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Q Research General #6321: Good Actors Edition

Q Research General #6321: Good Actors Edition Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 14:18:08Z No. 4950903

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

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>>4950866 Cliff Sims good actor / DJT's tweet providing more congruency to the 'play'?

>>4950856 Private school in Maryland covered up abuse of children.

>>4950214 Maynard James Keenan's winery and associated symbolism (occult).

>>4950822 DJT Jr. Tweet: Maybe Jeff Flake should try being a dog catcher.

>>4950755 Rashida Tlaib's anti-Semitic history.

>>4950731 DJT Tweet: Cliff Sims is a mess.

>>4950713 Yellow Vest fears steer Macron against No-Deal Brexit.

>>4950509 HOG Gets Slaughtered After Harley Reports Biggest Miss In Ten Years

>>4950196, >>4950210 José Ramón Andrés Puerta - The Chef Clinton'S Visited In PR.

>>4950214 Dropping This For Napa Anon. Was Looking At Wine Labels And Came Across This One

>>4950232 Need More Eyes On These Tweets

>>4950238 Actor Pete Davidson reportedly left audience members angry last week during a shocking comedy set

>>4950252 A Police Officer Bragged Online About Having Sex With His Fictitious Nine-Year-Old Daughter

>>4950220 Highest-Ranking Officer To Ever Go Public About 9/11

>>4950260 Google And Other Online Advertising Platforms Engage In Disturbing Privacy Violations

>>4950273 AG Healey Is Really Up Against A Vicious Libtard Crowd. Now She'S Taking On The Sacklers & Perdue Pharma

>>4950275 The Fact That Hillary Clinton, Trails An Activist Newcomer Like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Is Astonishing

>>4950289 North Korea seeking €43 million in foreign investment for electricity sector

>>4950297 How much should it cost to tackle a U.S. senator and break half a dozen of his ribs?

>>4950306 claims of a conspiracy to spread HIV among South Africa’s black population.

>>4950388, >>4950404, >>4950465 The New Yorker reports the unidentified senator contacted Daniel Jones

>>4950422 The White Rabbit Project is a multilaboratory, multicompany and multinational collaboration

>>4950894 #6320


>>4949495 Reminder Avoided Z (all 3 graphics)

>>4950032 Surely it couldn't be possible that Schiff LIED in that report!

>>4949960, >>4950004, >>4949995, >>4950028, >>4950040 We have done some digging into Celine, she is a part of the sick Cabal.

>>4949861 Oy! Q said the cures would start coming

>>4949790, >>4949843 Update on Fox just now regarding AF Veteran Joseph Walker

>>4949695 A good example of a rebuttal to calls for censorship

>>4949693 Anon looks at Clinton Pics from Puerto Rico

>>4949614, >>4949721, >>4949822, >>4949940, >>4949971 "The Tactics & Tropes… SSCI'S narrative defeated by meddling

Baker Change

>>4949398, >>4949544 "White Rabbit Protocol": Picosecond Synchronization

>>4949484 Australia's TPG Telecom dumps Huawei-supplied mobile network citing government ban

>>4949500 GAA Update "She's as cold as ice!" Edition

>>4949536 Anon on making a flow chart for Russia, Russia, Russia and 'Election Meddling'

>>4949545, >>4949550 Reminder Bolton "revealed" notes saying 5000 troops to Columbia

>>4949577 Anon on the Star of David being much older than David

>>4950098 #6319


>>4948572 Breaking: Phoenix PD investigating threat at Phoenix Children's Hospital

>>4948575 'I was raped of my innocence': Corey Feldman accuses Hollywood of ignoring pedophilia problem

>>4948697 WorldWide Threat Senate Hearing with Wray, Haspel, Coats, Nakasone, and others today

>>4948705 PG&E Board of Directors Gives Executive $75K Pay Raise on 1/26/19, and just filed for bankruptcy

>>4948808 Massachusetts AG: Family Behind Oxycontin Is Responsible For Opioid Epidemic

>>4948890 Multiple Houston Officers Shot Serving Narcotics Warrant

>>4948768, >>4948936, >>4949111, >>4949204 Anon on "Black Eye" being a double agent

>>4948988 Opiod [SIC] maker’s former executives ‘put profit over people,’ prosecutor says

>>4949082, >>4949153, >>4949167, >>4949194, >>4949292, >>4949308 Graphics on the relation between Gods, Symbology, and Astronomy

>>4949176 [Avoided Z] Graphic

>>4949200 Tweet: Rumors of a "Reverse Shadow Ban", your follower can't see tweets but everyone else can

>>4949228 Washington's Foreign-Influence Racket: A Clear and Present Muddle

>>4949238, >>4949245, >>4949254 Study Nazism Cont'd: Documentary on Hitler and the Third Reich

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Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 14:19:17Z No. 4950915


Anonymous ID: 2fac3a 2019-01-29 14:21:33Z No. 4950929









Anonymous ID: 1a5cf9 2019-01-29 14:22:48Z No. 4950941

KEK these royal chinks are kvetching so much over their spy princess. its hilarious.

Anonymous ID: 795d49 2019-01-29 14:22:54Z No. 4950942

RBG death opinion peace

Anonymous ID: 538c01 2019-01-29 14:23:48Z No. 4950950

According to reports, the TSMC Nanke 14 Factory has experienced a production shutdown after substandard chemicals used in the manufacturing process ruined tens of thousands of wafers. These defects in the silicon wafers are not able to be detected until after the production run. Companies affected include industry heavyweights such as NVIDIA, MediaTek, Huawei Hisilicon, and some ARM server processors. The 16/12nm process is one of TSMC's main sources of revenue. TSMC does not know the financial impact of the loss at this time, but it is expected to be extremely high due to the advanced technology that uses these chips such as NVIDIA GPUs.

More detailed information said that the wafer contamination incident occurred at the Fab 14 fab of Nanke Technology Park. This fab was also one of the affected factories in the virus incident last year. Wafer manufacturing is a very demanding process that requires the use of a wide variety of chemical materials and requires high purity. This accident stems from the fact that imported chemical materials do not meet the requirements, resulting in flaws in the wafers produced.

Anonymous ID: a51934 2019-01-29 14:24:11Z No. 4950953


do you use spell check?

it can help a lot

spell it right +++ credibility

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:25:46Z No. 4950967

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:26:06Z No. 4950969

Anonymous ID: 8c11cf 2019-01-29 14:26:08Z No. 4950970

Requesting the Dan Bongino meme:

“That face when they cut to commercial before you can mention your time in the secret service”

Please, thank you and God bless anons

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 14:26:26Z No. 4950971

Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:26:35Z No. 4950972

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 14:26:47Z No. 4950973


TY Baker!!!

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:26:51Z No. 4950974



Anonymous ID: e1f5fd 2019-01-29 14:26:52Z No. 4950975

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:27:08Z No. 4950976


Nah, Fox just has a graphic ready to announce her death for no reason. Kek.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:27:13Z No. 4950977

border secured…

Anonymous ID: e1f5fd 2019-01-29 14:27:20Z No. 4950978

Anonymous ID: 4ea6c2 2019-01-29 14:28:00Z No. 4950979


It's a Witch hunt!!!

Witch hunt!

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 14:28:18Z No. 4950980

>>4950935 (LB/PB)

was bad enough when looking for gear and it all saying it was made in China- even my pipes

2021 I am due for a new bike- I will be looking at Indian and hope I am happier for it

Anonymous ID: a51934 2019-01-29 14:28:20Z No. 4950981


Pretty big deal if true

Nvidia's GPUs power most neural net /machine learning / AI today

PRC do this (?)

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:29:10Z No. 4950982


Testimony undermines Democrats’ timeline on DOJ contacts with spy behind Trump dossier

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:29:14Z No. 4950983

pena nieto $150mln

huma pussy $25

az mafia






Anonymous ID: 559de3 2019-01-29 14:29:17Z No. 4950984

>>4950866 (lb)


>Just putting this out there…Cliff Sims could be a GOOD ACTOR…..

Enjoy the show

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 14:29:28Z No. 4950985

Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 14:29:29Z No. 4950986

live video link here

01/29/2019 - 9:30am

Open Hearing: Worldwide Threats

Anonymous ID: e70ebb 2019-01-29 14:29:29Z No. 4950987

The dems are this stupid! Threatening to boycott starbuck's , if Schultz runs as an independent in 2010. cause him pain?

Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 14:29:44Z No. 4950988


Not too happy these days I guess about MAGA, Huawei, Venezuela, or the Taiwan Straight….

China has revealed footage of its next-generation Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile showing improved stability and accuracy, a move analysts say aims to send a message to the United States about its military strength.

Footage of the missile was released for the first time in a report on state broadcaster CCTV, amid intensifying military rivalry between China and the US.

Four fin-like flight control surfaces are seen around the missile nose in the report on an exercise in northwest China. The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force launched at least one DF-26 missile during the drill.

Military analysts said the fin-like flight control surfaces provided better stability for the missile as it neared a moving target, such as a US aircraft carrier.

The intermediate-range ballistic missile is also known as the “Guam killer” for its range – 3,000km to 5,741km (1,864 to 3,567 miles) – that puts the US island in the western Pacific within striking distance.

It could be used in nuclear, conventional and anti-ship strikes, meaning China could use it to attack US aircraft carriers and naval bases in the Asia-Pacific region.

Anonymous ID: 696d4f 2019-01-29 14:29:50Z No. 4950989

Seems odd that they point out where the meetings will take place. Is there something about the Eisinhower Executive Office Building we should know? Interesting that it took 17 years to build.

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 14:29:59Z No. 4950990


Hehe, funny, but if you haven't seen this, you are in for a treat. It's like a Q storyline decode for the Roger's, FISA, RR, RM portion of what we are witnessing.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:30:14Z No. 4950991


How far can the dems be divided and think they'll win?

Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 14:30:26Z No. 4950992


Not true, remember they are messing with the clowns in the press and they clowns know don't know which way to turn.

Anonymous ID: 570318 2019-01-29 14:30:27Z No. 4950993


Bitcoin was payment for adding compute power to the grid for their AI…..

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:30:30Z No. 4950994


Anonymous ID: 31a367 2019-01-29 14:31:05Z No. 4950995


Kek. Maybe that's to warn us that we're part of a 17 year project.

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 14:31:14Z No. 4950996

>>4950938 pb

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 462c9a No.11043832 📁

Dec 14 2017 21:43:38 (EST)

Shall we play a game?

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.

Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.

Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.

Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.

Therefore, they were sloppy.

Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).

As a backup, they install only those on the team.

As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.

As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.

This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).

The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).

Power of the (3) letter agencies.

Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).

These people are really stupid.

Follow the husbands.

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?


Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 14:31:22Z No. 4950997

Small gap up indicated by futures.

HOG has improved about 1% from the low in pre-market.

Going to be dumped like the cheap chinese parts is has.


33.68 -2.92 (-7.98%)

Pre-Market: 9:28AM EST

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:31:25Z No. 4950998

Anonymous ID: a4bf58 2019-01-29 14:31:41Z No. 4950999

>>4950938 (LB)

Are you implying LBJ wasn't a crooked fuck? Or Nixon? Eisenhower, Truman? Not sure about Eisenhower's genuine intentions and Truman said he regretted creating the C_A. Every POTUS since Reagan, but we don't know how many BEFORE Reagan. It's a film compiled by a person based on Q drops. It doesn't reveal any new info.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:31:44Z No. 4951000

‘I have the receipts': Young progressives, including Ocasio-Cortez, named to House Oversight Committee

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:31:48Z No. 4951001

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:32:05Z No. 4951002

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 14:32:15Z No. 4951003

California The Voter Fraud Capital Of our country

#release the DHS report on voter fraud

Election Integrity Project California, Inc.

“As Goes California, So Goes the Nation”

Now is the time to work together to change the course of California!

September 18, 2017 Dear Fellow Californian,

For the past seven years, Election Integrity Project, Inc. (EIP), now Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa), the latter a 501(c)(3) California public benefit nonprofit corporation, has been investigating and documenting statewide election corruption and fraud in California.

Today EIPCa is pleased to announce that Landmark Legal Foundation, a public interest law firm, has joined EIPCa as a legal partner to review the evidence gathered by approximately 7,000 EIP/EIPCa trained Observers and the EIPCa Data Research Team with a view to permitting EIPCa to aggressively pursue further actions as warranted.

To help end corruption in CA’s election process, donate at:

EIPCa is also pleased to report that Judicial Watch, which recently established an attorney/client relationship with EIPCa in the fight to hold California accountable for following federal voter roll list maintenance, sent a notice letter to the California Secretary of State and 11 California counties on behalf of EIPCa and other potential plaintiffs, stating, in pertinent part:

NVRA Section 8 requires states to conduct reasonable list maintenance so as to maintain an accurate record of eligible voters…

Congress enacted Section 8 to protect the integrity of the electoral process. Allowing the names of ineligible voters to remain on the voting rolls harms the integrity of the electoral process and undermines voter confidence in the legitimacy of elections…

[The] letter serves as statutory notice that 21 registered voters, Election Integrity Project California, Inc. and Judicial Watch, Inc. will bring a lawsuit against [CA] and, if appropriate, against the counties named in[the] letter, if [CA] does not take specific actions to correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days.

Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa) Now is the time to work together to change the course of California! 1 9.18.2017

After seven years of hard work EIPCa has the documentation required to support the legal action referred to by the Judicial Watch notice, as well as additional action on issues beyond the Section 8 violation. This means that EIPCa has what is required to expose every aspect of the corruption in California's election system.

But, as all of us know, Freedom is not free! Legal actions must be funded. Only with your help we can expose the travesty of justice that our election process has become.

Together, not only can we return to California citizens their voice in government, but we can also restore their confidence in the electoral process by ensuring that every lawfully cast vote is counted accurately and not diluted by unlawful votes.

California’s gain will be a gain for "We the People" of the entire United States. Why?

 Because California controls one fifth of the Electoral College votes required to win the presidency, the return of integrity to California’s electoral system is crucial for the restoration of a Constitutional Republic.

 The orchestrated corruption and fraud being used to destroy election integrity in California is a blueprint of action poised to be employed against every state in the nation. Exposing it will necessarily bring down the “media blackout curtain” and cause a journalistic firestorm of investigation across the nation. Other states will be alerted and prepared to fend off the assault on their own electoral process that has assuredly already begun.

 Highly publicized legal action in California will change the narrative from “there is no vote fraud” to “voter fraud is the perfect crime” made possible through loopholes in state and federal law, corruption and simple mismanagement.

YOU can be part of this great work and help EIPCa to continue to expose and repair California's corrupt election process by making a substantial Tax Deductible contribution to EIPCa today.

With your help EIPCa will be able to meet its initial budget target of $1million by

God Bless you, God Bless California, and God Bless the United States of America

Anonymous ID: ade0b3 2019-01-29 14:32:29Z No. 4951004

>>4950202 (LB)

The govt that governs best, governs least. It is time to eliminate many layers of govt and many govt agencies. Get govt out of the schools, eliminate many "ordinances", "restrictions", "licensing requirements" etc. Dont buy into the illusion that govt is necessary for things other than national security and it is your duty to be a part of it. It is time to dismantle govt not join in and help it grow.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:32:49Z No. 4951005

Anonymous ID: 9ab7b9 2019-01-29 14:32:52Z No. 4951006

>>4950731 (pb)

Born in Enterprise Al. Major Army base there.

Dad is Dwayne Sims administrator for Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 14:33:07Z No. 4951007


TY, Anon!

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:33:17Z No. 4951008

Anonymous ID: e89ddb 2019-01-29 14:33:25Z No. 4951009


I was hoping to trim some with the shutdown, I suppose its on the menu for 2023/2024 tho….kek

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:33:27Z No. 4951010


Al Waleed to launch 24-hour news channel

Renowned journalist Khashoggi to be in charge of the new channel

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:33:32Z No. 4951011

>>4950220 Highest-Ranking Officer To Ever Go Public About 9/11

^What is this? Bot ranting, which a "baker" then interprets as a "notable"? Bizarre activities, bot control regime— are you feeling okay? Are your algorithms in tatters? Is the hot breath of organic decay making you go coo coo?


Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 14:33:39Z No. 4951012



Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:33:43Z No. 4951013


Huge fan of Dan B. Just poking a little fun. He’s one of Trump’s strongest assets in the msm.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:33:52Z No. 4951014

Trump supporters cheer the shutdown for smaller government

The shutdown — which lasted 35 days and ended Friday with Trump agreeing to fund the government for three weeks — did dramatically shrink the size of government at least temporarily. Funding was cut off for nine of the 15 Cabinet-level departments and about 800,000 employees went without pay, nearly half of whom were deemed non-essential and told not to report to work.

The shutdown energized a segment of the Republican base that has for decades heard GOP presidential hopefuls vow to abolish the IRS and mothball the departments of Education, Energy or Interior or many other agencies, without actually accomplishing anything close. It’s a reminder that should Trump choose a shutdown again, as he said Friday, he is likely to have some supporters cheering him on.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:34:05Z No. 4951015

Need help anons. Please be patient. I ask to learn, not to piss off.

I keep reading on here, "china this", "china that". "It's china!" "It's Russia". I thought China and Russia were on our side? I thought POTUS last November, went on that big Asian tour and got everything in order? I thought Putin was a good guy and just tired of the nwo?

I see comments claiming both are comped and our guys. I assume this is solid shill work to sow confusion and it's worked on me. I need clarification. Same with Venuzula. One minute POTUS ruined the Q movement for not getting involved, then POTUS gets involved and anons claim….POTUS ruined the Q movement. I can spot the contradictions, but would like clarification on truth.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:34:05Z No. 4951016

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:34:14Z No. 4951017

East Libyan forces call U.N. envoy 'opponent'

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:34:39Z No. 4951018


If it doesn’t involve putting Hillary in The Rack, I’m not interested.

Anonymous ID: 6a80cb 2019-01-29 14:35:00Z No. 4951019


She is either alive and can't be seen or she is dead and can't be seen.

Why can't she be seen?

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 14:35:11Z No. 4951020


They are better built and are nicer looking..even the new ones. Don't ride but appreciate them

Anonymous ID: 9ab7b9 2019-01-29 14:35:24Z No. 4951021


It goes all the way back to Alexander Hamilton.

Digits checked, by the way.

Anonymous ID: e89ddb 2019-01-29 14:35:51Z No. 4951022


if she was alive, dont you think the left would be parading her around?

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:35:59Z No. 4951023


Oh and another thing, RR is a converted white hat. Anyone that disagrees with that is not thinking critically.

Anonymous ID: 588381 2019-01-29 14:36:05Z No. 4951024

NEOCON DON about to invade Venezuela for that sweet sweet oil

New boss looks just like the old boss…

Anonymous ID: c19943 2019-01-29 14:36:10Z No. 4951025


True, it's misdirection everywhere you look.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:36:18Z No. 4951026


Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 14:36:22Z No. 4951027


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:36:24Z No. 4951028

black fungus is EATING an 8,000 year old Portuguese cathedral

Old Cathedral of Coimbra is the only Romanesque cathedral in Portugal to have survived relatively intact since the Reconquista times

Scientists say it's under attacks from slow-growing microcolonial fungus

Fungi lodge branch-like structures into the stone forming fissures and cracks, and also produce corrosive chemicals that 'eat' the stone

Fungus was found to be part of an entirely new family

Anonymous ID: a03db0 2019-01-29 14:36:28Z No. 4951029


It's good to have you baker.

