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Memes39 Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 22:52:11Z No. 4907653

Self-Service Image Library

to spread truth and calm the storm



Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


First time on 8ch? Newfag, read the introduction first.

No name/email/subject when you post. Why? Q Research is a warzone, and we care about anons' safety.

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Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:54:36Z No. 4907674

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:55:12Z No. 4907678

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:55:46Z No. 4907687

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:56:32Z No. 4907694

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:57:21Z No. 4907704

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:58:01Z No. 4907715

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:58:50Z No. 4907728

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 22:59:23Z No. 4907732

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:13:07Z No. 4907898

Fill Memes38 first.








Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:14:26Z No. 4907911

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:14:39Z No. 4907914

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:17:32Z No. 4907951

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:17:52Z No. 4907955

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:18:32Z No. 4907963

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-25 23:20:32Z No. 4907988


My bad fren! I saw this one at top of catalog - didnt know the old one wasnt full yet.

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:47:36Z No. 4908303

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:47:54Z No. 4908306

Anonymous ID: 90021b 2019-01-25 23:48:05Z No. 4908308

Anonymous ID: 9c9e47 2019-01-26 00:04:16Z No. 4908516

Anonymous ID: 9c9e47 2019-01-26 00:04:31Z No. 4908522

Anonymous ID: 9c9e47 2019-01-26 00:05:27Z No. 4908530

Anonymous ID: 79deaf 2019-01-26 00:31:58Z No. 4908852

Anonymous ID: 79deaf 2019-01-26 00:32:14Z No. 4908856

Anonymous ID: 79deaf 2019-01-26 00:32:27Z No. 4908859

Anonymous ID: 03892c 2019-01-26 00:46:26Z No. 4909073

just learning

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-26 00:56:12Z No. 4909206

Anonymous ID: 1e7a07 2019-01-26 01:25:33Z No. 4909612

Anonymous ID: af46f9 2019-01-26 01:51:06Z No. 4909955

Anonymous ID: 29e3fc 2019-01-26 03:04:51Z No. 4910984

Anon ID: e0278b 2019-01-26 03:16:38Z No. 4911155

Anonymous ID: d632a7 2019-01-26 03:23:36Z No. 4911224


Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-26 05:48:37Z No. 4912762

Q – Global Learning – True

A good sign!

Anonymous ID: 3f0409 2019-01-26 08:13:10Z No. 4913556

Please be gentle, I'm new to making memes!

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-26 09:41:38Z No. 4913948

Make Nancy Pelosi And Chuck the Schmuck take all the immigrants into their homes with the untreated: Flesh-Eating Bacteria, TB, etc. All the Democrat & Rinos who voted against funding the wall…should have to take them into their homes & keep them there.

Flesh-eating bacteria found on Central America migrant in Border Patrol custody

A man who was in Border Patrol custody had to be treated for a flesh-eating bacteria.

The migrant who was already in custody at the Lordsburg, N.M. Border Patrol station told an agent Thursday about a growing rash he had.

He was taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Officials said hospital staff diagnosed him with a flesh-eating bacteria. They said he needed more extensive treatment.

“We’re seeing for example, chicken pox, different strands of influenza, syphilis, scabies. This is something that we see with the illegal aliens and we have to provide treatment for them,” said Carlos Antúnez with U.S. Customs and Border Protections.

Anonymous ID: af8fef 2019-01-26 10:07:51Z No. 4914072


“Q intelligence is what I have been waiting for, that there is an intelligence that is willing to share with the sheep what the goats are doing, an intelligence willing to expose everything to a hereto public that gave their power away by not wanting to know anything. Just give me what I want; no questions asked. Q intelligence is the first time in American and world history ever — ever.”

“Turn back the clock, I can meet you at any age, that the secret of those who rule you and enslave you, and then those who enslave them, is disclosed. Those among your particular nation’s most heinous crimes of deceit, blackmail, and cover-up, you are all in it. There is Satan’s claw, darlin’. For you to have known that, who wish to be awake and to know, here it is.”

“So this intelligence is like a thought review, you know? It is indeed as if every thought of yours is recorded, and every thought indeed is recorded. And they have all of the files and all of the information about all of you, including — including — the evil ones taking you down and playing upon your emotions to take you down. Q intelligence is the first time in world history the secrets have been revealed.”

“The Q intelligence is a divine intelligence. It is challenging the entire world and the evil network in every country — every country — and taking them down.”

— Ramtha, September 30, 2018

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-26 10:27:00Z No. 4914178

Make Nancy Pelosi And Chuck the Schmuck take all the immigrants into their homes with the untreated: Flesh-Eating Bacteria, TB, etc. All the Democrat & Rinos who voted against funding the wall…should have to take them into their homes & keep them there.

Flesh-eating bacteria found on Central America migrant in Border Patrol custody

A man who was in Border Patrol custody had to be treated for a flesh-eating bacteria.

The migrant who was already in custody at the Lordsburg, N.M. Border Patrol station told an agent Thursday about a growing rash he had.

He was taken to a medical facility for evaluation. Officials said hospital staff diagnosed him with a flesh-eating bacteria. They said he needed more extensive treatment.

“We’re seeing for example, chicken pox, different strands of influenza, syphilis, scabies. This is something that we see with the illegal aliens and we have to provide treatment for them,” said Carlos Antúnez with U.S. Customs and Border Protections.

Anonymous ID: f2fe9a 2019-01-26 13:08:55Z No. 4914728

crazy like a fox

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 14:16:38Z No. 4915105

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 14:43:06Z No. 4915313

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 15:38:10Z No. 4915792

Don't want to offend anyone, just got a bit angry. Always the same shitshow. I'm done now.

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 15:38:55Z No. 4915797

Anonymous ID: ca8fc3 2019-01-26 15:43:24Z No. 4915837

Meme: I have a Caption that needs a Pic !

"As a Professional MOHEL, I'm only allowed to harvest 2cc of ADRENOCHROME per Schlong ! ! !


Anonymous ID: 2f42b9 2019-01-26 16:24:05Z No. 4916235

hold them libel

Anonymous ID: 557885 2019-01-26 17:37:59Z No. 4916938

over 400 placed worldwide, so why do they need nuks, when they have plants (statik nuks) placed everywhere?

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 17:59:47Z No. 4917193

Anonymous ID: 30b8cb 2019-01-26 18:08:43Z No. 4917300

Anonymous ID: 92870c 2019-01-26 18:39:30Z No. 4917651

Comedy? Dragging America to a new low with toxic garbage.

Anonymous ID: 6fef15 2019-01-26 18:48:50Z No. 4917756

Anonymous ID: 6fef15 2019-01-26 18:52:15Z No. 4917783

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 19:06:15Z No. 4917932

Anonymous ID: 7c6d3f 2019-01-26 19:13:20Z No. 4918014

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 19:41:12Z No. 4918287

Some reposts from 38 with changes according to POTUS 'tweets

Anonymous ID: 92870c 2019-01-26 20:14:14Z No. 4918573

Anonymous ID: 9d7247 2019-01-26 20:48:53Z No. 4918920

Very crude layout done in Paint for cave countering as a suggestion for skilled meme makers.

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 22:13:43Z No. 4919787


Correction. Cuomo mom had wrong date

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-26 22:14:19Z No. 4919793

Anonymous ID: af8fef 2019-01-26 22:30:20Z No. 4919970


Cleaned this one up a bit…


Anonymous ID: 2a612a 2019-01-26 22:43:27Z No. 4920110

Ma Anon says Thank you to Anons with meme'd up version of:


Made this meme for taking out to the masses…

made with love

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:49:01Z No. 4920759

I'm gonna post a pile of oldie-but-goodie Fake News memes from a year ago. They are extremely relevant to today and will fit with any twitter campaign that we have going.

