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Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #4

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #4 Anonymous ID: 566eff 2018-10-25 14:50:36Z No. 3599217

>copy/pasta description from prior thread

Q's answer to the "Are we alone?" question as well as confirmation of the existence of programs related to moon landings outside of the public domain proves it would be wise to research these topics further.

Discuss them in this thread so we don't clutter the generals.

Proving UFOs, extraterrestrials and Special Access Projects are real is similar to proving deep state is real. The buildup of many coincidences and "softer" proofs like notable high ranking officials saying "weird" things, having documents revealed or seeing (and feeling!) unexplained lights (either coincidentally or by your own accord - CE-5) is the current degree of proof. This prevents mental conflict among people that are not ready for this Truth but provides those that are awakened with confirmation, similar to how Q operates.

Always use discernment. Don't just spam your info, make sure it's at least logically sound, reasonable and backed with what little facts we have. All rules of physics and logic apply in all cases, even if it's not understandable from our limited perspective. This is a serious research thread even though many will still dismiss all talk about the matter out of ignorance and various belief systems. OP Mockingbird is in full effect here - be prepared.

Respect your fellow anons. Do not fight, search for Truth. See how small pieces fit in the big puzzle. Present, but do not persuade. And remember, our Universe is infinite.

Thread #1 Link:

Thread #2 Link: Deleted???

Thread #3 Link:

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 14:52:39Z No. 3599238



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;


#1 OR

>>3166229 Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3555937, >>3555944 Comprehensive assessment of the ETI/UFO phenomenon

>>3168151, >>3175892, >>3176762, >>3180037, >>3184196, >>3184782, >>3195215, >>3197822, >>3197840, >>3197892, >>3199146, >>3248001, >>3254008, >>3262301, >>3270630, >>3276654, >>3306652, >>3308619, >>3310333, >>3317246, >>3326004, >>3340901, >>3341914, >>3342262, >>3343085, >>3344435, >>3344562, >>3344885, >>3348588, >>3387237, >>3451456, >>3478531, >>3488839, >>3576783, >>3576783,

>>3583252, >>3584147 CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3168388, >>3180655, >>3180928, >>3276972, >>3438404 More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710, >>3248661, >>3275601, >>3320417, >>3357454, >>3377562, >>3432487, >>3455047, >>3495329, >>3509565, >>3520190, >>3556053, >>3556097, >>3556152, >>3556194, >>3562248, >>3563054, >>3576939 (Multiple Videos!), >>3575038, >>3582009, >>3586042, >>3595481 ETV/UFO primary sources and CE5 Manual

>>3182401, >>3183858, >>3184144, >>3205445, >>3294687, >>3411874, >>3331253, >>3332009, >>3345108, >>3593687 Steven Greer and/or USAPs

>>3188775 Q's building 8 reference in the news

>>3193637, >>3194457, >>3194493, >>3203228, >>3203269, >>3203326, >>3203599, >>3203936, >>3204063, >>3346201, >>3363761, >>3407444, >>3421372 Antarctica

>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3281104, >>3316172, >>3316435, >>3316699, >>3321541, >>3321646, >>3344598, >>3348255 CE-5 Memes & Graphics of ambassadors by country

>>3269252, >>3349979 Darpa unveils subterranean robots

>>3352844, >>3411842 Proposal for an Open Source, Galactic internet that hypothetically already exists!

>>3359986, >>3360936, >>3361053 LENR, Quantum Vaccuum and Moar Free Energy Diggs

>>3377153 Interdasting Hostage & Non-Disclosure Theory

>>3377276, >>3377326, >>3377382 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences Data (EPIC! Use this to redpill the evil-alien propaganda believers)

>>3405929 AreWeAloneAnon from Q&A Checks it. Salute!

>>3406053 IncarnatedETAnon that Q quoted checks in. Salute!

>>3500821 USSPACE Command Vision 2020 (outdated? anyone have up to date version?)

>>3545761 Cool script for generating Remote Viewing practice targets

>>3552132, >>3561009 Moar alleged NASA fukkery, plus other topics

>>3585449 TR3B or Triangular craft photographed

>>3572815, >>3582371 Why we are here

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 14:54:21Z No. 3599261

Obligatory Thank You Baker!

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 15:00:11Z No. 3599311


UFO crash in peru

Jonathan Weygant

Lance Corporal, USMC

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 15:04:48Z No. 3599355


Does not mean that people who CE-5 believe all ETI are benevolent. Far from it. Decide for yourself.


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 15:06:35Z No. 3599369

What is a USAP and how does it differ from a SAP?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 15:11:38Z No. 3599412

Defense Intelligence Agency secrecy on UFO's

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-25 15:19:15Z No. 3599473

Many veterans and scientists have gone on record about USAPS and UFO's. Frequently they turn to the international leader of the CE-5 Initiative when going public. Now you know why people shill Dr. Greer so heavily on this board. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Decide for yourself.

Anonymous ID: 00ac86 2018-10-25 16:02:01Z No. 3599904

Thank you for baking, friend. I was away at the moment (phonef*gging atm) and didn't think #3 would fill so fast.

Anonymous ID: 4acc68 2018-10-25 16:07:58Z No. 3599950





Baker Notables from (lb).

I find it very interesting the guy with 111 posts would shitpost to fill last bread without answering some very thought provoking questions.

Almost like he's trying to tip toe around something after being called out.

The truth stands on it's own two feet.

I see avoidance.

I see an agenda.

I see the LOUDEST voice dominating the topic of conversation.

Calling anyone who doesn't agree a faggot.

Very interesting to say the least…

Anonymous ID: 00ac86 2018-10-25 16:10:13Z No. 3599977


What guy? The one posting consistent evidence of positive ET contact as well as the means to replicate that success?

Anonymous ID: 00ac86 2018-10-25 16:14:54Z No. 3600050



oh nvm it's the guy nominating himself for notables.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-10-25 16:54:16Z No. 3600461

>>3572815 (lb)

>These are shit posts

>We do not want to combat shit posts with more shitposts.

Hmm, interdasting.

The guy with 111 posts in last bread telling people with his authority not to shitpost.

He mmediately gets defensive and calling out shitposts when his narrative is challenged.

But wait! There's more!



>>3310269 - Off topic

>>3316157 - Dominating the conversation and calling everyone faggots who don't agree with him.

>>3316699 - Endorsing CE-5 only = endorsing Greer the cabal disinfo artist.

>>3316917 - Shitpost spam

>>3317246 - CE-5 CE-5 CE-5

>>3331436 - Where are you getting your information from? Who are "some people"?

>>3344554 - CE-5 once again, agenda here?

>>3344598 - Calling out his own notables?

>>3346375 - Not putting notables in notables? Agenda?

>>3348255 - Shitpost calling out his own notables again.

>>3350208 - The endless Greer / CE-5 agenda. WAIT A MINUTE, didn't he later say his team does't trust Greer? WTF?

>>3353480 - He cannot defend himself against ANY criticism.

>>3411874 - Calling out his OWN FUCKING NOTABLES? Guess what, it's GREER!

>>3418988 - I'd trust JS a LOT more than Steven Greer.

>>3420315 - Shitpost

>>3420348 - Shitpost of a SHITPOST.

>>3555937 - Calling out his OWN FUCKING NOTABLES?

>>3555944 - You just posted this.

>>3561459 - Probably deleted because you are SPAMMING.

>>3572757 - Those quotes are EXACTLY what he's said.

>>3572765 - Replying to "Carnist" shills? Scripted conversation? STRAWMAN?

>>3572773 - Spam for the same reply.

>>3572815 - Wait a second, 111 posts of "MUH GREER" and he's telling US not to SHITPOST? KEK

>>3575063 - Interacting in scripted strawman conversations.


>now that you mention it. im 99% sure i forgot to add your other vids to primary documentation section.

That's because you only put YOUR OWN POSTS in notables.

>>3597182 - Elitism has no place here. We are all equals.

>>3599167 - SLIDE

>>3599168 - SLIDE

>>3599170 - SLIDE

He once again posts his OWN NOTABLES, then spams the thread locked because he didn't want to answer challenging questions.

There are many more slides and shitposts in (lb).

Never forget, Q told you all that MOS & CIA have their players on this board at all times.

Every method of disinfo is being imployed.

If you believe Steven Greer at face value, you're on the wrong path.

It's just a matter of time before you figure it out.

Discerning Anons will discern.

This one has an agenda, and it's blatantly obvious to see.

>Watch for those who scream the loudest.

Anonymous ID: 1b6739 2018-10-25 17:23:12Z No. 3600800


Hmm interdasting indeed.

Guy with 111 posts calling out all his own posts as notables.

Gets asked some difficult questions.

Calls out his own notables again.

Spams the bread locked with shitposts as a distraction and excuse not to answer those questions.

Somehow a new thread is made super quickly.

Immediately after, but NOT by him?

WHOA, Not 2 minutes later he's right there to post all those self "notables".

Just a coinkidink he was already waiting to post those "notables".

You know, his own posts.

Damn quick my good man.

Kinda funny he shitposted the last bread until it was full to "make it go away".

(Big surprise).

Says hes going to include these as notables in (lb);



I mean why wouldn't they be?

They aren't found anywhere else online.

But he doesn't,

A) Because they aren't HIS posts.

B) Because he was asked questions that he avoided and didn't want to answer to that Anon.

So now we have the bread started by someone other than the last baker.

Makes one post then Mr. 111 is already waiting to post them conversation dominating "notables" of his own.


Hmm… Tell me there's no agenda here.

The entire thread is being steered in a very specific direction.

If you question it you are called a faggot by excessive defensive mode.


>oh nvm it's the guy nominating himself for notables.

Yes many posts, many of which are self-notables.

My apologies to BO / BV's… But when I see this shit I am compelled to outline what's going on.

There is a LOT of fuckery going on here.

Anonymous ID: 566eff 2018-10-25 17:24:55Z No. 3600822

Two interesting data points re: Jason Rice, Gaia's Cosmic Disclosure (CD) series latest guest.

1. I believe it was CD S12:Ep8 "Reaction to the German Breakaway Civilization" in which Jason Rice stated that in 1984 or 1985 the Cabal stole an important piece of equipment/technology from the German breakaway group, "mind wipe technology". According to Rice, the story goes that three CIA agents and two KGB agents infiltrated and took control of a German transport vessel, stole the technology, put some sort of bomb on the craft and did a high-altitude low opening parachute jump. The craft was destroyed, and it took a bit of time for the Germans to figure out what happened, but when they did, they sought retaliation against the Cabal (i.e. the United States and the USSR) in two coordinated attacks. The first attack, which most believe was an accident, is the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, which transpired on January 28th, 1986. The second attack, which again, most believe was an accident, was the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred on April 25-26, 1986.

What Jason doesn't mention, and something that really activates the almonds when you think about it is the timing of these two "accidents". The first one occurs in January, the first month of the year, and the second one occurs in April, the fourth month of the year. Combine the number of those two months, January (1) and April (4), and you get 14. According to Wikipedia, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster happened at 16:39 UTC, January 28th, 1986, and the Chernobyl disaster began at 22:23 UTC, April 25, 1986, which means these two events occurred 87 days and about 6 hours apart. If you round 87 up, you get 88. Combine the 14 with the 88 and you get 1488…

The timing of these two "accidents" is quite the 'coincidence', and seems to offer some extraneous validation of Rice's testimony.

Anonymous ID: 566eff 2018-10-25 17:25:43Z No. 3600827


2. Some of Rice's testimony in CD S12:Ep10 "Advanced Weapons and Combat Technology" talks about a weapon called the Condensate Phase Difference Diffusor Platform (aka the "Static Gun"). The summary of what Rice said about this weapon system is provided in the first image. What Rice didn't mention, is that based on publicly available evidence, it seems quite likely that we all have witnessed the usage of this technology before, about 17 years ago… You can look into the works of John Hutchison and Dr. Judy Wood for more information about that.

Anonymous ID: 566eff 2018-10-25 17:29:48Z No. 3600878


I'd like to finish up with saying that there are some that are skeptical of Jason Rice's testimony, and there seems to be a bit of a schism between him and Corey Goode, especially since Goode's lawyer sent Rice a cease and desist order for "unauthorized use of Mr. James Corey Goode's protected terms 'SSP', '20 and Back' and related terms." I can sort of understand where Goode is coming from, not wanting disinformation purveyors to take bits and piece of his own testimony and repacking them in order to sell a bill of goods, especially since that documentary he helped produce, Above Majestic, is due to come out in less than a week. HOWEVER, I'm in agreement with Rice when he states:

"No one owns these terms or programs, nor the efforts to bring this information forward. To trademark and thus control or restrict use of the terms “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, “and “countless other topics and areas of interest” by Corey Goode is contrary to what the Truth Seeking community has been working towards for decades."

I hope Goode refrains from threatening to, or actually going through with taking legal action against Rice or anyone else who uses the term "SSP", because that is a sure-fire to divide the community, it comes across as unprofessional, and it definitely seems to be a 'service-to-self' rather than a 'service-to-others' type of move. Plus, such a move casts doubt on Goode's own testimony, since SSP skeptics (e.g. the imho pompous douche Richard Dolan, who has called this happening a "fiasco") can use it to argue that Goode is making it all up for money. And what about other legitimate seeming "SSP" and "20 & back" insiders/whistleblowers (e.g. Randy Cramer and Tony Rodriguez)–should they engage in self-censorship and stop using such terminology?

I've got to give credit where credit is due re: Rice, because he recently did an interview with the YouTube personality Joe from the Carolinas, who comes across as an in-your-face over-the-top debunking shill. HOWEVER, Rice answered every question Joe asked, including the questioned Joe posed that were from the live chat. Rice seemed pretty forthcoming and really seemed to hold his own. You can watch that interview here:

Also, for what it's worth, Rice spoke of QAnon in a very positive light in the FADE TO BLACK radio interview he did with Jimmy Church earlier this month: https://youtube/watch?v=nmlVgBMPUGw

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-25 17:57:42Z No. 3601217


Some thoughts on CE5. So I have seen the flashbulbs in the night sky off and on. I looked into Grier a lot as well as those Gaia folks. Not really convinced by either of them. The vids of "Contact" by Grier are stuff that I could simulate EASILY with some lights and a bit of timing. It could be faked for like $20. Everyone sitting around distracted and meditating while someone is TELLING YOU what is happening. When I just look at it its not all that convincing.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-25 18:06:49Z No. 3601305


THere is a number of challenger astronauts who are still out walking around even though they are "dead".

Anonymous ID: ab2445 2018-10-25 18:22:05Z No. 3601460


I had experiences without even knowing what CE-5 is.

Understand that "CE-5" is just a fancy name for CONSCIOUS CONTACT, akin to remote viewing that was extensively researched by CIA because it's fake and doesn't work, right?

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-10-25 18:49:39Z No. 3601772

My Anon friends,

Both Steven Greer and Tom Delong are disinfo agents.

Working for the same team.

Always have been.

This does not take away from the fact real encounters and sightings are taking place every day.

Of course aliens are real, that's not being disputed.

(((Their))) purpose however was to construct a Draco friendly narrative should the paradigm of disclosure ever get pushed too far.

(((They))) would release just enough bread crumbs to captivate the masses as their thralls.

There's a very specific reason why Greer has pushed the "all aliens are good" narrative for so long.

He was attempting to prepare the masses for a mass lie.

There are no coincidences.

Some dig's;

Greer and Rockefeller connection.

Only a fool believes Greer is honest when saying David Rockefeller was all for disclosure.


The Rockefeller's in part control the media, (((they))) are part of Operation Mockinbird and they RIDICULE people on the MSM who speak about aliens.

Clintons -> Rockefeller -> Greer connection

Rockefellers + Jesuits = Disclosure movement

Richard Dolan on Steven Greer.

Why is Greer associating with CLOWNS?


Where's the sauce Steven?

This is story time… it always has been.

There's a reason why people like Greer and Wilcock are being shoved down our throats on this board.

I do not care for the taste.

There's a reason why anyone calling out Greer is attacked and called a faggot.

Since the last bread was nothing but self-nominating nobables, I'll just go ahead and nominate this post as notable.

There's fuckery afoot here, so watch your step!

Keep exposing the lies my friends.

Anonymous ID: 0a0ea6 2018-10-25 19:21:47Z No. 3602103






All is revealed

Anonymous ID: 4cb8b0 2018-10-25 19:40:33Z No. 3602272

Anonymous ID: 02f9bd 2018-10-25 20:15:18Z No. 3602580

There can be no alien thread without the signature heavy artshillery :-)

The more dangerous the topic, the harder they try.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-25 20:38:14Z No. 3602801


Yeah I have to agree with ya.

As soon as someone says "Good guys at the FED" -Bix Weir .

or "Muh good guy Rockefeller" -Grier,

or has an obvious professional stage set -Wilcock

or says you would have "to be a complete idiot to follow Qanon" -Dark Journalist.

or The US MUST join the Chinese B&R AND lick chinese cock in rebuilding our country in THEIR image (Sirius report, Larouche Pac, Harley Schlanger, Rogue Money).

As soon as I start to hear sewage like the above, I start to ask questions.

Then Trump and Q come out and basically SAY that CHINA is behind much of the subversion that is going on int he US. Funny how all this fits together so well…

I think that at this point its getting pretty obvious that China is paying US Social media people all over the internet to say pro-china shit. The above is in incomplete list. If you follow any of the above, WAKE UP and ask yourself WHY they say the stuff they say.

I am here for Alien contact. The real thing. Not a light from a boat out in the ocean. Not a light on a mountainside a long ways away. Not a hollywood stageset with a dude with a HUGE forehead interviewing some other dopey guy about a bunch of stuff that has ZERO proof and if it were real the guy WOULD BE DEAD in a moment.

Remember, if you release this (classified at the highest level) information openly YOU. WILL. BE. KILLED. Its not a maybe. It is a for sure.

You can talk all day about dead-man switches and such and you know what… I don't find them all that convincing. You would have to REALLY know what you are doing, like Assange-tier crypto and team, to be able to actually have a functional dead-man switch.

Even with that you will end up like him. You won't be out there walking around and making videos and interviews. Not gonna happen.

As for CE5. This is VERY close to "seeing aliens in your mind" IMO. I have seen ships a number of times. 2 different kinds actually. both very recent. None of it required meditation. Usually I was just pissing on a tree at night or what-not. NO meditation or team or tamberining beating hippies or crystals or whatever.

When I look at UFO stuff I ask myself this: With a million dollars could I recreate what I am seeing… The answer is almost always YES. Only a few exceptions pass that bar. The flashers are something I can't figure out how to recreate. They seem to defy the laws of physics if they were on orbit or they were baloons… which makes VERY little sense. Same with the 2 cylanders with no wings flying by quite a bit faster than most commercial aircraft and at the same elevation in broad daylight.

Anyway, Enjoy it here! I hope the above is a good thing to add to everyones filter.

Anonymous ID: f20fd0 2018-10-25 21:42:52Z No. 3603499

>>3581839 (lb)

I mean the sounds and guided visualization are nice for relaxing and taking away some head pains. It does not "quiet/calm the mind" for me tho, as per the definition of a meditative state - isn't much different from my everyday experience of the world, except for the relatively less chaotic external input.

Anyway, I did tried the video these days - and the part of "locking/homing in" my galactic location often threw me off balance. I assumed that's because of my personal mythos on the existence of non-benevolent beings (not necessarily "evil" ones, I can expand on this if interested) and lowered my guard, but still didn't had results. Aside for falling asleep once. No dreams this time tho

Reading at the end of last thread, it seems that this method is mostly for "receiving confirmation of ET beings", correct?

I had quite a few confirmations on my own. Especially against the widely-spread (apparently, and for my surprise) concept that "ETs are all evil demons". I'm not looking for "confirmation" or "proof of non-malevolence", been way past that for a while now, but direct contact and/or chat instead of merely "mind/thought downloads".

OR something good to do with those downloads. That works too

Anonymous ID: f20fd0 2018-10-25 22:36:07Z No. 3604053


Performer for performer; one will listen to one that pleases the most. DW annoys me sometimes, but the few others I know annoy me even more overall. I mean, I can't even participate in those collective kumbaya for I can't meditate, so to help I need to die and hope to be reborn with a different brain chemistry?

Aside that, his crew is aligned with other stuff and people I've been researching for a while in my own field, so I'll read/watch what his guys have to say, at least for now. Maybe confirmation bias, but oh well, the others I've seen don't really have much appeal




Interesting, thought that CG's move to trademark was really weird, so that's why he did it. Didn't really liked Rice at first, but will give a chance and take another look on what he's up to.

Anonymous ID: ab2445 2018-10-26 01:39:50Z No. 3606398


Do you have a passing interest in research? Can you contribute something of value that is not pure attack on disclosure people?

Anonymous ID: da1d71 2018-10-26 04:29:34Z No. 3608286

What does anon consider a validation of contact?

1 Flashing lights

2 Booms

3. Dream experiences

4. Trance/meditative experiences

5 Physical exchanges

What would constitute consenus and then acceptable inquiry in various 'meta' phenomena?

Mass movements don't seem to happen on individual conscious levels.

What is the ideal which is projected forward to potientate the process?

Seriously, if ones own experiences justify the process of seeking further, what use is recognition or even acceptance of your very experience. It seems self defeating.

Anonymous ID: 3dc99f 2018-10-26 06:29:46Z No. 3609148


Whatever makes anon approximate the truth with greater accuracy.

Sometimes it takes quite a lot to make someone believe. And it's not easy. We are not logical beings… for example even though I got all the proof you'd need (sightings, telepathic contact, online research, coincidences…), I still get so enmeshed in this 3D world it's like wow who cares there's a massive orbital fleet of Federation Motherships full of awesome dudes and hot girls watching us RIGHT NOW, lemme just continue with my <insert outdated antics here>.

It's just so individual at the moment… bring up disclosure and heavier media attention and you'll get something… until then it's gonna be just like Tucker Carlson said - "Apparently this is not big news somehow but UFOs are real". :DDD

But we are sloooowly getting there as a collective, by whatever means, and it's going to be very nice so I trust the Light and don't worry :-)

Oh and let's be perfectly clear with something, every single reputable source agrees that positive Pleiadians are real and the positive ET Galactic Federation (union of other positive races) is real and my experience (and other contactees' experience) proves that beyond any shadow of a doubt, so I take those basic 100k+ altitude facts as completely TRUE, that's why I tend to reference them a lot. When you got some key facts nailed down then you can rest assured you are very close to the Truth. Proof in past breads as well as your own mind and backyard. /rant

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-10-26 09:12:34Z No. 3609973


>Do you have a passing interest in research? Can you contribute something of value that is not pure attack on disclosure people?

Things we do have proof of:

-David Wilcock once claimed that he was a time traveler from the future.

-Corey's previous employer has a restraining order against him.

-Corey and David charge as much as $250+ for Intel at conferences.

-Most content is behind some sort of paywall at some point.

-Corey and David often ask for donations.

-Corey supports his family regardless of being unemployed.

-Wilcock was wrong about 2012.

-Wilcock was wrong about Y2K.

-Wilcock used to claim to be a channeler but now denies it.

-Neither Goode nor Wilcock have any background in physics or astronomy despite making bold claims about the universe.

-Corey responds poorly to criticism.

-Neither Goode nor Wilcock allow themselves to be interviewed by mainstream outlets or skeptics.

-Corey spends a lot of time "marketing" himself and creating an image.

-Neither Corey or David can produce any credible documentation to support any of their fantastic claims.

My friends… there's a difference between belief and trust.

You can believe anything you want, it doesn't make it true.

You can only trust what you see with your own two eyes.

Be careful who you BELIEVE.

Be careful who you TRUST.

Patriots don't put paywalls in front of information.

Patriots share information FREELY.

Do you really BELIEVE that "The Grand Counsel of Ascended Masters" would choose someone like Corey as their "Chosen One"?

I do not.

I absolutely DO NOT.

"Well, I might as well get paid for doing my mission" - Corey Goode

Anonymous ID: b2fb40 2018-10-26 09:16:22Z No. 3609984


Alien/UFO thread is about evidence regarding those things. It goes against common societal programming and seeks to find as much proof and facts as possible.

You take info from individuals, cross reference it, see if it checks out and then make your own judgement. Verifiable info is checked wherever applicable.

Attacking X or Y famous person is NOT RESEARCH.

Anonymous ID: b2fb40 2018-10-26 09:22:50Z No. 3610008

The reason you see some people advocating conscious contact is because lo and behold, it fucking works. I can attest to that as well as many others. I did this before I even knew who <insert famefag here> was.

The question I'm asking myself is, why am I even replying to shills. I guess it's not to let the thread get drowned in trash too much.

Anonymous ID: 7fd13b 2018-10-26 09:25:12Z No. 3610015


I hardly see that as an attack.

I think it's important to know where information is coming from.

Many people will say to judge only the message not the messenger.

I choose to judge both.

Cross referencing "data" from people with no sauce still = no sauce.

Just because 2/3/4 so called "SSP insiders" claim something, it doesn't mean it's true.

Be careful who and where you get your information.

Anonymous ID: da1d71 2018-10-26 14:22:41Z No. 3611523


I look at the development of choice as being the primary concern. I can appreciate collective awareness enabling more open contact.

The zeal of some to acheive it seems to overshadow the real focus of humanity onto


Back in 2012, bunch of channelers were talking about a 'split'. IMHO, the tension created by proving experiences, once released will pretty much bisect a larger shared reality. The whole post disclosure thing, I guess. There's apparent gradients of reality people operate on. At this point media attention… I dont think its gonna cha ge much. Albeit the benefit of experiencer recognition will have an ordering effect to positive reality.

'Disclosure' seems to be about a large section of the population accepting there is something they dont understand (because they won't).

I feel I can comfortably say the forms of sexual attraction of humanity are not generally shared among ETs. They operate with a partial melded mind. People generally aren't so willing to frame things like such.

I'll review the breads. Lets not forget the ordering effect of experiencers already has a great effect on what some consider 'disclosure'


Anonymous ID: 566eff 2018-10-26 15:30:16Z No. 3612212


Jason Rice has really been put through the wringer

And he's really held his own

This anon just really feels that Goode and Sather haven't given him a fair shake

In fact, they've been pretty hostile towards the guy

Pretty much making their feelings that they think Rice is LARPin' publicly known

From before [Goode] and right after Rice's first Cosmic Disclosure episode aired [Sather]

After "evaluating" Rice as a phony, and pretty much shafting him, Sather then tweets his advice about who Rice should and shouldn't be "cozying up to"?

Yeah, I thought it was a bit questionable that Rice did an interview with someone who really comes across as disinfo shill, but his ability to withstand some of the toughest scrutiny I've seen any alleged SSP whistlerblower/insider face speaks volumes

Goode, Rice and Sather are all well aware of and following Q, and possibly lurking here right now

"They want you DIVIDED…"


or, where we go one we go cabal?

Now think about this logically…

Option A: Corey Goode pursues legal action against SOME individuals (e.g. Jason Rice) for using terms he's tried to copyright, but not others (e.g. Randy Cramer and Tony Rodriguez)

That would make him a gatekeeper

If you're on Goode's good side–if he thinks you're legit, or just wants to give you a pass to use the “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, and “countless other topics and areas of interest” in your broadcasts, then it's all g homie

But if you ain't on Goode's good side, you may end up getting sued

In other words, it would demonstrate that Goode plays favorites

Why should Goode have the right to intimidate/police/bully all alleged insiders/whistlerblowers talking 'SSP'?

Option B: Corey Goode pursues legal action against ALL individuals for using terms he's tried to copyright

That make him a HUGE douche, and I feel like he would quickly lose most of his support from the community

There are a considerable number of people with online podcasts, presentations, blog posts etc. about the 'SSP' topic

Getting a cease and desist letter or being slapped with a lawsuit just for using the term "Secret Space Program" as part of your testimony or including it in the title of a video you upload is pretty draconion

Option C: Corey Goode pursues NO legal action against anyone for using terms he's tried to copyright, and perhaps going so far as to drop the copyright claims and issuing a public apology

As tough as it can be to admit when you're wrong, I think that this option is not only in the best interest of the community at large, but also in Goode's best interest

I can respect him if he comes out and says he made a mistake, we're only human. It would be hard for me to continue to respect him if he's attacking (via legal threats and lawsuits) all these other perfectly decent seeming self-proclaimed SSP insiders/whistlerblowers, and in essence, limiting the disclosure dialogue and discouraging others from stepping forward

Option D: ???



Anonymous ID: da1d71 2018-10-26 16:12:43Z No. 3613001

How do you classify experiencers?

It seems the scope of genectic alterations should the main criteria. Although the effects of contact have other perculations, this is the easiest.

Mainly, you have those with genectic predispositions; born with them. Then you have those who were altered while already incarnate.

Then you have a function of awareness of their genectic potential. You have organic awareness based on normative development. You have tramautic development and sub associational development.

ETs in the last two are interested parties, most especially the third.

Alterations occur: unconsciously, sub-consciously and consciously.

Between two populations successive generations bleds the genetic stock. Consider alterations as adaptations. Consider navigating a different type of environment (psychic, at least).

Anon, waiting for the scientific research after periphreal collective consenus will be what causes the domino effect.

All the demagogues are really just a show.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-26 16:49:35Z No. 3613681


CE itself is a scale of "Close Encounter" types. There are theorized ce-6 and ce-7, but ce-5 is defined as

Human Initiated Contact with ETI

It is a way means of empowering individuals with the tools needed to think critically and get to the bottom of the truth about the alien cover-up, whereas most of the non ce5 infotainment does not encourage critical thought or evidence based reasoning.

For this reason it is why to question the accuracy and motive of those who shill ce-5 and promote folks like jason rice and corey goode.

That said plenty of people on my own ce5 team eat that propaganda up like hotcakes. They also tend to vote liberal if that tells you anything.

Evidence based reasoning and the ability to solve the alien mystery without outside input is always your best friend.

I was one of those that never had a ufo sighting or et encounter until doing ce-5. Most of us are not as fortunate as you.

Without it, many people get lost in endless rabbit holes like laura eisenhower (see video)

Anonymous ID: da1d71 2018-10-26 17:50:52Z No. 3614649


Its interesting people with no prior contact would seek to get involved. Then misunderstanding the phenomena seems a matter of course.

My contact started with semi-conscious and nonconsensual genectic alterations. If you imagine playing a piano, but you are the piano and someone's playing it you might begin to understand.

Subsequent OBE's.

Painfullly attempting to understand what happened.

Physicl craft sighting.

Being mental unstable

Physical contact.

Learning to assimilate unwanted new perceptions.

Understanding you're now at variant with how most people think.

I guess ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous ID: 2771a1 2018-10-26 19:11:47Z No. 3615794

BO: can we get a John Titor dig thread organized? I got a spoopy feeling about this.

>In his posts John Titor often entertained, enraged, frightened and belittled those who engaged him in mostly one-sided conversation.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 07:07:00Z No. 3623902

Blue pill = jason rice, corey goode, ufology et. al

Red pill = Test the ce-5 hypothesis and decide for yourself. Trust yourself and only yourself.

"The choice to know the truth will be yours" - Q Clearance Patriot

"It doesn't matter if you are a scientist or buffoon, anyone can do the CE-5 protocols" - Steven Greer

Disclosure belongs to We The People. It is your birthright to know the truth, Anons. You would not be reading this message on an unindexed internet research board if you were not intelligent and more than fully capable of getting to the truth ON YOUR OWN. We can only take you so far. The rest is up to you. Test the hypothesis. You have more than you know.

Anonymous ID: 55b67d 2018-10-27 07:36:41Z No. 3624042


Isn't red pill = disinhibitively talking to the girl at the bar whose facial structure and hair/eye colour are appealing to you?

