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Mexican Mafia / MSM / Democrat / MS13 Connections Research #1

Mexican Mafia / MSM / Democrat / MS13 Connections Research #1 Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-22 19:06:30Z No. 4862903

Q has LONG been talking about MS13, often connecting it to ISIS, the MSM and of course the Democrat party. Now, an article like this one drops:

A former Democrat and current Trump supporter unloaded on Democrats. Jeffrey Peterson says the reason the Democrats will never support the border wall – the reason is that they are being paid off by the Mexican cartels.

And now it suddenly all clicks. I'm sure we all had our suspicions before, but back then we lacked the hints and clues and convictions that put this all together.

'El Chapo' paid former Mexican president $100 million bribe: trial witness

==President @realDonaldTrump: NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever.

Sincerely, Mexico (all of us).==

It's time we BUILD THE MAP that the NEWS UNLOCKED.

Reread crumbs, all those dealing with MS13, Mexico, the Wall, Democrats being owned, and why is there an ISIS connection? Does Saudi Arabia have an interest in a wide open American border?

How far back does this plan go? Fast and Furious? Longer? When did the Democrats start SUBTLY moving away from a wall/barrier, to opposing it? (I suspect this happens LONG before Trump)

We might have to dig deep into archives, maybe even as far back to the 2006 wall act that Obama and Hillary voted for. Maybe even further back.

What connections can we make between bigwigs in the MSM, Democrat party, Republican party, and the thugs in Mexico? Do we have pictures of any of them hanging out? For example, say in 2005 we find a picture of Chuck Schumer hanging out with a Cartel leader, who at the time wasn't known as such and thus the picture wasn't considered controversial, but now we know this Bad Hombre is responsible for mass murder (etc). If we can gather this kind of data, we can build a HUGE case for why the Democrats and MSM are united against America and want to destroy it.

Of course, there's a much larger picture, there's the NWO interest on why they'd want the Cartels to do this on their behalf. We can discuss this here if you know a solid connection or just have a really good thought about it, but lets try to keep the scope of this thread VERY SPECIFIC to the Mexican Cartels bribing and controlling Mexican and quite possibly American and Canadian officials.


DO IT (you)

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Anonymous ID: 5931c8 2019-01-23 04:01:53Z No. 4869242

Earlier anon posted the Mexican Mafia / MSM / Democrat / MS13 Connections Research #1 thread. "Mexican Mafia" activated my almonds. While digging NXIVM a while ago there was some info about Janet Napolitano and Mafia. Only it was the Arizona Mafia which is how DC fags and probably Arizona fags refer to Napolitano and her political operatives. Jewgle search for Janet Napolitano Mexican Mafia and hit this video interview by Ann Vandersteel. Wasn't there a Potus tweet or Q post with her in it at some point? Vandersteel is interviewing Jeffrey Peterson who drops a shitton of information. I took notes for you fags.

Here's the takeaway. The Mexican PRI has infiltrated the US Democrat party. They are doing it directly through Peterson's former colleagues Denis Burke and Marco Lopez. They're connected all the way to the top to Tom Perez and others. Once you get the thesis right you're going to understand a lot of scandals and things like why fast and the furious weapons trafficking was happening, you might even understand where the clinton hit list comes from and why people keep disappearing

-Jeffrey Peterson Dem mega donor to the DNC with connections to mexican gov and Arizona Mafia

-Refers to Carlos Salinas as saddam hussein of mexico

-Peterson ran tech company in Arizona Que Pasa

-Big supporter of Janet Napolitano

-7 digit worth of donations to democrats and dem party

-Business partner with Howard Dean who was also head of DNC

-Peterson claims he got to know these people really well, Chelsea Clinton, napolitano, howard Dean, other democrats and learned more about what they were up to and it was very disturbing.

-Friends with Salinas and Slim.

-Arizona Mafia

little known but important fact authoritative article on the arizona mafia comes form the capital times. Arizona Capital times published article right after napolitano became homeland security secretary. that article describes a group known as the Arizona Mafia.

