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Q Research General #11509: It's Early Mid Afternoon, Somewhere? Edition

Q Research General #11509: It's Early Mid Afternoon, Somewhere? Edition Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 20:12:39Z No. 8991383

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 05.01.2020

>>8989185 ————————————–——– DE FACTO STANDARD

>>8989094 ————————————–——– Why are influenza medications effective at treating COVID-19?

>>8988998 ————————————–——– Why are elderly more at risk to COVID-19? How many elderly die from influenza each year?

>>8988531 ————————————–——– Influenza death rate low v previous years? (Cap: >>8988593)

>>8983501 ————————————–——– The American Flag and 'To the Color' Bugle Call (Cap: >>8983518, >>8983611)

Thursday 04.30.2020

>>8982658 ————————————–——– Link to 'It's Time For Clapper To Resign' Article (Cap: >>8982824)

>>8982407 ————————————–——– One step at a time.

>>8982276 ————————————–——– Tweet from M3thods: Hussein: "My Muslim faith" (Cap: >>8982315 & Vid: >>8982314)

>>8982219 ————————————–——– Link to 'The MB Has Entered Our Government It's Called Obama' Article (Cap: >>8982275)

>>8982104 ————————————–——– Link to 'Tensions Flare In Senate Over MB Remarks' Article (Cap: >>8982130, >>8982131 )

>>8981997 ————————————–——– Tweet from Deep State Exposé (Vid: >>8982100)

>>8981960 ————————————–——– Link to Obama Iran Nuclear Deal Prisoner Release Article (Cap: >>8981983)

>>8981922 ————————————–——– Link to Imran Awan Hacking Scandal Article (Cap: >>8981952)

>>8981774 ————————————–——– Link to Valerie Jarrett's biography

>>8981703 ————————————–——– Image of Peter Strzok (Cap: >>8981882, >>8981924)

>>8981639 ————————————–——– Tweet from Lisa Page (Cap: >>8981687 )

>>8981568 ————————————–——– Tweet from Greg Kotseos: Obama as a Muslim image (Cap: >>8981623, >>8981679)

>>8981377 ————————————–——– Denied. Justice will be served. (Cap: >>8980829, >>8982433, >>8981080 )

>>8979236 ————————————–——– Trump Admin v2 - breaking911 twat POTUS 'open to Flynn back in his admin' (Cap: >>8979279 Vid: >>8979291)

>>8978612 ————————————–——– YOU MUST SHOW THEM.

>>8978508 ————————————–——– Control. (Cap: >>8978531)

>>8978413 rt >>8978368 -————————– MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

>>8978368 ————————————–——– Think SIGINT (Cap: >>8978385, )

>>8978142 ————————————–——– Control the narrative [control of you]. THE WAR IS REAL. (Cap: >>8978153)

>>8977653 ————————————–——– Vid of Pelosi on Reade vs Ford (Cap: >>8977672)

>>8977031 ————————————–——– In It Together pic

>>8976627 rt >>8976611 -————————– Error 'was' x2. On the move.

>>8976611 ————————————–——– WHO DID THEY PROVIDE COVER FOR?

>>8976400 rt >>8976305 -————————– Control of the population [sheep]? Control of the narrative?

>>8976284 ————————————–——– Define 'insurgency'. (Cap: >>8976321)

>>8975862 ————————————–——– When you are awake you are able to see clearly.


>>8975355 ————————————–——– Transparency brings accountability (Cap: >>8975368)

>>8975029 ————————————–——– Potus proclaims May 1, 2020, as Law Day, U.S.A. (Cap: >>8975052)

Wednesday 04.29.2020 >>8988485

>>8963894 ————————————–——– Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963980, >>8963984, >>8964002, >>8964012)

>>8963389 ————————————–——– Read slowly and carefully. Knowledge is power. (Cap: >>8963709)

>>8957365 ————————————–——– Tweet from @WSatz (Caps: >>8957461, >>8958928)

>>8957175 ————————————–——– Be ready (Cap: >>8957208)

Tue 04.28.2020 >>8979430 (includes the 1 Sun 4.26.2020)

Sat 04.18.2020 >>8973915

Fri 04.17.2020 >>8955523

Thu 04.16.2020 >>8955515

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>>8991341 Potus twats with caps

>>8991188 BREAKING @ABC: Michael Cohen's early prison release over coronavirus concerns was rescinded


>>8991005, >>8991217 Iranians Indicted for money laundering

>>8990956, >>8991034 EVA MURRAY IS NOT ON THIS LIST!

>>8990952 Fortune 500 to Agencies: Help Keep U.S. Jobs Filled with 200,000-plus Visa Workers

>>8990834, >>8990863 Biden has, count em, 8 accusers

>>8990793 Readout POTUS call with President of Portugal

>>8990756 DOJ began investigating a doctor promoting unproven COVID-19 treatments after Roger Stone's former associate accidentally emailed a federal prosecutor instead of the doctor

>>8990755 IRS mistakenly sends stimulus checks to foreign workers

>>8990749 Kayleigh McEnany’s first press conference with the usual presstitutes

>>8990724 Why did obama/brennan/clapper/comey want Flynn out of the way?

>>8990713 Churchgoers Must Register With the Government in Kansas City

>>8991373 #11508


>>8990398, >>8990499 planefaggin

>>8989919 There is NO PROFITS in CURES!!!

>>8989951, >>8989958, >>8989978, >>8990034 they've been developing/releasing NEW strains of the flu every year to get the vaccine market established as a trusted procedure

>>8989993 A developing babies immune system (the gut) is governed by its intake.

>>8990001, >>8990368 Tyrian Purple

>>8990017 PDJT: The Great Awakening is his life insurance policy. That. Is. The. Plan.

>>8990174, >>8990208 If Covid-19 = strain of flu, then:….

>>8990221 Regarding Mueller Grand Jury documents

>>8990381 Fed Cuts Pace Of Treasury QE To Just $8 Billion Per Day because derivatives….

>>8990430, >>8990570 @Southcom Iran is hauling Gold out of Venezuela

>>8990433, >>8990380 Rosenau, William “Subversion and Insurgency” RAND Paper -use on US citizens

>>8990515 ‘Safe Distancing’ Portland Will Ban Cars On 100 Miles Of Roads

>>8990561 #VoterID Thread Created >>8989842

>>8990612 #11507


>>8989571 George & Simona Papadopoulos: Everything Must Be Exposed vid

>>8989481 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing

>>8989369 Why are children immune to COVID-19?

>>8989343 De Facto control: Game Theory

>>8989252, >>8989310 Wuhan Institute of Virology

>>8989215, >>8989228, >>8989238 DE FACTO STANDARD def

>>8989208 COVID = Influenza, HCQ treats COVID, then it should treat the flu, which means, we've all been forced to get these "vaccines" every year, when they are completely unnecessary.

>>8989201 VP Pence is touring the ventilator production line at GM in Kokomo vid

>>8989183 Flu drug used in Japan shows promise in treating COVID-19

>>8989149 POTUS coming on Bongino NOW

>>8989867 #11506

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Baker getting a break, notetaker is on, call em out

Anonymous ID: 888851 2020-05-01 20:18:53Z No. 8991457

>>8988377 PB

I have a brother-in-law who is a retired Deputy Chief of Police for a small Chicago suburb. I was complaining to him about the "Village Idiots" that we have in our city council who sit around and make up stupid City Ordinances. Then we are forced to pay property taxes to pay an Ordinance Officer to go around and enforce these Ordinances.

My brother-in-law told me that most of these City Ordinances are actually unconstitutional, but people rarely challenge them, they just go along with them and/or pay the fines. If someone were to hire a lawyer to challenge them, they would probably win but it wouldn't be worth the cost of the legal fees.

That is how the Southern states got away with all of their Jim Crow laws for so many years.

Anonymous ID: 41bf26 2020-05-01 20:19:16Z No. 8991462

>>8988998 Q (PB)

The graphic suggests that COVID is a kind of pneumonia?

Less pneumonia this year because pneumonia deaths are being labeled COVID.

The elderly die of pneumonia, but children rarely do.

Anonymous ID: 504e4d 2020-05-01 20:19:41Z No. 8991466



Anonymous ID: 6820b2 2020-05-01 20:19:47Z No. 8991468

Work fag with Lyme memory issues.

Remind me how to interpret the brackets in a post like this:


Why are they pushing back the [D] convention?

COVID-19 concern or strategic for last minute change?

Change of Batter coming?

Why was she 'saved' from officially announcing?

Why was she 'reserved' for a last minute change?

How do you attempt to 'sneak one in'?

How do you attempt to ensure victory?

Adopt National Vote-by-Mail?

How do you convince American it was legitimate?

Release fake polls indicating favorable leads in swing states?

How do you harm opponents accomplishments re: economy, unemployment, ……………….?

How do you terminate opponents highly effective rallies?

How do you shelter [D] lead candidate from embarrassing debates and/or rallies?

How do you shelter [D] corruption re: FISA-RUSSIA-FLYNN-etc. from reaching the mainstream?

How do you extend the trade negotiation deadline w/ CHINA?

How do you limit [test] Constitutional rights of people?

How do you provide cover for State Govs to adopt new voter laws?

How do you effectively control the population?

How do you expand big tech overreach re: tracing / privacy issues?

How do you fix [taxpayer bailout?] the long-broken economies of CA & NY?

How do you enrich select people/co's by promoting a solution to a global crisis?

How do you keep people living in fear and isolation in order to accept the above?

Define 'insurgency'.

How do you accomplish all of the above?

Anonymous ID: 7da9f2 2020-05-01 20:20:15Z No. 8991474



Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:20:48Z No. 8991478

A couple more C-40s in the air, PAT87A left El Paso International and WING44 did a flyover of Hunter Field (Hunter Biden?)

Anonymous ID: 504e4d 2020-05-01 20:20:50Z No. 8991479


>The elderly die of pneumonia, but children rarely do.

because children haven't yet fucked up their metabolisms with years of seed oils, fruits, and vegetables

Anonymous ID: d8ca39 2020-05-01 20:21:09Z No. 8991483

Michael Flynn = The new Directer of the FBI coming to a theater near you this Summer !

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:21:12Z No. 8991487


argh not again!


Anonymous ID: 4514c6 2020-05-01 20:21:32Z No. 8991488



Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 20:21:43Z No. 8991489



Anonymous ID: b56743 2020-05-01 20:21:45Z No. 8991490

Anons, serious question… not shilling.

Are we being deceived?

When does this corona con end?

Anonymous ID: b52126 2020-05-01 20:21:47Z No. 8991491

>>8991426 /lb

Yeah, SEDITION is good for a long enough jail sentence that the kid will be in college before a.c. gets released…if he isn't "epsteined" in jail.

Anonymous ID: 3d860f 2020-05-01 20:21:57Z No. 8991492

>>8991300 (pb)

Name of game: The #Me Too Game

Progressives and MSM vs. We The People

Players: Hollywood Celebs, Liberal Media, Female Dem Politicians

Game: Use #MeToo hashtag against opponents. Use #DueProcess for allies.

Rules: Report and post wildly about any sexual allegations against Republicans and conservatives. Delay response and deflect to protect Democrats and liberals.

Consequences: None.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 177123 2020-05-01 20:21:59Z No. 8991493

nutty filters

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 20:22:07Z No. 8991494


luuk'n guud notetaker. shout if you need anything. gonna lurk and lay down a few shitposts. -wnb out.

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:22:31Z No. 8991496


BUT BUT LB retard said there are lawwwwwwsssssss….. YOU mean they are being IGNORED?! HOLY SHIT! Who would have thunk it!

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:22:43Z No. 8991497


Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 20:22:52Z No. 8991498

[Watch] what happens next.


[40.748880, -73.968010]

Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 20:23:01Z No. 8991499

PURPLE FUCKING TIE AT TODAY'S PRESSER. Is that too much to request? We're still hanging on here, give us a nod.

Anonymous ID: bd1988 2020-05-01 20:23:02Z No. 8991500

#BreakingNews : @VP Pence says Remdesivir has gotten emergency FDA approval for treating #COVID19 patients & 1.5 million doses are being sent to hospitals on Monday to treat the seriously ill.

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 20:23:14Z No. 8991501

>>8991329 (pb)

>China refuses to cooperate with WHO investigation of Wuhan origin

Anons see that AF exercise with the Japanese a few days ago? Looked like they were practicing a mission to plunk a few low-yield nukes on the CCP's shitty heads.

Wuhan lab might be a target of such a mission.

Anonymous ID: ffd5b9 2020-05-01 20:23:17Z No. 8991502

Trump to visit Mount Rushmore for fireworks display on July 3rd

President Trump will travel to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota on July 3 to watch a fireworks display.

Trump confirmed the visit during a radio interview Friday with conservative pundit and news aggregator Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent.

“I got fireworks. For 20 years or something it hasn’t been allowed for environmental reasons, you believe that one? It’s all stone,” Trump said. “I got it approved, so I’m going to go there on July 3 and they’re gonna have the big fireworks.”

The massive stone monument to four presidents hasn’t seen a fireworks display since 2008 due to fire concerns. Trump authorized the resumption earlier this year. He announced that decision in January when GOP South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem visited the White House.


Anonymous ID: 81fa4c 2020-05-01 20:23:44Z No. 8991503


Anonymous ID: 9df921 2020-05-01 20:23:49Z No. 8991504

>>8991476 lb

So get up off your gaping rectum and do something about it.

Anonymous ID: c62303 2020-05-01 20:23:58Z No. 8991505




Anonymous ID: f2bb36 2020-05-01 20:23:59Z No. 8991506


Nailed It !

Nice work Baker

Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 20:24:10Z No. 8991507


Thank You Baker

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:24:10Z No. 8991509

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:24:13Z No. 8991508



Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:24:22Z No. 8991510

Churchgoers Must Register With the Government in Kansas City

KCMO Reopens FAQ

Are religious services, wedding, and funerals allowed?

Yes, after May 6, in-person religious gatherings (including weddings and funerals) may resume, subject to the 10/10/10 rule (if held inside) or limited to 50 people outside, provided social distancing precautions are followed and event organizers maintain records of all attendees.

Anonymous ID: 3d860f 2020-05-01 20:24:28Z No. 8991511



Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 20:24:31Z No. 8991512


They post this filth and say 'Q is a LARP' and 'Nothing is happening'.

Anonymous ID: b24356 2020-05-01 20:24:39Z No. 8991513

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:24:53Z No. 8991514

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:24:59Z No. 8991515



Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:25:12Z No. 8991516


You don't stand a chance.

Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 20:25:18Z No. 8991517

Muh Patented $$ Drug!!!

HQC….crickets now. WTF?

Anonymous ID: 30bc01 2020-05-01 20:25:27Z No. 8991518

Anonymous ID: c12b12 2020-05-01 20:25:30Z No. 8991519

Y'all ain't takin' nothin'

Especially, me for granted

Anonymous ID: d5e887 2020-05-01 20:25:36Z No. 8991520


Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:25:36Z No. 8991521

Anonymous ID: d42da2 2020-05-01 20:25:41Z No. 8991522


Looks like a needed dig on the manufacturer of Remdesivir and how they are connected to DS & cabal players.

Anonymous ID: 98db53 2020-05-01 20:26:05Z No. 8991523



Anonymous ID: 935297 2020-05-01 20:26:20Z No. 8991524



>They post this filth and say 'Q is a LARP' and 'Nothing is happening'.

ID: 936b2e

Shill attempt to link and draw anons to LOLI


Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:26:27Z No. 8991525


Friday, May 1st, 2020, at 17:17pm (5:17pm) Eastern timezone please post a Flynn meme or photo of flags out at your house with the hashtags


#InItTogether and


This is in honor of @GenFlynn

17:17pm Eastern Military time = 5:17pm

5:17pm Eastern equals the following times in the following timezones.

4:17pm Central

3:17pm Mountain

2:17pm Pacific

If you are in a different timezone than what I listed please add below what time 5:17pm Eastern equals in your timezone.

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:26:35Z No. 8991526


Is that the Gilead drug?

Anonymous ID: 1f00f0 2020-05-01 20:26:54Z No. 8991527


>“I got fireworks. For 20 years or something it hasn’t been allowed for environmental reasons, you believe that one? It’s all stone.”

I love this President.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:27:00Z No. 8991528

Yes..The (((Fed))). Has A “DARK” SECRET That You Are NOT Supposed To Know About. And It’s A Second Balance Sheet On The Side

Insane times we are living in and the normal guy out there understanding not a little fraction of this… I mean where is this going? Is this the end game and the end play? What’s after that when they own everything? I hope something will happen in peoples minds and they will stand up… otherwise we are lost… I mean really lost!

Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 20:27:01Z No. 8991529



Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:27:14Z No. 8991530

Fmr. Rep. Istook: Repealing Jones Act offers cheaper rates, gives China control of domestic trade

Why does the file attachment area on the Quick Reply have 'paste files here', when you can't paste into that section?

Anonymous ID: df260b 2020-05-01 20:27:24Z No. 8991531

>>8990713 Last Bread Churchgoers Must Register With the Government in Kansas City

Mayor Lucas' recent decree does appear to call for data collection for "Religous gatherings."

kcmo webpage:

Kansas City MO plans on reopening with a '10-10-10 Rule', basically 10 percent occupancy or 10 person or 10 minutes

What changes from previous orders?

Kansas City will begin operating under a “10/10/10 rule.” The primary changes are as follows:

Non-essential business operations that are not open to the public can resume in-person and delivery operations, provided they operate in accordance with guidance provided by the Health

Department and allow workers to maintain social distancing.

Most non-essential business operations that are open to the public (such as non-essential retail stores and personal care services) can resume in-person operations provided business operators follow the “10/10/10 rule.” The 10/10/10 rule specifies that these businesses must limit the number of customers allowed to no more than 10 percent of building occupancy or 10 people (whichever is larger), and record the names, contact information, and approximate entry/exit time of all customers who are on premises for more than 10 minutes.

In-person religious gatherings (including weddings and funerals) may resume, subject to the 10/10/10 rule (if held inside) or limited to 50 people outside, provided social distancing precautions are followed and event organizers maintain records of all attendees.

How do I know if a business is subject to the 10/10/10 rule?

All non-essential businesses that are open to the public are subject to the 10 percent/10-person occupancy restriction. Businesses—primarily retail stores—where the typical customer is on-site for less than 10 minutes do not have to record customer names and contact information.

A good rule of thumb is that businesses must record contact information if customers typically sit down to frequent a business. Examples include beauty salons and other personal service providers where the typical customer remains on-site for more than 10 minutes."

Which businesses must remain closed?

Gyms, museums, bars, in-person restaurant dining, dog parks, playgrounds, movie theaters, and public access to government buildings and community centers. We currently anticipate that these establishments will be able to re-open on May 15, subject to 10/10/10 rule.

Can restaurants re-open after May 6?

No, in-person dining at restaurants must stay closed until at least May 15.

Why are you requiring certain businesses to record information about customers?

One of the primary means for transmission of COVID-19 is in-person interactions that last more than a few minutes. By recording customer names, businesses will enable the Kansas City Health Department to more quickly trace, test, and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19 if an employee or customer had the virus at the time they frequented the business. All data obtained by the Department of Public Health will remain confidential and will be used only to address public health concerns and contact individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Mayor Declaration pdf page 3 item H "Religious gatherings" specifies 10-10-10 rule and data collection.

Anonymous ID: 9099f4 2020-05-01 20:27:25Z No. 8991532

>>8991420 (lb)

Sorry, didn't realize we had a special faggot

from reddit here.


Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:27:36Z No. 8991533

listen we have niggers that are costing us, trillions=niggers in reverse just listen open up your ears

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 20:27:40Z No. 8991534


Passing unconstitutional laws and ordinances should result in being immediately removed from office and arrested.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:27:47Z No. 8991535

Listen to this…and let it sink in. Chicago will be the first to undergo Mass Vaccination.

They are throwing it in our faces now. No longer trying to hide it…I never thought I would live to see this evil shit actually happen.

Anonymous ID: 30bc01 2020-05-01 20:28:00Z No. 8991536

Only liars hate POTUS.

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 20:28:03Z No. 8991537


Fuck you, Faggot. I tried so hard to link and draw anons to the filth that I didn't link it. Are you retarded?

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:28:03Z No. 8991538


will he send the check to foreigners ?

1000 a pill ?

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 20:28:07Z No. 8991539



>you believe that one? It’s all stone.

funny cause it's true. what are they afraid of exactly?

Anonymous ID: ffb7c7 2020-05-01 20:28:13Z No. 8991540


Q suggested a long time ago that we citizens unite under class action lawsuits.

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:28:15Z No. 8991541


Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 20:28:19Z No. 8991542


*attempting to pass

Anonymous ID: 52376b 2020-05-01 20:28:27Z No. 8991543


KYS you absolute faggot

Anonymous ID: b4a031 2020-05-01 20:28:32Z No. 8991544

The folks of the Chicago @fooddepository—and food banks in communities like yours—are working overtime to feed the vulnerable and families who’ve fallen on hard times. But even as demand has spiked, donations have slowed. Their incredible efforts are worth supporting if you can.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:28:36Z No. 8991545

Coronavirus vaccine: Moderna signs deal for 1 billion Covid-19 doses a year

India has collaborated with scientists at Oxford University for a malaria vaccine project in the past

Moderna announced a global agreement under which Lonza Group will ramp up output of the proposed vaccine, which is based on a novel technology that relies on genetic material called mRNA. They expect the first batches to be produced in the US in July

Moderna Inc., one of the leaders among US companies developing experimental vaccines against the coronavirus, entered a pact with Lonza Group AG aimed at manufacturing 1 billion doses a year.

The companies announced a global agreement under which the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company will ramp up output of the proposed vaccine, which is based on a novel technology that relies on genetic material called mRNA. They expect the first batches to be produced in the US in July.

The agreement is one of several partnerships being struck between drugmakers as they rush to bring protection against Covid-19 to the market. On Thursday, AstraZeneca Plc announced an agreement to make an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford, eyeing production capacity for 100 million doses by the end of the year.

Because prospects for drugs to treat Covid-19 remain uncertain, rolling out vaccines on a widespread scale could be key to reopening economies from lockdowns. Otherwise new waves of infections could emerge, potentially on a seasonal pattern like the flu. If Moderna and Lonza reach their target of 1 billion doses a year, that would be enough for more than one-eighth of the world’s population.

With dozens of projects under way around the world, the Trump administration wants to make shots available for Americans by the end of 2020. Richard Hatchett, head of the Oslo-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, has said cooperation between drugmakers could accelerate the process of bringing out a vaccine, which normally would take a year or more.

New technology

Moderna’s experimental shot induces the body’s own cells to make virus-like proteins that stimulate an immune response and prepare for an actual infection. It was one of the first proposed coronavirus vaccines to enter human trials. The company said it plans to begin the next phase of studies this quarter.

Shares of Moderna, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have more than doubled since the start of the year as its studies of its vaccine candidate have advanced. In premarket trading Friday, they rose 3%.

The pact with Lonza will enable a tenfold increase in manufacturing, which Moderna has already begun, according to a statement.