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:50:14Z No. 4920773

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:52:13Z No. 4920797

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:53:24Z No. 4920805

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:54:13Z No. 4920814

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-26 23:55:29Z No. 4920825

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:02:43Z No. 4920909

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:04:01Z No. 4920925

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:04:56Z No. 4920938

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:05:53Z No. 4920952

Anonymous ID: 69c3b6 2019-01-27 00:06:30Z No. 4920965

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:07:13Z No. 4920973

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:07:57Z No. 4920980

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:09:23Z No. 4920993

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:10:31Z No. 4921009

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:11:35Z No. 4921017

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:12:19Z No. 4921028

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:15:07Z No. 4921061

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:18:02Z No. 4921095

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:18:48Z No. 4921108

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:20:05Z No. 4921129

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:21:00Z No. 4921139

Anonymous ID: 69c3b6 2019-01-27 00:21:19Z No. 4921143

Hollywood clueless

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:22:02Z No. 4921155

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:23:25Z No. 4921174

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:24:20Z No. 4921181

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:25:17Z No. 4921194

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:26:06Z No. 4921204

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:27:26Z No. 4921219

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:28:12Z No. 4921223

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:29:18Z No. 4921234

Anonymous ID: 575f2d 2019-01-27 00:29:32Z No. 4921239



Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:30:18Z No. 4921251

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:31:44Z No. 4921267

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:33:26Z No. 4921286

And now back to the regular memeharvest from current breads…

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:33:59Z No. 4921293

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:34:47Z No. 4921301

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:35:40Z No. 4921311

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:36:28Z No. 4921326

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:36:40Z No. 4921330

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:42:34Z No. 4921411


Thanks for contributions, newmemeanon!

May I suggest?

1) Text should be maximally readable even as a thumbnail … which is how most memes will be seen on twitter

2) To achieve that, aim for fewer words and a more basic font. I actually aim for 7 words or less, often fail, but that is the goal.

You have a ton of potential to become a fantastic memeartist!

Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:46:25Z No. 4921457


"libel" is an incorrect spelling in this context.

The word you need here is "liable".

Please use a dictionary, look up both words, learn when to use each one.

Is this the 3rd time I've said something about the misuse of the word 'libel'?

I'm just going to stop saying anything and stop harvesting or correcting your memes.

Misspellings and wrong word usage makes us look really lame. We CAN do better and we WILL do better.



Anonymous ID: b5b301 2019-01-27 00:47:34Z No. 4921470


Do not use this meme unless you are willing to correct the word libel and change it to "LIABLE".

Anonymous ID: 4704ea 2019-01-27 00:53:33Z No. 4921557

Anonymous ID: 4704ea 2019-01-27 00:54:21Z No. 4921567

Anonymous ID: 3d89cd 2019-01-27 02:51:39Z No. 4922839

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-27 03:02:26Z No. 4922940

Anonymous ID: 0af37c 2019-01-27 03:07:29Z No. 4922981

Beware in the days, weeks, months ahead!

FF Alerts

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-27 03:11:09Z No. 4923023

Anonymous ID: 6429a7 2019-01-27 03:19:00Z No. 4923106

Anonymous ID: 0af37c 2019-01-27 03:36:17Z No. 4923304

MSM setting the stage?

Anonymous ID: 5a7c22 2019-01-27 04:24:49Z No. 4923777

Anonymous ID: d68da6 2019-01-27 04:49:10Z No. 4924100

Excelent Work ! ! !


2) . . . ON MY DRUMS

TWICE my Laughter devolved immediately into a Coughing Fit.

Thank You ! ! !


Anonymous ID: d68da6 2019-01-27 04:51:23Z No. 4924128


( sp) Excellent

Anonymous ID: ddffd2 2019-01-27 14:36:31Z No. 4927490

Anonymous ID: 5a7c22 2019-01-27 14:43:04Z No. 4927537


Missed this one in my tired state.. them digits confirm eh! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, were doing FINE frens, FINE INDEED!

Anonymous ID: 08986c 2019-01-27 15:19:13Z No. 4927806

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-27 15:49:33Z No. 4928051

Anonymous ID: 117b1c 2019-01-27 16:18:12Z No. 4928251

choose wisely!

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-27 16:30:42Z No. 4928347

‘She Looks Like a Stripper’ Dem AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema Wears a Mini Dress with Thigh-High Boots on Senate Floor

Welcome to 2019.

Newly-elected Democrat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema wore a highly inappropriate mini dress paired with over-the-knee boots on the Senate floor this week.

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:42:23Z No. 4929427

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:42:38Z No. 4929432

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:42:55Z No. 4929433

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:43:13Z No. 4929436

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:43:33Z No. 4929439

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:44:11Z No. 4929449

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:44:55Z No. 4929458

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:45:29Z No. 4929466

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:46:09Z No. 4929474

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 18:46:42Z No. 4929475

Anonymous ID: bc4852 2019-01-27 19:25:05Z No. 4929848

Kamala Harris

Holding Dildo


American Dream

Legs Akimbo

Anonymous ID: 2fe7f7 2019-01-27 19:30:05Z No. 4929896

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-27 19:38:51Z No. 4929959

Anonymous ID: aec373 2019-01-27 21:06:26Z No. 4930721

Anonymous ID: 679b8b 2019-01-27 22:22:43Z No. 4931525

More fake news memes were requested. Dumping memeammo from older memearchives. Take aim, fire at will.

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-27 22:26:56Z No. 4931575

17 Goals

Of Agenda

Could you use a UN background or dark with moon background

On left side place UN Goal - 1 liner (coded)

What they say it is

On right side place pic e.g no 5. Goal

What it really means

Then undernearh place explanation decided. .

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-27 22:33:35Z No. 4931645

Your workmanship is fantastic, thank you for all you've done with the UZn. Can never have enough

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:34:16Z No. 4931654

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:36:18Z No. 4931681

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:37:52Z No. 4931696

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:38:50Z No. 4931708

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:39:45Z No. 4931720

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-27 22:43:36Z No. 4931760

If each if these Memes could bectransferred onto the UN background ease i'd really appreciate this.

The Loretta Lynch Meme with black bacgriund UN logo, different colored Text stands out beautifully!

Than you so much Anon.

Take your time.

Fantastic artwork and wording

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:45:03Z No. 4931776

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:46:37Z No. 4931793

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:47:36Z No. 4931805

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:48:27Z No. 4931812

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-27 22:48:40Z No. 4931814

Could you place these words on. uN background please.

Thank you Anon☺️☺️

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:50:21Z No. 4931829

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:51:28Z No. 4931836

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:52:36Z No. 4931845

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:53:40Z No. 4931857

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-27 22:54:17Z No. 4931864

These 2 as well

Except delete Trudeaus face and only out Agenda21

Then the different points please.

