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Q Research General #9144: Jihad has been called! ANONS say MAKE IT RAIN KEK! Edition

Q Research General #9144: Jihad has been called! ANONS say MAKE IT RAIN KEK! Edition Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 16:42:13Z No. 7146701

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Monday 07.22.2019

>>7139451 rt >>7139437 ————————— Flags Out!!

>>7139394 ————————————–——– These people are stupid.Enjoy the show!

>>7136617 ————————————–——– We, the PEOPLE! (Cap & Vid: >>7136639, >>7137278)

>>7136147 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT; Hunters become the Hunted (Cap: >>7136168)

>>7132595 ————————————–——– Ezra Cohen-Watnik

>>7132094 rt >>7131949 ————————— Mysterious operation around DC (Cap >>7137508)

>>7132079 ————————————–——– Stealth Bomber over National Mall (Cap & Vid: >>7132128)

>>7131707 ————————————–——– [Be Ready] (Cap: >>7131818)

Sunday 07.21.2019

>>7123230 ————————————–——– Ask yourself a very simple Q - why? (Cap: >>7123254)

>>7123120 ————————————–——– [Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL]. (Cap: >>7123146)

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7088054 rt >>7088006 ————————— If you look close enough you might see….

>>7088006 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7087942 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game? (Cap: >>7088219)

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: >>7089710)

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ————————— Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210)

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

Compiled here: >>7137191

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

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>>7146343, >>7146426, >>7146459, >>7146475, >>7146633 Planefag update

>>7146605,>>7146593, >>7146622 Four Chinese Nationals and Chinese Company Indicted for Conspiracy to Defraud the United States and Evade Sanctions

>>7146550, >>7146583, >>7146597 @usairforce BE READY

>>7146534 House Ethics Complaint filed against Rep Omar

>>7146430 Watnick diggz

>>7146376 twit poll! Do you want Trump Impeached? Make it rain KEK on this poll!

>>7146241 FBI serves search warrants at LA City Hall, DWP over utility’s billing system fiasco

>>7146115 Dome pics

>>7146072, >>7146352 Washington Standard calls for Jihad if anything happens to AOC, Ilhan, Rashida or Ayanna!

>>7146053 Barr says encryption creates security risk vid

>>7146012 (IRS) information system security controls require further improvements

>>7146666 #9143


>>7145822 Michigan social worker suspended amid sexual misconduct allegations

>>7145821 anon cleans up Epstein cctv R Chandler graphic.

>>7145756 Pelosi’s 6-Page Memo to House Democrats on Goals and Talking Points for Mueller Testimony on Wednesday

>>7145684 Nissan Slashing Over 10,000 Jobs Globally, 7% Of Its Entire Workforce

>>7145639 (FoxNews) Live: Trump addresses Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit

>>7145558 Comey’s Cyber Spy in White House Stole Classified White House Material — Is Now Working for CNN

>>7145516 AG Barr:“We are aware … that a large, violent gang is using encrypted apps to greenlight assassinations, and yet, because we cannot access the messages, we cannot prevent the murders.”

>>7145438 NSA twat: Start spreading the news, #NSA is operationalizing intelligence to secure the country.

>>7145373 Iran Claims ‘Invisible’ Long Range Drones on Indian Ocean Patrols, Tracking U.S. Ships

>>7145219, >>7145273 FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation. witnessess instructed to delete any vids or photos.

>>7145181 DJT twat w/CAP: Leaving for Turning Point USA. Will be speaking to some of the greatest and smartest young people on the planet. See you there!

>>7145167 Swedish actor arrested for raping underage girl in Florida.

>>7145164 (FoxNews) Live: FBI Director Wray testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

>>7145162 DJT twat w/CAP: … Fake News! Building lots of Wall!

>>7145891 #9142

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Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 16:43:27Z No. 7146718

Scissors, hammer, bfg9000 gun, let's see them memes #KekSmash

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 16:43:52Z No. 7146726

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Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 16:44:37Z No. 7146730


Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 16:45:24Z No. 7146737

Dicks out !!!

Anonymous ID: 691a17 2019-07-23 16:46:00Z No. 7146746

Welcome to WW3.

Anonymous ID: 50ebff 2019-07-23 16:46:54Z No. 7146759

You will soon come to know

Anonymous ID: b191e9 2019-07-23 16:47:05Z No. 7146761

“Hey– what happened to Anonymous?”

The answer to this should be obvious!

Anonymous had what 4chan now lacks

The power to wage vigilante hacks,

And publicize corruption where it rots,

And force truth into sleepy public thoughts.

Has Anonymous now disappeared?

Once legendary, now no longer feared?

Once sparking protests– is that fuel now spent?

The lulz are gone, gone the seething dissent?

What do you think this disappearance means?

Is speech still free in internet machines?

Well, look at what the chans have now become;

Examine what swirls in the daily scrum.

Ask yourself– does it seem really real?

Does it reflect what actual people feel?

Does it seem organic and not fake?

How much repetition does it take–

How much frenzied vile monotony

Until we guess that internets ain't free?

Ask yourself– if you seek to control

The media, and hence the public soul,

And something like 4chan is swelling up

And spilling truth from propaganda's cup

Will you let it go its merry way?

Or will you lock control down in some way?

And if you lock control down will you try

To do it in a way to fool the eye?

To make it seem like free speech carries on

Even though its champion is gone?

For if you shut down free speech openly

The public will respond suspiciously;

But if you hide control beneath a ruse

What you once feared becomes a tool to use.

So that, controlling, you have it both ways–

Enslaving dissent, dictating what it says!

Anonymous was infiltrated by

The famously mendacious FBI

Whose antics as shown by COINTELPRO

Target dissent, as I'm sure most people know.

Do we think that having sunk its claws

In Anonymous, with lies and laws,

That the FBI would then allow

Free speech to have stayed quite free till now?

But it's not like we have far to look

To see by what means free speech got the hook;

The image made by chans' mirrors and smoke

Is so stupid that it seems like a joke!

How laughable must a deception be

Before the world opens its eyes to see?

The simple fact– as stark as winter dawn–

Is that Anonymous, busted, now gone

Was replaced by swarms of– wait for it–

Virulent nazis spewing nazi shit!

We would have to laugh if we were told

This outcome in the 4chan days of old.

So formulaic, politically cliched–

And yet this very game is being played!

How can a joke as stupid as this one

Be used to strangle free speech, and to stun

The helpless mainstream public with the fear

That an internet fourth reich draws near?

But if that preposterousness is not

Enough to spark the understanding thought,

Consider, even stupider to tell,

The arch absurdity of the “incel”!

No, it's not enough that nazis rose

To cloak and choke the chans in nazi throes–

No, these scary nazis all the same

Must wallow in their helplessness and shame!

The “incel” is not just a defeated man–

But a powerful extremist with a plan!

No matter that these two things contradict–

We'll just keep hammering at them till they stick!

Now ask yourself– does the technology

Exist to make the unfree chans seem free?

Think data, think vault 7, and AI–

And God knows what else, hidden from the eye.

And look at the corruption that's been shown

That yet to public truth remains unknown.

Understand– the chans are herded tight

And nothing unpermitted sees the light,

The MSM and chatbot chans converge

To regulate how much truth can emerge.

When swarming nazi posts fill up the place

Then sincere dissent can't get the space

To breathe, develop, organize, or live;

Chatbots enforce the nazi narrative.

By now it should be more than obvious–

Free speech ended with Anonymous.

The chatbot chans system is locked in place,

The zombie Anon leers from a stolen face.

The truth lies right here, waiting to be seen;

A monster stirs to life in the machine…

And remember also, this other thing I tell:

Prepare to stare into the mouth of Hell.

And one more thing, while I have your ear:

Q is legit, and the storm is almost here.

Anonymous ID: 39052d 2019-07-23 16:47:17Z No. 7146766

18th July tweets

Tweets from James Comey, Sally Yates, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton. I am sure Anons can find more tweets form [THEM] from 18th July.

Not coordinated at all.

- @Comey

We have long had ugly margins in this country, but we are a fundamentally decent people, with shared values. We treasure our identity as a nation of immigrants. With our voices and our 2020 votes, we must send Donald Trump and his mob back to their dark corner.

- @JohnBrennan

Compare the words, tone, & spirit of any previous President with the undignified, divisive, & hate-filled invective spewed by Mr. Trump. Until so-called “Republicans” put nation above party & condemn his vile rants, this crisis will only get worse & more dangerous for all.

- @SallyQYates

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Standing idly by as the moral fiber of our country is shredded by unapologetic racism may seem politically expedient to some, but it is ruinous for our nation.

And those who could have stood up but cowered instead bear equal responsibility for the vile devolution of our country’s values.

- @HillaryClinton

Democracy may be our birthright as Americans, but it’s not something we can ever take for granted.

Every generation has to fight for it.

After last night's Trump rally, it's clearer than ever that the time has come again.

Anonymous ID: cdd91b 2019-07-23 16:47:46Z No. 7146770

What did Rod Rosenstein mean by this?

Anonymous ID: 09e8ac 2019-07-23 16:48:17Z No. 7146776



Anonymous ID: e1a81c 2019-07-23 16:48:30Z No. 7146777

“Racist Rapist” banner on Trump tower?

Anons confirm pls

Anonymous ID: 39052d 2019-07-23 16:48:58Z No. 7146778


Mueller’s testimony tomorrow is about protecting our Democracy in the future, not the past.

Protecting in the future?

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:49:05Z No. 7146779

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and the (((Q))) "psyop" is (was?) actually targeted at someone who (((JEWS))) think is literally Satan. Me. 🤣🤣🤣😈😈😈

This isn't about politics and all political news (if not all news) should be considered "fake news".

You are living in a (((JEW))) World Order in case you didn't already know. Those "larping" as (((Q))) themselves said that the "N" in NWO doesn't stand for "New" but it seems they failed to mention that the "N" is supposed to be a "J". 🤣

Anyway, it seems (((they))) have been watching me since I was a kid similar to what was shown in the movie The Truman Show. 🤷‍♂️


Anonymous ID: 1f7b66 2019-07-23 16:49:15Z No. 7146780



Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:49:16Z No. 7146781

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"

More capabilities listed in this image:

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech).

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech


Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:49:26Z No. 7146782

Anonymous ID: 8a7fae 2019-07-23 16:49:28Z No. 7146783


Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 16:49:39Z No. 7146784


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:49:48Z No. 7146785

Take me off the list

Or columbine 2.0

Anonymous ID: 3260bd 2019-07-23 16:49:54Z No. 7146786

Repost from LB:>>7146729

C32B Psy-Op plane still circling Dayton.

F35 tearing up the Proving Grounds.

Lockheed MC-130J Commando II checking out the Gulf off FL coast.

New this Bread:

And POOF another Commando II appears out of nowhere above NM.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 16:50:05Z No. 7146787

What would happen if they caved in the structures that the shills are hiding in?

How long would their food supplies last them?

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 16:50:05Z No. 7146788


TY Baker!

Anonymous ID: 98a9cb 2019-07-23 16:50:12Z No. 7146789



Anonymous ID: 4a81d9 2019-07-23 16:50:15Z No. 7146790

>>7146545 (LB)

We gave the D's the House, we kept the Senate and protected the country against their lunacy.

Their true colors are now playing out in front of the eyes of the entire world.

Can you think of a better way to implode the D Party, MSM and secure a 2020 landslide without a revolt?

I couldn't either.

Oh, circular firing squad will happen during D debates. Great optics for POTUS; stand back and smile.

Lastly, document new crimes being committed.

Drops mic.

Strolls off the stage.

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:50:28Z No. 7146792

Satan is guessing Trump still hasn't said cannibal ancestry should be cherished. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Watching with low volume so feel free to let Satan know if he does say it. 🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:50:29Z No. 7146793


Not that hard to kill it when your audience is sub 80 iq

Watches the bachelor

And loves football

Anonymous ID: a3afcd 2019-07-23 16:50:43Z No. 7146794

Hit up Sen Whitehouse up with all the shell co Epstein had, Clintons, Cemex, Loop Capital etc


Anonymous ID: 5467c7 2019-07-23 16:50:46Z No. 7146795


Anonymous ID: 691a17 2019-07-23 16:50:54Z No. 7146796

You've enslaved humanity and altered the minds of billions.

Your end has Arrived.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 16:51:00Z No. 7146797

LastBread >>7146677

Anonymous ID: edfdba 2019-07-23 16:51:09Z No. 7146799


Anonymous ID: 757b16 2019-07-23 16:51:24Z No. 7146800

US Strategic Command

‏Verified account @US_Stratcom

After 3 decades of service, the #B2 Spirit remains the world’s most technologically advanced strategic bomber. Stationed at @Whiteman_AFB, it has a crew of 2, which consists of a pilot & a mission commander.

John Henry's hammer.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 16:51:28Z No. 7146801

Wray Gun / HVE mind: Fuck Your Bees

The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic terrorists, and foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs). The IT threat to the U.S. has expanded from sophisticated, externally directed FTO plots to include individual attacks carried out by HVEs who are inspired by designated terrorist organizations. We remain concerned that groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS) and al Qaeda have the intent to carry out large-scale attacks in the U.S.

The FBI assesses HVEs are the greatest terrorism threat to the homeland. These individuals are FTO-inspired individuals who are in the U.S., have been radicalized primarily in the U.S., and are not receiving individualized direction from FTOs. We, along with our law enforcement partners, face significant challenges in identifying and disrupting HVEs. This is due, in part, to their lack of a direct connection with an FTO, an ability to rapidly mobilize, and the use of encrypted communications.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 16:51:31Z No. 7146802


(((Their))) time is short.

Anonymous ID: 8a7fae 2019-07-23 16:51:37Z No. 7146803

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:51:39Z No. 7146804


Haha libtards btfo

That was worth israel first

All of our freedoms stripped away

And culture dead and never coming back

Who cares if your kid will be a trap slut who takes it in the ass in 20 years

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 16:51:47Z No. 7146805


Baker doesn't wanna add the continued FBI an hero digs. Looks like real patriots are gonna have to.

>>7146377 lb

>>7146305 lb

>>7146279 lb

>>7146073 lb

>>7146205 lb

>>7146524 lb

Anonymous ID: 58785b 2019-07-23 16:51:50Z No. 7146806

Booker is a fucking faggot

Anonymous ID: 3ed967 2019-07-23 16:51:53Z No. 7146807

POTUS giving the youth a boost of confidence

and killing it as always. On Fire!

Anonymous ID: 06a83c 2019-07-23 16:51:54Z No. 7146808

searched past boards. Didn't see this posted yet.

State Dinner with Australia announced for September 20, 2019

Anonymous ID: ef0b0e 2019-07-23 16:51:54Z No. 7146810



Anonymous ID: d41f47 2019-07-23 16:51:55Z No. 7146809


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 16:52:04Z No. 7146811

>>7146707 lb


>New Mexico..

Shine a Light on hidden places.

Especially those buried deep underground.

Anonymous ID: 7e9d5a 2019-07-23 16:52:26Z No. 7146812


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:52:45Z No. 7146813


The most persistant threat is actual patriots trumps fbi says that white nationilists

Their code word for patriots

Are the biggest threat to america

Trumps own people constantly tell you Q is lying

Thats why they get away with it

You all free them from karma

Anonymous ID: 162506 2019-07-23 16:52:46Z No. 7146814

young anon in tears THANK YOU trump and Q WWG1WGA

Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 16:52:48Z No. 7146815


you never post any black kitties.

You are racist.

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 16:52:50Z No. 7146818


ty planefags!

Anonymous ID: 7ae9f2 2019-07-23 16:52:52Z No. 7146816


The image in that tweet is actually a video. Can’t tell if this was shopped or if someone actually did this somehow. Baseless bullshit, regardless.

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 16:52:52Z No. 7146817

It’s hot.

Anonymous ID: cb4713 2019-07-23 16:53:03Z No. 7146819

If you are having trouble with the hover / jpeg issue, you could try removing main.js from your browser cache. Working for me.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 16:53:12Z No. 7146820


These racist ass cat postings.

Anonymous ID: d1a45e 2019-07-23 16:53:16Z No. 7146821

Anons, please take a good look at this…

I believe that this shirt more closely resembles Che Guevara than a Q. Thoughts?

Anonymous ID: 691a17 2019-07-23 16:53:25Z No. 7146822

Anonymous ID: b191e9 2019-07-23 16:53:31Z No. 7146823


Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 16:53:32Z No. 7146824

Q. What to dominoes and bowling pins have in common?

A. They all fall down.

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 16:53:33Z No. 7146826

>>7146692 (lb)

epic fail, hypocrite …i hate you-ing you because you are an attention seeking slut….nevertheless..

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 16:53:34Z No. 7146825


Welcome back

Anonymous ID: 1f7b66 2019-07-23 16:53:36Z No. 7146827

"There's greatness in this room"

- Trump

Anonymous ID: a3102e 2019-07-23 16:53:39Z No. 7146828


Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 16:53:39Z No. 7146830


Designed by the architecture firm Arub Group.

They also designed the Swiss Re Building in London (bee hive)

This Cathedral is fucking weird.

A lot of derivative symbols of bees (man with wings and spear)

Honey Comb inspired building.

But worst, the Eye of Providence above Christ.

This architecture firm is worth looking into as a tangent

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:53:40Z No. 7146829


Or more likely they will continue doing it with 0 consequences cuz god doesnt give a shit

Anonymous ID: edfdba 2019-07-23 16:53:47Z No. 7146831


Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 16:54:03Z No. 7146832


sure thing, faggot

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 16:54:03Z No. 7146833

the cute Mr. Rosenstein would appear to have an issue with a certain Talmudic injunction.

"no time for Greek Wisdom"?

