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Q Research General #9279: The Garlic Bread Edition

Q Research General #9279: The Garlic Bread Edition Anonymous ID: 277996 2019-07-30 02:19:11Z No. 7252348

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Monday 07.29.2019

>>7247581 ————————————–——– Epstein in danger of being murdered before trial says victims' lawyer (Cap: >>7247606)

>>7247095 ————————————–——– Speed accelerated +5. Coats Before Declas. (Cap: >>7247114)

>>7245687 ————————————–——– Good crop this season? (Cap: >>7245702, >>7245761 vid)

>>7246642 ————————————–——– (Cap: >>7248602)

>>7245314 ————————————–——– No coverage by US MSM? (Cap: >>7245363)

>>7245008 rt >>7244956 ————————— They are powerless

>>7244873 ————————————–——– We now have plenty of space. (Cap: >>7244917)

>>7243904 rt >>7243889 ————————— Future marker.

>>7243859 ————————————–——– Thank you for confirming…. (Cap: >>7243906)

>>7243694 rt >>7243655 ————————— Anons crashed the site.

>>7243401 ————————————–——– Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate? (Caps: >>7243442 , >>7243587)

>>7243093 ————————————–——– Think 2020.

Sunday 07.28.2019

>>7234526 ————————————–——– DNC server(s) hold many answers

>>7233932 rt >>7233832 ————————— Italy is w/ POTUS

>>7233832 ————————————–——– Follow the money. Follow the family (Cap: >>7233857)

>>7231226 ————————————–——– The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month. (Cap: >>7231307)

>>7231024 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE SWAMP! (Cap: >>7231062, >>7232370)

Saturday 07.27.2019

Compiled here: >>7249329

Friday 07.26.2019

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>>7252254 POTUS on FB re Baltimore: Where did the money go, Cummings?!

>>7252186 , >>7252208, >>7252327 Jack Dorsey and Standard Hotel leading to latest takedown of Voat?

>>7252049 , >>7252141 Dream Weaver yacht and Holdings dig

>>7252075 Elijah Cummings’s wife used her charity to pay her for-profit company

>>7252024 2017: Rod Rosenstein on Baltimore

>>7252015 The US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) fund

>>7251883 New Ben Garrison: "Sunken Democrats" Full Steam Ahead!

>>7251864 The ACLJ obtain unreleased docs related to the Clinton investigation

>>7251837 Wikileaks public statements on Seth Rich being the leaker have been memory holed

>>7251809 Satanic ritual days around now

>>7251800 , >>7251957 Trump gave $16B to Baltimore in 2018, where'd it go King Elijah??

>>7251740 , >>7251754, >>7251768 Chicago Named 'Rat Capital' Of United States 2018

>>7252026 , >>7252074, >>7252113, >>7252146 Masonic witnesses at the garlic shooting? Cont. TBC

>>7251675 , >>7251904, >>7251930, >>7251896, >>7252002 Masonic witnesses at the garlic shooting? TBC

>>7251664 Donald Trump Meets with Black Pastors Amid Feud with Al Sharpton

>>7252346 #9278


>>7251365 Very long, but informative article on SAPs, such as Area 51

>>7251303 , >>7251409 CNN re Mueller: Trump fans deal in memes

>>7251252 New Development: Epstein hit with lawsuit a day before he was found injured on cell floor

>>7251195 ‘Operation End Game’: Convicted murderer among those arrested in online child sex sting

>>7251151 Whittaker talking about Ratcliffe and Barr: Full 'central casting' clip

>>7251115 'Acting' protocol: Vacancies Reform Act of 1998: Temporary basis for up to 210 days

>>7250970 Putin: Ukrainian/Clinton collusion is no secret

>>7250996 Video keks: Mueller Meltdown

>>7250989 Tucker Carlson on Baltimore

>>7250967 , >>7250978 Voat reported down again

>>7250944 , >>7250964 Official Comms from WhiteHouse: 9/11 Fund and Baltimore

>>7250913 Nadler's district received $3.2mm in grants from the Nation Endowment for the Arts

>>7250890 PANIC!! FBI Braces for Durham’s First Intel Drop; ‘No One Is Safe'

>>7250869 , >>7250877, >>7250873 Accused priests, Dryden, Michigan & Opus Bono Sacerdoti

>>7251574 #9277


>>7250632 , >>7250666, >>7250674 Arkansas Judicial Disciplinary Action of Philip Smith Sanction Press Release

>>7250626 Whittaker: Ratcliffe “straight out of Central Casting” (MacCallum show interview)

>>7250381 Was Tony Rodham's death retaliation for murders of 2 NYPD and 2 former state senators?

>>7250321 Italian Council Plans to Ban Gender Bending Drugs for Kids

>>7250303 Apollo Global (Sun God) gives Epstein $10 million, regrets it

>>7250262 More child sex trafficking arrests in Georgia

>>7250248 Reports: Over 3,100 journalists have lost their jobs in 2019

>>7250246 A look at Sparrows Point at the Port of Baltimore

>>7250232 DCCC Executive Director Allison Jaslow has resigned

>>7250131 Epstein Island boatfag report

>>7250128 , >>7250253, >>7250236 Satanic holiday 'St James Day' falls on 7/25 yearly

>>7250072 US Airforce Academy tweet: There's a storm rolling in

>>7250812 9276

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Anonymous ID: 277996 2019-07-30 02:21:39Z No. 7252373

#9279 Dough

Backup baker, guud to go?

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:21:55Z No. 7252375

Anonymous ID: 216ee0 2019-07-30 02:23:25Z No. 7252388


Anonymous ID: 480189 2019-07-30 02:24:48Z No. 7252399

Trump is cabal pretending to be "Team Q."

Anonymous ID: 2aeae3 2019-07-30 02:24:56Z No. 7252400

Thank you Baker.

Anonymous ID: 2efec1 2019-07-30 02:25:09Z No. 7252401

Anonymous ID: 5a8f0e 2019-07-30 02:25:13Z No. 7252402

Anonymous ID: ce0c04 2019-07-30 02:25:44Z No. 7252403

Tunes for the forthcoming storm

Anonymous ID: d963c6 2019-07-30 02:25:45Z No. 7252404

Is there a way to order Q's posts by the time stamp by minutes? Like 00:01, 00:02, 00:03, up to 23:59 etc? Just wondering what would happen. There must be some doubles in there though

Anonymous ID: 145149 2019-07-30 02:25:47Z No. 7252405

Sd vs baltimore

2 homers in first 2-0

Anonymous ID: f0ba26 2019-07-30 02:25:53Z No. 7252406

VoatPhoneFag anon sauce for Epstein diggs dumped late lb: Found the photo with Bloomberg. Found the sauce regarding Mark Cuban’s presence. Found the Standard Grill Sauce.

Anonymous ID: 68e394 2019-07-30 02:25:55Z No. 7252407


Anonymous ID: 1b117e 2019-07-30 02:26:02Z No. 7252408

TY Baker .

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:26:07Z No. 7252409


Anonymous ID: 529460 2019-07-30 02:26:12Z No. 7252410

Thank you baker

Anonymous ID: 2786f9 2019-07-30 02:26:15Z No. 7252411


The Liberal Jews!

Anonymous ID: 8ec20e 2019-07-30 02:26:15Z No. 7252412



Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:26:29Z No. 7252413

yo can accept dough


Anonymous ID: 99e425 2019-07-30 02:26:33Z No. 7252414


Modern conveniences and technological advancements are transforming the agriculture industry. Everything from the equipment used to the farming methods applied has been transformed with new ideas. In spite of all the newness, however, farmers continue to preserve traditions. One way farm traditions live on is through sayings that are passed on from generation to generation.

Knee-high by the Fourth of July is a common saying for corn farmers throughout the Midwest. It serves as a way to measure the corn’s growth and compare it to previous years. Corn is expected to be knee high in late June or early July. When the saying proved true, it means that growing conditions have been favorable and farmers could expect a good yield that year. If the corn crop has not gotten off to a good start, it’s unlikely that you will have a high yield.

Corn growth cycles

Today’s agriculture industry has seen a slight change in growth cycles. Instead of “knee-high by the Fourth of July” the saying, “The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye” seems to be more accurate. The new phrase was taken from a song in the 1943 musical Oklahoma! With new corn breeds and varieties available, there are noticeable differences in the way the crop grows. Farmers can plant earlier because of tougher breeds and new kinds of seeds. Earlier planting means taller corn on July 4th. The expectation is now corn that is chest-high or taller.

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:26:33Z No. 7252415


Figure some moar.

Anonymous ID: 2aeae3 2019-07-30 02:26:33Z No. 7252416



Anonymous ID: c752cd 2019-07-30 02:26:45Z No. 7252417

thats why i think its pretty silly when Q tells us to vote, as if it matters. Q junta runs this country now no matter what. It doesnt sound very democracyish to say it out loud, but its the truth.

Anonymous ID: d3fdc2 2019-07-30 02:26:50Z No. 7252418


Anonymous ID: ce0c04 2019-07-30 02:26:59Z No. 7252419


Very nice

Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 02:27:16Z No. 7252420


This meme always reminds me of this song for some reason

Anonymous ID: 218412 2019-07-30 02:27:16Z No. 7252421

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:27:16Z No. 7252422

Anonymous ID: aed459 2019-07-30 02:27:19Z No. 7252423


It's funny how fast the goalposts are shifting.

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:27:22Z No. 7252424


Anonymous ID: 855bb9 2019-07-30 02:27:23Z No. 7252425



Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:27:34Z No. 7252427



>>7252307 lb


Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 02:27:36Z No. 7252426

Suck it up buttercup!

Anonymous ID: 5cdcff 2019-07-30 02:27:41Z No. 7252428

Patriots are in control

Rats are panicking.

Shills are trying to infiltrate.

They never thought she would lose.

(pic related)

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:27:45Z No. 7252429



Anonymous ID: 4b6783 2019-07-30 02:27:45Z No. 7252430

Anonymous ID: e88276 2019-07-30 02:27:48Z No. 7252431

the far left dim witted dems should put their mouths where their feet are and commit to WILD immigration and bring an asylum seekiing sniping savage from isis over with one of obongo's sniper rifles in yo locker – nance, talking to YOU



Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 02:27:48Z No. 7252432



Anonymous ID: 277996 2019-07-30 02:27:50Z No. 7252433


Handoff confirmed

Do's all yo's yo


Anonymous ID: d154c7 2019-07-30 02:28:10Z No. 7252434


is that a sexbot

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:28:14Z No. 7252435

Anonymous ID: 91385c 2019-07-30 02:28:25Z No. 7252437

Anonymous ID: 85c61d 2019-07-30 02:28:33Z No. 7252438

Member when they thought Italy was clowning Trump? We sure the fuck do


Anonymous ID: d3fdc2 2019-07-30 02:28:35Z No. 7252439


Time flies, and here we are again.

Anonymous ID: d4b8ba 2019-07-30 02:28:55Z No. 7252440


It's time to clean house.

Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:28:59Z No. 7252441


ty baker

love the title

will scrap off shill mason crisps

have a good one


Anonymous ID: ce0c04 2019-07-30 02:29:03Z No. 7252442


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:29:09Z No. 7252443



why did you add "TBC" after the mason witness digs?

obviously it fits mason symbolism.

obviously a staged FF with actors.

obviously mason involvment is known to anons already.

are you here to help ot tp be a gatekeeper?

Anonymous ID: 61f7ab 2019-07-30 02:29:14Z No. 7252444

oh crap…. Maggie … Idioms

""To begin planning or preparing to replace someone in a job or position before one has actually secured the role, especially during a political election."""

is she talking about Ratcliffe?

Anonymous ID: bbf379 2019-07-30 02:29:15Z No. 7252445


It matters

Anonymous ID: 2efec1 2019-07-30 02:29:21Z No. 7252446

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:29:22Z No. 7252447


All of those band members are Masons.

They are also kid-diddlers. The pictures you found of them with children is also what allowed them to move up positionally with the Masons.

The Masons are responsible for feeding the media lies. In exchange, they get to engage in child sex acts, with further Mason support at higher levels (in government, and police).

These kid-diddlers are 100% protected by other Masons.

So - they do the work of masons - lie to the media about the shooting.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:29:29Z No. 7252448


Need better imagine of Uncle Ted before making that claim. Also, shooter logo doesn't look Masonic. Maybe a band or video game?

Anonymous ID: 895ecc 2019-07-30 02:29:41Z No. 7252449


triplets Basil…

Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:29:53Z No. 7252450

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:29:56Z No. 7252451


Unless they were in the TwinTowers 9/11!

Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 02:29:58Z No. 7252452


Anonymous ID: 2aeae3 2019-07-30 02:30:12Z No. 7252453


Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Anybody ever play 'Butts-up' in middle school?

Bend over against a brick wall and everyone throws a tennis ball at your ass from 30 feet away.

The welts on your ass were serious shit.

Nobody bothered us about that game.

No wonder kids today are fucking pussies.

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:30:13Z No. 7252454


Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:30:13Z No. 7252455


The shooter wasn't Masonic. The Mason's job is to tell the media lies in front of camera.

In exchange, they get to fuck kids, while other Masons protect them. Read above.

Anonymous ID: 0ccacc 2019-07-30 02:30:22Z No. 7252456

Let's see, 28,000,000,000 dollars (28 billion)

Baltimore pop: 600,000.

comes out to 46,667 each. approx.

Anonymous ID: 2e1886 2019-07-30 02:30:26Z No. 7252457


Masonfags baking

Anonymous ID: 277996 2019-07-30 02:30:28Z No. 7252458


Kek, good luck with that, mind the rain.

>have a good one

Back atcha

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:30:47Z No. 7252459


Did. Too reachy. Not an octopus.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:30:53Z No. 7252460

Anonymous ID: 137cdf 2019-07-30 02:31:00Z No. 7252461

Declas.. for night shift..?

>Declass is Wednesday faggot now reread all previous breads and (((think logically)))


Was worth a try

Anonymous ID: 8d44da 2019-07-30 02:31:07Z No. 7252462

>>7252444 know, I would tweet back at her 'STEPHEN MOTHERFUCKIN' MILLER measures the drapes around here, nosy bitch' if I was CINC. With the addendum 'KELLYANNE PICKS UP IF HE'S OFF THAT DAY' just to fuck up her happy hour.

