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Q Research General #10286: SQTU 2020 and SOROS behind the Shadow Edition

Q Research General #10286: SQTU 2020 and SOROS behind the Shadow Edition Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:14:49Z No. 8035768

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 02.05.2020

>>8035738 rt >>8035547 ————————— rt SOROS behind Shadow

>>8031718 ————————————–——– It's going to be Biblical (Vid Cap: >>8031731)

>>8031606 rt >>8031593 ————————— Sometimes the future can find the past.

>>8031555 ————————————–——– Sometimes the past can find the future (Cap: >>8031566)

>>8031268 ————————————–——– What happens when the mass pop witnesses [no political spin][FAKE NEWS cannot censor SOTU address] the 'anti-American' actions of the LEFT firsthand? (Cap: >>8031297)

Monday 02.03.2020

>>8012209 ————————————–——– Who are the REAL racists? (Cap: >>8012235, >>8012238)

Saturday 02.01.2020

>>7991504 ————————————–——– In God We Trust ]Flag[ (Cap: >>7991592)

>>7991417 rt >>7991390 ————————— Durham & Rogers meeting(s)

>>7991360 ————————————–——– Who was the 17th Director of the NSA? (Cap: >>7991389)

>>7991149 ————————————–——– Schiffs own ukraine connection comes under scrutiny (Cap: >>7991214 )

>>7990469 ————————————–——– Well done, Anons. 5:5? Welcome to the [D] party. (Caps: >>7990503, >>7990510, >>7990522)

Friday 01.31.2020

>>7982927 ————————————–——– Brit Flag, Freedom Day.png (Cap: >>7983125)

>>7978821 ————————————–——– Coming soon (Cap: >>7978835)

>>7978543 ————————————–——– Context post FISA. (Cap: >>7978568)

>>7978436 ————————————–——– They will not be able to walk down the street (Cap: >>7978474)

Thursday 01.30.2020

>>7968579 ————————————–——– Coincidences are fun!

>>7967013 ————————————–——– Worth remembering. (Cap: >>7967071)

>>7966781 rt >>7966693 ————————— Remember these names (Caps: >>7966836)

>>7966693 ————————————–——– Rand Paul:NSC holdovers (Cap: >>7966736)

>>7966643 ————————————–——– DOJ:Probation OK for Flynn (Cap: >>7966698)

>>7966134 rt >>7965951 ————————— SC to hear case re: legality of impeachment Articles drafted by House? [clean record]

>>7965971 ————————————–——– [Whistleblower - source 1 & 2 NSC] (Cap: >>7965984)

>>7965818 ————————————–——– These people are stupid

>>7965632 ————————————–——– State of the Union ( Cap: >>7965689)

Tuesday 01.28.2020


Thursday 01.23.2020


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>>7683307 How To Quickly Spot A Clown!

Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:15:25Z No. 8035776

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>>7993702 New bakers/note-takers: plz tag notables & other key info to dough post

>>7907553, >>7907564 Updated Watkins bun: 14 of 88 domains seized instead of transferred (1-24-20)

Anons, plz no jpegs, tx


are not endorsements


>>8035304, >>8035465 planefags

>>8035113, >>8035155, >>8035376 Mother Teresa news coming into the light? >>8035430 note her date of passing, and the dates of these occurences

>>8035170 US Space Force has test-fired a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time

>>8035206 Trump's Ability to Expose the Dems' Radical Agenda Will Probably Get Him Re-Elected - op-ed read pjmedia

>>8035240 Louie Gohmert talks booms, suggests that FBI go after DC criminals and prosecute political criminals to regain the trust of the American people. c-span

>>8035280 5-minute vid Ben Carson on Opportunity Zones and Claire McCaskill's controversial tweet

>>8035302, >>8035319, >>8035339 frank-plummer-former-head-of-the-national-microbiology-lab-dead-at-67

>>8035310 New Scavino w vid Good Morning America

>>8035440 Jeffrey Epstein’s Mystery Bank Came Alive After His Death, nytimes article capped for ya

>>8035554 should got the get. Officially POTUS' 1111th day. 3 years, 16 days. 36 months, 16 days. (almost quads)

>>8035576 CBS- Most viewers approved of Trump's second State of the Union address

>>8035547 In case anybody missed it, it will surprise no one to learn that Soros is the #1 funding source behind Shadow - sauce this twat nom

>>8035630 JPMorgan’s Role in Metals Spoofing Is Under U.S. Criminal Probe

>>8035540 Anon speculation on what documents Nancy may have torn.

>>8035673, >>8035709, >>8035717 Who is Karena Feng and/or Feng 24th LLC, FENG RE INC. and/or 2601 24th Ave, San Frnacisco, CA

>>8035729 #10285

#10284 bajer change with d'oh ingredients

>>8034282 Google Censors the Congressional Record: Sen Paul speech-breitbart

>>8034305, >>8034361 anon notices basket under table on KANSAS tweet from Feb 2-Wizard of Oz book in it

>>8034309 Spreadsheet updated

>>8034311 US bars Bulgarian Specialized Criminal Court judge over ‘significant corruption’

>>8034315 Board fires two leaders of the 2020 DNC Host Committee

>>8034375 U.S. halts secretive drone program with Turkey over Syria incursion

>>8034372, >>8034440 Did China's Tencent Accidentally Leak The True Terrifying Coronavirus Statistics-zh and additional sauce

>>8034382, >>8034351 US Strat. Comm Twat: Vandenburg missle test from early morning pst

>>8034388, >>8034423 Squad praises Pelosi for tearing up Trump's SOTU speech

>>8034441, >>8034529, >>8034540 MSNBC anchor calls Trump 'the enemy' in fiery rant

>>8034420 (Live) wray testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee at 10AM EST

>>8034502 DJT jr Twat

>>8034581, >>8034586 yt and c-span vids to peachmint

>>8034601 Prince Charles names Katy Perry as ambassador for South Asia charity

>>8034683, >>8034695 scavino twat "looking forward to the day ahead"

>>8034727 Sessions Twat: " Amen, thank you, President Trump…."

>>8034769 New POTUS tweet …can't run a caucus….

>>8034823 Treasury lays groundwork for return of 20-year bond

>>8034854 Updated POTUS schedule for today

>>8034937 California hospital workers exposed to coronavirus, told to stay home: officials

>>8034950 #10284


Baker Change

>>8034226 Nominee for top Pentagon personnel job out after controversy over past writings

>>8034191 California bill seeks takeover of nation's largest utility

>>8034186 US Army twat w/CAP: Heat

>>8034152 renoting for anons: Dem chant at sotu was regarding H.R. 3. Drug pricing bill.

>>8034102 Pro-gun control Parkland dad removed after interrupting Trump

>>8034074 U.S. trade deficit falls in 2019 for first time in 6 years

>>8034024, >>8034122 planefag reporting

>>8033998 anon will welcome 5th patriot into his family. congrats fren

>>8033963 Wall Street was looking for ADP employment data to come in at 160,000, instead… January saw 291,000 jobs created.

>>8033933 Interesting the greater implications of how Dems acted last night… The World Is Watching - Sky News 'Australia'

>>8033861 New DJT twat w/CAP: It was a great and triumphant evening for our Country. Thank you for all of the nice remarks and wonderful reviews of my State of the Union Speech…

>>8033627, >>8033656 renoting for fags that missed sotu: Limbaugh receives medal of freedom from flotus.

>>8033583 DOJ report on FBI abuses opens door for spirited Flynn counterattack

>>8034242 #10283

Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:15:36Z No. 8035779


>>8033468 Why we fight revisited !!!

>>8033454 Virginia Senate Blocks Gov. Northams gun control bill

>>8033347, >>8033369 Catholic Church for outed Pedo Preists

>>8033161 Mysterious bank Jeffrey Epstein created received millions after his death

>>8032827 Jan 2020 sealed indictment update (repost)

>>8032831, >>8032870, >>8032883 3B Scientific Corp & adrenochrome; followup on >>8032431 pb

>>8032883, >>8032962 Pompeo knocks Pelosi with Simpsons tweet after Trump address

>>8032985, >>8033056 Vid of Brazilian priest abusing children goes viral in S America

>>8033038, >>8033185 Moar on THE BEST IS YET TO COME

>>8033049 Twitterite suggests that the GOP rip up the peach mint papers at the final vote (just for Keks)

>>8033121 POTUS State of the Union address

>>8033487 #10282

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Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:15:49Z No. 8035783

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Anonymous ID: 5bf4b5 2020-02-05 17:18:43Z No. 8035826

"One of the black guys of the FBI" ~Wray

Anonymous ID: 4f615b 2020-02-05 17:19:07Z No. 8035827

Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:19:16Z No. 8035828



dough past to future baker


peas out, carrots gots the jewels

sorry i got captcha'dd

didnt get the late Q


Anonymous ID: 8fbb92 2020-02-05 17:19:34Z No. 8035829

>>8035785 LB

Anti-American Coalition!

Anonymous ID: dc2e02 2020-02-05 17:19:43Z No. 8035830

what was on the papers she was handed Q was it the speech or was the binder in front of POTUS the speech ???

Anonymous ID: ec5bc8 2020-02-05 17:19:46Z No. 8035831

>>8035785 Q PRIOR BREAD


18 U.S. Code § 2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

U.S. Code

Anonymous ID: 51e39a 2020-02-05 17:19:50Z No. 8035832


Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:20:07Z No. 8035833



Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:20:13Z No. 8035834

Eye of RA?

Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:20:24Z No. 8035835


new baker confirmed yo

Anonymous ID: 209305 2020-02-05 17:20:31Z No. 8035836


Thanks Baker

Anonymous ID: af5f4e 2020-02-05 17:20:33Z No. 8035837

>>8035785 LB

Justice soon? These people are a stain on the halls of our Congress. They are criminals. Lock Them Up!

Anonymous ID: 1744f0 2020-02-05 17:20:34Z No. 8035838

Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:20:34Z No. 8035839


looks familiar.

Anonymous ID: a7f187 2020-02-05 17:20:35Z No. 8035840


TY Baker!!! Considering the challenges with posting as of late, you did awesome.

Anonymous ID: 5e5b10 2020-02-05 17:20:38Z No. 8035841

This Utah guy is good

Anonymous ID: 218f8f 2020-02-05 17:20:39Z No. 8035842

>>8034955 (pb) Have lived this scenario for many years—agree with all you say. The problem with helping them is twofold. First, we have had to pay the price for their failure. A huge price in pain, relationships & diminished quality of life. Yes, we are here for a reason & more or less understand the role we "should" play going forward. Yet to do so, we must find a way (somehow!) to deal with the baggage of our own internal wounds, inflicted in the past by the very people we are now morally tasked with assisting.

Second, those still in the dark side (matrix) camp are still fighting with every ounce of their strength to destroy us & all we hold dear. They are self righteously unrepentant. Many of them would love to see us killed. Anger seethes within me when a creature like P does what she did last night. Beneath that anger, though, lies the understanding that there is no way to "win", either in 3 space or 4 space, by giving in to it. As excruciatingly difficult & draining as it is, our better selves must wrestle like Jacob with the issues that define our existence here. We are being watched on multiple levels. Movies within movies.

Anonymous ID: faca33 2020-02-05 17:20:45Z No. 8035844

How's the DUMB clearing going, Q?

Anonymous ID: 054200 2020-02-05 17:20:46Z No. 8035845

If spammers kill forums, what's the long term consequences of their pressence? 🤔

Are there specific reasons why they chose these talking points, if they haven't changed them in over 2 years? 🤔

If flooding is allowed, are we expressing our free thoughts + opinions, or our manipulated frustrations? 🤔

As we know beyond doubt the IRGC (a foreign terrorist group) is behind these attacks, why are they protected by Free Speech laws? 🤔

Would you extend the Freedom of speech to a repeat offending child rapist, without a system of Law in place to keep them from luring children in chat rooms? 🤔

Where is our system of law that protects us from abuses of Free Speech? 🤔

If this board mirrors America and her glorious Free Speech, does this board mirror her glorious system of Law as well? 🤔

If they cannot control who posts here or what's shown to others, are there other ways to manipulate users to be as [self-]censored as they desire? 🤔

As we know the abusers on our board embed MKUltra tier subliminals in their pictures, is our ability to express ourselves without censorship intact? 🤔

If Q says there's a war on our minds, what would that war look like? 🤔

What spell of slumber are they referring to? 🤔

If they have the same access (You) do, does that censorship take place through images posted? Text written? 🤔

Does a lie, repeated often enough, become a 'truth'? 🤔

If this manipulation has run for awhile now, and it has, are we manipulated out of key positions? 🤔

Is the Baker a key position? 🤔

How important is this board? Is the world watching? 🤔

Anonymous ID: 52a381 2020-02-05 17:20:51Z No. 8035846

Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:20:54Z No. 8035847

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:20:57Z No. 8035848

Is that Ilhan Omar's empty seat?

They replaced her with a white towel?

Isn't that racist?


Anonymous ID: e38c24 2020-02-05 17:20:59Z No. 8035849

>>8035785 (LB)

>the faces you make when you are no longer in power that you so desperately crave that you would sell out your control and soul for

Anonymous ID: 20441f 2020-02-05 17:21:22Z No. 8035850

Missouri Businessman Arrested on Antitrust Charge for Rigging Bids at Online Government Auctions

A federal grand jury returned an indictment charging Alan Gaines, a Missouri resident, with participating in a conspiracy to rig bids submitted to the General Services Administration (GSA) at online auctions for surplus government equipment, the Department of Justice announced.

According to the indictment filed in the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, Gaines conspired to rig bids at public online GSA auctions of surplus government equipment from about July 2012 until as late as May 2018. Gaines is the third individual charged in this investigation. Two co-conspirators, Marshall Holland and Igor Yurkovetsky, previously pleaded guilty in the investigation.

“Rigging bids at government auctions cheats taxpayers out of the benefits of competition and steals from the public purse,” said Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the Department of Justice. “This indictment affirms the Division’s commitment to safeguarding online markets and holding to account individuals who rig bids.”

“The general public deserves a level playing field when doing business with the government,” said GSA Inspector General Carol Ochoa. “GSA OIG is committed to prosecuting individuals who corrupt the system put in place for fair and competitive bidding.”

The GSA operates GSA Auctions, which offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide variety of federal assets, including computer equipment that is no longer needed by government agencies. GSA Auctions sells that equipment via its online auctions, and the proceeds of the auctions are distributed to the government agencies or the U.S. Treasury general fund. According to the charge, the primary purpose of the conspiracy was to suppress and eliminate competition. Additionally, the co-conspirators obtained the equipment by agreeing which co-conspirators would submit bids for particular lots offered for sale by GSA Auctions and which co-conspirator would be designated to win a particular lot.

Gaines is charged with violating the Sherman Act, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $1 million criminal fine for individuals. The maximum fine may be increased to twice the gain derived from the crime or twice the loss suffered by the victims of the crime, if either of those amounts is greater than the statutory maximum fine. An indictment merely alleges that crimes have been committed, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:21:22Z No. 8035851


Anonymous ID: 8f74d0 2020-02-05 17:21:29Z No. 8035852


Thanks Baker!

Add to bake:


Anonymous ID: ee70c9 2020-02-05 17:21:31Z No. 8035853

Cruella Pelosi

Anonymous ID: 76ac83 2020-02-05 17:21:32Z No. 8035854


>In case anybody missed it, it will surprise no one to learn that Soros is the #1 funding source behind Shadow:

Where's the fucking link to the tweet, you sauce-less cunt?

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:21:34Z No. 8035855

>>8035785 LB (Q)


capped filename graphic

Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:21:44Z No. 8035856


sorry,,,forgot the (lb) in the last post >>8035785 (lb). /bow head in shame

Anonymous ID: 3c147d 2020-02-05 17:21:45Z No. 8035857

>>8035785 lb


Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:21:49Z No. 8035858

>>8035785 (LB)

Who is the missing representative in this photo dropped by Q???

Anonymous ID: 83386f 2020-02-05 17:21:49Z No. 8035859

>>8035666 (PB)

This reminded me of something I saw previously.

The "Unauthorized missile fired"

I found it a huge coincidence that event occured on Jun 10 2018, Q1729 says "F-16s intercept"

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:21:49Z No. 8035860

Anonymous ID: f8c118 2020-02-05 17:21:50Z No. 8035861


Kansas is a Great State

Anonymous ID: e38c24 2020-02-05 17:21:50Z No. 8035862

>>8035785 (LB)

>the faces you make when you are no longer in power that you so desperately crave that you would sell out your country and soul for

Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:21:52Z No. 8035864

>>8035466 lb

Anonymous ID: ea01ce 2020-02-05 17:22:01Z No. 8035865





Roger that Q

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:22:01Z No. 8035866



Anon had this info yesterday. We know Q lets see Soros be the first BIG one to get arrested. Tired of him spending my money to screw me and my family over. Hope we get a massive refund when Republic restored and IRS abolished.

Anonymous ID: f2c71b 2020-02-05 17:22:02Z No. 8035867

Influencers and handlers in Hwood, with deep connections to the mouthy powers that be in entertainment, sports and Dem CA politics. Years of exposing the actual criminals and here they are, still celebrating the destruction of our country. They need maximum pain, humiliation and loss. A landslide victory is not enough. Bring on the avalanche! Make it biblical!

Anonymous ID: a1041c 2020-02-05 17:22:02Z No. 8035868

>>8035785 (lb)


Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 17:22:11Z No. 8035869

Because it was fake.

My feed keeps cutting out.

But that's OK because the thought police are keeping us safe.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:22:13Z No. 8035870

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:22:13Z No. 8035871

This one time at band camp

Anonymous ID: d7dad9 2020-02-05 17:22:15Z No. 8035872

Anonymous ID: f6c6fc 2020-02-05 17:22:17Z No. 8035873

Good afternoon Q.

Kick Nancy for me if you,see her.

Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:22:19Z No. 8035874


Dropping little bombs on the "4th branch"

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:22:20Z No. 8035875

Oh the intent matters.

"It depends"


But they didn't live up to the standard.

So fuck off

"We're giving them training now. They need therapy"

"Weather we are successful or not."?

Oh was their excuse ?

"Well we had to make sure the frame up wouljd work?

We NEED consequences.