-AZ mafia consisted of Napolitano's political operators starting with Dennis Berg??burke? (the us attorney) and Dennis's deputy chief of staff Noah Krollof?, Peterson's former best friend Marco Lopez and several others. Suzy Barr Chief of staff of Ice during sexual harrassment scandal.

-AZ mafia is what people in DC would call Napolitano's people

-Peterson explains having been involved with these people as his close group of firends for many years, eventually he no longer wanted to be a part of the group when figuring out what they were up to.

-Steel says Salinas worked closely with our DNC. Previous admins wanted the border open to maintain the flow of drugs and human trafficking. NXIVM Mexico wanted Peterson to be a part of that organization

-Peterson says the AZ mafia getting closer and closer to the Mexican PRI political apparatus for years. PRI is the old hard line ruling party that has been in MX for a hundred plus years. PRI is controlled by Carlos Salinas. PRI and Salinas has controlled presidents since he was in office around 1994. Every other MX president appears to be a Salinas puppet

-Salinas is now directly linked by virtue of Marco Lopez and Dennis Burt (attorney fast and the furious) who were working for the PRI and servicng as their connectors into senior personalities at the us dem party. Peterson saw a creep of influence from 2010 on that has been infringing on the democrat party more and more every year.

-who are the figures? Peterson says it starts with the Clitons. Peterson saw it right in front of his very face. One specific example. A gentleman who was running for president of MX regarded as the Salinas puppet named Ricardo Anaya. He met with Napolitano on US soil in March or April 2018. She endorsed him. Meeting happened "by virtue of the salinas relationship with former colleague, neighbor and best friend Marco Lopez who now works for Salinas. Anaya was accused of money laundering at time of the meeting with Napolitano

-Peterson is suprised because it's so hard for him to believe. "these people were my best friends for about 10 years"


Anonymous ID: 5931c8 2019-01-23 04:02:22Z No. 4869250



-Steel wants to discuss connection to nxivm. They wanted Peterson to be a part of that group. Steel asks Peterson to walk us through that.

-2014 Peterson was in MX city. Lopez introduced him to Emiliano Salinas. Emiliano became investor in company. Told Peterson about Executive Success and suggested he join. He didn't join. Mind control experiments by Dr Porter in Albany Steele asks if porter was doing that in MX.

- Peterson says Emiliano has a home in upstate NY. Org being run out of Albany seemed like a test bed for mind control experiments. Marco Lopez' former boss and CBP commioner Allen Bersin who was Bill Clintons college roomate testified to congress that cartels were using women to bribe DHS employees. Testimony was somewhere around 2011-2012.

-Peterson says NXIVM was trafficking mx women into the US and performing mind control experiments on them

-Doesnt know if MX nxivm is bigger than us nxivm but says MX NXIVM seems to be controlled from MX. Lots of people in MX involved and a lot from PRI.

-Steel asks about Cemex. what is the realtionship?

-Peterson not informed on that topic

-Steel asks about MSM ignoring the MX connection. Why is the media working overtime to cover it up.

-Peterson says it starts with Carlos Salinas' control of MX. Ask anyone in MX who controls everything in MX and they will say Carlos Salinas.

-Peterson business associates for 10 years in MX all attribute the source being Carlos Salinas

-Worked with Vincente Fox who was supposed to be the president to end MX corruption. When Fox ended his presidency he switched politcal party back over to PRI

-Peterson thinks Raniere is a patsy and hints that he thinks Nxivm really a MX op?

-Claims AZ mafia going out of their way to prevent Emiliano Salinas being charged

-trust fund funding defense of Bronfman raneier. IN the court documents around pg 12 Mark Sullivan mentioned as a recommended body guard for Raniere

-Mark Sullivan the former ditrector of secret service testifying in court for Raniere.