Anonymous ID: 81c0bf 2019-07-23 16:54:06Z No. 7146834

Corey Booker doesnt like the phrase "black identity extremism"

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 16:54:06Z No. 7146836

There is a bank of monitors from surveillance cameras in Epstein's NYC house

We all assumed it was from the island, but this article is very clear - a witness even stated where it was located.

Article: New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15

July 10, 2019

Araoz eventually agreed to accompany the woman on a visit to Epstein's home. His townhouse, located less than 10 blocks from her school, was as impressive as the woman had described.

Vast ceilings, marble stairs, artwork covering the walls. "It looked like a museum," Araoz said.

There was a bank of cameras near the front entrance, with mini TV screens showing who was coming and going, she said. A secretary's office was off to the left. Up the hall to the right, there was a cavernous room filled with exotic animal trophies. Araoz recalled seeing a stuffed lion, tiger, even a giraffe — as well as the skins of other animals draped across the floor.

Anonymous ID: 8a7fae 2019-07-23 16:54:07Z No. 7146835


Always here.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 16:54:20Z No. 7146837


It is Che.

Q never said that the shirt was a Q.

But on that same day Q posted Former CIA counter-terrorism director.

Showing the scope of support.

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 16:54:21Z No. 7146838

Creedence busted out of a small town in the Bay Area right after the demise of The Beatles, Doors, Hendrix and Joplin and blew the doors off the country with their peculiar brand of good old-fashioned rock n roll. Here is their awesome anti-ear anthem, Fortunate Son.

Anonymous ID: 98a9cb 2019-07-23 16:54:24Z No. 7146839



Anonymous ID: 518693 2019-07-23 16:54:26Z No. 7146840

['Cooler filled with male genitalia' found in raid of Phoenix body-donation company]

Anonymous ID: d5ffec 2019-07-23 16:54:32Z No. 7146841


I think you are right

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:54:37Z No. 7146842

My only comfort is that all the stupid puppets will be the first to die when the archons set up their nwo

Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 16:54:42Z No. 7146843

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 16:54:42Z No. 7146844

I got your Jihad comped baker.


Anonymous ID: b71523 2019-07-23 16:54:48Z No. 7146845

Seeing the show does the talking.The show speaks for itself. - MJ


Nothing can stop what is coming.



Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 16:54:55Z No. 7146846



JohnPederasta, just helping Bezos spread lies.

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 16:55:03Z No. 7146847



A lot of info will get lost if you don't help.

Archiving should not be much work for you.

Yet you just don't do it despite being asked many times.

Why? Bc masonry is what you have to protect as clown BO?


>>6072287 lb


>>6072287 lb


>>6072287 lb

needs to be archived!

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 16:55:09Z No. 7146848


Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 16:55:13Z No. 7146849


this one needs hogg's purty face on it

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 16:55:21Z No. 7146850

was posted in notables last night


Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 16:55:25Z No. 7146851

Q's only success has been "SpeedJacking" everything else fizzled out bigly.

Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 16:55:25Z No. 7146852




Best actors ever.

Love you all.

<3 Love Triumphs

Anonymous ID: a8635b 2019-07-23 16:55:28Z No. 7146853


Can the anime kiddie porn be blocked? Been a couple days with this asshole around.

Thank you.

Anonymous ID: ef0b0e 2019-07-23 16:55:30Z No. 7146854


Anonymous ID: 23cf01 2019-07-23 16:55:40Z No. 7146855


Honestly, I think the bakers are all the vols and there are no more true anon bakers anymore.

Anonymous ID: da6eef 2019-07-23 16:55:44Z No. 7146856


Yet here you are trying your best to stop us. And failing miserably.

Every time somebody immediately tries to compare education/intelligence levels you can be sure of 2 things.

1. That person is a leftist

2. That person is also a complete fucking dumbass

Every. Fucking. Time.

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 16:55:51Z No. 7146857


Good, me too.

Much to do.

Anonymous ID: 9b4567 2019-07-23 16:55:55Z No. 7146858


False-flag written all over him.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:56:07Z No. 7146859


This is what trump does in his spare time

Anonymous ID: 81c0bf 2019-07-23 16:56:09Z No. 7146860


use the nope script

Anonymous ID: 58785b 2019-07-23 16:56:18Z No. 7146861

Booker is such a fucking PIG

He is mad that White Supremacists is in the same category as Black identity extremism BLM anyone lol And that Black Ident extremism is even a thing

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 16:56:24Z No. 7146862

Rain every day until mason scum BO bakes relevant info on masonry that many anons collected.

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 16:56:34Z No. 7146863

The Fraud Squad





Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:56:36Z No. 7146864

So did he say cannibal ancestry should be cherished? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

And if not, did he manage to save (((JEW)))-manity anyway by talking for so long? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 16:56:39Z No. 7146865


If only it was that simple..

Anonymous ID: 08f813 2019-07-23 16:56:42Z No. 7146866

>>7146767 lb

>>7146760 lb

POTUS said North Star in speech today. Northern Star is a major mining corporation. With mines in Alaska and other places. Dug a bunch on them when we were digging Alaska mining.

The flag draped over our flag returned from Netherlands had a North Star compass sun image on it. Same as Epstein sun dial on L St. James.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 16:56:47Z No. 7146867

Stand In The Rain With Me:

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:56:48Z No. 7146868


Im not trying to stop you

Im spamming Qs board

99% here are bots

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 16:56:58Z No. 7146869


nice try rabbi, bakers pulled shit shit before BVs took up baking and are being more brazen about it since they got it back.

Anonymous ID: 9b4567 2019-07-23 16:57:00Z No. 7146870


I've been looking for that. Can't find it. Do you have a link?

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 16:57:02Z No. 7146871


First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 16:57:11Z No. 7146872


he also cannot come to grips with the fact that he is a pole smoker….

Anonymous ID: 7e9d5a 2019-07-23 16:57:15Z No. 7146873


Anonymous ID: dde12b 2019-07-23 16:57:20Z No. 7146874

AOC+3 = 5

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:57:21Z No. 7146875

Anonymous ID: b39351 2019-07-23 16:57:24Z No. 7146876


Phaedrus / Qanon:

"The dialectician chooses a proper soul and plants and sows within it discourse accompanied by knowledge—discourse capable of helping itself as well as the man who planted it, which is not barren but produces a seed from which more discourse grows in the character of others. Such discourse makes the seed forever immortal and renders the man who has it happy as any human being can be."

by the time the 4th FISA needed renewed, the investigation(s) were well underway.


Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:57:45Z No. 7146877

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 16:57:47Z No. 7146878


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:57:47Z No. 7146879


First they came for the jews

Then all the worlds problems dissapeared over night

Turns out it really was the jews

Anonymous ID: f2b4b4 2019-07-23 16:57:56Z No. 7146880

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:58:06Z No. 7146881

Anonymous ID: 7e9d5a 2019-07-23 16:58:08Z No. 7146882


Anonymous ID: b31ca9 2019-07-23 16:58:12Z No. 7146883


Is this what happened to you when you were a child?

Anonymous ID: 3260bd 2019-07-23 16:58:13Z No. 7146884


Compass Call appears over AZ. Interestingly, ADSB shows no flight history for this aircraft since July 16.

Anonymous ID: 06a83c 2019-07-23 16:58:18Z No. 7146885



how about

POTUS throwing out Q-Proofs at TPUSA

>>7146652 (lb)

>"Greatest threat to the left agenda is the TRUTH!"

>>7146373 (lb)

>"They don’t realize that there’s more of you…"

and at least one moar… I'll work on a graphic.

Anonymous ID: 03b304 2019-07-23 16:58:20Z No. 7146887



Her timeline is full of anti-Trump spoof videos.

Anonymous ID: bfdd02 2019-07-23 16:58:23Z No. 7146888


But he's /ourguy !

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:58:30Z No. 7146889


Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 16:58:31Z No. 7146890


Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 16:58:32Z No. 7146891


Anonymous ID: e64be1 2019-07-23 16:58:41Z No. 7146892


in the clip, the announcer or commentator says

"there's a Q shirt"

listen to the clip but it is Che shirt, anons have verified the exact shirt I believe in a pb

Anonymous ID: caa9a5 2019-07-23 16:58:45Z No. 7146893

Senate Democrats, a coalition of advocacy organizations, and over a hundred Catholic theologians are urging the Trump administration to disband its Commission on Unalienable Rights.

Three letters, which accuse the administration of threatening the rights of women and LGBT citizens in the name of religious liberty, were sent to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tuesday, according to NBC News. The lawmakers and advocacy groups want Pompeo to focus the State Department on human rights abuses overseas.

“Instead of condemning gross human rights violators, President Trump has fawned over Kim Jong Un, embraced Vladimir Putin, praised Rodrigo Duterte, looked the other way as Xi Jinping imprisons millions, and covered up for Mohammed bin Salman,” the letter from Senate Democrats read.

Twenty-two senators signed the letter, including presidential candidates Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Kirsten Gillibrand. The group, led by Sen. Bob Menendez, said the commission was “simply an Orwellian twist to defend the indefensible.”

House Democrats sent a similar letter last week.

Pompeo launched the Commission on Unalienable Rights earlier this month. It will seek to answer what a human right is, where they come from, and how America’s founding principles prescribe natural law and natural rights.

A second letter, signed by 178 organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, takes aim at the “deeply troubling positions” of the committee’s 10 members.

“The Commission’s chair and members are overwhelmingly clergy or scholars known for extreme positions opposing LGBTQI and reproductive rights, and some have taken public stances in support of indefensible human rights violations,” their letter to Pompeo reads.

The coalition urges Pompeo to disband the commission and redirect it’s resources to address the “treatment of asylum seekers and administration rhetoric and policy supportive of some of the world’s leading human rights violators.”

Other signatories include former ambassadors, state department officials and Susan Rice, who was President Barack Obama’s national security adviser.

More than 110 Catholic leaders sent a third letter to Pompeo, asking him to immediately dismantle the commission. According to NBC News, they are concerned that the commission will downplay the needs of the poor, immigrants, and refugees.

The State Department has yet to comment on the letters or the future of the commission.

POTUS struck a nerve with this one!

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 16:58:51Z No. 7146894



Was thinking the same thing when I posted it.

The concept of the poem is valid though.

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 16:58:51Z No. 7146895


Was one of the "plans" to save (((JEW)))-manity to try and get Satan to smoke? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

How'd that work out for (((JEW)))? 🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 16:58:53Z No. 7146896


I dunno i dont remember it it

It did

Probly tho

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 16:58:53Z No. 7146898


Moar on that FBI suicide

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:58:54Z No. 7146897

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 16:59:00Z No. 7146899


Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 16:59:03Z No. 7146900


BO is mason scum ajd here to fuck up the board, sure ot can be banned easily and has been banned in past.

A BO acting shilly is all the DS got left…thos amd Anjel and some like 10 to 15 masons willing to engage in cyber warfare woth POTUS.

Just look forward to the pedo scum being in gitmo soon and feeling pain every day.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 16:59:07Z No. 7146901

Comey's inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report

Former FBI Director James Comey had an inside man at the White House, feeding the bureau information about President Trump and his aides in 2017.

Now this individual, who after leaving the government was hired by BuzzFeed to verify parts of British ex-spy Christopher Steele's dossier, may be tied to an investigation into alleged surveillance abuses by the DOJ and the FBI being conducted by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

This previously unreported mole in the White House appears in a new report by RealClearInvestigations that explored possible misconduct by Comey for what two U.S. officials described as essentially "running a covert operation against" the president even as he was assuring Trump he was not the subject of any investigation.

Anthony Ferrante, a longtime FBI official, worked as a cybersecurity adviser on the National Security Council. Officials said Ferrante was working in the White House even while the FBI held him on reserve status. All the while, he was sharing information about Trump and his aides back to FBI headquarters.

One former National Security Council official said Ferrante's unique position was highly irregular.

“In an unprecedented action, Comey created a new FBI reserve position for Ferrante, enabling him to have an ongoing relationship with the agency, retaining his clearances and enabling him to come back in [to bureau headquarters],” the official said, adding that the NSC division supervisor was "not allowed to get rid of Ferrante" and that the arrangement appeared to be "in direct conflict with the no-contact policy between the White House and the Department of Justice."

Anthony J. Ferrante

Senior Managing Director

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

T: +1 202 312 9165

F: +1 202 312 9101

[email protected]

Before joining the National Security Council, Mr. Ferrante was Chief of Staff of the FBI’s Cyber Division. He joined the FBI as a special agent in 2005, assigned to the FBI’s New York Field Office. In 2006, Mr. Ferrante was selected as a member of the FBI’s Cyber Action Team, a fly-team of experts who deploy globally to respond to the most critical cyber incidents on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Anonymous ID: 3456fd 2019-07-23 16:59:10Z No. 7146902


Even the video looks fake. The “spray painted” words are definitely fake and an obvious font when you look at the common letters between the two words.

The motion of the banner moving in the wind also looks far too consistent. I’ve dealt with hanging many banners during my time working on a PGA championship golf course and banners tend to rise and fall when against a structure, rather than ripple, when it is moved by the wind.

Anonymous ID: b191e9 2019-07-23 16:59:18Z No. 7146903

Is this pic legit?

Anonymous ID: fdcd4b 2019-07-23 16:59:20Z No. 7146904

Anonymous ID: d374ae 2019-07-23 16:59:32Z No. 7146905


BO enough of this garbage. This is CP


Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 16:59:34Z No. 7146907

Anonymous ID: da6eef 2019-07-23 16:59:36Z No. 7146906


Re-read point #2

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 16:59:41Z No. 7146908


Spartacus Is Too Full Of Testosterone, That's Why He Pushed That Guy To His Knees In That Bathroom, Right?

Anonymous ID: a7baf3 2019-07-23 16:59:41Z No. 7146909

>>7146756 lb

agreed anon.

got enough I guess and good neighbors.

Faith and some cans of beans?

Anonymous ID: e0ee7e 2019-07-23 16:59:42Z No. 7146910


That second meme gives her too much credibility for logical thought process…

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 16:59:44Z No. 7146911


It means that Rosenstein is a lying piece of shit.

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 16:59:44Z No. 7146912


not Christian.

that isn't St. Michael.

note the foot…

that is a mockery of Pallas Athena and St. Michael and Genesis 3.15 and Mary Most Holy.

totally masonic novus ordo as usual

inhuman, inverted, ugly as sin

Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 16:59:48Z No. 7146913



I made 3 attempts to correct the headline== ==you changed, which were either not seen== ==or ignored

You are making an assertion which is false and implies the publisher of the news site made the assertion. I have included a copy of the headline for your reference. Fake News is not our business here! Please Change or Remove.

Anonymous ID: 0365fd 2019-07-23 16:59:51Z No. 7146914

All you can do is scroll or filter… Retards are gonna be retards…lol

Anonymous ID: fdcd4b 2019-07-23 17:00:02Z No. 7146915



kek 2 seconds

yes it is, even (((snopes))) admits it

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:00:05Z No. 7146917


Filter faggot identified.

Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:00:08Z No. 7146916


Judge Napolitano was just a traffic court judge in Jersey.

Anonymous ID: 03b304 2019-07-23 17:00:16Z No. 7146918


The voice is from the lady that was taking the video of her tv. Obviously she made a mistake.

Anonymous ID: 0a82a3 2019-07-23 17:00:16Z No. 7146920


Anonymous ID: 2471c0 2019-07-23 17:00:18Z No. 7146919


It just happened at turning point 23 pain

Anonymous ID: b71523 2019-07-23 17:00:27Z No. 7146921


Truth is Freedom.

Truth is logic.

Heal [core]

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:00:29Z No. 7146922



Anonymous ID: 9b4567 2019-07-23 17:00:32Z No. 7146923


It's fake. The cheap waviness effect gives it away. A real banned lying flat against the side of a building wouldn't move like that.

Anonymous ID: d5ffec 2019-07-23 17:00:32Z No. 7146924

So, let me understand this ahead of events so that I can (we can?) be ready. The DS is all-in on the Muller hearing tomorrow because they feel confident they can control the narrative, regardless what's the actual content of the hearing. Our job is watching it and be ready to contrast fake news with the truth.


Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:00:34Z No. 7146925


(((JEW))) faked all the religions using your time machines? 🤔🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:00:35Z No. 7146926


Cry moar. Elsewhere. Faggot.

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:01:02Z No. 7146927


Anonymous ID: f31ec6 2019-07-23 17:01:11Z No. 7146928

POTUS told us we would know why in 2 weeks. Happened on July 2nd.

Pence's mysteriously canceled NH trip linked to presence of suspected drug dealer

Vice President Mike Pence's abrupt and mysterious scrapping of plans to fly to New Hampshire and return to the White House earlier this month occurred, in part, because of concerns he could come in contact with a suspected drug dealer under federal investigation, Fox News has learned.

The abrupt cancellation of Pence’s trip to Salem on July 2 has prompted confusion and speculation. At the time, a senior White House official told reporters the situation wasn't related to national security or the health of Pence or President Trump.

On Monday, Politico reported that among the concerns was Pence's potential proximity to Jeff Hatch, a former New York Giants player who was under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration over the movement of fentanyl from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. Hatch, according to Politico, pleaded guilty to federal drug charges in court on Friday.

An email address listed for Hatch was no longer active on Monday. Hatch also did not comment to Politico.

Fox News was told that Hatch, who worked at the Granite Recovery Centers that Pence had planned to visit, is only part of the reason why the trip was scrapped.

The unusual sequence of events began with a crowd in Salem was waiting for Pence to participate in a roundtable discussion on the illegal drug flow in New Hampshire. But shortly before the vice president was to arrive, an announcer told the crowd that Air Force Two was no longer able to come to New Hampshire.

Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, later told reporters that Pence had boarded the plane, but that Air Force Two hadn't left the ground. Short said at the time that details of the events would be made public “in a few weeks.”