Thank you so much Annon

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:54:28Z No. 4931866

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:55:47Z No. 4931876

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:56:56Z No. 4931889

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:57:47Z No. 4931898

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:58:26Z No. 4931906

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 22:59:24Z No. 4931914

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:20:29Z No. 4932088

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:22:32Z No. 4932109

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:23:04Z No. 4932115

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:23:30Z No. 4932122

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:24:11Z No. 4932128

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:24:56Z No. 4932137

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:25:25Z No. 4932145

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:25:56Z No. 4932156

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:27:16Z No. 4932172

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:28:17Z No. 4932180

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:29:09Z No. 4932191

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:30:29Z No. 4932204

Anonymous ID: 08986c 2019-01-27 23:37:50Z No. 4932270

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-27 23:59:55Z No. 4932464

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:00:43Z No. 4932473

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:01:31Z No. 4932486

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:01:58Z No. 4932495

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:02:38Z No. 4932502

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:03:52Z No. 4932522

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:05:16Z No. 4932537

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:06:25Z No. 4932548

Anonymous ID: 6238b8 2019-01-28 00:07:14Z No. 4932558

Anonymous ID: a6765f 2019-01-28 00:29:08Z No. 4932783

Anonymous ID: 6e92dc 2019-01-28 00:41:56Z No. 4932907

All together now…

Anonymous ID: 5a4d53 2019-01-28 01:13:36Z No. 4933242


More UN


Anonymous ID: ed866b 2019-01-28 02:08:19Z No. 4933810

Anti-Racism Memes for Shill Patrol

(on Q Research General)

Anonymous ID: ed866b 2019-01-28 02:08:38Z No. 4933814


Anonymous ID: ed866b 2019-01-28 02:09:07Z No. 4933820


Anonymous ID: ed866b 2019-01-28 02:09:22Z No. 4933824


Anonymous ID: 2fd476 2019-01-28 02:34:39Z No. 4934136

Anonymous ID: 2fd476 2019-01-28 02:50:51Z No. 4934355

Anonymous ID: 2d3cc4 2019-01-28 03:29:04Z No. 4934864

Anonymous ID: 2d3cc4 2019-01-28 04:02:25Z No. 4935223

I think the text will show up better on these. Sorry, newfag here, don't know how to delete the other pics.

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 07:20:55Z No. 4937028

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 08:45:37Z No. 4937425

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 08:49:09Z No. 4937448

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 08:52:30Z No. 4937463


Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 11:21:16Z No. 4937828

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 11:22:37Z No. 4937831

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 11:25:40Z No. 4937840

Anonymous ID: 9a745c 2019-01-28 11:35:49Z No. 4937869

8 seems to have significance in this movie.

Dec 5 - 125 sums to 8

Jan 25 - 125 sums to 8

Feb 15 - 215 sums to 8

Adhering to a schedule.

Anonymous ID: 92870c 2019-01-28 14:10:02Z No. 4938438

Fascinating border wall voter data!

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 14:34:35Z No. 4938517

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 14:44:19Z No. 4938584

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 14:48:28Z No. 4938604

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 14:54:31Z No. 4938634

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 14:57:49Z No. 4938656

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 15:03:56Z No. 4938697

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-01-28 15:07:04Z No. 4938721

Anonymous ID: 5dfa1d 2019-01-28 16:52:04Z No. 4939471

Anonymous ID: 95b3b6 2019-01-28 18:22:49Z No. 4940302

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:52:53Z No. 4940590

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:53:09Z No. 4940595

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:53:48Z No. 4940606

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:54:51Z No. 4940619

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:55:02Z No. 4940621

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:55:20Z No. 4940625

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:55:53Z No. 4940632

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 18:56:16Z No. 4940638

Anonymous ID: 4612f4 2019-01-28 18:58:07Z No. 4940661

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 19:12:25Z No. 4940802


>Sorry, newfag here, don't know how to delete the other pics.

Deletion is disabled. Only the Board Owner (BO) or Board Volunteers (BV) can delete, and unless it's a dox or illegal child p0rn they usually won't.

If you truly need a deletion, click the triangle and Report the post that needs deleted with a 1-line explanation.

Your red on white text looks nice and clear, good work.

Anonymous ID: fc721e 2019-01-28 19:17:46Z No. 4940845


Can't fix a free speech board.

If someone complains about ANYthing ("offensive" words, images, porn, gayporn, goreporn, pictures of shit, bad speech, cursing, Bible quotes, new age videos, whatever), then the shills will adopt that and slam the board with it, in an attempt to paint the anons and the board with whatever was complained about. It's probably best to assume that the real autist/anons working here day in and day out are generally courteous, friendly, energetic, knowledgeable, helpful, etc.

The people who scream, demean, attack ad hominem, exaggerate, post repetitive material, etc. are generally shills and easy to ID once you understand what they are trying to do here.

Best tactic is to ignore it.

Anonymous ID: 92ac39 2019-01-28 19:35:49Z No. 4941049

Had to share

Anonymous ID: 95b3b6 2019-01-28 19:54:30Z No. 4941252


Anonymous ID: 8cd048 2019-01-28 20:13:18Z No. 4941499

Panic button

Anonymous ID: 0d4f41 2019-01-28 20:53:02Z No. 4941995





Anonymous ID: a0c058 2019-01-28 21:06:43Z No. 4942159



Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-28 21:11:30Z No. 4942215



or try: accountable

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-28 21:44:06Z No. 4942576

Cluess with a big mouth, bad combo

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-28 21:59:24Z No. 4942761

Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-28 22:26:38Z No. 4943074




meme maker, pepe, and accountable comment are 3 different people.

Don't mean any harm. meme maker and pepe, you two made me laugh. That's all.

All good……… I think hahahaha

That's stupid. I don't know what you guys think. I just think idizzallgood, and hope it is with you too

Anonymous ID: 50fc32 2019-01-29 00:08:07Z No. 4944331

Anonymous ID: f35eb7 2019-01-29 00:38:48Z No. 4944592


Anonymous ID: 70f04e 2019-01-29 00:51:18Z No. 4944725

Anonymous ID: 92ac39 2019-01-29 01:49:53Z No. 4945374


Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-29 02:06:23Z No. 4945595

NY Abortion Law

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-29 02:08:48Z No. 4945628

NY Abortion Law

Black America Infanticide

Infant rape

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-29 02:10:00Z No. 4945641

Trump under god

…On loan from God

Anonymous ID: 92ac39 2019-01-29 02:33:50Z No. 4945979



Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-29 03:24:01Z No. 4946699

Guam will Capsize and Tip Over into the ocean Hank Johnson

Duration – 2:03

Published on Jun 25, 2011

Hank Johnson compares President Trump to Hitler in New Year's Day speech

Duration – 8:46

Published on Jan 2, 2019

Anonymous ID: 2a612a 2019-01-29 03:38:37Z No. 4946918




Anonymous ID: 4b3128 2019-01-29 16:59:48Z No. 4952199

Anonymous ID: 7222df 2019-01-29 18:30:09Z No. 4953114


Anonymous ID: b968de 2019-01-29 19:51:48Z No. 4954043


Anonymous ID: b968de 2019-01-29 19:53:55Z No. 4954070


Fixed Typo.

Anonymous ID: b968de 2019-01-29 19:55:48Z No. 4954090


Duh. I need to slow down.

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-29 21:27:07Z No. 4955101

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-29 21:28:33Z No. 4955112

Interesting election data

Anonymous ID: 3086c1 2019-01-29 21:44:03Z No. 4955286

Anonymous ID: 3086c1 2019-01-29 21:56:06Z No. 4955408

Anonymous ID: 3a1c25 2019-01-29 22:24:09Z No. 4955674

"Light it up Pink!" -Cuomo

Anonymous ID: 3a1c25 2019-01-29 22:36:56Z No. 4955825


Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-29 23:58:53Z No. 4956803

data updated

Anonymous ID: f35eb7 2019-01-30 00:34:50Z No. 4957188

Voter fraud

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-30 01:54:52Z No. 4958221

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-30 01:56:02Z No. 4958241

Anonymous ID: 3a1c25 2019-01-30 05:01:00Z No. 4960531

Da Nang Dick

Anonymous ID: 3a1c25 2019-01-30 05:18:09Z No. 4960743

Kamala Harris 2020

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-30 14:28:31Z No. 4963490

Sanctuary cities…..PAPER CLIP2?