Anonymous ID: 90b90c 2019-01-29 14:36:47Z No. 4951030


Nothing new under the sun

Anonymous ID: a23277 2019-01-29 14:36:54Z No. 4951031


China's whole military strategy if war breaks out is sink a carrier with 5k on board and hoping the American public pussies out and gives up. Not a terrible strategy but risky

Anonymous ID: 8c11cf 2019-01-29 14:36:55Z No. 4951032


Thanks I went ahead and made another one

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 14:36:57Z No. 4951033


I have heard that, I haven't test ridden one, but looking forward to it. I just want a bike comfortable enough for my 6-week wanders.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:36:59Z No. 4951035

Pelosi Picks 5 Democrats for Panel on Benghazi

Anonymous ID: 78eda6 2019-01-29 14:37:00Z No. 4951034

>>4950776 (lb)

They took nearly the entire Pacific rim, only the Aussies stopped them. It is kind of lost on us, because we were caught up in the whole 'first attack on US soil since War of 1812' thing.

After Wilson (a hardened racist, who had screwed over Villa and ruined Mexico's chance to be great two years earlier) so offended our ally Japan, at Versailles, they increased their power and intended to dominate all of Asia.

Paybacks are hell. Wilson f'd up a lot of things for a lot of people. We are still suffering the consequences.

Anonymous ID: de08e1 2019-01-29 14:37:09Z No. 4951036


The muh Russia Russia Russia narrative is distraction away from their China China China connections

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:37:15Z No. 4951037


Are you using the word "asset" for any special reason? Does it have multiple meanings? Can games be played with multiple meanings?

Are games played on this board?

Do fake "anons" control discourse by using subtle tactics to convey negative images?

Is the term "asset" used in mutliple ways?

Do "anons" sometimes exploit words like this "by mistake"?

Are the people in control [here], or is the same bot regime that dominates 4chan, also in control here?

If 4chan is dominated by a specific flavor and style of bot posts, and that style and flavor magically reconstitutes itself [here], whole cloth, when this board comes into being a year ago– is that organic?

Anonymous ID: 2fac3a 2019-01-29 14:37:18Z No. 4951038


what are you talking about?

Anonymous ID: 2f9e54 2019-01-29 14:37:21Z No. 4951039

Listening to morning radio on the way to work and Mancow had Roger Stone on. Stone said that the plan is for Trump and Pence to both be removed from office through the Russian collusion and for Pelosi to take over the Presidency in which she would then appoint Hillary Clinton as President. He said this not 20 minutes ago. What do you anons think? He appeared on this show prior to going to his arraignment today.

Anonymous ID: 795d49 2019-01-29 14:37:46Z No. 4951040


I think she is alive but as Q said just basic daily function so if seen it would show she can’t function on SC

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 14:37:59Z No. 4951041



Worldwide threats, Sen. Burr??

Our POTUS is eradicating them all and taking the rest of the Burr/Warner-type traitors to Gitmo!

Don't need your pie-hole running about it, Traitor Burr!

Anonymous ID: 6a80cb 2019-01-29 14:38:12Z No. 4951042


Yes. So she is dead… and can't be seen.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:38:20Z No. 4951043


I agree.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:38:25Z No. 4951044


bought and paid for fag

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:38:31Z No. 4951045

The president assigned security details to all the supreme court so wouldn’t the security team tell the president if she was not alive


Anonymous ID: 1450d5 2019-01-29 14:38:41Z No. 4951046

>>4950232 lb

I always thought the map was like one of those things you see on tv where they put everything on a wall and connect the dots with string but I can’t get my head around something like that working because of the quantity of elements involved.

If your theory is right, maybe the elements are more targeted and therefore less of them. Maybe the elements are held within those tweets. Just speculating out loud.

The connection you are making escapes me completely but it is a notable so maybe I am missing something. Probably. It’s usually me.

Dunno if this is anything.

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 14:38:48Z No. 4951047



Basic daily function? Like laying there on life-support shitting herself?

Anonymous ID: 78eda6 2019-01-29 14:39:00Z No. 4951048

>>4951034 (lb)

Sorry, this was a response to this thread.

Anonymous ID: 795d49 2019-01-29 14:39:14Z No. 4951049



Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:39:21Z No. 4951050

Mysterious mile-wide object spotted at edge of our solar system

Additional sauce:

Anonymous ID: 4331af 2019-01-29 14:39:29Z No. 4951052


CH self interest conflicts with ours, mostly due to their own ("me first") view of the world.

RU self interest can be harmonized with ours.

and yes, muh RU is used to distract from the serious compromises (treason) that have been made with CH

Anonymous ID: f5b465 2019-01-29 14:39:37Z No. 4951053

I call bullshit. Clearly Iranian regime thinks Trump is spineless, stupid, stupid and malible, like Obama and Kerry.


Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 14:39:44Z No. 4951054


I've heard that elsewhere online…and if that is their strategy, it's pretty pathetic. Can't imagine the long looooong odds of getting both men out of office, unless they are just planning an outright assassination. They have to know by now that they are being trolled by the whole investigation.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:39:46Z No. 4951055


Of course its about oil its always been about oil ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine .. ask the people living where its going to be 50 below out of they don't need oil/gas … Three Days of the Condor

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:39:57Z No. 4951056


No, not necessarily.

They want her out of the lime-light due to any numerous reasons.

Conservatives think they have the SC all wrapped up, but there's a stick in the mud that they have forgotten about until needed.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:40:00Z No. 4951057


Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 14:40:07Z No. 4951058


Want company?

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:40:28Z No. 4951059


Why would you post an irrelevant article with a very obvious error in it "anon"?

Is that organic?

Who are the "anons" that post article after article here, like machines, day after day after day, for no apparent purpose?

Is it organic?

Is it absurd?

If all the posts here could be made by bots, then who is making the posts here?

Why do threads slide by, so fast, nonstop– does it feel very mechanical?

How does this board stay in this state for a year?

Why don't normal patterns occur?

Why is there such a machine-like aspect to it?

Anonymous ID: 78eda6 2019-01-29 14:40:37Z No. 4951060

>>495814 (lb)

They took nearly the entire Pacific rim, only the Aussies stopped them. It is kind of lost on us, because we were caught up in the whole 'first attack on US soil since War of 1812' thing.

After Wilson (a hardened racist, who had screwed over Villa and ruined Mexico's chance to be great two years earlier) so offended our ally Japan, at Versailles, they increased their power and intended to dominate all of Asia.

Paybacks are hell. Wilson f'd up a lot of things for a lot of people. We are still suffering the consequences.

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:40:43Z No. 4951061

Anonymous ID: 26e7d5 2019-01-29 14:40:48Z No. 4951062

>>4951028 8,000? You mean 800

Anonymous ID: 559de3 2019-01-29 14:40:57Z No. 4951063


I believe Dan's heart is in the right place and that he's a patriot.

I think his role is to convince the bad guys that Mueller is still on their side.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:40:58Z No. 4951064

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:40:59Z No. 4951065


Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 14:41:04Z No. 4951066


Know how a Venn diagram works?

Think of a series of overlapping circles that represent different interests.

Where two circles overlap, there is shared interest. Putin and Trump, for instance, have an overlap on wanting to get their individual countries out from under the thumb of central banks and the Cabal Elitist dickheads. They also have their own circles where they're trying to empower their sovereign states, which do not overlap at all.

For an insight into how people's minds operate at high levels of Government, where individuals are subject to a high number of competing demands on their attention and loyalties, read the first few chapters of The Illuminatus Trilogy, paying particular attention to how they describe the heads of the American and Chinese states. It was written in the 60's, but ain't a damn thing change.

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 14:41:08Z No. 4951067



have a bike?

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:41:08Z No. 4951068

The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby 1967

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 14:41:10Z No. 4951069


10 minutes in and it's already a little less than half daily avg.

Volume 1,029,670

Avg. Volume 2,301,518

Polaris Industries Inc. (PII)

81.08-3.72 (-4.39%)

Volume 119,748

Avg. Volume 670,791

Anonymous ID: 28044e 2019-01-29 14:41:20Z No. 4951070

2 comped bakers and isis hamas cair mbh shill tag teams run the night shift now…. who post the same isis hamas bs crap for the past 2 weeks.. These shills only post pro hitler hero garbage as notables and always posted as notables while ignoring actual Q research.

Remove this garbage…this is Q research not an isis hamas mbh cair thread.

>>4949238, >>4949245, >>4949254 Study Nazism Cont'd: Documentary on Hitler and the Third Reich

Theses are their ID:

ID: f422db

ID: 3bbe17

ID: Oac989

Baker? 4Dcc69 and another baker (most of the night)

These documentaries demonize our US troops and make them out as criminals while glorifying hitler. Same isis, cair mbh hama ideology.

No wonder Q doesn't return to this board and posts on others…I don't blame him. Clean up the board and perhaps Q will come. We never allowed this bs on here before.

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 14:41:24Z No. 4951071



>For months, Speaker John A. Boehner resisted pressure from conservatives in the Republican Party to name a special committee.

>But after legal action unearthed a new email that the White House appeared to have concealed, he relented this month, naming Mr. Gowdy, a dogged prosecutor before his election in 2010, to lead the panel. But according to Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Boehner was clear in setting its mission: Just the facts.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:41:32Z No. 4951072


Anon, I agree with you, it has been corrupt for centuries.

However, I was just pointing out that the Q plan is only dealing with the prosecution and reveal of our current living presidents.

We can't go back and prosecute dead ones. But to save the world, Trump has to deal with the corrupt living ones, one of which is Carter.

in short, I don't think Carter is going to be indicted for anything.

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:41:58Z No. 4951073

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:42:04Z No. 4951074


Half chan idiots backing here.

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 14:42:06Z No. 4951075

#Release the DHS Election Integrity Report

More Fraud in CA

The grid wouldn’t paste so look at the photo to see the states

Election Integrity Project Exposes Serious Flaws in California’s Voter Registration Numbers

Analysts at California’s Election Integrity Project (EIP) were not surprised last week by the results of a routine EIP data audit. The audit compared voter registrations in California’s new “VoteCal” voter registration database to the eligible-to-vote population in each county. Results? Eight California counties have significantly more registered voters than eligible voters.

One explanation is that VoteCal registration numbers include both “Active” and “Inactive” registrants, each with a unique Registrant ID number. Inactives are persons who are not sent voter information due to lack of recent activity but have not been removed from the voter rolls and remain on the list. Inactives may be deceased or have moved, yet they remain on list. Some counties, such as Los Angeles, co-mingle their Actives and Inactives on their Election Day rosters, thereby listing thousands more potential voters than are eligible. Because California has no voter ID requirement and relies only on the “honor system” for voting, listing persons who are not eligible to vote increases the risk of voter fraud.

“The VoteCal database was finally certified last year by the Secretary of State, yet he failed to correct the registration overages prior to certification,” said Linda Paine, EIP’s President. “The fact that volunteer analysts performing a routine audit exposed this problem underscores EIP’s serious concerns about the integrity of California’s election system.”


Active Registrants*

Inactive Registrants*

Total Registrants*

Total Eligible Persons**

% of Eligible

Registration Overage

Los Angeles







San Diego







San Francisco














San Mateo







Santa Cruz





















*source: California Secretary of State VoteCal voter registration database 4/6/17. **source: California Secretary of State Report of Registration 2/10/17.

Anonymous ID: 78eda6 2019-01-29 14:42:11Z No. 4951076


BAKER please delete. I am too tired to be posting. Fixed further down. Sorry.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:42:13Z No. 4951077


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:42:27Z No. 4951078


Thanks. I mean, I get the "public/msm" bs. I mean more on this board. I see some anons claim Russia is bad, others claim Russia is with us, same for China.

It's my understanding China was never for US. But I had assumed this with the November Q drops of 2017 we had worked out a deal. Since then, it's been learned HRC essentially sold her server and country secrets to them so they could keep up with what we were doing.

My opinion is China is probably the biggest threat to the world. Still run by the rouge actors. What I can't figure out is Russia. If Putin has turned against the Cabal, how is he still alive? If he was never cabal, how is he still alive? They tend to kill traitors or those who don't play ball.

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:42:43Z No. 4951079




Anonymous ID: 3926b8 2019-01-29 14:42:50Z No. 4951080

MOZILLA vs FCC Jan 25 - Feb 1 Oral Arguments.

Regulating Broadband Providers As Common Carriers Is Unnecessary and Unwise

Amicus Briefs filed by every Dem–%20Mozilla.pdf

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 14:43:01Z No. 4951081


also there is a Show going on and certain countries are playing their part.

The Cabal has many connections to China.

But they are not present there( they have not infiltrated their sick cult there, or in Russia.)

I think they were connected through money and maybe blackmail or threats.

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Hy6wyrTj No.150435422 📁

Nov 22 2017 01:46:36 (EST)

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:43:33Z No. 4951084


I don't know "anon", why do you flood the board asking everyone if they're human and not accept ONE answer in the MONTHS you have been here? You waste your days talking to bots? Weakest shill on here, tell your handler you need a new game.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:43:44Z No. 4951085



Anonymous ID: 07b9a2 2019-01-29 14:43:47Z No. 4951086


Anonymous ID: cfff09 2019-01-29 14:43:48Z No. 4951087


graham hart - hoax train



Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:44:19Z No. 4951089


Why on earth would patriots migrate here to dominate THIS board with generic 4chan-style crap?

Why would "anons" act like bots on 4chan, then migrate here to completely dominate this board with identically bot-like, repetitive posts?

Is this organic?

Picture the human that supposedly stalks this board to post things like this– who is that human?

Is that a realistic character?

Then multiply that image by however many hundreds + you would need to explain the frantic activity on this board… how can you?

What possible realistic image of a group of people do you get?

How would this board's activity POSSIBLY make sense as human patriots, rather than as bots?

We KNOW that AI is a huge thing– but we don't know the reason… but maybe WE do now.

Is the FAKENESS that controls this board STUPID?

Just look at it.

Any humans here?

How do we organize the humans Q?

What are we supposed to do?

I don't know what to do sir.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 14:44:23Z No. 4951090


Anonymous ID: f988ca 2019-01-29 14:44:36Z No. 4951091

That's a crazy theory Roger Stone has about NP/HRC, but Brazile's tweet kinda bears it out

Anonymous ID: cfff09 2019-01-29 14:44:50Z No. 4951092


Pharistocracy's Itinerary from Ancestral Pyramid to 12th Century Castle to Swiss Cross Today's Base

Anonymous ID: 31a367 2019-01-29 14:44:56Z No. 4951093



Wondered the same. 8,000 = 8 centuries in cabal speak.

But indeed, headline and url use 8,000.

Not necessarily an error. Not really about fungus.

Thinks that make you say, "hmmm."

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:44:56Z No. 4951094

Shaping A New GLOBAL ARCHITECTURE — World Economic Forum Discuses A.I. MIND CONTROL!

The World Economic Forum is currently shaping a new global architecture with hopes that AI in conjunction with mind controlling technologies can steer society in a direction that is desirable by them in order to achieve their vision of a utopian society. But what exactly does their vision entail?

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes the WEF’s plan to use artificial intelligence and mind controlling technologies not only to predict where society is heading but also to ensure it gets steered in the “right” direction.

Anonymous ID: 559de3 2019-01-29 14:45:03Z No. 4951095


Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:45:09Z No. 4951096

With as much crap pointing back to China, it makes me wonder if the cabal is actually a Chinese created organization. KEK

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 14:45:32Z No. 4951097


It's because he's a bot. Probably written by a bored anon for keks. You have to admit, a bot programmed to kvetch endlessly about bots is pretty funny.

Anonymous ID: 4331af 2019-01-29 14:45:39Z No. 4951098


yes, if msm did their job more people would know about this speech.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:45:40Z No. 4951099


Very helpful. I'll check that out. Thank you for the explanation!

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 14:45:49Z No. 4951100


>Why can't she be seen?

Maybe 'cause as she croaks the reptilian becomes more evident?

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:46:01Z No. 4951101


Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:46:12Z No. 4951102


don't take it personal its just their job

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 14:46:16Z No. 4951103


Hahahaha! You are giving the insane left FAR more stategy capability than they will EVER possess.

All they can do now is LOSE! Staying alive isn't even an option for many of them anymore.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:46:19Z No. 4951104


Well that's a fucking laugh and a half.

Problems with our OWN security and they worried about the rest of the world instead?

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:46:28Z No. 4951105


John O. Brennan served under Obama as CIA director from 2013-2017. Before that he served as Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor from 2009-2013. He is believed to be a Muslim convert.

Former top FBI Islam expert John Guandolo says that Brennan converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia and remains a closeted Muslim who was recruited by the Saudis as part of a counter-intelligence operation.

Brennan clearly despised Trump for what Democrats characterized as the president’s “Muslim ban.”

In an article for World Net Daily, Joseph Farah recounts Brennan’s history of dubious or even outright anti-American proclivities:

Brennan was not sworn into office on a Bible, as the tradition goes in America, but on an original draft of the Constitution WITHOUT the Bill of Rights. Clearly, this was a purposeful signal that Brennan has no regard for the limits on the powers of the state enshrined in these amendments.

[Just a few weeks ago, this constitutional quisling called on Congress to ban semi-automatic firearms altogether, a radical infringement on the right to keep and bear arms, so radical that even most Democrats do not support Brennan’s radical point of view.]

Brennan’s 1980 graduate thesis at the University of Texas at Austin denied the existence of “absolute human rights”, arguing in favor of censorship by Egypt’s dictatorship. He wrote, “Since the press can play such an influential role in determining the perceptions of the masses, I am in favor of some degree of government censorship. Inflammatory articles can provoke mass opposition and possible violence, especially in developing political systems.”

Brennan hewed to his thesis when he possessed extraordinary power, as shown in a November 2012 Wikileaks email dump, which pointed to Brennan as the official behind a “witch hunt” conducted on journalists who reported unflattering Obama administration leaks.

Consistent with Brennan’s sympathies for Islamic terror nations, he warned President-Elect Donald Trump that scrapping the outrageous Obama-Iran nuclear deal would be “the height of folly” and “disastrous.”

Brennan has long been cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite evidence presented (and later upheld) during the landmark 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial in federal court, which established the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) as a Muslim Brotherhood organization, and financial supporter of the terrorist organization Hamas, Brennan has continued to meet with ISNA officials and participate in ISNA events.

Brennan delivered the keynote address to ISNA’s annual conference in 2009.

In an August 2009 speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies which can be found on the archived Obama White House website, Brennan said using the “legitimate term, ‘jihad’ – meaning to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal” – to describe terrorists “risks reinforcing the idea that the United States is somehow at war with Islam itself.”

With all of this questionable information about Brennan, it is no surprise that he inspired a lack of confidence among key national security hawks in Congress, who began calling for Brennan’s resignation as far back as 2010.

After Brennan addressed a New York University assembly in 2010 and defended freeing U.S.-held terror combatants, saying that it “isn’t that bad” that 20 percent of terrorists released by the U.S. return to terrorist attacks, since the recidivism rate for inmates in the U.S. prison system is higher,” Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News that Brennan had “lost my confidence” and called for Brennan’s resignation.

Similarly, John McCain weighed in, saying that “when you impugn people’s patriotism and integrity and make statements that compare people going back into the fight in Afghanistan or Yemen or other places with criminals who go back to a life of crime in the United States, you’ve lost touch with reality.”

New York Congressman Peter King said, “I strongly believe that John Brennan ought to resign immediately or be fired because of his incompetence and inability to do his job … any homeland security adviser who can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a shoplifter doesn’t belong in office.

Anonymous ID: 1450d5 2019-01-29 14:46:55Z No. 4951106


Also this which seems a little coincidental.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:47:02Z No. 4951107


Your too closed minded.

Anonymous ID: 0fdf20 2019-01-29 14:47:14Z No. 4951108


Dems are gonna get red pilled big time when they want Warren or Kamala or Bernie in the primaries but end up with Hillary as the nominee… again.

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:47:18Z No. 4951109


4chan is now VERY VERY FAKE. Just look.

Could it be more obvious?

And if 4chan is controlled with fakeness, what is happening [here]? Use logic.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:47:20Z No. 4951110


commie fag

Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 14:47:42Z No. 4951111


Muh organic, same ol same ol

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:47:54Z No. 4951112



Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 14:47:59Z No. 4951113


This is why I post news here, because anons see things in the headlines I don't and it creates something bigger. Not sure why so many shit on news articles.

