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Q Research General #9263: Ebake Wait for the DoUGH Edition

Q Research General #9263: Ebake Wait for the DoUGH Edition Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:01:48Z No. 7239917

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 07.28.2019

>>7234526 ————————————–——– DNC server(s) hold many answers

>>7233932 rt >>7233832 ————————— Italy is w/ POTUS

>>7233832 ————————————–——– Follow the money. Follow the family (Cap: >>7233857)

>>7231226 ————————————–——– The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month. (Cap: >>7231307)

>>7231024 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE SWAMP! (Cap: >>7231062, >>7232370)

Saturday 07.27.2019

>>7223113 ————————————–——– POTUS declaring ANTIFA a Major Organization of Terror (Cap: >>7223139)

>>7222663 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7222699)

>>7222066 ————————————–——– Was the corn ripe for harvesting? [ 93 dk] (Cap: >>7222118)

>>7221927 ————————————–——– The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.

>>7221651 ————————————–——– How do you clean 'dirty' money? (Cap: >>7221676)

>>7216378 ————————————–——– WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>7216391 vid)

>>7216170 ————————————–——– Farms produce ……… 5:5 (Cap: >>7216208)

>>7215917 ————————————–——– Enemy of the People (PF Patriot vs Traitor)

>>7215162 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Awakening

>>7215112 ————————————–——– How did someone die from this type of accident? (Cap: >>7215190, >>7215403 mp4 vid)

>>7215015 rt >>7214979 ————————— Loretta Fuddy death

>>7214842 ————————————–——– Q#1429 Loretta Fuddy

>>7214693 ————————————–——– Renegade Q#3325

>>7214430 ————————————–——– Is Russian a common language to learn? Stay awake (Cap: >>7214508 vid)

Friday 07.26.2019

Compiled here: >>7235079

Thursday 07.25.2019

Compiled here: >>7222205

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>>7238992, >>7239010 Gilroy police chief diggz

>>7238901 Gilroy badge has pyramid and eye

>>7238769 2 kids now or same one?This story says 2 gunmen

>>7238742, >>7238750 Food Booth Pic of Shooter being tackled by police is out there now. Gilroy

>>7238715 the truck team BEFORE cam present

>>7238600 Whether or not the Gilroy thing is real or not, it does not matter. The effect is to take over the news


>>7238520, >>7238531 entry wound completely free of blood? shill fu is weak.

>>7238473, >>7238479 Gore porn shill inadvertently helps prove false flag

>>7238472 18 FBI agents arrive in Gilroy

>>7239078 #9261


>>7238248 BNO news Gilroy stats

>>7238050 SWAT ordered out of the creek Gilroy

>>7237996 FF vid Gilroy

>>7237675, >>7237693, >>7237699, >>7237793, >>7237837 this was a very low-energy ff

>>7237657 multiple bystander reports from fox now about injured being driven off in pick up trucks

>>7238320 #9260


>>7237504 Anyone else notice that the time stamp of POTUS' tweets is mirrored?

>>7237517 Q772 Shooter(s) will have prior history of psych treatment, medicated, brainwashed.

>>7237363 Gilroy chamber honored Rep. Panetta

>>7237336 Black Moon

>>7237303 Gilroy music Festival is in Zoe Langrens district.

>>7237289,>>7237299 New PDJT Gilroy incident

>>7237281 comms disguised as romantic convo re: Red Sparrow/Q's

>>7237245 In-Q-Tel diggz

>>7237177 Rod Rosenstein just tweeted re: Dan Coats

>>7237061 Gun, Ammo and jacket stolen from FBi vehicle in East Oakland

>>7237034 POTUS schedule for Monday, July 29, 2019

>>7236992 mother theresa = child trafficker? diggz.

>>7237560 #9259

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Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:02:53Z No. 7239924

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:03:27Z No. 7239925

Anons! The Gilroy Garlic festival presented by a HOSPITAL!

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:03:29Z No. 7239926


Anonymous ID: c9703c 2019-07-29 08:04:07Z No. 7239927

patriots dream!

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:04:40Z No. 7239928


On the surface, not uncommon.

Anonymous ID: fcc3d5 2019-07-29 08:04:40Z No. 7239929



Anonymous ID: 9d5932 2019-07-29 08:04:52Z No. 7239930

>>7238744. LB

Blood flows down leg while standing..

Should flow towards buttocks while laying down.

Anonymous ID: 762c9c 2019-07-29 08:04:55Z No. 7239931

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 6adf2b 2019-07-29 08:04:56Z No. 7239932

"Shills" are to conspiracy theorists what "casuals" is to sport fans.



Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:05:06Z No. 7239933


Patriots punch!

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:05:42Z No. 7239934

Has God motivated you?

Anonymous ID: ee466b 2019-07-29 08:05:50Z No. 7239935



Anonymous ID: 886033 2019-07-29 08:05:52Z No. 7239936

Hello frens. Can someone help me with a caption?

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:05:55Z No. 7239937


Thanks Baker.

I refreshed three times waiting for the dough before posting.

Bread shitters need to fucking wait.

Look at the title of the bread FFS.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:06:05Z No. 7239938



Guiz….just leave this here for yas


Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:06:38Z No. 7239939


Tom now carries the Corn for Patriots.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 08:07:01Z No. 7239940

>>7239655 PB

TY anon

I'm gonna have a look see re

>>1902552 in bread #2397

Anonymous ID: fdfb0b 2019-07-29 08:07:01Z No. 7239941


7 And there came war in the heaven; Michael and his messengers did war against the dragon, and the dragon did war, and his messengers, 

8 and tkey did not prevail, nor was their place found any more in the heaven; 

9 and the great dragon was cast forth – the old serpent, whu is called `Devil,' and `the Adversary,' who is leading astray the whole world – he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.

GOD wins~

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 08:07:21Z No. 7239943

>>7239901 (lb)

>>7239903 (lb)

Back when America was founded, it was done by people who were 90 % blond and blue eyed. Then you got mixed up a little, and most became brunettes. And now those brunette whites are about to be mixed up some more, creating a more mestizo kind of American. This mixing is going to continue until the remaining people simply can't be called "white" anymore.

This doesn't matter to those who think "we're all just human", but it matters a whole lot to those who are orchestrating this development because they want to see whites gone forever!

And it matters to those who realize that whites actually have something unique to them that makes them very valuable. Not just to themselves (even if that should be enough!), but to all of humanity. We would not live in the relatively free and prosperous world we live in if white people hadn't created it, and the world will look a lot different once we are gone. Every time whites lose control over an area, that area slides back to misery and regresses in human development.

Science, technology, and social progress all over the world are all to an astounding degree the result of the efforts of white people. The continued existence of white people MATTERS.

And white people can only continue to exist if there are white nations somewhere. The same is true for blacks and Asians, but they're not under threat here, since the have their own nations.

Whites should be "allowed" to have their own nations too.

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:07:30Z No. 7239944


Ghost Bake back in full force.


Did anyone grab notes from last bread?

Anonymous ID: f1d977 2019-07-29 08:07:37Z No. 7239945


Hello baker fren, haven't run into you for quite a while. I'm the one who used to do the note-taking bridging the gap after AB or another night baker. Long time ago. You still check in to do e-bakes, tho, I see them but not usually "live." Did one the other night to help out, although I'm on the other board now. Hope you are well, just "passing in the night" here, o7.

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:07:54Z No. 7239946


Oops, forgot to group the layers on the last one.

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:07:59Z No. 7239947

>>7239891 lb

Q has exactly one name arrest on the board period

See what you see, not what you wish to see.

Facts are better than fantasies. See what you see, not what you wish to see.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:08:11Z No. 7239948

Illinois resident Bruce Briley, who survived the crash with his wife, commented “She Loretta Fuddy did not drown as I recall, and no one claimed she had drowned,” he said. “If it’s true that she had an infant life vest on, it didn’t put her life at real risk.”

Anonymous ID: 532b87 2019-07-29 08:08:21Z No. 7239949


Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:09:08Z No. 7239950


Thank you, baker.

Anonymous ID: d338af 2019-07-29 08:09:34Z No. 7239951

I was catching up on some of the older breads and I have to ask:

Was there actually some moron here who thought truck bed dude was an amputee?

Anonymous ID: 532b87 2019-07-29 08:09:59Z No. 7239953

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:10:09Z No. 7239955


Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:10:14Z No. 7239956


Master Rat

When not Race Bating; Rat Training

Rat Meat, the new Chicken in Baltimore

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:10:28Z No. 7239957

Today's Gilroy Garlic Festival was presented by St Louise Regional Hospital which is located on "No Name Uno Rd"

Anonymous ID: c33f05 2019-07-29 08:10:47Z No. 7239958



Anonymous ID: 0c25fe 2019-07-29 08:10:56Z No. 7239960


He ain't heavy. He's my brother.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:11:21Z No. 7239961

Seems all ~mass~ ff shooters

1) In Therapy recently

2) Take mind altering drugs

3) Have direct or indirect affiliation w/ Someone in CIA.

Anonymous ID: 5e3d13 2019-07-29 08:11:26Z No. 7239962


>Rat King

>A Charlie Kelly production

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:11:34Z No. 7239963

Thank you Baker.

Anonymous ID: b5496e 2019-07-29 08:12:09Z No. 7239965

Anonymous ID: 532b87 2019-07-29 08:12:34Z No. 7239966


Anonymous ID: 762c9c 2019-07-29 08:12:37Z No. 7239967



"We do not say his name"

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 08:12:38Z No. 7239968


>>7239655 PB

Tried to have a look see but breads in catalog only go back to bread #9090.

How can I get to breads from before then?

I thought if I typed it in my previous post that it would come up red and I could just click on it but it came up green.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:12:48Z No. 7239969


>Was there actually some moron here who thought truck bed dude was an amputee?

It's moran, dumbass.

Anonymous ID: 58658d 2019-07-29 08:12:54Z No. 7239970


>Back when America was founded, it was done by people who were 90 % blond and blue eyed.

Does this describe Brits? No.


Anonymous ID: a34f97 2019-07-29 08:13:04Z No. 7239971


CRISPR and other gene tech will save the whites and also fuck the leftist identity politics when their darker skinned compatriots lighten their skin and color their eyes.

Anonymous ID: 5e3d13 2019-07-29 08:13:14Z No. 7239972


>No Name Uno Rd


Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 08:13:34Z No. 7239973



Anonymous ID: 77d691 2019-07-29 08:13:50Z No. 7239974


Please(!!!) update and elaborate on "VACCINES [NOT ALL]." I am holding off until I hear more. It's a tough decision and I know you could help. (and I do keep a close ear to what President Trump says and has said on the topic. Not sure I can do the same things - smaller spread out doses, etc. - that he did with Average Joe setup.). Are there certain vaccines that are safe? Has the problem been fixed?

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:13:55Z No. 7239975

[9th Circuit Court]

Look at those windows

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:14:07Z No. 7239976


Both dudes in truck bed pic have hand anomalies.

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:14:45Z No. 7239977

You got it!


Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 08:15:25Z No. 7239978


Anonymous ID: 2acd9c 2019-07-29 08:15:39Z No. 7239979

notables? so much shit baking lately

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:15:56Z No. 7239980

The mockingbird story tonight seems to be the Gilroy shooting.

Anonymous ID: a34f97 2019-07-29 08:16:17Z No. 7239981


Anonymous ID: b5496e 2019-07-29 08:16:27Z No. 7239982

'Rat Film' documentary about Baltimore's rodent fight to air on PBS tonight

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 08:17:13Z No. 7239983


TY anon

I'll try that

Anonymous ID: 762c9c 2019-07-29 08:17:29Z No. 7239984


Anonymous ID: a34f97 2019-07-29 08:17:44Z No. 7239985


Anonymous ID: 219b05 2019-07-29 08:17:48Z No. 7239986


There's a bird in there

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:17:51Z No. 7239987


Anons, posted this in Feb 2019, updated and reposting today because of the FF in Gilroy. I have been lurking for over 12 months, and waking up more each day. Something struck me curious with Q’s post on 2/11/19, along with many other past Q posts, in regard to the capitalization of his referencing a MAP as opposed to a map. Since there are often more than one meaning to things, I started to dig on MAP. It opened up a literal rabbit hole complete with references to Alice, MK Ultra experiments, possible MK Ultra psychologists as referenced by Q in the FF school shootings. MAPS PROVIDES PSYCHOLOGISTS IN ALL STATES AND PROBABLY ALL THEIR INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS HELP!!!!!!

Here is what I have put together up to this point, but it would be great if one of you Autists and/or Anons with more digging experience, resources and better understanding of correlations, would look deeper into this.

MAPS- Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies was founded in 1986, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has disbursed over $46 million to developing psychedelics and marijuana into prescription medicines for some of the most hard-to-treat illnesses. They are based out of Santa Cruz, CA with more locations in Canada, Switzerland and Israel, UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and I’m sure more places now. ELON MUSK HA DONATED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO MAPS. I HAVE TO SEARCH FOR THAT SAUCE, BUT IT IS ON THEIR WEBSITE.

They offer psychotherapy treatment for many types of trauma including sexual assault, war, and on some Autistic adults, using marijuana, LSD & MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstasy, which is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception chemically similar to both stimulants and hallucinogens with distorted sensory and time perceptions. In the MAPS website, there were 173 search results for MK Ultra in their Psychedelic Bibliography.

Rick Doblin, Ph.D., is the founder and executive director of MAPS. He received his doctorate in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The interesting (spoopy) thing about him besides his Harvard education is the fact that he conducted a 34-year follow-up study to Timothy Leary’s Concord Prison Experiment. The Concord Prison Experiment, one of the best-known studies in psychedelic psychotherapy literature. It was conducted from 1961- 1963 by a team of researchers at Harvard University under the direction of Timothy Leary. The original study involved the administration of psilocin-assisted group psychotherapy to 32 prisoners “in an effort to reduce recidivism.”

When I queried the FOIA library for the Concord Prison Experiment, it resulted in many replies with one in particular called- How the CIA Planned the Drugging of America, which discussed how the CIA was really using prisoners, military personal and others in experiments and operations known as MKULTRA. Dr. Leary’s role in that was that a CIA memo directed

agents to contact Leary and his partner, Richard Alpert (now Ram Das), who were then operating as IFIF. The (IFIF) International Federation For Internal Freedom, and (LSD) League for Spiritual Discovery, and Castalia Foundation were organizations, which were operated by Leary and Richard Alpert from a 2,000 acre Millbrook estate. These organizations did little to further scientific research. Their major accomplishment was to make LSD a household word and to encourage people to try the drug.

Leary was asked to resign from Harvard University for allegedly giving LSD to undergraduate students. He claimed to be the “high priest” of the LSD cult and wrote a book to that name. He had a life speckled with many arrests and finally ended up in Vacaville California State Medical Facility, a prison where some of the CIA MKULTA research was conducted on inmates. In 1970 he escaped and fled to Algeria where he joined Elderidge Cleaver, also a fugitive. He left Cleaver and went to Switzerland, other countries in Europe and was finally captured in Afghanistan in 1973 and returned to prison.

Like Dr. Leary, Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS, professional goal is to help develop legal contexts for the beneficial uses of psychedelics and marijuana, primarily for prescription medicines but also for personal growth for otherwise healthy people and eventually become a legally licensed psychedelic therapist. They both have affiliations in Switzerland.

Maps 1 of 6

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:18:00Z No. 7239988


Anonymous ID: 098d15 2019-07-29 08:19:02Z No. 7239989


I guess the heat wave is over…

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:19:12Z No. 7239990


No Name Uno Rd "can't make this shit up!!!''

3、Gilroy的南太平洋兰花公司(South Pacific Orchids),





地址: 9800 No Name Uno Rd., Gilroy, CA 95021

电话: (408) 252-3347


Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:19:16Z No. 7239991



They have an online store where you can purchase things, one of which was a $15,000 Signed 14.5” Chemistry Flask from Sasha Shulgin’s Lab. He too was a spoopy character.

He was born Alexander T. Shulgin (June 17, 1925-June 2, 2014), and was known to his friends as Sasha. Shulgin was a world-renowned biochemist and pharmacologist best known for his synthesis, creation, and personal bioassay of hundreds of novel psychoactive compounds.

Born in Berkley, CA he began his study of organic chemistry at Harvard University. In 1943 he left Harvard to join the US Navy at age 18. After serving in WWII, he returned to Berkley and earned his PhD in biochemistry from UC Berkley and completed post-doctorate at UC San Francisco. After a short time working at Bio Rad Labs as research director, he joined DOW Chemical Company as senior research chemist.

Under MAPS website tab, Resources, there is a Psychedelic Integration List of individuals and organizations in the mental health field who help people integrate past psychedelic experiences. I partially briefed through the list with photos, and I couldn’t help thinking of Q’s remarks about the FF suspects all having therapists. These people would fit the profile perfectly. Well worth a further dig by an Anon with better digging skills!!!

Under the same Resources tab, links to the Zendo Project: Psychedelic Harm Reduction. Their mission says it is to provide a supportive environment and education to help transform difficult psychedelic and psychological experiences into opportunities for learning and growth. They are a group which go out to many world-wide events ie: Burning Man in in Black Rock City, NV, Lightening in a Bottle in Central, CA, and Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica. This Zendo Project has some familiar symbology and seems like it would be the ideal catalyst for trafficking and MK Ultra subjects.

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Anonymous ID: 7b7a49 2019-07-29 08:19:22Z No. 7239992

Queer Research? Am I in the right place ?

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:19:32Z No. 7239993


lb clown baker left out a lot, even when called and reminded.

Info on the FF triggers the clown team much!


Anonymous ID: 67bb1a 2019-07-29 08:19:46Z No. 7239994

Anonymous ID: d338af 2019-07-29 08:19:54Z No. 7239995


The fucking darker part of the truck that his arm disappears into is the plastic side rail over the top of the bedside on the drivers side of the truck. That is why it is a darker color than the white metal bed.


Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 08:20:15Z No. 7239996

They stopped the music.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:20:27Z No. 7239997

Repost bc clown baker left out.


>>7239201, >>7239401, >>7239382 crisis actors with fake blood, amputee

Anonymous ID: f1d977 2019-07-29 08:20:30Z No. 7239998


I looked it up in Searched on 1902552; the graphic is no longer there, but text is below. Hope that helps.


▶Anonymous 06/25/18 (Mon) 15:05:26 e6f40e (15) No.1902552>>1902599 >>1903152

File (hide): 530d10c7e8afc8d⋯.jpg (7.26 MB, 2777x4032, 2777:4032, Order to Kill.jpg) (h) (u)


i think I have a duty to both help and be happier than I used to be… when I think about the other victims at the facility. or the dead! I can't imagine how many other cult victims there are that didn't make it. I was nearly killed so many times and so I'm apprehensive about learning the actual number of my dead brothers and sisters that didn't make it into adulthood. : (

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:20:39Z No. 7239999


America was always 85-90% white until 1990, when Bush I really started ramping up the nwo agenda to destroy white, middle-class America, which is very powerful.

Notice the difference in culture? America is disgraceful now when compared to what I grew up in pre-1990. The culture disgusts me.

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:20:40Z No. 7240000


Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:20:56Z No. 7240001

Repost bc clown baker.


>>7239640, >>7239663 guy on FF vid: ""I'm going over where I am supposed to be"

Anonymous ID: 96324c 2019-07-29 08:21:06Z No. 7240002



Anonymous ID: 161e71 2019-07-29 08:21:15Z No. 7240003

Mass shooting at Calif garlic festival

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:21:32Z No. 7240004



John Perry Barlow!!!!!

One of MAPS Board members is John Gillmore. He was an early employe with Sun Microsystems and co-created Cygnus Solutions, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) The other co-creator of EFF was JOHN PERRRY BARLOW. (Q posted about JPB a few months ago, but I couldn’t find it.) EFF has some familiar “eye” symbology on their website and say they are the leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, fee speech, and innovation. Under the Our Work tab, was an article by Deeplinks Blog by Joe Mullin/ Feb 8, 2019 called- Video: How Justus Decher Beat a Patent Troll, With Help From Alice. It is an article about how the US Supreme Court has limited patent venue abuses, made fee-shifting easier, and most importantly, made it easier to throw out bad software patents in its Alice v. CLS Bank decision. As such EFF has created an Alice Project which tells the stories of people and small businesses which were helped by that ruling. Apparently, there are a few loud voices in the patent lobby asking Congress to amend Section 101 of the Patent Act to overturn ALICE.

I think this Alice ruling may be an important puzzle piece as it may have taken power away from those big companies with patent control. Again, a great place for someone wiser to dig.

MAPS (capitalized) and its Board of Director member, John Gillmore is tied to John Perry Barlow as they are both Co-creators of EFF. What are the odds that these two aren’t/weren’t in the same Spoopy profession utilizing these companies to continue their work? internet/ help-alice

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Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 08:21:42Z No. 7240005

can someone post the pic of bug eyed cop? looks like weiner

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 08:22:04Z No. 7240006

I sometimes wish I coulda handled some of this stuff better, but it's difficult when you don't know who's who, what's what, real or unreal. Still don't. The atrocities shake your world. I also took the opportunity to get some things off my chest. If you heard it, it was your fault anyway. I like to vent in peace. Don't even know if that's possible anymore. Anyway, whatevs. Love most of ya's, I think. See! Ruffled my feathers this crapola.

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:22:12Z No. 7240007

Anonymous ID: 34807b 2019-07-29 08:22:19Z No. 7240008


Was hoping to fap to amputee porn, but your pic is weak, thanks for nothing

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:22:29Z No. 7240009

Repost bc clown baker.


>>7239186, >>7239364

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:22:32Z No. 7240010


Anonymous ID: 7b7a49 2019-07-29 08:22:37Z No. 7240011


Anonymous ID: 58658d 2019-07-29 08:23:13Z No. 7240012


Also reposting from LB:

> "I'm going over where I am supposed to be"

No, that's not what makes it notable. It's not an unusual thing to say when you're poking around a crime scene and thinking "I'm not supposed to be here."

I posted that so you could hear the crying and screaming in the background. That's not acting.

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:23:14Z No. 7240013



Q has posted countless times to find the Psychologists, they ALL had them. Te Doctor for the Sandy Hook FF was Dr. Paul Fox of Brookfield, Conn., who was arrested and charged with 3 felony counts of sexual assault on a then 19 year-old patient. I haven’t directly tied him to MAPS, but if he was one of their docs listed, I’m sure they would have scrubbed that quickly.

I found his bio on March 19, 2019 at , which has now been scrubbed on their sight. Here is what I found:

Dr. Paul Fox, MD

Brookfield, CT

Specialty / Subspecialties: Psychiatry / General Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology





About Dr. Paul Fox, MD

Dr. Paul Fox is a psychiatrist in Brookfield, Connecticut and is affiliated with Danbury Hospital. He received his medical degree from New York Medical College and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is one of 30 doctors at Danbury Hospital who specialize in Psychiatry.

What are Dr. Fox's Specialties?



Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illness, such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. Most psychiatrists rely on a mix of medications and psychotherapy. SUBSPECIALTIES

General Psychiatry


Ste 1 E

2 Old New Milford Rd, Brookfield, CT, 06804 (203) 775-9711

Dr. Fox's Hospital Affiliations

Danbury Hospital

Dr. Fox is affiliated with the following Hospitals. Affiliation usually means this doctor has admitting privileges at that hospital.

Education & Experience College & Residency

New York Medical College

Medical School

Benedictine Hospital

Internship, Transitional Year

Certifications & Licensure CT State Medical License Active through 2012


Target-selective protein s-nitrosylation by sequence motif recognition.Jia, J.,Arif, A.,Terenzi, F.,Willard, B.,Plow, E. F.,Hazen, S. L., Fox, P. L.

