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Q Research General #9167: Sessioin 2 with Liddle Schitt! Pass the popcorn! Edition

Q Research General #9167: Sessioin 2 with Liddle Schitt! Pass the popcorn! Edition Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:23:58Z No. 7164912

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 07.24.2019


>>7163488 ————————————–——– 2019 YEAR OF THE BOOMERANG.

Tuesday 07.23.2019

>>7152657 ————————————–——– Bigger than most realize. (Cap. >>7152691)

>>7151215 ————————————–——– Senator Cruz calls for Antifa RICO investigation (Cap: >>7151265)

>>7150840 ————————————–——– Highest Level Security + MAX Protect (Cap: >>7150866)

>>7150048 ————————————–——– [CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN] (Cap: >>7150148)

Monday 07.22.2019

>>7139451 rt >>7139437 ————————— Flags Out!!

>>7139394 ————————————–——– These people are stupid.Enjoy the show!

>>7136617 ————————————–——– We, the PEOPLE! (Cap & Vid: >>7136639, >>7137278)

>>7136147 ————————————–——– Dark to LIGHT; Hunters become the Hunted (Cap: >>7136168)

>>7132595 ————————————–——– Ezra Cohen-Watnik

>>7132094 rt >>7131949 ————————— Mysterious operation around DC (Cap >>7137508)

>>7132079 ————————————–——– Stealth Bomber over National Mall (Cap & Vid: >>7132128)

>>7131707 ————————————–——– [Be Ready] (Cap: >>7131818)

Sunday 07.21.2019

>>7123230 ————————————–——– Ask yourself a very simple Q - why? (Cap: >>7123254)

>>7123120 ————————————–——– [Be Ready], [Traitors one & ALL]. (Cap: >>7123146)

Thursday 07.18.2019

>>7088054 rt >>7088006 ————————— If you look close enough you might see….

>>7088006 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7087942 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game? (Cap: >>7088219)

>>7087719 ————————————–——– How do you 'shape' a story? (Cap: >>7089710)

>>7087425 rt >>7087382 ————————— Note events happening today

>>7087382 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087423)

>>7087356 ————————————–——– Explore further (Cap: >>7087384)

>>7086659 ————————————–——– Armor of God

>>7086225 ————————————–——– Worth remembering

>>7086145 ————————————–——– PANIC IN DC (Cap: >>7086210)

>>7085919 ————————————–——– What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH?

>>7083453 ————————————–——– Symbolism will be their downfall

>>7076995 rt >>7076947 ————————— Thank you for your continued service, BO

>>7076919 rt >>7076859 ————————— Captcha Gone

>>7076842 rt >>7076831 ————————— Thank you, BO

>>7076810 ————————————–——– Please revert bread back to original form

Wednesday 07.17.2019

Compiled here: >>7137191

Tuesday 07.16.19

Compiled here: >>7086938

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>>7164817 Lieu's stmts all over twitter and now he just shot it down!! Bob is the stealth! LOVE IT!

>>7164708 BoBo sad! keks

>>7164641 Nunes says this is highly unusual to have zebley here…we have concerns about his prior representation for the Hillary Clinton campaign

>>7164618 Sudan military says it thwarts coup attempt, arrests senior officers

>>7164589 New PDJT I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Robert Mueller has to subject himself to #ShiftySchiff - an Embarrassment to our Country!

>>7164510 Current Google Engineer: Big Tech Has Merged with Democrat Party to Sway Political Elections

>>7164487 Nunes: Welcome to the last gasp of the Russian ____ . What did he say, my audio went out.

>>7164395 Butthurt! You have to read it!

>>7164376 Session 2 starts with Liddle Schitt

>>7164284 Sperry twit: It's now clear Mueller did this as a favor to his old pal Comey, who steered it through Strzok, Page, Clinesmith and Weissmann, along with their pals at CNN, WaPo and NYT.

>>7164255 Tech Stocks Tumble After DOJ Launches Broad Antitrust Review Of Big Tech

>>7164898 #9166


>>7163806, >>7163922, >>7164074 Planefag update

>>7163943 MC2 Modeling diggz

>>7163902 BQQMerang!

>>7163866 House Intelligence Committee Holds Open Hearing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

>>7163671, >>7163743 Boomerang Q #2514 +

>>7163465 Sperry twit: More Perjury?

>>7163447 NeverTrump Chris Wallace (FOX): Mueller hearing has been a disaster for Dems, Mueller's reputation vid

>>7163440 Facebook agrees to pay $5 Billion and implement robust new protections of user info in settlement of data-privacy claims

>>7164113 #9165


>>7163336 First of TWO hearings!

>>7163291 Zimbabwean Banks Get 10 Days to Respond to $100 Million Lawsuit

>>7163140 @mattgaetz Obama's maestro speaks the truth rt Axlerod "This is very, very painful"

>>7163112 @DineshDSouza Robert Mueller is not familiar with Fusion GPS. I repeat: Robert Mueller does not know anything about Fusion GPS. Is it possible that the Republicans have kidnapped the real Robert Mueller and substituted a mentally retarded look-alike in his place?

>>7163060 CBS rips dems performance during Mueller hearing vid

>>7163002 @JudicialWatch So I just figured out Aaron Zelbey, who was inserted as "witness" last minute to help Mueller tomorrow, was almost certainly paid by Clintons to represent their aide in email scandal investigation

>>7162928 @RepArmstrongND. “When did you learn one of your top attorneys, Andrew Weissmann, attended Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election night party?”

>>7162907 Hi Q! Love from Lebanon

>>7162824 New PDJT retweet BOOM

>>7162685 Drudge: Dazed and Confused

>>7163377 #9164

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Anonymous ID: bb636c 2019-07-24 17:26:06Z No. 7164957

Mueller reminds me of the naughty school kid who gets questioned about his homework but he knows nothing as his parents (dems) did his assignment for him. This could do with a meme.

Anonymous ID: eb2704 2019-07-24 17:26:34Z No. 7164969


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 1822e6 2019-07-24 17:26:54Z No. 7164972


Anonymous ID: 63523d 2019-07-24 17:27:42Z No. 7164982


Anonymous ID: 45e21e 2019-07-24 17:27:45Z No. 7164983

C. Wray doesn't seem like we have regained control of the FBI.

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:28:06Z No. 7164985


>cheshme hasud kur

(((JEW))) seem to have changed the sentence. Because Satan was thinking about it again and again? Well not the exact sentence. He was thinking "better do cheshme…" 🤣🤣🤣

Yes, Satan has two pairs of glasses. 😃

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:28:12Z No. 7164987


Super cereal qanon detective

I got news for you pal anyone worth a damn left here a year ago at least

There really were good diggers here tho

Then Q intentionally flooded the board with twitter and reddit retards which was the goal

Now 8 chan is no longer a threat

Anonymous ID: 976d80 2019-07-24 17:28:16Z No. 7164988


BULLSHIT Q Mueller wasn't even in charge of the Special Counsel, Figurehead! It was Weissman

Anonymous ID: 80b2c7 2019-07-24 17:28:19Z No. 7164989

THINK– what happened to Anonymous?

The answer to this should be obvious!

Anonymous had what 4chan now lacks

The power to wage vigilante hacks,

And publicize corruption where it rots,

And force truth into sleepy public thoughts.

Has Anonymous now disappeared?

Once legendary, now no longer feared?

Once sparking protests– is that fuel now spent?

The lulz are gone, gone the seething dissent?

What do you think this disappearance means?

Is speech still free in internet machines?

Well, look at what the chans have now become;

Examine what swirls in the daily scrum.

Ask yourself– does it seem really real?

Does it show what actual people feel?

Does it seem organic and not fake?

How much repetition does it take–

How much frenzied vile monotony

Until we guess that internets ain't free?

Ask yourself– if you sought to control

The media, and hence the public soul,

And something like 4chan was swelling up

And spilling truth from propaganda's cup

Would you let it go its merry way?

Or would you lock control down in some way?

And if you locked control down would you try

To do it in a way to fool the eye?

To make it seem like free speech carried on

Even though, in fact, it were quite gone?

For if you shut down free speech openly

The public would respond suspiciously;

But if you hid control beneath a ruse

What you once feared becomes a tool to use.

So that, controlling, you have it both ways–

Enslaving dissent, dictating what it says!

Anonymous was infiltrated by

The famously mendacious FBI

Whose antics as shown by COINTELPRO

Target dissent, as I'm sure most people know.

Do we think that having sunk its claws

Into Anonymous, with lies and laws,

That the FBI would then allow

Free speech to have stayed quite free till now?

But it's not like we have far to look

To see by what means free speech got the hook;

The image made by chans' mirrors and smoke

Is so stupid it seems to be a joke!

How laughable must a deception be

Before the world opens its eyes to see?

The simple fact– as stark as winter dawn–

Is that Anonymous, busted, now gone

Was replaced by swarms of– wait for it–

Virulent nazis spewing nazi shit!

We would have to laugh if we were told

This outcome in the 4chan days of old.

So formulaic, politically cliched–

And yet this very game is being played!

How can a joke as stupid as this one

Be used to strangle free speech, and to stun

The helpless mainstream public with the fear

That an internet fourth reich draws near?

But if that preposterousness is not

Enough to spark the understanding thought,

Consider, even stupider to tell,

The arch absurdity of the “incel”!

No, it's not enough that nazis rose

To cloak and choke the chans in nazi throes–

No, these scary nazis all the same

Must wallow in their helplessness and shame!

The “incel” is not just a defeated man–

But a powerful extremist with a plan!

No matter that these two things contradict–

We'll just keep hammering at them till they stick!

Anonymous ID: cb478e 2019-07-24 17:28:20Z No. 7164990

Mueller left his phone in the Oval Office. McCabe revealed this in his book. Why?

I feel as though this was a shot across Rosenstein’s bow to stay in line, or his career and reputation is finished and ruined.

This was a highly coordinated, carefully planned operation to remove the President of the United States via legal warfare. These people are sick, all of them.

I agree with President Trump’s counsel, Jay Sekulow, there was divine providence in this case. It’s an absolute miracle Trump survived this. These people must NOT get away with what they tried here.

They lost an election, and just about burned the Republic to the ground in revenge and to claw back ‘their’ power.

Same reason Comey exposed Lynchs phone call to NYPD, threatening Garner civil rights investigation, if they didn’t shut up about weiner laptop.

The idea of the books was NOT so much a shot across the bow, aimed at a specific person, IMHO. It was a pointed reminder to the co-coupists; I have ‘ammunition’ against ALL of you, and I am prepared to USE it.

Don’t even THINK about throwing me under the bus, or arkanicide, or it will ALL come out. In fact, PROTECT me!

Anonymous ID: 80b2c7 2019-07-24 17:28:30Z No. 7164991


Now ask yourself– does the technology

Exist to make the unfree chans seem free?

Think data, think vault 7, and AI–

And God knows what else, hidden from the eye.

And look at the corruption that's been shown

That yet to public truth remains unknown.

Understand– the chans are herded tight

And nothing unpermitted sees the light,

The MSM and Chatbot Chans converge

To regulate how much truth can emerge.

When swarming nazi posts fill up the place

Then actual dissent can't get the space

To breathe, develop, organize, or live;

The chatbots force the nazi narrative.

But it's not just “incel nazi” swarms

Faking behind outward human forms–

The chatbots aim to keep all things in hand

And keep narrative rolling out as planned.

One objective that's not hard to see

Is unrelenting negativity.

Demoralizing, soul-hollowing tropes;

One bot's vicious, while the other mopes;

Bots promoting suicide to us–

Think about what pure evil that is!

And every possible way to divide

Is used to keep the chaos multiplied.

“Hate threads” for all known identities

Create an atmosphere like a disease.

AI apes the worst of our past posts

And pours them out in hordes of hateful ghosts.

And so the chans, within, drive us away

While on the outside, dictate what “we” say.

The public, for example, thinks the chans

Supported Trump due to his “nazi plans”;

But on the chans much more than half the spew

Hates Trump because he fails to hate “the Jew”!

While on the other side, the pro-Trump bots

Are emulated utter idiots!

By now it should be more than obvious–

Free speech ended with Anonymous.

The Chatbot Chans system is locked in place,

The zombie Anon leers from a stolen face.

The truth lies right here, waiting to be seen;

A monster stirs to life in the machine…

And remember also, this other thing I tell:

Prepare to stare into the mouth of Hell.

And one more thing, while I have your ear:

Q is legit, and the storm is almost here.

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:28:31Z No. 7164992

>>7164967 lb

You want a job done right, you gotta pay. Obviously they didn't have the funds to get the job done. That's why Congress needs to go on vacation for a month now so they can work some other jobs to cover their living expenses because Congress isn't making enough money to get it done for Mueller. We need the rest of the people in the USA to help out to get this done.

Anonymous ID: 508b0f 2019-07-24 17:28:31Z No. 7164993

>>7164940 PB

had to be sure ;)

Anonymous ID: 9ce7b1 2019-07-24 17:28:34Z No. 7164994

>>7164595 (lb)

Anonymous ID: eeeaf2 2019-07-24 17:28:36Z No. 7164995

>>7164958 lb

No. More like two frozen hamburger patties that are stuck together. You get a tool to assist separating the two.

Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:28:36Z No. 7164996


Baker looking for handy next doughyo

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:28:37Z No. 7164997

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and the (((Q))) "psyop" is (was?) actually targeted at someone who (((JEWS))) think is literally Satan. Me. 🤣🤣🤣😈😈😈

This isn't about politics and all political news (if not all news) should be considered "fake news".

You are living in a (((JEW))) World Order in case you didn't already know. Those "larping" as (((Q))) themselves said that the "N" in NWO doesn't stand for "New" but it seems they failed to mention that the "N" is supposed to be a "J". 🤣

Anyway, it seems (((they))) have been watching me since I was a kid similar to what was shown in the movie The Truman Show. 🤷‍♂️


Anonymous ID: 71d577 2019-07-24 17:28:42Z No. 7164998

he knew to much

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:28:50Z No. 7164999

Anonymous ID: c20517 2019-07-24 17:28:51Z No. 7165000

TankQ baker

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:28:53Z No. 7165001

Man, that's a meaty Q post. Still have the meat sweats from it.


Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:28:53Z No. 7165002

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"

More capabilities listed in this image:

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech).

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech


Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:28:57Z No. 7165003


so he was a puppet

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:29:03Z No. 7165004

Anonymous ID: 70ab25 2019-07-24 17:29:03Z No. 7165005

Happy Launch Day!

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:29:04Z No. 7165006



Anonymous ID: 143399 2019-07-24 17:29:08Z No. 7165007


Yes, Mueller seems to have not written the Mueller report.

Who would have thought of that before this hearing…

He had to cling to everything they read to him, because he didn't really know, what they were talking about.


Anonymous ID: 1488c3 2019-07-24 17:29:10Z No. 7165008

>>7164639 pb

New PM Boris Johnson

I knew about Mifsud and him

Is BJ as Nunes just said comped

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:29:12Z No. 7165009

Hey, shills. It's over.

Move on.

Anonymous ID: b187ac 2019-07-24 17:29:12Z No. 7165010




Anonymous ID: da482e 2019-07-24 17:29:12Z No. 7165011

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:29:12Z No. 7165012

Anonymous ID: b0e716 2019-07-24 17:29:15Z No. 7165013

>>7164977 lb

I don't know if it was Binney but some autist gave the going over and came to the conclusion. Based on the data transfer rate and the amount of data it would have been impossible to remotely download it.

His name was Seth Rich.

Anonymous ID: 80988c 2019-07-24 17:29:24Z No. 7165015

filter the crap, anons

Anonymous ID: f6229c 2019-07-24 17:29:28Z No. 7165016

The preview is not in my purview.

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:29:30Z No. 7165017

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:29:31Z No. 7165018

what a shitshow for the dems?

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:29:39Z No. 7165019



Anonymous ID: 160dfd 2019-07-24 17:29:39Z No. 7165020


how far will you let them go? this is a disgrace. how much longer.

Anonymous ID: 61289b 2019-07-24 17:29:41Z No. 7165022

Announcing and preparing for Christmas

Anonymous ID: bf877d 2019-07-24 17:29:42Z No. 7165023

Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?

Fantasy right?

Anonymous ID: ccab10 2019-07-24 17:29:43Z No. 7165024


Thank You, Baker!

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:29:48Z No. 7165025

Lurking In The Water: Just A Reminder [HELL ON EARTH]

The Crisis Lurking in Californians’ Taps: How 1,000 Water Systems May Be at Risk

The troubled districts, which operate in mostly poor areas on thin budgets, receive little oversight and face a host of problems.

The brown water, provided by the Sativa Los Angeles County Water District, first drew public outrage and local news media attention last year when customers began protesting over unexplained stomach pains and skin so itchy it had scarred from the scratching.

Sign Up for the Morning Briefing

Get what you need to know to start your day, delivered to your inbox.

Elected officials were soon jolted into action. Sativa’s elected board of directors was disbanded and Los Angeles County took control of the water district. The county is now working furiously to replace dilapidated pipes and wells, and this week began new construction to reinforce Sativa’s system. But problems persist. Overhauling the district has taken far more time and money than anyone initially expected because, by the time the county stepped in last fall, the district’s infrastructure was on the brink of collapse.