Anonymous ID: dad36a 2020-05-01 20:28:37Z No. 8991546


Patriots or whatevar you call reasonable people have no control

HCQ was known before Trump advocated for it

Now as just fuck to him, its memoryholed

We can discuss another 2.5 years here all the details and spread hopium but expecting dif results is just stupid at this point

Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 20:28:40Z No. 8991547


when the banking cabal take back all the mortgaged land due to non-payment. Usually that takes 3 months. Then add one month to that.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:28:40Z No. 8991548

we're saving israel

for last apparently

Anonymous ID: 708a9b 2020-05-01 20:28:51Z No. 8991550

>>8991181 (lb)

>Homo Joe

Note the pizza slice on the "friendship bracelet".

Anonymous ID: e67700 2020-05-01 20:28:52Z No. 8991551


So taxpayers are paying $250 per Remdesivir pill x 1.5 million pills. When HCQ+Z work just as well for <$1 pill. Great fucking job.

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:28:53Z No. 8991552


OOPS you have the link. I shall rest now, thank you.

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 20:29:17Z No. 8991553


It's birthday cake. It's been dug.

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 20:29:20Z No. 8991554


is there another source?

Anonymous ID: b56743 2020-05-01 20:29:32Z No. 8991555


Ok. Why is Trump going along with this nonsense?

Anonymous ID: 78d84d 2020-05-01 20:29:33Z No. 8991556

De Facto Standard

I think Q means that Covid diagnosis is the de facto standard cause of death for any number of illnesses, including especially pneumonia, see Q's chart.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:29:34Z No. 8991557

Freudian slip by Dr. Birx during CNN interview….

Anonymous ID: 052eed 2020-05-01 20:29:38Z No. 8991558


Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 20:29:40Z No. 8991559



/yell "Hey Spouseanon, wanna go to SD for 4th of July?"

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:29:42Z No. 8991560


Nice theory… We have no lawyers ready or able to help.

Anonymous ID: 31b55c 2020-05-01 20:29:43Z No. 8991561


In other news. Vitamin C. I've posted about this before….

>“The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said.

>“It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.”

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:29:49Z No. 8991562


Move to a red city or state as quickly as possible

Anonymous ID: 7c5139 2020-05-01 20:30:10Z No. 8991564



Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:30:12Z No. 8991565


Anonymous ID: f8b000 2020-05-01 20:30:17Z No. 8991566


Sounds like Hussein needs help

Anonymous ID: a4b6b3 2020-05-01 20:30:21Z No. 8991567


Be awesome if normies knew why this was a bad thing. Shame they don't.

Anonymous ID: 504e4d 2020-05-01 20:30:24Z No. 8991568


>So taxpayers are paying $250 per Remdesivir pill x 1.5 million pills. When HCQ+Z work just as well for <$1 pill. Great fucking job.

Plus the pharma/med industry gets to generate additional revenue treating the side effects that will be caused by Remdesivir too.

Anonymous ID: df260b 2020-05-01 20:30:33Z No. 8991570


That's fine because then it is confirmed (and buried mine), ThanQ Anon

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:30:34Z No. 8991571



can the foreigners give back the checks so americans can buy 1 pill at $1000

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:30:38Z No. 8991572

6.66 trililion buys alot of fireworks,. Too bad we did not approve of this heist it will get better once we stand up and demand they legislate the fixes that we have available. The wealthy will pay for their crime this was not the doing of anyone but the wealthy.

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:30:41Z No. 8991573


He was to quick to accuse you. He should have paused and understood your post first.

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:30:48Z No. 8991574


1.5 million doses that won't work, thus exposing Gilead's false success reports on it's use. The Government won't have paid the bill yet, if they have any sense.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:31:06Z No. 8991575

TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19

Johns Hopkins University had predicted that Taiwan would have the second most COVID-19 cases in the world, due to its close proximity to Mainland China.

But astonishingly, in spite of being only 80 miles from the coast of China with over 400,000 of its 24 million citizens working in China, as of mid-April, the country only had 400 cases of COVID-19, and only 6 deaths. And the vast majority of their 400 cases came into the country from abroad.

All of this has happened without shutting down the country with lock downs, and with almost all of its businesses continuing to operate.

Is Taiwan doing something else the rest of the world is largely missing?

This question will no doubt be asked for months or even years into the future, but it is a question well worth asking, given the devastating effects to the economy that have resulted from more restrictive measures such as the United States took.

The first thing to note is that while President Trump is now looking seriously at pulling out of the World Health Organization, Taiwan was never part of it. They were not allowed to join due to the WHO’s pro-China stance.

According to the Taipei Times, Taiwan’s CDC tried to warn China and WHO on December 31, 2019 about possible human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus, while China was still denying that such transmission was possible.

That same day, Taiwan started policies to monitor travel from China to reduce the chance of having the coronvirus come into their country. They were one of the first countries to restrict travel from China at their borders.

Taiwan had bad experiences from the 2003 SARS (another coronavirus) outbreak in China, and as a result their hospitals were well supplied with equipment to handle any outbreaks.

This SARS situation had reportedly taught them to have a healthy distrust in China and the World Health Organization to accurately report facts, and to have their own plan in place for future outbreaks.

But unlike the U.S. and many other countries, Taiwan did not quarantine the entire nation.

Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 20:31:20Z No. 8991576


Killing how many people?

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:31:23Z No. 8991577


Nice law ya got there, lets see you enforce it.

Anonymous ID: e0f872 2020-05-01 20:31:26Z No. 8991578


Gilead expects to spend up to $1 billion on coronavirus drug this year, will donate 1.5 million vials

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:31:27Z No. 8991579


What foundations are nih and who and fauci in ?

why do they have foundations ?

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:31:31Z No. 8991580


niggers always with their hands out but no work boots on, for shame porkels.

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 20:31:40Z No. 8991582



Anonymous ID: 5256a5 2020-05-01 20:31:49Z No. 8991583

From LB re: game chat - somebody asked how they all knew to meet there at that time. Here is what I am seeing/understanding:

The guy monitoring them (freshcamel) said they always chatted during the same 45-minute window every day. Not all of them in there every day during that window, and sometimes nothing at all probably. That screenshot he asked for help on was a day they just all happened to show up and were chatting, so it was easier for him to see something was up / understand the nature of the chatting.

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:31:50Z No. 8991584



>>8990713 (pb) notalbled #11508

ty for details

Anonymous ID: d4f4ba 2020-05-01 20:31:54Z No. 8991585

POTUS just played this card and chose FLYNN. DS is so screwed.

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 20:32:04Z No. 8991586

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:32:06Z No. 8991587


The credit goes to the folks who wrote it and sent me the link. I am but a farmer tending his meme's.

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:32:17Z No. 8991588


I have no idea, sadly. Covid or vaccine, it's like Russian Roulette.

Anonymous ID: 0163cf 2020-05-01 20:32:28Z No. 8991589



Fuck this stupid ass backwards reality


The nice thing about Remdesivir


- $0.63 per pill

- generic

- 11 US manufacturers


- $0.84 per pill

- generic

- 12 US manufacturers


- $1000 per pill

- on-patent

- 1 US manufacturer (Gilead)…

Anonymous ID: e0f872 2020-05-01 20:32:31Z No. 8991590


It is being supplied at no cost. FREE

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:32:38Z No. 8991591



Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 20:32:41Z No. 8991592


I guess we are going to find out its side effects now.

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 20:32:41Z No. 8991593

Don't be a pussy!

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 20:32:44Z No. 8991594


Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:32:57Z No. 8991595


Ugh seriously…

That's not good news.

Anonymous ID: b01789 2020-05-01 20:32:58Z No. 8991596

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:33:30Z No. 8991597


Something for nothing isn't necessarily a good thing.

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 20:33:30Z No. 8991598

That was a fairly offensive question this one asked.

Anonymous ID: b0d977 2020-05-01 20:33:38Z No. 8991599


wondering if also a public twit with an image related to the game / game chat to be used would be a heads up to request a meet or indicate a need to talk in the daily session

Anonymous ID: 254653 2020-05-01 20:33:59Z No. 8991600


Working it now. Thanks.

Anonymous ID: 9f112b 2020-05-01 20:34:10Z No. 8991601


Capitalism haha

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 20:34:11Z No. 8991602

Anons, it looks like GOOG's ocean-based data storage facilities may come into the news in a big way this month.

Possible tie-in here to Ghislaine Maxwell's "TerraMar" project to evade national laws on CP, murder, and much more.

What if a lot of the CP produced by Alefantis, HRC, Podesta, Huma et al. were hosted on these floating or ocean-floor data centers? What are the legal implications?

Flynn seems to know a lot about this and it might be a big reason Schitty Schiff and others have been trying to keep hidden any and all docs related to the Flynn investigation.

Anonymous ID: ffb7c7 2020-05-01 20:34:16Z No. 8991603


Oh, no need to apologize, especially one that reeks of insincerity complete with pre packaged comebacks. i.e., Reddit poster. KEK

Anonymous ID: 14fd6e 2020-05-01 20:34:33Z No. 8991604



Anonymous ID: e0f872 2020-05-01 20:34:34Z No. 8991605


Not saying it is a good thing, but folks were citing huge $$$$ being wasted. Being supplied at no cost.

Anonymous ID: acc6b4 2020-05-01 20:34:39Z No. 8991606

What is the reason for this difference?

New Year

.asking for a friend Anonymous ID: df001e 2020-05-01 20:34:43Z No. 8991607

v2….vice president for 2nd term..

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:35:18Z No. 8991608


Plenty of positive reviews, too.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 177123 2020-05-01 20:35:20Z No. 8991609

save the drama for your mama

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 20:35:20Z No. 8991610


Version 2. After the cleaning.

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:35:20Z No. 8991611


Anonymous ID: 504e4d 2020-05-01 20:35:22Z No. 8991612



Anonymous ID: c05056 2020-05-01 20:35:25Z No. 8991613

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:35:32Z No. 8991614


Anonymous ID: 52376b 2020-05-01 20:35:33Z No. 8991615


How about letting them get back to work so they can actually buy their own food?

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:35:34Z No. 8991616


Emergency use, only. Good luck getting through THAT hoop in any rush, for reimbursement.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:35:36Z No. 8991618


Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:35:38Z No. 8991617



thx baker

lolliporn back, we must be over the target. happy lawday, faggots.

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:35:48Z No. 8991619


Typical drug dealer MO. Get 'em hooked then shove the price up.

Anonymous ID: 254653 2020-05-01 20:35:49Z No. 8991620


Only there are consequences. What are the consequences to We the People?

How does this game help some of the players?

How does this game hurt some of the players?

What is the desired outcome?

Anonymous ID: 5483d1 2020-05-01 20:35:54Z No. 8991621


i dont like it either but if it works, and theres only one source what do you do anon? deny the sick? or play the long game.

Anonymous ID: 1f00f0 2020-05-01 20:35:56Z No. 8991622


The "…" that follows "United States" at the end of the first paragraph is: "or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens".

So not relevant to the discussion.

Anonymous ID: 78d84d 2020-05-01 20:36:00Z No. 8991623


Because the people dying of pneumonia this year they saying it's covid 19.

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:36:03Z No. 8991624

Shutting down America for the CoronaVirus is one of the stupidest things the government has ever done.

The sky is absolutely riddled with viruses swept up from the surface of the planet. For the first time, researchers have measured the number of viruses swarming around the atmosphere—and how many are falling back down to Earth.

The team found billions of viruses traveling through the skies, which they believe could explain the spread of remarkably similar viruses across wildly different areas of the globe.

Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:36:15Z No. 8991625


Amendment 10 - Powers of the States and People

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Do you know what this means, 'The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution'? Stuff NOT listed in the Bill of Rights the states and people have control over. The stuff listed in the Bill of Rights has already beenDELEGATED BY THE CONSTITUTION…that means ALL 10 of the Bill of Rights are not suppose to be infringed upon by state or local governments because they are ALREADY listed in the constitution.

Anonymous ID: 68c5f0 2020-05-01 20:36:22Z No. 8991626

You know i was thinking about these sick fucks… And why would cooper suddenly announce he has a 7 mo old?

Getting rid of the evidence.

What are the odds he bought that kid and had other plans for it , until he got caught.. And had to get infront of it…


Just thinking out loud.. What would a sick fuck do….

Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:36:22Z No. 8991627

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:36:24Z No. 8991628

purple stands out like a boner in swim trunks kek

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:36:25Z No. 8991629


Will there be a bailout for each american to get one pill ?

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:36:34Z No. 8991630

The Military Was Just Ordered To Active Duty – STATESIDE?!

What the hell is going on?

"National Emergency Authority To Order the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty" is being used to deploy these up to one million active soldiers domestically, and to direct them to enact the commands of — the Departments of Defense and of Homeland Security.

The executive order, is dated April 1, 2020 but was revised on the 30th. The same day the lockdown orders — extended on March 29, effectively lapse. They were not extended.

Anonymous ID: eba7ca 2020-05-01 20:36:42Z No. 8991631

Interesting timing, CNN is arguing that you can’t compare viruses:

The US death toll from coronavirus this year has exceeded 62,000, surpassing the high-end estimate for flu deaths since October. And coronavirus has killed at a much faster rate than the flu, claiming all those lives in just three months.

Here are several reasons why coronavirus is more dangerous than the flu – and why extra precautions are needed:

Coronavirus is much more contagious than the flu

Coronavirus has killed at a much faster rate

Coronavirus can be spread for many days without symptoms

You can get a flu vaccine but not a coronavirus vaccine

Anonymous ID: 30712d 2020-05-01 20:36:47Z No. 8991632

Meanwhile in Australia, the comped government leaders (China) inch towards returning to more freedoms and a "new normal," with ever-present warnings of a dreaded "SECOND-WAVE" of outbreak, which might entailclamping back down again, bringing back business closures and quarantining, not to mention the spy app which the government wants every citizen to carry on their phone. Now, keep in mind Australia and New Zealand haven't even entered their flu season yet! The season is only just turning chilly and flu season doesn't actually begin until June! Voila, you've got your second wave, and all the ammunition you need as a fascist government to insist you should not have opened up, and clamp down even harder the second time, as "deaths soar." You might even make the "voluntary" tracing app suddenly "mandatory" for our own good.

Knowledge is power. Project looking glass.

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 20:36:53Z No. 8991633


Well this will make the Bidens very rich now.

The company developing the drugs for them Bidens own a ton of stock in and Hunter is on the board as 10% owner

Anonymous ID: 1f00f0 2020-05-01 20:36:55Z No. 8991634


COVID-19 is a pneumonic illness. It's how it kills people, in large part.

Anonymous ID: be2000 2020-05-01 20:36:59Z No. 8991635



Anonymous ID: ae03d5 2020-05-01 20:37:01Z No. 8991636

bongino interview with potus

re. media is so dishonest

we get through it with social media and some other great frens (Anons), you know that 04:40

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 20:37:03Z No. 8991637



It's not working and never will. We have hive immunity against shilling here. You are here forever.

Anonymous ID: acc6b4 2020-05-01 20:37:03Z No. 8991638


yes but overall PNA deaths down

Anonymous ID: 307739 2020-05-01 20:37:09Z No. 8991639


cake or pizza, it's still the gayest thing ever.

Anonymous ID: 00eff8 2020-05-01 20:37:09Z No. 8991640

>>8990483 pb

>>8990458 pb

>>8990566 pb

This got floated around awhile back.

Expand Your Thinking

Important ideas and relationships often go unseen by students because verbal tools alone do not clearly communicate the overall patterns of how people are thinking.

Circle Map for Thinking Making

Bubble Map for Qualification

Double-Bubble Map for Comparing and Contrasting

Tree Map for Classification

Brace Map for Structure Analysis

Flowchart Map for Operational Analysis

Multi-Flow Map for Cause-Effect

Bridge Map for Seeing Analogies

Anonymous ID: b4a031 2020-05-01 20:37:17Z No. 8991641

To all the young people out there, I want you to know that I see you. I know this #CollegeSigningDay is not what you imagined it would be, but I hope you still get a chance to celebrate this milestone in your life. I'm so proud of all of you and will be rooting for you.




Anonymous ID: 9f112b 2020-05-01 20:37:19Z No. 8991642


Don’t they have to sacrifice the first born to Satan?

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:37:30Z No. 8991643

Loliporn fag needs a 1am visit from the good guys with the size 10s.

Anonymous ID: 4a3974 2020-05-01 20:37:31Z No. 8991644

For optics?

Anonymous ID: c05056 2020-05-01 20:37:36Z No. 8991645


Anonymous ID: 867b58 2020-05-01 20:37:40Z No. 8991646


Tanks bakes

Anonymous ID: 78d84d 2020-05-01 20:37:49Z No. 8991647


The EO is only for reservists and the maximum number is 200.

Anonymous ID: a74cfa 2020-05-01 20:37:53Z No. 8991648


5 military members missing after helicopter crash now presumed dead

The chopper went down Wednesday in the Ionian Sea while taking part in NATO exercises.

A repatriation airlift to return all recovered human remains to Canada is expected to take place next week.

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:37:56Z No. 8991649


..on top of that.. viruses dont even exist to begin with

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:38:08Z No. 8991650


6.66 trillion in debt 30 million jobs lost. There is no deal never was just a lying rich boy conman faggot.

Anonymous ID: 254653 2020-05-01 20:38:16Z No. 8991651


Am I the only memefag trying to build diagrams though?

Heavy burden for one to bear alone.

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:38:22Z No. 8991652


watch the mayor dance to the Renegade song

she sings and says renegade over and over

Anonymous ID: 23b925 2020-05-01 20:38:45Z No. 8991653

Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:38:47Z No. 8991654


First born sons were killed in Egypt.

Anonymous ID: f24e37 2020-05-01 20:39:12Z No. 8991655

The twatter QAnon Brianlet edition

Anonymous ID: 9f112b 2020-05-01 20:39:24Z No. 8991656


Like Anderson’s coopers older brother , the first born that is dead?

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:39:27Z No. 8991657


There is no shill.

Anonymous ID: e89174 2020-05-01 20:39:30Z No. 8991658

trying to type this with a blurry monitor.


Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:39:32Z No. 8991659


Dynamic Programming(math, not software) has a similar outlook, but as a probability map, sorta like pachinko, on it's side. Great for game theory war planning.

Anonymous ID: 8f56b4 2020-05-01 20:39:39Z No. 8991660


It's true. The police department itself is unconstitutional also. Sheriff's departments are elected. We the people have absolutely no say in police departments or who runs them. Most of our government is set up this way. It's where the term "bureaucrat" comes from.

Another example. In my state, something called the "WI Economic Development Corporation" actually is making the calls on which businesses are essential. That's not legal, at all. We the people don't have a say.

Another example, our governor has the legal authority to declare emergencies lasting 30 days. He wanted to extend it, but he couldn't do it without WE THE PEOPLE having a say. So what did he do? He directed his secretary of HHS, Andrea Palm, to do it. It's clearly illegal.


"The governor passed his authority over to the secretary of health and human services and she basically is a bureaucrat who does not have jurisdictions over the legislature," said State Senator Alberta Darling.

Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:39:40Z No. 8991661


Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 20:39:42Z No. 8991662


who has money for a lawyer? My job was outsourced 3 years ago and no interviews. Nothing.

I'm fuckign broke. I would however sign up to a class actions suit. I just cant start the process.

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:39:42Z No. 8991663




Trump got played by Dr Fauci.

Anonymous ID: 279d41 2020-05-01 20:39:51Z No. 8991664

White House event still not started. POTUS travel scheduled for 5 pm.

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:40:03Z No. 8991665

Anonymous ID: 5256a5 2020-05-01 20:40:07Z No. 8991666


No idea on that, but it is certainly possible

Anonymous ID: b94950 2020-05-01 20:40:19Z No. 8991667

I have experienced things in the past year that defies belief…

Will we ever get an explanation of what reality is?

Eventhough things are significant better now, I still miss my old life tbh.

Thank you Anons for providing some sense to life.

Anonymous ID: bbc2e7 2020-05-01 20:40:31Z No. 8991668

>>8991371 lb

>GT = GerogeTown (an area of DC)????

that is a good thought.

Hussein was most likely in DC before leaving for Italy a few days later.

He could be meeting with Schitt in DC GT

Anonymous ID: abe6ac 2020-05-01 20:40:32Z No. 8991669


What about the data centers inside the Rock of Gibraltar

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 20:40:37Z No. 8991670


it would be such a shame if a meteor or broken satellite crashed into the ocean right on top of one of these facilities.

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 20:40:38Z No. 8991671


Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:40:43Z No. 8991672

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:40:46Z No. 8991673


Well, I can't think of any except that we waste our time and breath trying to point out their hypocrisy at every turn, but nothing every seems to change. Maybe a few people come over to our side, but they counter that with The Immigration Game. I'll work on that one next.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:40:47Z No. 8991674

Anonymous ID: 81fa4c 2020-05-01 20:40:59Z No. 8991675


Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:41:05Z No. 8991676

Mayor of Cali Colombia forcing people out of their homes because they have a cough, reported by a neighbor, they are HUNTING people now literally

Mayor of Cali Colombia forcing people out of their homes because they have a cough, reported by a neighbor, they are HUNTING people now literally.

they have groups of people in protective clothing driving around the city to see who is sick or acts sick and pick them up and put them in a special jail.

this is German ww2 practices and this is what they want to do all over the world, the mayority of the pathetic people in colombia even accept it and think wouw this is good

check video.

and here the facebook source

Anonymous ID: 68c5f0 2020-05-01 20:41:08Z No. 8991677



And they call us fucking deplorables…

Oh how far they have fallen….

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:41:11Z No. 8991678



Cheap ventilators are for sale in new york.

Anonymous ID: 9df921 2020-05-01 20:41:23Z No. 8991679


Anonymous ID: 2cd657 2020-05-01 20:41:26Z No. 8991680


Yeah, and I want to know WHY they are allowing them to push this shit!!?????

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:41:34Z No. 8991682

Anonymous ID: 30712d 2020-05-01 20:41:35Z No. 8991681

COVID19 is the flu.

We never had a global lockdown over the flu.

Despite tens of thousands of deaths from the flu annually.

We will not fall for the lies anymore.

Break the spell.

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:41:41Z No. 8991683



All part of this plan!!

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:41:47Z No. 8991684


As one President said "The judge has made his ruling, let him enforce it." Or something like that. That is a huge issue is that NO ONE is enforcing what is actually law. Whats moar is that the law has been subjective for so long that it, the law, has become almost irrelevant to the discussion.

Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 20:41:48Z No. 8991685

Remember Q Remember what he told you.

Read the Q[l]ues like a novel. Right now.

Then Write Now.

You will know when the time is right (period)

Only You can show yourself the Truth!

Darnkess only enemy is Light.


Anons we must join TOGETHER to tell the TRUTH. WE are fighting a MONSTER of Darnkess who knows nothing but LIES.

You don’t fight darkness—bring the light, and darkness will disappear.

The Truth will illuminate the darkness, the light of truth always shines brightest in the dark.

No matter how dim a candle burns it will ALWAYS illuminate darkness. ( Read as: No matter how small your voice if you speak truth you will be heard.)

Thousands [Millions] of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be diminished. [TRUTH] never decreases by being shared.

Each one of us represents a single candle in the darkness of our world.

If you decided to wake up and shine your light by spreading truth rather than believing lies.