They are so obvious in their crimes, for so long.


Wray "I understand the concerns"

Gee thanks.

Not good enough.

"We need to articulate our standards more clearly."


Oh 9/11? Wray was part of the cover-up

Wouldn't his credibility be higher if he actually created a few a few consequences for the real criminals in his ranks?

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 17:22:28Z No. 8035876

Storm is coming for the east coast.

Anonymous ID: 8fbb92 2020-02-05 17:22:31Z No. 8035877


They realize they have lost the keys to the American piggy bank!

Anonymous ID: b9ea0d 2020-02-05 17:22:33Z No. 8035878

Release the cures!!!

Save one of our great generals


Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 17:22:34Z No. 8035879



Anonymous ID: 6c063b 2020-02-05 17:22:59Z No. 8035880

They must have planned it bc she dominated news and social media this am

Anonymous ID: 5cd0f7 2020-02-05 17:23:01Z No. 8035881

Department of Justice

Office of Public Affairs


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Justice Department Releases $500 Million in Solicitations for Hiring Law Enforcement Officers, Improving School Safety and Combating Distribution of Illicit Drugs

The Justice Department announced that the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) has released over $500 million in grant solicitations under the COPS Hiring Program (CHP) and several other grant programs that advance community policing, keep school students safe and promote the health and safety of our nation’s law enforcement officers.

“There is no more noble a profession than serving as a law enforcement officer and putting your life on the line to protect your community. Our police officers fight an unrelenting fight, and it is more important than ever to support them,” said COPS Office Director Phil Keith. “This funding will provide critical support to state, local, and tribal agencies so that they can bolster their ranks and reinforce community policing strategies and programs, and further our commitment to reducing violent crime.”

The COPS Hiring Program is a competitive award program intended to reduce crime and advance public safety through community policing by providing direct funding for the hiring of career law enforcement officers. In addition to providing financial support for hiring, CHP provides funding to state, local, and tribal law enforcement to enhance local community policing strategies and tactics. In a changing economic climate, CHP funding helps law enforcement agencies maintain sufficient sworn personnel levels to keep their communities safe. Funding through this program had been on hold since the spring of 2018 due to a nationwide injunction, which was recently lifted.

The 2020 Community Policing Development Program will fund projects related to a Law Enforcement Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Program Toolkit; Recruiting the Next Generation of Officers and Deputies; Promising Practices in Law Enforcement Victim Support; Rural Law Enforcement Training Center; and Managing High-Risk Law Enforcement Vehicular Pursuits. This grant program provides guidance on promising practices through the development and testing of innovative strategies; building knowledge about effective practices and outcomes; and supporting new, creative approaches to preventing crime and promoting safe communities.

The Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act Program provides funding to improve the delivery of and access to mental health and wellness services for law enforcement through training and technical assistance, demonstration projects, and implementation of promising practices related to peer mentoring mental health and wellness programs. This year’s program will fund projects related to Peer Support Implementation Projects and a National Peer Support Program for Small and Rural Agencies.

The Preparing for Active Shooter Situations Program provides funding for scenario-based training that prepares officers and other first responders to safely and effectively handle active-shooter and other violent threats. This year’s program will train at least 20,000 first responders through scenario-based, multi-disciplinary training classes.

The COPS Office Anti-Heroin Task Force Program advances public safety by providing funds directly to state law enforcement to locate and investigate illicit activities through statewide collaboration related to the distribution of heroin, fentanyl, or carfentanil or the unlawful distribution of prescription opioids.

The COPS Anti-Methamphetamine Program is designed to investigate illicit activities related to the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine. Funding must be used to locate or investigate illicit activities such as precursor diversion, laboratories, or methamphetamine traffickers.

The STOP School Violence Prevention Program provides funding to improve security at schools and on school grounds in the grantees’ jurisdictions through evidence-based school safety programs.

For more information on COPS Office funding, please visit

The COPS Office is a federal agency responsible for advancing community policing nationwide. Since 1994, the COPS Office has invested more than $14 billion to advance community policing, including grants awarded to more than 13,000 state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies to fund the hiring and redeployment of approximately 130,000 officers and provide a variety of knowledge resource products including publications, training and technical assistance. For additional information about the COPS Office, please visit

The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the Department of Justice. Learn more about the history of our agency at

Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:23:04Z No. 8035882



Q, I really hope our dearest Maha Rushie gets to see Hillary in chains before he departs this fleshly realm (or better yet release the cures!). He was a one man army against Clinton corruption for most of the 90's, us normies owe him so much.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:23:10Z No. 8035883

Anonymous ID: 7ca69e 2020-02-05 17:23:11Z No. 8035884

If it's gonna be BIBLICAL

Like that film clip

About pulling the whole Temple down over them

Then is this clip sending a message

That Trump's plan is to start an earthquake

Which splits Washington DC

And causes the WhiteHouse to crumble?

If the meaning is metaphorical

It could mean distributing Federal government functions

Around the USA

And removing the Presidency from the WhiteHouse entirely

Because it would make a great museum

If POTUS was always on the move

From one military base to another


Isn't that what he does anyway?

Anonymous ID: 8cec50 2020-02-05 17:23:21Z No. 8035885

>>8035738 (LB)

Anonymous ID: 8c50c5 2020-02-05 17:23:26Z No. 8035886

>>8035785 PB

Sup Patriot?

Cannot tell you how many ppl I have talked to noticed this

Whomever was working the camera feed and cutting to audience response Did a fantastic job capturing the speech and the responses

Apostrophe issue in muh meme… cause autism

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:23:33Z No. 8035887


Shills really aren't sending their best.

Anonymous ID: 96ab2f 2020-02-05 17:23:33Z No. 8035888

'My fellow Americans, the best is yet to come.'

From the last sentence of lastnight's SOTU address.

A possible shout out to anons to take notice.

50% of the phrase, 'My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us.'

A possible indicator for us to keep a watch on POTUS's twitter.

We are getting closer.

Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:23:36Z No. 8035889



Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:23:36Z No. 8035890

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down and will be replaced by the exec in charge of product

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: df6b0a 2020-02-05 17:23:38Z No. 8035891

People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup [coup attempt] of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished?

End to our Constitutional Republic?

No equal justice under the law?

No accountability?

Escape unscathed?

Buckle up!


Anonymous ID: 092097 2020-02-05 17:23:39Z No. 8035892




Anonymous ID: 82b835 2020-02-05 17:23:45Z No. 8035893


Hory sheite that’s good anon


Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:23:45Z No. 8035894

>>8035738 lb

Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 17:23:47Z No. 8035895

Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:23:53Z No. 8035896

>>8035785 (lb) Q last bread

Adam stood for the AIDS cure annoucement.

will Rush get a cure?

Can you tell us if Rush is really who some say he is?

guidance for meme makers: do you think that the Shiva Shill's stuff disrespects POTUS?

Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 17:23:56Z No. 8035897

Same with the SandyHoax kids. They weren't


hate crime list.

FAKERS gonna fake for muh hate crimes.

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:23:58Z No. 8035898


Anonymous ID: 5e5b10 2020-02-05 17:23:59Z No. 8035899


Very rare to see that in a politician in DC , this guy is spot on

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:23:59Z No. 8035900

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner to step down

Professional networking platform LinkedIn’s chief executive officer, Jeff Weiner, said on Wednesday that he would step down from his position effective June 1.

Head of product Ryan Roslansky will take over as CEO of Microsoft Corp's (MSFT.O) LinkedIn, Weiner said in a post here on his LinkedIn profile. “Ryan will report directly to Satya (Nadella) and serve as a member of his senior leadership team,” he added.

Weiner, who has been the CEO since 2008, would become the platform’s executive chairman. LinkedIn, which was bought by Microsoft in 2016, has more than 675 million members.

Microsoft’s productivity and business process unit, which includes LinkedIn, reported $11.8 billion in revenue in the second quarter.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:24:00Z No. 8035901

Anonymous ID: a50433 2020-02-05 17:24:12Z No. 8035902



Anonymous ID: 092097 2020-02-05 17:24:16Z No. 8035903


Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:24:20Z No. 8035904


No one walks away. No one

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 17:24:28Z No. 8035905

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:24:28Z No. 8035906

Anonymous ID: 71e17c 2020-02-05 17:24:29Z No. 8035907


just DO IT ALREADY ffs

Anonymous ID: 8f74d0 2020-02-05 17:24:29Z No. 8035908


Cap for the Baker

Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 17:24:33Z No. 8035909


oh boy, this IS going to be biblical!~

Anonymous ID: faca33 2020-02-05 17:24:33Z No. 8035910


Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:24:38Z No. 8035911



Anonymous ID: f3414f 2020-02-05 17:24:38Z No. 8035912

Anonymous ID: 58066d 2020-02-05 17:24:44Z No. 8035913

Anonymous ID: 5a759b 2020-02-05 17:24:48Z No. 8035914


CLICK! Let's Goooooooooo

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:24:54Z No. 8035915

Anonymous ID: e97401 2020-02-05 17:25:00Z No. 8035916


but seriously tho, normies/lefties on my fb are clapping for Pelosi, they think she was stunning & brave

Anonymous ID: 470088 2020-02-05 17:25:05Z No. 8035917


Snack on something that will make you kinder anon.


Currently trying to find the source data.

Anonymous ID: ea237f 2020-02-05 17:25:10Z No. 8035918


Or is she one that actually has a heart? Is she wiping a tear away? Need to find the video of that cap. I don’t recognize her either.

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:25:11Z No. 8035919



Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:25:19Z No. 8035920


Anonymous ID: 417861 2020-02-05 17:25:20Z No. 8035921



Anonymous ID: a50433 2020-02-05 17:25:24Z No. 8035922



ready boss

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:25:25Z No. 8035923

Anonymous ID: 3d9fb3 2020-02-05 17:25:28Z No. 8035924


Anonymous ID: 8fbb92 2020-02-05 17:25:29Z No. 8035925


Been buckled since '17 sir!

Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:25:30Z No. 8035926


Anonymous ID: 300b46 2020-02-05 17:25:30Z No. 8035927


Anonymous ID: 1744f0 2020-02-05 17:25:31Z No. 8035928

Anonymous ID: 76ac83 2020-02-05 17:25:32Z No. 8035929

Here's the link to the tweet about Soros and Shadow that the useless OP/faggot should have posted.

Anonymous ID: 085ac6 2020-02-05 17:25:34Z No. 8035930


If any of them go unpunished there will be an awful lot of anons who are really upset.

Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:25:35Z No. 8035931



Anonymous ID: 96ab2f 2020-02-05 17:25:45Z No. 8035932



Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:25:47Z No. 8035933

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:25:50Z No. 8035934

>>8035850 Missouri Businessman Arrested on Antitrust Charge for Rigging Bids at Online Government Auctions

>Gaines is charged with violating the Sherman Act

Anonymous ID: 054200 2020-02-05 17:25:55Z No. 8035935


>Buckle up!

I wonder what Hannity has to say about this~

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:26:06Z No. 8035936



Anonymous ID: 1e2774 2020-02-05 17:26:09Z No. 8035937


How can I get a job to write an app that doesn't work for a few million. Asking for a fren

Anonymous ID: d7dad9 2020-02-05 17:26:09Z No. 8035938


Anonymous ID: b29695 2020-02-05 17:26:09Z No. 8035939


Oo-Rah Boss, we are buckled in and ready !!!

Anonymous ID: 44d731 2020-02-05 17:26:09Z No. 8035940


Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:26:15Z No. 8035941


Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:26:17Z No. 8035942


Finally some action….

Anonymous ID: f268c1 2020-02-05 17:26:22Z No. 8035943


Are they wearing Q flag congressional lapel pins?

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 17:26:25Z No. 8035944


Let's go

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:26:26Z No. 8035945



>>8035466 (LB)

No, before and after pictures… Q wants us to see the missing person in his drop.

I don't think it is AOC

Anonymous ID: b5d6a5 2020-02-05 17:26:34Z No. 8035946


Please, please verify that everything will now take place in "rapid fire" mode!

Placeholders returning full of goodies anytime soon?

Anonymous ID: a50433 2020-02-05 17:26:37Z No. 8035947


Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:26:40Z No. 8035948


Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 17:26:40Z No. 8035949

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:26:43Z No. 8035950

Anonymous ID: 8c50c5 2020-02-05 17:26:44Z No. 8035951


That is suck a helping of

Stink face

All that time to reflect on the choices they have made

And the consequences of those choices

Anonymous ID: dc2e02 2020-02-05 17:26:48Z No. 8035952

Q when POTUS said the great American epic hasn't happend yet does that mean that we are the great american Epic

Anonymous ID: 209305 2020-02-05 17:26:51Z No. 8035953


Very excited for what is coming next.

Let the hunt begin!

Anonymous ID: 61a0f2 2020-02-05 17:26:55Z No. 8035954


Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:26:56Z No. 8035955


Anons await the transparent and equal administration justice. Justice must prevail. Those guilty of horrible crimes MUST face the consequences. We the People demand it.

Thank you Q / POTUS.



Anonymous ID: f1aaf8 2020-02-05 17:27:09Z No. 8035956


Anonymous ID: 44b4a1 2020-02-05 17:27:12Z No. 8035957



Anonymous ID: 417861 2020-02-05 17:27:13Z No. 8035958


Linked in is Facebook for spooks.

Anonymous ID: c085d6 2020-02-05 17:27:16Z No. 8035959


Its time for public arrests of all the criminals in DC!

Anonymous ID: 758bbb 2020-02-05 17:27:19Z No. 8035960


Jackie Sp e?


Anonymous ID: ed9fc9 2020-02-05 17:27:20Z No. 8035961


Alabama Senator Doug Jones just sealed his fate as a 4-year-only Senator with his decision to convict the President on both impeachment counts.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:27:20Z No. 8035962

Anonymous ID: ba4c2d 2020-02-05 17:27:21Z No. 8035963


They sat during the SOTU2020 loathing the revival of our nation. Not realizing this is calm before the storm. And the end of the reign of evil over our nation. These people are stupid.

Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:27:21Z No. 8035964


Anonymous ID: 8f74d0 2020-02-05 17:27:24Z No. 8035965



perp walks incoming?

Anonymous ID: 9c0fc5 2020-02-05 17:27:36Z No. 8035966




the white flag, who is admitting defeat and talking? a white flag has been waved, but by who?

Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:27:37Z No. 8035967



lets get biblical

Anonymous ID: 92c61a 2020-02-05 17:27:48Z No. 8035968


Does that include "journalists" and media executives?

Anonymous ID: 8c50c5 2020-02-05 17:27:51Z No. 8035969


* such

Such a helping

Damn cannot type on muh mobile

Time to stop posting

Apologies fags

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:27:54Z No. 8035970

Anonymous ID: 0e0f87 2020-02-05 17:27:58Z No. 8035971


Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:28:12Z No. 8035972


Anonymous ID: 221f51 2020-02-05 17:28:14Z No. 8035973

Anonymous ID: b53b8a 2020-02-05 17:28:15Z No. 8035974


Personally, i prefer to keep our Constitutional Republic…

But the time has come to RESET to a TRULY constitutional republic as intended.

Remove the extraneous strangling laws.

Rewind back to the Constitution and just the Constitution. Reboot.


Here as always, doing best to keep chugging long-term.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:28:26Z No. 8035975

Anonymous ID: ea237f 2020-02-05 17:28:27Z No. 8035976




Anonymous ID: af5f4e 2020-02-05 17:28:28Z No. 8035977


Let's Roll! JUSTICE for ALL!!!

We are ready sir. You have trained us. We stand ready to assist. Simply give us the orders.

Anonymous ID: ea01ce 2020-02-05 17:28:33Z No. 8035978



Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:28:33Z No. 8035979


woman next to blue scarf left and was replaced with towel

Anonymous ID: 1ebe3c 2020-02-05 17:28:34Z No. 8035980


POTUS riding out the Durham probe (boats) ☑️

John Bolton exposing leakers for POTUS (spy ring) ☑️

The Nancy (ship) exploding taking out the Dems ☑️

POTUS cementing legacy by taking out H. Clinton (soon)


Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:28:36Z No. 8035981


"Vertical Federalism is viewed as the traditional form of federalism as it sees the actions of the national government as supreme within their constitutional sphere. The Constitution has granted to the Federal government power over foreign policy, defense, monetary policy and the regulation of commerce between the States. The rest of government is left, in theory, to the States and to local government which derive their authority from the States. The States cannot be independent from the national government as they simply would not survive. They are interdependent and interactive with the Federal government bound together by complex financial and administrative patterns."

Anonymous ID: fe3e13 2020-02-05 17:28:36Z No. 8035982


Good afternoon sir, nice of you to stop by…


Anonymous ID: 3d1378 2020-02-05 17:28:40Z No. 8035983

>>8035891 ready for orders sir. Hurry up and wait.

Anonymous ID: c6ce7f 2020-02-05 17:28:40Z No. 8035984


Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:28:52Z No. 8035985


Tlaib tweeted that she walked out last night, was it her?

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 17:28:53Z No. 8035986


We've dug that before.

Not a Q pin.

Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:28:57Z No. 8035987


Arrests after acquittal vote?

Anonymous ID: e97401 2020-02-05 17:29:05Z No. 8035988

not tired of winning, but i should watch my Buckling though

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:29:05Z No. 8035990


Anonymous ID: 76ac83 2020-02-05 17:29:06Z No. 8035989


>Buckle up!

With respect, you've been saying shit like this for a long time now.

How's about you do something.

Anonymous ID: 9beb13 2020-02-05 17:29:08Z No. 8035991

Anonymous ID: a7f187 2020-02-05 17:29:11Z No. 8035992


Safety first!

Anonymous ID: 209305 2020-02-05 17:29:21Z No. 8035993


Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 17:29:22Z No. 8035994

Despicable online behaviour.

Thought police don't like being called out.

Want to talk about supremacism?

Love your Stockholm Syndrome plebs!

Anonymous ID: eb7563 2020-02-05 17:29:24Z No. 8035995


Bring the PAIN!

Anonymous ID: d72afe 2020-02-05 17:29:25Z No. 8035996


We simply have no indication so far sir that the DOJ is willing to pull the trigger on charges for the top players.