Human Colon Tumors Express a Dominant-Negative Form of SIGIRR That Promotes Inflammation and Colitis-Associated Colon Cancer in Mice.Zhao, J.,Bulek, K.,Gulen, M. F.,Zepp, J. A.,Karagkounis, G.,Martin, B. N.,Zhou, H.,Yu, M.,Liu, X.,Huang, E.,Fox, P. L., Kalady, M. F.,Markowitz, S. D.,Li, X.

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Anonymous ID: eeece5 2019-07-29 08:23:26Z No. 7240014


A dirty rat pictured with a rodent

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:24:42Z No. 7240015



Sandy Hook School Shooter Adam Lanza Therapist drugged him with a “dynamic cocktail of psychiatric drugs.”

Dr. Paul Fox, the primary psychiatrist for Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, has been charged with three felony counts of sexual assault on a then 19 year-old patient that reportedly occurred back in 2010-2011. Getting to Fox’s arrest has been a complicated journey, raising a host of issues that, frankly, need to be addressed.

First the original investigation, regarding accusations of sexual assault, was conducted four years ago in March of 2012 by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. During that investigation several important issues came to light, one of which involved Fox’s psychiatric drug prescribing practices.

According to the investigative file, over the course of one year, Fox prescribed what the victim called a “dynamic cocktail of psychiatric drugs.” The “constantly changing mix” of psychiatric drugs included: Ativan (anxiety), Saphris (bi-polar disorder), Abilify (schizophrenia), Nuvigil (sleep apnea, narcolepsy), Prozac (Major-depression, OCD), Zyprexa (Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder), Xanax, and Vistaril (anxiety, tension). Vistaril also is used as a sedative and for general anesthesia.

After reviewing the above cocktail of psychiatric drugs, one can only wonder how anyone could even remotely believe the victim participated in “consensual” sex with Fox, especially in light of the victim’s comment that she was “usually drugged up out of (her) mind…” That is an understatement, and begs the question: if Fox is drugging his patient’s with cocktails of drugs, was Adam Lanza a victim of Fox’s prolific

drugging? How many different psychiatric diagnoses did Fox subjectively bestow on Adam Lanza and what kind of psychiatric “dynamic cocktail” was Lanza prescribed while a “patient” under Fox’s “care.”

Tough to know. The State refuses to release Lanza’s mental health records or autopsy/toxicology results and Fox claims to have little memory of Lanza. Fox also claims to have destroyed his medical records prior to his 2012 departure to New

Zealand. Apparently law enforcement never thought it important, at least, to review Fox’s billing records, which Fox claims still existed in December of 2012. So how about now? Has Fox retained the billing records of his patients and will law enforcement finally look at them?

MAPS 5 of 6

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:25:16Z No. 7240016


>Was hoping to fap to amputee porn, but your pic is weak, thanks for nothing

Knew a (hot chick) wrist disarticulation amputee once.

She liked going to nudie bars.

Use your imagination from there…

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:25:19Z No. 7240017


Updated dough w/ notes collected in prior bread so no need to repost.

Anonymous ID: f725bd 2019-07-29 08:25:19Z No. 7240018

Shooting was discussed on 4chan prior to the event

Anonymous ID: 279f68 2019-07-29 08:25:38Z No. 7240019


It was down to Nancy or Cummings and Nancy won out? Hence what happened in California?

Anonymous ID: 663e0a 2019-07-29 08:25:43Z No. 7240020


I forgot about that shit with him on the couch. Like 15 or 20 years ago. Kek

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:25:52Z No. 7240021


i don´t give a fuck for what reasons you posted the video and i srongly think the crying is acting (ever watched a movie?)

an anon catched the guys saying "I'm going over where I am supposed to be" which is pretty damn relevant given that anons have found much evidence of a false flag fake shooting using crisis actors.

someone saying "oh no, i need to stand over there to act my role" is obviously relevant.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 08:26:20Z No. 7240022



Still trying to figure out the Pastebin thing other anon posted but will also try as another option.

Anonymous ID: 6f5ed5 2019-07-29 08:26:44Z No. 7240023

Why does everyone always jump to the conclusion these shootings are faked? Q suggested shootings they were a result of Mk Ultra, there are 8 drops on MK Ultra.

It would be far easier for the cabal to control a shooter than it would be to stage a shooting and cover it up.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:27:04Z No. 7240024


Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 08:27:05Z No. 7240026


Maps Cont…


6 of 6

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:27:07Z No. 7240025




No Name's daughter's tweet saying "with Cummings Attacks" from hours before the False Flag in Gilroy Garlic Festival presented by hospital located on No Name Uno Road…

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:27:19Z No. 7240027

>>7239945 Hey There! Think it's time for my first cup of coffee…. Turns out the best part of waking up is a patriot collecting notes.

Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 08:27:23Z No. 7240028


BAKER ,,, notable assessment by Anon for consideration

"Gilroy alleged victim placed in truck not ambulance < 20 yards away"

Anonymous ID: 2bf3bf 2019-07-29 08:27:25Z No. 7240029

Grabbed this but not Baking…




>>7239574 , >>7239578 , >>7239578 >>7239648 >> 7239704

>>7239769 >>7239785 >>7239908 Resigned Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels/diggz [CP?]

>>7239466 Gilroy is in California’s 20th congressional district. It is represented by Jimmy Panetta.

>>7239522, >>7239585 anon speculation on Q and nunes communicated their foreknowledge of a false flag

>>7239514 Jeffrey Epstein 'purchased Nadia Marcinkova as a girl from her family

>>7239417 Cummings and wife diggz

>>7239406 News from Australia: Five Eyes intelligence alliance working to disrupt international paedophile networks

>>7239388 GAA Update

>>7239370, >>7239475 FROM 2017 Plaintiff Patricia Harrell's 60-page suit names several officers, as well as their wives, while graphically accusing the police force of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and whistle-blower retaliation Gilroy

>>7239310 Donna Karan, Clintons & Haiti

>>7239296 , >>7239312 moar HRC/charities diggz

>>7239285 , >>7239286 Resignations update

>>7239275 Gilroy active shooter training

>>7239148 SCOTTS VALLEY ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL, just west of Gilroy




not baking any of these?

not even replying at all?

are you here to help anons or to helo the FF work?

>>7239201 , >>7239401 , >>7239382



Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:27:42Z No. 7240030


Low iq Anons such as yourself contribute nothing to this board. Lurk moar, adults are talking. Or just go back to Facebook with your dumbass peers. Or kys. One of those.

Anonymous ID: 9f1b1c 2019-07-29 08:27:48Z No. 7240031


Re-watching True Detective S01 with new eyes. Back then I was shit posting most, knew some of the stuff. Not nearly as much as today thanks to Q.

re:handling the stuff, stay. Stay the course. Stay awake and vigilant. Trust the plan, learn to enjoy this show. It's going to be of epic proportions, bigger than any habbenings.

Anonymous ID: 7b7a49 2019-07-29 08:27:49Z No. 7240032



Psychiatrist Paul Fox, who treated Adam Lanza and Waikato patients guilty of sexual assault

8 Jun, 2019 5:00am

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 08:28:03Z No. 7240033




Look at the wierd light fixture.

Spike like horns coming out of top.

Also fleur de lis inbetween the spikes

Bottom has a ring like a door knocker.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 08:28:53Z No. 7240034


It does describe the original settlers to America. 90 % blue eyed. I don't have time to dig up the scientific link for you, but it's there, dig for yourself.

The truth is that "Israel" in the Bible refers to people descending from the man who was given the name Israel, and the twelve tribes that came from him are white Europeans. God's promise to give them a land richer than all others was fulfilled, and you Americans are living in it right now.

The Bible also states that this people (the true Israel = whites) would be A BLESSING TO THE WORLD, and that's exactly what white people have been. The poorest and most backwards nation on Earth has a higher standard of living than the wealthiest nation had before the industrial revolution. All that science and technology the whites gave the world has been a tremendous blessing indeed!

Meanwhile, the people Jesus called spawn of Satan have been busy trying to destroy everything the whites built, and are trying their best to ERADICATE whites themselves through engineered mass immigration of non-whites into all white majority nations.

That's the truth. Accept it or reject it, that's between you and your maker.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:29:09Z No. 7240035

crisis actors from past staged FFs.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:29:24Z No. 7240036





Multiple black box rat stations set up at White House.

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:29:44Z No. 7240037


You glow, nigga.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:29:45Z No. 7240038



Tell me wtf the bald guy with bent fingers is doing.

He appears to not be tending to the “wounded guy” in any meaningful way at all.

Anonymous ID: 7b7a49 2019-07-29 08:30:06Z No. 7240039


Orange rat bad

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 08:30:16Z No. 7240040


Exactly. And if your going to go through all that to stage a shooting, you'd have many more fake victims. Many more for maximum impact, the more victims the bigger the story lines for MSM, not just a few.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:30:19Z No. 7240041


>>7143190 pb

>>7143252 pb

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:31:55Z No. 7240043


The FF has served it's purpose beautifully.


Anonymous ID: cc4b62 2019-07-29 08:31:59Z No. 7240044


Noice quads!

Anonymous ID: 44bd10 2019-07-29 08:32:19Z No. 7240045

If this was a white guy, his face would be plastered all over the media by now.

Probably a couple of Muzzies, didn't approve of the pulled pork being served with Garlic Fries…

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:32:24Z No. 7240046


As Q told in many posts the anons on Q Research and the whole Q movement are a DIRECT THREAT to many people ww.

Not only to the few families of the ruling class, but also to the many Deep State assets in politics, science, economy, fake news reporters, masons and "knights" around the world.

Shills apply all kind of tactics and most of them have it´s base on "divide and rule".

Attack people of the Q patriots and sow division to weaken the movement.



Shills attack the loud voices on YT (especially prayingmedic, in the matrix) and on TV (Hannity and other).

Shills attack individual anons and call them names (boomer, kike, …).

Shills are desperate bc anons and patriots ww are so many and are so strongly bound in the fight against evil.

Shills still try to sow division and make the recent FalseFlags work by painting this board nazi ('Q is a nazi movement', 'orange man nazi').

Shills spread disinfo and slides (RR not our guys for example).

Shills spread stupid info to make anons look ridiculous.

One shill calls everyone "bot" and want´s you to think that there are not thousands of anons contributing and millions of lurkers spreading info on other channels.

Shills attack relevant info (was noted two months ago, why should anons care, not relevant, …)

Shill post disinfo and cryptic bs to slide.

Shills glow if you regard all posts made here in the context of ALL Q DROPS.

Watch out for clown bakers that leave out and ignore relevant info and push shill topics (slides, muh jew).

The end for shills is near and JUSTICE will be served soon.




Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:32:44Z No. 7240047


Fuck yourself.


Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 08:32:58Z No. 7240048



Anonymous ID: 77d691 2019-07-29 08:33:05Z No. 7240049

Anonymous ID: 7b7a49 2019-07-29 08:33:14Z No. 7240050


Spec ops ghost. job done No need for patsy

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 08:33:14Z No. 7240051


See this is what does my head in. I get the heeby jeebies way back on FB etc., pull the pin, lose contact with everyone over time, discover it's DARPA thanks to Q and anons, get told this is a place where like-minded individuals can express themselves and feel part of a family, only to be judged, ridiculed and rejected. Unreal ay.

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:33:24Z No. 7240052

>>7240029 Thanks anon. I got the bun in the bread and will look at the others for inclusion. Great Job.

Anonymous ID: 34807b 2019-07-29 08:34:07Z No. 7240053


Reality check: The guy's arm not only crosses under the side panel view, but to those saying anything about amputee, I put this to you to disprove.

The person in the photo has a white wristband on. Possibly a "Of age pre-screen band while you wait in line to get in. Also, wtf would an amputee have to do with anything?

Look at it again.

This isn't Rocket Appliances>>7239995

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:34:43Z No. 7240054


nobody jumps to conclusion.

autists look at the facts and see the details.

fake blood color, fake blood pattern, bad acting actors, a smiling sherrif with mason symbolism, …

that is doing research and not jumping conclusion.

also, where were you when the last few FFs were exposed?

this shit is old for anons.

always the same pattern.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:36:20Z No. 7240055

In case you do not know the "make it rain" bread yet,


This bread was made for digs and info on masonry and illuminati.

BO refused to archive this info on QR - bc obviously clown BO is triggered by that info.

And now, two nights back a clown melted down and posted the exact same post 84 times with the same ID to fill the bread and make it dissappear. Over the target.

I suggest you take a look at that info:

>>6072287 make it rain bread

New bread:

>>7229221 Make it rain #2 over target edition

Anonymous ID: d3f846 2019-07-29 08:37:02Z No. 7240056

Face Map V10

still the middle section [DL][PS][DL]

And also who is [KM]

I still need to add an index and add notes between emblems.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:37:10Z No. 7240057



When is the vigil?

Anonymous ID: 67bb1a 2019-07-29 08:37:20Z No. 7240058

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:38:35Z No. 7240059


<muh gun control

<muh racist divided US bc orange man bad

Anons are the news and will crumble the MSM talking points!

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:38:47Z No. 7240060

>>7240029, >>7240017

Looks like these are all in the updated dough - Thanks again!

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:39:03Z No. 7240061


Don't worry about it.

There has always been and always be jerkoffs like that guy here. Moral superiority and all that.

The majority of anons will answer your questions, give you gentle nudges on how things work around here and are generally decent people.

Anonymous ID: 500cc3 2019-07-29 08:39:07Z No. 7240062

>>7239208 LB

These ff's have fascinated (for lack of a better word) & INFURIATED me for years, & I had an AHA moment watching this video. In every one of them there are a few standards: the crying with perfect make-up, blue surgical gloves, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS the men with their shirts off. Two ideas… One, it makes them readily identifiable to EVERYONE that they're IN ON IT, and two, it's a great way to conceal things away from the scene. They can just claim that their shirt got contaminated with blood & ask an EMT to hold open a BIO-HAZMAT bag for them to put WHATEVER THEY WANT directly into it for disposal. Re-watch footage of The Borderline Bar, Thousand Oaks, Las Vegas Route 66, ANY OF THESE… they ALL HAVE THEIR SHIRTS OFF.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 08:39:29Z No. 7240063

This is what I have gathered so far regarding the Garlic Festival Shooting.

Three witnesses described the shooter to look and walk like a police officer, wearing gear of police officer. One stated he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Almost all witnesses assumed at first it was fireworks going off.

One witness said "it was like a movie"

One witness said several people shouted "active shooter, active shooter"

One witness said he thought the shooter weapon was an m4.

Lead officer whom I assume is the Sargent gave press conference, could not describe what the shooter was wearing, did not know what type of weapon was used. Did not know how many suspects.

The last witness that saw the suspect get shot in the head seemed to be smirking in the photo taken.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:40:44Z No. 7240064

ENERGY HAPPENING - ELECTRIC SHOCKS NOT LIGHTNING - Hikers experience electric shocks on Colorado 14ers over the weekend

DENVER – Hikers on two different mountains this weekend experienced electrical shocks and currents so strong it left their hair standing straight up.

Lori Corliss is an experienced hiker. She and a group of over 30 hikers were on the summit of Mt. Princeton at about 10:30 a.m. when they started feeling shocks on their skin.

She says they all started running for their lives off the summit.

“We all started feeling our hair standing up, skin was tingling. Everything was zapping us, the backpacks, the poles. We said 'everybody run!“ Corliss said.

On Mt. Evans Sunday, a similar situation unfolded with John Savage and Anna Duncan. They left early, checked the forecast and brought the right gear. When the clouds started coming in near the summit, they headed for safety. That's when Anna snapped a photo of John's hair standing straight up.

“My walking poles would tingle and there would be a shock about 50 volts from the metal to my hand; that was crazy, I didn’t realize my hair was up on end,” Savage said.

If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is create space between yourself and others, ditch any metal poles or objects and avoid solitary trees. As a last resort adopt the lightning position by crouching down on the balls of your feet and place your hands over your ears, like so.

If the electricity is in your hair, that is a dangerous sign.

“That’s literally ionized particles going right to the end of your hair and waving at the heavens saying, 'strike me now,'” Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson said. “You are perhaps milliseconds away from being hit by lightning, you should get down immediately, get on all fours. …

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:41:34Z No. 7240065



some of them were definitly not included by lb shill baker who gosted after his shilling on info became to obvious.

he had his chance, he decided he wanted to shill, no there is no way back and i will repost all the info i consider relevant for the staged FF for the next few day in every bread i can.

if BO team does fuckery, they get fucked up, every single time.

also…some more rain coming.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 08:43:11Z No. 7240066


>"Gilroy alleged victim placed in truck not ambulance < 20 yards away"

Where were the EMT's / Medics

Just because there is an ambulance there does not mean emergency personnel were

The rig looks empty

What good would it do for the person to be in an ambulance with no Medics

They were likely attending to those more injured or dying

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:43:28Z No. 7240067


USA Today names Baltimore 'the nation's most dangerous city' - Baltimore Sun

Feb 19, 2018 | 6:30 PM

Baltimore’s highest-ever per capita homicide rate in 2017 also made it the deadliest big city in the country, USA Today reported Monday.

Though official data from the FBI won’t be available until later in the year, USA Today reviewed the homicide rates in the nation’s 50 largest cities and Baltimore came out on top. The 342 homicides the city experienced in 2017 were a 17 percent increase over the prior year, and translated to a rate of 56 killed per 100,000 people.

That easily outpaced New Orleans and Detroit, which both had about 40 killings per 100,000 people, according to the report.

Baltimore had more homicides last year than New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, all considerably larger cities. Only Chicago, also a considerably larger city, had more.

USA Today used the nation’s top 50 cities, which omits St. Louis, a city of about 315,000 people that had 205 killings in 2017. St. Louis’ homicide rate of 65 would easily top Baltimore’s rate.

[More news] In Baltimore, 19-year-old killed, 17-year-old shot just blocks from quadruple shooting a week earlier »

The review showed killings across the country decreased by at least 1 percent in large jurisdictions compared with 2016.

So far in 2018, Baltimore is seeing a decline in homicides. Through Sunday, 31 people had been killed, compared with 47 killed at the same time last year — a decline of about 34 percent. Other types of crime are also down across the board.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh fired Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in late January, replacing him with department veteran Darryl De Sousa. State and federal authorities have been stepping up arrests using open warrants, and residents organized a recent Ceasefire weekend.

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:43:54Z No. 7240068


Youre an uneducated, unaccomplished and unsophisticated small-town Moran who watches too many cartoons. Get a job, loser.

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 08:43:57Z No. 7240069


I just scrolled through, didn't see anything I'd disseminate through my channels. Shills gonna shill, there is not much we can do about that without mod privileges. I'd suggest organizing the info YOU feel is important onto a site YOU control and then linking to it in the main research breads in whatever non-spammy way you think would make it easy for others to digest the information. Don't hold your breath waiting for bakers to make it notable, feel free to bake some breads yourself.

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:44:01Z No. 7240070




Gavin Newsom's tweet hours before the Gilroy Garlic Festival False Flag:

“With no treatment, most children will pass away by age 2.”

Anonymous ID: ec3004 2019-07-29 08:44:07Z No. 7240071


==red text== notable

Anonymous ID: d338af 2019-07-29 08:44:55Z No. 7240072


I fully agree that fuckery is going on. I'm just saying the guy is not an amputee. It is just an illusion from the fact that the camera is zoomed in and it makes it appear that the the top of the bed rail is an extension of the bed of the truck.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:45:00Z No. 7240073

Who does act when FFs are staged?

Those guys:

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 08:45:06Z No. 7240074


Thanks. I do get it, I'm down for banter, but to be honest, a lot of it is sick. I get jaded but wanna have a finger on ze pulse.

Anonymous ID: 500cc3 2019-07-29 08:45:41Z No. 7240075


Is that the WITNESS? What station was this on? Unless she'd been medicated I have a very hard time believing she had just seen someone get shot in the head! (Unless she's some kind of sadist) Great points!

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:46:02Z No. 7240076


Youre far too stupid to be posting on here. You should try reading a book or about 100 before you post again. Your dropping the iq of the board too much. Get a job too.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:46:12Z No. 7240078


i will not set up a site and i will not bake.

i will stay right here on QR and make the bpoard work by calling out all kinds of shilling and by reposting the shit of good info.

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 08:46:52Z No. 7240080

Exclusive | The moment the shooter was tackled by police.

Litzy Munguia took this photo while hiding under her food booth. Munguia met eyes with the shooter and then “he was shot in the head” by the police moments later

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 08:47:20Z No. 7240081


Yes that is the witness.

Anonymous ID: 2bf3bf 2019-07-29 08:47:22Z No. 7240082




The Hybels Willow Bun looks a little light in the bun…


Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 08:47:35Z No. 7240083



this worked

came up with 8 search results

scrolled down to bottom and clicked on >>1902437

and it came up in the bread.

I am going to scroll through the bread now.


Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 08:47:52Z No. 7240084

Can someone explain for me this insider trade?

seems like alot of $$$$$

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:48:03Z No. 7240085


You assume much.


If I give you a dollar will you promise to go buy a personality?

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 08:48:08Z No. 7240086

Reposting because there is still no confirmation of dual-citizenship:

Hey Q, is Anne 'Chani' Neuberger, the new NSA cybersecurity chief a dual-citizen with Israel?

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 08:48:15Z No. 7240087


Jumping to conclusions, here's a could be.

Police show up, tell people to move away from the crime scene, "move over there"

So if someone says "I'm going over there where I'm suppose to be" that could mean they were told to move out of the area.

That is just "one" reason why what he said makes sense and shows he might not be an actor, there are many others if you step back and think of other possibilities.

Also, a FF could be also be a (MK or what ever) shooter shooting non-actor, real victims.

Not saying it was or wasn't a FF, kind of early to be sure one way or the other. But remember, it's easy to focus on what you want to see and paint the wrong picture once you put the false flag blinders on.

Anonymous ID: 6f5ed5 2019-07-29 08:48:40Z No. 7240088


I might've been a little too broad when I said there was no cover up. I know Q has pointed out the mason links to shootings and said many were involved in order to get federal funding. I think crisis actors are there to shape the narrative.

However I do believe the shootings are real. Faking it would be massive risk, if they got caught it would be like Jussie Smolett times 1000. There's no reason for them to fake it, they clearly have the capability to brainwash shooters and have no regard for human life.

All the autists have to go on is grainy pictures and videos. No substantive evidence will come from coming over these, and its not a good look for us, makes us look like Alex Jones.

Anonymous ID: 41dbc9 2019-07-29 08:48:56Z No. 7240089

Anonymous ID: 34807b 2019-07-29 08:49:09Z No. 7240090

The shooter, or shooters-we are not sure of the narrative yet, but ………………….

[technical difficulties, Please stand by]

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 08:49:48Z No. 7240091

>>7239979 It was an ebake accomplished between post #724 and post #whatever. You're disappointed? Learn to bake.

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:49:51Z No. 7240092




I'm gkad Trump is lashing out against these crooked demons like Cummings, Cortex and Ilhan. Whip em good!

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:50:02Z No. 7240093


It looks like 2 people are sitting in the ambulance.

Anonymous ID: c8dcdf 2019-07-29 08:51:21Z No. 7240094


If i buy your house and evict you, will you promise to die in the streets?

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 08:51:31Z No. 7240095

"Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations?

Openly giving interviews or in background shots?

Symbolism will be their downfall." Q Post #1630

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 08:52:01Z No. 7240096


>All the autists have to go on is grainy pictures and videos. No substantive evidence will come from coming over these, and its not a good look for us, makes us look like Alex Jones.