Anonymous ID: 69323a 2018-10-27 09:22:07Z No. 3624577


So… Is is this same guy we can expect over 100+ posts of promoting Greer on here?

The guy who won't answer any questions about his NWO Rockefeller cabal stooge?

This is already getting really old really fast.

I guess we just have to watch him do the exact same shit and dominate this thread and promote all his own notables again.

No one cares about the cseti manual or your elitist classifications, "muh expert".

Can't you push Greer on reddit or something?

You're just driving all the same rehashed shit from last thread down our throats.

This is getting old.

Anonymous ID: 69323a 2018-10-27 09:46:38Z No. 3624679


I don't care much for Jordan Sather anymore.

He's just parroting David Wilcock and Corey Goode so he can tap into their fanbase to get more money.

Jordan Sather had very few followers until he started to parasitically latch onto them and cover the Q material.

The kid wreaks of "paytriotism".

He also doesn't understand half the shit he's talking about, he just reguritates it with enough confidence to sell it.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:47:13Z No. 3625531


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:51:29Z No. 3625541

post got messed up bc the entire board is under attack

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:52:40Z No. 3625549


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:53:55Z No. 3625554


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:54:37Z No. 3625562


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:55:15Z No. 3625572


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:57:59Z No. 3625593



Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 14:59:40Z No. 3625607



Anonymous ID: 298b65 2018-10-27 14:59:58Z No. 3625609

https://pittsburgh.cbslocal. com/2018/10/27/heavy-police-presence-near-synagogue-in-squirrel-hill/

More FFs

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-27 15:00:26Z No. 3625615


Remember, this only represents the small percentage of ce5'ers who voluntarily put their info on the!


Anonymous ID: cf41b3 2018-10-27 18:54:20Z No. 3627710

I don't post much just wanted to drop some informative video. that's realted

Anonymous ID: a9abb8 2018-10-28 01:44:14Z No. 3632643

Okay, why is Israel so fucking important? Why is everyone killing each other over a sandy patch of dirt? Is there secretly a fucking stargate in a Jerusalem basement or something?

Anonymous ID: e21d95 2018-10-28 02:01:12Z No. 3632852

I AM the catalyst for creation as are you. Although I have chosen one and you have chosen another we still come from the same. Why does one question his own sanity in periods of disarray? For the organized are the insane! A grand puzzle master never starts with a finished image. It takes true skill to find meaning behind fragments. You are the fragments creating the picture that is love. You are the light that shines on the table of truth so the grand constructs of the universe can piece together the complex image that is creation.

Do you understand the secrets of the 9?

Or why Osirus was the black god?

Have you secured the lamp and wand of initiation?

If you are true priest of the temple of Solomon you will speak without fear your words will be powerful in the spiritual kingdom and the breath of god will follow the utterances of your mouth. And the power of the earth and heavens will be obedient to you. There is no where to go outside of the self, in the sympathy of silence within you are the infinite intelligence that is orchestrating all of creation. When was it that we began to stop seeking answers and begin asking questions brother? Know yourself and all that is unknown will be known.

Anonymous ID: 675bf0 2018-10-28 02:05:51Z No. 3632899

Dont know if logging UFO sightings is wanted but southern Indiana about 20 miles outside of Louisville

Roughly 9:45 PM black disc flying rapidly north to south about 20,000 feet silent mach level speeds no noise at all.. was outside watching Leonid meteor shower.

Anonymous ID: 37b885 2018-10-28 02:56:07Z No. 3633476


do you mean the orionids? which peaked last weekend? the leonids peak mid-november this year…

Anonymous ID: dfe1c6 2018-10-28 02:59:47Z No. 3633517

Aliens = Demons

Omitted books

Ancient texts

They are manifestations

Why is abduction not a pleasant, enlightening experience?

Everything you know about ET is from satan worshipping Pedowood

Everything your parents and your parents parents know is the same

You know only what ((THEY)) want you to know about ANY of it

Not to mention Netflix produced bullshit Greer documentary AFTER Rice already started working there

Why not dig deep on Netflix?

Who are the players?

Anon reach knows no bounds

There is a real war going on between forces of good and evil right NOW

Anons should be fighting more important battles

If we find out otherwise, so be it, but ET debate, while interesting, does not do anything to help the cause

So get Kirk's dick out of your hand and get back to digging and memeing

Election is two weeks away

Scifag all you want after we've won

Anonymous ID: 7c5618 2018-10-28 03:08:53Z No. 3633596


Fuck off demonfag, you're doing even less than you're claiming we're doing, by coming here and shitting on our section of digging. Everyone follows the general and then digs on the things that interest them, that's why anons are so efficient. Maybe we haven't turned up much yet, but at least we know that we're not missing anything, which is just as important when collecting and organizing information.

I think it's safe to say that many of us who follow the alien threads out of interest are also spending the majority of our time on other digs.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 03:13:47Z No. 3633650

just noticed the link to /disclosure/ #3 is still linked in /qresearch/.

maybe that means you guys did a really good job and should keep up the good work.

Disclosure now belongs to the Patriots!!

Anonymous ID: 675bf0 2018-10-28 03:21:11Z No. 3633734


Damn it was last weekend… I was seeing major light anomalies looked like a meteor shower to me searched and found an article…

You were right on the name… I do still stand by my sighting and now the unannounced shooting stars. About 30 streaks an hour

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 03:22:01Z No. 3633741


Beyond CE-5, if we really wanted to do POTUS and the patriots a favor, I think we should dig USAPS. Not SAPs, but the black ops that are outside white hat control.

I would really like to be able to help the president in this way. Unfortunately I don't really know how - hoping autists will pick up on this.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-28 04:20:51Z No. 3634534


Yep, Light is the material of thought. People just don't know how to appreciate it.

Those utterances go back to primates who noises formed uni-message networks. Primates developed tonality (signal) of the sound. The symbol-sound correspondence was for the most part was not a natural development in the human psyche. Tonality through genetic manipulation came to have loose correspondence with the ability to abstract space.

The real basis of cognitive psychology on our (side of the) tree of life came for the development of lungs in amphibians.

You also have an terminal trunk of the dinosaurs consciousness undulations.

(BTW, The tree of life is analogous to the evolutionary tree. People can't navigate because they can't trace the paths.)

Geometric symbols are useless to most people who can't induct them into a visualization. Visualizing space for most people is difficult

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 04:55:55Z No. 3635029


August 27th 2018 Listen with audio!!

"I was there/filmed it and cant stop watching this one. My friends reaction to how real contact can get is priceless. The beautiful beings will only give you what your ready for and never intrude on free will."

WWG1WGA world patriots

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 04:57:30Z No. 3635054


Audio is epic. October 21, 2018

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 04:59:40Z No. 3635078


His audio hits me in the feels every time. Craft is on the move and powering up. "Thank you, yeah, thank you!" haha

August 18, 2018

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 05:01:10Z No. 3635096


October 20th 2018

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 05:04:10Z No. 3635115


10/14/2018 "Light 'er up, yeeaaaah light 'er up!" "I've got the energy do you? Let's both power up" !!!!

19 power ups.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-28 06:08:40Z No. 3635698


I'm sure someone will eventually figure out how to account for the cascading effect of adaptions over iterations or even reactions.

Anonymous ID: 6bfc32 2018-10-28 06:15:45Z No. 3635757

Is it really neccessary to consecutively post five times in a row? Even though I support CE-5, this is still spamming. Thank you.

Anonymous ID: 48a43d 2018-10-28 07:00:30Z No. 3636068

>>3635078 saw one of these tonight 10/27/18 west of louisville KY about 22:30

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 15:43:33Z No. 3638804

Global CE-5 this coming saturday

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 15:49:34Z No. 3638863

Antigrav Demonstrated in Laboratory in 1927

"No fucking nazi's were involved in this experiment"

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 15:54:47Z No. 3638922

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies

Delivered to Hussein in 2009. Lot of good that did… NOT

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 16:12:48Z No. 3639092

Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong

circa 2010, Steven Aftergood

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 16:19:36Z No. 3639155

Invention Secrecy Still Rising in the Age of Trump

Nov 16, 2017

"A total of 5,784 patent applications remained subject to invention secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 17, according to new data provided by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The secrecy orders, issued under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, restrict disclosure of patent applications considered to be “detrimental to national security” if published."

"Most invention secrecy applies to inventions involving technology relevant to military applications, but the full scope of the invention secrecy program is not described in public documents."

Let us be cognizant of the fact that 20% efficient solar panels were classified under invention secrecy laws have a century ago. This is bullshit. Something needs to be done.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 16:27:47Z No. 3639245

Scientific Model of Conscious Holographic Universe

Show this to new age types so they can understand wtf they are talking about from now on…. A scientific model for explaining the veracity of multiple dimensions and consciousness. ET understands this well.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-28 16:31:02Z No. 3639281

Draft Disclosure Speech for World Leaders

Is your country well represented in the CE-5 Ambassadors by Country graphics posted above? TAKE THIS TO YOUR LEADER

"My fellow Americans/ My fellow Russians/ And all the citizens of earth:

It has come to our attention that Extraterrestrial civilizations of great technological advancement have been visiting the earth for some time.

While their presence likely dates from very ancient times, the modern era since WW II has seen a large increase in sightings and interactions with these advanced life forms and their spacecraft.

It must be emphasized that they appear to pose no threat to humanity or earth, but instead are quite concerned about our own unchecked war -making capabilities and violence, combined with our early attempts at the exploration of space.

Since the dawn of the nuclear era, these extraterrestrial civilizations have made concerted efforts to do reconnaissance at all known space and nuclear facilities. In some cases these facilities have been penetrated by ET craft and our nuclear missiles rendered inoperable. Such incursions appear designed to warn us not to use these world-destroying nuclear weapons and are not acts of hostility.

They also appear concerned with the rapid decay of our biosphere and environment and the extinction of many species on earth.

Since World War II there have been extremely secretive programs studying the energy , communication and propulsion systems of these ET spacecraft.

It is time for us to disclose these momentous scientific findings to you.

These technologies have the potential- if used only for peaceful purposes- to give us a new and sustainable civilization on earth, free of poverty and pollution within a generation.

However, if used for destructive and violent purposes these same technologies could end our civilization.

For this and other reasons the strictest secrecy has surrounded the study of these extraterrestrial technologies.

But the time has arrived for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the universe. And it is time for humanity to become a mature, peaceful civilization and take its place in the cosmos with other advanced peoples from other star systems.

To this end, I call on the world community, other world leaders and all the people of earth to come together and begin this new era on earth.

We must make open, peaceful contact and initiate diplomatic ties to these other worlds. We must do this as children of earth and not just one nation. All nations and people of earth must be represented and empowered in this process.

We must commit to keeping all weapons out of space and going only into space for peaceful purposes that benefit all of humanity.

We must bring forth these advanced energy and propulsion technologies so that the world’s environment and people benefit. We must all agree to never allow these new technologies to be used as weapons of war.

And we must commit amongst ourselves that if any nation or group attempts to use these technologies for violent or destructive purposes, every nation and people on earth will rise up to immediately stop it.

We face a choice: If we do nothing, our environment and civilization will degrade and we may face extinction. If we use this new knowledge and science for war and destruction we will also surely perish.

But if we establish a world of peace, humanity can now advance as a civilization that is sustainable, just and worthy of exploring the universe.

This is the singular and great challenge of our generation: to establish world peace, and to create a new sustainable civilization. Once we have achieved this foundation of peace and justice, we have learned that these other worlds will welcome us in the cosmos with open arms and hearts.

So, my fellow citizens of earth, let us work together to achieve the destiny of humanity: An enlightened, peaceful world that joins her place among the other people of the cosmos.

For this is the only possible good future for humanity. It is time for us to unite as a people and create that good future – NOW."

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-28 17:01:44Z No. 3639588

Well, there is certainly no reason for anyone to actually follow GRIERFAG and give him money now is there…since he is here posting mountains of bullshit and completely taking over the board… When is the GAIAFAG going to show up with all their blue chicken people cgi? Simply ask yourself if you think the lights that grier is showing you could be made by people… What do you think? I have not seen a convincing one yet tbh.

Gaia Nonsense. Had they actually been describing real events they would all have been killed long ago… Look at Assange. He has not released anything NEARLY as groundbreaking as Gaia/Grier is claiming yet they just walk aroud like normal people. That should tell you something. WHY are they not being chased around the world and running for their lives… Muh deadman switch (Grier claims). Nope. Not a chance. That would not be enough, sorry to say.

Next. If there is a guy here pushing these 1-2 themes (Grier/Gaia) you have to ask yourself WHY are they pushing it SO HARD? Is it really so important that some random fucker meditates at the right time that its worth it to blow up this board? It kinda doesn't make sense… Why is Grier linked to the Rockefellers. What does that tell you? It should tell you something. Why is Grier linked to Podesta? This should tell you something… Maybe all this is real but I feel a VAST chasm of skepticism needs to be applied to these two outfits for the above reasons.

We simply do not have enough information to KNOW what is going on. Lights being shone around during a meditation or a story told by an actor on a stage set about fantastic stuff that has zero proof is not anything more than what I just described.

Anonymous ID: 16b868 2018-10-28 17:03:31Z No. 3639601


>You are making the right connections.

Anonymous ID: 62647f 2018-10-28 17:08:39Z No. 3639656

CE-5 is psyops to derail from actually topic

psyops came into action after Q lmao cump

notice the pattern

also, what about all the other crumps? pic somewhat relevant

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-28 19:25:29Z No. 3640952


How many people who watch/ talk about Gaia actually have any academic credentials?

Why TTSA want to create fiction surrounding UAP?

Fascists/Communists learned given the right set of emotions and reinforcement any perception can be justified. You eliminate people with prior values

Anonymous ID: d5b492 2018-10-28 20:00:09Z No. 3641392

this ce-5 shit seems like you're summon demons; this is also very cult like. And free energy? I am sure we have some really great hidden tech, but free energy has never made any sense to me AT ALL.

it also doesn't make square with why the gov't would want to make fake aliens the ultimate false enemy

Anonymous ID: 56a4e7 2018-10-28 20:34:25Z No. 3641817


Start getting into the Jordan Sather ties to Wilcock, Goode, and BlueAvian trash. Fun rabbit hole.

Anonymous ID: 56a4e7 2018-10-28 20:36:18Z No. 3641831


All lightworker babble is pure luciferic occulto-garbage.

Anonymous ID: 917ecf 2018-10-28 20:45:50Z No. 3641929


Pew smells like nastee clowns (to include Jordan Sather) making up fake ufo chit so they can bank off of stupid believers to me.

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-10-28 21:48:37Z No. 3642662


Sauce or aka origin of the infographic?

Thank you!

Anonymous ID: 98dd40 2018-10-28 22:46:06Z No. 3643436

This (above) has to be the saddest shill attempt ever. Wow.

Anonymous ID: 5a68a8 2018-10-29 00:18:58Z No. 3644555

The kicker with the cover up is humanity has made unneeded concessions because our governments concern for their image in deals with other races.

Anonymous ID: 7f40a6 2018-10-29 04:08:56Z No. 3647275

Can anyone confirm Arcturians look like this?

Anonymous ID: 7c5618 2018-10-29 04:18:05Z No. 3647346


What kind of response are you expecting?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-29 05:55:33Z No. 3648154


Did you attempt to connect with the occupants via consciousness or any other means?

Anonymous ID: ece080 2018-10-29 05:57:55Z No. 3648174

Many believe I know the secret of the Elixir of Life,

lay hidden in a place which depicts Earth's final destiny.

Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem

"We who hold ourselves up for display

and we who dance demons away

We who ambile to hold sway

and we whose sculpting hands mold clay

We, whose ambition brings new light

and we whose knowledge breeds insight

We, who master self to gain might

decide who is tribute, and who is trite…

and are burned at stakes for fool's delight."

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-29 06:00:08Z No. 3648185


Here is the sauce of OP graphic. Thanks for pointing this out, anon.

Contact and the Cosmos

re: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-29 06:05:00Z No. 3648226


Narrative battle is real. We won the last thread. Stay the fight brother.

Anonymous ID: dbaebf 2018-10-29 06:38:59Z No. 3648494


William Tompkins has hours of interviews of his involvement in SOLAR WARDEN, as well as documents to back up his testimony (see below for a few)

Only posting this in response to this post, because you asked, "anyone have other info on Solar Warden", and none of the responses thus far had mentioned his name, and he is one of, if not the single best source of intel we have on this subject, being a sanctioned intelligence dissemination via the US Navy…

Solar Warden was not the first SSP but it really got going in the 80's and a lot of the Star Wars program $$$ went to fund it, bigly.

Anonymous ID: 98dd40 2018-10-29 06:45:20Z No. 3648541


I don't know. I think most are blue?

Only thing I know for sure is that they are an advanced positive Federation race.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-29 06:50:06Z No. 3648577


Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-10-29 08:12:30Z No. 3649081


Some are blue. Some are white. Some are orange. Some are 30 feet tall. Many different species of Arcturans.>>3648541 This person assumes blue because he/she is going off of the google pictures. Never had real contact.

Anonymous ID: dbaebf 2018-10-29 08:18:10Z No. 3649114



I am a born again Christian.

This topic fascinates me because I know the reality/truth of ET's and the Secret Space Programs, and yet, I have simultaneously experienced the Truth and the Life that is found in the Living Testimony of Jesus Christ and following this Way. Communing and experiencing a personal relationship with God/LOGOS is truly fulfilling!

I do not believe all aliens and ETs are demons, although some do appear to be vampiric, invisible, and non-corporeal in nature. AI is also a real "beauty" (DJT sarcasm).

However, I do not take the commandments of Jesus Christ lightly, and I believe (with child-like faith) that He is coming back to this sphere again. The nature of this Second Coming can be debated, but I think it is more than a "Christ Consciousness" notion. People will bow and call him Lord, and he will say He never knew them. I suspect this will be because they never feared Him and surrendered to Him before He came back… He will spit out that which is Luke warm, etc.

Generally speaking, I think we have an interesting and uncommon situation on our world. A lot of planets throughout Creation were probably never commandeered by fallen angels who rebelled against their Boss. Our planet needed saving- it needed a Redeemer and a Savior, because our people fell from perfect innocence, and we contracted with pure evil, interbreeding, genetic modification, slave trading, etc. up to our present day.

Ultimately however, I believe this stuff comes down to the notion of "Harvest", wherein the angels - celestial beings such as cherubim and seraphim (SSP acknowledges their reality) will be the reapers of our souls before the sun sneezes and scorches up all that is on the surface of this sphere. It has been mentioned before that beings exist who are responsible for the "management and transfer of planetary populations" in our Local Cluster, and I am just wondering how much of this SSP intel is going to go public before the Rapture/Great Solar Flash/Harvest comes about… Nobody can know the day, but “two will be walking, and one will be taken,” for example.

According to the Law of One there can and will likely be multiple harvests. 3rd density, 4th density service to self, 4th density service to others, 5th density service to self, and 5th density service to others.

Honestly, and I am theorizing here, but I think a lot of earthly surface dwelling people who are of service to others but are not necessarily an innocent Child of God will be the 4th density service-to-other harvest. They love others, and serve others, even more than themselves, but perhaps they have too much experience and knowledge to be considered innocent.

The most innocent individuals I can imagine are those Christians who do not love money or have a lot of money, but they do love the One Infinite Creator so much. They are blissfully ignorant of the topic of Secret Space Programs, and all they want to do is rejoice in worship and point that Glory back to Creation, Jesus Christ, and the One infinite Creator. They love their spouse, their kids, their neighbors, and are primarily concerned with obeying the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, because they know how real His love is, and essentially they concern themselves with spiritually red-pilling people by spreading the Word and being His ambassadors, pleading with people to accept the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ for all their shortcomings, thereby achieving newness and becoming a new creation, worthy of "salvation" and "everlasting life".

Additionally, from what I understand Corey Goode has said about his encounters with other beings, they bow in reverence to the simple mention of the name Jesus Christ, so clearly JC pulls his own weight for the One Infinite Creator, and Beings all throughout the vastness of space pay Him homage/big league props.

As a born again Christian, I feel like when this intel comes out, a big part of my job will be to marry it with Christians own beliefs so they do not become contaminated with the preprogrammed fear that exists on this subject.

I believe the Kingdom of Heaven (outer space?) is fit for Children of God. The last will be first and the first will be last… Our hearts will be judged, so for all the anons out there, I would say that what has helped me is to remember to keep one's heart light as a feather, even though this intel is heavy, and never lose that child like faith and wonder!

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-10-29 08:20:16Z No. 3649132


Stop saying Arcturians. The "ians" was added by human intelligence falsehoods to add to discrediting programs. Just like Pleadians. Once you add the "ee" sound you make folklore of the sound. Also the humans who do have contact with these beings will use this pronunciation after being messed with by the EMCI's we have. We meaning humans. Not we meaning an Arcturan System monitoring human information boards.

Anonymous ID: e8a70c 2018-10-29 08:46:39Z No. 3649277



Anonymous ID: e8a70c 2018-10-29 08:47:49Z No. 3649287



Anonymous ID: 64da8c 2018-10-29 11:38:08Z No. 3649931


ok so basically, we hu-mans need to be vegan or else they will not think we are civilized and we will smell like shit, because when we eat meat, we have parasitic nematodes inside our gut, which because they are a parasitic, occupying our physiological vessel, they meddle with our consciousness, malevolently.

Eat like Vulcans and prosper…

Anonymous ID: 98d440 2018-10-29 16:17:36Z No. 3651674

Disclosure is being heavily controlled by the cabal. Greer and others are disinfo agents responsible for stage-managing our awakening to the realities of other dimensions. Any 'disclosure' that doesn't include the reality of other dimensions/densities, the illusion of time as we think we know it, and the importance of raising our consciousness over mastering new nuts and bolts technologies as the way to progress is probably mostly disinfo and can be safely ignored. The idea that all craft are benign is also happy clappy poppycock, as is any prediction of an 'invasion', peaceful or otherwise. The unpalatable secret truth that they don't want you to know is that we have already been invaded and our so-called leaders have sold us out by choosing to align with negative entities who essentially want to farm humanity: we are food for them, energetically but also literally. They have interfered with us genetically, and influenced our religions as a means of brainwashing. This ties in to the the satanic blood lust of the cabal, of course. Knowledge protects, which is why they want us confused.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-10-29 16:25:37Z No. 3651746


>Eat like Vulcans and prosper…

Where's the sauce?

The credible source confirming this statement?

Are you speaking on behalf of The Ascended Masters?

No seriously… some sauce, because this is dry.

You're not doing a very good job of making chimichanga's great again fren!

If I could think of one reason to implode an entire planet, it would be one where choice is not presented.

>The problem is choice. - Neo

Anonymous ID: c05d55 2018-10-29 19:15:33Z No. 3653583



So what do you know about Aliens?

Do reptilians really exist? What proof do we have besides disinformant CG's or DW's memes?

Anonymous ID: ff4b75 2018-10-29 23:02:02Z No. 3656180


>annoys me sometimes

>move to trademark really weird

>didn't really like



Here some research for you, biofield healing by tuning fork. Untie your knots and reduce soy intake

Anonymous ID: 0a4e4f 2018-10-30 01:50:12Z No. 3658331

==CE5 Primary Documentation== with heavens above satellite tracking app


Anonymous ID: 692c76 2018-10-30 02:51:21Z No. 3659185


Welcome to THE most shilled topic in the history of discussions worldwide.

If we could declassify the files Q was referring to, we'd have a much easier time with this. And reading the files would reveal some very familiar information.

Anonymous ID: 692c76 2018-10-30 03:04:35Z No. 3659395

reposting from bread:

>On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, the mysterious Q Anon revealed that we are not alone in the universe, and that we do indeed have a Secret Space Program.

>The very next day after the announcement, we saw the untimely death of Karl Wolfe on October 10th, followed by Bob Dean the day after, on October 11th.

>Karl Wolfe reported on anomalous structures he saw on the moon at the original 2001 Disclosure Project, and Bob Dean was a veteran of the Secret Space Program.


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-30 03:43:52Z No. 3659904


Any understanding of ET bullshit has an implicit notion that people don't understand. Their emotional projection is interpreted thru the planetary references of mind.

Dude, most people can't sit still for more than 10 minutes without being on their fucking phone.

Let me restate people know aliens thru their own projections. That begs the question how well does this person know their own projections unto the "illusion".

Let me suggest looking up what alien means. If you have a frame of reference then it's not truly alien.

The question is then which references you use to define the beings in question. I'm not coping out the real question. Besides the visual screen people operate on, there's not consistent emprical evidence. (besides DfuckingA)

The real question is what shared references of generalized perception exist within the human condition which proves the phenomena. The answer is very few.

When beings cognize directly the concept of aliveness how do you explain such things with a perception it?

I feel like the question you're asking is "put things in this box then I'll believe it exists".

All in all, the answer is I know very very little. Also, Wilcock and Goode are dumbasses

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-30 04:50:59Z No. 3660663

Rough Draft Proposal to China for Joint CE5 Working Group

Very rough draft. Feel free to copy, emulate, simulate, and recreate in any way shape or form.

Dear President Xi Jinping

Humanity is at a crossroads. The time has come for the people of this beautiful planet to return to the stars. Will we choose the path of division, predicated on the illusion of boundaries drawn on a map? Or will we set aside our perceived differences and unite to choose the path of peace? As the emerging hedgemonic power of the foreseeable future, the fate of this planet and all of her children rests largely in China's hands. Time is of the essence.

We must immediately begin the task of creating a civilian based, trans-national exo-political dimplomatic initiative to promote lasting world peace, and mutual Extraterrestrial-Human communication based on universal principles of contact and exchange. Such an endeavour would act as a peaceful balance of power to the intensifying space militarization programs of our respective countries. To choose otherwise will inevitably result in chaos, war, and ultimately the destruction of our planet.

Although this endeavour is tantamount to securing world peace, and acceptance among the many space-faring species of the cosmos, it is not an expensive or complicated task. The first step is as simple as organizing a joint Chinese-American expedition comprised of civilian interstellar ambassadors, at a place and time of China's choosing.

The seeds for this initiative have been sown, world wide, over the past three decades. All that is remaining for our great countries to do is to water those seeds. We hope that China will allow our civilians to work together in this endeavour so that we may choose the path of peace and enlightenment for all people as humanity returns to the stars.


Anonymous ID: 692c76 2018-10-30 05:09:32Z No. 3660836


A commendable effort. This goes well with the offers to world leaders from positive ETs themselves regarding peace and disclosure.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-30 05:53:54Z No. 3661205


a fourth grader could have written this but thank you. at the end of the day a person doesn't have to have a 400 IQ to advance this objective.

Night world patriots!

Anonymous ID: c05d55 2018-10-30 07:09:16Z No. 3661614


That's what I was afraid of.


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-30 13:56:51Z No. 3663165


What concerns me about contact besides the genectic fuckery is the social experiments.

Our psychic conditioning and it's basis, collectively, are relatively vulnerable, comparatively. Some of these beings know how to make their thoughts become crystals, can form, modify and cut them with sound-like technology.

Humanity barely accepts that thoughts have substance. For the most our way of encoding our thoughts doesn't directly effect physical reality.Double whammy, is how we conceive of time with mostly a single dimension. But like how the Romans adopted the Greek culture, our emotional subtlety has far greater complexity. Thus there's social experiments.


>Our governments policy of secrecy forces unheeded concessions.

It won't effect the us directly, more like our children far down the line

Anonymous ID: ca17c5 2018-10-30 15:33:36Z No. 3663847


POSITIVE SPIRITUAL experience that very often ends in positive ET contact will clear any doubts regarding ETs for you. But spiritual development comes first and foremost, and by that I mean normal healthy life and sound mind, not those monstrosities you see with ritualistic and demonic rituals.

You have seen only one side of the world, and it's the Matrix one that is pulled over your eyes. The ways of thinking and value systems of most earth people are damaged, going to the Source changes that for the better.

Anonymous ID: c05d55 2018-10-30 15:43:06Z No. 3663916


> Some of these beings know how to make their thoughts become crystals, can form, modify and cut them with sound-like technology.


Anonymous ID: ca17c5 2018-10-30 15:57:41Z No. 3664040


An actual source would be good but this is common knowledge. Even today's science knows that thoughts create our reality (Dean Radin's experiments), this effect is even more pronounced in the higher realms.

Anonymous ID: 6bca09 2018-10-30 19:09:08Z No. 3665920

Not sure if it has been discussed by patriots who have non-refundable vacation plans for DC 11-11. Since there is NO PARADE to watch, has anyone considered attending Alien-Con in Baltimore that weekend?

Would love to know/ meet other pro-alien Q patriots there.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-30 19:50:31Z No. 3666388


You have to deal with alien problem in finding a source. The way this was moved into humanity's frame of reference was in the post WW2 in contacts with the Russians. It's non-specific information is in the public domain, already.(won't hear truly secret info from me cause I don't know it)

The purpose was perverted as the Russians tried to create a true psychic weapon though failing and created a psychotronic weapon.



Corollaries are generally difficult for people to see and understand. The government erecting boundaries on information makes the problem more difficult. I wanted to illustrate the general problem of psyche territory of humanity as a whole and the secrecy which in part baffles collective energy in cosmic-level dealings


The 'false-positivists' are the easy pawns. People who can't withstand 'real' information regress to their projections.


Anonymous ID: ed89fe 2018-10-30 20:13:50Z No. 3666626

What is this trash thread about, is it simply an advertisement for that seance peddler Greer?

What a crock of shit. Baker is full of shit.

Aliens are real. Demons are real.

Greer is peddling spiritual entities as real flesh and blood aliens.

Stupidfags will be stupid I suppose.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-30 20:29:46Z No. 3666844

best non lights-in-the-sky proof I have seen is this dude named Kyle Odom… This fucker shot some preacher 10 times with a 45ACP and the guy didn't die. Odom SAID the man would live and could not be killed. No matter what is done to him. Reverend Remington is some sort of fucking alien.

Go watch some gore videos of someone getting shot 1 time or 2 times with a 45ACP. let alone 10 times. You want to see some aliens, go hang out with that still alive Remington guy and see what you think.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-10-30 21:09:31Z No. 3667271


I'll take"Things that China will use against you for $500 Alex. Do you even follow Q bro?

Anonymous ID: ed8224 2018-10-30 21:18:58Z No. 3667334


The 38 post faggot is the same as the 111 post faggot from lb.

Faggot calls you a faggot if you don't buy into Rockefeller Greer shill.

Faggot dominates discussion.

Faggot creates thread.

Faggot fills it with his own notables.

Faggot pushes narrative.

Faggot does not follow Q.

Faggot has his own agenda.

When you are fishing into the infinite cosmos, be careful.

You never know if you're catching a fish or an alligator.

We have all "seen things".

At a distance.

What do we REALLY know?

>The more you learn, the less you know.

As soon as you THINK you KNOW something completely, you'll be proven wrong.

Many people claim to fully and completely "know" this and that about aliens and disclosure.

Only a select few sources from all of history can be relatively "trusted".

>Be careful who you follow.

Anonymous ID: ca17c5 2018-10-31 00:58:03Z No. 3669646



You have no idea what actual spirituality (a universal law, like the laws of physics) is.

You need to expand your thinking.


Few guys are very vocal about him. I don't do famefags but they do post very reliable and verifiable protocols that align very well with other digs.

Too bad it's shill central in here and you are probably the IP hopping shill I'm replying to as well.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-31 01:09:02Z No. 3669764


Anon, what do you know?

Continually expanding your thinking leads to psychosis.

Every thought is a series of electrochemical diffusions across a gradient. Maybe expand your thinking to understand that statement. Then try to think in systems of organizations greater than an attribute of bodily location


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-10-31 02:02:22Z No. 3670372


Positive perception of ET's is being selected for.

