9da8a3 () No. 1094720

2ca1bdf21b2af5....png (6990 KB, 255 x 143, 5760 : 3240, 2ca1bdf21b2af5....png) (h)

..those who cannot understand that we cannot Simply Start arresting without first Ensuring The Safety & Well-being Of The Population, Shifting The Narrative, Removing Those In dc Through Resignation To Ensure Success, Defeating isis/ms3 To Prevent Fail-Safes, Freezing Assets To Remove Network-To-Network Abilities, Kill Off coc To Prevent Top-Down COMMS/ORGg, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.





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de5eff () No. 1094773

937dba64e266cd....png (2473 KB, 143 x 255, 1242 : 2208, B51FDA8B-0C6F-....png) (h)

So confused…

385e72 () No. 1094794


>be a Criminal Cutout using the name barrack obama

>collude with opium & tea merchants gchq for illegal spying on US citizen and Presidential candidate donald j. trump

>find nothing, get nervous when hrc lost and can't cover up your criminal acts

>in typical leftist projection delusion, come up with trump collusion scheme in weak attempt to retroactively justify (structured conspiracy) illegal acts


495b9e () No. 1094795

646cc994c212a5....png (82 KB, 166 x 255, 575 : 882, MossadFronts.png) (h)

Follow the key [] to understand the common thread. Religious tension is caused and created by []. They don't infiltrate, the create the chaos. They control seemingly similar groups that are not a cohesive unit. Order out of chaos.

f6d0cd () No. 1094796

a06fa94a26d098....png (223 KB, 243 x 255, 457 : 480, baker-ty-apple....png) (h)

ty baker

83c22a () No. 1094798

In the spirit of last bread's dope rhymes (kek):

Roses are red,

Violets are blue…

The faggots at /pol/

Think all bad guys are Joos.

385e72 () No. 1094799

>>1094790 (last bread)

Nuke plant (((drill))) this weekend at area of interest.

90b8fe () No. 1094800

0a855a318dc084....png (873 KB, 255 x 214, 916 : 768, fuckyou.png) (h)

0c6f07 () No. 1094801

d0b02c2890da2d....jpg (50 KB, 189 x 255, 474 : 641, 1486273179876.jpg) (h)


/pol/ is the reason you are even here you faggot

385e72 () No. 1094802



>not WE'RE

No cure for you.

9873ae () No. 1094803


I was just looking back at that too.

Also thinking about Lexington and Concord Apr 19 and why Clowns are all over this board so much lately. IMO something big is going to happen tomorrow. There are 24K+ sealed indictments, IOG report, BHO sealed records, RR trouble, Mueller supposedly wrapping up, Awan, Epstein/Chandler, HRC video, LL/BC tarmac……. the list goes on. Anything can happen right now!

ea2913 () No. 1094804

6d2c131eab2ec3....jpg (66 KB, 255 x 170, 1100 : 733, twoscoops.jpg) (h)


Two scoops please

b0b234 () No. 1094805

d5246897875fa9....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, pol.jpg) (h)

12ad94 () No. 1094806


why would anyone steel explosives. They are easy enough for operators to get their hands on. You just go to demo drills and blow up half of it and take the rest home. (who is going to know how much you blew up). Anouncing the theft of explosives is practically telegraphing the move.

47236b () No. 1094807

Stephanie Clifford's porn star name is Stormy Daniels. Need to change to Smarmy Daniels Definition of Smarmy

1: revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness

2: of low sleazy taste or quality

0f0cb6 () No. 1094808

Repost >>1094679

Trump's tweet about the spying, this story is the message he was sending.

385e72 () No. 1094809


Without /pol/ you wouldn't have a job shilling us and would still be sucking nigger cock for shekels.

e6fdcb () No. 1094810

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy Name,

thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those

who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.

2cbd0d () No. 1094811

Richard Spencer shills railing against the jooos again

7c90de () No. 1094812

b79c34d7bc9033....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 208, 1200 : 979, videobomb-logo....jpg) (h)

Is Strike Package 111 V-B a Video Bomb that's 1 min. 11 secs. long?

08a6ae () No. 1094813


Can't help but notice your inability to produce a logical and substantial response, pussy, boy.

Unfortunately, that is what happens with dickless youngster boys.

Enjoy trying to whack your clit, big boy. LOL!

0c6f07 () No. 1094814

03feb1508a74fd....jpg (15 KB, 228 x 214, 228 : 214, 1475878750412.jpg) (h)

d4fdb5 () No. 1094815

ea5f58ed53905f....jpg (14 KB, 255 x 166, 255 : 166, ShillTardSlide....jpg) (h)


f2ff96 () No. 1094816

f33dbd528afa0c....jpg (487 KB, 212 x 255, 1065 : 1280, noice.jpg) (h)

https:// soundcloud.com/alokenofficial/the-prodigy-breathe-aloken-2k18-bootleg


c9468c () No. 1094817


Fear mongering

9a9960 () No. 1094818

fdf061 () No. 1094819

Message from E Trump for sure


(Prev bread)

e58046 () No. 1094820

930bfcbf2c7e7e....jpg (277 KB, 255 x 208, 1035 : 846, Stormy Lied.jpg) (h)


Stormy lied.

Check the dates.

0f0cb6 () No. 1094822


(((They))) enjoy the fright frenzy created by it, keeps everyone guessing what comes next and where.

385e72 () No. 1094823


Kill yourself soundcloud honeypot shill, kike.

2cbd0d () No. 1094824


Hi DJT I see we have something in common

97e843 () No. 1094825

Bob Menendez..a true Bastion of Integrity. So glad we have such grand lawmakers.

f6d0cd () No. 1094826

4cb30acd5b2364....png (764 KB, 254 x 255, 551 : 553, potus-ice-all.png) (h)

408aa0 () No. 1094827


So far i have;

- 704lbs of explosives stolen in Marietta, PA on Fri.

- Multiple threats regarding everyone dying on 19 Apr.

- Warning from Q

- Pittsburgh police warn officers to bring 'riot gear' to work in event Trump fires Mueller

- FEMA preparedness drills taking place at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, located in southern Lancaster County, PA.

7c90de () No. 1094828

dd4d3f6382238e....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 178, 670 : 468, that-feeling-y....jpg) (h)

12ad94 () No. 1094829


You don't think we announced a phony theft to put folks on alert?

f2ff96 () No. 1094830

dd1fc92ec4a5f6....png (250 KB, 255 x 191, 500 : 374, CK0lORH.png) (h)

2d6bf6 () No. 1094831


And that's why 3 mile island is the perfect target. Fuck up both Lexington and Concord

abd401 () No. 1094832


How did the kids defeat Pennywise?

They stopped giving it their fear and attention.

Don't feed the clownshill.

23fada () No. 1094833

The "Pittsburgh-Mueller 1st annual semi-spontaneous riot and pierogi fair" gets off to an uncertain start as local media is slaughtered in comments:

http:// pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/04/18/robert-mueller-pittsburgh-police-prepare-riots-if-trump-fires/

Keep posting that Soros manual for "semi-spontaneous" riots & mayhem!

Make sure everyone knows who is behind this.


b0b234 () No. 1094834


Or it could be she was on the rag, shark week. Trump made her sit and watch him jerk off.

f339cc () No. 1094835

9d659e18d8fc67....png (8121 KB, 255 x 217, 3522 : 2997, false flag apr....png) (h)


I created a new one without the Q part.

and yes if anons in general think it is a good idea then go ahead and use it.

Noted warning that it might look foolish if nothing happens.. but what if something does?

3aa237 () No. 1094836

8cde7bba0bc1bf....jpg (109 KB, 255 x 128, 652 : 328, exciatruth.jpg) (h)



(((clowns))) and their puppets are eating each other.

Comey Calls McCabe A Liar, McCabe's Attorney Fires Back

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/comey-calls-mccabe-liar-mccabes-attorneys-fire-back

"A massive battle is brewing between former FBI Director James Comey, and his deputy Andy McCabe - as first noted a few weeks ago by the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross - over exactly who is lying about Comey knowing that McCabe had been leaking self-serving information to the Wall Street Journal.

Comey stopped by ABC's The View to peddle his new book, A Higher Royalty Loyalty, where he called his former Deputy Andrew McCabe a liar, and admitted that he "ordered the report" which found McCabe guilty of leaking to the press and then lying under oath about it, several times.

Comey was asked by host Megan McCain how he thought the public was supposed to have "confidence" in the FBI amid revelations that McCabe lied about the leak.

“It’s not okay. The McCabe case illustrates what an organization committed to the truth looks like,” Comey said. “I ordered that investigation.”

Comey then appeared to try and frame McCabe as a "good person" despite all the lying.

“Good people lie. I think I’m a good person, where I have lied,” Comey said. “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person but the inspector general found he lied,” noting that there are "severe consequences" within the DOJ for doing so."

Comey has turned on Mccabe.


shill puppet comey and mccabe. BOTH SPY.

Understand the comms here.

Intel community does not refer to one of your own as 'spy', unless it is jokingly used by someone else aka POTUS.

'spy' is the enemy hostile.

'agent' is the friendly.

'asset' are the pieces on the board.

(((SPIES))) in our midst = MCCABE and COMEY, HRC, HUSSEIN.

Setting the stage to put them all in Gitmo.


BREAK THE MSM, as Q asked us. STAY on TARGET.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f2ff96 () No. 1094837



you like me huh

2cbd0d () No. 1094838


Ice cream and boobs that's a perfect combo

23596f () No. 1094839

97e843 () No. 1094840


Don't leave! pleeeeez

83c22a () No. 1094841

8db7f393479183....jpg (192 KB, 191 x 255, 1124 : 1500, il_fullxfull.1....jpg) (h)


Well, that is a technicality. I was asked to grace /pol/ with my presence from elsewhere on the web, anon. Never paid it much attention before Q. Not because I held any animosity, but because I already get solid info from elsewhere. When I got to /pol/ it was all good until the clown JewFag COINTELPRO op kicked off and we moved. And then we moved again because of famefag comped bakers. And here we are now - infinity chan with anons more my age bracket ;) Comvfefe.

975566 () No. 1094842


Good meme! Clean and to the point. I will use.

12ad94 () No. 1094843


The clowns have been running their pie holes a lot about 4/20 (Hitlers Birthday)

e4d1e0 () No. 1094844

620efc35272065....png (392 KB, 255 x 227, 720 : 640, 20180418_192715.png) (h)

8779d7 () No. 1094845

>>1094615 (last bread)


0c6f07 () No. 1094846

d688c52ca8d9ca....jpg (161 KB, 252 x 255, 1185 : 1200, best day so far.jpg) (h)

wew lads

2018 is lit

35c528 () No. 1094847


Roses bleed red,

and so do you,

Who do you work for?

It must be a jew

Not all jews are bad

But numbers don't lie

There's a humanitarian problem

The jews want all the goyim to die

4223c0 () No. 1094848


https:// www.yahoo.com/news/m/87cafb41-e482-378a-8f39-36c257146ce9/ss_fbi%27s-mccabe-to-doj%3A-%27are-you.html

7c90de () No. 1094850

d04793c5a8db02....png (110 KB, 205 x 255, 500 : 622, so-stormy-dani....png) (h)


Yep, all a CON JOB!

This is starting to remind me of the movie "The Sting"

807f96 () No. 1094851




i might be wrong, but wasn't there some Q posts from a while back, where some anons thought he may be reffering to fucking nuclear power plants (like 3 mile island).

I may be mis-remembering so sorry if i am.

56fa61 () No. 1094852


Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton, Lynch And McCabe; Rosenstein Recusal Demanded

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/criminal-referral-issued-comey-clinton-lynch-and-mccabe-rosenstein-recusal-demanded

385e72 () No. 1094853


We're flooded with normies, so just making sure to expose you for their edification.

0247d6 () No. 1094854


And if I interpret Q's recent drops correctly, the stage is now set for their release.

12ad94 () No. 1094855


You mean, you don't think it's unfair that he gets two scoops and you only get 1?

f2ff96 () No. 1094857


damn rum

9cb14a () No. 1094858

Same lame ass shills from yesterday and this morning I see. We used to get serious motivated shills and now all we have is the clown turd faggot who tries to be scary and some argumentive morons.

Pathetic, I have to say.

But I suppose we are getting good at filtering, in case real shills ever show up again.

2d6bf6 () No. 1094859


don't remember that, but it is the perfect target!

975566 () No. 1094860


>>1094835 FF Alert to get out there.


5578e1 () No. 1094861




This further makes me believe there's gonna be a FF soon. There always seems to be one right when negative news hits the Dems/Deep State.

83c22a () No. 1094862


Shit - dat REALLY Hitler's birthday? Fugg - bet he rolled his dank in Bible paper…

0c6f07 () No. 1094863

f9c5f84a9cb1fa....jpg (21 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, 1509386497769.jpg) (h)



b0b234 () No. 1094864


HAH, this shit has been going on for MONTHS!