Thank You!!!

Starting to look like a FF shill slide….. And/or some need to go back to voat…..

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:52:05Z No. 7240097





I'm gkad Trump is lashing out against these crooked demons like Cummings, Cortex and Ilhan. Whip em good!

Oh the irony…this misses muh rat already raided hahaha!

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh: 'You can smell the rats

Sep 12, 2018 | 10:20 PM

Video footage of Mayor Catherine Pugh touring an East Baltimore neighborhood has gone viral after she is heard making some indelicate remarks.

Video footage of Mayor Catherine Pugh touring an East Baltimore neighborhood has gone viral after she is heard making some indelicate remarks.

The segment, which looks back on the mayor’s violence-reduction initiative rolled out last year, was filmed last week and aired this week on Fox 45.

In the footage, Pugh tours an area of vacant houses with city leaders and says: “What the hell? We should just take all this [expletive] down.”

“Whoa, you can smell the rats.”

“Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals.”

A short clip from the segment has garnered nearly 1 million views on the Instagram account “The Shade Room.”

Commenters were divided in their response to the mayor’s words, some praising her candor, others asking what she planned to do about the city’s problems.

Others wanted to know why Pugh seemed so surprised to find such blight in the city she leads.

Said one: “There's no way she didn't know some parts of Baltimore looked like that.”

Through a spokesman, Mayor Pugh told The Baltimore Sun that the neglect and underinvestment in such neighborhoods have contributed directly to crime and violence.

“I walk the neighborhoods of our city regularly with my agency and department leaders, along with our police district commanders, to deal firsthand with the issues that undermine quality of life and rob our children of the future they deserve.”

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 08:52:10Z No. 7240098


President Trump is right. There's a lot of bad people. I always knew, but not to this extent. Constantly reeling. My reelings, not feelings.

Anonymous ID: 3ff57c 2019-07-29 08:52:11Z No. 7240099




Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 08:52:29Z No. 7240100


The ambulance has supplies and is set up for triage situation unlike the back of a pickup truck. Anon.

With or without medics at or near the ambulance ANY rational "Anon" would take the injured to an ambulance which in a sense is the musket point in disaster recovery situations.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 08:52:40Z No. 7240101



Oy vey, what is this anti-Semitism?

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 08:53:17Z No. 7240102


Another thing to consider, regardless of FF or not, it was reported that 30 FBI agents arrived at the scene. If we have cleaned house in the FBI the people involved in this shooting should be brought to justice.

Anonymous ID: 739e06 2019-07-29 08:53:17Z No. 7240103

Mark Levin really has an excellent analysis of Mueller Report and all it's failings.

Interviews Edwin Meese III and Michael Mukasey, past AG's.

If you are not a lawfag you need to watch this. Very clear presentation.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 08:53:32Z No. 7240104

POTUS is monitoring the #gilroyshooting situation closely. If it turns out to be a person of color he will take a victory lap while the blood is still drying like he did on the night of Orlando nightclub shooting. If he’s white he will never say another word about it.

>this buffoon has tweeted the same thing or a slight variation of the same tweet 13 times


Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:53:54Z No. 7240105



FFS, the blood is fake.

those guys are calm AF.

you disinfo shills are so fukken weak!

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 08:54:07Z No. 7240106


30 seems unusually large response team

Anonymous ID: 500cc3 2019-07-29 08:54:12Z No. 7240107


THANKS, Anon! WOW… That's crazy they'd put her on TV.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 08:54:53Z No. 7240108


Those masonfags need to get got (legally, off course).

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:55:00Z No. 7240109


Shucks! Me and Muh brother Daryl always try’s ta be sophisticated.

Anonymous ID: 5fcf0d 2019-07-29 08:55:03Z No. 7240110

victim of Gilroy named.

Still nothing on the identity of the dead shooter. (typically California doesn't ID perps/victims if they are illegal aliens)

Jason Contreras, 32, was identified by the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office as the victim of a fatal shooting.

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 08:55:06Z No. 7240111


Kek. I have been on the streets. Also have a degree and it isn't in humanities or advanced gender studies either.

Do whatever blows your skirt up pal. So far you have come across badly. My offer still stands.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:55:10Z No. 7240112


where is your sauce?

bc in the notables there is sauce for 18 FBI.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 08:55:35Z No. 7240113


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 08:55:57Z No. 7240114


Video related: "Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda"

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 08:56:07Z No. 7240115


Indeed, but I can only go off what was reported at this time. I did see FBI agents at the scene in one of the videos. If the number was actually 30, that I do not know.

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 08:56:07Z No. 7240116


Maybe they drove the truck there near the ambulance only to find the medics are out in the crowd and they are waiting for someone to return??

Gesh, stop jumping to conclusions! Wait until you have all the facts, could take days! Some people are as bad as MSM reporters….

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 08:56:31Z No. 7240117


>It looks like 2 people are sitting in the ambulance.

Ambulance looks empty to me


>With or without medics at or near the ambulance ANY rational "Anon" would take the injured to an ambulance which in a sense is the musket point in disaster recovery situations.

And if the ambulance is locked?

You have zero way of knowing exactly what was going on from that picture alone

Anonymous ID: 6f5ed5 2019-07-29 08:56:48Z No. 7240118



You guys are making the exact same arguments that Alex Jones does, and I'm the shill? Is this really someone you actually listen to?

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 08:57:32Z No. 7240119


shill, digging on the obviously staged FF with fake blood pattern is not a slide.

you saying "no need to look at the vids, no need to dig" is just pathetic.


fuck off shill, anons will dig, no matter what names you call them.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 08:58:10Z No. 7240121

For anybody who is still analyzing the guy in the truck, here are some different still shots of the alleged victims.

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 08:58:44Z No. 7240122


Ofcourse you won't.

It doesn't really matter, most Q patriots never even visit this board. They follow accounts on Twitter and FB that filter out stuff like that to varying degrees. I see a lot of off board accounts cherrypick digs and memes from here and post without even mentioning Q. Our reach keeps growing and nobody gives a fuck about the shills except the anons who don't understand how this place actually works. Shills (unintentionally?) help facilitate comms as well.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 08:59:21Z No. 7240123


Are you making a threat?

Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 08:59:34Z No. 7240124


Mmm, "Vigilent" Anon . .. maybe these 2 ambulance personnel in the cab should watch Bluebloods, CSI, Hawaii 5-0, or old cop shows like Hill Street Blues, Chips or even Adam 12 to learn how to "properly" response to a medical situation.

Even the folks on MASH did a better job acting their triage situation parts.

Anonymous ID: 44bd10 2019-07-29 08:59:43Z No. 7240126


Think mirror.

Anonymous ID: c7142d 2019-07-29 09:00:02Z No. 7240127

"Since 2011, Pugh received $500,000 selling her illustrated books to the University of Maryland Medical System, a $4 billion hospital network that’s one of the largest private employers in the state. Since the arrangement was exposed by The Baltimore Sun earlier this month, she’s stepped down from the volunteer board and returned her most recent payment of $100,000 for the hard-to-find books. She also defended her actions and portrayed press inquiries as a “witch hunt.” "

→ Book deal equals a tool in the toolbox of loop capital? She sat on the board of the health care system for nearly two decades, the book deal is likely the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Rep. Elijah Cummings released a statement on Pugh and Young, “I am pleased that this matter is being addressed by the appropriate authorities and I wish Mayor Pugh a speedy recovery as she continues to recuperate. I want everyone to remain focused on the fact that there are thousands of good people doing important work every single day to make Baltimore a better place to live and work. There is no doubt we are experiencing some difficult times now, but we cannot lose hope or confidence in our ability to be the architects and builders of the kind of city, nation and world we dream of for ourselves and those yet unborn. I ask that you join me in giving Council President Young our full support and thank him for stepping into the role of Acting Mayor. It is not a role he sought, but I am confident he will do a fine job.”

As Young prepares to assume control of the city as ex-officio mayor, some of his colleagues and the comptroller are calling on Pugh to resign.

→ Non-profits equals a tool in the toolbox of loop capital? $1.8 billion is bound to leave a long paper trail. So does doing a fine job for Mayor Bernard "Jack" Young include covering for Rep. Cummings? How's he doing now? Can't wait for them to open the door to John Hopkins University. There certainly are some "fine" people working there and attending school there.

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:00:07Z No. 7240128


That's real blood btw. All those photos look legit.

Anonymous ID: 67bb1a 2019-07-29 09:00:54Z No. 7240129


4am talking points

Anonymous ID: 4c9239 2019-07-29 09:01:05Z No. 7240130

Anonymous ID: bb9125 2019-07-29 09:01:12Z No. 7240131


Expect them to pull at least one or two of these shootings every week or so from now on. Its their preferred method of distracting the public, and it works, even if only for a while.

They know what's coming. The Epstein thing is about to bust wide open, and then comes the DECLAS. Whatever hits them must bring 'sudden death' because if its done in a lame-ass way will give them time and opportunity to recover and counter.

As far as the fake media goes, I wonder what becomes of them after this. Is what they do 'Freedom of Speech', or is it subversion and treason?

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 09:01:16Z No. 7240132



>British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton


Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 09:01:49Z No. 7240133


Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:01:55Z No. 7240134


shill, anons point out the MANY things looking like fuckery, an ambulance just few feet away from the very relaxed guys in the truck is one thing that sticks out.

you trying to make the staged FF work is pretty pathetic.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:01:58Z No. 7240135


Looks like they all pitched in to paint a barn.

Anonymous ID: 67bb1a 2019-07-29 09:02:50Z No. 7240136


Imam Tawhidi

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 09:03:02Z No. 7240137

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:03:06Z No. 7240138


You are fucking dumb as a stump, or blind.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 09:03:11Z No. 7240139



>Think morror.


Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:03:21Z No. 7240140


shill, you got triggered by my post re the masonry digs bread.

you are visible.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:03:48Z No. 7240141


Very well could be. I am going to hold my opinion until I can find out more. For now I can only post what I have dug and keep an open mind. I have fell into the honey trap along time ago and learned my lesson.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:04:47Z No. 7240142


>shill, anons point out the MANY things looking like fuckery, an ambulance just few feet away from the very relaxed guys in the truck is one thing that sticks out.

>you trying to make the staged FF work is pretty pathetic.

Was the ambulance unlocked?

Did medics already triage the man in the truck and move on because he was dead or stable

YOU trying to force a narrative without facts is what is pathetic

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:05:02Z No. 7240143


that is NOT the guy in the truck. different 'victim'.

>>7239221 lb staged FF video


also this video looks pretty staged.

the blood pattern would indicate that guy got shot few feet away.

so then he went a few feet, making the blood pattern on the ground and then he decided to rest on that ladies ass?

no way. fake as fuck.

Anonymous ID: 953c27 2019-07-29 09:05:37Z No. 7240144



hospice with no visitors.

patients strapped to beds

patients baptized without consent

was gifted millions - kept it in vatican bank account - and didnt use it for improving the conditions her 'patients'(victims) lived in.

reused needles and spread aids

served the catholic church - not the patient. - on record saying this multiple times.

sold children to catholic couples for 100k+ rupees

straight up evil.

Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 09:06:16Z No. 7240145


You are correct, "Astute" Anon as I was not there, however, using primary and secondary sources to correlate them to the circumstances helps Anons understand the full context of the situation.

What is the full context of the alleged situation at hand?

"Evidence out of context is ambiguous at best"

Anonymous ID: c7a2bf 2019-07-29 09:06:33Z No. 7240147


"Rat takes a ride on ghetto chicken"

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 09:06:57Z No. 7240148


See post >>7239987 for answers

The associations with the family shooters

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:06:59Z No. 7240149


Kek, do you know how many gunshot wounds I've seen? Do you know how many times I've applied fake blood to mock victims in FEMA drills? You believe what you want Mr. Hicks-Jones.

Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 09:07:36Z No. 7240150


Goid points, Anon.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:07:48Z No. 7240151


i present many facts, fake blood color, fake blood pattern, guys at truck relaxed af, mason sherrif smiling all the time, …

what you do is playing CNN and giving some bs "what if" explanations.

still, there is an ambulance just few feet away, that guys on the truck are not panicking and looking for help, looking at the ambulance or waiting for returning medics every few secs, they stand there calm and only get busy when the cam arrives.

FAKE AS FUCK, mr CNN shill!

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:08:03Z No. 7240153


I don’t know Anon.

That is one big ass! It looks a pretty comfy cushion.

Anonymous ID: 44bd10 2019-07-29 09:08:05Z No. 7240154


Fox just said it was a white male between the ages of 20 to 30.

Probably will be reported as a follower of QAnon. Cabal trying to get the movement declared a Terrorist Organization in light that Antifa might be declared as such.

Going just as planned, eh?

Exactly what (((they))) want. (((They))) want Antifa declared a terrorist org, and if that happens…then "hey look! look at these crazy QAnon followers shooting up mosques and garlic festivals!"


QAnon becomes a terrorist organization.

Then what?

8Chan gets locked down?

Just speculating here.

Anonymous ID: 9099ff 2019-07-29 09:08:24Z No. 7240155


My blood never stained my skin like that

Anonymous ID: 5fcf0d 2019-07-29 09:08:49Z No. 7240156

two idiots…I hope Italy hangs them.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:09:08Z No. 7240157

did i mention that the 'shooting' info will get repost bread after bread after bread for the next few days bc BO really thought a shill baker could stop the truth?

you shills are so stupid and visible. it´s pathetic.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:09:25Z No. 7240158


Go fuck yourself. I’m a physician for my day job, jackwipe.

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:09:30Z No. 7240159

Speaking of patterns, what's the deal with shills trying to make the narrative about masons? It's been a long running theme, what's in it for them?

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:09:55Z No. 7240160


>FAKE AS FUCK, mr CNN shill!

Whose got the screaming kid meme for this guy?

He's having a tantrum now like a petulant child

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:10:44Z No. 7240161



Well caught fren.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:10:48Z No. 7240162


I should have worded that different. *different still shots with different victims*

As for this being a FF, I am still on the fence. I wish the press conference would of revealed more details so I could cross reference with the witnesses but the Sargent did not know a damn thing which was odd. The only reassuring thing is that FBI was on the scene.

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 09:11:07Z No. 7240163


I think we are missing the link to puppet masters.

Did they travel to the island? I'm guessing not by Jet…

have we found a Rothchild / Soros or previously Rockerfeller + Island connection?

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:11:37Z No. 7240164

Of course it is. Seedy. I just wanna know who it is. Mistakes were made. Any changes since he realised?

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 09:12:02Z No. 7240165


> The only reassuring thing is that FBI was on the scene.

I just spewed my drink.

Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 09:12:27Z No. 7240166


more proof of truck bed has a side rail.

Dude on ground reaching in, shadow of his arm is not continuous, he's reaching over a rail

Also, guy wearing apron,

Gilroy Garlic Festival is PRIMARILY a FOOD festival. These guys are most likely vendors. Looks like a heavy apron to me, so maybe they are working a grill. Ya want fries with your garlic dog? Wrist band prob vendor band, not age band, but could be either. Ya want a beer with your fries?

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 09:12:29Z No. 7240167

how quickly does blood dry & congeal in 104 degree weather vs your air conditioned office?


Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:12:39Z No. 7240168


Welcome aboard Dr. Greer!

Anonymous ID: 626c6b 2019-07-29 09:12:52Z No. 7240169


Some of those blood patterns look pretty convincing… (shill accusation commences)

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:14:02Z No. 7240171


would a wound bleeding soak the cloth in a rather undefined round shape pattern or would it look line done with a roller of red paint?

fake as fuck.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:14:09Z No. 7240170


No faith in the FBI? LOL.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:14:13Z No. 7240173


Good thing we constantly drive the point home that we are about information exchange, not violence.

On the other hand, Antifa constantly incites violence openly, while the MSM Jews cheer on and cover for them with rationalizations.

Cabal is in pure desperation mode.

Stay safe.

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:14:42Z No. 7240174


Yes, we found the Rothschild + Lolita Express connection.

Lynn Forrester, now Lynn Rothschild, was on the Lolita Express a couple of times.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:14:45Z No. 7240175


>Go fuck yourself. I’m a physician for my day job, jackwipe.

Your that crazy doctor that sued POTUS for blocking him aren't you?

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 09:15:09Z No. 7240176


Yup, he's either a shill or newfag with FF blinders on, either way I'll ignore him and his buds, let them run around with their inked up FF rubber stamps. May take a couple days for more info to come out before we be sure one way or the other.

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 09:16:32Z No. 7240177



Ooohh Fema anon versus Dr. Anon

Anonymous ID: 333f29 2019-07-29 09:16:42Z No. 7240178

David Koresh died 1993 Waco. Bill Clinton admin. dk 93

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:17:10Z No. 7240179



yes there is, go watch the video and view it frame by frame from 17 to 19 secs.

you clearly see that there is a gap between the vehicle part and his amputee arm.

the arm is not hidden by the truck part.

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 09:17:28Z No. 7240180

Uncover Hidden Boys meanings



Detailed meaning:

lroy is an English and Gaelic name of Celtic origin. The name's which means is son on the red head. The names Gilderoy, Gildray, Gildroy, Gillray, Gillroy, Gilray, and Roy are variant types of Gilroy. Gilroy is infrequently used to be a name for boys.

It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. Everything in life, can be reduced to a number, and each number has a meaning. In numerology, this meaning is converted into a useful tool for understanding our inner most secrets. Read on to learn what Gilroy means in spiritual terms.

If your name is Gilroy, your expression number is five. You might not appreciate or be familiar with your hidden abilities and capabilities that you have in life. You've enormous appeal that instantly draws in individuals to you. Individuals are honoured through the attention you show them. They eagerly await your time to get along with you. It's essential that you show the very best of who you are in every situation. While not everybody can appreciate you for the things that others see in your soul, it shouldn't be a great concern for you.

Origin: Celtic-Latin

Quick Meaning: Servant of the King

Number of letters: 6, Those 6 letters total to 41

Gender: Boy

Scottish: Male Serves the king.

Latin: Male Serves the king.

Gaelic: Male Serves the red-haired one, or servant of the man with red hair. Both as a surname and christian name .

Celtic: Male Serves the red haired lord.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:17:29Z No. 7240181


>May take a couple days for more info to come out before we be sure one way or the other.


What Q says and POTUS tweets will be telling

Q says we are the news

There is a very hard push to make it look like anons are saying Gilroy was fake

Just imagine the lamestream medias headlines with that

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:18:09Z No. 7240182


also, the side rail you posted would be on the outside it folded/turned down.

weak shills are weak.

Anonymous ID: 294733 2019-07-29 09:18:19Z No. 7240183

I’m hoping All Of Flynn’s Charges get Cleared soon. There were Traitors trying to Sell America For whatever pennies they could earn, not caring what they did to us, but he stood up and the Autists caught on.

They see the messages now, how the world is connected. Highest Classifications have been dropped here, along with an enormous amount of Incoming information that Signaled the Design of how The World hAs been Turning. Each and every day, more and more, they have honed their Focus.

Regardless of Past thoughts or expectations as to how things should work and how Incorrect those observations were, they stand together, offering their time for free to bring about a better world. They are the tough ones that stand with the President, holding back, for they are Patriots that choose to Fight with FACTS before fists. Credit they don’t receive, for they are the Anons and wish for none, but if you watch Hannity and others closely, you will often see their Truths displayed for the world to see.

Divided they will not be, for no truth or falsity will remain hidden for long and those that have hurt the innocent of this world, will soon have their monstrous deeds on display for all the see.


Anonymous ID: bb3b21 2019-07-29 09:18:24Z No. 7240184

This cracks me up!

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:18:25Z No. 7240185


Read this: - "Jewish Ritual Murder"

Rothschild have gave cover to pedos who have ritually murdered goyim children in the past.

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:19:10Z No. 7240186


Also, any time you dig on anything, one of the first things you might want to do is try to find connections between whatever it is you're digging on, and Rothschilds.

And try to find linkages with the richest most famous Jew and Rothschild. Robert Maxwell and Rothschild. Israel was given to Rothschild by the British in the Balfour Declaration, Robert Maxwell was a big Mossad Spy.

Now you have Lynn Rothschild hanging out with Jizz Maxwell and the Clintons.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 09:19:46Z No. 7240187


This is the time foretold in Revelation. In the End Time, Satan was always going to go on a full assault against Israel. And that is precisely what is happening now. Once you understand that the true identity of "Israel" in the Bible is the tribes known as "whites" today, all falls into place. There is a true Israel, and an impostor Israel, run by the enemies of true Israel, those Jesus called spawn of Satan, those who have no truth in them because their father is the father of all lies.

And the last all out assault on true Israel is in full swing right now! Whites are being hounded for the "crime" of being white and being discriminated against in their own nations, all under the direction of the impostor tribe who seeks to destroy them to please their "God", which is actually none other than Satan of the Bible.

One of the plans the evil ones have for America, is to force whites to pay "reparations" to blacks. The intention is to ruin every white person completely, handing all their wealth to blacks. The people behind this are from the spawn of Satan tribe that was profiting handsomely from the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the people they are pinning the blame on is true Israel, the tribe that outlawed slavery and freed the slaves. Once again, those who serve Satan keep telling lies!

All that whites have built is under assault, together with all that is godly or moral or just plain decent. The very existence of whites is under assault. The Bible said this would come to pass, and the Bible was telling the truth all along.

What comes next, according to the Bible, is some form of divine intervention that foils the evil plans. As Q says, God wins! Either Q and Trump are champions of true Israel helping us in this dark hour, or they are champions of impostor Israel working to destroy us in some nefarious deceptive plot against us. Fortunately, it hardly matters which it is, because God will indeed win in the end regardless.


Just to show that the Bible is telling the truth, it tells us that a special tribe of people was created 6,000 years ago by God, and these people were then protected and guided by God to do His work on this planet, and bring it out of darkness. And facts supports this perfectly, both in that whites have been the driving force of spreading light ever since, and in that science now has revealed that the gene for blue eyes arose somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago. A direct confirmation of the Bible's time line.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:20:06Z No. 7240188


I will say that there has been many tidbits of information that have raised red flags. Just waiting for the whole story tomorrow so I can analyze further.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:20:06Z No. 7240189


Are they heparinized? Do they have coagulopathy from cirrhosis. Don’t ask stupid questions. It is the wrong color for blood. Period.

Behavior of victims is wrong. People reacting with real emotions are different than these fuck-hole crisis actors. I get the luxury of telling people or families they/loved one are going to die and real emotion is not the same as these shit shows you assholes put on.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:20:26Z No. 7240190

so now that the disinfo failed, the muh jew shills are back.

so inorganic and fake.

but all BO and his mason crew got left.

wondering how many of that clowns have antifa ties and will get busted soon…

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:20:48Z No. 7240191


Opens the occlusive dressing and uses the wrapper.

Anonymous ID: 6dd326 2019-07-29 09:21:01Z No. 7240192


Without hand Watch would fall off….KEK

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:21:47Z No. 7240193


you are not taking the info from researching anons to serious but wait for the MSM framing of the story?

will you try to get guns banned and orange nazi man removed from office after you saw the whole story?


Anonymous ID: d70924 2019-07-29 09:21:55Z No. 7240194


"Evidence out of CONTEXT is ambiguous, at best"

Anonymous ID: 050a0d 2019-07-29 09:22:03Z No. 7240195

See post >>7239987 for answers

The associations with the FF MKULTRA shooters>>7240023

Anonymous ID: 1a8526 2019-07-29 09:22:03Z No. 7240196


>Welcome aboard Dr. Greer!