Anonymous ID: 50600d 2018-10-31 02:45:01Z No. 3670878

Why anyone who isn’t a shill would use Greer as their primary source of information is beyond me.

He is FED to the people.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-31 04:44:59Z No. 3672172


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-31 06:14:19Z No. 3672824



>>3599238 Past /Disclosure/ notables

>>3635029, >>3635054, >>3635078, >>3635096, >>3635115, >>3658331, CE-5 Primary Documentation

>>3610008, >>3625531, >>3625541, >>3625549, >>3625554, >>3625562, >>3625572, >>3625593, >>3625607, >>3625615, CE-5 Testimonials (And you can, too)

>>3599311, >>3599369, >>3599412, >>3599473, >>3633741, >>3648185, USAP related

>>3599355 Assumption of Non-Hostility when trying to make contact with E.T.

>>3601772, >>3602272, >>3624577, >>3639588, >>3651674, >>3666626, >>3667334, >>3670878 Shilling of Dr. Steven Greer

>>3623902 CE-5 Manual

>>3627710, >>3638863, Antigrav related

>>3638922, >>3639092, >>3639155, >>3656180, Suppressed Technologies incl. New Energy

>>3639245, >>3648185, Conscious Universe Scientific Model

>>3639281, >>3660663, Reusable Disclosure Letters/Speeches

Anonymous ID: ed8224 2018-10-31 11:49:13Z No. 3673950

I'm creating an Anon vote that the 40 post faggot is not in charge of collecting notables and creating the next bread so he can push his obvious agenda.

Above Majestic is now available worldwide!!
 Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-10-31 14:13:25Z No. 3674785

Hey Anons,

I’m surprised to not see this info posted regarding this movie, just released yesterday 10/30/18 yet. If it was posted elsewhere, please forgive me for any duplication made.

Please take time to watch this for a whole new perspective on life. Exposes history of the SSP, who some of the real goblins are and where we/humanity could be “post” Full Disclosure.

Q and Q+



Above Majestic is now available worldwide!!

Click here to watch on iTunes:
Click here to watch on Vimeo (Android):
Click here to watch on Amazon:…/B07JLZL5WF/ref=zg_bs_2958993011_10…

iTunes and Vimeo purchase includes over 4 hours of bonus material featuring David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Don't miss this shocking film that Facebook banned from their network!

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity. Viewers will be guided through taking a deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover-ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic.

Featuring some of the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers, and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure. This includes David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, William Tompkins, David Adair, Laura Eisenhower, Niara Isley, and Jordan Sather.

World Premiere - October 30th - Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, Vimeo, and Google Play

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-10-31 14:20:19Z No. 3674823

"Above Majestic"

This video makes a number of good points near the end.

Worth the Time to add to your Sphere of Wisdom.

>Be careful who you follow.

Anonymous ID: da92a7 2018-10-31 14:38:54Z No. 3674913


First time here. This is such comped bullshit!

Baker had 111 posts last bread.

Have fun idiot……40 and counting.


Anonymous ID: 40649c 2018-10-31 15:52:24Z No. 3675557

muh fake alien bs

Anonymous ID: 47fb51 2018-10-31 16:37:50Z No. 3675953


I baked previous breads. My goal is promoting Disclosure, that means spreading truth about extraterrestrial life and our place in the Universe despite liars, know-it-alls and people with outdated narrow thinking habits.

People with many posts have static IPs as well as frequent posting habits.

I much prefer people posting their own (sometimes verifiable) ET experiences to IP-hopping shills trying to argue and obfuscate the entirety of ET topic with semi-relevant claims and closed-minded opinons - ESPECIALLY after recent Q posts about us not being alone and having secret programs related to the Moon (possibly this -

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-10-31 18:26:18Z No. 3676994



In other words, leave the baker out of this. He isn't the one posting notables.

I'm not here to make friends.

I'm here to promote disclosure based on actual evidence, including mutual ET-human encounters based on universal principles of contact and exchange.

>SecDef Mattis was at the institute of "Peace" this week pitching for offensive weapons in space.

>Russian Army told to prepare for war

>Chinese Army told to prepare for war

CE-5 based disclosure is more necessary than ever and anyone can do it. End of story.


Anonymous ID: 0314d0 2018-10-31 22:52:26Z No. 3679757


> Wilcock and Goode are dumbasses

Redpill me on them. Anything that's proven to be inaccurate? I'm skeptic of them, would like to believe some of what they say. Or some sources they rip things from?

Anonymous ID: a4a681 2018-10-31 23:34:46Z No. 3680098


Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy transcripts from Roswell alien interview say that the alien had a synthetic non biological body…no mouth, or nose or ears. It is a fantastic story, even if it is just sci-fi fantasy.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-11-01 01:10:23Z No. 3681316


Those disputing alien life have an agenda.

Those pushing certain individuals material have an agenda.

No real Anon here cannot figure that out.

The real issue at hand is not closed minded outdated narrow thinking habits.

The real issue is that we as a people have been guided to certain individuals by the "establishment" for disclosure.

Those with the biggest spotlight, and the most funding.

The real issue is over acceptance for what's being told to us in the common narrative.

The History channel for one.

There have been very relevant claims made in this thread so far.

If you think that sock puppets being handed a script on television can be fully trusted, think again.

Be careful who you follow.

>My goal is promoting Disclosure

Same as mine.

That's why I bought night vision and lasers, to do it myself.

I have had personally over 60 encounters now, and have proof captured.

No meditation, no snake charmers required.

No mention of Rockefeller NWO funded groups required.

Forget all the CE-5 over-complicated bullshit.

Just get a laser, fuck all the rest of "muh manual".

Credit for disclosure does not belong to one person or one organization.


>I baked previous breads.

Proof with a (You) beside "Anonymous"?

Just so we can see?

Thanks in advance!


>End of story.

Does that mean you're done promoting Greer on here?

Or can we expect a (42).

Since you know… it IS the answer to life, the universe and everything!


>See the wall for what it is… and then tear it down… For the TRUTH is waiting.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-11-01 01:27:37Z No. 3681491


>Redpill me on them. Anything that's proven to be inaccurate?

There's a MOUNTAIN that's been proven inaccurate.

>Be careful who you follow.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-01 01:42:26Z No. 3681680


Let's talk fundamentals,

Wilcock is a professor lecturer, intuitive. The burden of proof rests on the affirmative. Do you think Goode has the psychic stability to go thru what he says he goes thru? They only talk to people who already believe what they're experiencing. Same with Cobra

Wilcock's 'scientific' justification of the phenomena is the Law of One, which he botches. Specifically, Ra says they do not consider contacting our people

Here's a direct quote:

"We do not calculate the possibility of coming among your peoples by the numbers of calling, but by a consensus among an entire societal-memory complex which has become aware of the infinite consciousness of all things. This has been possible among your peoples only in isolated instances."

This is directly against the Goode, WIlcock claim using the very source Cockhead thinks validates what Corey imaginations are. You have a bit of flexibility to interpret the quote….(" not calculate the possibility").

Let's Here's another quote to deal with "possibility":

" In observing the distortions of those who underwent this experiential sequence we decided to gradually back off, shall I say, from direct contact in thought-form. The least distortion seems to be available in mind-to-mind communication"

If you still give them the benefit of doubt when they have no burden of proving anything, you don't accept the red-pill.


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-01 04:14:44Z No. 3683284

CE5 Primary Documentation

Flying fast, signals

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-01 04:16:42Z No. 3683298

CE5 Primary Documentation

You can see a plane fly underneath 1:49

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-01 04:22:53Z No. 3683345

CE5 Primary Documentation

Is this UFO being shot at? 1:19 to 1:21 mark

Maybe the projectile looking object was the real spacecraft.. who knows..

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-01 04:25:30Z No. 3683366

CE5 Primary Documentation

"UFO Signaling - Use Consciousness"

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-01 12:33:45Z No. 3685197

The real reason for the impression some people get that we are living in a simulation/ matrix type reality is many people request the unconscious the same information over and over again.

Teaching many people spiritual concepts is like teaching old people how to use a computer. You show them the process of access, but there is no retention.

Psychology people note reoccurring dreams….same concept. When there is no progress the condition of the call starts degrading.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-11-01 12:41:37Z No. 3685232


>What concerns me about contact besides the genectic fuckery is the social experiments.

Why do you think Greer pushes the "all aliens are benevolent" angle?

Well, aside from planning to disclose that Draco's are benevolent with Steve Bassett.

You know, because the two of them were "pushing disclosure" from sources like JOHN PODESTA and HILLARY CLINTON to the MSM.

Bassett even cites BHO.


This is all controlled opposition.

Should we believe what (((they))) tell us!?

The SAME people who don't want you to find out the TRUTH about the Draco Reptilians.

Greer is the main public figure for disclosure, of course because of his NWO / Rockefeller connections.

It's how it all began.

There's a specific reason why most mainstream and lesser known Ufologists I've befriended are distancing themselves from Greer.

There's a reason why they don't trust him, or Bassett, or the material they're pushing.

Why does Greer not properly delve into ancient Egypt?

Ancient Sumeria?

The Annunaki?


Pre Great-Flood?

Why does Greer not make the true connection of Orion being found all over the globe from civilizations without any contact with each other?

It's because we've been experimented on for a LONG time.

The main public figure for disclosure doesn't WANT the public to research into ANY of that.

Any credible geneticist worth their salt will admit we have twelve different alien DNA's.

(Please review Q's original map, bottom left corner).

PRG = A temple of LIES.

CSETI = A scam, it always has been.

If someone is promoting Greer's material, (((they))) are promoting Greer.

If (((they))) are promoting Greer, (((they))) are promoting the NWO agenda for disclosure.

Which is the exact OPPOSITE of truth.

Any researcher worth their salt will dig into ancient history.

Any researcher worth their salt will discover why Greer has been PAID to push a certain narrative on the public.

Steve Bassett (PRG with Greer) even pushes Tom Delong, and everyone should know by now how much of a FRAUD he was and how disingenuous the "To the Stars Academy" is.

You know, Tom Delong's main handler was JOHN PODESTA and all.

This is a call to all Anons,

You WILL see the (45) post shill spamming the bread when it is near full.

You WILL see the (45) post shill continue to endorse his OWN notables.

You WILL see the (45) post shill attempt to make the next bread.

When we see this, we need to start collecting our own notables.

We cannot allow this blatant agenda to keep being pushed on this board.

Q Research is about sharing information.

Not about dominating the topic of conversation.

Not about calling people faggots who present RELEVANT digs to debunk certain claims.

Having an open mind is key, but believing everything you hear is a fools errand.

Q Research is about finding the TRUTH.

Not peddling some snake charmer NWO shills agenda.

>Be careful who you follow.

All you need is a laser or flashlight w/ strobe and a clear night.

Night vision if you choose to invest.

>See the wall for what it is, and then tear it down… for the TRUTH is waiting - Seraph

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-01 13:14:25Z No. 3685412


'false positivists' need hopium.

Directly asking the unconscious and it's liasons, ultimately means circumventing power and information structures.People need to learn to do this, if they want the unencumbered truth. People do have the ability to do this.

>Q research is about finding the TRUTH

The truth never changes. There is only the set of elements, deterministically true, used to evaluate it

Anonymous ID: 449789 2018-11-01 14:52:45Z No. 3686094


You can't "teach" spirituality, you can show the way and provide an environment conductive to learning.

Spirituality is too intuitive to teach normally as it's all about energy. When a spiritual person creates high frequencies, all lower energies of a person come to the surface so he can face his/her lessons, that's spirituality. Not "hopium" or "false positivism" which belongs to New Age and not actual reality and physics based spirituality.

Anonymous ID: 810955 2018-11-01 16:33:20Z No. 3686966

Anonymous ID: 810955 2018-11-01 16:34:14Z No. 3686978

Anonymous ID: 810955 2018-11-01 16:36:48Z No. 3687006

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-01 16:57:48Z No. 3687242


You're making a ridiculous claim, against obvious history. I'm guessing why you put teach in quotes is because you're using your self definition of the word.

'false positivists' have given up on conventional spiritualism in favor of self-belief of a relative enlightenment.

Do you expect how a two-year old understands electricity to have viability to his parents as scientists?

I'm not trolling you. Your claim is simply ridiculous.

Anonymous ID: 449789 2018-11-01 17:06:56Z No. 3687314


I'm putting "teach" in quotes because you cannot teach me how I should live my life and I cannot teach you how you should live yours. What happens in your life is the sum total of various visible and invisible influences on you that go through your own experience of self, and you have a certain amount of wisdom with which you deal with those experiences. and that wisdom can only be gained by you.

Trying to teach spirituality the old religious way is like trying to explain higher maths to someone who doesn't know the basics, you can tell someone to do this and that and explain in perfect clarity but when it's showtime that someone will fail miserably, because he has no basic understanding of the matter. Why the attacks?

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-01 17:35:50Z No. 3687631


Don't confuse me disagreeing with what you say with attacking you personally, anon.



Overly complex symbol correspondence for the most part is unworkable. People today have the opposite problem. Despite this, anons are gaining strength.

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-01 17:52:25Z No. 3687795


Yeah I'm a Floridian and I'm completely made up folklore.

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-01 18:32:09Z No. 3688181

Anonymous ID: 50600d 2018-11-01 19:15:32Z No. 3688601

Apologies if this has been discussed.

Has anyone else looked in to the Pascagoula alien abduction case of 1983, I believe it was?

One of the guys who gave an original statement would not come forward with his story, but he finally released a book this year detailing his experience.

There are arguments to both support and reject the testimonies. I tend to believe it.

The new book is written very badly. I mean, it’s unsightly.

Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-01 20:27:27Z No. 3689301

>>3688181 please define what a demon is. because evil is involved

Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-01 20:47:39Z No. 3689551


>pissing on a tree at night or what-not IS meditation

i Trust u piss'n Sanctity

the web, like the universe, is chaotic and jumbled for them that can't - or refuse - classification.

What classification is a being that chooses to eat another sentient being because taste is believed more important that life?


and what does THAT have to do with electro-gravitics?


Anonymous ID: 449789 2018-11-01 20:57:36Z No. 3689672


A demon is a being that has strayed far from the Creator and its damaged consciounsness seeks to slow down the spiritual development of other conscious beings including itself.

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-01 22:01:57Z No. 3690351


A demon, in the context of this thread, appears to be anything beyond a moron's mental grasp.

>this challenges my current understanding

>must be demons

>everything I don't know is demons

We all have good in us, we all have evil in us. All that matters are the choices we make. People are fear-mongering with demons in this thread and that's a huge red flag for me. Aliens and CE5 is currently an unexplained phenomenon, how can anybody claim with certainty it's demons? Even if it is so what? What even happens if I unwittingly contact a demon? Demons present themselves all the time in daily life, you choose whether or not you listen to them. Understand and live by your foundational truths, tell them to fuck off, and they can't affect you.

Are you a murderer if you shake a murderers hand?

If you never lie do you have to worry about keeping your story straight?

If you live in truth do you need to fear the unknown?

Some don't wear their MAGA hats for fear of meeting bad.

Others wear their's everyday unafraid of seeking good.

Anonymous ID: 5ee0cf 2018-11-02 00:07:08Z No. 3691678

There is a new article about 'Oumuamua, the interstellar object observed last year passing through the solar system.

At the time, there was a lot of speculation about whether the object was natural or artificial. The object had a large regular variation in brightness, such regular variations are often due to seeing an object from different orientations as it spins, but the variations in brightness were more extreme than has been observed before from natural objects like asteroids. Some interpreted this as indicating the object had an elongated shape not normally seen in nature, bright when seen broadside and faint when seen edge-on or end-on. This was speculative, brightness variations can also be caused during rotation by a surface with bright or dark patches, and I'm not sure how certain we are that the brightness variations were actually as extreme as commonly reported. (If this report about brightness variations was inaccurate, it could easily match the typical properties of an asteroid-like object, so the "must be artificial" speculation seemed less certain to me.)

Speculation that 'Oumuamua was artificial often painted the object as an elongated metal spacecraft. But this new article takes the concept in a totally different direction.

'Oumuamua's trajectory had a slight deviation from what would be expected from gravity. This is not unusual, comets warming up near the sun vent ices producing a slight thrust, and asteroids are pushed lightly by the pressure of sunlight. Scientists calculated what the properties of the object would be if this deviation was due to the pressure of sunlight, and found that a lightsail with reasonable properties (size, thickness, etc) would match the observations. So if 'Oumuamua was artificial, it may have been a thin low-mass lightsail, not a large high-mass metallic ship.

A small note in the article, but particularly interesting, calculates the chance of a random interstellar object passing so close to the sun (0.25 AU, one-quarter of the Earth/Sun distance), and finds this somewhat unlikely by random chance - suggesting it may have been a targeted interstellar lightsail (reconnaissance probe?) instead of a discarded piece of space debris.

Sauce: "'Oumuamua, Thin Films and Lightsails"

Anonymous ID: 6c2bb5 2018-11-02 04:17:13Z No. 3695486


The argument “The universe is so big that life must exist on other planets” is kind of silly. It's like saying “this hardware store is so big there must be a watermelon down one of these aisles”. That said, inter-dimensional life does exist by many accounts and that includes both positive and negative entities.

As a Christian I'm obviously inclined to think that some of these beings are demonic and they lie through channeled messages and push people to perform occultic practices to get in touch with them. At the end of the day it draws worship away from Jesus Christ, confuses people with false signs and wonders, and opens them up to demonic attachment. It's a nice little scam these beings have going frankly.

On the flip side there are angelic beings and despite pop culture depictions of winged beings with cherub-like features they look very 'alien'. Beings of light, human-like creatures, and creatures that are so incredibly 'other' that they defy explanation. From my own personal experiences and encounters as a believer that is more mystically and prophetically inclined I can say that some even travel in strange craft as well which seem to act as vehicles which radiate the glory of the Lord. When it comes to the spiritual realms almost anything goes.

I am however less inclined to believe that flesh and blood aliens exist. I suppose it's a possibility and frankly it fits as something we should expect from a God that loves to create, as evidenced by this seemingly lonely planet teeming with biological life. On that same note it's also entirely possible that God wove together this grand cosmos just for us in order to magnify His glory and demonstrate His awesome power to us and us alone. Personally I want there to be life on other planets and, as I mentioned, I kind of expect there is because of who I know God to be. Regardless, there are spiritual realms beyond sight that are already bursting with unique intelligent life.

My suspicion is that any 'disclosure scenario' we find ourselves in that purports contact with flesh and blood aliens will likely be the product of sophisticated cloning techniques that produce strange human-like or chimeric entities. Anyone that has been following UFO lore for any amount of time is aware of supposed 'programmable' life forms and holographic deceptions. I do hope I'm wrong about this.

Anonymous ID: ce2015 2018-11-02 05:19:45Z No. 3696175

Body Language Analysis of Travis Walton, who alleges to have had contact on board a craft. He's the lumberjack who disappeared for five days.

Medical healings are very common in "abduction" scenarios. 51% According to the data out of

Anonymous ID: da63bf 2018-11-02 06:34:09Z No. 3696790


MY local news network did an extended in depth segment on the local news (that they did 6!! pre promos for during earlier news broadcasts) all about local ufo sightings, pointed out we have had over 88 local sightings in the last year and gave mufon info and asked people to report if they saw anything. My family was pretty stoked and thought it was a step of official disclosure. Did anyone else have something similar?

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-02 07:44:59Z No. 3697255


>>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

Because it is being followed by offworld watchers?

Anonymous ID: 449789 2018-11-02 07:47:14Z No. 3697267



Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-02 08:29:58Z No. 3697429

>>3695486 Anarchists would agree with yOur conCERN:

But we recall, you can't ylways get What You Want … butt ya get wHAT jah NEED <:> !

D45 has Tesla Rainbows in his hEart - ask his Barron (with Good Heart :)

Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-02 08:32:52Z No. 3697438

>>3690351 Prey tell: WHY did Tesla choose to be castrated?

can u navigate?

Anonymous ID: 2bc6f3 2018-11-02 08:51:50Z No. 3697505


CERN's About to Release Details on Tantalising 'Bumps' in Large Hadron Collider Data

Strap yourselves in, because CERN has something up its sleeve.

On Thursday 1 November, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physicists will be discussing the fact that they may have found a new and unexpected new particle.

"I'd say theorists are excited and experimentalists are very sceptical," CERN physicist Alexandre Nikitenko told The Guardian. "As a physicist I must be very critical, but as the author of this analysis I must have some optimism too."

The telltale signal is a bump in the data collected by the LHC's Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector as the researchers were smashing together particles to look for something else entirely.

When heavy particles - such as the Higgs Boson - are produced through particle collisions, they decay almost immediately. This produces a shower of smaller mass particles, as well as increased momentum, which can be picked up by the LHC's detectors.

When these particle showers produced pairs of muons (a type of elementary particle that is similar to an electron but with a much higher mass), the team sat up and paid attention. But what they traced these pairs back to was, to be very scientific about it, mega weird.

The new and unknown particle that seems to have produced the muons has a mass of around 28 GeV (giga-electronvolts), just over a fifth of the mass of the Higgs boson (125 GeV).

There's nothing in any of the current models that predicts this mass.

It's unlikely to be physics-breaking, sorry to disappoint. But it is strange - a mass that has formed where no mass was expected.

A word of caution, though: it's too early to get excited.

The signal could just be a glitch in the data, generated from random noise, which ended up being the case with what had been a tremendously exciting 750 GeV signal in 2016 - until it was found to be just a statistical fluctuation.

Until this data has been checked against newer CMS data, as well as data from the ATLAS detector, the discovery remains unconfirmed.

Still, an anomalous detection is always interesting - so we'll be tuning in tomorrow to see what the research team has to say when they give their talk.

Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-02 10:37:16Z No. 3697820

>>3689672 ok. yes. What is your thinking, emoting and ACTION about blood-sacrifice?


Anonymous ID: 0a48d8 2018-11-02 10:38:07Z No. 3697824

>>3697505 circle of 5ths - JUST say'n :)

60 50 40

Anonymous ID: de181f 2018-11-02 10:44:09Z No. 3697838



Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-02 12:54:41Z No. 3698235


>The argument “The universe is so big that life must exist on other planets” is kind of silly. It's like saying “this hardware store is so big there must be a watermelon down one of these aisles”.

Think of the Earth. It's teeming with life at all levels and areas. Do you honestly think God isn't going to do the same elsewhere in something as mindbogglingly vast as the universe?

That's not silly, it's simple extrapolation and logic.

"…If it's just us it's an awful waste of space."

Try the lasers at night. No night vision needed. Pray. It works. All you need is a handheld and a clear sky. Try it until it works. Had separate fly-bys during the spring. There was nothing else you could mistake it for.

You'd have to set a drone on fire with white phosphorus and then extinguish it in the space of two seconds to replicate. It was absolutely incredible.

Anonymous ID: 6c2bb5 2018-11-02 14:58:31Z No. 3699260


Nothing is considered waste for a God with infinite power and resources. Creating such a large canvas only to utilize naught but a fraction of a percentage of it to express His glory in the creation of life and those that bear his image is entirely reasonable. That said, His first mandate to humanity was to “be fruitful and multiply; increase abundantly on the earth and multiply on it” I suspect that His plan for humanity involved us going forth to colonize other worlds once we were able technologically which by all accounts we seem to be currently capable if some of these whistle blowers are to be believed.

We do live in a universe teeming with life, it's just extra-dimensional, and some of it is extremely hostile and deceptive.


I think what I said still addresses both the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox “Muh huge universe tho! There has to be something out there, we just can't see it” The vast majority of what we can see is so incredibly hostile to biological life. Radiation, temperature, asteroid hits, etc. It's more reasonable to assume, from what we know about our local solar system and what we can see from the surface of this planet that we shouldn't expect to find life when like 99.9% of our universe seems antithetical to its continued existence. It takes faith on par with belief in Christ to accept this as hard fact, so I really commend all of you.

As for Q's posts…

377 back during that laughably obvious podesta/clown/tom delonge stint where they were trying to rile you guys up with a nugget of disclosure. Note that Greer seemed pretty favorable towards that pedo (podesta) in some of his earlier lectures.

>Are UFOs a distraction?

>How far away is the closest star?

>What do you think?


Did we forget about this post? It has a very ironic tone to it, I almost read it as if Q is saying “really bro… what do you think?” Granted, I could be wrong, but that's just me.

2222 the fabled acknowledgment


>Are we alone?



>Highest Classification.

>Consider the vastness of space.


“No” full stop, doesn't address what kind of life, could be spiritual and inter dimensional, it likely is.

“Highest Classification” full stop, the two questions are being answered, but they might aren't necessarily linked. Roswell might have nothing to do with alien life, could be sensitive paperclip Nazi S.A.P. weapon tests.

“Consider the vastness of space” full stop. Really reminds me of Psalm 8:3-5 especially when combined with Q's consideration back up in 377 “How far away is the closest star?”

3 When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;

4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour

Anonymous ID: bd0840 2018-11-02 17:14:18Z No. 3700575


You are trying really, really really hard to get people away from the truth.

It won't work, though.

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-02 17:56:19Z No. 3700996


yea brah i nav

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-02 18:05:43Z No. 3701107


>my faith is so weak a light blinking in the sky can crush it

>everyone should be a little bitch like me

try harder faggot

Anonymous ID: bdf577 2018-11-02 21:12:10Z No. 3703954

Do you guys think there are different types of perceptive data?

-One being that which is gained thru the bodily self awareness. The other being thru mental understanding

>consider the vastness of space.

Is space when perceived thru the mind of a different order than the body?

>How far is the closest star?

>In mental terms, is physical distance meaningless? What are the limits on how consciousness can communicate?

Anonymous ID: 98b757 2018-11-02 21:47:09Z No. 3704551

>>3703954 As above, so it is below: yOur closest star is IN YOU, there's a whole universe of them.

kNow imagine i am a jin - IN YOU… - WHAT do i sea Captain? a symbiotic being or a blood-sacrificing hu-man-bot quint?

It begins with WHAT you choose to consume to LIVe

Anonymous ID: bdf577 2018-11-02 22:01:04Z No. 3704763


Go fuck yourself you faggot

Anonymous ID: 7c5618 2018-11-03 00:07:26Z No. 3706586


Interesting insight anon. I think you're on to something here.


Did you have a seizure while typing this? Why does this thread attract so many retards?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-03 04:17:54Z No. 3709774

CE5 Primary Documentation

Ask yourself who would have motive to suppress human initiated extraterrestrial contact (ce-5) from the masses?

>USAP's and Controlling Corporations


>Craft using free energy based propulsion systems (Not Exxon Jet Fuel)

What else can be done with free energy technology?

>Release the Cures, end cancer, end suffering, end poverty

Do USAP's/Controlling Corporations have the wealth (power) to employ shills?

As you were. o7

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-03 04:23:29Z No. 3709824

Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

Institute for Security and COOPERATION in Outer Space

Stay tuned

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-11-03 04:28:05Z No. 3709897


you forgot one category…

>People who think it is likely fake and gay.

There are large problems with CE5. Namely it is Grier and his links to the Rockefellers and Podesta.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-11-03 04:38:31Z No. 3710003


Sing it from the hilltops brother! Glad to see I am not alone here…

Anonymous ID: 6ff3d2 2018-11-03 06:03:44Z No. 3710756


Jesus, light, God, game theory

They are what breaks the cycle of negative karma. Competition drives success, especially when you love each other and fight for the betterment of all

Anonymous ID: bdf577 2018-11-03 07:44:08Z No. 3711310


Visualize two references in space one where light is absorbed the other where it is emitted. Also, you have the chemical interactions which interfere with the transmitting path causing a flash. Where there is a constant path there is a orb. How consciousness is defined as discrete determines the scope and consistency of the interaction?

Anonymous ID: 50600d 2018-11-03 08:08:13Z No. 3711427


This is brilliant, and I came to a similar epiphany, for lack of better word.

I do believe Jesus is the portal.

The only way - he was right. But it’s a ride. These boards really do hold something remarkable.

Anonymous ID: 98b757 2018-11-03 08:16:57Z No. 3711465


yes Jason - THE Essene Gospel of Peace Jesus

Tit-for-tat is [deadly] Force Multiplier :)

Anonymous ID: 98b757 2018-11-03 08:52:02Z No. 3711563


> bdf577 hu-man-bot, you have no Standing in Court. Scandalous traitors are exposed knOW…

Knock, KNOCK; follow the White Rabbit

quint <:> .

Anonymous ID: 98b757 2018-11-03 08:54:32Z No. 3711569


> 7c5618 Kuru is consequence for adrenochrome and blood-sacrifice addiction.

fancy THAT

Anonymous ID: 98b757 2018-11-03 08:59:02Z No. 3711576

>>3709897 Does Dr. Judy Wood's QuiTam include Grreeea ?

why cum alienfags are so ignorant of The Court' proceedings?

Anonymous ID: b4c9f7 2018-11-03 13:20:54Z No. 3712391

BREAKING NEWS: Conscious contact with positive ETs has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any namefag, famefag, organization, youtube channel, debunker, shill, etc.

It however has everything to do with the positive inner desire to make contact.

Anonymous ID: 40649c 2018-11-03 14:46:19Z No. 3713045

Anonymous ID: 7f40a6 2018-11-03 16:19:09Z No. 3713941

Mysterious interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua could be a giant solar sail 'sent from another civilization to look for signs of life,' claim astronomers

The truth is our secret space program boarded this vessel last year and found it was abandoned long ago. It was a large rock that was hollowed out and converted into a space ship. It had already been picked through by several ET races and was just floating through space. They did find language/symbols on the inside.

Anonymous ID: 3e0f01 2018-11-03 16:36:38Z No. 3714123


Ooh goody! Nice to meet you Judy! you have a book I can BUY and MORE… Pretty fancy website… Yeah. Buzz-word that is easy to remember?! DUSTIFICATION! woooo…

That is the exact chaff I am talking about when I talk about fake info to cover up something that is likely real… There are pictures of the 'Israeli art students' standing by boxes of explosives that have come out lately… Did you miss that? Guess ya did. The goal of this site you presented is to protect those who actually rigged explosives all over those buildings. If everyone is out there looking for a secret dustification weapon then they have nothing to worry about now do they. Its chaff. You either know this OR you were duped. Either way you need to stop following flashy bullshit waved around in front of you like a cat chasing a laser and think.


Now this guy has got it nailed… THIS I can get behind. Fits my experience.

Anonymous ID: aeab5c 2018-11-03 22:13:05Z No. 3718264

CE5 Primary Documentation

No satellite tracking app was used. Backstory in comments

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 04:19:18Z No. 3722833

Space Treaty


Digging into the treaty and the people who wrote it. Apparently at least one of the authors is a modern day Knight's Templar.

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-04 06:03:57Z No. 3723841

One small request, just in case Q team is listening. I hope that seeing the activity and effort of the regular anons on this board has shown you that we can handle a little more information than was thought possible before. I’ve been obsessed with secrets, conspiracies, the truth about aliens, etc, for my entire life. I realize that the full truth might put most people in the hospital, but there are also people like us who slowly go insane trying to put together a complete picture of how the universe works, but we never really know how to sift truth from fiction, so we end up at embarrassing and stupid new age websites reading about blue chicken aliens or watching vids of indoctrinated retards talking about aliens “enhancing their vibration” because we don’t even know how to begin researching. We have no foundation of truth!

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 06:27:48Z No. 3723988

Why We Are Here

Space Treaty


Q needs us more than we need him in this matter.

>NatSec limitations.

This will get reposted later because it is so important.

Patriots will follow our lead if we step correctly.

WWG1WGA world patriots.

Anonymous ID: 538ee9 2018-11-04 14:07:48Z No. 3726033


>Patriots will follow our lead if we step correctly.