Anonymous ID: 9beb13 2020-02-05 17:29:34Z No. 8035997

Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 17:29:41Z No. 8035998


Anonymous ID: 831dbd 2020-02-05 17:29:49Z No. 8035999

Traitor Romney is gonna let us know how he will vote at 1pm

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:29:51Z No. 8036000



Out of all the images you choose that one?


Anonymous ID: 9beb13 2020-02-05 17:29:55Z No. 8036001

Anonymous ID: c57b3c 2020-02-05 17:30:02Z No. 8036002


Media included!

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 17:30:04Z No. 8036003


Is that Jackie Speier?

Anonymous ID: c1a47f 2020-02-05 17:30:06Z No. 8036004

>>8035540 PB

Anonymous ID: d1e669 2020-02-05 17:30:14Z No. 8036005

>>8035720 lb

Regarding "Biblical" and "bring the whole temple down on your heads" - for whatever this may signify, if it is the intended meaning:

Samson was a corrupted judge who was betrayed by a protitute, then captured by the enemy & his eyes gouged out. While a captive he pulled down the main pillars in the temple, where thousands of Philistines and rulers gathered to celbrate their victory, killing himself and everyone there. It was through Samson's destruction of the temple that the Israelites were freed from Philistine rule. There were deep faults in Samson, but at the end he sought God's help and found it, and God used Samson to set his people free.

Anonymous ID: 79de55 2020-02-05 17:30:24Z No. 8036006

Pro-Israel Buttigieg backer Seth Klarman is top funder of group behind Iowa’s disastrous voting app -Gareth Icke, 2:5/20

‘Behind the app that delayed Iowa’s voting results is a dark money operation funded by anti-Sanders billionaires. Its top donor, Seth Klarman, is a Buttigieg backer who has dumped money into pro-settler Israel lobby groups.

At the time of publication, twelve hours after voting in the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses ended, the results have not been announced. The delay in reporting is the result of a failed app developed by a company appropriately named Shadow Inc.

This firm was staffed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaign veterans and created by a Democratic dark money nonprofit backed by hedge fund billionaires including Seth Klarman. A prolific funder of pro-settler Israel lobby organizations, Klarman has also contributed directly to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign.

The delay in the vote reporting denied a victory speech to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presumptive winner of the opening contest in the Democratic presidential primary. Though not one exit poll indicated that Buttigieg would have won, the South Bend, Indiana mayor took to Twitter to confidently proclaim himself the victor.'

Ray ID: f3618d 2020-02-05 17:30:25Z No. 8036007

Please make arrest is the same.bla bla

Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:30:30Z No. 8036008


We need to get at least one of them Q.

Especially Comey

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:30:40Z No. 8036009

Spouse Anon is a total normie and she watched NP last night in the background and even she said WTF and that it was giving her anxiety to watch NP act like a 6 year old. Also didn't understand how the Faggots in white would just sit there and not clap for things that obviously benefited everyone regardless of political.


Anonymous ID: 71e17c 2020-02-05 17:30:44Z No. 8036010


I've been buckled so long there's moss growing on my ass.

Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 17:30:45Z No. 8036011

>>8035785 lb

Anonymous ID: 628df4 2020-02-05 17:30:54Z No. 8036012

Inspiration for their attire?

Anonymous ID: 8f74d0 2020-02-05 17:31:03Z No. 8036013


"If you're indicted - you're not invited"

Anonymous ID: 1e307d 2020-02-05 17:31:04Z No. 8036014


Who's going to be indicted first?




Will you surprise us?

O7 Sir!

Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:31:07Z No. 8036015

Tom McClintlock just SLAMMED Wray…HORY SHIT!!!

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:31:11Z No. 8036016


Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:31:19Z No. 8036017


Anonymous ID: d0bef1 2020-02-05 17:31:19Z No. 8036018

>>8035785 lb

These scum are supposed to be representatives of 'We The People' in the House of Representatives.

Each one represents hundreds of thousands in their districts, all nationalities, rich, poor, republican and democrat yet they make it all about themselves, their ideology and stuffing their pockets with taxpayer money for personal gain.

They are a national disgrace.

Anonymous ID: 96ab2f 2020-02-05 17:31:21Z No. 8036019


We pretty much already know, but hey, he could surprise us.

Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:31:22Z No. 8036020

Even Jimmy Dore is starting to see the light.

Around 4:33

Anonymous ID: 1744f0 2020-02-05 17:31:23Z No. 8036021

Anonymous ID: ad3118 2020-02-05 17:31:25Z No. 8036022


Unless Wray is a GREAT actor, looks like Mr. Biggs views are correct

Anonymous ID: 5e5b10 2020-02-05 17:31:25Z No. 8036023


I would have Keked if Lankford would have said i nominate Utah senator for notables

Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 17:31:32Z No. 8036025

"Why would anyone want to talk to the FBI when there may be a hidden agenda?"

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:31:35Z No. 8036026


this one

Anonymous ID: c085d6 2020-02-05 17:31:35Z No. 8036027


Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:31:37Z No. 8036028

SOTU Video: Trump to terrorists: ‘if you attack Americans, you forfeit your lives’

President Donald Trump highlighted recent military operations to take down terrorist groups and their leaders during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, and left terrorists with a stark warning.

In his remarks, Trump said, “Our message to the terrorists is clear: You will never escape American justice. If you attack our citizens, you forfeit your life.”

Watch his comments in the video below, beginning at approximately 1:08:51:

Ahead of that message, Trump highlighted successes in combating ISIS during his administration, including the October raid to take down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“Three years ago, the barbarians of ISIS-held over 20,000 square miles of territory in Iraq and Syria. Today, the ISIS territorial caliphate has been 100 percent destroyed, and the founder and leader of ISIS — the bloodthirsty killer known as al-Baghdadi — is dead,” Trump said.

Though ISIS fighters and cells are still active throughout the Middle East, the terror group’s formal territorial holdings collapsed in March when the group lost its final Syria stronghold in the Baghouz province. Anti-ISIS operations have continued in the months that followed the caliphate’s collapse.

Anonymous ID: 5cd0f7 2020-02-05 17:31:42Z No. 8036029


Christopher Hitchens was not a fan of her at all. Two YouTube videos on her

This one “hells angels”

Anonymous ID: e8a045 2020-02-05 17:31:51Z No. 8036030


Ray doxes himself.

Don't be a Ray.

Anonymous ID: 7ae520 2020-02-05 17:31:57Z No. 8036031

Utah lawmaker proposes warning label for pornography

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah lawmaker has unveiled a proposal to require pornography to carry warning labels or be subject to a possible $2,500 penalty, though an adult-entertainment industry group warned the idea would violate the First Amendment.

The label about the potential harm to minors would have to appear on both print and digital material that appears in Utah if the bill proposed by Republican Rep. Brady Brammer passes the Legislature.

If the label doesn’t appear, the producer could be sued for $2,500 per violation, either by the Utah Attorney General’s Office or a private group. The enforcement process would be similar to warning labels about toxic substances that are required in California, Brammer said Tuesday.

“We continue to have people complain about the prevalence of obscene materials and the impact on their children,” Brammer said. The 15-second digital warnings, for example, would allow people to navigate away quickly if something obscene comes up online accidentally, he said.

The bill doesn’t contain a specific definition of pornography. Instead, that would be decided in court if a lawsuit is filed under the law, Brammer said. The law wouldn’t regulate the content itself, so doesn’t violate free-speech rights, he said.

“It’s not censorship because it doesn’t stop anything from being said or printed or published,” he said.

Mike Stabile, a spokesman for the Free Speech Coalition, an adult-industry trade group, disagreed. Such a warning label would violate the First Amendment because it would require producers to communicate a specific message, he argued.

“You can’t force someone to say something,” he said, pointing to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning a California law that would have required anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers to post signs saying they are not medical facilities. Warning systems like those for rating movies with an R or PG-13 are different because they are voluntary, he said.

Meanwhile, the Utah bill is broad enough that it could cover everything from the TV show “Game of Thrones” to a partially nude selfie on Twitter, he argued.

Stabile also questioned the proposed language of the warning, which states that exposing minors to pornography is “known to the state of Utah” to negatively affect minors' emotional and brain development and their ability to maintain intimate relationships.

Unlike the effects of toxic substances, the research on pornography is not exhaustive or definitive, he said.

“This is the government coming in and trying to control something that should be handled by parents,” he said, adding that explicit material is intended for adults.

Brammer, though, said he drew the language of the warning from a resolution passed by Utah in 2016 that declared pornography a public-health crisis, citing its widespread availability online. Since then, more than a dozen states have advanced similar resolutions.

Anonymous ID: 30d0a2 2020-02-05 17:31:57Z No. 8036032


Sounds good.

Make it so number one (17)!

Anonymous ID: 44b4a1 2020-02-05 17:32:04Z No. 8036033


Notice it says: "IN THEATERS NOW"

Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:32:07Z No. 8036034


dont worry Ray i submitted your post for deletion


Anonymous ID: d72418 2020-02-05 17:32:08Z No. 8036035


Buckle up!

Anonymous ID: 470088 2020-02-05 17:32:11Z No. 8036036


Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:32:12Z No. 8036037


>Buckle up!


Anonymous ID: e2b4a9 2020-02-05 17:32:14Z No. 8036038


Q - may God protect you and all patriots.

Every day I am here working my ass off and barely making it, it makes me want to step aside and help you rid this filth from our government.

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:32:15Z No. 8036039


Anonymous ID: 98f80f 2020-02-05 17:32:18Z No. 8036040



Who is pulling Nancy's strings?

Patriots truly in Full Control.

No politician in their right mind would have ripped up that speech last night.

Fantastic move giving her the order to do it.

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:32:25Z No. 8036042


Who is this Representative that is Missing in Q's drop???

Anonymous ID: 8484e4 2020-02-05 17:32:26Z No. 8036041

>>8035725 (lb)

.ok. That opinion is just as correct as those who say stfu and quit name fagging because the deep state is in EVERY aspect in life, and at a fundamental level.. you dox yourself good chance for hack or even being harmed. But you know keep famefagging/namefagging cause you dont understand the playing field.. and you look like a total faggot stealing work from anons to look cool to those who could give a fuck about you anyway.

So there. You have both sides of the coin. Flip it and fuck off.

On a side note, have a 5yr old and we are watching “Morphol”.. a cartoon about some magic animal that can change into anything his lil kid pal Mela (sp?) wishes. They are all jewish, her 2 nemesis are 2 pedo jewish guys. When was the last time u saw a cartoon where some older guy is grabbing a lil girl as she is saying not to touch her and let her go?!

Crazy world we have been living in.

Anonymous ID: 5bf4b5 2020-02-05 17:32:30Z No. 8036043


like "2018 will be glorious" ?

Fuck Q

Anonymous ID: 218f8f 2020-02-05 17:32:37Z No. 8036044

>>8035858 An entire herd of entitled brainlets, sitting there with their knickers in a knot. The only intelligence in the image is Schiff & Nadler, and theirs is evil & twisted–one might even say twisted like a hangman's knot. .

Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:32:44Z No. 8036045


Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 17:32:46Z No. 8036047


Justice. REAL Justice.

Anonymous ID: 758bbb 2020-02-05 17:32:48Z No. 8036048




Anonymous ID: faca33 2020-02-05 17:32:56Z No. 8036049


If the sole remaining bottleneck to the happenings is the awareness of the public then isn't it a priority for us (anons) to speed it up by continually redpilling our friends, family, fellows?

Anonymous ID: ad3118 2020-02-05 17:32:58Z No. 8036050

WooHoo - Wray *ongoing Durham investigation*

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:33:01Z No. 8036051

Anonymous ID: 282d26 2020-02-05 17:33:04Z No. 8036052

“‘The Shadow Government’”

“A "shadow government" consisting of 75 or more senior officials has been living and working secretly outside Washington since Sept. 11 in case the nation's capital is crippled by terrorist attack. "This is serious business," President Bush said of plans to ensure the continuity of government.”

“According to the Post, the backup government consists generally of officials from top career ranks, from GS-14 and GS-15 to “‘members of the Senior Executive Service.’” The White House is represented by a "senior-level presence," one official said, but well below such Cabinet-ranked advisers as Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice.”

“‘The State Department’s ‘shadow government’”

“Kennedy “asked his assistance in altering the email’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo,’ ” the summary says. “In exchange for marking the email unclassified, State would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in countries where they were presently forbidden’

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:33:04Z No. 8036053


Strapped in and ready. Make it rain Q!

Ready to see the book unfold.

Ray ID: f3618d 2020-02-05 17:33:05Z No. 8036054

Soros arrest people need arrest.We want to see Soros assets frozen and gone

Anonymous ID: 1744f0 2020-02-05 17:33:10Z No. 8036055

Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:33:10Z No. 8036058


What if some Americans transferred tactical nuclear weapons to radical islamists?

Why did POTUS mention Davy Crockett if every word of the SOTU is scrutinized by teams for days?

Why did FBI Anon mention Davy Crockett nuclear weapons?

What was really on the server at Benghazi?

Were there 7 Davy Crocketts transferred? Are there only 6 now?

Was 1 used…against Russians…in Syria? Did Russia lose a large force in Syria chasing down bad guys…with nukes?

Scary world.

Bonus round: Was Disney making classified training videos about Davy Crockett nuclear weapons while rolling out feel good movies of the same name…at the same time? In your face.

Anonymous ID: 3a54ad 2020-02-05 17:33:12Z No. 8036060

Anonymous ID: 2bffbc 2020-02-05 17:33:14Z No. 8036056


Q can you confirm when POTUS said Trees yesterday.. did he mean TREASON?

Anonymous ID: 44d731 2020-02-05 17:33:14Z No. 8036057


Anonymous ID: 01fff2 2020-02-05 17:33:17Z No. 8036059



i'm wondering if she was removed for threatening her neighbor…

Anonymous ID: 5d3359 2020-02-05 17:33:24Z No. 8036061


the fury shall manifest

Anonymous ID: 831dbd 2020-02-05 17:33:25Z No. 8036062

Jackie Spier


Anonymous ID: 6b8410 2020-02-05 17:33:26Z No. 8036063


Morning Sir!


Anonymous ID: 56f175 2020-02-05 17:33:28Z No. 8036064

Let’s go 1-7!!!! Do it Q!!!!!!

Anonymous ID: dc2e02 2020-02-05 17:33:32Z No. 8036065

Q is project looking glass like a conversation with the future (or past) sorta like a facetime or phone call both party's must be at the device or whatever and both must accept the call will we ever really know how it works ??

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 17:33:34Z No. 8036066


Who is that?

Missing in Q's photo.

Anonymous ID: 44b4a1 2020-02-05 17:33:34Z No. 8036067


Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:33:35Z No. 8036068


to go with the headline at the top of the flyer

Anonymous ID: 20441f 2020-02-05 17:33:40Z No. 8036069

Pelosi's temper tantrum at the end of POTUS SOTU speech seems to be a precursor to fan being turned on…

I imagine the 'delay' of justice will make more sense once the public is provided with the declass intel.

Thanks for giving me (having very little access to what really goes on in DC) a glimpse into the operations of the swamp, Q!! God Bless You!

Anonymous ID: a68c29 2020-02-05 17:33:44Z No. 8036070



Anonymous ID: 71e17c 2020-02-05 17:33:45Z No. 8036071


pretty sure that is Spier

Anonymous ID: 5daf8c 2020-02-05 17:33:52Z No. 8036072

Anonymous ID: 1e307d 2020-02-05 17:33:54Z No. 8036073

FBI Director Chris Wray Testifies to House Judiciary Committee – 10:00am Livestream…

FBI Director Chris Wray is testifying to the House Judiciary Committee today and will likely receive questions about the FISA abuse issue. Chairman Nadler scheduled the hearing today in a transparent effort to avoid publicity on the content.

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:34:00Z No. 8036074

Kun I AM Goddess Statue.

Project Odin.

Yeah. Nvm. So how's the weather?

Anonymous ID: 2d793d 2020-02-05 17:34:07Z No. 8036076


"Sometimes the past can find the future.

Sometimes the future can find the past." ~~Q

Time traveling as usual Friend; you are reveling in it, luxuriating in it, proving it over and over and over again. Q sure loves time traveling!

I have to say I have a certain amazed satisfaction realizing I was the first and only person on earth who from Day 1 posted to Q that he was time traveling and repeated this in various ways persistently for over 2 years. The Lord has blessed me abundantly with this strange experience. Only God knows how grateful I am for Q and how sweet the validation is. Meanwhile I'm still time traveling and still wondering about it constantly.

May God's mercy reign on Earth; may the Light of truth and goodness shine forth and overcome evil. Prayers for all Patriots.

Anonymous ID: 7bc78e 2020-02-05 17:34:08Z No. 8036075


There is no STEP five


Anonymous ID: 58066d 2020-02-05 17:34:10Z No. 8036077


8kun skin hat

Anonymous ID: 3c147d 2020-02-05 17:34:15Z No. 8036078


Is that the pic from the stairwell before SOTU? nancy was wearing a "cock" or rooster pin. then she changed it to the house hammer/snake and staff pin for the speech.

Anonymous ID: c6ce7f 2020-02-05 17:34:16Z No. 8036079



Despised worldwide.

Anonymous ID: 61a0f2 2020-02-05 17:34:21Z No. 8036080


Anonymous ID: 470088 2020-02-05 17:34:25Z No. 8036081


Gretchen Whitmer? Did the rebuttal.

Anonymous ID: 0044fb 2020-02-05 17:34:26Z No. 8036082

Anonymous ID: 380d06 2020-02-05 17:34:37Z No. 8036083


oh Please! It was, right now, a very good exchange between McClintock and Dir. Wray!

Who is helping POTUS? Durham! I can´t wait!

Anonymous ID: 3753d7 2020-02-05 17:34:41Z No. 8036084



>…we are cooperating with the Durham investigation. In the future I'd love to have a very different hearing with you about the FBI

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:34:43Z No. 8036085

When Trump turned away from Pelosi's outstretched hand, Pelosi clearly said "Asshole".

Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:34:43Z No. 8036086



>>8036028 SOTU Video: Trump to terrorists: ‘if you attack Americans, you forfeit your lives’

>>8035917 Q cap/ shadownet diggz

>>8035890 LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down and will be replaced by the exec in charge of product

>>8035858 Q cap


Wednesday 02.05.2020

>>8035891 ————————————–——– Buckle up!