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 14:48:10Z No. 4951114

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 14:48:21Z No. 4951115



Much more preferable than being so open-minded my brain falls out…:)

Anonymous ID: 31650b 2019-01-29 14:48:48Z No. 4951117

>>4950214 lb.

Maynard's vineyard. his mother's ashes were strewn where the grapes grow. there was a documentary made about him and the vineyard few years ago cant recall title.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:48:53Z No. 4951118


The meme is not funny.

the face doesn't match what I think your point is.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:48:58Z No. 4951119


It's the "Fake News" narrative that has them.

Even though Q said to watch the news as well.

Anonymous ID: 6a80cb 2019-01-29 14:49:11Z No. 4951120


Led by astronomer Ko Arimatsu, the team placed two 28 cm telescopes on Miyako Island in Okinawa and surveilled approximately 2000 stars for a total of 60 hours.

They found that one star appeared to dim as a 1.6 mile (2.4km) wide object's shadow was thought to have obscured it.

No. This is another piss poor science distraction. Shame on Ko.

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:49:13Z No. 4951121

Me guessing that ID d919a0 is a bot?

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:49:15Z No. 4951122


I think that the humans should fight and take back control, obviously. Now what is your argument from there, bot?

We the PEOPLE demand that the deception stop.

What right do you have to deceive us?

You have none.

So get out.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:49:20Z No. 4951123

US drops in global anti-corruption index

A global anti-corruption watchdog says the United States has dropped four spots in its list of nations’ anti-corruption efforts and is now no longer listed in the top 20 for the first time.

Acting U.S. Representative at Transparency International, Zoe Reiter, calls a four point drop in the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) a “red flag.”

She says it comes at a time when the U.S. is experiencing “threats to its system of checks and balances” and an “erosion of ethical norms at the highest levels of power.”

“If this trend continues, it would indicate a serious corruption problem in a country that has taken a lead on the issue globally,” Reiter says.

The United States scored a 71 in the perceptions index after scoring 75 the previous year.

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 14:49:25Z No. 4951124


So, if I'm reading the past few weeks of breads correctly re: Pelosi and Schumah, a one are theorizing that they are the equivalent of political hostages now. They may not even really be behind their own tweets, at this point. If that's the case, truly, then this tweet has me reaching for the popcorn.

1. Pelosi is teeing up the Mueller public conversation to her "base".

2. That base has emotionally invested everything in the "Mueller takes Drumpf to Jailz!" assumption.

3. Cihen testifies behind closed doors.

4. Barr us in.

5. RR is out.

6. Whitaker rides into sunset.

7. Mueller speaks.

8. Lib heads explode.

9. Qanons drink in celebratory exuberance.

Just a theory. Anons know how that goes.

Anonymous ID: 746863 2019-01-29 14:49:25Z No. 4951125

H.Schultz 2020!!!!!!


Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:49:50Z No. 4951126



Still, possibilities are limitless and need to be considered so as not to take one by surprise.

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:50:40Z No. 4951127


Ordinarily, what % of posts are made by bots?

The board FLYS by, nonstop, for a year– it is AMAZINGLY unrealistic.

It's flagrant.

So pretend to be a human that uses common sense, and answer the question.


Anonymous ID: c3eeb4 2019-01-29 14:50:45Z No. 4951128

>>4950866 (LB Notables)

Solid theory on Cliff Simms being a white hat. This also ties to POTUS Blumenthal tweet from last night.

Clifford Chester Simms died in Vietnam War in 1968 and is a war hero. Warned his squad and dove on a booby trap - killing him and saving everyone else.

And he's buried in good ole Pensacola, FL.

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:50:52Z No. 4951129


Like that

Anonymous ID: 4ed37e 2019-01-29 14:51:11Z No. 4951130


He is fantastic. Listen to his last few podcasts if you haven't, anons. He doesn't think Mueller is working for POTUS, which I understand because if he is this is some mega jew greyhat shit, but acknowledges that Mueller is messing up everything he can. I believe it is more calculated, setting a standard that liberals love right now but soon will hate - boomerang suicide. Dan also points out that not a single one of these Mueller cases proves any sort of collusion whatsoever.


Indeed. POTUS and company got leverage or some sort of out lined up for RR and Mueller. If that is the case they would have had to signed on early on in the process, and if that's the case I'm willing to consider POTUS extending them certain considerations.


We are putting OPEC out of business with our own oil production. Venezuelans were starving to death back in 2011, before Chavez died, and everyone ignored it. Nobody talked about it, almost as if Venezuela didn't exist. Quit shilling, faggot.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:51:23Z No. 4951131


wut navy…

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 14:51:25Z No. 4951132

I'll just put this on it's own

John Brennan Sworn in as CIA Director Using Constitution Lacking Bill of Rights

That means, when Brennan vowed to protect and defend the Constitution, he was swearing on one that did not include the First, Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendments — or any of the other Amendments now included in our Constitution. The Bill of Rights did not become part of our Constitution until 1791, 4 years after the Constitution that Brennan took his oath on.

Anonymous ID: 7c7711 2019-01-29 14:51:37Z No. 4951134


She needs to define her ideal of what corruption is.

Anonymous ID: cf7116 2019-01-29 14:51:37Z No. 4951135


Speaking of changing dates .

Has any other anons given the mudflood theory a shot ?

What happened to tartaria?

Was the advance civilization only recently destroyed?

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:51:45Z No. 4951136

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:51:59Z No. 4951137

A group of women whose husbands patrol America's southern border along the banks of the Rio Grande are inviting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come to Texas so she can see first-hand why a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico is desperately needed.

“We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/boyfriends/fiances/wives/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness!” Jill Demanski wrote in the letter posted on Facebook.

Anonymous ID: eaa77a 2019-01-29 14:51:59Z No. 4951138


Just got on… easier to spot bots at beginning of thread and filter them, then the board is easier for me to read the real info to go dig on.

Anonymous ID: d11dca 2019-01-29 14:52:28Z No. 4951139



Anonymous ID: ef55e6 2019-01-29 14:52:32Z No. 4951140



Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:52:36Z No. 4951141

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:52:44Z No. 4951142

Scaramucci was appointed to position for 11 days

Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 14:52:58Z No. 4951143


How is it that, Twitter's Jack Dorsey can go in front of congress and lie, numerous times about censoring conservative and influencing elections. How is it that Kikebooks Mark "I Still Am A Human" Zuker(((berg))) can go in front of congress and lie about censoring conservatives and influencing elections. And there are zero repercussions. No FEDs kick their doors in. Both of these platforms allowed physical threats to minors from adult VERIFIED users and Media Outlets via #CovingtonCatholic


If someone were to turn around and return the favor by censoring their entire fucking platform via sending 1tb/s to their servers, all of those involved would have their doors kicked down, family tormented by men with machine guns and then be thrown in jail for 5-10 years? How does that work???


Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:53:06Z No. 4951144

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 14:53:33Z No. 4951145


Not yet, but I've always liked the Indians and I'm looking for a reason to retire soon, kek.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:53:37Z No. 4951146

Senior Vatican priest resigns over advances to nun

He resigned in order to limit the damage done

A senior Vatican priest accused of making advances towards a nun during confession has resigned, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

Austrian Father Hermann Geissler resigned as one of three top officials at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which ensures Roman Catholic moral doctrine.

"Geissler decided to take this step to limit the damage already done to the congregation and to his community," a Vatican statement said, adding that he "reserves the right for possible civil legal action."

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:53:38Z No. 4951147


We, the wives of the [Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol], would like to cordially invite you to come visit McAllen, Texas, as President Trump did. We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands and significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness. […] We’d also appreciate if you’d stop pretending that you care about federal workers. If you did, you would care for their safety, not just their paychecks. We can hold out a while longer if it means our husbands and communities are safer.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:53:39Z No. 4951148

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:53:43Z No. 4951149



Anons if we can’t make fun of ourselves we’re in big trouble. Wipe the sand out of your pussies. We got nothing but love for DB on the bread.

Anonymous ID: e434a4 2019-01-29 14:53:54Z No. 4951150

Anonymous ID: b799b8 2019-01-29 14:54:20Z No. 4951151


Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:54:23Z No. 4951152


Is it about YOU?

Are we here for ENTERTAINMENT?

Does the idea that we should ACCEPT AI DOMINANCE get PUSHED here?

If this board is controlled by AI, and humans MEEKLY SUBMIT– are we (the people) doing our job?

If a VERY HIGH % of posts are made by bots, then who do you filter?

And what is left?

If this board is controlled by our enemy, should we FIGHT, or not?

Tick tock, lie machine– why can't you learn new tricks?

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:54:30Z No. 4951153

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 14:54:46Z No. 4951154


It’s funny. Don’t listen to the femalefags

Anonymous ID: 9626f3 2019-01-29 14:54:48Z No. 4951155

>>4950699 (lb) Schultz is a buffoon. Any person, anywhere, who brays about global warming, tells us all we need to know about their true internal state. Morons, walking the earth, unable to see or understand even the most basic things. In his case it seems to be pure stupidity. In the case of others, it is self interested dishonesty, everyone else be damned.

Anonymous ID: a23277 2019-01-29 14:54:52Z No. 4951156


You already know the cynical answer

You already know the muh 4d chess optics answer

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:55:01Z No. 4951157

listen to everything Scaramucci says

you gotta go slow to win the game!

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 14:55:01Z No. 4951158


Didn't Trump call into the Alex Jones show..?

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 14:55:26Z No. 4951159


ty for posting link

Anonymous ID: 9626f3 2019-01-29 14:55:29Z No. 4951160




| POTUS' purpose in assigning protection details to each

| Supreme Court Justice is not merely for the protection of their lives.

| It is also to monitor the condition of Ruth Bader Ginsberg,

| and report her death when it is declared by the doctors.



My conclusion is, therefore, that POTUS will know the moment the doctors officially declare RBG dead. She could be on life support in a terminal condition for a long time and they could refrain from the death declaration. I believe her condition is something that will never again permit her to get up, think, speak, walk, etc. She is effectively dead but I'm afraid [they] will withhold the death declaration as long as possible.

I'm sure POTUS knows what to do and has a plan for this, though.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:56:01Z No. 4951161

goldmine sax

gary cohn

lloyd blankfien

why no attention to rothschild bank


Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 14:56:02Z No. 4951162

Coates: Russia is trying to mess up the post WWII international order..


Anonymous ID: 725133 2019-01-29 14:56:05Z No. 4951163


You are aware that many migrated here from 4chan following Q right?

Anonymous ID: e434a4 2019-01-29 14:56:27Z No. 4951164


Not to bash Trump (himself)

Anonymous ID: 8fe4f2 2019-01-29 14:56:37Z No. 4951165

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:56:41Z No. 4951166

Closer Everyday

Google’s Sidewalk Labs To Package And Sell Location Data On Millions Of Cellphones

If Sidewalk Labs “gathers and de-identifies the location of cellphone users”, it means it HAS the identification and location of the cellphone users. Technocrats have no ethics and zero restraint in using any and all data that they can collect.

Furthermore, de-identified data can be easily re-identified using sophisticated AI programs that match location patterns with data collected from other sources. Positive identification is achieved with as few as 3-4 positive correlations. ⁃ TN Editor

Most of the data collected by urban planners is messy, complex, and difficult to represent. It looks nothing like the smooth graphs and clean charts of city life in urban simulator games like “SimCity.” A new initiative from Sidewalk Labs, the city-building subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has set out to change that.

The program, known as Replica, offers planning agencies the ability to model an entire city’s patterns of movement. Like “SimCity,” Replica’s “user-friendly” tool deploys statistical simulations to give a comprehensive view of how, when, and where people travel in urban areas. It’s an appealing prospect for planners making critical decisions about transportation and land use. In recent months, transportation authorities in Kansas City, Portland, and the Chicago area have signed up to glean its insights. The only catch: They’re not completely sure where the data is coming from

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 14:56:49Z No. 4951167


you're right I went from HD to the new Indian…

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 14:56:51Z No. 4951168

Anonymous ID: 02e8c5 2019-01-29 14:56:57Z No. 4951169

Not getting any younger here. Hammer time?

Anonymous ID: 28044e 2019-01-29 14:57:04Z No. 4951170

2 comped bakers and isis hamas cair mbh shill tag teams run the night shift now…. who post the same isis hamas bs crap for the past 2 weeks.. These shills only post pro hitler hero garbage as notables and always posted as notables while ignoring actual Q research.

Remove this garbage…this is Q research not an isis hamas mbh cair thread.

>>4949238, >>4949245, >>4949254 Study Nazism Cont'd: Documentary on Hitler and the Third Reich

Theses are their ID:

ID: f422db

ID: 3bbe17

ID: Oac989

Baker? 4Dcc69 and another baker (most of the night)

These documentaries demonize our US troops and make them out as criminals while glorifying hitler. Same isis, cair mbh hama ideology.

No wonder Q doesn't return to this board and posts on others…I don't blame him. Clean up the board and perhaps Q will come. We never allowed this bs on here before.

no wonder our # as of just a second ago was About 6,070 results

Anonymous ID: 3f808a 2019-01-29 14:57:04Z No. 4951171


As in “place-holder” ya think?

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 14:57:19Z No. 4951172


Looks like the 'global anti-corruption index' is another cabal lie-machine

Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 14:57:25Z No. 4951173


People don't give a fuck anymore, and they are tired of waiting on you. Do your fucking jobs, or others will for you. IOT is a hell-a-vua drug!

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 14:57:33Z No. 4951174


I highly suggest if possible do!

It is an amazing piece of life I can't believe I get to enjoy. I like being able to wake up and decide that today I want to go to Colorado or California and do it within an hour.

(sometimes in a car sometimes on a bike)

I am a wanderer and I partake in my addiction of wandering as much as I can.

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 14:57:43Z No. 4951175


Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 14:57:45Z No. 4951176


Anonymous ID: 30037f 2019-01-29 14:58:02Z No. 4951178

Her biggest laugh came when — in apparent reference to the bogus "birther" campaign against President Obama — she asked whether Marie could produce a birth certificate and added: "We must take precautions against fraudulent pretenders."

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:58:13Z No. 4951179

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:58:24Z No. 4951180


resnik fiji




Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 14:58:31Z No. 4951181


No doubt about that.. that article tells me Trump is winning and they don't like it

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:58:37Z No. 4951182

Anonymous ID: 11c286 2019-01-29 14:58:45Z No. 4951183


Agreed, Indians are very nice bikes, I like them !!

Anonymous ID: 943228 2019-01-29 14:59:05Z No. 4951184


Pelosi, Dems and corrupt actors won’t stand. They aren’t just going against POTUS & VP, they also contend with the Military patriots

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 14:59:09Z No. 4951185

Anonymous ID: 3f808a 2019-01-29 14:59:22Z No. 4951186


These people in the cabal, seem to have names that are multiple meanings. Maybe to “signal” others. Just go down the list of characters in the news on any given day. It’s quite interesting.

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 14:59:30Z No. 4951187


I am aware that that is an extremely dubious claim.

If they "migrated here for Q"– why do they continue to slavishly emulate "chan culture"– especially those points that Q directly refutes?

Is that realistic?

What is in control of 4chan?

Is 4chan controlled?

Have we been told?

If 4chan is controlled, then who "migrated here"?

If 4chan is controlled by AI, and the "migrated anons" here post IDENTICALLY, then what are those "anons"?

If narratives and talking points appear INSTANTLY on 4chan, reddit, here, and all over the "alt right" internet, then is the whole thing controlled from a central point?

Try to use logic.

Why would anons "migrate here" to frantically enforce an irrelevant culture, at a nonstop frenetic pace that makes no sense?

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 14:59:36Z No. 4951188


all roads lead to hsbc via sinaloa and PRI

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 14:59:46Z No. 4951189



Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 14:59:46Z No. 4951190


at the same time taking Taiwan and all the other little islands in the China Seas… then sue for peace maintain their acquisitions

Anonymous ID: eaf622 2019-01-29 14:59:51Z No. 4951191


Do they have the new Elizabeth Warren model out yet?

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 14:59:52Z No. 4951192


2 more years then I get a new one

my HD will be 10 then

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:00:00Z No. 4951193


just like all the child-trafficking orgs,

same mo.

keep an eye on leaks, seek & destroy honest whistleblowers

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:00:17Z No. 4951194




Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:00:19Z No. 4951195


Anonymous ID: 11c286 2019-01-29 15:00:29Z No. 4951196


KEK, I think Ill pass on that one

Anonymous ID: 40ce0b 2019-01-29 15:00:52Z No. 4951197


Are you sure there are any good guys at all? I'm not so sure anymore.

Anonymous ID: ad1802 2019-01-29 15:01:01Z No. 4951198

Cliff Sims

was a plant


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:01:05Z No. 4951199



Anons should read this with tinted Q glasses on. Q said attacks would be from all sides, including MAGA, "fake MAGA" = Coulter. This tweet is proving their forced divide of the SAME TEAM.

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:01:16Z No. 4951200


Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:01:20Z No. 4951201


that face matches

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 15:01:27Z No. 4951202


I think the Warren line is the lemons of the bunch- poor rider to ride connection…. (kek)

Anonymous ID: 746863 2019-01-29 15:01:30Z No. 4951203

Early Federal Govt shutdown in DC today over the potential of 1" of snow. The new extra soft Fagmerica.

-Jeff Flakey gets job with CBS

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:01:54Z No. 4951204

Don’t confuse indictments with collusion. Yes, if someone lies under oath, they should be held accountable. But bottom line: it’s been 20+ months, and we have seen ZERO evidence of any Russian collusion. These Mueller moves have nothing to do with POTUS.

There was no collusion.


Anonymous ID: 025672 2019-01-29 15:01:58Z No. 4951205


Anonymous ID: f19cf3 2019-01-29 15:02:04Z No. 4951206


And there are male witches as well

Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 15:02:06Z No. 4951207


How is it that, Twitter's Jack Dorsey can go in front of congress and lie, numerous times about censoring conservative and influencing elections. How is it that Kikebooks Mark "I Still Am A Human" Zuker(((berg))) can go in front of congress and lie about censoring conservatives and influencing elections. And there are zero repercussions. No FEDs kick their doors in. Both of these platforms allowed physical threats to minors from adult VERIFIED users and Media Outlets via #CovingtonCatholic


If someone were to turn around and return the favor by censoring their entire fucking platform via sending 1tb/s to their servers, all of those involved would have their doors kicked down, family tormented by men with machine guns and then be thrown in jail for 5-10 years? How does that work???






Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:02:19Z No. 4951208


do not agree

u need new memes

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 15:02:27Z No. 4951209

Anonymous ID: 194636 2019-01-29 15:02:29Z No. 4951210


Light a fire and smoke them out

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:02:32Z No. 4951211


who is sending the troops?


Anonymous ID: 619a7d 2019-01-29 15:02:52Z No. 4951212


Meme material!!!

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:02:56Z No. 4951213


Bullshit. They're both snakes. Their eyes show their soul.

Anonymous ID: 11c286 2019-01-29 15:03:04Z No. 4951215

EU approves US soybeans for biofuel production

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union has approved U.S. soybean exports to be used in the production of biofuels in an effort to boost such imports following last summer’s trans-Atlantic meeting between President Donald Trump and his EU Commission counterpart Jean-Claude Juncker.

The summit meeting was able to stave off a tariffs war on industrial goods like cars but Juncker made a commitment to buy more U.S. soybeans.

Sales have doubled since, but mostly because of market forces. Tuesday’s approval that US soybeans can be used for biofuel is bound to boost sales even more.

EU Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas says “today’s decision is new proof that the EU is delivering … this means that as of today it will be easier for US soybeans to enter the EU market.”

This is BIG for US farmers guise. POTUS is doing what he promised!!!!!

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:03:07Z No. 4951216



Ask yourself a (simple) logical question…

Why are the majority of 'Q' attacks by "PRO_MAGA" supporters coming from AJ [MOS backed] and/or AJ known associates?