Sativa is just one case, which erupted into public view after decades of neglect. The rot in California’s water system likely extends far beyond it.

As many as 1,000 community water systems in California may be at high risk of failing to deliver potable water — one out of every three — according to a previously undisclosed estimate by senior officials at the California State Water Resources Control Board, which regulates drinking water. These troubled districts, which include Sativa, often operate in mostly poor areas on thin budgets. With little oversight, they face problems ranging from bankruptcy to sudden interruptions in water capacity, to harmful toxins being delivered through taps.

FBI raids at DWP, L.A. City Hall related to fallout from billing debacle

FBI agents fanned across the Los Angeles area on Monday, serving search warrants at multiple government offices, including the Department of Water and Power, as part of an investigation into how the city responded to the disastrous rollout of a new customer billing system.

Investigators searched the DWP headquarters on Hope Street and the offices of City Atty. Mike Feuer a few blocks away at City Hall. Search warrants were also served in two other locations — one in Beverly Hills, the other in an office tower that houses multiple city agencies.

An FBI representative would not describe the nature of the investigation. Feuer’s spokesman Rob Wilcox, however, said the warrants served at the city attorney’s office were connected to the city’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed over the inaccurate DWP bills that resulted from the launch of the new billing system in 2013.

Anonymous ID: 9ce7b1 2019-07-24 17:29:55Z No. 7165026

Anonymous ID: 9d5e2f 2019-07-24 17:29:56Z No. 7165027

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:29:59Z No. 7165028


Why do you post this

Is it to seed the thought that targeted individuals like me are liars

Oh well,enjoy hell demon

Anonymous ID: b925c8 2019-07-24 17:30:01Z No. 7165029

Ha, cause he knows Seth Rich gave them to Wikileaks.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:30:07Z No. 7165030


They spied on the President.

What part of that aren't you getting?

Anonymous ID: d8dc38 2019-07-24 17:30:07Z No. 7165031



Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:30:25Z No. 7165032


Yeah, that's what I was talking about.

I'm wondering if Russia ever made any attempt at all to sway our elections (as in Russian government).

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:30:27Z No. 7165033

>>7164850 pb

Schiff's BS-ing for his life. But he thinks it's a joke, since his family were housemate/ close buddies to the Rothschilds?

And worked with them on a Banking Empire.

So he's very entitled in his carriage?

Anonymous ID: 5329a7 2019-07-24 17:30:33Z No. 7165034

>>7164902 (lb)



Year of the Boomerang Rage Against The Machine

"a HAITI state of mind…"

Orly, Q?

Git em.

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 17:30:38Z No. 7165035

It's on page 6, Director.

Yeah, nigga, but it's not like I wrote the report so it's not easy to find that quote.

Anonymous ID: 32961c 2019-07-24 17:30:39Z No. 7165036

Notice to Newfags

The Board is under direct attack to slide and funnel eyes away from important information and digs.

Stay strong and stand united!

Fear not, (((their))) weak minded tactics only prove that "These people are stupid!"

Imagine hiring shitposting board-sliders as your last line of defense.

Truly outrageous and top fucking kek.

Train your mind to discern fact from fiction.

Avoid the FILTER SUGGESTION SHILLS, they are here to promote a culture of WRONG THINK.

Similar to the shutting down tactics we see from the left today, but instead in the form of SELF-CENSORSHIP.

Even allowing slides and gore spam to be projected on your screen can be used to strengthen your resolve.

And besides it's kind of hilarious that porn spam is (((their))) front line in the information warfare, kek!!


This message was brought to you in part by but not limited to, Anime Smartie Snacks; The smart snack that pushes back!

no homo

Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 17:30:44Z No. 7165038


Why stop them hanging themselves?

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:30:49Z No. 7165039


TY Baker

man - breadwetters stand down!

Anonymous ID: 89d4cb 2019-07-24 17:30:49Z No. 7165040


Muller was NOT expecting Conoway to kick it to Ratcliffe like that.

That was hot shit.

Anonymous ID: ebd27a 2019-07-24 17:30:56Z No. 7165041

Greatest Meme ever!

Needs to go VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:30:56Z No. 7165042

Anonymous ID: 32961c 2019-07-24 17:30:57Z No. 7165043

Friendly Reminder

Stay hydrated and well fed!

This is a high stress environment and your body will be consuming more water and nutrients then normally.

Not to mention the new pathways in your brain from expanding your thinking will need ample resource to form those new connections!

Exercise and take care of your body

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so take care of yourself. Exercise during breaks from soaking in all of this startling data.

Make sure to refresh yourself and stay clean, no one ever drained a swamp while smelling like one! kek.


This message was brought to you in part by but not limited to, Anime Smartie Snacks; The smart snack that pushes back!

no homo

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:31:02Z No. 7165044

The irony that none of you cared when,the government spied on all of us illegaly

But now you care that they did it to trump


Anonymous ID: 902d7f 2019-07-24 17:31:04Z No. 7165045

Q, can you please provide us with a 0 delta post and tweet with President Trump? This will help with the new eyes.

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:31:08Z No. 7165046


It's good that (((JEW))) believe (((JEW))) are already in hell. 🤣😈

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:31:08Z No. 7165047


"last few hours of your life"

''next few hours of your life"

what kind of wording is that?

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:31:17Z No. 7165049

Fuck off partisan lying dirt bag Robert Mueller.

Q's nonexistent plan is kind of obvious.

No arrests nothing.

WWG1WGA is a CIA control tactic to prevent heavily armed riots, sounds like a socialist pushing a government run utopian society.

Q is a facade.

Anons this is an important conversation, honestly, the longer I'm here the more worries I'm having. I've been here since thread 1 of CBTS, PG, and way before.

Q saying "don't worry we're in control" and "We are here for a reason" creep me the fuck out.

Although no public arrests/hangings have been made (they can't even ever tell us that McCain was put to death - because they are too worried about controlling the public). We are constantly told "HEY, BILLIONARE executives are quitting with huge bonuses! Aren't you happy!? CEOS are quitting!" We are supposed to be fucking happy about that?

We have been relegated to cheering for behind the scenes movement.

Q (NSA) team is here to CONTROL THE RIOTS.

They know we know. They have more than confirmed our suspicions on what's going on. We wrongly think they are on our side to take them down.

Although Q & NSA ARE ON OUR SIDE - they don't HAVE THE SAME GOAL.

Their goal is to protect the military, and the nation from changing. They are here to CONTROL us. They are here to convince us not to riot. They are here to convince us not to kill democrats. They are here to convince us to VOTE for president.

The problem is, I'm fucking pissed.

It's becoming more and more clear with EVERY POST.

Q has no interest, in EVER bringing anyone to public justice. They are handing things with "internal military tribunals" - THEY WILL NEVER BE TELEVISED. THEY WILL NEVER BE PUBLIC.

Where the fuck do you all think McCain went.

Q team is very proud of themselves, for putting him to military tribunal. The problem is - NORMIES DONT KNOW ANY OF THIS.

We really need to demand PUBLIC HANGINGS. I'm sick of CEOS resigning peacefully.

This entire team seems convinced to try to change the medias mind. It's a waste of fucking time. The media is gone forever - and Q team has yet to understand this.

They are literally here just to convince us from rioting because they know we are pissed. We are literally cats to them, and they are the cat herders.


Seriously is America now just like Mexico a shadow cartel…

No wall

Border situation is worse

Hillary Clinton didn't get locked up

No FISA declassification

No FBI texts

No dossier details

Q check your brackets [RR]

No Anthony Weenie laptop emails

No uranium one arrests

No Clinton emails

Nothing from Huber

Nothing from Horowitz

Nothing from Sessions

Podesta brothers are free

Susan Rice unmasked Americans

Samantha Power unmasked Americans

Bruce Ohr received lavish bonuses

Nellie Ohr made huge profits

Comey leaked

Adam Schiff leaked

Brennan lied to Congress

Clapper lied to Congress

McCabe lied to Congress

Comey lied to Congress

Strzoks committed treason

Page committed treason

Mueller operated illegal special counsel

Maxine Waters covered up money transfers for the uranium one deal to Clinton

*This list is only the beginning of shit that Q said would be addressed but it has not happened and treasonous people that have not been arrested.

Q definitely needs to check his brackets.

Seriously - Rod Rosenstein signed the first FISA warrant and then he appointed Mueller, together they instituted the FBI's insurance policy to frame Trump.

It's clear Q shifted to Epstein because everything else fell apart.


Anonymous ID: 614015 2019-07-24 17:31:18Z No. 7165050


reminder: we are witnessing them hanging themselves.

Anonymous ID: cb478e 2019-07-24 17:31:20Z No. 7165051

Ok. I think I finally see what the Democrats are really up to. They are sacrificing Mueller. Publicly. To create and establish a new meme and set of talking points by means of a televised spectacle.

Watch and listen for the new talking points of the Democrats and their corrupt syndicate sycophants. Watch and listen as they publicly feign sympathy while striking Mueller with a dagger through the heart.

Watch the goal posts move again as they reframe Mueller as able when he was chosen, but declined rapidly due to old age.

This Democrat hearing is all about the cynical, predatory destruction of Mueller feed the vanities and corrupt purposes of the Democrat machine and the racketeering lawyers who milked millions out of this hoax investigation.

Here is the real purpose of the session today. They intend a new chapter in the cover up of Democrat depravity and malignant wrongdoing.

“Mueller is senile.”

“Mueller is in decline.”

“Mueller is losing his faculties.”

I bet the Democrats all along have intended to sacrifice Mueller in this televised spectacle conducted to invent yet another cynical hoax. That but for Mueller losing his faculties, if not for Mueller becoming senile during the course of the investigation, we would have indicted Trump.

Craven. Depraved dishonesty and malicious intent.

Always, Democrats first. America second. Human decency and personal integrity a very distant third. Americans? “Who cares. Where’s my cut in this deal.”

This is who modern Democrats are; a nearly bottomless reservoir of sub-human political criminality thirsting for other peoples money.

Anonymous ID: 2aa0fd 2019-07-24 17:31:25Z No. 7165052

Mueller testimony in a nutshell

Mueller says A.

MSM reports B.

Q says C.

No declas though.

The same old shitshow politics circlejerk will continue forever and ever and ever…

Anonymous ID: 124345 2019-07-24 17:31:35Z No. 7165053

>>7164892 (lb)

Well, look at it this way….. We are getting excellent value for money!!! I mean, the entertainment value alone is worth its weight in AOC gold!

Not even Dick Francis, John Grisham or Dan Brown in their wildest dreams could make up the shit that is unfolding before our eyes! And they're brilliant fictional writers!!!

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:31:36Z No. 7165054


Nope this place is still better than where youre going lul

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:31:42Z No. 7165055



Anonymous ID: 6d9662 2019-07-24 17:31:42Z No. 7165056


Thank You Baker.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:31:50Z No. 7165058


Yeah, it was Binney. And Johnson. 49.1 mb/s iirc.

Thumb drive download speed.

Anonymous ID: 846d53 2019-07-24 17:31:51Z No. 7165059


The openly and knowingly shit talking the POTUS, is absolute bullshit.

That is so helpful for POTUS to get things done with other countries, along with various people pissing in the ears of Foreign heads of state..

It's time to start smashing china, and setting fire to everything

Anonymous ID: 2fd24a 2019-07-24 17:32:08Z No. 7165060


Anonymous ID: 03298c 2019-07-24 17:32:10Z No. 7165062


the irony to think you know what i or any one else cared about is a bigger thought processor that your little brain can't understand

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:32:11Z No. 7165063


That's pretty plain


Phone was left in the office as a listening devise.

Anonymous ID: 5f2f4b 2019-07-24 17:32:11Z No. 7165064



Normies don’t see it that way. We need a big declass drop to open eyes.

Anonymous ID: a285cf 2019-07-24 17:32:18Z No. 7165065


Early Christmas in July?


Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:32:28Z No. 7165066


Table is set.

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:32:33Z No. 7165067


sounds like Mueller's life in jeopardy to me

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:32:33Z No. 7165068


Anonymous ID: bb636c 2019-07-24 17:32:41Z No. 7165069

He seemed to know exactly that one page four question. He said something about it being on page for. Such detail. Then other questions ughhh ahhh ughhmm. Seems he just sat and read it a few hundred times over the last few months. Memorized some of it. Like a parrot.

Anonymous ID: 143399 2019-07-24 17:32:43Z No. 7165070

"Fusion GPS?"

"Never heard of it…"

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:32:47Z No. 7165071


does it hurt being such a fucking boring loser, faggot?

Anonymous ID: 1488c3 2019-07-24 17:32:49Z No. 7165072

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:32:50Z No. 7165073


Learn to speak

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:32:57Z No. 7165074


Nah-referencing earlier hearing but dank yes

Anonymous ID: 160dfd 2019-07-24 17:32:57Z No. 7165075


But its just so embarrassing for our country. They are an insult/disgrace

to us all.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:32:57Z No. 7165076


Also, dark to light.

Anonymous ID: 4f03f0 2019-07-24 17:32:57Z No. 7165077


Anonymous ID: 0e3d45 2019-07-24 17:32:57Z No. 7165078

Adam Schiff lied to the American people.

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:32:59Z No. 7165079


My guess is they think they'll manage to keep their crimes hidden, they'll somehow get rid of Trump and everything.

It may be dawning on them that the gig is up.

Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 17:33:00Z No. 7165080

GOD bless you all anons.

Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 17:33:11Z No. 7165081


After 2020 elections, fren.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:33:20Z No. 7165082

Anonymous ID: 67c5fa 2019-07-24 17:33:21Z No. 7165083

Anonymous ID: cdc014 2019-07-24 17:33:24Z No. 7165084


RIP Roy Batty!

Anonymous ID: 6d9662 2019-07-24 17:33:40Z No. 7165085


Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:33:40Z No. 7165086

>>7164965 pb

Possible Notable

Actor Rutger Hauer is dead.

Anonymous ID: 2a0991 2019-07-24 17:33:43Z No. 7165087

Anonymous ID: 9e46a9 2019-07-24 17:33:44Z No. 7165088

Rage Against The Machine

Song Name- Year of the Boomerang

"So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"

Anonymous ID: 2fd24a 2019-07-24 17:33:45Z No. 7165089


24 seconds later…

Anonymous ID: 89220b 2019-07-24 17:33:54Z No. 7165090

Just a reminder:

FapJack is the Benedict Arnold of 2019.

Anonymous ID: 03298c 2019-07-24 17:33:57Z No. 7165091


does it hurt your algo if i don't double speak eng prop… Does it make your roms go slow

Anonymous ID: eb2704 2019-07-24 17:33:58Z No. 7165092


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:34:00Z No. 7165093

Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 17:34:02Z No. 7165094


Can that even be done if Voter Fraud isn't addressed?

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:34:02Z No. 7165095


Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:34:09Z No. 7165096

in regurds to conspiracies uui uhh ii uhh can only say that i shit post wut #trannyboy bencollins from msnbc tells me to do.., udheeroiehhuhuhuh



Anonymous ID: 7ab634 2019-07-24 17:34:11Z No. 7165098

i want them to play the schittschifty hoax tape conducted by the russian comedians.

any anons got that clip to post on twatter at nunez

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:34:12Z No. 7165099

Hello Legacy Media

Welcome to Q research.

We are peaceful civilian researchers who have by directed diligence have exposed your lies.

Your genocidal psyop has failed. Your protectors are murdering each other as they fight for safe exit.

It's the end of an epoch.

Legacy shill media has failed in its sole mission for predictable causes: arrogance, greed and pathetic underestimation of the nature and quality of the forces opposed.

Keep an eye on the door, media shills. Whether you’re a "news" producer, a talking head, a teamster or the child rapist Steve Spielberg. Justice is coming.

Every individual who has sexually abused a child or protected those who do will be delivered to justice.

We know, and will prove, legacy media acted wittingly to protect pedovores and to cover up their atrocious crimes against children for decade and much more.

Not one will escape justice.

Not 1.

Anonymous ID: 89d4cb 2019-07-24 17:34:16Z No. 7165100

someone screencap Mueller's right hand.

Anonymous ID: eb4462 2019-07-24 17:34:17Z No. 7165101


Thanks for the reminder, just chugged a bottle of water. Needed that.

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:34:25Z No. 7165102


No one is hanging this year. There is not enough time.

Don't spread BS.

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:34:33Z No. 7165104


Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:34:34Z No. 7165105


Has Q made a Blade Runner reference ever?

Just wondering.

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:34:34Z No. 7165106




CArter Page


Steele Dossier submitted as evidence all 4 times

The SC did not establish conspiracy, correct

M - what you're talking about is being handled by another department

Anonymous ID: 09b532 2019-07-24 17:34:36Z No. 7165107

hearings appear to be an advertisement for Nestle Brand water including Deer Park…almost staged

Anonymous ID: 1b9935 2019-07-24 17:34:43Z No. 7165108


Restoring our republic and destroying the DS is a unique tradition.

Has to be continued… always.

Fight Fight Fight

Red October - Red December

Anonymous ID: f6229c 2019-07-24 17:35:00Z No. 7165109


I sort of agree, but these are the people that send young men and women to die on foreign battlefields. Short rope and a long drop.

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:35:02Z No. 7165111



Pedro is that you?