>>8035785 rt >>8035466 ————————— Dems at SOTU

>>8035738 rt >>8035547 ————————— rt SOROS behind Shadow

czech the Q's plz


Anonymous ID: c86e8f 2020-02-05 17:34:44Z No. 8036087


The look on NP face everytime Potus said "govt schools" was priceless.

Anonymous ID: ea237f 2020-02-05 17:34:47Z No. 8036088


That lady to the empty seat’s right looks concerned. Like wtf is happening.

Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:34:56Z No. 8036089


With darker dyed hair?

Anonymous ID: e16f1b 2020-02-05 17:34:58Z No. 8036090


>buckle up!

Anonymous ID: 18bdca 2020-02-05 17:35:04Z No. 8036091

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:35:09Z No. 8036092

Kun I AM Goddess Statue.

Project Odin.

Yeah. Nvm. So how's the weather?

Anonymous ID: 51e39a 2020-02-05 17:35:20Z No. 8036094

Anonymous ID: e2b4a9 2020-02-05 17:35:23Z No. 8036095

They should panic - they won't be able to walk the streets they have pillaged for so long

Anonymous ID: 3a54ad 2020-02-05 17:35:29Z No. 8036096


Anonymous ID: a1041c 2020-02-05 17:35:34Z No. 8036097


oh my i didn't even catch that when I made the meme.

What a coincidence. fixed.

Anonymous ID: 8484e4 2020-02-05 17:35:36Z No. 8036098


Answer to drop 675 coming tonight. Drops show Eastern or are they corrected per our time zones? 🤔

Anonymous ID: 3c8307 2020-02-05 17:35:44Z No. 8036099


Anonymous ID: ad3118 2020-02-05 17:35:51Z No. 8036100


Dayum - missed that.

Anonymous ID: 9c0fc5 2020-02-05 17:35:54Z No. 8036101

So Q, what is Wray doing in the FBI? This dude, his Trustee ass, his wife and her family . . . Why is his allowed to have this position? I don't see how any of this makes any sense.

His answers today are outright insane. This is sad.

Anonymous ID: e1cfc6 2020-02-05 17:35:56Z No. 8036102


Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 17:35:56Z No. 8036103


Anonymous ID: 6916ab 2020-02-05 17:36:00Z No. 8036104

>>8034627 (pb)

made my first meme

Anonymous ID: 29c1f0 2020-02-05 17:36:00Z No. 8036105

Q can you decode this

Anonymous ID: cf0441 2020-02-05 17:36:05Z No. 8036106

After the Olympics Q?

Anonymous ID: 086dc8 2020-02-05 17:36:05Z No. 8036107


Thinking: Mirror.


any crumbs there?

Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:36:12Z No. 8036108


He's just trying to flex on Mr. Beast.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:36:18Z No. 8036109


Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:36:28Z No. 8036110

Moar house cleaning

Navy SEAL commander resigns over dispute with Trump on SEAL Gallagher

Rear Adm. Collin Green, commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, is stepping down in September over a dispute he had with President Donald Trump regarding disciplining a SEAL.

Green and Trump had a disagreement over the court-martial trial of U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher in which Trump prevented Green from pursuing a peer evaluation of Gallagher. Trump’s intervention freed Gallagher from pretrial detention and restored Gallagher’s rank after the conviction. Now Green has decided to retire one year early, The Intercept reported Saturday.

“There’s a long tradition in the military,” Gallagher’s civilian attorney, Timothy Parlatore, told Navy Times. “You don’t rebel. You resign.”

The Navy accused Gallagher of murder and attempted murder, and was accused of fatally stabbing an ISIS prisoner reportedly on May 3, 2017.

Gallagher was found not guilty on July 2 of most charges but was convicted of posing for a photo with an ISIS fighter’s corpse, a crime for which the jury reduced his rank.

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:36:35Z No. 8036111


>czech the Q's plz


Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:36:40Z No. 8036112



Anons know.

Trump’s speech: Jackie Speier walks out, Nancy Pelosi rips text in half afterward

WASHINGTON — San Mateo Rep. Jackie Speier walked out of President Trump’s State of the Union speech midway through the address, joining several other Democrats who left the House floor before the president finished.

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:36:53Z No. 8036113


Beautiful! Tyvm! <3

Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:37:01Z No. 8036114


Drop the HAMMER!

Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:37:04Z No. 8036115


Um, may I suggest a pic of the night time?

Anonymous ID: add30e 2020-02-05 17:37:13Z No. 8036116



Anonymous ID: 5706ed 2020-02-05 17:37:17Z No. 8036117


Hmm, maybe she colored her hair? Jackie Speier (sp?) has blond hair in her Wiki page.

OMG she filled a seat that was vacated by a guy who died? Gaaaaah! Democrats are such zombies! :(

Anonymous ID: c6cfac 2020-02-05 17:37:18Z No. 8036118


Her twitter profile matches

San Mateo

South of San Francisco

Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:37:20Z No. 8036119


Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:37:28Z No. 8036120




Anonymous ID: 96ab2f 2020-02-05 17:37:29Z No. 8036121


I hope this includes the socialist as well.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:37:30Z No. 8036122

Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:37:37Z No. 8036123


Still waiting for arrests…any day now….

Anonymous ID: 11e13a 2020-02-05 17:37:39Z No. 8036124

>>8035785 (/pb)

>AOC Is Boycotting Trump’s SOTU Speech — Others Are Joining Her

Anonymous ID: 1d04c4 2020-02-05 17:37:39Z No. 8036125

Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:37:43Z No. 8036126


a song parody sung to the tune of 'Let's get Physical'?

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:37:47Z No. 8036127


>Now Green has decided to retire one year early,

Cut off his nose to spite his pension.

Anonymous ID: 6916ab 2020-02-05 17:37:48Z No. 8036128


fixed it

Anonymous ID: 52a381 2020-02-05 17:37:52Z No. 8036129


Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:37:52Z No. 8036130

We need that Commander from "Top Gun"…

I want some BUTT!!!!

You're FIRED!!!

Anonymous ID: 218f8f 2020-02-05 17:37:54Z No. 8036131

>>8035991 Consider that, in addition to other possible meanings, pencil neck may refer to a stretched neck after a hanging.

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:37:57Z No. 8036132


Eye Of RA?

Anonymous ID: 8f74d0 2020-02-05 17:37:59Z No. 8036133

George Soros

Center of the web of corruption

Multiple countries with warrants - PANIC ensues

or not - just a guess

Anonymous ID: 758bbb 2020-02-05 17:38:02Z No. 8036134


Speier would most likely be running from Awan

Anonymous ID: e2607d 2020-02-05 17:38:09Z No. 8036135

>>8036054 should dig on the two just under him as well.

If not already done, I will look back and see.

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:38:15Z No. 8036137


Nice concept. Do you like proofreader help?

women's → womens' (plural possessive)

dont' → don't

numerss → numbers

Thank you memefag!


Anonymous ID: 5764b3 2020-02-05 17:38:18Z No. 8036138


Yes that is what 2 years of no public indictments of FBI personnel indicates. All we see is them getting mult-imillion dollar book deals and TV gigs and rich professorships. Comey teaching ethics, that's what we see, that's what makes us gag, that's what makes many of us lose hope, let alone trust. Wray not emphasizing often enough that Russia is not the only or worst interferer in elections. The truth needs stronger messengers and speedier defenders.

Most all anons know, work with and live with many people who are still totally brainwashed by MSM and the lying dems, yet every interview like Wray's today shroud every piece of evidence against bad actors under claims of "ongoing investigations" and today" personnel action". We've all worked in companies and organizations and personnel actions don't take 2+ years and result in cushy retirements and promotions to other jobs.

Anonymous ID: 02713d 2020-02-05 17:38:23Z No. 8036139










Anonymous ID: f1aaf8 2020-02-05 17:38:23Z No. 8036140


Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:38:29Z No. 8036142


Anonymous ID: d1e669 2020-02-05 17:38:30Z No. 8036143

>>8035738 lb

Anonymous ID: c6cfac 2020-02-05 17:38:31Z No. 8036144


Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:38:35Z No. 8036145



Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:38:42Z No. 8036146



>Who dat be?

Here are some guesses anons.Whatcha think?

Anonymous ID: daef36 2020-02-05 17:38:45Z No. 8036147



Anonymous ID: 6274e6 2020-02-05 17:38:50Z No. 8036148


Buckle up, butter cup!!!

Give them the hell that they worship and belong to Q!!!

I can't believe the level of their evil, they have gone beyond human into something so vile and disgusting you can't even speak out what they've done!

There really are no words!!!


Don't hold back none!!!

Anonymous ID: eca62f 2020-02-05 17:38:57Z No. 8036149



Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 17:39:07Z No. 8036150

>>8035785 (pb)

liberal white suburban women who watch cable tv and do social media are the voting bloc enemy from a demographic standpoint ; the ones that keep voting for lying democrats ; we need to chip into this last block of granite

Anonymous ID: 83386f 2020-02-05 17:39:09Z No. 8036151



Anonymous ID: 41e862 2020-02-05 17:39:10Z No. 8036152


>Shiva Shill's stuff disrespects POTUS?

nah gotta have a funny bone in this place anon.

Anonymous ID: 0d7967 2020-02-05 17:39:11Z No. 8036153



at the conclussion of todays aquittal should Mitch return Pelosi a favor by tearing up the articles of impeachment.

It would only be courteous.

Anonymous ID: 905d75 2020-02-05 17:39:24Z No. 8036154


Think Coronovirus, WHO now needs money, Red Cross needs money / assets..

We know ((they)) use emergencies as slush funds, huge "aid" inbound.

Anonymous ID: 12c427 2020-02-05 17:39:25Z No. 8036155


Well we all hope there will be accountability. Been here far too long, ups and downs. I’m still trying hard to enjoy the show, but it’s really time to fuck to those cunts up.

Anonymous ID: 79de55 2020-02-05 17:39:26Z No. 8036156


Seth and Beth Klarman

* Signed pledge: 2013

* Estimated net worth: $1.5 billion

* Giving to foundation: $707 million

* The two are rarely included in discussions of major philanthropists, yet the value of assets in their foundation is approaching $1 billion. It made nearly $50 million in grants in 2017.

The Foundation’s grantmaking spans several areas of interest, clustered around the following categories:

* Advancing understanding of the biological basis of health and illness

* Ensuring a healthy democracy

* Expanding access to vital services and enrichment opportunities in Greater Boston

* Supporting the global Jewish community and Israel

Anonymous ID: 78536e 2020-02-05 17:39:29Z No. 8036157



Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:39:30Z No. 8036158




Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 17:39:39Z No. 8036159


If you can't Trust Wray, Trust Trump. He knows what he is doing.

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:39:44Z No. 8036160


Right. Had that light bulb moment.

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:39:45Z No. 8036161


>A possible shout out to anons to take notice.

>50% of the phrase, 'My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us.'

My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us

Yes noticed that. Felt it was this exact comms.

Digits confirm.

Anonymous ID: 84997b 2020-02-05 17:39:47Z No. 8036162


Anonymous ID: f29b4b 2020-02-05 17:39:48Z No. 8036163


Available on Ebay.

Anonymous ID: 5706ed 2020-02-05 17:39:50Z No. 8036164


What in tarnation with Jackie Speier's freak history?

Jonestown? GAAAH

"Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier[1] (/spɪər/; born May 14, 1950) is an American politician who currently serves as a U.S. Representative for California's 14th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2008. She is a member of the Democratic Party. The district, numbered as the 12th District from 2008 to 2013, includes the northern two-thirds of San Mateo County and the southwest quarter of San Francisco. She represents much of the territory that had been represented by her political mentor, Leo Ryan. In 1978, while working as his aide, Speier survived five gunshot wounds she received when Ryan was assassinated during the Jonestown massacre.[2]"

Anonymous ID: f10851 2020-02-05 17:39:53Z No. 8036165


It's not our timeline.

Anonymous ID: f3414f 2020-02-05 17:39:55Z No. 8036166

Anonymous ID: 69d772 2020-02-05 17:40:05Z No. 8036167

peach mints OST

if there're ears to here

don't let your guard down

Anonymous ID: 98459e 2020-02-05 17:40:17Z No. 8036168


Anyone have the original w/ out text. Kek!

Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:40:20Z No. 8036169

He never thought to tell the Dems to help African Americans in REAL LIFE…FKing idiot that he is

Van Jones Warns Democrats: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life

CNN contributor Van Jones warned fellow panelists, and Democrats in general, on Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump was helping African-Americans “in real life” and reaching out to them for their vote in 2020.

Jones was reacting to the president’s State of the Union address, in which the president mentioned several efforts to help African-Americans specifically:

Anonymous ID: 3b96c2 2020-02-05 17:40:25Z No. 8036170

So when is this going to happen? At this point most of (you) are lemmings… Or does all these sick fucks just get to live out their lives as rich fat fucks……

Fuck it. Eat the rich

Superbowl Symbolism Ryan Jennings ID: c788f0 2020-02-05 17:40:34Z No. 8036171

Symbolism will be their downfall.

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:40:34Z No. 8036172


Anonymous ID: a4071b 2020-02-05 17:40:36Z No. 8036173


DoitQ !

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:40:42Z No. 8036174


Anonymous ID: 69d772 2020-02-05 17:40:50Z No. 8036175


also jody

Anonymous ID: 647739 2020-02-05 17:40:55Z No. 8036176


Anonymous ID: 086dc8 2020-02-05 17:41:01Z No. 8036177



is notable. ?


Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:41:01Z No. 8036178

/our girl/?

Anonymous ID: 7fbccd 2020-02-05 17:41:08Z No. 8036179

>>8031606 rt >>8031593 ————————— Sometimes the future can find the past.

>>8031555 ————————————–——– Sometimes the past can find the future (Cap: >>8031566)

Anonymous ID: 11d6b3 2020-02-05 17:41:11Z No. 8036180




>>8035576 CBS- Most viewers approved of Trump's second State of the Union address

this is for 2019 not 2020

plz delete it

Anonymous ID: 98459e 2020-02-05 17:41:14Z No. 8036181


Anyone have original of this without text. kek

Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:41:16Z No. 8036182


I can look beyond his core values to see someone who simply sensed nefariousness from a group that he found himself diametrically opposed to.

Unlike now, everything a liberal thought 12 or 16 years ago when the BUSH NEOCON's were in power was pretty much correct.

Why he supported the invasion of Iraq is beyond me.

Good stuff yet it will not fly here as they dismiss atheists as devils whereas I believe they are simply rejecting modern religions and denying what their lying eyes is telling them :D

"A little science takes a man away from God and a lot of science brings him back" someone smart :D

Anonymous ID: 71e17c 2020-02-05 17:41:16Z No. 8036183


ditch the name, Ryan

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:41:17Z No. 8036184


Different hairstyle, different outfit…. Unless she did rebuttal beforehand in different outfit, then got rid of her bangs.

Anonymous ID: 6ddb7e 2020-02-05 17:41:21Z No. 8036185


It's our turn now.

It may not be happening as fast as some would like, but it needs to be right.

Public opinion turned last night.

So sit back.


Then, enjoy the show.

Anonymous ID: 407973 2020-02-05 17:41:29Z No. 8036186

[37.752880, -122.405496]

More To Come!

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:41:31Z No. 8036187


Good to know.

Corruptions been active for long time, so it's understandable some would imagine it would go on forever.

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:41:33Z No. 8036188


yep here ya go.

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:41:34Z No. 8036189


Soros supported Shadow Inc. was tasked with making an app.

Not an app to count votes.

An app to spit out the desired result, no matter what input it received.

A way to electronically rig an election.

As Q demonstrated in the 2016 election, Q is quite cabable of making sure the D Party Con business as usual election rigging attempts fail.

After all, a man tweeted a 3 line tweet that would have programmed an app that actually just counted votes, like they said they wanted to do.

But couldn't.

2Q2Q election is going to be decided by the people.

Not by Soros vote rigging machines.

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 17:41:45Z No. 8036190


NOT the same pin.

Dig moar.

Anonymous ID: ee70c9 2020-02-05 17:41:47Z No. 8036191

Do it Q!

Anonymous ID: 3c8307 2020-02-05 17:41:58Z No. 8036193


Anonymous ID: 6f66f3 2020-02-05 17:41:59Z No. 8036192



Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:42:02Z No. 8036194


some of the anon do battle over this. It seems like they are real anon, and not shills. So I've monitored and tried to make sense of it.

It doesn't bother me.

the earliest I can peg it to is mid December, and no one made a fuss then.

So you suggest that all those who are trolling him and tell him his stuff isn't cool should leave him alone.

and now he's at name fag status . . . 'the Shiva shill'

so that's unfair.

maybe the Shiva meme troller

Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 17:42:04Z No. 8036195

Anonymous ID: 68854c 2020-02-05 17:42:11Z No. 8036196


i have been buckled up for so long that my belly has grown around the seat belt.

don't get me wrong, i promise to trust the plan next lifetime too.

a liddle less post and a lot moar action. some action. any. please.

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:42:19Z No. 8036197


>guidance for meme makers: do you think that the Shiva Shill's stuff disrespects POTUS?

Yes. I let them know that "Shiva the destroyer" is NOT the message we want or need. POTUS' message is a Christian message of love, reconciliation, unity, rebuilding, faith, family, God and country.

It may be "funny" to some but to me it is a subliminal that silently paints POTUS as the opposite of what our movement is about.

Anonymous ID: 11d6b3 2020-02-05 17:42:22Z No. 8036198


I'm realizing that it does say "second" now

But why it is notable if a year old?

Anonymous ID: f3414f 2020-02-05 17:42:22Z No. 8036199

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:42:23Z No. 8036200


Anonymous ID: 5706ed 2020-02-05 17:42:24Z No. 8036201


Q team, I'm 100% prepared.

Informed, aware, and now permanently CURIOUS.


Thank you for teaching us!!!

Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 17:42:37Z No. 8036202



Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:42:44Z No. 8036203


Ahhh, so THAT'S who she is…dang. Maybe she looked around at all the white outfits and got the sense that things were progressing a bit too familiarly.

anonymous ID: 2bd699 2020-02-05 17:42:48Z No. 8036204

Anonymous ID: a1041c 2020-02-05 17:42:49Z No. 8036205


To be completely honest, this anon is still wrapping their head around how blatantly un-American the Democrat party looked, just sitting there in the face of accomplishment after accomplishment.