Why are we a threat to them?

Why not simply publish an original picture +/- 1,2,3 secs to establish credibility?

Why was this done in the past?

We knew this type of "attack" was coming.





Welcome to the mainstream.

We knew this day would come.

(glimpse)(what to expect)

>POTUS’ twitter comments

Liberal Democrats

Fake News WW

Fake MAGA supporters

Bandwagon shills

Paid shills (Media Matters)

Intel infiltration (neg dissemination).

MSM infiltration (neg dissemination).

Twitter bot attack (twitter controls dir/fake accts)

(FB/Twitter/etc create massive amounts of fake user accts for SP (fake user growth %)/bot use etc).

All activated past 24hrs.

Full attack mode (brute force).

False ‘violent’ narrative push.

Ask yourself, why?

Enjoy the show!


Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 15:03:13Z No. 4951217


Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:03:17Z No. 4951218

Puts a whole new meaning to Sounds Familiar

MIT Scientists Stoked about Commercial Applications for New Laser Which Remotely Transmits Audio Into People’s Ears

It’s bad enough that tech companies have been hiring psychologists to help them deliberately design software and video games to be more addictive – even to kids – for over a decade now. Then again, we have a long history of businesses hiring psychologists to increase sales. Now it’s scientists at MIT who want to cash in on influencing our thoughts and behavior with their new laser which can remotely transmit audio signals directly into our ears:

“We hope that this will eventually become a commercial technology,” researcher Ryan M. Sullenberger said. “There are a lot of exciting possibilities, and we want to develop the communication technology in ways that are useful.”

Even though MIT’s laser is new – the ability to remotely transmit audio into human ears has been around since the 1970s. It also seems to have been used on some Americans without their knowledge or consent. In 1995, then President Bill Clinton apologized for involuntary experiments performed on adults and children – many of which involved radiation and/or mind control. Scary, right?

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:03:27Z No. 4951219


Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 15:03:28Z No. 4951220

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 15:03:31Z No. 4951221


"tinted Q glasses"

Why do "anons" make the posts that crappy pseudo-media then uses to smear us?

Why do "anons" PUSH the images that make us look bad?

Why are "anons" setting up "the Daily Dot" with its talking points and narratives?

Why do "anons" obedientally fulfill the stereotypes the MSM pushes?

This board flies past, nonstop– is that organic?

What would a bot emulation of a chan board look like– and how could you possibly distinguish that from what this board looks like?

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 15:03:38Z No. 4951222

Exercise Cutlass Express 2019 begins

Anonymous ID: ed8109 2019-01-29 15:03:47Z No. 4951223

Masssive truth bomb for those who can handle it. Not for Newfags. 100% proven if researched…

Israel did 9/11.

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:03:54Z No. 4951224


Anonymous ID: 517e05 2019-01-29 15:03:58Z No. 4951225

Did we ever find out who the sole survivor was in the helicopter crash with the 2 Standard Hotel execs? It must be someone important as they are pretty much wiped from the web.

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:04:07Z No. 4951226


Pelosi would be pres. she could attempt to appoint Hilldawg but the new VP has to be approved by both houses of Congress with the Senate being a 60 vote threshold.. sorry lame plan, won't work

Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:04:10Z No. 4951227


US Navy vet here, Cold War era.

I'm disgusted by what the Navy has become.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:04:27Z No. 4951228





enjoy the show!

>you have more than you know


Anonymous ID: 911e4b 2019-01-29 15:04:39Z No. 4951229

Anonymous ID: 56e53b 2019-01-29 15:04:42Z No. 4951230


He said that last night too. Took me back a bit. That’s what I have been thinking

Anonymous ID: 4ed37e 2019-01-29 15:04:51Z No. 4951231


Yes, they have a serious misconception about our overall strategy but are right about the fact that they couldn't land a force on US soil if they wanted to.

I guess they still haven't figured out why we are putting lasers on everything we can that produces enough power. The videos the Navy has made public imply that it is for surface warfare which doesn't really make sense. What does make sense is shooting down a hyper sonic missile with something that moves at the speed of light if you can reliably track it. Our Navy is also aware that China's overall strategy consists of quantity over quality and that the lasers are just another layer of defense.

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:04:54Z No. 4951232


look at his notepad

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 15:05:06Z No. 4951233



"Saving Israel for last…." ~ Q

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:05:31Z No. 4951234





Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:06:06Z No. 4951235


sry for the DUPLICATE

>I could do this ALL DAY

Anonymous ID: 70d899 2019-01-29 15:06:07Z No. 4951236


Why do memes get PUSHED here?

Is it organic?

Why do the same memes that flood 4chan flood here as well?

Is that organic?

If bad actors were controlling chans to control narrative, what would that look like?

How would it look different from this board?

Really– what would the difference be?

Can you think of one?

Is 4chan controlled?

Is this board "organically identical to controlled 4chan"– or is it controlled as well?

Where are the humans?

I have to admit, this all continues to make me rather anxious Q.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 15:06:15Z No. 4951238

Anonymous ID: f5b465 2019-01-29 15:06:18Z No. 4951241


Seem Iran is concerned about China. Also of note, Venezuela thanked Russia, China, but not Iran, for helping secure illegitimate president.

Anonymous ID: c3eeb4 2019-01-29 15:06:19Z No. 4951240


Ok so if he's a plant - he could be a bad actor throwing himself in the line of fire to protect others.


Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 15:06:31Z No. 4951242


Risky?? No shit! China would make a really big glass parking lot!

Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:06:38Z No. 4951243


He is anon.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:06:40Z No. 4951244


> Transparency Internationa


Transparency International was founded in May 1993. According to political scientist Ellen Gutterman, "TI's presence in Germany, and indeed its organizational development and rise from a small operation to a prominent international TNGO, benefited from the activities and personal, elite connections of at least three key German individuals: Peter Eigen, Hansjoerg Elshorst, and Michael Wiehen".[13]

Peter Eigen, a former regional director for the World Bank, is recognized as a founder, along with others.[13] Michael Wiehen was a World Bank official at Washington, D.C.[14] Hansjörg Elshorst was managing director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) (German Agency for Technical Cooperation). Other founding board members included John Githongo (former Permanent Secretary for Ethics and Governance in the office of the President, Kenya),[15] General Electric lawyer Fritz Heimann,[16] Michael J. Hershman of the U.S. military intelligence establishment (now President and CEO of the Fairfax Group),[17] Kamal Hossain (Bangladesh's former Minister of Foreign Affairs),[15] Dolores L. Español (the Philippines' former presiding Judge of Regional Trial Court),[15] George Moody Stuart (sugar industrialist),[18] Gerald Parfitt (Coopers & Lybrand, then PricewaterhouseCoopers in Ukraine),[19] Jeremy Pope (New Zealand activist and writer), and Frank Vogl, a senior official at the World Bank and head of Vogl Communications, Inc., which has "provided advice to leaders of international finance".[20][21][22][23][24]

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:06:54Z No. 4951245

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:07:04Z No. 4951246


You like Bolton too?

Anonymous ID: f19cf3 2019-01-29 15:07:07Z No. 4951247


Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:07:11Z No. 4951248


Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:07:34Z No. 4951249






Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:07:45Z No. 4951250


she forgot the anybody but Hillary and the better off dead then red camp

Anonymous ID: 0b4b6e 2019-01-29 15:07:56Z No. 4951251


Are we suppose to call her "Ma,am" or what?

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:08:37Z No. 4951252

President Donald J. Trump Supports the Venezuelan People’s Efforts to Restore Democracy in Their Country


Issued on: January 29, 2019

Anonymous ID: 59252d 2019-01-29 15:08:41Z No. 4951253

Anonymous ID: 4beeea 2019-01-29 15:08:49Z No. 4951254


They run on alcohol and fireworks

Anonymous ID: 26c611 2019-01-29 15:08:52Z No. 4951255


glass would require sand

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:08:54Z No. 4951256


Lawfags dont have to answer shit. They offer their services here anonymously, and free of charge on a voluntary basis. The long/short is small fish vs big fish, and how you handle each.

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 15:08:56Z No. 4951257

Yellow Vest Leader Calls for ‘Uprising’ After Key Activist Shot by Police

29 Jan 2019



A leader of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement has called for an “uprising” at next Saturday’s protest, following the severe injury of one of its major figures over the weekend.

The protest last weekend, dubbed “Act XI,” saw 69,000 participants across France, with 4,000 in the capital of Paris. One of the major incidents involved prominent figure Jerome Rodrigues who was shot at by riot police with “flashball” rounds which resulted in the activist being seriously injured, facing the prospect of losing one of his eyes, Le Figaro reports.

Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:09:14Z No. 4951258


He simply looks crookedly fucked up.

Anonymous ID: 92e5c5 2019-01-29 15:09:21Z No. 4951259

‪Twatter recommends we follow this liddle feller ‬

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:09:30Z No. 4951260

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:09:31Z No. 4951261

Anonymous ID: 8fc7b9 2019-01-29 15:09:37Z No. 4951262

>>4950818 LB


Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:09:42Z No. 4951263


A list of who's who of the cabals lackeys

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:09:47Z No. 4951264

Anonymous ID: a78742 2019-01-29 15:09:53Z No. 4951265

>>4950755 lb

Be careful who you follow

Maybe just lead instead

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 15:10:10Z No. 4951266

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:10:12Z No. 4951267

Anonymous ID: 4ed37e 2019-01-29 15:10:13Z No. 4951268


I was just saying I disagreed with him, but when you put it like that it makes more sense.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:10:19Z No. 4951269


this is why we have been a bit skeptical to attach pepe to the yellowvest wave…

we dont know if they are vested up to serve hugz or slugz.



Anonymous ID: 9a41cf 2019-01-29 15:10:25Z No. 4951270

Maybe Anon picked up on this and I missed it, but since Whitaker announced an indictment involving the Chinese company, Huawe, guess who was on the Board of Directors of Huawei?

None other than Alexander Downer!!!

Downer is the Australian diplomat who was (a) responsible for funding the Clinton Foundation with $25,000,000 from the Australian government and (b) had a drink in a London pub with George Papadopolos (Downer told Papad that the Russians had Clinton's emails), which was THEE conversation the FBI used as their excuse to begin surveillance on Trump and members of his campaign.

Hauwei is MUCH bigger than simple stealing of tech or using tech to spy.

It DIRECTLY links Clinton pay-for-play to FBI/Obama illegal spy op against Trump to interfere with the election.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:10:32Z No. 4951271


yes. world bank says it all.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:10:45Z No. 4951272

Anonymous ID: c19943 2019-01-29 15:10:49Z No. 4951273


Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 15:10:56Z No. 4951274


Then they can stand on the fucking sidelines like they have been and stay the fuck out of it COMPLETELY!

Anonymous ID: 59252d 2019-01-29 15:11:16Z No. 4951275

Anonymous ID: bf3180 2019-01-29 15:11:22Z No. 4951276


That's an interesting thought…

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:11:26Z No. 4951277


and General Electric

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 15:11:26Z No. 4951278

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:11:33Z No. 4951279


so I think Bolton has a purpose…

they all have done wrong sure, but in this mission he makes up for that

he is working for Trump

I completely understand what the PENCE/BOLTON/KUSHNER shills are all about

I am here to battle them

not saying ur a shill

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 15:11:33Z No. 4951280

She has no proof but keeps on repeating g her lies. I’ve got a novel idea, let’s call for impeachment of Maxine Watery Ass

Maxine Waters: I Have No Proof, But I Believe Manafort Was a Russian Plant in the Trump Campaign

28 Jan 2019

Monday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she has no proof, but she believes Paul Manafort, who was campaign chairman for Donald Trump from June to August 2016, was planted by Russians.

Waters said, “At the center of this question about whether or not the president colluded with Russia or Putin or the oligarchs et cetera is the question of sanctions. We know that Putin wants these sanctions lifted. I’ve said from the beginning that I believe, and I don’t have the proof, but I believe that Manafort was sent to the campaign to be there to ensure that they get Trump elected in every way that they possibly could, and this is in exchange for him lifting the sanctions.”

She added, “Don’t forget, our president has said that he believes the sanctions should be lifted one way or the other. So I just believe that Mnuchin is, of course, guided by the president. They’re all a part of, you know, this relationship that they have with Russia and with Putin and with oligarchs. I mean when you take a look at all of the allies of this president that’s involved in this whole question, you cannot help but ask yourself what’s at the bottom of this? And I think it has been asked more than one time, why are they all lying? I think it’s about sanctions. I think it’s very important for us to continue to pressure, to get those sanctions continued and enforced and not to do what we have just witnessed they are trying to do, and that is being involved with delisting on these sanctions

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:11:45Z No. 4951281

black eye

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 15:11:57Z No. 4951282


Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:12:02Z No. 4951283




Non-support of Edward Snowden[edit]

At its annual meeting in November 2013 in Berlin, Transparency International's national chapters from Germany and Ireland proposed a resolution calling for the "end of the prosecution of Edward J. Snowden… He should be recognized as a whistleblower for his help to reveal the over-reaching and unlawful surveillance by secret services… He symbolizes the courage of numerous other whistleblowers around the world."

The final resolution that was passed by the plenary excluded any reference to Snowden, and excluded a call for "comprehensive protection on whistleblowers from all forms of retaliation". The original resolution presented by the German and Irish chapters was weakened following the intervention of Transparency International's American chapter, TI-USA. "The whistleblower resolution was watered down by the US delegation," a TI insider was quoted in an article published by the Huffington Post. "TI USA is very corporate oriented, very inside the Beltway oriented."

Five months earlier, in June 2013, representatives from Transparency International declined Snowden's request to meet him at the Moscow airport. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch met Snowden to support his asylum request, but Transparency International refused.[26]

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:12:17Z No. 4951284


Kek, me too especially in my younger years. I'm an East Coast fag. Have taken many road trips, driven across country and back several times, up and down both coasts, a little in Mexico. A few years ago my son was WWOOFing at a farm on the Big Island, so I flew out to visit him and rented a very old Jeep so we could explore beaches. That thing had 220,000 miles on it, sucked a quart of oil a day, but I didn't care as it only cost me $75 per week. But we took it up to the top of Mauna Kea twice, even down to the Valley of Gods. Had the time of our lives. Only states I haven't been are upper Northwest and Alaska.

Anonymous ID: 9626f3 2019-01-29 15:12:26Z No. 4951285


They have too many posts in a short amount of bread to be a normal poster. When they post single memes that rapidly it means the memes are lined up in advance ready to post. And if they did not want to waste bread they'd post 5 at a time. Therefore, the conclusion is that they are deliberately trying to influence the bread with a set of memes made in advance.

I'm a memefarmer and when I have a group of memes to post on a topic of interest, I try to post 5 at a time so that people who want memes for twatting can grab them most efficiently, without wasting a ton of bread.

So yeah, d919a0 is behaving suspiciously. But that doesn't necessarily make them a bot. They are an operator with an intent and motive that can be inferred from the behavior.

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:12:26Z No. 4951286


For those of you interested in this story - and it does relate to the clintons, here's Truth Factory's vid of it:

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:12:45Z No. 4951287

Obama recently gave speech at Boeing retreat: report

Former President Obama spoke at an executive retreat earlier this month for leaders of Boeing, the second consecutive year a former president appeared at the defense contractor's annual event, Bloomberg reported Monday.

A spokeswoman for Obama told Bloomberg that the former president waived his speaking fee to deliver the informal address. Attendees said Obama's talk focused on economic development and his foundation's work.


Boeing, the second-largest defense contractor in the U.S., has donated $10 million toward Obama's presidential library and museum in Chicago, Bloomberg reported.

Anonymous ID: 5b557f 2019-01-29 15:12:58Z No. 4951288


Trump should recognize the yellow vest leader as president of France. In the name of democracy of course.

Anonymous ID: c0f51d 2019-01-29 15:13:00Z No. 4951289


We have already won. We manifest our reality. Its over. Manifest it. It is a lovely day.

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 15:13:20Z No. 4951290

Marina Abramovic: "I feel no connection to Serbia as it is today"

"Since Trump came to power, I spend very little time here (in the US)"

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:13:20Z No. 4951291


Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:13:39Z No. 4951292

Still early however this an ugly chart

Apple,eBay,Facebook,Google,Microsoft,PayPal,Tesla etc earnings to come, Inc. (AMZN)

1,620.61-17.28 (-1.06%)

Earnings on 1/31

Spoogle reports on 2/4

Nvidia- clubbed like a baby seal by nanook yesterday

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

-2.87 (-2.08%)


Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:13:43Z No. 4951293


LOL. I've actually been telling my friends for years that there was something not right about her. She riles up the base with a book here and there, is generally just an inflammatory bitch, not that her points, at times, aren't valid (they absolutely are), but its always seemed like an act. Like, way over the top type of act.

We already know by now that basically most people associating with AJ are controlled opposition. Not seeing a difference here with Ann, given that her tweet here basically says "there are two current absolutes in the Trump camp."

Reminds me of the ultra pro MAGA, but anti-Q types.

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:13:49Z No. 4951294


I went to Trump campaign rally, I voted for Trump..

I'm listening to this intelligence hearing, and it's Russia, Russia, Russia, and oh yeah china.

But muh Russia, is a threat to the post WW2 international order. Coates actually said that.

Anonymous ID: 67a043 2019-01-29 15:13:51Z No. 4951295

Figured Day Shift can use it's own patch…

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:13:52Z No. 4951296


Baker NOTABLE puleeze

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:14:02Z No. 4951297


gary cohn

looyd blakfein

where are you

what about sarawak

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:14:09Z No. 4951298

Haspel states one issue is

"how are our adversaries using big data against us and sharing it with our partners"

is she talking 5eyes?

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:14:09Z No. 4951299

also in the case of RBG i don't think she will ever show up again, but that doesn't mean she is dead… also maybe she dies soon, but think of what Q told us….



Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:14:16Z No. 4951300


Boltons memo pad was a laser pointer… and it worked

Anonymous ID: 08a111 2019-01-29 15:14:20Z No. 4951301


lol so Trumps intelligence agencies are still going with the fake jew narrative.

We are doomed

there is no plan

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:14:24Z No. 4951302


Lack of bit coin mining and a shit new series of gpu's created nvidias loss.

Anonymous ID: 6be290 2019-01-29 15:14:32Z No. 4951303


Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 15:14:33Z No. 4951304

Good now let’s start one for Maxine Watery Mouth

CONGRESSWhite House Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi From Office Approaches 100,000 SignaturesPublished 11 hours ago on Jan 28, 2019 By Richard Moorhead


A White House ‘We the People’ petition calling for the impeachment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quickly approaching 100,000 online signatures as of Monday.

The petition, created by a citizen who provided no information other than the initials of “M.G,” accuses Pelosi of being a traitor to the American people who is beholden to the interests of illegal immigrants. Pelosi led the recent government shutdown, refusing to work with President Trump to provide wall funding while making federal workers go unpaid for their services for more than a month.

“Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!”

The process for impeaching a Speaker of the House is theoretically the same for every single member of the chamber. It takes a 2/3rds majority vote to strip membership in the House from an elected member- making it unlikely that the Democrat-controlled house could act upon this petition, regardless of its popularity among the American public.

Trending: Antifa Member Killed After Pulling Gun on Cops at School

The ‘We the People’ petition system was created in the early days of Barack Obama’s presidency, and nominally the executive branch is supposed to provide an official response for every petition that gathers more than 100,000 signatures. The promise of guaranteed Presidential responses to popular petitions seems to have generally fallen to the wayside since then, however, in great part because of a series of popular petitions created by conservatives that were politically inconvenient for the Obama administration to recognize.

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 15:14:40Z No. 4951305

"James Bond and Q branch"

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:15:05Z No. 4951306


i member…

one of these small stories that destroys the normie fantasyland narrative all by itself

Anonymous ID: 31a367 2019-01-29 15:15:17Z No. 4951307


Yes. Wasn't there a question about troops from Cuba there?