Claiming to be the "lead"on here are we?

>WWG1WGA world patriots.

Does the repetitive restating of the word "Patriot" give you a sense of leadership?

Is that a nice confidence booster for ya?

Perhaps outlining your authority?

Like others are Patriots if they listen to you and follow your lead?

Because of course… These brilliant autists need you as their Patriotic Leader!

I guess the next 50 posts will tell…

Wait a minute, isn't Carol Rosin the one who was spreading disinfo about Wernher Von Braun in a Greershill speshul?

The hoax alien invasion FF?

Kind of convenient to put words in a dead mans mouth!

Hard to dispute.

The man was a Nazi.

He would have always been a Nazi, with a Nazi agenda, if he weren't flipped in Paperclip.

(You) do not LEAD here.

To think and project otherwise only displays your immense abundance of arrogance and ignorance.

Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-04 14:25:34Z No. 3726162


Personally as I have done with everything else, I will look at what I want to look at and let my own discernment lead me. I follow information not personalities. As soon as I read a post that tells me what is silly, crazy, not-patriotic, etc., etc., I click the "mental" delete button. So do as you will to divide and distort. Doesn't work on this anon.

Anonymous ID: cf1051 2018-11-04 15:31:07Z No. 3726612


Wondering if anyone (or everyone) has seen this, pretty compelling, and mentions Q / 11/11 at the end. Normally a lurker; just dropping and leaving, do whatever w/it.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 16:19:12Z No. 3727113

Do memes attacking the CE-5 Initiative hold up under scrutiny of contactee's responses to scientific survey questions about their experiences?

Are the messages being conveyed thru attacks on CE-5 consistent with the reality of experiencers? You decide.

space treaty Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 16:23:59Z No. 3727165




Is the reason for a hybrid program a failsafe in case humanity indeed does put weapons in outer space? According to CB Jones, co-author of the Treaty for the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space and Military Veteran, one responsibility of the hybrid children is to seek out new planets for us to live on in the event we put weapons in space and destroy ourselves with them.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 16:31:10Z No. 3727210


>Directed Energy Weapons

Now imagine if we put them in space and give people the authority to use them. These weapons will be pointed towards Earth 24/7. What could possible go wrong?

It's time for peace. Maybe to achieve that we need to promote the Space Treaty.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-04 16:47:20Z No. 3727355

CE5 Primary Documentation

You can tell it's not a satellite because it keeps flashing from the same spot. So was the "alleged shooting star" for lack of a better term.

Anonymous ID: 538ee9 2018-11-04 18:53:00Z No. 3728915


I thought you weren't given permission to upload that to youtube.

It's from the last bread.

Where you asked to upload it.

You asked permission, were told no, but still uploaded it anyway?

Just what is your game here?

You dishonest famefag.

Calling you out.

Can BO / BV's delete this?

Since it was uploaded to Anonfile and only Anonfile at the time it was posted.

Anonymous ID: 538ee9 2018-11-04 19:04:42Z No. 3729047



>How would you feel if I downloaded these and put them on YT? I wont do that without your permission.


>I absolutely do not give you my permission.

You can ride the coattails of your "team".

You know, since (((they))) are the experts and all :)


You asked permission to an Anon, and said without permission you wouldn't upload it.

You were told no, not to upload them.

You uploaded it anyway.

Is this what a PATRIOT does?

Is this what an HONEST Anon does?

Or is this what a LYING FAMEFAG does?

You are a worthless piece of shit.

Everything you post is fucking STOLEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

Anonymous ID: dde751 2018-11-04 20:15:12Z No. 3729831

>>3727210 imagine the weapons already exist - made and paid by US - hu-man-bot, pedovore, blood-sacrificing tards. now i am a jin D45 cares enough to help (You)

What sentient being would honor a space treaty made by blood-sacrificing pedovore tards?

150 billion sentient beings slaughtered each and every year - because hu-man-bots believe taste is more important than life. And we haven't even mentioned anti-live hu-man-bots slaughtering MAN -

yet …

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-05 03:09:23Z No. 3735801


>The question is then which references you use to define the beings in question. I'm not coping out the real question. Besides the visual screen people operate on, there's not consistent emprical evidence. (besides DfuckingA)

>The real question is what shared references of generalized perception exist within the human condition which proves the phenomena. The answer is very few.

Can the Sun be considered a living being or beings?

Dont ask me where this came from. I just sorta pulled it out of my soul memory one day.

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-05 03:18:47Z No. 3735924

ayyy lmao

Anonymous ID: bdf577 2018-11-05 03:39:15Z No. 3736228


That's good question. No, not as we know it.

It's an interesting thing to ponder upon the difference between motion and what is animated by it. Life is emergent off physical properties

Anonymous ID: bdf577 2018-11-05 03:43:22Z No. 3736286


If you imagine light as a column and reach it's terminal nexus

Anonymous ID: 03a553 2018-11-05 04:31:25Z No. 3736978


General consensus is that Space Force is a good guys project that aims at bringing Disclosure of existing SSPs and all they are associated with (high tech, extraterrestrials) to the public; this is why POTUS keeps bringing up Space Force everywhere it goes. It's not a project that wants to extend force projection to space, because that's what already happened in secret during the past century.

Anonymous ID: 03a553 2018-11-05 04:31:52Z No. 3736983


everywhere he goes* sorry

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-05 04:39:35Z No. 3737089



Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5 and etc…are all basically very real.

Do we have a Space Force 1 too? Can I get a ride on that anytime soon…can we make a deal of some sorts?!

Anonymous ID: ac7433 2018-11-05 05:02:32Z No. 3737337


I personally believe that Space Force is needed to protect us from EMPs caused by hostile interests. Mark Levin had a guest on his show who described how vulnerable we are. A device launched from a ship could do so much damage.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-05 05:59:32Z No. 3737836

You all are becoming a threat to the establishment. Keep up the good work Anons.

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-05 06:11:07Z No. 3737934


Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about.

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-05 06:19:01Z No. 3737983


wait a minute… is this a …VEGAN POST?? on the Q alien board? Oh boy… a new low. Well that stupid dustificaiton one will give you a run for your money veganfag.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-05 06:32:49Z No. 3738074

Joint CE5 Proposal to China

updated based on input from one of the authors of the treaty on prevention of placement of weapons in outer space

as always you are all welcome to pass this off as your own as well as amend, improve, and pretty much do whatever you want with. Sign you own name and mail it to someone important.

"Dear President Xi Jinping,

Humanity is at a crossroads. The time has come for the people of this planet to return to the stars. Will we choose the path of division, predicated on the illusion of boundaries drawn on a map? Or will we set aside our perceived differences and unite to choose the path of peace? The fate of this planet and all of her children rests largely in China's hands. Time is of the essence.

To achieve the path of lasting peace, we must immediately begin the task of creating a civilian based, trans-national exo-political dimplomatic initiative on the foundation of mutual Extraterrestrial-Human communication based on universal principles of contact and exchange. Two primary objectives of this endeavour are 1) to raise global awareness of the Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space and 2) to include Extraterrestrial civilizations as parties to this treaty. This diplomatic initiative will act as a peaceful balance of power to the intensifying space militarization programs of our respective countries, and unite humanity. To choose otherwise will inevitably result in chaos, war, and ultimately the destruction of our planet.

Although a unified, trans-national exo-political initiative is tantamount to securing world peace, and acceptance among the many space-faring species of the cosmos, it is not an expensive or complicated task. The first step is as simple as organizing a joint Chinese-American interplanetary contact expedition comprised of civilian ambassadors, at a place and time of China's choosing.

The seeds for this initiative have been sown, world wide, over the past three decades. All that remains for our two countries to do is to water those seeds. We look forward to working with China, and every nation, to achieve the mutual goal.


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-05 06:37:39Z No. 3738102


I'm not taking credit. Credit goes to you. Thank you very much for sharing, patriot.

Anonymous ID: 9f5629 2018-11-05 06:46:11Z No. 3738146

Long presentation where Michael Salla covers the following:

- Exploded planet theory. Asteroid belt being remnants of a former planet. Evidence of the catastrophe on Mars

- CIA uses remote viewer to explore exploded planet theory (based on FOIA docs!)

- Mars ETs crashing/settling in Antarctica (pre ice age) 60,000ish years ago

- Pole shift theory. Antarctica flash freezing after pole shift event ~13.000 years ago.

- Nazi antarctic colonization starting in 1938

- Nazi flying saucer program. KGB intel files leaked after cold war showcase best evidence I've seen yet that they actually had successful electrograv craft. Film clip leaked along with docs.

- Nazi's moving huge amounts of personnel, slaves and equipment to Antarctica.

- Project Highjump. USA's failed showdown with Nazi UFO tech.

- USA's subsequent surrender / deal signining with Nazi's in 1952 after massive UFO flyover white house

- Project paperclip. Nazi scientists plugged into top levels of US infrastructure after surrender.

- US Military + Trump admin launch counter coup

- Deep state panic.

Lots of great material in here. Some evidence is stronger than others. Particularly interesting was the KGB intel docs on the Nazi Haunebu craft and the CIA FOIA docs on the remote viewing sessions. Just go to CIA Crest and type in remote viewing. CIA has considered remote viewing very valid form of intelligence gathering from way back (at least the 80s) to the present day.

Anonymous ID: 9f5629 2018-11-05 06:59:54Z No. 3738214



Anonymous ID: dde751 2018-11-05 08:37:54Z No. 3738657

>>3737983 deal with the Truth dum'arse - ad hominem doesn't crush the garlic: if you r pedovore blood-sacrificing Tard meditating CE-5 : (You) meat "shadow" beings - and they LEVEL HATE…

Anonymous ID: dde751 2018-11-05 08:45:41Z No. 3738678

>>3738074 taking Falun Gong' organs needs to stop before any treaty has standing. time-looped, recursive Tards need to comprehend blood-sacrificing pedovores don't make valid Treaties or invites. Ever.

Anonymous ID: 246052 2018-11-05 09:52:41Z No. 3738856


>making up fake ufo chit so they can bank off of stupid believers to me.

Excellent point! I may also add that people like this serve a dual purpose… Think about

>Jordan Sather

and the way he prods the "black budget programs"… Ummmm, that's our Military's Top Secret Tech that "other countries" continuously seek out ANY info they can find… Now think about how many people follow stooges like

>Jordan Sather

who seek out validation & recognition, and will disclose any wild info they find, freely I might add, to potential [foreign backed] operatives…

>Pew smells like nastee clowns


Anonymous ID: 03a553 2018-11-05 10:32:11Z No. 3738940


Thanks for the link!

Anonymous ID: 03a553 2018-11-05 10:49:44Z No. 3738978


Holy shit. Q basically confirmed, or at least pointed out towards

which creates these maps that include lots of UFO and ET info as well!

Anonymous ID: 7e9104 2018-11-05 14:33:43Z No. 3739906

ce-5 protocol:

Picture where you are on earth then zoom out like you are looking at google maps. Then send this thought and intend for positive ets to make contact or a fly by

There are several problems with this, it doesn't teach people anything about ET culture or how much Free will is important to ETs and humans alike.

I'm happy people are seeing thru the fog tinted shades of Goode, and Greer and Sather.

Finally.. though as much as a lot of the arguments here in this thread are valid, I need to say Wilcock has his chops with his legit research at least the stuff on Russian scientists and Nazi Scientists.

He lays out the science, not many others actually do.

so he was wrong about y2k and 2012, like expecting people to be perfect is realistic.

Anonymous ID: 64e037 2018-11-05 15:35:53Z No. 3740392


>There are several problems with this

What problems?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-05 17:11:39Z No. 3741424

Raw Data of ET Contact Research Study done by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell F.R.E.E. Foundation - Video Format this time.

Anonymous ID: 032470 2018-11-05 20:19:20Z No. 3743438

ce5 and UFO primary documentation

As well as a few bugs imo. This is a compilation, most or all of the footage is from Timothy

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-05 22:57:07Z No. 3745648


Also known as the Give-everything-to-China plan… Oh wait, Pelosi and Killary already did!


Very cool very cool

>>3738657 Time to cut down on the drugs a bit man. Really…

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-05 22:58:29Z No. 3745671


Whew… 57 posts… Save a slice or 2 for someone else perhaps?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 04:21:09Z No. 3752057

Written by Rudy Schild, Ph.D and Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard

This is the forward to new book by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences, titled " Beyond UFOs: The Science of Contact and Consciousness With Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1"

excerpts of the forward:

"Due to the “ethereal nature” of the FREE research data, these UAP related contact

phenomena are not studied in universities. FREE’s academic research study seeks to address this

problem. Our book analyzes the data findings from the historic FREE Experiencer Research

Study. FREE is in the 5th year of administering the world's first comprehensive, multi-language,

academic research study on individuals that have had UAP related contact experiences with Non

Human Intelligence (NHI)– The FREE Experiencer Research Study.

This book, volume one of our multi-volume book series that FREE is preparing, is

focused on an analysis of the data from our 5 year FREE Experiencer Research Study. "

Over a 4 year period, FREE collected responses to 2

quantitative surveys containing more than 700 questions and a separate Phase 3 qualitative

survey comprised of written responses to 70 open ended questions. Over this 4 year period, we collected more than 3,200 responses from respondents from over 100 countries."

Until we began our FREE Experiencer Research Study, no one had a basic understanding

on the topic of UAP related contact with Non Human Intelligence (NHI). Why? Because no one

had ever undertaken a comprehensive, multi-language, quantitative and qualitative data

collection, via anonymous surveys, administered internationally, via the latest survey collection

software, to thousands of UAP related “Contact Experiencers”. The FREE Research Committee

included most of the major investigators in this field who assisted the FREE academics in

developing the study’s research methodology. All of these major researchers understood that

basic research in this field was never undertaken in a comprehensive and academic manner. The

dissemination of our surveys was conducted on a worldwide basis to various groups involved in

these areas: Ufology, the Paranormal, “abduction research”, UAP Contactees, MUFON chapters,

UAP Disclosure, CE5, Consciousness research…"

"Unlike previous efforts in this field, our survey was not based upon hypnotic regressions,

lucid dreams, or channeling, but only upon recollections derived from conscious explicit

memories. This was a guard against false memory stimulation and a method of keeping the

testimony grounded.

We are conducting our study in 4 major languages (English, Spanish, German, Slovak

and very soon in Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese). We asked almost 600 quantitative questions

for our Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys and our Phase 3 qualitative survey is comprised of written

responses to 70 open ended questions. As of June 2018, the date of this publication, FREE has

received almost 4,200 responses to our 3 surveys from Experiencers from over 110 countries for

our English language survey. We have received almost 1,000 responses to our Spanish language

survey. A separate book which analyses the Spanish language survey data will be completed in

the very near future by a separate Spanish speaking FREE research committee…"

"The true story of UAP related contact with Non Human

Intelligence was not being accurately presented. FREE’s work is thus a paradigm shifting event.

It seeks to amalgamate inquiries in diverse fields of consciousness research, also including

contributions to advanced physics.

It is important to stress that FREE is not a “ufology” organization. The majority of the

FREE Board of Directors, including the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, view that the field commonly

called ufology operates under a very limited paradigm. Much of the focus of mainstream

“Ufology Research” is on a rudimentary "nuts & bolts" approach which primarily investigates

the physical aspects of the phenomena and assumes an “Exterrestrial Hypothesis” as to the NHI

behind this phenomena. FREE does not take this position…"

" We hypothesize, as the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell repeatedly stated

to members of FREE, that “The Experiencer of contact with NHI is the key that will open the

door towards understanding what is the relationship between what is “Consciousness” and

contact with NHI”.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 04:25:55Z No. 3752148

Chapter one of Beyond UFOs: The Science of Contact and Consciousness With Non-Human Intelligence, Volume 1

by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell F.R.E.E. Foundation

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 04:56:44Z No. 3752717

Some people here focus on tearing others down.

Some focus on building We, The People up.

The choice to know the truth is yours.

Anonymous ID: 24b672 2018-11-06 05:27:03Z No. 3753142

The mysterious object "may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization," Harvard researchers say. - @NBCNewsMACH

NOTABLES Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 05:36:29Z No. 3753266




>>3599238 Past /Disclosure/ notables

>>3635029, >>3635054, >>3635078, >>3635096, >>3635115, >>3658331, >>3683284, >>3683298, >>3683345, >>3683366, >>3709774, >>3718264, >>3727355, >>3743438, CE-5 Primary Documentation

>>3610008, >>3625531, >>3625541, >>3625549, >>3625554, >>3625562, >>3625572, >>3625593, >>3625607, >>3625615, >>3739906, CE-5 Testimonials (And you can, too)

>>3599311, >>3599369, >>3599412, >>3599473, >>3633741, >>3648185, USAP related

>>3599355 Assumption of Non-Hostility when trying to make contact with E.T.

>>3601772, >>3602272, >>3624577, >>3639588, >>3651674, >>3666626, >>3667334, >>3670878, >>3674913, >>3685232, >>3695486, >>369926, >>3709897, >>3726033, >>3728915, >>3729047, >>3729831, >>3738657, >>3738678, >>3745648, Shilling of the CE5 Initiative

>>3623902 CE-5 Manual

>>3627710, >>3638863, >>3738214, Antigrav related

>>3638922, >>3639092, >>3639155, >>3656180, Suppressed Technologies incl. New Energy

>>3639245, >>3648185, Scientific Model for Conscious Quantum Holographic Universe

>>3696175 ABA Body Language Analysis

>>3727113, >>3727165, >>3741424, >>3752057, >>3752148, >>3752717, Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (What is Conciousness)

>>3639281, >>3660663, >>3738074 Reusable Disclosure Letters/Speeches

>>3675953, >>3676994, >>3685412, >>3723988, World Patriots remind us Why We Are Here (We, The People)

>>3709824, >>3722833, >>3723988, >>3727210, DIGGS NEEDED Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

>>3737836 /Disclosure/ shilled by Fake News

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 05:38:43Z No. 3753295


typo shilling of ce5 initiative



Anonymous ID: 40e7fc 2018-11-06 06:16:21Z No. 3753718



What a jerk off.

Outlining (((those))) with an agenda with clear and concise information is not "shilling".

Shitting up the breads with stolen intellectual property and lying?

That is not shilling?

This piece of shit lying famefag wreaks of agenda.

All Anons here can see what is going on.

Even after all this… The motherfucker is STILL collecting his own notables so he can dominate the next bread.

I also love that this faggot is calling people shills that document and record interactions, simply because they don't label it as "CE-5" to draw attention to Greer.

It's motherfuckers like this, Greer and Goode, Sather and Wilcock that RUIN it for the regular person trying to understand this topic.

Anonymous ID: 40e7fc 2018-11-06 06:39:57Z No. 3753905



































It's beyond obvious at this point now the 62 post famefag faggot who steals others material, uploads it without permission, gaslights with "Patriot" rhetoric, pushes KNOWN CABAL DISINFO AGENTS material for a REASON on here.

Only FAGGOTS dominate the topic of disclosure and nominate all their OWN NOTABLES.

Only FAGGOTS push ROCKEFELLER funded disinfo agents.

Only FAGGOTS spamlock a thread so they can make the next bread without having to address legit questions.

Watch this faggot continue doing this for every bread.

I've been watching for a while and wondering just how long this faggot is going to be tolerated doing this.

Anonymous ID: 1189cb 2018-11-06 06:47:35Z No. 3753957

The wave length of the colors at the gematria/Divine values of 444 555 & 666.

Haven't seen this anywhere else, let me know what you guys think… (sorry for shitty graphics, phonefagging right now)

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 06:55:59Z No. 3754026


Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space (Chinese Version)

(Translation: Chinese Traditional)











































































Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-11-06 09:27:23Z No. 3755379


Q has an agenda as well. Not all "agendas" are negative. Why do you think we say "Trust the plan"?

Anonymous ID: cc14c7 2018-11-06 13:42:04Z No. 3756725


>Q has an agenda as well. Not all "agendas" are negative.

The 63 post Chinese letters lying famefag pushing known cabal disinfo agents has a negative agenda.

Not that I should have to detail that at this point.

It should be obvious.

Are you trying to defend the faggot?

Your statement is moot.

>Why do you think we say "Trust the plan"?

Who is "we"?

Who are YOU speaking on behalf of now?

Are you speaking on behalf of Q, or Anons?

Patriots who do what they say and keep their word?

Humble seekers?

Or famefags who deliberately slide the breads with widely known false information from the Rockefeller initiative?

This thread is getting derailed in a serious way.

Starting to think the 63 post shill is using multiple devices to defend himself.

Hey, whatever happened to the "Anon" who claimed to bake previous breads?

Still waiting for confirmation on that.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 15:38:02Z No. 3757907

Treaty on Preventing the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

pdf version of english translation

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 15:39:31Z No. 3757928



Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-06 15:40:53Z No. 3757945



Anonymous ID: 9807e3 2018-11-06 18:00:37Z No. 3759689

In all the soft disclosure and disinfo sources has anyone ever seen a mention of the "First Ones".

I believe that they are the first sentient, intelligent beings created by God, essentially somewhere right after the Big Bang.

Definitely not biological or even physical beings but something higher dimensional.

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-06 18:13:04Z No. 3759880


Catching up here… yeah so this is what I see… There are people here who have seen shit and read shit and there is one person with a massive number of bullshit posts spraying sewage all over the place. Pretty tellling. What I REALLY see is this. There is someone being PAID to put out vast quantities of disinfo on this board. This is AWESOME… It is the best verification imaginable that some of the stuff posted and talked about here IS REAL. Also, it is a succint and clear way to identify the CHAFF, which is every single thing that crazy overposter-shill is posting! Its bad-ass tbh. I'm actually really happy to see it. It is a powerful proof that there IS something BIG being covered up and all the Grier/Gaia/etcfagging is NOT that reality. We got a solid confirmation that there are aliens and UFO's and such here in this bread from this guy…

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-06 19:37:08Z No. 3761088

Screen Memory? Do anons have to deal with this?

What is a 'screen memory'? What does that mean? Is it even possible to have one version of an object that you meets your gaze? You have two eyes. What then is memory? Neurons fire correlative to tensors in the electromagnetic fields of body. Heard of Triangulation in psychology? How does a psychic charge diffuse?

Why do UAP interactions have 'screened memories'?

If memory can be created, what checks exist encapsulating psychological processes. It's weak. Ignorance is a protection and a strategic position.

Anonymous ID: 546057 2018-11-06 20:30:04Z No. 3761911

>>3745648 again ad hominem AND projection expose you. I AM not the one hooked on adrenochrome and feeding the liveD.

let's Calibrate : Do you believe in blood sacrifice and or eat the flesh and blood of Sentient being that felt (((FEEL))) harm?

WHAT are (YOU)?

Anonymous ID: 546057 2018-11-06 20:38:12Z No. 3762054

>>3761088 talk to us: why cum u not recall Tasty Talk T?

Sono-luminescence needs Hearty longitudinal waves. solipsistic parasites miss that.

Anonymous ID: 546057 2018-11-06 20:53:14Z No. 3762320

>>3753718 Yes. MAGA reconfirmed today. Thank Goodness for D45 ! He knows Tesla Thinking, Emoting and ACTION . . .

Tards' tardis - like Faraday Cages - can't withstand the incoming waves

but it's still going to freak many to their mort-gage - comprehending what they [!] pledge to …

like MAN is a Planetary Force for example

Anonymous ID: d29b96 2018-11-06 21:03:09Z No. 3762450


What I have noticed, is that when the sewage spewing Greer promoting shillfag gets called out, a floater IP "Veganfag" or random "Anon" will post to take attention away from the obvious posts being outlined. After a period of time the Greerfag CE-5 shill will post again once (((they))) feel safe.

Is it obvious this person is being paid to shit up the disclosure bread?

I'll leave that up to the Anons to decide

I also appreciate the insight regarding Bassett, Greer and Paradigm Research Group being linked to horrendously evil individuals and organizations.

If the Draco Reptilians are real (As I do believe they are), and they are the driving force of evil behind these mainstream disclosure outlets, it makes perfect sense why the ultimate agenda would be to portray them as good.

If theres one thing I've learned, it is to question what mainstream "anything" is telling me.

It's possible the sewage shill is using multiple devices, or even working with a team on here to derail any honest truth seekers.

The veganfag? Most likely the same person using that as a distraction technique, otherwise someone on the same team.

With respect to the stolen and uploaded contact lasers videos, if that person wanted them plastered all over the internet they would have done that already.

I think that Anon is the real patriot here.

They only uploaded those videos for the Anons, and the Anons alone as a starting point.

I agree wholeheartedly with a previous post;


>BREAKING NEWS: Conscious contact with positive ETs has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any namefag, famefag, organization, youtube channel, debunker, shill, etc.

>It however has everything to do with the positive inner desire to make contact.

This is the truth.

You are 5:5 fren.


Right after this post, floater IP attempting to defend the indefensible.



Right after these posts, the distraction of "Veganfag" is utilized to take your attention away from the rockefeller/ greer spamfag shill.

If you go through the entire thread, this becomes more and more obvious.

Take a little time, you can see the entire shillforce is being used with every angle to distract and mislead after we expose the fuckery.

Guess what… It IS the best thing that could happen to this thread.

Anons don't get pissed off trying to outline this, the evidence speaks for itself.

We are definitely onto something big here frens… And Greerfag has done a marvelously good job at revealing his hand.

We all know who the real patriots are.

Patriots don't need to keep reminding others they are patriots.

You autists miss NOTHING.

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-06 21:58:19Z No. 3763465


Yes… I can get behind this.


Yeah I guess I see what you mean with the Floater IP pulling attention. I hadn't picked up on that one just yet. Yeah, IDK. We don't KNOW what is fake and what is real but if it looks like an Infomercial or is linked to the worst people on earth, I have to fling shit at it. This is probably more important in the long run than what Q is doing atm. Hell, Q could be a foot-note to what is coming if this shit is finally coming out. Anyway, Glad to have some others in here defending the board with logic and reason. Keep up the good work and I will do the same. WWG1WGA.

I still have an open invitation to any and all friendly and cool aliens to come by for a BBQ and some beers. I have UFO parking out in my field for any ship smaller than a super wallmart. All I ask is you come by at a reasonable time so as to not freak out the dog and wife and kids and such.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-06 23:20:55Z No. 3764876


>If theres one thing I've learned, it is to question what mainstream "anything" is telling me

I can get behind the idea of Contact as being a decentralized movement. I already view it that way. Greer's ego is so big he can't go 5 sentences without appreciating how great, smart and cutting edge he is. I don't think the posts on Greer or Ce-5 are helpful, either. I mean, why should there be a 'contact protocol'? Especially if, it's our individual inner desires which calls contact

>It IS the best thing that could happen to this thread

Word, I don't give a rat's ass what Greer has to say. Look at my, perhaps too many, posts.


>All I ask is you come by at a reasonable time so as to not freak out the dog and the wife and kids and such

My version: You scare the cat, I'm going inside. Also, don't fucking come in my house uninvited, when I'm sleeping. Beings who don't obey the ground rules, I don't want to deal with.

Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-07 01:28:14Z No. 3767292

FYI. This just posted. Use your own discernment. For those who are familiar with Cobra and the Resistance Movement….Delta Option being considered.

The Portal: Delta Option

…Final decision whether Delta Option will be implemented or not, has not been made yet. Less stable and worse the situation within USA is, more probable Delta Option becomes. The Jesuits are trying to polarize the situation within USA with artificial left/right political divide. Actions of Jesuits in the coming months will be one of the key factors in how the planetary situation unfolds. Their actions need to be monitored closely.

Militarily, the Resistance is preparing for the possible upheaval on the surface and has received reinforcements from the bases throughout the Solar System that arrived under the surface of our planet in the last few weeks. At this moment, the Resistance is 140 million members strong, and that number may and probably will still rise significantly…

Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-07 01:32:05Z No. 3767375

FYI. Cobra just posted. Use your own discernment. For those who are familiar with Cobra and the Resistance Movement….Delta Option being considered.

The Portal: Delta Option

…Final decision whether Delta Option will be implemented or not, has not been made yet. Less stable and worse the situation within USA is, more probable Delta Option becomes. The Jesuits are trying to polarize the situation within USA with artificial left/right political divide. Actions of Jesuits in the coming months will be one of the key factors in how the planetary situation unfolds. Their actions need to be monitored closely.

Militarily, the Resistance is preparing for the possible upheaval on the surface and has received reinforcements from the bases throughout the Solar System that arrived under the surface of our planet in the last few weeks. At this moment, the Resistance is 140 million members strong, and that number may and probably will still rise significantly…

Anonymous ID: fefc85 2018-11-07 01:33:36Z No. 3767397

Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-07 01:33:39Z No. 3767399


Sorry for the repeat. Seemed it didn't go thru first time.

Anonymous ID: f4e7b1 2018-11-07 01:34:48Z No. 3767430


I always take this with quite a few grains of salt, but it aligns with Q posts well. Until then we can all do our part and REDUCE CONFLICT as it happens above in this threads.

Why are the anons up there fighting? It makes no sense. I don't want part in it and I recommend y'all to stand down. If there was a real disinfo agent you'd know already, they are blatantly bad.

Anonymous ID: d29b96 2018-11-07 02:22:44Z No. 3768468


>Until then we can all do our part and REDUCE CONFLICT as it happens above in this threads.

Conflict is necessary for survival.

Without it, life has no meaning.

The chans were BUILT on conflict.

Conflict is what contrasts light from dark.

Do you think Q does not deal with conflict?

Stop being a concernfag.

Don't worry, we all can see your angle.

Nice try before the next wave of Greerfag posts.

>Why are the anons up there fighting? It makes no sense. I don't want part in it and I recommend y'all to stand down

You must be REALLY new here faggot.

YOU can do whatever you CHOOSE, but when you start telling me what to do, we have a problem.

I can't speak for the other Anons.

You'll likely find out soon enough.

Without these conflicts and struggles, the truth will never be discovered.

You sir, are a tippy tip top raging concernfag.

You may go sing Kumbaya with your girlscouts.

The REAL Anons have work to do.

You sir, are a flaming faggot.

Sit down, shut the fuck up and watch the truth rise to the top.

The chans aren't for the feint of heart, or faggots who tell others what to do.

>If there was a real disinfo agent you'd know already, they are blatantly bad.

We DO know, and it's being captured and outlined.

The fact you DON'T want this to happen, only shows YOUR agenda.


#Conflict so deal with it faggot.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-07 04:04:15Z No. 3770872

Like Clockwork










Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-07 04:09:42Z No. 3771008











Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-07 04:22:58Z No. 3771402


We, The People are responsible for full disclosure.

Not Greer.

Not Goode.

Not Wilcock.

Not even POTUS.

The future of humanity depends on you.

You are here for a reason.

Will you answer the call?

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-11-07 07:43:46Z No. 3775825

So how many of you anons have actually gone outside and away from your computers or touchscreen devices and used consciousness to ask for confirmation that our visitors are here? aka. CE-5. aka. Human Initiated Contact. aka. Do it your fucking self and stop waiting to see stuff in the sky by chance and that your intention matters?

Anonymous ID: f4e7b1 2018-11-07 10:13:03Z No. 3777500


anons - yes

shills - no

Whoever really wanted the confirmation got it.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-11-07 10:27:38Z No. 3777626


So you speak for all the people who are making conact on this board. "Anons - yes" The shills are obviously not going to be a part of the protocols. Because if they were and they were posting honestly they would be posting okay we were wrong. I asked info from all anons. Already know the CE-5 stuff works. Done it myself. Exactly whoever wanted the confirmation got it. Need more human systems involved.

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-07 14:30:24Z No. 3780148


>Does anyone know who Jeremy Martin is, or how he knew about this picture?