It was kind of creepy to watch, especially with Nonce Pelosi smiling there like a damn gimp.

I wouldn't want to shake her hand either.

Anonymous ID: 30d61b 2020-02-05 17:42:52Z No. 8036206


Hello, Q!

Great SOTU this has been!

Just a question:

Are White Hats also controlling the democrats?

Or is also Merkel controlled by White Hats?

Because the politics of "the Gobalists" is so disastrous, that it is just destroying themselves.

So, why are they obeying the orders?

Are they afraid?


Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:42:53Z No. 8036207


Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:42:53Z No. 8036208


think future proves past


Anonymous ID: 054200 2020-02-05 17:42:54Z No. 8036210

Sunlight's the best disinfectant~

Anonymous ID: 9ad87b 2020-02-05 17:42:57Z No. 8036209


Damn! I am loving the sound of that! Hope it

Happens SOON, as in right after the final vote has been taken!

Strike while America is feeling the SOTU patriotism.

Anonymous ID: 3a54ad 2020-02-05 17:42:59Z No. 8036211

Anonymous ID: a7f187 2020-02-05 17:43:06Z No. 8036212




Take a look.

Anonymous ID: 98ecec 2020-02-05 17:43:09Z No. 8036214





Ya know, I'm a little too young to have any basis on Mr. Limbaugh… but I remember back when he was being 'ostracized,' by making him look like a showbiz junkie with all of the oxycodone shaming. Note, this is BEFORE the opioid epidemic (well maybe right at the beginning of it).

Yet, I too struggle with a viscous opioid addiction myself; one that I am always going to be in recovery from. I struggle everyday with it.

The reason I bring this up is because I noticed the apparatus on his head. Without any digging, I assume this is a deep brain electrode to stimulate nerves; to either block the effects of WD (withdrawal), or to agonize the mµ receptor (to release endorphins into the synaptic cleft). So, this I also assume was 'installed' before the BRIDGE was being clinically tested & approved.

What's the bridge you might ask?

Anonymous ID: 74f4ee 2020-02-05 17:43:15Z No. 8036215


Yes, he iseither knowingly or - more likely - unknowingly doing exactly what he is supposed to do, which is to be the bumbling and tone-deaf arrogant fool who leads the First Bunch of Idiots to its institutional demise.

He's the perfect man for the job - an incompetent boob who rose to his level as a testament to the Peter principle.

Anonymous ID: 11e13a 2020-02-05 17:43:17Z No. 8036216


wrong article, kek..

>AOC Is Boycotting Trump’s SOTU Speech — Others Are Joining Her

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:43:17Z No. 8036217


All over the Senate as well….

Anonymous ID: 02713d 2020-02-05 17:43:21Z No. 8036218


KEK'n on that, YES!

"give em the hell they worship"

Anonymous ID: 21d8c3 2020-02-05 17:43:28Z No. 8036219


Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:43:42Z No. 8036220

Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:43:44Z No. 8036221


Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:43:44Z No. 8036222


More 4 years…right.

Anonymous ID: 4ae734 2020-02-05 17:43:46Z No. 8036223


anonymous ID: 2bd699 2020-02-05 17:43:49Z No. 8036224

who is this chic?

Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:43:53Z No. 8036225

Democrats Give Nancy Pelosi Standing Ovation for Ripping Trump’s SOTU Speech

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) received a standing ovation from House Democrats on Wednesday morning for ripping up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, according to The Hill.

During a closed-door caucus meeting, Pelosi expanded on why she tore up the president’s Tuesday speech at the conclusion of his remarks.

“He shredded the truth so I shredded his speech,” she told lawmakers, declaring that President Trump’s address was “a manifesto of mistruths.”

“You are supposed to talk about the State of the Union, not the State of your alleged mind,” she said to cheers and a standing ovation from her colleagues

Anonymous ID: 99fda1 2020-02-05 17:43:57Z No. 8036226

Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 17:44:11Z No. 8036227


Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.

5 From the tribe of Judah 12,000 were sealed,

from the tribe of Reuben 12,000,

from the tribe of Gad 12,000,

6 from the tribe of Asher 12,000,

from the tribe of Naphtali 12,000,

from the tribe of Manasseh 12,000,

7 from the tribe of Simeon 12,000,

from the tribe of Levi 12,000,

from the tribe of Issachar 12,000,

8 from the tribe of Zebulun 12,000,

from the tribe of Joseph 12,000,

from the tribe of Benjamin 12,000.

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:44:16Z No. 8036228


Cochlear Implant

Anonymous ID: 1d51a7 2020-02-05 17:44:17Z No. 8036229


Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:44:24Z No. 8036230


Wonder where they got the idea to wear white.

Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:44:26Z No. 8036231


I got that ZOOM angle. Get a good look at her.

Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 17:44:27Z No. 8036232


he is deaf

it helps him to hear

Anonymous ID: d1e669 2020-02-05 17:44:31Z No. 8036233


Election FRAUD cases OPEN - DOJ [many]…




These people are STUPID.

Q #964

Anonymous ID: 69d772 2020-02-05 17:44:34Z No. 8036234


they picked on someone else their own size for a change


Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:44:37Z No. 8036235


Anonymous ID: 316030 2020-02-05 17:44:37Z No. 8036236


Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:44:40Z No. 8036237


Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:44:41Z No. 8036238



Anonymous ID: 98ecec 2020-02-05 17:44:43Z No. 8036239


Anonymous ID: 282d26 2020-02-05 17:44:48Z No. 8036240


Greek. And don’t namefag.

Anonymous ID: 300b46 2020-02-05 17:44:50Z No. 8036241

Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 17:44:51Z No. 8036242


I don't think it is meant to disrespect POTUS and I don't think it does. At first it was creative, now it seems like avatarfagging and the intention seems to have devolved into simply trolling one particular think-skinned anon who lacks the self-control to simply ignore it.

my $0.02

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:44:52Z No. 8036243


Any anons have a good pic of Republicans smiling yelling with joy? got a meme idea

Anonymous ID: c6ce7f 2020-02-05 17:44:54Z No. 8036244


He lost his hearing and has cochlear implants.

Anonymous ID: 905d75 2020-02-05 17:44:56Z No. 8036245


Cochlear implant: he was boarder line Deaf mid 90's. Had one ear done then, then mid 2010 's he had the second side done

Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:44:58Z No. 8036246


"Q" this is the kind of President we need -→ >>8035964

And this is the kind of FBI director we must have–→>>8036130…no exceptions or substitutes.

Anonymous ID: 414f75 2020-02-05 17:45:01Z No. 8036247


Looking forward to the day that starts to happen. Been a long ride but worth it.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:45:10Z No. 8036248


This I Am crap is a cult. I've faced this group before and they are evil. Snake cult. They worship Hermes.

Anonymous ID: ed9fc9 2020-02-05 17:45:17Z No. 8036250



How true is this, Q?

Twitter "friend" gets into Bible Codes…claims Soros is Satan.

These codes seem pretty "loose" but still might be true.

Anonymous ID: 30d4f8 2020-02-05 17:45:21Z No. 8036251


Cochlear implant.

Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 17:45:31Z No. 8036252


a stepford wife obviously

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:45:36Z No. 8036253


Bull and his calf are on a hill overlooking a herd of cows. Calf said, "Dad! Let's run down there and get one of them!" Dad said, "Son, let's walk down there, and get them all."

Anonymous ID: 34790b 2020-02-05 17:45:40Z No. 8036254



Anonymous ID: 026cd1 2020-02-05 17:45:43Z No. 8036255


Picture File name goes to these 2 things

1. Dept. of Defense Recomendations on Bolstering Defense Industrial and

2. Register of retired Commissioned and warrented officers. ttps://

Anonymous ID: e80969 2020-02-05 17:45:46Z No. 8036256




Anonymous ID: 955cef 2020-02-05 17:45:50Z No. 8036257



Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:45:53Z No. 8036258


A form of

Anonymous ID: 482139 2020-02-05 17:45:55Z No. 8036259


Keeping fighting I will keep you in my prayers..You can beat this….

Anonymous ID: e137cb 2020-02-05 17:45:56Z No. 8036260


Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:46:00Z No. 8036261


Not mine…but awesome props to the Anon whoever made it…stolen like 99% of my arsenal..

Anonymous ID: 3753d7 2020-02-05 17:46:13Z No. 8036262


Wray is there to sign the pink slips for bad actors, cleaning house and clearing the way for the show to start.

The actual investigations and prosecutions are being handled by outside teams.

If you're looking to him for signs of arrests coming, that only reveals your own misunderstanding

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:46:26Z No. 8036263

Anonymous ID: 0d7967 2020-02-05 17:46:45Z No. 8036264


non anon

did you really want an email shown?

bad non anon…….bad

Anonymous ID: 42cf1f 2020-02-05 17:46:46Z No. 8036265


>who is this chic?

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:46:56Z No. 8036266


Some moar buckle up memes

Anonymous ID: 800bf7 2020-02-05 17:47:02Z No. 8036267


Re-watch and you will have your Answers

Anonymous ID: 34790b 2020-02-05 17:47:03Z No. 8036268


WRWY Q+!!!

Anonymous ID: 76ac83 2020-02-05 17:47:16Z No. 8036269

Once you remove the facial hair, it all becomes clear.

Thanks Q

Anonymous ID: 84997b 2020-02-05 17:47:19Z No. 8036270

They're not laughing behind closed doors anymore.

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:47:29Z No. 8036271

Anonymous ID: 4411df 2020-02-05 17:47:34Z No. 8036272

Who is Mr. Soros' boss?

Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:47:39Z No. 8036273

Spy school: Chinese military officer busted for posing as Boston University student

A female Chinese military officer was charged with spying while posing as a student at Boston University, but was able to flee the country after FBI agents interviewed her about her links to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

PLA Lt. Ye Yanqing was indicted in a separate criminal case involving Dr. Charles Lieber, chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, who was arrested on Tuesday and charged with lying about receiving tens of thousands of dollars from the Wuhan University of Technology and lying to the Pentagon about the foreign money.

The involvement of Lt. Ye and two other senior PLA officers highlights the Chinese military’s involvement in Beijing’s large-scale program of recruiting foreign specialists.

Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 17:47:46Z No. 8036274


GOP Investigation: Thousands Of Obama Admin Docs Under Review Regarding Ukraine White House Meetings

By Sara Carter -

February 3, 2020


13 Dec 2017 - 11:35:55 PM

“Documents from the Obama administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library. You may send your request to the Obama Library. However, you should be aware that under the Presidential Records Act, Presidential records remain closed to the public for five years after an administration has left office.”


Shockingly quiet.

No leaks?

Presidential libraries are put in place to retain control over self-incriminating c-doc releases.


Review the law.

What is different re: Hussein's PL?

Who controls?

These people really are stupid.


Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:47:48Z No. 8036275


>Harvesting Energy, Mind Control

Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:47:51Z No. 8036276

Did China's Tencent Accidentally Leak The True Terrifying Coronavirus Statistics

Ten days ago, shortly after China first started reporting the cases and deaths associated with the coronavirus epidemic, a UK researcher predicted that over 250,000 Chinese would be infected with the virus by February 4. And while according to official Chinese data, the number of infections has indeed soared in the past two weeks, at just under 25,000 (and roughly 500 deaths), it is a far cry from this dismal prediction, about ten times below that predicted by the epidemiologists.

Is this discrepancy possible? Is the epidemic truly far less serious than conventional epidemiological models predicted? Or is China merely hiding the full extent of the problem?

After all, it the WSJ itself reported in late January , China was explicitly manipulating the casualty number by listing pneumonia as the cause of death instead of coronavirus. Subsequent reports that Wuhan officials were rushing to cremate coronavirus casualties before they could be counted did not add to the credibility of the official data.

But the biggest hit to the narrative and China's officially reported epidemic numbers came overnight, when a slip up in China's TenCent may have revealed the true extent of the coronavirus epidemic on the mainland. And it is nothing short than terrifying.

As the Taiwan Times reports, over the weekend, "Tencent seems to have inadvertently released what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths, which were astronomically higher than official figures", and were far closer to the catastrophic epidemic projections made by Jonathan Read.

According to the report, late on Saturday evening, Tencent, on its webpage titled "Epidemic Situation Tracker", showed confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (2019nCoV) in China as standing at 154,023, 10 times the official figure at the time. It listed the number of suspected cases as 79,808, four times the official figure.

And while the number of cured cases was only 269, well below the official number that day of 300, most ominously, the death toll listed was 24,589, vastly higher than the 300 officially listed that day.

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 17:47:58Z No. 8036277


Anonymous ID: e16f1b 2020-02-05 17:48:01Z No. 8036278


>:do you think that the Shiva Shill's stuff disrespects POTUS?

heck no, he just looks like a retard.

Like the other fameshills, he is easily filtered. His dumb memes will have zero impact. Who ever is paying him is losing money, so please let him be. Even retards need to eat.

Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 17:48:01Z No. 8036279


Wray mentions Durham

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:48:06Z No. 8036280

Wray is a cover-up artist.

A good man would have a different attitude.


Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:48:10Z No. 8036281


Interestingly his deafness became complete at or around the addiction issue. I have heard that opioids can cause deafness.

God bless you and Rush!

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:48:17Z No. 8036282


Gov of Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer

Looks like another MK loon.

Anonymous ID: 324515 2020-02-05 17:48:19Z No. 8036283


Anonymous ID: a3fec3 2020-02-05 17:48:23Z No. 8036284


What do you expect when that is what generations have witnessed. We need to restore the rule of law, and punishment of low level guys will not help. It needs to be the big names if not the biggest names.

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 17:48:25Z No. 8036285


Mrs. Soros

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:48:25Z No. 8036286


The cameramen were the unsung heroes last night. Spot on, on top of everything.

Anonymous ID: 35a6a2 2020-02-05 17:48:25Z No. 8036287

Speaker Pelosi, you have the right to remain silent….

18 U.S. Code 2017

(a)Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b)Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 17:48:26Z No. 8036288


Anonymous ID: c6ce7f 2020-02-05 17:48:27Z No. 8036289


Satan. Just not sure how many other layers there might be.

Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 17:48:39Z No. 8036290


Look up Naltrexone. No side effects. "Experts" hide it from the people.

Anonymous ID: 905d75 2020-02-05 17:48:45Z No. 8036291



Payseur (think Q gave this a shout out)


Postmaster General

Anonymous ID: 687b2a 2020-02-05 17:48:46Z No. 8036292


E P I C !

anonymous ID: 2bd699 2020-02-05 17:48:57Z No. 8036293

if the glitter fits the satanic blood ritual

Anonymous ID: d0bef1 2020-02-05 17:48:59Z No. 8036294


>Democrats Give Nancy Pelosi Standing Ovation for Ripping Trump’s SOTU Speech

Sick and twisted minds cling to each other.

No shame.

Anonymous ID: d72418 2020-02-05 17:49:00Z No. 8036295


Anonymous ID: ee70c9 2020-02-05 17:49:04Z No. 8036296



Thanks Anons.

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:49:08Z No. 8036297


Anonymous ID: 380d06 2020-02-05 17:49:10Z No. 8036298


Chech Marin?

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:49:10Z No. 8036299


I like the night-life baby.

She says…

Let's go!

Anonymous ID: 44d731 2020-02-05 17:49:11Z No. 8036300

POTUS Announces Southern District of Illinois Judicial Nominee: David W. Dugan

David Dugan currently serves as a Circuit Judge for the 3rd Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Illinois. Prior to taking the bench in 2017, Judge Dugan was in private practice for more than 30 years, where his practice focused on personal injury and commercial litigation in both State and Federal Courts. Judge Dugan previously served as an Assistant States Attorney for Madison County, Illinois. Judge Dugan earned his B.A. from Eastern Illinois University and his J.D. from Valparaiso University School of Law.


Anonymous ID: 39699e 2020-02-05 17:49:23Z No. 8036301

Google Maps just sent me my "January Update". It included a map of everywhere I went last month.

I already knew I was being tracked that way. I was exploring an elevations map some time ago. As I was clicking locations, it said, "You were here a year ago." This was not Google Maps itself, but rather another app that was using their data.

Google is too intrusive. Who knows who else is getting that information.

Anonymous ID: 4411df 2020-02-05 17:49:45Z No. 8036302


I realize the father of lies sits at the tippy top. It's the layers between I'm curious about.

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:49:50Z No. 8036303


good point. I don't know.

Dude's a crook. That's all I know.

Anonymous ID: 973946 2020-02-05 17:49:58Z No. 8036304

someone said you fags were looking into shady shit during the Kosovo war. I was there. whats the dig?

Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:50:05Z No. 8036305

Get Ready For Impeachment 2.0: House Dems To Subpoena Bolton After Senate's Refusal

CNN reports that the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is planning to subpoena John Bolton to testify in the House, after moderate Senate Republicans refused to join Democrats in demanding that the Senate call Bolton to testify about claims made in an upcoming book. Republicans argued that collecting testimony was the House's job (even though the leaked Bolton manuscript conveniently surfaced shortly after the trial began). And they eventually won the day.

Now, the Democrats are hoping to take a mulligan - just like Biden and Buttigieg now that Bernie Sanders was robbed in Iowa. And instead of limiting the testimony to Ukraine, they're jonesing to let Bolton talk about anything and everything that's weighing on his mind (though he might want to hold off on some spoilers for the sake of book sales).

Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:50:10Z No. 8036306


Jackie Speier confirmed

That's her ugly mug alright

Anonymous ID: d02c32 2020-02-05 17:50:12Z No. 8036307



good eye

doc remove pls

Anonymous ID: a7f187 2020-02-05 17:50:16Z No. 8036308


You need to read/listen:



Anonymous ID: ea01ce 2020-02-05 17:50:20Z No. 8036309


Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:50:35Z No. 8036311


anon see:


many anon seem to feel that, yes, this shiva-poster is doing it now to push the buttons of a 'thin skined' anon who can't simply scroll by the post.

You are doing battle with another anon, anon.

It's distracting. You're heart is good but you've misidentified the other anon as a shill, when it's just someone who likes to fuck with other anon to toughen you up.