Anonymous ID: 144179 2019-07-30 02:31:07Z No. 7252463

>>7252444 Maggie Haberman tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office


Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 02:31:08Z No. 7252464

>>7252077 (LB)

>>7251919 (LB)



Anonymous ID: 1b9a6e 2019-07-30 02:31:18Z No. 7252465

Candice Owen's bringing the HEAT on Ingham!!

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:31:18Z No. 7252466


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:31:22Z No. 7252467


you glow, info attacking clown.

the necklace clearly matches the FBI pedo symbol exactly.

this is is the witness of a shooting that anons found out is fake as fuck.

the shooter most likely was a mason too. but not known yet.

anyway, this is a well sauced post and needs to be notable.

Anonymous ID: 3bbf16 2019-07-30 02:31:30Z No. 7252468

>>7252021 pb

>>7252186 pb

>>7252208 pb

Voatfags talkin trash on their outage page. kek

They seem to think it's the

EPSTEIN, Nicole Junkermann, the Red Cross and the VATICAN connections (pizzagate) post

Anonymous ID: 9d7ea2 2019-07-30 02:31:36Z No. 7252469


Anonymous ID: 712e99 2019-07-30 02:31:37Z No. 7252470

>>7252384 (lb)

How do we know it's from the recent festival shooting? Sorry for the dickfagging - I wanna use this pic but it's not in context.

Anonymous ID: 6be199 2019-07-30 02:31:41Z No. 7252471


Thank you, Baker.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:31:50Z No. 7252472


Might get some UK or Italian action in the meantime 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:31:53Z No. 7252473


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:32:14Z No. 7252474

Have rewatched Hannity segment focusing on "Papadopolous / Recordings / Exculpatory"

Basic transcript, forgive any errors pls:

"According to just released reports, Judicial Watch, a federal court has ordered a hearing about whether to speed up the release of key Strzok-Page text documents, and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has obtained the Obama DOJ's immunity agreements with Hillary Clinton lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, told to 'dispose of the evidence and refuse to comply with federal law'. This all comes as sources are telling Fox News that John Durham, the prosecutor from Massachusetts, is zeroing in on why certain pieces of exculpatory material may have been withheld from the FISA court as it pertains to the spying on the team of Trump."

[Cheryl Mills]

[Heather Samuelson]

"'dispose of the evidence and refuse to comply with federal law'"

At a very minimum, both should be disbarred.

Lots more background if you want to catch up quickly:

Further, check this blogger's curious experience when searching online for Heather Samuelson. We know what it means when someone has missing or scarce search results.

Note the difference in Samuelson's appearance, depending on whether she's used a flat iron on her hair or not. When she hasn't, she's in the same neighborhood as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Anonymous ID: 99dbee 2019-07-30 02:32:17Z No. 7252475

I'm not racist. I just hate crooks. I don't care who you are. The whole problem is what you're doing.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:32:20Z No. 7252476


Whatever laser pointer.

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:32:29Z No. 7252477


Adult males that wear new age symbols always freaked me out.

Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 02:32:31Z No. 7252478



Steven Romero, 6, was murdered last night at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Anonymous ID: 5cfe70 2019-07-30 02:32:42Z No. 7252479

I'm here because voat is down and now I'm bored. What's the latest news on the biggest of habbenings?

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 02:32:47Z No. 7252480

>>7251674 pb

Creepy as hell.

She had some expert make-up applied to conceal the black eye. Best I've seen among the Black Eye club.

Who knew?

Hubbies got a black eye on his other eye.

Who else had a right eye black eye?

There's at least one other.

Anonymous ID: 34599c 2019-07-30 02:33:03Z No. 7252481


Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:33:07Z No. 7252482


Reply:No the NOOSE'S!

Anonymous ID: 2ebfc9 2019-07-30 02:33:10Z No. 7252483


Thatsssss a message. Damn it must suck to have to communicate like that

Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:33:14Z No. 7252484


My stadium?

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:33:25Z No. 7252485


They are Masons and pedophiles.

They do the Mason's bidding (lying to the media on camera).

They get to fuck kids, while other Masons protect them in government and police.

Anyone realize this?

Anonymous ID: b74b8d 2019-07-30 02:33:32Z No. 7252486



Anonymous ID: 1780ab 2019-07-30 02:33:39Z No. 7252487


…Just your typical hippy crystals. Keep eyes on the 'brotherhood' LEO's giving the interviews. Don't fuckin' bullshit me.

Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 02:33:45Z No. 7252488

Gettin the feelin there a lot of piece shit child molesting mA sons on this board tonight…

Listen you filthy pedophile mother fuckers, we know who and where you are and the ONLY reason you wake up tomorrow is because we LET you.

So do the right thing and spill your guts, if not you can just wait for the 3am no-knock and get raped to death in prison.

Your choice.

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:33:47Z No. 7252489


Richard D. Fairbank, 66

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Capital One Financial Corp.

Mr. Richard D. Fairbank is Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at Capital One Financial Corp., Chairman at Capital One, FSB, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Capital One Bank (USA) NA, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Capital One NA and a Member at The Presidents Council. He is on the Board of Directors at Federal Reserve System. Mr. Fairbank was previously employed as Chairman by Mastercard, Inc. and Chairman by Chevy Chase Bank Corp. He also served on the board at MasterCard International, Inc. and ING Bank FSB. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:33:48Z No. 7252490


Your mom is a well sauced post and a thousand times more legit than your lowfi digital interpretation, especially on how to fuck your friends, jigglypuff

Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:33:54Z No. 7252491


Anonymous ID: 3bce6c 2019-07-30 02:34:05Z No. 7252492


Anonymous ID: 529460 2019-07-30 02:34:09Z No. 7252493




I think you've cracked the secret code

Anonymous ID: e88276 2019-07-30 02:34:12Z No. 7252494

Mexican words of the day: cop tents

Far left tard dems equate racism with in-competence.

you kek

Anonymous ID: f0ba26 2019-07-30 02:34:18Z No. 7252495


Hey hey it's not their fault they attract frens that are so accident prone.

Yeah, kinda above the national average and few have been from Cancer like in the real world.

But, let's not rush to judgement.

Former FBI Director Comey said he couldn't indict and Former NSA Susan Rice said they did it by the book.

So, I'll have to assume Not Guilty until proven otherwise.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:34:24Z No. 7252496


Anonymous ID: b4e542 2019-07-30 02:34:28Z No. 7252497

Q, is it a co-incidence that the Garlic Festival shooting happened exactly 666 days after the Las Vegas Harvest Festival Massacre???

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:34:30Z No. 7252498


Anonymous ID: 791c6b 2019-07-30 02:34:31Z No. 7252499






Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:34:54Z No. 7252500


That means Trump is the only person on this stage who could have 56 dead actual friends.


Or the shooter wasn't Masonic because there was no shooter. This could be another completely fabricated event.

Think to yourself, if these victims were real, don't you think there would be a far more serious and potentially violent response from the victim families? You're still hearing about 9/11 and that was 18 years ago. The fake deaths go silent quickly.

Anonymous ID: 4aa1a6 2019-07-30 02:34:54Z No. 7252501

sounds gay


Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:35:00Z No. 7252502


makes me sick. hoping there are still good masons out there but they sure seem to be all around the FFs

Anonymous ID: 901f33 2019-07-30 02:35:02Z No. 7252503

Anonymous ID: c3b178 2019-07-30 02:35:06Z No. 7252504



Wonder if it is Freddy? I mean James Lefeber of Wisconsin? I mean Freddy?

Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:35:09Z No. 7252505


Anonymous ID: 99dbee 2019-07-30 02:35:26Z No. 7252506


Gilroy Garlic Festival FF was because August is Hot. Expecting bigger, lamer acts of desperation.

When does [[[JE]]] sing?

Anonymous ID: 895ecc 2019-07-30 02:35:27Z No. 7252507



Beer and a corncob got him out of the closet?

Anonymous ID: 541bfc 2019-07-30 02:35:41Z No. 7252508


to be continued? more digs?

Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:35:45Z No. 7252509


That tweet is aging well!

Anonymous ID: 05f6e1 2019-07-30 02:35:47Z No. 7252510

Why on Earth would a big name hacker send journalists a password that gained access to a special part of

Hackers hate journalists and would never do them a favor. If you have something you want to show it off. Not a random journalist!

The emails speak for themselves and would easily attract readers without the need for a journalist to promote it.

This sounds like a cover story to explain why "journalists" had the passwords in the first place.

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:35:52Z No. 7252511



>>7237996 lb, truck amputee guy video

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:35:54Z No. 7252512


Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 02:35:55Z No. 7252513


Learn to read.

Anonymous ID: 37424e 2019-07-30 02:35:59Z No. 7252514


Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:36:02Z No. 7252515


Does anyone have the footage of the live address on BBC?

There was some footage out there, of her shapeshifting in real time.

If you look around online, there are TONS of comments about it, when people were watching it live back in the day - but it was on TV, internet wasn't broadcasting it back then.

On someone's VHS at home, we might have real evidence that we need.

I don't know if it was "shapeshifting" but you can go read the comments yourself, something fucky.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:36:03Z No. 7252516


Yes, Jeez, it's a coincidence..

Move along sheeps.

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:36:06Z No. 7252517


It Was the Butter!

Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:36:12Z No. 7252518


what does that mean, exactly?

Anonymous ID: d0a9b5 2019-07-30 02:36:19Z No. 7252519


look how blingy that hat is.

definitely not mason.

same symbol on shirt.


Anonymous ID: 218412 2019-07-30 02:36:22Z No. 7252520


Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 02:36:23Z No. 7252521


Candace Owens, /our girl/ Just fileted her Libtard counterpart on Ingaham….

Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:36:24Z No. 7252522


New stuff obtained by Tom Fitton and in the hands of the ICLJ show that Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were instructed (by Obama, is the implication) to destroy evidence and refuse to comply with federal law

I don't even know how many crimes that is, but those girls aren't going to be lawyers much longer

Anonymous ID: deca4f 2019-07-30 02:36:25Z No. 7252523

Guess that's a "NO GO" then Q. :( Patience is a virtue…

Anonymous ID: e14251 2019-07-30 02:36:31Z No. 7252524


Anonymous ID: 137cdf 2019-07-30 02:36:31Z No. 7252525


An American patriot

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:36:32Z No. 7252526


Do you?

You're a sick fuck aren't ya….

Anonymous ID: 40c6aa 2019-07-30 02:36:41Z No. 7252527


Funny you should mention marijuana…the wildlife guy asked me how well I knew my neighbors. That was not the source of the smell. Turned out I really had a gas leak near the skunk's den under my porch…(lawn service employees like to run into things). The wildlife guy saved my life and theneighbor on the other side. Both our meters/gas line conncetions were leaking. Called the gas company and they responded quickly, replacing the connection above ground.

The real problem was the connection coming from below ground to the meter. Had to call the "big truck" (that's what they call it) and a big truck came rolling around the corner with a trailer holding the back hoe and a five man crew. I just saw the dollar signs in my mind what this money pit house was going to cost to fix this. Thankfully, this was taken care of by the gas company.

Just a warning to all…it could be a skunk, or it could be a gas leak. Play it safe. I know how sick I was getting from inhaling the gas AND the eau de skunk.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:36:46Z No. 7252528

Where's the jooshills???

Anonymous ID: 28deaf 2019-07-30 02:36:47Z No. 7252529


Did someone say garlic bread?

Anonymous ID: e491ff 2019-07-30 02:36:52Z No. 7252530

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:36:52Z No. 7252531

Anonymous ID: bef48f 2019-07-30 02:36:53Z No. 7252532

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:36:56Z No. 7252533


Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 02:37:17Z No. 7252534


Do you remember Gmail Draft drop?

Anonymous ID: 8d44da 2019-07-30 02:37:19Z No. 7252535


RIP, baby. Very sad

Anonymous ID: 7f96fd 2019-07-30 02:37:19Z No. 7252536


Wow! Can your digits be wrong?

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:37:22Z No. 7252537


Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:37:23Z No. 7252538


Nevermind, there's one

KYS jooshill

Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:37:24Z No. 7252539


You are seriously deluded. Get back to reddit you faggot!

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:37:26Z No. 7252540


Anonymous ID: 529460 2019-07-30 02:37:27Z No. 7252541


Lower level masons are lackeys

they do the shit work

and serve as the innocent/helpful face of the org

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:37:27Z No. 7252542

Anonymous ID: 45ee9b 2019-07-30 02:37:32Z No. 7252543

>>7252264 pb

Amshel Rothschild and his wife were also godparents to a daughter of politician William Waldegrave, who is a godfather to James Rothschild. And this Waldegrave dude is responsible for the focus on the Higgs Boson and donated mayor funds to CERN

Anonymous ID: 3de2dd 2019-07-30 02:37:36Z No. 7252544

Anonymous ID: 9dc433 2019-07-30 02:37:36Z No. 7252546



>one. Saved to note file on phone for later use.



> Found the photo with Bloomberg.

> Found the sauce regarding Mark Cuban’s presence.

> Found the Standard Grill Sauce.

Anon, here is one screen capture of the links. you need to try to screen cap most links as they do 404 them after you link to it… because they are hiding stuff as we find it.

one of the pics related to a 404 after you guys posted it on

am former researcher there (still lurk) but the mods / clowns 404 most of the links if they can.

Anonymous ID: b4e542 2019-07-30 02:37:38Z No. 7252545


Got their pretty Stone Antenna sitting there, pity no-one has a clue about what these really do….

Anonymous ID: d154c7 2019-07-30 02:37:45Z No. 7252547


Slayed her

Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:37:58Z No. 7252548


>belongs to highest tier in Synagogue of Satan

>good person

Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:38:01Z No. 7252549


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:38:10Z No. 7252550


>>7238715 lb, actors relaxed before cam is present, busy when cam shows up, fake blood, victim is amputee

Anonymous ID: 144179 2019-07-30 02:38:24Z No. 7252551


Anonymous ID: ecc24d 2019-07-30 02:38:25Z No. 7252552

Comfy AF!

Anonymous ID: 1b117e 2019-07-30 02:38:27Z No. 7252553


da faq

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:38:37Z No. 7252554


Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:38:43Z No. 7252555



Anonymous ID: 8ec20e 2019-07-30 02:38:48Z No. 7252556


Here’s lookin atcha.