Sullivan is a former business partner of Dennis Burke at a security consulting company out of DC called GSIS. Wayne Burke stepped in and started advocating for the salinas interests in Nxivm

-Peterson remarks how unbelievable it is that Burke first is accused in an arms trafficking scandal with cartels (fast and the furious). he resigns antd then years later hes defending Salinas' son in court with his business partener who happend to be the chief of the US Secret Service. This is ridiculous and it shows the fingerprints of the democrats and their connection to the PRI

-Peterson is suing dennis burke Marco lopez and the DNC for 100 million. They ran a hit piece news article against peterson. Defamation suit?

Side note. Bitch is siphoning funds off the University budget


Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-23 06:37:32Z No. 4870686



I think this is the right path!

Berkeley became the first city in the United States to pass a sanctuary resolution on November 8, 1971.

Nixon was president then.

The Democratic Party's claim to be the party of the good guys, while the Republicans are the party of the bad guys, hinges on the tale of Richard Nixon's so-called Southern Strategy. According to this narrative, advanced by progressive historians, Nixon orchestrated a party switch on civil rights by converting the racists in the Democratic Party - the infamous Dixiecrats - into Republicans. And now, according to a recent article in The New Republic, President Trump is the "true heir, the beneficiary of the policies the party has pursued for more than half a century."

In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” He dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drug control agencies, and pushed through measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants.

So…. Nixon allows the concept of sanctuary cities to emerge, criminalized drugs (thus creating a huge black market and increasing the police state), and allows Democrats an excuse to shake off their evil, racist past via the mythical Southern Strategy?! Let's not forget what finally caused him to resign, WATERGATE! The very scandal the Democrats compare Trump to. Could Watergate have been an FF by the FBI/CIA?

The police apprehended five men, later identified as Virgilio Gonzalez, Bernard Barker, James McCord, Eugenio Martínez, and Frank Sturgis.

Two Latino's? Hmmmm…

Now read the attached pdf. The burgers were going to be paid in Mexico City. They were also very worried about digging into this as it would expose CIA OPERATIONS THERE!!!


Consider also that Nixon fucking hated JFK, thought he left people to die in the Bay of Pigs. Amazing.

JFK was about to expose the Cabal to the world. Gets killed. LBJ comes in, gets Democrat credit for the civil rights act, immediately gets followed by Nixon who allows the Democrats to claim that they're now the anti racists, and Republicans are now racist, meanwhile making the Mexican Cartels rich thanks to the war on drugs, and starting the illegal migration due to Sanctuary Cities. Then the CIA, which is probably controlling these cartels, has Nixon exit in scandal, forever associating Republicans with cheating and racism.

TICK TOCK, the CIArtel grows and uses this blood money to buy and blackmail politicians, especially democrat but man Republicans too. Eventually so many illegals will invade that Mexico will essentially reclaim the south (Civil war!?)

Perhaps the end gsme would eventually lead to the Amero/American Union?!

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-23 06:45:35Z No. 4870749


Now here comes Trump who wants to shut it down and build a wall.

By this point the Mexican Mafia and CIArtel have bought ridiculous influence all over. They own the media (Mockingbird was exposed not too much later!)

No wonder they're TERRIFIED OF TRUMP

Q IS RIGHT, there will be no Democrat Party when this is done!!

Anonymous ID: cf6651 2019-01-23 09:06:03Z No. 4871717


califag checking in. currently living in the southern part of the state and I just want to point out that this chart is outdated. When it comes to California, at least in my local area (which you can probably guess at) MS13 is definitely active and very prominent. This is based on recent gang graffiti I have noticed and nothing else.

I also want to point out that just a few years ago, there was very little MS13 in this area and other gangs seemed much more prominent, implying MS13 kind of sprang up out of nowhere amongst many other older and well established gangs.. but this is all based on conjecture as I am not a gangbanger myself. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous ID: a18d1c 2019-01-23 11:25:33Z No. 4872269


Texas and Florida

JebBush ? Governor Jamaican Drug Cartel.