We welcome you fellow Anon! May Facts and Truth be the light to your way from darkness.

If you have come to troll, spam, or spread disinformation…


We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Amendment I (Bill of Rights)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

-We Will not be Silenced; -We Cannot be Silenced; -Our Voice will be Heard; -Your Lies are Whispers in the Wind, Compared to the Roar of our Resolve.

|| "Crescit sub pondere virtus" || "Virtue thrives under oppression." ||

>>8991449 lb


>>8991461 lb

Knowledge cannot be Told only Learned.

Told Knowledge is lost

Learned Knowledge is kept forever

>>8991464 lb

Some would not know the Bill of Rights if it smacked em in the face anon.

Anonymous ID: 5483d1 2020-05-01 20:42:19Z No. 8991686


you seem so organic anon.

have you forgotten that you are under attack?

that china, not trump did this to you?

disagree with his response if you dont like it.

but to blame this situation on POTUS is a weak leftist talking point. and it doesnt work here.

Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:42:19Z No. 8991687



Anonymous ID: b52126 2020-05-01 20:42:22Z No. 8991688

For those still believing that their opinions - even though they have no actual knowledge of what is going on - are paramount and who think demanding something be done…to suit them…is what President Trump, Q and the QTeam should be doing rather than fighting the war:

Sun Tzu - The Art of War:

IV. Tactical Dispositions

1. Sun Tzu said: The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.

2. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.

3. Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.

4. Hence the saying: One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.

5. Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.

6. Standing on the defensive indicates insufficient strength; attacking, a superabundance of strength.

7. The general who is skilled in defense hides in the most secret recesses of the earth; he who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven. Thus on the one hand we have ability to protect ourselves; on the other, a victory that is complete.

8. To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence.

9. Neither is it the acme of excellence if you fight and conquer and the whole Empire says, "Well done!"

10. To lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp sight; to hear the noise of thunder is no sign of a quick ear.

11. What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.

12. Hence his victories bring him neither reputation for wisdom nor credit for courage.

13. He wins his battles by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated.

14. Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.

15. Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

16. The consummate leader cultivates the moral law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is in his power to control success.

17. In respect of military method, we have, firstly, Measurement; secondly, Estimation of quantity; thirdly, Calculation; fourthly, Balancing of chances; fifthly, Victory.

18. Measurement owes its existence to Earth; Estimation of quantity to Measurement; Calculation to Estimation of quantity; Balancing of chances to Calculation; and Victory to Balancing of chances.

19. A victorious army opposed to a routed one, is as a pound's weight placed in the scale against a single grain.

20. The onrush of a conquering force is like the bursting of pent-up waters into a chasm a thousand fathoms deep.


Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 20:42:26Z No. 8991689



Need to Add badges for Angry Guy(s)

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:42:31Z No. 8991690

Anonymous ID: d2cabb 2020-05-01 20:42:35Z No. 8991691



pssst, gotz me sum knocked off chinese ventilators made in canada – needs me sum moar memes

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 20:42:38Z No. 8991692


How old does the baby have to be before the degenerate satanists can have a good old [family] orgy?

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:42:42Z No. 8991693


>I'm fuckign broke. I would however sign up to a class actions suit. I just cant start the process.

THIS is a huge issue for all of us.

Anonymous ID: f2e080 2020-05-01 20:42:48Z No. 8991694


Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14

Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 20:42:50Z No. 8991697




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post is the final update of and thus replaces >>8961503 Q Graphics all in GMT #101 seen here >>8991431 where the dough is fucked up 'cause a non-broken post has been "fixed" by ignorant newbie Baker/s who are clueless to the normies coming here in the droves, daily.

Put it the fuck right! I'll drop pasta when I'm done dropping updates.

Please update the dough.

N.B. I've dropped a copy for CommsAnon to give us a >>>/comms/ link to replace this, soon, hopefully.

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:42:52Z No. 8991695


>Some would not know the Bill of Rights if it smacked em in the face anon.

I truly believe your right.

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:42:53Z No. 8991696

Why does CDC NIH rely on 3rd party models ?

Why doesn't CDC NIH rely on and build there own models ?

Why do they rely on foreigners say china ? to hide from the law ?

h1b abd the rest making false data ? Deoes Commuinst Chinese and Indians in usa care about the data or just a check ?

https ://

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:42:55Z No. 8991698

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:42:58Z No. 8991699



Anonymous ID: f8b000 2020-05-01 20:43:00Z No. 8991700

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:43:01Z No. 8991701


Maybe the secret is not to fight this disease as though it a respiratory illness, but to treat it as a blood/endothelial disorder and immune system gone haywire.

Anonymous ID: b9cc11 2020-05-01 20:43:20Z No. 8991702


Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 20:43:25Z No. 8991704


You really think people on Kun have facebook?

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 20:43:30Z No. 8991705



Good find

maybe anons can figure out who some of their customers are


Uniquely housed 500 meters deep within the Rock of Gibraltar itself, this Continent 8 owned, ex-United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD), facility is the most secure and well equipped Hosting centre in the jurisdiction, and the only truly above sea level option available on the peninsula.

A comprehensive suite of services and solutions are available from our Gibraltar data centre from traditional co-location to fully managed solutions, designed to meet your organisations needs now, and into the future.

Fire rating well in excess of normal Local Authority and Fire Protection requirements

2 independent HV feeds directly from the Defence power station which is located 200m from the tunnel entrance

2 substations onsite that provide 1.5 MVA of LV power exclusively for the use of the facility

Redundant diverse connectivity options from one megabit to multi-gigabits

Manned facility, multilevel (Including Biometric) access control with CCTV monitored 24/7

N+1 Environment systems maintaining consistent temperature and humidity

Mechanical, electrical and network systems monitored 24/7 by expert engineers

Fire and water leak protection systems

Up to 5 kVA per rack dual power provision


Anonymous ID: a5c19a 2020-05-01 20:44:02Z No. 8991706


This is who will replace Biden for Dem candidate by August

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 20:44:03Z No. 8991707


I think this is her thrid one. First was "since there is no flu anymore" and the second I can't recall at this time.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:44:13Z No. 8991708

Biden Accuser Tara Reade Willing To Testify Under Oath About Sexual Assault Allegation

After a week of media speculation, as more and more evidence comes forward lending credibility to claims, Tara Reade has publicly stated her willingness to testify under oath regarding her sexual assault allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Speaking with Fox News, Reade criticized the media and leaders of #MeToo for turning sexual harassment and assault into a partisan issue, demanding that people actually look into the veracity of her claims.

“Why have you made sexual assault and sexual harassment a partisan issue?” Reade said. “Why aren’t you looking at the veracity of my claim, looking at that I’m willing to go under oath, that I made a police report, that I worked for Joe Biden?”

“You should be able to have your voice heard without losing your career and losing your job. And that’s what your whole mission is about. Why do I not qualify for your mission?” she continued. “Why, because my perpetrator is the leading Democrat? Why does that exempt me from help?”

In March, Tara Reade claimed that then-Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she served as an aide in his Senate offices during the Clinton administration. She has since detailed her account in multiple interviews and filed a criminal complaint against the former vice president with the Washington, D.C., police department. A former neighbor of Reade and Reade’s brother have both publicly stated that Reade told them of the alleged assault in the 1990s. Recently surfaced evidence also suggests that Reade’s mother called into CNN’s Larry King in the 1990s to complain about a prominent senator with whom her daughter had “problems.”

Anonymous ID: a6af04 2020-05-01 20:44:14Z No. 8991709


I got reported for inciting violence

Got banned

You faggots

This is what I was talking about

Fukkin faggots who reported me

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:44:29Z No. 8991710


I'm new to magik but I'll give it a shot.

pun intended ya sick cunt, wwg1wga!

Anonymous ID: 9f112b 2020-05-01 20:44:32Z No. 8991711


I am a mean prick so take That into consideration when reading this but if you are this fucking stupid and actually take this vaccine then you deserve to die.

Anonymous ID: d8ccd5 2020-05-01 20:44:42Z No. 8991712


the disease is the governors asserting control. kung flu is just an excuse based on whatever statistics governors invent.

Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 20:44:42Z No. 8991713


Anon has buy in from both kidanons, spouseanon is on phone.

Sounds like this anon may be driving to SD for 4th of July this year to watch firework with theBEST PRESIDENT EVER.


Was confirmed on Dan Bongino interview

Anonymous ID: 843bcf 2020-05-01 20:44:47Z No. 8991714

NWO Planning of Birth Rates & Death Rates Decades ago

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

pages 166-167

1. Lower birth rate

a. birth-control: mechanical, chemical, medical (sterilization, abortion, hysterectomy

b. women's lib and free abortions

c. homosexuality (no kids)

2. Increase death rate

Dr. Aurelio Peccei advocated a plague (p. 167)

a. develop microbe that would attack the auto-immune system and render development of a vaccine impossible

b. ordered

- develop the microbe

- develop a prophylactic

- cure

The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by VACCINE. The prophylactic was to be used by the ruling elite. The cure was to be administered to survivors when enough people have died

Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 20:44:55Z No. 8991715

PG&E To Purge Most of its Board in Fallout From Bankruptcy

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — PG&E Corp. will sweep out three-fourths of its board of directors to start with a mostly clean slate when it emerges from a bankruptcy case triggered by deadly wildfires ignited in Northern California by the utility’s neglected electrical grid.

The decision announced Friday as part of quarterly earnings will leave just three of PG&E’s 14 current board members in place.

The San Francisco company is trying to win court approval for its bankruptcy plan by June 30.

PG&E went bankrupt after years of neglect culminated in its fraying electrical grid igniting a series of deadly Northern California wildfires.

The purge of its board of directors falls shy of meeting the demands of Gov. Gavin Newsom and PG&E's chief regulator, the Public Utilities Commission, who wanted the whole board replaced.

Anonymous ID: f330c6 2020-05-01 20:44:55Z No. 8991716


Same reason he never allowed Q stuff at his rallies. Same reason she's not in jail.

Same reason he still acts religious when he knows it's all made up. He's a Mason.

He's not on the side of good.



Mar a Lago

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:45:00Z No. 8991718

oof stressful

Anonymous ID: cc9f24 2020-05-01 20:45:04Z No. 8991719

Gen. Flynn needs to live stream himself surfing today.

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:45:07Z No. 8991720

Epstein Victim Maria Farmer Calls Billionaire Les Wexner 'The Head of The Snake' in Bombshell Interview

Jeffrey Epstein victim Maria Farmer, who along with her younger sister were the first to report Epstein to the FBI all the way back in 1996, made a series of shocking allegations in a lengthy interview with journalist Whitney Webb.

Farmer accused the FBI of covering for Epstein and being "in on it" and said she thinks pro-Israel billionaire Les Wexner is the "head of the snake" when it comes to the Epstein network's operation in America.

From The Last American Vagabond:

The Last American Vagabond has decided to release the entire phone conversation between Whitney Webb and Maria Farmer, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell who had reported both to the FBI in 1996 for child pornography, sex trafficking and sexual assault. Farmer, who has been interviewed by mainstream media outlets including The New York Times and CBS News, had reached out to Whitney because Maria felt that other outlets would not publish much of the information she had given them on the case, particularly information related to Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner, who had close ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his sex trafficking/ blackmail operation.

The phone call will be released in two parts, the first part can be heard below. The decision to release this phone call was twofold: first, to show that claims Whitney has made in recent interviews were indeed accurately based on statements Maria made during the call and to provide greater context to those statements; and second, to make the information publicly available and more easily disseminated to the widest audience possible.

During the call, Maria covers a lot of ground and the call was never intended to be released as an interview, as Whitney gave Maria free range to discuss situations and topics without prompting from Whitney. In the first half of the call, Maria discusses her horrific experience at Wexner’s guest house, witnessing preparations for Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein to receive then-President Clinton on more than one occasion in 1995 and how Ivana Trump, President Trump’s ex-wife, frequently accompanied Ghislaine Maxwell when she went to recruit pre-teen girls for Epstein, among many other claims that can and have been corroborated by existing evidence and other interviews Whitney Webb has conducted in relation to the Epstein case. In addition, Maria provided Whitney with a copy of her drivers license with Wexner’s address, which she discusses in the phone call, and this will also be released in the coming days.

One notable comment that Maria makes is regarding the man whom she calls the “holy grail” of the Epstein case, Epstein and Maxwell’s longtime chef, Andy Stewart. Maria refers to him as “Chef Andy” in the phone call. Andy Stewart died suddenly on April 7 as Maria’s lawyers were seeking to subpoena him for information on the case, and Maria and her lawyers were unaware of his untimely death until after her phone call with Whitney.

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:45:18Z No. 8991721

Anonymous ID: 1f00f0 2020-05-01 20:45:25Z No. 8991722


Medcram on YouTube has been exploring this possibility a bit.

Anonymous ID: 52376b 2020-05-01 20:45:33Z No. 8991723



Anonymous ID: 00eff8 2020-05-01 20:45:39Z No. 8991724


cool graphic

Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 20:45:44Z No. 8991725


I do not know. why Trump is playing along ( appear weak when strong doesnt help the people getting evicted or foreclosed) I can only sit here with my thumb up my ass guessing. maybe something worse that losing a house or getting evicted. But I haven't been given access to information to tell me otherwise.

If we had more truth and more transparency and more targets we would all know.

The RAPING of the American Public has to stop. No need for big pharma solution when HCQ does the job.

But I am just a broke unemployed peon and no one wants my opinion.

Anonymous ID: ec401c 2020-05-01 20:45:45Z No. 8991726


Full Media List:

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 20:45:54Z No. 8991727


nice, going to use this to update an old one

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 177123 2020-05-01 20:46:11Z No. 8991729

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:46:13Z No. 8991730

2-KSFR on the ground at LA. Spoopy 2-reg planes are still about, even during lockdown, it seems. "Rules for thee, but not for me!"

Anonymous ID: b0c3df 2020-05-01 20:46:16Z No. 8991731


Innocent children and uninformed populace don't know better. It is our job to educate them and steer them away from evil.

Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:46:38Z No. 8991732


Well, those that didn't put blood on the doors, or lintels did.

Anonymous ID: abe6ac 2020-05-01 20:46:39Z No. 8991733


World Trade Center Gibraltar (Spoopy)

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:46:39Z No. 8991734


you are a liar china did not shut the country down chump did and his friends in the middle east ordered it and he complied

Anonymous ID: 15bb7e 2020-05-01 20:46:42Z No. 8991735

Possibly huge digg


So being a market fag, I noticed a handful of companies not taking a huge hit today (5/1/2020) while the rest of the market got shit on. The one that really stood out to me… Activision.

When trying to find out the WHY… I read a news article in thinkorswim news for Activision.

May 1, 2020 02:25 PM ET (BZ Newswire) – Sports

Overwatch League professional Jay "Sinatraa" Won surprised many when he announced his retirement from the OWL to focus on Riot Games' new FPS title "VALORANT." More "Overwatch" players could be jumping ship as well. Popular streamer "Redshell" claimed that more OWL pros were planning on leaving.

"I don't want to leak it because it's not my place to leak," he stated on stream. "I know for a fact at least five Overwatch League pros are leaving."

This isn't a surprising admission, especially since several players have expressed their discontent toward Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) and the way "Overwatch" has been handled as an esport. Earlier in April, professional player Seb "Numlocked" Barton stated that unless there are "big changes" things will only get worse for the league.

"People want to get out of Overwatch League," he said on stream. "Obviously people are pulling out of Contenders. Montreal Rebellion was the first, but they definitely won't be the last to pull out. I can't give away too many details, but everyone wants out. Nobody is happy with what Blizzard is doing."

Can confirm. Already hearing of offers north of $20k/mo.

Doesn't seem logical or wise just yet.

— Jason Lake (@JasonBWLake) April 28, 2020

While "VALORANT" hasn't even fully been released yet, insiders in the industry have claimed that players are already earning top pay to join teams. Complexity CEO Jason Lake confirmed that some players are getting offers of $20,000 per month. In 2017, the OWL mapped out the career earnings for professional players in the league, stating a $50,000 per year salary minimum along with health insurance and a retirement savings plan.

While the stability likely attracted many of the players in the beginning, it seems as if organizations are prepared to pay heavy cash for "VALORANT" players. This could leave the Overwatch League in a state of uncertainty.

Notice a keyword here? OWL

Ahh… follow the OWL right? Well let’s follow.

The news today was about a streamer who is leaving the Overwatch League (OWL) and moving over to VALORANT.

Ok… so moving to VALORANT… but who owns VALORANT?

Enter… Complexity Gaming.

All seems benign BUT… we’ve heard about “The Children” for the past few months now haven’t we? Meh… so what… kids playing games or watching streamers.

But let’s have a look on that wiki page for partnerships. One of the partners caught my eye.

>On October 7, 2019, Complexity added Extra Life as a partner to support Children's Hospital around the country.

Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 20:46:42Z No. 8991736




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

The all-new, bright & shiny Q Graphics all in GMT #102

Godspeed Baker/s

ArAnon ID: 36cadf 2020-05-01 20:46:50Z No. 8991737

Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to have anti-viral properties. It elevates the pH of the cell preventing fusion and blocking viral infection.

In 2010, Wuhan lab experimented with SARS-CoV bats introducing "psuedo" HIV looking for the "missing link" in transmission from bat to human.

Sound like practice to develop a worldwide pandemic?

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:46:53Z No. 8991738


watch the video the mayor keeps repeating renegade

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:46:53Z No. 8991739

Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944

Boston University’s director of the Elie Wiesel archive, Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Holocaust Research historian Joel Rappel has discovered the origin of the infamous “6,000,000” number: a 1944 meeting of Zionist pioneering organizations in what is now known as the state of Israel.

For years, supporters of the Holocaust narrative have held that the number first appeared at the Nuremberg trials using highly discredited testimony by Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss. The 6,000,000 figure was again repeated by Adolf Eichmann, who was kidnapped by the Mossad and forced to participate in an internationally televised 1962 show trial in Israel.

According to documents in the Central Zionist Archive, the first mention of the 6 million claim was at a meeting of high ranking Zionist political figures in Palestine on January 19th, 1944 — more than a year before the war in Europe ended and a census could be taken, and a year before the Red Army entered Auschwitz.

Rappel names Eliezer Unger, a Polish-Jew who helped lead the Hashomer Hadati religious Zionist youth organization, as the major figure in developing the count of Jews killed by the Nazis. Unger claimed to have escaped from his Polish ghetto through Eastern Europe. After arriving in Palestine, he stated his intention “to shock the entire world, all of humanity and our brothers the Children of Israel in particular.” Unger had no evidence for what he was saying, but he did not believe Rabbi Stephen Wise’s assertions in the international media in 1943 of 2 million Jews being killed was making enough of an impact.

After Unger met with the Jewish groups and got them all on the same page, Haaretz published a small article a few days later that for the first time put the 6 million figure on the record, preceding German military leaders tortured into making confessions after the war. It doesn’t appear that Unger mentioned anything about homicidal gas chambers.

The Haaretz article ends the revelation by quoting Eichmann’s chief prosecutor Gideon Hausner, who on the 6 million number stated: “In the consciousness of the nation the number 6 million has become sanctified. It’s not so simple to prove that. We did not use this number in any official document, but it became sanctified.” In other words, it’s a lie.

After decades of killing, imprisoning, firebombing and bankrupting Holocaust revisionists, it seems that the Jewish community is now being forced to recalibrate their narrative and give more and more ground. That they are now beginning to concede that the “6 million” is nothing more than Zionist propaganda is a major blow to the myth.

Anonymous ID: 704caa 2020-05-01 20:47:05Z No. 8991740

Hey look…according to CNN, if you have the flu, you'll only infect two other people and then it stops. How awesome is that?

Anonymous ID: 15bb7e 2020-05-01 20:47:09Z No. 8991741


Well… who is “Extra Life” and what do they do?

So it’s a fundraiser… again… so what?

• 2008: $120,000[1][7]

o Gamers: 1200

• 2009: $170,000[1][8]

o Gamers: Unknown

• 2010: $451,000[9]

o Gamers: 4,500

• 2011: $1,100,000

o Gamers: 15,500

• 2012: $2,100,000[10]

o Gamers: 17,000

• 2013: $4,100,000[11]

o Gamers: 43,000

• 2014: $6,218,000[12]

o Gamers: 50,000

• 2015: $8,451,590 [13]

o Gamers: 55,000

• 2016: $9,600,000[citation needed]

o Gamers: 50,000

• 2017: $11,124,217 [14]

o Gamers: 50,000

• 2018: $8,800,000 [15]

o Gamers: 50,000

• 2019: $14,000,000 [16]

o Gamers: 50,000

Wow… that money keeps growing year over year… so what? Well, started in 2008 (Just a coinkydink) and grows year over year. Hmm… now what happened in 2008? … OHH YEA… Barry was elected president. Again… so what? No correlation to anything.

“Play games, Heal children”

Play games… I seem to remember something about this not being a game from somewhere.

From their website: “Extra Life unites thousands of gamers to play games and heal kids by fundraising for local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. “

Ok… so they raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Well who is that org and what do they do? So I punch into duckduckgo “Children's Miracle Network Hospitals” and HOLY SHIT… so many subdomains. But again… so what?

Something struct me… while scrolling the list of results… I didn’t see ANY other domains with any sort of review or any complaints about them etc etc as you’d see with many other orgs. So I added to the search “Children's Miracle Network Hospitals complaints” … which had this link in the results.

This page has a LAUNDRY list of all sorts of companies, people and eugenics stuff.

“The Eugenic Hypothesis: This holds that social situations can be so manipulated that the wrong sort of people will "choose" not to have the children. For example, Robert Moses refused to put any money into parks in Harlem as Robert Caro has shown in his biography of Moses, Robert Moses and the Fall of New York. Now blacks are aborting their children because Harlem is not a good place to raise them. If this had been done by Rockefeller or Harriman it would be an application of the eugenic hypothesis; it is a perfect example of how the theory would work in practice. However it was not done by them. It was done by Moses - while they were Governors of New York.”

“Cryptoeugenics: We will "…base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care …(so that eugenics) …will move at last towards the high goal which Galton set for it." Osborn quoted in Obit, Bulletin of the Eugenic Society 1981, p. 47”

But I don’t know anything of this or if they are reputable… but I decided to see if the stuff that was being posted had any confirmations elsewhere. So I searched up “1951 Preface to Eugenics”. Of those results, I see this link…

All could be nothing… but it’s all interesting to read up on the history of this stuff and explore all the tentacles stemming outward.

Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 20:47:15Z No. 8991742


Anonymous ID: ac9dad 2020-05-01 20:47:23Z No. 8991743


[B]rackets can mean [kill box] or be a different kind of marker.

In this post, D obviously = Democrat party.

Is this a case where [D] means the Democrat Party is in the kill box?

I can't say for sure, it would seem so, considering that they have done enumerated in that post, but that's just my view.

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:47:31Z No. 8991744


>chump did

No he didnt. Governors did.

Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:47:32Z No. 8991745


now that trump solved that problem there is no need to focus on it, right shills and MSM trolls?


kek I gotchu

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:47:33Z No. 8991746

New DJT Tweet

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:47:36Z No. 8991747

Shutting down America for the CoronaVirus is one of the stupidest things the government has ever done.