Anonymous ID: 3a8d02 2019-07-30 02:38:51Z No. 7252557

The focus on Baltimore is going to be a red pill for the normies

Dems create abject, crisis social conditions in order to get taxpayer money to fix

The money comes in and goes to allies who loop jelly back to the Dems

Problems remain



Billions wasted and stolen

Anonymous ID: 99dbee 2019-07-30 02:38:53Z No. 7252558


Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 02:39:06Z No. 7252559


>RIP, baby. Very sad

It was his 6th birthday

Murdered on his 6th birthday

Anonymous ID: f0ba26 2019-07-30 02:39:14Z No. 7252560



Anon Boob Classics 2018/08

Anonymous ID: d43ce0 2019-07-30 02:39:20Z No. 7252561

John gilroy. Film editor. Work includes BOURNE LEGACY. Guinness advertising artist. Then the zip code 9+5+0+2+1=?? 17!!! No coincidences

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:39:20Z No. 7252562


Welcome to Pedophile Island!

Anonymous ID: 8196db 2019-07-30 02:39:22Z No. 7252563

Can't stand that traitor Laura Ingraham..

Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 02:39:26Z No. 7252564


Isn't Mel supposed to be a good Mason?

Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 02:39:36Z No. 7252565

WTF twatter police in action, wonder what the hell is up with this

Anonymous ID: ba0b98 2019-07-30 02:39:40Z No. 7252566

future proves past

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:39:44Z No. 7252567


I thought this was a direct confirmation of the recent Q post.

Anonymous ID: 2786f9 2019-07-30 02:39:46Z No. 7252568


But they say they are victims.



Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:39:50Z No. 7252569


that makes sense anon

Anonymous ID: bd4447 2019-07-30 02:40:04Z No. 7252570

Night Shift Phoebe Snow 1975 Timeless

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:40:11Z No. 7252571

Anonymous ID: d421d7 2019-07-30 02:40:12Z No. 7252572


Also, Maggie appears to be "cc"ing someone who died 6 years ago…

Anonymous ID: ba855f 2019-07-30 02:40:13Z No. 7252573

Anonymous ID: 2efec1 2019-07-30 02:40:13Z No. 7252574

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:40:15Z No. 7252575


That is about it.

A secret society the satanist elite uses to rule over all nations in largely engaging in child rape, torture and sacrifice to worship their fake god lucifer.

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:40:19Z No. 7252576


They are still salty over the #ClitonBodyCount haha.

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:40:26Z No. 7252577


hopefully….his dad was pretty cool

Anonymous ID: e14251 2019-07-30 02:40:28Z No. 7252578


We went thru this vid last night. Saw another clip of this truck on MSM today rushing by camera. They blurred out the entire back end of truck. Couldn't see anything in the back of the truck. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous ID: 3374b1 2019-07-30 02:40:28Z No. 7252579


His backup acct

Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:40:33Z No. 7252580


Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:40:40Z No. 7252581


The leak on Voat was about Jack… exposed for frequenting Standard hotel….

Jack is doing this

Anonymous ID: 61fde0 2019-07-30 02:40:44Z No. 7252582

We'll take the steps through the unmarked door

A look back for another collision

But the boys of the spires

Are boys no more

Anonymous ID: 9ecc4b 2019-07-30 02:40:51Z No. 7252583


the things of the meta don't map well in the normie world.

study The Sermon on the Mount.

Reinvestigate the Book of Revelations and , as well, see how it is often seen as a book on Psychology.

Of course Shape Shifting is real in the meta . . .

but when you go in front of judges and councils in this world, they don't want to hear about The Transformation and visions induced through exhaustive meditation.

Anonymous ID: 7ff370 2019-07-30 02:40:58Z No. 7252584

Voat is down hard. Epstein story connection to IDF seems to have triggered quite the storm

Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 02:40:59Z No. 7252585


So…another threat?

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 02:41:00Z No. 7252586

Behind A Jaguar

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:41:11Z No. 7252587



Anonymous ID: 199e73 2019-07-30 02:41:13Z No. 7252588


I read that the kid was 19 (not even old enough to buy a long rifle in CA). Can a 19 yo be a mason? I thought they had to be much older.

Anonymous ID: 3d0002 2019-07-30 02:41:21Z No. 7252589


You're dumb as fuck.

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:41:21Z No. 7252590


it matches the FBI pedo symbol exactly.

that guys is explaining a 'shooting' that anon sknow did not happen.

ffs, you disinfo shill just gotta try harder.

Anonymous ID: 231ca3 2019-07-30 02:41:22Z No. 7252591

Jeffrey Peterson



We received a call a few hours ago from a high ranking #Democrat party insider with one of the biggest breaking tips about Mexico/Democrat corruption we've had in a long time, maybe ever. Working hard to verify it right now, will report soon. Looks real. This is a big one folks.

Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 02:41:23Z No. 7252592


>thanks anon

Anonymous ID: 73eb66 2019-07-30 02:41:27Z No. 7252593

More incoming aside what Hannity mentioned earlier… Huber!

Anonymous ID: c08698 2019-07-30 02:41:32Z No. 7252594

Guggenheim Expects Stocks to Crash 50% In The Next Recession

One could get whiplash listening to Guggenheim's Scott Minerd's rapidly changing opinions these days.

Back on May 29, the weightlifting CIO of the $265 billion asset manager, made a gloomy forecast on CNBC, predicting that the stock market sell-off is likely far from over, and said stocks would go "somewhere below the lows in December." Near term, he saw an "immediate move" down to around 2,730 on the before it drops further. Oh, and he also said the next move by the Fed will be a rate hike.


Not even two months later, everything miraculously changed, and on July 15, again on CNBC, Minerd changed his tune by 180 degrees, and no longer seeing any crash, said that he now thinks the S&P 500 could rise 15% and approach 3,500 before the end of year, comparing the current market environment to a 1998 rally amid interest rate cuts.

“This rally — whether you’re looking at bonds, you’re looking at stocks, high yield, pick whatever you want — is all being driven by liquidity. And the central banks around the world have basically signaled that they are going to step on the accelerator,” Minerd said adding that the Fed has "kind of hit the panic button" and that "you’re going to see the money flow out of the central banks into bonds, which will free up capital and that will naturally find another place to migrate to and ultimately it will end up in the hands of stocks."

And so, Minerd now had all bases covered, with a soundbite to say he was right if stocks crashed, and another if they melted up by another 500 points. Actually, there was one base that needed covering: the same one that Trump has been pounding every single day, namely that if it all goes pear-shaped, it will be the Fed's fault (he is actually right about that), and today, Minerd - undaunted by his recent dismal track record in making public predictions - slammed the Fed saying that the Fed should hike interest rates, not cut them.

The consequences of the Fed’s actions in the next week - the U.S. central bank is expected to cut interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point - could be with us for much longer than we think, culminating in the next recession and increasing the risk to financial stability.

In the meantime, the Fed could be delivering yet another sugar high to the economy that doesn’t address underlying structural problems created by powerful demographic forces that are constraining output and depressing prices.

Like we said, this time Minerd was correct, though we wonder: why does it take all these sophisticated financial professionals a decade to realize (or admit) what we have been saying since 2009. Must have something to do with vested year-end bonus options…

In any case, just in case everyone wasn't completely confused yet, today's Minerd released yet another research report in which he tried to predict not only when the next recession would hit ("we maintain our view that the recession could begin as early as the first half of 2020, but will be watching for signs that the dovish pivot by the Federal Reserve (Fed) could extend the cycle"), but also how severe it will be.

It is here that things get ugly, because as Guggenheim notes, credit markets "are likely to be hit harder than usual in the recession. This stems from the record high ratio of corporate debt to GDP and the likelihood of a massive fallen angel wave." With that in mind, the bank notes that "when recessions hit, the magnitude of the associated bear market in stocks is driven by how high valuations were in the preceding bull market." And given that valuations reached quite elevated levels in this cycle, Guggenheim expects "a severe bear market of 40–50 percent in the next recession."

Here are some additional details, starting with Guggenheim's framework for when the next recession will hit: here, the bank notes that its Recession Probability Model rose across all horizons in the first quarter of 2019, and while near-term the recession probability remains subdued, over the next 24 months recession probability more than doubled compared to the third quarter reading. The deterioration in leading indicators, further flattening of the yield curve, and tightening of monetary policy all contributed to rising recession risks through the first quarter. And since Guggenheim expects these trends to continue and growth to weaken in 2019, it expects recession risk to rise throughout the year.


Anonymous ID: 144179 2019-07-30 02:41:35Z No. 7252595

>>7252444 , >>7252572 Maggie Haberman cc's account that died 6 years ago in tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office



Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:41:39Z No. 7252596



Anonymous ID: 137cdf 2019-07-30 02:41:47Z No. 7252597


>Turned out I really had a gas leak near the skunk's den under my porch…(lawn service employees like to run into things). The wildlife guy saved my life

Anonymous ID: ba855f 2019-07-30 02:42:01Z No. 7252599

Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 02:42:02Z No. 7252598


link for voat?

Anonymous ID: 68d409 2019-07-30 02:42:07Z No. 7252600


Is that an old unupdated version of that particular page?

As I said before, it was a THEORY that the Dorsey Standard Hotel thread was related to the outage.

Afterall, the timing of the outage is suspiscious as fuck.

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 02:42:08Z No. 7252601

Congratulations to General Martin, former 1st Infantry Division Danger 6, on becoming the 37th Vice Chief of Staff of the http://U.S.Army ! #DutyFirst #Victory

12:09 PM - 29 Jul 2019

Anonymous ID: 3b65a6 2019-07-30 02:42:09Z No. 7252602



Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 02:42:19Z No. 7252603


Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:42:21Z No. 7252604


voat is still down, can't navigate links

Anonymous ID: 5acc31 2019-07-30 02:42:26Z No. 7252605





If it is found that prosecutors withheld exculpatory evidence it’s called a Brady violation. Most states and the federal civil rights statute 1983 provide a basis for wrongful imprisonment if someone is imprisoned and there was a Brady violation.

Anonymous ID: 9d7ea2 2019-07-30 02:42:27Z No. 7252606






The shirt says

Black Sabbath


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:42:33Z No. 7252607


sure, children can be masons. this shapes their whole lifes and stay within the family in many cases.

Anonymous ID: 7d237b 2019-07-30 02:42:38Z No. 7252608


Probably not but it IS photoshopped.

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:42:39Z No. 7252609

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:42:44Z No. 7252610


Holy shit, nm, rn

Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:42:49Z No. 7252611


We weren't fooled by Mickey Mouse because we had Super Mario who was way cooler. Sonic was an overmarketed Masonic homo though.

Anonymous ID: 144179 2019-07-30 02:42:50Z No. 7252612

>>7252591 High Ranking Dem spills beans on Mexico/Dem corruption


Notable when we get sauce!

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:42:51Z No. 7252613


A controversy involving one of the world’s richest royal families is set to intensify when a court case begins in London on Tuesday.

The dispute between Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and his wife, Princess Haya, has been the subject of intense media speculation in recent weeks, after it was reported she was in "hiding" in London at the beginning of July, allegedly in "fear of her life."

Anonymous ID: 3de2dd 2019-07-30 02:42:54Z No. 7252614

Anonymous ID: 05f6e1 2019-07-30 02:42:56Z No. 7252615


Yes of course.

But I thought that had to do with the executive order blocking property of any entity involved in human rights violations.

Storing information like that on your servers is not good!

The password sent by dcleaks was specific to a page within the dcleaks website.

Not gmail

Anonymous ID: 7b7a48 2019-07-30 02:43:07Z No. 7252616

Tired of all the talk about urban rat infested whatnot.


IT NEEDS AN OVERHAUL AND URBAN RENEWAL.Lots of specialists out there that would salivate on a good governemtn contract to do the overhaul.

Its not just congressmen/women its the senators also. and the governors/state legislators.


Why does 45 have to do it all? its everyone incompetent?

I got tired and sent the message to my congressoid, and 2 senators. How about y'all?

Anonymous ID: f0ba26 2019-07-30 02:43:08Z No. 7252617



Laura's show too TMZ always doing the MAGA pr0n.

Worse things than that tho so no biggie.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:43:08Z No. 7252618


Anonymous ID: 1780ab 2019-07-30 02:43:13Z No. 7252619


…Simply pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous ID: 9dc433 2019-07-30 02:43:22Z No. 7252620


that is the eye of a serpent. and that eye has appeared before on film in public a few times. Putin is on film visibly scared of her. Putin scared of the queen, was quite something to see. he obviously was very uncomfortable around her. I will find that video…

Anonymous ID: 28deaf 2019-07-30 02:43:26Z No. 7252621


Anonymous ID: 5acc31 2019-07-30 02:43:43Z No. 7252622


All LB

Anonymous ID: ec9e96 2019-07-30 02:43:47Z No. 7252623

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:44:00Z No. 7252626


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:44:04Z No. 7252625


Anonymous ID: 7877ba 2019-07-30 02:44:06Z No. 7252624


I was thinking the 10K has already been retrieved & examined

Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:44:18Z No. 7252627


Anonymous ID: ea15f3 2019-07-30 02:44:20Z No. 7252628

Sometimes I wonder if some of the immediate "witnesses" to FFs they interview on TV aren't the shooters/part of the team themselves

Anonymous ID: e14251 2019-07-30 02:44:40Z No. 7252629

>>7238715 (pb)

Tried to get a better shot of it but can't zoom in enough in some photos. It looks like there could be EMTs in the cab of the ambulance behind them.

Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 02:44:40Z No. 7252630


>Can a 19 yo be a mason?

A 19 yo can be a pysch patient and controlled on meds and by phone

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:44:47Z No. 7252631


I think maybe they won't be walking the streets much longer, either. Didn't Fitton or Sekulow say that the years for the crimes combined was something like 28 for each of them? (Given they are proven guilty. However, it's was all written in a letter apparently, so it seems rather like a smoking gun.)

Anonymous ID: e87070 2019-07-30 02:44:51Z No. 7252632


Hope that tip gets to people who can actually run with it.

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:44:54Z No. 7252633

Anonymous ID: 5c6281 2019-07-30 02:45:02Z No. 7252634


could you imagine the slush fund shitshow that would be if ever passed

It would take years, people would fight over how much african America blood you have to qualify, ( progressives would push that anyone who is of any black heritage)

By the time all is said and done, it will end up being a few hundred to twelve hundred per person with billions and or a trillion just disappearing into thin air.

Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:45:06Z No. 7252635



That is why Q says "We have it all."

Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 02:45:10Z No. 7252636


Good god man. This vid is FE tier garbage.

