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Q Research General #11799: The Vaccinator - Nightmare on Gates Street Edition

Q Research General #11799: The Vaccinator - Nightmare on Gates Street Edition Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 01:44:37Z No. 9218655

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Sunday 05.17.2020

>>9217215 ————————————–——– Rt @EYEDROPMEDIA: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9217253)

>>9216185 ————————————–——– In our hearts, we carry those who have died (Cap: >>9216196)

>>9214722 ————————————–——– Knowledge is power (Cap: >>9214764)

>>9213893 ————————————–——– Rt @circumspectus: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213915)

>>9213792 ————————————–——– Rt @doylehall: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213808)

>>9213769 ————————————–——– Rt @polarbear9702: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213912)

>>9213695 ————————————–——– Rt @TitoCalloway: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213728)

>>9213664 ————————————–——– Rt @pixielicious731: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213689)

>>9213640 ————————————–——– Rt @QTheWakeUp: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213660)

>>9213568 ————————————–——– Rt @VALIANT_TH0R: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213620)

>>9213555 ————————————–——– Rt @officialrissad: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213572)

>>9213523 ————————————–——– Rt @Missc247: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213615)

>>9213457 ————————————–——– Rt @wach_jetzt_auf: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213547)

>>9213376 ————————————–——– Rt @BrazilQArmy: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213496)

>>9213376 ————————————–——– Rt @jbarwkc: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213458)

>>9213352 ————————————–——– Rt @QdUpJarhead: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213393)

>>9213280 ————————————–——– Rt @PatriotDancing: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213321)

>>9213255 ————————————–——– Rt @nicolejc9: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213273)

>>9213118 ————————————–——– Rt @forabetterwor10: WWG1WGA!!! (Cap: >>9213240)

>>9212389 ————————————–——– Bartiromo Tweet - Public v [matters of NAT SEC] (Cap: >>9212535)

>>9212171 ————————————–——– For future events [understanding] (Cap: >>9212756)

>>9212037 ————————————–——– CLAS 1-99_week_3 [you are here] (Cap: >>9212060, >>9212072)

Friday 05.15.2020

>>9192282 ————————————–——– Where. We. Go. One. We. Go. All. (Cap: >>9192860)

>>9189221 ————————————–——– Is this about the virus OR THE ELECTION? (Cap: >>9189286)

>>9189023 ————————————–——– DNI announces changes to election security briefings (Cap/text: >>9189044, >>9189036)

>>9188948 ————————————–——– 'Quarantine' is when you restrict the movement of sick people. 'Tyranny', healthy people

>>9187012 ————————————–——– Vote by mail: It's right in front of you (Cap: >>9187039, >>9187161)

>>9186868 ————————————–——– It's time to end the horror show. (Cap: >>9186891)

>>9185840 ————————————–——– Have faith in God. Mark 11:22

>>9185636 ————————————–——– Think for yourself. (Cap: >>9185723)

>>9185312 ————————————–——– Why did [D]s change narrative? "Everything is fine" > "Testing, Tracing, Isolation"

>>9184840 ————————————–——– Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM. (Cap >>9184870)

>>9184605 ————————————–——– Time to end the horror show? Time to term [select] science advisors, gov controls by legal challenge? Time to stand? (HCQ Cap and Vid: >>9184646)

>>9184246 ————————————–——– Fear. Division. Dependency. Control. (Cap: >>9184296)

Thu 05.14.2020 >>9214444

Wed 05.13.2020 >>9212339

Tue 05.12.2020 >>9187430

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>>7683307 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 01:58:17Z No. 9218818

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>>9218514 Epidemiologist slams lockdowns: 'We could open up again and forget the whole thing'

>>9218690 Patriot Police officer explains what exactly his 'oath of office' means!

>>9218700 Risk of CV spreading in schools is 'extremely low' study finds - yahoonews

>>9218676 More on the Canadian Air Force crash

>>9218611 Q Van found on twitter

>>9218577 POTUS remarks After Marine One Arrival

>>9218574 Deformed toddler's heads in China caused by protein drink

>>9218593 Do our health experts admit to colluding with WHO and China?

>>9218481 Cuomo: “Nobody Should Be Prosecuted” for sticking CV patients in nursing homes

>>9218419 James Woods trending on twitter

>>9218333 , >>9218343 Syria Update

>>9218231 Illinois' Pritzker’s rule change locks down the state for 150 days

>>9218295 Nunes thanks citizen journalists

>>9218273 How the CV experts say they coordinate with each other

>>9218397 , >>9218401, >>9218415, >>9218409, >>9218567 Manhattan fire diggz II

>>9218170 , >>9218253, >>9218213, >>9218252, >>9218362 Manhattan fire diggz

>>9218152 Re HCQ prescriptions in Texas: Investigate your state Pharmacy Board

>>9218145 , >>9218218, >>9218228 Anon theory on Snowden and Russia

>>9218138 Coalition of 62 countries back Australia's push for CV probe

>>9218125 , >>9218137, >>9218284 Fresh DJT

>>9218810 #11798


>>9217994 Fresh DJT: Watch Mark Levin tonight on Fox News

>>9217898 , >>9217914, >>9217832, >>9218004 Breaking: Massive building fire in Manhattan

>>9217959 Full paper on repurposing of clinically developed drugs for CV

>>9217948 WHO’s DTP vaccine killed more in Africa than the diseases it targeted

>>9217922 Devin Nunes Live Interview In 30 Mins

>>9217897 , >>9217907 Alibaba's Jack Ma resigns from Softbank

>>9217887 Belgian doctors protest covid Prime Minister

>>9217859 Google's Graphics Processing Software is ADRENO. Browser is CHROME

>>9217803 Oregon business owner who reopened says CPS questioned her family

>>9217799 Dem-imposed Coronavirus orders face lawsuits across the nation

>>9217786 Bill de Blasio vows crackdown and threatens to 'shut places down'

>>9217775 UK's Flair Aviation caught conducting banned commercial flights in Nigeria

>>9217732 , >>9217780 1979 report on colds and coronaviruses

>>9217638 Dig on General Flynn happenings

>>9217609 GM tells Mexico workers it plans May 20 restart at Silao plant

>>9217566 Dem Rep Horsford re affair: "Out of concern for my family"

>>9217468 Prince Andrew faces fresh alllegations linking him to another slave

>>9217465 , >>9217914 Planefag Reports

>>9217395 House Republican Introduces Bill to Ban ‘Ballot Harvesting’

>>9217381 , >>9217453 Vatican Is Moving ‘Full-Steam’ in Courtship of Beijing

>>9217398 James Woods rt POTUS

>>9217387 Trump Calls into NBC Golf Broadcast: ‘We Want to Get Sports Back’

>>9217370 , >>9217431 Qpost video views - 2.8K views when Q posted - Watch it grow

>>9217347 USGS: Amphibian Coloring Book PDF

>>9218026 #11797

Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 01:58:26Z No. 9218820


>>9217141 US and its allies will confront China during tomorrow's annual WHO Summit

>>9217145 100 Chicago churches to hold services Sunday despite stay home orders

>>9217128 Billionaire Walmart Heiress Behind RINO Republican PAC’s Anti Trump Ads

>>9217066 Video: Eric Trump on Judge Jeanine - The want to stop MAGA rallies

>>9216964 Common sense questions people should be asking about the coronavirus

>>9216945 Video: Eric Trump tweets the CNN pink blazer journo removing mask

>>9216904 , >>9216918, >>9216962, >>9216973 Fresh DJT

>>9216893 Shipment of cotton swabs for COVID-19 testing 'raises some concerns'

>>9216843 Videos: Canadian AF aerobatic team’s jet crashes into house in British Columbia

>>9216835 Turkey CV death toll reaches 4,140 as recoveries exceed 109,000

>>9216795 USNavy: Getting back in the fight - #ForceToBeReckonedWith

>>9216716 , >>9216843 Planefag Updates

>>9216676 James Woods - Dragon Mode Activated - #KillerComo

>>9216653 MP4: Birx - GATES is recommending contact tracing

>>9216649 Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson - Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir

>>9216643 Is it a Q or something else on the QCup from Bartiromo's show this am?

>>9217002 Herridge: #FLYNN Exhibit 6: “302” from two agents including Strzok

>>9216598 Herridge: #FLYNN Exhibit 5: Comey - “we kept it (case) open once we became aware”

>>9216594 , >>9216677 Celebrity PSA just dropped against Biden's sexual abuse

>>9216576 @Jack screwing with Q'ed RTs to make it look like MAGA has little support

>>9216571 Devin Nunes: "trump didn't make up the term fake news

>>9217233 #11796


>>9216472 President Trump fires back at Obama

>>9216167 Machete attack in Nashville

>>9216155 Canadian Air Force Jet Crashes in British Columbia

>>9216147, >>9216164 Anon on Snowden docs in previous Q post - ANONS DIGG

>>9216106 Anti-containment protest in Quebec - big Q sign!

>>9216051 Will Fauci and Birx Serve Time for Destroying US Economy?

>>9215970, >>9215986, >>9216086 PF updates

>>9215869 Great Interview with Congressman Devin Nunes

baker change

>>9215980 Dan Bongino Twat - Quarantine is ending because we the people say so

>>9215898 Molly Hemingway live on Mark Levin tonight

>>9215864 Suspect in Ramat Gan murder 'heard voices' telling hiim to kill girlfriend

>>9215826, >>9216449 AG Barr hotline to report violations of civil rights by Governors

>>9215823 ObamaGate - Keep it Trending!

>>9215778, >>9215826, >>9215889 Reminder: April 27, 2020- DOJ; Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law - complete w/Hotline #

>>9216011, >>9215760, >>9215766, >>9215798, >>9215961 MK Ultra patents

>>9215758 Death and Destruction in Texas


>>9216523 #11795

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Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 01:59:45Z No. 9218837


Baker requests handoff

Anonymous ID: 6a9155 2020-05-18 02:01:39Z No. 9218858



>>9217638 Dig on General Flynn happenings

>>9216945 Video: Eric Trump tweets the CNN pink blazer journo removing mask

>>9217002 Herridge: #FLYNN Exhibit 6: “302” from two agents including Strzok

>>9216598 Herridge: #FLYNN Exhibit 5: Comey - “we kept it (case) open once we became aware”

>>9215066, >>9215068 #FLYNN Docs Exhibit 1: FBI “closing communication” 1/4/2017 after scrubbing travel, databases, use of physical surveillance, cites absence “derogatory information,” soc media C. Herridge

>>9215634, >>9215585 Unfit To Print Episode 52: Biden Busted In Flynn Unmasking Scandal

Anonymous ID: ed6b5f 2020-05-18 02:02:41Z No. 9218864


You Can't Stop Progress 153

LIVE @ 22:00

Anonymous ID: 6a9155 2020-05-18 02:03:00Z No. 9218865


Anonymous ID: da76ca 2020-05-18 02:03:48Z No. 9218875

(YOU) are beautiful just the way you are

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:03:57Z No. 9218878

Being raided right now.

Report them locally and/or globally.

Anonymous ID: 883724 2020-05-18 02:04:31Z No. 9218886

Heaven awaits (and so does your Son).

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:04:33Z No. 9218887


Anonymous ID: 15fa4d 2020-05-18 02:04:33Z No. 9218888

Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:05:37Z No. 9218895



>>9218726 lb

>>9218676 lb


>WTF - The video is from the Blue Angels #6 Crash of Jeff Kuss in Nashville - NOT this event.



New Baker, Notable

Confirmed is fuckin fake news: The video is from the Blue Angels #6 Crash of Jeff Kuss in Nashville - NOT this event.

Anonymous ID: bc34d1 2020-05-18 02:05:41Z No. 9218896

Anonymous ID: f1e18a 2020-05-18 02:06:01Z No. 9218898


Thanks Baker. Great job. Anons back at warp speed.

Anonymous ID: 69ea8b 2020-05-18 02:06:07Z No. 9218899

Have ya'll seen the catalog lately?

Shills are Shilling.

Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 02:06:09Z No. 9218900





Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:06:21Z No. 9218901

Anons who are good with Obama/Biden imagery…

Do you think this could be used in a meme?


You gotta thank Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


If it was not for the depth of their

‘''corruption, incompetence and criminal behaviour,’’'

Trump would never have become President.

Anonymous ID: f1e18a 2020-05-18 02:06:35Z No. 9218904

Deutschland sind wir bei dir. Wohin einer von uns geht, gehen wir alle.

Anonymous ID: bc8263 2020-05-18 02:06:36Z No. 9218905

Anonymous ID: cb9a81 2020-05-18 02:06:40Z No. 9218906

Is it or isn't it?

That's the Q

(How to keep shills busy ;-)

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:06:47Z No. 9218908

maria b

jim comey breifed Trump on Jan 6 2017

1 day after meeting w Obama and other top officials in the oval office


greatest political crime

50 year sentences

greatest political scam hoax

a lot of ppl will have to pay

Flynn and others are Heroes

this was all biden

whole was corrupt, we caught them

biden on GMA, gets released afterwards he was an unmasker

b4 Elections, page, strozk, insurance policy 'she's going to win'


Q Posts OO 2 drops

10 Feb 2018

'Prayer said every single day in the OO.'


'On-site CLAS briefings / SIT ROOM / OO / PEOC / N_C? '

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:06:57Z No. 9218909


Anonymous ID: a3c234 2020-05-18 02:06:58Z No. 9218910

>>9218724 lb

>>9218164 lb


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:07:14Z No. 9218912


Reported them all. Who knows when they'll be addressed.

Anonymous ID: fabbd4 2020-05-18 02:07:19Z No. 9218913



Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 02:07:24Z No. 9218914

Baker <3

Anonymous ID: eac8b2 2020-05-18 02:07:29Z No. 9218915


Like the night shift meme, thanks anon.

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:07:37Z No. 9218916

Anonymous ID: 28cc5a 2020-05-18 02:07:43Z No. 9218917



Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:08:01Z No. 9218918



Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 02:08:14Z No. 9218919

The CF has literally used global health and NGOs as a means to infiltrate governments, destabilize, and take over for decades! This has documented evidence! They have literally deployed their age old technique on us!

Anonymous ID: 94d169 2020-05-18 02:08:23Z No. 9218920



Anonymous ID: 49be13 2020-05-18 02:08:30Z No. 9218922


Anonymous ID: 875d97 2020-05-18 02:08:31Z No. 9218923


‪11/26/17 07:40:45

I understand now. I don't understand, but I understand. I went back, and came forward, and saw the Truth.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:08:31Z No. 9218924


Comforting sign of spring in our garden

Anonymous ID: c0179e 2020-05-18 02:08:35Z No. 9218925


Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:08:37Z No. 9218926

>>9218890 (lb)

whoa brah easy on the copy pasta

i can only absorb so much knowledge

Anonymous ID: b6b8db 2020-05-18 02:08:39Z No. 9218927

>>9218652 lb

Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you. Rebuke a wise man and he will love you. Proverbs, 9:8

Anonymous ID: 13ff51 2020-05-18 02:08:41Z No. 9218928

Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 02:08:42Z No. 9218929


Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:08:59Z No. 9218930

Any Anons feel that Social Media is not hammering down with the censorship quite so hard as they used to? Is somebody removing the resources used to do this?

Anonymous ID: cb9a81 2020-05-18 02:08:59Z No. 9218931




Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:09:03Z No. 9218932


member, ignore the last dot

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:09:13Z No. 9218933


Shut up larp.

Anonymous ID: 3bc6bd 2020-05-18 02:09:24Z No. 9218934


Anonymous ID: 28cc5a 2020-05-18 02:09:27Z No. 9218935


NGO's rule the world atm

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:09:49Z No. 9218936



friendly reminder of the Shadow Governments King

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:09:53Z No. 9218937


ty baker

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:10:01Z No. 9218938


sillier, but I tried

Anonymous ID: 466674 2020-05-18 02:10:02Z No. 9218939

Remind me to never watch American Idol again.


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:10:05Z No. 9218940

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:10:23Z No. 9218941

Anonymous ID: 571636 2020-05-18 02:10:38Z No. 9218942

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:10:41Z No. 9218943

Anonymous ID: 06033c 2020-05-18 02:10:49Z No. 9218944


Q has no time to deal with cures

Q must increase the Twitter traffic

by sending every one to various

Twitter Links

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:10:53Z No. 9218945



Anonymous ID: 316765 2020-05-18 02:10:55Z No. 9218946

Top fucking kek!

VR Holocaust Experience - (Africa, like the rest of us, must never forget) (01:14)

Anonymous ID: 3898be 2020-05-18 02:11:13Z No. 9218949


“I'd love to, but you'll have to remove that damn cat.”

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:11:20Z No. 9218950


Your pussy is sticking out.

Anonymous ID: 5132b9 2020-05-18 02:11:24Z No. 9218951


Baker back at 200

Next baker, please take it, h/o at 200


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:11:25Z No. 9218952


Anonymous ID: 49be13 2020-05-18 02:11:26Z No. 9218953


Schifty needs this

Anonymous ID: 31a37d 2020-05-18 02:11:28Z No. 9218954

>>9217370 , >>9217431 Qpost video views - 2.8K views when Q posted - Watch it grow

Yep at 12,800 and 7200 retweets

Anonymous ID: bc33ac 2020-05-18 02:11:30Z No. 9218955

Anyone notice the board is full of interracial porn breads?

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:11:31Z No. 9218956


Thanks Baker.

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:11:31Z No. 9218957


if you put this on twatter i will hunt you down

Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 02:11:36Z No. 9218958


Exactly why it's so critical that we make sure Trump does not renew the funding for the WHO

Anonymous ID: 74bde5 2020-05-18 02:11:42Z No. 9218959

>>9218715 (lb/pb)

That was Outstanding Patriot! I have taken some of these oaths before. They do not expire, and the Constitution is first and foremost. It is the source of our sovereignty and freedoms. o7

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:11:47Z No. 9218960

Coronavirus to burn out ‘naturally’ BEFORE vaccine? Former top WHO oncologist Karol Sikora says there’s ‘REAL CHANCE’ of that

Covid-19 could be “petering out by itself” before the world comes up with any vaccine, a leading academic, formerly the World Health Organization’s (WHO) top oncologist has said.