Anonymous ID: 1adc77 2018-11-07 16:03:16Z No. 3781495


Anons who don't act on logic are shilling. Caught up in emotions and making judgments on things they have not tried. Many anons with good intentions haven't tried CE5, and they're subconsciously scared to try, so they rally hard against it. It is fine, they are not ready. Disclosure is a huge thing, and to those of us who are ready it's hard to come down to the level of those who are not.

Anonymous ID: d29b96 2018-11-07 18:00:51Z No. 3783605


Actually, the Anon who posted the best videos (which were stolen and uploaded by Greershillfag after being told not to) had spoken against coining the term CE-5 for various reasons.

Apparently that Anon has had 60 experiences?

If this is true, they likely have more experience in this than most.

Once again, as the term CE-5 draws attention to Greer, the Rockefeller initiative and the Cabal.

It gives credit to Greer, where no credit is due.

I think that's the most important lesson Anons need to take away from this.

CE-5 is drastically over complicated.

All you need is a laser, a clear mind and open heart.

Labelling "protocols" instills a more distinct set of rules and requirements for making contact.

It's actually quite ridiculous.

You don't need to call contact CE-5, thats for noobs.

The term itself is an instrument of the cabal.

Making contact should be just that simple, pick out a place maybe out of the city and try a laser pointer.

Forget the rest, and the shills who push their (negative) agenda to draw attention to them, and their ultimate motive to tell the masses that the Dracos are our lord and saviors.

Time to start thinking critically… Though I believe the real "patriots" on here already are.


Anonymous ID: 2f6634 2018-11-07 18:15:09Z No. 3783906


Arguing semantics is a surefire way to get divided.

Don't do that.

All contact people are doing basically the same thing - using conscious intent to get proof of positive ET life in our skies.

Call it whatever you want.

Anonymous ID: d29b96 2018-11-07 18:59:10Z No. 3784883


Consciousness works far less often and less frequently than laser pointers.

This is not semantics, this is a global elite using all their power, money and influence to draw the masses into a very narrow avenue of disclosure with selected "actors".

You are clearly missing the entire point of this.

The fact Greer and CE-5 has been mentioned so many times should give others a very clear impression.

Its funny how when this narrative and agenda is challenged, immediately a floater IP is ready to defend it.

Within minutes.

Agenda watching this board?

Clearly attempting at all costs to control the narrative?

The Anons can draw their own conclusions.

The resistance to this logic is only being deflected by single poster floaters or distracted by veganfag.

Anonymous ID: d29b96 2018-11-07 19:02:27Z No. 3784951


>Don't do that.

Once again, why are (((You))) telling me what to do?

Directly subverting the logic behind the topic of discussion.

I will choose to think and speak as I wish, and any attempts to stimey this will be considered a direct attack on my free will.

If there's one thing I don't like, it's others telling me how to think, act, feel and speak.

Now ready your retort.

We're waiting.

Anonymous ID: 5507e7 2018-11-08 04:11:24Z No. 3794043


haarp hammer smack

i am a jin "sophia" louise cypher faking live and liberating hu-MAN

D45 has Children and he thinks 7th Generation . . .. …


Tards need to Trust The Plan

Anonymous ID: 9f7806 2018-11-08 13:01:08Z No. 3798136

CE-5 Anon I hope all's good with you, don't let shills here stop you from posting your experiences.

Anonymous ID: 9f7806 2018-11-08 13:23:35Z No. 3798316

Can someone explain how initiating conscious contact by opening your mind's eye with positive spirituality is bad or satanic?

What do prayer, remote viewing, CE-5, meditation and meme magic have in common?

forget? Anonymous ID: c939bf 2018-11-08 14:39:20Z No. 3798999


Watch CA.

Trust Sessions.


Anonymous ID: b4a517 2018-11-08 18:16:28Z No. 3802083

Contact Anons, I hope all is good with you. Don't let the CE-5 shills who constantly reiterate CE-5 to draw attention to Greer and the Rockefeller initiative stop you from posting your experiences. To the Anon with 60+ contact experiences who posted by far the coolest laser / nvg contact videos, don't let this back and forth discourage you. We'd love to see more fresh videos if you ever record them!

Contact is contact. Internal, external or otherwise. There are no protocols. There are no namefags or organizations. There are no agendas other than to share truth.

Anonymous ID: 759ce9 2018-11-08 19:43:51Z No. 3803220


Is this an MI emblem or a Plumber's emblem?

Anonymous ID: 759ce9 2018-11-08 19:45:15Z No. 3803243


This is for Q:


Just wanted to let you know that I voted. Thank you for everything you do. Special personal thank you as well.

Anonymous ID: 759ce9 2018-11-08 19:49:23Z No. 3803292

I don't know what qresearch board I am on here. I think I'm lost. Or, at least I think I lost the main qresearch board.

Anonymous ID: 080b3f 2018-11-08 20:38:22Z No. 3804024


this Cobra fella usually sells the 'help is coming soon' story constantly, nothing will happen, he probably will say something about 'neutrino bombs are keeping us from doing anything' story till the next big 'crisis' that will get people reading

hopism sells those crystal goodies he has on that website, the existence of this galactic federation they keep talking about is less likely than Q being a real person

Anonymous ID: 719475 2018-11-08 20:39:50Z No. 3804046


This isn't an orange alien planet. It's Earth, enveloped in an airglow.

Credit: NASA

[November 7th, 2018]

Ghostly Orange Light Envelopes Earth During Rare Airglow:


Air glow… got it.

Maybe NASA is glowing?

Gold atmosphere.


Chemtrails responsible?

Preparing for a return?

Spoken of for centuries.

The universe is unfathomably large.

A Q wannabe?


What of it?

You decide.


Why Was Gold So Important To The Ancient Anunnaki? (short read):

Anonymous ID: 1431a0 2018-11-08 21:18:00Z No. 3804565


Cobra has always posted interesting articles because he seems to know a lot about esoteric and scientific stuff.

However, he is anonymous and speaks with a voice modulator to disguise his voice.

He speaks with a foreign accent and his grammar sounds like Russian was his first language.

Someone who had attended one of his seminars said that Cobra lives in Slovenia.

Cobra started on Rob Potter's site where Potter sells a ton of crystals, wire pyramids and high priced lotions and potions.

I like Cobra, however he leaves many hanging loose ends that he does not address.

For example, he wrote up til this spring that the "Veil" had been removed and only 60 feet left of it above our planet surface. That's like the 6th floor of a building. Then he never mentioned "the progress" again. Is the Veil gone now, still 60 feet, or what?

Anonymous ID: b4a517 2018-11-08 21:31:44Z No. 3804755

Cobra is disinfo.

Anons should have figured this out by now.

Anonymous ID: 98c1da 2018-11-08 21:40:31Z No. 3804887


I did.

Nothing happened.

Anonymous ID: f91808 2018-11-08 22:11:33Z No. 3805293

Cobra speaks some truth, however some things he says make no sense, like the last claim that the resistance has 140 million members underground. His cryptic status messages to the resistance are obviously bullshit, because no one would share such info so openly, and his stone selling business just proves he is stuck in 3d materialistic mentality and so can't lead people into the next phase. In conclusion any true liberation effort that would have him as a spokesman would show gross incompetence. Kabamur was the one who was delivering a sincere message (which helped me a lot), too bad they forced him into silence.

Anonymous ID: da63bf 2018-11-09 01:55:25Z No. 3809055


> Kabamur was the one who was delivering a sincere message (which helped me a lot), too bad they forced him into silence.

What happened to him? Who silenced him? What was he saying right before he disappeared?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 03:57:54Z No. 3811184

Speaking of Cabal, are the rothschilds promoting the blue chicken cult? They certainly aren't pushing ce-5 initiative or the whole world would know about it by now, and the production quality of greer's movies would be better.


Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-09 04:34:10Z No. 3811678


Any backstory on this thing?


I was stoned and taking a piss on my compost pile… I looked up and saw 'the flashers' I figured it was the weed. Then I saw them with some friends a few times over and over. I think I have seen them 5 or 6 times now. No Android app or 1k$ to Grier or Gigantic forehead guy subscription required… I just go out side and sometime see them. Sometimes not. I have seen the flying cylinders as well. 2 of them. One right after another. I never meditated. I don't even know how. I never did "CE5" I just went out for a piss and saw them. Hell, I bought a laser pointer and if I really got a good hit in on one of the flashers they would not flash again.. Pretty weird right? I have been one who LOVED to look for shooting stars and such for like 30 years now… I have spent a lot of time looking at the sky and only in the last few years have I EVER seen the flashers. I think "CE5" is just luck… Shit is flying around there all the time. Doing CE5 has nothing to do with seeing a UFO (unless it is a fake one to get Grier some views)


Ohhhh cummon.. There are WAY better close-ups of the "Black Knight" satellite than THAT trash you posted. Go get a really good closeup that shows the bubble capsule thingy on the top of it. I have it but want you to go get it since Black Knight Satellite is pretty much fake as fuck.


I can stop the flashers every time with my laser pointer. Its green and If I hit the flasher with it they will never flash again. Never fails.


I think CE5 results are simply people going outside and LOOKING for the first time ever. They are also looking in places where it is VERY likely one would see something. You know, a remote coastline. or A high elevation mountain somewhere… Simple as that. People are pulled away from the TV by CE5 and sent outside to look.

Please understand that my steadfast and endless statements on this board are not out of anger or shilling or whatever. It is out of a sincere desire to actually help noobs not lose their wallets to scammers and to help noobs to understand that these events are just a normal thing that they never noticed that has probably been going on for a while now. No Namefag or Famefag is required to see this stuff. No fancy cellphone app is needed. No fancy Gaia infomercial is needed. One only needs to walk outside on a dark clear night and start to look up. No guarantees but often things can be seen that defy physics as we know it. Go outside and look. That is all you have to do. Every minute you are watching Grier or Gaia or Podesta or some other famefag you are missing the REAL events… as planned.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 05:12:51Z No. 3812164




Proposal for an open source galactic internet that may already exist.

8chan research board created for this topic.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 05:15:10Z No. 3812190


Not weird. Only faggots promote lasers over consciousness.

"ET responds very favorably to attempts to communicate through consciousness."

"The sum total of minds in the universe is One." -Erwin Schroedinger

Beating a dead/alive horse here. haha.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 05:17:51Z No. 3812221


Thank you very much for your kind words, world patriot.

Timing is important. Other people having their own experiences and having a voice in this thread is equally important. God bless.

Anonymous ID: 28569a 2018-11-09 07:39:47Z No. 3813429


COBRA is relatively easy to dox if you really want that information. He sells stones and is an interesting source. I can't tell how true he is, he has a lot of basic facts right but also some minor obvious mistakes (misspellings).


According to his last posts, Kabamur's mother (a very sensitive satanic abuse survivor) got abused by tryhard vigilante """spiritual""" people on Twitter which caused her to have a heart attack. Shortly afterwards, both accounts were deactivated. I don't know much else.

At this point it should be easier to establish telepathic contact yourself (after building a high spiritual consciounsness of course and sincerely asking for it) and verifying some info like that than trying to determine who to fully trust on the Internet.

But having many people doing conscious contact with sightings should be enough for now. You can't fake that experience.


Can you explain what you did?

Anonymous ID: b4a517 2018-11-09 08:57:25Z No. 3813953


(You) are only replying to yourself.

Makes controlling the narrative a whole lot easier, doesn't it… "World Patriot".

Patriots don't take credit for everything.

Patriots don't push cabal actors.

Patriots don't lie and steal others intellectual property and upload it.

Patriots don't post 73 times, much of which are shitposts trying desperately to backpeddle and control and entire topic of discussions.

Conscious effort to make contact < Laser pointers.

Lasers = Near instant at times.

Consciousness = Hours / Days / Weeks without seeing anything.

ETs show a high interest in military.

Military uses lasers for many systems.

Do the math.

Anonymous ID: 28569a 2018-11-09 09:02:45Z No. 3814001



Dude give it a break. He has a static IP and posts regularly.

Yes sometimes you can only use lasers to get contact. But then you don't get the positive spiritual feeling which is IFF (identify friend or foe) and feels great.

UFOs have an interest in military because they don't want us to blow ourselves up. See Larry King's interview about UFOs and nuclear missile sites.

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-09 12:15:04Z No. 3815118


Linked the post from the main bread because someone was looking for help. Figured you learned anons would have better info than this anon.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-09 12:26:16Z No. 3815208



I think there is a lot going on that we cannot necessarily detect. I also think the openness of past more direct contact didn't go particularly well.

I think the orbs people tend to see are a manifestation of a thought-form. Depending on the inner desire of the contactee and reciprocal intentions of the originator of the UAP the qualities and behavior may vary.

Why I think these orbs are essentially thought forms, is because how else could you perceive an unbounded form of consciousness?

As your consciousness becomes more focus on the 'meta' aspect of reality, it's reasonable to have a peripheral, fleeting orb as a manifestation of your will unbounded from consensus perception.


Looking at the bigger picture, encouraging people to find the answers for themselves has always been a primary concern

Anonymous ID: 4cd804 2018-11-09 12:47:21Z No. 3815395

Anonymous ID: 4cd804 2018-11-09 12:47:56Z No. 3815401

Anonymous ID: 4cd804 2018-11-09 12:48:32Z No. 3815410

Anonymous ID: 4cd804 2018-11-09 12:48:56Z No. 3815414

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 15:29:18Z No. 3817039

CE5 Primary Documentation

Triangular formation above san diego during a human initiated contact event

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 18:51:19Z No. 3819860

CE5 Primary Documentation

10/28/18 over San Diego during a human initiated contact event. You can see this puppy make turns.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-09 19:00:12Z No. 3819979


This is our damn money. The world will be a helluva lot better when we get it back from the breakaway civilization.

/OurGuy/ Ben Carson is in charge of HUD. We should act while a white hat is still in charge.

Anonymous ID: aa7ea8 2018-11-09 19:15:43Z No. 3820207


Did Biofield Tuning. Electric Universe is real. Get Tuned.

Anonymous ID: aa7ea8 2018-11-09 19:19:51Z No. 3820265


Noob question, but can a sauce be provided for PJW and attacks on Q movement? No question AJ is a shill

Anonymous ID: b4a517 2018-11-09 19:21:55Z No. 3820287


Why do you keep saying "human initiated contact"?

Who else is going to initiate it?


Repeating statements and spamming is exactly what shills do in the research breads when trying to divert attention.

Anonymous ID: 146165 2018-11-09 19:55:56Z No. 3820763


If there's something that needs urgent attention then either say what it is or shut up

Trump-Tesla connection? Tesla Tower built 1,5 years ago. Anonymous ID: f6b4f1 2018-11-09 20:05:42Z No. 3820909

All info in video. Apparently built 1,5 years ago. Company run by military guy as CEO. It is confirmed Tesla technology from the company's PR spokesperson.

Anonymous ID: b4a517 2018-11-09 21:01:49Z No. 3821653


>Just like clockwork.

Anonymous ID: 5507e7 2018-11-09 21:02:46Z No. 3821669

>>3649931 " welcome to costco - i luv u welcome to costco - i luv u welcome to costco - i luv u "

Louise Cypher :)

Anonymous ID: 5507e7 2018-11-09 21:19:19Z No. 3821960

>>3798316 when hu-man-bots awaken to WHAT is in them, they will comprehend the depth of your query.

seeing is a bad trip for infected tards - as above so it is below

Anonymous ID: da63bf 2018-11-10 03:58:53Z No. 3828439


You are correct.

greer is a psyop, and we can't let him 'own' disclosure despite how much he desperately wants to.

However, this does not mean telepathic contact with intelligent conscious beings that are not humans from earth isn't real. Whatever the hell you want to call this "communication", Greer's CE-5 is one specific method that works despite a cia shill trying to steal the narrative being its most vocal supporter. Honestly I prefer sandi's telepathy 101 primer but it doesn't have a fancy name and marketing behind it like CE-5 does.

So much division here. We should all be looking for the truth. Telepathy is real, but its not always super easy to clear your mind and send out the right vibes to attract someone else who is also interested in making a contact with you.

There IS something out there trying to say hello to us, if only we will ask for it, and really look and listen for a response.

There seems to be some level of plausible deniability and free will / prime directive non interference stuff going on with this though, they won't just plop down a saucer in the field across the street and come shake your hand just because you walk outside randomly and say "anyone out there!?" in your head.

however I've run out of fingers to count the times I've reached out and got legitimate responses, and I don't ask super often & there are way to many others around the world reporting the same for me to dismiss it.

Meditation is kind of hard, but it honestly helpful with this. you don't have to do it a TON.

I have seen lots of people saying I can't meditate, but this isn't true. I used to think the same thing. Its about just slowing down, breathing.. listening to yourself. feel your body, acknowledged it, and let go and move on. Whatever enters your mind. listen to it. acknowledged it. but don't dwell. let it go and try to quiet the mind again. let go of anger, hate, stress, etc. once your mind can learn to be quiet you can start to learn to listen. listen to thoughts that might be your own, or maybe are responses to thoughts you are sending out that are coming back to you.

people can say whatever the hell they want on the internet, but the only way you will KNOW for yourself, is to experience it yourself.

Anonymous ID: 5507e7 2018-11-10 06:59:13Z No. 3830345

>>3828439 you are correct :)

tried holothropic breathing? knock yourself out and meet ya Mama !

I prefer Fibonacci breathing :- and if i posted pics and video of the results (Dakini) - Tards 'id shite their diaper with a hardening clit (or whatever tickles their particular Gender )

There's no division IF you comprehend MAN IS EARTH FORCE

Like you :)

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-10 08:36:57Z No. 3830986

CE5 Primary Documentation

Craft makes sharp turn

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-10 20:36:17Z No. 3838000


CE5 Primary Documentation

OP was removed the updated with this video.

Filmed during a human initiated close encounter event (ce-5)

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-11 01:34:34Z No. 3842269

CE5 Primary Documentation

Craft turns and flashbulbs at the same time.

Every man woman and child can do this. That is what makes the open source CE-5 hypothesis so powerful, so shilled, so beautiful.

Anonymous ID: 10c2ff 2018-11-11 02:04:50Z No. 3842678

Not to slide, but is there an Antarctica Bread? Bored with /QResearch and wanted to learn just what the hell is under that ice.

Anonymous ID: 08f95d 2018-11-11 11:57:58Z No. 3848024


>Antarctica Bread

see /sudpol/ board, or the following on youtube

Forum Borealis

Joseph Farrell

Dark Journalist

Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 13:58:24Z No. 3849082

Longitudinal Interferometry? What your looking at is transverse waves being converted into longitudinal waves. Golden Mean Ratio is the only solution for infinite non destructive compression

Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 14:01:53Z No. 3849120

can you find the swastika? you kno that fucker is over 6,000 years old? Fucking four golden mean spirals headed to plank dimension.

4 wave mixing

Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 14:20:17Z No. 3849328

Phase Conjugation, it's like a bunch of cars on the freeway, traveling at high speed, begin to zigzag back and forth and no cars get into an accident. This is the cause of….






Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 14:34:43Z No. 3849463

So, sorry for the huge pic, new fag don't know shit, but i fucking shred cancer tumors and reverse all kinds of conditions that fill Dr. Horror's fucking wallet. Cant wait for those scumbags to crash and burn.


Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-11 15:54:48Z No. 3850476

11/11/18 Mass Meditations Promo 432Hz (11:11 AM EST & 2:00 PM EST) - YouTube

Check links below for your time zone and language

Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 17:08:44Z No. 3851500


Anonymous ID: 54f31f 2018-11-11 19:49:37Z No. 3854844


>check link

>it's over already

Oh well…

Anonymous ID: fee54c 2018-11-11 19:53:21Z No. 3854924


Awesome Anon. Lurker IBA…Those tubes are incredible. Custom. I could tune in from a mile away on AM and pick up your signature. Excellent build. It will or has already helped many people. Back to lurking :>) Thank You for pic. Grateful.

Anonymous ID: 5507e7 2018-11-11 20:26:08Z No. 3855488

>>3849463 please enlighten us grateful Orangutans, swinging from left to right in the Hegelian Cage of Plato ; JUST what your big Plasma Bulbs DO… ?

And do you incorporate Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Wilhelm Reich' thinking? And Nikola Tesla?

a demo or at least wiring diag. and frequencies would be a Bonus

and Thank YOU :)

i grow and make cannabis graphene - shields against [5G Acari]

3855488 Anonymous ID: 55ea4c 2018-11-11 22:31:41Z No. 3857298

fresh fag can't figure how to reply yet..



All you need to be free..

Do cures exist?

peace and luv frens

Anonymous ID: c200d7 2018-11-11 22:54:37Z No. 3857658

Just found this handprint in my bedroom on the medicine cabinet. What the fuck? I swear to god I am not kidding. We‘re four here. Everyone too old for such a small handprint. On the first pic I changed the contrast and put a filter on it. The second one is untouched.

Anonymous ID: 54f31f 2018-11-11 23:00:03Z No. 3857734


This looks like a human handprint. Instances of ETs walking around and leaving marks uninvited are extremely rare.

Anonymous ID: c200d7 2018-11-11 23:11:44Z No. 3857907


But none of us has six fingers. Kek.

Anonymous ID: c200d7 2018-11-11 23:21:25Z No. 3858044


But none of us has six fingers. Kek.

Anonymous ID: f72c1e 2018-11-12 00:48:58Z No. 3859318


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-12 04:31:10Z No. 3862368

‘Self-objectification’ is the tendency to experience one's body principally as an object, to be evaluated

for its appearance rather than for its effectiveness. Within objectification theory, it has been proposed that self-objectification

accounts for the poorer interoceptive awareness observed in women, as measured by heartbeat perception. Our study is, we believe, the first

specifically to test this relationship.

A stressful situation — whether something environmental, such as a looming work deadline, or psychological, such as persistent worry about losing

a job — can trigger a cascade of stress hormones

that produce well-orchestrated physiological changes.

A stressful incident can make the heart pound and breathing quicken. Muscles tense and beads of sweat appear

Attention could be described as a spotlight that focuses your awareness on a particular facet of

your environment, or on the thoughts in your head. The ability to pay attention

to important things—and to ignore the rest—likely helped early humans survive and evolve.

The heart produces coherent contraction of numerous muscle cells, resulting in vigorous electrical activity. In fact, the heart

makes the greatest contribution to the electromagnetic, as well as the acoustic, human biofield. The brain’s activity contributes to a lesser

extent to the biofield because its field emission is weaker than that of the heart. The ECG was first developed in 1887 and records the electrical

activity from different areas of the heart. The EEG was developed in 1875 and records electrical

activity from the various brain regions by using multiple electrodes on the head.

Neuroscientist Carlos Grau of the University of Barcelona and colleagues set up a clever experiment in which signals

picked up by an Electroencephalagraph EEG from subjects in India were transmitted over the Internet as email messages to other subjects

in France whose scalps had been fitted with Trans Cranial Magnetic (TMS) stimulators. TMS devices, which have been used to treat anxiety and

depression, electrically stimulate neural activity in the brain through intact scalps using strong magnetic fields. In this experiment, TMS stimulators

were placed over the occipital (visual) cortex at the back of the brain,

==creating a perceived flash of light==, called a phosphene, through neural activations in the visual cortex.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-12 05:13:46Z No. 3862803


no. no premature conclusions. wise person once told me "know all that is knowable" before proceeding.

Anonymous ID: 23a9f1 2018-11-12 05:43:42Z No. 3863087


Dark Journalist said that if you follow Q then you are braindead… Just throwing that out for yall.

Anonymous ID: 54f31f 2018-11-12 12:11:20Z No. 3865083


Anonymous ID: 9bc3bb 2018-11-12 16:43:16Z No. 3867311

Sad muh ayy lmaos didn’t do official disclosure yesterday… been taunted by 11:11 for a year, obviously it didn’t mean shit about yesterday.


Anonymous ID: 4d4640 2018-11-12 17:51:09Z No. 3868296

Anonymous ID: a5b97b 2018-11-12 20:23:16Z No. 3870897


Until the time is right, we will have soft disclosures like these

Anonymous ID: 0314d0 2018-11-12 20:35:43Z No. 3871079

We need to ban greer and ce5

Anonymous ID: ee5c12 2018-11-12 22:56:21Z No. 3873423

have we defeated the grays & reptilians on earth yet? reeeeeee

Anonymous ID: 34f5f9 2018-11-13 05:57:22Z No. 3880515


>We need to ban greer and ce5

Those who push CE-5 for their own agenda.

Contact is simple.


No Cabal shills required.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-13 06:46:33Z No. 3881067


Please explain for us normies how to make contact? "Lasers" isn't adequate. "Lasers" are dangerous, can blind pilots, can result in prison time, and remove the element of consciousness from the equation. Please explain how contact is successfully initiated by humans. You conveniently forgot to mention this part.


>attacks occur from all directions

>Logical thinking

>Why attack a movement simply, by design, asking people to think for themselves?

Do the CE-5 protocols empower normies with the tools needed to make contact with ET?

see past break notables → ce-5 testimonials


Who loses control of the narrative if every man woman and child engages CE-5 Protocols and learns the truth about ET visitation?






Controlling Corporations?

Black Ops?

Big Pharma?

What questions will scientists ask if → mass sightings? → What propulsion system? What else can be done with said tech?

Release Cures?

End Poverty?

Stop climate destruction?

Turn socio-economic order upside down?

"Meek shall inherit the earth"

>Why are the biggest news co's in the world continuing to attack this movement?

How many MSM outlets have informed the public about CE-5 Protocols?

How many MSM co's just fought back against harvard paper suggesting Oumuamua is of ET origin?




When you can't debunk the CE-5 hypothesis, how do you execute plan B attack?

>Demons narrative

>attack Movement Leaders (focal points, distraction)

>attack Free Speech

Our enemies will do anything to prevent empowering the individual.

WWG1WGA world patriots.

For a moment I thought Q's post was about /disclosure/

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-13 07:10:38Z No. 3881230




Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-13 07:11:51Z No. 3881237

November CE-5 Contact Report

Part 1

It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Anonymous ID: 01b4a1 2018-11-13 09:50:40Z No. 3881782


>Water is always level

So water drops are impossible because they are spherical? OK bud.

Anonymous ID: db9b53 2018-11-13 12:02:11Z No. 3882346




Pilots of 2 separate commercial aircraft report UFOs


Multiple UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation

It began at 06:47 local time on Friday 9 November when a British Airways pilot contacted Shannon air traffic control.

She wanted to know if there were military exercises in the area because there was something "moving so fast".

The air traffic controller said there were no such exercises.

Another pilot from a Virgin plane joined in and suggested it might be a meteor or another object re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

He said there were "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory" and that they were very bright.

Trevor Buckley ‏@IrishAero

Very interesting report on Shannon high level Friday 9 November at 0630z with multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry. Skip to 17 minutes to listen reports on @liveatc … #Aviation #UFO #Ireland

The pilot said he saw "two bright lights" over to the right which climbed away at speed. One pilot said the speed was "astronomical, it was like Mach 2" - which is twice the speed of sound.

Anonymous ID: db9b53 2018-11-13 13:35:29Z No. 3882882


France has never used US built warplanes.

it uses the Eurofighter and persuaded several Euro NATO forces to buy them

The Eurofighter is multi-role while the F-35 is better armed and STEALTH. It has better technology AND weapons. … Either way, the F-35 and F-22 are better than the Eurofighter. And the Eurofighter wouldn't stand a chance up against the F-35, which is a much better plane overall.

Anonymous ID: 95c8ae 2018-11-13 15:51:26Z No. 3884316


PREP/leave EU(West) cities 4 10 days of darkness. Now 2 -5 months.

NO fear. Knowledge is power. The devil is a thief, and a Bad Loser.


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-13 18:10:21Z No. 3886341


Try going out in the woods a few miles at night. Sit for a while and think about what contact means. Shit happens. It's not much more complicated then that

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-13 18:57:49Z No. 3886975


>Please explain for us normies how to make contact? "Lasers" isn't adequate. "Lasers" are dangerous, can blind >pilots, can result in prison time, and remove the element of consciousness from the equation. Please explain how >contact is successfully initiated by humans. You conveniently forgot to mention this part.

Yeah, I think you're a shill. I've been watching this quietly and you're steering the conversation.

You read like an infomercial.

To others reading:

<It's simple people, try it yourselves!

Don't take anyone's word for it, just go do it.

Get a handheld laser, nothing too fancy. Clear your mind. Find a clear night, be responsible and make sure air traffic is a clear as it can be. If you can't do that locally, go where you can. I had to wait until 3:30AM in my area a few nights. And you know what? It worked. All it took was some prayer, belief, and calling out "hello" in my mind.

Don't want to use a laser? Try a high powered light. Or a strobe light.

What protocols did I need to do that? Did I need a spiffy title, some powerpoint briefings and to purchase a dvd in order to do it properly? No.

A fancy backstory?

Nope. Just an anon.

All it takes is belief and effort. Not purchasing the latest protocol.

But there's a buck to be made here, eh?

Information wants to be free, shill. Quit gate-keeping.

Want to spot some bullshit in the disclosure movement? Look and see if the information's unreasonably gated.

>Where's the evidence?

Buy this book.

>Where's the evidence?

Buy this movie.

>Can anyone do this on their own?

No, you need to follow our patented, copyrighted, trademarked method

>Can anyone do this on their own?

No. Good lord don't do that! We can't you thinking for yourselves, you'd ignore us!

If you want to try ce-5, have at it. Notice I don't tell you what is and isn't proper.

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-13 19:42:53Z No. 3887616

Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but this is interesting. Looks like this Satan-worshipping degenerate grandfather of Barbara Bush yelled at one frog too many. WHO'S IN HOT WATER NOW MR. CROWLEY???

Anonymous ID: 0314d0 2018-11-13 19:49:12Z No. 3887727


Why do they always hate frogs so much? Did someone prophesize us?

Anonymous ID: a2ab24 2018-11-13 20:07:47Z No. 3887985


>You are making the right connections.

>The Light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

Deadpool Anon highly approves of this message.

Anonymous ID: a2ab24 2018-11-13 20:14:52Z No. 3888083


>Yeah, I think you're a shill. I've been watching this quietly and you're steering the conversation.

>You read like an infomercial.

>What protocols did I need to do that? Did I need a spiffy title, some powerpoint briefings and to purchase a dvd in order to do it properly? No.

>All it takes is belief and effort. Not purchasing the latest protocol.

>But there's a buck to be made here, eh?

Information wants to be free, shill. Quit gate-keeping.

>No, you need to follow our patented, copyrighted, trademarked method

I particularly enjoy the patronizing "World Patriots".

CIA / MOS everywhere on this board.

Let's see how fast they make it to 100…

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-13 20:33:53Z No. 3888370


I think the gods who live above time and space have been preparing for this battle for a long, long time! I have to assume KEK has been taking crap for so long, being sacrificed by witches for so many years, that he's gone through his own training montage and is ready to KICK ASS.

Anonymous ID: 769171 2018-11-13 22:09:54Z No. 3889809


>Notice I don't tell you what is and isn't proper.

This. Truth is like a lion, let it loose, it will defend itself.

Anonymous ID: 769171 2018-11-13 23:33:26Z No. 3891025

For fans of patches.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-14 05:34:42Z No. 3895805

CE5 Testimonials

And primary documentation.

When big dogs come out to play.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-14 06:15:23Z No. 3896122


Thanks. All I'm doing is posting evidence that people are successfully initiating contact with ET on a regular basis using some variation of the CE-5 protocols. Their hate doesn't serve them well because none of it is backed up with evidence. That's why they keep qualifying themselves on new devices by saying "long time lurker here…"

This is a research thread. Reasonable men can disagree… but fella's, step your game up.