Anonymous ID: 7faa82 2019-07-29 09:22:06Z No. 7240197

==Australian 60 minutes exclusive=

Billionaire James Packer, Crown casino, sex trafficking, money laundering and drugs

just came up im my recommended so apologies if already notable

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:22:31Z No. 7240198


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:22:44Z No. 7240201




Also, here is something from some months ago.

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:22:45Z No. 7240199

For anons legitimately confused about the siderail, research compression artifacts.

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 09:22:49Z No. 7240200


I don't see a watch at all, looks like the line in the truck bottom

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 09:23:07Z No. 7240202


Notice where the visible part of the blue cooler stops. Looks like his arm goes underneath that edge.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:23:24Z No. 7240203

Shred it. Shred everything. Haha. Once a puppet always a puppet. I got no chance in this world. Special but. End the fed and see ya's later.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:24:10Z No. 7240204


there is no watch.

want to explain what you think to see?

or just want to confuse?


no watch, indeed in some parts of the vid the arm is hidden by the truck part, but around 18 secs you can see, if doing frame by frame, that there is space inbetween his arm and the truck and you can see that the arm is amputee.

Anonymous ID: 500cc3 2019-07-29 09:24:35Z No. 7240206


At :18 the EMT tells (it seems to be the cameraman) "Go this way, man", and he says, "No, I'm supposed to be here". Why would he supposed to be anywhere?

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:25:01Z No. 7240207


Links to archives for the Cabal global view graphs for ease of sharing (to save the full series of the graphs, go to the archive link, and open the image in a new tab/window, then save it): - #1 version 1.2 - Annex 1 version 0.2 - #2, version 1.0 - #3, version 1.0 - #4, version 1.0 - #5, version 1.0 - Annex 2, version 1.1 - Annex 3, version 1.1

<Also check this protocol to exploit zionist gate-keeping shills easely using GAB and the "Flat-Tire Protocol" (named after the Laura Loomer flat tire scam fiasco): (and here you can think a text version of the text in that graph if you do not find it easy to read or you want to grab the links faster: )

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:25:37Z No. 7240208


In the court of discernment, you lose.

Anonymous ID: 66b752 2019-07-29 09:25:43Z No. 7240209




All or just some?

Anonymous ID: 500cc3 2019-07-29 09:26:03Z No. 7240210


The man's leg who we was being told to walk around

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 09:26:07Z No. 7240211


Yup, gonna go ahead and call it, FF shills slide. Pushing back on anon who tell them to slow their roll way to hard, at this point it's obvious.

Movin on, sun's coming up soon, wife will be getting up, time to let the dogs out and make some covfefe. I'll be back for the next bread. Have a great day anon.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:26:39Z No. 7240212


ok, one more time:

look the video and see that it´s an amputee guy.

see that the shape of the truck is a straight line, but his arm, the stump, has a bended shape, clearly visible in the pic:


Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 09:27:02Z No. 7240213


so you don't know

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 09:27:18Z No. 7240214


Thanks <3

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 09:27:24Z No. 7240215

old 8ch archive re that

RAW VID thingy thing

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 09:27:24Z No. 7240216


I just finished reading thru cult victim anon's posts.

Interdasting that he mentions Disney given that Q recently mentioned the "Magical Kingdom".

I was not aware of how much they used magazines to convey coded messages and also how they use stripes and colors as coded messages.

They really have been pulling the wool over our eyes.

Sheep no more!

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:27:37Z No. 7240217


>Have a great day anon.

You as well

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:28:00Z No. 7240218








1 / 1

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 09:28:25Z No. 7240219


Good bye, have fun with your slide glowie

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:28:51Z No. 7240220





If this were real his fucking clothes would be cut off.

Most fake and very gay.

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:28:55Z No. 7240221








Anonymous ID: a76c10 2019-07-29 09:29:06Z No. 7240222

Fellow Anons,

I have a question to you:

Is that William Barr in the reflection within the red frame?

Does anybody know?

Thank you.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:29:19Z No. 7240223


Relax, I have not discredited anyone. I just want to cross reference further. I have stated in several posts that it did not seem legit.

Anonymous ID: cc4b62 2019-07-29 09:29:32Z No. 7240224


Learn how to spell and when to use "you're" before dissing others' intelligence, faggot.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:29:47Z No. 7240225

It's so obvious you have some bomb shell devastating news. 3 days mourning, 3 days celebration. I don't care anymore.

Anonymous ID: ef3c3a 2019-07-29 09:29:54Z No. 7240226

Ok think on this. Why haven’t they announced how he died? It’s been over a month and we still don’t know. I’ve pulled up articles of his death, but no one seems to know how this guy died. 

I’ve heard he’s linked to the DS child trafficking network. 

Is it possible that he was executed? Did he have his tribunal then execution shortly after?

I find it odd how for the last year Nunes has been giving interviews in front of a tractor. And how tonight he said “Corn ready for the be cut!”

Q posted something about corn. I don’t know if it was before or after.

It’s just, for me… the kicker is Tony Rodham. How did he die? No one knows. Even on his wiki page it says the cause of death was not announced. 

I haven’t seen anyone really mention this lately. So much going on it’s easy to forget.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:29:59Z No. 7240227


There is also direct connection between GS and the Rothschild.

And the creation of the EU (Richard Kalergi's (ideological father of the EU) father was intimate fren of Theodor Herzl (ideological father of modern political zionism), and he got money from a Warburg (the family that founded the US FED in 1913) after a Rothschild introduced them).

Anonymous ID: a3be9f 2019-07-29 09:30:29Z No. 7240228


Oh boy

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:30:40Z No. 7240229

American Airlines Flight 11?


Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 09:30:47Z No. 7240230


I'll watch, could be both true, side rail and amputee. Just woke up so behind a little. I see a side rail based on shadow.

More thoughts re these guys are vendors. They are parked inside the festival. I've been to Garlic Festival a few times myself. Public doesn't park INSIDE. No room About 100k attend every year. Look at YELP reviews for example, how much is parking.

Anonymous ID: 67bb1a 2019-07-29 09:30:58Z No. 7240231


its a ute , heres the video:

Anonymous ID: ef3c3a 2019-07-29 09:31:01Z No. 7240232


I'm talking about Hillarys brother, Tony Rodham

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:31:22Z No. 7240233


Someone told him to stand there so he was out of that person's way, another person told him to move again so he would be out of their way. Idiots don't understand fluid situations.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:31:29Z No. 7240234

The Epstein Temple keystone? The Minotaur?

Maybe they were doing genetic engineering there.

To re-create the minotaur.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:32:19Z No. 7240235

The perfect candidate, promise.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:32:20Z No. 7240236


The true and eternal Israel is the faith in Jesus Christ.

Pics related.

Anonymous ID: 3df932 2019-07-29 09:32:36Z No. 7240237


>Whites should be "allowed" to have their own nations too.

You mean like pre "revolution" russia?

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:32:47Z No. 7240238



Have a look at this regarding the cathedral. Very strange.

Anonymous ID: b70fbe 2019-07-29 09:32:49Z No. 7240239


Travel schedules???

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:32:53Z No. 7240240


I’m a physician.

I am not a first responder.

I could look it up and be accurate for temperature you indicated. Or simply render a guess.

If I answer you, I will need to also bill you. There is no reliable collection mechanism on the chans. So no. I will not be answering your irrelevant question.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:33:00Z No. 7240241


I am also a researching anon. That's why I posted all of the witnesses statements along with the press conference. It seemed out of place that the Sargent doing the press conference could not speak to anything about the suspect. He could not even say what kind of weapon it was. Also did not know what the suspect was wearing. Believe me when I say I smell bullshit. I just hold my opinion until I do extensive research as I do on everything.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:33:16Z No. 7240242





The connection between Israel, zionists and the masonfags.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:33:35Z No. 7240243

Minimal collateral

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:34:09Z No. 7240244


The Rothschilds funded Soros. Gave him his startup money in the 1960s to do Quantum Fund.

This was in Time Magazine in the 1980s.

Rothschild is above Soros, the funder of Soros, the boss of Soros.

Rothschild was a relative of Karl Marx, like a third cousin. And some suggest that Rothschild funded Marx, with the idea that he could come up with some revolutionary plan that doesn't mention the central role of certain Rich Jew Bankers. Marxism generally glosses over banking.

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:34:48Z No. 7240245



your fist shift, clown?

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 09:34:57Z No. 7240246


None of these carrying him out are wearing glasses

Anonymous ID: 0223d4 2019-07-29 09:35:28Z No. 7240247

You didn't win this one either fucktards. But since your fragile egos can't handle the truth, why don't you call me a shill and go back to jerking each other off?

Anonymous ID: a3e0af 2019-07-29 09:35:29Z No. 7240248


Anonymous ID: cc4b62 2019-07-29 09:35:30Z No. 7240249


Anonymous ID: 6ded2c 2019-07-29 09:35:57Z No. 7240250


Mother Theresa dubbed or (Hitchslapped) as the "Ghoul of Calcutta" by Christopher Hitchens.

Mentions Haiti

Here is a longer 20+ minute video from the Hitch

Anonymous ID: 4ea185 2019-07-29 09:36:46Z No. 7240251


>About 100k attend every year.

With that amount of visitors wouldn't they have Ambulances/EMT vehicles on site? Not sure why they used pick up trucks unless there was a triage and most critical were moved out first.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:36:52Z No. 7240252

Probably should have been more lovable though

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 09:36:54Z No. 7240253


Compare the lamps to the (head feathers of the) birds on Epstein temple…

The copper lamps are oxidized.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 09:36:54Z No. 7240254

This Twitter account tweeting about the #Gilroy shooting was used to spread disinformation during the 2015 protests in Baltimore

>there are multiple responses to this person

>it looks like the account has been deleted/removed

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 09:38:13Z No. 7240255


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:38:46Z No. 7240256


And the interdasting thing is that the Rothschild and company really boosted their global power and influence after Cromwell in England allowed Jews back, after they were banned previously for ritual murder of goyim children.

It is truly a cursed bloodline.


Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:38:46Z No. 7240257

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:39:09Z No. 7240258


I have learned quite a bit in the 7 plus years researching this stuff. One thing that always happens with FF stories is that the MSM version never aligns with the intial story/witnesses.

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 09:39:50Z No. 7240259


fake ass larping physician

Anonymous ID: bb9125 2019-07-29 09:40:01Z No. 7240260


Next up, no more memes, or face $15,000 fine. This one flew in under the rader. Memes sting like a bitch. Evidently, the cabal doesn't like them. When the EU banned memes some said it could never happen in the USA.

Zuckerburg purged a whole bunch of pages with memes from Instagram and Facebook yesterday too.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:40:15Z No. 7240261


Haha. Here we go

Anonymous ID: 0d43cf 2019-07-29 09:40:33Z No. 7240262

In light of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest for sex trafficking minors, previously taboo conversations about political elite’s infatuation with deviant social practices have become normalized.

BLP reported that the billionaire pedophile was “arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005.” Interestingly, Epstein has close connections to political elites such as the Clinton family, which has raised speculation about how deep Epstein’s pedophile ring went and who else was involved in it.

With all the talk about pedophile rings, an interesting post on Facebook was posted on July 24, 2019 that also implicates a famous economist in this socially degenerate activity.

The individual in question is renowned economist John Maynard Keynes.

Students of economics know Keynes as arguably the most influential economist of the 20th century. His prescriptions for stimulus spending and active government intervention in economic affairs have become go-to-strategies for governments across the world.

However, one lesser known aspect about his life was his pedophiliac activity. Economist Saifedean Ammous’ book, The Bitcoin Standard, details some interesting factoids about Keynes’ life.

Ammous started off by detailing how the family unit is destroyed by government largesse:

The economist then transitioned his analysis into Keynes’ life, which revealed his pedophiliac tendencies:

It is no coincidence that the breakdown of the family has come about through the implementation of the economic teachings of a man who never had any interest in the long term. A son of a rich family that had accumulated significant capital over generations, Keynes was a libertine hedonist who wasted most his adult life engaging in sexual relationships with children, including traveling around the Mediterranean to visit children’s brothels.

Ammous notes that Keynes’ lifestyle is in stark contrast to the previous Victorian era in Britain which was known for its social modesty and social cohesion:

Whereas Victorian Britain was a low-time-preference society with a strong sense of morality, low interpersonal conflict, and stable families, Keynes was part of a generation that rose against these traditions and viewed them as a repressive institution to be brought down. It is impossible to understand the economics of Keynes without understanding the kind of morality he wanted to see in a society he increasingly believed he could shape according to his will.

NEWSEXPOSED: Economist Reveals that John Maynard Keynes was a PedophilePublished 17 hours ago on Jul 28, 2019

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:41:01Z No. 7240263



TY. I am keeping this.

I read my post again and i made me cringe!

Much shame,very bad…

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 09:41:05Z No. 7240264


Right I've watched alot of Bill Cooper and his mystery babylon series, so freemasons are like the henchmen? Anyone care to explain why they wear gold/paint themselves in gold?

is it to do with the golden phallus of Osiris?

Is the top of the Temple Dome kinda like a representation like the Obliesks?

hence the masons brought one to NY? is this why SDNY dealing with alot of fuckery?

"Cleopatra's Needle is the popular name for each of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks"

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:41:28Z No. 7240265


Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:42:16Z No. 7240266

Little, widdle, itsy bitsy fighter. Go Tootles.

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:42:18Z No. 7240267


Prove it.

Prove I have a fake ass.

Anonymous ID: 411cbb 2019-07-29 09:42:22Z No. 7240268


The racial genocide in America is a red pill many aren't ready for.

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 09:42:30Z No. 7240269

“On July 8, a commission on judicial affairs held in the city of Kaechon fired three cadres and sentenced them to work in a disciplinary labor center,” a source in South Pyongan Province told Daily NK.

The three who received the sentences include the second department manager of the city’s police force, the city party committee’s membership manager and a disciplinary labor center official.

The city police’s second department manager was convicted for issuing travel permits to the border area and Pyongyang in exchange for bribes, while the manager for the party membership manager was convicted for pressuring teachers for gifts and sexual favors in return for promises of party membership. The disciplinary labor center official was convicted of reducing disciplinary labor terms after receiving money

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:42:41Z No. 7240270


yes, you and a couple of other shills have stated several times that you don´t think it´s legit, but not one of you made a proper agrument.

all the info re the FF was shilled on hard.

baker left out some and even gosted to not have some stuff in notables.

while anons posted good anylysis of pictures, comparing to other pictures, giving explanation and digging, all you shills say is "i think you are wrong, bc i really think you are wrong" / "digging on the FF is a slide" / "let´s wait for MSM to tell us what to think"

there were many FFs staged with the same pattern.

you thinking you could make the FF work and get anons distracted even AFTER anons exposed the staged FF is just pathetic.

Anonymous ID: 8f5ce6 2019-07-29 09:42:47Z No. 7240271



Make no mistake.

Tom is a Pretty Face

who is maybe the most hardcore Scientology recruiter out there in Pedowood.

He is the Alison Mack of Scientology.

Anonymous ID: a76c10 2019-07-29 09:42:48Z No. 7240272


There was a planefag spotting a government plane heading for London that time. But I don't know Barr's shedule. Missed it if this reflection was brought up to the board before.

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:42:59Z No. 7240273


>One thing that always happens with FF stories is that the MSM version never aligns with the intial story/witnesses.

Real shootings get very little airtime, similar to other news stories.

FF shootings occupy ALL the news.

THAT is how you spot the difference.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:43:39Z No. 7240274



Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:44:42Z No. 7240275


It is a verifiable fact.

Check this out: >>7240185

What did you expect from a religion which does the shit in pics related?

Deal with it.

Anonymous ID: bb85cb 2019-07-29 09:46:49Z No. 7240276

Who was Epstein pimping for, the CIA?

I think it goes further - that it was another front in the infiltration of the US with the intent of destabilizing the culture.

Imagine, targeting the daughters of America. DAMN them.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:47:19Z No. 7240278


That is another indicator of pushing an agenda.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:47:24Z No. 7240279


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:47:39Z No. 7240280


I don't know why FMs have the fixation with gold, but here are some pics related about Egypt, Gold and Israel/zionism.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:47:57Z No. 7240281


Nah, I'm not gonna deal with it, buddy. Master track coverers. If only there was a level playing field eh?

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:48:24Z No. 7240282


How come there are so many circumcised North American males that aren't Jewish then?

What's the story with that? Genuinely curious.


Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:48:45Z No. 7240283



Well, the Rothschild / Bauer family was traced back to Frankfurt Germany around the mid 1700s. So, maybe England had something to do with it. That one early Rothschild, late 1700s made a ton of money and sent his sons to major European cities, one was in England.

Rothschild is the most major figure in the greatest number of conspiracy theories. A lot of the basics are well known.

Anonymous ID: a76c10 2019-07-29 09:48:46Z No. 7240284


enlarged it. Something changed here uploading images. Fast and furious^^

Anonymous ID: b205e3 2019-07-29 09:48:50Z No. 7240285


How many people have Q-Anon followers murdered so far? At least three or four, right?

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 09:49:04Z No. 7240286

good night, nightshift masons, you may start muh jew shilling now.

will be back soon and keep fucking you up with truth and resonable arguments.

FF will be reposted a lot of times.

and since BO let obvious shill bake again, i will post rain for some more breads.

consider this, you cannot even stop me from posting here, how the fuck are you going to stop millions of anons, the US Mil, POTUS and THE PLAN? you will go down - if you not break free from masonry.

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:49:10Z No. 7240287


Yeah, over-elaboration is a great indicator of lies.

Anonymous ID: 90fb73 2019-07-29 09:49:21Z No. 7240288


Male Genital Mutilation

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:49:47Z No. 7240289


And it was and is spearheaded by Jews as a group.

Pics related.


Anonymous ID: 027bb0 2019-07-29 09:49:50Z No. 7240290


0 Shill

Try harder.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 09:50:02Z No. 7240291

Scientology Leader David Miscavige Purchases the Preserved Head of 19th Century Killer Diogo Alves

A digg needed here?

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:50:05Z No. 7240292


Doesn't answer the question.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 09:50:05Z No. 7240293


>The true and eternal Israel is the faith in Jesus Christ.

Which was incidentally spread around the world by the Earthly Bloodline Israel ("whites"), who were given the task to do so by God, and promised an Earthly reward for it. Both happened just as planned, whites spread the gospel around the world to save anyone who would take the offer, and God gave them "the promised land" (the USA) as thanks for the service.

The Bible is tremendously interested in tracking the Earthly lineage of people for a reason. I won't claim to know why it is so, but whites do have a natural affinity for promoting all that is good, just as Jews have a natural affinity for destroying all that is good. It must be spiritual at the core, but part of it ties to bloodlines and DNA in some way I don't understand. Reading the Bible without admitting this is to read it with blinders on, tracing bloodlines is such a central theme! ("…and X begat Y…")

God loves non-white people, they are the original creation on this planet. That's why he created whites 6,000 years ago to be his ground troops and spread his word, so he could offer them salvation ("Adam" was the first white man). The gospel would not have spread around the world without servants to spread it!

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 09:50:07Z No. 7240294



Anonymous ID: 5fcf0d 2019-07-29 09:51:15Z No. 7240295

until he's hung for treason, no normie is going to buy this.

I would LOVE IT if the Obama is a Kenyan PROOF would come out that is irrefutable that even the media has to hold it's nose and cry racism while being forced into the truth of it..

But I am not holding my breath on it.

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 09:51:34Z No. 7240296

The Gilroy Bun @359

Gilroy Bun














>>7240009 Alleged Gilroy victim placed in truck when ambulance is < 20 yards away

>>7239997 (repost) Gilroy crisis actors w/fake blood


>>7239957 St. Louise Regional Hosp. located on 'No Name Uno Road'

Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 09:51:36Z No. 7240297


Thx, saved me from searching

Def side rail on truck

I'm going with Vendor based on parked inside, etc

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:51:48Z No. 7240298


Only special people, and the rich, get the privileged info. It's classified maaaaan. Whatever fits the agenda too. If the hat fits right? Case closed. I've realised I'm a massive pawn.

Anonymous ID: 3df932 2019-07-29 09:52:23Z No. 7240299


They use domes and spires because it creates a vortex of energy underneath. It's explained in the law of one

Same for some headgear

Not sure about the gold

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 09:52:43Z No. 7240300

Notes @360ish


>>7240296 Gilroy Bun

>>7240254 Tweeter acct. used for #Gilroy also used in 2015 Baltimore protests

>>7239987, >>7239991, >>7240004, >>7240013, >>7240015, >>7240026 MAPS dig compilation

Anonymous ID: 027bb0 2019-07-29 09:52:45Z No. 7240301


You ever seen a two year old with an infected pens that wasn't circumcised?

It's not pretty, and its is extremely painful for the child.

Then the child has to have a circumcision to prevent infections in the future.

Carry on with your religious mumbo jumbo horse shit, its done for health reasons.

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 09:52:46Z No. 7240302


they circumcised because it was *cleaner*

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:52:51Z No. 7240303


It got pushed by Jewish doctors because:


It is big business; and


In case of anuda shoah, it helps to hide the Jews if a lot of goyim also have snibbed tips.


Don't deal with it then.

It is a verifiable fact that Jews have engaged in ritual murder of goyim children repeatedly in their history, and that was many times the main reason for their expulsion from their host Country (which has happened over 100 times in their history).

Not saying all Jews are bad, just stating verifiable facts about Jewish history, that you choose to ignore just because it implicates Jews.

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 09:52:55Z No. 7240304


I watched the interview with the band.

The bald guy was for real.

But this guy, with the hat, looked to me he was part of the setup. Especially when he claimed he heard the shooter say "because I'm angry"… and more specific details that sounded like he read from a script.

Anonymous ID: 90fb73 2019-07-29 09:53:53Z No. 7240305



Anonymous ID: 5fcf0d 2019-07-29 09:54:10Z No. 7240306

until he's hung for treason, no normie is going to buy this.

I would LOVE IT if the Obama is a Kenyan PROOF would come out that is irrefutable that even the media has to hold it's nose and cry racism while being forced into the truth of it..

But I am not holding my breath on it


Hispanics are WHITE unless they are non-white Hispanics.

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:54:13Z No. 7240307


Wrong, I never said that. Never discredited any of it. Same team patriot. I have been here a long time and have contributed many digs. Just because I am holding my opinion does not mean I am a shill.

Anonymous ID: 027bb0 2019-07-29 09:54:21Z No. 7240308


Nice rebuttal Nigger.

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 09:54:31Z No. 7240309


Tawhidi = Mossad

Works for zionists.

Be careful who you follow.

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 09:54:37Z No. 7240310

>>7239926, >>7239944

Reminder. This Bake is still Ghosted

Lurking Baker Lurking? Lurking note collector lurking?

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 09:54:39Z No. 7240311


ahhh how could I have forgotten that man it's been a long time since 4chan banned the Q, sun got RA, hence everyday Hollywood shows us who their master is, surely the black eye club must be part of the initiation.. anyone got a solid hit on if these people actually get possessed or are in communication with extra dimensional beings etc, I don't know where I stand, but something gives these people power

Anonymous ID: ad09d0 2019-07-29 09:54:47Z No. 7240312


Real doctors never introduce themselves "I'm a physician". That shit only happens on TV.

Anonymous ID: 0db8c0 2019-07-29 09:55:05Z No. 7240313


"been digging for years and giving it to you for free, child slave labor, child sex, extortion, kidnapping, torture, family separations, no one knows where David Miscavige's wife is, etc."

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 09:56:31Z No. 7240314


I don't need sympathy. Sickening. So obvious. I'm well aware of the filth out there. All I needed was not to be fucked with, and nature would have taken its course. None of you are better than me, only your images.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 09:56:38Z No. 7240315

>You ever seen a two year old with an infected pens that wasn't circumcised?