President Bush Snr

Darlene Novinger Anthrax Sent to Doreen and others. Operation NIMBUS’s-drug-usage-6775224

Anonymous ID: a18d1c 2019-01-23 11:28:31Z No. 4872277

Darlene Novinger

JebBush Operation Nimbus

Husband killed

Anthrax sent early 90's

Anonymous ID: a18d1c 2019-01-23 11:32:46Z No. 4872290

Also check for StrongCities Network Cities

Anonymous ID: 188b09 2019-01-23 11:51:12Z No. 4872355


Darlene Novinger

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-23 14:26:05Z No. 4873207


Wow! I've never heard of that, that's so incredibly sad..

George W Bush Governed Texas 1995 to 2000 (then prez)

Jeb! Governed Florida 1999 to 2007 (later, tried for prez)

Makes me wonder if we started to see big influx of illegals in Texas and Florida during their reigns? Funny how they both chose southern border states!

Clinton governed Arkansas twice, first 1979-81 then again 83-92 (then prez)

Not quite border state but right next to Texas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a scene cut before shooting had Seal, played by Cruise, coming up with an idea to enlist Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, in a CIA-backed scheme. The scene would have been set in a strip club and featured an actor playing young Clinton getting a lap dance.

Seal's operation of drug running for the Medellín cartel and moving guns and money for the CIA was based in Mena, Arkansas, where he had a large private airfield. During this time, Clinton was governor of the state.

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-23 14:27:24Z No. 4873216

Just goes to show if you help the CIArtel, they'll make you president. Of course, Daddy Bush was likely the godfather of this scheme.

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-23 14:49:26Z No. 4873362

Just had a brain wave…

Q compares MS13 to ISIS a lot..

Europe is being flooded with Muslims.

America was supposed to get flooded with illegals.

MS13 and ISIS both facilitate this effort.

Uncontrolled immigration can collapse nations.


Anonymous ID: 598a9e 2019-01-23 21:04:25Z No. 4877383

Here's names that should be used for associations to any digs.

May 5, 2016

SAN JUAN, RGV – Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader in the U.S. House, and U.S. Rep. Richard L. Hanna, a Republican from New York, led a bipartisan delegation of legislators to Mexico earlier this week.

They met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Los Pinos on Monday to discuss U.S.-Mexico trade relations, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and immigration. Among those on the trip were Congressman Henry Cuellar of Laredo and Congressman Beto O’Rourke of El Paso.

In addition to Pelosi, Hanna, Cuellar, and O’Rourke, members of Congress on the tour are:

Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Calif.,

Linda Sanchez, D-Calif.

Michael Fitzpatrick, R-PA,

Michelle Lujan-Grisham, D-NM

Pete Aguilar, D-Calif.,

Ruben Gallego, D-AZ

Norma Torres, D-Calif.

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-24 05:48:00Z No. 4884096

So I'm digging into Nixon a bit more and just learned about the Canuck Letter. Basically, allegedly Nixon's campaign did a dirty trick where the FORGED a letter that got the front running democrat Muskie to lose the primary. How do we know it's fake? Well, turns out the guy who wrote it literally confessed to a journalist at… THE WASHINGTON FUCKING POST! Naturally, the guy denies it, but who cares right? We trust WaPo, right!? Classic fake news! They just had to make something horribly embarrassing for Democrats spin to be embarrassing for Republicans. Damn. I'd almost admire their skill, if they weren't so evil!

Whether true or false, fear of Muskie's alleged unstable emotional condition led some New Hampshire Democrats to defect to George McGovern. Muskie's winning margin, 46% to McGovern's 37%, was smaller than his campaign had predicted. The bounce and second-place finish led the McGovern campaign to boast of its momentum. By the time of the Florida primary, with McGovern clearing other left-leaning candidates from the field, Muskie's campaign was dead.

Washington Post staff writer Marilyn Berger reported that Nixon White House staffer Ken Clawson had bragged to her about authoring the letter. Clawson denied Berger's account. In October 1972, FBI investigators asserted that the Canuck Letter was part of the dirty tricks campaign against Democrats orchestrated by the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (CREEP).[8] Loeb, the publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, maintained that the letter was not a fabrication, but later admitted to having some doubt, however, after receiving another letter claiming that someone had been paid $1,000 to write the Canuck Letter. The purported author, Paul Morrison of Deerfield Beach, Florida, was never found.