The sky is absolutely riddled with viruses swept up from the surface of the planet.

For the first time, researchers have measured the number of viruses swarming around the atmosphere—and how many are falling back down to Earth.

The team found billions of viruses traveling through the skies, which they believe could explain the spread of remarkably similar viruses across wildly different areas of the globe….

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:47:39Z No. 8991748


watch the video the mayor keeps repeating renegade

archive offline

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:47:52Z No. 8991749




Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 20:48:04Z No. 8991750




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01 - #10 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11 - #20 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950, >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21 - #27 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303, >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462

Q Graphics all in GMT #28 - #34 >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071, >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164

Q Graphics all in GMT #35 - #41 >>>/comms/2176, >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270, >>>/comms/2274

Q Graphics all in GMT #42 - #48 >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327, >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496

Q Graphics all in GMT #49 - #55 >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528, >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>>/comms/2869, >>>/comms/2981

Q Graphics all in GMT #56 - #62 >>>/comms/2990, >>>/comms/2996, >>>/comms/3019, >>>/comms/3116, >>>/comms/3187, >>>/comms/3464, >>>/comms/3472

Q Graphics all in GMT #63 - #69 >>>/comms/3687, >>>/comms/3688, >>>/comms/3701, >>>/comms/3702, >>>/comms/3858, >>>/comms/3859, >>>/comms/3882

Q Graphics all in GMT #70 - #76 >>>/comms/3898, >>>/comms/3920, >>>/comms/3975, >>>/comms/4029, >>>/comms/4197, >>>/comms/4335, >>>/comms/4386

Q Graphics all in GMT #77 - #83 >>>/comms/4388, >>>/comms/4423, >>>/comms/4443, >>>/comms/4684, >>>/comms/5035, >>>/comms/5044, >>>/comms/5228

Q Graphics all in GMT #84 - #90 >>>/comms/5510, >>>/comms/5577, >>>/comms/5622, >>>/comms/5699, >>>/comms/5700, >>>/comms/5773, >>>/comms/5806

Q Graphics all in GMT #91 - #97 >>>/comms/5811, >>>/comms/5890, >>>/comms/5975, >>>/comms/6045, >>>/comms/6083, >>>/comms/6843, >>>/comms/9187

Q Graphics all in GMT #98 - #102 >>>/comms/10292, >>>/comms/10459, >>>/comms/11608, >>8991697 , >>8991736

N.B. Please use this pastabin, instead of copy & pasta of the post, for accuracy:

Godspeed Baker/s

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 20:48:11Z No. 8991751


The video mentions it being in San Francisco Bay at one time. I wonder if a boatfag can locate, or are they 'off the radar'?

Anonymous ID: 29eb98 2020-05-01 20:48:18Z No. 8991752


Founder Michael L. Riordan communications with David Rockefeller

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:48:22Z No. 8991753


Anonymous ID: bd1988 2020-05-01 20:48:30Z No. 8991754


Anonymous ID: 81fa4c 2020-05-01 20:48:40Z No. 8991755



why the fucking graduation gown?

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:48:42Z No. 8991756


comms obama and ophra

Coronavirus Chicago: Mayor Lori Lightfoot hosts virtual graduation for high school seniors with Oprah Winfrey as commencement speaker

rengade renegade watch the video of her dancing to renegade

Anonymous ID: 556810 2020-05-01 20:48:42Z No. 8991757



from the same anon that brought us Battle of Notables Creek?

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:48:51Z No. 8991758

WTF! Teens temporarily no longer required to take road test to get driver’s license in Georgia

ATLANTA — The governor’s office has dropped the road test requirement for teens applying for driver’s licenses, which has some parents concerned.

The official road test is normally a rite of passage for teens to get a driver’s license. For obvious reasons, the tests were put on hold during the pandemic.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan was in Alpharetta, where 15-year-old Tanner Wiggins was getting driving lessons for his parents. His learner’s permit will be ready for an upgrade to a driver’s license in a few months.

Anonymous ID: 708a9b 2020-05-01 20:48:55Z No. 8991759


>Cake v. pizza

I'm not really seeing it, but it's such a minor thing that I won't argue the point, especially since,…


>gayest thing ever

It's on that spectrum, isn't it?

Anonymous ID: 279d41 2020-05-01 20:48:59Z No. 8991760



Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:49:05Z No. 8991761



wrong link

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:49:10Z No. 8991762

6.66 trillion is a sign or otherwise known as a mark. we have been marked. 6.66 trillion in debt and you still believe the lies,sad you must be moran or wetodded.–

Anonymous ID: b52126 2020-05-01 20:49:11Z No. 8991763


He is definitely not ready for what will come if he actually loses his mind and decides he can continue the con through an election cycle.

President Trump, Q and the QTeam will easily destroy him…IF that is, he isn't actually involved personally in all of obomber's corruption and treason.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:49:16Z No. 8991764


Anonymous ID: f3fae0 2020-05-01 20:49:21Z No. 8991765

The Isle of Aryan was the largest of the Atlantean Islands and the most populated.

Aryan was the commercial center and yielded the most influence from the economic, agricultural and military perspective.

After the “Second Deluge”, Aryan was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of rebuilding. In the process, the State became controlled by an elitist, affluent ‘White’ Race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and Island-State government, even though the majority of the populace were themselves of the Bronze or Red Race.

Poseida Artist Concept

Poseida – Artist Concept

Atlantis The Crystal Technology Part One

From Aryan grew a corrupt power-minded aristocracy who sought to block the ‘Law of One’ and utilize Atlantis’s technology for control of the world, this through the utilization of crystalline energy for weaponry, and use of genetic science for development & retention of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers

The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan. It had originally been used for benevolent purposes, for seeking improved physical vehicles for those that had incarnated into physical bodies that mutated into half man half beast abominations.

The genetic work had been processed and developed on Aryan and was used to remove appendages, claws, feathers and reptilian skins and scales. This was done in the Temple of Purification, somewhat of a specialized medical centre.

Again, we emphasize that during the previous Golden Age of Atlantis, its utility had been quite benevolent.

Atlantis Crystal

Atlantis Crystal

Atlantis The Crystal Technology Part One

Tremendous genetic advances were made and a great understanding of cloning and adjusting physical limitations for betterment came in responsible, ethical utility.

In the chaos of the reconstruction period, genetic engineering came under the control of the “Belial” group, and then denigrated into corrupt uses of greed and power.

The genetic engineering began being used for dark ends, in creating a race of worker-slaves and hybrid man animals.

Just as in Nazi Germany it was conveyed to the masses as development of a ‘Pure Race’.

In fact many of the genetic scientist were initially kept unaware of what their research and development work was being used for until it was essentially too late for them to stop it.

Some of you carry great guilt to this day as a result of this work.

Anonymous ID: 1a46f9 2020-05-01 20:49:28Z No. 8991766


Fuck you and your 14 posts. GTFO

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 20:49:37Z No. 8991767

Flynn bombshell puts renewed attention on Durham probe, source says Barr talking to him ‘every day’

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Attorney for ConnecticutJohn Durham has reviewed the bombshell files released earlier this week showing FBI officials discussed whether they wanted to interview Michael Flynn in order to “get him to lie,”sources familiar with his investigation told Fox News, as the document drop renews attention on his probe of the law enforcement community's Russia case.

Sources even said charges could be justified against officials, and that those reviewing the Justice Department and the FBI's actions are building a "serious case." Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr are said to be speaking regularly.

“Durham has seen all of this already,” one source told Fox News, adding that they “could be sufficient for some charges against agents.”

“It’s a crime to present under oath false or misleading information,” the source told Fox News. “Not to mention obstruction of justice.”

Another source also told Fox News that the files have been reviewed by Durham and Jeff Jensen, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri who was tapped by the Justice Department in February to review the Flynn case specifically.

“They’re building a very serious case,” the second source told Fox News in reference to Durham's team.

Fox News has reached out to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI multiple times for comment on the Flynn files, but has not received a response.

Documents unsealed late Wednesday by the Justice Department revealed that top FBI officials openly questioned if their “goal” in interviewing Flynn in January 2017 was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

The handwritten notes were penned by the FBI’s former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and before Flynn’s interview.

The notes suggested that agents also considered getting Flynn “to admit to breaking the Logan Act” when he spoke to former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period. The Logan Act is an obscure statute that has never been successfully used in a criminal prosecution and was intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the United States government abroad.

Flynn did not admit to such a violation during his 2017 interview, and later pleaded guilty to making false statements. He has since tried to withdraw the plea.

The files prompted accusations from Flynn's defenders that agents essentially talked about setting a perjury trap.

The source added that it is “disturbing to Durham” that “there weren’t any whistleblowers” that came forward in the FBI and Justice Department at the onset of the Russia probe.

Sources also told Fox News that more exculpatory documents are forthcoming, as Attorney General Barr continues to look over the DOJ's investigation into the handling of the Flynn case.

“Barr talks to Durham every day,” a source told Fox News. “The president has been briefed that the case is being pursued, and it’s serious.”

The source added: “They’ve asked the president to say nothing about it and not screw it up. He is laying back for a change.”

The new Flynn documents have also raised questions of whether President Trump could pardon Flynn, or whether the case could be tossed by the Justice Department or a judge.

A source told Fox News Friday that the president would prefer Flynn be “exonerated” by the justice system.

“They would prefer that he be exonerated because then it’s an exoneration by judicial process and not a pardon from a friend, or a coconspirator as some would allege,” the source said. “It would have more value from a public policy standpoint if the courts do it.”

The source added: “Obviously if that happens then the exoneration has credibility.”

Multiple sources have also told Fox News that Durham is expected to wrap up his investigation by the end of the summer.

One source suggested the investigation could end as soon as July, while another said it could be closer to September, based on Durham's progress, which could be hindered by the coronavirus pandemic rocking the nation and the globe.

“If they don’t have it, they’re not going to bring it,” another source told Fox News. “But they think they’ve got it.”

Durham was appointed last year by Barr to review the events leading up to the 2016 presidential election and through Trump’s Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration.

But, as Fox News first reported, Durham has since expanded his investigation to cover a post-election timeline spanning the spring of 2017 — when Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel.


Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 20:49:39Z No. 8991768


that sounds russian, someone call Schiff

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:49:43Z No. 8991769


>Shutting down America for the CoronaVirus is one of the stupidest things the Governors have ever done.

Fixed it for you.

Anonymous ID: ffb7c7 2020-05-01 20:49:45Z No. 8991770


Link Broken

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 20:49:45Z No. 8991771


Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:49:47Z No. 8991772


she is dancing because she is working with OBra

Oprah ….. singing renegade over and over

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:49:51Z No. 8991773


The one and only.

Anonymous ID: 85b68b 2020-05-01 20:50:01Z No. 8991774


Fuckin reported..scum mother fucker

Anonymous ID: e84371 2020-05-01 20:50:04Z No. 8991777

From the Sacramento, Cali rally!!


Anonymous ID: b01789 2020-05-01 20:50:05Z No. 8991776


LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 177123 2020-05-01 20:50:06Z No. 8991775


Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:50:21Z No. 8991778

riddle me this who was the first to call this the "invisible enemy"? Who said it first?

Anonymous ID: 07fea8 2020-05-01 20:50:21Z No. 8991779


Previous bread sauce posted

Second sauce

Dirty money piling up in LA as coronavirus cripples international money laundering

LOS ANGELES — Dirty money is piling up in Los Angeles. In the last three weeks, federal agents made three seizures that each netted more than $1 million in suspected drug proceeds.

The reason, according to the city’s top drug enforcement official: The coronavirus pandemic has slowed trade-based money laundering systems that drug trafficking groups use to repatriate profits and move Chinese capital into Southern California.

Anonymous ID: 81fa4c 2020-05-01 20:50:22Z No. 8991780


can anyone get eyes on that medallion?

Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:50:26Z No. 8991781

KENNEDY: We Have Allowed Ourselves to Become Bill Gates’ Guinea Pigs

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. –

Other Billionaires (Trump, Bloomberg) run for president. Gates’ strategy of buying #WHO & purchasing control of US health officials like Tony #Fauci & #DeborahBirx has yielded him powers exceeding, in some respects, those wielded by presidents.

Control of WHO allows #BillGates to dictate global health policies affecting 7 billion people and to control the most intimate details of our lives; when and where we work, play sports, shop, attend school, go to beaches, bars, movies, concerts and what medicines we must and must not take. His minions may compel us to wear masks, lock us in our homes and ordain how close we can stand to our loved ones. #Gates is WHO’s second biggest donor after the USA.

RevContent InArticle SOLO

According to @Politico “Gates’ priorities have become the WHO’s. Rather than focusing on strengthening health care in poor countries… the agency spends a disproportionate amount of its resources on projects… Gates prefers” such as GMO crops, chemical agriculture and vaccines. As the @nationmag reported last week, those policies often benefit pharma & chemical companies—like Monsanto—in which Gates and his foundation are heavily invested.

Those efforts rob resources from sanitation, hygiene, nutrition & development in favor of vaccine solutions with no proven benefits & no accountability. Gates’ disastrous Polio vaccine program has squandered half WHO’s total budget while spreading vaccine-strain polio epidemics around the globe. WHO reluctantly admits that Gates’s vaccine now causes 70% of global polio cases.

Gates was the first private individual to keynote WHO’s general assembly. He is treated like a head of state, at the WHO & the G20 and by the obsequious international press. A Geneva-based NGO rep complained to Politico: “Few people dare to openly criticize what he does.” Critics deride Gates’ approach as “monopolistic philanthropy.” Under his direction, WHO is conducting global social and medical experimentation applying Gates’ religious faith that he can use technology (vaccines and GMO agriculture) and his deep understanding of computers to make him the savior to all of humanity. We are his guinea pigs.

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 20:50:27Z No. 8991782


>several players have expressed their discontent toward Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) and the way "Overwatch" has been handled as an esport.

OK, this is the same Activision Blizzard that George Soros recently invested in.

Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision Blizzard I believe) has been mentioned previously by anons a swamp critter worth paying attention to.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:50:41Z No. 8991784


fixed here


Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:50:45Z No. 8991785


Hitlerfag killed millions christians, by sending them to the east front with summer clothes in the winter.

Anonymous ID: a2386f 2020-05-01 20:50:49Z No. 8991786



Wonder how it will work? Like his rallies where you stand in line?

Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 20:50:51Z No. 8991787


Many Learn in different ways but

MEMETICs is Key.

Remember Knowledge cannot be TOLD only LEARNED.

Give Normies just enough to start thinking on their own.

That is why "Out of the Shadows" did well

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:51:03Z No. 8991788


New Game

Name of game: The Immigration Game

Progressives and MSM vs. We The People

Players: Liberal States and Governments, Dem Politicians

Game: Increase the U.S. population by doing everything possible to promote and facilitate immigration.

Rules: Create situations in foreign countries that cause a refugee situation. Use sympathy as a motive. Stop funding for any border walls. Create companies that rely on foreign workers. Give plenty of incentives for people to move here including cash, jobs, healthcare, property and culture shifts.

Consequences: Drive down wages for citizens. Counter conservative votes with liberal ones. Change traditional American values.

Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 20:51:03Z No. 8991789


hiya graphics anon

I found the place where it needs to be updated, all new to me as well, a baker forum got together to update the dough, it wasn't new bakers though, I'll drop your post in the forum so they can see your rebut, best I can do, like always just take a look to make sure I got it right


Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:51:04Z No. 8991790

this covid-19 tates gewd man, ewhm u I mean corona

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:51:12Z No. 8991791


Anonymous ID: 554aca 2020-05-01 20:51:15Z No. 8991792



Remdesivir doesn't work, but they are making millions of doses. Will they be given immunity from prosecution like with vaccines and doctors and hospitals with covid?

We need to end the FDA

Anonymous ID: 91d937 2020-05-01 20:51:22Z No. 8991793

what is the reason for small text?

Anonymous ID: e44db6 2020-05-01 20:51:27Z No. 8991794


Oil Traders Now Hiring Jones Act Tankers for Storage and Shipping Abroad

April 27, 2020 by Reuters

By Jonathan Saul and Devika Krishna Kumar LONDON/NEW YORK April 27 (Reuters) – Oil traders are hiring expensive U.S. vessels, normally only used for domestic shipments, to store gasoline or ship fuel overseas, five shipping sources said, in a sign of the energy industry’s desperation for places to park petroleum amid a 30% drop in worldwide demand.

Billions of people worldwide are living under confinement rules due to the coronavirus pandemic, destroying demand for gasoline and other fuels and creating a supply glut. Storage tanks onshore and floating storage in tankers on the water are rapidly filling, leaving fewer options for traders looking to sock away oil.

Several shippers said they have started to book Jones Act (JA) vessels for foreign voyages or to store refined products. The century-old Jones Act requires that vessels traveling between domestic ports be owned and operated by U.S. crews, and they are generally more expensive than other vessels.

“It’s very unusual to use JA tankers for international trips,” one shipping source said.

Those restrictions, and lack of availability, typically make the tankers more expensive than foreign-flagged vessels that go to other countries. Around 45 products tankers are JA compliant, shipping data reviewed by Reuters showed.

Rates for foreign-flagged fuel tankers such as medium-range and long-range vessels leaving from the United States have jumped to about $60,000 and a record $100,000 a day, compared with Jones Act medium-range tanker rates of about $55,000 to$70,000 a day, the sources said.

Refiner Motiva Enterprises is among companies looking to potentially charter a Jones Act vessel for an overseas voyage, shipping sources said.

Motiva did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Inventories of gasoline in the United States have surged to a record and U.S. refiners are operating at about two-thirds of capacity. Roughly 85% of worldwide onshore storage was full as of last week, according to Kpler data.

“The Jones Act sector is mirroring what we are seeing with the wider oil tanker market with a surge in demand for tankers as refiners can’t sell gasoline or oil products. Utilization of Jones Act tankers is at 100%,” said Basil Karatzas of New York-based shipping finance advisory firm Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co, which is active in the Jones Act market.

He said some older JA tankers that had been planned to be scrapped may end up being used as storage.

Long-range tankers can carry between 345,000 barrels and 615,000 barrels of gasoline or between 310,000 barrels and 550,000 barrels of light sweet crude.

Jones Act tankers usually are employed under time charters for over a period of a year. (Reporting by Devika Krishna Kumar in New York and Jonathan Saul in London; Editing by Franklin Paul and Leslie Adler)

(c) Copyright Thomson Reuters 2019

Anonymous ID: 13eebd 2020-05-01 20:51:36Z No. 8991795


why do you scream like a child and use purple text like a fag?

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:51:38Z No. 8991797

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:51:43Z No. 8991798


ABC showed the pics but did not show her singing renegade over and over and cut the audo but tik tk lets you listen in to the comms

FOX showed the video of her singing renegade last night ABC anc CBS hid her saying over and over again renegade

Anonymous ID: 504e4d 2020-05-01 20:51:49Z No. 8991799


>That is why "Out of the Shadows" did well

as did "Out of Shadows" kek

Anonymous ID: 4514c6 2020-05-01 20:51:54Z No. 8991800



Anonymous ID: b604fd 2020-05-01 20:51:54Z No. 8991801

>>8991203 (LB)

What I would ask you is there any other instance in the stroke/page intercourses where they use a,b,c,d…1,2,3,4,…. for code names.

Are there any instances where they specifically say Obama or the Prez, or something like that?

Anonymous ID: 812744 2020-05-01 20:51:56Z No. 8991802

Says everything.

He will be the nominee.

I made it a spoiler img. b/c it is potentially NSFW.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 177123 2020-05-01 20:52:04Z No. 8991803


Anonymous ID: 078132 2020-05-01 20:52:21Z No. 8991804


Valorant is basically Chinese spyware I heard.

Anonymous ID: 15bb7e 2020-05-01 20:52:23Z No. 8991805


Correct… which is why I started digging when I saw the stock price climbing when just about EVERYTHING else was tanking. It just stood out to me.

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:52:23Z No. 8991806





Fauci ad Birx told Trump to shutdown the economy.

Anonymous ID: e0f872 2020-05-01 20:52:28Z No. 8991807


End the FDA and the CDC.

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:52:31Z No. 8991808


Anonymous ID: 812744 2020-05-01 20:52:31Z No. 8991809









Anonymous ID: eba7ca 2020-05-01 20:52:33Z No. 8991810



>Experts say the number of flu deaths could be drastically reduced if more people got flu shots. Even if you get a flu vaccine and later catch the flu, the symptoms are usually less severe.

>Yet about half of Americans don't get vaccinated, including most children who die from the flu.


including most children who die from the flu.


Why are children immune to COVID-19?

How many children die from influenza each year?

Why are elderly more at risk to COVID-19?

How many elderly die from influenza each year?


Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 20:52:38Z No. 8991811


Remember [C] digest things slowly.

They are not like (You) and me.

Start small and then drop a bomb once you [C] the [C] are ready.

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 20:52:48Z No. 8991812






Anonymous ID: 85b60f 2020-05-01 20:52:48Z No. 8991813

MIT Ridicules Critics Of Technocrat Coup d’état

The masterful and carefully constructed lead paragraph in MIT’s Technology Review article Five things we need to do to make contact tracing really work states,

The ongoing pandemic is fertile ground for opportunistic hucksters, loud frauds, and coronavirus deniers who attack or blame everyone and everything from Chinese-Americans to Bill Gates to 5G networks. The latest front in this bizarre war: contact tracing.

You can see the clever use of words to conclude that anyone who would dare to criticize “contact tracing” is thrown in with “opportunistic hucksters, loud frauds and coronavirus deniers”. Furthermore, these deniers apparently make wild accusations, blaming “everyone and everything from Chinese-Americans to Bill Gates to 5G Networks.”

(Oh, you poor, ignorant masses who live in darkness and have so misunderstood science. When will you just shut up and start trusting those who have PhDs and all kinds of important letters after their names?)

MIT, on the other hand, positions itself as being in the “reasonable center”, doing responsible things in the name of solving a problem that must be solved. What does MIT recommend?

Task 1: Hire 100,000 manual tracers

Task 2: Protect privacy

Task 3: Ensure that tracing covers as many people as possible

Task 4: Accept that technology alone cannot solve this problem

Task 5. And do it all, now.

Addressing Objections On Privacy

After the shock of hiring 100,000 manual tracers, the writer anticipates the typical objection over invasion of privacy and seeks to overcome it:

Medical surveillance has repeatedly proved to be a life-saving tool, however, and Apple and Google say they are making privacy a priority by building decentralized systems designed to make malicious surveillance difficult while also providing key data to public health authorities. (emphasis added)

But, aren’t Google and Apple the two tech giants who know exactly where every phone (and its owner) is at all times? Don’t they have 100% of our personal identification data plus ancillary information about our purchases, preferences, travels, medical history, etc? Haven’t they already been investigated and fined by governments for mishandling customer data?

And, apparently MIT, et al., have no problem in throwing HIPAA legislation out the door once and for all. You remember HIPAA, right? That’s the form you are almost forced to sign whenever you enter any type of medical facility.

Anonymous ID: f2e080 2020-05-01 20:52:52Z No. 8991814


Anonymous ID: cd5384 2020-05-01 20:52:53Z No. 8991815


Drawing strictly from memory, but didn't someone say that R would reveal himself at Mt. Rushmore? 2 year delta?