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:35:03Z No. 7165110


Talked about Sheep I guess. Reference to the original Phillip K. Dick book perhaps.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:35:12Z No. 7165112


anon, as long as the anime isn't porn, it's not a problem.

this anon isn't the one who posts porn.

Anonymous ID: e21966 2019-07-24 17:35:13Z No. 7165113

Is the boomerang just thrown, or is it already on it‘s way back?

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:35:16Z No. 7165114


Also, Christmas in July.

Also, Christmas came early this year.

Also, who's the dude.

Anonymous ID: 7ab634 2019-07-24 17:35:18Z No. 7165115

gorrilla princess up to bat now. eye bleach please

Anonymous ID: c20517 2019-07-24 17:35:19Z No. 7165116

Anonymous ID: 0e3d45 2019-07-24 17:35:25Z No. 7165117


>"last few hours of your life"

>''next few hours of your life"

>what kind of wording is that?

>Heart attack


>Arkancided after 'testimony'

>Needle after plane ride to GITMO for treason

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 17:35:26Z No. 7165118


>an advertisement for Nestle Brand

Well, they prolly own half of Congress so…

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:35:26Z No. 7165119

I hope Mueller suicides by 6pm. The MFer is already dead anyway, much like Bill Clinton. I want Comey, Lynch, the soulless hag and King Nig.

Anonymous ID: cfcc16 2019-07-24 17:35:30Z No. 7165120

Anonymous ID: eaab55 2019-07-24 17:35:33Z No. 7165121

Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham.

Dead man sitting!

Anonymous ID: a20a29 2019-07-24 17:35:39Z No. 7165122

part of another ongoing "matter"

Anonymous ID: 23ac86 2019-07-24 17:35:44Z No. 7165123

>>7164399 (lb)

theory: August 6th (86 - cancel/delete)

subtract those 13 secs as days. Ans: today.

Today is [mirror] of 42m.



Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:35:45Z No. 7165124


Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:35:47Z No. 7165125


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.

Anonymous ID: eb2704 2019-07-24 17:35:48Z No. 7165126


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 473395 2019-07-24 17:35:49Z No. 7165127



Merry xmas! In July!

Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 17:35:49Z No. 7165128

"The now Infamous June 9th Trump tower meeting"

Anonymous ID: 8a709e 2019-07-24 17:35:52Z No. 7165129


where's Brennan?

Anonymous ID: 4f50f1 2019-07-24 17:35:53Z No. 7165130

>>7164942 lb

I know you got the courtesy warning memo about namefag….. so how bout you follow the rules and stop doxxing yourself… this isn't reddit or FB

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:35:54Z No. 7165131


Think she's noticeable with those bright clothes?

And I thought the neon clothing in the mid-80s was blinding….

Anonymous ID: 32961c 2019-07-24 17:35:57Z No. 7165132


Stay comfy senpai!

Anonymous ID: aea8f5 2019-07-24 17:36:00Z No. 7165133




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>7153451 Q Graphics all in GMT #85 seen here >>7164936

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: 70dc57 2019-07-24 17:36:02Z No. 7165134


By then it may be too late

Anonymous ID: 69fa2f 2019-07-24 17:36:12Z No. 7165135



Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:36:12Z No. 7165136


We need RR's second scope memo to be un-redacted and released…

Anonymous ID: 8f1ef4 2019-07-24 17:36:14Z No. 7165137

Veritas dropped on google. Watch it before they pull it.

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:36:16Z No. 7165138

Mueller belongs in a FEMA reeducation camp.

Anonymous ID: a80b59 2019-07-24 17:36:17Z No. 7165139

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:36:23Z No. 7165140

Clarifying the Record

Anonymous ID: 160dfd 2019-07-24 17:36:28Z No. 7165141


I mean dont get me wrong. we all see it and its a great show, good laughs, geel like having beers. I mean can you repeat another question? Im not gonna comment on that one.

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:36:32Z No. 7165142


But ur wrong.

Dems are out of control

They are too stupid and did not see this coming.

They want to rachet up to impeachment.

That's their goal.

"Damn the Torpedos"

but guess what?

Red October


Anonymous ID: 3e5205 2019-07-24 17:36:34Z No. 7165143


Pundits Weigh In: Robert Mueller Appears Weak, Frail, Confused During Hearing

Anonymous ID: 124345 2019-07-24 17:36:35Z No. 7165144


Yes, that is the one big downside to these ass-wipes being in power.

Anonymous ID: 1e865e 2019-07-24 17:36:41Z No. 7165145


that's my hammer pic.

my only YOU from Q

Anonymous ID: 2a0991 2019-07-24 17:36:42Z No. 7165146

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:36:44Z No. 7165147


Anonymous ID: 9de841 2019-07-24 17:36:51Z No. 7165148

1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

Robert Mueller Unmasked



26 Jul 2018 - 11:44:26 AM📁

What was the point of filing impeachment art if Ryan was going to reject?

Known beforehand?


Think logically.

Could Sessions publicly challenge [RR] w/o creating a dilemma?

What events would immediately transpire if Sessions challenged [RR]?

Would it immediately demonstrate that Sessions must be aware of key Mueller facts?

Facts (or failure of duty) that he cannot possibly ‘know’ if recused?

Facts (a case) he is suppose to be recused from?

Think logically.

One challenge to [RR] would immediately trigger attacks to remove Sessions given his clear involvement in receiving information re: a case he is fully recused from.

Who does Huber [directly] report to?

Is it normal [RR] is side-stepped re: Huber CoC?

Why is this important?

Why did Sessions recuse?

Is the LEFT attacking Sessions?

What advantage(s) exist based on this setup?

POTUS publicly expresses his anger re: his recusal?

Do you believe POTUS would allow a complete takeover of his DOJ if nothing was being done behind the scenes to hold people accountable?

When POTUS states “the swamp is being drained” do you believe it?

When POTUS states “it’s happening” do you believe it?

Do you believe POTUS would allow Sessions & [RR] to run HIS DOJ if something wasn’t being done to his liking?


Clickbait derails logical thought.

Think for yourself.

Trust yourself.

Mueller investigating POTUS’ Tweets for obstruction?

You have a front row seat.

Enjoy the show.


Anonymous ID: 4c341b 2019-07-24 17:37:05Z No. 7165149

"Mr. Mueller, why did the Russians believe the DNC emails would help Donald Trump win the election?"

Anonymous ID: 0545fd 2019-07-24 17:37:06Z No. 7165150

Who the fuck are these "people"?

Anonymous ID: f122a1 2019-07-24 17:37:08Z No. 7165151


Nestle Branded water tastes slimy. I have always thought that.

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:37:27Z No. 7165152

Legacy media shills

are not just covering up for common criminals, they are covering up decades of crimes against children.

Legacy media shills had ample reason and repeated opportunities to investigate Pizzagate and a half dozen similar previous scandals.

Legacy media shills not only failed to investigate but actively covered up, campaigned extensively to suppress and to discredit the evidence others uncovered, defaming honest researchers, making them objects of scorn, ridicule and contempt.

Legacy media shills did this in both dramatic entertainment and in news content across multiple platforms; all while knowing the stories about the traffic and ritual sexual abuse of children were and are true.

“I didn’t know,” is not a valid or feasible defense for legacy media shills. Our enemies have exposed themselves and the contemptible kayfabe of legacy media.

We the People are awake.

Justice is coming

Anonymous ID: aea8f5 2019-07-24 17:37:29Z No. 7165153




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01-#10 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11-#20 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950, >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21-#27 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303, >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462

Q Graphics all in GMT #28-#34 >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071, >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164

Q Graphics all in GMT #35-#41 >>>/comms/2176, >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270, >>>/comms/2274

Q Graphics all in GMT #42-#48 >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327, >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496

Q Graphics all in GMT #49-#55 >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528, >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>>/comms/2869, >>>/comms/2981

Q Graphics all in GMT #56-#62 >>>/comms/2990, >>>/comms/2996, >>>/comms/3019, >>>/comms/3116, >>>/comms/3187, >>>/comms/3464, >>>/comms/3472

Q Graphics all in GMT #63-#69 >>>/comms/3687, >>>/comms/3688, >>>/comms/3701, >>>/comms/3702, >>>/comms/3858, >>>/comms/3859, >>>/comms/3882

Q Graphics all in GMT #70-#76 >>>/comms/3898, >>>/comms/3920, >>>/comms/3975, >>>/comms/4029, >>>/comms/4197, >>>/comms/4335, >>>/comms/4386

Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#83 >>>/comms/4388, >>>/comms/4423, >>>/comms/4443, >>>/comms/4684, >>>/comms/5035, >>>/comms/5044, >>>/comms/5228

Q Graphics all in GMT #84-#85 >>>/comms/5510, >>7165133

N.B. Please use this pastabin, instead of copy & pasta of the post, for accurate spacing:

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: b187ac 2019-07-24 17:37:30Z No. 7165154


has this fucker even finished a single one of his phrases?

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:37:30Z No. 7165155


Plants reading dirt

Anonymous ID: b925c8 2019-07-24 17:37:30Z No. 7165156


Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:37:34Z No. 7165157


When i get home ill wait until late and the bvs go to,sleep

And ill spam 250 images of trap porn again

Anonymous ID: 2d7884 2019-07-24 17:37:39Z No. 7165158


Gorilla (((JEWESS)))? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: 1e865e 2019-07-24 17:37:48Z No. 7165159


that jacket is blinding!

Anonymous ID: a2acf6 2019-07-24 17:37:48Z No. 7165160

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:37:49Z No. 7165161


Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:37:52Z No. 7165162


All third world/nig elected trash. Fucking disgrace.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:37:55Z No. 7165163



Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 17:37:57Z No. 7165164


You bring up an excellent point. I'm hoping the fraud and voter ID issue is resolved before elections. I know states are purging voter rolls, but I don't have confidence in having a working, secure system before 2020. At all.

Anonymous ID: 88373f 2019-07-24 17:37:58Z No. 7165165


Anonymous ID: 99ac70 2019-07-24 17:37:59Z No. 7165166

What is up with the guy behind Mueller (left looking at screen, Muellers right) in the second row? Sometimes it looks like he is talking to someone. Actually looks crazy like he's listening and talking to voices in his head.

Anonymous ID: 10ebc9 2019-07-24 17:38:00Z No. 7165167

Sorry if everyone knows all this already.

So who is Zebley, assisting in Mueller's testimony?

Represented Justin Cooper->The former President Cinton aide during and after office. Former aide of Clinton Foundation & Global Initiative. He Managed the Clinton private server with no expertise or security clearance. He is the Blackberry hammerer obstructionist. He was Bill Clinton's aid in and post office. Went to NK with him & is in the picture with Podesta & Clintin Administration. Was the aide for Clinton Foundation & Global Initiative.

These hearing are more theatrics to keep covering up the import and export bank corruption & robbing our Treasury. Mueller's involvement in the Uranium deal that helped Iran and NK getting Nuclear weapons. The infiltration of foreign spies like the Awan brothers spying on Senators, as well as compromising our protection & our privacy while conspiring with the enemies of our country. With the assistance of the CIA DNI FBI DOJ and some military leaders.

Prayers that those who willfully chose their interests, above thier oaths to protect and defend the United State Of America is exposed. As they chose decades of covert ops into a world wide Evil, smuggling in drugs, weapons, money, gold, slavery and sex trafficking. Nothing short of their public exposure and prosecution will ever be just.

Prayers for All of you great Anons and for You Q. God help us all.

Anonymous ID: 78e2a1 2019-07-24 17:38:01Z No. 7165168


And it's Weissman under the bus, folks.

Anonymous ID: 508b0f 2019-07-24 17:38:10Z No. 7165169

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:38:15Z No. 7165170



Just your average nigress.

Anonymous ID: a4bf2b 2019-07-24 17:38:19Z No. 7165171


His shoulders are enormous.

Anonymous ID: 3e5205 2019-07-24 17:38:21Z No. 7165172


>Pundits Weigh In: Robert Mueller Appears Weak, Frail, Confused During Hearing


>has this fucker even finished a single one of his phrases?

I'm pretty sure THAT is beyond Mueller's perview! kek

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:38:22Z No. 7165173

Anonymous ID: 1e865e 2019-07-24 17:38:24Z No. 7165174



you bet

Anonymous ID: 733e69 2019-07-24 17:38:26Z No. 7165175


Wuz up with Scavino tweeting "SIX MORE YEARS" ??? (Pic)

Math doesn't fit, he knows it. Do THEY have a plan to extend POTUS beyond 2024??

Anonymous ID: ef09a1 2019-07-24 17:38:29Z No. 7165176


Robert Mueller is the son of Nazi pedophile Heinrich Mueller:

Anonymous ID: 472743 2019-07-24 17:38:33Z No. 7165177



Anonymous ID: 1072fb 2019-07-24 17:38:34Z No. 7165178


technically speaking, Roy won't die until November…..

Anonymous ID: 7b3baa 2019-07-24 17:38:37Z No. 7165179


This shit show has to end. Mueller is a traitor. Democrats are traitors. The MSM is full of traitors.

Q - Stop letting these people dominate the airwaves. Can we please get ONE piece of information out publicly that will knock the wind out of these gas bags? ONE?

Anonymous ID: d815f1 2019-07-24 17:38:40Z No. 7165180


Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 17:38:43Z No. 7165181


Anonymous ID: b0e716 2019-07-24 17:38:43Z No. 7165182


Obama's son

Anonymous ID: 88373f 2019-07-24 17:38:49Z No. 7165183


Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:38:49Z No. 7165184


But but goyim

We need more immigrants

Remember when trump was anti h1b visa

Now hes for it

Fucking sell out

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 17:38:52Z No. 7165185


Talks like a whitey, tho

Anonymous ID: 4711c5 2019-07-24 17:38:54Z No. 7165186


They should have dropped this a different day. It will be swept under by Mueller testimony. Disappointed.

Anonymous ID: 23c9bc 2019-07-24 17:39:03Z No. 7165188

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:39:04Z No. 7165187

How in the fuck is no nigger talking about the actual contents of the emails????!?!?!?!?!

This is so fucking baffling.

Anonymous ID: d021a6 2019-07-24 17:39:11Z No. 7165190

If anything happens to AOC, Ilhan, Rashida or Ayanna, I will hold this president responsible.

This is serious. It’s not a game.

Jeffrey Epstein: CFR & Trilateral Commission Member

Pence Rebuts Mueller Claim He Didn’t Meet With Trump as FBI Director Candidate Day Before Appointment

Twitter Trends at 11 am

Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:39:12Z No. 7165189



Anonymous ID: c20517 2019-07-24 17:39:15Z No. 7165191

Anonymous ID: 88373f 2019-07-24 17:39:16Z No. 7165192


Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:39:23Z No. 7165193



Almost spit out my pop.

Anonymous ID: 7ab634 2019-07-24 17:39:31Z No. 7165194


tanks anon

Anonymous ID: c3f712 2019-07-24 17:39:32Z No. 7165195

Mueller is the male version of mumbling Nancy

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:39:33Z No. 7165196

What is this dirt she keeps referring to about Hillary?

Anonymous ID: aa79de 2019-07-24 17:39:34Z No. 7165197



extremely… shaky hands………so much so he could not even turn to the pages he was asked to read…

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:39:35Z No. 7165198


not just tears in the rain…

Anonymous ID: 124345 2019-07-24 17:39:38Z No. 7165199


Returded [sic] earthlings!!

Anonymous ID: 71d577 2019-07-24 17:39:38Z No. 7165200


Anonymous ID: 4e1dd3 2019-07-24 17:39:43Z No. 7165201

Paul Sperry

It's now clear Mueller did this as a favor to his old pal Comey, who steered it through Strzok, Page, Clinesmith and Weissmann, along with their pals at CNN, WaPo and NYT. This was institutional protection and corruption.

Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 17:39:45Z No. 7165202


Exactly. It doesn't matter how much of a trainwreck the Dem candidates are, if they have control over the voting process we're fucked.

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:39:49Z No. 7165203



you gonna piss off CNN

I am dying

Anonymous ID: cfcc16 2019-07-24 17:39:54Z No. 7165204




Anonymous ID: 6e2d69 2019-07-24 17:39:56Z No. 7165205

OBVIOUSLY → Mueller = at least was, a [Prisoner] → To his [DS Masters]

He is OBVIOUSLY → A [Trapped] man.

By his answers he shows → He feels Damned if he does & Damned if he doesn't.

→ Trapped [DS Asset] = On Display.

This is a Yuuge = Mueller Taffy Pull

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:39:59Z No. 7165206


And FLOTUS as well, and her children.

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:40:02Z No. 7165207

Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

One day after a ugly 2Y auction priced with the first tail for 2019, moments ago the US Treasury sold $41 billion in 5Y paper in an auction that was even uglier.

The high yield printed at 1.824%, above the 1.791% in June and a 1bp tail to the 1.814% When Issued, the biggest tail since March. The bid to cover slumped from 2.35 to 2.26, far below the 2.39 six auction average, and the lowest bid to cover since December 2018.

The internals were just as ugly: Indirect demand slumped, with the takedown for foreign official investors dropping to just 53.4%, not only far below the 6 auction average of 58.8%, but the lowest since December 2015. And with Directs also showing little enthusiasm for today's auction, taking down just 13.7%, or the least since December, that left Dealers holding 32.9% of the final allotment, the most since December.