Anonymous ID: 222366 2019-07-30 02:45:12Z No. 7252637

Could there possibly be a connection between the sudden “illness” that befell:




Anonymous ID: 3a8d02 2019-07-30 02:45:15Z No. 7252638


May have been electronically scanned and sent forth long ago

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:45:19Z No. 7252639


to be clarified. and that is wrong. it´s pretty clear, it´s just not what mason baker would like as news.

Anonymous ID: c08698 2019-07-30 02:45:26Z No. 7252640

Controlling both sides

So the kabbalah Jews created all the mess we are in and now they appear to be co-opting the recovery. Above and below.

It is becoming clear they will try and shape the narrative of them being the saviors and all we have to do is worship them and reject Jesus and they will let us be their slaves aka the Noahides.

Their evil knows no bounds.

The most high God Wins.

Jesus is the the life and the truth.

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:45:29Z No. 7252641




Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 02:45:29Z No. 7252642


as I recall it was a way to communicate without sending the info over the net - just let the other person sign into the account you put the draft on and you can communicate bypassing the NSA

Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:45:34Z No. 7252643


In Broward County I once saw a team of Yankees-cap-wearing Italians completely repave a busy intersection in under a day without closing the intersection or slowing it down. The talent is out there and Trump can find it.

Anonymous ID: 2786f9 2019-07-30 02:45:36Z No. 7252644


I can vouch for Chicago rats.

We have rat traps everywhere.

Drive downtown at night and you can see them run into the drainage sewers.

And they're big.

The size of a small dog.

Anonymous ID: 603566 2019-07-30 02:45:38Z No. 7252645


Too much butt info

Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 02:45:47Z No. 7252646

Candace Owens just kicked ass on Laura. That girl is legit…Don Jr. should consider her as a running mate in 2024!

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:45:52Z No. 7252647


Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:46:00Z No. 7252648


We've already got it all!!! Lol. This is just to pull some careless fucks out into the open. Boom! Caught you dirty, motherfucker.

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:46:10Z No. 7252649


It's the only democracy in a sea of Muslim ignorance and theocracy.

Israel isn't cutting body parts off blasphemers, cutting off clitorii or stoning women for claiming rape without 3 male witnesses.

Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:46:17Z No. 7252650


That's what I thought after watching them.

Going to go hit JW and ICLJ web sites to see if that letter/document is there.

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:46:23Z No. 7252651


Is this caused by an attempt to destroy the pineal gland as anons have discussed previously?

Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:46:27Z No. 7252652


Maybe someone else, but no more dynasties.

Anonymous ID: 8bb7f4 2019-07-30 02:46:27Z No. 7252653

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:46:29Z No. 7252654


Look like State of the Union! spoopy!

Anonymous ID: 72d73c 2019-07-30 02:46:39Z No. 7252655

lb 7250876>>7250880

Pretty fucking solid anon… made me laugh.

Anonymous ID: 603566 2019-07-30 02:46:45Z No. 7252656


They could likely run the city better than the Democrims, though

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 02:46:52Z No. 7252657


sounds like a real

"guys guys guys guys guys guys guys"


Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 02:46:58Z No. 7252658


The 1,200 mile Alaska Highway was built in less than a year.

Anonymous ID: 8ec20e 2019-07-30 02:46:58Z No. 7252659


Pole position.

Anonymous ID: 99e425 2019-07-30 02:47:01Z No. 7252660


Beat me to it!

Anonymous ID: 1e7d40 2019-07-30 02:47:06Z No. 7252661

pizza fag at podesta fags

Anonymous ID: ecc24d 2019-07-30 02:47:10Z No. 7252662


Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 02:47:21Z No. 7252663


lawn service guy hit your gas device? did you tell his boss?

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:47:28Z No. 7252664



Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:47:33Z No. 7252665



pedo necklace even clearer in pic 4.

Anonymous ID: c752cd 2019-07-30 02:47:33Z No. 7252666


id hit it

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:47:38Z No. 7252667



Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:47:40Z No. 7252668

>>7252594 Guggenheim Expects Stocks to Crash 50% In The Next Recession

>>7252591 Eyes on needs verification breaking tips about Mexico/Democrat corruption

>>7252557 anon speaks truth on Baltimore redpill

>>7252532 @AF_Academy There's a storm rolling in

>>7252444 , >>7252572 Maggie Haberman cc's account that died 6 years ago in tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office



Anonymous ID: 998063 2019-07-30 02:47:41Z No. 7252669

With all the DECLAS in route, prepare for UFOs to be used as the distraction.

Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 02:47:43Z No. 7252670


Sanders/Owens? That would be good!

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 02:47:46Z No. 7252671

2 US troops killed in Afghanistan

11:07 AM - 29 Jul 2019


Anonymous ID: 26760f 2019-07-30 02:47:46Z No. 7252672



Don't forget to check out the article that started it all: (Archive Link)

Q did NOT say Wray is a Sleeper Anonymous ID: 82c8ae 2019-07-30 02:47:55Z No. 7252673

Wuz out today doing random crap, and have just spent the last hour or so catching up on some of today's breads. And what do I see? The screen-grab below, followed by – aside from the usual hopeless shilling¹, all kinza real Anons freaking out about Wray. Knock it off.

Q said: "Future Marker" – this is not confirmation that Wray is a "Sleeper" turncoat, it's confirmation that we Anons should take note of the claim that "Wray is a Sleeper", for future reference – as in, Future proves Past. What it will prove, we won't know yet – when we do, it will be another Q proof.

Further points that merit digging: Given Q likes dropping crumbs that mean three, four and sometimes five+ things all at the same time – so, which Wray(s) are we talking about? How many "Wrays" are there in Gummint & Media, good actors and bad, who might be the one(s) who is the "sleeper"(s)?

Secondly, "sleeper" couold have multiple meanings also – from some weird-ass riff off of Woody Allen's time-travel movie, *Sleeper*, to the pharmaceutical industry's sleeping pills, to someone or other who is just dozy & clueless, to maybe twelve other things that autists should be digging up.

Finally, Q has repeatedly told us, that "Disinformation is necessary", and such-like: for all we know, Q's comment is designed to confuse Cabal operatives, and/or the loser shills on this board, and/or to mess with Wray's (but, which Wray?) plans, or to tell some Wray or other to commence or end or suspend some operation, or other – at this stage, we don't really know …

But Q did NOT "confirm that Wray is a turncoat" – clueless newbs who thought so, need to lurk moar; and shills who claim Q did outright call Wray a turncoat can go fap with a blowtorch.


¹: [Shills – keep on shilling, please: it's a mission MADE of fail – people don't shill against a LARP 24/7 for going on two years – thanks for proving Q is real on an hourly basis, Losers. Oh, and: do enjoy your eventual stays in Gitmo. Losers.]

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:48:04Z No. 7252674

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:48:06Z No. 7252675


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:48:08Z No. 7252676



Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:48:15Z No. 7252677


She useless except for wiping my ass on Seis de Mayo.

Anonymous ID: 68d409 2019-07-30 02:48:23Z No. 7252678

Situation update regarding Voat.

The five countries linked to the attacks have been identified.

Pic mentions Junkerman thread as the cause of the ORIGINAL attacks a few days ago.

Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 02:48:27Z No. 7252679


>pedo necklace even clearer in pic 4.

The STUPID is thick here tonight

Anonymous ID: 791c6b 2019-07-30 02:48:30Z No. 7252680


HooAH !

Anonymous ID: 137cdf 2019-07-30 02:48:34Z No. 7252681


Rick Perry is the 2024 guy I’m telling ya

Anonymous ID: 22383d 2019-07-30 02:48:35Z No. 7252682


niggas be tryna sneak into jeffo eggo's cell to shank he ass

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:48:37Z No. 7252683


Anonymous ID: a0906c 2019-07-30 02:48:40Z No. 7252684

Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 02:48:44Z No. 7252685



Anonymous ID: 0ccacc 2019-07-30 02:48:45Z No. 7252686

some new memes

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:48:51Z No. 7252687


I did too… excited to see how that particular thing develops…since Nunes is getting his FBI papers all of a sudden now, after being lost until Coats took a toe to the ass.

Anonymous ID: 0250d1 2019-07-30 02:48:56Z No. 7252688

Something big is coming

Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:49:02Z No. 7252689



Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:49:06Z No. 7252690


It's not a democracy. It is 100% cabal ruled through the Supreme Court which has all the illuminati symbols.

Israeli citizens are being trained by their government and media into becoming the most vile perverted racist supremacist filth you can imagine. They want Palestinian blood like they were eating steak without even knowing or questioning why.

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:49:08Z No. 7252691


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:49:13Z No. 7252692


Wow, and if the bills were marked by CIA or FBI, there's a record of them somewhere.


What if this is when the ex-Italian intel and UK intel get pulled into the game?

Oh boy. This could get big, and fast.

(Cash in a safe, in Greece. Alrighty. This movie is a James Bond movie.)

Anonymous ID: 3a8d02 2019-07-30 02:49:15Z No. 7252693


There is a cottage industry in India of guys who go out at night and kill those things

Might be a better skill for merit based immigration than what we get through H1B1 visas fro there

Anonymous ID: 3d0002 2019-07-30 02:49:20Z No. 7252694


Like I said. You're dumb as fuck. Have a chicken.

Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 02:49:21Z No. 7252695


They have machines that you string together to tearup clean and put down the new road without shutting down road just take it down by one lane as the group moves at about 3-5 miles per hour. Saw it in a flyover state highway.

Anonymous ID: b74b8d 2019-07-30 02:49:24Z No. 7252696


see what you did?

Anonymous ID: 9e862d 2019-07-30 02:49:29Z No. 7252697


why do mason always show up?

are they controlling somebody after the shooting?

is it their job to voice a narrative?

are they psychologist?

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 02:49:35Z No. 7252698


He must cover the Satanism with the Masonic paraphernalia?

More than "Mason" going on with him.

"Mason" could be a misdirection / cover

That being said Queen of England is chief Mason.

Anonymous ID: 895ecc 2019-07-30 02:49:36Z No. 7252699


Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:49:39Z No. 7252700


Anonymous ID: ec9e96 2019-07-30 02:49:46Z No. 7252701


Good eye.

The fuckers just can't stop telegraphing through their symbols.

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:49:46Z No. 7252702


Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:50:03Z No. 7252703


Which is why Barr deposed his ass on video weeks ago!


Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:50:05Z No. 7252704


Nah, It's just the Finkelshill MrMuhJoo with a few more IP's to hop between. Same stupid, just more instances.

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:50:15Z No. 7252705


you disinfo shills are SO FUKKEN WEAK.

you really think just flat out lying will be effective to spread disninfo?

blurry vid? nothing to see? really?

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 02:50:17Z No. 7252706


I think they are used as foot soldiers.

Maybe they are the Satanist branch of the Masonic orders?

Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 02:50:21Z No. 7252707


OOOooooo. I like that too.

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 02:50:21Z No. 7252708


This anon has an idea.

Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 02:50:22Z No. 7252709



Anonymous ID: 9dc433 2019-07-30 02:50:25Z No. 7252710



Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 02:50:28Z No. 7252711


The Truth won't be for everyone

Anonymous ID: 7b7a48 2019-07-30 02:50:28Z No. 7252712



the embed didn't work. Took a screen shot and couldn't embed the time frame.

I had 17:23 but its livestream so that doesn't count.

Ingraham angle is focusing on the issue and a right reverend —– talked about new infrastructure needed. Candace Owens chimed in too. good expose.

I did graduate work in Baltimore in the days before the rats came.

Sorry state of affairs.

Rome is in decline- falling as the demoRATS called Nero are fiddling away at the Piazza in Italy this week.

They all beat it out of town- wonder why?


Anonymous ID: ef74d6 2019-07-30 02:50:37Z No. 7252713


Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:50:42Z No. 7252714

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:50:50Z No. 7252715


Like a Conservative Democrat!

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 02:50:51Z No. 7252716


Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:51:01Z No. 7252717


These niggers sold him out just like, well…niggers.

Anonymous ID: e64fd3 2019-07-30 02:51:03Z No. 7252718


>fap with a blow torch

Fucking lost it, anon. And, good points.

Anonymous ID: 2aeae3 2019-07-30 02:51:05Z No. 7252719


>I'm here because voat is down and now I'm bored. What's the latest news on the biggest of habbenings?


What did you expect?

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 02:51:06Z No. 7252720


They love to joke and fool and do pranks.

This could be sold to them as a joke, especially when the deaths are faked too.

Anonymous ID: 4c4eda 2019-07-30 02:51:16Z No. 7252721


I was thinking she sold out as I'm watching tonight!

Anonymous ID: f1b099 2019-07-30 02:51:17Z No. 7252722


I am going to bed!

It would be fucking awesome if I woke up and Trump sent a Tweet about "Crumbs" someways somehow?

I could tell you how fucked up shit is but…

I am just hoping ya trust me and see a piss-ant like me that loves ya needing some love and prayers.

Trump posting saying.. ANYTHING "Crumbs"?

G'night… fag


Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:51:23Z No. 7252723


Wow. This is what I saw on ACLJ's site

Bombshell stuff, imo.

Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 02:51:28Z No. 7252724

South America: From July 25th

>Dramatic video from Brazil captures the moment armed men stole $40 million of gold and other precious metals, Thursday, July 25, from a Sao Paulo cargo terminal at South America’s busiest airport, and took two hostages, police said.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:51:30Z No. 7252725


Anonymous ID: c26aff 2019-07-30 02:51:36Z No. 7252726

Uh guys? Did anyone pic this out yet in regards to CORN backwards = NROC from the Nunes tweet?

Anonymous ID: 603566 2019-07-30 02:51:37Z No. 7252727


Haven’t you fuckers evolved beyond NeoCons?

Anonymous ID: 712e99 2019-07-30 02:51:44Z No. 7252728


Anyone have the video of the white truck at the other shooting (so many I can't remember which) - the one taken from the helicopter and the driver throws something out the window after they load duffle bags of shit into the back.

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:51:44Z No. 7252729

Anonymous ID: c3b178 2019-07-30 02:51:57Z No. 7252730



Dunno. I just capped that when he was on Twitter braying about being Freddy Benson

Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 02:51:59Z No. 7252731


well what was it in a few words anon?

Anonymous ID: ef74d6 2019-07-30 02:52:01Z No. 7252732


>What if this is when the ex-Italian inte

i presume that's why pelosi is in italy now

Anonymous ID: fc4aff 2019-07-30 02:52:01Z No. 7252734


found a few others:

San Bernardino

Santa Fe Texas High School

Westminster (Helicopter)

not to mention Las Vegas (in front of the Pyramid)

Anonymous ID: e3ac93 2019-07-30 02:52:02Z No. 7252733

>>7252307 (lb)

Maybe Something here anons.