2475b9 () No. 1094865

3dfb4e90f1609c....jpg (70 KB, 255 x 143, 678 : 381, muhwire.jpg) (h)

>>1094836 I contend they are indeed spies

But whom are they spying for?

I suspect 3 are going to snitch and provide testimony.

Hence they are running around free right now.

fb7960 () No. 1094866

51df1957513348....jpg (994 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, PornTrap.jpg) (h)

c655a5 () No. 1094867

8779d7 () No. 1094868


Great work anon, only suggestion PUT TODAY's DATE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE

58f544 () No. 1094869


That dynamite could be enough to knock out the power grid in most of the USA. Seriously. Lets hope they find the bastards that stole it.

08a6ae () No. 1094870

Where is the dickless anon with the clit….the one that tried to claim the unsubstantiated, illogical assertion posts?

0f0cb6 () No. 1094871



Which is why I don't put anything past them, hopefully this will all be caught and ended before it starts. Tired of seeing people hurt and abused by them.

408aa0 () No. 1094872


Considering the explosives and the drill happening at a Nuke PLant, you might be right.

81a78a () No. 1094873

There appears to be a serious epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome spreading amongst the clown population. All affected faggots, niggers and shills should report to the CDC immediately for quarantine and further analysis.

de5eff () No. 1094874

e74db29f09aac9....png (330 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

3aa237 () No. 1094875

b5efd10d1c5afe....jpg (153 KB, 255 x 251, 743 : 730, jewinsight.jpg) (h)


Stupid kike clown niggers are high on their own bullshit anticipating false flags any time.

Hostile enemy combatants.


Killing and neutralizing active (((shill))) teams should be part of the war effort, I believe. Plans should be drawn up.

These are isis manufacturing mudlsime importing, disgusting interracial porn filming, human trafficking pedophile rape gang enabling (((subhuman scum))).

Bullet in the head is too good of an end for these criminal scum.

dfd47e () No. 1094876

New "Video Meme": When and Why the Russia Collusion Hoax First Began

Setting the stage

5c6113 () No. 1094879

bc8248c7bee035....jpeg (739 KB, 255 x 181, 2048 : 1452, EF0AB870-4CAB-....jpeg) (h)







Twitter post April 18

https:// twitter.com/AlexisSnell1/status/986484599277674496?s=20


e6fdcb () No. 1094878


The cabal is eating its own… they are now all cut loose and looking for whatever deals they can get… say it with me anons, "No deals!"

f2ff96 () No. 1094880

https:// soundcloud.com/chrisultranovamusic/eminem-the-real-slim-shady-chris-ultranova-remixfree-download



have fun idk

839f74 () No. 1094881

253596d3af793d....jpg (54 KB, 255 x 47, 999 : 186, 20180418_141151.jpg) (h)


Yah & HE ALSO SAID WE R BEING SET UP.. MEANING the deep state is going to say Q and US on the chans are apart of the next FF… (theory)

if we can call them out, maybe it will prevent something or maybe it wont. but sword fighting on 8ch surely wont help a FF in the real world.

Deep State has every reason to do something major. Congress is Now DIRECTLY involved w/ [H] & his goones (hrc etc) … those guys having nothing to lose to unleash shit on us

fc1d3c () No. 1094882

061285fd3d077b....jpg (42 KB, 255 x 205, 512 : 411, rod cle.jpg) (h)

54d141 () No. 1094883

0530344f20f78f....png (827 KB, 191 x 255, 850 : 1136, symbolism.png) (h)



Enough is Enough

That Q post reminded me of a video I watch last year.

Can any anons explain this shit?

www. youtube.com/watch?v=Kkp3gARJEes

- A 1958 Western with a character named "Trump" who will build a wall and "only he can save them".

- A 1990 comic strip with Trump building walls, handing out hats.

- "Enough is enough" repeated WAY too many times by all

e7643e () No. 1094885

ddcdbc12daed9a....jpg (64 KB, 255 x 198, 622 : 482, QBwithU.jpg) (h)

9873ae () No. 1094884


I wouldn't want to be in PA right now. I saw something about everyone getting sick, too

97e843 () No. 1094886


3ce2ef () No. 1094887




Sorry to be a kill joy

1. Look carefully at the letter head, half of it is missing.

2. Type out the link at the end of the doc, it is not from the actual FBI.gov news release page. I bought it too. But lets watch the details all.

975566 () No. 1094888

de3d8ae7600187....jpg (20 KB, 255 x 234, 255 : 234, Stormy Husband.jpg) (h)

0e8c71 () No. 1094889



Apr 2 2018 22:45:09 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 491f56 875265

April [A].

IG report.

Sessions public attack.

RR problems.

Seals broken.


Why was Huber made public?

>Why now?

Everything has meaning.









Election Integrity.

Immigration Bill.



Military start.

BIG month.


I think that Syria/Iran and Ukraine/Turkey is more important.

038281 () No. 1094890


>The clowns have been running their pie holes a lot about 4/20

It's a big day for dopers as well.

7c90de () No. 1094891

e4891c87e8ae9f....jpg (34 KB, 255 x 178, 670 : 468, that-feeling-y....jpg) (h)


Two more that further the meme.

f8d5bd () No. 1094892

Dangerous to post my twat 2 days ago asking Q to have POTUS sign an ASL Q as a message to us? my info is blocked out.

495b9e () No. 1094894

b37f06e2347dc0....png (440 KB, 255 x 187, 1193 : 873, MossadFronts6.png) (h)


Returning to the official narrative, the Munich Olympic drama was not meant to end too soon. As Wikipedia leads, with my bolded text:

“At 4:30 pm, a squad of 38 German police was dispatched to the Olympic Village. Dressed in Olympic sweat suits (some also wearing Stahlhelme and carrying Walther MP sub-machine guns), they were members of the German border-police, although according to former Munich policeman Heinz Hohensinn they were regular Munich police officers, with no experience in combat or hostage rescue. Their plan was to crawl down from the ventilation shafts and kill the terrorists. The police took up positions awaiting the code word “Sunshine”, which upon hearing, they were to begin the assault. In the meantime, camera crews filmed the actions of the officers from the German apartments, and broadcast the images live on television. Thus, the terrorists were able to watch the police prepare to attack. Footage shows one of the kidnappers peering from the balcony door while one of the police officers stood on the roof less than 20 ft. (6 m) from him. In the end, after “Issa” threatened to kill two of the hostages, the police retreated from the premises.”

The difficulty of concerting international action was demonstrated last week when 17 nations met in Washington to seek agreement on measures against skyjackers — and failed. Even if governments could agree, the Black September gangsters would be hard to eliminate, since they move so stealthily. Quite probably, the world will have to endure more Munichs before it learns how to curb them.

To counter the guerrilla terror, governments everywhere will have to pay far closer attention to security—not only on airliners, as they are learning to do, but at almost any public event or occasion that terrorists could disrupt, as they did the Olympics. Perhaps the ultimate significance of last week’s horror in Munich is that the historic, bloody conflict between the Israelis and Arabs has now been exported from the Middle East to the rest of the world, first to Western Europe, and maybe eventually even to the U.S«

There it was, the essence of the terror agenda, right in front of our eyes for decades already, waiting to be re-discovered and finally understood. And that, my dear readers, may be the most important message of this manufactured Munich 1972 Olympic incident: it presaged and helped lay the foundation for the new essence of our counterfeit reality, culminating on 9/11 2001, bringing to life a monstrous myth.

b0b234 () No. 1094893

febbdd977c6663....jpg (23 KB, 255 x 170, 419 : 279, hitler-cake-swf.jpg) (h)


Some party ideas if you wanna get festive.

134a3e () No. 1094895


Enjoy the shill fest

9cb14a () No. 1094896


Looks like a penis with warts.

fdf061 () No. 1094897


Holy shit Anon. I agree some fuckery affordable in PA

408aa0 () No. 1094898


Any PA anons checking Craigslist for Actor calls?

0247d6 () No. 1094899


>The cabal is eating its own…

Not surprising, they're all satanic cannibals.

8779d7 () No. 1094900

aaa10fc586cd59....jpg (149 KB, 255 x 197, 819 : 633, gothim2.jpg) (h)



I fucked up the length of the text box

e6613f () No. 1094901


but dem titties tho

385e72 () No. 1094902


>Twitter post April 18

>implying the video isn't old

I smell shill.

213b66 () No. 1094903


What's notable about it? Skippy's video came to light during pizzagate investigation. Notable back in 2016 maybe..

5ae7bb () No. 1094904

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouroboros

Let evil do it's job.

0c6f07 () No. 1094905


it may be one of the best posts not by Qanon, imho

so satisfying to read and verify

495b9e () No. 1094906


Again the mossad terrorists are allowed to conduct a (((press conference)))


This is the start.

414b80 () No. 1094907

a27a70c2b6b929....jpg (64 KB, 171 x 255, 526 : 783, AssClown.jpg) (h)

1fe1ac () No. 1094908


Stormy Daniels' face looks a little bit like Megyn Kelly's.

35c528 () No. 1094909



I can't believe my eyes. We're forcing MSM to report on this shit. Impressive.

12ad94 () No. 1094910


We got to look out for Pennsy, they put the boss over the top, even though Pitsburg had nothing to do with it.

Nothing better happen to the Amish but F the Penguins

fb7960 () No. 1094911

401c288c2d58c2....jpg (707 KB, 255 x 153, 1280 : 768, BreadWastingTr....jpg) (h)


CLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e6fdcb () No. 1094912


If the M5M even mentions Q or 8ch to the normies, it will just raise awareness even more… the Streisand Effect

9873ae () No. 1094913


I'm thinking your list of things are backlash against something on my list that the Clowns know is ready to happen

2cbd0d () No. 1094914


Boobs are good motivation just make sure to say something about it in the post like a poem or short commentary

4eb48f () No. 1094915

f33d22ff81e59b....jpg (44 KB, 255 x 171, 740 : 496, Stormy-Daniels....jpg) (h)

83c22a () No. 1094916


Nicely done. I mow yards and shit. I don't/WON'T pay an unconcstitutional income tax. No false joo stands over my shoulder waiting to shower me with fiat paper, anon. Also, (((they))) AREN'T Jews… The Babylonian captivity/insugency is a crucial factor in the modern misconception. But I think we can reach some common ground - they DO *call* themselves "Jew". Won't it be fun on judgement day for them?

(You) can't be one of the JewFags that was aimed at because you just admitted:

>Not all jews are bad

36b7eb () No. 1094917

My guess on the missing explosives is this.

The FBI have been coaching a couple of Habeebs for a few months do do some Jihad crap, and will bust them at the last minute to show how on the ball they really are. Has happened numerous times before. Difference is now there are more eyes watching them.

56d207 () No. 1094918


ATF: More explosives stolen from worksite than first thought

http:// www.abc27.com/news/local/lancaster/atf-more-explosives-stolen-from-worksite-than-first-thought/1128936999

8779d7 () No. 1094919


PAanon here


12ad94 () No. 1094920



038281 () No. 1094921

ad9880a4ead4c2....jpg (22 KB, 169 x 255, 350 : 528, Paul Newman.jpg) (h)


>the movie "The Sting"

b185de () No. 1094922


"For all those who have doubted the Attorney General Jeff Sessions or the Inspector General Michael Horowitz, this shows they're working on the single most massive government corruption criminal case in American history."

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/23452-Complete-Breakdown-Hillary-Comey-and-Lynch-in-the-Eyes-of-DOJ

7f9d20 () No. 1094923


Drudge: S-STORM

& vs and



f2ff96 () No. 1094924

d222f8e6a1d636....jpg (32 KB, 170 x 255, 320 : 480, IMG_1604.jpg) (h)


Sie können keine Stadtregeln spielen, wenn Sie in einem Dschungel leben. Diese Pferdepiraten müssen sich verpissen. Verbreite bitte Bacon Awareness. Das heutige Schwein ist der Morgenspeck.

https:// soundcloud.com/djmatf/dcp-fellous-x-ray-charles-whatd-i-say

f339cc () No. 1094925

bf097f66ab880b....jpg (1828 KB, 255 x 217, 3522 : 2997, FF warning Apr....jpg) (h)

sharing again.

This FALSE FLAG WARNING is dated, for posterity

de5eff () No. 1094926

124ed0cc37b2f6....gif (263 KB, 200 x 239, 200 : 239, 200w.gif) (h)

I found out what was in Hillarys glass of water that one day..

13f301 () No. 1094927

Illegal Aliens Caught near Border with ‘Assault-Style Firearms,’ Says Border Patrol

http:// www.breitbart.com/texas/2018/04/18/illegal-aliens-caught-near-border-assault-style-firearms-says-border-patrol/

0247d6 () No. 1094928


>Stormy Daniels' face looks a little bit like Megyn Kelly's.