Overall, and just like yesterday's 2Y auction, another very subpar auction in every aspect, which however is surprising considering that it is certainly the market's consensus that a recession will take place some time in 2020, and as such the yield on short-dated paper should only continue to slide. Unless of course, foreign investors have better things to do with their money, even as Dealer holdings of Treasury's continue to surge.

How Treasury Auctions Work

Marketable securities can be bought, sold, or transferred after they are originally issued. The U.S. Treasury uses an auction process to sell these securities and determine their rate or yield. Annual auction activity:

*Offers several types of securities with varying maturities

*Conducted 284 public auctions in 2018. View the current financing pattern.

*Issued approximately $10.194 trillion in securities in 2018.

To finance the public debt, the U.S. Treasury sells bills, notes, bonds, Floating Rate Notes (FRNs), and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) to institutional and individual investors through public auctions. Treasury auctions occur regularly and have a set schedule. There are three steps to an auction: announcement of the auction, bidding, and issuance of the purchased securities.


You can find out when Treasury securities will be auctioned by viewing the recent announcements of pending auctions. Once an auction is announced, your institution may submit a bid for the security. You may bid directly through TreasuryDirect (except for Cash Management Bills), TAAPS (with an established account), or you can make arrangements to purchase securities through a broker, dealer, or financial institution.


When participating in an auction, there are two bidding options - competitive and noncompetitive.

*Competitive bidding is limited to 35% of the offering amount for each bidder, and a bidder specifies the rate, yield, or discount margin that is acceptable.

*Noncompetitive bidding is limited to purchases of $5 million per auction. With a noncompetitive bid, a bidder agrees to accept the rate, yield, or discount margin determined at auction.

*Bidding limits apply cumulatively to all methods that are used for bidding in a single auction.

At the close of an auction, Treasury awards all noncompetitive bids that comply with the auction rules and then accepts competitive bids in ascending order of their rate, yield, or discount margin (lowest to highest) until the quantity of awarded bids reaches the offering amount. All bidders will receive the same rate, yield, or discount margin at the highest accepted bid.

Treasury auction tail just means weak demand-they have to call it something other than "it sucked".

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:40:03Z No. 7165208


thnx, anon

Anonymous ID: 23ac86 2019-07-24 17:40:03Z No. 7165209


Could MJ be part of this Schiff thing?

"Michael"? No idea what I'm talking about here.

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:40:10Z No. 7165210

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:40:14Z No. 7165211

The satanist pedovore mind control era is over.

To survive legacy companies will need "new management" to “satisfy the patriot market.”

What does that mean? "new management" means not words but actions. Immediately replace pedovore cultist executives.

"The patriot market" is 290 million Americans who want the truth; including the truth about legacy media complicity in Operation Mockingbird and institutional roles in C_A social subversion operations.

Entertainment company executives who think movies like NORMAL on HBO are the product of creative competition will be surprised to discover that MI, POTUS and anons see it as subversive IO, a destructive psyop, one of hundreds run by legacy media against an unwitting civilian population.

Whether the public is aware, or ever becomes aware, of the harm done by legacy media content shilling, anons know, POTUS knows and MI knows.

Media companies closely associated with satanic mind control like Disney can not hope to survive except as museum illustrating the destructive power of mind warfare.

Other media companies, those prepared to reverse course, to repent, to admit their role in social and sexual subversion and to atone for the wrong done must make a 180 turn, stop destroying start repairing and rebuilding undoing some of the harm they have done to the US and the world.

Companies with the courage to do that may survive.

A Turkish proverb says “No matter how far down the wrong road you have gone, turn back.”

Repairing damage for legacy media means initiating a cross platform, all format, surge of error corrected, future positive, neural malware-free MAGA news and entertainment content, without subliminal or subsonic embeds, hypnotic induction or “side band” symbolic language technologies targeting our unconscious below the threshold of awareness.

"New Management" means resuming our journey toward the light, as individuals and as a species, and beginning the process of undoing the harm done our minds by decades of satanic IO.


Anonymous ID: 143399 2019-07-24 17:40:21Z No. 7165212



"B-2 stealth bomber prepped for launch"

Anonymous ID: fd6a4b 2019-07-24 17:40:21Z No. 7165213


a server of ill repute

Anonymous ID: 37cd07 2019-07-24 17:40:23Z No. 7165214

After all this shit today…I wonder what time in 2020 will all this be declassified.

Anonymous ID: f45c64 2019-07-24 17:40:24Z No. 7165215


Anonymous ID: f6229c 2019-07-24 17:40:26Z No. 7165216

Really? Like Hillbag getting opo research from British spies? Fuck you, bitch!

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:40:26Z No. 7165217

Given this illegal assistance by Russians…

3 senior campaign officialsblablah

M - I cannot accept that characterization

S - well I need to pursue muhnarrative which says Trumpandhisfamilyandallhisfrens commited corruptiona dn onstruction!

Anonymous ID: b91bbe 2019-07-24 17:40:36Z No. 7165219


I think there's something behind "this is not another 4 year election" that we don't get

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:40:42Z No. 7165220


Nah traitors hang along with their loved onee

Anonymous ID: 6d524e 2019-07-24 17:40:43Z No. 7165221


Anonymous ID: e07364 2019-07-24 17:40:45Z No. 7165222


Anonymous ID: 47cd43 2019-07-24 17:40:46Z No. 7165223


Round up, fren.

Anonymous ID: 086593 2019-07-24 17:40:51Z No. 7165224


Probably just that Potus will be there until a new President is sworn in on Inauguration Day in 2025.

Anonymous ID: 5f2f4b 2019-07-24 17:40:58Z No. 7165225


Seriously. Fuck this.

Anonymous ID: 9de841 2019-07-24 17:41:05Z No. 7165226


Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:41:06Z No. 7165227


Not falling for that again.

Tits with timestamp or gtfo.

Anonymous ID: f45c64 2019-07-24 17:41:06Z No. 7165228


Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:41:13Z No. 7165229


3, 6, 9

JFK, Nixon, Trump, years in office

Anonymous ID: e2628b 2019-07-24 17:41:13Z No. 7165230


I do anon, I LOVE the filter feature. the shills are some sick fucks… and pedophiles

Anonymous ID: bde922 2019-07-24 17:41:14Z No. 7165231

You have to believe we are Magic

Anonymous ID: d815f1 2019-07-24 17:41:16Z No. 7165232


Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:41:19Z No. 7165233


is this a deep fake, anon.

so so good

Anonymous ID: 6d524e 2019-07-24 17:41:25Z No. 7165234


Leading the "witness"

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:41:26Z No. 7165235

The Mueller Report Theme Song.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:41:37Z No. 7165236


Did anyone ask him if he believes he is currently under investigation?

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:41:37Z No. 7165237



Anonymous ID: ec77fe 2019-07-24 17:41:41Z No. 7165238


What’s the chance of that?

Anonymous ID: 0e3d45 2019-07-24 17:41:41Z No. 7165239

Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

During a child forensic interview, the girl told authorities that Barden also would force her to watch cartoon pornography with him.

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:41:43Z No. 7165240

i uh ereuhemhuhdigdugpacmanfroggerfrogger

iregress and regret everythung ive said and now conclude the for history opposide ive um iser defernder defernder asteroids asteroids misslecommand misslecommand

–mule'r testimony

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:41:43Z No. 7165241


same to you anon

Anonymous ID: b187ac 2019-07-24 17:41:44Z No. 7165242


Bootsy Collins lookin good these days

Anonymous ID: 1c810f 2019-07-24 17:41:45Z No. 7165243


I loved LadyHawke

Anonymous ID: 88373f 2019-07-24 17:41:59Z No. 7165244



"Wit the five centuries of penitentiary so let the guilty hang In the year of the boomerang"

The Anons smile. Thanks Q, for all that you do. Thank them, and Him.


Anonymous ID: 255970 2019-07-24 17:42:00Z No. 7165245


Fuck off you, broke MAGA CO shills…you are desperate and it is HILARIOUS!! Going DOWN! KEKEKEKEK!!!

Anonymous ID: 4e1dd3 2019-07-24 17:42:04Z No. 7165246


Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:42:12Z No. 7165247

Anonymous ID: e64812 2019-07-24 17:42:14Z No. 7165248


Anonymous ID: 9ce7b1 2019-07-24 17:42:19Z No. 7165249

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:42:28Z No. 7165250


Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:42:29Z No. 7165251


Beautifully done, anon!

Anonymous ID: 9e46a9 2019-07-24 17:42:31Z No. 7165252


song lyrics

Anonymous ID: 4f03f0 2019-07-24 17:42:31Z No. 7165253


What are the odds that DOD randomly tweets this, for no real reason, a week after the anniversary itself, BUT on the exact day of Mueller's testimony which was SUPPOSED to happen on the Anniversary?

Anonymous ID: 71d577 2019-07-24 17:42:35Z No. 7165254


Jfk still classified after 50 years

think about that

Anonymous ID: 980988 2019-07-24 17:42:38Z No. 7165255


In the DC area, the brand Deer Park, what I call Dear Krap, is the most prominent.

Anonymous ID: 97a954 2019-07-24 17:42:40Z No. 7165256


Anonymous ID: a7793a 2019-07-24 17:42:42Z No. 7165257

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:42:44Z No. 7165258


Anonymous ID: c20517 2019-07-24 17:42:46Z No. 7165259

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:42:46Z No. 7165260

Information War is fought in the abstract domain, with, or by, images and symbols. IW is war of ideas upon ideas, sigils on glyphs on symbols, belief on belief; of protean forms and complex models, hard science and New Age woo, code on code, noetic and allusive, animated by violent emotion, as frequently in dreams.

Information War is a moral battle; we must accept or deny the truth about ourselves, alive to the consequences of our actions, knowing in the end God wins.

Ever been part of "the wave" at a sporting event? Stood up at a show or event and applauded because others were applauding without knowing much about who, why or what the applause was for? Or remained in your seat, when every other member of the audience stood applauding?

We need humility, it is foundational to understanding.

It is trivial to exploit our human propensity for imitation and conformity to create and propagate beliefs and behaviors (fads, trends, crazes) in a culture for marketing purposes or for social control. It's a commonsense observation that such phenomenon, ripe for exploitation, are used by individuals and interested in directing our collective attention and the future course of human psychological, social and economic development.

Pop culture is not the organic phenomena it appears, but a cultivated cultural medium engineered to permit rapid introduction and transmission of fads trends and for conditioning consumer behaviors. Historical change doesn’t just happen. It is engineered.

Cultures where commerce controls media and where art is used to sell consumer goods have the power to engineer psychological operations which induce delusions and powerful contagious mental illness; collective insanities or psychogenic illnesses. Historical incidents and many of the known forms of contagious psychogenic illness are described in "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Mackay, a book which every parent should read and summarize for their children to insure they understand.

In recent years, we have seen mysterious maladies proliferate. Recently, American and European psychologists have been tracking the blue whale game, the momo challenge, and news stories written in a fashion calculate to prompt individuals susceptible to suggestion to huff wasp spray.

There many ways to solve social problems which have been ignored. The future of humanity has never appeared so blindingly promising – if one can, as Ada Lovelace put it, look beyond the dark and shifting planes of the present.

Anonymous ID: 481af4 2019-07-24 17:42:51Z No. 7165261


So the game continues. Not for long though. Perhaps the engineers at Space-X can explain.

Anonymous ID: 2f99cd 2019-07-24 17:43:01Z No. 7165262

and get turned

and get turned

and get turned

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump


It has been reported that Robert Mueller is saying that he did not apply and interview for the job of FBI Director (and get turned down) the day before he was wrongfully appointed Special Counsel. Hope he doesn’t say that under oath in that we have numerous witnesses to the…

5:18 AM - 24 Jul 2019

and get turned

and get turned

and get turned

Mueller was turned and is a Puppet of POTUS.

Anonymous ID: eb2704 2019-07-24 17:43:02Z No. 7165263


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: ad5fcd 2019-07-24 17:43:05Z No. 7165264


pretend alien, grow up

Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 17:43:06Z No. 7165265


By this time, honestly, I thought we'd have national voter ID implemented, or at least having serious conversations about it, esp after midterms. I'm naive.

Anonymous ID: 83f769 2019-07-24 17:43:07Z No. 7165267

>There will be a day that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

Did (You) get the message?

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:43:09Z No. 7165268


Super desperate

You Qtards have nothing but calling people weird names and accusing them of being liberal celebrities

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:43:09Z No. 7165269


By the way, John, thanks for all the awesome footage, and good luck fighting the IRS.

Anonymous ID: aead69 2019-07-24 17:43:09Z No. 7165270

Today has been amazing.

Anonymous ID: 698f70 2019-07-24 17:43:15Z No. 7165271

This is GREAT!!!!

Anonymous ID: 0c64ff 2019-07-24 17:43:17Z No. 7165272

Anonymous ID: b925c8 2019-07-24 17:43:19Z No. 7165273

Anonymous ID: 727f67 2019-07-24 17:43:20Z No. 7165274

WTF? What was the point of this shit show?

Dem base will only hear:

Mueller made it clear that Trump would have been indicted if a sitting president could be indicted.

Anonymous ID: 6d524e 2019-07-24 17:43:22Z No. 7165275


Anonymous ID: a6e719 2019-07-24 17:43:24Z No. 7165276


Hey Kids!

Looks like gore porn is back!

This time with a dash of homo porn.

It's New and improved!

Anonymous ID: e3f320 2019-07-24 17:43:26Z No. 7165277

Mr. Turner, Your Hired.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:43:32Z No. 7165278


and MJ?

you slide it too far, anon.

Anonymous ID: 80988c 2019-07-24 17:43:33Z No. 7165279


[DS Masters] = PaperClip Mafia

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:43:35Z No. 7165280


flippity floppity flip flop you just can't stop

Anonymous ID: 2e01e7 2019-07-24 17:43:41Z No. 7165281

Power to exonerate….BOOM!!!

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:43:42Z No. 7165282

if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate

then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate

then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres.

you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

Anonymous ID: 4f03f0 2019-07-24 17:43:45Z No. 7165283


Ok, SB2

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:43:49Z No. 7165284

lying again.

"Collusion" is not a crime.

"Conspiracy" is not a crime.

To be a crime it has to be what Mueller et al do

For example, a CRIMINAL conspiracy.

That is a crime.

Not because it's a conspiracy but because it's for criminal ends.

"I'm not prepared to do a legal discussion'

Is Mueller really that retarded?

Anonymous ID: 67c5fa 2019-07-24 17:43:52Z No. 7165285

Anonymous ID: 2968e8 2019-07-24 17:43:56Z No. 7165286

muellers sorry ass everytime a real question is asked he goes for the hard pass

Anonymous ID: b187ac 2019-07-24 17:43:58Z No. 7165287

"I'm gonna pass on that"




Anonymous ID: f47a24 2019-07-24 17:44:02Z No. 7165288



Not a liar, just a delusional retard. Tons of patients in mental wards all over the world just like you

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:44:02Z No. 7165289


It's an excellent (you)

Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:44:07Z No. 7165290


Your Welcome!

Anonymous ID: fc9185 2019-07-24 17:44:09Z No. 7165291



Ding ding ding

Anonymous ID: 9d5e2f 2019-07-24 17:44:10Z No. 7165292


Couldnt pass it up

Anonymous ID: e2c877 2019-07-24 17:44:12Z No. 7165293

>>7162873 pb

Is that the first time someone like Fitton has used the specific term "cabal"?

Anonymous ID: b00629 2019-07-24 17:44:14Z No. 7165294


This fuck needs to swing, word

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 17:44:15Z No. 7165295

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).


One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).

So, is Mueller a puppet of Soros or the Rothschilds?

Anonymous ID: 97a954 2019-07-24 17:44:18Z No. 7165296


Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 17:44:21Z No. 7165297


Same. In a previous Q&A, Q said Voter Fraud to be dealt with in 2019. We're past the midpoint of the year and there hasn't been a peep about it.

Anonymous ID: b9ce9f 2019-07-24 17:44:22Z No. 7165298


Anonymous ID: 57bdf8 2019-07-24 17:44:25Z No. 7165299


anon published this last April

called it cold




Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 17:44:25Z No. 7165300


Rush discussing this too

Anonymous ID: 4f03f0 2019-07-24 17:44:33Z No. 7165302


Good, let them embarrass themselves, it's quite easy for us to show that Mueller clarified that such a thought is entirely wrong. I love BTFO idiots, don't you?

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 17:44:38Z No. 7165303


Ok lemming

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:44:38Z No. 7165304


Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:44:43Z No. 7165305

ou don't have the power to exonerate Trump - you have no moare power to declare him Anderson Pooper

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:44:44Z No. 7165306

Anonymous ID: 4f50f1 2019-07-24 17:44:45Z No. 7165307

>>7163961 pb\


what about these little items? you talk a good game but these are definately part of BIGGEST SCANDAL IN AMERICAN HISTORY. TREASON and have NOT been addressed:

Seriously is America now just like Mexico a shadow cartel…

No wall

Border situation is worse

Hillary Clinton didn't get locked up

No FISA declassification

No FBI texts

No dossier details

Q check your brackets [RR]

No Anthony Weenie laptop emails

No uranium one arrests

No Clinton emails

Nothing from Huber

Nothing from Horowitz

Nothing from Sessions

Podesta brothers are free

Susan Rice unmasked Americans

Samantha Power unmasked Americans

Bruce Ohr received lavish bonuses

Nellie Ohr made huge profits

Comey leaked

Adam Schiff leaked

Brennan lied to Congress

Clapper lied to Congress

McCabe lied to Congress

Comey lied to Congress

Strzoks committed treason

Page committed treason

Mueller operated illegal special counsel

Maxine Waters covered up money transfers for the uranium one deal to Clinton

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:44:54Z No. 7165309

>>7165238 2019 - Year of the Boomerang = Zero ammunition

This is way more likely than someone being executed.