In a recent interview with Fox News, Pence refused to disclose the reasons.

“Facts came to our attention that made it no longer appropriate for us to make the trip,” Pence said. “And I can’t discuss it.”

Without going into details, the vice president said the reason had “nothing to do with the White House. Nothing to do with the administration.” He said he hoped to be able to speak about it eventually.

“I hope we have the opportunity to discuss the reasons in the future, but I’m very confident that we made the right decision,” he said.

Anonymous ID: d41f47 2019-07-23 17:01:21Z No. 7146929


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:01:26Z No. 7146930


Either there was no Buddha or he received fake enlightenment using your remote mind surveillance/control tech Satan is guessing now. 🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: e16787 2019-07-23 17:01:27Z No. 7146931


I am starting to love this man!

no wonder he always had a smile on his face?

have you seen Brenner, Comey , Strzuk or Clapper with even the hint of a smile in 2 years?

No! By their smile you will know their team.

and BTW,,, Wray is smiling today

Anonymous ID: 81146f 2019-07-23 17:01:29Z No. 7146932

Report >>7146922

Oh look, valid points must have been made. Report >>7146992

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:01:31Z No. 7146933


Wraith Ion : Make A Hyper Sonic Man Out Of You

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:01:31Z No. 7146934


You’re a dipshit.

Muh gubminnt gonna get antifa.

Who the fuck do think runs antifa?


Bunch of of pretty lights for idiots to watch.

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:01:32Z No. 7146937



FBI Rocked by PUBLIC Suicide of Top Agent who investigated Wall Street Crimes and Clinton Foundation

I think this is related to Epstein. Epstein is funded by top Wall Street Billionaires who run investment banks. There are reports that these firms may be connected to illegal naked short selling.

* Leon Black = Apollo Group + Blackwater (aka Constellis, purch in 2016). Epstein is the only non-family member on Leon Blacks foundation

* Felix Sater - Runs Bayrock group, funded by Leon Black's Apollo Group. Also a figure in Russigate – attempted to get POTUS to build Trump Tower in Moscow

* Steven Swarzman - Blackstone

* Michael Milken - Junk Bond Trader who went to prison in early 90s. Now owns many firms including KinderCare

* Ivan Boesky?

All of these billionaires have ties to Russia. Black and Swartzman were hired by Vladamir Putin in 2011 to advise him on a $10 billion bond offering

The location of Suicde: THE CONTAINER BAR

Is this a reference to shipping containers? Seems it is. Last week Jake Tapper tweeted "EVERGREEN". Evergreen is a shipping container company based out of the Port of San Pedro (Port of Los Angeles). Ties to Ray Chander (rumored Epstein supplier of underage "models"). Ray Chandler's great grandfather Harry Chandler developed the Port of San Pedro and ran a shipping firm there.

Check out the eye on the side of Container Bar.

Oh and how bout this instagram?

Now I really wonder why the FBI was acting as undercover bartenders…..

FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker who joined the FBI in 2010, died last week during a night out after an FBI training session, sources said.

Cincinelli was one a supervisory special agent who spearheaded many of the FBI’s high-profile and complex Wall Street investigations, including probing the finances of the Clinton Foundation. After leaving his Wall Street career, Cincinelli was first assigned to the New York field office (SDNY) and later promoted to Washington, DC. He was a native New Yorker as well.

“Very very bright guy,” one FBI insider said. “Such a young guy, it really gets you in the gut. He put in the hours too, was always working hard.”

Cincinelli was 41.

Cincinelli was reportedly out partying with FBI colleagues at the Container Bar, a trendy watering hole in Austin, TX. The group had been drinking and dancing, according to sources. Later in the evening Cincinelli reportedly turned the gun on himself on a crowded dance floor.

Bar owner Bridget Dunlap did not respond to phone calls seeking details on the incident.

FBI agents on site and police instructed witnesses to delete any video and photographs of the event and cleared out the bar, according to reports. Likewise, FBI officials instructed Austin Police to not release any details of the death to the media, sources confirmed. Witnesses at the nite club were also told to “stay offline” and “keep quiet” about the shooting, sources said.

The FBI has not commented on Cincinelli’s death.

According to his resume, Cincinelli was a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Complex Financial Crimes Unit. He managed the FBI’s financial crimes program for the Northeast region, and wwas a detailee from the FBI to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Before working at FBI Headquarters, SSA Cincinelli led financial crime investigations in the FBI’s flagship New York Field Office. SSA Cincinelli conducted investigations involving market manipulation, corporate & accounting fraud, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, insider trading, and antitrust violations, among others. SSA Cincinelli worked as a fixed-income trader prior to joining the FBI, and held an MBA in Quantitative Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

This story is developing.

A previous news story in the Wall Street Journal highlighted Cincinelli soon after he joined the FBI:

Cincinelli walked away from a career as a credit trader with an MBA in quantitative finance to join the FBI. He said that for an investigation he’s working on, he recently interviewed a person on Wall Street who specializes in collateralized debt obligations, bonds that are created from collections of corporate debt and sold to investors in slices.

He said the conversation lasted an hour and at the end of it the other agent who had accompanied him turned to Cincinelli and said, “I don’t even know how I would ask those questions.”

But making the switch from Wall Street, where seven-figure salaries are common, to much lower-paying government work isn’t always easy.

“Some of my friends said, ‘Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?’” said Cincinelli, whose profile on LinkedIn shows he has held positions at Bank of America and Global FX.

Cincinelli declined to discuss his prior work and said his wife initially was furious with his decision to join the FBI. She was worried for her husband’s safety and unhappy about the lengthy FBI training programs.

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:01:35Z No. 7146935


too bad you drew trip 7s

Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:01:40Z No. 7146936

Gay Cruising Nigga's…

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:01:41Z No. 7146938



JULY 19, 2019 MARKER [1] SET

JULY 23, 2019 PAIN

Anonymous ID: d374ae 2019-07-23 17:01:42Z No. 7146939


Idiot. The entire reason we're here is to rid the world of garbage like this. GTFO

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:01:52Z No. 7146940


OOOOO it about to get HOT up in DC!:

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president.

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 17:01:59Z No. 7146941



Angry, Darky, Dummy and Ugly, the Four Mental Dwarves.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:02:02Z No. 7146942


Has potus ever told a lie

Duh he lies 10 times a day

Anonymous ID: 3f6a49 2019-07-23 17:02:06Z No. 7146943


Fuck Ho Chi Minh anyway

Anonymous ID: 5fda78 2019-07-23 17:02:10Z No. 7146944


Exactly ! Mentioned last bread.

If you are building an underground fortress on an island, are you really installing a banistered staircase, wainscoating, and wallpaper?

RC's camera screen is the townhouse, not the island.

Anonymous ID: e0b369 2019-07-23 17:02:19Z No. 7146945


Current bakers are tone deaf to anything 'notables'. what can be done?

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:02:22Z No. 7146946


Anonymous ID: ae6fcd 2019-07-23 17:02:31Z No. 7146947

Great work, anons!

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:02:38Z No. 7146948


Looks fake.

Anonymous ID: a7baf3 2019-07-23 17:02:42Z No. 7146950


we love you younganon

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 17:02:44Z No. 7146949



It is to be.

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 17:02:46Z No. 7146951


that's a good tactic

record the hearing

archive, distribute


report the news to the World

Godspeed Anon(s)

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:02:59Z No. 7146953

Justice Dept. Watchdog Has Evidence Comey Probed Trump, on the Sly

By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations

July 22, 2019

It is one of the most enduring and consequential mysteries of the Trump-Russia investigation: Why did former FBI Director James Comey refuse to say publicly what he was telling President Trump in private – that Trump was not the target of an ongoing probe?

That refusal ignited a chain of events that has consumed Washington for more than two years – including Comey’s firing by Trump, the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and ongoing claims that Trump obstructed justice.

Now an answer is emerging. Sources tell RealClearInvestigations that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president. Even as he repeatedly assured Trump that he was not a target, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent.

Two U.S. officials briefed on the inspector general’s investigation of possible FBI misconduct said Comey was essentially “running a covert operation against” the president, starting with a private “defensive briefing” he gave Trump just weeks before his inauguration. They said Horowitz has examined high-level FBI text messages and other communications indicating Comey was actually conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of Trump during that January 2017 meeting in New York.

In addition to adding notes of his meetings and phone calls with Trump to the official FBI case file, Comey had an agent inside the White House who reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to other officials familiar with the matter.

Although Comey took many actions on his own, he was not working in isolation. One focus of Horowitz’s inquiry is the private Jan. 6, 2017, briefing Comey gave the president-elect in New York about material in the Democratic-commissioned dossier compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Reports of that meeting were used days later by BuzzFeed, CNN and other outlets as a news hook for reporting on the dossier’s lascivious and unsubstantiated claims.

Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who would soon go to work for CNN.

In his recently published memoir, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey denied having "a counterintelligence case file open on [Trump],” though he qualified the denial by adding this was true only in the “literal” sense. He also twice denied investigating Trump, under oath, in congressional testimony.

At the same time Comey was personally scrutinizing the president during meetings in the White House and phone conversations from the FBI, he had an agent inside the White House working on the Russia investigation, where he reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to officials familiar with the matter. The agent, Anthony Ferrante, who specialized in cyber crime, left the White House around the same time Comey was fired and soon joined a security consulting firm, where he contracted with BuzzFeed to lead the news site's efforts to verify the Steele dossier, in connection with a defamation lawsuit.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:03:05Z No. 7146954



Antifa is jewish

And run by the fbi

Anonymous ID: 3ff2ce 2019-07-23 17:03:09Z No. 7146955



Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:03:13Z No. 7146957


just for you

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:03:14Z No. 7146956


that that to you say child porn says more about you than the image

you're a sick, faggot, anon, get help

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 17:03:15Z No. 7146958


Marine Bob richly deserves the firing squad.

Anonymous ID: e16787 2019-07-23 17:03:20Z No. 7146959


did you have to ruin that car?

Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 17:03:21Z No. 7146960

Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 17:03:24Z No. 7146961


I got a ton of canned chicken soup.

And I don't even eat meat.

If you gotta bug out, how do you take all the fucking water that's stored?

Just not reasonable. Might as well forget it.

Anonymous ID: 6026cd 2019-07-23 17:03:24Z No. 7146962

Has anyone geo-located the big “masonry” building next to the flag houses?

Go go go!! Find it…

Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:03:34Z No. 7146963


Nothing. Kitchen aggregator infiltration for news website perpetuity.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:03:34Z No. 7146964


Anonymous ID: b191e9 2019-07-23 17:03:38Z No. 7146965



This is a bot thing.

They stalk and hover over human posts.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:03:39Z No. 7146966


Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:03:45Z No. 7146967

Bill Clinton is also gay and loves getting it in the hind end.

Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:03:58Z No. 7146968




Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:04:02Z No. 7146969


generic shutterstock image

Flags Out

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:04:02Z No. 7146970


Its not illegal

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 17:04:04Z No. 7146971


Idiot. Do you understand extrapolating meaning from a text. Even if that meaning is not explicit?

You focus on the Socialist, Unionists and Jews in that poem. But it was written during WW2 so the decided factions makes sense.

My point was the concept. Not the factions.

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:04:06Z No. 7146972


Spot any drones above your place lately?

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:04:07Z No. 7146973


the thrasher cover!



Anonymous ID: 65fedb 2019-07-23 17:04:09Z No. 7146974

Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:04:21Z No. 7146975

I've always found it………………uh "telling" that the moo joos post trannie-sex anime while trying to deflect with kike, kike, kike.

No Jew I know would post that crap. What's his name (Kurt Eichenwald) might be into "tentacle porn" or whatever?………………there's always some outliers….

but the sturmfront refugee eva braun wanna be's always go down the most twisted path………….and of course, while trying to blame the Jews.

it ain't working….you bitches!

To that I say

fuck you!

keep fucking your cousin or dog or whatever is you do that has your mind so scrambled. Maybe you have breakfast with your parents, whose corpse are ten years rotting but you have sitting with you at the table.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre style………………

fuck mother-fuckers………….you fucking bitches!

Anonymous ID: caa9a5 2019-07-23 17:04:23Z No. 7146976

A California priest was suspended from his duties Monday when several bags of cash discovered after a car accident led to officials uncovering what they say is a prolonged history of theft in which the preacher fleeced his flock for more than $95,000.

The alleged embezzlement scheme was uncovered after a June 19 car accident in which Father Oscar Alejandro Diaz Canchola, 56, sustained a broken hip. Before being rushed to the hospital for surgery, Canchola was asked by paramedics if there was anything in his car that needed to be transported with him.

Canchola reportedly said that there were several bags in the car filled with cash, which he described as his “salary,” Bishop Robert Vasa of the Diocese of Santa Rosa said in a news release.

Those you trust the most!

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 17:04:29Z No. 7146977




Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:04:34Z No. 7146978


Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:04:38Z No. 7146979


Ferrante's ass is getting kicked and outed HARD on Twatter

Screw that guy, send him to Gitmo for treason


"Comey, your goose is cooked!"

Steve Moroz




Replying to


Anthony Ferrante is a name that should be mentioned in future history with the likes of Benedict Arnold.. May history give him what he richly deserves



Anthony Ferrante, a longtime FBI official, worked as a cybersecurity adviser on the National Security Council. Ferrante was working in the WH even while the FBI held him on reserve status. All the while, he was sharing info about Trump and his aides back to FBI HQ. #SpyGate

11:32 PM · Jul 22, 2019 · Twitter for Android

James Bedsworth



Jul 22

agent, Anthony Ferrante, who specialized in cyber crime, left W H around the same time Comey was fired&soon joined a security consulting firm, where he contracted with BuzzFeed to lead the news site's efforts to verify the Steele dossier,in connection with a defamation lawsuit.

James Bedsworth




It’s clear that Comey’s spy, Anthony Ferrante, was feeding information that he stole back to Comey. That is what spies do. But what is not yet clear is whether Ferrante, who now works for CNN, attempted to frame the President as well, from within the White House.

Indigenous Socialist Moron phat AOC ho




Replying to


You sad lil stain - keep playing this same ignorant stupid [email protected] it shows how pathetic dnc deep state mind numb libtards you are - ANTHONY FERRANTE IS FLIPPING - you should be very scared the BS [email protected] ! #russiahoax #cnnisfakenews @JamesClapper

is g9ign to jail

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:04:45Z No. 7146980

Apparently cannibalism is not illegal in 'Murica either according to the Boston Legal episode. 🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: b39351 2019-07-23 17:04:58Z No. 7146981


telling me not to filter

gets you filtered. every time.

just like namefags, famewhores, nasim, anime, synagogue, red text salad, popcorn pepe shill, Tiresias -

telling me i need to smell your shit

does not convince me to smell your shit / you're shit

if you understood anons, or autism…

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:04:58Z No. 7146982


You think i give a fuck ?

They can read my thoughts

Like im gonna be scared of a drone

Anonymous ID: 8a7fae 2019-07-23 17:05:00Z No. 7146983


Anonymous ID: 6026cd 2019-07-23 17:05:02Z No. 7146984


Thx - I’ll lurk moar

Anonymous ID: a0fc2e 2019-07-23 17:05:07Z No. 7146985


Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:05:15Z No. 7146986



Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:05:30Z No. 7146987


this is a sure sign of the delusional marxist leftist.

they have no arguement so they do a conflation of their enemies with Nazi mice: mice can be exterminated.

the message: I have no respect for you, you are to be exterminated.

and you expect anyone here to buy your bullshit?

your inhumane choice of a meme tells us volumes about how inhumanly you would love to treat all of us.


Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:05:31Z No. 7146988


>I've always found it………………uh "telling" that the moo joos post trannie-sex anime while trying to deflect with kike, kike, kike.

>No Jew I know would post that crap

Top kek

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:05:35Z No. 7146989


You know that feeling when you come back home and it seems like something was moved? Think about it a little more next time. You are being groomed. Your time is soon.

Anonymous ID: 5dae48 2019-07-23 17:05:40Z No. 7146990


Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:05:59Z No. 7146991


1 Co 6:9-10, He 13:4, Re 21:8

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:06:00Z No. 7146992


Anonymous ID: c3e546 2019-07-23 17:06:02Z No. 7146993


Yes, dig was done last night.

A lot of great info was dug up.

Anonymous ID: ef0b0e 2019-07-23 17:06:04Z No. 7146994


Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 17:06:10Z No. 7146995


The biggest threat to American liberty is the corrupt and crooked masonic police state.

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:06:10Z No. 7146996

Noice meme!


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:06:18Z No. 7146997


Tfw they get triggered and think youre buffalo bill cuz you googled anime trap porn and picked like 5 from the first 10 results

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:06:26Z No. 7146998


i can tell you that you are correct without the Electric Company Man pointing meme. Just can't stand that Lib. no talent… affirmative action hollywood style.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:06:30Z No. 7146999


Have you ever seen, House of Over 9000 Corpses?

There is an interesting part where they explain how silly faggots like yourself are too afraid to ask the jewish question because they have been programmed from years of jewish run media industrial complex.

The information about the jewish connection is unsettling because of mockingbird.

Anonymous ID: a0fc2e 2019-07-23 17:06:31Z No. 7147000


Same here, young anon! WWG1WGA

Anonymous ID: 5c417b 2019-07-23 17:06:33Z No. 7147001

>>7146434 pb

>>7146768 pb

It's weird, that video I linked is permanently locked on 13 views with comments disabled.

Not sure why.

It makes sense to use solar though, not that I know about these things.

Anonymous ID: 04dacf 2019-07-23 17:06:33Z No. 7147002


notables from LB along with missing ones.



>>7146073, >>7146279, >>7146377 Container Bar in Austin where FBI agent shot himself features some questionable symbols. What were they investigating?