Hard and past its prime.

0c6f19 () No. 1094929


I’m starting to think death is too good for all those evil c*nts

926375 () No. 1094930


same here

12ad94 () No. 1094931


Ain't gotta be from PA for that, you do it.

fdf061 () No. 1094932

>>1094897 **Afoot. Fuckery afoot in PA

56d207 () No. 1094933

Belgium Illegally Shipped 96 Tonnes of Sarin Precursor to Syria

https:// www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2018/04/18/belgium-illegally-shipped-96-tonnes-sarin-precursor-syria/

54d255 () No. 1094934

a558ab5f65ad4b....png (759 KB, 255 x 170, 1280 : 851, 4183.png) (h)

We have got 3 on possibly same route toward DC




975566 () No. 1094935

0bf93d1bfcf37b....png (163 KB, 255 x 229, 737 : 661, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)





Here's just some nuclear reactors I found.

Three Mile Island one of them.

If someone wanted to do a map of where the explosives were stolen

and where the nuclear plants are - that would be great.

a1422b () No. 1094936


>Anouncing the theft of explosives is practically telegraphing the move.

wellyes, that's the idea, if they're to blame some Qanon "follower".

Maybe like the CometPingPong patsy, he'll actually have destroyed evidence

3df2e1 () No. 1094937


Very well done anon. ThanQ

1580b5 () No. 1094938


Thanks Obama!

495b9e () No. 1094939

4ad3720be7b941....png (232 KB, 170 x 255, 584 : 874, MossadFronts5.png) (h)



8779d7 () No. 1094940


took the advice thanks, GREAT WORK

408aa0 () No. 1094941


Keep us posted, Patriot.

c655a5 () No. 1094943


18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings

18 USC1515b - Obstruction before congress

18 USC 641 - Public money, property or records (embezzlement)

18 USC 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information

18 USC1924a - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material

18 USC 1621 - Perjury

18 USC 1001 - False statements and Concealment

Hillary Clinton

52 USC 30121 - Contributions and donations by foreign nationals

52 USC 3010101 - Federal election campaign disclosure of funds


18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings

18 USC1515b - Obstruction before congress


18 USC 1001 - False statements and Concealment

18 USC 1621 - Perjury

18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings


18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings

18 USC1515b - Obstruction before congress


18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings

18 USC1515b - Obstruction before congress

Everyone who signed Warrant application

18 USC 1505 - Obstruction of proceedings

18 USC1515b - Obstruction before congress

18 USC 242 - Deprivation of rights



385e72 () No. 1094942

917343 () No. 1094944

85b12d7bafedbe....jpg (171 KB, 255 x 170, 752 : 500, april19.jpg) (h)

bc3b92 () No. 1094945

abc36ad7617315....png (2650 KB, 255 x 161, 1182 : 746, Walnut Sauce.png) (h)

Res ipsa loquitur…

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/53381

7cea67 () No. 1094946


Either that post is above my IQ or you need to reword it

0fec65 () No. 1094947

06b5f1888e3e6c....png (213 KB, 255 x 210, 588 : 484, Screenshot-201....png) (h)

Anons, what is going on with the aircraft.

First the military. Now commercial. Another SW one this morning and now this.

Are we missing something from the Q drop?

583618 () No. 1094948

A bio agent is the easiest way to kill off mass populations.

they release the germ world -wide and retreat to NZ and Antarctica for a few years. they also we have the antidote/vaccine against it already.

I always thought this would be the way they would do it.

They have run out of time and are tired of fucking with the masses.

It is one possibility.

3f96b0 () No. 1094949


oldfag laughed

975566 () No. 1094950

c173c2128c06db....png (175 KB, 255 x 127, 992 : 495, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


Wrong images.

Here are the nuclear plants:

de5eff () No. 1094951

c3cd2888e32db6....gif (2078 KB, 255 x 142, 575 : 321, dnc-is-irrelev....gif) (h)

it's because he knew it was a money scheme…a fraud, a joke on the average American. Hope your cell is cold and lonely Weiner..and I hope you're celled up with a black man named Peaches..

bb9e04 () No. 1094953

b049eba3c8f284....jpg (230 KB, 255 x 78, 800 : 244, close.jpg) (h)

83c22a () No. 1094954

2808bb06b4374d....jpg (21 KB, 248 x 255, 398 : 409, fd715d18ad81dd....jpg) (h)


Kek - somehow I missed her talking about Shark Week. Oh yeah, because she's nobody and her story won't change a thing because she consented. TOO easy to dredge up Billy-boy's escapades in rebuttal.

f2ff96 () No. 1094955

b089425dca6a1f....jpg (181 KB, 255 x 255, 1120 : 1120, IMG_1502 (10).jpg) (h)

https:// soundcloud.com/powello-bros/smoketrees

smoke that shit

7c90de () No. 1094956

b79c34d7bc9033....jpg (73 KB, 255 x 208, 1200 : 979, videobomb-logo....jpg) (h)







2cbd0d () No. 1094957

The criminal referral was for those who signed the fisa application too, RR problems

0f0cb6 () No. 1094958


I also recall that the next attack would be on the east coast.

10f359 () No. 1094959


Could be something to this. Ireland is used by big corporations such as Google to avoid us corp taxes. Apple was smart enough to repatriate. Potus could freeze assets via green castle?

8779d7 () No. 1094960


unless it happens down the street from me, I'll probably here it from you anons

35c528 () No. 1094961


I'm with you anon. Although they call themselves Jews, they are not. They are from the synagogue of satan.

12ad94 () No. 1094962


do you think Sessions is going to do something. I know he eventually will, and now is as good a time as any. Seeing some big names get cuffed will put the fear of YHWH into the cabal minions

fdf061 () No. 1094963


No Anon. But good idea

0c6f19 () No. 1094964


Ok good

Is it listed in the records here cos as far as I know Q only starting dropping crumbs in October 2017

b0b234 () No. 1094965

f9c16ae2350288....jpg (63 KB, 171 x 255, 360 : 536, _beer-6_297797....jpg) (h)

406b56 () No. 1094966







https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-18/criminal-referral-issued-comey-clinton-lynch-and-mccabe-rosenstein-recusal-demanded

583618 () No. 1094967


considering the fact that President Trumps is twice the size and most humans, 2 scoops is in keeping.

Bravo my President.

ea5e8d () No. 1094969


That sketch artist is pretty fucking good.

08a6ae () No. 1094970


Where is this "badass" pussy? LOL!

Come out, Come out wherever you are, junior, genius youngster! LOL!

e6fdcb () No. 1094971


Maybe a bio agent spread by fallout from blowing up a nuclear power plant.

50437f () No. 1094972


where's the face when the industrial wood chipper is tested with a log?

a412c9 () No. 1094973

97b80bc2003e32....jpg (141 KB, 255 x 149, 802 : 470, REVENGE.jpg) (h)

0e8c71 () No. 1094974

6a65df () No. 1094975


No one can stop you.

I believe you are being foolish.

You do not see you are making yourself a part of any FF now.

I personally trust Q team to handle matters.

Not some anon who does not have all the information and may be making a grave mistake.

12ad94 () No. 1094976


PA is EC in my book, You get a bus in Port Authority NY straight to the Poconos

c41186 () No. 1094977


He was probably working from the photo of him on her table.

fdf061 () No. 1094978


If we can source this we can meme it. Proof for Q. I’m not a memefag.

e7643e () No. 1094979


Actually, we get small. kek

7f9d20 () No. 1094980


Maybe I need to drop a video. Not sure a side-by-side graphic will be enough.

e6fdcb () No. 1094981


Look for irregular activity over PA tonight.

3642e1 () No. 1094982

87c90e7b00d629....png (34 KB, 255 x 239, 375 : 352, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

30ab56 () No. 1094983

Watch the movie "Brainstorm" if you want to see a movie that details exactly how we are going to destroy the Cabal that controlled us. Everything in the movie has esoteric meaning. Nothing is just literal.

It has it all there. God, Jesus, Sophia. They subtly explain how humanity will over come the controlling group.

The company even has a symbol that looks like the Jewish star of David.

We win by using hackers and exposing MKULTRA style evidence that was hidden.

The movie even has one security guard who seems to root for the main character and watch him. I believe MI was putting themselves into the plot. They are the ones watching the watchers.

Not shitting you. Rewatch the movie. Read between lines.

9da8a3 () No. 1094984



I noted this one guys

4eb48f () No. 1094985


The fleet is getting old and mexican illegals are doing to repairs for min wage

e4d1e0 () No. 1094986


When shenzhen came up, it was 25/100. So, to me, that means there was 3 more. This could have potential.

56d207 () No. 1094987

e6c72c26942b1c....png (27 KB, 255 x 62, 766 : 186, www.rawstory.c....png) (h)

https:// www.rawstory.com/2018/04/new-york-attorney-general-seeking-power-prosecute-trump-aides-pardoned-president/

419eea () No. 1094988


Good morning anon

f2ff96 () No. 1094989

faa9955b9614ba....jpg (271 KB, 255 x 255, 1141 : 1141, IMG_0303.jpg) (h)

https:// soundcloud.com/knyd/goflex

flex feels fo quads yo

986fac () No. 1094990

Saw someone post from this you tube channel last bread i went to the beginning of the channel

March 6th Video Upload Text:


sauce https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfNSYOWBvJ4

fdf061 () No. 1094991


You likely just wished upon him his fantasy. The dude is fullONcreep

97e843 () No. 1094992


Don't mind if I do..

33c4db () No. 1094994

Odd the media doesn’t cover the lock Comey up protests at Barnes an noble …or did I miss it ??

de5eff () No. 1094996

f55f8bcfd1354e....gif (1317 KB, 255 x 123, 466 : 224, tenor.gif) (h)

406b56 () No. 1094997


worked all day like a faggot

late to the party

83c22a () No. 1094998

199d2b46fd2ed6....jpg (26 KB, 255 x 180, 475 : 336, T1_Kyle_Reese_....jpg) (h)


When I first saw the sketch - fuck, mebbe it's the autist in me - I immediately though "Kyle Reese"

583618 () No. 1094999


obvious targets and the best possible. they will cut electricity and pollute the environment killing thousands.

4eb48f () No. 1095000


It's Hilarious watching the media cold drop the Russian narrative and now focused on Stormy Daniels.

f8d5bd () No. 1095001

b7de34b247a3f7....jpg (55 KB, 250 x 255, 521 : 532, qtweet.jpg) (h)

blocked out my header, but those were the only two people I tweeted to on the 16th. Tells us that Q is reading tweets and responding. I did also post this request up here, so maybe he got the message here as well.

385e72 () No. 1095002



Prove it with a rare.

0247d6 () No. 1095003


I believe it will be tomorrow and will be the shot heard round the world.

aeff4e () No. 1095004

>>1094816 Dont look it is a tranny do not look or spank your monkey

0f0cb6 () No. 1095005


I completely agree, which is why I brought it up.

de5eff () No. 1095006

b054c204e556be....gif (746 KB, 255 x 143, 480 : 270, 980x.gif) (h)

just dropping Trump gifs for this bread, filter me if you want, if not, feel free to kek and save.

fdf061 () No. 1095007

3aa237 () No. 1095008

db5193c65c2c7b....jpg (220 KB, 249 x 255, 937 : 960, alinsky.jpg) (h)


"fast and furious" holder should be hanging from a tree, in pieces. That fucking nigger don't get the world ain't black panther (((puppet))) friendly world.

Domestic racially motivated terrorist, just like blm, la raza.

PSA on (((shills))):

(((shills/useful idiots))) ID'd and summarized for anon targeting convenience:

>83c22a ←–kike enabling (((useful idiot))) bitch cuck faggot who thinks it can lecture 8ch on the jewish question like some liberal faggot.

>414b80 ←–dumbass kike forgot to tag posts. Cant post muh armenians anymore, got new batch of fag clown pics.

>fb7960 ←— fucking newbie slide (((jidf)))

Keeping it all updated.

2cbd0d () No. 1095009


I'm phonefagging but it can be grabbed from the images of the document from congress

ea5e8d () No. 1095010


That's funny, you are probably right on that though.

54d255 () No. 1095011


Just the 3 planes flying high on near same flight path and I think going to DC

55adca () No. 1095012


Anon I downloaded the DeSantis PDF from this URL:

https:// desantis.house.gov/_cache/files/8/0/8002ca75-52fc-4995-b87e-43584da268db/472EBC7D8F55C0F9E830D37CF96376A2.final-criminal-referral.pdf

and converted it to .JPEG pages myself with a utility.

It is legit. You can verify the content by downloading the PDF from the

house.gov website.