The authorship of the letter is covered at length in the 1974 book All the President's Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and its 1976 film adaptation.

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-24 14:46:05Z No. 4886762


I'm reading deep into Watergate and Nixon. Holy fuck, this HAS to be the Democrat Playbook. It's an almost identical setup.

Knowing now how (((They))) operate, this is such an obvious sting. The DNC rob themselves. Get caught. Patsies have funds that are ridiculously easy to trace back to Nixon's reelection campaign. The smoking gun tape occurs a few weeks later when Nixon agrees to his Chief of Staff plan to order the CIA to lie to the FBI and shut it down.

Wait! Why the fuck is Nixon recording this?! Well in Feb of 1971 (remember, the first sanctuary city was Berkeley in 71) someone convinced him to record everything. In fact the recorder was voice activated.

So WHO TOLD HIM TO DO THIS?! I looked a bit but can't find anyone gloating that the recordings were their idea (Pls help if you're bored!)

I suspect the DNC knew he was innocent of the burglary, but if they convinced him to install recorders (perhaps Kissinger convinced Nixon this was a good thing for Presidents to do?) then they could have someone later walk into his office with a damning plan he could agree to execute. And bam! Impeachment!!! I suspect every aspect of it was concocted by the DNC/FBI/CIA. Remember, Bob Woodward (who recently wrote a smear book against Trump!) was being guided by Deep Throat, who was later revealed to be the FBIs #2!!

Remember how early on Q talked a lot about white house renovations and gold in the walls?!

Read the link I cited. This is almost exactly the same shit. The DNC Watergate = WikiLeaks Podesta.

Bonus theory! The DNC themselves gave Assange Podestas emails. They probably scrubbed them good first (but missed a few real interesting ones) maybe not, but they sure did play off them the exact same way.

Q is saying the Watergate playbook is about to be BTFO

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-24 14:53:25Z No. 4886834


BTW I never thought I would focus on Nixon so much, especially in regards to the Mexican Mafia connection. I just find it highly suspect that under his rule, the Republican Party just so happened to become the evil ones the Democrats the good ones. What a clever move by the Deep State.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nixon ended up being blackmailed over the Watergate scandal to allow horrible policies to take effect.

> In 1973, the Drug Enforcement Administration was created to replace the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

I'm not saying the DEA doesn't do good work, I'm sure they do. But there's no question this only served to create a larger black market than was before, and they had to know that would be the effect right?

Anonymous ID: cc69c3 2019-01-24 15:29:46Z No. 4887159


check work over in nimrod world order thread. Nixon connected to abdicated king of england. more likely that than set up: 2 reasons I say. It is said that Nixon had an IQ off the charts (std def of IQ not buzzfeed def.) and he was paranoid as all hell.

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-24 16:33:54Z No. 4887767


>>4814604 (NWO)

Wow. That's a FASCINATING connection. Totally ties in with Q saying Nazism is a subgroup of something larger. Nixon may have been working on behalf of this "larger" organisation to undermine the Republicans, strengthen the Democrats, and eventually destroy the sovereignty of the USA.

That might mean there's a Mexico/UK connection too?

Anonymous ID: 6ea235 2019-01-24 16:57:52Z No. 4888021


Regarding a UK/MX connection:

"In collaboration with international partners [we] identified a Romanian OCG [organised crime group] with the capability to import large amounts of cocaine into the UK on a weekly basis using HGV transport," a NCA spokeswoman told The Times.

"Intelligence indicates that the Romanian OCG are still being supplied by a Mexican OCG linked to the Sinaloa cartel. It is assessed that this network of OCGs will continue to supply large volumes of class A drugs into the UK," the spokeswoman added. "Previous significant interdictions of their supply has not deterred the group from continuing their criminal activity aimed at the UK market."

There have been reports that the Sinaloa cartel and other Mexican organized-crime groups are active in Europe — Spain in particular — for some time.