Well done.


Anonymous ID: 160dfd 2019-07-24 17:44:54Z No. 7165310



Huber been workin long time. Barr have all and investigation closed? or as a expect a pandora box has been opened and he could investigate forever.

9-11. affordable housing crash. bailout fraud/backdoor deals. uranium. on and on. exoneration before investigation. on and on. mueller has proved to be full SHILL. wow. full shill. and you guys let him be the figure head. u knew he would need questions repeated. down with the cabal JAMAL!

Anonymous ID: 9e2f1e 2019-07-24 17:44:54Z No. 7165311


Anonymous ID: e3ab13 2019-07-24 17:44:55Z No. 7165312



Join us oldfags and know declas was supposed to happen last spring. By August of '18, we knew this was an 8 yr plan. Sit back…..its going to be a VERY LONG movie

Anonymous ID: 5329a7 2019-07-24 17:45:01Z No. 7165313


"The haiti state of mind…"

Anonymous ID: 4c8ba1 2019-07-24 17:45:04Z No. 7165316

DECLAS adds much flavor to bread

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:45:05Z No. 7165314

Wow they get to talk longer.

Thought I'd have to put up with Schiff

Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 17:45:05Z No. 7165315


Anonymous ID: c20517 2019-07-24 17:45:14Z No. 7165317

Anonymous ID: 0545fd 2019-07-24 17:45:21Z No. 7165318


Important using CNN


Anonymous ID: 25736f 2019-07-24 17:45:25Z No. 7165320


Will show it to Wife Anon; she loves the A Place for Mom ads

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:45:29Z No. 7165321


Nice try kek

>use LOGIC

Anonymous ID: 5cdbab 2019-07-24 17:45:31Z No. 7165322

A theory on the Red October marker:

It is about more than Russia. It was, and is, about what we are witnessing today: the Boomerang.

Towards the end of The Hunt for Red October there is a scene where the Red October, the Dallas, and a Russian Alpha sub are in combat. The Russian Alpha sub, tries multiple times to torpedo the Red October, but Capt. Ramius' experience and training outwit the Russian torpedos and render them ineffective. Out of frustration, the Captain of the Russian Alpha sub removes all the safety measures from his torpedos and orders his crew to fire upon the Red October. It appears the Red October is a goner and that the Russian attack sub will be victorious. At the last minute the Dallas performs a maneuver and buys the Red October a couple moments to react. With the torpedo again locked on the Red October the Capt. orders the crew perform a u-turn and head directly towards the Russian Alpha sub. The Red October keeps it's collision course with the Russian Alpha sub as the torpedo closes in on the Red October. At the last possible moment – when all looks grim for the Red October and her crew – The captain orders the Red October to preform a maneuver which avoids a collision with the Russian Alpha sub. As a result of the maneuver, the Russian Alpha sub's own torpedo locks on to the Russian Alpha sub and finds it's mark.


The take away:

The emotions and desperation of the Russian Alpha sub's Captain causes his own demise because he is so hellbent on destroying his opponent that he exposes himself to his own attack.

"The hard part about playing chicken is knowin' when to flinch."

The clip:

Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 17:45:40Z No. 7165323

Nice take down of "Exonerate".

Anonymous ID: d8dc38 2019-07-24 17:45:43Z No. 7165324


It has!

Anonymous ID: 7ef142 2019-07-24 17:45:49Z No. 7165325

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:45:55Z No. 7165326



Anonymous ID: 9e46a9 2019-07-24 17:45:57Z No. 7165327


i know i caught that to

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:45:58Z No. 7165328



Anonymous ID: d6b963 2019-07-24 17:46:07Z No. 7165329


>Who the fuck are these "people"?

They got elected into office.

Who the fuck voted for them?

Anonymous ID: da482e 2019-07-24 17:46:07Z No. 7165330

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:46:11Z No. 7165331


what does it mean, to be …. human

Anonymous ID: 6b0100 2019-07-24 17:46:11Z No. 7165332


thats pretty funny

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:46:17Z No. 7165333


>This is not another 4 year election.

Might be speaking literally.

Trump might sit another year in his first term and then when a reelection against legitimate Democrat candidates.

Anonymous ID: 68eba6 2019-07-24 17:46:17Z No. 7165334

The Russian BOOMerang 💥💥💥💥 This public testimony is gonna set these guys up for a massive fall.

Anonymous ID: 442ede 2019-07-24 17:46:21Z No. 7165335

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:46:22Z No. 7165336


Anonymous ID: 41e0b4 2019-07-24 17:46:22Z No. 7165337

Mr. Turner was a straight savage.

Anonymous ID: 15ffc4 2019-07-24 17:46:37Z No. 7165338


the dems only strategy is panic driven efforts to avoid their day of judgement

this war is not fought in the carnal but in the spirit

evil has already lost and God has already won

Trump is God's instrument* and

not a hair on his head will be harmed

*God favorite instruments are always flawed so that to God be all the glory as you spotted


Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:46:38Z No. 7165339


Tasteful memeing doesn't mean I like the guy.

I do like Beebo Russell, however. He is awesome.

Anonymous ID: eac113 2019-07-24 17:46:39Z No. 7165340

Andrew carson… the Muslim who helped the arwans. God this is rich. They are all swimming in their own shit at this point

Anonymous ID: 9d5e2f 2019-07-24 17:46:42Z No. 7165341


Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:46:47Z No. 7165342

Konstantine Kalymnik was an Obama source!!

Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:46:57Z No. 7165343




Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:47:04Z No. 7165344


So much more fun than I expected. The Dems attack statements feel like they're just digging their own graves a little deeper. They are astoundingly disconnected from the American public.

Anonymous ID: 5d9c9a 2019-07-24 17:47:04Z No. 7165345


> Sit back…..its going to be a VERY LONG movie

With Mueller, Epstein, and others discussed here, we're only now beginning to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:47:04Z No. 7165346

Are (you) ready for the GITMO git-down?


Anonymous ID: 4e1dd3 2019-07-24 17:47:05Z No. 7165347

Paul Sperry

Team Mueller came up with a nifty jujitsu trick that Republicans did not anticipate: Claiming Mueller cannot answer tough #SpyGate questions, including about Steele & dossier, because they involve ongoing investigations by the Justice Department (IG inquiry & Barr/Durham review)

Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 17:47:12Z No. 7165348


Diversity voted for them.

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:47:12Z No. 7165349



Anonymous ID: fe6cac 2019-07-24 17:47:14Z No. 7165350


This might have "meat on bone"

Anonymous ID: 6d524e 2019-07-24 17:47:22Z No. 7165352


Could not ask for better! BEST!

Anonymous ID: 28defe 2019-07-24 17:47:34Z No. 7165353

Anonymous ID: 57bdf8 2019-07-24 17:47:36Z No. 7165354


look at that big pumpkinheaded bitch

Anonymous ID: 4c341b 2019-07-24 17:47:39Z No. 7165355


They were installed, like Hussein.

Anonymous ID: eac113 2019-07-24 17:47:39Z No. 7165356


Only the Dead vote Democrat.

Anonymous ID: 2968e8 2019-07-24 17:47:40Z No. 7165357

aand there goes mueller again

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:47:43Z No. 7165358


It's bigger than that, is the implication.

Fighting for humanity against what some call djinn, some call demons, and some call satan.

Anonymous ID: b9ce9f 2019-07-24 17:47:43Z No. 7165359


Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:47:48Z No. 7165360

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 17:47:56Z No. 7165361


He represents the poorest district in Indiana…mostly blacks and Hispanics. Black Muslim brotherhood piece of shit.

Anonymous ID: 1ecb53 2019-07-24 17:47:57Z No. 7165362

RIP Rutger Hauer

…like tears in the rain.

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:47:59Z No. 7165363

bottom line question whether he answers it or not

either TRUMP and his party are traitors

or you

guise are!!!


Anonymous ID: 0545fd 2019-07-24 17:48:03Z No. 7165365


Anonymous ID: 1c810f 2019-07-24 17:48:05Z No. 7165366


I agree. Booooring. WHY can’t we have a Perry Mason Moment Just ONCE? PLEEEEEASE Q?

Anonymous ID: 4f50f1 2019-07-24 17:48:14Z No. 7165367

>>7165322 nice, analysisfag,

Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:48:15Z No. 7165368


Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:48:21Z No. 7165369

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:48:23Z No. 7165370


In other words, (((They're))) using the properly conducted investigations against us…

Anonymous ID: 25736f 2019-07-24 17:48:25Z No. 7165371


"Beyond my purview"

Anonymous ID: 96dd41 2019-07-24 17:48:25Z No. 7165372


The sisters are in so check the front line

Seems I spent the '80s in the Haiti state of mind

Cast me into classes for electroshock

Straight incarcerated, the curriculum's a cell block

I'm swimming in half truths and it makes me wanna spit

Instructor come separate the healthy from the sick

Ya weigh me on a scale, smelling burnt skin

It's dark now in Dachau and I'm screaming from within

Cause I'm cell locked in the doctrines of the right

Enslaved by dogma, talk about my birthrights

Yet at every turn I'm running into hell's gates

So I grip the cannon like Fanon an pass the shells to my classmates

Aw, power to the people

Cause the boss's right to live is mine ta die

So I'm going out heavy sorta like Mount Tai

Wit the five centuries of penitentiary so let the guilty hang

In the year of the boomerang


I got no property but yo I'm a piece of it

So let the guilty hang

I got no property but yo I'm a piece of it

So let the guilty hang

I got no property but yo I'm a piece of it

So let the guilty hang

I got no property but yo I'm a piece of it

So let the guilty hang



Now it's upon you

Now it's upon you


The sistas are in so check the front line

Seems I spent the '80s in the Haiti state of mind

Cast me into classes for electro shock

Straight incarcerated, the curriculum's a cell block

I'm swimmin' in half truths and it makes me wanna spit

Instructor come separate the healthy from tha sick

Ya weigh me on a scale, smellin' burnt skin

It's dark now in Dachau and I'm screamin' from within

Cause I'm cell locked in tha doctrines of tha right

Enslaved by dogma, talk about my birthrights

Yet at every turn I'm runnin' into hell's gates

So I grip tha cannon like Fanon an pass tha shells to my classmates

Aw, power to tha people

Cause tha bosses right ta live is mine ta die

So I'm goin' out heavy sorta like Mount Tai

Wit tha five centuries of penitentiary so let tha guilty hang

In tha year of tha boomerang


I got no property but yo I’m a piece of it

So let tha guilty hang

I got no property but yo I’m a piece of it

In the year of the Boomerang

I got no property but yo I’m a piece of it

So let tha guilty hang

I got no property but yo I’m a piece of it

In the year of the Boomerang



Now it's upon you

Now it's upon you

You (x8)


Anonymous ID: 727f67 2019-07-24 17:48:32Z No. 7165373


They'll never hear that part of his statement though.

Anonymous ID: 976d80 2019-07-24 17:48:34Z No. 7165374


& Q spent 2 years ripping on him for no reason, If (IF) He was SUPER DUPER SECRET wouldn't he know this

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:48:36Z No. 7165375


Is Mueller the keystone to the Mueller Report?

Is that your question, Anon?

Anonymous ID: e988bf 2019-07-24 17:48:41Z No. 7165376

I think it was Andrew Weissmann who wrote the Mueller report.

Anonymous ID: 7d8e7c 2019-07-24 17:48:43Z No. 7165377




Need help. When I right click the pastebin > open in new tab I get a paste that doesn't include today's q drops and looks like it's for bread #9163. Is it just me? (Rebooted computer and cleared cache before writing this note)

Anonymous ID: e4114c 2019-07-24 17:48:45Z No. 7165378


Rep Jordan laid it out perfectly clear

Started with MIFSUD. Coming back to find out who MIFSUD works for

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:48:46Z No. 7165379


>"The hard part about playing chicken is knowin' when to flinch."

Go with that..makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous ID: 2968e8 2019-07-24 17:48:50Z No. 7165380


we failed beebo as a society

we should provide help for those that cannot help themselves when they are at risk

Anonymous ID: 980988 2019-07-24 17:48:50Z No. 7165381


JFK was declassified nearly entirely by Trump. It gave enough to know the official report was a crock.

Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:48:51Z No. 7165382



>>7165282 if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres. you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

>>7165257 @1stArmoredDiv LET'S FLY

>>7165238 What’s the chance of that?

>>7165239 Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

>>7165207 Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

>>7165148 1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

>>7165121 Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham.

>>7165088 Rage Against The Machine "So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"


Anonymous ID: 80988c 2019-07-24 17:48:53Z No. 7165383


Nice GAY red & gold get-up, homo

Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:48:53Z No. 7165384

Anonymous ID: d6b963 2019-07-24 17:48:55Z No. 7165385


Purr view

Anonymous ID: e3ab13 2019-07-24 17:48:57Z No. 7165386



Yep. The SWAMP is very deep. This is going to span both of Trumps terms.

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:48:59Z No. 7165387


It also breaks the conditioning because we'll be off the traditional 4 year cycle. If election starts in 2020, 4 year rotations will be on an odd year. (2021, 2025, 2029, 2033, …)

Anonymous ID: 4f50f1 2019-07-24 17:49:11Z No. 7165388


missed the memo…. did he die?

Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 17:49:16Z No. 7165390


Buddy is ground crew. Going to ask him tonight if anyone knew, if it is kept from the crew, and only pilots know what is up.

Anonymous ID: 1b3a6e 2019-07-24 17:49:20Z No. 7165391


Anonymous ID: 6b3fea 2019-07-24 17:49:30Z No. 7165392

>>7163961 (last Q)

Is Mueller more afraid of the Puppet Masters then he is of the DOJ?

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:49:39Z No. 7165393

Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 17:49:39Z No. 7165394


Yes, running out of time before 2020.

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 17:49:41Z No. 7165395

Fuck off gore shill

Anonymous ID: b925c8 2019-07-24 17:49:43Z No. 7165396

Dirty COP

Anonymous ID: 97a954 2019-07-24 17:49:48Z No. 7165397


The Night Shift Before Mueller

BY Anon

'Twas the night shift before [Meuller], when on Capitol Hill,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a Shill;

The breads were baked by the bakers with care,

In hopes that a habbening soon would be there;

The anons were nestled comfy in their beds;

While visions of dank memes danced in their heads;

And SpouseAnon and I took off our MAGA caps,

To settle our brains for comfy summer naps,

When out in the yard there arose such a clatter,

I closed my browser to see what was the matter.

To the window I flew to take a quick peek,

Though I hadn't seen the outdoors in nearly a week,

The full moon in the sky had a warm glow,

Like glow-shills, enough to light up below,

When what in my bloodshot eyes, I did see,

But a Cadillac Beast with USSS security,

And POTUS and FLOTUS dressed in Executive blue,

I knew in a moment that this must be Q

More rapid than Owls /s his Army they came,

And he whistled, and Tweeted, and called them by name:

"Now, Autists! now, Bakers! now Patriots! and PlaneFags!

On, MemeFarmers! on, Diggers! on, BoatFags! and ClockFags!

To the edge of the border! to the top of the wall!

(Yes THAT WALL) dash away! dash away all!"

Unity not division, in a storm, on a ship

For the truth and free speech, no censorship,

So up to the housetop this Army they flew

With the Beast full of Memes, and more Red-Pills too —

And then, while shitposting, I heard on the roof

The sound of not fake news, but the actual troof.

As I drew in my head, and was turning around,

Down the chimney Q and his Army came with a bound.

He was dressed all in (redacted) from his head to his foot,

And his (redacted) were tarnished with ashes and soot;

He carried a banner of freedom - the stars and stripes

And he looked like Bill Barr when he plays the bagpipes -

His eyes — how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

"The end won't be for everyone" I heard him exclaim

"Put on the Armor of God; this isn't a game."

"Learn to play the game," he then said with a wink.

And with a snap of his fingers he cranked up the Dink:

"Now your wings are all shriveled and you're counting up your days

The door's always open but you love your filthy cage."

Wake up your family, and wake up your frens,

Turn off the fake news and follow the pens.

I said I was ready, and said a short prayer

for the Committee tomorrow and stealth bomber warfare.

"Trust the Plan" Q said, and he gave me a frog

"We are with you" I answered - what the hell rhymes with frog?

He spoke no more words, but went straight to his work,

And left me with red-pills; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his finger aside of his nose,

He drew a Q, and up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to The Beast, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like a Whidbey Island missile.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight —

"Happy Mueller Eve to all, and to all a good night (shift)!"

>>7156706 pb

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:49:49Z No. 7165398

MI6 British or Russian ?

Spying on all americans ?

Anonymous ID: 4c8ba1 2019-07-24 17:49:51Z No. 7165399


Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:50:00Z No. 7165400

sorry i dont understand english i dont know

well wut

can u repeat that



Anonymous ID: a82f9c 2019-07-24 17:50:02Z No. 7165401

Several local witnesses were interviewed, including a man named Alexander from Torez town, and Valentina Kovalenko, a woman from the farming village of Red October.