97e843 () No. 1095013


I'm certain of this…you may be right!

f2ff96 () No. 1095014

0dc1ef776aa73f....jpg (36 KB, 255 x 255, 480 : 480, IMG_0096.jpg) (h)

https:// soundcloud.com/djmatf/royal-crown-hey-pachucodcp-fellous-remix

tophat from the ground up

6dca44 () No. 1095015

i needed time off. this place completely sucked me in.

where are we digging.. ready to get to work

83c22a () No. 1095016

166fcc2d399d85....gif (528 KB, 255 x 201, 387 : 305, 1475318838244.gif) (h)

583618 () No. 1095017


Also want to add, That an EMP attack or ongoing with a release would make it even more deadly. no way to track how the illness is spreading.

fdf061 () No. 1095019


WorkFag it’s ok. You can catch up now

f8d5bd () No. 1095020


Right now I think we are looking at the released investigation as well as the missing explosives warning about a FF tomorrow, possibly in PA.

906634 () No. 1095021


the one in Monroe county MI isn't that far from PA and just off the shore of lake erie

3df2e1 () No. 1095022


Or leaning on the podium

de5eff () No. 1095023

1e5fce37dd0675....gif (2089 KB, 255 x 192, 276 : 208, Donald-Trump-C....gif) (h)

try and try they will,

failed every time they have

385e72 () No. 1095024

2cbd0d () No. 1095025


Just think of the seriousness of this, Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General was referred for criminal prosecution

e4d1e0 () No. 1095026

1a7433525c62d8....png (227 KB, 255 x 202, 719 : 569, 20180418_145106.png) (h)


And this closely mirrors shenzhen statue. Idk? Have just been scratching the surface.

038281 () No. 1095027


>they release the germ world -wide and retreat to NZ and Antarctica for a few years. they also we have the antidote/vaccine against it already.

They've already done it.

https:// www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/concerns-history.html

aeff4e () No. 1095028

>>1095015 I heard when this is all over Q is going to send each of us a Pepe

6dca44 () No. 1095029

97e843 () No. 1095030


it's happening

fb7960 () No. 1095031

f75ac471494a26....jpg (816 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, theonepostmove.jpg) (h)


Clown tactic right here boys and girls AVOID THIS CLOWN

f8d5bd () No. 1095032



Yep, that's why I was skeptical but the video is pretty obvious. You don't hold your thumb like that if you're innocently scratching your eye.

a1b8bb () No. 1095033

c4d8d63ff51263....jpg (170 KB, 255 x 207, 862 : 701, Mechs.jpg) (h)

Should we worry? ;)

5e2c2d () No. 1095034

c4b6e06a02d318....jpeg (831 KB, 159 x 255, 1242 : 1991, 8975AE93-CCB2-....jpeg) (h)


Yeah I posted this a few breads ago. Used to see the sign for it driving up Rte1 there. Chesapeake/Susquehanna adjacent, leading to River opening at Havre de Grace (historical significance). BGE facilities there too and woods woods woods around.

aee7b0 () No. 1095035

Edward Snowden

Verified account


8m8 minutes ago

More Edward Snowden Retweeted The Verge

Google is killing an absolutely critical protection for people in places like Iran, China, and Russia trying to reach uncensored news and chat. That this can slide without any opposition from US policy-makers is the epitaph on the US internet freedom agenda's grave.

0e8c71 () No. 1095036










de5eff () No. 1095037

114b69d6181f5f....gif (1197 KB, 204 x 255, 680 : 849, 114.gif) (h)



Trump train ain't got brakes,

Trump train can't stop winning..

4584be () No. 1095038

7a70fdbe739843....jpg (6 KB, 255 x 110, 255 : 110, ar,emia.jpg) (h)


another clownbaker

takes anti clown notables out of the dough

and his pals are already shit posting

54d255 () No. 1095039

Wing28 fast and high and looks going to DC

out of Charolette

0fec65 () No. 1095040


Delta 30

International Flight ATLANTA to LONDON

fdf061 () No. 1095041


Agreed Anon

385e72 () No. 1095042


My cock is ready.

aeff4e () No. 1095044

>>1095036 smells larpy

4584be () No. 1095045



e7643e () No. 1095046


Drills have a way of getting out of hand. Since you have the actors there and everything.

cc0503 () No. 1095047


Day before last there were big digs into In-Q-Tel holdings, laid to the sidelines after the southwest distraction yesterday. FF seems to be a hot ticket right now with the missing explosives.

c3ccd2 () No. 1095048


She is a porn star. Fantasy is her business.

3aa237 () No. 1095049


jewgle is part of the list of (((globalist))) companies slated to go down…

bye bye.

97e843 () No. 1095050

7eebe5 () No. 1095051


Limerick and Three Mile Island which is already handicapped.

de5eff () No. 1095052

5d33480d188be2....gif (927 KB, 255 x 143, 400 : 224, tenor (1).gif) (h)

Trump slappin' Hillary with JUSTICE soon..I feel it..

83c22a () No. 1095053


Not. a notable. We don't know if this is exactly how this will play out or if the story is much of a distraction. Especially not after all the braindead zombies just witness Comey shit himself on the View (TOP KEK btw)

e6fdcb () No. 1095054


Eat a bag of dicks nigger. We can use some prayer right now.

f2ff96 () No. 1095055

https:// soundcloud.com/glitchhopcommunity/ninjula-monsterous

women in the kitchen with knifes

08a6ae () No. 1095056

Still waiting for this pussy (pooooooosie) fag to buck up, reveal itself as the lame pussy it is….and respond…

fc1d3c () No. 1095058

3125860b321f99....jpg (50 KB, 255 x 125, 696 : 340, chelsea.jpg) (h)

55adca () No. 1095059


The particular PDF I linked does not mention Rosenstein does it?

It mentions:







and "everybody who signed illegal FISA warrants"

Correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I recall was contained in this particular letter.

8779d7 () No. 1095060

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/18/640-pounds-high-explosives-stolen-in-pennsylvania-atf-offers-reward.html

does anyone know why a "locked truck" would have almost 700 pounds of "high explosives and blasting caps"?

7c90de () No. 1095061

0359c9bb26dc07....jpg (99 KB, 199 x 255, 508 : 650, the-sting-508x....jpg) (h)

95090e () No. 1095062

https:// disobedientmedia.com/2018/04/the-southwestern-hemisphere-is-sliding-towards-its-own-arab-spring/

V. Conclusion

11th Century Chinese statesman Su Shi once said that “the most dangerous situation for a country is when apparently everything seems fine, but hidden danger lurks. If one only sits back to watch, the situation will worsen to the point of no return.” While South American political issues might not currently be of pressing interest to most American citizens, the problems brewing in Latin America should be of some significant concern to the United States.

With dramatic political change often comes a period of chaos and instability. For the United States this will mean a migrant crisis that could rival the one currently plaguing the European Union, an increase in the power and reach of international cartel and trafficking groups as well as the danger that terror and foreign intelligence organizations will be able to breach American borders with increasing ease. Many Europeans were caught off guard by the Arab Spring – when it comes to South America’s Spring, America needs not be so unprepared.

23777e () No. 1095063


"Off the hook"

Sandy? Connecticut? Are these assholes going to blow up a school? Comey's sleeper cells are trying to kill us all.

They said EVERYONE is going to die. Is there a way we can decipher this? E-One?

E-ONE Emergency Vehicles and Rescue Trucks

C[I]A niggers posing as emergency response? How can we stop this?!

975566 () No. 1095064


Send us each a pepe?

How about send us all to Mar Largo for a free weekend.

A private reserved reunion for qanons.

408aa0 () No. 1095065


Very possible, anon. Soft targets are very lucrative.

28858a () No. 1095066


88f9b9 () No. 1095067


Maybe she meant Shark Tank. lol

8779d7 () No. 1095068


RR signed more than one I think, definitely one

bf68c7 () No. 1095069

3ce10e8bd273e7....png (295 KB, 255 x 255, 551 : 550, planefag KAF R....png) (h)

Thank you, Nord anon baker.

I think this tail landed in Trinidad Tobago at 2015 EST. Had been watching since it left the Philly area. Frozen now on screen at ADSBexchange. Earlier digging showed it possibly related to Homeland Security or StateDept Counter Terrorism folks.

Planefags, don't forget that planefag Red Arrow asked us to keep an eye out for the Swiss military tail T-785 that landed in Bern earlier today and for the British commercial registrations that begin with 2, like 2AUER or 2-AUER. Possible money or gold running.

GF out for a while. Tired and hungry. See you soon.

c4498b () No. 1095070

Has anyone solved the Strike Package 111V-B yet?

Don't know if this is significant or not, but that Parkland douchenozzle, David Hogg is on Twatter….and his handle just happens to be @DavidHogg111

Not sure what the connection would be unless the 111 represents rogue FBI….the Clowns in general. Just thought I'd through that tidbit out there & see what the autists might be able to do with it.

906634 () No. 1095072

ba3416e61e4c60....png (400 KB, 142 x 255, 588 : 1057, fermi.png) (h)

4584be () No. 1095073

919fc8f0c446da....jpg (10 KB, 213 x 236, 213 : 236, clown15.jpg) (h)


>COINTELPRO op kicked off and we moved

yep you are here in force

385e72 () No. 1095074


This. We have proof pics to pass around, the crooked leftist domestic terrorists have soundcloud.com links, pics of ugly whores with herpes, fucking retarded cloud trash, etc. Bring the endof them.

3ae819 () No. 1095075

Somebody us bought over at ATF…surprising.

DOJ component.

0e8c71 () No. 1095076


Maybe in 10 years with the AI.

Although. Sincerely. Could be Cool to drive Mechas :)

2cbd0d () No. 1095077


Rosenstein signed several of the warrants so he is named in the referral without being named directly

e7643e () No. 1095078


Its a great meme. We keep memes out of the notables.

3aa237 () No. 1095079


Known fact around the beltway. HRC cucked bill with their lawyer friend.

f2ff96 () No. 1095080

https:// soundcloud.com/willsparks/will-sparks-senseless-1#t=1:02

97e843 () No. 1095081

lordy I bet comey spends some quality time with howdy tonight.

583618 () No. 1095082


You totally ROCK! thank you!

6a65df () No. 1095083

ef94978886d8f1....png (453 KB, 255 x 250, 643 : 630, Saavedra re st....png) (h)

f8d5bd () No. 1095084


Two hypotheses….investigative memo released today from addresses containing 2 111s, also an airbase in Virginia Beach, Hangar 111.

4584be () No. 1095085

6f472152429510....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 143, 300 : 168, armenia5.jpg) (h)

fdf061 () No. 1095086



The threatening clownass did say they are poisoning us all tomorrow. Cough cough

6929b4 () No. 1095087

ff405178494096....jpg (172 KB, 255 x 192, 1014 : 762, Three munchkins.jpg) (h)

Aren't they adorable?

28858a () No. 1095088

Mexico announces today it will pay for the wall.

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/04/17/breaking-mexico-agrees-to-pay-for-wall-offering-emergency-deal-to-close-nafta-tariff-loophole/

83c22a () No. 1095089

593f27dcd5c778....jpeg (28 KB, 255 x 230, 474 : 427, 593f27dcd5c778....jpeg) (h)


I'll settle for a big blue Q filled with beer.

23fada () No. 1095090


Rumored "semi spontaneous Pittsburgh Mueller day of rage" is not getting any respect on the interweb:

https:// www.ar15.com/forums/General/BREAKING-Pittsburgh-Police-Prepare-For-Possible-Riots-In-Event-Trump-Fires-Mueller/5-2102648/?page=1

8a2424 () No. 1095091

6ca1d8dba1a93f....jpg (301 KB, 128 x 128, 942 : 439, MORPHEUS RREI.jpg) (h)

Any UnityProgrammerfags and PixelArtfags that would like to report for duty for God & Country?

3ce2ef () No. 1095092




Type out the link at the end of the doc, it is not from the actual FBI.gov news release page. I bought it too. Watch the details all.>>1095025

2dca50 () No. 1095093

>>1095075. What?

9a9960 () No. 1095094



What a joke

926375 () No. 1095095


the state of the media.

9fe13d () No. 1095096


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PATRIOT ARMY? You let some clown posts scare shit out of you. Tomorrow will not be the end of U.S< Psychop

986fac () No. 1095097


Well looky here.

Video Uploaded March 20, 2018

Video Title "Package 111V-B"



Sauce: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hK7d03j6Bw

0e8c71 () No. 1095098


Learn Programming language

a1422b () No. 1095099




>making fun

does not compute

08a6ae () No. 1095100







Thus would be really nice, excellent and substance if Trump and team enforced the appropriate actions.

8779d7 () No. 1095101





this guys a joke. If you could sue for defamation just for a twatt, EVERYONE WOULD BE BROKE

83c22a () No. 1095102

b01a66d13d8d31....jpg (15 KB, 255 x 191, 480 : 360, 0.jpg) (h)


weak. You should have stayed back at /pol/, glowfaggot.