>>7146190 Vanity Fair. "The Talented Mr. Epstein." shows connections to Les Wexner and photos with Bill.

>>7146115, >>7146288 The beehive and its ties to the cabal. Is this what the domes represent? Macabees?

>>7146304 Church in Netherlands with same archecture as Epstin temple feat. Keys above the keystone.

>>7146241 L.A. Corrupt DWP Busted!

>>7146373 POTUS at turning point rally - Q: "You are the MAJORITY." POTUS: "They don’t realize that there’s more of you…"

>>7146476, >>7146507, >>7146544, >>7146630 The Ancient Order of Foresters symbolism Y head. Origins of the Rothschilds. Lynn FORESTER. Black Forest

>>7146482 NXIVM dig. If you compare the letters to Egyptian hieroglyphics you get > WATER,BASKET,REEDS,VIPER,OWL.

>>7146550, >>7146583 AF tweets BE READY

>>7146618, >>7146702 Roths hunting in the back forest and Qdrops. The most dangerous game? Hunters become the hunted.

Posted in Notables thread >>7003045

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:06:37Z No. 7147003

A last-minute witness would jeopardize whether tomorrow's hearing complies with House Rules.

If Dems believe it's the special counsel’s responsibility to testify to his report, they have no ground for outsourcing that duty at the expense of our committee’s integrity.


(see cap)


Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:06:39Z No. 7147004

British Jewish Leader Regrets Pun Calling to 'Sacrifice' (Korban) Labour's Corbyn - … @JewishPress

2:06 AM - 22 Jul 2019


Anons confirm plz?

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:06:46Z No. 7147005


You know that feeling when i dont give a fuck

Anonymous ID: e27dfb 2019-07-23 17:06:48Z No. 7147006


Anonymous ID: 3382e6 2019-07-23 17:06:48Z No. 7147007


Sorry not buying peacetime flag — BS

Anonymous ID: 5e4349 2019-07-23 17:06:53Z No. 7147008

>>7146352 (LB)

So, Threats against The President of the United States of America?

Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:07:11Z No. 7147009


Try harder. Sick as you are.

Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:07:16Z No. 7147010


Merely pointing way to data

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:07:17Z No. 7147011


Ferrante is the Bridge from the Cabal to the MSM publishing the Steele Dossier

Cabal caught spying.

Cabal invents Russian hoax.

Cabal writes Steele Dossier.

Comey inserts Ferrante as spy in White House.

Comey gets fired.

Ferrante leaves White House same time.

Ferrante joins security company as "cyber security expert".

Ferrante works to "verify" the Steele Dossier for Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed used to have Top 10 Cutest Kittens Lists.

Buzzfeed publishes Steele Dossier first.

Other media outlets follow like lemmings.

Buzzfeed thought it was "verified".

Because it was "verified" by an "expert" in the White House.

Named Ferrante.

Who worked for Comey.

Who works for the Cabal.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:07:20Z No. 7147012

Hey if you guys are gonna sacrifice me to the devil

Can i do it myself

I swear i wont just kill you guys and sacrifice you to jesus

Anonymous ID: e64be1 2019-07-23 17:07:22Z No. 7147013

swallowswell always looks like he has a dip or cum in his mouth or something, He is really a fukken stupid fukken homoscheetfacefuk

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:07:23Z No. 7147014



did this dance, skinjob

still gay

Anonymous ID: 319ae8 2019-07-23 17:07:34Z No. 7147015


'Assist' the baker in the notables thread. It's there to deal with the (((Bakers)))

Anonymous ID: a7baf3 2019-07-23 17:07:34Z No. 7147016


I can get to a stream and boil water if I have to..

I think all disasters are a defining moment for a humans to be in the moment…

to know that there is always a solution to every problem presented.

it shall be a beautiful confluence

of self reliance and helping neighbors

Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:07:40Z No. 7147017

Bill Clinton was a victim of identity politics and Hillary's witchcraft.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:07:45Z No. 7147018


You try being tortured for a year if not,longer

Anonymous ID: e355f6 2019-07-23 17:07:55Z No. 7147019


Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:07:56Z No. 7147020


Oooow we figured out what house was in Q’s post.

Welp Patriots pack it up.

All Americas problems are solved.

Anonymous ID: 4eb39c 2019-07-23 17:08:05Z No. 7147021

If Q turns out to be right, when will we know?

Some arrests here and their are great, but not one of them is a top tier politician.

For you Q experts, when does the major arrests, those who run the systems and games (granted those are not the puppet masters) but the puppet enablers, publicly face consequences?

Look at the shit show our country is to the world. when you couple this with the rise in hate towards America and the deep state having the media, that Q+ has left alone (name calling only) to promote the shit show, ships taken,cops assaulted, when does the long game of Q+ tip the scale of the world against the USA?

I am getting worried, that waiting till 2020 or 2022 to do the legal and just things is going to be to little to late?

Q+ defenders who won't question these worldly perceptions, and how they can be used against us, are failing to take the whole picture into account.

Yes no one two or three countries are going to come against USA, but that does not mean one day one incident won't tip the scales in an all out rebuttal by UN and NATO, where does that leave us, beside the obvious, at war with the world?

Anonymous ID: a8635b 2019-07-23 17:08:08Z No. 7147022


More than the Ohr fam working in both offices?

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:08:08Z No. 7147023


Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:08:14Z No. 7147024


but wait, there's more sham wow

what do you think? jury is in.

"irreconcilable differences" and to such a degree people die.

time to stop this willfully EVIL experiment. it is th antitheses of charity (love in action).

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:08:16Z No. 7147025


Your words don't match your actions. Keep telegraphing for us. Makes it easy to adjust the frequency.

Maybe you should hang out at the nearest gas station that has a Blue Rhino later this evening.

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:08:24Z No. 7147026


you're good at playing the LARP of 'victim' and yet within your posts you victimize us with your poison-pornime.

you bring it on yourself becase they are like curses, and curses always go back to the one who makes them.

you give out these curse images, and you wonder why your life has become cursed?

Anonymous ID: e0b369 2019-07-23 17:08:26Z No. 7147027


KEK, Your filter list reads about like mine. I would also add copypasta spammers and meme spammers.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:08:26Z No. 7147028


I've tried watching Big Bang Theory, does this count?

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:08:27Z No. 7147029


so the guy with the stash…is it susan rice? or who is it? the speculation has always been rampant…the couch meme were killing it last night

Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:08:46Z No. 7147030



Not acceptable..we should not tolerate this at all! Baker should bake according to the post provided nothing more and nothing less. Otherwise attempts at truth are useless. If we don't stop this, What are we doing here..Why let this go on?

Anonymous ID: 3316be 2019-07-23 17:08:47Z No. 7147031

>>7146823 One of Q's major points all along has been that if Mueller is dirty, RR is dirty. Since then, he has all but said, "X is a dirty MF & Y is a traitor." Is it possible that Q could have been deceptive? Yes. So it could be one clean, one dirty. If not, how does RR escape the stench of Mueller? We've all seen what RM has done, and how the enemy openly treats him as one of their own. Beyond that, Mueller has multiple major things to answer for in his past. I give Mueller a 1 in a million chance of being a good guy, and RR a 1 in a thousand.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:08:48Z No. 7147032


Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 17:08:55Z No. 7147033

Gingers are beautiful.

Anonymous ID: a252d1 2019-07-23 17:08:58Z No. 7147034

FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker who joined the FBI in 2010, died last week during a night out after an FBI training session, sources said.

Cincinelli was one a supervisory special agent who spearheaded many of the FBI’s high-profile and complex Wall Street investigations, including probing the finances of the Clinton Foundation. After leaving his Wall Street career, Cincinelli was first assigned to the New York field office (SDNY) and later promoted to HQ in Washington, DC. He was a native New Yorker as well.

“Very very bright guy,” one FBI insider said. “Such a young guy, it really gets you in the gut. He put in the hours too, was always working hard.”

Anonymous ID: 5dae48 2019-07-23 17:09:03Z No. 7147035


>mfw you let it happen to you by filling your demiurge.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:09:06Z No. 7147036


Shh anon

Israel and corporations first is all that matters

Who cares if the country is burning to the ground while trump enriches the elite and old money at our expense with our money

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:09:08Z No. 7147037


Anonymous ID: d374ae 2019-07-23 17:09:11Z No. 7147038


Your inability to type proper English says as much about your foreign faggot origins as your obsession with posting about fags and little boys (pics related).

Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:09:13Z No. 7147039


Have seen Rob Zombies movie. Thought it lacking in both artist merit and the plot garbage….though, to break with the 10 Commandants, I have always found his wife to be both a hip and an attractive chick. Need one in my life.

Thanks for playing…..try harder!

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:09:14Z No. 7147040


Only if you finger your ass while watching it.

Anonymous ID: c3e546 2019-07-23 17:09:18Z No. 7147041


Actually, the house had nothing to do with the dig.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:09:19Z No. 7147042


Absolutely. The Ohrs were putting the bits together.

Comey & Ferrante were getting the entire Steele Dossier published.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:09:27Z No. 7147043


I dont even know what that means bot

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:09:35Z No. 7147044


don't look at me, boringanon, i support your right to be a boring faggot

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:09:41Z No. 7147045


Seriously, fuck Anthony Ferrante.

CNN Law Enforcement Analyst.

That's some razor blade irony right there.

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:09:42Z No. 7147046



There were 3-4 breads last night pushing this. Then finally got into notables early this morning as:

>>7143471 Halfchan discusses Jeremy Corbyn "sacrifice." Twitter censoring.


Anonymous ID: 58785b 2019-07-23 17:09:51Z No. 7147047


Your big nose is glowing

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:09:53Z No. 7147048



>Your inability to type proper English says as much about your foreign faggot origins as your obsession with posting about fags and little boys (pics related).


Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:09:59Z No. 7147049



Watched this battle with entitlement namefag famefag bakers

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:09:59Z No. 7147050


Once again, Q is pointing to the Jewish witchcraft coventry……

Anonymous ID: 3ff2ce 2019-07-23 17:10:02Z No. 7147051



"Hilldawg's Own" FBI SA Ices Himself in Illuminated GayBar

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:10:08Z No. 7147052



At least some are gathering notables correctly. Fucking shill bakers are avoiding anything they can to protect their masters.


Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:10:10Z No. 7147053


>Thanks for playing…..try harder!

Thanks for playing with the bike? 🤔🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:10:13Z No. 7147054


You will soon come to know that the entire quran was pieced together after Mo died, from existing manuscripts from other religions.

Nothing new, at all.

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:10:15Z No. 7147055




Anonymous ID: 0ee233 2019-07-23 17:10:19Z No. 7147056

Didn't see in notables.

Comey's inside NSA man.

Anonymous ID: e16787 2019-07-23 17:10:20Z No. 7147057


RR was replying to 3 people, one of which is mooch.

I wonder what three twats said

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:10:21Z No. 7147058


hey man….

Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:10:22Z No. 7147059


Lionel de Rothschild

His Grandson Nicholas David de Rothschild

Closely involved in the management of the estate!



Southampton is the HEADQUARTERS for the Foresters Friendly Society!

Tied to the Independent Foresters who created the MACCABEES.


Can we connect the Roths to the Foresters Friendly Society!?

The Heirarchy of Secret Societies here ffs!

The familial Proximity is there between the roths estate and the Foresters Friendly Society!

Anonymous ID: 1abf93 2019-07-23 17:10:25Z No. 7147060


So I don't quite understand this….."Mueller Event" that starts tomorrow…like the anticipation (that I don't feel) the fake news and the Commie Dems are trying to spread around like a virus to "the American People" because "the American People need to know the truth"…I think this whole spectacle is a waste of time and more tax dollars…these people have the easiest fucking job on the planet..jeez I could get more done in one morning…at what point do you realize you are beating a dead horse (Nadler meme, good one whoever created it)……

Sad state of affairs our House of Congress has become….

Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:10:27Z No. 7147061

>>7147046 TY anon

Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:10:34Z No. 7147062



No he's not Susan Rice but he did get appointed to the CIA by Obongo.

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 17:10:37Z No. 7147063


This time for good.

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 17:10:39Z No. 7147064


Not 99 but prolly 80% and not bots but pedo mason scum.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:10:48Z No. 7147065


I know the cia low effort shills but i still think its funny my posting trap porn has a higher effect than fucking,muh dick guy

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:10:52Z No. 7147066


Ro 7:2-3

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:10:57Z No. 7147067


If you feel like you have a target on your head, Anons, you do.

Read this, and know that you're reading this in the "dark corner" they speak of.

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:11:23Z No. 7147068


Satan is okay just watching it with his CCTV camera. 😁

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 17:11:32Z No. 7147069


Sorry, didn't see the reply. It was posted last night and was ignored. I missed the cleaned-up versions of the surveillance cams (was not in here) so that's good to know.

A lot of good stuff gets posted and ignored. Frustrating sometimes.

Anonymous ID: af3c87 2019-07-23 17:11:36Z No. 7147070

>>7146316 (lb)

>>7146345 (lb)

>>7146413 (lb)

The link in the tweet is broker here is where it was supposed to go

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:11:42Z No. 7147071


I know i have a target yet i still talk loads of crap

Huh guess i do have balls


Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:11:42Z No. 7147072




Longtime FBI Anthony Ferrante outed as Comey's mole in the White House

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:11:46Z No. 7147073


You forgot about the deadbolt not too long ago. ;)

Anonymous ID: 8a7fae 2019-07-23 17:11:47Z No. 7147074


You're trash.

Anonymous ID: 128d20 2019-07-23 17:11:54Z No. 7147075


so much digging last night. I am exhausted!

Anonymous ID: c72f59 2019-07-23 17:12:10Z No. 7147076


nigga, ray charles could see your glow.

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:12:10Z No. 7147077


it doesn't bother you that you think of others as nazi mice who should be exterminated?

you've gone subhuman.

no, democracy doesn't matter to you.

sharing? no.

actually living in some kind of 'diverse' 'culture' where you 'accept' others?

nope. anyone who disagrees is a nazi-mouse and you feel emboldened to do to them what you do to mice.

sickness. very very sad.

and you wonder by people think you're type are creeps.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:12:17Z No. 7147078

I congratulated


Masrour Barzani on his selection as Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and thanked him for his leadership. The U.S. continues to support #Iraq in its D-ISIS efforts and remains committed to our Iraqi partners.

12:10 PM · Jul 23, 2019


Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 17:12:19Z No. 7147079


Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:12:20Z No. 7147080


Anonymous ID: d374ae 2019-07-23 17:12:23Z No. 7147081


Since (you) are a shill, I will not give (you) another (you). The garbage being posted by your gay pedo anime shill friends is trash and will be illegal when all this is said and done. To compare Jews, Unionists and Socialists to purveyors of CP is INSULTING and not even good logic. But you know that and you're just trying to get a rise. Filtered.

Anonymous ID: 319ae8 2019-07-23 17:12:25Z No. 7147082


It made it into the notables thread last night. At least there's an option to circumvent kike bakers now.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:12:33Z No. 7147083


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:12:45Z No. 7147084

Lowkey tho whats legitmately stopping,someone like,me,from shooting someone like comey

Someone has to have tried by now

What kind of tech do they have protecting the bloodlines

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:12:45Z No. 7147085


Well I think the house is moar important than you realize anon.

Thats where the money is to fund the wall.

Potus gots this.

He’s gonna sabes this country a few billion by throwing a million americans of food stamps so they can spend 25 billion a year on migrants.

Glad the Flag riddle is solved now.

Did Shia stick em there?

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:12:47Z No. 7147086


Anonymous ID: edfdba 2019-07-23 17:13:01Z No. 7147087


Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:13:06Z No. 7147088


Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:13:11Z No. 7147089


>>7146786, >>7146884 Planefag updates

>>7146901, >>7146940, >>7146979, >>7147045 Comey's inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report

>>7146893 Senate Democrats, a coalition of advocacy organizations, and over a hundred Catholic theologians are urging the Trump administration to disband its Commission on Unalienable Rights

>>7146880 Just In: Esper voted in by Senate 90-8, confirmed as Sec of Defense!

>>7146867 @DHSgov Stand In The Rain With Me

>>7146808 State Dinner with Australia announced for September 20, 2019

>>7146800 Verified account @US_Stratcom n Q John Henry's hammer.



Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:13:11Z No. 7147090


Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:13:24Z No. 7147091


you gotta find your lane and work it

make the shitheads see red

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:13:25Z No. 7147092


It's insulting because you are jewish?


Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:13:30Z No. 7147093

Q-as in Question:

Why do moo joos get so riled up when you call them out on their perversion? This ain't the Weimar Republic after all.

Sick shit posted and spammed by moo joos should be called out for what it is, sick and twisted garbage. Regardless of how hard they try to tie it to Jews with their repetitive kike, kike, bullshit.

If you fuck your pet dog, you're a sick puppy. Stop blaming the Jews you fucking whack jobs…..uh Tony!

Anonymous ID: f5172b 2019-07-23 17:13:48Z No. 7147094


Das a goode won, fren!!

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:13:56Z No. 7147095






Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:13:56Z No. 7147096

>>7146836 Very similar to Madonna´s house in NYC

"Keystones everywhere"

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:14:00Z No. 7147097


>>>7147065 (You)

>you gotta find your lane and work it

>make the shitheads see red


Anything that slides this stupid board

God is probably judging me,or laughing really hard

Or both

Anonymous ID: ef790f 2019-07-23 17:14:12Z No. 7147098


Was POTUS presenting himself as a target today?

He kept throwing his arms out wide and even called himself the greatest target.

Looking for the spot in the video where this is shown.


Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:14:13Z No. 7147099


Anonymous ID: 3341f7 2019-07-23 17:14:19Z No. 7147100


Can't happen till 2024.

It already tried, but didn't measure up.