“There’s a real chance that the virus will burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed,” Karol Sikora, the dean of the University of Buckingham’s medical school, wrote on Twitter.

We’re seeing a roughly similar pattern everywhere – I suspect we have more immunity than estimated. We need to keep slowing the virus, but it could be petering out by itself.

The statement triggered quite a response, making Sikora later clarify that it was hi personal opinion and he was positing a “feasible scenario” that might be possible in the current “unknown situation.” The scientist went on to say that no one knows “what will happen for sure” and urged the public to stick to social distancing rules.

Anonymous ID: fa4b8f 2020-05-18 02:11:48Z No. 9218961


You still walk free Adam. Proof justice is not being done.

Anonymous ID: 8ae5f2 2020-05-18 02:11:49Z No. 9218962

keep #Obamagate trending

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:11:50Z No. 9218963


Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:11:54Z No. 9218964


"70% of Inmates have Covid-19"

Fuck you pencil neck

May your necking be painful

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:11:56Z No. 9218965


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:12:01Z No. 9218966

ive been the archer

ive been the prey

Anonymous ID: 4fed0c 2020-05-18 02:12:02Z No. 9218967


look at the store locations…and around with google maps…look for building with a lot of refrigeration..or close to containers..Churches..Hospitals…They are in Cluster…Google Maps…change dates to see..look for Radio Equipment..Extra Electricity

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:12:17Z No. 9218969


Anonymous ID: 45ea3c 2020-05-18 02:12:21Z No. 9218970


Anonymous ID: 30d5c8 2020-05-18 02:12:24Z No. 9218971


One guess who "E" is……

Let's see who was at camp with Trump…

A Senator…

First name starts with a "E"…hmmm…no clue.

Can't get any easier than that….sometimes it's just that easy.

Anonymous ID: 9ef07d 2020-05-18 02:12:39Z No. 9218972


did anyone get a clear pic of the sides yet?

Anonymous ID: 6885fc 2020-05-18 02:12:40Z No. 9218973


Got any newer bewbs, Anon? For archival purposes, of course.

Anonymous ID: 5ef59b 2020-05-18 02:12:43Z No. 9218975

>>9218941 Liddle Adam Schiff isn't looking so good, even with the makeup. The eyes give it away.

Anonymous ID: 7b55a9 2020-05-18 02:12:43Z No. 9218976

Mark Levins post about "Barney" passing is dated today PB

Anonymous ID: a3c234 2020-05-18 02:12:54Z No. 9218977


General Flynn had literally asked us to investigate the fff.

Anonymous ID: 883724 2020-05-18 02:12:55Z No. 9218978

>>9218385 (lb)

>…paytriot who's only UFO is an Unscrupulous Financial Opportunity

holy kek my sides

Anonymous ID: 646cc9 2020-05-18 02:12:58Z No. 9218979


May Allah touch his wiener in Farsi.

Anonymous ID: 28cc5a 2020-05-18 02:13:11Z No. 9218981

The head of the snake

The Giving Pledge

Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 02:13:16Z No. 9218983



Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:13:18Z No. 9218984

So what is you plan of attack for next week?

You cannot let #obamagate slow down but you must think about your next battle

Do not let #OBAMAGATE stop trending

Fire till you run out of ammo

Oh btw, QResearch ammo depot has infinite capacity. We NEVER run out. Meme Corps is always making MOAR.

Anonymous ID: 40e67a 2020-05-18 02:13:20Z No. 9218985

Anonymous ID: dc7e28 2020-05-18 02:13:21Z No. 9218986


How did these prisoners get kung flu?

Anonymous ID: cb9a81 2020-05-18 02:13:24Z No. 9218987


Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:13:50Z No. 9218988


This. Fucking this.

Anonymous ID: 3bc6bd 2020-05-18 02:13:50Z No. 9218989


Anonymous ID: 6fa48b 2020-05-18 02:13:53Z No. 9218990

Iran looking for a fight.

Iranian state TV has announced at least five least five Iranian-flagged tankers are transporting fuel to Venezuela through the Atlantic Ocean and plan to break the American blockade on the Latin American country.

Iran has warned that any US attempt at intercepting its fuel tankers "would have serious repercussions for the Trump administration ahead of the November elections."

Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:13:57Z No. 9218991


who does Adam want released and why?

Anonymous ID: ac5355 2020-05-18 02:14:03Z No. 9218992

Yeah white boy, I'm gonna black your girls. All them y*kubanoid ass bitches straight be lustin after my BIG BLACK COCK! Damn bitch, like you fucks can't even imaginate how big my thick hot hard ass cock be up in your white bitches fanny. Yeeahhhh hhhh, we gon get rid of yo cracka ass y*kubian ass, das rite. All that's gon be left be tha rubanoid babies we be making. You jealous white boy? I know I would be. Damn cracka, we gon chase you back to yo cave cracka. I mean, yo asses bout to feel tha wrath of my big fat black cock. I swear if any of y'all crackas even try and get in my DIVINE RIGHT of way, y'all bout to get my big fat black cock in your mouth. I swear, y'all non-melanated crackas be straight wyldin if y'all think I be in this fo tha white pussy alone niggaaaaaaaa. I ain't bout to say but y'all a bunca cowards and I bet y'all ain't even smoke crack.

Anonymous ID: a11cfa 2020-05-18 02:14:19Z No. 9218993


how about #LockdownOver

Anonymous ID: 720540 2020-05-18 02:14:19Z No. 9218994


If some patriots are anxious, imagine what it is doing to the enemy.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:14:29Z No. 9218995


Anonymous ID: ac5355 2020-05-18 02:14:34Z No. 9218996

Mmmmmhhhhhh white pussy and black cock. a match made in heaven.

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:14:36Z No. 9218997

Admiral Michael Rogers Interviewed by Niloofar Razi Howe | Upfront Summit 2020

2 months ago?

Anonymous ID: 8ae5f2 2020-05-18 02:14:36Z No. 9218998




Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:14:41Z No. 9218999


^^^^^^^^^^^^^new Adam Sciff for Brian twat

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:14:41Z No. 9219000



Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:14:46Z No. 9219001

Anonymous ID: 3a6a5b 2020-05-18 02:14:48Z No. 9219002


Thank you, Baker!

Anonymous ID: 3064e4 2020-05-18 02:14:52Z No. 9219003

Anonymous ID: 49be13 2020-05-18 02:14:55Z No. 9219004


Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:14:55Z No. 9219005


wow see how easy it is to be twatter famous

i need a drink

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:15:10Z No. 9219007


maria b

jim comey breifed Trump on Jan 6 2017

1 day after meeting w Obama and other top officials in the oval office


greatest political crime

50 year sentences

greatest political scam hoax

a lot of ppl will have to pay

Flynn and others are Heroes

this was all biden

whole was corrupt, we caught them

biden on GMA, gets released afterwards he was an unmasker

b4 Elections, page, strozk, insurance policy 'she's going to win'

Informants in cmapaing

halper mifsud downer


halper 1million dollars

they got paid a fortune

went after papa/page to hurt POTUS

clapper bad, not smart in charge of intelligence

here's the thing, impossible for it to happen w/o Obama

US intel directed by Obama

Page text, POTUS wants to see everything

meeting on Jan 5 in OO: brennan, clapper, obama, biden re Logan Act

they snuck around wh counsel to see Flynn, not a lawyer, you don't need a lawyer

brought up Logan Act to scare Flynn

ask McFarland how they know on the door

mueller investigation was a fraud

what they did to these ppl is international disgrace

people involved should pay a big price


Q Posts OO 2 drops

10 Feb 2018

'Prayer said every single day in the OO.'


'On-site CLAS briefings / SIT ROOM / OO / PEOC / N_C? '

Anonymous ID: e8da5c 2020-05-18 02:15:14Z No. 9219008



Go back to your tardchan home, tard

Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 02:15:27Z No. 9219009


Maybe later, I'm actually working on some legit digs atm and unfortunately posting tits was the only way anyone paid any attention.

Anonymous ID: 94d169 2020-05-18 02:15:30Z No. 9219010


Erk … looks like a furry prolapse

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:15:31Z No. 9219012

The FBI led by James Comey were following direct orders signed by Obama when they murdered Lavoy Finicum.

Anonymous ID: 45ea3c 2020-05-18 02:15:32Z No. 9219011

Hanx’s daughter posting again?

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:15:43Z No. 9219014

New Anons, Press, Visitors, Lurqers, Oldfags

>JIDF Jews Hate The Truth Getting Out About Jewish Cabal Organized Crimes

Watch them Kvetch and REeeeee Ad Hominem.

Watch them post UGLY memes that don't even qualify as memes.

Watch them make up fake words to Disguise the "Jew".

Watch them [Shill Whine].


Anonymous ID: 720540 2020-05-18 02:15:45Z No. 9219016


You ain't got nuttin bitch

Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 02:15:45Z No. 9219017


You know this poster unironically watches Blacked and posts Pornhub comments.

Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 02:15:49Z No. 9219018


self confirming

ill take the bake senpai

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:15:51Z No. 9219019


Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:15:57Z No. 9219021

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:16:00Z No. 9219022


Anonymous ID: 245390 2020-05-18 02:16:02Z No. 9219023


Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:16:03Z No. 9219024

>>9217727 (lb)

Anonymous ID: 8ae5f2 2020-05-18 02:16:06Z No. 9219025

Anonymous ID: 94d169 2020-05-18 02:16:09Z No. 9219026


Anonymous ID: eb0bb3 2020-05-18 02:16:18Z No. 9219027

>>9218858 House Docs…No one seems to believe it anyway! Q dropped the exact same picture that's on the House Oversight Website.

Whistleblower Provides Key Info About Flynn Text to Business Colleague During Trump Inauguration

Dec 6, 2017 Press Release

Whistleblower Provides Key Info About Flynn Text to Business Colleague During Trump Inauguration

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:16:20Z No. 9219028



Anonymous ID: ff915c 2020-05-18 02:16:24Z No. 9219029

DS bringing it.

Fuck ‘em


Anonymous ID: 64f6e8 2020-05-18 02:16:26Z No. 9219030


TY, anon.

I guess I just needed to hear that.

Anonymous ID: d33cb0 2020-05-18 02:16:28Z No. 9219031

somebody's inside joke got punched

today was a weird one out there

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:16:32Z No. 9219032

I wonder if it's just a coincidence that Hensley Beverage distribution center in Prescott Valley, AZ is across the street from a huge Marijuana grow facility?

10201 E Valley Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ

The old Hensley Distribution center was located at 2512 E Magnolia Street in Phoenix next to the old railroad track by Sky Harbor airport. It's now a testing facility for marijuana.

South of Camelback Rd., Grand and 43rd Avenues another spur cuts west across 43rd Avenue to reach the Santa Fe Industrial Park, whose major tenant is Hensley Distributing, the local Budweiser distributor. Golden West Service boxcars (GVSR) predominate here.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:16:36Z No. 9219033


They seemed to have stopped spamming it. Reported all of the threads for deletion.

Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:16:46Z No. 9219034



>who does Adam want released and why?,_Lompoc

Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:16:49Z No. 9219035

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:16:52Z No. 9219036


Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:16:54Z No. 9219037


>Confirmed is fuckin fake news: The video is from the Blue Angels #6 Crash of Jeff Kuss in Nashville - NOT this event.


Witness films, reacts to Blue Angels crash in Smyrna

•Oct 3, 2016

Anonymous ID: 04999a 2020-05-18 02:17:00Z No. 9219038

Brennan’s tweets are over the top pretentious


Anonymous ID: 28cc5a 2020-05-18 02:17:02Z No. 9219039

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:17:03Z No. 9219040


Sounds Good.

What else. That will only last a few days if you succeed.

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:17:08Z No. 9219041


Look at the actual video count anon.

Now up to ~105K

Anonymous ID: 33b2ac 2020-05-18 02:17:15Z No. 9219042

>>9218777 pb

Anonymous ID: 05e590 2020-05-18 02:17:20Z No. 9219043


Are you German?

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:17:21Z No. 9219044



Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:17:35Z No. 9219047


It always creeps me out when I see the names Keating and McCain on documents that effect the well being of Arizona. Interdasting that Keating's maiden name is Singer. Hrmm…

Anonymous ID: 1df872 2020-05-18 02:17:40Z No. 9219048


TY Baker!

Anonymous ID: d073ee 2020-05-18 02:17:40Z No. 9219049

Cash grab, they are missing the UK.>>9218917

Anonymous ID: 6fa48b 2020-05-18 02:17:42Z No. 9219050


70% of inmates have Covid-19 because they were trying to give it to each other so they would get out of jail. Jokes on them, at 70% they should have herd immunity.

Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:17:55Z No. 9219051

i don't always datefag, but when i do, i wait for a solid clue: seems like any BOOM takes a whole week to happen, with the deep state always fighting back with some judge or other temporary entanglement :

Flynn DOJ_dismiss_week_1

FISA unmask_DECLAS[public][select date(s)]_week_2

CLAS 1-99_week_3 [you are here]

4 May 24

5 May 31

6 June 7

7 June 14

8 June 21

9 June 28

10 July 5

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:17:55Z No. 9219052


a georgia handy might be nice

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:18:01Z No. 9219053


Anonymous ID: ac5355 2020-05-18 02:18:07Z No. 9219054

Yeah white boy, I'm gonna black your girls. All them y*kubanoid ass bitches straight be lustin after my BIG BLACK COCK! Damn bitch, like you fucks can't even imaginate how big my thick hot hard ass cock be up in your white bitches fanny. Yeeahhhh hhhh, we gon get rid of yo cracka ass y*kubian ass, das rite. All that's gon be left be tha rubanoid babies we be making. You jealous white boy? I know I would be. Damn cracka, we gon chase you back to yo cave cracka. I mean, yo asses bout to feel tha wrath of my big fat black cock. I swear if any of y'all crackas even try and get in my DIVINE RIGHT of way, y'all bout to get my big fat black cock in your mouth. I swear, y'all non-melanated crackas be straight wyldin if y'all think I be in this fo tha white pussy alone niggaaaaaaaa.

Anonymous ID: b97eff 2020-05-18 02:18:13Z No. 9219055

Listen up Anons!

You better get your head and your ass together or I will take a giant shit on you!

Now answer my question or you’ll be standing tall before Q!

Who's side are you on son?

Don’t you love your country?

Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?

Son, all Q+ has ever asked of his Anons is for them to obey his orders as if they are the word of God! We are here to help the Shills because inside every Jew, there is an American trying to get out. It’s a hardball– world son. We have to try to keep our heads until this “Peace” craze blows over.

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:18:29Z No. 9219056

Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege

Credits state this film was made in 1993 in Kenya, not sure if this is production or filming.

19:53 total length, watching all of it is highly recommended! Also pay close attention to the surroundings/conditions where they live, incredibly disadvantaged.

The footage, filmed and narrated by Obama’s sister Auma, shows the president on his first trip to Kenya as a young man in his 20s. Michelle Obama also accompanied her husband on the trip. (Note: Sister states in that Obama is there with his fiance.) Also a women, aunt maybe, makes a statement that is interesting. She also appears to be very distressed. She states: How do I explain it? Let's see as with this house of mine…For example your brother no, you bring your husband to sleep in my house. According to Luo tradition this is not allowed. Psychologically it is not good. It can cause shock and shock is an illness. (6:44 mark) (She's saying Obama is married to a man, also interesting to note, although Michael is there, not a word is spoken by him in any of this footage)

Obama says in the film: "I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs." Obama also warns that “things could explode at any point” as a result of the resentment black Kenyans have towards white people. At one point in the movie Obama says he has "a lot at stake" in building "a strong black country in Kenya."

Elsewhere, the footage shows white and Asian tourists visiting poor Kenyan villagers, a sight that offends Obama, who refused to join them on the tour according to his sister. "These strangers move about our country as a matter of course, with disturbing confidence," she states in the video, complaining that her people "are being exhibited" for the entertainment of the tourists. "The film is full of insights into Barack Obama’s psychology and worldview, especially with regards to the way he sees his family in Kenya and black-white race relations,"

Also brings to mind this Q drop #3925

Apr 9 2020 14:21:27 (EST)

Do people really believe the biggest scandal in modern US history will go unpunished [Scot-Free]?

Backchannels are important.

Patriots stand at the ready [shills whine].

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:18:37Z No. 9219057


Samantha Singer Keating's mylife account lists Patricia Murry Singer as one of her relatives or associates. She's a pharmacist, that's handy. lol

Anonymous ID: fde3b5 2020-05-18 02:18:48Z No. 9219058



Anonymous ID: 88c439 2020-05-18 02:18:51Z No. 9219059


That's not the cat anon

Anonymous ID: 1102e7 2020-05-18 02:18:58Z No. 9219061


Sister is stage 4. Heartbreaking knowing there are cures and she has been scared into cut nuke poison….

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:18:58Z No. 9219062


Anonymous ID: 720540 2020-05-18 02:19:04Z No. 9219063


Probably sports 3" also

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:19:09Z No. 9219064


MuhJoo Shills

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:19:12Z No. 9219065


Patricia is a pharmacist from Oro Valley cuz they all just love Oro Valley.

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:19:16Z No. 9219066


Anonymous ID: 423477 2020-05-18 02:19:21Z No. 9219067

As anons sniff their own farts on a kiddie porn board waiting for "justice", the economy is gone, Trump is cucked and the ever-powerful media has half the country voting for a brain dead child rapist.

great plan fuckers

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:19:30Z No. 9219068

Bill Gates Is A Crypto-Jew

*According to John Bolton's nephew Greg T. Dixon, a Masonic high school friend….Bill Gates is hiding from the goyim public the fact that he is really Jewish.

Dixon said Bill Gates father, Bill Gates Sr., made the decision a long time ago to hide the fact he’s Jewish because he thinks there are far too many “prominent Jews” in America and doesn’t want people to gain suspicion of this fact.