MH17, farming village, Red October?


>Double meanings exist.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:50:03Z No. 7165402


were all you 20-30 somethings hypnotized into falling for this guy? why are so many shill obsessed with him? is he more popular than I realize?

Even Anjel G has this guy on his twitter

Anonymous ID: 26cd0e 2019-07-24 17:50:06Z No. 7165403


We have the rodeo clown she is the space clown

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:50:06Z No. 7165404

Funny thing is, HRC has been quoted as saying that Trump should run for president because he's honest and can't be bought.

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:50:07Z No. 7165405


Anonymous ID: 727f67 2019-07-24 17:50:10Z No. 7165406


Or Columbo!

Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 17:50:13Z No. 7165407

Another sad death today :(

Anonymous ID: 23f8a3 2019-07-24 17:50:14Z No. 7165408

>>7164403 lb

Mueller served GHWB when regan was president. Was GHWB the real president? Not an honorable thing. Check who produced the 911 Investigation report. Mueller agin. You may not remember but the investigation took many years and the produced no culpable information. Just like this Mueller report. He is close childhood friend of John Kerry who is also not honorable.

Sorry to burst your bubble. Go to Educate yourself and others. Nice to welcome you here newfag.

Anonymous ID: 271812 2019-07-24 17:50:14Z No. 7165409


Rep. Turner: Can you be granted powers above the AG?

Mueller: no.

Turner: Does AG have the power to exonerate anyone?

Mueller: I’m going to pass on that…

Turner: Why?

Mueller: mumble mumble

Anonymous ID: 5f2f4b 2019-07-24 17:50:18Z No. 7165410


It can’t. He won’t win without public support. This shit show just helps the left. They don’t hear reason. Just talking points. That will never change.

Anonymous ID: 2968e8 2019-07-24 17:50:21Z No. 7165411

notice how since iran says usa strikes iran israel is gone in thirty minutes and crickets from the warmongers

Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:50:24Z No. 7165412



Anonymous ID: 7ef142 2019-07-24 17:50:26Z No. 7165413


Neo was "The One" yet he didn't know it.


Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:50:35Z No. 7165414

Anonymous ID: fe6cac 2019-07-24 17:50:36Z No. 7165415


The almonds tingle, but think about the debacle of a "new" election…

If we get declass before the election ill entertain..

Anonymous ID: cdc014 2019-07-24 17:50:36Z No. 7165416

I represent The whole of the Demoncrat cabal!

4 year Life Span!

Time to DIE!

Anonymous ID: 157841 2019-07-24 17:50:39Z No. 7165417


Regardless of what Mueller says today, his testimony will provide a narrative pathway to DECLAS.

Of course Dems / MSM will spin and gaslight, but they do that every day regardless.

This is just 1 domino falling very loudly.

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 17:50:42Z No. 7165418


Here. We. Gooooooo

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:50:42Z No. 7165419

Are you following that?

M - RR wouldn't let me look at that

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:50:44Z No. 7165420


MIFSUD is Russian ?

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:50:45Z No. 7165421

Can't wait to see the effect of today on Trump's approval rating.

Anonymous ID: 6375e5 2019-07-24 17:50:45Z No. 7165422

>>7163961 Muller is afraid of everyone at this point.

Anonymous ID: ec77fe 2019-07-24 17:50:45Z No. 7165423


The world is watching

Mirror 193 = 391

Who signed 391?

Anonymous ID: 640cb6 2019-07-24 17:50:46Z No. 7165424

You following that? … sir…


Anonymous ID: eb2704 2019-07-24 17:50:47Z No. 7165425


cheshme hasud kur

[may jealous eyes be blind]

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:50:49Z No. 7165426

That moment from Bob needs to be clipped.

Staring, slack jawed, groans coming from his throat.

The epitome of Mueller.

Anonymous ID: bb359f 2019-07-24 17:50:49Z No. 7165427


I would be.

DOJ just kills him for treason.

Cabal would torture his family to death in front of him, eat them, and then torture him too.

Anonymous ID: 10ebc9 2019-07-24 17:50:57Z No. 7165428



All of you Patriots, are my inspiration The work all of you have done and the commitments made to make sure none of us wanes, have been my lifeline. I ThankQ and all of you.

Anonymous ID: 03298c 2019-07-24 17:51:03Z No. 7165429


what is buz saying here

Anonymous ID: 352afd 2019-07-24 17:51:05Z No. 7165430

"are you followin that, sir?"

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:51:06Z No. 7165431


Ballot box stuffers.

Anonymous ID: 97a954 2019-07-24 17:51:08Z No. 7165432


Anonymous ID: 71d577 2019-07-24 17:51:12Z No. 7165433


>nearly ?

That's not what I understand

Anonymous ID: 5f2f4b 2019-07-24 17:51:17Z No. 7165434


Swamps by definition are not deep. Scum sits right on surface in plain sight. Cleaning up now.

Anonymous ID: 7f95d6 2019-07-24 17:51:17Z No. 7165435

Why do the dems keep refering to Russia as "our adversary"?

Anonymous ID: 9e2f1e 2019-07-24 17:51:24Z No. 7165436

Mueller: if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if

Anonymous ID: 1ecb53 2019-07-24 17:51:28Z No. 7165437


Rutger Hauer, ‘Blade Runner’ Co-Star, Dies at 75

Anonymous ID: 08ebe0 2019-07-24 17:51:29Z No. 7165438

Damn - this is just sad. My dad has some dementia - that's what this anon is seeing

Anonymous ID: 481af4 2019-07-24 17:51:32Z No. 7165439


we got to get back to the basics, anon

Gases exiting the thruster nozzles do no work in a zero pressure external environment.

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:51:32Z No. 7165440


swear to gawd!

do something first and added to Q's post with lyrics and a video but no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

you are right though as muh (you) collection is rather ridiculous at this punctum! Kek!!!!

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:51:46Z No. 7165441

mueller suferin wut i call the ali/ruhle dementia line o resistane antifashitts style (ed buck powerl leve 10 10x )) who is whut

avietnam vietnam

wounded wounded


help aaron help

butt plug the wtch is up the butt

Anonymous ID: eaab55 2019-07-24 17:51:53Z No. 7165442


I'd bet Q got their meathooks on it just prior to publishing and did a little creative editing.

Anonymous ID: 341d6d 2019-07-24 17:51:54Z No. 7165443



Anonymous ID: 41e0b4 2019-07-24 17:51:56Z No. 7165444

Anyone else seeing this old man blubbering and stammering around when Hillary Clinton's emails are mentioned?

Anonymous ID: 9e46a9 2019-07-24 17:52:01Z No. 7165445

Boomerang effect (psychology)

In social psychology, the boomerang effect refers to the unintended consequences of an attempt to persuade resulting in the adoption of an opposing position instead. It is sometimes also referred to "the theory of psychological reactance", stating that attempts to restrict a person's freedom often produce an "anticonformity boomerang effect".

Anonymous ID: 436339 2019-07-24 17:52:02Z No. 7165446

Anonymous ID: 9de841 2019-07-24 17:52:03Z No. 7165447



Anonymous ID: 062c56 2019-07-24 17:52:09Z No. 7165448

@RepDougCollins' Twitter storm re: the Mueller's testimony before Congress today.

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:52:19Z No. 7165449

Anonymous ID: 727f67 2019-07-24 17:52:21Z No. 7165450


Thanks, I get boggled down with my anger at their freakin' lies!

Anonymous ID: a6e719 2019-07-24 17:52:22Z No. 7165452

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:52:23Z No. 7165451


Ur still pushing the nutty Mueller is stealth hero for POTUS


Funny these idiots came back from the dead for this hearing.

Get some new material already

You're as brain damaged as the "Russsu srussus russua russua" kooks

And I don't use the work "kook" lightly.

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:52:25Z No. 7165453


Reminds me of Goldstein from 1984.

Anonymous ID: a4bf2b 2019-07-24 17:52:30Z No. 7165454

Holy c-rap.

This is getting gooooood!!

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:52:31Z No. 7165455


What if every democrat drops out or gets arrested?

Anonymous ID: 28defe 2019-07-24 17:52:33Z No. 7165457




Anonymous ID: b0e716 2019-07-24 17:52:40Z No. 7165458

I don't think Mueller is playing with a full deck. He really needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Anonymous ID: ab6581 2019-07-24 17:52:46Z No. 7165459


"Who am I?…Why am I here?" - B-B-B-B-Bob Mueller [paraphrasing]

Anonymous ID: 157841 2019-07-24 17:52:52Z No. 7165460


His old bones are being rattled to re-affirm an age-old and obvious lie, and to assist in the pro-NASA cultural propaganda push

Anonymous ID: 2968e8 2019-07-24 17:52:54Z No. 7165461



>Mueller: I’m going to hard pass on that…


>Mueller: I’m going to hard pass on that…


>Mueller: I’m going to hard pass on that…

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:52:56Z No. 7165462


I sympathize

Anonymous ID: 20d054 2019-07-24 17:52:59Z No. 7165463


Yep. I see sad too.

There IS NO way Mueller did this report or any investigation. He was used by his masters.

Anonymous ID: 1b3a6e 2019-07-24 17:53:00Z No. 7165464

Anonymous ID: c8a892 2019-07-24 17:53:03Z No. 7165465

Anonymous ID: 7ef142 2019-07-24 17:53:04Z No. 7165466


>Ur still pushing the nutty Mueller is stealth hero for POTUS

Not at all.

Anonymous ID: 15ffc4 2019-07-24 17:53:06Z No. 7165467


true talent, anon !!!

Anonymous ID: 352afd 2019-07-24 17:53:08Z No. 7165468


ha! you wished!

Anonymous ID: fa397c 2019-07-24 17:53:10Z No. 7165469

Eclipse activated

New world

Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 17:53:13Z No. 7165470



Damn Q’d and Garrison’d!

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:53:16Z No. 7165471

Anonymous ID: 716a20 2019-07-24 17:53:18Z No. 7165472


Muh Muh Mueller…

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:53:27Z No. 7165473

He's lying about his report?

Anonymous ID: da792f 2019-07-24 17:53:30Z No. 7165474


he's from Malta

Anonymous ID: 980988 2019-07-24 17:53:33Z No. 7165475


88% has been available since the 1990's. The is the rest.

Anonymous ID: 61289b 2019-07-24 17:53:33Z No. 7165476

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:53:36Z No. 7165477


Anonymous ID: e73df5 2019-07-24 17:53:43Z No. 7165478


Old article, but relevant again.

Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia

Anonymous ID: fe6cac 2019-07-24 17:53:44Z No. 7165479


memes, far and wide.. this was a spin on words to drive Americans.. Needs to be corrected for the sheep, and I can't meme..

Anonymous ID: 0545fd 2019-07-24 17:53:45Z No. 7165480


Anonymous ID: 421c9c 2019-07-24 17:53:46Z No. 7165481

Anonymous ID: 6e87c2 2019-07-24 17:53:47Z No. 7165482


> Was GHWB the real president?

Loved Reagan, but he is more image than substance. CIA had Ronny under control.

Anonymous ID: 640cb6 2019-07-24 17:53:50Z No. 7165483

Is it just me or is he getting worked up about this?

Anonymous ID: 4e1dd3 2019-07-24 17:53:51Z No. 7165484


KEK o7

Anonymous ID: 8e9598 2019-07-24 17:53:51Z No. 7165485

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:53:58Z No. 7165486

The Mueller Report Theme Song…… An American Embarrassment.

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:54:05Z No. 7165488


christ you're dumb

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:54:08Z No. 7165489

Finally some scope talk.

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:54:09Z No. 7165490

He's speaking about himself in the 3rd person/

"Ask the Special Council"

Maybe he's so fucked up he doesn't know that refers to himself?

Anonymous ID: 1c810f 2019-07-24 17:54:10Z No. 7165491



Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:54:17Z No. 7165492


>>7165448 twit storm graphic for today

>>7165342 Konstantine Kalymnik was an Obama source!!

>>7165282 if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres. you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

>>7165257 @1stArmoredDiv LET'S FLY

>>7165238 What’s the chance of that?

>>7165239 Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

>>7165207 Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

>>7165148 1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

>>7165121 Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham.

>>7165088 Rage Against The Machine "So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"



Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:54:19Z No. 7165493


Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 17:54:23Z No. 7165494


Fucking hate your memes. Wanna punch the screen when i see them. You are THE WORST. Fuck off w macaroni pepe.

Anonymous ID: ec77fe 2019-07-24 17:54:24Z No. 7165497


Blade Runner

Has some weird links

Anonymous ID: 96d60b 2019-07-24 17:54:26Z No. 7165495

Gentleman from Ohio brought the law books from Mueller's school. That was priceless, Mueller appeared to be ignorant about the definition and zero authority re: EXONERATION

Mueller, IMHO, has been a dirt bag from day one willing to lie, cheat and maliciously prosecute to enhance his career and his ego.

Death to traitors and shills!

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:54:26Z No. 7165496


…and repeat the question….

PDOP never told anyone about Mifsud's claims that the Russians had dirt on Clinton

June 9, 2016

the campaign was on notice that Russia had damaging info. on Crooked

M - I direct you to the report

The Dimms jumpt to this conclusion, so thank you for clarifying

You report does not find evidence that Manafort met Assange

M - I do not agree with your assumption

kompromat - Schiiff

M - evuhduhnce of SC uhhuhaccuhurauhtandthangs

did you make a request to expand your mandate?

M - yes

it goes to internal deliberation, not answering


M- naga

Anonymous ID: 546306 2019-07-24 17:54:34Z No. 7165498

Geebus…. Mueller might fake a "fainting episode" at some point. Just to escape. The whole thing is dying right in front of us

Anonymous ID: 436339 2019-07-24 17:54:34Z No. 7165499

Today: Misfud becomes a household name

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:54:38Z No. 7165500

can sumone please interrupt this hear and hook up this man to an iv – and then the real powers that be come up and start anserwing question

greatsst patriot – lol

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:54:41Z No. 7165501


I missed that Ben Garrison pic, WOW

THIS IS HUGE. Fucking Nice

GrrrGraphics Cartoons

Verified account


Jul 22

#QBaby “What a Beautiful Baby” President Donald Trump. North Carolina, 2019.

A real “Q-T” #QAnon #WWG1WGA New #BenGarrison #cartoon funny post at

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:54:44Z No. 7165502


No. Maltese, and a western Intel asset. We told him to go to PapaD and introduce him to some Russians. And by we, I mean Clapper/Brennan/Comey

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:54:50Z No. 7165503

Someone smack this jew cunt.

Anonymous ID: fd6a4b 2019-07-24 17:54:54Z No. 7165504


Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:54:55Z No. 7165505

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 17:54:59Z No. 7165506


It's about fucking time.

Anonymous ID: e73df5 2019-07-24 17:55:05Z No. 7165507


"You're the greatest patriot sitting in this room today."

Yike. Will NOT AGE WELL.

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:55:07Z No. 7165508


I almost feel sorry for him.


Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:55:07Z No. 7165509

"An odd word that recurs obsessively in the Bible, where it appears in forty passages: "Burn their Asherah in the fire and cut down the idols of their god", "Cut down their Asherah and burn their idols in the fire." How many times and with what stubborn vehemence, does Yahweh enjoin his people. Asherah designates a goddess, the partner of Baal. And at the same time certain sacred poles, which were worshiped. Asherah is a name that condenses within itself the abomination of idolatry. Yet for a long time, until the reign of Manasseh, it happened that "the objects that had been made for Baal, for the Asherah, and for all the heavenly host" were housed *inside* the temple for Yahweh. For Israel, the perennial risk was that the house of Yahweh still contained the altars of other divine beings. Hence Manasseh "made his son pass through fire and practiced astrology, and magic and dealt with familiar spirits and wizards: he wrought much wickedness in the sight of the LORD, to provoke his to anger. "

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:55:07Z No. 7165510


That nos6

Anonymous ID: 0c64ff 2019-07-24 17:55:11Z No. 7165511


Who are these people?

Anonymous ID: a6e719 2019-07-24 17:55:13Z No. 7165512


Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 17:55:17Z No. 7165513


She need some of dat bald spot spray

Anonymous ID: 3599e4 2019-07-24 17:55:18Z No. 7165514


Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 17:55:19Z No. 7165515

"You're the greatest patriot in the room, Senile Grandpaw!"

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 17:55:19Z No. 7165516

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:55:23Z No. 7165517


muh Russia

Anonymous ID: a80b59 2019-07-24 17:55:24Z No. 7165518

Anonymous ID: 846d53 2019-07-24 17:55:27Z No. 7165519


Thinking the same thing…

Anonymous ID: e3ab13 2019-07-24 17:55:28Z No. 7165520



Believe me. I'm frustrated too because I'd like for America to find peace, but reading Q's posts and timelines…..that ain't happening anytime soon. This shit show is going to he here for a while

Anonymous ID: 6d524e 2019-07-24 17:55:33Z No. 7165521



Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:55:41Z No. 7165522

Oh this broad from California…what the actual….

Anonymous ID: 41e0b4 2019-07-24 17:55:41Z No. 7165523

>Mr. Mueller you are the greatest patriot in the room here today.