There are 3 guys. Look at the dude in the middles shirt…

Godfather 3

Anonymous ID: 1b9a6e 2019-07-30 02:52:05Z No. 7252735


She wiped the floor with that Libtard chick.

Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 02:52:14Z No. 7252736


>Fucking lost it, anon. And, good points.

Red Headed PEDO in the house

Brace for incoming bewbs and more porn

Anonymous ID: 2786f9 2019-07-30 02:52:16Z No. 7252737



All port cities except for Denver.

Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:52:20Z No. 7252738



Voat notification of demand, by country, of DDOS: Russian Fed, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine & Brazil

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 02:52:21Z No. 7252739

Anonymous ID: 3d0002 2019-07-30 02:52:31Z No. 7252740


Got that super secret info going for you? I'm sorry you're dumb as fuck.

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:52:36Z No. 7252741


Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:52:41Z No. 7252742

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:52:51Z No. 7252743


Bullshit. Unsubstantiated crap. And you know it. You have all the critical thinking skills of a Madrassa trained Imam.

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 02:52:56Z No. 7252744



how priceless

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:53:01Z No. 7252746



Anonymous ID: 9ecc4b 2019-07-30 02:53:04Z No. 7252747


Anonymous ID: 1780ab 2019-07-30 02:53:08Z No. 7252748

original sauce Digenova interview anonymous ID: 800c68 2019-07-30 02:53:10Z No. 7252749

Anonymous ID: 99dbee 2019-07-30 02:53:10Z No. 7252750


Reparations for what?

My ancestors freed his ancestors from (((the ones))) who enslaved them for centuries and who have been trying to reclaim "their property" and settle this score ever since.

Anonymous ID: 7b7a48 2019-07-30 02:53:16Z No. 7252751



This didn't grab on the first round so the post doesn't make sense without it. Sent to my reps in my state.

Are there shill bakers tonight?

Maybe not.

Anonymous ID: 603566 2019-07-30 02:53:16Z No. 7252752


She was talking about being on Martha’s Vineyard last week. That’s all anyone needs to know.

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 02:53:21Z No. 7252753


Best meme of the day.

Anonymous ID: 26760f 2019-07-30 02:53:29Z No. 7252754

Kanye, can I hear some of Yandhi?

Anonymous ID: 791c6b 2019-07-30 02:53:34Z No. 7252755


Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 02:53:40Z No. 7252756


That condescending smirk she had deserved a bitch slap. I thought Candace was going to lose it on her there for a second.

Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:53:47Z No. 7252757


Is she a man? So many "strong German" women we desire turn out to be men and I wonder if there's still a little bit of gayness in us that we gotta electrically purge. 31 years of CIA presidential trauma can make someone a little gay you know.

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:53:50Z No. 7252758


it already came…..

Jack from Twitter is a frequent guest at The Standard.

Site went down immediately after research was posted.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:53:51Z No. 7252759

Anonymous ID: 851c77 2019-07-30 02:53:51Z No. 7252760


Worth another look for sure.

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:54:08Z No. 7252762


Get a good rat eating snake. Ball pythons eat rats, for example. I wouldn't want to harm a nice pet snake however, by putting it in a Baltimore sewer.

Anonymous ID: 6be199 2019-07-30 02:54:09Z No. 7252763


Yahoo? Dat you, fren?

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 02:54:26Z No. 7252764



Candace Owens post

30 posts later:

that girl is on it

10 posts later:

and so hot too!

<you fucking glow

Anonymous ID: 855bb9 2019-07-30 02:54:30Z No. 7252765

Wait, so what if the capstone of the pyramid is Israel, not as a superpower but as to where the great war was to take place? And maybe that is why so much money is funded to Israel for all the wars. Because they need to build tension whilst the same time making Israel seem benevolent. It is self fulfilling end times prophecy shit.

Anonymous ID: ecc24d 2019-07-30 02:54:30Z No. 7252766


"We identified a flawed connection between some of the sensors and protective relays at the substation. We have corrected that condition."

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 02:54:31Z No. 7252767


because they're off-duty and getting paid for the OT, and they have to be ID'd by guys who aren't, because guys come in from other counties and departments

Anonymous ID: 945680 2019-07-30 02:54:46Z No. 7252768

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 02:54:57Z No. 7252769


and the weird underground buildings they buried because someone made a mistake at the airport with the weird artwork? is that the hub?

Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:54:57Z No. 7252770

Anonymous ID: 9ecc4b 2019-07-30 02:55:03Z No. 7252771


all kinds of good people go to Marthas Vinyard. It's a rather large Island.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d4cd8b 2019-07-30 02:55:03Z No. 7252772


Anonymous ID: 26760f 2019-07-30 02:55:17Z No. 7252773


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:55:19Z No. 7252774


Pelosi is SOL

"Italy is with us" (or whatever Q said)

Also, everything that Giulio Occhionero has been saying for months now

And all the Italian intel chiefs that the new PM fired

Pelosi and the rest of those idiots would be lucky if Salvini would even shake their hands

Their old "comrades" in Rome are GONE

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:55:27Z No. 7252775


Are you Serious?!

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:55:31Z No. 7252776


Oh look Anime. Instant filter for being an utter cockwomble.

Anonymous ID: 2efec1 2019-07-30 02:55:34Z No. 7252777

Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 02:55:39Z No. 7252778



Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 02:55:39Z No. 7252779


Hey Boss

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 02:55:39Z No. 7252780


of course not.

I think the people writing that were shills.

Shill team.

You know there's always a team of doubtfags.

Wray is "Trust Wray"

and even though I hate the FBI, I trust Wray.

Repeated so far 3x's : see attached.

Anonymous ID: 7bd12a 2019-07-30 02:55:39Z No. 7252781


Anonymous ID: 199e73 2019-07-30 02:55:44Z No. 7252782


Thanks for the info. It's hard to find that info online.

Anonymous ID: 28deaf 2019-07-30 02:55:45Z No. 7252783



Anonymous ID: 829d52 2019-07-30 02:55:47Z No. 7252784

Anonymous ID: 73eb66 2019-07-30 02:55:48Z No. 7252785


Hi Q!

Anonymous ID: b444a6 2019-07-30 02:55:54Z No. 7252786




Anonymous ID: 3d0002 2019-07-30 02:55:57Z No. 7252787



Anonymous ID: 37424e 2019-07-30 02:56:00Z No. 7252788




eyes on anons!

Anonymous ID: 0c33eb 2019-07-30 02:56:01Z No. 7252789


sup, nigga?

Anonymous ID: 3b86f5 2019-07-30 02:56:04Z No. 7252792


God Bless Q+

Anonymous ID: 4f296d 2019-07-30 02:56:05Z No. 7252790


You, sir, are a Jew. Enough said.

I can wait you out until your shift ends then you have to go home and mom makes you do chores. Trust me you will get more shekels doing other real work and Judgment Day will go a lot smoother.

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 02:56:05Z No. 7252791


Here's just a teaser from the article I linked. This is BOMBSHELL STUFF.

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 02:56:06Z No. 7252793



Anonymous ID: 137cdf 2019-07-30 02:56:08Z No. 7252794






Anons will see

My espn is telling me he’s a good person and will do the right thing

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:56:09Z No. 7252795


Time For Pain!

Anonymous ID: 928e1c 2019-07-30 02:56:14Z No. 7252796

Christian Zionist Megachurch Pastor John Hagee

50 Million ‘Friends of Zion’ Celebrate Pastor John Hagee

By Jerusalem Post Staff


The Friends of Zion Museum celebrated the visit on Tuesday of Pastor John Hagee, the founder and national chairman of the Christian pro-Israel organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and the founder and senior pastor at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.

Hagee arrived in Israel with a group of over one a hundred Christian Zionists and was honored after he and his group toured the Friends of Zion Museum. Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum Dr. Mike Evans presented Hagee with an award for his steadfast support of Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI has not been silent on the subject of Christian support for Israel, their millions of members across the United States have been critical to keeping American support for Israel strong, as well as the recent strengthening of US-Israel relations in President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Hagee founded Christians United for Israel in 2006 and is on more than 75 college campuses around the US.

Hagee is also the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, which is a congregation of more than 17,000 members. Hagee is also the president and CEO of John Hagee Ministries and CEO of Global Evangelicalism Television (GETV). He has a national radio and television ministry and commonly appears on Christian television networks all around the world, including Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Since 2015, the Friends of Zion Museum opened in Jerusalem, it is a $100 million-dollar project which reveals the heroic stories of the courageous Christians and non-Jews whom have assisted the Jewish people throughout the Zionist movement, as well as in critical times like the Holocaust.

The Friends of Zion Museum recently surpassed 51 million members, making it one of the largest pro-Israel sites in the world. FOZ is currently building a think tank, research center, Ambassador Institute and an online university, all of which is being utilized to help educate pro-Israel supporters around the globe about Israel’s history, challenges and achievements.

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 02:56:16Z No. 7252797


anime is insta filter

was there something you wanted me to read?

Anonymous ID: 62e0e4 2019-07-30 02:56:20Z No. 7252798


I have to say that for anyone in that situation, it really will PISS you off all over again when you realize that the BO's reduction of the index size from 25 to 15 means that often there isn't even two weeks of data online. Bad move and needs to go back to 25 or the MAX!

Anonymous ID: 5e657f 2019-07-30 02:56:26Z No. 7252799

Full 13-minute clip from today of Joe

diGenova on [D]PArty's Nadler & "The 4 Manics" - July 29, 2019

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:56:29Z No. 7252800


the thing is, those guys are standing there comfy af with that fake blood amputee guys in tha back. the lady cries twice as loud then the cam shows up and also those guys act busy all of a sudden and meaningless point on the 'victim'…one guy gets so nervous and feeld the need to do anything that he picks up the blue shirt for no reason.

actors. weak actors.

saying there comfy and not even looking at the ambulance or potentially medics returning to the vehicle is just odd and not how anyone would behave in that situation.

staged FF. using the only thing those mason DS scum has left: sheeple from within masonry.

Anonymous ID: ec6a2d 2019-07-30 02:56:30Z No. 7252801


Please tell POTUS how Thankful We Are!

Thank You too, Q!


Anonymous ID: ef74d6 2019-07-30 02:56:34Z No. 7252802


'her' adam's apple has certainly drawn anons' attention to the trans possibility.

google has been very accomodating of her requests to have articles about her taken down. whereas yandex has not… anons who still have the ingrained habit of turning to google for ordinary searches should probably switch to or another non-US search engine.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d4cd8b 2019-07-30 02:56:35Z No. 7252803




Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 02:56:49Z No. 7252804


Anonymous ID: 927afa 2019-07-30 02:56:54Z No. 7252805



Anonymous ID: 9d7ea2 2019-07-30 02:56:54Z No. 7252806


>the necklace clearly matches the FBI pedo symbol exactly.


>this is is the witness of a shooting that anons found out is fake as fuck.

What are you pushing at such a shrill volume? Only mindless sheep or propagandists claim "perfect" knowledge from this thin gruel. The observations/speculations regarding the scant evidence are interesting. But to proclaim that these hypotheses are absolutely proven facts is just ludicrous.

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 02:56:56Z No. 7252807



Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 02:57:05Z No. 7252808


Q get the fly boys to play around with their callsigns some more… planefagging is a lot more fun when they play along!

Anonymous ID: d813e3 2019-07-30 02:57:06Z No. 7252809



i love this bald motherfucker!

Anonymous ID: 855bb9 2019-07-30 02:57:06Z No. 7252810


Well? What do you think about that idea?

That the capstone of the pyramid was the creation of Israel and was designed to be the focal point of WW3?

The greak work of the freemasons.

All factions come together to fulfill end times prophecy, but they never thought she would loose.

the whore of babylon.

Anonymous ID: b444a6 2019-07-30 02:57:15Z No. 7252811




Anonymous ID: 5e657f 2019-07-30 02:57:21Z No. 7252812



Anonymous ID: 6be199 2019-07-30 02:57:21Z No. 7252813


Anonymous ID: 308fcd 2019-07-30 02:57:23Z No. 7252814


Anonymous ID: e3ac93 2019-07-30 02:57:24Z No. 7252815



My confidence in the DOJ and the government in general will be restored as soon as you all fess up to the real truth behind 9/11.

Anonymous ID: 3a8d02 2019-07-30 02:57:25Z No. 7252816


Where I live rats aren't a problem

Coyotes come in from the brush at night and patrol the town

Eat every living thing that moves

Tame enough to pet if you have the nerve to try


Anonymous ID: 1b117e 2019-07-30 02:57:26Z No. 7252817


shot in the dark .

Anonymous ID: 165524 2019-07-30 02:57:28Z No. 7252818


Christopher Wray, FBI Director, is a Sleeper (Future Marker)



29 Jul 2019 - 2:14:03 PM


29 Jul 2019 - 2:13:22 PM


Wray is a sleeper


Future marker.


Wray will be a future proves past with watch marker 1.

Time will correspond to a event with Wray as main Actor.

Look to the last watch marker 1 and how it corresponded to Barr and how the Q proof was established.

Type in search on Qmap.Pub: marker

Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 02:57:32Z No. 7252819


Bringin the heat! Be safe Q team!

Anonymous ID: bbf4d1 2019-07-30 02:57:32Z No. 7252820


Very cool!

Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 02:57:37Z No. 7252821



Anonymous ID: 16fcfe 2019-07-30 02:57:39Z No. 7252822


>>7251837 Wikileaks public statements on Seth Rich being the leaker have been memory holed (notable from lb)

Interestingly, there are still archives of the site from NOV 15, 2017 (day after wayback archive wipe) that show a completely different watch. Made me think of the Q watches. Any connection?

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 02:57:39Z No. 7252823


Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:57:39Z No. 7252824


Anonymous ID: fb1f18 2019-07-30 02:57:48Z No. 7252825


posted by a faggot headliner that wants to be a namefag but is too scared, so this is next best thing

Anonymous ID: f7c76a 2019-07-30 02:57:49Z No. 7252826



Donald J. Trump

Verified account


“I don’t know what it’s going to take. A lot of Democratic run cities all over America look like this, it’s not just Baltimore, unfortunately.” Kimberly Klacik, Baltimore journalist Remember, Vote for Trump, what the h…. do you have to lose? Best unemployment numbers!