Anonymous ID: 316030 2020-02-05 17:50:37Z No. 8036312


US had a problem

30 billion profit in child sex trafficking and a system that is F up for victims

Anonymous ID: 482139 2020-02-05 17:50:40Z No. 8036313


That's why you don't use Google or any of it's products. Maps are great and they don't collect data..

Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:50:47Z No. 8036314



>>8036300 POTUS Announces Southern District of Illinois Judicial Nominee: David W. Dugan

>>8036169 Van Jones: Warns Democrats: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life

>>8036112 Trump’s speech: Jackie Speier walks out, Nancy Pelosi rips text in half afterward

>>8036028 SOTU Video: Trump to terrorists: ‘if you attack Americans, you forfeit your lives’

>>8035917 Q cap/ shadownet diggz

>>8035890 LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down and will be replaced by the exec in charge of product

>>8035881 ustice Department Releases $500 Million in Solicitations for Hiring Law Enforcement Officers, Improving School Safety and Combating Distribution of Illicit Drugs

>>8035858 Q cap/>>8035858 AOC missing pic

>>8035850 Missouri Businessman Arrested on Antitrust Charge for Rigging Bids at Online Government Auctions


Anonymous ID: c4be28 2020-02-05 17:50:47Z No. 8036315


>Kosovo war.

idk but what ya got?

Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 17:50:47Z No. 8036316




>Seditious Conspiracy


We were never taught about this in school, it's never discussed, so the public doesn't know what these very important words actually mean. It's time to educate them because it is becoming more and more relevant.

Anonymous ID: 5daf8c 2020-02-05 17:50:51Z No. 8036317

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier indirectly blamed President Trump for the downing of a Ukrainian jetliner that killed more than 150 people, including more than 60 Canadian citizens, near Tehran this week on the same night that Iranian forces fired several missiles at a U.S. base in Iraq.

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:50:54Z No. 8036318

I can't live this way much longer, expecting to survive.


Anonymous ID: 538bc9 2020-02-05 17:50:54Z No. 8036319

2 choices traitors and initiate pedophiles.


Anonymous ID: bdc7d3 2020-02-05 17:50:54Z No. 8036320


Q is pointing this democrat congresswoman. Who is it?

Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 17:50:58Z No. 8036321


>source data.

The $ actually went to the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) which then gave $2 million to Pacronym which then spunoff Shadow.

NDRC is run by Eric Holder.

Anonymous ID: ba255d 2020-02-05 17:50:59Z No. 8036322

Ok I'm excited for Suicide Weekends coming.

Q, am I onto something that the plan to force the MSM to cover the "Storm" is to have to report all the suicides of BIG names in the political, business and entertainment industry? Showing their "hero's" escaping justice and having the followers red-pill themselves in the process.

Yeah you totally won't answer me.

Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 17:51:00Z No. 8036323


I don't know much about Bible codes, but Rothschild has been said to have gotten orders from satan, so Soros being in the same position or even possessed himself would come as no surprise.

Anonymous ID: c6ce7f 2020-02-05 17:51:03Z No. 8036324


Whoever it is, I bet their ugly.

Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 17:51:05Z No. 8036325


maybe she got a set of papers too

Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:51:13Z No. 8036326



Hive mode: Activated

Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:51:15Z No. 8036327

Where In The World Is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell Faces Worldwide Scorn For Her Role In Jeffrey Epstein Activities

The late accused human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s companion Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly traveling internationally to foreign nations including Israel, according to the New York Post, as reported by The Jerusalem Post. The FBI pursues a formal investigation into her activities with Epstein, who was ruled dead by suicide in his New York jail cell in a case that has sparked worldwide speculation and scrutiny. Ghislaine Maxwell’s emails have reportedly been hacked, adding another dimension of panic to the situation for globalist elites who socialized with Maxwell and Epstein.

Epstein was identified as a Mossad agent who blackmailed world leaders with underage sex traps by former high-ranking Israeli intelligence official Ari Ben-Menashe, who has staked his reputation on the claims.

Ghislaine is not the only world traveler in her family.

Anonymous ID: 34790b 2020-02-05 17:51:16Z No. 8036328


Do it Q!

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:51:17Z No. 8036329


Anonymous ID: 3c8307 2020-02-05 17:51:18Z No. 8036330



Anonymous ID: 72ebc0 2020-02-05 17:51:19Z No. 8036331

What does 11 represent?

Anonymous ID: b54be2 2020-02-05 17:51:31Z No. 8036332


Thanks Q.

Anonymous ID: 00cb24 2020-02-05 17:51:41Z No. 8036333




Anonymous ID: 79a3ed 2020-02-05 17:51:43Z No. 8036334

TRUMP WINS THE NIGHT: Independent Voters Give President Trump 82% Approval on His Historic SOTU Address

by Jim Hoft February 5, 2020


Americans cheered President Trump’s historic State of the Union Address tonight.

Undoubtedly, this was the best address in modern history!

No President in decades has had the success like this great president.

Although the leftie Democrat media panned the speech, ordinary Americans cheered this President’s success.

And President Trump won with American voters with his positive and uplifting message.

President Trump received an 82% approval rating from Independent voters.

Via CBS News:

76% of speech watchers approved of the president’s address.

97% of Republicans approved of the speech.

And 56% of viewers said the president’s historic address will unite the country.

Anonymous ID: 6916ab 2020-02-05 17:51:46Z No. 8036335



Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:52:05Z No. 8036336

Packed passenger plane overshoots runway in Istanbul, splits into several pieces

A passenger plane has overrun runway at Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparent footage from the scene shows the aircraft broken into two pieces with flames emitting from its fuselage.

The incident occurred at the international airport on Wednesday. The domestic flight from Izmir overran the runway during landing, according to local media reports.

Footage from the scene shows the plane, belonging to the low-cost Turkish airline Pegasus, broken into several pieces with flames coming from its fuselage.

The plane broke into at least three large pieces, footage from the scene shows and people were seen evacuating through a large crack in the aircraft’s side. The cockpit apparently became completely detached from the rest of the frame and was seen lying upside down by the plane’s side.

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:52:08Z No. 8036337


Some moar buckle up memes


Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:52:09Z No. 8036338


3 in binary

Anonymous ID: 64abfd 2020-02-05 17:52:09Z No. 8036339


She's not there too much longer after this.

Anonymous ID: 086dc8 2020-02-05 17:52:12Z No. 8036340


It was funny to watch NP interact with her white jacketed troupe in the audience.

It was like watching a pirate captain trying to keep his unruly crew in line everywhere. Arrgh!

Anonymous ID: 39699e 2020-02-05 17:52:20Z No. 8036341


It's been a long time since I've been able to read one. The print is too small, which is not so great.

Anonymous ID: 316030 2020-02-05 17:52:25Z No. 8036342



Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 17:52:28Z No. 8036343


no kidding

they do groom these people, don't they

gets interdasting at 1:45

Anonymous ID: 758bbb 2020-02-05 17:52:29Z No. 8036344


…we need every scrap in the Const that addresses how members may be arrested

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 17:52:36Z No. 8036345








Anonymous ID: 538bc9 2020-02-05 17:52:45Z No. 8036346


Anonymous ID: 74ccdf 2020-02-05 17:52:47Z No. 8036347







Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:52:50Z No. 8036348


On it

Anonymous ID: 68854c 2020-02-05 17:52:52Z No. 8036349


Wesley Clark, Atlantic Council, and the game plan developed that was used in Lithuania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine…

i am tired. i am just going to sit here with my "seat belt on" like the last 3 years.

Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 17:52:55Z No. 8036350


Penny Marshal

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:52:59Z No. 8036351

Good speaker.

Better watch out…


Anonymous ID: 22eeb2 2020-02-05 17:53:09Z No. 8036352


Anonymous ID: 64abfd 2020-02-05 17:53:10Z No. 8036353


Forgot cap.

Anonymous ID: 5d3359 2020-02-05 17:53:12Z No. 8036354

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:53:16Z No. 8036355


Anonymous ID: 3753d7 2020-02-05 17:53:18Z No. 8036356


>A good man would have a different attitude.

Imagine making judgements on a man's character amidst a takedown operation on a global Satanic cabal based on how you feel his "attitude" was when answering a question in a completely meaningless hearing.

Lay off the soy, anon.

Anonymous ID: 687b2a 2020-02-05 17:53:19Z No. 8036357


a preview of my Christmas card this year

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:53:20Z No. 8036358


Ever notice how fucking ugly most dem woman are. They were losers that nobody liked and they are exacting their revenge on humanity by being dem witch hookers.

Anonymous ID: 3c8307 2020-02-05 17:53:21Z No. 8036359


I still think RR is working for da boss!

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 17:53:29Z No. 8036360

Add another CEO to the Jewish resignation list.

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 17:53:31Z No. 8036361


[P] Plantagenet

Anonymous ID: f3414f 2020-02-05 17:53:36Z No. 8036362

Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 17:53:42Z No. 8036363


>>8035304, >>8035465 planefags

>>8035113, >>8035155, >>8035376 Mother Teresa news coming into the light? >>8035430 note her date of passing, and the dates of these occurences

>>8035170 US Space Force has test-fired a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time

>>8035206 Trump's Ability to Expose the Dems' Radical Agenda Will Probably Get Him Re-Elected - op-ed read pjmedia

>>8035240 Louie Gohmert talks booms, suggests that FBI go after DC criminals and prosecute political criminals to regain the trust of the American people. c-span

>>8035280 5-minute vid Ben Carson on Opportunity Zones and Claire McCaskill's controversial tweet

>>8035302, >>8035319, >>8035339 frank-plummer-former-head-of-the-national-microbiology-lab-dead-at-67

>>8035310 New Scavino w vid Good Morning America

>>8035440 Jeffrey Epstein’s Mystery Bank Came Alive After His Death, nytimes article capped for ya

>>8035554 should got the get. Officially POTUS' 1111th day. 3 years, 16 days. 36 months, 16 days. (almost quads)

>>8035547 In case anybody missed it, it will surprise no one to learn that Soros is the #1 funding source behind Shadow - sauce this twat nom

>>8035630 JPMorgan’s Role in Metals Spoofing Is Under U.S. Criminal Probe

>>8035540 Anon speculation on what documents Nancy may have torn.

>>8035673, >>8035709, >>8035717 Who is Karena Feng and/or Feng 24th LLC, FENG RE INC. and/or 2601 24th Ave, San Frnacisco, CA


Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:53:42Z No. 8036364

Amazon Drops After Bezos Sells $1.8 Billion In Stock

Amazon has turned red on the day, erasing some of its massive post-earnings gains, following a report that CEO Jeff Bezos sold 0.2% of the company for $1.8 billion. However, before investors decide that the CEO is calling the top, note that Bezos sold 905,456 Amazon shares on Friday and Monday under a pre-arranged trading plan, the filings reveal.

Putting that number in context, Bloomberg observes that in the 15 years after Amazon went public, Bezos sold a fifth of the company for $2 billion. So in the past few days, he sold shares equal to roughly one-hundreth of this stake for roughy similar proceeds. The latest liquidation brings the newly divorced bachelor's total stock sales to about $12 billion, with two-thirds of those occurring in the past four years, according to calculations by Bloomberg.

Other recent transaction by Bezos include the sale of $2 billion in 2017 and $2.8 billion in 2019, and reflect Amazon’s soaring valuation, which closed above $1 trillion for the first time on Tuesday.

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 17:53:53Z No. 8036365


Anonymous ID: f91f49 2020-02-05 17:53:54Z No. 8036366

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:53:55Z No. 8036367

"Shiva" is the "Auspicious"

Don't believe the hype.


Destroys ignorance. Lifts the Veil. Dispenses salvation.

Senseless to be so literal.

You're on Kun and worried about "waht we look like?"

Shut up.

Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 17:54:10Z No. 8036368


>Who is Mr. Soros' boss?

Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 17:54:15Z No. 8036369


she assassinated him…

Anonymous ID: 98f80f 2020-02-05 17:54:17Z No. 8036370


pro tip, these buildings and monuments were here long before we were

Anonymous ID: cfbed9 2020-02-05 17:54:32Z No. 8036371


Anonymous ID: fac9a9 2020-02-05 17:54:34Z No. 8036372



Paul Pelosi fuckery aka "chinese foot massages"

Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:54:36Z No. 8036373


all non christians are shills!

anyone who disagrees with me is a shill!

Anonymous ID: c085d6 2020-02-05 17:54:41Z No. 8036374


I WOULD JUST ABOUT BET none of that was true.

Anonymous ID: 68854c 2020-02-05 17:54:44Z No. 8036375


or you could make shill badge memes for rainman, megashill and QRB.

or post more scripture, POTUS encourages biblefag slides.

Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 17:54:57Z No. 8036376


she suddenly felt thirsty for some kool-aid

Anonymous ID: e97401 2020-02-05 17:54:59Z No. 8036377

god damn that Junko Ohashi bassist is FIRE

Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 17:55:02Z No. 8036378


Yes, I meant "thin-skinned" not think-skinned kek

To be here and participate effectively required thick, rhino skin and SELF CONTROL - to not respond to trolls/shills and those who taunt you in order to deflect your attention from something important and fruitful to something fleeting and meaningless in the overall scheme of things.

Who fucking cares if you don't like someone's graphic? Ignore it and move on. If you mention it and are constantly giving them attention, they will keep posting it.

Self control is important as is being able to recognize both trolling and shilling techniques. That's why people are supposed to lurk for 2 years before posting.

Anonymous ID: 905d75 2020-02-05 17:55:02Z No. 8036379


Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:55:04Z No. 8036380

Sunday Times Says British Intel Agent Fabricated Entire ‘P*ssGate’ Dossier, Media Silent

Christopher Steele, former MI6 spy is accused in a report written by a leading British Spy Writer of fabricating the dossier which accused

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 spy, is accused in a new report written by a leading British spy writer of fabricating the dossier which accused President Donald J. Trump of being compromised in the election due to Russian intelligence having compromising material on the president.

This dossier was used to allow the FBI permission to open several unwarranted investigations into Trump’s Cabinet members.

“The report, seen by The Sunday Times, concludes that ‘lapses’ in the dossier ‘bear the hallmarks of invention’ and concludes: ‘There is . . . a strong possibility that all Steele’s material has been fabricated,’ as published in The Sunday Times.

Immediately proceeding the Inspector General to the United Stated Justice Department issuing the report in December depicting Steele’s dossier as “hearsay,” Nigel West was free to go public with his findings.

Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 17:55:11Z No. 8036381


Yes, I meant "thin-skinned" not think-skinned kek

To be here and participate effectively required thick, rhino skin and SELF CONTROL - to not respond to trolls/shills and those who taunt you in order to deflect your attention from something important and fruitful to something fleeting and meaningless in the overall scheme of things.

Who fucking cares if you don't like someone's graphic? Ignore it and move on. If you mention it and are constantly giving them attention, they will keep posting it.

Self control is important as is being able to recognize both trolling and shilling techniques. That's why people are supposed to lurk for 2 years before posting.

Anonymous ID: 135633 2020-02-05 17:55:15Z No. 8036382


Anonymous ID: c62e56 2020-02-05 17:55:32Z No. 8036383


Anonymous ID: 94dd9b 2020-02-05 17:55:32Z No. 8036384



Anonymous ID: d72418 2020-02-05 17:55:35Z No. 8036385


Clown Jackie Speier

of Jonesstown fame

Anonymous ID: 4ae734 2020-02-05 17:55:42Z No. 8036386


Panic In DC

Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 17:55:48Z No. 8036387


>Ever notice how fucking ugly most dem woman are?


Anonymous ID: 20441f 2020-02-05 17:55:50Z No. 8036388

theory: Buttgig and Bemie running mates…

Anonymous ID: 282d26 2020-02-05 17:55:51Z No. 8036389


Don’t doubt it, any sauce?

Anonymous ID: 476da2 2020-02-05 17:55:55Z No. 8036390



Anonymous ID: ee5ef2 2020-02-05 17:55:56Z No. 8036391


i think that is jackie speier missing, of california

Anonymous ID: 1d04c4 2020-02-05 17:55:57Z No. 8036392


I’ll believe it when I see it.


Anonymous ID: c1a47f 2020-02-05 17:56:05Z No. 8036393


Someone who is "throwing in the towel",

Admitting defeat.

Anonymous ID: 3ba377 2020-02-05 17:56:06Z No. 8036394


Eychaner has given the Clinton Foundation more than $25 million

Anonymous ID: f29b4b 2020-02-05 17:56:10Z No. 8036395


Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:56:11Z No. 8036396

Bye, Bye Love


Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 17:56:11Z No. 8036397


Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 17:56:15Z No. 8036398


Jackie Speier

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier official photo (cropped).jpg

Member of the

U.S. House of Representatives

from California


Assumed office

April 8, 2008

Preceded by Tom Lantos

Constituency 12th district (2008–2013)

14th district (2013–present)

Member of the California Senate

from the 8th district

In office


Preceded by Quentin L. Kopp

Succeeded by Leland Yee

Member of the California State Assembly

from the 19th district

In office


Preceded by Lou Papan

Succeeded by Lou Papan

Personal details

Born Karen Lorraine Speier

May 14, 1950 (age 69)

San Francisco, California, U.S.

Political party Democratic

Spouse(s) Steve Sierra

(m. 1987; died 1994)

Barry Dennis (m. 2001)

Children 2

Education University of California, Davis (BA)

University of California, Hastings (JD)

Website House website

Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier[1] (/spɪər/; born May 14, 1950) is an American politician who currently serves as a U.S. Representative for California's 14th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2008. She is a member of the Democratic Party. The district, numbered as the 12th District from 2008 to 2013, includes the northern two-thirds of San Mateo County and the southwest quarter of San Francisco. She represents much of the territory that had been represented by her political mentor, Leo Ryan. In 1978, while working as his aide, Speier survived five gunshot wounds she received when Ryan was assassinated during the Jonestown massacre.[2]

Speier was a member of the California State Senate, representing parts of San Francisco and San Mateo counties. On April 8, 2008, she won the special election for the vacated United States House of Representatives seat of the late Congressman Tom Lantos.[3]

Jesus this nut was at Jonestown…..CLOWN

Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 17:56:19Z No. 8036399


Jonestown Jackie

Anonymous ID: 2e9545 2020-02-05 17:56:23Z No. 8036400


Disgraceful display from the Democraps! On the world stage to show just what a bunch of LOSERS they really are!!!!

