not murder.

Anonymous ID: 86156f 2018-07-26 22:57:20Z No. 2302247

Anonymous ID: 28c48a 2018-07-26 22:57:22Z No. 2302248

>>2302217. Grassley tells Schumer to Pound Sand (Kavanaugh docs)

Notable might be too late tho?

Anonymous ID: 3dbbc9 2018-07-26 22:57:24Z No. 2302249

Obsessed Much?

Anonymous ID: d8a168 2018-07-26 22:57:27Z No. 2302250



Anonymous ID: dfb908 2018-07-26 22:57:37Z No. 2302251



Anonymous ID: 7dd269 2018-07-26 22:57:43Z No. 2302252



Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:57:43Z No. 2302253


Didn't Podesta work on a pig farm in Va??

Anonymous ID: f1e67e 2018-07-26 22:57:47Z No. 2302254


something like that.

might have to drive a little closer..

Anonymous ID: 49fd58 2018-07-26 22:57:52Z No. 2302256


Thank you for your understanding anon

Anonymous ID: a71326 2018-07-26 22:58:06Z No. 2302257



Wait for ]]]RR[[[ — some show!

Anonymous ID: 46ee22 2018-07-26 22:58:09Z No. 2302258



Anonymous ID: 81794c 2018-07-26 22:58:12Z No. 2302260


Goddamnit, not Ramsay too…

Anonymous ID: 801d64 2018-07-26 22:58:29Z No. 2302264

One example of why POTUS + Team have been fighting so hard for Vets.

Fuck Hussein Obama

Anonymous ID: ed5136 2018-07-26 22:58:53Z No. 2302266


Hilarious really. They don;t realize pedowood is just a subset of a much larger movement. Let them shill over there while we stay comfy.