9:46 PM - 29 Jul 2019

Anonymous ID: 0ccacc 2019-07-30 02:57:49Z No. 7252827


Sprinkle in a little bit of Louie Gohmert and get to some ass kicking.

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 02:57:50Z No. 7252828


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:57:53Z No. 7252829



Really enjoying seeing so many talented new statesmen and stateswomen stepping into the spotlight.

Please tell them we're proud of them and are so appreciative of their hard work and the sacrifices they and their loved ones are making.

Anonymous ID: 7bd12a 2019-07-30 02:57:57Z No. 7252830


Anonymous ID: c959a0 2019-07-30 02:57:58Z No. 7252831

Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 02:58:01Z No. 7252832


WTF are you babbling about? I don't get your logic, shill.

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 02:58:01Z No. 7252833

>>7252803 TY

Anonymous ID: 6ee926 2019-07-30 02:58:04Z No. 7252834

>>7251715 (pb)

Semper fi

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 02:58:07Z No. 7252835



Anonymous ID: 6230e0 2019-07-30 02:58:11Z No. 7252836


Good evening, Q! Dayjob anon here catching up on today's posts. Thank you!!

Anonymous ID: f085e7 2019-07-30 02:58:12Z No. 7252837

Do It Q


Anonymous ID: 3de2dd 2019-07-30 02:58:18Z No. 7252839


hi Q

Anonymous ID: d3fdc2 2019-07-30 02:58:19Z No. 7252838



It’s all about the details…

Anonymous ID: 4c4eda 2019-07-30 02:58:20Z No. 7252840


That's it?

About a handful of times, recently, I've looked at Laura Ingraham and thought she sold out…but just going to Martha's Vineyard…seems kind of thin to pin a conclusion on…no?

President Trump has been on Martha's Vineyard!

Anonymous ID: 880045 2019-07-30 02:58:20Z No. 7252841

Curious, anons…has anyone here heard of Pam Schuffert? Her father was a cartoonist I believe for the Army and since the 90s she's been going around investigating stuff–like boxcars with shackles, FEMA camps, etc.

She's the reason I am aware of satanic rituals and the like, satanic sacrifices, etc.

Q, would you care to weigh in?

Anonymous ID: e64fd3 2019-07-30 02:58:26Z No. 7252842


Whitaker is top notch.

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:58:26Z No. 7252843



Anonymous ID: 928e1c 2019-07-30 02:58:28Z No. 7252844


Anonymous ID: 927afa 2019-07-30 02:58:31Z No. 7252845


Anonymous ID: 9ecc4b 2019-07-30 02:58:32Z No. 7252846


>Q !

Anonymous ID: 8d7015 2019-07-30 02:58:37Z No. 7252847


Have y'all tried ?

Anonymous ID: 6184b1 2019-07-30 02:58:46Z No. 7252848

3 Companies Pay California $70 Million for Delaying Drugs

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Three pharmaceutical companies collectively are agreeing to pay California nearly $70 million to settle allegations that they delayed drugs to keep prices high, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Monday.

The bulk of the money will come from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and its affiliates for paying to delay a generic narcolepsy drug, Provigil, from entering the market for nearly six years.

Teva is paying $69 million, which Becerra says is the largest pay-for-delay settlement received by any state.

Such agreements let the developer of brand name drugs keep their monopolies over the drugs after their patents expire, thereby letting them continue to charge consumers higher prices. The drug developer pays the generic manufacturer to keep the cheaper version of the drug from entering the marketplace for an agreed period of time.

Teva said the money will come from a pre-existing fund that was created in 2015 as part of the company’s settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over similar claims, and it will not make any additional payments.

Becerra said such agreements can force consumers and the health care market to pay as much as 90% more than if there were generic alternatives. More than $25 million of the settlement will go to a consumer fund for California residents who purchased Provigil, Nuvigil or Modafinil between 2006 and 2012.

“No one in America should be forced to skip or ration doses of medicine that they need … and certainly not because a drug company is colluding to keep the price of your drug artificially high even when cheaper options could be available. But that’s what’s happening,” Becerra said.

The second, $760,000 settlement is with Teva, Endo Pharmaceuticals and Teikoku Pharma USA over keeping a genetic alternative to the pain patch Lidoderm from entering the market for nearly two years.

Anonymous ID: a0906c 2019-07-30 02:58:49Z No. 7252849


Barr or Nunes may allow Ratcliffe to view the DECLAS documents

Anonymous ID: 37424e 2019-07-30 02:58:49Z No. 7252850


utube link from twatter acct Q posted

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:58:50Z No. 7252851


link for bread?

Anonymous ID: 171a88 2019-07-30 02:58:50Z No. 7252852


Anonymous ID: 6e5b75 2019-07-30 02:58:52Z No. 7252853




Truth shall set you free





Anonymous ID: 218412 2019-07-30 02:58:52Z No. 7252854


What can be said without evidence, can be rejected without evidence.

Anonymous ID: 27d40b 2019-07-30 02:59:01Z No. 7252857


God Speed Q

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 02:59:03Z No. 7252855


vid from tweet url

Anonymous ID: c51437 2019-07-30 02:59:03Z No. 7252856


Thank you Q. Big week ahead!!! Real Anons have been with you since the beginning. You did not choose wrong coming to us.

Anonymous ID: 7bd12a 2019-07-30 02:59:04Z No. 7252858


I bet we're chatting with these dudes at some point

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 02:59:06Z No. 7252859

Planefags, get'ta faggin' 'bout as hard as ya can.

Anonymous ID: 0f3e00 2019-07-30 02:59:07Z No. 7252860


Question the 'Q'. WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 02:59:09Z No. 7252861


Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 02:59:12Z No. 7252862


Anonymous ID: 176fdd 2019-07-30 02:59:20Z No. 7252863


Anonymous ID: f085e7 2019-07-30 02:59:23Z No. 7252866


Anonymous ID: 7f96fd 2019-07-30 02:59:24Z No. 7252864


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 02:59:26Z No. 7252865


Please do Atlanta next!

So much corruption, ugh.

The State of Georgia ought to be running Hartsfield Airport, not the City of Atlanta!

Anonymous ID: f0489f 2019-07-30 02:59:27Z No. 7252867


Has anyone checked bread # 8672, June 18, 2018??

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 02:59:30Z No. 7252868



lb you told me to repost the post from anon with the witness and a pedo necklace.

I did.

>>7252427, >>7252529

Still you did not bake and the number of your notables shows you left out a lot of info again.



Anonymous ID: 6be199 2019-07-30 02:59:38Z No. 7252869


Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 02:59:40Z No. 7252870

[email protected] a conman, and an anti-Semite, whose incitement against Jews has cost lives.

For some of the 2020 Dem candidates, this apparently does not matter.

What matters is that Trump said a thing, so they need to say whatever is the opposite.

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren defend Al Sharpton after 100% accurate attack by Trump

Anonymous ID: 4214d6 2019-07-30 02:59:43Z No. 7252871


Praying for POTUS, Q team and all patriots. God wins!

Anonymous ID: e87070 2019-07-30 02:59:44Z No. 7252872


Jeffrey Peterson


Ok I can confirm we have been able to verify what is a significant breaking news tip from a Democrat party insider. I am going to post it here as quickly as I can write the thread – in about 15 minutes or so.

Anonymous ID: c28b1d 2019-07-30 02:59:52Z No. 7252873


Anonymous ID: 603566 2019-07-30 02:59:55Z No. 7252874


It’s not the size of the island, anon. It’s the Establishment set that goes there in high summer.

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 02:59:57Z No. 7252875


link it

Anonymous ID: 58364f 2019-07-30 03:00:02Z No. 7252876



I could tell you about some guys.

A big network of guys, and spies! And lies!

They paid a lot of people… some in donations, some in paintings, some in diamonds, and some in gold…

Some are here,

Some are there,

but really,

they are everywhere…

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 03:00:02Z No. 7252877


thought problem:

does Geddy Lee with a lungful of helium

sound like Geddy Lee?

Anonymous ID: 49472d 2019-07-30 03:00:03Z No. 7252878

>>7237664 /pb

Robin Williams took the only way out.

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 03:00:08Z No. 7252879

Is Qclock legit?

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d4cd8b 2019-07-30 03:00:15Z No. 7252880


Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 03:00:17Z No. 7252881


Fucking kikes

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 03:00:18Z No. 7252882



Anonymous ID: 8d44da 2019-07-30 03:00:22Z No. 7252883


I am serious, and don't call me.. waitaminnit..

Anonymous ID: 51a2ef 2019-07-30 03:00:24Z No. 7252884


Is that what people should chant at a Trump rally? "We are with you"? Maybe get the WWG1WGA response?

Anonymous ID: 7f96fd 2019-07-30 03:00:29Z No. 7252885

Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 03:00:36Z No. 7252886


Is Qclock legit?

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 03:00:42Z No. 7252887


So we're there then huh

Anonymous ID: f7c76a 2019-07-30 03:00:46Z No. 7252888





Anonymous ID: 3bce6c 2019-07-30 03:00:49Z No. 7252889




Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 03:00:49Z No. 7252890


Reminds me of this piece of shit from 911, I spit beer when this obvious clown maggot spewed this happy horse shit, amateurish babble.

Knew it was a clown op right then.

Fucking bastards

Anonymous ID: 37424e 2019-07-30 03:00:52Z No. 7252891



Anonymous ID: 895ecc 2019-07-30 03:00:55Z No. 7252892



Anonymous ID: f085e7 2019-07-30 03:00:55Z No. 7252893


Anonymous ID: b444a6 2019-07-30 03:00:56Z No. 7252897


Anonymous ID: 4c4eda 2019-07-30 03:00:57Z No. 7252894


Patriot Whitaker is in line for something big…and I'm happy for him!

Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 03:00:57Z No. 7252895


Anonymous ID: 59c186 2019-07-30 03:00:58Z No. 7252896

Uh oh,we must go back and see what was in that thread.

Anonymous ID: d3fdc2 2019-07-30 03:01:01Z No. 7252898


We gotta check that bread!

Anonymous ID: 7bd12a 2019-07-30 03:01:01Z No. 7252899


Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 03:01:03Z No. 7252900


it's a reach

Anonymous ID: 938310 2019-07-30 03:01:10Z No. 7252901

>>7249845 pb (cummings irs)


Anonymous ID: 6e5b75 2019-07-30 03:01:15Z No. 7252902


Anonymous ID: 27d40b 2019-07-30 03:01:15Z No. 7252903



Anonymous ID: 7bd12a 2019-07-30 03:01:17Z No. 7252904


Anonymous ID: 272728 2019-07-30 03:01:17Z No. 7252905


Is that Lisa Page???

Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 03:01:19Z No. 7252907


This guy

Anonymous ID: 3d0002 2019-07-30 03:01:21Z No. 7252906


God Bless America

Anonymous ID: 49472d 2019-07-30 03:01:24Z No. 7252908


Kick the tires and light the fires.

Anonymous ID: 5b3181 2019-07-30 03:01:25Z No. 7252909


America is back-

and boy are we PISSED!

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 03:01:26Z No. 7252910


Anonymous ID: 8d44da 2019-07-30 03:01:27Z No. 7252911


….and JUST in the nick of time, Team…

Anonymous ID: c752cd 2019-07-30 03:01:28Z No. 7252912


911 was an inside job

plz2911justice Q

Anonymous ID: 7f96fd 2019-07-30 03:01:28Z No. 7252913


Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 03:01:31Z No. 7252914


How many Gmail Drafts and extra accounts were on those DNC servers?

Anonymous ID: 26760f 2019-07-30 03:01:31Z No. 7252915



Anonymous ID: a27d38 2019-07-30 03:01:33Z No. 7252916


Board test?

Rapid fire

Anonymous ID: 855bb9 2019-07-30 03:01:33Z No. 7252917


Ya read this, >>7252810

Anonymous ID: e87070 2019-07-30 03:01:34Z No. 7252918


dis gon be guuuuud

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 03:01:36Z No. 7252919


you left this out too, mason pedo scum baker.


You are playing gatekeeper for anons info and news! You are hiding the evil pedo scum that is being digged on right now!

You are part of that scum and you will go down along with it and be known for all future humanity to come an an enemy of freedom!


Anonymous ID: b444a6 2019-07-30 03:01:36Z No. 7252920



Anonymous ID: c51437 2019-07-30 03:01:36Z No. 7252921


WRWY. Ready for the fakenews to collapse like a house of cards.

Anonymous ID: b33a7a 2019-07-30 03:01:37Z No. 7252922


For Patriots!!!

Anonymous ID: c959a0 2019-07-30 03:01:37Z No. 7252923

Anonymous ID: 7e9e9d 2019-07-30 03:01:38Z No. 7252924

Q, nervous or some kind of disease?

Anonymous ID: 3aba3f 2019-07-30 03:01:39Z No. 7252925

Sonic was fired for corruption.

Anonymous ID: 171a88 2019-07-30 03:01:45Z No. 7252926


Bring the pain, Q.

Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 03:01:47Z No. 7252927



Not sure if God will ever forgive us for this

Anonymous ID: 308fcd 2019-07-30 03:01:48Z No. 7252928


We knew this day would come.

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 03:01:51Z No. 7252929


Das ist ein gut Idea!

Anonymous ID: 66f523 2019-07-30 03:01:53Z No. 7252930


And they us!

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 03:01:53Z No. 7252931


no. he sounds like Barry White.

Anonymous ID: 3a8d02 2019-07-30 03:01:55Z No. 7252932


Equal justice under the law

Anonymous ID: ecc24d 2019-07-30 03:02:00Z No. 7252933

Super Comfy !


Anonymous ID: 1b117e 2019-07-30 03:02:11Z No. 7252934


Anonymous ID: acba5e 2019-07-30 03:02:16Z No. 7252935


All ABC positions filled with good guys? WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: f31def 2019-07-30 03:02:22Z No. 7252936

Is this it?

Anonymous ID: 37424e 2019-07-30 03:02:23Z No. 7252937



Luv me sum shitpostin' with Q time!

Anonymous ID: a89ba9 2019-07-30 03:02:28Z No. 7252938


Your neighbors to the North could use some help with our Puppet Leader

Anonymous ID: 49472d 2019-07-30 03:02:32Z No. 7252939


Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 03:02:34Z No. 7252940


Anonymous ID: 6cc2fb 2019-07-30 03:02:35Z No. 7252941


WRWY! Godspeed Q & President Trump!