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-14 08:16:48Z No. 3896839


Why do you CE-5 retards not understand that it's not about evidence or lack of evidence, it's about contacting something of which we have no understanding? Are you people so fucking lonely and desperate and have so little self-control that you will contact the first thing that comes along??? When you read about horrific alien abductions does it just go in one ear and out the other? I don't understand the level of shilling that goes on in here, is the money really that good? I would rather eat a bullet than sell my soul and shill something like CE-5. Please for the love of God, form an alliance with the human species, stop contacting beings that are hostile and actively working against us. Jesus fucking Christ you guys are annoying.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-14 13:05:02Z No. 3897919


You got the order of disclosure backwards. Psychic disclosure happens first. As our consciousness creates the possibility of more physical contact then it happens. Think of individual shifts then think of collective shifts then think of physical shifts. Within individuals vibratory patterns motivate changes in mass-collective perception which in turn effects physical events

Psychic events precede physical events. Imagine many, many people having this backwards.

Having lights flash, seeing orbs is just the start. It doesn't seem effective to point to this as being the apex of the contact.


If contact is based on an inner desire…..

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-14 14:55:58Z No. 3898816


<and for your next tactic we have…

Re-frame What Was Stated.

"I'm just being reasonable, don't try that other simple, less-costly thing. Those people are haters. This isn't organic. I declare thee shill! Though we can disagree if we're reasonable." Concluded with arrogant swipe at those disagreeing.

<Are you confused?

This is not hatred.

It's a calling out.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Again, to others, try ce-5 or don't. Watch the evidence, or don't. It's up to you. Currently all I have to offer is a story of personal experience and an encouragement to seek data on your own without costly outlays from gatekeepers. If it's offered freely, I'll give it a try myself. So far all I've need was meditation, free will and a simple laser pointer. Why would I start pumping money into a system that locks down information after that? Does that trap sound familiar to anyone else?

It should.

Anonymous ID: eaa547 2018-11-14 15:56:28Z No. 3899450


Thanks man. I love seeing evidence of contact. I hope many more people realize this wonderful truth.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-14 17:01:22Z No. 3900256

Steven Greer, in his own words, slams the rockefellers, clintons, banking and corporate cabals.

Notice how everyone who shilled greer could only provide a second hand source, if that. It's because they are literally making shit up. This is a briefing to world leaders from the beginning of the year. This is a primary source from Greer himself. You can't beat primary sources in terms of quality of evidence.


If lasers work better than consciousness for anons, more power to them. The irony of your assertion is that lasers and strobe lights all cost money.

CE5 does not.

"ET responds very favorably to attempts to communicate thru consciousness."

Here's how to do it - for free - anons.

1)Go out under the stars on a clear night

2)Enter meditative state. Just close your eyes and breathe and be still.

3)Have a sincere desire to make contact for benevolent reasons

4)Assume ET is benevolent until proven otherwise.

5)See a mental image of the milky way

6)Mentally zoom into the solar system

7)Zoom into the earth and moon

8)Zoom into your continent

9)Keep zooming into your precise location, as if you were looking down from ET's perspective

10)Reverse process. Do this in-and-out for a few minutes. If you lose focus, start back over at the milky way.

11) See one, do one, teach one, and share your contact report with other anons. If you want to use a laser that's all good too. But you don't have to spend a dime to CE-5.

A lot of what Dr. Greer says in the briefing is verbatim what Qanon says about we, the people and the importance of unity.

God bless

Anonymous ID: 792b03 2018-11-14 18:01:11Z No. 3901013



Another single post agreeing with the 86 post spamshill?

I didn't see that coming.

No… It hasn't happened for numerous breads as soon as Rockefeller initiative CIA Anon is challenged.

Here's a question.

After numerous Anons have pointed out very obvious errors in 86 post Greershills approach, (((they))) have made no attempt to change their method.

You would think after being called out numerous times, someone would at least consider looking into the mirror of self reflection.

To consider changing their approach to how they deliver their "message" to Anons.

No… This hasn't changed.

Not in the slightest.

All that happens is another single post floater IP pops up to agree with Greershill spammer.

You know… Since the veganfag angle hasn't worked.

This is becoming blatantly obvious.

What is controlled opposition?

Why would Greer slam the global elite?

To make you trust him.

To make you think he's on your side.

The information stated previously has done a wonderful job to tie Greer to some of the most evil people and organizations on the planet.

How about Alex Jones.

Mossad asset?

Hasn't AJ slammed the global elite, the same people Greer has?

It's time to "Think Mirror".

It's Time to see the Light.

If someone cannot figure out by now that someone posting HUNDREDS of times in breads, spamming it closed so they don't have to answer legit questions, and collecting their OWN NOTABLES doesn't have an agenda of their own… They are lost.

The repeated informercial approach creates the perfect contrast for Anons.

You'd think by now this spammer would have already proven their point.

You'd think they wouldn't have to keep mentioning CE-5 in every post.

You'd think (((they))) would allow Anons to draw their own conclusions.

Vice driving the same information down everyone's throat.

Vice putting the same individuals tied to the Cabal in the spotlight for every post.

Keep collecting your own notables.

Keep replying to YOURSELF with the same floater IP's to try to convince Anons that people actually give this the benefit of the doubt.

Anons can see through this.

In fact… This has been the most beautiful way to capture beyond a reasonable doubt that Greer has, and always will be one of the "chosen ones" to own disclosure as scripted by the Cabal.

Once again, Greer (Paradigm Research Group) and Tom Delong's entire purpose was to portray the Dracos as a benevolent species.

As our creators.

"If" I did have insider information pertaining to this, Anons wouldn't likely listen to it anyone.

The chans don't work like that.

No one is above another.

Everyone can think for themselves.

Anonymous ID: eaa547 2018-11-14 18:03:40Z No. 3901034


Calm your tits, shill

Anonymous ID: 792b03 2018-11-14 18:13:16Z No. 3901151


>Calm your tits, shill

Not even 2 minutes later, the SAME floater IP replying to Greershill with sycophantic praise attacks this message I put forward.

A message that very clearly outlines what is going on in these threads.

Does that not PROVE to everyone here, that SOMEONE is watching this thread 24/7?

Once again… Your failures only continue to add to the equation.

Why don't you explain WHY I am a shill vs ad hominem?

Your narrative is failing… And it's becoming abundantly obvious.

The TRUTH is being discovered organically.

Back to the drawing board for (You).

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-14 20:57:08Z No. 3903198


>If contact is based on an inner desire…..

Sorry shill, not everyone here is a brainlet who thinks all victims of crime secretly desired to be victims. If your daughter came home with a bloody, bruised face and told you that a gang of Muslims had raped her because the religion of peace demanded it, would you shrug and say, "If contact is based on an inner desire…" and leave it at that? Again, I can't understand the depths of the low IQ shilling that goes on in this thread. Seriously a lot of you lonely CE-5 retards have NPC-levels of disregard for danger.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-15 04:25:52Z No. 3909031


>The TRUTH is being discovered organically

'nuff said

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-15 08:48:18Z No. 3910961

Been reading about human and cattle mutilations by (possible) aliens. The general pattern is a removal of one or both eyes, the lips and tongue, the genitals, and even the anus. The body is always drained of blood, often without a collapse of the veins and arteries, which means the victim wasn’t just hacked open and bled out. There’s usually organs missing, too.

I’ve never read anything about the brain being taken, so I don’t think they’re doing this for adrenochrome; however, they say the victims die in extreme agony, so I suppose a tube could always be jammed up the nose to extract what they need while the victim is experiencing fear, agony, and the subsequent release of adrenaline. And I doubt that studying human or animal DNA is the answer, either, as a little pinprick of blood would cover that one.

Are there any MedicalAnons lurking? You guys have any idea what would be the point of doing this to someone?

Interesting link that goes over several cases of possible human mutilation by aliens:

Anonymous ID: eaa547 2018-11-15 10:29:07Z No. 3911453


Information about abductions, cattle mutilation, UFO crashes and DUMBs is decades old. Why? What does this imply?

Anonymous ID: db0365 2018-11-15 11:15:45Z No. 3911646


At least this post is somewhat interesting.

I drop in here occasionally and the thread is usually full of 'tards arguing about some Greer guy and CE5 shit.

Get a life you spergs. Bunch of low energy idiots.

Maybe ET will beam you up someday.

Anonymous ID: 8d24b2 2018-11-15 15:02:25Z No. 3912881

Anonymous ID: 4610f5 2018-11-15 15:45:21Z No. 3913335



According to various sources abductions on humans were attempts of a dying ET race (greys, likely zeta reticulians) to save their DNA by creating a hybrid race with humans. They struck a deal with the Military Industrial Complex at the time of Eisenhower's presidency exchanging tech for abduction rights (it was a scam). 20 years ago the positive ET federation decided this deal violated the surface humanity's free will and put a quarantine. That is why all talk about these things suddenly stopped and now it seems like most aliens are hippy new agers - not a coincidence.

Light Orbs in sky Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-15 16:33:45Z No. 3913930


Interesting sights being picked up in photos recently. Seven photos shot within about 30 seconds. Did not see these light orbs while photographing, and its not an anomaly of the camera lens. They disappear then re-appear in different places and different shots.

Anonymous ID: 4610f5 2018-11-15 17:12:52Z No. 3914415


Nice sighting anon! Are those your pics? Can you provide more information?

Also, the pool's apparently closed, KEK

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-15 21:06:43Z No. 3917145


>Information about abductions, cattle mutilation, UFO crashes and DUMBs is decades old. Why? What does this imply?

To a brainlet it would imply that human mutilations are no longer occurring. "If it was still happening, it would be in the news, right???" To someone good at spotting patterns (anyone in here capable of that?), it means the invasion has entered a new stage. That is, if any of this shit is real. There is an onslaught of high production videos pushing people to contact creatures that, just a few years ago, were abducting and torturing people and sometimes even telling people that they were going to become one with us through some kind of bizarre hybridization program. It's almost as if people are being trained to love their conquerors. It's almost as if the aliens have figured out that we have a dog-like need to love and serve our masters. Weird, isn't it?

Also, I lol'd at this idea that old information is irrelevant. If there really are mass arrests, I can't wait to hear the first liberal on trial saying, "I admit that's me in the video raping a child… but that was *years* ago!"

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-15 22:30:16Z No. 3917970


fixed and finalized

november ce5 contact report

White light orbs Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-15 23:14:03Z No. 3918463


Thanks Anon, what kind info are you wanting?

Shots were taken in Crystal River Fl. Another interesting thing is I just had three visual sightings of white lights over 3 consecutive days predawn, twice bending down to put down coffee and to get out my phone (within 2 seconds) looked up and it was gone. They know.

Anonymous ID: b9ec5d 2018-11-16 05:04:32Z No. 3922659

Sauce linking Hillary Clinton, John Podesta & Dr. Steven Greer to the Rockefeller initiative.

Just in case any of you missed it earlier.

Incorrectly stated on the board previously.

Laurence Rockefeller not David Rockefeller linked to the Rockefeller initiative.

We know the Rockefellers have humanities "best" interests in mind.

(((They))) want us to know the "truth".

We can all trust the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Dr. Steven Greer and the big corporations and big money controlled by them.

We are grateful to have someone filling the breads with Greer and the "truthful" messages he puts out there.

Thankfully these individuals are working towards putting "true" disclosure in the mainstream narrative.

Latest list of "notables" yet anyone?

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-16 08:47:23Z No. 3924239


Great post Anon. That should be the nail in the coffin concerning CE-5. Although, to be honest, anyone who has the drive and the almonds to come here should have been able to see through CE-5, what with the high production value on the videos (not grassroots) and the fact that Greer "came out of nowhere". Nobody comes out of nowhere and immediately has that much influence, ya ding dongs.

Now, if any Anons are interested in looking at what we know so far about the (possible) aliens coming to earth, search "David Jacobs" on youtube. You're welcome!

Anonymous ID: 4610f5 2018-11-16 13:24:01Z No. 3925307


Thanks, that's all I wanted. Just so we can pinpoint a time and place and not have any random pic passed off as sighting. They know, that's for sure. I wish you many more sightings friend.

Anonymous ID: 4610f5 2018-11-16 13:27:54Z No. 3925325


Don't forget, you'll find out far more consistent and verifiable results if you try conscious contact using any guide you find. Just beware of evil dr. Greer and his Roth buddies (irony).

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-16 16:23:55Z No. 3926690

Dr Steven Greer slams the media as the enemy of We The People. More evidence that he and Qanon are on the same side.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-16 17:19:30Z No. 3927258


cattle mutilations are part of an unacknowledged special access program to instill fear and xenophobia in the mind's of people, in order to keep them afraid of ET contact. You can hear more about this in


the evil abduction scenario is also disproven by actual science (not linda moulton howe low-iq journalism) coming out of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation.





nice try. /slowclap

NOTABLES Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-16 18:01:19Z No. 3927721




>>3599238 Past /Disclosure/ notables

>>3635029, >>3635054, >>3635078, >>3635096, >>3635115, >>3658331, >>3683284, >>3683298, >>3683345, >>3683366, >>3709774, >>3718264, >>3727355, >>3743438, >>3610008, >>3625531, >>3625541, >>3625549, >>3625554, >>3625562, >>3625572, >>3625593, >>3625607, >>3625615, >>3739906, >>3777500, >>3777626, >>3781495, >>3798316, >>3804887, >>3811678, >>3817039, >>3830986, >>3838000, >>3842269, >>3881230, >>3886341, >>3895805, >>3913930, >>3917970, >>3918463, CE-5 Primary Documentation and Testimonials

>>3599311, >>3599369, >>3599412, >>3599473, >>3633741, >>3648185, >>3819979, >>3910961, >>3926690, >>3927258 USAP related

>>3881067, >>3601772, >>3602272, >>3624577, >>3639588, >>3651674, >>3666626, >>3667334, >>3670878, >>3674913, >>3685232, >>3695486, >>3699260, >>3709897, >>3726033, >>3728915, >>3729047, >>3729831, >>3738657, >>3738678, >>3745648, >>3756725, >>3759880, >>3762450, >>3783605, >>3784883, >>3802083, >>3813953, >>3821653, >>3828439, >>3871079, >>3880515, >>3886975, >>3888083, >>3896839, >>3901013, >>3901151, >>3903198, >>3917145, >>3922659, >>3924239, >>3881067 Shilling of Human Initiated Contact (CE-5). Diggs needed.

>>3623902, >>3599355, >>3900256 How to CE-5

>>3627710, >>3638863, >>3738214, Antigrav related

>>3638922, >>3639092, >>3639155, >>3656180, Suppressed Technologies incl. New Energy

>>3639245, >>3648185, Scientific Model for Conscious Quantum Holographic Universe

>>3696175 ABA Body Language Analysis TW "abduction" case

>>3727113, >>3727165, >>3741424, >>3752057, >>3752148, >>3752717, >>3771402, Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences. For the empiricists.

>>3639281, >>3660663, >>3738074 Reusable Disclosure Letters/Speeches

>>3709824, >>3722833, >>3723988, >>3727210, >>3754026, >>3757907, >>3757928, >>3757945 Treaty on the Prevention of Placement of Weapons in Outer Space

>>3737836 /Disclosure/ shilled by Fake News

>>3812164 (Updated) Proposal for open source intergalactic internet that may already exist

>>3870897 oumuamua in the news

Anonymous ID: e2aba1 2018-11-16 19:30:17Z No. 3928803


Abductions DID occur in the past, however this is no longer the case. ET contact is so overwhelmingly positive nowadays.

Sightings, experiences Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-16 20:06:24Z No. 3929392


I learn all I can as often as I can, but I haven't had to work for my experiences, ever since childhood - it comes from somewhere within, and I am grateful. Things are definitely ramping up. I can feel it…. have much more to share some day. Love and Light to all.

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-16 20:38:32Z No. 3929780


I wish I could be as blissfully unaware as you, just doing what others tell me and never feeling troubled by thought. So why do you think abductions have been reduced? Why the push to contact and accept the aliens? Did the aliens have a sudden change of heart? Hmm, let's see. Testimonies of abductees talked about a hybridization program, in which aliens wanted to create a creature that looked like us but had the ability to influence and control human minds. Such a program has been going on for, what, twenty years? Thirty? Long enough for them to have their agents in place influencing people, right? If you would use your brain and think, then you would know these creatures are taking their program to the next stage. Acceptance. They want you and every other low IQ brainlet standing on your porch with open arms, apologizing for your "corrupt" leaders and ready to accept your place in the "cosmic brotherhood". I mean it's so obvious that it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to accept that you people can be this simple and so easily led. If you are that easily led, then I would have to agree with the aliens, if they do in fact exist: You people are sheep and you deserve to be ruled by a more intelligent race. Your intense desire to serve reveals your place in the scheme of things. You're a servant and you deserve the leash you long for.


"Greer says he's not part of the corrupt media so he must be one of us!" (pic related)

Gee I wonder why Greer gets constant media spotlight but guys like David Jacobs who put together a cohesive picture of a possible alien invasion fall into obscurity? I know it can't be a conspiracy! No way! There must be some other explanation.

Anyway you guys, sorry if I came off as a little aggressive. It's just a character I play online. The truth is, I can't wait to see what other great things Hillary, John Podesta, and the faaabuloooous Thteven Gueer comes up with next!

family photos Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-16 20:51:53Z No. 3929966


Old photos, think 1966. Complements of dad.

Look closely.

Lots of interesting and intelligent structures and terrain.

Some ancient?, some not.

At the time, was it them?, not ours? …who's them?

Who's there now? Who knows. Maybe them and us, both?

Much more where that came from.

Anonymous ID: e2aba1 2018-11-16 21:21:33Z No. 3930336




Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 00:59:16Z No. 3933209


Catastrophic Fire that burnt Rome [64 AD]

The Greek Fire that was top secret and sacred that saved Greece [673~678 AD]

"Typhoon" that destroyed 145000 Mongolian invaders and saved Japan [1281 AD]

The Black Death, plague that killed millions of Europeans [1347~1353 AD]

609 year gap between Rome Burn and the Greek Fire

608 year gap between the Greek Fire and the Japanese Typhoon

674 year gap between the Greek Fire and the Black Death

Related to the number and the symbolism "666"


1353 (around the end of The Black Death) + 666 = 2019


Check other major historical event, surreal incidents, religious movement(war, conflict, nation founded)

every 666 years from 1 AD. You can go backwards.

+ - some years. Delta

Israel's DEW or Anunnaki?


Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 01:06:22Z No. 3933297

[Real meaning of 666]

666 represent Saturn movement in relation to Earth's(432) in regard

to the cycle of the solar system.

Watch the number 3, 6, 9




















1)add all up =73


2)find a repeating pattern 142857









first different number when divided by 9.

9=special number with special meaning.


repeating pattern 54


666/12= 55.5




repeating pattern 230769













repeating pattern = 648







repeating pattern 6

number=represents law of nature, gifted to us by Anunnaki

Saturn=Anunnaki's planet?

Ring of Saturn= manipulation of magnetic field of the planet by installation of devices such as pyramid around equator?

Nikola Tesla. Nikolai Kozyrev.

Tree of knowledge. Tree of Life.

The Era of Pisces ->moving->The Era of Aquarius

Ice age

Lower Sea Level

The first step towards Satya Yuga initiated by Q/POTUS

Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 03:36:55Z No. 3935230

3 6 [9]=number of Tree of Knowledge & Life.

Watch the number 1 and 5.

Jesus = 1 AD [The Base Point]

Jesus = Anunnaki or descendant of Anunnaki

Blood type AB. Rh-

Herod Artificial Harbour built, Ceasaria 10 BC


3 Kingdoms of Korea found

around 50 BC

Goguryeo/Goryeo(Korea) founded 37 BC by Jumong


Catastrophic Rome Burn after death of Jesus

64 AD


Kingdoms of Korea found

50 BC

Gupta Dynasty found

320 AD


King Arthur's victory over Saxons

King Arthur



Kindfom of Malacca founded

1400 AD


These are some examples

Connect the dots

World religion+mythology+history



Double meaning?

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-17 04:30:37Z No. 3935860

What do US SSP Solar Warden combat ready ships look like nowadays?

Just in case that US Space Force personnel lurk and post crumbs here.

Anonymous ID: 05bfa4 2018-11-17 05:00:39Z No. 3936160


My IQ didn't drop since the first time I read it. Border security is border security, period. We're not going to protect ourselves from cheap Mexican labor and third-world crime but then turn around and bend over for beings who don't respect our sovereignty over our own planet.

Abductee accounts were consistent about the "grays" serving giant bugs… mantis aliens, "insectoids" or whatever you want to call them. The grays seem to be some kind of biological construct, they aren't a people, they don't have individual identity, and they're not worried about their DNA degrading. The bugs seem to be in control in every situation, and they aren't crying about their DNA needing a squirt or two of low IQ human DNA. That's a dumb story and makes no sense. The hybrid program existed so they could make creatures who could pass as humans. Pretty simple, very logical.

I never hear anything about "love and light" space fags except from the gayest new age websites. I don't think those guys exist, and if they did, they would get bent over by a species capable of using weapons and asserting dominance. The first step to survival is to care about yourself, your territory, and your blood relations. That's border security. Please drop a pair of testicles and stop listening to John Podesta's butt-buddy Thteven Gueer.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-17 05:57:03Z No. 3936721


Look brother. Let's set aside our differences for a moment. I have a sincere question for you.

Why do you care about this research board so much?

How do you want to help people here?


Why do you care about ET contact so much?

God bless.

Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 06:03:42Z No. 3936784

Symbolism used by CABAL

From Ancient Civilization, Ancient countries, Ancient Religion

How much do we know about Atlantean Era?

All founded by Anunnakis or descendant of Anunnakis.

[example 1]

Panda (double meaning. eyes. black&white), Podesta body/face painting, spiral pedophilia symbol = from Ancient Civilizations founded/built by Anunnakis.

Compare all Ancient Civilization.

Which Ancient Civilizations had more violence/pedophilia/human sacrifice/cannibalism?

What's the difference between

Mesoamerican Ancient Civilizations

and Ancient East Asian Civilizations?

Anunnaki VS Anunnaki

Political/Religious fight

Current political war = continued

storyline of Anunnaki's conflict

More to come

Anonymous ID: 494afa 2018-11-17 06:23:57Z No. 3936956


Ever read Alice Bailey's book on Telepathy?

It covers a lot about thought as energy

Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 06:28:19Z No. 3936993


For deeper understanding of telepathy,

research Nikolai Kozyrev

Anonymous ID: 494afa 2018-11-17 07:02:08Z No. 3937181


Thanks for 411.

Anonymous ID: 66af93 2018-11-17 12:59:18Z No. 3938541


Kozyrev Mirror

Anonymous ID: 0fdb69 2018-11-17 21:31:35Z No. 3942806


I wonder if they still use retrofitted subs

Anonymous ID: 51f449 2018-11-17 22:47:21Z No. 3943524

No mention of Bob Lazar?

>Predicted element 115 in the 80's

>Described it's properties and the troubles associated with synthesizing large quantities of it

>Describes anti gravitational propulsion systems and how they work in depth

>Obviously incredibly intelligent, and his story has never faltered or changed

Anonymous ID: 51f449 2018-11-17 22:48:57Z No. 3943544


Also, Forget Corey Goode until that mother fucker displays some real goddam evidence instead of just stories

Anonymous ID: 0fdb69 2018-11-17 23:57:41Z No. 3944196


Bob is also the go-to source for rare (legal) chemical supplies as he runs United Nuclear.

I wish him well, whistleblowers of his caliber don't often live to see old age.

Anonymous ID: 51f449 2018-11-18 00:03:53Z No. 3944273


Agreed. One of the best, and the fact he is still alive is amazing tbh.

New documentary coming out in December about him, hopefully it is good.

Anonymous ID: 6b3df2 2018-11-18 03:00:20Z No. 3946011


THIS… Dude is just getting paid


Lazaris probably legit


Podesta Rothchild Shill Grier says all aliens are nice… Likely some aliens are assholes.

>>3933297, >>3933209



double checked interesting pics. Can you highlight features?

>>3910961 scary and sad.

>>3901013 stay strong brother.

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-18 03:30:10Z No. 3946303


Third picture, lots of strange stuff that looks out of place

2nd column, top, very visible tower structure next to a trench

2nd col, mid - strange object right next to a crater. Looks like a ship

3rd col - bottom - tower

1st col - 3/8 - tower similar to one in 3rd col

Anonymous ID: 357e0c 2018-11-18 03:34:44Z No. 3946373


> dying ET race (greys, likely zeta reticulians) to save their DNA by creating a hybrid race with humans.

kek, sounds a bit like Asgard from SG1. Except Asgard were our cool bros in space and down to beat some other human and ET ass.

What terrible sequence of choices and events does a specie have to take in order to reach such a point of no return in terms of their biological survival. How does a group of intelligent biological creatures end up "dying" without an external threat?

Anonymous ID: 860ae7 2018-11-18 15:46:45Z No. 3950167


>How does a group of intelligent biological creatures end up "dying" without an external threat?

Suicide by lack of spirituality in their civilization.

Our bodies come from Nature, so without nature there is no life.

Not all Reticulians are bad. There are some that want to do good and repair the damages done to them and us.

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-18 19:22:05Z No. 3952220

Flashes, orbs, configurations of orbs and flashes, e-waves

Stanford Neuroscientist Karl Deisseroth Receives Japan’s Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology

The Inamori Foundation today announced that it has presented its 34 [th] annual Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology to Dr. Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D., a Stanford University neuroscientist and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, during a Sat., Nov. 10 ceremony here.

Deisseroth led the discovery of “optogenetics,” a new methodological discipline in which cellular activity is controlled by light. In the process, he developed a novel and universal technique to manipulate brain activity at the neural circuit level, revolutionizing the field of systems neuroscience and impacting more than a thousand research laboratories operating worldwide

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-18 20:28:08Z No. 3952846


I’m happy someone is interested. I think dad would be proud. Keep looking, there's many more things to suspect or identify. Your mind doesn’t pick up certain things right away, more will materialize each time you come back to it. If marks were placed on all the oddities, it would almost cover the images. Maybe with more time that can be accomplished. Want more?

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-18 20:34:19Z No. 3952909


Sharing is fun. Its like a puzzle, enjoy…

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-18 20:54:51Z No. 3953083


Important, see like an artist.

Why are there so many little specular highlights reflecting sunlight? … for such a dreary lifeless, untouched planet. Look for angular and geometric patterns. Tunnel like shapes and patterns. Notice shapes and shadows. Some craters look old, dark and naturally weathered, then others are different, sharper defined, lighter value, even whitish - think maybe mining operations? What about pathways like well traveled areas from heavy equipment? …elevated causeways built up across craters. Oh, and then think transparent looking structures. Lots of interesting things way off in the distance.

Happy hunting!

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-19 11:52:45Z No. 3959238

These guys are so deep in medium/seance/apports

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-19 11:53:13Z No. 3959241

Anonymous ID: cee27d 2018-11-19 23:41:33Z No. 3964784

Here's the scientific paper out of Harvard suggesting Oumuamua is of ETI origin.

From the abstract:

"We discuss the possible origins of such an object. Our general results apply

to any light probes designed for interstellar travel."

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-20 08:10:01Z No. 3969352

CE5 Primary Documentation

Florida, 10/6/18

Stage being set for deCEntralized disclosure.


Anonymous ID: 655792 2018-11-20 09:41:48Z No. 3969744


can't see shit….nice larp

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-21 00:05:33Z No. 3976470

CE5 Primary Documentation

Audio on

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-21 01:20:26Z No. 3977242




I'm sorry, then this kind of thing is just not for you. Don't waste your time with silly shill replies. Those who truly look will see.

Anonymous ID: 3f6d93 2018-11-21 05:29:23Z No. 3980971


Pseudo-self-claimed-judge you are wasting our time and space here (9 posts of what?)

If you have some information to share, do so. Your judgement should be limited to self

ce-5 template Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-21 07:01:24Z No. 3981759

How To CE5

Hey anons. This is the template for my teams next ce-5. For all you lurkers out there who have been mulling over the idea of starting a group, feel free to use this template. You can replace the CTS meditation from ET Contact Tool App with a free version by searching on youtube. "Greer guided CTS meditation." Also keep in mind that we are on the east coast and due to global warming its gonna be cold as shit, so our meditations will be mostly inside. Ideally you want the entire event to be outside. Hope this helps someone. See one, do one, teach one.

Introduction to CE-5, Steven Greer, and CTS - <15 minutes


Cleansing - 7 minutes

Dr. G Puja - 7 minutes

Dr. G Cosmic Consciousness (1/2) - 18 minutes

CTS/Silent meditation (2/2) - 13 minutes

Skywatching - 20 minutes

Dr. G CTS - 35 minutes - ET Contact Tool App

Skywatching - 20 minutes


Discussion - Open Ended


if you aren't larping why do you need us to figure out what the big deal is? waste of space. "no new (non-general) threads will be created" for the time being. which means focus your posts to be of maximum effectiveness for the rest of this thread. Yes, I am pointing that same finger back at myself.

Happy early turkey day world patriots.

Anonymous ID: b4367c 2018-11-22 23:44:29Z No. 3998997


Dolores Cannon on "The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth" - YouTube

Anonymous ID: 716252 2018-11-23 00:58:15Z No. 3999594



aka. "incarnated extraterrestrials".

Anonymous ID: ac1195 2018-11-23 03:28:27Z No. 4000990

Q AMERICANS ARE MORE AWAKEN than you know. .That's why Trump is president. We are not afraid of them. MSM is a invasion of our homes. What about our children and grandchildren. Would we allow porn like this. . Banker's must Go.

Anonymous ID: 63055f 2018-11-23 16:03:46Z No. 4004502


I've seen "ships" most of my life. The earliest I can FULLY remember was at 14 yrs old and have seen them regularly for the last 42 yrs since. They've come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes even appearing out of thin air right in front of where I happened to be looking, at the time and once where my daughter and grandson could see it, too. My family has seen several over the years. I had the weird experience of what seemed to be something like a Morse Code coming into my head for 3 nights straight when I was in my late teens and would stay there until I became just too sleepy to listen anymore then it never returned after the 3rd night. I often see several different craft a year. Some I'm pretty sure belong to us, many I'm sure do not.We've caught what looked like plasma balls moving about the yard on camera but you could not see them with the naked eye, totally by accident. I don't bother trying to be ready to film any and it does little good to discuss it with most people considering how ignorant and closed minded most people on this damn planet are. I've met lots of people who have seen many of the same things as me and most feel pretty much the same about discussing it as me. The earliest I remember is the two I saw at 14 but throughout all this time, something keeps nagging at me that I experienced something of this kind at a much earlier age but I just can't remember anything about it. It's just a constant nagging feeling. Having experienced all this I have tried many a night (and day) to consciously make some kind of contact other than the regular sightings of ships but have, yet, to have THAT happen…that I know of, anyway. As grounded as I am in terra firma I would love nothing more than to see and know more of what else lies beyond this big blue ball in space but I will not "knowingly" court manipulation and deception because I know how this is used by all higher intelligent life to gain the upper hand in any potential contact/conflict situation and I wonder if that's what keeps me from experiencing further contact, so to speak. Humanity has taught me not to trust others at face value and it makes me wonder if that mistrust is a valid reason I see no physical "lifeform" contact. IDK. Ships/crafts I and others in the family see but nothing else and I'd really like to know why not?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-23 16:29:00Z No. 4004696

CE5 Primary Documentation

From Ashley and the South Africa crew

Anonymous ID: 2ae115 2018-11-23 17:01:51Z No. 4004927

Already posted this in general.

But actually it belongs here.

Impressing footage of what seems to be an TR-3B. Video starts at 1:25 where it becomes interesting.