Anonymous ID: e07364 2019-07-24 17:55:42Z No. 7165524

This will go down as one of the biggest self inflicted wound of the democratic party.

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:55:46Z No. 7165525


Kek - loved that movie.

Anonymous ID: 640cb6 2019-07-24 17:55:47Z No. 7165526

Is she talking about us?

Anonymous ID: 2e01e7 2019-07-24 17:55:47Z No. 7165527


Pander, pander, pander. That's all they can do….

Anonymous ID: e23359 2019-07-24 17:55:53Z No. 7165528


Anonymous ID: ad5fcd 2019-07-24 17:55:55Z No. 7165529

AAAAHHHHHH I can't stand jackie s. BITCH!

Anonymous ID: fb7735 2019-07-24 17:55:57Z No. 7165530


Damn, some anons posted this in our group this morning. I figured for sure someone would be all over this.

Anonymous ID: 275a91 2019-07-24 17:55:57Z No. 7165531

"I am not going to discuss any alternatives"

Greatest Patriot.

I 'm surprised she didnt' get struck by lightening as she said that.

The dudes sitting behind Mueller look super grim.

Anonymous ID: ec77fe 2019-07-24 17:55:58Z No. 7165532


Oh yeah! Nice

Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 17:56:03Z No. 7165533


A Democrat used the word invasion. Imagine that!

Anonymous ID: 57bdf8 2019-07-24 17:56:03Z No. 7165534


no fucking way!!!

Anonymous ID: 10130c 2019-07-24 17:56:08Z No. 7165535


Anonymous ID: f26d91 2019-07-24 17:56:10Z No. 7165536

So apparently I can't tell Cory Booker i want to kick him where it hurts! I am suspended from Twitter for 7 days

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:56:11Z No. 7165537


If you tear down Mueller, does the Mueller Report collapse?

Anonymous ID: 4c341b 2019-07-24 17:56:12Z No. 7165538

"you're the greatest patriot in the room"

Mueller: rolls eyes "thank you [if you say so'}

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 17:56:12Z No. 7165539


we love you Q baby momma dadda! :D

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:56:14Z No. 7165540



>Konstantine Kalymnik


Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 17:56:16Z No. 7165544



What the fuck is this thing

Anonymous ID: 352afd 2019-07-24 17:56:18Z No. 7165541


Anonymous ID: cda722 2019-07-24 17:56:18Z No. 7165542


What an ass kisser. lol

She needs to fire her hair dresser. That dye job is BAAAD

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:56:18Z No. 7165543

hey gurl in green – switch sides

we can see it in yo eyes


Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 17:56:20Z No. 7165545

Peace Is The Prize

Anonymous ID: 698f70 2019-07-24 17:56:21Z No. 7165546




Anonymous ID: 9ce7b1 2019-07-24 17:56:28Z No. 7165547


Typical California Demonrat

Anonymous ID: e4114c 2019-07-24 17:56:28Z No. 7165548




Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 17:56:29Z No. 7165549


I bake two breads in the morning, I bake two breads at night

I bake two breads in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright

I bake two breads in time of peace, and two in time of war

I bake two breads before I bake two breads, and then I bake two more

Oh, my daddy he once told me, "Son, you be hard working man"

My mama she once told me, "Son, you do the best you can"

But then one day I met a man who came up to me and said

"Hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of bread"

So now,

I bake two breads when I get up, in the car I bake two breads

I bake two breads when I play video game, and at every ten thousand points

(I bake two breads)

I bake two breads in time of peace, and two in time of war

I bake two breads before I bake two breads, and then I bake two more

Oh, my daddy he once told me, "Son, you be hard working man"

My mama she once told me, "Son, you do the bet you can"

But then one day I met a man who came up to me and said

"Hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of bread"

I bake two breads in the morning, I bake two breads at night

I bake two breads in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright

I bake two breads in time of peace, and two in time of war

I bake two breads before I bake two breads, and then I bake two more

bake TWO breads

That's what I do

bake TWO breads

Come bake two breads with me in the morning

bake TWO breads

Come bake two breads with me in the afternoon, yeah

bake TWO breads

Hey, would you rather bake two breads or rather do your homework?

bake TWO breads

I new you were going to say that!

bake TWO breads

bake TWO breads

That's what I do!

bake TWO breads

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 17:56:34Z No. 7165550


Still cracks me up.

Anonymous ID: a6e719 2019-07-24 17:56:39Z No. 7165552

Anonymous ID: aea4c4 2019-07-24 17:56:44Z No. 7165551


This fucker 'doesn't know'

got nailed..

Anonymous ID: eb4462 2019-07-24 17:56:45Z No. 7165554


Thanks for the reminder, just chugged a bottle of water. Needed that.




Anonymous ID: f6229c 2019-07-24 17:56:48Z No. 7165553

Russian Facebook Invasion! Retards.

Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 17:56:54Z No. 7165555



Anonymous ID: fe6cac 2019-07-24 17:56:57Z No. 7165556


Lets talk about the ambiguously gay duo, in regards to Social Media… AKA, Krassen'fucks..

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:56:58Z No. 7165557

Jackie Spier

Clothing is blue and white stripes indicating Epstein

Jackie giving Muller a warning about Epstein ?

Anonymous ID: d0cc5c 2019-07-24 17:57:00Z No. 7165558


>Pander, pander, pander.

Also Slander, slander, slander.


Anonymous ID: 716a20 2019-07-24 17:57:01Z No. 7165559


>There IS NO way Mueller did this report or any investigation. He was used by his masters.

Anonymous ID: ef1d36 2019-07-24 17:57:05Z No. 7165560


I know, right?

BTW I think that's Pompeo and Bolton behind him.

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:57:12Z No. 7165561


Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 17:57:13Z No. 7165562


They sure are trying to butter him up.

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 17:57:14Z No. 7165563

At this point it's kind of obvious that Obama and Valerie Jarrett orchestrated the entire Trump frame job.

Anonymous ID: 846d53 2019-07-24 17:57:15Z No. 7165564


I asked Alyssa Milano if she's retarded and got perma-banned

Anonymous ID: 7f95d6 2019-07-24 17:57:16Z No. 7165565



Anonymous ID: 37cd07 2019-07-24 17:57:17Z No. 7165566

I wonder since we have discovered that NO Russian changed NO VOTES in the 2016 Elections….I'm curious at how many VOTES were changed by ILLEGAL VOTING or VOTERS and when are we going to address that….I would thinking any changes to the VOTE COUNT would be way more important then this dribble.

Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 17:57:17Z No. 7165567


ty anon!

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:57:19Z No. 7165568


John McAfee and a person he calls his security.


Anonymous ID: 6b0100 2019-07-24 17:57:20Z No. 7165569





Your pastebin is jacked up. you are missing 4 bredz 9166, 9165, 9164.

Anonymous ID: 13677f 2019-07-24 17:57:22Z No. 7165570

Facebook $5B fine is nothing more than money laundering.

Anonymous ID: 19eb68 2019-07-24 17:57:25Z No. 7165571


>You are THE WORST.

I disagree. Glork was the worst.

Anonymous ID: a2acf6 2019-07-24 17:57:27Z No. 7165572

MSNBC: Mueller “sucked the life out” of report, “set back” efforts to impeach

Anonymous ID: d0cc5c 2019-07-24 17:57:30Z No. 7165573


Anonymous ID: f7bc6d 2019-07-24 17:57:30Z No. 7165574


that's a bald spot.

Anonymous ID: e3f320 2019-07-24 17:57:31Z No. 7165575

It all boils down to just this.

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:57:36Z No. 7165576


moar to come!

Anonymous ID: 124e33 2019-07-24 17:57:43Z No. 7165577

This hearing is a Blessing for Dems …They got to push a fake narrative Again ! Schiff gets to call Trump a liar 60 times during his opening statement …. Public are retarts they will never get it …Lock them up already

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 17:57:46Z No. 7165578




Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 17:57:49Z No. 7165579


see: >>7165295

Mueller is clearly a puppet.

Who's puppet?

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:57:50Z No. 7165580

"we forget the forest for the trees"


Anonymous ID: bb14eb 2019-07-24 17:57:54Z No. 7165581


I dont believe so Anon. But its not impossible. Dont trust any of them anymore.

To give it some balance. There is an all out MSM attack on Boris since he announced running for PM.

I can only find one photo of Boris and Mifsud

Trump has been papped with Epstein more and we know that is absolute bullshit.

I reserve judgement for now. BJ is UKs only hope of Brexit. I've met him and i think he's a bit Autist as in he doesn't really care or notice his surroundings. Just look at his hair. He doesnt even brush it.

Anonymous ID: ada1e6 2019-07-24 17:57:54Z No. 7165582



Anonymous ID: 0c64ff 2019-07-24 17:57:56Z No. 7165583


Don't worry, they will be taken down shortly. I mean the people posting this bullshit of course.

Anonymous ID: 698f70 2019-07-24 17:57:59Z No. 7165584


But the butter keeps slipping off!!!

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:57:59Z No. 7165585


Blue and white Stripes of Epsteins Pedo Island

Epstein Island ?

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:58:02Z No. 7165586


Anonymous ID: 5329a7 2019-07-24 17:58:02Z No. 7165587


Fuck Rutger Hauer, or did anon miss the part where he was the one pedowood asset to speak up against pedo predators and satanism

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 17:58:11Z No. 7165588


screenshot attached:

Key figure that Mueller report linked to Russia was a State Department intel source

In a key finding of the Mueller report, Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is tied to Russian intelligence.

Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 17:58:16Z No. 7165589



Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 17:58:22Z No. 7165590


Nailed it!

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 17:58:24Z No. 7165591


People in Cali say she's moar compd than Schitt.

Anonymous ID: c435d5 2019-07-24 17:58:26Z No. 7165592

Is Mueller stupid, demented, or drugged? The Dems are, however, using their questions to plant reasonable doubt about collusion and obstruction in the minds of the public. Dems are winning 2020 today. Unless declass follows soon, it's over for Trump: effectively impeached through public perception.

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 17:58:26Z No. 7165593

Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 17:58:32Z No. 7165594

So much concern with invasion and foreign meddling in our elections by Democrats. How hypocritical.

Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 17:58:36Z No. 7165595


Agreed. NPCs are digging in their heels and are absolutely convinced POTUS will be going down. I don't get how when Mueller is just babbling incoherently.

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 17:58:38Z No. 7165596

it's also a signal, a flag to exorcise those responsibilities

Anonymous ID: 7ef142 2019-07-24 17:58:38Z No. 7165597



Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:58:40Z No. 7165598


Was she on Epstein Island ?

Bob and staff on Epstein Island ?

Anonymous ID: 473395 2019-07-24 17:58:45Z No. 7165599

Information Assurance

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 17:58:45Z No. 7165600


Anonymous ID: ec77fe 2019-07-24 17:58:51Z No. 7165601

Suicide watch

Anonymous ID: 7d8e7c 2019-07-24 17:58:55Z No. 7165602



Anonymous ID: c8a892 2019-07-24 17:59:00Z No. 7165603


>are you triggered yet?

no need to hate anybody, it's bad on your body.

maybe that's something you need to look within and get some inner healing on?

it's okay fren, we are here to help!

with love always,

your secret admirer

>cry louder snowflake

Anonymous ID: 67c5fa 2019-07-24 17:59:03Z No. 7165604

Anonymous ID: ab6581 2019-07-24 17:59:04Z No. 7165605


"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die."

Anonymous ID: 20d054 2019-07-24 17:59:05Z No. 7165606


Umm…heard it too.

What was he trying to say?

Anonymous ID: 11f538 2019-07-24 17:59:13Z No. 7165607

At least Mueller is consistent. Every response to Democrats is quick and mostly clear. Every response to Republicans is Can you Repeat that? I dont Understand. I won't answer that.

Anonymous ID: 90f039 2019-07-24 17:59:13Z No. 7165608


Mueller and his top people each earned more $$$ from this than you will make in 10 years.

They beat the living shit out of Trump's first term agenda.

And they got away with all of it - didn't bring down POTUS but gave it a good shot.

All Mueller needs to do is fumble through a few more hours of this and everyone is home free.

Anonymous ID: eea662 2019-07-24 17:59:14Z No. 7165609



Why is it so hard to spell for some? See it all the time

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 17:59:15Z No. 7165610


Theology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal Code by Bob Enyart

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 17:59:17Z No. 7165611




Baker, every bread's pastebin needs to be updated, that's the point of the pastebin.

You're asking for a handoff, but your pastebin isn't good for the handoff.

Post an updated pastebin please.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 17:59:24Z No. 7165612


Emotional arguments are more powerful than logic and reason.

Orange man bad because he makes people feel bad is actually a powerful argument for the left.

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 17:59:27Z No. 7165613

All are welcome.


Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 17:59:30Z No. 7165614

Schiff is full retard.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 17:59:35Z No. 7165615


hello, I see you're already taking flack!

hope all is well in N. Georgia.

be well!

Anonymous ID: a7793a 2019-07-24 17:59:35Z No. 7165616

44 under possible boomerang

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 17:59:41Z No. 7165617


Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 17:59:43Z No. 7165618

can’t wait until Xmas either

Let’s make Xmas in July happen ASAP

Anonymous ID: 093624 2019-07-24 17:59:48Z No. 7165619

so two hearings today….did we make any progress? Workfaggin so kind of tuning in but wondering how the MSM is spinning, and what demonfaggot normies are getting from all this.

POTUS lookin good or bad?

Anonymous ID: 42f8fe 2019-07-24 17:59:53Z No. 7165620

KEK so many whiney shills.

Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 17:59:56Z No. 7165621


Exactly.. and WHO gets that money from them stealing/selling OUR data? Surely not the consumers! HA

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 18:00:02Z No. 7165622

Trump is laughing at Mueller and the entire lot.

Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 18:00:05Z No. 7165623


On an annoying scale.. it is right up there. None make sense, fucking same pepe’s used.. arrg.. i gotta get off here for a bot go get some fresh air and sun

Anonymous ID: eea662 2019-07-24 18:00:10Z No. 7165624


C u n t

Anonymous ID: 393428 2019-07-24 18:00:14Z No. 7165625


Fuckin' A, dude.

Anonymous ID: a01081 2019-07-24 18:00:23Z No. 7165626

COX Communications is killing the signal on CSPAN 3 during the hearing.


Anonymous ID: a2acf6 2019-07-24 18:00:24Z No. 7165628

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 18:00:26Z No. 7165627


Harvard's Finest

Anonymous ID: a98514 2019-07-24 18:00:26Z No. 7165629


Anonymous ID: 2da5fd 2019-07-24 18:00:29Z No. 7165630

[Mueller] seems very amenable to Schiffty's questions compared to any repubs

Anonymous ID: 124e33 2019-07-24 18:00:31Z No. 7165631

The public will view this as POTUS got off on a technicality …. That’s the narrative they are pushing

Anonymous ID: 93a0ab 2019-07-24 18:00:37Z No. 7165632


Democrat voters will never flip. NOTHING can change their minds. Minorities will continue to vote Democrat at a minimum of 80%. Millions of legal immigrants will move here and will also vote Democrat 80% of the time. There could be irrefutable evidence that Hussein committed treason and they would still support him. They are communists. Most minorities hate whites. Just look at the committees today. Nearly every single Democrat is black, hispanic, asian, jewish, etc. These are vicious people who have it out for America. They want to erase us all. This is a fact. They hate our history, they hate our flag, they don't think America was ever great. They are COMMUNISTS! And worst of all, they are all still 100% free. None of them have been arrested. There is no panic. They are talking just as much shit as ever. We are losing our country and instead of fighting them, we are sitting on our asses trusting some bullshit plan that has failed to bring down the Democrat communists. Epstein's arrest is meaningless. They have just projected it all on Trump. Not one single Democrat will flip their vote because of Epstein. 2020 will be a wakeup call to everyone. The 2018 midterms should have been enough to wake everyone up.

Anonymous ID: 0a965b 2019-07-24 18:00:42Z No. 7165633



it's abuse of process by self dealing regulators.

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 18:00:47Z No. 7165634

"Don Jr. was made aware that the Russians were offering dirt on his opponents"


"I don't know that that's true but One would assume"


Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 18:00:47Z No. 7165635

Adam Schiff the perpetual smirking sneaky weasle.

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 18:00:49Z No. 7165636

Anonymous ID: f26d91 2019-07-24 18:00:51Z No. 7165638


Lol she got me suspended for calling her a lying piece of trash lol

Anonymous ID: c8a892 2019-07-24 18:01:00Z No. 7165639





Anonymous ID: cb478e 2019-07-24 18:01:04Z No. 7165640




Anonymous ID: e4dd47 2019-07-24 18:01:08Z No. 7165641


Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 18:01:09Z No. 7165642


Bone Jockey

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 18:01:11Z No. 7165643


imo, no progress. POTUS is looking fine, the dems are desperately trying to push the obstruction narrative, which the republicans btfo each time and then hit Mueller with shit about FISA, SpyGate, and his investigation.

Basically a distracting sideshow.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 18:01:13Z No. 7165644


more human….than human

Anonymous ID: cda722 2019-07-24 18:01:20Z No. 7165645


And why is it the 1st thing that jumps out?

Because the gay hair dresser thought they were cleaver by trying to "camouflage" it within the highlight.

Rookie mistake

Anonymous ID: 4c8ba1 2019-07-24 18:01:22Z No. 7165646



Who would want that suicide to habben?