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 03:02:44Z No. 7252944

>>7252803 Qpost


>>7252851 Q Research General #8672: High Energy Rally Day Edition

2019 not 2018

Anonymous ID: cc2a7f 2019-07-30 03:02:45Z No. 7252943



Anonymous ID: 945680 2019-07-30 03:02:50Z No. 7252945


cautiously optimistic

Anonymous ID: 171a88 2019-07-30 03:02:52Z No. 7252946


Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 03:02:53Z No. 7252947


We sure are!!

I believe this would have made these gentlemen very happy.

Anonymous ID: 76d1df 2019-07-30 03:02:53Z No. 7252948


The Gitmo guys made a typo, and corrected it in this pic

Anonymous ID: 3b86f5 2019-07-30 03:03:02Z No. 7252954



Anonymous ID: d3fdc2 2019-07-30 03:03:04Z No. 7252949


Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 03:03:05Z No. 7252950


New desktop

Anonymous ID: 5ef11c 2019-07-30 03:03:06Z No. 7252951

Voat is offline again in another DDOS attack. Research Nicole Junkermann! Q please talk about this! Anonymous ID: 8dcee7 2019-07-30 03:03:07Z No. 7252952

She crashed the entire website twice just for talking about her.

Anonymous ID: 6cc2fb 2019-07-30 03:03:07Z No. 7252953

Anonymous ID: 614f85 2019-07-30 03:03:09Z No. 7252955


Anonymous ID: 2786f9 2019-07-30 03:03:12Z No. 7252956


Chicago has had a Democratic mayor since 1930.

Anonymous ID: 851c77 2019-07-30 03:03:12Z No. 7252957


We never left sir.

Anonymous ID: 5e657f 2019-07-30 03:03:12Z No. 7252958


Anonymous ID: 7f96fd 2019-07-30 03:03:18Z No. 7252959


Anonymous ID: 26760f 2019-07-30 03:03:20Z No. 7252960


Anonymous ID: 8bb7f4 2019-07-30 03:03:25Z No. 7252961


Anonymous ID: a27d38 2019-07-30 03:03:27Z No. 7252962


Declass by Wednesday doesn’t mean on Wednesday.

How’s tomorrow’s forcast?

Anonymous ID: 1853a5 2019-07-30 03:03:28Z No. 7252963


Anonymous ID: f15370 2019-07-30 03:03:31Z No. 7252964



HOT for Q-522

Heat on Twitter? Started 5 days early instead of August 1 it went July 27th?

Anonymous ID: 6be199 2019-07-30 03:03:35Z No. 7252965


Anonymous ID: 5e009c 2019-07-30 03:03:38Z No. 7252966

#WWG1WGA #QSentMe #QArmy #MAGA #Trump2020 #WRWY #KAG #winning #QBaby #DigitalSoldiers

Anonymous ID: ec6a2d 2019-07-30 03:03:46Z No. 7252967


Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 03:03:46Z No. 7252968


Anonymous ID: c8cc7e 2019-07-30 03:03:48Z No. 7252969


Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 03:03:53Z No. 7252970

>>7252880 WRWY


Anonymous ID: 45ee9b 2019-07-30 03:04:10Z No. 7252971


and there is a Kushner connection…..

Anonymous ID: abc902 2019-07-30 03:04:11Z No. 7252972


WOBDV ndhlpforsld dodmknghmsfrfrbngdisble wrdfrhm

Anonymous ID: 176fdd 2019-07-30 03:04:12Z No. 7252973


Ratcliffe is right out of "central casting" - great actor?

Super Sayan Gigi M Hayes ID: 36a0be 2019-07-30 03:04:17Z No. 7252974

Anonymous ID: 28deaf 2019-07-30 03:04:19Z No. 7252975


Anonymous ID: 134004 2019-07-30 03:04:26Z No. 7252976


<They _get_ to fuck kids?

Anon please don't word it that way it sound really bad and I pray you didn't mean for it to come out that way. It's f'ing sickening, then to find out they've get away with for ever.

Anonymous ID: 27d40b 2019-07-30 03:04:33Z No. 7252977


America Is Back!

It's Time

Do It Q!

God Wins

Anonymous ID: 85c61d 2019-07-30 03:04:38Z No. 7252978


Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 03:04:40Z No. 7252979


>as the group moves at about 3-5 miles per hour.

after wading through 8 to 16 years or red tape…

Anonymous ID: d7f450 2019-07-30 03:04:40Z No. 7252980

Anonymous ID: 195268 2019-07-30 03:04:46Z No. 7252981


Thank you for keeping anons in the loop These past two years Q. We all thank you for your service to put great Republic.

Anonymous ID: 2dacf3 2019-07-30 03:04:47Z No. 7252982

Shadilay, the synthwave variations.

Spicy remix for Phase II

Anonymous ID: a6d328 2019-07-30 03:04:47Z No. 7252983


Thank you for everything! Now let’s get college costs under control! My son shouldn’t have to go into debt to go to medical school so he can help others.

Anonymous ID: 5ef11c 2019-07-30 03:04:50Z No. 7252984


Save the Boer

Anonymous ID: 1853a5 2019-07-30 03:04:53Z No. 7252985



Anonymous ID: 0742c5 2019-07-30 03:04:56Z No. 7252986


God bless the USA!!! We will NEVER forget!!!

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 03:04:56Z No. 7252987


Anonymous ID: 49472d 2019-07-30 03:04:58Z No. 7252988


Anonymous ID: d733e4 2019-07-30 03:05:00Z No. 7252989


Sad thing my family didn't even know how close we got to being lost forever. They don't believe me so I stopped telling them.

Anonymous ID: 4214d6 2019-07-30 03:05:03Z No. 7252990



Anonymous ID: 742e16 2019-07-30 03:05:06Z No. 7252991


How soon will us in Flyover country feel the effects?

Anonymous ID: 97f262 2019-07-30 03:05:09Z No. 7252992



I am SO PROUD to be a part of this movement.

I have found my calling.

The rest of my life will be devoted to LIBERTY.



This evil must be destroyed.

Anonymous ID: 3fb0cc 2019-07-30 03:05:16Z No. 7252993


Agnostic actually.

But don't let facts get in the way of a good jew baiting session.

Anonymous ID: d154c7 2019-07-30 03:05:24Z No. 7252994


he doesn't have to.

Anonymous ID: 7c932a 2019-07-30 03:05:32Z No. 7252995


Hello Sir,

Whitaker to be Acting DNI to clean the swamp out for DNI Ratcliffe?

Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 03:05:36Z No. 7252996


Holy cow, you know what

The NY Post just broke that story about that other woman, Araoza (sp?) who served Epstein with another lawsuit the very day before his "suicide attempt"

The big deal in THAT is that she was also suing to reveal the name of the woman who was recruiting/grooming for him

Got to be Nicole Junkermann, if they're that worried about it

She must be the key to another giant list of elites


Anonymous ID: fc4aff 2019-07-30 03:05:38Z No. 7252997


Turn over every rock

IE: Leave no stone unturned

Masonic code meaning all will be covered up

Anonymous ID: 7a32b8 2019-07-30 03:05:40Z No. 7252998


Woohoo! Thank you Q Team, Potus and all those putting their lives on the line for our country….and for this world.

Anonymous ID: 68d409 2019-07-30 03:05:41Z No. 7252999


Boss, what’s your take regarding the latest attacks on voat?

Anonymous ID: 16fcfe 2019-07-30 03:05:42Z No. 7253000


Anonymous ID: 614911 2019-07-30 03:05:46Z No. 7253001


Its her lizard eyes crowning thru showing her disdain for the photo. Its not the same as the black eye club. man you guys are way behind.

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 03:05:48Z No. 7253002


Fuuuck. Is this whole process going to turn the media honest or something?

Anonymous ID: abc902 2019-07-30 03:05:54Z No. 7253003


Amen to that

Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 03:05:59Z No. 7253004


Well they could not be allowed to do a bridge different department.

Anonymous ID: b74b8d 2019-07-30 03:05:59Z No. 7253005

Is Mitch going down?

Anonymous ID: 21b262 2019-07-30 03:06:01Z No. 7253006


Stay vigilant.

Is November 11th victory parade still on?

Anonymous ID: 5ef11c 2019-07-30 03:06:03Z No. 7253007

Take the red pill and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Anonymous ID: 2efec1 2019-07-30 03:06:04Z No. 7253008


Anonymous ID: c08698 2019-07-30 03:06:11Z No. 7253009

Q we will never accept Israel as our masters

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 03:06:15Z No. 7253010


Q, anons digged on the GILROY shooting and it seems there is fake blood and actors acting.

The sherrif has mason symbolism and many of the witnesses show mason symbolism.



>>7238992, >>7239010 Gilroy police chief diggz

>>7238901 Gilroy badge has pyramid and eye

>>7239201, >>7239401, >>7239382, >>7239186, >>7239364, >>7238256, >>7238336 more on GILROY staged FF

>>7239221 lb staged FF video

>>7239640, >>7239663 guy on FF vid: ""I'm going over where I am supposed to be"

Anonymous ID: 5132d8 2019-07-30 03:06:16Z No. 7253011


June 18, 2019

Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 03:06:24Z No. 7253012


this comedian, joke and science man say it is a coincidence…..

Anonymous ID: fe562d 2019-07-30 03:06:32Z No. 7253013

Anonymous ID: 76d1df 2019-07-30 03:06:36Z No. 7253014


Yes, please.

Anonymous ID: 733187 2019-07-30 03:06:37Z No. 7253015


Bread 9276

>>7250626 [pb]

Anonymous ID: fbb735 2019-07-30 03:06:40Z No. 7253016



Thank God, POTUS, Q, Anons and Patriots.

Anonymous ID: 0ccacc 2019-07-30 03:06:41Z No. 7253017


Anonymous ID: e1ca88 2019-07-30 03:06:55Z No. 7253019

Anonymous ID: 6cc2fb 2019-07-30 03:06:56Z No. 7253018


Let’s get this show on the road! We need OPTICS! The public is ready!

Anonymous ID: 28deaf 2019-07-30 03:06:56Z No. 7253020

Enhance the image

Anonymous ID: 6e5b75 2019-07-30 03:07:01Z No. 7253021


I know exactly how you feel fren.


Anonymous ID: e81328 2019-07-30 03:07:07Z No. 7253022


Anonymous ID: 40c6aa 2019-07-30 03:07:08Z No. 7253023

Days after his mother’s death, man finds dead baby stored in family freezer

July 29, 2019, by Jeff Bernthal

ST. LOUIS – Adam Smith made a shocking discovery inside the freezer of his family’s apartment on the 6000 block of Magnolia late Saturday night.

Smith’s mother had just passed away and he decided to open a box that was wrapped and stored in the family freezer.

He said the package had been in a freezer ever since he was a kid and his mother told him the package was none of his business, so he always avoided it.

Smith suspected it was frozen wedding cake or something similar. Nothing could have prepared him for what he found inside.

“There was a pink blanket—baby blanket—and when I reached down and touched it, I could feel a foot,” said Smith. “I could see the baby’s head with hair. The hair was still attached.”

Police responded and are investigating what they consider to be a suspicious death. Smith said he’s distraught and has so many questions.

“Who absolutely keeps their own child in a box for this long and never talks about it?” he said. “I just have so many thoughts and it’s just insane.”

Smith wonders if the box he believes was stored in his freezer for decades contained the body of a baby who was his sister. He’s also distraught over the possibility of what his mother may have done.

Smith said he remembers his mom once speaking about losing a child at birth and said a relative recently told him his mother gave birth to twins but lost one at birth and gave the other child up for adoption.

His mind is filled with questions he may never have answered.

“I have to wait for the autopsy to see if that baby ever took a breath and I cannot help it to think she might have done something to it,” Smith said. “I just can’t help it.”

Dorsie Tyson, Smith’s neighbor, was shocked to hear about the discovery.

“It’s tragic,” he said. “My heart goes out to him and I just hope he gets some answers.”

Smith fears he’ll never know the truth.

“I wanted some type of closure and I feel like I may never get any closure because my mom’s gone,” he said.

Anonymous ID: 27d40b 2019-07-30 03:07:22Z No. 7253024


We need to wake up the masses first,

Then much to ask forgiveness for,

and much forgiveness to be had,

Much Healing after the Great Awakening

We knew this day would come

Anonymous ID: a0e592 2019-07-30 03:07:23Z No. 7253025

A-and there it is, committed to accepting the label

Anonymous ID: 49472d 2019-07-30 03:07:24Z No. 7253026


The MSM / Deep State Media will disintigrate under it's own weight soon enough.

It's what will replace it that counts.

QAnon News

Nightly Notables or whatever.

TO Q Anonomous ID: ecb826 2019-07-30 03:07:27Z No. 7253027


Anonymous ID: 98fc73 2019-07-30 03:07:28Z No. 7253028


And We The People will fight till our last breathe to protect it!

Anonymous ID: 1853a5 2019-07-30 03:07:29Z No. 7253029


Anonymous ID: 1fe614 2019-07-30 03:07:32Z No. 7253030


No Wittiaker is DOJ not Intel it has to be EWC

Anonymous ID: 5e009c 2019-07-30 03:07:35Z No. 7253031

Shall we play a game?

Anonymous ID: 614f85 2019-07-30 03:07:36Z No. 7253032


Anonymous ID: c69bb1 2019-07-30 03:07:38Z No. 7253033

The Great Awakening here. The Storm is nigh

Anonymous ID: 8d44da 2019-07-30 03:07:40Z No. 7253034


Anonymous ID: 3b86f5 2019-07-30 03:07:43Z No. 7253035


POTUS LOVE (no homo)

Anonymous ID: 76f14b 2019-07-30 03:07:46Z No. 7253036


Where did you get the 28,000,000 number?

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 03:07:50Z No. 7253037


That's baloney, She obviously concealed the black eye ring with make-up

Anonymous ID: bef48f 2019-07-30 03:07:50Z No. 7253038


Same here anon. Our taxes wasted irresponsibly which should be going to our kids

Anonymous ID: 91385c 2019-07-30 03:07:50Z No. 7253039

Anonymous ID: 7877ba 2019-07-30 03:07:52Z No. 7253040


Papa D chummin' heavy…

Anonymous ID: fe6fb0 2019-07-30 03:07:52Z No. 7253041


they call me the working man, baby. baby baby.