**Both of Bill Gates' parents are Jewish. Dixon said that Bill Gates had a nose job. See photos in article.


Part 2

According to Henry Makow: Bill Gates ticks all the boxes for a key Illuminati "Change Agent":

- Pervert

- Crypto Jew

- Control Freak

- Killer

*See photos of Bill Gates before his nose job in Henry Makow article.


*Bill Gates' father was President of Planned Parenthood.

*2010 Bill Gates bought 500,000 shares in Monsanto.

(The founder of Monsanto was funded by his Jewish wife's $money, and named the company after her last name "Monsanto").

Monsanto = Glyphosate RoundUp: a poison unnecessarily sprayed on wheat crops before harvest so that it soaks up more poison to poison you.


Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:19:32Z No. 9219069




weird, is eveydoy named Barney

Anonymous ID: cb9a81 2020-05-18 02:19:39Z No. 9219070


Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:19:54Z No. 9219071


Holy shit anons, Mariah Coogan's dad Christopher Coogan owns Guerneville restaurant The Farmhand and the adjacent dispensary Riverside Wellness Collective.

Guerneville is 15 minutes away from BOHEMIAN GROVE!!!!

Anonymous ID: 92e246 2020-05-18 02:19:59Z No. 9219073


Anonymous ID: 793fe6 2020-05-18 02:20:08Z No. 9219074

Don't watch American Idol again.


Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 02:20:13Z No. 9219075


Musk is still the biggest unknown in all of this. He is the keystone.

Anonymous ID: e8da5c 2020-05-18 02:20:16Z No. 9219076



So this is what it is going to look like here when school lets out. Anons ready? These middle school tardboys will be here 24/7

Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:20:17Z No. 9219077



Anonymous ID: b56a95 2020-05-18 02:20:19Z No. 9219078


awesome meme batter fren!

Anonymous ID: 13ff51 2020-05-18 02:20:20Z No. 9219079

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:20:21Z No. 9219080



Israel for last?

Anonymous ID: 33b2ac 2020-05-18 02:20:21Z No. 9219081

New video,

Premiered 8 hours ago

🐇💊 Redpill The Movie - Part 1: It Is Time To Wake Up | Are You Awake?

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:20:24Z No. 9219083


Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:20:27Z No. 9219084

saw something about Gen Flynn's twitter post

>pic related

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:20:28Z No. 9219085


"kiddie porn board"

fuck off faggot, those who post cp get global reported and their posts are deleted within seconds.

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:20:37Z No. 9219086


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:20:43Z No. 9219087

yall are triggered over the blackened bot raid and im just sitting here jamming to tay


Anonymous ID: 35a2e5 2020-05-18 02:20:51Z No. 9219088


Medium Security Prison in Santa Barbara

The goal was likely to have prisoners released

Anonymous ID: 749f70 2020-05-18 02:20:54Z No. 9219090


Remember Alex Jones fat ass paddling down the Russian River. Well Russian river farms is at THE FARMLANDS. So much sticky ganga buds. Stoner pepe keks.

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:20:55Z No. 9219089


No. Once it's in the native 8kun archives, there are no more full-sized images.


Are you starting to understand why the memes go in the Memes XX thread?

MemeFarmer spends hours upon hours every day doing the following:

Go through every General thread

-save memes

-rename them (some people still don't name theirs)

-resizing them

-optimizing them

-posting them into the Memes XX thread

Then he takes all of those and uploads them into the appropriate folders in the Meme Library on MEGA

A few months ago, he had to do something IRL and asked for some help. I volunteered. I spent hours upon hours just saving, renaming and posting them in the Memes XX thread -not even all the rest on that list. It was not easy, it was time consuming and I still didn't put a dent in the workload (think about how many General threads there are per day! Not to mention the country-specific thread!). That is how I have an inkling how much work is being done and how long it takes.

You were told why having a separate thread would not work the same way. It was explained in detail by several different people, including MemeFarmer and all of that was ignored.

A separate thread besides the Memes XX thread is not going to get harvested. It is not. Unless YOU want to do it. You will also need to have some off-site location to put them, before your extra thread slides off the catalog.

If that is what you want to do, go for it.

JUST REALIZE: no one else is doing to do that work for you.

You can choose to use the system in place, that works incredibly well, and affords everyone access without coming to the board, freely, with no account, safe-for-work, safe for normies, or you can choose to do your own thing. But YOU will be the one doing the work.

Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer to help Meme Farmer, and contribute that way, it would of course be welcome. Working together makes the work less onerous and go faster. Everyone benefits.

This will be the only post on this topic.

Everything that needs to be said is said.

Anonymous ID: 720540 2020-05-18 02:20:57Z No. 9219091


punched back

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:21:15Z No. 9219092


Anonymous ID: fa4b8f 2020-05-18 02:21:17Z No. 9219093



U. R.

Anonymous ID: 2722e0 2020-05-18 02:21:19Z No. 9219094

F/U on discussion with anon concerned about covid19 damage to immune system re

1895 + macrophage + T Lymphocytes

COMMENT: The original concern about immune system damage by covid19 understandable but further review suggests unnecessary. T- cells and macrophages usually function as expected. Severity of disease likely associated at least in part with genetic factor HLA tissue types and accounts for some of the differences in impacted populations.


Didn’t find anything on 1895 but found info on covid19 & T-lymphocytes. It is true the virus has the ability to attach and enter the T-cells but does not replicate within them (as HIV does) so likely of limited significance as far as impact on the immune system is concerned.

Here is the link to the original article that has a misleading title IMO and key points listed:

- a structure in the spike of the coronavirus triggered the attachment of a viral envelope and the T-cell membrane.

- the SARS virus, which caused an outbreak in 2002 to 2003, has a lack of a membrane fusion function.

- unlike HIV that replicates faulty T cells, the coronavirus does not replicate,showing that the T cells and the virus may end up dying together.

Here is an article describing the immune response in a moderate to severe covid19 patient describing the immune responses. The T-cells and macrophages function as expected.

“We report the kinetics of immune responses in relation to clinical and virological features of a patient with mild-to-moderate coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) that required hospitalization. Increased antibody-secreting cells (ASCs), follicular helper T cells (TFHcells), activated CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells and immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG antibodies that bound the COVID-19-causing coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 were detected in blood before symptomatic recovery. These immunological changes persisted for at least 7 d following full resolution of symptoms.”

Re severity of covid19 disease is concerned, reports suggest patient tissue type ( Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) is important. This has also been reported for other virus infections.

- genetic variations that are associated with infection susceptibility and diverse clinical presentation of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – including asymptomatic cases and severe forms of the disease in younger patients.


“The landscape of host genetic factors involved in infection to common viruses and SARS-CoV-2”

Key Points:

- Based on 1028 subjects tested for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), we identify 7 class II HLA susceptibility alleles (5 associated with other viruses). We also observe that genetic determinants of ACE2 expression may influence SARS- CoV-2 susceptibility.

- Our finding that certain HLA alleles are associated with SARS-CoV-2 may shed light on the diverse clinical presentations of this infection, including asymptomatic cases and severe COVID-19 in younger patients and those with few pre-existing conditions.

- We identified two HLA alleles which may confer protection against SARS-CoV-2infection…previous studies have linked one to Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can result from viral challenge or vaccination.

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:21:19Z No. 9219095


Don't ask me ask Don!


We see you Write

< WE read your words

YOU read what YOU wrote.



We see you News

<WE watch your news

YOU Share your News?


We must WWG1WGA not a slogan

< WE share Patriots

YOU share Patriots?


We Know you.



We See you.

You know who you are you GLOW (Made a faggot look)


Expect Us

Expect Us ALL.

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:21:22Z No. 9219096


FML both are lb

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:21:23Z No. 9219097





Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:21:26Z No. 9219098



Anonymous ID: 8e7bbe 2020-05-18 02:21:35Z No. 9219099


They have “Trump Death Clock”

We do “Deep State Death clock” and put the clock as the time until the election

Anonymous ID: 9916da 2020-05-18 02:21:44Z No. 9219100

Indisputable evidence.

We are here.

It's all about to be shoved up THEIR kazoos.

So far spin can keep the sheep all asleep.

Indefensible facts of treason incoming.

What week, I wonder, will the sheep open the eyes?

6 or 7?


Anonymous ID: 9589e0 2020-05-18 02:21:44Z No. 9219101

House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

The President’s covid-19 national emergency was issued March 13 2020 under 50 USC §1621 (Chapter 34 National Emergencies Act). The House waited to 2 months after a national emergency proclamation to amend Rules of the House. The House passed H.Res. 965/967 allowing proxy voting under the pre-text of a national health emergency, covid-19, without citing accurate legal authority. The House did not follow existing Rules and violated their amended Rules. The May 15 2020 Floor votes lacked a quorum and were unlawful, unconstitutional.

1. The March 13 2020 covid-19 national emergency was issued under 50 USC §1621 (Chapter 34), reported to Congress and entered in the Federal Register as Proclamation 9994.

2. Congress has not amended 50 USC §1621 to include Proclamation 9994 for the covid-19 national emergency.

3. No national emergency proclamations amendments are noted within 50 USC Chapter 33 War Powers Resolution.

4. H. Res. 967 cites 50 USC §1546 of the War Powers Resolution (Chapter 33) to exempt number of days to act on legislation. Neither H.Res. 965/967 cite 50 USC §1621 or Proclamation 9994.

5. The House of Representatives waited two months after Proclamation 9994 was issued to recommend quorum and proxy voting rule changes. At the discretion of the Speaker, Representatives were directed to work-from-home without due consideration of the quorum rules.

6. H. Res. 965 quorum rule changes cite recommendation of the Attending Physician, but does not fulfill Rule XX requirements for report by Sargent-at-Arms of incapacitated members or those incapable of attending.

7. No House members have been incapacitated by the covid-19 national emergency. Work-from-home directives were at the discretion of the Speaker.

8. H.Res. 965 amends the quorum rule but a quorum was not present for the resolution Floor vote.

9. Rules of the House Rule XX requires a quorum for a Floor vote on legislation.

10. US Constitution Article I Section 5 Clause 1 requires a majority of members for a Quorum to conduct Business.

11. The May 15 2020 video stream of the House Floor and tally of Not Voting (NV) clearly indicated less than a majority of members were present that day; a quorum was not present for Floor votes.

12. H. Res. 965 cites the proxy vote rule shall be in effect for 45 days upon designation.

13. H. Res. 967 cites effective dates allowing proxy voting as May 19 2020 - July 21 2020. The resolution does not specify a date before May 19 2020. No rule change authorizing a method of proxy voting had been passed prior to the H.Res. 967 Floor vote.

14. H.Res. 965 providing rule changes for proxy voting was passed after H.Res. 967 which established the effective dates for proxy voting. The May 15 2020 vote on H.Res. 965 violated the Rules change of H.Res. 967 and the 45-day period specified in H.Res. 965.

15. H. Res. 965/967 votes were invalid as the existing quorum and voting rules were still in effect.

16. The House could not amend the Rules as it did not accurately cite the national emergency proclamation authority, follow existing Rules of the House or have a quorum to conduct the Floor vote.

17. House passage of H.R. 6800 is invalid as it did not have legal authority to conduct a proxy vote and a quorum was not present May 15 2020 to conduct a Floor vote.

Conduct by some members of the House of Representatives during May 13 2020 – May 15 2020 could be viewed as Seditious Conspiracy to subvert and hinder the proper function of government (18 USC §2384: Seditious conspiracy). The House of Representatives has not amended existing legislation reflecting Proclamation 9994, inaccurately cited existing legislative authority, and violated:

U.S. Constitution

Rules of the House

Proposed Rules changes of H.Res 965

Proposed Rules changes of H.Res. 967.

(sauce in continued post)

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:21:47Z No. 9219102


Obama's Sister: 'My brother has carried our name'

As part of an exclusive CNN interview, Brooke Baldwin travels to Kenya for a sit down interview with Barack Obama's family including a conversation with his sister Auma.

Posting this interview to show the extreme difference in living condtions of the Obama Family, they have received quite an up grade in standard of living. How much of our tax dollars created this new environment for them?

Anonymous ID: e22b09 2020-05-18 02:22:14Z No. 9219103


Mariah Sunshine Coogan's mothers name is Stacey Haberstock Coogan. Esther Coogan Guardado is one of her relatives. Esther Coogan Guardado is a Control Center Operating Supervisor at PG&E.

Mariah had a brother named Dallas Coogan. Here is his soundcloud page. Notice the audio called CHANDLER RACHELLE???

Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:22:22Z No. 9219104



1 day ahead?

Anonymous ID: 3bc6bd 2020-05-18 02:22:23Z No. 9219106


Anonymous ID: 9afc28 2020-05-18 02:22:24Z No. 9219105


sure, no problem…open the blockade, let them thru and deliver the oil to Venezuela (ironic, they use to deliver to Iran) and block them when they try to leave. Let us see who can outlast with fuel in their holding tanks.

Anonymous ID: 9589e0 2020-05-18 02:22:25Z No. 9219107


House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

(continued for sauce)

Cited legislation from 50 USC War and National Defense

50 USC 1621: Declaration of national emergency by President; publication in Federal Register; effect on other laws; superseding legislation



§1621. Declaration of national emergency by President; publication in Federal Register; effect on other laws; superseding legislation

(a) With respect to Acts of Congress authorizing the exercise, during the period of a national emergency, of any special or extraordinary power, the President is authorized to declare such national emergency. Such proclamation shall immediately be transmitted to the Congress and published in the Federal Register.

(b) Any provisions of law conferring powers and authorities to be exercised during a national emergency shall be effective and remain in effect (1) only when the President (in accordance with subsection (a) of this section), specifically declares a national emergency, and (2) only in accordance with this chapter. No law enacted after September 14, 1976, shall supersede this subchapter unless it does so in specific terms, referring to this subchapter, and declaring that the new law supersedes the provisions of this subchapter.

50 USC 1621

50 USC 1546: Congressional priority procedures for concurrent resolution


§1546. Congressional priority procedures for concurrent resolution

50 USC Ch. 34: NATIONAL EMERGENCIES (all Sections)[email protected]/chapter34&edition=prelim

50 USC Ch. 33: WAR POWERS RESOLUTION (all Sections)[email protected]/chapter33&edition=prelim

House Resolutions:

H.Res.965 - Authorizing remote voting by proxy

H.Res.967 - Providing for consideration of the resolution (H. Res. 965) authorizing remote voting by proxy

Rules of the House:

House Floor Stream

March 13 Proclamation 9994 covid-19 national emergency


Anonymous ID: 2722e0 2020-05-18 02:22:26Z No. 9219108


And more on HLA haplotypes and severe SARS-CoV-2 infection:

Article title: “COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses” and is an excellent discussion on severity of disease and role of immune system in a cytokine storm & lung damage.

Goes on to talk about the importance of genetic susceptibility based on haplotypes (HLA).

Hyaluronan is discussed as a potential cause of covid19 fatality in these patients and possible protective role of hyaluronidase:

“ hyaluronan (HA) is associated with ARDS; moreover, during SARS infection, the production and regulation of hyaluronan is defective. The levels of inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, TNF) are high in the lungs of COVID-19 patients and these cytokines are strong inducers of HA-synthase-2 (HAS2)”


“a clinically approved bile therapy drug, Hymecromone (4-Methylumbelliferone, 4-MU), an inhibitor of HAS2. LPS-induced lung inflammation can be relieved by 4-MU. 4-MU or its chemical derivatives exist widely in various herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, which may explain the observed effectiveness of combined herbal medicine in some patients.”

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:22:26Z No. 9219109

Anonymous ID: 517af2 2020-05-18 02:22:45Z No. 9219110


Outstanding Bill Gates meme - worthy of Trump's feed. Well done.

Anonymous ID: e22b09 2020-05-18 02:22:48Z No. 9219111


There was a big teenage party with drugs and alcohol and Chris Coogan's house in Forestville and the freaking deck collapsed. there were hundreds of kids at the party.

Anonymous ID: b40250 2020-05-18 02:22:50Z No. 9219112

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:23:02Z No. 9219113



Now approaching 108K

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:23:08Z No. 9219114


Look at the Shill trying to define what a Patriot is.


Anonymous ID: e22b09 2020-05-18 02:23:08Z No. 9219115


Here is a link to Chris Coogan's weed store. Riverside Wellness Collective in Guerneville

Anonymous ID: 64f6e8 2020-05-18 02:23:24Z No. 9219116


Anonymous ID: 6885fc 2020-05-18 02:23:29Z No. 9219117


Carry on, Anon. o7

Anonymous ID: d073ee 2020-05-18 02:23:29Z No. 9219118


Anonymous ID: 9c3809 2020-05-18 02:23:35Z No. 9219119


Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:23:36Z No. 9219120

Seems like the ChingChong Parasites are angry, so much so they are here now posting interracial porn

Try harder faggots, anons watch and report any of [your] bullshit immidiately and it gets deleted in seconds.

Anonymous ID: 646cc9 2020-05-18 02:23:42Z No. 9219122


come here you little shit-ass and watch this

Anonymous ID: 8a995c 2020-05-18 02:23:47Z No. 9219123


There is or was a video of the shooting.

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:24:00Z No. 9219124


I mean I knew he was on the Planned Parenthood board, and I couldn't figure out how he wasn't jewish.

These people are evil and need to hang.

Anonymous ID: e0e430 2020-05-18 02:24:03Z No. 9219125

Lol. Shills are in full force.

Catalog being smacked with JOGGED shitpost.

Anonymous ID: 466674 2020-05-18 02:24:08Z No. 9219126

In my humble opinion… It is a crime knowingly full damn well this country is heavily infiltrated by insurgents and not call full martial law and military tribunals…the dems are killin people and ruining lives as we speak.

Anonymous ID: e22b09 2020-05-18 02:24:29Z No. 9219127






Guerneville is an old logging community that used to be accessed by the railroad.