Anonymous ID: 6cb757 2020-05-01 20:52:56Z No. 8991816

Dear Patriots,

I need your help. I’ve been on this journey with you since October 2017. It has taken me this long to finally get the courage to ask for your help.

In 1994, my sister and I started recovering memories of ritual abuse by our parents. First, I encountered body memories which proceeded the actual memories coming out. I have never had memories recovered by therapists. I have gone to about 12 different therapists to learn how to deal with the symptoms of PTSD, but never to have them access repressed memories. My sister has never gone to a therapist. We believed that our parents had been involved in some sort of sick cult. My father had a prominent position in the LDS Mormon church, at the time of a lot of my memories when we lived in the Avenues of Salt Lake City. We chose to leave the family along with another sister who believed us, but didn’t have any of her own memories.

Ten years, later, I felt such a strong urge to contact one of my sisters (my twin sister) because I loved her and missed her. I wanted to start a relationship with her, but not with anyone else in my family. I reached out to her and she immediately gave my contact information to the rest of the family. They all tried to reach out to me “with open arms”. I told all of them about what I had remembered. I lost the support of the two sisters who had originally left with me, because they didn’t want me to contact my family. They were scared of them.

My father tried to contact my church authorities to get me under control, but I wouldn’t allow it. Finally, my father gave them all an ultimatum, that they would have to choose between having a relationship with me, or with him. They all chose him. He was telling them that he was going to sue me for defamation. I ended everything with all of them.

Up until “Pizzagate” broke out, I thought this kind of sick abuse was limited to a few bad people. I had never considered that the Mormon church was into this kind of ritual abuse, I had thought only about my family. Then a few years ago, I was contacted by two nieces and a nephew. My father had died in 2015, and they had ritual abuse/child trafficking memories surface after seeing him in his casket. They were remembering prominent people in their town as well as General Authorities. Their own children were disclosing to them how they had been abused my their grandmother, my sister. One of them had a therapist who asked if anyone in the family had ever talked about this. The only thing they could think of was that one crazy aunt (Me) their mother had warned them to stay away from.

Because their children are under age, their therapist told them to contact child services. They made a report, but were told “your children are deeply disturbed, have you been making them watch violent movies?” It went nowhere. Their therapist was beginning to start a private support group for survivors of ritual abuse on Facebook. It definitely didn’t last long. My sister decided to sue her children for defamation and was going after their therapist too.

The next thing I hear is that there is a documentary team who wants to research ritual abuse in the Mormon church, and they want to interview me. They are particularly interested in the multi-generational experiences of my family. They asked, before they began the documentary, to talk to Homeland Security because of the age of my nieces/nephews’ children. There are two Homeland Security agents looking into this, but they are getting pushback from the Utah office. I went to interview for this documentary and met a woman who is the widow of a former Utah congressman. She let me know that she has been contacted by over 1000 victims from Utah, and surrounding areas, including Alberta Canada. (Both of my parents were born in Alberta Canada). When I brought up Pedogate, non of them seemed to have heard of it, except that they thought it was a joke. One of the Homeland Security agents was there, and he hadn’t heard about any of it.

I don’t know who, in the government, to trust. I am scared and worried about my nieces and nephew as well as their children. My sister, their mother, seems to have some money behind her lawsuit. Please, Patriots, help us, if anyone can, you can.

Anonymous ID: 14f825 2020-05-01 20:53:13Z No. 8991817


I bet it makes newfags and shills feel like they're being noticed

Anonymous ID: acc6b4 2020-05-01 20:53:13Z No. 8991818


look at the mechanism of action of the drug

money and politics aside


Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 20:53:27Z No. 8991819


>>8991452 d'oh

notables, not endorsements

>>8991478, >>8991558, >>8991730 pf reports

>>8991500, >>8991551, >>8991561, >>8991578 #BreakingNews : @VP Pence says Remdesivir has gotten emergency FDA approval for treating #COVID19-soc media

>>8991502 Trump to visit Mount Rushmore for fireworks display on July 3rd-nypost

>>8991522, >>8991591, >>8991608, >>8991611 call to dig Remdesivir and how they are connected to DS & cabal players-related to news about approval above

>>8991525 anon calls #FlagsOutForFlynn o7

>>8991535 Chicago will be the first to undergo Mass Vaccination apr30-investmentwatchblog

>>8991544 Hussein twat

>>8991545 Coronavirus vaccine: Moderna signs deal for 1 billion Covid-19 doses a year

>>8991557 Freudian slip by Dr. Birx during CNN interview "Gates"

>>8991664 POTUS participates in Presidential Recognition ceremony-yt linky

>>8991697 Q Graphics all in GMT Update

>>8991715 PG&E To Purge Most of its Board in Fallout From

>>8991735, >>8991782 mktfag on why Activision seems impervious to rest of mkt drop today and connections to Soros/Owl

>>8991767 Flynn bombshell puts renewed attention on Durham probe, source says Barr talking to him ‘every day’-foxnews..from a few hrs ago

chek'em faggots

Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 20:53:30Z No. 8991820


Anonymous ID: 693c9a 2020-05-01 20:53:35Z No. 8991821


Turned north and flew toward Kim at the resort.

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:53:44Z No. 8991822



My sentence is not correct. I apologize, in hast of recognition I have erroneously claimed Notables Creek. This is not correct. My one and only claim is Battle of Toongore. I sincerely apologize to the anon who created Notables Creek of which was my inspiration for Toongore.

Anonymous ID: 64e259 2020-05-01 20:53:47Z No. 8991823


yahoo hid the video of mayor singing and repeating renegade

whats the definition of renegade ?

https ://

https ://

check video archive offline

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 20:53:51Z No. 8991824

This is a war on us. It's not just about the disease. They are really stealing more of our freedoms. The other side of this thing, I really hope it's good…

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 20:53:53Z No. 8991825


>Fauci ad Birx told Trump to shutdown the economy.

And POTUS didnt. Put the blame where it belongs accurately. This agenda will not fly here.

Anonymous ID: 8f4e33 2020-05-01 20:54:03Z No. 8991826

Anyone watching CA

Beautiful to see!

Anonymous ID: f3fae0 2020-05-01 20:54:09Z No. 8991827

Schumann resonance, earth vibration

Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 20:54:13Z No. 8991828



Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 20:54:22Z No. 8991829

Yeah, totally unreasonable to ask for a tie change. Fuck us, right?

Anonymous ID: 15bb7e 2020-05-01 20:54:24Z No. 8991830


Jay Won - The streamer in the story

Jason Lake - Complexity gaming

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 20:54:25Z No. 8991831


Anonymous ID: 5483d1 2020-05-01 20:54:26Z No. 8991832


WTAF Cuomo?

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:54:26Z No. 8991835


because your sister loves getting fisted in the back of my truck, purple is sovereign mode

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 20:54:27Z No. 8991833


Thanks for adding that FOX story on Durham/Flynn baker.

Somehow it doesn't show up in being from a few hours ago, but it'sHUGE

Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 20:54:27Z No. 8991834


The Road to Truth Will be Painful

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:54:30Z No. 8991836





Fauci and Birx told Trump to shutdown the economy.



Anonymous ID: df4f21 2020-05-01 20:54:31Z No. 8991837


They're running their own social manipulation experiment to get people angry. I guess it makes sense. But I thought it could have gone better. What do i know

Anonymous ID: be2000 2020-05-01 20:54:31Z No. 8991838


Can someone clarified if Flynn lied or not? Also did POTUS fire Flynn as referred to in today's presser?

Anonymous ID: 976bf6 2020-05-01 20:54:37Z No. 8991839

"Troubling" and This Michigan Anon says SUPER FISHY!

'This entire episode is troubling’

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Jim Runestad on Tuesday (April 28, 2020) sent a letter to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel asking that she open an investigation into a recent decision by Gov. Gretchen

Whitmer’s administration to ignore the state’s procurement process

The administration chose the firm Great Lakes Community Engagement to manage a large-scale public health tracing effort.

“Great Lakes Community Engagement is run by a

Michigan-based Democratic consultant who conducted nearly half a million dollars’ worth of business with the Michigan Democratic Party in the 2018 election cycle,” said Runestad, R-White Lake. “The administration hiring a Democratic campaign organization with taxpayer dollars to

collect the personal information of Michiganders is troubling, to say the least.”

Runestad said that the reportedno-bid nature of the contract and the secretive process behind it

should raise eyebrows. The governor has stated that the contract went through the Department of Health and Human Services, and not through the State Emergency Operations Center — which is overseen by the Michigan State Police — where it should have been authorized.

“When viewed in its entirety, this entire episode is troubling,” Runestad said. “I have long pushed for more public transparency — regardless of party. Especially in times of distress, Michiganders are best served when they can trust the openness and honesty of their governmental institutions.

“For that to be the case, an honest investigation into the matter is not only warranted, but required.”

Nessel to investigate canceled contract to trace infections ~ Nessel, a Democrat, agreed to probe the procurement process at the request of state Sen. Jim Runestad, a Republican. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week ordered the cancellation of her administration's no-bid contact-tracing contract to Great Lakes Community Engagement, calling it an “unnecessary distraction."

…investigation into the procurement process behind a contract canceled last week after Republican lawmakers and activists criticized the choice due to its Democratic ties.

Great Lakes Community Engagement, an outreach campaign company headed by~

Democratic consultant Mike Kolehouse, and Every Action VAN~

part of a technology company that has been used by multiple Democratic campaigns, were granted a contract worth nearly $200,000 on April 20 to help coordinate the state’s contact tracing efforts.

Contact tracing involves calling individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 to gather information*** about people they have likely come in contact with and alerting those people they may have been exposed.

Every Action VAN, a voter/individual contact platform used by nonprofits, were to provide software to help organize remote phone banking and track information and contacts. The state is working to choose a different vendor and software platform.

Whitmer said the “correct process was not followed” in securing the contract and canceled the contract a day after it was announced when reporters began questioning the firms' Democratic ties….She said the contract was awarded through the Department of Health and Human Serviceswithout final approvalfrom the State Emergency Operations Center.

The results of the investigation will be made public when it is completed, Nessel said.

gather information*** through mobile phones and credit card use

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:54:41Z No. 8991843


Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 20:54:42Z No. 8991840


it's purdy

Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 20:54:44Z No. 8991842


Baker back if notetaker wants to drop notes, I'll get them in da dough

Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 20:54:48Z No. 8991844


I won't be here. You need to use >>8991750

Bakers forums don't decide shit, Anon.

There's absolutely nothing that the list is preventing from being posted.

Put it back or some other Baker will, eventually, AGAIN!!

Anonymous ID: ac9dad 2020-05-01 20:55:22Z No. 8991845



TY GMTanon for your service.

Anonymous ID: 6f9329 2020-05-01 20:55:28Z No. 8991846

If Trump doesn't out Faucci soon not only will he not get donations from me I will sit this election out.

I hope you hear me Q and pass this on. Your looking at a huge donation loss.

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 20:55:32Z No. 8991847


>a baker forum

wtf does that even mean?

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:55:40Z No. 8991848

CNV4822 arriving at Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee.

Anonymous ID: b7cd27 2020-05-01 20:55:46Z No. 8991849

U.S. Military prospective: pb>> >>8989208 we in the past and present day are test subjects sometime unwittingly. When thinking about being forced to take a vac… it is not that you are held against your will but, the cult has as away use cunning to get folks to volunteer to take them. Creatures of habit we remain willfully ignorant until cost because the loss of life of a loved one or damage in which there is no repair. In the service being subject to UMCJ commanders listen to the same medical disinformation as the general public and make line of duty determinations when directing compliance with immunizations in the force. We that serve have 3 paths verify and allergy in which would prevent the compliance to which them members deployment availability would be hindered and in most cases cause the removal from service for medical reasons. Then refuse and if your commander is a member of zero tolerance crowd you will be offered Article 15 for failure to go or repair and an limited in the promotion cycle and administrative discharged. Finally take the vac as scheduled and suffer the ill effects and deal with your primary care manager. The flu shot is not suppose to cause illness according to the medical literature but, most of us became ill within 5 to 13 days every year for my time on active duty. The anthrax series suck ass. muscle pain, flu like symptoms and a golf ball size knot at the injection cite. Many of these im's are required before deployment and normal temp travel dependent on location. There is always those that believe in the latest medical fade I am not one of those but, with what has been learned so far it would be great to have some things simplified to work once for life and not be a lab rat forever…

Anonymous ID: 5ec89a 2020-05-01 20:56:05Z No. 8991850


That’s how you do it. Orderly, homemade signs, peaceful.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 20:56:24Z No. 8991851



GMT anon, it's not a 'bakers forum'. Bakers didn't agree with this.

It was done without consultation by one anon and will be changed back.

Anonymous ID: 170739 2020-05-01 20:56:26Z No. 8991852


Baker's Union 2.0

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 20:56:32Z No. 8991853


Anonymous ID: 843bcf 2020-05-01 20:56:35Z No. 8991854


Coopers Mystery Babylon Series w transcripts

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 20:56:39Z No. 8991855


np. can't recall seeing it today-yes very huge.

just went by the article pub.

will take that part of it off the notable

Anonymous ID: d387a9 2020-05-01 20:56:48Z No. 8991857



And all of the MOS's are for military police. This is to help cut off the drug money from Venezuela to the cabal

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 20:57:00Z No. 8991858


Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 20:57:02Z No. 8991859

Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 20:57:06Z No. 8991860


tyvm d'oh

weather is mild, sun is shining and food is guud


stretching is guud

I can take it if you want, your call, always

Anonymous ID: df857c 2020-05-01 20:57:14Z No. 8991861

All PB

>>8989185 ————————————–——– DE FACTO STANDARD

>>8989094 ————————————–——– Why are influenza medications effective at treating COVID-19?

>>8988998 ————————————–——– Why are elderly more at risk to COVID-19? How many elderly die from influenza each year?

>>8988531 ————————————–——– Influenza death rate low v previous years? (Cap: >>8988593)

So Q, what's happening in some nursing homes and VA Facilities? Is there nothing happening and the news is lying about the # of deaths? Are people being neglected to death? Are people being killed outright? We must, in some fashion, depend on information from authority to determine what to believe. This Anon trusts no human. If you could point me in the right direction, I would try to find the truth. Is there a database that is not influenced by the CDC, NIH, NIAID, any state government, DS…? Short of doing autopsies ourselves, the answers are not likely to be trustworthy. Do you know where Anons could get grants to go to med. school and become coroners? Can you put the bodies on ice until we graduate?

As long as the data being shoveled into the data base is sh, we can only get sh out of the data base.

By DE FACTO STANDARD, do you mean that Covid-19 is real only as long as they can keep up the charade? If they convince us that its real, then it is real?

ThanQs for letting me vent. I'll get back to work.

Anonymous ID: fd762a 2020-05-01 20:57:19Z No. 8991862

RVg_ pHsZ UNUp 1[A] GWMB DKj6 VX_l lRbw

QXt+ UAX6 +ANV bSso CA=s 7YG7 nEWm iK22

Widh /KlR


Anonymous ID: b56743 2020-05-01 20:57:30Z No. 8991863

See, here's my problem. I do a ton of research. I convince myself oh ok Trump and Q really are fighting these bastards. Then I get on here and I see a ton of people saying stuff like "the NG is there to keep us from acting up" etc, etc. And I also think about how certain things do not make sense to me, such as how Trump is still going along with this Covid nonsense even though Americans are seriously hurting and hungry right now. This was an induced shutdown and it's hurting real people, and those little checks did not help. Tons of businesses are being bankrupted right now. And the Fed is buying EVERYTHING and will own EVERYTHING probably at the end of this. The CDC is obviously comp'ed as fuck. So why isn't Q team doing anything about it?

I'm also neglecting to mention the guy earlier who said Trump is a mason. And the guy before that who mentioned that we are being deceived both by Q and the other side. The whole thing is a setup. Needless to say, it's impossible for a normal guy like me to figure any of this shit out. I do not expect anybody to have any clear answers about any of this… I'm just hoping I'm not the only one doubting this whole thing. It sucks not knowing what to believe.

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 20:57:31Z No. 8991864

Stacy Abrams brings a lot to the table…

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 20:57:37Z No. 8991865


march 14 2020

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 20:57:37Z No. 8991866


You know you will hang, right?

Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 20:57:37Z No. 8991867


>it's HUGE

Nice one anon, that is big and will be interesting to see indictments # after end of May.

Anonymous ID: 13eebd 2020-05-01 20:57:44Z No. 8991868


you should get tested? She is a whore, that itching is prob something you should have looked at.

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 20:57:48Z No. 8991869


Put this CSS in options/themes. If you want the purple to go away, and turn it into white

span.small { color: #fff; }

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 20:57:48Z No. 8991870



do it to it d'oh. -wnb out

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 20:57:52Z No. 8991871


Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back?

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 20:57:58Z No. 8991872

CNV4622 leaving Will Rogers Airport, Oklahoma.

Anonymous ID: b01789 2020-05-01 20:58:00Z No. 8991873

Anonymous ID: e44db6 2020-05-01 20:58:12Z No. 8991874

Floating Power Plants Are Taking to the High Seas

May 1, 2020 by Bloomberg

By Anna Shiryaevskaya (Bloomberg) — As economic lockdowns complicate efforts to bring electricity to every corner of the planet, one company is putting generation units on ships that can sit offshore and plug into local grids at short notice.

Karpowership is busy marketing floating power plants across the developing world, where governments are seeking extra voltage to power hospitals and other facilities to keep the lights on during the coronavirus pandemic.

Vessels can hook into an onshore grid quickly, sidestepping the red-tape and construction issues involved with building a traditional power plant. And these ships come with their own fuel — liquefied natural gas and fuel oil — tapping into markets that are currently oversupplied.

“We can deploy them in less than 30 days,” Zeynep Harezi, chief commercial officer of Kapowership, said by phone from her office in Istanbul where the ships are designed.

The generators on the ships can produce between 36 megawatts to 470 megawatts of electricity and are already fully financed. While the ships use fossil fuels and present a challenge to the global drive for cleaner energy, they remain among the few solutions for feeding power to remote areas.

Such ships can work well in places with high barriers for onshore power stations or that lack access to gas pipelines, the International Gas Union said in its annual LNG report. There’s also risks: high cost and up-front capital requirements. Also, floating power plants concepts compete with more traditional units that run on liquid fuels, renewables and nuclear power, which may receive governmental support over LNG, the report said.

“The concept of a fully integrated floating re-gasification and power plant may be a more realistic solution to grant easy access to clean electricity production,” the IGU said. “Such fast track projects, built and commissioned at reputed shipyards, may materialize in the near future.”

Karpowership has the biggest fleet of the vessels. Starting from the first ship for Iraq, which took three years to build in 2010, it now operates 25 such ships in 11 countries from Mozambique to Cuba to Indonesia. Coronavirus hasn’t slowed work, opening some opportunities for new markets instead.

The company converts existing dry bulk vessels, buys engines in bulk and builds them “one after another, almost like a production line,” Harezi said.

The technology for the power plant is internal combustion engine, rather than more typical turbines. While more expensive to build, they are cheaper to maintain and better suited for countries in hot climates with unstable grids, which are often in desperate need for power to avoid blackouts.

At 8 to 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, Karpowership provides a power ship, a floating storage and re-gasification unit for LNG and, if required, the fuel itself.

“If the customer asks to procure LNG on our behalf, we collect offers like regular players,” she said. “We make it as transparent as possible.”

The ship can use LNG or fuel oil. Some start with the latter and then switch. The company targets for its power ships to be operating at 80% LNG-to-power by 2025.

Since traditional power plants on land can take six years or more to complete, floating units have a distinct advantage and can appear in under three months to deal with a surge in demand. While these ships often are initially thought as a bridge solution until something more permanent can be built, some of the ships stay long-term, she said.

Karpowership is building 4,000 megawatts of new capacity on 20 ships, aiming to double the fleet size in the next three to five years, both in terms of megawatts and number of ships.

And as the coronavirus pandemic keeps large swathes of economies on lockdown, Harezi said her teams living and working on power ships for three months or more present a “natural quarantine environment.”

–With assistance from Jessica Shankleman.

© 2019 Bloomberg L.P

Anonymous ID: 078132 2020-05-01 20:58:18Z No. 8991875



I'm serious. It has something to do with it's anti-cheat software having unfettered access to your computer.

Anonymous ID: acc6b4 2020-05-01 20:58:19Z No. 8991876

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 20:58:20Z No. 8991877

Supplies over the skies. POTUS has a fucking army poets behind him. I wish I had the skills to make a vid of that part of the speech vs eminem in that rap battle scene.

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 20:58:21Z No. 8991878


why get so riled up? bakers were working things out to fix room issues and every GMT map link leads to the same comms archive thread.

you feel important to list them all? any other way that would be satisfactory?

Anonymous ID: bbc2e7 2020-05-01 20:58:44Z No. 8991880



>Chicago will be the first to undergo Mass Vaccination.

now we know why they letting criminals out of prisons…to make room for us

Anonymous ID: dbfd04 2020-05-01 20:58:45Z No. 8991881

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1500 different firearms on Friday and it is effective immediately

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 20:58:56Z No. 8991884


Anonymous ID: a6af04 2020-05-01 20:58:57Z No. 8991882


Fukkin banned me for pisting about this

Denied my protest


Fuck you 8khun

Anonymous ID: fd1c5d 2020-05-01 20:58:57Z No. 8991883

Anonymous ID: 3914f4 2020-05-01 20:58:59Z No. 8991885


Sweet someone madea badge. i submitted so many global reports that day haha. thats actually the only thing i did

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 20:59:11Z No. 8991886


Just say you are a Christian Scientist and claim a religious exception to having any type of flu shot.

Anonymous ID: 6c9fce 2020-05-01 20:59:25Z No. 8991887


Antivirals are UTTERLY USELESS for "seriously ill".

You must get antiviral at first symptoms, later it does nothing. All docs know that.

So why is VP saying (and doing) this?

Anonymous ID: 5256a5 2020-05-01 20:59:31Z No. 8991888


Somebody probably said, "Hey look at this data – teens with learner's permits never wreck. Let's waive the driving tests for them."

So now, naturally, teens will start having accidents in droves, which is why we have to be careful with data interpretation.

Anonymous ID: 5beacb 2020-05-01 20:59:39Z No. 8991889

Anonymous ID: b67299 2020-05-01 20:59:40Z No. 8991890


Or maybe more accurately: if we are going to assume that some "germ" known as COVID19 exists at all, it is possibly only a weak pathogen when it acts alone, but might serve as a co-factor with the flu, maybe making symptoms a bit worse in some people, possibly increasing mortality in those flu patients or for those with other serious illnesses like pneumonia. Hey, maybe the emotional fear alone generated by the COVID19 campaign of terror was enough to increase the death rate among very sick people. We are quantum after all. Mind over matter. Especially if one's life is hanging by a thread as it is, due to other causes unrelated to COVID19.

What does the Cabal gain from so much fear? What is fear? What is a spell?

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 20:59:41Z No. 8991891


What happened was an 'anon' who no-one knows came to the baking class yesterday evening and was really pushing for the dough to be changed.

The bakers who were there said that changes to the dough were usually done with consulation with all anons on the board, on the general, or happened slowly and organically.