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-30 14:44:11Z No. 4963611

Proof of academia failure

Anonymous ID: e85abd 2019-01-30 16:27:30Z No. 4964590

#Californication4Amerika2020 #SuperPAC

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-30 18:02:16Z No. 4965560

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-30 18:02:31Z No. 4965566

Anonymous ID: 52b0b0 2019-01-30 19:05:55Z No. 4966209

Yep…Maduro has to go! He HIJACKED the government; only ones left who can afford food are his buddies.

Anonymous ID: 52b0b0 2019-01-30 19:42:01Z No. 4966578

just a few updates…..

Anonymous ID: 3ec2bb 2019-01-30 21:03:31Z No. 4967479

Anonymous ID: 664b21 2019-01-30 21:29:27Z No. 4967779

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:23:29Z No. 4968423

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:23:46Z No. 4968427

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:23:57Z No. 4968431

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:24:14Z No. 4968435

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:24:26Z No. 4968438

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:24:52Z No. 4968445

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:25:08Z No. 4968448

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:26:13Z No. 4968453

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:26:38Z No. 4968460

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:27:53Z No. 4968470

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:33:37Z No. 4968533




>>4941995 Kek

I tried to be nice about it a few times,

>>4921457, >>4921470

but you nailed it.

Eye whon't cey anuther werd tue thet annon hoo kent lern too spel rite.

Pearls before swine.

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:46:19Z No. 4968674


Good. Can you edit?

The war that ended is called the Korean War.

Not the North and South Korean War.

The Korean War was a war between North Korea and South Korea. The war began on 25 June 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea following a series of clashes along the border. The United Nations, with the United States as the principal force, came to the aid of South Korea. China came to the aid of North Korea, and the Soviet Union also gave some assistance to the North.More at Wikipedia

Anonymous ID: 3875e4 2019-01-30 22:54:20Z No. 4968748



Got your updates for the memearchive, anon. We did need some attention on Venezuela. Thank you.

Anonymous ID: 1a7f14 2019-01-31 01:06:32Z No. 4970174


I'm not going to argue against anything specific that you said, Anon. But I am going to argue with

your broader point. Sort-of. Because, although everything you say has merit, …

… the fact remains, that the ==only== question to be asked about the use of this particular theme

(or about any other theme) for the creation of memes, is this:

"Is it, or can it be made to be, an effective psychological warfare tool, for

use in memetic combat against the Cabal's objectives in respect of the

=='Q Research General'== board on 8Chan, or elsewhere (e.g., Twitter)?"

IOW, "Can the weapons under scrutiny serve effectively to degrade the enemy's position/strength"?

That's it. No other question or concern is relevant: "Selection & Maintenance of the Aim" & all that.

I suppose, "Could other weapons (meme themes) be more effective than this one?" could also be

asked, but it's basically that same question in variant form.

You don't complain about a rifle because it goes bang (which annoys some people), or because

of the barrel-flash or recoil (for whatever reason). You might, on the other hand, complain about

a rifle because it doesn't actually work effectively, say, because it is jammed, or unloaded.

It is precisely the utility of such memes as these, in drawing attacks from the clown shills, that

may make them useful. But you have to think three or four moves ahead of the clown shills, and

I haven't finished doing that yet. So I may or may not discontinue this entire line of meme-making.

I am still thinking about it.

More anti-MSM memes Anonymous ID: 1a7f14 2019-01-31 01:11:05Z No. 4970230

Anonymous ID: 1a7f14 2019-01-31 01:11:28Z No. 4970235


Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-31 01:39:59Z No. 4970601

Virginia Governor…Infanticide/Abortion

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-31 01:54:04Z No. 4970797

AOC…Run Train

Child Rape is now "Comedy"

"Good Time Kyrsten"…Call…

DEEP STATE ALERT ID: 1a6baa 2019-01-31 02:00:08Z No. 4970884











Notice that the only ones who BENEFIT from cracking code IS THE DEEP STATE - WHO TRUMP IS TRYING TO TAKE DOWN?

Yet you all still 100% Support and place all your efforts into taking down TRUMP and DESTROY THE US NATIONS PATRIOTS - TRyING TO REGAIN CONTROL OF OUR NATION.

How funny everyone brainwashed will follow anyone with a Q in its name, and 100% believe with our childrens lives, in words by unknown demon's who PRETEND TO BE TRUMP PATRIOTS!?


Yet you all find it "FUN" to assist to DESTROY TRUMP AND YOUR NATION?


Explain how breaking the Q/Trump Code benefits True Life and Death Patriots Nations faithful! You can't now can you so you just pretend this is a fun game, and you do not see your end result will be exposing the plans and effort into taking down the Deep State. yet you play and believe.

Did you all forget, you never once in your history ever confirm a single event as actually happened IN YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY, as you claim 100s of times per day? Not once can you prove a single event happened…

I hope your games famliies are the 1st to fall since you support Deep State and doing all you can to Crack the Bank Vault for all to see. So you think only Good reads these boards, and impossible that any Deep State follows, or is attempting to crack Q/Trumps next move? See how brainwashed you gamers became, and can't comprehend it inside your own minds?

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-31 02:14:51Z No. 4971068

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-31 02:16:28Z No. 4971082

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-01-31 02:17:42Z No. 4971098

Anonymous ID: 7222df 2019-01-31 02:21:36Z No. 4971132


Golly, just like a MSM paid shill would post. NOT BUYING!

Anonymous ID: fa597d 2019-01-31 03:17:24Z No. 4971747

Anonymous ID: fa597d 2019-01-31 03:18:27Z No. 4971766

Anonymous ID: fa597d 2019-01-31 03:19:36Z No. 4971781

WARNING DEEP STATE ALERT ID: 25922a 2019-01-31 05:21:17Z No. 4973069



Proof they are Paid or your "Opinion"?

Seems to me they are Patriots trying to Protect his nation from the enemy. Clearly, many valid points. True the end game you are all playing is to crack Trump and Q - which you all are working as one huge Army - so you know what events are happening and when. Only DS benefits to knowing all this so they can lay all their defenses to stop Trumps agenda.

If you think about it, over the past months, Trump has been getting hammered by D's - so it makes total sense what they are saying.

If you know here, so does the DS, and it is not just the good guys. How do you know who is good or bad here? If you know HRC criminal D gang, you know they are closely monitoring this board for all the tips everyone gives. So how does one really know who is a Patriot, or who is not here?

They raise valid POV's and one who discards them as an enemy, really do have closed minds and not see things outside their self contained minds…

So what actual good comes once you start to see a pattern of things being real? So you don't comprehend then the DS knows, and starts to put up their defenses to counter Trumps moves?

You may only think the 1st issue, but you fail to comprehend all the dozens of lower domino's they can stop from falling to the lowest levels. Seems you only look at it 1 top layer only, but you fail to understand that all the sub-levels involved supporting that 1st level crime can be countered and hidden. Then it only goes into hiding and they all fall back and wait for the time again to continue their crimes.

Seems you have 1 level shallow thinking hey? How do we know you are not DS? On your meaningless words alone we are all to trust you with our lives? How can you prove to anyone online, you are really a Trump Patriot, or one pretending to be a Patriot, yet really a DS plant to gain connections and knowledge?