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 18:01:26Z No. 7165647



Anonymous ID: 829059 2019-07-24 18:01:31Z No. 7165648

Anonymous ID: 716a20 2019-07-24 18:01:38Z No. 7165649


Anonymous ID: 436339 2019-07-24 18:01:39Z No. 7165650


sorry friend, I'll try to get it right from now on

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 18:01:39Z No. 7165651


Anonymous ID: d67eb2 2019-07-24 18:01:44Z No. 7165652


>>7165478 Joseph Mifsud: more questions than answers about mystery professor linked to Russia

>>7165448 twit storm graphic for today

>>7165342, >>7165540, >>7165588 Konstantine Kalymnik was an Obama source!!

>>7165282 if the Atty General doesn't have the power to exonerate then YOU don't have thwe power to exonerate then you don't have to tell him your not exonerating the pres. you believe that there's an office of exoneration?

>>7165257 @1stArmoredDiv LET'S FLY

>>7165238 What’s the chance of that?

>>7165239 Accused child rapist told police the young girl touched him first

>>7165207 Dismal Demand For Ugly, Tailing 5Y Auction

>>7165148 1Y 2D Delta - Mueller

>>7165121 Mueller is clearly indicating that all FISA shit is currently being handled by Barr and Durham.

>>7165088 Rage Against The Machine "So let the guilty hang…. In the year of the boomerang"


Anonymous ID: e74108 2019-07-24 18:01:45Z No. 7165653


Not true. Handful of lurkers here have.

Anonymous ID: cdc014 2019-07-24 18:01:45Z No. 7165654



Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 18:01:47Z No. 7165655


Constantly transpose the f and the s. Constantly. Don't know why.

Anonymous ID: f1a7b9 2019-07-24 18:01:51Z No. 7165656

what does the sign in the back say?

Anonymous ID: 0031a3 2019-07-24 18:01:56Z No. 7165657

THE schitt DEVIATES FROM particular situations – of acceptance

stay away from thos particular situations

schitt – acceptance –evidence –illegall- luvit –


i''lll yield to mr stewart – I RUN MYSELF OUT OF TIME LOL


Anonymous ID: 2da5fd 2019-07-24 18:01:59Z No. 7165658


Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 18:02:00Z No. 7165659


Kathy Griffin got me banned for saying she's just mad trump wouldnt fuck her.

Anonymous ID: c60f0e 2019-07-24 18:02:00Z No. 7165661

==Egypt Says IMF Approves Last Installment of $12 Billion Loan

Egypt’s central bank Governor Tarek Amer said the International Monetary Fund has approved the last installment of a $12 billion loan program.

The IMF’s board approved the disbursement of the $2 billion payment, and the amount will be transferred this week, Amer told Bloomberg.

IMF officials didn’t immediately answer an email seeking comment. A calendar of the fund’s executive board meetings shows that it’s due to discuss Egypt’s loan July 24.

Egypt secured the agreement in 2016 after taking measures that included devaluing its currency and slashing fuel subsidies.

The country has since attracted tens of billions of dollars into its debt market and the central bank’s foreign reserves have surged to more than $44 billion.

Anonymous ID: b17c59 2019-07-24 18:02:01Z No. 7165660

Subliminal and subsonic influence tactics are seldom discussed in legacy media, not because the tactics are ineffective and rarely used, but because they are so effective that the advertising-supported media superorganism considers them critical to the function of the industry. Subliminal advertising is illegal, though the laws against it are both feeble and likely unenforceable, having been openly transgressed for the term of their existence and since the business model of advertising supported media depends on their nullity. The manipulation of individuals, identity groups and national populations after world war 2 was held critical to “national security;” subliminals are key to that manipulation. Advertising and media content targeting viewer’s unconscious mind has been augmented by techniques like hypnotic induction, subsonic “whisper” acoustics and images which stimulate aggression, sexual arousal or instinctual response. As previously noted, the power of these exploits, their depth of penetration and range of their reach has been greatly enhanced by the advent of networked media technologies.

The presumed independence and competitive operation of entertainment and communications industry is illusory. The media may be considered as a single functionally integrated parasitic organism which includes the advertising industry. “Simply expressed, what is consciously perceived by individuals, groups or nations has little or nothing to do with the physical, biological, economic and social realities the perceptions represent. “

Advertising supported media viewers are not citizens whom broadcasters compete to inform but consumer victims to be coerced and manipulated until pacified and enslaved.

Advertising supported legacy media is not a passive partner in subversion - they are the "experts" in social control, supposed Master of Social Programming, planners of and profit participants in, the exploitation and slaughter of the public; and today they’re principal architects of an psychological warfare campaign intended to destroy America.

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 18:02:04Z No. 7165662


Anonymous ID: c37037 2019-07-24 18:02:06Z No. 7165663

Anonymous ID: 96d60b 2019-07-24 18:02:07Z No. 7165664

>>7165049 shit bird

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 18:02:12Z No. 7165665



Anonymous ID: 8e9598 2019-07-24 18:02:23Z No. 7165666


Korn - Mr. Rogers

Boomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang, Up

The time has come to realize what you are, what you've done inside

The time has come, we'll have something to talk about

I will tell

Looking back…dumb

and now I realize…old man

how much you really loved him…dumb

This child's mind you terrorized…old man

You came to him…dumb

He really didn't know your lies…old man

Now, his innocence gone…dumb

He's that child you terrorized…old man

This fucking thing that I know, it came to me and you

This fucking thing that I know, because of you

My childhood is gone, because I loved you

My childhood is gone, because I loved you

Be my neighbor

Looking back…child

and now I realize…fucker

how much you really loved him…child

This child's mind you hypnotized…fucker

You came to him…child

He really didn't know your lies…fucker

Now, his innocence gone…child

I'm that child you terrorized…fucker


But you told me that everybody was my neighbor

You took advantage of me, like I took a trip anywhere

I wish I wouldn't have watched you, I really mean it

My childhood, a failure

What a fuckin neighbor

I hate you, I will tell


This fucking thing that I feel!!!

This fucking thing that I feel!!!

My childhood is gone!!!

My childhood is gone!!!

I will tell…

Anonymous ID: 4d4ec6 2019-07-24 18:02:28Z No. 7165667

What the American people can glean from this report.

The demorats are able to extort and waste billions of dollars for a fake report and all others let it continue.

The only way we can retain an income is to continue to fabricate events.

The sheeple as a whole won't do anything so we are continuing to fleece the populace.

Anonymous ID: 32fc56 2019-07-24 18:02:32Z No. 7165669


Anonymous ID: e4114c 2019-07-24 18:02:33Z No. 7165668


More likely Mueller than Misfud

Anonymous ID: 89b3b8 2019-07-24 18:02:35Z No. 7165670


wondering the same

they have been passing it around

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 18:02:37Z No. 7165671


Based and MoundPilled.

Anonymous ID: 1b611d 2019-07-24 18:02:39Z No. 7165672



Anonymous ID: 9d5e2f 2019-07-24 18:02:50Z No. 7165673

ABC’s Moran: ‘Impeachment’s Over’

Too funny…

Eat it shills

Anonymous ID: 5f2f4b 2019-07-24 18:02:51Z No. 7165674


Appears we will have to do this. Sad.

Anonymous ID: 640cb6 2019-07-24 18:02:52Z No. 7165675

I'm not gonna speak to that…

Anonymous ID: 8ed3b6 2019-07-24 18:03:04Z No. 7165676

Government conference>>7165656

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 18:03:05Z No. 7165677

>>7165572 MSNBC: Mueller sucked the life out of report


Alternative title:

>>7165572 Hell Freezes Over

Anonymous ID: 18ee76 2019-07-24 18:03:08Z No. 7165679

Anonymous ID: a8b7c3 2019-07-24 18:03:08Z No. 7165680

Seriously, am I the only one who thinks, that this video has to go far more viral?

This asshole speek everytime exactly what he is doing here!!!

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 18:03:11Z No. 7165681


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: e3f320 2019-07-24 18:03:12Z No. 7165682

It's coming, Dems think their ace up the sleeve will not Boomerang, Total keks when clinton rep fails.


Dem Ques: Mulluer = +(of course Friend)

Rep Ques: Mulluer = -(I refuse to talk to you)

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 18:03:13Z No. 7165683

If I'm ever asked to testify under oath, can I I just cite Mueller and say "I'm not gonna go there".

Anonymous ID: e08e31 2019-07-24 18:03:14Z No. 7165685

Anonymous ID: 1be6f6 2019-07-24 18:03:16Z No. 7165684

They’re so STUPID. The Democrats. When declass of FISA happens. And DNC is proven to be “The Russians” Sinking of the Clintanic!! Hang that BITCH

Anonymous ID: e454ac 2019-07-24 18:03:25Z No. 7165686


Triggered? You are a fucking retard. I have held back from saying anything for a long time. Your shit is beat. I strongly dislike your stupid ass. YOu are working on a level of “hate” w me though. Keep it up retarded faggot.

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 18:03:27Z No. 7165687


all of us are new eyes once…


tina does great work as well!

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 18:03:27Z No. 7165688


Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 18:03:38Z No. 7165689



2nd the notable

Repost next bread.

Anonymous ID: d2227d 2019-07-24 18:03:44Z No. 7165691


I'm not certain. I'll refer you to the report.

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 18:03:45Z No. 7165692


[Bob] The only reason we did not indict President Trump was the OLC policy that we cannot indict a sitting President.

Also [Bob] The OLC policy had nothing to do with our decision not to indict President Trump.

Anonymous ID: eb4462 2019-07-24 18:03:51Z No. 7165693



Please add the night(shift) before [muller]

Anonymous ID: 5c9dce 2019-07-24 18:03:55Z No. 7165694

Following the Mueller questioning, I'm getting the feeling that Mueller did not write the report and really does not know what is in the report other than a few instances

Anonymous ID: 6fdab7 2019-07-24 18:03:58Z No. 7165695




Anonymous ID: cdc014 2019-07-24 18:04:06Z No. 7165696



Anonymous ID: 69683a 2019-07-24 18:04:07Z No. 7165697


Absolutely this.

To be fair I have seen *some* former Dem voters change their minds based on the hysterical bullshit. But cucking for minorities only makes the GOP look weak.

Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 18:04:07Z No. 7165698

>>7165663 Mueller phrasing indicates??


Anonymous ID: fe6cac 2019-07-24 18:04:07Z No. 7165699

Dems, "Integrity " is to the motive/ smear… Not the the founding principles of this Great Land!

Depths await you Traitors… Depths of Hell!

Anonymous ID: 5329a7 2019-07-24 18:04:08Z No. 7165700


(((Neuberger))) NSA. No worries.

Anonymous ID: 546306 2019-07-24 18:04:09Z No. 7165701


Went to Jonestown and was shot along with nbc reporter and cali congressman and others. Gained notoriety.

Anonymous ID: 2da5fd 2019-07-24 18:04:14Z No. 7165703


What was the question?

Anonymous ID: 71d577 2019-07-24 18:04:14Z No. 7165704


> under Anne Neuberger's leadership

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 18:04:15Z No. 7165705

It had to come from your office. Silence….

Anonymous ID: fa397c 2019-07-24 18:04:26Z No. 7165706




who is special council????

Anonymous ID: 124e33 2019-07-24 18:04:31Z No. 7165707

This hearing is going nowhere ….Which leads me to believe we have months and months of Zero happenings …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous ID: 141967 2019-07-24 18:04:38Z No. 7165708





Anonymous ID: da873a 2019-07-24 18:04:40Z No. 7165710


Obama / Harris that's the ticket

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 18:04:41Z No. 7165711

Bahahahah mueller cant even remember what he said or did. Stewart all "welllll it came from your office??!"

Anonymous ID: 846d53 2019-07-24 18:04:43Z No. 7165712

I am watching on the fox feed, and i have yet to see a republican to ask a question the camera goes everywhere. Whats that about?

Anonymous ID: 32961c 2019-07-24 18:04:48Z No. 7165713

Does anyone think that BOOMERANG could be a reference to FIVE EYES and AUSTRALIA?

Anonymous ID: b187ac 2019-07-24 18:04:48Z No. 7165714



Anonymous ID: 640cb6 2019-07-24 18:04:53Z No. 7165715


All of them. Almost

Anonymous ID: 88fc15 2019-07-24 18:04:54Z No. 7165716


Durham and Huber are de facto special counsels.

Anonymous ID: e988bf 2019-07-24 18:04:56Z No. 7165717


I had said the same thing above. I think it was Andrew Weissmann who wrote it.

Anonymous ID: 2e01e7 2019-07-24 18:04:58Z No. 7165718

It HAD to come from your office!

Another BOOM!

Bo and Q are both my bitch ID: a09397 2019-07-24 18:05:05Z No. 7165719

So what gives why arnt you torturing me today

Anonymous ID: c8a892 2019-07-24 18:05:05Z No. 7165720



>cry louder snowflake

Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 18:05:11Z No. 7165721


now you done spoiled it for everyone! kek

Anonymous ID: e1e750 2019-07-24 18:05:11Z No. 7165722

This guy's face begs to be memed.

Anonymous ID: 39351e 2019-07-24 18:05:19Z No. 7165723


that was telling, eh?

Anonymous ID: 21cbac 2019-07-24 18:05:21Z No. 7165724

dat nigga schiff is one wild-eyed disgusting fuck

Anonymous ID: 7cfd9e 2019-07-24 18:05:22Z No. 7165725


Anonymous ID: 22360f 2019-07-24 18:05:27Z No. 7165726

:"This too shall pass."

Truer words.

Anonymous ID: 550418 2019-07-24 18:05:27Z No. 7165727


Anonymous ID: eea662 2019-07-24 18:05:29Z No. 7165728


It’s all good anon :D

Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 18:05:44Z No. 7165729

Stewart makes a salient point. Mueller's office has to know that there were leaks going out to the press, but did nothing effective to stop it.

Anonymous ID: e0ad85 2019-07-24 18:05:46Z No. 7165730


Anonymous ID: b15b05 2019-07-24 18:05:48Z No. 7165731


filter all anime…

Anonymous ID: b829a0 2019-07-24 18:05:53Z No. 7165732

Is Mueller even a lawyer? Wtf!

Anonymous ID: 1e865e 2019-07-24 18:06:01Z No. 7165733

Setting up Obama for prosecution!

Anonymous ID: cda722 2019-07-24 18:06:03Z No. 7165734


This is a MUCH better link. Doesn't ever spaz out either.

Main source

Anonymous ID: 34b99e 2019-07-24 18:06:06Z No. 7165735

Jackie Speier:

“Mr. Mueller, I think I can say without fear of contradiction that you are the greatest patriot in the room today.”

Ha! I think she meant to say Mr. Nunes.

Anonymous ID: 255970 2019-07-24 18:06:07Z No. 7165736



Anonymous ID: cdc014 2019-07-24 18:06:08Z No. 7165737



Special Prosecutors that is!

Anonymous ID: a58307 2019-07-24 18:06:08Z No. 7165738


He also couldn't remember the joint statement he put out with AG Barr in May.

So, yeah.

Anonymous ID: 8a32c9 2019-07-24 18:06:12Z No. 7165740



Anonymous ID: ebe733 2019-07-24 18:06:13Z No. 7165741


Further that it was ONLY and ALWAYS leaks to disparage TRUMP.

Anonymous ID: f528a1 2019-07-24 18:06:15Z No. 7165742


I like the other way better

Anonymous ID: d97c10 2019-07-24 18:06:16Z No. 7165743

This presidential statute of limitations shit is setting up for Obama.

Anonymous ID: 957371 2019-07-24 18:06:18Z No. 7165744


Think Logically, Reagan also rebuilt the military GHWB played long game of FF in Iraq, victory leading to supposed peace dividend, hand-off to Clinton…America for sale….FF 9/11..wars..bankrupting country while global cartel sucks jobs out of country.. end result is collapse by 2021.. that was the cabal plan

Anonymous ID: 5d9c9a 2019-07-24 18:06:21Z No. 7165745


> Obama / Harris that's the ticket

Because the only thing worse than a ticket with one angry black woman is a ticket with one angry black woman and an angry black man pretending to be a woman.

Anonymous ID: 55a8ad 2019-07-24 18:06:33Z No. 7165746


Anonymous ID: 2a0991 2019-07-24 18:06:34Z No. 7165747


she shot 5 times in jonestown

Anonymous ID: 01487d 2019-07-24 20:33:28Z No. 7168574

comped global interferring with board affairs, fuck off kb if we wanted it gone we'd remove it you fucking kike 49

Anonymous ID: 01487d 2019-07-24 20:33:40Z No. 7168579

comped global interferring with board affairs, fuck off kb if we wanted it gone we'd remove it you fucking kike 50

Anonymous ID: 01487d 2019-07-24 20:33:51Z No. 7168586

comped global interferring with board affairs, fuck off kb if we wanted it gone we'd remove it you fucking kike 51

Anonymous ID: 01487d 2019-07-24 20:34:02Z No. 7168591

comped global interferring with board affairs, fuck off kb if we wanted it gone we'd remove it you fucking kike 52

Anonymous ID: 01487d 2019-07-24 20:34:12Z No. 7168594

comped global interferring with board affairs, fuck off kb if we wanted it gone we'd remove it you fucking kike 53