Anon was requested to slow down and post which changes they proposed so that all could see and feedback.

Anon went ahead and changed the dough themselves this morning it seems. I don't know who this anon is but the dough will be reverted as soon as they leave the kitchen.


Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 20:59:43Z No. 8991892


can finish to 600. already going, that way it's moar of break.


you aren't shiptoastin enough


Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 20:59:43Z No. 8991893


Called it yesterday, member?

>Bakers forum

Da fuk is that?


Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 20:59:53Z No. 8991894



I know Q says "We are far beyond the need for proofs", but if they keep coming anons are still going to notice!

Anonymous ID: bbc2e7 2020-05-01 20:59:54Z No. 8991895


I think Hussein is sending comms to go online to the game chat room

Anonymous ID: e0f872 2020-05-01 20:59:55Z No. 8991896

Sunday is Sun Day.

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:00:00Z No. 8991897

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 21:00:08Z No. 8991898


Sounds like you were trying to MAGA RIOT.

Anonymous ID: f330c6 2020-05-01 21:00:08Z No. 8991899

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 21:00:16Z No. 8991901


Anonymous ID: d53879 2020-05-01 21:00:31Z No. 8991902


Anonymous ID: 96b24d 2020-05-01 21:00:49Z No. 8991903

If u The Battle Of Athens - When WWII Veterans stood up to the .. know LOOK at this…

Anonymous ID: 708a9b 2020-05-01 21:00:52Z No. 8991904


>Cake v. pizza

I'm not really seeing it, but it's such a minor thing that I won't argue the point, especially since,…


>gayest thing ever

It's on that spectrum, isn't it?

Anonymous ID: 2e02fb 2020-05-01 21:00:55Z No. 8991905

Anons, where are we with follow the watch on Ted Cruz's FISA?

Anonymous ID: c9fcff 2020-05-01 21:00:57Z No. 8991906


>look at the mechanism of action of the drug



Anonymous ID: ea99e5 2020-05-01 21:00:59Z No. 8991907

The elephant in the room - VP Pence said Flynn lied to him which was the nail in the coffin of Flynn's employment in the White House.

Was it part of the trap or is Pence /theirguy?

Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 21:01:00Z No. 8991908


That anon is not very intelligent.

>If Trump doesn't out Faucci soon not only will he not get donations from me I will sit this election ou

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:01:09Z No. 8991909


Go and call Q a muhjoo again you useless faggot kike.

Anonymous ID: be2000 2020-05-01 21:01:14Z No. 8991910


What was the question?

Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 21:01:15Z No. 8991911


AreTHEYeating tho?

The dough is made all day.

The bakers keep the bread in order and ready to server.

We are missing servers and people to eat.

You got the do'h but are they eating tho?

The [C] is hungry for knowledge but no one feeds them or lets them roam.

Just another [C] ready for slaughter.

Not a day to their own. Mind Controlled.

If only they could eat they would see.

Anonymous ID: cc9f24 2020-05-01 21:01:16Z No. 8991912


here is another with a screen shot of a doc.

Anonymous ID: 96b24d 2020-05-01 21:01:20Z No. 8991913


The Battle Of Athens - When WWII Veterans stood up to the ..

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 21:01:30Z No. 8991914


Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:01:31Z No. 8991916




Anonymous ID: 68c5f0 2020-05-01 21:01:32Z No. 8991915



How funny. My morning read was exactly that verse when daniel interprets the dream…

We live in the LAST days.

get saved or get left behind.

Anonymous ID: 03a763 2020-05-01 21:01:36Z No. 8991917

this knucklehead believes the original intent of the FR was to become the 'lender', 'buyer' and 'owner' of 'everything'.

don't know if he's on crack, but if one is curious about the start and what the FR has become i suggest you go to these links:


'The original design of the Fed was to be private, for banks were to contribute to fund their own bailouts, as JP Morgan had done taking the lead during the Panic of 1907. It was not to be a government bailout operation. The United States had no central bank at that time. There was never any intent to create the institution as it exists today: the original design was altered dramatically by lawyers who never understood the madness of their own minds in their pursuit of power as politicians.'

The Federal Reserve: Part I “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

The Federal Reserve: Part II

The Federal Reserve: Part III – The Takeover

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 21:01:38Z No. 8991918


> i submitted so many global reports that day haha. thats actually the only thing i did.

Then that badge is yours anon.

Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 21:01:51Z No. 8991919


wurkfagger slackin

ain't you don yet wnb?

Anonymous ID: d53879 2020-05-01 21:02:02Z No. 8991920


Where does that call Q a MuhJoo genius?

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 21:02:07Z No. 8991921


> changed the dough themselves this morning it seems.

no, the new proposed bake was simply kept up to date. when there were multiple fixes to be done, a baker accepted it and it proceeded since all day.


Anonymous ID: 14fd6e 2020-05-01 21:02:11Z No. 8991922


I went there in 1981. 8 y/o

Olderbroanon in uk navy

fuckin massive

I learnt to swim in a subterrain pool with a submarine in it.

Anonymous ID: cc9f24 2020-05-01 21:02:15Z No. 8991923


Anonymous ID: f72da9 2020-05-01 21:02:18Z No. 8991924



Anonymous ID: 7da9f2 2020-05-01 21:02:19Z No. 8991926

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 21:02:20Z No. 8991925

Microsoft has data centers underwater:

"As a major player in the cloud infrastructure market, Microsoft is keen on figuring out better ways to store and power its machinery. To that end, it’s now deployed a data center on the seafloor off the Orkney Islands in Scotland.

The idea is part of Project Natick, an initiative to identify environmentally sustainable ways of running large-scale data management units. The first phase, which kicked off in 2014, saw Microsoft build a small submersible data center that housed the equivalent of 300 desktop PCs and drop it into the ocean back in February 2016 to test whether it’d actually work.

That vessel operated for nearly four months. In phase two, which kicks off today, the company has fit 864 servers on 12 racks in a sealed submersible that’s about the size of a standard 40-foot-long shipping container; it’s designed to function for five years without requiring any maintenance.

Why take all this effort to dunk data centers underwater? According to Microsoft, it’s about energy efficiency and fast data transfer. The company notes that roughly half of the world’s population lives within 120 miles of the shore, so being able to house servers near them could allow for quicker access to online services."

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:02:31Z No. 8991927


Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 21:02:53Z No. 8991928


Thanks anon you are correct. Sorry.

Anonymous ID: df857c 2020-05-01 21:02:58Z No. 8991929


Anonymous ID: e55fa6 2020-05-01 21:02:58Z No. 8991930

POLL: who here had never had the flu?

i'm 50 y/o and never had the flu. i've had colds. i've had strep, sinus infection, and other things that needed an antibiotic. but no flu. no covid. i have had the flu shot, probably 5x, but i won't get another one.

Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 21:03:03Z No. 8991931



Anonymous ID: d918b3 2020-05-01 21:03:05Z No. 8991932


Peak Prosperity channel discusses this drug and explains EXACTLY who profits from this drug over HCQ


Banks have made over 10 billion dollars holding onto the small business stimulus–but small businesses can't get a penny.

US workers. The contractor unemployment (1099) is still not up and running and people are being evicted, unable to pay mortgages, and the only people coming out ahead are the rich fuckers.

ONCE again, we the people have been fucked over. But glad q tossed youa bone after 4 years and released that Flynn info. YAY.

What's next? I told you-I warned you. Food shortages–many more homes / housing lost, contact tracings, "human quarantine" script flipping-and 100% betrayal.

What possible excuse of having Birx and Fauci and Pence front and center? What possible reason to IGNORE in fact and acknowledge with words–the fucking suffering of Americans? "hold on-soon" don't worry, we got this..script flipping on the virus constant misinformation, then flip then it's true, then it's misinformation- no one knows what to believe.

But here we all are again-the only people doing well are rich fuckers, bankers ONCE AGAIN make out like the bandits they are. Script flippers try to convince you its not what it looks likegovernment shits on we the people-and here we all areAGAIN. AGAIN and Q has managed to keep you all in your seats AGAIN.

Coming back after being out of here for 2 months are reading the recent drops-its super easy to see the nonsensical manipulation.

You want to know what I believe? I believe the leaked data from China in the early days. Before the chinks shut off the Internet entirely to stop VPN access. I believe my eyes from the average chink citizen, I believe the brave people accessing VPNs to leak data, I have sat there and watched the US media report on something the REAL autist site knew months ago. OH look- OH look. and right this very moment they are flipping the script on reinfection-oh that was a mistake, false positive tests. They are doing this so you don't know what to believe.

Anonymous ID: 96b24d 2020-05-01 21:03:12Z No. 8991933


Anonymous ID: 3914f4 2020-05-01 21:03:22Z No. 8991934



Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:03:23Z No. 8991935



© 2019 Bloomberg L.P

Anonymous ID: d387a9 2020-05-01 21:03:31Z No. 8991936



Looks like he already dropped them.

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 21:03:33Z No. 8991937

Why is porn free now? …and so degenerate?

10-15 yrs. ago we were still getting little short clips at best.

What gives?

It's almost like they want to serve satan, or sumfin like dat.

Anonymous ID: d2d93a 2020-05-01 21:03:39Z No. 8991938


Anonymous ID: df857c 2020-05-01 21:03:43Z No. 8991939


Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:03:44Z No. 8991940


Organically on your own.

The dough will be reverted.

The dough doesn't get changed by one 'anon'.

Anonymous ID: d53879 2020-05-01 21:03:45Z No. 8991941


It doesn't.

There you go just making shit up again.

Anonymous ID: f330c6 2020-05-01 21:03:56Z No. 8991942

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 21:04:04Z No. 8991943

Fauci brings a lot to the table.

Anonymous ID: 00a25c 2020-05-01 21:04:11Z No. 8991944


Cuz we pirate that shit negro

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 21:04:13Z No. 8991945


No flu and only one flu shot. That was because I had up coming hip replacement.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 5c2926 2020-05-01 21:04:19Z No. 8991946

Anonymous ID: 187c87 2020-05-01 21:04:30Z No. 8991947

Flynn 17:17

Flags out!

Anonymous ID: 00a25c 2020-05-01 21:04:35Z No. 8991948


You gotta do better than that

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 21:04:36Z No. 8991949


>The dough doesn't get changed by one 'anon'.

looks to me like that's what you're promising to do right now

Anonymous ID: dd017d 2020-05-01 21:04:39Z No. 8991950

Look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not patriotic. Muzzies use our borders, but they are mere trespassers. Only I, Donald J Trump, know the true power of America. I was slandered, defamed, but through the seat of POTUS, America called to me. It brought me here and here I was reborn. We cannot blame these creatures, they are being led by a false prophet, an impostor who knows not the secrets of America. Behold the Mussies, come to scavenge and desecrate this beautiful land. My Q-boomers, did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize this moment? Now, I will stop them. Now I am changed, reborn through the energy of POTUS. Forever bound to America. Let it be known, if the Muzzies want true salvation, they will lay down their arms, and wait for the baptism of true patriotism. It is time. I will teach these trespassers that the best is yet to come. They will learn the simple truth. These Muzzies are lost, and they will resist. But I, Trump, will cleanse this place of their impurity

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:04:52Z No. 8991951


Facebook spells do not work here.

Anonymous ID: 989b91 2020-05-01 21:04:54Z No. 8991952

When I was a kid, we had a maypole on the school yard made on a tether ball pole. We would do the ribbon thing while singing "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes we all fall down".

Odd that May Day was a day to commemorate the plague. Odd that we are "opening" up on Mayday across parts of the country, during a "plague".

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:05:00Z No. 8991953


I wouldn't trust congressmen and certain other government workers, they are probably just there to keep covering it up. If they laughed about it, that's really a bad sign. Gaslighting. If they have been contacted by that many victims they wouldn't laugh. This is serious.

If you are going to tell your story, might want to do it on your own terms. Take care of the kids yourself. The most important thin they need is love and someone to trust.

There are ministries (usually christian) that help people with counseling, but do your research. Organizations that joined in the White House trafficking summit are probably trustworthy.

This is really graphic !warning, but it was a book that accounts for satanic ritual abuse as told by people who went into christian counseling:

I'm not sure about the lawsuit.

I'm sorry I don't have a lot of advice to give.

I pray that God heals you and blesses you. I pray that the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Spirit guides you.

Anonymous ID: 23b925 2020-05-01 21:05:04Z No. 8991954

Anonymous ID: dc39e4 2020-05-01 21:05:05Z No. 8991955

Anonymous ID: 50259f 2020-05-01 21:05:10Z No. 8991956


Another anon.

We speculated how bakers may cut GMT graphics. They were discussing making space.

Sorry anon, thought that was you.

Anonymous ID: 91d937 2020-05-01 21:05:25Z No. 8991957

>they've been developing/releasing NEW strains of the flu every year to get the vaccine market established as a trusted procedure

will we ever have legit sauce on this, else it's just a conspiracy theiry that no normie will ever believe

> A developing babies immune system (the gut) is governed by its intake.

yes, but many, many babies do well on the bottle and are quite healthy. Breast milk is always best, but my only draw back is [they] push breast over bottle and I am suspicious of everything [they] do. They do nothing w/o reason.

Anonymous ID: d918b3 2020-05-01 21:05:44Z No. 8991958


Peak Prosperity channel discusses this drug and explains EXACTLY who profits from this drug over HCQ


Banks have made over 10 billion dollars holding onto the small business stimulus–but small businesses can't get a penny.

US workers. The contractor unemployment (1099) is still not up and running and people are being evicted, unable to pay mortgages, and the only people coming out ahead are the rich fuckers.

ONCE again, we the people have been fucked over. But glad q tossed youa bone after 4 years and released that Flynn info. YAY.

What's next? I told you-I warned you. Food shortages–many more homes / housing lost, contact tracings, "human quarantine" script flipping-and 100% betrayal.

What possible excuse of having Birx and Fauci and Pence front and center? What possible reason to IGNORE in fact and acknowledge with words–the fucking suffering of Americans? "hold on-soon" don't worry, we got this..script flipping on the virus constant misinformation, then flip then it's true, then it's misinformation- no one knows what to believe.

But here we all are again-the only people doing well are rich fuckers, bankers ONCE AGAIN make out like the bandits they are. Script flippers try to convince you its not what it looks likegovernment shits on we the people-and here we all areAGAIN. AGAIN and Q has managed to keep you all in your seats AGAIN.

Coming back after being out of here for 2 months are reading the recent drops-its super easy to see the nonsensical manipulation.

You want to know what I believe? I believe the leaked data from China in the early days. Before the chinks shut off the Internet entirely to stop VPN access. I believe my eyes from the average chink citizen, I believe the brave people accessing VPNs to leak data, I have sat there and watched the US media report on something the REAL autist site knew months ago. OH look- OH look. and right this very moment they are flipping the script on reinfection-oh that was a mistake, false positive tests. They are doing this so you don't know what to believe.


Anonymous ID: df857c 2020-05-01 21:05:56Z No. 8991959


Anonymous ID: 557a42 2020-05-01 21:06:02Z No. 8991960

What's the best intro to Q article

article, not video

Anonymous ID: d918b3 2020-05-01 21:06:05Z No. 8991961



NOT MAN MADE? script flipping on that-papers disappearing from archive. The official story? China is not going to take the blame for this–and the 5 eyes are desperate for this not to be traced to them. Before a month is out you fuckers will believe it was an accidental release from the BIO lab and that it was just a natural born in nature bat virus. Cap this.

"We have it all" then you fuckers should have known about this. Looking Glass? You weren't expecting "someone else" to step nin? Got caught off guard didn't you? Vaccine wasn't ready yet. NOT the virus you were expecting was it?

YOU are grinding us into the dirt to make us beg for and welcome our AI overlords. You attend astrotuffed protests acting the fools.

CONTACT tracing-leave your damn phone at home, stop using loyalty cards and pay with cash. Because here's what's coming next-contact tracing, "human forced quarantine" as you DESPERATELY CLING to what was-OMG rights church OMG rights-bars, OMG rights, small business. THE MINUTE you obeyed the first orders, was the second you LOST everything. There is no getting it back. QAI is keeping you distracted and you're too deep in to realize it. When the smoke clears you lot are going to be in FEMA camps humane quarantine waving your smart phones, posting on FB and complaining. RETARD people bravely going about without masks or any PPE to show how they will not comply-going into businesses carrying their phones-they have no idea if they are infected or not-I'm fully protected in the same store-that person comes with the Wuflu the next week-and if I have my cell phone, used a card, and or loyalty cards, the meta data shows who was also in that store with that brave asshole. Asshole gets business shut down, gets fully protected people locked in "humane quarantine"…all because they just HAD to prove how unconcerned they are about this virus.

The virus is real-very real. And not enough people died. Here's what is going to happen next (aside from the big event that is the icing on top of why the world is in lockdown). YOU will demand to go back to "normal" without realizing that normal is long gone. They are putting you in the position to demand your own demise. I wear a mask and goggles and gloves, I have a safe shopping procedure-I am going to stay as far away from fucking retards as possible. NOT because the government told me to, but because I've read the FIRST original papers coming out before the hiding and secrets started, before the doctors were arrested and murdered. And YOU WILL BEG to be able to catch this. Finally enough people will die and the government is going to be able to blame it on you. And, based on what I see-rightly so.

LOL you are being lied to about this virus. Not enough of you have died yet. And everydaythey stand in front of you and lie some more. NO REINFECTION? All I can do is laughbecause crying is a waste of time.

Anonymous ID: e44db6 2020-05-01 21:06:11Z No. 8991962


Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 21:06:12Z No. 8991963


Mike Pence asked Gen. Flynn how Mrs. Pence looked in a new dress at some WH event.

Gen. Flynn, wishing to be polite, said "She looks fabulous. You're a lucky man, Mr. Vice-President."

"Do you think she's getting overweight?" Pence probed further.

"Not at all, she's looking great for her age," Flynn replied.

Judge for yourselves, anons…. looks like Flynn did indeed lie.

Anonymous ID: ea99e5 2020-05-01 21:06:13Z No. 8991964

Q+ if you're going to honor people can you first weed out the libtards? The Postal Faggot that used your platform for mail in ballots was a stupid mistake that didn't need to happen. Your people are letting you down by not paying attention to details. Please quit giving deranged liberals a platform Sir.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:06:16Z No. 8991965


we dont like you white man

the fuck off and leave us alone

Anonymous ID: fd1c5d 2020-05-01 21:06:23Z No. 8991966


Anonymous ID: f330c6 2020-05-01 21:06:24Z No. 8991967

Anonymous ID: 8819b1 2020-05-01 21:06:27Z No. 8991968

What the actual fuck?

Shut down PP now.

Filing shitty lawsuits to recoup what POTUS took away from this evil org.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:06:36Z No. 8991969


Not proposing. Telling.

The dough changes organically.

Any changes are made after consultation with the whole board in the general.

No one, ever, has breezed in and changed our dough on their own as you have.

Anonymous ID: 67bc0e 2020-05-01 21:06:37Z No. 8991970

Mel Q


#IBelieveBiden and Big Mike are planning that he bows out so Big Mike can be the nominee.

Quote Tweet

Mel Q


· Apr 29

Big Mike throwing his hat in the ring?

BIG things coming soon

“Things” kek Smirking face

Show this thread

3:53 PM · May 1, 2020·

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 21:06:43Z No. 8991971





Anonymous ID: ecc660 2020-05-01 21:06:46Z No. 8991972



Anonymous ID: 8b7053 2020-05-01 21:06:51Z No. 8991973


This is what we don't know.

On one hand, we were never told to TRUST PENCE.

On the other, why would POTUS have a traitor for VP?

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:06:55Z No. 8991974


it's noted as being via b'berg

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:07:02Z No. 8991975


>too nice outside. brought the command center to the lanai. got slo'd down watch'n da water.

>pic related. shitpost'n commencing.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:07:03Z No. 8991976


Sgt. B's posts



Anonymous ID: a6af04 2020-05-01 21:07:07Z No. 8991977


Not at all

Just a preview of what was going to happen

Inside info

Fucking soibois reported me

Little pussies

Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 21:07:27Z No. 8991978


Not sure about R, but reminder

Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 21:07:30Z No. 8991979


maybe barry can sell his 15 million dollar mansion and donate the proceeds to the food bank. He can certainly continue to live at his Chicago residence and DC residences.

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:07:33Z No. 8991980



Look at your first post.


Compare the (11) to when you posted that to Q.

Anonymous ID: 67bc0e 2020-05-01 21:07:42Z No. 8991981


Anonymous ID: f901f1 2020-05-01 21:07:44Z No. 8991982

Old boomer (but cool) - never had the flu or a cold. I was last sick about 20 years ago with sinus infection from allergies. I have never had a flu shot and no shot at all since I was a child.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:07:48Z No. 8991983


Lucky me, I lived

Flu killed nearly 10,000 Texans in 2017-2018

Anonymous ID: 64f760 2020-05-01 21:07:50Z No. 8991984


>Breast milk is always best, but my only draw back is [they] push breast over bottle

[They] know how ridiculous it would sound if they told us not to use nature's method of feeding our babies.

Look into the ingredients of baby formula and the companies that manufacture it. They are some of the most evil companies in the world, like Nestle.

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 21:08:03Z No. 8991985

Trump: "America will triumph like never before."

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 21:08:11Z No. 8991986


>CONTACT tracing-leave your damn phone at home, stop using loyalty cards and pay with cash.

yes, and rip all the GPS shit out of your car. OnStar and the like.

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:08:14Z No. 8991987


Facebook spells do not work here.>>8991816

>been on this journey with you since October 2017

A yet you post a wall of text. BTW did you just reply to yourself with another wall of text from TOR?

Anonymous ID: d4f4ba 2020-05-01 21:08:21Z No. 8991988

KEK nice

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:08:31Z No. 8991989


End of May? Kek when has it not been next week or next month? Stop falling for that shit

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 21:08:38Z No. 8991990


If you were part of a militia you should know to keep your mouth closed. If you are not then you only have rumors.

Anonymous ID: f5cb4a 2020-05-01 21:08:40Z No. 8991991

I guess they are pushing remdesavir hard

Anonymous ID: b67299 2020-05-01 21:08:47Z No. 8991992


Just pray for truth and freedom. Prayer is powerful.

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 21:08:50Z No. 8991993


posey, 1530s, "line of verse engraved on the inner surface of a ring," from poesy "poetry; a passage of poetry,"

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:08:58Z No. 8991994


Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:09:01Z No. 8991995

Always Ready, Always There!

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:09:02Z No. 8991996


End of May? Kek when has it not been next week or next month? Stop falling for that shit>>8991867

Anonymous ID: 8f4e33 2020-05-01 21:09:04Z No. 8991997

Thought she wasnt able to run due to some off shore shit not educated much in the subject perhaps I am wrong?

Anonymous ID: bd1988 2020-05-01 21:09:05Z No. 8991998


Anonymous ID: 713d8b 2020-05-01 21:09:08Z No. 8991999



Click that shit faggots o7

>Live dont last forever

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 21:09:10Z No. 8992000


First press briefing for our new WH Press secretary. This newser asks her to pledge to never lie to them.

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 21:09:12Z No. 8992001


Bring it on. BigMike entering the race would shine a big fat spotlight on the US Virgin Islands.

Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 21:09:14Z No. 8992002

>>8991881 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1500 different firearms on Friday and it is effective immediately


The ban contains an amnesty period, allowing current owners of the firearms up to two years to comply.

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 21:09:18Z No. 8992003



Although, adding your full text of the graphics into that third post is too long anon.

It looks like they added the graphics links to very first part of >>8991431 to make it fit

Anonymous ID: 3914f4 2020-05-01 21:09:19Z No. 8992004

I was reading Isaiah 47 today - Much of this book applies to our time - exodus was a shadow of our time

Isaiah 47 King James Version (KJV)

47 Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.

2 Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.

3 Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

4 As for our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel.

5 Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms.

6 I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke.

7 And thou saidst, I shall be a lady for ever: so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart, neither didst remember the latter end of it.

8 Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:

9 But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.

10 For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.

'''11 Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.

12 Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

14 Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.'''

15 Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast laboured, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save thee.

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:09:23Z No. 8992005


>been on this journey with you since October 2017

A yet you post a wall of text. BTW did you just reply to yourself with another wall of text from TOR?

Anonymous ID: fd762a 2020-05-01 21:09:35Z No. 8992006

lQ6l 1dR1 EZpE ApNM FlQD hdkS GgJR vyel

jipR Yq=o Q[f] bdz6 xwwh iqDu 1u02 BxtT

5tD0 fg3R DXC+ Ai3A yD+/


Anonymous ID: 254653 2020-05-01 21:09:37Z No. 8992007


Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 21:09:43Z No. 8992008


>No one, ever, has breezed in and changed our dough on their own as you have.

that's not true, bakers used to do plenty of such upkeep. this very kind of organic growth you sanctify - with good reasons, too, so indeed it's better not to do too much

> after consultation with the whole board in the general.

been i dunno how many breads and these are the first complaints

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:09:52Z No. 8992009



Anonymous ID: 3ccb92 2020-05-01 21:10:10Z No. 8992010


They need $$$$

Anonymous ID: b4a031 2020-05-01 21:10:15Z No. 8992011



Anonymous ID: 767435 2020-05-01 21:10:17Z No. 8992012



Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 21:10:27Z No. 8992013


Stupid fucking arseholes haven't made space for anything, though.

2.5 years this has come up by the fucking Clowns and (((their))) shills…either that or they're simply a bunch of thick cunts!

It's a filthy fucking piss take by the same old pieces of shit that want things done their way.

Why else are old hashtags, etc STILL in the dough, but they constantly try to remove resources that people use.

The CommsAnon graphics bread is a shit tip and thus links to all graphics help Anons get what they're looking for much quicker - this is a big plus when (almost always) 8kun is lagging, etc.

Anonymous ID: 629d80 2020-05-01 21:10:32Z No. 8992014

GTMO842 outa Fort L doin' what it do.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:10:34Z No. 8992015


we've been hoodwinked

Over 80,000 Americans Died of Flu Last Winter, Highest Toll in Years

Oct. 1, 2018

Among the dead were 180 babies, children and teenagers, more than in any year since the C.D.C. began tracking pediatric deaths.

Although 90 percent of those deaths were in people over age 65, the flu also killed 180 young children and teenagers, more than in any other year since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began using its current surveillance methods.

The estimates were released at a news conference held by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases to urge Americans to get vaccinated and to fight the myths that scare off some people — such as the common misconception that flu shots can cause flu.

The high mortality rate was unusual because it was caused by a “normal” — albeit severe — flu season, not by a new pandemic influenza strain.

Anonymous ID: 4ef2c7 2020-05-01 21:10:46Z No. 8992016



Anonymous ID: f15637 2020-05-01 21:10:52Z No. 8992017



Anonymous ID: bbc2e7 2020-05-01 21:11:02Z No. 8992018

US Intelligence Community releases statement on origins of COVID-19

Chris Burns - Apr 30, 2020, 1:43 pm CDT


it is not signed by Grenelle and fakenews is using this to disparage Trump

Anonymous ID: 8f4e33 2020-05-01 21:11:07Z No. 8992019

Checked x2

Video removed.

Anonymous ID: 6bbfd2 2020-05-01 21:11:17Z No. 8992020


You cannot take all the GPS out of a new car - they post the speed limit to your screen within 10 yards of changing speed zones.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:11:19Z No. 8992021


That's untrue.

The dough will be reverted until everyone's been consulted.

Anonymous ID: 27faad 2020-05-01 21:11:20Z No. 8992022


>Same Shit

Click it and Like it!

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:11:21Z No. 8992023


Anonymous ID: dc39e4 2020-05-01 21:11:22Z No. 8992024

Anonymous ID: 767435 2020-05-01 21:11:33Z No. 8992025


a/k/a KISS them gently.

Anonymous ID: c42d84 2020-05-01 21:11:35Z No. 8992026

Anonymous ID: f2b38d 2020-05-01 21:11:55Z No. 8992027

National Guardsman in project veritas clip from late March says about covid: “It’s the flu…I’ve been in the tents with them.”

The truth was right in front of us the whole time.

Anonymous ID: bbf231 2020-05-01 21:12:05Z No. 8992028


remember Governor Nuisance was being targeted for recall before Corona hit?

Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 21:12:06Z No. 8992029

>>8991930 I recall being treated with tamiflu, but I most get upper respiratory, sinus infections, and pneumonia. I got strep once, I never want to get that again.

I've had virus's.

What I do know (Texan here) is my doc stated the flue vax would not have helped when I went in sick. The vax was for the wrong flu.

Anonymous ID: 94765b 2020-05-01 21:12:16Z No. 8992030

Anyone got the zip for Dr B, faglarp, patchfag, armyfag, whatever the fuck they are called, saw one the other day, wanna review that bullshit and see what the fuck that nigger is saying…

Anonymous ID: 780470 2020-05-01 21:12:26Z No. 8992031

Bill de Blasio

American politician

Written By:

André Munro

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2020 See Article History

Alternative Titles: Warren Wilhelm, Jr.

Bill de Blasio, original name Warren Wilhelm, Jr., (born May 8, 1961, New York, New York, U.S.), American Democratic politician who was mayor of New York City (2014– ). He also served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her successful senatorial run in 2000 and as a New York City councillor (2002–09).

Early life

At age five he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his mother, Maria, a public relations manager, and his father, Warren, a veteran of World War II who had served in the Pacific theatre and lost a leg in a grenade attack. His father, after struggling with alcoholism, later committed suicide. De Blasio graduated from New York University in 1984 and obtained a master’s degree in international and public affairs at Columbia University in 1987. (Though called Bill from an early age, he changed his name in 1983 to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm—his mother’s family name was de Blasio—and then adopted Bill de Blasio as his legal name in 2002.)

Political career: campaign manager and councillor

De Blasio proved himself to be politically savvy early in life: as a student activist in high school and college, he advocated for student rights and protested issues as diverse as library hours and nuclear proliferation. After graduate school de Blasio served as a social relief volunteer in Nicaragua—a country then torn by a civil war between the Marxist government of the Sandinistas and counterrevolutionary forces—and returned to the United States a committed socialist. Though adopting more-centrist views with time, de Blasio continued to defend left-leaning policies.

He entered municipal politics in 1989 as a junior staffer in the mayoral campaign of David Dinkins and later became an assistant for community affairs in the Dinkins administration. In 1997 de Blasio was appointed as a regional director in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, working under Andrew Cuomo. De Blasio left that position two years later after being hired to lead Hillary Clinton’s first bid for the U.S. Senate. As campaign manager, de Blasio encouraged teamwork and open deliberation, to the point of being criticized by some as indecisive.

Anonymous ID: b01789 2020-05-01 21:12:34Z No. 8992032

Anonymous ID: a5c19a 2020-05-01 21:12:43Z No. 8992033


Page missing


Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:12:49Z No. 8992034


That's probably because no one's noticed, as everyone trusts the bakers to consult on changes as has always happened.

When they do notice, watch out.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:12:49Z No. 8992036

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 21:12:52Z No. 8992035


I don't live in the USA but if I did, I wouldn't drive a car manufactured after 1980.

Anonymous ID: 5dab34 2020-05-01 21:12:54Z No. 8992037


They will have an Army of controlled people then.

Anonymous ID: 8b7053 2020-05-01 21:12:55Z No. 8992038


Once. In 2001. Never been so sick in my life. Did NOT get a flu shot that year.

Anonymous ID: 254653 2020-05-01 21:13:10Z No. 8992039


Good job. Working in.

Still not comfy with the tools.

Very very slow.

If I can just get a clean template and not use Powerpoint/Impress, just use my regular graphics tools, I will be much more productive and happier.


-The Fake Polls Game

-The Tranny Game

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:13:22Z No. 8992040


This does nothing, fren. It doesn't matter anymore, but it doesn't hurt to keep trying to avoid detection.

Anonymous ID: 07465e 2020-05-01 21:13:34Z No. 8992041


May the FOURTH be with you…

Star Wars

The Force

Q, you clever mofo. Nice one!

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:13:38Z No. 8992042


Anonymous ID: 3d9bec 2020-05-01 21:13:40Z No. 8992043



It wasn't worth double posting. Talking about tracking numbers. Not sure what you mean about "falling for shit".

maybe you are just retarded, sorry for you anon


>anons are still going to notice


Anonymous ID: a6af04 2020-05-01 21:14:03Z No. 8992044


Not the mindset of alot if militia

We are not a "secretive" group

We are patriots who follow the Constitution

We have no problem informing others of our Constitutionally LEGAL plans

Anonymous ID: 07465e 2020-05-01 21:14:08Z No. 8992045


Be on the look out of that Ask Barr Tweet to be answered on 4th…could be. Sure hope so.

LEONTOCEPHALINE ID: 5c2926 2020-05-01 21:14:11Z No. 8992046

Anonymous ID: 6cb757 2020-05-01 21:14:11Z No. 8992047


I'm not sure what you mean. I don't use TOR. I'm not a researcher, but just an observer. I don't know if I posted this twice. Sorry if I did. I am so terrified!

Anonymous ID: 556810 2020-05-01 21:14:12Z No. 8992048


>makes YUGE donations

>needs Q in order to get a message to POTUS

kek what a faggot

Anonymous ID: 503edf 2020-05-01 21:14:24Z No. 8992049

Anonymous ID: 04101a 2020-05-01 21:14:29Z No. 8992050


>On the other, why would POTUS have a traitor for VP?


Anonymous ID: b604fd 2020-05-01 21:14:38Z No. 8992051


You have to parse what CNN says -

>Yet about half of Americans don't get vaccinated, including most children who die from the flu.

If only 20 children die from the flu each year, and only 3 of them are vaccinated, then you can technically say that vaccination would have saved them.

CNN doesn't tell you the actual number, or the percentage of children who die from the flu.>>8991810

Anonymous ID: d37f50 2020-05-01 21:14:52Z No. 8992052

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 21:15:00Z No. 8992054



Anonymous ID: 7da9f2 2020-05-01 21:15:01Z No. 8992055


Whoa! Beautiful, anon!


Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:15:05Z No. 8992056

Always Ready, Always There!

Anonymous ID: 5d494c 2020-05-01 21:15:07Z No. 8992057

The Democrats should do what Ringling Bros. and Bailey Circus did

Fold up their tents and don't come back until 2024, all their clowns caught some type of infection called stupidity…only affects Democrat/Liberals…no CURE except one dose of 4 more years of Donald J. Trump. that will either cure them or kill them.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:15:10Z No. 8992058


Can't you work in InDesign or Photoshop? If you have either, I can make you a template if you shoot me the original. InDesign would be the simplest…

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:15:10Z No. 8992059


Anonymous ID: d3885f 2020-05-01 21:15:14Z No. 8992060


Thank you.

I can't keep up with convos coz 8kun's a shit tip atm.

Anonymous ID: 1b254d 2020-05-01 21:15:45Z No. 8992061


Do you feel concern, concernfag? Still or not, this isn’t the place for you.

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:15:59Z No. 8992062


I wish she had said. Not sure why you should ever come back. Because i demand respect and for that question alone you will never be called on again. Boom be the damn Boss like POTUS

Anonymous ID: ea99e5 2020-05-01 21:16:00Z No. 8992063



Bakers do a great job and they change things around often, usually for the better. If the board doesn't like the changes it gets changed back.

If this is a slide attack on the bakers. let me promise whoever is involved will not like the response to their misguided efforts.

If you have a beef with a Baker, tell them. If you try to create a slide protest to smear Bakers, you will rue the day you did. We're onto the bullshit now.

Anonymous ID: d887d8 2020-05-01 21:16:06Z No. 8992064


Anonymous ID: 41af12 2020-05-01 21:16:07Z No. 8992065


A truly beautiful ceremony. Love my President. So happy he didn't take any questions from the press.

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:16:22Z No. 8992067


Look at Dexter..I mean Pence's eyes!

Anonymous ID: bd1988 2020-05-01 21:16:25Z No. 8992068


The flood is coming

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:16:25Z No. 8992069


Anonymous ID: 3914f4 2020-05-01 21:16:36Z No. 8992070


Light to Dark - Isaiah 59

9 Therefore justice is far from us,

Nor does righteousness overtake us;

We look for light, but there is darkness!

For brightness, but we walk in blackness!

10 We grope for the wall like the blind,

And we grope as if we had no eyes;

We stumble at noonday as at twilight;

We are as dead men in desolate places.

11We all growl like bears,

And moan sadly like doves;

We look for justice, but there is none;

For salvation, but it is far from us.

Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him

That there was no justice.

16He saw that there was no man,

And wondered that there was no intercessor;

Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him;

And His own righteousness, it sustained Him.

17For He put on righteousness as a breastplate,

And a helmet of salvation on His head;

He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing,

And was clad with zeal as a cloak.

18According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay,

Fury to His adversaries,

Recompense to His enemies;

The coastlands He will fully repay.

19So shall they fear

The name of the Lord from the west,

And His glory from the rising of the sun;

When the enemy comes in like a flood,

The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

20“The Redeemer will come to Zion,

And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob,”

Says the Lord.

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:16:37Z No. 8992071

So the Navy and National Guard both posted "Always Ready". Potus is going to Camp David. Does that mean there will be habbenings this weekend?

Anonymous ID: f52c8e 2020-05-01 21:16:41Z No. 8992072

>>8991310 pb

I've said a lot of these same things.

He however seems to go straight to the "patriots must not be in control" which is not what I have discerned. So what then?

But is Trump obviously out of step with reality when it comes to an actual/alleged COVID19 virus? Absolutely. It's one of the reasons I found the daily pressers so difficult to watch, because I knew the President, to the extent he was actually referring to COVID19, was being disingenuous.

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 21:16:53Z No. 8992073

Anonymous ID: 556810 2020-05-01 21:17:10Z No. 8992074


>and hungry right now.

and right there the shillgot outs himself

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:17:23Z No. 8992075


I love Jews

Anonymous ID: acc6b4 2020-05-01 21:17:28Z No. 8992076

maybe it's treatment options causing that drastic decrease in pneumonia deaths

but it could also be the travel ban

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:17:28Z No. 8992077


Anonymous ID: 00a25c 2020-05-01 21:17:38Z No. 8992078



Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 21:17:44Z No. 8992079


I will send the love next time we talk.

Should be back soon.

I got some mail today. Waiting for night shift.

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 21:17:46Z No. 8992080


Shillfag ....You know that is illegal by USA law?

Anonymous ID: 5a8101 2020-05-01 21:18:06Z No. 8992081

>>8989185 PB

>If COVID19 is a strain of the flu and HCQ is effective, why have a vaccine for either?

This gets my vote for question of the year.











Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 21:18:10Z No. 8992082

Cops face off with protesters at California’s Capitol as they demand end to stay-at-home order

In the most intense protest yet of California’s stay-at-home order, demonstrators stormed the west steps of the state Capitol building on Friday, sparking scuffles with California Highway Patrol officers and leading to at least three people being detained.

The protest of several hundred people – some holding American flags and signs calling for the economy to reopen – quickly escalated after CHP officers ordered them around 1 p.m. to leave the steps of the landmark downtown building or face arrest. Some demonstrators got within a few inches of officers’ faces, screaming that their rights to assemble were being violated and calling officers “traitors” for defending the government’s orders to restrict gatherings at schools, businesses and churches.

The protest was in direct violation of both Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and a CHP ban on protests on state property.

At some point cops are going to have to choose to protect the government or the people

Anonymous ID: c86df0 2020-05-01 21:18:14Z No. 8992083


Maybe the word “concrete” was a call to get on game chat?

Anonymous ID: 107c40 2020-05-01 21:18:20Z No. 8992084

loli shill is going down, hard

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:18:33Z No. 8992085


Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 21:18:44Z No. 8992086


Notable. Covid 19 is the flu.

So what needs to be done to stop this nonsense?

Anonymous ID: b4a031 2020-05-01 21:18:47Z No. 8992087

Millions of refugees and displaced people are now facing a double emergency with COVID-19 reaching their communities.

I'm proud to join this @Google & @Sothebys virtual auction benefiting @RESCUEorg's life-saving work.

Anonymous ID: c75e08 2020-05-01 21:19:08Z No. 8992088

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 21:19:11Z No. 8992089

.WING44 landed at Dobbins.

Anonymous ID: bd1988 2020-05-01 21:19:18Z No. 8992090

President Trump issue executive order declaring a national emergency over threats to the US power system

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:19:20Z No. 8992091


It's being discussed on /comms/, where this anon came last evening and started pushing the changes.

Last evening's class >>>/comms/11733 (anon appeared here pushing for the bread changes, at the foot)

Last week's class >>>/comms/111086 (bread change push discussions again, at the foot)


Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:19:34Z No. 8992092

Message box doesn't clear or refresh after post

Anonymous ID: fc39d6 2020-05-01 21:19:42Z No. 8992093

Gilead is, rightfully, under attack for their disgusting Descovy HIV RX commercials. It's on Youtube, I'm not linking to it.

But Gilead has bigger problems.

The New York Times has, of course, advocated for more "diverse" advertising


Gilead has a history of illegally profiting from taxpayer research.


But the company's work in the PrEP has also stirred up controversy. Last year, the U.S. government accused Gilead of illegally profiting from taxpayer-funded HIV research, saying work done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was critical in establishing the PrEP use of Gilead's medicines.

Gilead has also come under fire for the cost of its treatments. Truvada's price tag is now about $1,800 a month, more than twice its cost in 2004. Gilead sells Descovy at a similar price point but contends the successor medicine is a safer alternative.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:19:43Z No. 8992094


working for other peoples future

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 21:19:50Z No. 8992095




Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 21:20:00Z No. 8992096

this is creepy in reverse

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:20:09Z No. 8992097


>>8991452 d'oh

notables, not endorsements

>>8991478, >>8991558, >>8991730, >>8991848, >>8991872, >>8992014 pf reports

>>8991500, >>8991551, >>8991561, >>8991578 #BreakingNews : @VP Pence says Remdesivir has gotten emergency FDA approval for treating #COVID19-soc media

>>8991502 Trump to visit Mount Rushmore for fireworks display on July 3rd-nypost

>>8991522, >>8991591, >>8991608, >>8991611 call to dig Remdesivir and how they are connected to DS & cabal players-related to news about approval above

>>8991525 anon calls #FlagsOutForFlynn o7

>>8991535 Chicago will be the first to undergo Mass Vaccination apr30-investmentwatchblog

>>8991544 Hussein twat

>>8991545 Coronavirus vaccine: Moderna signs deal for 1 billion Covid-19 doses a year

>>8991557 Freudian slip by Dr. Birx during CNN interview "Gates"

>>8991664 POTUS participates in Presidential Recognition ceremony-yt linky

>>8991697 Q Graphics all in GMT Update

>>8991715 PG&E To Purge Most of its Board in Fallout From

>>8991735, >>8991782 mktfag on why Activision seems impervious to rest of mkt drop today and connections to Soros/Owl

>>8991767 Flynn bombshell puts renewed attention on Durham probe, source says Barr talking to him ‘every day’-foxnews

>>8991813 MIT Ridicules Critics Of Technocrat Coup d’é

>>8991874 Floating Power Plants Are Taking to the High Seas-gcaptain via b'berg

>>8991881 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1500 different firearms on Friday and it is effective immediately-breitbart

>>8991968 Judge Orders Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Investigators to Pay $1.5 Million to Abortion Giant-breitbart wut?

>>8992056 US Navy Twat

>>8992082 Cops face off with protesters at California’s Capitol as they demand end to stay-at-home


all you B

ty anons

Anonymous ID: c15ddd 2020-05-01 21:20:09Z No. 8992098



You can't post MuhJoos shit about it all being dreamed up before WWI, and then also all being dreamed up in 1944. Make up your fucking mind.

Maybe a clockfag or two could explain this whole "time" thing to you …

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:20:10Z No. 8992099


I wonder what she is really trying to sell.

Anonymous ID: e89174 2020-05-01 21:20:21Z No. 8992100


Good idea. Make it harder for "them" to have a fire sale.

Anonymous ID: b9cc11 2020-05-01 21:20:24Z No. 8992101


nice timestamp

Anonymous ID: 8f4e33 2020-05-01 21:20:30Z No. 8992102


I was also curious about concrete since its mentioned so often in DS comms.

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:20:33Z No. 8992103

I get the same thing and also get a flood message and have to refresh.

Anonymous ID: 64f760 2020-05-01 21:20:34Z No. 8992104


>The dough will be reverted until everyone's been consulted.

make sure you consult all anons


I noticed: >>8990757 lb

answer: >>8990822 lb

do you have an actual problem with the new dough? state it and be specific

Anonymous ID: ea99e5 2020-05-01 21:20:34Z No. 8992105


Sounds like trolls trying to stop the baking classes.

Anonymous ID: 84da40 2020-05-01 21:20:49Z No. 8992106


When it comes to constitutional rights or "muh pension" the california public servants will choose their pensions.

Gar un fuckin tee it

Anonymous ID: 24a2e8 2020-05-01 21:20:54Z No. 8992107

Will be off till later All.

I do have to do my real life too!

Stay Strong

Stay Safe.

Stay United

Stay Together!

Together WE Win!

Anonymous ID: 107c40 2020-05-01 21:21:14Z No. 8992108

loli shill has been global reported

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:21:19Z No. 8992109



Anonymous ID: 2d3876 2020-05-01 21:21:26Z No. 8992110

No New Normal

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 21:21:30Z No. 8992111


same type of scam birx run with global fund, who, bono, gates and state dep

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:21:31Z No. 8992112

BREAKING: North Korean leader Kim Jong un makes first public appearance in 20 days

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:21:38Z No. 8992113


New Haiti project under way

Anonymous ID: 98495e 2020-05-01 21:21:45Z No. 8992114

Text isn't erasing after posting again.

Anonymous ID: f92e67 2020-05-01 21:21:47Z No. 8992115


Well at the tippy topest vantage point this is spiritual warfare.

Anonymous ID: ac9dad 2020-05-01 21:21:59Z No. 8992116


Big Mike does not meet the requirements to be the president. Residency requirement.