Anonymous ID: 11bc26 2019-01-31 06:30:20Z No. 4973620

Anonymous ID: af8fef 2019-01-31 06:42:07Z No. 4973688

Anonymous ID: e85abd 2019-01-31 06:48:41Z No. 4973730

Anonymous ID: e85abd 2019-01-31 06:49:12Z No. 4973736

Anonymous ID: e85abd 2019-01-31 06:50:12Z No. 4973743

Anonymous ID: b8846d 2019-01-31 07:40:52Z No. 4973930

Anonymous ID: 014796 2019-01-31 13:12:16Z No. 4975122

The State of Emergency Exists. POTUS has an obligation to secure the border to provide for National Security.

So, how does he handle this State-of_Emergency? Two choices.

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-01-31 13:13:55Z No. 4975129

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-01-31 13:14:18Z No. 4975131

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-31 13:34:18Z No. 4975241

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-31 13:34:45Z No. 4975245

Anonymous ID: 7222df 2019-01-31 13:39:00Z No. 4975272


Wasting space and text expounding Nothing. Bye, bye nothing.

Anonymous ID: 014796 2019-01-31 13:39:51Z No. 4975278

She's gotta go!

Anonymous ID: 014796 2019-01-31 13:46:11Z No. 4975308

nearly 100K sigs

Anonymous ID: 6b83fe 2019-01-31 14:04:00Z No. 4975406

meme sauce

Anonymous ID: 776600 2019-01-31 14:20:18Z No. 4975487

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-01-31 15:04:57Z No. 4975775

Anonymous ID: 9940f9 2019-01-31 17:11:39Z No. 4976914


If you can figure out an effective way to do info warfare against the shills I would totally support that. My comments arose out of observing the board dynamics for >14 months.

Anonymous ID: 0c310e 2019-01-31 17:33:48Z No. 4977152




To you comments may be a waste, but to others TRUTHERS, who value honesty and True Patriots, need to expose your criminal worthless lies.

Antifa hey? Only your thinking allowed or they need to be removed from you existance..

Sorta like your worthless human DNA on this planet… Worthless and hopefully you did not pro-create your DNA to make the planet a better place for humans. Your DNA is a Total waste of air and food for the human race.

ANTIFA ALERT ON BOARDS ID: 91e5c2 2019-01-31 17:46:56Z No. 4977266





Yeap - you sure are a True Patriot now aren't you? FEMA Camp overloard and selector who decides who should be gassed, and who should have their mouths and teeth removed, because YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR TRUTH - other then yours?


Funny you are so brainwashed, you can't comprehend you are as extreme as Leftest Antifa!? Yet you preach Trump's Patriots, and their can only be ONE Patriot in the world, as you see it.

If one does not blindly follow your empty lies upon lies and god forbid, uses their own minds and see things you clearly can't, you have to try to figure out a WAY TO BAN ALL OF THEM!

Yeah - thats what WWG1WGA surely means! Only accept the few mindless zombies in the same zombie mindset, yet remove anyone that has a open mind that clearly is superior to yours, that you can't fathom….

ANTIFA ALERT ON BOARDS ID: 91e5c2 2019-01-31 17:54:39Z No. 4977329


Then YOU SURE BUY a website and only invite your Nazi zombie brainwashed ones - who all have the exact same goal to remove all opinions in a free open society.

So create your own website where only "your nazi kind" can communicate. Need I say Antifa or Hitler mindset based forum? Then you don't have to worry about "Shills" as you say, or should I say "Jews" who you will gas all of them so you don't have to worry…

Hopefully some day, your children will meet the same mindset as you, with a slightly different POV, so they get attacked and deemed a shill, and removed from the planet… Just like you want to do. Your children then will be worthless, or you spouse or family, and not one but you will miss them. They are no longer serve to their cult, so extermination is the only cure… Who cares, as they are worthless and meaningless and offer no value to the human race…

Anonymous ID: 301ede 2019-01-31 17:56:42Z No. 4977345

Looks like this is becoming a global problem

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:12:21Z No. 4977488

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:12:53Z No. 4977493

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:13:39Z No. 4977503

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:14:03Z No. 4977507

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:14:26Z No. 4977510

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:14:42Z No. 4977514

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:15:07Z No. 4977518

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:16:14Z No. 4977534



You are welcome to make your own memearchive according to your own personal philosophy and offer it to the world. No one is stopping you.

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 18:53:07Z No. 4977995




I really don't have the faintest idea what this bullshit is about, but if it doesn't advance the Great Awakening I'm not interested. It is to be expected that people opposed to the Great Awakening would try to disrupt our work whether by being the first memeposter on a memebread or by arguing with memeanons and twatanons who come here for ammo.

As always

use discernment when selecting meme ammo

here. Select that which advances the Great Awakening and helps patriots wake up.

Take another look at

★ More Effective Memes ("Meme Psychology"). Learn to create/select the best images. Know your audience. Present the idea from their point of view like marketers do, instead of insulting them? >>4681965 (off bread)

if unsure how to select memes that will help.

May God bless those who are patriots.

Anonymous ID: f4c9ae 2019-01-31 19:02:42Z No. 4978090



Correct I can. But you see how you only embrace those like minded mindless fellow cult sheeple, and if not, this poster wants them banned like Hitler or Antifa from a free society that they do not agree with?

So who is really the accepting ones? One post that wants the board to BAN anyone, who they deem not acceptable to them, just because they do not agree? This is the degree we are at on these boards. If you do not 110% agree to their cult, you need to be terminated and banned from free speech websites?

Anonymous ID: f4c9ae 2019-01-31 19:09:36Z No. 4978153



Then just pass it by, and not call for the extermination of posts you do not agree with!? Yet you call for banning of all free speech you do not like, like Hitler, and want them removed.

Beware of "Patriots" who CLAIM TO BE TRUMP AND NATION PATRIOTS, to those PRETENDING TO BE PATRIOTS, YET THEIR WORDS AND ACTIONS ARE OF DEEP STATE EVIL! How does 1 tell who is real or under cover?

Surely True Patriots DO NOT ATTACK everyone based on words alone, and who have a different point of view… OR DO THEY?

If their anger is to ban free speech and freedoms on this board, they are evil and follow Hitlers agenda to silence all they can. So how can those be True Nation Patriots? Yet their unaccepting word attacks to anyone who disagree's with someone else, just because they do not agree or like the words spoken in a free society, how can they BE TRUE PATRIOTS THAT ARE NOT DEEP STATE AGENDA DRIVEN? See how easily you can tell real Patriots vs Deep State Planted Patriots?

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-01-31 19:17:12Z No. 4978225


>I really don't have the faintest idea what this bullshit is about.

Reads like an upgraded apebot. check clown college bread for more.

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 19:20:18Z No. 4978257


No one is threatening to ban anyone.

You are making stuff up.

Everyone has a voice here, even voices we don't like (e.g. you don't like mine).


You are misrepresenting what I said

and making stuff up.

I collect memes that I think are useful.

Anyone can collect the memes that I may have missed whether I did not think them useful or I was simply not on duty at that time. Anyone can make their own memes, or use/modify those made by others.

I have my own opinions as do you.

We both express our opinions from time to time on this board.

Anything beyond that, you are just making stuff up and creating futile arguments with a purpose of distraction, information poisoning, trying to change the topic from the Great Awakening and Q to arguing about board format/content/personnel.

Sorry, I'm not interested and have nothing further to say on this.

My interest is the same as Q's interest:

Waking people up from the spell of a centuries-long cabal control so they can take control of their own destiny and exercise God-given free will, hopefully in a positive way.

God bless patriots.

Anonymous ID: 7222df 2019-01-31 19:33:30Z No. 4978379


Anonymous ID: f4c9ae 2019-01-31 19:35:11Z No. 4978394


QUOTE - "Select that which advances the Great Awakening and helps patriots wake up."