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:24:34Z No. 9219129

Q News Network - General Mike Flynn

Anonymous ID: 3898be 2020-05-18 02:24:36Z No. 9219130


Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:24:49Z No. 9219131


Baker, Notable

#ObamaGate: Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege


Baker, Notable

#ObamaGate: Obama's Sister: 'My brother has carried our name'

Anonymous ID: 35a2e5 2020-05-18 02:24:54Z No. 9219132

Pressure needs to be put on Wray

Olivier Farache / Former FBI Special Agent 2006-2017

Replying to

@CBS_Herridge and @CBSNews

The “date drafted” should be automatically generated by the electronic case management system (“Sentinel”). This tells me Pientka started the 302 in Sentinel on the day of the interview but did not complete it until 2/14. There’s no way it just disappeared.


Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:25:10Z No. 9219134


damn fine post anyhow

most don't realize that this "image board" doesn't archive full images only the thumbnails

Anonymous ID: 2ede44 2020-05-18 02:25:16Z No. 9219135


nice find anon

Anonymous ID: c6fd84 2020-05-18 02:25:17Z No. 9219136


I was a kid when I heard Cason use that line.

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:25:20Z No. 9219137


It's Mitch!

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:25:26Z No. 9219138


Anonymous ID: 0ca082 2020-05-18 02:25:38Z No. 9219139

>>9212218 {pb}

Thank you, my browser would not connect to the document. Not sure what problem is.

Anonymous ID: 56c490 2020-05-18 02:25:39Z No. 9219140




House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:25:46Z No. 9219141


those planned unit developments are red hot smoking guns

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:25:47Z No. 9219142


Raids mean shits happening that anons don't know about and something is in the pipes getting ready to be revealed.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:25:47Z No. 9219143



Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:26:00Z No. 9219144



Baker, Notable

House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:26:16Z No. 9219145



You attack those you fear the most.


Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:26:18Z No. 9219147




Anonymous ID: 302100 2020-05-18 02:26:19Z No. 9219146


Chris Coggan (not Coogan) is a trust fund kid. Father name is Barry Coggan. He was and engineer.

Anonymous ID: eb0e69 2020-05-18 02:26:20Z No. 9219148


You keep posting photos,

PLA man.

While your country continues to lose.

Anonymous ID: 2aa275 2020-05-18 02:26:25Z No. 9219149


Anonymous ID: 8a1327 2020-05-18 02:26:53Z No. 9219150


Well stated. Volunteer organizations always suffer from the same ills:

Leadership has all the responsibility but no authority.

Member retention, new member recruitment and fund raising consume 99% of your time.

Inside of every little problem is a big problem waiting to get out.

Anonymous ID: 686f51 2020-05-18 02:26:54Z No. 9219151

>>9218809 (lb)

>SO you know the INFO is up to date..Putting the DATE in the post

All your saying is that your "hip" with their latest bull shit.

If you really stop to think about it, you'll understand what I'm saying.

I've done the reading, too. But I also tale the time to ask questions. Eventually one reaches a point where they must admit that a substantial amount of what we thought was correct is actually based on false ideologies that lack sufficient evidence, and continue to get disproven/discredited in light of new information, which contradicts previous foundational claims.

>There are four fundamental forces in the physical world: electromagnetism, strong force, weak force, and gravity. Gravity is the only force still unexplainable at the quantum level.

[Soon], when "science" is willing to admit they've been retarded and defrauding the public, you'll realize that those four fundamental forces all can be explained by the Electromagnetic Force. Weak nuclear is the first up to be revamped, because it's incredibly easy to see how it's just another function of the Electromagnetic Force. Gravity will also take time to revisit, as it was never fully explained to begin with. It's a variable, for starters. But we've been falsely applying one set of conditions to derive unknowns, "mathematically". Problem is that our understanding of the force itself is wrong, which is where we wind up in these "impossible" circumstances, where science cannot explain something, so they invent something else, like "dark matter", in a hella-weak attempt to "explain" things, in a manner their preserves their precious foundational thoughts.

It's painfully obvious for those who do know. However, these fields are as corrupt as our politics. And easily influenced by big money. So, that has major sway in the types of things that not only get researched,but how that research gets spun when presented to the public. Always remember, never blindly trust anyone. That includes "science", which has become more of a cult than a field of study.

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:26:59Z No. 9219152

Q News Network - #Obamagate

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:27:08Z No. 9219153


Anonymous ID: 466674 2020-05-18 02:27:12Z No. 9219154


Thx anon!

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:27:20Z No. 9219155


And no jpeg. On an imageboard.

Anonymous ID: 302100 2020-05-18 02:27:27Z No. 9219156


Two years since this plane crash and only one post regarding Chris Coogan on

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:27:38Z No. 9219157


I spotlight cretins.

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:27:47Z No. 9219158


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:27:52Z No. 9219159


>Once it's in the native 8kun archives, there are no more full-sized images.

What? The OP image and most of the images in this one are fine:

The others all fucked though.

And again, I'm inquiring about how to archive threads that are fucked up in the archives. You both seem to go on about unrelated nonsense about how much work you do.

Anonymous ID: aa1cb7 2020-05-18 02:28:00Z No. 9219160


Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:28:10Z No. 9219161


The old gmail app icon!

Anonymous ID: 2aa275 2020-05-18 02:28:27Z No. 9219162


Anonymous ID: aa1cb7 2020-05-18 02:28:33Z No. 9219164


Chris Coogan, co-founder of Therapy Tonics & Provisions, a La Jolla cannabis drink company, says that more “sophisticated” references toward weed will kill the negativity.

“People are taking a more sophisticated approach to using cannabis, especially in using the right dosing,” Coogan said. “We don’t want people to think of it as negative.”

The state of California has not done the best job of dispelling the stereotype, given that it enlisted “Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong fame to help show Californians how to register their marijuana businesses.”

Fast food restaurants have gotten in on the action too, with a San Diego-based Jack in the Box now promoting the “Merry Munchie Meal” in concert with Merry Jane, a marijuana news and lifestyle website.

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:28:39Z No. 9219165

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:28:47Z No. 9219166


Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:28:49Z No. 9219167

Q News Network - #ItsOnUs

Anonymous ID: aa1cb7 2020-05-18 02:29:02Z No. 9219168


Oops…I guess he spelled his name wrong. Seems to be a lot of that going around.

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:29:10Z No. 9219169


Do people really believe the biggest scandal in modern US history will go unpunished [Scot-Free]?

I don't know…

seems it's happened before and people got away with it…

Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:29:36Z No. 9219170

Adriana Lima just posted this to her Instagram story and 12.5 million followers

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:29:48Z No. 9219171



Pelosi - what does satan do to you when you fuck up?

Anonymous ID: 0c5923 2020-05-18 02:29:53Z No. 9219172



Please stop this Dragon symbolism. Dragons symbolize China and Satanic symbolism for the Devil.

Anonymous ID: aa1cb7 2020-05-18 02:30:00Z No. 9219173


Web development, Branding and a whole lot more. No wonder Mariah Sunshine Coogan was a popular instagram model.

Chris Coggan (not Coogan) is a trust fund kid. Father name is Barry Coggan. He was and engineer.

Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 02:30:19Z No. 9219174


Really gives insight into who exactly these people are. It's /pol/-tier nonsense from halfchan, but that would imply that the same dipshits who flood /pol/ with BLACKED threads and divisive garbage are the same people who operate here. Identical writing styles, tactics, motives ect. The strategy here might be different to elsewhere, but it's the same damn motherfuckers on every site and board. Literally like the same 15 fucking people.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:30:19Z No. 9219175


Anonymous ID: c3d7e1 2020-05-18 02:30:28Z No. 9219176

He used the word cucked. now i have to listen


Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:30:29Z No. 9219177



If you don't like it you don't have to post here.

Everything here is ephemeral. That's why anons archive.

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:30:43Z No. 9219178


She will have to delete that later before she gets a visit from mrs. Suicide

Anonymous ID: 61e7ba 2020-05-18 02:30:46Z No. 9219179


>Posting this interview to show the extreme difference in living condtions of the Obama Family, they have received quite an up grade in standard of living. How much of our tax dollars created this new environment for them?

They've been using taxpayer funds diverted illegally to fund misery and death for many years.

Stuffing some in their family pockets is not all that surprising.

Is the Great Awakening when people will be shown that it was their hard-earned taxpayer dollars that caused all the wars across the planet through the C_A?

Anonymous ID: 995bd1 2020-05-18 02:30:58Z No. 9219180

Another big week?

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:30:58Z No. 9219181


Anonymous ID: e265ef 2020-05-18 02:30:59Z No. 9219182

Toots would have fukken destroyed Mr. Pig

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:31:02Z No. 9219183


Link to post please

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:31:05Z No. 9219184


>are the same people who operate here

Except we get the extremely stupid ones.

Anonymous ID: 56c490 2020-05-18 02:31:15Z No. 9219186

CA anon here, just sharing todays photo while crusing PCH in Malibu and seeing hundreds at the beach.

Anonymous ID: 9c3809 2020-05-18 02:31:16Z No. 9219185


>Never Before Seen Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege

Don't forget to archive off-line.

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:31:23Z No. 9219187


So spygate is now the biggest scandal in modern US history?

Not 9/11 , Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, the trafficking of hundreds of thousands of American women?

And by the way, nobody has been punished for anything. Not a single fucking prosecution.

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:31:33Z No. 9219188

Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:31:35Z No. 9219189


It is no accident that this is a rose

Above a roughly equal armed cross


In Thelema, the 5-petaled blossom is the rose over the CROSSing of the lines in the center of the hexagram

Ancient occult symbolism will be their downfall

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:31:47Z No. 9219190


Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:32:10Z No. 9219191


>Adriana Lima just posted this to her Instagram story and 12.5 million followers


Get in here anons and DIGG!


>Link to post please

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:32:22Z No. 9219192


yes, it does seem to be a small group

similar posting styles

similar ideological leanings


it would be interesting to know if they are independents or state sponsored actors

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:32:25Z No. 9219193


>Adriana Lima

>>9219178, >>9219183

Can't find sauce.

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:32:30Z No. 9219194


Perfect timing

Anonymous ID: 69ea8b 2020-05-18 02:32:43Z No. 9219195


Can someone break this down to a 3rd grade level please…what does this mean exactly?


Anonymous ID: 5d263e 2020-05-18 02:32:43Z No. 9219196



The angry, bitter lesbian is back.

We aren't responsible for your poor life choices. Stop projecting your hate.

Remember: Don't be a science denier…

XY chromosome = male

XX chromosome = female

Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 02:32:46Z No. 9219197


I'll probably be on for awhile and post when the board settles down

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:32:46Z No. 9219198

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:32:53Z No. 9219199


Fake and gay, can’t find it on her ig

Anonymous ID: fa0f26 2020-05-18 02:32:56Z No. 9219200

Looks like Gold and silver are on the rise.

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:33:11Z No. 9219202


All Q Followers are aware:


/                                        \

Alt & US Media                  US Politicians


Also In same Q drop:Exodus 1.1:

Now these are the names of the children of ISRAEL, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.

Most Anons are also aware of the MASSIVE Jewish Cabal Organized* Subversion of America

*Prosecutable under the RICO Statute.

Jewish Cabal Infiltration at Every Level of Our Society made possible by: $$Money - Rothschilds OWN the power to Create Money out of Thin Air.


This is the Ultimate Power because with Unlimited Money, Jews can Finance themselves and other Jews to Buy Up Anything of Value, and Any Position of Power and Control.

and have been' for 106 Years of the Unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Banking system.

The Jewish Owned and Mossad Control MSM's old trick of kvetching "anti-semitism" no longer works on anyone because people are sick and tired of their bullshit.

[Shill Whining] "anti-semitism" is like saying Outing Pedophiles is "anti-pedophiles".

It's an absurd excuse because the righteous anger of We,The People is warranted and justified.

Through MSM and Hollywood, Cabal Jews* have controlled the Jewish Narrative for nearly a Century in the USA.*Cabal Jews do not include normie Jews.

That Jewish control of the Narrative is on the brink of collapse.

ADL Jews have stated that 1 Billion people worldwide are anti-semitic.

Translation: at least 1 Billion people are Awake, and not fooled by Jewish propaganda False Narrative, which HIDES the Jewish Subversion of America, and of the World.

What the Israeli Army shills and Sayanim Jew shills are Failing to See:

The Deep Outrage and Disgust of that Billion of us WHO KNOW.

The Jewish Cabal Control of our country is being dismantled day by day, methodically and inexorably. 

The End is Near for the Cabal.

(Cabal from the Jewish Mysticism Kabbalah)

*Cabal Jews do not include normie Jews.

*There will be a Tsunami of Gentile RAGE against these Jewish Cabal fuckers which will SHOCK JEWS!!

Israel's Army JIDF shills and Sayanim Jews shilling their Jewish/Israeli Propaganda here are Clueless with their pathetic Ad Hominem attacks against the Truth posted about the Jewish Cabal, like Ostriches with their heads buried in the Palestinian desert sand.

>Their Smug Arrogance Could Turn Out To Be Fatal.

We are saving Israel For Last





Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:33:13Z No. 9219203


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:33:15Z No. 9219204


Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:33:27Z No. 9219205


ya… Flynn's post was yesterday?

and that is APOD's pic for today

Anonymous ID: 47d9a0 2020-05-18 02:33:29Z No. 9219206


Liberals don't have to follow orders - - that's only for conservatives…

Show your Dimocrat voter registration card and you'll be given an automatic pass and $600 extra in unemployment.

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:33:41Z No. 9219208


Indeed..moar the normies can see the moar they realize what really has been going on while they were sleeping.

Anonymous ID: 33b2ac 2020-05-18 02:33:51Z No. 9219209


Anonymous ID: 61e7ba 2020-05-18 02:33:51Z No. 9219210


>Adriana Lima just posted this to her Instagram story and 12.5 million followers

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:33:53Z No. 9219211


Anonymous ID: fa0f26 2020-05-18 02:33:54Z No. 9219212


That silver price!


Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:33:58Z No. 9219213


People out getting shit done that they haven't been able to in 2 months, people going to the beach… means the people there are no longer buying into the bullshit

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:33:58Z No. 9219214


The lockdown is ending because the American people say it’s ending. No further explanation from government is necessary. Thanks.

Dan Bongino

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:34:00Z No. 9219215


Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:34:06Z No. 9219216


Adriana is probably just mocking all the fucking retards who thought Hillary got arrested a while back. Just in case anyone doesn't know, Hillary is still 100% free.

Anonymous ID: 245390 2020-05-18 02:34:25Z No. 9219217

Don't let followers or likes define you, they mean nothing to your value as a person.

Anonymous ID: 646cc9 2020-05-18 02:34:32Z No. 9219218


I see Brennan's back on the board going through some of his personal favorites.

Hey John. You all hard and shit now?

Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 02:34:33Z No. 9219219



Anonymous ID: ab3a9c 2020-05-18 02:34:38Z No. 9219220


Thanks kun, you roc.

Have a great nightshift.

Thanks anons.


Anonymous ID: 3898be 2020-05-18 02:34:52Z No. 9219221


Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:34:56Z No. 9219222



Anonymous ID: 995bd1 2020-05-18 02:34:59Z No. 9219223



Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:35:01Z No. 9219224


<3 Muh old fren.

Anonymous ID: 662518 2020-05-18 02:35:06Z No. 9219225

>>9218515 (PB)

Yep … about :33 is when we got our first good look at the exhaust vents from the tunnels. I kind of instigated the next steps because I lacked the actual skillz. That led to Engineer and architectfags calculating the approximate volume and sq footage of the tunnels. That led to an approximate tracing of where they led. I argued that the dome covered the top structure of an elevator shaft. Ultimately, after considerable back and forth, I think that became the consensus.

Not much later, 8chan ceased to exist.

Anonymous ID: ab3a9c 2020-05-18 02:35:11Z No. 9219226


Handoff confirmed

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:35:12Z No. 9219227




Anonymous ID: 1a5822 2020-05-18 02:35:13Z No. 9219229

>>9218270 On the Domestic Violence by women, and the need to defend both sexes from Domestic Violence.

This whole thing happened because (((they))) are really after the men. Women are not as big a threat to them. Men however can get quite physically challenging to their plans. Your research is great but, it would help you to have a missing piece of their puzzle, as you say, going back 50 years.

As they were taking over women's organizations they were doing one other thing, just post WWII.

(((They))) started putting a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) in the food that directly causes an over reaction in the fight or flight mechanism of the brains of humans, men women, and children alike.

The name of the neurotransmitter is called glutamic acid. They KNOW that the ability to remove ingested overdose from the brain depends on genetic make up. You have to produce enough GABA to stop glutamate overdose on the brain cells. Some do not produce enough for the amount consumed in the food. Result is artificial fight or flight (agression-rage/panic) behavior. The brain is literally being drugged to tell you that your life is on the line, run, kill or be killed. Artificial rage panic. (pic 1 related)

At the moment, approximately 1/20 people are incapable of stopping the fight/flight artificially induced rage or panic, when the brain is over dosed with this neurotransmitter. About 1/5 gets migraine headaches from it.

Big Pharma loves to lie and tell people that glutamic acid or glutamate, can not get through the blood brain barrier.

It is a lie.

Glutamate seeps through just behind the brain stem. However, it really slams people if they have a compromised barrier from a concussion any time in their lives. (Think football, or war zones)

Children have an incomplete barrier until puberty, and most people over 50 have incomplete barriers from micro strokes. SO. They lie.

This artificial flooding of THE ONE neurotransmitter responsible for activating the fight or flight system is the lead cause of domestic violence in men, women, and children. If you eat enough, no matter who you are, you WILL go into a rage as if you need to attack before you are killed…. or worse, get a seizure. IT can kill.

So, they not only took over the women's groups to exclude men from protection in the law.

They drug the shit our of the family, knowing that while the sexes will react equally with either violence or panic, MEN will do the most damage during the building rage/fear, and temporal lobe partial brain seizure that results in violent blackout.

DO we have physical evidence that this is what is happening?


This glutamate causes BPD, rage disorder, PTSD, and domestic violence and

…….causes actual brain cell DEATH.

The body carries away the dead brain cells, of course.

THIS is the REAL REASON that those diagnosed with BPD, PTSD etc have smaller brain amygdala's than the rest of the population.

I have years of these studies from way back when I had to print them all down starting in about 2001.