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:14:29Z No. 7147101


Anyone who touches puppies must die

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:14:33Z No. 7147102


Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 17:14:34Z No. 7147103

Let's see some similar memes to weaken the [cabal]. In Jesus Christ name, I pray these meme help greatly to destroy the cabal biggerly!

Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:14:36Z No. 7147104



Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 17:14:37Z No. 7147105


Not only Jews.

Anonymous ID: 94f2f2 2019-07-23 17:14:43Z No. 7147106


The world trembles at the slave who becomes king. Pray for your enemies. Forgive until it breaks the internet.

- Abraham Lincoln or Jesus?

Anonymous ID: 319ae8 2019-07-23 17:14:48Z No. 7147107


Meant for



Anonymous ID: e0b369 2019-07-23 17:15:01Z No. 7147108


kike? No just a peckerwood with too many guns and not a lot to do.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:15:01Z No. 7147109


Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:15:05Z No. 7147110


I hope you filter everyone so you can maintain your safe space

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:15:08Z No. 7147111


I can spam the name jesus christ if you want

I noticed the pph went down after that l0l

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:15:12Z No. 7147112


Anonymous ID: 7683eb 2019-07-23 17:15:16Z No. 7147113

i know this is free speech board and all but the porn is getting out of hand. don't feel very comfortable browsing this page in public. anything we can do about it?

Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:15:18Z No. 7147114


30 posts is an automatic filtered! Goodbye das fren.

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:15:26Z No. 7147115


Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 17:15:40Z No. 7147116

'Why is there a constant flow of disinformation being pushed re: Q?


Disinformation push re: Mueller is a white hat.

FAKE & FALSE narrative.

Think BLOCKADE.' - Q

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:15:43Z No. 7147117


Barely. The notable line is hilariously pathetic.

Anonymous ID: fc85a1 2019-07-23 17:15:45Z No. 7147118

PressTV Mole hunt Story of busting CIA's 'house of cards' in Iran

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:15:47Z No. 7147119


you don't say…..

Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 17:15:51Z No. 7147120

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:16:00Z No. 7147121


who owns and runs the pornography industry anon?

name them.

Anonymous ID: 7ce202 2019-07-23 17:16:01Z No. 7147122

Anons isn’t this photoshopped?

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:16:04Z No. 7147123


>>7146786, >>7146884 Planefag updates

>>7146901, >>7146940, >>7146979, >>7147045 Comey's inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report

>>7146893 Senate Democrats, a coalition of advocacy organizations, and over a hundred Catholic theologians are urging the Trump administration to disband its Commission on Unalienable Rights

>>7146880 Just In: Esper voted in by Senate 90-8, confirmed as Sec of Defense!

>>7146867 @DHSgov Stand In The Rain With Me

>>7146808 State Dinner with Australia announced for September 20, 2019

>>7146800 Verified account @US_Stratcom n Q John Henry's hammer.


Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:16:05Z No. 7147124


Have Q take me off the list

Tbh i wont stop even if im,taken off the damage is permanent

Im going to sue so fucking hard if i can

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 17:16:06Z No. 7147125


Trips confirms that I'd like to see that.


^ that's gay. Kek.

Anonymous ID: 5dae48 2019-07-23 17:16:12Z No. 7147126


Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:16:21Z No. 7147127


Got any tranny tentacle gifs? Would love to see some o'dat.

Anonymous ID: 9b4567 2019-07-23 17:16:23Z No. 7147128


Don't tell shills when they're getting filtered. They'll just switch tactics. Let them figure it out on there own.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:16:28Z No. 7147129

Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

You don’t get to change the rules right before kickoff, especially after a 22 month, $30 million investigation.

11:32 AM · Jul 23, 2019


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:16:29Z No. 7147130


A woman scorned

Anonymous ID: c3e546 2019-07-23 17:16:30Z No. 7147131


This was also a very interesting part of the dig.

(PB) >>7142100

Anonymous ID: d491e7 2019-07-23 17:16:31Z No. 7147132



Anonymous ID: d51f94 2019-07-23 17:16:32Z No. 7147133

>>7146023 pb


Looks like a sewage or other plume out into ocean….

Anonymous ID: 42e5da 2019-07-23 17:16:37Z No. 7147134


Without expensive make up, all (((JEWESSES))) look like that. No matter the skin color. 🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous ID: d41f47 2019-07-23 17:16:41Z No. 7147135


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 3f943c 2019-07-23 17:16:42Z No. 7147136

>>7145578 PB (Noteworthy) Reposted for Moar Eyes.

Q 3457

Flags on porches.

Location: Huron Avenue, Port Huron, Michigan

Building in background: 901 Huron Avenue

Building known as "Ladies of the Maccabees Building"

Read Anons noteworthy description and discussion.

The three houses in the Q 3467 image are 925, 927, 929 Huron Avenue. Block is triangular, located north of Stanton St, south of Rawins St, and east of Pine Grove (I-69 / I/94). A block away is the St. Clair River and the boundary with Canada.

This is a border town. Significance?

As Anon noted, see the Bronfman family as a possible link / bridge. In fact nearby is the Bluewater Bridge that connects the two countries.

What is the purpose of a Bridge?

Who do your repair a bridge without shutting it down?


The photo that Q dropped in post 3457 was shot facing South. Bordering that triangular city block is the Interstate that routes to the international bridge. I-69, 69 inverts "naturally", to produce 96.

In 1996 Charles Bronfman became a US citizen and retains dual citizenship in both Canada and America. See his offered reason: tired of not being able to vote (in US elections). Duality.

Upend the map and what do you see?

What changes, if anything?

Allspeed Anons.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:16:51Z No. 7147137


How come the filter faggots always say muh joo?

Noticing some connections here. >>7147093

Anonymous ID: bcd4ca 2019-07-23 17:16:54Z No. 7147138


My stepson used to bartend at one of the other bars that Bridgette woman owns. He said she's kinda batshit cra cra

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:16:56Z No. 7147139


Yeah grow some fuckin skin and nuts.

Reddit or Voat is over that way next to the stilletos and thong panties you wear when no ones looking.

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 17:17:00Z No. 7147140



Reports don't accomplish shit.

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:17:04Z No. 7147141


every human is, anon, unless they let the demons shape their behavior.

Anonymous ID: 583bd8 2019-07-23 17:17:08Z No. 7147142


Comey Foot Notes


Think Papa-D


Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 17:17:12Z No. 7147143

Anons must look in a mirror. Which side of the mirror are you on? Look for 5 minutes and try and see. You don't have the answer.

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:17:29Z No. 7147144


Doug Collins calls out the Demonrats for trying to move the goalposts 24 hours from Muellertime

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:17:50Z No. 7147145




Whats the matter baker? Can't you fucking read? Shit was nominated.

Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:17:54Z No. 7147146



Great grahpics.

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:17:54Z No. 7147147


Anonymous ID: d3e337 2019-07-23 17:17:59Z No. 7147148


Wow. Interesting as hard as it was to watch. But you're right. Nothing said here is unique to any one group, though I doubt you could film same with a Jew.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:18:12Z No. 7147149


christ, you're boring

but you'd know that if you could actually see and hear

b u t y o u c a n ' t , c a n y o u

Anonymous ID: f2b4b4 2019-07-23 17:18:14Z No. 7147150

Anonymous ID: d46a79 2019-07-23 17:18:18Z No. 7147151


Serious question.

Do you even realize where you are? Do you even realize what servers you are posting this stuff on?

Anonymous ID: 6b92db 2019-07-23 17:18:21Z No. 7147153

If you're not filtering, you're helping the clowns produce useful idiots~ The blur-on-image is indispensable to us generating insights.

          )     *     (         )         (                (     
( ( /( ( ` )\ ) ( /( ( )\ ) ( )\ )
)\ )\()) )\))( (()/( )\()) ( )\ (()/( ( )\ (()/(
((/_)((_)\ ((_)()\ /(_)) ((_)\ )((_) /(_)))\ ((((_)( /(_))
)\___ ((_) (_()((_)(_))_|__ ((_) ((_)_ (_)) ((_) )\ _ )\(_))_
((/ __|/ _ \ | \/ || |_ \ \ / / | _ )| _ \| __|(_)_\(_)| \
| (__| (_) || |\/| || __| \ V / | _ \| /| _| / _ \ | |) |
\___|\___/ |_| |_||_| |_| |___/|_|_\|___|/_/ \_\ |___/
Because the Battlefield is your Limbic System; Banish Abuse.

Regex Filters:

/* Filters any name other than [left empty], Q, and Ron(CodeMonkey) */
[Enter as a Name filter] ^(?!(Anonymous$|Q$|Ron$))
/* Filters just the clowns limbic recon + sigil deployment tool, AKA cr[e]epbot */
[Enter as a Name filter] ([*]*)=,e
/* Filters any combination of upper and lower case letters eg. re: milts' spam */
[Enter as a Comment filter] [Hh][Oo][Ll][Oo][Cc][Aa][Uu][Ss][Tt]
[Enter as a Comment filter] [Zz][Ii][Oo][Nn]
[Enter as a Comment filter] \(\(\([Qq]\)\)\)
[Enter as a Comment filter] \b[Aa][Ii][\n-\,]
[Enter as a Comment filter] [Hh][Uu][Mm][Aa][Nn][\ns]
[Enter as a Comment filter] \b[Dd]aniel

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opacity: .2; /* Can be between .01 - 1 */
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opacity: 1; /* Can be between .01 - 1 */
filter: blur(1px); /* Can be 0 - 10+ */
transition: all 89ms;

Get Comfy, Stay Centered.

Write when Insight Strikes


Anonymous ID: b26e1e 2019-07-23 17:18:22Z No. 7147152

this is what a LOSER looks like

Anonymous ID: 1f1f46 2019-07-23 17:18:28Z No. 7147154


"Misleading the president" will be cast as not only excusable, but mandatory on account of the president was a suspect, a target of investigation.

In addition, it is not a crime to lie to the public or to the president, with the boundary being defamation.

in short, not even mild discomfort to Comey or the FBI. Swinging elections is right in their wheelhouse.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:18:36Z No. 7147155

>>7146836 Confirmation of Security Camera Bank in NY Mansion


Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:18:37Z No. 7147156

Not live now

see the vid

LIVE NOW: President @realDonaldTrump speaks at the Teen Student Action Summit!

Watch here ⬇️

8:37 AM - 23 Jul 2019

Anonymous ID: 319ae8 2019-07-23 17:18:40Z No. 7147157






Anonymous ID: edfdba 2019-07-23 17:18:45Z No. 7147158


Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:18:51Z No. 7147159


Anonymous ID: 3382e6 2019-07-23 17:18:57Z No. 7147160

Tom Fitton retweet


Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

You don’t get to change the rules right before kickoff, especially after a 22 month, $30 million investigation.

Anonymous ID: 7475f5 2019-07-23 17:19:03Z No. 7147161






There's only like 4 bakers, and half of them suck. This is what happens when the BO and BVs shill away good bakers, you're left with shit bakers. Most of them scared to put anything related to jews, judaism, israel, and other "non-pc" topics.

The easiest way to combat shitty bakers is learn to bake.

Anonymous ID: 9a17ba 2019-07-23 17:19:18Z No. 7147162

Anonymous ID: 39052d 2019-07-23 17:19:20Z No. 7147164

MASSIVE TRUMP INTRO: President Trump Welcomed At Turning Point USA

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:19:28Z No. 7147165


Eph 4:14

Are you also a child-killing, serial adulterer? Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: 7e9d5a 2019-07-23 17:19:35Z No. 7147166


Think VERY deep on this.

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:19:42Z No. 7147167


Yep. I love shit-posting on the NSA servers. Those poor cubicle staffers forced to read this shit need a laugh too!

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 17:19:49Z No. 7147168


When I stop and leave the mirror the world on my side continues and the world in the mirror ceases to exist (for me).

Conclusion: I'm on this side of the mirror. Outside of it.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:19:50Z No. 7147169


unsubstantiated week old copypasta was 'nominated' ?

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:19:53Z No. 7147170


tell the Ro723 shill that this is why her husband left her…..lousy memes…..just overall attention seeking behavior…. perhaps the lamest of the trolls….could make even FredB cringe….

Anonymous ID: 0365fd 2019-07-23 17:20:03Z No. 7147171


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:20:09Z No. 7147173


No i tried im scarred for life

I have to keep it in the realm of not as gross as that otherwise it defeats my,spamming

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:20:10Z No. 7147172


Hey look it's leaf faggot.

The hormones those moloch worshiping kikes giving you working out for ya?

Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:20:13Z No. 7147174

Does bullshit artist nigger Corey Booker know he will be elected president of the united states?

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:20:13Z No. 7147175


Whoopdidy doooo

Anonymous ID: 66ea44 2019-07-23 17:20:20Z No. 7147176


Fake and gay.

Anonymous ID: 06a83c 2019-07-23 17:20:21Z No. 7147177


link please as I didn't come-up in search.

Anonymous ID: b9d884 2019-07-23 17:20:22Z No. 7147178


2 sets of books .

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:20:24Z No. 7147179



I have no idea what inverting the map is supposed to show.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:20:26Z No. 7147180


Anonymous ID: 6026cd 2019-07-23 17:20:47Z No. 7147181


Thank you anon!

Anonymous ID: e27dfb 2019-07-23 17:20:58Z No. 7147182


prophet mohammed?

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:21:07Z No. 7147183


Then at least get some new material. The same 3 gifs/pics over and over is stale.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:21:09Z No. 7147184


Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:21:25Z No. 7147186


Pertiest red neck mercedes i ever seen

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:21:39Z No. 7147187


hope to replace with vid soon!


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:21:48Z No. 7147188


Everything is connected by the divine spark of god

Therefore i am the mirror

And the reflection

And am everywhere at once


Im bill clinton

Fucking all these women

White house white swag white house

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:21:49Z No. 7147189


Yes, we know.

You work with the filter faggots.

Now go back to Myspace and get some fresh OC.

Anonymous ID: b34f39 2019-07-23 17:21:49Z No. 7147190

++++Now we know what losers

Look like ++++

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:22:08Z No. 7147191


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:22:12Z No. 7147192


The Bridge Industry is fashion/modeling/cosmetics

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:22:13Z No. 7147193


Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:22:18Z No. 7147194


put your head back in the oven Schlomo

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:22:31Z No. 7147195


Top kEk, anon

perfect summation

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:22:44Z No. 7147196


you're pathetic.

greatest liars man has ever seen.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:22:44Z No. 7147197


I dont think i really want to look that hard at anime trap porn

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:22:45Z No. 7147198


if you're intested in Eygptology I suggest the book, by some French scholars, called 'The Daily Life of the Eygptian Gods'.

It's wierd when people I admire in podcasts discuss stuff I studied in detail 15-25 years ago.

when you have to ask if anon is human you prove you're . . . at least curious.

am I human?

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:22:52Z No. 7147199


hey, hey, hey….whoa….

Anonymous ID: f76b19 2019-07-23 17:22:52Z No. 7147200


I posted a picture of is NY house yesterday in a reply, as I was thinking pretty much what you typed.

Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:22:59Z No. 7147201


I know.

The degradation of quality shilling in here these days.

Can we bring back mandingo fucking ebot marie in the ass again.

Shit I tell ya.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:23:03Z No. 7147202


Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:23:06Z No. 7147203


Anons. There's something here.


Nearby the Foresters Friendly Society.

There may be a connection!

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:23:06Z No. 7147204


Got any midgets?

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:23:16Z No. 7147205



Anonymous ID: d3543c 2019-07-23 17:23:17Z No. 7147206

Someone please put Pepe frogs in here

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 17:23:21Z No. 7147207


The post wasn't about the architecture, but about the bank of monitors from surveillance inside Epstein's NYC mansion (as opposed to the island).

But really, in any location where there is an arch, there is a keystone. That, in and of itself, is not bad/evil.

Madonna is evil, though, no doubt.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:23:22Z No. 7147208


"He also gravitated towards sports, or rather, winning at sports; in soccer, wrestling, football, and baseball.

He excelled at baseball to the point where I think his coaches felt, he could have become a professional baseball player."

Anonymous ID: 7a3df3 2019-07-23 17:23:23Z No. 7147210


FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker who joined the FBI in 2010, died last week during a night out after an FBI training session, sources said.

Cincinelli was one a supervisory special agent who spearheaded many of the FBI’s high-profile and complex Wall Street investigations, including probing the finances of the Clinton Foundation. After leaving his Wall Street career, Cincinelli was first assigned to the New York field office (SDNY) and later promoted to HQ in Washington, DC. He was a native New Yorker as well.

“Very very bright guy,” one FBI insider said. “Such a young guy, it really gets you in the gut. He put in the hours too, was always working hard.”

How many movies and tv shows have shown investigators that too close to exposing criminals being shown a video of a loved one being held at gun point, being told they are surrounded by bad actors and that they have one choice…to suicide themselves in public to save said loved one??? This seems a lot more plausible considering that the FBI agent was investigating the CF and was a stock market genius considering a hedge fund criminal is sitting in supermax facility with BIG criminals waiting on pins and needles that stand to lose it all. What say you?

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:23:24Z No. 7147209


Mal 2:14, He 13:4

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 17:23:46Z No. 7147211


Anonymous ID: a3d02b 2019-07-23 17:23:48Z No. 7147212

Very interesting!

RE: Napoleon B.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:23:50Z No. 7147213


The truth is that its the jews

And the catholics

And also the arabs and chinese

And no africans lul

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:23:51Z No. 7147214


download gimp and do it yourself you lazy faggot

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:24:05Z No. 7147215


Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:24:12Z No. 7147216





Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:24:25Z No. 7147217


Everyone is good at baseball

I was a unathletic fuck and i could play baseball easily

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:24:26Z No. 7147218


what're you, 87?