9da8a3 () No. 1095103


ty for updates planefag, bb

f2ff96 () No. 1095104

https:// soundcloud.com/ecklecticmick/jolity-farm

upside down pyramid will not stand

583618 () No. 1095105


Check out the song

"There ain't no brakeman on this train" by one of my all time favorites

John Mayall!

2cbd0d () No. 1095106


Huh you must of replied to wrong person

08bfc5 () No. 1095107


watching that you almost feel sorry for the guy, utter devestation

ea5e8d () No. 1095108


I don't think Chelsea is even hillarys biological daughter, probably loaned to her, like obamas kids were loaned to him.

cc5b01 () No. 1095109

d20568baa551c4....jpeg (406 KB, 191 x 255, 1055 : 1411, 5F648DC5-968C-....jpeg) (h)

Memefags. Phonefagging and could use some help. I’d like to get these to pics on a one page graphic or meme … maybe saying “How the hell did he know?”

Thanks in advance.

839f74 () No. 1095111


nice catch

fc5343 () No. 1095112

No sign of plexiglass window that killed Southwest passenger:

http:// abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/latest-nurse-gave-cpr-injured-woman-landing-54555455

NTSB spokesman said they are looking for debris over wide area using several agencies (live press conference). Boots on the ground keeping an eye out for fuckery too I bet. Pennsylvania needs to stay alert and aware this week.

9a9960 () No. 1095113



I don't get why they are anticipating a Mueller firing.


5e2c2d () No. 1095114


Do you guys still have that old list of cabal planes to watch? Copypasta’d a few times but it has been a while….

c4498b () No. 1095115


I saw that. Weird vid that is only about 10 seconds long from what I saw. Maybe something in the pixelation of it?

e8d9b5 () No. 1095117

c27f0e67ae7eb0....jpg (87 KB, 255 x 143, 1024 : 576, IMG_2285 (1).jpg) (h)

aeff4e () No. 1095116

>>1095064 That works too

fdf061 () No. 1095118


Thanks Anon. Good work

9fe13d () No. 1095119


Sorry, not for you.

3642e1 () No. 1095120

5c9c2bbb43ae4a....png (347 KB, 255 x 157, 955 : 588, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation

One of their MANY projects is the Transportation Equity Network

dat logo doe

83c22a () No. 1095121

230d0d8d087ed9....jpg (28 KB, 255 x 196, 469 : 360, 7sfd86gsdf8g5s....jpg) (h)


THAT was worthy of a KEK!

408aa0 () No. 1095123


Or maybe a rescue vehicle loaded with explosive? School near a nuclear plant? Sick shit.

168e9a () No. 1095124


I am so enjoying the Show.. wow

fdf061 () No. 1095125


Can you keep an eye on PA skies?

975566 () No. 1095126


This is more of an Alert not just a meme.

cb44ee () No. 1095127


BAKER for the 4th time please add to Notables

Re: Scalia


d5489d () No. 1095128


This jackhole made himself a public figure. Can he prove ACTUAL damages? No? Then he can shut his fucking mouth.

676c21 () No. 1095129


>watching that you almost feel sorry for the guy, utter devestation

Nope, fuck him.

c4498b () No. 1095130

Did you guys see that there was a plane in England that was forced to land due to a problem with its righthand engine. I wonder if that's related to what Q was saying about us being set up

47236b () No. 1095131

62f8625940c5ca....jpg (126 KB, 255 x 214, 640 : 538, BUZZsmarmy.jpg) (h)

She's like a mosquito in your room, buzzing around your ear in order to kill your buzz. Buzz off Bitch!

a2803e () No. 1095132


No, it just said the work is not to be done under him.

24198e () No. 1095133


No matter who her father is, she's still as ugly as an asshole.

7888e0 () No. 1095134

Q, please confirm the Nuclear facilities in the U.S. are well protected from potential evildoers with stolen explosives. Sleeping will be difficult tonight.

36b7eb () No. 1095135


Well, it was nice not knowing you.

13f301 () No. 1095136


>https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hK7d03j6Bw

2,673 views??? For this?? Hmm

aeff4e () No. 1095137

>>1095124 for making fun of a sketch….yep these people are stupid

569f22 () No. 1095138

1. Douma was just a cabal jab on the chin to get everyone's attention, set a 'red line' on chemical weapons.

2. Cabal had already planted chemical weapon production equipment and ordinance into the former cancer lab to use as a pretext for all out war in Syria. WWIII.

3. Trump knew so bombed the staged weapons factory. Douma story started falling apart as it was planned on the run and white hats have ALL information, destined to fail.

4. Now we know who owns the building said factory was owned by and therefore have identified more traitors!

5. Mission accomplished

385e72 () No. 1095139



2fbfec () No. 1095140

6f120c0916c0e2....png (380 KB, 255 x 143, 853 : 480, memerys.png) (h)

61962e () No. 1095142

Check this…

https:// gizmodo.com/dojs-amber-alert-website-is-redirecting-visitors-to-har-1825336250

77a039 () No. 1095143


Regarding the Q Logo. I have been working on many Q Graphics. If you have a specific Q Letter Graphic you would like made please contact me during this thread on the LetterQ Thread. I am out of town but should be back this weekend.


c4498b () No. 1095144


Two PA nuclear plants come straight to mind….Three Mile Island & Peach Bottom

f2ff96 () No. 1095145

829fd8e9aae128....jpg (215 KB, 255 x 255, 1141 : 1141, IMG_0314 (13).jpg) (h)

https:// soundcloud.com/scourrecords/freemixed-nuts-vol-05-minimix

Ego sum via homo ad opus dominorum karma.

54d255 () No. 1095147

R70104 starting approach to andrews

9fe13d () No. 1095148


You all are letting yourselves get hysterical. Their psychop is working on you!

9da8a3 () No. 1095149


sry it's been missed, but 10 breads ago?

anons? do I add this?

bd7bec () No. 1095150


im pretty sure nuclear sites are guarded by men with machine guns. now, those men being a plant or payed or blackmailed is entirely possible and difficult to ascertain.

965de8 () No. 1095151


You making 360 video models for VR and MR?

385e72 () No. 1095152


Tell us what's there first, faggot.

975566 () No. 1095153

7a8a30df29d662....jpeg (10 KB, 255 x 167, 255 : 167, Board Trump Sm....jpeg) (h)


Enjoy the Show anons

You can't make this shit up.

1580b5 () No. 1095154


may be a good night to archive offline

b12cfb () No. 1095155


Might have something to do with RR being under investigation.

83c22a () No. 1095156


IIRC the notable in question was FE & ETs… How is that an anti-clown notable? It's textbook clown shitpost.

aee7b0 () No. 1095157

DOJ's Amber Alert Website Is Redirecting Visitors to Hardcore Porn [Update: It's Worse Than We Thought]

419eea () No. 1095158


because it gets promoted here since yesterday…

Don´t be so retarded, just look that nothing of the videos that will now come out will predict anything.

f2ff96 () No. 1095159

3d663df4ef09a5....jpg (122 KB, 255 x 255, 1071 : 1071, IMG_0193.jpg) (h)

You can't hoard fun. It has no shelf life.

aeff4e () No. 1095160

>>1095143 you can not be out of town at this time….please return home asap…..anons

0e8c71 () No. 1095161


Maybe this help

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary-to-text_encoding

385e72 () No. 1095162


A 3d game filled with redpills?

408aa0 () No. 1095163


And isn't Peach Bottom near a forest?

54d255 () No. 1095164


No visible military activity over PA

ea5e8d () No. 1095165


Hillary is a lesbian, the kid isn't hers. Bill Clinton probably had a vasectomy after the black kid was born.

168e9a () No. 1095166

55fde7c812ed4a....jpg (125 KB, 255 x 185, 500 : 363, 55fde7c812ed4a....jpg) (h)

Love this one….

61962e () No. 1095167


US government websites redirect to hardcore porn

8779d7 () No. 1095168

I purpose adding a "Daily Notables" section for REALLY notable posts that have relevance all dayTo not let it get out of hand limit to 5 posts MAX.

Example: The letter of the indictments was in notables and now isn't just a summary

just a thought

3aa237 () No. 1095169

c05dafd7bee2a3....png (482 KB, 255 x 173, 960 : 651, Trumplaugh.png) (h)


>absolute state of (((clown whore))) operations.

01fbb5 () No. 1095170


It would be pretty awesome to see some shit like “tommorow is the day you have been waiting for” or something similar.

And then indictments flow like baker girls.

That would be awesome for the anons.

(You could do it today for example 😉)

A little levity for the bread.

7c90de () No. 1095171

f18fccff6fca04....jpeg (164 KB, 196 x 255, 891 : 1157, DbFCV0XU0AETuzu.jpeg) (h)



Check footnote 18

2dca50 () No. 1095172

>>1095138. That is interesting Anon. Do you have sauce to go with that?

a968c1 () No. 1095173

It is seriously like 'wtf….that's not on accident.'



That awkward moment when you mother calls and reminds you that it's almost 4/20.


839f74 () No. 1095174


why wud they take out a nuke plant? look at japan, that thing has been melting down since 2013? … these guys cant live on a pulled earth. or maybe im more rational than them?

f2ff96 () No. 1095175

d2d68b0fd91716....jpg (71 KB, 167 x 255, 503 : 767, impressive.jpg) (h)

This is the fast lane, folks…and some of us like it here.

97e843 () No. 1095176

de5eff () No. 1095177

c592b08321f8dd....gif (1925 KB, 255 x 140, 420 : 230, vDHucx7.gif) (h)


thanks anon!

a1422b () No. 1095178

>>1094990 >>1095097 >>1095036

>>1095044 it is.

these sad clowns put in work in their op, they're not happy it was crushed every single time every day since they've spammed it here, again and again.


Try, try, try, as they might.

Fail, they will.


NO private comms past/present/future.

NO comms made outside of this platform.

Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately.






Operation Q-T2810C.

False drops.

Bot push.

Future "Conspiracy" push to norms.

Bad mixed w/ good.


They are scared.


New tactic.

Buckle up.

MediaMatters 4ch.

Narrative + anything Q.

Clowns + Twitter push.

MSM overdrive.

All 4 a LARP?


6dca44 () No. 1095179

b8bcf845d863a5....png (726 KB, 130 x 255, 504 : 991, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

54d141 () No. 1095180


Didn't think so.

cc3f9b () No. 1095182

e894b505dc37dd....png (421 KB, 255 x 170, 695 : 463, rg67.png) (h)


ROFL. Of everything I have no idea why I find this so fucking funny.

This fucking timeline.

aeff4e () No. 1095181

>>1095175 yep she got it

a412c9 () No. 1095183

38484c90385f7b....jpg (409 KB, 170 x 255, 852 : 1280, BUSH - CLINTON.jpg) (h)

c4498b () No. 1095184


That's the best they've got? Kinda pathetic, don't you think?

97e843 () No. 1095185


385e72 () No. 1095186


Systemic corruption, including examples of Democrats recently fired for having child rape on their computers.

975566 () No. 1095187

>>1095083 Stormy's Lawyer upset Trump made fun of Sketch.


2475b9 () No. 1095188

0598ccb6f9e4c8....jpg (12 KB, 255 x 165, 255 : 165, ae932a922a12ec....jpg) (h)

>>1094852 Hory Shitballs!!!!!!

Eleven GOP members of Congress led by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Attorney John Huber, and FBI Director Christopher Wray - asking them to investigate former FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others - including FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, for a laundry list of potential crimes

7c90de () No. 1095189

f18fccff6fca04....jpeg (164 KB, 196 x 255, 891 : 1157, DbFCV0XU0AETuzu.jpeg) (h)


My mistake…footnote 17…….RR

e6fdcb () No. 1095190


I'm convinced that Stormy and her lawyers are some of the "great actors" that make "great shows" and are at the end of the day (((our guys)))

107651 () No. 1095191


Here's another one from the same channel:

Remember the string "NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS" in Q's April 15 drop? Well, the same string appears on a video up loaded March 20 on that channel: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU-zqHDwYDE

Do Youtubefags know whether that site allows users to change the name of an uploaded video file? I'm just wondering whether the uploader replaced the original title of the video with Q's code on or around April 15.

54d255 () No. 1095192


And the IRS hack yesterday.

6e214b () No. 1095193

They're pure Light

de5eff () No. 1095194


checking it out now anon. I love new music suggestions.

fb7960 () No. 1095195

5bd41c812a44d7....jpg (345 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClownTraps.jpg) (h)




2dca50 () No. 1095196


Notable Baker

6dca44 () No. 1095197

ac06d2ff078f54....png (271 KB, 115 x 255, 489 : 1081, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


LAP are the people protesting the pipeline the explosives were stolen from.

This is a post from their page..

385e72 () No. 1095198


The solution is to use them for target practice.