Every MRI that measures the amygdala of the brains of those with BPD or PTSD etc, shows that they have "shrunken amygdalas". This is because many brain cells have died during these violent partial brain seizures.

(Pic 2 related)

So there is physical, and chemical evidence of what they are doing to the food supply to harm our men. Men are the target. Women and children are collateral damage. They want you in jail. They want you to seek GABA raising drugs like: 1) alcohol 2) heroine 3) fentanyl 4) valium 5) oxycodone

All of the above 5 will raise GABA levels, which stops glutamate from over firing the "rage panic" nerves.

Are you a woman with a domestic violence problem?

Take control of what the one you love is eating. Get all forms of glutamate out of the food. The sudden violent attacks will stop.

(((They))) have known for a long time. It was always part of (((their))) plan.

Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 02:35:14Z No. 9219228




I'm not so sure, considering the importance of this board. We probably get some of the best actually, trained spooks. The thing is that once you're onto their game, all their tricks become virtually useless. Hence their perceived incompetence on /qr/. What they try to do here has toppled nations, we can just see it for what it is.

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:35:16Z No. 9219230


wow purty - from DA?

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:35:22Z No. 9219231


sucks you have to work on a sunday night

Anonymous ID: 94d169 2020-05-18 02:35:23Z No. 9219232


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:35:25Z No. 9219233



Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:35:25Z No. 9219234


<!-- Display the countdown timer in an element -->
<p id="demo"></p>

''//'' Set the date we're counting down to
var countDownDate = new Date("INPUT TIME HERE").getTime();

''//'' Update the count down every 1 second
var x = setInterval(function() {

''//'' Get today's date and time
var now = new Date().getTime();

''//'' Find the distance between now and the count down date
var distance = countDownDate - now;

''//'' Time calculations for days, hours, minutes and seconds
var days = Math.floor(distance / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24));
var hours = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)) / (1000 * 60 * 60));
var minutes = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60 * 60)) / (1000 * 60));
var seconds = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60)) / 1000);

''//'' Display the result in the element with id="demo"
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = days + "d " + hours + "h "
+ minutes + "m " + seconds + "s ";

''//'' If the count down is finished, write some text
if (distance < 0) {
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "EXPIRED";
}, 1000);

Anonymous ID: 466674 2020-05-18 02:35:26Z No. 9219235

@GenFlynn changed his profile scripture from psalm 23 to isaiah 6:8….hmmm


The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:35:33Z No. 9219236



Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:35:35Z No. 9219237








Anonymous ID: fa4b8f 2020-05-18 02:35:46Z No. 9219238


You visit her regularly?

For all I know she’s ded.

Anonymous ID: e265ef 2020-05-18 02:35:47Z No. 9219239


[Cats] ignore

I don't think they were on the same timeline anyway

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:35:56Z No. 9219240


Anonymous ID: 56c490 2020-05-18 02:35:57Z No. 9219241

every time I link to a POTUS tweet and others this crap is all over his/their post's.


wtf right does twat have to voice their bullshit alerts and how long has this been going on???

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:36:02Z No. 9219242



It's not there.

Anonymous ID: bd2efe 2020-05-18 02:36:07Z No. 9219243


$100 platinum us mint

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:36:14Z No. 9219244


That's rite.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:36:15Z No. 9219245


Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:36:28Z No. 9219246




I stand corrected, it’s real.

Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:36:31Z No. 9219247

Trump just tweeted 184 miles of wall built as of today

The last time he counted COVID19 countries it was 186

Could there be some meaning in these numbers?

Is the 186th mile of wall a marker for something?

Or could it be that when 186 countries drops to 184 that is a marker?

Or is there another meaning?

Is there a 186th battalion being joined by a 184th today

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:36:40Z No. 9219248


Yeah, some of the spooks are real subtle, but you can see right through it…

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:36:43Z No. 9219249


INPUT TIME = Nov 3, 2020 6:00:00 UTC

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:36:47Z No. 9219250


The fuxking irony of that tweet.

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:37:01Z No. 9219251


Not on twitter.

Other anons confirm?

Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:37:07Z No. 9219252


Its in her Story feed

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:37:09Z No. 9219253


Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:37:13Z No. 9219254




You forgot to post a link…

Anonymous ID: c8d9d8 2020-05-18 02:37:18Z No. 9219255


Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:37:22Z No. 9219256


Check post sequence #s on

#186, #184

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:37:22Z No. 9219257


Anonymous ID: 3a6a5b 2020-05-18 02:37:31Z No. 9219258


Fake & Gay, of course.

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:37:45Z No. 9219259


I'm not working tonight, tomorrow night, or the next night, or the night after that because my state is still on lockdown by the Democrat scumbag traitors who for some reason still haven't been prosecuted and put in prison. Churches are closed though. Yeah so much winning.

Anonymous ID: 8a1327 2020-05-18 02:37:45Z No. 9219260


>So spygate is now the biggest scandal in modern US history?

No. Try the civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, endless ME wars. THOSE are the biggest scandals in modern US history.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:37:46Z No. 9219261



Anonymous ID: b424f3 2020-05-18 02:37:47Z No. 9219262


Here's the video.

Anonymous ID: 4665ae 2020-05-18 02:37:50Z No. 9219263


Not true. Lots of people have been punished. For things they didn’t do.

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:37:50Z No. 9219264



It's not on her IG


Anonymous ID: 56c490 2020-05-18 02:37:53Z No. 9219265


yes, i'm not twat guy, never would sign up to that CIA run bullshit.

Anonymous ID: 883724 2020-05-18 02:38:02Z No. 9219266


important post :)

Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:38:05Z No. 9219268


Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:38:06Z No. 9219267


Maybe Jim or Ron will host it for you?

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:38:12Z No. 9219269





TY. anon. shillfags working overtime.

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:38:15Z No. 9219270

maria b

Grenell office will strip FBI of its duties briefing 2020 candidates

jim comey breifed Trump on Jan 6 2017

1 day after meeting w Obama and other top officials in the oval office


greatest political crime

50 year sentences

greatest political scam hoax

a lot of ppl will have to pay

Flynn and others are Heroes

this was all biden

whole was corrupt, we caught them

biden on GMA, gets released afterwards he was an unmasker

b4 Elections, page, strozk, insurance policy 'she's going to win'

Informants in campaign

halper mifsud downer


halper 1million dollars

they got paid a fortune

went after papa/page to hurt POTUS

clapper bad, not smart in charge of intelligence

here's the thing, impossible for it to happen w/o Obama

US intel directed by Obama

Page text, POTUS wants to see everything

meeting on Jan 5 in OO: brennan, clapper, obama, biden re Logan Act

they snuck around wh counsel to see Flynn, not a lawyer, you don't need a lawyer

brought up Logan Act to scare Flynn

ask McFarland how they know on the door

mueller investigation was a fraud

what they did to these ppl is international disgrace

people involved should pay a big price

We caught them in the act, it's a beautiful thing

their guys are gone, they were gaurding the fort

now its like anavalanch of really bad treason, call it whatever you want

tried to take down duely elected President

53 mil, moar than 63 mil Voted for Trump

caught in the act, nver thought that was going to happen

sloppy; page would text and send msgs thru servers

where is the dnc server?

why didn't fbi take it?

they didn't arrest at dnc

brother was suppose to be arrested but never got arrested

same people working on Trump campaign and Hillary's emails

slightly dif intensity

mid-year review

hillary's ppl 5 all have immunity

our ppl they want to put'em jail and some went

Page and Flynn sue

judge doesn't like Trump, might be causing PAIN for Flynn

unbelievable what the judge is doing to Flynn


Q Posts OO 2 drops

10 Feb 2018

'Prayer said every single day in the OO.'


'On-site CLAS briefings / SIT ROOM / OO / PEOC / N_C? '

#ObamaKnew everything




#BrennanKnew architect




Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:38:16Z No. 9219271


2 dogs

4 assholes

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:38:30Z No. 9219272


Thanks, I hate it.

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:38:34Z No. 9219273


Effectively makes this Null and if it didn't happen.

Anonymous ID: 1ccc79 2020-05-18 02:38:38Z No. 9219274


From her IG. Taken in LA. What does "Sauce" mean?

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:38:42Z No. 9219275


Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 02:38:45Z No. 9219276


of course, don't make monitors big nuf to fit around dem cankles

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:38:46Z No. 9219277


You misrepresent the Q quote.

What else do you misrepresent.

You lose all credibility the moment you pull this shit.

Not that you had any anyway.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:38:55Z No. 9219278


Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:39:01Z No. 9219279



Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:39:05Z No. 9219280


It's a [CLOWN] trying to distract anons with F&G bullshit

The clown's necking will be painful

Anonymous ID: 33b2ac 2020-05-18 02:39:08Z No. 9219281


Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:39:13Z No. 9219282



It’s in her fucking story

Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:39:19Z No. 9219283













fake and gay


TREASON gonna catch up with her

Anonymous ID: 064c7d 2020-05-18 02:39:26Z No. 9219284


quads of the infinite confirm. i have to say, i did NOT see that plot twist comming. WELL PLAYED.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:39:29Z No. 9219285


>Thanks, I hate it.

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:39:32Z No. 9219286


sorry i didnt mean to dumpster dive by responding to you

i was bored

move along

Anonymous ID: 9afc28 2020-05-18 02:39:35Z No. 9219287


Anonymous ID: 31a37d 2020-05-18 02:39:38Z No. 9219288

Oh good

_AG Barr Not So Confident in FBI Director Chris Wray Anymore__


Since February 2019 Bill Barr has been a staunch and very public defender of Chris Wray. However, with new revelations about recent FBI efforts to block the release of information as it relates to Michael Flynn, it now appears the AG has less confidence.

This shift is important because as the public have a renewed focused on the question of who illegally leaked Flynn’s communication with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, there has always been a rather curious contrast issue with the known classified intelligence leaking of James Wolfe. If finding Flynn’s leaker is important then why didn’t the DOJ/FBI take action when they found a classified intelligence leaker in 2018?

Posted by sundance

More than a week after CBS first constructed their editorial narrative they finally released the full interview between Catherine Herridge and AG Bill Barr. Many people read the transcript; however, thankfully Michael Sheridan excerpts a portion of the video that doesn’t come across in the transcript.

When the attorney general is questioned about “still having confidence” in FBI Director Christopher Wray, a newly articulated hesitancy is visible that doesn’t come across in the transcript. WATCH:

The position of Bill Barr today is a direct result of decisions made by the DOJ and FBI in the Fall of 2017 & Summer of 2018. The events surrounding the leaking of the FISA warrant used against U.S. person Carter Page, and the 2018 DOJ decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for those leaks.

The Summer of 2018 was the fork in the road for the DOJ and FBI.

Attorney General Jeff Session was recused, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was in charge and the Mueller investigation was ongoing. That was when the DOJ made a decision not to prosecute Wolfe for leaking classified information. DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu signed-off on a plea deal where Wolfe plead guilty to only a single count of lying to the FBI……

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:39:40Z No. 9219290



Anonymous ID: b40250 2020-05-18 02:39:41Z No. 9219289



When gold blasts through 1800 silver will


Anonymous ID: 8e7bbe 2020-05-18 02:39:42Z No. 9219291


Thanks anon

I just hated that billboard

We need to respond properly

Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:39:45Z No. 9219292


I got too excited

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:39:50Z No. 9219293


What are they covering?


You're still gay. Nice try though. Gonna have to try harder next time.


Anonymous ID: 8fb3a9 2020-05-18 02:39:50Z No. 9219294

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:39:52Z No. 9219295


Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:39:53Z No. 9219296

"ORGANIC" - Lost In HEBREW Shill Translation


What Q meant by "Organic:

*Organic = Grassroots growth, like people supporting Trump, Heartfelt.             

= Unpaid Anons here digging and posting Truth on any topic they wish.

*Inorganic = Contrived, Organized Soros-Paid protesters like those who screamed at the Judge Kavanaugh hearing, or Antifa.

*Inorganic = Organized, Paid ISRAELI Army JIDF Shills paid to Suppress All Truth posted on 8chan about Zionist/Israeli ORGANIZED CRIMES Against Americans.

Q did not mean the opposite of "Organic" to be AI Machine or Bot.

Lost in Hebrew Translation. The JIDF shills cling to this one trope because they literally have NOTHING else.

Israeli Shills Can't Deny the Truth about Zionist Organized Crimes So they just keep saying "spambot" "David Brock", "Iranian", or they tell anons what to do: "Filter"

**They're Actually CONFIRMING the Truth by their desperate Ad Hominem attack of anons.

That's why their tell-tale slime is only Ad Hominum banal bullshit: "muhJoo", "inorganic", "spambot", "clown", "AI", never a Human Being because to Jews, all you Goyim are Cattle to be exploited for their benefit.

It's in their secret Sanhedrin Laws.

Jews and Israel are terrified of the Day when The Entire Planet finds out

Who Did 9/11

[[[ISRAELI Shilling intensifies]]]

Anonymous ID: 05e590 2020-05-18 02:39:53Z No. 9219297


Anonymous ID: eef76d 2020-05-18 02:39:56Z No. 9219298

GW knew:

"However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

Farewell Address | Saturday, September 17, 1796

Anonymous ID: bc33ac 2020-05-18 02:40:03Z No. 9219300


Get gamers to do their own versions of twitter WWG1WGA selfies.

"This is streamer from gameworld saying WWG1WGA!"

"This is Ryukahr from The Mushroom Kingdom saying WWG1WGA!"

"This is JackSepticEye from HAAAAAAAPPY WHEEEEELZ saying WWG1WGA!"


"This is Davie504 from bASS saying WWG1WGA!"


"This is The Truth Kitty from The Truth Factory saying WWG1WGA!"

"This is Seamus from Freedom Toons saying WWG1WGA!"

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:40:16Z No. 9219301


Anonymous ID: 88c439 2020-05-18 02:40:31Z No. 9219302

Did anything ever come out of Arkansasanon?

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:40:41Z No. 9219303


"Sauce", often used in all caps along with "zomg", "omg" and "plz", is a slang version of the word "source". It is used (usually in a pleading tone) as a request to someone who posted a claim, a picture or anything that raises interest but is unsourced/not complete. Its goal is to prove it, confirm it and to see more information/pictures/anything from the initial content.

It can be compared to Moar and Bump as a request for elaboration.

Anonymous ID: 6fa48b 2020-05-18 02:40:45Z No. 9219305


"It's right in front of you.

It always has been."


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:40:48Z No. 9219306

It is real anons:


Type in: adrianalima

And it's the 7th pic.

Anonymous ID: e265ef 2020-05-18 02:40:49Z No. 9219307


195 countries in the world


Marker 9?

Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:40:51Z No. 9219308


Anonymous ID: 20a375 2020-05-18 02:40:57Z No. 9219309

Whitehouse Press Secretary Kayleigh "Smackdown" McAnaney In Action.

Anonymous ID: d7a69c 2020-05-18 02:41:11Z No. 9219310

HCQ for you

Anonymous ID: dc6dc1 2020-05-18 02:41:18Z No. 9219311


Fake and gay slide

Anonymous ID: 1a5822 2020-05-18 02:41:42Z No. 9219312


Sorry, forgot sauce for these

They are full text I believe.

But in order to figure out what is really going on, you have to add the glutamate-seizure research into this mix.

Specificity of abnormal brain volume in major depressive disorder: a comparison with borderline personality disorder.

Impulsivity and Aggression in Female BPD and ADHD Patients: Association with ACC Glutamate and GABA Concentrations.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:41:44Z No. 9219313


Anonymous ID: f85929 2020-05-18 02:41:53Z No. 9219314

Somebody just pulled in a good catch.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:42:01Z No. 9219315


Anonymous ID: 590713 2020-05-18 02:42:05Z No. 9219316


Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:42:08Z No. 9219317


Who honestly believes she would walk around in public wearing that?

Oh and the way she's wearing it has to be the most uncomfortable way to place it.

Not buying it. Once it's proven a shoop, word will be how mad right wing extremists push (aggressive and odious) fake news.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:42:16Z No. 9219318


link to the post you retard

fuck that, y'all know it's filter time

Anonymous ID: 69ea8b 2020-05-18 02:42:16Z No. 9219319


People's lives ruined by a technicality?

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:42:21Z No. 9219320


Of course it's fucking fake. We have so few victories that we have to make fake pictures to make ourselves feel like we are actually winning. People are fucking delusional. Hussein is literally talking the same amount of shit that he always has and people are saying that he's "panicking." Sure, so much fucking panic, as he continues to divide Americans more than ever.

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:42:25Z No. 9219321



Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:42:28Z No. 9219322


hold off until you check w beanertits

Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 02:42:32Z No. 9219323


They have to have some stake in this. I can't think of anyone who would fight against this every day for years on end unless they knew they were fucked if they fail. The money simply wouldn't be worth it, paid shills only get the equivalent of $8 an hour from the few I've spoken to who would be honest with me. If I were to guess, they're ex (hopefully not current) deep state intelligence people who are desperately trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

Anonymous ID: 3a316c 2020-05-18 02:42:43Z No. 9219324

Anonymous ID: 646cc9 2020-05-18 02:42:45Z No. 9219325


It's John Brennan fantasizing again..

Anonymous ID: dc6dc1 2020-05-18 02:42:56Z No. 9219327


KYS C_A nigger

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:42:59Z No. 9219328


Is Samantha Power a tranny?

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:43:02Z No. 9219329




She really posted it but it's fake and gay

Anonymous ID: eef76d 2020-05-18 02:43:02Z No. 9219330

JA knew:

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

― John Adams, The Works Of John Adams, Second President Of The United States

Anonymous ID: 0d1d37 2020-05-18 02:43:04Z No. 9219331


What's null and void? What did the vote say? Was it a vote about filling pot holes in DC or what?

Anonymous ID: e491aa 2020-05-18 02:43:08Z No. 9219332



Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:43:12Z No. 9219333


Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:43:15Z No. 9219334



High IQ post

>Every MRI that measures the amygdala of the brains of those with BPD or PTSD etc, shows that they have "shrunken amygdalas".