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 17:56:24Z No. 8036401


Anonymous ID: 218f8f 2020-02-05 17:56:27Z No. 8036402

Davy Crockett nuke. POTUS hinting that this is how the white hats are taking out the tunnels/bases down there?

Anonymous ID: 300b46 2020-02-05 17:56:37Z No. 8036403

Cher: 'Evil' Trump sicced 'flying monkeys' on Iowa to cause caucus chaos

Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:56:45Z No. 8036404

Boston — which has raised LGBT flag at City Hall — doesn't have to raise Christian flag, judge rules

The only other flag Boston rejected in 12-year-span was 'straight pride' flag prior to controversial 'straight pride' parade last year

A judge ruled that the city of Boston — which has raised an LGBT flag at City Hall Plaza — isn't required to raise a Christian flag as requested by a religious group, the Boston Herald reported.

What are the details?

U.S. District Court Judge Denise Casper on Tuesday denied a summary judgment for Harold Shurtleff and his Camp Constitution organization that claimed discrimination in a lawsuit after the city rejected their request to fly a Christian flag on a City Hall flagpole, the paper said.

While the city has maintained that flying a Christian flag would be akin to favoring a particular religion, Camp Constitution's 2019 federal complaint stated that Boston several times has flown the Turkish flag — which has Islamic symbolism — as well as the Vatican flag.

Other flags that would seem to reflect ideological stances — such as the Communist Chinese, transgender, and LGBT flags — reportedly were among 284 previously permitted flags.

More from the Herald:

An attorney for Boston argued in case documents the city is allowed to have control over the City Hall Plaza flagpoles because they're considered government speech. Shurtleff argued the city's 284 flag raisings between 2005 and 2017 were evidence the city had not previously denied a request, while Boston rebutted that most of the flags were of other countries and some civic symbols, such as the LGBT flag.

The City Hall Plaza flagpoles fly the United States and Massachusetts flags, a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action flag and the city of Boston's flag on the third pole, which is replaced by requested flags.

"There are no additional facts in the record that would suggest any improper preference for non-religion over religion or selective treatment of any person or group based on religion," the judge wrote, according to the paper.

The Herald added that the only other flag the city refused to fly was a "straight pride" flag before the controversial "straight pride" parade last year.

What did Boston's mayor have to say?

Boston's Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh — characterized by Politico as an "intense defender of Obamacare, immigrants and unions, and a vocal supporter of full equality for LGBTQ Americans" — said in a statement that "we have never raised a religious flag on City Hall Plaza. Everything is either a national flag raising (the vast majority) or flag raisings dealing with issues of social or public policy, or historical significance," the paper reported.

Walsh added that "Camp Constitution's request to fly the 'Christian' flag (as it is labeled by the organization), which bears the Latin cross … should be denied, because … the flag sends an overt religious message, and could reasonably be construed to be an endorsement of Christianity by the City, which would be a violation of the Establishment Clause," the Herald added.

How did Camp Constitution react?

"We are appealing the decision and will take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary," Shurtleff told paper.

Camp Constitution describes itself as a Christian group that seeks to "enhance understanding of our Judeo-Christian moral heritage, our American heritage of courage and ingenuity, including the genius of our United States Constitution," according to its website, the Herald said.

Here's a report on the controversy from last year:

Anonymous ID: 70d28c 2020-02-05 17:56:45Z No. 8036405


Anonymous ID: ee5ef2 2020-02-05 17:56:47Z No. 8036406

that's jackie speier that's missing in that photo

Anonymous ID: 482139 2020-02-05 17:56:48Z No. 8036407


You can't read print but your drive? Yikes.

Anonymous ID: 4a9be1 2020-02-05 17:57:01Z No. 8036408



Anonymous ID: 4f615b 2020-02-05 17:57:14Z No. 8036409


Buttercup and Westley, finally free from his grasp, mount white horses alongside their new friends Inigo and Fezzik, ride off to parts unknown, share a long, passionate kiss, and live happily ever after.

Anonymous ID: dc2e02 2020-02-05 17:57:20Z No. 8036410

Anonymous ID: 5d6edf 2020-02-05 17:57:36Z No. 8036411


It looks to me that the towel was there before she left.

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:57:42Z No. 8036412



Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 17:57:46Z No. 8036413


It gets better.


>NDRC is run by Eric Holder.

The playboy son of liberal billionaire George Soros hosted a dinner Monday in New York for former President Barack Obama and other prominent Democratic politicians to benefit redistricting the state.

The 34-year-old hosted a party of a different kind Monday to benefit the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, complete with three featured guests — former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Obama.

Invitations to the event cited Holder, chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, as the main organizer and noted at the bottom of the page that the dinner would be held at Alexander Soros’ New York City home, according to Politico. Holder sent a fundraising email Monday before the event started boasting about how his “people-powered movement” is meeting with grassroots supporters while the “opposition” is huddling with lobbyists.

Anonymous ID: 98b285 2020-02-05 17:57:51Z No. 8036414


They may be panicking in DC but Chiefs fans are celebrating in KC!

Anonymous ID: 51e39a 2020-02-05 17:57:59Z No. 8036415

Anonymous ID: faca33 2020-02-05 17:58:10Z No. 8036417

More DUMB info from Gene at Blessed to Teach

Anonymous ID: f862d1 2020-02-05 17:58:11Z No. 8036418

UK to pass law to stop early release of terrorists by February 27, government source claims

Move follows Islamist attack earlier this month by man who had been released halfway through his prison term

The new emergency law will be introduced to parliament on Tuesday next week

Britain plans to pass emergency legislation by February 27 to prevent convicted terrorists automatically being released from prison halfway through their sentence, a government source said on Wednesday.

Justice minister Robert Buckland announced plans for the law earlier this week after an Islamist attacker stabbed two people in London on Sunday. Sudesh Amman had been released from prison halfway through his term on January 23, despite still being considered a risk by authorities.

Anonymous ID: 9c4672 2020-02-05 17:58:16Z No. 8036419


Q can you tell us about Dr Lieber from Harvard? Also will 11/11 be Glorious? Saw Ezra in the news last week!

Anonymous ID: 25d97d 2020-02-05 17:58:18Z No. 8036420


Thank God the contagion

is in congressional containment

Anonymous ID: 324515 2020-02-05 17:58:38Z No. 8036421




Anonymous ID: 6eae05 2020-02-05 17:58:41Z No. 8036422


Cool. I hope they like the taste of napalm in the morning, because when Bolton starts talking…

Anonymous ID: 4a9be1 2020-02-05 17:58:48Z No. 8036423

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 17:58:55Z No. 8036424


They all look like the same person.

Whadya know? ID fraud.

No wonder she's scared and hightailed out of there.

Wonder if she has a double (another double) to take her place should she go AWOL?)

Anonymous ID: c405b0 2020-02-05 17:58:55Z No. 8036425


Anonymous ID: d5f5c5 2020-02-05 17:59:00Z No. 8036426


Just to make it moar official, I did a side by side of her asking questions with name plate, and her a SOTU last night.

Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 17:59:03Z No. 8036427

NO JAIL for Cop Guilty of Responding to Domestic Violence Call by Raping the Victim

El Paso, TX — Police, we are told, are the ones we call when we are in trouble and need help. However, often times, “help” is the last thing people receive. Instead of serving the public, many police officers use their badge to prey on them instead. As the following case out of El Paso illustrates, they do so with seeming impunity and almost never go to jail for it.

Imagine for a moment that you are a victim of domestic violence. After being attacked, you call police for help and protection. However, when the police show up, instead of getting that help or protection, you get raped. Well, that is exactly what happened to one woman in Texas and the cop who raped her was found guilty of it.

Instead of going to jail, however, this cop who admitted to raping a victim of domestic violence, gets off essentially Scot free and will only have to serve 10 years of probation. This is a travesty of justice indeed—especially considering the fact that good people are serving life sentences in a cage for possession of marijuana.

On Friday, former El Paso police officer William Ollie Alexander received a 10-year suspended prison sentence on one count of sexual assault. He will spend exactly zero days in jail for the brutal sexual assault of a domestic violence victim he was tasked with protecting. He will also have to register as a sex offender for life.

According to authorities, on March 10, 2018, Alexander responded to a domestic violence call. Before leaving the woman, he gave her his phone number and told her to meet him several hours later. According to police, when she met him, he then kidnapped her, took her to a dark area near Mesa Street in West El Paso and raped her. These facts are undisputed, yet this monster will not be going to jail.

“I used to be trusting,” the woman said when asked by prosecutors how the incident has impacted her. “I thought everyone was nice and would be helpful, but now I know it is not like that. My intimacy went away for a long time. I didn’t want any guy around me. That’s not right. I shouldn’t have to feel that way.”

According to the report in the El Paso Times, as the woman cried as she testified about the impact the incident has had on her life, while Alexander began crying when his children came into the courtroom.

“Can you imagine having a daughter and having this happen to her?” she asked. “It would be awful. I don’t have kids, but Mom was overprotective, and I am going to be even more overprotective. This is something I will never forget. It was the worst day of my life.”

Despite her heart-wrenching testimony, the jury apparently blinded by the badge, sided with the rapist cop’s father who pleaded for no jail, out of fear for his son’s safety.

William Ollie Alexander III said he knows his son made a mistake, but he asked for his son to be sentenced to probation due to fear for his son’s safety in jail.

“I understand he made a moral mistake,” he said. “My son is a law enforcement officer. I think you, I and all the men and women of the jury know what happens to law enforcement officers in prison.”

His attorneys. Dolph Quijano and Omar Carmona backed up his father’s plea, claiming that if this rapist cop was sentenced to jail, he would be killed.

“Any sentence you give Mr. Alexander could result in a death sentence,” Carmona said. “It doesn’t matter how many years. He will go to the penitentiary as former police officer. He is going to be there with gang members. Yes, it is because of his actions, but remember any prison sentence is a death sentence.”

By that insane logic, no cops should ever be sent to jail for the crimes they commit because it’s dangerous for them.

Perhaps this cop should’ve thought about these repercussions before he raped a domestic violence victim he was supposed to be helping. Or, perhaps he did, and he knew that he could rape her and no go to jail. Either way, the result is the same and this cop who raped an innocent woman who needed his help will be going home to his family as others rot in prison for victimless crimes and possessing substances deemed illegal by the state.

Anonymous ID: 647739 2020-02-05 17:59:22Z No. 8036428


Anonymous ID: 25d97d 2020-02-05 17:59:23Z No. 8036429


sup Q dawgs

Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 17:59:26Z No. 8036430


black men allowed to vote 50-years before any woman, in the USA, and they are the ones that keep putting these crappy politicians in office ever since 1920 (soon after the fed coup) : "its for the children"

Anonymous ID: 92149c 2020-02-05 17:59:27Z No. 8036431


this is true of everyone over 50

Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 17:59:30Z No. 8036432


how am I worried about what people 'look like'?

you mean how they seem to behave?

the behavior of those who are doing battle over a rather clever meme that shows a talented meme maker has been going on for a number of days. And it seems to be anon battling anon. I'm just putting sunlight on it, to freshen it up and maybe let it grown into mutual respect and understanding between diverse anon.

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 17:59:39Z No. 8036433



Anonymous ID: bdc7d3 2020-02-05 17:59:46Z No. 8036434


Jackie Speier.

Watch CA

First [unseal]?

Anonymous ID: a1041c 2020-02-05 17:59:53Z No. 8036435


>red tsunami

Anonymous ID: 69d772 2020-02-05 18:00:03Z No. 8036436


they tell us lies

Anonymous ID: daa4c4 2020-02-05 18:00:20Z No. 8036437



Anonymous ID: 11e1cc 2020-02-05 18:00:29Z No. 8036439


Anonymous ID: 974a4d 2020-02-05 18:00:31Z No. 8036440


Greek "Meander" or "Key" pattern

Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 18:00:44Z No. 8036441



Anonymous ID: ecaa6f 2020-02-05 18:00:46Z No. 8036442

muh knackers

Anonymous ID: e72b25 2020-02-05 18:00:53Z No. 8036443

Anonymous ID: 3d1378 2020-02-05 18:00:59Z No. 8036444

Donald Sussman needs some digging. He gave $22.8 million to Hillary campaign.

Anonymous ID: 086dc8 2020-02-05 18:01:06Z No. 8036445



Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 18:01:09Z No. 8036446

Pelosi, House democrats, to speak soon, discussing right to organize unions.

Anonymous ID: 70d28c 2020-02-05 18:01:14Z No. 8036447


Anonymous ID: 9da713 2020-02-05 18:01:16Z No. 8036448


What a pathetic bunch last night.

We're more than ready Boss. Bring the P-A-I-N.

Anonymous ID: ffc155 2020-02-05 18:01:21Z No. 8036449


Anonymous ID: 898be6 2020-02-05 18:01:22Z No. 8036450


Anonymous ID: ecaa6f 2020-02-05 18:01:23Z No. 8036451

>>8035113 p, >>8035155 p, >>8035376 p Mother Teresa news coming into the light? >>8035430 p note her date of passing, and the dates of these occurences

leave her alone you fucking morons

Anonymous ID: 0c7a71 2020-02-05 18:01:24Z No. 8036452


Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 18:01:27Z No. 8036453


Anonymous ID: 82b835 2020-02-05 18:01:32Z No. 8036454

White towel


Trainer throws in towel because you’re getting your ass kicked?

Anonymous ID: d9b0a6 2020-02-05 18:01:36Z No. 8036455


Baker Notable

NDRC Eric Holder, Obama, McAuliffe, Soros digz

Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 18:01:37Z No. 8036456


For the life of me, I can't imagine why someone would bring a towel to the SOTU.

Ok, maybe two.

Anonymous ID: 25d97d 2020-02-05 18:01:41Z No. 8036457

Trejo's Tacos








Trejo's Tacos

& donuts

4 ur front hole

Anonymous ID: 9c4212 2020-02-05 18:01:43Z No. 8036458

Anonymous ID: 4f615b 2020-02-05 18:01:51Z No. 8036459


Buckle Up ButterCups

Anonymous ID: 687b2a 2020-02-05 18:01:59Z No. 8036460


Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 18:02:01Z No. 8036461


"look, i think i can beat him again…no, listen to my words…"

Anonymous ID: 51e39a 2020-02-05 18:02:16Z No. 8036462


Anonymous ID: e4836f 2020-02-05 18:02:32Z No. 8036463


Anonymous ID: 5bf4b5 2020-02-05 18:02:41Z No. 8036464


Goddamnit this is right-on

Anonymous ID: f0c887 2020-02-05 18:02:52Z No. 8036465


Tray tables up.

Prepare for landing.




Anonymous ID: 6667d3 2020-02-05 18:02:53Z No. 8036466


Some Anons know when they're being attacked by mind control bent clowns, and some don't.

Anonymous ID: e137cb 2020-02-05 18:02:56Z No. 8036467


Enjoyed spending the evening at the @WhiteHouse

with our inspiring guests. Hearing their stories during last night’s #SOTU by @POTUS reminds us all of the remarkable diversity of the American people.

Anonymous ID: 718fc1 2020-02-05 18:03:00Z No. 8036468



God speed

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 18:03:09Z No. 8036469


Anonymous ID: 3d7311 2020-02-05 18:03:19Z No. 8036470




Helluva coincidence u fags are posting from June 10 2018. You see how you have posted the same picture. and q posted both June 10. See how they are same?? The missile launch, and that exct keyframe from the video he dropped SAME DAY and timestamped? Same image. the missile, and that frame showing dark to light at timestamp. same.

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: df6b0a 2020-02-05 18:03:21Z No. 8036471


Anonymous ID: 3b96c2 2020-02-05 18:03:21Z No. 8036472


Could the Zetas say what is happening in Iowa? This is a complete failure for the Democrats. It is hard to imagine that Trump will not win the election. The only threat to him is a large-scale financial crisis that is about to happen. [and from another] Shadow, a tech firm that describes itself as a group that creates "a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology," is the company that created the Iowa Democratic Party's app. At least the COO, CEO, CTO and a senior product manager at Shadow all worked for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. [and from another] An app created by a tech firm run by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is taking heat for the unprecedented delay in reporting Democratic caucus results from Iowa. State Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price blamed the problem on a coding error. The firm behind the app reportedly is Shadow, an affiliate of ACRONYM, a Democratic nonprofit founded in 2017. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match. [and from another] Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said that Iowa Democrats refused when the department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offered to test the app to ensure its security. [and from another] The Sanders campaign reported that it received 29.7 percent of the vote, closely followed by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 24.6 percent. Sen. Elizabeth Warren came in at 21.2 percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden was fourth at 12.4 percent. [and from another]

The 2020 Iowa Democratic primary caucus disaster was not a “coding error”, as claimed by the Iowa Democratic Party Chairman. Was the code not tested? There are many clues that this was a rigged election that blew up in front of the whole world. First there was the odd Des Moines Register poll withheld from publication. The excuse was a flawed survey, perhaps leaving off one of the candidates. How likely is this? The survey was withheld as it showed the true ranking of Biden, which the crooked DNC is pushing to be the front runner.

Then there is the aspect of the new software application, designed to ensure that photos of the paper trail matched the results reported. Coded by a software company born during the 2016 Hillary campaign, the code to switch votes to Biden was supposed to smoothly and simultaneously corrupt the paper trail photos. Thus any complaints by caucus goers who had recorded a different result were to be silenced. Of course Shadow and the Iowa Democratic Party declined Homeland Security assistance to vet the software.

What went wrong? The software was not hacked by human hands, but was hacked by ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, just as we have assisted the integrity of all US elections since 2006. Software code is, after all, just binary data, such that changing a few bits of key bytes can disable the code. Our goal was to cause any deletion of voting data to falter, so that the counts and the paper trail did not match. This froze the election fraud in the middle of a crime, before the evidence of a crime could be wiped away. The actual results have now been collected from the caucus managers.

Anonymous ID: 3d1378 2020-02-05 18:03:28Z No. 8036473

>>8036444 Donald Sussman manages this chinese fund.