2cbd0d () No. 1095199

Those that signed the illegal FISA warrants were included in the criminal referral but were not named individually but that does include Rosenstein who signed multiple ones. Trump even called him out for doing that on Twitter.

fdf061 () No. 1095200

Where are large scale cyber attacks happening now?


a1422b () No. 1095201


file under: pity notables

a968c1 () No. 1095202



The same could be said about a lot of what they do.

What if they don't care about the SURFACE?

Not going to offer speculation there.

I'll let the next bastard go there. -passes baton;

Hint, maybe that's why there are so many underground blasts….good guys trying to take away their safe havens? (if bunkers are all they….have access to.)

8a2424 () No. 1095203


Close. 2D retro sidecroll.. 16-bit.

5e2c2d () No. 1095204


Hey PA anon can you run up and pry that dirty bastard Gulen outta the Poconos… that would be swell. Thanks for your service!

God Bless the Keystone State!

9bd205 () No. 1095205


Fake. Amber Alert works fine. Move along.

cc3f9b () No. 1095206


I could see it and I've thought about it. Almost every woman Trump has dated has had nothing but good things to say about him. He leaves them better than he found them.

Trump is also good about picking the right people. He could have known she could be trusted and had the acting prowess to pull it off.

Just a thought.

168e9a () No. 1095207

145cf6cc776993....png (1021 KB, 255 x 175, 1440 : 987, 145cf6cc776993....png) (h)


The fact that the man can sit there and say it with a straight face is amazing.

He knows he's full BS.

0e8c71 () No. 1095208


Nice Copypasta. LOL.

6dca44 () No. 1095209

0a9614f8a10576....png (2215 KB, 255 x 243, 1195 : 1140, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)

385e72 () No. 1095210


Maybe even better. Make it simple, make it fun, pack it with redpills and references.

2cbd0d () No. 1095211

So therefore RR problems, he has a criminal referral now so he must step down, recuse or be fired

3ce2ef () No. 1095212

4571eb82be3a8d....png (63 KB, 255 x 120, 1307 : 613, b72b75cf0a9a32....png) (h)


hump there is a reason you aren't seeing it anywhere but zerohedge after 6 hours.

look at the like on the doc link type it out follow it loser.

https:// www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/statement-by-fbi-director-james-b-comey-on-the-invstigation-of-scretary-hillary-clinton2019s-use-of-a-personal-e-maile-system

69c68c () No. 1095213


That's what worries me about Palo Verde, the only nuclear plant in the world with no adjacent water supply to provide emergency cooling

ee4de7 () No. 1095214


Wasnt Musk Able to Change His Live Stream Replay without looking like anything was edited (ie it was exact copy of live stream)

I know a normie wouldnt be able to do that, but if you got goolag in your pocket no problemo.

68eb7c () No. 1095215

2a29b3d3b0db1f....png (603 KB, 255 x 128, 1075 : 538, comeypepe2.png) (h)

f2ff96 () No. 1095216

27cbddbc07d9b2....jpeg (68 KB, 255 x 91, 800 : 285, tadah.jpeg) (h)

there it is

6a65df () No. 1095217


It is funny.

I saved several tweets also mocking the sketch.

The attorney would have to round up and sue half of twitter.

36b7eb () No. 1095218


Bill shoots blanks after a childhood injury.

fc5343 () No. 1095219


Not without sauce it ain’t. This ain’t Twatter

975566 () No. 1095220



It was already in Notables. No need to add again.

88f9b9 () No. 1095221


Looks like Marietta, PA is only around 100 miles from DC. Yikes.

54d141 () No. 1095222


I think they are deliberately trying to wake the sheep up.. how stupid can we get before people realize EVERYTHING is staged and fake.

54d255 () No. 1095223


Yesterday IRS

97e843 () No. 1095224


Gop. rep dent:'There's a big wave coming…

watch the water.hahahahaha

f339cc () No. 1095225


It was great advice, thank you

1580b5 () No. 1095226




LARP/Shills aside, stolen TNT is tangible. Could use a visit from you-know-==Q==

0e8c71 () No. 1095227


DDoS Again. Someone very good We're doing.

Maybe the HEX Codes in the Video has relationship.

8779d7 () No. 1095228



lol but 18 is cited to scribd

fdf061 () No. 1095229


Thank you Planefags!

8a2424 () No. 1095230


Yep. You in?

fb7960 () No. 1095231




To submit a post as a notable for the bakers dough, please format your post using the following below. Call for the bakers attention (Red text is acceptable), link the post number in question and write a short description on the same line as the linked post.




>>####### <Brief description of notable>


If Redirecting to another bread please add


This will accelerate the process of including the notable in the next batch. Thanks for your consideration.

038281 () No. 1095232


>LAP are the people protesting the pipeline the explosives were stolen from.

Oh Goody! Maybe they've got connections to Soros! Maybe they'll try/use them against the pipeline. SWEET! Soros funding terrorism.

8d1629 () No. 1095233

686d4bc7f1a7eb....png (687 KB, 255 x 185, 2692 : 1948, Q Post 'Future....png) (h)

21 Q Post mention 'Future Proves Past'

Nov 24 2017 - April 15 2018

1580b5 () No. 1095235


I'm working remotely to make sure I'm with my family tomorrow

6dca44 () No. 1095234

408aa0 () No. 1095236



8779d7 () No. 1095237


LOL why the fuck would I do that?

I'd do it if the Turks stop supporting jihadis and let the kurds be

7c90de () No. 1095238



Lol! Kek!

f2ff96 () No. 1095239

ad1b20dcb2a528....jpg (186 KB, 255 x 255, 720 : 720, IMG_0287.jpg) (h)


bc8ccc () No. 1095240

>>1093957 #1366

Great question.

DJT addressed that question on 6/24/16 twice here

Donald Trump from Scotland on Day after Brexit


>https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=xh39lDZHiC0

3ced32 () No. 1095241




this videos are not a new tactic

Been gone a few days, glad to see that Anons are still here in full force


de5eff () No. 1095242

59474409692495....gif (1379 KB, 255 x 190, 480 : 358, giphy (2).gif) (h)

fdf061 () No. 1095243


Thanks Anon. I remember now that they were down.

f6d0cd () No. 1095244


THWACK should be the new BOOM

0f0cb6 () No. 1095245


I think we should let Turkey do what they want with him, shouldn't be our problem.

385e72 () No. 1095246


I can't put work into it but I'd lurk in a thread for it and chime in here and there.

88a875 () No. 1095248


Spoopy fer sure.

e7643e () No. 1095249


Window was probably sucked out once it was pierced. That TNT could be in Timbuktu by now. I'm not saying PA is safe with the drills and riots in the works. Might be another HI.

10f359 () No. 1095250


I keep getting terminal 959s in my posts which leads me to believe that we're not focusing enough on Bill Gates.

Carfags will know what I'm talking about.

0913a4 () No. 1095251

6384684cd67510....jpeg (131 KB, 255 x 81, 2041 : 645, 61BB0B06-F21B-....jpeg) (h)

Anons, anyone putting these numbers together? 1-5. Searched but did not see them tied together.

8779d7 () No. 1095252

f2f3de221dc3df....png (96 KB, 255 x 170, 350 : 233, ClipboardImage.png) (h)



3ae819 () No. 1095253


Well you still gotta feel little bad for her…. at one point she was a child…

d5489d () No. 1095254


That is definitely another way of looking at it since a lawyer (who holds a JD from a reputable school) who is actually this stupid is…I've seen it before, but they always ended up in prison and/or disbarred.

f2ff96 () No. 1095255

04d30fe25f7678....jpg (111 KB, 232 x 255, 399 : 438, IMG_0535.jpg) (h)

3ced32 () No. 1095256


Ops underway

726368 () No. 1095257


no new boom

thwack is thwack

boom is boom

no changes

carry on

83c22a () No. 1095258

1a033e68215a2d....jpeg (157 KB, 255 x 140, 1000 : 548, dsfa897a0sd98g....jpeg) (h)


Fugg… …go back to your "conclave", Betsy… We Anons know who the JewFags work for. Thanks for outing yourself. SO MANY DID with that one little post I made - TOP KEK

495b9e () No. 1095259

d1a5aa4f81eae9....jpg (119 KB, 255 x 134, 1200 : 630, IsraelAirliner....jpg) (h)

5e2c2d () No. 1095260


An anon dropped some crumbs off over the weekend about Lexington (KY) and Turkey that I haven’t dug on yet.

3642e1 () No. 1095261

9c9bb3e5c63912....png (278 KB, 128 x 128, 380 : 504, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


e6fdcb () No. 1095262

19fb578125b7c5....png (641 KB, 255 x 223, 1582 : 1384, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)


http:// fox43.com/2018/04/17/lancaster-county-to-participate-in-peach-bottom-emergency-exercise/

55adca () No. 1095263



So Yay, Rosenstein IS going down. Thanks sharperEyed anons.


Distraction & misdirection methinks.

Is Trump using this Stormy + Cohen thing to troll the MSM and keep them distracted from what's really happening of significance, until he's ready to let it fly?

I'm sure MI is running the simulations and will know exactly when the public mood is right for heavier public revelations.

But I'm ready. Oh so ready.

de5eff () No. 1095264


glad you saved it. literally looked for anons saying to people you have to go back in this bread so I could use it hahahah…great gif!

fdf061 () No. 1095265


Too many 420 festivities to attend for clowns to be fucking it up.

408aa0 () No. 1095266

492a925540b75a....png (350 KB, 242 x 255, 491 : 518, AQ45.png) (h)


Last thread when i posted, i got (pic related).

Big hint, what's underground"

f8d5bd () No. 1095267


Possibly the SUM OF ALL FEARS reference. A nuke attack.

cc5b01 () No. 1095268


Could somebody give me a hand with this?

fdf061 () No. 1095269



5e2c2d () No. 1095270


I wish we WOULD

c4498b () No. 1095271


Don't live there but very familiar with the area. Close to , Three Mile Island in Harrisburg/Middletown area, Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, Camp David, Site R @ Ft. Detrick in Frederick, MD & DC, itself.

965de8 () No. 1095272

aa6924a2056382....jpg (151 KB, 255 x 225, 1395 : 1233, WGAwfags.jpg) (h)

So disappointed…

58f544 () No. 1095273


looks better with her clothes ON.

f6d0cd () No. 1095274


Fair enough

fdf061 () No. 1095275

68eb7c () No. 1095277

49b3aa8548ecb9....png (320 KB, 255 x 147, 748 : 430, comeypepe1.png) (h)

f8d5bd () No. 1095278


Lexington and Concord, start of the American Revolution, Patriots Day.

97e843 () No. 1095279


thwack is thwack

boom is boom..yakettyyak

e4d1e0 () No. 1095280


I'm guessing potus just got some head

726368 () No. 1095281


have to bleach my eyes

0e8c71 () No. 1095282


The Strikes in Syria was very near of the Laboratories for the Chemical Weapons. Macron and May must be nervous..

f2ff96 () No. 1095283

25303678cc1a4b....jpg (74 KB, 255 x 120, 850 : 400, quote-no-man-i....jpg) (h)

smart af

fe0d0d () No. 1095284


ttps:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hK7d03j6Bw

Video Title: Package 111V-B

What was Q's post???

Strike package 111V-B

We need to decode more,

I have several completed so far

Open northwindguides.com comms sat relay 7 Oscar Mike Oscar LIMA HOTEL 96.01992

Algerian mil aircraft-takedown-opp7213-04/11/2018-setgo-projectsetback-is-go-MP-will-be-abord

Team 73 is Oscar Mike go fast comms open Zulu tango 6 foxtrot hotel

Corresponding events too…. month prior from decodes. will post more detail later if anons support

e7643e () No. 1095285


You're right, Anon. I change my vote

55adca () No. 1095286


No, it's not from the FBI. Nobody said it was.

It's from DeSantis and other Congressmen, published on Rep. DeSantis's congressional webpage.

A criminal referral means that the legislative branch found some evidence that they thinks warrants investigation by the DoJ/FBI. It is not the same as an indictment. But it could lead to an indictment.

de5eff () No. 1095288

Bill Hicks- The Elite (Last Performance)

e6613f () No. 1095289


…and now we have the obligatory training exercise for cover like every false flag! nice find

c9468c () No. 1095290


Hollywood = Nazi's

83c22a () No. 1095291


Proof gravity is real and FEanons are faggots.

8779d7 () No. 1095292

86bb99b953994f....png (326 KB, 128 x 128, 383 : 504, ClipboardImage.png) (h)


that lady is unimpressed

ea5e8d () No. 1095293


Those plants are built way too strong for 700lbs of explosives to even make a dent. Nah it must be something else. I would guess some kind of protest march or something would be a target.

63fc0c () No. 1095294

2060ad3fcdb238....png (87 KB, 255 x 255, 352 : 352, 8ff59b6091b8f3....png) (h)

385e72 () No. 1095295


These should be added to a 2nd cap to go with >>1094925

>first sets the overview

>second to show all of the evidence

408aa0 () No. 1095296

492a925540b75a....png (350 KB, 242 x 255, 491 : 518, AQ45.png) (h)


Last thread when i posted, i got (pic related).