There are some people who have smaller amygdalas, they tend to be leftists, very emotional and very easy to manipulate (which is why they are leftists). The 'literally shaking rn" is actually real, anything that is counter to their beliefs/ideology/identity is actually experienced as a physical attack on their person.

They are unstable, inconsistent and volatile.

People with normal amygdalas are more even keel and do not respond the same way to the same type of stimuli.

The reason the former are leftists and why the programming has worked so incredibly well on them is that the programming is geared for them specifically. When we present them with facts, they are resistant and that is why.

The reason previous attempts have failed is that they were not taking the above into consideration and were not geared specifically for them using the right psychological hooks and approach.

We have since improved.

Anonymous ID: 47d9a0 2020-05-18 02:43:15Z No. 9219335

Anonymous ID: f85929 2020-05-18 02:43:29Z No. 9219336


Good times.

Anonymous ID: d7a69c 2020-05-18 02:43:33Z No. 9219337

HCQ and Zinc

Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:43:41Z No. 9219338


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:43:42Z No. 9219339


I'm saying exactly this you fucking idiot: >>9219329

She posted it, not me.

Anonymous ID: e265ef 2020-05-18 02:43:42Z No. 9219340



Anonymous ID: b424f3 2020-05-18 02:43:43Z No. 9219341



Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:43:45Z No. 9219343


They aren't covering anything at the moment other than what we already know, but the raids have been getting more frequent, last time it was cartoon/anime cp, this time its interracial porn.

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:43:47Z No. 9219344


yup, almost prescient isn't it

the founding fathers were not dull or ignorant

they understood human nature and the nature of governance better than many scholars today, certainly they understood it better than 99% of politicians today

Anonymous ID: dc7e28 2020-05-18 02:43:58Z No. 9219345


Anonymous ID: 47d9a0 2020-05-18 02:44:02Z No. 9219346

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:44:08Z No. 9219347

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:44:18Z No. 9219348


Anonymous ID: 08ada0 2020-05-18 02:44:20Z No. 9219350


Uh, no.

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:44:21Z No. 9219349


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:44:30Z No. 9219351


cope harder faggot

its hilarious and killary looks like a fat fucking cunt

and adriana posted it

so continue being faggot

cuz youre faggot as fuck

Anonymous ID: f9d367 2020-05-18 02:44:55Z No. 9219353


I didn't see what SD saw. It looked to me as if Barr was being careful with the answer but not unusually hesitant. That said, we are watching a movie and movies have actors playing roles, so who knows the truth about Wray? To be sure, we will understand all these things when it's time.

Anonymous ID: 30bbfa 2020-05-18 02:45:01Z No. 9219354


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:45:05Z No. 9219355


Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:45:17Z No. 9219357



Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:45:21Z No. 9219358


If I were a betting person I'd put 90% probability on yes. You know how to read the signs, right?

relative finger length

adams apple

brow ridges

shoulder width

adonis belt

gap between upper thighs

narrow hips

square jaw

etc.etc. ec.

Lots of websites will teach you about recognizing trannies.

Some are surgically altered by removal of lower rig to simulate female waistline.

Jaw line can be altered by silicone.

Fake boobs of course

You decide and let us know what you think

Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:45:22Z No. 9219359


>It is real anons:



see screen cap

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:45:24Z No. 9219360



Wtf is wrong with you? The Hillary pic is obviously f&g but that doesn’t change the fact that Adriana Lima has it in her IG story. I can’t post a link to that, now go fuck yourselves.

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:45:31Z No. 9219362


they suk

but they're cranked

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:45:42Z No. 9219363


A campaign official told the Associated Press that Samantha Power's resignation is effective immediately.

The foreign policy adviser and Harvard professor made the comment in an interview with the Scotsman while on a book tour in Europe.

"We f—ed up in Ohio. In Ohio, they are obsessed and Hillary is going to town on it, because she knows Ohio's the only place they can win," the newspaper's Friday edition quoted Power as saying.

"She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything," she said, trying to retract the statement in mid-sentence.

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 02:45:48Z No. 9219364



Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:45:48Z No. 9219365


Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:45:54Z No. 9219366


Anonymous ID: a66ddd 2020-05-18 02:46:10Z No. 9219367


1927 film

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:46:12Z No. 9219368


Anonymous ID: 064c7d 2020-05-18 02:46:13Z No. 9219369



Anonymous ID: 47d9a0 2020-05-18 02:46:28Z No. 9219371

Anonymous ID: 3bc6bd 2020-05-18 02:46:33Z No. 9219372


funny part is, theybothdipshits

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:46:36Z No. 9219373



Not sure how confirming some chick posted some pic in her instagram story makes me a shill KEK.

Just did a simple search ffs.

Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:46:39Z No. 9219374


Anonymous ID: 0c127c 2020-05-18 02:47:00Z No. 9219375


Who funds BOTH sides of wars for centuries ?


Hour 29: Lucifer 2000 ( Jordan Maxwell & Anthony Hilder) (aired August 18th, 1993)

Across America and around the world, you're listening once again to the Hour of the Time. I'm your host, William Cooper.

[Dwayne Walker (DW)]: Is there a group of men and women out there who are secretly controlling our finances, our media communications and every aspects of our lives? Well, my two guests think that they very well might be. Uh, we have Jordan Maxwell, who has made an appearance in Ancient Mysteries of the Bible on CBS with William Devane hosting it, and he's agreed to come back and do the sequel, and we have Anthony J. Hilder, of Radio Free World. Uh, Jordan Maxwell's name, there's a quote that I'd like to bring to your attention and I'd like to start off with, uh, Jordan answering this. "It is probable that most of the public figures and military men involved in the secret scheme are unaware of the real goals or who is really behind it." Jordan, I gotta ask, what's…what's going on here?

When you get somebody from the Skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission, and the guy who says, uh, everything I am today I owe to David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission. Why is it that we don't, uh, talk about this organization? If they were members of the Nazi party, if they were members of the Boy Scouts, or, uh, some drag queen over in West Hollywood, we would be talking about them! There would be front-page headlines, but the Trilateral Commission, seventy-eight, ninety [sic] people who controls all three candidates for the President of the United States in 1980?

Anonymous ID: 6fc3f1 2020-05-18 02:47:20Z No. 9219376

>>9218775 lb

>>9218835 lb

>Netanyahu reportedly delayed signing a $1.5 billion contract for a desalination plant with the Hong Kong-based Hutchison Water International in response to U.S. concerns.

Hutchison Water International is owned by CK Hutchison which is run by Li Ka-Shing.

Plenty of dirt on him in the archives.

Also invested in Facebook in 2007 right around the time Microsoft bought in.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:47:22Z No. 9219378


Anonymous ID: 47d9a0 2020-05-18 02:47:25Z No. 9219379

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:47:26Z No. 9219380


holy shit youre all actually fucking shills

its literally on her fucking ig

i honestly didnt think this board was entirely shariablue

but there you fucking go

adriana lima proves this board is comped from top to fucking bottom

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:47:30Z No. 9219381


ya, some seriously deep motivator at work

money alone wouldn't do it

I know that no amount of money could get me to do what I do here.

I'm motivated by the hope that America can become what it once was. A nation governed by the constitution and laws, with honest judges, prosectutors and cops

Anonymous ID: c75e11 2020-05-18 02:47:41Z No. 9219382


Went to school in Guerneville in 70/80’s. There was a girl named Sunshine a year or so older than me with a different last name, not Coogan. I vaguely remember that she was accused of sexual abuse of her child . In those days, it was a small community. Strange.

Anonymous ID: 6a0b9b 2020-05-18 02:47:46Z No. 9219383

In honor of:

The Vaccinator - Nightmare on Gates Street Edition

"BGPuppetShot" on Willy G.'s Dystopian Future

Youtube Channel

Anonymous ID: fde3b5 2020-05-18 02:47:48Z No. 9219384


Samantha Power….. Dont I know that name from somewhere?????

Anonymous ID: 9afc28 2020-05-18 02:47:49Z No. 9219385


identity crisis = he is your friend, after all. It';s a fact.

Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:47:55Z No. 9219386


I'm not sure. Rando add on SM. Found these in his stash.

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:48:00Z No. 9219387


Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:48:06Z No. 9219388


I like how that's toggle on/off

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:48:20Z No. 9219390


























>fake and gay




>TREASON gonna catch up with her

Images first appeared in 2014…They are not recent obviously

Anonymous ID: ec0728 2020-05-18 02:48:27Z No. 9219391


>Adriana Lima

Fake not there.

Anonymous ID: 228a3a 2020-05-18 02:48:44Z No. 9219392


Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:48:46Z No. 9219393


>faggot 1: holy shit youre all actually fucking shills

>faggot 2: adriana lima proves this board is comped from top to fucking bottom

both fab

Anonymous ID: 61e7ba 2020-05-18 02:48:53Z No. 9219394


>Sam Powers

Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:48:57Z No. 9219395



Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:48:57Z No. 9219396


Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:49:16Z No. 9219398


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:49:16Z No. 9219399


Assad must go.

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 02:49:33Z No. 9219400


Anonymous ID: 627668 2020-05-18 02:49:33Z No. 9219401


>Fake not there.

Go here ANON



Anonymous ID: eef76d 2020-05-18 02:49:35Z No. 9219402


They outsourced retard shills to the Congo.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:49:50Z No. 9219404


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:50:05Z No. 9219405

holy shit this is incredible

they are all fucking shariablue bots

why the fuck are we here at this point

Anonymous ID: be8b4f 2020-05-18 02:50:08Z No. 9219406



Needs a bread number… good enough I guess.

Anonymous ID: 98cc11 2020-05-18 02:50:08Z No. 9219407

What do u guys think my faggot neighbors will reply to this shit…btw, they are bullies and shamed a fellloq neighbor for sharing that Dr. Blaylock article against masks. Because…well…masks are faggot.

"Athough there are those who will disagree, I think most everyone can agree we have free will and are therefore able to practice personal responsibility…

If someone believes they're in danger and wearing a mask, social distancing, or staying at home is what is best for them, great. You have the freedom to wear a mask, social distance, or stay at home. If others believe they aren't in danger, that wearing a mask is a risk, and staying at home weakens their immune system, then great. They also have a choice.

That's the wonderful thing about America, we have the freedom to choose."

Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 02:50:12Z No. 9219408


Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:50:16Z No. 9219409


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:50:19Z No. 9219410


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:50:27Z No. 9219411


It's her story not her regular instagram ffs.

I don't use this shit and even I know this crap.

Donald Trump jr posted in his story #WWG1WGA recently iirc (something like that). And Scavino did a while ago.

Anonymous ID: 6d8378 2020-05-18 02:50:33Z No. 9219412

Anonymous ID: 4f7f09 2020-05-18 02:50:42Z No. 9219413

>>9218758 (pb)

When will California's state government officials go to jail?

"California announces $125 million fund for undocumented immigrants impacted by coronavirus"

Anonymous ID: 0f48ee 2020-05-18 02:50:43Z No. 9219414


ICYMI, [AS] appointed Ed Burke as Presidential Elector

5/6 tor exit nodes banned

Anonymous ID: 8c6db1 2020-05-18 02:50:44Z No. 9219415

you are here []

Anonymous ID: ee1ca4 2020-05-18 02:50:44Z No. 9219416

Andromeda Strain 1971

Looks like this is what they want

Anonymous ID: 3bf6d1 2020-05-18 02:50:45Z No. 9219417

Anonymous ID: e9addc 2020-05-18 02:50:48Z No. 9219418


>I didn't see what SD saw.

Same here.

Sundance is a good researcher, but is a huge drama queen that has a long track record of reading more into things than are actually there.

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:50:50Z No. 9219419


Don't let the door hit you in the ass Sparky.

Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:50:54Z No. 9219421


"That's Soze…with two dots over the O….if you can do it"

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:51:09Z No. 9219422


Fake it's not there.

Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:51:13Z No. 9219423

The yellow shirt she is wearing would be called


in German, or in British English, vest

So she is symbolically wearing a Yellow Vest like the French protestors and handing out yellow flowers. They happen to be roses, but I suspect that is because dandelions really can't be stored and handled.

So I think she also sees herself as part of a Dandelion Insurrection.

In the Cabal color code, yellow represents money and gold. So she is also symbolically telling them, WE THE PEOPLE control the gold. Because if we don't consent to Cabal slavery and give them our money, they have nothing.

Anonymous ID: eff2eb 2020-05-18 02:51:16Z No. 9219424


What if the original photo was fake and gay?

Anonymous ID: 84ebea 2020-05-18 02:51:31Z No. 9219425


YW. I never had an eye for art…before I learned to see, ya know? Can never get enough of those beauties.

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:51:33Z No. 9219426

it cant even respond to the right post

this is beyond crazy

>you are here

yes but i dont want to be

hint fucking hint

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:51:38Z No. 9219427


Give this Faggot a Seal.

A super Fake and Gay one.

Anonymous ID: dc6dc1 2020-05-18 02:51:42Z No. 9219428

Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 02:51:44Z No. 9219429


are not endorsements


>>9219101, >>9219107 House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

>>9219056 Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege . Credits state this film was made in 1993 in Kenya, not sure if this is production or filming. (needs vetting)

>>9219102 part of an exclusive CNN interview, Brooke Baldwin travels to Kenya for a sit down interview with Barack Obama's family including a conversation with his sister Auma.

>>9219084 astronomy pic of day - waterspout in FL - anon 'saw something about Gen Flynn's twitter post pic related

>>9218976 Mark Levins post about "Barney" passing is dated today

post moar noms

Anonymous ID: 199acd 2020-05-18 02:51:51Z No. 9219430

I assume we are being attacked again

On the index all images are naked black anaconda w white chick

Anonymous ID: 14cff8 2020-05-18 02:51:53Z No. 9219431


Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:51:54Z No. 9219432


nothing like a good shill killin session to sharpen the claws

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:52:02Z No. 9219433


Fake it's not there.

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:52:07Z No. 9219434


>Ed Burke

Anonymous ID: 55c50a 2020-05-18 02:52:13Z No. 9219435

>>9218397 (lb)

>Mattress firm

how could I forget those digs

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:52:17Z No. 9219436


Anonymous ID: 1ec55b 2020-05-18 02:52:20Z No. 9219437


<Troll Farms

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:52:26Z No. 9219438



From these 2 graphs, assuming the results are showing EST, we need to get some euroanons in on this effort, to keep it up during what would be our night.

Anonymous ID: 8e7bbe 2020-05-18 02:52:30Z No. 9219439


Eat broccoli, spinach, tomato

And don’t forget the wine and chocolate

And you will have enough GABA and will be happy and calm

Good post though and true

Food affects everything

You are what you eat

Anonymous ID: 1a5822 2020-05-18 02:52:31Z No. 9219440


>The reason previous attempts have failed is that they were not taking the above into consideration and were not geared specifically for them using the right psychological hooks and approach.

Interesting point. I remember seeing the panic after the election, and wondering wtf?

Could be that there are more leftists that create less GABA as a genetic matter, leaving them to panic/rage after a glutamate laiden poisoned lunch.

I do know this from personal experience.

Once someone ingests glutamate, and gets into one of these partial brain seizure type panic/rage seizures (that looks more like a temper tantrum, since they are still upright and swinging ) It takes 72 hours for the emotional irritability to go away.

So the effects last until they clear the neurotransmitter to normal levels.

Question whether we would help our fellow liberal panic/depressed/safe space needing liberals if we simply explained how badly they are being drugged into panic, rage in the food supply?

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:52:37Z No. 9219441


Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:52:40Z No. 9219442





See this post the images no matter what was or wasn't posted are not recent..


Anonymous ID: 8a1327 2020-05-18 02:52:41Z No. 9219443


>>9219260 (You)

>Who funds BOTH sides of wars for centuries ?

Want some really good news? You're the only one to respond. Everyone else on the board knows this shit too. 10 years ago if I posted something like that I would have had dozens of questions and attacks. I'd respond with links to NDCIC or the Creature From Jeckyll Island. Now they've all read them. We've reached critical mass in the Great Awakening.

Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:52:44Z No. 9219444


Anonymous ID: eb0e69 2020-05-18 02:52:46Z No. 9219445


Those cankels though

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:52:48Z No. 9219446


Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:52:54Z No. 9219447


Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 02:52:58Z No. 9219448


Looks like it. People are too retarded to view a story on IG.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:53:09Z No. 9219449


Did you follow the extremely simple instructions?

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:53:12Z No. 9219450


>Everything here is ephemeral. That's why anons archive.

anon, ideas are not only bullet proof they're eternal

the good memes have a life of their own independent of their origins

even the mountains crumble with the passage of time

Anonymous ID: 513ef7 2020-05-18 02:53:33Z No. 9219451


>your Son

Not Sun?

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:53:34Z No. 9219452


It's fake and gay. It's nowhere on her IG.

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 02:53:41Z No. 9219453


Anonymous ID: 56c490 2020-05-18 02:53:57Z No. 9219454


Interesting read anon!

Good Grief… Glutamates!

Think of your brain as a race car, with neurotransmitters being the gas and brake for the race car. Following so far?

In this scenario, GABA would be your brakes, calming the brain and promoting relaxation. Too much GABA would cause lethargy and fatigue.

Glutamate would be like the gas pedal, acting as your major excitatory neurotransmitter, keeping the brain focused and alert. Too much glutamate/excitation causes anxiety and sleeplessness, among other symptoms, depending on the person. Over time, excessive levels of glutamate cause neurological inflammation and damage.

Keeping glutamate and GABA balanced in the brain can be extremely impactful for a range of neurodegenerative conditions:





Multiple Sclerosis



Those with atrial fibrillation, seizures and panic attacks also seem to benefit from achieving this balance.

Glutamate is a VERY common amino acid found NATURALLY in many foods to varying degrees. Remember, even the human body produces some and uses it to produce body proteins, and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Over-consumption of MSG, glutamic acid, or other forms of glutamate can cause sensitivity in some people. Avoiding it is close to impossible. The key is knowing food sources so you can limit your exposure if needed.