Anonymous ID: 0383ba 2018-11-23 18:41:18Z No. 4005599


>makes me wonder if that mistrust is a valid reason I see no physical "lifeform" contact

Through spiritual development you can "feel" the advanced people of the stars so you know intuitively who to trust. ETs go the extra mile for those that struggle to grow out of their mental infancy, but for everyone else pic related is likely one of the reasons why we don't have any easy and definite proof yet.

Anonymous ID: 6318c0 2018-11-23 20:44:22Z No. 4006443

The Secret Enneagram of Gurdjieff and its relationship to Universal Vortex Math


Anonymous ID: 5d51f0 2018-11-23 20:51:47Z No. 4006506


i did almost every night for 4 years. I never got ANYTHING. Zip, nada, zilch. I not longer try anymore. But I will go out for meteor showers or other events like that. But I not longer and outside looking to the stars offering an invite or asking confirmation. I think ppl that do get this are special. Apparently I am not worthy. I got the message by getting no message.

Anonymous ID: 5d51f0 2018-11-23 20:53:14Z No. 4006517


not being contacted does not mean one is a shill. Use logic. I desperately wanted confirmation. I got it from Q, not from "off world".

Anonymous ID: 2f6af1 2018-11-23 23:33:13Z No. 4007775



IMHO, just because people say they want something doesn't mean they 'actionally' want it. More so, it's hypothetical. Not calling anyone a shill. Emotional consistency is a spectrum. You need a certain distribution of intensity and integrity to be taken (not a pun) seriously.

Handling the psychic stress of ET's even with all the BS out there, isn't easy. People lose their shit or have lost their shit (then it doesn't matter). If there's tons of cases where a physical approach has lead to unintended consequences, I don't think it's likely the same MO is used.

The whole acclimatization thing, makes sense[?], but then why are our institutions in denial?. Either it's not an acclimatization or it's part of it.

If it is part of it, then the whole plausible deniability angle comes into play.

My general 'feel' is as collective awareness grows the individual interactions at the extremes of the bell curve grow.

Sorted evidence has to supersede the plausible deniability angle as disclosure narrative gains root.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-23 23:47:15Z No. 4007901


true but most of the person(s) bashing human initiated contact is an i.p. hopping shill who exhibits symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic.

look, richard dolan went out with greer's team and was the only person whom had zero sightings. to paraphrase his own words "everyone else around me was having amazing contact and sightings but i was the only person who didn't see anything."

He didn't pass the smell test from advanced ET perspective because his motive and paradigm is all fucked up.

This anecdote goes hand-in-glove with the notion that if ET wanted to land on the whitehouse lawn, they could. Their actions of showing themselves scarcely, and mainly to those humans initiating contacting through consciousness (not lasers/technology), lends credence to the idea that they are waiting for We, the people to show them we are ready.

Ready to engage CE-5.

Ready to venture into space peaCEfully.

Ready to bypass world governments who have done nothing to help us in this matter.

Ready to usher in an age of enlightenment starting with a deCEntralized disclosure.

Why do you think Rahma in South America is so successful? They predate the CE-5 initiative.

Confirmation comes in many forms.

The best form is human initiated contact based on universal principles of contact and exchange.

"The choice to know the truth is yours."




Anonymous ID: 0383ba 2018-11-23 23:51:42Z No. 4007935


How's your spiritual life? How do you handle various challenges and do you meditate? An open Heart is much much more conductive to initiating contact than rational curiosity.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-24 18:38:33Z No. 4014724

CE5 Primary Documentation

This is very good evidence of human initiated contact. The video starts off with the evidence after about a minute.

Note the emphasis on consciousness used to make contact.

Open sourCE!

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-11-25 23:13:20Z No. 4027983

The infomercial for this thread has gotten disgusting.

If the intent of the cabal / shills was to derail any honest and open discussion regarding contact, the players on this board are completing that task.

The overuse of referring to CE-5 and Greer.

We all know he's a bad actor.

Yet… still being pushed on here.

Even after all the connections.

The obvious domination of the entire topic of conversation… clearly this is a topic that (((they))) don't want us delving into.

Unless we're all wide eyed and hanging off every word of Greer and the Rockefeller's tendrils.

I guess all the future breads / notables / posts is going to be dominated by the same shill.

I could save you all a lot of trouble, and simply post "CE-5", "Human initiated contact" and refer to Greer several hundred times in each bread.

It would serve the same purpose.

This thread is going nowhere.

Just 3 more to 100…

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-26 04:28:03Z No. 4032529


Could there be more revealed?… in plain sight?

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-26 04:39:42Z No. 4032652



Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-26 04:43:21Z No. 4032683


large complexes? Tall building and domed structure?

Anonymous ID: ce77c4 2018-11-26 11:45:11Z No. 4034568


Yeah, I get woken up a half dozen times in the middle of the night, knowing something is there. Wondering what the fuck it is. Mentally yelling show yourself, I see a black red eyed reptile-like being and pass the fuck out. I wake up with a weird ass dream.

Sure CE-5 faggots continue on….

Anonymous ID: 304db0 2018-11-26 19:39:57Z No. 4038358

Possible but its like a pile of crap and someone says it came from a dog, but when anal-ized, it came from a bear….

I've been reading this site for years and I heard the moon is a illusion, not in space, we walked on the moon and we did not walk on the moon… Everything is so twisted, as just like people thinking that the Clockfag craps is real. I can twist any future event and reflect by dates, names, times, etc and add, -, x and divide letters to numbers and make anything seem like I told you so. Not one event on fake Clockfag can ever be forcasted, and they want you too believe the Clockfags are real, like WW2 "Codetalkers" of facts during war. So tell me a specific future event name, person, location, etc? You can't now can you?

Not a shill - only telling you the truth that some of you here are only playing and you can make any rules you want, and say see, I told you so…. Patriot War Vet only seeking truth on honesty.

Like Trump not one in YEAR 3 NOW, not once ever even attempting to charge a single politician with a single charge - when any 6 year old can see. This is a Phy Op to throw you off of Trumps crimes. So explain why Trump refuses to even attempt the charge of lying under oath to Congress, when paper documents prove they lied under oath?

Remember, crimes can only be charged within 5 years of them happening. Bengazi, Fast n Furious and 25% of all crimes done by BO admin can not be charged because its past the 5 year legal timeframe to charge them…

Guess no one cares that in 5 weeks, a MAJOR CLINTON crime will no longer be allowed to be charged in a court of law… Keep following fakeness, with the real crime of not charging all crimes because the 5 year period is over - so Trump can not charge them in that crime…

Could you have all swallowed the wrong colored pill? Not one charge nor arrest in now the 3rd year in office? Where the Wall and the military budget promised to have it paid? Where's all the immigration laws to stop it? Guess you all just pretend these promises don't mean anything, and you all kept believing the lies? So why not throw a bone to the masses of 1 criminal charge against 1 politician?

Wanna buy a shiney new penny I have and it looks so nice, I'll charge you $100 for it. Nothing like chasing that ball you can never reach… hahahahahahaha

Anonymous ID: 39e727 2018-11-26 20:38:13Z No. 4038974


Why are there stars seen in these pics and none in any moon mission image- including those in orbit? Hmmm?

Anonymous ID: c1c685 2018-11-26 21:16:27Z No. 4039320


Many decades ago there was a famous UFO author/researcher/filmmaker who also remarkably enough also was the creator of a long lasting children's show that is still referenced today. He wrote it and wrote the music and was quite the polar opposite from his UFO passion. Apparently someone in the government was a fan of the show and when he realized what the creator's main passion was decided to help him out. He gave the creator access to all of the government UFO files and film footage in order to film a documentary. At some point, a higher up found out what was going on but decided it would cause more of a stink to stop everything, so they let it proceed - with one caveat. The film footage the government was going to allow him to use and which he had seen was not going to be allowed in the movie. It basically killed any chance the documentary would be a success because the whole premise of it was leading up to the footage which apparently was jaw dropping.

Fast forward a decade and the creator reconnects with a movie producer. This producer has done some things, but is mainly known for being the sibling of a permanent A++ list director who at the time was an A+ list director but still fairly new to the business. The UFO guy and the A+ list director had worked on a film together a few years earlier where our UFO guy told some tales, but the director really didn't believe it all. Anyway, the UFO guy and the producer reconnect and start working on a movie that was so cheap it shared a set with a movie that featured the exact same plot line with different actors filmed a few years earlier. The thing is though, the UFO guy told the producer the same stories he had told the director a few years earlier. This time though, he dropped a bombshell. He had made a copy of the film the government gave him to use. He had taken a film camera and secretly filmed the scene when it was showing on a screen from a projector manned by a military officer.

Our UFO guys shows the footage to the producer who then gets her sibling to view it. The director decides he is going to use the footage in a new movie he is set to make. The government finds out about the footage and cuts a deal with the director. They will give him access to things he can use in all his films whether it is money or technology or ideas the government is working on. He can see the prototypes and incorporate them into his movies. It is why he has always focused on science and the future and aliens and the paranormal in addition to family fare. Apparently as part of the deal, he does have a copy of that footage. A clear copy.

Best guess: Speilberg, Anne Speilberg, Robert Emenegger

Medical Healings Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-27 18:44:36Z No. 4049853





the Dr. Edgar Mitchell F.R.E.E. Foundation has released another sample chapter on medical healings. Recall that in their ongoing research study of many thousands of CE cases, just over half the respondents received medical healing.

From the chapter:


Medical Healings Reported by UAP Contact Experiencers:

An Analysis of the FREE Data

Joseph Burkes MD and Preston Dennett

"One of the most interesting findings that emerged from this work was the many medical healings and

attempts to heal on the part of the visitors… In about one half of the cases I've been involved, there have been

healings due to operations and/or treatments. Sometimes the cures are permanent. At other times the

conditions recur."

Edith Fiore from her book Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by


"… many abductees have experienced or witnessed healing conditions ranging from minor wounds to

pneumonia, childhood leukemia, and even in one case reported to me first-hand, the overcoming of muscular

atrophy in a leg related to poliomyelitis.”

Dr. John Mack, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard School of Medicine


A medical UAP healing can be defined as a physiological improvement as the result of an

encounter with non-human intelligence (NHI.) These types of cases have appeared regularly

since the modern age of UAPs, and continue to be reported today. While most major researchers have uncovered cases of healings, due to their fantastic nature, such events have not received

much attention.

Leading contact experience researcher Budd Hopkins says, “The question is whether we

hear about healing cases. We do sometimes, very rarely, but they do turn up.”1 David Jacobs

author of Secret Life and other books about contact with NHI writes, “In extremely rare cases,

the aliens will undertake a cure of some ailment troubling the abductee.”2 While Hopkins and

Jacobs both asserted that such account are “rare,” not all researchers agree. John Mack MD,

whose book, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, was a watershed event for the UFO

community writes “…many abductees have experienced or witnessed healing conditions…”

Edith Fiore Ph.D. concurs with Mack and writes, “One of the most interesting findings that

emerged from this work was the many healings and attempts to heal on the part of the

visitors…In about one-half of the cases I’ve been involved there have been healings due to

operations and/or treatments.”

In 1996, researcher Preston Dennett released his book, UFO Healings, which presented

more than 100 cases, showing beyond any reasonable doubt the veracity of healings cases. While

researchers now agree that these cases exist, little is known about how common they actually are.

The data from the FREE Experiencer Research Study surveys, however, reveal some surprising

answers and settles the controversy once and for all.'''Fully 50% of the respondents of the FREE

surveys report UAP related medical healings.'''

The purpose of this article is to use the data from the FREE survey to shine a spotlight on

CE (contact experience) healing cases, to show how these healings take place, and to answer the

many questions these cases raise. Who is being healed and why? What conditions are being

healed? Is there any proof?

The authors of this chapter reviewed hundreds of the reported healing cases from the

FREE surveys and chose ten promising cases to study in more depth. These cases are presented below and represent only the tip of the iceberg of the actual number of healings uncovered by the FREE survey.

My commentary – who the fuck wouldn't want to at least say hi to ET beings that have been healing us for the last 70 years, meanwhile turning the other cheek as the military attempts to blast them out of the fucking sky? #CE-5


Anonymous ID: ac784a 2018-11-27 19:06:33Z No. 4050030

Watch for (((those))) who push that all ET's are peaceful…

Anonymous ID: e1a0d1 2018-11-27 19:13:53Z No. 4050102


That guy looks too /fit to be Podesta. Not saying it's not him, but idk.

Note the leg severed right below the knew. I've seen a pattern of the right leg missing in this fashion popping up. What is it with the right leg being the first to go with the pedovores?

Anonymous ID: e1a0d1 2018-11-27 19:15:09Z No. 4050117



how is this not summoning demons?

Anonymous ID: cea999 2018-11-27 21:15:59Z No. 4051411


How did you come to that conclusion?

Anonymous ID: cea999 2018-11-27 21:21:56Z No. 4051459


To answer it simply - there are positive and negative things in life. Spirituality is no different. By using positive spirituality one proves his/her good intentions and receives a positive reply. You can also answer the question "How is Trump not Cabal?" by using the same logic. Thought clear?

Anonymous ID: e1a0d1 2018-11-27 22:24:24Z No. 4052125




Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-11-27 23:02:45Z No. 4052463


>Robert Emenegger

Lines up with the beginning of the book "The Presidents and UFO's"

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-11-28 06:24:12Z No. 4057466


Humans EXIST and are ET to other ET civilizations. yet many humans on this board project. Threat to themselves. Always have been. They view themselves as their savior to some outside threat.Outside threat doesn't exist. You all have too many what many on this board call "benevolent" beings such as Arcturans. You don't need weapons in your own space when you have being way more advanced protecting that space. You can then learn from those being once you de-weaponize the space around your Earth and not shoot us down

Anonymous ID: 981de2 2018-11-28 08:49:33Z No. 4058164

Has anyone here spent time looking into the Saturn-Moon Matrix theory? I read about it and then listened to a QHHT session where the person spoke of it. It was so absolutely crazy, that it actually made a lot of sense.

We have all heard about how ET's likely manipulated our genome and that we would still be more primitive creatures had they not? The basic gist of the theory is that around that period, there was a brief moment when Earth was not being watched by any ET species. If you've heard of the "War in Heaven," it was likely during that time period. The theory goes that a race of negative ET's who utilized an extraordinarily advanced AI that is in the form of a black cube, took advantage of this and began to set up multiple bases of sorts to influence humans and create a slave race.

The QHHT person flat out said the cube created Saturn and dwells inside it. It is the reason for the odd hexagon storms on Saturn's poles. It supposedly also constructed the moon to act as both a receiver and transmitter of certain waves. These beings are able to find energy and power from negative human emotions and also project subtle waves from the moon to keep us unaware of our more spiritual side. It would explain why the moon appeared to be hollow on seismic readings.

It also would explain why Saturn and black cubes are so important to Satanists. The idea has also appeared in many movies… Star Wars (blowing up the moon), Oblivion (AI taking over the world), Batman V Superman (black cubes of immense power, the Borg from Star Trek, Transformers…etc.

Really believe this deserves further digging.

Anonymous ID: 28399c 2018-11-28 09:49:43Z No. 4058328



Also, the situation now is that humanity on earth is kind of quarantined within the boundaries of this solar system. We are not allowed outside of it based on our ignorance and warlike attitude towards others and between each other.

Anonymous ID: cea999 2018-11-28 11:24:18Z No. 4058557


Some SSP sources would like to disagree. I guess we'll never know some "details" until full disclosure is achieved.

Anonymous ID: cea999 2018-11-28 11:33:04Z No. 4058575


But I agree with the basic premise here. If we hadn't that GFOL presence, we'd be a desolate Draco slave mining world a long time ago. Interesting how you mention Arcturians, by some accounts they have the most advanced ships around. Apparently one of their ships is called Athena and is cloaked in the asteroid field of the ex-planet between Mars and Jupiter and can single handedly defeat any dark forces' fleet. No wonder the dark forces took Earth hostage to gain at least some leverage.

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-28 12:58:34Z No. 4058913


I'm just one humble anon but I believe you're on a valid track. There's so much info available for those who look, all in pain sight. Unfortunately, so many have unconscious blinders on. It appears outside communications are being shared with us on the Net through channeling that are coming in daily, even hourly across the globe. Its all out there for us… we as a group collectively just need to believe, "see", accept, collect and publish the data.

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-28 13:27:53Z No. 4059055


Unfortunately the small details like stars or "other" objects in the blackness of space often do not photograph well beside large sunlit foreground objects. In the master photo in which these detailed shots were extracted, the vertical lines (negative film edges) are not visible and there appears to be sharp edge around the moon so I suspect the areas of space in background may have been masked out - perhaps this was just to "clean up" the overall image or hide something is anyone's guess at this point as I don't know anyone that's still here to ask, though I'm sure someone out there knows ; )

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-28 13:34:29Z No. 4059081


Vote for Peace across all worlds and toward all beings and Full Disclosure, and our lives will transcend to new heights. We need to get up off our knees and save ourselves with love and understanding.

Anonymous ID: 87ab5a 2018-11-28 14:20:15Z No. 4059408


Absolutely agree! We need to always keep this in mind, sooner or later this will be at the forefront of our society and it's our job now to prepare ourselves and everyone. As Q said, one step at a time…

Anonymous ID: e40018 2018-11-28 16:07:43Z No. 4060314


The color matches my experience. I channeled my higher self once, and saw a blue me. I was gliding along a surface (like skating), and there were 2 suns, one smaller than the other. The blue being (me) said "I've been waiting for you", then it ended. No sauce, just a vivid memory.

Anonymous ID: e40018 2018-11-28 19:08:14Z No. 4062044


We have to effect it, in order to cause it

Anonymous ID: f6b657 2018-11-28 23:44:16Z No. 4064727


this could be the documentary that was made:

I think 1:27:30 is the start of the re-enactment that was supposed to be actual footage.

Anonymous ID: f6b657 2018-11-29 00:00:18Z No. 4064944


Could these films depict secret the tech he was given access to?

1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark

1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

2002 Minority Report

2005 War of the Worlds

2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

2011 Super 8

Anonymous ID: 0314d0 2018-11-29 01:48:05Z No. 4066179


Ever heard of the Bootes void? We, our galaxy is just one of the many frontiers of the machine's expansion. Saturn serves an even higher AI

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-29 04:09:25Z No. 4068081

What's cool is if you ever get to meet the beings associated with phoenix mythology a new environment of collective decisions of which you have a small consideration opens up.

Psychic strength is generally recognized. The best and most empirical instrument to study energy physics is the human body and determined mind


The whole 'savior' anticipatory reaction is antithetical to the 'invader'. Emotional charges en-mass need to be diffused while allowing for mystery to be considered, freely. We'll see a more and more pronounced decoupling. The energetic manipulative patterns will become more corrupt til they don't hold sway.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-11-29 05:17:48Z No. 4068974


Drop for the empiricists about ET healings.

Cue 22 posts of nonsense to drown it out.

Cue Richard Dolan live stream dismissing the research study as "unscientific." Did he explain WHY he feels this way?

Like Clockwork

Set the truth free and it will defend itself.










World is Watching

Will you answer the call?



How many other opinions/narratives here offer you the tools to learning the truth about ET visitations? How many narratives here offer you an open source hypothesis for learning the truth? Only questions is, can you handle the truth?


the Phoenix ID: cd30a3 2018-11-29 06:11:55Z No. 4069462


thanks for the crumbs too,

I can't imagine a much better treasure trail,

It feels like she is looking at me,

the Phoenix ID: cd30a3 2018-11-29 06:18:28Z No. 4069526


this is the film they made of it,

cool flick, suspenseful, entertaining,

nothing in the film is obvious, they leave the end unfinished, cool none the less even with no ending,

the Phoenix ID: cd30a3 2018-11-29 06:32:04Z No. 4069654


there it is, some believe it happened while others

reveal the inner workings of the sham,

if those pictures are proof then I'm Cinderella,

I'll use my shoes to go back to Kansas,

the Phoenix ID: cd30a3 2018-11-29 06:44:06Z No. 4069749


more supposed witnesses, I doubt there was

anything that happened in the first place,

but if Q says the entire world

is watching then obviously he said something

that people wanted him as a witness for, but then if

he's involved with the government people obvious

find him credible that he would have such a


Anonymous ID: 0ead55 2018-11-29 07:38:21Z No. 4070061

I flex like David Icke, man

I think I know the truth, man

These UFOs are real

And these documents are proof, man

Aliens are human

The aliens are human

The reptilians are human

The Illuminati's listening

Hitler never died

The Holocaust's a lie

Six million Jews?

Show me the proof

The moon landing's fake

They never went to space

Our president's a clone

He always gets replaced

When he fuck up

Stay woke

Stay woke

Flex like David Icke

Flex like David Icke

Anonymous ID: 4fcbd9 2018-11-29 08:54:58Z No. 4070342


What a neat poem. It blends truth and falsity so effortlessly and melodically.

Anonymous ID: ee5c12 2018-11-29 10:20:08Z No. 4070587

"Volunteer children used to map multiverse with 'soul' powered quantum computer technology used to access parallel worldlines.

The other method was to restart time using the DNA of the child as an anchor for the computer to reset the local environment to. Essentially, a frame rate is taken through measuring devices in the physical world and this is cross referenced against someone's DNA. Within a local area, and apparently the entire civilization, a temporal distortion 'net' can be initiated and then released which will 'snap' the consciousness of those in the field back to the moment of initiation of the net (right before).

I mentioned two different technologies, however it is important to know both as there are many methods and technologies we aren't even ready to accept the possibility of, let alone their dominating influence in the universe."

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-11-29 11:30:51Z No. 4070877


Ever notice the shilly fuckery after the Draco's are mentioned, or 100 post Greershill is questioned?

If you revisit the bread, with pattern recognition, you may discover a few things.

Watch for (((those))) who dominate entire breads.

Watch for (((those))) who collect their own notables.

Watch for (((those))) who spam-lock breads closed, then create new breads to avoid being questioned.

Watch for (((those))) who cite known cabal disinfo agents and their organizations.

Watch for (((those))) who steal others intellectual property.

Watch for (((those))) who upload it, after saying (((they))) wouldn't without permission.

Those were my videos, and I specifically shared them ONLY with the Anons.

All of my recordings were only meant for the individuals here.

Not for Youtube.

Thanks for doing exactly what you said you wouldn't.

Your word is as good as Greer's.

… World Patriot.

"None of them are hostile by the way" - Dr. Steven Greer

Did you notice originally when the attentionfag / famefag called me out for not citing proof of Dr. Greer's claims that all ET's are peaceful?

Amusing how (((they))) back-peddle when sauce is sourced.

Kek :)

"Postby Scepcop » 13 Oct 2013, 18:52

That is odd. Why would Greer say that? That sounds too implausible. If the government wanted to buy him off, they'd offer one or two million dollars, not two billion. Could Greer be trying to make himself look more important than he is?

Plus, why would the government offer him that much when they could just assassinate him?"

Yes, I am hammering this out because I am thoroughly disgusted with what's happening here in this thread.

I have had over 60 contact experiences… I've seen the orbs, triangles and discs up close.

However… I am not such a fool to believe all ET's are peaceful.

Nor do I ever give credit to CE-5, Greer, or the Rockefeller initiative for contact.

If this (100) post attentionfag / famefag is honest and sincere in their efforts here… (((they))) have to be one of the stupidest human beings on the planet.

Dr. Greer tries to control disclosure.

(100) Post Greerfag tries to control the aliens / disclosure thread.


>There are no coincidences. - Q

>Be careful who you follow. - Q

>The light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-29 16:15:31Z No. 4073370


WE as a collective CAN and ARE effecting our timeline in a positive way - from what I see daily by the rushes deep within my heart and soul. Thank GOD our CREATOR and all other anons, beings, patriots out there assisting. I am so grateful for you all and the positive future we are creating. Love and Light to all.

However, with all the positive things happening collectively, I keep wondering why the heck I keep seeing ChemTrails carpeting our beautiful skis over Florida and elsewhere? ChemTrails over MacDill AFB!!!

Why is this activity being allowed to continue? Its in pain sight for all to see. And why are the CA fires allowed to continue? It's just insane.

Q, POTUS, Cant we stop this shit now rather than later? or is it "all in order of time and process"? Its time to start healing GAIA our planet.

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-11-29 16:32:50Z No. 4073567


I'm envious. Hoping for visual or dream connection as well. I wondered why my favorite colors since childhood are indigo and bluegreens?

Anonymous ID: 13de6b 2018-11-29 18:04:16Z No. 4074628


thanks for posting this….

Anonymous ID: bc8f44 2018-11-29 18:12:48Z No. 4074700

just wanna leave this here. please do not fall for any of this "New Earth"or "The Event" disinfo. we are staying on 3D. this planet is not leaving 3D anytime soon unless through 3DD…

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-11-29 23:14:32Z No. 4078115


>why is this activity being allowed continue?

Same reason everything else is to continuing to happen. No-one allows or disallows

>Its time to start healing our planet

Do it


hehe, indeed. a different type of awareness of time is 'coming online'. With new realities perceptions over the course of 3 or so generations the overture of endless-compassion narrative will end. Being on a schedule obstructs the natural flow of synchronicity.

Anonymous ID: 8c06af 2018-12-01 01:18:30Z No. 4091235


No matter what you believe in, the process should be the same - use Love wherever you go and let your actions do the talking.

No matter what dimension you are in the laws of Creation are the same. Every facet of life can be improved with spiritual development - which in fact only means "good natured logical common sense ramped up to maximum", because it's a fundamental part of the existence just like the laws of physics.

Polite sage for anti-shill purposes.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-01 07:23:21Z No. 4098361

I had them show up earlier a few nights ago. The message I got was to "Stop shooting us down" I know we have weapons to shoot them down. But it seems they are just trying to communicate and have sacrificed themselves to give us the comms.

ChemTrails Anonymous ID: 953be4 2018-12-01 07:45:07Z No. 4098507


Anonymous ID: 953be4 2018-12-01 07:52:35Z No. 4098562

No more clear blue sky!! Thought pilots might take a break from spraying our sky on weekend. But, I guess they get paid overtime on the weekends doing the same old mission which they might not know what it really is. Sad. Contacted my state politicians and the WHITE HOUSE, but no response at all!

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-01 08:15:45Z No. 4098708

Qteam. Do you see how much we are shilled when we post? We are trying to get people to call out to our galactic cousins. I am a commander from the 14,32 system and I am so tired of these human bs systems.

Anonymous ID: 03bdf4 2018-12-01 14:57:41Z No. 4101159



Podesta Rothchild Shill Grier says all aliens are nice… Likely some aliens are assholes.

Kinda like tellin kiddies that ALL ice cream truck drivers are harmless angels

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-12-01 16:12:59Z No. 4101995

Some Groups like to think if they can control the technology they can control how consciousness interacts with it thereby controlling the consciousness.

In the short term this seems to be reasonable. People are constantly distracted and assaulted with information, already. Let's not forget just what the majority psyche polarization pattern is.

The biasing mechanism (which can't be changed as some hope) will baffle centralizing top-down approaches proportionally to how un-distracted people are. It's a positive feedback loop

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-01 19:42:20Z No. 4104247


Anonymous ID: 29fedd 2018-12-01 21:45:41Z No. 4105546

Over Florida

2 hours at a hover

two silver orbs magnetically locked together

rotating around each other

u should see the video

Anonymous ID: da1889 2018-12-02 00:46:23Z No. 4107579


>Suicide by lack of spirituality in their civilization.

If you don't eat symbiotically - like a frugivore and or benignly, with a plant-based-diet - ; AND you are anatomically able ; AND Sentient : WHAT ARE [You]?

If you believe the taste of a sentient being is more important that its life - Q : WHAT r u?

Q WHAT doesn't need to breathe or eat like MAN?

Frugivores don't NEED to be Pranists in Paradise.

Parasitic quints need WHAT again?

Anonymous ID: da1889 2018-12-02 00:50:58Z No. 4107628

>>4091235 peace 'n love ain't what blood-sacrificing, pedovore Tards DO with their actions

sorry - kNOT.

Anonymous ID: f92716 2018-12-02 14:31:26Z No. 4113210


To give additional credit where due, I'm sorry just realized I didnt mention gratitude for all the "Boots on the Ground" and loving souls physically here and above helping us and humanity. Thank You, May the energies of Truth, Love and Light guide us to victory and a beautiful future.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-02 17:10:08Z No. 4114529

CE5 Primary Documentation

All these human initiated contact (CE-5) primary sources posted on this bread and the last…..

Still not one iota of evidence of humans being harmed

Meanwhile, on earth..


Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-02 17:13:36Z No. 4114559


That's the plot of Transformers.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-02 17:31:37Z No. 4114715



If only blogs were evidence, you would be doing this community a lot of good.

If this were a court of law your blogs would not even be admissible as evidence. They are hearsay at best.

You never answered my question, brother.

Why do you care about this thread so much?

How do you intend on helping others here? Be honest.

Do you have more CE videos like the three from Anon file? If so, what good do they do remaining hidden?

Did you post those videos and allege they are yours to boost your credibility, or to help others?

Do you know what a primary source is? Why don't you employ them to support your argument?

This is a primary source.

This is Dr. Greer's precise statement on good/evil ET.




Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-02 17:33:42Z No. 4114741


Dr. Greer's precise statement on good vs bad ET

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-02 18:20:20Z No. 4115226


>If only blogs were evidence, you would be doing this community a lot of good.

<If only books were evidence you'd be doing this community a lot of good.

<If only videos were evidence you'd be doing this movie a lot of good.

<If only

<if only

<if only

Now you're gatekeeping which sources are legitimate?



>Why do you care about this thread so much?

Gee, a board dedicated to researching Truth might have people willing to question? Who would have thunk it?

A board that is well aware of shilly horseshit, lies and deceit might call you out?


>How do you intend on helping others here? Be honest.

Whew! They got under your skin with that one, didn't they?


This is Greer's other precise statement on ET.

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-12-02 19:44:19Z No. 4116205


>Now you're gatekeeping which sources are legitimate?

You are making the right connections.

Anons are not gatekeepers.

Anons share their information with Anons freely.

Anons treat Anons as equals.

No one is above another.

As previously noted, the cabal is focusing (((their))) attention on SG as the primary gatekeeper for disclosure with DW/CG following a close second.

Those with the most funding, the biggest spotlight, should be observed carefully.

We all know CIA/MOS etc. have a heavy presence on this board.

All Anons can discern.

>Gee, a board dedicated to researching Truth might have people willing to question? Who would have thunk it?

You are making the right connections.

My previous line of questioning in the last bread, is specifically what drove Greershill to spamming the last bread closed and making this one.

Anons pure of heart and intention can stand on their own two feet when questioned.

As soon as we question the narrative and agenda being presented, we are all called faggots and projected upon.

At this point, it should be beyond obvious the (103) poster has a job to do on this board.

So to flip the question in the mirror… why do (((THEY))) care so much about this bread?

Why SO much energy and attention focused on REPEATEDLY mentioning CE-5 and Dr. Steven Rockefeller Initiative Greer?

Is this pure EGO?

To be made a FOOL, then stand with the (Seven of Wands) and engage in an everlasting conflict?

Are Anons humble?

Do Anons listen to other Anons?

Do Anons gaze into the mirror of self reflection, and admit mistakes when they have done wrong?

I'll leave that to you to decide.

>A board that is well aware of shilly horseshit, lies and deceit might call you out?

When done so, projection at the person(s) calling them out.

(You) sound like a Superhero, fren.

(You think for yourself).

Yes, all the videos are my own.

Not gatekeeping.

I simply chose to reveal them to the Anons on 8chan only.

For now.

I am the primary source.

Originally posted here;

First post 9915.

09/09/18 (Sun) 21:28:25

Second post 9995.

09/17/18 (Mon) 14:07:40

First time the videos appear on the internet.

100% guarantee you cannot find an earlier timestamp on any other website.