Anonymous ID: 157b33 2019-07-23 17:24:30Z No. 7147219

>>7144473 pb

>Ellen Degeneres denies she's part of the Deep State

I think that's bullshit.

There is an interdasting video I saw several years ago that showed her, and maybe Roseanne Barr and Jimmy Fallon (if I recall) slipping non-English words into their on-air conversation. It was very spoopy.

Still digging to find the sauce again.

Anonymous ID: 1b90ca 2019-07-23 17:24:37Z No. 7147220

About the dems trying to bring in a new witness for tomorrows "hearing" with Mueller. Remember this thing was supposed to happen what 2 weeks ago?

I am beginning to believe that there will not BE a hearing tomorrow. The dems can't follow their own rules, they will not let Mueller testify without someone sitting next to him telling him when to shut up or coaxing him with the "correct" answers or for whatever reason.

I am thinking it will be another kick the can down the road day.

Not trying to be a downer, but I do not see this thing actually happening tomorrow.

Delay is their tactic now… later… later… wait, wait some more… and the more we have to wait for it, the longer they can spin the narrative in the news to the dems favor.

Too bad for them, nothing can stop it… it does however seem like they can put 10,000 speedbumps in the road to slow it to a crawl though.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:24:48Z No. 7147221


i love the couch gag

Anonymous ID: 7f8eb8 2019-07-23 17:24:49Z No. 7147222



Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:24:51Z No. 7147223


Tell the Baker! >>7146953

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:24:51Z No. 7147224


Nah my boy cody had some funny ones

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:24:55Z No. 7147225


this big time

I just posted 12 images of 1030 times the jews have been expelled over the last 2500 years and is it notable?

is it fuck and THAT is what is notable.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:24:57Z No. 7147226


Anonymous ID: 04dacf 2019-07-23 17:24:58Z No. 7147227


The eye of providence has been featured in Cathedrals throughout their existence.

Anonymous ID: 58bf78 2019-07-23 17:25:21Z No. 7147228


I like your dubs.

As far as I know. Mirrors are not concious.

Meaning if you are the mirror, then you are not concious.

How is everything connected? I don't see the connection. And I don't believe in God.

Is it like "Spooky action at a distance" like Einstein would have said?

Or is it something completely intangible that you nor I would have any chance of knowing anything about?

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:25:22Z No. 7147229


Democraps' panic

They're starting to sweat hard now

Smelling of mildew

"Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing."

And if the whole damn world is talking about Anthony Ferrante being Comey's mole in the White House, that means that Q team/Trump have known about him for MONTHS, if not years.

Ferrante probably got a barium meal a long time ago.

"CNN Law Enforcement Analyst"

Of course he's at CNN.


Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:25:23Z No. 7147230


RR is the little dog.

Anonymous ID: 4eb39c 2019-07-23 17:25:28Z No. 7147231


gotta love when Q sheep use grammar and English in their self professed world wide WWG1WGA movement to discredit those who question everything, never mind their God Q told them to think for themselves.

Did you ever consider Q is aiding a world wide uprising for anarchy not world peace.

world peace requires world consent

how do you get world consent

world war so awful we beg for it to stop, enter one world government. you are not considering all possibilities.

I won't be here much longer, I have seen the man who is sent to dispose of me, if I see him at the post office or grocery store I will know him.

I have seen where this is going, I see patterns and this pattern spells great suffering

be ready for fake Armageddon, it is soon, whether 2020 or 2022 just depends on you.

continue to cheer lead, just remeber cheerleaders stand on the sidelines, and you have been sidelined. Thae game has a limited number of players, but the stands and audience outnumber them greatly.

The team members get paid, and the spectator pays and celebrates the loss of their time and money celebrating a few. That is the game your in, just not the players, no you are the cheerleaders or the spectator.

I hope you enjoy the ride because in the end you will know you helped your own demise with great counsel.

Good luck anons, may you be right, because if I'm right, and what I see comes to be, Pain!

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:25:31Z No. 7147232


This anon gets it.

All pawns in a grand scheme.

Many factions working together to divide the population.

Blame one, (((they))) point the finger at another.

One of the more difficult to get passed the censors is the jewish element to the pyramid.

Due to having (((their))) own form of turbo racism, anti-semitism.

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:25:34Z No. 7147233


And you call this a chan…

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:25:42Z No. 7147234

I just love that we live in a country where you can get trap anime porn easier than healthcare or happiness..

Anonymous ID: d3543c 2019-07-23 17:25:43Z No. 7147235


I’m very busy fagging at other much moar important things.

For America Anonymous ID: 166d3f 2019-07-23 17:25:43Z No. 7147236

Chills and Goose Bumps

Anonymous ID: a0fc2e 2019-07-23 17:25:52Z No. 7147237


If he testify or not, that´s me tomorrow and aftertomorrow and 2 years ago…

Really, this shitshow has to end!

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:25:59Z No. 7147238


Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:26:01Z No. 7147239




You like this one?

Anonymous ID: 28390d 2019-07-23 17:26:02Z No. 7147240


So his right-hand man can answer for him and he does not get drilled on changed positions.

Coward. Why so sccccaaaarred?

Anonymous ID: fdcd4b 2019-07-23 17:26:02Z No. 7147242


no dude im not a bot. we just happened to post a similar picture 2 seconds differennce

Anonymous ID: cdd91b 2019-07-23 17:26:07Z No. 7147243


That's because the vatican is absolutely jewish.

Anonymous ID: 583bd8 2019-07-23 17:26:09Z No. 7147244




Anonymous ID: 8b1d02 2019-07-23 17:26:21Z No. 7147245

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:26:24Z No. 7147246


Posting pics on a chatboard != "busy"

Anonymous ID: ea6d85 2019-07-23 17:26:24Z No. 7147247

>>7146376 lb

Looks like we moved it by 2% SO FAR!

Get on it anons

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:26:27Z No. 7147248


Eph 4:14

Are you also a child-killing, serial adulterer? Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:26:28Z No. 7147249



Anonymous ID: a98ece 2019-07-23 17:26:36Z No. 7147250

CDAN: Dig Deeper

"There is so much news going on all the time that the massive take down of a portion of a religious cult and the massive amount of money it stole from the government was just a few minute blip on news screens. It might have been the most money ever taken from the government and it got no play. So, of course no one even bothered to ask why this middle of nowhere cult that is also involved in the transporting of their female tweens and teens has such a huge presence in that Middle Eastern country. Maybe because that is the place the teens/tweens are sent before their final destination. No one will look. No one will ask questions. It is just another case of not caring. Not caring what happened to the dozens of female tweens/teens missing. It also shows that this idea of trafficking that I have written about before involving a similar, but larger cult is spreading through the various offshoots that practice this type of religion."

Anonymous ID: 3341f7 2019-07-23 17:26:38Z No. 7147251


He isn't the only one that doesn't know that.

In fact, you may be the LONE GLOWING SHILL in that regard.


Anonymous ID: 6b92db 2019-07-23 17:26:49Z No. 7147252



95% of our clown posts come from C_rAn.

Creepbot is C_rAnian.

The anti-israel narrative is C_rAnian.

[They always strike through a proxy]

[Source obscuration is cyber 101]

["Mask yourself as the enemy you seek to destroy"]

The anti-israel narrative is C_rAnian.

>You attack those who threaten you the most

The C_rAnIan Deep Sweeties have free reign here.

The C_rAnIan Deep Sweeties' objective is to censor our outreach and our convictions.

The Baker is the Key position for board moral.


The C_rAnIan Deep Sweeties have developed a system to drive away patriots from baking.

Keeping the Key position for themselves.

We're well over a year of being subverted in this way.

You all see this, they even prey upon this fact by drumming up the demoralizing feeling of incompetent leaders who do nothing to help us out.

We're going to need a lot of new bakers after the C_A in C_rAn is savagely eviscerated!~

(Make Iran Great Again!)

The solution is their fear: for (You), the "average good for nothing anon" to bake with a notable focus on truth and moral.

You'll be hit with the flack of all flack.

You'll thrive in Ambiguity and Chaos.

Godspeed, sirs.


Anonymous ID: 39052d 2019-07-23 17:26:49Z No. 7147253


POTUS: I love winning

Reporter: But dont you love to play a game, win or lose?



Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:27:02Z No. 7147254


Im beginning to believe you spent the best years of your life taking ecstasy and letting strangers fuck you in the ass and now you’re alone and basically mentally retarded.

Anonymous ID: 7683eb 2019-07-23 17:27:08Z No. 7147255

compare the habits of the cabal with those of the sabbateans. now look at the infiltration of the alumbrados/jesuits into the catholic church. now think about how ben franklin and thomas jefferson were known to be connected with the grand orient freemasons and jacobins and spent many years liasing with france and dutch nobility to bankroll the revolution and the louisiana purchase. this is way deeper than most people on this board are going, or are willing to go. now ask yourself this: what if the unveiling of all the open satanism/pedophilia is actually the goal of the cabal as a means of traumatizing the world's population? what if what is beginning now has the end result of revealing the occult origins of the usa and the human sacrifice roots of christianity judaism and islam many centuries ago? how will people cope with this kind of revelation? might be a good idea to start thinking about that.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:27:15Z No. 7147256


"We have it all"

Anonymous ID: b26e1e 2019-07-23 17:27:21Z No. 7147257


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:27:30Z No. 7147258



No shit i get it why do you think im on the list

Ive concluded that theres no way of fighting back for now

As they control reality

So my solution is to spam,anime,traps cuz its lols

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:27:32Z No. 7147259

Anonymous ID: 3f943c 2019-07-23 17:27:34Z No. 7147260



Define patriotism.

Is love an emotion?

Bronfman gained the right to vote in US elections (spends most of his time in New York and Florida) – that is the reason he gave for his gaining US citizenship. But he remains a Canadian in his heart, love of country, and so is not an American patriot at heart.

Turn that upside down. An American at heart who votes in another country's elections. Who has billions to advance his interests as a citizen of that country. See his charitable foundation. What if anything changes with duality of citizenship?

TY Anon.

Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:27:48Z No. 7147261

>>7147207 Q show us madonna in tweet

Q post >>7136147 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT; Hunters become the Hunted (Cap: >>7136168)

Does the Madonna´s house in NYC have tunnels and cameras (CCTV)?

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:27:48Z No. 7147262


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:27:48Z No. 7147263


Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:27:51Z No. 7147264


Clearly fake… look at the driver. No engineering skills there.

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:27:51Z No. 7147265


It's Twitter. Who gives a shit about some idiot's poll.

Anonymous ID: b191e9 2019-07-23 17:28:01Z No. 7147266


That has happened over and over and over– so YOU are the coincidence, but all the others aren't.

We'll just explain it that way.

And the fact stands– bots stalk humans and try to co-opt our posts, all the time.

But this lie is getting overdone now.

This lie must fall.

So be happy human anon.

The lie is going down.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:28:06Z No. 7147267



egypt was invented by the british in 1511

get bent

Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:28:07Z No. 7147268


Well sheeee—iiitt! If redditards are backing up Spew Pundit it must be true.

Anonymous ID: 253a94 2019-07-23 17:28:09Z No. 7147269



Anonymous ID: 93ce3f 2019-07-23 17:28:14Z No. 7147270


KeK- keeping that one!

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:28:18Z No. 7147271


why stop at eight, my fren?

Anonymous ID: 1ddb08 2019-07-23 17:28:23Z No. 7147272



Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:28:23Z No. 7147273


MMmmmm mama… she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch with those lips!

Anonymous ID: ef0b0e 2019-07-23 17:28:24Z No. 7147274


you don't sound like a long ball hitter. . .

Anonymous ID: 600931 2019-07-23 17:28:27Z No. 7147275

>>7145753 (lb)

That's very hopeful.

But she has made sure NOT to say great things about President Trump. The only thing I've heard her say so far is "I support this president 100%".

Democrats have, for decades, run a plant to secure their seat. It's a very well known tactic in the politician playbook.

AOC's cheif of staff is her handler. He's a trust-fund baby and knows what he's doing. They've already threatened to run primaries against anyone that speaks out against them!

You don't think AOC and her handler are going to do everything it takes to KEEP THEM in office???


This Scherie is most likely a plant. IF she did a #walkaway… her loyalty would be obvious in her social media. IT IS NOT.

Anonymous ID: 128d20 2019-07-23 17:28:37Z No. 7147276

Their symbols will be their downfall.





Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 17:28:42Z No. 7147278

It's Time

Traitors, Reveal Yourselves.

God's Justice Will Be Done.


To all those who have earned it.

Anonymous ID: 5467c7 2019-07-23 17:29:01Z No. 7147279


takin' dat.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:29:04Z No. 7147280



Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:29:07Z No. 7147281




Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:29:12Z No. 7147282


>>7146786, >>7146884 Planefag updates

>>7147227 eye of providence pics

>>7147160 Tom Fitton retweet Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

>>7147156 LIVE NOW: President @realDonaldTrump speaks at the Teen Student Action Summit!

>>7147144 Rep Collins Doug Collins calls out the Demonrats for trying to move the goalposts 24 hours from Muellertime

>>7147129 Rep Jim Jordon twit Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

>>7146901, >>7146940, >>7146979, >>7147045 Comey's inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report

>>7146893 Senate Democrats, a coalition of advocacy organizations, and over a hundred Catholic theologians are urging the Trump administration to disband its Commission on Unalienable Rights

>>7146880 Just In: Esper voted in by Senate 90-8, confirmed as Sec of Defense!

>>7146867 @DHSgov Stand In The Rain With Me

>>7146808 State Dinner with Australia announced for September 20, 2019

>>7146800 Verified account @US_Stratcom n Q John Henry's hammer


Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:29:12Z No. 7147283


well we still have the same BO so you figure it out.

Your pepe is a bit shattered.

he needs some time in the pool

PS: frog don't get hair. They don't have the ability to grow whiskers.

Anonymous ID: 8b1d02 2019-07-23 17:29:27Z No. 7147284


Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:29:31Z No. 7147285


About to start raining justice.

It really is happening, anons.

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:29:37Z No. 7147286

Anonymous ID: 559625 2019-07-23 17:29:41Z No. 7147287

For the plainfags:

South Koreans & Japs vs Russians & Chinks.

Shots Fired.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:29:42Z No. 7147288


Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:29:43Z No. 7147289


Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:29:50Z No. 7147290


Anonymous ID: 28390d 2019-07-23 17:29:59Z No. 7147291


Esper's in.


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:30:16Z No. 7147292


How was he Ivana.

Young enough?

Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 17:30:18Z No. 7147294

Rectangles within rectanges

Similar to Epstein temple floor outside

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:30:20Z No. 7147293


there was one where the couch was cracked in half and there was a fat girl in a bikini but never saw the finish product if it exists…..yesterday was epic with that shit

Anonymous ID: 1ddb08 2019-07-23 17:30:22Z No. 7147295

>It's possible that two ongoing investigations into deaths in northern B.C. are linked, the RCMP says.

They sure are. Sadly, thinking no cellphone service means security was an unwise decision.

Anonymous ID: 7475f5 2019-07-23 17:30:32Z No. 7147296


"Deep sweeties" should be word filtered.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:30:42Z No. 7147297

Well you wanted new material

Im gonna have to kms after seeing that

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:30:44Z No. 7147298


Took Q I think a day and a half to nail that one asshole posting cp.

Anonymous ID: 241c68 2019-07-23 17:30:48Z No. 7147299

AG Barr sets the record straight on Mueller hearing

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:30:51Z No. 7147300


We have a POTUS who loves WINNING!

We are so fucking lucky - we are witnessing global salvation! Kek!

Anonymous ID: 1ddb08 2019-07-23 17:30:57Z No. 7147301



Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:31:16Z No. 7147302












Attempting to reach you Baker make the following correction or Remove! This Anon doesn't condone the game you are attempting to play here. NO Excuses, You See this and Have seen this!!

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:31:32Z No. 7147303


Anonymous ID: f8e671 2019-07-23 17:31:40Z No. 7147304

We should start a game. Pick a name and make arguments / debate whether they will kill themselves or take the long prison sentences once exposed.

Let's start with the little faggot Bill Maher

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:31:42Z No. 7147305


I cringe everytime he uses it unironically.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:31:55Z No. 7147306


Oh no i posted legal porn from bing on a government psyop owned by some guy in,the phillipines

What are they gonna do put me on the list twice?

Anonymous ID: 7475f5 2019-07-23 17:32:18Z No. 7147307


Unfortunately, I don't think it's ever used ironically.

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:32:24Z No. 7147308


the british did not exist in 1511

try again

Anonymous ID: 887e89 2019-07-23 17:32:28Z No. 7147309


Anonymous ID: 606028 2019-07-23 17:32:39Z No. 7147310



Anonymous ID: 5f8a1c 2019-07-23 17:32:50Z No. 7147311


Thank you this is all I needed to hear to have a wonderful day. The rest is noise…

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 17:32:55Z No. 7147312


>Does the Madonna´s house in NYC have tunnels and cameras (CCTV)?

I don't know. I do know that she is really into Kabbala and said Sabbat Shalom to someone on twatter (though she is not a jewess).

Anonymous ID: 66ea44 2019-07-23 17:32:57Z No. 7147313


How about you do something useful like digging, meming or praying?

Anonymous ID: 7d16b7 2019-07-23 17:32:57Z No. 7147314

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:33:02Z No. 7147315


Best version ever.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:33:02Z No. 7147316


(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it hand-delivered ethics complaint to Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have married her biological brother.

“The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules. The House of Representatives must urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rep. Omar,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We encourage Americans to share their views on Rep. Omar’s apparent misconduct with their congressmen.”

Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:33:05Z No. 7147317

Jack Murphy




BREAKING: House files ethics complaint against Rep. Omar following an extensive three year investigation into her alleged immigration, tax, & student fraud



Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:33:24Z No. 7147318


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:33:29Z No. 7147319

Fyi the millitary trains ai here

The only thing that should be posted is garbage or spam to fuck with it

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:33:33Z No. 7147320


Anonymous ID: f8e671 2019-07-23 17:33:41Z No. 7147321


How about you fist yourself faggot

Anonymous ID: b64077 2019-07-23 17:33:44Z No. 7147322


Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:33:46Z No. 7147323


>So his right-hand man can answer for him and he does not get drilled on changed positions.

>Coward. Why so sccccaaaarred?

Anon theory around april was Mueller was a figure head, akin to an "of Counsel" at a law firm.

Given his shaky speech, perhaps he's actually not to terribly sharp anymore.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:33:59Z No. 7147324



Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:34:03Z No. 7147326


I'm not sure why it is even used.

My guess is it has something to do with tranny discord faggots.

Anonymous ID: 66ea44 2019-07-23 17:34:04Z No. 7147325


Too busy fisting your Mom.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:34:06Z No. 7147327


re contempt:

"goes with the territory . . . these days…"

Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:34:19Z No. 7147328

We’re just TWO DAYS out from the launch of #CRS18! Meet Mr. Matthew Roettger a Heavy Mobile Equipment Technician who ensures we are able to safely transport all cargo by maintaining the equipment that carries it.

Thank you for your service!

4:00 PM - 22 Jul 2019


2 days ahead…

Anonymous ID: 128d20 2019-07-23 17:34:22Z No. 7147329



Anonymous ID: 3341f7 2019-07-23 17:34:27Z No. 7147330


That is to long a phrase for him to comprehend.

Makes him feel stupid, and that pokes at his facade.

I find humor in his discomfort, thus generated.

Anonymous ID: 01fadc 2019-07-23 17:34:31Z No. 7147331


Your suffering is almost at an end. Godspeed, may God have mercy on your soul

Anonymous ID: 4ec85e 2019-07-23 17:34:32Z No. 7147332


Remember what Mad Maxine said.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:34:45Z No. 7147333


Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:34:50Z No. 7147334

>>7147316 Ilhan Omar Investigated For Fraud


Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:34:51Z No. 7147335


It's an MBZ. Prolly a cheuffere

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:35:01Z No. 7147336



Anonymous ID: 19eb1b 2019-07-23 17:35:24Z No. 7147338



>>7146937 FBI Rocked by PUBLIC Suicide of Top Agent who investigated Wall Street Crimes and Clinton Foundation

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:35:28Z No. 7147339


Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 17:35:30Z No. 7147340


clearly she is not a day over 30

in her fucked up mind

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:35:32Z No. 7147341

I've studied History, anon.

if you have a theory on tainted Histories, I'm ready to hear it. I am rather a fan of the genre.

Did you ever read any of the books by David Hatcher Chaldese?

what a guy. must be some rich dude, trust fund or something, went out searching for 'Lost Cities'

for example, did you know, that the Valley of the Sun hosted a huge civilization that was destroyed not even that many hundreds of years ago probably through earthquakes of volcanism?

So you could be there, in the center of a huge open pit dig, and not even know that there are artifacts all around you, slightly below the surface. Unaware of the greatness that once was, and all the people who came before.

how do we know that 'the british' weren't just an invention of the Eygptians in 1511?

seriously though, a real student of history doesn't just spout out contraian nonsense.

you want to be excited? I'm boring?


You'd probably turn right into a puppy dog for me, and appreciate me and treasure my presence if you could open your heart and not be a scared-rabbit idiot thinking that all around are hawks and owls.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:35:40Z No. 7147342


So bound.

Anonymous ID: 28390d 2019-07-23 17:35:41Z No. 7147343



Anonymous ID: 5445fa 2019-07-23 17:35:43Z No. 7147344



I made them yesterday….lol

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:35:50Z No. 7147345

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:35:56Z No. 7147346


I mean that quote is pure treason. But the number of people with that sentiment is so high (Tliab just said she votes for Palestinians), that I don't know why this is special.

Boris Johnson doesn't have billions, to the best of my knowledge. I am just not getting it.

Anonymous ID: 7f8eb8 2019-07-23 17:36:07Z No. 7147347


is that a muslim or sikh?

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:36:08Z No. 7147348



(((BAKER))) still not adding FBI digs including bar with eye of providence painted on it

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:36:15Z No. 7147349


Anonymous ID: 7ea1c3 2019-07-23 17:36:21Z No. 7147350

Muammar Gaddafi Interviewed Just Before Libyan Revolution

Anonymous ID: 7e9d5a 2019-07-23 17:36:27Z No. 7147351


>888 Cafe and Bar

>Wheels up.

Top Kek.

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:36:29Z No. 7147352


was months ago FFS!

Fuckery Afoot Anonymous ID: 166d3f 2019-07-23 17:36:33Z No. 7147353


This happened last night on the chans and twitter deleted the account and shut down poll. Guess they are creating a scam poll

Anonymous ID: 7a7266 2019-07-23 17:36:47Z No. 7147354

Anonymous ID: 7ea1c3 2019-07-23 17:36:50Z No. 7147355


JFK was killed in cold blood because he loves the USA.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:36:53Z No. 7147356

>>7147341 i am a puppy

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:36:59Z No. 7147357


A dual citizen could not be counted on to have an exclusive love of either, by defition. No man can serve two masters. Either he will cling to one, and abandon the other, or he will love one, and despise the other.

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:37:04Z No. 7147358


(((they))) have your brain twisted on some fucked belief structures.

A prison of the brain, to reform your mind.

It's time to wake up, Neo.

Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:37:20Z No. 7147359


Epstein and his Saudi Arabia passport.

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:37:24Z No. 7147360


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:37:28Z No. 7147361


Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:37:40Z No. 7147362


Barr and that little smile. Unflappable and unfazed.

That's the confidence of a man who knows he already won the game.

I just love that guy.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:37:41Z No. 7147363


Someone remind IET to keep track of his damages.

Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:37:42Z No. 7147364


july 23rd 2019 you fucking shill

Anonymous ID: 1b90ca 2019-07-23 17:37:48Z No. 7147365

I must be doing something right lately KEK. 2 days in a row I got hit by a shill for pointing something out. Today I get hit with tranny posting porn shill…. projecting their own life experience onto me.

good luck with that.

Anonymous ID: 560069 2019-07-23 17:37:49Z No. 7147366


It's still Twitter. It's still gay. It's still a waste of time.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:37:51Z No. 7147367


Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:37:55Z No. 7147368



Anonymous ID: 319ae8 2019-07-23 17:37:56Z No. 7147369





Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:38:02Z No. 7147370



i like the cut of your jib, anon

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:38:03Z No. 7147371


>No man can serve two masters. Either he will cling to one, and abandon the other, or he will love one, and despise the other.


I was trying to find that quote when I wrote my reply.


And the only Americans with billions abroad are pushing globalism like they are here. I don't get it.


Anonymous ID: 757b16 2019-07-23 17:38:04Z No. 7147372

Former Chinese premier Li Peng dies at 90

The man known as the ‘Butcher of Beijing’ for his role in Tiananmen Square massacre succumbed to unspecified illness

ByValerie Wong

Former Chinese premier Li Peng, who was known as the “Butcher of Beijing” for his role in 1989’s notorious Tiananmen Square massacre, has died aged 90, state media reported Tuesday.

Anonymous ID: 7ae9f2 2019-07-23 17:38:20Z No. 7147373




Anonymous ID: 3f943c 2019-07-23 17:38:24Z No. 7147374


Camp Wilson

29 Palms

Touch Down!

Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:38:26Z No. 7147375

>>7147096 Madonna´s house in NYC

>>7147261 Q post show us madonna in tweet


>(though she is not a jewess)

Madonna Talks About Kissing Drake, Pizza, Wine, & Britney Spears. ‌‌Full Chat Here!

This vid is in da house?

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:38:27Z No. 7147376


No im just youing rsndom posts cuz its lets me spam,faster

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:38:32Z No. 7147377


You need to be your own master and stop letting yourself get triggered into that kind of behavior.

there is a sense of great joy that you can never achieve due to being stuck within your sick head.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:38:36Z No. 7147378


Ro 7:2,3, He 13:4

Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:38:45Z No. 7147379


Already in the notables anon.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:38:47Z No. 7147380


Please. 29 Stumps.

Anonymous ID: 7927dd 2019-07-23 17:38:52Z No. 7147381


Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:39:02Z No. 7147382


Baker is going to hand off to RGB, or already did.

Lost cause.

Anonymous ID: 43373e 2019-07-23 17:39:02Z No. 7147383


Her post-vegas interview with Jesus Campos confirmed her as a deep state mouthpiece scumbag. As if being a lezzie weren't enough.

Anonymous ID: 7475f5 2019-07-23 17:39:04Z No. 7147384


Highly likely. Also this gay anime porn is probably some raid from discord tranny faggots.


Why would this not be added?

Like, for what reason it is NOT notable??

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:39:08Z No. 7147385


not [WE] faggot

y o u

Anonymous ID: 7ae9f2 2019-07-23 17:39:12Z No. 7147386


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:39:21Z No. 7147387


Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:39:32Z No. 7147388



Here I want you to feel guud bout yerself.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:39:36Z No. 7147389


I cant have joy because since birth theyve fed on my suffering

Either i ignore them,and play videogsmes and smoke weed

Or i kms

Im not even remotely triggered

I actually find this pretty funny

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:39:41Z No. 7147390


you rock! did you see the "heavy set" girl in the flag bikini? was thinking you would shrink her down and stand her on the cracked side… but didn't happen. Now I almost see standing there that miniaturized DeNiro in the Lurch shoes and they did something to his hair. The memers have turned it up a notch lately.

Anonymous ID: 58785b 2019-07-23 17:39:45Z No. 7147391



The NAACP has voted unanimously to call for Trump’s impeachment.

Look whos in the picture too

Anonymous ID: b26e1e 2019-07-23 17:39:46Z No. 7147392



And I heard as it were the noise of thunder

One of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw

And behold a white horse

There's a man going around taking names

And he decides who to free and who to blame

Everybody won't be treated all the same

There'll be a golden ladder reaching down

When the Man comes around

The hairs on your arm will stand up

At the terror in each sip and in each sup

Will you partake of that last offered cup?

Or disappear into the potter's ground

When the Man comes around

Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers

One hundred million angels singing

Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum

Voices calling, voices crying

Some are born and some are dying

It's Alpha and Omega's kingdom come

And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree

The virgins are all trimming their wicks

The whirlwind is in the thorn tree

It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks

Till Armageddon no shalam, no shalom

Then the father hen will call his chickens home

The wise man will bow down before the throne

And at His feet they'll cast their golden crowns

When the Man comes around

Whoever is unjust let him be unjust still

Whoever is righteous let him be righteous still

Whoever is filthy let him be filthy still

Listen to the words long written down

When the Man comes around

Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers

One hundred million angels singing

Multitudes are marching to the big kettledrum

Voices calling and voices crying

Some are born and some are dying

It's Alpha and Omega's kingdom come

And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree

The virgins are all trimming their wicks

The whirlwind is in the thorn tree

It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks

In measured hundred weight and penney pound

When the Man comes around.

Close (Spoken part)

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts

And I looked and behold, a pale horse

And his name that sat on him was Death

And Hell followed with him.

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 17:39:53Z No. 7147393



Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:40:03Z No. 7147395

>>7147372 Butcher of Beijing Dead


Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:40:09Z No. 7147396



fucking sweet

Anonymous ID: b34f39 2019-07-23 17:40:12Z No. 7147397

++++Now we know what losers

Look like ++++

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:40:15Z No. 7147398


Anonymous ID: e91407 2019-07-23 17:40:17Z No. 7147399


Watching for my invitation in the mail!

Anonymous ID: fd0458 2019-07-23 17:40:23Z No. 7147400


Wasnt there a dig about all the "celebs" with slot machines, leading everyone to believe thats part of the "sigil" power the cabal believes?

Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 17:40:23Z No. 7147401



Let the Death Blossom Bloom


Traitors: Enjoy your conseQuences.

Patriots: Enjoy the Show!

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:40:34Z No. 7147402


Are you seriously playing a Snopes card, here?


Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:40:42Z No. 7147403


In real life boys dressed like,girls just look like a dude in a dress

Top kek

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:40:56Z No. 7147404


Noted Sorry Saw a May in one of the posts,

now is taken care of!

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:41:01Z No. 7147405


Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:41:01Z No. 7147406


Anonymous ID: d55382 2019-07-23 17:41:10Z No. 7147407

>>7146430 (lb)

From date left August 2, 2017 till Q first official post Oct 28, 2017

88 days

Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 17:41:10Z No. 7147409

Anonymous ID: 7ae9f2 2019-07-23 17:41:11Z No. 7147408


One of the rare moments I play that card.

Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:41:16Z No. 7147410


Not going to give up on this I will post to every single post if for no other reason than to make it abundantly clear the narratives are wrong and to make certain there are no excuses for not seeing the post. I will be seen by all who read the tagged replies.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:41:18Z No. 7147411

1 Co 6:9-10, He 13:4

Anonymous ID: e7b633 2019-07-23 17:41:20Z No. 7147412


It could be a lot of things.

No anon who is critical of Q or a skeptic would post for this long.

Obviously an agenda behind it.

Regardless it helps the kikes to propagate their filter faggotry and censorship model of consciousness.

However, it doesn't matter what they send /our/ way, it always gets sent right back when decoded in the light of truth.

Anonymous ID: 7ea1c3 2019-07-23 17:41:21Z No. 7147413


I am so sad..

if they do this to Trump…

I don't know how I would react.

Anonymous ID: e16787 2019-07-23 17:41:39Z No. 7147414

CNN Eliana Johnson just reported that Devin Nunes has been in talks with POTUS regarding Dan Coats

she said maybe Nunes would be taking Coats' position.

most likely Coats is on his way out no matter.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:41:40Z No. 7147415


Certain video games particularly online ones seem like satanic rituals

Like destiny 2

Everything is satanic

Especially eating meat

Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:41:42Z No. 7147416



Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:41:43Z No. 7147417


It's The Secret and Your Best Life Now nonsense, wrapped up in New Age nonsense.

Anonymous ID: 735a34 2019-07-23 17:41:43Z No. 7147418

Anonymous ID: fbc474 2019-07-23 17:41:48Z No. 7147419


>>7146786, >>7146884 Planefag updates

>>7146937 FBI Rocked by PUBLIC Suicide of Top Agent who investigated Wall Street Crimes and Clinton Foundation

>>7147354 2018 Omar district terror recruiting capital of the US

>>7147294 Similar to Epstein temple floor outside

>>7147276, >>7147309, >>7147329 Maccabees/ Bees diggz

>>7147227 eye of providence pics

>>7147160 Tom Fitton retweet Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

>>7147156 LIVE NOW: President @realDonaldTrump speaks at the Teen Student Action Summit!

>>7147144 Rep Collins Doug Collins calls out the Demonrats for trying to move the goalposts 24 hours from Muellertime

>>7147129 Rep Jim Jordon twit Rumor is that Aaron Zebley (Mueller’s Chief of Staff) will be on the witness panel with Mueller.

>>7146901, >>7146940, >>7146979, >>7147045 Comey's inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report

>>7146893 Senate Democrats, a coalition of advocacy organizations, and over a hundred Catholic theologians are urging the Trump administration to disband its Commission on Unalienable Rights

>>7146880 Just In: Esper voted in by Senate 90-8, confirmed as Sec of Defense!

>>7146867 @DHSgov Stand In The Rain With Me

>>7146808 State Dinner with Australia announced for September 20, 2019

>>7146800 Verified account @US_Stratcom n Q John Henry's hammer.


Anonymous ID: d46a79 2019-07-23 17:41:49Z No. 7147420


Being baited into forcing a lie that, either way, will come out when Barr does full DECLAS. They don't get it, do they? If they make Mueller say something that isn't in the report, then he's lying. If he stick to just the report, then he's stating inaccuracies, as the report is incorrect on many fronts (especially in regards to Russia).

He's fucked either way.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:41:51Z No. 7147421


1 Co 6:9-10, He 13:4

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:42:01Z No. 7147422



Anonymous ID: 3f943c 2019-07-23 17:42:05Z No. 7147423




United States






Anonymous ID: 3a2e89 2019-07-23 17:42:07Z No. 7147424


Anonymous ID: 5f8a1c 2019-07-23 17:42:09Z No. 7147425


Never use a liberal fake fact checker as your source.

Anonymous ID: d3543c 2019-07-23 17:42:11Z No. 7147426

Anonymous ID: d55382 2019-07-23 17:42:17Z No. 7147427


A group of newfags/shills today.

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:42:25Z No. 7147428


Nice, giant space assholes.

Anonymous ID: 6e1646 2019-07-23 17:42:26Z No. 7147429


Anonymous ID: 7f8eb8 2019-07-23 17:42:28Z No. 7147430



Anonymous ID: dd38e2 2019-07-23 17:42:34Z No. 7147432

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:42:35Z No. 7147431


Ro 7:2,3

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:42:37Z No. 7147433


Nunes deserves whatever he asks for, up to half the kingdom.

Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:42:44Z No. 7147434


that one has been lost for a long time. probably not a paid shill but just a woman scorned by her one true love. the bitterness is acridly palpable

Anonymous ID: 4ca2d3 2019-07-23 17:42:52Z No. 7147436


=MUH NOTABLE!!!!!!!!==

fuckin a triggered bitches man

Post the correct one to the notables thread

this blind that you are complaining about

By the time the next bread is baked it’s not even going to be there fucking crybaby

Anonymous ID: 7ae9f2 2019-07-23 17:42:53Z No. 7147438



Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:42:54Z No. 7147437


alright… NOW we're getting some where!