The first step in balancing glutamate and GABA is to avoid foods and nutritional supplements that contain or prompt the body to create glutamate or other excitatory neurochemicals that can enter via the glutamate receptors such as aspartate, aspartame, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine (mostly a problem with children), homocysteine and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Then, if you feel better when restricting glutamates, it’s best to modify/limit the amount of food sources you consume.

All of these act as neurotoxins when present in excess.

Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 02:54:02Z No. 9219455


Why is society still pretending that's not a man? Wtf is going to happen when the public learns at least 70% (if not all) of "female" leaders in this country are deranged transvestites that want to rape and eat your children? Holy fuck, this is a fucking horror movie, possibly the worst one imaginable.

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 02:54:05Z No. 9219456


i can be found on twatter and youtube. my patreon account is at blowmegeorgiapeach

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:54:05Z No. 9219457


Shill it's obviously fake and gay.

Anonymous ID: 06c80d 2020-05-18 02:54:08Z No. 9219458


Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:54:11Z No. 9219459


What the fuck is wrong with you stupid boomers?

Anonymous ID: 1ccc79 2020-05-18 02:54:14Z No. 9219460



Thanks anon. Curious why she used it on her IG video. Been trying to dig on old drops with new eyes.

Anonymous ID: 1df872 2020-05-18 02:54:18Z No. 9219461


Always wondered who caught that shot.

Anonymous ID: 0c127c 2020-05-18 02:54:20Z No. 9219462



Ft Deitrich, Md. – USAMRIID

poisoning population in ' tests '

story LB about 300,000 chinese kids deformed heads from fake milk ( or were they being exterminated ? How many died ? )

Anonymous ID: ec0728 2020-05-18 02:54:25Z No. 9219463



Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:54:27Z No. 9219464


Anonymous ID: f39569 2020-05-18 02:54:29Z No. 9219465


Anonymous ID: eef76d 2020-05-18 02:54:33Z No. 9219466



Anonymous ID: 55c50a 2020-05-18 02:54:34Z No. 9219467


Define "real"

Anonymous ID: f85929 2020-05-18 02:54:42Z No. 9219468

Nicely coordinated and executed. Bravo faggots!

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:54:47Z No. 9219469


its not a question of retardation

they certainly are but this is just a brief glimpse into how many of them are on here

i feel like i should have figured this out by now but im a little taken aback by how many of these fucks are here

Anonymous ID: 37d721 2020-05-18 02:54:58Z No. 9219470

Q in the couv!

//that's the town of Vantucky, in case no one explained it.

//Keep the 'Couv normal. Portland can be weird if it wants.

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 02:55:04Z No. 9219471


You're here forever now.

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 02:55:08Z No. 9219472


>>9219056 (You) Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege . Credits state this film was made in 1993 in Kenya, not sure if this is production or filming. (needs vetting)

Baker you mentioned Vetting…..can you expand please?

Anonymous ID: 8c6db1 2020-05-18 02:55:20Z No. 9219473

what they call [imaging]

creates a [vacuum]

it fucks the field up

Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 02:55:21Z No. 9219474


Anonymous ID: b424f3 2020-05-18 02:55:37Z No. 9219475



Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:55:40Z No. 9219476

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:55:41Z No. 9219477


when I googled it, they spelled the way I've shown (DDGo)

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 02:55:43Z No. 9219478


Anonymous ID: 662518 2020-05-18 02:55:48Z No. 9219479


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:55:51Z No. 9219480


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy

'Cause none of them can stop the time

How long shall they kill our prophets

While we stand aside and look? Uh

Some say it's just a part of it

We've got to fulfill the book.

Anonymous ID: fd06bc 2020-05-18 02:55:58Z No. 9219481


1 graph is from 2018

Anonymous ID: 4af89e 2020-05-18 02:56:07Z No. 9219482

saw this and thought of the planefags

love (You) guise >>>nohomo

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:56:12Z No. 9219483


Nigga that shit is obviously fake. Stop spreading lies.

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 02:56:32Z No. 9219484

Planefag who was watching EM.

What is your results?

Anonymous ID: b424f3 2020-05-18 02:56:34Z No. 9219485


beached whale

Anonymous ID: 4828cc 2020-05-18 02:56:38Z No. 9219486

I have seen this kind of raid before.

Welcome to information warfare newfag.

Anonymous ID: 5201fb 2020-05-18 02:56:44Z No. 9219487


Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 02:56:49Z No. 9219488


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:56:56Z No. 9219489


ive never seen anything this overt before is all

its just fucking wild man, holy shit, its a fucking zerg hive of shills at all times

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 02:56:58Z No. 9219490


It's a glownigger your talking to

Not an anon

Anonymous ID: 711d73 2020-05-18 02:57:05Z No. 9219491

>>9218145 , >>9218218, >>9218228 Anon theory on Snowden and Russia pb

Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States

He mentions satanism and paedophilia as products of a moral crisis engineered by western governments themselves.

Putin Delivers Speech on Moral Crisis of Western States

Putin Slams Governments for Imperialism, Paedophilia, and “Faith in Satan”

He suggests that traditional faith in God has been replaced by Satanism. It sounds crazy enough, but then again, there does seem to be at least some degree of affinity for occult religious practices among certain politically connected individuals. Whether it is “Satanism” or something altogether different, is a question we will leave others to decide.

He says parties which “promote the propaganda of paedophilia” have been seriously considered as legitimate due to the excesses of political correctness.

The speech has received renewed interest in light of the current investigation into US politicians involved in sex trafficking and pedophile rings (what many are calling #paedogate).

Anonymous ID: 06c80d 2020-05-18 02:57:08Z No. 9219492


> Holy fuck, this is a fucking horror movie, possibly the worst one imaginable.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:57:10Z No. 9219493



I don't even give a fuck about this sluts instagram story. I'm just not retarded enough not to be able to understand this.


Kill yourself.

Anonymous ID: ec0728 2020-05-18 02:57:14Z No. 9219494

What just triggered all the shills to slide the board?

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:57:16Z No. 9219495


Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 02:57:27Z No. 9219496


Tranny Tyranny must end now ; when they want to take over the girl's olympics is a sign of the insanity….forget they want to tell everyone want to do already : from Big Mike to Mel Gates and Sam Powers …The Schumer Barney Rubble thing, the health cousin ITT from PA…etc, etc…etc enough already ; this is how they ended up in the closet in the first place ; time to go back

Anonymous ID: ee1ca4 2020-05-18 02:57:35Z No. 9219497

Bill Gates-"Scorpion Man"

Would a kind Autist Artist put a Bill Gates head on this?

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 02:57:35Z No. 9219498



Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:57:39Z No. 9219499


Anonymous ID: f46a02 2020-05-18 02:57:45Z No. 9219500

Rep. Doug Collins @RepDougCollins

We now know the attempt to take down General Flynn and then-candidate Trump reached the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

The American people should be appalled.

1-min vid

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 02:57:58Z No. 9219501


Anonymous ID: 61e7ba 2020-05-18 02:57:59Z No. 9219502


>When will California's state government officials go to jail?

>"California announces $125 million fund for undocumented immigrants impacted by coronavirus"

It's all about the election, isn't it.

Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:58:21Z No. 9219503

Vast documents snowden took were unrelated to electronic surveillance or privacy or civil liberty issues

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:58:25Z No. 9219504


Something BIG is about to drop.

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 02:58:27Z No. 9219505


Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 02:58:29Z No. 9219506


Bruh the containment board misses you.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 02:58:31Z No. 9219507


You cancerous boomers have ruined this board.

Congratulations. Not just the world and society, but /qresearch/ too.

Anonymous ID: be8b4f 2020-05-18 02:58:33Z No. 9219508


God this is so true.

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 02:58:41Z No. 9219509


Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 02:58:47Z No. 9219510

Anybody know why Q posted this? has nothing but a 302 error

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 02:58:49Z No. 9219511


they're about to get off work. late-night shift is the only time to be on here. Give it another hour and they'll clear out.

Anonymous ID: 25458e 2020-05-18 02:59:02Z No. 9219512



but what does that mean?

Anonymous ID: 34d21c 2020-05-18 02:59:04Z No. 9219513

What's the deal with EM?

Is it a distraction?

Or is it something else?

Anonymous ID: 0d1d37 2020-05-18 02:59:08Z No. 9219514


>>>9219101, >>9219107 House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional

Need clarification. Does this mean that the House vote on proxy voting is unconsitutional?

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 02:59:12Z No. 9219515


Faggot shill you kill yourself. You're spreading fake and gay info. Nobody believes you.

Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 02:59:13Z No. 9219516



Does it matter? They don't do anything.

They could at least make well done false narratives, take someone hostage, argue on spiritual terms for demoralization.

Instead they just post lazy shit. I'm disappointed. I thought this was meant to be some well oiled cabal machine. Instead it's just Reddit faggotry on a Hilary subreddit.

Anonymous ID: 0d356d 2020-05-18 02:59:20Z No. 9219517


how would the shills know?

Anonymous ID: eb0e69 2020-05-18 02:59:23Z No. 9219518


Who’s the guy on the right?

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 02:59:32Z No. 9219519


fucking adriana lima of all people

Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 02:59:32Z No. 9219520


Litter box

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 02:59:35Z No. 9219521

Tropical storm warning for North Carolina Outer Banks as Arthur takes aim Monday

Storm names 2020

Arthur (active)

Bertha (unused)

Cristobal (unused)

Dolly (unused)

Edouard (unused)

C before D?

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 02:59:50Z No. 9219522



Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 02:59:54Z No. 9219523


Anonymous ID: f85929 2020-05-18 03:00:01Z No. 9219524


Go to the Bread that Q posted in. There are about a million pdf links in it.

Anonymous ID: 48280f 2020-05-18 03:00:02Z No. 9219525


Anonymous ID: dc7e28 2020-05-18 03:00:04Z No. 9219526


A germ from a space probe? Saw the movie, IIRC the crying baby and the old man sterno drinker had high Ph blood levels, space germ couldn't live. Simple stuff, kinda like a cheap malaria medication being able to take out a nasty bug

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:00:11Z No. 9219527

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 03:00:13Z No. 9219528


holy fuck look at them

this is incredible

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 03:00:25Z No. 9219529


Anonymous ID: 9ef07d 2020-05-18 03:00:30Z No. 9219530


Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 03:00:39Z No. 9219531

Tell me about Minerva /cbts/.

Anonymous ID: e9addc 2020-05-18 03:00:40Z No. 9219532


OMG I can't believe he stole that from Bob.

(and used a time machine to do it!)

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 03:00:45Z No. 9219533


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 03:00:45Z No. 9219534


He suffered from asthma, and was prone to lung infections; throughout his adult life he was affected by bouts of pneumonia.

Anonymous ID: f39569 2020-05-18 03:00:48Z No. 9219535


it was this report (pic related)

should be caps etc if you check notables

basically said what we know is merely the tip of the iceberg

Anonymous ID: 2c0fab 2020-05-18 03:00:56Z No. 9219536

It starts with hope.

All you need is that one little match.

Anonymous ID: 31a37d 2020-05-18 03:01:00Z No. 9219537

Really good article by Matt Taibbi

Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

The Blue Party’s Trump-era Embrace of Authoritarianism Isn’t Just Wrong, it’s a Fatal Political Mistake

Matt Taibbi

May 15

Emmet G. Sullivan, the judge in the case of former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, is refusing to let William Barr’s Justice Department drop the charge. He’s even thinking of adding more, appointing a retired judge to ask “whether the Court should issue an Order to Show Cause why Mr. Flynn should not be held in criminal contempt for perjury.”

Pundits are cheering. A trio of former law enforcement and judicial officials saluted Sullivan in the Washington Post, chirping, “The Flynn case isn’t over until a judge says it’s over.” Yuppie icon Jeffrey Toobin of CNN and the New Yorker, one of the #Resistance crowd’s favored legal authorities, described Sullivan’s appointment of Judge John Gleeson as “brilliant.” MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said Americans owe Sullivan a “debt of gratitude.”

One had to search far and wide to find a non-conservative legal analyst willing to say the obvious, i.e. that Sullivan’s decision was the kind of thing one would expect from a judge in Belarus. George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley was one of the few willing to say Sullivan’s move could “could create a threat of a judicial charge even when prosecutors agree with defendants.”

Sullivan’s reaction was amplified by a group letter calling for Barr’s resignation signed by 2000 former Justice Department officials (the melodramatic group email somberly reported as momentous news is one of many tired media tropes in the Trump era) and the preposterous “leak” of news that the dropped case made Barack Obama sad. The former president “privately” told “members of his administration” (who instantly told Yahoo! News) that there was no precedent for the dropping of perjury charges, and that the “rule of law” itself was at stake.

Whatever one’s opinion of Flynn, his relations with Turkey, his “Lock her up!” chants, his haircut, or anything, this case was never about much. There’s no longer pretense that prosecution would lead to the unspooling of a massive Trump-Russia conspiracy, as pundits once breathlessly expected. In fact, news that Flynn was cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller inspired many of the “Is this the beginning of the end for Trump?” stories that will someday fill whole chapters of Journalism Fucks Up 101 textbooks.

The acts at issue are calls Flynn made to Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak on December 29th, 2016 in which he told the Russians not to overreact to sanctions. That’s it. The investigation was about to be dropped, but someone got the idea of using electronic surveillance of the calls to leverage a case into existence.

In a secrets-laundering maneuver straight out of the Dick Cheney playbook, some bright person first illegally leaked classified details to David Ignatius at the Washington Post, then agents rushed to interview Flynn about the “news.”

“The record of his conversation with Ambassador Kislyak had become widely known in the press,” is how Deputy FBI chief Andrew McCabe put it, euphemistically. “We wanted to sit down with General Flynn and understand, kind of, what his thoughts on that conversation were.”

A Laurel-and-Hardy team of agents conducted the interview, then took three weeks to write and re-write multiple versions of the interview notes used as evidence (because why record it?). They were supervised by a counterintelligence chief who then memorialized on paper his uncertainty over whether the FBI was trying to “get him to lie” or “get him fired,” worrying that they’d be accused of “playing games.” After another leak to the Washington Post in early February, 2017, Flynn actually was fired, and later pleaded guilty to lying about sanctions in the Kislyak call, the transcript of which was of course never released to either the defense or the public….

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:01:01Z No. 9219538


It's fake. Adriana Lima didn't post that shit. Go look for yourself.

Anonymous ID: 513ef7 2020-05-18 03:01:03Z No. 9219539


Occult merely means hidden.

How you use the secret tools is up to you.

Anonymous ID: 9afc28 2020-05-18 03:01:03Z No. 9219540


love is in the air….

Anonymous ID: 06c80d 2020-05-18 03:01:04Z No. 9219541


>I don't even give a fuck about this sluts instagram story. I'm just not retarded enough not to be able to understand this.

So WTF does this have to do with Adam? Huh? What?

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:01:06Z No. 9219542


You do understand she posted that picture in her IG story and not her regular IG, right dude? Seriously.


Fuck you faggot and gtfo.

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 03:01:11Z No. 9219543


The projection is strong with you I see.

Anonymous ID: be8b4f 2020-05-18 03:01:12Z No. 9219544


You can't walk down the streets of Seattle without seeing this. No one cares, pretty crazy.

Anonymous ID: c12d8b 2020-05-18 03:01:23Z No. 9219545

Caribbean Coast Guard - Netherlands Antilles PH-CGB - De Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8

Anonymous ID: 64f6e8 2020-05-18 03:01:25Z No. 9219546


Kek. Someone finally got a pic of us.

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 03:01:29Z No. 9219547



Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 03:01:39Z No. 9219548


Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 03:01:45Z No. 9219549



Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 03:02:03Z No. 9219550


that is how bad google sucks ; even Q uses Bing! KEK!! how sad is that? Oh, shit…first name is wrong too ; Keyser Soze : here is his story

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 03:02:03Z No. 9219551


i absolutely have

and its absolutely real

you stupid fucking dipshit

Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 03:02:05Z No. 9219552


are not endorsements


>>9219101, >>9219107, >>9219514 House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional, clarification requested

>>9219056 Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege . Credits state this film was made in 1993 in Kenya, not sure if this is production or filming.

>>9219102 part of an exclusive CNN interview, Brooke Baldwin travels to Kenya for a sit down interview with Barack Obama's family including a conversation with his sister Auma.

>>9219084 astronomy pic of day - waterspout in FL - anon 'saw something about Gen Flynn's twitter post pic related

>>9218976 Mark Levins post about "Barney" passing is dated today

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 03:02:05Z No. 9219553


>my patreon account is

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:02:11Z No. 9219554


Nigga no she didn't. Try harder shill.

Anonymous ID: 6fa48b 2020-05-18 03:02:13Z No. 9219555


Hmmn. 16 posts. Tor.

Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 03:02:14Z No. 9219556


How was Brownsville?

Did you see what you needed?

Should be leaving… … ..

Back to work for EM soon.

Side chosen. ]good?[

Follow up Planefags. (I) gave you what you asked for your turn.

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 03:02:34Z No. 9219557


Nothing but glow worms on TOR tonight.

Fortunately a simple Filter ID gets rid of all of them.

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 03:02:38Z No. 9219558


She did. Not our problem that you’re too stupid to know what a story is and how to access it.

Anonymous ID: 0c127c 2020-05-18 03:02:40Z No. 9219559


None dare call it conspiracy

a classic

[ and I heard the editors at The Atlantic , and other CFR rags cry out in terror, and go silent ]

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:02:52Z No. 9219560


Fucking shill try harder. We aren't buying your bullshit anymore. It's fake as it gets.

Anonymous ID: 3088cb 2020-05-18 03:02:54Z No. 9219561

Magazine Cover from Trends Journal

Anonymous ID: 751e26 2020-05-18 03:02:59Z No. 9219562


It was just a few months ago that it was rumored that Putin may "gift" Snowden to Trump

Anonymous ID: 466674 2020-05-18 03:03:01Z No. 9219563


has to do with snowden and the shadow brokers, nsa cia russia…the usul spy stuff…

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 03:03:02Z No. 9219564


> if we simply explained

That approach does not and will not work.

The approach has to be specifically geared for them so they can "hear" it.