In who's opinion does "Advances" mean? You are talking your own self personal opinion and view correct? So if it does not agree with your "VIEW" what is acceptable TO YOU, its worthless hey?

Right their goes out the window you being a TRUE PATRIOT now doesn't it? You have no tolerance of anyone else's point of view, and only your Hilter style opinion is the only one allowed hey?

Being a True Patriot is not strickly definded as you think. You only have 1 sliver of input in your own little closed minded box world, yet their are tree's of slivers that also are True Patriots. Just your closed mind only see's your 1 little piece.

How do you know that your little sliver you are trying to "protect" is in conflict with a much larger agenda piece of the puzzle that is infact also for Patriots. You are like 1 small firecracker yet many of us have nukes that will be used for True Patrtiots, yet your little mindless brainwashed thought can't fathom it. Yet you are unaccepting to all - unless they only fit into your grain of sand Patriot area you are defending. GET IT?

Yet many of them see your small grain of sand stance as a level 1 issue, yet we have level 10 approach that you can't fathom. Many of us are the actual strong armed to come in blazing to save your tiny grain of sand patriot stand, yet we are using the entire coastline in our ploy.

So what you think is huge, you are actually 1 tiny grain of sand, yet you all here rip on everyone who may have ammunition you can't fathom inside your closed boxed in mindset.

Yet how do we know you are a True Real Patriot? Just by your worthless words? You show no acceptance to anyone else, with a different point of view, so you are not "OPEN" society now are you? You are "CLOSED" nazi controlled society, where you only accept whom you deem worthy. Yet how do you really know?

This person may be exposing your evil DS driven Patriot for your attacks and unacceptance of other thoughts and minds. See how easily this shows everyone you are NOT a True Hearted Loving Light Patriot? Where's your love for others? None hey - so you are then nazi controllers, who are against fellow Patriots, who may be a levels above you, you can not comprehend?

Actions like yours who 100% attack, attack, and then again attack everyone new, newbies view you as Deep State evil mind controlled cultists! You are not accepting nor open, and want to destroy others, just a nice Antifa and Hitler tactics. So how do you call that a Real Patriot? Proof you are Antifa Deep State Plants - hiding under the cloak of being a Patriot… So your words alone at face is not that of true accepting patriots now is it?

yet you brand others like me as a shill - yet you have no clue how many levels above you we are. We see fake Patriots words as face value, yet they are all scripted as Dark Deep State protecting their code cracking of Trump and Q so they can lay their defenses to stop the True Patriot movement. If you newbie only knew…

Anonymous ID: f4c9ae 2019-01-31 19:36:20Z No. 4978407




QUOTE - If you can figure out an effective way to do info warfare against the shills I would totally support that. My comments arose out of observing the board dynamics for >14 months.

Nuf said.

Anonymous ID: ac3be7 2019-01-31 19:46:39Z No. 4978502

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 20:25:08Z No. 4979003



Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:02:24Z No. 4979416

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:02:43Z No. 4979419

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:03:00Z No. 4979422

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:03:17Z No. 4979425

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:03:30Z No. 4979426

Anonymous ID: 7c6d3f 2019-01-31 21:03:31Z No. 4979427

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:03:57Z No. 4979432

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:05:12Z No. 4979448

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:05:42Z No. 4979454

Anonymous ID: 7c6d3f 2019-01-31 21:06:37Z No. 4979460


Better version

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:06:51Z No. 4979462

Anonymous ID: 2f55e6 2019-01-31 21:07:22Z No. 4979469


Thank you KJV anon. Capped the updated one for the memearchive.

Anonymous ID: 10ea15 2019-01-31 21:41:31Z No. 4979830


It was never a war, it was a conflict.

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-31 22:27:20Z No. 4980313

Legislators passing bills they don't read

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-01-31 22:38:44Z No. 4980425


Spelling correction…

Anonymous ID: f35eb7 2019-01-31 22:52:33Z No. 4980560

Virginia pushes infanticide

Anonymous ID: 3fabd3 2019-01-31 23:21:39Z No. 4980876


>My interest is the same as Q's interest:

>Waking people up from the spell of a centuries-long cabal control so they can take control of their own destiny and exercise God-given free will, hopefully in a positive way.

>God bless patriots.

Amen. Meme on, Patriots.

Anonymous ID: 07e54f 2019-01-31 23:44:44Z No. 4981162

Anonymous ID: 420947 2019-02-01 00:09:08Z No. 4981448


This is the Paul VI audience hall. It was built in 1971. This is obviously made to resemble a snake, complete with fangs. It is not Christian. But it should be noted that this building is a product of the post Vatican II church. The Vatican II church has a habit of creating buildings and works of "art" that are not Christian, and of destroying older churches that contain more traditional statues, paintings and other sacred relics.

The architect of this monstronsity was most probably a freemason. His name was Pier Luigi Nervi. He made another "church" that looks like an eye in a triangle:

In short, these buildings are NOT Catholic, but represent a freemasonic usurpation within the Church. That is why we see more and more bishops support fag rights and other NWO agendas.

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:22:45Z No. 4982335

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:24:00Z No. 4982358


My relative was in the Army during the Korean War. It was called the Korean War by everybody for the last 60 years.

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:26:41Z No. 4982402

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:27:33Z No. 4982415

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:27:58Z No. 4982419

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:28:18Z No. 4982425

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:28:52Z No. 4982437

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:29:10Z No. 4982440

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 01:29:47Z No. 4982448

Anonymous ID: a1a064 2019-02-01 02:48:25Z No. 4983494

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 02:55:11Z No. 4983582

Anonymous ID: 4ffc85 2019-02-01 02:55:26Z No. 4983587

Anonymous ID: 4251df 2019-02-01 05:39:45Z No. 4985370

Build IT



Anonymous ID: 4251df 2019-02-01 05:57:09Z No. 4985503

a couple options

Anonymous ID: 766ccd 2019-02-01 06:25:55Z No. 4985688

first attempt. may Kek have mercy on my soul

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 11:55:37Z No. 4986971

Anonymous ID: 4c225f 2019-02-01 12:01:57Z No. 4987001

SES & SERCO exposed! Corrupt bastards!

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 12:02:27Z No. 4987003

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 12:47:40Z No. 4987231

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 13:47:18Z No. 4987550

Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, will also use anti jew propaganda to achieve their agendas, as well.

Millions believe 4,000 Jews stayed away from the World Trade Centre on September 11. Harmless conspiracy theory? Did Mossad give advanced warning to thousands of Jewish employees of the WTC, not to go to work that day? Reminder: Not a single fact in it has ever been substantiated and even, Yosri Fouda, deputy executive director of the London bureau of the television station Al-Jazeera, dismisses these conspiracy theories as the work of "half-educated people"

~Feb 21, 2017 - Pew Research Center estimates 5.3 million Jews live in the United States, accounting for approximately 2.2 percent of the U.S. adult population, but Jews represent 6% or more of our US Congress.

Moslems equal 1.1% of the total U.S. population. (This is probably just as incorrect as the lie that illegals were only 11% of the US population for decades, when in fact illegals make up 25% of the US population).

The Saudis “offered” to build 200 new mosques in Germany for the wave of migrants. That was too much even for the politically correct Germans, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy had as close to a public fit over the issue as toe-the-line Germans are permitted to do.~post from 2016

Wouldn’t it make sense for Congress to pass a law prohibiting foreign governments, so called religious establishments, charities and individuals from funding religious institutions here if their countries do not reciprocate and practice religious freedom or their ideology conflicts with our constitution and bill of rights? Isn’t that fucking common sense?