>It's not pretty, and its is extremely painful for the child.

>Then the child has to have a circumcision to prevent infections in the future.

Not true.

I happened to have a urinary tract infection as a young child, and I remember it well. My penis was all red and swollen, and peeing hurt like crazy. My parents took me to the hospital, where they cleaned my penis and gave me antibiotics. Then I got better, no circumcision was required, and I've never had any problems since.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:56:40Z No. 7240316


And the Ashkenazi Jews can be traced to Italy, to some 300 individuals. Do Jews view themselves as White or European at the end of the day, when it comes to the defense of White and European interests? No they don't. They see themselves as a race apart, racial Jews.

Pics related.

This is why I say: ban Judaism in the West along with Islam, let racial Jews integrate into the West without the supremacist influence of Judaism, and the Jews that want Judaism, let them go to their own ethno-nationalist theocracy called Israel.

Anonymous ID: b74dc4 2019-07-29 09:57:05Z No. 7240317

What if our military intelligence is literally doing everything stated. What if they are controlling all the opposition that we see?

How else could victory be guaranteed with the confidence of relating all this to a movie?

What if our military intelligence is taking these deep state players out one at a time?

Like the Fuddy video. Was that a patriot delivering karma?

Now consider how terrified the deep state is if this were true.

If one takes q drops completely literally this just may be the case.


Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 09:57:33Z No. 7240318




Anonymous ID: c7a2bf 2019-07-29 09:57:43Z No. 7240319



Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 09:57:43Z No. 7240320


We here in the US don't have to adopt some multicultural model, however, the US has descendants of slaves. We can change our immigration laws and policies, and change a number of different laws to get the outcomes we're looking for.

Get rid of Jews would be high on the list. Since it's the Jews who are really the ones pushing for this multi cultural stuff.

1) Change the laws to have strict Jew Quotas everywhere. 2% Max across the board.

The 64 Civil Rights Act was really the only piece of legislation that was designed to help blacks, and it really didn't. Blacks are in jail at higher rates now than before the 64 Act.

Who benefitted? White Women mostly, and white women have basically been acting increasingly shitty over the last 55 years. And those gays and trannys used that 64 Act to get what they wanted.

2) Ban Male Circumcision.

Jews will hate that, that'll make them leave, or some.

So, you capture the Rich Jew Bankers, take all their money, try them, etc. And others will leave because of the quotas and the criminalization of male circumcision.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 09:57:46Z No. 7240321


Kek, nice non-argument.

Check out King's Solomon's temple, the temple mount and Heram Abif (the Mason's main hero). Masons are connected to the zionists, desperate shill.

Video related:

This video about Israeli internet censorship has been censored itself, kek, but now re-uploaded. Make sure you save it.

Add 1 minute to this timeline, because now the video has an introduction:

[00:00] While many groups and governments wish to censor the internet, Israel and its partisans are amongst the most globally significant. They work to promote the Israel narrative while blocking facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby and other subjects they wish to cover up.

[00:17] Much of this is done by devoted individuals acting independently, voluntarily and relentlessly. But many of these activists are part of orchestrated well funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and other pro-Israel groups.

[00:30] They utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and seniors and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. As we’ll see, some even operate out of Jewish community centers in the US.

[00:43] One such group is the Israeli military’s New Media Desk.

[00:47] “It is well known now a days that what happens on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube has great influence on events that occur on the ground. The Internet too is a battleground, it is thus comforting to learn that the IDF employ soldiers that tweet, share, like and more.”

[01:02] Another project initiated in 2011 by the National Union of Israeli Students has the stated goal of to deepen and expand hasbara, or state propaganda activities of students in the State of Israel. Under this program Israeli students are payed to quote: “lead the battle against hostile websites”.

[01:21] The students are tasked with what many would call shilling or trolling in online forums and social media. They are directed to create original content in the form of news reports and blogs, edit Wikipedia, inject pro-Israel messages into discussion on social media, as well as report and remove what they consider to be allegedly “anti-Semitic” content.

[01:42] Its important to note that criticism of Israel is not the same thing as anti-Semitism, despite Israel’s best effort to redefine the word.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 09:58:15Z No. 7240322


Old Testement bloodlines are traced because they all lead to the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The Israelites were God's chosen people bc Jesus would come from the line of Judah and the House of David as promised.

After Jesus, the promise was fulfilled and bloodlines are no longer important.

Jesus came first for the Jew, many of whom rejected him, but also for the Gentiles.

So anyone who believes that Jesus is the promised Messiah, who died for their sins, is a chosen child of God.

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 09:58:43Z No. 7240323


It is an amputee.

There are real victims.

But also actors.

Their task is to takeover the talking points to steer the narrative.

Very simple.

Anonymous ID: bb85cb 2019-07-29 09:59:32Z No. 7240324


or was he just a pipeline into the porn industry…aka a tool of the mob?

Anonymous ID: 763ba5 2019-07-29 09:59:41Z No. 7240325

I don’t understand what the scaramucci model is, really. I thought it was just the way President Trump has people come in and do their jobs then leave. He keep them moving in and out. They have a very specific task. Once it’s done they are free to go back to their normal lives.

If that indeed is what is meant by the Scaramucci model then what did Q mean by it in this drop today ? I don’t see how it relates to the Awans etc

Anonymous ID: df3393 2019-07-29 09:59:54Z No. 7240326


Let make sure you understood what I said. I meant I did not think the shooting was legit. Not the other way around.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:00:21Z No. 7240327

All of you have done this to me in one way or another.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:00:53Z No. 7240328



It's an interesting perspective.

Anonymous ID: 18ec7a 2019-07-29 10:01:10Z No. 7240329


Rodents can be weaponized…. no threat too absurd to guard against

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 10:01:10Z No. 7240330


I would introduce myself by my given name.

This is an anonymous board and the only reason I mention what I do is its pertinence to topic at hand. By my occupation I am an observer and diagnoser.

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 10:01:55Z No. 7240331


Anonymous ID: 0db8c0 2019-07-29 10:02:06Z No. 7240332


'ACTING' i.e. not confirmed, just a temp. They have a lot of room to clean house to bull doze and peace out into the sunset. Scaramucci got rid of spicer and priebus

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:02:06Z No. 7240333


Oh, I almost forgot, there is this pic related too.


Anonymous ID: 612f87 2019-07-29 10:02:14Z No. 7240334

my gut > Baltimore was big….

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:03:34Z No. 7240336


Kek, what the fuck are you talking about?

Get your shit together.


Pics related.

Anonymous ID: 763ba5 2019-07-29 10:03:36Z No. 7240335


Who else is left to clean out?

Anonymous ID: 5bdf1a 2019-07-29 10:04:06Z No. 7240337

How many more people die before we release what we have and arrest these people?

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:04:11Z No. 7240338


Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 10:04:26Z No. 7240339


but you won't say anything pertinent without being paid

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:04:50Z No. 7240340


a 2nd person/shooter involved?

Anonymous ID: a34f97 2019-07-29 10:05:04Z No. 7240341

This is why Trump and the west is being attacked:

The Club of Rome

and the The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan

This is why the NGO's help refugee's into western countries .This is why The Green New Deal WILL be pushed in its current form ,regardless of cost. This is how they plan on killing all but 500million of us.

They're not hiding AT ALL. No magic codes or numbers to find them . .just dig and see who and whats involved .

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 10:05:28Z No. 7240342


Most anons are not aware the 3rd Temple (Solomon) is already built in Sao Paolo, Brazil some years ago…

Next to it a small one with a shiny dome on top.

Anonymous ID: 5bdf1a 2019-07-29 10:05:38Z No. 7240343


The Scaramucci model is optics don’t matter

Anonymous ID: 0db8c0 2019-07-29 10:06:39Z No. 7240344


No one, Trump cleaned up all of DC already….

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:07:00Z No. 7240345



RAW Vid thing?

Anonymous ID: 5fb9ef 2019-07-29 10:07:36Z No. 7240346



I am a wage slave.

My owners gather great measure. I get by.

Anonymous ID: 96324c 2019-07-29 10:07:59Z No. 7240347


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:08:29Z No. 7240348




But the globohomo cabal wants the 3rd Temple where the Muzzies have their thingy in Jerusalem.

Anonymous ID: 500fec 2019-07-29 10:08:41Z No. 7240349

Anonymous ID: 8b8b48 2019-07-29 10:08:46Z No. 7240351

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:08:47Z No. 7240350


God warned the Israelites repeatedly not to follow the practices of the heathens.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 10:08:47Z No. 7240352

POTUS finally mentioned Whoradopulos' Book

US Military used underground bases, chambers, rooms &amp; tunnels around St Thomas to protect the submar Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 10:09:25Z No. 7240353





The US Military used underground bases, chambers, rooms & tunnels around St Thomas to protect the submarine base. Later they were repurposed for Agent Orange (which was designed to be used against enemy humans) weapons testing "on doves and goats" in what just happens to be the poorest, most remote African-American location under United States control.

Maybe the DoD built an underground bunker, base, fort under Little St. James as it did on other St. Thomas islands such as nearby Water Island or the main island of St Thomas in WWII.

On Water Island, the underground rooms and chambers were used for chemical weapons testing using a precursor to Agent Orange "on goats and pigeons" after WWII.

You do realize the government didn't locate a secret, underground chemical and biological weapons testing base next to St Thomas because of its ample supply of goats and pigeons, right? Seems more likely it is because it has an ample supply of humans who nobody would miss, doesn't it?

What are the odds after they closed and abandoned the Water Island chemical and biological weapons testing base because it was too close to the main city, that they built another just a little farther out of view? Only to abandon a hypothetical Little St James base later?

If there was a second round of underground bases, were they run by the military or the CIA? Inextinguishable supply of humans to test weapons on?

Could Epstein have simply refurbished and updated an abandoned base? Couldn't Epstein have used Lifeboat Foundation LifeShield Bunkers to do the refurbishment? This could explain the lower scale of construction uncovered so far, couldn't it?

1. "Fort Segarra - Water Island, Virgin Islands"

2. Life Magazine printed an article about the underground fort on Water Island on January 12, 1962 in an edition about doomsday bunkers.

3. "History of Water Island In The U.S. Virgin Islands"

4. "Most travelers have never heard of this gorgeous US island in the Caribbean"

5. "These 12 Formerly Top-Secret Bunkers Are Now Tourist Attractions"

6. Fort Segarra, Water Island, St Thomas, Virgin Islands (can see the island from Little St James),_U.S._Virgin_Islands

"Fort Segarra was built as part of the United States' defense strategies during World War II on Water Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. World War II seacoast batteries here were Battery 314 at Flamingo Point (1944, never completed) and an Anti Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries. In addition, some barracks, watch towers, AMMUNITION BUNKERS were also created near Carolina Point as well as an infrastructure of docks, roads, water, sewage and POWER SYSTEMS. It was to be an UNDERGROUND FORT and its purpose was to protect the submarine base on St. Thomas. The war ended before its completion and the project was subsequently ABANDONED. The uncompleted post was transferred to the Army's Chemical Warfare Division in 1948 for testing poison gas and chemical agents on goats and pigeons for several years. Following the conclusion of these tests, the Army transferred control of this area to the Interior Department in 1952.

Gun emplacements, TUNNELS and UNDERGROUND ROOMS which were created during the World War II building efforts are still visible. The site is now open for viewing, and TUNNELS and UNDERGROUND CHAMBERS are open for tours. The area is monitored by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and soil samples are monitored from the former chemical test sites to ensure "that no residual contamination remains from previous Department of Defense activities.""

Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 10:09:55Z No. 7240354


Yea I'm sure they do. Plenty of police presence too. In this era, xtra protection event this big shouldn't be a surprise. My guess his buddies (co-vendors) picked him up to drive him to pre stationed EMT or just to get him off the ground. Some people panic in what they think is a live shooter event, first hand experience. Leave him on ground risks trampling.

Re: first hand experience

Some calm enough to shoot back (law enforcement), some calm enough to gtfo without trampling others, some scramble hair on fire mode, some stand in place OMG OMG.

Anonymous ID: 3df932 2019-07-29 10:09:58Z No. 7240355


Anonymous ID: ac10ce 2019-07-29 10:10:15Z No. 7240356

showing numbers and letters



34 mirror 43 BC


Anonymous ID: ad09d0 2019-07-29 10:10:24Z No. 7240358


Please explain why North American men of European descent have different penile "health needs" than modern European men.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:10:53Z No. 7240359

My creed can achieve anything, and you know it. You had to stick ya fingers in ay, and not only in my prospects, sadists. Still, here we are. Never shine like we should have, still, light years ahead. Sucks to be you, I get it. We could have been friends. Boy people really rate themselves huh. I know, I know, mirror. Not in this case, quack.

Anonymous ID: 96324c 2019-07-29 10:11:00Z No. 7240360



Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 10:11:06Z No. 7240361


I think the odds of a possible Epstein Island underground bunker being a repurposed military/cia human weapons testing lab is not insignificant.

Just to be clear that Water Island, which is within sight of Epstein Island is shown in the maps here. The Water Island chemical and biological underground base was closed decades ago with no mention of a replacement. Originally build by the US Navy for defense of the adjacent submarine base in WWII, it was later borrowed by another military division for "Agent Orange testing on doves and goats" (see how they don't say humans) from 1948-1952.

There is also a major abandoned underground bunker complex on the main St Thomas Island as well. FEMA reportedly has reclaimed it in recent years.

Notably in 1947 the CIA was created. The Office of Strategic Services, it's predecessor was under the DoD, but the resultant CIA was independent of the military.

If Epstein Island had a military or CIA base underneath, originally built either for defense of St Thomas or for dove, goat or human testing of chemical, biological or mind control experiments, I would focus on a potential construction date range of 1948-1952, not on 2002-2016. I think there is some probability the later dates could have been a reclamation, refurbishment and expansion of a preexisting govt base/lab.

This may help explain the extremely outdated interior from the security cams.

Anonymous ID: 9ec7ee 2019-07-29 10:12:16Z No. 7240362



You know, the same people who can't make up their minds whether or not eating eggs is bad for you.

Anonymous ID: 18ec7a 2019-07-29 10:12:46Z No. 7240363

Time to take back the narrative…

Anonymous ID: 85496d 2019-07-29 10:12:48Z No. 7240364


Rather over did the 'filler' just a bit.

Look'n rather puffy there Tom.

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:13:02Z No. 7240365


Epstein was pimping for Mossad.

Robert Maxwell was a top Mossad guy.

His daughter, Jizz Maxwell.

And Epstein.

This was all pretty easy to figure out pretty quickly.

Anonymous ID: 9ce24d 2019-07-29 10:13:06Z No. 7240366


Now where have we heard that before? Are not all FFs started with 2 shooters but somehow always end up just 1?

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:13:53Z No. 7240367


This all makes sense esp. if Epstein is a clown.

Anonymous ID: ac10ce 2019-07-29 10:13:54Z No. 7240368




Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 10:14:14Z No. 7240369


No, if that was so Q wouldn't be pointing to it and connecting the abuses of kids.

Anonymous ID: 96324c 2019-07-29 10:14:30Z No. 7240370



Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:15:10Z No. 7240371


See, u are superficial. I'm here, you're there. Judge me. Facts are facts, 'lover of people'. 6 weeks.

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 10:15:45Z No. 7240373



Still more massive St Thomas, Virgin Islands abandoned underground military bunkers. This latest find was apparently reclaimed and is now operated by FEMA! Hard to find any other references to them online.

This large former military underground bunker complex is apparently on the main island of St Thomas but I can't determine were exactly.

These three pics and comments were all I could find. Most search results that reference them are no longer active (scrubbed?).




Anonymous ID: 320488 2019-07-29 10:15:48Z No. 7240372

StudentCam 2019 Grand Prize - What It Means to Be American

Mason Daugherty & Eli Scott from Imagine International Academy of North Texas in McKinney, TX won Grand Prize Prize for their documentary on _corruption and citizen accountability in government_.

Anonymous ID: afd34b 2019-07-29 10:16:04Z No. 7240374

anons, did anyone see peoople tweeting about Chaser, the worlds smartest dog?


Anonymous ID: 726b2a 2019-07-29 10:16:21Z No. 7240375

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:17:11Z No. 7240376


Always more according to the eyewitnesses too

Anonymous ID: 78d414 2019-07-29 10:17:33Z No. 7240377




Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 10:18:10Z No. 7240378

Morning anons…


nice work anon…thorough dig and great new info!

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 10:18:24Z No. 7240379

Any fake shootings with crisis actors have to be busted now by Trump’s FBI

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:18:50Z No. 7240380

Yep, majority wins. I don't care. That's the difference between you and I.

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 10:18:53Z No. 7240381


Yeah I have a feelign this is why they felt invincible, they had some dark mil programs behind them, prob rouge black ops, I think he was one of their money men - if you are to believe george webb, he was a pilot and a pilot training for embassy kids trafficking w/e, I wouldn't put it past that this site was an old missle defence bunker or something to that level. I find it strange the "tennis court" location and the "blast shield" around it my contacts suggest that would be to protect ammunitions within that area.. ideal place to stop a missle, maybe the cuban missle crisis forced some defences?

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:18:59Z No. 7240382


He believed he was indestructible. 'I've shot that man 17 times,' the banker Jacob Rothschild once said, 'and he will still not lie down.'

Robert Maxwell: legacy of 'The Bouncing Czech'

Anonymous ID: 9ce24d 2019-07-29 10:19:43Z No. 7240383


>>>7240366 (You)

>Always more according to the eyewitnesses too


Seems all witnesses tend to say there were second shooters, somehow however each Mass FF shootings end with 1 shooter. 2nd shooter is most likely the Clown In Action, who makes sure the patsy goes through with the action intended, then poof disappears.

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 10:20:04Z No. 7240384


Apparently they have smelly cocks. Foreskin isn't a problem in Europe at all. We know to keep it clean.

Anonymous ID: 14894b 2019-07-29 10:20:50Z No. 7240385



Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:21:10Z No. 7240386


Levitating animal.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:21:26Z No. 7240387


And in the case of Vegas, the witnesses disappear quite soon enough after too.

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 10:21:27Z No. 7240388





I agree. I have zero evidence that there was also an abandoned military bunker on Little St James.

I only want to point out that given the number of abandoned military bunkers around the immediate area and the lack of any recent giant construction projects on Epstein Island, it seems like a feasible explanation.

These islands were previously called the Danish Antilles or Danish West Indies. We bought them from Denmark to prevent the Germans from establish a regional navy base during WWI in 1917.

Also, the British, French, Danes, Germans and the US all had opportunities to build an abandoned base on the small island. A number of noted historical fortifications' exact locations have been lost to history.

Anonymous ID: 15ac69 2019-07-29 10:22:17Z No. 7240389


>POTUS finally mentioned Whoradopulos' Book

I referred to Gu as crazy earlier in this very bread

Scrolling through the comments to POTUS' Tweet and this is at the top

Doesn't seem so crazy now…

>Selling and promoting books seems to be the grifter thing to do these days.

Anonymous ID: 9ce24d 2019-07-29 10:22:55Z No. 7240390


Look at all reports from LV, Stoneman, Sandy Hook, Batman Movie, etc., etc.,

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:24:12Z No. 7240391


Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:24:23Z No. 7240392




11. In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents.

12. By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care if the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the country? …

13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some "Panama" or other - then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally, the authority of the presidents will then become a target for every possible form of attack, but we shall provide him with a means of self-defense in the right of an appeal to the people, for the decision of the people over the heads of their representatives, that is to say, an appeal to that some blind slave of ours - the majority of the mob. Independently of this we shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the whole army of the country must have it at his disposal, in case of need for the defense of the new republican constitution, the right to defend which will belong to him as the responsible representative of this constitution.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:24:58Z No. 7240393


Its quite impressive in size.

Anonymous ID: a36fe8 2019-07-29 10:28:24Z No. 7240394


Nice pedoswirl….

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 10:28:51Z No. 7240395

Why did POTUS wait 4 months to respond to this?

To let us know FISA declass is coming now.

Anonymous ID: 14894b 2019-07-29 10:28:58Z No. 7240396


That's what she said.

History Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 10:29:17Z No. 7240397

History repeats itself

Anonymous ID: 4dc7fb 2019-07-29 10:29:47Z No. 7240399


Rest in Peace, Rutger Hauer.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

Rutger Hauer's "Tears in Rain" monologue from "Blade Runner"

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 10:30:07Z No. 7240400

7881 Eigleberry Street

Gilroy, CA 95020

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:30:24Z No. 7240401

>>7240395 Anon, pls post the link

Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 10:30:40Z No. 7240402



highly unusual…static discharge

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:30:50Z No. 7240403


I've heard more about Khazars than Italy as to where most of the Jews are from.

Anonymous ID: a36fe8 2019-07-29 10:30:51Z No. 7240404


Deepstate propaganda clown.

Not notable. Nobody cares about him.

Worst actor in Dutch history.

(Dutch anon here)

Anonymous ID: ec3004 2019-07-29 10:30:52Z No. 7240405

In July 1993, 44% of Americans approved and 24% disapproved of Bill Clinton's removal of William Sessions as director of the FBI

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:31:05Z No. 7240406

POTUS, Sir, can you please just declassify and move on. Never a real interest of mine, but I'm warming to the idea of prying heavily into these scourges' lives. Don't think we will find much, bar dank, seedy, evil shortcomings. I don't like 'em.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:31:19Z No. 7240407


Classic lines anons!

Anonymous ID: 9a4c75 2019-07-29 10:31:35Z No. 7240408

Anonymous ID: 5e5cca 2019-07-29 10:32:32Z No. 7240409

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:32:46Z No. 7240410


Its now up to Barr.

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 10:33:00Z No. 7240411



Long night. Totally had it in my notepad with the question, but copied+pasted into page wrong. My mistake.

Anonymous ID: aece43 2019-07-29 10:33:12Z No. 7240412

I can't stop drilling down.

I'm getting sucked into a Disney k_hole

I have never heard of DEMOLAY.

Good questions at end of short article.

Anonymous ID: 1ec5b6 2019-07-29 10:33:40Z No. 7240413


quite prophetic

Anonymous ID: afd34b 2019-07-29 10:33:43Z No. 7240414


Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:33:45Z No. 7240415


Yes, there are various hypothesis. Not sure which is the true one, but at the end of the day it is irrelevant because:

>Do Jews view themselves as White or European at the end of the day, when it comes to the defense of White and European interests? No they don't. They see themselves as a race apart, racial Jews.

Anonymous ID: 60ed2d 2019-07-29 10:34:35Z No. 7240416

I was just on the notables board and I noticed that the 93 dk thing hasn't made it there yet. I thought it was an IBAN. Has that been debunked? Noted elsewhere?

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 10:34:35Z No. 7240417


time between POTUS tweet and Papa D tweet?

123 days

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 10:35:15Z No. 7240418


Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 10:35:21Z No. 7240419

POTUS calling out Criminal Al Sharpton

Anonymous ID: 176e7d 2019-07-29 10:35:22Z No. 7240420


shills felch!

Anonymous ID: 5bdf1a 2019-07-29 10:36:07Z No. 7240421

OMG 10D Chess

Let’s give the authority to DECLAS to the guy who covered up 9-11

No wonder Q is smarter than all of us

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:36:19Z No. 7240423

Get me outta here

Anonymous ID: afd34b 2019-07-29 10:36:20Z No. 7240422

666 days since Vegas shooting.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:36:30Z No. 7240424


99% of us would be in the hospital?