Example of 2 approaches:

1- The food is tainted with something that makes you unhappy and unstable. if you stop eating that, you'll feel better.

2- is >>9219439

Why does 2 work but 1 will not?

Because 1 points out a negative, which triggers a reaction. 2 instead offers a positive - gives them an avenue to exert some control in their life (they feel out of control because they are), and invokes a sort of Zen.

Some object to pointing out that this is manipulative, inferring that it is unkind or dishonest manipulation. That is not the case. It is using phrases, approaches that work by understanding the target's psychology and background. That is the only way it works. And honestly, it's more respectful (if less direct) because it actually benefits that person, and they think of it as their idea, and it makes them happy.

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 03:03:09Z No. 9219565


Stop replying to the GLOWCLOWN

Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 03:03:11Z No. 9219566


never before seen videos are kind of red flags

without me watching it

but after you post i brwosed it

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 03:03:16Z No. 9219567


paytriots can fuck right off

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:03:18Z No. 9219568




>boomer made a meme to react to being called out as a boomer



>a literal boomer

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:03:18Z No. 9219569

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 03:03:37Z No. 9219570

im sorry but i cant stop laughing

this is fucking insightful as hell

holy shit

Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 03:03:38Z No. 9219571

Tell me again about your Adriana Lima slide.

Anonymous ID: 0c127c 2020-05-18 03:03:59Z No. 9219572

[William Cooper: The Mormon church is now, and has always been, a white Aryan racist organization, and until recently when threatened with lawsuits, they never allowed any other race then white Caucasians to belong. That's right, folks, and if you are a black American who belongs to the Mormon church, you have really been fooled. All of the secret organizations of Mystery Babylon are racist organizations.

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 03:03:59Z No. 9219573


They're out of ammo

all they have left is to sling poo

Anonymous ID: 6a0b9b 2020-05-18 03:04:11Z No. 9219574

7 weeks till month of July.

INDEPENDENCE DAY from the Cabal?

On the second half of this year, Larry Kudlow says he expects to see 20% growth in the second hslf of this year. (!!!)

And the strongest growth 2021 in American history! Hmmm. What does he know?

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 03:04:13Z No. 9219575


>Sundance is a good researcher, but is a huge drama queen that has a long track record of reading more into things than are actually there.

Spot on. Deep thinker and excellent researcher, but tries to connect the dots sometimes a little too much and once SD gets hooked on a theory he falls in love with his own theory and wants to keep proving it right.

A lot of good use from that site but handle with care.

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:04:15Z No. 9219576


Shill faggot. How much are they paying you to spread fake shit?

Anonymous ID: 8fb3a9 2020-05-18 03:04:16Z No. 9219577

Shills seem pretty desperate.

They cannot seriously think that what they do would have any effect.

They know already that nothing is going to stop God´s plan - so why not just join it?


you are worthy of being saved, no matter what others tell you, God loves you.


Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 03:04:17Z No. 9219578


Wow, I was at this exact spot about a decade ago and it looked much much different. This used to be a pretty nice part of town.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:04:17Z No. 9219579

I fucking hate you faggots.

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:04:37Z No. 9219580

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 03:04:59Z No. 9219581


Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 03:05:06Z No. 9219582


see what i mean

we get to bitch about it

q will never have me in the pr racket

Anonymous ID: 3b8ee0 2020-05-18 03:05:09Z No. 9219583


ICYMI, [AS] appointed Ed Burke as Presidential Elector

7/8 tor exit nodes banned

Anonymous ID: df7b08 2020-05-18 03:05:13Z No. 9219584


Dude a story on instagram is separate from the normal pics you see. Good god you are a moran………..

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:05:19Z No. 9219585


That shit is absolutely fake. Nobody believes Adriana Lima posted that.

Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 03:05:24Z No. 9219586

im so glad im quarantined now

h/t to whoever you are

Anonymous ID: f85929 2020-05-18 03:05:25Z No. 9219587


Anonymous ID: 64f6e8 2020-05-18 03:05:28Z No. 9219588


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 03:05:33Z No. 9219589


Anonymous ID: 331440 2020-05-18 03:05:34Z No. 9219590


What is next week.

Do you know yet?

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 03:05:38Z No. 9219591


Confirmed on Adriana Lima's IG page

Anonymous ID: bdffb7 2020-05-18 03:05:41Z No. 9219592


Do "good" trannies even exist? I remember them as a kid, but they were a fringe thing. Crossdressers have been around forever, but that's not what these people are. They're iconoclastic lunatics, jihadis of degeneracy, intent on re-crafting the world in their twisted image. It's fucked up beyond belief, so much so that proof of all this would be dismissed as absurd. I don't know how the fuck Q intends to inform the public about this shit, I can't even convince my mom the TV is lying to her.

Anonymous ID: 0843fa 2020-05-18 03:05:43Z No. 9219593


Is that the best they got? Stop with the projection, you’re pathetic.

Anonymous ID: 8a1327 2020-05-18 03:05:44Z No. 9219594


>None dare call it conspiracy

>a classic

Yup, my first red pill.

Anonymous ID: 3088cb 2020-05-18 03:05:51Z No. 9219595


Such Claims are Moronic Bullshit from SHILLS

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:05:53Z No. 9219596

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 03:05:54Z No. 9219597


Fuckin Freddy special.

Anonymous ID: 52ce69 2020-05-18 03:06:05Z No. 9219598



Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 03:06:09Z No. 9219599



Anonymous ID: 513ef7 2020-05-18 03:06:12Z No. 9219600


You're missing one more.

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:06:17Z No. 9219601


Nigga shill I know what a instagram story is. And Adriana Lima didn't really post that fake shit. Stop lying to America.

Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 03:06:21Z No. 9219602


But the times when the hashtag is trending is similar. In order to keep it above a certain level, people need to use it around the clock, we need to get some people in the Eastern hemisphere on this, now that it is worldwide more than it was then.

Anonymous ID: cb9a81 2020-05-18 03:06:22Z No. 9219603


A lot of them, their goal is to piss anon's off, nothing more. Sad, angry, little minded snowflakes

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:06:26Z No. 9219604



Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 03:06:27Z No. 9219605


Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 03:06:29Z No. 9219606



Up to the top of the bread

There is a link to the drop and another…

to the PDF that was once on the site.

Anonymous ID: c6fd84 2020-05-18 03:06:37Z No. 9219607


Gonna be a sucky year if first storm of the year early is making it to NC. Not that I live there… Asking for a freind. Fuck You Cabal.

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:06:37Z No. 9219608

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 03:06:38Z No. 9219609

Phyllis George, Miss America who became a trailblazing sportscaster, dies at 70

Anonymous ID: c49885 2020-05-18 03:06:51Z No. 9219610


Confirmed fake and gay.

Anonymous ID: 2c0fab 2020-05-18 03:06:51Z No. 9219611

Well, well, well…….

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 03:06:55Z No. 9219612


Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 03:07:06Z No. 9219614


ty for the feedback

Anonymous ID: 55db5b 2020-05-18 03:07:12Z No. 9219615


wait a minute… that's not Bob?

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 03:07:13Z No. 9219616


Anonymous ID: 9589e0 2020-05-18 03:07:27Z No. 9219617


1. A majority of Representatives were not present to cast votes Friday. A majority of members constitute a Quorom as stated in the Constitution and the House Rules.

2. The Resolutions did not cite their legal authority to change rules. The legal authority would be Proclamation 9994 National Emergency due to covid-19.

3. Congress is responsible for updating amendments in law. Proclamation 9994 was not posted as an amendment to 50 USC Sec 1621.

4. Congress cites the War Powers Resolution under 50 USC Chapter 33 as a legal authority. The national emergency due to covid-19 falls under 50 USC Chapter 34 National Emergencies.

5. The Resolutuion 967 stipulates proxy voting will be conducted May19 - July 21. So proxy votes were not yet allowed on May 15.

6. The Resolution 965 states the rule change for proxy voting is 45 days (working days). Since votes were held on May 15, the 45 day period and May 19-July 21 period conflict.

7. To change the quorum rule, they must cite the emergency and report which members ar incapacitated, unable to attend or missing. No report is available. Those working from are not incapable of attending. They did not cite the Proclamation or the law under which the emergency was issued.

8. The existing House rules for a quorum and voting were still in effect. There were insufficient House members in Washington to authorize a vote.

9. To change the rules, a majority of members would have to be present to vote on the changes. The Speaker had directed members to work-from-home for convenience. The voted by proxy on 967 to establish the date period but had no rule for proxy voting. 967 also allows for voting on HR 6800 by proxy but it was before proxy rules were approved and the period allowing proxy votes. They then voted by proxy for 965 which states how proxy voting is conducted. 965 also states a 45 day period. Any other votes on May 15 would be outside the 45 day period May 19-July 21. So they should not have voted on HR 6800.

Essentially, despite voting on rule changes, there were not enough members to conduct business so the existing rules were still current which did not allow proxy votes.

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:07:39Z No. 9219618

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 03:07:47Z No. 9219619


Anonymous ID: 8fb3a9 2020-05-18 03:07:51Z No. 9219620


Anonymous ID: 66481d 2020-05-18 03:07:55Z No. 9219621


BuT iTs iN THe SToRy NoT PiCTuReS You BooMeR HaHaHA iDioT!!!1

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 03:07:59Z No. 9219622


Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 03:08:06Z No. 9219623


>>9219101, >>9219107, >>9219514 House Votes May 15, Emergency Citation Wrong, Vote Illegal & Unconstitutional, clarification requested

>>9219056 Video: Obama Whines About White Privilege . Credits state this film was made in 1993 in Kenya, not sure if this is production or filming.

>>9219102 part of an exclusive CNN interview, Brooke Baldwin travels to Kenya for a sit down interview with Barack Obama's family including a conversation with his sister Auma.

>>9219084 astronomy pic of day - waterspout in FL - anon 'saw something about Gen Flynn's twitter post pic related

>>9218976 Mark Levins post about "Barney" passing is dated today

Anonymous ID: 4828cc 2020-05-18 03:08:10Z No. 9219624




Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 03:08:16Z No. 9219625


Anonymous ID: 9ef07d 2020-05-18 03:08:18Z No. 9219626


they got the interview and you didn't and your bitching kek! Go to the corner an flap for a bit it helps

Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 03:08:20Z No. 9219627



Anonymous ID: 8d1e0b 2020-05-18 03:08:21Z No. 9219628


The race of the children of men does.

Habsburg is just the name of a family.

Anonymous ID: eb0e69 2020-05-18 03:08:25Z No. 9219629


Back to half chan you go

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:08:30Z No. 9219630

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 03:08:36Z No. 9219631


Anonymous ID: 1a5822 2020-05-18 03:08:46Z No. 9219633



>>>9219229 (You)

>Interesting read anon!

>Good Grief… Glutamates!

>Think of your brain as a race car, with neurotransmitters being the gas and brake for the race car. Following so far?

>In this scenario, GABA would be your brakes, calming the brain and promoting relaxation. Too much GABA would cause lethargy and fatigue.

>Glutamate would be like the gas pedal, acting as your major excitatory neurotransmitter, keeping the brain focused and alert. Too much glutamate/excitation causes anxiety and sleeplessness, among other symptoms, depending on the person. Over time, excessive levels of glutamate cause neurological inflammation and damage.


Exactly Anon. You are spot on. In fact, the hottest study in neurology is this subject right now and the glutamate is called an "excitotoxin".

Lead cause of domestic violence.

My personal experience?

Every young person with a seizure that has walked into my home this past 20 years, walked out and never suffered seizures again.

Youngest: 2 years

Oldest : 26

Total 5

All I did was show them the science, how to eat glutamate free, gave them DHA and B vitamins to help repair the brain damage.

I am NOT saying this is the cause of all seizures.

I AM saying that this has to be a HUGE cause of seizures, and I do mean full blown full brain fall on the floor go to the hospital get on the meds for life kinds of seizures, in addition to partial brain seizures. Depends on the genetic makeup.

The partial brain or temporal lobe types of seizures are the ones that leave a raged/panicked person swinging dangerously at the last person they were looking at, when the seizure started.

Sometimes the last thing they were looking at was a "thing" and they will go after "things" also.

Anything they were focused on, when the partial seizure began.

In children, the seizure looks like a temper tantrum, but, will have a high pitched scream, be sudden without a cause to be upset about, and muscles in the back seem to tighten so the back arches. Often the feet will be running, which looks like they are kicking, but, It is involuntary.

Afterwards, they moan ceaselessly, until they fall asleep from post seizure exhaustion.

My daughter had it.

I learned to tell the scream.

I heard it in Walmart one day.

Ran to find the child in the arms of a helpless confused father.

Explained what it might be, what to do to help her. Gave him my number.

He called weeks later to thank me. The child never had another "temper tantrum".

Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 03:08:47Z No. 9219634

(YOU) really don't know do you?


Anonymous ID: 3bf6d1 2020-05-18 03:08:49Z No. 9219635

Anonymous ID: 97ffbf 2020-05-18 03:08:57Z No. 9219636


Okay, just wanted to see if there was something I could do to help.

Anonymous ID: 8fb3a9 2020-05-18 03:09:15Z No. 9219637


don´t think that is real.

had a lot of trouble accessing the links Q posted by of huge traffic, so imo @Jack is not showing real numbers.

Anonymous ID: df7b08 2020-05-18 03:09:28Z No. 9219638


Nah, he's right. There is no real digging or investigating anymore, just cheerleading.

Anonymous ID: 5df3d8 2020-05-18 03:09:28Z No. 9219639


Anonymous ID: 2e8570 2020-05-18 03:09:28Z No. 9219640


Anonymous ID: 8fb3a9 2020-05-18 03:09:33Z No. 9219641


tbc: numbers are much higher imo.

Anonymous ID: dc7e28 2020-05-18 03:09:35Z No. 9219642


Anonymous ID: 7d64fc 2020-05-18 03:09:37Z No. 9219643

i truly cant stop laughing

whoda thought adriana lima would be the dankest red pill about this board of all

actually, pretty apropriate

fucking glorious

Anonymous ID: 3e6e0e 2020-05-18 03:09:37Z No. 9219644


Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:09:47Z No. 9219646

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:09:50Z No. 9219647


Kill yourself redditfugee, that cancer started when you disgusting faggots came here.


Shut up boomer and die off already.

Anonymous ID: e4abf1 2020-05-18 03:09:53Z No. 9219648

LOTS of spooks here tonight trying to slide with the F&G Adriana Lima bullshit

Anonymous ID: 0ae155 2020-05-18 03:10:18Z No. 9219651

Steve Hilton had a good show if you missed it.

Anonymous ID: 5ef59b 2020-05-18 03:10:20Z No. 9219652

>>9219491 My overall impression is that Putin et al are sincere in the restoration of the church in Russia, going back to the roots.

Medvedev may be dead, not clear. But in any event, no longer PM.

The U1 thing and support for Hillary can be overcome after the present world crisis. A way may be found to return the illicitly gained uranium holdings, in a way that keeps both parties whole.

Anonymous ID: 45b91c 2020-05-18 03:10:21Z No. 9219653


Oh look, and the spam is still in the catalog!

Amazing work "BVs" and "BO"!

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:10:33Z No. 9219655

Anonymous ID: df7b08 2020-05-18 03:10:37Z No. 9219656


Says (23)………

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 03:10:53Z No. 9219659



I'm sure you're right anon

Anonymous ID: 64f6e8 2020-05-18 03:10:58Z No. 9219660



Do you know what a mimeograph is?

You will always be a newfag. Live with it.

Anonymous ID: b4683f 2020-05-18 03:11:01Z No. 9219661


Lima balls

Anonymous ID: 84062c 2020-05-18 03:11:02Z No. 9219662

I've got a question about unemployment.

I'm am an essential employee, my company reduced hours, furloughed 80% or more but I am only getting 42 hours a paycheck. Worked more than 80 hours for most my 28 years with them…

So I've never used unemployment. California employees are getting the unemployment plus the 600 bump for this but…..

Tennessee I am told approved but make too much (yeah, but half my pay is still devastating)

Are states not all doing same thing? Tennessee you can't get any info and can't get through phone lines. Bill Lee is lying about that…

Anyone know? And even if I don't qualify for TN part, shouldn't I for 600bof federal bit?

Help please, if any lawfags know?

Anonymous ID: 687cb7 2020-05-18 03:11:09Z No. 9219663

Anonymous ID: e90e21 2020-05-18 03:11:18Z No. 9219664

Fresh Bread





Anonymous ID: 6917f6 2020-05-18 03:11:21Z No. 9219665



Anonymous ID: 96fd28 2020-05-18 03:11:27Z No. 9219666


Cunt.Tracker is a registered trademark of USMarshall_Services!

Anonymous ID: 489ae7 2020-05-18 03:11:29Z No. 9219667


Anonymous ID: c12d8b 2020-05-18 03:11:29Z No. 9219668

USAF C-17 RCH339 from Naval Base Coronado on final into JB Andrews

Anonymous ID: f98668 2020-05-18 03:11:37Z No. 9219669



No loss of information.

Anonymous ID: 0564b0 2020-05-18 03:11:42Z No. 9219670

Anonymous ID: 118441 2020-05-18 03:11:53Z No. 9219671


Anonymous ID: 5223c7 2020-05-18 03:11:55Z No. 9219672


Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:11:56Z No. 9219673

Anonymous ID: 3a316c 2020-05-18 03:11:58Z No. 9219674


Anonymous ID: 49ac91 2020-05-18 03:12:12Z No. 9219676


Anonymous ID: be8e3e 2020-05-18 03:12:18Z No. 9219677


meme is spot on if one knows the character from the movie … especially after just watching it again

Anonymous ID: 724eed 2020-05-18 03:12:24Z No. 9219678

Anonymous ID: 62c090 2020-05-18 03:12:42Z No. 9219680


pushing or pulling?

Anonymous ID: cdedb0 2020-05-18 03:12:47Z No. 9219683


the peach is thirsty

where are we on that duel pussy?

Anonymous ID: 0564b0 2020-05-18 03:12:49Z No. 9219684