Oh, there are the Atheist socialist shills here too, as with Iran…isis…mossad, cair, hamas, mbh posting and baking. Funny how some Anons are so naive to believe that they haven't infiltrated the board.

There are wonderful Patriotic true American Freedom fighting Bakers and Anons…but at some point, we too have to drain the swamp.

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 13:59:51Z No. 4987619


Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 14:16:14Z No. 4987702

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 14:46:32Z No. 4987918

Anonymous ID: 71cd5d 2019-02-01 14:54:05Z No. 4987967




Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 15:12:08Z No. 4988104

The Snake poem…pertaining to illegals and fakugees.

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-02-01 15:13:28Z No. 4988114


What font is this?

Anonymous ID: ff9f3b 2019-02-01 15:15:27Z No. 4988137

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-02-01 15:34:43Z No. 4988268

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-01 16:16:15Z No. 4988646

How many freemasons signed the constitution? 13

Though some evidence exists to show another 24 were Masons, it is not regularly accepted that they were Masons.

Clearly, 13 of the 39 who signed the Constitution were members of Masonic lodges.

Patriotic MASONS…if it wasn't for these men, you would be here.

George Washington

Benjiman Franklin

Paul Revere

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Hancock

Andrew Jackson

Teddy Rosevelt

Audie Murphy

John Wayne

Mayo Brothers (original)

John Glenn

Buzz Aldrin

Guzz Grissom

Neil Armstong

Gene Autry

Nat King Cole

Wolf Gang Amadadeus

Roy Rogers

Glenn Ford

Mark Twain

Gen. Stormin Norman

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-02-01 17:34:04Z No. 4989367

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-02-01 17:36:00Z No. 4989378

Anonymous ID: c3c73e 2019-02-01 17:36:22Z No. 4989386

Anonymous ID: c3c73e 2019-02-01 17:37:42Z No. 4989398

Anonymous ID: 2ef574 2019-02-01 17:54:36Z No. 4989563


Not my OC, but it looks like

Torque Sense which I use fairly often.

Sample attached.

Note: I recommend the use of mixed case for most text, other than headlines, slogans, etc. Research has shown that mixed case is generally more intelligible.

Anonymous ID: 2ef574 2019-02-01 17:55:02Z No. 4989569


Sorry wrong paste!

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:26:03Z No. 4989870

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:26:39Z No. 4989882

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:27:01Z No. 4989894

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:29:36Z No. 4989952

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:29:58Z No. 4989965

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:30:32Z No. 4989978

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:42:16Z No. 4990204

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:42:32Z No. 4990207

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:42:46Z No. 4990209

Anonymous ID: 5a6f20 2019-02-01 18:43:17Z No. 4990227

Anonymous ID: 7c6d3f 2019-02-01 19:25:17Z No. 4990882

Anonymous ID: 5fc93b 2019-02-01 21:45:02Z No. 4992484

Re Eric Swalwell's tweet about "right to be safe over any other rights" vs Benjamin Franklin quote

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-02-01 21:46:22Z No. 4992500

Anonymous ID: 079fc8 2019-02-01 22:56:47Z No. 4993224

Anonymous ID: 079fc8 2019-02-01 23:02:18Z No. 4993278


NO more PMSNPC 😉

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-02-01 23:20:01Z No. 4993498

Full term/Post birth Abortion

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-02-01 23:21:27Z No. 4993521

Full term/Post birth Abortion…2

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-02-01 23:23:09Z No. 4993536

Chief Justice SC Roberts…sold his court seat to DS to protect his crime

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-02-01 23:26:20Z No. 4993576

anonymous ID: 131d51 2019-02-02 00:19:22Z No. 4994200

spot on.

Anonymous ID: 85f5e8 2019-02-02 00:46:53Z No. 4994547

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:52:41Z No. 4994620

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:53:18Z No. 4994630

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:53:45Z No. 4994636

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:53:57Z No. 4994640

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:54:23Z No. 4994648

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:54:40Z No. 4994653

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:55:01Z No. 4994657

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:55:14Z No. 4994661

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:55:41Z No. 4994673

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:56:04Z No. 4994679

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 00:56:26Z No. 4994687

Anonymous ID: a6f63d 2019-02-02 01:13:42Z No. 4994934

Good: They study your meme. Better: They take a picture of your meme. Best-A: They share the photo and it becomes a viral text. Best-B: They take the meme(s) back to bluepiller home for study and redpill the whole family.

Prints to 8.5X11 inches

1. OPERATION POST ON BACK OF ELEVATOR DOORS: An analysis of the plans provided by Princess Leia has demonstrated a weakness in the battle-station: A. Cannot shadow ban or delete the Elevator. B. People stare at elevator doors.

2. OPERATION BLUEPILLERS GOTTA POTTY: An analysis of the plans provided by Princess Leia has demonstrated a weakness in the battle-station: Over 5 minutes of undivided attention.

For Elevator and Restroom Posting only: keep it clean – G rated. Children in the audience; we fight for them. Example: “slave Cult”, not the fuller truth “sex slave Cult.”

Recommend against printing or posting at work – too risky. World Patriots need an income. As long as they are asleep, the bosses are part of the Empire. Brainwashed their entire life, they think this is a “conspiracy theory” for now. FAKE NEWS traitors told them so as Q predicted.

Stay safe – avoid unsafe or isolated areas; the gangs are not eradicated yet.

Elevator and Restroom Posting ideas:

Airplanes (no cell reception!), Bakeries – Thank You Baker, Airports, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Convention Centers, Train Stations, Hotel Lobbies, Your Church, Your Synagogue, Your Temple, Your Mosque, Parties, near or far Restaurants, Stores, Malls, Movies, Health Clubs, Coffee Shops, Sporting Events, Concerts, Libraries, Bookstores, City State Federal Parks, Beaches, City State Federal Buildings, Porta-Potties, Festivals, Street Fairs, Art Fairs, Renaissance Fairs, Air Shows, Fundraisers, ComicCons, Casinos, Grocery Stores, Vacation, Rest Areas, Gas Stations, Truck Stops, Ferries, Museums, Tourist Attractions, Campgrounds, Cruise Ships, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Playhouses, Opera-houses, Orchestras, etc.

3. OPERATION TEXT QProofs: Texts cannot be shadow banned.

4. OPERATION EMAIL QProofs: Emails cannot be shadow banned.

Then man your ships and may the Force be with you.

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 01:45:51Z No. 4995342

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-02-02 01:45:55Z No. 4995343

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 01:46:18Z No. 4995346

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 01:47:09Z No. 4995352

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 01:48:56Z No. 4995373

Anonymous ID: 3cbde4 2019-02-02 01:49:17Z No. 4995377

Anonymous ID: 8d7b4d 2019-02-02 01:59:18Z No. 4995497

Weatherman ID: 57818f 2019-02-02 02:16:24Z No. 4995725

This guy

Anonymous ID: 5ce6d3 2019-02-02 02:18:57Z No. 4995757

Anonymous ID: 5ce6d3 2019-02-02 02:19:43Z No. 4995769

Anonymous ID: 5ce6d3 2019-02-02 02:19:57Z No. 4995773

Anonymous ID: 3d89cd 2019-02-02 02:36:40Z No. 4996017

Anonymous ID: 5ce6d3 2019-02-02 03:04:49Z No. 4996383

Anonymous ID: a09956 2019-02-02 03:54:06Z No. 4996965

23 comes the pain abortion

Aborton…Moloch, thanks for your contribution

Poor Gov Northam…

LOL…Franken turkey by Monsanto

Anonymous ID: 8e752b 2019-02-02 03:58:01Z No. 4997009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Anonymous ID: e0f688 2019-02-02 04:51:45Z No. 4997631

Anonymous ID: 135b50 2019-02-02 06:11:09Z No. 4998355

Anonymous ID: fa597d 2019-02-02 06:40:03Z No. 4998523

Anonymous ID: 85f5e8 2019-02-02 07:08:16Z No. 4998767

Anonymous ID: 85f5e8 2019-02-02 08:42:04Z No. 4999426

Anonymous ID: fa597d 2019-02-02 09:27:19Z No. 4999741

Anonymous ID: 9042dd 2019-02-02 14:17:29Z No. 5001364

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-02-02 15:11:29Z No. 5001668

Anonymous ID: 79f99f 2019-02-02 15:11:44Z No. 5001670

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-02 15:28:27Z No. 5001786

Hit Them Where It Really Counts!