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:36:41Z No. 7240425




morning baker turning on lights and warming ovens

any anon have a bun going? lemme know if i am needed on this bake.

morn'n all.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:36:50Z No. 7240426

What if Q does not know the answer to 93dk

What if they only get partial information

Looking Glass tech?

Its up to us to help Q

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 10:36:51Z No. 7240427


Only white when it suits their agenda.

Sort 'em out and lock 'em up.

Anonymous ID: 9a4c75 2019-07-29 10:37:02Z No. 7240428


Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:37:48Z No. 7240429


Yes anon, 99 percent would be in hospital.

Because its too much for the mind to handle.

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:37:57Z No. 7240430

>>7240425 Hey morning Baker. Will repost the Gilroy bun and then notes. Welcome aboard….

Anonymous ID: 043837 2019-07-29 10:38:05Z No. 7240431




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>7228135 Q Graphics all in GMT #86 seen here >>7239921

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:38:14Z No. 7240432

Gilroy Bun

>>7240340 Possible second shooter/accomplice at Gilroy?















>>7240009 Alleged Gilroy victim placed in truck when ambulance is < 20 yards away

>>7239997 (repost) Gilroy crisis actors w/fake blood


>>7239957 St. Louise Regional Hosp. located on 'No Name Uno Road'

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 10:38:31Z No. 7240433


Shills have a flash flag slide going….

Anonymous ID: 60ed2d 2019-07-29 10:39:05Z No. 7240434


I think it's a partial IBAN. The spaces are missing numbers. 93 = Switzerland, dk = Germany. It's to show [them] that they have [their] money.

Anonymous ID: 043837 2019-07-29 10:39:11Z No. 7240435




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01-#10 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11-#20 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950, >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21-#27 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303, >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462

Q Graphics all in GMT #28-#34 >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071, >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164

Q Graphics all in GMT #35-#41 >>>/comms/2176, >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270, >>>/comms/2274

Q Graphics all in GMT #42-#48 >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327, >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496

Q Graphics all in GMT #49-#55 >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528, >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>>/comms/2869, >>>/comms/2981

Q Graphics all in GMT #56-#62 >>>/comms/2990, >>>/comms/2996, >>>/comms/3019, >>>/comms/3116, >>>/comms/3187, >>>/comms/3464, >>>/comms/3472

Q Graphics all in GMT #63-#69 >>>/comms/3687, >>>/comms/3688, >>>/comms/3701, >>>/comms/3702, >>>/comms/3858, >>>/comms/3859, >>>/comms/3882

Q Graphics all in GMT #70-#76 >>>/comms/3898, >>>/comms/3920, >>>/comms/3975, >>>/comms/4029, >>>/comms/4197, >>>/comms/4335, >>>/comms/4386

Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#83 >>>/comms/4388, >>>/comms/4423, >>>/comms/4443, >>>/comms/4684, >>>/comms/5035, >>>/comms/5044, >>>/comms/5228

Q Graphics all in GMT #84-#86 >>>/comms/5510, >>>/comms/5577, >>7240431

N.B. Please use this pastabin, instead of copy & pasta of the post, for accuracy:

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:39:17Z No. 7240436



>>7240417 Time between POTUS tweet and PapaD = 123 days

>>7240064 CO Hikers on 2 different mountains - electrical shocks/currents so strong their hair was standing straight up

>>7240395, >>7240419 New PDJT

>>7240372 Two 11th graders win StudentCam grand prize; "America has a corruption problem"

>>7240432 Gilroy Bun

>>7240254 Tweeter acct. used for #Gilroy also used in 2015 Baltimore protests

>>7239987, >>7239991, >>7240004, >>7240013, >>7240015, >>7240026 MAPS dig compilation

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:39:42Z No. 7240437


dark undiscovered stain panama

gets the right protocols.

This is what they do to get their dark undiscovered stains.

Mossad Honeypot run by Maxwell and Epstein. Videos sent to Mossad. Mossad uses the information that they have to keep the US President in line. If there is not enough bad stuff on you, you don't get to be President.

Obama, was he ever really a US Citizen, eligible to be President? Probably not, and Mossad would like it that way. If Obama went against the interests of Israel and Jews, they'll just use the media they own to tell everyone that Obama wasn't technically eligible to be President. But since they liked him, they used their media to tell everyone that people who questioned Obamas eligibility were crazies.

Anonymous ID: 11cf2e 2019-07-29 10:40:00Z No. 7240438


^^^^^ This anon gets it.

Anonymous ID: 949da4 2019-07-29 10:40:16Z No. 7240439


Hi-ho, Silver, away!

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:40:34Z No. 7240440


So 1% can handle it?

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:40:37Z No. 7240441

>>7240425 I'll let you do the pastebin update w/Graphics anons instructions.


Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:40:42Z No. 7240442


Er…guise? Screenshots of the vid everyone's looking for???

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 10:40:53Z No. 7240443


Yes, Jews as a group defend their own group interests and attack every other group that tries to do the same.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:41:45Z No. 7240444


The cabal would handle it as they know. That is about 1 percent.

Some anons could handle it, but not many.

So yes 99 percent in hospital or psych ward.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 10:42:01Z No. 7240445


>After Jesus, the promise was fulfilled and bloodlines are no longer important.

You are unfortunately passing around corrupt church teachings that have no support in the Bible.

Matthew 10:5-7

These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

And as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Here we see that bloodlines are still of extreme importance in spite of Jesus clearly having been born, since it is Jesus himself that declares heritage to be important WHEN IT COMES TO WHO CAN BE SAVED AND WHO CANNOT!

Jesus actually warns his disciples away from wasting their energy on those who cannot be reached, presumably because they are somehow corrupt beyond redemption. We also see that the gospel is to be offered ONLY to "the lost sheep of the house of Israel". This shows that you don't become Israel by accepting the gospel (as your church taught you), since you wouldn't even be offered salvation if you were not already part of Israel!

The Bible does contain all you need to understand it properly, but it requires careful reading. Digging. It's only fully open to autists, as it were!

Knowing exactly who is and isn't part of the "Israel" that will be saved by God is hard, and it's probably best to not try to judge it yourself. But it is not hard to see that the Bible does split humanity in two groups: the redeemable, and the non-redeemable! And this split appears to be not only spiritual (having God or Satan as your father) but tied to genetic lineage as well.

Jesus words about an enemy planting weeds in God's field is about "weed" humans that have Satan as their father, not God. This idea of *corruption* of God's creation keeps resurfacing, at one point humanity was so corrupted only Noah and a few more could be saved, because he was pure "in his generations", meaning it was about genetics being corrupted. No salvation was offered to the people with too corrupt genetics, they were simply wiped out.

There's many more examples of how spiritual corruption and corrupt bloodlines go together, since the entire story in the Bible makes perfect sense and all the pieces fit together perfectly. But you have been given a false reading by your church, a reading that has ignore or to *explain away* half of Jesus' words with complicated lawyer-like reasoning so you won't wake up and realize you were fooled.

I can tell you why: The church doesn't want you to understand that some of God's Creation around you isn't actually God's Creation, but a corruption of it created by Satan. If you don't know that, then it's so much easier for Satan's children to make you trust them, so they can destroy you!

However, when God tells us how to know who is of him, he isn't pointing us towards genetic markers like skin color, he simply states that his children can be recognized because they have LOVE. Just because I find the genetic link interesting and realize whites are a special case doesn't mean I'm assuming a black man is not of God's Creation.

I do however have serious doubts about at least some Jews. Partly because Jews are behind all sorts of evil in the world today, and partly because Jesus was calling them out for being Spawn of Satan, and rejecting the teachings of the Pharisees, which were the Talmudists of the day. When you see a Jew unable to contain his or her SATANIC GLEE at the thought of whites being displaced in their own nations, then you clearly see someone who has no LOVE, and who is not part of God's Creation.

Serpent seed.

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:42:11Z No. 7240446



Anonymous ID: 3df932 2019-07-29 10:42:16Z No. 7240447


it's usually shills to cover the fact that it was an FF

Justice Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 10:42:25Z No. 7240448

It will be served

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:42:30Z No. 7240449

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:42:43Z No. 7240450


sorry graphicsanon. is see it.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:43:12Z No. 7240451


Is that a ping pong table?

Anonymous ID: b9d943 2019-07-29 10:44:06Z No. 7240452


The Time Raiders' Matt Millen Punched The Patriots' General Manager Pat Sullivan In The Head

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 10:44:12Z No. 7240453


The 'temple' is on an ocian-facing promontory facing the shipping lane. It would have been ideal for a pillbox bunker with a large gun.

Also, on the TV show Archer, which seems to be a goto source, Season 5 E13, Archer Vice, Arrivals/Departures they are all on a small Caribbean island when a missile is launched by Hitler clones (Krieger's "brothers") and the blast shield is IDENTICALLY shaped to the one on Epstein Island.

I will post screen captures after my coffee.

Anonymous ID: 043837 2019-07-29 10:44:23Z No. 7240454


;) no worries.

Thank you, Baker.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:44:51Z No. 7240455

Jail cam please. 24/7/52

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:45:11Z No. 7240456


thanQ GA. got the bun updated.

Anonymous ID: d525a8 2019-07-29 10:45:31Z No. 7240457

Not a hit piece this time.

Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 10:45:38Z No. 7240458



Anonymous ID: 11cf2e 2019-07-29 10:45:58Z No. 7240459


“Mistaken for fireworks” seems to be a common statement made in these FF witness accounts. Anyone who owns a weapon that fires .223 (AR15) or 7.62 (AK47) rounds knows damn well that sound could never be mistaken for fireworks. Must be code of some sort.

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 10:46:00Z No. 7240460

POTUS retweeted this between his "good luck with your book/DECLASS FISA confirmation" and calling out Conman Al Sharpton

confirms the 4 Horseman of the Swampocalypse are hard at work

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:46:29Z No. 7240461

any anon help with getting notables bun from #9262?

Anonymous ID: 1a2d4e 2019-07-29 10:46:35Z No. 7240463

Anonymous ID: 600cb0 2019-07-29 10:46:39Z No. 7240462


Anonymous ID: 9099ff 2019-07-29 10:46:50Z No. 7240464



POTUS wouldn't do this unless Al scandal was about to drop

Cummings connection I imagine

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:47:31Z No. 7240465


Aleppo devil

Or is it a minotaur?

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:48:11Z No. 7240467

>>7240461 Baker, they should be in updated dough. Let me check.

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 10:49:03Z No. 7240468


What could make ppl crack to that extent? Cruelty and abominable crimes committed ? not necessarily, many have been conditioned now- just look at the daily news.

On a more personal level, have they played God and placed a time limit on each of our lives ?

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:49:04Z No. 7240469

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:49:57Z No. 7240470

>>7240461 see: >>7240017

Anonymous ID: 567de6 2019-07-29 10:50:18Z No. 7240471




Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:50:49Z No. 7240472


Its the atrocities they committed anon.

Also what they have done to limit our minds using chemicals in food, comtrails. We should have perfect minds, but can you remember everything? No. What is hidden and why?

Have they STOLEN our memories and experiences?


I think its both anon.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 10:51:32Z No. 7240473


Believing and Knowing are very different!

Anonymous ID: 0efb01 2019-07-29 10:51:50Z No. 7240474

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 10:51:50Z No. 7240475

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 10:52:31Z No. 7240477


Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:52:39Z No. 7240478


thanQ anon

These People Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 10:52:43Z No. 7240479

They are sick and need to be hung

Anonymous ID: a99229 2019-07-29 10:52:46Z No. 7240480

Woke up now and read about the "shooting" and the notable about the Gore spam…

Bill Barr (if I remember right) told, that there are People outside, using decoded messages on the internet to create something! I search for the sauce, but evtl. someone now what I mean?

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 10:53:14Z No. 7240481



Yeah, I'm with ya.

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 10:54:08Z No. 7240482


You could be right there Anon

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 10:54:10Z No. 7240483


Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Anonymous ID: 6416e9 2019-07-29 10:54:31Z No. 7240484


Baltimore, under the leadership of Elijah Cummings, has the worst Crime Statistics in the Nation. 25 years of all talk, no action! So tired of listening to the same old Bull…Next, Reverend Al will show up to complain & protest. Nothing will get done for the people in need. Sad!

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 10:55:18Z No. 7240485

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 10:55:25Z No. 7240486

>>7240478 ThankQ, Baker. FYI, will be operating the B&B (or, if you prefer, the B7B!) for the next week or so and won't be able to span the gap. Hope it's all gud for you.

Anonymous ID: a99229 2019-07-29 10:55:57Z No. 7240487


Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:56:03Z No. 7240488


That's what is said

Anonymous ID: 953c27 2019-07-29 10:56:10Z No. 7240489

The visiting priests arrived discreetly, day and night.

Stripped of their collars and cassocks, they went unnoticed in this tiny Midwestern town as they were escorted into a dingy warehouse across from an elementary school playground. Neighbours had no idea some of the dressed-down clergymen dining at local restaurants might have been accused sexual predators.

They had been brought to town by a small, nonprofit group called Opus Bono Sacerdotii. For nearly two decades, the group has operated out of a series of unmarked buildings in rural Michigan, providing money, shelter, transport, legal help and other support to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse across the country.

Again and again, Opus Bono has served as a rapid-response team for the accused.

When a serial paedophile was sent to jail for abusing dozens of minors, Opus Bono was there for him, with regular visits and commissary cash.

When a priest admitted sexually assaulting boys under 14, Opus Bono raised funds for his defence.

When another priest was criminally charged with abusing a teen, Opus Bono later made him a legal adviser.

And while powerful clerics have publicly pledged to hold the church accountable for the crimes of its clergy and help survivors heal, some of them arranged meetings, offered blessings or quietly sent checks to this organization that provided support to alleged abusers, The Associated Press has found.

Though Catholic leaders deny the church has any official relationship with the group, Opus Bono successfully forged networks reaching all the way to the Vatican.

The Associated Press unravelled the continuing story of Opus Bono in dozens of interviews with experts, lawyers, clergy members and former employees, along with hundreds of pages of documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests.


Anonymous ID: aece43 2019-07-29 10:56:27Z No. 7240490

I love 45 is hammering Cummings.

I'm 30min from that shithole. I never venture beyond the Harbour.

I know this lady.

10 kids around 15yo (mostly female) jumped her on Federal Hill and her way alone to meet a date for dinner.

They beat her with a 2x4. Broke her eye socket and seriously damaged her knees.

And this was part of a "Punch the White Lady" Game.

Anonymous ID: 962193 2019-07-29 10:57:03Z No. 7240491


Gilroy Bun, that's nothing but a slide for MSM talking points. Suggest it's left out until you have a chance to catch up, can always be added next bread


Anonymous ID: f26dd7 2019-07-29 10:57:10Z No. 7240492


Truth to power=incredible liesss

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 10:57:33Z No. 7240493


roger that baker/collector. glad all is well with you. i am in and out over next few weeks. workfag travel awaits as usual.

God Bless and Godspeed fren.

Anonymous ID: 78d414 2019-07-29 10:57:38Z No. 7240494


It bothers me that he promotes books.

I know, the sackriders will scream… but it makes him look biased.

You cant yell at Obama for signing a book deal when you've been pumping others on twitter for your entire presidency.

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 10:57:44Z No. 7240495


and appararently you cant UNSEE it

Anonymous ID: ad09d0 2019-07-29 10:57:53Z No. 7240496


Anonymous ID: 500fec 2019-07-29 10:57:55Z No. 7240497


Satanic that's for sure.

Aleppo has scarcely been touched by archaeologists, since the modern city occupies its ancient site. The site has been occupied from around 5000 BC, as shown by excavations in Tallet Alsauda.

Anonymous ID: f2d77e 2019-07-29 10:58:04Z No. 7240498

ABC Australia is showing a doco on Julian Assange and just dropping a cheeky Seth Rich hint. Very surprised actually.

Anonymous ID: 2bf3bf 2019-07-29 10:58:19Z No. 7240499



New Baker

I noticed the dough was light in the paste bin. Please add these additional posts to the Willow Bun. Thanks


>>>7239574 >>7239578 Resigned Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels/diggz [CP?]

>>7239648 >> 7239704 >>7239769 >>7239785 >>7239908

Anonymous ID: 9099ff 2019-07-29 10:58:53Z No. 7240501




25 for Cummings

"5 for Sharpton

POTUS throwing them together for same crimes

Anonymous ID: a99229 2019-07-29 10:59:38Z No. 7240503


Found the sauce!

The attorney general warned that time is running out for tech companies to help law enforcement access encrypted messages during investigations.

William Barr delivered the keynote address at the International Conference on Cyber Security Tuesday.

The message follows previous clashes between law enforcement and tech companies that have previously refused to help officials crack encrypted messages during investigations.

In a keynote address at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, Barr said that the inability for law enforcement to tap into communication among dangerous actors is a major threat to public safety and national security.

7 fold ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:00:00Z No. 7240504

Anonymous ID: e979f2 2019-07-29 11:00:23Z No. 7240505

>>7240493 Fairwinds and safe travels, baker. TY for all you do. (BTW, have no problems whatsoever with you amending notes.)

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 11:00:31Z No. 7240506


I suggest you fuck off, clown.

Anonymous ID: d338af 2019-07-29 11:00:57Z No. 7240507


The white gap you are seeing is the white wrist band he is wearing and that we saw in other crisis victims in the other videos. THere is no amputee.

Anonymous ID: b9d943 2019-07-29 11:01:08Z No. 7240508

hybrid FF - crisis actors + real victims - a few sacrifices and an abundance of scripted exaggeration gives the DS full cover-up abilities/ plausible deniability.

(many times the few real victims can also be a target for their knowledge or activities against the DS…….2 for 1 DS style)

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:01:42Z No. 7240509


We need more diggs on what Epstein funded:

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:01:42Z No. 7240510

notables bun @ 560

doing a quick simpatico check.

anon wants Gilroy out of the notables bun. anons: in or out?

anon wants Willow in the bun. anons: in or out?


>>7240484 New DJT twat w/CAP: Baltimore, under the leadership of Elijah Cummings, has the worst Crime Statistics in the Nation. 25 years of all talk, no action!…

Baker Grabbing Ghost

>>7240417 Time between POTUS tweet and PapaD = 123 days

>>7240064 CO Hikers on 2 different mountains - electrical shocks/currents so strong their hair was standing straight up

>>7240395, >>7240419 New PDJT

>>7240372 Two 11th graders win StudentCam grand prize; "America has a corruption problem"

>>7240432 Gilroy Bun

>>7240254 Tweeter acct. used for #Gilroy also used in 2015 Baltimore protests

>>7239987, >>7239991, >>7240004, >>7240013, >>7240015, >>7240026 MAPS dig compilation

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 11:01:49Z No. 7240511


>salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Funny how I'm citing Jesus, and you're disputing what I'm saying by citing Paul!

Paul was a Jew who worked with exceeding zeal to destroy Christianity from the outside, by his own admission. When that didn't work, he was suddenly "converted" and proceeded to destroy the church from within, and today billions of Christians define their Christian belief by what Paul said, not Jesus.

Jesus stated very clearly that salvation is not offered to those who are of the corrupt seed, because they are the spawn of Satan, and thus incapable of being redeemed.

The Jew Paul stated very clearly that "everyone gets the same chance, except Jews come first".

How very Jewish of him. And how very stupid of you to believe his words over the words of Jesus!

Anonymous ID: cdfb19 2019-07-29 11:02:06Z No. 7240512

Why exactly hasn't Lois Learner been indicted?

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:02:09Z No. 7240513


A Summary of our Websites from the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation:

Summerizes the entirety of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation from science philanthropy to education, to international peace accords.

Summerizes the structure of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, with an emphasis on the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University.

Summerizes the science philanthropy of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

Summerizes the education philanthropy of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

Summerizes the New York philanthropy of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

Summerizes the philanthropy in the US Virgin Islands of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

Summerizes the international philanthropy of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

A diary of everything that occurs at the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation.

A science discussion forum of fundamental ideas in medicine, neuroscience, biology and mor

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation on Facebook

Anonymous ID: 78d414 2019-07-29 11:02:45Z No. 7240514


Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 11:03:08Z No. 7240515


>Satanic that's for sure.

No, you and your tribe are.

Anonymous ID: aece43 2019-07-29 11:03:16Z No. 7240516

I will throw up in my mouth if celebrities start a viral

#SaveTheCities song.

It's like watching videos of hungry dogs and children picking through trash to live another day.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:03:20Z No. 7240517


JEFFREY E. EPSTEIN is an investment manager and science philanthropist whocurrently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Trust Company. Mr. Epstein started his career at Bear Stearns with an educational background in physics. He has been a Trustee of Institute Of International Education Inc. since October 2001.

Mr. Epstein is a Member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member. Mr. Epstein is also actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and also sits on the Mind, Brain & Behavior Advisory Committee at Harvard.

Jeffrey Epstein's philanthropic affiliations include the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, the Florida Science Foundations and The COUQ Foundation. He is a member of the Edge community, an internationally respected group of thinkers and achievers.

Anonymous ID: 7cbd94 2019-07-29 11:04:09Z No. 7240518

"We've got a gunshot victim here!"

"If only we could get the Medics here, maybe they could treat him or get him to a Hospital" "I guess we'll have to use the pickup"

Anonymous ID: 176e7d 2019-07-29 11:05:14Z No. 7240520



Gil or gilly = servant

Roi = King


Anonymous ID: 78d414 2019-07-29 11:05:30Z No. 7240521


Countdown until Al Sharpton is a victim of the boomerang suicide.

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 11:05:32Z No. 7240522


leave Gilroy in the notables. morning shift will need the info normies disseminate on social media to shutdown the "this is totally real and trump's fault" narrative.

shutting down a FF narrative is never a slide, but "anons" encouraging a baker to not show proof of the false flag is a shill slide.

Anonymous ID: d338af 2019-07-29 11:05:46Z No. 7240523


Mostly fake

Vegas was a big fat fucking fake and gay event and so is this.

Anonymous ID: 3dc76d 2019-07-29 11:06:43Z No. 7240524


15+ taxpayer funded FBI agents on the scene.

Think the taxpayers will get the truth?

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 11:06:55Z No. 7240525


The 99% in the hospital number is likely quite wrong.

Q assumes that people will go to the hospital, that going to the hospital would be what they would do in a case like this. He says this because he seems to think that we have a near perfect trust level of hospitals. And we don't.

And if the people hear truth, are they necessarily all going to believe it? There would be plenty who didn't believe it, or didn't fully believe it, or didn't really hear about it, or didn't really understand it, or for whatever reason, didn't go to the hospital.

Q has a tendency to wildly inflate numbers.

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 11:06:56Z No. 7240526


Bring back public executions. We need a real deterant to ALL violent & predatory crimes.

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 11:07:09Z No. 7240527

Anonymous ID: cb46b5 2019-07-29 11:07:30Z No. 7240529

it would be in poor taste to add this to my twitter feed so I'll add it here.

I believe this shooting at this Garlic Festival was a message to Obama due to what he did yesterday

Here's my tweet of what Obama did yesterday - and why

07/27/2019 CNN anchor Victor Blackwell chokes up on air after Trump rips ‘infested’ Baltimore

"when he tweets about infestation, it’s about black and brown people,” Other headlines incl "OUTRAGE!" This is a Major racism push, so what do? How about

07/28/2019 -Activate Obama! He tweets an article written by a "right-leaner" he quotes, I paraphrase: Republicans are telling a story you (Libs) may disagree with but need to hear! Incl image reminding them Trump committed no crime

Can you imagine if instead he had joined the chorus shouting Racism today? You think they didn't want him to? He flipped! (read thread where I decode him flipping

It's more surprising to me that this article made it into the NYTimes - perhaps, flipping now? Time will tell.