Anonymous ID: 2e7081 2020-05-01 21:22:11Z No. 8992117


Highway Patrol? Go fucking patrol the highways then

Anonymous ID: df857c 2020-05-01 21:22:19Z No. 8992118

What does it mean, when "Updating Thread…" appears on "New Reply" button after pushing new reply button? It just does nothing for a long time. Then flood detected comes up at top of screen.

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 21:22:21Z No. 8992120

>>8992097, >>8991767

QProof: Material used to exonerate General Flynn being used by Durham to indict

>Dec 10 2019

>Same evidence to FREE FLYNN currently being used to INDICT others [GJ]?

>May 1 2020

>EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham has reviewed the bombshell files released earlier this week showing FBI officials discussed whether they wanted to interview Michael Flynn in order to “get him to lie,” sources familiar with his investigation told Fox News, as the document drop renews attention on his probe of the law enforcement community's Russia case.

>Sources even said charges could be justified against officials, and that those reviewing the Justice Department and the FBI's actions are building a "serious case." Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr are said to be speaking regularly.

>“Durham has seen all of this already,” one source told Fox News, adding that they “could be sufficient for some charges against agents.”

A Q proof is an event or news that shows Q is an insider, has insider information, and/or coordinates with POTUS (Q+).

Q implied to anons that the same evidence which will be used to exonerate and free General Flynn will be used by Durham to indict those he is investigating.

>We are far beyond the need for proofs.

Yes I know Q. Anons will keep on making note and making graphics of proofs as news unlocks them to use as Qpills and redpills, especially this onewhich you recently brought up before it was unlocked!.

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 21:22:22Z No. 8992119

President headed to Camp David. C comes before D.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:22:24Z No. 8992121


Probably anon.

All bakers know each other through working together, likewise anons who we work with in keeping the dough up to date such as GMT Graphics anon, MemeHarvester, SpreadsheetAnon etc.

No one knows who this anon is.


Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 21:22:29Z No. 8992122


Not the missouri forced reporting of churches? Ok, well I tried.

Anonymous ID: b4a031 2020-05-01 21:22:35Z No. 8992123


Their real goal is to ban as many IP addresses as possible so that fewer people can connect and comment here

Anonymous ID: 00a25c 2020-05-01 21:22:35Z No. 8992124


They are pathetic. They say nothing ever happens yet try to get anons shut down by posting whatever the wheel stops on after a spin.

“Badge of Honor” faggots


Anonymous ID: abe6ac 2020-05-01 21:22:39Z No. 8992125


Resisting the urge to defile her with some pepe's

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:22:42Z No. 8992126


Anonymous ID: 0aead3 2020-05-01 21:22:45Z No. 8992127

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:22:47Z No. 8992128

Neither did his husband. Kek

Anonymous ID: f5cb4a 2020-05-01 21:22:48Z No. 8992129



Anonymous ID: 9ae306 2020-05-01 21:22:48Z No. 8992130

is purple faggot?

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:22:55Z No. 8992131


"The order establishes the secretary of Energy as the official tasked with identifying equipment currently in use in the bulk power system that poses a risk, and working to take out and replace that equipment. The secretary is also in charge of creating a list of “pre-qualified” vendors that are deemed safe to work with."


Anonymous ID: 706be5 2020-05-01 21:23:00Z No. 8992132


Judge William Orrick III of the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California, made the ruling.

Innocent blood on his hands.

Anonymous ID: 6b5a9d 2020-05-01 21:23:03Z No. 8992133


if POTUS is concerned about the Chicoms taking down the grid, he ought to get companies to start mass producing home & workplace LENR units.

we haven't needed transmission lines and substations and all that crap for decades. Don't let a crisis go to waste, right?

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:23:03Z No. 8992134


looks localized to our bread only. been reported by several now. o7

Anonymous ID: e27fa2 2020-05-01 21:23:06Z No. 8992135


Right, they are "falling back down to Earth". And why is it the sky is "riddled with viruses"?

Chemtrails. End of story.

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 21:23:06Z No. 8992136

>>8992112 BREAKING: North Korean leader Kim Jong un makes first public appearance in 20 days


Anonymous ID: 3fc87c 2020-05-01 21:23:08Z No. 8992137


You sound like a confused English moron pretending.

Anonymous ID: ffd5b9 2020-05-01 21:23:12Z No. 8992138

Anonymous ID: bf3d0a 2020-05-01 21:23:25Z No. 8992140

Fuck y'all niggers.

Anonymous ID: 51218c 2020-05-01 21:23:29Z No. 8992141


purple = (((purple))) now


Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:23:32Z No. 8992142


Everyone tries their best to find the truth. And it is hard when you swallow a bunch of blackpills. Who can I trust? And how do I figure out how to trust the right people when I've been deceived before?

Here's the thing about Q. He/they have always told us to think for ourselves.

If you are new this board, then you should know that stuff is posted here purposely to demoralize and lie to us. You will need to hang for sometime to figure out the difference.

Use evidence and facts to learn truth. Look up the types of evidence.

As for the other stuff. Showing verses telling. If Trump says "ooh I'm just going to ignore medical advice and established authorities" no one would take him seriously, but right people are seeing for themselves the corruption, because it's being put center stage. They will be caught red handed. The sheep are waking up and we are holding them accountable.

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:23:41Z No. 8992143


ty B


was a notable in lb

Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 21:23:46Z No. 8992144

#11509 Best notetaker on the Kun, d'oh

>>8991478, >>8991558, >>8991730, >>8991848, >>8991872, >>8992014 pf reports

>>8991500, >>8991551, >>8991561, >>8991578 #BreakingNews : @VP Pence says Remdesivir has gotten emergency FDA approval for treating #COVID19-soc media

>>8991502 Trump to visit Mount Rushmore for fireworks display on July 3rd-nypost

>>8991522, >>8991591, >>8991608, >>8991611 call to dig Remdesivir and how they are connected to DS & cabal players-related to news about approval above

>>8991525 anon calls #FlagsOutForFlynn o7

>>8991535 Chicago will be the first to undergo Mass Vaccination apr30-investmentwatchblog

>>8991544 Hussein twat

>>8991545 Coronavirus vaccine: Moderna signs deal for 1 billion Covid-19 doses a year

>>8991557 Freudian slip by Dr. Birx during CNN interview "Gates"

>>8991664 POTUS participates in Presidential Recognition ceremony-yt linky

>>8991697 Q Graphics all in GMT Update

>>8991715 PG&E To Purge Most of its Board in Fallout From

>>8991735, >>8991782 mktfag on why Activision seems impervious to rest of mkt drop today and connections to Soros/Owl

>>8991767 Flynn bombshell puts renewed attention on Durham probe, source says Barr talking to him ‘every day’-foxnews

>>8991813 MIT Ridicules Critics Of Technocrat Coup d’é

>>8991874 Floating Power Plants Are Taking to the High Seas-gcaptain via b'berg

>>8991881 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced a ban on 1500 different firearms on Friday and it is effective immediately-breitbart

>>8991968 Judge Orders Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Investigators to Pay $1.5 Million to Abortion Giant-breitbart wut?

>>8992056 US Navy Twat

>>8992082 Cops face off with protesters at California’s Capitol as they demand end to stay-at-home


Anonymous ID: e0335d 2020-05-01 21:23:56Z No. 8992145

Welp, it's 5:00 on Friday afternoon

Shills triggered

What's gonna happen?

Anonymous ID: 03a763 2020-05-01 21:24:00Z No. 8992146



as much as we've learned about Fauci/Gates/WHO/CDC/AMA, it's just amazing that POTUS promotes these people and institutions. I mean their hypo oath is to do know harm, yet here they are burping up misinformation, scaring the shit out of the masses causing a global depression and trying to shove the vac and chip up our asses.

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 21:24:11Z No. 8992148


>Big Mike does not meet the requirements to be the president. Residency requirement.

Nice theory ya got there.

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:24:12Z No. 8992149



Anonymous ID: 614781 2020-05-01 21:24:13Z No. 8992150


Kill Box. DNC will not exist when this done.

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:24:18Z No. 8992151


Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 21:24:23Z No. 8992152


>No one knows who this anon is.


inversely, that's the same issue with the bakers who know each others and anons who don't. respectfully.


thanks, reasonable reaction

Anonymous ID: a4b6b3 2020-05-01 21:24:31Z No. 8992153


You know it's likely going to get worse the longer this goes on, right?

Anonymous ID: 2e02fb 2020-05-01 21:24:34Z No. 8992154


Probably means to follow Judicial WATCH.

Maybe that's who will "discover" the Cruz FISA.

Anonymous ID: 390f63 2020-05-01 21:24:40Z No. 8992155

Luciferian Podesta.

Tik Tok.

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:24:43Z No. 8992156


fo sho.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:24:46Z No. 8992157


Link correction - last week's bake class -

>>>/comms/11086 (towards the foot of the thread is where the anon appeared)

Anonymous ID: 0aead3 2020-05-01 21:24:47Z No. 8992158

POTUS says America will be AIDS-Free within 8 years "or maybe sooner than that."

Anonymous ID: 052459 2020-05-01 21:24:53Z No. 8992159



If this helps open the country, GREAT!

Then, when HCQ studies are released,

FUCK Gilead.

Anonymous ID: 9099f4 2020-05-01 21:25:00Z No. 8992160


Still want to keep people in the dark like a good

water carrier. Shameful.

Anonymous ID: d4cf56 2020-05-01 21:25:00Z No. 8992161


BF will say its a double

Anonymous ID: b5fb29 2020-05-01 21:25:08Z No. 8992162



Yeah, that's all I do. I'm new though to all of this wizardry. The bible has some difficult books to operate with at first but I'm getting the hang of it.

Anonymous ID: cfc279 2020-05-01 21:25:13Z No. 8992163

So (((THEY))) is replaced now? I miss the blue and white.

Anonymous ID: 936b2e 2020-05-01 21:25:13Z No. 8992164


OpSec is important.

Anonymous ID: be2000 2020-05-01 21:25:20Z No. 8992165


Trump Admin w Flynn

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 21:25:20Z No. 8992166


My apologies, I was not looking for a personal notable, I only found sauce. Just happy it now is further into the open.

Anonymous ID: 7c9ece 2020-05-01 21:25:29Z No. 8992167


dubs sez beautiful outside. took my gear to the lanai. noice afternoon.

Anonymous ID: 556810 2020-05-01 21:25:43Z No. 8992168


Rumah of muh ded gweatly eggzajewated

Anonymous ID: 60fde4 2020-05-01 21:25:49Z No. 8992169

The Camp David Accords were a pair of political agreements signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on 17 September 1978, following twelve days of secret negotiations at Camp David, the country retreat of the President of the United States in Maryland.

The Camp David Accords II were a pair of political agreements signed by South Korean President Jae-In Moon and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on May 7, 2020, following seven days of secret negotiations at Camp David, the country retreat of the President of the United States in Maryland, finally ending the Korean War.

Anonymous ID: 425c77 2020-05-01 21:25:51Z No. 8992170

Here are two search engines to use:

Search for Hydroxychloroquine and either SARS or Coronavirus along with any one of these diseases, and you will begin to understand how lazy and incompetent the WHO, CDC and FDA have been.

*systemic erythematous lupus (BIG!)

* malaria

*rheumatoid arthritis (BIG!)

*juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

*sjogren's syndrome

*connective tissue disease (BIG!)

*HIV type 1 (BIG!)


*cancer therapy-shown to mediate substantial antineoplastic effects in preclinical models (FNG BIG!)

*dementia in Alzheimer's (OMG BIG!)

*melanoma (BIG)

* breast cancer (OMG BIG!!)

*schizophrenia -significant ameliorating effect (BIG!!)

*B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemic cells (BIG)

*severe chronic asthma- steroid sparing effect (BIG)

*advanced non-small cell lung cancer (BIG)

*improves insulin sensitivity in obese non-diabetics

*Q fever (LOL!)

*cutaneous sarcoidal granulomas

*cholesterol lowering effects- reversal of deleterious effects of steroids on lipids (BIG)

*prevention of post-op deep vein thrombosis (BIG)

*decompensated treatment for refractory non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitis

*oral lichen planus

*urticarial vasulitis syndrome



*discoid lupus profundus in children

*lupus panniculitis

*antiphospholipid syndrome

*severe multicentric reticulohistiocytosis

*chronic urticaris

*relapsed/refractory myeloma


*immunomodulatory properties for bone marrow transplants

*psoriatic arthritis

*lichen planopilaris (frontal alopecia)

*porphyria cutanea tarde


*surfactant protein c deficiency

and finally:

*cancer in dogs

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Anonymous ID: f39951 2020-05-01 21:25:52Z No. 8992171


Anonymous ID: 15e176 2020-05-01 21:25:57Z No. 8992172


No, for your own ego.

Anonymous ID: bbaf5e 2020-05-01 21:26:03Z No. 8992173


my brother was cured of AIDS while in prison

Anonymous ID: 56f11d 2020-05-01 21:26:18Z No. 8992174


Low Vit D

Anonymous ID: 6bbfd2 2020-05-01 21:26:29Z No. 8992176

This is the slowest enacting of Martial Law in the history of the Universe.

Anonymous ID: 49fb9d 2020-05-01 21:26:30Z No. 8992177


Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:26:31Z No. 8992178




Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:27:13Z No. 8992181


That is probably Brennan or Comey they already know they're going to jail

Anonymous ID: 7e1b79 2020-05-01 21:27:13Z No. 8992182




Anonymous ID: 503edf 2020-05-01 21:27:21Z No. 8992183


ThankQ fren


Anonymous ID: ffb7c7 2020-05-01 21:27:34Z No. 8992184


Report the Pedo since we can't physically hang him

Anonymous ID: 41af12 2020-05-01 21:27:40Z No. 8992185


It certainly feels like it's building to a crescendo.

Anonymous ID: 614781 2020-05-01 21:27:46Z No. 8992186


It is correct but obviously they dont care. Obama did not meet a bunch of requirements and they jammed him up are ass anyway.

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:27:49Z No. 8992187


We've all, as a group, updated the dough since we were on 4chan.

Changes have always been discussed in the General thread.

I note that you didn't discuss these changes with anyone, and took it upon yourself to bake and change it all on your own.

Why should one person who no one knows, come in here and change the dough?

Do you honestly thing that's going to work?

Do you not know the lengths we all go to, as a board to prevent this happening?

Are you new that you don't know this?

Anonymous ID: 8e9c83 2020-05-01 21:27:51Z No. 8992188


The manga CP is because of clown agents who try to rile up usefull idiots on /v on poll and kun to spam that shit here

Anonymous ID: 33f86f 2020-05-01 21:27:59Z No. 8992189


You know what they call a straight man with AIDS?

A liar.

Anonymous ID: 780470 2020-05-01 21:28:04Z No. 8992190





BREAKING: North Korean leader Kim Jong un makes first public appearance in 20 days - @YonhapNews

Anonymous ID: 425c77 2020-05-01 21:28:07Z No. 8992191


N.K. defector claims he is '99 pct' sure that N. Korean leader died last weekend

Dig, research, verify. Anything else is being a sheep, led around by the nose-ring of RUMOUR

Anonymous ID: d2cabb 2020-05-01 21:28:10Z No. 8992192


horney corney scarred

who nows muhbe mainlining memes w junkies is theway to go – wut a way to go…

Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 21:28:11Z No. 8992193

Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:28:18Z No. 8992194


First Obama asking for "food donations" and now HRC announcing an auction with big tech. Something is going on.

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:28:19Z No. 8992195


no apology needed.


ty, now for one of these.

Anonymous ID: bbc2e7 2020-05-01 21:28:26Z No. 8992196


Hussein twats invites people to join

Hillary twats says she joined.

are they arranging a game chat?

who else is twatting about joining?

Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 21:28:27Z No. 8992197


Exactly. Republican nor democrap

Anonymous ID: f975c1 2020-05-01 21:28:31Z No. 8992198

Virginia messed up during their press conference today. Tell the public if they have a positive patients take 3 retest they are counting 4 as positive test. If Virginia is doing this I am sure others are.

Anonymous ID: a84ab3 2020-05-01 21:29:08Z No. 8992200


That doesn't work if it's only their MAC ID that's banned.. CM, any ideas on how to implement that?

Anonymous ID: 00a25c 2020-05-01 21:29:14Z No. 8992201



How many coincidences until it’s mathematically impossible? I’d say we are past answering this question here.

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:29:21Z No. 8992202


Kek Fake News MSM claimed he was dead ,

Anonymous ID: b604fd 2020-05-01 21:29:34Z No. 8992204


I haven't had the flu in 30 years since I quit drinking. Not even a cold either.

No medications, no vaccinations, during the past 30 years.

Anonymous ID: e84371 2020-05-01 21:29:38Z No. 8992205


Update about 100 or more in riot gear have told every body to disperse ….pray for CA patriots!

Anonymous ID: 41af12 2020-05-01 21:29:43Z No. 8992206



those days are behind us.

Anonymous ID: ef173c 2020-05-01 21:29:52Z No. 8992207


please take a deep breath and swallow your pants, it's going to be ok.

>I note that you didn't discuss these changes with anyone, and took it upon yourself to bake and change it all on your own.

none of that is true, you're getting carried away.

all changes were discussed, someone esle than me took the bake, and stills others gave their opinion as the dough had gone live.

Anonymous ID: a4b6b3 2020-05-01 21:30:31Z No. 8992208



I'd like to see something along these lines, or perhaps even more "nerdier". Check out all these patents he filed on May 1, 1888:

Anonymous ID: 7db2ff 2020-05-01 21:30:36Z No. 8992209


Oh noes.. Kim is alive, just like any other day.

How is this news?

>but muh MSM said he was deded last week..

Anonymous ID: f39951 2020-05-01 21:30:47Z No. 8992210



Anonymous ID: 30d228 2020-05-01 21:31:05Z No. 8992211


Obama asking for donations, HRC talking about big auction with big tech and now this.

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:31:16Z No. 8992212


I know Potus said he knows of the situation with Kim and couldn't say anything. Something is going on for everything to be hushed.

Anonymous ID: d7d4a2 2020-05-01 21:31:25Z No. 8992213


I have never had the flu ever and been smoking since 1974

Anonymous ID: 60fde4 2020-05-01 21:31:26Z No. 8992214


I do that too, a lot. thing instead of think. not sure why.

But yeah, defend the board.

Especially against fake bakers.

Anonymous ID: abe6ac 2020-05-01 21:31:35Z No. 8992217


same source

(LEAD) N.K. defector claims he is '99 pct' sure that N. Korean leader died

North Korea 16:28 May 01, 2020


(ATTN: REWRITES headline, lead; UPDATES with Cheong Wa Dae's stance at bottom)

SEOUL, May 1 (Yonhap) – A North Korea defector elected as a lawmaker in South Korea claimed Friday that he is "99 percent" sure that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un died after surgery amid speculation over his health.

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:31:38Z No. 8992218

N.K. leader reemerges from 20-day absence amid rumors over his health

06:26 May 02, 2020

SEOUL, May 2 (Yonhap) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made his firs public appearance after 20 days of absence, contradicting rumors about his health, state media showed on Saturday.

Kim attended a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer plant in Sunchon, South Phyongan Province, according to the media.

This marks his first reported public activity since he was last seen on April 11, presiding over a political bureau meeting of the ruling Workers Party. His apparent absence in events commemorating the 108th birthday of late founder and his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, on April 15 spawned speculation about his health.

Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 21:31:43Z No. 8992219

Anonymous ID: e0335d 2020-05-01 21:31:46Z No. 8992220


Yeah, I hope that Hillbitch is signaling mayday because she's in distress

Have a stroke, evil witch!

Anonymous ID: d082da 2020-05-01 21:31:50Z No. 8992221



Anonymous ID: 5a6fab 2020-05-01 21:31:53Z No. 8992222





Anonymous ID: 2a3d62 2020-05-01 21:31:55Z No. 8992223


I pray you are right. I do not doubt POTUS colors, everyone is suspect until emerging from the crucible of time.

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:31:55Z No. 8992224


sorry I missed those anon. repost nb if moar news comes out from it. Like seeing that

Anonymous ID: f52c8e 2020-05-01 21:31:58Z No. 8992225


MAC's don't traverse past the first routed hop.

Anonymous ID: 614781 2020-05-01 21:32:14Z No. 8992226


They still think they have a chance. Normies will not care. My kids fucking common core shit teaches a false Natural Born Citizen meaning as opposed to Vattel Law of Nations where the founders borrowed from.

Anonymous ID: baf2ac 2020-05-01 21:32:26Z No. 8992227


Ten Days



Anonymous ID: 9663bf 2020-05-01 21:32:28Z No. 8992228

squeeze it and it turns purple


Anonymous ID: 9ae306 2020-05-01 21:32:35Z No. 8992229


MAYDAY call to her handlers?

Anonymous ID: 7db2ff 2020-05-01 21:32:36Z No. 8992230


Some part of me almost wishes Covid was real..

That could clear up the invation-force camps real quick, kek.

Anonymous ID: 0aead3 2020-05-01 21:32:39Z No. 8992231


POTUS also said a couple weeks ago that the media's talk about Kim's death was "fake news from CNN" or something to that effect.

Anonymous ID: cf0388 2020-05-01 21:32:43Z No. 8992232


Is Kim at Camp David?

Anonymous ID: f5cb4a 2020-05-01 21:32:43Z No. 8992233

Backdoors most likely from cheap chinese parts

Anonymous ID: f39951 2020-05-01 21:32:46Z No. 8992234


Thanks, anon. Haven't seen this. Always want to read everything

Anonymous ID: f9077d 2020-05-01 21:33:21Z No. 8992236


Please show us where you proposed the dough changes and the feedback you received.

And why you decided, all on your own, that it was enough feedback, in just an hour or two, to take the bake and change it again all on your own.

Anonymous ID: f52c8e 2020-05-01 21:33:32Z No. 8992237


Anonymous ID: db6c19 2020-05-01 21:33:36Z No. 8992239

Anonymous ID: d53879 2020-05-01 21:33:37Z No. 8992240


You are delusional.

Anonymous ID: 89b20f 2020-05-01 21:33:40Z No. 8992241


Anonymous ID: 936192 2020-05-01 21:33:48Z No. 8992242


I had the flu one time when i was small child. Never had it since i became a teenager.

I also never got a flu shot once i became a teenager. I did get them as a small child because i had no control over that, but funny that that was the only time i ever got the flu. No flu shots and no flu since

Anonymous ID: 010764 2020-05-01 21:33:57Z No. 8992243


McConnell Says Impeachment Resolution Makes Schiff ‘a de Facto Special Prosecutor’

Anonymous ID: 6e18c2 2020-05-01 21:34:07Z No. 8992244

KCNA reports North Korea leader Kim Jong Un resuming public activity

World News May 1, 2020 / 4:27 PM / Updated 6 minutes ago

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea’s state news agency KCNA said on Saturday leader Kim Jong Un attended the completion of a fertilizer plant in a region north of the capital, Pyongyang, in the first report of his public activity since April 11.

Reuters could not independently verify the KCNA report.

There has been speculation about his health after he missed the birth anniversary celebrations of state founder Kim Il Sung on April 15. The day is a major holiday in North Korea and Kim as leader usually pays a visit to the mausoleum where his grandfather lies in state.

Anonymous ID: 833a66 2020-05-01 21:34:10Z No. 8992245