Big hint, "What's underground"

No clue. Power relay, maybe?

08bfc5 () No. 1095297


everything about this lady screams trump plant to me, from the name to the crazy lawyer, i wouldnt be surprised if she's a paid distraction.

reminds me of the stories of trump answering his phone and pretending to be his own publicist to control the narrative

f8d5bd () No. 1095299


Is that what the Windows reference was?

fb7960 () No. 1095300


You will never stop me clowns. I know my new Meme weapons piss you off and shut you down FAST KEKEKEKEKE FUCK YOU

47236b () No. 1095301


I wonder how many quarters will fit in her snatch?

bc1676 () No. 1095302


Yup yup. Being it Anon. Thank you foe tour work

986fac () No. 1095303


So a video uploaded in march that says syria strike 4-13-18 from donald cook is a larp? Unless fucking youtube fuckers from that shooting got hacked then it is no fucking larp.

I do remember Q saying that there are no coincidences and that there would be other mediums they would start getting the message out. Not trying to slide, i am trying to fucking understand.

68eb7c () No. 1095304



8a2424 () No. 1095305


I don't wanna shit the breads up.

see original post 1095091

fe0d0d () No. 1095306


Bumping myself. forgot 1

Plan 7, open collect, base Intel 36.209231,50.740733 saran limited overture 9

Karachi, Pakistan

Some temple of Ghazi or something..

c9468c () No. 1095307



97e843 () No. 1095308


> Elite (Last Performance)


4dc490 () No. 1095309


Barbra fucking Bush ..faked her death to hang out in the strip club?

2b8e9c () No. 1095310

a5bc65a1b745e8....png (416 KB, 242 x 255, 716 : 754, @LauraLoomer.png) (h)

This is great! Couldn't find the video at HookTube or YouTube yet.

https:// twitter.com/Fuctupmind/status/986759820048035841

Watch Laura Loomer blast James Comey at a book signing! Absolutely amazing. job @LauraLoomer James Comey has been #Loomered

e6fdcb () No. 1095311


I read that as the clown saying they are going to be safe in underground bunkers

68eb7c () No. 1095312

d0b316adfa50bc....png (325 KB, 255 x 247, 533 : 517, Hil1.png) (h)

a1422b () No. 1095313

12a365aa7501d4....png (7 KB, 255 x 72, 668 : 188, boom is boom.png) (h)


boom is boom

e76728 () No. 1095314


I'm in my late 50s and rock a better body than that whore. Good Gawd!

1580b5 () No. 1095315

Please God protect the people of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Maryland, the rest of the USA and the world tomorrow and onward.

May those who would commit heinous crimes against humanity be thwarted by the mighty justice and the people be protected with your love.

We trust you to empower our President, our white knights and the people with your love and righteousness.

God be with us all


3a3f76 () No. 1095316

God bless ya'll, crazy stuff happening.

God bless USMC, Border Patrol agents and Operators who are handling border duties about now.

a99168 () No. 1095317


Could (((they))) use the stolen explosives at the Yellowstone volcano and then head to the underground bases?

fdf061 () No. 1095318


What is that?

385e72 () No. 1095319


Hitting soft targets makes sense, especially """our most vulnerable""". Imagine the headlines, think of the children.

f2ff96 () No. 1095320

a63619c8b4d907....jpg (135 KB, 165 x 255, 719 : 1111, bane.jpg) (h)

Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of 'the rat race' is not yet final.

Hunter S. Thompson

https:// soundcloud.com/sullivankingmusic/step-back

1580b5 () No. 1095321


Why spam this? Don't we have a board for memes

c4498b () No. 1095322


There was a plane in England toda, too, that was forced to land due to an engine problem in the right side engine. I think these are part of the setup Q talked about to try to discredit Q as a terrorist

1580b5 () No. 1095323


Amen, Patriot. Be safe

83c22a () No. 1095324

b5bf171f0f7144....jpg (302 KB, 255 x 227, 1719 : 1530, s7fd89g7sd09fg....jpg) (h)


All you've done is spam the same boring warnings for the newfags. Looks suspect as fuck, Ralphie.

0c6aff () No. 1095325


Watch the WATER

fb7960 () No. 1095326


Its the single post troll trap . You fell for it .

408aa0 () No. 1095327


Possible. Damage the plants water supply, cause the plant to shut down. Again, shooting in the dark.

88f9b9 () No. 1095328


>Big hint, what's underground"

Sewer system. Are these posters related to the explosives theft in Marietta, PA.?

Today I saw a very shady character when I went out for a walk. He looked Muslim. Last time that happened was right before 9-11. Not too far from DC.

e4d1e0 () No. 1095329

965de8 () No. 1095330


Better dead than sharing a planet with clowns and pedovores that prey on our children.

ea5e8d () No. 1095331


No, Yellowstone would probably take a bunker busting nuke to set it off.

3bd0e0 () No. 1095332

Trump and Comey. Actors acting?

56d207 () No. 1095333


0310c5 () No. 1095334


did RR sign off on fisa? is he under investigation too?

e6fdcb () No. 1095335

Alright anons, going home to hug my family. Love you faggots (no homo). God bless you all.

8779d7 () No. 1095336

c4b38cf67da286....png (175 KB, 255 x 241, 511 : 482, ClipboardImage.png) (h)

anyone know what kind of explosives would be at a pipeline work site?

36b7eb () No. 1095337


Do you get a free toaster for attending?

01fbb5 () No. 1095338

Hannity just said 17 key witnesses that Comey did not interview

f8d5bd () No. 1095339


There is still a lot of missing Uranium, is there not? Dirty Bomb?

fc5343 () No. 1095340


Hoping there are countermoves in place as a result. It does appear Pennsylvania areas impacted by flight debris and at least Pittsburgh areas are getting prepared. Philadelphia is beefed too with the Starbucks’ bullshit.

The Revolution dis move here after Lexington and Concord.

72b622 () No. 1095341

e1ef4047ceebc0....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 196, 1280 : 984, Untitled.jpg) (h)

Along with backpage.com, craigslist also removed all their "personals" sections.

385e72 () No. 1095342


Open fire on invaders. Come here for public awareness and support for any officers given flak for doing so.

68eb7c () No. 1095343

Shit… 3 mile island in PA… Nuclear reactor right on the water.

6b9635 () No. 1095344


I thought that he told Trump on three different occasions that he WAS NOT being investigated???

Slimey Comey!

675415 () No. 1095345

17b84de945b079....jpeg (177 KB, 255 x 150, 1440 : 849, 1524100010.jpeg) (h)

f8d5bd () No. 1095346


Watch the water.

168e9a () No. 1095347


Amen - God Be with us ALL

2cbd0d () No. 1095348


H has a criminal referral now from congress yea he signed several of them

a1422b () No. 1095349


it was also again and again explained that video filenames and text descriptions can be changed without changing the upload date, and some video editing as well.

the best you can hope for is to be quarantined to your own thread where you indulge your desire to be duped, otherwise on the general here you will be reminded of how bad this stinks in many, many ways, not all quite polite

9c9d8b () No. 1095350

ad9b806a2d5197....jpg (466 KB, 255 x 170, 2048 : 1365, comeyescalation.jpg) (h)


https:// twitter.com/Fuctupmind/status/986772584254582785

Weird crowd.

3642e1 () No. 1095351


yup. Theres no fucking way he touched that..

no way. This IS all a troll by the worlds greatest..

fb7960 () No. 1095352

5bd41c812a44d7....jpg (345 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, ClownTraps.jpg) (h)



c9468c () No. 1095353



839f74 () No. 1095354


agreed… trains?

0e8c71 () No. 1095355


May and his stupidity will break the UK. The first in promote the BREXIT are Scotland and Wales. Not England. May in problems..

bc8ccc () No. 1095356





Here's another:

S.W.A. Flight 1380

7 9

Sun Apr 08 2018

8 days before the incident yesterday.

tube.com/ watch?v=_2LYoIupy_s

1580b5 () No. 1095357


Call it in, man. You could be the hero

c4498b () No. 1095359


Longshot I know, but could it be used to set off an earthquake faultline? Or maybe used to hit a large & critical part of the US electrical grid?

fdf061 () No. 1095358



a5f3a3 () No. 1095360


He signed off 4 times.

3b2369 () No. 1095361


Code 111 high allert

V virus

B bacteria..

Dead CDC guy found out the plan to introduce a virus

similar to Spanish flu … NWO stricking back

we were warned here on 8 chan 2 days ago

time to drop April 19th 2018


ea5e8d () No. 1095363


Well I doubt it, look if they wanted to do something like that, they wouldn't steal low grade explosives from a mining company. It would probably be government funded with the best explosives made.

88a875 () No. 1095364


Yea similar message last night. Minus the underground part, I think? Not sure. I generally try to ignore, but..,yea. Lots of reports about loud earth-shaking booms from around the country for over the last six-eight months. Yea, spoopy.

f7331e () No. 1095365


Forrest likes it!

a412c9 () No. 1095366

e62971c66e8f73....jpg (335 KB, 128 x 128, 380 : 504, STORMY--.jpg) (h)

55adca () No. 1095367


So Yates is in trouble too?

Can't recall who signed all of them but she was one.

88f9b9 () No. 1095368


Or an idiot. I'll do it.

965de8 () No. 1095369


regular blasting. Det cord, dynamite caps and anfo explosives on site in locked magazine. Supposed to be guarded, usually by minimum wage security guard, sometimes armed, mostly asleep.

0f0cb6 () No. 1095370


Exactly what they stole over the weekend, my understanding is that they use these to explode and lay underground piping.

6dca44 () No. 1095371

e0fa1aca0cc382....png (70 KB, 255 x 118, 759 : 350, Screen Shot 20....png) (h)



Man shot and killed inside sheriff’s office after stabbing deputy, GBI says

https:// www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/breaking-man-shot-killed-after-stabbing-deputy-douglas-county-sheriff-office/LeQjf3Ttu2d0ZgGFPUi0DL/

852362 () No. 1095372

d93d193788fd56....png (417 KB, 255 x 130, 1216 : 618, Q Set-Up Drop ....png) (h)



THIS^^^comment on my post regarding tonight's DELTA AIRLINES ENGINE FIRE EMERGENCY LANDING made me think in terms of Q's recent drop about being "set-up" ie. planes, 17, BOOMS. Pretty obvious PLANES are the focus but what got me thinking was one of the comments on my post: "Future proves past"



So that got me searching for prior Q drops and look at the gem I found in some type of military stringer:

Contact window ok.

VP of Wells Fargo….partially sucked out of a window after shrapnel from engine destroyed it. Hmmmm…

In addition, very interesting that both SOUTHWEST AND DELTA HAVE THE EXACT SAME ENGINE (different plane types though) and BOTH FIRES STARTED 30 MINS INTO THE FLIGHT. (Fox News)

Another Hmmmmm….

Now keeping with the "set-up" scenario, I find it extremely interesting that our most RECENT CLOWN THREAT (re: tomorrow) start off with Engine, Engine number [9]….



The "LEAP" engine is manufactured in Cinn. Ohio and is owned by CFM (GE and Safran).

LEAP. Reminds me of the cabal controlled CERN project which is going on RIGHT NOW and my guess is, tomorrow's "threat" may either be more attempted downing of planes (which would "meet" the clown's reference to us not really being FREE in terms of mobility) OR maybe a plot to do something to the factory where the engines are manufactured?

Feel like the NUMBER 9 has reference but not really knowing how that fits in.



c3ccd2 () No. 1095373


You're not alone in that thinking. Hope your enjoying the show, I am. Hilarious how MSM is being played. I fear I'll run out of popcorn soon.

3bd0e0 () No. 1095374


Yes Yates had to sign/approve them also

e1e45b () No. 1095375


He'll end up having to recuse himself. Then they'll press charges.

fdf061 () No. 1095376


Their massive bunker and tunnel system.

cc5b01 () No. 1095377


I’m trying to get the two images together on one screen, but I can’t figure out how to do it on my phone.

54d255 () No. 1095379

826a48ba9079e3....png (1068 KB, 255 x 170, 1280 : 851, pa418.png) (h)

only 3 non commercial planes over PA

all NW corner

WW Grainger INC

Greeneagles LLC

Wells Fargo Salt Lake City UT

2cbd0d () No. 1095378


I don't see how he could stay on the job being included in a criminal referral related to the investigations he is overseeing, he has to at least recuse

583618 () No. 1095380


were is a past tense of to be.

we are,

we're is a collective to be right now(plural)…=

we are curing cancer

we're curing caner


we were curing cancer

f8d5bd () No. 1095381


Wouldn't that be like leaving fingerprints? They still think they're going to keep power after it's all over.