Time to…

Completely DE-FUND TAXPAYER FUNDED ORGANIZATIONS THAT SPEND ANY MONEY On Elections, Politicians, in addition to capping their salaries and any excess revenue.

So how much are the Dems receiving in kick backs from foreign Aid & Planned Parenthood, etc..?

How are the Democrats & other members of congress getting rich off of a congressional salary???

Why is George Soros' Organizations Getting Any Of Our Tax Money…and then funds Antifa, Illegal Immigrant Caravans, other agendas to hurt the USA?

Is that why they want Foreign Aid funded so badly along with Planned Parenthood, Soros' foundations & organizations instead of your safety and that of your loved ones?

Dems proposed $0 for the border…and $12,000,000,000.00 for FOREIGN AID, Planned Parenthood recieves how much each year???? …etc.

List of phone numbers for US Senators

List of phone numbers for US Representatives

U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Anonymous ID: e55509 2019-02-02 15:30:24Z No. 5001793




Time to…

Completely DE-FUND TAXPAYER FUNDED ORGANIZATIONS THAT SPEND ANY MONEY On Elections, Politicians, in addition to capping their salaries and any excess revenue.

So how much are the Dems receiving in kick backs from foreign Aid & Planned Parenthood, etc..?

How are the Democrats & other members of congress getting rich off of a congressional salary???

Why is George Soros' Organizations Getting Any Of Our Tax Money…and then funds Antifa, Illegal Immigrant Caravans, other agendas to hurt the USA?

Is that why they want Foreign Aid funded so badly along with Planned Parenthood, Soros' foundations & organizations instead of your safety and that of your loved ones?

Dems proposed $0 for the border…and $12,000,000,000.00 for FOREIGN AID, Planned Parenthood recieves how much each year???? …etc.

List of phone numbers for US Senators

List of phone numbers for US Representatives

U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Anonymous ID: f35eb7 2019-02-02 15:41:47Z No. 5001859

One of these guys became the Democratic Governor of Virginia

Anonymous ID: dddc62 2019-02-02 15:46:54Z No. 5001898

D's…party of KKK

Anonymous ID: dddc62 2019-02-02 15:50:21Z No. 5001925

D's better not dig too deep in those H.S. yearbooks…….EXPOSED!

Anonymous ID: 93a602 2019-02-02 16:36:48Z No. 5002309

Superb Owl human trafficking

Anonymous ID: 93a602 2019-02-02 17:03:16Z No. 5002530


Anonymous ID: dddc62 2019-02-02 17:30:51Z No. 5002788

Abortion agenda exposed!

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:42:37Z No. 5002911

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:42:54Z No. 5002915

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:43:10Z No. 5002917

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:43:30Z No. 5002922

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:43:40Z No. 5002924

Anonymous ID: 38f3ce 2019-02-02 17:53:03Z No. 5003013


>One of these guys became the Democratic Governor of Virginia

Nice. Mind if I do a variant?

Anonymous ID: 93a602 2019-02-02 18:10:40Z No. 5003165



Anonymous ID: 01f220 2019-02-02 18:21:34Z No. 5003278

Smells of HRC

Anonymous ID: 01f220 2019-02-02 18:35:17Z No. 5003420

silver bullets

Anonymous ID: 0ccc69 2019-02-02 22:15:23Z No. 5005596

Anonymous ID: 4bbfd4 2019-02-02 22:31:36Z No. 5005756

Anonymous ID: e0f688 2019-02-02 22:37:41Z No. 5005807

Anonymous ID: bb6392 2019-02-02 23:15:00Z No. 5006154

Anonymous ID: 9fe6e8 2019-02-02 23:30:41Z No. 5006312

Anonymous ID: 9fe6e8 2019-02-02 23:45:50Z No. 5006460

Anonymous ID: 0b8842 2019-02-03 00:05:53Z No. 5006695

Anonymous ID: 0b8842 2019-02-03 00:06:11Z No. 5006700

Anonymous ID: 0b8842 2019-02-03 00:06:27Z No. 5006701

Anonymous ID: ae367d 2019-02-03 01:25:23Z No. 5007622

The Truth

Anonymous ID: 5ce6d3 2019-02-03 01:36:50Z No. 5007730

Anonymous ID: f35eb7 2019-02-03 01:45:52Z No. 5007826

Who’s that with young Willy?

Anonymous ID: c94776 2019-02-03 02:02:56Z No. 5008039

Anonymous ID: 7df328 2019-02-03 03:06:23Z No. 5008716

These have all been sauced here

and here

Anonymous ID: 7df328 2019-02-03 03:11:04Z No. 5008764

sauced here

Anonymous ID: 58ae93 2019-02-03 03:17:09Z No. 5008823

Anonymous ID: 7df328 2019-02-03 03:17:54Z No. 5008832

Sauced here


Anonymous ID: 7df328 2019-02-03 03:23:47Z No. 5008898

sauce for goldfinger

>>4979438 pb

sauce for Blackrock CFO sale

Anonymous ID: 7df328 2019-02-03 03:40:24Z No. 5009110


corrected Centurylink

sauce for rest


Anonymous ID: 22da51 2019-02-03 04:55:05Z No. 5009964

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:31:29Z No. 5010285

There was a huge trove of Superbowl 2018 meme templates, shared on CBTS about a year ago, before CBTS was taken out behind a barn and gassed by the Cabal.

I saved it. Just noticed it again. Here it is, for memefags – there's about 1Gb, so I will post it in series, by theme.

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:32:32Z No. 5010294


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:33:26Z No. 5010300


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:34:22Z No. 5010313


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:35:14Z No. 5010319


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:36:07Z No. 5010329


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:36:56Z No. 5010338


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:37:35Z No. 5010342


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:38:27Z No. 5010351


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:39:22Z No. 5010356


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:40:18Z No. 5010367


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:41:21Z No. 5010375


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:42:03Z No. 5010381

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:42:42Z No. 5010387

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:43:15Z No. 5010390

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:43:52Z No. 5010394


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:44:38Z No. 5010400


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:45:07Z No. 5010402


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:47:48Z No. 5010425

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:48:54Z No. 5010436

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:49:39Z No. 5010441

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:50:15Z No. 5010449


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:50:50Z No. 5010453


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:51:23Z No. 5010457


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:51:54Z No. 5010461

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:52:24Z No. 5010466


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:52:55Z No. 5010470

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:53:40Z No. 5010474


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:54:46Z No. 5010481

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:55:21Z No. 5010485


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:55:59Z No. 5010491


Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:56:22Z No. 5010499

Anonymous ID: 1e85df 2019-02-03 05:56:55Z No. 5010507