Anonymous ID: a8ec02 2019-07-30 03:07:53Z No. 7253042


Anonymous ID: 880045 2019-07-30 03:08:12Z No. 7253043


I'm nice and comfy and enjoying the show, Q!

Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 03:08:12Z No. 7253044

>>7252880 rt >>7252871 ————————— AMERICA IS BACK!

>>7252803 rt >>7252787 ————————— WWG1WGA!!!

>>7252804 ————————————–——– (Cap: It's all about the details : >>7252772)


>>7252826 NEW PDJT

>>7252678 Voat notification of demand, by country, of DDOS: Russian Fed, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine & Brazil

>>7252662 Con Edison identifies cause of 7/13 NYC blackout

>>7252601 Congratulations to General Martin, former 1st Infantry Division Danger 6, on becoming the 37th Vice Chief of Staff of the http://U.S.Army ! #DutyFirst #Victory

>>7252594 Guggenheim Expects Stocks to Crash 50% In The Next Recession

>>7252591 Eyes on needs verification breaking tips about Mexico/Democrat corruption

>>7252557 anon speaks truth on Baltimore redpill

>>7252532 @AF_Academy There's a storm rolling in

>>7252444 , >>7252572 Maggie Haberman cc's account that died 6 years ago in tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office



Anonymous ID: 2d4947 2019-07-30 03:08:16Z No. 7253045


Anonymous ID: ecc24d 2019-07-30 03:08:16Z No. 7253046


Anonymous ID: 01b99d 2019-07-30 03:08:18Z No. 7253047




Notables from #8672 bread

#8672 Baker Change

>>6780046 Planefag reports

>>6780383, >>6780431, >>6780200, >>6780466 President Trump's Tweets and info

>>6779971 US MIL Tweetfag report

>>6779916 Trump planning to live-tweet first 2020 Democratic debates: report

>>6780407, >>6780048, >>6779980 FinanceFag reports

>>6779983 MOAR FBI goin after 8 stuff

>>6780073, >>6780088, >>6780247 Merkle shakes like Hitler did

>>6780083, >>6780091 Heavy push on "Deep fake" articles and cabal comms drops info

>>6780114 Saudi Arabia puts it oil stations and terminals on alert

>>6780092, >>6780133 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Five Additional Broadcast Television Companies

>>6780115 7.4 Tons of Venezuela’s Gold Landed in Africa—and Vanished

>>6780249 Past Bread Related to Payseur dig.

>>6780263 Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples" (2016)

>>6780265, >>6780541 Asked who approached him about creating clinton server, Justin Cooper replied: “It would have been a discussion with Huma Abedin.”

>>6780123, >>6780129, >>6780149, >>6780288, >>6780298, >>6780384, >>6780453 Dozens of Jimmy Buffett Fans Get Violently Sick in DR more digs bun

>>6780294 What a great day to be alive Patriots! Rally Day! Bread 8672 FG&C!

>>6780329 The CDC has deleted the references in products using the WI-38 cell line from publicly accessible online materials

>>6780416, >>6780463 Cabal is desperate to keep their Sandy Hoax psyop going

>>6780586 pat Shanahan steps down

>>6780614 #8672

Anonymous ID: 3b65a6 2019-07-30 03:08:21Z No. 7253048



Anonymous ID: 4f52f1 2019-07-30 03:08:28Z No. 7253049


Are those STARS on his tie?

POTUS-Whitaker coding?

Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 03:08:28Z No. 7253050







What was the edition name? Notables? interdasting posts?

Anonymous ID: 77e6c4 2019-07-30 03:08:34Z No. 7253051


Win win win!

Anonymous ID: 63ed0d 2019-07-30 03:08:35Z No. 7253052


Papa D is a namefag.

Anonymous ID: 7b7a48 2019-07-30 03:08:36Z No. 7253053


Anonymous ID: 199e73 2019-07-30 03:08:37Z No. 7253054


Anons, we all should be praying for his safety right about now.

Anonymous ID: 48f830 2019-07-30 03:08:40Z No. 7253055

PACER is getting me angry!

It keeps kicking me back to the search page without showing results 9/10 times.

Or it will flash the results then immediately jump back to the main search page.

And God Forbid a search comes up with multiple pages…when you go to the next page, it kicks me back to the main search.

its never done that to me before. Its aggravating as fuck

Anonymous ID: 912b3b 2019-07-30 03:08:43Z No. 7253056



What makes good movies?

Great Actors!

Anonymous ID: c80de6 2019-07-30 03:08:45Z No. 7253057

Anonymous ID: aa4eb0 2019-07-30 03:08:48Z No. 7253058


Just another coincidence…

Anonymous ID: 928e1c 2019-07-30 03:08:50Z No. 7253059



Anonymous ID: a8f0e4 2019-07-30 03:08:50Z No. 7253060

Not just teasing us this time I hope Q!

We all are ready for action.

We have been beaten down for too long.

Locked clocked and ready to rock Qoc.

Anonymous ID: 99b3ef 2019-07-30 03:08:51Z No. 7253061



Bunker Apple Yellow Sky

Arrest Court Gitmo Death

Anonymous ID: c752cd 2019-07-30 03:08:52Z No. 7253062


awww thats beautiful fren

Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 03:08:56Z No. 7253063


Night shift with the Q

Anonymous ID: bd4447 2019-07-30 03:09:02Z No. 7253064


List of people convicted of treason in the United States

Anonymous ID: 482924 2019-07-30 03:09:09Z No. 7253065

When do you strike iron?

The month of AUGUST is traditionally a really HOT month.

Anonymous ID: 614f85 2019-07-30 03:09:09Z No. 7253066


Anonymous ID: 895ecc 2019-07-30 03:09:11Z No. 7253067


There's a whole lot of stages being set and when the show starts….

oh boy is this great….

Anonymous ID: e350a0 2019-07-30 03:09:12Z No. 7253068


Anonymous ID: b8a883 2019-07-30 03:09:17Z No. 7253069


Anonymous ID: a27d38 2019-07-30 03:09:24Z No. 7253070

“There are a lot of things that Barr is going to bring to a conclusion”

Barr is endgame (at least for a chunk, if not all). We know this, but good to here he’s the closer

Anonymous ID: e170a0 2019-07-30 03:09:30Z No. 7253071


Anonymous ID: 5e657f 2019-07-30 03:09:36Z No. 7253072



These posted to qResearch same day as 2020 kick-off rally.

>>6783016 (pb)

>"Q Research, Bread #8672, 18 June 2019"

Anonymous ID: ee318b 2019-07-30 03:09:40Z No. 7253073


Wow. Putin has as many doubles as Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous ID: 5faf06 2019-07-30 03:09:42Z No. 7253074


Fuck me.

Anonymous ID: b78b4e 2019-07-30 03:09:43Z No. 7253075


I don't think I'd have the nerve. Those things do "eat everything that moves" including house cats. Their noises are unearthly.

Anonymous ID: 60f6e5 2019-07-30 03:09:47Z No. 7253076


>That's it?

Anonymous ID: 3b65a6 2019-07-30 03:10:04Z No. 7253077



Anonymous ID: ac1db1 2019-07-30 03:10:06Z No. 7253078


>>7252826 NEW PDJT

>>7252678 Voat notification of demand, by country, of DDOS: Russian Fed, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine & Brazil

>>7252662 Con Edison identifies cause of 7/13 NYC blackout

>>7252601 Congratulations to General Martin, former 1st Infantry Division Danger 6, on becoming the 37th Vice Chief of Staff of the http://U.S.Army ! #DutyFirst #Victory

>>7252594 Guggenheim Expects Stocks to Crash 50% In The Next Recession

>>7252591 Eyes on needs verification breaking tips about Mexico/Democrat corruption

>>7252557 anon speaks truth on Baltimore redpill

>>7252532 @AF_Academy There's a storm rolling in

>>7252444 , >>7252572 Maggie Haberman cc's account that died 6 years ago in tweet asking whose job it is to measure the drapes in the Oval Office


Anonymous ID: 9e862d 2019-07-30 03:10:08Z No. 7253079


el chappo's American C_A wife and drug money

Anonymous ID: 1d30eb 2019-07-30 03:10:08Z No. 7253080


Anonymous ID: fb1f18 2019-07-30 03:10:12Z No. 7253081


Anonymous ID: 9ee92b 2019-07-30 03:10:14Z No. 7253082

Q, I trust kansas, but not this idiot

Anonymous ID: 34599c 2019-07-30 03:10:16Z No. 7253083



Semper Fidelis

Anonymous ID: 798e11 2019-07-30 03:10:23Z No. 7253084



Go get ‘em!

Anonymous ID: 5ef11c 2019-07-30 03:10:26Z No. 7253085







Anonymous ID: 5e009c 2019-07-30 03:10:28Z No. 7253086

Read the Bible

God Wins

Anonymous ID: c5a491 2019-07-30 03:10:35Z No. 7253087


How do you find Bread #8672??? The catalog doesn't go back that far…How do you get to the archives previous???

Anonymous ID: 0ccacc 2019-07-30 03:10:47Z No. 7253088


Draw and strike on twitter. Brian Cates.

look around you will see a copy of a tweet from him answering another tweet about 16 billion…so i was just doing the numbers. couldn't find anything on google or duckduck as to the 18 billion..but found 1.8 billion..I just think he read it wrong and left out the decimal.

Anonymous ID: 96e22a 2019-07-30 03:10:48Z No. 7253089

>>7252772 (Q)


Anonymous ID: 282c59 2019-07-30 03:10:58Z No. 7253090

Anonymous ID: a6d328 2019-07-30 03:10:59Z No. 7253091


Exactly! I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount of tuition. But $50k a year (or more at the good schools like Duke) is absolutely ridiculous. He has a servant’s heart and feels this is his calling.

Anonymous ID: e3ac93 2019-07-30 03:11:13Z No. 7253093













Cutting up with Kissinger. Two cabal puppets jes chillin.

Anonymous ID: a27d38 2019-07-30 03:11:14Z No. 7253094


Put that url in, search database

Anonymous ID: 880045 2019-07-30 03:11:22Z No. 7253095


Anonymous ID: a8ec02 2019-07-30 03:11:22Z No. 7253096


Anonymous ID: b74b8d 2019-07-30 03:11:28Z No. 7253098


kissinger's 230th b'day? nice cake! did he blow it up…i mean blow out the candles?

Anonymous ID: 6a90aa 2019-07-30 03:11:29Z No. 7253099


Anonymous ID: 65e250 2019-07-30 03:11:30Z No. 7253100




Anonymous ID: 07c41a 2019-07-30 03:11:38Z No. 7253101


I guess that's what I am…baby…

Anonymous ID: d41e78 2019-07-30 03:11:48Z No. 7253103


Anonymous ID: 2ff2c8 2019-07-30 03:11:52Z No. 7253104


Strap in for the ride of your lives people, this is gonna be fun!!!

Anonymous ID: 13d7bc 2019-07-30 03:11:55Z No. 7253105

Basics on tonight's/Hannity discussion w/Fitton re: exculpatory evidence

Further discussion re: Cheryl Mills & Heather Samuelson

Clinton Lawyers Given Immunity from Espionage Act

The ACLJ uncovered it. The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI granted Hillary Clinton’s attorneys immunity from the Espionage Act.

Today on Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed the latest information we obtained through our FOIA request that the Obama DOJ granted two of Hillary Clinton’s attorneys immunity from the Espionage Act, despite deliberate destruction of evidence.

Clinton’s top aides and lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were given limited immunity by the FBI in exchange for turning over laptops – which they referred to as “culling laptops” – as part of an investigation. In fact, the FBI actually agreed to destroy the computers.

According to documents obtained through our FOIA request, they were given immunity from prosecution from anything found on their laptops, i.e. violations of multiple felony criminal statutes governing the mishandling of classified information and/or the removal or destruction of records, including provisions of the Espionage Act.

These weren’t just two lawyers representing Clinton. They were actively involved in what appears to be the cover-up. These laptops contained Hillary Clinton’s emails. And not only were her lawyers given immunity, but the FBI agreed to destroy the laptops and attempted to prevent the contents from being subject to the FOIA.

In addition, we seem to see the same individuals coming up time and time again in each of these sham investigations – Comey, Strzok, Page, and others – involved in both the Clinton investigation and the highly flawed investigation of President Trump.

Had these two Clinton aides been convicted of espionage charges, they could’ve served a combined sentence of 28 years in prison. But instead they are free and clear.

As Prof. Harry Hutchison stated on the show, it seems clear there was a deliberate and clear conspiracy to destroy evidence of any violation that could implicate Mills, Samuelson, or their boss, Hillary Clinton. It was a sham investigation by the FBI and DOJ.

This has been a 3 year process. Our Clinton/Lynch FOIAs started back in 2016, and have continued to expand over 3 years as more and more information comes to light.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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>cautiously optimistic

You're not alone…

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Check it Q

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My two are in debt up to their eyeballs for medical school. It was their choice. Get used to it. No one's holding a gun to your son's head.

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It's in lb's notes

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NBc trying to tie 8chan to all the other interwebidiots as a smear. It must be coming soon….very soon

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Camp David for Clinton and crew… Jan 1998

someone asked about the newspaper circled…

The quote starts with "Suicide watch on Kaczynski"

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Treason Treason! She said.

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"With Barr and Ratcliffe both working these angles, I think they're the perfect team."

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>>7252803Stay safe patriots. Thank you for your service.

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Its gotta be Ray Chandler or Ghislaine Maxwell

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Wonder what SESSIONS is doing

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Lost 2 paratroopers today.

May St. Michael watch over and guide them on that last trip through the clouds. Give comfort and peace to their loved ones.

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Snobby Establishment types are everywhere that it's nice to be at in the Summer.

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Bread #8672. “83rd edition Hungry Games…”

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You’re right. But he feels this is his calling. To help others. I just feel like there should be a better way.

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Morning sun brings HEAT. August is going to be hot! Early morning arrests!

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Grinning from ear to ear

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>>7252493 you was right

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Probably moving to Cuba to be involved with the Military Tribunals coming up.

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Q confirmed and it fits very well, so, yeah.

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Holy shit what is that in my eyes?! Goodness gracious what a voice!

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>It's so lucrative. Get good grades and go into debt.

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Why use a picture from June, ?2018 ?

confused anon

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totally mason

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a q post defining exculpatory

and a POTUS book plug tweet

i'd say there is a good chance >>7253019

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POTUS battle rattle

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Making cookies in the Keebler hollow tree?