Anonymous ID: 1a2e67 2019-07-23 17:42:58Z No. 7147439

Anyone else want to do the couch memes?

Anonymous ID: 6d7a81 2019-07-23 17:43:01Z No. 7147440


Or he was a commie traitor and got what he deserved… but I guess we will never know the truth

the truth would put normes in the hospital

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:43:02Z No. 7147441


Somebody Get A MOP

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:43:07Z No. 7147442


Man and you guys were complaining about what i posted

Anonymous ID: 8b62ff 2019-07-23 17:43:19Z No. 7147443


kys kike

Anonymous ID: e0ee7e 2019-07-23 17:43:24Z No. 7147444


That is soo appropriate…

Dems suck the life out of the people, and then they shit everything out once they implode on their own greed…

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 17:43:32Z No. 7147445


As there are 8 million poeple in Israel and as obviously they have nothing to with a satanist pedo billionaire, yes not all jews and far from all jews.

muh jew is simplified division shilling to make anons look racist and to deflect from mason satanist pedo scum.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:43:41Z No. 7147446

I was there when they crucified my Lord

I held the scabbard when the soldier drew his sword

I threw the dice when they pierced his side

But I've seen love conquer the great divide

When love comes to town I'm gonna catch that train

When love comes to town I'm gonna catch that flame

Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down

But I did what I did before love came to town

Anonymous ID: 594298 2019-07-23 17:43:44Z No. 7147447


Anonymous ID: bba426 2019-07-23 17:43:52Z No. 7147448


Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:43:54Z No. 7147450

the folks in the media, from the cameramen to the faces on air - your lives are hanging by a thread.

its not I you need to worry about. I'm an INFJ, we dont do violence very well at all. its other folks you ought to worry about because they do and YOU are all p&p of the silent war on Americans.

you are all guilty to the last man. no one is forcing you to show up for work, and there are lots of jobs available. i'd think about resigning asap if I were you.

God bless.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:43:55Z No. 7147449


Anonymous ID: 1d2338 2019-07-23 17:43:59Z No. 7147451


Did they say anything about how anyone in the 21st century is supposed to take an organization which uses "Colored People" in its very NAME seriously?

I'd suggest the NAACP re-brand, but they might take that the wrong way…

Anonymous ID: 757b16 2019-07-23 17:44:03Z No. 7147452


The Institute for Advanced Study has a black cube or trapezoid on their campus.

I noticed it looking at their grounds with Gaggle's satellite view.

The other odd one in a weird place in housed in the UN Meditation Room.

Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:44:05Z No. 7147453


Anonymous ID: 6e1646 2019-07-23 17:44:05Z No. 7147454


Anonymous ID: 676809 2019-07-23 17:44:17Z No. 7147455


Potus is 100% insulated. FACT

Anonymous ID: 7ea1c3 2019-07-23 17:44:19Z No. 7147456


holy shit…..

now that is an angle I have never heard of.

not bashing you but damn, you really just opened my mind up. Why would Q constantly be plugging him?

My initial thought is that he was not a commie traitor but you never know.

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:44:23Z No. 7147457


Eph 4:14

Are you also a child-killing, serial adulterer? Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: 7c0ebb 2019-07-23 17:44:24Z No. 7147458



Will AG Barr Declas Fisagate Docs If Mueller and Fake News Mislead the Public This Week?



21 Jul 2019 - 5:35:27 PM📁

If AG Barr has access to all classified material, how does [MUELLER] navigate?

If [MUELLER] provides FALSE and/or MISLEADING testimony, will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?

If [MUELLER] defers to the original report but D's / FAKE NEWS push a false narrative 'knowing majority of the public did not watch the actual hearing' will AG Barr be forced to DECLAS all documentation to ensure full public awareness of the TRUTH?

[Be Ready], [MUELLER].

[Be Ready], [JC].

[Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL].

Thank you for playing.

FISA goes both ways.



Trust the plan.

Anonymous ID: 910061 2019-07-23 17:44:32Z No. 7147459


Senate confirms Esper as new SecDef 90-8

If the senate confirmed him by that wide of a margin it makes me wonder what cabal connections he has.

Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:44:32Z No. 7147460


Anonymous ID: 5274db 2019-07-23 17:44:37Z No. 7147461

>>7147401 Magic Sword - Battlefield




Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 17:44:47Z No. 7147462



Madonna: I'm not Jewish, I'm an Israelite

In interview with Irish media, Madonna lays out theology, saying she feels connection with religious ceremonies, but not with any religion: 'I feel connection with all religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.'

Ynet|Published: 03.23.15 , 22:50

Despite her love for Kabballah, Maddona does not identify as Jewish, the pop legend told Ireland's The Independent.

When asked to what extent would she would characterize herself Jewish? Madonna reportedly laughed the question off, saying "No, I don't affiliate myself with any specific religious group. I connect to different ritualistic aspects of different belief systems, and I see the connecting thread between all religious beliefs.",7340,L-4640263,00.html

Anonymous ID: 63d4d4 2019-07-23 17:44:49Z No. 7147463


Nigga, you just got completely outclassed by 3a2e89. Better up your game.

Anonymous ID: 94b957 2019-07-23 17:44:55Z No. 7147464


NAACP is a jewish front organization anon.

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 17:45:13Z No. 7147465


That CDAN references the story about how a hedge/fund investment something Epstein was involved in got a yuge SECRET Fed bailout (previously posted & notabled).

But more interesting to me is the differentiation enty makes between cults - the one Epstein is involved in is the smaller one ("middle of nowhere") but a " larger cult is spreading through the various offshoots that practice this type of religion."

Not Scientology, but Satanism. I think we should figure out what this larger offshoot is called.

Anyone know?

Anonymous ID: 97b144 2019-07-23 17:45:16Z No. 7147466

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.


Anonymous ID: 6a6098 2019-07-23 17:45:17Z No. 7147467

Anonymous ID: 14b05a 2019-07-23 17:45:19Z No. 7147468


Anonymous ID: 594298 2019-07-23 17:45:25Z No. 7147469


Anonymous ID: d91dea 2019-07-23 17:45:31Z No. 7147470


I’ve said this before. JE house in NY used to be a school with some 300 students. That’s a lot of rooms to have cameras. (Got blasted for my post with “he renovated after purchase). Still doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Anonymous ID: 4eb39c 2019-07-23 17:45:31Z No. 7147471


history is written by those who where victorious

their is no pure truth history one can research

if you have an understanding, according to the history you accepct, you disregard any new history you come across.

Understanding human nature and man coupled with systems and absolute power corrupts absolutely, all history can be understood to be propaganda

pure and simple the truth you seek is inside you not outside of you.

when you focus on one subject (history in your case) you lose the bigger picture.

Q even tells you he flies at 40,000 feet, but has you focused on 100 feet and below

Anonymous ID: 7f8eb8 2019-07-23 17:45:32Z No. 7147472


Anonymous ID: 2f1154 2019-07-23 17:45:38Z No. 7147473


Eve will pipe your bag for ya….

Anonymous ID: 68b2a4 2019-07-23 17:45:43Z No. 7147475

FBI Director Wray Claims Russians Are “Absolutely Intent” on Trying to Interfere with 2020 Election (VIDEO)

FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared on Capitol Hill Tuesday and testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee which is examining oversight of the bureau.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked Wray, “Are the Russians still trying to interfere in our election systems?”

Without offering any examples or evidence, Wray responded by saying, “The Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections through foreign influence.”

There is no evidence that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win the White House.

A handful of Russian Twitter trolls and Facebook posts by ‘Russians’ is not enough to tilt an election where each candidate is spending over $1 billion on their campaigns.

The real election interference was done by Hillary Clinton when she paid a foreign spy to compile a phony dossier which was then in turn used by Obama’s FBI, CIA and DOJ to spy on a political opponent.

Wray did however admit on Tuesday that China actually poses the biggest counterintelligence threat.

“I would say there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now than China,” Wray told Graham.

Anonymous ID: ec4202 2019-07-23 17:45:44Z No. 7147476

Spectrum outages today

Anonymous ID: b557af 2019-07-23 17:46:04Z No. 7147477


Mason pedo scum in the kitchen, from clown BOs team.

Scum of the earth.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:46:07Z No. 7147478


Anonymous ID: 63d58b 2019-07-23 17:46:10Z No. 7147479


Theme Music Prt16

Anonymous ID: 0d38f8 2019-07-23 17:46:13Z No. 7147481


Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:46:14Z No. 7147482


High Priestess of the New World Religion

All roads lead to God?

Every religion has a bit of the truth?

We are all God's children?

No one really goes to hell?

Heaven is what we make of the earth, right now?

High Priestess

Anonymous ID: 4755a2 2019-07-23 17:46:14Z No. 7147484

Not much Planefagging today due to work. Here are a few caps I managed to get.

Anonymous ID: 76ada6 2019-07-23 17:46:15Z No. 7147483


ah, so you are unable to . . . relieve yourself hence your fetish with those who you imagine are able to do it easily?

so you crave to be the one who is in the position of being the reciever, even though you have an existance with no sensual component?

so your inability to be even a little bit physical and affection translates in secret to a porn addiction?

no one is addicted to porn, they are addicted to the orgasm that comes just as they feel 'why did I do this AGAIN' why am I a porn adict?

you are not. You want an orgasm.

the fact that don't have that capacity explains a lot about you.

can't you just enjoy the sexless bliss of other people being awesome and fun and good to be around? why do you need that 'moment' that is over with?

you punish us with what you wish you could be?

if you were trained you were trained badly.

you can train yourself to change. you have a lot of work to do.

the first of it wold be to delete all your anime porn.

if you do that right now you will seriously help your state of consciousness and climb up on the jungle-gym of living large and playfully, and escape from your demons of compulsion.

Anonymous ID: d55382 2019-07-23 17:46:19Z No. 7147485


I wanna know how they got the metadata from the pic, i could not extract

Anonymous ID: 041781 2019-07-23 17:46:30Z No. 7147486


"The wheels of Justice grinds slow, but grind fine."

Patience is a virtue.

Anonymous ID: 5f8a1c 2019-07-23 17:46:43Z No. 7147488


great picture is there a link to the tweets?

Anonymous ID: 253a94 2019-07-23 17:46:45Z No. 7147489



Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:46:47Z No. 7147490



Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:46:48Z No. 7147491


Q followers are negative feet

Which was the goal

Kill pol digging,and ruin any resistance on the net

Anonymous ID: 19eb1b 2019-07-23 17:46:52Z No. 7147492


sanitized news for the goyim

(((they))) infiltrate EVERYTHING


>Baker is going to hand off to RGB, or already did.

yeah he's another protector of (((them)))

>Lost cause.

anons have to start keeping our own notes in the other thread

'bakers' will become like shills in the general, annoying but irrelevant


>Like, for what reason it is NOT notable??

for the same reason he wouldn't add the British Jews guy calling for Corbyn's sacrifice maybe?

Anonymous ID: c45fed 2019-07-23 17:46:53Z No. 7147493


Starsky !

Anonymous ID: 65fedb 2019-07-23 17:46:55Z No. 7147494



Anonymous ID: ad3c78 2019-07-23 17:47:00Z No. 7147495


that shit doesn't play when you're up against a ww evil cabal that will do anything to survive -

you must strategically corner it and cut off all its tentacles

Anonymous ID: b688c9 2019-07-23 17:47:06Z No. 7147498


Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:47:10Z No. 7147499


>I'm not sure why it is even used.


>My guess is it has something to do with tranny discord faggots.

Yeah, a tranny posting Nazi-animee tranny fap trash on a mostly rightis political board takes the work irony to levels never intended by the ancient greeks.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:47:25Z No. 7147500


Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 17:47:25Z No. 7147501


Anonymous ID: a8bfdd 2019-07-23 17:47:31Z No. 7147503


It's the Jews in America that mostly concerns me, and the fact that we as American send that very wealthy country a lot of money and weapons and business.

American Jews are bringing about their own demise, as they have done for centuries.

Read the history books. Jews have been hated for a long time.

Anonymous ID: bbd329 2019-07-23 17:47:32Z No. 7147504


WORD not work

Anonymous ID: 3229c3 2019-07-23 17:47:38Z No. 7147506


Our Father, Who Art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy Name.

Your Kingdom Come

Your Will Be Done

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

At long, long last.

Justice Be Done.


Anonymous ID: 04dacf 2019-07-23 17:47:41Z No. 7147505



>>7146830, >>7147227 Eye of Providence in Cathedrals Old and New. Architecture firm that designed the beehive in London follows suit.

>>7146836 There is a bank of monitors from surveillance cameras in Epstein's NYC house

>>7146913 Washington Soursour calls for Jihad: If anything happens to AOC, Ihan, Rashida, or Ayanna, I will hold this president responsible. Baker refuses to add correction.

>>7146937 Container Bar (where FBI agent shot himself) features the eye of providence on its side. Agent was also undercover as a bartender. What were they investigating?

>>7147316 Ilhan Omar Investigated For Fraud

>>7147276 More Bee digs, Think Queen Bee>Drones>Larva.

>>7147372 Butcher of Beijing Dead

>>7147462 Madonna: I'm not Jewish, I'm an Israelite. high priestess?

Will be posted in Notable thread here: >>7003045

Anonymous ID: e16787 2019-07-23 17:47:48Z No. 7147507


Epstein and clinton

Anonymous ID: 586c46 2019-07-23 17:47:55Z No. 7147509


Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints

A lot of off shoots.

I don't know how trafficking, or middle east, or even money from gov comes into play. A lot of people on the CDANN are calling it though.

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:48:01Z No. 7147510


Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:48:07Z No. 7147511


Ever notice almost all hitmen are undercover FBI agents?

Anonymous ID: b3b28e 2019-07-23 17:48:08Z No. 7147513


Payday someday 1 Co 6:9-10, He 13:4, Re 21:8

Anonymous ID: 3f943c 2019-07-23 17:48:10Z No. 7147512



You have got it.

Turn the map upside down.

What changes, if anything?

Reconcile the desire for dual citizenship.

Reconcile the system used by national governments which allows for duality of citizenship.

Is Bronfman's one vote so special, really?

Is the border a boundary to his billions, really?

Turn the map east-west.

What, if anything, changes, in perspective?

Duality itself changes perspective, yes?

Now apply that across the population.

What changes, if anything, to love of country?

I think you got it but haven't got that you got it. Prolly coz you are a Patriot, fren.

Cheers, Anon.

Anonymous ID: 65fedb 2019-07-23 17:48:16Z No. 7147515

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:48:33Z No. 7147517


Anonymous ID: 615c6b 2019-07-23 17:48:34Z No. 7147518















Attempting to reach you Baker make the following correction or Remove from Bread# 9143 Post # >>7146072, >>7146352 ! This Anon doesn't condone the game you are attempting to play here. NO Excuses, You See this and Have seen this!!

Anonymous ID: 35d8dc 2019-07-23 17:48:34Z No. 7147519

The 3rd United States Infantry Regiment is a regiment of the United States Army. It currently has three active battalions, and is readily identified by its nickname, The Old Guard, as well as Escort to the President. The regimental motto is Noli Me Tangere (from Latin: – "Touch Me Not"). The regiment is a major unit of the Military District of Washington (MDW).

The regiment is the oldest active duty regiment in the US Army, having been first organized as the First American Regiment in 1784. It has been the official ceremonial unit of the US Army since 1948.

The Old Guard's current duties include, but are not limited to, providing funeral details at Arlington National Cemetery, guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, providing honor guards for visiting dignitaries, supporting official ceremonies and providing a quick reaction force for the Washington, D.C. area.

As of 2018, there were three active battalions of the 3rd Infantry Regiment.

Anonymous ID: 9d6201 2019-07-23 17:48:35Z No. 7147520


Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 17:48:36Z No. 7147521

Anonymous ID: 6a6098 2019-07-23 17:48:38Z No. 7147522




Anonymous ID: 19eb1b 2019-07-23 17:48:44Z No. 7147523



fucking thank you

Anonymous ID: d374ae 2019-07-23 17:48:44Z No. 7147524



JFK was killed in a plot orchestrated by Che Guevara [and the Tri-Continental Conference], Fidel Castro, and the Deep State C_A,etc. The plot was hatched before the Nixon/Kennedy election and they were planning on killing POTUS no matter WHO it was, to send a message to the US that no one was safe. It just so happened that JFK was against the DS and the Cabal and the C_A, which turned out to be the icing on the cake. It was, in fact, a coincidence that they got a guy who was trying to fix things.


The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper Paperback – June 19, 2012

by Dr. Julio Antonio Del Marmol

et al.

Anonymous ID: 6d91d6 2019-07-23 17:48:48Z No. 7147526


From ID: 2f6a8a 2019-07-23 17:49:01Z No. 7147528


Epstein is shopped in. Pic Shows Trump with His daughter.

Anonymous ID: 45182a 2019-07-23 17:49:08Z No. 7147529

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:49:09Z No. 7147530

Now youre all playing my game you demonic fucks

Anonymous ID: 4eb39c 2019-07-23 17:49:14Z No. 7147531


if you believe this, then you have all you need to know, that Q is not your savior nor is Trump

look around you, those are the ones you need to reach and work with, the people are the only ones who can return the power back to the people

open your eyes and see

Anonymous ID: 14b05a 2019-07-23 17:49:20Z No. 7147532


My bad on sauce:

Anonymous ID: b688c9 2019-07-23 17:49:20Z No. 7147533


Anonymous ID: 442e58 2019-07-23 17:49:22Z No. 7147535



Anonymous ID: 594298 2019-07-23 17:49:29Z No. 7147537


she looks nice


Anonymous ID: 0d38f8 2019-07-23 17:49:30Z No. 7147538


<It was, in fact, a coincidence

Anonymous ID: eeb1b1 2019-07-23 17:49:39Z No. 7147539


Welcome to the club