Anyway - so in response for him basically promoting Trump in a tweet when they are pushing racism they took a young cult boy and executed him to send a message. The medallion, red shoes - and girl behind him doing a pose code with her hair - basically it's trying to scare him away from doing things like diffusing their smear campaign and it's truly evil.

Also notice it's just a few days away from Obama's birthday "happy birthday" they say.

Anonymous ID: ec3004 2019-07-29 11:08:30Z No. 7240530

The “duplicity” in Obama’s administration will be fully exposed by the inspector general’s “investigation about the investigators,” according to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel.

Anonymous ID: b02eae 2019-07-29 11:08:38Z No. 7240531


Pocket =paid for

Anonymous ID: 1da02c 2019-07-29 11:08:40Z No. 7240532



>>nobody jumps to conclusion.

>>autists look at the facts and see the details.

>What do you call rubber stamping it a FF in less than 12 hours after the event and going by a handful of pics and videos? If that's not jumping than tell me what is.

>I see nothing more than a shill slide for screen shots to be used by MSM to make 8chan look bad. It takes months to gather real evidence. What benefit is there in calling it a FF now or weeks from now, will it change anything? No… But it will give MSM talking points. Also notice shill's weren't posting shit during the first third of the bread, all we had was the FF slide, because they were busy pushing it.

Anonymous ID: 41801e 2019-07-29 11:09:04Z No. 7240534

Massive kek >>7240518

Anonymous ID: 9a0dcd 2019-07-29 11:09:31Z No. 7240535

Anonymous ID: 2b5556 2019-07-29 11:09:54Z No. 7240536


Hey mason clown baker,

You seriously ask if anons want the info bun on the FF in notables?

You seriously ask if anons want the info bun on the FF in notables?

You fukken seriously ask if anons want the info bun on the FF in notables?

This question makes you a total glowshill.

Rain for the whole week. This is a promise.

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:10:29Z No. 7240537


99% in the hospital for psych issues doesn't make sense to me

Wouldn't 99% include a lot of hospital staff?

And why go to the very place that is contributing to the prob?

How is getting put on psych meds (treatment) a solution for learning the truth?

I would think a lot of the 99% would be going to hospitals with pitchforks and rage, not for treatment.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:10:38Z No. 7240539


For those that want to attend, I suppose. Bit barbaric. Could do without it. Need clear, concise, accurate news.

Anonymous ID: ec4f11 2019-07-29 11:10:44Z No. 7240540


Limbaugh has been saying that the media used to work for the Dems, but now the Dems work for the media.

Anonymous ID: eee0a8 2019-07-29 11:11:21Z No. 7240543



very interesting

Anonymous ID: ad09d0 2019-07-29 11:11:37Z No. 7240544

Frens! What could possibly go wrong?

'Storm Area 51' turnout overwhelms Nevada town

LAS VEGAS — At first, the co-owner of the quirky alien-themed motel down a Nevada highway from the mysterious Area 51 site didn’t take a posting for a prank Facebook event too seriously.

Then, her phone started ringing.

“It doesn’t stop, our phone won’t stop ringing,” Connie West, of the Little A’le’Inn, told the Las Vegas Sun.

The 10-room motel is one of few businesses in Rachel, a town of 54 residents now gaining celebrity status among aviation and UFO enthusiasts attracted by the posting about a Sept. 20 event dubbed “storm Area 51.”

More than 1 million people have responded to the internet post calling for people to “Naruto run” at 3 a.m. into the remote U.S. Air Force test area in the Nevada desert that has long been the focus of UFO conspiracy theories.

The face-forward, arms-back running style is favored by characters in the anime series “Naruto.”

“They can’t stop all of us,” the post jokes. “Lets see them aliens.”

The military is warning people not to try to enter the once top-secret Cold War site, which is posted and patrolled as part of the vast Nevada Test and Training Range.

Anonymous ID: 500fec 2019-07-29 11:11:39Z No. 7240545


The Satanic Lion

The lion is used in the Bible as a symbol of authority and power. The symbol is applied to Christ as the Lion of Judah, but it is also the symbol for Babylon, the destroyer of nations and the seat of the apostate religion, which would seek to entice God's people into idolatry. The prophet Jeremiah prophesied about Babylon’s destruction of Jerusalem, using the symbol of a lion for this mighty power:

I will bring disaster from the north,

And great destruction.

The lion has come up from his thicket,

And the destroyer of nations is on his way.

He has gone forth from his place

To make your land desolate.

Your cities will be laid waste,

Without inhabitant (Jeremiah 4:6-7 NKJV).

The religion of Babylon forms the basis of all pagan religions, making Babylon a fitting symbol for the end- time confederacy of religious powers aligned against God and His people. Archaeology has revealed that a lion with eagle's wings was a common symbol in Babylonian designs and sculptures. This Babylonian lion was prophesied to control events at the end of time.

Another biblical reference to the lion is in the Book of Daniel:

“The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings. I watched till its wings were plucked off; and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man, and a man's heart was given to it.” (Daniel 7:4 NKJV).

The lion of Daniel has eagle's wings, also a reference to Babylon. Moreover, the eagle symbolizes the sun god. When Daniel describes the union of man’s heart with the lion-sun-god, it is in defiance of the true God.

And in Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 11:12:13Z No. 7240546


I agree and I contributed. Newfag, didn't realize I walked into the middle of shill slide. Getting better tho.

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:12:20Z No. 7240547


Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 11:13:05Z No. 7240548


On point.

Anonymous ID: bc7d6a 2019-07-29 11:13:12Z No. 7240549

8chan ddosed?

Anonymous ID: 431618 2019-07-29 11:13:33Z No. 7240550

Just now on Today show they introduced the DNI Dan Coats leaving issue by saying "Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence and head over all 17 intelligence agencies, is likely leaving blah blah"

Another 17 in the news kek

Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 11:13:37Z No. 7240551

What happened to this dig.

Anonymous ID: 11cf2e 2019-07-29 11:14:10Z No. 7240552


KEK! You don’t belong here. Your shilling is very weak. Try harder. Real anons know.

Anonymous ID: 1da02c 2019-07-29 11:14:29Z No. 7240553

Funny coming from a clown with 34 post, think mirror. You make bullshit the rest but I see (((You))). Got your MSM screen shots? Pat yourself on the back, isn't going to help, maybe for a day, you still can't stop what's coming.

Go ahead baker, note the shill slide, not like they don't end up there all the time anyways.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 11:14:42Z No. 7240554


Paul isn't my fav

But he did write half of the New Testament.

Should we only consider direct quotes from Jesus to be gospel?

Anonymous ID: 78d414 2019-07-29 11:14:53Z No. 7240555



Here, heres one for you. Look at that keystone! Q even posted it.

It even has a red shield on it! OMG, Rothschild means red shield.

QUICK! To the bat mobile!

Anonymous ID: 4ea185 2019-07-29 11:15:08Z No. 7240556


Yes. Makes sense. Thanks.

Anonymous ID: bd6c33 2019-07-29 11:15:21Z No. 7240557


What dig? Please elaborate.

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:15:29Z No. 7240558


PBS Aired ‘Rat Film’ Documentary About Baltimore’s Rodent Problem in 2018

More than a year before Donald Trump criticized Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) in a tweet on Saturday for ignoring his Baltimore district’s “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,” PBS aired a documentary titled Rat Film about the city’s rodent problem.

The Baltimore Sun reported on February 26, 2018, that the documentary “about Baltimore’s rodent fight” was scheduled “to air on PBS” that evening:

https ://

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:16:15Z No. 7240560


Yeah Mum been through hell. Guess we'll just wait. Meh. Whatevs. Whatya do eh?

Anonymous ID: bafe59 2019-07-29 11:17:31Z No. 7240565

>>7173623 lb

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:17:53Z No. 7240566


cummings rat problem

https ://

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:18:39Z No. 7240568


“With rats and urban planning and all the other things the film goes into, there was an incredible wealth of material out there, such as Dawn Day Biehler’s Pests in the City and Antero Pietila’s Not in My Neighborhood, and so it was really a matter of following a path that had been charted by the generous scholarship, histories, and experience of others that came before me. The film is a documentation of me trying to make sense of that path,” filmmaker Theo Anthony told PBS in 2018.

Asked by PBS if there was “anything you learned while researching and making Rat Film that really surprised you?” Anthony responded, “I wouldn’t call it surprising necessarily, but the ways in which all of these seemingly different moments in history—pest control, eugenics, urban planning—seemed to dovetail in the same institutions and ideologies was certainly unexpected.”

Anonymous ID: 41801e 2019-07-29 11:19:24Z No. 7240570


Swamp rats

Need bigger traps

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:19:31Z No. 7240571


When will cummings handle or tackle the rat problem in Baltimore??

2 billion not enough ?

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:19:35Z No. 7240572


==<3== prayers for Mum.

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:20:28Z No. 7240573


Cummings should fix this issue it is not the POTUS its all Cummings fault….

people complain about the rats and cummings and cnn calls them raccist

Anonymous ID: 176e7d 2019-07-29 11:20:29Z No. 7240574



I am satan's shill. I believe nothing, I will say anything. I have no values, friends or family I will not sell into bondage forever for food and for feathers. Dollars will buy me. What can not spend I will burn in an ashtray or shove up my ass but I must have dollars. Give me fiat. I am satan's shill. I demoralize myself. When I finish the blow I take five xanax footballs and pass out on rental furniture. Asleep, I dream I'm awake. I am satan's shill. My stridulations are filtered. My mockery, my despair, my anguish, like my coming and my going, pass ever unnoticed. I am satan's shill. One day I will vanish like the knot in a shoelace. I am satan's shill. A petty criminal, a peeping Tom, a canvas for others tattoos, a repeater, an NPC.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:20:58Z No. 7240575

Yeah I know. Full control, as always. In the meantime 🤷‍♂️

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:21:39Z No. 7240576


When will CNN talk about the Rat problem in Baltimore ?

The problem is so bad that a Noteble movie was made of this

MSNBC AND CNN Need to talk about the RAT issue in Balitmore

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 11:22:25Z No. 7240577


Matthew 15:27

Even the dog gets crumbs that fall from his master's table.

Anonymous ID: 2ea508 2019-07-29 11:22:43Z No. 7240578


That scientist killed in Greece- is she on there?

Suzanne Eaton

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:23:09Z No. 7240579


IF CNN does not focus on this rat problem and instead promotes racism the RAT problem will never be fixed….

What the hell is cummings doing wasting his time on impeaching trump…. Cummings needs to fix this in his district

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 11:23:15Z No. 7240580

Yup it's Huma and HRC and a girl on a ping pong table…

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:23:41Z No. 7240581


A movie is made of the Rat problem in Balitmore and this is NOTEABLE

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:24:25Z No. 7240582


Q ought to clarify this, because learning the truth isn't going to make people sick, its going to make them angry.

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:24:27Z No. 7240583


notable last night.

baking in a bit

Anonymous ID: 9b1064 2019-07-29 11:24:37Z No. 7240584


A movie was made of this RAt problem when will Cummings focus on issues in his district ?

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:24:47Z No. 7240585



Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 11:25:17Z No. 7240586


I meant



Anonymous ID: 9af2c6 2019-07-29 11:25:45Z No. 7240588


True. Same in Europe. White people shall be extinguished. It's the JEWS. Sry.

Anonymous ID: 500fec 2019-07-29 11:25:54Z No. 7240589


Sumerian Cherubim

The Cherubim were originally the ancient protectors of the Mesopotamian Tree of Life. They were often depicted supporting the thrones of deities and kings.They are closely related to (and often identical to) the sphinx.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, they are the four vast, winged creatures described in the visions of Ezekiel, each winged creature bearing four faces: a lion, a bull, eagle, and human head.

The Babylonian "cherubim" (the lamassu or shedu) is a protective spirit with a sphinx-like form, possessing the wings of an eagle, the body of a lion, and the head of a king.

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:26:08Z No. 7240590


Thank you master! What would I do without you?! Errrr…. shine. Pfff

Anonymous ID: e10a5a 2019-07-29 11:26:36Z No. 7240591


Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 11:26:42Z No. 7240592



Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 11:27:07Z No. 7240594


Rothschild has always been the best choice for "Keystone", but Q decided to give "3 sides of the triangle or pyramid or whatever" And one was Rothschild, so the thinking was that if Rothschild was a side, they couldn't be the Keystone, also.

Keystone for 40,000 feet = a number of different words that describe a set of people, depending on the words used, different people would be in that set. Rothschild is the narrowest version of that set. You also have words like Jews, Israel, Mossad, Illuminati, Cabal. Typically, what we're talking about as the bad guys, are a bunch of Rich Jews, many who have been Rich Jews for 100-200 years. Usually Bankers. Throw Jew Bankers in that list.

The answer to "keystone" in any particular case though, depends on what it is exactly that is going to come crashing down. The idea being that when the keystone is removed, something comes crashing down. Here, it seems pretty cear that a lot would come crashing down if Jew Media was the keystone. From a practical standpoint, you remove a handful of top Jews from a handful of top spots at a handful of top media companies, and you have the new Non Jews who were hired fire a whole bunch of people and hire people who would tell the truth, and the media is fixed immediately, and the immediate problem that Trump has getting his message out is solved.

But the Jew Bankers who eat the babies are still there.

The problem is generally the Jews, specifically Rothschild.

Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 11:27:10Z No. 7240595


The shooting is a Deep State tactic to take everyones minds off the dread of the previous Q post. They are terrified and are shitting up the post getting everyone off track. Is there any info on the servers, DWS what has she been up to, AWAN brothers where are they, D's corruption Lord Cummings and his thieving wife. That is what I meant.

Anonymous ID: eeece5 2019-07-29 11:27:51Z No. 7240597


They have also stolen our lives. The current medical conveyor belt takes people who have become ill through chemical exposure, developing cancers along the way and then kills them slowly over the next 2.5 years for profit, using chemo and radiotherapy.

The satanic part of this operation is the deliberate harvesting of life energy from those who are not scheduled to die yet

Anonymous ID: c064d3 2019-07-29 11:27:56Z No. 7240598

Gilroy is another town that benefited from the Recovery and reinvestment act. If it's anything like Baltimore lots of that money went to the police.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:28:48Z No. 7240600


No we won't.

And if Jews as a group don't get a grip, it is them who are going to go extinct due to their genocidal attempts against the goyim.

Anonymous ID: 29a749 2019-07-29 11:28:57Z No. 7240601


Anon, gonna do you a favor and tell you about this site.

Just type Q post 3532 or AWAN or Scaramucci Model etc.

You will find any anon posts in reverse chronological order, the most recent being on top.

Anonymous ID: ac10ce 2019-07-29 11:29:17Z No. 7240602


Anonymous ID: 37b972 2019-07-29 11:29:28Z No. 7240604



This looks like the type of woman that would say this:

>>>"I think it's horrible that you're taking pictures of someone that's in distress. I would delete em'. HORRIBLE! (she screams) but that's ok you can film, cause it's still horrible…"

-Panicked that there would be evidence of their fakery.

(she's not visible on screen when the filmer is told to delete photos)

Anonymous ID: a533f5 2019-07-29 11:29:33Z No. 7240603

Royal family doesn’t like strangers walking by their kids.They might want to consider better security. As would I. So they must be pro gun and pro wall??

“Darren is a violent criminal who was jailed for the most brutal type of torture.

“It’s chilling, as he has been boasting to friends about just how close he came to our future king and the other Cambridge


A royal insider told The Sun that the blue-blooded kids’ parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, are “concerned” that Benjamin, 40, got anywhere near their children, who were with their nanny at the time.

“The Duke has been informed and is obviously taking a close interest into what happened,’’ the source said.

“He strongly believes criminals deserve a second chance once they have served their time but is concerned current security policies might not be strong enough.

“It’s very important we know who is coming into the palace.”

Anonymous ID: 0a3c58 2019-07-29 11:29:44Z No. 7240605


Get ready for another one to go with that.

Watch and you will also find this saga to be

finalized 17 days prior to his exit on August 15th.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 11:29:50Z No. 7240607



>Should we only consider direct quotes from Jesus to be gospel?

A good question!

I think you should consider that God gave you a brain expecting you to use it. There is no hand holding here, no draw by the numbers. The truth is given only to those with ears to hear and eyes to see, as Jesus put it.

Why? Why doesn't God just blurt out everything out straight and clear so no-one can miss it?

I won't claim to know, but I have a theory; I think God wants to give us a chance to decide for ourselves if we wish to be redeemed or not. He provides all we need, but we need to be actually interested and follow the crumbs. He only speaks softly to our hearts, and then it is up to us to decide if we will follow our hearts, or let others lead us astray by speaking loudly to our egoic minds.

The Bible isn't lying when it tells you about Paul's adventures with the early church. Paul really did enter the early church, and he really did say the things attributed to him.

But was he speaking as a true convert, or as a Jew who infiltrated the church to destroy it from within? That's up to the reader to decide.

How do you decide what is true or false, good or bad? Well, Jesus had a pro tip - good fruit comes from good trees, and evil fruit comes from evil trees. In other words, the results (the fruit) reveal whether an idea or action was good or not (the tree the fruit came from).

Paul's words "everyone is the same, except Jews are better" has been echoed down the centuries by a whole lot of Jews. This particular tree has produced a lot of fruit throughout history, and is still producing a lot of fruit today. It is up to you to decide if that fruit is sweet tasting or not. I personally think it smells, but that's just me making up my mind, you will have to make up yours.

The motto "everyone is the same, except Jews are better" is what gave rise to Communism under Jewish rule in Russia. 60 million Russians murdered was the fruit. Seems like a bitter fruit to me.

But to answer your question more directly, yes, I think you should trust the direct quotes of Jesus FAR more than anything else in the Bible. Treat them as the key that unlocks the mystery. Assume that Jesus was a Good Guy, and trust no-one else unless what they say fits with what Jesus says! That way you'll be far less at risk of going wrong IMO.

Just my advice.

Anonymous ID: 3c0344 2019-07-29 11:29:56Z No. 7240608

Follow the Money

Why is George Soros deeply connected with Baltimore?

Why were “protestors” bused in for the “Freddy Grey” riots?

Which “Leaders” were on the ground stirring up violence?

Who organized and Why? We’re they payed?

What happened to Detective Sean Suttor?

Own Gun?

Day Before Testifying?

Dig Anons

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 11:29:59Z No. 7240609


Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 11:30:19Z No. 7240610


I just don't buy that 99% hospital thing at all.

Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 11:30:32Z No. 7240611



Great thought on checking on old military bunkers and other earthworks..kek!

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:30:38Z No. 7240612

final call for notables @ 650

going leave this sourdough bun as is anons. next bread will be tighter. it was collected by anons for anons. i only added to the 2 new DJTs.


>>7240527 New DJT twat w/CAP:If the Democrats are going to defend the Radical Left “Squad” and King Elijah’s Baltimore Fail, it will be a long road to 2020.

>>7240484 New DJT twat w/CAP: Baltimore, under the leadership of Elijah Cummings, has the worst Crime Statistics in the Nation. 25 years of all talk, no action!…

Baker Grabbing Ghost

>>7240417 Time between POTUS tweet and PapaD = 123 days

>>7240064 CO Hikers on 2 different mountains - electrical shocks/currents so strong their hair was standing straight up

>>7240395, >>7240419 New PDJT

>>7240372 Two 11th graders win StudentCam grand prize; "America has a corruption problem"

>>7240432 Gilroy Bun

>>7240254 Tweeter acct. used for #Gilroy also used in 2015 Baltimore protests

>>7239987, >>7239991, >>7240004, >>7240013, >>7240015, >>7240026 MAPS dig compilation

Anonymous ID: 2beda9 2019-07-29 11:30:40Z No. 7240613


Thank You

Anonymous ID: b4a0b3 2019-07-29 11:31:11Z No. 7240614


>“It’s very important we know who is coming into the palace.”

Right, Harry?

Anonymous ID: f17845 2019-07-29 11:31:46Z No. 7240615

The temple has already been rebuilt…in the country whose new president has the middle name: Messiah…

Anonymous ID: 0a3c58 2019-07-29 11:32:03Z No. 7240617


Do you mean doxed?

Including a post reference (as a pointer) allows other anons to have a clue what you're talking about

Anonymous ID: 1a2d4e 2019-07-29 11:32:05Z No. 7240619

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:32:06Z No. 7240618


Cool man. Chill. Just go with the flow. Sacrificial lambs don't have money. Prove me wrong. People with money choose them for effect.

Anonymous ID: aece43 2019-07-29 11:32:08Z No. 7240620

More on DeMonlay

Last words before flames engulfed him?

S’en vendra en brief temps meschie / Let evil swiftly befall

Sus celz qui nous dampnent a tort; / Those who have wrongly condemned us;

Diex en vengera nostre mort. / God will avenge our death.

^eyecancer link is informative.

Anonymous ID: d9e870 2019-07-29 11:32:10Z No. 7240621

Michelle Malkin - Open Border Churches Human Traffickers Hiding behind the Cross

the churches are the ones bringing in most of the illegals

Anonymous ID: 898355 2019-07-29 11:32:35Z No. 7240622


Anonymous ID: bafe59 2019-07-29 11:32:39Z No. 7240623


>nobody jumps to conclusion.

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:32:44Z No. 7240624


99% in hospital seems like a lame excuse for no arrests, withholding truth. I'd like to see the truth be told and what 99% really do.

Anonymous ID: b4a0b3 2019-07-29 11:33:28Z No. 7240625



G for Gugleana

IL for illuminated (Lucifer)

Roy is French for King (Royal Arch Masonry)

Gill is also what fish have = Dagon.

Learn your masonry, or as Q calls it, "Russian"

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:33:28Z No. 7240626


Okay anon here's another crazy theory.

What if there are only a few hundred million people on earth?

Anonymous ID: 9af2c6 2019-07-29 11:33:38Z No. 7240627


The KEYSTONE to me is the Holohoax. If that breaks down, the jewish empire will break down.

Anonymous ID: 500fec 2019-07-29 11:33:49Z No. 7240628


THE SPHINX is a mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that the world was created at the time when the Sun rose in Leo near the star Denebola. The Sphinx commemorated the Birth of the Sun when the Sun processed from the sign of Virgo into Leo, around 10,500 B.C. (the Sun/Son born of a Virgin).

The Sphinx faces East at the exact location where the Sun rises on the day of the vernal equinox (21 March). At sunrise on the vernal equinox around 10.500 B.C. the Sun aligned itself with the constellation Leo, its own celestial counterpart image in the sky …

All of the significant stars and constellations along one side of the Milky Way in a 360 degrees view along the Milky Way are represented by some odd 50 pyramids along the Nile (representing the Milky Way on the ground) and include Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Pegasus and Canis Major.

With this discovery the ancient writings of Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus) who in the Emerald Tablets wrote …

'Egypt is an image of the heavens … The whole cosmos dwells here' …

The Sphinx-Leo connection becomes undeniable when we view the Giza plateau from above. The angle between the Sphinx and the pyramids of Kufhu and Kahfre is the same angle on the ground as the angle between the Orion belt and the sign of Leo in the sky. While the Sphinx is gazing at the Nile, Leo is gazing at the Milky Way. This is compelling evidence that indeed the Sphinx is symbolic to its counterpart in the sky…

Anonymous ID: 4dbff1 2019-07-29 11:34:02Z No. 7240629


If verified, YES its NOTABLE. I remember an elite "Chaser" dog tweet and tried to mention it last night when news was coming out about the Gilroy Festival, but I didn't recall the name of the dog. Anons and people decoding elites' tweets foiled a FF attempt a while ago by deciphering initials in another tweet (by Comey if I remember correctly).