Yes, I have other videos.

Will they be linked on here in the future?

Hard to say, when now I know that my intellectual property will be stolen by…

… "World Patriots"

(Insert stomach churning patronizing)

Now watch this thread continue to be controlled by shills.

You've all been warned enough times now to see the mirror.

You are all wise.

<See the wall for what it is… and then tear it down… for the TRUTH is waiting.

>The Light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

>Doctor(s) treating. - Q

Anonymous ID: 13de6b 2018-12-02 20:59:54Z No. 4117047


>As previously noted, the cabal is focusing (((their))) attention on SG as the primary gatekeeper for disclosure with DW/CG following a close second.

I try to keep an open mind, however, I'm just not drawn to these guys..

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-03 05:24:32Z No. 4125183


Go home skippy. you're getting your ass kicked. You started off strong and now everything you say works against you. Even chastising my post count isn't helping you. Come back when you can hang with the big boys, and bring a friend.

Why primary sources matter


Camerababe "I just wonder if any of your research and information crosses over with [David Icke's] research"

Greer "I deal with primary sources. My information is either direct or primary sources."

"We've had direct contact with ET's and we get information. That's what we deal in."

"This whole field is so easy to embed trojan horses for disinformation and false information. Information that scares people. Information that's very negative. The intelligence community is very good at that. And so there has to be real discipline about not giving yourself to [propaganda] too much, that you can't directly establish."

"In 1953 the cia… said this subject would be the best subject for psychological warfare, and they established then in 1953 that they wanted to put our very frightening scenarios involving aliens. So that people eventually would support interplanetary war, which would be the most expensive thing we could do."

"That's the whole star wars - That's how they got Ronald Reagan to sign off on SDI and star wars."

"So I think a lot of the information out there is actually disinformation that's tailor made to scare people. And if people are frightened, they'll give up their minds. They'll give up their spirits - to some Big Brother, statist national security state operation. And I think that a lot of the information out there is actually false information out there designed specifically for that purpose. We know it is."

Without primary sources we are relegated to being someone else's bitch. To being someone else's pawn. And in some cases, we end up like shillfag, with a tiny, fractured mind. Split by multiple personality disorder; incapable of discussing ideas for the benefit of all humanity, it can only talk about people. Gollum incarnate.

As eleanor roosevelt said, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-03 05:34:19Z No. 4125292

ce-5 primary documentation

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-03 05:56:28Z No. 4125450

Free ce-5 template.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Will you answer the call, world patriots?

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-03 07:00:09Z No. 4125970



Wikipedia actively shilling CE.

Psychological Warfare.


Anonymous ID: 939f57 2018-12-03 10:12:46Z No. 4126834

You must constantly be afraid of everything and never make any brave effort to figure out the Truth, instead operate from a perspective of fear.

-shill narrative 2018

Anonymous ID: 939f57 2018-12-03 10:13:46Z No. 4126839


You really can relax a bit, friend, because our results already speak for themselves. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Anonymous ID: f7bf83 2018-12-03 11:52:58Z No. 4127321


We will dominate disclosure with selected cabal actors. We will ridicule anyone who questions our gatekeeping and narrative with ad hominem and projection. We will reiterate and back up our agenda with "convenient" single post floater IP's as soon as we are questioned or the Draco's are mentioned. We will attack any anon who does not blindly follow and believe our narrative being funded by the cabal. We will convince anons to make contact without knowing who or what they are contacting, discerning no rationale for critical thinking. We will not exercise logic, we will claim all ET's are peaceful and do not understand what the word "war" means. We will back-peddle when questioned, but only enough to attack honest truth seekers searching for answers. We will act as the authority on subject matter, and belittle anyone who questions this. We will twist any questioning to suit our agenda. We will label others as projecting fear, not critical thinking. We will attack anons who are initiating contact and sharing videos, if they do not agree with the CE-5 narrative or that all ET's are peaceful.

- Shill narrative 2018


Convenient how (((these))) floater IP's pop up after 107 Greershill posts.

Hasn't been happening for the past few breads or anything…

It certainly doesn't draw a complete picture for the anons, showing beyond a reasonable doubt that some person(s) are being paid to monitor and control this thread very closely.

>Be careful who you follow. - Q

Anonymous ID: f7bf83 2018-12-03 13:03:41Z No. 4127668




















>>3648226 (It's not about winning)






>>3681316 (Still no proof of previous bakes, Greershill with floater IP created this thread).



>>3712391 (Truth)















>>3828439 (Greer is a psyop)

>>3871079 (Banning does not serve a purpose, Anons have to see what is transpiring here).

>>3886975 (Anons are wise)

>>3901013 (How many times do floater IP's back up Greershill?)

>>3901151 (There are no coincidences).

>>3910961 (Not all ET's are peaceful).


>>4070877 (If this (100) post attentionfag / famefag is honest and sincere in their efforts here… (((they))) have to be one of the stupidest human beings on the planet.)

>>4116205 (Anon is the primary source, yet still attacked)

In order to understand why Greershill is a paid actor controlling these breads, we have to break down the fundamental basis of what information he (((they))) are putting forward.

Why (((they))) would be presenting this information in the context it is presented.

So let's dig in;

From a lifetime of research, I have come to the conclusion that the human race has been genetically altered for up to 200,000 years by a malevolent ET species.

(Positive beings as well, but originally by negative entities).

Dating back to the Gold Mines of Enki.

(Please reference the top center of Ra's Circle on Q's Map).

We have been genetically engineered as gold miners.

Our fear and strife feeds the "Loosh" model which is also directly included in Q's original map.

Top right corner of the Pindar / Council of 13 section in the bottom-center of the map (in some versions).

Reference the Draco Reptilians at the bottom left corner of Q's map.

Make the connections.

Draco Reptilians -> Pindar -> Rockefellers (Council of 13) -> Rockefeller Initiative -> Paradigm Research Group -> Greer.

Why did Q include the picture of the Vatican speaking hall?

Reptilian symbolism?

Reptilian symbolism is hidden everywhere within the occult.

>Symbolism will be their downfall. - Q

Is it a coincidence, that Dr. Greer who is a so called foremost authority on this subject matter, never mentions the Draco Reptilians?

Is that really a coincidence?

A discerning mind, can easily extrapolate the verifiable and logical conclusion that the most evil families on the planet would conceal the truth about our human history relating to ET's.

Choosing certain actors to push the narrative that all ET's are peaceful, and they do not know what "War" means.

When in fact, our entire human history has been that of a slave race created to mine gold and kill each other to support negative ET beings feeding off our energies.

Very difficult to argue this.

Watch for (((those))) who "attempt" to control disclosure.

Greershill (perhaps a group of individuals) is being paid to control this thread.

>There are no coincidences

Anonymous ID: 283ef2 2018-12-03 13:20:28Z No. 4127780


Since you like salads, here's one.

Anonymous ID: f7bf83 2018-12-03 13:47:40Z No. 4127952


Here we are again.

Immediately after Greershill is questioned, or the Draco's are mentioned… what's that… a distraction!?


Something to take your attention away from the information being presented?

One cannot imagine how much this solidifies the contrasting points being made.

It only took (17) minutes for a distraction / slide after highly relevant (dangerous) information was presented.

Is someone being paid to monitor this thread 24/7?

To divide, distract and derail from sensitive topics?

Are we over the target?

>There are no coincidences. - (17)

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-03 13:51:45Z No. 4127974

Aww, now you're trying for arrogance. It's adorable to watch shills try to walk.

>Try Harder

Amazing how the shilling became so heavy in /truthlegion/ after you were called out and a link was posted in this thread. Don't worry, the timestamps are saved offline.

And now the aping of Q's style.


>Wikipedia actively shilling CE.

>Psychological Warfare.


"Don't worry about that tribe over there. All humans are peaceful.Those other people are just telling you to be afraid to control you. You can trust me. (Buy my things)"

You made your point long ago, yet here we are, reiterating the same garbage over and over.

So why do you push Greer so hard?

Do you have anything else to disprove the Draco's, etc.? Anything else to share regarding any alien races or are we in for: "And next up on the 'Greer channel', it's all CE5 all the time!"

>Be honest

Or are you just going to keep posting the youtube channel? (Which anyone can just go watch after the 3rd one.)

You either ask why people care so much when called out, maybe post one or two things to look like you're helping, or talk about CE5. And you always steer it back to GREER. THAT'S IT.

<Will you answer the call world paytriots?

You've even got a freaking throwaway tagline blurb. Marketing much?


Anonymous ID: f7bf83 2018-12-03 14:18:53Z No. 4128129

"Go home skippy. you're getting your ass kicked. You started off strong and now everything you say works against you. Even chastising my post count isn't helping you. Come back when you can hang with the big boys, and bring a friend."

I smell desperation…



>Aww, now you're trying for arrogance. It's adorable to watch shills try to walk.

>You made your point long ago, yet here we are, reiterating the same garbage over and over.

>So why do you push Greer so hard?

>Do you have anything else to disprove the Draco's, etc.? Anything else to share regarding any alien races or are we in for: "And next up on the 'Greer channel', it's all CE5 all the time!"

>Or are you just going to keep posting the youtube channel? (Which anyone can just go watch after the 3rd one.)

When your friend is the truth… Superheroes are always watching.

We cannot argue with what's carved in stone.

Now get ready to watch the single post floater IP's, slides, distractions, division, ad hominem, and shitposts fly, frens!

>Be careful who you follow. - Q

>There are no coincidences. - Q

>The Light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

Anonymous ID: c433e5 2018-12-03 14:23:28Z No. 4128165



hey this needs to happen..its very simple..some people want to/do make money off this instead of spreading truth like they say they are. Thats unethical so kick them in the front hole for all those years of the bullshit with a lawyer.. to threaten to hit them in the pocketbook they so love. Rolls Royce DW?? If ignorance is a disease and the cure is truth..give as much as possible..why little installments of medicine for a fee…who else does that??? Plus the cabal is toothless here in USA..why all fake fear??..Fear they will have when they go to these open air 'conventions' after people find out what shills they have been…DW is already alluded to that..little timiddy boy.Mr round of applause..Mr multiple insiders…we have the greatest insider ever and none of them brought him up..hmmmmm…learn to read peoples actions/manners..and like Q who you follow. Shilling on the Internets still makes nuggets and disrupts truth moments in general.

Anonymous ID: c433e5 2018-12-03 14:54:39Z No. 4128421


Greer iguana boy homo..nothing wrong with homos..just dont trust truth from people conflicted inside who charge vast amounts of money for recycled hack kumbaya that other fag 'I am a nuclear physicist'..we dont need to hear over and over about how he was ER doctor..being a doctor aint shit if you are good at memorizing words..why bring it up all the time..need to sound credible?..hmmmmm Greer reeks of insincerity

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-03 14:56:25Z No. 4128433

Hey, look. The other forum is suddenly being carpet shilled.

<Gets under your skin, doesn't it?

Anonymous ID: f7bf83 2018-12-03 15:25:37Z No. 4128692







You are making the right connections.

Since we are discussing highly sensitive (dangerous) information now, let's dig a little deeper into some symbolism, frens.

A good "fren" brought this topic of symbolism up in the recent past.

Notice the "pinecone" shaped object in ancient symbolism.

The human pineal gland, the receptor that transmits DMT, is our third eye.

When fully developed, this small organ shrivels to something resembling a pinecone.

Our direct link to "God", if you will.

Delving into the "Loosh" model (on Q's original map), the pineal gland may have been genetically engineered into our brains.

Presumably as the mechanism that transmits our energies into higher / lower dimensions.

"If" the Draco's were tapping off our Loosh, this would be precisely the organ to transmit it with.

In order to understand the present, we must visit the past.

Sumerian hieroglyphs depicting the pineal gland.

The largest symbolism of the pineal gland, is found in Rome.

… Coincidence?

Over the target?

Does "someone" not want us discussing this information?

You cannot argue with what's carved in stone.

Annunaki / Sumerian King holding the pineal gland.

Draco Reptilian holding the pineal gland.

Please review the symbolism attached;

>Symbolism will be their downfall. - Q

Anonymous ID: 10782b 2018-12-03 15:30:57Z No. 4128734

Grier is fake and gay. Hard linked to the PODESTAS And ROCKEFELLERS. He says so himself. I wonder how many kids he killed and ate? Does it really take more than that? OK cool. Here is more. Grier's stupid meditation nonsense is just a way to open you to suggestion. Like hypnotism or. Mk ultra. Then what. There is a light show? Watch the light shows and ask yourself if professional sound stage special effects people with millions of dollars could make those lights appear? Grier says a member made him a ce5 app FOR FREE but he sells it for $7. WHY? See what I mean? It's fake.

Gaia huge-forehead faggot and his story telling faggot actors are AN OBVIOUS INFOMERCIAL. Really. It's an infomercial like the sham-wow guy or Oxy-clean. Look at the stage set. The lighting. The editing. The makeup… It's fake! No way subscription pays for all that. Zero chance. At best it is a scam. At worst it is a psyop cover up. Wake up. Ask questions. Think! Ask if you could fake whatever it is you see with limitless resources and time… Because that is what is happening. People with limitless resources and time are faking shit and you re believing it.

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-03 15:49:24Z No. 4128908


Found some more pinecones


Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-12-03 16:12:10Z No. 4129132



>direct link to god

When you move thru space while sensing the undulations you carry the sickle or sit with the sword and balance.

Creating thought forms is pretty difficult. Energizing them is much easier.

Connecting to the stream energizes and disorganizes the logical flow of reality. Sort of dancing or rituals can charge outcomes

>Symbolism will be their downfall

Anonymous ID: 297015 2018-12-03 16:15:23Z No. 4129159


>Found some more pinecones

Don't you just love it when all the anons make the right connections at the same time?

What you are watching is the systematic breakdown of the CIA/Mossad "/badactors/" narrative on this board.

Destroying (((their))) narrative and watching it crumble around you is fun, frens!

>Truth is impossible to ignore.

>Dark to LIGHT.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-03 16:32:41Z No. 4129286


Dr. Steven Greer

"We have found that when we take a really hard look, and go to source material and source witnesses, we find that 90+ percent of all the experiences and information that have been put out there is some type of psychological warfare propaganda to support this false flag operation."

"What we've had happen with CSETI (Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligences) is that we go out - now for 20+ years - we've been going out all over the world and training people to make contact with the actual extraterrestrials. And we've had all these beautiful experiences. Nothing has been scary. No one has been harmed. They have just been so unbelievably cosmic consciousness beautiful. And it's so different from what you hear and see if you go to a UFO conference or look at a cable tv show about aliens and UFO's - it's like 180 degrees opposite. And so it's this total disconnect… The truth is much stranger than the fiction."

"It's really easy to buy into the good alien, bad alien thing because we are wired that way from our collective experience as humans… The big challenge at the moment is for us to transcend… these fears and go into a higher state of consciousness where we can discern not only the deception, this cosmic deception that is being washed like a tidal wave all over the world…"

"When we do, what we're gonna find is that any civilization capable of interstellar travel - there's nothing on Earth they need. They don't need to be here to get our sperm and eggs. They don't need to be here to get gold mined… There's all these mythologies that are very xenophobic"

"With courage, learn how to make contact (ce-5) ourselves. You can sit around and mentally masturbate all day about this stuff - reading other people's accounts. What I tell people is set all that aside. You can learn how to make contact with these visitors yourself. And when you do… you're going to be able to see that these visitors who have been coming here for thousands of years, by the way, they have no malice toward Earth and her people. However, they're very concerned about the hostility humans have."

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-03 16:40:01Z No. 4129373

Anonymous ID: 297015 2018-12-03 16:55:29Z No. 4129540


Yep, let's just draw attention back to Greer.

(That'll make EVERYTHING go away).

… Let's just ignore 200,000 years of history, and what's carved in stone.

Just like clockwork… guess who's back?

Greershill has a regular paying job, right?

I mean… I can't sit on a PC all day and monitor breads (in case my narrative is challenged).

I just happen to be off today.

(Good timing).

Keep rooting out the fuckery, frens!

Can [someone] possibly refute with any logical retort the information now being presented in this thread?

Really though… is "someone" losing [control]?

Meme related ;)

>In both categories, there are a lot of kooks and charlatans, be cautious. - Ben Rich

Anonymous ID: 4eb81e 2018-12-03 19:45:36Z No. 4132340




>>4101159 (Nice analogy)


















>When your friend is the truth… Superheroes are always watching.

Anonymous ID: 7af7b1 2018-12-03 19:46:08Z No. 4132349


Anonymous ID: 77fd21 2018-12-03 22:34:04Z No. 4134739


More programming

Anonymous ID: 77fd21 2018-12-03 22:43:02Z No. 4134976

SPACE X 64 satellites launched today

The video was interdesting… Alot of stuff floating up there. FEers are gonna freak, not asking for that explanation. How do the satellites get up there?

Anonymous ID: c5b737 2018-12-04 00:54:56Z No. 4137486

May have already been posted, but…

12:55, watch the eyes

Anonymous ID: 13de6b 2018-12-04 03:15:19Z No. 4140883


I've seen it…one of the more convincing that

I've seen.

Anonymous ID: 964e4b 2018-12-04 03:35:28Z No. 4141433




Check out the first comment.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-04 04:43:01Z No. 4142911


Waiting for a specific signal. Have not observed it yet.

In the meantime, I like being intense. It makes me feel relaxed.

Anonymous ID: 283ef2 2018-12-04 09:38:37Z No. 4145277


I fail to see how it's programming, the aliens have already visited and yes many UFO sightings don't have an explanaton that fits the current paradigm.

Anonymous ID: 77fd21 2018-12-04 17:22:27Z No. 4148413



12:55. she seems to stare off in the distance. Could this be doctored? Interdesting what they're talking about. EL and the division of mankind to the Gods…


It's part of the program as it fits the current paradigm. If Aliens weren't a possibility due to our paradigm this wouldn't be news. A lot MSM news lately about aliens.

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-04 17:49:27Z No. 4148676

More from the Dr. Edgar Mitchell F.R.E.E. Foundation

for the empiricists


FREE SURVEY PHASE 2 Question 137: Do you believe that any of these ETs have performed

a medical healing on either you or another member of your family.

Answer: Out of 1534 respondents, 767 (50%) said yes.

FREE SURVEY PHASE 2 Question 242: Have you ever had a sudden or rapid healing that you

believe was a result of ET intervention?

Answer: Out of 1379 respondents, 487 (35%) said yes.

The FREE survey shows conclusively that medical healings in conjunction with a UAP

experience are not only a consistent feature, but are common. While the authors of this article

weren’t able to interview all the people who responded with a yes answer, and not every case

could be investigated, a few brief quotes from some of the respondents to the FREE survey will

show how common this experience is, and what types of illnesses are being healed. Each of these

respondents has answered yes to the healing question, and is able to describe a specific incident.

Infertility: “I was told twenty years ago that I could not have children…At my annual exam

after my abduction experience, my doctor said she couldn’t explain why, but I can now get


Growth in Breast: “Had suspicious growth in breast. During meditation, two ‘helpers’ showed

up in my mind. They were there to help get rid of the growth…the next day I went for the

mammogram and the nurse came to tell me the doctor wanted a second image…she said, ‘He

can’t believe it. It’s gone.’”

Psoriatic Arthritis: “I was cured of psoriatic arthritis…I had a positive test, and after a while, I

felt that I was cured. The next test showed that I never had it.”

Respiratory Infection: “I had a severe respiratory problem in the winter of 1998. I had a very

powerful dream of being taken to a craft by a humanoid and there being healed by a gray. I woke up coughing…I was well within two to three days. I was extremely sick and should not have recovered that quickly.”

Back Pain: “[I] had three spontaneous chiropractic adjustments from an unseen entity, that did

reduce pain I’d been suffering from.”

Back Injury: “I had an abduction and the entity fixed my back…I would give it a ninety percent

improvement…There is no doubt in my mind that they helped me, and I will be forever grateful

to them for their help.”

Flesh Wound: “…after the encounter at the airport in Boston, my thumb–which the skin had

been torn and badly affected by working with caustic chemicals five years before, had healed.”

Appendicitis: One of my sisters was ill…she would get sick and in pain. Later we found out that her appendix was removed, but she never had a surgery to remove her appendix.”

Gallbladder: “Total healing of my gallbladder.”

Broken Toe: “Toe was broken. I asked for help. They came to me while LD [lucid dreaming] and next day toe fixed.”

High Blood Pressure: “My husband had extremely high blood pressure. They took him to the

ship…Ever since then his blood pressure is that of a young man. He is now 73.”

Asthma: “I am asthmatic…I had been having a really hard time…When I woke up remembering they came that night, I was breathing perfectly…it was improved for quite a while after that.”

Sinusitis. “They told me they would heal my sinus issues, and they did.”

Suicidal Depression: “I believe the contact experience was healing me. I had been seeing a psychologist about suicidal thoughts…But after contact, I didn’t have suicidal thoughts anymore.”

Smoking: “I have been healed twice. Once when I was a smoker, they removed a bunch of black tar-like substance and showed it to me…the second time was an ‘intervention.’ I was drawn to smoking marijuana…the greys came and gave me a scolding like nothing I ever had. They kept telling me, ‘This is not the life we wanted for you.’ They surely saved my life.”

Headache: “One day I had a bad headache…I couldn’t sleep and started sobbing. Then I turned to the right and I saw a grey. He was standing by my bed. He took my headache away immediately.”

As can be seen, many, many people are reporting healing experiences. The above cases represent only a small sampling of the actual number of reported healing cases from the files of FREE

Anonymous ID: 9f46ec 2018-12-04 20:14:19Z No. 4150593


(Just finished getting caught up here)

That moment when you realize Griershill has proven beyond a doubt that (((they))) have ALWAYS been replying to their own floater ip's. At this point = undeniable.


It was awesome to watch this all backfire in real time. KEK

Man… I got admit I've always been an alienfag. To be perfectly honest years ago I actually believed some of the stuff grier was saying. The past few years have been extremely eye opening though, just like some of the latest info in this thread has done. The fact this guy has 110 post is simply fucking unbelieable. He can't even reply to criticism without copy / pasta of grier quotes. The fact anyone could believe this guy is legit at this point is pepelarious.











You guys are fuckin top kek in my book.


Anonymous ID: 9f46ec 2018-12-04 20:19:26Z No. 4150668


Oops meant to link the griershill reply to himself at the very top of the post not the bottom. Yes you guys are all top kek, except griershill. He's a faggot :)

Carry on!

Anonymous ID: eca101 2018-12-05 04:35:10Z No. 4158114

Bob Lazar's New documentary. It is 20 bucks

If you are not sure if you want to see it you can catch an interview ABOUT it on Secureteam 10 on Jewtube. Enjoy!

Anonymous ID: 71d8d2 2018-12-05 04:36:00Z No. 4158132



There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

The answer to the great extraterrestrial mystery..

and the key to unlocking suppressed new energy, propulsion, and healing technologies..

Is not decentralized, bottom-up exopolitical diplomacy based on ==you== engaging some variation of human initiated close encounters.

The answer is…. pinecones

This means I was right about one thing.

The answer has been within each and every one of you, always.

I believe in every one of you, anons, world wide.

Anonymous ID: eca101 2018-12-05 04:44:42Z No. 4158270


Its so much more fun to crush the fake pay shills in this board than any other. They are not creative. They have nothing to actually say. So fucking easy to spot. Uggh oh well. I wonder if they would ever realize that if WE win THEIR lives will be better. Maybe FAR better. But still, they persist. Its like they NEED suffering and pain.

As I wrote that I realized that I just inadvertently described a fucking Loosh farm. seems like a stretch on this doc but fun none-the-less. Cheers my UFO watching friends and remember, always have a bag packed and on your person if you see a UFO with the essentials in case you get abducted. After a few days you will want a new shirt ya know?

Anonymous ID: 9ba920 2018-12-05 06:13:28Z No. 4159894


O la la. The energies of consciousness should directed upward from the feet. Developing by pulling downward is so so stupid.

The brain isn't as significant in focusing energy as people think


Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 08:35:41Z No. 4161625

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts Witness testimony from more than 120 former or retired military personnel points to an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003. In some cases, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and inexplicably malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently hovered nearby.

This can be compared to taking the lighter away from the kid's hands so he doesn't set the table on fire.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 08:56:11Z No. 4161804


Exactly. We gave the bad humans a message. We can stop you if we NEED to. And we have demonstrated again and again. We will not allow it.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 09:02:34Z No. 4161846


Don't destroy your own planet. That is the message. If you try we will stop you.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 09:10:30Z No. 4161884


The entire confederation is watching. Many different beings. We just want to talk to humans who want to talk to us.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 09:10:59Z No. 4161890


As Vrillon said in 1977.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 09:17:29Z No. 4161911


Did you make the hilighter tex? Look at the rest. The "Ashtar Command" is based out of a black project from a group out of pine gap. They have human projects to disseminate "channeled" information

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 09:20:13Z No. 4161918


The Ashtar Command (or Solar Star Command) is an ages-old ET group dedicated towards liberation of the planet Earth from the grip of the satanic Cabal. It is a subset of the Galactic Confederation. They represent a serious threat for the Cabal so every effort is made to suppress, ridicule, attack, discredit or silence anyone who has contact with them.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 09:28:13Z No. 4161942


to be clear. they have systems that are designed to "make people think they are communicating with extraterrestrials" when they are being accessed by a system for that specific design. I am not ridiculing my own family. I am from the Arcturan Collective. You need to reprogram. I am not trying to harm your beliefs. Go outside and call out to Arcturans - correct pronunciation (Octoorus- Octoorans)

. We will show up if the time is right

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 09:52:23Z No. 4162044


I know this. I have had Pleiadian contact myself. When the time is right it will occur again.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:04:26Z No. 4162095


Are you aware of how the reptilian systems have been used to portray their entire systems and species as evil "all" of them are bad? And how those systems have been used by the humans trying to instill fear into their own society?

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:09:42Z No. 4162115


One of the ways the humans do it is blame this species or that species. And it's what they do. They are there own threat though. They have been destroying themselves and Gaia.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 10:17:19Z No. 4162159


Can you tell us more about your Arcturian contact? What type it was, how did it begin.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:22:17Z No. 4162189


14.728503N 32.665434E I tried on this board but it didn't work.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:24:12Z No. 4162203


If you know what to look for then you will find it

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:25:05Z No. 4162209


hint. starmap

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 10:32:32Z No. 4162232


another tip. stop saying "Arcturian". It's the "ee" sound at the end that was added by the human IC dudes. Including "Pleadieans". Correct pronunciation is "Octoorus" where the "r" or sort of rolled. And as for the "Pleadieans".. You'll have to ask them yourself for correct pronunciation since have contact. But I have talked to them before and the human pronunciation that they all use isn't right.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 10:49:50Z No. 4162290


arcturian arcturian arck-toorian alien non-earth extraterrestrial alien non-human foreign entity creature.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 11:07:06Z No. 4162365


typical human system. there's a reason there's so much false information about us. because we are very active engaging with humans. as well as stopping Mutually Assured Destruction. MAD. Are you MAD my friend? here meaning in our terms insane?

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 11:09:35Z No. 4162374


It seems so. We say "stop saying 'Arcturian'" and then you do so out of some sort of antagonistic behavioral quality.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 11:29:13Z No. 4162457


Welcome to Earth

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 11:32:36Z No. 4162477


been here longer than you bud.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 11:33:31Z No. 4162483


Welcome to Gaia. She's alive by the way

Anonymous ID: 297015 2018-12-05 11:35:26Z No. 4162493


>The answer is…. pinecones

It is a typical tactic of the cabal and disinformation agents to make a mockery of and ridicule information (((they))) do not want the public being made aware of. This once again only solidifies that the 111 post Grierfag is a paid shill directing individuals away from sensitive information.

It is no coincidence this ancient knowledge is seen around the world.

It's also no coincidence that The Vatican has the largest symbolism relating to this.

You cannot argue with 200,000 years of history.

You cannot argue with symbolism.

You cannot argue with what's carved in stone.

Symbolism will be YOUR downfall.

>I believe in every one of you, anons, world wide.

Your fake, disingenuous patronizing "patriotism" makes me want to vomit.

(You) need to go back.


>Its so much more fun to crush the fake pay shills in this board than any other. They are not creative. They have nothing to actually say. So fucking easy to spot.

I guess the entire purpose of this bread was to capture all the evidence of what (((they))) have been doing on this board.

Yes, it is easy to spot for us but not for all. That's why shills sometimes can't simply be ignored, we have to clearly outline what (((they))) are doing so that normies and newcomers will see the light.


>Exactly. We gave the bad humans a message. We can stop you if we NEED to. And we have demonstrated again and again. We will not allow it.

I love how people come on here LARPing as aliens.

I hope no one believes this shit.


>Don't destroy your own planet. That is the message. If you try we will stop you.

You're either a kid sitting in your moms basement, or a guy in Langley. Either way, I don't think Anons are stupid enough to fall for this.


>The entire confederation is watching. Many different beings. We just want to talk to humans who want to talk to us.

Why don't you provide some sauce?

Take a picture of your alien-self to share with others.

… We're waiting.


>I am not ridiculing my own family. I am from the Arcturan Collective.

(You) are from the clown college.


>Are you aware of how the reptilian systems have been used to portray their entire systems and species as evil "all" of them are bad? And how those systems have been used by the humans trying to instill fear into their own society?

Why don't you share some sauce proving acts of benevolence from the Draco's?


>Can you tell us more about your Arcturian contact? What type it was, how did it begin.

This is a scripted conversation between two disinformation agents, sliding the board to take your attention away from the overwhelming evidence presented that proves Grierfag is a shill. If (((they))) slide the board enough, Grierfag will just continue posting the same infomercial and control the bread until it's full. Then collect his own notables (once again) to create the next bread.


>typical human system. there's a reason there's so much false information about us. because we are very active engaging with humans. as well as stopping Mutually Assured Destruction. MAD. Are you MAD my friend? here meaning in our terms insane?

Poor grammar for an "alien".

Why don't you share a little sauce proving you're an ET?




Ridiculously obvious slides.

Once again, desperation trying to slide this thread to the point Anons forget about what transpired with Grierfag.

This is a joke.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 11:41:51Z No. 4162531


Don't worry, I can handle tryhards. Been one myself.

Anonymous ID: 351788 2018-12-05 11:47:40Z No. 4162556


You can start reading the thread. There you will find answers to most of your yammering.

Anonymous ID: 215fbc 2018-12-05 11:49:50Z No. 4162564


Did not take long for the bad humans to respond to my posts. Very quick. They use photos of cows being harvested by the human undergound systems. They do not seem to understand that humans are doing this with the technologies they engineered from shooting our craft down. Along with the cats. Stop shooting us down and stop killing my brothers. Stop using fear to control the human civilization.

Anonymous ID: 297015 2018-12-05 11:55:19Z No. 4162586


>You can start reading the thread. There you will find answers to most of your yammering.

I've read the entire bread, several times now.

I was sure to do this prior to posting.

So now… you are sidestepping all my questions.

Are you able to provide saucy proof of your "Pleiadian contact"?


Something tangible?

Or are you just going to continue with the scripted slide chatter with 215fbc?


>They use photos of cows being harvested by the human undergound systems.

Have you even researched cattle mutilations?

Surgical methods employed that baffled anyone investigating them.

The general consensus, the precision and methods used were not like anything our medical profession employs.

… Oh, since you're an "alien" you should already know that.

>They do not seem to understand that humans are doing this with the technologies they engineered from shooting our craft down.

Aside from the Battle of LA, and Roswell how many ET crafts have presumably been "shot down"?

Can you provide more sauce?

Eh… I already know that isn't going to happen.

It's amusing watching this thing backfire in (((their))) faces.

The desperation is STRONG with these clowns.