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:15:17Z No. 4951308


Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:15:29Z No. 4951309


yes he is on the same game

I was speaking about Bolton

but also remember this

while Venezuela unravels Russia has chosen their side, this is optics!



Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:15:43Z No. 4951310


Not really a good year/month for America

November 2013

The year dawned with optimism. In Congress, Republicans and Democrats found common ground on gun control and long-awaited immigration reform. A triumphant President Obama had won reelection and his signature law would soon take effect. As 2013 closes, it's hard to even remember those heady days. It was one of the least productive years in history on Capitol Hill. The Obama Administration was buffeted by a surveillance scandal and its own failure to smoothly implement the Affordable Care Act. Yet the year was far from inconsequential. Here are 2013's biggest stories in politics.

Anonymous ID: 827863 2019-01-29 15:15:46Z No. 4951311



Fuck the haters




All frens here

Shadilay anon

Anonymous ID: 3b16fa 2019-01-29 15:15:50Z No. 4951312


Same concept behind the clockfags only incorporating time and date. Wonder why was anon looking at those tweets today?

>>4950345 PB

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:16:06Z No. 4951313


Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 15:16:17Z No. 4951314



I'm starting to think these morans don't know the difference between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia is NOT the enemy! The Podesta's criminal terrorist regime they installed in ukraine in 2014 needs MOABed!

Anonymous ID: dfdbfc 2019-01-29 15:16:32Z No. 4951315


>No wonder Q doesn't return to this board and posts on others…I don't blame him. Clean up the board and perhaps Q will come. We never allowed this bs on here before.

you are what's wrong with the world

>no wonder our # as of just a second ago was About 6,070 results

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:16:34Z No. 4951316


those are called Kiwi Indians…

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:16:35Z No. 4951317

WRAY, when asked if having trouble getting people to work for FBI says;


Other directors are implying they have no problems getting the brightest to come work for them.

Haspel " we are getting agents coming to langley for the 'mission' and staying for the 'mission'"

Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:16:36Z No. 4951318


Not everyone is like you.

I save my memes for reuse.

I usually post memes individually.

It's all about making a point I want to make in the context of what is currently being discussed.

WWG1WGA made be the rallying cry here but we're all different.

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:16:44Z No. 4951319


Anons, just a few weeks ago, Q made this statement in post 2615:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 089200 No.4280699 📁Dec 12 2018 18:54:13 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 5c3172 No.4280617 📁

Dec 12 2018 18:52:39 (EST)

Q - Should we be prepping for some kind of shutdown?



Reports of 'power grid' attacks (6 mo prep) should be disregarded.

While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.


Black eyes could be mirrors, too. Everything has more than one meaning. Even this, apparently. The witness of 2 or 3 makes a case, not just one photo.

Anonymous ID: dddd07 2019-01-29 15:16:44Z No. 4951320


I have always been a wanderer as well

lucky enough to have a spouse that is too- packed and ready faster than me.

Now- I am checking weather and this polar kick to pass so I can head out to visit my son. I have been home for a few weeks. Itching to go again!

Anonymous ID: 11c286 2019-01-29 15:17:25Z No. 4951321


Thank you fren

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 15:17:33Z No. 4951322


Ft. Rucker is right about the position of flight now

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 15:17:41Z No. 4951323

FREE SPEECHEXCLUSIVE: ‘MAGA Hat Rally’ Planned At CNN Headquarters In AtlantaPublished 14 hours ago on Jan 28, 2019 By Patrick Howley


Main Street Patriots’ MAGA Hat Rally is scheduled for Saturday February 16 at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

“Trump’s Red MAGA hat is under attack by CNN and the radical left. They have equated the MAGA hats to KKK white hoods and other such nonsense,” say the protest organizers.

“Please come to CNN and join the MAGA Hat Walking Rally. Wear your hats and bring pro-Trump signs. We will be walking around CNN Center. We want to show that we are freedom loving Americans that love our country and that we will not be intimidated into not wearing the hats,” say the organizers, with tea party leader Debbie Dooley running point on the rally

CNN headquarters is a spiritually chaotic environment.

Trending: Antifa Member Killed After Pulling Gun on Cops at School

A man was captured on video sprinting across an intersection and sucker-punching a President Trump supporter who was peacefully protesting outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia during the divisiveness of Brian Kemp’s victory inspiring Stacey Abrams to agitate in defeat in the gubernatorial race.

Even though the victim — a man from Clayton County, Georgia — declined to press assault charges, Atlanta police arrested and booked the assailant for disorderly conduct.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:17:46Z No. 4951324

da puppet

Anonymous ID: e434a4 2019-01-29 15:18:10Z No. 4951325


Put that together with the fact that HC wanted Trump as the opposition candidate; I suspect AC helped this along.

Anonymous ID: 9626f3 2019-01-29 15:18:10Z No. 4951326


>all roads lead to hsbc via sinaloa and PRI

Interesting assertion, megapostcount.

More substantial info on this, please.

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 15:18:16Z No. 4951327


Thanks for the love anon. God bless.

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:18:18Z No. 4951328


CIA is as strong and active as ever…MAGA?

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 15:18:24Z No. 4951329

Anonymous ID: ed8109 2019-01-29 15:18:35Z No. 4951330


Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:18:47Z No. 4951331

Palestinian Prime Minister resigns after Abbas announces plan to form new govt

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:50 P.M.) – Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah announced his resignation on Tuesday after the leader of the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced his plans to form a new government.

In a statement today, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority Yousef Al-Mahmoud said that “the prime minister and his ministers welcome [Fatah, the Palestinian faction which dominates the PA]’s decision to form a new government,” adding that: “Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has placed his government at the disposal of the President of the Authority [Abbas].”

Later in the day, Hamdallah released a tweet saying “we put our government at the disposal of President Mahmoud Abbas and we welcome the recommendations of the Fatah Central Committee to form a new government.”

Anonymous ID: f11c29 2019-01-29 15:18:48Z No. 4951332


cnn sucks, nigger

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:19:27Z No. 4951334

mark Warner is asking Questions now.

talking about how workers should be PAID ON TIME!!!!! THAT IT HIS TALKING POINT.



Anonymous ID: 5bbc4f 2019-01-29 15:19:32Z No. 4951335


Anons who do not believe Russia is a threat are not paying attention. Trump is attacking every single Russian satellite nation and financial intrest around the world.

Yes,Putin knows the Satanic rulers and pedophiles running the world behind the scenes, yet ask yourself why Trump is hurting everything connected to Russia.

Trump is trying to cut the strings of Putins puppet masters?

Quite possibly.

To me,that is the only thing that makes sense if Russia is our ally at all.

They are not,but Putin might be. It is still a long shot,and we need to watch and dig moar info.

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:19:38Z No. 4951336

cap lock stuck?

Anonymous ID: 59252d 2019-01-29 15:19:38Z No. 4951337

Anonymous ID: a03db0 2019-01-29 15:19:56Z No. 4951338


>I can't post 5 images in a row because I'm special

You're not special fuckface.

Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:19:59Z No. 4951339



Anonymous ID: ae4c8c 2019-01-29 15:20:11Z No. 4951340


How the hell could Pelosi appoint HRC to president?

Pretty sure that's not within the structure of our system. We have a hierarchy, should one fail to fulfill the duties of their position, the next person in the hierarchy steps up. THAT person does not get to choose their replacement to my knowledge.

Anonymous ID: 2760e3 2019-01-29 15:20:18Z No. 4951341

Beer company will shell out $1 million to help pay off student loan debts

Some lucky college students and graduates may be relieved of their student debt, courtesy of a well-known beer brand. Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light is launching a contest with regional Super Bowl ads running in five of the top 10 cities with the highest rates of student loan debt: Columbia, S.C.; Jackson, Miss.; Little Rock, Ark.; Raleigh, N.C.; and Richmond, Va. The company says it will help 70 students and former students pay off their student debt by giving them a total of $1.06 million. Twelve grand prize winners will receive $40,000 and 58 first-prize winners will receive $10,000. Entrants are asked to post a video describing their “inspiration for going to college” that includes a shot of a green pull-tab from cans of limited-edition Natural Light packs.

The contest, called #NattyStories, follows the success of a similar contest last year, and is part of the company’s pledge to give away $10 million over the next decade to help students rid themselves of college debt, according to Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Value Brands, Anheuser-Busch. "Last year, the College Debt Relief Program had a major impact on the Natty community, both financially and emotionally,” said Blake. “But, student debt in America continues to rise, so we're coming back with an even stronger commitment that will make an impact well beyond 2019.”

Natural Light also partnered with mobile payment app Cash App to hand out $53,000 to 151 fans on Super Bowl Sunday so they can throw a Super Bowl party without having to worry about student loan payments hanging over their head.

The company actually held a separate, unrelated contest last year, in which it printed the winner’s resume on a NASCAR race car during the South Point 400 race in Las Vegas, drawing attention to the difficulty that millennials and Gen Zers face in getting their resume to stand out. The Pew Research Center found that about 40 percent of adults under age 30 have student loan debt. That number drops to about 22 percent for those aged 30 to 44. While other big brands will try to have the “wokest” ad campaign during the Super Bowl this year, the folks at Anheuser-Busch clearly know their audience and deserve kudos for doing something positive to help them out.

Anonymous ID: b1bd7d 2019-01-29 15:20:22Z No. 4951342


KYS now!

Anonymous ID: 9626f3 2019-01-29 15:20:25Z No. 4951343


>pena nieto $150mln

>huma pussy $25

>az mafia






Sauce please.

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:20:37Z No. 4951344



Shit man. Stranacunt and Ginger McQueef proved that to me many months ago. Anons have probably seen this coming for quite some time now. This place is going to seem way more fringe before it gets better, but anons should draw confidence and solidarity from what has been accomplished here so far. There will be more and more join as time rolls on, and the clouded confusion pushed more new folks this direction.

They'll find their way here, just as many of us did.

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:20:49Z No. 4951345


never understood why they sat that out.

had a decent product for my application but not a gamer.

Anonymous ID: 297f92 2019-01-29 15:20:53Z No. 4951346

I hate PP

SANCTITY OF LIFEPlanned Parenthood Introduces Chatbot for Teens, “Roo”Published 19 hours ago on Jan 28, 2019 By Sonny Joy Nelson


The largest abortion provider in the nation released an anonymous chat program for teens to ask their sexual questions.

“Roo” is Planned Parenthood’s latest attempt at connecting with young audiences, that only works on the mobile version. Meant for ages 13-17, the chatbot provides lists of pre-written questions related to sexual health. Some of these questions include:

“When are you no longer a virgin?”

“How do I come out?”

“What will happen to me if I masturbate too much?”

“What’s the best method of birth control?”

Trending: Antifa Member Killed After Pulling Gun on Cops at School

“Since so many teenagers get health information online, the artificial intelligence-powered bot is meant to give fast answers in a judgment-free, anonymous setting in a manner that’s comfortable for the audience — instead of kids going to unchecked online sources or YouTube for important information,” according to AdAge.

Planned Parenthood’s continual partnership with Work & Co comes after the two groups created a website dedicated to tracking President Trump’s policies

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:20:56Z No. 4951347



Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:21:14Z No. 4951348


Makes sense to me,, and it would be a huge step towards taking down the NWO.. they monitor this board so why don't you mention it to them

Anonymous ID: 5b557f 2019-01-29 15:21:16Z No. 4951349


>(Downer told Papad that the Russians had Clinton's emails), which was THEE conversation the FBI used as their excuse to begin surveillance on Trump and members of his campaign.

Wouldn't it make more sense to investigate Hillary and ask her why Russia has her emails?

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:21:21Z No. 4951350


who says they don't already have a military force on US soil?… ever been to a Chinese Buffet? Ever wonder why they have a 2-1 worker hire?… ever wonder why they are all military age men?.. ever read Homeland Securities report that they anticipate over 20K Chinese spy's already in the US…

Anonymous ID: 76ae01 2019-01-29 15:21:27Z No. 4951351


You certainly ain't ma'am.

Anonymous ID: 725133 2019-01-29 15:21:40Z No. 4951352


It's ok fren. We are all frenz here.

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:21:51Z No. 4951353


Wray said shutdown had an incredibly negative impact on the FBI

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:22:12Z No. 4951354


i'd agree, but seeing as how much they're willing to cheat, lie, steal, kill in the millions…

not sure i can expect them to follow those rules

Anonymous ID: 8fc7b9 2019-01-29 15:22:19Z No. 4951355


ID: 0c4bad 2019-01-29 15:22:30Z No. 4951356


Inthematrixx is laughing at the JFK Jr psychos. Fuck off bitch, go Dixie your doodle somewhere else. Take your psycho friends w you.

Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 15:22:35Z No. 4951357


absolutely no doubt, Mossad, CIA, Cheney, Bush crime family, and many more involved. been through mountains of research.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:23:08Z No. 4951358


How do we work with our Social Media parntners and warn them about Russians interfering and influencing people?

Wray, we are working with our INTELLIGENCE ANGECIES and we are working 'MORE COOPERATIVELY' WITH OUR SOCIAL MEDIA COS."

there is more I cannot tell you, but …

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:23:29Z No. 4951359


I'm about done with all of this "TRUST WRAY" bullshit. Say what you will but Q has said many times that disinformation is necessary. Wray's actions make me not trust him so much. Just my opinion.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:23:35Z No. 4951360








Anonymous ID: cb1ff4 2019-01-29 15:23:39Z No. 4951361

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 15:23:43Z No. 4951362


Good, let's get the Jew shills going again; I'm sick of Tiresias

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:23:43Z No. 4951363

Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 15:23:45Z No. 4951364


Anonymous ID: 073365 2019-01-29 15:23:49Z No. 4951366


I'm sure it did. The problem is the MSM assumes that means Wray was furious with POTUS. But he could have easily been furious with the Dems for refusing to negotiate, leaving his rank and file in a state of limbo.

Anonymous ID: f03383 2019-01-29 15:23:58Z No. 4951367


Niggers being niggers. You know chrissy nigger boy loves licking the tiles in the bath houses.

Anonymous ID: 59252d 2019-01-29 15:24:06Z No. 4951368

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 15:24:24Z No. 4951369


Yes during the campaign. Jones can sometimes be a useful tool cause he has a large conservative base

Anonymous ID: 02e8c5 2019-01-29 15:24:36Z No. 4951370


[Next Week]

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:24:38Z No. 4951371


I agree.

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:24:50Z No. 4951372


lining it up with the SOTU?

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:24:51Z No. 4951373

Have we overlooked this smirk?

Anonymous ID: cb1ff4 2019-01-29 15:24:53Z No. 4951374

Anonymous ID: df4499 2019-01-29 15:24:57Z No. 4951375


Kek. I like Dan, but this meme is funny as well.

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:24:57Z No. 4951376



Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:24:59Z No. 4951377


>Wray said shutdown had an incredibly negative impact on the FBI

He was implying that it was hard on agents,…

I took it as a way of giving them a big KUDOS for their work ethic,'\\

It was hard, but they are dedicated.

He did not say it negatively impact their work

It was negative because it made their work harder.

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:25:05Z No. 4951378


Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:25:22Z No. 4951379


She predicted Trump on Maher show. She is on that show often, ya know.

Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:25:22Z No. 4951380


That’s why he was sweating and a couple times you could see a fucking brilliant smile trying fighting its way out but his sheer brute force stopped it. He’s got a secret! Fuckin KEK

Anonymous ID: 073365 2019-01-29 15:25:29Z No. 4951381


This is significant. Giving Whitaker just a little more time to drop the hammer on the DS before Barr comes in for cleanup?

Remember, the Scaramucci model.

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:25:36Z No. 4951382

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:25:43Z No. 4951383


Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:25:45Z No. 4951384


Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 15:25:56Z No. 4951385


actually quite possible. Pelosi becomes pres, selects hrc as vice, then resigns and HRC is pres.

Anonymous ID: e434a4 2019-01-29 15:26:00Z No. 4951386

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:26:01Z No. 4951387


both sides are 90% fake.


Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:26:13Z No. 4951388


wray did not dis POTUS.

he was giving a shout out to his agents.

very smart on his part.

Anonymous ID: bd06cc 2019-01-29 15:26:25Z No. 4951389

I'd like to use a clip of this video from about 4:33 to 5:06, but am not a techanon. Can someone here help?

It's Bill Bennett stating that no American President in modern history has kept more promises than DJT.

Can't get embed to work from foxnews site, here is the link:

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:26:26Z No. 4951390



Darnit!!! Copy paste fail. Try again:

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:26:39Z No. 4951391


Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:26:55Z No. 4951392


sure they can find some idiots in MI planing a attack but can't find a terrorist training camp in New Mexico that's training kids to shoot up schools and how many times was that kid in parkland reported to the FBI and NOTHING was done.. and you think they are pissed

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:26:57Z No. 4951393


>Remember, the Scaramucci model.

And all those Placeholders!

Anonymous ID: 6d58ab 2019-01-29 15:27:21Z No. 4951394


Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted.

Think Whitaker.


Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:27:26Z No. 4951395

For context

It was all red a few months ago.

Anonymous ID: 8fe4f2 2019-01-29 15:27:30Z No. 4951396

The Great Tartaria… intresting

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:27:30Z No. 4951397


Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:27:38Z No. 4951398


second the noteable

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:27:47Z No. 4951399


his FBI is also still claiming that Stephen Paddock acted alone in Las Vegas…so there's that. If he's such a white hat and a patriot then he needs to tell the American people the fucking truth.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:27:52Z No. 4951400




andrew wood


Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:28:14Z No. 4951401


Anonymous ID: 2760e3 2019-01-29 15:28:40Z No. 4951403

Congress starts to go after big pharma

Congress on Tuesday jumped into its first round of hearings on drug prices for the year, vowing to take action on a problem that the president and the public see as a top concern for the country. The Senate Finance Committee and the House Oversight Committee began hearings Tuesday morning aimed at investigating the causes of high drug prices.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who became chairman of the Finance Committee this year, said in opening remarks that tackling high prescription drug costs is a priority for him, and blasted drug companies for agreeing to speak to lawmakers privately but not publicly at the hearing. The committee, he said, would extend an offer to the companies appear again in the future but would be "more insistent next time." "I want to express my displeasure at the lack of cooperation from the pharmaceutical manufacturers recently ," he said. Testimonies came instead from Doug Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and former head of the Congressional Budget Office; Mark Miller, vice president of healthcare at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation; Dr. Peter Bach, director of Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Health Policy and Outcomes; and Kathy Sego, the mother of a child who needs insulin to manage Type 1 diabetes. Sego shared that her son, Hunter, once rationed his insulin after learning it would cost $1,700 for the month. The family often stretches its utility bills in order to afford the medication. "I’m heartbroken to know that my son felt he was a financial burden to us," she said. "Money over life is not the choice I want him to make, and I agonize over the idea that this could happen again."

In the Oversight Committee, lawmakers will also hear from a mother, Antroinette Worsham, who has two daughters that depend on insulin; as well as Catherine Alicia Georges, national volunteer president at AARP; Dr. Aaron Kesselheim, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School; and Gerard Anderson, professor of health policy and management at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. The Trump administration has proposed policies for reducing drug costs, but will need Congress to act on some of them. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar wrote in STAT opinion piece Tuesday that the Trump administration would be unsatisfied with work on prescription drug prices until it saw the list prices fall. One analysis found that average list prices for certain drugs increased by an average of 6 percent at the start of the new year.

Federal lawmakers have introduced bipartisan bills to let people import drugs from Canada, and to end a practice in which brand-name drugs won't provide copies of their drugs to generic companies, limiting their ability to bring cheaper drugs to market. Another bill, authored by Grassley and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, who is the top Democrat on the Finance Committee, would close a loophole in Medicaid that pharmaceutical companies use to misclassify their drugs to get higher reimbursements. Tuesday's hearings will serve as an early indication as to whether Republicans and Democrats are able to work together on drug prices.