Yes, NOTABLE if verified.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:34:04Z No. 7240630


Anonymous ID: 7c6cb6 2019-07-29 11:34:21Z No. 7240632

DRYDEN, Mich. (AP) — The visiting priests arrived discreetly, day and night.

Stripped of their collars and cassocks, they went unnoticed in a series of tiny Midwestern towns as they were escorted into dingy warehouses and offices. Neighbors had no idea some of them might have been accused sexual predators.

For nearly two decades, a small nonprofit group called Opus Bono Sacerdotii has operated out of unmarked buildings in rural Michigan, providing money, shelter, transport, legal help and other support to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse.

And while powerful clerics have publicly pledged to hold the church accountable for the crimes of its clergy and help survivors heal, some of them arranged meetings, offered blessings or quietly sent checks to this organization that backed the abusers, The Associated Press has found.

Catholic leaders say the church has no official relationship with the group. But Opus Bono successfully forged networks within the church hierarchy.

The Associated Press unraveled the continuing story of Opus Bono in dozens of interviews with experts, lawyers, clergy members and former employees, along with hundreds of pages of documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests.

In recent months, two of the group's founders, Joe Maher and Peter Ferrara, were forced out after Michigan's attorney general found Opus Bono had misused donated funds and misled contributors. A third co-founder, Father Eduard Perrone, was abruptly removed from ministry earlier this month after the AP began asking about an allegation that he had sexually abused a child decades ago. Perrone denies the allegation.

Over the years, Opus Bono brought on as employees or advisers at least three clergymen accused of sexual abuse, and offered sympathizers a tax-deductible, anonymous method of sending money to specific accused priests.

When serial pedophile Jason Sigler, a former priest, was sent to jail for abusing dozens of minors, Opus Bono was there for him, with regular visits and commissary cash, said a former employee. When another priest, Gregory Ingels, was criminally charged with abusing a teen, Opus Bono made him a legal adviser.

The group's current and former leadership did not respond to questions from the AP.

In 2003, the fledgling group won backing from influential Roman Catholics, including Father Richard John Neuhaus, the editor of a conservative Catholic journal who served as an unofficial adviser to President George W. Bush, and Cardinal Avery Dulles, the son of a former U.S. Secretary of State. Dulles was a preeminent conservative Catholic theologian.

Maher met with Vatican officials in Rome, and had visits from them in his group's Michigan offices.

Still, since 2002, Opus Bono has played a little-known role among conservative Catholic groups that portray the abuse scandal as a media and legal feeding frenzy. These groups contend the scandal maligns the priesthood and harms the Catholic faith.

Opus Bono established itself as a counterpoint to the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and other groups that have accused the church of trying to cover up the scandal and failing to support victims of clergy misconduct. Opus Bono focuses on what it considers the neglected victims: priests, and the church itself.

"All of these people that have made allegations are very well taken care of," Opus Bono founder Maher said in a radio interview, contending that many abuse accusations lodged against priests are false. "The priests are not at all very well taken care of."

As part of the legal settlement earlier this year with the state attorney general, Maher agreed to never again run a nonprofit in Michigan. But that agreement appears to have already been violated: He is now running a near-identical nonprofit group in a different part of the state, the AP found.

The new group is called Men of Melchizedek, a reference to an Old Testament figure who was thought to be both a king and a priest. It is registered in Indiana, but its website says its "principal office" is located in Michigan. The group lists Maher as its president.

In a March letter to the Michigan attorney general, Maher's attorney described him as a case worker whose labors "are a corporal and spiritual work of mercy; it is how he practices his Catholic faith." The letter said the new group will provide the same services as Opus Bono, but warned that "more vulnerable beneficiaries may be lost to suicide during the transition."

Both Opus Bono and Men of Melchizedek now list the same canon lawyer, the Rev. David L. Deibel, as their chairman.

Deibel, Maher and Maher's attorneys did not return multiple messages from the AP.

"We turn no priest away," it says.

Anonymous ID: 1a2d4e 2019-07-29 11:34:24Z No. 7240633

1.) step one, eliminate legal designation of "experimental animal on a vessel called the united states in international waters"

2.) claim rights as citizen

3.) live

fuck project monarch

Anonymous ID: d742e5 2019-07-29 11:34:29Z No. 7240634


"Gentlemen, I ask you, what is clothing?"

"Clothing is sin, the original sin!"

"That's right. Clothing IS sin! After eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge; Adam, ashamed of his nakedness, used a fig leaf to cover it. Ever since that moment mankind has been destined to cover itself in the clothing called sin!

Our company's clothes are sold in over 90% of the world; it commands an overwhelming share of the market! And do you know why? Because we know mankind's sin and make clothing for clothing's sake!

So I ask, again, WHAT.IS.CLOTHING!?"


- The Yellow Dragon Empress: "Clothing is the world. It is the destiny that covers the Earth, the Stars, AND Human Kind."

It should be interesting to note that the villain in Kill la Kill is not just a proponent of the original sin doctrine, but also the heiress of a multinational clothing line. If you know how that plugs into Q.

Well … And an alien parasite….

But that is another story of A Promised Neverland.

Never threaten a nudist with judgment. We are already more than willing to be naked souls, and will have every intention of making sure no one gets to hide.

I have my finger over everyone's google dossier and military intelligence intercepts related to them, and people have the gall to presume they can lecture each other on morality. Some of you were clearly raised with the belief that judgment would be reserved for the afterlife and god's domain so limited.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 11:35:07Z No. 7240635


My thinking has been that it is logistically impossible for 99% of us to be in the hospital.

Who would be left to care for the hospitalized people?

So it must mean that something so horrific would happen that 99% of us would need to be hospitalized i.e. some sort of a plague that would be unleashed in retaliation.

Anonymous ID: e094d8 2019-07-29 11:35:27Z No. 7240636

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:36:04Z No. 7240637


Doesn't matter, the ziocunts want their 3rd Temple where the 2nd was destroyed.

Anonymous ID: b4a0b3 2019-07-29 11:36:06Z No. 7240638


It's funny, I look at Saul/Paul as an entryist who noticed the weather on the road to Damascus. Thing is Christ doesn't care about why you repent, because when you do, the Holy Spirit takes control and helps God accomplish his plan through the repentant.

Anonymous ID: a533f5 2019-07-29 11:36:46Z No. 7240639


Like in Walking Dead. We’re already infected. Hollywood likes to tease us with what they know. Whatever it is most of us have it and 1% is immune… Doesn’t mean it can’t be reversed. Maybe we are getting ‘reversed’ slowly as to not clog up the hospitals.

Anonymous ID: 1a2d4e 2019-07-29 11:37:24Z No. 7240640

Anonymous ID: 4dbff1 2019-07-29 11:37:31Z No. 7240641


I buy it because it happened to me. What would really happen (mentally, emotionally, psychologically) to people to actually SEE the evil we've been living in. I rather "red-pilled" myself and before the love of God gave me peace felt such horror I went mad for about 7 years. Spent time in psych wards and federal prison. The miracle and grace of God is that I'm not afraid like that anymore. It would be good if not everyone had to experience that.

Anonymous ID: b57aa6 2019-07-29 11:38:07Z No. 7240642

Anonymous ID: 22139f 2019-07-29 11:38:14Z No. 7240643


Because it's not them, and the runts want to rule. This is so stoopid and obvious, yet so difficult. Nuke threat from pasty, inbred elites right. So pathetic and dumb, they are.

Anonymous ID: 1da6b4 2019-07-29 11:38:16Z No. 7240644


Oh the butthurt will be severe with this one. Raaaacisss

Anonymous ID: b4a0b3 2019-07-29 11:38:37Z No. 7240645


Almost four years and they still don't get how Trump works. Geez. What it's doing is demonstrating that fake news is reliant on your short attention span, like the Democrats.

Also you can't spell Dems without rats.

Anonymous ID: 898355 2019-07-29 11:38:47Z No. 7240646

Is this tire flat?

Anonymous ID: eeece5 2019-07-29 11:39:11Z No. 7240647


Agreed. I also suspect that the three large pyramids were constructed at a later date on top of architure laid out in 10,500bc.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:39:11Z No. 7240648

Look at the end of the pet goat video.

My theory.

Petgoat is an awakening of sorts.

The scorpion tail at the end is the age of Scorpio?

Or is it just the beginning?

Anonymous ID: 043837 2019-07-29 11:39:21Z No. 7240650


Ignore the low energy, concernfag shills.

Anonymous ID: f7a00d 2019-07-29 11:39:25Z No. 7240651


Anonymous ID: 4dbff1 2019-07-29 11:39:33Z No. 7240652


No. I think Q means psychiatric hospitalization. And the threat is real because it happened to me.

Anonymous ID: b4a0b3 2019-07-29 11:40:25Z No. 7240654





Galatians 3:28

Even Space French can be saved by Jesus Christ.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:40:29Z No. 7240655


Why do you think its so hard to wake up some?

We are the 1% who are immune.

We are:

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 11:40:35Z No. 7240656




You know who likes earthen blast walls around missile sites?

The Iranians and the North Koreans. That medium range nuclear missile is called the Shahab 3.

So we have an island associated with MOS and this weird blast wall at the highest point on the island. If I were Israel/England and I wanted a back up plan to start a war, using an acquired Shahab 3 wouldn't be a bad plan.

I think there's a small chance, the "tennis court", the sundial and the rectangular area directly to the left of the fake temple entrance cover missile launch blast doors.

Maybe the site was multipurpose?

Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 11:40:36Z No. 7240657

VIENNA (AP) (<—bahahahahahaa..old guard exposing themselves…can you say Hapsberg..)— The Latest on tensions in the Persian Gulf and over the 2015 Iran nuclear accord (all times local):

7:30 p.m.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has penned an open letter to Britain’s new prime minister, saying he hopes the countries’ diplomatic ties will be stronger under Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Bahahahahahahaah…your cabal party is not well attended…



Anonymous ID: aa7100 2019-07-29 11:40:42Z No. 7240658


Edwin Meese III

75th United States Attorney General

Edwin Meese III is an American attorney, law professor, author and member of the Republican Party who served in official capacities within the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Administration, the Reagan Presidential Transition Team and the Reagan White House, eventually rising to hold the position of the 75th Attorney General of the United States.

Michael Mukasey

81st United States Attorney General

Michael Bernard Mukasey is a lawyer and former federal judge who served as the 81st Attorney General of the United States. He was appointed as Attorney General by President George W. Bush following the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Mukasey also served for 18 years as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, six of those years as Chief Judge.

A lot of credibility sitting with Levin tonight. Enough credibility for law abiding normies, especially boomers and older. Remember, Reagan won 49 states.

Anonymous ID: 1a2d4e 2019-07-29 11:41:12Z No. 7240659


Anonymous ID: 5bdf1a 2019-07-29 11:41:14Z No. 7240660

Lol potus tweets going to send lefts into insane frenzy omg how dare you shine light on the corrupt black leaders they worship

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:41:18Z No. 7240661



So sorry! yes I'm very concerned but go forth and be happy on your prozac.

Anonymous ID: 46354f 2019-07-29 11:41:22Z No. 7240662


>the body of a lion

It's the body of a bull. Hooves.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:41:24Z No. 7240663



It is the ziocunt's biggest scam ever pulled.

Anonymous ID: c0c41e 2019-07-29 11:41:39Z No. 7240664


plausible enough scenario however I still think 99% is too high. Spreading that disease to everyone? pretty tricky.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:41:53Z No. 7240665


Is the sundial a missile silo?

Anonymous ID: a2fbd6 2019-07-29 11:42:01Z No. 7240666



Anonymous ID: f17845 2019-07-29 11:42:06Z No. 7240667



Is the temple mount the original location? The jews were supposed to go to brazil after the war…they pushed hard for palestine.

but lets go further. Dilma was the president at the time in 2014. look at the video, white and gold keystone in her interview. Mayor of sao paulo, Haddad…Bolsonaro's opponent. Also Hadad was the father of Ba'al. There is a lot more symbolism going on. It's what we're being presented with, not necessarily the logical conclusions we prefer…especially since those conclusions are partially based on fake history.

Anonymous ID: 4dbff1 2019-07-29 11:42:27Z No. 7240668


Yes. By the time a child is vaccinated with something like 72 different shots (before the age of 18), given poisoned food, handed personalized "mind control" iPhones, and non-stop gaming they are indeed "Walking Dead".

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 11:42:28Z No. 7240669





Also, here's what a nuclear missile silo construction site looks like.

Also a few more schematics, eerily like the Life Bunkers.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:42:59Z No. 7240670


Anonymous ID: 043837 2019-07-29 11:43:05Z No. 7240671


Fuckin' idiot.

You're shitting up the bread about a topic discussed over a year ago.

Full disclosure is coming.

Go back to lurking and reading the crumbs from the beginning without disturbing this board, again.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:43:26Z No. 7240672


Who knows.

Some interdasting symbolism on the video, yes, could just be the brazilians signaling submission to the ziocunt cabal thou.

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:43:27Z No. 7240673


evil trips says wrong baker.

Anonymous ID: fc51ba 2019-07-29 11:43:27Z No. 7240674


clone hillary on table in standby mode?

Anonymous ID: 3dc76d 2019-07-29 11:44:20Z No. 7240675


It does mean psych hospital. It is a wild ass bitch.

Anonymous ID: ec4f11 2019-07-29 11:45:14Z No. 7240677


Pinkertons were the first "secret service" protecting the President after Lincoln was assassinated.

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 11:45:29Z No. 7240678


>Is the sundial a missile silo?

I don't know of course, bu here's an old trident missile launch site.

Anonymous ID: 6a1cb2 2019-07-29 11:46:13Z No. 7240679


>over a year ago.

nuff said.

Anonymous ID: 98516b 2019-07-29 11:46:50Z No. 7240680


think x-men think blackbird it rose out of the basketball court

Anonymous ID: cb22b5 2019-07-29 11:46:52Z No. 7240681

President Donald Trump announced on July 28 that Daniel Coats, the director of national intelligence (DNI), will be leaving his office in the coming weeks and is to be replaced by Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas).

Anonymous ID: d742e5 2019-07-29 11:47:11Z No. 7240682


I have wondered this from time to time.

I have no idea how to count a thousand people … Much less a million people. I can look around my town and at the businesses that employ people and wonder if the population statistic is wrong - how can there be 20,000 people when there are only about 5,000 jobs in the area? Further, everyone in the county who wants to drive (legally) needs to deal with the county officials at least once a year - and that averages to around 70 people per day, depending on how you slice the numbers… And the place doesn't seem that busy (and there are at least 60,000 in the county, those numbers are just for the town).

Something seems off about the count - but - the "conspiracy" would have to extend to people who I know as friends, and have known for a long time, before they were ever officials. So - I'm not sure how to explain the anomaly other than I must just be underestimating the number of jobs/self-employed, the number who do not have any kind of employment, and retired.

When it comes to large cities - I have no idea how to begin to count that. People may as well emerge from a soup of atoms that are a bose-einstein condensate. They exist when we interact with them and then pass into irrelevance. It is a troubling thought, honestly.

Or - perhaps there are only a limited number of conscious entities and the others are all acting on autopilot or a time-share of consciousness. Enter Eureka7 and the "limit of questions" limiting consciousness.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:47:16Z No. 7240683


It is possible that its the psych ward.

Imagine if most of our memory has been erased?

Well can you remember your car licence plate number?

What did you do exactly 365 days ago today?

What did you do on your 2nd year of school on X date?

You don't know. Most don't. WHY?

Maybe its all still there, but they have blocked it using chemicals and other means.

The flood of knowledge would put you in hospital. Remembering everything you ever did.

Maybe the awakening is that. Remembering.

Remembering everything from our lives, and from the universe? People would think they're going mad and it would put them in hospital.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:48:11Z No. 7240684


>The jews were supposed to go to brazil after the war…they pushed hard for palestine.

Note, since 1917 that Rothschild had made the deal with the UK to have Palestine become Israel, the Balfour Declaration.

Also, even older documents show they wanted to go to Palestine.

Anonymous ID: 9af2c6 2019-07-29 11:48:19Z No. 7240685


Think about the JEW spammer. I did not watch this passover bread stuff. But I believe it. We are raised, bruised, educated by whatever demons. They controll everything on your mind.

Your taste, fashion you like, stuff you long for, music you are listening to. They controll schools and universities, science and history, publishers and editorial offices. They control pharma and vacination and at least, they control the money you use. What might be on our minds is little to none of our own origin.

They take our kids if the like to, they kill if they like to, there is now law for them as they control politics and nations. That truth is not for everybody… hm?

Anonymous ID: f52f3f 2019-07-29 11:48:45Z No. 7240686

4am talking points on MSLSD morning schmo

Radcliff is fascist & clown

they're already going after the usual republicans in the senate not to vote for him

they he should follow chain of command and name the Principal Deputy DNI as the acting DNI - just like when Whitaker was acting AG

Trump is politicizing the intel agencies (LOL)

Coats won over the intel workforce (bureaucracy) by pushing back against trump….they feel like there's a bullseye on them cause called deep state

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 11:49:16Z No. 7240688


Just tossing this out there. North Korea and Iran were run by the CIA apparently according to what I understand Q's meaning to be. And then evil England. And Q says Israel is saved for last.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:49:17Z No. 7240689


Now lets take it further anon.

The Georgia Guidestones limit population to 100 million.

What if we are at say 35 million now?

Media has lied to us?

That would shock people.

What if everything is mostly a lie?

Look at all the Tartaria stuff.

Anonymous ID: edd0dd 2019-07-29 11:49:18Z No. 7240687


Why didn't they take him to the ambulance right behind them???

Anonymous ID: 3ce127 2019-07-29 11:49:49Z No. 7240690


lots of ways to do that without spending $200M on a giant replica of solomon's temple. seems like a bit more than signaling. it's also a symptom.

not suggesting prophesy, but definitely evidence and to me clearly elements of "revelation"

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:50:40Z No. 7240691


Its our perceptions.

We see crowds of 1000s when in fact its much less.

We see aliens all the time, but we see them as human looking because of cartoons like disney making bears and mice look like humans. Its widened our perception and made us see human faces in everything.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 11:50:41Z No. 7240692


>The KEYSTONE to me is the Holohoax. If that breaks down, the jewish empire will break down.

Absolutely. This is the magic spell that enslaves the normie's mind. Everything stands and falls with this spell.

Anonymous ID: 45dfe6 2019-07-29 11:51:06Z No. 7240694


But Paul, a Jew, is the one who spread the gospel to the Gentiles.

BTW Jesus was a Jew and so were all of his 12 apostles.

Just sayin'

But I must agree with you that we all need to use our God given discernment!

Anonymous ID: d742e5 2019-07-29 11:51:22Z No. 7240695


Well, considering who funded The Great Arab Revolt, which created "Palestine" from a bunch of Nazi-Arabs… Placing Israel there makes a lot of sense if you want to engineer armageddon.

Anonymous ID: fc51ba 2019-07-29 11:52:30Z No. 7240696


nothing. it was tabled until last night

Anonymous ID: e95cb3 2019-07-29 11:52:32Z No. 7240697


good work…the earthened "helipad" is suspicious as fuck to me…

An anon was working on looking at old military installations on the island…anyone synch'ing all that up?

Anonymous ID: 2bf3bf 2019-07-29 11:52:34Z No. 7240698


>anon wants Willow in the bun. anons: in or out?

Anon didn't ask to put Willow in the bun.

Anon asked baker to ADD moar posts to the Already made DOUGH, from last bread.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:52:45Z No. 7240699


We thinking along the same line anon.

I remember at school they made us strip naked and get checked by nurses at around 7 years of age. Seemed normal then, but was it?

Maybe the Podesta art and all these things are to awaken our minds with riddles. So we remember who we are. It could be that we are so much more and have been limited as slaves.

Anonymous ID: ec4f11 2019-07-29 11:52:47Z No. 7240700



The temp person is a new star coming to light. Going to clear the decks (is this the last holdout of the Obama deep state) at DNI. Setting up the Texas congressman to do the job of informing POTUS daily of threats to our national security.

Anonymous ID: f1cbf0 2019-07-29 11:52:51Z No. 7240701

“In Russia right now, it’s mainly state corporations working with Venezuela, because the country is simply in ruins,” says Tatyana Rusakova, a research assistant at the Center for the Study of Societies in Crisis, where she studies Latin America. “No normal person would invest their money there. Only Rosneft and Rostec in all their glory can sink money like that, because Rosoboronexport supplied arms, and these contracts have to be maintained.” “There are three or four [Russian] state companies working in Venezuela that organized delegations [of private security teams] into the country,” says a source who was approached about guarding local oil facilities. According to a Russian special forces veteran who also worked in Venezuela as a private contractor, Russian companies distributed humanitarian aid to local staff at these facilities, “to prevent food riots,” amid national shortages brought about by the collapse of Venezuela’s agricultural industry.


Most of the Russian military specialists in Venezuela were paid 150,000 rubles ($2,365) a month (which is similar to the typical salaries earned in Syria by mercenaries in the “Wagner” private military company, according to an investigative report by RBC). After landing in Venezuela, Russians were instructed, for example, to collect Russian companies’ corporate documents and bring them back home. More serious tasks were handled individually, “through their own channels,” by hiring a handful of “private contractors,” explains a specialist who worked in the country. A source in Russia’s interior security troops says there were roughly 60 mercenaries performing “special assignments.” The salary for this work was above average: 220,000 rubles ($3,470) a month. These men were tasked with jobs like recruiting informants in dangerous parts of Caracas, says a source who was offered one such assignment.

Anonymous ID: 3df932 2019-07-29 11:53:03Z No. 7240702


remember past deaths

Anonymous ID: a2fbd6 2019-07-29 11:53:40Z No. 7240704


duper's delight smile, arms crossed to reject questions

Anonymous ID: 5cf10f 2019-07-29 11:53:59Z No. 7240706


"The silo was built of heavily reinforced concrete, and was 147 feet deep and 55 feet in diameter."

Epstein Island was 142 feet at its highest point in 1917 when we bought it according to a geological survey. How wide is the sundial's diameter again? A bit wider than 55 feet I recall. Enough for blast door foundations and hinges?

Just wanted to consider this as a possibility for a dual use island.

Anonymous ID: 464fd2 2019-07-29 11:54:03Z No. 7240707


Maybe we remember EVERYTHING. Multiple lifetimes, people we've met over 1000s of years.


Anonymous ID: 87f397 2019-07-29 11:54:17Z No. 7240709

>>7240683 Or more likely, discovering that your memories are false implants.

Anonymous ID: 5fb1ec 2019-07-29 11:54:26Z No. 7240711


what does all that faggotity pageantry

get u brits?

Anonymous ID: 7c6cb6 2019-07-29 11:54:30Z No. 7240713


Makes the "Mirror" theory more plausible.

The "Elite" lied, and brainwashed the sheep into thinking it was Them who were in the 1%.

Anonymous ID: 47a847 2019-07-29 11:54:35Z No. 7240714


I have no idea what your point is, but kudos for referencing Kill la Kill. ;-)

And don't assume the "alien parasite" isn't relevant to the problems facing us in the world today.

Anonymous ID: 8c7110 2019-07-29 11:54:56Z No. 7240716


Not to me.

When you own the FED, and have slush funds with trillions everywhere, 200M is nothing.

Anonymous ID: d3b666 2019-07-29 11:55:22Z No. 7240718

Lot's O' Slides This Way





Anonymous ID: 898355 2019-07-29 11:55:23Z No. 7240719


Agree. Even if the ambulance tire is flat, they could've began treatment for the "wounds".

Anonymous ID: fc51ba 2019-07-29 11:55:30Z No.