83c22a () No. 1095382

bd73777b4a7203....jpg (142 KB, 255 x 192, 960 : 722, 2bbaa0dfe6ddee....jpg) (h)



Kek - is that why you're the homo using all caps?

2b8e9c () No. 1095383

af794a30540518....png (551 KB, 255 x 197, 884 : 683, Trump..png) (h)

I like.

36b7eb () No. 1095384


I think he is referencing underground bunkers to keep the clowns safe while we all die. Yawn.

6dca44 () No. 1095385


fuck me delete

0f0cb6 () No. 1095386


Aren't they running a new gas line through PA?

bc8ccc () No. 1095387


>I think that Syria/Iran and Ukraine/Turkey is more important.

Could Armenia be linked in with either/or both of these pairs?

55adca () No. 1095388


WW Grainger is a nationwide chain that sells hardware and stuff to contractors and builders. They probably transport supplies by plane.

385e72 () No. 1095390


Maybe, but how would that connect to the riots being trial ballooned? Whatever FF they pull the shit will all cohencidentally work together.


Something smells.

fdf061 () No. 1095391


Please do post your findings. Great work

408aa0 () No. 1095392


Yeah, had to double check myself.

But since comey's gone, shits been happening more frequently. Just enjoying the show.

fb7960 () No. 1095393

f75ac471494a26....jpg (816 KB, 255 x 143, 1920 : 1080, theonepostmove.jpg) (h)


Its exciting seeing the new 6D weaponry unleashed on your clown wallets FAGGOT FUCKS.

ce034d () No. 1095394



965de8 () No. 1095395


Or maybe firing up volcanoes. Also mentioned a bio weapon a few days ago. Can't make up his mind.

ac9a22 () No. 1095396

676d9fa6ba918a....png (3267 KB, 255 x 254, 905 : 901, barack_obama_P....png) (h)

fc5343 () No. 1095397


Welcome to the past. Try to keep up.

http:// fortune.com/2018/03/23/craigslist-personals-sex-trafficking-bill/

6dca44 () No. 1095398



jumped to conclusions

BO/BV delete

ea5e8d () No. 1095399


Well they already have all the power, they could make up any lie and spread it all over the media. The forensic people are probably just actors also. Its all a show.

fdf061 () No. 1095400

8779d7 () No. 1095401




if it was in a LOCKED truck, it had to have taken a good amount of time for whoever to take 700 pounds of explosives

975566 () No. 1095402

7bc0a7c5b4fb03....jpg (85 KB, 255 x 143, 660 : 371, sample-pic-of-....jpg) (h)

1a1aa3 () No. 1095403

1e158005f77284....png (647 KB, 255 x 143, 2560 : 1440, F190C80C-9E2D-....png) (h)


Lexington (KY)

Saw this over the weekend but have not dug on it yet

68eb7c () No. 1095404


I worked for that company years ago, literally blasting highways through mountains. They primarily use waterproof slurries. But they have tons of tnt, dynamite, det cord, caps in all ms's and time delay cord. Could have been anything.

01fbb5 () No. 1095405



The man shot and killed is Georgia

Explosives Pennsylvania

17767d () No. 1095406

29352e67e066f6....png (346 KB, 220 x 255, 590 : 685, Screenshot-201....png) (h)



385e72 () No. 1095407


This should be put over every other meme we have exposing MSM cohencidences/propaganda.

ce034d () No. 1095408


keystone = yellowstone ??

b0b234 () No. 1095409


Looks like a linebacker for the bears.

ac9a22 () No. 1095411

ce40ec6229a8b8....png (2263 KB, 255 x 82, 5833 : 1873, smithmundt.png) (h)

88f9b9 () No. 1095412


I don't know. I thought of something else though. DC has a lot of underground tunnels. Some are under fed buildings.

47236b () No. 1095413


Need to reinflate those droopers back to 32psi. Can't do nothin with the cottage cheese legs.

537e27 () No. 1095414

682d7b85b8aeb4....jpg (35 KB, 255 x 170, 754 : 503, Baphomet.jpg) (h)

Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?



Occult Holidays and Sabbats- APRIL 19th



Satanic holiday dates change annually according to the regular calendar and differ from cult to cult.



cb44ee () No. 1095416


who stormed down 23rd St. NW southwards on 4/17/18 around 10:15 am.

All I can say it was the biggest street clear brigade ever seen (3 blocks ahead all the way to destination) with main vehicle in the middle, followed by same clear blocks in the rear.

Someone big arrived Tues. 4/17/18

Happened to witness this first hand. Not normal as it was not POTUS - he and VP were already in FL.

This was a huge show of force - and NOT something SS would do unless POTUS was in main car - which he was not.

ac9a22 () No. 1095417

c4498b () No. 1095418


Don't forget about Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant in York Co. PA. It sits right on the Susquehanna River & is only 3 miles from the PA-MD line.

54d255 () No. 1095419


Well if they can set off Yellowstone they are right; most of us are dead.

63fc0c () No. 1095420

8a167311754b76....gif (85 KB, 200 x 110, 200 : 110, 200w_d.gif) (h)

3c8025 () No. 1095421




3m3 minutes ago


Relate to:

Executive order 13818


Nasif Barakat

Barakat Transnational Criminal Organization, Homs of Syria

Trafficking In People

Assets Frozen.


bc8ccc () No. 1095422


Thanks. On it.

bd7bec () No. 1095423


saw a couple articles relating to crazy activity under yellowstone.

they gonna blow the super volcano?

83c22a () No. 1095424


Anon, unless the law changed - you can BUY tannerite. It's not illegal. This would likely be standard, stable, explosive TNT similar to that used in onshore drilling. I spent some time as a roughneck, but never went to any sites where we were using the blast buggy during my tenure. But I knew a *little* about the explosives in question. They were TNT, but not in the sense of Wile E. Coyote lighting a stick of dynamite…

2b8e9c () No. 1095425


3a3f76 () No. 1095426


Baker(s) - please include this as notable.

One of the theories going around is that staged school shootings are a propaganda campaign a certain department is running to get stricter gun control.

8779d7 () No. 1095427


damn because the report says "high explosives"

any guesses what would best fit?

c2f9c5 () No. 1095428


Great work anon!

675415 () No. 1095429

fd62de6f488b9d....jpeg (155 KB, 255 x 181, 1440 : 1024, 1524054040.jpeg) (h)

9c9d8b () No. 1095430

8172fae54973da....jpg (28 KB, 245 x 255, 418 : 435, becauseimalong....jpg) (h)


They have to blame it on a patsy.

That's all they know how to do. Habit and Training

I think their attempts at starting epidemics in developed countries have all been duds. It's not that easy. They've tried before.

7cea67 () No. 1095431

f1ec0e471dd393....jpg (372 KB, 255 x 191, 1024 : 768, ForAnon.jpg) (h)


This work Anon?

d5489d () No. 1095432


That's Iran, northwest of Tehran. I decoded that one. Another, the IDEN +1 one (if you click on it) takes you to a completely different video, plugged in those GPS coordinates and got south of Guiyang, China. It also says something like "is where he is" after the GPS coords. Phonefagging now or would go back and recheck.

4eb48f () No. 1095433


Meh, one yellowstone will do the trick.

17767d () No. 1095434


It has been conjectured that volcanoes can erupt by artificial means.

24198e () No. 1095435

dad16fea57539a....jpg (201 KB, 255 x 144, 885 : 499, yellowstone-su....jpg) (h)

What if that IT clown threat is of them setting off the Yellowstone Caldera?

f6d0cd () No. 1095436

081c038bb89453....png (132 KB, 244 x 255, 520 : 544, pepe-booms-lads.png) (h)

83c22a () No. 1095437


We were REQUIRED to have our TNT locked up at the drilling company. And, it's been awhile, but I WANT to say it could only be handled by trained personnel. But you *could* get at it with a pair of bolt cutters. On a job like this? I can't speak to that…

1580b5 () No. 1095438


Good (wo)man.

fdf061 () No. 1095439


There’s that 17 again

b0b234 () No. 1095440

8d850522b69383....jpg (76 KB, 255 x 168, 506 : 334, 8d850522b69383....jpg) (h)

3c42dc () No. 1095441

Cryptologist Adi Shamir invented a method for dividing data into encrypted parts, where possession of some number of parts will permit deciphering of the data. So if there are 5 parts, then 3 might decode the data.

This method can be used to distribute the HRC tape, so that no one (who does not decypher) has legal liability.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamir%27s_Secret_Sharing

8779d7 () No. 1095442


1fe1ac () No. 1095443


Weiner seems to be about the least guilty among the guilty. He sent dick pics to someone he probably thought was of age and female. His wife participated in cutting the face off a girl alive and then ate the girl. And we wouldn't know the latter except for Weiner's "Life Insurance" folder on his laptop, apparently.

f2ff96 () No. 1095444

eb4a6f424ff098....jpg (1071 KB, 255 x 255, 2048 : 2048, IMG_0033.jpg) (h)


3c8025 () No. 1095445


https:// home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm0351

Posted 10 hrs ago

APRIL 18, 2018

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Syrian national Nasif Barakat and the Barakat Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO) pursuant to Executive Order 13581, “Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations.” The Barakat TCO is a human smuggling organization based in Homs, Syria, that facilitates the smuggling of Syrian and Lebanese nationals to the United States border using a variety of travel routes. Since 2013, the Barakat TCO has facilitated the smuggling of hundreds of individuals to the Southwest border of the United States. Nasif Barakat is being designated for materially assisting, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, the Barakat TCO, and for acting on behalf of the Barakat TCO.

89bb84 () No. 1095446


If Clowns were going to BLOW UP something underground, I've heard rumors of:

Bayou Corne Sinkhole:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayou_Corne_sinkhole

( at 26:53 of video: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tclgtA2BABM )

As far as Pennsylvania is concerned, it's possible they're aiming for Pittsburgh b/c it's the largest city with Marcellus Shale Deposits underneath it…

These People Are Sick!

Q, do Pittsburghers need to evacuate?

a5f3a3 () No. 1095447


The referral from today called for Rosenstein to be recused from any other investigations, special counsels, or anything further that has to do with FISA abuses.

4584be () No. 1095448

b884db8dd56a86....jpg (139 KB, 255 x 139, 800 : 436, YTC4.jpg) (h)

Lots of CLOWNS out there but info for you HARD CORE REAL anons.

Now we know for sure FE is real and there are Anunnaki, this post makes notable, then immediately gets REMOVED by the next CLOWN baker. They are so terrified of us knowing the TRUTH, yet they reveal it in their actions. These people are Stupid.

Previous Bread

Now that we have FE under our belts we can move on to a related topic: aliens

Aliens definition - belonging to a foreign country or nation.

What if some of the aliens we have heard of are not technically “aliens” at all, but are from and live on Earth, wouldn’t that be something?

So much emotion when this is brought up mainly because it is a mystery. Most of us have not had any personal experience with aliens and there is no consensus with those who supposedly have personal knowledge. So where does that leave us? These days it seems there is nothing we can count on as being absolutely true. Crazy time to be alive.

The most important non human species for us to know is the Anunnaki (humanoid type beings). They are the ones that created us. They are geneticists. They combined their own DNA with the local hominids (apes) of earth to create us humans. They have been our caretakers for thousands if not hundred of thousands of years. Through the years we provided for them in many different ways.

The Anunnaki are much like us, more technologically advanced, but otherwise not so different as we share DNA.. There are other species created by the Anunnaki, besides humans. These are common in the alien talk world already, the greys, reptilians etc. We usually do not see them as they do not live on the surface of earth but other locations, mostly beneath the earth’s upper layer where we humans are. The Anunnaki are caretakers for all of these species as well. There are other “Aliens” those that do not reside on earth but are nearby. However, Earth and all life on it is Anunnaki territory, they have authority over any outside species (not on earth) that wants to interact with Earth. Just like humans there are good ones and bad beings within each species. Just like each nation or race here on earth has good and bad people, each with some commonality shared among them. As above so Below.

Hopefully this will help take some of the fear out when they do show themselves to us, which will be soon as the “Great Awakening” is upon us. We must not panic, yet be on guard just the same as in real life when we meet someone new. Once the Anunnaki are satisfied that we have reached a certain higher level of consciousness they will walk among us again. The great awakening was the current task they were watching and waiting for us to accomplish.

Earth itself. Earth as we know it was originally formed when one planet collided with other and a chunk or disc came off. The Anunnaki were able to secure this piece of planet, seed it with all forms of life and surround it with a protective dome. Think Yahweh’s Terrarium. This explains many things, like how the temperature, rainfall, snowfall, dryness, all the seasons are so consistent and occur in such a narrow range. It really does seem regulated, now we know why, because it is. The Anunnaki are caretaking it.


Make Earth Great Again

1b2f66 () No. 1095449

51f0e939b63340....jpeg (17 KB, 251 x 201, 251 : 201, 5aa4a1805ed5c.jpeg) (h)