Democrats have said they remain committed to a plan that would let the HHS secretary directly negotiate drug prices in Medicare Part D, which are otherwise negotiated by private plans. Republicans and the Trump administration remain opposed to that approach, but HHS is considering letting plans negotiate another part of Medicare, known as Part B, that would curb prices for drugs administered in a doctor's office rather than at the pharmacy. Last year, the pharmaceutical trade group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spent more money lobbying Congress than any other time in history, reaching a record $27.5 million in spending. The lobbying occurred at a time when Republicans controlled all branches of government.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:28:52Z No. 4951405


Anonymous ID: ed8109 2019-01-29 15:28:53Z No. 4951404


Very woke anon. It’s really indisputable when everything is considered.

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:28:53Z No. 4951406


I like this face better



Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:29:04Z No. 4951407

Again, World Order.

Anonymous ID: 59252d 2019-01-29 15:29:06Z No. 4951408

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:29:24Z No. 4951409


These seems like the new Flat earth psyop….most videos pushed out in the last 3-12 mos

might be some grains of truth, but some of it's bullshit…at least timeframes for sure.

Anonymous ID: 84bead 2019-01-29 15:29:42Z No. 4951410


Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:29:54Z No. 4951411


Anonymous ID: a7e8f7 2019-01-29 15:29:57Z No. 4951412

Democrats plan to primary AOC in 2020, even they admit she's crazy.

Anonymous ID: ed8109 2019-01-29 15:29:58Z No. 4951413


Whaaa?? Is this shit real??

Anonymous ID: 99a0a0 2019-01-29 15:30:00Z No. 4951414



Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 15:30:11Z No. 4951415


Notable'd last night but I'll put it back in. Good find.

Anonymous ID: 4ed37e 2019-01-29 15:30:30Z No. 4951416


Interesting point worth considering. I believe the espionage is far more of a threat than the actual "soldiers".

I mean, if it were me invading I would probably do what they're doing.

Anonymous ID: b8658c 2019-01-29 15:30:36Z No. 4951417

Observation → [Global Cabal] - (Keep) the ({BIG MONEY} - Their Power) > (Inside [Their Own Circles]). "Its a [Private Club] and (you) ain't in it." G. Carlin paraphrase.

Follow the Pattern:

→ They wrap it ALL up in the [Scam] of = "Incorporations", "Trusts", "Charitable Foundations" & "NGOs" → "Entities" designed to mask & shelter their criminal activity from view, and shift blame from them individually, to an impersonal [Organization]. Hidden in their secret Swiss & offshore bank accounts of course.

They (Consolidate Power) right under our noses.

* Acquisitions

* Mergers

* Buy-Outs

* Partnerships

* Alliances

- As you dig, I guarantee you, time after time you will find a coalescing & merging of alliances among those we are ferreting out.

Just follow the cascading effect in digs as one entity takes over or acquires another.

Today's example:

(Epoch Times - Jan 26, 2019)

Zuckerberg to Merge WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger: Reports.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has plans to combine the infrastructure of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp and add the option of end to end encryption for users, according to a report from the New York Times published on Jan. 25.


(((They))) always keep [IT (Their power)] - [In the Family].

Anonymous ID: c43c27 2019-01-29 15:30:37Z No. 4951418


Big pot of chicken and dumplings for the coldfags and flufags. Stay warm.

Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 15:30:39Z No. 4951419


This reminds me not to buy Budweiser beer or any other AB product.

Anonymous ID: e6c5da 2019-01-29 15:30:53Z No. 4951420


Schrödinger's Ruth

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:31:05Z No. 4951421


timing is everything.

how do you catch a wild animal?

you make them feel comfortable in their environment. YOu don't raise any red flags for them to bolt and run for cover.

You make them think they are still king of their domain,

you make them think they still have a domain to be king of.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:31:32Z No. 4951422


cool story bro!

muh dick and testimony are still bigger and truer than yours!!

you got some sauce with that dry ass chicken?

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:31:45Z No. 4951423


They are saying PLEASE come back and watch our RIGGED football games. We promise an exciting ending again this year.

This is way cheaper than those ripoff superb owl ads we used to pay for and we can't compete with this oversaturated hipster beer market that way anymore.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:31:59Z No. 4951424

Iran’s regime concerned over global reaction to Venezuela

Jan. 28, 2019 - The state-run “Siasat-e Rooz” (Daily Politics) newspaper in Iran wrote a piece very vividly voicing the Iranian regime’s concerns in response to the reactions seen from the European Union and the international community in regards to developments in Venezuela.

“The actions taken by European countries in reference to Venezuela, and supporting the toppling of this country’s government, shows that these countries stand alongside the United States,” the piece published on January 27 reads in part.

“These measures once again teach us this lesson that relying on institutions such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Palermo and counter terrorism financing (CFT) cannot resolve the country’s problems. These institutions were never independent and have no agenda but to go in line with the ruling state.”

This state-run daily compares the status quo of the Venezuelan regime and the mullahs’ apparatus

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:32:16Z No. 4951426


you just as easily turn that around and apply it to the anons and trumps base.

pacify the mob.

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:32:18Z No. 4951427


Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:32:22Z No. 4951428


Genius. Think. Even if there is no crisis at the border (anons+ know there is) at this point in history, what American citizen would oppose protecting our own country for a change? Democrats are committing suicide en masse.

Anonymous ID: c19943 2019-01-29 15:32:35Z No. 4951429

SSCI Live Stream

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:32:56Z No. 4951430


That is tragic

Anonymous ID: 5b557f 2019-01-29 15:32:57Z No. 4951431

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:33:00Z No. 4951432



go vote

watch Hannity


Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 15:33:01Z No. 4951433


The only thing I am confused about is the explosives, I am seeing evidence that mini nukes were also used. Thermite is confirmed. Just unsure of the high heat in sub basement.

Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:33:23Z No. 4951434

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:33:29Z No. 4951435

Wray paraphrase "everybody, GLOBALLY, is WAKING UP"


Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:33:30Z No. 4951436

lovely dream

Anonymous ID: 576ce3 2019-01-29 15:33:36Z No. 4951437

So many people are sick.

Anonymous ID: 861fbd 2019-01-29 15:33:36Z No. 4951438


Better to return to a Constitutional Republic rather than trimming the illegitimate corporate imposter govern-ment.

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:33:37Z No. 4951439




Getting cancer from watching MSM

Anonymous ID: 67a043 2019-01-29 15:33:46Z No. 4951440


Hating? It's just a day shift patch…

Anonymous ID: 31a367 2019-01-29 15:33:47Z No. 4951441



Hongkong Shenghai Banking Corporation

Now British

Which Hongkong was a British colony when established?

China and the Queen through Switzerland.

How many times does the map draw us through this route?

Anonymous ID: 61b76b 2019-01-29 15:33:56Z No. 4951443


Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:34:00Z No. 4951444


Right.. they used a nuke in downtown Manhattan.. and theres no fallout to speak of whatsoever.. but yeah .. nukes all over.


Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 15:34:07Z No. 4951445


>and posts on others

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:34:19Z No. 4951446




Anonymous ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:34:35Z No. 4951447


Midterms Are Safe

April Showers

The FLOOD is Coming

NSA Accidental Leaks It All

The More You Know


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:34:50Z No. 4951448

Trump controlled by Mossad

Anonymous ID: a23277 2019-01-29 15:34:55Z No. 4951449


I have always been suspicious of the chinese buffets kek. What better way to insert an insurgency into every small town in America…Get the word, poison the food at lunch buffet and bug out.

Anonymous ID: 9c9492 2019-01-29 15:35:08Z No. 4951450


Do that one with kamala harris

Anonymous ID: 610964 2019-01-29 15:35:09Z No. 4951451



Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 15:35:14Z No. 4951452


Laz, we need to talk, elsewhere

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 15:35:14Z No. 4951453


>>4951403 Congress starts to go after big pharma.

>>4951337 China most active in cyber espionage against U.S.

>>4951270 Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei.

>>4951290 Marina Abramovic spends less time in America since President Trump was elected.

>>4951275 Fugees member embroiled in an attempt to cover up Malaysian embezzlement investigation?

>>4951261 Collection of DNI Dan Coats quotes from Senate hearing.

>>4951253 Military to get some fresh American made kicks.

>>4951252 WH Statement: President Donald J. Trump supports the Venezuelan people’s efforts to restore Democracy in their country.

>>4951222 Exercise Cutlass Express 2019 begins.

>>4951166 Google’s sidewalk labs to package and sell location data on millions of cellphones.

>>4951157 Scaramucci: It's hard not to alter your behavior around President Trump.

>>4951124 Anon's theory on controlled Pelosi and the Mueller emotional build up for the letdown.

>>4951057 Open hearing on worldwide threats.

>>4951050 Mysterious mile-wide object spotted at edge of our solar system.

>>4951028 Black fungus is eating an 8,000 year old (error?) Portuguese cathedral.

>>4951006 Dig on Cliff Sims.

>>4950987 Democrats threaten boycott of Starbucks of Schultz runs as independent.

>>4951010 Alaweed intended on having a 24 hour news channel for the Arab world led by Khashoggi.

>>4951000 AOC/Tlaib named to House Oversight Committee.

>>4950998 Sean Penn with el Chapo.

>>4950988 China releases video of ballistic missile in a clear message to the US.

>>4950971 Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time.

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:35:15Z No. 4951454


Last summer when the WHOLE WORLD LEARNED THE TRUTH ABOUT SR… that was my fucking jam.

Anonymous ID: ed8109 2019-01-29 15:35:15Z No. 4951455


>Paddock massacred tens of people by himself in the largest mass shooting in American history with no motive, no outside help, no target as his GF left the day before for the Philippines and had done work for the FBI and CIA. Paddock was a government contractor with Lockheed. His hard drive was missing. Then the security guard went missing, then he did the most awkward interview ever on Ellen. The media spammed gun control as hard as they could for a month, and now the shooting is never ever mentioned on air (Parkland instead). The FBI field office in Vegas took over the LVPD investigation, then the FBI office in DC took over the Vegas FBI investigation.

Seems legit!

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 15:35:19Z No. 4951456


30-50k A WEEK?!

Holy shit.

Now THAT'S some serious famefagging…

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:35:21Z No. 4951457


because this is the last hope and line of defense. why are you here?

Anonymous ID: 12f6c4 2019-01-29 15:35:23Z No. 4951458

Anyone have insignia for new US Army Intelligence, Information, Cyber, Electronic Warfare and Space unit, (I2CEWS)?

New space, cyber battalion activates at JBLM

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:35:28Z No. 4951460






us genocide…

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:35:45Z No. 4951461


Plausible. Sounds like a plan two CU Next Tuesday's would come up with, too.

Anonymous ID: 5bbc4f 2019-01-29 15:36:02Z No. 4951462


You need help finding the door?

Your purpose here is what,exactly?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:36:06Z No. 4951463

Who's ready for ARRESTS?


Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:36:13Z No. 4951464

wanna hear the full story? i do too!

but your gunna have to wait til Netflix decides to drop the prices.

this story is too good to just hand out for all you greedyfckks to make a penny off of…


Freedom of Speech is brutal, but THAT is the beauty of it!

judge me. I dare you!


>the choice to know will be yours

Anonymous ID: 29804e 2019-01-29 15:36:30Z No. 4951466



Fuck off, divisionfag

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:36:40Z No. 4951467


I like Trump. Q makes total sense.

Anonymous ID: a23277 2019-01-29 15:36:57Z No. 4951468


Not ideal for the planet anon…

Anonymous ID: d794ad 2019-01-29 15:36:57Z No. 4951469

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:37:13Z No. 4951470


exactly but Trust Wray, just tell us the damn truth, it's plain as day that Paddock was a patsy. I bet that dude never fired a shot.

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:37:17Z No. 4951471


kept for last

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:37:17Z No. 4951472



Anonymous ID: 746863 2019-01-29 15:37:19Z No. 4951473

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:37:25Z No. 4951474


As opposed to fall inline watch MSM and follow the stars and never question politicians unless their conservatives… settle down you'll be OK

Anonymous ID: ef55e6 2019-01-29 15:37:25Z No. 4951475


Here. Hope this is what you were wanting.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:37:27Z No. 4951477




Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:37:31Z No. 4951478


Probably to watch you be racist as fuck all while claiming to be intelligent. kek .. the jew hating gold stars are my fucking fav.


Anonymous ID: 31a367 2019-01-29 15:37:34Z No. 4951479


lost me at us genocide - unless you mean blacks and abortion.

Anonymous ID: ddafd7 2019-01-29 15:37:36Z No. 4951480

4 days ago

Anonymous ID: 610964 2019-01-29 15:37:40Z No. 4951481

Would you give a nigga a nickel.??

Anonymous ID: a3ab3e 2019-01-29 15:37:46Z No. 4951482

>>4950822 LB

Just a reminder anons… this is a dig at what happened here.

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:38:05Z No. 4951483


The whole incestual private club, evil connections is the only rationalization I can come up with for the Hugely overpriced IPO's and buyouts.

How do apps like a messenger app (dime a dozen) get paid billions for? When A company with FB resources could build one themselves from scratch. They know all along the top shareholders will skim their share off the top and the company will become worthless. And they pay with their own overinflated stock too with fake subscribers, fake metrics The whole fucking world is fake.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:38:12Z No. 4951486

Let the unsealing begin.

Let the DEC[L]AS begin.

Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.

We, the PEOPLE.



Anonymous ID: 2f0e02 2019-01-29 15:38:26Z No. 4951487



Cliff Sims in #SpyGate

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:38:38Z No. 4951488


so just blow VEgas wide open and call it good.

Is that what you are saying.

win one battle and lose the war?

Anonymous ID: a178ad 2019-01-29 15:38:41Z No. 4951489

If Napa digger is here, a suggestion from a friend, look into Napa Pipe, Catellus, Meadowood Resort, and Gasser Foundation. Screencap this and do it, you will not be disappointed.

Remember anon, follow the foundation.

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 15:38:51Z No. 4951490


Let's get naked

Anonymous ID: 477ef0 2019-01-29 15:38:52Z No. 4951491


Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:39:03Z No. 4951492


We are gonna save the children.. someday.. but first… watch Pelosi fuck with POTUS for a few months…


Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:39:06Z No. 4951493


Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:39:19Z No. 4951495


That's how I feel about all the towel heads running gas stations on the east coast.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:39:33Z No. 4951496


Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:39:34Z No. 4951497


except the new VP nomination has to be approved by both houses and the Senate has a 60 vote threshold… not gonna happen

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:39:39Z No. 4951498


just do it!!

Anonymous ID: 4331af 2019-01-29 15:39:42Z No. 4951499


don't like her. but still dount see how Coulter is fake maga. she seems more maga than potus half the time.

was she wrong that he reopened the gov but got no funding?

just trying to focus on facts not emotion

but she is ugly af

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:39:43Z No. 4951500


exactly, like we are supposed to trust mr. "tick tock" Sean. Don't get me wrong, he's better than most but he still tows the line for the ZOG and is an Israel first type of guy. He alos mocks 9/11 truthers so there's that.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:39:44Z No. 4951501

Where is [RR]?

What country specifically?


Insurance pleas will fail.

You cannot hide what is already known (and can be proven).



Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 15:39:45Z No. 4951502


According to the research i have done the fallout of mini nukes could be contained in the sub basement area. The evidence I have seen they have them as small as a matchbox. I have done tons of research, and I have even contacted scientists for more information that I don't have. It would explain the high heat for extended period underground that melted and created "meteors"

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:39:51Z No. 4951503

this fag should stfu

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 15:40:00Z No. 4951504


> The whole fucking world is fake.

just like politicians pretending to be adults and making serious talk about economy & debt

while ignoring the quadrillions of dirty drug & arms & trafficking money that render the surface economy a complete farce

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:40:00Z No. 4951505


Sam Cooke Having A Party

Anonymous ID: dfdf68 2019-01-29 15:40:01Z No. 4951506

Whats up with the Pro Nazi propaganda video in the notables? On the one hand it certainly shows that both sides of the war were deplorable, the allies engaged in some really bad tactics, and basically are the reason for the war.. but let's not kid ourselves, NAZI Ideology is EVIL and is a leftwing fantasy world.

I've tried to verify that Hitler offered to give back Poland with very little success. Such a crazy claim. On the other hand, I don't doubt that the Pols were being very antagonistic at Germany before the invasion, especially if they thought that England would defend them and that Hitler wouldn't dare just roll right in…

Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:40:06Z No. 4951507


This shit starts at the local level. Anons can start cleaning up their own towns by digging on boards of directors for stasi gov agencies like water authorities and shit. All those entities that politicians appoint to boards. It’s all connected and you will find connections to Dems + Reps in federal power now. They depend on the up-and-coming to keep them in power. The Gay Mafia exists, keep that in mind.

Anonymous ID: 28ea34 2019-01-29 15:40:10Z No. 4951508

Russia is not the problem influencing US elections; it's illegal aliens from Mexico!

The sanctuary cities map and the 3d voter map were taken from two different sources but are almost an identical match!


Anonymous ID: bb0f67 2019-01-29 15:40:12Z No. 4951509

Anonymous ID: 3da10a 2019-01-29 15:40:17Z No. 4951510


Human here

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:40:33Z No. 4951511


Look into Chernobyl… look into the half life of fallout.. then go the fuck back to Voat.

Anonymous ID: 1c5aeb 2019-01-29 15:40:44Z No. 4951512


Anonymous ID: 316c8b 2019-01-29 15:40:49Z No. 4951513

Is Huber really up to something? Sara isn't sounding very confident he is.

Anonymous ID: ea8f3f 2019-01-29 15:40:52Z No. 4951514

So pentagon hit be plane

Desinfo necessary, huh

Anonymous ID: a178ad 2019-01-29 15:41:25Z No. 4951515


I can't as even the nod would put me in potential issues. Just look into those exact things and it will not be difficult to notice and put things together as it is all very public in terms of paperwork and records.

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:41:29Z No. 4951516


I think the three little pigs were holed up inside and the big bad wold huffed and puffed. makes sense.

Anonymous ID: 5f9e07 2019-01-29 15:41:41Z No. 4951517



Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:41:41Z No. 4951518


HEY MAN … we are gonna save all those abused kids.. MAYBE… meantime lets allow the Dems to obstruct us at every turn… just cause its fun. TEH PLANZ

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:41:41Z No. 4951519

What happens to the special counsel?

Rudy met w/ Mueller today.



Public announcement.

End of POTUS investigation?

Continue w/ other investigations?

Stage set?

Support growing?



We have it all.

Welcome to the WH.


[April 25, 2018]

Anonymous ID: 5bbc4f 2019-01-29 15:41:53Z No. 4951520


1. I never mentioned Jews or races.

2. Clearly i am moar intelligent than you because of your inability to understand common English.

3. I do not watch television of any kind.

4. Your vacuous assumptions and generalizations about everyone on this board show that your intelligence is lower than that of a person with mild retardation.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:42:11Z No. 4951521


god bless them

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 15:42:18Z No. 4951522


Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:42:42Z No. 4951523


That anon hasn’t learned to filter with his mind yet. He will eventually, hopefully.

Anonymous ID: 3da10a 2019-01-29 15:42:49Z No. 4951524


You have to wonder? They were lower than a 3rd world shit hole after WWII and before Nixon. Then they were propped up to be a contender and advisary to us. With NK to be the trigger to start WWIII

Don’t be dense. Probably so much cabal / satanic fuckery going on in China it would make our heads spin

Anonymous ID: bb0f67 2019-01-29 15:42:52Z No. 4951526




Huber hasn't interviewed anyone or impaneled a grand jury.

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:42:54Z No. 4951527



(and the gold stars went fucking wild)

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:43:09Z No. 4951528


An attorney for the dogs’ owners said his clients were stunned that the case was being dismissed.

“The dogs were their family members. This is just a kick in the gut for everyone,” said John Schill, who represents the pet owners in a civil lawsuit against the Flakes and Hugheses.