Anonymous ID: 6d442f 2020-02-05 18:03:28Z No. 8036474


this pilot has got a sense of humor. same one did UPSET42

Anonymous ID: 482139 2020-02-05 18:03:32Z No. 8036475


No not really.

Anonymous ID: 6d3eb4 2020-02-05 18:03:33Z No. 8036476

I got into a conversation with acquaintances last night, lots of red-pilling and introduction to Q and Wrote the info down for them when they asked for it.

Q Proofs helped to convince them to research for themselves. I think we'll be seeing more of them in the future.

We ARE making a difference. I'm a lurker (going right back there) but I share info with anyone who will listen. People ARE waking up.

I've never heard so many people defending POTUS and deserting the Dems. SOTU just earned POTUS many flippers. Welcome Flippers! WWG1WGA!

Anonymous ID: 380d06 2020-02-05 18:03:36Z No. 8036477

If I got that right?

They all are under disciplinary inverstigations since two years, intern FBI. As they resigned or got fired, Durham walked in. The GJ is secrect, until they have bullettproof evidence to come foreward and there is one or more GJ´s in place, since two years? And we have not one leak about any investigations… This is quiet impressiv, if I undestood that right!

Anonymous ID: 64abfd 2020-02-05 18:03:39Z No. 8036479

>>8036353 (me)

May be the point when she is leaving.

Anonymous ID: 8cec50 2020-02-05 18:03:41Z No. 8036478

the warhead has a yield of 10 to 20 tons of TNT.

probably just about right to produce a 3.0 earthquake. all these random places all over the world where there aren't usually earthquakes.

Anonymous ID: 4b78ee 2020-02-05 18:03:46Z No. 8036480


>People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup [coup attempt] of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished?

Going strictly by the record of what is publicly known thus far, it certainly seems that way. Anons have been waiting patiently for a long time, trusting the plan, hoping for the show to start.

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 18:03:49Z No. 8036481







Anonymous ID: 35a6a2 2020-02-05 18:03:51Z No. 8036482


Beautiful anon!

Also, stolen….

Anonymous ID: 425e03 2020-02-05 18:03:52Z No. 8036483



Anonymous ID: 44b4a1 2020-02-05 18:03:53Z No. 8036484


Anonymous ID: 417861 2020-02-05 18:04:12Z No. 8036485

SOTU was a massive national redpill.

SOTU was as powerful as Gettysburg address, children in school will memorize and recite it on important occasions in future.

Those who missed the SOTU and have not bothered to look for and watch on YT have limited engagement in democratic process,

Those who can be redpilled have been redpilled. More than half the country understands and trusts POTUS and distrusts the screeching lies of seditious MSM media.

Those not engaged and interested yet will have to awaken by the process of criminal prosecution.

The "Stars" and celebrities, the experts and activists, have turned God's precious gift, our compassion, against us, persuading us to 'mercifully' provide homes, jobs and healthcare to our enemies and alien invaders.

TLdr Phase is complete.


Anonymous ID: b4eda1 2020-02-05 18:04:14Z No. 8036486



Anonymous ID: c07f86 2020-02-05 18:04:22Z No. 8036487


Anonymous ID: 7fc3ab 2020-02-05 18:04:27Z No. 8036488


>>8036260 Q's

>>8036364, >>8036401 Amazon Drops After Bezos Sells $1.8 Billion In Stock

>>8036336 Packed passenger plane overshoots runway in Istanbul, splits into several pieces

>>8036334 Independent Voters Give President Trump 82% Approval on His Historic SOTU Address

>>8036300 POTUS Announces Southern District of Illinois Judicial Nominee: David W. Dugan

>>8036169 Van Jones: Warns Democrats: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life

>>8036112 Trump’s speech: Jackie Speier walks out, Nancy Pelosi rips text in half afterward

>>8036028 SOTU Video: Trump to terrorists: ‘if you attack Americans, you forfeit your lives’

>>8035917, >>8036321 Q cap/ shadownet diggz

>>8035890 LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down and will be replaced by the exec in charge of product

>>8035881 ustice Department Releases $500 Million in Solicitations for Hiring Law Enforcement Officers, Improving School Safety and Combating Distribution of Illicit Drugs

>>8035858 Q cap/>>8035858 AOC missing pic

>>8035850 Missouri Businessman Arrested on Antitrust Charge for Rigging Bids at Online Government Auctions


Anonymous ID: 70d28c 2020-02-05 18:04:32Z No. 8036489


Anonymous ID: dac72b 2020-02-05 18:04:38Z No. 8036490


The Gateway Pundit needs to do a little better reporting. The article they linked to is from February 2019.

Anonymous ID: c6cfac 2020-02-05 18:04:41Z No. 8036491


Anonymous ID: 82b835 2020-02-05 18:04:45Z No. 8036492



Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 18:04:46Z No. 8036493


can Sedition laws be applied in this matter?

Anonymous ID: 0329e5 2020-02-05 18:04:46Z No. 8036494

Whoever is speaking in the Senate right now is doing a great job!

Anonymous ID: ed9fc9 2020-02-05 18:04:48Z No. 8036495


Nice digits.

>has been said two

>being in the same position

>cum as know sur/sir prize

Anonymous ID: 718fc1 2020-02-05 18:04:49Z No. 8036496





Anonymous ID: 96f391 2020-02-05 18:04:55Z No. 8036497


Wray designates Antifa as a terrorist organization, when?

Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 18:04:59Z No. 8036498


another Manson chick

Anonymous ID: 080f7a 2020-02-05 18:04:59Z No. 8036500

Than-Q and thank you Mr. President.

Anonymous ID: 21eb2c 2020-02-05 18:05:00Z No. 8036499



Anonymous ID: 35a6a2 2020-02-05 18:05:00Z No. 8036501


We remember.

Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 18:05:00Z No. 8036502


Anonymous ID: 9c4672 2020-02-05 18:05:06Z No. 8036503


God Bless America!

You told us to remember EZRA COHEN WATSON. Is this why?


Anonymous ID: 905d75 2020-02-05 18:05:06Z No. 8036504



Anonymous ID: 12c427 2020-02-05 18:05:09Z No. 8036505


Answer your phone.

Anonymous ID: b4eda1 2020-02-05 18:05:18Z No. 8036506


Sounds like HRC is scared.

Anonymous ID: 974a4d 2020-02-05 18:05:21Z No. 8036507


That number is low, by the estimations of laundering.

Anonymous ID: b428a9 2020-02-05 18:05:21Z No. 8036508


We could really use a monster-sized helping of that right about now.

Anonymous ID: 4a9be1 2020-02-05 18:05:26Z No. 8036509


Anonymous ID: 898be6 2020-02-05 18:05:27Z No. 8036510



Anonymous ID: 4b78ee 2020-02-05 18:05:29Z No. 8036511



Tweet + Vid Cap

Anonymous ID: 4f615b 2020-02-05 18:05:35Z No. 8036512


Those Flags don't have the Gold fringe

Anonymous ID: 445663 2020-02-05 18:05:35Z No. 8036513


HRC is a general in the Antifa army. Got it.

Anonymous ID: c085d6 2020-02-05 18:05:40Z No. 8036515


Anonymous ID: f1aaf8 2020-02-05 18:05:41Z No. 8036516


Anonymous ID: 25d97d 2020-02-05 18:05:47Z No. 8036517


cher is an evil flying monkey

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 18:05:51Z No. 8036518

Anonymous ID: 64abfd 2020-02-05 18:05:53Z No. 8036519



Anonymous ID: 42cf1f 2020-02-05 18:06:04Z No. 8036520

Ken Klippenstein

Why can’t you little shits just be grateful that we gave you any Iowa results at all

Anonymous ID: 2b3335 2020-02-05 18:06:07Z No. 8036521



Not a Q

Arrows point to the flag stripe.

Either presidential or some other seal on the flag.

Anonymous ID: 11d6b3 2020-02-05 18:06:11Z No. 8036522


ustice > justice:

>>8035881 ustice Department Releases

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 18:06:23Z No. 8036523


Not going to lie, Q. A little hand to hand combat would be therapeutic.

Anonymous ID: 4a9be1 2020-02-05 18:06:37Z No. 8036524

Anonymous ID: a365d4 2020-02-05 18:06:37Z No. 8036525


ETS claims he is ECW

Anonymous ID: 188572 2020-02-05 18:06:40Z No. 8036526



Anonymous ID: eebd85 2020-02-05 18:06:47Z No. 8036527


I’m all buckled up, let’s go.

Anonymous ID: ffc155 2020-02-05 18:06:55Z No. 8036528



Eye for an Eye

Anonymous ID: b4eda1 2020-02-05 18:06:55Z No. 8036529


How do you take a cap of the vid like that?

Anonymous ID: b2c678 2020-02-05 18:06:55Z No. 8036530


Band of Anons!!🌟

We are taking back America back!

#WeThePeople do NOT want our politicians to sell us out to China sending away our tech, jobs, and manufacturing behind our backs. So…..

#WeThePeople — started by voting for change in the 2016 election

#WeThePeople — show up at stadiums filled to capacity and stand outside just to be part of a Trump rally

#WeThePeople — want true hope and change from a govt that divided us and sold our country out

#WeThePeople — remember the lies told to us from the Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes and their endless wars and bailouts that we financed while they moved all of our manufacturing, jobs and wealth out of America

#WeThePeople — voted for real change and JUSTICE to end a corrupt system that worked only for the “JUST-US” cabal.

#WeThePeople — Are creating a red tsunami to take back America for good.

The Deep State controlled MSM is the propaganda arm of the cabal — the MSM is the cabal’s own marketing firm.

The public has been played, used and manipulated for the benefit of the cabal. #WeThePeople woke up to the illusions and lies perpetrated by the cabal.

“Q” the loop with the path out. Look at a search bar on a computer screen, it's also the magnifying glass so everyone can see.

Have faith and #TrustThePlan and vote to support our President’s agenda to drain the swamp!


Thank you President Trump, the Military White Hats, and all the World Patriots for fighting evil to change our world.

World Peace is the objective.

Unite humanity.

Anonymous ID: 25d97d 2020-02-05 18:07:05Z No. 8036531


same should go for her evil ass

no rest for the wicked

Anonymous ID: 425e03 2020-02-05 18:07:09Z No. 8036532




without a shot being fired

"We The People".. Love ya…



Anonymous ID: e4836f 2020-02-05 18:07:10Z No. 8036533


can we just skip to


Anonymous ID: 0b5ff2 2020-02-05 18:07:15Z No. 8036534


Anonymous ID: 3a54ad 2020-02-05 18:07:21Z No. 8036535

Anonymous ID: 4a9be1 2020-02-05 18:07:31Z No. 8036536

Anonymous ID: f0c887 2020-02-05 18:07:31Z No. 8036537


Anonymous ID: e97401 2020-02-05 18:07:32Z No. 8036538


ofcourse hedoes

Anonymous ID: 12c427 2020-02-05 18:07:38Z No. 8036539


Yes, but he’s still a looney socialist. Will need lots of therapy to get that out of his head

Anonymous ID: 1e307d 2020-02-05 18:07:40Z No. 8036540



Indeed, a very, very, sick woman!!!

Anonymous ID: 8d9fa7 2020-02-05 18:07:43Z No. 8036541




Anonymous ID: 4b78ee 2020-02-05 18:07:48Z No. 8036542


Anonymous ID: 44d731 2020-02-05 18:07:49Z No. 8036543


Anonymous ID: 875f9e 2020-02-05 18:08:05Z No. 8036544


I hope you are well.

they can be vicious.

Anonymous ID: fa0e99 2020-02-05 18:08:08Z No. 8036545


Anonymous ID: 898be6 2020-02-05 18:08:10Z No. 8036546


Good Morning Q o7

Anonymous ID: 482139 2020-02-05 18:08:12Z No. 8036547


She should have been hung years ago..Instead the Trump administration has allowed her to continue her crime spree. Sick of this shit.

Anonymous ID: 2a61a3 2020-02-05 18:08:14Z No. 8036548


Coming to an urban center near you?

Anonymous ID: 74ccdf 2020-02-05 18:08:20Z No. 8036549


Buckled Up!


Anonymous ID: 974a4d 2020-02-05 18:08:22Z No. 8036550


Did Nurse Jackie throw in the towel on Jim Jones' former commander, ChiFi?

Anonymous ID: 42a5c4 2020-02-05 18:08:22Z No. 8036551


Please cry moarer….

Have any proof of her innocence?

Did not think so yet we have some things that point to her shit being very stinky yet surely she did not know anything about any of it….


nuh uh?!?!?! :D


Hello, I love Q, won't you tell me your name :D

Nah! just tell me what P = and my work here is done! :D

Anonymous ID: 8cc141 2020-02-05 18:08:24Z No. 8036553

Imagine being so corrupt torun the FBI and sit there so bloodless and calm covering up fir their crimes to the Congress; and continuing to mislead and lie.

He never misses a slow beat.

Another cold blodded psycho; There must be many in the FBI

REMEMBER they covered for 9/11 and staged all these psyu-op shootings.!


He's so calm since he figures nobody knows.

Everyboduy knows


They planted evidence and Wray was involved wit the cover-up

That's what you call cold-blooded.

Which he exhibits nwo

Anonymous ID: 2e9545 2020-02-05 18:08:25Z No. 8036552


Oh here we go, with these LUNATICS again. There day of reckoning is coming real soon!

Anonymous ID: d0bef1 2020-02-05 18:08:28Z No. 8036554

Does anyone know if there will be a vote today?

Anonymous ID: 7e554a 2020-02-05 18:08:32Z No. 8036555

This is an interesting read on Jonestown. Jackie Spier was a clown operator involved in cleaning up the experiment. Leo Ryan was with Jackie Spier for reference.

Anonymous ID: c5f078 2020-02-05 18:08:33Z No. 8036556

THAT's IT!!!















Anonymous ID: ba4c2d 2020-02-05 18:08:33Z No. 8036557


The more of this they do, the faster the base will leave them. Only the innately evil will stick to their narrative.

The Great Awakening Is Happening!

Anonymous ID: 4303f5 2020-02-05 18:08:34Z No. 8036558


Please televise her execution… or make it a public event.

Anonymous ID: 316030 2020-02-05 18:08:39Z No. 8036559



Anonymous ID: b4eda1 2020-02-05 18:08:45Z No. 8036560



Anonymous ID: 39699e 2020-02-05 18:08:48Z No. 8036561

>>8035466 (pb)

>>8035785 (pb Q)

They could have been part of those victories if they had not taken on their "Resist!" stance at the beginning of Pres. Trump's presidency. But instead of working together, they chose be opponents. One must wonder why. That is not why we sent them there.

Gotta believe she left to go have a good cry, realizing her mistake.

Anonymous ID: 287178 2020-02-05 18:08:49Z No. 8036562

Nancy received a message last night in her written copy of the speech. Did she learn that one of her insiders has been working against her? State's witness?

Enjoy the show!

Anonymous ID: e1a572 2020-02-05 18:08:52Z No. 8036563


"and that's why they call him Big Mike"

……that is what i am seeing with your image there……

Anonymous ID: 02713d 2020-02-05 18:08:54Z No. 8036564

if nance had done the ALTERNATIVE instead of rippin up the speech and actually committed violence

nance' buffoon would still be sayin

POTUS didn't shake her hand – so everyting is on the bovine table"

Anonymous ID: 6a183d 2020-02-05 18:08:58Z No. 8036566

The more advanced tech gets, the worse things will


China and Israel applauds.

As long as you have all your info and thoughts being uploaded 24/7, there can never be true freedom.

Anonymous ID: b4ad5b 2020-02-05 18:09:05Z No. 8036567

Q can you confirm the Freedom Flags you have posted (9 in total so far) are markers? It would relate to post 3716…Please tell us the time is near..

Anonymous ID: 70d28c 2020-02-05 18:09:07Z No. 8036568


you can be strong and civil…what an idiot.

Anonymous ID: 96ab2f 2020-02-05 18:09:15Z No. 8036570


Look closer at those flags…they do.

Anonymous ID: 86f266 2020-02-05 18:09:21Z No. 8036572

I remember reading that just looking into the eyes of a newborn baby has healing effects.

These sick fukers took it to monstrous levels.


Anonymous ID: dc95b4 2020-02-05 18:09:26Z No. 8036573


does this all go back to "The Ranch"?

Anonymous ID: 997a2a 2020-02-05 18:09:32Z No. 8036574


Anonymous ID: 1d04c4 2020-02-05 18:09:40Z No. 8036576


We know Q.

Do we have to wait until after the election to see the public becoming aware, to see people being held accountable?

Anonymous ID: 02713d 2020-02-05 18:09:42Z No. 8036577


do one with jobs jobs jobs

Anonymous ID: 3d9fb3 2020-02-05 18:09:43Z No. 8036578


DECLAS Drew ID: 7b40ca 2020-02-05 18:09:56Z No. 8036579

I think it’s time. DECLAS. The people are ready.


Anonymous ID: 300b46 2020-02-05 18:09:58Z No. 8036581


clear case of projection

Anonymous ID: 6f66f3 2020-02-05 18:10:00Z No. 8036582


Thanks for the field report, anon

>I'm a lurker (going right back there)

Stick around we don't bite - not real hard

Anonymous ID: 758bbb 2020-02-05 18:10:03Z No. 8036583



mebbe Jackie waz there

Anonymous ID: 0d76cd 2020-02-05 18:10:03Z No. 8036584

Please graphics anons, we need this meme:

Pepe on Nancy Pelosi version of the speech.

Bottom page torn.

Anonymous ID: 4534da 2020-02-05 18:10:05Z No. 8036585


Anonymous ID: ee5ef2 2020-02-05 18:10:07Z No. 8036586


jamie lee curtis top left next to madonna is a hermaphrodite

Anonymous ID: b3b817 2020-02-05 18:10:09Z No. 8036587


baker i made an mp4 of Wray testifying and stating that he is fully cooperating with Durham


Anonymous ID: e818d3 2020-02-05 18:10:12Z No. 8036588

Anonymous ID: 316030 2020-02-05 18:10:14Z No. 8036589


Anonymous ID: 536fb5 2020-02-05 18:10:16Z No. 8036590


Soro's puppets

they have no mind of their own