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:43:24Z No. 4951529

Just because there are zero coinqidinqs, Q post 2254:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.282 📁 Sep 21 2018 14:07:47 (EST)

We are at the PRECIPICE.


Remain CALM.

We are here for a reason.

Patriots are in control.



Will dictator Maduro survive against his most determined opposition yet" January 25, 2019

"Pence declares U.S. support for Venezuelan opposition leader on eve of protests"

Anonymous ID: 1305cc 2019-01-29 15:43:37Z No. 4951530

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 15:43:40Z No. 4951531


I don't know how long you've been on the Q train… but if HS is saying 20K spies… after this long on the Q train I'm thinking 20K soldiers.. they just can't say it in public or it would be mass hysteria

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:43:41Z No. 4951532

Anonymous ID: 3b16fa 2019-01-29 15:44:26Z No. 4951533

>>4950214 PB

>The Diddler??? What is wrong with these people?

>So a wine named for the patron of thieves and a vineyard named for a PUBIC wig. Not creepy at all. If you look closely at the label, it appears that there is someone under the grape cluster….facing the main figure.

Fucking sick fucks. Good find anon

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:44:29Z No. 4951534


necessary doubt - just shows how tight Huber's work is - no Schiffty leaks…

Anonymous ID: ea8f3f 2019-01-29 15:44:42Z No. 4951536


Whats your take anon?

Xplain pls

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:44:43Z No. 4951537


It's all a cover for the big reveal.

Anonymous ID: 3c110d 2019-01-29 15:44:56Z No. 4951538


Are they Sikh? 711 ok. 911 not ok.

Anonymous ID: 5bbc4f 2019-01-29 15:44:56Z No. 4951539


Look everyone. I triggered the window licking helmut wearing short bus riding retard.

Need another shot of windex, crayon eater?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:44:57Z No. 4951540


If you followed Q from the beginning and got to this point where you realize that either the Plan failed or never existed, and that WE'VE BEEN HAD, you might post some anti-Q shit before finally leaving for good. You'd have to vent that frustration.


Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:45:01Z No. 4951541

Answer me this .. if Q is real.. how come 20K plus illegals STILL crossed the border in December?

Dont you think POTUS could AT LEAST control that one little element .. if he were truly in control of this all? How does allowing 20K more to cross accomplish ANYTHING?

Its pretty obvious that there is no fucking plan.


Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:45:12Z No. 4951542





Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:45:12Z No. 4951543

for once I agree with a Democrat.

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:45:15Z No. 4951544

Who invented psychological warfare?

Although often looked upon as a modern invention, psychological warfare is of ancient origin.

Cyrus the Great employed it against Babylon, Xerxes against the Greeks, and Philip II of Macedon against Athens.


Anonymous ID: 835b69 2019-01-29 15:45:15Z No. 4951545


Careful, he's a paid traitor and not a true patriot

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:45:28Z No. 4951546


yes, yes, smoke them out….

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:45:38Z No. 4951548


You just chose my cheat day meal this weekend.

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 15:45:39Z No. 4951549


Any STAT fags out there that can give us a per capita VS population on this map?

Anonymous ID: cc8195 2019-01-29 15:45:50Z No. 4951550


Q said Huber was put in place by Sessions publicly. He's the distraction - Look over there. Q said another unknown prosecutor is also in place, silently toiling away.

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:45:54Z No. 4951551


Ghengis Khan was a master of psychological warfare!

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:46:11Z No. 4951552


you mean the one that still hasnt stopped the trafficking, drugs, kids .. etc in the TWO years that POTUS has already been in power.

The fuck you expecting ACTUAL RESULTS??? hahahahahh

Anonymous ID: 8fc7b9 2019-01-29 15:46:14Z No. 4951553


Does it really comes down to who the cabal wants in that position?

Obummer, Macron caming out of nowhere are just a few examples of this?

Someone they can 100% control?

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:46:17Z No. 4951554


Starting to like this cunt. Stirring up shit on the left.

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:46:27Z No. 4951555


but but but but they lowered taxes .. sort of..

Anonymous ID: 6cde53 2019-01-29 15:46:29Z No. 4951556

did the cabal just 'dump' a load of shills here all at once or what?

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:46:42Z No. 4951557


agree. many things are different for that reason.

the difi story just went down the memory hole for the normies

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 15:47:00Z No. 4951558



here is ones some other anons made, in regards to where illegals are/ dem controlled places.

Anonymous ID: 44a8f3 2019-01-29 15:47:05Z No. 4951559



Anon you are living in a fantasy world

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:47:07Z No. 4951560


>Cyrus the Great employed it against Babylon


Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 15:47:11Z No. 4951561

Civil War cannon lover in Greenfield goes to court to keep firing it from his front yard on July 4

Support this anon.

A self absorbed DA in Greenfield, WI who later becomes the city judge in Greenfield is behind this sham with the fines and other BS

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:47:14Z No. 4951562


That's about as likely as Roger Stone leading the impeachment of DJT

False hope of dramatic legal action on both sides? [left and right]


These People Are Stupid


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:47:27Z No. 4951564


It's not that I disagree with a lot of concernfaggotry.

I even post anti-trump pieces to keep minds open to all sides. The issue I have is, every time I try to debunk Trump/Q, I end up talking myself out of it with logic. Emotions create false ideas and panic.

Anonymous ID: f988ca 2019-01-29 15:47:38Z No. 4951565


epidemic mixed emotions claims in 3…2…1..

Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 15:47:42Z No. 4951566


Anonymous ID: 4ed37e 2019-01-29 15:47:52Z No. 4951568


I was ridiculed by a lot of people I knew back in '12-'13 when I was saying the reality people think they live in isn't the reality we actually live it.


I was on the chans long before FBIanon popped up and was there for Q's first posts on except over the summer when I had to make my hay.

You might be right, or it might be a conservative number. We probably have that many if not more in our colleges and universities at any give time.

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:47:57Z No. 4951569


Music reflects peoples philosophy and helps built character.. and they know how to use it to help manipulate emotions

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:48:08Z No. 4951570


Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:48:19Z No. 4951571

camel fucker is largest shareholder on citi twatter disney murdoch etc.

largest slave/dwarf owner

sponsors obongo

gets froman at citi to work with rubin and jews

to make obongo pres.

froman appoints enitre cabinet

breakthrough in human and organ traffic…

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:48:22Z No. 4951572



Profiteering on a movement like this reveals everything you need to know about the character of the person making the $$. People going to lengthy extremes to destroy those people, also, reveal a lot about themselves. Sometimes, it's best to just make occasional post here, a tweet there as a fair warning, then move along. Incessant whining makes everyone look like a massive faggot.

Anonymous ID: 611d59 2019-01-29 15:48:30Z No. 4951573


Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:49:19Z No. 4951576


Add this, also:

With Venezuela Convulsed by Crisis, Trump's Hawks Take Dramatic Turn

By Reuters

Driving this hardened U.S. stance is the growing assertiveness of more hawkish White House aides led by Bolton, Vice President Mike Pence's deep engagement on the issue, a push by anti-Maduro U.S. lawmakers and the arrival of like-minded rightist presidents in Brazil and Colombia, according to people familiar with the matter.

Just thinking, good ol' Bolton of pro-war fame. He seems so determined that we mix it up with Iran. Venz could be the avenue to that?

Neo-cons spring eternal. Wish I were better at foreign policy analysis. Can't even tell when something is nothing more than a disinfo distraction. But we be wary of Bolton, right?

Anonymous ID: d6530d 2019-01-29 15:49:32Z No. 4951577


"These Mueller moves have nothing to do with POTUS.

How is that one sentence alone not NOTABLE?

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 15:49:56Z No. 4951578


It's a strange thing when you simultaneously both really dislike someone and also immensely enjoy something they're doing

Anonymous ID: 22a694 2019-01-29 15:49:57Z No. 4951579


I agree.. on a super basic level… Anyone with real power would have put a STOP to this shit first.. then told the story later… the fact that we are expected to believe that thats happening in reverse.. tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:49:57Z No. 4951580

this is the main man for payment processing censorship cock block putsch…

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:50:02Z No. 4951581


Because it's a mans opinion. Not a fact, not sauce based.

Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 15:50:02Z No. 4951582



The pic looks like she is about to give Willie a hummer.

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:50:02Z No. 4951583

Anonymous ID: dc502e 2019-01-29 15:50:41Z No. 4951585

Cyrus had a God given strategy. Damn up the river so the army could walk in undetected.


Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:50:54Z No. 4951586



Sara is a patriot. Sometimes, being a patriot means being mum. I know folks want full disclosure, but you dont go setting traps in the woods, then start playing banjo out in the open to attract the game you want.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 15:50:56Z No. 4951587

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:51:14Z No. 4951588


She's still not your president.

You never thought she would lose

Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 15:51:17Z No. 4951589

DOW flipping the bird to south america

Anonymous ID: 725133 2019-01-29 15:51:20Z No. 4951590


Kayfabe? She did run unopposed by the Republicans.

Anonymous ID: 835b69 2019-01-29 15:51:22Z No. 4951591



Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 15:51:33Z No. 4951592


Personally, I started making shirts because there's a lot of crappy designs out there, and to avoid being a paytriot, I've already set up a patreon donation schedule to, so anything Q related that sells, the funds go there.

Other'n'that I make really colorful GEOTUS shirts, but even then I'm basically just getting paid to edit and output for print.

Since I don't famefag, I've only sold a few shirts, but if a bunch of Q ones somehow move, I'll just raise my Qmap donation.

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 15:51:38Z No. 4951593


That is such a great graphic. If coffee were a domestic product, I'd start a petition to adopt that as America's new Great Seal.

Anonymous ID: dc502e 2019-01-29 15:51:44Z No. 4951594


What was Cyrus strategy, but to damn a river and walk in undetected?…

Anonymous ID: a7ea10 2019-01-29 15:51:50Z No. 4951595


Kamala Harris is 100% sleazy..

Anonymous ID: 35abfb 2019-01-29 15:52:11Z No. 4951596


Illinois seems very underrepresented in the indictment counts

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 15:52:16Z No. 4951597


Thanks but I was wondering if indictments were about average based on population of states filed in. Or do some states have more criminals in them on average than others.

Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:52:18Z No. 4951598


We were done with you a while ago.

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 15:52:27Z No. 4951599


We will never elected another comped president. That’s one of the perks.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:52:31Z No. 4951600


There Is Nothing Wrong With Taking Money From The Stupid Goyim

The More You Know


ID: 4e6b74 2019-01-29 15:52:34Z No. 4951601


Muslims are a slave subset of the Jews. Not surprised by the narrative.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 15:52:37Z No. 4951602


lol lawn cannon? awesome

Anonymous ID: dc502e 2019-01-29 15:52:43Z No. 4951603

Cspan 3 stopped in the middle of a sentence.

Anonymous ID: 6fe1a5 2019-01-29 15:52:48Z No. 4951604


Ugh DIE!

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 15:53:01Z No. 4951605



Anonymous ID: 783052 2019-01-29 15:53:03Z No. 4951606


>Jews invented their historical claim to Israel

Um, fact. Their 6 gorillion prophecy, never happened

>Jews secretly control the media

Also fact. Still don't like this muzzy bitch though. But, her POC card allows her to say whatever w/o consequence

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:53:10Z No. 4951607


>Cyrus had a God given strategy.

Trump has a GOD given Strategy

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 15:53:12Z No. 4951608


Funny you ask b/c my son once explained to me the difference in how they wrap their turbans. Something something "I dream of Genie" vs. minus big bump in front. At any rate, we have both Sikhs and Muslims running gas stations here. And while I do get the difference, I purchase gas at English speaking gas stations only where the men don't wrap their heads.

Anonymous ID: 67a043 2019-01-29 15:53:16Z No. 4951609

I don't think the Yellow vests get it.

They do not understand why America is not doing the same.

It is very simple. Our President is not a traitorous, mutinous scum bag who has thrown it's people to the wolves.

He is winning this war by the "Art of the deal" and we are winning with him, exposing the secrets of the deep state. Our people are beginning to awaken, despite what the media says. It is not yet our time to don vests and riot.

However, rest assured, when that time comes, we will fight, and we will be fighting with guns, because we were not pussies and have not allowed them to be taken from us.

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 15:53:19Z No. 4951610


Maybe being under heavy Italian mob control inadvertently did something good for them.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:53:23Z No. 4951611

Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 15:53:26Z No. 4951612


Anonymous ID: 8fc7b9 2019-01-29 15:53:27Z No. 4951613


Taking a hard left?

Didn't Potus say something recently about a hard left sneaking into the country along the southern border?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:53:30Z No. 4951614


But You Have To Either Filter Me

Or let the truth I speak burn a hole right through you


Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 15:53:32Z No. 4951615


Something like that.

Anonymous ID: 330d09 2019-01-29 15:53:34Z No. 4951616

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:53:39Z No. 4951617


eating their own?

Anonymous ID: ea8f3f 2019-01-29 15:53:56Z No. 4951618


Bolton thats what i nevar understood in POTUS admin

He is a neocon and prowar

We are supposed to be isolationists

now, also the opposition leader was not elected, Maduro wants to continue against the law but there were no elections. How can we support someone who was not elected. Syria comes to mind right away. No matter what you think about situation in another country you are not deciding for it. You can press for dem elections but its different from officially excepting unelected leader.

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 15:53:57Z No. 4951619

Embarrassment for Apple as major iPhone FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop on person you are calling BEFORE they pick up

A bug in the FaceTime app lets users hear the person they are calling before the call is answered

The bug appears to occur when using group chat FaceTime

Users first place a video call to someone before adding themselves to the group

The FaceTime bug appears to be a huge privacy problem but Apple say a fix will be made later this week

A newly discovered FaceTime bug lets people hear and even see those they are reaching out to on iPhones using the video calling software, sparking privacy fears.

The bug, initially outlined by Apple product and review website, was reported by several media outlets.

A video posted at Twitter account @BmManski showing how simple it is to take advantage of the flaw and listen in on an iPhone being called using FaceTime logged more than a million views and was shared 10,000 times by early evening in California.

Some Twitter users offered advice to disable the FaceTime application until a fix was in place.

An Apple statement quoted in US media said the iPhone maker was aware of this issue and has 'identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.'

When a phone number is dialed on FaceTime – the iPhone's internet-based voice and video calling feature – the caller can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap an option to add a person, according to video demonstrations.

If a caller enters their number as also being the added caller, a group call begins even though the person being called has not answered yet.

The caller can then then eavesdrop on the person being called, and in some demonstrations peek through the front-facing camera. Declining a call breaks the connection.

'Disable FaceTime for now until Apple fixes,' Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey advised in a tweet.

Dorsey's message included a forwarded post by technologist Andy Baio.

'Want to see a really bad bug?' Baio asked in his post.

'You can FaceTime any iOS device running 12.1 and listen in remotely-WITHOUT THE OTHER PERSON ANSWERING THE CALL.'

Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:54:07Z No. 4951620


Americans aren't starving. Take phones and food out of our fat ass hands and watch the masses wobble upon the streets in fat fits of rage.

Anonymous ID: 5bbc4f 2019-01-29 15:54:24Z No. 4951621


Illinois has a long established corruption history, but it is from many of the same players who have been around since the time of Moses basically. They do not cut too many people in on the action is my guess.

Anonymous ID: df4499 2019-01-29 15:54:26Z No. 4951622


Trump tower is occult af as well… He has (((their))) blood, but I still hope he genuinely flipped.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 15:54:35Z No. 4951623

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 15:54:38Z No. 4951624


>>4951198 Cliff Sims in #SpyGate.

>>4951403 Congress starts to go after big pharma.

>>4951337 China most active in cyber espionage against U.S.

>>4951270 Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei.

>>4951290 Marina Abramovic spends less time in America since President Trump was elected.

>>4951275 Fugees member embroiled in an attempt to cover up Malaysian embezzlement investigation?

>>4951261 Collection of DNI Dan Coats quotes from Senate hearing.

>>4951253 Military to get some fresh American made kicks.

>>4951252 WH Statement: President Donald J. Trump supports the Venezuelan people’s efforts to restore Democracy in their country.

>>4951222 Exercise Cutlass Express 2019 begins.

>>4951166 Google’s sidewalk labs to package and sell location data on millions of cellphones.

>>4951157 Scaramucci: It's hard not to alter your behavior around President Trump.

>>4951124 Anon's theory on controlled Pelosi and the Mueller emotional build up for the letdown.

>>4951057 Open hearing on worldwide threats.

>>4951050 Mysterious mile-wide object spotted at edge of our solar system.

>>4951028 Black fungus is eating an 8,000 year old (error?) Portuguese cathedral.

>>4951006 Dig on Cliff Sims.

>>4950987 Democrats threaten boycott of Starbucks of Schultz runs as independent.

>>4951010 Alaweed intended on having a 24 hour news channel for the Arab world led by Khashoggi.

>>4951000 AOC/Tlaib named to House Oversight Committee.

>>4950998 Sean Penn with el Chapo.

>>4950988 China releases video of ballistic missile in a clear message to the US.

>>4950971 Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time.

Last call / Baking in 50

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 15:54:45Z No. 4951625



Anonymous ID: a3f00d 2019-01-29 15:54:49Z No. 4951626


Almost everyone agrees that it was an inside job yet we have no justice. Get used to it. HRC and BHO will get away with everything they did. It's just how things are.

Anonymous ID: 2ca04b 2019-01-29 15:55:03Z No. 4951627

Anonymous ID: 21ea06 2019-01-29 15:55:04Z No. 4951628


Huber is a distraction. Remember, use a Stealth Bomber. There is another prosecutor doing the sealed indictment work. I believe Q confirmed this. Recall the testimony of the Clinton Foundation investigators? Huber never called them back, "lost" their thumb drive twice, etc.

Anonymous ID: 8531ce 2019-01-29 15:55:11Z No. 4951629


Did we let some of these women win elections for a reason?

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 15:55:12Z No. 4951630

Rod Stewart - First Cut Is The Deepest (from One Night Only!)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:55:16Z No. 4951631



Phone-fagging saves the children!

400,000 per year

Still Ongoing

Autists need redbull?


Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 15:55:19Z No. 4951632


Shit, that reminds me, I was gonna make a Jews For Trump thing.

If Pick-A-Kippa would let me, I'd design some dank as yarmulkas.

You have no idea how many strange looks and confused questions I got wearing mine around DragonCon.

And holy shit, the leers while I wore my Trump Hat at DomCon.

It was really interesting to see which Doms/subs were MAGA.

Turns out, the Gay Black Kink community in California is preeeeetty sick of the left's nonsense.

Anonymous ID: 9e4d04 2019-01-29 15:55:26Z No. 4951633


Geoffrey Berman SDNY

Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 15:55:27Z No. 4951634


She's terrified, enough petitioners signed to throw her out of office. She has been reeled in. She is scrambling back to the center to save herself.

Anonymous ID: 67a043 2019-01-29 15:55:28Z No. 4951635


Not true. I don't filter you or read you. I just scroll right past you. I am making this one exception, hoping you will use that tiny pea sized brain of yours and awaken.

Anonymous ID: dc502e 2019-01-29 15:55:45Z No. 4951636


It just came back. Censoring information?..

Anonymous ID: 68fbaf 2019-01-29 15:55:50Z No. 4951637

live stream


Gina Haspel, Christopher Wray, Coates

in congress hearing

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:55:51Z No. 4951638


No one ever picked up that red bull reference.

Anonymous ID: dfdf68 2019-01-29 15:56:04Z No. 4951639


Sarah Carter: Yes, actually HUBER is out to put HRC in Gitmo

Said no Sarah Carter ever. Why give up the game?

Anonymous ID: 1a0d8a 2019-01-29 15:56:23Z No. 4951641

Anonymous ID: a51934 2019-01-29 15:56:38Z No. 4951642


likely to divide the NPCs. Sad. The big ones wipe their asses with the little ones

Anonymous ID: 947504 2019-01-29 15:56:39Z No. 4951643


And no one would think less of you for taking at least of some of that to buy some bread for the pantry. You've earned it, anod deserved it. I have a hoodie myself with Q messages on it. Gotta spread that message somehow, right?

You're right; it's the fame fagging that causes all the problems out there, and are brought here to create division culture. Then new folks see that, and are turned off instantly.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:56:39Z No. 4951644


The Next Red Pill

Q is a fraud too!

So where do you find the TRUTH?

The only way OUT is IN


Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 15:56:42Z No. 4951645


>No one ever picked up that red bull reference.

> (18)


Anonymous ID: 2ca04b 2019-01-29 15:57:04Z No. 4951646


Anonymous ID: 835b69 2019-01-29 15:57:15Z No. 4951647


Anonymous ID: 9f6e70 2019-01-29 15:57:20Z No. 4951648

Interesting video from @Potuspress

hint of habbenings soon?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c34a4a 2019-01-29 15:57:24Z No. 4951649


The KIKES are winning.


Anonymous ID: b83ee9 2019-01-29 15:57:28Z No. 4951650


Good stuff! There is a big shop right off of 95 we found by accident.

Anonymous ID: 1e832a 2019-01-29 15:57:35Z No. 4951651


Whitaker oversees the SC. Can anyone explain the problem with him speaking on behalf of Mueller?

These funcking talking points by CS, NP, AS, et al get really old

Anonymous ID: f9243d 2019-01-29 15:57:53Z No. 4951652


…Filtered sound like a great option. Thanks. Keeps me from having to read most of the bullshit posted.

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 15:57:55Z No. 4951653


In what way?

Anonymous ID: 20d947 2019-01-29 15:58:12Z No. 4951654




Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 15:58:34Z No. 4951655


>ignores 10 news articles and 2 notables to assume all posts are bs and "shakes head". Wants 15 posts of tits instead I presume.

Anonymous ID: 7148c5 2019-01-29 15:58:42Z No. 4951656


This anon knows what's up.

follow THE foundation.

We knew all along.

Wine industry is but a single spoke in the wheel.

Map the connections,

climb the hierarchy,

you'll be surprised (you won't) of who you find

over and over and over.

The map of connections from unrelated industries,

this map is the key.

Anonymous ID: 6d58ab 2019-01-29 15:58:48Z No. 4951657


Double meanings exist.

Anonymous ID: 0a833b 2019-01-29 15:58:52Z No. 4951658


We're so focused on the U.S., understandably. Yet Q has said this effort is WW. The whole world is in turmoil, largely because of movements like ours.

When the DS is brought to heel (won't ever be eradicated), what will it look like?

No one can impose democracy on another country. Really, only the U.S. and England have the solid history and traditions that allow for freedom. That has to come from inside the soul of individuals and peoples.

Purple thumbs do not a democracy/republic make.

Anonymous ID: b6da97 2019-01-29 15:59:05Z No. 4951659


Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 15:59:20Z No. 4951660

holy shit, is that Nakasone Satoshi-san at the near-end of the line-up?


Anonymous ID: 3dc173 2019-01-29 15:59:38Z No. 4951662

>>4950214 (pb)

The people you trust the most…

Anonymous ID: 0b4b6e 2019-01-29 15:59:44Z No. 4951663

does anybody know when the William bar confirmation vote is supposed to take place

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 15:59:53Z No. 4951664


Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 16:00:02Z No. 4951665


notable as earnings come out later today.

Anonymous ID: 19bea7 2019-01-29 16:00:15Z No. 4951666


At having the biggest noses and the hairiest backs

The Italians are still crying about it.

Anonymous ID: 31650b 2019-01-29 16:00:18Z No. 4951667


fuck off travis

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 16:00:28Z No. 4951668

Rich Russians are flocking to Florida to deliver American babies.

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, UNITED STATES (AFP) - In southern Florida's Sunny Isles Beach, Russian tourists Anna and Helen sip coffee with their husbands and newborn babies - a common scene in what has become a prized destination for well-off foreigners looking to secure United States citizenship for their children.

Anonymous ID: 0f0b60 2019-01-29 16:00:32Z No. 4951669

Looks like Jared stopped having fun posting as Q.

That’s what happens when you can’t deliver shit.

Hundreds of thousands of people finally having hope only for that hope to be betrayed.

Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 16:00:36Z No. 4951670


Your info is bullshit, topped with your reply to fake Q . So yeah, SMH.

How about you just go chat away on FB faggot. This isnt your social hour chat room.

Anonymous ID: 5b557f 2019-01-29 16:00:39Z No. 4951671


The plan is White Genocide through mass third world immigration and forced integration. The wall should have been started day one of Trump's presidency. The republicans controlled the WH, congress and senate then. The way current demographics are going in the US that's unlikely to happen ever again.

Anonymous ID: 3dc173 2019-01-29 16:00:55Z No. 4951673


You sound like a bricklayer, not an architect.

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:01:01Z No. 4951674


dot dot dot

Yeeeeeeeah… when I was in Italy every kept asking me for direction.

I can't argue with your statement.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 16:01:12Z No. 4951675

where is miffy…

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:01:21Z No. 4951676



Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 16:01:24Z No. 4951677

This much freedom of expression and opinion can be a double-edged sword.

— Linda Connors

Anonymous ID: e434a4 2019-01-29 16:01:29Z No. 4951678

At least all of this stuff makes more sense.

Anonymous ID: ae4c8c 2019-01-29 16:01:32Z No. 4951679

Is that the number of checks performed? >>4951473

Anonymous ID: 5cb9bc 2019-01-29 16:01:34Z No. 4951680

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 16:02:02Z No. 4951681

Wife of former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is violently assaulted during Paris street robbery

Jany Le Pen, 86, was punched to ground and battered with a motorcycle helmet

Mugger made off with her handbag on scooter in La Celle-Saint-Cloud suburb

Managed to withdraw £2,000 from Mrs Le Pen's cards before she blocked them

Jean-Marie Le Pen's wife was violently attacked and robbed by a moped thug at a market in Paris over the weekend.

Jany, 86, was punched to the ground and battered with a motorcycle helmet by the man in the La Celle-Saint-Cloud suburb at around 1pm on Saturday.

The thief made off with her handbag on the back of a scooter after his getaway driver waited nearby.

The thugs managed to withdraw £2,000 from Mrs Le Pen's credit cards before she could block them.

Mrs Le Pen was hospitalised with bruising to her left elbow and neck pain after the attack.

Her husband, Jean-Marie, founder of France's far-right National Front party, praised his wife's 'courage and determination' in fighting off the mugger.

Mr Le Pen served as President of the National Front from 1972 to 2011 and has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2004.

Anonymous ID: 53d11a 2019-01-29 16:02:09Z No. 4951682

Worth a look….describing the Awan Apy Ring, and Jeff Sessions and the DS coverup of it

Anonymous ID: 172589 2019-01-29 16:02:24Z No. 4951683



Anonymous ID: cf7a1d 2019-01-29 16:02:30Z No. 4951684


Anonymous ID: 3dc173 2019-01-29 16:02:54Z No. 4951685


Dog stories in the media often refer to masons.

Here's an example of a completely bogus story meant to warn ratlines:


Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 16:03:01Z No. 4951686


Your responses are OK. Those need to be said though, cause you're so important? Kek. Whatever. Sit in anger and judge everyone superiorfag.

Anonymous ID: 9a4aac 2019-01-29 16:03:07Z No. 4951687


don't look

Anonymous ID: a51934 2019-01-29 16:03:50Z No. 4951688

As of a few weeks ago Marina Abramovic was a broke witch, couch surfing. Her temple up the hudson got seized by creditors, and her money laundering business shut down in such a way former clients feel they were cheated. They won't help her out. Sauce if a friend who knows some of her unwilling hosts.

Anonymous ID: f988ca 2019-01-29 16:03:53Z No. 4951689


Invos can be re-opened when new evidence comes to light… Awans - nor their Congressional facilitators - aren't out of the woods by any stretch.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 16:03:55Z No. 4951690


What have you added to the board? Nada. Shill kike.

Anonymous ID: d919a0 2019-01-29 16:03:56Z No. 4951691

Anonymous ID: 00a362 2019-01-29 16:04:00Z No. 4951692

Coming to America if we don't wake up

Free to leave: Pakistan’s top court upholds acquittal of Christian woman accused of blasphemy

Pakistan’s highest court has rejected appeals by Islamists to overturn Asia Bibi’s acquittal on charges of blasphemy, signalling the end of her 8 years on death row, and the renewal of religious unrest.

“Based on merit, this petition is dismissed,” Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa declared in the Islamabad court on Tuesday, adding somberly that “the image of Islam” the case has presented to the world gives him “much grief and sorrow.”

The decision has already led to public outcry among Pakistan’s conservative Muslims, many of whom have demanded Bibi’s death since her arrest.

Bibi was first convicted of making negative comments about Islam in 2010. Prosecutors claimed she was motivated by her neighbor’s refusal to share water with her as a non-Muslim. Despite denying the accusations, the Christian farmworker was sentenced to death by hanging under Pakistan’s much scrutinized blasphemy law, which critics claim targets religious minorities.

Anonymous ID: 54a7ec 2019-01-29 16:04:40Z No. 4951693



Nigger try harder…

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 16:05:00Z No. 4951694



Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 16:05:06Z No. 4951695

PG&E Files For Bankruptcy Protection With $50 Billion In Debt

California Intentionally Lighting Fires to Recoup Lost Federal Funds




30 Jul 2018 - 11:11:43 AM

What happens when CA is in serious debt and lost priority aid from the FED gov due to sanctuary status (illegal)?

Light fires.

Declare State of Emergency and req billions from FED.

Why did POTUS reject in the past?

Sick people!

The more you know.📁📁📁


Anonymous ID: 8e2376 2019-01-29 16:05:25Z No. 4951696


No surprise there. China has been doing it for years. That is one thing POTUS wants to fix.

Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 16:05:28Z No. 4951697



Keep reaching for notables, because thats what makes (You) important here. Just try to post as much as possible, respond to fake Q and challenge ebot to a highest post count contest.

Fuck yourself Moran

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 16:05:30Z No. 4951698


>>4951619 Embarrassment for Apple as major iPhone FaceTime bug lets you eavesdrop on person you are calling before they pick up.

>>4951681 Wife of former National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is violently assaulted during Paris street robbery.

>>4951198 Cliff Sims in #SpyGate.

>>4951403 Congress starts to go after big pharma.

>>4951337 China most active in cyber espionage against U.S.

>>4951270 Alexander Downer was on the board of Huawei.

>>4951290 Marina Abramovic spends less time in America since President Trump was elected.

>>4951275 Fugees member embroiled in an attempt to cover up Malaysian embezzlement investigation?

>>4951261 Collection of DNI Dan Coats quotes from Senate hearing.

>>4951253 Military to get some fresh American made kicks.

>>4951252 WH Statement: President Donald J. Trump supports the Venezuelan people’s efforts to restore Democracy in their country.

>>4951222 Exercise Cutlass Express 2019 begins.

>>4951166 Google’s sidewalk labs to package and sell location data on millions of cellphones.

>>4951157 Scaramucci: It's hard not to alter your behavior around President Trump.

>>4951124 Anon's theory on controlled Pelosi and the Mueller emotional build up for the letdown.

>>4951057 Open hearing on worldwide threats.

>>4951050 Mysterious mile-wide object spotted at edge of our solar system.

>>4951028 Black fungus is eating an 8,000 year old (error?) Portuguese cathedral.

>>4951006 Dig on Cliff Sims.

>>4950987 Democrats threaten boycott of Starbucks of Schultz runs as independent.

>>4951010 Alaweed intended on having a 24 hour news channel for the Arab world led by Khashoggi.

>>4951000 AOC/Tlaib named to House Oversight Committee.

>>4950998 Sean Penn with el Chapo.

>>4950988 China releases video of ballistic missile in a clear message to the US.

>>4950971 Computer analysis shows that popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time.


Anonymous ID: fb5d3d 2019-01-29 16:05:35Z No. 4951699

>>4950214 (pb, notable)

Thanks. It seems there's a lot of dark and twisted shit behind the Wine scene. It extends from sea to shining sea. Lots of those wineries connect to DC. I'm just waiting on one to be linked to Alefantis, I'm sure it's there. Apparently even Alex Jones is involved.

Will look closely at this later on.

If you're the one with the appendix issue, hope you're taking it easy. Don't overwork it.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 16:06:01Z No. 4951701


>still hasnt contributed anything to the board but insults.

Anonymous ID: d6530d 2019-01-29 16:06:06Z No. 4951703


I like it.

Please do one that says, "Come IN me, bro"

Anonymous ID: 5aa4b4 2019-01-29 16:06:17Z No. 4951706


There are also massive connections with Masons and Animal Rescue Orgs, like SPCA, etc.

yuge digs to be had, there

Anonymous ID: 1450d5 2019-01-29 16:06:36Z No. 4951707



Seemed kinda left field-ish.

Anonymous ID: 17cb01 2019-01-29 16:06:39Z No. 4951708



Anonymous ID: 1cbb71 2019-01-29 16:07:04Z No. 4951709


Looks like this will be fuel for the FN to push their position, if the perpetrator is Wakandan.

Anonymous ID: bacf0f 2019-01-29 16:07:06Z No. 4951711


whitiker dropped a Q bombshell yesterday…. for those that listen… he told everyone it's about done… whether Mueller wants it or not

Anonymous ID: 0d7476 2019-01-29 16:07:07Z No. 4951712


>…defects in the silicon wafers are not able to be detected until after production run

> …this fab was also one of the affected factories in the virus incident last year

"Water contamination"?

Cover story because they got caught with (more) embedded spyware? Virus cover story already been used? Just pondering.

But, nvidia did debunk the apollo 11 conspiracy, so maybe I'm wrong to question their credibility

Maybe I'm wrong to question anything and should just leave that responsibility up to our amazing, trustworthy, unbiased journalists…….nope.

Anonymous ID: d6530d 2019-01-29 16:07:12Z No. 4951713


True, but don't forget that Meadows has seen ALL the unredacted evidence. He knows what's going on behind the curtain.

Anonymous ID: 2f9cd0 2019-01-29 16:07:50Z No. 4951714


Anonymous ID: 1cbb71 2019-01-29 16:08:21Z No. 4951717


>Looks like this will be fuel for the FN to push their position, if the perpetrator is Wakandan.

Anonymous ID: b36aea 2019-01-29 16:08:24Z No. 4951718


Nvidia has the A.I-based face stuff going on. I wouldn't trust them.

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 16:08:28Z No. 4951719

Dir. Wray: "…are waking up." x4

Sounds like a great awakening.

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:08:36Z No. 4951720


Except NVIDIA cheated. The amount of light needed for that amount of fill would make the person taking the photo 100x (at least) the size of a normal human.

Anonymous ID: 90dce3 2019-01-29 16:08:38Z No. 4951721

The fact that Khomeini brought “international Zionism” to the fore indicates that his target was not decent Americans who virtually have no clue of what is really going on; Khomeini’s target was “international Zionism,” which we all know has sucked the blood out of Palestinian men, women and children and spit out the human bone. This has been going on since 1948. And if 1948 is too far in the past, then Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria should be case studies for modern observers and scholars. In fact, Israeli historian Benny Morris unequivocally declared:

“A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.”[13]

Anonymous ID: 9727bd 2019-01-29 16:08:42Z No. 4951722


It is disgusting for sure. Wish something could be done about it but congress will never agree to that change

Anonymous ID: 0cd121 2019-01-29 16:09:19Z No. 4951725


If we beheaded…umm…arrested everyone

Wouldn’t we all be happier?

How is government gonna make our lives better?

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 16:09:28Z No. 4951727


Trouble comin'! PAIN!

Anonymous ID: 309e03 2019-01-29 16:09:48Z No. 4951729


Anonymous ID: 3dc173 2019-01-29 16:10:00Z No. 4951730


Is Danny B a Shriner?

Anonymous ID: f988ca 2019-01-29 16:10:05Z No. 4951731


When the left goes suicidal with the fruitless (for them) Mueller wrap-up, then would be the time to bust open the Awans again. Get congress back, then DECLAS to clean up any remaining swamp.

Anonymous ID: d6530d 2019-01-29 16:10:17Z No. 4951733


Not a single thing wrong with making Q apparel and decals.

If someone likes them and thinks they're worth what you're asking, I say let them buy them and display them proudly. If not, who cares?

I say you should put them into the marketplace and split your profits with your family and

Anonymous ID: bd06cc 2019-01-29 16:10:32Z No. 4951735


Thanks very much, Anon! I can take it from there.

Anonymous ID: 8e4821 2019-01-29 16:10:34Z No. 4951736



Anonymous ID: 0d7476 2019-01-29 16:10:54Z No. 4951738


I haven't dug into nvidia debunking yet, but I suspect there will be fallacies in their arguments when I do

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:11:08Z No. 4951740


That's the idea.

Q stuff funds Q stuff.

Anything else… hopefully I can afford rent or some food or something. Would be nice ^_^

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:11:34Z No. 4951741


Especially if you've ever used studio lighting for photography.

ID: 0c4bad 2019-01-29 16:11:46Z No. 4951742


Fuck off

Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 16:12:12Z No. 4951744

>>4951693 Bill would tap that

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 16:12:38Z No. 4951747

Political consultant Roger Stone pleads not guilty during arraignment in D.C. The next hearing is scheduled for this Friday, February 1st.


Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:12:40Z No. 4951748


That's really not saying much of anything…

Anonymous ID: 667b11 2019-01-29 16:12:47Z No. 4951749


they have had alot of crime and violent robberies in France since the huge influx of migrants

Anonymous ID: 11464c 2019-01-29 16:13:17Z No. 4951753

Fill It

Anonymous ID: 13dee0 2019-01-29 16:13:19Z No. 4951754


>>4951744 Just stating the facts.

Anonymous ID: 8c7d0d 2019-01-29 16:13:27Z No. 4951756


by Congressman Louie Gohmert

Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is

a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility

to lead the prosecution of anyone.

I do not make these statements lightly.

Anonymous ID: 5b557f 2019-01-29 16:13:30Z No. 4951757


>When the left goes suicidal with the fruitless (for them) Mueller wrap-up, then would be the time to bust open the Awans again. Get congress back, then DECLAS to clean up any remaining swamp.

If you really want to clean the swamp then DC would have to be completely shut down just for starters. You might be lucky to find a few honest local politicians.

Anonymous ID: 960601 2019-01-29 16:13:33Z No. 4951759

Shut the fuck up, Q merchandizers

Anonymous ID: e498e0 2019-01-29 16:13:46Z No. 4951761

Fresh Bread




Fresh Bread

Anonymous ID: ef55e6 2019-01-29 16:14:01Z No. 4951763


My pleasure.

Anonymous ID: c5b77c 2019-01-29 16:14:08Z No. 4951764


woulda been true if it was a dude, too

Anonymous ID: 00a41c 2019-01-29 16:14:20Z No. 4951766


It would be interesting to compare some of the 10 yr Forecasts

that the "Experts" in Global Warming came up with say 5 - 10 years

ago, versus the current Very Cold Spell.

I suspect the Average temps in the US for 2019 are going to be somewhat colder than were predicted by many of the "Experts".

Seems quite likely that extraterrestrial effects from the Sun, and maybe even the Moon, were not fully taken into account ( or even totally ignored by some forecasters ? ).

The Sun in particular has significant long cycles of activity which

can have a significant affect on temperatures on planet Earth. In addition, the gradual cooling of the Earth's magma core was not factored in to many forecasts.

Despite being a beach lover, I haven't noticed visible rises in sea

levels at Any of the beaches that I visited over the last year or so .

Indeed locals around the beaches I visit are Very sceptical about sea level forecasts. Some proper checks on Actual sea levels vs Forecasts are overdue.

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But doesn't she have a warm spot in Hell that she can go to anytime?